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It’s for me!

It’s for me!

• C’est parti ! is created by Ontario teachers who understand my needs.

• So many fun stories and activities!

• I can meet the expectations of the new curriculum.

• I can sing, dance and watch videos!

• I can successfully apply the principles of the CEFR.

• Wow! I can use the whiteboard, my tablet and my computer.

• I feel confident using a program strongly recommended by pilot teachers.

• Now I can speak French. J’aime C’est parti !

C’est parti! in action: pictures and testimonials at

A Core Program for French as a Second Language Learners! How C’est parti ! meets the Curriculum and Ministry Initiatives? • Strongly emphasizes on oral interaction while developing listening, reading, and writing skills • Provides multiple opportunities for students to develop critical and creative thinking skills

Training le ailab sessions av arge free of ch

• Explicitly teaches effective language learning strategies • Supports the acquisition of metacognitive skills to become critically literate • Sets learning goals, co-created success criteria and provides performance

achievement charts to help students understand and reflect on their learning

• The steps of the Gradual Release of Responsibility provide the scaffolding students need to advance their learning • Promotes cultural awareness • Emphasizes inclusivity and the global community • Global themes bring Character Education to life

Strengths of C’est parti ! • Relevant and age appropriate themes to pique student interest • Functional language kids actually use • Highly visual, vibrant and engaging graphics • Contains a variety of text types and levels • Comprehensive Teaching Resources:

– Teacher’s Resource Guide • Step-by-Step • Teaching

Lesson Plans

Notes and Tips

– Multimedia DVD-ROM

Teacher’s Resource Guide

Je parle

• Modifiable

français !

Jeanette Collinson • Lori MacRae Krista Clarke • Natalie D’Elia • Nancy Turingia • Brenda Vanderheyden

• Coloured


flash cards

Sous la direction de Marie Turcotte

- Differentiation, Learning styles - Gradual Release of Responsibility - Assessment for, as, of learning - CEFR Criteria • BLMs

- Activity sheets

• Dances, examplars, sample

teacher lessons on video • Songs, texts, listening • Interactive • Student

– USB Key or MyCECZone • e-Book

- Self-, peer- and teacher-assessments

• Teacher’s

- Rubrics

whiteboard activities


- Anchor charts - Tracking charts


with audio and video guide and other

resources • Whiteboard


For more information on the teaching approach of C’est parti!, go to

C’est parti ! 1-3




Accomplishment / Creativity





Responsibility /Respect for the Environment

Integrity / Compassion

2 more titles coming soon! • Original et génial! • Complètement techno!

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Boomerang is the ideal complement to C’est parti! See how they work together at

Use C’est parti ! in a new multi-platform media environment Whether you use Windows or MAC, you now have full access to the C’est parti ! components. Follow these simple steps: 1 – Create an account on 2 – Enter the access code provided by our Customer Service upon purchase of an access license 3 – Access your resource in the MyCECZone bookshelf 4 – Manage your content and share notes and documents with your students

Customize your teaching with our digital tools: dynamic and easy-to-use! • Audio and video integrated on each page • Zoom, conceal images, hide text and search for content • Annotate your work, add your own files, insert hyperlinks • Interactive features accessible with a whiteboard or projector

Now available: • One access code for your PC, MAC, iPad or Android tablet • Switch from working offline to online

Visit MyCECZone at Your media environment

Coming soon: • All platforms synchronize simultaneously For more details, contact your CEC Educational Representative for a quick and efficient response.

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