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Prep Package Exclusive Open Dress Rehearsal BioWare Presents: The Music of Star Wars

Monday, December 12, 2016, 2pm Edmonton Symphony Orchestra Bob Bernhardt, Conductor


Table of Contents

General Information


Meet your ESO!


Seating Plan


About the Dress Rehearsal


Concert Etiquette





General Information Parking 

Parking is the responsibility of individual BioWare staff. Parking is available underground at the Stanley Milner Library Parkade and Canada Place Parkade. There are also several above-ground lots available east of 97th street and one directly behind Winspear Centre. Please note that there are no reduced rates at these privately owned lots.

Many concert patrons use Edmonton Transit and LRT there is Pedway access to the Winspear Centre from Churchill Station.

Tickets 

Tickets are not issued for Open Dress Rehearsals. Upon arrival at the front entrance of Winspear Centre, Front of House staff will greet and assist BioWare staff to their seats.

Please know the total number of people in your group. The usher will ask you the question upon your arrival. This ensures that the number of seats we have reserved for you is correct, and it helps us to get everyone to their seats quickly and efficiently.

Length of Concert 

There will be a brief pre-rehearsal greeting from Maestro Bernhardt, starting promptly at 1:45 inside ENMAX Hall. Please plan on arriving by 1:30.

Dress Rehearsals generally range in length from 90 minutes (no break) to 2.5 hours (one 20 minute break). We will endeavour to provide you with Q&A opportunities either during the break or after the rehearsal is over. Most groups choose to leave at the break. If you choose stay for the entire rehearsal, you can plan on leaving the Winspear Centre by 4:30 at the latest.

All ESO rehearsals begin promptly at the scheduled time. Latecomers will not be seated until a suitable break in the rehearsal.

Seating  

In order to minimize disruption to the rehearsal process, you will be seated near the back of the hall. We will provide you with your specific seats on the day of the concert. If you have special seating requests, please let us know as soon as possible. We do our best to accommodate requests, with priority given to special needs.


Meet Your ESO!


Music Director William Eddins STRINGS Violin I Robert Uchida (Concertmaster) Eric Buchmann (Associate Concertmaster) Virginie Gagné (5) (Assistant Concertmaster) Broderyck Olson Richard Caldwell Joanna Ciapka-Sangster Laura Veeze Anna Kozak Aiyana Anderson-Howatt Neda Yamach WOODWINDS Flute Elizabeth Koch (1) Shelley Younge (2) Bassoon William Harrison (1) (5) Matthew Howatt (3) Edith Stacey (2) BRASS Horn Allene Hackleman (1) Megan Evans (2) Gerald Onciul (2) Donald Plumb (2)

Violin II Dianne New (1) Susan Flook (2) Heather Bergen Pauline Bronstein (5) Zoë Sellers Robert Hryciw Tatiana Warszynski Murray Vaasjo Cello Rafael Hoekman (1) Brian Yoon (4) Ronda Metszies Gillian Caldwell Derek Gomez Victor Pipkin Oboe Lidia Khaner (1) (5) Suzanne Lemieux (3) Paul Schieman (2)

Trumpet Robin Doyon (1) Frédéric Payant (2) Tuba Scott Whetham (1)

PERCUSSION Timpani Barry Nemish (1)

Percussion Brian Jones (1)

Viola Stefan Jungkind (1) Charles Pilon (2) (5) Clayton Leung (4) Kerry Kavalo Rhonda Henshaw Andrew Bacon Double Bass Jan Urke (1) John Taylor (2) Janice Quinn Rob Aldridge

Clarinet Julianne Scott (1) David Quinn (2)

Trombone John McPherson (1) (5) Erik Hongisto (3) Kathryn Macintosh (2) Bass Trombone Christopher Taylor (1) Harp Nora Bumanis


Librarian Aaron Hawn

Seating Plans

Orchestra Personnel Manager Eric Filpula

(1) Principal (5) On Leave (2) Assistant Principal Principal

(3) Acting Principal (4) Acting Assistant

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Here are two ways that you may see an orchestra sit on stage. The first way is how the ESO will likely sit during this rehearsal. Orchestras sit in these formations in order to make sure that make the best sound possible. Why do you think they sit like this?


About the Dress Rehearsal Steps leading up to the Dress Rehearsal  1st Artistic Administrator. 

2nd collection or by renting it from music companies.

3rd: The Music Librarian and his markings which tell the string players which direction to move their bows. You may notice during the rehearsal that the string players are all bowing in the same direction, and this is thanks to these bowing markings, which are decided upon by the leader of each section (Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, and Bass). The bowings that they decide upon can dramatically change the sound and feel of a piece of music.

4th: The musicians come to the music library, backstage at the Winspear Centre, and pick up their music for the concert before rehearsals begin.

5th come together as a group, all they have to do is make small changes.

6th: The orchestra has two or three regular rehearsals as a group. During these rehearsals, the tricky sections

7th: The last rehearsal before the performance occurs is called the dress rehearsal.

nce they

The Dress Rehearsal Itself e a performance the group has a performance. If there is a guest artist performing with the ESO, they may want to test their show outfit ahead of time, and so they may be dressed up for the dress rehearsal.  

Look for the concertmaster to stand. At this point, silence is vital, as he is leading the orchestra orchestra. First the strings tune, then the winds, and then the brass. After the orchestra has tuned, the concertmaster will sit down and wait for the conductor. Please remain silent.


The dress rehearsal can be as short as 90 minutes (without a break) or as long as 2.5 hours (with a 20-minute break). Why do you think these rules are in place?

Concert Etiquette

Preparing for your ESO experience

You are coming to the Winspear Centre to see and hear the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra! Wondering what to expect? Here are some guidelines about the concert and what to do when you get there. 

The Winspear Centre is a pretty casual atmosphere. Please dress comfortably and keep in mind that the interior of the performance chamber does tend to be on the cool side.

Walk into the Winspear Centre and allow an usher to help you find your seats. Remove your outdoor clothing so you can be more comfortable - you may want to sit on your jacket. Look around the Winspear Centre from your seat.

Visit the washrooms before and after, not during the rehearsal. Moving about the hall can distract the musicians as well as your fellow audience members.

 Centre is a hall with incredible acoustics

all sounds carry very well.

If required, due to a cough or cold, an usher can direct you to the Viewing Room (a soundproof room located on the second floor) where you can hear the performance but others cannot hear you. Standard etiquette rules are still expected to be followed.

Please do NOT bring food, drinks, cameras or recording devices of any kind into the hall, and please make sure that all phones are turned off.

Please note during the event, picture taking and videotaping may occur and may be used in promotional materials, print and online publications and on the ESO website.



*Indicates approximate performance duration

When the orchestra rehearses, sometimes they play the pieces through in show order, and sometimes the c pieces will be played during the rehearsal, but pay attention they may not be played in this exact order! JOHN WILLIAMS

Star Wars, Episode I - The Phantom Menace: Suite 1. 2. 4.


Star Wars, Episode II - Attack of the Clones:


Star Wars, Episode III - Revenge of the Sith:


Music from the Star Wars Saga 3. Cantina Band (Episode IV - A New Hope


Star Wars: Suite 1. Main Title (Episode IV - A New Hope INTERMISSION


Music from the Star Wars Saga 2. Parade of the Ewoks (Episode V The Empire Strikes Back


Star Wars: Suite Episode V The Empire Strikes Back


Episode V The Empire Strikes



Music from the Star Wars Saga 5. 6.


Luke and Leia (Episode VI The Forest Battle (Episode VI -

Star Wars, Episode VII - The Force Awakens 3. Rey's Theme 1. March of the Resistance 3. 5.

Scherzo for X-Wings The Jedi Steps & Finale


Program Notes Bob Bernhardt begins his second decade with the Edmonton Symphony this season, continuing to bring with the Louisville Orchestra as he celebrates his 35th consecutive year and his 20th as Principal Pops Conductor there. Concurrently, he is Principal Pops Conductor of the Grand Rapids Symphony, and is Principal Pops Conductor with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera (where he was Music Director for 19 seasons). This season is his 24th as a frequent guest conductor of the Boston Pops which he first in June, and another in August on tour. He has also been a frequent guest conductor of many American orchestras. A lover of opera, he conducted productions with Kentucky Opera for 18 consecutive seasons, and for 19 seasons with his own company in Chattanooga, as well as many guest conducting engagements with the Nashville Opera. studying primarily with Daniel Lewis. He received his Bachelors-Fine Arts degree from Union College in Schenectady, NY, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Summa cum laude, and an Academic AllAmerican Baseball Player. He and his wife, Nora, both dog lovers, live in Signal Mountain, Tennessee, with their rescued cat, Shoogie. Founded in 2002, Òran began as an alumni offshoot of the Kokopelli Youth Choir, but it has since developed into a group made up of young adults from all over Edmonton and the surrounding area. The choir is dedicated to sharing joy in song with each other, with other choirs, and with audiences around and participated in the Laval International Choral Festival in Quebec in July 2009, as well as a cultural tour to Cuba in May 2011. Members of Òran travelled to Europe for a tour in July 2012 including stops in France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. In May 2014 season Òran was delighted to perform as an invited ensemble in Halifax at Podium 2014, the biannual conference of the Association of Canadian Choral Communities. Founded in 1996, Kokopelli celebrated its twentieth season last year. Kokopelli was the winner of both the 2016 National Music Festival and the 2015 Canadian Competition for Amateur Choirs (Mixed Youth Choir Category). across the boundaries of culture and place, using song as a tool of communication and community. Kokopelli has been a featured ensemble at many events, provincially, nationally, and internationally. The choir has toured to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and Zambia. Kokopelli is often the ambassador for the choir association and as such, has received several awards for their work with youth, music education, and the African Projects Fund. The current season will feature a performance at the Rocky Mountain Festival and a major overseas tour in the summer of 2017. The choirs last appeared with the ESO in December 2015. Program notes © 2016 by D.T. Baker


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