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Vande Mataram R.I.D. 3140

President’s Note The City of Dreams A country that has given me all I could have asked for and more. A country that has a history like no other. c people who wanted to A country that was filled with make a difference way back in 1930. Just that those people were called Freedom fighters back then. I believe our country still has people who are out to make a difference, only now they're called the youth. The landscape of our country changes every day. Now all that's left to be changed is the mindset. The present situation in our country and all over the world leaves a lot to be desired and we’ve tried to give our members a platform to do just that- express their ideas, needs, and desires.

Views from the North To change and to change for good are two different things. The importance of India's development does not lie in the flashy highly exaggerated statistical GDP figures or that of the Foreign Investments, what is important is if there is equality of thought and opportunity. The face of India is also the suburbs and the children still strangled in the vicious circle of poverty. The change I wish to see is in the attitude of those blessed with comforts when they meet or encounter with the underprivileged. The trust and the responsibility of bringing a change still remains with those like the ones associated with our organisations'. Not because we are the youth and are ultimately preparing a better world for our kids but because we have volunteered. We have given it a thought and agreed to think about someone unknown before us.

On the occasion of Republic Day, we decided to surpass the borders of the ‘City of Dreams’ and do a joint-bulletin with our very own sister club, The Rotaract Club of Chandigarh. We hope you get some inspiration from this.


Yours-in- Rotaract,

Rtr. Pragya Kapil,

Rtr. Junaid Khan,

President, 2011-12,

President 2011-12, Rotaract Club of H.R. College.

Rotaract Club of Chandigarh.

Editor’s Voice The City of Dreams Speaks 26th January- Republic Day. During school times, we would moan about walking up early on a national holiday, we would witness the hoisting of the flag in school, come back home and watch the parade on television. Their synchronization is something awe-inspiring and to us it is exactly how an organisation, be it a country or a football team should function- in perfect harmony. Well, on the occasion of Republic Day we’ve decided to do a joint bulletin with our very own sister club, the Rotaract Club of Chandigarh. Happy Reading!


Yours-in- Rotaract, Rtrs. Dhwani Shah and Nikunj Pherwani, Editors 2011-12, Rotaract Club of H.R. College. It is said that change is the only constant. We all wish for many changes. We wish for our grades to change for the better, our parents becoming more lenient and understanding, our lives just becoming a little bit better. Change is all around us and we can either be catalysts or be in the stubborn state of inertia. On the occasion of Republic Day, we bring to you the change that our nation's youth wants- from Mumbai to Chandigarh! Yours-in- Rotaract, Rtrs. Diksha Kataria and Sanjana Gudka, Editorial Co-ordinators 2011-12, Rotaract Club of H.R. College.

Views from the North Having been a student of micro-economics, as soon as I see the topic, I am reminded of the fact that 'wants' are endless. So, if I were an anxious brand conscious youngster, I would rather be interested in seeing a policy change demanding FDI in retail. Someone in his/her 50s would want in seeing the New Pension Scheme materialise. Likewise, my being a supporter of Mr. Hazare would have led me to believe that corruption is the root of all evil, whose elimination is the most rational and sensible “want”. The list is limitless. However, the point I would like to make is – it is not the elimination of corruption or FDI in retail, or an NPS that builds a nation. India is a nationalism of an idea. But has our journey been too slow? Why it is that even after 60 years, or goals of social empowerment, and education are still elusive? Why has the planning not materialised? Why ethnicity hasn't completely lost its voice? These are the questions that don't have simple answers. However, our past 60 years have been enablers. If we isolate ourselves from the past, we can only realise the slowness, we miss the all-important continuity by virtue of which India has sustained. These 60 years have enabled us to ask these questions in the first place. We have realised that democracy is a gift that we have given to ourselves. So, the change I wish to see in my country is to see that spirit of optimism come alive again in my countrymen. We must uplift our consciousness to a higher level. Once that is done, everything else will follow! Every 'want' will be fulfilled! Yours-in- Rotaract, Rtr. Devanshu Editor, 2011-12 Rotaract Club of Chandigarh

internationally speaking The City of Dreams Speaks Republic day, yes it's the day when every Indian takes pride in saying that I belong to the country of India, the country which has a legacy of producing heroes and world leaders. This day reminds us of many leaders and heroes and inspires us for a better future. It reminds of us a thin man who just with his dhoti and lathi drove the British out of the country. It reminds us of a passionate and sacrificing young trio who gave their lives to the country willingly and also reminds our very own children loving leader among many others. Exactly 64 years ago India would have been breathing a lease of new life the fresh air of independence as decided but it didn't happen and got delayed but this date wasn't ever forgotten as the constitution of the country was implemented on this very day. With the turmoil surrounding the world, our fundamental rights hold more importance than ever. Hence, we present to you Vande Mataram, a platform to exercise our freedom of speech. Rtrs. Sharang Dhaimade, Yashashshree Viadya and Samip Desai. International Services Team 2011-2012 Rotaract Club of H.R. College

Views from the North In this e-age, the realms of connectivity have been redefined. People now have access to multiple sources of communication, in pixels that can be confined to our pockets! I think more than anything that has prompted us to look at ourselves from different perspectives make a comparison and chart out our own destiny. Given the gift of demographic dividend that is right in front of our eyes, we have to act, and act now! There's no better day than Republic Day. Rtr. Angad Singh Virk Director International Services, 2011-12 Rotaract Club of Chandigarh

The City of Dreams Speaks Be The Change You Want To See We, the youth, criticize our own country for its many faults. May it be corruption, illiteracy, overpopulation etc? We go on pointing out our country's faults and start doubting it every step of the way. Sometimes I think we're forgetting that it's 'our' country. People say,'If I was the Prime Minister, I'd do this, if I was the Prime Minister, I'd do that.’ But it's always easier said than done. So we should stop stepping into the PM's shoes and start stepping into our own. Therefore, we need to step up and bring the change by BEING THE CHANGE! That change which is so desperate to come into play and make a positive impact; that change ,which when brought into play in the past, was uprooted , like a seedling being denied the right to grow into a tree. Just saying this will make no sense, unless we act upon it. I'd like to conclude by saying there can be no 'youth' without 'you’ Generations come, generations go, sometimes they leave a mark, and sometimes they don't. In the midst of these dark days we need a light, A silver lining in the cloudy sky. We are the light , that's lost its shine, That doesn't glow even after all our trying, But now this light has got its catalyst. The youth will rise with an iron fist, And relive the old ideals of freedom. Future leaders, we need to be them. The times have changed so should we. So should the entire country. We need your courage, we need your strength, To soldier on and make a dent, In the barrier blocking our way, Towards change, towards a new day.

-Rtr. Aayush Sharma

Views from the North Republic- A Farce? My WordWeb (free e-dictionary) defines 'Republic' as “A political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them”. Then I ask – Is it, really? “Free passage should be given to the following types of vehicles?” That is one of the questions asked in the computer-based Multiple Choice Question test you need to clear here in Chandigarh for getting a learner's license. The correct answer, to those of you who don't know is “Ambulance and fire service vehicles”. We, however, are accustomed to provide a free passage to cars with “Red Beacon lights”, and even worse, “marriage processions”. Needs a change, doesn’t it? The story however, gets complicated as you begin to have a closer look, because it doesn't stop here. India hasn't really experienced 'We, the People' moment. The fact is in fact, 1,47,450 participated in a contest to name Airtel's revamped logo; just about 3000 participants for the design of New Indian Rupee Symbol. The need of the hour is to strike connect with our political framework, and to get involved as citizens of the country. We need to recognize that the gift of democracy that we have is a precious we must behold it – as citizens of our country because justice, liberty, equality and fraternity are our right! We must continuously change are ways to ensure that the ideals we have chosen for ourselves can be met in all different contexts, at all different times! -Rtr. Alpna Bishnoi Rotaract Club of Chandigarh

The City of Dreams Speaks Respect is all we ask for. H o w m a n y g i r l s o u t h e re h av e e x p e r i e n c e d t h o s e s m u t t y s t a re s w h i l e t rav e l l i n g b y t ra i n ? I'm sure almost every one of you'll have. Getting down on lonely stations and travelling late at night is like a nightmare. Be it the town or the suburbs, this problem persists everywhere. Almost every day there is an article about a rape and murder or an eve teasing incident in the newspaper. India has been a free nation for 6 decades. Still it seems that the women haven't obtained the freedom of wearing the kind of clothes that please them. There is at least one man everywhere who looks at her in a way that makes her feel cheap. We are told to ignore the men who stare at us in a sleazy manner, but these are the incidents that lead to an increased level of eve teasing. This is what I want to change about India. Be it a mini skirt or a sari nothing seems to make the narrow-minded people happy.. According to some people it is the girls fault for luring the men towards her by wearing indecent and exposing clothes. But haven't we ever heard of rape incidents in the interiors of the country? These women live on a hand to mouth existence. You cannot expect them to have fashion as a priority in their life. So who exactly buys them shorts and miniskirts to expose themselves? Recently the 'Slut Walk' that happened in France was a topic of discussion. It was even imitated by the bold and the feminist of Delhi. But the movement was obviously not a success. Delhi has the highest rape and crime ratio in the country. The turnout ratio was like the inverse proportion of the crime ratio. It is even unsafe to wander alone after 6 in the city for a woman. Who knows she may be the next victim of a man's increasing libido. The recent Reuben Keenan double murder made us think whether the women were really safe in the country. The answer came shouting back 'NO'. If a couple of men are killed while trying to protect their women how can we expect the police to be of any help? This has to be inculcated in the youth of the country. Respect women to gain respect. Because a man who cannot respect a women isn't even a real man. On the other hand women too need to stand up for themselves. They too need to know how to give it back to such chauvinistic men. For a hardcore filmy like me this is truly the time you can use the famous filmy line 'Ghar mein maa behen nahi hai kya?’ -Smriti Vora

The City of Dreams Speaks The brighter side of things. India, my motherland, means everything to me. My land. My life! People say India is a land of cultures but I beg to differ by saying that it's a land of people! Its the 1.2 billion people who make India what it is. India became a republic on 26th January 1950. These 63 years of being a republic has transformed India from a country which was wholly and solely dependent on others to a country which is self-sufficient and also one of the most powerful countries in the w o r l d . In these 63 years of living as a republic, many changes have taken place in our country in every sphere possible. Be it science or technology or be it agriculture or power, India has left its mark everywhere in the world. India is fast progressing; people are becoming more and more educated! I think young India is inspirational and epitomises our spirit. India is become more liberal than ever and we the people have started accepting some things which were unacceptable previously! This has been possible because of the great scientific progress that our country has made. From Chandrayaan to the White revolution, our scientific progress has enabled us to show the world that we are not the country of snake charmers as people used to think .We have reached the skies and are capable of d o i n g a n y t h i n g . With our army being the 3rd largest in the world and our economy being one of the strongest, we are one of the most powerful countries in the world. Slated to be the next superpower, ours is the biggest democracy in the world. The facts are never-ending. I can just go on and on with these facts. Yes there are a few problems in our country, but I don't think there is any country in the world which is perfect. But nevertheless there is always scope for improvement. The negative things are gradually changing making India one of the finest places to live on this globe. So, on this 63rd Republic Day of this solemn republic of India I would like to say - I Am Proud to be an Indian -Rtr. Krushmi Gandhi

Views from the North The need to empower the lathi’s of the police

Stuffed bellies, under the table work regimes and equipment that could possibly be auctioned as antiques, not quite the idea for a police force, is it? We've been managing with the same for 64 years, and that could be sarcastically remarkable!

Talk about any issue we face as Modern Indians and an efficient police network can solve most of them. Such a network can prosecute a corrupt official, shoot down anti-nationalist elements, and create a sense of security among the masses. The biggest change in my opinion that India as a republic can benefit from, is a strong and capable police force, headed by responsible officials.

We need, first of all, personnel with a body that is capable of bearing on its shoulders the burden of 120 crore people. Also, what could help is increasing the number of personnel, as shortage of police force render many troubled places hrong check on the police force. Rest assured, with a working police department, we can surely see larger than life Chulbul Pandays' spring to action and making sure that India is not held by crime. -elpless. Cyber-crimes are on the increase and we roughly need the technology, deployed by the CID task force for the same, I think ACP Pradhyuman could help in that.

The real battle however, is with high level corruption's evil roots that have penetrated the strength of our police. A sense of duty and honour should be realised by the top officials since this is the department known for being more than notorious. The vigilance bureau, the ITD and related government institutions should keep a st

Rtr. Navkiran Mann

Rotaract Club of Chandigarh

Views from the North It starts with ‘you’th Mahatma Gandhi said “You must be the change you want to see in the world”. So the changes I want to see in our country as Republic are actually the changes I want in our own selves, in people of our country which ultimately make a nation. Corruption is the most hyped and important topic of our country these days. I don't want to talk about Jan Lokpal Bill or Anna Hazare here, but I want to talk about every individual who is directly or indirectly stuck in this cobweb of corruption. If we, the people take an initiative and stop doing things which makes the system corrupt, I am sure that this problem of our society could be decreased and eventually be eliminated. Think about it, at every stage of our lives we have a habit to bribe others in order to get the benefits starting at the times of admissions of kids, in the times of traveling, leisure, important things like getting licenses or other millions of little things for which we think that extra money can give us extra large benefits and to the sad part, we do get that extra. But what about those who can't really afford that 'extra'? The answer remains open. We blame the government, the system, the politicians and everyone else possible. We are all hypocrites. We want to be the ones to bring change and be different but we will not want to take a stand and get into the system. All of us are against the corruption in our country but when needed we will be the first ones to bribe. Whether it is in big ways or small we are part of this vicious cycle. It is very easy to blame others but very difficult to take the blame. It is all of us who need to take the blame for things we don't like in our country and needs to work on them. Instead of sitting back and exclaiming 'Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta', maybe we should start trying to make amends on a smaller scale. For eg. teach your maid's kid, or not bribe the traffic cop next time you get caught having jumped a light. All of us can be the change-makers. So on this 62nd republic day of our country, I want to see the change to a “corruption free India”. -Rtr. Aditi Rotaract Club of Chandigarh.

Vande Mataram  

Vande Mataram is a Republic Day Bulletin by the Rotaract Clubs of H.R. College and Chandigarh.

Vande Mataram  

Vande Mataram is a Republic Day Bulletin by the Rotaract Clubs of H.R. College and Chandigarh.