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By Deb Shuck

fore your header health

Improve Your Golf Game with Tai Chi How can Tai Chi improve your golf

whereby Chi circulates smoothly

game? This specialized training

through the body creating a state of

program strengthens the body, focuses

revitalization and relaxation. Tai Chi

the mind and develops emotional

is an ancient exercise system from

intelligence. All the muscles required

China dating back to the 13th Century.

for golf are activated through the

It is based on Martial Arts techniques;

unique Tai Chi movements giving

however, Master Instructor Rosann

you stability and strength in your

Argenti teaches it as a healthcare

lower body while allowing the upper

system and for all sporting activities.

body to move with ease. Focusing

The icing on the cake is that Tai

on the Tai Chi breath and the slow,

Chi does not require any previous

deliberate exercises, trains the

conditioning or equipment. There

mind and calms the emotions. This

are no age limitations, it demands

balanced state keeps distractions at

little time and there is virtually

bay, which leads to optimum results.

no risk of physical injury.

Rosann is an avid golfer with a 10

Master Instructor Rosann Argenti

handicap and uses Tai Chi to “relax

created an international Tai Chi TV

on command”; the key to a fluid,

Series and authored “Surgery- How to

powerful and effortless swing pattern.

Reherse Before You See the Nurse”. Her

Tai Chi (pronounced tie jee) literally

5 DVD’s include: Tai Chi, Revitalization

means “The Supreme Ultimate”; tai is

Breathing, Sitting Tai Chi, Chi-Kung

harmonious balance and chi is vital

Massage and Bed Exercises. All items

or essential energy. Tai Chi is similar

are available at: Sports-TaiChi.co.

to getting an acupuncture treatment


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 6

Profile for Shannon Coates

Golf Central Magazine - V17 issue 6 • ezine  

www.golfcentralmag.com www.turflife.club

Golf Central Magazine - V17 issue 6 • ezine  

www.golfcentralmag.com www.turflife.club