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In the 1950’s Gladys Thompson Roth was a singing barmaid in a New Hampshire cocktail lounge, singing bawdy English ballads,” Her career took her far from “show biz” into a variety of pursuits including teaching archery and fencing to teen age girls. An intense interest in social activism, pyramided into a commitment to the women’s movement where she served as Director of Womanspace, a feminist organization for ten years.

A Journey in Stone A nd Wood

Gladys Thompson Roth

In addition Ms. Roth is an accomplished artist sculpting in clay, stone and wood. She has exhibited to great acclaim in libraries, universities, industrial buildings and galleries. An undergraduate degree in early childhood education from Brooklyn College and a master’s degree in special education from New York University led her to work for the N.Y. City Board of Education in a variety of positions from classroom teacher to hospital teacher to evaluator for children in need of special services in public schools. Married, with two daughters and a grandson, she strives for a full diversified and rewarding life, one with room for self, family and community In her words, “Although each of us is connected with other persons we still have a responsibility for our own self growth, knowing who we are and recognizing that our connectedness impacts on the ability to take action and effect the immediate and larger community” All of which informs her sculpture.

A Journey in Stone A nd Wood Gladys Thompson Roth

A Journey in Stone A nd Wood

Curator Lisa Scandaliato Photographer Pauline Shapiro Designer Ana MartĂ­nez Printing Editorial MIC, Spain

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical means now known or to be invented, including photocopying, recording and information storage and retrieval systems, without the permission in writing from the publisher, except by reviewer who may quote brief passages in review. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Roth, Gladys Thompson. A journey in stone and wood / essay by Gladys Thompson Roth. p. 98 cm. 23 x 24 Published to accompany an exhibition held at the QCC Art Gallery, the City University of New York, Bayside, N.Y., Dec. 2, 2010-Feb. 30, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9799382-6-9 (alk. paper) 1. Roth, Gladys Thompson--Exhibitions. I. QCC Art Gallery. II. Title. NB237.R7765A4 2010 730.92--dc22

QCC Art Gallery Press Š 2010


A Journey in Stone A nd Wood Gladys Thompson Roth

QCC ART GALLERY The City University of New York

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ITHIN THE REALM OF THE NATURAL MATERIALS, a Gladys Thompson-Roth uses in her work both figurative and abstract forms and is able to express with subtle sensual qualities to bring us to a meditative state. Exploring both human forms and relationships. Her works are visible proof of her ability to express her own reality within today’s society, values that today seem difficult to define and embrace. It may sound like a cliché, yet her reality is projected in such pieces as My Mother/Myself, Sharing Wisdom and Caring. Whether or not her pieces are just waiting to come alive, they leave us with the perception of human virtues close to be or totally forgotten. “Art is a solitary vocation.” I forget the origin of this thought, but without question it is what Gladys faces within this realm of silence. These personal creative events are perched between confrontations facing her and the actual culture and social-historical bounds that constrain her. Yet it can come into its own only by entering into a dialog with nature, which totally surrounds her existential world. Ms. Thompson-Roth’s expressions immortalize basic biomorphic and organic forms, but fall within the power of reality. The restorative and reciprocal nurturing which surround the spaces are characteristics inspired by the sculptors of our time. She masterly transformed all materials in her exploration, creating an illumination that evokes an awakening to embrace truth and beauty.

Faustino Quintanilla QCC Art Gallery Executive Director


A Journey in Stone A nd Wood Gladys Thompson Roth  

"A Journey in Stone and Wood" - Gladys Thompson Roth. Extract from the book of the QCC Art Gallery. Extracto del libro "A Journey in Stone...

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