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Outlook June 2013


C O N C E R T – G O I N G



I T ’ S







Outlook June 2013

Fourteen years ago,

I made a decision to move my family halfway across the country from Massachusetts to Oklahoma.

It was 1999 and my wife, Sandy, and I were

about to have two new additions to our family.

Tragically, Sandy’s sister was killed in a car accident and we were suddenly guardians of her two young

children—Jessie, age one, and Juston, age five. Sandy and her family are all from Oklahoma, so we flew out for her sister’s service and arranged legal matters and then we flew back as a family. Sandy

stopped working to be a full-time mom and we did our best to settle into the everyday life of raising little ones.

That didn’t last long. I suddenly found myself laid-off from

25 Tournament Town

a great job and with few immediate prospects. With mortgage

payments and a new family to support, we had to make some big

Get ready for the biggest soccer event to hit Edmond.

decisions quickly. With our strong family ties to Oklahoma, we

decided to put our house up for sale and start planning our move. I remember that day well—it was May 2nd, 1999.

The next day we watched as the huge tornado ripped through

Moore. We were glued to the TV for what seemed like days. And I

remember thinking two things—the chances of that happening there again are slim and whatever house I buy in Oklahoma will have a

June 2013

storm shelter.

8 Facts & Figures

tracked its way toward our house in southeast Edmond, I was made

A Father’s Love

Fourteen years later and I’m wrong on both counts. As a tornado

painfully aware of my lack of ability to protect my family. As we

hunkered down in our guest bathroom with pillows, pets, blankets,

12 Louise 15 Food

a flashlight, motorcycle helmets and a first-aid kit, we were woefully

Tropical Smoothie Café Food Faves

for the worst and listened to Mike Morgan as he named off our

18 Business

unprepared for possible devastation. My heart sank as we braced neighborhood streets.

Thankfully, it passed us by. From what I have read, it was only

an F2, but it was powerful enough for me to line up the installation of

MAD Alley Motors Jessie Teehee Realty

a storm shelter in my garage.

30 Summertime

the devastation once again visited upon Moore. For tragic events like

36 Marketplace

Camps & Activities

As for the other misnomer, my family and I are humbled by

these, it truly seems like the only place to be is far from the path of destruction—and if that can’t happen—

38 My Outlook

Jude Flurry, Irish Dancer

be underground.


10 Canines on Canvas Celebrate Your Pet In a Unique Way

20 Saving a Life

Boy Scout Jonah Moore Puts His Skills to the Test

29 Home Away From Home

Camp ClapHans Welcomes Children for the Summer

32 Summer Reading List

Featuring Four Local Authors

37 Underdog Champions Right on Track

Dave Miller,

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12 4576 406 250 16 4+3 1

states participating

players kicking

games to play

referees watching

teams winning

new soccer fields and concession stands

tournament town …page 25

l o



f a c

Edmond area high schools recently competed in Track & Field State Championships.


Outlook June 2013




Need to connect? There is free wifi at Stephenson Park and the Edmond Festival Market Place.

Girls Track team are the 6A State Champions for 2013. Congratulations to all the teams that participated this year! Read more about a local underdog winning State in Class A on page 37.

Remember Myka, the oldest greyhound, from the January 2013 issue? He turns


To adopt a greyhound, visit greyhoundpetsok.org.



Edmond Memorial

years old this month! Happy birthday, Myka!

The number of amusement and water park websites Back40 Design launched this month. “If you have a water park and you need a website design for it, apparently we are the agency of choice,” said Dave Miller, president. back40design.com

t s

The Boy Scouts of America was incorporated in 1910.



later, the skills that Jonah Moore learned in scouting paid off when he helped save someone’s life. Read more on page 20.



Estimated number of fathers across the nation (according to the 2008 Census). Celebrate your one-of-a-kind dad on June 16th!





Around Town

Copperlake Estates is hosting its annual Dog Days of Summer to benefit local animal shelters and rescue groups. The event will take place on June 8th from 5-8pm. Bring your four-legged friend and join in the fun! For more information visit www.seniorlifestyle.com. UCO is proud to present the Endeavor Games for athletes with physical disabilities. Come cheer on the participants in this multi-sport event. All activities will be held at UCO June 6-9. Visit ucoendeavorgames.com for more info. The city of Edmond is proud to present LibertyFest 2013. The event kicks off on June 22nd and runs through July 4th. For more information, visit libertyfest.org for all of the exciting things happening around town during the festival.




The Visiting Veterinarian DAVID NEWSOME, DVM

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Canines For people who love animals, it is clear that love knows no bounds. When you speak to a pet lover, you’ll find that


the pictures and demeanor of the owner are the same as that of a proud parent. The owners will take picture after picture of their pets, just to commemorate the time they’ve spent together.

Sedation/General Anesthesia TV/Videos/Games



609 S. Kelly Ave. Ste. C-1, Edmond • marthagarzondmd.com 10

Outlook June 2013

With the help of Diana Smith, the artist behind DesignSmith, that commemoration can become more permanent. Smith paints pet portraits on commission, specializing in dogs, although she has painted the occasional horse or cat. When asked why she chose to do portraits of dogs, she explained that she finds their intelligence fascinating. “For years I have had blue heelers, which are Australian cattle dogs. They are extremely intelligent dogs. In my paintings, I am drawn to herding and working breeds. They just seem to be so expressive and attentive,” says Diana. Dogs have always held a special place in Diana’s heart. “I’m an only child, and my playmates were always dogs.” Even before she was born, she had a connection with a furry friend. “My mother says I must love dogs so much because of the old dog Bob who laid on Mom’s stomach while she was pregnant with me. Then, when I was very young, my best friend was my aunt’s Great Dane, Juno. She was so big, that I could walk under her. They said I never got a spanking, because Juno would intercede.” Living life with canine companions has allowed Diana to feel at home anywhere—as long as she can take her dog. In her biography on her website, Smith mentions an affinity for New Mexico and its warm hues. She fondly remembers her first trip the Land of Enchantment.


by Sarah Paige Berling

“My husband Mike and I took a trip to New Mexico in the late ’80s, with our dog Sydney. Mike turned to me the first day there, and he said, ‘What’s the deal? You seem to be glowing.’ I guess the colors of the landscape and the sky, maybe the entire atmosphere, just move me,” she says. Being surrounded by all the colors and warmth reawakened her passion for painting. “I had only painted occasionally since college, but when we got home from that trip, I told Mike that I just had to paint. I set up my easel in the kitchen and began painting every weekend. The first paintings were of Sydney in a New Mexico setting. Then, I moved on to painting other dogs.” But Diana doesn’t only paint for doting pet owners, she paints for charity as well. She explains, “I did a show where I donated a portion of the sales to Central OK Humane Society and also one where I donated to a rescue group in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.” Not just the occasional philanthropist, Diana has several favorite organizations that she contributes her talent to on a regular basis. “Every year, I paint a dog house to donate to the Bella Foundation for their auction ‘The 12 Dog Houses of Christmas.’ I do paintings every year to donate to Sit, Stay, Art! which benefits Pets for People. This year they

When asked why she chose to do portraits of dogs, she

asked me to do the painting for their poster, highlighting homeless mothers—dogs and cats who are either expecting or have just had a litter, and are brought to the shelter by someone who thinks they are doing the right thing by keeping the mother with her babies. What tends to happen is that all of the cute little puppies and kittens are adopted, and the mother dog or cat winds up living out her life in the shelter. My painting is of Angela the cat & Lola the dog, unwanted moms.” One thing is clear: no matter why or what she’s painting, Diana has a deep, abiding love for animals that only her art can fulfill. Diana is available for painting of your pets by commission through her website, dianajsmith.com.

explained that she finds their intelligence fascinating.




A Father’s Love

by Louise Tucker Jones

I went away to college, I often went home on weekends but there My father was my hero. One of my earliest were times when I had to stay at school several weeks in a row due to memories is of Daddy rocking me in a my work schedule. I’ll never forget the day I looked out the window straight back chair, feeling the back and and saw Daddy get out of his pickup and walk up the sidewalk forth, thumping motion while he sang toward my dorm. I ran out to meet him, wondering what was wrong. “Bringing In The Sheaves.” With few He grabbed me in a hug and said nothing was wrong except I had photos of my early childhood, I have little stayed away too long. to trigger long ago memories, but many My father was a picture of unreserved love. Little wonder that I are etched on my heart forever. would choose a man with the same stellar traits and tender love to be I was next to the youngest of six my lifelong mate. Daddy was thrilled with my choice and loved Carl children, my only sister being the like a son. The Christmas my husband was overseas oldest and ten years my I can still feel the was one of the hardest ever, having already been senior. All too soon she was grown and gone side-to-side motion separated from Carl for nine months. With my siblings and their families celebrating in my parents’ living and I grew up on a farm of Ole Honey room, I became so sad that I closed myself in a dark with four brothers—a father clip clopping and bedroom, collapsed on the bed and cried. Soon, Daddy guy’s world—but a delight to her brother with my daddy’s heart. My husband, Carl, used to tell Louise down those furrows slipped into the room, gathered me in his arms and me he knew the minute he met Glenn Tucker that and hearing my daddy cried along with me. No words. Just tears. What a gift! Carl was not only my devoted, adoring husband I was a “Daddy’s Girl.” sing a beloved hymn through the years, but like my daddy, he was also the As a child, I remember riding on the horse’s best father a kid could ever have, loving our children broad back while Daddy guided a handheld plow as he plowed. unconditionally. And now, my son, Aaron, carries on behind. I can still feel the side-to-side motion of the heritage of his dad and grandfather, loving my precious grandOle Honey clip-clopping down those furrows and hearing my children with his whole heart and soul. daddy sing a beloved hymn as he plowed. Daddy loved music and So on this month of remembering dads, may we pay special led the singing in our little country church. When I was in grade tribute to those extraordinary fathers, whether here on earth or in school I took piano lessons and practiced in the school cafeteria Heaven, who poured their hearts and lives into their children, giving until Daddy bought an old pink, upright piano where I learned to them wings to fly on their own and protecting those who could never plunk out the melody of old-time gospel songs while Mama and leave the nest. What a marvelous inheritance! Daddy sang along. Daddy taught me to tie my shoes, spit watermelon seeds, and About the Author drive an ancient truck in the hay field and on dusty, country roads Louise Tucker Jones is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker. Author and co-author of long before I was old enough for a driver’s license. Throughout four books, her work has been featured in numerous my life, he supported and encouraged me, assuring me I could do publications. Contact her at LouiseTJ@cox.net or anything I set my mind to if I was willing to work at it. When LouiseTuckerJones.com.

June Sp


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Outlook June 2013


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Outlook June 2013


Tropical Smoothie Café by Laura Beam It’s cool, creamy, fruity and savored with long, slow tugs through a straw—what’s not to love about a smoothie? Clever as you look with this eco-friendly cup of healthy goodness in hand, inside you’re lost in a dreamy childhood memory of milkshakes and slushees with every sip. Therein is the magic of mainstream nutrition. It’s as fashionable and fun as it is healthy. Sure, the juicing craze first took root in the era of bell-bottoms and bad perms but with its mod makeover and nutrient-chic appeal, today smoothies are among the most stylish of indulgences. Sporting all the splashy options and diverse flavors we crave, smoothie cafés are a nod to a new culture of fresh, delicious alternatives our busy lifestyles demand. As a snack or meal replacement, this portable new “fast food” delivers a blast of guilt-free nourishment and sensational taste. Owner of Oklahoma City’s Tropical Smoothie Café, Tasha Stefanatos—a busy mom with a family on the go—understands the growing need for quick and easy, yet nutritious foods. Opening the Oklahoma City Tropical Smoothie Café franchise in August 2012 was a natural decision for Stefanatos. “Like most families, we have practices, games and events to get to all the time. Having a healthy alternative to fast food is a great choice,” Stefanatos remarks. “The food and smoothie choices are out of this world,” she adds. “The smoothies are Cadillac smoothies. Once you’ve had one, you’re hooked.” With 338 locations nationwide, Tropical Smoothie Café has brilliantly mastered the

“Eat Better, Feel Better” mantra to which it is staunchly committed. The café’s smoothies are made with simple yet superior ingredients including real fruit and natural sugar. An exciting menu of toasted wraps, sandwiches, flatbreads and gourmet salads boasts top quality meats, cheeses and produce, finished with intensely flavorful sauces. The recently introduced Island Green Smoothie and Caribbean Carrot Smoothie are power-packed with five full servings of fruits and vegetables including spinach, kale and carrots. In addition to an irresistible line-up of smoothie flavors, supplements such as protein and vitamin C offer a specialized kick to boost the benefits. Reminiscent of the fare of tropical regions, many of the outstanding foods at Tropical Smoothie Café have a tangy, spicy twist. The savory-sweet Jamaican Jerk Chicken, in a wrap or rice bowl, is an inspired blend of chicken, low-fat mozzarella, Southwestern rice with corn, black beans, asparagus, onions and a spicedright Jamaican Jerk sauce. All-day breakfast items are also a hit along with Feel Better Favorites meal combos starting at 380 calories.

$2.99 Gyros

Select from over 500 Wines & 250 Import and Domestic Craft Beers!

For a limited time in June, the café will feature a Hawaiian Summer Salad and Hawaiian BBQ Flatbread, delighting diners with another fresh, carefree option. June is also a banner month for this vacation-like café with its 7th Annual National Flip Flop Day event. On Friday, June 21 from 2–7pm, customers wearing flip-flops will receive a free 24-oz. Jetty Punch Smoothie and Tropical Smoothie Café will make a donation to Camp Sunshine, a Maine retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families. As Stefanatos reflects, “This is my favorite time of the year because our entire franchise system bands together for one central cause—it’s a beautiful thing.” 3131 W. Memorial, Oklahoma City For hours and information, call 405-753-5454 or visit tropicalsmoothie.com. Laura Beam is a business and food writer and 20-year advertising and marketing executive in radio, newspaper and magazines. Share new business tips and trends with her on LinkedIn or email Laura@edmondoutlook.com.

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on Saturdays

Monday-Friday 10:30am-8pm Saturday 10:30am-3pm WINE • BEER • SPIRITS

120 N. Robinson 1st National Center | 228-0017

Tasha Stefanatos, Owner


13516 N Eastern Ave (off memorial) • 286-1619 outlookoklahoma.com



by Laura Beam

Millie’s Table

Lucille’s Restaurant

Italiano’s Restaurant

Nothing signals the joy of summer like the first waft of smoky serenity from the grill. Take your open-air dinners and poolside parties to the next level with the gourmet touch of Millie’s marinated, ready-to-cook specialties. Stop in and pick up BBQ Beef Kabobs, Dr. Pepper Flank Steak, Asian Flank, Tilapia Pockets or Honey Ginger Salmon, among the many seasonal entrées of choice—great for Father’s Day celebrations, too! Millie and her expert staff of moms have long been preparing delicious food with love for their own families so they know just how to delight with home-inspired delicacies that bring people to the table with a smile. Enjoy Millie’s Table for catered events, home-cooked meals from the freezer at the end of a hectic day or call for hot meals to-go Monday through Friday.

Go ahead, make dad’s day! Take a short, scenic road trip to the landmark Oklahoma territory of Mulhall for the ultimate in destination dining. Simpler times still reign supreme at Lucille’s where legends of the Wild West and land rush artifacts bring Oklahoma’s pioneering spirit to life. Kick back inside or on the spacious patio over delicious homestyle foods like chicken fried steak, catfish, steaks and their famous homemade pies. Enjoy the Sunday brunch buffet from 7–11am with favorites like homemade biscuits and waffles. After your feast, stroll through the historic four-corner area and see the covered wagon and 1894 sandstone bank building. Don’t miss the great events and entertainment at this lively roadhouse, too!

When Italiano’s introduces new menu items, you know they’re going to be great! Joel Brentlinger, owner and chef, carefully creates each dish using the recipes and expertise of his Italian ancestors. Custom sauces and homemade dough are key to the fresh, diverse line-up of pastas, steaks and New York style, hand-tossed pizzas. Try the new Italian Chef Salad, Chicken or Tilapia Cacciatore, Tilapia Piccata, Spicy Shrimp Rosso or Steak Marsala, among dozens of exciting new menu additions. The authentic Mexican selections are a big hit, too, inspired by Chef Brentlinger’s wife who is from Mexico. Don’t miss great specials like $1 off steaks on Tuesday and $1 off Mexican dishes on Wednesday. Be sure to save room for a thick slice of Grandmother Jean’s New York Cheesecake!

Visit 1333 N. Santa Fe at Danforth call 330-9156 or visit millliestable.com.

We work. You grill…sweet!


Outlook June 2013

Hwy 77 & Main Street in Mulhall, west of Stillwater and north of Guthrie. Call 649-2229 or visit lucillesok.com. Open Thurs. 4–8pm, Fri. & Sat. 11am–9pm and Sun. 7am–7pm.

6833 N. Broadway, at Waterloo Call 216-5660 or visit italianosokc.com. Open Mon.–Thurs. 4–9pm and Sat. 11am–9pm.



17 W. 1st St.





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MAD Alley Motors by Emily Anderson Mike Galietti & Don Moomaw, business partners

When it comes to Ducati motorcycles, there isn’t much Mike Galietti does not know. After BMW/Ducati of Oklahoma closed, this Level 3 Lead Mechanic didn’t want to see the Italian brand leave Oklahoma, so along with another builder/enthusiast, Don Moomaw, he started MAD Alley Motors. Servicing Ducatis was just the beginning—their business has grown to become the go-to place for dependable service and performance upgrades. Galietti’s respect and love for the Ducati brand is clear. “There’s no other motorcycle like a Ducati,” Galietti quipped. “They have a style all their own—pure sexy. The attention to detail is amazing. They’re engineered with pride and are meticulously constructed. I love working on them.” Taking that appreciation, Galietti continues that tradition of excellence in his

business. MAD Alley Motors prides itself on being up front about the costs and options available. Taking the time to walk the customer through each process, these owners are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction and take pride in the delivered project. Customers respect MAD Alley Motors not only for their outstanding reputation but also their technical knowledge. Galietti’s business partner, Moomaw, has been around motorcycles his whole life. “My dad gave me my first motorcycle before I could walk. From that point on, I have always had bikes in my blood.” Moomaw and Galietti share the same business philosophy—treat every motorcycle in the shop as if it’s your own. “That’s something I wanted in a business partner,” Moomaw said. “I really care about that. I have worked at a lot of

Dan’s $9 Old Guys Barber $10 Men’s Stop for seniors 65+


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611 S. Broadway 340-6654 18

Outlook June 2013

M-F 8am–6pm, Sat 7am–3pm

places where they would bump a bike or scuff it and would hide it from the customer. We’re very meticulous about what we do. We get it right and work with customers to get it done.” MAD Alley Motors performs every job with excellence, from tire changes to factory services, custom motor work, fuel mapping systems, paint work, body work and seat upholstery. Their services include the majority of motorcycle manufacturers. From vintage to new—offroad, street, café racers, cruisers and race bikes—they work on all types of bikes. For excellent service and a highly skilled staff, bring your bike to MAD Alley Motors. Galietti and Moomaw will be there to guide enthusiasts through all their motorcycle needs. Visit MAD Alley Motors at 8301 N. Classen Blvd. in north Oklahoma City, call (405) 641-1801 or visit their website at madalleymotors.com.

Jessie Teehee Real Estate Team by Emily Anderson Jessie Teehee, team leader

Honesty is the best policy, according to Jessie Teehee—especially when it comes to his real estate team. Under Keller Williams Realty Elite, Jessie Teehee Real Estate Team has been providing excellent realty service to the OKC metro and surrounding areas for over 10 years. Teehee and his team solve real estate problems and deal directly and honestly with the public. “Real estate reps in the past were like used car salesmen—doing whatever makes money,” Teehee stated. “At the Jessie Teehee Real Estate Team, we strive to be a servant leader and show compassion towards sellers’ and buyers’ needs.” In the world of real estate, first-time buyers are the most memorable. “I get to help them find a home they love, navigate them through the process of buying a home and then hand them the keys of their new home.”

“I get a charge out of clients who had agents who couldn’t help them,” Teehee mused. “We establish truth telling, helping them buy or sell in 30 to 90 days. We do the job right and help a customer when an agent couldn’t do that before.” Around 70–80%of Teehee’s customers are referrals, which speaks to his excellent customer service. Through a customer survey, Teehee’s team is consistently mentioned as dealing with customers honestly, with a high level of integrity from start to finish. It is not about the money; it is about treating customers right and fairly. Teehee was voted by his peers in 2011 as one of the top agents in Oklahoma. He was selected by his peers to serve on the International Associate Leadership Council (IALC) for Keller Williams Realty International from 2008 to 2012. He has served on the Associate Leadership

Council (ALC) in recognition as being in the top 20% of office associates in production and leadership qualities since 2006. However, Teehee did not start in real estate. He spent 13 years in the military, 10 of which he spent in Special Forces for the Green Berets. That is where he attributes learning his leadership skills and abilities. By trade, he is an auctioneer, but one day talked to a friend who mentioned that if he got a license he could sell real estate. After a couple years, Teehee realized that working with buyers and sellers was his true calling. Teehee stressed that he is a public service provider. Professionally, his mission is to serve the public first and everything else is second. “Absolutely, put the customer first always.” For more information on the Jessie Teehee Real Estate Team, visit www.jessieteehee.com or call 405-463-6709.

• Gas & anti-anxiety meds • Sedation available • Natural-looking crowns • Implants & bridges • Beautiful veneers • Tooth-colored fillings • Same-day emergency care • Major credit cards welcome • Now accepting Sooner Care • Most insurance accepted • Flexible payment options



Saving a Life

by Heide Brandes

For 17-year-old jonah moore of edmond, watching a man fall off a cliff… and tumble from ledge to ledge meant leaping into action and saving a life. Moore, a member of Boy Scout Troop 78, knew what he had to do thanks to years of training through the Boy Scouts. His actions on one fateful day changed the course of another man’s life forever. “Watching a human being fall is strange,” Jonah said. “It’s like when the dummies fall in the movies. After seeing him fall, I expected to find a corpse.”

Jonah Moore was 16 on the day his troop took the annual

climbing and camping trip to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. It was a day when a man fell nearly 40 feet down a cliff and the day when Jonah implemented all the skills he learned in scouting to save a life.

Jonah was rappelling and camping with both younger

scouts and adults, and he was looking forward to watching his own little brother try rappelling for the first time. Along for the journey was Kendall Hill, an experienced adult chaperone, whose own son was also rappelling. Jonah said that he had climbed down from the cliff to watch his brother, recalling, “I saw Mr. Hill on the cliff. He was really close to the edge. I remember saying to my friends, ‘If he takes one step, he’ll fall.’ Mr. Hill was an experienced outdoorsman, but he was trying to take pictures of his youngest.”

Sometimes even the most experienced climber can forget to

be aware of his surroundings. “I had gone out because my son was rappelling for the first time, and I was trying to get a picture of him,” said Hill. “I was standing on the rock cliff and I leaned out to get the picture. I remember falling, but not a lot of detail.”

When Jonah looked back at Hill, he saw him take that tragic

step and topple over. “I looked back to watch, and I heard a funny noise,” Jonah said. “He had taken a step and the rocks slid out


Outlook June 2013

from under his feet. He fell, and he hit a stone ledge and slid off the cliff. It was like watching a rag doll.”

Hill fell 10 more feet, hit another ledge, and fell again.

Overall, the man fell approximately 40 feet, hitting stone and the jagged cliff all the way down. He finally stopped by a stagnant pool of water at the base of the cliff.

“Oddly, my first thought was that this was going to ruin the

kids’ weekend,” Moore said. “But I started running toward him.… When I got to him, he was trying to stand up.”

Jonah put a hand on the injured man’s chest and urged him

to lay still. Hill recalls, “I remember I tried to stand a few times,

but Jonah kept holding me down and telling me to stay still.” Hill was in shock, and immediately, Jonah saw horrendous injuries. “I saw bone sticking out of his leg and I thought his arms were

broken. I looked down at his leg and saw the water in the pond getting redder and redder.”

Jonah cut off the man’s pant legs up to the knee, uncovering

a shattered ankle and knee cap. “He’d dislocated his ankle so bad

that the foot was just dangling there, held on only by the Achilles,” Jonah said. “Bone was sticking out.”

The young rescuer said he knew he had to act fast, but

the first-aid kit was still on top of the cliff. He used his bandana to tie around the back of the ankle to help stop the bleeding and tried to push the bone jutting out of Hill’s leg back into the body. “By that time,

another adult had come,” Jonah said.

Together, the two worked to secure Hill’s

head and elevate his shattered leg. Jonah kept

talking to Hill, trying to determine if the man’s

back was injured and to keep him from going into

shock. The other adults quickly herded the scouts

back to the campground and called for emergency aid, but the rescuers would have to hike stretchers into the rough and primitive land.

“I kept treating him for shock, but the worst part

was when I saw the pain register in his face,” said Jonah.

“He said ‘Guys, my leg hurts. The bone is sticking out,

isn’t it?’ I just kept telling him he was going to be fine.”

Thirty minutes passed before paramedics were able

to reach the group. Because of Jonah’s obvious take-charge

“The Boy Scouts and

wrestling have taught me

the skills that saved his life,” Jonah said. “But the most

important thing I’ve learned is leadership experience,

not just for myself, but to teach others. A lot of the skills you learn

are pointless unless you teach them to someone else too.”

attitude, the paramedics began speaking to him as the leader

of the group. Using ropes and restraining baskets, the rescuers were able to haul the injured Hill out of the canyon, up steep trails and through wilderness. Throughout the ordeal, Jonah

took the lead. “They told me I did a great job and that I probably saved his leg,” he said. “I had taken the Boy Scouts of America

lifeguard training which includes basic triage. It all came back to me. As soon as I knew he wasn’t as bad as I thought, I went into

business mode.” In fact, Jonah acted so mature and in charge that the paramedics mistook him for an adult and invited him out for a beer later to honor his lifesaving ability.

Amazingly, Hill survived a shattered leg, a few broken

ribs, facial injuries, a mild concussion, a lost tooth and a major

Editor’s note: When Mr. Hill arrived for our photo shoot in May, he had fulfilled his dream to ride again. He arrived on his motorcycle for the reunion.

gash on his lip from his fall. However, after surgery on his leg, the flesh became gangrenous and the leg had to be amputated below the knee. “I felt really bad about that,” Jonah said. “The paramedics said I helped save his leg, but he lost it anyway.

He was big into motorcycles, so that made me feel really sad. He told me, though, that he would ride again.”

Hill now wears a prosthetic leg, and Jonah was hailed

as a hero, a title that mystifies him. He was responding as

any Boy Scout would. For his actions that day, Jonah received

the Boy Scouts of America’s National Court of Honor Heroism Award in 2012 for saving a life with minimum risk to self. He also received the 2012 Joe Chase

Memorial Award from Troop 78 for all-around service.

PHotos by sundancephotographyOKC.com




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Tournament Town The largest soccer event to hit Oklahoma…this June! by Lance Evans

The Edmond Soccer Club is set to host the US.Youth Soccer’s Region III (South) Championships from June 20–27 in a tournament that is sure to kick excited players into overdrive.

teams prepare for what could be a history-making W hile championship, local volunteers are also joining in with

the excitement by helping the city of Edmond prepare for an event

that could potentially impact the entire community and sports scene.

More than 3,600 players from 12 states are set to take the field at

this year’s Regional Championships. Combine that with a large number of excited friends and family and you’ve got what could definitely be a packed house on game day. Pauline Byars isn’t letting the big

crowds scare her away. As volunteer coordinator, she’s responsible for making sure that there is enough staff to help the tournament

run smoothly. “This is huge for Oklahoma! We have hotels as far as Guthrie and Shawnee,” says Byars. The soccer mom has been a fan of the sport for years and is hoping to share her love with potential volunteers. As she begins to talk about the upcoming Regional Championships, you immediately get the idea that this is definitely one of her passions. The tournament isn’t just all fun for the sports lover. She

means business and she’s on the hunt for 1,200 like-minded fans.

“We’re shooting for over a thousand volunteers. We have all kinds of

positions,” says Byars. She is also adamant about reaching out to various communities around the state—even those that might not directly be

affiliated with the game of soccer. Interested volunteers can sign up at edmondsoccer.com. “This is for the kids and the love of the game. It’s our tournament, but we can’t do it without everybody.”

The US Youth Soccer Association is billed as the “The Game for

ALL Kids.” And they’re not joking when they say all. US Youth Soccer currently registers more than 3 million kids annually, according to

their official website. The job of hosting the 7-day event was a huge undertaking for the organizing committee. “Our first meeting was

in the summer of 2011,” says organizing committee chair Karl Tipton. “You’re required to have 16 full-sized fields to host regionals.” To

ensure that a successful bid could be made, the city of Edmond had

to upgrade numerous soccer fields to accommodate the large demand. The committee has worked directly with the city council, Edmond Electric, Edmond CVB and a number of other companies and organizations to help orchestrate the tournament. UCO is even helping kick off the excitement by hosting the opening ceremonies at Wantland Stadium. continued on next page

outlookoklahoma.com outlookoklahoma.com


Tipton says that these and

is continuing to ensure that the game is fun

when compared to the huge

programs like TOPSoccer. The acronym stands

other updates were small

and rewarding for all players by building new

advantages that the tournament

for “The Opportunity to Play Soccer” and

could have for the young players

provides children with disabilities with a chance

involved. “For a lot of them, making

to take part in the sport. While winning might

one regional tournament could be the

be on the minds of many of the teams, Tipton

pinnacle of their career.” He is also excited about

is happy that the tournament and the Edmond

US Youth Soccer registers more than 3 million kids annually. the potential influence that the week-long event could have on the

players’ collegiate career as well. “All the top college coaches are going to be there. It’s a big deal to be noticed.”

Jimmy Hampton is one coach that knows the importance of a

win at the Regional Championships. Hampton is a college coach for the men’s and women’s programs at The University of Science and

Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha, Oklahoma, and he’s currently getting three teams in shape for a potential win at the State Cup and hopefully a chance at Regionals. “We’re training three to four days a week,” says Hampton. He is confident that all three of his

teams can advance to Regionals and hopes that his players are able to fully grasp the importance of the tournament. “I think it’s hard for kids to understand it until they get there. If they get there, I think it would just mean the world to them.”

Hampton sees the upcoming championships as a potential

victory for the entire community. “They get the opportunity to see some of the best players in the country right in their backyard.” There’s no bigger win than that.

The Edmond Soccer Club will definitely be one of the big

winners once the final whistle is blown. They’ve been preparing for the tournament for over two years and have been providing an outlet through soccer for young players since 1978. The club


Outlook June 2013

Soccer Club are giving kids the opportunity to compete while also helping the sport expand.

“I want to continue to see it grow. I can appreciate good footwork and all the things that soccer can bring to an athlete.”

(minimum of 300 sq. ft.) Time to say out with the old tile and carpet and in with new wood floors. Are you dreaming of new wood floors, but dread the mess associated with tearing out your tile? Are you tired of your 70’s carpet, but the thought of working with unreliable installers stop you in your tracks? Kregger’s Floors and More is here to help. Not only does Paul Kregger and his crew offer outstanding friendly and dependable service, but they have also created a system that elimnates many of the hassles most associated with tile removal. Their new dust collection system minimizes the dust. Although their technique is not dust-free, Kregger says it is “light-years ahead of the rest.” With most companies, replacing tile can take a week or more. Besides eliminating much of the dust, with Kreggers, your floor can be free of tile and prepped for new flooring in no time. “Most people think that the task of replacing tile is more construction than they want to deal with. With our manpower and no ‘middle man,’ your tile can be gone in as little as one day!” said Kregger. The installers are what set Kregger’s apart. This ensures customers are getting someone who knows and shows skills he’s familiar with to install their flooring. “In some stores the installers are folks the

store has known maybe a day, mabye a year. It’s hard to say. At Kregger’s all of our installers are long-time employees or family members.” Edmondite Christy Dowell says, “We have a home full of Kregger’s floors! New wood floors, tile floors, rugs, a shower and soon to be carpet. Paul and Chris and the rest of their crew have been a pleasure to work with; always courteous, respectful and punctual. They are also very trustworthy. We left our home to them for a week and came back to beautiful wood floors. It seems to me that ‘satisfaction’ is their number one goal... and I am completely satisfied! I highly recommend Kregger’s Floors and More.”

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She’s running with a smile that could blind the sun. As her bright red shoes hit the yellow marked road, therapists quickly chase her, hoping to keep up. They are all taking part in the fun and laughter. The brightly colored walls of the center for kids with complex disabilities have turned into the magical world of Oz for the little girl. She is currently getting the best care possible in a children’s facility that was built to feel like home. There’s no place like the JD McCarty Center. The idea of any child going through life consistently battling a complex disability can feel like a huge storm that seems to go against the natural order of things. While the obstacles that these children are facing can be overwhelming at times, the staff at the JD McCarty Center is making it a little easier for kids to live free, strong and independent. The entire staff greets you with a smile and the colorful environment makes residents feel comfortable and happy. The center was established in 1946, the new building was constructed in 2004 and the staff is already looking forward to their next big adventure. Toward the southern part of the complex, three newly constructed cabins await the arrival of kids ready to take in all the fun of summer at Camp ClapHans. The JD McCarty Center is continuing to extend its services by finally opening their first residential camp. “The commissioners were finding that after the summer season when the kids were coming back, there was a regression. There weren’t services for kids with special needs throughout the summer,” says Megan Stanek, Director of Camp ClapHans. This will be the first year that kids are able to stay overnight and truly have the camp experience. The camp serves children from 8 to 16 years old with special needs. Not only will the camp offer a number of activities including horseback riding, yoga, archery, swimming and other fun activities, but Stanek and her team are hoping that the camp will also help further the children’s social skills as well as their self-confidence. Camp ClapHans offers a 1-to-1 ratio for campers to staff and will also house a full-time nurse. Not limited to previous patients of the

e om

y From a w A H e

by Lance Evans

JD McCarty Center, children only need to have a diagnosis to qualify. The cabins at Camp ClapHans have been specifically designed for children with special needs. It reminds you of the camp experience that every child imagines combined with the updated amenities that every adult dreams of. The cabins are set up to sleep six campers and eight counselors. “Campers stay on the bottom bunk and unit assistants are on the top,” says Stanek. The camp directors have taken every precaution to ensure that the cabins are fully stocked with a nurse’s station and everything they will need to serve the health demands of the children throughout the summer weeks. “The biggest concern we’re getting from parents right now is homesickness,” says Stanek. “We’re able to help with that!” Often the campers do really well compared to their parents. One camper that Stanek and her team will not have to worry about is 12-year-old Emily Nelson. After hearing about Camp ClapHans, Emily reminded her mom daily to ensure that there was a bunk at the camp with her name on it. Emily and a buddy went to a local day camp a few The cabins at Camp ClapHans summers ago where she have been specifically designed was able to participate in a number of outdoor for children with special needs. activities and she even won an award for catching the biggest fish. She left that camp with one request of her mother: “She wanted to sleep in a bunk bed,” says Joni Nelson. After doing research, the closest residential camp that the Nelson family found was in Missouri. Once Joni finally learned about Camp ClapHans, she immediately started the application process. “It just was the perfect answer for us and she talks about it every single day.” Emily is most excited about experiencing the camp life, but like any girl, she’s making sure that there is enough room for her clothes and shampoo. “I just want her to get out, make new friends and expand her experience of life,” says Nelson. Stanek and her team are just as excited to finally see their 12year dream come to life. Sharla Bardin, public relations representative for the center and camp, is already looking ahead to the camp’s opening day. “The fact that we’re here, ready to go and wow families…we’re just excited about it.”

outlookoklahoma.com Elizabeth Gates, camper



Summer Activities


Download registration forms at

Outlook June 2013

Two-week musical theatre camp for ages 5 to15



Includes rehearsals, materials & t-shirt


285-5803• to reserve your sp t!


CadenceEquestrian.com 14150 S. Air Depot Blvd


July 8-19 For Outlook Readers

Session I - June 10-14 Session II - June 17-21 Session III - July 8-12 Session IV - July 29-Aug 2 Session V - August 5-9 Mon-Fri 8am-2pm $350 per child • For ages 6-14


Upstage Theatre

844 W. Danforth • upstagetheatreok.com

Summer Enrichment

SUM ER ACADM E M Call for details Y

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Summer Riding Camps Treat your child to an unforgettable experience riding and learning about horses. Each week-long camp begins on Mon 1-5pm and concludes on Friday with a horse show & awards ceremony. For ages 6-13. Weekly session fee $195/child. Sessions fill fast, so call now!


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Tammi Sauer,



Nugget & Fang Tammi never planned to be a children’s book author. She planned to be a third-grade teacher, but after a teacher pulled her aside after class to tell her she had magic in her words and should write, Tammi changed her future. “Knowing she believed in me made me believe in myself,” said Tammi. Now with ten books out and six more under contract, Sauer unveils her latest children’s novel, Nugget & Fang. “Sometimes when I am trying to come up with a new picture book idea, I will think about a particular setting and ask myself the question, ‘What can go wrong here?’ That’s how Nugget & Fang got its start,” Tammi said. “When I was brainstorming about possible problems in the ocean, I immediately thought of sharks. I decided that a good problem would be for a shark and a minnow to be unlikely best friends.” In the deep ocean, tiny Nugget and big, toothy Fang get along swimmingly— until Nugget’s first day of minnow school. There Nugget learns that minnows are supposed to be afraid of sharks! “I love knowing that something I’ve created can make a difference in someone’s life. I get wonderful emails and letters from parents that let me know one of my books is their child’s favorite bedtime story,” said Tammi. “I also receive lots of fan mail from kids. Sometimes kids let me know that when they grow up, they want to be an author, too.” Tammi’s books can be found at Best of Books, Full Circle Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, and at amazon.com or hmhbooks.com/nuggetandfang.


Outlook June 2013

The long sunny days of summer are approaching, and whether you are headed to the beach or lounging at home, Oklahoma has a host of authors that can fill your summer reading list.

List by Heide Brandes

Malena Lott,

Something New Malena’s fourth book, Something New, is her first to be set in Oklahoma City. A touching story about three generations of women from a prestigious family who are living together under one roof in a downtown Oklahoma City loft. This heartwarming and funny story tackles issues like grief, dementia, finding one’s true self and, of course, love. “The glue of the family is the grandmother who has dementia and thinks she’s a 20-something stage diva for the play ‘Princess and the Pauper,’” said Malena. “For Maeve, her long lost pauper was her co-star, and the story revolves around the family trying to find her long lost love.” But even through that, the other characters are going through their own self-discovery. Bess, Maeve’s daughter, is struggling through a tough divorce; Kelly, the eldest granddaughter, has a secret of her own that could threaten her own chances for love; and Gwen, the youngest, is the star of a reality show called “Luxe Weddings.” “Each character has a secret that comes into the spotlight,” Malena said. “It was difficult to write from four different viewpoints. Every character is going through a personal revival and the story is about how love and romance are ageless. That’s what I hope people come away with—knowing it’s never too late.” For information on Malena’s latest book, visit her website atmalenalott.com.

Penny Stephenson,

aka Merry Weatherbee, Life is a Yo-Yo In the midst of the oil bust in the 1980s, when families throughout Oklahoma were suffering from layoffs and lost jobs, a merry soul was born. Penny Stephenson saw first-hand how life could change in an instant, but that no matter how bad things got, faith and a positive attitude could keep your head above water. As she started writing rhyming poems while observing life, she noticed a unique character being born. Merry Weatherbee is a life observer. A little bit mother, a little bit country matron, a little bit housewife, Merry is able to discover joy and lessons in even the most mundane aspects of life, like grocery shopping, driving with your spouse or doing laundry. “I wanted to give hope and give people the strength to ride it out and have faith that God is watching out for us,” Penny said. “I wanted people to find merry moments in the mundane. A merry heart is good medicine.” But beyond the book, Merry Weatherbee also likes to speak. A popular speaker for women’s groups, non-profits, churches and more. Penny dons the character of Merry to share her observations of life and humor with others. “It’s a merry ministry,” she said. “I want people to read the book, learn to look on the bright side and to have brightness in Christ.” Her book can be ordered through the publisher at tatepublishing.com/bookstore or by visiting barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com or target.com. For Penny’s speaking services, visit merryweatherbee.com.

Cathryn Redfearn,

The Scrapbooks For years, Cathryn has had a story in her head that begged to be put to paper. After her children grew up, Cathryn finally felt she had to write the mystery that had taken root. What resulted was The Scrapbooks, a mystery novel set in 1960s Oklahoma City. “This story just flowed out of my head. I wrote every single day and would have to tear myself away. Some days I wrote for eight hours straight,” said Cathryn, who finished the book a year ago. Slated to be released in June through Amazon and Kindle, The Scrapbooks explores what happens to a young daughter whose mother has disappeared. With an undying curiosity, 12-year-old Calley Hill searches for answers following her mother’s disappearance, but discovers a haunting family secret. She begins to learn about trust, doubts and the secrets that families keep. “It’s a story of family and trust… a generational story,” said Cathryn. “There are times in the book where Calley feels she can’t trust what the adults are telling her. This book will appeal to Baby Boomers, because it takes place in the 1960s, and Southerners will like it because it’s written in that Southern vernacular. Older children also like it because of the character of Calley.” The title stems from the scrapbooks an old lady keeps at a private nursing home that may hold the key to the mystery. For Cathryn, the story itself leaves the reader thinking about the importance of family and trust. For more information or to purchase the book in mid-June, visit amazon.com.



Before After &




by Christy Shuler

Oklahoma has its fair share of adverse weather,

to say the least. With each storm season, Oklahomans

call on Caliber Roofing & Restoration for all their servicing needs. Caliber prides themselves on the quality of work they provide as well as their promise that their materials will hold up longer and better than those of their competitors. During one particular project, Caliber replaced an entire roofing system on a home that was damaged by a hail storm. However, the house had zero decking (support that is adhered to the frame to which the roofing is applied). Caliber pulled off the entire roof system and reconstructed it with radiant barrier deck board, Owens Corning Tru Definition shingles and synthetic underlayment, which not only carries a lifetime warranty, but is significantly stronger than a regular 15-pound felt paper used by most roofers. Synthetic underlayment alone can actually protect a roof for up to six months, offering that much more protection from the elements. Not only are Caliber’s superior materials strong enough to prevent leaks after hail and wind damage, but they offer green alternatives such as a radiant barrier and attic insulation which can keep the attic up to 35 degrees cooler in the summer, allowing the air conditioner to work up to 50% less. Caliber offers other services such as the installation of siding, gutters, windows and garage doors as well. In addition, they are one of only five certified installers in the area for Velux skylights. Owner Joseph Rosso and project manager Greg Cannon know their industry well and reveal that it was their experience with other roofing companies that would ultimately shape Caliber’s motto and their general outlook on the roofing industry in Oklahoma. As most homeowners know, the process of proving weatherrelated damage to insurance companies can often be difficult. Rosso


Outlook June 2013

notes that a lot of roofing companies are not qualified to deal with insurance claims and adjustments—making a bad experience for homeowners even worse. When starting his company, Rosso wanted to ensure that residents could trust Caliber to deliver the utmost integrity—in their contractors, services and materials. “The value of the materials we are certified to offer and the quality of the workmanship are going to be, bar none, better than anything you’re going to get from your average roofer” says Cannon. Caliber is constantly searching for newer and better ways to validate each of its services. From licensed insurance adjustors to certifications with Haag Forensic Engineering, Caliber offers licensed services in nine different trades. In fact, Caliber’s certification with Fortune 500 company Owens Corning now allows them to offer a 10-year leak-free warranty backed by the billion dollar company, in addition to the lifetime warranty that Caliber has offered since the beginning. Caliber services the entirety of Oklahoma with offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and boasts an “A” as an accredited business in the Better Business Bureau of Oklahoma. “When we started Caliber, it was a goal to raise the bar in Oklahoma,” says Rosso. “…to give roofers a good name.” Caliber Roofing and Restoration offers 24-hour emergency service, financing and even a free inspection.



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Management reserves all rights. Some restrictions apply. Must present a valid government-issued photo ID and be at least 21 years of age. The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma invites you to play responsibly. If you think you have a gambling problem, call 1-800-522-4700.

by Lance Evans

Without the benefit of a school track to practice on, the team at Crossings Christian School won the Class A girls track championship and proved that talent combined with a few sprints of faith is all that you need to score gold. They call each other sisters for a reason. As four of the team members mingle while preparing for a photo shoot, you can instantly feel the comradery between the group. As they huddle in a circle, they freely talk about shoes and all the other important topics that fill a teenage girl’s life. Just when you think you have them figured out, the four track stars quickly turn into warriors as they pose strongly for the camera lens. Photo shoots, good laughs and a reason to wear your gold medal—this is the new normal for the former underdogs-turned-State-Champs. Instead of letting the winning glory go to their heads, the ladies are hoping to bring new meaning to the word champion. “It’s not really about winning, but doing your best and being with the people you care about,” says freshman Julia Sauer. “God took us all the way here. We’re here with our best friends and it was just a great experience.” When talking to the girls, the subject of God and faith easily slips into the conversation. You instantly get the feeling that there was a little something extra on their side that helped pushed them across the finish line. “It wasn’t in the cards for us. We were just running for God and it just happened,” says junior Cameron Shivers. But don’t let the modesty fool you—these girls worked hard for their medals. They built their trust in each other by practicing their relay

handoffs every day. When the girls were not dodging dirt holes while running through their school’s field, they were bonding and building their chemistry off the field. The hard work definitely paid off. The state championship was the first win for the novice track team. The girls wouldn’t have made it through the challenging season without the support of their school, Crossings Christian School, and their coach, Franci MacDonald. “She doesn’t care if we win or lose,” says senior Kaylin Moore. “We could come in last place and she would still say ‘You guys did great! That’s the best you could do!’” Freshman Shannon Ashworth credits MacDonald as being a leading factor in the team’s recent victory. “Is it ironic that the first year she comes we win state? No!” MacDonald is currently looking forward to next season, but she is not putting any pressure on the girls for another win. She’s more concerned with making sure that they remain humble. “I challenge them to be an example. We want to be good, but more than that we want to be a light to others.” Just like her team, MacDonald is also taking time to reflect on the past year and redefine what it really takes to win. “It takes a lot of heart and a lot of faith. They have to believe in each other and in themselves, but also know that God’s the one that gives them all the strength and abilities.” Spoken like a true champ. Julia Sauer, Kaylin Moore, Cameron Shivers, Shannon Ashworth

Knight Wellness Center Dr. Kamla Knight, Chiropractor

• Motor Vehicle Accidents Injured • Applied Kinesiology in a car accident? • Ionic Foot Detox We can • Hormone Saliva Testing help! • Neuro Emotional Technique • Alternative & Holistic Medicine • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

405-285-9454 3209 S. Broadway, Ste 217 All major insurances accepted • Open MWF 9-5



MY outlook

by Sarah Paige Berling

Jude Flurry Irish Dancer

Jude Flurry is only eight years old, but he’s already an accomplished Irish Dancer. Having danced since he was six years old, he placed 9th in this year’s world championships. We spoke to both him and his instructor, Shane Granger, to get some insights into this sport.

Shane, what is some of the history of Irish Dance? Irish dance has roots going as far back as the 6th century BC, when the high king of Ireland, Ollam Fodla, established the Feis o Tara, a celebration involving sports, poetry reading, music and dance. It’s become very popular over here, primarily, I think, due to the popularity of Riverdance.

Can you explain how the competition is structured? There are two types of dances: figure and solo dances, the set dance being the featured dance of the soloist. Jude has never competed in figures, which is the group dance competition. Solo competitions consist of a hard shoe dance, during which Jude shares the stage with two other hard shoe soloists, then the soft shoe, where he shares the stage with one other performer. After that, if he recalls [makes it to the next round], and about half of the dancers do, then he has the stage to himself for the set dance.

How much would you say Jude rehearsed before going to the world championships? In the two months or so before a major competition, I would estimate that Jude and his sister practiced four or five days a week, 1 to 2 hours per session— maybe a little more if you add strength and conditioning workouts.

Jude, how did you get into Irish dancing? Is it a family tradition? It’s not a family tradition, but my sister does it, most of my cousins do it and all of my close friends do it too. Having my friends and family doing it makes it more fun in class because there are other people who I’m close to doing it. I’m definitely glad I got involved in it.

What kind of competitions do you prefer? Big ones or small? I like the small competitions a lot. With the big competitions, there is a lot of pressure. Sometimes the pressure is hard to take. It’s worth it though, especially if you do well.

How did it feel to be on stage in front of so many people? I was calm, but I was nervous. I was excited because there were people from all over the world that I’ve never competed against before. It’s a lot different when you’re actually there than when you see it on screen. It’s a lot of pressure when you’re dancing because there are five judges, and they’re all staring at you. If you mess up, they can’t really miss it.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about Irish dancing? Is it something you would recommend for other people? I like Irish dancing because it’s a competitive sport, it’s fun, and you can see how hard work pays off. I don’t like that there are so many injuries. I think it’s helped me to become a harder worker and to use my time more wisely. It’s so focused on perfection, it has helped me to become a better perfectionist. It’s a good thing for people to do as long as they are willing to put in the work. I would definitely recommend it for others.


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