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22. Edmond People

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Around Edmond

It’s August and back to school time for Edmond &

HGTV series DesignStar and talked a bit about life,

Knowing that one of our biggest groups of readers

on a national TV show.

Deer Creek families.

are residents that are new to the area, for a second

family, faith and her amazing experience of appearing

Our most popular section in our magazine has

year in a row, we are providing all of the area school

become our Shop Local Edmond section, and we are

that you might need to get your kids set for the 2011-

and services in the upcoming months. You can follow

schedules, school locations and contact information 12 School Year.

And, for a second year we have gone out and done

a comparison between Target, WalMart and Office

excited to be bringing you more shops, restaraunts

ShopLocalEdmond at Twitter & Facebook and within our weekly column online at

In this months Field Trip, we took a drive down

Depot on the school supply list’s basics. Normally

Rt. 66 to visit Pop’s in Arcadia. If you’ve never been

feature at We know that most of

300 flavors of soda pop. Definitely worth the scenic

an online feature, this has become our most popular you have already gotten your supplies but for those that are running behind this year, we hope this helps

it has an old school burger shop feel along with over drive.

In My Yard, we feature a beautiful patio cover from

cut down on time spent shopping all of the stores,

Mark Garvey of Patio Creations by Mark, in Health

You will notice that some of our sections are

about rising above your workout barriers, Metro Food

especially with the crazy heat wave!

changing and we hope you like what we’ve brought

you in My Home, highlighting local model homes to bring your design ideas, In Business where we will

be bringing you and your small business information

& Fitness, Melissa Cox of The Shapeup Project talks & Drink goes Italian and New Products We Love covers my Local Boutique Back to School Favorites!

Thanks for reading in record numbers and for

from experts in HR, Social Media and more. We’ve

following our business fanpage & twitter accounts at

by popular demand from local businesses and readers,

our posts over 304,000 times and we can’t tell you

brought back Locally Owned Small Business profiles alike!

We were excited to sit down with local interior

designer Kellie Clements, who is currently on the

EdmondActive! This month at Facebook you viewed how humbling and awesome that is! cool this month!

Try and stay

Sherri Hultner



Dry-Aged Steaks - Hand Made Tamales Herberts Cajun Specialties - Hot Sauces - Salsas Dry Rubs - Seasonings “And as always... THE BEST JERKY ON THE PLANET!” 9346 N. May Ave Britton & May OKC, OK (888) 751-6275

810 W Danforth Danforth & Kelly Edmond, OK (405) 359-8200

Mon-Sat 10-6 4405 SW 3rd St. I-40 & Meridian OKC, OK (405) 949-9000 05

Health & Fitness

Rising Above Your Workout Barriers Melissa Cox, M.S. / Owner, The Shape Project Upon my recent return home from

end-all excuse to not get active.

list of cited items for not working out.

company, I also bring back with me

and allow your body about 14 days

them and be one who overcomes.

a Fitness Retreat hosted by my fitness contemplations and debunking ideas about barriers and attitudes towards

exercise. We all have them. Our participants




as they entered into the weekend.

Some began the event thinking they should’ve gotten in shape before signing up and others deliberated

that they would hold everyone else up. Our participants quickly realized

that not only were they not alone in having these thoughts and attitudes, but sharing them brought support and encouragement to overcome.

Too often, the timid or inexperienced

Start with small activities outdoors to get acclimated with the higher temperatures. While the heat is not going





waistline still can. Our retreat campers worked out (and earned bragging rights) in the heat for up to seven

hours a day. This was done by taking

some necessary steps. First, stay

hydrated. This may be the biggest and most important concern with outdoor workouts. Drink a glass of water prior

to beginning the workout and carry

water or a hydration pack during the workout.

Second, choose the right time of

begin a workout program without a

day. Try to avoid exercising outdoors

them and keep them going. Find

the hottest part of the day. Our boot

support system or a leader to teach

someone that can help you be persistent

in the frequency and intensity of your workouts. If you need support, then actively engage yourself in finding it. Another



from 10am - 3pm as this is usually

campers and retreat campers would

tell you that early morning is best. Also, wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing during outdoor activities.

A barrier that some people call into

exercise we battled over the weekend

play is their physical limitations and

is hot, but don’t allow that to be your

injuries are all included on a laundry

was working out in the heat. Oklahoma

However, you must endure beyond

It is a gift to be inspired by my own

clients who rise above their perceived limitations. At the retreat, one camper named Tracy was such an individual. Not only did she lose seven pounds

over the course of the event, participate in every boot camp workout, and run

in the mountains with us, but she did so with a genetic disease known as Muscular Dystrophy. She is a perfect

example of how your limitations and challenges do not define you. Remain steadfast and keep moving.

Thomas Buxton once said the with





perseverance, all things are attainable.

Your goals are attainable. You just have to begin somewhere! The important

thing is that you get past your own mental barriers you may possess. Like

my friend, Tracy, you can surpass your

goals and achieve more than you ever imagined.

abilities. Asthma, weak joints, and past

Now you can shop at Sears without heading to the Mall! Appliances • Tools • And Much More Locally Owned & Operated By Daniel & Susan Bercaw 3409 South Broadway, Suite 100 In Edmond 06

(405) 286-3440

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Body & Mind

The Coolest Event Of The Year Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat

Regatta at Arcadia Lake the August 27th. No where else will you get to see grown men act like children (maybe that’s not

entirely true), and the wildest collection of cardboard fashioned into semi-seaworthy vessels. Last year the event doubled in size from the inaugural regatta and this should be huge as well. This is an event not to be missed. See you there!

Phone: 348-2442

Tues.-Sat., 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 101 East Hurd, Suite F (1/2way between Blvd. and Broadway)

Come Join Our Bootcamp Every Monday, Call Haley Ray (405) 761-4790 Wednesday & 17200 N. May Ave. Suite 400 In Edmond Friday From 6 to 7 am 21 And Saturday From 8 to 9 am

Locally Owned

Zac Coldiron

Owner of Stoneridge Animal Hospital

Zac, when and why did you start your business here

I love the freedom that goes with owning a business. I

in Edmond?

also love being able to help people and their pets during

March 2005. I wanted to provide affordable quality care for

wonderful community.

Stoneridge Animal Hospital opened for business in

not just dogs and cats, but for exotic pets in the community.

I felt like this was an area of veterinary medicine that was lacking in the Edmond area.

What types of animals do you see in your practice?

times of need. It is a blessing to be able to give back to a Is there anything you’d like our readers to know

about you & your business that makes you different from other similar businesses locally?

We try to make each clients visit personal. We treat

We treat all types of small animals and exotics including

everyone the way we would want to be treated. Rather than

primates, and others. We also provide professional pet

discussing their pets health needs with the client. We treat

dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pocket pets, ferrets, non-human grooming and climate controlled boarding.

Are you on Facebook/Twitter and what do you offer

your customers there?

We use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to bond with

our clients, offer medical advice, share patient photos and network with other businesses.

What is your favorite thing about doing what you



short 15 minute appointments, we spend at least 30 minutes many types of pets that other hospitals don’t treat. We also perform laser surgery and offer laser therapy.

Contact Info for Stoneridge Animal Hospital: Stoneridge Animal Hospital 808 S. Kelly Avenue Edmond, OK 73003 405-359-3340

In Business

Facebook’s Place In Your Business Strategy By Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR / CEO of Xceptional HR Social media is a community, a place for friendships, business, and conversations. Not unlike the small town I grew up in of Mayetta, Kansas. People shared stories about their past, the town gossip, and recommendations on the best places to eat, avoid, and shop. The difference between social media and my small town, is that the recommendations and conversations happen online instead of the traditional places like your barber shop, the grocery store, the your child’s middle school basketball game. They’re happening online, and with social media you have an opportunity to engage your audience, clients, and customers as the conversations are happening instead of waiting for the latest scuttlebutt from the local gossip queen to move from her lips to your ears. There are 750 million users now on Facebook spending between 6 and 18 hours a month planning high school reunions, connecting with colleagues, and making recommendations in an environment that is user and community based. Your community has the ability to spread the word in a way that traditional advertising and media always can’t. You can connect to customer in real time and on their own terms. Goodbye focus group and hello Facebook. Consider the largest growing demographic on Facebook is aged 45 and over. This also happens to be the population with the most expendable income. And they’re here to connect with their children, catch up with old friends, and watch their grandchildren grow. In a storefront or a business where family isn’t always discussed, it’s sometimes hard to make that personal connection with your customers. Facebook changes that. It allows for your biggest fans, current customers, friends, and family to connect sharing insights into whom they are. These insights allow you to make a more personal connection leading to more solid business contacts based on this shared story or connection. Whether it’s a Facebook Group or Business Page, your engagement and conversation strategy will vary. For local businesses, it’s important to create a sense of community at your pages, inviting your core audience to response, share, and learn from one another. This could be in the form of a recipe swapping forum or sharing your product’s favorite feature or service. Larger organizations with a more broad reach can still engage

their audience and should remember that their customers are also likely their current or future employees. With social media, it’s no longer about you. It’s about your audience and your customer base making them feel welcome and comfortable to share their experience and personal stories with you as well as others positive as well as negative. Social media is another tool or platform to talk with your customers on their own dime. Not unlike the casual conversation with a friend or family member during the Friday night high school football game.

BOOT CAMP LOCATIONS: Mitch Park Hafer Park Stars and Stripes Park

Contact Melissa Cox at 405-496-5891 Email: twitter: @theshapeproject facebook: 09

My Home

Jeff Click Homes Numbers Model This month we stopped by the Jeff Click Numbers model

home to see what is new in Edmond new construction and design. This house is really cutting edge with it’s décor, as you can see here in the family & dining areas, stone finishes,

creative layout & use of space, and it’s overall function. Be sure to stop by and take a look at 17701 Sparrowhawk Ln., just off of Penn. on 173rd in the Silverhawk Addition.

Furniture & Staging: Sharen Polkinghorn Fixtures, Finishes & Amenities: Jeff Click 10

My Home 11

My Yard

Cool Off Your Patio

With temperatures soaring during this summer, you definitely want to do everything you can to cool off your outdoor spaces. One of the best things you can do to create a livable space outdoors is to get a patio cover like the one pictured here at the Edmond home of John and DeeAnn Dolan. An aluminium patio cover from Patio Creations By Mark ( won’t rot, never needs to be painted and is resistant to dirt and grime. It can also lower temperatures by as much as 20 degrees and it will help cool down your house, besides making your backyard look fantastic. Give Mark Garvey a call to get an estimate for your patio cover at (405) 751-6275. You’ll be glad you did.


PATIO CREATIONS by MARK, INC. Mark A. Garvey (405) 751-6275

w w w. p a t i o c r e a t i o n s . c o m 9346 N. May Avenue Oklahoma City, OK

Visit Our Showroom at Britton & May Patio Covers - Screen Rooms - Arbors - And More! 13

Metro Food & Drink

Aperol Spritz

By Vance Gregory Owner of Edmond Wine Shop at 15th & Boulevard

In a low cocktail glass add ice Half a slice of orange 3 parts prosecco 2 parts Aperol Splash of club soda So simple, but really refreshing on these hot summer evenings. Enjoy!


Metro Food & Drink

Millie’s Table Chicken Parmesan

This month Millie was gracious enough to show off her Chicken Parmesan. This dish is amazing in its flavor & made with fresh parmesan and spices. To order this or any meal on Millie’s August Menu, call 3309156 or visit her website at www. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, Millie offers Hot Cooked Meals to Go! Call in by 1:00 to place your order. They will prepare the meal & cook it for you! Then, all you have to do is pick it up between 5-6 pm and enjoy! 15

Shop Local Edmond

Renaissance Day Spa

RENAISSANCE SALON & SPA Renaissance Salon & Spa is the perfect place to stop in for a mini facial, express pedicure, a buff & polish or a rejuvinating massage! Get that summer glow for your summer evenings! This charming 100 year old farmhouse is located at 10440 N. Broadway Extension just off of Britton. Give them a call to make an appointment at 751-8888 or visit them online at

FUNKY MONKEY For Funky, Trendy, Fun Clothing for everyone in family, stop in to Funky Monkey at 14101 N. May Avenue Ste 113! With designer clothing by Flowers by Zoe, Juicy & True Religion and 7 for All Mankind for Men & Boys, there’s something for everyone with amazing sales going on! Open Monday through Saturdays from 10 to 6 pm! Be sure to follow along at Facebook and at Twitter at @Funky__Monkey


Visit the site and give Misty a call for top notch school embroidery!

I’m Just Sayin’ Gifts and More carries top name candles, home accessories and decor, housewares, handbags & jewelry and infants & toddler accessories, as well as full selection of seasonal accessories. You can also find amazing items from local artisans. Store hours are Monday Friday 10:00a.m. - 7:00p.m. and Saturday 11:00a.m. - 6:00p.m. Stop in to this boutique in North Edmond located at 121 East Waterloo Road at the corner of Broadway & Waterloo in The Market at Cedar Lake! If you’re looking for something specific, give Sidney a call at 405.285.7210 Be sure to follow at Facebook @Imjustsayingiftsandmore

Aaron’s Gate Country Cottages

Take a mini vacaction at any one of the 5 amazing cottages at Aaron’s Gate Country Cottages located in Guthrie, just a few minutes north of Edmond. Located on a beautiful wooded 10 acre property, you can relax with the outdoor jacuzzi’s or just relax indoors with a massage spa package, a candlelit breakfast and more. To book a reservation, visit or call 405-282-0613.

Visit Timeless accents online at www. for your school embroidery needs!

Our Sisters’ Closet is a quality resale shop that supports the YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter. We are excited to be in Edmond where the community is welcoming us with open arms. You are invited to visit our “Resale Boutique” at 101 E. Hurd (3 blocks N of 2nd and 1/2 way between Broadway and Boulevard. Tues - Sat 10-5 348-2442 Whether you shop or donate, you will be welcomed. We recently moved our OKC location to the Walnut Square Center I-240 & Penn. If you enjoy quality resale shopping, we invite you to visit our South Our Sisters’ Closet Boutique.

Shop Local Edmond

THE BEEF JERKY EMPORIUM The Beef Jerky Emporium is your grilling headquarters with 2 inch dry rubbed steaks, spices, rubs, cobbler fillings & more! Stop by the Edmond store. which is located at 810 Danforth, next to Hobby Lobby, for an amazing selection of anything you may need for this years cookout with family and friends! And check for them online at Facebook @TheBeefJerkyEmporium!

CROSSFIT OKC Jason Boag, owner of Crossfit OKC on Enterprise Dr. here in Edmond offers a different philosophy to working out & training. It is a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. to maximize results for any individual. You can follow Jason at Twitter & Facebook @CrossfitOKC, or at www.CrossfitOKC. com, or call at 405- 313-6996

SWEET PEACE Sweet Peace is Edmond’s destination when it comes to unique back to school items like backpacks, bookbags, t’s, jewelry & more! Sweet Peace is located on Danforth Rd. just west of Santa Fe at 1333 N. Santa Fe Avenue, Suite 111, has a great selection of gifts & candy. You can also find jewelry, tshirts, hoodies & caps, stuffed animals & more! Their hours are Tues - Wed: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Thurs - Fri: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm and Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm and don’t forget to follow Sweet Peace at Facebook!

EDMOND WINE SHOP Whether you are looking for unique beer and wine selections or your are new to selecting wines, the employees at Edmond Wine Shop are all very helpful and educated on every wine they carry, so don’t be shy, ask away! With a great selection of crafted beers just in time to enjoy the warm nights on the patio! Keep your eye out for sales and specials at Twitter & Facebook @ EdmondWineShop! Located on 15th & Boulevard and open Mon– Sat. till 9 pm!

LOTSA NOODLES Located on Memorial just south of the AMC Theaters Quail Springs Mall, Lotsa Noodles is a great place to stop with your family for a casual & fun dining experience. From their Kids Eat Free Mondays to the excellent selection on their menu at a terrific price, Lotsa Noodles will become a family favorite! Try the all new ravioli dish & pizzas! They also have catering available for your party or corporate needs! Their food is freshly prepared and they have anything from pasta, sandwiches, salads ~ You’ll the casual atmosphere! You can follow Lotsa Noodles at Facebook & Twitter @LotsaNoodles for daily upates & specials!

Be sure to stop in to Edmond’s own locally owned Sears store on 33rd St., just next to Charleston’s, where you can find appliances (great sales with installation!), lawn equipment, barbecues, treadmills, tools, tv’s, and more! If they don’t have what you need, they can order it for you! Stay in Edmond & save on name brands such as Kenmore, Craftsman & more! Follow them at Facebook @Sears Hometown Store Edmond, OK or at Twitter @ SearsHTEdmondOK 17

Shop Local Edmond

We offer affordable & stylish accents, re-styled furniture, fun jewelry, unique decor & gifts for every room and every taste! Be sure to stop in to see the fun & original back to school items the vendors have in stock for August!! Our Location: 917 E Danforth Rd, Edmond (Across from Ted’s Cafe Escondido) and you can call us at 405-340-8869

Arcadian Inn Bed & Breakfast

Reserve your room at the Arcadian Inn Bed and Breakfast and stop in to see the unique finds at the Arcadian Gift Shop! Conviently located at 1st and University, just across from UCO in Downtown Edmond. To book a reservation, which usually book up quickly this time of year, visit or call 405-3486347. 18

Attention 2012 Seniors! Contact Chris Hultner of Hultner Photography now to schedule your 2012 Senior Session. Up to three outfit changes, 1 hour session including 5 hi res photos on a CD for $49.95! Schedule your session now as they will book up fast! Contact Chris at 405-315-6405 to schedule. You can see examples at or at Facebook @ HultnerPhotography

Paint Your Art Out is hands down Edmond’s party headquarters. This is a really fun place for your Girls Night Out, Kids Parties, Team Building exercises & corporate parties. Artist lead sessions mean absolutey anyone can be an artist! Visit for their current calendar of paintings and to register online! Located at 100 N. Broadway right in the heart of Edmond!

BODY LANGUAGE FITNESS Located at 17200 N. May Ave in Edmond, Body Language Fitness offers all types of fitness plans to all levels of ability. Be sure to call Haley Ray to get your fitness plan in high gear for the summer! For info on Bootcamps, call 405761-4790

POLE POSITION RACEWAY Be sure to stop into Pole Position Raceway in OKC on 2905 N.W. 36th St. in Oklahoma City, OK or give them a call at 405.942.2292 for track availability for personal or corporate parties! Great team building opportunity! Their hours are Sunday – Thursday 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. & Friday – Saturday 11 a.m. – Midnight

THE CLUBHOUSE BARBERSHOP Stop in to see Curtis and Co. at The Clubhouse Barbershop! Services for Men & Kids at affordabe prices make this upscale barbershop a great place to visit! Military discounts also available. Call at 286-2038 or stop in at 316 W. 33rd Street just west of Broadway. Be sure to stop by his website online at

SUPER SUPPERS is now MILLIES TABLE With 22 selections for healthy eating that are lowfat and are made fresh! Millie has started Hot Cooked Meals To Go on Tues. & Thurs.! Give Millie a call at 3309156 by 1 pm and your meal will be ready to go between 5 & 6pm! Located at1333 W. Danforth Rd in Edmond!

New Products

New Products We Love: Back to School Boutique Favorites By Sherri Hultner

I’m Just Sayin

Show your school spirit with these fabulous handmade hats from Dallas Designs and available at I’m Just Sayin… Gifts and more at the NE corner of Broadway & Waterloo. $33.50 for adult sizes and the child size runs $31.25.

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey has some really unique & fun back to school items, and one we love is this cute spiked lunch box. For all that is Juicy Back to School, from laptop sleeves to lunch boxes, Funky Monkey on May Ave. has it all.

For the early elementary students, I Love Monkey helps with a lesson on being yourself. This lesson is priceless, and so is this set. Available at I’m Just Sayin… Gifts and more at Broadway & Waterloo.

Serendipity Market

Serendipity Market, on Danforth next to Ted’s, has so many unique items in for Back to School. We loved the fun & unique locker decorations which range in price from $5.99 to $9.99!

Serendipity Market has one of the cutest book bags! This bag is over the shoulder and when it’s empty, it folds up into itself! Very cute, affordable and functional! 19

Field Trip

Pop’s Diner On Route 66 Located




Edmond City line in Arcadia,

on Route 66, is one of the most well known tourist destinations in Oklahoma, Pop’s Diner.

From the first view Pop’s

looks like something straight

out of a science fiction comic book. Its unique architecture is definitely a traffic stopper and the signature soda bottle

statue celebrates Pop’s main product, soda pop. Inside Pop’s there are more unusual and unique brands of soda than

you will find anywhere else in the world. The colorful bottles even line the glass walls.

The diner itself serves classic

diner fare, like hamburgers made only from local beef. While the food is more “greasy

spoon“ than it is fine dining, Pop’s is still a great place to bring visiting friends and family. And your kids will love it.


Field Trip

Edmond People

A Star Is Born

HGTV’s HGTV’s Design Design Star Star Contestent Contestent

Kellie Clements

Local resident Kellie Clements was recently selected to participate in HGTV’s reality series, Design Star. A self described “firecracker“ Kellie is truly a ball of energy. She’s funny, outgoing and has some serious talent as an interior designer. We rencently sat down with Kellie to get the lowdaown on the show and how she got where she is today. Meet Kellie Clements. How did you end up in Edmond? When we first moved to Oklahoma, 10 years ago, we lived in Edmond, then we moved to Oklahoma City, then to Yukon. When we decided to start having children we really wanted to be in the Edmond School District, so we moved back to Edmond. What brought you to Oklahoma in the first place? A boy. I’m originally from Arkansas and some of my husbands family is from Arkansas. I met him through his nieces and nephews. I was a gymnastics coach and they were kids in my class. I knew his brother and he’s the one who introduced us, and he recruited me to move here. you do crazy 22

things for the people you love. It’s worked out well. How did you go from being a gymnastics coach to being an interior designer? I grew up in a family of extremely artistic people. My dad owned an art gallery and my mom had a shirt business and a jewelry business, so i grew up around it. When it came time for me to choose a major in college Interior Design was the right fit for me. There was no struggle in that decision. That’s what I picked and i stayed with it. I coached gymnastics and I was a cheerleader in college, that was the job I had all the way until I graduated. Did you ever compete in gymnastics? I did. I was a competitive gymnast when i was little. In college I competed in cheerleading and we won, for Arkansas, the first National Championship. I’m very competitive. That’s probably what made Design Star so enticing to me Is this the first time you’ve tried out for Design Star? Yes. How did that whole process work?

The audition process is pretty quick, but it’s very extensive. There are two ways you can audition; you can send in a video tape or you can go to an open casting call. I’d always wanted to try out, but two years ago I was in a really bad accident and it changed a lot of things for me mentally. I decided that I was going to accomplish all things I wanted to do. The next time there was an opportunity for me to audition, I was going to do it. I talked to my husband about flying to an audition and if he would be comfortable with that, and he said yes. I thought I would have to fly to Los Angeles or New York to audition, rather than sending in a video. A week later, I saw that a casting call was in Dallas. From that second I felt like it was meant to be. So we drove to Dallas and went to the casting call. Two days later they called me back to Dallas to do a demo on camera. After that they called me again and asked for my resume. Then they had me fill out a bunch of paperwork and they did a background check. After that they flew me to New York I believe there were 38 designers chosen as semifinalists and we all auditioned

Edmond People

on camera in front of the executive producer of Design Star, as well as the head of the network. From that process, 12 of us were chosen to be on Design Star. Where are you in filming now? We are done filming. Everything is done now? So you know who won? All of us on the show know everything. Can you tell us who won? Absolutely not. [laughing] If I told you it would ruin it. It’s no fun if you know how it ends. When you’re watching the show, give people a chance, because it’s easy to develop an opinion about people right away. Nobody knows what we went through and the circumstances we were under. Just give people a chance to show you what they are capable of. If I told you, I would ruin that. You hear a lot of stories about reality shows, that they are scripted or the producers use creative editing to create drama or friction between the contestants that really wasn’t there. Have you noticed anything like that from the episodes of Design Star that you’ve seen so far? I think all of us were cast for a reason--we all had a role to fill. In casting they can’t really predict how you will react with the other designers. Anytime you put 12 professionals in a setting to compete against one another, there is bound to be friction. We’re all vying for the same spot. With editing, you don’t get to see the whole story. I think there were some tense moments, but none of it was produced. None of it was scripted. They told us from the very beginning, that if you are true to who you are, then you will be proud when the show airs. HGTV is a first class network. In terms of reality shows, there’s not another reality show that I would ever go on. Was there anything that surprised you or caught you off guard during the design projects? What caught me off guard was the lack of information we were given prior to starting anything. I’m a planner when it comes to work. It would be like 30 minutes before we had to go to bed and we didn’t know what time we were supposed to get up. We were never told where we were going. When you watch the show and we’re going up an elevator and we step into a room, that truly is the moment we are told what the

challenge is. You’re finding out, just like we’re finding out. That was tough. And I think they intentionally switched it up that we would work alone, then as a team, then alone, because the second we can figure out what’s happening, we can manipulate the game. They don’t want that. It is, very much, a game. Is it pretty true to life? In terms of design, it’s so not real--I would never redo a kitchen in 48 hours. That’s not realistic. You do have to work well with other people and you do have think on your feet and you do have to be creative. All those things are important in the real design world. But on the show, it’s kind of not reality--It’s just not the same as designing for a client here in Edmond. It’s pretty obvious that the producers of reality shows will cast people of varying psychological profiles. What was your take on the psychological makeup of the cast of Design Star? I think everybody was represented there. There were some people that were kind of chill and laid back. Then there were people who were more outspoken and want to bully their way through projects. I think I was a little bit of a surprise to the rest of the designers, because of my size and where I’m from and I’m a mommy. I’m sure they underestimated me and expected that I would be a pushover. So, I think for the network, I was a surprise. I remember one moment when the Executive Producer asked what my weakness was. I just paused and he started to re-explain the question. I told him. ‘I know what you’re asking me, and I don’t have a weakness!’ From those moment they knew that I was kind of feisty. The intensity of the whole process brings things out in you, as well as being separated from your family. I have little kids. I have a 6-year old and a 2year old. That’s got to be tough. How long were you gone? The duration of filming was 8 weeks. So things like my son saying “momma,” I saw via Skype. It was hard and it messes with your head. For me, I struggled with... did I make the right decision and am I being selfish by being here? Did it make you feel guilty? Here’s the thing, as a parent you can feel guilty for not being an example for your

kids, by not following your dreams, or you can follow your dreams. I would rather take any excuses away from my boys for not following their dreams. I want to be able to say that I did it and you can do it too. And other moms as well, especially in Edmond. There are a lot of moms that stay at home who have always wanted to start a business, or start a blog, or write a book and they don’t do it. I don’t know why they don’t think they can, but you can. What does your husband do? My husband also works for himself. He builds custom exterior shutters for houses. He was in sales for a long time, but we just love being able to sail our own ship. We’re kind of in the same line of work, but we don’t always work directly together. Was he in a position where he could take up the slack while you were gone? Yes and no, because he still had a business to run. We have not put our kids in daycare. We have always worked our schedule so that one of us was always with them. So he made a huge sacrifice for me to be gone. How many men do you know that would keep an 18-month old and a 5-year old for 8 weeks solid? We’re talking bath time, meal time...everything. What man would agree to do that. He’s amazing. I couldn’t have gone without his support. What’s the prize if you win Design Star? If you win you get your own TV show on the HGTV network. Even if you don’t win, there are still a lot of benefits to being on a show like this. With only a few episodes airing, has anything changed for you? I have done a lot of press and I’ve had a lot of inquiries from new clients and i’ve had a lot of referrals from existing clients. I’m really busy, so it’s hard to evaluate what I can take on and what I can’t. Who would you like to thank? My husband. When I had my accident, there were people that I did not expect that would supportive and encouraging, that were amazing. When you’re down and out and people believe in you, it’s very motivating. I felt like I owed something to them. Mostly my husband, but the people who have been loyal clients and friends of mine and encouragers, I value their friendships and relationships. 23

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Back to School Basics School Supply Comparison By Sherri Hultner This year we noticed that school supplies were out two weeks earlier than last year, so, as we did last year online in Around Edmond, we decided to head out to the three most popular stores that you head to every year, and compare prices on the basics. There are still some good deals out there, if you haven’t already been out. This year it looks like Target is the winner when it comes to like basic school supplies by $3.61 as opposed to losing out to Wal-Mart in 2010 by $1.00. And we were surprised that Office Depot is double the price of Target & Wal-Mart’s supplies, and it even increased with it’s own prices since 2010 by over $19.00.


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24 Pencils. 1.74 for 12 4 Highlighters. 1.79 for 3 15 Glue sticks. 3.19 for 12 1 200 ct Notebook paper. .75 each 150 sheets 1 box Colored pencils. .99 for 12 5 red Pens. 10 for 1.00 BIC brand 10 Mech pencils. 24 for 4.79 1 box 16 ct crayons. .40 for 24 2 boxes tissues UP Brand 1.39 each 7 comp books. .25 each 8 pocket folders w Brads 4 plas 4 paper. .49 each 1 pkg fineline markers. .79 each 2 black sharpies. 1.00 for 2 pack 1 1 1/2 3 ring binder w pockets. 2.49 each 1 bottle germ x. UP Brand 1.79 for a 2 pack Clorox wipes LYSOL 2 pk. 7.99 Gallon sized ziplock bags 5.79 1 subject nbook. .50 each Scissors. .74 each Glue bottles. .20 each Backpacks 19.99 & up Total Target Basic School Supplies (Minus backpacks) = $41.20 25

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24 Pencils. .94 per package 4 Highlighters. 1.47 for a package of 4 15 Glue sticks. 3.94 for 12 1 200 ct Notebook paper. .75 each 1 box Colored pencils. 1.97 each 5 red Pens. 10 for .97 10 Mech pencils. 2.47 for 20 1 box 16 ct crayons. 1.12 each 2 boxes tissues 3 pack Kleenex 4.58 7 comp books. .66 each 8 pocket folders w Brads 4 plas 4 paper .17 each 1 pkg fineline markers. 1.80 2 black sharpies. 3 for 1.47 1 1 1/2 3 ring binder w pockets. 3.78 each 1 bottle germ x. 40 oz bottle 4.97 Clorox wipes 2 pack 7.74 Gallon sized ziplock bags 3.16 per box 1 subject nbook. .42 each Scissors. .74 each Glue bottles. .50 each Backpacks Starting at 9.00 Total Wal-Mart Basic School Supplies (Minus backpacks) = $44.81


Office Depot

24 Pencils. 4.69 4 Highlighters. 6 for 4.49 15 Glue sticks. Package of 4 for 1.79 1 200 ct Notebook paper. 1.50 1 box Colored pencils. 2.99 5 red Pens. .99 for 10 10 Mech pencils. 7.99 for box of 10 1 box 16 ct crayons. 1.49 for 24 2 boxes tissues 4.99 7 comp books. 2.98 each 8 pocket folders w Brads 4 plas 4 paper. 10for 2.49 1 pkg fineline markers. 4.79 2 black sharpies. 5 for 4.79 1 1 1/2 3 ring binder w pockets. 4.99 1 bottle germ x. 4.99 Clorox wipes. 3.49 Gallon sized ziplock bags 2.99 1 subject notebook. 2.99 Scissors. .99 Glue bottles. .79 Backpacks starting at 9.99 Total Office Depot Basic School Supplies (Minus backpacks) = $86.47

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Edmond Public Schools 2011-12 School Calendar 2011-12 SCHOOL CALENDAR 175 Instructional Days Aug. 19 — Oct. 19 42 days Oct. 24 — Jan. 13 47 days First Semester 89 days Jan. 17 — Mar. 16 43 days Mar. 26 — May 25 45 days * Second Semester * 88 days Six Week Reporting Periods [9 - 12] Aug. 19 — Sep. 30 29 days Oct. 3 — Nov. 11 28 days Nov. 14 — Jan. 13 32 days First Semester 89 days Jan. 17 — Feb. 24 28 days Mar. 27 — Apr. 13 30 days Apr. 16 — May 25 30 days* Second Semester *88 days HOLIDAYS July 4 Independence Day Sept. 5-6 Labor Day Oct. 20-21 Fall Break Nov. 4 Conference Break Nov. 23-25 Thanksgiving Break Dec. 21-Jan 3 Winter Break Jan. 16 Martin Luther King Day Feb. 20 President’s Day Mar. 19-23 Spring Break May 28 Memorial Day

Edmond Public Schools Enrollment Information from

To enroll in Edmond Public Schools, you MUST reside in the Edmond Public Schools School District. To begin the enrollment process, you must bring the following documents with you to enroll. We cannot start the enrollment process without these documents. 1. Two (2) Proofs of residency. State Law provides that a child’s residence for school purposes is the school district in which the parent/ legal guardian/legal custodian (guardian/custodian must be verified by court documents) holds legal residence. a. A current utility bill for gas, electric, or water and sewer (telephone and television cable 28

bills will not be accepted, nor are cutoff notices accepted). b. A current lease agreement, contract on a home (where you will be residing within 45 days), warranty deed statement, or mortgage statement. (Please click on the Residency link at the left for more information on questions concerning residency.) 2. Legal Birth Certificate. Must be the certificate issued BY THE STATE OR COUNTY where the child was born – NOT THE HOSPITAL RECORD. He/she must be five 5 years old on or before September 1, of the current school year to enter kindergarten. 3. Immunization Record. The State of Oklahoma requires acceptable evidence of adequate immunization before a child may be enrolled in any school in Oklahoma. Click on the “Immunization Requirements” link to the left for more information concerning immunizations that are required in the State of Oklahoma. 4. Parent/Guardian Photo ID. The biological, foster or adoptive parent may enroll the student. A driver’s license or any other photo ID is acceptable. Guardians must have proper copies of court authorization. In cases of divorce, custody documentation is required, if applicable.

Edmond Elementary Schools

Clegern 601 S. Jackson 73034 405.340.2955 Mr. Bill Powell, Principal Clyde Howell 45 E. 12th 73034 405.340.2960 Mr. Bill Powell, Principal Cross Timbers 4800 N. Kelly 73025 405.340.2200 Mrs. Cathey Bugg, Principal Ida Freeman 501 W. Hurd 73003 405.340.2965 Mrs. Brenda McDonald, Principal John Ross 1901 N. Thomas, 73003 405.340.2970 Mrs. Ruthie Riggs, Principal Northern Hills 901 E. Wayne 73034 405.340.2975 Ms. Suzie Armishaw, Prin. Orvis Risner 2801 S. Rankin 73013 405.340.2984 Ms. Penny Dilg, Principal Russell Dougherty 19 N. Boulevard 73034 405.340.2985 Mrs. Paula Stafford, Principal

Angie Debo 16060 N. May 73013 405.340.2270 Mrs. Beth Tollefson, Principal

Sunset 400 W. 8th 73003 405.340.2990 Ms. Joann Simpson-Miller, Principal

Centennial 4400 N.Coltrane 73034 405.340.2275 Mrs. Jessele Miller, Principal

Washington Irving 18101 N. Western 73012 405.340.2210 Mr. Robert Evans, Principal

Charles Haskell 1701 NW 150th 73013 405.340.2945 Mrs. Kelly Faught

West Field 17601 N. Penn 73012 405.340.2285 Mrs. Cara Jernigan

Chisholm 2300 E. 33rd 73013 405.340.2950 Mr. Tom Higdon, Principal

Will Rogers 1215 E. 9th 73034 405.340.2995 Dr. Sheron House, Principal

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Edmond Middle Schools

Central 500 E. 9th, 73034 Mr. Brandon Kysar, Principal Cheyenne 1271 W. Covell Road, 73003 Mrs. Susie Schinnerer, Principal Cimarron 3701 S. Bryant, 73013 Mr. Andy North, Principal Sequoyah 1125 E. Danforth Road, 73034 Mr. Jason Galloway, Principal Summit 1703 NW 150th, 73013 Ms. Desarae Witmer, Principal

Edmond High Schools Boulevard Academy 215 N. Boulevard, 73034 Mr. Mark Andrus

Memorial 1000 East 15th St., 73013 Dr. Debbie Bendick North 215 West Danforth, 73003 Mr. Jason Pittenger Santa Fe 1901 S.W. 15th St, 73013 Mr. Earl Kirkpatrick Edmond High Schools Schedule Pick Up Days

High School Schedule Pickup

Memorial – • Seniors - August 10 / A-l 9 To 11 Am / M-z 11 Am – 1 Pm • Juniors – August 11 / A-l 9 To 11 Am / M-z 11 Am – 1 Pm • Sophomores – August 12 / A-l 9 To 11 Am / M-z 11 Am – 1 Pm • Freshman – August 12 / A-l 9 To 11 Am / M-z 11 Am – 1 Pm North – 9 Am -1 Pm - Cafeteria • Seniors - August 8 • Juniors - August 10 • Sophomores - August 11 • Freshman - August 12 Santa Fe – 9 Am – 1 Pm –

Auditorium Foyer • Seniors: Wednesday, August 10 • Juniors And Sophomores: Thursday, August 11 • Freshmen: Friday, August 12 Middle School Information Day August 11, Noon To 6:00 P.m. Deer Creek Schools 2011-12 School Year Calendar 8-10 - Professional Development 2 - No School 8-11 - Classes Resume 9-5 - Labor Day (No School) 10-20-21 - Fall Break (No School) Last Day for Students 4th Quarter May 24

Deer Creek Schools Enrollment Information [Download Packet] All Forms



Residence Of Student

[New Student Enrollment AFFIDAVIT OF RESIDENCY Form]AMENDED [Returning Student Enrollment Verification Form] No student shall be enrolled in, nor attend Deer Creek School District unless: 1. The residence of said student(s) for school purposes shall be in which the parent(s), guardian, or person having legal custody islocated within the legal boundaries of the Deer Creek School system. 2. The home is currently occupied by the student who is living with their parent(s), lawful guardian, or person having legal custody. The resident of the district must be able to show verifiable proof of residency (as outlined below) and if the student is not their own student, the resident must provide evidence of legal custody at the time of enrollment. Verifiable evidence of residency shall be any two originals of the following documents: 1. Gas bill 2. Electric bill 3. Edmond Utility bill 4. Oklahoma City Utility bill 5. Deer Creek Water Corporation bill

6. Telephone bill 7. Ad Valorem Tax Statement 8. On-line Billing print-out All of said bills must show the physical address of the property (not a rural route) and must be current bills(June, July, or August). A new fully executed rental agreement must be provided yearly. If the returning enrollee has a change in address, he or she must provide the same documents as listed for a new enrollee. If the returning enrollee asserts residency based upon the residence of his or her legal custodian, the child must provide evidence of legal custody at the time of enrollment. In addition to the verification above, new enrollees to the District must provide a fully executed closing statement for a house purchased prior to the first day of attendance or a fully executed copy of a rental agreement, together with the appropriate signatures on the attached affidavit. All documents required under this policy shall be provided at the time of the student’s enrollment and prior to admittance to class. No student shall be admitted to class under any circumstances until the requirements of this policy have been completed. The falsification of any documentation required hereunder shall be grounds for immediate termination of the student’s enrollment and attendance in class and shall subject the parent, guardian or legal custodian and any other party perpetuating the falsification to the pursuit of legal remedies, including the seeking of criminal penalties, at the District’sdiscretion. Enrollment Verification Form In order to expedite the enrollment process and comply with district enrollment policies each year every student must complete this form and attach the required documentation prior to receiving a class schedule. There are two options listed. Please select the option that best meets the needs of your family. Questions may be directed to individual schools. 29

Events Calendar






















August 2011


- MAYB Girls Basketball Nationals @ Edmond & Stillwater Public

- Beat the Heat @ Service Blake Park Soccer Fields - World Series of Team Roping @ Lazy E Arena - 8th Annual Parent Child Championship @ KickingBird Golf Club

- Beat the Heat @ Service Blake Park Soccer Fields



- Farmer’s Market & Jr. Market for Kids @ Fesitval Market Place - Water Polo @ Pelican Bay

- Farmer’s Market & Jr. Market for Kids @ Fesitval Market Place

Events Calendar
















- MAYB Girls Basketball Nationals @ Edmond & Stillwater Public - Summer Concert in the Park @ Hafer Park, 9th & Bryant

- Summer Concert in the Park @ Hafer Park, 9th & Bryant

- MAYB Girls Basketball Nationals @ Edmond & Stillwater Public

- Edmond Jr. Rodeo @ Carl Benne Arena - Beat the Heat @ Service Blake Park Soccer Fields

- Beat the Heat @ Service Blake Park Soccer Fields

- Edmond Jr. FINALS Rodeo @ Edmond Round Up Club - Jodi Benson & The Edmond Youth Chorus @ Mitchell Hall Theater

- MAYB Girls Basketball Nationals @ Edmond & Stillwater Public - Farmer’s Market @ Festival Market Place - Arcadia Lake Sweep @ Arcadia Lake’s Spring Creek Park

- Edmond Jr. Rodeo @ Carl Benne Arena - Beat the Heat @ Service Blake Park Soccer Fields - World Series of Team Roping @ Lazy E Arena

- Beat the Heat @ Service Blake Park Soccer Fields - Farmer’s Market @ Festival Market Place

- Edmond Jr. FINALS Rodeo @ Edmond Round Up Club - Family Fun Night @ KickingBird Golf Club - Farmers Market @ Festival Market Place - 3rd Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta @ Arcadia Lake in Edmond Park 31

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