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High Potential Anticipated in KBLB as the Company targets a market with more than $5

billion of annual Sales

Fellow Investor, A colossal breakthrough!!! A technology pursued by many companies spending millions of dollars has been finally achieved by Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (PINK:KBLB). In house production of Spider Silk has been a most ambitious dream of every fabric manufacturing company lately but KBLB happens to be the one officially announcing its capabilities to produce Spider Silk on the large scale. This is official Prof. Malcolm Fraser and Prof Randy Lewis from University of Wyoming with the collaboration of Kraig Biocraft Laboratries Inc (PINK: KBLB) has discovered the Gene Splicing Technology which makes the commercial large scale production of spider silk possible. The most surprising part is that the technology has been tested and research group had produced multiple spider silk spools each having length of over 1 kilometer. As announced in their press conference each spool had unique and beneficial properties of Strength and Flexibility. To watch the whole press conference, click the link below: This has been a big breakthrough in the field of material sciences as CEO of Kraig Biocraft Labs Kim Thompson stated in the press conference, “We are opening a door and we’re stepping through it.”

Undoubtedly with this new discovery KBLB is going to grow fast in terms of revenue, profitability, overall financial position and most importantly its share price. You must be wondering what’s so special of spider silk anyways and why KBLB has such high potential because of that.

Spider Silk and Industry Potential Spider Silk was an ambition of any every fiber manufacturing company but its commercial production was out of the question until KBLB and its team of highly experience researchers developed spider silk material through an advanced genetic engineering process. “Biologists have inserted spider genes into silkworms, allowing them to produce strong, elastic threads that may be used to make sutures and wound-healing bandages as well as bulletproof vests and lightweight fabrics, researchers said Wednesday.” Chicago Tribune

You will be amazed to know that how important spider silk is for the industry which requires it. Spider Silk’s infinite potential use was realized many years before and technical companies were desperately looking for a manufacturer who can supply them with Spider Silk in bulk quantities. US government and technical fiber manufacturers have been investing millions of dollars to get a product (Spider Silk) which is a very essential raw material for their finished product. The Defense Department happens to be the biggest buyer of Spider Silk. Spider Silk is used in manufacturing of light weight bullet proof shirts, light with armors, military vehicles and much more. The potential of Spider Silk is also evident from its usage. According to one estimate KBLB targets $100 billion market for technical fiber market whose primary focus is to somehow get their hands on Spider Silk. Currently the technical fiber market is dominated by Du Pont’s Kevlar which according to one estimate generates the revenues of $5 billion annually.

KBLB’s Strengths and Opportunities

 KBLB happens to posses the best suite of patented technologies for development of Spider Silk based material which is known as the most flexible and quality fiber in the industry.  KBLB is led by the top professionals of the industry and amazing part is that its CEO Kim Thompson is the member of Triple Nine Society, membership of which requires IQ of at least 150 or more.  As KBLB is the first one to have the patent rights for this technology and its income streams are expected to be limitless once the commercial production is commenced.  One of the major strengths of KBLB is its unmatchable teams of prolific scientists from institutions like University of Wyoming and University of Notre Dame.  The most overwhelming point is that the development process of spider silk based material is ahead of its schedule and the next update is expected very soon which could result in considerable capital gain.  Further most of analysts including 4 times Wall Street Journal All-Star Analyst Award Winner Joe Noel also endorse the price appreciation of share price up to $2.50 in his Emerging Growth Research Report.

Emerging Growth Research LLC calculates the target price of $2.50 for KBLB; Main Highlights of their Research Report Emerging Growth Research expects the yield of $0.40 per shares in the near term for KBLB. Significant price movements in upward direction is expected in the near future as the company is about to announce major developments in their upcoming press conference. According to Emerging Growth Research the technology of being able to produce Spider Silk material on large scale itself worth several hundred million dollars and could worth billions in long term. Moreover the company has the technology which not only produces the large number of transgenic spider of proteins but produces effective spider of proteins giving a high competitive edge for KBLB. For long term Emerging Growth Research expects the target price of $2.50 per share for KBLB Annually $5 billion of revenues are generated from technical fiber market. Let’s suppose despite KBLB’s superior and unprecedented technology the company is able to penetrate only 5 percent of the market share. Still KBLB ends up with revenue of $250 million on annual basis.

KBLB an Opportunity that could make you Millions very soon It’s obvious that the technology for development of Spider Silk material is something which is going to increase KBLB’s revenues substantially. With

increased revenues and profitability of KBLB its investors are the ones which are going to benefit the most. The company making headlines all over world and rumors in its price appreciation are spreading aggressively. This could result in a very rapid price appreciation of KBLB stock. Moreover the company’s management is also very optimistic about their latest discovery and planning to aggressively advertise it through press conferences and press releases consistently updating their shareholders so that they can benefit the most. Moreover it is also expected that KBLB can be acquisition target after its latest discovery of Spider Silk and most interest would be technical fiber’s industry leader Du Pont. Whatever the case would be and if KBLB gets an offer for acquisition then price appreciation is more immediate. KBLB is a highly lucrative opportunity right now which can make you millions and would be a gem in your portfolio.

KBLB’s share price promises return of more than 2000 percent on your investment BUY KBLB now the witness the Bullish Rally up to the target price of $2.50 per share

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High Potential Anticipated in KBLB as the Company This is official Prof. Malcolm Fraser and Prof Randy Lewis from University of Wyoming with...