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Sharing with Others at the Holiday Season -- It’s our custom to offer children an opportunity to share with others at the Holiday Season. We do this as part of our work to help children understand the emotions of gratitude and empathy. We collect non-perishable food items in December for the Westside Regional Foodbank. Many Westside families facing economic challenges rely on the foodbank – especially at the holidays. We’ll be talking about our school values of empathy and helping others in our classrooms in December. Letting your child pick a couple of non-perishable food items to share with others is a great way to reinforce those values. We’ll have a box or barrel in the front office and we’ll put the barrel out for the special events if it’s easier to bring canned or boxed goods at those times. We’re hoping to fill the barrels to overflowing so we can help others at the holiday season.

Updates from Facilities Improvement Projects (FIP) –FIP has posted schedules, pending and completed tasks on the new campus, environmental and other reports, FAQs, and other construction information on Hard copies of the schedule are also posted in the main office and on two windows in the breezeway/ cafecito area. Abatement work began 11/20 and abatement and demolition of buildings will run through 12/20. Soil was abated on Saturday, November 22. If all goes according to plan, the noisiest work (breaking up concrete foundations) will be done while the school is closed for winter break. To make sure that the heaviest demolition happens when school is not in session and that the project stays on calendar for the heavy work scheduled during the summer, work is now happening on the site six days a week.

The arts are on display at Edison in December! Please mark your calendars, hang this page on the refrigerator, and join us for those events that you can. In December we’re showcasing choral music (in Spanish) in grades Kth 1-2; instrumental and choral music in grades 4 and 5; ballroom dance in 5 th grade, and screenwriting in 5 grade. Not all grade levels are at a point in their arts classes where they’re ready for a winter performance. But over the course of the year all students will have an opportunity to perform. Below is the December arts line up – and a couple of other special events. Please note that some dates (marked by an asterisk) are new and/or have changed. th

December 4 -- 8:45-9:30 am – 5 Grade Music Informance in the cafeteria. **December 9 – 5:30-6:30 pm – GATE/Advanced Learner Parent Information th th Meeting, at Will Rogers Learning Community. (4 and 5 grade) th December 10 – 6:00-8:00 pm – Young Storytellers The Big Show! (Ten 5 grade student screenplays performed on our stage by working actors). th **December 11 - all day – 5 Grade Field Trip to John Adams Middle School th December 11 – 8:30-9:10 am 4 Grade Music Informance in the various music classrooms th **December 11 – 6:00-7:30 pm – 5 Grade Catalina Parent Meeting in the library. rd December 12 – all day – 3 Grade field trip to see The Nutcracker ballet at the Broad Stage st December 16 – 6:30-7:30 pm. – Kinder and 1 Grade Choral Music Concert in th the cafeteria. 5 grade parents selling dinner 5:30-6:30 pm nd th **December 17 – 6:30-7:30 p.m. – 2 Grade Choral Music Concert AND 5 th Grade Ballroom Dance Exhibition in the cafeteria (all 5 graders) th December 19 – 8:30 – 11:00 am. 5 Grade Ballroom Dance Competition at th Barnum Hall on the Samohi Campus – 10 5 graders representing Edison th dancing all 5 graders attending. As we wind up 2014, classrooms may be having year-end celebrations or potluck breakfasts. Check the bulletin boards in the Parent Information Center in the breezeway to see what’s going on in your child’s class. Finally, remember with the end of the year comes the last chance for those charitable contributions to deduct from your 2014 taxes! The Edison PTA and the SMM Education Foundation will both put your contribution to great use – providing programs and services to our Edison students. Please consider making a holiday donation (in any amount) to the Edison PTA and SMMEF.

December 3 6:00-8:00 p.m. PTA Executive Board Mtg.

December 10 – Joint ELAC and PTA Association Meeting 8:30 am - Cafeteria

December 5 and 12 – Kindergarten Orientations for Prospective Families (Appointment Needed)

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Immunization Alert, Winter Concerts, Candy Cane, Tree of Life, Self Defense, December Lunch Menu


Immunization Alert, Winter Concerts, Candy Cane, Tree of Life, Self Defense, December Lunch Menu