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INTERESTING Goal Achieved! Ask Your DTM AREA 3 Governor’s Report DTM Khalid AlQoud on why I want to come back! INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Office of the President


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From The President’s Desk “The longest journey is taken one step at a time.”

Bharat Patil President Manama Toastmasters (Jan-Jun 2013)

We all want to achieve lots of things in life and most of the time we hold back, thinking that they are too far for us to reach, and that we cannot get there. Who knows how far one can get when the journey is begun. We want to be assured that we will succeed. We fear that our efforts will be wasted. In Toastmasters, too, part of our goal is to become great leaders. When we join Toastmasters, the journey is long and can only be travelled step by step. However, hard work never goes to waste. It would be of use somewhere else. However, if you think the journey is long then the truth is that you may not be afraid of the journey, but you do not trust yourself enough and therefore you do not know yourself well enough. You have the potential of the entire Universe. If one can change anything with

his thoughts and intentions, then we can do anything with our determination. Yes it is true when we start the journey in Toastmasters it requires hard work, but more importantly you should have passion and love for your endeavors. You can enjoy every moment in Toastmasters, and your hard work need never be wasted. Every step is a learning experience towards becoming a leader of tomorrow. What is required is that we take a step towards what we want to accomplish with our determination. If we do not start the journey we can never finish it. If we start and we keep walking we will reach the destination. There is no other way, because the everything else in the Universe wants to support you. Everything else is part of you. Everything will fall neatly into place. For example, if you want to lift a heavy weight, then your entire body will focus strength in your hands: legs, neck, arms, back every part of your body will

support your hands. In the same way, since you are a part of the Universe, when you decide to lift a weight, the entire Universe will focus its strength on you, so that you can lift the weight. The strength of the Universe is your strength and your strength is not limited to the strength you have by yourself. Your strength is as infinite as this Universe. Do not be afraid. Take the first step. Dear Toastmasters, take the first step and complete your projects step by step with perfection. No journey can be accomplished using high jumps and long jumps, every journey is travelled one step at a time. Do not be afraid to take those steps. The universe is supporting you in your journey. Before long you will achieve the highest award in Toastmasters, which is Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). You will achieve any goals you set your mind to achieving. “See you all at the TOP!” Bharat Patil President

The Horizon Team

Design & Layout by TM Edmore Mleya

Managing Editor Editor In Chief TM Edmore Mleya TM Hannah Karanja

Associate Editor TM Sayam Bashir

Proof Reader TM Guraz Wankadia

Proof Reader TM Claire Cosgrove


EDITORIAL Dear Toastmasters and Friends It gives me immense pleasure to write my last editorial of this wonderful newsletter. This is a combined edition of the of May and June months. A lot has happened in these last 2 months ranging from the Tall tales contest to the social event themed MTM Cultural Funfest. I had the pleasure of working with fellow toastmasters in the organizing committee and it proved that team work results in success. Another big event is on the cards which is the Golden Jubilee celebrations and it is very encouraging to see toastmasters new, mid level and senior rising to the occasion. Although the event is only next year “there is no better time than now” to start the ground work and planning. I wish all the toastmasters who volunteered a successful event ahead. I am also delighted to announce that the club has achieved 10 out of 10 DCP point and this has been through the hard work of members completing their projects and the Excom in getting new members. A total of 9 members were inductied in the Term Jan-Jul 2013. On a somber note we entered the District PR Awards for the Best Newsletter and other categories but failed to make it. However our Horizon newsletter were conspicuous among the other District 20 newsletter posted on the District 20 website. It has been an exciting term for me as VP Public Relations and also the Editor in Chief of the Horizon and I wish the best of luck to the incoming team, whom I am prepared to assist in anyway should they require my help.

Editor In Chief TM Edmore Mleya

May you always have work for your hands to do. May your pockets hold

Adios and Goodbye till next time

always a coin or two.

Edmore Mleya Editor In Chief / VP Public Relations

May the sun shine bright on your windowpane.

Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day This year Mother’s day was celebrated on 12th May 2013. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. Did you remember to call your mother and tell her you love her or just appreciate her.

If your mom is alive, make every moment count. A Mother.... When you are a child she walks before you, To set an example. When you are a teenager she walks behind you, To be there should you need her. When you are an adult she walks beside you, So that as two friends you can enjoy life together. -author unknown. Father's Day was created to complement Mother's Day. It is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. This year fathers day was celebrated on 16th June 2013. It is a day dedicated to fathers across the world and sees children pay respects to their dad for the significant role he has played in their upbringing. Some have a dad while others have father figures whom they'd like to dedicate a message to on this special day. Children look up to their dad as their heroes and role-models and it is on this day that they honor them with words, gifts or just about anything they feel is appropriate to mark the occasion. Did you remember to honor your dad?

May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.




Dear Toastmasters,

TM Ratinder Nath Area 3 Governor Division C, District 20

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Being the Area Governor of Area 3 comprising of 3 clubs, which are Manama Toastmasters, Quaid Toastmasters and ALBA Toastmasters clubs, has been a unique experience for me. When the term started in July 2012, Manama TM’s club was in good stead and going full blast ahead with their programmes for the term July to December 2012. Quaid TM’s had a paid up membership of 5 members and we were struggling to increase the membership and conduct regular meetings. ALBA TM’s in spite of having paid dues for the membership till October 2012 were not holding any meetings. The area leadership had many challenges, but the hard work and perseverance of the club Presidents and their excom teams prepared us to overcome all obstacles. MTM goal was to achieve 10/10 DCP points, Quaid TM’s Club was to get 20 + members and start having regular meetings. The District officials were working hard to get ALBA TM’s back to their past glory. AREA 3 can proudly claim that they have met almost all the targets set. MTM are now at 10/10 DCP points. Quaid TM’s have already registered 20 + members and are having regular meetings twice a month.

Unfortunately ALBA TM’s restoration is yet to be completed, hopefully this will happen in the next term. Moreover, it gives me an immense pleasure to inform that our Division is in the process of realignment, and a new club will be added to our fold soon. That new club is Bahrain University club which is in the formative stage. Three of MTM stalwarts, Dr Thuraya Juma, Dr Khalid Amin and DTM Indrupati Joel are spearheading the formation of this new club. Area 3 conducted the Annual contests with 2 clubs participating that are Manama Toastmasters and Quaid Toastmasters only, but still we had a good contest and we were glad to see some of our members move up to Division level contests. The clubs’ performances at District level were exemplary and we had TM Waleed as a contest chair, TM Asrar Merchant competing in humorous speech contest (though from another Area) and TM Claire Cosgrove actively participated in the District conference at Dubai. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome AREA 3 Governor elect TM Kishore Babu and wish him all the best in taking our Area 3 to newer heights. Regards, Ratinder Nath Area 3 Governor


The name Khalid AlQoud is well-known in Toastmasters circles around the Gulf countries in the Middle East. DTM Khalid AlQoud is the Immediate Past District Governor of District 20 and the first District Governor in a new District formed after the split of District 79. District 20 comprises seven countries in the Middle East, including: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Jordan and Lebanon. During his association with Toastmasters, he has taken up leadership roles as District President, District PRO, Division C Governor, LGM and LGET. As an outstanding citizen of Bahrain he has organized events & community service programs and the rewards were in galore. DTM Khalid Alqoud began his toastmaster’s journey in Manama Toastmasters in the year 2005 and also served as President on Manama Toastmasters Club. DTM Khalid AlQoud returned to his mother club after having resigned on 2 occasion, which pro-

moted a Spotlight Question on Why he is retuning back.

DTM Khalid Al Quod

His Response: I was a committed member and when I saw myself being busy in life, I left to focus in my important thing and then I found some free time to improve myself so I re-joined, I did that for 2 times and that was in my personnel opinion the best way, because if you are not active due to your life schedule you should take a step back and evaluate your priority and then see the best and move one. And I learnt one thing in this process, (you will get what you want only if God wanted you to get it) and we will have our opportunity, which God allocated for every single person in life, and it is writhen in our book of life. You can never satisfy the world but we should satisfy God wishes by saying THANK YOU.

DTM Khalid AlQoud received his pin after induction on 15th June 2013

Toastmaster of the Month Well Done to TM Hannah Karanja on becoming Toastmaster of the Month May 2013. TM Hannah accumulated 50 points during the month. Speaker on 4th May 10 points Speaker on 25th May Horizon Contribution Other roles in two meetings Attendance Winner

10 points 10 points 10 points 5 points 5 points

If you're still wondering how you can get this award, its a 3- step process : perform a lot of assignments, pay your dues in time, and be regular at the toastmaster meetings. DTM Khalid AlQoud delivers his Ice Breaker speech a journey towards his 4th DTM title.




Manama Toastmasters Club lived up to it’s Goal of achieving all the 10 Goals set out in the Toastmasters International Distinguish Club Program (DCP). Thanks to Laxman Singh Rathore who also achieved his Competent Communicator title after completing his 10th project of the basic manual CC on 15th June 2013, only 15 more days before the end of the Toastmasters International Term. WHAT ARE THE 10 GOALS? Below are the 10 goals that make up the Distinguished Club Program. Note that for your club to be eligible for the recognitions available from International, you must end the year with at least 20 members OR be +5 members on the year. For example, if you started the year (July 1) with 11 members in your club, you would have to end the year (June 30 of the following year) with at least 16 members. 1. Achieve 2 CCs

2. Achieve 2 more CCs 3. Achieve 1 AC (either an AC-B, AC-S, or AC-G) 4. Achieve 1 more AC (either an AC-B, AC-S, or AC-G) 5. Achieve 1 of the following: CL, AL-B, AL-S, DTM 6. Achieve 1 more of the following: CL, AL-B, AL-S, DTM 7. Sign up 4 new members 8. Sign up 4 more new members 9. Have at least 4 officers trained during each training period (June-August and December-February) 10. One membership dues renewal report and one club officer list submitted ontime.

CLUB GOAL ! To achieve 10 points President’s Distinguished Club

There are 3 different levels of recognition that your club can earn through the Distinguished Club Program: Distinguished Club -- Clubs that have achieved 5 of the 10 goals and meet the membership requirements Select Distinguished Club -- Clubs that have achieved 7 of the 10 goals and meet the membership requirements President's Distinguished Club -- Clubs that have achieved 9 of the 10 goals and meet the membership requirements. If at the end of the year your club is recognized at one of these levels, your club will receive a ribbon from International that you can attach to your club's banner. The ribbon will be mailed to the person who was club President during that year. TM Laxman Singh Rathore completed his 10th QUESTION:: Does my club receive any special project and becomes a CC earning the Club the final 10th DCP. Well done Laxaman! recognition for achieving all 10 goals? ANSWER: No. While clubs are encouraged to complete all 10 goals, the highest level of recognition given by International is for achieving 9 of the 10. If your club is able to achieve all 10, you should feel very confident in your club, as that signifies that your club is doing everything that it needs to be doing to service its members and the members of your community.


You will help even if you stick to your letter Source: UNEP




Birthdays & Anniversaries  TM Monther Noaman birthday on 6th May  TM Waleed Noaman birth day on 12th may  TM Manal Al Matrook birthday on 24th May  TM Amina AlHajiri birthday on 24th may  TM Shaikha Butti birthday on 5th June  TM Shaikha Al Shomali birthday on 20th June  TM Hannah Karanja birthday on 26th June  TM Sheela Pai anniversary on 11th May  TM Bharat Patil anniversary on 23rd June  TM Shauna Nearing Loej anniversary on 25th June



Getting to know Fellow Toastmasters Q: Which book have you read has had the most impact on your life? A: The Alphabet book . Q: If you had a dinner party, which three historical figures would you invite? A: The Queen of Sheba, William Shakespeare Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? A: I would like to stop over analyzing TM Muna Alaiwi Q: What city are you from? A: Bahrain/a village called Darkulaib Q: What was your first job? A: Administrative Technician Q: What is your favorite sound or noise? A: Sea waves sound Q: What is your favourite motivational catch-phrase? A: As you sow, you reap. He who wishes to reach the top, must suffer the stings of bees. Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you not be able to survive without? A: The Holy Quran, water and My sun glasses Q: Name one song which defines you. A: Not yet composed . Q: What book are you reading at the moment? A: How to develop self-confidence for success

Q: If you had a choice to be a super hero, which one would you choose? A: Superman Q: Who is the one person that has had the most impact on your life? A: My Father Q: What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received? A: Always be honest with yourself and others Q: What advice would you give to anyone who was starting their toastmaster's journey? A: Remove the these two words from words dictionary (Hesitation and procrastination) and be committed Q: What is the most exciting aspect of toastmasters? A: The excitement of how toastmasters can gather in one room, people from different nations , backgrounds, experience, level of education and different ages, but they are sharing the same goal. Q: What is the first thing that you would do if you won a million dollars? A: I will buy a car.

Q: What city are you from? A: Delhi - India Q: What was your first job? A: I was fond of sales job, so my first job was to sell automotive parts, but unfortunately I could not sell even one part. Q: What is your favorite sound or noise? A: My children’s laughter. Q: What is your favorite motivational catch-phrase? A: Keep walking……….. Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you not be able to survive without? A: Water, Food and dreams of being out of desert. Q: Name one song which defines you. A: Hindi Song: Papa khateh hai ke bada naam karega, mager ye tho koi na jane, ke apni manjil hai kaah (Father says that my son will make me feel proud, but no one knows where is my destiny) Q: What book are you reading at the moment? A: Chetan bhagats : - Revolution 2020. Q: Which book have you read has had the most impact on your life? A: Tough times never last, but tough people do by Robert Schuller. Q: If you had a dinner party, which three historical figures would you invite? A: Steve Job, Charlie Chaplin & Michael Jackson. Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

TM Laxaman Singh Rathore A: Bring discipline in life. Q: If you had a choice to be a super hero, which one would you choose? A: He man – This was the first cartoon I watched on TV. Q: Who is the one person that has had the most impact on your life? A: My Father Q: What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received? A: Try to speak your mind more often and openly. Q: What advice would you give to anyone who was starting their toastmaster's journey? A: Try to attend all meetings & take role as much as possible (both items I have not implemented) Q: What is the most exciting aspect of toastmasters? A: Standing and speaking in front of fellow toastmasters especially in table topic session; Q: What is the first thing that you would do if you won a million dollars? A: First I would take possession of one million dollar and than think of what to do.



Manama Toastmasters entered the District 20 PR Awards 2013. The final submission were to be sent in by 15th April and the winners to be announced at the DTAC event in Dubai. There were 5 Categories namely. 1. Platinum Web Btye Award – for best club website award. 2. Talk of Town Award – for the best article in external media or club/Area/Division newsletter. 3. Captivating Communiqué Award – for the Best Club Newsletter award. 4. Beat the Drum Award – for the Poster or Invite award. 5. CSM (Connected Social media) – for best club with social media presence. The Horizon Newsletter was entered into category 2, 3 and 5. Unfortunately we did not win anything but we encourage the next Horizon team to work on the Categories above. Below is the email from the District 20 PR. Team. ************************************ Dear TM Edmore Mleya and leaders of Manama Toastmasters, Thank you again for your active participation in D20 PR promotions and Awards. Though your PR Award submissions were not successful in making to the final winners list, they reflect the commendable work you have done in promoting your club activities. Please find below communication from District PRO announcing PR Award winners in each category. Continue encouraging club members to utilise their creative talents through effective PR campaigns. Pass on the good practices you have initiated to the next term club officers so that the enthusiastic club officers and club members can work together to conquer further heights. As the club is in the final two months of this toastmasters year and looking forward for another exciting year, wishing you and your team all the very best in making this journey fulfilling. Best regards, for D20 PR Team, Sunil Kottarathil, DTM

Spot the Horizon– Among other District 20 Newsletters vying for t he Best Award

Dear Friends,

By TM Hannah Karanja



Did you miss out on the Tall Tale Contest held on 18th May? Then please keep me company… Lets start with the whooping turnout. “Standing room only” does not even begin to describe the packed boardroom as we all prepared to experience the height of exaggeration. As for the number of contestants, well, lets just say that you couldn’t swing a cat without hitting one! 10 contestants in total. That’s right -Ten! The ten included our “return with a bang toastmasters” TM Kawther and TM Khalid. Contest chair TM Hannah made it through the contest unscathed. She introduced the anxious and excited contestants who ranged from newbies to seasoned veterans who would be in the Toastmasters hall of fame if there were one. Nothing, not even the shrieking mic, could get in the way of our contestants entertaining us with their outrageously funny, goofy and sometimes even bizarre stories. The contestants were, in no particular order, TM Maisa, TM Claire, TM Mahmood, TM Kishore, TM Waleed, TM Ammar, TM Chris and TM Laxman and of course the aforementioned TM Kawther and TM Khalid. We must say that you know you have arrived as a club when you are honored with a visit from a dignitary who is not only a sitting Member of Contest Chair– TM Hannah Parliament but also a renowned orthopedic surgeon who has been in the Karanja practice for more than 25 years. We are talking about Dr. Jamal Saleh. He not only honored us with his presence but also stayed on till the end to present the winning trophies and also hang around to chitchat with members. We were truly honored and humbled. Congratulations to our champion Tale Tellers whose announcement was greeted with the sound of an improvised drum roll. (Trust MTM members to be so innovative). They were; Third place TM Kawther “Lucy” Al Taitoon (boy – the girl can Honorable MP and DR Jamal bark!), Saleh introduced by TM Thuraya Second place, our very own “Lionel Messi” TM Khalid Amin and First Place winner, our "genie in a coffee pot" lady, TM Chris Noronha whose win was also witnessed by her proud mother. Many thanks go to all those who made the contest possible; VP Education and also stand in president for the day TM Thuraya for organizing the event, Chief Judge TM Isaac, Timers TM Shauna and TM Ed, Tally Counters TM Sadaf and TM Amina, Sergeant-atArms TM May, our incognito judges whoever they were and of course our

TM Kishore Babu -Developer of the Hacker Tracker Edition & his friend Billy House Full audience galore!

lovely contestants.

Contestants Line up with participation certificates

Winner TM Chris Noronha




The symbolism of rose colors is steeped in tradition. Roses inspired people over thousands of years to develop a language of color. When you choose a color, variety or number of roses for someone, you are personalizing your gift with deeper sentiment. Rose colors may have very a different meaning from what you intend. Use our guide to help communicate your feelings. Roses by the Numbers Contribution by TM May A Aziz

    

A single rose of any color depicts utmost devotion Two roses entwined together communicate "Marry me" Six Roses signify a need to be loved or cherished Eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved Thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer




By TM Claire Cosgrove

The excitement of being once again in a thronging crowd of speakers never loses its attraction. The thought of seeing friends whom we only see once a year is still strong and draws one even closer. I arrived later on the night of the first day. Always a challenge to secure the Thursday as leave so as to witness the semi-final contests. But I wanted to be there bright and early Friday morning for the banner march. After a more than adequate breakfast with a superb view across the Creek and a fresh breeze wiping my cheek, I felt full and ready to face the day. After all the Friday is the LONG day with The official opening of the DTAC2013 in a grand hall. Then there are all the welcome addresses and speeches. The MC’s worked in pairs as a team introducing each speaker and each contest chair. The Humorous and Evaluation finals were a treat to hear. Interspersed between these two main events were workshops and special guest speeches. So inside the hall, we were all fine-tuning our listening skills while outside the grand hall there was networking, campaigning, book selling, refreshments and reunions. Personally I found the venue excellent. Everything was convenient with more than adequate space. There were scalators whisking one from one floor to the next, from workshop venues to grand hall, from vegetarian to full dinner options. As a club representative and proxy holder, I typically miss out on the Friday evening more relaxed entertainment in the grand hall for the entertainment of the Division Council meeting and election of the District leaders and Division Governors. Personally, I feel its very important to be present for the election of the leaders for the coming year as these persons determine the success and quality of Toastmasters throughout the coming 12 months. And of course, to have a say in who will host the DTAC event in two years time. The council meeting has its own level and quality of entertainment. The Friday is a very long day but very satisfying. We are keen to continue into the next day but need some R&R before the next round of contests. Saturday again saw us with guest speakers and workshops and Table Topics contest. Now regretfully, I had waited to book my flights until the last minute. So I had to depart for the airport in the mid-afternoon cutting myself short of the International Speech contest. A word of warning to intending participants for next year’s DTAC. Plan ahead, book ahead and be there in full force in Oman to support each and every Toastmaster. It’s the place to be where we are delighted by our champions and encouraged by the presence of so many committed Toastmasters. And most of all, it’s an opportunity to reunite with friends just once a year, but friends for life. So thank you Dubai for a wonderful event. Hope to see you all in Oman 2014.

P A G E 14

Words like Fantastic, Incredible and Memorable do not even begin to do justice to our fun filled Funfest event held on Friday May 31st. The day was everything we had hoped it would be and more! On his way out, one guest said, quote – “It was one of the best events I have ever been to” – unquote. From the outside, the explosive mix of colours made the room look like a Rio Costume Party or the launch of a new fashion line. Many attendees like TM Thuraya, TM Asrar, TM Guraz and TM Ratinder paid homage to their national costumes whilst others chose to cross over - TM Chris looked like an Egyptian Goddess whilst TM Khalid AlQoud looked like an Indian Maharaja. And was that an Afghan princess? No. It was TM Maisa. Others, like TM Hannah, decided to do a Masala of different costumes. (We guess some decisions are hard to make). As for TM Khalid Amin he looked like he had just stepped out of the set of a movie where he was playing Al Capone. The

played. Throughout the afternoon, guests won on the spot prizes for being the first to bring forward any item asked for by our MC/DJ. Anything! Nothing was off limits - from supermarket receipts to school ID cards. It was then time to vote for the Best Costume. A panel of judges made up of carefully selected, highly experienced individuals (everyone in the room) made the decision. It was obvious that it was one of the most difficult decisions ever and some of our “judges’ were begging to be allowed to vote more than once. The final razor thin decision was made to award the best dressed lady award to TM Chris (with TM Maisa coming a close second) and for the gents, well, there was no way to break the tie so it went to TM Ed and TM Khalid AlQuod. By this time, everyone was drooling with anxiety waiting to see who would take home the coveted “Bollywood Brunch for 2 at Species Restaurant in Crowne Plaza Bah-

only thing missing was the famous (or infa-

rain” vouchers. Eventually, they went to TM

mous) cigar.

Maisa (whom we understand had bought a ticket at the 11th hour) and TM Rashid (who

The MC come DJ TM Waleed Noaman

had arrived early and taken advantage of the

proved what we have always known about

early bird offer). Congratulations you two! To

him - He is a man cut for fun! His energy and

wind down the day was our long

enthusiasm were contagious to say the least.

awaited Karaoke session in English or Hindi.

Various games such as the Price is Right a guessing game on the prices of commodities, 5 for 3, Charades and Trivia were

Watch out American Idol! MTMs got talent...




Manama Toastmasters Club was established in 1964, It is the first in the Middle East and is registered under the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (reg. no. 74/C/C). It is affiliated to Toastmasters International USA. Our mission is to provide a mutually supportive and positive environment in which every member

TM Bharat Patil President

TM Thuraya Juma VP Education

TM Ed Mleya VP Public Relations

has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills which, in turn, foster self-confidence and personal growth. Our meetings are held every Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain. Guests are always welcome. Visit

TM Sadaf Gill Secretary

TM Asrar Merchant TM Muna Alaiwi VP Membership Treasury Sub Committee VP PR: Shauna Nearing VP Membership: TM Zakaria & TM Krishnadas Stg st Arms: TM Maisa Sheikh

for more information or Like us on face book Contact VP-Membership Muna Alaiwi on +973 39271739Â or VP-Public Relations Edmore Mleya on +973 36061524 Visit Toastmaster International

TM Adulla Mian librarian

TM Hannah Karanja Sgt at Arms


Guests and members of Manama Toastmasters at the Cultural Funfest

Horizon MayJune 2013 edition  
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