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l¿-Pn- tIm-S-Xn- ]-cn-K-Wn-°p-tºmƒ- l¿-Pn-°m-c-\pIn-´p-∂- ]-_v-fn-kn-‰n-bn¬- Pv-Uv-Pn-°v- F-¥p- Im-cyw-?kp{- ]ow- tIm-SX- n-bn-epw- ssl-t°m-SX- n-If- n-epws]m-Xp-Xm-X] -v c- y- l¿-Pn-Iƒ- k-a¿-∏n-°s - ∏-Sptºmƒ- F-Xn¿-`m-Kw- D-S≥- hm-Zn-°p-∂X - pw- tImS-Xn- {]-Ya- Z- r-jS-v ym- Nq-≠n-°m-Wn-°p-∂X - pw- H‰-°m-cy-am-bn- am-dn-bn-cn-°p-∂p.- l¿-Pn- ]-_f -v nkn-‰n- e-£y-am-°n-bp-≈X - m-W!-v - l¿-Pn- X-≈m≥B- H-‰° - m-cyw- a-Xn-!!- - i-_Z-v a- n-√m-Øh - c- p-sS- i_vZ- w- s]m-Xp-Xm-X] -v c- y- l¿-Pn-bm-bn- \o-Xn-\ymb- hy-h-ÿ-bp-sS- Z-bm-Zm-£n-Wyw- tX-Sn- hcp-tºmƒ- ap-Jw- t\m-°m-sX- X-s∂- \o-Xn- \-SØn-∏v!- !- !- - l¿-Pn- k-a¿-∏n-°p-∂- I-£n-Iƒ-°vkzm-`m-hn-Ia- m-bn- D-≠m-Ip-∂- ]-_f v- n-kn-‰n-sb\ym-bm-[n-]∑ - m¿- F-¥n-\-v I-W° - n-se-Sp-°W - wF-∂X - m-Wv- tNm-Zyw.- A-h¿- A-°m-cy-Øn¬A-kz-ÿc - m-tI-≠X - p-t≠m-?- hn-jb - Ø - n-s‚tbm-Ky-Xb - n-te-°p- I-S° - m-sX- X-s∂- l¿-PnX-t≈-≠X - p-t≠m-?h-kv-Xp-X-Iƒ- l¿-Pn-°m-c-s\-Xn-s\-Xn-tc-bm-Iptºmƒ- \n-ba- w- hm-Zn-®p- Xp-Sß - p-Ib - m-W-v tImS-Xn-bn¬- A-`n-`m-jI - c- p-sS- Iu-ie - s- a-∂-v s]mXp-th- H-cp- ]-d-®n-ep-≠v.- F∂m¬- s]m-Xp-Xm-X] -v c- y- l¿Pn-I-fm-Ip-tºmƒ- A-Xn-s‚t]m-epw- B-hi - y-an-√m-Xm-bncn-°p-∂p.- k-a¿-∏n-°s- ∏-Sp-∂s]m-Xp-Xm-X] -v c- y- l¿-Pn- (]_vf - n-I-v C-‚d- à - -v en-‰n-tK-j≥/-]n¬-)-˛-bn-se- "-]n-'- ]-_v-fnIv- C-‚d- à - n-\p- ]-Ic - w- ]-_vfn-kn-‰n-t°m- ss]-kb - t-v °mth-≠n-bm-sW-∂- ap≥-hn-[nbm-Wv- kp-{]ow- tIm-S-Xn-bnse- P-Uv-Pn-am¿- Dƒ-∏-sS-bp≈- \ym-bm-[n-∑m¿- {]-IS- n-∏n®n-´p-≈X - .v l¿-Pn- k-a¿-∏n-°p-∂X - p- h-gn- Hcmƒ-°-v {]-kn-≤n-tbm- {]-Nmc-tam- (]-_v-fn-kn-‰n-)- e-`n®m¬- X-s∂- A-Xp-sIm-≠vtIm-SX - n-°v- F-¥m-Wv- {]-iv\-sa-∂-v km-[m-cW - ° - m¿- A¤p-Xs - ∏-Sp-∂p.- A-ßs - \- hcp-tºmƒ- {]-kn-≤n- \n-tcm-[n°-s∏-tS-≠- A-h-ÿ-bmtWm- F-∂- tNm-Zyw- Iq-Sn- DZn-°p-∂p.- tI-cf - - ssl-t°mS-Xn-bn-epw- kp-{]ow- tIm-SX - nbn-epw- P-\X - m-X] -v c- y-ap-≈- ]e- hn-jb - ß - f - pw- s]m-Xp-XmXv-]-cy- l¿-Pn-I-fm-bn-´m-Wvk-a¿-∏n-°s - ∏-´n-´p-≈X - v.- AsXm-∂pw- ]-_f -v n-kn-‰n-°-v th≠n-bp-≈X - m-bn-cp-∂n-√.- hn-jb-߃-°-v Xm-s\- e-`n-°p-∂]-_vf - n-kn-‰n- X-Sb - m-\p-am-In√.]-_f -v n-kn-‰n-sb-∂X - -v H-cmƒ- X-\ntb- D-≠m-°p-Ib - m-sW-¶n¬tIm-S-Xn-bp-sS- \n-e-]m-Sn-\vA-e] -v s - a-¶n-epw- km-[p-Xb - ps≠-∂p- I-cp-Xmw.- A-Xn-\vl¿-Pn-°m-c≥- tI-kn-s\-°p-dn-®v- Ip-d™ - ]£w- t\m-´o-k-v A-Sn-®p- hn-Xc- W - w- sN-øp-It- bmA-Yh - m- ssa-°p- h-®p- sI-´n- hn-fn-®p- Iq-hn- \S-°p-It- bm- th-Ww-!- ]-_f v- n-kn-‰n-°v- am-[y-awA-Xym-hi - y-am-W.v - \q-dp- I-W° - n-\-v am-[y-aß - fp-≠v.- A-h- l¿-Pn-°m-c-s‚- \n-b-{¥-W-Ønep-a√ - .- \-√- {]-hr-Øn-Iƒ-°-v {]-kn-≤n-bpw- NoØ- {]-hr-Øn-Iƒ-°v- hn-e- Ip-d-™- {]-kn≤n-bpw- (Ip-{]-kn-≤n-)- D-≠m-Ip-sa-∂p-≈X - v- hkvX - p-X.tI-cf - - ssl-t°m-SX - n-bn¬- ]-cn-KW - b - n-en-cn-°p-∂sI.-Fw.-am-Xyp-hpw- a-‰p- \m-ep- t]-cpw- A-`n.- tIc-f- kw-ÿm-\- k¿-°m-cpw- a-‰p- c-≠p- t]-cpw({In-an-\¬- Fw.-kn- \-º¿- 3385/-2006)- F-∂hy-hl - m-cØ - n¬- Un-^m-It-v Sm- Iw-πb - n-\‚ - -v ka¿-∏n-®n-´p-≈- F-Xn¿- k-Xy-hm-Mva- q-eØ - n-sehm-Zß - ƒ- C-Øc- p-WØ - n¬- {i-t≤-bß - f - m-W.v ! Hm-tcm- hy-‡n-If - p-tS-bpw- {]-Ir-Xn-°pw- kz-`mh-Øn-\pw- {]-hr-Øn-°pw- {]-IS- \ - Ø - n-\pw- A\p-kr-X-am-bm-Wv- {]-kn-≤n-tbm- Ip-{]-kn-≤ntbm- e-`n-°p-∂X - .v - a-‰p-≈h - t- cm- A-Yh - m- am-[yß-tfm- B-Wv- ]-_v-fn-kn-‰n- \-ev-Ip-∂-Xv.- A√m-sX- _-‘-s∏-´- hy-‡n- X-s∂-Øm≥- A√.- ]-_vf - n-kn-‰n- X-Sb - m≥- a-‰p-≈- hy-‡n-If - n-

tem- am-[y-a-ß-fn-tem- B¿-°pw- \n-b-{¥-Wan-√.- A-sXm-cp- A-hÿ - b - pw- co-Xn-bpw- kzm-`mhn-I- {]-{In-bb - p-am-W.v - ]-_f -v n-kn-‰n-°-v H-cp- am[y-aw- th-≠X - p-≠.v -

conduct. 3. an infamous act or circumstance. As everybody knows, usually a government servant or a person in higher avocation may not 4. Law. loss of rights, incurred by conviction file public interest writ petitions for the benof an infamous offense. American Heritage efit of common or downtrodden people due Dictionary explains as: 1. Evil fame or reputo their occupational restrictions or such other tation. 2. The condition of being infamous. constraints. Usually public hearted persons 3. An evil or criminal act that is publicly without any bond only can approach the conknown. As per Roget's New Millennium Thecerned forum fearlessly for justice against the saurus, Infamy's Synonyms are abomination, impropriety of public authority or governatrocity, bad reputation, disapprobation, disment officers, violation of fundamental rights, credit, disesteem, disgrace, dishonor, disrecrime, corruption etc. Actually PILs are the pute, enormity, evil, ignominy, immorality, voice of the voiceless and appreciated from impropriety, notoriety, notoriousness, oblodifferent corners. Moreover PILs are usually quy, odium, opprobrium, outrageousness, filed for legitimate needs of the people only. scandal, shame, stigma, villainy and wickedI-£n-I-fp-sS- ]-_v-fn-kn-‰n- cp-Nn-°m-Ø- \ym-bmness.

Getting Publicity or Cheap publicity to one may according to the nature, character, action and performance of each person. Good actions may get promotional Publicity and bad actions may get demotional Cheap Publicity or Infamy ie. Evil fame or public reputation (kupprasidhi) also. Publicity is extending by others or media and not by the concerned person himself. No one has control over other people and media to hinder Publicity. It is a condition, mode and natural process. There ! s]mXp-Xm-Xv]cy l¿Pn ^b¬ sNøp-∂Xv should be a medium for the publicity.

! ]_vfn-kn-‰n°v hnhn[ \nL≠p°ƒ \evIp∂ A¿Y--߃: According to Unabridged (v 1.0.1) Publicity means 1. extensive mention

{Inan-\¬ \S-]-Sntbm \mW-t°tSm A√. l¿Pn-If - n¬ Nq≠n-°m-´n-bn-cn-°p∂ hkvXpX-I-fpsS k-Xy-hm-ZnXzw tImS-Xn°v Xn´w hcp-Øm-hp-∂t- X-bp-≈p. tIkv ]cn-KW - n-°p-

[n-]∑ - m¿- A-X\ - p-kc - n-®v- kz-bw- \-bw- \-S∏ - m°p-Ib - pw- th-≠n- h-cpw.- s]m-Xp- ]-cn-]m-Sn-IƒD-ZL -v m-S\ - w- sN-øm-\pw- {]-kw-Kn-°m-\pw- a-‰pwt]m-Ip-Ib - n-s√-∂p- Xo-cp-am-\n-°p-I- X-s∂- AXn¬- B-Zy-tØ-X.v - s]m-Xp- ]-cn-]m-Sn-If - n¬- ]s¶-Sp-°p-Ib - pw- sS-en-hnj-\n-epw- a-‰pw- {]-`m-jW - ߃- \-SØ - p-Ib - pw- sNøp-∂X - -v A-h¿-°-v ]-_f -v nkn-‰n- am-{X-a√ - - D-≠m-°p∂-Xv,- A-h¿- Nn-e- Im-cyß-fn-se-¶n-epw- ]-£] - mX-]c- a- m-bn- s]-cp-am-dp-sa∂- B-i-¶-bpw- Zp-jv-t]cpw- Iq-Sn-bm-W-v ]-S¿-Øp∂-Xv.- tIm-S-Xn-bn¬- am{Xw- ]-d-tb-≠- A-`n-{]mb-߃- s]m-Xp- th-Zn-Ifn¬- hn-ft- º-≠X - n-√.- PUvP - n-am-bn-cn-°p-∂- Im-etØm-fw- tIm-S-Xn-bv-°p≈n¬- am-{X-am-Wv- \n-ba- ß-fpw- h-kv-Xp-X-I-fpwhym-Jym-\n-t°-≠X - pw- DØ-ch - p-If - pw- hn-[n-If - pw{]- J ym- ] n- t °- ≠ - X pw.tIm-SX - n-°p- ]p-dØ - p-≈G-Xp- \-S] - S- n-bpw- P-UP -v nam-cp-sS- Nm-bh -v -v ap≥-Iq-´nsh-fn-s∏-Sp-Øp-sa-∂pkm-[m-cW - - P-\ß - ƒ- Icp-Xn-bm¬- sX-‰p-]-d-bm\m-In-√.sS-en-hn-j≥- \yq-kv- Nm\-ep-Iƒ- hym-]-I-am-btXm-Sp- Iq-Sn- A-\-h-k-cß-fn¬- tIm-SX - n-bn-en-cp∂p- A-\m-hi - y- {]-kX -v mh-߃- \-SØ - n- "-^f -v m-j-v \yq-k'-v - h-cp-Øm-\p-≈- {ia-hpw- ]-e- P-UP -v n-am¿-°nS-bn¬- C-t∏mƒ- hym-]I - am-W.v - A-sXm-∂pw- A-hkm-\- hn-[n-bn¬- Im-Wmdp-an-√.- kv-{Io-\n¬- kvt{Imƒ- sN-øn-°m≥- ]-cph-Øn¬- hm-N-I-߃- Xp-d-∂- tIm-S-Xn-bn-encp-∂p- ]-db - pw.- tI-kn-s‚- hn-hc- ß - f - n-te-°-v Bg-Øn-te-°-v t]m-Im≥- tNm-Zy-ßf - pw- I-a‚ - p-Ifpw- B-Im-sa-∂- \n-e] - m-Sm-Wv- C-Øc - w- PvU - vPn-am¿- kzo-Ic- n-°p-I.- ]-d™ X - n-\p- hn-]c- o-Xam-bn- hm¿-Ø- h-∂m¬- Xn-cp-Øm≥- \n¿-tZ-in°p-I- t]m-ep-an-√.- F-ß-s\-bm-bm-epw- ]-_vfn-kn-‰n- a-Xn-sb-∂- \n-e] - m-Sv- B-sW-¶n¬- Fs¥-Sp-°m≥-?tI-kn-s‚- hm¿-Ø- ]-{X-ßf - n-epw- sS-en-hn-j\ - n-epwtd-Un-tbm-bn-epw- h-cp-tºmƒ- ]-et- ∏m-gpw- I£n-If - p-sS- t]-cv- Im-Wm-dn-s√-¶n-epw- PvU - vP - nam-cp-sS- t]-cp- Im-Wpw.- A-ß-s\- In-´p-∂- ]_v-fn-kn-‰n- th-s≠-∂v- B-cpw- ]-d-bm-dp-an-√.l¿-Pn- k-a¿-∏n-®b - mƒ-°v- ]-_vf - n-kn-‰n-tbm-SvA-Xym-k‡ - n- (]-_f v- n-kn-‰n- am-\n-b)- - B-sW∂p- ]-db - m≥- D-t±-in-®v- B-th-iw- aq-Øv- ]-_vfn-kn-‰n-tbm-Sv- `-bw- (]-_vf - n-kn-‰n- t^m-_n-b)- B-sW-∂p- hn-[n-bn¬- hy-‡a- m-bn- tc-Js - ∏Sp-Øn-bn-´p-≈- \ym-bm-[n-]\ - pw- D-≈- \m-Sm-WvtI-cf - w-!- A-ßt- \-bpw- H-cp- ]-_f v- n-kn-‰n.-

∂-Xn\v tIkn-s‚tbm l¿Pn-°m-c-t‚tbm in the news media or by word of mouth or bikv ASn-ÿm-\a- m-°c - p-Xv. tImS-Xn-bpsS other means of communication. 2. public ASn-ÿm\w \oXn-bp-‡Xbpw \ymbhpw notice so gained. 3. the measures, process, or am{X-am-bn-cn-°W - w. business of securing public notice. 4. information, articles, or advertisements issued to This respondent had not indulged in any kind of evil or criminal or shameful act to get cheap secure public notice or attention. 5. the state publicity as alleged. According to this responof being public, or open to general observadents' humble knowledge, filing Public Intion or knowledge. American Heritage Dicterest Litigation is not a sin and not a crimitionary explains as 1. a. Information that connal or shameful act. The Hon'ble Court has cerns a person, group, event, or product and the full authority to go through and verify the that is disseminated through various media veracity of the alleged facts and substance to attract public notice. b. Public interest, behind the petitions. After considering the notice, or notoriety achieved by the spreadgravity and prima facie nature of allegations ing of such information. c. The act, process, the Hon'ble Court can take a decision in the or occupation of disseminating information case. Publicity of the case or fame of the peto gain public interest. 2. The condition of titioner should not be the base of considerbeing public. ! Ip{]-kn-≤n°v hnhn[ \nL≠p°ƒ \evIp∂ ation. Fairness and justice only will be the A¿Y--߃: foundation of court of law. According to Unabridged (v ! F√m- h ¿°pw Adn- b m- h p- ∂ Xp t]mse sXmgn¬]c-amb \nb-{¥-Wß - f - m¬ km[m1.0.1) Infamy means 1. extremely bad repucW KXn-bn¬ k¿°m¿ Poh-\-°mtcm (tI-c-f- ssl-t°m-S-Xn- tI-{µ-am-bn- Zo-]n-I,- ho-£tation, public reproach, or strong condemDb¿∂ sXmgn-se-Sp-°p-∂h - tcm s]mXp-XmWw- Zn-\-]-{X-ß-fp-sS- \n-b-a-Im-cy- te-J-I-\m-bnnation as the result of a shameful, criminal, Xv]cy l¿Pn-Iƒ ^b¬ sNøm-dn-√. Zo¿-L-Im-ew- {]-h¿-Øn-®n-´p-≠v- te-J-I≥-.)or outrageous act. 2. infamous character or

Crossroad Vol 03 Issue 05  

Executive Editor: Thomas Mathai Karikkampallil

Crossroad Vol 03 Issue 05  

Executive Editor: Thomas Mathai Karikkampallil