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Employing Safe Guards And Network Monitoring To Avoid Costly Network Issues Every company has experienced network problems, from the smallest businesses that lose internet connection to the largest corporations that suffer a denial of service (DOS) attack. Companies comprehend the loss of productivity that develops with each network problem. They understand better how unforgiving customers can be when they are not able to access the services they count on. Serious companies have good back up plans in place so they can continue to operate while they repair the issues. Acting proactively toward possible future problems is one of the best strategies for a business, where they observe discrepancies in how the network functions through network monitoring. Standards for Network Performance The highest standards of network performance is “carrier-classâ€, which means the performance expected of companies that are in the business of providing network services, such as ISP's, VOIP providers, and cloud service providers. Ensuring carrier-class levels of quality for network communications is really what those companies who offer any type of products or services based off the Internet do to ensure they reach their maximum operating point. With a zero down time policy, companies can meet their expectations as specified in Service Level agreements (SLAs) where they plan for complications, resolving issues promptly. Key Indicators Can Predict Future Problems Network problems are generally categorized into two types: those complications, which are catastrophic and unpredictable, and the remainder, that happen to be time-degradations that can be detected just before a major failure occurs. Having a robust fault management plan in place is certainly the best strategy for dealing with catastrophic failures. Network performance monitoring nonetheless is the very best way to deal with problems that initially occur as small degradations. Degrading behavior can be flagged by creating Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. Most of these types of failures could be identified and corrected which is the power of this particular strategy where the company management and customers do not even realize there is an issue taking place. Features of KPIs The main attributes of KPIs are effectiveness and flexibility. A monitoring system is integrated by most businesses with off-the-shelf KPIs designed to monitor systems, pointing out an issue when it occurs. KPIs are able to be configured when needed when a company has specific requirements. These configurations can include changes to detection and alarm levels, polling frequency, as well as the presentation of performance information. The performance information helps system administers recognize unhealthy trends, unexpected performance outliers, and other intuitive indications that a predicament may be developing. With the information from the monitor software provider, a business can develop an extremely

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Employing Safe Guards And Network Monitoring To Avoid Costly Network Issues effective system for problem anticipation. Standard configurations take care of some of the most common network architectures, like LET, WiFi, DSL, ATM, IP-VPN, Ethernet, IP/MPLS, SONET, DWDM and IPTV across SNMP and TL1. Performance Monitoring can also be used for Capacity Planning Although the primary focus on monitoring software programs are to anticipate bottlenecks, junction outages, and similar issues, many companies use the software as part of their capacity planning. Calculated based on anticipated usage, the initial capacity requirements for a new system looks at quite a few variables and once the system is in place can monitor successfully using less resources. The IT manager can watch usage with time and in different parts of the building and make alterations in capacity and equipment as needed. This eliminates bringing management attention to the IT group when the company systems started to seem sluggish. Businesses that depend on the health of their network resources can eliminate many types of network troubles before they occur through network monitoring. There is an assortment of software for network monitoring at Centina Systems, including cable assurance, Ethernet assurance and fault management. Much more particulars on Centina Systems are attainable on the company's web page,

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Employing Safe Guards And Network Monitoring To Avoid Costly Network Issues