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Northern Ohio Region PCA Newsletter April 2014

Voices from the Trunk

Voices from the Trunk

Read All About It! Around the Zone.............................. 6 Michael Soriano Hail and Farewell............................ 11 Roberta Heller PCA Whirly Ball............................... 12

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Porsche Unveils New Liveries..... 13

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Porsche I.Q. Quiz....................... 16-17

Monthly Minutes............................ 15 Kellen Miller

Chumpcar Adventure.............18-23 Autocross & Car Clinic.............24-25 Checel, Bradley & Hulick

Checkered Flag................................34 Noah Wheeler

Spring Mid-OH DE Preview.........28 Lori Bryant

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April 2014


pace lap president skip wolfe Spring is here! We have finally had some warm sunny days and an even surer sign – the 12 Hours of Sebring and the Australian Grand Prix races took place! The Sebring/Australian GP weekend is one of the best race weekends of the year with two iconic races. This year’s Australian GP was especially interesting because of the sweeping rule changes, the biggest of which is the move to turbo charged V6 engines combined with a much more powerful KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System). The engines have way more torque compared to last year’s V8’s which makes for some fun racing as the cars have a lots of power induced oversteer, That said I really miss the sound of the V8 engines spinning at 16,000 rpm (really miss the 18,000 rpm V10’s!) Sebring was a great race to watch, although I had to watch most of it streamed through my iPad to the Apply TV since Fox 1 only broadcasted the beginning of the race. Porsche won the GT class with their new 991 RSR and the GT Daytona class with the 991 GT America which is based on the Cup car. April brings us a couple fun events. The first is a new Tech Session at Cleveland Whiskey and Magnet. Greg Krizman and Dave Pierson of Magnet (Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network) will show off their facility and demonstrate their Rapid Prototyping processes. Dave says he’ll make something cool on the 3D printer for us to see. And at the same facility, Tom Lix of Cleveland Whiskey will show us his whiskey production facility – designed with help from Magnet. We will get to see the current state of the art local distillery and get to sample what they make. April 27st brings us our first driving event of the year. We will be holding our annual Autocross/Car Control Clinic at Lakeland Community College. The event will cover all of the basics of autocross and is a perfect introduction for the novice, as well as a good refresher for the veterans out there. For those of you who may not be familiar with autocross, an autocross is a low to medium speed


auto racing events that is run in a large parking lot. One driver at a time negotiates a course laid out with the cones, or pylons, testing their skill against the clock. Time penalties are charged for disturbing cones. Autocrosses are an excellent way to see what your Porsche can do (and what you are capable of as a driver!) in a safe and controlled environment Our first Diver’s Education event will be held at Mid-Ohio on May 3-4. What is a Driver’s Education event? It is two full days of learning the capabilities of you and your car on a world-class road course facility in Lexington, OH. Drivers will be grouped according to experience to drive with an in-car instructor on the rolling layout of the 2.34 mile, 14 turn circuit. There is also classroom instruction and a lapping day for instructors and experienced students on Friday, April 27th. I would encourage anyone who has never been to Mid-Ohio to come on down sometime during the event weekend to check it out. On a final note, I wanted to introduce Noah Wheeler, our resident DE photographer, and new Editor of this newsletter. Noah has been coming to the track for years with his Dad Morris, and has built up quite reputation for all of his fantastic photography as well as being our resident guru for Harry’s Laptimer – an iPhone based data acquisition app. Noah is one of the biggest Porsche nuts you will ever meet and I look forward to seeing what he has in store for the Voices!

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

your norpca board: 2014-2015 officers *President Skip Wolfe 666 Meadowlane Dr. Richmond Heights, OH 44143 440-527-3839 *Vice President Kent Winter 2900 Lamplight Lane Willoughby Hills, OH 44094 440-223-9970 *Secretary Kellen Miller 3608 Payne Ave., #301 Cleveland, OH 44114 330-340-3335 (c) *Treasurer Eric Christiansen 2884 Huntington Rd. Shaker Heights, OH 44120 216-312-5005 *Past President Keith Inniss 440-669-1420 (c) *Membership Pat Ellert 7559 Brecksville Rd. Independence, OH 44131 216-524-7547 *Competition Director Ed Baus 216-265-8057

Autocross Doug Bradley 440-428-7043 Rallyemasters Ava Singerman & Bob Palmer 440-821-8630 (c) Concours Mark Taylor 440-899-6338 IRAC Representative John Hulick 440-350-4571 Technical & Safety Mike Garriga 216-408-5652 (c) Voices Editor Advertising & Sponsor Coordinator Shannon McCue 216-274-2282 Webmaster Bill Polewchak 440-942-8664 Charity Director Karen Latsko * Voting Board Member

Zone 4 Representative Michael Soriano Mill Rd. Johnstown, OH 43031 740-967-6027 Social Directors Diane Baus Tech Sessions Brad Kennett 440-309-5002 Chief Instructor Bob Bryant 440-247-1487

April 2014


April - May 2014 events Monthly Board Meeting Monday, Location:

April 7, 2014 7:00 p.m. Market Garden Brewery 1947 W. 25th St., Ohio City

All new business proposals are to be submitted in advance of the meeting. This will allow them to be added to the agenda so that time may be allocated for discussion. Please contact Skip Wolfe with your agenda items. Questions: Please call Skip Wolfe at 440-527-3839 / email or Kellen Miller at 330-340-3335 / email

April Technical Session Wednesday, Location:

April 16, 2014 6:00 p.m. MAGNET/Cleveland Whiskey 1768 E 25th. St., Cleveland,

Greg Krizman and Dave Pierson of Magnet (Manufacturing Advocacy

& Growth Network) will show off their facility and demonstrate their Rapid Prototyping processes. Dave says he’ll make something cool on the 3D printer for us to see. Tom Lix of Cleveland Whiskey, will show us his whiskey production facility – designed with help from Magnet and on the next floor. We’ll see the current state of the art local distillery and get to sample what they make. Please RSVP by Monday April 14 to Brad Kennett. 440-309-5002

Hershey Porsche Swap Meet Saturday, April 19, 2014 All day event Location: Hershey Park, Hershey, PA As the largest swap meet IN THE WORLD, this is an exciting destination for Porsche enthusiasts. You will see more P-cars and more Pvendors in one place on one day than anywhere else. Although you pay to park, it is a free event. There are many hotel/motels in the area and wonderful restaurants, attractions and things to do making this a 4

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

April - May 2014 events

great full weekend should you choose to do that.

Car Control Clinic - Kickoff To Autocross Saturday, Location:

April 27, 2014

6:00 p.m.

Lakeland Community College 7700 Clocktower Drive, Kirtland, Ohio

First of many autocross events this year. See pages 22 & 23 for further details. Free for all NORPCA members. If you have any questions or want a registration form, contact: Doug Bradley - or (440) 428-7043 or John Hulick – Cell: 440-477- 6543

Drivers’ Education Friday-Sunday, May 2-4, 2014 Location: Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course 7721 Steam Corners Rd, Lexington, OH 44904 Driver’s Education events are a fun learning experience with your car. Each driver is paired with an in-car instructor for driving sessions and there are off-track learning sessions throughout the weekend as well. Friday May 3 is an open lapping day for advanced students and instructors. The club has loaner helmets so if you don’t have a Snell 2005 or 2010 ‘M’ or ‘SA’ rated helmet, please contact Lori Bryant at lori.bryant@att. net or 440-247-1487 to reserve a helmet or to ask any questions. The registration is at

Wine Tasting & BBQ Saturday, Location:

May 17, 2014 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Marshall Goldman Motors 24661 Miles Rd., Warrensville Hts, OH

This will be a”pay in advance only” event. No money will be accepted at the door. This year the cost will be $15/person with $5 being donated to Make a Wish Foundation. Payment can be made online at or Make check payable to NORPCA and mail it before April ??? to: 7262 Stone Road Independence, OH 44131 NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED WITHOUT PRE-PAYMENT. PLEASE contact Jim Forcina with any questions at: April 2014


Around the Zone by Michael Soriano Greetings PCA Zone 4 Members, I am pleased to be able to share some very exciting news with you. The Porsche Club of America has seen tremendous growth recently, and as a result, has had a very successful and profitable year. One of the topics during our Zone Rep meetings over the past few months has been what to do with this surplus of funds; if it is to be refunded, and if so, how much. And, it is my pleasure to inform you that in an unprecedented move, PCA will be refunding a total of $500,000 back to the regions. The payout for this total will be distributed as follows; each region will receive a one-time rebate subsidy of $7.50 per primary member, and regions can utilize these funds in any way they see fit. This is perfect timing as most of the regions within our zone are preparing for the upcoming driving season. I am certain this new influx of unexpected funds will be a welcome addition to each of your regions, and will be used to improve a wide variety of activities throughout the year. Be sure to check your local region’s website and newsletter for the latest details on the many events close to you that are being planned. Also, consider attending other regions’ events, such as: • Ohio Valley Region will hold the first DE of the Season at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course April 4-6 • Central Indiana Region’s Spring Color Auto Tour Weekend to Cincinnati is April 5-6 • Saturday, April 5, Allegheny Region is holding an All Member Dinner to welcome their New Members. • The Michiana Region’s Membership Meeting is on Wednesday, April 9, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. at Columbo’s Restaurant in Elkhart, IN • Maumee Valley Region’s 4th Annual Curling Event is Thursday, April 10 at the BGSU Ice Arena. • Join Southeast Michigan Region on Saturday, April 12, for their Model “T” Plant Tour • “Time with Tim” Rally Sport Region’s monthly tech session will take place on Saturday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. • April 25-27, Mid-Ohio Region will hold their first DE at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course • The Northern Ohio Region Car Control Clinic will be held at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, OH. Check their website for more details. • Western Michigan Region’s Spring Brunch is on Sunday, April 27 at Cygnus 27 in Grand Rapids, MI • Registration opens Tuesday, April 1 for The 59th Annual Porsche Parade which will be held in Monterey, CA on June 14-21, 2014. Put this event on your calendar and plan to attend, volunteer to help out and have fun with PCA members from across the US and Canada. It will be a great time for all. I look forward to having the opportunity of meeting each and every one of you at these upcoming events. If you have any questions of comments please feel free to contact me at Thanks, Michael


NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

Racing 1-2Page Color Ad 2013:Racing 1/2Page Color Ad 2011

April 2014


6:45 PM


Product Development Laboratory A AWWorld orld-­‐RRenown enowned   Product   Development   Laboratory  

WHO we are:


Entrepreneurial Scientists   Scientists specializing in specializing  in   o o o

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WHAT we do:


o Formulate, Prototype,  Scale  Up    Formulate o Test    Equipment   PrototypeDesign   o Contract   Manufacturing   of  Developed    Scale up  Test Equipment Design Products   

Contract Manufacturing of Developed Products

WHY we are WHY Wdifferent: E  ARE  WILLING  AND  ABLE  TO  BE  DIFFERENT   o Manufacturing  and  A2LA  Lab  ISO  13485  Medical  Certified    Coating, Slitting, Mixing, & A2LA Lab all under one roof o Clean,  Class  10,000  Clean  Room  for  Medical  and  Electronics   clean room for Medical ElectronicsCost   o Clean….Class Great  Place  10,000 to  Develop   an  Idea   While  C&ontrolling    Fast….Rapid Innovation process helps you commercialize yourOideas o Quiet;  Strict  Confidentiality  Agreement  Where  Client   wns  faster IP      Quiet…A strict confidentiality agreement where you own the IP

For nearly  30  years  we  have  developed  technical  products  you  use  every  day,   Your Innovation + Our Expertise = Faster Results from  wound  dressings  to  Ink  Jet  printer  cartridge  technology.                                                                                                                                    440.974.3080    440.974.3080     8

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk


Turbo 964 993




You either have one or you want one. Thanks to all for a great 2012 and look forward to a better 2013! Bring this ad in and receive $100 off your next service or even better $1000 off a purchase of any new or pre-owned Porsche over and above any negotiated deal.* Valid through 12/31/13.

Call or Email 24/7 Chad Lozon - G.M. Cell – 440-391-1420

Porsche of North Olmsted A part of The Collection Auto Group 28400 Lorain Road, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070 440-716-2720 Š2013 Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche recommends seat belt usage and observance of all traffic laws at all times.

MER-13-4861 Porsche Newsletter Ad.indd 1

April 2014

2/5/13 3:26 PM


Porsche Parade 2014: Monterey, CA Monterey is the site of our 59th Porsche Parade, to be held this June 15 through 21, 2014. This is PCA’s annual extravaganza of competitive and social events. Only minutes away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, we’ll be treated to drives on the famous Pacific Coastal Highway, to some of California’s legendary vineyards, and through the hills and valleys of northern California. Of course, Parade has a long history of friendly competition and that will continue this year with the always challenging Concours d’Elegance, TSD rally, autocross, and the tech-quiz. Registration will open on April 1st (new date!), and there will be a link to register on and This Parade will be very popular, but we will accept ALL entries. We can accommodate all entrants for each of the banquets and all competitive events, as well as most activities. Tours on some days will sell out, however. Upon checking out of Parade registration, you will receive an email with the link to our host hotels and discount codes. We have blocked rooms at five area hotels, and we do expect hotel rooms to fill up quickly. Get more information at



ril 1

n Ap

atio gistr

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

Remembering Diane Zupancic by Roberta Heller

Christopher Moore Restoration, Service and Race Car Preparation

Specializing in porSche速 automobileS

It is with great sadness that I write that Diane Zupancic passed away on Saturday morning, February 22, 2014, after a long battle with cancer. This short note is a tribute to her zeal for life, her humor, her fierceness. Diane loved her life and her husband and soulmate, Frank. She told great stories, cooked and ate well, loved the cars, was one of the best story tellers - on herself and in general, and was al- Diane Zupancic, NOR Member ways supportive of her friends. Diane loved the social side of the Porsche club, though she was unable to participate in the last few years. She is now at peace with no more pain. Those that met Diane are richer for having known her and Frank. Our hearts reach out to support him and remember her always.

April 2014


32961 Pin Oak Parkway Unit #5 Avon Lake, OH 44012 P 440.333.3245 F 440.653.5358


NORPCA Whirly ball event pictures Everybody had fun at the recent Whirly Ball event. Be sure to check pages 4 and 5 or for upcoming social events. Remember, it’s not just the cars, it’s the people.


NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

THe 919’s Intelligent New Livery

When Porsche first revealed the official livery for the 919 Hybrid, the groans from the press were understandable. For months, leaked concept drawings of Martini liveries had been popping up in the automotive media. Everyone was excited for the return of Porsche to Le Mans, but even more so for the

return of the legendary Martini livery. Disappointingly, at the official Geneva reveal, Martini was not present. Just a boring black

April 2014

and white color scheme. No tribute to the screaming prototypes of Porsche past. All was not lost however. The livery contained more than meets the eye. When viewed from above, a secret message is displayed, suddenly making the graphics seem just a little more intelligent. Half of “Porsche Intelligent Performance� is displayed on the top, with the other half being on the other car. Just like the technology in their cars, Porsche wanted their livery to be intelligent. Also present on the Sebring winning GTLM 911 RSR, expect this motto to be increasingly present in Porsche marketing material in the years to come.


April Anniversaries & new members Pat Ellert YEARS


William & Janice Ramsey Melvin Schoenstein & Brenda Eliner Sam Hunter & Lorrie Taylor Robert Yackle Martin Dodenhoff & Ann Gelehrter Mike Immarino & Michelle Doehring Walter Chapman Brant & Stacey Giere Dan & Kate Pierson John Williams & Marcie Goodman Thomas Kroth Mike Garriga & Susan DeSantis Paul & Kim Deutsch Robert & Judie Lasser Donald & Susan Michalek Russell Mitchell James & Sharon Schoenegge Frank & Denise Seidelmann Kevin & Michael Meccia Patrick Mccarthy Martin & Kathleen Foy Walter & Jeremy Beach Paul & Elsie Reddix Thomas & Debra Varcak Joel & Brian Aberth John Jr & John III Zbozien John & Deborah Blair James & Diane Forcina Steve Matousek David Tarditi & Susan Shondel Mark & Alexander Sterling Stephen Osborn Robert & Bob Zawtocki Norman Conti Larry Porcellato David Owen John & James Ballrick Albin & Philip Muren Bill & Cynthia VerDuin Mark Smith Morgan & Sharon Griffiths Jeffrey & Diane Gerrone

4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

48 39 30 28 27 24 23 20 18 17 17 17 16 15 15 15 14 14 14 14 13 13 12 11 10 10 9 9 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 6 6 5 5 5 5 4

Send a note with your old & new address to: Pat Ellert: PCA Membership 7559 Brecksville Rd. Independence, Ohio 44131 email: PEWE4now@


Karl Kleinert Steve & Sarah Drazetic Dean & Donna Guigas Siegman David & Annette Zappala Donald & Mary Beth Link Fareed Siddiq Thomas Nicholas Robert & Wealthy Hayes Douglas Tabbutt & Jon Sabo Jon Sabo Kevin Rohrer & Beverly Fraser David & Melissa Block Larry Kerns Paul & Cary Klingensmith III Susan Olson Robert & Aimee Smith Timothy Smith Stephen & Sonja Metzler Robert & Ted Bienerth Scott Ellrich Steve Katz Sean Swick Alan Zelina

We look forward to meeting these folks and their Porsches at future NOR events. New Members Corey Bise - Strongsville 2010 Cayman S Jon Deak - Geneva 2001 Boxster Joseph Palmer - Strongsville 2001 Boxster Daryl Sconyers - Mentor 2013 Boxster John Supinski - Westlake 1986 944 Turbo Doug Zlatic - North Royalton 1983 911 SC

If you note any incorrect information on the Anniversary or New Member lists, please notify Pat Ellert so the records may be updated. If your mailing label is incorrect or you wish to change your mailing address for Voices, please contact Pat Ellert to update the mailing list.

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

board meeting minutes kellen miller Attendee’s: Keith Inniss, Walt and Pat Elert, Skip Wolfe, Ed and Diane Baus, Shannon Mccue, Eric Christianson, Brad Kennett, Kent Winter, and Kellen Miller Minutes: No Changes to last month’s minutes. Treasurer’s Report: Eric gave a verbal report for the month (printed reports available upon request). Biggest’s transactions for the month were for the upcoming Mid-Ohio DE/Club Reg. Eric also what over a proposed budget for 2014(these will be available when completed). Social Events: April is in progress however nothing nailed down, May 17th Marshall Goldman Wine Tasting / Car show this is a tentative date, waiting to hear back from Joe Levak. June 14th Dinner @ Nelson Ledges put on by Porsche of Beachwood. July House Party with Skip Wolfe and Tara Turner Date to be determined. August House Party Rib Cookoff Mike Garriga and Sue Desantias date to be determined. September 13th House Party with Kent Winter, date to be announced. October working on either house party or something with North Olmsted Porsche, and then the Annual Meeting in November. On December 13th the Holiday Party will be at the House of Blues 7-12pm. Drivers Ed: Annual Drivers ed meetings was held in Febuary, it was well attended, and everything went over very well with all attendees. Ed went over all things that were discussed at the meeting, and one of the big things that was decided upon was dedicated roles for members that are helping run the event. Also events will be limited to 100 students total, professional coaches will be available, and most of the midohio ammenties will be utilized(the

April 2014

tower). Autocross would like to purchase a bullhorn(this was okayed by the board). Helmets for taste of the track are going to be purchased from both Apex Performance and Track First(to help assist our sponsors). Still waiting on LLC to give dates for further Autox events for the season. Rally: Still looking for a date in August to organize an event. Charity: Jon Sabo as proposed doing a joint Amercian Heart Association with him at Crawford Auto Museum. We’re still trying to figure out a local charity to support throughout the year, the board is leaning toward focusing on Food Bank/Food Centers this year. Details will follow in the months. Advertising: No news Concourse: No news, however the board is looking for additional club members that will help get participants and other clubs involved for the season. Tech Talks: Tech session at Porsche of Beachwood went over very well(over 60 members attended). March event will be at Track First in Hudson on March 14th. April 16th there will be an event at Magnet/ Cleveland Wiskey , it will start at 6pm. Membership: Total of 641 members, 6 new members, no transfers in, 3 transfer our, 12 non-renewals, and 30 renewals. What to do with the extra Pano’s we receive from National, most likely will split them between the 2 dealerships. Misc: Website, need to push to get it completed and up to running at current internet standards.


Porsche I. Q. Quiz 1. The name for Porsche’s new compact SUV is Macan which in Indonesian means tiger. a. True b. False 2. The hybrid concept was not new to Porsche in 2010. In what year did Ferdinand Porsche develop the LohnerPorsche “Mixte” with wheelhub electric motors and a sparkignition engine? a. 1960 b. 1949 c. 1902 d. 1900 3. In 1997 Porsche continued the supercar lineage of the 959 with the 544hp carbon fiber, DM 1.5M, 911 GT1. How many units did Porsche produce? a. 1000 b. 100 c. 20 d. 5 4. At the end of 1967, Porsche built 23 911’s for racing designated the 911R. These Spartan 911’s had which of the following modifications. a. a 210 HP Carrera 6 type engine b. plexiglass side windows c. fiberglass bodywork d. All of the above 5. a. b. c. d. 16

What does the 924 and Audi R8 have in common? Audi engines Built at Neckarsulm Cabriolet option All of the above NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

6. What is the measured time saving during a Le Mans start if the ignition switch is on the left? a. 1/20sec b. 1/5 sec c. 1/10 sec d. 1/100 sec 7. The debut of the Porsche Indy car was at Laguna Seca in 1987. The car lasted only 6 laps before retiring. a. True b. False 8. Kuhnle, Kopp & Kausch AG supply _____________ to Porsche. a. Superchargers b. Turbochargers c. Radios d. Shock absorbers 9. Roger Penske ordered 15 Carrera RS’s in 1973 for his made for TV International Race of Champions? e. True f. False 10. Porsche’s customer magazine, Christophorus, is named for the patron saint of travelers. a. True b. False

Answers: 1. a 2. d

3. c 4. d

5. b 6. c

7. a 8. b

9. a 10. a

April 2014


Chump-Car at Laguna Seca Raceway Our adventure starts the way many others have in the past. Three NOR guys sitting around with beers talking about racing at different tracks. Kellen is telling Skip and I about how he and the team ‘we be’ racing are heading out to California in December to race in a chump car race at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway (LSR). In the conversation Kellen encourages us to contact Patrick Hawkins and Bob Lasser because they have plans to take their 944s2 to do the same and they have room for a couple of drivers. At the time, although ex-

cited, the two of us only give the opportunity a ten percent chance of coming together. After about a month of time, a few emails and phone calls, things were looking better and better. The guys were indeed going to California and they would take us as drivers. We were still hopeful, but still seemed like a long shot, chances jumped all the way to 20 percent in our minds. Time to buy airline ticket, Shannon McCue was able to squeeze on the team and the plan was to taking shape. So, now we are 5 total committed drivers for a double 7.5 hour race Chump car style. The double 7.5 format means that there is 7.5 hours of racing each day and the cars are 18

sequestered over night for a total race time of 15 hours. Each driver would have 3 hours of seat time if all things going well. The team was not going to be without its challenges. The only team member who had ever driven at LSR was Bob who had driven some mild laps on a motorcycle. There was not going to be any practice, warm up, or qualifying, so for most of us the first time we were to experience the track was our turn in the car. On top of that, this was Skip’s first race, Patrick’s second race, and Bob’s first time back after a several years of hiatus. So, no problem. Ok, back to the plan. Kellen goes through the car, it goes on the trailer, and car is transported to Daytona for the weekend with Dave Pierson and the Audi Club DE. The car then is transported directly across country by Patrick and Bob to Monterey for the race. Skip, Shannon, and I fly out on Friday and meet up with Patrick and Bob for Friday afternoon tech. We then planed to drive 1.5 hours each day with fueling every other driver change. The driver order as decided by the car owners was to be Ed, Bob, Patrick, Shannon, and Skip.

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

Everyone made it to the track just fine (after a great pastrami sandwich I might say). The car sailed through tech without a

hitch, and all our gear checked with no problems. The car had some additions two way radio equipment and some extra noise dampening because of the track extreme sound limits. At the end of the day the plan was perfectly on track. Friday night we found our hotel, found a good place to eat, and got a good night’s sleep all while trying to shake off the jet lag. Saturday morning we got to the track early, set up our pit stall, had to move our pit stall and reset it all up again, and got the car ready. I got my gear on

since I was the first one out, radio checks to make sure driver and crew could be heard no problems everything seemed perfect. April 2014

Chump car starts their races in an interesting way. They do not do the traditional rolling start or a standing start. They put all the cars out on track and perform a transponder check to see that they can see everyone. They then pick a car at random and as soon as that car rolls across the start finish, they drop the double yellows and the race is on. I run out on track and it looks exactly like the videos I have been watching and the video games I have been playing. The first time I get to the top of the corkscrew, however, I am just completely taken away by the drop. I get on the radio to exclaim my “Wahoo” as I fall down the corkscrew, WHAT A RUSH! After a couple of slow laps around the track, I can see the corner worker fiddling with their double yellow so I get ready and sure enough, Shannon is on the radio with the green flag announcement and away we go. The competitors are careful of each other or as we call it gentlemen racing. There are no issues at the beginning of the race. I am running around having a good time and learning the track. I short shift and coast past the sound shack every lap. You remember me saying that Laguna has a VERY restrictive sound limit. The sound limit is 2 db less than what is permitted on public roads in California. We realize early on Saturday morning even before we go on track that our car is among the loudest in the paddock. We might have a problem. Before we go out we send Skip out to find more mufflers. We knew we were going to need to do something. Friday night we had gotten a roll of screen material and a bunch 19

Chump-Car at Laguna Seca Raceway

of steel wool to create a custom second muffler in the tail pipe along with a 90 degree bend to turn the sound away from where the sound recording was going to be taken. Back out on track, I am running lifting and coasting by the sound shack. On the second hot lap, the car, choked by the extra restriction coughs out (belches, regurgitates, pukes (your choice))our custom muffler almost directly in front of and obviously in protest to the sound shack. With the car noticeably louder, I knew that we were going to have a problem. Sure enough, half an hour later, when our grace period was up the meatball flag came out for me signifying that there was a mechanical problem with my car. Communication with the crew confirmed that the failure was due to a sound issue. Did I mention that at the time we were 20

in first place working our way up from fifteenth. Well, we led the race for a few laps anyway. I pull the car into the paddock to find that Skip had returned from his adventures with a Flowmaster Muffler, another 90 degree bend and a 180 degree bend. Skip’s adventures included finding the muffler at AutoZone, no luck at one muffler shop, then a second muffler shop with dirt floors cut apart some existing used pipes and weld together two prior pieces together. We quickly fit everything up and cut the existing tail pipe to make the right fit. We then have about thirty minutes for our turn for a chance to use a borrowed arc welder to weld the setup together because the clamps Skip got were just not strong enough to deform the steel pipes robbed from the old stock exhausts. Finally our chance at the welder, I have not

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

stick welded for years but I have stick welded so I am up. In my race suit, lying under the car, us-

ing a welder that only worked if Shannon held the connection to the generator just right and Bob held the connection to the welder just right, welding the pipes on the car. Success the car is quieter and everything looks right. My turn in the car is over and Bob suits up and jumps in. He goes out on track and does a sound check. No issues, so it is back at it. We are feeling confident. About thirty minutes in he calls to ask how the muffler looks since, he just got bumped from the back and was worried that the muffler took the hit. It all looked good from where we were at, so he kept at it. Bob was having a good time until about an hour into his run the meatball came back out. Second strike on the sound if we get three strikes and we are done for the weekend. This time, the sound was only a 93db instead of our original 102db, so we are close. We bring the car in to the paddock add in a flex pipe to our tail pipe filled with more screen and steel wool (much better secured). Bob’s time in the car is done. Patrick suits up and goes out. Skip and I jump in the van and head back into town April 2014

for more gas and more mufflers. The thought is that we can add something more significant in the evening so that we can be rock solid for Sunday. The only auto parts store that Skip did not hit up was NAPA because they had not opened till later than he was there, so NAPA was our first stop. The counterworkers tell us that they had no mufflers. We figured that a catalytic converter would also deaden sound, so we asked about one of those too. The great guys there said that they need to go in the back and see what they had. He returned laughing with a

box that looked like it might have been there since the 1930’s. In the box was a great looking muffler with a 3.25 inch input and a 2 inch output. The 3.25 inch end had a 4 bolt flange on it sealing the decision that this was the muffler intended for a tractor. We both said at the same time that we would take it. We run back to the track sweating every time the phone chimed that it would be that we have gotten our third and final strike on sound. Back at the track everything is fine. We arrive just in time to help transition from Patrick to Shannon. No issue other than 21

Chump-Car at Laguna Seca Raceway

our makeshift tail pipe was pointing at bad things under the car making more heat than we wanted. Shannon was out and doing well. He does his entire time in the car with no issues and comes in. Our final driver Skip goes out and gets in about thirty minutes before he calls in that something is wrong. He tells us that something is rubbing in the back or he has a flat tire. He comes into the pits we crawl all around the car and cannot find anything wrong so, we adjust tire pressure and that is about it. I tell Skip that he really only has two choices: one he can bring the car behind the wall, we can jack the car up and look it over, or two he can go back out and see if it is gets better or worse. Well, we did not need to wait long for our answer it got worse. Skip leaves the pits and two corners later the wheel comes off but not all the way off. It seems that one of the rear hubs was cracked and was still holding on, but the one more corner the hub completely snapped. Skip rolled into a safe spot and waited for the tow truck to bring him

April 2014


This was an unanticipated failure we have no spare parts for this issue the car is done. We make a plea on Pelican and Rennlist to see if someone close by had a part we could use. We talked with the other 944s in the race that locked up their engine, but the parts were different. We were done racing is over time to pack up. Get everything together and go enjoy a beverage and a cigar the downside of the car breaking. It was a great effort and we had-


lot of fun. The other two teams that came from our area fought on and finished 8th and 9th on Sunday. It was a great experience and fun to drive and race a track we have not driven. Something we are all looking forward to experiencing again maybe at a different track, but going somewhere warm in the middle of the winter and racing is just plain fun. Thanks to Patrick and Bob who graciously took the three of us on as drivers to share in the experience.

April 2014


2014 Autocross Schedule by Doug Bradley We are getting close to the time of the year when we get a chance to drive our Porsches as they were meant to be driven. By that I mean more than a quick on-ramp excursion or a brisk trip down your favorite twisty road. On April 27 NOR will kick off its 2014 Autocross series with what in the past has been referred to as a “school�, but which should more precisely be called a Car Control Clinic. It will be held in the large parking lots at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland. The pavement is free and clear of any hard objects. The only obstacles are strategically placed rubber pylons which are occasionally punted by student drivers going around a learning curve at relatively low speeds. Several experienced autocross pilots will be available to act as in-car instructors (in yours & theirs) to guide you through a series of car control exercises which demonstrate both the components of an autocross and the high limits designed into your Porsche to handle such situations. Such components will include a friction circle, emergency lane changes, and slalom maneuvers. You might be pleasantly surprised 24

at the high G-force numbers you can generate going round & round or right-left-right. The first part of the day will be spent concentrating on these individual exercises. After a lunch break the elements will be combined which results in the making of an autocross course. We will set up the timing equipment and give you several passes through the course. Our instructors will continue to ride with you if that is your desire. At the end of the day there will be applause all around for a job well done. As an incentive to participate the cost today is Zero, Nada, or $0. Once we get you hooked on autocrossing we will hit you up for cash at future Lakeland events. And even then it is a measly $25 for an entire day of fun. The 2014 NOR Autocross schedule at Lakeland will be published as soon as it is available. The Voices From the Trunk will contain details in the issues preceding each event. Please come join us. It will be a full day of on-ramp fun and so much more.

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

Car Control Clinic - kickoff to Autocross


Northern Ohio Region is hosting a CAR CONTROL CLINIC Sunday April 27, 2014 Lakeland Community College 7700 Clocktower Drive Kirtland, Ohio Schedule: 9:00 a.m. -- Registration (FREE to PCA Members, $20 non-members) and Tech Inspection 10:00 a.m. -- Clinic Starts Lakeland College is located at 7700 Clocktower Drive, in Kirtland OH. Just take Route 90 east to Route 306 and 306 south about one half mile to Clocktower Drive. There are fast food restaurants near-by for lunch or pack your own. There are motels in the area. Call or e-mail for more information. Pre-registration is helpful but not necessary. If you have any questions or want a registration form, contact: Doug Bradley - or (440) 428-7043 or John Hulick – Cell: 440-477- 6543

April 2014



NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk


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Have you ever wondered how your Porsche might feel driving on a racetrack? Braking a little harder than on a grocery run? Cornering so that you can feel the suspension working with the road? All this and more awaits you and your car at the spring NOR Driver’s Education event at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, OH. Both novice and experienced drivers are welcome at the event Saturday and Sunday May 3-4 2014 (Friday May 2 is experienced drivers and instructors) at the historic 2.4 mile, 14 turn road course in Lexington. Each driver is paired with an experienced on-track instructor and the club has fantastic classroom instructors too. We are planning to have 2 pro coaches with us again this spring to further add to the learning and enjoyment of everyone at the event. Last year the participants universally commented ‘best event I have ever attended’ so don’t be left out! Please sign up at Please email Lori Bryant at with questions. See you at the track! 28

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk



Offering Professional Service for your Vintage or Performance 356 and 911 From Metal and Paint to Ground-Up Restorations INCLUDING: INTERIORS, CARPETS & TOPS, ENGINE, DRIVETRAIN

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April 2014


the Paddock NORPCA Classifieds Voices makes space available to PCA members for want/sell ads at no cost. 1. Ads are listed for 3 months subject to available space. 2. Email all ads to No ads can be taken by phone. 3. To repeat an ad, please resubmit it. If item is sold, please contact editor. Cars 1986 944 Guards Red, Excellent condition, 32K miles, stored all winters, new tires. $15K Cleveland area Contact David Vince 216-780-6900 or 1989 944S2, PCA E / SCCA ITR, Truman 2013 engine rebuilt, Lindsey oil pan baffle, Racer’s Edge (Stahl) header, muffler and pipe. 2011 Racer’s Edge racing clutch and LWF, MO30 brakes, new Hawk DTC-60 pads, rebuilt 2012 transmission reconditioning with LSD set for high turning torque Turbo S axles, camber plates, external adjustable shocks, springs set by Steinel’s, perfectly balanced suspension, 2 more sets of spare springs available, Charlie solid bushings and front control arms, Racing dynamics strut-tower brace, CCW race wheels 18x8 and 18x9, 1 set, with R-6’s, 4 other sets of wheels and tires with new R6s, factory front sway bar M030 26.5mm with solid bushings factory M030 rear bar with solid bushings. The car is complete, fresh, fast and reliable, totally up to date and ready to race. $18,500 firm. Contact George Slyman 330-6071751 12

Parts & Miscellaneous 1985/1 944 2.5 liter NA engine. Currently apart. Will build up or sell as is. The following will be new: Rod Bearings, Lower Mains, Head & Pan Gaskets, spark plugs, rotor & cap; and crank seals. The following have less than 4,000 miles: Cam belt, rollers, front seals, & oil cooler seals. $1,800 built or $400 apart (less crank). Contact Doug: (440) 582-8077 or (440) 610-6401 or wrights4@att. net 944 9 15x7 wheels. Refinished like new (off ’87 944S). Will email pics. $375 firm. 914 engine lid refinished like new in black (Offers). Gerry at or 440-944-5570 9

Escort Passport 8500 Radar Detector complete, Porsche design tire rack with casters, 4 - Dunlap Graspic DS-1 winter tires 205-55R6 on alloy wheels for A6 Audi, Griot’s full weather Noah cover for A6 Audi with storage bag and cable lock, Sun Shade Contact Paul Reddix at 216-464-8493 10 Trailer-Carry-On Model 7X15SF2BRK. 1650# Empty Wt./5350# Capacity 7000#GVWR. Full Steel Floor and Slide in Ramps. Dual Axle with Elec. Brakes on both Axles. Many extras including Spare tire & wheel, snap track on floor, Wireless brake controller, tool box, 4 over the wheel ratchet straps and other accessories. Bought in 2013 and used 5 times this season. 15 ft. bed, and 20 ft. overall length. Over $4000 invested, will sell for $3000. Contact for more information or questions. 11 Set of Carrera III BBS Wheels NO Center Caps: Front 8x18 Part # 997-362-136-00 ET 57 mounted with Hoosier R6 225/40/ZR18 Rear 10x18 Part # 997-362-140-01 ET 58 mounted with Hankook Ventus Z214 C51 275/35/ZR18 Set/$850 Tires also available: 1 Hoosier R6 Size 225/40/ZR18 - $45 2 Hoosier R6 Size 275/35/ZR18 - $45 each 2 Hankook Ventus Z214 Size 275/35/ZR18 C91 Cmpd - $50 each All have good life for several more DE’s. Local pickup best or buyer pays shipping - Pics available on request. For any parts, contact Jerry at or 440-225-6678 11

Michelin PS2 235 and 265/35-19 tires from 2012 Boxster S. Fronts are 6-7/32” and Rears are 5-6”32”. $300 + shipping. Good tires to stretch to end of lease. Contact for info. 1


NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

April 2014







NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

Spring is finally here! Is your Porsche Ready?

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April 2014

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Checkered Flag Editor According to the calendar, Spring is here although that doesn’t seem to mean anything to whoever controls Cleveland weather. It means a lot, though, to the race fans of the world. Whether it be Formula 1, IndyCar, United States Sport Car Racing, Australian V8 Supercars or even NASCAR, all the major racing series are back in action, and I am ecstatic. As you may have guessed, I am a devoted racing fan. My name is Noah Wheeler, and I am a junior at Shaker Heights High School. I’m a pretty normal teenager all things considered. For example just this month I was grounded for sneaking out of my room at 4 am . . . to watch the Formula 1 season opener. I have been known to stay up late on weekend nights partying with my friends. Friends of course referring to my internet companions on various automotive chat rooms and partying meaning watching all 12 hours of the 12 Hours of Sebring. I am also a Porsche fanatic. I currently own: a 935, a 550 Spyder, 911 GT1, 909 Bergspyder and multiple 917s. Although most teenagers would have trouble finding space for such cars, I have no trouble at all: they are all 1/43rd scale. When I am not in my own fantasy world, I drive a blue Ford Fiesta. Besides following racing and dreaming of cars, my hobbies include homework, photography, biking, and skiing. I run 34

my school’s investment club, and am on the leadership committee for Shakers Student Group on Race Relations. When I am not at school you can normally find me working on homework, browsing or sorting photos from the most recent track day. The learning curve is steep as I take control of Voices, so I apologize for any errors in the formatting of this issue. I plan on adding lots of interesting and new content to Voices during my term as editor. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact me either by email at either Voicesfromthetrunk@gmail. com or Noahtheporcheguy@ You can also reach me at those addresses if you have advice on how best to get an internship with Adrian Newey.

NOR-PCA Voices from the Trunk

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Voices From The Trunk -- April 2014  

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Voices From The Trunk -- April 2014  

The April Edition of the Official North Eastern Ohio Porsche Club Newsletter