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Celebrate Family December 10-13, 2015

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Gift of Growing December is here. Again! Can you believe another year has passed and brought us again to this month of celebrations? Maybe you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, Kwanza or Three Kings Day, Saturnalia or St. Lucia Day. Maybe you enjoy Festivus (for the rest of us!). Or maybe you’re like me and take advantage of them all (I mean, who doesn’t love a good party?). However you enjoy the days of December, there’s a good chance it’s a time of gift giving for you. May I point out that a gift many of us enjoy on a regular basis and may never give a second thought is the gift of those tireless laborers who prepare our favorite grounds of play. Whether it’s the manicured landscape grounds of Augusta National, soccer fields in Brazil or your own backyard, somebody owns the responsibility for providing that turf, and I for one am grateful for these gifts! Perhaps you’ve seen its presence in our pages in recent months, but I’d like to formally introduce you to TURF LIFE. TURF LIFE started as a seed planted by me and my team at Southern Golf Central Magazine in 2013. TURF LIFE is the brand that salutes the consumer and industry “players” everywhere whose lives involve turf. It addresses the games we play and the jobs we do. TURF LIFE showcases sports, businesses, education and our enjoyment of the outdoors that revolves around turf grass in all its many forms. TURF LIFE will also introduce you to the people that compete on, grow, and maintain turf grass. These people are the unseen and unsung who faithfully, patiently and painstakingly provide us the surface we enjoy so much. Trevor Ogden of Georgetown Country Club in Georgetown, Texas, said it well: “So I was asked to tell “What is TURFLIFE” to me. I pondered on this for a while this morning. What is TURFLIFE? Is it a sense of ego, environmental stewardship, pride, compassion, accomplishment? Is it the feeling of turning nothing into something? IT isn’t to get rich or famous. TURFLIFE people are the ones in the front of the firing line that no one ever sees. We are the bullet takers for the bad hop in baseball. The missed putt in golf. The bad footing in football or soccer. We are never the person that is praised for quality. So, again I asked myself over and over. The best answer for what is TURFLIFE has already been answered. TURFLIFE!!!!! It is impossible to explain to those that aren’t in it. It is such a variety for words that I believe that just Trevor Ogden one word or sentence can describe it.” TURF LIFE is our tip of the visor to those heroes, while helping each of us to identify as the enthusiast enjoying their offering. We’ve planted TURF LIFE. Now it’s our mission to grow it! And that’s something we know a little bit about, having planted this magazine 16 ½ years ago and grown it into the best golf, travel, and lifestyle publication in the southeast. Will you join us? You can find our decals, apparel and accessories at (you read it right. Dot CLUB! Dot club IS the new dot com!). Visit the site. Friend us on Facebook (facebook. com/turflifellc). Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@turflifellc). Whether you are playing on turf or helping to maintain it, TURF LIFE is all about you! Come see us at the 2009 North Florida PGA Amateur of the Year PGA Show booth #3516


Volume 16, Issue 6 Publisher: Terrie L. Purdum Editor in Chief: Shannon Coates Regional Partner: Doug Hollandsworth, Founder-Georgia Golf Trail Editor Emeritus: Joel Jackson, CGCS Retired Coordinating Communications Diva: Jasmin Smith

Media Consultant:Robert Bissell Public Relations Princess: Felecia Botting Photographers: Lynn Pelham, Brion Price, Peter Hakansson Tres Fenton, Mike Coonan, Jess Regan

Senior Correspondent: Rick Harris, Sr. Contributing Writers: Jay Golden, PGA; Greg Wise, Bob Bolton, Elisa Gaudet, Mike Jamison, Mike May, Chris Thompson, Katie Hatfield, Ron Heller, Fred Seely, Deb Shuck, JL Quebbeman, Mitch Sadowsky, Lisa "Mickie" Clark Graphic Design: Melahn Cable, Website Design/Network Support:

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Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Florida’s Premier Private Island & Golf Club Community

Located in the rare rolling hills just 20 minutes west of downtown Orlando is a private waterfront and golf club community like none other in Florida. The breathtaking Tuscan-inspired setting makes you feel as though you have stepped into one of Italy’s most scenic hillside regions. Yet, Bella Collina’s peaceful country-like setting is just minutes from metropolitan Orlando’s world-class shopping, dining and entertainment attractions. Timeless Tuscan architecture. Idyllic private island and lakefront living. Gorgeous Nick Faldo-designed golf course views. Bella Collina. Florida’s quintessential private club community.


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™ benefiting Florida Hospital for Children






Hall of Famers • World Champions • Hollywood Stars January 13-16, 2016

The Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Pointe

For more information visit us at



CURE Putters cx1 Putter

holiday gift guide

holiday gift guide

holiday gift guide

Cure Putters “The Fastest Growing Putter on the Champions Tour” introduced its new Classic Series CX1 putter recently. Cure Putters has led the industry in delivering the Highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) in putters since launching in 2014; the new Classic Series delivers the incredible stability and forgiveness of a High MOI mallet in a visually stunning, traditional blade style putter. It’s the best of both worlds. This 100% CNC Milled aluminum putter is slightly oversized (5” blade length) with tungsten weight inserts in the heel and toe, plus 42g of weight adjustability via 6 removable weights, providing a simple, traditional look at address, with twice the MOI and stability of a typical blade! The CX1 putter is offered in an anodized black or platinum finish. The CX1 has an adjustable weight range from 334 to 376 grams; with MOI ranging from 6,400 to 7,200 g/cm2. Available at retail pro shops nationwide and online at

DUNKIRK by Aristo Eighteen

GolfBuddy LR5

The differentiating feature of the GolfBuddy LR5 is its ability to scan a golf course in just one click. Weighing under 8 ounces, the LR5 provides multiple distance readings with three targeting modes: standard, scan, and pin mode, and defaults to the user’s “last used” settings. With one click, the scan and pin modes allow for a continuous 10 second scan to provide distances to varying targets. In addition, once the laser is activated, a target box will appear and blink so you can easily focus in on your target. The laser device is accurate to the yard, boasts a 6X magnification feature as well as an energy-saving feature to optimize its battery life of 3,000-5,000 actuations. The portable LR5 comes with a battery, a travel case, and an adjustable eyepiece. With this trusty laser rangefinder in hand, golfers will feel like they’re playing on their home course regardless of location. MRSP: $249.99 up to 8 targets and hazards information.

holiday gift guide

holiday gift guide

holiday gift guide

The Dunkirk quarter-zip sweater is an instant-classic. Created with an emphasis on comfort, a heavy-gauge wool/ cotton blend will keep you warm without ever feeling stuffy. Dunkirk’s “commando” styling and contrasting nylon shoulder panels create a rugged, yet refined look that you expect from Aristo Eighteen. Feel confident in a style that compliments without distracting from your game. Features: Zip-mock “Commando” styling, Heavy gauge “Milano” stitch knit, oversize zippers with brushed finish, logo zipper pull, nylon shoulder trim. Content: 60% Merino Wool, 40% Pima Cotton. $295.00 Available at


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


swingOIL™ is an innovative 3 oz. supplement containing seven key ingredients, including Turmeric, Ginseng, Glucosamine and Chondroitin. It›s the perfect addition to support every golfer’s routine. Professional golfers Jason Day, Beatriz Recari, Kenny Perry and many others have publicly shared their swingOIL success stories. Day, World #1 Golfer AND 2015 PGA Champion, became such a believer in the benefits he experienced that he recently joined the swingOIL™ team as official spokesperson, brand ambassador and active supporter of the specially-formulated product. “The more I explored it, the more I became sold on swingOIL™,” says Day. “swingOIL™ should be part of every golfer’s routine.” swingOIL™ is available in three great tasting flavors (Lemon-Lime, Strawberry-Banana and Orange) and features unique packaging that allows for the product to be stored easily in a golf bag or consumed off the course. Served at room temperature, cold or even frozen, swingOIL™ provides what every golfer needs. It’s also the perfect gift for the golfer to use before, during and after the 2016 golf season. To learn more about where to find the product, upcoming opportunities and events, or to order swingOIL™ visit

The H Wedge from Black Magic Golf

Black Magic Golf‘s proprietary Hybrid Wedge design doesn’t just remake the ordinary. Instead, it greatly improves on the concept by incorporating a smart face forward design, which allows even high handicap players to gain an open clubface for unbelievable flop shots and high, soft bunker shots. The face forward design moves the hosel of the club back, creating a shank proof golf club that eliminates those chunky shots most golfers struggle with when using standard clubs. The H Wedges are designed to dig into the turf or sand, lifting the leading edge up, so the club can slide smoothly under and through the ball with a cleaner club face. Even if you mishit a few inches behind the ball you will still get approximately the same spin rate as if you pinch the ball perfectly. Comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Available in 50, 55 and 60 degrees. Available at

GolfBuddy WT5

The cutting-edge GolfBuddy WT5 offers precise distance measurements while on the course and can also be worn as a watch off the course. An update to the dynamic WT4, the WT5 boasts a slimmer design and a more comfortable fit to your wrist. Color options for the WT5 include white/orange and black/blue. The WT5 is rugged, waterproof and durable enough to withstand a rainy day on the course. The WT5 also features all of GolfBuddy’s renowned technology, including: Dynamic Green View, pin placement feature, and also includes up to 8 targets and hazards information. The updated GPS watch provides 8 hours of battery life in full GPS mode and 35 days in watch mode, which includes digital watch mode that displays time, date, and stopwatch functions. The WT5 is complete with more than 37,000+ pre-loaded verified golf courses worldwide, offering superior accuracy. Featuring GolfBuddy’s Automatic Course & Hole Recognition technology, the WT5 device always knows exactly what course and hole you’re playing on. The Digital Scorecard feature can be used on any of the 37,000+ pre-loaded courses and contains a storage memory of 40,000 courses. Like all GolfBuddy products, the WT5 is 100% fee-free with no annual subscriptions or course download charges to pay after purchase. MSRP: $199.99 Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


By Elizabeth Ray

florida restaurant & lodging association header

FRLA Celebrates Florida’s Hospitality Industry Stars at Awards Ceremony, Hosts NRA/FRLA Bob Leonard Golf Tournament and Sponsors FR&L Show

Restauranteur of the Year - Chris Christini (Orlando)

Hotelier of the Year - Russ Kimball

FRLA Executive Committee

FR&L Show ribbon cutting

The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA) celebrated the stars

Don Fox Vice Chair Firehouse of America, Jacksonville

of Florida’s hospitality industry at its Shades of Pink Installation and Awards Gala in October. During the ceremony, held at the Hyatt Regency Orlando, FRLA announced its 2016 Executive Committee and unveiled its 2015 Hall of Fame along with other industry award winners. A portion of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Susan G. Komen Central Florida to help fund breast cancer research. The same week, FRLA proudly hosted the 2015 Bob Leonard Golf Classic and sponsored the 2015 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. Lino Maldonado, Vice President of Operations for Wyndham Vacation Rentals, was named FRLA’s 2016 Chairman of the Board. Maldonado will preside over the FRLA, one of the state’s largest trade associations, representing more than 10,000 members in the hospitality industry. FRLA congratulates its newly elected Executive Committee, Hall of Fame and Shades of Pink award winners.

Kevin Speidel Secretary-Treasurer Hilton Worldwide, Ft. Lauderdale

2016 FRLA Executive Committee: Lino Maldonado Chairman Wyndham Vacation Rentals, Gulf Region


Chau Nguyen Director 2016-17 Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, Orlando Pam Avery Director 2016-17 Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore, Tampa Paul Hineman Director 2016 First Watch Restaurants, Sarasota Andrew Reiss Immediate Past Chair Andrew’s Downtown, Tallahassee During Shades of Pink, Hall of Fame Awards were given to individuals who have attained career distinctions of the highest level and were recognized for distinguished service to their industry, community, charitable organizations and family. The 2015 Hall of Fame is as follows:

2015 Restaurateur of the Year: Chris Christini, Christini’s Ristorante Italiano, Orlando 2015 Hotelier of the Year: Russ Kimball, Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater

2015 Supplier of the Year: Greg Ohlemacher, Ecolab FRLA also announced four new annual award categories to recognize exceptional service throughout the state: Restaurant General Manager of the Year, Hotel General Manager of the Year, Restaurant Employee of the Year and Hotel Employee of the Year. Winners and nominees were chosen by a panel of independent industry judges.

Restaurant General Manager of the Year *WINNER: Long Mai General Manager, Kobe Japanese Steak House, Orlando

Hotel General Manager of the Year *WINNER: Roger Amidon General Manager, Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa Restaurant Employee of the Year *WINNER: Joejie Laxamana Pool Bartender, Sonesta Fort Lauderdale

Hotel Employee of the Year *WINNER: Joseph Louis Jeune Stewarding Supervisor, Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Orlando

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6





golf bachelor header

Daniel John (DJ) Bissell Where were you born? Tampa Did you grow up there? No, I grew up in Lake Mary Is “acting your age” over rated? Not at work during a fire…

What do you find to be the most annoying habit people demonstrate on the golf course? I don’t like slow play or

High school group you hung out with the most; nerds, jocks, stoners, preppies? I was a baseball player in HS and at UCF

Name the three most important things to you in this world.

maybe on the weekends!

and FGCU. Most of my spare time was spent with other baseball players. But I had friends in all these groups.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a firefighter with the St.

Cloud Fire Department

What would you like to do for a living? What I do is pretty rewarding. Playing professional baseball or golf would be cool if I had the talent. Those guys are good as they say! Aside from golf; what do you prefer for fun and relaxation? I’m an outdoors surf and turf kind of guy. Love to hunt, fish, camp, scuba dive and play softball….now that baseball is mostly over for me. A day on the pontoon boat with friends would be the best!

Whom do you most admire for their inner and outer beauty? My older sister Brooke….now that she doesn’t beat me up! (just kidding)

Steak, chicken, or seafood?

Hard to beat a well-cooked prime steak. If you’re cooking I’m eatin!

What three things would you need to survive on a deserted island? A beach chair, a fishing pole and a

golfers who think every shot they hit should be pin high or in the cup!

God, family and friends.

Given the choice; would you select love, success, or money to keep yourself happy? I know that “money can’t buy me love” because my dad used to play that Beatle’s song all the time! Love is the answer.

What do you fear the most? That our country will soon lose its status as the best place in the world to live and start a family. What three people would you most like to play with in your fantasy golf foursome? Ken Griffey Jr., Tom Brady and

Arnold Palmer. If Mr. Palmer is not available, I would like my FGCU teammate Chris Sale, who led MLB last year with almost 12 strikeouts per nine innings! For people who think hitting a stationary golf ball is hard….they should try to bat against Chris!

What are some of your great accomplishments? FHCA allstar baseball team, all-state 6A baseball team, having a dream job and obtaining a criminal justice degree from UCF. Relaxed evening at home, or nightclub and cocktails?


about a Magic game at the Amway!

Favorite comedian? Jeff Dunn (ha ha ham) and Dane Cook Favorite charity to support? My family has a strong military background. My two grandfathers fought in WWII and my dad’s dad spent 30 years in the Air Force. We need to support any and all veterans.

RedBull…because it will give me wings! 12

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 5

cart header girl

Cassandra Blaney

Are there any golfers in your family?

Yeah, my Grandpa always played golf for fun and so did my parents. Not seriously, but they’re all good athletes and like to have fun with it.

What do you feel makes this club special?

Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY before moving to Florida in 2006.

Which group of people did you associate most with in high school?

We really do have a great staff. Even on bad days I laugh and have fun because the people I work with are amazing! But also, the property is pretty awesome. With a luxury resort, two different style 18 hole golf courses, and the Leadbetter Academy World Headquarters all in one place it really makes for a unique experience for our guests.

I was actually homeschooled through high school but during that time I had all guy friends and played golf with them every day. So, I guess I was a “jock!”

What hobbies do you enjoy?

I love anything active....hiking, fishing, shooting, playing sports and working out. I love my dog, she’s my baby! I also really enjoy cooking....and of course eating my finished product.

What is your favorite sport to play?

Obviously golf is my favorite sport to play, but tennis is a close second. Favorite to watch? Definitely Hockey! It’s by far the most exciting sport to watch

What is your idea of “the perfect date”?

Something fun and active where we can laugh together. Maybe a day at the beach.

Do you enjoy playing golf?

Golf has been my passion since I was 11 years old. I turned pro when I was 18 and I’ve been on and off mini tours the last several years. I actually quit competing for a couple of years because it was so expensive, but this past February I started playing again and I’m so excited to be back competing! I went to Qualifying school in June so I will have some conditional status on the Symetra tour for 2016. I’m really excited for what next year has in store for my golf! 14

Favorite comedian?

Bill Burr. I think he’s hysterical

Favorite charity to support?

I’ve worked with “Give Kids the World” and they are amazing! Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

stay header & play

The Sky’s the Limit this Holiday with the New Skybox Package at Waldorf Astoria Golf Club Imagine yourself teeing up this winter at one of Central Florida’s premier golf experiences—the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club—and your entire crew gets treated like a VIP on the course, at the clubhouse, and beyond. That’s the feeling of being a season ticket holder of the new Skybox package. Waldorf Astoria Golf Club’s Skybox package is an exclusive, transferrable “season ticket” program that allows you to invite friends, family, and associates to join you to play the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club with special perks and privileges. Great for casual or business play, the Skybox package features 12 completely transferrable single rounds of golf, 12 twofor-one lunches at Waldorf Astoria Clubhouse Grille, and a personalized, special gift—all for $499. (Imagine, less than $45 per round at one of Florida’s superior courses.) The ideal holiday gift for the avid golfer, Skybox gives pass holders the opportunity for flexible and customizable play. Waldorf Astoria Golf Club, recognized as “A Top 25 Course” by Golf Advisor, offers every amenity associated with the world’s top-tier golf clubs. Waldorf Astoria Golf Club features an 18-hole,


par-72 golf course designed by the renowned Rees Jones that is set on the ruggedly pristine land of the Bonnet Creek nature preserve, where massive oaks and majestic cypress trees contour the stunningly green fairways. Complementing the 7,108-yard championship course, is the Clubhouse Grille, recognized as the “19th hole.” The Clubhouse Grille offers gourmet dining in a casual environment, where golfers can relax and enjoy sweeping views of the course. The menu includes a variety of appetizers, salads and sandwich favorites like the Chicago-style Hot Dog, Club

Sandwich and Angus Burger. Patio seating and full bar service is available. The Clubhouse boasts one of the area’s most impressive pro shops, stocked with an extensive array of designer and traditional brands. You can also elevate your game to the next level with private or group lessons at the state-of-the-art Waldorf Astoria Golf Academy under the direction of Brian Mogg, Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Golf Instructors and Golf Digest’s America’s 50 Best Teachers. By any measure, the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club gives you the opportunity to enjoy the game at its very best, all within the beautiful grounds of Orlando’s finest luxury hotel which just happens to be minutes away

from all of Orlando’s world-class attractions. Waldorf Astoria Orlando, which is surrounded by Walt Disney World Resort, is the ideal way to get closer to all the magic of Disney, yet worlds away within the private, sophisticated Hole #11 enclave of Bonnet Creek. Carrying on the legacy of the globally recognized Waldorf Astoria name, Waldorf Astoria Orlando is one of the brand’s hallmark hotels boasting unparalleled luxury, impeccable personal service, and the finest amenities for today’s most discerning traveler. With twelve restaurants, an award-winning spa, plus one of the area’s most talked about golf clubs, this is truly one luxury hotel that remains above par. So if you’re seeking out the ultimate golf gift for the special golfer in your life (or why not yourself? ) treat them to the Skybox season ticket package at Waldorf Astoria Golf Club--and give a gift that is packed with VIP privileges, and embodies the epitome of the Waldorf Astoria experience. For more information, visit Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


Presented by


O R L A N D O I N T E R N A T I ONAL AI RPORT | 12 /4/15 | 8 : 00PM -11: 00PM


S U P P O R T I N G T H E ARN OL D PAL M E R H OSPI T AL FOR CH I L DRE N P RE SE N T E D BY BE L L A COL L I NA B E L L A C O L L I N A , MON T E V E RDE | 12 /5 /15 | 9 : 00AM -3 : 00PM


P R E S E N T E D BY FI E L DS AUT O GROUP T H E R I T Z - C A R L T O N O R L A N DO, GRAN DE L AKE S | 12 /6 /15 | 10: 00AM -4: 00PM

W W W . F E S TI V A LS O F S P E E D . CO M | 3 5 2 - 3 8 5 - 9 4 5 0 C O N TA C T U S TO DA Y F O R S P O N S O R S HI P O P P O R T U N I T I E S

celebrity header corner

Inaugural Diamond Resorts Invitational Celebirty Golf Tournament 70 Sports and Entertainment Celebrities to Compete for $500,000 Purse, Live on Golf Channel

Sports and entertainment stars,

including current and future Hall of Famers and Most Valuable Players will be teeing it up in the inaugural Diamond Resorts Invitational benefiting Florida Hospital for Children, a celebrity golf tournament ( at the Golden Bear Golf Club in Windermere, Florida, January 14-16, 2016, airing live on Golf Channel. Reggie Jackson, Roger Clemens and Larry the Cable Guy are among the sign-ups for a tournament boasting a $500,000 purse with a $100,000 first prize. Chad Pfeifer “We plan to make this celebrity golf tournament a world-class event,” said Michael Flaskey, executive vice president, chief sales and marketing officer, Diamond Resorts International®. “The event’s celebrity appeal, community involvement, entertainment and hospitality allow Diamond Resorts to showcase what we do best.” Major League Baseball elite will be represented by Jackson, Clemens, and Hall of Fame pitchers Gaylord Perry and the Atlanta Braves rotation of John Smoltz, Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux. The National Football League will feature Hall of Famers and Super Bowl MVPs Marcus Allen, Richard Dent, and Mark Rypien. Entertainers in the field joining Larry the Cable Guy include Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Joe Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts, country music artists Colt Ford and Jake Owen, comedian Rob Riggle, and Golf Channel broadcaster Lisa Cornwell. Tournament week begins Wednes18

day, January 13 with the third-annual Brian Gay Invitational, presented by Diamond Resorts International®. Brian Gay, PGA TOUR golfer and resident at nearby Windermere, will host the 18-hole celebrity-amateur competition featuring foursomes comprised of three amateurs and one celebrity. The tournament will utilize a modified Stableford scoring system with players receiving six points for eagle, three for birdie, one for par, zero for bogey and minustwo for double bogey

Larry The Cable Guy

Jerry Rice and higher. The top ten amateurs (five each from gross and net divisions) will advance to play alongside the celebrities the next three days in the Diamond Resorts Invitational. Military veteran Chad Pfeifer, who has pursued a pro golf career despite losing his left leg to an IED explosion in Iraq, is also playing for the second time. Pfeifer, a three-time winner of President George W. Bush’s Warrior Open and the 2011 National Amputee Tournament champion, is the first U.S. Army veteran amputee to compete on the Tour and is a Diamond Resorts Celebrity Ambassador. To honor Pfeifer and all military personnel, Diamond Resorts International® will provide two complimentary, single day passes to the January 13-16 tournament for all active and retired military. The same offer is extended to active and retired police,

fire and emergency medical technician (EMT) personnel. This offer is only valid with online registration at www. All service men and women and first responders can enter the promo code “Salute2016” on the website to locate the designated registration page. The ticket voucher (printed out at home or reserved for pickup at the event) will need to be exchanged at the onsite will call/ticket station before entering the event. Participants must show photo ID and official military or first responder identification to receive their complimentary admission.

Mark Rypien Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


Regardless of your goal, Loudmouth Specialty Designs is the perfect solution. Marketing ... Create Walking Billboards which will be a potential customer "magnet" Merchandising ... You own them so you can resell them in your company store for profit! Fundraising ... Sell them at the Fundraising Events that you support and make that check bigger that you write to the Foundation or deserving Organization. e New Featuring th

TURF LIFE Life" "Pin High on shorts

100 piece minimum and you can mix and match the cuts!

Available in: men’s pants, shorts and sportcoats, women’s skorts, shorts, capris, pants and blazers!

By Fred Seely

freddy's fairway thoughts

One of the last holdouts of political incorrectness has given in. Anyone who has traveled I-95 has been past the South of the Border motel not far from Pinehurst on the North Carolina-South Carolina border. Its many, many billboards were famous for its character, a sombrero- and serapewearing Mexican parody who was saying things like “Thees ees eet.” Pedro is now gone, replaced by bunnies and the like with messages such as “Great Souvenirs.” Rickie Fowler and those Quicken Loans ads won’t go away, and neither will the fine print. The mortgage payment for life is accurate but read close: no more than $1,000 a month. Please. Mr. PGA Tour webmaster. You’re just as bad as the networks. The week before the Tour Championship, the biggest picture on your web link to Tour players was the 178th ranked player. Good work by both the TPC and the World Golf Village for handling big events properly. The Web. Com final is good stuff and you should have gone, and the annual Golf Festival of the Village is a wellplanned way to show the place off? But couldn’t they have done them on separate weekends. For those who saw David Feherty’s excellent interview with former South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier: what course were they playing? Answer: Marsh Creek, a Mark McCumber design at the southeastern tip of the county that you’ll know as the home of St. Augustine. Private club and the name fits: plenty of marsh. On the counter at Jacksonville’s Hyde Park GC is a jar with a sign: “Lincoln ball markers, 25 cents.”

The trick is on you if you reach in and get one: it’s a jar of pennies. Not all PGA pros are in the golf shop. Jim Stevens is a 36-year member and he’s the chef at the Bainbridge (Ga.) Country Club. Better than dealing with golfers, he says. Yikes! Coyotes have invaded St. Petersburg’s posh Snell Isle and the animal control folks finally found their hiding place: a stand of mangrove tress in the middle of the Vinoy Golf Club. A survey of clubs employing a Club Managers Association of America exec shows the nation’s biggest is Ocean Reef in the Florida Keys. $105 million gross annually. Not sure that anyone cares about the President’s Cup but here’s the chalk on future U.S. captains: Steve Stricker in 2017, Jim Furyk in 2019 and Davis Love in 2021. Up-and-comer Harold Varner III lives in Jacksonville Beach and doesn’t mind letting people know that he enjoys a few brewskis. When his pal Smylie Kaufman won the recent Las Vegas stop, he tweeted “Hey @SmylieKaufman10 proud of you dude. I had a few for you last night.” Pal got a behind-the-scenes look at the big (5,900 square feet) Woods Jupiter sports bar/restaurant in Jupiter, Fla. and reports that co-owner Tiger Woods does indeed have an office in the back. Very posh, our spy says, and includes — predictably — “a very, very large couch.”

Charities received over $8 million from The Players Championship and PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem (front row, center) posed with the volunteer leadership after the formal announcement. If you look closely, you’ll see that they’re standing on the 17th tee with the island green in the background under a lighted sign. To the left of Finchem is the 2016 chair, Michelle McManamon, and 2015 chair Brian Franco is to the right of the commissioner. The payout was over $500,000 above last year. The tournament office claimed record attendance this year and the 2016 is expected to be higher as it won’t fall on Mother’s Day, as in the past. — Photo by Logan Bowles


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

10. For several years we have been voted “Couples Choice� by Wedding Wire 9. You'll find an array of professional networking opportunities to make connections with local businesses and all of the area companies that host their events at the Clubs. 8. Our Clubs are a great place to host family functions or business meetings. We encourage you to utilize our facilities when you're planning your next team building event and New Year kick-off events. 7. Access to our 36 holes of championship golf, each course offering a unique playing experience rich in history for tournaments. Also, take advantage of our many golf services and lessons through booked events. 6. Whether you're looking to schedule a dinner for 4 or 400, you'll find that our dedicated and professional staff is here to provide you with an exceptional experience.

5. Location! Location! Location! All of our clubs are conveniently located within minutes of all major highways. and hotels that offer shuttle service. 4. We have been in Seminole County for over 30 years and voted TOP 10 EVENT VENUES by the OBJ Book of Lists 3. We support many local Charities and give back to the community in many ways throughout the year. 2. Heathrow Country Club and Legacy Clubs are the perfect place to create special moments and lasting memories and you DO NOT have to be a member to host an event.

1. Our number one reason...because we make the entire process easy so you can enjoy every minute of your special event!

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women in golf

A Sanctuary for Women Now an official

Women on Course site, the beloved Clermont, FL-area layout has become a sanctuary for women to learn and play golf and enjoy its amazing lifestyle. By partnering with the country’s fastest-growing player development organization, Sanctuary Ridge has created warm and welcoming environments where dozens of Central Floridians are teeing it up, sharing drinks and laughs, and making new friends. That’s what Women on Course does best after all. Laughter and smiles trump score and competition, and supportive atmospheres are always par for the course. Founded by Donna Hoffman in 2005, the national women’s golf organization takes members and guests on a journey beyond the scorecard. It shows women the value of golf is more than birdies and pars; it’s friendships, business connections, personal fulfillment and so much more. “Women on Course has the special recipe to engage women in the golf lifestyle,” says Kandace Clatterbaugh, General Manager of Sanctuary Ridge. “The dozens of new faces and smiles we see daily at Sanctuary Ridge are testament to its unique programming that has struck a chord with women.” And seeing women’s smiles and faces on golf courses puts smiles on


the faces of General Managers across the country. Women are vital to growing the game. They account for half of America’s population, yet comprise less than 20% of its 26 million active golfers. Women on Course is committed to changing that statistic. Through highly entertaining golf and non-golf events, the organization has introduced more than 30,000 women to a game that relieves stress, promotes family time, encourages physical

fitness and boosts self-confidence. And that number only continues to grow. “As soon as we post a new Women on Course event, it sells out,” says Clatterbaugh. “The events are welcoming to all skill levels; whether you’re picking up a club for the first time or are an avid player, there’s something for everyone here at Sanctuary Ridge.” Among the popular event formats is the “Clinic & Cocktail” where participants learn fundamentals and improve skills under professional instruction, and cap it all off by enjoying a few cocktails at the 19th hole with new friends. Another top choice are the “Nine & Wine” events. Geared more for the course-ready golfer, a nine-hole round is followed by a glass of wine and socializing. With dozens of upcoming events, Sanctuary Ridge is offering a “Ladies Package” for local women to learn, practice and play golf. Included is a Women on Course membership, two 30-minute lessons, five large buckets of range balls, one complimentary “Nine & Wine” event and three anytime “Anytime Roudns,” a $359 value for $199. To borrow a line from Gary Koch, Sanctuary Ridge and Women on Course are introducing women to golf “better than most.” Their events are about creating avenues for personal and professional development, and having a lot of fun along the way. For more information visit

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

women in golf

EWGA Match Play Finals Rock Reunion Resort

1st Place - The Green Gang

Nearly 300 players

and dozens of friends, family and volunteers descended upon the Reunion Resort in Orlando for the EWGA Cup Finals on November 13 and 14. The EWGA Cup brings together teams of eight women who compete in Four Ball and Singles Match Play at one of eight regional qualifiers throughout the country to earn their team spot on the Finals roster. This year’s EWGA Cup Finals included 296 women from across the U.S and Canada competing on both the Palmer and Watson courses at the Reunion Resort. The Thursday night Welcome Reception was hosted by Coates Golf, a new company offering golf clubs specifically engineered for women. A Marketplace with numerous vendors of women’s golf products added to the opening night festivities. Now in its fifth year, the EWGA Cup is one of three national golf competitions run by the Executive Women’s Golf Association. The format mirrors what

Turf Life Sign

Pam Swensen and Mollie Coates

Polk County team people see in professional golf with the popular Ryder Cup, President’s Cup and Solheim Cup. The event encourages women of all skill levels to com24

pete, promoting friendly, fun competitive play among its membership. It’s an experience that has caught on within the EWGA golf community of

women as a top notch, action-packed golf event –with competition and a ton of attitude! It is all about team camaraderie, colorful coordinated outfits and the quest to win The Cup and an invitation to next year’s Finals. The Green Gang, one of three teams from Portland, OR emerged the winner with Match Sticks from Washington DC Metro placing second. The creative team names reflect the spirit of this unique competition. Crazy Boston Drivers, Grip It & Sip It (one of three teams from Orlando) Long Island Iced Tees, GHIN & ToniKC, Palm Beach Pinseekers, Upstate Iron Ladies and the Rochester Rochachas are just a few. “The Reunion Resort was an excellent venue to hold our 2015 Cup Finals,” said Pam Swensen, EWGA CEO. “Teams came in early to practice, enjoy the Florida sunshine and resort amenities. Reunion reported setting a resort record for number of rounds played on Thursday as teams prepared for the two day competition. Is there any doubt, we take fun seriously! “ Celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2016, EWGA is the largest womenfocused national amateur golf association in the United States with chapters located in more than 100 cities as well as international chapters in Bermuda, Canada and Italy. See Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

GOLF AT ITS PUREST Located in Central Florida where the vast openness of the landscape is only broken by the undulating fairways, towering sand dunes and glistening lakes of two acclaimed golf courses and one extraordinary resort. A resort offering the finest amenities including sporting clays, guided bass fishing, fine dining and spa. This is golf as it should be experienced. This is Streamsong®.

100 Greatest Golf Courses – Golf Digest 2015 Best Public Golf Courses in Florida, Streamsong® Red #1, Streamsong® Blue #3 – Golf Digest 2015 “Proud host of the 2016 U.S. Women’s Amateur Four-Ball Championship” We are pleased to announce Streamsong® Black. 18-holes designed by Gil Hanse debuting autumn 2017.

1000 Streamsong Drive • Streamsong • FL 33834 • 866.385.3942 •

special events

By JL Quebbeman

Hole Markers

From Sea to Shining Sea The 11th annual

German Rainbow Open (GRO) was held on October 3-4, 2015 in Vorbeck, Germany. GRO is an end of season event held by the German Rainbow Golfers, an informal group of gay & lesbian golfers of all playing levels and ages throughout Germany. This event has four (4) groups of players based on handicaps. Prizes are presented to the top three male and female finishers in each group with the group A finishers being awarded pink jackets similar to the green jackets awarded in The Masters. The host course is Winston Golf in Vorbeck, Germany. Located 90 minutes east of Hamburg, Germany. Winston offers three courses for play; a 9-hole par 3, the 18-hole Open championship and the 18-hole Links course. The Open course is home to the Senior Open on the European Senior Tour and the Links course earned the title of best new golf course in 2011 by GOLF MAGAZINE in Germany. Winston Golf also has an exceptional restaurant, full

Loudmouth Boys 26

pro shop, an extensive practice facility and golf academy. For information on the course, visit their website at The program for this year’s championship event included two rounds of golf, halfway catering on the course, a formal dinner and the awards ceremony. First, second and third place men’s and ladies placements for 4 net handicap categories were determined using stroke play Stableford scoring rules. This method allotted points for strokes based on player handicaps. The total number of players in this 11th annual event was 144 players coming from Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and the United States. The overall gentlemen’s and ladies winners, and the winners of the pink jackets, were Stephan Zimmerman and Stefanie Sperber, both of Germany. The ladies winners for Classes A, B, C and D, respectively, are Stefanie Sperber,

Medals Mirian Fricke, Imke Huntemann and Claudia Cornelsen, all of Germany. The gentlemen winners for Classes A, B, C and D, respectively, are Stephan Zimmerman, Martin Meinert, Thomas Apfelt, Martin Barzen and Detlef Trapmann, all of Germany. The Longest Drive ladies and gentlemen’s winners were Julia Gartner and Christian Weis, both of Germany. The German Rainbow Open is held annually on the first weekend of October. For more information on them, visit their website at Their host group, the German Rainbow Golfers, has a website with more information located at

Gross winners 2015 Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

EVEN THE NAME MEANS BEAUTIFUL... Few things are more synonymous with incredible golf than North Carolina and no other facillity is more in-tune with group stay and play vacations than Beau Rivage Golf & Resort. Guests have the opportunity to awake to the sweet sounds of Coastal Carolina songbirds before rolling out of bed and onto the practice facilities and ďŹ rst tee. Experience our award-winning golf in a spectacular natural seeing, reminiscent of the sandhills near Pinehurst but just miles from historic downtown Wilmington and three surrounding island beaches. Come enjoy the time-honored tradition of award-winning golf and exemplary service at a place that always feels like home... Make your escape!

18-Hole Championship Golf Course - Complete Practice Facilities Beau Golf Shop - Veranda Bar & Grill - Pool & Tiki Bar - Tennis On-Site Guest Suites - Competitive Stay+Play Vacation Packages Elegant Banquet & Event Facility w/ Seating Up To 250 Guests

Beau Rivage Golf & Resort

649 Rivage Promenade Wilmington, NC 28412


By Jim Novak The Lawn Institute

Fun Facts about Natural Grass Lawns The Lawn Institute has estimated

bile exhaust. In addition, grass and

process that produces the oxygen we

all other green plants absorb carbon

breathe in the air. Believe it or not,

dioxide and give off oxygen through

your home landscape is an impor-

the process of photosynthesis. This

tant oxygen producer just by itself. A

is one of the main processes that re-

50-foot by 50-foot area can produce

move carbon dioxide, one of the main

enough oxygen to sustain a family of

in lawns. This estimate coincides

“greenhouse gases,” from the air. More

four. It is estimated that the trees and

with research conducted by Cristina

importantly, it is the only natural

grass along the U.S. interstate highway

there is more than 31 million acres of managed grass in the U.S. — more than 50,000 square miles of it — and more than 60 percent of it is found

Milesi with the ecological forecast-

system release enough oxygen to

ing research group at NASA’s Ames

support 22 million people annually.

Research Center in California. In

After running a series of model

viewing satellite imagery they

simulations using different amounts

estimated that lawns—includ-

of fertilizer, watering schedules,

ing residential and commercial lawns, golf courses, etc. —could be considered the single largest irrigated crop in America in terms of surface area, covering about 128,000 square kilometers in all.

That’s a lot of lawn and it begs the question, how do we benefit from all that green space? Truth be known, we all benefit considerably.

and leaving or removing the cut grass after mowing, Milesi reported that a well-watered and fertilized lawn is a carbon sink. If people recycle the grass clippings, leaving them to decompose on the lawn, the U.S. lawn area could store up to 16.7 teragrams of carbon each year. That’s equivalent to about 37 billion pounds—the weight of about 147,000 blue whales. Grass is also one of the major producers of new soil. Your lawn is continuously making topsoil by

ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGES Among the many benefits of a healthy lawn is its dense leaf area and a fibrous root structure. Its thick root structure provides a remarkable if not almost incomprehensible benefit. Dense, healthy grass is the best natural surface we have for trapping and storing rainwater and at the same time reducing soil ero-

developing, dying off, decomposing and redeveloping. All of this adds to the organic matter in the soil. By leaving clippings on the lawn and allowing them to decay naturally, you return a significant amount of the nutrients that help it grow and avoid possible pollution of the ground water caused by excessive applications of chemical fertilizers.

sion. A healthy 10,000-square-foot lawn can absorb more than 6,000 gallons of rainwater without noticeable runoff. The root system also acts as a natural filtering system for the water, absorbing excess fertilizers and other chemicals before

COOLING EFFECTS And finally, let’s talk about increasing energy costs. The lawns around us are nature’s air conditioner. A well-maintained lawn and land-

they reach the ground water that is

scape keeps your home signifi-

the source of our drinking water.

cantly cooler by reducing surface

One acre of grass can absorb and

temperatures by 30 to 40 degrees

assimilate hundreds of pounds of

compared to bare soil, and 50 to

sulfur dioxide created by automo-

70 degrees cooler than streets and


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

sidewalks. Don’t believe it? On the next

to 10 tons of air conditioning, com-

may be a disservice, not only to all of

hot, sunny day go stand barefoot in

pared to the 3- to 4-ton capacity of

us, but to future generations as well.

your lawn for a few minutes and then

the average air-conditioning unit.

see how long you can stand in the

Hasty decisions regarding the re-

street or sidewalk. Researchers have

moval of turfgrass and lawns without

estimated an average home landscape

fully understanding and appreciating

provides the cooling-effect equivalent

the environmental benefits they offer

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Jim Novak is the public relations manager of The Lawn Institute. For more information about lawns and lawn care visit The Lawn Institute at


Jesse Shulse Finds Balance Between Golf, CrossFit

Jesse Shulse

After a 12-hour day as superintendent at the Traditions Club in Bryan, Texas, Jesse Shulse is just getting started. As is typical for the profession, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America member Shulse is regularly up before dawn. But when he leaves work late in the afternoon, Shulse heads for CrossFit Aggieland in nearby College Station, Texas, where he is part-owner and a fitness trainer. “For me, going to the gym and working out immediately cuts off the stress of the job,” said Shulse. “I really enojoy doing both jobs – being a superintendent and a trainer.” Both are hard work, especially the way 34-year-old Shulse tackles them. He has helped the private Traditions Club earn top-5 status in the state, and he has competed in regional CrossFIt competitions and Ironman competitions that include a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run. His time in the gym is a family affair as his wife, Melody, is also a trainer at CrossFit Aggieland, and their three children, Ryleigh, Wesley and Emily, all take part in CrossFit Kids. Plus, it was family that led him into the golf industry. While in high 30

school, Shulse began working on a golf course where his older brother Justin was the assistant superintendent. After high school, Shulse left his native Texas to play soccer at the University of Rhode Island, but returned home to graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in turfgrass science. And for the A&M alum and dedicated Aggie fan, Traditions Club was a great fit as the Jack Nicklausdesigned course is home to the A&M men’s and women’s golf teams. His foray into CrossFit, which is a fitness program that incorporates several elements of high-intensity training, calisthenics and Olympic weight lifting, was a natural progression for the lifetime athlete and Ironman competitor. While Shulse had run marathons and worked out with personal trainers, he missed the team atmosphere he had enjoyed in college. In 2010 he decided to try a CrossFit class. The sense of community and competitive atmosphere of CrossFit hit a chord, and he said it has pushed him to fitness levels other activities have not. He is now a Level 2 CrossFit trainer and has competed in various CrossFit

competitions. He said his dedication to CrossFit has also benefitted him in his role as a superintendent. Traditions Club has been very supportive of his CrossFit endeavors, and both golfers and some members of his maintenance staff regularly join him at the gym. “CrossFit works because it’s a community; you eat together and you train together,” Shulse said. “Six of my (golf course) employees are now coming to the gym, and for one it’s been life changing. He has lost more than 100 pounds and is training for a marathon.” CrossFit offers some specialized courses focused on specific workouts such as rowing and gymnastics. While there is no specific golf CrossFit course yet, Shulse says any golfer can add to their game by taking part in CrossFit or other regular fitness. “It’s extremely important for golfers to take part in physical activities. If you’re a golfer, you’re looking at how strong you are. When you’re getting fit, you’re building strength,” Shulse said. He said for golfers he modifies workouts to help with mobility, especially for older golfers.

Ironman Swim

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

IF YOU LOVE GOLF LIKE I DO Thank a Golf Course Superintendent

Thank a Golf Course Superintendent at and be entered to win a trip to the 2015 PGA Championship!


Golf Course Superintendents Association of America

Certified Golf Course Superintendents Earn Distinction to be a Cut Above the Rest Matthew Allen, 37, wants to open doors to better his career.

Ted Horton, 72, just wants to keep pace with the newest technologies in his business. They look at it differently, but the two Golf Course Superintendent Association of America (GCSAA) members agree that being a certified golf course superintendent (CGCS) makes them someone special within their profession. The distinction of CGCS is like having an advanced degree for a golf course superintendent. It requires a combination of continu-

certification for GCSAA, the association that administers and awards program certification. “There are 33 portfolio items and a list of competencies that must be met. And once you have attained CGCS, you must meet renewal qualifications every five years.” The objective for the program that was founded in 1971 is

Ted Horton, GCSAA

ing education, written testing and on-course management that can take up to a year to complete. “The certification process is very detailed and it’s pretty intense,” said Jenny Pagel-Guile, senior manager of

two-fold: to demonstrate knowl-

Matthew Allen, GCSAA

edge and achievement within the profession and to give employers an easy way to know they’ve hired one of the best. There were 17 superintendents first certified in 1971 and there are just 12 who have become newly certified in 2015. Allen is one of them. He has already been through a course closing and a bankruptcy in his young career, but instead of giving up he chose to earn CGCS status as a way to gain an advantage in a shrinking marketplace. Today, he is in his second year as head golf course superintendent at Los Alamos Municipal Golf Course in Los Alamos, N.M. “This is a great program if you want to distinguish yourself from everyone else in the busi-

ness,” said Allen, who is one of only about 1,500 who have earned the CGCS distinction from among 17,500 GCSAA members and 30,000 superintendents nationally. “I knew I had to find a way to distinguish myself, and I want to get ahead in the golf course management business. I know it will open doors for me later in my career.” Horton is even more bullish on the program, which he undertook in 1976 when he was the head superintendent at legendary Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. “It was important to me 40 years ago and it’s important to me now,” said Horton, who is doing part-time consulting and living in California. “It’s a challenge that we have to measure ourselves to be the best. Superintendents are as well trained as anyone in any business and this is how we can demonstrate that.”

About GCSAA and the EIFG The Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) is a leading golf organization in the United States. Its focus is on golf course management, and since 1926 GCSAA has been the top professional association for the men and women who manage golf courses in the U.S. and worldwide. From its headquarters in Lawrence, Kan., the association provides education, information and representation to nearly 18,000 members in more than 78 countries. The association’s mission is to serve its members, advance their profession and enhance the enjoyment, growth and vitality of the game of golf. Visit GCSAA at or find us on Facebook or Twitter. The Environmental Institute for Golf is the philanthropic organization of the GCSAA. Its mission is to foster sustainability through research, awareness, education, programs and scholarships for the benefit of golf course management professionals, golf facilities and the game. Visit EIFG at or find us on Facebook or Twitter. 32

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

By Andrew J. Jorgensen, CGCS

Patience, Please! Damage from cart traffic on frost covered rough can take a few days to a couple of weeks to recover. Patience during a frost delay can protect the golf course from this type of damage.

The H.J. Heinz Company

had a very successful advertising campaign throughout the 1980’s with the tag line “Good things come to those that wait!” Since their ketchup product was thicker than the competition (and therefore better), the theme was a little patience resulted in a better product. The theme rings true today while golfers eagerly await their morning tee-times during the cooler winter months. As nighttime temperatures begin to plummet, golf courses throughout the southeast dust off their frost delay policy and begin to withhold those coveted early morning tee-times, or delay play on the golf course until the frost has lifted.


Although this is not a popular decision for golfers that have arrived on-time only to be told they will now have to wait, it is a very important practice that assists in the long-term enjoyment and maintenance of a golf course. For golf courses that overseed each fall, or for those that maintain Bentgrass putting greens throughout the year, frost becomes an issue when the nighttime temperatures drop below freezing. The freezing temperatures cause the dew on the turfgrass plant to freeze into a thin sheet of ice resulting in the frost that we see. During this time, the tissue of the turfgrass becomes very brittle, and any physical

stress to the plant can cause damage or death leaving unsightly tire tracks or footprints across the course. These tracks could linger for a few days or even months if the weather does not allow for adequate recovery of the playing surface. Although one set of footprints can cause a significant amount of injury, imagine if a few foursomes were let out prematurely thereby exponentially damaging the turf. The resulting damage would be unacceptable and the greater good of the golf course could be compromised. During a frost delay, the golf course Superintendent works diligently to get the course open as soon as possible. When temperatures have risen to the point to free the turf of any frost danger, the all-clear will be given. However, please remember that Mother Nature is the ultimate decision maker as to when that time may be. Withholding play will ensure the golf course will be in good condition when not just you, but also those behind you finally make it onto the course. In the meantime, sit back, relax, enjoy another cup of coffee. And remember, good things come to those that wait!

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

“Golf at Stewart Lodges at Steelwood”

Play ~ The Stewart Lodges ~ All Inclusive, Customized Golf and Lodging DESTINATION including: A combination of charm, exclusivity, and

The Vistas are Spectacular, especially the 6 holes

impeccable service — all nestled within a gorgeous

bordering the lake.

1200-acre wooded area.

The Steelwood golf course opened in 1997.

The course, designed by former U.S. Open Champion Jerry Pate, is rated by GolfDigest® as one of “The Best Courses in Alabama”.

With no two fairways alike and with four sets of tees on each hole, the course offers versatility appealing to players of all levels.

Call TODAY ~ Mention this ad and ask about our “Value Added Package” Loxley, Alabama ~ Only minutes from Mobile Bay

(251) 602-1300 ~

Toll Free

(866) 580-4343 ~

Rodney Whisman Named Golf Course Superintendent at The Colony Golf & Country Club WCI Communities has named Rodney Whisman golf course superintendent at The Colony Golf & Country Club in Bonita Springs. With more than 14 years of experience as a head golf course superintendent and a Paspalum consultant both in the U.S. and overseas, Whisman brings extensive knowledge of maintaining Seashore Paspalum turf grass on greens, tees, fairways and roughs. Experienced in agronomy and all phases of golf course construction, Whisman was most recently head golf course superintendent at a golf and country club in Naples. “During our summer improvement projects, Rodney’s expertise has been instrumental to help ensure the best possible golf experience for our returning members this season,” said The Colony Golf & Country Club General Manager Bob Radunz. “He is committed to helping us maintain the pride our members have in The Colony Golf & Country Club.” The Colony Golf & Country Club’s Jerry Pate-designed 18-hole par-72 championship golf course measures 6,802 yards from the championship tees and offers sweeping fairways and spectacular water and preserve views. The 28,000-square-foot clubhouse features fine dining, as well as


casual dining, grille room, golf pro shop, men’s and women’s lounges and locker rooms, and the Spa & Fitness Center. Outdoor amenities include a 65-foot swimming pool and a tennis pavilion with six HarTru courts. The award-winning Bay Club, a three-story private dining club overlooking Estero Bay, offers fine dining and a cocktail lounge. The Colony Golf & Bay Club is located within the community of Pelican Landing. Residents of The Colony also have access to Pelican Landing amenities: a 34-acre island beach park, newly expanded kayak and canoe launch facility, tennis courts, fitness center and community center. The Colony Golf & Bay Club offers homebuyers penthouse-inspired three- and five-story mid-rise condominium homes in the Terzetto and Cielo neighborhoods, and new luxury tower living in Altaira. Featuring 76 Sky HomesSM on 19 residential floors, Altaira will offer open home designs and multiple terraces that showcase views of The Colony’s lakes, nature preserves and golf course, as well as vistas of Estero Bay. To learn more about The Colony Golf & Bay Club, call 239-495-1300, visit The Colony Sales Center located on Coconut Road just oneand-a-half miles west of U.S. 41, or visit

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Come see us at the PGA Show booth #3516


Bernhard and Jason Langer Return to Defend Their Title Bernhard and Jason Langer

return to the 2015 PNC Father/Son Challenge as the defending champions, but they know this tournament is about more than winning. “The whole tournament is all about family and spending time with your family and the families of other players,” said Bernhard. “For these youngsters it is an amazing few days where they can rub shoulders with some of the legends of the game, deepen some friendships we have and create new memories.” The memories made at the 2014 PNC Father/Son Challenge were a bit unexpected, however. Bernhard was signed up to play with his daughter Christina, a collegiate golfer at Florida Atlantic University. She was forced to withdraw due to a back injury. That’s when Bernhard’s 14-year old son, Jason, said he was ready to play. Bernhard warned Jason that playing golf in front of spectators and for live television was a different experience, but Jason assured him it was his time. While Christina agreed it was impossible for her to play, she did remind Jason that she would be playing the next year once she was healthy again.

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club Orlando 38

2014 Champions Bernhard Langer and Jason Langer Jason tried to negotiate that if the father-son team had a Top-5 or Top-3 finish in 2014, he could play again in 2015, but Christina didn’t agree. Only if Bernhard and Jason were to win, she agreed, Jason would play to defend. With Bernhard being a “realist” as he says, he wasn’t thinking a win was likely last year. Jason was in the middle of his high school soccer season and was coming off a disappointing appearance at the Florida 1A state golf championships the month prior, so his golf game was little rusty. Jason used the two pro-am days and extra free time in Orlando to get his swing back in shape. “It felt really good to hit a good first drive on the first tee on Saturday and just hitting consistently decent shots gave me a level of confidence,” said Jason. “It’s always nice having a good backup behind you. It always makes it more comfortable.” “One of the standout shots for me would certainly be Jason’s first tee shot,” said Bernhard. “He had to be a little nervous the way he played before and this was his first big tournament. He hit first and I watched him and he just ripped a beautiful drive down the middle. I’m thinking ‘Wow, that was pretty awesome to do that under the circumstances.’” The awesome continued throughout the weekend. With red-hot putting, including a

nearly 90-foot eagle on #3 by Bernhard, the Langers found themselves 8-under through seven holes on Sunday. They were able to hold off Davis and Dru Love and give Bernhard his third Father/Son title. “With the Langers’ entertaining win in 2014, this remains an event that celebrates family as much as it does championship golf,” said Rob Reilly, chief financial officer for The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. “This tournament is a great time to build and strengthen relationships that we enjoy with Arnold Palmer, our customers, the community and everyone involved in this event.” Bernhard won in 2005 and 2006 with Jason’s older brother, Stefan. Winning at age 15, Stefan had previously held the record as the youngest child to win the title. In 2014, Jason took over that title, however, going back-to-back to match his big brother’s other feat isn’t top of mind for Jason this year. “I try not to expect anything,” said Jason. “We will just try and play as slow as we can. If we can continue to putt like we did last year -- that always helps. Anything is possible. I’m just looking forward to a good time.” It hasn’t been quite the same road to the PNC Father/Son as it was in 2014. The start of the 2015 season wasn’t what Bernhard is used to. Early in the year, Christina, 22, had two back surgeries and Jason broke his Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

2012 Champions Davis Love III and Davis (Dru) Love IV

2013 Champions Stewart Cink and Connor Cink

pelvic bone playing soccer. Bernhard in the field has a chance to win,” said missed a few Champions Tour tournaBernhard. “They are all great champions ments to stay home with his family. and some of their sons are very, very He also opted to play in the Porsche good players. We certainly aren’t the faEuropean Open on the European Tour vorites. We are probably the underdogs.” at the Beckenbauer Golf Course that he Thankfully Jason’s injury didn’t designed on his home soil in Germany. require surgery and after four With the unusual start, Bernhard months of rest, he is healthy once spent much of 2015 chasing the yellow bib instead of being the frontrunner. Consistency paid off. He placed in the Top-3 in nine events and won two of his final three events, earning him the Charles Schwab Cup, his second in a row and record third overall, and the money title for the seventh year Jack Nicklaus and his son, Gary, will headline a field full of World Golf Hall of Fame members, golf legends and their children when the PNC out of the last eight. Father/Son Challenge tees off for the 18th time, Dec. 10-13, 2015, at The “Almost every team Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Orlando, Grande Lakes in Fla.

Bernhard Langer and Jason Langer Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

again and looking forward to returning to Orlando. The uniqueness of the weekend is not lost on Jason. “Even to be on the range next to Jack [Nicklaus] and Vijay [Singh] and Davis Love is hard to comprehend at the time, but it is such a cool experience,” he said. “It’s something that very few people can have and I really enjoyed it.” The Langers expect their gallery to be full of family and friends once again this year. Bernhard’s daughter, Christina, will also be on the course at the PNC Father/Son this year, but in a different role than she might have expected – as Jason’s caddie. The golfers aren’t the only ones who can spend time with their families at the tournament, thanks to PNC’s support. Children age 15 years and younger receive complimentary admission with an

accompanying adult. In addition, active military, reservists, military retirees and their families are invited to attend The United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters Pavilion on the 18th hole to enjoy complementary snacks and beverages. Area children also will benefit from golf clinics sponsored by PNC along with the company’s support of the Blessings in a Backpack program, which provides food for needy children to take home each week of the school year. PNC also has contributed $600,000 since 2012 to the “Healthy Families Orange” program, which is administered through the Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families.

2015 PNC Father/Son Challenge Field (bold denotes WGHOF) 1. Stewart Cink/Connor Cink 2. Steve Elkington/Sam Elkington 3. Nick Faldo/Matthew Faldo 4. Raymond Floyd/Raymond Floyd Jr. 5. Fred Funk/Taylor Funk 6. Hale Irwin/Steve Irwin 7. Lee Janzen/Connor Janzen 8. Bernhard Langer/Jason Langer 9. Tom Lehman/Thomas Lehman 10. Davis Love III/Dru Love (Davis Love IV) 11. Larry Nelson/Drew Nelson 12. Jack Nicklaus/Gary Nicklaus 13. Mark O’Meara/Shaun O’Meara 14. Nick Price/Greg Price 15. Dave Stockton/Dave Stockton Jr. 16. Curtis Strange/Tom Strange 17. Vijay Singh/Qass Singh 18. Lee Trevino/Daniel Trevino 19. Lanny Wadkins/Tucker Wadkins 20. Fuzzy Zoeller/Gretchen Zoeller 39

special events 2015 Alliance teams

2015 Alliance Golf Cup a Great Success

Most golfers only dream

of playing in an international-style tournament featuring team competition and players from around the world. Just such an event took place recently in south Florida, with dozens of lucky players enjoying sunshine, camaraderie and a serious test of their golfing skills. For those who missed this year’s Alliance Golf Cup, next year’s tournament awaits. H4Events USA, which organizes and conducts golf-related travel experiences in the U.S. and France, presented the 2015 Alliance Golf Cup to enthusiastic acclaim. The tournament, which took place at PGA National Resort & Spa, in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., featured an opening reception followed by two days of Presidents Cup-style competition between an international and a U.S. team, both vying for the Alliance Golf Cup trophy. The U.S. team retained the trophy this year after a close and spirited contest. “We appreciate the generous support of our sponsors for the 2nd annual Alliance Golf Cup and the participation of so many fine players, both amateur and professional,” said 40

Laurent-Alix Huguet, founder and CEO of H4Events USA. “We look forward to carrying on the tradition next year and for many years to come.” The sponsors for this year’s Alliance Golf Cup were: Argolf, Billecart-Salmon Champagne, Custom Golf Bags USA, Easy Glove, GOLFSmart, Linda Hartough Golf Landscapes, Orquera Florida, Panagica, SKIMP, VPAR and WellPutt. As a Silver Partner of The First Tee, the Alliance Golf Cup will donate a portion of the event’s proceeds to help support this organization’s important work.

About the Alliance Golf Cup Sixty players participated in this year’s event. Each team consisted of 10 professionals and 20 amateurs, men and women with handicaps

ranging from 0 to 20, playing in friendly competition. The captains for the 2015 Alliance Golf Cup were Patricia Meunier-Lebouc, international team, and John Means Jr., U.S. team.

Player comments at the conclusion of play included: “It was very nice to meet new people at this outstanding tournament, which was lots of fun with a great format.” –Antoine Lebouc, professional, international team “I enjoyed meeting friends old and new, including people from all over Europe. Everyone was friendly and excited to be part of this unique event.” –Tom Siddon, PGA Professional, U.S. team “I met some awesome people and made great connections. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this event.” –Alexis Gemme-Piacente, amateur, international team “I would like to thank H4Events for a wonderful weekend of golf. Playing in the Alliance Golf Cup is very special. It’s not just a golf tournament, but a way for people from various countries to compete and get to know one another. Great golf, great people.” –Wayne Lachman, amateur, U.S. team “I had a terrific time. There was a lot of good play, very good people and a fun format. I’d love to be invited back.” – Alan Appelbaum, amateur, U.S. team

2015 Alliance captains John Means & Patricia Meunier-Lebouc

“It is always a great pleasure and an amazing experience to come out and compete for the international Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

About H4Events USA

2015 winning U.S. Team team at the Alliance Golf Cup. I will be back next year for sure!” –Greg Orquera, amateur, international team

camaraderie and new friends. Can’t wait for next year.” –Brian Symonds, PGA Professional, U.S. team

“This was a great event, with a lot of association among great people. I look forward to next year’s Alliance Golf Cup.” –Tommey Lyons, amateur, U.S. team

“Again this year I met some wonderful people who love golf, good competition and fair play. The organization of the event was dynamic and professional. These two days were a great pleasure.” –Gorge Cordon, amateur, international team

“Excellent organization and a magnificent venue made this an excellent tournament. Many thanks, and here’s to next year.” – Janick Cordon, amateur, international team “A fantastic event with much fun,

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

For more information about the Alliance Golf Cup, see

H4Events USA, based in Jupiter, Fla., was founded in 2012 in France by golf enthusiasts who wanted to create and share new golf events and competitions originating in France. Today, H4Events USA organizers, of various backgrounds and origins, combine their knowledge and expertise to offer unique and outstanding golf-travel experiences in the U.S. and France. H4Events USA coordinators accompany clients to select professional golf tournaments in the U.S. to see the best players in the world compete. Then, when the tournaments have concluded, participants follow in the Tour players’ footsteps by competing on the same courses in the same conditions. Also, H4Events USA offers customized travel to France, combining golf and French “art de vivre,” as well as customized corporate events in the U.S. and France. The promise H4Events USA offers its customers is to create the finest golftravel experiences and memories. For more information, see


By Chris Thompson, Alberello Imports LLC

grip it & sip it

Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Fattoria La Ripa One of Italy’s

most well known wines is Chianti. However, few, when asked, can say what exactly makes Chianti Chianti; let alone Chianti Superiore, Chianti Riserva, Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva or the newest addition Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. First off, Chianti DOCG and Chianti Classico DOCG are distinct Appellations, each with its own regulations and consortium. Chianti Classico is sometimes referred to as “Gallo Nero” or Black Rooster after the name of its consortium and well known Logo. The limits of its production zone more closely conform to the original territory set by the Gran Duke of Tuscany in 1716, for which Chianti aficionados consider it the “real Chianti”. However, even then the playing field has been so muddled and ever changing over its history many cannot say why. Today Chianti Classico must be a minimum 80% Sangiovese and the remaining 20% of one of 53 red grape varieties, which include Colorino and Cannaiolo (the most common) and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (at times a fashionable addition.) From 2006 white grapes are no longer allowed, something which is still permissible and common on Chianti DOCG. The introduction of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione (in 2013 starting with the 2008 vintage) was posited as an attempt to distinguish Estate Grown and Bottled Chianti Classico from the more industrial offerings of commercial bottlers. True to Italian form it became a focal point for conflict between large wineries and “boutique” estates. Some,

such as Piero Lanza of Fattoria Poggerino, are refusing to create a Gran Selezione label as they consider it purely a marketing ploy. Others, like Nicolas Caramelli of Fattoria La Ripa, whose vineyards once belonged to the lady known to history as Monna Lisa (Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo), chooses to work within the allowed context to create a superlative signature wine. Both of these

winemakers are Owner/Oenologists, who grow their grapes organically, and only bottle their own juice. So what distinguishes the Gran Selezione from the Chianti Classico Riserva and what is the controversy about. Gran Selezione follows similar guidelines as Chianti Classico Riserva with the same maximum yields (7.5 tons to hectare) and the same allowed grapes. What changes is the minimum ageing (30 months compared to 24 months), the minimum alcohol (13% to 12.5%), the same minimum net dry extract (26 g/l to 25 g/l). More importantly only one Gran Selezione label is allowed per winery no matter the size of the winery and all juice going into the wine must be from grapes grown on the estate. The controversy lies in the fact that many smaller wineries wanted the Gran Selezione to be a counter point to other well known appellations such as Brunello di Montalcino in terms of quality and exclusivity with further restrictions such as requiring 100%

Sangiovese in order to better respect the terroir of the region. What has been produced has received mixed reviews overall as being in some cases too “International” possibly owning to the usage of the, though permissible, Merlot and Cabernet grapes. Going forward I expect that the consortium to approach the platonic ideal espoused by the boutique estates, though in the mean time I expect to see many of these growers moving to 100% Sangiovese in the coming vintages. Fattoria La Ripa’s Gran Selezione 2008 is 90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo. The vineyard, which was selected by the Consortium of Chianti Classico, is extremely well exposed to the sun with a maximum of 5000 plants per hectare.

Color: Dark ruby red Bouquet: a core cherry scent, with violet, tobacco and underbrush Flavor: Vivid and intense cherry and red berry fruits; elegant with a long finish

Grip it and Sip it. 42

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


9685 Lake Nona Village Place Orlando, FL 32827 โ ข 407.313.0027

competitive spirits 44

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

By Mike May

golf history header

Delray Beach Golf Club: A Florida Classic

Amidst the hustle and bustle

of south Florida, there’s a ‘golfing green lung’ which ‘snow birds’ from the North might label as ‘paradise’ and a Scotsman could call ‘Brigadoon,’ but for the late, great LPGA founding member Betty Jameson, it was her ‘home away from home’ – the Delray Beach Golf Club (2200 Highland Avenue, Delray Beach, FL; 561-243-7380). From the outset, the Delray Beach Golf Club has been a place where golfers can escape to find a sense of calm, peace and serenity. And, it remains that way for many people who live in the neighborhoods that surround this municipal golf course that has been a recreational outlet for thousands of golfers since 1926.


Designed by the legendary golf course architect Donald Ross, the Delray Beach GC – -- is one of the 51 golf courses that make up the Florida Historic Golf Trail. The par-72 layout has stood the test of time and remains as enjoyable to play now as it was back in the 1920s. Ross’ concept of building raised greens protected by sand bunkers was a great idea in the 1920s and remains relevant to this day. The city of Delray Beach states that the course was founded in 1923 when it purchased the land for the course, but the course didn’t officially open until 2:00 pm on January 1, 1926 (to be precise!). On that day, there were only nine holes. Those nine holes, the

course’s current back nine, were used until the course was closed during World War II. After reopening in 1945, Delray Beach city leaders built another nine holes. Golf course architect Dick Wilson was hired to oversee the project. By 1950, the Delray Beach GC had 18 holes. In the 1950s, golf journalists were so impressed that they listed the Delray Beach GC as one of America’s top ten courses. In the 1960s, Red Lawrence and Robert Bruce Harris were hired to reconfigure parts of the course, where water now comes into play on seven holes. Betty Jameson was always filled with pride when she was asked about the appeal of the Delray Beach GC. “It was accurate in measurement, had excellent fairways and exceptional

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

drainage,” once remarked Jameson, who won the 1947 U.S. Women’s Open. “We are an asset to the community with a full-service restaurant and offering five sets of tees, which allow all type of skill levels to enjoy the course,”

notes Tommi Ylijoki, the current pro at the Delray Beach GC. “We have one of the most active men’s and ladies golf associations, an expanding junior program, and our Friday night skins game is a long-standing tradition.” Because of the sandy loam soil that dominates the terrain at the Delray Beach GC, you get very little fairway roll, which increases the course’s length, which ranges from 5,189 yards (white tees) to 6,907 yards from the tips (gold tees). Another interesting aspect of the Delray Beach GC is the group of golfers named the ‘Inner Circle,’ which has been playing at the club since 1949. “It is generally accepted that this group was, in fact, the first ‘seniors’ group in Florida,” adds Ylijoki. “And, not surprisingly, the ‘Circle’ is still strong and walks nine holes on Mondays and Fridays.” The sense of elegance and class that emanates from the Delray Beach GC is also present in the clubhouse that exudes the charm of the 1920s and ‘30s from the outside, while having modern-day amenities on the inside. So, are you ready to escape to south Florida’s ‘golfing green lung’ where you will discover a sense of calm, peace, and serenity?

Tommy Aaron as pro at Delray Beach GC


with HollY G!

Listen live Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm

am740 or online Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


The Power of the Chicken Wing 1 The WingHouse Bar and Grill

hosted the sold-out 2015 WingHouse Golf Tournament on Thursday October 22nd at the beautiful Cypress Run Golf and Country Club in Tarpon Springs Florida. WingHouse was able to raise over $20,000 from the event for the Tampa Bay based Pediatric Cancer Foundation. “This tournament was a great way for WingHouse to thank our business partners for their continued partnerships and to raise money for a great charity that helps children” says WingHouse CEO Terry Ryan. “This was a great day of golf, food and drink, and networking all in an effort to support a great charity. Children’s charities are very near and dear to the heart of The WingHouse” Ryan added. A sincere thank you to all of The WingHouse Golf Tournament Corporate Sponsors and Professional Golf Events of Tampa: Title Sponsor: Sysco and Creative Solutions


3 5


Gold Sponsors: Miller Coors, Colorfast Printing, Samuel Adams, Amick Farms, Republic National Distributing Company, Slyce Pizza Silver Sponsors: McCain Foods, Fifth Third Bank, Account Management Plus, Point of Impact Consulting, Chef Creations, Bryan Hindman Electric, Unifirst, Beltram Foods, American Asphalt Paving, AMr-Jac Poultry, Aflac, GTE Financial, Restaurant Technologies, BrightHouse, Anheuser-Busch, M.E. Wilson Company, Martin Millers Gin. For more information about the Pediatric Cancer Foundation please




PHOTOS: (1) Jeff Piciacchia, Dave Frazer (Pediatric Cancer Foundation CEO), Terry Ryan (WingHouse CEO) (2) Lori Dighello and Ashley Wall (3) Chris Bethune, Joseph Duckett, Glenn Dayton, Taylor Washburn, Christian Reis (4) James Kenney, Destiny Ferrer, Darren Holley, Rob Sprehe, Darren Williamson (5) Antonio Tarver and Terry Ryan (6) Courtney Klingenbiel, Crystal Flemming (7) The Toby Hall Foundation

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

By Mike May

special events header

Ryder Cup ’Fever’ is Rampant at Riviera The spirit of the Ryder Cup is alive and well in northeast Florida. While golfers enjoy the actual Ryder Cup every other year, the golfers at the Riviera Country Club in Ormond Beach, Florida have their own Ryder Cup experience – every year. And, just like the professionals who compete for the actual Ryder Cup, there are no cash prizes to be won – just a trophy and bragging rights. On August 29-30, the 2nd annual Riv Ryder Cup was held at Riviera. The inaugural event was held in December of 2014 and featured 32 players – with 16 on each team. The feedback from the inaugural event was so positive that more players wanted to be

play in the next one. So, this year’s event featured 36 players – with 18 on each team. The Riv Ryder Cup features four sessions with each session being a nine-hole match. There are captains in the Riv Ryder Cup, just as there are in the real deal. Last year, the captains were current PGA Tour winner Matt Every (who grew up playing golf at Riviera) and former PGA Tour player Ken Staton. Last year, Team Staton prevailed. Since Every was busy playing in the Fed Ex Cup playoffs this year, there were new captains -- course owner Eric Meyers and his son Ryan Meyers, the course’s general manager. The teams were dubbed ‘Big E’ and ‘Little R.’ According to Ryan, the teams were selected through an actual draft. The 36 players were evenly divided on ability. The handicaps ranged from 3 to 31. Each team also had a uniform. One team wore white shirts with 50

the Riviera logo on them. The other team wore a light blue shirt with the Riviera logo embroidered on them. Each team also had matching hats. There’s also a degree of pomp and circumstance at the Riv Ryder Cup. “We kick it off with a prime rib dinner at the club on the Friday night before the actual matches,” says Ryan. The Riv Ryder Cup is a big ‘hit’ with members. “The Riv Ryder Cup is one of the more exciting events we have here at Riviera,” says Eric Meyers. With the exception of the final set of nine holes which is reserved for singles, each nine-hole format features teams of two players competing in match-play. After their matches are finished, players are encouraged to return to the course to form a gallery in order to support their fellow teammates. While Ryan does admit that each team wants to win the nowcoveted Riv Ryder Cup, the event is more about having a good time

playing with and against longtime friends and fellow members. “But, the winning team does enjoy drinking beer from the trophy after securing victory,” admits Ryan, who says there is a tie-breaker format, just in case there’s a tie after ‘regulation play.’ What happens to the trophy after the event? “The trophy stays in the golf shop for now,” says Eric. “We really haven’t found a great spot for it yet.” When asked if the Riv Ryder Cup would be getting aerial coverage from either the Goodyear or Met Life blimps, Eric Meyers’ wife, Charlotte, was not optimistic. “Unfortunately for us, our Ryder Cup coincides with the start of football season. Both blimps are on location for the NFL, such is life,” notes Charlotte. By the way, this year’s Riv Ryder Cup was won by Team Little R, which prevailed 41-29 in an event which was shortened by heavy afternoon showers on day two. Initial preparations are already underway for the 2016 Riv Ryder Cup. As for the brand of beer which they drank from the trophy, it was cold and free-flowing.

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Signs are a chance to make a first impression with a new customer, a way to inform, identify and direct the public and a way to create a brand and image for your facility. TrueBlue Designs will help you implement a sign system of the highest quality and style. Don't ignore your signage. Embrace it!

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header adies orth florida Professional PGA north GolfflorAssociation Ladies Professional Golf Association Ladi

Photo Credit: Symetra Tour / Scott A. Miller

Symetra Tour Championship presented by Embrey-Riddle Aeronatical University

first career win on U.S. soil. “I’m very

tra Player of the Year and the Gaelle

happy to win this tournament,” said

Truet Rookie of the Year in the same

Santiwiwatthanaphong. “It means a

season. She closed the season with

lot to win the last event and win my

a even-par 72 to finish T14 at the

Sherman Santiwiwatthanaphong

first event in the United States.”

Symetra Tour Championship to move

(Buengkan, Thailand) carded a 5-under

Annie Park wins Symetra Player and Gaelle Truet Rookie of the Year

past Giulia Molinaro for No. 1 on the

67 to win the Symetra Tour Championship presented by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on Sunday. She posted a four-day total of 14-un-

Annie Park (Levittown, New

der, 274, one shot clear of Brianna

York) became the first player since

Do. Santiwiwatthanaphong earns her

Mina Harigae in 2009 to win Syme-

Volvik Race for the Card money list. Park finished the season with three wins and nine top 20 finishes in just 11 starts to earn a total of $68,673. Park arrived on the scene in midJuly following her junior season at USC. She finished in a tie for 19th at her first event and then went onto win her fourth start at the Toyota Danielle Downey Classic. Two weeks later, Park topped Lee Lopez in a playoff to win the PHC Classic in Milwaukee. She won her third event in Mayetta with a finalround 65 to win the Prairie Band Casino & Resort Charity Classic by three shots. “It’s a honor to win the Symetra Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year especially considering how talented the other nine players that earned cards are,” said Park. “I’m just so excited to end the season on such a high note.” Park, the 2013 NCAA individual


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

national champion, led the Tour in scoring average (69.92), becoming the first player since 2010 to post a season long scoring average in the 60’s. She also finished second on Tour in greens in regulation (75.2%). For winning the Symetra Player of the Year, Park earns a $3,500 bonus and the opportunity to make a $1,000 donation to the charity of her choice.

Ten Playters Earn LPGA Tour Cards for 2016 The Symetra Tour, Road to the LPGA, handed out ten LPGA Tour cards for the 2016 season following the Symetra Tour Championship at LPGA International. The top 10 finishers on the Symetra Tour’s Volvik Race for the Card money list will play full-time on the LPGA Tour through category nine on the LPGA priority list. Annie Park - Levittown, New York,

Florida, Florida Institute of Technol-

of Arizona, 27-years-old, $61,289; Vicky

University of Southern California,

ogy, 27-years-old, $62,692; Dani Hol-

Hurst – Melbourne, Florida, 25-years-old,

20-years-old, $68,673; Giulia Molinaro -

mqvist – Stockholm, Sweden, University

$57,814; Casey Grice - College Station,

Treviso, Italy, Arizona State University,

of California (Berkeley), 27-years-old,

Texas, University of North Carolina,

25-years-old, $68,673; Brianna Do - Lake-

$62,160; Lee Lopez - Whittier, California,

24-years-old, $55,621; Rachel Rohanna

wood, California, UCLA, 25-years-old,

UCLA, 25-years-old, $61,731; Alejandra

– Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, Ohio State

$64,877; Daniela Iacobelli - Melbourne,

Llaneza – Mexico City, Mexico, University

University, 24-years-old, $53,867

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


orth florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north florida PGA north

BILL HUGHES, PGA – BILL STRAUSBAUGH AWARD TPC Sawgrass – Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

North Florida PGA Members Presented Prestigious National Awards at the PGA of America’s at Annual Meeting

Bill Hughes with PGA of America President Derek Sprague

Left to right: Russ Libby, Bill Hughes & David Windsor

Bill Hughes, PGA Master Professional and the General Manager at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, is the winner of the 2015 Bill Strausbaugh Award, which acknowledges a PGA Professional’s outstanding display of integrity, character and leadership in their commitment towards mentoring others within the Association. Hughes, a PGA member for 32 years, and a PGA Master Professional since 1995, has served at TPC Sawgrass for the last nine years.

DAVID WINDSOR, PGA – PATRIOT AWARD Adaptive Golf Academy – Sarasota, Florida

RUSS LIBBY, PGA – HORTON SMITH AWARD Hidden Hills Country Club – Jacksonville, Florida

David Windsor with PGA of America President Derek Sprague

Russ Libby with PGA of America President Derek Sprague

In recognition of his personification of patriotism through the game of golf, David Windsor, PGA Director of Golf at the Adaptive Golf Academy in Sarasota, Florida, was honored with the 2015 Patriot Award. He has instructed adaptive golf classes every week for the past 15 years, designed for physically or cognitively challenged juniors, adults and disabled Veterans. The idea was sparked after being invited to work alongside a local therapist to introduce golf as a means of rehabilitation. Gaining extensive knowledge and program experience in these processes, Windsor developed the Adaptive Golf Academy in 2006, as the education platform to train PGA Professionals (and physical/occupational and recreational therapists) on the underlying attributes of the game.

Russ Libby, PGA General Manager at Hidden Hills Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida, is the recipient of the 2015 Horton Smith Award. The Award recognizes PGA members who exhibit exemplary contributions toward the education of PGA Professionals. Libby has spent 12 of his 23 years as a PGA Professional at Hidden Hills, where he has earned four North Florida PGA (NFPGA) Section Awards, including PGA Professional of the Year (2000), the Bill Strausbaugh Award (2012) and the Horton Smith Award (2014, 2015). He was elected to the NFPGA Hall of Fame in 2011, for his ongoing contributions to the Section.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

November 2-3 at Reunion Resort Orlando

East Central Chapter Wins 2015 Jerry Porter Cup! 20 1/2 points WCC 16 points, SWC 12 1/2, NC 11

2015 Jerry Porter Cup Chapter Challenge Teams Southwest Chapter Mo Guttman, Steve Arnold, Christian Bartolacci, JJ Amaruso, Matt Carroll, Bryan Snyder, Darren Dimick, Cathy Edelen, Jack McFaul & Rob McCoy East Central Chapter David Damesworth, Rod Perry, Nick Frontero, Kevin Crawford, John O’Leary,Sean Gorgone, Vince Cali, Blake Terry, Freddy Gibson & Mike Keymont

West Central Chapter Greg McClimans, Ryan Hritz, Tim Polce, Brian Richter, Shawn Gordon, Jon Mansfield, Kyaw Htet, Tim Baker, Jim Wright & Robert Meheran Northern Chapter John Duckworth, Dan Olsen, Brad Rollinson, Gerry James, Clint Avret, Bryan Kipnis, Rhonda Ferguson, Pamela Shelley, Ray Barr & Jack Aschenbach

North Florida Brings The Cup To Our House! Annual North Florida PGA vs South Florida PGA Cup Matches Ritz Carlton Members Club, Sarasota The blitz at the Ritz! Our team won the annual cup matches 17 ½ to 6 ½ . The entire team contributed to a decisive victory over South Florida! Birdies were flying everywhere and it was a great couple days of golf. Thank you to Chase54 for outfitting our team. Thank you to Mark Rummings and Ritz Carlton Members Club for hosting! Thank you to Paul Azinger for the inspiration and making the time to be our 13th Man!

Rod Perry, Crane Lakes Country Club Greg Koch, Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes David Damesworth, Orange Tree Golf Club John Duckworth, Atlantic Beach Country Club Jon Mansfield, Clearwater Country Club Freddy Gibson, Golf Ed

David Hronek, Bobcat Trail Golf Club Dylan Malafronte, Carrollwood Country Club Kevin Crawford, Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club Ryan Hritz, Countryside Country Club Dan Olsen, Tom Burnett Golf Academy John Falcone, Dunedin Golf Club

Captain Tony Johnson, Course Trends

Asst. Captain Rich Smith, NFPGA

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


outh orth florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth south

By Tori Stock

Annual Awards and Hall of Fame Night On Monday, November 16th, the South Florida PGA celebrated the Annual Awards and Hall of Fame Dinner at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club. Throughout the evening, over 180 South Florida PGA Members and friends celebrated the Award Winners and Hall of Fame Inductees. For the fourth year, SFPGA Hall of Fame Member Tim Rosaforte served as the Master of Ceremonies of the event.

Award recipients include: Player of the Year: Alan Morin, PGA

Senior Player of the Year: Gene Fieger, PGA

Salesperson of the Year: Mike Budnyk

Merchandiser of the Year, Resort: Ed Weber, PGA

Merchandiser of the Year, Private: Bud Taylor, PGA

Merchandiser of the Year, Public: Bob Coman, PGA

Assistant of the Year:

Tim Rosaforte, Mallory Privett and Jeff Raimer

Lee Stroever, PGA

Youth Player Development Award: Jeff Nixon, PGA

PGA Player Development Award: Bill Scott, PGA

Bill Strausbaugh Award: Karl Bublitz, PGA

Deacon Palmer Award: Robert Bruno, PGA

Horton Smith Award: Tara McKenna, PGA

Teacher of the Year: Don Law, PGA

Golf Professional of the Year: Warren Bottke, PGA

Class of 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees: Mallory Privett, Jr. and Jeff Raimer, PGA Congratulations to the Awards Recipients and Hall of Fame Inductees. Thank you to Darryl Jack, PGA and the entire staff and membership at Wycliffe Golf & Country Club for hosting the event. Finally, thank you to our supporting partner for the event, Morell Studios. 56

Mark VanDyck and Warren Bottke Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

PGA HOPE Kicks Off in South Florida

In conjunction with PGA Reach, the South Florida PGA Foundation kicked off their first session of PGA HOPE in West Palm Beach at The First Tee of the Palm Beaches at Dyer Park. PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) is a program designed to introduce golf to veterans with disabilities in order to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well- being. Through PGA HOPE programming, the SFPGA

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Foundation is in position to make a more meaningful impact on the lives of America’s military veterans. As many veterans struggle with the transition back into civilian life, the game of golf delivers a new level of enjoyment. The program, which kicked off yesterday, marked the first of six sessions which will be held between now and December 17th. All PGA HOPE sessions will last six to eight weeks. Upon completion of the program, veterans will be provided with additional golf opportunities to keep them involved in the game. During the program, veterans learned core fundamentals and were able to put their new skills to the test. After the two hours of instruction from PGA Professionals Judy Alvarez, Dave McNulty and Donna White they were

asked to describe how they felt. A few words they used included: blessed, relaxed, and excited. Not only is this program extremely exciting for the veterans, but it is very rewarding for the PGA and LPGA Professional who are able to teach the veterans. “The South Florida PGA Foundation is extremely excited to get involved with this program and expand our reach in the community” says Executive Director Geoff Lofstead. Moving forward into 2016, the South Florida PGA Foundation has plans to conduct PGA HOPE clinics in Cape Coral, Broward, Miami and Port St. Lucie. 57

south florida PGA north south florida florida PGA PGA north southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southflorida floridaPGA PGAnorth southfl north

By Meredith Schuler

caribbean golf central

By Tony Leodora

Ex perience Quivira !

Hole#11 Green

The Baja Peninsula of Mexico is the longest peninsula in the world. Longer than Italy. It is a collection of mountains, desert, cactus and wide beaches that stretches 747 miles from top to bottom. To the east is the Sea of Cortez. To the west, the Pacific Ocean. And to the south there is not another piece of land until Antarctica comes into sight. The first European travelers to reach the Baja were adventurers – Hernan Cortes and Francisco de Ulloa. They were in search of the fabled Seven Cities of Gold. They never found them. But gold finally was found on the Baja Peninsula – in particular in the Los Cabos region – in 1992. It came in the form of the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. That’s when Palmilla, Nicklaus’ first signature course in Latin America, was built in the then-sleepy tourist region. Before that time the region had only two distinctions. In the capital town of San Jose del Cabo, there was the mission that was founded by the Jesuits in 1690. That town slowly grew and eventually opened the tiny airport that brought a small number of tourists to the region. Now it is a modern jetport that brings more than two million tourists to the region every year. The other town was Cabo San Lucas. In the early 1900s it grew around a small fishing village and a tuna cannery. Later it became one of the sport fishing capitals in the world. And then the Golden Bear started a new gold rush. Or, better termed, a golf rush. His first course, Palmilla, 58

started a wave of golf construction and, soon, a new wave of upscale tourism development that has transformed the area into one of the most chic vacation destinations in the world. In December of 2014, the 14th golf course in the region – and the sixth designed by Nicklaus – opened. Quivira is part of a master planned community that includes the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica luxury hotel, the Novaispania interval ownership estate homes, the ocean-view Copola condominiums and the Coronado single family homes. And at the center of it all is one of the most scenic, exciting, wildest and dramatic seaside golf courses in the Western Hemisphere. The setting is magnificent, as golfers play through three different environments – seaside, dunes and high-desert mountains.

Quivira provides more oceanfront exposure than any other course in Los Cabos, with views of the Pacific from every hole. “There are many golf courses in Los Cabos but Quivira is an experience,” explains Antonio Reynante, director of golf at this cross between a golf course and a roller coaster ride. “It can be strikingly beautiful one moment and then, when the wind rises, it can strike fear into the greatest golfers on earth.” Situated on the southernmost point of the peninsula, wind is an everpresent factor. And, at its fiercest, it can topple a Sumo wrestler. Fortunately, Nicklaus took into account the wind. He designed extremely generous fairways. Placing a tee shot in the short grass is a fair proposition on even the windiest days. The challenge increases when

Blanco at night Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Beach Banquet it is time to zero in on the greens. But that adventure can be fully rewarded Elevation comes into play when once the wind-whipped golfer arrives calibrating most approach shots. back at the Pueblo Bonito hotel. Whether Speaking of elevation … there is it is the adults-only Pacifica hotel, right more elevation change on Quivira – up against the beach and the crashing 275 feet of elevation change – than waves of the ocean, or the Sunset Beach can be found on all but a handful hotel, with a view from above the cliffs, of golf courses in the world. hospitality and comfort reign supreme. That makes for some grueling The restaurants are superb – offering uphill holes. One, for example, is No. 8. everything from award-winning Although only 318 yards from the blue gourmet Mexican cuisine, to a sushi tees, it is extremely uphill and plays into restaurant that serves some of the the face of the predominant wind. Those freshest fish from the nearby sea. two forces can turn what looks like, on The pools are aqua playgrounds, paper, an easy hole into a long brute. with large whirlpools, wading pools In fact, on paper, the entire course and swim-up bars. The spa is worlddoesn’t appear to be long. It measures class. The landscaped areas in 7,139 yards from the championship between the buildings set an elegant tees; 6,701 from the gold; 6,216 from atmosphere, both day and night. the blue; 5,598 from the white; and “Our hotel philosophy is to provide 4,326 from the red. But it plays longer the absolute finest in service, food and At least, Nicklaus took pity on accommodations,” explains Mizraim the golfers. For every brute of Corpus, the general manager at Pacifica. an uphill hole, there is relief in “We offer 24-hour room service. All the form of a downhill hole. of our dining, with the exception of Two of the longest holes – breakfast, is a la No. 16, 428 from the blues; No. carte. We insist 17, 440 from the blues – play that our staff extremely downhill. Known pays attention as the “canyon holes”, slightly to every detail errant tee shots will bounce of our guests.” back into play on the fairways. If you are looking No. 6 is another downhill for ordinary hole … but not to the advantage of the golfer. It is only 135 Hole #5 Fairway yards from the blue tees and the green hangs on a cliff atop the ocean. From the second the golfer makes contact with the golf ball, there are perilous moments of anxiety as the shot hangs high against an Deluxe OceanviewBalcony azure blue backdrop. Finding the green is usually followed by a loud exhale of relief. No. 13 is another spectacular par 3 – this time with the ocean and a forest of granite rock spires lurking immediately to the right of the green. It is 122 yards of nail-biting anxiety from the blue tees. These are just some of the high points of an adventure on the links at Quivira. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Mexican food, go to Taco Bell. Unique, high-end offerings are the norm from the Quivira chefs. One appetizer was called Cactus Blood – mushroom mixture, goat cheese, vinaigrette shallots and red tuna. A featured entrée – Mar y Montana – was fresh handmade pasta, cooked in chipotle pitahaya sauce, Kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, shrimp and steak. “There is the rest of Mexico, and then there is Quivira,” says Jose Luís Mogollon, chief development officer for the entire project. “We are a bit different … a cut above. “Quivira is separated from all of the tourist activity in Cabo San Lucas by the mountain. It makes for a quieter, more serene setting. Yet, for those who want it, the party is only five minutes away by car. It’s the best of both worlds.” In town, not only is there the celebrated night life of Cabo – with its bars (Cabo Wabo), restaurants (The Office) and nightclubs (Giggling Marlin) – but there is plenty to do during the day also. Companies, such as Cabo Adventures, provide a long list of offerings: whale watching (November to April), snorkeling, mountain biking, zip lines, scuba diving and sailing on luxury yachts. For those wanting something totally different, there is even a camel safari. Or, for those who prefer doing absolutely nothing, there is a magnificent beach … with hammocks and even tented suspended beds for massages or napping. But don’t get so distracted that you forget the golf. Quivira is an unforgettable golf experience. The early explorers may not have found gold in the Los Cabos region, but today’s vacationers are discovering a wealth of treasured memories.


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Georgia Golf at its Finest Hole #3

Located on the banks

of Lake Oconee, one hour east of Atlanta, this family friendly golf community is nestled among 700 acres of rolling meadows and pine orchards in Eatonton, Georgia. Named after a Creek Indian chief, Cuscowilla on Lake Oconee offers resort-style living in a serene natural environment with some of the best golf on one of the prettiest lakes in the state

of the course. Almost every hole is bordered by the inherent beauty of fragrant hybrid pine orchards. Brought to life during the golden age of course architecture by greats Crenshaw and Coore, The Golf Club at Cuscowilla is truly a different course every time you play—satisfying first timers and long-time residents alike. Dining at Cuscowilla is not just a meal; it’s an experience. Retreat to the relaxed elegance of the Golf House Grill and The Waterside restaurant where you’ll discover a world of unique

Hole #11

to create incredible memories with your entire family. Golfweek named the 18-hole championship golf course, designed by Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore, the “#20 Best Residential Golf Course in the U.S” and the “#1 Best Golf Course You Can Play in Georgia.” The moderate Georgia climate and indoor practice facility allow for year-round play. Residents are greeted with southern hospitality at the Clubhouse which features a pro shop, restaurant, and fitness center. Towering pines, expansive fields of native grasses, and the shimmering waters of Lake Oconee combine to create a serene landscape, kept unspoiled and highlighting the natural beauty 60

culinary delights all delivered by Chef Jeffery Miller, also known as “Cheffery”, whose Jamaican-friendly personality shines almost as much as the food. Inspired daily specials, spectacular views at both dining locations, and attentive service await you any time of the day. In addition to world class golf, members can bike, boat, kayak, and rent motorized watercrafts are offered on-site. Residents play hard off the course on tennis courts, walking trails, and basketball court. Enjoy fishing on the lake, two lakefront swimming pools, a kid’s club, and a dog park. Find a simpler way of living permanently or make Cuscowilla your home away from home. There are several real estate opportunities including single-family homes, luxury estates, country cottages, and lavish villas with golf course and lake views. Whether you are searching for lake front grandeur or lake view seclusion, Cuscowilla offers both along the six and a half miles of shoreline on Lake Oconee.

Hole #4 Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

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Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


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Cobblestone Park Golf Club

Mountains to Midlands– Golf in the heart of South Carolina In the rankings of the country’s best states for golf, South Carolina regularly checks in high on the list. When one thinks about teeing it up in the Palmetto State, however, usually only the coastal area comes to mind — particularly well-known golf getaways such as Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. “People don’t realize that the upstate and non-coastal areas of South Carolina have great golf, too,” says Strauss Moore Shiple. Shiple was instrumental in helping form the new “Mountains to Midlands” golf marketing alliance that represents a partnership of four regions extending from the center of the state to the extreme northwest tip — the Olde English District, where Shiple has been the longtime Project Manager, along with The Upcountry, Lake Mur-

ray Country and the Old 96 District. Mountains to Midlands (M2M) cover a scenic and historic area of that south, where numerous interstate highways make travel easy and the golf courses accessible. Considering its close proximity and impressive supply of outstanding layouts — as well as the area’s temperate climate allowing the game to be enjoyed year round — little wonder Mountains to Midlands is fast becoming renowned as a wonderfully satisfying and surprisingly affordable golf destination. Most of the golf in the Olde English District or “The OED,” as it is more popularly referred — a land where the famed golfing Sandhills to the north meet the Lowcountry to the south and east — is situated along the stretch of Interstate 77 from Rock Hill to Columbia, S.C. The OED also extends

Mount Vintage Plantation Golf Club 62

east to a golf gem at the Tom Jacksondesigned Cheraw State Park Course, built around 309-acre Lake Juniper. Located along the banks of the Pee Dee River, Cheraw previously served as a major shipping port to Charleston and Georgetown and a strategic commercial and military staging area, littered with famous battles and conflicts of allegiance centuries ago. But the undisputed “capital” of The OED is Rock Hill/York County, located a swift and easy 30 minutes south of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, where golfers discover a number of outstanding layouts such as the timeless design at Springfield Golf Club in Fort Mill, the Fuzzy Zoeller lake and golf community at Edgewater Golf Club and Carolina Lakes — a pristine setting of natural streams and ponds with the Catawba River meandering through it. Just a bit further south toward Columbia is Cobblestone Park Golf Club in Blythewood — home to the University of South Carolina Gamecock golf teams and a Top 30 Palmetto State stalwart. That takes us to Lake Murray portion of the Mountains to Midlands alliance. Located in the heart of the Palmetto State, Lake Murray Country is centered in the state’s capital city, Columbia, and on Lake Murray. Surrounded by three gorgeous rivers, Lake Murray (“the jewel of the south”) features 650 miles of picturesque shoreline — one reason it was named by Boating Magazine one of the “Top 10 Places to Live and Boat.” With 33 championship golf courses in the area, not to mention outstanding dining and entertainment, Lake Murray Country is known for other sporting exploits as well. Among the Lake Murray area’s must-play layouts are The Windermere Club, a private (public access is Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

available through Golf Packages of SC), Pete & P.B. Dye-designed facility that will provide a unique and truly memorable experience, along with Oak Hills Golf Club, a Steve Melnyk and Davis Love III masterpiece that has been recognized in Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play.” Moving west you can transport your sticks to Old 96 District, which may just be South Carolina’s best-kept golf secret. This region takes you from north of Augusta along the Georgia border approaching I-85, where just north is the booming GreenvilleSpartanburg corridor — which also includes a number of golfing gems. Among the most renowned layouts in Old 96 are The Patriot Golf Course at Grand Harbour Golf & Yacht Community, another Davis Love III stunner on Lake Greenwood voted “Best New Course” in South Carolina in 2004; Mount Vintage Plantation Golf Club, a 27-hole, semi-private facility that Golf Magazine has likened to nearby Augusta National; and The Links at Stoney Point, a picturesque links design situated on Lake Greenwood that includes firstclass amenities. Hickory Knob is a Tom Jackson design located in McCormick, S.C., bordering the Georgia State line. Last but certainly not least, abounding with natural resources and recreational opportunities, The

Edgewater Golf Club Upcountry portion of the M2M alliance also includes a number of outstanding golfing experiences. The Walker Course at Clemson University is the home course of the vaunted Clemson Tiger golf team and offers up a spectacular collection of finishing holes along the shores of Lake Hartwell, while The Preserve at Verdae is a William Bird design carved out of the Carolina Forest located in mid-town Greenville. Of course, The Upcountry also includes the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains, which frame Woodfin Ridge Golf Club in Inman. Jacob’s Creek winds its way through the golf course that was

designed adjacent to scenic Lake Bowen. Mountains to Midlands not only allow golfers to either mix and match their golf within the regions or stay within the regions of their choice, this bourgeoning alliance transports golfers to a place where small towns, medium prices and big-name golf course architects harmoniously blend together. For information or to book your personalized Mountains to Midlands golf and travel package, contact Ricky Saucier at (888) 501-0954, email or visit for additional details about special offers.

Cheraw State Park Course Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


alabama golf central

By Greg Wise

Let the “Good Times Roll!” Gulf… Golf… and Good Times I Love November! It’s the time in the golf season when the hustle and bustle of covering the tour begins to calm down. Allowing myself and six other golf writers from the United States and Canada to get back together to enjoy some time on the golf course and share some stories about the previous year’s travels. This year we chose Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama for our four day adventure. We were trying something a little different this year. We contacted the

Gulf Shores Golf Association reservation department to set up the trip for us. We shared the budget that we wanted to spend and they helped set up our housing and arranged our tee times at the top golf courses. This process of our reservations couldn’t have been any easier. Taking the guess work out of doing it ourselves and eliminating any confusion in the process. We even received suggestions on where to eat in the evenings that were unique for the Gulf Shores region. When we first arrived in the Gulf Shores area, my goal was to speak the town name like a native. I learned the trick really quick. There is no “L” in Gulf Shores. Okay… that is clearly confusing to most, but hearing it so many times… it is clearly “Guf Shores” with their Southern accent. Our first stop after arriving in the area Tuesday was playing TimberCreek Golf Club just North of Gulf Shores near I-10 on Highway 181 in Daphne, Alabama. We had lunch with Rob Bradley, PGA professional and owner of the golf course and also discussed some operation issues with Andy Ray, director of golf at TimberCreek. One major distinction about TimberCreek is elevation changes

Tin Top Restaurant


in this challenging golf course. TimberCreek is located in the hills that represent the Southern-most point of the Appalachian Mountains, making for some very dramatic elevation changes and impacting the course strategy. Combining that fact with the good ole’ Southern Hospitality assures you will enjoy this 27-hole tract that will challenge any level of golfer. When the last putt was made, we were off on a 35-minute ride south to the Gulf of Mexico. We arrived in Orange Beach at Phoenix West II, a massive condominium complex, that we would call home for the next four nights. It’s a beautiful, private and secure facility which made us feel at home as soon as we arrived. Wednesday was going to be a long day with 36 holes of golf spread between two great golf courses. First up was Kiva Dunes Golf Club: Kiva Dunes had just completed a major renovation project, only opening a week before we arrived. Many golfers had mentioned that in past years, Kiva Dunes was very challenging. The Jerry Pate design was carrying a reputation of being too penalizing even for good shots. “All new greens and tees and course enhancements were completed through the summer months,” Rea Schuessler, director of golf instruction had mentioned to us, so many new features were added to “soften” the golf course and make it more playable for the average golfer, but still having the power to create a major challenge for the stronger golfer with a little longer yardage. This is one tough coastal golf course, even with the process of softening the course. This is one course that I will schedule time to return to Kiva Dunes to play again. The major take away for me about Kiva Dunes was that the course was visually appealing. After a quick lunch, we were off to Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club, just 15 minutes away. Even though you might consider Peninsula Golf Club a coastal golf course, we found just the opposite. Terrain change and just the surroundings, along with the overall feel to this golf course, created a different playing adventure to this quality golf course. Every shot seemed to be a challenge, even if you were planning on making scoring attempts on the golf course by cutting the corners… or maybe playing around those obstacles that were designed into the tract. All 27 holes seem to give you Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


fits if you were placing the ball in areas that weren’t designed for scoring. On Thursday morning we had only scheduled one 18-hole round, so an early tee time wasn’t needed. I took advantage of the opportunity to take a nice walk on the beach. A great way to relax was a walk along the sugar white sand beaches of Gulf (Guf) Shores-Orange Beach. What a tranquil place to release your thoughts as you stroll along the coast line, bracing for what was to come later in the morning at Craft Farms. Knowing that Craft Farms was an Arnold Palmer-designed golf course, you can only imagine that your game is going to be challenged around every corner. From signage around the clubhouse to a well-marked golf course, it was amazing to me, the attention to detail that was presented at Craft Farms at every turn. We were playing Cotton Creek. I was told it was the more challenging of the two courses at Craft Farms. No wonder I was having a little more difficulty than normal. Cotton Creek at

Kiva Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Lost Key was given that the course management had listened and improvements Cobalt Shrimp had been made. The new Sea Dwarf Paspalum grass was used in a renovation project from tee to green, giving you consistent lies in the fairways and the greens putted very true. Checking in to Paspalum, the later in the day, the slower the greens would roll. Remember the part about “early in the morning.” These greens were quick but very true! Lost Key is very much a shot-makers course. Hitting it straight is a definite Craft Farms featured rolling fairways benefit to scoring well. But Lost Balls and large undulating greens. Built in only happened when you would person1987, Arnold Palmer’s design style is ally hit a bad shot. Okay I admit it… I not to make the golf course so difficult hit a few of those. But when I finally that you don’t enjoy play, but provide began to focus on my game as opposed a risk/reward style plan to make you to the beauty around the course, think all around the golf course. my game improved dramatically. What a unique experience. StepAfter the round, we had lunch ping on to the elevated tee on the par 4, in the club house, said our good408-yard 14th hole, you could see and byes and all made our way to visualize everything that was facing you, the airport to return home. from tee to green. To me, it felt like I was One thing that we all agreed on, (and going to hit my tee shot into a post card. if you know any golf writers, getting to You can only imagine the stoget them to agree on anything is pretty ries that we were sharing over monumental) is that fact that we had dinner that evening at a great loa great time. The five courses that we cal restaurant called Cobalt. had the opportunity to play during Friday closed in on our group way our time in the Gulf Shores area were too quickly, but it was an early mornso different, even though all are coning wake up call to leave for ansidered to be “Coastal” courses. We all other Arnold Palmer design, Lost agreed that utilizing the reservation Key Golf Course just across the process was a major benefit to us for Florida state line in Perdido Key. this trip… and we started with sugBuild in 2006, we had heard from the gestions on the plans for next year. local golfers, that this was going to be One thing is for sure. I enjoyed myself a tough day as the Lost Key course had enough to plan a long weekend with the reputation of being called “Lost Balls” some of my golf friends from Florida, and that they even sell golf balls on the and we’ll end up back in Gulf Shores for beverage cart, in order for golfers to finmore of their Southern Hospitality. If ish. Okay… that one was an old wive’s you call in to inquire about the possibiltale and proved to not be true. But, the ity of playing in that area… don’t forget, test of shot making was truly there. speak it like a native… Guf Shores! What we found was a golf course in Make your plans by visitvery good condition and when we asked ing about the reputation, the explanation 65

By Mike May

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Goose Pond Colony: A Great Golf Getaway Try It. You’ll Like It...Seriously!

Goose Pond Hole #1

If you are searching

for a scenic, relaxing, stay-and-play golf getaway, head for Goose Pond Colony Resort (www. in Scottsboro, Alabama. It truly is a Dixie delight that’s just right – whether it’s morning, noon, or at night. When you arrive at Goose Pond Colony Resort (417 Ed Hembree Drive, Scottsboro, AL), you can’t help but relax and unwind which will enable you to truly enjoy this resort which is built in a rural setting on beautiful Lake Guntersville surrounded by the Cumberland Mountains in northeastern Alabama – about 45 minutes east of Huntsville At Goose Pond Colony, you have three housing choices that will be your ‘home away from home:’ the lake front lodge, lake front cottages, and the campground. The lodge and cottages are great options and offer virtually identical amenities, including wireless access to the Internet, if you abso-


lutely must respond to an email or two while on vacation. The campground has 119 paved sites. If you stay at the campground, there’s power, water, and sewer plus access to the piers and boat launches, if you bring a boat. The biggest benefit of staying at the lodge, in the cottages, or at the campground is that you wake up each morning with a great view of Lake Guntersville. When you pull back the curtains in the morning, the view of the lake is a refreshing and memorable way to begin your day. Don’t forget to bring your fishing rod when you visit Goose Pond because Lake Guntersville is 69,000 acres in size and is rated as one of the best fishing destinations in the South for bass, crappie, and catfish. You can buy your fishing license at the Bait & Tackle Shop at the full-service Marina. If you want a daily, peaceful escape during your visit to Goose Pond, there’s a two-mile walking trail that is built

along the wooded shoreline of Lake Guntersville. Try it. You’ll like it. The centerpiece attractions at Goose Pond Colony are its two 18-hole golf courses: the Lake course and the Plantation course, a pair of par 72 layouts. The Lake course, designed by George Cobb, has earned a few special honors such as the #1 Most Fun Public Golf Course to Play in North Alabama by local golf professionals in a Huntsville Times survey. It has also earned four stars in Golf Digest’s Places to Play listing. It’s also worth noting that on seven occasions, the Lake course has hosted the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division II national championships. If the Lake course is good enough to host a men’s national collegiate golf championship, it’s good enough for anybody to play and enjoy. Try it. You’ll like it. At the Lake course (256-912-0065), Lake Guntersville is within view on many holes, but its presence is especially felt on the back nine. If you can avoid the water during your 18-hole trek around the Lake course, that’s a commendable achievement. At the Lake course, the three most breathtaking views of Lake Guntersville are from the 4th and 15th fairways and the approach shot to the 17th green, which is surrounded by water on three sides. The Lake course is one of those courses that opens like a lamb and closes like a lion. The 1st hole, ranked as the course’s third easiest hole, is a straightaway downhill par four with a fairly flat green which makes getting ‘up & down’ for par quite possible. The 18th, listed as the course’s fifth most difficult hole, is an uphill, right-to-left, dogleg par four, which has a heavily bunkered green. Pars are precious at 18. The Plantation course – just over Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

6,900 yards from the back tees – is located a short drive from the Lake course. Like the Lake course, the Plantation course (256-259-0101) is situated in a scenic mountainous region which borders Lake Guntersville. The Plantation course has Bentgrass greens which make it an attractive destination for golfers from more northern climates. Its links-style design is a ‘twist’ which you don’t expect to see in northern Alabama, but that simply adds to its allure and appeal. Try it. You’ll like it. When you are hungry, eat at The Docks Restaurant for lunch or dinner. It’s a fine dining establishment which encourages you to come as you are. You can eat inside or outside. Not many restaurants allow you to arrive by water, but The Docks is an exception since its dock will accommodate any boat on the lake. Every item on the menu at The Docks is delicious….seriously. One of its signature dishes is shrimp and grits. It may be the best shrimp and grits in the South…. seriously. Make sure that you leave room for the bread pudding for dessert – possibly the best in the country…. seriously! After you try it, you’ll love it. Finally, if you visit Goose Pond Colony Resort at certain times of the year, there

Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

Goose Pond Hole #3 are special events which are worth checking out such as the annual Golf Sale in the spring; the Fireworks Show on the Fourth of July; the Ski Sale in November; and the Parade of Lights, which will put you in the holiday spirit, in December. During your stay at Goose Pond, if you realize that you need an extra piece of luggage to bring home laundry and/or gifts, it’s worth visiting the Unclaimed Baggage Center in downtown Scottsboro – less than a 15-minute trip

by car. It’s filled with everything that you can imagine – more than just luggage – that was left behind by air travelers at airports across the U.S. and the prices are vastly less than traditional retail. It’s a shoppers’ paradise….seriously! After reading this story, I hope that you are convinced that the Goose Pond Colony Resort is a Dixie delight that’s just right – morning, noon, and night. It was for me and it will be for you. Try it. You’ll like it….seriously!


Florida golf central header

Two Legendary Golf Courses, One Exclusive Miami Golf Resort Tucked away on 300 tropical acres, Turnberry Isle Miami, Autograph Collection, is a Mediterranean-style oasis with a culture of authenticity, spirited service and enriching experiences. Located within the upscale city of Aventura. The resort is easily acces-

by Robert Trent Jones, Sr., both courses

sible with airlift from Fort Lauderdale/

offer lush, tropical grounds accentuated

Hollywood International Airport just

with a variety of elevation changes,

12 miles south and Miami Interna-

contoured fairways, sharp changes

tional Airport only 18 miles north.

within holes and strategically placed

The resort is renowned for its

water features. Varied flora and trees

36-holes of championship golf featur-

indigenous to Florida’s tropical climate

ing the Soffer and Miller courses. Both

create an oasis-like feel throughout

championship-caliber golf courses

the courses giving nearly each hole a

have gone through more than $45

private feel, with more than $100,000

million in renovations changing the

in landscaping spent on each hole of

landscape of Florida golf. The South

play. Occasionally, a beautiful statue

Course’s (Soffer) debut was December

can be found nestled within the foli-

2006 and the North (Miller) opened in

age, reminding golfers that beauty

resort named after Golf Hall of Famer

December 2007. Originally designed

surrounds them at every turn.

and former Golf Director Julius Boros.

The resort’s

courses are home

goes are able to nest and nurture their

to hundreds of

young in a natural environment.

birds that continue


The Island ensures resident Flamin-

The courses vibrant hues accentu-

to call Turnberry

ated by the Paspalum Sea Dwarf grass

home. Special

that stays green year round is offset

nesting areas have

by the many lakes, brilliant flowers,

been positioned

white sand bunkers and lush foliage, all

throughout the

creating a golfer’s dream destination.

courses. Even a

Forest Travel creates and custom-

separate “Fla-

izes amazing golf getaways. For

mingo Island” was

more information and reservations,

built within Lake

please contact a Forest Travel Ex-

Julius, the largest

pert today at: www.ForestTravel.

and deepest body

com, 305.932.5560 or via email at

of water at the Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6

By Mitch Sadowsky

golf fitness

Fix Your Squat, Fix Your Swing!!

MS SPSc TP11 USAW AIS FMS Director of Golf Fitness Lake Nona Country Club Owner, Mitch11 Strength and Performance

Sadly, this conversation is played out waaaaaay too many times across the country every day. I have some bad news for you. So here’s the blunt truth: Squatting doesn’t hurt your knees. The way YOU squat hurts your knees and it’s probably hurting your golf game too. I know, I know. How could your poor squatting hurt your golf game? Well, in the TPI assessment, the Overhead Squat is the FIRST THING WE TEST! So, it’s not important huh? For me, it’s the most important. If you can squat, the world is your oyster. It means you have halfway decent core control, you have serviceable hip mobility, you have good ankle mobility, and know a thing or two about good patterning. If you can’t squat, well, we have some work to do. Squatting isn’t about

leg strength (I’m giving all of you who live to do the leg press the evil eye right now. More on that later) it’s more about a functional pattern that can then withstand load. So, why no leg press? Sure, loading up 400lbs on the weight stack MIGHT make you look cool and feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the inability to pull yourself in to the bottom of the squat position is what really develops strength. Not to mention the fact that the leg press (especially the seated leg press) puts a lot of strain on the lower back which is supposed to help spinal and core stability throughout the squat. The ability to properly squat and restoration of a healthy squat pattern can help improve your game tremendously. I’m not talking about loading up 400lbs on a bar and asking the guy next to you to “Spot me bro.” I’m saying, let’s fix your squat. Always remember, function/mobility, then stability, then add strength.

Phase 1: Soft tissue

Phase 3: Let the weight do the work: Goblet Squats

Using a foam roller, roll out your soleus muscles (beneath your calves, above your ankles), hip flexors (the fun guys between your hips and quads) and glutes.

Once you have found a comfortable bottom position from Phase 2 and is it easier to descend (this could take 2-3 sets of the assisted squats, or 2-3 sessions worth of work. Everyone will be different), we can start to add load to assist with the squat. Using a kettlebell or dumbbell, hold it chest height with your upper arms locked on to your ribs (Picture 4, 5). Using the breathing you worked on during Phase 2 in the assisted squat, inhale slowly as you descend in to the bottom position of the squat keeping your shoulders and chest as tall as possible. Think pull your elbows down to the ground while you squat. Pausing briefly in the bottom position (Picture 5, 6), sharply exhale as you stand up from the squat, think drive your shoulders to the ceiling. Repeat this 3-5 times per set. Use the weight to hold you in to the bottom position and force your hips down. Use a manageable weight, but something heavy enough to add resistance.

Strength coach: OK, let’s do some squats Athlete: Can we do something else, like the leg press? Squatting hurts my knees.

Phase 2: Let’s squat better Using a stationary object, hold on to the object and lower yourself in to a squat position as deep as is comfortable (Picture 1) When descending, take a long slow inhale as you lower yourself down. Think pulling yourself down in to the squat. Lead with the hips down as opposed knees forward. Knees should track slightly out. Hold the bottom position for 2-3 seconds (Picture 2). Stand up by pushing through the heels, squeeze your glutes at the top position. Repeat and pull yourself down a bit lower this time. Repeat this process for 3-5 reps. Repeat for a few a workouts or as long as it take to get just below parallel. Make sure the chest stays tall, we don’t hunch to hunch over in to the squat (picture 3). Don’t cheat the squat! It’s important to note, squatting with your butt to your heels is NOT NECESSARY! The hip socket is made differently on everyone (based on genetics) and some people just can’t get down that far. HOWEVER, we should all be able to get down to thighs parallel or just below parallel to the ground.


Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


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How Can Bruce Lee and Lou Holtz Help Your Golf Swing?

By Ken Pierce President, GolfGym, LLC

year you might become the man or woman to “fear” on the golf course. Practice, if it is going to be effective, needs to be planned and executed in a manner that enhances your golf swing, your motor pattern memory, and most importantly...your confidence. Developing a repeatable, consistent golf swing will make a huge impact on your scoring ability on the course. Executing the plan is the challenge. Why not plan a simple golf swing training program this off-season. Check out GolfGym. com for some great suggestions.

When I read this quote from Bruce Lee, I immediately felt there was a direct link to the way we should think about golf and how we practice it. Bruce Lee understood that it only takes one perfect kick to take down an adversary. Practicing that one kick 10,000 times will help you come close to perfection. Connecting those same dots to golf, there is no way to accurately calculate the amount of balls a PGA Tour Player hits in a year. After doing some rough calculations, I came up with an estimate. With their tournament rounds and all the practicing they do, PGA Tour players probably hit 10,000 balls every 3-4 months or so. That’s one great indicator why they are so good at the game. Generally, recreational golfers don’t take practice very seriously. Hitting a small bucket of balls on the range using only the driver just before stepping up to the first tee might get 72

you slightly warmed up, but it does not count as practice. I saw an interview on the Golf Channel with the very passionate retired football Coach, Lou Holtz. He commented on the off-season, goals and practicing. Regarding the off-season he said, “There is no off-season in athletics.” Regarding goals he said, “If you don’t have goals, how will you know when you get there?” As for practicing golf, he recommended swinging your golf club 30 times a day for an entire year. He went on to say, “If you do that you will create a great swing”. Think about it, 30 Swings x 365 days = 10,950 swings. Who knows, after just one

“It’s too difficult to swing a golf club indoors during the winter”, you say? Well, we have great some suggestions on tools you can use indoors. They will help you develop a good “practice” mentality while training your golf specific muscles. Head over to to see what we mean. 10,000 swings starts with just one. Southern Golf Central • Volume 16, Issue 6


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