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ANNOUNCEMENTS Lost and Found -- We still have many, many sweaters, sweatshirts, and lunchboxes in the Lost and Found, so we’ve delayed the donation of these items to charity until month’s end. So, please visit the Lost and Found and claim lost property! Box Tops for Education – Clipping and turning in the Box Tops for Education found on the boxes of many products is a no-cost way to generate dollars for Edison programs. Bring those Box Tops in now through February 13. A class party and bragging rights goes to the class with the most Box Tops! Valentines Raffle – Raffle Tickets were distributed last week. If you’ve already sold your tickets, parents can pick up additional tickets from the front office. There are cash prizes for winners and incentives for individual students. Parent Workshop: Sexual Development and Behavior in Children. Wednesday morning, January 28 from 8:30 – 9:30 am in Room 208, please join us for a workshop presented by Shuli Lotan from Family Services of Santa Monica. Interpretation will be provided. Parent Engagement Night -- Wednesday evening, January 28 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Edison is hosting a family art night and potluck. Bring a dish for 10 and PTA will provide lemonade and plates and utensils. We’ll be creating family banners on friendship and peace that will be displayed at our Valentines Dance on February 13 and then sent home for families to enjoy. After the art activity, children will watch some short videos while adults learn about the School Smarts Program. Space is still available in this program; for questions or to sign up contact Yoly Gutierrez at 61-307 or Facilities Updates: This week architects are testing a possible approach to integrating a heating and cooling system to give a boost to the Solar Chimneys in extreme temperatures. Copies of the construction schedule are posted in the office and on two windows in the breezeway/ cafecito area. For more detail about facilities projects at Edison, visit: or join us at our weekly Wednesday meetings at 7:45 am in the community room.

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK: WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? The school day may seem long to students, but time flies when you’re trying to provide all the academic instruction and opportunities required in a dual language program. The State of California would like us to spend two hours each day on instruction in reading and language arts plus an additional 30 minutes for English learners. They also recommend at least an hour of math instruction, and regular daily instruction in social studies, science, and health. And that’s not even adding in the additional time required to teach a second language! Although students in grades 1-5 may be physically present school for an average of 6.25 hours per day (taking into account our shorter Wednesday schedule), nearly two hours of that time is devoted to recess, lunch, physical education, going to and from the classroom and stopping at the restrooms – important and necessary, but not academic instruction. Then we subtract the minutes each week when students are in theater, the library, music (wonderful opportunities) or when teachers are assessing students so we can provide differentiated instruction and clear feedback to parents and very soon we have an average of 3.5 to 4 hours per day of instructional time for academic subjects. When you consider that the State would like to have 3.5 hours of instructional time per day just for math and reading in one language, you can see how hard it can be to provide all the academic time needed. We protect academic time so fiercely because there’s an opportunity cost to everything we add to the school day and everything that reduces minutes for academic instruction. In other words, whatever we add results in time not being available for something else. Thank you for your understanding and for working with us as we try to provide your children with an education full of enrichment activities but also make sure they have the academic time needed to meet all of their grade level standards and learn two languages!

Kindness and Justice Challenge Continues – through January 30th

January 28 – Family Art Night and Potluck 6:00 p.m. - Cafeteria

February 6 – Report cards go home

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1/26 - 1/30/2015  

Shaka Shack, School Smarts, PTA Nominations, Valentine's Raffle, Family Art Night, DELAC, Corazon de Vida Trip, SMP Theatre, TSM Swim, Valen...

1/26 - 1/30/2015  

Shaka Shack, School Smarts, PTA Nominations, Valentine's Raffle, Family Art Night, DELAC, Corazon de Vida Trip, SMP Theatre, TSM Swim, Valen...