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Burnham on Sea U3A Magazine Deadline for next magazine 5th September Editorial Meeting 10th September Distribution date 26th September

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The letter-box for Magazine articles and letters is situated in the entrance hall of the Community Centre but if possible please e-mail contributions to the editor at the address above. It saves so much time. Alternatively, any member of the editorial team will be happy to accept your contributions. Please remember that all correspondence intended for publication must bear the name and telephone number or address of the sender, although anonymity in the Magazine may be given if requested. It is the editor’s decision. The editor reserves the right to amend, reject or abbreviate any entry submitted. It also is made clear that views expressed are not necessarily those of the organisation. Insurance Members of Burnham on Sea U3A are reminded that the Third Age Trust (TAT) arranges Third Party Liability and Product Liability insurance on behalf of affiliated U3As. This is paid for within our annual capitation fee to TAT. It should be noted that there is no personal accident insurance included in this arrangement. Members of U3As join in U3A activities at their own risk and hereby are advised that, should they feel they wish to be covered for personal accidents or personal property, it is necessary for them to make their own private arrangements.


Coffee Morning Serving Rota

8th August. Somerset villages 1 th 15 August Somerset villages 2 22nd August Spanish conversation 29th August Strollers 5th September Supper club 12th September Table tennis 1 19th September Table tennis 2 26th September Table tennis 3 & beginners 3rd October Table tennis 4 & 5 Coffee is served until 11:15 Swaps may be made by mutual agreement between groups but please let Brenda Dibley know on 782150 before the day.

The quiz is provided by Judith Betts


Welcome and New Members Liaison Please make all new members feel welcome, especially at the Coffee Mornings where it can be daunting walking into a room where everyone seems to know everyone. If you know of anybody who is ill, or who would appreciate a card, do please let us know. Thank you. Rachel Rowse Tel. 792618


Message from the Editor As I said last month, I am now Chairman as well as Editor. This means I am only writing one page instead of two, just take it I am wearing two hats ☺. And talking of being Chairman, I went to visit my daughter recently, and told her about it. She took me really to task. I should be the Chair not the Chairman. This was how it was done in County Councils and civil service circles! Actually, I couldn’t really argue with her much, after all I am not a man. I tried “I’m not a piece of furniture” but she convinced me it was a title and I was altogether wrong. ☺ Now she’s a clever woman, and does know what she is talking about, so what do you as U3A members think? Chair or Chairman? Letters to the Editor gratefully received. (By email to or the box in the Community Centre) . Well, this is the silly season. I hope you are all having a good summer. Harriet Browne


Disclaimer: The inclusion of advertisements in this Magazine does not imply endorsement by the U3A of the companies placing the advertising.





1. Month 4. Fruit 8. Closing of the day 10. Author, -----Christie 11. Waltz, tango et 12. Australian animals 14. Colour 15. Jewish house of worship 17. Celebrations of when we were born 20. Continent 21. Aquatic mammal 22. Single-masted sailing boat 24. Japanese hostess 25. Snuggle up to 26. Rules as a monarch 27. Stone carving

1. Reply 2. Very clever person 3. Garden building 5. Young boy bride’s attendant 6. Small 7. Afraid 9. Large spider 10. Musical instrument 13. Middle East country 14. Anchored navigation floating aids 16. Peril 17. 2-piece swim suit 18. Group of seven 19. Sheep wool 22. Lower front leg 23. Nuisance

Answers on Page 24

Veronica Richardson 9

Donna and Leo Why, when Donna was already late for work, did fate conspire to make her even later? She couldn’t find her memory stick for today’s presentation – and when she did locate it, what on earth had made her leave it in her bag by the radiator. The melted remains of an Aero had covered the tiny technical marvel overnight. Donna was ashamed to admit that the chocolate aroma, from an Aero she had resisted at work yesterday now blew apart her healthy breakfast intentions. There was some Nutella nestling in a jar on the kitchen shelf. She spread it thickly on toast. Having only just made the train, she caught sight of her line manager Leo as he boarded. She would have preferred to avoid him, but they sank into opposite seats at the same time. “He’s so organised, look at him”, she thought as she peered into the reflective surface of her phone. “I bet he’s never late.” Leo’s expensive suit bore not a mark or a crease, the bag that housed his top-range laptop was perfect shiny leather and a good match for his designer shoes. “Donna, Morning. How are you enjoying being on board ?” For a moment she thought he was referring to the commuter filled train. Of course he meant as part of the team at Darnley and Clareburne. She gave a less than enthusiastic smile and said that she was. “Yes, it’s great.” How surprised Leo could have been, had she been quite honest. The train had lurched to a halt in a crowded station. As people swarmed on or off, Donna felt an irresistible urge to speak the truth. While Leo sipped his take away peppermint tea, he could have sworn he heard his newest team member say “Actually I am hating every minute. I was thrilled when I first got the job, but now I know its just not for me.” To her surprise he was calm and not visibly startled. “Take my advice Donna” he said firmly. “I have a letter of resignation in this bag. I was going to hand it over in person, but now I’m going to pop it all on an email and send it to my superior. That way I can continue on this train to Weston Super Mare, and have a day at the seaside. I suggest that you come with me – phone in sick if you want, it will be Linda as I’m not in! But we need 10

a day at the seaside. Then if you want to resign too, go ahead. A smart girl like you will have no problem finding something else.” She pretended to think about it. “Can we get fish and chips for lunch then?” she said, grinning. “ Definitely, and a paddle in the sea”. “You’re on.” She said, as Weston-Super-Mare came into view and they prepared to disembark. Kim Lewis

-oOoCheese and Wine Social Evening The Cheese and Wine Social evening on July 5th went very well. 36 people turned up. There was a quiz on cheese and wine......and nobody managed to get all the answers! The next Social will be October 25th. Hope to see you then. ( This seems a long time, but fewer people are around in August, and there is a Group Leaders meeting in September)


Group News Villages 2 – Visit to Langport On a cloudy morning, with rain forecast for later, a somewhat depleted group (illness and holidays) set off for Langport. Our first visit was to the Hanging Chapel, a strange building over an arch which spans the road from Langport to Huish Episcopi. This was, we discovered, locked and the key was not to be had from our contact number. However, the original parish church, (which is no longer in regular use), was open and proved to have a very interesting history. At one time in the 15th century it had been part of the estate of Margaret Beaufort, the mother of King Henry VII. We then headed back into the High Street, parked up, and took a very pleasant walk (still no rain) along the river bank to the Shakspeare Glass and Art Gallery. There, for a modest cost of £5 per person, we were treated to coffee or tea, enormous slices of homemade cake, and a demonstration of glass-blowing. The pieces of glass produced were truly beautiful. Each process was explained, and our questions answered with patience and good humour. It was raining as we made our way to Kelways Nursery for lunch. Kelways specialises in growing irises, peonies and roses, so after a delicious lunch in the restaurant we spent time looking at the plants. By now it was raining very hard indeed and by mutual consent we headed for the cars and home. Gloria Gibbs


U3A French Group 2 This group does French conversation and meets on a Thursday morning at the Community Centre (10.00 a.m. until 11.00 a.m.). It is run by Burnham U3A's own French lady, Colette Winfield. It is an "Intermediate" level, with a range of knowledge of the French language within the group, but we manage that well, translating any complicated conversation and assisting each other. We do work from a text book, but often just have conversation in French about what has been happening over the last week or two. We try to avoid talking English and we do learn new expressions. The class is great fun for us Francophiles. We do have spaces for further people if anyone wishes to join the group. There is a separate, slightly more advanced French group ("French 3") which meets on a Tuesday morning, plus a "French For Beginners" group which meets on a Wednesday afternoon. Geoff Banham / Colette Winfield

-oOoNew Crossword Group Would you like to learn the mysteries of Cryptic Crosswords? Or just get a go at ones of different difficulties? Judith Betts would like to hear from anyone who has been interested by this. Call 323916 or come and talk to her at Thursday Coffee Mornings

-oOoPatchwork 2 The contact person for Patchwork 2 is now Hillary Nicholls. 0278 325306 07917734071


Fritzlar Twinning Society BURNHAM U3A CONCERT PARTY SING IN GERMANY JULY 2019 Burnham U3A Concert Party travelled to Fritzlar in Germany last week at the invitation of the Fritzlar/Burnham on Sea/Highbridge Town Twinning Association. The Concert Party were delighted to have been asked to sing at the last night dinner when the Fritzlar party were visiting Burnham and Highbridge in July last year. Following that concert, they were very excited to be asked to take part and sing during the celebrations in Fritzlar this July marking the 30th Anniversary of the setting up of the town twinning Association. The Concert Party travelled to Fritzlar by coach and air to arrive in the town on 2nd July. There they participated in three concerts, two of which included a German Choir, and one in Fritzlar town square. The group managed to learn a German folk song “Die Gedanken Sind Frei” (Thoughts are free) and performed a specially written song telling the story of the two towns and the twinning history, “Song of Friendship”. Jenny Golding wrote the lyrics for this song and Brian Foakes, musical director arranged the music. Brian liaised with his German counterpart to make all the arrangements for the concerts, flights and hotels. A tree was planted in the town and the Fritzlar group were presented with a beautiful wall-hanging depicting the various sights and attributes of Burnham and Highbridge which had been made by the U3A Patchwork Group 1. Everyone agreed it had been a very enjoyable and successful trip. Gerry Richards Concert Party Photos – Hazel Smith


PATCHWORK 1 About a year ago we were approached by the Fritzlar Twinning Society (Burnham and Highbridge are twinned with Fritzlar in Germany) to make a wall-hanging to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning. They wanted to take it to Germany in July this year to be presented to Fritzlar. They gave us a rough idea of what they wanted and the picture shows how we interpreted it. It was produced by 10 of the Group and 3 of us went to the last meeting in Highbridge to give it to them. I think they were pleased with it, judging by the numbers who wanted to photograph it. They were like bees round a honey pot!! Apparently they are going over to Fritzlar early in July and the Concert Party are also going over there for the celebrations. Margaret Budden Patchwork Photos: Margaret Budden, Les Hughes



Patchwork 1 Group

Concert Party 17

Iceland, The North West Corner When trawlers left the river Humber bound for one of any number of fishing grounds in the Arctic Ocean, owners left the destination entirely to the Skipper of their ships. The fishermen in Hull and Grimsby belonged to a very close-knit community and, in Hull, most of them lived in an area around Hessle Road. Again, generation after generation had made their living at sea in an Arctic trawler. Skippers made their decisions based on the season, fishing reports which came through the Wireless room and historical information contained in their family diary. Many of the Skippers had fathers and grandfathers who had been skippers and they all kept meticulous diaries as to conditions on various grounds when they were at sea. These diaries were passed on to sons who eventually passed them to their sons. And so on. Another consideration was time. The best time to land fish was around the Easter Holiday, when fish was in the greatest demand and the best prices were obtained. The nearest fishing grounds were at Iceland, a three to four day voyage, and so if a distant water ship could squeeze it in an Iceland trip was worth while - eighteen to twenty days and a certain market at the end. But....... there's always a down side! In this case it is the weather. The North-west coast of Iceland faces the Denmark Strait. That stretch of the Arctic Ocean between Iceland and Greenland is one of the stormiest seas in the World, with the added hazard of ice and black frost. You will know that the Gulf Stream, rising in the Caribbean, flows North up the NE coast of the USA and Canada. Tendrils of this flow East through the Denmark Strait, finishing off the coast of Murmansk ( which kept the port of Murmansk ice-free all the year round). Average temperature of the Gulf Stream 57oC, average temperature of the Arctic Ocean through which it flows 32oC. The result is lots of fog which freezes, known as black frost. The danger of this is that, as ships move through it, the fog freezes on the rigging and superstructure, and if not chopped away makes the ship top heavy to the point of capsize and sinking. When I tell you that, between 1946 and 1986, 26 trawlers were lost off the coasts of Iceland, you will understand the real dangers that distant water fishermen face. By about the end of 1952 I had had enough of these hardships and went back to college to improve my qualifications, transferred out of the 18

small craft pool and asked the Marconi Company for a regular Merchant Ship. So what I tell you now about the fishing scene has come from my old shipmates still in trawlers. This event took place in January 1955. I can do no better than read you the copy of an Icelandic Coast Guard report written on the 29th of January 1955. Icelandic Coast Guard Report on the Loss of the British Trawlers Lorella and Roderigo. January 1955. 26th of January 1955 90 miles NE of North Cape Iceland Roderigo was steaming In company with Lorella because Lorella's radar was out of action. The weather was a severe gale force with freezing conditions. Other trawlers in the area had all gone in to shelter in the fjords off Riley Huk. But Roderigo and Lorella had stayed out to assist another trawler, Kingston Garnet, who had a fouled propeller. Kingston Garnet managed to free her propeller and reach shelter - but the weather worsened. Ice was forming on the ships, and Roderigo and Lorella had to "heave to" trying to ride out the storm. On the 29th of January, after three days, both ships were overwhelmed with ice, capsized and sank. 40 crewmen were drowned. Chief Officer, Icelandic Coast Guard Service, 29th January 1955. A bald, dramatic report. That night the headline in the Hull evening newspaper, the Hull Daily Mail, was.......

The Price Of Fish Is Very High. Tony Winterburn.


FARRAGO - A FLANDERS AND SWANN EXTRAVAGANZA On May 17th we were treated to Tim Lewis and Sheila Furness giving the U3A 'an illustrated musical entertainment', and entertaining it certainly was! My first question (to myself) was ....... what's a farrago? It was reminiscent of an attack or something - but I think I had 'Wells Fargo' in my head. Anyway - I looked it up, and it is: 'A confused mixture mishmash, melange, mess, miscellany'. So now we know... . With Tim singing and Sheila on keyboards, they covered many of Flanders & Swann’s most well known and loved songs., There was a screen between them, showing slides throughout the talk of both pictures of the acts and excellent caricatures. Michael Flanders - lyricist, actor and singer - with composer and pianist Donald Swann - were a British comedy duo who were active until 1967. They met at Westminster School, thence to Christchurch College Oxford until they were both drafted to fight in the war. Flanders was torpedoed and contracted polio as a result of this. Swann had a 'good war' in Greece and then returned to Oxford where he worked with the likes of John Betjeman and Tolkien. Flanders, on the other hand - being now in a wheelchair - was told the university was 'not suitable for cripples'. Awkward silence.... The duo then toured America, Switzerland and Toronto. Michael Flanders died in 1975, aged 53. He'd had polio since 1943, and was awarded the O.B.E. in 1964. Donald Swann died in 1994 aged 70, suffering from cancer. Many thanks indeed to Tim and Sheila. It was a wonderful experience - or farrago! Clare Murdoch (Speaker programme review) 20

The U3A Story Learn, Laugh and Live Founded over 35 years ago, the UK U3A movement (based loosely on the French model) aims to encourage groups of people in their third age to come together and continue their enjoyment of learning in subjects of interest to them, and to enjoy the social atmosphere in other areas. Each U3A is independent, and can organise what it does according to the wishes of the membership From the start, the guiding principles were to promote lifelong learning through self-help interest groups covering a wide range of topics and activities as chosen by their members. The 'third age' is defined by a time in your life (not necessarily chronological) where you have the opportunity to undertake learning for its own sake. There is no minimum age, but a focus on people who are no longer in full-time employment or raising a family. Our founders envisaged a collaborative approach with peers learning from each other. The U3A movement was to be self-funded, with members not working towards qualifications but learning purely for pleasure. There would be no distinction between the learners and the teachers – everyone could take a turn at being both if they wished. From its beginnings in 1981, the movement grew very quickly and by the early 1990s, a U3A was opening every fortnight. U3As grew in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and in 2008 membership was increasing by 11% every year. 2010 saw our membership hitting the quarter million mark. At the end of 2016 the U3A movement reached the milestone of 1,000 U3As celebrated by a conference with speakers including Eric Midwinter – one of the founders of the U3A movement. Today, our movement includes over 400,000 U3A members in more than 1,000 U3As and is continuing to grow every day. The Third Age Trust


Day Trips


Speaker Programme - next talk: This will be on Friday, 20th September, when Mark Green is coming to talk to us about Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service. Mark is a volunteer for this local blood bike charity that covers Somerset and the cities of Bristol and Bath. The charity provides services to local hospitals, free of charge, to assist them in delivering vital supplies across the region to maintain patient care. Mark will talk about the charity’s work and will include heart-warming stories from his personal experience as a volunteer for the charity. Tickets are £1 (£2 for non-members) and include tea/coffee. Start time 11am, refreshments from 10.20am, in Room 3 in the Community Centre. Further info and tickets from Kath Hoyland, 01278 783995 or and Keith Searle at Thursday Coffee Mornings. 22


The Burnham and Highbridge Choral Society sing beautiful music. Would you like to join us? We will be welcoming new members on Thursday, 5th September, 2019. We meet in the Methodist Church Hall in College Street. We are a friendly choir, we have a great Musical Director, Nick Bromilow, and would love to see you. Please phone (01278)641640 and speak to Peter Read if you are interested. Check out our website or email Jane Lee

-oOoLittle Jake and his family are having Sunday lunch at grandma's. As soon as she has dished up plates of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, peas and gravy, Jake seizes his knife and fork and starts to tuck in. His shocked mother says, "Jake, what do you think you are doing? We always say grace before starting to eat when we're at home. We should do the same here." Jake replies, "Oh yes, we always pray before eating at home, but we're at grandma's now – and she knows how to cook."


Crossword Answers:

Across: 1. August, 4. Apple, 8. Sunset, 10. Agatha, 11.Dance, 12. Emus, 14. Blue, 15. Synagogue, 17. Birthdays, 20. Asia, 21. Seal, 22. Sloop, 24. Geisha, 25. Nestle, 26. Reigns , 27. Statue. Down: 1. Answer, 2. Genius, 3. Shed, 5. Page, 6. Little, 7. Scared, 9. Tarantula, 10. Accordion, 13. Syria, 14. Buoys, 16. Danger, 17. Bikini, 18. Septet, 19. Fleece, 22. Shin, 23. Pest.




Group Timetable Monday Group




Skittles Ukulele Luncheon 2 Poetry Scrabble 1 Scrabble 2 Table Tennis 2 Rummikub Classical Music 1 Classical Music 2

1st & 3rd every 2nd 4th 3rd 1st every 2nd, 4th & 5th 2nd & 4th 1st & 3rd

11 am – 1 pm 10 am – 12 noon 12.30 pm 2 – 4 pm 2 pm 2 - 4 pm pm 2 - 4 pm pm pm

Lighthouse Pub CC





Concert Party Mah Jong Table Tennis 4 French 3 Darts Patchwork 1 Somerset Villages 2 Astronomy

every 1st every every 3rd every

2:30 4 pm 2 – 4 pm 9.30 – 10.30am 10 – 11 am 11.30am – 1.30 pm 2 - 4 pm

CC CC Baptist Church Hall CC Lighthouse Pub CC


10:30 – 12 noon


CC CC CC CC Private address Private address


Wednesday Group




Painting for Pleasure Patchwork 2 Walking Canasta Play Reading Table Tennis 1 Gilbert & Sullivan Card Making Classical Music 3 Supper Club French - Beginners

Every 2nd & 4th 1st every 3rd every 4th 1st & 3rd 2nd & 4th last every

10 am – 12 noon 10 – 12 am am 2 – 4 pm 2 pm 2 - 4 pm 2 – 4 pm 2 - 4 pm 2 – 4 pm evening 2:30 – 4pm

CC (full) CC various CC CC Bay Centre CC r2 CC Private address various CC


Thursday Coffee Morning


9:30 to 11:15





Spanish Lace Making Walking French 2 Embroidery Keep Fit Luncheon Club Barn Dancing Book 2 Rummikub Book 3 Supper Club 2

1st & 3rd alternate 3rd every alternate weekly 3rd 2nd, 4th & 5th 2nd 1st last 3rd

2 – 4 pm 10 am – 12 noon am 10 – 11 am 10 am -12noon 11 – 12 am pm 2 – 4 pm 2 pm 2 pm 2 pm 6:30 pm

CC CC various CC CC CC




10 am am 10 am 10 – 12 noon 2 - 4pm 2 – 4 pm 2 - 4 pm 10:30 -12 11:30 – 3pm


Methodist Ch Hall Private address Room 1 CC CC various

Friday Group Active Living Watercolour Exercise to Music Creative Writing Book 1 Table Tennis 3 Needlework Philosophy Group Opera Appreciation


1 Friday weekly weekly 1st 3rd weekly weekly last Friday 1st Friday

Bay Centre CC

Saturday Group



1 & 3rd alternate 2nd weekly

10.30 – 11.30 am 10.30 – 11.30 am 10:30 – 3 pm 10:15am (not in August)

Baptist Ch Hall





Classical Music 5

1st & 3rd

2 – 4 pm

Private address

Beginners T Tennis Table Tennis 5 Easy Strollers 2 Strollers 1

Week st

Apex Park various


CC = Community Centre 28

Directory of Groups Active Living Astronomy Barn Dancing Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Canasta Card making CinÊ-français Classical Music 1 Classical Music 2 Classical Music 3 Classical Music 4 Classical Music 5 Coffee Morning Concert Party Creative Writing Darts Day Trips Easy Strolling 1& 2 Embroidery Exercise to Music French 2 French 3

Janet Hill Harriet Browne David Napper Anne Morris Chris Preston Diane Cruickshank Pat Reid Heather Major Terrance Lever Roy West Ken Henton Rod Winfield Margaret Pickard. Margaret Pickard. Brenda Dibley Ann Hall Kim Lewis Gerald Buncombe Gerry Richards Eileen Merrett Heather Major David Napper Colette Winfield Margaret Pickard (coordinator, not group leader) French- Beginners Gary Locock Gilbert & Sullivan Des Jones Holiday Group Lynn Mathews & Les Hughes Keep Fit Rosemary Lane Lace making Irene Angood Luncheon Club Frank Parker Luncheon Grp 2 Margaret Marshall Mah Jongg Rene Klein Needlework Valerie Groombridge Opera Appreciation Rosalie Dilkes Painting for Pleasure Jane Lee


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T Th F Th Th W W M M W/Th Su Th T F T

Th Th Th M T F F W

Patchwork 1 Patchwork 2 Play Reading Philosophy Group Poetry Rummikub Scrabble 1 Scrabble 2 Skittles Somerset Villages 1 Somerset Villages 2 Spanish Strollers Supper Club 1 Supper Club 2 Table Tennis 1

Margaret Budden Hillary Nicholls Rosalie Dilkes Roger Miller Jackie Grogan Joyce Beard

Table Tennis 2 Table Tennis 3 Table Tennis 4 Table Tennis 5 Table Tennis Beginners Theatre Ukulele Watercolour

Thelma Pike Jean Matthews Carol Marriott Carol Marriott


Jean Fincken and Christine Preston 780488

Welcome Group

Rachel Rowse

Yvonne Royall Kath Hoyland Celia Martin Chris Lessey Liz Claydon Chris Noble Margaret Budden Christine and Allen Owen Irene Puplett John Robinson 787200 and Martin Davies

Rachel Rowse Sue Poole Pam Cowley


Th S W Th W M F T S S M F W Th

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EVENTS Next Speaker Friday, 20th September, Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service.



Picture from Tony Winterburn. This is the last of the side trawlers, Arctic Corsair.


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