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new story of delightfully monstrous ladies! read more next page

A new collection of picture books for the younger readers hits the stores! Imagination, humor and poetry are in the spotlight.

spring 2018 Can you believe all these books are filled with colors ?!

a collection of illustrated tales that takes us into the dephts of a forest with whimsical witches: what could go wrong? Fall, Winter and Spring are the three first volumes of the series A season at the witches. Disasters, adventures and madness galore make up the everyday life of the funniest witches of the forest. Learn more page 4.

fantastic creatures

sighted an artist’s tale story, pictures and newly discovered excerpts revealed page 3

how to love and live in woodland creatures the forest : a useful who share a passion handbook signed by the for tea! page 6 Read ten wisest (witches) page 5 beautifully illustrated tales

Non-fiction meets fantasy, about modest yet momentous friendship, in the form of a picture- adventures: courage and much more. packed almanac.

picture books / age 4+

mean but charming charmantes méchantes Text : Thaïs Aubert Illustrations : Maïté Schmitt 32 pages / 23x 32 cm / paperback


Excuse-me!? What? Who said that only princesses could be charming? Why would young lady monsters be only mean? When you have claws, pointed teeth, a hunchback, and a few warts, you can also make suitors’ hearts beat faster! Come closer, don’t be (too) afraid of falling in love with a charming monster!

thaïs aubert is, above all, an illustrator of children’s books.

But after illustrating many colorful stories, she began writing her own! She is as skilled with her pen as with her paintbrush!

maïté schmitt is both an illustrator and a 2D computer graphic artist. She loves drawing all kinds of animals: our little pets as well as the wildest beasts!

It’s frightening

how monsters (and people!) can be reduced to their appearances. This short story, which will both make you shake with laughter and set your teeth chattering, depicts twelve creatures... Or, let’s say, twelve gorgeously monstrous ladies!

On the left : These ladies are not afraid to be laughed at, and they are right! Fashion and beauty standards: beware! Monsters are full of charm too...

To discover the cover in all its glorious colors, as well as the vivid illustrations inside the book, please click on the title... But ONLY IF YOU DARE!

humor • monsters • self-acceptance • love • tolerance

new title in our catalog

picture books / age 6+

on the trail of chimeras

a new title in our catalog

sur la piste des chimères Text : Catherine Latteux Illustrations : Pauline Berdal 32 pages / 23x 32 cm / paperback

A wonderment!

Just outside her studio, a world filled with wild creatures sparks a sculptor’s imagination. What does she draw her inspiration from? From mist or the forest? From deep water or plains? She sets out on a poetic journey to hunt down Chimeras.

catherine latteux was a teacher before deciding to tell stories. She has written over forty picture books and short novels for young readers and has won prizes for her work.

An artist’s life.

In this poetic and superbly illustrated story, the author and the artist evoke a theme dear to their hearts: creativity. How are ideas born? What inspires artists? What does a work of art arise from? As both an initiatory journey and a treasure hunt, On the Trail of Chimeras offers a genuine voyage into an artist’s imagination, and an invitation, for young readers, to let their imaginations run wild.

pauline berdal is a young illustrator who has recently graduated from art school. Her vivid colors and dreamy compositions illustrate foreign tales as well as literary classics.



creative process



Left : During her exploration, the artist meets the Sphamareinx, among many Take a deep breath and plunge into dreamy colorful landscapes by clicking on the cover! more Chimeras. Which one will be the inspiration for her masterpiece?

fiction / age 8+

a season with the witches

a l r e a d y reprinted

une saison chez les sorcières Text and illustration : Anaïs Goldemberg 72-80 pages / 17x 24 cm / paperback

Magical times!

A Season with the Witches invites us into the lives of a bunch of zany witches. As the seasons go by, they are faced with a Nature in peril, the whims of magic, and the ferocious appetite of Grogragrou, their gentle monster.

backlist :

Volume 1 - Fall, a season with the witches Volume 2 – Winter, a season with the witches Volume 3 – Spring, a season with the witches Volume 4 - Summer, a season with the witches (forthcoming) Right : Grogragrou, the peaceful but everfamished monster, tells us all about his life with 25 witches. His favorite comment? “GROU!” How inspiring.

“In the middle of the forest stood a house as old as time...” For over a decade, anaïs goldemberg has been making witches and gentle monsters spring forth from her tubes of gouache. She has worked with publishers from all over the world. In 2014, she founded her own publishing house, the Éditions du Lumignon, where she tells stories about her favorite characters: the witches of the forest.



protecting nature

living together



Discover more... and more colors, by clicking on the covers.

non-fiction / age 8-108

the forest’s extraordinary almanac

written, illustrated and annoted by the witches l’extraordinaire almanach de la forêt, écrit, illustré et annoté par les sorcières Text : Anaïs Goldemberg Illustrations : Jade Mosch, Amandine Labarre, Thierry Bedouet, Elodie Coudray, Roxanne Bee, Anaïs Goldemberg, Laurent Batteix 176 pages / 21x 28 cm / paperback


For telling the story of the forest and its history, its trees and animals, its legends and activities: who is better equipped for this than a bunch of witches? In this yearly almanac, the witches share all sorts of stories, little tricks, and their knowledge of daily life in the woods. Indeed, these witches live at the heart of a vast forest that rustles with life and wisdom, and that they love and protect. Let yourself discover the forest, as the seasons go by, through their (slightly) whimsical viewpoint. Beware: The Extraordinary Almanac of the Forest might well give you an irresistible desire to go walking in the woods!

The Almanac is lavishly illustrated by a collective of comic-book artists, graphic designers, and illustrators. And by witches, of course!

To discover the vivid illustrations in all their glorious colors, please click on the cover... But ONLY IF YOU WISH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FOREST!

yes, it’s our best seller

fiction / age 7+

topsy-turvy woods le bois sans dessus dessous Text : Clémentine Ferry Illustrations : Sanoe 88 pages / 16 cm x 23 cm / paperback


Have y o u ever seen a dormouse’s tearoom? A fox levitating above rows of tea plants? Or a mouse couple getting married in a tea set? Never?! Well, in magic-filled Topsy-Turvy Woods, all this can happen, and many more delightful things. These are stories to enjoy... like a good cup of tea!

clémentine ferry, who lives in the suburbs of Paris, writes children’s books as well as scripts for animated films and cartoons. Her elegant, witty style enables her to portray furry and feathery animals. . . with which the reader has no trouble identifying!

Once upon a

t e a time... Through ten tales, the heroes of TopsyTurvy Woods lead us into their gourmet adventures. Dormice, hedgehogs, frogs, bats: they all share a passion for tea. These short initiatory tales broach upon themes such as getting along together, shyness, and self-acceptance.

sanoe’s gentle drawing style deftly highlights these little heroes of the woods. As an illustrator of picture books and comic books, the Bordeaux artist uses her finesse to produce images with subtle shades of gray.

living together a d v enture s sharing adventures environment friendship family initiatory tales

Left : The inhabitants of Topsy-Turvy Woods face many challenges. Storms, disappearances and flooding : these ordeals can bring out the best in one’s character.

Right : Willow the dormouse and his lovely wife Hazelnut, owners of the tearoom “The Weeping Willow”.

“gosh! these titles look amazing. wouldn’t they fit well in our own catalog?” publisher said.

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a dab of magic, a pinch of nature, and a large share of beautiful illustrations: that’s the recipe of the books published by lumignon! this new french publishing company, created in 2014, has a growing catalog of picture books, whimsical tales and quirky documentaries.

Profile for Lumignon

Lumignon's Foreign Rights Catalog - Spring 2018  

A dab of magic, a pinch of nature, and a large share of beautiful illustrations: that’s the recipe of the books published by Lumignon! This...

Lumignon's Foreign Rights Catalog - Spring 2018  

A dab of magic, a pinch of nature, and a large share of beautiful illustrations: that’s the recipe of the books published by Lumignon! This...