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In its 80 years, Editora do Brasil has always been recognized for its commitment to excellence and openness to innovation, which allowed the company to position itself as one of the five largest publishers in its segment in the Brazilian market.

With more than a thousand titles addressing diverse and contemporary themes, our catalog presents writers and illustrators renowned nationally and abroad. On the following pages, you may find a careful selection of some of these creative and original stories that can communicate to readers all over the world, making them relate to each other and enjoy reading.

Through this foreign rights catalog, we aim to promote a beautiful cultural exchange as only literature can do.

Thank you very much!

Muito obrigado!

Awards and distinctions received by Editora do Brasil:

The Brazilian publishing market has remarkable awards and distinctions already received by Editora do Brasil, some of which we present hereafter.

Prêmio AEILIJ / AEILIJ Prize

Organized by the best Brazilian authors and illustrators, AEILIJ (Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children’s and Youth Books) grants a yearly award that is a reference of quality.

Prêmio Jabuti / Jabuti Prize

Granted by the Brazilian Book Chamber (CBL) since 1959, the Jabuti Prize is the most important literary award in Brazil.

Cátedra Unesco / Unesco and PUC recognitions

One of the greatest Latin American universities, Pontifícia Universidade Católica (PUC), and UNESCO got together to evaluate the released titles for children and young people each year in Brazil. Titles can be granted the Selection, Distinction and Classics recognitions.

Prêmio Biblioteca Nacional / National Library Prize

Established in 1810, the National Library Foundation (FBN) organizes this important event since 1994. The National Library Prize aims to celebrate intellectual and aesthetic quality in the Brazilian publishing market.


The distinctions granted by the National Foundation for Children’s and Youth Books (FNLIJ), the Brazilian branch of IBBY are of great importance for this segment in the Brazilian publishing market.

AGE 4 AND UP 5 AGE 5 AND UP 8 AGE 6 AND UP 10 AGE 7 AND UP 11 AGE 8 AND UP 13 AGE 9 AND UP 17 AGE 10 AND UP 20 AGE 11 AND UP 24 AGE 12 AND UP 27 AGE 13 AND UP 34

Rosinha – 18x18 cm – 32 pages


When introduced to food, children may say “Eww!” or “Gross!” without even trying vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats, breads or milk. That’s what happens to the character in this book. But by rejecting the food offered by his mother, he feeds up a creature that makes him review his attitudes.

Award-winning writer and illustrator from Pernambuco, Rosinha was inspired by her son, Artur, to write Eww!, a book that aims to help children understand the importance of varying foods in meals to grow and be healthy.

Rosinha has more than 110 books published and her artistic work have figured in many international exhibitions. Her books have been recognized by the White Ravens, FNLIJ – IBBY/BR, Açorianos Prize and Jabuti Prize.

5 4+

4+ Color and Letter Collection

Ellen Pestili – 23,5 x 22,5 cm – 24 pages

A collection especially designed for young readers who are learning to read and write. With a combination of simple texts and plenty of illustrations, this author uses children’s daily lives as inspiration.

Each Home Matches Each One

The mouse has a lair, the bee makes a home in a hive, and the dog lives in the house. But, what about the frog? Every creature has their own corner to call home, be it large, small, under a tree or within a pond. It doesn’t matter which. The most important thing is to feel as you belong.

I Feel What I Feel with Five Senses

Soft music and loud machine noises, rough and soft surfaces, chocolate and lemon on our tongue... A book about the different sensations all our five senses can capture, so that our small readers can learn and explore each one, discovering what they do and do not like.

Those Who Come and Go, Always Find the Way to Go

There is no shortage of means of transportation, and we can choose which one to use based on where we want to go. With a ludic approach, this book shows the many ways we can come and go from one place to another, and the most appropriate types for each occasion.

If Seeds We Sow, Gardens and Orchards Will Grow

In a garden, everything happens, and anything can grow. In an orchard, fruit trees are everywhere. Wings also abound: caterpillars turn into butterflies; bees pick pollen to make honey and birds fly everywhere! A fun way for the young reader to explore the fauna and flora.

For Each Smile, a Different Style

There is a school in the middle of the forest that has all types of students… with both fur and feathers! Some have long necks; others have big noses. A fun book to teach kids about diversity, differences, and how to treat both humans and animals with respect.

• Jabuti Prize
• FNLIJ recommendation
• Jabuti Prize
• Jabuti Prize

The Collector of Heads

Ana Matsusaki – 24 x 24 cm – 40 pages

There are all sorts of collections in this world... Serious things, funny things, strange things. The sky is the limit! This collection, though, is somewhat... peculiar. After all, it’s not every day that you find someone collecting heads, stories and memories. A humorous approach to death as a cultural occurrence.

• Jabuti Prize shortlisted

• Unesco and PUC Selection

• Rights in English sold to USA and Canada.

Snail Wants to Travel

Maurício Veneza – Luciano Tasso

24 x 24 cm – 32 pages

There is a snail that longs to travel, and his itinerary is long, every detail planned. He wants to go to different places and see many different things up close. It would be quite an adventure! If only he could move a little faster. A fun story for the little reader to explore different parts of the world.

It Fits Just Right!

Andrea Viviana Taubman and Marcelo Pellegrino – Guto Lacaz

24 x 24 cm – 40 pages

A handful is a pinch in the hand of a giant; a pinch is a lot if you are using pepper. Measures and portions, often subjective, are presented in this book in a very creative way, dealing with mathematical and geographical notions by playing with things we do in everyday life.

My World in the World’s Map

Jonas Ribeiro – Sandra Jávera

24 x 24 cm – 32 pages

The main character of this book is crazy about maps, loves the atlas she got from her grandfather and spends her time imagining all the different places around the world. Come explore different worlds, filled with diversity and beauty, and the endless possibilities they bring.

7 4+

From Everyone Collection

Telma Guimarães

Light-hearted and humurous, the books of this collection bring engaging stories that deal with topics that are important for child development, such as differences, similarities, and respect for others. Written by renowed author Telma Guimarães and richly illustrated, each book brings a funny comic strip at the end.

The Great Idea

Illustrations: Bruna Assis Brasil

21.5 x 25 cm – 32 pages

Raquel is the tallest girl in her class and thinks she can do whatever she wants. Luisa, however, is shorter, and can’t see anything when Raquel sits in front of her. This situation needs solving. With humor, this provocative book addresses topics such as stubbornness and empathy.

Well Played!

Illustrations: Fabiana Salomão

21.5 x 25 cm – 32 pages

Saturday afternoons are for soccer. Girls or boys, it doesn’t matter. The only one banned from the field is Cândido, just because he’s fat. The others ignore the fact that he is a great player. If only they’d give him a chance. A story about prejudices, diversity, empathy, and respect.

The Beat from Each One

Illustrations: Fabiana Salomão

21.5 x 25 cm – 32 pages

Every year, the school sponsors a talent show: there’s singing, dancing, juggling, magic or telling jokes... This year, though, the teacher had a crazy idea. Now the students’ skills will be tested! A stimulating narrative to challenge limits, labels, and personal difficulties.

How Do I Say?

Illustrations: Luciano Tasso

17 x 24 cm – 32 pages

Leo and Helena have new neighbors and they talk funny. They come from a different part of the country, you see, and that’s why they talk so differently. It’s hard to understand them sometimes! A book about language and regionalities, and learning from our differences.

Everyone Together

Illustrations: Evandro Marenda

17 x 24 cm – 40 pages

The geography teacher has realized that integrating four new foreign students to her class will be a challenge, since the other students find the newcomers funny. So, she proposes a project about other cultures to transform the students’ curiosity into learning and respect.

Etevildo’s Pajama Party

Illustrations: Gabriela Gil

21.5 x 25 cm – 40 pages

Instead of inviting his best friends to his pajama party, Etevildo decided to invite kids he would like to be friends with. A beautiful narrative about differences, friendships, breaking paradigms and being open to new opportunities.

5+ 8

Say Hi to the Invisible Man

Manuel Filho – Ana Matsusaki 24 x 24 cm – 40 pages

If you can’t see it, does that mean it doesn’t exist? And if you can almost see it, does that make it invisible? In this book, Manuel Filho and Ana Matsusaki use text and image to play a game of hide and seek with a man who is always almost there. A story of making friends in a fast-spinning world.

Every One and Everyone

Marcelo Cipis – 24 x 24 cm – 32 pages

There is always someone we know who knows someone who happens to be the neighbor of our classmate. This book talks about interpersonal relationships, how we connect and our own peculiarities using humor and universal themes, such as friendship and family.

Of Course, Cleusa. Of Course, Clovis

Raquel Matsushita – 24 x 24 cm 40 pages

The characters of this book are geometric shapes. They come to life to tell the story of two friends who are joined at the hip and do everything together, and their discovery that there’s always room for one more. A unique book of ludic visual language well worth the read.

I am a Gecko!

Alexandre de Castro Gomes

Cris Alhadeff – 24 x 24 cm – 32 pages

In our imagination, anything is possible. You can be a gecko, a spider or a dinosaur; all you have to do is imagine. This book dives into the powerful world of children’s imagination and introduces a discussion on the importance of playing games and having fun when you are a kid.

• Unesco and PUC Selection • FNLIJ recommendation
FNLIJ recommendation
+ 80 thousand copies sold
9 5+

What Outfit Fits the King’s Feast?

Tino Freitas – Ionit Zilberman – 21.5 x 25 cm – 32 pages

The classic tale “The emperor’s new clothes” inspired Tino Freitas to tell a story about animals and kings of all types, including rock stars and soccer players. As soon as the party is announced, the animals run to get the best outfits. However, the tortoise is wiser and will show them all.

• Jabuti Prize finalist

• Unesco and PUC Distinction

• FNLIJ recommendation

• Rights in Spanish sold to Latin America. + 2 million copies sold

+ 80 thousand copies sold

Changing Charlotte

Manuel Filho – Veridiana

Scarpelli – 20.5 x 23.5 cm – 48 pages

Red Carpet

Ana Paula Bernardes and Tino

Freitas – Sandra Jávera – 20 x 26 cm

32 pages

• FNLIJ recommendation

Somewhere in the World

Anna Claudia Ramos – Jacobo Muñiz

21 x 28 cm – 40 pages

• Honorary mention ALIJA (Argentina)


Boss’ Haiku

Poetry can follow rules or ignore them all. Haiku is a type of structured poetry that follows a fixed pattern and challenges us to say a lot with few words. This book uses engaging words and the haiku format to present and play with the collective nouns of different animals. A fun combination of poetry and illustrations, which invites us to find the boss of the gang and reflect on what’s it role, provoking the reader to interpret text and images in many ways and exercise creativity.

Alexandre de Castro Gomes

Alexandre de Castro Gomes served as AEILIJ president, having been one of the creators of the AEILIJ Prize. He has more than 30 books published.

Alexandre de Castro Gomes – Jean-Claude Alphen – 24x24 cm – 40 pages
11 7+

One Fine Day...

Guilherme Semionato – Veridiana Scarpelli – 20 x 26 cm – 40 pages

More than a story about friendship, this book explores the importance of knowing there is always someone who loves us and, somehow, wants to be part of our lives. A magical adventure lived by two friends, a cat and an unusual, and energetic character, who spares no effort to reunite two friends.

• Rights sold to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Chile and Colombia.

The Painter and the Bridge

Tânia Alexandre Martinelli

Sebastião Peixoto

20 x 26 cm – 40 pages

Being Human is...

Fábio Sgroi – 21 x 28 cm 48 pages

• Rights in Spanish sold to Latin America.

Bela’s Powerful Hair

Simone Mota – Roberta Nunes

21 x 28 cm – 32 pages


Great-granny and Her Dinosaur Boots

Anna Claudia Ramos – Bruna Barros

20.5 x 23.5 cm – 32 pages

This touching narrative shows the beautiful bond between the protagonist and her great-grandmother, as well as her unique perception of reality. A story about love, family, affection, time and life for all ages.

Frederico, Frederico...

Simone Mota – Bárbara Quintino

20.5 x 23.5 cm – 40 pages

Frederico is a smart and stubborn boy who sees the world not as a place full of obstacles, but full of opportunities. For everything there’s a solution! And he has decided to become a doctor when he grows up. A beautiful reflection about identity, racism and empowerment.

So Much Rain in the Sky

Volnei Canônica – Roger Ycaza

20.5 x 23.5 cm – 40 pages

Raindrops fall outside the window. Inside, drops pour from a little girl’s eyes, grief real and heavy on her chest. There is only memories now… A dress, a smell, a sound. A story full of beautiful images and emotion that deals with childhood, loss and overcoming grief in a beautiful and poetic way.

• Unesco and PUC Selection

• Unesco and PUC Selection

• Image of the Book

The Delicious and Mysterious Box

Jonas Ribeiro – Camila Martins

23 x 20 cm – 48 pages

What could be inside the gift box that aunt Lu brought? Her very curious nephews soon find out that it hides delicious sweets that will transform everyone’s life. A fun story, full of fantasy to sweeten our lives.

Winds in the Heights

Otávio Junior – Letícia Moreno

20.5 x 23.5 cm – 32 pages

There are so many voices claiming for peace in the Heights. Instead of simply discussing violence, an undeniable presence in many Brazilians’ lives, this book focuses on a child’s desire to be held and told that everything will be all right. A narrative about loss, violence and, above all, hope.

Behind the Hoarding

Mariângela Haddad – 20.5 x 23.5 cm

40 pages

That’s the way with life: nothing stands still… A house is no different. It stores memories. When the residents of a house move on, though, the walls must embrace a new family and create new memories. A picture book that makes you reflect on time, on history and on so many homes, sweet homes.

13 8+

Lighthouse Home

Alina Perlman – Bruno Nunes

16 x 21.5 cm – 48 pages

Even though he wasn’t so little anymore, Edu is an orphan that wants to be chosen by a family willing to love and care for him, just like it happened to his dear friend Lucas. A book full of reflections on late adoption and what it means to have a true family and a home.

Sona – African Tales Drawn on Sand

Rogério Andrade Barbosa – Thais

Linhares – 15 x 30 cm – 32 pages

Complex drawings in the sand is how the Quioco people, who inhabit a region of Africa, teach the younger generation about values, life lessons and the past. These extremely elaborate drawings enchant everyone with their beauty. A story that pays homage to the oral tradition and customs of a people.

Cure of the Earth

Eliane Potiguara – Soud

20.5 x 23.5 cm – 32 pages

Moína is a very curious indigenous girl, who loves to be held by her grandma and listen to her stories. She wants to understand life and all its transformations. A special story about the pain the indigenous people have endured and how they have found the Earth to be the cure.

Life Goes On

Luís Pimentel – Catia Vidinhas

16 x 21.5 cm – 40 pages

What makes a family? For a long time, Pedrinho dreamt of finally meeting his biological father. This dream is about to come true and he will have to learn that our imagination is not always the same as reality. And that, no matter what, life goes on... Always. A sensitive story about human complexities.

• FNLIJ recommendation

The Unicorn Girl

When Valentina found out about the magical creature named “unicorn”, she just couldn’t stop thinking or talking about anything else. She wanted a unicorn for her own. She needed a unicorn! But unicorns are not that easy to find. Or are they? Where will this stubbornness lead Valentina? To a magical world for sure! A beautifully illustrated, fantasy-filled story about a persistent girl who will do anything to achieve the impossible!

Celso Sisto

Celso Sisto’s more than 80 published titles have granted him many recognitions by FNLIJ/IBBY-BR, Unesco and Puc recognitions, amngst others.

15 8+

Ana and the Palindromes

Fernando Vilela – 23.5 x 20.5 cm – 48 pages

A word, or phrase, or number that can be read forwards and backwards and still have the same meaning, is known as a palindrome. Creating palindromes is an art, a game of letters and words to make anyone see double! This book uses some known and some new palindromes to tell a funny story to delight everyone.

Moiara, Daughter of the Earth

Camila Tardelli and Thiery Maciel

Daniel Araujo – 20.5 × 23.5 cm

48 pages

Tales of a Girl Named Narizinho

Monteiro Lobato – Fernando Nuno and Silvana Salerno – Raquel Matsushita

17 x 23.5 cm – 80 pages

• Unesco and PUC Selection

Trip to the Skies

Monteiro Lobato – Fernando Nuno and Silvana Salerno – Raquel Matsushita

17 x 23.5 cm – 88 pages

• Unesco and PUC Selection

• The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf

The Giant’s Big Toe


The world seems a complicated place for those that are different. In this magical story, we have a very scary giant, with huge arms and legs, and a pain in his big toe that won’t go away. If only he knew how to reach his thumb to take care of his wound... A lot of people offer to help the giant, but do they really want to help him? A smart boy enters the picture to teach us and the giant that appearances can be deceiving. A story about justice and respect, filled with humor.

Claudia Souza

Claudia Souza, who published her first book in 2010, has titles translated to eight different languages. Now living in Italy, she dedicates herself to interventions and cultural projects directed to children, family and educators.

Claudia Souza – Bruna Ximenes – 20,5x23,5cm – 40

What Animal Made These Tracks?

Welcome to Kruger National Park, one of the most visited tourist spots in South Africa! In this book, the twins Tabo and Thabang, sons of rangers that work in this famous park, go on an adventure filled with diverse African animals. With the aid of their mother, they try to guess which animal has left the footprints on the ground! A unique investigative story, with colorful illustrations and folding pages that allow readers to also test their knowledge.

Rogério Andrade Barbosa

Writer, panelist and storyteller, Rogério Andrade Barbosa teaches African Literature and has been a volunteer in Guiné-Bissau during United Nations missions. He works promoting reading and publicizing Afro-Brazilian literature. During his more than 30 years career, the author received many awards and has been recognized by White Ravens.



Once upon a time there was a sound so fast, but so fast, that nobody knew exactly what it was, where it came from and where it was going. It was whirring here and whirring there and got everyone looking from one side to the other. Scientists got together to study the phenomenon, but no one could answer what it was. It was necessary a creative and imaginative child to think about looking beyond the pages to finally unravel this mystery. Creativity, imagination, humor and good surprises await the reader in this book by award-winning João Luiz Guimarães and Ionit Zilberman.

João Luiz Guimarães

Besides his career as a literary author, João Luiz Guimarães worked also as a journalist and screenwriter. Among his many recognitions, he was the great winner of the Jabuti Prize – Best book for children and Best book of the year, 2021.


Cambitos – a fine and dandy village

In a very distant time, in a very distant place, there was this mysterious man whom the fine and dandy people of Cambitos called Weirzardo.

No one knew anything about him, but rumors swirled, speculations went on and on, and in the end, a disaster ensued. How will this story end?

A fun narrative about prejudice, appearance and stereotypes, full of mystery and with a more than unexpected ending!

Blandina Franco

Blandina Franco has her books published in Brazil and abroad. She received an honorary mention at Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award and was awarded 3rd place in the Jabuti Prize (2015) for her book Rage.

Tino Freitas

Writer, journalist and storyteller, Tino Freitas has more than 20 titles published. Many of his books have been highly recommended by FNLIJ – IBBY/BR and figured in the Jabuti Prize shortlist besides other important distinctions.

Blandina Franco e Tino Freitas – Guilherme Karsten – 16x23cm – 48 pages
• IberoAmerica Ilustra Catalog

The Fairy Tales’ Sustainable Almanac

César Obeid – Evandro Marenda – 24x24 cm – 64 pages

César Obeid

Surely you’ve heard of the “ugly” duckling who finds out to be a beautiful swan, the three little pigs who strugle with a stubborn wolf, or the king who ends up walking around naked because of fearing looking silly.

Forget all that! This book turns these fairy tales upside down by exploring themes such as ecology, recycling, sustainability and citizenship through different textual genres. A creative and fun almanac for a curious, modern and engaged reader!

César Obeid is a writer, panelist, storyteller and poet. His many published books have been recognized and recommended by renowned institutions such as FNLIJ – IBBY/BR.


The Chilling Case of Astolfo Skeleton

The “life” of Astolfo, a charismatic laboratory skeleton, is not easy at all! Even more when the school’s witty cleaning lady decides to use him to play pranks on the students. Confusion is for sure! And fun too, of course. Get ready for funny craziness, inside and outside the school walls.

Jonas Ribeiro and Telma Guimarães, both renowned Brazilian writers, teamd up together to tell us this thrilling adventure of chases, mysteries, twists, surprises, reflections, crazy plans, supernatural passions and a lot of good humor! A must-read book!

Jonas Ribeiro

As Jonas Ribeiro likes to say, he has “more than 101 published books for children and young people”. His experience with theatre helps him in the many activities he performs in schools all over Brazil.

Telma Guimarães

Telma Guimarães is a full-time author with more than 170 published titles –and counting. Her books have already been translated into English, Spanish, Korean and Turkish.

Jonas Ribeiro e Telma Guimarães – Luciano Tasso – 20,5x23,5 cm – 56 pages

Ana and Artur in Mesmerizing India

Cousins Ana and Artur are back for another adventure, this time in an even more distant and fascinating land: India.

Artur and his family move to India when his father is transferred to that country. Still living in Brazil, Ana has the opportunity to visit her cousin and, together, they embark on a journey to the magical and mythological world where Indian gods and mystical creatures belong. A fun narrative that helps broaden readers’ perspective about the world by presenting food, clothing and customs that many are not used to.

Ana and Artur

Discover Greece

Silvana Salerno

Silvana Salerno has studied Mythology in Greece and Art History in Italy – knowledge she largely uses in her more than 25 published titles. Besides integrating several times the selection of FNLIJ – IBBY/BR to figure in the catalogs presented at BCBF, she has been shortlisted IN???? the Jabuti Prize and have great success in programs such as PNLD.

Silvana Salerno – Natália Gregorini – 18x25 cm – 88 pages Silvana Salerno – Daniel Araujo 18 x 25 cm – 72 pages

1 Million Mysteries

Severino Rodrigues – 16 x 23 cm

Written by Severino Rodrigues, this is a collection of stories that make readers reflect on the main issues that adolescents and young adults face on a daily basis. In these books, you’ll find narratives filled with challenges, doubts, problems and discoveries.

Battery at 100%

Illustrations: Pedro Corrêa – 112 pages

Danilo is forever distracted, and Ariadne is a good student who loves to post videos online. While the leading characters face their personal conflicts, school life keeps going. A narrative about the difficulties of ADHD and the struggles with racial prejudice during adolescence.

A Thousand Paper Birds

Illustrations: Laerte Silvino – 136 pages

Letícia and Makoto both faced difficult situations. She had a scare – imagine having a near-heart attack before the age of 20? He lost his beloved grandfather and since then, a great sadness has invaded him. Together, they will discover what it means to live, grow and overcome the problems life throws our way.

10 Thousand Turns Around My World

Illustrations: Zaire – 136 pages

Júlia and Gustavo have anxiety problems. She is a talented swimmer, struggling with generalized anxiety disorder. He is a star basketball player, who hides an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Together, both teens will learn that a diagnosis is not the end of the world.

1 Million Mysteries

Illustrations: Julia Back – 104 pages

Alan suffers from low self-esteem and is extremely shy; Eduarda struggles with panic attacks. They both feel lonely, isolated and hopeless. However, darkness is no match for friendship, and together they’ll discover their inner strength.

• Unesco and PUC Selection

No Boundaries Collection

Malaika – Strength from Congo

128 pages

Malaika toma consciência das dificuldades impostas sem deixar de lado sua complexidade humana, que luta, vibra, fantasia e chora. A partir da trajetória da protagonista, as consequências do desmatamento e da exploração de riquezas minerais em ambientes frágeis e afetados por conflitos são perceptíveis, deixando-nos alertas às mudanças climáticas

Leaving one’s birthplace is always a transformative event. That can be a choice, this is not always the case: when emigration is needed, fears, traumas and concerns about the future are certainly part of the journey.

Malaika was born in Congo, an African country where conflicts, inequality and the influence of colonizing countries are intense. Guerrilla warfare and violence make the country unstable and force thousands of people to abandon their homes, including Malaika and her family. The journey of this resilient and determined girl is surrounded by setbacks and grief, but also by strength and hope. Embark on this engaging narrative about love and perseverance.

+ 100 thousand copies sold


These three authors, who have great experience in education and social initiatives, got together to write No Boundaries Collection, which books tell us about refugee kids and their challenges when moving to a different culture. The two previous books, Jean’s Haiti and Layla, the Syrian girl, have been recognized by FNLIJ – IBBY/BR, won the National Library Prize – Juvenile text (2nd and 3rd places respectively) and integrate the selection of SDG Library. Malaika, strength from Congo, is already following the same steps: the three titles integrate the Suitcase of Displaced Knowledge ACNUR/BR action.

Cassiana Pizaia Rima Awada Zahra Rosi Vilas Boas FORÇA DO CONGO MALAIKA FORÇA DO CONGO Cassiana Pizaia • Rima Awada Zahra • Rosi Vilas Boas Os desafios percorridos por Malaika e seus familiares retratam a constante angústia e o sofrimento das pessoas que são obrigadas a se deslocar, seja por motivos climáticos, seja por conflitos ou perseguições. Sendo ainda uma criança cuja maior preocupação é sobreviver e com o futuro incerto,
mostrando a necessidade de 5/13/22 11:14 AM
Layla, the Syrian Girl Jean’s Haiti
e aos seus impactos em pessoas em situação de vulnerabilidade. De acordo com a Agência da ONU para Refugiados (Acnur), mais de um bilhão de pessoas vivem em países com alta exposição a riscos climáticos e com capacidade limitada para se recuperar quando desastres acontecem,
Pizaia, Rima Awada and Rosi Vilas-Boas Cassiana Pizaia, Rima Awada Zahra, Rosi Vilas Boas – Raemi – 15 x 20 cm • National Library Prize 3rd place • FNLIJ recommendation • National Library Prize 2nd place • FNLIJ recommendation

Crazy About Comics

Tânia Alexandre Martinelli – Quanta Estúdio – 17 x 26 cm – 88 pages

Caio is crazy about comics. His passion led him to write screenplays like his idols. He just needs someone who can draw. Olivia, a girl mad about manga and a different way of doing things enters the story. A book about learning, growth, and understanding life as it happens.

How to Climb Trees

Tiago De Melo Andrade – Carolina Monterrubio – 13 x 18 cm – 88 pages

Short writings, worthy of social media posts... And, yet, loaded with emotion, poetry and memory that the author of this book managed to transcend beyond the ephemeral these posts are known for. Literature at its basest, this is a collection of beautiful chronicles that embraces readers of all ages.

Classroom 1208

Caio Tozzi – Visca – 15 x 20 cm

176 pages

After the announcement that their school will close down, eight students tell, from their perspective, their points of view, concerns and stories, as they discover that strength lies precisely in the discovery that life is intense, mysterious, happy, sad... All at once.

• Rights in Spanish sold to Latin America.

• Unesco and PUC Selection • FNLIJ recommendation • Jabuti Prize shortlisted
• Jabuti Prize shortlisted

My life is not a Bed of Roses

Penélope Martins – Mara Oliveira – 14 x 20 cm – 136 pages

A sensitive adolescent. Responsibilities. Complicated relationships. Harassment. A story about moments of happiness and sadness and making a difference in the world. This book deals with important issues, such as feminism, deconstruction of stereotypes, equality and human rights.

• National Library Prize 1st place

• Jabuti Prize shortlisted

• Unesco and PUC Distinction

• FNLIJ recommendation

+ 270 thousand copies sold


Shakespeare’s Library

William Shakespeare – Fernando Nuno – 14 x 23 cm

Shakespeare as you’ve never seen! This collection brings several famous plays by the Bard, William Shakespeare, in a new format and updated language, without losing the essence and brilliance of the original. A chance for young readers to read and understand the classics.

+ 90 thousand copies sold

Romeo & Juliet

Illustrations: Daniel Araujo – 144 pages

• FNLIJ recommendation


Illustrations: Angelo Abu – 168 pages

• Unesco and PUC Classics

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Illustrations: Daniel Araujo – 112 pages

• Unesco and PUC Classics

The Taming of the Shrew

Illustrations: Angelo Abu – 160 pages

• Unesco and PUC Classics


+ 35 thousand copies sold in one year

I Still Wish You The Best

Caio Riter and Penélope Martins – Talita Nozomi – 13 x 18 cm – 136 pages

Years ago, Ana Lúcia left her daughter behind to live a great love. Now she tries to reconnect with her. A book crafted exclusively by text messages between mother and daughter, exploring different points of view, forgiveness and human relationships.

• Jabuti Prize shortlisted

• Unesco and PUC Distinction

• FNLIJ recommendation

Three days and more

Caio Riter – Laerte Silvino – 16 x 23 cm

120 pages

Star Wars fan Matias lives with his mother and two brothers in a poor community in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He has a special way of seeing life, fighting injustices, and interacting with the world. This book explores family, inequality, mental health, prejudice and violence.

• National Library Prize 3rd place

• AELIJ Prize shortlisted

• FNLIJ reccomendation


Under Lock and Key Collection

14 x 23 cm

A collection for young adults written by renowned authors, and filled with surprising narratives, wellkept secrets, exciting adventures and lots of investigation and suspense. A veritable treat for all those readers mad about mysteries.

Before Dawn

Caio Riter – Tiago Sousa – 80 pages

A school project and a crazy bet lead a group of teenagers to a cemetery in the evening of a Friday 13th. Terrifying doesn’t begin to describe their situation, because an old curse is upon them with only one purpose: revenge. Who said waking up zombies was a good idea?

Chaos in School

Christian David – Carla Pilla – 96 pages

Recurring dreams. An enigmatic drawing. And the certainty that something smells fishy. Mysterious and strange things have started happening since Luísa, Paula and Tobias agreed to participate in a school competition. Now they are in a race against time to solve this puzzle.

Rocinante’s Mystery

Luiz Antonio Aguiar – Weberson Santiago – 136 pages

Vivi and Gigi are two friends that won’t rest until they solve the mysterious disappearance of the Christmas tree from the Rocinante apartment building. A story of parallel narratives, a great comedy of manners and plenty of characters to make even a mystery humorous.


Rogério Andrade Barbosa – John Kilaka – 72 pages

Kivuli lives in Tanzania, an African country. He would be an ordinary boy, living with his family and going to school if it wasn’t for a detail: he’s albino and his skin is white as snow. He’ll have to face many challenges, prejudices, and even dangers to find his place in the world.


Crimes and Punishments

Severino Rodrigues, Regina Drummond, Flávia Côrtes, Luis Eduardo Matta, Shirley Souza, Luís Dill and Rosana Rios – Augusto Zambonato

128 pages

The great Russian author, Fyodor Dostoevsky, wrote a wonderful novel about guilt, taking responsibility and human weakness. Crimes and punishments is a tribute to that literary genius, in which seven authors discuss some very delicate and very contemporary problems. What about if it happened to us?

Old Stories Stored

Sandra Pina – Daniel Araujo

136 pages

Vânia and Vitor are twins with an architect father. They move to an old town and need to get used to this new, boring place. Their opinion changes when they find a secret door in the basement and discover a very old and well-kept secret the tenants of the building want to keep hidden.


Luis Eduardo Matta – Carol Rempto

152 pages

Iasmin Tordesilhas, a shy high-school student, has disappeared. Her friends know nothing of her and begin a desperate search. The people who bully her at school seem to know too much... New clues and suspects appear at every turn and suspense only increases. What could be next?

12+ 31

Animal Farm as A Graphic Novel

George Orwell – Lillo Parra – Chairim 16 x 23 cm – 136 pages

Animal Farm, by George Orwell, explores issues that remain deep and relevant today. In this version, the story gains a more dynamic, fresh, and contemporary presentation... A classic retold as a graphic novel.

Grandpa, Books and Me or How to Hold out in Unsettled Times

Camila Tardelli – Silvia Amstalden 15 x 20 cm – 176 pages

Natália and her grandfather take a literary journey without leaving home and, amid many discoveries, address issues such as racism and representativeness.

The Sun Will Come Out

Giselda Laporta Nicolelis – Estelí Meza 16 x 21.5 cm – 56 pages

Two short stories that invite the reader to explore a delicate and, at times, controversial subject: mental health in adolescence. Dive into the difficulties encountered by these two young protagonists, as well as the ways they both find to overcome their personal difficulties.

12+ 32

All Prose Series

14 x 20 cm

The All Prose Series is especially designed for young readers who love great stories, good books, and letting their imagination run wild with quality literature. Incredible narratives and designs to ensure only the most pleasurable readings!

Strong Wind, From the South and the North

Manuel Filho – Paola Saliby

144 pages

Since she was a child, Luísa had to face prejudice: she is a black girl, was adopted, and her parents are gay. When she invited Henrique home to help him with his math, she never imagined he would do the same. A captivating story about homophobia, racism, prejudice and love.

+ 60 thousand copies sold

Facing Head-on

Tânia Alexandre Martinelli – Sergio Ricciuto – 136 pages Beto is an ordinary teenager. Vladmir is a cranky old man. Sebastião is a recyclables collector, who is always happy. Three generations, three completely different lives, three stories that intersect in a narrative about overcoming conflicts and seeing the world through new eyes.


Luiz Antonio Aguiar – Fabio Maciel – 128 pages

Gentle aroma of the lavender fields

César Obeid – Erika Lourenço – 168 pages

• Jabuti Prize shortlisted • FNLIJ recommendation • FNLIJ recommendation
12+ 33

A Sand Stairway to Heaven

Dilan Camargo – Nat Grego – 15x20 cm – 152 pages

Life and its intrinsic and magnificent relationship with time: this is the motto of this book of short stories by award-winning Brazilian writer Dilan Camargo. Tomorrow, today and yesterday intertwine in an inviting and deeply reflective literary composition exploring dramas and situations from past, present and future in a surprising way.

The author offers us a different kind of time travel in which the reader can relate and reflect on everything he/she was, is and can be.

Dilan Camargo

Dilan Camargo is committed to forming critical readers who relate to the world in a reflective and humanist perspective. His several published books were recognized by important institutions, such as FNLIJ/IBBY-BR, and already figured in the Jabuti Prize shortlists.

13+ 34

The King of Amaurotum

Flávia Côrtes – Lumina Pirilampus – 15x20 cm – 112 pages

What would it be like to be able to know two different realities?

On one side, Lucas, king of Amaurotum, an imaginary world he built to live. On the other, Anabel, his mother, and her big brown eyes, who tries to carefully enter her son’s world. Two perspectives on situations that involve a lot of effort, respect and courage; two views on Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A sensitive, touching and charming text that makes readers vibrate with each achievement of this relationship and all its doubts and insecurities, affection, strength and lots of love.

Flávia Côrtes

Flávia Côrtes is the author of more than 20 books, many of them recognized and recommended by renowned institutes that work for promoting reading, such as FNLIJ – IBBY/BR. Her work as a translator also stands out.

13+ 35

Erased Land

In a dystopian future, freedom and autonomy are increasingly limited and the planet is a dry and inhospitable place. The machines are in control. Books were burned and their digital versions were gradually erased. Even real places were erased from maps and from people’s memories. But the human spirit is resilient, insightful, and there is always resistance cells. Maya, our protagonist, is part of one of these groups and does her best to preserve books, places and stories.

This is a dangerous and exciting adventure, with a deep narrative that makes us rethink our present choices and their consequences for the future. A must read!

Cassiana Pizaia

Writer, journalist and documentarist, Cassiana Pizaia have been recognized since her debut as a literary author. She addresses social and humanitarian themes and her books have already received the National Library Prize and have been selected to figure in FNLIJ – IBBY/BR catalogs presented at BCBF, besides having great acceptance in PNLD and similar programs.

13+ 36




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