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DOING MORE An Area 2 - Coromandel Calling Initiative

A2 Head Table 2013-2014


Oct’13 Snapshot

Chairman - Tr.Hari Balaji

A new quarter, and all the tables in Area Inter Table - 6

VC - Tr.Shriram Duvvuri

2 looked re-energized. Looking back at LAPD

AST - Tr.Vinay Grandhi IPC - Tr.Gitesh Agarwal

Wazzup @ Area 2 - Nov’13 Charter Night @ 100 on 9th Nov’13

the events gone by in the first quarter, which was a memorable one, the tables

of MMRT42 or the 6 Ka Dum by the 6 Tables of Area 2 and intra table activities like the Oldies V/s. Goldies of MSRT39- a marathon 2 week event, ensured maximum participation from all tablers and tables. A lot done and a lot more to do. Area 2 is ROCKING DOing

Name the tables which


hosted inter table


activities in Oct’13. Mail your answers to editor@coromandelcalling .com

FundRaisers- 5

An inter Table Fellowship 6 Ka

or the Annual feature of Cock a Table Do

Trivia No.004


quarter. With a host of Fund Raising, Fun Rally hosted by MSRT123 & LC63

30 on 23rd Nov’13

Go Green

Talk of the TOWN

123 on 15th Nov’13

Family Business Conf. @

- 13

months and activities in the first Inter Table activities like the Lanson Car

162 on 22nd Nov’13


did put in their best to make sure Fellowships - 27 October 2013 was no less a match to the

School Inauguration @

Winter Fashion Show @


Dum organised by 6 tables of Area 2 on 6th Oct’13 turned out to be a landmark event with over 165 heads participating. MSRT123’s Lanson Car Fun Rally was the talk of the town with over 400 heads participating. MMRT42’s Cock-aTable-Do was

Tr.Akshay Dugar For suggestions/queries/feedback, please feel free to write to or


enjoyed by all , the highlight being the customary beer and the biryani.


October 2013

The AEX of Area 2 was held at the Madras NOW ARA 2 is Club on the 27th of October 2013 where all GLMF.AREA2 table Chairmen presented their quarterly reports and it was moment of pride for the Area with innumerable accolades received from the National Board in recognition of the exemplary work in areas of Projects/Comunity Service Activities, Fellowships, Inter Table Activities, LAPD etc. Each table presented the report of the quarter gone by as we realised the amount of time and hard work gone into each activity and the innovative ideas and concepts with which these were executed. The convenors too were in full attendance showcasing the fantastic quarter gone by and the efforts put in by the area which clearly show that Area 2 is DOing MORE and just not for records but for the love of it. Super Secys for the First Quarter Tr.Ankit (MSRT39), Tr.Vishnu (MCRT94), Tr.Sachin (MWRT10) were recognised by the National Board represented by NS Tr.Suman Voora. Also, Area 2 is now GLMF Area2 - the first of its kind initiative by Area2 Chairman Tr.Hari Balaji by contributing INR15000 towards GLMF from Area 2.

FELLOWSHIP HAT Area 2 received 3 fellowship hats for the first Quarter: Tr.Abishek Pesala MSRT123 Tr.Sailesh Vummidi MCRT94 Tr.Vishal - MSRT39



Area Chairman Tr.Hari Balaji received an ovation for his Area theme for the year and the concept of the puzzle at the NEX.

Tr.Suman Voora of MMRT42, currently the NS is contesting for the the post of the NVP, RTI. His contribution to the movement has been unmatched and we wish hi him all the best.



October 2013

AREA 2 - DO MORE Fellowship To promote more bonding & fellowship between Tables, the Area is sponsoring dinner coupons for the first 5 Tablers who manage to complete the puzzle i.e. collect all 18 table pins and complete the Area 2 Logo. AREA 2 - Group Tickets As part of the Area 2 initiative, 80 seats were booked by the Area, for the MELC 100’s fund raiser play of Paresh Rawal. These 80 seats were blocked exclusively for 18 tables who could have some fun and bond well even during the play. Quite an interesting concept by AFC Tr.Narendar Shah. 6 Ka Dum - 6th Oct’13 An inter Table Fellowship organised by 6 tables of Area 2 MERT30, MSRT39, MART100, MSRT159, MCRT162 and MKRT181 on 6th Oct’13 turned out to be a landmark event in Area 2 with over 165 heads participating. Everyone had a ball of a time playing Volley Ball, Throw Ball, & Fun Cricket. Twinklers of course had their best time around the Kiddies corner. Sunday evening saw immense Bonding and Fellowshipping across these tables - an absolute Wild & a Whacky evening!



October 2013

MSRT123 - 9th Lanson Car Fun Rally - 20th Oct’13 The 9th edition of the Lanson Toyota Car Rally was a grand success. It broke a few records along the way with record participation and publicity. With 12 cars from the tabling category and all participants enjoying the event thoroughly especially the photo hunt which made them DO MORE crazy acts like clicking a photo with a Cop with a moustache or buying a ticket in a bus from a conductor and capturing it on the camera or even climbing a tree. All in all a fantastic event that took bonding in Area 2 to new heights. This event is also the annual fund raiser event for MSRT123 Sterling Round Table #123 & LC 63. The likesMadras of Tennis Sensation Somdev Dev Varman, Car Rally @ Lanson Showroom @ Koyambedu & Pallikarinai Actor & RTI Brand Ambassador Arvind Swami, Socialite and The 9 edition of the Lanson Toyota Car Rally was a grand success. It broke a few records along the LC63 Spl. Invitee Nina Reddy, Actor Abinay and Director, way. Some of the highs were a record publicity that was generated for this event. We had the likes of Somdev Verman (under 100 tennis star), Arvind Swami (RTI brand ambassador), Nina Reddy Ennore Port (socialite), Abinay  (Gemini  Ganesan’s  grandson)  and  Mr.  Sanjay  Kumar  (Director  of  Ennore  Port   Trust Mr. Sanjay Kumar to flag off a few cars. Trust) flag off a few cars. Somdev was so impressed that he decided to take part in the rally and in the photo hunt category. that We had 124 he cars registered with just a little to under 100 cars Somdev was came sofirstimpressed decided take part in the getting flagged off. rally and came first in the photo hunt category. With 124 A lot of praise needs to be given to Bhushan who started off making a declaration that we will touch 100 cars and we crossed that easily. He managed the entire event very well with good support from cars registered for the event, itaspect, was biggest our very own AKD who took care of the Photo Hunt which wasthe a new edition and became a ever in the HUGE hit. Nina Reddy could not stop raving about the fun she had in the Photo Hunt. history of 123 and was rated the best rally by professionals We had 12 cars from the tabling category and everyone who participated enjoyed the event thoroughly. At the end, a fantastic event that took bonding in MSRT123 & MSLC63 to new heights. who took part. th

Chairman Tr. Viral H. Shah +91 9176618501

Vice Chairman Tr. Akshay Dugar +91 9841129000


Secretary Tr. Bharat Bhandari +91 9884396742

Treasurer Tr. Muthuraman +91 9840997474


October 2013

MMRT95 - Host a Tabler - 24th Oct’13 On 24th October’13, Tr. Suyash Kapur from Lucknow Tigers Table 207 visited Chennai and was hosted for an evening by Tr. Hemant Khandelwal and Tr.Rishi Kapur.

Madras Sterling Round Table #123 MMRT42 - Cock-aTable-Do - 27th Oct’13

Cock-a-Table-Do was organized by on RT42 27th Oct’13 Cock-a-table-do Badminton Tournament

at Alumni Club with nearly all tables participating in good numbers. The tradition Even of Beer & the Biryani continued apart the This is  MSRT123  &  MSLC63’s  arena. though hosts tried to change dates,from venues and rul fancy live grill setup for the members. The Annual event of we  managed  to  come  out  on  top…   Venkat was pure class as he decimated the opponents one 42 some was as usual big hit many newin faces participating one. Of course he gave respect to aArjun whowith fought valiantly the finals. Niloufer and Na and winning accolades and prizes. A complete fellowship and regained the  women’s  doubles  crown  by  winning  their  finals  in  style. fun filled event which is a trademark of 42.

This year we decidedThe to give a chance to the others otheractivities tables to show lawns of Alumni Cluband athence Boatallowed Club saw for up in the winning list for the other category of awards, scrap theoccupied tournament ne twinklers and some funfearing gamesthat to RT42 keepmay everyone year.  We  also  need  some  competition  you  see…   during the game break.

Year year, Cock-a-Table-Do becoming a sought It was a happy moment for after us to win the the rolling fellowship trophy.isThis is the second trophy we after already. inter table event with interesting and have won in 2 area events If anybody is hearing, this is a clearformats message of our new commitm players. to fellowship – we just like to have FUN!!!

ng Round Table #123

rnament by RT42

ugh the hosts tried to change dates, venues and rules, was pure class as he decimated the opponents one by n who fought valiantly in the finals. Niloufer and Nandu ing their  finals  in  style.

thers and hence allowed other tables to show up in ds, fearing that RT42 may scrap the tournament next e… 

ng fellowship trophy. This is the second trophy we y is hearing, this is a clear message of our commitment


October 2013



Daily Quotes were sent to the 30 Group and an LAPD Session was conducted by Tr.Ananth & Tr.Aman during their Business Meet. A raffle was done at the Business Meet some goodies from RTI Supply house were distributed. MSRT39 Tr.Kaushal Kishore conducted a HR event – Into the shoes of Disabled

ANY#OTHER#MATTER#:## people. He blindfolded a few Tablers

AC Tr.Hari gave his greetings fro superb 1st Quarter. for the next 20mins. The blindfolded Spoke about Doing JOINT projec tablers felt that they missed to Thanked see the Tr.Anant for coming forw He thanked Tr.Varindar for the gr fun and activity. Tr.Kaushal summed it Tr.Sriram for the logo and theme up with a nice quote –“I had my blues N AC also informed the flo and asked them not to speak anything

because I had no shoes until upon a street I met a man with no feet”. $

an amt of Rs.15000 was

# Tr.Komal organized a raffle for a SERGEANTNATNARMS# Supply :# Sergeant House product – Toilet Kit. Tr.Rohit Rs.was 2200

which includes a s

# DATE#&#VENUE#OF#THE#NEXT#MEET st Next#meeting:$931 $Continuous$me MART100 # MART100 conducted a ScienceVOTE#OF#THANKS:#Chairman$Tr.San Camp a n d w o r k s h o p fo r T w i n k l e r s a t ##### Primrose School, Kilpauk onCLOSURE:## 7-8-9 Chairman$Tr.$Sanjay$Goel$brought$th Oct’13 where most of the MART100 the lucky one to win it.

$ back twinklers participated and went

Yours#in#Tabling,## with a lot of learning. This event was open to all Twinklers of Area2.

LMF#Tr.#SIDDHARTH#BHAIYA# Secretary#2013N2014#|#MERT#30 #

!! [6]

October 2013

MERT30 - GO Green @ Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall - 19th Oct’13


Go Green Awareness and Distribution of tissue boxes was held at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall before and after the MELC100‘s Fund Raiser Play. Tissue Boxes made out of recyclable paper were distributed to all the visitors and attendees. These tissue boxes have 25 pullout tissues and have an artwork on the box which promotes clean and green environment by recycling paper and use it sparingly. Apart from handing over the tissue boxes, the tablers have taken the extra step of interacting with the public and explaining them the concept of a Green and clean environment. Bio Degradable Garbage Bags /Plastic Litter Bags and boxes were also placed at the venue to promote a greener and healthier Earth. MERT30 has


Area 2 and have been promoting various similar concepts to CIRCLERS save the environment.



initiatives of





October 2013

MWRT10 Tablers from MWRT10 sponsored a meal service at little Sisters of the Poor in memory of deceased Sq Legs: Sq Leg. B.L.Ratan, Sq Leg. Harivansh Mehta, Sq Leg. KP Bhasker, Sq Leg. B.S. Patel, Sq Leg. Kiron Roy, Sq Leg. SS Bhatnagar, Sq Leg. VS Srinath,Sq Leg. Renny Abraham. A wonderful gesture by the Tenors indeed. MERT30 MERT30 have managed a contriution of INR40 Lakhs from their sponsor for their long term Project with the Vivekananda Educational Society.



On the 5th Oct’13, MERT30!! Organized a picnic for the Giriappa School Students a t V G P Un i ve r s a l K i n g d o m a n d distributed snacks, and footwear as well. A fun day for all the students and Team 30.Projects.!



A Badminton Court at Vivekananda Vidyalaya was donated by the 30 Family as part of their long term project. MSRT39 MSRT39 sponsored floor tiles for the project at Maharaja Agarsen School. 39ers celebrated Diwali with the differently abled children at the Sakthi Foundation in Kilpauk. A magician was organized who brought loads of smile at every child's face followed by dance, Diya lighting, Snacks and Distributing of gifts. It gave immense satisfaction to celebrate Diwali with these kids and to see the kind of joy of their face. About 9 heads were present from MSRT 39.


Projects.! !!


October 2013

MMRT42 On 6th Oct’13, Tablers of MMRT42 donated clothes and toys to the children there at St. Louis School for the Blind and the Deaf and Dumb and interacted with the children to make them feel as one among them. MCRT94 MCRT94 conducted an Eye Camp at Sanjeevi Nala Nilayam where about 80 patients were screened and 15 patients were recommended for sponsored eye surgery whoch the table decided to take up during RTI Week. Tr.Dr.Atheeshwar Das and his team from Medfor t Hospitals helped MCRT94 organize this project. A wonderful gesture by the 94 boys.




MAHESH"RAMAMURTY""""""""""""""""""""GEORGE"CHERIAN"""""""""""""ALOK"PARAKH""""""""""""""""""MAHAVIR"JINDAL"""""""""""""""""SUMAN"VOOR Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vice!Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Secretary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Treasurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sumanvoora@ +91!97910!42849!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!32633!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!45108!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!97910!17151!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!94444!345

! " !

MMRT95 On 11th Oct'13, MMRT 95 donated 5 drilling machines to the Blind Foundation in Teynampet for the vocational training purposes. On 20th Oct'13, MMRT95 attended an inter school competition at Vivekananda School at Minjur - the l on g t e r m pro je c t s cho o l w here Chairperson Namita Sayani and Honrary Tabler Rajesh Sayani were the chief guests on the occasion. MSRT123 On 24th Oct’13, MSRT 123 & LC 63 sponsored lunch for the inmates of Monegar Choultries. Additional sum of INR10000/- was also sponsored for a lunch every year on 24th Oct’13 to the i n m a t e s o f M o n e ga r C h o u l t r i e s . INR10000/- was contributed towards Limb donation activities. The above were sponsored by Tr.Akshay Dugar on the 1st Birthday of his son Tw.Aarav.

adras Sterling Round Table #123 [9]


October 2013

MWRT10 Tablers from MWRT10 raised some funds for our project dialysis a day.

MERT30 MERT30 supported MELC100's Fund Raiser 'Dear Father' a comedy thriller featuring Paresh R awal on 19th October at Lady Andal Auditorium which was a sold out show.


MSRT39 MSRT39 organized a mega Fund Raiser at Abu palace on the 27th Oct'13. The Casino Night was a huge success where the table had raised 4.91 Lac via donation and managed to sell tables 1.7 Lac which was a spectacular achievement. MMRT42 MMRT42 partnered with ‘Pimp My Tuk Tuk’ for their fund raiser. Which is an adventure Rally / Challenge done using customized auto rick shaws. The aspiring adventurers came from different countries looking for an experience of a lifetime and rode their customized autos from Chennai to Goa covering a distance of about 1087 Kms. in 6 days.




Social responsibility is very close to the heart of the participants. The participants have be made a difference in the lives of the underprivileged by raising funds for Round Table India through Madras Midtown Round Table 42, which was the exclusive Charity partner for this in India. The funds raised will be shared between MMRT 42 and a charity based in Singapore4"in equal proportions.

‘Pimp" My" Tuk" Tuk’" Partners" with" Madras" Midtown" Round"Table"42’s"Charity"Projects" Pimp! My! Tuk! Tuk! is! an! adventure! Rally! /! Challenge! done! using! AutoNrickshaws.! What! started! out! as! a! birthday! celebration! gave! birth! to! an! adventure! of! a! lifetime.!22!starters!in!11!customized!autoNrickshaws!committed!themselves!to!a! week! of! excitement,! trepidation! and! no! doubts! some! pain,! hurtling! themselves! across! the! land! of! the! Maharajas! –! The! India! subNcontinent.! The! aspiring! adventurers!came!from!different!countries!looking!for!an!experience!of!a!lifetime!



MAHESH"RAMAMURTY""""""""""""""""""""GEORGE"CHERIAN"""""""""""""ALOK"PARAKH""""""""""""""""""MAHAVIR"JINDAL"""""""""""""""""SUMAN"VOORA" Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vice!Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Secretary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Treasurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +91!97910!42849!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!32633!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!45108!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!97910!17151!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!94444!34567!

! " !

! !


MAHESH"RAMAMURTY""""""""""""""""""""GEORGE"CHERIAN"""""""""""""ALOK"PARAKH""""""""""""""""""MAHAVIR"JINDAL"""""""""""""""""SUMAN"VOORA" Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vice!Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Secretary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Treasurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IPC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +91!97910!42849!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!32633!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!45108!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!97910!17151!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!94444!34567!

! " !


MAHESH"RAMAMURTY""""""""""""""""""""GEORGE"CHERIAN"""""""""""""ALOK"PARAKH""""""""""""""""""MAHAVIR"JINDAL"""" Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vice!Chairman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Secretary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Treasurer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mahavir.jindal@citi. +91!97910!42849!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!32633!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!98400!45108!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+91!97910!17151!!!!!!

! " !



October 2013

MWRT10 O n 2 6 t h O c t ' 13 M W RT 10 h a d a wonderful dinner meet hosted by Tr.Vikas Nahar in true Rajasthani style. The food, games, ambience - all were authentic Rajasthani. MERT30 On 5th Oct'13, MERT30 Organized a Movie Fellowship - BESHARAM @INOX where 35 heads participated. Though BEACH FELLOWSHIP the movie turned out to be a damn Beautiful breeze,Kapoor antics were squib,weather, and cool Ranbir great place..whatindigestible, else could the 30ers made sure actually tablers of 30 ask, for a casual they still enjoy and have fun in their get-together own BESHARAM ways.



Around 12 heads & 2 twinklers met up after dinner, at the On 25th Oct'13 on aicecool windy evening, Marina Beach to enjoy some 30ers metsome at fun theasMarina Beach for a creams and have well.casual get-together where 12 heads It was a good fun to enjoy participated for the an ice cream party coolremembering weather of Chennaithose after aschool days isn't it? long time at the beach with some great company.

The After Party of the MELC100's super hit Fund Raiser was at Citrus, Aruna Inn where they celebrated the success of the Full House and also Bday VISHWAS & KUNAL of their Tr.Praveen Tatia. FELLOWSHIP CONVENORS 2013-14 MERT 30an at 30 is

The Grand Diwali Fellowship annual affair now. This year it was held at Mrs. & Mr. Aryas Residence on 31st Oct'13 where 38 heads attended. All looked desi with their traditional outfits and indeed it felt like a grand festival. Finger-licking snacks, lip- smacking desserts, over-flowing drinks, smoked up hookahs and cards and coins being played across the house, it sure was an enjoyable fun-filled night for the tablers n circlers.Winning and losing was the motto of the night and many got lucky in both.




October 2013

MSRT39 On 25th Oct'13, Nisha & Tr. Sudheer Paul hosted their social at Hotel Courtyard Marriot which was attended by Tablers in large numbers. M S RT 3 9 o rg a n i z e d y e t a n o t h e r interesting and innovative event Oldies Vs Goldies. A unique fellowship in the history of MSRT 39, which lasted for over 2 weeks. The event kick started on 21st Sep'13 when Fellowship Convenor Tr.Vishal made 2 groups on the What’s app and commenced the tasks. The first 11 inductees in MSRT 39 were called as OLDIES and the second 11 inductees were titled as GOLDIES. The Grand Finale was on the 5th Oct'13, however there were additional 10 Challenging tasks like Hopping 5 Pubs in 90 mins, Arm Wr e s t l i n g , H o s t i n g fe l l o w t e a m members at every tablers house in 4 days, Team Poker Tournament and many challenging Fun games. 39’ers witnessed the best of all bonding in this fellowship. They met all 15 days continuously before competing in the Grand Finale. A remarkable event indeed. This is not it - an album for the event was made and circulated to the guests. MSRT 39 also organized Yeh Shaam Mastani which saw over 50 heads coming together and making it the musical night of the year @ 39. 39’ers were split into 4 teams fighting in the most Innovative Rounds of Antakshsri. Over 2 hrs of non-stop singing brought out the SINGERS of 39.



October 2013

MCRT94 MCRT94 organized a movie fellowship Gravity. A well attended fellowship. MMRT95 On 2nd Oct'13, Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers of MMRT 95 met at AHT Punit’s Residence for a fellowship lunch. More than 45 heads attended and fun filled lunch social which was brought to close by the evening. Games, Pool, Swimming for children and of course the best veg and nonveg cuisine was the highlight of the lunch meet. On 14th Oct'13, 95ers felt the craving for an authentic south indian meal. 9 tablers met at the National Lodge Restaurant, Govindappa Naicken Street for Lunch and Fellowship. Circlers and Tablers of MMRT95 and MMLC70 met at the residence of Sq Leg Sumeet Sanghvi’s Residence for snacks and Teen Patti Fellowship on 15th Oct'13. Tr.Harish hosted his Social meet at hotel Hyatt Regency on 27th Oct'13 - it was a night of fun and masti. Sitting by side of the swimming on a night of beautiful weather, some excellent music and laser lighting, wonderful snacks and drinks and a lavish dinner spread. What else can one ask for. The social was attended by more than 40 heads of the MMRT95 family. Month end 30th Oct'13 and over 20 heads met at Tr. Vishal Jain’s residence for Dinner and evening of fun with Teen Patti Fellowship. It was indeed Diwali Mania at 95.


table at Zara for us. Viral and Toral reached early and slowly the young guns of MSRT123 started pouring in much to the pleasant surprise of Toral. We partied late till Zara threw us out. As usual fantastic evening  filled  with  smiles,  laughter  and  a  lot  of  “spirited”  conversations.


October 2013

MSRT123 12th Oct’13 MSRT123 & LC63 partied at ZARA to celebrate the B’day of the first Lady Torral Shah. Birthday girl Toral was forced with one too many shots and some interesting stories by Viral were doing the rounds that night.

Birthday girl Toral was forced with one too many shots and we heard of some interesting stories b Viral on their drive back home that night. 

Madras Sterling Round Table #123 Shashtiaaptapurthi Celebrations  for  Vikram’s  Father

It was our dear friend - Tr. Vikram’s  father’s  60th birthday celebrations @ MRC Hall. As usual, all from MSRT123 said OK as soon as we got a message from LMF Tr. Vikram and Cr. Hema to invite for the celebrations. We had maximum attendance with one tabler catching an earlier flight just ensure he was part of the function.

Needless to say that the arrangements were flawless. The food was amazing with millions of varieties to choose from. If we had known this from the beginning, I am sure most of us would h skipped lunch to build an appetite for this event.

Madras Sterling Tr.Vikram was generous to callRound all the Table #123 brats of 123 for this fathers’ 60th Bday Car Rally After Party @ Kefi Bash. The boys of 123 do know how to have a lot of fun in a formal gathering After too.the hard work put in the rally, it was time to celebrate the success (it is a different issue that Chairman Tr. Viral H. Shah +91 9176618501

Vice Chairman Tr. Akshay Dugar +91 9841129000

Secretary Tr. Bharat Bhandari +91 9884396742

Trea Tr. Muth +91 984

we would have celebrated irrespective of the outcome of the event ). Our fellowship conveners chose Kefi as the destination to party and they ensured that the entire place belonged to us. We It awas time toa lot pack theand kitgiggles. bagsChairperson for the Niloufer got a lovely cake with the had great time with of laughs photo of the car rally poster on it. Car Fun Rally and 123er were there to

party at Dr.Kishor Reddy’s residence which is now the adda for 123.

Chairman Tr. Viral H. Shah +91 9176618501

Vice Chairman Tr. Akshay Dugar +91 9841129000

Secretary Tr. Bharat Bhandari +91 9884396742

Tre Tr. Mu +91 98

25th Oct’13 saw an after party at the Kefe, Taj Anna Salai, after the hard Sterling Round Tab work put in the rally, Tablers had Madras a great time with a lot of laughs Angelsand Store Opening @ Virungambakkam giggles. Chairperson Niloufer got a Abishek Pesala is the next Sam Walton of India. I am sure even Walmart a their entry into India lest it is too late!!!  We are very happy lovely cake with the photo of hastening the car grown from  1…2…3  stores.    Its  latest  addition  @  Virungambakkam  is  strat rally poster on it. the hugely growing Vadapalani to Porur belt. With the new mall coming t will be hopeful of quite a few foot falls into his store.

of us showed up for his opening even though we had a gruelling badm Next it was time for the annualAll Diwali afternoon. Though the reason we showed up was a promise of Kajal com found out that he was referring to the make-up Kajal and not Kajal Agarw Bash at Sq.L.Krishna Kishor’s good luck Abishek!!! residence where a lot of Blacks,Anyway, Jacks, Pattis (3) were played and some big moolahs were at stake. 123Madras & 63Sterling Round Table #123 released the first issue of the tableCards Party @ Doc’s House circle magazine in the presence of AC & What is Diwali without a nice poker night! Doc did not disappoint and invited all of us to his ho ACP. for a poker evening (that went into late night and early morning). The tables were set and man

new comers got a taste of poker from the ace Rajesh Khanna. He ended up cleaning the tables earning enough  to  buy  himself  a  small  helicopter…  

The Angels called upon the 123 & 63 It was  also  Naval’s  birthday  and  as  tradition  goes,  a  nice  cake  was  cut  by  him.    Needless  to  say   had a beautiful cake facial. well it was the store opening of Tr.Abishek & Cr.Divya named Angelsat Virgumbakkam on the 27th Oct’13 and 123 family was in full attendance to congratulate the couple. 30th Oct’13 saw a grand cards party at Chairman the 123 adda where 123ers celebrated Tr.Navals B’day as well. Tr. Viral H. Shah [14]

+91 9176618501


October 2013

MKRT181 Prospect Manish's induction took place in style, in the sea, on a luxury yacht, by our AST, on Gandhi Jayanthi (Do not mistake it as Grandhi Jayanthi). Tablers of 181 on the dry day decided to stay on the waters in a luxury yacht at 4 PM and had 4 hours of a super ride in the sea which was an pout of the workd experience. Tr.Vinay Grandhi's residence was high on fellowship when 181'ers joined together for a game of cards. This game of cars went on for hours past midnight and a night well spent. One fine evening FC Tr.Kaval felt like playing cricket. One message in whats app and in no time a group of 181ers assembled at Netz Cricket, Citi Center and played. Cricket lasted for 2 hours, fun lasted longer and body ache lasted the longest. 181'ers were the first one to light the fe s t i ve m o o d a t Ko d a m b a k k a m . Tr.Lankesh induction party and 181's Diwali Night was hosted at Cine City. The twinklers were thrilled and the 10000 wala brought the busy roads of Kodambakkam to a still for a few minutes. After crackers it was crooning - a professional Karoke facility was available and all that Tablers, Circlers and Twinklers did was sing, sing, sing and then sing. Tr. Balaji invited all 181ers to join him in celeberating Kolu. It was nice to see the Kolu collection at his place. Sunday afternoon, 181ers met at Mainland China for the luch meet hosted by Tr. Rahul and Cr. Bhawana. [15]

DOing MORE OCTOBER'13 Issue  


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