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knovember rausse 2010

curated by Thomas Fritz Editorial Krausse Del Salto, 10 46167 Chulilla (Valencia) Spain ______________________ By clicking the books you can access to the online watch option of a restricted part of the editions.

Krausse / November 2010 ART?BOOKS COLLECTIONS _________________________________________________________

MARIONA BRINES & FRANCISCO BRINES ELCA After William Morris a beautiful house and a beautiful book this are the things most to be longed for. Krausse is pleased to present the artistic work between the painter Mariona Brines and the poet Francisco Brines: ELCA. A limited edition of 30 copies: hand bounded, numbered and hand signed. Hardcover. Red cloth. 7 electrogr. Fabriano paper. Hand bounded. Limited edition, 30 copies. Numbered and signed. 31,5 x 27,5 cm PRICE: 150._________________________________________________________ -4-

Krausse / November 2010 ART?BOOKS COLLECTIONS _________________________________________________________

ENRIQUE RODRIGO MANCHO LAS TRIPAS DEL ARQUITECTO It is absurd to write about one without me. I am so simple and opposite. It may be absurd, but it is absurd not to. I met a man who died waiting for justice. In the belly of an architect you can find all the elements to write a poem. Limited edition, 10 copies. Hardcover. Green skin. 24 x 22 cm 24 visual poems. Mixed media. Numbered and signed edition. PRICE: 25.-

_________________________________________________________ -6-

Krausse / November 2010 ART?BOOKS COLLECTIONS _________________________________________________________

THOMAS FRTIZ & ENRIQUE BADER AUTOPISTA There is no room left in this hell. But nobody cares. We will always have guns. We will always have nothing. Everything. We'll always have the highway. Texts of the writer Enrique Bader. The ART?LIBRIS version of the artist book of the german painter Thomas Fritz. A limited edition of 20 copies, numbered and signed. PRICE: 25.-

_________________________________________________________ -8-

Krausse / November 2010 ART?BOOKS COLLECTIONS _________________________________________________________

TORERO A color tunnel leads us to one of the most important keys of the Spanish cultural roots, bullfighting. The painter Enrique Rodrigo Mancho offers Krausse a "unique" edition composed by pages that form and/or defragment the beauty and genius of bullfighting. LIMITED EDITION: 10 pieces Softcover bound in cardboard. Inside variable image printed in ink. 21 x 15 cm PRICE: 15.-

_________________________________________________________ -10-

next month: Jose Luis Parra Pau Valles Thomas Fritz Adrian de Brosquiles

© Editorial Krausse, 2010 © Thomas Fritz, 2010


Curated by Thomas Fritz (C) EDITORIAL KRAUSSE S.L., 2010 (C) THOMAS FRITZ, 2010

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