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ANNOUNCEMENTS PARENT ENGAGEMENT SURVEY - If you have not yet completed a Parent Engagement Survey, please do so before September 18. The survey is intended to gather information on how frequently parents interact with their students’ schools, parent perceptions of the schools’ communication, and how welcome parents feel at school. Results will be used to continue building a powerful parent involvement and support network. The survey is accessible by following this link: Paper copies are also available in the Edison Office. Survey results will not be tied to individual participants. When the survey has closed on September 18, the district will share results. Please share your ideas. FALL PICTURE DAY – Individual student and class pictures will be taken on September 19. Watch for information in your child’s Wednesday packet. BOOK FAIR COMMITTEE THANKS YOU! Thank you to all the parents who volunteered and shopped at the fall book fair. The proceeds go to our library to ensure that we have great books for our children to enjoy. COGNITIVELY GUIDED INSTRUCTIONYou’ll be seeing some absences this week as our teachers are subbed out one grade level at a time to participate in district professional development on Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI). CGI is math strategies that prepare students to meet the challenging common core math standards. Look for a parent workshop soon so that we can share this approach to mathematics with you! DROP OFF AND PICK UP REMINDERS When you use either the Virginia or Kansas Drop off zones, please pull forward as far as possible and NEVER park in the drop off zone. The KANSAS AVENUE MORNING DROP OFF ZONE is only open between 8:00 – 8:30 am. If you don’t see Coach Alex there, don’t drop off students! Please pick up students promptly at dismissal. If you can’t get here by dismissal, you’ll need to arrange afterschool care.

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK: CORE VALUES AND SCHOOL RULES Last week, I wrote about our basic safety rules at school. Another important way that we work to keep children safe at school is helping them learn how to treat each other and work out problems peacefully. So we talk a lot with students about values and rules that make Edison a safe and caring community. Learning how to get along well with peers, share, be a good friend, and solve problems productively is such an important part of the social curriculum of elementary school. These are skills that must be learned and practiced -- and it’s not always smooth sailing. Edison’s code of student conduct based on the following core values: Kindness (including empathy, and consideration for others); Respect (for ourselves, our neighbors, and for cultural and linguistic diversity); Effort, (determination and perseverance); Justice (being fair); Integrity (being trustworthy and keeping our word); and Non-violence (working out our problems peacefully). We try to highlight and teach about one of these values each month. As we talk about these values and what they look like in children’s daily lives, we focus on their behavior with each other. We stress that Edison students are respectful of differences of all types and do not use verbal or non-verbal put-downs of any kind. In age-appropriate language, we teach children that it’s not ok to taunt or make fun of other students for any reason, including: 1) academic progress; 2) age; 3) appearance/body image/ mannerisms; 4) athletic ability; 5) belief systems; 6) economic status; 7) cultural, ethnic and/or racial background, including immigration status; 8) family types or background; 9) friendships; 10) languages; 11) learning styles; and 12) physical challenges. Similarly harassment based on gender, including gender stereotypes and homophobic taunts are never ok. Students are expected to use positive and school-appropriate language. They all know that it is never ok to use physical abuse (pushing, kicking etc.), taunts, threats or intimidation of peers. We use several programs to teach students needed social and problem solving skills including Cool Tools, the Caring School Community, and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. We talk about these expectations frequently in class meetings, on the playgrounds, and in schoolwide assemblies. Families can help by talking with children at home about these values. Ask children to tell you how they are expected to treat their peers at school and why it’s important to treat others with respect and consideration. And check to see if they are having any problems with peers that may need some adult attention. Please let their teachers know if you discover any problems.

September 17 PTA Association Meeting – 8:30 am.

September 24 New Volunteer Training 8:30 a.m.

September 25 – No School California Admissions Day

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