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Frame Score -Beginning with our sale in 2011, we no longer assign a numerical number to frame score. Frame score is the least consistent of any objectively measured trait. It is highly variable due to facilities, equipment used, and the way the animal is standing at the time. We have circled animals around to be re-measured and can seldom duplicate a measurement. In addition, measurements can vary widely due to environmental differences. Our fall bulls have posted an adjusted yearling frame score average almost a whole frame score lower some years, than our Spring bulls, and yet mature to the same size. This is due to the slower rate of growth of the fall bulls while on the cow. We now report frame score as Moderate (Mod.), Moderate minus (Mod.-), or Moderate plus (Mod. +). Moderate is our most frequent observation and will correspond to around a frame score 5 mature size.

 Bull Development- Shown at left are some Fall bulls making their way up one of our rough, rocky hills to the feed bunk. This is how we
develop bulls into fit, athletic individuals capable of covering miles of rough country while servicing your cows.
 Dam information –The bottom line of each catalog lot lists information for each bull’s dam. You will find dam age, weight at weaning, body condition score at weaning, and her MPPA. Dam weight listed is the actual weight taken when last calf was weaned. Remember dam weights will not be comparable between our Spring and Fall calving herds due to environmental differences. Percentage Ranking – Use the line right under the EPD listing to see where that lot ranks within bulls his age, in the Red Angus breed. For example, a 10% under CED EPD, means that individual ranks in the top 10% of the breed for Calving Ease Direct when compared to similar animals. This can be an excellent tool when you are unfamiliar with Red Angus EPDs. Accuracy- Red Angus EPDs are often presented with a corresponding accuracy value, which measures the strength of the relationship between the genetic prediction (EPD) and true genetic value. Accuracies are reported as a decimal number from zero to one. As accuracy value approaches 1.0, the EPD is "accurately" or closely estimating the true genetic merit of an animal for a given trait. Although low-accuracy EPDs are less reliable when compared to those of proven sires, independent research demonstrates EPDs to be the most meaningful indicator of animals’ true genetic merit. While "perfect" accuracies of 1.0, are never achieved, many heavily used Red Angus sires have accuracies greater than 0.9 (some as high as .99).

 HerdBuilder Index‐ As the name indicates, implementation of the HerdBuilder Index will assist producers in building profitable herds. GridMaster Index‐ While Red Angus has traditionally been known as a superior maternal breed, those who have retained ownership in Red Angus calves know of their potential to excel in the feedyard and ultimately hang a premium carcass. Trichomoniasis Testing
–The chance that you will infect your cow herd with Trich by purchasing a bull from any reputable seedstock provider is almost nonexistent. However, to combat this costly disease many states are ramping up testing requirements for animals entering from other states. Therefore we made the decision to perform a Trichomoniasis PCR test on every bull in the sale. This will assure that you can bring your trailer sale day and get your purchases home without testing delays.

Both Missouri and Kansas now have heifer development programs with minimum criteria for the females to be sold in their special sales. 2015 requirements for both programs for a Natural Service sire are a CALVING EASE DIRECT 8 and higher. A vast majority of the bulls in the sale meet this criteria. 

2015 Mushrush Production Sale Catalog  
2015 Mushrush Production Sale Catalog  

catalog for the 2015 Pasture Proven, Profit Driven Production Sale at Mushrush Red Angus