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Inside… CLUB Business… Letter From The President… New monthly feature.

Rock’n August Update Follow up to COVID Style RNA.

CFCI Update

EDM COSMOS in 2021…. Our best, that is what we can do. It doesn’t need to be perfect, we just need to put in our best effort. In the Club, we have a long history of putting in our best effort and being able to leave our mark with a large number of Organizations that do great things in the community. This year will pose a new sets of challenges as we work to continue the tradition. Traditional fundraising opportunities have dropped off of the calendar. This will be a time where unique new opportunities will come in to play. Be Ready to have a discussion in the October Business Meeting on what you think our goals for the year should be. Brainstorming is a great way to come up with some interesting options.

Update on new programs….

TEDTalk Monthly Feature… The Lollipop Moment….

NEW: Editors Photo Contest You have a photo, I know you do…..

DRIFCAN Event Evening with Dr Shapiro

CONVENTIONS Updates on WCF & International Convention.

Member Profile In this Issue, meet Cindy Walker

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01


Club Recognized by CI President at Annual General Meeting Congratulations to every one for a great 2020. As many of you know by now, it was announced at our Summer BBQ that the Edmonton Cosmo Club was selected as one of the three clubs to receive special recognition and awared the President’s Award. What is this award? As outlined in the CI Awards Manual: “The International President may present special awards based on accomplishments by clubs or individuals that help the President attain goals. Rules and guidelines for these awards will be distributed at the International Convention or shortly after the incoming International President assumes office.”

Club President, Angela McFalls, awarded President of the Year at Annual General Meeting Congratulations to Angela McFalls for receiving such a well deserved and prestigious award at the CI Annual General Meeting. We would have loved to celebrate in Minneapolis but alas, COVID did us in. We were thrilled to be able to include this celebration in our Summer BBQ. It was a great night for all in attendance. I hope we made it just a little bit special for her!

As outlined in the CI Awards Manual: “Each award year there will be one Club President who stands out from all the rest. This Club President is a dynamic

individual, a true leader, a caring person, and one whose club has enjoyed tremendous success during the award year.”

REMINDER: Committee Memberships Don’t forget to consider where you would like to be a contributor in the 20-21 Season. There are a number of standing committees in the Club and there is room for everone. Committee membership will be reviewed in the September Meeting so be prepared to put your name forward based on your personal interests.

➢ Membership & Education ➢ Entertainment & Social Activities ➢ Fundraising: o Rock’n August o Casino o Octoberfest

➢ ➢ ➢ ➢

Newsletter Project Funding Review Awards Club Photography

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

Letter From The President‌ Welcome back fellow Cosmos! This year is starting off similar to the way last year ended. We will be meeting via Zoom, and decide as a group if we will continue to get together on this platform, or meet in person. I am coming into this year with mixed emotions, I am excited to get back together with my fellow Comsos, and that as of our meeting I will be non-smoking for 4 weeks plus a day. I remain cautious and concerned about the current pandemic and the reality of working in the public daily. I am deeply saddened over the sudden passing of one of the very first friends I made when I moved to Edmonton 22 years ago. Christine was only a couple years older than me, she has left behind two teenage sons, her husband and many friends and family. Christine's passing was preceded by my long-time neighbour and friend of 18 years Gloria, and my dear friend and fellow Cosmo Bob Stoyand. I think it is important to share, maybe I don't do it enough, maybe I do it too much. I am not really sure, but I felt it never hurts to start a conversation. Maybe when you read the September bulletin it will prompt you to share too. I look forward to a great year as we continue to navigate our 'new normal' together. Angela McFalls President, Edmonton Cosmo

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

Rock’n August Report This was a difficult year, not one that we have ever had to prepare for in the past. When all was said and done, we were proud of the effort that was put in and the results of those efforts. A special thank you to COSMOS Rick Dory, Angela McFalls, Kathy Walker, and Gary Jurke and all of the Club for the support that we received and for your service during the 2020 year. Even with the challenges, we were able to put on 5 days of fun interactive events that took Rock’n August out into the community. As you all know, the Club sponsored the RNA 50/50 Draw this year by building a relationahip with Raffle Box. The final results were a total ticket sales of $8720. After prizes and operating costs are settled, we will be donating just over $3,000 to DRIFCan! If you are interested in joining the team as a member of the Working Board (yes, you will have work to do), please let Gary or Cheryl know and we will get you the details.

Cosmopolitan Foundation Canada Inc. The Foundation has been meeting approximately every six weeks. Ino ur meetings we have been discussing the Scholarship Program, the new Diabetes Dog Assistance Program (Canada’s contribution in the PAWS Effort) and getting written procedures in place for the Foundation to assist in onboarding new Board Members and Executive Officers. We have also been reviewing the impact of COVID on our opperations. Without Conventions, we have faced challenges in keeping members involved in the Beacon Program. We are greatful to those who have been able to keep the contributions coming, it is greatly appreciated in this difficult time. Should you have questions on how to become a member of the Northern Beacon Program or information on how to make your contribution, please reach out to our Director, Kathy Walker. She will be happy to assist you.

TEDTalk Feature This month, I thought that we would look at a short talk from a T1D Teenager, Sophia Adrian. She has a compelling discussion about her journey in being diagnosed and what it has meant to her. I thought this gave a good reminder of the “Why” in our mission of fundding Diabetes Research.

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

EDITORS PHOTO CONTEST As Editor of the COSMO Bulletin, you can never have too may photos. This year, that could not be more true. For that reason, I am sponsoring a Photo Contest for the Club. Do you have historical photos that you think everyone should see or maybe they shouldn’t but you think it would be funny! Submit your photos before October 31 2020 for your chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to “Boston Pizza”! You KNOW that will come in handy some day

(Send them to with the Subject: COSMO Photo Contest)

There are three categories: 1. COSMOS in Service 2. COSMOS in Friendship 3. COSMOS at Convention (WCF or CI) Please provide a caption to your photos (It will help with the judging), if none, it will be subject to someone creating one for you after the contest… and you know what that could mean!

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

Upcoming Conventions: WCF FALL Convention: Regina SK SAVE the Date: OCT 23-25 2020

CI 2021 International Convention SOUIX FALLS: TBA

Speculation is running heavy. We are afraid we may have to resort to another ZOOM Convention.

Souix Falls is our next location. Lets all cross our fingers and hope for a change in the COVID situation.

The WCF Board will be working with Wascana Club to make the final decisions and get details out to everytong. This may involve calls out to the Clubs to see how everyone is doing and thoughts on the event.

One note about this past summers event. Comments were passed back to CI Headquarters about the exclusion of membes from the Zoom Convention.

Stay tuned, information will be circulated as soon as possible.

Based on how the voting was conducted this year, there was an opportunity to have more observers to the meeting and that information did not get circulated. We will make this a topic should 2021 end up a virtual meeting.

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ISSUE NO 7 | SEPT 2020 | VOLUME 01

Member Spotlight – CINDY WALKER Cindy joined Cosmopolitan International in January of this year. She has a storied history as it relates to her involvement with Diabetes Research Funding and associated organizations including JDRF, ADF and as a volunteer with DRIFCan. We are very excited to have her at the table as a COSMO. Not only does she bring knowledge but she brings energy in everything she does. I am sure Cindy will make her mark with us in short order! I had the opportunity to ask Cindy to share some fun trivia to help everyone get to know her just a bit better: Favorite Activity: Listening to waves Favorite Color: Turquiose Favorite Food: Fish Tacos Favorite Vacation Spot: Hawaii, so far Favorite COSMO Experience: Bowling! Final Comments: “ In 2021, we gotta do something new.

Mexico anyone?”

OUR CLUB: EDMONTON COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Founded: 1932 Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada Mailing Address: 1528–5328 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 4J8 Email Address: Club Website: International Website: Meetings: Timing: Locations:

2nd (Bus.) & 4th (Social) Monday of month. 6:30pm-8:30pm (Dinner optional) ZOOM until further notice (Email the club for Mtg Details)

OFFICERS: President: Angela McFalls 1st Vice President: Cheryl MacKenzie 2nd Vice President: Tim Kinniburgh Treasurer: Kathy Walker Secretary: Susan Sevcik Sergeant at Arms: Tammy Allen (Past President)

2020-21 CLUB ROSTER (17): • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Allan, Tammy Cherwaty, Patti Dory, Rick Hardy, Esther Hardy, Lyle Houle, Gerald Jurke, Charlene Jurke, Gary Kinniburgh, Tim Lala, Megan MacKenzie, Cheryl McFalls, Angela Schultz, Patty Schultz, Tim Sevcik, Susan Walker, Cindy Walker, Kathy

UPCOMING MEETINGS/EVENTS: Sept 14 2020: Business Meeting (Zoom) Sept 28 2020: SOCIAL - TBA (Zoom) Remember, every event is a Member Recruitment Event!

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Profile for Edmonton Cosmo Club

EDM COSMO BULLETIN - Issue 1 SEPT 2020 Volume 2  

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