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Introduction This ebook is all about link building. You have free methods, paid methods, link building methods aimed for bloggers - there is also some important information to know about link building... But it's aimed to get you the links! My Guarantee: If you already know SEO tactics like how to use anchor text in backlinks and you already did keyword research - with these link building methods you're going to get ranks and traffic. No maybe! These are very powerful methods - do get to know SEO tactics like proper usage of keywords in anchor text, and so on... but then this guide will show you where to GET the backlinks. These are proven methods with the aim to give your website backlinks... you have the right tactics to suck an INFINITE number of links EASILY and FAST. Just as easy and fast like a vacuum cleaner sucks dust.

Table Of Contents 7 Instant Ways To Load Your Blog With Backlinks How To Turn A Rss Feed Into Backlinks The Most Deadly Link Building Myths How To Buy Backlinks To Improve Your Rankings How To Get One Way Links In The Next 7 Minutes What Else Can You Do On Forums? Write Press Releases For Backlinks SiteWide Links - Too Many Links What Are They? Free Link Building Technique For Bloggers Free Way To Get One Way Links More FREE Ways To Get Links Are Three Way Link Exchanges Good?

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7 Instant Ways To Load Your Blog With Backlinks Note: If you have a blog not a website, this article is for you. But if you have a website and you've added a blog to it remember to spend time on the most important methods only. Not everything listed here will be worth doing for you. If you have a blog here you will find proven methods to get backlinks to it. Most methods can also be used to get links to your website, but some are exclusive for blogs. Some methods give you one way links, other help you make a lot of blog link exchanges fast. The fastest way to start is to join a forum. Forums are extremely valuable, if you know how to use them to get backlinks. Most members are just like you, eagerly searching for link exchanges. Find internet marketing or seo related forums, or any forum that has a section to trade, swap or buy links. Then simple post your request, reply to other requests and the one thing few do is private message members. In no time you can have a lot of links on your blog. So what requests? Ask them for a blog link exchange or to exchange a blog post... Exchanging a blog post means you put one of your blog posts on their blog (with a link inside the post), and they put one of their blog posts on yours. Second thing you can do is find blogs that have a lot of link partners on their blog roll (blog roll is the links section on their sidebar). Then contact the blog owner for a blog link exchange AND also visit his link partners that are on the blogroll. They are already actively making link exchanges so it is the best time to ask them. I have seen only few blogs that have a simple text link that links to a submission form on their blog. You can put a text link in your links section, saying something like, Would you like your link here? Ok, now here's how to get a lot of one way links to your blog?

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Rss submission can boost your pagerank in no time. There are a ton of rss directories and even software to automate the submission. Every blog has an Rss feed... usually all you have to do is add rss.xml or atom.xml after your blog url (whatever the url might be of your blog homepage), so something like this: Blog submission to blog directories. You can also submit your blog to blog directories; I do not suggest you link back to blog directories that require a reciprocal link. Some might tell you to put their badge, image or whatever on your blog to link back to them. If it is optional avoid it, if the directory has no content, but just links it's best to avoid linking back to them. You want to customize your blog template, so that your links section does not appear on all your blog pages. It should only appear on the homepage, or you loose a lot of pagerank from your other pages. Are you a good writer? You can ask other bloggers for you to become a co author of their blog. That means you will be able to post on their blog anytime you like. In return you can link back to your blog from the blog post. The other thing to keep in mind is to link to your blog from the blog post itself (therefore within the blog posts). It is much better than from your bio section, also known as the about me section and located at the bottom of the blog post/article. If your blog is a company blog, or you just added a blog to your website, it is a good idea to link to your blog from your homepage and from other pages. The more you link to it the better. These links are called Internal Links. The other thing you need to do is remove those unwanted links. For example login info in wordpress, a link to Blogger or Wordpress. If you want to display them for some reason, at least put the nofollow tag on them, so spiders ignore them. They will not pass any pagerank to them. Next we will be talking about some simple changes to your blog.

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Too many links pointing to your internal blog pages from your homepage harms a bit your blog homepage pagerank. So for example you can make the previous posts section shorter. Instead of displaying 10 posts, show 7. Instead of putting the archive section as text links, you can use a drop down menu. Spiders do not open drop down menus, so visitors will still benefit and your blog does not looses pagerank because of too many internal links. Any extra pages you add like About Us and other similar pages can be put with the nofollow tag on them. You do not want to use nofollow tags on your link partners of course (under the blogroll) and your previous posts section. Those are the most important pages you want to get indexed. One important thing is Bloggers feature called Labels. You can use labels of course if you wish, but make sure you use a robots.txt file to block these pages from getting indexed. These labels pages will show same contain that's already on the blog - this can effect your site a bit negatively because of duplicate content. So with a little care, some tweaks and good link building methods your blog can rock and rank high in the search engines. Yes I said rock! The pagerank gets a heavy boost and you attract more link exchange partners because the more your blog gets traffic, increases pagerank, etc the more other people will be attracted to it.

How To Turn A Rss Feed Into Backlinks What is an rss feed? Blogs most often use rss feeds because they get updated regularly. NoAdware Blog rss feed is: So it's the blog url then just add either atom.xml or rss.xml An rss feed (click the link above to see) contains usually the blog posts titles and a small part of the actual blog post... and whenever new blog posts are added the list is automatically updated. So if you bookmark that rss feed and I add new blog posts you get to see them on that page as well. But how much is it useful to get backlinks?

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Of course, there are Rss Directories where you can submit your rss feed. And they list your rss feed into their directory. This in turn displays in their directory your recent blog posts, and gets automatically updated. That gives you one way links from rss directories! There are plenty of rss directories and basically to get backlinks that is the most common method to use with rss feeds. There are software you can use to submit the rss feed to rss directories. Allow also your blog visitors to bookmark your rss feed. This will give you links possible from social sites like You can use a tool like to do that. So YES! You can turn your rss feed into backlinks. There are other places where you can submit your RSS feed to get the backlinks. (Pretty much any website that asks you for your rss feed). Here is a small list: Submitting to your Google and/or Yahoo pages/account does not really mean you get one way links. These may be blocking the certain pages using robots.txt or .htaccess files... But I still submit to them. >> 1: iGoogle (get a free account at and login. Then click on Add stuff, then click on Add feed or gadget). >> 2: Yahoo (Go to and click login, and click on Sign up if you do not have a free account. Then login and click on Add content, then click on Add RSS feed). >> 3: Squidoo (Go to and click on Join the community, then login. Click on My lenses and then click on Create a lens now! Follow step by step instructions until it is created. Then go to Dashboard, click on My Lenses and click on the lens name. Then on the right side click on Edit this page. Search for the option called: RSS: Add Your Own Feed: and click Edit.

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>> 4: Orkut (Use the same Google account you have with iGoogle and login at On the left menu under the heading Apps click on Edit applications. If there is a tab called My feeds click on it to submit your feed. If you do not see it, click on Add More Apps and use the search box to search for the feed application) So remember next time you are going to signup anywhere (could be a forum, a social site, etc) look out for the option to submit your rss feed. Even when filling up profile pages (of forums, social sites, practically anywhere), if it asks you for your website url, make sure you put it down, if it asks you for your rss feed start putting this too. Some profile pages get indexed and you do get the backlink! Take for example Squidoo. You can edit your profile and you can fill in your: > blog > twitter page > facebook page I do all that because it helps to index my twitter profile page and facebook profile page In those profile pages I have submitted my website url as well, so getting the profile page indexed is worth it. Even though not all profile pages eventually will get indexed (because like faceobook they don't show up) it's quick one to do. Check out my Linkedin profile page for example. I added my website there as well. It ook it a step further by linking to my linkedin profile page from one blog I have. So the profile page is more likely to get indexed and I get the backlink. I did that because I knew thanks to the SEO Aid™ plugin, that the page is not being blocked by robots file, nor are they using nofollow tags on links. Bottom line is... you don't have to check for each profile page if it's being blocked with robots.txt or not, etc, it can be time consuming. Just watch out when creating profiles, etc for the option to submit your website, blog or rss feed. Just do it!

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The Most Deadly Link Building Myths "A myth is the name of a terrible lie told by a smelly little brown person to a man in a white suit with a pair of binoculars." David Antin Here are some myths that many webmasters faithfully follow. Test results show proof that these are no correct theories. They may have been understood incorrectly or invented by wanna be gurus seeking attention. So let us start with the number. Link exchanges are dead myth. This practically means that who believes that is leaving thousands of backlinks "on the table". There are certain guidelines to follow when doing link exchanges however they are great link building method. They are highly effective as well, you cannot say link exchanges are no longer that effective. By effective one understand they are very easy to get and search engines consider them powerful. What is dead for sure are blog comment posting probably, since almost all blogs are now using nofollow tags. Two of the most effective methods to get links are article submission and link exchanges. It's dead for the sole reason that it was a black hat method, most black hat methods will some day or another become useless. Make link exchanges with only related sites myth. Luckily not everyone believes this theory. Again, results show that you can get links from website in any niche. The more links you have the better. It can be good idea to create a highly focused link directory first, but then you can expand. But the best guideline is to have 70% of the categories/subcategories in your directory related and 30% unrelated. That means the links you have will be 70% of them related and 30% unrelated. But then what you do if there's no more links you can get from related sites? You just STOP?? NO, you get links from un related sites.

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Remember when you're getting links, you're not getting cocaine, it's not something illegal. So what it's an unrelated site, Google will still give you credit, that site is linking to yours. Make link exchanges with websites that have a specific pagerank myth. It means one thing, you loose a ton of links, denying certain websites. It does not matter if the site has pagerank zero or ten, it is still an important link to get. This will only affect your rankings in a positive way by exchanging links with all websites. Just make sure the site is indexed, the homepage or any other page. Ok, some have pagerank zero and you did all that work and have a pagerank of four. So what? Do you no longer want backlinks because you have a higher pagerank? Everyone needs backlinks, no matter your pagerank. Those with pagerank 0 will someday have a pagerank 1. When that happens you'll have a link from a site with pagerank 1... Article submission myth. The most screwed up is the duplicate content theory. It strictly does not exist, webmasters simple understand it wrong. Submitting the same article to all article directories is a great thing, you get all those one way links. Spinning titles, descriptions and so forth is not required. Spinning means you change the title, the article a bit so they are unique and you submit a "unique" article for each article directory... You can get rid of doing that. Some use this technique because they think they get more benefit. For these I say it's better to spend the time to write new articles instead of spinning, that's how you get the most benefit by having more new articles for submission - remember with article submission other webmasters will put your articles on their website. The more new articles you have, the more links you get. Spinning just spins your head without getting nowhere. Some think they should do it or they get some penalty or banned. It can never happen. Another website can never harm you. Example: If I have ten adult websites filled with viruses, porn, etc and link to your website in the middle of this content with bold font, you cannot get harmed. Search engine have algorythms that prevent others from harming your website. Making sure you do not fall victim to invented theories or incorrect ones is important. A new theory is created out of nowhere every now and then.

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This is happening all the time and these spread like a virus. People seems to love talking about what works and what does not. However what is important is to stick with what works and avoid believing into new things as if they are some strict rules. If you're new that's very for you.

How To Buy Backlinks To Improve Your Rankings "Finding the best deals is one of the best ways to get rich" I don't know who said that... You can start by using search engines and forums. Forums related in SEO or Internet Marketing that have sections where to buy, trade or swap links are the ones you should look for. The more popular the forum the better. Here is what to look for when buying links. Sidenote: This is not buying a text link. This is using money to get links, therefore it can be buying a directory submission software. So you can say paid methods to get links. Site wide links are not as much powerful as they seem. A site wide link means you get a link from all the pages, or many pages within the same website. For example ten thousand backlinks from a website which has ten thousand pages. The thing is that Google does not count a lot of backlinks from the same site. They will not count as ten thousand backlinks for sure. But obviously you still get some value. Google will only give you value/credit for some 100 of them. More deals you can find include directory submission or links from a network of blogs. You cannot buy five different directory submission services, because probably they will submit to the same sites. For directory submissions find out the best deal and take your time on proper research. Usually a deal where you get a thousand directory submissions is good. So this article is telling you to NOT go for the same software or services, but to look out in these special sections in forums - for special deals. They exist and sometimes they are worth it. Check the offers, your benefits, analyse them and you might find some very good ones.

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Remember buying links can also mean a lot of links fast pointing to your website. It is not bad at all, however you need to make sure you use different anchor texts. Create some variations of your main keyword and use all of them. Some six or eight variations is probably enough. Variations means simple pick up your keyword like for example blue cars then create new keywords out of it. We get blue cars for sale, cheap blue cars, low cost blue cars, blue cars cheap and so on. But you want to use your main keyword almost all of the time. Main keyword means the keyword or maybe more than one that you want to get high rankings for. Another important thing to look for when buying links on a network of blogs; it does not matter if they have no pagerank, but make also sure the blogs are indexed at least. A network of blogs is simple a big list of blogs. It's quite a common offer. Like I said make sure you know who you're dealing with before sending any money. If your budget is limited, you need to look for deals, which exist. This article might have opened up for you new solutions for a low budget, or a very low budget depending on your situation. I made use of these services before that's why I think someone else too might find them useful.

How To Get One Way Links In The Next 7 Minutes Now there are many methods to get one way links. You can find new methods yourself just by exploring the Internet. Check out any website that allows you in some way or another to add your link without having to link back. Not very common methods include submitting your website to awards sites. These are sites that accept website submissions, then they award the website with the best web design, the best content and so on. Then give the winner a badge, a star or something like that. But they also link to that website from their awards page. With a bit of research you can find many other methods. Of course it's best to use the proven methods, instead of going around discovering new ones... wasting time! The method I enjoy is forum submission. First of all you are not just submitting the same website information like you do with directory submission. Page 11 Of 26

You are replying to a forum post, a discussion, so it is interesting. You can find forums related to your website, and you are getting one way links while chatting more or less. Here is the proper way to do it. First of all you join a forum. They send you confirmation email, so you have to check your email and visit the link in that email. It is easy. Next login, and find the profile page, usually called profile, settings, control panel or something like that. You do not need to fill in all the information, but just the signature box. In that box, enter your website url. I do not suggest you put more than one website, because some forums won't allow it. Always include a keyword in the anchor text. So you create a text link, the keyword that links to your website url. You cannot input html code in this box, but special forum code. Next to this box, there is information on how to add a link, it is called BBC code sometimes.

Basically you click that and follow instructions, there is how to make bold, italics, underline and many other fonts and styles. However you are only interested on how to make a link. Then click submit to save your profile, find a post you can reply to and make your reply. Make sure the signature appears under your post. This appears automatically but sometimes it does not. While posting you should see a link to Advanced Options somewhere. You can click that and see other options, one allows you to add signature to your post. You just got a one way links from this forum. This is more powerful than a link from a directory. That does not mean you ignore directory submissions. Treat it as another method you can use, when you wish, but forum submissions is much better, so you can simple do only that. A link from a forum, is better because it is in between content. Links inside an article or any content is better than a link from a page with no content at all.

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Once you have replied to a post, it is time to join another forum. You want backlinks from unique websites, it is more powerful. Remember always make a decent and useful post. Not a one line post. Pick a post where a member posted a question, and if you can reply to that and help him. So you are not just posting for a link. So remember you want one way links to improve search engine rankings, so make sure you implement one of the several methods, forum submission is one of them. Do it regularly and daily, get the same number of links everyday approximately, so it all looks natural to the search engines.

What Else Can You Do On Forums? Here is something I do regularly, everyday when I am optimizing my website. I visit a forum, The Warrior Forum, in the subcategory: Warrior Reciprocal Links - Buy - Sell - Swap! Exactly here: There are numerous opportunities to get links. Like I told you in previous SEO report, these sections in forums allow you to get links. Most members of the forum (you need to join for free to post) ask for link exchanges... but others give special offers or directory submissions, squidoo lens swapping - anything. There is new posts everyday, that is why I check daily. Now it's not just that forum but that's one of the forums with most active members. I always get some links - 1,2,3 or more everyday. You can also post a new thread, asking all members to exchange links with your website. Become a Warrior Forum member, and start checking out the section to exchange links and get backlinks. You obviously can search other forums as well on Google. There are plenty others like where members trade links with each other.

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Remember exchanging links is one of the best ways to get backlinks. Make sure you exchange links with websites with ANY pagerank number and in ANY niche. Create a link directory with categories and subcategories, the main ones just like I do with OutRankSmart site. Aim at having 70% of the categories related, while 30% unrelated to your website. You can see the link directory here: Feel free to submit your website as well. Sidenote: You can do much more on forums then just exchanging links. Recently I became an author of one Internet marketing site called Internet Marketer Symposium. I submitting a couple articles, it is a win win situation for me and the blogger. He got free content and I got the backlinks. If you use a software such as OutRankSmart™ you will practically find an unlimited number of link exchange partners. The software will also creates the link directory. We're always trying to make the link directory created by software better. Currently you can do all this: >> Add unlimited number of categories and subcategories. >> Specify how many links per page you want. >> A date is included under each link - this is the date when you added the link. >> You can make the link directory look exactly like the rest of your website. Then you can find very fast websites, and it automatically fills in submission forms - and practically makes all the rest for you. The link I gave you for my link directory was a directory created by another script (not OutRankSmart™). If you love that it's called If you're not going to use the software, OutRankSmart™ to find link exchange partners, than that's the tool I suggest to create the link directory. Sidenote: Two ways you can make link exchanges, the automated way with the software or manually using forums, etc. Both are great. Truth be told you can just use the software, it finds a never ending list of websites all having a link exchange

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submission form. Using software, it will also create the link directory. Everything is done. Ok, now options for getting link exchanges covered, here are some SEO terms explained: Term #1: Link exchanges: a link exchange is when a webmaster lets call him Jack asks another webmasters lets call him Paul. He asks him to exchange links. It means Paul will put a link to Jack's website (usually on his link directory) and Jack will do the same. He will put a link to Paul's website on his own link direcotry. That is why it is called a link exchange. It is an exchange of links. If Jack or Paul, either one of them do not add links on a link directory they're doing it wrong. Term #2: Link exchange partner: in the above example both Jack and Paul are link exchange partners. A link exchange partner is someone who is doing a link exchange. Term #3: One way links: A one way link is a link you get from directories, article directories - the places where you do not need to link back. You just submit your site and that's it. When doing link exchanges, you submit your site but also have to link back. So that's why it is called one way links. One way - you only get a link - receive without giving. Term #4: Backlink: Any link you get is called a backlink. One way links, link exchanges or any other way to get a link - that link you get is called a backlink. Term #5: Reciprocal link: When you do a link exchange, the link you get from your link exchange partner is called a reciprocal link (or a backlink as well). When doing link exchanges the links you get are called reciprocal links.

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Write Press Releases For Backlinks One of your most important goals as a search engine optimizer is to get a lot of backlinks. Press releases are just another very effective method to get one way links. You just have to come up with a story. That is the reason behind a press release. An article teaches, a press releases shares a story. You can hire a ghostwriter to write your press releases, which you may want to write one every week or every month. Depends on your situation. There are also specialized writers or services that only write press releases. A ghostwriter may be cheaper but he or she may not be highly specialized in writing press releases. A specialized writer provides your press release with more benefits. The better written the more backlinks you can expect to get. Once your press release is written by you if you learn how to do it, by a ghostwriter or a specialized writer you need to submit it. Sidenote: If your budget affords it higher a specialized press released writer, which are not necessary found on freelancing websites. Probably not. There are software and even services to help you distribute your press release. Basically these submit it to press release directories. These are similar to article directories. There are also forums that accepts press releases. These forums unlike others do not have discussions but simple several sub forums with different categories and press releases. The services submit also to places like newspapers, journalists and media. You get a lot more exposure. Not all services are equal. Some submit to a thousand directories while others do something different. So you need to make a bit of research to find the best deal. I just think you should rely on services, not do this manually. It's always better to save time so when you have some budget to invest, use a service.

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Two great services are: Then stick with it and keep submitting your press releases week after week or month after month. You can even write a press release every day but that requires either a big budget to pay to writers or else a very creative mind. One press release per month is great. Just do write it extraordinary great and you get big benefits (including traffic of course). Remember your press release needs to be written properly otherwise it will not be accepted. So press releases should be used more or less like articles to get a lot of powerful one way links. These are obviously more powerful than links from web directories. Backlinks from content websites are better than those from sites with no content, but just a bunch of links. So as a search engine optimizer aim to start implementing this strategy to get backlinks and to outrank your competitors. When you need backlinks, now you know what you can do. Remember also you cannot spin your press release just like some webmasters do with articles. You need to submit the exact press release to all directories or the story looses value, you may ruin everything by spinning. If you rely on a service to make your submissions you'll do it RIGHT! Press releases also provide you with a lot of traffic if it is written very well. It will spread like a virus on the Internet but it depends again how well written it is. You can also put the press releases on your website. Create a new page, and put all of them on that page. This is content for your site or blog. The bottom line... This method is sometimes used once you have a good budget. And You Do It Once But You Do It Very Well... means you submit one per month only, but you might spend some money to write it very well!

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SiteWide Links - Too Many Links What Are They? Let me put two question: Can you have too many links that can raise red flags? Are 15,000 sitewide links good or bad? Let me tackle each one... Can you have too many links that can raise red flags? YES in some cases too many links can give you some penalty. For example... If you sell website templates and each user that downloads the template gives you a one way link from the template (means the template has a link back to your website) and you have some 14,000 users (so 14,000 backlinks all with same anchor text) that's not good idea. I will do these changes: 1) First I will use other link building methods as well not just giving aways these templates. 2) I will make the links in the templates with different anchor text and also make some of the links point to different pages of my website; not all pointing to the homepage - so if I have 10,000 downloads not all 10,000 links will have the same anchor text and not all will link to homepage. This is especially good to do if you have a lot of downloads like thousands of them. In other words I am getting links but in a natural way. 14,000 one way links is amazing. But ONLY worth it and good if: Doing those changes links I get look "natural". So that should have answered the question, too many links can raise red flags BUT it won't raise any red flags if the links look "natural".

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Second question: Is 15,000 sitewide links are good or bad? Sitewide links is different than the example above - these are all links on the same domain. So a website with 15,000 pages will give you 15,000 links, one link from each page. Or it will give you 10,000 links from 10,000 pages of the website. Google does not count all backlinks you get from any one domain. So it's not useless... but you won't get that same value as it might appear. I would not buy such thing... for that simple reason that Google with count just a bunch of those links (will give you credit for only few links, maybe a 100) and ignore the rest. Seems pretty on the surface (waw 15,000 links - that's insane!) no? But Google has a way around this, they know sites can sell these type of links. Such "loopholes" to get a ton of links fast end some day or another... Years ago you could by hundreds or thousands of links from ebay, and instantly get high rankings. Not anymore! Google had a way around that "loophole" of fast rankings. So you've discovered that getting a lot of links is great, but you should make them appear "natural" by using different anchor text and pointing to different pages of your website. Second you're understood that sitewide links look pretty on the surface, but truth be told they're not. It's better to buy 10 links on 10 different domains than 10,000 links all on the same domain.

Free Link Building Technique For Bloggers This technique is used by some top bloggers with good results... actually the more traffic you are getting to your blog the more this method gets you results. Basically this method is done by creating a new blog post and putting links to other people's blogs on it... so you are linking to other blogs (start with related blogs first) on this post. Use also anchor text in the links, put the blog title as anchor text. Then put also a link to your blog on top of these, of course put a keyword in the anchor text.

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Note: You can put the links as a list one under each other, or seperate them by a | it does not matter. This technique is sometimes also known as a Blog Virus For Bloggers. It is a viral strategy, here's why: After you link to a bunch of blogs maybe start with 20 or 30, then beneath these links put some easy instructions: You can copy and paste the below information in the post you created (under the links). ---copy from here--Here's how the Blog Virus For Bloggers works: 1) Create a new blog post and put the links above in it just like I did. Then put a link to your own blog as well on top of these. 2) In the blog post write also these same three steps like I did them here (just copy and paste) 1) and 2) and 3) 3) Now go tell these blogs by commenting on their blog and tell them something like this: Hello, I've linked to your blog, you can see your link here:

You can verify your link, then please participate in this viral link building method, read the easy instructions on that page. Your link will remain up if you link back. Thanks, Your Name ---copy till here---

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So after you've done that and send them a comment (just like instructions above state) what happens is that some will link back to you - but then also do the same thing you did - that's why this can become viral. Remember, after 1-2 months go back and check which bloggers linked back and which did not. You can safely remove bloggers who did not link back to you. Those are not interested. Most often those bloggers who link back to you will also comment on the post to let you know. Take it a step further: Now this method is for someone who has the time to do this. Because it may work very well, or it may work little well. The below tips can make it more successful method. >> If you want to make it easy for your visitors to participate then make it easy for them to copy the links. Usually they have to do it manually, but you can tell your webmaster to simple create some box with the required html. They just copy and paste the html code in the blog post and they're done. >> You can be creative a bit, maybe offer some bonus for those who participate... or anything that will get them to take action and copy the links on their blog.

Free Way To Get One Way Links "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Milton Friedman FREE methods are not the best methods, but they're free... Here's is one free way: The idea is to create profile pages in various websites, any website you can. Even though not the best way, it's great almost fun and easy to do. However for backlinks to have any real value, you must check to see if the profile page you'll create is blocked or not via robots file and if it's using nofollow tags on the links. If it's blocked by robots it's useless. So before creating a profile, first click on a member profile, I'm sure the site you find has already plenty of members.

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Then make sure that page, which is a profile page is not being blocked by robots. You can make use of the SEO Aid™ plugin to do this quickly. So this method the only thing is checking if page is blocked by robots or with nofollow tags, the plugin can check both with a click. Finding websites that allow you to create profiles is the easiest thing. Find social sites like myspace and then you can input the url in Google and click on Similar sites link. That will present you with a list of related sites to myspace. Story websites as well and to find a lot of them repeat same technique. In other words websites which have a Join button or Signup for an account and so on. A good idea is to input not just the website url in the profile but also add more info as much as they allow. So there's also some content if possible. Not all websites are the same, some will allow other options, for example some ask you for your rss feed which is a great thing to add. Others allow you to insert links to your blogs as well as your website. Others allow you to create a blog something myspace does but they do not allow direct linking to your website. Now this method gives you results? So and so, if you want a free method, this is one of them. Now sites like myspace you can use the plugin to check of course, but they have one extra thing that can block Google from giving you credit for the backlinks - that is the use of redirects. has also implimented this, making backlinks you get from Digg useless. If you submit say this url: Search engines will see the following and thus your link is "hidden" and no credit from SE is given to you: So for this method I just suggest to make use of the SEO Aid™ plugin, then go find these websites and join as many as you can to fill your profile pages... That's it. Don't get stuck researching deeply to see if your link will be good or bad, just join as many as you can.

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More FREE Ways To Get Links These are the best of the best. >> 1) Forum Posting. This is simple finding forums related to your website, in your niche and then joining, make sure they allow signatures and post a reply. One of the top ways for one way links. >> 2) Article Submission. Submit to top article directories. I won't suggest you spend all that time to submit to thousands or hundreds of article directories as well manually. It would be better, but since you're doing it FREE yourself, then submit to the top ones only. Instead use that time for forum posting. Spend time wisely therefore. Probably the best way to get one way links because you get quality and quantity. Quantity because most webmasters that like your articles will put them on their websites and that gives you MORE backlinks. >> 3) Link Exchanges. There are many link exchange services like membership sites where you join, forum sections where you can exchange links with other members. There are a lot of these membership sites and you can easily get many link exchanges this way. A couple I know are great include: Adding a submission form on your link exchange directory will get you even more links. Or put an email address and ask others to email you for a link exchange if you cannot put a submission form.

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Or better still put a contact us form so it's faster and easier for them to email you. In these sites you might find a free contact us form script, or even better a link exchange submission form maybe: Link exchanges is in the list of best free ways because you can get a LOT of links this way to improve the quantity of links you have. >> 4) Story Sites The thing with this is that you should not get too many links from the same domain. That's quite useless. If you find a story site, then submit 1 or 2 articles and find other sites like it for submission. Don't keep submitting to the same site over and over... Find other unique domains, that's better. To do that: When you find one type the url in Google search box and click Search. Then next to the domain in search result click on Similar sites and you see a list of potential related sites. Not all story sites are good, means some will be blocking links by robots file, or using redirects, etc... Nothing you can do about it, just don't get stuck trying to figure out if the backlinks will be good or bad - just find them submit 1 or 2 articles and find more of them. Ok, there you go, you should conquer some keywords with those free methods alone, without spending a dime. Assuming you have done keyword research properly so you know how to use them in anchor text. You have both quality and quantity with those methods.

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Are Three Way Link Exchanges Good? What's a three way link exchange? There is the normal link exchange where one webmaster exchanges links with another. That's also known as reciprocal link exchange or reciprocal linking. Is it effective? Yes, if you use other link building methods with it, No if you solely get links by doing link exchanges. So a thee way link exchange is slightly different. One example of this is when you have multiple websites. You ask a webmaster saying, please link to my website (Site A), in return I'll link back to you from this website (Site B). The results: You get a one way link to Site A. So three way link exchanges make use of multiple websites. Another example of this is the opposite, you get a request from someone instead of sending a request. He puts your website on his site (Site B) and you link to his other site (Site A). Now in the first case, when you have two websites, one will get one way links the other will sacrifice links (gives away pagerank, etc). Here's when you should reject a three way link exchange. If someone asks you to put his site on yours, and he will link back from another site do not accept if he places your link on a plain web directory (those directories with nothing but links). Reject too if of course the site or one of it's pages is not indexed. You have to check those two apart from the rest as most important - because there can be folks who just buy a second domain for the linking - they just put links on it, use it for 3 way link exchanges. That is a site that sucks! Most often people who ask for 3 way have their main site which they want to get high ranks for - so they get links to that. Then they have some other site or more than one which they just use to link back. The site they link back are of low quality in most cases. That's why I always check to see if my link when doing three way link exchanges is going to be on a quality site. Are they getting links to the site or adding content - you can check that, if they are gtting links it should be indexed. I don't want my link on a site they are using just for the sake of putting tons of links on it. This type of linking needs more things you have to check before doing it.

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Get Busy >> That's right - as long as you are not busy already with something else in your business, then why not create some plan for yourself - think a bit and start doing to see results.

Software do things even fast and easier for you. That's why OutRankSmart™ software is great tool for you - to do all this: Easily find unlimited number of websites that have a link exchange submission form autofill forms - find by pagerank, keyword/s and lots of other options plus creates the link directory (optional). Link directory is created with categories and/or subcategories you wish, each link has the date it was added, specify how many links you want on each page... and much more! The software can also provide you a list of websites that all have a submission form and accept free submissions - you get one way links from these websites; almost all are content sites (little known not what you think they are)... Forms are autofilled too. Claim your copy of OutRankSmart™ software now >>

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12 Fail-Proof And Proven Strategies To Get Infinite Number Of Backlinks -Fast, Easy And Many FREE!  
12 Fail-Proof And Proven Strategies To Get Infinite Number Of Backlinks -Fast, Easy And Many FREE!  

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