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Make the most of your membership

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Community members can save 35%* on RAC breakdown cover Prices can be as low as ÂŁ34.13* As a member of Community the Union, this offer is available to you and your immediate family** at enrolment and at a 25% discount on renewal. Peace of mind 24 hours a day, every day of the year, the rescue service is available whether you are a driver or passenger in your or another vehicle (non-commercial vehicles only, excluding certain vehicle types). At RAC we appreciate that all motorists have different requirements, therefore, choose the level of service to best suit your needs from a menu of options. Prices subject to change. Other service levels are also available (for European cover please ask for details).

2  Community benefits

Calls may be recorded and/or monitored. *Discount based on standard RAC retail prices at the time of application with payment on a continuous annual basis, prices may vary if payment is by other methods. ** Immediate family members are those who are related to you and live in the same household, up to a maximum of four additional people. Joint Cover provides assistance to another named member of your household. Family Cover provides assistance to up to four other named members of your household. Offer applies to all levels of personal based cover and cannot be used with any other promotion. Prices are subject to change. Full terms and conditions apply, which are available on request. Provided by RAC Motoring Services and/or RAC Insurance Limited. RAC Motoring Services (Registered No. 1424399, Registered Office: 8 Surrey Street, Norwich, NR1 3NG) in respect of insurance mediation activities only and RAC Insurance Limited (Registered No. 2355834, Registered Office: as above) are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority within the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Make the most of your membership AS A MEMBER of Community we will aim to provide you with the best support, advice and representation at work available. But support at work is not the only benefit. We also pride ourselves on being a union that helps you at home as well as at work. In return for your monthly contribution, you get access to a range of benefits and services designed to save you money and give you peace of mind. This booklet outlines all the benefits that we currently offer. We are always trying to increase the benefits and services available to you, so make sure you read our magazine to find out the latest. By making the most of your membership you could save up to £1,000 just through being a Community member. But that is not all, our core membership benefits can be worth hundreds more. Please take a moment to look through this leaflet and ensure you make the most of your membership. Yours in Unity General Secretary Michael J. Leahy OBE

THE SMALL PRINT: All paying members (both Working and Community members, including paying retired members), are entitled to all benefits, subject to meeting the criteria for the benefit. Savings made up of annual affinity discounts, free legal advice, free independent financial advice and free or discounted legal products.

Community benefits  3

core member benefits

Child benefit What is it? The Child Benefit scheme is proving a hit with members. Over 1,000 children of members have been registered for Community’s child benefit scheme. So far, over 700 of the children were eligible for the £50 ‘baby bonus’ which is paid to member parents of children born or adopted after 1st July 2004, the date Community was born. Children registered under the scheme receive ongoing support from Community. They will receive birthday cards and vouchers at key stages of their childhood such as when they first go to school or when they start secondary school.

How to get it … To register a child under the Child Benefit Scheme and to apply for the ‘baby bonus’, members should complete the Child Benefit application form which is available through Branch Secretaries, Regional Offices, the Member Service Centre and our website.

New parent? Claim y o £50 ba ur by bonus

The ‘baby bonus’ is payable to any member upon the birth or adoption of a child of which they are a parent, providing they have held membership for at least 12 months prior to the child’s birth. If both parents are members then both can claim. Applications must be accompanied by a copy of the Birth Certificate which must contain the name of at least one member as either the father or mother.

4  Community benefits

Bereavement Benefit What is it? The Bereavement Benefit is an accrued benefit designed to assist your next of kin at a very difficult time. Working members will accrue £200 per annum for the first five years of membership, and £10 per annum thereafter. At retirement the benefit continues to accrue at

£1,000 of bene accrues fit a five yea fter r membe s of rship

£10 per annum and remains available for as long as membership is continued as a non working member. If a member has accrued a Bereavement Benefit and becomes unemployed, they will continue to accrue £10 each year, providing they remain a non­‑working member. When they return to work, they will continue to accrue their bereavement benefits. A non-working member at joining will be entitled to a £200 flat rate after a year. Entitlement to the benefit is subject to membership and is lost if the member chooses to leave the Union.

How to get it…. Application forms are available through Branch Secretaries, Regional Offices, the Member Service Centre and our website. Completed application forms must be accompanied by a copy of the death certificate.

Community benefits  5

core member benefits

Benevolent Fund What is it? The Benevolent Fund exists to provide assistance to members and their families who are experiencing severe financial difficulties. Donations are made to those with exceptional needs for whom state support is insufficient or not forthcoming. Typically many individuals and families are in distress and have few other places to turn to for support.

How to get it‌. Application forms are available through Branch Secretaries, Regional Offices, the Member Service Centre and our website. Applicants should provide as much information as possible – there are guidance notes on the back of the application form and on our website. All applications will be considered by the Benevolent Fund Committee, which meets quarterly.

6  Community benefits

Convalescence Benefit What is it? The Convalescence Benefit exists to provide members who have experienced serious illness or injury with up to two weeks rest and recuperation at our partner convalescence home. Members can recover among beautiful surroundings, with full board and all expenses paid. A member can go alone for two weeks or with a companion for one week. N.B. There are no nursing facilities at the home and therefore members must be able to care for themselves.

How to get it ‌ Application forms are available through the Member Service Centre. Applications for Convalescence Benefit must be signed off by a doctor.

Strike & Lockout Benefit Industrial action is initiated by members deciding at branch level to request an industrial ballot. Community will support industrial action that has the support of the majority of those returning ballots. Where members have chosen to take approved industrial action or have been locked out by management, Community will seek to compensate members for some of their loss in wages. Branch Secretaries or Regional Offices should apply directly to the General Secretary.

Community benefits  7

 

                    

                  


  



8  Community benefits



 


           

   

       

         

                 

  Community benefits  9


Lifelong Learning Communitas is the part of Community that meets your learning and skills development needs. To date we have helped over 22,000 Community members and other learners, and secured over £13 million of Government and European funding, to give you and your family the best chance of success in a changing world. If you need to refresh existing skills or learn new ones, we can provide advice, training, support and other opportunities in your workplace or at one of our own centres across England, Wales and Scotland. This can help you to improve your prospects in your current workplace and in the job market.

We can help you with ■■Information, advice and guidance on learning opportunities ■■Basic literacy and numeracy ■■IT skills ■■Redundancy support (CV writing, interview techniques etc.) ■■Workplace coaching and mentoring for apprentices ■■Many other lifelong learning activities Communitas can also work with your employer to design learning and development programmes for your workplace. Ask your Union Learning Representative for details of the opportunities that are available to you as a Community member.

10  Community benefits

legal services

Legal Services We provide an array of legal services which are available for you to use and some of our services are open to your family members too.

Free legal advice Your Union operates a Free Legal Advice Service (FLAS) which is open to all members. FLAS can help with a wide range of legal queries, such as consumer issues, neighbour disputes and housing matters. In times of need, you can access the service to cover close family members too.

An hour’s initial advice Community can arrange for you to be provided with a w ith a hi gh basic will free of charge. A basic will leaves your estate street solic i t o r w cost yo to a partner and then to any surviving children. This u £150 ould . W it Commu service includes a “mirror” will for your partner. nity it’s h friendly and Emergency telephone support free

Free will writing service

Union solicitors provide a free 24-hour emergency telephone

support service for urgent criminal law issues for members only. The service is for the purpose of providing initial advice only.

Reduced-rate* ‘personal legal services’ If you require specialist services, such as conveyancing, probate and family issues, Community can arrange for reduced-rate services through the Union solicitors. *rates for personal legal services are available on request To take advantage of any of Community’s legal services or to discuss other services that you may require, simply contact our Member Service Centre and speak with one of our advisors.

FREEPHONE 0800 389 6332 Community benefits  11

personal injury

Free personal injury support What is it? Community provides free legal advice and support to members and their immediate families who have been injured through no fault of their own. Personal injury claims can be complicated and time consuming, but with the help of specialist solicitors the process can be made much simpler and quicker. Community has a nationwide network of solicitors on call to serve members for free. With unscrupulous private solicitors charging astronomical rates per hour or offering dubious ‘no win, no fee’ services – which means they may take part of any compensation you may win – you simply can’t afford to be without the union. Road accidents Whether you were the driver, passenger or pedestrian, you could be entitled to bring a claim for compensation for your injuries. The injuries suffered in road accidents may vary from minor to extremely serious injuries. Whatever your injuries may be, Community’s network of solicitors is equipped to offer you the best advice and assistance with your claim. You can claim compensation for injuries that you have suffered up to three years ago. Workplace injuries Your employer has a “duty of care” to ensure, as far as possible, your health, safety and welfare while you are at work. If you have been injured in an accident at work or you suffer a mental health issue through bullying or an unreasonable workload, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Your employer must not treat you unfairly just because you are making a claim for personal injury. The union is here to ensure your rights as an employee. Industrial Disease Due to your working environment you may have been exposed to harmful substances or conditions. As a result of this exposure you may have suffered from a work related condition for which you may be able to claim compensation. For example: ●●Asbestos-related diseases 12  Community benefits

●●Respiratory diseases ●●Dermatitis ●●Industrial deafness/tinnitus ●●Vibration white finger ●●Clinical negligence If you have been injured as a result of medical treatment or clinical negligence, Community’s network of specialist solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation. Doctors have been found negligent for, among other things, failed or delayed diagnosis, failure to warn of risks in treatment, failure to obtain proper consent to treatment, medication errors, careless surgical procedures, delayed referral to specialists. Negligence can also arise out of system errors in the hospital where the treatment took place. If you were treated as a private patient and paid the doctor, either yourself or through your medical insurer, you may also be able to claim for breach of contract if your medical treatment was substandard. Public liability If you have been injured in the street or in a public building, for example a supermarket or restaurant, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Landlords and owners of land and property accessed by members of the public have a duty to take reasonable care for the safety of all visitors. Landlords also have a duty of care to their tenants. Community’s specialist solicitors are on hand to provide advice and assistance.

For further information or to register a claim for compensation please contact our Member Service Centre: 1st Floor, Carpet Weavers Hall; Callows Lane; Kidderminster DY10 2JG FREEPHONE: 0800 389 6332 email:

N E P P A H L L I W S T N E D I C C A If you are concerned about the possibility of accidents and injury in your workplace, contact your union to access comprehensive health and safety training. Learn how to use the law to make your workplace safer. You can work to reduce the risk of workplace accidents, but you cannot guarantee that accidents will never happen. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that whatever happens; your union, Community, will ensure that you are paid every penny of the Personal Injury compensation you are owed. Cases range from the minor … One member working at Belper suffered a deep cut to his right elbow after brushing against a control box at work. Union lawyers took his case to the company and quickly came to an agreement that saw our member receive £1,500 in damages. … to the life-changing: Another member was working at Alphasteel in 2004 when he fell 40 feet into hot molten slag. Our member suffered severe multiple burns, skin injuries and serious fractures as well as severe injuries to his left arm which was left virtually functionless, extensive facial disfigurement and post traumatic stress disorder. Following the accident, our member needed to move to more suitable accommodation to meet his continued caring needs. While the Union lawyers won an admission of liability from the company, it took months and boxes of evidence

to ensure that the final settlement took into account pain and suffering, loss of earnings, care and assistance and future losses. The case was finally settled with our member being awarded £800,000. Not only that, but Community’s Personal Injury Scheme covers you and your family at work and at home … One member and his non-member daughter were struck from behind in a traffic accident. Our union lawyers pursued both his claim and the claim of his daughter. Our member suffered whiplash to the neck and back which caused him to miss work for a few days. This claim was settled quickly with £2,315 compensation. Unfortunately, our member’s daughter suffered more serious injuries that have required the union lawyers to pursue compensation – this claim had not been settled when this booklet went to print. Community’s Personal Injury Compensation Service delivers every penny of compensation to which you are entitled. Avoid the no-win no-fee lawyers that can and do take large percentages of any compensation they win. Not only does our scheme guarantee your compensation, but it also provides invaluable peace of mind at one of life’s most difficult points. Community benefits  13

Post Office Christmas Club Post Office® Christmas Club: Special Member Offer

We’re delighted to make available a special offer to all Community members joining the Post Office® Christmas Club. Join the Christmas Club at your local Post Office® branch and we’ll top up your Christmas Club Card with an extra £2.50 for Christmas. All club members will also receive a booklet of discount and special offer vouchers in the run-up to Christmas, making the money you have put aside go ever further. To take advantage of this offer, sign up to the club at your local Post Office® branch. Counter staff will provide you with an application form. On the application form write the following code – COM10 – to the left of the barcode. Once we’ve received your application we’ll top up your account with an extra £2.50. The Post Office® Christmas Club represents a great way to put aside money for Christmas; you can sign up with as little as £2. Top up your card, up to a maximum of £1,000 per annum, throughout the year and next Christmas you’ll be able to shop at a great range of top retailers including Argos, Sainsbury’s, Boots, WH Smith, Currys, Top Shop and many, many more. The Post Office Christmas Club Card is issued by Bank of Ireland – incorporated in Ireland with limited liability. Registered No. C-1. Head Office, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Authorised by the Irish Financial Regulator and authorised and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Services Authority. Details about the extent of Bank of Ireland’s authorisation and regulation by the Financial Services Authority are available from Bank of Ireland on request. Post Office Limited is registered in England and Wales. Registered No 2154540. Registered office is 148 Old Street, London EC1V 9HQ.

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Introducing our friendly, accessible Independent Financial Advisors Hello members, we already receive a number of financial services enquiries from the Community Member Service Centre. In the current climate, members are more concerned than ever that they receive good quality independent financial advice they can trust. Richard Broom Managing Director

Financial Services offered to members include: Independent Financial Advice on receipt of a Personal Injury Award Financial Advice in Retirement and Redundancy situations Arranging Life Insurance and other protection Pension Advice Reviewing existing investments, e.g. Investment Bonds ISAs etc. Inheritance Tax Planning Trading or surrendering Endowment Policies Debt Counselling* Mortgage Advice

For a free no obligation discussion call 0845 463 4071 FISCALE FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED

• 36 Guest Lane • Silkstone • Barnsley • South Yorkshire • S75 4LF • Fax 01226 791 204 • Email • Fiscale Financial Ser vices Limited is an appointed representative of Financial Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Ser vices Authority. FSA number 467979. Registered of fice: 36, Guest Lane, Silkstone, Barnsley, S75 4LF. Registered in England & Wales, company number 06218216 * Debt Counselling is regulated by The Of fice of Fair Trading, not the Financial Ser vices Authority.

Not a member? You could join today. To join by phone,call 0800 389 6332 To join online, or to download an application form and join by post, go to

Community benefits for members 2011  

Community benefits for members 2011

Community benefits for members 2011  

Community benefits for members 2011