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The letter-box for Magazine articles and letters is situated in the entrance hall of the Community Centre but if possible please e-mail contributions to the editor at the address above. It saves so much time. Alternatively, any member of the editorial team will be happy to accept your contributions. Please remember that all correspondence intended for publication must bear the name and telephone number or address of the sender, although anonymity in the Magazine may be given if requested. It is the editor’s decision. The editor reserves the right to amend, reject or abbreviate any entry submitted. It also is made clear that views expressed are not necessarily those of the organisation.

Insurance Members of Burnham on Sea U3A are reminded that the Third Age Trust (TAT) arranges Third Party Liability and Product Liability insurance on behalf of affiliated U3As. This is paid for within our annual capitation fee to TAT. It should be noted that there is no personal accident insurance included in this arrangement. Members of U3As join in U3A activities at their own risk and hereby are advised that, should they feel they wish to be covered for personal accidents or personal property, it is necessary for them to make their own private arrangements.


Coffee Morning Serving Rota

Coffee mornings have been cancelled due to COVID-19 but the Government has recently announced a roadmap for returning to normal. We can be hopeful that indoor Coffee Mornings will be restarted after 21 June 2021 if not sooner .


Welcome and New Members Liaison Rachel Rowse would like to make it clear she is still sending messages to all members who are ill. With grateful thanks to Heather Major for the lovely cards which she has made for us Please make all new members feel welcome, especially at the Coffee Mornings (when we can resume them) where it can be daunting walking into a room where everyone seems to know everyone. If you know of anybody who is ill, or who would appreciate a card, do please let us know. Thank you. Rachel Rowse Tel. 792618

-oOoDisclaimer: The inclusion of advertisements in this Magazine does not imply endorsement by the U3A of the companies placing the advertising.


Message from the Editor There is a lot of information in this edition. Mainly about the AGM. We missed that last year because of the pandemic, and according to the rules we have to catch up as soon as we can. We have a provisional date for 24th June now, as long as the Government doesn’t change everything yet again. Please make a note of that, also all the information about the composition of the Committee. We really do need new blood, too many of us have been on the Committee beyond what the rules say. This Magazine edition is labelled Spring, but we will have to get another out before the AGM with the final information. It will be a busy edition in that respect, but I would really like articles, stories, and photographs to bulk it out ☺ It has been hard to contact people to get this sort of thing. I have the next Crossword from Veronica, and that’s about it so far. There is quite a cost to the Magazine. I make sure the legal copy is in, but I’d like to make the whole thing interesting enough for all my readers. Now that most of our members have had their vaccinations, there is a light at the end of the coronovirus tunnel. Once we can get back to meeting again, I would like to go back to the 6 editions per year we used to have. Which depends on contributions from you. Take care, and enjoy the improving weather Harriet Browne


What the Government said, 22 February 2021 Message from Gary Locock from his Bulletin, for the benefit of those members who don’t have email. Spring is all around us, and with Spring comes the first budding of a move out of Lockdown. But it will be slower than many of us hoped. Schools go back on March 8th, but unless you are directly caring for grandchildren, the initial effects on our lives will be slight to begin with. Step 1: 8 March: Recreation in a public space - such as a park - will be allowed between two people, (or more if a household or support bubble); meaning they would be allowed to sit down for a coffee, drink or picnic. Indoor visits to Care Homes start again, for a single named visitor. Travel restrictions (and much else) remain in place. 29 March: Outdoor gatherings of either six people or two households will be allowed, including in private gardens, but not indoors. Outdoor sport and leisure facilities such as tennis or basketball courts will reopen and organised adult and children's sport, ‘such as grassroots football,’ will also return. ‘Stay at home’ will be lifted, but staying away from home overnight will still be not allowed. For U3A, this means that our walking groups could possibly restart, as long as they stay in parties of no more than 6 that don’t mix. Step 2: ’no earlier than 12 April’ Non-essential retail opens, plus hairdressers and public buildings like libraries, museums and Community Centres. Also Outdoor settings like alcohol takeaways, beer gardens, zoos and theme parks Indoor leisure like swimming pools and gyms. Hospitality will open for outdoor service. Overnight stays will be allowed. Self-contained holiday accommodation, such as self-catering and camp sites can open, but only for members of the same household or bubble. International holidays still prohibited. Care Home visitors increased to 2 per resident. Funerals with up to 30, Weddings and Wakes with up to 15. For U3A, this is the earliest date we can hope to be back in the Community Centre, but since ‘no household mixing indoors’ still applies, the rules are likely to be strict and similar to those we saw in mid-2020. Disappointingly, there is no easing of restrictions for those who have been vaccinated. The Batch House Lunch scheduled for May 13th will need to be postponed until Step 4 is in force. New date to be announced 9

Step 3: ‘no earlier than 17 May’ the 29th March ”rule of six" increased to 30 but for outdoor gatherings only. Rule of 6 (or two households/bubbles) now allowed indoors, including hospitality settings like pubs and cafés. Cinemas, hotels, performances and sporting events reopen - though social distancing will remain. Up to 10,000 spectators or 25% capacity can attend the very largest outdoor seated venues like football stadiums. Up to 30 people will be able to attend ‘life events’ like weddings, receptions, funerals and wakes. International travel might resume, subject to circumstances. For U3A, the AGM (see below) will need to be postponed until Step 4 is in force, but small indoor Group meetings (up to 6) should be possible, and of course by mid-May, the weather should allow us to meet outdoors in Groups of up to 30, which gives lots of possibilities that we haven’t seen for well over a year Step 4: ’no earlier than 21 June’ all legal limits on social contact removed, with the final closed sectors of the economy reopened - such as nightclubs. The government hopes that - from this date - restrictions on weddings and funerals will also be abolished, though facemasks and social distancing might still be required in some settings. For U3A, this will hopefully mean ‘Normal Service is Resumed’ in all respects, give or take a facemask here and there. There are all kinds of provisos, and progress from one step to the next will depend on the situation as regards vaccination, infections, hospitalisations, deaths and new variants. If you are planning a holiday or visit in GB after the 12 April, bear in mind that the rules in Wales and Scotland, are likely to be different. Meanwhile, the Vaccination progress continues unabated. Cynics like me, will have noted that unlike the lacklustre Track and Trace effort, which was contracted out under an NHS badge, the Vaccination program was left entirely to the NHS to organise… and they are succeeding brilliantly. My impression is that all, or nearly all, our members over 70 have had a jab by now, with very few refusals, and the under 70s are well under way. If you are over 70 or vulnerable, and haven’t been offered a jab by now, you should contact your surgery without delay.


U3A NEWS Membership Renewals I’m pleased to say that 423 members have renewed their membership for 2020. Some 50 or so have said they will not, so we have had to treat them as Resignations. If you are still in the middle ground, please make every effort to renew well in advance of 30th March. The date is significant, because we will have to pay our Annual Subscription to Third Age Trust soon after, and it is calculated at £3.50 for every member on our roll regardless of whether they have paid up or not. Thus, we will have to remove from the roll anybody still unpaid by then, to prevent unnecessary overpayment. We expected that membership would decline in this pandemic year, if for no other reason than because it has been so difficult for new members to sign up. We are all fed up with the lack of activities, and this last year has been unsatisfactory to say the least. Nevertheless we have been able to continue to pay rent to the Community Centre (albeit at a reduced rate) and that in turn will have helped to make sure that the Centre will survive to welcome us back when the doors are allowed to open once again. Some of the ‘resigned’ members felt that we should not have paid anything. This would have been extremely short-sighted to say the very least. The Community Centre has expenses to meet even when it is closed, and a very large repair bill for the roof coming up. If we allowed it to fail through lack of funds, we would have nowhere to meet when the pandemic is over, and (since the Council had always planned to demolish it) the town would have lost a great deal and gained nothing but a couple of dozen extra parking places! U3A Subscriptions Please note, membership fees for 2021 will be due soon. It is clear that we won’t be able to open the Coffee Morning Membership desk any time soon, but, as explained last time, the funds are running down much faster than normal, because there is no income from Room Rents (the meeting £1s) but outgoings are much the same as ever.


You can pay: • Online using a credit or debit card via PayPal. To do this, log on to the Members Portal from our website (it’s the big button labelled “CHECK YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION OR GET MORE DETAILS ABOUT GROUPS” ). or • By posting a cheque direct to Veronica: Mrs V Richardson, 5 Cowan Close, Burnham-on-Sea TA8 2TG For most members the subscription remains at £11.00, but if you are already a current full member of another U3A you might qualify for £3.50 off (what we call “Dual Membership”). Cheques should be payable to Burnham U3A. Please include a s.a.e. for Veronica to send you your membership card, including a note of your name and address if you pay tax so we can claim the Gift Aid AGM: We had arranged this for May 20th, and this too is now a little too early to fit the easing of restrictions. This edition of the Magazine contains an agenda, a nomination form (inside back cover) and a potential date for our AGM of Thursday 24th June. It will be doubly important, since we haven’t had one for 2 years, for reasons that are pretty obvious. Gary Locock will be standing down as Secretary, as he is not allowed to exceed six consecutive terms, (though allowed another couple of years as an ordinary Committee Member). Several others have also come to the end of their permitted periods of office, so we will badly need some new blood on the Committee. Could YOU do it? We have ten committee meetings per year, so it is not arduous. For the time being we are meeting once a month by means of Zoom, so if you are interested it would be very easy for you to sit in on a meeting or two to see how it goes. At AGMs we do not directly elect people to specific roles; you just stand for the Committee. The Committee shares out tasks (such as Chairman, Secretary) from amongst its number at the first meeting after the AGM; obviously individual preferences are taken into account!


Notice of AGM 2021 Please note that the 29th Annual General Meeting of Burnham-on-Sea U3A will be held on Thursday 24th June 2021 in the Methodist Church, College Street, Burnham at 10.30 am. The business of the AGM shall be as set out in the Agenda below. All members of Burnham U3A are invited to attend the meeting and vote. Members attending are requested to carry with them their Membership Cards Candidates for Election should be Nominated and Seconded on the Nomination Form included with this Magazine, to arrive by Thursday 27th May. If you prefer not to damage your magazine, further copies will be available in the Community Centre, or from the Business Secretary on request. Please note that details of the Candidates for Election will be announced on the Community Centre Noticeboard and on our website www.BurnhamU3A.com on or before Thursday 3rd June 2021 and copies will be distributed at the meeting. If you require a postal copy of this list in advance of the meeting, please email or write to me c/o the Community Centre before 27th May. The business of the AGM shall be as set out in the Agenda which will be published on 3rd June 2021; a Provisional Agenda is given below. Gary Locock Secretary, Burnham U3A secretary@BurnhamU3A.com


Provisional Agenda 29th Annual General Meeting* Thursday 24th June 2021 at 10.30 am The Methodist Church, College St, Burnham-on-Sea 1. Apologies for absence. 2. Minutes of the last meeting, (as printed in this Magazine). 3. Matters Arising from the Minutes, not being on this Agenda. 4. To adopt the Trustees’ Report: Harriet Browne 5. To adopt the Treasurers Reports for 2019-20 and 2020-21 Les Hughes*. 6. To confirm the appointment of Mr Rob Carey as Examiner of Accounts for 2020 and 2021, and to appoint Mr Carey as Examiner for 2022. 7. To appoint Tellers if required. 8. Election of Executive Committee: Nominations received for candidates for election will be published on Thursday 3rd June. Note: If there are committee positions that will be left unfilled by nominations, the Chairman may ask for a vote by simple majority to permit volunteers to come forward at the meeting (Constitution 7.vii). 9. To consider any previously-tabled Resolutions*. Resolutions must be received by the Secretary in writing before 17th May 2021, and must be printed in the final Agenda. Resolutions may be accepted or rejected but not amended by the meeting. 10. Open Forum. Members may ask questions or discuss U3A issues. To be sure of discussion time for your Open Forum item, it is advisable to give it to the Chairman in writing before the meeting. Note that binding resolutions requiring a vote must appear as an item in the final Agenda; (see item 9) 11. Re-election of President To re-elect Mr Ken Hindle as President of Burnham U3A. (Re-affirmation of Mr Hindle’s appointment is required each year under TAT rules) 12. Presidential Address and Presentation of Honorary Membership Certificates to seven Founder Members of the U3A:Vi Evans, Olga Gale, Jackie Grogan, Anne Morris, Mary Olson, Margaret Thorogood, Joan Webb. 13 Close (Chairman)


*For the historical record, holding of the 28th AGM in 2021 was prevented by HM Government Legislation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, though the Annual Accounts were presented to members as normal (in the Magazine), and Examined as normal by Mr Carey. Thus, two Financial Years have elapsed since the last AGM. The 2020 AGM was cancelled, but it has been included in the numerical sequence, hence this meeting is titled the 29th even though in reality there have only been 27 others before it. A two-year period between AGMs does not conform to our Constitution, but it was accepted by the Charity Commission due to the Emergency conditions then prevailing. According to the Constitution, the Terms of Office of Committee Members and Officers are defined by Years, not AGMs. In the Emergency conditions it was not possible to hold meaningful elections in 2020, so the Committee had little option but to extend all terms of office so that the last two Years count as one Year for the purposes of calculating limits of service. We anticipate that this will need to be the subject of approval by members as a Special Resolution at this AGM.


About Committee Meetings Have you recently joined Burnham U3A? If so, would you like to know more about how our Committee is run? You would be very welcome to come along to one of our Committee meetings as an Observer. We meet once a month, normally in the Community Centre but at present via Zoom. The meetings start at 9.45 am, normally every 4th Monday. If you’d like to find out more, the man to contact is Gary Locock, our Business Secretary, either by emailing him on secretary@burnhamu3a.com or 01278 783928.


Brenda Dibley


High tide 17

Burnham on Sea u3a New Facebook Group. Group Name: Burnham on Sea u3a Welcome to the launch of our new Facebook Group. We have all experienced great change and challenges over the past 10 months. During this time all of us have learnt new skills and as an organisation we have learnt the importance of looking after each other and ensuring we use every method possible to make our communication systems work for all. Using technology to keep in touch is a skill many of us have improved, whether it is to order our online shopping or keep in touch with relatives, we have discovered that age is no barrier to learning new skills. In light of this we have now launched a new Facebook Group to provide a new medium for those of us who are happy to use it to share information and keep in touch. It is a private group, open only to members of the Burnham u3a. On joining you will be asked to confirm you are a member of Burnham on Sea u3a as well as agreeing to very basic rules, such as being kind to each other. Please use the group to publicise the groups you run, or belong to, tell us about what you’ve been doing or advertise any future events. If you know about anything of interest to our members, for example something happening in our area, you are welcome to mention it. We expect members to avoid contentious issues, such as politics; there are other Facebook groups for that! Gail Norton

For a Facebook U3A group open to all U3As nationwide, see the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/U3AKeepingInTouch/ Lots of U3A members from all over the country, very friendly and fairly busy group





1. European language 4. Utters, says 8. ------ Cromwell 10 Theatre players 11. Banquet 12. -----Morecambe 14. Queen’s daughter 15. Wet weather garments 17. Plant that flowers every year 20. Cool 21. Visionary, prophet 22. Zodiac sign 24. Vegetables 25. Small plum 26. Ogled 27. Mean

1 eg Daisy, tulip 2. Magical potion 3. Chief cook 5. Treaty 6. Oak fruits 7. Southern county 9. Santa’s helpers 10. Amazed 13. Desert animal 14. World maps 16. Place of teaching 17. Civil, respectful 18, Period of learning 19. Spirit drink 22. Poker stake 23 . Condiment

Veronica Richardson Answers on page 27 19

The Thoughts of a Christmas Tree Fairy All is dark and quiet as I stretch a tiny pointed, beautifully pedicured toe, testing, ever so gently. The tissue paper tucked snugly around me rustles like the brush of a butterfly’s wing. “Is it time” I wonder, has my internal alarm clock made an error, after working seamlessly for a thousand years in fairyland time zone, not compatible with any other, impossible to test or calculate by any devices dreamed up by humans to disprove the presence of magical impulses, created in the flash of a moonbeam and anchored in the rainbows arc, stretching high above the heavens, with its myriad kaleidoscope of prisms of light and whispers of rain drenched sunbeams. My annual sleep is longer than the lumbering bear’s, longer than the leisurely tortoise’s and much longer than the capricious squirrel’s. “ It is time”, high pitched voices, feet stampeding on the stairs, the creak of the metal ladder then bang! Light exploding firstly through a crack, then a whole square of brightness. I can see all this through a tiny aperture in the cardboard box side, who will the excited youngsters choose first? The brightly painted wooden soldiers, ready at attention to march along the tree branches, the myriad spheres of turquoise, purple, gold, silver and green, each with a sparkling golden tag to attach it to the tall, fragrant spruce, newly cut from the depths of the forest, installed firmly in the corner of the lounge, as it was every year, so that passers-by could admire its finery through the wide bay window. Maybe the shimmering fountains of lametta and tinsel would be carried down the steps first, or the skeins of miniature bulbs swinging from their tangled green wires. The wires so carefully rolled and packed, which contrive to contort themselves into a jumbled maelstrom of potential illumination during their long hibernation in the attic. I think of the magical moment when they are all unwound and strung around the bare boughs, transforming the tree into an ethereal cone of dancing celestial splendour. I hope selfishly that they won’t place me too near one of the little pointed bulbs and that the velvety wire attaching me to the very top of the tree won’t be so tight that I am unable to spread my gossamer wings in the dead of night and sample the nectar from the delicate Christmas roses, thoughtfully placed in easy reach of the tree, or perhaps a nibble of the glossy red holly berries entwined in their green and shiny spiked leaves, festooning every picture frame. At last the annual adorning is complete and I stand as always, on the very highest branch, a silver star at my back, still pointing the way to Bethlehem for all who are willing to follow. I start my vigil proudly, celebrating again the mystery of the nativity, with the eternal and elusive hope for peace in this troubled world. Perhaps this will be the year that the miracle will finally 20

happen, I shall harness all the magical powers of fairyland as I occupy my arboreal throne, my wand ready for the new dawn. Kathy Davies

Message from a Christmas Elf Hello there, you know they call me Eric the Red Elf, maybe because I wear an exquisitely tailored red waistcoat, I don’t know. Anyhow, I have been getting increasingly annoyed by the way things have been backsliding here. I mean, I’m 212 years old and I’ve been working for Santa most of my days, I almost got Christmas cancelled this year though. A word from me and all the work elves would have downed tools, and where would Santa have been then eh? A sleigh with no presents that’s where. Well we are supposed to stick to our proper assigned jobs, I always do bicycles, my mate Doug he does all the wooden toys. Tommy he does all the computer games, play stations etc. (we call him Techy Tommy) but just lately Santa has been giving us any old job, some of them have messed things up and it’s been a riot. I wasn’t having any of it. Only yesterday we were waiting for a consignment of batteries for the life-like baby dolls. Mind you, it gave my pointy ears a rest, those babies sound too realistic for my liking! When they finally arrived it was a mad rush to test them out. I blame Mrs Claus for a lot of it, she lets those spoiled reindeer into our workshop and makes a big fuss of them. Get away with anything they do. Last week when we had only just clocked on, we got invaded by nine ladies dancing, and eleven lords a flipping leaping. The workshop should be strictly authorised personnel only. In the end I put it to the old gent my terms of negotiation and he had no choice but to agree, our own tasks back, more baubles per hour and a half hour for lunch. He didn’t know that I wouldn’t have gone ahead with it, although I couldn’t really disappoint millions of children on Christmas night. But it came very close. Now I must go because I did agree as part of our deal that I would give old Peter the Postbox elf a hand with all the letters coming in, so we know what toys and gifts are required, Once we are all sorted here and I’ve supervised the revving up of the sleigh, I’m having my own family Christmas. It’s been a funny old year, what with masks and social distancing and that, but us elves have persevered. So continue to stay safe everyone, follow the rules and watch your elf . See what I did there ? All the best in a new year. Love and peace, Eric x Kim Lewis 21

Group News 3A Classical Music Group 3 I moved to Burnham-on-Sea in August 2016. I was really pleased to find that there was a Classical Music Group on my doorstep! I come from Manchester originally coming down to Bristol to train as a teacher. I met my husband and stayed in the South West after qualifying. I eventually retired as a Primary Head teacher and came to Burnham on my own. U3A has been a wonderful way of getting to know people and extending my knowledge. I come from a very musical family. I was ‘bathed’ in classical music from birth. My father played the piano and my mother had a beautiful soprano voice. She could have turned professional but chose to marry my father instead! I am one of four children. My eldest sister plays the piano, my youngest sister plays the clarinet and my brother sang in the St Anne’s Church Choir in Manchester. I regret not having the stamina to continue playing the piano although I can read music. I chose to join an amateur dramatic group instead. That musical foundation has meant that I love listening to music of all genres from Queen to the classics! I also used to attend a Folk Club. I have found my participation in the U3A Group fascinating. It has allowed me to find out exactly what I like and dislike. We take it in turns to share our favourite music and so I have listened to things that I have never heard before. Several pieces I have enjoyed so much, I have bought them to listen to at home. Our group is warm, friendly and welcoming. I have learnt a lot and hope to continue my exploration of classical music in the future. Lesley Millard The Spanish for Beginners Group hopes to re-start as soon as it's safe to do so. We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, at the Community Centre between 2pm - 4 pm. We are a small, friendly group and will be starting the course from the beginning. We do have space for two new members to join us so if you're interested please phone me, Chris Noble, on 01278 751808 for more information. Hasta la vista ! Chris Noble

Please see the website for changes to Groups. That is up-to-date in these fast changing days, unlike the Magazine.


Trafalgar Day Trafalgar day came and went, saw no mention in the media this year, no doubt washed out by all the Covid-19 and political events taking place. 21st of October was the day,1805 when Horatio Nelson smashed the French and Spanish fleets, gave us 100 years of supremacy of the seas and lost his life in doing so. Everyone knows about the battle but there is a fascinating background. Victory, Nelson's flagship, was already forty five years old, built of oak, of course, in Chatham dockyard. Five thousand oak trees were used, each tree cut at about 100 years of age, stored to season for about 14 years before being used. In this lies the reason why the ship is still in such good condition, 250 years later. Straight oaks were used but also lots of pollarded trees to get the grown curves needed, even today most oak trees seen have been pollarded. Because of the slow growing of these trees they were always in short supply and Lord Collingwood, Nelson's second in command, always, when out walking, had a pocket full of acorns which he scattered around. Scotland played a large part - 30% of the Victory's crew were Scots - the youngest on board, an 11 year old cabin boy, was Scottish, and women too were much in evidence. Working with the Surgeons, one of them embalmed Nelson's body for return to England. After the battle the weather worsened and many of the prizes taken - nineteen- were lost. Collingwood, now in charge had a report to write for the Admiralty. He had moved into the Victory and was trying to organise future events. Having prepared his report getting it to London was next and he called alongside H.M.S. Pickle, one of the work boats attending the fleet. Captained by Lt. Lapenotierre, a 23 23

year old Cornishman of Huguenot descent, with a crew of about 16, this was a small fast schooner. He was entrusted with getting the news of the battle, with all possible speed, to the Admiralty. The weather was foul and he had a 1000 miles to go to Falmouth where he Post-chased to London in 36 hours ( it was now 8 days since the battle) and at 0100 on November 5th he was delivering his dispatch to the Admiralty.... for his effort he was promoted to Commander. The French Admiral ,Villeneuve, was brought to England and interned until April when he was released back to France. He wrote his last letter to his wife from Rennes and was later found dead in his room believed murdered by Napoleon's agents. Nelson's dependants, his wife, child and his famous mistress Lady Hamilton, in spite of his exhortations as he lay dying on the quarterdeck of Victory that they be looked after, were ignored. This was not done and they languished in penury until they, eventually, died. Tony Winterburn


Group Timetable (as it was) Group




Monday Ukulele Luncheon 2 Poetry Scrabble 1 Scrabble 2 Rummikub Classical Music 1 Classical Music 2

every 2nd 4th 3rd 1st 2nd, 4th & 5th 2nd & 4th 1st & 3rd

10 am – 12 noon 12.30 pm 2 – 4 pm 2 pm 2 - 4 pm 2 - 4 pm pm pm

CC CC CC CC CC Private address Private address

Tuesday Table Tennis 4 French 3 Dancing at the Ritz Patchwork 1 End of Pier Show Somerset Villages 2 Yoga Astronomy

every every every every every

9.30 – 10.30am 10 – 11 am 2 – 4 pm 2 - 4 pm 2pm

Baptist Church Hall CC Ritz Club CC CC

every 4th

10:30 – 12 am 10:30 – 12 noon


Wednesday Painting for Pleasure Patchwork 2 Walking Canasta Play Reading Table Tennis 1 Gilbert & Sullivan Card Making Classical Music 3 Supper Club French - Beginners Tuneless Choir

Every 2nd & 4th 1st every 3rd every 4th 1st & 3rd 2nd & 4th last every 2nd

10 am – 12 noon 10 – 12 am am 2 – 4 pm 2 pm 2 - 4 pm 2 – 4 pm 2 - 4 pm 2 – 4 pm evening 2:30 – 4pm 2 – 3:30 pm


CC (full) CC various CC CC Bay Centre CC r2 CC Private address various CC CC

Thursday Coffee Morning


9:30 to 11:15





1 & 3rd alternate 3rd every alternate weekly 3rd 2nd, 4th & 5th 2nd 3rd

2 – 4 pm 10 am – 12 noon am 10 – 11 am 10 am -12noon 11 – 12 am pm 2 – 4 pm 2 pm 6:30 pm

CC CC various CC CC CC

1st Friday weekly weekly weekly 1st 3rd weekly weekly last Friday 4th 1st Friday

10 am am 10 – 11:30 10 am 10 – 12 noon 2 - 4pm 2 – 4 pm 2 - 4 pm 10:30 -12 2 – 4 pm 11:30 – 3pm


Spanish Lace Making Walking French 2 Embroidery Keep Fit Luncheon Club Barn Dancing Book 2 Supper Club 2


Methodist Ch Hall Private address various

Friday Active Living Brush Strokes French 4 Exercise to Music Creative Writing Book 1 Table Tennis 3 Needlework Philosophy Group Classical Music 4 Opera Appreciation

Bay Centre CC Private address

Saturday Beg’s T Tennis Table Tennis 5 Easy Strollers 2 Strollers 1

1st & 3rd alternate 2nd weekly

10.30 – 11.30 am 10.30 – 11.30 am 10:30 – 3 pm 10:15am (not Aug)

Baptist Ch Hall

1st & 3rd 2nd

2 – 4 pm 2 – 5 pm

Private address

Apex Park various

Sunday Classical Music 5 Opera 6

CC = Community Centre


Directory of Groups Active Living Astronomy Barn Dancing Book 1 Canasta Card making Ciné-français Classical Music 1 Classical Music 2 Classical Music 3 Classical Music 4 Classical Music 5 Opera 6 Coffee Morning Creative Writing Dancing at the Ritz Day Trips End of the Pier Exercise to Music French 2 French 3 French 4 French- Beginners French- La Table Française. Gilbert & Sullivan Holiday Group Keep Fit Latin Luncheon Club Luncheon Club 2 Needlework

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------------------------------------------------------------------------Crossword Answers: Across: 1. French, 4. Speaks 8.Oliver 10. Actors 11. Feast 12. Eric, 14. Anne,15. Raincoats, 17. Perennial, 20. Cool 21. Seer, 22. Aries, 24. Onions, 25. Damson 26. Leered , 27. Stingy. Down: 1. Flower, 2. Elixir, 3. Chef, 5. Pact, 6. Acorns, 7. Sussex, 9. Reindeers, 10. Astounded 13. Camel, 14. Atlas, 16. School, 17. Polite, 18. Lesson, 19. Brandy, 22. Ante, 23. S




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Burnham U3A - Srting 2021  

Burnham U3A - Srting 2021