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In Athene the exercising is done with various training devices and body movements in a gaming environment.

Virtual environment lifts exercising to a new level Exergaming products that combine physical training and gaming are a globally rising trend. Finnish company CSE Entertainment Oy and its product line Athene ride the wave.


he Finnish games’ industry has world-class know-how, and CSE Entertainment is exploring the unknown by bringing health and wellness games to the market. “Exergaming products’ market is now really opening globally. We started product development already three years ago at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, so we got up and are now riding the wave with our Athene,” CEO Veli-Matti Nurkkala gladly comments. Nurkkala feels that, instead of the entertainment segment with much competition, the Finnish game developers should seriously consider producing health games.

Training experiences to remember Athene Exergaming product line is the company’s main thing. “Athene Exergaming combines virtual environments and physical gaming with traditional exercising. In Athene the exercising

is done with various training devices and body movements in a gaming environment. The products are designed to motivate and bring content to the training. The gaming experience is created by moving in the virtual environment, and playing a game really encourages you to exercise. In the world of sports, Athene brings new possibilities to train the real competition routes and tracks in the virtual environment. A further advantage is that the gaming devices can be attached to any gym equipment.”

Rehabilitation work-out with more fun and effect In physical rehabilitation, virtual worlds change the often monotonous training into more motivating completion of tasks in the games’ virtual environment. For activating the senior citizens, there are exercises combining cognitive tasks and cycling.

Athlete’s vantage Athene brings a new world of possibilities for the competing athletes. “The next Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea in 2018 and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Lahti in 2017. We convert these competition routes into virtual routes giving athletes a chance to train in the competing environment, having vantage in the contest and even getting the mental upper hand.” The German Olympic Team chose Athene We reached Nurkkala for the interview in Manchester, right after a trip to Germany. “We’ve just installed an Athene product at the German Olympic Training Centre, where it will be used in coaching World’s top athletes, he proudly states. TEXT: MH