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As an EDI service provider, it goes without saying that our favorite topic is telling people about the large potential of Electronic Data InGerd Marlovits terchange and how business proCEO cesses will improve when companies jump on the automation bandwagon. And yet, the most wonderful thing for us to see is when shared efforts yield real results and when companies benefit from EDI processes for their corporate strategies in both the short and long run. One example among many is our long-time client Meggle/Rajo Slovakia, whose electronic distribution network spans three countries and includes its logistics partner DACHSER. DESADV makes it happen! (See lead article on page 1.) Sometimes, making a change is the best choice. C.S. CARGO, an expert logistics company, recently consolidated its EDI infrastructure to make its processes even more transparent and efficient (see page 2). And oftentimes it is the pioneers that have a positive effect on an entire industry, such as in the case of the well-known Austrian meat processing company Wiesbauer (read the article on page 4). As always, it is our pleasure to support all our clients in each and every one of their projects. And it is also a pleasure to tell our readers about them in this journal, which I hope you will enjoy.

DESADV: O ­ NE FOR ALL EDITEL Slovakia has automated merchandise delivery in Italy for Rajo, a subsidiary of Meggle and long-standing client.


t all started ten years ago with the introduction of a simple web EDI solution for a single customer. Since then, the Slovak company Rajo, a subsidiary of the German dairy product manufacturer Meggle, has grown into an internationally renowned company. As the production volume increased, the EDI infrastructure also grew. Years ago, Rajo traded its web EDI solution for a cloud-based EDI integration

solution that is now also being used by Meggle subsidiaries in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Every month, Rajo sends and receives roughly 50,000 EDI messages with more than 50 business partners in many countries and then processes them automatically in its dedicated SAP system. These messages include electronic orders, despatch advices, invoices and other logistics-related information.

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ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE ESADV 1 DMeggle Group automates receipt of goods process InMorebriefnews from the EDITEL Group ESADV - Continued 2 DMeggle Group automates receipt of goods process Consolidation EDI C.S. Cargo optimizes processes Integration EDI I.D.C. Holding uses in-house solution in four countries nterview 3 IMeet Gerd Marlovits ORDERS Vorarlberg Environmental Associati­on simplifies ordering process Symposium Finance EDITEL and Intermarket Bank present e-discounting nside the industry 4 IHow the meat processing industry uses EDI Anniversary EDITEL Hungary celebrates its 10th birthday

The EDITEL JOURNAL is published as a supplement to GS1 Information in a total of 13,000 copies. It is available in German, English as well as in Czech, Hungarian and Croatian for our international clients. To download the Journal as an epaper, please visit press/publications. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at

editelJOURNAL Corporate Magazine of the EDITEL Group

IN BRIEF  urrently 50,000 EDI messages with 50 C business partners in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary EDITEL SK expanded EDI services (EDI communication and EDI integration) for Meggle in Italy, Austria and Germany Introduction of automated merchandise delivery between three Meggle production facilities and an external DACHSER warehouse Exchange of despatch advices (DESADV) between five business partners via the EDI service eXite®

ABOUT MEGGLE / RAJO A.S. MEGGLE AG is headquartered in Wasserburg near Munich. This holding company aggregates the activities of all companies in this group of milk and whey processing companies. MEGGLE AG’s largest subsidiary in eastern Europe is Rajo a.s., a dairy producer in Bratislava, Slovakia. All fruit yoghurts, drinking milk, cottage cheese, cream and milk-based beverages are produced there.

The Meggle Group has now created a new distribution network that goes all the way to Italy, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. Patrik Krissak, Logistics Project Manager at Rajo, commented on the project: “We were looking for a fully automated merchandise delivery process via EDI from the manufacturing facilities of Meggle subsidiaries Rajo Slovakia, SalzburgMilch Austria and Meggle Germany for Meggle Italy and its logistics partner DACHSER. Since we had already expanded the existing EDI infrastructure with our EDI partner of many years, it made sense for us to entrust them with this project,” said Mr. Krissak. Štefan Sádovský, the managing director of EDITEL Slovakia, provided more details: “The challenge was to connect all five involved partners as efficiently as possible via EDI and to allow for smooth and need-based merchandise delivery. The most important tool to achieve this was the integration of the electronic despatch advice, DESADV,” he said. These despatch advices are now created automatically in the sup-

With the electronic despatch advice (DESADV) delivery errors can be detected immediately. This saved time and money.

plier’s SAP ERP system, transferred in real time via eXite®, the EDI service by EDITEL, to Meggle Italy and DACHSER and then automatically processed in their ERP systems. This approach helps detect delivery-related mistakes immediately and correct them, which saves time and money and makes the underlying invoicing process easier than before. “Thanks to the technical expertise of EDITEL, we


ABOUT C.S.CARGO A.S. Originally established as a local transport service company in the Czech city of Jičín, C.S.CARGO now achieves sales of 4.6 billion CZK and has 1,700 employees, which makes it one of the leading transport and logistics companies in central Europe. While the company in its beginnings specialized in logistics services for the automotive industry, C.S.CARGO’s clients now include leading businesses in the food, construction, electronics and FMCG industries. C.S.CARGO does business in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.



he Czech logistics service provider C.S.CARGO focuses on those industries that could no longer do without EDI: the automotive and FMCG industries. An increasingly important requirement in these industries is flexibility for handling different file formats and communication protocols. In the past, C.S.CARGO oftentimes did not have this flexibility because the company relied on two separate platforms for data exchange which each had different requirements and limitations. The solution was the use of a single platform that can handle current and future client needs regarding different data formats. The Sterling B2B

were able to quickly and easily centralize complex data flows between several plants and our subsidiary Meggle Italy and to integrate our external logistics partner DACHSER in no time,” said Mr. Krissak, adding that “EDITEL is our first choice for EDI projects now and in the future.”  n

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Integrator by IBM does exactly that by allowing the integration of B2B processes involving several partners.

IN BRIEF Introduction of a standardized EDI platform to meet varying customer requirements  he solution: IBM Sterling B2B T Integrator  ecure and easy integration of S complex B2B processes  aximum flexibility for handling M different data formats and protocols

Customer advisor Robert Matras works at the Czech EDITEL subsidiary and assists C.S.CARGO in migrating all existing EDI processes to the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator platform: “Functions such as EDI mapping and Business Process Modelling offered by the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator make it easy for us to implement highly specific customer requirements with maximum flexibility,” he said. Libor Maňásek, the CIO of C.S.CARGO, is very pleased with this solution: “We are positive that the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator meets our requirements and hopefully it will become our strategic tool for facing all integration-related challenges in the future,” he said.  n

he Slovak I.D.C.Holding produces 39,000 tons of sweets every year, making it the country’s largest confectionery producer. As such, the company has a very hands-on approach to the optimization of its procurement of goods processes. An EDITEL Slovakia client of many years, I.D.C. handles the EDI processes of four subsidiaries in Slovakia as well as those in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. To make it all possible, the company relies on the in-house solution by EDITEL. Martin Miškolci, EDI Applications Administrator, sums up the experience: “We have been successfully collaborating with EDITEL for many years. We work together to continually optimize our solutions, which is important to keep our supply chain processes state-of-the-art. EDITEL is the partner we need that provides professional ­support and allows us to grow together.”  n

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editelJOURNAL Corporate Magazine of the EDITEL Group





n January 2018, Gerd Marlovits became the Managing Director of EDITEL Austria. In this position, he is the successor of Peter Franzmair who will retire after more than 30 years dedicated to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Mr. Marlovits has been with EDITEL Austria for 15 years and he has considerably helped develop and shape the company. Meet him in this interview where he talks about his goals, the innovative potential of EDI for

the future and how EDITEL handles the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.  n To read the full interview, please visit our website: article/interview-ceo/

hen it comes to waste disposal, Vorarlberg differs from other Austrian provinces. The municipal garbage collection service will only collect trash from private households that has been placed in original trash bags issued by the municipality. The Vorarlberg Environmental Association has been put in charge of the administrative and organizational side of issuing these bags. Among other things, the association makes sure that sufficient quantities of these trash bags are available in stores. In an effort to make the order process easier, the Vorarlberg Environmental Association, in collaboration with SPAR, recently started using EDI. EDITEL developed a solution designed to fit the needs of the Environmental Association which makes trash bag orders by SPAR easy to record. The EDI platform eXite® makes it happen by transferring order data (ORDERS) electronically to the Vorarlberg Environmental Association. Herbert Koschier, the managing director of the Vorarlberg Environmental Association, is very pleased with this new solution: “We save huge amounts of time because we no longer have to process orders for every single Spar store manually,” he said.  n

IN BRIEF  ptimized order processing for O Vorarlberg Environmental Associati­on  entralized and consolidated C transfer of orders  liminates the need for manual E processing, which saves considerable amounts of time and resources

ABOUT THE ­VORARLBERG ENVIRONMENTAL ASSOCIATION The Vorarlberg Environmental Association represents all 96 municipalities in waste-related matters. In addition to waste collection, the Association also drafts invitations for tender for disposal agreements in specific areas. In addition, it is in charge of the centralized coordination and implementation of trash bag issuing.



t was the year’s most outstanding industry get-together for finance experts. From May 22 to 24, more than 2,000 finance executives in banking, system providers and news agencies met to learn about the latest banking products, systems solutions and tendencies in the world of finance. At the Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim, the organizer also offered more than 150

workshops and presentations, including discounting via EDI, or e-discounting. Patrick Götz, a member of the managing board of Intermarket Bank, and Gerd Marlovits, the CEO of EDITEL, demonstrated how automated invoicing processes can also be used as an attractive alternative financing option. For that purpose, order and invoice data is exchanged via EDI with the goal of

vance payments of EDI invoices and a significant improvement of the balance sheet and working capital indicators.  n

automatically advancing capital against pending invoices. Ultimately, this translates into flexible ad- solutions/e-discounting



editelJOURNAL Corporate Magazine of the EDITEL Group

FRESH MEAT NEEDS FRESH DATA Other than freshness, transparency along the entire value chain plays an increasingly important role in the meat industry. To achieve just that, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the right choice.


here are very few other food items for which freshness and quality play such an important role as for meat and meat products. The short shelf life of these goods makes order and delivery frequency considerably more difficult than for other products. The swift and, most importantly, correct exchange of order and delivery information is key, especially because traceability is gaining importance in

this industry. After all, both retailers and consumers want ever-deeper insight into the value chain. This information is mostly conveyed via batch indications which provide insight into the animals’ origin, raising, fattening and slaughtering. But how can this important information be transferred swiftly and securely while always being up-todate? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) makes all the difference. The information between supplier and retailer is exchanged automatically, in real time and without any system inconsistencies. In the case of batch information, the electronic despatch advice DESADV is used. Overall, EDI increases quality for all downstream processes, especially for goods whose weight varies. Despite the obvious advantages that EDI has for the Austrian meat and meat processing industry, there is still a lot of



DITEL Hungary is celebrating its 10th anniversary in business in 2018. A lot of things have happened in this time: EDITEL has fully established itself as a brand for successful B2B communication and lives up to its reputation as a high-expertise EDI service provider, with eXite® as one of the most widely used EDI platforms in Hungary. Initially, EDITEL Hungary focused on the FMCG industry and gradually won clients in other industries, e.g. the automotive, pharmaceutical and oil industries. EDITEL Hungary’s client portfolio includes Coop, Friesland, Lukoil, Unilever and ­Ferrero to name just a few. Gábor Hernádi, an EDI expert who has been part of the EDITEL Hungary team since the very beginning, is very optimistic about the future development of EDITEL in Hungary: “Our technology has been designed to meet the challenges associated with increasing corporate digitalization. I am sure that our flexibility will allow us to even exceed the success we have had in the past 10 years,” he said.  n

unexplored potential. Especially on the IT side, many businesses used to lack the necessary infrastructure that would allow them to exchange data with retailers in a structured manner. “We are seeing a lot of change in this area and there are already many businesses that have taken the lead,” said Klaus Schaffer, Business Development Expert & Product Manager at EDITEL. One of these businesses is the Viennese meat processing company Wiesbauer. This business relies on EDI both along the entire supply chain and in upstream processes to achieve higher transparency. Ljuban Magdelinic, the IT director at Wiesbauer, commented on the advantages EDI has for his company: “EDI helps us make processes such as ORDERS easier and more efficienct, which is why we have been relying on EDI for many years,“ he said. Klaus Schaffer also believes that consistent data ­digitalization opens up huge opportunities for the industry: “With EDI, admi-

nistrative work decreases considerably and at the same time, data quality of all outgoing and incoming documents increases,” he explained.  n

IN BRIEF  eets advanced requirements regarding M freshness and short shelf lives  DI helps make processes easier and more E efficient  ransparency in the value chain translates into T traceability  orrect exchange of order and delivery C information  ost widely used messages: ORDERS M (orders) and DESADV (despatch advice) Improved data quality

IMPRINT ISSUE 1/2018 Owner and publisher: EDITEL Austria GmbH, 1040 Vienna, Brahmsplatz 3; T: +43 (0)1/505 86 02; e-mail: EDITEL Austria GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GS1 Austria GmbH. The corporate objective of EDITEL Austria GmbH is the electronic data exchange between business partners, the sale of the required software and support services. Management and responsible for the content: Mag. Gerd Marlovits Editorial staff: Sylvia M. Gerber M.A., Anja Jung Proofreading : Dagmar Jenner, Translations: English: Dagmar Jenner, Czech: Martina Pokorná Hungarian: Katinka Czigány Croatian: Nataša Burič, Marija Lunjek Layout: Disclosure pursuant to Austrian Media Law as amended in March 2009: the purpose of this newsletter is the promotion and support of ­EDITEL Austria‘s business activities.

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Editel Journal 1/2018 EN  

Find out about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) , Supply Chain Management and Logistics as well as the latest corporate news of the EDITEL...

Editel Journal 1/2018 EN  

Find out about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) , Supply Chain Management and Logistics as well as the latest corporate news of the EDITEL...