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from the publisher header

Like a Legend! POSITION AVAILABLE!!! I am looking for an Administrative Assistant, someone who loves Social Media, likes to take lots of pics. Very laid-back work environment, pool side tweeting, practice putting while brainstorming some groovy ideas, creative Instagramming, totally gets TURF LiFE and Southern Golf Central. Not afraid of people or phones, enjoys making new friends in the Golf and Turf industries - soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, equine, all sports on turf. Relaxed, but a task master, who can take notes from a half sentence, order-barking circus ring leader, that may break out in tears for no reason, and gets distracted by butterflies and birds flying by, and totally gets it! Mind reading is a valuable skill, and don’t be frightened to have fun while making money, poke fun at the boss, freely speak and get personal. Lunch is free, golf is free. Many cocktail and celebrity charity events that need an energetic, social, classy, “Life of the Party” kind of young head working the scene. Available to participate in Golf travel opportunities, represent at PGA Tour events, Soccer events, NFLPA functions, NBL tournaments, Horse and Ag shows, ANY thing Turf or Golf related events, WITHOUT embarrassing us!! We have that covered with the current staff. I would love to, and NEED to be working with a fun, money-making wacko, who wants to be part of a Legendary idea! If you are a cubicle-dwelling, peeing in a cup kind of person, you will run crying for your Mama. Don’t even consider this position. Send me a PM, email a note t.purdum@yahoo.com, call me on landline #321-765-4215, cell #321-228-9616....crazy is a plus. WARNING -- This is not for the weak and lazy, insecure people who need egos stroked daily!! Your ability to accomplish tasks will be followed by success! While we’re on the subject of new hires… our Junior Correspondent position has already been taken by a dynamo who’s turning the world of golf on its heels, and doesn’t even know it yet! Eight year old Bella Dovhey has an infectious charisma that has already charmed the legendary Arnold Palmer, who granted her an interview for this month’s issue. Bella makes it fun to be in publishing after 17 years, ‘cause you feel her having fun, playing golf, and loving life. And when you’re publishing and developing the hottest lifestyle brand to hit the Turf, you know life is short, so 2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year you’ve got to Live it like a Legend. 4

Volume 17, Issue 1 Publisher: Terrie L. Purdum Editor in Chief: Shannon Coates Regional Partner: Doug Hollandsworth, Founder-Georgia Golf Trail Editor Emeritus: Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired Coordinating Communications Diva: Jasmin Smith

Media Consultant:Robert Bissell Public Relations Princess: Felecia Botting Photographers: Lynn Pelham, Brion Price, Peter Hakansson Tres Fenton, Mike Coonan, Jess Regan

Senior Correspondent: Rick Harris, Sr. Junior Correspondent: Bella Dovhey Contributing Writers: Jay Golden, PGA; Greg Wise, Bob Bolton, Elisa Gaudet, Mike Jamison, Mike May, Chris Thompson, Katie Hatfield, Ron Heller, Fred Seely, Deb Shuck, JL Quebbeman, Mitch Sadowsky, Lisa "Mickie" Clark Graphic Design: Melahn Cable, melahn@mac.com Website Design/Network Support: ryjo.com

Southern Golf Central Magazine is published monthly by: Sand Hill Publishing & Public Relations 1549 Warrington Court, Winter Springs, FL 32708

NEW PHONE: 321.765.4215 E-mail: info@floridagolfcentral.com ©2016 Southern Golf Central Magazine. No portion of this publication may be reprinted without the prior written permission of the Publisher. Editorial contributions are welcome, but Florida Golf Central Magazine assumes no responsibility for unsolicited proposals, manuscripts and photographs. All materials submitted not accompanied by a selfaddressed stamped envelope will not be returned. Mailing, electronic mailing or faxing of contributions constitutes an expressed warrant on the part of the contributor that all material is original and does not infringe on the rights of others. Florida Golf Central Magazine retains all reprint rights and reserves the right to edit any submitted material to meet our specifications for publishing and or use in advertising or promotion. The Publisher and staff are not responsible for any loss or grievance by any person or persons whatsoever, due in any way or in part to the content of this publication. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse to accept any material deemed inappropriate or in bad taste.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Come and Grow with Us!


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MAY 10-15

product showcase

18Birdies – This App Expands Fun on the Golf Course Most private and semi-private clubs around the country have groups of weekend warriors. The groups come in different sizes and skills levels, and are identified by a wide variety of names – Skins Group, Hackers, etc. What they all have in common, however, is the friendly bantering and the “pot” at the end of the round. Bragging rights and pocket change are up for grabs. It is those type groups that the founders of 18Birdies in California had in mind when they created their state of the art technology for smart phones. With 18Birdies, you don’t have to wait until the round is over to see how you did against the entire field. And you don’t have to limit smack talk to your own foursome. You can communicate with all the players in your group via your phone. “What we want to do is make golf more fun,” said CEO Eddy Lui. “This is a real social network for golf that can help grow the game. It’s all about enhancing the golf experience.” The 18Birdies app provides an easy scorekeeping system – just tap in your score and it shows up on the group leaderboard. Choose which side games you are playing – skins, Nassau, Vegas, etc. – and the app keeps everyone up to date on who is winning what. And the message board lets you send the jabs to your competitors. The app also provides a detailed bird’s eye view of each holes, providing accurate yardages to hazards, layup areas and pin locations. You can also post pictures. Track past scores and determines handicaps. And Birdies18 works for the courses. It provides technology and tools to help innovate customer experience, strengthen the relationship between courses and golfers, and build brand loyalty to encourage more rounds. “The phone should be a tool that serves you, no you serving it,” said Lui. It’s truly a win-win product for the industry and the players.

Bridgestone Golf Introduces SlipRes Cover No matter how skilled a golfer is, there will always be shots that don’t fly to the target. Golf balls will hit trees and bounce off cart paths, and usually the result is a scuff mark on the cover of the ball. Bridgestone Golf has addressed that issue with its’ latest technology, the SlipRes cover on the Tour B330 series of golf balls. Due in large part to the cover’s innovative, soft self-repairing formulation, the golf balls are more resistant to stains and abrasions than ever before.  SlipRes has other benefits that are even more important to improving your results on the scorecard. The new proprietary SlipRes cover produces increased friction that keeps the ball more stable on the club. Less sliding means better quality compression time, which means reduced driver spin and faster ball speed. SlipRes has the opposite effect for shorter shots. When the ball is more stable on the face of a wedge, it allows the grooves to catch the ball resulting in more spin on shots around the green and spin retention from the rough. “We believe this is the best product we have ever produced,” said Adam Rehberg, Golf Ball Marketing Coordinator. “The buzz at the PGA Show has been amazing.” SlipRes is another example of technology developed from research accumulated from Bridgestone’s golf-ball fitting program. Over 300,000 golfers have gone through the fitting process, making Bridgestone the No. 1 ball-fitting company in golf. “Our ball-fitting program reveals the importance of ball compression when determining which ball a golfer should play,” said Marketing Director Cory Consuegra. “It is based on swing speed. Golfers with a swing speed under 105 need to play a different ball than golfers with swing speeds over 105. The technology proves it.” 8

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Knuth Golf's High Heat Smoking Again Following up the highly successful launch of the High Heat Driver in 2015, Knuth Golf introduced its High Heat fairway woods and hybrids to rave reviews by the golf media and amateur golfers at the PGA Show. Sports Illustrated golf writer Gary Van Sickle wrote: “The Show’s sexiest club was the Knuth Golf High Heat 3-wood, which combined a low profile with the sleek curves of a ‘58 Corvette and, oh yeah, balls shot like out of a cannon. Wow. New 3 Hybrid High Heat was also best in breed, easy to hit, and beautifully blue. Get behind me, though -- I’m first in line.” Van Sickle placed the High Heat fairway woods and hybrids at the top of his list of Favorite Products from the PGA Show, and did not include any other fairway woods or hybrids on his list. The High Heat fairway woods and hybrids come with Knuth Golf’s Optimal Center of Gravity (CG) Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies™ that enabled its High Heat driver to be one of the most decorated new products at last year’s PGA Show. The technology provides a 25% deeper and 18% lower center of gravity compared to major brands. There are other design features that differentiate the High Heat fairway woods and hybrids from their competitors: They feature a Beta titanium cup face, providing an increased spring-like effect across the entire face for extra distance and increased forgiveness compared to traditional steel faces. They have a much wider club face than major brands. Since most of amateurs’ off-center misses are on the toe or heel, the wider face provides a higher springlike effect and more forgiveness. “We are thrilled with the comments we received about our fairway woods and hybrids,” said designer Dean Knuth. “Our High Heat clubs are engineered for single digit to high handicap amateurs who have difficulty getting their ball up in the air from the fairway or rough, or who need more distance and accuracy. Our technology, overall design and use of a beta titanium cup face will help all amateurs improve.”

PLAY AGAIN NOW® Hitting the golf course makes us feel renewed and more alive - but it can also wreak havoc on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. That’s where Play Again Now® can help with daily recovery from body soreness. Just a few tablespoons daily of this unique recovery drink will keep you ready for that next round of golf. And it’s clinically-proven results in as little as 7 days! Play Again Now has many benefits, including: • Combats soreness and stiffness - active ingredients high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM • Hydrates and lubricates muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints • Helps replenish naturally-occurring HA throughout the whole body • Supports more rigorous training and high-intensity competition • Dramatically shortens recovery time • Physician-recommended and clinically-tested safe and effective for all ages • Free of 200+ banned substances, as certified by Aegis Sciences Corporation Don’t let soreness or stiffness sabotage your game this Spring. Sign up for that next golf tournament and let your training program include Play Again Now for recovery you can feel. For more information, visit: at www.PlayAgainNow.com.

Sun Mountain Leather Series The Sun Mountain Leather Series golf bags and accessories are a nod to golf’s storied past, featuring styles and materials that speak to the richness and tradition of the game. These golf bags are not merely historical replicas; they are designed for the way golf is played today. Features such as carbon-fiber legs on the stand bag, full-length club dividers, and graphite shaft protection make these bags classics for a new generation. The new for 2016 Leather Series includes a Sunday bag, stand bag, cart bag, hoods and head covers. For the retailer nearest you call 800-2279224 or visit www.sunmountain.com.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1



CMAA Elects 2016 Association Leadership

William Langley

The Club Managers Association of America is pleased to announce its 2016 Officers and Board of Directors. Voting for officers and directors was conducted online and in-person at the CMAA 89th World Conference on Club Management and Club Business Expo in San Diego, CA. The election results were announced at the event’s Closing Business Session on Thursday, February 25.

The 2016 CMAA Officers are: • President Jill R. Philmon, CCM, CCE, General Manager/Chief Operating Officer of Ballantyne Country Club, Charlotte, NC; • Vice President Robert C. James, CCM, CCE, CHE, Chief Operating Officer of Westchester Country Club, Rye, NY; • Secretary–Treasurer Robert J. “Bobby” Crifasi, CCM, CCE, CPA, General Manager of New Orleans Country Club, New Orleans, LA; and • Immediate Past President Tony

Jill Philmon

Michael Seabrook

D’Errico, CCM, CCE, General Manager/ Chief Operating Officer of Westwood Country Club, St. Louis, MO.

Officer of The Kansas City Country Club, Mission Hills, KS; • William E. Langley, CCM, General Manager/Chief Operating Officer of Quail Ridge Country Club, Boynton Beach, FL; • Brian R. Kroh, CCM, General Manager of John’s Island Club, Vero Beach, FL; • Todd D. Marsh, CCM, CCE, General Manager of Conway Farms Golf Club, Lake Forest, IL; • Richard D. Spurlin, CCM, CCE, General Manager of Eugene Country Club, Eugene, OR; and • Christina A. Toups, CCM, CCE, General Manager of Ridglea Country Club, Fort Worth, TX.

Newly elected or re-elected as Directors are: • Mitchell S. Platt, MCM, CCE, General Manager of the Cosmos Club, Washington, DC (Elected to a Three-Year Term); • Randall J. Ruder, CCM, CCE, General Manager of Beach Point Club, Mamaroneck, NY (Re-elected to a Three-Year Term); and • Michael D. Seabrook, CCM, CCE, General Manager/Chief Operating Officer of Belle Meade Country Club, Nashville, TN (Elected to a Three-Year Term).

Directors continuing to serve on the CMAA Board are: • Mark A. Bado, MCM, CCE, General Manager/Chief Operating

The CMAA Board of Directors is comprised of 13 club management professionals who are passionate about the long-term vision of CMAA, and work respectfully with staff, committees, members, partners and the greater industry to advance the profession of club management.

About CMAA The Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) is the largest professional association for managers of membership clubs with 6,500 members throughout the US and internationally. Our managers operate more than 2,500 country, golf, athletic, city, faculty, military, town and yacht clubs. The objectives of the association are to promote relationships between club management professionals and other similar professions; to encourage the education and advancement of members; and to provide the resources needed for club managers to operate efficiently and successfully. CMAA is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with 45 professional chapters and more than 45 student chapters and colonies. Learn more at www.cmaa.org. 10

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1


9685 Lake Nona Village Place Orlando, FL 32827 โ€ข 407.313.0027 www.nonablue.com

Hickory, NC since day one!

What do you do for a living? Professional Golfer

What’s in your bag?

Wilson Staff, Driver to Putter, all the way to the Duo-U ball

Aside from golf, what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? Shooting Pool & watching “Castle”

Whom do you most admire for their inner and outer beauty? My sister (who is younger than me!)

Steak, chicken, or seafood?

Toss up between steak on the grill or race day chicken

What three things would you need to survive on a deserted island?

Golf Clubs, surplus of homemade sweet tea, and “Wilson” the volleyball

Christian Carpenter

golf bachelor header

Where were you born? Did you grow up there?

Who would you like to have on the same deserted island; and why?

Lexi Thompson! Do I really need to explain why?

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? Blaming their bad shot on everything but themselves

Name the three most important things to you in this world. God, family, and golf

What do you fear the most?

Old Spice commercials and the Puppybabymonkey from the Mtn. Dew Kickstart commercial

What are some of your great accomplishments? My two Guinness World Records & multiple course records

Favorite comedian?

Jon Reep, he’s from my hometown


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

cart header girl Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Auburndale Florida

Which group of people did you associate most with in high school? I associated with pretty What do you feel makes this club special?

The Country Club of Winter Haven is special because the staff really knows the meaning of hospitality and everyone treats you like family

If you weren’t a cart girl, what would you be doing? I would spend more time growing and running my advertising business for local business since that’s also what I do.

What is your memorable moment working as a cart girl? A player bet me $100 I couldn’t hit the ball inside his ball on a par 3. I stuck that ball 2 in from the pin and won with his whole group watching.

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I enjoy lake days with friends and family nothing beats a day on the water skiing, tubing and burgers on the grill.

Jewel Baxter

much everyone in school small town small school so everybody knew everybody

Favorite comedian?

Kevin Hart.....”Noooo, she wasn’t ready!”

Favorite charity to support? King’s Ransom, they build homes for the extreme poor.

What else would you like for us to know about you? I always look for the positive in

every situation, I love making people smile and I love serving others it keeps me humble!


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Photos by Montana Pritchard Photography

stay & play

Shoulder Season Shines in South Florida

Pitchers and catchers recently reported to Spring Training, and Florida’s Southeast coast is the epicenter of Grapefruit League action. For last minute trips to catch a game or two, or an extended golf sojourn this spring, PGA Golf Club is offering a wide array of golf packages featuring its three onsite golf courses (Dye, Ryder and Wanamaker), nearby St. Lucie Trail Golf Club and a variety of lodg-


ing options to suit any size golf group. And Mets fans take note: the spring training home of the “Amazings” is next door at 7,000-seat Traditions Field. For players in search of a quickhitter, two-night, two-round packages begin at $209 per golfer. Starting at $686 per golfer, “The Handicap Wrecker” includes five nights and five rounds (one on each course, plus an additional area course), for a more im-

mersive experience. All told, there are nearly 20 different options available to book at www.pgavillagegolf.com. Accommodations are offered in partnership with a number of local area hotels, as well as the onsite, multi-bedroom “Perfect Drive Villas.” “Traveling golfers associate South Florida with winter getaways, but the spring is arguably the single best time to tee it up in the Sunshine State,” says Jimmy Terry, PGA General Manager, PGA Golf Club. “The courses are in superb condition, the weather is typically dry and sunny, and the overall value is hard to beat. Generally, fairways are less crowded, the pace of place brisk, and the days are longer.” Weather, conditions and value withstanding, there’s never been a better time to visit PGA Golf Club. Its 20,000-square-foot clubhouse was completely renovated with a modern golf shop, the American-British fusion Taplow Pub featuring a cozy, welcoming interior, and NINETEENSIXTEEN Bar & Grille, a membersonly restaurant adjacent to the 18th Hole of the Wanamaker Course. For history buffs, the PGA of America has relocated notable trophies and artifacts tracing its 100 years to the new “PGA Gallery” area of the clubhouse. A Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

showcase of the major championship trophies of golf includes the PGA Championship’s original Wanamaker Trophy. The Senior PGA Championship’s Alfred S. Bourne Trophy and the Vardon Trophy, with its iconic overlapped hands sculpture, are also prominently displayed. Additionally, PGA Golf Club’s Wanamaker Course underwent a significant re-grassing project late last year, heightening the playing experience by introducing new turf to fairways and bunker surrounds, and planting several ornamental species to reframe holes. It was recently rated one of the top-five courses in Florida by The Golf Channel’s course rating website, Golf Advisor.

Extended Stay: PGA National Resort and Spa For many golfers who have been bottled up all winter, the only thing better than one golf destination is two. Like PGA Golf Club, PGA National Resort and Spa is a golf lover’s dream. The legendary locale offers 90 holes of high-caliber golf on five courses including the famed Champion Course, home to the popular PGA TOUR Honda Classic and past host of the Ryder Cup, PGA Championship and several Senior PGA Championships. Through April 30, PGA National Resort & Spa’s popular Gold Golf stayand-play starts at $329 (per person, per

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

night, double occupancy) and features a daily round on one of the resort’s layouts (surcharge for the Champion Course). Included are nightly deluxe accommodations, complimentary cart fees and club storage, access to PGA TOUR quality practice facilities with unlimited range balls, and full daily breakfast at the Palm Terrace. Cardinals fans, time for you to take note: the Redbirds’ Roger Dean Stadium is only minutes away from PGA National.

Getting There PGA Golf Club is conveniently located off Interstate 95 in Port St. Lucie, Fla. just 50 minutes north of Palm Beach International Airport (PBI). PGA National Resort and Spa is only 15 minutes north of PBI. Known as the “easy in, easy out” airport, PBI offers nearly 100 non-stop flights to more than 25 cities in the U.S. and Canada. Both golf havens are about a two-hour drive from Orlando, Miami and other Florida population centers.


adies orth florida Professional PGA north Golfflorida Association PGA north Ladiesflorida Professional PGA north Golfflorida Association PGAheader north Ladi

By Greg Wise

What a Difference a Day Can Make The 2016 Coates Championship, Presented by R+L Carriers at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian ended in a cold rain, but many hearts were won by the commitment of the players. Much of the back nine holes for the leaders, was played in a cold misty rain that had steadily gotten worse throughout the afternoon. Many of the players mentioned that the weather had really had an effect on the way they played… but for Ha Na Jang… finding no problem with the rain netted her, her first LPGA Professional Golf Tournament. Needing just a par on the 72nd hole… Ha Na Jang stuck her 3rd shot to the par 5, 18th hole, just 5 feet away from the hole for an attempt at a birdie to seal the championship. She focused… stood over that five footer and drained the putt for the win. What an emotional rush. First laughing and then immediately turned in to tears, as her father raced across the wet green to embrace her and celebrate the championship. The Championship week in Ocala was full of changes. The first day… Wednesday could be considered warm by many as we went to shady spots

2016 Coates Championship Winner – Ha Na Jang of South Korea

for some relief from the sun. Thursday turned cool a when the rain moved in, the afternoon was over when the weather turned to thunderstorms, forcing the completion of the second round on Friday morning to make the final cut. The completion of the second round pushed the third round late in to the afternoon which ultimately had to be called from darkness. So the final round on Saturday only after the third round had finished on Saturday Morning. In the news conference after the

win, Ha Na Jang mentioned that long days of golf, but “I can’t describe how happy I am. My Dad had been there, every day… every week… (as she began to tear up),” Jang also said as her voice was beginning to crack, “My dad would always say… You’ve got it, you’re really good. So I say really thank you my dad.” This is the 2nd year of the LPGA Coates Championship Presented by R+L Carriers and with attendance being equally as strong this years, the Coates Championship is sure to continue as a strong event for the LPGA and a milestone event for Ocala, Florida.

Cheyenne Woods takes a moment at Autograph Alley just behind the 18th hole to create a new fan.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Ha Na Jang receives the winner’s check for Mollie and Randal Coates

First Fee at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club with magnificent oaks framing the beautiful view around the course.

Michelle Wie of Honolulu, HI putts for a birdie on the 8th hole

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Amy Yang of South Korea discusses the line with her caddie.

Morgan Pressel was ready for whatever the weather was going to throw at the ladies during the final round.

World Golf Hall of Fame, Juli Inkster and her caddie discuss the putt on the first hole of the final round.


young guns

I am interviewing Arnold Palmer with Orange County Sheriff Deputy Corey, his Personal security officer for 16 years, and Tom Ridge former Pennsylvania Governor and Director of Home Land Security under George Bush 20

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Me: Do you have a favorite

my magazine to the last story

and dedication. The world is

rely on?

and he said, jokingly, “Jack

of Arnold Palmer. I will al-

golf club that you can always Mr. Palmer: I like my driver

and I can drive it pretty well. And I can depend on it.

Me: Do you have a favorite golf childhood memory?

Mr. Palmer: Yes, I do. Listen-

ing to my father when he was

talking to me about golf and how to be a good guy and

play hard. I always listened to his instructions.

Me: Do you have any advice

for children learning to play golf?

I wrote about Jack Nicklaus Nicklaus! Who’s that? Do you

know that guy?” Everyone in

the room started laughing. He is so funny.

Everyone knows Arnold

Palmer is the greatest golfer

a much better place because

ways remember this day and the time we spent together.

Mr. Palmer will forever be my

hero. I will never forget you, Mr. Palmer! I love you!

ever and has done so much good for golf, but he is an even greater person. He has used his talents to heal the

sick, feed the poor, and give hope to everyone on the

planet that childhood dreams

can come true with hard work

Mr. Palmer: Study the books

hard and practice your golf all the time!

Me: I am going to play St.

Andrews in May, what do you

think I should do while I am there?

Mr. Palmer: Just look at everything there and enjoy it; the

golf course and the surroundings. It is very beautiful.

Those were all my ques-

tions, but then Mr. Palmer

said, “Is there anything else

you would like to ask me?” I thought for a second that it

would be silly to ask for the recipe for his delicious iced tea, but instead I just made up another question.

Me: Who is your favorite golfer out her that reminds you of yourself when you were younger?

Mr. Palmer: Rory McIlory, he is pretty good.

Just as I was preparing

to leave, Mr. Palmer opened Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1


special events

By Greg Wise

“It’s not your Traditional Golf Course,” is exactly how Tom Lehman described the opening of the golf course at the Trilogy Golf Club at Trilogy Ocala Preserve in Ocala, Florida. Shea Homes contracted with PGA Professional Golfer Tom Lehman who quickly contacted his longtime friend Tripp Davis to help develop this unique concept. I live in the Ocala area and when I first reviewed the plan and heard the explanation of how this golf course was going to be built, I can assure you that I was the biggest critic of how these two were going to pull this off. How do you build a golf course that had multiple ways to play the course and not be totally confused

Greg Wise and Tom Lehman by the overall concept? How do you take just 50 acres of land and develop a concept that is sure to be looked at by many for the future of golf? Tripp Davis explained that the layout (routing) of the golf course took many attempts to get it the way that it would work best. Second issue was the design time frame that this Dynamic Duo had been given to complete the task. During the Grand Opening, Both Tripp and Tom discussed that if you were in to “Traditional Golf” then 22

It’s Not Your Traditional Golf Course

maybe this golf course may not be for you. But, thinking about how they were both raised, golf wasn’t “Traditional.” “Local towns had just 9-hole golf courses,” explained Mr. Lehman. “We all played 9 holes, and we were only gone an hour and a half or at the most 2 hours,” he went on to explained. Tom asked the question, “who made the decision that a golf course had to have 18 holes? And the way they are building courses over 7,000 yards and add so many obstructions. They have made golf frustrating and who has 5 hours for a round of golf anymore?” Tripp Davis chimed right in with, “So our goal was to develop a course that was challenging, rewarding for a great shot, and with all of that accomplished, the course had to be fun to play.” Tripp explained his design was based on the fact that there are so many golf courses that have you so tough and you were looking for that one great shot in your “All Afternoon” round of golf, when his goal was to create an environment of “Fun on the Golf Course.” So, how did I react? Well… I guess my apology goes out to the people at Trilogy Ocala Preserve, Shea Homes and Tom Lehman and Tripp Davis.

This golf course is fun. The heck with “Tradition.” We had the opportunity to play what is called the “Skills Course” which is 6 holes of par 3 holes. But not just short par 3’s that are typical. Ranging from 130 yards to 191 yards, well bunkers and with the style that makes this course have a tremendous amount eye appeal. Depending on the time of day, you make the “Turn” and play an additional 12 par 3 holes on the “Skills” course. Or, you will play the “Players Course,” which is 6 holes which include 4 par 4’s – 1 par 5 and one par 3, all boosting their own distinct style, that hands you a great challenge to excite your golf game. Tom actually played 2 holes of the “Players Course” with each of the groups playing that day. Bob Bissel was telling the story at lunch, “As we walked the par three together, I asked Tom if he would accept a tee shirt from Turf Life. I showed him the shirt that read “Just Another Day at the Golffice”.  He said he loved it and would definitely wear it.  I asked if his kids listened to his golf coaching tips.  He said, “No, of course not!”  Bob explained they both had a great laugh as Bob commented, “that made me feel a lot better about all the baseball swing advice that seemed to go in one ear and out the other of my son’s head as he was growing up!” Let me tell you how special it is for a PGA Tour Professional golfer to tell you have an awesome swing. WOW… it is so good that I hit that tee shot so well, while he was watching. Put this golf course on your list on “Must Plays.” I don’t think you can go wrong. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1




celebrity corner

From Baseball, to the Dance Floor making Birdies

As a golfer, country singer-songwriter, Nick Hickman understands the need for refinement, consistency, and execution. The avid golfer and former University of Tennessee baseball player has a persistence cultivated by his NCAA past, which has evolved into his recent successes in country music. Hickman’s newest single, “Tailgate Dancefloor” is a nod to his past in SEC athletics, where there exists a deep love of tailgating and sports. While his baseball years have been halted by his country music career, Hickman finds competition and character through his unchanging, lifelong passion... golf. Nick comments that golf, “Is a sport that once you get your first part or birdie... You will be hooked for life. You will always know that you can do it, and have done 24

it, and it will keep you coming back to

try music. January 4, 2016, “Tailgate

the course.” Hickman found that the

Dancefloor” released to country radio,

game teaches one to bring any desire

to follow up his previous radio single,

to fruition through tenacity, skill, and

“Summertime Southern Style.” Despite

passion. This understanding paved the

life’s career changes, golf will always be

way for Hickman’s baseball opportunity,

a constant for Hickman, who knows the

and now, his opportunities in coun-

game is more than a childhood dream, a release, or a career pasttime... It’s a mindset, if not an addiction. “Golf is one of the few sports that is relaxing, but maintains competition. I love that you do not have to be the biggest, strongest, or fastest. It is a game of technique and mechanics. What really got me hooked, was my first birdie. Once I got that, I thought, “Hey... If I can do that on this hole, then I can do that on them all, with practice and if I play more.” And just like that Hickman was hooked. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

By Mike May

golf history

Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club:

It's Truly Terrific

Temple Terrace Master Plan circa 1921

Just east of Tampa, you will find the City of Temple Terrace, originally billed as “Tampa’s most beautiful suburb.” Temple Terrace is also the home of the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club, one of the 51 golf courses on the Florida Historic Golf Trail. The construction of this golf course (200 Inverness Avenue, Temple Terrace, FL) has been interwoven with Temple Terrace’s history since the early 1920s. With a rolling terrain along the Hillsborough River, and land cleared by timbering, the golf course was a key part of the developer’s marketing plan to build an exotic resort community that was exclusive, yet accessible. Early promotional literature for Temple Terrace Estates prominently featured the golf course, stating, “The eighteen hole Temple Terraces Golf Course, destined to be one of the finest in the South, was built for the pleasure of the

club members and their guests, and when you buy a grove, you automatically become a life member of the club.” Scottish-born golf architect/designer Tom Bendelow, a pioneer in the growth of golf in the U.S., was hired to design the course. In 1921, Bendelow arrived from Chicago to examine the Temple Terrace property. He was impressed with the beautiful, natural location for this golf course. Work began on the course later that year and the first nine holes were open for play in 1922. In 1923, the 18-hole golf course was completed and officially opened. Measuring more 6,600 yards, it was one of the longest golf courses in Florida at that time. It’s worth noting that Bendelow, whose career as a golf course designer lasted more than 35 years, is credited with designing hundreds of golf courses across the U.S.

and Canada. Two of his best known layouts are Medinah Country Club in Chicago (host of three U.S. Opens and the 2012 Ryder Cup) and Olympia Fields Country Club (host of two U.S. Opens) in Olympia Fields, Illinois. 

1925 Florida Open Golf Tournament at Temple Terrace The course is laid out in a figureeight formation, with a “returning

Temple Terrace Chocolate Drops

2014 US PH Golf Tourny - Hickory Golf Club Pro Tourney.jpg


nines” design -- meaning the golf course has two loops of nine holes, each beginning and ending at the clubhouse. The unique design features no parallel fairways and roads on both sides of most holes which, historically, allowed galleries to follow play in automobiles. While many golf courses in the U.S. have adjusted to improvements in equipment technology by adding length to their golf courses, the Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club is the exception as it has resisted that temptation by challenging players with its narrow fairways and small greens. The result is a playable course that rewards the skilled golfer who Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

1925 tournament - from Grant Rimbry city of Temple Terrace

has a strategic and patient mindset. While this golf course does not have a driving range, it does offer four hitting areas located on holes 2, 7, 10 and 14. There is a practice putting green which overlooks the first tee. And, there’s 65-yard short game practice area located along the 9th hole, which provides pitching, chipping and both grassy and sand bunker practice areas. One important footnote about this golf course is that it was the site of a notable historic event when evange-

list Billy Graham, who was attending what was then known as Florida Bible Institute (now Florida College), decided upon his career while meditating on the 18th green one night in 1939. At Temple Terrace, you can experience the roots of the game of golf by playing with a set of hickory golf clubs. The pro shop has two sets of vintage 1920’s/1930s hickory golf clubs which are available to use.  A group in the area known as the Florida Hickory Golfers is dedicated to preserving golf’s pureness and authen-

ticity when hickory clubs were used. In 1990, a 17,000 square foot clubhouse was opened which features a grand ballroom, fine dining, the Grille lounge, and a dining patio overlooking the first tee box. The Terrace Pool Pavilion features a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, kiddie pool, locker and restroom facilities, and a custom-designed tiki bar. In 2012, the Temple Terrace golf course became the first 18-hole Florida golf course listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  



Our exclusive Modulator V3 Golf lens encompasses all you need. The optical superiority and lightweight characteristics of - Clear precision optics, hydrophobic outside and anti-fog inside coatings keep your view moisture free. It also features a finely tuned brown lens that highlights subtleties on the course while lightening and darkening to adapt to your environment. The lens does it all for you, letting you keep your focus on the ball. Available in most styles. Featured: Bolt 11520

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1


growing the game

By Deb Shuck

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is a charitable organization working to include everyone in the game of golf. The Alliance just announced the launch of a search engine to assist individuals with disabilities in locating accessible golf facilities within their local area or across the US. Executive Director, Steve Jubb explains, “ The launch of this on-line resource further fulfills the Alliance’s mission to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf by providing up-to-date information about golf facilities and opportunities to engage as a new or returning golfer.” Many individuals come back to the game later in life or after an accident as golf is one of the easiest sports to “make” accessible. The Alliance promotes inclusion and awareness to the golf industry, golf instructors and the public. The Alliance is asking individuals who work at accessible sites and are not listed on the Alliance’s website to please contact the so that they may be added. For more information on the Alliance please visit www.accessgolf.org.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Rolling Greens and

Coastal Hues The perfect marriage of iconic private club and classic resort, Timbers Jupiter at Trump National Golf Club is the jewel of Florida’s sun-drenched eastern shore. Imagine returning to a vacation home, where you are welcomed by soft ocean breezes that whisper through palms along with gracious staff that welcomes you by name. It’s a uniquely residential experience with Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf, lavish amenities and all that the Palm Beaches offer at your doorstep. Visit us and learn more about our Private Residence Club and the countless benefits of ownership with Timbers Resorts.

561.510.6215 | 800.900.9165

ownership grants reciprocity throughout the entire Timbers Collection Aspen Bachelor Gulch Cabo San Lucas



Maui Napa Scottsdale Snowmass

Sonoma Southern California Steamboat Springs Tuscany U.S. Virgin Islands Vail

This advertisement does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase to residents of any state or country where registration is required and is not yet complete.

freddy's fairway thoughts

Peyton given Beman Award Jacksonville’s annual golf banquet drew a record crowd as 225 turned out last month at Timuquana Country Club to honor local entrepreneur Herb Peyton with the Deane Beman Award, which goes to a person or organization that has made significant contributions to golf in the area. Former PGA Tour Commissioner Beman (right) was on hand to present the award to Peyton, who owns the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club and annually sponsors the Gate Invitational and the Gate Senior Invitational. The banquet is a joint effort of the Jacksonville Area Golf Association and the Northern Chapter of the North Florida PGA.

The past chairs of the Players Championship were represented by Anne Nimnicht, Theresa Greene-Hazel and Wayne Waters. Nimnicht holds a Tour distinction: she’s the only person to have chaired events on the PGA Tour (Players,) Champions Tour (Legends of Golf) and Web. Com Tour (Web.Com Championship.)

Former PGA Tour executive Duke Butler and pro Rhonda Ferguson of San Jose Country Club. 30

Peyton accepted the award and commented that he only started playing the game late in life because a fellow worker had told him that golf “was only for young people who were too dumb to know and old people who were too old to have sex.” Beman (right) was on the stage along with Fred Seely of Timuquana (left,) president of the Jacksonville Area Golf Association, and Greg Lecker of Sawgrass, president of the Northern Chapter of the North Florida PGA.

Sawgrass Country Club President Sam Harkleroad and husband Tom. She accepted the JAGA Community Service Award, which was given to the Sawgrass membership for their contributions to the game.

Northern Chapter President Greg Lecker of Sawgrass, Timuquana pro Clint Avret, and Bob Dolan, pro at the Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Md. A major PGA award is named after Columbia’s late pro, Bill Strausbaugh, and Dolan came to present a portrait to the 2015 Strausbaugh winner, Bill Hughes of the TPC Sawgrass.

By Fred Seely

Peyton with his Ponte Vedra pros, Bruce Mohler and Jim Howard.

Jacksonville Women’s GA past president Emily Brown of Orange Park Country Club, First Tee executive Boots Farley and North Florida PGA President Mike Lynch.

Former U.S. and British Amateur winner Steve Melnyk was the guest speaker.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

By Andrew J. Jorgensen, CGCS

The Augusta Syndrome This is a great time of the year to watch professional golf on television. The weather is probably not cooperating enough to enjoy a round for yourself so sitting comfortably inside watching a round or two at such beautiful places like Pebble Beach, Doral or even Bay Hill is a great way to pass the time. These tournament courses are being showcased at peak performance and leaves golf enthusiasts wishing for the opportunity to play such nice facilities. But it is typically not until the second weekend in April when the dreaded “Augusta Syndrome” puts the golf course Superintendent in the hot seat while golfers ask “why can’t our course look like that?” Behind the scenes, tournament golf is truly a spectacular sight to see. Months, or even years of preparation occur with some golf courses even tailoring their entire operation for seven days of success. Agronomic programs are driven to provide excellent conditions for television often at the expense of less than stellar conditions for the everyday golfer the remainder of the year. During tournament week, and the weeks leading up to it, maintenance staffs can swell to ridiculous numbers, sometimes 75100 people strong as volunteers head in for the success of the operation. These volunteers are often made up of other golf course Superintendents and their assistants, turf students and prior employees. The cumulative experience of the maintenance staff during tournament week is second to none. These are the experts in the industry helping out and gaining tournament experience that they can use later in their own career. Additionally, the equipment fleet often doubles in size with any imaginable machine at their fingertips. With millions of dollars at stake, the golf course needs to look and play the best it can. And when the “Augusta Syndrome” kicks in, it usually comes from the average golfer, coming off a high from 32

watching the thrilling end of the tournament the evening before, walks into the golf shop and asks “why can’t our course look like that?” It’s an honest question, really. Sure, a golf course Superintendent can increase the budget exponentially; obtain additional equipment and hire an expert workforce the size of a small army. But it all comes with a cost. And typically those wishing for tournament conditions day in and day out aren’t willing to step up to the plate when the bill arrives. The Superintendent also has to balance the agronomic program throughout the year for regular play, and although tournament golf is the epitome when it comes to course conditions, it can put a real strain on the turf. Hitting peak performance for an occasional event

is fine, but on a daily basis is not a reality for most clubs throughout the country. Every single day the Superintendent has to make decisions that can affect the operation for the remainder of the year. This expertise is what makes your round enjoyable regardless of the day, week or time of year. However, every golf course Superintendent’s number one goal is to provide the best playing conditions possible with the resources provided. When that famous little tournament held in Georgia the second week of April comes rolling around, remember the inputs required to make the event a success. It’s these inputs that have each of us adding Augusta, Pebble Beach, Doral and Bay Hill to our bucket lists. It’s these inputs that have created the “Augusta Syndrome”.

The 13th: Another View, by Jay Golden. Jay Golden is an Impressionist Golf Artist sometimes known as "Vincent van Golf". See more of his work at goldengolf.net

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

To most, this ďŹ nal walk up the 18th hole is where the story ends.

To us, it’s just the beginning.

Last year, The Honda Classic contributed over $2.55 Million to several childrens-related charities in our community. With your support, we hope to eclipse $31 Million in total giving in 2016. Visit hondaclassiccares.org for more information. The impact lasts a Lifetime.

Five Questions with Pete Grass

Peter Grass at Highlands

The president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America shares his insight into the organization, its members and the challenges ahead. Peter J. Grass is the newly elected president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). A certified golf course superintendent, Grass has been employed at Hilands Golf Club in Billings, Mont., a private nine-hole facility, for 40 years, with the last 25 years as superintendent. He has been a member of the GCSAA board of directors since 2009 and will serve a one-year term as president. GCSAA has 17,800 members and is a leading advocacy organization for the golf course management profession and the golf industry. Founded by a group of 60 greenkeepers in 1926 at Sylvania Country Club in Toledo, Ohio, the professional association also oversees the annual Golf Industry Show and each year recognizes a leading industry figure with its Old Tom Morris Award. Why is GCSAA important to the golf industry? The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America provides tools, resources and a collective voice to our members, who manage the largest asset at a golf facility – the golf 34

course. Our role is paramount, and we think we are getting it right, primarily through our efforts in professional development and environmental and advocacy programs. Our headquarters are located in Lawrence, Kan., and we have field staff representatives in nine regions across the United States. We’ve been around for 89 years, with the mission to serve our 17,000-plus members, advance their profession, and enhance the growth and vitality of the game. Arnold Palmer is on record as having said, “The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America and golf course superintendents are probably the most important single entity that we have in golf.” We work hard to live up to his high praise every day. What are a few things you would like to highlight during your term as president of GCSAA? My background is a bit different, and I hope that I can utilize those differences to show that GCSAA has value for everyone – whether you are at a private 18-hole facility or a nine-hole public facility. GCSAA exists to serve those in golf course management at all facilities. A lot of people have told me how cool they think it is that someone from a nine-hole facility can serve

on the board of directors and become president of the association. But, if I can convince others that they too can benefit from being a GCSAA member, then I’ll consider my year in office to be a success. There are about 4,000 nine-hole facilities in the country, and I am proud to represent them as president of GCSAA. Many people have come through the ranks and have worked at a nine-hole facility; I just never left. I started working at Hilands as a teenager, and I am now 56. What are some of the challenges that superintendents face today? Superintendents are being asked to do more with less – less money, less staff and less water. There are high costs directly related to golf course management. However, golfers’ high expectations have not changed. They still want their courses to be impeccable. Despite the challenges, superintendents also want their courses to offer exceptional play on healthy turf. Every day, they strive to provide the best possible conditions to customers. We need to better educate golfers and remind them that there are aspects of golf course management that are out of the superintendent’s Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

The GFWC Oviedo Woman’s Club 414 King Street, Oviedo, FL 32765

Celebrate Spring High Tea Peter Grass at Highlands control, such as rising costs for labor, water and turf products. There are also increased regulations and responsibilities. In addition, superintendents face challenges from Mother Nature, whether it’s a rough winter or summer drought conditions. But, superintendents are problem solvers, and they know the best ways possible to deal with whatever Mother Nature brings. What should golfers know about superintendents? The vast majority of superintendents are educated professionals who have degrees in turf management. They continue their educations throughout their careers to ensure they stay abreast of the latest and best practices for land management, application management and technology. For example, GCSAA had more than 7,000 members take advantage of educational webcasts last year. Superintendents have a wide scope of expertise, and they have an average of more than 15 years on the job. They are scientists, environmental stewards and business professionals who passionately care for the profession and each other. Superintendents are part of the total U.S. golf industry, which contributes $69 billion and two million jobs annually to the economy. A golf course is also a great asset for a community. It is a responsible use of green space, provides wildlife habitats, is a filter for water runoff and serves as a cooling effect for developed areas. How have you seen the golf course management profession grow? We are working together toward a common goal more than ever before. Golf course management professionals are keen to adopt best management practices (BMPs) nationwide and develop water conservation and drought management plans for the long term. And we are making strides. We are also working towards building economies of scale. All our allied partners have come together on key initiatives where we can pool our strengths and resources. The more we do together, the more we can positively benefit the game. GCSAA is the strong voice for the golf course management profession and environmental issues among that group. We are educating lawmakers and others on the environmental benefits of golf courses and the entire industry. The environment is a core area of focus for GCSAA because it is home to our members on a daily basis. Through scientific research and data collection, we are helping to demonstrate responsibility and expertise that can be powerful in advocacy and outreach on behalf of the golf industry. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Friday and Saturday April 15th and 16th, 2016 11:30am

Delicious Teas Scones, Savories, Finger Sandwiches Tempting Desserts Door Prizes Silent Auction Reserved Seating Only $30 per person (tax incl.) For more information please call 407-699-6866 35

Ken Nice

Bandon Dunes Director of Agronomy and Winning High School Basketball Coach It’s still dark outside when Ken Nice, the director of agronomy at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in Bandon, Ore., heads out the door. But he is not headed to the golf resort where he oversees four golf courses. He’s off to the high school gym, where he is the head boys’ basketball coach of a team that is 21-4 and headed to the state playoffs for the third consecutive season. His team practices each weekday morning at 5:50 a.m., and then Nice turns his attention to overseeing golf course management for one of the country’s top golf resorts. For the moment, however, Nice is getting more attention for being a winning coach. His Tigers finished the regular season with nine consecutive wins and will enter the state Class AA playoffs Saturday (Feb. 27) with a No. 5 seed in a field of 16. “We have had a pretty good season,” said Nice, who is in his sixth season as the boys’ coach. “I have four kids who could score 20 points on any given night, but we really focus on our half court defense and making our opponents earn their points.” If Nice is forced to single out a player, it would be the versatile 6’5” Tristian Davidson, a senior who has good jumping ability. “He has the chance to be a good small college player,” said Nice. “But then I am biased because I have coached him, and he has been a four-year starter.” Bandon High basketball is a hot topic in the small coastal town of 3,000, and the gym is packed on game nights. “Members of our agronomy team have always been supportive of me doing this, and it is part of the culture that the company want us to integrate into the community here,” said Nice, a 19-year member of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. “The head pro at Bandon Trails is the high school golf coach, and one of our caddies is the baseball coach. Mike Keiser (developer and 36

owner) has created something special here, for golfers and for employees.” Nice, age 51, is entering his 17th year at Bandon Dunes, which is still busy throughout the winter. “We never shut down,” said Nice. “We have a full tee sheet all year long. The winter weather can be sensational here, with many mild days. We are only limited by the daylight in the winter.” “The early morning practices are better for me and for the kids, “said Nice. “After school, they can have all the free time they want and I don’t have to be in a rush to leave work by a certain time.” The 6’1” Nice grew up with a love

for basketball and was a 14-pointsa-game scorer as a senior guard at Willamette University, an NAIA college in Salem, Ore. He was a good defender and a good shooter. And he studied other coaches, like the legendary Oregon State coach Ralph Miller. “I got started as a result of spending my whole life in the gym during the winters,” said Nice. “I started coaching 14 years ago. I had two years as coach of the JV boys, and then six years coaching the girls’ teams before becoming the boys’ coach. “I love it, especially when we have a good practice and I can see the kids getting better. The games are a different, because the scoreboard is what tells you if you did well or not. And I take our losses pretty hard.” There haven’t been many losses these past two seasons, and the folks in Bandon, Ore., have come to know Nice as a winning basketball coach more than the director of agronomy at one of the top golf resorts in the country. And Nice wouldn’t want it any other way.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

IF YOU LOVE GOLF LIKE I DO Thank a Golf Course Superintendent

Thank a Golf Course Superintendent at www.gcsaa.org/thankasuperintendent and be entered to win a trip to the 2015 PGA Championship!


Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

special events

Exclusive VIP Events with OMEGA Brand Ambassador Hank Haney World-renowned golf instructor and OMEGA Brand Ambassador Hank Haney met with OMEGA clients, customers and guests for two exclusive events in Orlando. Haney hosted a VIP reception at the OMEGA Boutique at the Mall at Millennia. He also provided putting tips to the assembled group of OMEGA clients; answered many of their questions, engaged guests by providing


instruction and signed copies of his latest instructional book. Haney put on an exclusive clinic at Tranquilo Golf Club at the Four Seasons Resort for approximately 50 OMEGA clients and Tranquilio Golf Club members. Haney spoke for over an hour on the golf course’s driving range and hit golf balls to demonstrate the basics of his swing instruction.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Guests then went out onto the golf

Charles Barkley, Ray Romano, Rush Lim-

course for a nine-hole shotgun-start golf

baugh and most recently fellow OMEGA

tournament, and Haney spent extensive

ambassador Michael Phelps.

time working with the golfers individu-

Haney has taught over 50,000 golf

ally, giving them instruction on how to

lessons in his career and his students

improve their swings.

have won many major champion-

The events held at OMEGA’s Mall at

ships in junior golf, amateur golf and

Millennia boutique and at Tranquilo

professional golf. He has worked with

Golf Club at the Four Seasons Resort

hundreds of top-ranked pros and is

celebrated Haney’s relationship with

most known for the six years he spent

OMEGA, the brand’s role as Official

coaching Tiger Woods and the 25 years

Timekeeper of The Rio 2016 Olympic

he spent coaching Masters and British

Games and Official Timekeeper of The

Open champion Mark O’Meara.

PGA of America.

Haney has also authored five books

Haney has coached golfers, built golf

on golf instruction: The Big Miss: My

facilities and player academies across

Years Coaching Tiger Woods, Essentials

the globe for over 35 years. As host of

of the Swing, The Only Golf Lesson

Golf Channel’s The Haney Project, Hank

You’ll Ever Need, No More Bad Shots

has worked with celebrity golfers like

and Fix Your Yips Forever.

Kenny Perry and Trevor Immelman have made Transitions® lenses part of their game.

On the PGA TOUR®, vision is a golfer’s most important equipment. Transitions lenses adapt to changing light to help golfers see more comfortably in all light conditions and help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Visit your local Vision Source doctor, Dr. James Podschun, located at 2828 Casa Aloma Way, Suite 400 in Winter Park, FL 32792, to ask which Transitions lenses are right for you. 407-671-0960

www.TurfLife.club Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516


Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Adaptive Lenses is a trademark of Transitions Optical, Inc. ©2012 Transitions Optical, Inc.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1



By Mike Stevens Golf Professional, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL

special events

World Hickory Open Champion

SOHG International Players

England’s Andrew Marshall, the reigning World Hickory Open champion had too much game for the professional vying for the John Shippen Trophy at the United States Professional Hickory Golf Championship played over the historic Temple Terrace Golf & Country Club. His three under par 70 was but one shot higher than the score posted by John McLeod in the 1925 Florida

Open played at this same venue. The Tom Bendelow links at 6,400 yards was described by the Tampa Tribune as a long and difficult layout when it was opened in 1922. In the hickory golf era that was certainly true

as most courses of the time were up to four or five hundred yards shorter. Today’s irrigated fairways also stretch the length even further. It did not seem to effect Andrew however who at one point was 5 under the magic number before finding a bad lie in the bunker at number 17. In addition to the $1,500 first prize Marshall’s name will be affixed to the John Shippen Cup for whom the tournament is dedicated. Shippen was America’s first golf professional and played in the 1896 U. S. Open at Shinnecock Hills on Long Island. The USPHGC is sponsored by the United States Golf Teachers Federation and open to all golf professionals, male and female. Players compete for the same $5,000 prize fund associated with the original Florida Open won by Leo Diegel. The winner’s name is engraved on the John Shippen Cup, dedicated to America’s first golf professional which is on permanent display in the Temple Terrace clubhouse. The golf course is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and one of only three in the state.

Andrew Marshal US Pro Champ 2016 42

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Aragosta and Florida… an excellent pairing

grip it & sip it

By Chris Thompson

I have never seen a more magical place than the coast of Sardegna

near the ancient port city of Alghero. Craggy cliffs give way to talcum-powder-fine sands along the coastline near the vineyards of Santa Maria La Palma. These seaside vineyards give their wines ethereal mineral tinged aromas, something that is particularly true of Vermentino, the most common planted white grape in the small Island region just across the Tyr-

Color: pale straw-yellow with soft hints

rhenian sea from mainland Italy. Ter-

of green.

roir and varietal combine to give a crisp

Bouquet: its aroma well-balanced,

minerality with floral notes to Aragosta,

delicate though distinct, with a fresh floral fragrance and a subtle minerality, reminiscent of ripe apples.

one of Santa Maria La Palma’s Vermentino offerings. Aragosta is best paired with seafood and light pasta dishes; in fact Aragosta means Lobster in Italian. Just because white wine is traditionally paired with Seafood and Poultry don’t let that stop you from discovering your own perfect pairing. I have found that Aragosta Vermentino is best paired with Florida and a deck chair at the pool.

Flavor: harmonious, dry but not harsh, crisp and rather lively, with a pleasantly lingering aftertaste of almonds.

Serving Suggestions: ideal accompaniment for fish dishes, especially shellfish.

Serving Temperature: 50°C – 55°F Alcoholic Content: 13% vol.

Grip it and Sip it.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Kicking it Back to the Community

This summer at Reunion Resort we will be kicking it back to the community. We are inviting non–profit organizations and charities to come out to our Footgolf course and help them raise money for charitable causes so they may have an opportunity for them to “Kick for a Cause”. Footgolf is played like traditional golf, but with a soccer ball and can be played in less than 2 hours.  Just like a golf tournament; the organization would be responsible to promote the event and manage their registration.  Once all of the players are registered and confirmed Reunion Resort will do the rest! Price will vary de-


pending upon the day of the week, but a start time of 3pm will be available for organizations to provide a fun way to raise money. Why not mix things up in this year’s fundraising with the unique experience of Footgolf at Reunion Resort which is sure to engage your participants and support a great cause. Reunion’s Footgolf course is a par 72 ranging from par 3’s to par 5’s and will certainly give you a  fantastic experience on our legendary Tom Watson Signature design course. Reunion Resort will also be holding the AFGL Pro-Am September 3rd-6th, 2016 and we are thrilled to hold such a prestigious event. Footgolfer’s from around the world will be participating

in this event and even some players from the winning USA World Cup Team. To book your Footgolf outing please contact Paul Barrett at 407-396-3226 or by email at pbarrett@reunionresort.com.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

“Golf at Stewart Lodges at Steelwood”

Play ~ The Stewart Lodges ~ All Inclusive, Customized Golf and Lodging DESTINATION including: A combination of charm, exclusivity, and

The Vistas are Spectacular, especially the 6 holes

impeccable service — all nestled within a gorgeous

bordering the lake.

1200-acre wooded area.

The Steelwood golf course opened in 1997.

The course, designed by former U.S. Open Champion Jerry Pate, is rated by GolfDigest® as one of “The Best Courses in Alabama”.

With no two fairways alike and with four sets of tees on each hole, the course offers versatility appealing to players of all levels.

Call TODAY ~ Mention this ad and ask about our “Value Added Package” Loxley, Alabama ~ Only minutes from Mobile Bay

(251) 602-1300 ~

Toll Free

(866) 580-4343 ~ www.StewartSteelwood.com

stay & play

Multimillion Dollar Refresh of Timbers Jupiter

Colorado-based Timbers Resorts, one of the largest independent developers and operators of private boutique resorts and residence clubs, has completed a significant $5.5 million refresh of Timbers Jupiter, one year after

assuming management of operations at the former Ritz-Carlton Residences. Located just north of Palm Beach, the picturesque 285-acre gated community offers a secluded experience nestled within the Trump National Golf Club, just two miles inland from the shores of Juno Beach. The renovations build on recent enhancements to the pool and dining options at the Golf Club, which features an Audubon-certified Jack Nicklaus Signature course. 48

Over the last several months, the interiors of 18 two-bedroom and 29 four-bedroom freestanding villas were completely overhauled to include new furniture, fixtures, lighting and entertainment systems that enable owners and guests to use Netflix, Hulu and other app services over their own smart TVs. The expansive lanais attached to each home also saw a significant refresh with new furniture to enhance the barbeque area and al fresco dining experience. “We pride ourselves on owning and managing properties in some of the world’s most sought after ski, golf, beach and countryside locations,” said David Burden, Founder & Executive Chairman of Timbers Resorts. “We are proud to unveil our most recent renovations at Timbers Jupiter that will take the private residence club to the next level and provide the top-tier design, service and amenities that our Owners associate with the Timbers experience.” The new interiors were conceptualized and managed by the Timbers Resorts Interiors and Design Team led by Sandy Burden, and designed by Wilson Associates of Dallas, Texas. “Starting with an excellent location within a wonderful coastal club environment, we worked successfully and in sync with the Timbers Jupiter board and with Wilson Associates to update these special Timbers Jupiter homes,” said Sandy Burden, Director of Design & Interiors for Timbers Resorts. “It has been wonderful to see and hear how the members have embraced the new rich, yet relaxed style. Our objective was to update the homes using light, fresh and current design that was

sophisticated yet welcoming and relaxed. I›m happy to say the homes are beautiful, and I feel we accomplished our mission.” “The design we created for Timbers Jupiter invokes a sense of ‘barefoot luxury’ within each unit. We focused on lightening the overall color palette with bright walls, neutral furniture and used pops of coral, lavender and blue to bring vibrancy and airiness into the space,” said Liz Dauwe Senior Designer at Wilson Associates. “Residents and guests will find subtle nods to coastal motifs through abstract art and accessories that all create an ambience of comfort and oasis that are desired in a vacation home.”  Timbers Jupiter provides a private club experience with services and amenities of a 5-star resort, including a state-of-the-art clubhouse, lavish spa and fitness center, tennis club, and pools. Owners also have access to their own dedicated concierge, members only lounge and restaurant, and private locker rooms. Residents will find a vibrant cultural scene, premier shopping and sensational dining in the Palm Beach community, excellent sport fishing, boating and beautiful weather year-round. For more info, please visit www. timbersresorts.com, www.facebook. com/timbersresorts, www.twitter.com/ timbersresorts and www.pinterest.com/ timbersresorts. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Florida’s Premier Private Island & Golf Club Community

Located in the rare rolling hills just 20 minutes west of downtown Orlando is a private waterfront and golf club community like none other in Florida. The breathtaking Tuscan-inspired setting makes you feel as though you have stepped into one of Italy’s most scenic hillside regions. Yet, Bella Collina’s peaceful country-like setting is just minutes from metropolitan Orlando’s world-class shopping, dining and entertainment attractions. Timeless Tuscan architecture. Idyllic private island and lakefront living. Gorgeous Nick Faldo-designed golf course views. Bella Collina. Florida’s quintessential private club community.


By Kristina Shalhoup

love on the links

DJ and Kristina We met on 14th Street in Manhattan and decided to spend our first evening knowing each other walking the Hudson, looking out at the river and the lights of Jersey City (yes- Jersey can, in fact, be beautiful). It couldn’t have been a more romantic first date, despite the fact that later that night, my friends stumbled upon us and pelted poor DJ with incessant “tell-me-about-yourself” questions. There was an immediate connection, and I was especially smitten when DJ threw some Caddyshack quotes at me. I suppose you could call this a “Cinderella story”. A large part of the foundation of our relationship was, and still is our mutual love of the game of golf. I played competitively as a junior, and went on to be a three-year captain of NYU’s team. DJ, who played baseball in college, grew up playing golf and used all of his off-days

nel. Within two months we had moved in together and gotten a dog- what can I say? When ya know, ya know! Fast forward a year and a little- multiple PGA Tour tournaments and TPC’slater, and we arrive at February 28. My brother, James, was coming into town

left of side of the green, and I hit mine about 20 feet left of the pin (“somebody’s cloooooser”!). When I got up to my ball, I noticed DJ standing behind me. I never, ever let anybody read my putts for me, so I asked him what he was doing back there. He told me he’d take a look at it. I went back to my business, crouched over the ball until all of a sudden, DJ was crouched behind me, his hand out in front of me and in it, the most beautiful ring I could have imagined. He whispered, “Marry me”, to which I responded by tackling him and nearly sending us both down the hill behind us: aka, YES. P.S. I four-putted the hole.

The moment he asked me to marry him to play 18 with his friends and family. Needless to say, I was elated upon finding out my new boyfriend would not only hit the links with me, but also knew how to change my grips! We spent what was left of the summer months playing all over the Northeast. We went to the 2014 Travelers Championship together and watched Kevin Streelman make seven straight birdies to win it, we played breathtaking courses like TPC Jasna Polana and Newport Country Club. It was perfect. In August, we sprinted off to Florida after I accepted a job at the Golf Chan50

(he’s a golfer as well) and DJ suggested we treat him to a nice round. With the help of a friend, I managed to book a tee time at Streamsong’s Red Course- a course that we had been looking forward to playing for a long time. It was unlike any course I had EVER seen- built on an old quarry that gave the course natural rolling hills and beachy features. We spent 15 holes in an awestruck bliss until finally, we reached the 16th: a valley of a par-three with a 100-andsomething-yard carry over sparkling water and billowing reeds. DJ and James hit their tee shots to a swale on the Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

By Steve Surface Director, Turf Warriors

growing the game

Turf Warriors

Rachel Hughes (Combat Veteran), Robert Kilmartin (Purple Heart Recipient), Steve Surface (Purple Heart Recipient), and Neil Styler (Combat Veteran)

Turf Warriors was started as a way for Combat and Combat Wounded Veterans to give back to other Combat and Combat Wounded Veterans. Our mission is to assist each other to become successful in life, education and careers. Golf doesn’t heal our Combat Veterans but when someone puts a golf club in your hands and you start swinging you tend to feel better and more relaxed. You’re thoughts are on hitting that little golf ball as straight and far as you can. What golf does is bring Combat and ComTom Patri, Stacy Surface and James Poulter bat Wounded Veterans, along with their family to a place where they can talk to each other, feel relaxed, get some exercise and enjoy life. We are also committed to getting their children started in the First Tee Programs in the summer. Most of our Warriors will tell you that just getting on the driving range for a few hours through the week helps bring down their stress and anxiety. I know it helps mine. this period and the next six month I On Feb 16, 2011 I was injured from watched many of the men and women exposure to multiple roadside bombs that came back from Afghanistan or (IED’s), the last one gave me a mild start having problems, getting into traumatic brain injury (TBI). I worked fights, DUI’s, domestic battery, and as through it and was able to get back the months went on they went into to my unit and finish our 12 month depression and anxiety. We come from deployment in Southern Afghanistan. a war zone and then are expected to go When I got back from deployment at back to who we were prior to deploythe end of May 2011 our son was goment. We are young adults who have ing through some tough times and in seen horrible things and now have to June he took his own life. Throughout live with it, without showing weakness or telling our spouses and family what we have actually seen or had to do because we don’t want to lose the innocent respect, moral and honor that our best friends, the love of our life, our families have for us. Well time went on and we received orders to move to Clearwater FL, this 52

would be my last assignment in the Army. At the end of 2012 I was contacted by a fellow Combat Wounded Veteran who invited me to come out and play golf. I was never into golf even though I grew up in Florida, so this was new to me. He said meet me at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, it was a great day. I can’t remember how many golf balls I went through that day, I came home with zero but in a great mood. From that point on I was golfing. Not much but when I could because it’s not cheap, especially during the winter month in Florida. In 2015 my wife Stacy and I decided to start our “pay back” as we call it for every Veteran before us. When you leave the service or retire most of us want to help others. So we teamed up with a few local golf courses in Pinellas County, started collecting gently used golf equipment and began having golf clinics/outing 2-3 a month during the summer and fall before golf season hit Florida. Getting Combat Wounded, Combat Injured, Combat Veterans and as well as Gold Star Fathers in hopes that the four groups (different but all suffering from the same issues) would start getting together on the course talking and sharing. It worked! The reason we use used golf clubs is because golf might be the right sport or it might not. If it’s not, then let’s work to find an activity that works for the Veteran. This summer we plan on increasing the number of First Tee Programs for our members. You can support our Combat Veterans programs as we continue to grow in the Tampa Bay Area through our Armed Forces Golf Tournament or on our website www.TurfWarriors,org. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1



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Buddy Groups

Girls Getaway

Wine & Dine

Central Florida’s top destination resort offers a world class golf, spa and dining experience. El Campeón (#2 in the U.S.A. - Golf Advisor); or Las Colinas (#25 - Golfweek Top Florida courses)

Reservations - 800-874-9053 Howey-in-the-Hills, FL | MissionInnResort.com


orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

By Steve Morris

Section Continues to Move and Shake Florida’s The Event was covered by major media outlets With more than 1,200 golf courses, related communities, many major professional and amateur golf associations, PGA, LPGA, Web.com and Champions Tour events, as well as the World Golf Hall of Fame, golf is an integral part of Florida’s identity and an important part of its economic vitality. Too often, however, the story of golf’s significant impact on Florida’s tourism, recreational and leisure economy, and jobs provided, goes untold to state leaders and policy makers. Golf Florida, the statewide alliance comprised of the major participants in the golf industry, wishes to continue its efforts to educate top state policy and lawmakers on golf’s positive economic, environmen-

Ben Herring, Our Tournament Director and Rich Smith, PGA, our Executive Director, CEO were there on our behalf.

tal, social and charitable benefits to the

GC in Lakeland. This was a unique

exercise at no cost to Junior Golfers

Sunshine State. For more information

opportunity to learn about the Rules of

and Students. They learned how to

on how the game of golf impacts our

the Game with practicable, on course,”

use the Rule Book and then went on

great state visit www.wearegolf.org

hands on” situations with some of the

to the course for multiple stations and

leading experts on the Rules of Golf. It

thoroughly work through the most

coordinate a free Rules of Golf Sympo-

was a unique concept to get in touch

common situations and mistakes in

sium on March 12 at Cleveland Heights

with the Rules of Golf. It was a day long

dealing with the Rules of Golf. This

The North Florida Section helped

Champions Tour Official Joe Terry, PGA. He is explaining rules and chairman of the symposium

event was also open to adults that want to sharpen up their Rules of Golf knowledge. Thank you to our PGA TOUR & Champions TOUR players for their contribution and support! Rocco Mediate, Andy Bean, Brad Bryant, Lee Janzen, Fred Funk and Marco Dawson. They know how important the rules are!

Presenting Rules Experts and Instructors were: Joe Terry; Champions Tour, Mike Sullivan; Champions Tour, Gene Smith; Champions Tour, Jon Brendle; PGA TOUR, Tony Austin; PGA of America, Ben Herring; NFPGA Tournament Director and Brian Decker, PGA. 54

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

Pukka Junior Championship

Valeria Sofia Pacheco and Leo Herrera III

The South Florida PGA Junior Tour held the Pukka Junior Championship at Atlantis Golf Club in Atlantis, FL. With a sold out field of 84 players featuring many of South Florida’s top Junior Golfers, the weekend featured a shootout in each division. Doral native Leo Herrera opened up round one with a 2-under par 70 to take the early lead in the boys division. Port St. Lucie native Fred Biondi fired a first round 1-under par 71 to find himself one stroke off the lead entering Sunday’s final round. Coral Springs native Brett Roberts put together an even par 72 round on Saturday to put himself within striking distance of Herrera’s lead. Saturday featured rough condi-

Leo Herrera III 56

tions of storms and heavy wind. The sky opened up for Sunday’s final round and featured excellent scoring conditions. Herrera, Biondi and Roberts all managed to fire final round 3-under par 69’s, giving Herrera the win in Atlantis. Roberts would go on to capture the boys 13-15 age division, while Palmetto Bay native Chris Nido would take home the boys 16-18 age division after a final round 4-under par 68. Hallandale Beach native Valeria Pacheco took the first round lead in the girls overall division after a 2-under par 70. Lake Worth native Alexa Pano found herself two strokes off the lead after an opening round even-par 72. Port St. Lucie native Yurika Tanida also managed to grind out an even-par 72 on Saturday. Pacheco was able to hold off the her competitors on Sunday by firing a one-under par 71 and take home the girls overall division. Pano would go on to take home the 13-15 age

Ryder Sutcliffe

Valeria Sofia Pacheco

Brett Roberts division, while Tanida would take home the girls 16-18 division. The SFPGA Junior Tour presented by The Honda Classic is a membershipbased tour open to boys and girls ages 11-18 in South Florida with the aspirations and skill levels to compete at the High School and Collegiate level and features some of South Florida’s most talented junior golfers. The Junior Tour offers twenty-five two day championship events for junior golfers in South Florida. The 25 events are divided between the Championship Tour, an invitational tour featuring extended yardages, and the Challenge Tour. The South Florida PGA Junior Tour is proudly presented by The Honda Classic and supported by Allianz Championship, Antigua, Club Chef, Club Med Golf Academies, Don Law Golf Academy, Johnson & Wales University, Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company, Palm Beach County Sports Commission, Pukka, The Men’s Fun Group at Mirasol, Titleist and Skimp. The South Florida PGA Junior Tour, run under the South Florida PGA Foundation, is committed to its mission of keeping membership and tournamentrelated costs low while providing first-class quality golf at twenty-five championship courses throughout South Florida over the course of the entire Junior Tour season. For more information on the Junior Tour and its respective Championship and Challenge tours, please visit the new South Florida PGA Junior Tour website at www.sfpgajuniorgolf.com. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

By Scott Kauffman

living on the links

Florida’s Premier Private Golf and Lakefront Community

Florida and golf are synonymous. Indeed, with more than 1,000 golf courses, Florida is the golf capital of the globe. But there is only one place that offers the quintessential private golf club experience. That place is the ‘New’ Bella Collina. From the moment one enters Bella Collina’s gated entrance, it is quickly evident there is something special about this exclusive private lake and golf club community just 20 minutes west of downtown Orlando. Instantly, one is treated to ancient oak trees and tall slender Italian cypress trees that frame a stunning view of Lake Siena, a private 350-acre springfed lake in the center of the community. Then, there’s the timeless architecture laid out across Florida’s rare rolling hills, highlighted by the community’s 75,000-square-foot Italianate clubhouse. Bella Collina’s owners spared no expense in creating the ultimate private club community, and the iconic clubhouse is indicative of this commitment. Featuring dramatic barrel tile ceilings imported from Italy, intricate stonework custom crafted from Italian experts and a labyrinth of eye-pleasing plazas, fountains, terraces and woodwork, the $100 million clubhouse is truly reminiscent of Old-World architecture. The par-72, 7,594-yard championship course designed by Hall of Fame golfer Nick Faldo is another work of art. Set amidst live oaks and more cypress trees in Florida’s rare 58

rolling hills, the low-density 1,900acre setting befits the clubhouse with its elevated tees, wide fairways, rolling hills and variety of shots. The layout actually sprawls across the western edge of the development, rising to rare Florida heights of more than 180 feet above sea level, incorporating lush forested valleys, dramatic dunes and sweeping vistas of Orlando’s downtown skyline in the horizon and Florida’s third-largest lake, 30,000-acre Lake Apopka that goes on for miles. When Faldo and fellow golf course architect Steve Smyers collaborated on Bella Collina’s design, they utilized the property’s natural contours and hilly terrain to create a course

that requires more than just skill or distance. In other words, creative shot-making and careful strategy will be generously rewarded. Bella Collina wasn’t the first time Faldo and Smyers teamed up on a golf course project. The duo also co-designed Chart Hills Golf Club, considered one of England’s best inland courses. “I wanted Steve on the job with me,” Faldo was quoted as saying prior to Bella Collina’s opening. “He is highly creative and energetic – one of the best in the industry. We both love the many dimensions of the links game, making players think their way around the course and hit all styles of ground shots as well as the air game.”

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

opportunity at Bella Collina is unmatched in Florida with golf homes starting in the $700s and lakefront homes priced from $1.35 million, a fraction of what it would cost in comparable private club communities. “Between our stunning clubhouse and the atypical topography and lay of the land, we really feature one of the most unique golf courses in Florida,” Kroll says. “After you play our course and enjoy the club, you’re truly going to leave Bella Collina with a memorable experience.”

A memorable two-hole stretch that personifies Bella Collina’s unique character and the Faldo/ Smyers design mission are Nos. 6 and 7, according to director of golf and longtime PGA Professional Jim Kroll. The par-4 sixth hole, a drivable 282 yards from the member tees (358 yards from the Faldo tees), is one of the classic risk-reward holes. The following par-3 seventh, which plays 160 yards from the member tees (227 from the rarely played Faldo back tees), is a fun uphill tiered green beautifully framed by waste areas to the front and left and bunkers to the right. The green also represents a favorite photographed hole, showcasing one of the most picturesque short par 3s in Florida. Golf notwithstanding, the investment

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1


florida golf central

By David Theoret

A Once in a Lifetime Golf and Vacation Opportunity Weddings Ocean Lawn Photo Credit:Nancy Cohn Photography

Fitness facility, There’s a Kid’s Club if you need a break from the little ones. There’s a mini-mall and spa which may be a necessity depending on how much time you’ve been spending with the little ones. But what really sets the Breakers apart is the golf - two courses - one on property and one about 11 miles away. These are two very different courses – the Ocean Course on property is Florida’s 1st 18-hole design and was originally laid out by Scotsman Alexander H. Findlay in 1896. In the 1920’s, Donald Ross played around with it and it remained virtually unchanged until Brian Silva “modernized” it in 2000. It may be short, but it’s still a challenge. This is truly a resort course. After all, with views of the ocean and an opulent

With two great golf courses and a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” feel to it, the Breakers Palm Beach is a once in a lifetime vacation – possibly once a year for the uber-wealthy. This

only Serenity Pool and five whirlpool

resort in the background, it’s hard to

spas. Twenty-five luxury poolside bun-

take golf seriously while on property.

galows for daytime use, including con-

Serious golfers need to play the Rees

cierge services are available for rental.

Jones designed Breakers West Course.

There’s also the new, 24-hour Ocean

Originally designed by William Byrd

Renaissance-age resort is more like a palace than a hotel. Check out the ceilings as you walk around. Hand painted masterpieces, each one with their own unique story. One could spend weeks just wandering around the resort and learning its history, but, I’m only here for two nights, so that ain’t happening! Besides, I’m here for the golf! On property you will find half a mile of private beach, however if sand in the toes isn’t your thing, there are four oceanfront pools including the adult60

Ocean Course 3

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Ocean Fitness Terrace

the Flagler Steakhouse. There are several other restaurants on property too including The Beach Club which is outdoors and a great place to grab

Mediterranean Ballroom

breakfast before your round, and the

and Joe Lee, Breakers West first opened

landing areas. There are slight elevation

Seafood Bar which offers some truly

around 1969. It was redone by Jones

changes which add to the challenge and

unique twists. (PS, thee crab nachos

in 2004 and can now be considered a

the greens have some gentle contours

are delicious!

championship layout. The course winds

which makes putting an adventure.

its way through an upscale neighbor-

Both courses have ranges to warm up

Not everyone is going to be able to afford a Breakers vacation. But, if

hood, although the houses are set on the

on - although the Ocean Course is irons-

you’re prepared to spend this kind of

periphery and don’t come into play. They

only - and a practice putting green. Both

money on a vacation or just a short

are exactly what you would expect to

pro shops are stocked with all the latest

getaway, then this is an experience

find – large and luxurious.

gear as well as top-name golf apparel.

you won’t soon forget. For more infor-

The course has a lot to offer: challenging

The 32,000-square-foot, two-story

mation or to book your next vacation

carries over water, greens surrounded by

clubhouse adjacent the hotel is home

at The Breakers, give them a call at

water and strategically placed bun-

to luxurious men’s and women’s

(888) 273-2537 or visit the website at

kers, all brought into play by wide open

locker rooms, a fitness center, and


The Seafood Bar

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Rees Jones Course 13


caribbean golf central

Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast

Come enjoy a golf getaway package at

Rancho Santana, in partnership with Guacalito Golf Course at Mukul, a David McLay Kidd signature oceanfront 18hole course on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. The Inn at Rancho Santana on Nicaragua’s Southwest Pacific coast opened in March of last year and is a 17-room, with Pacific Ocean views from every room, two-story retreat situated on over 2,700 acres along two miles of shoreline which include five unique beaches. The Inn features its own art gallery, courtyard, café, and lounge, just steps from Playa Santana and situated


off a dirt road leading to a farm-to-table restaurant, stables, organic garden and hiking trails. The Golf Getaway packages includes $200 credit towards Pura Pura spa services at Rancho Santana, 3 Rounds of Golf at world-renowned Guacalito de la Isla, 4 Nights in The Inn at Rancho Santana. Package is $1,400 per person or $1,750 for two golfers (double occupancy). Offer available between May 1 and June 30, 2016. Prices subject to an additional 15% I.V.A tax. For more informationL www.ranchosantana.com or 310-929-5221.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Believe it! Varick Golf Balls are high-performance balls designed to deliver great distance, feel and accuracy. A little bling can be a lot of fun, but even the most demanding players will love the performance and the fun. The Varick golf ball comes in 8 cool high-visibility colors and promises to put a little bling in your game while lowering your scores.

Come visit us at the

PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando FL, Booth #2201

Phone: (800) 851-5442 custserv@startingtimegolf.com


By Mike May

alabama golf central

Golf at The Shoals: An Awesome & Alluring Attraction

Fighting Joe #17

While Alabama’s Robert Trent Jones (RTJ) Golf Trail features 11 different locations, 26 different golf courses and 468 golf holes, the one location that may be the Trail’s best 36-hole golf venue is in the most remote part of the state – The Shoals (990 Sunbelt Parkway, Muscle Shoals, AL; 256-446-5111), located in northwest Alabama. While each RTJ Golf Trail venue is wonderfully designed and a thrill to play, there’s something about The Shoals which puts it in a class by itself. It’s the combination of its rural proximity, gently rolling terrain, clever use of penal (but not punishing) lakes, spectacular greens, wellmaintained fairways, raised tees, and stunning views of the Tennessee River. And, the Southern hospitality inside the clubhouse at The Shoals is genuine! The names of the two courses at The Shoals -- The Fighting Joe (opened in 2004) and The Schoolmaster (opened in 2005) – are rooted in history. The Fighting Joe is named after Joe Wheeler. He was a Confederate general in the Civil War who later served as a general in the U. S. Army. Wheeler is the only Confederate general to rise to a similar rank in the U.S. Army, after the Civil War. The Fighting Joe starts with a par five which meanders from left to right. The opening shot is struck from a raised tee box. It’s worth hitting this tee shot from the Orange tees, which 64

improve your chances of admiring the ‘hang time’ of your opening salvo. The Fighting Joe concludes with a rather short par three which overlooks the Wilson Lake on the Tennessee River. When you arrive at the 18th tee, it’s a jaw-dropping perspective. The 18th green is carved into the side of the hill adjacent to the clubhouse. At the 18th, aim left of the pin and enjoy the beauty of the view as you walk from the tee and the green. In between the first and the last, there are 16

holes which you will find entertaining, enthralling, and a joy to play. The Schoolmaster was named after President Woodrow Wilson who was responsible for getting the Wilson Dam built on the Tennessee River. History buffs will remember that President Wilson was also known as The Schoolmaster. The Schoolmaster opens with a straight-away par four – with a ‘twist.’ Your second shot is to an uphill green, which can make club selection tricky,

Marriott Shoals Swampers Bar Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Marriott Shoals 360 Grill especially if there’s a back pin. The ‘home’ hole at the Schoolmaster is a left-to-right uphill par four which gives you another stunning view of the Tennessee River. In between the first and the last, there are 16 holes which confirm why you play the game of golf. The locals at The Shoals will agree that The Schoolmaster is wooded, rolling, and spectacular, beginning with the waterfall on the 2nd hole. To achieve success at The Schoolmaster, do your ‘homework’ in advance of your visit. After playing 36 holes at The Shoals, spend the night in luxury. Head to the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa (10 Hightower Place, Florence, AL; 256-246-3600), located just minutes away. This Marriott’s major attractions are its stunning views from all 200 guest room balconies; its poolside appeal; the world renowned European-style spa; and the 360 Grille, Alabama’s only revolving restaurant. Another dining option at the Marriott is Swampers Bar & Grill, where the restaurant’s décor honors Alabama’s cultural heritage. And, the food tastes great! “I love The Shoals for many reasons,” says Stewart Soto, director of sales & marketing at The Shoals. “I think the appeal is not just one thing. It’s the beautiful landscape. There is no bad view at The Shoals -- anywhere. Whether you are setting up your shot on the 14th tee of Schoolmaster or having a beer on the veranda overlooking the Tennessee River, you will not be disappointed. The staff here is so welcoming and we want everyone to have fun! We may be off the beaten path, Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

but it’s well worth the extra drive.” If you happen to have a strong interest in music, you should be aware of this area’s strong musical heritage. Muscle Shoals has many recording studios which have attracted many talented singers and musicians over the years. The bass fishing industry is

also vibrant and popular near Muscle Shoals. Did I mention how good the fried green tomatoes and shrimp ‘n grits are in northern Alabama? You have ‘FORE’ reasons to visit Muscle Shoals: golf, music, bass fishing, and food. Don’t be tardy at The Schoolmaster.

The Schoolmaster #10


georgia golf central

By Mike May

Very few golf courses in the world are truly the personification of being peaceful and serene, while also being powerfully pleasing to play. The one golf course that fits that description is located in one of America’s most peaceful and serene settings – Reynolds Lake Oconee (reynoldsplantation. com), an hour’s drive east of Atlanta. The golf course is Great Waters (112 Plantation Drive, Eatonton, GA). It was designed by Jack Nicklaus and opened in 1992. If you watch the Golf Channel, you’ll remember that Great Waters was the venue for the inaugural Big Break Invitational in 2014. It has also hosted the Andersen Consulting World Championship (now, the WGC Accenture World Match Play Championship) from 1995-1997. While Great Waters is a spectacular course to see on television, it’s even more remarkable to see and play in person. That same can be said about another nearby Georgia golf course that we see on television each April – Augusta National. To put Great Waters in the same paragraph as Augusta National is not a stretch. While Augusta National has loblolly pines, dogwoods, azaleas, and Great Waters #13


Great Waters Clubhouse

Great Waters: One of Golf's National Treasures

Great Waters #11 Rae’s Creek, Great Waters has similar flora and its own stunning and penal water hazard, Lake Oconee. And, just like Rae’s Creek at Augusta National, Lake Oconee doesn’t really begin to make its presence known at Great Waters until the back nine. The opening nine at Great Waters is terrific – just like a great glass of wine accompanied by a tantalizing appetizer. That’s as good as it gets, right? Well, the back nine at Great Waters is jaw dropping and mouth-watering in its own special way, just like an awesome entrée followed by the most overwhelming dessert that you can imagine. Both nine-hole experiences are stories within themselves. While the front nine is attention grabbing and a true delight to play, the back nine takes the golf experience to another level. As beautiful as the scenes of Lake Oconee are on the back nine, watery graves and liquid disaster lurk on the last eight holes of the course. The most powerful aspect of Great Waters is the course’s natural beauty and the attention to detail by the maintenance staff. When you play Great Waters, you

get the impression that the course was prepared specifically for you and your foursome that day. The course is not simply well maintained. It’s a spectacular spectacle. The greens are not simply smooth and quick. They are perfect and pure. And, every cup is cut with surgical precision. In fact, you dare not drag your feet while walking on those greens. The tees are not just well groomed. They are maintained like hallowed ground. The fairways are not simply well-manicured and well-defined. They are better prepared than some putting surfaces on other top-flight golf courses. If at any time that you take a divot, you have an obligation to fill in that divot like a plastic surgeon might operate on a patient, making sure that it’s done properly and with great attention to detail. Leaving an exposed divot at Great Waters is like talking during somebody’s backswing. You just don’t do that! The editorial reviews of Great Waters are well deserved and accurate. The Zagat Guide to America’s Best Golf Courses rates Great Waters as one of the 20 best courses in the country. And, Golf Odyssey rates the back nine at Great Waters as “The Best Nine Holes in the Southeast.” I agree with both assessments. In many respects, Great Waters (800901-1204) is a one of American golf’s national treasures which all golfers should have the chance to experience and enjoy. I think you’ll agree that it’s peaceful and serene, and powerfully pleasing to play. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

The Quarry at Black Diamond. . . . . . simply breathtaking.

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By Mike May

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Five Reasons "Fore" Golfers to Play in Lake Charles, LA! For golfers searching for a getaway destination to ‘recharge the batteries,’ there are five good reasons why they should look no further than Lake Charles, Louisiana (www.visitlakecharles.org). Those five reasons are weather, accommodations, food, fun/ entertainment, and golf! “Southwest Louisiana is a resort destination where you can truly get away, relax, play some golf by day, and be entertained at night by the casino action,” says Megan Hartman, senior marketing manager, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau. “Lake Charles has several award-winning golf courses all within 20 minutes from the center of town set near beautiful bayous that are great to experience year round at affordable prices.” The gorgeous weather makes golf a year-round attraction in Lake Charles, where the average high temperatures in the summer are in the high 80s,

while the average daily high temperatures in the winter are in the upper 50s. An ideal time to visit Lake Charles might well be in the spring and fall. A great location in Lake Charles to ‘hang your hat’ is the Golden Nugget Lake Charles (www.goldennugget.com/lakecharles). This resort is on a priceless piece of property – perched along the Contraband Bayou. The rooms at the Golden Nugget are plush and spacious. When you arrive in Lake Charles, come with an appetite. In many respects, Lake Charles is like New Orleans ‘West.’ There’s no excuse to go hungry in Lake Charles. The list of tasty treats ranges from fresh beig-

Contradand Bayou 68

nets (with raspberry and/or chocolate sauce) for breakfast to the Darrell’s Special (ham, turkey, and roast beef drenched with roast beef gravy topped with three melting cheeses) for lunch to the series of Cajun/Creole dishes which are ‘infused’ with a French flavor for dinner. Oh, and don’t forget the blue crabs, boudin balls, gumbo, and seafood-filled pistolettes while you are in town. The Chocolate Box at the Golden Nugget is a great option for dessert, where you can find chocolates from around the world. When it comes to fun and entertainment, the Golden Nugget has it all – an awesome swimming pool (the H2O Pool), tennis, spa, casino gambling, beach volleyball, live entertainment, a video game arcade, and a beach on the bayou! Some of the great amenities in Lake Charles are its golf courses. Five of them are worth your time, sweat, and money: Gray Plantation Golf Course, The National Golf Club of Louisiana, Mallard Cove Golf Course, Contraband Bayou Golf Club at L’Auberge, and The Country Club at The Golden Nugget. Contraband Bayou and The Country Club are adjacent to one another which is convenient if you are staying at the Golden Nugget or next door at the L’Auberge Casino Resort. Each course is in a class by itself and is fun to play. All five courses are as appealing to the scratch golfer as they will be to the weekend warrior. At Gray Plantation, the view of the plantation-style clubhouse from the 18th tee caps off an experience that is filled with as many sight-seeing opportunities as there are shotmaking opportunities. Gray Plantation is impressive, especially its four par threes, two of which have island greens. The swirling winds make the green of the par three 6th as difficult and rewarding to hit as the green at Augusta National’s 12th hole. At the National Golf Club, which opened in 2009, it features generous landing areas off the tee. The National’s rolling terrain and over-sized greens give golfers many different shots during any given round. If you pay attention to pin positions with your approach shots, it’s possible to get up & down for par more often than not. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

At Mallard Cove, it’s a favorite of the locals and is the site of the annual Lake Charles City Championships. The 18th hole at Mallard Cove is one of the most unique finishing holes in golf as it has multiple options from the tee. The key to success at the 18th hole is to avoid the water at all costs with your tee shot. There are three routes to take off the 18th tee. The Contraband Bayou Golf Club is a Tom Fazio design and the only public Fazio course in Louisiana. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, Golfweek named this course as one of the “Best Places to Play in Louisiana.” That is a well-earned endorsement. Eight spectacular lakes are found on this course. When you record a birdie on any hole at Contraband, you can say that you recorded a birdie in the bayou. The Signature Hole is the par three 8th.

Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

Gray Plantation Both the 8th and the par five 9th are visual masterpieces and fun to play. The Country Club at the Golden Nugget is located on the edge of Contraband Bayou. It is well-designed, well-maintained, and very appealing to the eye. The greens are fair, fast, and consistent. Since it is on the banks of the bayou, there’s always an issue with the wind at The Country Club. There are many waste bunkers on the course that stop errant shots from disappearing from play. While standing on the par five 18th tee, the view of the Golden Nugget in the distance is imposing,

which means you are not far from another visit to the H2O Pool & Bar. It’s worth noting that Golf Digest ranked The Country Club in the Top Ten Best New Courses list for 2015. The judges applauded The Country Club for its beautiful scenery, linksstyle course, wide fairways, variety of holes, and fun atmosphere. So, are you ready to start packing your bags for your trip to Lake Charles where you can ‘recharge the batteries?’ Of course, make sure that you pack your golf clubs first.


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Pelvic Rotation Whenever we’re dealing with pain, removing the painful sequence isn’t JUST the goal. It’s a step along the way. Once we’ve identified the cause, we need to then start to establish healthy, connected patterns. As we talk about back pain and its relationship to golf,

By Mitch Sadowsky

MS SPSc TP11 USAW AIS FMS Director of Golf Fitness Lake Nona Country Club Owner, Mitch11 Strength and Performance

one of our first screens we test is pelvic rotation. So, how IS your pelvic rotation? Do you look like a salsa dancer or Frankenstein? If you look like Frankenstein, we have some work to do. In the golf swing, being not just rotate the pelvis, but independently internally and

externally rotate each leg is crucial. If you can’t do one, there’s a good chance you can’t do the other. Reestablishing rotation in each leg and the pelvis can add distance to your game and most importantly help get back pain out of the equation.

Tactical Frog

Starting on your hands and knees, move your knees to a squat position (just outside your hips). Point your toes into the ground and rock your hips back toward your heels keeping your chest high. Repeat this 5-10 times (you’ll know when). Staying in the start position, rotate your right foot to the ceiling keeping the rest of body as still as possible. Be sure not to lift your hips to create rotation. It’s important to note, own your movement. If you can only rotate a little bit, then only rotate a little bit and work up from there. There is no “ideal” just your starting point. Repeat this 10 times on each leg.

Hips to wall/loaded hip

This is a 2 parter. First, place your right forearm on a wall standing perpendicular to the wall. Keeping your legs straight, push your right hip toward the wall creating side bend. Repeat this 15 times and switch sides.

The second part of the exercise is once you complete the hips to wall, stand in a split stance with your right leg forward. Turn your right leg so it points at a 45⁰ angle. Rotate in to the lead leg and push back to load your right hip. There won’t be a lot of movement, but you should feel a good stretch through your glute and the deep rotators in your right hip. Pushing through the right foot, unload the hip and repeat 15 times, then switch legs.

Pelvic rotation with Golf club

Using a golf club, preferably a 4 or 5 Iron, place the club head on the ground and hold on to the grip. Leaning forward, use the club for support and work on rotating your hips as you would in the golf swing. Repeat this 10 times back and forth.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

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Hank Haney

what’s the fastest u can swing the club– then get the swing organized to meet that speed.” Tweet #2: “Swing faster– get more club head speed. Turn up the volume & pump it up. Everyone has 4mph more club head speed in them that they aren’t using.” If you practice swinging as fast as you can (without a ball in sight), you will start developing a motor pattern memory that will adjust to the faster speed. Then, as Haney points out, you can organize that swing to meet that speed.

Swing As Fast As You Can – Really! Recently, I have been hearing many golf coaches and teachers talking about the concept of developing as much speed as possible in your golf swing. There are three reasons why swinging faster may help your golf game. (1) To help your body get trained to turn quicker (hips), (2) To increase your club head speed, and (3) To add more distance on each shot. The reality is that the only way to gain distance is by creating more speed in your swing. One (1) MPH of added club head speed equals 3-4 additional yards on each shot. If you add 10 MPH to your club head speed, you gain 30-40 more yards. What’s so hard about that? Actually, it is plenty hard...especially as we age...and more especially, if we lack stability, mobility and flexibility. (NOTE: Before you head to the range to get your “Superman” on…here is something to consider. If you are a golfer 72

who struggles to make good ball contact regularly, or hasn’t yet developed the ability to remain stable or balanced through

This information affected me personally, because even though I was swinging well and hitting solid shots, I was not getting the distance I thought I should be getting. “Is it the ball or my driver”, I thought. Then after reading the information from Hank Haney,

your entire golf swing, swinging faster

I went to the practice range, attached

may actually exacerbate the problems)

my GolfGym® PowerSWING Plus

I follow Hank Haney on Twit-

to my driver and, after a good warm

ter (@HankHaneyRadio). I like much

up, began swinging as fast as I could.

of what he says in the allotted 140

The results were incredible. After

characters. He has a show on Sirius

several practice sessions my distance

Radio every day. I don’t have Sirius,

has increased and I am feeling more

so I pick up info from the tweets I

and more confident about my new

read throughout my limited time on Twitter. (BTW - Misspellings and abbreviations are sometimes required in order to post as much information as possible in 140 characters) I read two of his “tweets” a few days ago in which he talked about SPEED and how important it is in your golf swing.

found fast swing. I now swing fast every time I tee it up and have been outdriving my buddies ever since. This tip is not for everyone, but it may just be for you. I believe that you do have 4 - 5 (maybe even 10) mph more swing speed in you. You just have to release it. Thanks for reading. Check out

Here are the two tweets (that sound a

my video on YouTube: “You Can

little weird).

Handle More Speed – Inspired by

Tweet #1: “I would worry less about being in control. Just see

Hank Haney”. View my Blog Posts at: http://www.GolfGym.com/Blog. Southern Golf Central • Volume 17, Issue 1

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V17 issue 1 • 17 Year Anniversary!  

V17 issue 1 • 17 Year Anniversary!  

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