Edinburgh Business Show 2019: How to adopt technology to grow your business?

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29 Nov 2019, 10am - 6pm

RBS Exhibition Centre






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Bart Kowalczyk bart@edinburghconnections.co.uk, 07842613016

Royal Bank of Scotland 175 Glasgow Road Gogarburn Edinburgh EH12 9BH United Kingdom

Colin McKeand colin@edinburghconnections.co.uk, 07767844942 Event Website: www.edinburghbusinessshow.co.uk

Please Note This event will be filmed and photographed by professionals, for marketing and PR purpose. In addition, members of the local and national media may be present. If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed, please make yourself known to a Edinburgh Connections. staff member and we will comply with your wishes as best we can.


Welcome to Edinburgh Business Show Edinburgh Business Show 2019 will build on last year’s successful event, continuing the central theme of digital technology to drive business growth. The theme of the event and its location could not be more appropriate: it was recently reported that Edinburgh is the UK’s fastest growing tech hub, with one in five jobs advertised in the capital city in the tech sector. The sector contributed almost £4 billion to the economy last year. EBS is for entrepreneurs interested in developing the big-name disruptive businesses of the future: digital revolutionaries. This is our time. We have some of the top business minds in Scotland ready to discuss how to best harness the power of IT for success.

The event has been designed to maximise connections between individual business owners. Workshops, panel and face-to-face discussions will be balanced to ensure that the day will be extremely practical and useful to any busy entrepreneur who takes the day out of their hectic schedule to learn and to network. We hope you will find plenty of insights and that networking sessions will lead to valuable introductions of mutual benefit.

Event Organisers: Colin McKeand & Bart Kowalczyk Edinburgh Connections #BizShowEDI

Edinburgh Connections organises the biggest regular business networking events in Scotland – attended by 130+ delegates, covering the Edinburgh, Lothians and Fife regions. We exploit the power of networks to bring together entrepreneurs; start-ups; individuals looking for career change and anybody on the path of business success.


Edinburgh Business Show Agenda 10:00 Registration
 10:30 Official Opening & Welcoming 10:45 Discussion Panel: We are all Digital Businesses now Discussion Panel Facilitator: Russell Dalgleish Panel Members: – Neil Bradbrook, Ahead Business Consulting – Matt Perkins, FreeAgent – Kendra Byers, Scottish Business Network – Steven Alexander, Boyd Digital – Lauren Cahill, Digital Transformation Expert 12:15




13:00 - 13:40

Room 1 Using the Scottish community globally as your route to market, Russell Dalgleish

Room 2 Integration and automation: using the “connected revolution’ to power your business, Matt Perkins, FreeAgent

13:40 - 14:20

Room 1 Keeping your head in the cloud, Shana Bayne, Gillespie Inverarity & Co (Fife) Limited

Room 2 Data Literacy – The New Language of Business, Brian Booden, DataGlow IT

14:20 - 15:00

Room 1 Grow your business with an interest free loan, Liz McCutcheon Chief Executive LESL ( Lanarkshire Enterprise Services Ltd)

Room 2 Storytelling- The new way to grow your business, and how it works, Linda Odén, Happy Message


Business Networking - Introduction and welcome by Colin McKeand - Business Card Prize Draw - Informal Networking



Discussion Panel We are all Digital Businesses Now Irrespective of the type of business you run, the sector you operate in or the product service you deliver, all of us are today impacted by our digital world. We are all required to identify, learn and adopt new technology to engage with our clients, staff and suppliers and the future predictions are that the rate of change will accelerate. So how do we cope, how do we remain competitive, how do we win. These issues and more will be explored by the panel of experts with the hope of demystifying the technology landscape. The aim is to bring the technology conversation back to one of business, to share best practice, hints & tips and of course to help all plan for the future.

Russell Dalgleish Serial Scottish Entrepreneur and Investor, Strategist and Innovator

Neil Bradbrook Ahead Business Consulting


Matt Perkins FreeAgent

Kendra Byers Scottish Business Network

Lauren Cahill Digital Transformation Expert

Steven Alexander Boyd Digital

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Workshops Using the Scottish community globally as your route to market

Workshop Facilitator: Russell Dalgleish Scottish Business Network

At Scottish Business Network we have built a community of Scots based in over half the countries on earth but now we need to use them. At this workshop SBN co-founder and Chairman Russell Dalgleish will explain how this global community can be accessed and used to help you win new business, enter new markets and sell more products and services. Takeaways • new connections and routes to market • introductions to new sales opportunities • access to individuals who can open doors, mentor coach and all aimed at helping you grow your business • an appreciation of how to develop a community of supports for your service or product • hints and tips to derisk business growth

Data Literacy - The New Language of Business

Workshop Facilitator: Brian Booden DataGlow IT

Data Literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse and argue with data. In other words, it is about consuming data properly. Today, data literacy is as important as reading or writing. In our information-driven world, every individual needs to know how to transform data into actionable insights fast. Not everyone needs to be a data scientist… but everyone need to be data literate.

Keeping your head in the cloud

Workshop Facilitator: Shanna Bayne Gillespie’s Chartered Accountants

During our workshop we will be showing you how you can get the most from a cloud based software for your book keeping needs and requirements. Whether it’s ensuring that nothing is being missed or being able to have a better understanding of your month on month expenses. We will show you how easy recording your income and expenses can be, using Receipt Bank and Xero. Saving you time and providing real time information.


Integration and automation: using the, connected revolution’ to power your business

Workshop Facilitator: Matt Perkins FreeAgent

Regardless of business sector, we’ve all seen our industries disrupted and transformed by the ‘digital revolution’. We’re now moving into a new phase of integration and automation powered by these digital foundations. You may not realise it, but Fintech (or Financial Technology) is one of the key areas that is both changing and empowering the very roots of your business. In this workshop, Matt Perkins – Senior Partnerships Manager at FreeAgent – will take you on a journey through this brave new world explaining how everything from Making Tax Digital to Open Banking will fundamentally change the way you do business in the near future.

Grow your business with an interest free loan

Workshop Facilitator: Liz McCutcheon Chief Executive LESL ( Lanarkshire Enterprise Services Ltd)

The Digital Development Loan is a Scottish Government initiative to support SMES to grow their business. Are you a Scottish Company? Do you want to improve your company’s digital capacity, capabilities or workforce skills? Why not apply for a Digital Development Loan

Storytelling - The new way to grow your business, and how it works.

Stories have over the history captured mankind. Stories have always had the power to move, engage and inspire us to do the impossible. Stories are much more than fairytales and a secret tool for parents to use to put their children to bed. The power behind storytelling is far more and after this workshop you will know the science behind storytelling and the reason why you should use it to propel your business forward. You will also know the 3 most important stories your company should tell in order to get the attention to capture your audience with your message mission and vision.


Workshop Facilitator: Linda Odén Happy Message!


T 0131 6100 620 M 07419 372660

E info@dataglowit.com W dataglowit.com


11 10 00


Are you a Scottish Company? Do you want to improve your company’s digital1 capacity, 1 capabilities or workforce skills?





Why not apply for a Digital Development Loan?


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• Up to 5 years repayment terms


• Loan amounts from £5k - £100k • No early repayment fees

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If you are always on attendee lists, but don’t show, or your badge is still on the registration table after the event starts, people notice. That’s right they know, so reputations are being damaged, and business is being lost. Is there anything positive out of all this? There certainly is, get focused and committed, treat all Networking events as a client appointment. By doing so, you will be motivated to attend meetings with a sense of purpose instead of making excuses not to go. Get along to that event, what’s the worst that can happen? You drink a few coffees, chat to people, or maybe even make that contact you always dreamed about. Don’t make excuses, don’t be a Networking NO SHOW.

Colin McKeand Edinburgh Connections


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Keeping your head in the cloud Shanna Bayne – Gillespie’s Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers Making Tax Digital (MTD) are words that keep getting thrown at you by accountants, book keepers, HMRC and even advertisements on the TV. If you haven’t heard of MTD, where have you been? What is Making Tax Digital? HMRC’s ambition is to become one of the most digitally advanced tax administrations in the world, by building an API ecosystem. They have been working with over 900 developers & 3rd parties, opening up the data 18

and integrating their software. HMRC’s first robotic automation service was deployed in 2013 and in 2016 HMRC opened its Cyber Security Command Centre. HMRC even has its’ own chatbot, ‘Ruth’ - their virtual assistant, who has handled 5 million queries to date. So, this isn’t going to go away! HMRC want to make the tax system easier through increased online data sharing for individuals and businesses, to help them keep on top of their own tax affairs, get their taxes right and bring an end to form filing. No re-keying of data will reduce errors and the tax gap. It started with self-assessment for tax returns in the 1990s, then in 2014 Real

Time Information (RTI) for PAYE submissions for employees in real time, followed by automatic pension deductions from pay under Auto Enrolment for Pensions, which completed in 2017. Now, MTD for VAT went live on 1 April 2019 and MTD for Income Tax will soon follow. HMRC’s aim is that each individual will have their own online HMRC Personal Tax Account, that brings together all of the individual’s information from all online sources and that they will be able to monitor much tax they need to pay - similar to the way people use online banking. So if you are VAT registered and have a taxable turnover of over £85k, then you should already have something in place that is MTD complaint. However, this isn’t going to stop with VAT registered businesses. So why wait? Why struggle to meet the deadline of becoming

compliant? Why not understand what is required now and get a head start? During our workshop, we will demonstrate how resourceful and easy it is to use the cloud accounting package Xero, along with one of its add-on apps Receipt Bank. We will show you how the information is fed in to the cloud and the advantages of this. We will also show you the different types of reports, other than VAT returns, that can be produced to give you real-time information. These reports can help you understand how your business is performing and highlight where potential changes can be made. Shanna Bayne is a Client Manager at Gillespie’s Chartered Accountants with offices in Fife, Blairgowrie and London. She herself worked within the firm through the changeover to MTD and seen first-hand how resourceful and advantageous having real time information can be to a business.


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