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I’ve been called a lot of things, but one of the more pleasant things I’ve been called recently was “mentor.” A project manager at work told me he thinks of me as a mentor. This caught me off guard and made me smile.

Begin reflection. I’ve had several prominent mentors in

my life. There was Rob Glasiek, a fine art painter who also taught at a local art center I attended during my teen years. He was probably the first person I’d ever met who was doing what he loved and actually got paid for it. Aside from classtime

25 Hounds of the

instruction, Rob helped me prepare my portfolio so I could apply to some of the best art schools in the country.


Retired greyhounds make wonderful family pets.

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design

(thanks, Rob), I worked for a car designer, Dave Stollery. As we shaped cars for Toyota and Subaru, he shaped my work ethic. I

January 2013

learned to “work harder than the other guy” and to believe in yourself even when others don’t. Through Dave’s mentorship I gained the confidence to follow a long shot and submit my doodles and cartoons to national syndicates. I am very grateful to have worked alongside a designer like Dave.

After eight years of drawing and writing a nationally

syndicated comic strip, (thanks, Dave), I was mentored by someone I never formally met. I attended a web design conference in Atlanta in 2000. Remember the web back then? The dot com bust was happening and Amazon’s goal was to become the world’s biggest bookseller. The web was a wild frontier, but one of the conference speakers clarified it all for me. Her name was Kelly Goto and her presentation taught me how to manage web projects and essentially build a business that became Back40 Design (thanks, Kelly).

So, maybe you’re a mentor and don’t even know it. Or

a potential mentor. All you need is knowledge, a willingness to share and someone to share it with. Mentor onward. (Someone will thank you!)

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Her Throne Was Magic

A Heart to Give

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Lottinvilles Food Faves

Edmond Fire & Rescue welcomes Jake Rhoades.

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“We write our songs from real-life situations.”

Blinging in the New Year

32 Changes Down the Road

The new year will bring a rush of changes to the Edmond I-35 corridor.

34 My Edmond Outlook Audrey Case

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E d m o n d

No beards allowed.

Did you know that firefighters are not allowed to grow beards? If they did, the face masks worn for their air tanks would not seal correctly. So that explains why we see more firefighters with mustaches. For more about firefighters, see the story about Edmond's new fire chief on page 22.


The daily average number of cars that drive through the I-35 corridor from Waterloo to Memorial Road, according to the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. To learn more about what is being developed along this strip of highway, turn to the story on page 32.


o u t l o o k

f a c t s


125 Back40 Design, Edmond’s design firm and this magazine’s publisher, is building websites for clients in Illinois, Indiana and Maine this month. To learn more about Back40 web and marketing services, go to

The number of statues displayed throughout Edmond with eight more coming soon. The statues are part of Edmond’s efforts to have a strong commitment to art. The one depicted below is “Paper Airplane,” a bronze sculpture by Gary Price, located at Broadway & Main.

Around Town Calendars

The city of Edmond has 10,000 free 2013 calendars, featuring useful information. They can be found at the City First building, Public Works and Planning, the municipal court building, and Edmond’s Downtown Community Center.

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Mile Marker 103

A small party of 15 surveyors for the Southern Kansas Railway Company originally dubbed the city of Edmond as “Mile Marker 103” in 1886, while constructing a railroad from Arkansas City, Kansas, to Gainesville, Texas. The marker indicated the number of miles from Arkansas City to what would be later called Edmond, Oklahoma.

f i g u r e s

Audrey Case beat out around


girls to be one of the top 20 on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” Read more about Audrey’s experience in our Q&A on page 34.

Pet Adoption Looking for a new friend? Adopt a pet from the Edmond Animal Welfare Center for only $25 starting January 13. To browse photos of cats and dogs available for adoption, visit To learn about adopting greyhounds, turn to page 25.

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Her Throne Was Magic The light filters down through the trees in a golden glow,

bathing the young queen on her throne with luminosity as she holds court in the grass to an adoring crowd of stuffed animals. She’s a benevolent queen, well-loved by her subjects who gaze up at her with button eyes and furry faces. At least, that’s what Edmond photographer Brittany Johnson envisioned with her photograph, “Her Throne Was Magic.” The photo is magic too. After Johnson submitted the photograph for director and producer Ron Howard’s “Project Imagination,” world-renowned fashion designer and director Georgina Chapman chose her submission as the basis of a short film she will direct. For the Edmond resident, being part of the new national short film project was as magical as the subject of her photo. “It’s pretty unbelievable,” said Johnson. “After I saw a banner ad about the contest on YouTube, I submitted the photo. I got an email months later that said I was picked, but I thought it was a fake scam, because they asked for my social security number. I had been a victim of a scam recently, so I sent back a nasty email and told them it wasn’t funny.” She also called Canon USA, a partner in the “Project Imagination” contest and the “Long Live Imagination” initiative with Ron Howard. “They made it clear that the email was legitimate. I was chosen. It was quite an Brittany Johnson amazing feeling, and I really didn’t know what would happen next,” Johnson said. The contest accepted photos for ten themes. After the first round, each theme narrowed the field to 30 photographs to be voted on by the public. When the field was down to 10 photos in each theme,


by Heide Brandes

celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Eva Langoria, Georgina Chapman, James Murphy and Twitter-founder Biz Stone chose the winning photos. Johnson’s photograph, which features her friend’s daughter as the subject, was a winner in the character theme. The photo will be made into a short film and will be featured in the Project Imagination Film Festival this summer. Overall, ten films will be made—five directed by celebrities and five directed by aspiring, undiscovered directors. Johnson, who lived in Norman but moved to the small town of Crescent when she was a teen, found her love of photography while exploring the outdoor world of dogs, cats, cows and landscape on her grandparents’ farm. “I was surrounded by country and I was an only child. I would daydream all day. I ran around and caught frogs, and I had a huge imagination. I talked to myself in the woods,” Johnson said. “I’ve always wanted to portray a world that we wished we lived in. I want to have magic in my images and underlying meanings that you can take from it.” Johnson started her own photography business in Edmond two years ago, and she specializes in artistic and portrait photography. Her passion is to change the world and she wants to do humanitarian work in Africa through her photography. “I want to show the world what’s going on there through images,” she said. “I want my photography to have an impact, but also have a magical twist so you remember those kids in the pictures.” Project Imagination debuted last year as a partnership between Howard and Canon. In its first year, more than 96,000 photos were submitted. Last year, Broken Arrow native Chris Wehner was one of the winning photographers. For more on Project Imagination, visit To see Brittany Johnson’s work, visit



a heart †o give Several years ago I met John Patterson, an amazing man with a story to tell. In 1989 John was wearing a cast for a broken foot. A former world champion steer wrestler, John didn't flinch with broken bones, but something was causing intense pain. The cast was cut away and revealed a cut on the bottom of his foot. Being a diabetic, gangrene had set in. When several days of intravenous antibiotics didn’t heal the wound, an emergency surgical team amputated his right leg, just below the knee. After the surgery, he gradually moved from a wheelchair to crutches and often hopped around on his good leg until a blister appeared on that foot. Six months later, his left leg had to be amputated. Eventually, John was fitted with two prostheses and was back to a fairly normal lifestyle when he began having chest pain. When he was thirty-one years old, John had quintuple heart bypass surgery. Years later, stints were placed in the arteries. Now, the only thing doctors could recommend was a heart transplant, even though his medical problems posed a risk. But first, he had to be accepted by a transplant team, which was no easy task. As a diabetic and double amputee, some teams wouldn't consider him. But eventually, he was accepted as a transplant candidate and on the day after Christmas, 1995, he went into the hospital to wait for a new heart while on IV medications. Finally, on January 22, 1996, the doctor told John to get his family together. A donor heart had been located. John was prepared for surgery and felt complete peace, unlike the anger and bitterness he carried during the amputations. “I decided I didn’t want to live what life I had left raging against my circumstances,” said John. “I wanted to honor God.” Suddenly, the doctor came into the room and said there was a problem, seeming uncertain how to approach John and his family.

by Louise Tucker Jones

Finally, he said, "We have a seventeen-year-old boy on a ventilator who probably won't make it through the night without a heart." He paused then asked if John would consider giving the heart to the boy, emphasizing that the heart was originally intended for John and it would be his decision. He could keep it or give it away, not knowing when or if another heart would become available or how long his body would make it without one. John describes his roller coaster of emotions. “How do you choose who lives or dies?” he asked. Then he stated, “It was the toughest and easiest decision I ever made. The tough part was knowing what my family would go through if I didn't receive another heart. The easy part was knowing who needed the heart most. Didn't a seventeen-year-old boy deserve life more than a forty-nine-year-old double amputee diabetic?” The young man survived the surgery and one week later, John received a new heart, an even better physiological match for his body than the previous one. The doctor stated that he knew of no one in medical history who had chosen to give up a donor heart to someone else. John enjoyed eleven years after the transplant, wearing shorts everywhere he went, no matter the season or weather. “I want people to see my prostheses and ask questions so I can tell them about my miracles,” he said. “I tell them God gave me new legs so I could walk with Him. Then I explain how He gave me two new hearts—this physical heart transplanted into my chest cavity and a spiritual one deep in my soul that overflows with His love. That's my greatest miracle, and I plan to share it with everyone I meet.” I consider John Patterson a true champion. I was privileged to know him and to tell his story. During this new year may we follow John’s example and have hearts that overflow with God’s great love.

About the Author

Louise Tucker Jones is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker. Author and co-author of four books, her work has been featured in numerous publications. Contact her at or

610 S. Kelly | 247-0413

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511 S. Broadway in Edmond • 513-8590

PHoto by Lacey Elaine Dillard


Redefining Fine Dining at

Lottinvilles by Kim Hickerson Even on a Wednesday evening, one can find the parking lot almost full at Lottinvilles Wood Grill during these cool wintery months. The mood inside Lottinvilles provides a warm feeling of contentment with its relaxed lighting, comfortable seating and curved main dining area. People are always looking for fine dining with a casual feel, but what is most impressive about Lottinvilles Wood Grill is that they’ve been embracing this concept since 1999. Michael Jones, the owner and creator of Lottinvilles, introduced the original concept of offering healthy, delicious food while embracing the popularity of wood-burning grills. The restaurant serves dishes that highlight the flavors of smokiness like woodgrilled rotisserie chicken. Jones, his wife and restaurant partner Lory, and Chef Santiago Luna (or “Chago”) are always trying new dishes and experimenting with unique items on the menu. If something is a hit, like their Southwest meatloaf—made with pork, veal, turkey and filled with cheese and jalapeños—they’ll keep it. But even after 13 years, they still enjoy mixing up their menu with items like Thai Steak Salad, Blue Corn Enchiladas and a Reuben sandwich. Of course, everything has a unique Lottinvilles' twist. For a long time, Jones didn’t want to feature a chicken-fried steak until they created a breading with their in-house sourdough bread, then topped it with a chorizo gravy. Their goal is to always have a menu that remains both

original and inspired. Their sourdough bread is a terrific introduction to lunch or dinner. At many restaurants, the complimentary bread is an afterthought, but here, one can taste the time, care and effort that has gone into this recipe. Meatloaf and Cabin Salad are classic favorites, but if you want to try something new, order the Crispy Tilapia or Wood Grilled Pork Tenderloin. To avoid plate envy, be willing to share dishes with friends. It can be interesting to hear someone else’s take on the same fork full of food. The cornmeal crusted Crispy Tilapia has a very prevalent Southwest influence. Corn pico and tartar sauce add a nice spiciness to the fish that isn't overwhelming. The mashed potatoes are creamy and the contrast gives a perfect balance to the entrée. The Wood Grilled Pork Tenderloin, which comes with a fig and chipotle chutney, has very sweet flavors. There is a small hint of smokiness and the meat is so moist that one could cut into it with a fork. As we were dining, I noticed the variety of guests around us. To my right, in a booth, was a group of laughing, smiling women celebrating

Free Appetizer! With purchase of ANY two entrées,

a birthday and drinking what looked to be chocolate martinis. Behind us was a large party of college students, wearing mostly jeans and t-shirts, enjoying a regular Wednesday night out together. In the booth in front of our table was an older gentlemen dining alone, wearing a fine suit and enjoying a wood-grilled steak. There is something really special happening here. Everyone in Lottinvilles seems comfortable and even a bit jovial—from the staff to the guests. It is easy to see, taste, hear, smell and feel why diners choose to be here. Lottinvilles is located at 801 Signal Ridge Dr., Edmond, OK 73013. Drop in Monday –Thursday from 11am to 9pm and Friday or Saturday from 11am to 10pm for lunch or dinner. On Sunday, a brunch buffet is served from 10:30am to 2pm and dinner from 5pm to 9pm. For more information, visit Kim Hickerson is a culinary enthusiast and local food writer who enjoys exploring new restaurants, foods and recipes wherever they're happening. She writes, photographs and occasionally podcasts about her adventures at

Rebuilt & Open!

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Breakfast: Sundays 9-11am Hwy Open: Thur 4–8pm | Fri 11am–8pm | Sat 11am–8pm | Sun 9am–7pm

77 & Main Street • 649.2229 • Just West of Stillwater & North of Guthrie




by Laura Beam


Running Wild Catering

Nothing Bundt Cakes

Roma's Italian Restaurant

If you’re a newly engaged bride-to-be, January is the month to make big plans for your coming occasion! Relish the moment and trust your most important party to the acclaimed professionals who have created hallmark moments for brides for more than 15 years. Fabulous food and exquisite presentations are mainstays of Running Wild, but the attentive service and reasonable prices make this catering company a local legend. Full service set-up and serving staff ensure every desire is met. Talk with them today about their vast selection of chef-prepared appetizers, entrees and desserts or specialty menus like Mexican, Italian, Homestyle and Gourmet. Experts at catering corporate and social events of all types, they can also provide full bar service, help you select the perfect venue, arrange entertainment and plan décor. Call 751-0688 or visit

Planning a wedding, bridal shower or other special occasion? These dreamy cakes steal the spotlight as the crowning centerpiece of any celebration. Lovingly prepared each day from handcrafted recipes with fresh eggs, real butter and cream cheese, the bundts, bundtlets and bundtinis are reminiscent of mom’s fresh-from-the-oven cakes. Lavishly draped in thick petals of signature cream cheese frosting, each indulgent forkful of the light-as-air cake is better than the last. Choose from 10 scrumptious flavors like White Chocolate Raspberry or Cinnamon Swirl or try the Chocolate Turtle, the featured flavor for January and February. Cakes are available frosted or beautifully decorated in 40 charming and witty designs. Stop in and enjoy one for a personal treat or pick up double or triple tower bundtlets packaged in pretty cellophane and ribbon for thoughtful gifts. Visit 2520 W. Memorial Rd. or or call 405-751-8066.

Make the most of a cold winter day! Enjoy a short family getaway or fun antiquing excursion to Guthrie and treat yourself to lunch or dinner at Roma’s for an authentic taste of Old World Italy. For generations, the Roma family has perfected its exquisite sauces, homemade pastas, pizza dough and rolls to offer a menu of delicious variety. Signature sauces give traditional favorites like stromboli, calzones, spaghetti and ravioli a delicious new bite. House specialties add to the amazing variety with chicken, veal, pasta, ribeye and seafood selections. Enjoy great appetizers, salads and desserts with your favorite wine or beer as you relax in this warm hometown eatery. Call 260-1552 now to make reservations for an amazing Valentine’s dinner! Open Tuesday–Sunday, Roma’s is located at 1202 S. Division in Guthrie. Visit for more.




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Steve Davidson

As wreaths and decorative snow villages once again find their way into storage bins and make their annual migration back to the garage, our sights turn to clutter-free visions of grandeur for our homes in the New Year. All that stands between us and that tidy freedom is the foreboding attic ladder. What comes down must go up—it’s the homeowner’s law of relativity, a reluctant reality. Scaling a narrow ladder with a bulky box in tow is ripe for mishap. With more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries relating to ladders in the United States each year, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, the rickety attic ladder is as much a hazard as an inconvenience. Thanks to the ingenuity and invention of Tom and Richard Byers of Oklahoma City, shoving your belongings up an attic ladder is

no longer a homeowner's best option. As Steve Davidson, President of Oklahoma City Versa Lift Systems, observes, “Many homebuilders are increasingly installing the attic storage lift in custom homes. In five to ten years,” Davidson believes, “the attic lift will be a standard feature in homes.” Easily fitted for existing homes and businesses, Versa Lift is a powerful electric platform that holds up to 200 or 250 pounds of storage items and remains out of sight in the attic until needed. At the push of a button, the platform comes down and stops automatically when it reaches the garage floor. Items are loaded onto the platform and lifted into the attic at another push of a button. Since the device stops flush with the attic floor, boxes slide easily onto decked attic space. A self-closing ceiling door keeps the system safely hidden from view.

Decoding the ACT Learn the ins and outs of the exam Discover tricks and tools to improve your score Understand the different concepts and question types Small group and one-on-one tutoring available.


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For more information : 405.202.6237 16

by Laura Beam

The affordable attic lift installs easily within several hours. According to Davidson, nearly 75% of customers choose to install it themselves. The pioneering device has numerous residential and commercial uses for customers nationwide. Customers range from rock star motorcades who use Versa Lift as a dumbwaiter to tote items from the garage to an upstairs kitchen, to attorneys, manufacturers and home crafters who use the lift to haul important documents and spare parts to storage areas. Davidson remarks that “no one is ever sorry they bought it and most customers wish they’d done it ten years ago.” For more information, contact Versa Lift Systems in Oklahoma City at (405) 516-2412 or visit

NTouch Massage Driving around Edmond, one can see a different massage clinic, parlor or spa on almost every corner or strip mall. However, if you pull into NTouch Therapeutic Massage at 2nd and Bryant, you will be surprised at what you find inside. Gwen Wright started NTouch two and a half years ago with the idea of providing a more holistic approach to pain management through massage. Wright is nationally board certified in massage and focuses her business on a variety of medical and therapeutic massage techniques. There are four other certified massage therapists working with Wright at NTouch, each with a different specialization. NTouch offers a variety of massages such as deep tissue, Swedish, myofacial release, prenatal, sauna, neuromuscular, hydrotherapy and more. What makes this massage clinic unique is

by Bethany Scott

that most of her clients are referred to NTouch by doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists or other healthcare officials. Many people wonder how massage therapy relates to wellness. NTouch offers massages that can help with circulation, edemas, liver and kidney problems, the lymphatic system and more. While other clinics may focus on getting you to relax, NTouch studies the technical and medical side of massage and how it can work to help the body manage pain. In addition to traditional and therapeutic massage, Wright has also recently opened the Oklahoma Infant Massage Institute, which is partnered with OU Medical Center in Edmond. This institute offers a five-week course where new parents can learn massage techniques for their infants. Wright is a certified instructor in infant

Gwen Wright

massage and offers instruction and guidance in understanding infants’ cries, body language, sleep patterns and eating habits. “The babies run the class” according to Wright. The instructors don’t handle the infant themselves; they use a life-size model to show what techniques to use while the parents work with the infants. Parent-to-child interaction allows for bonding time between parents and their newborns. Between NTouch Therapeutic Massage and the Oklahoma Infant Massage Institute, Wright has her hands full. She enjoys the challenge of meeting the community’s needs through the businesses and is always looking for ways to expand and grow. For more information, call NTouch at 405-330-1311 or visit For infant massage, call 405-330-5780 or visit


by Nathan Winfrey

Every teenager with a guitar or a set of drumsticks has had dreams of being on stage—with the bright lights and the roar of an audience cheering for their original songs. They dream of camaraderie with bands they’ve idolized, the thrill of playing city after city, and the unforgettable adventures on the road between shows. But, like athletes with hopes of going pro, high school musicians rarely get to live their dreams. Fortunately for an Edmond quartet, At Long Last, this is not the case. At Long Last formed in 2008, when most of the members were only 12 years old, and their band is a rising star. Their debut album, Let’s Get to the Point, hit iTunes in August, and the band spent a good chunk of the summer touring the east coast with well-known pop-punk band Forever the Sickest Kids. Last month, in perhaps the biggest show of their career to date, At Long Last opened for The

The four have been friends since elementary school. All-American Rejects. This was an especially significant milestone because the second song At Long Last ever played together was the former’s hit, “Swing Swing.” “I never would have thought I would be playing with them,” Jordan Lindley admits. He says it’s surreal to play with bands that have influenced them—to have superstars treat them like equals. “It’s because everybody’s been in that position,” Carson explains. “Everybody’s been that opening band.” Their first tour was 12 shows in the U.S. and Canada. Though consisting of endless hours crammed in a van and sleeping at odd angles, it whetted their appetite for more. “I had the time of my life. I’ll never forget it,” Caden Castelli says. The tour meant living the dream, playing alongside their heroes as peers. The four have been friends since elementary school and started the band in seventh grade. At first, they were considered

a talent-show act. Then they started playing gigs outside of school and getting noticed. Now juniors at Deer Creek High School, they’ve received support from their friends and parents. “They are the ones that have pushed us–every one of our parents have just pushed us to get to where we wanted to be,” Jordan says. “Without them, we wouldn’t have the opportunities we’ve been given,” Carson Hawkins adds. At Long Last’s album Let’s Get to the Point has been in the works for a long time. The track, “Your Name,” comes from the early days of the band. “I wrote that one when I was probably 9 or 10,” recounts Jordan, singer and guitarist. He never thought it would be heard by anyone aside from himself and his bandmates. Jordan writes the majority of the music, but everyone collaborates and sometimes other band members write songs also. “We write all of our own stuff,” Caden informs. “We wrote these songs from real-life situations. It’s something people can usually relate to,” Jordan says. The band has already accrued a lifetime worth of memories. When Carson turned 16 while on tour, the singer of Forever the Sickest Kids brought him up on stage in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for a rendition of “Happy Birthday,” followed by Carson crowdsurfing. Their show in Danbury, Connecticut, was designated “Prank Night,” and one of the other bands, Paradise Fears, came out during At Long Last’s set and tied the arms of Cole Verble and Caden so they could barely play. They put shorts on Jordan’s face while he was trying to sing and started taking away Carson’s drums while he was playing. At Long Last retaliated by tee-peeing the stage during Paradise Fears’ set, and then both bands teamed up to attack the headliners on stage with Nerf guns. After the show, they all got together for a cookout.

"We write all of our stuff. We wrote these songs from real-life situations."


"I just want to get back on the road." More memories include the band’s antics between shows. In Canada, Cole split open his head on a table, spilling blood everywhere. “Then we ordered a pizza, and everything was fine,” Jordan says. Cole didn’t let the injury stop him; he even played the next day with a huge bandage on his head. “I just want to get back on the road, and I think we all do,” Caden says. They’ve had offers, but school keeps them grounded for now. Academics are important to everyone in the band, and so are their other real-world obligations. "Being able to balance [the music]... makes us look forward to it so we’re not sick and tired of it,” Jordan

relates. Sometimes, conflicts are inevitable. The quartet missed the first four days of school this year because of their tour, and Cole missed a week of football practice. Their school was understanding and supportive, allowing excused absences for the shows. “There are often sacrifices, but it’s always worth it,” Jordan says. The teenagers hope to record more music in the spring, in time to perform in a summer tour with new material. They record at Engaged Audio in Springfield, Missouri, with their producer and mentor, Kevin Gates. Until then, they’ll continue playing shows at local venues and private parties, keeping up with their schoolwork and other teenage activities. And they’re happy with that. Follow the band on Twitter at @AtLongLastOKC or visit their website,

Carson Hawkins has always known what he wanted to do in life. “Ever since I was little, everyone else wanted to be astronauts or marine biologists. I just wanted to be a drummer in a rock band,” he reflected. He loves looking out at the audience from the stage and knowing they are there to hear him play. He’s motivated by his family and his bandmates. Carson is not only a rocker, but he is also very serious about education. He’s never received a B on a report card, and he’s almost fluent in Spanish. “I figure, ‘Why not?’ It gives me something to do in school, and it’s useful.”

Jordan Lindley sings and plays guitar. “As long as I can remember, I was shouting and singing and it was kind of bad for awhile,” he admits. Most of his family is in the medical field, but Jordan was inspired to take a different path by his uncle who was in a band. “It was cool to learn that my talent came from my family,” Jordan says. “That’s kind of what started me in wanting to do this.” When Jordan was six years old, his uncle died of a heart attack at age 30. A few months later, Jordan got his first guitar for Christmas. Since then, music has been his outlet, much to the delight of his supportive friends. “Whatever we do, they love it, and that’s just amazing to me!” he relates. Jordan can release good or bad emotions through his music, and it’s enjoyed by his fans. Additionally, he plays percussion in the school band and he is continually writing music.

Cole Verble was taught to play bass guitar by his brother, who is four years older. Now playing his old bass, Cole is proud to share his accomplishments with his older brother. He is motivated by his family, especially his dad who passed away not long ago. Apart from music, Cole is also an athlete, playing football, swimming, and running track. Academics are important, demonstrated by his membership in the National Honor Society.

Caden Castelli, lead guitar, has been playing since 5th grade. “I loved it so much. It was a lot of fun to play,” he says. Whether in a larger venue like the Diamond Ballroom or a smaller one like the Conservatory, he loves playing. Caden can’t wait to get back on the road for another tour. On the side, he DJs weddings and school dances. He’s also involved in student council and rides mountain bikes.


Why Choose Primrose ? ®

Just Ask a Mom.®

“ They always over-deliver. They exceed our expectations from

the day-to-day routine, to special events where the entire family is always welcomed to participate. And I always feel like I’m just as much a part of the school as my kids are.

Garrett and Nicholas’s Mom, Primrose Parent

Music, Spanish, Computer Technology Educational accreditation Assessment shows Primrose students perform at about twice the level of their peers Primrose School of Edmond 15000 N. Western Ave. Edmond, OK 73013


Educating the children of Oklahoma since 2008. Discover the Primrose Experience.

The Right Foundation to Build Active Minds, Healthy Bodies and Happy Hearts®

Each Primrose School is a privately owned and operated franchise. Primrose Schools and The Leader in Educational Child Care are trademarks of Primrose School Franchising Company. ©2012 Primrose School Franchising Company. All rights reserved.


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The Balanced Life

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Weight Loss Clinic

Lose weight with no harmful diet pills or hormones. Enjoy delicious foods designed to burn stored fat while maintaining muscle mass. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is quick and healthy with proven long-lasting results. Call Tina at The Balanced Life Clinic! Workshops and tastings scheduled weekly. Located at 1015 Waterwood Pkwy, Ste. G 330-6800/Facebook

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Meet the Chief

by Heide Brandes

Edmond Hires New Fire Chief Jake Rhoades Jake Rhoades and his family relaxed in the car as they drove back from a family reunion in Dallas when suddenly, another vehicle crossed the centerline on Waterloo Road in Edmond and slammed into Rhoades’ car. His wife and two sons survived, though she suffered a broken neck and both sons had broken arms. As a firefighter and training officer with the Stillwater Fire Department, Rhoades knew help was on the way. The Edmond Fire Department responded and they worked to rescue the family, even going so far as to make sure all were sent to the same hospital. It’s a day Rhoades will never forget. He still sees the face of the battalion chief who worked to help the injured family.


ow, Rhoades works with those same firefighters who helped save his family. Even before he took the helm in October as the new fire chief of the Edmond Fire Department, Rhoades had a special appreciation for the Edmond firefighters. “Landing here is a blessing in many ways,” Rhoades said. “Some of those men who responded to our wreck are still here – they even remember the vehicle I was driving.” On October 22, 2012, Rhoades became Edmond’s newest


fire chief, coming from four years as a deputy chief position in Rogers, Arkansas. Before that, he worked for Stillwater’s fire department for 16 years after graduating from Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond where he played baseball. “I always liked working with kids and helping people, and my buddies and I had talked a lot about the fire service,” Rhoades said. “I thought it would be cool, and I knew eventually I would be a chief or a top administrator.” As a hands-on leader, Rhoades spends most of his time meeting with personnel, discussing needs and changes, helping out on fire calls and visiting departments throughout the city. It’s common to see Rhoades out on the scene. “It’s hard for me to sit in an office all day. I know I have to do the paperwork and do the administrative work that gets these guys what they need, but I have to be out there in the field so I can evaluate how we are doing too,” Rhoades said. Training and improving communications are the top goals for Edmond’s new chief. He’s working to institute the best industry practices and cuttingedge training and practice for the firefighters. “The guys are excited, but change is hard. Our business has changed so much over the past 25 years. Because of the synthetics, fires burn so much faster and hotter, and you have so much more long-term illness through exposure to chemicals,” Rhoades said. “I have a unique ability to look at the big picture while sweating out the small details. The devil is in the details, and life

Spray on Bedliner and death happens for us in the fire service in the details.” Training practices will be the new rule of the day, from hazmat training to dive rescue to motor vehicle accident response to human relations. Also many emergency calls are medically related so there is a need for continuing education in that area. Edmond Fire and Rescue are the first responders to all sorts of medical calls, from heart attacks to trouble breathing to broken bones. Since fire stations are dispersed throughout the community, firefighters are generally the first emergency workers on the scene. They arrive to help during those initial crucial minutes of extreme medical emergencies. And, of course, they're always ready, willing and able to respond to natural disasters or even man-made disasters like the Murrah Building bombing in 1995. “I’m big on communications, and I use a model from (former New York City Mayor) Rudy Giuliani. We have command staff meetings every week, company officer meetings every month and a citywide meeting every quarter,” he said. “They have to trust that you have their best interest at heart.” Rhoades knows the challenges of being a firefighter. While serving in Stillwater, he made numerous runs and responded to many motor vehicle accidents. However, the most memorable run he ever made was his last as a crew firefighter. A house was fully engulfed in flames when a small boy ran up to him and told him his little brother was trapped inside. “The front of the house was fully involved and had collapsed already. Another trainee and I went inside. It wasn’t a good thing, and something we would never have done if there wasn’t a person inside,” Rhoades said. “The house collapsed,and we didn’t even have water.” Rhoades rescued the child and earned an award for valor, but the

…the one call that he remembers most incident was bittersweet as the child later died from smoke inhalation. But it is the one call that he remembers most. “That’s what these guys do every day. It’s hard to put a number on it. They make a difference in someone’s life every time they go out those doors,” Rhoades said. “Even the smallest incident is important. On someone’s worst day, we are who they call, and we have to deliver the best we can. Every incident is about customer satisfaction. They’ll remember how you treated him, and that’s important.” “I’m used to being in other roles, so when I put that Edmond patch on and saw that "Fire Chief" sign on my door, it was a great day in my life,” Rhoades said.



Hounds of the Heartland

PHoto by Amanda Watson Photography

Animals can be just as much a part of the family as children are, hounds make great pets. “The greyhound is a by Sarah Paige Berling clean dog. Due to their thin sleek hair, they shed and nobody understands this more than Edmond resident Emily very little and have little to no body odor.” She adds, “They are Adler. She is on the board of directors for Hounds of the Heartland raised with hundreds of other dogs so they are generally very good (HOH), an Oklahoma-based organization that seeks good homes with other dogs and especially with humans, as they are wellfor retired racing greyhounds. Founded in 2000 by a group of greyhound enthusiasts, HOH sits under the umbrella of Greyhound Pets socialized. Most of them are crate-trained when they come to us, of America which has various chapters around the country. therefore they are very easy to housetrain.” Adler came upon the group while researching pet options. The story ended happily for the Vrbenec family. “We adopted She wanted to adopt a second dog into her family and after learnStella in August and absolutely fell in love with her. Wanting Stella ing more about greyhounds, she decided that the breed would be to have a greyhound friend, we just adopted Gina a week ago. Both the perfect match. After applying for adoption through HOH, she greyhounds love our kids, and get along very well with our mini was matched with Cami, a beautiful brindle female. To learn more schnauzer,” she says. about her new family member Adler read the books suggested by It's easy to tell that Adler's passion lies with getting these Hounds of the Heartland and she started going to the weekend dogs adopted. There are hundreds of dogs waiting for homes, but question-and-answer sessions that the HOH regularly hosts. “The show-and-tell events were a great way to meet the other volunteers and learn more about the breed and how everything works,” Adler said. “The book about greyhounds was helpful, but I learned almost everything I know from just listening to Q&A sessions from other volunteers.” Fellow Edmond resident Jami Vrbenec agrees. She and her husband had decided to look into getting a second dog and were originally planning on spending $1,000 or more on a registered miniature Schnauzer puppy. But, Vrbenec says, “I’ve always thought greyhounds were such a beautiful, elegant breed, so we decided to pursue them as an option. [While] attending a couple of Hounds of the Heartland show-and-tells, we were able to actually spend time with the dogs in person, and see how they interacted with our two young children.” There are many reasons One of the goals of HOH is to dispel various myths surrounding greyhounds. “People greyhounds make great pets. commonly assume greyhounds need a ton of exercise and a huge yard to run around in, and that’s totally not true,” Adler explains. “In fact, greyhounds make Hounds of the Heartland can only foster six to eight at a time. What wonderful apartment pets as long as the owner is committed to that means, she explains, is that the more dogs HOH can adopt out, walking them short distances on a leash a few times a day.” She the less time other dogs have to wait for a home. adds, “Another misconception is that greyhounds are abused on Typically, the dogs are from 18 months to 6 years old by the the track and that really couldn’t be further from the truth. Racing time they are retired. Occasionally, Hounds of the Heartland gets a greyhounds may not be raised in the typical pet environment but younger or older dog, but they are the exceptions, not the rule. they are the healthiest dogs you can find.” A greyhound's life expectancy is 12 to 15 years, which, Adler points Aside from that, Adler says there are many reasons greyout, is a long life for a large dog.


When asked if there's anything vital a new greyhound owner should be aware of, she cautions, “The most important thing to know about owning a greyhound is that it is a sight-hound, which means they can see clearly up to a half-mile away. They will chase on instinct, no matter how much you train them, so under no circumstance should you ever allow a greyhound to be off-leash unless in a fully fenced-in area.” Adler suggests that “If anyone is interested in adopting a greyhound, the first step is to read one of our suggested books: Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood, or Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Branagan.” Once convinced that a greyhound is the right breed, an application is available online at HOH will begin the process of finding the right dog for the new owners. “We are a very hands-on group and pour a lot of time and effort into placing dogs with the right family.” For more information about Hounds of the Heartland, visit To report a lost or found greyhound, call 405-613-3138.

The Oldest Greyhound

Meet Myka. At Christmas, he was about

We’re Santa’s first stop after his long Christmas journey.

2625 Broadway Ct.

348-6400 We Carry Most Major Brands of Tires

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oil change in January

19 years and 6 months old (136 human years),

making him one of the oldest greyhounds alive.

Coree Jakobs adopted Myka 18 years ago at

Christmastime from a breeder in Woodward. Myka was never a racer, making him

a unique greyhound. It was lucky for Coree

and Myka to find each other, and Myka’s

unusually long life can be attributed to not

having to be put through the stress of racing.

Myka is in good health for his age.

He is on a special diet, but other than that, his

joints are fine, sight is good, and is very social with other dogs and cats. Myka doesn’t have

the same energy level he used to, but can still get around and enjoys short walks.

Coree plans on celebrating Myka’s

20th birthday around the beginning

of June. “I don’t feel like I’m doing

anything special, just giving him

everything he wants.”

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Before After &

Founded by Dr. Trey Milligan, the Science Fit studio and training protocol are based on the book, Body By Science, co-authored by Dr. Doug McGuff and John Little. Employing the fundamental principles of by Laura Beam high-intensity, low-impact strength training, the regimen taps into the With numerous fitness programs claimprecise stimulus a body needs to achieve ing breakthrough techniques in weight loss maximum exertion in a condensed time. and body conditioning, the idea of a 30-minControlled, monitored movements are guided ute workout once a week in a no-sweat enviby a personal instructor in a 64-degree, ronment may sound too good to be true. Yet no-sweat atmosphere. the research-based principles of Science Fit’s The extremely focused conditioning physical training and metabolic conditioning eliminates inefficient and harmful aspects of program are not a radical new concept, but other exercises and delivers all the benefits of a scientifically proven system.

Jennifer Nelson of Edmond

found that her demanding career, stressful divorce, new role as a single mom and medical issues after age 40 were greatly impacting her health and weight. Seeking an alternative to medications and temporary solutions, Nelson’s doctor, Dr. Jayne, informed her that exercise was the best way to address all of her ills and that Science Fit was the place to do it correctly. Wondering how she would find time to exercise, she was immediately intrigued with the Science Fit program “because it was only 30 minutes a week and it was research-based.” Nelson worked with her trainers and also began the “Primal” or “Paleo” diet. She recounts that “the weight just fell off.” A telling moment came when she picked up her son after summer camp one day. As her son stood behind her, calling her name, Nelson remembers, “I turned around and he jumped. He did not recognize me!” She adds, “I have lost 40 pounds of fat and gained pounds of muscle in the process. I have so much more energy, no meds, and my boys struggle to keep up with me now! Regular strength training and eating clean have changed my metabolism, my body and my life.”

traditional workout routines. Using technologically advanced Medx Exercise Equipment ensures proper function and safety, especially for individuals with restricted joint mobility and other limitations. The training studio will soon expand and introduce RenEx equipment, another line of state-of-the-art equipment, providing even greater options. Accommodating today’s busiest lives, the Science Fit regimen allows individuals of all ages and ability levels to achieve the driving philosophy: “Build your workout around your life…not your life around your workout.” That powerful mantra is a reality to many locals like Jennifer Nelson and Steve Foskin who know first-hand the impact this innovative program has had on their bodies and lives.

When Steve Foskin, Senior Vice President at a local bank, initially contacted Science Fit, he was skeptical. “After seeing Dr. Milligan’s advertisement in Edmond Outlook magazine, I called and arranged for my first workout. Since I have trained with weights off and on for over 30 years, I never thought only one workout per week for 30 minutes would be enough to build muscle mass. Wow, was I ever wrong!” Foskin now concedes. “This highintensity, low-impact workout completely breaks down the muscles so that your body needs the additional time to fully recover.” Since Foskin began the Science Fit training regimen, he has maintained a low-carb, low insulin diet and notes that he has “seen a total transformation” in his body composition. “My waist has shrunk by over two inches and I am much leaner.” Foskin adds, “If you are interested in a workout program that will make you stronger and not take four to five days per week to accomplish your goals, I would highly encourage you try Science Fit.”

Science Fit is located at 13801 N. Western Ave., just off Memorial Road in Edmond. 27 For more information, visit or find them on Facebook. Call 405-748-0028. Sessions are by appointment.


Blinging in the New Year by Kay Byrd


(Photo Above) Model: Oklahoma Modeling Academy, Macalah Photo Credit: Kate Luber Hair & Make-up: Imagine Paul Mitchell, Shakiyla Parker Clothing & Accessories by Dillard’s

(Photo with Watches) Model: Oklahoma Modeling Academy, Kelsee Photo Credit: Kate Luber HMU: Imagine Paul Mitchell, Katie Hall Clothing & Accessories by Dillard’s

The quickest and easiest way to add a punch of pizzazz to your 2013 wardrobe is through fun and flirty accessories to bling in the New Year! What brings new life to an I’ve-worn-this-a-bazillion-times winter sweater’? A wrist full of colorful bangles grouped together on one or both wrists! I generally wear a solo watch on my left wrist saving my right arm for a whole lot of exciting, eye-catching arm candy. Designers often style up to five sensational bracelets on each arm (known as an arm party) in order to showcase the full run of their colors and design styles. The key is to pile on various styles and textures. Wear one fabulous statement bracelet or go all-out with as many as you want to wear to arm your party! In any case, pile on the bracelets to put the ‘wow’ back into your cooler-weather wear throughout January.


Today, cell phones certainly tell time, but nothing says “I got style” like a dazzling one-of-a-kind timepiece. Whether or not you’re rocking a solid gold, diamond-encrusted Swiss luxury performance piece, watches are still the quintessential status symbols. They only come second, maybe, to the car you drive. The hot watch for 2013 is round and blinged out— fashionable and memorable. Try to find the best timepiece money can buy. My stylist suggestion is to buy and wear a watch that projects your highest level of achievement or at least your fabulous and unique personality. Timepieces are conversation pieces, and in 2013 we will have plenty to dish on!



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Scarves transform a plain and simple sleeper look into a real sleeping beauty! Why wear one scarf when two is better? Two scarves, from two different color groups, wake up this tired, dozed-off white top. White, traditionally associated with warmer weather, works this time of year when the sleeves are long and the fabric will keep you warm. Adding a pop of blue and green, both reflective of the earth and sky, remind us of the changes yet to come. Color-blocking continues throughout early winter and spring.

sequins & sparkles

Model: Oklahoma Modeling Academy, Desiree Photo Credit: Kate Luber HMU: Imagine Paul Mitchell, Katie Hall & Shakiyla Parker Clothing & Accessories by Dillard’s

Kay Byrd, CPC, CSC, is a certified style coach and the president of the Oklahoma Modeling Academy. Coach Kay can be heard at 8:30 am every Thursday on KJ103FM.


The rule of successful colorblocking is to stay within the same color value. The colors here, on our model, are from the muted color group. Brights with brights. Pastels with pastels. Muted with muted. Pre-designed color-blocking on a really great accessory, like this structured handbag, makes pulling off this trend a snap. What I especially love about this look, and why I’m excited to see it pulled forward Model: Oklahoma Modeling Academy, Cici into 2013, is the clean lines and Photo Credit: Kate Luber great complementary mix of HMU: Imagine Paul Mitchell, Taylor Adkins colors. However, some people Clothing & Accessories struggle with how to pair colors. by Dillard’s My stylist suggestion, if this is you, wear your two favorite colors (grey and black in our example) then pull in a handbag with colors already harmonized. Easy breezy!

My final “Bling into 2013” must-have item will make for happy bling-bling feet, without the snow, rain and sleet! Sequins and sparkles ruled the holiday season, and they will continue to be the queen of the court in footwear. Cinderella’s fate depended upon her glass slippers, and yours will too. Rhinestones, studs, sequins, and stones—whether it’s the entire shoe, the tip, the heel or the laces—can make a dazzling design element. Shoes that sparkle and shine play an integral role in your 2013 footwear, much the same way as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Imperative! Model: Oklahoma Modeling Academy, Alana Photo Credit: Kate Luber HMU: Imagine Paul Mitchell, Christina Gandara Clothing & Accessories by Dillard’s

Specializing in Women’s Sizes 4-12 Widths S-N-M-W


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Edmond Hearing Doctors

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Time to say, “Out with the old tile and carpet and in with new wood floors!” Are you dreaming of new wood floors, but dread the mess associated with tearing out your tile? Are you tired of your ’70s carpet, but the thought of working with unreliable installers stops you in your tracks? Kregger’s Floors & More is here to help. Not only does Paul Kregger and his crew offer outstanding friendly and dependable service, but they have also created a system that elimnates many of the hassles often associated with tile removal. Their new dust-collection system minimizes the mess. Although their technique is not dust-free, Kregger says it is “light-years ahead of the rest.” With most companies, replacing tile can take a week or longer. Besides eliminating much of the dust, with Kreggers, your floor can be free of tile and prepped for new flooring in no time. “Most people think that the task of replacing tile is more construction than they want to deal with. With our manpower and no middle man, your tile can be gone in as little as one day!” said Kregger. The installers are what set Kregger’s apart. This ensures customers are getting someone who knows and shows skills he’s familiar with to install their flooring. “In some stores, the installers are folks the

store has known maybe a day, maybe a year—it’s hard to say. At Kregger’s, all of our installers are long-time employees or family members.” Christy Dowell of Edmond says, “We have a home full of Kregger’s floors! New wood floors, tile floors, rugs, a shower and soon-to-be carpet. Paul and Chris and the rest of their crew have been a pleasure to work with—always courteous, respectful and punctual. They are also very trustworthy. We left our home to them for a week and came back to beautiful wood floors. It seems to me that satisfaction is their number one goal... and I am completely satisfied! I highly recommend Kregger’s Floors and More.”

Must mention Edmond Outlook. Exp. 01/31/13

Kreggers is now offering an unbeatable $5.99 psf on genuine Mohawk hand-scraped wood floors, installed. “What every customer is looking for is great quality at a great price. With our low overhead environment, they always get a great price and workmanship that’s second to none.” For more information, call 348-6777 or stop by the store at 2702 S. Broadway in Edmond.

If wood’s not what you’re looking for, come browse through our amazing selection of carpet and tile! Also ask about our complete bathroom remodels.

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edmond Changes Down the Road The new year will bring a rush of changes to Edmond, and residents will begin to see the familiar landscape of their city grow and morph as new developments and businesses bloom in 2013. A prominent change will be the Interstate 35 corridor that runs through Edmond from Memorial Road to Waterloo. With its still-wild land and the challenges of installing infrastructure along the hills of I-35, that area has remained largely undeveloped …until now. “I-35 has an eight-mile frontage that runs through our city,” said Janet Yowell, Executive Director of the Edmond Economic Development Authority. “There hasn’t been development there because a large portion of that frontage has no infrastructure, like water and sewer.” That hasn’t stopped developers who are looking to Edmond’s frontage as new land for new growth. South 15th & I-35 On the west side of I-35 between South 15th and 33rd, Mercy Health Systems plans to open a 200,000-square-foot facility on the southwest corner. Set to open in the summer, the facility will include day surgery centers, doctors’ offices and a wellness center. “The idea is that you are able to do physical therapy and see your doctor, all in the same building,” Yowell said. “The wellness center will have an Olympic-sized pool, sports medicine and all you’d expect in a workout facility.” Like its neighbor across the highway—Integris Medical Center—Mercy is making use of the natural landscape and incorporating nature into the design of the facility. Integris opened its doors in October 2011. With the addition of Mercy’s medical offices, this frontage area will be a wellness haven. SHOPS AT FOX L AKE Residents of Edmond are one step closer to having a Sam’s Warehouse as their sign was approved in late 2012. The final site approval for the development is expected to come through this year. “There is also space for outparcels, but we will wait and see,” said Yowell. “We expect more retail and such in that area.” The Shops at Fox Lake will also connect with the Wellness Park near Mercy through a series of walking and biking trails. “There is no existing trail right now. All we have is the ability to go under I-35 through an existing drainage tunnel,” said Yowell. “The plan is to take that trail all the way back to Lake Arcadia. You have Integris’ trail east of I-35 to the Corp of


by Heide Brandes

Engineers land. There’s been a lot of discussion about trails, and Edmond has now developed a bike and trails masterplan.” Private funds are being raised now for the trail, Yowell added, and the trails will connect to the existing trails that circle around Arcadia Lake. “The city will build the trail from the wellness park to the lake,” Yowell said. COVELL & I-35 In between Covell and I-35, 300 acres remain undeveloped. On the northeast corner, Francis Tuttle Technical Center is building a new facility that will include a business incubator and training center. “Francis Tuttle has a unique plan to build a Center for Municipal Excellence,” Yowell said. “In a partnership with the City of Edmond, Francis Tuttle will provide cross-training within the city at the facility. So part of the new facility being built is for city training programs, and the rest is for classes.” The Francis Tuttle facility will be part of the Cross Timbers Building. On the northwest corner, Edmond has purchased 7.12 acres at the highest point for a hotel and conference center. In a partnership with the developer, the city will build a conference center that will connect with the hotel the developer is responsible for building. “We surveyed businesses about who they use for a nice hotel, and there weren’t a lot of options. Plus having major conferences in our city is great for a lot of reasons,” Yowell said. The 160-room hotel will join a 20,000-square-foot conference center, which features a 2,000-square-foot conference room that can be divided to accommodate separate breakout sessions. “We purchased the land, and the developer will buy it back over a 15-year period,” Yowell said. “It was $2.2 million for the land, $2 million in infrastructure and an $11 million total investment. We will have a return of $9 million when it is bought back. The city will shoulder the cost of building the conference center—$4.8 million.” Slightly north of Covell and I-35, a privately-owned sports facility is under construction that will be used for indoor basketball, soccer and volleyball. A private developer will construct and run the facility, offering league play during the week and tournaments on the weekends. “Around that, there is plenty of room for additional development,” Yowell said. For more information about the economic development of Edmond, attend the Edmond Economic Preview, to be held on Jan. 29 at UCO. The meeting is open to the public. • • 405.340.0116

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Audrey Case, Dancer / So You Think You Can Dance

How long have you been dancing? How did you get involved in dance? I used to dance along to "Barney and Friends" when I learned to stand, so my mom thought I had rhythm and put me in dance class, I've loved it ever since! My favorite type of dance is contemporary; jazz is a very close second though. What was it like being selected to be on So You Think You Can Dance? It was my dream to be on the show. I could not have been more excited about it! The auditioning process was an insanely long and intense process. After I got that ticket to Vegas, I felt like life was complete—and that was only the first step. What was your favorite part of being on the show? Getting to dance all the time! I love feeling like I’m learning and improving. I got to work with so many amazing people who taught me so much. How did your family and friends deal with you being in Hollywood all summer? While I was on the show, my mom stayed out there in LA so she could come to every taping. She’s my biggest fan and I love her for it. My friends have always been supportive of my dancing and believed in me. My family made this possible, always encouraging me to chase my dreams! How has your life changed since being on the show? Before the show I was in high school just worrying about my future and was basically an ordinary kid with big dreams. Now I can already say I’ve made one of my dreams come true. Being on tour for over six months, what do you miss about being home? Family and friends! I missed them a massive amount! Also I miss being familiar with where I’m at; it’s crazy how lost you can get in those big cities across America! Tour has been the best experience of my life! I am so grateful. We went to 29 cities and did 30 shows in six weeks. It was pretty tiring but so worth it. You just graduated from Edmond North High School, what's next? I am moving to Los Angeles around the end of January, I'm very very excited to officially start my dance career! I have had many teaching job offers. I just signed with Clear Talent Agency, and as soon as I get to LA I'll be going on auditions and hopefully booking as many jobs as I can!  Have your future plans changed since being on the show? Honestly, I didn't have any plans. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to dance! I wasn't sure where I wanted to go and if I could make it as a professional dancer. After I made the show, I made so many connections and it opened up countless future opportunities. Other than dance, what are some of your favorite hobbies or pastimes?  I love baking and scrapbooking. I've always said if my dance career doesn't work out I'll open up a bakery! Scrapbooking allows me to feel like I'm really appreciating places I've been and the things I've gotten to do. They say Hollywood changes people, have you changed?  I have changed, but not in a bad way! I've grown up so much over this experience because of how independent you need to be. I've learned a crazy amount of new skills, even how to do my own laundry! I feel like a completely new and accomplished person.  Tell us something we don't know about you.  I am really passionate about teaching. The younger girls that I've taught at my studio are so important to me and I'm so thankful I get to influence them and watch them grow up.



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Edmond Outlook January 2013  

The Edmond Outlook is a monthly, full color, glossy magazine mailed free of charge to 50,000 homes in all five Edmond, OK zip codes. Since 2...

Edmond Outlook January 2013  

The Edmond Outlook is a monthly, full color, glossy magazine mailed free of charge to 50,000 homes in all five Edmond, OK zip codes. Since 2...

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