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A Shoe In Sometimes a product comes along that simply changes the way we do things, changes what we wear or changes our standards. Golf has been full of amazing innovations, especially in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, golf shoes, apart from some clever new features, have remained very similar in design and materials. I personally wear a fairly traditional shoe nearly identical to what I wore 10 years ago. Two years ago, Rick Buchanan, a 15 year success story from the fashion industry, ap-

plied a completely different approach to golf shoe design. The Biion Shoe that resulted from this effort is a truly unique and high performance golf shoe. Of course his fashion background was influential in the design, look and feel of the shoes. Since they are made from EVA, they are insanely light and comfortable as well. But the brilliance was in an amazing combination of fit, comfort and style that makes them feel equally amazing when playing golf or hanging out at the 19th hole. Rick’s next obvious concern was performance. The result of that quest was nothing short of magic. The Biion Shoes are a clearly better option to 16

traditional golf shoes. The fact is that nothing feels quite like a Biion shoe. Nothing fits like it or performs like it either. Another unique difference is that Rick actually wanted to build a lifestyle shoe, and not just a golf shoe. While never compromising performance, he wanted to develop something so comfortable that you would want to wear them everywhere, on and off the coarse as well. It is undeniably the most versatile golf shoe on the market. Rick Buchanan, president of Biion Footwear, comments: “The reaction and enthusiasm over the shoes has been overwhelming. For every person that just loves the styles, there is someone who is in love with the fit and how light they are. It is all happening very fast. Apart from the US markets, we’ve opened distribution in Italy, Spain, Finland and New Zealand out of the gate with another 10 countries in negotiation over next 90 days. It seems retailers are very quick to grasp the concept and see its potential. As a designer, I am very proud of the Biion shoe line. But the great reward is coming from the response of golfers who absolutely love them. Because they are light, easy to clean, waterproof and feel great on your feet, they are the perfect shoe for avid golfers or pros who are in their golf shoes every day.” Rick’s Background has been well

By Michael Wargo rounded in a retail, sports and fashion sales agency, distribution and now finally his own brand. He has had a successful fashion sales agency for over 12 years now, but he has lived and breathed Biion for several years getting them designed and into production. He was a golf enthusiast since he was 8 years old, with his own make-shift par 3 in his yard. Later, he got a bit more serious and became very passionate about the game, and this passion gave Biion the spark it needed during the evolution of its design. They are an EVA shoe. Ehtylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is comfortable, waterproof, shock absorbent, washable, anti-microbial and odor-resistant. It’s also the material that helps make Biion Shoes the lightest performance golf shoes around. The shock-absorbent dual-density midsole ensures your feet stay comfortable before, during, and after a round as well. It also adds stability to your swing. The iconic spikeless ‘honeycomb’ pattern cleat increases grip; giving you improved control through your entire swing. Performance and comfort aside, golfers are going to love the Biion style and selection. Wingtips, saddles and bright color options all but guarantee you will find something that suits your personal sense of style. Rick adds, “ I have surrounded myself with an amazing group of colleagues and investors from conception to execution to ensure a quality product and brand. I am working with some of the best people I could have ever imagined, and am certain none of this would have been possible without them. My goal goes beyond corporate profitability, and is as simple as going to the course and seeing regular golfers wearing them because they love them. At this point I am so privileged to have our shoes in pro shops of some of the most prestigious courses in the world. That is really a great reward for me, but stay tuned… We are just getting started; our new models and colors will knock your socks off.” Florida Golf Central • Volume 15, Issue 1

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Florida Golf Central Magazine Vol 15 issue 1 • interactive  

Florida Golf Central Magazine Vol 15 issue 1 • interactive