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S’intitola così il diario di viaggio che Matteo Marzotto racconta con i suoi amici sportivi Davide Cassani, Iader Fabbri, Fabrizio Macchi e Massimiliano Lelli. Insieme hanno attraversato l’Italia in bici per dare un messaggio di speranza ai malati di fibrosi cistica e sensibilizzare su questa malattia. Bike Tour is the title of the travel diary that Matteo Marzotto wrote with his friends in sports, Davide Cassani, Iader Fabbri, Fabrizio Macchi and Massimiliano Lelli. Together, they crossed Italy by bike, to give a message of home to cystic fibrosis patients and raise awareness on this disease.

A brilliant manager, a man of noble origins with a strong passion for sports, challenges and charities. Matteo Marzotto has all the ingredients to be the ambassador of the Italian style. Born in 1966, he became the executive vice-president of IEG Italian Exhibition Group Spa in October 2016. The company was founded on the merger between the Rimini and Vicenza trade fairs, and is responsible for organising RiminiWellness. Matteo is perfectly at ease at such an environment, being a very active man himself: always drawn to adrenaline and exciting sports, in particular those that involve flying and riding bicycles, he has never denied that his own interest for sports made him understand that in life, all milestones are reached thanks to effort and perseverance. How do you conciliate your passions and your life as a top manager? With rigour, and with the wish to overcome laziness, dedicating every free moment I have to physical activity. But I keep my cool about it: nothing serious happens if some unexpected problem keeps me from working out. I hop onto my bike whenever I can and, when I am away, I follow a 45-minute functional training program designed for me by coach Iader Fabbri. In addition to physical activity, one of the pillars of well-being is our diet. Do you agree? Absolutely. It is a lifestyle. I am convinced that light exercise and a healthy diet are much better than excellent workouts followed by an erratic diet. This is why I like the philosophy behind the Iaderlife project, which tackles diet, well-being and sports to improve people’s psycho-physical status. What is your basic diet like? I try to alternate proteins in my three main meals, and I add two snacks of dried fruits and nuts. For instance, I like eggs or ham for breakfast, salad with bresaola or chicken for lunch, a vegetable soup and fish for dinner. And Omega 3 and magnesium before bed. Any routines to which you cannot renounce? Abs and calisthenics, as years of intense exercising have had some impact on my spine. I have a gym at home, and it is a useful addition to the thousands of kilometres I cycle, up to 7-9,000 a year. What is your personal concept of wellbeing? Moving. A day is perfect when I have had time to dedicate to physical activity. Some fitness, sauna, good music: this is my idea of a perfect evening.


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