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June - July 2017 “U3A is the premier organisation for informal life-long learning ”


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The letter-box for Magazine articles and letters is situated in the entrance hall of the Community Centre but if possible please e-mail contributions to the editor at the address above. It saves so much time. Alternatively, any member of the editorial team will be happy to accept your contributions. Please remember that all correspondence intended for publication must bear the name and telephone number or address of the sender, although anonymity in the Magazine may be given if requested. It is the editor’s decision. The editor reserves the right to amend, reject or abbreviate any entry submitted. It also is made clear that views expressed are not necessarily those of the organisation. Insurance Members of Burnham on Sea U3A are reminded that the Third Age Trust (TAT) arranges Third Party Liability and Product Liability insurance on behalf of affiliated U3As. This is paid for within our annual capitation fee to TAT. It should be noted that there is no personal accident insurance included in this arrangement. Members of U3As join in U3A activities at their own risk and hereby are advised that, should they feel they wish to be covered for personal accidents or personal property, it is necessary for them to make their own private arrangements.


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Coffee is served until 11:15 Swaps may be made by mutual agreement between groups but please let Brenda Dibley know on 782150 before the day. -oOoIf you have not paid your subscription for this year, your membership has lapsed and this is the last Magazine you will receive.

Group Leaders: please remember to check members’ cards at meetings.


Message from the Editor The week after this Magazine comes out, we will be having a snap General Election, and this got me thinking. Less than 100 years ago, only half the adult population had a chance to vote for the way they wanted their country run. It wasn’t until 1919 that women over 30 were allowed to vote, and it was 1928 before that applied to all adults over 21. I feel it is very important for people to use their vote. We older ones are better at it. If you have children or grandchildren, please encourage them to make a decision and go. Too many people in the world do not have that opportunity. I also ask you to consider what you are voting for. We don’t have a President here, so the personalities of the potential Prime Ministers are not really important. What is important is who is your local MP, who will be there to help you if you need it. And that the policies they and their party are standing on are those you yourself agree with and would want the country to be run by. (Even though sometimes it is difficult to find those out from sound-bites chosen to be on television or in the newspapers. ) Every one of us is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and that gives us responsibilities as well as rights. Here’s hoping we have a good summer, Harriet Courtney -oOoDisclaimer: The inclusion of advertisements in this Magazine does not imply endorsement by the U3A of the companies placing the advertising.


Chairman’s Letter Dear Fellow Member, Last week was the occasion of our Annual General Meeting, amongst other things this provides us with an opportunity to look back over the year. In terms of our numbers, the year has been a stable one for our U3A. We are still hovering at just below the 600 members. Undoubtedly the main strengths of the U3A are the groups, of which we have over 50, both for learning and friendship. It is not the role of the Committee to start or manage Groups, although they will do everything possible to encourage, support and facilitate new and existing groups. The Committee has worked hard to ensure that we continue to flourish and remain solvent, during the year. I would like to thank all the Officers of the Committee for keeping me in line during my first year as Chairman. The Newsletter has become our Magazine, this new title better reflects its role and content; but as ever we are dependent on our members for the content so please keep the articles coming. The revamp of our Website also means that it is much easier to update and this now means that we can keep all our members with computer access up-to-date with all that is going on. I would also like to single out for mention the Members’ Bulletins distributed by email to each member, again a valuable means of communication. Thursday Coffee Mornings remain an important part of our membership offer but with an average attendance of around 60 it reflects only a small portion of the needs and interests of our total membership. I wanted to emphasise the work of the Committee at the AGM because, in common with other organisations, it is becoming difficult to recruit committee members and volunteers. Many of us are so busy and finding time can be difficult but ideally there is space for more members on the Committee and we are particularly keen to recruit a Groups Co-ordinator. Once again, we thank Ken and the management committee of the Community Centre for the use of the premises. We are the envy of the other local U3As for having access to such a high-quality resource. Paul Hambleton


BBC Bristol Studios On 5th April, a coach-load from Burnham U3A went to Whiteladies Road in Bristol for a tour of the BBC Broadcasting House. The BBC campus, Broadcasting House Bristol first was in 21/23 Whiteladies Road, which was built in 1852 and is a Grade II listed building with four radio studios. The BBC has been on the same site ever since. Since first opening Broadcasting House has grown to incorporate 6 more houses in Whiteladies Road, as well as several in Tyndall's Park Road. It now provides offices and technical facilities for the BBC Natural History Unit, Bristol factual, network radio, BBC West and BBC Radio Bristol. Network radio studios, a network television studio, a regional television studio, local radio studios, a combined television and radio newsroom, and an outside broadcast base have all been built on the site. We made the tour in two groups of 15 people each, each led by two very friendly and informative tour guides. The red group started by going through the Natural History Unit, where Planet Earth 2 was made recently. We were shown the advances in techniques and equipment between this and the original Planet Earth and earlier Attenborough series. The cameras can pick up images clearly kilometres away, but the sound has to be added later, and we were shown the Foley box where simple items like plastic tape and bags of rice are used to simulate real sounds . We went up on the roof garden where Ian Ferguson tells us the weather on Points West and saw the view over Bristol. Then we went down to the Radio Bristol studio and had the workings of that explained. And next we were shown round the Points West studio, which is smaller than it looks on the screen. We then performed a News, Sport and Weather broadcast in a rehearsal studio. The script was shown on an autocue, you have to keep to the timing so the accompanying pictures come in the right place. The yellow group made the tour the other way round, and they acted an episode from the Archers instead, The Day Trip Group has arranged a second tour in October, I would highly recommend it. It was an interesting and fun day, Harriet Courtney (See pictures in the centre pages.)


Somerset Churches – St Mary the Virgin, Cossington On approaching the church we were overtaken by a number of people in high spirits heading for an entrance at the rear of the church. We were busy looking at the Brent Memorial stone, when three more people arrived breathlessly. “Have you seen a group of people?” they asked. We pointed, saying “They went thataway” as in movie Westerns, and they raced away. We later discovered they were practising bell-ringers. ‘Practising’ being the operative word because they were seldom in the right sequence and had us giggling at the awkward sounds coming to us clearly from the bell tower. The Lords of the Manor from the 13th to the 17th centuries were the Brents. Over the porch there is a stone to the memory of the last of the Brents. John Brent was not buried in the church because he was a Roman Catholic, so the stone was erected by his Protestant wife. She left a sum of money to found the ‘Brent Charity’, which still provides a small sum annually to be distributes to the poor of the village. Over the years there have been many alterations and additions. A porch was added in the 14th century and the tower in the 15th, and much reconstruction over the years. We left with a charming sight of gay daffodils growing through a side bench.

June Kelsall


Day Trip to Abergavenny A cheerful group of us joined our coach to enjoy a journey of lovely scenery, it being May when all the trees and hedges are beginning to show us their true glory. Crossing the Severn Bridge over the wide stretch of water added to the pleasure of the journey. Abergavenny is a market town situated on the River Usk. Wednesday is market day and we were able to visit the Flea Market, which is indoors in the Market Hall. It was worth noting the strange huge birds suspended from the ceiling showing the cruelty of their claws where their captured vermin were clutched. These were, I hasten to add, man-made artistically created birds. A visit to the castle was a must. The walk uphill was well worth the view from the ramparts looking over the valley to the mountains. Abergavenny is surrounded by mountains rising to 1500 feet. The mountains are called Sugarloaf, Ysgyryd Fawr and Blorenge. Although the castle is in ruins the grounds are a delight, with strategically placed benches for resting or picnicking. Play tunnels had been made from live growing willow, for children to enjoy. Plenty of information boards explain the castle ruins. A well-known massacre of the Welsh nobility took place here in 1177. A pleasant walk next down to the river. The walk takes you through meadows with carefully planned paths. We didn’t see any fish, but it was a dog-walkers’ paradise. Abergavenny has something to offer everybody, delightful shops for those who want to browse, plenty of seats for those who want to rest. Some of our party found a lovely restaurant where they dined in style and enjoyed their meal. Abergavenny is on my list to visit again whenever the occasion allows. Thank you Eileen for a lovely trip out. As usual we felt well cared for and secure in the knowledge someone was there to guide and shepherd us safely. Sue Smith


My Life as a TV Cameraman Some forty-odd members met in the Community Centre on the morning of Friday 17th March to hear Geoff Vian recall his forty-eight years as a TV cameraman. He explained that from a teenager, the prospect of such employment had fascinated him and he was lucky enough to have been accepted as a trainee by the BBC in London. Although he underwent a fourteen weeks course at the BBC’s Technical Training establishment, he said his learning the trade was done “on the job”, firstly as an assistant, then as a fully-fledged cameraman and subsequently as head of a camera team. Geoff recounted a number of different tasks and experiences, including outdoor broadcasting and children’s television, but it was obvious his main interest was in sport. He recollected in detail some of the exotic places and people he had met all around the world whilst filming cricket, tennis and snooker, amongst other sports, as a freelance cameraman after being made redundant by the BBC. He felt he could not have had a better swan-song than to film at the Rio Olympics, an experience he saw as the pinnacle of his career. Ken Henton


The U3A Concert Party The U3A Concert Party was formed in 1997. Mary Walters was one of the founders who became the director with Jean Agnes as the musical director accompanied by Jock Agnew on accordion. At first the Concert Party did shows at the Princess Theatre, King Alfred College, the Methodist hall and Berrow village hall. Later the group branched out to entertain in old folks homes and village halls. This has taken the group as far afield as Nailsea, Taunton, Bridgwater, Worle, as well as various venues in Weston, Burnham and Highbridge. We also sing at the U3A Carol service. We performed concerts at Berrow hall to raise funds for the refurbishment of the hall. We then raised funds for our own U3A. Lately we have raised funds for the Community Centre refurbishment. Our most recent fund-raiser on the 24th April was again a fund raiser for a good cause. We meet in room 2 of the Community Centre on Tuesdays, with the exception of the 4th Tuesday when the room is not available. We rehearse from 2.30 till 4.30 with a short break for refreshments. Our musical director is Brian Foakes. We are always looking for new members (especially men) to come and join us. So, if you enjoy singing why not come along. In September the Burnham U3A celebrates its 25 Years anniversary. The Concert Party is teaming up with the U3A Ukulele Group to give a show at the Princess Theatre in September. The programme will consist of the first half by the Concert Party, then an interval for light refreshments, then the second half by the Ukulele Group. More details will be published nearer the date, keep your eyes on the website. Joe Tohill





1 Country walk 4 Small river 8 In direct line of descent 10 Weekday 11 Yearned 12 Rim 14 Large woody plant 15 In another place 17 Rogue 20 Religious group or faction 21South African currency 22 Have faith in 24 Took creases out of clothes 25 Monarch’s ceremonial chair 26 Erase 27 Abruptly change course

1 Depended on 2 Cope 3 Jump 5 Walked on 6 Tolerate 7 Chaos 9 Rescuer on a beach 10 Member of a religion 13 Choose by vote 14 One who keeps having a go with little success 16Caught sight of 17 Educational institution 18 Toil 19 Stick fast to 22 Camper’s shelter 23 Melt

Answers on Page 23

Veronica Richardson


Burnham and Highbridge Band

The Burnham and Highbridge Band is ready to entertain you with its summer season, starting at the Princess Theatre on Sunday 18th June at the usual time of 7.45 pm. Tickets (£7 and £6 concessions) from the Princess Theatre Box Office, (tel: 01278 784464) or online ( ) But you can also pack up a picnic, the grand-children and your neighbours and see them at one of the following local events: Pawlett Village Fête, Saturday July 15th at 2.00 pm; Puritan Flower Show, Saturday 12th August at 2.00 pm; or West Huntspill Horticultural Show, Saturday 19th August at 2.00 pm. Come along and enjoy the music; there should be something to suit all tastes. Joan Locock


Things I Dread There are lots of things that I dread, Like a spider in my bed. You’ll remember when James Bond meets A spider which crawls under the sheets. And what does our hero do But beat it to death with a shoe! In Burnham it’s not so extreme. But that’s not to say I’m too keen When a spider is seen in the bath. The last thing I do is laugh. It’s the plughole, the loo or the rhine. Then there’s the food that I detest Like marzipan on Christmas fare. It’s difficult when you’re a guest And your hostess has made it with care. But the dog’s going to get it – so there! I remember the dinners at school, The things that would make me wince, Like hearts and semolina and also the horrible mince. There was tapioca which sounds like a Mexican dance, But this, like all the rest, was just PANTS! My final dread is using the iron, A job that you cannot decline. When you finish a heap You could sit down and weep, ‘Cos another load’s fresh off the line. Brian Smith


The Points West Studio. Cameras and Autocue behind the picture taker. The wall at the back is just a fuzzy blur, not a glimpse into a bigger area. 16

Paul and Harriet reading the News Photos: Linda Sadler


First Meeting “Where’s Chrissie?” Freda Jones asked her daughter, pausing in the act of buttering bread. Linda sighed and wiped floury hands on a paisley patterned cross-over pinny. She noted how her wedding ring now swivelled round her finger, she had lost so much weight. “Mum, how many times? Her name is Christobel.” Her mother tutted and resumed her spreading. “Yeah, yeah I know – you got it out of a book. Good job you wasn’t reading Moby Dick love.” “Mum!” A giggle escaped in spite of herself. “She’s on the doorstep happily playing. Shall we have a cuppa?” Linda reached for the kettle, her mum did love a brew. She was living there since being bombed out. Still there’d be no more of that now. The twins were back from Devon rosy-cheeked and cheeky as ever. Then tomorrow, Mick would be home. She felt slightly nervous, they’d be unused to each other. She smiled at the thought of the daisy print dress hanging in her wardrobe. Mum had run it up on the Singer. They had pooled their clothing coupons, sat up late together cutting out, working from a paper pattern. As her mother had now popped next door for Rita to do a home perm, Linda resumed baking. Christobel Collins was perched on the back doorstep, her chubby two year old fingers curled around a piece of bread and jam. Her dimpled face was smeared with the jam and wisps of her blonde curls were sticking to it. She also clutched Bruno, a scruffy one-eyed teddy bear, known to the rest of the family as Nelson. She was dreamily singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and totally absorbed in her own world, not hearing the click of the gate into the yard.


A shadow fell across Christobel’s path. The tall, broad figure blocking the sun, ducking his head to avoid flapping washing was a stranger to her. Two pairs of eyes the same shade of blue made contact. She tilted her head and bawled loudly. Mick Collins stopped, mortified to have caused such alarm in his daughter, born while he was away fighting and this was his first glimpse of her. Linda rushed out, a range of emotions from disbelief to alarm, to pleasure crossing her face. “What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to be here till tomorrow! Look at the state of me. I had a new dress, my cake’s not ready and the boys are at Saturday morning flicks!” Mick grinned. “ Nice to see you too.” Christobel had calmed down and was now regarding him from the safety of her mother’s arms. “Christobel, this is your Dad.” Linda said. “Dad.” The infant repeated as she did most things. The three of them entered the kitchen where Linda slotted Christobel into a highchair, so she could give Mick a proper kiss. Then second priority, the kettle was set on the hob. Mick counted himself really lucky. The war had made countless widows, orphans, robbed families of their sons, flattened their homes. He was home in one piece, back with his family and about to have a cup of tea. A thought suddenly occurred to him. “ Where’s yer mum?” “Next door having a perm. She’s gonna be furious she wasn’t here when you came in,” For some reason this struck them as funny and they collapsed with laughter. But it was probably just the joy of being back together. Kim Lewis


The Third Age Trust This is our ‘umbrella’ organisation, which covers all the U3As in the country. The latest publication from them contains information about events and courses going on all over the country, especially those with offers for U3A members. Here’s one I would really love to go on!

“The Elizabethan Experience” at Shakespeare’s Globe *** New Dates for 2017 & 2018

Many U3A members have appreciated the Elizabethan Experience arranged by The Globe for U3A groups. These visits have proved so popular that The Globe is kindly putting on extra dates from June 2017 until February 2018. As you will see, the full U3A programme is fascinating and includes The Rose archaeological site as well as The Globe. The programme includes two refreshment options at The Swan overlooking the Thames with stunning views to St Paul’s.

Here’s another Wild Side Events This Autumn WWT would like to invite U3A groups to events designed exclusively for them. Following on from the success of A Talk on the Wild Side last year, our other five WWT Wetland Centres are now hosting this event: Arundel, Llanelli, Martin Mere, Washington and Welney. The day will centre around an illustrated talk on WWT’s founder, Sir Peter Scott, and how his ideas have helped shape the way we protect the natural world today. After the talk and a break for lunch, we’ll take you on a bespoke guided tour of our Wetland Centre, allowing your group to get close to and learn more about some of the fascinating wildlife that call our centres home. WWT are also hosting a NEW Get Close to the Wild Side event at WWT Caerlaverock, WWT Castle Espie, WWT Slimbridge and WWT London. Your group will enjoy a variety of exclusive get close to nature activities, including, for example at WWT London pond dipping for adults and a guide to bird watching in our hides – similar activities will be held at the other centres. (Further details and info available from the Editor or Secretary)


25th Anniversary Celebration Cream Tea Anniversary Cream Tea at St. Andrew’s Church Saturday 29th July 2.00.p.m. to 4.30.p.m. See the re-decorated Church See an Exhibition of Burnham History Hear a Peal of Bells Tickets £3.00 from Ken Hindle

Commemorative Tree Planting Ceremony One of the activities being held during our 25th anniversary year, will be the commemorative tree-planting ceremony in October. Sedgemoor District Council have agreed the proposal, and have made the decision to select a flowering cherry tree which will be planted in the Manor Gardens on behalf of the U3A. As part of this activity, we have arranged for a special tree-planting book to be completed and which would be held in the archives after the event. We would very much like your participation in this event, by submitting any information about yourself, that you would like to go into the book. This can be a photograph, information on the groups that you participate in, when you joined the U3A, when you came to live in Burnham, etc. This would give a very good record of how many members and groups we actually have during this anniversary year. Each person will contribute 25p and this will be put towards the cost of the tree. I will be the co-ordinator, along with Ken, and will collate all the submitted information. If you would like any further information, please do contact myself or Ken. Diane Cruickshank

Chairman – Gardening Group


Speaker programme 21st July, Colin Thomas on Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance Info and tickets from Kath Hoyland, tel: 783995 or -oOo-

 A lady goes to the bar on a cruise ship and orders a Scotch with two drops of water. As the bartender gives her the drink she says, “I'm on this cruise to celebrate my 80th birthday and it's today.” The bartender says, “Well, since it's your birthday, I'll buy you a drink. In fact, this one is on me.” As the woman finishes her drink, the woman to her right says, “I would like to buy you a drink, too.” The old woman says, “Thank you. Bartender, I want a Scotch with two drops of water.” “Coming up,” says the bartender. As she finishes that drink, the man to her left says, “I would like to buy you one, too.” The old woman says, “Thank you. Bartender, I want another Scotch with two drops of water.” “Coming right up,” the bartender says. As he gives her the drink, he says, “Ma'am, I'm dying of curiosity. Why the Scotch with only two drops of water?” The old woman replies, “Sonny, when you're my age, you've learned how to hold your liquor. Holding your water, however, is a whole other issue.”


LOCHS & GLENS of SCOTLAND at ARDGARTEN HOTEL. Planned Holiday for 2018. 24-29th April - 6 days. Please see notice board for further details, also express your interest to Holiday Team, Room 3. Early booking essential. We will start collecting deposits from July 2017. Thank you for your support. We look forward to another lovely holiday. Lynn, Sue, Geoff & Jean


The Chicken and the Toad A chicken was crossing the road The toad, rather cross, in reply When he met a warty old toad Said “I really don’t know why “My, my,” said the bird With your strut and that pout “I think it absurd I very much doubt Hopping to and fro your abode.” You are any better than I.” Veronica Richardson 2017


Crossword Answers Across: 1) Ramble 4) Stream 8) Lineal;, 10) Monday, 11 Pined12) Edge, 14) Tree, 15) Elsewhere, 17) Scoundrel , 20) Sect, 21) Rand, 22) Trust 24) Ironed 25) Throne, 26) Delete, 27) Swerve Down : 1) Relied, 2) Manage, 3 )Leap, 5) Trod, 6) Endure, 7) Mayhem, 9) Lifeguard 10) Methodist, 13) Fleet, 14) Trier, 16) Espied, 17) School, 18) Labour, 19) Adhere 22) Tent, 23) Thaw








Group Timetable Monday Group


Skittles Ukulele Luncheon 2 Mah Jong Poetry Scrabble 1 Scrabble 2 Table Tennis 2 Rummikub French 1 Classical Music “

1 &3 every nd 2 nd 2 th 4 rd 3 st 1 every th 4 Weekly st rd 1 &3 nd th 2 &4

am 10 am – 12 noon pm pm 2 – 4 pm pm 2 - 4 pm pm pm pm pm pm





Table Tennis 4 French 3 Darts Mah Jong Concert Party Patchwork 1 Book 1 Weather & Climate

every every rd 3 1st every every rd 3 nd 2

am am am pm pm 2 - 4 pm 2 - 4pm 10:30 – 12noon








Wednesday Group




Painting for Pleasure Patchwork 2 Walking Easy Walking Canasta Play Reading Gardening Jewellery Table Tennis 1 Card Making

Every nd th 2 &4 st 1 nd th 2 &4 every rd 3 st 1 nd 2 every alternate

am am am am 2 – 4 pm 2 pm pm pm 2 - 4 pm 2 - 4 pm



Bay Centre

Group Timetable Thursday Coffee Morning


10:00 to 11:15





Lace Making Walking French 2 Embroidery 2 Keep Fit Lunch Barn Dancing Book 2 Rummikub Book 3 Supper Group 2

alternate rd 3 every alternate weekly rd 3 nd th th 2 ,4 &5 st 1 st 1 last rd 3

10 am – 12 noon am am 10 am -12noon am pm pm pm 2 pm pm 6:30 pm

Material Needs





Latin Creative Colour Exercise to Music Creative Writing Table Tennis 3 Embroidery 1 Philosophy for Fun

alternate weekly weekly st 1 weekly weekly th 4 Friday

11 am – 12 noon am am am 1.45 to 3.45pm 2 - 4 pm 10:30 -12

Room 1 CC various


Bay Centre 6 The Gables

Saturday Group



Table Tennis 5 Easy Strollers 2

alternate nd 2

Strollers 1


am 10:30 – 3 pm (usually) 10:15am Nov - Apr 1:15pm May - Oct

Venue Apex Park

Groups meet at the Community Centre (CC) unless otherwise shown


Directory of Groups Barn Dancing Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Canasta Card making Classical Music 1 Classical Music 2 Classical Music 3 Creative Colour Concert Party Contact Creative Writing Darts Easy Strolling Easy Walking Embroidery 1 Embroidery 2 Exercise to Music French 1 French 2 French 3 Gardening Holiday Group Jewellery Keep Fit Lace making Latin Luncheon Club Luncheon Group 2 Mah Jong Painting for Pleasure Patchwork 1 Patchwork 2 Philosophy for Fun Play Reading Poetry Rummikub Scrabble 1 Scrabble 2 Skittles Somerset Villages 1 Somerset Villages 2 Strollers Supper Club Supper Club 2 Table Tennis 1 Table Tennis 2 Table Tennis 3 Table Tennis 4 & 5 Theatre U3A Travel (day trips) Ukulele Walking Weather & Climate

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Founders Tea Party - photo Ken Henton


Jun jul 17 burnham on sea u3a