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§ 16-918. Campaign finance reports; notice; civil penalty; prohibition on candidacy H. For any political committee that has failed to file three consecutive campaign finance reports with the secretary of state as prescribed by section 16-913, the secretary of state shall send the committee chairman and treasurer a written notice of intent to suspend the political committee. The notice of intent to suspend shall state that failure of the political committee to fully comply with all filing requirements for that committee, including any required payments, within thirty days of the date of the notice shall result in suspension of the political committee’s authority to operate in this state. On suspension of the political committee’s authority to operate, the secretary of state is no longer required to provide any further notice of delinquency to the political committee. This subsection does not reduce or eliminate the political committee’s continuing obligation to make campaign finance filings and pay any fines, penalties, civil penalties or other sanctions that may continue to accrue as otherwise provided by law. This subsection does not apply to reports required pursuant to Article 2 of this chapter or to a candidate’s campaign committee designated by that candidate pursuant to section 16-903 during that election cycle. (if he never designated an exploratory committee, how will this subsection apply?)

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