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Around Edmond

By Sherri Hultner Spring Forward Around Edmond March is here and this year it is packed with so many great things going on. Before we get to events, we’d like to congratulate the Edmond North Balto and Santa Fe DWDW fundraising efforts that mutually benefitted A New Leash on Life, while Edmond North raised $296,720 and the charity they chose to raise money for was the March of Dimes. Santa Fe raised an astounding $251,671 for the Warriors for Freedom Foundation, and kudos to the Chicago financial institution for helping the Wolves with a single donation of $100,000, this is an amazing thing to see. We’ll be keeping our eye out for the Memorial Bulldogs reveal and will share it with all of you on Facebook! Speaking of social networks, we’re pretty excited to finally have our Instagram account connected to our Facebook fanpage. This should really prove to be a lot of fun throughout the spring and summer as we cover events around the area, and if you aren’t following, you can find us at @EdmondActive. Keep your eye out to Hafer Park mid March to late March for the most amazing natural Tulip display! It’s fun to watch every year because it just continues to get bigger! Have you been to Mitch Park lately?! The Aquatics Center that is funded by EPS and the YMCA is at its halfway mark and it is a sight to behold. The benefits this center will provide North Edmond is pretty great, and I am so proud to live in a city that understands this. It will be a 40,000 sq. ft. center that will contain a competitive pool for the specific use of the high school swim teams, as well as provide a place for special needs students and aquatics safety classes. It will also include a leisure pool and a separate


children’s area. The rest of the 500,000 sq. foot space will house a basketball court, class space and child care area. On the YMCA side there will be a smaller pool, a vortex water feature and a fun children’s area including slides, buckets and water toys. This investment by the City, EPS and the YMCA is one of the reasons Edmond is so terrific, and we can’t wait to show you this amazing facility when it opens! Are you ready for the first day of spring and Easter? This is one of those unusual months of March where daylight savings (3/10), the first day of Spring (3/20) and Easter (3/31) all occur in one month. In Pinterest style, I created an Edmond based tablescape in My Home this month, to hopefully give you inspiration for the holidays and everything can be found at local retailers in Edmond! In Metro Flavor, we feature Millie’s Table Catering’s Easter Dinner, which can be ordered for 3-6 or 6-8 people, and Four Graces Pinot from Edmond Wine Shop which perfectly compliments this meal. In Edmond Style, we are featuring affordable spring trends from area stores in Edmond and we are bringing back our product reviews section from 2011 with some interesting finds! In My Fitness, we sat down and talked with Melissa Cox, owner of The Shape Project Bootcamp about why she really loves what she does. And don’t miss the Spring Event Preview! Every year for 4 years, we’ve had readers ask us where the Easter Egg hunts are being held around the city. The Keller Williams Kivlehen House at 525 N Jackson Ave in Downtown Edmond always has one so keep your eye out for a date & time. We’ll share any other Easter Egg Hunts and other festivities as they are announced at! Have an amazing month enjoying the spring & extra daylight, and thanks for reading! See you Around Edmond!

My Fitness

Conversation with Melissa Cox Owner & Founder of The Shape Project Bootcamps By By Sherri Sherri Hultner Hultner

What is The Shape Project? The Shape Project is a group of health professionals passionate about motivating others to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Based in Oklahoma City, we offer a variety of Boot Camp times and locations that work best with your schedule. This program is an excellent way to jump start your fitness goals while providing the motivation and camaraderie you may need to help achieve your personal goals. While Boot Camps is our main service we provide, we also offer Fitness and Lifestyle Retreats throughout the year for those who desire a tougher and more challenging experience. How did The Shape Project get started? The Shape Project was founded in 2010 while I working as a P.E. teacher for Edmond schools. It began as a free workout for educators once the school day was over in an attempt to not only influence my students, but my peers. During that time, my passion for motivating and educating women on the importance of strength training and adopting a healthier lifestyle cultivated and grew. The following summer, I decided to take this new found love and turn it into a business to reach more people. It began with one location and just a few clients and has now grown into multiple locations serving over 400 clients last year alone. What do you do as an adjunct professor at UCO? At UCO, I teach as an Adjunct Instructor within the Kinesiology Department. The main courses I teach each semester are Healthy Life Skills, Bench Aerobics, and Success Central. I love having the opportunity to help others achieve their academic goals in addition to their fitness and lifestyle goals. How does your position at UCO work into The Shape Project? My position at UCO helps me remain fervent in research, especially in the fields of Health and Exercise Sciences. This continued awareness and knowledge of what’s happening in my field assists me in always providing a quality program with The Shape Project. The Shape Project is growing rapidly with 11 bootcamps, so the natural question is do you have plans to start a brick and mortar gym anytime in the future? We don’t see that in our 2013 plans, but it is something that is definitely on our horizon. Our team is so well rounded in all types of certifications and specialties that we want to provide different types of classes in the future. Do you have youth bootcamps and if not, do you have


plans to offer them in the future? We currently do not have youth boot camps, but we are planning on having one this summer. Along with my passion to help women discover their strengths, I also hold a strong passion towards childhood obesity and getting kids moving! Do you have a nutritionist for your clients to help with diet control? We were pleased to add Registered Dietician, Katrina Castle, to our team this year. With this great addition to our team, we are now offering Nutrition Workshops, Grocery Store Tours, and private consultations for our campers. What are all of the services you offer to your bootcampers? In addition to our popular Boot Camps, we also offer weekend-long Fitness and Lifestyle Retreats in the Arbuckle Mountains. Our Fitness Retreats are a unique fitness getaway all about challenging yourself, discovering your full potential, and having fun! We provide a structured program of nutrition education, recreational activities, variety of exercises, and relaxation. What are some of the things you love the most about running The Shape Project Bootcamps? A: There are so many things I love about what I do. I am blessed to be a part of change in people’s lives which spill over into their world around them. Since The Shape Project began in 2010, I have been witness to some campers not being able to run a mile to running their first half or full marathon this past year. It’s an amazing feeling to see how lives, and even families, have been changed. We are more than just a gym. We are a community and it shows in how our campers support each other. What advice would you give someone who felt too intimidated to begin a fitness regimen? My advice to someone who was intimidated to begin any type of fitness regimen is to just take that first step because it is the hardest. We become fearful of the unknown, but putting yourself into a program breaks that barrier of fear or nervousness. You will never regret working out, but you will always regret letting another day pass before making changes needed in your life. The most common email I get before a session of Boot Camp begins is that a new camper is nervous, scared, but also excited. You are not alone in those feelings and if it were easy, then everyone would be doing it.

BOOT CAMP LOCATIONS: Mitch Park Hafer Park & 9 other metro locations

Contact Melissa Cox at 405-496-5891 Email: twitter: @theshapeproject facebook:


Metro Flavor

Millie’s Table Easter Dinner Millie will be offering her annual Easter Dinner, which serves 6-8 people and includes

a spiral cut honey glazed ham, vegetables, a side and a dessert like this pineapple cake, which is so fantastic! The price for 6-8 people is $85, and if you’d like to order for 3-6 people, call 405-330-9156 for pricing.

Visit the store at 1333 N Santa Fe, next to Eileen’s Cookies at Danforth & Santa Fe,

call 405-330-9156 or visit

Four Graces Pinot Noir is available at Edmond Wine Shop at 1520 S Boulevard, at

15th & Boulevard, it’s affordably priced and amazing with pork or turkey!


Metro Flavor


My Home

Celebrating Spring Edmond Style In celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring and Easter almost all at the

same this year, we thought it might be fun to do an inspirational table setting to help

everyone get into the spirit. Everything on this table can be found at any one of the Edmond retailers listed below!

Serendipity Market at 917 E. Danforth

I’m Just Sayin Gifts at Waterloo & Broadway Edmond Wine Shop at 1520 S Boulevard A Flower Place at Danforth & Santa Fe

Timeless Traditions OK, inside of Broadway Antiques, at 16 S Broadway Pier One Imports


My Home


Life Happens


Stacey Johnson, MAMFT, LMFT candidate, LPC candidate, trophy wifey & momma to many. www.


What is it about kids? They really get it, don’t they... with their pinky promises and soft hearts. They live in the moment, ask questions (every 5 seconds) and believe for the best... they jump in water puddles along the way. Must. Be. Nice. Lately, I’m learning a lot about being PRESENT. Ok, not just lately. It’s been more than a minute, I’m just a slow learner. But, I’m getting it. I want to get it. If we could remove some layers of adulthood deception, maybe... Like the lie that a great paying job and a lot of income will somehow bring us the contentment we’ve always wanted. Kids are all kinds of happy and they don’t have money. Kids are broke! Or, how about that joke about a degree being the greatest thing in life... how many people don’t even work in the field they spent their college years slaving for? Oh, and this one: Social status. HA! Take it from a recovering people pleaser, that’s a real quick slope to losing yourself. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the less I give a rat’s what others think about me. Ahhhh, freedom. Families, fairy tales, and vacations are all great examples of high expectations that turn to devastation when we are confronted with reality. People sometimes just aren’t going to be there, “the one” might end up being nothing more than a sad Taylor Swift song, and even vacations can leave us desperate for a break! LIFE HAPPENS. So what? What do we do with all the things we work for, look forward to, and dream of that turn into big fat disappointments? We become like the kids we once were. We get resilient. We get present. What if we really realize that all we have is NOW. This is it. We don’t have yesterday or 5 minutes ago and we don’t have tomorrow. We have this very moment in time - you, me, this place, these sounds, these smells. This moment. What is it about anticipation, curiosity and the hunger for tomorrow that possesses us? Isn’t today enough? I need to be enough, because we’re not promised anything else. What if we’re just happy to be alive? One... moment... at a time. Forget about “dancing like nobody’s watching” - let’s just dance because, hey, there’s music and we have legs and dancing is fun! There’s no way to love like you’ve never been hurt - the hurt is good - it teaches us not to do the stupid stuff again! But to live like it’s heaven on earth? Yeah... I think that’s good stuff. Right here, right now... if we lived like that - what would that look like? I picture it like a bunch of resilient, faith filled, squealing children playing in the rain with wide and bright smiles, not focused on tomorrow, just living in the present. Life isn’t on the way, it’s now. Don’t give up on pinky promises. And definitely, do not pass up the puddles along the way. Those aren’t for avoiding, they’re for splashing.

Edmond Style: Spring Faves

Tom’s are such a staple in Edmond during the spring and summer, and we love the new spring styles, along with great old faves! You can find Tom’s at Lucca at 15th & Bryant or at!.


Edmond Style: New Products Here are some new products that I tested to see if they work as claimed, from the drugstore and from our annual Birchbox subscription. We had so much fun with this feature in 2011, we’re bringing it back! ElizabethW Lip Balm, found at I’m Just Sayin Gifts, is lightweight, longlasting and smells so great, this is a definite winner. Proximity Detangler, from Birchbox, did not detangle even remotely. Jouer Mattifying Moisture Tint was the biggest surprise. It wasn’t too thin but super lightweight & silky feeling, not greasy and has amazing coverage with a great matte finish. $38 at Nordstrom’s or LOVED it. Olay Total Effects 7 in One was not so great as it was greasy and too thin.

Model Co. Lipgloss was just average, felt a little too sticky and had a more sheer color. Its plus was the cool mirror on the tube. Found at And last, Cover Girl Clump Crusher promoted by Pink claiming not to leave any clumps, at all. Pink was being straight up in her claims, and after 2 weeks, it’s surprisingly not leaving any clumps. Great thickness factor, too. 6.99 at your local drugstore.

ElizabethW makes the best bath fizzes, in my opinion, in the country. Found at I’m Just Sayin Gifts, 8.50 for 2, and in some of the best scents ever!


Edmond Style: Spring Color

Simply Vera from Kohl’s North Edmond offers some fun and affordable options for spring fashion this year, playing on traditional colors for Easter.

White & PinkAnkle Pants Kohls - 20.99

Jeweled Flip Flops Kohls - 13.99


Edmond Style: Spring Color

Ice Blue Ankle Pants Kohls - 20.99

Cropped Yellow Paisley Jeans Kohls - 18.99 This Spring, color is either muted or bold, and ankle pants (another version of skinny jeans) are the big thing for all age groups and shapes. You can visit any boutique in Edmond to find this style and they range from 50 to 198, but we found these dusty pink, white and ice blue ankle pants at Kohl’s North Edmond for under 25, and they are just as stylish as the higher priced versions.


Shop Edmond

Visit to sign up for April classes that begin April 1st! This is an amazing opportunity to keep your New Year’s Resolutions going! It includes unlimited attendance to any of their 11 metro locations! For more information, go to Shapeproject. com or call 405-496-5891.

Book your reservation now for upcoming graduations for your family & friends and have them stay in town! Arcadian Inn book rooms very quickly at this time of year, so be sure to visit soon to get your rooms reserved. They are conviently located at 1st and University. To book a reservation, visit or call 405-348-6347.


MILLIES TABLE CATERING & More Millies is your Hot Meals To Go headquarters Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays! Meals include single serving entree, vegatable, starch and a roll! Give Millie a call at 330-9156 by 2 pm and your meal will be ready to go between 5 & 6pm! Located at 1333 W. Danforth Rd in Edmond! For more information, visit her website at Paint Your Art Out is Edmond’s MOST fun date, girls night out or party destination. Visit, stop in or call 405-513-5333 to register! With artist lead sessions, absolutey anyone can be an artist! Visit them online for their current calendar of paintings. Located at 10 S. Broadway right in the heart of Downtown Edmond! Also find them at Facebook at PaintYourArtOut!

We offer affordable & stylish accents, restyled furniture, fun jewelry, unique decor & gifts for every room and every taste! Stop in now to see all of the latest spring decor & fashions for you and your home. Our Location: 917 E Danforth Rd, Edmond (Across from Ted’s Cafe Escondido) and you can call us at 405-340-8869

Shop Edmond

Located on Memorial just south of the AMC Theaters Quail Springs Mall, Lotsa Noodles is a great place to stop with your family for a casual & fun dining experience. From their Kids Eat Free Mondays to the deliciously diverse menu of asian, american, italian choices, along with pizza, sandwiches, salads & soup at terrific prices, Lotsa Noodles will become a family favorite! Their food is freshly prepared and quick! Stop by to try their 2 newest asian pasta dishes. You’ll love the casual atmosphere! You can follow Lotsa Noodles at Facebook & Twitter @LotsaNoodles for daily upates & specials! To order take out, call your order in at 405-752-2695.

Enjoy a cozy early Spring retreat in the country at any one of the 5 cozy cottages at Aaron’s Gate Country Cottages and located in Guthrie, just a few minutes north of Edmond. Located on a beautiful wooded 10 acre property, you can relax with the outdoor jacuzzi’s or just relax indoors in front of the cozy fireplaces and with a massage spa package, a candlelit breakfast and more. To book a reservation, visit or call 405-282-0613.

I’m Just Sayin’ Gifts and More carries Root candles, Beatriz Ball & Mudpies dishware and accesories, Spartina handbags, jewelry, and infants & toddler accessories, as well as full selection of fantastic for upscale, fun and unique gifts. You can also find amazing items from talented local artisans, as well. Store hours are Monday - Friday 10:00a.m. 7:00p.m. and Saturday 11:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. You can shop online at www.IJSGifts. com for instore pick up or have your items shipped anytime! Find I’m Just Sayin Gifts at Pinterest, too! Located at Waterloo and Broadway, in Edmond, at the Crossroads Center! Stop by Sweet Peace to see the amazing selection of candy bouquets or arrange your own custom bouquet, just in time for Easter! Candy Bouquets are also a creative choice for corporate gift giving! Call 405-341-9400 to place your order and delivery is always free in Edmond. Sweet Peace is now located on the SW Corner of Santa Fe & 15th, across Santa Fe from Crest Grocery Store, and is open Tues - Wed: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Thurs - Fri: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm and Sat: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Follow Sweet Peace at Facebook & Twitter!

Looking for something new and unique to to serve for Easter Dinner? The employees at Edmond Wine Shop are ready to help with the most knowledgable staff in the metro! Be sure to follow them at Twitter & Facebook @EdmondWineShop! Located on 15th & Boulevard and open Mon– Sat. till 9 pm! You can also call in any order at 405-3413122.


Spring Preview

FAMILY FUN NIGHT Family Fun Night at Kickingbird Golf Club begins on April 27 and will continue on the third Saturday of each month during the summer. During Family Fun Night you can play 9 holes for just $14 starting at 5:00 pm. You do need to call ahead for a tee time. STARTING NEW AT GOLF KickingBird Golf Club is introducing a new program for kids called Starting New At Golf (SNAG). The SNAG Junior Golf Program is an introduction to golf designed for children 4 to 7 years old featuring instruction provided by PGA Professionals at KickingBird Golf Club. The SNAG Junior Golf Program will allow kids to experience the fundamentals of the game while having a great time doing it. There are four sessions available beginning in March. The onehour sessions are held Tuesdays and Thursdays and the cost is $70 per child. For more information about all KickingBird Golf Club Programs, please contact Derek or Jeff at 341-5350 or visit

EDMOND RECREATION AND AQUATIC CENTER The new recreation and aquatic center is under construction and approximately 40% complete. This 102,000 sq ft facility is owned by the City of Edmond and partnered with the YMCA and the Edmond Public Schools who share in a portion of the cost. This facility has an Olympic size swimming pool, a fitness area, an indoor elevated running track and a large separate leisure pool with a children’s slide that seems to magically exit the building through a wall then return to the inside for an exciting ride available to YMCA members. Atlas General Contractors expects the facility to open May/June 2013.


Spring Preview EDMOND FARMERS MARKET The Spring Garden and Produce Market at the Festival Market Place will be open Saturdays only from mid April through May. This market features plenty of spring produce, flower and vegetable bedding plants, local honey, eggs, lamb & Black Angus beef, yard and garden decorations, fresh breads, pies and pastries. All Oklahoma-made products.

EDMOND BLUES & JAZZ FESTIVAL Edmond Blues & Jazz Festival at Stephenson Park is coming on May 25th thru the 26th. Come to Stephenson Park to check out the finest Jazz & Blues music from the region. Nestled in the trees, you’ll also find many local vendors selling everything from food to arts and crafts. It’s a great time for the whole family.


Edmond Extreme


Field Trip

Gettin’ Rad In E-Town Mat Hoffman

Story & Photos By Chris Hultner It’s undeniable that one of Edmond’s most famous athletes is BMX Vert Legend, Mat Hoffman. Mat got into vert riding when the sport was in its infancy, he stayed with it through its heyday and he single-handedly rescued it from the abyss prior to the X Games revival. He was the first rider to pull a 900 and a backflip and he set the bar for the highest air on a BMX bike. He has too many signature tricks to name and his celebrity has brought him to the big screen as well as the small. His friends call him the Condor and he inspired a generation of riders to push the limits on a half pipe. He has the respect of everyone in all aspects of

extreme sports. Today, Mat is long removed from the spotlight of competition, but he’s still heavily involved in the sport through his bike company, Hoffman Bikes, as well as producing BMX shows at theme parks around the country. But when he’s at home he spends his time in the backyard riding his half pipe and getting his stoke on. For Mat, his true passion is still pushing the limits of his bike and body on a vert ramp, just like he did all those years ago when he learned to ride in his backyard.


Edmond Extreme


Edmond Extreme

Gettin’ Rad In E-Town Downhill Longboarding

associated with longboarding that harkens back to the genesis of

skateboarding itself. In the beginning skateboarding was a DIY activity. A lot of skaters actually made their own boards to mimic

surfboards so they could go sidewalk surfing. Today the longboards are a tad more advanced and the truck technology has come a long way. The boards of today are faster and more stable on steep descents then they were 2 decades ago. Downhill



really been catching fire in the Edmond area over the last couple

years. Much like the Razor scooter,

or the Rip Stick caught on here, we’re starting to see more and more kids getting into downhill longboarding. It’s definitely a rush to test yourself and your board HISTORY There’s





There are a lot of different types of longboards, for different types

of skating--some for bombing hills, some for carving around campus

and some for free-riding. The best place in the area to find out more about the boards and to purchase them is Core Extreme Sports on May, just south of Heffner Blvd.


Even though the downhill longboarding community is growing and

everyone involved wants to see it get bigger, most of the riders like

to keep their spots a secret so they don’t attract too much attention. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of rideable hills in the neighborhoods





have to go out and find them for yourself.


As with all extreme sports, there

is danger involved with downhill longboarding. We strongly urge

the use of all safety equipment

available, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and slide gloves. Dress for the crash, not the ride.


Edmond Extreme

Gettin’ Rad In E-Town Wakeboarding

Thanks to our proximity to lakes, wakeboarding is a very popular sport here in Edmond. But for those days that you don’t have a tow boat available, we are lucky to have a cable park nearby. The Wake Zone Cable Park, located on 10th Street east of downtown, is one of the few cable parks in the region. Wake Zone is a second home to many shredders in the Edmond Area. The park consists of ramps, rails and a fun box and it’s big enough for some substantial runs. If you’ve always wanted to give wake boarding a try you can


Edmond Extreme

rent all the necessary gear at Wake Zone and they can give you lessons too. There’s no better way to get your adrenalin fix and cool off at the same time. Especially during the hottest days of summer.


Edmond Extreme

Gettin’ Rad In E-Town

Skateboarding Edmond is home to one of the

best, city run, skate parks in the

state. Built in 2002, the Mathis Brothers Skate Park, at Mitch Park, has everything you need

to shred the gnar. It’s got 17,000

square feet of bowls, a fun box, rails, mini’s, a quarter pipe, a pyramid and lots of hips. If that sound

like another language to you, it doesn’t to your kids.

For years skaters got a bad rap

for skating in public and at schools

or wherever they could find a

bank, a curb or a handrail, be-

cause that’s all they could find to shred. But then, in the ‘90s, some


Edmond Extreme

forward thinking towns, lob-

bied by the skaters themselves, moved for change and got them

to build skateparks. No longer were kids running amuck on the

streets, irritating business owners

and the police. City built and run skate parks changed everything in skateboarding.

Being one of the only con-

crete skateparks in Oklahoma (Mat Hoffman Skatepark in OKC would be another--and, yes, Mat

Hoffman actually rides there on

occasion) the Mathis Brothers Skate Park can be found on national skatepark directories all over the interwebs.


EA Events Calendar

March Edmond Events 1-3 Timed Event Championships of the World 6-7 Michael Colgrass Residency Concert 7:30pm 8-9 Anne of Green Gables 11 UCO Jazz Lab Student Performance 12 Broadway Tonight: Pilobolus 7:30pm 12 UCO Jazz Lab Student Performance 7:00pm 13 UCO Jazz Lab Student Performance 7:00pm 15-17 USTRC Oklahoma Winter Classic Team Roping 19-20 Lynn McKenzie Barrel Racing Clinic 22-24 Lazy E Tri K Winter Barrel Blast 26 Sandra Thompson, voice 7:30pm

March Thunder Games 01 Denver FS Oklahoma HD 03 L.A. Clippers FS Oklahoma HD 05 L.A. Lakers FS Oklahoma HD 07 New York Away FS Oklahoma HD 08 Charlotte FS Oklahoma HD 10 Boston FS Oklahoma HD 11 San Antonio Away FS Oklahoma HD 13 Utah 7:00 PM FS Oklahoma HD 15 Orlando FS Oklahoma HD 17 Dallas FS Oklahoma HD 19 Denver FS Oklahoma HD 20 Memphis


Away 9:30 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Away 2:30 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Home 8:30 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC 7:00 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Away 6:00 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Home 12:00 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC 7:30 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Home

7:00 PM

WWLS 98.1FM OKC Home 7:00 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Away 6:30 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Home 7:00 PM WWLS 98.1FM OKC Awahy

7:00 PM

Lazy E Arena, Guthrie Mitchell Hall Theater Fine Arts Institute UCO Jazz Lab UCO Mitchell Hall Theater UCO Jazz Lab UCO Jazz Lab Lazy E Arena Lazy E Arena Lazy E Arena UCO Jazz Lab

FS Oklahoma HD 22 Orlando FS Oklahoma HD 24 Portland FS Oklahoma HD 27 Washington Home FS Oklahoma HD 29 Minnesota Away FS Oklahoma HD 30 Milwaukee Away FS Oklahoma HD

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March Metro Events thru March 03 110 In The Shade thru May 12 An Enduring Legacy thru March 24 Dilemmas With Dinner thru March 08 Jack And The Beanstalk thru March 16 Mrs. Mannerly thru March 21 Oklahoma Youth Expo thru April 21 Photorealism Revisited thru December 31 Prix de West Collection thru March 29 Generations March 02 Force of destiny March 02 Winter Jam Tour

Oklahoma City University National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Jewel Box Theatre Oklahoma Children’s Theatre Carpenter Square Theatre National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Oklahoma City Museum of Art National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Red Earth Museum Civic Center Music Hall Chesapeake Energy Arena

March Live Music in the Metro 01 Tom Russell Jamey Johnson 02 The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra O.B.B. Paul Geremia tobyMac / Matthew West / Capital Kings 03 Tish Hinojosa Weatherbox 05 Jucifer 06 The Concordia Choir Carter Sampson Faster Pussycat Night Beats / Psychotic Reaction / The Lymph Nodes 07

The Blue Door Riverwind Casino Belle Isle Brewery Chesapeake Arena The Blue Door Chesapeake Arena The Depot The Conservatory The Conservatory First Presbyterian Church JJ’s Saloon Chameleon Room The Conservatory

EA Events Calendar Volbeat Diamond Ballroom The Story So Far / American Scene / Tiger Lily / Muck The Conservatory T Bird and the Breaks The Deli Kelley McRae Beau Jennings The Blue Door 08 2-bit Palomino The Blue Door locked! / Miranda Lambert / Dierks Bentley Chesapeake Arena JC Hopkins Band Brewskeys Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors Vzd’s Dana Falconberry / Seth Sherman / Jordan Herrera The Conservatory 09 Chris Young Riverwind Casino JC Hopkins Band Bar H Bar RoadHouse The Devil Wears Prada / As I Lay Dying / For Today / Chariot / The Color / Morale Diamond Ballroom Psychostick Chameleon Room The Trishas The Blue Door The Soft Moon Opolis 2 Million Dollar Penthouse Party Founders Tower Yung Nation / Yung Jones / TNG / 2XXL / Spawns Club Recharge Greeksgonewild Bricktown Events Center Mine Enemies Fall / Zerotheist The Hidden Castle 10 Malcome Holcombe The Blue Door The Soft Moon Opolis Dolores Boys / Fire Bad / Captain Eyeball The Conservatory Orion Walsh / Bolzen Beer Band Blue Bonnet Bar 11 Unknown / Mortal Orchestra / Foxygen / Wampire Opolis Mona / Stagnant Pools / Aluma The Conservatory 12 Flatliners / Arms Aloft / Community Pools / They Stay Dead Vzd’s Jaill Jail / Fletcher C. Johnson / John Wesley Coleman Opolis Boats The Melismatics The Conservatory 13 Cobra Skulls / Easy Lovers / Off With Their Heads / Masked Intruder / Teenage Bottlerocket The Conservatory Freedy Johnston / Kevin Bowe / Okemah Prophets The Blue Door 14 Ryan Bingham Diamond Ballroom Old Wounds / Full of Hell / Homewrecker The Venue 15 Trout Fishing The Blue Door Devour the Innocent / Embryo / Happy / Blackout Jesus McSalty’s Pizza One-Eyed Doll / Otep / Picture Me Broken Chameleon Room Our Sky Is Falling The Parish 16 Bon Jovi Chesapeake Arena Tech N9ne / Krizz Kaliko Diamond Ballroom Revolver / Theory Driven /

Hanging Hayley / Burden of Truth Psychic Friend Edger Cruz Antsy McClain 17 Rich O’Toole Mac Demarco / Naomi Punk / Calvin Love The Deer Tracks / Magic Wands Lantern / Bare Knuckle Shuffle / Psychotic Reaction / Christophe Murdock A Life Once Lost / Earth Shook Run / Indeed Sir Celtic Caravan 18 Oh / Sleeper As They Sleep / My Heart To Fear / Devour the Innocent Two Cow Garage / Lydia Loveless 19 Throwing Gravity / Star City Meltdown Carolina Story / Small Houses / Shivering Timbers Chuck Mead Municipal Waste 20 Eric Clapton / Wallflowers 21 P.O.D. / Three Days Grace / Shinedown Dayshell 22 Master / Sacrificial Slaughter / Fisthammer / Enfuneration / Dark Arsenal / Malicyde William Clark Green Lydía / From Indian Lakes / Sweet Talker 22 Charlie Sexton / Bill Carter 23 Susan Herndon Hank / Shaidri Aldrich The Kamals / Black Jack Gypsys / The Trading Co. Sir charles King of Southern Soul 24 Forever Came Calling / Heart To Heart / Just Marco / Everybody Talks / Chapter Sixteen 26 Evan Felker 27 Sleeping With Sirens Conditions / Dangerkids / Lions Lions 28 Blackstone Rangers / Depth & Current Wade Bowen 29 Dustin Welch Ben Rector 30 Circa Survive / Minus the Bear / Now, Now The Good Girls 31 Butch Hancock

McSalty’s Pizza The Conservatory The Blue Door Wormy Dog Saloon Opolis The Conservatory The Hidden Castle Chameleon Room The Blue Door

The Parish The Conservatory Chameleon Club The Deli The Blue Door The Conservatory Chesapeake Arena Chesapeake Arena The Conservatory

Chameleon Room Wormy Dog Saloon The Conservatory The Blue Door The Blue Door Route 66 Roadhouse Bricktown Hotel

The Conservatory The Blue Door

Diamond Ballroom Opolis Riverwind Casino The Blue Door Meacham Auditorium Diamond Ballroom The Blue Door The Blue Door


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