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DOing MORE Issue2/15Sep2013

an Area2 - Coromandel Calling initiative

Area 2 Head Table 13 – 14

From the editors’ desk

Chairman: Tr. Hari Balaji Vice Chairman: Tr.Shriram D Secretary: Tr.Vinay Grandhi IPC: Tr.Gitesh Agarwal

An action packed August 2013 with Socials, Fellowships, Projects, LAPD & HRD sessions International Business Meets, Inter Area projects all happening at Area 2. The DO MORE bug has indeed caught up with all the Tables and Circles and the Tables have done a fantastic job in organizing these innumerable events all in one single month.

What’s Up September @ Area 2 4th -BM @ MWRT10* 4th-BM @ PRT70* 4th–BM @ MKRT181* 5th–BM @ MRT 1* 6th –BM @ MART100* 6th -BM @ MSRT159* 6th -BM @ MCRT162* 6th –BM @ MCRT 82* 8th – BM @ PHRT 167* 10th-BM @ MMRT 95* 11th–BM @ MCRT 94* 11th –BM @ PRRT 104* 13th-BM @ MCRT 82* 18th-BM @ MSRT 39* 22nd –Inter Table @MMRT 42 25th-BM @ MERT 30* 26th- BM @ MHRT 124* 28th–Inter Table @ MSRT123 29th –Fund Raiser @ MMRT 3 29th-BM @ MHRT 124*

Trivia No.02 Name the 3 Tables which cohosted the Mumbai Express Auto Rally Challenge.

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The star event for the month was the Area 2 Informal Night and Area 2 AGM. Though the A2AGM was held on 1st Sep 13, we thought it to be apt to be covered in the August Newsletter, considering all the hype and noise this event has created in a short time. Kudos to MSRT159 for pulling off yet another spectacular event with such ease.

Snapshot August @ Area 2 AGM’s Fellowships Projects/CS Go-Green LAPD Inter Table

:3 : 44 : 20 :1 :6 :3*

Featured Ta l k of the Town

While the “1” bug is soon catching up on the current Head Table of Area 2, the tables have proved yet again that they are ONE bunch of enthusiastic and friendly people who will DO MORE for fellowship and Service.

MSRT39’s International Business Meet and Fellowship with Hong Kong Round Table 10 at Hong Kong was the first international fellowship during the DO MORE year where baskets of goodies from Area 2 apart from the pins, flags etc. were exchanged.

The standards of reporting, fellowship, bonding, projects have been set so high already, wonder what it would take to better them at Area2 or even at the National Level.

MMRT42’s Auto Rally Challenge drew a lot of accolades and Publicity for RTI.

So lets sit back, relax and enjoy reading what happened in Area 2 in the month of August 2013.

MSRT123’s Joint Project with BCRT172 & BCLC105 from Area 6 (Bengaluru) was a benchmark set for annual Inter Table and Inter Area Joint Projects

Cheers, Akshay Dugar, Editor – Coromandel Calling 13-14 Please send your suggestions / queries / feedback to or

Friendship Day Food for Thought… A friend is someone who understand your past, believes in your future, and accepts you today © AREA 2 - COROMANDEL CALLING or

AGM’s @ Area 2 AGM @ MRT1: C:Manu Wassan|VC:TR Narayanaswamy|S: Bikram S|T:Gautam Venkataramani|IPC: Aditya Mirza The AGM of Madras Round Table 1 was held at at Park Hyatt, Chennai on 3rd August 2013.The highlight of the evening was Tr. Prashanth Kharche's (PK) tales on Tr. Prashanth Jalan's (PJ) unique behavioral changes whenever the clock struck 1:30 am at an MRT1 gathering apart from the entertaining A/V, which however was no match to his mimicry of PJ. 21st AGM @ MHRT124: C:Vinay Ahuja|VC: Siddharth Jain The AGM of MHRT124 was held at Radisson Blue on 11th Aug 13. IPC Tr.Gitesh Agarwal, AVC Tr.Shriram Duvvuri, AC Tr.Hari Balaji, Sq.legs Sateesh Jhadav, Rohit Nath, Sanjay Parikh, Mehul, Ashish Gupta, Sameer Chowdhry, Neeraj Shah, Shri Ganapathy, Prospect Vinod Muthukrishnan, Guests Captain Rajan, Cyrus Poncha attended the AGM. Area 2 Informal Night | Area 2 AGM (Business Session| Area 2 Chairmans Banquet C:Hari Balaji|VC:Shriram Duvvuri|AST:Vinay Grandhi|IPC: Gitesh Agarwal Well, this is what we were all waiting for – the BIG DADDY of ALL AGMs in A2 – the Area 2 AGM. The Informal Night was held at the Leela Palace, Santhome with the concept of Adzap. The theme and concept required a lot of preparation which resulted in 5 teams participating. The 5 teams which participated in the Adzap would have given the real brand managers a run for their money with their innovative APPLE LUNGIS, SAMSUNG SMART LUNGIS, SPECIAL COCK(E)S, and many more interesting products which they had to market and convince the audience and judges to buy. MSRT39, MMRT95 & MSRT123 stood out with their stellar performances which were widely acknowledged by both the judges and audience. The Business Session was at Radission Blu, Egmore and saw the likes of Tr.Amitaabh & Tr.Rajesh Shah emptying the pockets of all the convenors, Head Table members – in short nobody was spared. The sergeants pulled off yet another remarkable act by making each table chairman dress up IPC Gitesh Agarwal with articles like lipstick, abdomen guard and many more unimaginable gear. The Chairmans Banquet was another grand affair at the Leela Palace on the 1st of Sep 13, where a long list of awards waited the Tables and Tablers for their stellar performance in the “WE ARE ONE YEAR”. The Change over saw Chairman Tr.Hari take over the stage in his own style as he wrapped the session in less than 20 minutes and asked all his conveners to DO MORE. All in all a fantastic event hosted by MSRT159 and amazing participation by tablers of Area 2 who are busy DOing MORE now.


Publicity @ Area 2 MWRT10 MWRT is surely going the TECH way in Tabling. was launched to keep all the tablers across borders and well wishers of MWRT10 updated on the happenings at MWRT10. MMRT42 The Much talked about Mumbai Express 2013 Auto Rally drew a lot of paparazzi and was covered in 15 press articles spread over 10 days. The documentary HIT THE ROAD INDIA which was shot last years rally was released during this rally and MMRT42 now features on Vanity Fair. The flag off saw some star attraction with the likes of Actor Sarath Kumar flagging off the race. MMRT42 has an exclusive arrangement with the event company and Pune RT 65, Goa RT128 , Mangalore RT115, Mysore RT 109, and Bengaluru RT 44 who co-partner this event to spread the concept of FTE to the public and participants.

LAPD @ Area 2 MMRT95 The inaugural version of "BETTER YOUR HEALTH" LAPD was a truly memorable session that has probably embarked a whole lot of 95 boys in transformation journey. It was a session that started with a lot of anticipation and ended with a standing ovation. It was a session that got a lot of people to call and write back with how it has already made a positive change to their thought and actions. The session was held during the 2nd business meet of the year on 13th Aug ‘13. MART100 On 2nd August ‘13 MART100 met up for a LAPD session on Breathing Right which was tutored by Mr.Murali Sundaram. This was an apt session in today’s hectic life where we do not know if we actually breathe right. MSRT123 LAPD & HRD Sessions are getting HI-Tech in Area 2 with the number of sessions being conducted on Mail. MSRT123 has 4 such LAPD related articles sent to the Tablers Groups. A New Educational Model - Salmaan Khan (not the Bollywood actor but some guy in USA) has promoted an online learning portal called This article gives a little synopsis on this unique educational model, which is being adopted in many schools. Butter is Good - This interesting article explores a talk between a doctor and a chef and draws a conclusion that butter is in fact good and all this talk about reducing butter is not advisable. Of course, the butter should be from made from cows eating grass… ? Do you need an app to measure your sex life -As technology progresses, you have an app for everything. Do you want to measure your sex life? Guess what! There is an app available for this. This funny article talks about how apps interject into our personal lives. Do you want to Hyperloop - With Elon Musk declaring that he is now funding the next biggest invention in travel – The Hyperloop, the world was amazed to hear that one can travel from LA to SF in 30 minutes. This article talks about the different technologies that have been explored in the past to ensure humans travel in real quick time.


Inter-Table @ Area 2 As part of the inter table activities, Area 2 believes in DOing More. To improve the bonding across all tables, the Inter Table initiative for the year has been to have 2 young tablers from each table attend the Business Meets & Socials of other Tables. By this one gets to interact with other tablers across the table in the same area - thereby breaking barriers within the area. The young tablers also get to know how a Business Meet takes place in other tables and a feedback is given to the Secretary and Chairman of their own table on the same. In addition to this, the month of August saw an exemplary bonding of Area 2 tablers during the Area 2 Informal Night, Business Session and Chairmans Banquet. A wonderful new DO MORE idea. MERT30 – MSRT39 – MCRT162 A Pleasant Sunday morning marked the beginning of the first inter-table fellowship of the year for MERT 30 with a cricket match against the rivals MSRT39 & MCRT 162 at the Marina Cricket Ground. All were surprised to see the turnout after a late night party and the teams had their 11 players for a change. More than 30 heads after a hectic Saturday night of partying was a commendable achievement. All 3 tables bonded to the best and what a better way to promote fellowship than Cricket.

MSRT123 – MKRT181 The unbelievable and the most talked about inter table event was the Cycling event, where more than 35 heads attended including HT’s twinklers of MSRT123, Members from MKRT181 at 5AM on a Sunday morning which the Chairman Viral and LAPD Convenor Pankaj were amazed to witness. The 7 odd km stretch from Sivananda Salai to Gandhi Statue and back was the perfect exercise and obviously a perfect inter table event.

Projects @ Area 2 MRT1 Sponsor a Child | MRT1 Lady Nye School, Palipattu Chairman Tr.Manu, Tr. Puneet Gupta & Tr. Bikram Shivkumar attended the celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Guild of Service (Seva Samajam) held at the MRT1 Lady Nye School at Palipattu. The Table contributes 8 Lakhs per year to the school which results in an annual commitment of Rs.40000/- per tabler and MRT1 does this year after year. Independence Day Celebrations were held at the MRT1 Lady Nye School on August 15th where the tablers and Circlers took part. MMRT3 Printer Donation | Immaculate Heart of Mary School MMRT3 Donated a Laser Printer worth Rs.5000/- to the Immaculate Heart of Mary School on 22nd Aug 13. MWRT10 RO Plant Donation, Independence Day Celebration | Sri Sankara Matriculation on School On 15 Aug’13, A team of 11 Tenors descended on Sri Sankara Matriculation on School which is adopted by MWRT10 and gifted an RO Plant worth Rs.17,000/-. They also hoisted the national flag and also participated in the Independence Day celebrations organized by the school. The event can be viewed online on: If we thought Tenors are an excited lot, the juniors (read as Twinklers) were not far behind. They joined the Tenors for the Independence Day celebrations at Sri Sankara Matriculation School and distributed sports equipments worth about Rs.8000/- to the children.


Projects @ Area 2 MERT30 Bag Distribution | Independence Day | Organ Donation | PUNNAGI Project A Bag full of joy and a day full of happiness for the children of Giriappa Tution Centre marked the second project for MERT30 & MELC100 who donated School Bags, stationery and snacks to the 50 children. MERT30 celebrated Independence Day at Kamaraj Tuition Centre on 15th August 2013. Tr.Sid Bhaiya was the guest of honor and hoisted the National Flag. The children of the tuition centre showcased their talent in the form of dance and songs. The next I-Day celebration was at Vivekananda Vidyalaya on 15th Aug’13. Chairman Tr.Sanjay Goel was the chief guest and hoisted the national flag. Chairperson Cr.Chetna was the guest of honor. Sq. leg Ajay Khanna unveiled the magazine “Viveka Shakthi”. IPC Tr Varindar, Tr Aman, Tr Arihant and Tr. Akshay did the prize distribution and Chairman Tr Sanjay Goel handed out a cheque of Rs 1,75,000 to the school principal towards adopted a child scholarship program – an annual feature of adopting 35 children every year. MERT30 initiated the Organ Donation Drive on Organ Donation Day on the 6th of Aug’13 where 34 heads from Area 2 pledged their support for the day by registering for donating their organs. MSRT39 Independence Day Celebration | Children's Garden School On 15th Aug ‘13, MSRT39 attended the Independence Day Celebration at Children’s Garden School organized by the school students and management.

MMRT42 Mumbai Express 2013 | Independence Day Celebration It was Mumbai Express time for MMRT42 with the Ultimate Auto rickshaw Challenge – a unique rally which started on the 29th July from Mumbai on the way to Chennai covering over 2000 kms with over 6 teams and 13 participants from UK, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and Russia who were on their first visit to India and were driving an auto rickshaw for the first time too. The star of the event was super pretty Russian, Anastasia, who took away all the beauty contest crowns enroute to Chennai. MMRT42 has an exclusive arrangement with the event company and Pune RT 65, Goa RT128 , Mangalore RT115, Mysore RT 109, and Bengaluru RT 44 who co-partner this event to spread the concept of FTE to the public and participants. The Independence Day at MMRT42 was celebrated with much fanfare at the Government School, Pallikaranai where more than 600 students turned up for the celebrations. Post the flag hoisting, chocolates were distributed to the children. MMRT42 used this occasion to officially hand over the keys to the swanky new school block constructed by MMRT42. MCRT82 Independence Day Celebration | Save Democracy - criticality of your vote MCRT82 had their community service for Independence Day on 15th Aug for Flag Hoisting at Roshini Homes where TR. Korshin and TR.Suresh Eknath hoisted the National Flag. Chocolates were distributed to the children at home. The Chairman and the tablers present handed over the cheque of Rs.5000/- to the home. MCRT82 partnered with Voters Association of India for the Awareness event Save Democracy criticality of your vote held on 9th August 8.45pm at the Residency, GN Chetty Road. PRT104 Independence Day Celebration | Patcheappane School PRT104 celebrated Independence Day at Patcheappane School on 15th Aug’13 and distributed school bags to the children. This was a joint project with PRLC47. © AREA 2 - COROMANDEL CALLING or

Projects @ Area 2 MMRT95 T-Shirt Distribution | Guild of Service, Egmore | Sponsor a Meal | St. Louis Blind and Deaf School, Adyar MMRT95 distributed provisions, towels and T-Shirts at the Adoption Unit at Guild of Service on 25th Aug 13– this was a joint project by MMRT95 & MMLC70. The Mid-Day Meal community service project at St. Louis Blind and Deaf School, Adyar was the venue for MMRT95’s sponsor a meal project for 380 school children. MSRT123 Grains & Toiletries Distribution| Guild of Service, Egmore | Independence Day| Government Girls Hostel The month of August was a witness to an inter Area Project – Area 2 & Area 6, where MSRT123 & MSLC63 from Area 2 joined hands with BCRT172 & BCLC105 from Area 6 (Bengaluru) for a noble cause. Grains and toiletries were distributed to children of the Foundling Home at Guild of Service. It was indeed a heartening experience for all the young tablers and circlers of 123 & 63 as they interacted with the children at the unit who were abandoned by their parents just because they were born with some complex condition, and today these children are being adopted by large hearted families who look beyond a normal life. It was back to the school days when the Tablers of 123 and Circlers of 63 attended the Independence Day celebrations Government Girls Hostel, Puraswalkam where they witnessed the march past, drills and the customary flag hoisting in the morning which was well attended by various guests and corporates as well. MSRT123 & MSLC63 distributed 50 school bags with RTI & LCI Logos printed to deserving students who had done well in sports and academics during the year. MCRT162 Independence Day | FTE Thandai Periyar School| Donation of Almirahs MCRT162 along with the twinklers and ladies attended the Independence Day function at FTE Thandai Periyar School & Hindustan University where they also inaugurated the library and donated 5 steel Almirahs. A day of learning and giving for all at 162.

GO Green @ Area 2 MERT30 Recyclable Tissue Paper Box Distribution | Hyatt Regency Go green Chennai an exhibition & symposium on environment friendly practices & products was organized by the Hindu and inner wheel district 323 on 17th Aug 13 @Hyatt regency where Chairman Tr.Sanjay Goel & Tr.Sriram had attended the project and distributed 100 go green boxes to the stall holders and visitors.


Fellowships @ Area 2 MMRT3 4th August’13 was the day of Bonding for MMRT3 as the active and past tablers/circlers celebrated the Friendships day, which is now a tradition in MMRT3, hosted by Chairman Tr. Samir Nanavati and Cr.Niki this year, which was a Wild, Whacky & Wicked party where MMRT 3 Laughed, Parties and Played all the way even under the influence of water. Creative Team Building Exercise by creative consultant Bertie Ashley which focused on creative team building brought out the creativity in MMRT3. On 11th Aug’13, AAGM practice sessions started at Host Tr. Preetam and Cr. Vanitha's home. It was a wonderful Brain-storming Session, though some stormed brawn for unknown reasons. Over 30 participants gathered at Cr.Palak's school which was the venue for 30's AAGM practice session. The Pizza that never made it to people walking aimlessly with invisible pots on their heads was a perfect formula for a crazy evening. MWRT10 Murugan Idly, Anna Nagar for breakfast and Aromas of China, KNK Road for lunch were the centers of great fellowship for Tenors pre and post the Independence day celebrations on 15th Aug’ 13. The Charter Day of MWRT10 was celebrated on 17th Aug’13 at Park Sheraton, Adyar with Chairman Ashwin being the Moc for the evening who showcased the history of MWRT10. Adding glamour to the evening were the sq legs who shared their memories as tablers and circlers and life of a Tenor those days. Sq Leg RV Rajan (Past Chairman of MWRT10), Sq Leg Ted Thadani, Sq Leg of T10 and Chairman of 41ers #1 and, Sq Leg (MLC2) Mrs Mahtaney shared their experiences and greetings. Tenors descended at MCC on 30th Aug’13. They ate, the drank, the laughed, the drank some more. Then they went home. 10 on 10, table 10. A Perfect 10!! MERT30 It all started with a meeting at CCD, KNK ROAD followed up with another at LLYODS TEA HOUSE, with a few tablers and circlers putting their heads to get a script ready for the informal night. Lots of dance and drama, and lots of fun and frolic was a part of these practices between which they managed to meet up for a luncheon at “MASALEDAR” and a late night dinner at “MATHSYA” to revive themselves in the buildup towards the Area 2 AGM Informal Night event. A fantaboulous day and a fantastic fellowship marked the friendship day with a beautiful Sunday, as the climate was perfect and the crowd was all geared up for the first treasure hunt of the year for MERT 30 & LC 100 which was aptly named as “RUSH HOUR”. All tablers, circlers and twinklers met up at Hotel Ashoka to kick start the fun rally which included tasks like finding a school which has the name of a soft drink as a part of it or a jumbled words sequence forming up a vegetable name. Some tasks even called for taking a photo with a standing cow or pumping water with a hand pump or taking photo of a clock tower striking 10:50am. In short, crazy 30 was made to do crazier things to make this event a roaring success. 30ers met up at the newly opened LIBRARY LOUNGE, AT LEELA, for a round of drinks and get together. The place was light up with blue dazzling lights, with the men dressed in black had a great party. MSRT39 It was the first International Fellowship Meet for the DO More Year with MSRT39 flying all the way to Hong Kong for some fun, frolic and bonding with the Tablers of Hong Kong Round Table 10 of course. A special Basket from Area 2 and MSRT39 was handed over to HKRT10 and both the tables exchanged information on how Round Tables function in India & Hong Kong. It was a learning experience even for the most experience tablers on both sides. Now this is called DOING MORE Beyond Boundaries.


Fellowships @ Area 2 MMRT42 HT.Prasanna hosted the fellowship at his farm house where alcohol was free flowing and was being served with gusto to the pool. AC Tr.Hari as usual gobbled up a dozen glasses of Bacardi without any major effect on his behavior. The children had a blast by spraying water from their guns and pichkaris. Circlers went into a huddle for their LC meeting. This was followed by an innovative game of volleyball played in Vasu style and finally some Andhra meals by Priya which put the grumbling stomachs in silent mode. MCRT82 It was one of those Comedy Nights on 3rd Aug 13 at MCRT82 - Tr.Sachin Goel called all the tablers to the so called 'Bobby Ganeshan' restaurant for Tr.Prasads Social. The tablers later found out the venue was Barbeque Nation and not Bobby Ganehsan aka Tr. Prasads Residence. It was a fun evening with the “BOBBY GANESHAN GRILLed”. MCRT94 On a breezy 4th Aug’13 Sunday evening, a few trs. Crs. Twrs. made their way to Island Grounds to experience “Masala Kart”, the largest street food festival around. There were over 120 food stalls offering Indian street food delicacies made by specialists from across the country. Tablers dug into a wide variety of dishes ranging from MLA Pesarattu, Jigarthanda, Ice Gola, Gururaju Dosa to Chilli Barotta and Oreo Milkshake. MCRT94 had its Games Night on 14th Aug’13 at Tr.Mahesh and Cr.Shivani’s house. Alcohol was overflowing as the tablers and circlers played a combo of Pictionary, taboo and dumb charades. A late night poker session followed with some serious moolah changing hands and Ambika’s half hour long rules and regulations. A unique friendship car wash session was organized and HT.Manoj Lulla also joined with his new Mini Convertible and took the kids for a jolly ride. 10 silver jubilee caps were given to Table 39 fellowship basket for their joint meet with Hong Kong Round Table 10. MART100 Ever imagined a Chairman dance with a lungi on Lungi Dance in a Theater - Well Rajiv Shah Chairman MART100 just showed how the Lungi Dance should be done and that to at the apt moment when the song is played in the multiplex. Kudos to Rajiv for being a sport and an entertainer – a total Paisa Vasool Act. On Friendships day MART100, circlers and Twinklers met up at Don Bosco School Egmore which was the venue for the Vinatge Car Rally. A great learning experience especially for the young ones. PRT104 On Friendships day, PRT104 celebrated Cr. Deepthi’s Birthday at Baskin Robbins which was well attended by all Tablers, Circlers and Sq.Legs. This was followed by a surprise visit to Tr. Suraj’s residence for his BARthday next day and the celebrations continued at GRT. Some cricket fellowship too at PRT100 with the Pondy Payas battling it out to find their lost form. Food and Tablers have a wonderful connect - They can travel any distance for food and beer. It was fun evening with lots of Food and Fellowship at the food festival in Pondy and also the Breakfast party post Independence Day Celebrations.


Fellowships @ Area 2 MMRT95 95’s first fellowship was a huge super-duper success. It was a well-attended movie fellowship for the movie “Bhag Milka Bhag” at the Sathyam Cineplex where a total 40 heads including circlers, tablers, HTs and Square Legs attended the show. Fellowships started with the surprise birthday celebrations of Chairman Sachin Chhabria and Sq Leg Punit Sampat where all the Tablers had a ‘ROYAL’ challenge welcome to the exclusive Chairmans Bar at his residence. In the words of Tr. Siddharth Daga it was like a tasting session of the different Rolls Royce of the single Malts of the world. Post Bday surprise, tablers headed to Mathsya for a midnight snack and later turned up at the residence of Sq Leg Punit’s at 3:00 a.m. in the morning to surprise him!! Wonder if the 95ers even sleep. The next fellowship was the celebration of Friendship Day on 4th Aug’13 at the residence of Khandelwals - Tr. Hemant and Cr. Sofie Khandelwal where a total of 35 heads turned up for some fun moments. The undisputed king of MMRT 95 fellowships –Mentor Sq Leg Rajesh Bellani was the proud host of the next fellowship which was as an Iftar party at his residence which saw more than 60 heads attend the party. Amazing food, skull caps for all men, black dupattas for all women and the taste of the Singleton Single Malt whisky were just some of the highlights of this fun filled evening. In between all these fellowships, there were a series of Area AGM practice sessions and mini fellowships going on where Tr. Vimal Dhiran along with his wife Cr.Anuradha were the hosts for one such evening and the Masala Chai became the talk of the town soon after. MSRT123 It was an action packed August 13 at MSRT123 with 13 fellowships during the month. First it was Chairperson Cr.Niloufer’s daughter birthday at her residence where Cr.Hema organised quilling sets for all twinklers and taught them how to quill and make beautiful designs. The tablers & Circlers were more interested in the delicious biryani. After a real testing cycling experience at the beach, 123ers headed to Woodlands give some exercise to their stomachs. The smell of sambhar and masala dosas were like a lifeline after a hard 7km cycling. The movie fellowship list included Chennai Express & Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobara where both MSRT123 & MSLC63 managed to group 100 people to watch the mega entertainer for a good cause. The proceeds of ticket sales went to charity. It really seemed as if MSRT123 has a fancy for Chinese food. As if Wok-a-toque was not enough, they all headed to China Town for dinner. A taste of Rajasthan, then you should visit Chowki Dhani in Chennai is what the 123ers have to say. A fun filled evening with authentic Rajasthani Cuisine and dessert atmosphere was well attended by all tablers and Circlers – a social hosted by Tr.Naval & Cr.Archana Yet again Chinese, this time to celebrate IPC Tr.Kishor Reddys Bday at Hotel presiden at HER NAME IS MING – that name had many an eyebrow raised as they caught the Bday Boy blush. Wonder what the true story is.


Fellowships @ Area 2 MSRT123 AGM practice sessions galore, the family of 123 met every other day at Dr. Reddys residence which is now the adda of 123 for the Area 2 Informal Night practice. The young blood in MSRT123 showed that partying has become a religion – be it Illusions on the 16th Aug or Tr.Gaurav’s Surprise Bday Bash at his residence or Cr.Indu & Sq.LPraveens Anniversary celebrations or the Area 2 Informal Night, the fellowship at 123 never ends. MHRT124 Sq.leg Ashish Gupta hosted dinner & cocktails at his beautiful residence at Neelankarai, ECR. The dinner was attended in full strength with all active tablers with family. It was fun, interaction and bonding time for the 124 boys.

MSRT159 Anjali and Ashika organized an Independence Day twinklers event on 15th August at Rain Tree Apartment hall where 9 kids took part in the fancy dress competition all dressed up as freedom fighters. This was indeed motivating for all Tablers and guests present there. MSRT159 hosted the Area 2 AGM Informal Night, Business Session and Chairman’s Banquet with much fineness & the unique concept for the Informal Night was much talked about. MCRT162 On 9th Aug Chairman and Tr. Dannie Mathew and Mrs.Miriam hosted the dinner social for all tablers & ladies and twinklers at their residence. The A2 Informal night discussion and preparation was the talk of the evening. More than 13 tablers got together at Moonrakers and Silver Sands on the 10th Aug’13 where the spirited Tablers managed to fill their stomachs till 2.30AM with the finest alcohol by the shore. This was followed by a Lunch fellowship at Tr.Bharat MS and Kavithas residence. MKRT181 A fellowship that will be remembered by 181ers for a long time – Naughty or Nice - A lazy afternoon spent at the pool, with loads of drinks and bucket biryani and yes, people got NAUGHTY and a few were NICEly enjoying the beer!!! The Tablers and the families of MKRT 181 in the true form of fellowship spent the afternoon together on Friendship day this year. The flash mob by the wanna be Hirthiks and the Salmans of our table was a great touch to the already fun filled fellowship which was enjoyed by the pretty ladies of 181. The afternoons highlight was the buckets that were in full swing.. carrying drinks and in some cases yummy biryani ofcourse.

Area 2 DO MORE logo AREA 2 DO MORE Chairman Tr.Hari Balaji unveiled the new logo of Area 2 and the theme DO MORE. The DO MORE logo represents a puzzle which connects Area 2’s 18 Tables. The objective of this theme is to increase the boding among the tablers across tables and in turn collect the pins to complete the Area 2 DO MORE theme puzzle. An innovative and trendsetting theme for the year which will definitely inspire all the tablers to DO MORE . © AREA 2 - COROMANDEL CALLING or

Area 2 DO MORE team

DOing MORE August  

DOing MORE August