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Edison Language Academy – Together Through Two Languages (310) 828-0335 www.edison.smmusd.org

ANNOUNCEMENTS LAST CALL -- PARENT ENGAGEMENT SURVEY window closes September 18. The survey is accessible by following this link: http://www.smmusd.org/surveys/index.html. Paper copies are went home in the Wednesday packets. Survey results will not be tied to individual participants. When the survey has closed the district will share results. Please share your ideas. FALL PICTURE DAY – Individual student and class pictures will be taken on September 19. Fill out the order form and return it with your child if you want to purchase pictures. FREE MONEY! –Now that we have your attention, we have an opportunity that’s pretty close to free money for Edison. Register your Ralph’s card and ask everyone you know to register their card. At no cost to the shopper, Ralph’s will give us a percentage of the purchases of every shopper whose card is registered to Edison – up to $25,000! See the instructions in last week’s Wednesday packet, on the parent information bulletin boards, and in the front office. KANSAS AVENUE MORNING DROP OFF ZONE is only open between 8:00 – 8:30 am. Do not drop off students or attempt to enter the school through the parking lot before 8:00 or after 8:30 am – the gates to school are locked and cars are coming and going. BLUE DOG IS BACK! - Last year Edison raised over $10,000 for programs for our students by selling items in the Blue Dog gift catalogue to family members and friends. This year’s Blue Dog sale is now open! Please see the catalogue and sale materials in this week’s Wednesday packet and see how your family can participate. Great prizes for participating students. Thanks for your help! KID BIZ TRAINING FOR PARENTS – Friday, October 10 at 8:30 am in the computer lab, we’ll offer an orientation to this Spanish and English reading program for grades 2-5.

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK: EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS At one of our Back to School Grade Level Meetings in August, some parents asked questions about how Edison prepares for emergencies and what parents should do if there is an emergency while children are at school. One of our most important responsibilities is ensuring the safety of our students during emergency situations. As do all schools, we have detailed school-level and district-level safety plans for a variety of possible emergencies. Staff have copies of our plan and we talk about it and practice our responsibilities. The most visible way we do this is to have monthly school-wide fire drills and periodic earthquake drills and lock down drills. There are also emergency clipboards in each classroom with instructions for emergencies, student rosters, and evacuation routes so that substitutes know what to do. We teach all students what do to during different types of emergencies and then we practice so that they can do it calmly, safely and automatically. Emergency drills are one of the few times when we are super-strict about following directions quickly and without any talking. If you have ever been on campus during one of our fire drills, you will hear the loud sound of the fire alarm bells ringing. Nearly immediately, students line up and are walked from their classrooms to one of our designated evacuation areas. Attendance is checked and reported and several staff members are designated to “sweep” the campus to make sure everyone has evacuated and the site is secure. For earthquakes, we have duck and cover drills for earthquake safety in the classrooms and participate in an annual full-fledged earthquake evacuation drill “The Great Shakeout!”. During this drill, we practice what we would do in the event of a large earthquake such that we might need to keep students here for several days. All staff are assigned to different emergency teams and we practice with different scenarios. We keep emergency food and water on campus and we have a large container of emergency supplies for first aid, temporary shelter and restrooms, search and rescue, etc. We also prepare for the possibility that we may need to shelter children in place in their classrooms to ensure their safety (a “lock down” for a community disturbance or an intruder). We practice these procedures quarterly and keep emergency restroom supplies and emergency food in the classrooms. What should parents do should if an emergency happens while children are at school? If there is phone service and it is safe to do so, we will send a dialer alerting you to the situation and with instructions. Otherwise, make your way to campus when it is safe to do so. The gates will be locked, but when it is safe to do so, we have a process to release children in an orderly fashion to parents/guardians or individuals on the emergency card. If you’d like to learn more, contact me or volunteer for the school safety team!

September 17 PTA Association Meeting – 8:30 am.

September 24 New Volunteer Training 8:30 a.m.

September 25 – NO SCHOOL -California Admissions Day Observed

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El Semanario Sept 22  

Swim, Volunteer Training, Theatre, School Cents, School Pics

El Semanario Sept 22  

Swim, Volunteer Training, Theatre, School Cents, School Pics