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El Semanario

Edison Language Academy – Together Through Two Languages (310) 828-0335 www.edison.smmusd.org

ANNOUNCEMENTS PARENT ENGAGEMENT SURVEY SMMUSD and the PTA are asking all parents to participate in a Parent Engagement Survey launching on Thursday, September 4. Designed and administered by independent technology and communications firm K12 Insight, the survey is intended to help the district better understand how frequently parents interact with their students’ schools, perceptions of the schools’ communication, and how welcome parents feel at school. Results will be used to continue building a powerful parent involvement and support network in the school community. If you have provided the district with their email addresses you will receive an email invitation to participate. The survey will also be accessible to all parents via the survey section of the district’s website, or by following this link: http://www.smmusd.org/surveys/index.html. Paper copies will also be available at district schools upon request. Survey results will not be tied to individual participants. When the survey has closed on September 18, the district share results, along with an explanation of how it will use the data to increase parent engagement. We hope that all parents will participate. THIRD GRADE FAMILY TELESCOPE NIGHT – The third grade community is launching their astronomy and language arts project (Moon Journals) with a family telescope night on September 9 at 7:30 p.m. FALL PICTURE DAY – Individual student and class pictures will be taken on September 19. Watch for information in your child’s Wednesday packet.

FIRST DAY PACKETS – All materials should now be complete and in the office. Please pay particular attention to keeping your child’s emergency cards up to date!

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK: BASIC SCHOOL SAFETY RULES On September 3, we had our first student assemblies, focusing on safety and core school values and rules. Our School Resource Office Carlos Jaen visited and he and I spoke with the students about staying safe. We also talked the values and rules that make Edison a safe and caring community. I’ll write about values, student code of conduct, and support for good interpersonal relations and preparations for emergencies in subsequent weeks, but I want to start with the fundamentals – daily student safety. We are a learning community of nearly 450 students and over 50 adults who work with those students during the school day. The number of adults increases by a third when you add in the before and afterschool staff who work with our students in childcare and enrichment programs. Our most basic responsibility is to keep all of our students safe while they are with us at school. So we have a set of daily student safety rules and practices designed to do that. Some may be different from or more strict than rules you have at home. This is because we have a heightened responsibility for safety, because things sometimes just work differently when there are 450 kids from ages 5-11 involved, and because we have a different kind of physical environment than families typically have at home. Our daily rules for student safety are pretty simple: 1) children walk in the hallways at all times; 2) students hold the hand rails and walk when they are using the stairs; 3) when students move around the school in groups, they always keep a “bubble” of personal space between ourselves and other students; 4) students don’t climb fences, or on top of chairs or tables; 5) students stay inside the school gates from the time their families drop them off until they are picked up by a responsible adult; 6) unless they are in the restrooms, students stay in areas where they can be seen by and supervised by adults at all times; 7) students use equipment in the classrooms or playground according to the safety rules they have been taught; 8) students let teachers know when they need to leave the classroom; 9) students do not play with soap and water or play around in the restrooms; 10) students report anything that seems unsafe to an adult. Families, we appreciate it when you reinforce the fact that there are certain safety rules at school and that your students need to follow them each and every time that they are on campus. Safety rules apply to evening events and meetings too. It really does make a difference when you talk with your students about safety at school and we thank you for your help

September 10 ELAC Meeting 8:30 a.m.; Site Council at 4:30 pm..

September 17 PTA Association Meeting – 8:30 am.

September 24 New Volunteer Training 8:30 a.m.

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El Semanario, CPK, Annual Giving/Direct Donation, Attendance, September School Lunches, Dance classes, PAL Program


El Semanario, CPK, Annual Giving/Direct Donation, Attendance, September School Lunches, Dance classes, PAL Program