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What is Sunniland? Sunniland

Professional Grade Fertilizers and Weed & Feeds Specially formulated for Southern Growers, Sunniland Corporation, Inc. offers a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and many other products that enhance plant production.

#1 Choice for Turf Management Turf management professionals are constantly battling weeds, insects, weather and more. With unfettered access to Sunniland experienced representatives and a full range of quality turf and ornamental products, turf grass managers have a powerful ally to ensure that their turf looks and performs its best! Slow-Release and Extended Feeding Sunniland offers several different turf grass weed & feed fertilizers, guaranteed to make turf beautiful, lush and green. Many of these in-stock turf grass fertilizers are available in slow-release version for extended feeding. Each of these fertilizers are excellent to apply on all warm-season grasses including Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia.

Custom Blended Fertilizers Take control with Sunniland’s

uniform granular custom blended fertilizer. These blends use premium nitrogen and micro-nutrients to outperform the competition. Pesticides are disbursed evenly as each granule of fertilizer is coated with the best type of pesticide for the job.

Clean and Free of Impurities Sunniland‘s water soluble fertilizers are manufactured on a dedicated line and are the industry standard blends pros have used for years on lawns, sports turf and golf courses including: • 33-0-17 • 0-0-62 • 46-0-0 • 23-0-31 These are the blends are clean and

free of impurities and are most efficient for delivering the nutrients needed for growing quality turf. Plus, Sunniland’s 23-0-31 blend has a stabilized nitrogen source for the highest efficient delivery of Nitrogen.

Better for the Environment and You A pioneer in fertilizer technology, Sunniland Corporation manufactures and distributes its Professional line of advanced slow-release fertilizers, which are better for the environment and better for you. Helping professional turf grass managers chart and maintain an effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable turf program is job one. Sunniland offers extensive blending options on all of their professional use products. The company builds unique formulation programs to satisfy each customer’s specific need to better meet their requirements.

Who Uses Sunniland Pro? Sunniland Professional products are used every day by: • Athletic Field Groundskeepers – including the Florida Gators • Golf Course Superintendents • Ground Maintenance Supervisors • Landscape Contractors • Nursery’s – including Lukas Nursery • Turf Grass Management Professionals With the Sunniland Family of products, you can’t go wrong!


header from the publisher

#inviteHER When I started what was Florida Golf Central Magazine 19 years ago, which has now evolved into Golf Central Magazine, my goal was to make golf more fun, less intimidating, inclusive, more diverse and enjoyable for everyone. Heck, I came up with Cart Girl of the Month and everyone agreed it was fun and made it less intimidating. Unlike the purist die hard lower handicappers, I Bryan Ingrande (Vice President of Global Sports & like to enjoy the game, Entertainment for Diamond Resorts) and I at a press conference for the LPGA's Diamond Resorts Tournament atmosphere, nature, of Champions coming in January. and environment. These courses are sculpted by architects and designers and professionally maintained by the Golf Course Superintendent and their staff. For those of you that do not know how this business works; in golf and other publishing industries, the money in magazines is usually controlled by women in advertising agencies. Actually, 80% of advertising revenue is controlled by women. About 90% of public relations is directed by women. I’ve been talking to these educated, savvy marketing women every day for all these years. They are the best in the business and have been at it a long time. While trying to discover how to help them with their client’s needs, I always ask how their game is, do they live in a golf course community, what equipment they’re using and they’re favorite course? You would be surprised at how many say they don’t play, my husband plays, my Dad plays, I have children and can’t get out because the kids are in gymnastics, soccer or any extracurricular activity, so I don’t have time anymore. This is where I always say, “We love kids playing golf!” This is also where I find my stock invitation opportunity (#inviteHER). I want to invite you out for a round, which will hopefully be the most enjoyable, fun round and you will be hooked forever. If I’m in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida or the Carolinas (wherever you are) I would like to be your hostess. We will drink champagne through a straw (or whatever your beverage is) and enjoy nature. We will see deer, birds, flowers, turkeys, gators, AND also flirt with men and carry on with kids. This #inviteHER initiative is not new for me. I love sharing everything good about golf and especially helping people understand the “giving back” that this game is popular for. So even if you volunteer and donate your time to a charitable golf event you are in the game. Hopefully you’ll pick up a club, actually hit a ball and it will go somewhere from there. This is an open invitation to play with me anytime ladies and “gents”. I love beginner golfers.

Volume 19, Issue 4 Publisher: Terrie L. Purdum Editor in Chief: Shannon Coates Regional Partner: Doug Hollandsworth, Founder-Georgia Golf Trail

Editor Emeritus: Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired Chief Fertilizer Spreader: Eric Rasberry Golf Gym: Ken Pierce Ambassador of Buzz: Jennifer Jolly Associate Editor/Photographer: Greg Corbo Photographers: Lynn Pelham, Brion Price, Peter Hakansson Mike Coonan, Becky Galloway Senior Correspondent: Rick Harris, Sr.

Junior Correspondent: Bella Dovhey International Correspondent: Dove Jones Contributing Writers: Jay Golden, PGA; Greg Wise, Bob Bolton, Greg Corbo, Elisa Gaudet, Mike Jamison, Mike May, Ron Heller, Rich Styles, Fred Seely, Deb Shuck, JL Quebbeman, Mitch Sadowsky, Linda Williams-Sieg

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PS. For more information on the LPGA’ s #inviteHER initiative, see pg 22.

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2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year 6


Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Saddlebro o k Reso r t • p r efer r ed g olfer s pa cka g e

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Volume 19, Issue 4

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Golf Bachelor 40 Ryan Kwech Golf Travel 20 French Lick Resort

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Growing The Game 10 Rosie Boyce 12 Drayton Florence Foundation Improving Performance 24 Miura Living on the Links 16 Florida Golf Communities Player Development 42 ShortGolf Special Events 18 OMEGA Golf Trophy Stay & Play 26 Rumbling Bald Resort 48 The Ballentyne





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king and prince golf course 800.342.0212 kingandprince.com #kingandprincegolf FOR E XCLUSIVE DE ALS, USE CODE GOLFCENTR A L WHEN BOOK ING ONLINE A ND C ALLING OUR R ESERVATIONS TE A M.

By Dove Jones

growing the game

MAKING ROSIE’S DAY Growing the game one little girl at a time It’s 7:30 AM

at the Ricoh Women’s British Open at Royal Lytham and St Anne’s and even though the Pro-Am is scheduled to go off at 8 AM there is nothing open in the spectator’s village. This is a bit of a problem for John Boyce, who with his golf-mad daughter, Rosie, left their home in Essex at 3 AM so Rosie could spend a full two days at the tournament and hopefully meet her golf idol, Charlie Hull, because John is desperate for a cup of coffee. Being American, I was on my own quest that early morning for a glass of ice to kick-start my day with a cold Diet Coke. The difference being I had a media credential and therefore access to not only ice but coffee. I saw John taking a picture of his daughter in front of a tournament

Rosie Boyce and Charlie Hull pretty in matching pink!

sign and asked if I could take a picture of them together to which they enthusiastically agreed. Striking up a conversation with Rosie I quickly found out some basic facts about her golf and love for Charlie Hull and John’s quest for coffee and also that the merchandise tent wouldn’t be selling to the public until 10 AM and Rosie was keen to get a flag to immediately start collecting autographs. 10

John and Rosie Boyce and the iconic Royal Lytham Clubhouse Knowing the Pro Shop was open to the public and had flags I sent them there and I went to fetch John a surprise coffee.. I should mention at this point I did not know their names. Entering the media center I ran into one of Charlie Hull’s IMG agents that has been a friend for years and mentioned meeting this cute little girl that loved Charlie Hull and her dedicated dad that had gotten up at three to get her to see her golf heroine. Imagine my surprise when the agent said, “Is her name Rosie? I think her dad has sent me emails over the past year about possibly meeting Charlie.” As I met them coming out of the pro shop with John’s coffee, I asked if her name was Rosie and sure enough it was. And from that moment Rosie became a pet project of myself, some wonderful IMG agents and communications personnel and several other media friends. She not only got to meet Charlie, but also attend her press conference and was even allowed to ask a very well formed question – “Charlie, when you practice before a tournament do you feel you need to work more on your short or long game?” To which Charlie answered. “Putting.” Interviewed by several media outlets, you’d be hard pressed to find a more poised barely 13year old. She was seen on camera on Sky TV, had a wonderful golf lesson and filled her flag with over100 signatures According to her father, she hasn’t stopped talking about her great adventure since returning home and is practicing with a renewed enthusiasm. Her younger sister, Ruby, who also according to John is a more naturedly talented

golfer but stopped playing a year ago, is also looking at taking back up the game and coming with them next year. The women playing in their British Open are to be commended they endeavored all week to make not only Rosie’s, but, every little girl they encountered tournament special. They signed every autograph request, posed for pictures and took time whenever possible to speak with their loyal fans. It was easy to make Rosie’s day, the atmosphere is still relaxed enough at this woman’s major to be able to let fans have a meaningful player experience. I recognize that it’s not always possible to meet players, and very few will experience all the access we extended to Rosie, but I challenge everyone to whenever and wherever possible to take the time to grow the game even in little ways one young player at a time. The future of our game depends on it. Rosie's flag was completely full

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4



Few golf resorts possess the beauty and variety offered by Château Élan’s 63 holes of championship golf. From the rolling Georgia hills of the Woodlands, to the serene valley lakes on the Château, each course is unique in character and design. Recently renovated, the Club now includes a refreshed front porch and players’ lounge, a newly redesigned golf shop with sleek, expanded locker rooms. The new Sarazen’s Bar & Grille features a large central bar, an open dining room and an entirely new 1,053 square-foot back porch for outdoor dining overlooking the 18th green. Combined with unparalleled customer service, the environment at Château Élan offers the South’s premier golf experience.



100 Rue Charlemagne Dr, Braselton GA 30517

By Greg Wise

growing the game

Make it Happen! “Make it Happen”

was the theme of the evening when 11-year National Football League Professional – Drayton Florence comes back to Ocala with his Football Camp for young kids in Ocala. Drayton is originally from Ocala, Florida, is a Vanguard High School graduate and played his college football at Tennessee-Chattanooga and Tuskegee. But his roots truly run deep in to the Ocala community. I asked Drayton why he started his Drayton Florence Foundation and why he comes back to Ocala. “I give because I know how it feels to go without. I am now blessed to be in a position to impact and help others, giving back what so many others have given to me over the years,” Florence responded. He went on to say, “Giving back provides me a feeling of wholeness and gives real purpose to my life.” But the 2018 “Make it Happen” Camp came with a twist for the more than 250 kids that signed up for free Football Camp. GOLF! – Now being known as the “Make it Happen Football/Golf” Camp. Drayton reached out to The First Tee of Greater Ocala to work with him and introduce the Nine Core Values and The First Tee to kids at his camp. It wasn’t like they could “maybe” try golf… they all got to try golf in the camp’s unique rotation system – and many for the very first time found out that golf isn’t as simple as it might seem. Drayton has found a real “Love for Golf.” Scheduling outings for friends Drayton Florence in Coach Mode

Drayton - James McKinney - Bob Dailey and business colleges and now introducing young people to the game. Ire Bethea, Sr., Chairman of The First Tee of Greater Ocala commented, “This is such a blessing that Drayton has selected The First Tee of Greater Ocala to participate in his successful program for the youth of Ocala/Marion County,” Bethea mentioned. “It’s a partnership that will last for a long time to come.”

So how to you manage 250 kids for a 2 hour stretch? Friends and family! Helping lead drills and work with the kids that evening were: Marcus Stroud, Clint Hart, Robert Mackey, and Daunte Culpepper from the NFL, and Professional Golfer Camiko Smith (from Bermuda) to help the staff of The First Tee of Greater Ocala organization.   What a great evening of fun seeing the kids excel and strongly connect with Sportsmanship and Respect. Trophies for the top campers during the evening that excelled in their experience and the last drill of the evening? Golf Clubs were selected for the big prizes, with scholarships in to Fall Programming with The First Tee. Drayton did a great evening ending pep-talk to all the kids surrounding him, explaining that Football and Basketball are so important to many young kids, looking up to their idols, but they can only play football for just so long. Learning golf at an early age is a sport that can be played for the rest of your life.

Well stated Drayton! Keep it in the Fairway! 12

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Campers experience Daunte Culpepper

Trophies of the evening Campers experience

Ending pep-rally

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4


golf history

By Ron Heller

Truly Timeless In March of 1945, a young teenage boy climbed the steps of the bus with his small light bag of golf clubs. He rode from his home in south Lakeland north on Florida Ave. to the end of the bus line to the current I-4/U.S. 98 intersection. He walked with tears in his eyes the half mile to the golf course called Wedgewood. He reminisced of the many days when his father took him to play when he was just a lad of 12 in 1941. He longed for those days; especially after the news that was delivered to his mom the previous day: “We regret to inform you…” Yes, his father was killed in action in the final few weeks of the European Campaign. W.B. didn’t know how to honor his father. He only knew he had to be alone in his tears and play the game his father loved and had taught him. He wanted so dearly to be with his dad as they once were: A father, with his son at his side just loving the day and the game of golf whether there be Wedgewood 1 & 18 greens


Sam Snead talking with Ron Heller overlooking the course 50 years after his first encounter with Wedgewood. birdies and pars; or bogies and more. It was late on this March day but all he hoped was to play 9 holes. He had saved his money and paid the green fee. The course was wide open except for one man on the practice green. With his Wilson clubs and three Wilson balls he strode to the first tee. With each practice swing tears built up in his eyes: His father’s advice still reverberating in his head. “Dub (as his dad called him), take your time and once you are loose, quell your enthusiasm with dedicated purpose. Imagine your shot, take the club back slowly and after a good shoulder turn; fire away like I taught you.” Dub had to back off after placing his tee in the ground; the tears caused him to have difficulty seeing. Before he could gain his composure a man walked up to him with his caddie. He asked if he could join the lad and play nine holes. Dub didn’t know what to say. The man said that he needed the practice and wanted to see the course while in the Lakeland area: Perhaps the lad would help him with the layout of the course; and that he would enjoy the company. He also would have his caddie carry Dub’s clubs. The boy smiled. He really would like some company and what was so ironic is that the man reminded him of his father; he was about the same age and demeanor. So, they teed it up and played; Dub doing much better that anticipated. However, the man was exceptional. Hole after hole they each hit scorching shots; Dub’s only traveling at most 180 yards but much more accurately than anticipated; Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

mostly because of the man’s technical know-how and friendly manner. The man’s drives were exceptional and his iron play was better than Dub had ever seen. Even with his putting a little off he shot 3 under par; which made Dub’s 52 far from competitive. As they walked off the course Dub thanked the man for his tips, his fatherly advice and for allowing him to play without carrying his clubs. The man smiled back at Dub handing the score card to him with his signature. Dub didn’t realize it but he had been playing with one of the greatest golfers of all time; Sam Snead who had been in Florida playing in the Jacksonville Open; a tournament he had just won. On his way to Tampa he stopped in Lakeland to play a course he had heard of called, Wedgewood Golf Club. He was happy he did. Wedgewood GC broke ground in 1926 but it was 1931 before play began. Its layout was rather simplistic until Ron Garl redesigned many of the holes

in the early 1980’s. It now contains some of the finest holes in the area. Despite its age it still challenges golfers of all handicaps. Some of the holes on the original course were located where I-4 now streams through the property. The current hole #3 runs adjacent to I-4. Ron Garl photographed the course from his airplane when he redesigned the holes. Note how greens on hole #9 and 18 were all one. Sam Snead and many other greats of the game played at Wedgewood GC. It rapidly became Lakeland’s favorite. As for Dub, the memory of playing with Sam Snead remained with him all his life. Not just for the golf tips but for the ‘tips’ on life that Sam bestowed on him. “Like my swing, just be loose and relaxed; enjoying the game and all of life.” It was something that Dub lived by. Yes, he became a fine amateur golfer but mostly he became a man that people loved and admired. Wedgewood GC is a championship 18-hole course located just north of I-4 in north Lakeland. It was built nearly

90 years ago. It plays to a par of 70 with yardage and tees for all handicap golfers between 5200 and 6600 yards. Its redesign by Ron Garl makes Wedgewood GC one of most competitive and interesting in Florida. It is also on the list of historic courses in the country. By the way, fifty years later in March of 1995 young Dub, now in his sixties was teamed with a spry 83 year old at a super seniors’ pro am in Tampa. Playing once again with Sam Snead, Dub shot a hole in one and quickly remarked…. “Sam, for 50 years I’ve been playing loose and relaxed just like you said to me in 1945.” Sam didn’t remember Dub from the 1945, but he did remember to make sure Dub had to buy drinks for the group; and the drinks consisted of 4 bottles of Dom Perignon. Though about $600 dollars light, Dub was happy to enjoy his moment with one of golfing’s greats; and recall that great day over 50 years before; as well as playing the course he loved: Wedgewood Golf Club in Lakeland.

Aerial taken by Ron Garl during his redesign in the '80s.

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4


living on the links

Living Your Best Life Three unique communities thriving in today’s marketplace showcase the diversity of Florida’s coastal wonders. Sailfish Point on Hutchinson Island offers move-in ready resale residences for vacation and primary buyers alike with a hidden gem Jack Nicklaus Signature Course and world-class marina. A luxury Gulf Coast getaway near vibrant Sarasota, The Concession has custom builds, one acre lots, and the highest caliber golf course and private club. PGA Village Verano is a

Sailfish Point and unique. The vibrant, oceanfront neighborhood features 520 distinctive homes, including spacious beachfront properties, intimate condos, golf villas and townhomes with private boat slips. The luxury community is home to a wealth of five-star resort-style amenities, including a nationally-ranked Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course with every hole on the 7,088-yard, par-72 course boasting a water view and balmy Gulf Stream breezes. Located near Stuart, FL, the ‘sailfish capital of the world,’ the private deep-

water Marina and Yacht Club houses 77 wet slips and 45 dry slips for vessels up to 125 feet and residents enjoy access to miles of pristine white sand beach. A 60,000-square-foot oceanfront clubhouse features multiple dining options, a stunning clubhouse pool, fitness center, eight Har-Tru tennis courts and full-service spa. This little piece of paradise on the Treasure Coast provides an unrivaled backdrop for a captivating lifestyle and the opportunity to be as active – or relaxed – as you wish. www.SailfishPoint.com

The Concession Residences

low-maintenance community with new homes and, active adult lifestyle and memberships at PGA Golf Club.

Sailfish Point

(Hutchinson Island, FL) A 532-acre private, member-owned community, Sailfish Point is situated on South Florida’s Hutchinson Island. With the Indian River and the City of Stuart, called “America’s Most Beautiful City,” to the west, the St. Lucie Inlet to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the narrow strip of Hutchinson Island to the north, Sailfish Point’s South Florida location is private, world-class

Sailfish Point 16

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

PGA VIllage Verano Club Aerial

The Concession Residences (Sarasota, FL)

The Concession Residences, Southwest Florida Gulf Coast’s premier, 1,200acre, low-density luxury community is swiftly nearing lot sell out.  Considered one of the most desirable gated-communities in the Florida Gulf Coast-area, The Concession offers privacy and exclusivity, paired with fabulous amenities and nearby proximity to Sarasota’s vibrant downtown. Set amid towering pines and sprawling century-old live oaks, the top luxury community offers magnificent home sites ranging from one-half to one acre-plus, featuring sparking lake or lush woodland preserve views. The Concession features 236 total home sites, and there’s a neighborhood for every buyer – including Birkdale, nestled among majestic live oaks, natural hammocks and beautiful lakeside views, Nicklaus Manor, located within the heart of The Concession, Lindrick, which overlooks oak preserves and glistening lakes, and Parkstone Estates, premium tracts for grand building of 4,800-square-feet or larger luxury residences. Residents are invited to join The Concession Golf Club, the nationally-ranked Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course designed in association with Tony Jacklin – named for the famous putt Nicklaus conceded to his European counterpart in the 1969 Ryder Cup, resulting in the first tie in Ryder Cup history. The 7,474-yard tournamentcaliber layout winds between 500 acres of pristine Florida landscape. www.TheConcessionRealEstate.com

PGA Village Verano (Port St. Lucie, FL)

Nestled in the premier PGA Village area of Port St. Lucie, Florida, KOLTER HOMES’ PGA Village Verano is a gated, resortstyle community that offers residentexclusive amenities along with golf cart access to PGA Golf Club’s 54 holes of Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

PGA Village Verano Lot 170 Siena Model championship golf. Less than an hour north of the Palm Beaches and approximately 90 minutes south of Orlando, PGA Village Verano combines luxury and low-maintenance living with both villas and single-family homes priced from the mid $200s to $500s. The ideal location on the Treasure Coast allows for convenient access to 21-miles of award-winning white sand beaches and a fine selection of shopping, dining and recreational activities. The heart of PGA Village Verano is Club Talavera, a 40,000 sq. ft. amenity campus consisting of fitness and social clubhouses. At the Fitness Center residents enjoy a junior-Olympic sized indoor lap pool, resort-style outdoor pool, Har-Tru tennis courts, fully equipped fitness center and more. At the Social Center neighbors and friends come together to enjoy daily activities facilitated by the full-time Lifestyle and

Activities Directors with arts and crafts, a ballroom, lounge, billiards, life-long learning auditorium and a demonstration kitchen. All Kolter new home buyers also receive a social membership to the neighboring PGA Golf Club, and opening in early 2019 at PGA Village Verano will be South Florida’s largest private pickleball center. Homebuyers can choose from an award-winning selection of two- tofour-bedroom single-family homes and villa homes. Kolter quality-built homes include the latest in energyefficient, healthy home and smart tech features. For those who prefer a 55+, active adult neighborhood, there is Cresswind at PGA Village Verano, that gives residents access to all of PGA Village Verano’s resort-inspired amenities in a quiet, gated neighborhood environment. www.LiveVerano.com 17

special events

Rick Violette, Jason Azzarelli, OMEGA U.S. Brand President Arnaud Michon, Tommy Fleetwood and T.J. Cosgrove

OMEGA’s Newest Ambassador Tommy Fleetwood Surprises OMEGA Golf Trophy Finalists OMEGA, Official Patron of the PGA of America, surprised its guests playing in the Second Annual OMEGA Golf Trophy Finals by having their newest ambassador, Tommy Fleetwood, present awards to the winning teams competing in today’s event at Norwood Hills Country Club in St. Louis. The winning threesome, Rick Violette, Jason Azzarelli and T.J. Cosgrove from Orlando, Fla., was presented with special-edition, engraved OMEGA timepieces, a trophy 18

and autographed drivers and pin

“Being my first year as an ambas-

flags, while the second and third

sador, it’s been exciting to see all of the

place teams received special-edition

ways OMEGA invests in the game of

OMEGA sailing bracelets with the PGA

golf,” said Fleetwood. “The Golf Tro-

Championship logo etched on them,

phy event tonight shows me that they

a trophy and autographed pin flags.

are interested in not only promoting

the game for professionals, but also

Thirty golfers from across the nation

participated in the OMEGA Golf Trophy

their customers who love the sport.”

Finals today as part of their grand prize

for winning a local qualifying tourna-

at the U.S. Open, tied for 12th at The

ment. The golfers enjoyed various hos-

Open Championship and tied for

pitality events as part of OMEGA’s over-

17th at the Masters, in this, his first

all activation at the PGA Championship.

year as an OMEGA Ambassador.

Fleetwood has finished second

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Is your knee more painful than your short game?

Get back in the fairway with NAVIO surgical system. New technology is here to help surgeons address your knee pain today. To learn more about this exciting new technology, visit RediscoverYourGo.com and find a NAVIO trained orthopedic surgeon near you.

Trademark of Smith & Nephew. All rights reserved. www.smith-nephew.com

By Greg Wise

golfheader travel

The Future Stars in Ladies Professional Golf ® The Symetra Tour makes a stop at French Link in Indiana, for The Donald Ross Classic in July 2018. Showcasing 150 aspiring professional golfers competing for their chance to secure a playing spot on the LPGA 2019 Tour. A true test of golf on the Donald Ross designed course at French Link, the 101-year-old golf course would throw all the design features of a classic Donald Ross course at these young ladies. Stephanie Kono fired a solid 68-6668 – 11-under-par total squeezing out the victory by one stroke over Dottie Ardina and Karen Chung. A former UCLA All-American, Kono showed real pose in continuing to charge forward for the win at The Donald Ross Classic. Collecting her first win on the Symetra Tour, the Hawaii native earned the winner’s share of #33,750 to almost assure herself of one of the available spots for the 2019 LPGA Tour. The big winner of the week-long Donald Ross Classic was Orange County Habitat for Humanity. Since its

Carliegh Silvers – Symetra Tour Player creating in 1997, 27 new homes have been constructed in Orange County. The event provides continued community support for this very worthy organization. French Lick is a quaint small town with deep history and tradition. Imagine the early 1900’s when the rich and famous would come to French Lick to stay. French Lick Springs and West Baden Springs Hotels which have both made their mark on history for the bottling of Pluto Water, and building the Eighth Wonder of the World in less than a year, the invention of tomato juice and much more. From hosting Presidents, celebrities and baseball teams, French Lick Resort has been the destination of choice for

many over the years. Isn’t it time to plan your trip in to history? What’s next for the French Lick Resort. The Senior LPGA Championship, presented by Old Nation Bank comes to town, to play the Pete Dye Course at French Lick. Truly the modern test of golf… the Dye Course holds the beauty of a hill top course that posts some incredible views.

Unique shopping experience in French Lick – one of those “Must See” locations

Director of Golf – Dave Harner 20

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

My playing group for the Pro-Am to raise money for the Orange County Habitat for Humanity (l to r) Andrew Schmitt, Greg Wise, Carleigh Silvers, Fred Alvater, Bob Valvano

Pete Dye Course in the morning. Amazing

Pete Dye Course. Nothing like it!

Transportation around the resort

Pete Dye Course from the Clubhouse area Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Grand Entrance to the French Lick Resort 21

adies orth florida Professional PGA north Golfflorida Association PGA north Ladiesflorida Professional PGA north Golfflorida Association PGAheader north Ladi

WE ARE GOLF, LPGA Women’s Network Encourage Female Participation Through ‘Power of Invitation’ The U.S. golf industry – driven by WE

a group lesson, complimentary clinic,

game should more closely mirror U.S.

ARE GOLF, a coalition of leading orga-

driving range session or on-course

demographics as only 24 percent of the

nizations working together to commu-


current golf population is female.

nicate the game’s economic, charitable,

“Women want to be invited to the

environmental and fitness benefits

toric level with a latent demand of 38

game and it’s our duty to give them

– launches its #inviteHER campaign

million Americans,” says Steve Mona,

that opportunity at one of our na-

for current golfers to encourage the

CEO of World Golf Foundation, admin-

tion’s 15,000 local facilities,” says Jane

women in their lives to start playing.

istrator of WE ARE GOLF. “Last year, 35

Geddes, Executive Director of the LPGA

Powered by the LPGA Women’s Net-

percent of the game’s 2.6 million new

Amateur Golf Association and Chair of

work and WE ARE GOLF’s Women’s

players were female and we are confi-

WE ARE GOLF’s Women’s Task Force.

Task Force, golfers – men and women

dent #inviteHER is a huge step in the

“We are committed to promoting an

alike – are encouraged to bring friends,

right direction to continue increasing

environment that makes all females

colleagues and family to join them on

this number while making the game

feel more comfortable on the course so

the course through online resources

more inclusive.”

they develop into lifetime golfers.”

and social media assets. The #invite-


The appetite for golf is at a his-

#inviteHER’s primary objective is

Want to get involved? #inviteHER

HER movement seeks to create an

to grow awareness and participation

encourages all golfers to support the

enjoyable, welcoming experience for

among women and girls through the

movement by posting on social media

those interested in trying the game or

power of an invitation from one of

about how they plan to encourage

picking it back up – whether through

the 24 million American golfers. The

women to take up the game. Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

improving performance header

The Miura Way

Miura Golf of Japan makes the world’s finest forged golf clubs, designed and manufactured by master craftsman Katsuhiro Miura. People are amazed that Miura works hands-on in his factory every day with his two sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, who carry on the Miura legacy. His endless quest for the perfect club has brought to the world over 10 series of Miura clubs, a number that grows as he continues his meticulous refinement. These clubs are hand-crafted one-by-one and will never be mass produced. Special forging techniques assure that the grain of the steel in each club will be fine and uniform, lending to the famous Miura feel. This grain is the result of careful and patient forging and finishing, and sets Miura apart from other clubs. Using the latest advancements in club design and manufacturing, Miura 24

Hand crafted forged irons by Katsuhiro Miura

has launched the IC-601 irons. This new model improves on the highly successful ICL-601 Driving Iron. “We are very proud of this iron, especially because it was created by Miura’s founder Katsuhiro Miura,” says Hoyt McGarity,

President of Miura. “He’s integrated innovative technology with traditional design and the outcome is an iron that is higher, longer, and more forgiving than any other in the Miura lineup.

Recommended for mid- to highhandicap golfers, the IC-601’s face is made of 455 Carpenter Steel as found in the ICL and Genesis PP-9005. Carpenter Steel is used in aerospace applications because it offers a unique combination of high strength, light weight and durability. This enabled Miura to produce an iron with a high Coefficient of Restitution (COR). It also allows more weight to be moved farther back in the club head. This strategic placement of weight allows players to launch the ball higher with increased ball speeds. In addition to a low center of gravity, the IC-601 has a unique inner cavity design with a wide sole that creates more forgiveness and a large sweet spot. Finished in satin chrome and available in 4-PW, expect to experience optimized speed and performance with the new Miura IC-601. www.miuragolf.com Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4




New Luxury Homes in West Palm Beach From the $500s Introducing the Residences at Banyan Cay, a private gated community inside the Nobel House Resort & Golf Club with an array of resort-style amenities, just minutes from Downtown West Palm Beach. OPTIONAL GOLF MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE TO THE NEW JACK NICKLAUS SIGNATURE GOLF COURSE

1 AND 2-STORY • 3 TO 4 BEDROOMS • 3 TO 4.5 BATHS • 1,863 TO 3,101 A/C SQ. FT.

LIVEATBANYANCAY.COM • 561-530-2363 SALES CENTER 3089 GIN BERRY WAY, WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33401 Plans, elevations, speci cations, features, colors, designs, dimensions and materials are all subject to availability, and subject to change or substitution at any time and without notice. SobelCo expressly reserves the right to make modi cation, revisions and changes as may be required for lot t or by governmental bodies and law, or other reasons as set forth in the Purchase Agreement. Illustrations of elevations are artist’s depictions only. Stock photography includes stock images and is used to depict the spirit of lifestyle and not for speci c references. For more information consult a sales representative. CBC017578

stay & play

FALL in Love with Rumbling Bald Resort at Lake Lure! Autumn is one of the most admired seasons of the year, and for good reason. Mornings are as crisp as newly harvested apples and the scent of pumpkin-spiced candles waft through the air. Doors come alive with colorful wreaths, and seasonal flags, sporting happy scarecrows and cornucopias, wave in the breeze as if personally welcoming the new season. Not to be outdone, deciduous trees transform into a kaleidoscope of colors as they shake the summer green from their


leaves, and bright yellows, fiery reds and cheerful oranges blend together to create a perfect Fall masterpiece. The Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina are known for their beauty, with breathtaking views and picturesque parkway and trails. It’s hard to believe they could be any more remarkable, yet their appearance during the Autumn months rival even the most majestic work of art. Those visiting Lake Lure and the Hickory Nut Gorge in late September might catch a glimpse of what’s to come, but

leaf color typically peaks late-October before slowly spreading to lower elevations in November. Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure invites you to come visit, and enjoy the Blue Ridge Mountains’ exquisite display of color this Fall. Rumbling Bald Resort is a mountain community nestled at the base of Rumbling Bald Mountain. This thriving mountain community occupies over 3,000 acres along the north shore of Lake Lure, so take off your coat and stay a while. Or, head out to enjoy one of the many amenities available to guests and residents. Our hiking trails, wellness center, restaurants and more, provide the perfect venue for admiring Autumn’s splendor. The chilly air and resplendent color of the leaves are just begging you to put on your hiking boots and hit the trail. Rumbling Bald Resort has six trails, perfect for all skill levels, where you can marvel at the brilliant colors of the surrounding landscape, and catch glimpses of wildlife that call the Hickory Nut Gorge their home. Worried the cooler temperatures will keep you indoors? Never fear! Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in water activities like kayaking, pedal boating and canoeing, or a go on a scenic lake cruise, even during the Autumn months! And that’s Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

not all. You can also bike our area trails, go horseback riding, or fish from clear mountain waters. When you’re done hiking the nearby trails, or taking a cruise around Lake Lure, let us pamper you at our salon and spa. Spa appointments, enhanced by the seasonal colors of the surrounding mountains and lake, are guaranteed to create a lasting memory. Four private treatment rooms for massages, body treatments, facials and nail services, provide everything you need to unwind and appreciate nature’s awe-inspiring beauty. Guests also use the adjoining dry sauna, steam room, indoor pool and whirlpool facilities before and after spa services to enhance treatments. For golf lovers, Rumbling Bald Resort

provides two top-rated golf courses, Apple Valley and Bald Mountain. Apple Valley Golf Course, designed by Dan Maples, is a beautiful golf coursethat winds its way through the valley, providing golfers a panorama of trees ablaze in color as they play the back nine. The historic Bald Mountain course, designed by W.B. Lewis in 1968, was rated #6 in the GolfAdvisor. com Best of 2017: Top 25 golf courses in North Carolina . This course provides a stunning view of its namesake, made even more beautiful by the changing leaves. Whether you are a novice golfer, or a seasoned professional, you’ll leave these courses feeling like you’ve just played the most beautiful round of golf in your life. You can also participate in the longstanding traditions of fall festivals and seasonal events at Rumbling Bald Resort and surrounding areas, to celebrate the transition from summer to fall. No matter what you’re searching for, whether it be a relaxing weekend away or a round of golf accentuated by breathtaking views, Rumbling Bald Resort is ready to help you fall in love with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For more information, or to schedule your Autumn getaway, call us at 828.694.3042 or 828.694.3043 or visit www.rumblingbald.com. Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4


cart cart header girl girl

What type of music do you prefer? I prefer country and hip hop

What is your ideal perfect date? Dinner and sunset watching at the beach Who is your favorite comedian? Kevin Hart What’s your favorite type of movie?


What is your favorite charity to support?

Anything regarding cleaning up the environment and the oceans.

What is your favorite sport to play? Favorite sport to watch? I was a competitive cheerleader for 5 years, so that is my favorite sport to play. My favorite sport to watch is definitely football!

Do you enjoy playing golf? Are there any golfers in your family? I enjoy playing although I am not the best at it. My dad golfs as well as my stepdad and my mom.

What do you feel makes this golf club so special? This is a “neighborhood golf course”. Everyone knows everybody, and it makes you feel comfortable and at home.

What is your favorite part of being a cart girl? least favorite? My favorite part is be-

ing outside and interacting with all of the golfers. They are always so excited to see me (probably because I am there to save their life with a drink). My least favorite is that the job relies on the weather, so the rain causes some of my shifts to be cut short at times.

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing? I would be in grad school in Michigan, but I decided to come to Florida and do something fun to make money while I am figuring out what path I want to take in life.

What is your most memorable moment as a cart girl so far? My most memorable moment definitely has been meeting Gerald and becoming Cart Girl of the Month. Definitely a surprise and my most memorable moment. 28

r o l y Ta r a n l Mo Photo by Terrie Purdum Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

! e r e h e iv L . e r e h y a l Stay here. P

Nestled on the north shore of beautiful Lake Lure in the foothills of western North Carolina sits an escape, Rumbling Bald Resort. Surrounded by the towering cliffs of Rumbling Bald Mountain, our 3,000+ acre property is home to a private white sand beach, two championship golf courses, distinct dining experiences and numerous hiking and biking trails, all tailored for relaxation in our authentic mountain getaway.

Start planning your Fall Getaway

• • • • •

Our “Autumn Leaves” package starts at $230* 2 Nights Resort Lodging Scenic Lake Lure Boat Cruise for Two 1 Hour Canoe or Kayak Rental for Two $50 Resort Gift Card 1 Round of Mini Golf (each)

*Per person based on double occupancy in a standard Fairway Villa. Includes all tax and fees. May not be combined with other offers, discounts or previously booked reservations. One gift card per package. Offer valid 09/01/18 – 11/15/18.

For more information on all available Fall Packages, call 828.694.3015.

Disccer more at RumbingBald.com

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By David Theoret

Laurel Ridge Country Club – Mountain Golf with A Lot to Offer Laurel Ridge was originally settled by the family of Edward Hyatt shortly before the American Revolution. Over a century later, Hyatt’s great-grandson, Jefferson D. Hyatt, built what would eventually become the Piedmont Inn in the exact spot where Laurel Ridge’s pavilion stands today. Over a short period of time, the Piedmont Inn became a beehive of activity with social events for local residents. It was also a cool summer destination for flatlanders and guests arrived via rail from as far away as Savannah, Charleston, New Orleans and Atlanta. When these guests arrived at the station, a horse-drawn carriage waited to take them to the Inn, giving visitors a sense of warmth and welcome. Flash forward to modern times and you’ll find that Laurel Ridge Country Club and Event Center still embodies


that same sense of peaceful serenity. These days it offers guests the opportunity to enjoy golf and other country club amenities in a cooler mountain climate. Laurel Ridge is located only minutes from downtown Waynesville, the birthplace of the internationally renowned Folkmoot Festival. The area is rife with recreational activities including hiking, bicycling, fly fishing, white water rafting and sight-seeing during the warmer months and snow skiing and snowboarding during the winter. Laurel Ridge Country Club offers stay and play packages that include luxury accommodations at the newly renovated Inn on the Green. This quaint establishment features 4 guest rooms that are located in the heart of the club. Each room features its own separate entrance, two queen beds, modern furnishings, Wi-Fi, and flat screen

televisions. In room amenities including a Keurig coffee maker and refrigerator. If you’re part of a larger group, ask about one of the luxury log cabin estate homes that are available at The Hideaway at Laurel Ridge located at the top of Eagle’s Nest Mountain. Step outside your door after enjoying a delicious in-room continental breakfast, and you’ll find yourself conveniently located at the short game area and the 1st tee. Located just across the parking lot is a full-length driving range where you can swing away to your heart’s content – or at least until it’s your turn on the tee!

The Golf Course Laurel Ridge Country Club was designed by Bob Cupp who served as Jack Nicklaus’ senior designer for more than 15 years before forming his own firm. Nicklaus credits Cupp with being one of the cornerstones that helped make Nicklaus Design one of golf’s leading architectural firms. Cupp-designed courses have hosted over 50 national and international tournaments, including seven major championships. In 1992, Cupp was named Golf World Magazine’s first ever Golf Architect of the Year. Golf Digest and Golf Magazine have selected Cupp also has numerous courses on various Top 100 course lists. Laurel Ridge plays 6,904 yards from the back tees with a course rating of Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

72.2 and a slope of 142. From back here, it will give even the best of players all they can handle. For those less masochistic, other Men’s tees measure 6,551 (70.7/134) and 6,093 (68.7/127). Seniors typically play from 5,174 (65.7/117) and the Ladies from 4,408 (66.1/124). Pick the tees that best suit your game and you’re sure to have a great time! The course opened in 1986 and plays on bent grass tees and greens. The course is everything you’d expect a mountain course to be yet is completely fair and playable. Yes there are hills, inclines and rolling faiways which not only test your ability to play from an uneven lie, but also tested the ability of Cupp’s chief course builder Jim Holmes. For much of the year the course is quite colorful, thanks to a wide variety of flowering plants and the autumn foliage of the mountains. The contour of the land, reflective ponds, flowing streams and a mixture of sand and grass bunkers all work together to create 18 holes of individual character. And, since summer temperatures at Laurel Ridge hover around 70 degrees on average and the thermometer in winter rarely dips below 40, this is a course that can be enjoyed year-round. Cupp has stated that “A superior

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

course needs a variety of lengths of holes, left or right turns, uphill and downhill, putting surface sizes and green settings, but every shot must be visible. If the player sees the shot, the player remembers the shot. My goal is for the players to remember their game.” If you’re hungry after your round, stop by Laurel Ridge’s dining room. In addition to your favorite post-golf libation, they serve up several tasty and unique dishes. Start off with the Thai Curried Frog Legs with pepper, onion and toasted almonds. The blackened Sunburst Trout is a great choice for entrees and is served with lemon, parsley and brown butter.

The Shrimp ‘n’ Grits is a good choice too – large gulf shrimp combined with pepper, onions, tomato and applewoodsmoked bacon served over creamy cheese grits. A variety of daily dessert creations are available too. Laurel Ridge boasts an impressive wine list, so pairing your favorite entrée with a delicious wine is never a problem. After you’ve had the opportunity to sample everything that Laurel Ridge has to offer, you may want to consider becoming a member of the club. Membership is so much more than golf, especially if you’re a tennis lover or are just trying to meet new friends and improve your social life. It’s also a great place to entertain friends or just spend the day with the family relaxing by the pool. If you are considering relocation to the Waynesville, NC area and are looking for a quick way to engage socially, Laurel Ridge Country Club has the answer. With a superb golf course, excellent tennis facilities, scrumptious dining and a social calendar packed with events, look no further than membership at Laurel Ridge Country Club. For more information, give them a call at (828) 452-0545 or visit them online at www.laurelridgeexperience.com. 31

georgia golf central

Golf in the Greater Outdoors! Blairsville-Union County, located in the North Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, deep in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest, is one of Georgia’s best kept secrets. Only a two- to threehour drive from cities like Atlanta, Ga., Chattanooga, TN and Greenville, SC., it is worlds apart. It is a setting that lends itself, beautifully, to plenty of outdoor adventures. Blairsville-Union County is home to several beautiful golf courses but none more beautiful and challenging than the Butternut Creek Golf Course. A municipal course owned and operated by the Union County Recreation Department, Butternut Creek sits in downtown Blairsville in the shadows of beautiful Ivy Log Mountain. Butternut Creek plays to a modest 6,400+ yards, but with 4 to 6 tee boxes on every hole, players can be challenged regardless of their handicap. You will also find mounds, undulating greens, and

numerous elevation changes throughout the course. The Pro Shop, housed within the Union County Community Center, features tee times seven days a week, a wide variety of golf merchandise, and a friendly staff to assist you. After hitting the links, head upstairs to The View Grill restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal and a cold beverage. Enjoy outside dining where all of the tables have a view of the golf course and the stunning North Georgia Mountains. The Union County Community Center and golf Clubhouse also houses the Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce & Welcome Center and the Union County Development Authority offices. The facility is available to rent for banquets, business meetings, reunions, parties, receptions, and both indoor and outdoor weddings. The ballroom is 32

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

able to accommodate one hundred and fifty people comfortably or the smaller meeting space accommodates up to fifty guests and onsite catering is always available. Additionally, this facility is equipped with the latest in technology upgrades and features wi-fi access and audio-visual presentation systems. When planning to host a memorable golf outing, conferences, or special events, the staff at the Union County Community Center can help develop itineraries or provide you with local resources to secure florists, photographers, speakers, or accommodations. The Blairsville-Union County community offers a host of other outdoor activities, quaint shops and mouthwatering dining options. With three lakes to choose from, Blairsville is home to the 18-acre Lake Winfield Scott in Suches and the 4,180-acre Lake Nottely, with each offer boating, swimming, fishing, picnicking, hiking and camping, not to mention Lake Nottely’s 106 miles of shoreline. Vogel State Park – one of Georgia’s oldest, most popular state parks – has a 20-acre lake and swimming beach plus hiking trails and a waterfall. Close by, Helton Creek Falls has two beautiful falls set in Blairsville’s deep hardwood forest with a total drop of 100 feet. Almost anywhere you go in Union County, you’ll find a hiking trail. Visitors may choose easy routes through our picturesque Meeks Park or choose a hardcore trail that traverses streams, scales mountains and descends into deep gorges. The most famous trail in the area is the Appalachian Trail. Accessible from several locations within Union County, the AT winds 80 miles through the Chattahoochee National Forest. There is pure seduction to the outdoor pursuits of Blairsville-Union County; this Georgia gem is uncrowded, serene, and overwhelmingly picturesque. From its high peaks to its green valleys to its verdant forests to its bubbling creeks and streams, Blairsville acts as a lightning rod for those who want an outdoors escape. Shadowed by Brasstown Bald – Georgia’s highest peak – and the ancient Blue Ridge brimming with Cherokee Indian lore, it’s easy to spend a few days exploring all there is to do in this magical mountain town. For more information: www. visitblairsvillega.com Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4


By Mike May

georgia golf central

com). As great as the golf is at Chateua Elan, the fun, social options are equally appealing.

“Chateau Elan Resort and Golf Club has a long-standing tradition for being the home of 36 of the best golf holes in the Peach state,” says Doug Hollandsworth, founder, Georgia Golf Trail. “We are very proud to have them as a member of the Georgia Golf Trail.”

Georgia's Royal Retreat If you want to play golf in the land of chateaus and castles, you don’t have to visit Great Britain, Ireland or continental Europe. Instead, you can find those tall structures in, of all places, northern Georgia, specifically in Braselton, home of the Chateau Elan Winery & Resort (100


Rue Charlemagne, Braselton, Georgia; chateauelan.com; 678-425-0900; reservations@chateauelan.com). It’s a four-diamond AAA rated resort. On this property, you will also find many thrilling and memorable golf opportunities at the Chateau Elan Golf Club (678-425-6050; proshop@chateauelan.

Chateau Elan, with its powerful and eye-catching 16th Century French-style architecture, is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway with your golf buddies or your significant other. Whether that special person in life likes golf or not, Chateau Elan is an ideal destination for some R & R, as it’s the home of life’s simple pleasures – golf, tennis, hiking, biking, dining, wine tasting, and a world-class spa. You will spend the night at either the Chateau Elan Inn or the Villas of Chateau Elan. Golfers get access to two wonderful golf courses -- the par-

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

71 Chateau course (opened in 1989) and the par-72 Woodlands course (opened in 1996). Since its opening, the Chateau course has been ranked as one of the best courses in Georgia. During your journey from the first tee to the 18th green, you will see 87 bunkers, water in play on 10 holes, four sets of tees, three lakes, and two meandering streams. Plus, the Chateau course is home to a number of fish, foul, mammals, rodents, reptiles, and amphibians. And, the TifEagle greens give you great con-

sistency on Chateau course’s greens. The reviews on the Woodlands course are very favorable. According to Golf Digest, the Woodlands is “truly outstanding,” while the Zagat Survey reports that the Woodlands is a “must play.” While the Woodlands will require you to play your best in order to record a low score, it’s a course that remains very pleasing to the eye from beginning to end. At Chateau Elan, it’s absolutely essential that visiting golfers feel welcome from the moment they arrive

The Culinary Studio at Chateau Elan Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

until they head home. “Our goal is to ensure golfers are treated better here than at their own private clubs,” said Elizabeth Clarkson, head golf professional at Chateau Elan. There are many things to do at Chateau Elan besides playing golf. You can play tennis at the Stan Smith Tennis Center, eat the world-class cuisine at one of seven dining options, try (and buy) the wine, attend a cooking school, and enjoy the 33,000-squarefoot European Spa Mansion, where couples treatments are a popular option. While the term ‘playing nine and drinking wine’ was not invented at Chateau Elan, the concept is certainly put into practice nearly every day. The wine at Chateau Elan is world-class as this winery has received more than 230 wine awards, making it the most award-winning winery on the East coast. If you are looking to combine a business opportunity with wine and golf, Chateau Elan has a 40,000-square foot conference center featuring 12 conference rooms, four ballrooms, one boardroom, and a tiered auditorium with stage and fixed seating. Simply stated, Chateau Elan is one place you must visit on the Georgia Golf Trail. Don’t miss it. 35

By Greg Wise

caribbean golf central

Not Your Ordinary Cruise...

our Head Waiter – Mario, he made it possible to order and adjust the order to fit, whatever she needed to stay on track. Needless to say, this was an amazing experience with Carnival (to say the least). Very accommodating and

Imagine booking a 3 day Get-Away

still creating the “Fun Ship” attitude.

cruise on Carnival out of Miami... to

Off the ship on Saturday morning

Nassau and back. The itinerary fit very

early… and on our way to Royal Blue

well with playing a round of golf on one

Golf Club and Baha Mar Resort. This

of the great courses on New Provi-

is obviously not the “Normal Islands

dence... eat plenty of great food... sip a

Course.” This course is a Nicklaus

couple of cool ones on the beach.

design that incorporates the flats of an

Then it happens! Your wife an-

island with the natural elevations and

nounces, 30 days before the cruise,

rock formation on the mid-point of the

“I’m going on a very strict diet!”

island. The first tee falls from one of

”REALLY?” – Knowing the amount of food on a cruise ship… I began to wonder how she was going to pull this off.

the highest points on the island amidst Beverly and Greg Wise at Baha Mar in New Providence, Bahamas

the natural Limestone formations,

Boy was I pleasantly surprised. When we boarded the Victory in Miami on Friday, we made our way to the Lido Deck. For anyone that hasn’t been on a cruise… that’s why you get on the ship early. Lido Deck is where all the food is for lunch. Nothing else to do on the ship… may as well eat! The most surprising part for me, was that my wife started talking to one of the Junior Hostesses – Gabriela, who talked my wife through the way to order her food early and we found, what I thought was going to be a nightmare for my wife eating this diet, was going to be an easy way of life for 3-days. When we sat down for dinner that night and explained our concern with

View from 10th fairway… affectionately known as “golf on the rocks”

down some 110 feet to the fairway of this dramatic par 4 hole. Believe me… that dramatics continue for another 17 holes. This design has very few points that you can actually relax to catch your breath. The combination of this 3 day itinerary out of Miami made it really a breeze for potentially 2 rounds of golf on the Saturday and then relaxing on the way home on Sunday, back to Miami. 16th hole – The Island 36

Time for a Fun Ship Cruise. Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4



NOVEMBER 22-25 2018 DECEMBER 2 2018 APRIL 7 2019 APRIL 14 2019 OCTOBER 2019



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Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4


orth GA Tour florida PGAPGA Tournorth PGAflorida Tour PGA PGATour northPGA florida TourPGA PGAnorth Tour florida PGA Tour PGAPGA northTo

By Mike May

Brooks Koepka: America's Newest Champion Golfer

Brooks with the cheerleaders, golf team, and band (from his alma mater Cardinal Newman HS) holding the Ryder Cup, following the win in 2016

Did you know that Brooks Koepka is the by-product of a junior golf program at a public golf course. Yes, Koepka, the winner of three majors, honed his golf game on a public golf course in Palm Beach County – Okeeheelee Golf Course, in West Palm Beach. At Okeeheelee, Brooks, 28, spent countless hours as a youngster hitting balls on the driving range plus pitching, chipping and putting. Brooks’ memories of his Okeeheelee days are vivid. “Growing up at Okeeheelee was a blast!” remembered Brooks. “We would get dropped off at 7:30 every morning and we would get picked up at dark. I learned how to play the game there and it will always hold a special place in my heart.” He was not alone at Okeeheelee. He was joined by his younger brother, Chase, currently playing on the European PGA Tour. Brooks’ mother, Denise, recalls her oldest son saying, at age 12, that his Brooks playing for FSU 40

career goal was to play on the PGA Tour.

Much of the credit for Brooks’ interest in golf must be given to his father, Bob. “Brooks hit some of my cut-down clubs from the time he was three until I got him his first junior set of clubs at age seven to play in a tournament at Okeeheelee,” recalled Bob Koepka. “He liked golf at an early age and from age 7-12, he started showing a passion for the game, especially after I took him to the Masters at age eight.” Those who have watched Brooks matriculate as a golfer have vivid memories of him. “I had the privilege and honor of coaching many fine golfers and many fine young men during my ten plus years of coaching the golf team at Cardinal Newman High School,” recalled Greg Sherman, Brooks’ high school golf coach. “I can’t really exactly say why Brooks stood out among them, but he did.” “He had a passion for golf and his work ethic stood out,” recalled Donna White, who is now the director of Golf Professional Services for Palm Beach County. “He and his brother would Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

play, play, play all day. He was always

moment took place when Brooks was

a serious player. With such great

playing in the Florida high school state

facilities at Okeeheelee, Brooks had an

championship golf tournament.

advantage over other junior golfers.”

“I had his high school coach

“Brooks was the young man

tell him he was four shots back

you saw arrive first in the morning

with seven holes to play for the

and was the last to leave at night,”

state championship,” recalled Bob

remembered Mary-Lee Cobick, President,

Koepka. “He (Brooks) proceeded to

Junior Golf Foundation of America,

go five under to capture the title.”

Inc. “Brooks played and worked

There is a strong charitable side to

on his short game all day long.”

Brooks, as well. When he was recovering

Brooks attributes his success

from a severe left wrist injury this past

to his junior golf experiences

spring, which kept him away from the

in Palm Beach County.

PGA Tour, he made a public appearance at

“I can’t say enough about the Junior

Okeeheelee during the club’s 11th Annual

Golf Foundation of America’s junior

Putting Classic as a goodwill gesture.

golf programs at Okeeheelee,” said

And, he brought along his U.S. Open

Brooks. “It was on those golf courses

trophy, too, for photo opps with others.

and through those tournaments that I

With his PGA Championship win,

fell in love with the game. I can honestly

Brooks has now won three out of the

say that I would not be where I’m at

last seven majors that have been played,

today if those opportunities were not

dating back to the 2017 U.S. Open.

available to me when I was younger.” In many respects, Bob Koepka has known for a few years that his oldest son has what it takes to win golf tournaments. In the fall of 2006, during Brooks’ junior year in high school, the ‘ahaa’

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Bob Koepka knows his son has

Brooks alongside longtime Okeeheelee teaching pro (and former LPGA player) Donna White at Okeeheelee in March 2018.

what it takes to add a Masters green jacket to his wardrobe. “Brooks is at his best when his back is

In the meantime, look for Brooks

against the wall and is mentally strong

to play a prominent role for the U.S.

enough to take his game to next level

team at the Ryder Cup matches

to reach the goal at hand,” stated Bob.

in France in late September.


player development header

ShortGolf® Celebrates 10 Years as the World’s #1Developmental Product for Youngsters and New Golfers ShortGolf®, the manufacturer of golf products designed to make golf fun and easy for all ages, is celebrating 10 years of providing modified golf equipment for kids and adults who are learning and playing the game for the first time. Considered by industry leaders as the preferred entry-level training system for golf pros and instructors when it comes to teaching golf to new learners, ShortGolf’s program builds on the fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full shots to develop playing ability quickly and effectively. “We have been in business for 10 years and have been extremely successful throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S.,” says Jonathan Apps, Global Brand Manager of ShortGolf. “Our establishment and expansion into the U.S. ensures that our reach gives ShortGolf the exciting opportunity to


provide our equipment and programming to a broader audience. We are proud of our relationships with The First Tee, PGA TOUR, LPGA Foundation, PGA

Sections, and we anticipate a significant involvement with the National Recreation and Park Association. ShortGolf will play a critical role in growing the game of golf in the U.S. and across the world.” According to Dr. Gary Wiren, PGA Master Professional and member of the PGA Hall of Fame, “ShortGolf is one of the first brands people turn to when they want a fun approach to trying golf for the first time (or even afterward). It is perfect for kids, adults, families, golf clubs, coaches, and even schools and institutions. Each product is specifically designed to make the aspect of golf it is focused on memorable, which certainly helps in the learning and memorization process that accompanies golf. Success is soon to follow once you use a ShortGolf product.” The ShortGolf product line is available online at www.short-golf.com and the new ShortGolf “Hitta! Pack” Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

CELEBRATE A Golfing Renaissance Charlotte Harbor National at Bobcat Trail is the newest jewel in the Gulf Coast Golfing Crown. Owner Rich Smith, former CEO of the North Florida Section of the PGA of America cordially invites you to enjoy a unique new level of the golfing experience. A multimillion dollar renewal of the greens and fairways, completely updated club and facilities plus a new dimension of regular entertainment all combine to offer Gulf Coast Golfing enthusiasts a new destination to play.

Call today and book your tee time. CELEBRATE the all new Charlotte Harbor National.

1350 Bobcat Trail • North Port, Florida

(941) 429-0500 golfthenational.com

golf bachelor

Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? Budokon, read, go to the beach, massages, nice dinners with friends.

Whom do you most admire for their inner and outer beauty? Cameron and Melayne Shane. Cameron is the founder of Budokon and Melayne is his wife. Cameron has found a way to harmonize our two inner natures – the warrior and the yogi – into a beautifully integrated practice that embodies the best of masculinity and femininity. Both of them are outwardly beautiful and also incredibly loving, caring, and open. A rarity in this world.

Tell us about your first kiss? It got me kicked out of confirmation camp…. ;)

Steak, chicken, or seafood? Depends – chicken and seafood as diet mainstays and steak (grassfed) when it’s been a while

Tell us something about yourself that only your closest friends know. I’m an only child

Where were you born? Did you grow up there? Barrington, IL. 22 years in Midwest (NW suburbs of Chicago, college in Indiana (DePauw U) and 5 years in FL (4 in Orlando, 1 in Miami)

Is “acting your age” over rated? Don’t lose sight of the joys of youthfulness and maturity – it’s a balance;)

High school group you hung out with the most; nerds, jocks, stoners, preppies? Golf team What do you do for a living? As little as possible that I can get away with;) I run the acquisition arm of a real estate business.

What would you like to do for a living? In the process of

What three things would you need to survive on a deserted island? A moleskine journal, a pen, and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Not letting faster groups play through and playing from the wrong tees for their ability.

Name the three most important things to you in this world. My freedom, my intuition, and my health.

What do you fear the most? Allowing my mind instead of my heart to be the driver of my life.

What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome? My dad, Tiger and Jack. Pretty cliché there.

creating that reality now… stay tuned. 44

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

What are some of your great accomplishments? Sharing a perspective and/or resource with some unnamed people that fundamentally changed their life.

Movies:…comedy, drama, action, romance? Documentaries Last book you read? Courage by Osho Favorite charity to support? 4Ocean. Not a charity but they clean up the oceans. For every bracelet purchased, they remove one pound of trash from the ocean.

What else would you like for us to know about you? I really just love life and am fascinated by its mystery. Golf happens to be a sport that mirrors life in many ways, so it’s both a release and a challenge depending on the day. I always love to connect with other conscious athletes and business people who want to play golf, practice yoga, or change the world. Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4


grip it & sip it

Cape Mentelle – Sauvignon Blanc Cape Mentelle takes a non-interventionist approach towards this classic Margaret River blend of sauvignon blanc and semillon, with the aim to preserve as much fruit intensity and regional character as possible. The style accentuates the fresh fruit characters of both varieties with the added complexity and palate weight offered through a small component of barrel fermentation. APPEARANCE Bright and shiny, white gold with silver hues. NOSE The nose is a perfect painting of our Margaret River surroundings- a patch of ancient earth surrounded by vast oceans where fresh, crisp saline scents of the sauvignon blanc meld with the earthy unctuosity of the semillon. The nose is intense with nuances of yellow peach, rockmelon, passionfruit, lemon zest and juniper berry aromas, topped by a hint of white pepper corn. PALATE The first approach is very fresh with excellent vibrancy and tension, developing into citrus and melon characters. The wine is then textural and unctuous, ending with a long, zesty finish accompanied by a line of minerality that brings us back to the ocean cliffs and Margaret River mouth. HISTORY A MARGARET RIVER ICON ESTABLISHED IN 1970 As one of Margaret River’s ‘founding five’ wineries, Cape Mentelle pioneered many of the region’s renowned wine styles and today is a benchmark for the quality of the region’s wines.

Cape Spritz

Grip it and Sip it. 46

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

prove quality, understand the potential of the fruit from each particular vineyard and develop a distinctive house style. The character of the grape varieties and the special attributes of the regional terroir are part of the style that evolved. The area under vine increased with the establishment of the 23 hectare Trinders Vineyard in 1988 followed by the Chapman Brook Vineyard in the early 1990’s. By this time Cape Mentelle had a well established reputation in the Australian market. A partnership with Veuve Clicquot enabled Cape Mentelle to take the next step, further developing the winery with a new cellar and modern equipment and an expansion into the international market. Today Cape Mentelle, as part of Estates & Wines (owned by Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton), continues to build on its solid foundations.

Cape Rinha

THE CAPE MENTELLE HERITAGE The winery takes its name from the nearby Cape, named by the French ‘Baudin Expedition’ which charted the coast of Western Australia in 1801. They named the Cape after two notable French scientists, geographer Edmund and his cartographer brother Francois-Simon Mentelle, who lived in Paris in the early 1700’s. Wine industry pioneer David Hohnen and his brothers Mark and Giles established Cape Mentelle Vineyards in 1970. Our phenomenal Cape Mentelle journey started small with just 16 hectares of vines planted on what is now referred to as the ‘Wallcliffe Vineyard’. In the early years David Hohnen experimented with grape varieties including shiraz, cabernet, zinfandel, sauvignon blanc and semillon. Many of these original plantings are the source of the distinctive wines that have come to characterize Cape Mentelle. The winery’s flagship Cabernet Sauvignon is sourced primarily from the original Wallcliffe Vineyard. In 1983 Cape Mentelle won the coveted Jimmy Watson Memorial Award for the best one year old dry red wine, and cemented its position as a premium wine maker with another win in 1984. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is now widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading cabernets. Another wine to become a core part of the winery’s portfolio was the distinctive Zinfandel. David Hohnen had studied wine at Fresno State University in California and was captivated by this robust variety. The 1972 plantings at Cape Mentelle were one of the first commercial vineyards of the variety in Western Australia. At first the focus was on red wines, including a gutsy Shiraz. A turning point for the production of white wines came in 1985 when David Hohnen established Cape Mentelle’s sister winery, Cloudy Bay, in New Zealand. Cloudy Bay won world recognition with its Sauvignon Blanc. Cape Mentelle meanwhile developed a stylish Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend that was to become another benchmark of the Margaret River region, and a Chardonnay sourced from vineyards outside the estate. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s wine making at Cape Mentelle was characterized by experimentation to imGolf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

THE ESSENCE OF MARGARET RIVER The brilliant idea of Margaret River as a wine growing region started as a “gut feeling”. Agriculturalist Dr John Gladstones knew the district well. He saw undulating, well-drained ironstone gravel soils carrying healthy marri trees (Eucalyptus callophylla) which were regarded in Western Australia as an indication of prime vineyard soils. Climate data suggested strong growing-season similarities to Bordeaux but warm, sunny Margaret River promised to be even better. The likely ripening period was drier, despite higher annual rainfall. Temperatures were tempered by the maritime location and sea breezes from the Indian and Southern oceans. There was only a minimal risk of spring frost. Gladstones recognized that the region possessed all the elements for growing Bordeaux grape varieties. Cape Mentelle, the Margaret River pathfinder, was one of the founding vineyards with planting beginning in 1970. Some 50 years since the first vines were planted, the Margaret River wine region is recognized as one of the world’s finest. Today this thriving industry produces consistently high quality cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay and semillon to delight connoisseurs around the world. Margaret River wineries have a reputation for producing wines with delightful individual fruit character that conjure up the sense of place for one of the most spectacular environments on earth.

Cape All Day 47

stay & play


The Ballantyne Celebrates 17 Year Anniversary With Multi-Million-Dollar Transformation In celebration 17 Year Anniversary With Multi-Million-Dollar Transformation In celebration of its 17th anniversary, The Ballantyne, A Luxury Collection Hotel, Charlotte unveils a multi-milliondollar makeover, encompassing newly designed guest rooms and public spaces. The redesign pays homage to North Carolina’s rich history, with a nod to the neighborhood of Ballantyne – once family hunting land that developed into one of the country’s preeminent communities. “As we enter into our 18th year, we are eager to delight guests with our breathtaking new design and elevated experiences, through this extensive

Great Room 48

renovation,” said Raj Radke, general manager. “The luxurious transformation offers moments of discovery through art, antiques and décor emanating a relaxed residential feel.” From the moment of arrival, guests of The Ballantyne will feel a sense of warm hospitality, greeted by two bronze Dalmatian statues that pay tribute to the beloved pets who roamed the original hunting land. The stunning lobby envelops guests in a calm, welcoming environment, featuring a neutral palette of white, gold and grey, with hand-painted gold accents inspired by North Carolina’s legacy as being the first state in the country where gold was found. The lobby

The Ryal Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

King Room desk resembles an antique, featuring a glass top that displays special artifacts. The sophisticated lobby lounge is the ideal place to unwind, complete with a striking new chandelier and rose artwork that hangs above the fireplace. Named after a unit of currency during James VI of Scotland’s reign, The Ryal is a vibrant gathering place that can be enjoyed as a lively bar in the afternoons and evenings. The Ryal features plush pocket seating and a glass balcony showcasing picturesque views of the lush grounds and superior golf course. The hotel guest rooms resemble a carefully curated collection of global treasures. The redesign mixes antiques with new pieces, forming a refined yet warm residential ambiance. Guests will receive thoughtful room amenities and turndown services, creating a serene sense of relaxation. All rooms will feature luxurious Molton Brown bath products. Suites will come complete with a complimentary Nespresso coffee and espresso bar. The Great Room’s redesign pays homage to the “Carolina Emperor,” the largest-cut emerald ever found in North America and uncovered in North Carolina. The room is filled with comfortable seating and features emerald, gold and grey accents. Art and photos celebrating the state’s history adorn the adjacent wall of Gallery Bar. Along with the renovation, The Ballantyne launches an exclusive partnership with Rare Tea Company of London, the preferred tea for the royal family. Rare Tea Company will be the official tea featured in the hotel’s Tea Program, including afternoon tea service; handcrafted tea cocktails; select desserts including tea; and The Spa will feature the teas as part of specialty treatment rituals and in retail. The Spa at Ballantyne’s enhancements evoke a true haven for deep relaxation. The new color palette features warm neutrals and soft powder blues, inviting guests to escape the everyday. Rustic wooden furniture, such as natural teak root credenzas, create a serene atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a welcome tea ritual before their treatments, featurGolf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

ing Rare Tea Company’s jasmine white tea. Experiential treatments reflect the season, including Rose Garden-inspired treatments each spring and Seasonal Tea-infused therapies each summer. The Spa also offers Carolina lavender-inspired signature treatments and has partnered with Natura Bissé, elevating the spa and retail experience. The Lodge at Ballantyne, a 35-room private retreat on The Ballantyne’s grounds, introduces a fresh look to its fully renovated rooms and lobby, bringing to life the history of the area as former hunting land. Exuding thoughtful design and an approachable elegance, the unique space can be rented out in its entirety by a group, from board meetings and elite retreats to family reunions and intimate weddings. The spacious rooms boast a luxurious feel, replete with tasteful furniture and rich leather accents. The Lodge features packages for both meeting and social groups offering an exclusive and private setting that include a dedicated breakfast and welcome reception. The Rose Garden provides a magical backdrop for any memorable occasion throughout the year. This romantic venue features a hand-carved opal stone “Dancer” sculpture, a charming pergola, rocking chairs and fire pits. The gorgeous space provides the perfect setting for group activities and experiential dining, such as Ballantyne Beer Garden. The Ballantyne is a short twenty-minute drive from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, renowned for its relaxing rocking chairs that are symbolic of the city’s warm southern charm. Charlotte is

The Lodge Lobby a two-hour flight to 60% of the country’s population, making it the ideal destination for travelers seeking the excitement of a city but the comforts and welcome attitude of a small town. The city draws people in with its signature uptown experiences and is known for its emerging culinary scene, craft breweries, NASCAR Hall of Fame, live music, museums and myriad outdoor activities. Since opening in 2001, the Forbes FourStar Ballantyne has personified authentic Southern hospitality through its design, attentive service and resort-style amenities including indoor and outdoor pools, spa, golf, dining, fitness, tennis and green spaces and 30,000 square feet of meetings and events spaces. The Ballantyne selected renowned architecture and interior design firm BLUR Workshop to transform the hotel, implementing thoughtful designs that reflect Southern hospitality and contemporary luxury. These enhancements represent an elevated experience for guests, one which closely honors the property’s distinct heritage, making this sophisticated Southern hotel a modern classic. To commemorate the hotel’s 17th anniversary, The Ballantyne has unveiled the new (Epic)urean Anniversary Package, representing 17% savings. The package features a two-night stay in an elegant guest room, welcome gift from Executive Chef, afternoon tea for two, dinner for two in Gallery Restaurant (up to $160 inclusive), departure gift from Pastry Chef and 2 p.m. late check-out. For more information, please visit theballantyne.com.

The Lodge - Guest Room 49

outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

Gray/Ziobro Win 11th Annual Senior/ Super-Senior Championship Mike Gray, PGA Head Professional at Indian Creek Country Club and Billy Ziobro, PGA Life Member were victorious at the 11th Annual Senior/SuperSenior at Indian Springs Country Club. They fired a 14-under 57. That was good enough for a three shot victory over the teams of Roger Kennedy, PGA Direc-

National Rental Car SFPGA Assistant Championship came in second shooting a total of 139.

ported by Chase 54, Engel Coolers,

Michael Welch, PGA Assistant Profes-

and Tagmarshall took place at The

sional at Bonita National Golf & Coun-

Club at Ibis – Legend Course. Mul-

try Club came in third, Kenneth Leech,

tiple rain delays limited the event

Teaching Professional at Don Law at

to 15 holes. In the Net Division, PGA

Osprey Pointe came in fourth and An-

Associate Corey Henry and Su-

drew Filbert, PGA Assistant Professional

perintendent Ed Miller both of the

the Club Pelican Bay won his second

at Bonita National Golf & Country Club

Country Club of Coral Springs fired

Florida Senior Open with a three day

came in fifth. All five qualified for the

a 13-under par to win the overall

total 205 at Mission Inn Resort & Club-

National Car Rental Assistant PGA Pro-

net championship. In the Gross

El Campeon course. Mark Mielke, PGA

fessional Championship in November.

Division, Jared Isaacs, PGA Director

tor of Golf at Country Club of Mirasol / Roger Kennedy, PGA Life Member and David Cunliffe, PGA Life Member / Peter Oakley, PGA Life Member.

Gene Fieger Wins Florida Senior Open Gene Fieger, PGA Director of Golf at

Life Member took second place with a three day total 212.

Morin Captures Win at 2018 National Car Rental SFPGA Assistant Championship

Isaacs/Bernard & Henry/Miller Win 2018 Textron Golf Pro-Superintendent The SFPGA Pro-Superintendent presented by Textron Golf and sup-

of Instruction and Superintendent Steve Bernard both out of Adios Golf Club carded an 11-under par for the overall gross title.

Alan Morin, PGA Assistant Professional at The Falls Club of the Palm Beaches won the 2018 National Car Rental SFPGA Assistant Championship at Wyndemere Country Club. Morin won shooting a two day total of 9-under 135. This is the third time Morin has won this event. He was victorious in 2016 at Fort Lauderdale Country Club and 2009 at the Club at Renaissance. Peter Mogg, PGA Assistant Professional at Highland Woods Golf & Country Club 2018 Textron Golf Pro-Superintendent 50

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Reynolds Lake Oconee

Welcome to the Georgia Golf Trail Stone Mountain Golf Club

The Georgia Golf Trail has something no other state has to offer anywhere in the country, 23 top resorts that have first class golf and accommodations second to none. From the mountains to the coast, come play golf where legendary golfer Bobby Jones lived and helped build a reputation of golf history that you won’t find anywhere.along the Georgia Golf Trail.

Sea Island

• Arrowhead Pointe • Brasstown Valley Resort & Spa • Brazell’s Creek • Callaway Gardens • Chateau Elan • Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee • Harbor Club on Lake Oconee • Highland Walk • Innsbruck Golf Club • Jekyll Island Georgia • Lake Blackshear • Lanier Islands – Legacy Golf Club • Little Ocmulgee • Meadow Links • Old Toccoa Farm • Reynolds Lake Oconee • Sea Island • Sea Palms Resort & Conference Center • Stone Creek Golf • Stone Mountain Golf Club • The Creek • The Lakes • The Club at Savannah Harbor • The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Learn more about where to gofor and what Package to see on Quote Lake Oconee by visiting www.Facebook.com/LakeOconeeTracy Call Today 770-266-0331 a Golf | Check us out online at georgiagolfandtravel.com

freddy's fairway thoughts


Fairway Thoughts Municipal golf courses always seem

to run on the edge, often because of poor oversight by the local politicians. Government officials in many cities look at them as cash cows (see: Atlanta) and/or a place for free golf (see: Atlanta.) The Jacksonville Beach course has been through its trying times and now is starting a new era as the course has been refurbished and is due to reopen this month after nine months closure. It should be a big cash cow as it's the only public course in the area, and a group of citizens is trying to make sure the politicians keep their hands in their own pockets. They have formed a tax-exempt foundation to keep tabs on the operation and to raise money for needed equipment (they discovered the only hole cutter was 30 years old.) They have big plans to the point of hiring a part-time fund raiser. Other munis might follow this story; can't imagine that too many are properly run. (The course itself has an unusual history. The original layout was designed in 1959 by Sam Snead and was lighted, and you could still see some of the electrical connections until a recent hurricane took them off the trees.) • Florida gets another USGA event next spring when the Women's Four-Ball comes to Jacksonville's Timuquana CC. Qualifying takes half the year; they've already started and will continue at 30 different sites through March. The tournament is the final week of April and May 1. • Not many people keep working when their spouse makes a sevenfigure salary so you can add the wife of PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan.. Susan Rost Monahan is a highly-rated optometrist in Jacksonville Beach. • Just when we thought stupid TV sports events had gone away (see: Floyd Mayweather v. Conor McGregor,) here comes the Las Vegas winner-take-all match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for $10 million. For starters, no one believes it really is winner-take-all. To add to that, might Mickelson be seen at the betting windows prior to the match. And who might he be betting on?

By Fred Seely

• The 2019 British Open will be in Ireland and expect to be barraged by package deals which will include golf. The Irish promote travel well but there's just so much they can do with a limited number of things to promote. This opportunity won't be missed and the PGA of America's travel network is helping. • Our local pro chapter's match play championship finished on an extraordinary note. Long-hitting Charles Raulerson (you may remember him for his two wins on what's now the Web.Com Tour) was two-up on Clint Avret standing on the tee of the 550-yard 16th hole. He hit a hybrid off the tee, another hybrid on the green, and hole the putt to finish it out. After Raulerson went home, Avret and host pro Richie Bryant went back out to the 16th to figure how anyone could get home with two hybrids.

Davis Roche from Jacksonville Golf and Country Club won the 58nd annual Jacksonville Amateur Championship over his home course. A full field of 78 competed.

• The name John Tucker may not mean much to you. But, he's the Jacksonville business executive who led the way to bring the PGA Tour back to Northeast Florida in 1965 (Greater Jacksonville Open) and the PGA Tour itself in the 1970s. He's now 89 and a very good player, good enough to shoot his age daily and compete in the senior events that have an 80+ division. He and wife Iwo have seven kids, and they've produced 23 grandkids, so it's not unusual that there will be a few good golfers. Grandson Johnny is off to Florida Southern on a golf scholarship and several others are in the top level of the local junior program. • CBS obviously has more in mind for Amanda Balionis than just standing by the fancy SmartCart electronic scoreboard and gushing over whichever golfer joins her. She has done sideline football and basketball work in the past and comes across as knowledgable about sports. TV insiders say she has everything needed to be a star, and even the distracting “talking with her hands” will be fixed by making her carry a microphone rather than wear a lavaliere mic. • We may growl about being inundated with Tiger Woods but we better face the reality. When he's playing, the golf business goes up; when he's sidelined, it goes down. It brings to mind the comment from writer John Feinstein: “College football is a lot more fun when Notre Dame is good.” And, I assume you noted his current squeeze at the PGA, particularly how close she was staying to him. If you don't know, her name is Erika Herman and she runs Woods' restaurant in Jupiter.

Lauren Waidner (left) from the University of Florida won a three-way playoff for the First Coast Women's Championship at Timuquana CC in Jacksonville, edging Hannah Berman (center) and Chloe Schiavone, both of Jacksonville. The event is part of the Jacksonville Area GA schedule and drew a field of 73 players. 52

• Expansion of Sea Island's amenities is on schedule to open by the time the PGA Tour arrives in November for the RSM Classic. It's all around the fancy lodge, which services three courses, and includes cottages, expanding the range and adding an 18-hole putting course.

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE The PGA TOUR has assembled one of the finest golf instruction teams in the game at the famed TPC Sawgrass facility located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Led by top-ranked golf instructor, Todd Anderson, expert instructors will begin with a complete assessment and develop a plan to quickly improve all facets of your game.


By Mike May

golf history

A Refreshing Retreat "Fore" Golfers “Magnificent Golf,

Superb Facilities, and Outstanding Service.” That’s the message that you will see when you visit the home page for the New Smyrna Beach Golf Club (1000 Wayne Avenue, New Smyrna Beach, Florida; 386410-2693). If a club is bold enough to make such a proclamation, then golfers should be bold enough to go play this course -- one of the 53 golf courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail. The roots of this 18-hole, par-72 layout (www.newsmyrnagolfclub.com) can be traced to 1948 when W. Tydings gave the City of New Smyrna Beach 150 acres of land for the construction of a golf course. As an incentive for city leaders to act quickly, there was a stipulation in the agreement which stated that the land would be returned to Tydings, if a golf course was not built within ten years.

New Smyrna Golf Club - HISTORY - clubhouse and tournament - The Pelican

New Smyrna Golf Club - TODAY - Hole 2 - from Gary Wintz at NSGC


Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Soon after acquisition of the land, James B. McGovern, a longtime design associate of legendary golf course architect Donald Ross, visited New Smyrna Beach on behalf of Ross and then signed a deal that Donald Ross and Associates would oversee the design and construction of this golf course. Ground breaking and construction began later that year. Nine holes were opened in early 1949, but, because of a dispute over the title to a part of the property, work on the back nine came to a stop. Four more holes were then opened in 1953. The remaining five holes weren’t completed until 1956 and then opened for play in the spring of 1957. Like all municipal golf courses in Florida, there’s always a twist or quirk to these courses that helps them stand apart. The New Smyrna Beach Golf Club is no different, as the early developers of this golf course included a horse stable and a bridle path that encircled the entire golf course. Today’s golfers who visit the New Smyrna Beach Golf Club are playing a golf course which measures from 4,700 yards to 6,500 yards and was completely renovated in 2006 by Bobby Weed. In 2016, the greens were replaced with platinum paspalum grass and all the bunkers were softened, according to New Smyrna Beach Golf Club head pro Gary Wintz. The greens were also enlarged to give more pin positions. There is a certain amount of symmetry to the New Smyrna Beach Golf Club as the first three holes of both the front and back nine open up with two consecutive par fours and a par three. And, both the front and back nine Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

New Smyrna Golf Club - HISTORY - original layout - The Orange blossom Edition conclude with a par five. Of the 18 different putting surfaces, only one green – the 13th – is bunker free. At this golf course, all four par fives are legitimate birdie opportunities as two of these par fives are under 500 yards long. Water comes into play on eight holes. The Signature Hole is the 2nd hole – a medium length par four which features a lake to the left and out-of-bounds to the right. On your approach to the green, you must negotiate a pine tree that protects the entrance to the green. “I don’t know what we’re going to do if that tree ever dies and goes away,” admitted Wintz. “The tree is part of our logo.” Personally, Wintz’s favorite hole is the long par three 15th hole. “From the back tees, it’s more

than 230 yards to the pin,” added Wintz. “The green is protected by bunkers short right and short left. Par is a great score. Not many people birdie the 15th.” Whether you play this course in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, you can always expect a golf course in great shape. “Our greens are absolutely perfect and when we overseed with rye grass in late October, the course is lush,” noted Wintz. “We are constantly working to make this course in better shape.” Right now, this golf course has been labeled as a haven for local and visiting golfers alike. If you fall into the category of being a local or a visiting golfer, make plans to visit this haven where you can expect magnificent golf, superb facilities, and outstanding service. 55

By Mike Jamison

product showcase

While participating in the various golf business shows the past few months I came across some terrific and innovative new products. Here are our “Saucy Seven” that will improve your game, your enjoyment, your pocketbook or at least your comfort level.

Knuth was the first to figure a way of taking advantage of a little known rule change from the USGA. Without going all techno on you, the rule now allows more trampoline effect in the toe and heel areas than in the center of the clubface. High Heat 257+ is the first and only brand to put this amazing technology into play. Now you get pretty much the same distance regardless of where you strike it on the clubface. That’s great news for amateurs who miss the sweet spot an average of 50 percent of the time.

Zero Friction Spectra Super Tubes Besides clubs, there are three essential products every golfer needs when they play a round of golf: balls, tees and a glove. Zero Friction™, maker of high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, makes it easy to purchase those essentials with its colorful Spectra™ Super Tube packaging. These innovative packs include one compression fit golf glove, three Spectra matte finish golf balls and 10 matching neon colored ZFT Maxx tees all in one convenient pack. The Spectra two-piece distance golf balls have a large, super-fast core providing high launch and longer roll off the tee. The 2 3/4” 3 prong ZFT Maxx tees have a 66% reduced contact area, and have won over 70 times on the PGA Tour. The compression-fit glove means a universal fit and they hold their shape longer. And like all Zero Friction products, the Spectra Super Tubes come in a variety of cool colors.

GolfWords GolfWords is an innovative new game that combines putting, puzzles and addictive fun. It is the brainchild of the world’s most syndicated puzzlemaker David Hoyt, and a PGA professional named Don Parker.  The putting mat contains a collection of letters in squares, with various point values. There are several games that can be played, most of which deal with putting to specific letters to form words – very Scrabble-like, In the golf course or resort world, it can add value with easy to challenging play that supplements a traditional course or recreational offering.  As a 56


learning tool, it has merit both with honing putting skills and challenging word creation. And overall, it is fun and can be played for 10 minutes or an hour with equal fun.

SQRDUP is a golf alignment training aid for every club in the bag, from putter to driver. SQRDUP is alignment made simple, providing the golfer with four precise laser beams which quickly allows the golfer to check target line, clubface, hand position, ball position, feet position & divot.  SQRDUP is also great for putting by providing the golfer with a laser beam which shows on the putter & ball & then approximately 8” after the ball.  Just make an 8” putt with the speed to get the ball to the hole. Get a repetitive putting stroke.

High Heat 257+ Once again Dean Knuth is showing the golf club equipment companies his rear end – in a positive way. Former USGA Senior Director Knuth was the first to the starting gate with lower and deeper center of gravity technology in his High Heat driver and fairway metals, introduced four years ago. They were met with rave reviews from media outlets, instructors and customers, and a year later the major brands followed suit, stressing the importance of CG placement. Now Dean has done it again with High Heat 257+, the newest addition to the Knuth Golf family of metalwoods.

Chilly Cheeks Even the most tolerant of us have trouble keeping our cool while playing golf during the dog days of summer. While a cool drink or an iced towel will provides temporary relief, it’s tough staying focused as sweat rolls down your face. Meet Chilly Cheeks, guaranteed Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

to help you stay cool from the bottom up. Picture a soft stadium cushion full a cooling gel, and you have one of the Chilly Cheeks products. Place it on your cart seat and it not only keeps you cool during a hot round of golf, but also feels really soothing for your sore lower back. The company also offers the product in two-seater cushions for the bottom and back. ALSO, it does the opposite in the cold – keeps you warm.

using it to provide yardage, or maybe you’re waiting on an important text. Suddenly you make a turn, the phone slides off the seat, and three holes later you notice it’s gone. And you have no clue where it fell off. Meanwhile Freddie Freeloader is calling his Mom in Nova Scotia on your cell phone. Thanks to this nifty Phone Caddy from Desert Fox Golf that scene won’t happen to you. The Phone Caddy attaches to the arm of the golf cart and you phone slides in and locks into place, easily visible to you for GPS yardages and more. More good news – you can pop it right out easily with one hand.

Live View Golf

Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy If this has not happened to you before, prepare yourself. Your cell phone is on the seat of your golf cart. Maybe you’re

This terrific product provides instant feedback on your golf swing, and from various angles. Now you can see your swing flaws from front, side or back.

Live View Golf is the leading provider of video practice solutions for golfers. It combines a wireless streaming camera with an intuitive mobile App to create a digital swing mirror (“DSM™”) that can monitor a golf swing from any angle. DSM™ comes with a suite of tools to check swing plane, body alignment and body movement. Because DSM™ mirrors movements in real time, golfers receive accelerated feedback to ensure precise practice and make rapid swing changes. Live View Golf was selected best Video Camera by Golf Digest for its Editor’s Choice award in 2017 and 2018.

Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game.

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960

www.TurfLife.club Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4



competitive spirits

Madi is the name of our brand ambassador, an iconic ring tailed lemur. Ring Tailed Lemurs are native to the tropical island of Madagascar located east of continental Africa in the Indian Ocean. During a trip to the island, we were captivated by the aroma of the best vanilla on the planet. We were inspired to show case the incredible and versatile spice the best way we knew how... Rum! Sourcing the best vanilla beans straight from the Malagasy farms and infusing them with Florida Sugar Cane Rum delivers an Authentic Vanilla taste that is captured in every bottle. So pop the cork with Madi and experience the best Vanilla Rum on Earth!

Lemur Lagoon 1.5oz Madi Rum .5oz Crème de Banana .5oz Crème de Coco .5oz Blue Curacao 1oz Orange Juice 1oz Pineapple Juice 1oz Sour Mix 58

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

I’m Living and Loving the Turf Life! My start in the golf and turf world began in high school, standing on the tee box at 6:00am with my school’s golf team. Just a few years later, I would be out on the golf course at 6:00am every day again mowing greens. Throughout high school, my love for the game grew. I helped found the first women’s golf team at my school and plan a youth golf clinic to support the team as my senior project. The joy I experienced on the golf course, along with the fact that my cousin is a golf course superintendent, made

at Penn State, earning a bachelor’s

turfgrass has to offer. I completed

choosing my college major easy.

degree in 2016. While at Penn State, I

internships on grounds crew at the

experienced some of the best of what

Country Club of Scranton and the New

I majored in Turfgrass Science


Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

up a masters degree in Agronomy focused in turfgrass at Penn State and I am pursuing PhD opportunities. I enjoy working in turfgrass because of the atmosphere and people. Working in turf is a rewarding experience as I am often outdoors and at the end of the day can enjoy the satisfaction of stepping back and seeing a final result. It is also gratifying to know I York Yankee’s Triple-A affiliate team,

am helping to create an environment

the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.

for others to enjoy the outdoors. I have

I also shadowed head grounds keeper

found my friends and peers in the

Nicole McFadyen of Oriole Park at

turfgrass industry to be welcoming

Camden Yards, volunteered for the

and hardworking. I look forward to

2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta

continuing to be a part of such a great

National Golf Club, and traveled to St.

community in my research. I encourage

Andrews in Scotland with Penn State

others to consider a career in turfgrass

where I caddied the Old Course. These

and to be a part of the turf life.

experiences, along with many others, gave me the “turf bug” as some in the industry call it. I am now finishing

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Follow me at Twitter: @turfgirl24 Instagram: @devcarroll



Bryce Gibson Interlachen Country Club

Using the wisdom of the mentors that I have worked for and with throughout the industry, then taking that knowledge and using the work ethic I gained working on my family’s dairy farm in the Finger Lakes of New York. Always being dedicated to the clubs I have worked at and the industry that has given me so much. A career that is 17 years in the making has rewarded me with the opportunity to refer myself as a Golf Course Superintendent. As the Assistant Superintendent at Interlachen Country Club in Winter Park, FL for the past 6 years, Stuart Leventhal, CGCS has mentored me into 62

being his successor after his greatly successful and rewarding tenure of 34 years at Interlachen. August 1st 2018 Interlachen Country Club board of directors announced ME as the third golf course superintendent in the history of the club. Born and raised in Dundee, NY I would never have envisioned a career in the golf industry. The closest golf course to the farm was 11 miles away and I was only a driving range hacker. As circumstances changed in the fall semester of my sophomore year of college (me floundering to become a teacher and the family farm dissolved do to a struggling milk market) I found

myself looking for part time/summer work. With a curiosity towards the game of golf I applied and started working at the local club as part of the grounds staff. With 2 seasons under my belt at Lakeside Country Club, Superintendent Tom Corcoran was my first mentor, encouraging me and helping me to find a path into the Industry. That following fall I changed colleges and started my path at SUNY Cobleskill in Golf Course Management. With internships needed to complete my degree, the first summer lead me to Glenns Falls Country Club in Queensbury, NY learning from Chris Frieinghaus, CGCS. If anyone wants to know how to prepare a great Donald Ross course with historic winterkill issues on bentgrass, the tutelage from Chris and his years of experience was the best. The second summer took me to Rochester, NY to work for Jeff Corcoran at Historic Oak Hill Country Club. With a strong team built to succeed, the ability to manage a large staff with very high club expectations was the goal each and every day. The experience at Oak Hill was so rewarding that I stayed on staff as an IPM Tech. As another opportunity came, I made the decision to go to Key Largo, Fl for a winter internship to work for nationally respected Russ Myers, CGCS at Card Sound GC. Learning from him and his professional staff, the other interns from across the U.S. and his Assistant (now Superintendent at Card Sound) Sean Anderson my career has stayed in Florida since 2005. Again with guidance like all the other mentors, Russ helped me to continue my career at Mountain Lake GC for Scott Scamehorn,CGCS. My first Assistant Position, I learned more about southern agronomy and how to maintain historical design integrity of a classic golf course. Over five years with Scott helped me to solidify my passion for the golf industry, to build a solid team, agronomic program and to give back to the industry by being involved. Now, coming full circle back to Interlachen Country Club with the opportunity to become a Golf Course Superintendent, thanks to the many mentors. I hope to pass my passion onto someone else so that they may have a rewarding career in the Golf Industry. Preparing the grounds with sound science that respects the environment and setting up the course to challenge all levels of golfers with the best conditions possible for the great game of golf. Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4



The pH of this.

The growth of that.

Too much moisture.

Not enough moisture.

Looking out for the environment.

To learn more visit gcsaa.org/GC

Looking out for the health of the course. And that’s just over coffee.

So say thanks to your golf course superintendent. Or make that, thanks a million.

Creating an Environmental Masterpiece Hard to imagine now by looking at the busy golf holes and the gorgeous lush vegetation, but the Osprey Point Golf Course acreage was once flat and degraded, used as a shell quarry and for agriculture, entirely overgrown with Brazilian Pepper and other invasive exotics, and all broken up by a series of canals. As part of their effort to transform this disturbed land into a community destination, Palm Beach County worked with Audubon International through the Classic Program following their overall strategy to preserve open and green space as assets to their community.

Opened on November 6, 2010, Osprey Point is a 27-hole golf course built as part of the 850-acre Burt Aaronson South County

Regional Park in Boca Raton, Florida at the edge of the Florida Everglades. Bordered by the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge to the north and west, the remainder of the course is surrounded by residential development. Roy Case and Jeff Grossman of Case Golf Company designed the 200-acre golf parcel as three nine-hole courses called the Hawk, the Falcon, and the Raven focusing on the main habitat components of grasslands, fresh water ponds and canals. To protect Florida water quality and quantity, create wildlife habitat, and promote environmentally respon-

Osprey Point Falcon 1 Forward Tee vegetative buffer at water's edge 64

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

sible golf, the following was incorporated into the construction process:

• Drainage filtration from the course first empties into either dry or wet retention areas or bioswales before connecting to the on-site ponds. • Instead of the original selection of Bermuda turfgrass, a more environmentally friendly grass called platinum paspalum was featured on greens, tees and fairways since it is more drought and wear tolerant, has decreased fertilizer and maintenance needs, and accepts a wider range of water quality and composition. • The overall grassed acreage was reduced by adding coquina waste areas that double as cart paths and are efficient at promoting water infiltration and replenishing of the aquifer. • Drought tolerant native species were planted in the extended rough, hazard, and out of play areas. • Butterfly gardens were developed to provide habitat for pollinator species. • Nearly all trees on the property were newly planted featuring species such as

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

cypress, live oak and sabal palms providing habitat for bobcats to bald eagles as well as the ever-present osprey and creating corridors for wildlife movement throughout. Osprey Point was recognized in 2016 as the World’s Best Eco Friendly Golf Facility by the World Golf Awards through votes cast by the public, and by golf and travel professionals. Winners demonstrate “leadership in environmental stewardship

and were creative and responsible in planning, design, construction and management of unique, resource efficient golf facilities.” Osprey Point was certified on March 29, 2011 as the first Audubon International Classic Sanctuary in the state of Florida and only the second in the United States. It joined the other four Palm Beach County golf facilities which are Audubon International certified as well.



Pollinator Conservation

Brown-belted bumble bee (Bombus griseocollis), metallic green sweat bee (Agapostemon splendens) exiting ground nest, “Pesticide Free” garden, and pollinator habitat with sign.


The Importance of Pollinators

Pollinators at Risk

Pollinators are essential to our world. Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, moths, wasps, flies, beetles, even a few bats are some of the animals that move pollen between flowers, enabling them to produce seeds. The ecological service these pollinating animals provide is necessary for the reproduction of over 85% of the world’s flowering plants. The resulting seeds and fruits provide food for countless other animals ranging from songbirds to grizzly bears. Pollinators are also essential to human life. More than 2/3 of the world’s crop species, whose fruits and seeds together provide over 30% of the foods and beverages that we consume, require the presence of a pollinator. The United States alone grows more than 100 crop plants that need pollinators. Without pollinators, there would be no apples, pumpkins, blueberries, or many other fruits and vegetables. Only windpollinated crops such as corn and wheat would remain. Bees are the primary pollinator for most wildflowers and crops in temperate North America. Worldwide, there are an estimated 20,000 species of bees, with over 3,600 species native to the United States and Canada. The non-native European honey bee (Apis mellifera) is the most common domesticated pollinator in the United States. However, native pollinators are often adapted for specific plants, resulting in more efficient pollination and the production of larger and more abundant fruits and seeds.

In many areas pollinators are in decline. The loss of honey bees due to pests, diseases, and other factors has been widely publicized in recent years. While the loss of honey bees is alarming, many of our wild native bees are also disappearing. For example, in the mid-1990s, the yellow-banded bumble bee (Bombus terricola) was the most abundant bumble bee in northern Wisconsin. Ten years later it made up less than 1% of the state’s bumble bees. In Oregon, Franklin’s bumble bee (B. franklini) has likely gone extinct during the same period. Pollinators are a keystone species group; the persistence of a large number of other species depends upon them. As pollinators disappear, the effect on the health and viability of crops and native plant communities can be disastrous.

Our Bring Back the Pollinators campaign is based on four principles: grow pollinatorfriendly flowers, protect bee nests and butterfly host plants, avoid pesticides, and spread the word. You can participate by taking the Pollinator Protection Pledge and registering your habitat on our nationwide map of pollinator corridors. www.bringbackthepollinators.org

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Four Principles To Help Pollinators Protecting, enhancing, or providing habitat is the best way to conserve pollinators. Whether you tend a small flower box in the city or maintain a large rural garden, there are practical steps you can take to improve the health, abundance, and diversity of your local pollinators.

1. Create a Diversity of Bloom

Bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects need abundant nectar and pollen sources throughout the growing season. Select native plants wherever possible. Cultivate a landscape with a diversity of flowering plants that are known to provide abundant pollen and nectar for pollinators. Try to provide blooming plants from early spring to fall, with at least three species of flower in bloom each season. Note that some ornamental plants have been selected for traits that are attractive to people, rather than pollinators. Avoid pollenless cultivars and double-petaled varieties of ornamental flowers.

2. Protect Nests and Egg-Laying Sites

Native bees use untidy areas of the garden to nest such as open sandy ground, brush piles, and old tree stumps and snags. Consider leaving some of these for wildlife habitat. Supplement nesting opportunities with mason bee houses or bundles of hollow plant stems. Butterflies often need specific host plants to feed on during their caterpillar stage. For example the caterpillars of monarch butterflies feed exclusively on the leaves of various milkweeds. Protect or plant the host plants of butterflies native to your area.

3. Don’t Use Pesticides

Pesticides can be important tools for protecting crops and controlling invasive species, however most lawn and garden pest problems can be solved without such chemicals. Keep in mind that even “organic-approved” insecticides can harm pollinators and other wildlife. Herbicides, while usually not directly lethal to insects, can reduce plant diversity, including the diversity of weedy, noninvasive wildflowers that provide essential pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

4. Spread the Word

Let your friends and neighbors know you’re providing habitat with a pollinator habitat sign. Talking to your community will encourage more people to join this important effort, helping even more pollinators! You can also sign the Pollinator Protection Pledge at www.bringbackthepollinators.org.

Bees at a Glance ӧ Unlike honey bees which form large social units, the majority of our native bees live as solitary individuals, with each female constructing her own nest. She collects nectar and pollen to provision it with food for her offspring. The only native bees to form social colonies are bumble bees and a few species of sweat bees. ӧ Most native bees are usually very gentle and unlikely to sting unless grabbed or stepped on. Only honey bees, bumble bees, and a few of the social wasps such as yellowjackets (which are not significant pollinators) are likely to sting when their nests are disturbed. ӧ The economic value of pollinatordependent crops in the United States was estimated to be between $18–$27 billion in 2003. If this calculation is expanded to include indirect products, such as the milk and beef from cattle fed on alfalfa, pollinators may be responsible for more than twice this dollar amount.

Solitary small carpenter bee (Ceratina sp.) nesting in blackberry cane.

Gentle cellophane bees (Colletes sp.) nest in the ground—often in lawns!

Mining bees (Andrena sp.) are important pollinators of apples and other crops.

Learn More Attracting Native Pollinators

Our best-selling book highlights the role of native pollinators in natural ecosystems, gardens, and farms. This comprehensive guide includes information about pollinator ecology, detailed profiles of over 30 common bee genera, and habitat designs for multiple landscapes with over 50 pages of fully illustrated regional plant lists. Available in bookstores everywhere, and through www.xerces.org/books.

The Xerces Pollinator Conservation Resource Center

Our Pollinator Conservation Resource Center includes regional information on pollinator plants, habitat conservation guides, nest management instructions, bee identification and monitoring resources, and directories of native pollinator plant nurseries. www.xerces.org/pollinator-resource-center

Pollinator Plant Lists

Regional lists of plants that are attractive to native bees, bumble bees, honey bees, and other pollinators, that are well-suited for small-scale plantings in gardens, on business and school campuses, in urban greenspaces, and in farm field borders. http://www.xerces.org/pollinator-conservation/plant-lists

Acknowledgements PHOTO CREDITS: Brown-belted bumble bee by Rich Hatfield, The Xerces Society; metallic green sweat bee by Drew Marold*; “Pesticide Free Zone” garden by Anuj Rajbhandari*; pollinator habitat by Sara Morris, The Xerces Society; small carpenter bee and mining bee by Nancy Lee Adamson, The Xerces Society; and cellophane bee by Rob Cruickshank*. *Via flickr.com under Creative Commons license. ARTWORK CREDITS: Ground nest icon by Kaitlyn Rich, based on Grass icon by Bryn Mackenzie and Bee icon by Juan Sebastian Rickenmann. From The Noun Project: Flower designed by Adam Zubin. Spray Bottle designed by Julieta Felix. Habitat sign designed by Margo Conner. Leafy plant icon designed by Nestor Arellano.. The Xerces Society is an equal opportunity employer and provider. © 2016 by The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

Updated February 29,2016



Strike Up The Bandz

By Ken Pierce President, GolfGym, LLC

Have you ever

used resistance bands for a workout, to stretch or to warm up for golf? We at GolfGym® are huge proponents of using resistance bands (or cords) to gain strength and to train specific muscles to perform more efficiently in your golf swing. I am a huge proponent because it was back in 1986 when I invented the first golf swing training product using latex tubing in a figure eight design on a molded training grip. We called it the

“GolfGym”. That original product has gone through many configurations over the past 30 plus years. Thankfully, the concept of utilizing bands for resistance training has taken on a huge roll for golfers as well as with many other athletes in all sports. We are big time Carolina Panther fans. For my recent birthday, Vicki and I went to the Panthers opening day at training camp. Several of the players, especially the quarterbacks (Cam Newton) were using bands, tubing or flat bands (like huge rubber bands) to warm up their shoulders and arms. A few others had bands around their ankles or knees to work those specific muscles which free weights are incapable of addressing. The PGA Tour Fitness Trailer has 2 sets of the GolfGym PowerBandz (medium and heavy) that are frequently used by the players to help with opening the shoulders, loosening the hips, along with many other golf specific movement patterns that just cannot be accomplished with dumbbells or other weights. Richie Allen from Muscle Prodigy says: “When using resistance bands, 68

you do not have to fight gravity (as with free weights). Instead, you are fighting the tension in the bands, but you can move freely in any direction. With gravity, the only way is down. The ability to move freely allows you to mimic and recreate natural movements in our daily lives. One of the main benefits is increasing and strengthening our daily activities, such as a baseball, golf or tennis swing or even opening a door.” It is for those reasons that bands are so good for developing a stronger and faster golf swing. You can move freely in the motion (depending on the resistance) while training the brain and the muscles to perform smoothly and consistently. The other great thing about using bands is that you can get them in various resistance levels. For many applications the band or bands are affixed in a door, on a piece of equipment, on a pole or even under your feet (foot). By simply moving closer to the affixed point you are able to decrease the resistance. The opposite is true as well. When you move away from the fixed point you increase the resistance. If you are thinking about Striking Up the Bandz in your training for golf, be sure to do some research to get a quality set that comes with a guarantee and professional instructional videos or manuals. Of course, my suggestion is to check out GolfGym.com first. Tour players, trainers and teachers use our PowerBandz, PowerSwing Trainer, the PowerHip Trainer and the PowerSWING Plus… and that’s a pretty good endorsement. Go to https://GolfGym. com for more info. I would love to hear from you. Golf Central • Volume 19, Issue 4

9685 Lake Nona Village Place Orlando, FL 32827 407.313.0027


Visit Our New Location!

325 Front Street Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 904.834.7549 โ€ข www.nonablue.com


Patriot Golf Day® has become the largest grass-roots golf fundraiser in America – a joint initiative of The PGA of America and the USGA, Patriot Golf Day enlists the support of public and private golf facilities across the country. Funds support Folds of Honor, providing educational scholarships to the children and spouses of service members killed or disabled while serving in America’s Armed Forces.

GET INVOLVED Although the national promotion of Patriot Golf Day is over Labor Day weekend, you can play golf any time of the year to support the families of our fallen and disabled service members. Here are a few ways to get involved.






If your vision of Florida is unspoiled nature-loving waterfront bliss, then this one-of-a-kind property is your dream come true. 3/3 Home features lifestyle of casual elegance; Private floating dock, wrap-around deck, luxurious pool/spa/waterfall. Property includes a true golfer’s paradise - 12 teeing spots to hit into 2 custom synthetic turf greens. Located on the Salt River, which has much less boat traffic than the Crystal River, only 2 miles away. World-class fishing for redfish, snook, trout and 10 minutes away from scalloping in the Gulf of Mexico. Wild eagles come in daily to drink fresh water on the small green.


WWW.PARADISEFOUND.ESTATE To contact Jane O’Gwynn, Agent - O: (352) 746-0744 M: (352) 302-1926 ©2018 BHH Affiliates, LLC. An independently owned and operated franchisee of BHH Affiliates, LLC. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices and the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices symbol are registered service marks of HomeServices of America, Inc.® Equal Housing Opportunity.

Collierville, TN - Spring Creek Ranch - May 7 Brentwood, TN - The Governors Club - June 4 Bristol, VA - The Virginian - September 17 Kennesaw, GA - Pinetree County Club - Oct. 1 Lenoir City, TN - WindRiver Golf Club - Oct. 22

www.patsummitt.org/golf If you are interested in hosting a golf tournament to benefit The Pat Summitt Foundation, please email contactus@patsummitt.org. “It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb. Continue to seek new goals.” - Pat Summitt

Profile for Shannon Coates

Golf Central Magazine- Vol 19 Issue 4  

Golf Central Magazine- Vol 19 Issue 4  

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