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Andrew Oswin on holiday in Kaikoura

By STRIVE correspondent Andrew Oswin

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you what I did on my holiday in Kaikoura, and this is how it happened. My parents and I drove all the way to Kaikoura to spend a few days, with a few breaks along the way for morning tea and lunch. We stayed in a lovely beach house overlooking the beautiful coastline, scenery and the lovely blue sea.

During our stay we walked some of the way up to the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway, the Hinau Track, and St Paul’s Track with spectacular views along the hillside. Some of the time we got to dine out for dinner at The Groper Garage and The Pier Hotel. For my very first time at The Pier Hotel, I tried eating paua served with a salad, and a very big dessert of Pavlova. My father and I visited the Kaikoura Museum where I became fascinated reading about and looking at seagulls, and I also became very interested finding a picture of Captain James Cook. I have had a lovely Kaikoura experience!