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CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SEOUL Christopher Mitchell takes us on an insiders’ tour of Seoul, Korea’s thriving capital city. We find out what street food to eat, where to play and what to see.


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More densely populated than Rome

ITH A CITY like Seoul, it’s far too easy to paint its electric energy and bright lights with a broad and tired brush. It’s “the New York of Asia,” they say clumsily, when it’s more apt to focus on the notion that it is Korea’s vibrant capital with a story and vibe that is unequivocally its own. What’s perhaps most striking about this city is the sheer diversity of experiences on offer, which make Seoul a true feast for the senses. It’s easy to make a day of taking a stroll along the Han River, walk with quiet contemplation through one of Seoul’s grandiose palaces, then turn on a dime and >


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RIGHT: Seoul’s Lotte World Tower is the fifth tallest building on the planet and overlooks the city

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