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Mangia Macrina’s Wood Fired Pizza by Lisa Lauritsen


nly wood fired pizza imparts that distinct smoky flavor, with crisp toppings, and a toothsome yet ethereal crust that makes it unlike any other kind of pizza. Is there something primal in our attraction to this ancient form of bread baking that makes Mangia Macrina’s one of the most popular food trucks in the area? Is it that they turn out a gourmet, traditional Neapolitan sized pizza in 90 seconds from the time it goes into the oven? I’m always curious to see their seasonal additions to the menu. Although owner Chris Woodbeck always offers a simple Margherita he also keeps things fresh with a variety of other options. Many are healthful; all are delicious.  Last Tuesday at “What the Truck” I had a goat cheese pizza with dried figs and a balsamic glaze. Mangia Macrina’s pizza is a rare gem. They even have a punch card for loyal customers so that after a number of purchases you get one free.  Chris Woodbeck is an interesting guy who’s done lots of things before he became a food truck business owner. It appears he’s making a change once more, but this time it’s to meet the needs of his growing troupe of foodie fans. Come fall you’ll be able to enjoy one of his wood fired delights within

Chris Woodbeck with his LePanyol oven in the soon to be, brick and mortar, Mangia Macrina’s Wood Fired Pizza. the walls of a restaurant on Seneca Turnpike. Just imagine! Mangia Macrina’s pizza all year long! And perhaps a glass of wine and a large caprese salad to go along side. The new location, 8636 Seneca Turnpike, in New Hartford, New York, the site of the former Bazan Bakery is home to a gorgeous, copper Le Panyol oven details allowing Woodbeck to pump out pizzas in 90 seconds at 800+ degrees. The brick and mortar Mangia Macrina’s Wood Fired Pizza restaurant is a dream long in the making. They are almost there. Chris has started a Kickstarter,

seeking your generous assistance to help complete some renovations and help purchase a couple of much needed items such as refrigerated prep units, tables , racks, and sink. Supporting the crowdfunding effort will allow the community will be able to enjoy a fast casual atmosphere that offers an upscale pizza experience that will pair well with our appetizers and a nice local beer and wine menu.  In the mean time, please stop by their food truck and give them try. You will not be disappointed. Find more information about the Kickstarter here: It’s easy to tell Chris Woodbeck has a passion for pizza. The sweet pizzas with Nutella and fruit, the savory pies with exotic combinations are tasteful and brag worthy, and his enthusiasm is unmatched. Who would have thought in an area saturated by Italian food that a food truck with pizza might inspire such awe. Food Truck culture has come such a long way from its humble hot dog cart beginnings and it’s because Trucks like Mangia Macrina’s has significantly raised the bar. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @mangiamacrina. E

Cajun shrimp tacos served with cilantro-lime sour cream, salsa, and avocado salad

Jams, May-September, and they’re offering $5.99/ dozen Novia Scotia clams while you get to relax, dig in, and jam out to some live music from 7-9 pm. It’s Killabrews Karaoke every Tuesday night, and is something since discovering that I’ve been both exceedingly happy and foolish about. And let us not forget the 22 beers they have on tap to endure all this awesomeness. Don’t walk out

calendar as “locked into Killabrews.” Of course they’ve got signature burgers everyday of the week, and for a healthier fare a generous antipasto, julienne, or Buffalo chicken salad. Food and drink specials are everyday of the week folks, and sometimes they’re changing it up. Be sure to look for upcoming specials and events on their website at www.killabrewsaloon. com, and you’ll be sure to find that night that’s right for you. Every Wednesday is Clams &

the door without trying some of New York State’s premier craft beers, and for everyone else there’s Guinness. Have no fear, Killabrew is here to stay, and open from 10 am-2a m Monday-Saturday, and 12 pm-2 am on Sunday. Plenty of time to get down there, and get your pub on. E

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Off Site Catering & Outdoor BBQ’s AVAILABLE


651-303-5305 We Accept All Major Credit Cards

Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner, Private Party, Graduation Party, Class Reunion, Sports Banquet and more.

9501 Harden Blvd., Camden, New York 13316 (315) 820-4149 •

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JULY Editor contains our Taste of the Region focus on our wonderful eclectic places to eat including our Utica Food Truck Assoc members! Als...

Editor 7 15 16  

JULY Editor contains our Taste of the Region focus on our wonderful eclectic places to eat including our Utica Food Truck Assoc members! Als...

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