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RESUME Keep away your soul of what is superfluous , straighten what is crooked , purifies and illuminates when is dark ... until virtue shine in your eyes under your daytime splendor ". Maimonides.

Eng. Eduardo A. Villafa単e G. Telecommunications Engineer

Nationality: Panamanian Civil Status: Married Birth Date: 10/29/1979 Languages: Spanish and English Florida Phone, USA: 754 - 2814366 Address: 7624NW 18ST , Palm Springs II , Building 15 , Apt 108, Margate City, Broward County , Florida State, USA, Zip Code 33063. Immigration Status in USA: Processing Permanent Resident (Status Adjustment in progress I-485) Email: Website: Resume Online: Activities and Interests: Technology, Law Legislation, World Economy, Energy and Renewable Resources, Trade Relations, Education, Tourism and Culture, Interreligious Dialogue, Sport . Skills: Work in a Team Structure, Communicate with Persons Inside and Outside the Organization, Make Decisions and Solve Problems, Obtain and Process Information, Plan and Organize and Prioritize Work, Analyze Quantitative Data, Flexibility, Accepting Feedback and Applying Lessons Learned, Confidence, Creative Thinking.

STUDIES (1998-2014) 3 events worth fighting: County, State and Nation.

3 Things to defend: Honor, Country and Home.

SECONDARY EDUCATION AND BACHELOR Institute of Technology & Computers - Accounting and Computing (Programming, Technical Support and Repair) 1998.

UNIVERSITY STUDIES Universidad Latina - Telecommunications Engineering 2005.

COURSES - Programming (Appx, Access, Visual Basic) 1998-2001. - Cisco Networking CCNA Course from 2002 to 2004. - Design Course Website 2005. - Basic Course in EDISECURE - 2008 Digital Identification Solution (Printer for ID, Passport, others). - Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and CRM.

GRADUATE AND TRAINING - DIPLOMA IN REGISTRATION LAW - UMECIT November 2010 to March 2011 120 hours Theoretical and Practice - TRAINING EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE PUBLIC REGISTRY PANAMA June to July 2011 40 hours Theoretical and Practice

KNOWLEDGE AND ASSISTS 3 Things to check: Character, Language and Behavior.

3 Facts avoid: Laziness, Barbarism and Ignorance.

The following list of Civil, Commercial, Register, Notaries and Naval knowledge; successfully acquired through the experience of having worked in the Public Registry of Panama the last 3 years and had training and have done a diploma in Registration Law.

Personal experience of Migration Formalities my wife in Panama and the United States surrounding Attorneys' advice, allowed me to acquire and develop knowledge and practice about different Migratory efforts, Civil Law, Law Merchant, Maritime Law and Registration Law.

- Immigration Visa Process from Panama to USA. - Assistance to Immigration Procedures to American Residence.

WORK EXPERIENCE 3 estimate qualities: Righteousness, Courage and Gratitude.

3 admire facts: Will, Dignity and Loyalty.

INSURER CHAGRES Job: Technical and Network Support Occupation: Support networks and maintenance of Computers and printers. Time: From December 1998 to May 2001 Place: Panama

TELECARRIER Job: Supervisor Corporate Sales Occupation: corporate telephony, internet, pbx, data center, security policies, antispam, content filtering through the Managed Firewall Service and others. Time: From Sep 2001 to November 2003 Place: Panama

ARJEED International Inc Job: Project Manager - Sales Occupation: Arjeed technology solutions, structured wire, voip and support facilities, security systems, sales and development of the project from the sale of turn-key installation till final hand. Time: From December 2003 to June 2006 Place: Panama

GREEN SEA Job: Logistics and Sales Occupation: Design and marketing of a new company in Panama foodstuffs (healthy). Time: From Aug 2006 to March 2008 Place: Panama

PASS Job: Chief Engineer of Supports and Installers - Store Occupation: Vertical and horizontal structured wire to interior and exterior, clock dial, surveillance cameras, access control, basic solar panels, card printers and other documents. Installation and management of staff, learning about new equipment training and teaching installers. Time: From March 2008 to December 2008 Place: Panama

RING RING & ENERGY Job: Purchasing Engineer Telecom and Energy Occupation: I did Quotes for Purchases in Panama, Cuba, Peru and were mainly was selling all kinds of tools and supplies and machinery that was listed with companies in usa and other countries. Follow up purchases with companies such as: Energy ge, Plymouth, electonic Tyco, Cooper power system, catu, Cahor, joslyn, Telco nokia, ericcson, fluke network, green reads, allied Telesys, multilink, furukawa, stanley, grainer Oder, Bosch, Klein tool, 3m, stanley Time: From December 2008 to July 2009 Place: Panama

PUBLIC REGISTRY PANAMA Job: Analyst Public Documents Occupation: Analyze Commercial, Register, Notaries and Naval Documents. Time: From January 2010 to May 2013 Place: Panama

INDEPENDENT Job: Independent Occupation: I Work in all that I have acquired throughout my work experience and knowledge. Also, I work on new projects and I am ready and give my best to learn techniques and develop new personal skills, and professional. Time: From June 2013 to Date Place: Panama – USA

PERSONAL REFERENCES 3 Facts adopt: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.


Lic. Luis Barría Assembly of Panama - Honorable Deputy

66125691 - 62083845

Lic. Mario Muñoz Assistance Mayor of Panama

67607205 – 69670591

Lic. Jorge Gantes Assembly of Panama - Legal Advisor

512-8047 – 64888568


Gabriel Javier Jaramillo López Building Manager

561 - 6746562

Gloria Jaramillo López Point Blank - Factory

954 - 3913725

Lina Giraldo Aspen Facility Services – Cleaning Manager

786 – 7047995

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