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Art (Ages 18 mos.-5 yrs.) Inspire creativity in visual and interactive arts Music (Ages 6 mos.-5 yrs.) Explore music through play, activity, and song. School Skills (Ages 3-5 yrs.) Our Pre-School Alternative. Develop key social and intellectual skills. Play & Learn (Ages 0.-5 yrs.) Nurture confidence, curiosity, and physical skills. Summer Camps (Ages 3-5 yrs.) 2 hour camps daily incorporating art, music, play, sports, books and more! Shoppes at Northpark | 11928 N. May in OKC | 755-3445



Turned 50 this month.

Without any hoopla. When I turned 40, it was a big deal. Everyone at our then fledgling little design company decorated the office with hideous black over-the-hill themed banners, balloons, streamers, plates and cups. And, of course, gag gifts for the old guy. It was fun. None of that for when I turned 50. I guess it’s a little too close to the truth. So at the half-century mark, I’m looking at things differently. Mostly I’m looking at an empty nest. Dang, it’s quiet. All the kids are gone. Our youngest moved out this month. So it’s my wife, me, two cats, a dog and a marked increase of free time. We always said when the kids are grown we’ll do this and that and go there. But lately we’re just watching seasons of our favorite shows (uninterrupted, I might add). I think this is how we are dealing with the newness of it all. We do have a granddaughter, Aubrey, who stays with us several nights a week. She’s an awesome eight-year-old—which I think may be God’s kind way of transitioning us to a totally empty nest. So we still have French fries with dinner and keep lots of cookies in the house. I’m learning what happens when life goes from work and kids to just work. Sandy, my lovely wife, hasn’t worked at our business in years so she’s transitioning from kids to no kids. I think it’s hit her especially hard. She volunteers at our granddaughter’s school one day a week, has hobbies, and is considering going back to school.

10 Cycling in Oklahoma

Racing is more enjoyable when you focus on the team aspect.

April 2013

8 Facts & Figures

Questions we used to ask each other, like… Who’s picking up Jessie? Can you take Aubrey to soccer? Did the kids feed the pets? are now replaced with… What do we do with this big house? Why do we need an SUV? Can we put more away for retirement? And of course the deep-thought question of the hour is… What am I gonna do with the second half? (Technically, we’re way past the second half. But don’t tell me. We’re figuring it out.)

12 Louise

Avon Calling

15 Food

Lucille’s Food Faves

18 Business

So if your life is filled with the busy-ness of raising kids and you don’t relate any of this, sorry. I imagine your day will probably come. You may even be daydreaming (or dreading) it now. It’s not so bad… Aubrey is coming over tonight. And we’re having fries.

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29 Gourmet Apple Spread

Southern Okie Beginnings

32 Alessondra & the Great Horned Owl

An Eight-year-old Girl’s Avian Adventure

34 Strangers No More

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E d m o n d

April is organ donation month and there are over


citizens waiting for a donation in Oklahoma alone. Read an inspiring story of how two families came together through an organ donation on page 34.

o u t l o o k


f a c t s


There are

George C. and Jennie

major traffic light intersections throughout Edmond. Learn how the city is making them work smarter and faster for you on page 37.

Forster arrived in Edmond

April 22, 1889

during the land run

when the Edmond area saw its first settlers.

The three Edmond


supply of necessities ready to go. Find some of the most important things to keep in a bug-out bag on page 23.


volunteers are needed to help Edmond host its first Region III Championship Soccer Tournament. The event will be June 20-27 and you can find out how you can help make this event a success at


Forster established a

high schools raised a

Pioneer Grocery in a tent

cumulative amount of

the day after the run.


Courtesy of the Edmond Historical Society Collections

What if an emergency forced you to leave your home in a hurry or isolated you from receiving help? Make sure you and your family are prepared with a

for multiple charities during their annual spring fundraising events.

Is it time for you to spring clean?


of people make spring cleaning an annual ritual according to the American Cleaning Institute.

f i g u r e s

Around Town

Breast Cancer Awareness Day On April 30 more than 3,000 breast cancer survivors will be pinking out the Capitol to raise awareness for breast cancer. For more information visit Breast Cancer Oklahoma at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is having their annual Spring Market & Bake Sale. Find unique gifts, crafts, jewelry, antiques and more. Featuring vendors from all over the state. April 12 & 13 from 9am-4pm at 1st & University. Edmond residents will be receiving new, larger rolling recycling carts effective July 1st. The new recycling program will now start accepting cardboard items. For more information, visit Equine Therapy Center is a non-profit which works with at-risk youth. ETC is in search of business and individuals to partner with and support them in fulfilling their dream of building an activity center. Help today by donating time, money or items. For more info visit or call David Dunn, 834.3198.




Team Undiscovered...

If you were to ask Terry Storch, Rob Bell, and Brian Russell why they enjoyed competing in bicycle racing, you would get three different answers with the same message—camaraderie. “I love cycling because it is an amazing workout without major impact and strain on my body,” says Storch. “Years ago I enjoyed running, but had to give it up because of the impact on my knees and back. Cycling is much more forgiving.” “When I was first starting out, it was really hard for me to lose to my teammates,” says Bell. “When it came to the race, I was in it for myself and would do what it took to win, even if that meant chasing my own team. I quickly learned that racing was a lot more enjoyable when you focus more on the team aspect and less about yourself. When you


sacrifice your own finish to get your best friend across the line first, it means so much more to you.” Russell pipes in, saying, “When I moved to Edmond in 2009, I was excited to learn that my next door neighbor, Terry, was thinking about getting into cycling. I don’t think either one of us had really been bike riders since childhood, but there was something appealing about taking up such a low-impact, yet highly beneficial exercise routine. Having someone else nearby who was committed to developing a healthier lifestyle was very helpful.” Team Undiscovered was created in 2005 by Brian Parks and Judson Copeland who attended Oklahoma Christian University at the time. According to Storch, the pair simply wanted nice bicycle jerseys and shorts, but realized


by Sarah Paige Berling

early on that in order to afford it, they would have to buy in bulk. And just like that, Edmond’s very own racing team was started. While the health benefits of racing are readily apparent, there are other, less obvious benefits. Storch says that it helps his mental health. “Cycling allows me to get away from a busy, fast-paced life and unplug with a great hobby. When you’re on the bike, it’s hard to check email, respond to text messages and take phone calls. So for me, it creates an environment where I can disconnect from the world and allow my mind and body to relax—it’s a major stress relief.” Russell attributes his weight loss to his racing friends, saying, “Having achievements to shoot for—the next race in the season, or simply the desire to be able to keep up with those on our team in higher race categories—was motivation to exercise

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more than I had at any other point in my adult life. Due in large part to the encouragement and camaraderie of my fellow Team Undiscovered racing friends, I have been able to lose 45 pounds and feel more fit than I did even ten years ago.” In addition, Bell sincerely appreciates the group’s spiritual foundation. “Our team was founded on Christian values and we provide accountability to each other to make sure all of our riders present themselves in a manner that we are proud of. Multiple riders donate their winnings to local non-profits as a gesture to a local community that has given so much to us.” The team practices together every week as a group, for both safety and socializing purposes. They race every weekend between February and September, through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas and Colorado. For more information on the group, please visit their website,

Year-end Test Time: Finals, Exams, Assessments...

Finish Strong!

Don’t let spring fever get the best of your student’s grades. Contact us today to learn how our One-on-One Tutoring services can help guide students to a strong nish.

A College Tutor will:

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• Be a great role model as well as a great tutor.

• Teach, have fun and expand your student’s horizons.


EDMOND 405-513-6060



Avon Calling It’s kind of sad when the arrival of the Avon lady is the highlight of your day, but when you are a stay-at-home mother of three, it can be a delightful distraction. So it was the day my neighbor, Bernice, came calling many years ago, Avon book in hand. I enjoyed the conversation more than the products but felt compelled to purchase something, remembering how my mother used to drive the countryside taking Avon orders. And now, Avon had added a line of jewelry to their products, which I found more enticing than lotions and lipsticks. I was drawn to a ring with a pink set, surrounded with small crystals that looked like diamonds. True, it was inexpensive costume jewelry, but it was fashionable and I was about to order it when a thought hit me. Wouldn’t it be fun if Carl bought that ring for me instead of buying it for myself? I set out to make that happen. I told Bernice about my plan and to be ready when Carl came to her door to order that ring. I had always written little love notes to Carl when he would go out of town on business trips, hiding them in his suitcase so he would find them when he got to the hotel. Now I needed new tactics. Where to leave notes at home? I asked Bernice for an extra book or two so I could cut out the picture of the desired ring. She obliged, seeming to enjoy being a part of this secret drama. I started by putting a note in Carl’s briefcase, wondering how long it would take to have that ring on my finger. My husband immediately recognized my ploy and decided to play my game, feeling certain he could outwait me on getting the ring. It became a contest of wills with Carl purposely ignoring my notes and me finding new avenues to get his attention. I put notes under his pillow, on the bathroom mirror and other places, but nothing worked. Time for drastic measures. I wrote a note on the toilet paper in our bathroom and taped a

by Louise Tucker Jones

picture of the ring to it. That should definitely get a reaction. His only response was a smirky little smile. Several nights later, I fell into bed, exhausted from a difficult day. Carl leaned over from his side of the bed and said, “You didn’t brush your teeth.” Well, that was odd, both for me not to brush my teeth and for him to notice. “No, I didn’t,” I responded, letting my head fall onto the pillow. Carl was insistent. “You should brush your teeth.” What? I looked at him. “I’m tired,” I said, but he was adamant. “You need to brush your teeth.” Was my breath that bad? I climbed out of bed, traipsed to the bathroom and opened the drawer where I kept my toothbrush and toothpaste. There beside them was the ring I had pestered him for these last weeks, along with a matching pendant. I laughed out loud and took them into the bedroom to find a grinning husband. No wonder he insisted on me brushing my teeth. He wasn’t about to let me go to sleep without finding that ring. We laughed together and figured we were both winners in this little game. My neighbor told me later that Carl came to her and said, “Order that ring Louise wants and anything else that goes with it. She’s driving me crazy!” Yep, I could have bought the ring myself and it wouldn’t have bothered Carl one bit. In fact, he would have told me how lovely it was. But it was a lot more fun to use a little drama to get him to purchase it for me. And just for the record, I still have that ring and pendant from the seventies. They aren’t my favorite pieces of jewelry, but definitely a favorite memory.

About the Author

Louise Tucker Jones is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker. Author and co-author of four books, her work has been featured in numerous publications. Contact her at or

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Lucille’s Restaurant by Laura Beam

Spring weather has an intoxicating lure, beckoning us out of our fuzzy slippers and man caves to explore adventurous places and soak up

the vibrant culture around us. A short, scenic road trip to the landmark territory of Mulhall, Oklahoma, satisfies those wanderlust weekend cravings. Whether you cruise into town on a Harley or in the family SUV, you can almost feel time roll back with every rotation of your tires on these hallowed Oklahoma roads. At the renowned intersection of Highway 77 and Main Street in Mulhall, Lucille’s Restaurant— a celebrated place to eat, reflect and reconnect— stands as a tribute to the simpler times and pioneering spirit that characterize our great state. Delicious home-style foods like chicken fried steak, catfish, steaks and show-stopping homemade pies have long made this local hot spot a legend in destination dining. Sunday brunch is another highlight, complete with favorites like homemade biscuits, waffles and all the trimmings. Although Lucille’s Restaurant closed after a devastating fire in 2009 and an F4 tornado prior to that, it proudly reopened in 2011. Today, it flourishes with all the tenacity, charm and character of its namesake, Lucille Mulhall. Dubbed America’s ‘first cowgirl’ by Will Rogers during the land rush and early days of her father’s traveling Wild West show, the petite, 14 year-old Lucille mesmerized crowds with her amazing wrestling and wrangling

stunts. Competing against men in some of the roughest events, she broke the stereotypical women’s roles of her day and became a beloved attraction. Thanks to Mulhall natives and brothers, Don and Chris Harman, who purchased the restaurant and undertook its extensive renovations after the fire, a colorful slice of Americana has been preserved. Restoring the restaurant’s authentic western flair has been of utmost importance. “The 1894 sandstone bank building across the street was the only thing to survive the fire,” Don recalls. “Its teller window is now part of the bar at Lucille’s.” Oklahoma’s ‘Wild West’ persona comes to life in the unique artifacts, furnishings and décor at Lucille’s. Ranch-style furniture, an old gas pump aquarium, Wurlitzer and Rock-ola jukeboxes, lariats, chaps and even a covered wagon across the street all lace together a rustic, by-gone era that grows even more appealing as our society advances. “Everything on the walls tells a story,” Don remarks. “It’s a place to have a great meal and enjoy history.” Topping the line-up at the lively roadhouse are events like classic car shows,

biker buffets, tailgating and live music and entertainment on Friday nights by Buck Goucher and Cowboy Jim Garling. Most notably, Lucille’s was a celebrated stop during the latest Feed the Children charity motorcycle ride. Complete with Native American costumes, dances and an 1890 chuckwagon like that used on cattle drives, the memorable event was full of western color and pageantry…and approximately 350 bikers circling the scene in a rumbling salute. Lucille’s Restaurant is located at Highway 77 and Main Street in Mulhall, Oklahoma, just west of Stillwater and north of Guthrie. Open Thurs. 4-8pm, Fri. & Sat. 11am-9pm and Sun. 7am-7pm (Sun. brunch 7am-11am). Call (405) 649-2229 or visit

Laura Beam is a business and food writer and 20-year advertising and marketing executive in radio, newspaper and magazines. Share new business tips and trends with her on LinkedIn or email



by Laura Beam

Twelve Oaks Restaurant

The Melting Pot

Tropical Smoothie Café

Twelve Oaks Restaurant is Oklahoma dining at its best: leisurely, elegant, and with a heritage as rich as the land itself. For great steaks, magnificent lobster, and ocean-fresh seafood, visit Twelve Oaks Restaurant. Limited time special offer: Every Tuesday through Thursday, customers may dine on one of several dinner-for-two selections for only $50 (or $75 with a bottle of house wine) as they enjoy the sweeping views of the rolling landscape—and perhaps one of our vibrant Oklahoma sunsets. Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or celebrating Mother’s Day with your family, your guests will enjoy only the finest of epicurean delights, and Twelve Oaks is always happy to recommend a selected wine from their ample collection. Located at 6100 N. Midwest Boulevard, Twelve Oaks is open Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30pm–close. Reservations are accepted by phone at (405) 340-1002 or online at

Melt mom’s heart this Mother’s Day! Make reservations for a lavish fondue dinner on Sunday, May 12 from 12–8pm and enjoy a specially selected, four-course extravaganza plus a framed family picture, mom-friendly coupons and chocolatecovered strawberries to take home. The fun begins with a bubbly pot of Garlic Herb Cheese Fondue, followed by a Chef Salad and exquisite entrée selection of Filet Mignon, Garlic Chili Chicken, Spicy Shrimp, Chicken Potstickers or Marinated Pork Tenderloin. Finished with Snickerdoodle Chocolate Fondue, it’s a feast fit for a queen at just $39.95 per adult and $19.95 per child, ages 7-12 only. Children under 7 eat free with each adult. Add a drink like the “Mom-mosa” in a commemorative champagne flute and call ahead at (405) 235-1000 to have spring flowers or gift packages waiting at mom’s table. Visit at 4 E. Sheridan in Bricktown or

Eating better and feeling better never tasted so good! Check out this fun, fresh café­— one of 332 locations nationwide—where exciting, lowcalorie menu items and delicious smoothies take the guesswork out of healthy dining. Choose from dozens of nutrient-rich smoothies bursting with flavor and add protein, Vitamin C and more. Don’t miss the all-new Island Green and Caribbean Carrot vegetable smoothies, power-packed with five full servings of fruits and vegetables. Who knew spinach, kale and carrots could be such indulgent treats? Check out their sandwiches, salads, wraps and breakfast sandwiches, too, and Feel Better Favorites meal combos starting at 380 calories. With fantastic seasonal items like the new Jamaican Jerk Bowl and Jamaican Jerk Wrap, it’s easy to escape the ordinary and indulge in a taste of the tropics any time! Stop by the drive-thru or café at 3131 W. Memorial or visit

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Hwy 77 & Main Street • 649.2229 • Just West of Stillwater & North of Guthrie

CLEAN MY GRILL • Deep-cleaning service • Smokers, gas & infrared barbecues • Safe removal of all grease, fat & carbon deposits • Eco-friendly chemicals • Unique steam bath cleaning system

Charly’s Country Cooking

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(405) 475-9944 12000 N. I-35 Service Rd, OKC



First Cleaning


Session I - June 10-14 Session II - June 17-21 Session III - July 8-12 Session IV - July 29-Aug 2 Session V - August 5-9 Mon-Fri 9am-3pm $350 per child • For ages 6-14


14150 S. Air Depot Blvd



Scribes Desktop Solutions by Emily Anderson

Darryl Fuller, owner

They say Take a picture because it will last longer, but that isn’t always the case. We love preserving our memories in photos and videos, but what happens when they start getting too old and deteriorating? That’s where Scribes Desktop Solutions can help. They are able to digitize your old family photos and films, preserving your memories for another immeasurable amount of years. Darryl Fuller has always been interested in animation, videos and printing, and thought there was a market for it. He took the plunge 10 years ago, bought a machine to digitize film and began Scribes Desktop Solutions. Now he is able to do what he likes to do and, at the same time, help people save memories. Scribes is family-owned, allowing Darryl to work with his son and daughter, Daniel and Michelle, and his wife, Pam.

Fuller loves seeing people’s faces light up when their memories get a facelift. Fuller remembers one customer that previewed a slide show. “A mom and her daughter came to my house to view their video and before they finished, they were crying. I was almost crying,” Fuller chuckled. He has recovered film for customers who feared it was past saving and shown customers long-forgotten or never-seen memories of old vacation slides. Time can eat away at film or photos the longer they are left in storage. If left unchecked, the deterioration can get so bad that the originals may not be recoverable. To prevent this from happening, Scribes will personalize and preserve your memories. Their standards are unsurpassed. Until it is right, Fuller says, “You don’t have to pay me. I will take the time to get it right—however long

that takes.” If a customer isn’t satisfied, Scribes will continue to tweak the project. Scribes Desktop Solutions can transfer almost anything from videotapes, or scan photographs, photo negatives or projector slides. The scanned photos are saved on a disk so that prints can be made or a DVD slide show can be created. Fuller gives full rights to all of the transferred data, so copies can be made. Scribes Desktop Solutions’ mission is to preserve the memories of their clients while making them more accessible and allowing them to be easily shared with friends and family. Don’t wait until it’s too late to preserve your old family videos and photos—reenergize the family albums and visit Scribes Desktop Solutions. To learn more about Scribes Desktop Solutions, contact Darryl Fuller at 405-230-7340.

Allergist Dr. Shahan Stutes trained at one of the top allergy schools in the United States More than 60 million people in the United States have allergic diseases. Many people with these diseases simply don’t realize how much better they can feel with proper treatment. An allergist is trained to find the source of symptoms, treat it and help patients feel healthy. Make an appointment with an OAAC allergist to feel better and find relief. WE KNOW ALLERGIES.

Four Central Oklahoma Locations 405/235-0040 • The Oklahoma Health Center 750 N.E. 13th, Oklahoma City Meridian Medical Tower

(Across from Mercy Hospital)

13321 N. Meridian, Suite 100 Oklahoma City


Norman Physician’s Building

(Across from Norman Regional Hospital)

950 N. Porter, Suite 102, Norman Edmond at Sycamore Square 120 N. Bryant, Suite A4, Edmond

New Location Spring 2013: 3560 S. Blvd.

Edmond Outlook 1/4 page ad

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15 years in business


Full Service Oil Change or Other Service

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Don’s Floor Gallery by Emily Anderson

Walk through any model home on the market today and you can’t help but be floored by the chic and stylish carpet, tile and wood foundations that set the mood of magnificent rooms. Once considered a basic structural element, flooring has been elevated to an all-new status as a commanding style statement in homes today. No one embraces that concept like Don’s Floor Gallery. Their amazing showroom in the heart of Edmond treats shoppers to a paradise of stunning options for transforming any room in their home. All of today’s modern trends are available to customers—including wood, tile, laminate, carpet and luxury vinyl tile. Many are in stock on location and are available for immediate purchase. Don’s Floor Gallery was the first in the state to become a prestigious Shaw Design Center offering many top quality products.

Flooring has been a part of owner Don Pekrul’s life since he was boy. His father was in the flooring business, and growing up he helped out his dad, initiating his start in the flooring industry. Don opened the store in 1995 and now Don’s Floor Gallery has grown from a one-room office to a 10,000-square-foot showroom. Don’s daughter, Jenna, is also working for the company, keeping with the family tradition. “What sets us apart is helping a customer from selection through installation,” Jenna stated. Don’s Floor Gallery is Edmond’s largest exclusive floor covering store. They offer a personal experience with easy access to experienced sales associates who help customers throughout the entire process. Don’s Floor Gallery also features amenities such as a kid’s play zone, La-Z-boys and a flat-screen TV, furthering the comfortable floor shopping experience for the whole family.

the friendly staff at don’s floor gallery

Don’s will assist in selecting the many facets of designing a home such as paint colors, stain and granite if needed—even though those are not part of their store inventory. With such a nice location, many shoppers may be hesitant about prices, but Don’s offers competitive prices on thousands of products and lines that can meet a customer’s residential or commercial needs. For an easy and comfortable shopping experience where the sales team will help with everything from selection to installation, Don’s Floor Gallery is a great place to go for all your flooring needs. To learn more about Don’s Floor Gallery, visit their showroom at 2320 S. Kelly or their website at

We Service All Makes of ATVs!

Mon-Fri 8:30am–5:30pm Sat 8:30am–3:00pm

I-35 & Waterloo Rd. (East side)



Coffee & It’s a passion that only a true car lover can understand. As the lady in pink happily discusses the vehicle of the same color that has been in her family for years, her eyes brighten and one quickly gets the idea that her hobby is more than just a weekend project. She affectionately refers to her Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria as she and her and considers the car that her father purchased new in 1955 as a member of the family. It was the post-nuptials getaway car for her parents and it was also their ride home from the hospital following her birth. The pink Crown has always been part of Cherroiyn McLane’s life. “She was a member of the family before I was,” says McLane. “One of the reasons why I restored this car is because she’s a big part of my family history and my personal history.” Just like their owners, every car has a history and a story that comes with it. McLane is just one of the many car lovers parked the first Saturday of each month from 8-11am at Starbucks (2116 W. Memorial Rd.) ready to show off their beauties and share the stories of their not-so-distant family members at Coffee & Cars. After paying for entry into various car shows, event promoter John Terrill says that he saw an opportunity to help other car lovers explore their shared interest for free. “I was constantly going to car shows. I said We’re smart guys, we can do this!” After speaking with the head of the land management company that owns the lot space at the Quail Springs Marketplace, Terrill was able to pitch his idea and John & Samara Terrill at Coffee & Cars Penn ave. & Memorial Rd. get approval to use the parking area in front of Starbucks. Finally in August of 2011, Coffee & Cars was born. “The day I called, the guy had just sold his Lamborghini. We talked about cars for two hours on the phone, [me and] this guy I never met.”



PHotos by

by Lance Evans

Terrill hoped that basic word-of-mouth promotion and a few flyers would bring in at least 100 cars to the first event. From that very first gathering, he quickly saw the impact that Coffee & Cars could potentially have. “The very first month we had 200!” The numbers continued to climb. “The next month we had 250 and the following month we had 580 cars,” says Terrill. He looks forward to the plethora of cars that come out each month. “We have new cars every time. A lot of [car] clubs come out here.” Terrill insists that while the event may continue to grow each month, the no-entryfee and come-and-go policies will always stay intact as long as participants follow limited and general rules. “No racing. No burning out. Be respectful. And if you’re not handicapped, don’t park in handicap spots.” Although you won’t see any participants racing at Coffee & Cars, there are some drag racers that come out to show off their wheels. Michael Sulzbach is an avid drag racer and Mustang fan who has also had a sponsorship with Ford. When he isn’t busy traveling the country to race his cars, you can find him once a month at Coffee & Cars ready to show off his horsepower. “I go through a lot of these. I drag race them. It’s all for fun and I really enjoy fast cars. They call me Taz on the track,” says Sulzbach. This Tasmanian devil has been coming to Coffee & Cars since it began.

“I like to come out and mingle with the crowds.” Sulzbach has some choice words for car lovers who are keeping their road runners locked away. “Get out and drive it or get rid of it! If I can’t drive it, I don’t need it!” Stephen Carmichael has similar sentiments for fellow Ford F-150 Lightning owners. “Come out and join us! It’s fun!” Warm coffee, cool cars and even cooler people—can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning? Coffee & Cars creates a unique platform for people of various backgrounds to

It’s the joy and sheer fun of it all that keep the engines roaring. take part in a shared interest. While the reasons for getting into car restoration may all vary, it’s the joy and sheer fun of it all that keeps engines roaring every Saturday morning at the intersection of Penn and Memorial. For McLane this hobby was something new and unexpected. “I never really imagined myself being [involved] in car restoration, but it has been an amazing amount of fun and I can see why people get addicted.” As McLane affectionately talks about her Pink Royalty, you definitely get the sense that the drive to perfection is a long way down the road. The restoration process lasted two and half years and there’s still more to do. “I don’t think she’ll ever be ‘done done.’ There will always be a little something to fix, finesse or change.” Queen Victoria shall never be triumphed.


Knight Wellness Center Dr. Kamla Knight, Chiropractor

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405-285-9454 3209 S. Broadway, Ste 217 All major insurances accepted • Open MWF 9-5

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by Heide Brandes

KW of Edmond is more likely to survive the end of the world than 90% of the population. At the very least, she can outlast a week-long blizzard or ice storm better than most Oklahomans. It’s all about being prepared. KW is one of thousands of Americans who are part of the prepper movement, a community of people who learn to be prepared for any situation at any time. To those new to the movement, the word prepper brings about an image of heavily-armed fanatics crawling in bunkers and preparing for Armageddon, but the reality is that preppers are a lot less dramatic. Sadly, thanks to shows like They prepare for ice storms or wildfires. “Doomsday Preppers,” many They have a pantry that can support people aren’t taking common three months of being unable to get to the grocery store. sense steps to prepare their They have enough water to be able to families for natural disasters live comfortably in case water is not or unexpected problems. available for weeks. “There are a couple of reasons to prep and different levels,” said KW, who lives east of Edmond with her husband and two children. “Some think in extreme terms of economic breakdown, terrorism or end of the world. I try to keep it practical. I’m a practical prepper.” Sadly, thanks to shows like “Doomsday Preppers,” many aren’t taking common sense steps to prepare their families for natural disasters or unexpected problems for fear of looking like a fanatic. Although prepping has become mainstream—with websites and social groups promoting skills like canning or water safety—it’s not something Americans are used to doing. “Seven years ago, we moved to Edmond and twice I’ve been stuck at home for a week or more due to ice storms,” said KW, who lives far enough from town that going to the grocery store is an impossibility during bad weather. “Being prepared is a practicality for living in Oklahoma with the ice, snow, tornadoes and fires. I always have back-up milk and food now—powdered milk and boxed liquid milk, just in case.” What really made KW embrace the idea of being prepared were the wildfires that scorched through the rural areas around Edmond two years ago. “We had three minutes to evacuate due to the wildfires,” KW said. “What would you do if you had only minutes to leave? What would you take?”

One of the easiest ways families can be prepared is to have a three-day “bug-out” bag, a backpack for each member of the family. “I grew up in Galveston, so we were used to having extra water for bathing, batteries, candles and stuff like that for waiting out a hurricane,” KW said. “The backpacks are for if you have to leave in a hurry, like during the wildfires.” Luckily, the bug-out bags were already prepared when the family had to evacuate, making their hotel stay more comfortable and less stressful. The only thing KW forgot was pet supplies, making a trip to the store necessary. For the most part, KW’s preparedness is geared more toward being able to stay in her home after a natural disaster or other event. If one has enough food, water, backup supplies and anything needed to survive without water or electricity, then staying home is a possibility. During Hurricane Katrina, a refugee camp was established at the New Orleans Superdome. The camp became dangerous—deadly in some cases—and people were trying to escape the shelter. “It’s good to be prepared if you have to stay at a hotel or even camp it out.” For those prepping for longer term situations, a three-month food supply in the kitchen pantry using organizational tools, like those found on, means you can store food and use it as it nears its expiration. KW also has boxes of food supplies that have 25-year shelf life. “I even made a car emergency kit and an office emergency kit for my husband,” she said. “It’s not impossible in Oklahoma. We’ve had it happen…the Murrah bombing, tornadoes…I wish I could share these skills with more people. You never know when an emergency will happen.”

Keeping tents and bug-out bags in the garage, not to mention a supply of food that can last 25 years, may sound extreme, but it’s just common sense. Many communities have suffered power outages for up to three weeks after severe ice storms and after major disasters like tornadoes. It can take emergency workers three days to reach a neighborhood with food and water. “We are on well water, so if our electricity goes out, so does our water,” KW said. “Most of what I do is prepare to stay in our home. We stock up on alternative fuel and lighting like lanterns and candles, matches, cook stoves. The most important thing is to have a family plan for every emergency.” continued on next page


preppers, cont.

Websites abound about how to begin prepping, such as FEMA’s recommendations at For a basic three-day supply bug-out bag, KW suggests stocking a backpack for each member of the family with: Food • Protein/Granola Bars • Trail Mix/Dried Fruit • Crackers/Cereals • Canned Tuna, Beans, Turkey, Beef, Vienna Sausages, etc.

Bedding & Clothing • Change of Clothing (short- & long-sleeved shirts, pants, jackets, socks, etc.) • Undergarments • Rain Coat/Poncho • Blankets & Emergency Heat Blankets (that keep in warmth)

Fuel & Light • Battery-powered Lighting (flashlights, lamps, etc.) • Extra Batteries • Flares • Candles • Lighter • Waterproof Matches

Equipment • Can Opener • Dishes/Utensils • Shovel • Radio (with batteries) • Pen & Paper • Axe • Pocket Knife • Rope • Duct Tape

Personal Supplies & Medication • First Aid Kit & Supplies • Toiletries: roll of toilet paper (remove the center tube to easily flatten into a zip-lock bag), feminine hygiene, folding brush, etc. • Cleaning Supplies • Medication & Prescription Medication • Keep immunizations up to date. Personal Documents & Money • Place items like these in a waterproof container!



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DoWntoWn eDmonD


Before After &

by Paul Fairchild

1995 witnessed the opening of Edmond’s premier landscaping company, Nelson Lawns. Over the last 18 years, owner Andy Nelson and his crew

have perfected the art of turning eyesore lawns into usable, beautiful and fun outdoor spaces. His company offers services ranging from complete lawn overhauls and lawn maintenance to sprinkler installation and lawn pest control. If lawns are his canvases, plants are his brushes. Selecting the right plants for a lawn makeover can make the difference between a masterpiece and a disaster. It’s nothing less than a science tweaked for aesthetics. Nelson uses 30 plants, all native to Oklahoma and all built to withstand Oklahoma weather. Nelson Lawn’s 3D design service helps you picture your landscape design before they install Oklahoma’s clay soil isn’t fit for just any plant. the plant materials. Enjoy the spring savings of $99 for the design work (a $379 value). Nelson’s first task is to recondition a landscape with custom blended soil that not only provides an environment for plants to thrive but helps break down the clay as well. Nelson crew leaves enough room between the plants to accommodate their thoroughly reviews soil conditions for all projects, residential or growth. He refuses to plant in low quality soil because it significantly commercial. raises maintenance costs over the long run. He and his staff pay close The next step is a rigorous selection process that matches plants attention to the needs of the plants—sunlight, water and other factors. to a revamped landscape. The right amount of evergreen, deciduous, Nelson is quick to point out the long-term value of good landscaping. It can raise a home’s value by 13 percent. An investment of semi-deciduous, perennial and annual plants depends largely on roughly three percent of the home’s value can bring dividends of three the amount of sunlight times that investment in the long run. available for their locations—but there are other “Following ten years of letting the weeds grow in our backyard, important factors. Nelson we decided to restore some of its former beauty,” says customer Anne hand-selects plants for each Morris. “My daughter suggested Nelson Lawn and it’s the best thing project, screening them that could have happened for our yard. Nelson stripped the yard for water supply and soil down to bare dirt and entirely redesigned it. They added a fire pit conditions, as well. and a large patio with a pergola. The old grass is gone, replaced with Plants need to be landscaping and a retaining wall complete with waterfall. Our yard prepared and placed is a piece of Heaven on earth. We love it.” properly so they can thrive. “We’re a big company but we have excellent customer service,” “There are examples of says Nelson. “We don’t call a project done until the customer is overly satisfied. In this industry it’s common that companies go past their poor plant choices all over Edmond,” Nelson says. “We commonly allotted times, however we are committed to staying on pace, and see people and companies putting a Japanese Maple in a completely our track record shows that. The only thing that may slow sunlit spot–those will burn up quickly. We see people placing Blue us down is weather.” Atlas Cedars in shady areas—they don’t like overly wet roots as it makes them susceptible to fungus. Every plant that goes in the ground Nelson Lawn offers risk-free has certain characteristics and failure to pay attention to those details landscaping assessments. means dead plants.” For more information, Nelson starts each landscaping project with a few simple call 405-202-4120. principles and selecting the right plants is a must. He makes sure his


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Anabelle’s Galleria

As springtime arrives, it is finally time to start embracing the season’s colors. Anabelle’s Galleria

has welcomed spring with open arms by showcasing the neons and pastels that are normally reserved for bouquets of flowers. Grow your own wardrobe garden by snatching a pair of Downcast yellow skinny jeans. Pair the pastel pants with a Lovemarks floral blazer over a Fond tiered blouse for a sophisticated yet flirty look. Take that look to the next level by adding local designer Lily Stone’s Sooo Lily Vivid Crush lip gloss. From vintage to whimsical, Anabelle’s has the style you want at the price you love. Visit Anabelle’s Galleria at 1201 NW 178th (2nd & Western) and on Facebook.

Head Over Heels Boutique Pick a pretty flower from the earth and it will only last a day. Pick a daring floral handbag and it will last forever. Find the perfect patterns, colors and styles for spring in handbags, shoes and jewelry at Head Over Heels. A statement worthy Caley handbag from Brighton is just what any girl needs to sashay her way into warmer weather. Feel free to express your personality with bright Della orange wedges from Vaneli. Finish any look by layering on Brighton bracelets and necklaces. Every woman is welcome at Head Over Heels. Expect a shoe experience with personal service for all sizes and widths at 1201 NW 178th Street (2nd & Western in Edmond).

Hip & Swanky

The name says it all at Hip & Swanky. Craving color in your wardrobe? Check out this Rancho

Estancia Santa Cruz teal lace dress. Dainty and flirty, this is the perfect dress to wear when attending a summer party on the patio. Pair the dress with floral Naughty Monkey wedges and vibrant jewelry to transform this classic silhouette to a trendsetting look. Make a signature statement with one of Jody Foster’s hand-crafted glass rings. Whether you are looking for casual couture for a day trip or a fiery date night ensemble, Hip & Swanky has a plethora of choices for those from ages 8 to 80. Visit their store at 1247 E. Danforth in Kickingbird Square.

A touch of Spring 2nd & Western | 285-1700 |



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The Beginnings of Southern Okie

Apple gourmet


People inherit many different traits from their parents and grandparents. It might be something like your mom’s cleft chin or your grandpa’s small ears. But Gina Hollingsworth inherited both her parents’ and grandparents’ keen business sense. Hollingsworth was born and raised in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and she attributes her cooking skills to her grandmother, Virginia Young, and her mother, Nelda Gamble. Virginia started her own successful business—the Plaza Restaurant—in the 1950s. Nelda used to say, “Every Sunday, it was packed—a line all the way around the building.” With her grandfather, father and brother also being successful entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder Gina got the itch to start her own business. After attending college in Nashville, she began her working career there and worked in the music business under the tutelage of country artist Gary Morris. Working in the music industry for fifteen years, she ended up working for Troy Tomlinson, President & CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Troy had fruit delivered to his office each week as a welcome to his guests. Then by the end of the week, with an abundance of the fruit left, it would be given to employees (including Hollingsworth) to make room for the next week’s batch of fruit. “I couldn’t bear to throw away perfectly good fruit,” she laughs. So Hollingsworth began to make pies, cakes and muffins with the leftover produce and bring the treats to work. “While everyone was grateful for it,” Gina says, “they began to complain about their waistlines growing. So I started thinking, What in the world can I do with all of these apples?”And that’s how Southern Okie Gourmet Apple Spread began. After working at Sony for a year, Gina’s husband, Mark, was offered a job with Chesapeake, and the two of them moved to Oklahoma. With Mark working full-time, Gina wanted to try something new—she decided to sell her gourmet apple spread. “I just sort of fell into starting my own business,” she says. “I wasn’t trying to keep up with any sort of family tradition.” When asked who does the majority of her taste-testing, a playful glint enters her eyes. “It’s Mark, of course. He’s incredibly supportive—a corporate manager by day and a taste sampler by night.” They will have been married seven years this coming August. “He’s very proud,” Gina adds.

by Sarah Paige Berling

Her gourmet apple spread is already a hit with the Edmond Women’s Club. She says that, while participating in her first Holiday Market with the club, “I thought I might sell twenty jars…boy, was I mistaken! I sold over five hundred!” With the sales being so great, Gina and Mark decided to donate all the proceeds to help support local charities. For Gina, the toughest part of the whole process was establishing her business. “First, I went to an OSU training workshop, and then I began cold-calling people to see if they would be interested in producing my gourmet apple spread from my own personal recipe.” She got lucky—the first place she called wanted to produce her gourmet apple

“What in the world can I do with all of these apples?”

PHotos by

spread. Due to a confidentiality agreement, she can’t disclose the company, but she did say, “It took them a few times to get it just right.” Glowing, Gina went on to say, “I have been getting support from all corners—the Edmond’s Women’s Club, my husband. I’ve just been very blessed.” Now that all her is are dotted and ts are crossed, she’s looking forward to the official opening of her business. Her new website is up now ( and she is ready to officially sell her gourmet apple spread. She laughs, “I used to hand-deliver every order. But from now on, it’s going to be shipped. It’s much easier that way!”


(minimum of 300 sq. ft.) Time to say out with the old tile and carpet and in with new wood floors. Are you dreaming of new wood floors, but dread the mess associated with tearing out your tile? Are you tired of your 70’s carpet, but the thought of working with unreliable installers stop you in your tracks? Kregger’s Floors and More is here to help. Not only does Paul Kregger and his crew offer outstanding friendly and dependable service, but they have also created a system that elimnates many of the hassles most associated with tile removal. Their new dust collection system minimizes the dust. Although their technique is not dust-free, Kregger says it is “light-years ahead of the rest.” With most companies, replacing tile can take a week or more. Besides eliminating much of the dust, with Kreggers, your floor can be free of tile and prepped for new flooring in no time. “Most people think that the task of replacing tile is more construction than they want to deal with. With our manpower and no ‘middle man,’ your tile can be gone in as little as one day!” said Kregger. The installers are what set Kregger’s apart. This ensures customers are getting someone who knows and shows skills he’s familiar with to install their flooring. “In some stores the installers are folks the

store has known maybe a day, mabye a year. It’s hard to say. At Kregger’s all of our installers are long-time employees or family members.” Edmondite Christy Dowell says, “We have a home full of Kregger’s floors! New wood floors, tile floors, rugs, a shower and soon to be carpet. Paul and Chris and the rest of their crew have been a pleasure to work with; always courteous, respectful and punctual. They are also very trustworthy. We left our home to them for a week and came back to beautiful wood floors. It seems to me that ‘satisfaction’ is their number one goal... and I am completely satisfied! I highly recommend Kregger’s Floors and More.”

Must mention Edmond Outlook. Exp. 4/30/13 30

Kreggers is now offering an unbeatable $5.99 psf on genuine Mohawk hand-scraped wood floors installed. “What every customer is looking for is great quality at a great price. With our low overhead environment, they always get a great price and workmanship that’s second to none.” For more information call 348-6777 or stop by the store at 2702 S. Broadway in Edmond.

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Alessondra and the Great Horned Owl

She just might be the cutest little girl in the world. As she ran across the den to her play area, she quickly grabbed a long banner, anxious to display last night’s art project. “Guess, what?” she asked. The excitement in her voice made you just as eager to find out the information she was hiding. “My birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and it’s going to be an owl theme,” exclaimed Alessondra. She proudly displayed the banner that read ‘I love owls.’ Before you were able to respond, she quickly pointed out her favorite part of the drawing. “I actually worked hardest on the ‘L’ to make it look 3D,” she said. “I’m probably going to ask mom if we can play pin the feather on the great horned owl!” It only made sense for eight-year-old Alessondra to pick the owl as the theme for her party. It’s played a major part in her life for the last year. As she continued to talk about her party and her interest in owls, it was obvious that her knowledge of the mysterious creatures extended well beyond the information found in typical textbooks. Alessondra’s interest began in February 2012 when a window box outside of her home became the nesting place for a mother owl and her two eggs. Instead of scaring the owl away, Alessondra’s parents, Jeff and Deziray Click, decided to incorporate their daughter’s interest into her homeschool plan. “You can theme her learning based on what she’s into,” said Deziray. After seeing

by Lance Evans

the owl’s vivid stripes, Alessondra chose to name her Mrs. Tiger. “When I did some research, I found out they were called flying tigers and I didn’t even know that when I named her,” explained Alessondra. The Click family decided to place the daily routine of Mrs. Tiger and her owlets on a popular Internet streaming site. Four eggs and millions of hits later, Mrs. Tiger has become an online sensation as people across the world watch her daily activities right from the Click family window. “We’ve had dozens of teachers contact us. They use it in their classrooms all across the county,” said Deziray. Jeff also noticed various benefits from the way that Alessondra is learning outside the box. “This experience was something so unique. We found a way that we could incorporate this into numerous aspects of her education aside from biology. She’s [also] learning about technology [and] how it can be used in unique ways to study animals.” The family’s unique approach to education was not always their first option. Jeff and Deziray had planned on sending their daughter to public school until they had conversations with various parents who were opting to homeschool their children. “It was all God—

2013 NCA National Champions!

Practice Makes Perfect ... 32

2011 & 2012 World Champions

He placed people in our lives. We had always thought we would do public,” commented Deziray. “When I initially decided to homeschool, I wanted her to love to learn.” Not only has Alessondra developed a strong love of learning, but her interests have also influenced other students and adults as well. After discovering Mrs. Tiger and her eggs, Alessondra refused to miss a moment of the live nature happening outside of the family’s window. Jeff and Deziray initially set up the camera to keep her updated with all the latest on Mrs. Tiger. After researching video sharing sites online, Jeff came across Ustream and decided to use the site to connect Mrs. Tiger with viewers. The family didn’t think that their discovery would attract

such a massive online following. “We’ll probably hit 1.7 million today,” said Jeff. The family has also received a number of heartwarming letters and posts from viewers. Comments from other parents have also showed Deziray the influence that the video stream has had on other students. “We’re seeing children choose nature over video games. How many times do you get to see an owl in the wild?” There’s no time for video games in Alessondra’s life. She’s too busy sharing her vast knowledge of owls at her various public speaking engagements. “She’s speaking to classes around the city,” said proud father Jeff. While there is so much to take from the experience, Jeff and Deziray hope that Alessondra continues to learn from the daily lessons offered by Mrs. Tiger. “Any life experience that you have is something that you can and should learn from.” To watch the live video stream, go to

Sedation/General Anesthesia TV/Videos/Games



609 S. Kelly Ave. Ste. C-1, Edmond •




Holly was born in Oklahoma City and raised in Yukon with her family consisting of sisters, Erin and Ashlyn; step-brother, Brent; and father, John. Colleen, who is a nurse, described Holly as a happy child who was fixated with angels, was active and loved animals. The family lived in an area with plenty of room for people and pets which included chickens, a pot-bellied pig, rabbits and dogs. “Friends were always here,” said Colleen. After high school, Holly worked as a dental hygienist. Agnes & colleen share life When her father died of cancer, she had a difficult time coping. Her life began to turn around with the birth of her son, Johnny. ormer strangers, Agnes Bullion and Colleen Sjostrom are now Life continued for Holly until the day that Colleen got a frantic call friends through the gift of organ donation. Colleen’s daughter, that Holly was unexpectedly sent to OU Medical Center after a tragic Holly, unexpectedly died at the age of 22 and because she gunshot incident. In the midst of their grief, Holly’s family honored her had designated on her driver’s license to be an organ donor, others request to be an organ donor. “The heart was beating but the brain was received a chance at a fuller life. Holly’s heart, lungs, kidneys and dead,” said Colleen. “The best she can do is give back. So they called pancreas went to people needing organ transplants. Agnes, who is LifeShare.” living with one of Holly’s kidneys, had a mix of emotions that whirled through her the day she received her organ. Agnes “I was excited. I was anxious,” said Agnes. “But I also started In 2006 Agnes, who was born and raised in Oklahoma, started to have grief that someone had lost a loved one.” being zapped of energy. Most mornings resulted in sitting in her car


Blast from the Past An adventure through time Summer Camp 2013

Dr.VirginiaVaughan FACOG

For an appointment, call 341-4643

1101 N. Bryant Ave (inside Regal Healthcare) Member of American Society of Bariatric Physicians


No More

by Gina A. Dabney

feeling exhausted after just driving to work where she was a teacher for special needs children. By March 2007, she began dialysis and was put on the kidney transplant list. A glimpse of events that occurred while waiting for a kidney: Agnes missed a family trip with her mother–it was her mother’s final family gathering; In 2009, Agnes had an infection that wiped out her hearing within five days–she now wears hearing aids; In 2010, Agnes was in Nebraska helping her daughter after surgery when her husband Otis called to tell her a kidney was available–she had to decline the kidney because she could not get back in time for the surgery. When the phone rang on May 23, 2011 and Agnes saw Integris Baptist on caller ID, she instinctively answered, “Hello, I’m on my way.” After some time, Colleen wrote to each of the organ recipients. On January 13, 2013 Agnes and Colleen, along with their families, met for the first time. It was a tender meeting. “It was very emotional,” said Colleen. “We talked, we had prayer.” Looking back, Colleen was not enthusiastic about Holly being an

organ donor although she respected her choice. However, through this experience, Colleen has changed her driver’s license to reflect being an organ donor. “Hearing the stories,” said Colleen, “my mind started to change about being an organ donor. It is like a ripple effect.” Critical to the transplant process is LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma. LifeShare, a non-profit organization, is certified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as the organization committed to recovering organs for transplantation in Oklahoma and across the country. Brian Jackson, LifeShare Communications Specialist, reports that nationwide over 117,000 people are waiting for lifesaving transplants and in Oklahoma there are more than 870 citizens waiting. In 2012, there were 61 people in Oklahoma who died while waiting for a transplant; nationally 5,963 people died. “That’s why,” said Jackson, “it is so important for people to sign up on the registry.”

The best she could do is give back.” Full of energy early after her surgery, Agnes continues to spend time with Otis, her husband of 42 years, her two daughters and granddaughters, her foster son and her dog, Dr. Dre. She volunteers with Whizkids, works in retail and loves Thunder basketball. Agnes fondly patted her kidney when reflecting on Holly. “It was tragic,” said Agnes. “It affects her family, it affects our family. But, I believe she is at peace.” Call LifeShare at 488-3537 or visit



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Smart The Top 5 Improvements

Traffic. It’s everywhere. Even in Edmond.

Tens of thousands of cars pass over Edmond roads everyday. As a growing city, Edmond is projected to reach a population of 85,000 by the end of this year. The hard fact is that more people means more cars on the road. But creative solutions coming out of the city of Edmond’s engineering department will help shrink the congestion caused by those cars. Here are five interesting things our city is doing to ease traffic congestion.


In 2008, Edmond’s engineers reached the conclusion that its current traffic monitoring systems would start becoming state-of-theold over the next decade. The city’s most ambitious traffic project, the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS), is now underway and will come online, intersection by intersection, toward the end of this year. The ITS, in simplest terms, is a traffic brain. Edmond’s major traffic corridors will be transformed into nerves that feed real-time traffic data to a new, cutting-edge traffic monitoring system. Everything from intersections and traffic lights to cameras and sensors will be controlled from a new traffic management center, giving engineers the capability to manage congestion. “The system will allow us to monitor traffic, especially during rush-hour periods, for system failures. We’ll be able to correct many of those failures right then and there without sending somebody into the field. It will allow us to manage traffic proactively. It’s part of an ongoing effort to decrease traffic congestion,” says Tom Minnick, Traffic Planner for the City of Edmond. By the end of the year, 21 intersections will be integrated into Edmond’s ITS. ITS projects are few and far between in Oklahoma, demonstrating Edmond’s willingness to strive for the best in new traffic management technologies.


One of the feature capabilities of ITS is to provide realtime traffic information to motorists via the web, smartphones, and other devices. Before they even turn the key, motorists could know the best routes for avoiding congestion. From closed intersections to temporary traffic detours, Edmond residents will have all the information needed to plot the quickest drives to their destinations.


Lack of roadway capacity is the number one offender when it comes to traffic congestion. Sometimes old methods yield the best answers to new problems. Widening streets in developed sections of the city is difficult, sometimes impossible. But as Edmond grows outward, traffic planners are thinking ahead to accommodate future traffic in newly developed areas. The city’s expansion of Covell from Santa Fe to Thomas Drive is the latest example of this old method. New me-



to Edmond Traffic Flow

by Paul Fairchild

dians and turn lanes keep through traffic moving at a good clip. “This type of roadway segment is the model for what we’d like the rest of the roads in Edmond to be, but we can’t get there overnight,” says Minnick. “It’s going to take time, but we’re working toward it.” 2014 will see this process in action at 33rd and Broadway where additional turn lanes and signal lights will clear the intersection more quickly, especially during rush hour.


Access management is coordination of land access and traffic flow. The basic premise is to preserve and enhance the performance and safety of the street system. Access management is the practice of optimizing access to land uses while preserving the capacity and safety of traffic on the roadway network. Turns from a main throughway can create heavy congestion. In most cases, it boils down to the simple addition of new turn lanes that allow cars to move off of the main roadways while approaching entrances to subdivisions, shopping centers and other destinations. Access management also includes the construction of new medians. These promote safety by reducing left-turn collisions—which also cause congestion as traffic backs up behind accidents. Keeping accidents to a minimum keeps traffic rolling. Medians also make space for new traffic lighting, reducing nighttime accidents.


Signalization is traffic planning lingo for the process of timing lights at intersections to keep the number of red lights that a motorists hits along a major traffic corridor to a minimum. State-of-the-art sensors measure traffic volume. This data is evaluated and adjustments can be made to keep congestion along major roadways to a minimum. In addition to getting drivers as far down a road as possible, signalization penalizes speeders. The timing of the lights is calibrated with speed limits in mind. Exceeding the speed limit leaves a driver parked at more red lights, almost guaranteeing that their journey will take longer than it would have if they had not put the pedal to the metal. Signalization works so well that, even in rush hour traffic, it only takes twelve minutes to cross from the west side of Edmond to the east—a statistic that bolsters Edmond’s claim to some of the best traffic management in Oklahoma.


MY EDMOND outlook by Bethany Scott

Steve Wingo

Archer, Sales Manager at Heartland Outdoors How long have you been an archer? I have been shooting archery since I was 7 years old—so pretty much my whole life. My whole family shot archery and hunted, so it was just natural for me to get into the sport. Has the sport of archery changed much since you were a kid? It’s getting more popular. Target archery can be a bit boring, but big tournaments are trying to make it more interesting by having competition shoot-offs instead of just watching someone shoot 144 arrows in a weekend. What is your greatest accomplishment as an archer? I have won several state championships with my bow but I think my greatest accomplishment is teaching. I love getting new folks into the sport. What inspired you to get into teaching? I got started teaching my wife and kids, but I also do lessons at Heartland Outdoors. It’s neat when a little kid gets excited just shooting an arrow. Then, when they do it correctly, they feel a sense of accomplishment and they get better. It also seems like the more I taught the better it made me by reinforcing the lessons and not forgetting what was important. How would someone get started in archery? One of the hardest things is getting a bow sized right. A bow has to fit you—it can’t be too long or short, too heavy. I see that more than anything. People want to buy a used bow online and then it doesn’t fit them. It’s like buying used shoes. With your demonstrations, what are kids’ initial reactions? Most of them have never seen archery equipment, except for maybe a stick bow. They are amazed with how a real bow looks. Kids are just in awe of hitting an apple off a mannequin’s head, just like in the story, or even harder ones like shooting a cherry off a head—that’s shooting. Other shots are pure tricks, like shooting the flame off a candle.

Have you ever trained anybody for the Paralympics? I helped coach a friend of mine, Tom Pemberton, for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. In tense situations, it becomes a mental game, and, in the end, it’s how you deal with the pressure. Everyone faces it. You can’t overcome nerves. You learn how to deal with it instead of fighting it. Is there anything else we should know about archery? Archery in general is something the whole family can do. It’s not just something for dad or sis, everyone can enjoy it. Most tournaments have different classes for different skill levels. So a firsttime archer won’t have to shoot against 15-year veteran. Just go out and have fun!

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Edmond Outlook April 2013  

The Edmond Outlook is a monthly, full color, glossy magazine mailed free of charge to 50,000 homes in all five Edmond, OK zip codes. Since 2...

Edmond Outlook April 2013  

The Edmond Outlook is a monthly, full color, glossy magazine mailed free of charge to 50,000 homes in all five Edmond, OK zip codes. Since 2...

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