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ITALIANS ARE BUYING MORE AND MORE ORGANIC AND WITH MARK OF ORIGIN WINES, AS WELL AS SPARKLING WINES. THE TOP THREE BEST-SELLERS ARE LAMBRUSCO, CHIANTI AND MONTEPULCIANO Italians in search of quality – in their glasses as well. More and more Italians choose organic and controlled origin denomination wines, according to IRI, an institution that specialises in market surveys, which analysed the trends of the wine market in 2016 for Vinitaly. Large retailers are still the preferred shopping option, with 505 million litres sold in the past year, totalling one and a half billion euros. The labels with mark of origin saw their sales grow by 2.7% in volume and 4.4% in value, with 224 million litres. Organic wines showed a steady rise in sales, especially considering they are still a niche market: +25.7% and two and a half million litres. “The figures have confirmed the recovery of the Italian internal market. Consumers scan the shelves looking for excellence, and average prices go up as a consequence,” comments Giovanni Mantovani, Director General of Veronafiere.

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APR 2017

Huge success for spumante wines as well, and not only during the holiday season, with sales increased by more than 7% and 54 million litres sold. “What we are observing is that sparkling wines are no longer a seasonal thing; their everyday consumption has been growing,” says Virgilio Romano, Business Insight Director of IRI, convinced that this product can attract new clients and kick-start a trend of rupture of Italian habits. From the point of view of format, Italy has never loved exaggerations, and its absolute favourite is the 75cl bottle. A negative year for cartons (-2.5%) and a sharp drop for all the other sizes: -8.6% for bottles from 0.76 cl to 2 litre bottles. The list of best-selling wines shines with three untouchable aces: Lambrusco, Chianti and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. But Nero d’Avola, Vermentino, Müller Thurgau and Gutturnio all performed well, with +4%. Among the promising new wines are Ribolla Gialla, Passerina and Valpolicella Ripasso. Excellent results were also achieved by Chianti DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin), the top-selling designation wines, selling almost 10 million litres, for 45 million euros.

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