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fringe adj beyond conventional limits, unorthodox; barely legal; Welcome to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Now in its 49th year, the Fringe has established a world-wide reputation for its three-week festival of theatre, comedy, music and dance. Thousands of performers from 35 different countries converge on Scotland’s capital to take part in a unique collaboration. Staying true to its first principal of open access, this unprogrammed event encourages performances from every type of artistic endeavour. Circus artists rub shoulders with puppeteers; dancers share digs with TV comedians and Shakespearean actors queue for their chips with opera singers.


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Anything goes at Edinburgh. But with so much on offer, THE MAIN LISTING -THE PROGRAMME

ihow can you possibly choose? Well, to help you plan your Fringe

An alphabetical listing by Company/Performer name giving full details

schedule, we have re-designed the programme so that it is now

on each production. A person’s name is listed under his or her surname (e.g. look for Quentin Tarantootie under T).

fnuch simpler to use. Shows are listed in eight broad categories and also appear listed by Venue and by Show Title. If you’re


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looking for an entertaining show for an eight-year-old, look through CHILDREN’S SHOWS.Thinking of treating Granny to a


:eilidh evening? Try MUSIC. And if you just want to know what’s


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aappening at your favourite night-spot, browse through VENUES. 3ut be bold, explore the art forms, and grab your share of the argest arts festival on earth.

' MUSICALS & OPERA Hilary Strong, Director TALKS & EVENTS




page 106 centre pages

Every Fringe venue has a number shown on this map. Within this section there is also a numerical index of the venues with their grid reference.Venue numbers and grid references are also shown in the Main Listing.


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An alphabetical listing by show name, with performing company name and the page number where further information can be found.

TICKET BOOKING FORM THE FRINGE TEAM: Top Row (left to right): Stuart Buchanan, Jean Dickson, Sarah Shakeshaft. Middle Row: Sarah Steven, Melissa Naylor, Laura Mackenzie Stuart. Bottom Row: Kath Mainland, Hilary Strong, Jade Allison. Photo by Carol Gordon.

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For postal safes before and during the Fringe, ordering your 1996 programme, Fringe Club membership and LRT Festival Bus Pass.

J Festival Fringe Society Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee and recognised as a charity. Its policy is determined by a Board of Directors elected at the AGM in late August and is the continual H |rovement of the world's largest open arts festival, where any person can participate without constraints by the Fringe Society.The Festival Fringe Society Ltd. accepts no responsibility for the iuracy of the contents or details listed in this Programme. Printed in Scotland by Macdonald Lindsay Pindar pic, Loanhead. Cover Illustration by Robert Matthews, Edinburgh College of Art. « iiigned by Mcllroy Coates. Programme keyed in to the sounds of Jools Holland, Johnny Cash and Tricky.



How to use the Programme All entries in the programme have been standardised for ease of reading. A variety of abbreviations and symbols are used throughout. WEEK BLOBS VENUE NUMBER

Show at a glance which week(s) the company is performing.

Each fringe venue has its own number Find it on the Venue Map using the

Fringe weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, and any events before Sunday 13 August are deemed to be in Week 0.

Grid Reference


Indicates that the play is eligible for a Scotsman Fringe First Award.

Use this in conjunction with the

These awards are given to

location of the Venue.

companies presenting outstanding performed more than 6 times in the UK.



new drama which have not been

— Venue 2 - Fringe Club.Teviot Row, Bristo Square. Info 226 5257


[— THE BUSINESS OF CASTING An essential forum with experts revealing ■ just how actors are cast in theatre and TV. Representatives from Equity and Spodight, plus useful tips on how to improve your chances! Aug 31 11.00am (1.00pm) £3.00 (£2.50)

PRICES Are for unreserved seats in nearly all cases. Concessions (reductions) are often given to Students (S),


Unemployed (U), OAP's,


Disabled(D), Children under 16(C),

Indicates shows suitable for

and Young Scot card holders(Y)|

non-english speakers.

Identification will be asked for.


The 12 hour clock is used. Shows starting in the early morning eg. I. I Sam

Fringe performances can take place on any day of

are listed under the day before date, but shows starting at 7am are

the week Sundays are assumed to be

shown on the current day’s date. Finishing times in brackets are

performance days unless otherwise stated.

approximate and cannot be guaranteed.


HowTo Buy Tickets TELEPHONE


Monday 26 June

(0131) 226 5138


I0am-6pm, Mon-Sat (26 June-29 July) 10am-7pm, 7 days a week (31 July-2 Sept)

Payment: Access,Visa and MasterCard Tickets can either be posted or held for collection

6 LINES Credit Card Sales Only

at the Fringe Box Office


IN PERSON At the Fringe Office

At the British Gas Caravan

180 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Princes Street Gardens, by The Mound


Monday 31 July



10am-7pm, 7 days a week


10am-5.30pm, 7 days a week


Cash, Cheque, Access,Visa and MasterCard


Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa and MasterCard

Friday I I August

■Please be prepared to queue at peak periods.

At Waterstones

At the Gyle Centre

Waterstone’s Booksellers, 83 George Street, Edinburgh Opens: Friday 4 August

South Gyle, Edinburgh Opens:

Thursday 10 August



Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa and MasterCard

10am-7pm, Mon-Sat I I am-7pm, Sundays


Cash, Cheque, Access,Visa and MasterCard

At the Fringe Club

By Post

Teviot Row, Bristo Square, University Of Edinburgh

To: Open:

Opens: Hours:

Friday 11 August 10am-7pm


Cash, Cheque, Access,Visa and MasterCard


180 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh


Monday 19 June Cheque, Postal Order Access, Visa and MasterCard: Please allow a minimum of ten days for delivery. efC*




How to Find Out More ENQUIRIES The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh, EH I IQS |’


0131 226 5257 / 5259 Fax: 0131 220 4205






The Fringe Office ;

During the festival we employ a large, well-informed staff who aim to provide


comprehensive information, on all Fringe shows, including ticket availability and


changes to information in the programme.They do not however recommend









jl productions.


The Daily Diary


This is an up-to-date chronological listing of every show or exhibition taking


place at the Fringe on any one day. It is free and available at the Fringe Office


as well as over 30 locations throughout Edinburgh. A diary covering pre-Fringe


I events will be available from Friday 4 August and the first Fringe issue will be



ready for Friday 11 August.The Diary should be read in conjunction with the

' Fringe Programme.Three Kids Weekly Diaries will also be printed.

LRT FESTIVAL BUS PASS j The Festival Fringe Society have negotiated a discount Bus Pass in conjunction v [l with Lothian Regional Transport. Unlimited travel on LRT buses (excluding r | night buses) for one week costs £9.00. Passes can be purchased at the Fringe S I Box Office (in person or by phone) and can also be ordered via the Booking

American Express Worldwide Travel Service

r I Form at the back of the programme.

Arts Management Training Initiative Scotland Arthur Andersen


Bank of Scotland

f; Thanks to sponsorship from BTjthe Fringe is pleased to announce the launch

Carlton Highland Hotel

ipl of a series of signed Fringe performances for the deaf people. For more icii information, tick the box on the Booking Form at the back of the programme

Charles Duncan Consultants Escada

'C or contact the Fringe Office directly.

Keir Limited Le Sandwich Sheraton Grand Hotel


Stewart Ivory 8t Co LTD

Supported by

The Witchery by the Castle

irwThis programme is also available on the World Wide Web at tr http://www.presence.co.uk/fringe/ The programme includes a unique search ispacility to locate your favourite performer or show, or you can search on keyv words given in the text.The Daily Diaries are also available on-line enabling wrayou to plan your day-by-day visits in advance. Once you have seen a Fringe orfshow, you can also post your own review in the Unofficial Reviews Section fcljfond read those already posted by other Fringe enthusiasts. ; l|f you do not have your own access to the Internet, you can surf the Fringe i ‘Pages and the rest of the Internet at Web 13 Internet Cafe, 13 Bread Street,

Baked Potato Shop, Cockburn Street Bank Hotel Bann’s Vegetarian Cafe, Hunter Square Bewley's Oriental Cafe Clydesdale Bank Pic Elephant's Sufficiency Jewellery

Virgin Megastores



Kalpna Restaurant Viva Mexico Restaurant White Dove Crafts World's End Bar


'^Edinburgh. Aitken Dott Et Son Judith Glue {Colour. B&WPhotocopiers) Merchants Restaurant and Caterers Al Fresco [y|j||ers Quality Food To Take Away Alp-Horn Restaurant Overtures Restaurant

USEFULTELEPHONE NUMBERS i fringe Club international Festival

557 1700

650 4673 225 5756

Tourist Information Accommodation

557 9655

225 1188


311 3131

iffilm Festival

228 4051

British Rail

556 2451

:.azz Festival x:3ook Festival

557 1642 228 5444

Bus Information

225 3858


333 1000

liMilitary Tattoo

THE 50th FRINGE: 11-31 August 1996 ^Desperately seeking Fringe memorabilia! To celebrate the fiftieth Festival Fringe c ext year the Fringe Society will be staging a restrospective exhibition in sjjcollaboration with the International Festival and the Film Festival. We are cooking for photographs, publicity material or any general memorabillia from livUrevious Fringe festivals - the earlier the betted If you have any worthwhile 9| saterial stored in your attic or in an old shoe box, please contact Laura H)l| Jackenzie Stuart at the Fringe Office on 0131 -226 5257 or write to us at the Mddress at the top of the column.

Balrrlpral Hotel Rjstorante Gennaro Bugat' Leathers Samsun Restaurant . Circles Coffee House Sound Control Modern Music Stores:Ltd Country Casuals Spice Island Country Casuals LTD Stockbridge Bar The Real Sandwich Shop Tex Mex Giuliano's The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Giulano's on the Shore The Jolly Judge Helios Fountain Gift Shop The Star Tavern Helios Fountain Vegetarian Coffee House Thresher Wine Shops Joe Cool.(Greyfriars) United Colours of Benetton Joe Cool ( Rose Street Branch) Viva Mexico Restaurant > FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THE FRINGE ANGELS SCHEME, AND ON


0131 - 226 5257


^Miat will 150,000 people be doing in the park on Sunday 20 August? Enjoying Fringe Sunday on us Lothian Regional Council; Again Holyrood Park explodes into life with fire-eaters,; jugglers, buskers, pipe-bands, mime-artists, comedians and musicians as well as hundreds of Fringe Performers giving highlights of their shows. ]

Set against the stunning backdrop of Arthur's Seat, Fringe Sunday is one of the largest free spectacles in Europe. A fabulous day out for all the family. Look out for a Fringe Sunday leaflet nearer the time.

Fringe Sunday • Free 1 -5pm • 20 August Holyrood Park


Holyrood Park by kind permission of Historic Scotland. Fringe Sunday is financially supported by Lothi



Council. Thanks to all local firms, communities and volunteers who make it possil






Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St Hse, 16 Chambers Street Info 220 2462 TOAD OF TOAD HALL The Bananas are back for their eighth year with an all time favourite. Numerous paws will shuffle on the boards in this fresh look at the adventurous lives of Toad, Mole, Ratty and their woody friends. Aug 17-20,24,25 2.15pm (4.00) £5.00 (£3.50)


AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE FESTIVAL Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499


I ©


■ FAMILY MATTERS, & OF SLUGS AND WELLS AND WITCHES SPELLS Looking at siblings, parents and children. The problems of coexisting within the family unit; Expectations, avoidance how to endure! A collection of enchanting stories, songs and poems for the young. Aug 12,14,16,18 1.30pm (3.30) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 19 7.30pm (9.30)



Venue 47-The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549


■ THE ENCHANTED MERMAID Can our hero use his wits and some borrowed magic to free the Mermaid from the wicked Lord Fish? Based on Walter de la Mare’s story, this professional American production will transport you to a magic domain filled with fantastical creatures. Aug 14-Sept 2 10.00am (10.45) £3.00



Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Comer Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330


MR BOOM - THE SPACE SHAPE INSIDE THE SPACE SHIP Mr Boom arrives from space, Inside a space ship set in place, Hear rhythmic rhyme - new songs and tunes, from his brand new album - ‘Over the Moon’ - Bring your imagination! Aug 14-19 11.30am (12.30) £3.50 I Grandparent free with 3 kids!



Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395


★ AS YOU LIKE IT This exciting new company presents a lively and colourful production that has been especially adapted for children. An excellent introduction to Shakespeare. Aug 28-Sept 2 10.1 Sam (11.15) £3.00 (£2.00)



Venue 11 - Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961


★ ■ SAVE THE WORLD/ HIGHLAND FLING Week 0,2. The happy gang save the world. Week I. The happy gang’s Highland fling. Adventures for under 8’s. Aug 7-26 (not Suns) 1.30pm (2.30) £2.50



Venue 117 - Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place


★ ■ TICKLE By David Wood, a distinguished childrens’ playwright. The adventures of Tickle, sneezed from a customer’s nose, are not to be missed. This colourful and vibrant production is bursting with fun, music and laughter. Lots of audience participation. Wickedly entertaining! Aug 27-Sept 2 10.30am (11.45) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 27 3.00pm (4.15)



Venue 117 - Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place


★ BAD DAY AT THE OK CORRAL Saddle up your ponies, partners, and head out west ‘cos there be gold in them there hills. An afternoon of rip-roaring fun for all the family. Adults needn’t be accompanied by a child! Aug 14-19 3.30pm (4.30) £3.50 (£ 1.50)



Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House,! 00 Princes Street Tickets 2255105


■ THE BFG Roald Dahl’s much loved children’s classic works superbly in this funpacked production. ‘Any child not delighted by The BFG must have a head filled with squashed flies and deserves to be fed for a year on disgustatious snozzcumbers’ The Guardian Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9- II II .30am (12.15pm) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 11.30am (12.15pm) £5.00 (£3.50)


THE ADVENTURES OF PETER RABBIT Peter Rabbit and his sisters Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail all live with their Mother underneath the root of a big fir tree. Ian Turbitt’s puppet adaptation combines two much loved stories by Beatrix Potter. Ages 4-8. Aug 7-Sept 2 (not Suns) 11.00am (11.40) £3,00 (£2.00)

GILDED BALLOON Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151

oooo K9

MAGIC BOB....UNPLUGGED!!! No magnets! No batteries! No trapdoors! No escaping gases! Just another hour of fast moving magic and fun from Scotland’s most popular magician. Book early for front row seats. ‘Simply the best’ The Scotsman, ‘Unmissable’ The Independent. Aug 12-27,Sept 2 10.00am (11.00) £4,00 (£3.50)




★ THE HUNTING OF THE SNARKThe Bellman, Beaver, Baker strange characters hunting the Snark in Lewis Carroll’s poem. How do you prepare a Jubjub? What is the best kind of Map! And what if the Snark should be a Boojum....? Aug 28-Sept 2 2.00pm (3.00) £5.00 (£3.00)



■ CIRCUS WOOLOOMOOLOO Returns to the Fringe. ‘A highly entertaining show which had the audience bubbling with laughter.’ Scotsman Hilarious, flamboyant astoundingly funny!! All devices of comedy are whipped into shape of a clownish cabaret to hurl you into a whirlwind of laughter.


Venue 33 - Reasance, 60 The Pleasance Tickets 556 6550

LIZZIE DRIPPING Agirl, an imagination and a witch. Follow Lizzie through her adventures in Helen Cresswell’s story of truths and half-truths. This sparkling production brings to life Lizzie’s fantastic imaginings; everyday problems and family tensions are woven into bizarre daydreams. Aug 14-19 2.00pm (3.00) £5.00 (£2.50)


Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Race. Tickets 226 5425

Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street Tickets 650 8200


■ STORM IN A TEACUP Shakespeare's boring! Not any more.... here is the perfect introduction to The Tempest’ for 7-11 year olds. With shipwrecks, monsters, magic and love, the show overflows with energy and life. ‘At last fidget-free Shakespeare’ The Guardian. Aug 9-14 16 17, 20, 28,30-Sept 2 11,30am (12.40) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 18,19 11.30am (12.40) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 22-24 11.00am (12.10) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 25-27 II.00am (12.10) £5.00(33.50)


TEN IN A BED Adapted from Allan Ahlberg. For families/ children over 5. ‘Children’s theatre at its best - fast intelligent and highly professional.’ Leicester Mercury ‘A brilliant combination of live action and puppetry.’ The Chronicle ‘Magic all the way.’ The




Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105


THREE O’CLOCK JUMP The Jazz-Dance Show starring Maxine, Warren and Russell of the award winning Jiving Lindy Hoppers where you, the audience, are entertained and learn how to dance too! Shimmy those pinnies, shake that shoe! Aug 12-23 (not 13,19) 3.00pm (4.15) £3.00 Family ticket (4 for the price of 3) Group ticket (5 for £ 10)



★ SMITH by Leon Garfield. Meet Smith,a young 18th century pickpocket. When a man is murdered seconds after Smith steals his letter, the boy decides it must be valuable. But he can’t read....And the villains are after him, determined to get it back... Aug 21 -26 9.30am (10.30) £4,50 (£3,50) ■ ALICE IN WONDERLAND Classic children’s story. Tea party, Caucus Race, Croquet Match, Courtroom Drama, Drowning In Tears, Growing - Shrinking but not necessarily in any order. Aug 21 -26 II .30am (12.30pm) £4.50 (£3.50)



■ CIRCUS WORKSHOP Try juggling, rolabola, unicycle, diabolo, plate-spinning and other thrilling circus skills, even lie on a bed of nails! ‘Children left with faces painted, eyes shining with excitement’ Glasgow Herald. The audience are the stars’ Evening News. Aug 12-Sept 2 10.10am (11.45) £3.50 Special Double-bill offer: Workshop/Magic Circus £7.00


Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 Puppets on the Fringe! The Netherbow guarantees quality in popular puppet theatre. Enjoy the pick of puppet artistry, from pre-school to all-age adult theatre, from Peter Rabbit, to Wilhelmina McCluckitty, and the grim and grisly MacPunch. See comedy section.

“A Razzle Dazzle Show” “They woo their audience with action, laughter and traditional tricks carried out with polished professionalism” “Slapstick humour and expertly executed illusions”

■ MAGIC CIRCUS The Ringmaster’s extravaganza has acrobats, elephants, tightrope walkers... but when the acts go missing, the clowns take over! ‘A razzle-dazzle show, pure magic, slapstick, expert illusions’ Hull Daily Mail, ‘genuine treat for the entire family’ The Stage Aug 12-Sept 2 12.10pm (1.25) £4.50 (£4.00) Special Double-bill offer: Magic Circus/Workshop £7,00


A very funny play for 5 to ll’s

SAT 12th AUG to SAT 2nd


Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365.


H7 .[

★ ■ THE STAR CHILD A new play for children based on Oscar Wilde’s fairy story: a child found under a falling star, a beggar, a princess and a journey of choices. Pin-stripe invite you to a morning of music, comedy and magic. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 11 .00am (11.45) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 11.00am (11.45) £4.00 (£3.00) Special offer; two child tickets for £5.00.


Venue 65 - St Ann’s Community Centre, South Gray’s Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 0469

j' ;>

Aug 14-26 (not 20) 10.30am (12.05pm) £5.00 (£3.75)

, ,

Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330


■ FUNNYBONES In a dark, dark venue Ahlberg’s skeletons come alive to outwit the Rag and Bone Man and Mother Hubbard in these madcap adventures. Integrated company involving youngsters with special needs; Fringe First winners renowned for imaginative reworking of children’s books. Aug 14-19 10.30am (11.30) £5.00 (£2.50)

Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 22S 3626


OO 30

Venue 16 - The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St. Tickets 667 2388

★ THE ADVENTURES OF PECOS BILL is a fun filled, foot stompin’ Western musical adventure. Laugh, sing and dance with legendary cowboy Pecos and friends, including the one and only talking horse. Lively fun for the whole family. Aug 11-27 11.30am (12.30) £4.00


BROOMSTICKS IN THE SKY Wilhelmina McCluckitty is a sore trial to her sister - a moaning minnie. Then she meets a different kind of sister. 'Casualty' pales as Sylvia Troon takes over the NHS with a host of puppet personalities. Age 5 upwards. Aug 7-Sept 2 (not Suns) I2noon (12.50) £3.00 (£2.00)

12.10pm Tickets £4.50 (£4.00)

CIRCUS WORKSHOP Try Juggling, Unicycling, be a Clown! Every day at 10.10am £3.50 Double bill Special Offer: £7.00

Magic Circus & Workshop

Venue 82, Southside ’95, Nicolson St. Tickets: 667 7365



SPHERE CLOWN BAND Venue 98 - Marco’s, SI Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116



★ ■ CLOWNTOWN In Clowntown, everyone's funny! Come experience SPHERE CLOWN BAND’S hilarious antics and brilliant, original singalong songs. Top Canadian professional entertainers and multi-instrumentalists share their infectious brand of fun in a fast-paced participatory family show. Juno Award Finalists, Gold Record. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 20,28) 11.00am (11.45) £4.50 (£3.00)



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365.


★ WHO? New Youth group tackles teenage problems from entertaining viewpoint. How does it affect Russ’s life when WHO? his childhood imaginary friend returns and offers some very odd solutions? Communication is only their FIRST obstacle! Aug 28-Sept 2 11.1 Sam (12.45pm) £4.50 (£3.00)


THEATRE TRAIN Venue 13 - Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate


★ INTENSIVE CARE The show is written with primary schools in mind. It explores bullying from the point of view of the bully and the victim. Aug 21-26 9.30pm (10.15) £1.50

WHALE VENUE Venue 35 - The WHALE Venue, Walpole Hall, Chester Street Tickets 458 3267




^GE THE*^ BOX OFFICE 0131 14 aug - 2 sept

556 2549


10.00am - 10.45am



Exquisite puppets and superb music are the hallmark of this production from America

14 aug - 2 sept


4.00pm - 5.00pm



JEZEBEL = "Broad, harlot, whore, trollop" or does it? Judge for yourselves

14 aug - 2 sept



★ WHEN THE SUN SHINES ON ME - STARDOM CHILDREN'S THEATRE Children should be seen and not heard? No Way! Come and see us ‘cos we’ve got something to say. These 8 to 12 year olds command you to sit up straight and pay attention. Aug 21-23 4.30pm (5.15) £3.00 (£2.00 SUPDY) (£0,50 C) ★ GEORDIE THE VIKING AND THE GRUMPY GOBLIN Robert Williamson. Geordie and Greta get shipwrecked on Grumpy Golbin’s island and Greta is turned into a raven. Can Geordie set her free? ‘entertaining traditional style storytelling’ Evening News Suited to older primary school children. Aug 24-26 4.30pm (5.15) £3.00 (£2.00 SUPDY) (£0.50 C)




Venue 40 - The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109


A WHEELIE BIN ATE MY SISTER! Welcome to Woz and OPENWIDE’s new adventure comedy. Enter Deadwood Forest, meet Robin Rubbish, Prince of Trash. Foil Sylvester Sebastian Slither’s evil machinations. Real songs, real skeletons and real rubbish. Who needs virtual reality? Aug 14-19 1.05pm (2.05) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 28-Sept 2 11.05am (12.05) £5.00 (£3.00)




14 aug - 2 sept


7.30pm - 8.30pm




14 aug - 2 sept 9.00pm - 10.00pm MAIN THEATRE



‘SPHERE CLOWN BAND invites you for the hilarious antics and singalong songs of


14 aug - 2 sept


10.25pm - 12.25am

"Screaming Blue Murder is undoubtedly


cabaret comedy at its very best" THE SCOTSMAN

14 aug - 2 sept


11.00pm- 12.00am

"The perfect tonic for those seeking to escape sanity"

VENUE 98 | MARCO'S 1 LEISURE CENTRE 1 51 GROVE ST. Aug.l 1- Sept.2 11am £4.50 (£3) box office 228 9116


14 aug - 20 Aug 12.45am - 2.00am

Major Musical Act The Silencers

MAIN THEATRE 21 aug - 26 aug


12.45am - 2.00am



"Q Magazine top 100 Album"

27 aug - 2 sept

Major Musical Act

12.45am - 2.00am MAIN THEATRE

To be Announced





Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847


■ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH - THE FINAL SHOW MALCOLM ‘Mr Showbiz’ HARDEE is retiring. The final show features - THE BASTARD SON OF TOMMY COOPER - a mad blood spitting Welshman - RICKY GROVER - ex professional boxer, TV star and hairdresser. Miss it at your peril OY, OY. Aug 11-13,18-20,25,26 9.01pm (10.16) £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 14-17,21-24 9.01 pm (10.16) £5.00 (£4.00)


DONNA McPHAIL Star of BBC 2’s The Sunday Show


Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116


■ NONSENSES cabaret nuns with mad habits - you’ll never see a show like it! Best Off-Broadway Musical - now in its I Oth year. Heavenly entertainment for all the family. ‘As much religious devotion as a chorus line in Soho' The Evening Standard Aug 13-Sept 2 7.15pm (8.4S) £5.00 (£3.50)



Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105


★ NOT RESPONSIBLE! Sixty minutes of relentless satire... Rich Stone’s irreverent nine character, one man rampage of irresponsibility. ‘The most socially relevant comedy since Lenny Bruce.’ Neon Journal ‘A powerful, creative and funny performance. Stone’s energy is limitless.’ Washington Square News. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 10.30pm (11.30) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 31)10.30pm (11.30) £5.00 (£3.50)



Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105


THE IDIOTIC DEATH OF TWO FOOLS A hilariously absurd comedy! Two paranoid roommates wait for a guest who is late. Their funny psycho-babblings erupt into a prolonged, yet ridiculous fight ending in their demise. Thus the title. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 9.00pm (10.00) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 31) 9.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.50)


“British comedy’s top Bird” GLASGOW HERALD

GILDED BALLOON 0131 226 2151


Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499


IN YOUR DREAMS FREUD Combine: Multi talented performers, a vast cornucopia of musical styles and generous amounts of comedy. Fold in a dash of psychoanalytical theory and classical greek theatre. Bake slowly on a plane from Newfoundland, Canada. A meal in itself. Aug 12-26 4.10pm (5.50) £5.00 (£4.25)


28 August - 2 September at 10pm

Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366



CANE HIM, OH SINGAPORE & THE BONK OF ENGLAND Musical sendup of ‘Singapore the magnificent whore, with draconian law' contrasted by the current antics of its hallowed British colonial ancestry - ‘the House of Bawds and the bonking Lords’. Aug 14,16,18,21,23,25 1.00pm (2.30) £4.50 (£3.50)



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


ASSEMBLY ROOMS Stella Artois Assembly. Buzzing from and to the early hours with the best in theatre, comedy, clubs and music. See advert for full programme details. The greatest success story of the Fringe in two decades’ Evening News THE A-Z OF DRUGS HIGH NOON! FREE DRUGS FOR VOLUNTEERS. From Alcohol to Ecstasy from cocaine to coffee. Everything you wanted to know about drugs but were too out of it to ask. ‘Hilarious’ Time Out. Aug 12-15,17,20-24,28-Sept 2 12 noon (1.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 12 noon (1.30) £7,50 (£6.50) THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN - CARNAGE! This may just be your worst nightmare! Bizarre, bloody, yet unbelievably funny! Enormous, sell-out success worldwide and Edinburgh’s first taste of the ‘CARNAGE’! Aug 11 -17,20-24,28-Sept 2 11.50pm (1,00am) £8.00 (£7.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 11.50pm (1.00am) £9,00 (£8.00) SIMON FANSHAWE The 1989 Perrier winner, comedian, broadcaster, writer, activist and general Bon Viveur returns to the stage after three years with a hilarious new show. A rare opportunity to see one of comedy’s most original and cutting voices. Aug 21-24,28-Sept 2 6.10pm (7.15) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 25-27 6.10pm (7.15) £8.50 (£7.50)

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING0I3I-2265257 or5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm

Traverse Theatre Tel 0131 228 1404 28 August until 5 September at 10.30pm “Morton has an appeal that transcends fashion” THE SCOTSMAN

MARK LITTLE SUCKS If you enjoy an ‘honest’, ‘prozac-free’, laugh, then this is the bloke for you. MARK LITTLE’s ‘virtual comedy’ is virtually funny, uniquely structured and courageously innovative. In short... he makes it up. In forty words it is impossible Aug 11-17,20-24 7.35pm (8.40) £8.50 (£7.50) Aug 18,19,25-26 7.35pm (8.40) £9.50 (£8.50) SEX, MARRIAGE AND THE AMERICAN WOMAN DIANE FORD’s salty humour... makes her one of the strongest road comics in the business!' Hollywood Reporter She’s ‘implicitly feminist and gently subversive’ Boston Globe ‘See for yourself Rolling Stone Aug 11 -17,20-24,28-Sept 2 10.30pm (11.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.30pm (11,30) £8,50 (£7,50) SHORT FAT KEBAB-SHOP OWNER’S SON PART II OMID DJALILI further elaborates on the spiritual dilemma of looking short, fat and foolish whilst feeling like Sebastian Flyte. ‘..a bravura, hilarious physical performance’ Independent, ’.. in short; highly original and captivatingly funny’ Frie Aktuek, Denmark Aug I 1-17,20 6.10pm (7.15) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19 6,10pm (7,15) £8.50 (£7,50) SIMON BLIGH - BANZAI Sixty minutes of raw energy to raw fish. One man’s obsession with Japan, Zen and the art of over-exciting children. Simon returns to Edinburgh with a new, fast, physical and very funny show. ‘Superb muscle-bound comedy’ Guardian Aug 11-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 10.30pm (11.30) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.30pm (11,30) £8.00 (£7.00) WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? Devised by Deidre Rubenstein. ‘Before you know it you’re seduced... randy, greedy, voluptuous.’ Rubenstein’s incisive wit revels in the fascinating territory of womanhood with a tapestry of Australian poems, prose and songs. ‘Wondrous, insightful and devestating’ The Age Aug I I-14,16-17,20,21,23,24,28,30-Sept 2 2.00pm (3.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 2.00pm (3.30) £8.50 (£7,50) WILL DURST - MYTH AMERICA In this skillful Swiftian rant, the five-time nominee for American Comedy Awards’ ‘STAND UP COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR' risks biting the hand that feeds him with a heaped helping of acerbic wit, wicked glee and verbal brilliance. Aug 11 -17,20-24,28-Sept 2 10.00pm (11.15) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.00pm (11,15) £8.50 (£7.50) THE WOW SHOW Mark Arden, Lee Cornes, Paul Mark Elliott, Stephen Frost ‘Natural successors to the Marx Brothers. What they do better than any other comics in this country is to unleash a form of carefully controlled chaos. Shamelessly funny’ Time Out Aug 11-13,15-17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 7.30pm (8.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 7.30pm (8.30) £8.50 (£7.50)



Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street Info 220 2462


■ IL FORNICAZIONE & NOT A CHRISTMAS CAROL Passion, adultery, betrayal, good tunes, comical tragedy in very funny spoof opera, together with melodrama, seduction, ghost, duel, Tiny Tim’s crutch. Hiss, boo, laugh, bring some tissues to this entertaining double-bill. Aug 21-26 2.30pm (4.00) £3.50

THE BARTHOLOMEW PLAYERS Venue 45 - Old St. Paul’s Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476


THE LU WIES’ GUIDE Expel the myths! Discard the facade! Experience the many faces of theatre parodied in all its guises. Every genre explored, every mishap exposed. Hugely successful in ‘93: ‘the punters loved it darling!’ The Scotsman. New run. (Free G &T). Aug 21-Sept 2 (not 31) 6.30pm (7.30) £4.00 (£3.00)



Princes Street Gardens, (below the Casde)


■ HON KIN WITH THE HEPCATS The Honking Hepcats bring you the best in music and comedy from the festival. Quiet they ain’t, no sign of restraint, two shows for free, this ya gotta see! (Leviticus...) Aug 25 3.00pm (5.30) FREE



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550

oo&& KIO

THE NEWS QUIZ team with more sharp observation, blunt humour and sidesplitting satire. Aug 17 9.30pm (10.30) FREE Tickets available the day before show LOOSE ENDS Ned Sherrin gathers guests around his Edinburgh table for the live broadcast of Radio 4’s award-winning chat show. Aug 19 9.45am (11.00) FREE Tickets available day before show DARLING YOU WERE MARVELOUS Sandi Toksvig, Tony Hawks and guests delve into the murky world of entertainment. Aug 21 12.30pm (1.30pm) FREE Tickets available day before show THE OPEN MIC AWARDS Judges: David Baddiel, Sandi Toksvig, John Lloyd and Barry Cryer. Hosted by Boothby Graffoe. BBC Radio I and Radio 4 with the National Comedy Network present the first Open Mic Award finals. To be televised by BBC I's Stand Up Show. Aug 21 7.30pm (9.00) FREE Tickets available day before show

COMEDY & REVUE BBC RADIO 4 - continued THE MARK STEEL SOLUTION Britain’s social problems solved again by the award-winning comic in combination of sketches and stand-up. Aug 22 9.4Spm (10.45) FREE Tickets available day before show KALEIDOSCOPE Paul Allen with a frenetic 45 minutes of Edinburgh m and performance. Broadcast live. Aug 22 3.45pm (4.45) FREE Tickets available day before show


STANZA ON STAGE Two of Britain’s best young poets, Simon Armitage and Glyn Maxwell will be reading from their new collections. Aug30 1.00pm (2.00) FREE Tickets available day before show POETRY PLEASE Attila the Stockbrocker reveals his enthusiasm for his unlikely ’alter-ego’, Hilaire Beloc. Aug 30 3.00pm (4.00) FREE Tickets available day before show

POETRY WRITING WORKSHOPS Poets and Producers discuss writing poetry for the radio. Plus details of our Young Poetry Competition. Aug 28,30 (adults) 10.00am (12noon) FREE Aug 29 (children) 10.00am (12noon) FREE Tickets available day before show JUST A MINUTE Nicholas Parsons chairs Radio 4’s inimitable and ever popular panel game. With regular panelists, Paul Merton, Derek Nimmo, Clement Freud and Peter Jones. Aug 31 12.15pm (1.00pm) FREE Aug 31 1.15pm (2.00) FREE Tickets available day before show

LUNCH WITH THE ARCHERS Members of cast, their producer and sound technician take you behind the scenes at Ambridge. Aug 14 1.00pm (1.45) FREE Tickets available day before show BBC RADIO 4 DRAMA WRITING WORKSHOP Back by popular demand, an introduction to writing for radio from BBC Radio Drama producers. Aug 14-17 10.00am (12noon) FREE Tickets available day before show


THE USUAL SUSPECTS LIVE The best of all the Festivals in one venue; comedy, theatre, music plus first night reviews. ‘The Usual Suspects IS the Fringe.’ Miles Kington Aug 14-Sept I (not Sats or Suns) 10.10pm (11.15) FREE RADIO 5 LIVE ON THE FRINGE and immediately following the Usual Suspects, Janice Forsyth with more of the best of all the Festivals, broadcasting to the whole of Britain. 15 extra minutes for no extra charge. Aug 14-17,21-24,28-30 11.15pm(11.30) FREE

THE BIG AFTERNOON OUT The Adam Suite, The George Hotel, George Street

Venue 189 - The Theatre Big Top, The Meadows Tickets 662 9677






THE BIG AFTERNOON OUT! Experience two hours of the best comedy on the Fringe! With stars such as BOB DOWNE, ARNOLD BROWN, RICH HALL & DYLAN MORAN (other top comedians T.B.A.) So go on - have a good laugh and support charity all proceeds got to Scottish European Aid. Aug 19 3.00pm (5.00) £12.00




MISSED DEMEANOURS Join Eddie Izzard, Stephen Frost and beleaguered chairperson Neil Mullarkey for a surreal and manic half hour. Aug31 9.00pm(10.00) FREE Tickets available day before show



WITH GREAT PLEASURE Jenny Eclair chooses an Idiosyncratic selection of her favourite pieces of writing for the BBC Radio 4 series. Aug 30 5.00pm (6.30) FREE Tickets available day before show

Venue 57 - BBC Scodand, Studio One, 5 Queen Street Tickets 225 3131




BIG TOP COMEDY THE MAIN EVENT - GREG PROOPS presents a variety bill featuring the HOTTEST COMICS on the Fringe. Well known names, fresh new faces and some great surprises - at least SIX TOP ACTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Book early. Aug 25-27 10.00pm (11.40) £9.50 (£8.50)

THE BLUE FEST Venue 94 - Blue-Fest, 24-26 Gallon Road Tickets 558 3758.

oo© Jll

■ THE LIVING JUKE-BOX Returns from Amsterdam to Edinburgh after their smash success at the Hogmanay celebrations. Their parody of life through the ultimate Juke-Box will have you in stitches, even before the chorus; sing along at your peril. Aug 22-Sept 2 (not 28) 11.00pm (12,10am) £6.00 (£4.00) ■ PLUSH ...AN INTIMATE REVUE A fruity troll through the gaudy underbelly of British entertainment in the 20th Century, PLUSH sparkles with as much sass as the brass in ‘Big Spender’. This queer revuedeville combines a dazzling array of drag, song, dance, acrobalance and dildo-juggling. Aug 15-20 7.00pm (8.00) £6.00 (£4.00) Aug 22-27 9.30pm (10.30) £6.00 (£4.00) IO





Venue 37 - George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 (after 11 Aug)


■ THE BOB DOWNE SHOW The King of Kitsch is back! The All-Singing, AllDancing, Polyester Sensation is in town for just 14 performances. Let him take you into that wondrous hushpuppied world where all Bob touches turns to beige. Aug 14-28 (not 20) 10.15pm (11.30) £8.50 (£7.50)

BOOTHBY GRAFFOE Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550





★ ■ BOOTHBY GRAFFOE ‘Once in every festival, you stumble across a comedian who makes you feel glad to be alive.' Guardian ‘Good, old-fashioned knockabout-jappery with an absurdist streak. We wanted to be entertained. We were.’ List Sellout ‘94. Book early. Preview Aug 9,10 9.25pm (10.25) £3.50 Aug 11 -14,16,17,20,22-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 9.25pm (10.25) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 9.25pm (10.25) £8.00 (£7.00)




Venue 59 - Edinburgh Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590.


BEST OF THE FEST 3 Jo Brand - Star of her own highly successful TV show ‘Jo Brand Through The Cakehole' returns to host an evening of comedy with 1994 Perrier winners Lano & Woodley and special guests to be announced. Aug 21 8.00pm (10.30) £12.00 + £11.00



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ ■ INVASION OF THE CATHODE RAYS SHOCKING! The creators of the cult comedy-horror film ‘Revenge of Billy the Kid’ now bring you the greatest 50s show ever. STARTLING! Performed in monochrome! And 3-D! STAGGERING! ‘We never had it so good’ The Times Aug 9-13,15-17,20-24,28,29,3 I ,Sept 1,2 12.20am (1.20) £5.50 (£4.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 12.20am (1.20) £6.00 (£5.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


JUST ANOTHER NIGHT Wickedly funny, fast moving, rubber-faced nonsense. This great comedy duo play over twenty characters, which has to be seen to be believed! ‘..seductive genius...they’re stark raving bonkers in the best possible way’ The Scotsman Aug 9-13,15-17,20,22-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 5.55pm (6.55) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 5.55pm (6.55) £5.50 (£4.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


ARNOLD BROWN’S GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED Being confused doesn't happen overnight...you have to work at it so join the expert - Perrier Award winning - Arnold Brown, as he ‘induces the kind of laughter that hurts’ Evening News. Sold out 1994! Aug9-13,15,16,17,20-24,28,29,31,Sept 1,2 8.05pm (9.05) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 8.05pm (9.05) £8.00 (£7.00)



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365.


★ THE COWS COME HOME Mechanically reclaimed sketches from the edge of reality. An entirely new comedy spongiform extravaganza from last year’s team.’Classic Fringe silliness from a group with a future.’The Scotsman. A paramount presentation. Free Jaffa cakes! Aug 14 6.30pm (7.30) Free Aug I I-Sept 2 (not 14,17,24,31) 6.30pm (7.30) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 36 - Festival Club, Doc’s Place, 9-15 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462


THE DODO RETURNS. Is this man extinct, or what? Middle-aged rising star of London circuit, record at No. 5 (in Viz top ten), comedian, comic song writer, cook, crap guitarist. Eccentric, unique and funny. ‘Catch him, prithee’ Time Out. ‘Be amazed' Triple-F Aug 20,23,28 8.30pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 21,27 6.30pm (7.30)



Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 KARINA’S KITSCH KITCHEN Daytime TV bumped on the head and dragged kicking and screaming into the small hours. Music! Chat! Conspiracy theories! Alien beings! Minor celebrities! Frank confessions! 100% audience participation with late bar. Mad, bad, and dangerous to go... Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 12.30am (2.00) £3 Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 31)12.30am (2.00am) £4.00 (£3.00) Price includes a free drink! Aug 25,26,27,29 Special double bill with Fool’s Gold £6.00 (£4.00)




CACKOPHONICS PRODUCTIONS Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116

ooeo K3

★ RADIO CITY Albert wins the lottery and buys a radio station to broadcast ‘Night of a Thousand Stars'. Featuring the Spangly Stars of Stage and Screen; including portrayals of Alan Bennet, Ethel Merman and the ghost of Tony Hancock. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not Tues) 11.15pm (12.1 Sam) £5.00 (£4.00)


Mark Goucher, oavid Johnson and Robin Guilleret for g+j productions Ltd. present

The Life siimes of GUS Gascoigne


Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395


NATALIE HAYNES. BOUND NOT GAGGED. One woman’s misanthropy, misogyny and advice on oral sex. Nothing’s sacred, and if it is, she’s probably shagged it ‘Ferocious stand-up,...sharp, rude, but very funny indeed’ Varsity Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 31)12.05am (1.00) £4.00 (£3.00)


The Anorak Is Back! BY






Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105


★ ■ SPANK ‘We’re gonna be so good, we’re gonna be in the dictionary under ‘shit hot’!’ Armed with bikinis and big silver guns, Anna Bengo and Lucy Montgomery are on the loose. And they love it Special 3 FOR ALL Offer Aug 9-11 9.30pm (10.15) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 31) 9.10pm (9.55) £5.00 (£3.50)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


FALL FROM GRACE The world-famous Cambridge Footlights end their national tour with the hottest revue in town - catch the stars of tomorrow today. ‘The slickest funniest sketch-show on the Fringe. Brilliant’ The Scotsman. ‘Still the best’ The Independent. Aug 9 4.00pm (5.00) £3.50 Aug 10-13,16,17,20,22-24,28-30, Sept 1,2 4.00pm (5.00) £6.50 (£4.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 4.00pm (5.00) £7.50 (£6.00)

RHONA CAMERON Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street Tickets 226 2428

ooee G7

RHONA CAMERON - Sold-out in ‘94 and winner of the ‘Scodand on Sunday’ comedy award - Mayfest 95. This Musselburgh born ‘top-ranking stand-up’ Time Out returns with a brand new show. The pace is fast the timing spot-on, the humour unrelenting.’ The List. Aug 11-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 9.00pm (10.00) £8.00 (£7.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 9 00pm (10.00) £9.00 (£8.00)


CAMPAIGN AGAINST MILITARISM Venue 158 - The Venue, 15 Calton Road Tickets 556 4873


NO MORE HIROSHIMAS Fifty years after the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, top Fringe acts will perform to support the Worldwrite’ project which aims to create new links between young British and Japanese people today. Good cause, great Aug 20 9.00pm (3.00am) £5.00

SCOTT CAPURRO Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 5566550

ooee KIO

SCOTT CAPURRO’S LOVE AND AFFECTION TOUR Razor-sharp comedy from the 1994 Perrier Best Newcomer on love, life and Boogie Nights. ‘See him now before Channel 4 give him a Friday night series' The Independent. Aug 10-14,16,17,20-24,28,30-Sept 2 6.50pm (7.50) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 6.50pm (7.50) £7.50 (£6.50)



Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847


THE CHARLIE CHUCK SHOW! Volatile Variety featuring stand-up, pop music, Game Shows and DONKIES! from Reeves and Mortimer’s ‘Uncle Peter’ and Whales On...’ star! ‘Painfully funny!’ Sunday Times Scotland ‘Pure entertainment!’ NME ‘Don’t be frightened. Go soon!’ The List Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 31) 10.30pm (11.40) £7.00 (£6.00)




Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


SHELF LIFE Shopping? Its the new rock and roll, man. Don’t ever forget that. This ain’t about passion, ain't about heartbreak. This is about something far more serious. This is about supermarkets. A new comedy by David Wolstencroft. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,30) 1.00pm (2.15) £6.00 (£5.00)

CHARLIE CHEESE Venue 47 - The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549


CHARLIE CHEESE A cheeky hour mocking the world of showbiz and light entertainment. Play the fun packed game show THE WHEEL OF CHEESE, gamble for that hypothetical holiday in Ibiza. ‘The perfect tonic for those seeking to escape sanity' Whats On. Aug 14-Sept 2 11.00pm (12 midnight) £4.00 (£3.50) 12

‘Comic genius’ Independent THE PLEASANCE 8.10PM 9 AUG - 2 SEPT PLEASANCE BOX 0131 -556 6550 FRINGE BOX 0131 -226 5138



Venue 168 - Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: SS6 0102

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HAROLD ON THE HOLYROOD Chicago's finest improv ensemble, Frank Booth, present their fast paced, smart, deliciously funny show featuring the game that sparked a comedy revolution: Harold, an explosion of scenes and games spawned from a single audience suggestion. Aug 13-Sept 2 (not 21) 9.50pm (10.S0) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


SIR BERNARD CHUMLEY IS DEAD AND FRIENDS! The actor, raconteur and confirmed bachelor is back - and this time he’s dead. Matt Lucas (The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer’) and David Walliams (The Sunday Show’) in a new show. Free creche. ‘Ludicrous brilliance’ Loaded. Aug 11 I2midnight (1.05) £5.50 (£4.50) Aug 12-13,14,16,17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 I2midnight(l.05) £7.50(£6.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 I2midnight(l.05) £8.50(£7.S0)



Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? Jongleurs presents the inimitable Tim Clark. London’s favourite comedy frontman welcomes all-comers to Edinburgh’s finest battle of wits. There may even be prizes, ladies and gentlemen. Tim Clark is Brilliant’ The Guardian. Aug 11-Sept 2 (not Aug 14,21,29) 9.30pm (10.30) £6.50 (£5.50)

Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


JULIAN CLARY Recently returned from a sell-out tour of Australia and New Zealand, Julian Clary returns to Edinburgh with a brand-new show for just four nights. Book early. Aug 24-27 9.15pm (10.20) £ 10.00 (£9.00)

CLUUB ZARATHUSTRA Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550




Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


THE COMEDY ZONE WITH JULIAN BARRATT, TONY BURGESS, DAVE GORMAN & WARA Previously featuring Harry Hill and Stewart Lee; now see Tony Burgess ’Brilliant’ Independent, Wara ‘Hip, Hot & Very Funny’ Time Out, Julian Barratt ‘Brilliantly Funny’ NME and ‘the hilariously dry’ Guardian Dave Gorman. Aug 9-14,16,17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 10.50pm (12.35am) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.50pm (12.35am) £8.00 (£7.00)


Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201


DALLAS AND PACKER GUARDIAN’S COMEDY TOP FIVE FOR FRINGE 94! Unique English/Scottish double-act. ‘...very slick ...they compliment each other beautifully’ Evening News. Unmissable new show, ‘...everything we've ever wanted to see in comedy’ The Guardian, ‘...blisteringly funny’ The Scotsman. Aug 12-Sept 2 6.15pm (7.15) £5.00 (£3.50)


★ ■ CLUUB ZARATHUSTRA The League Against Tedium hosts. Loud Noises. Deegrading spacktacles. Fierce PHILOsophie. Dancezing mit Electricksuit. Cluub Zarathustra SHALL stun, frighten, bewilder and if necessary even entertain its patrons, namely, THE ELITE, not the SUBWORMES. Come! But upon departure, WIPE YOUR SEAT. Preview Aug 9,10 11,59pm (late) £3.50 Aug 11 -14,16-17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,211.59pm (late) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 11 .S9pm (late) £8.00 (£7.00)


IAN COGNITO Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito, Ian Cognito. Aug 14-17,21-24 9.45pm (10.45) £4.00 Aug 12,13, 18-20,25,26 9.45pm (10.45) £6.00 Aug 27,28 10.45pm (11.45) £6.00




IAN COGNITO Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


★ DAN FREEDMAN Star of 1994’s sellout Comedy Zone and R4 Loose-Ends regular, performs his first ever solo-show. Dan’s ‘wry laconic humour’ Time-Out has established him as ‘Undoubtedly the funniest new comic on the circuit.’ Melody-Maker Preview Aug 9 8.20pm (9.20) £3.50 Aug 10-14,16,17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 8.20pm (9.20) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 8.20pm (9.20) £8.00 (£7.00)

and The Real Variety Co Present


“Superb” The Guardian

“Hilarious” The Scotsman

Gilded Balloon II Theatre • Venue 51 • 11th Aug to 2nd Sept (NO SHOWS 14,21 or 29 AUG) £6.50 (5.50)

7.30pm (8.30pm)

GILDED BALLOON 0131 226 2151



Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019


ALAN DAVIES 1994 Perrier Nominee and Critics’Award Winner returns for two nights only. His Radio I show ‘Alan's Big IFM' and his new Channel 4 series ‘One For The Road’ go out late summer - book early. ‘Screamingly funny’ Scotland on Sunday. Aug24,25 10.30pm(11.35) £8.00(£6.00)



Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 22S 6520


HIS NEW SHOW The latest material from the host of BBC2's ‘Loose Talk’ and the most popular guest on BBC I’s ‘That’s Showbusiness!'. 'Give thanks for his continued excellence... Razor sharp comedy with a brain’ The Scotsman ‘So savagely perceptive' Glasgow Herald. Aug 14-17,20-24,27,28,30 10.00pm (11.15) £7.00 (£5.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,Sept 1,2 10.00pm (11.15) £7.00





JOHN LENAHAN Venue 59 - Edinburgh Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590. BEST OF THE FEST I Jack Dee returns to the festival for an evening of award winning comedy with special guests Richard Morton, Rhona Cameron, The 2 Marks and John Lenahan. Not to be missed. Aug 17,18 8.00pm (10.30) £ 12.00 + £ 11.00

IVOR DEMBINA IN STAND UR JEWISH COMEDY Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550

ooeo KIO

IVOR DEMBINA After last year’s critically acclaimed sell-out show, the UK’s funniest Jewish Comedian returns via the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with more Kosher comedy. They say Jews are funny - Ivor Dembina proves it Aug9-17,20,21,23,24,28-30,Sept 1,2 9.30pm (10.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 9.30pm (10.30) £7.50 (£6.50)


to be continued..

DIRECTORS' COMPANY Venue 7 - Overtures Restaurant Playhouse Theatre, 18-22 Greenside Place


A TASTE OF FIGGIS Sparklingly new revue with Robin Bush (TV’s Time Team), Hilary Marshall, Freda Storey, Sue Blow, Hilary Wickham, Frances Walker. Sloth, Spider and Rhino vie for attention with Knightsbridge Nursery and Dr Figgis! Spikey, sad, funny and romantic. Aug 13-19 11.30pm (12.30) £5.00 (£3.00)



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365.


DUPREE OR NOT DUPREE TV News ripped apart in a wickedly funny onewoman show. ‘Sassy stand-up’ Guardian Dolly Dupree combines playful, mischevious characters (striking Nun to weatherbimbo) with stinging satire ‘Constantly topical...girlish but razor sharp’ The Ust. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 29,30) 9.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00)

KAREN DUNBAR Venue 78 - CC Blooms, Greenside Place 556 9331


KAREN DUNBAR - NO LAUGHING MATTER Combines cabaret revue and stand-up to give the Fringe a short back and sides. Torchsongs, sequinned spectaculars and an hilarious examination of Scottish identity provide an unmissable showcase for this prodigious comic talent. Aug 18-26 (not 20) 8.30pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 59 - Edinburgh Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590. BEST OF THE FEST 2 Lee Evans - Star of Channel 4’s ‘Viva Cabaret’ and The World of Lee Evans’ brings you the show to end all festivals with Hattie Hayridge, Jeff Green (19th) and the 1994 Perrier winners Lano & Woodley (20th). Aug 19,20 8.00pm (10.30) £ 12.00 + £ 11.00



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365. A VOID Interactive comedy. The amazing amorphous amalgamation of comic talent that moulds itself to your every whim. Probly. Aug 21-Sept 2 7.00pm (7.50) £4.00 (£3.00)








(Sat 19th August) 1994 ‘Perrier Award’ nominee



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


FASCINATING AIDA Dillie Keane and Adele Anderson welcome back original member Marilyn Cutts for a fun evening of glorious song and satire. Warm, intelligent, poignant and sharply funny. ‘See them before you die, otherwise your life will have been meaningless.’ Mail on Sunday. Aug 21-23 9.1 Spm (10.20) £8.50 (£7.00)



Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395


■ OBSCURITY KNOCKS A swashbuckling all embracing romp of a show, the Fringe in Microcosm, a truly-open open spot where the talented and untalented, seasoned professional and rankest amateur at least begin on an even-footing. Marvin Hanglider comperes and awards dubious prizes. Aug 12-Sept I 8.00pm (10.00) From £2.50



Venue 85 - Footlights and Firkin, 7 Spittal Street Tickets: 0378 2685888


BEYOND THE FRIDGE a wonderfully diverse, truly alternative, hilarious two hour COMEDY EXTRAVAGANZA. Featuring SIMON FOX, London’s fastest moving wit machine. Zany American ELISABETH CHARBONNEAU. Visual and inventive FLASH MORON. ZED.S. (alias CHICKEN REGGIE) comperes in chaotic fashion. Aug 13-27 9.00pm (11.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Venue 86 - Physician and Firkin, 58 Dalkeith Road Tickets 662 4746.


HYPNOTIST HUGH LENNON AND HIS HYPNO-DOG (as seen on TV and the Reading Festival). Watch your friends being put into a trance by a LABRADOR during this two hour comedy show featuring ‘OSCAR’; THE HYPNO-DOG (the world's only canine hypnotist). Aug 13-27 8.30pm (11.00) £3.50 (£2.50)



Venue 41 - Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522


■ THE HI ENERGY SHOW Do it! Kick it! Funk it! Change your life in 50 minutes. One girl and a tape machine brings you stand up, sit down and funk aerobics. Get fit quick. Or come for coffee and bagels. Aug 10-26 (not 13) 11.05am (11.55) £3.00 (£2.50)



Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395


SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE GIANT RAT OF SUMATRA (Bob Bishop). Fifteen years on, and still the Fringe’s unchallenged masters offeree, present an afternoon whimsy combining classic Holmes’ sleuthing, traditional Fossick fumbling, and massive rat droppings. Surely an irresistable cocktail? Aug 13-19 1.30pm (3.15) £5.00 (£4.50)



Venue 87 - The Freedom Factory, The Salvation Army, I East Adam Street Tickets 667 4313.

LANO& WOODLEY (Sun 20th August) 1994 ‘Perrier Award’ winners

SAT 19th & SUN 20th AUGUST • 8pm





PEOPLE LIKE ME with manic energy, comedy and disturbing honesty witness The Performer’s ultimate search for affirmation. With the help of a remarkable mixing desk see every possible performance style you can think of.....but how long can it last? Aug 14-19 9.00pm (10.00) £3.75 (£3.25)

THE FRIGIDAIRES Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


THE FRIGIDAIRES Give yourself goose bumps listening to the a-capella icemaidens. These heroines of honeyed harmonies have hit 1995 looking contemporary and sounding sensational. Sold out Edinburgh 1994. ‘Outstanding voices satirical wit and very, very funny’ Edinburgh Evening News. Aug 9-14,16,17 10.40pm (11.40) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19 10.40pm (11.40) £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 20,21,23,24,28-Sept 2 5.40pm (6.40) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 25,26,27 5.40pm (6.40) £8.00 (£6.00)

FRONTMEN Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550

0000 KIO

★ THE FRONTMEN Late night TV at lunchtime. There’s hosts, and there’s superhosts. The Frontmen have hosted the greats - Elvis, Evel, OJ, skateboarding dogs and the most horrific bloodbath ever broadcast. ‘Brilliantly funny... no tacky turn is left unstoned’ Brighton Argus Aug 9-14,16,17,20-24,28,30-Sept 2 12.30pm (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 12.30pm (1.30) £6.00 (£5.00)

FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 013 I-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm



Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151


THE CHEESE SHOP PRESENTS THE BUTTER FACTOR Award-winning comedy team currently touring their BBC Radio 4 sketch show and hosts of London's hugely successful By George! Comedy Club. ‘Excellent!’ The Guardian ‘Fresh and very Funny' The Stage Cert 15, Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 29) 4.15pm (5.30) £6.00 (£5.00)

The Gilded Balloon celebrates 10 Years at the Top with 75 shows this year and more cutting edge theatre, dance, stand-up comedy and cabaret than you can shake a stick at The Main Box-Office has moved to the Gallery - incorporating a cafe and venue shop.

DOG, FOOD, DAD withKATEJ. Hungry? To start, a generous portion of‘live wire material' The Scotsman. Main Course, stir-fried songs and stories, extra spicy. Dessert a chance to WIN A FREE DINNER FOR TWO. Much more than a mouthful. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 22) 5.45pm (7,00) £5.00 (£4.00)

GREAT CANADIAN CRACK Corky and the Juice Pigs' member Phil Nichol hosts this comedy showcase that features Mike Wilmot and his celebration of filth (‘Unleashed’, Channel 4) and the hilarious antics of the comedy trio Radio Free Vestibule, ‘devastatingly funny....truly bent’ Toronto Star. Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 27) 8.30pm (9.45) £6.50 (£5.50)

LYNN FERGUSON - HEART AND SOLE LYNN FERGUSON returns to the Gilded Ballon with her one-woman play telling the story of a woman who fells in love with a fish. ‘Ferguson is just tremendous’ Glasgow Herald. ‘Delightful & sometimes outrageous’ Time Out. Aug I I -Sept 2 7.15pm (8.30) £6.00 (£5,00)

STRUCK OFF AND DIE’S TELEVISION PILOT Why haven’t we had a TV series yet? It’s not fair. Two doctors... new show... blah, blah... Perrier Pick of the Fringe 1991, 1993; Writers Guild Award - Best Radio Comedy 1994. Aug 11-25 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£4,50) NHS employees - concessions LATE ‘N’ LIVE The ultimate late night Fringe hangout, the only club in Britain combining comedy and live music. The best comperes and comics on the Fringe, live dance bands - Stax Bodene, Death Bang Party and Bill Bailey’s outrageous punk tribute band Beergut 100. Aug 11-Sept 2 1.00am (4,00) £8.00 (£4.00) GERALDINE MCNULTY - 10 WOMEN IN A ONE-FROCK SHOW ‘McNulty is so brilliant..hilarious...’ Scotsman. Winner of TWO comedy awards, Geraldine returns with TEN emotionally-challenged comic characters in a sparkling new ONE-frock show. Props too few to mention! ‘...the supremely talented McNulty’ Guardian Aug 11-Sept 2 4.30pm (5.45) £6,50 (£5.50) WEST MIDLANDS SERIOUS COMEDY SQUAD Andy Robinson - The comedy equivalent of gold dust’ The Birmingham Post. Josephine Enright - ‘Fresh, honest and thumpingly funny.’ What's On. John Butler - ‘He’s a future star. Go and see him.’ Sunday Times. Aug 11-Sept 2 6.15pm (7,30) £6.00 (£5,00) FRED MACAULAY - UNFRINGED Can you summarise a brilliant stand-up comedy show in 40 words? Is it possible to make this show sound more interesting than anyone else’s in such a short space. There’s not many words left Only one in fact Ihopeivenotblownmyonechancecomeandseemyshowplease. Aug 11 -Sept 2 9,15pm (10.15) £7,00 (£5.00) SMILEY’S CULTURE From the Ballrooms of Romance to the Ministry of Sound, dance plays a strong part in Smiley’s culture. From his Irish childhood of the Parish dance to today’s acid-house culture, human dance rituals will be observed, dissected and belitded. Aug 11 -Sept 2 10.30pm (11.30) £6.00 (£5.00)



IT’S BLOODY GRIN UP NORTH with VLADIMIR McTAVISH, DAVE JOHNS & ANVIL SPRINGSTEEN. Exhilirating stand-up from the North of England. Vladimir McTavish - ‘Highly appealing patter’ Guardian. Dave Johns - ‘Great entertainer’ Deadpan. Anvil Springsteen - ‘Gobful of nitrous oxide’ Scotsman. Plus guest Eddie Baskerville. Aug 11-Sept 2 H.45pm (MS) £6.50 (£5.00) ANNIE‘URLEY by CARMEL HOWARD. A one-woman show about the life and times of Annie ‘Urley, a woman of years living in sheltered accommodation with a budgie and a prolapse. Aug I I -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 3.15pm (4.15) £5.50 (£4.50) AN AFTERNOON OF LEISURE WEAR presented by KING SIZE COMEDY. A wild and wacky cornucopea of comfortable comedy. The world of teenage angst with photo-love. A rare glimpse of horoscope magic from Spook Joon. All this and a board game of your choice. Aug 21-Sept 2 4.45pm (6,00) £5.00 (£3.00) STUCK IN THE MIDDLE A new play by award-winning comic PARROT. Jo Brand is the voice of God, Greg Proops plays the Devil and Parrot, well here’s a man who definitely needs help. But which way should he jump? Aug I I-Sept 2 6.30pm (7.30) £6.50 (£5.50)

; \ ;^

A LOT OF PEOPLE ASK ME...AN HOUR WITH DAME SYBILLE Dame Sybille Thorndyke: Queen of the English Stage, Mistress of the stage whisper, Empress of the Stage Grunt. Attend a private audience presented by Corky and the Juice Pigs alumnus. Sean Cullen. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 8.00pm (9.15) £5,00 (£4.00) NICKWILTY Following his stint as Steve Wright's sidekick on BBC I, Nick Wilty is back to what he does best - or is he? Clive Borr, Probably Europe's Number I Nick Wilty impersonator, presents a tribute. Jokes, ad-libs and lager. Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 15,31) 9.30pm (10.30) £6.50 (£5.50) STEVE GRIBBIN: NATURAL BORN KIDDER Ex-Skint Video diminutive Scouse guitar-thrashing father of two in first solo show. Scabrous songs, hard-hitting gags and explosive voices. ‘A smile on his face, a Stanley knife up his sleeve.’ Time Out Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 10.45pm (11.45) £6.50 (£5.50)






AUGUST 9th - September 2nd (Except Tues. 15th & Thurs. 31st Aug.) at 10.50pm PLEASANCE Box Office: 0131556 6550 16


BILL BAI LEY’S COSM 1C JAM Birth of jazz, death of skiffle, busking on Mars. Bill Bailey’s trying to get to all three. What’s it like being a time-travelling musician who’s always late? Find out in this tale of musical mayhem. ‘Marvellously crazed’ Independant. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 11,45pm (12.45) £6.00 (£5.00)





ROGER MONKHOUSE SAYS OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS... Value-packed 90 minute showcase of exceptional new comedy talent hosted by celebrated skinhead, Roger Monkhouse (‘Not pretty but always invigorating’ Guardian). Tonight Opportunity Knocks for Leeds funnyman Danny Brown, gifted yarnspinner Lucy Porter and hilarious Mancunian delinquent, Tony Burgess. Aug 11 Sept 2 12 midnight (1.30) £6.50 (£5.00)


THE UMBILICAL BROTHERS IN HEAVEN BY STORM The world of visual comedy is about to be revolutionised by a pair of Aussies named Dave and Shane.’ Time Out. Last year’s sell-out sensations return to break the sound barrier with a new high-speed adventure. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not Aug 15,29) 7.00pm (8.15) £6.50 (£5.50) IMPROV M.D. starring Eddie Izzard, Steve Frost, Neil Mullarky (from Radio 4’s ‘Missed Demeanours') do sexy comedy improv. With guests, they weave a comedy shirt from bits of mental thread. ‘Fooking Fantastic’ Washington Post. Aug 27-2 Sept 4.00pm (5.15) £6.50 (£S.S0) Venue SI - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


GILDED BALLOON II STEPPING STONES, MAIN THEATRE IN FLAGRANT DELIGHT NIPPY SWEETIES present In Flagrant Delicht with Liz Lochhead & Michael Marra. East meets West, boay meets lassie, a Celtic Hoagy Carmichael meets a tartan Victoria Wood in an evening of songs, poems, entertainment and rhymes with nae reason.... Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 11.30pm (12.45) £6.00 (£5.00) THE MINTY FRESH CAMPAIGN A hilarious new comedy, written and performed by Richard Dyball. Directed by Neil Mullarkey. An advertising executive and an actor luwy create a commercial for toothpaste. A story of concepts, artistic ideals, self flagellation and ten grand. Aug 11-Sept 2 3.45pm (4,45) £5.50 (£4.50) CURRIED GOAT Don't miss this original show from three rising comedians. Recent credits include, ‘Spitting Image’, ‘Clive Anderson', ‘The Good Sex Guide’, ‘We Know Everthing’ (Radio 4), ‘Alan Davies’ (I FM). ‘An unashamed wallow in the spirit of comedy. Pacey, absurd, clever’ The List. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 5.15pm (6.15) £6.00 (£4.00) SIMON PEGG ‘...watching him you immediately feel in the presence of a major star. Comparisons to Sean Hughes aren't amiss, but it is Pegg’s own unique, hilarious style which will have you in uncontrollable hysterics’ Venue Magazine. Aug 11 -Sept 2 10.45pm (11.45) £6.00 (£5.00) MAX AND JILL’S CORDUROY HOSTESS Cut the crust off your sandwiches and wind up the bunny for an evening of variety without the sunshine coach. Jim Bowen lookalikes get in for free. Jill Peacock and Max Sharp present their own brand of humour. Aug 11-26 12 midnight (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ SHEILA'S GIANT WALL OF PLOT TWISTS Chicago troupe performs two improvised one-act plays. 30 Plot Twists revealed by audience shouts. ‘lntelligent..hilarious...The wall is an ingenious idea’ Reader ‘Comic wonders' New City ‘Exceptionally talented natural comics’ The List. Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 15,29) 3.15pm (4.30) £6.00 (£4.50) GIRLS WITH BIG JESTS Henrietta Garden and Philippa Fordham. From Barbies to babies, tennis players to tribal dancers... a grumble-free, glamourous sketch show of non-girlie gags from two gorgeous gals...’Go and see them they are brilliant’ Guardian. ‘Decidedly, not to be missed.’ Sunday Times. Aug 11-Sept 2 5.00pm (6.00) £5.00 (£4.50) GREG FLEET - THAI-DIE When a holiday in Indo-China leads to extortion, large weaponry and big men with axes you’ve got to laugh... A TRUE STORY. ‘Subtle, surreal and succinct’ The Scotsman. ‘Relentless originality’ The Age (Australia). Aug 11 -Sept 2 6,15pm (7.30) £6.00 (£5.00) THE OXFORD REVUE 1995 - SPACE Frenchmen with Nazi sympathies, Stevie Wonder’s test drive and low-budget planetaria. Rupture your spleen with the company that launched Rowan Atkinson, Michael Palin and Armando lannucci. The hardest show of the decade hits Edinburgh. Adults and children only. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,31) 7.45pm (9.00) £6.50 (£4.50)

f retented by

f!DEfi DDflflDQ until r Killiru THE BIG TOP. EDINBURGH MEADOWS I Opm, 25,26,27 AUGUST BIG TOP BOX 0131-662 9677 ASSEMBLY BOX 0131-226 2428 FRINGE BOX 0131-226 5138

BEST OF SCOTTISH COMEDY ‘Scottish comedy warrior’(Do//y Telegraph) Geoff Boyz and Kenny Harris, ‘one of the brightest rising comedy stars’ (The List), play host to the most exciting Scottish comic talent including Phil Kay, Fred MacAulay, Parrot and many more. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 22,31) 9.15pm (10.30) £6.50 (£5.50) YOUNG, GIFTED AND GREEN PART II The Second Coming. After the 1994 show’s 100% sell-out success, 3 New Irish comedians - Ed Byrne, Kevin Hayes, Andrew Maxwell - bring you ‘Comedy Heaven with an Irish accent’. Book very, very early. Aug 11-Sept 2 10.45pm (12 midnight) £7,50 (£6.50) DEB AND MIKE’S LATE NITE INTERACTIVE JAM FEST. Deb Durst and Michael Bossier, stateside veterans of many television shows, lead a rag tag band of all star improvisers in nocturnal madness and/or dark lethargy. Old riffs for a new generation. Aug 27-Sept 2 12 midnight (1.30) £6.00 (£5.00) PARROT‘UNCAGED’ More filth from the toughest man in comedy. PARROT returns to the hard-hitting style that earned him a Perrier nomination in 1993 with a brand new hour of disturbingly funny stand-up. ‘Scotland's most uncompromising standup comic.’ The Guardian. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,29) 12.15 am (1. 15) £6.50 (£5.50)





TRAINSPOTTING adapted from the novel by Irvine Welsh


Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LOOKING FOR MR GILES TV Presenter, thirty-something, and single parent is 'Looking for Mr Giles’. Not just any man (she’s tried those) but THE ONE. Having exhausted supplies in London, she’s in Edinburgh to relate past adventures and to continue her quest Aug 16,22,24,28-Sept 2 4.25pm (5.25) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,25,26,27 4.25pm (5.25) £8.00 (£7.00)



ASSEMBLY ROOMS 8.00PM 11 AUG-2 SEP ASSEMBLY BOX 0131 -226 2428 FRINGE BOX 0131-226 5138




Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138

Venue 41 - Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6S22


GERRY GOWANS She’s one of Australia's best stand-up comics and a multi-awardwinning writer. This wickedly irreverent, highly provocative, myth-buster, ‘makes the cogs grind in your head...hilarious...you’ll die laughing’ Time Off (Australia). Major Sponsor: QUT. Aug 10-Sept 2 (not 13) 6.30pm (7.30) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 176-Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499


SCROGGINS’ NIGHT OUT - KINGSWAY REVUE Revue isn’t dead - only resting! This is sit-down comedy with Tim Clyde and Henry Lewis. Who? Two maturing, only mildly irritable over-graduates. Their ‘Scroggins’ Night Out’ now hits town. Will Edinburgh ever recover? Aug 13-26 II .45pm (12.45) £4.00 (£3.50)



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street Tickets 226 2428


JEFF GREEN Sell-out show and Perrier Award nominee at the 1994 festival returns to Edinburgh for 3 nights only. ‘To spend an hour in this man’s company is an unmissable pleasure.’ Scotsman. 'Awfully good....a debauched cherub’ Herald. Aug21-23 10.15pm (11.15) £8.50(£7.50)

HAGGIS & CURRY Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street Tickets 228 9116


HAGGIS & CURRY Great Night Out Independent Funny, fiery but luvable stand up Scotsman BRIAN HIGGINS and Asian, witty, hilarious, funnyman JEFF MIRZA display individual comedy skills. Rollercoaster of laughs from GLASGOW to BOMBAY. ‘DO NOT MISS' Radio 2. Aug 11-26 8.15pm (9.20) £5.00 (£4.00)



RICH HALL Emmy Award winning comedian (America’s Saturday Night Live, Letterman) Rich’s show sneaks up on Love and pushes it down a long flight of stairs. We say lots of people are funny. He's the real thing’ Letterman. ‘Hugely talented’ Time Out. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 21,31) 9.00pm (10.00) £6.50 (£5.50 Cones and Fringe Club Members Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the night)


MARVIN HANGLIDER Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395


THE DEFINITIVE MARVIN HANGLIDER (WITH MARVIN HANGLIDER) Forty words to describe Sergeant Affable? Sure, we’ll throw in the meaning of life while we’re about it Check out this guy, he’s brilliant, will that do? Free entry to Sagitarians named Beryl. Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 31) 10.30pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.50)


BRIAN HARRIES Venue 98 - Marco’s. 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116


DON’T TELL MY MOTHER WHAT I’VE TOLD YOU says Welsh stand-up comedian Brian Harries, ‘tears of laughter... a huge success’ Western Telegraph Wales’ biggest weekly newspaper. Laughing at life, he is cheeky, naughty but never offensive. (15 years upwards) Aug 11-26 9.00pm (10.05) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


★ HARRY HILL - SAVLON 2000 ‘What genius! What absurdity! What nonsense! What fun! This extravaganza is a cornucopia of comedy and trail blazing uniqueness.’ Scotland-on-Sunday The multi-award winning comedian returns for a limited seventeen date stand-up run. Total sellout‘92,‘93 &‘94. Book early. Aug 11-14,16,17,20-24,28 8.05pm (9.15) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 8.05pm (9.15) £8.00 (£7.00)



Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street Tickets/Information 477 7170


★ ■ TASTE Poncy poets from the troubled North? Not us! Direct from Ulster we come, armed only with our poetry pistols and our comedy Kalashnikovs! We aim to entertain, if it kills us, or you! ‘Streetwise, anarchic, uninhibited enjoyment’ Theatre Ireland Aug 11 -Sept 2 11.10pm (12.20) £5.00 (£4.00)

Refreshing, Sensitive ...Spellbinding’ “Stretches The Boundaries Of Stand-Up”

RBM Presents

Ford Kiernan and John Paul Leach in

After Eight Mince


Mliberal Psychotic

“Supremely confident” THE INDEPENDENT

11 August - 2 September at 8.15pm “Irresistible humour” THE SCOTSMAN

GILDED BALLOON 0131 226 2151



Venue 72 - Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019


SEAN HUGHES Presented by Gilded Balloon Productions. Concentrating on his stand-up for the last year, Sean has recently returned from a succesful tour of Australia. Fast approaching thirty, he calls this the grey area, but his observations are as funny and as sharp as ever. Aug 26,27 10.30pm (11.45) £8.00 (£6.00)



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365.


■ THESE GIRLS I KNEW A musical whirled cruise through the excesses of gay culture featuring songs of some of the world’s most famous DENTAL DAMES. ‘Excellently executed cabaret ballads’ Scotsman ‘When he smiles the whole stage lights up’ The Pink Paper Aug 13-Sept 2 11.10pm (12.10am) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 47 - The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549


TANKED UP GIRLS present tanked up stand-up and music. Iced Jems, fantasy godesses of comedy mayhem return with glamtastic siren Jasmine Birtles and on keyboards, ‘Zeus’. ‘The show is brilliant truly dramatic presence and razor sharp wit’ Scotland On Sunday. Aug 14-29 (not 23) 7.30pm (8.40) £5.00 (£4.50)




Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


★ JEFFREY DAHMER IS UNWELL Flatmates from hell... one is obsessed with serial killers, one makes model aeroplanes... Sad? No... you haven’t met their brothers. Blood IS thicker than water. A black comedy in three crime scenes. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 31) 6.45pm (8.00) £6.00 (£5.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


★ JENNY ECLAIR - PROZAC AND TANTRUMS Life, love and Nembutal overdoses. Tarantino meets the school-run. The talking bouffant and superbitch has chosen to do Edinburgh rather than go on a family holiday (‘Camping in Norfolk? Don’t be mental!’). Sellout ‘93 & ‘94. Book early. Preview Aug 9,10 9.30pm (10.30) £3.50 Aug 11-14,16,17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 9.30pm (10.30) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 9.30pm (10.30) £8.00 (£7.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


■ THE ICEMAN causes small artificially created blocks of frozen water that wouldn't be in existence without him to melt slightly faster and in a different way than if they were left to their own devices. Slightly enlightening. Marginally entertaining. Aug 17,20,22-24,28-Sept 2 11 00am (11.45) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 11,00am (11.45) £4.00 (£3.50)


★ ■ JIM TAVARE ON THE ROAD Fresh from his hit BBC2 series and a sellout UK tour, Jim is joined by Bassie, his faithful double-bass to delight fringe audiences with his ‘Hilarious comedy, full of visual flair and great gags.’ Mail-on-Sunday Preview Aug 9,10 8.15pm (9.15) £3.50 Aug 11-14,16,17,20,21,23,24 8.15pm (9.15) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25,26 8.15pm (9.15) £8,00 (£7,00)


PHIL KAY Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street Tickets 668 2019

INSTANT SUNSHINE Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550

00 KIO

■ INSTANT SUNSHINE COCKTAIL An hilarious mixture of music and humour. ‘They have mastered the art of parody and self-mockery to a tee - very practised, very funny and very entertaining’ The Scotsman; ‘Brilliantly crafted songs’ The Bermuda Sun. Aug 13-17 5.20pm (6.35) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 18,19 5.20pm (6.35) £7.00 (£5.00)


PHIL KAY Presented by Gilded Balloon Productions. Once upon a time there were three kings who lived over the dark mountain in a kingdom known as The Land of Thong. Phil Kay officially voted, returns to Edinburgh. Come see him speak. Aug 27-Sept 2 11.30pm (12.30) £6.50 (£5.50)

BBC Radio 1FM and Radio 4 in association with the National Comedy Network present

OPEN Entry details for 1995/6 available from: Open Mic Award, BBC, London, W1A 1AA.

GRAFFOE Supported by

BBC Entertainment Television 19




Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


★ BEN KEATON Perrier Award winner Keaton spans the borders of stand-up and theatre. Now a renowned writer and improviser this is his first solo show in five years. Unique, an event, don’t miss it. ‘Pure genius’ Liverpool Daily Post. Aug I l-l7,20-24,28-Sept 2 3.00pm (4.05) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 3.00pm (4.05) £8.00 (£7.00)



Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


AFTER EIGHT MINCE Kiernan and Leach, Scotland’s newest and best double act, continue hilariously. This pairing began spontaneously during the 1994 Festival, the material coming from the blend of two contrasting but complimentary characters. ‘Supremely confident’ The Independent ‘Irresistible humour.’ The Scotsman Aug 11-Sept 2 8.15pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.50)

TANIA LACY Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138

oooo L8

ONE WOMAN SHOW Tania Lacy bares all in a frank, spunky and hilarious one woman show. Provocative, cheeky, but nonetheless a poignant look at personal obsessions that plague today’s world; men, work, men, weight, men. ‘Grab any opportunity to see this hysterical performance.’ The Age Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 21) 7.30pm (8.30) £6.50 (£5.50 Cones + Fringe Club Members) Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the night


“The best stand-up to appear this side of the Atlantic for years” Guardian


Venue 59 - Edinburgh Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590.


BEST OF THE FEST 5 Mark Lamarr - ‘Razor sharp performer’ Independent this star of BBC2’s ‘Series From Hell’ returns with the Best Of The Fest 5. Delivering the ‘finest one-liners you could ever hope to hear’ Guardian. Special guests to be announced. Aug 26 II.00pm (1.30am) £12.00+ £11.00



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


■ LANO & WOODLEY - ’CURTAINS’ 1994 Perrier Award winners in all new show. ‘Hilarious...sublime’ The Age; ‘a blend of matey Aussie laddishness, beautifully timed slapstick, wonderfully silly songs and mischief Sunday Times, Scotland; ‘Inspired’ Daily Telegraph, ‘Virtuoso display of classical slapstick’ Guardian. Aug 11 -17,20,24,28-Sept 2 10.10pm (11.25) £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 10.10pm (11.25) £9.00 (£7.00)



★ LEE AND HERRING'S FIST OF FUN Lee and Herring, stars of BBC2’s latest hit, continue their hidden agenda to become established as gods of a New World Order. Stew and Rich are joined by that single Balham man-virgin of 31 that is called Peter. Preview Aug 9,10 8.45pm (10.15) £3.50 Aug 11-16,20 8.45pm (10.15) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19 8.45pm (10 15) £8.00 (£7.00)



Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116

RICHARD MORTON RHONA CAMERON “Hilarious...Newcastle’s answer to Billy Connolly” Guardian

“The most amusing feature of the festival” Scotsman


Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550



★ ■ BEYOND THE BRINK Comedy (say KOMMA-dee), noun - entertainment which causes amusement. Horra (say HORRA), noun - an intense feeling of fear. If you’ve ever hidden behind the sofa or turned the volume down, you’ll enjoy this show. Aug 13-26 6.00pm (7.00) £5.00 (£4.00)



“Excruciatingly mad...immaculate physical comedy” Independent


LENAHAN “One of the funniest performers on the circuit” Times

LONG PIG Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499


LET OUT FOR THE WEEKEND Have you seen the funniest show at the Festival? If you have, tell us about it when you come to view our collection of sketches, jokes and starch. ‘I laughed until I stopped.’ Anne Boleyn Aug 13-16 12midnight(1.00) £4.00(£3.00)

NORMAN LOVETT Venue 47 - The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549

O0O G10

NORMAN LOVETT The Red Dwarf star returns after last year’s successful three week sell-out. ‘The man really is funny’ Scotsman. ‘Unwind with his placid brand of dead-pan humour’ Evening News 'The funniest observationalist on the stand-up circuit today’ List. Aug 14-Sept 2 9.00pm (10.00) £6.00 (£5.00)

THU 17th & FRI 18th AUGUST • 8pm




Out Now - 'Jack Dee live at The London Palladium'HM 20


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SMfS1 \HS\Mn inside?



Venue 84 - The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811.


THE BAD HABIT CABARET About as big as a phone box from a distance, popular with anyone who likes a changing line up of the best acts on the Fringe, good food and a late night bar. No alligators - but still snappy. Aug 14-Sept 2 (not 20,27) 10.00pm (3.00) £3.00 (£2.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Reasance. Tickets 55665S0


★ ■ RHAPSODIA IN CLOWN an eccentric visual comedy. Direct from Barcelona a set of characters performing with the fury of Spanish slapstick....The Never Ending Spaghetti, A-Flat Soprano, Soaked Poetry, an E-Motional Pipe Organ....weird! ‘A pearl of comic burlesque' L'independant. Preview Aug 9,10 6.50pm (7.50) £5.00 Aug 11 -13,15-17,20-24,28,29,31 -Sept 2 6.50pm (7.50) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 6.50pm (7.50) £7.00 (£6.00)




Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 THE MEN WHO KNOW + THREE MUSICIANS WHO CAN Not since Hemmingway painted the Rive Gauche red has there been such a fusion of accordians and words. ‘As pop-culture comic commentators they give Reeves and Mortimer a run for their money’ Evening Standard. Aug 20-24,28-Sept 2 10.40pm (11.40) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 25,26,27 10.40pm (11.40) £7.00 (£6.00)



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428



Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116


WHOOPS VICAR IS THAT YOUR DICK A revue This is far and away the best hour of late night cabaret this reviewer has come across in three weeks of the Fringe and for years: an absolute scream.’ The Scotsman Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not Tues) midnight (1.00am) £5.00 (£4.00)



Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151



Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151



■ DONNA MCPHAIL Once again, Donna packs too many clothes of the wrong sort and returns to the Gilded Balloon to talk shite - but only for 6 nights this time. ‘Makes Madonna look like a shrinking violet’ Herald Sun, Australia ‘Stonkingly superb’ The Guardian Aug 28-Sept 2 10.00pm (11.15) £8.00 (£6.00)



MODERN PROBLEMS IN SCIENCE A tour deforce of comic improvisation’The Herald. Three Chicago performers prove a completely absurd hypothesis provided by the audience. ‘Their quick wittedness is prodigious and their entertainment value unbeatable.’The Scotsman. Aug I l-l7,20-24,28-Sept 2 9.20pm (10.20) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 9.20pm (10.20) £8.50 (£7.50)


Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


WOMEN IN UNIFORM Arresting, A-Line, all-new character comedy show from the babes who brought you last year’s hit, ‘Kittens go Grrrl’ ‘Believe the hype. The French and Saunders of the Nineties are here!’ The List ‘Bitingly cerebral’ The Herald. Aug 9,10 4.00pm (5.00) £5.00 Aug I l-l4,16,17,20-24,28,29,31-Sept 2 4.00pm (5.00) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 4.00pm (5.00) £7.50 (£6.50)

JOHN MOLONEY’S CLASS OF‘95 John Moloney presents an hour of stand up, sit down and face the front. Following the success of last year’s Only Moloney, John returns to the Comedy Fest with his new, hilarious show. The Tony Hancock of the 90’s’ Independent Aug I I-Sept 2 (not 15,31) 8.00pm (9.00) £6.50 (£5.50)

MOONCALF / CARAPACE Venue 168-Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: 556 0102


★ THERE IS NO MR SEXY Mooncalf presents There Is No Mr Sexy’. Eight friends meet for possibly the last time. Only one is talented and all are brainless but no one foresees the danger. Innovative, absurd comedy from Mooncalf s unique blend of sketch and sitcom. Aug 10-Sept 2 (not 13) 12.1 Sam (1.30am) £4.00 (£3.00)

Rupert Gavin for INCIDENTAL THEATRE presents


All Singing, All Dancings Polyester Sensation


10.15pm (NO PERF 20 AUG)

George Square Theatre Festival Box Office 0131 226 5138




Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street Tickets 556 9579

DYLAN MORAN Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets S56 6550


DYLAN MORAN - SELECTED DRIVEL Drivel. Nonsense. Tosh. Toss. Dribble. Dreck. Dross. Piffle. Fluff. Fiddle. Piddle. Squiggle. Gunk. Twaddle. Moonshine. Concentrated Meaninglessness. ‘Embarrassingly talented’ Irish Times ‘Set the audience alight’ Time Out ‘Destined to have the adoration of thousands’ Sunday Times Aug 9,10 9.35pm (10.35) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 11-13,15-17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 9.35pm (10.35) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 9.35pm (10.35) £7.50 (£6.50)



Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428



MACPUNCH (THE BARD IN THE BOOTH) The gloves are off as The Scottish Play’ suffers GBH from an alternative Punch and Judy. Not for infants or the infirm - bare hands on stage. ‘You’ll splutter with laughter' Sunday Times. Ages 7-70. Aug 7-Sept 2 (not 12, Suns) 1. 15pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00)


NEWSREVUE Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street Tickets 228 9116


★ NEWSREVUE is London’s longest running satire show. More controversial than Hislop, more heated than Bremner, Kate Copstick and Co bring you Newsrevue as you’ve never seen before. Continually changing throughout the festival - no two shows will be alike! Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 27) 9.00pm (10.10) £5.00 (£4.00)


NIBZ Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116


■ OLE! One of Europe’s most unorthodox comedy acts - extraordinary comic performer Paul Morocco joins forces with guitarist Antonio Fordone and musician Alessandro Russo to go where no comedy music show has gone before. ‘Thrilling...peculiar...frequently reminiscent of watching some manic foreign film without the subtitles' London Evening Standard Aug 13-17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 11.45pm (12.45am) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 11.45pm (12.45am) £8.50 (£7.50)

★ AN EVENING WITH ROBERTO BAGGIO is a fast moving sporting comedy revue. ‘A send up of the sporting world with clever parodies of exuberant fans, fumbling comentators and self important players.’ Daily Telegraph ‘A very very funny show.’ Les Ferdinand Aug 11,12 10.30pm (11.30) £3.00 (£2.50) Aug 13-Sept 2 (not Tues) 10.30pm (11.30) £6.00 (£5.00)


Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550



Venue 15 - Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street Tickets 228 1404.


★ BRUCE MORTON For every action there is an equal, opposite reaction. When helicopter blades rotate anti clockwise, the fuselage will rotate clockwise. This tendency is called torque. Got it? You have control. ‘Morton has an appeal that transcends fashion.’ The Scotsman Aug 28-Sept 2 10.30pm (11.45) £8.00 (£6.00)



Venue 37 - George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 (after 11 Aug)


GEORGE SQUARE CHARITY GALA Glittering selection of Fringe celebrities join forces with the NYMT casts of ‘Annie’ and The Threepenny Opera’ for this annual George Square extravaganza. Best bargain in town. Must not be missed. Book Now! Aug 20 7.00pm (10.00) £10.00


A NOBBY SHANKS, a full time security guard, was stunned after winning the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Award. He said‘I was only there to check the fire exits. Now there’s all this nonsense.’ Unfortunately for him he’s very funny. Aug 14-Sept 2 6.30pm (7.20) £3.99 (£2.99)





NOBBY SHANKS Venue 47-The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549

' ■ 1 II lllllll





H GLYNN NICHOLAS One ofAustralia's most innovative comedians, combining physical comedy, stand up, music and wicked satire. Definitely not to be missed. ‘Maestro work...immaculate and wickedly funny’ The Sun Herald ‘A fabulously entertaining show...generous in time, talent and spirit’ Beat Magazine Aug 10-17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 10.40pm (11.55) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.40pm (11.55) £8.00 (£7.00)

l •




Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


★ GRAHAM NORTON Since last year’s sell out success Graham (from R4’s Loose Ends) has been on a brand new set of adventures. An appetizing spread of TASTY COMEDY MORSELS kept deliciously warm for you to gorge upon. Aug 11-15,17,20-24,28,30-Sept 2 8.1Opm (9.10) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 8.1 Opm (9.10) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 9,10 8.1 Opm (9.10) £5.00 Preview

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION O C © THEATRE COMPANY Venue 16 - The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St. Tickets 667 2388


■ THE DIAMOND CABARET This talented group indulges you in lashings of memorable songs and style from the classic musical era of the 1930s. Wallow in the words and mellow to the sounds of Gershwin, Porter, Warren et al. Aug 21-25 2.00pm (3.00) £5.00 (£2.50)


NUDE COFFEE Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395 ( I


COMEDY & REVUE Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330


■ HORNY AT TEATIME Another slice of Earl’s repertoire. Russell Hunter in the Evening News, said ‘Master of the art of cabaret.... unmissable as singer-songwriter, jazz musician and comedian'. John Gibson awarded a sixth star!!! (Both shows sell out Book early) Aug 12,18,19,25-28, Sept 1,2 4.15pm (5.15) £6.00 (£4.50)



Venue 143-Out ofthe Blue, 2SBIackfriars Street Info 556 5204.


■ THE BONGO CLUB Prance, pose and psychobabble. Artistic acts of strange entertainment in an evening of alternative cabaret Featuring creators of sound, sight and smell liable to arouse a surfeit of hysteria, astonishment or profound confusion. Expect the unexpectable. Aug 14-20,29-Sept 2 11.00pm (1.00am) £2.50 (£1.50)

PALLADIUM PRESENTS Venue 26 - The Palladium, Broughton Place Tickets 556 6969

©000 FI I

NUDE COFFEE Chicago’s hottest female comedy troupe returns to the Fringe! Captivating and funny, they perform all original sketches, songs and brilliantly improvise. Brazen! Bold! Bad! Their adult comedy will shock, rock and roll you! Don’t miss these outrageously funny women. Aug 27-Sept 2 10.30pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.50)

The Palladium, illegitimate son of Acropolis, best new venue on the Fringe where you can see Tokyo Shock Boys, Tap Dogs, Club Swing and many more. Edinburgh’s latest and greatest newest and blue-est Open every night 7.00pm - 2.00am. Bar 5.00pm -


★ ■ CLUB SWING - APPETITE A spectacular FEAST of FOOD, SEX and ORGASMIC TRAPEZE. Four lush girls from Down Under DEFY the laws of gravity. TANTALISE the audience with STRAWBERRIES straight from the cleavage and AMAZING erotic acts in the air. Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 13,20) 11 .OOpm (12,1 Sam) £7,50 (£6.50)

Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-1S Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395


)> CHUNNELVISION Chicago comedy at its finest! Off-Off Campus presents original fa scenes, wacky musicals, and on-the-spot impro! At the Fringe for the fourth time, this It University of Chicago improvisational troupe is ready to incorporate your crazy suggestions into crazy comedy. Aug 13-26 10.15pm (11.45) £4.00 (£3.00)



V Venue 50-The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street Tickets 220 4847


■ THE LEGEND Whilst stand-ups offer clone jokes, Earl’s humour remains unique ill after 12 successful years! With that seductive velvet voice and superb jazz piano, guitar ni and ‘vocal trumpet’, no wonder he’s the Edinburgh Legend. ‘Spirit of the Fringe’ winner 6 1994. / Aug 11-Sept 2 7.35pm (9.00) £6.50 (£4.50)


THE TOKYO SHOCK BOYS The four sake-crazed kamikaze dare-devils return to inflia more weird and dangerous acts of hari-kari on Edinburgh’s good burghers. ‘There is no school of Japanese clowns, just a school of madness! Watch if you can... we dare you!! Banzai. Aug 20-27 9.00pm (10.15) £8.50 (£7.50)



Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


PARSONS AND NAYLOR’S BRAND NEW PIGBAG Henry Naylor presents Radio 5’s ‘Straight Up’, starred in ‘Murder Most Horrid', ‘Smith and Jones', and the Barclaycard adverts with Rowan Atkinson.He is ‘brilliant’ Guardian and a ‘lanky heart throb’ Sun. ‘Andy Parsons is podgy’ Financial Times. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 15,22,31) 8.45pm (9.45) £7.00 (£6.00)

Avalon Promotions Present


Very funny”


Fist Of Fun

Independent On Sunday


"Hilarious” The Guardian

"Belly laughs abound” The Scotsman


Aug. 9th - Sept. 2nd

at 7.00pm {Except Tues. 15th & Thurs. 31st Aug.) Previews: Wed. 9th 8c Thurs. 10th Aug. Pleasance

Box Office: 0131 556 6550 23


PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428

ooc © G7

PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE AWARD SHOWS Winner and nominees of Britain's No. I Comedy Award on one fabulous bill! Outstanding comedy show guaranteed to make you laugh. The highest accolade in Britain for performers of new cabaret and revue.' Sunday Times Aug 31-Sept 2 7.30pm (8.50) £9.00 (£8.00)

PIN-STRIPE THEATRE Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 51 OS


DID WE...? Piercing alarm? Loss of memory? Unsure what you did last night? Relax. What you need is the Hair of the Dog. What you need is a morning-after show. Start the day with early-morning sketches and stand-up. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 9.45am (10.45) £3.00 Aug 12-19 9.45am (10.4S) £4,00 (£3.00) GREATEST EXPECTATIONS ... You may have, but we’ll surpass them! Tired after a hard day’s theatre going? - Just sit back and we’ll tickle your fancy. The smoothest singing, sharpest wit and the most hospitable of hosts. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 27 11.30pm (12.30am) £3.00 Aug 28-30, Sept 1,211.45pm (12.30am) £4.00 (£3.00)


PLEASANCE : COMEDY Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


IN A WORD GilesBrownSmithGraffoeGrinnFootlightsClubzComedyzoneFreedmanMoranFistoffunF rigidairesMarcelineisylvestreMilesNicholasNortonHilllcemanSunshineDembinaEc lairTavareShuttleworthMel&sueMenwhoknowHerringCapurroLockLeeVine. SEE VENUE INDEX. THE MERVYN STUTTER THING Seen anything good? See highlights of SEVEN different shows daily from across the Fringe - every day different ‘All the Fringe in an hour-and-a-half. Long may it flourish' Scotsman. The Fringe’s best variety show and ONLY showcase/chat show. Aug 12-28 (not 22) 12.45pm (2.15pm) £5.00 (£4.00)

FRI 11 AUGSAT 2 SEPT (not 21 & 31 Aug)

9 pm

£6.50/£5.50 cone



226 5138 24



Venue 119 - Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets/ Information 477 7170


PAULSON BARBOUR See a Comedian nobody has ever heard of, BEFORE anyone has heard of him. He’s not playing the Assembly Rooms. He’s not eight quid a ticket. He’s just plain funny. ‘Next year’s Perrier winner’ Paulson Barbour Aug 20-Sept 2 9.50pm (10.45) £4.00 (£3.00)



Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520


EAMON - OLDER BROTHER OF JESUS From the new Radio 4 comedy. After waiting for 2,000 years, it’s Eamon’s turn to wear the mantle of messiah and return to I earth as the Second Coming, (jesus is ill.) Redmond is ‘superb’ Guardian, ‘hilarious’ Scotsman. Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 14,21,29) 7.30pm (8.30) £6.50 (£5.50)

NICK REVELL Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428


LIBERAL PSYCHOTIC ‘When I was 20 all I wanted to be was a terrorist. Now I just want to pay my mortgage. Where did it all go wrong?’ ‘refreshing, sensitive-spellbinding' Scotsman ‘stretches the boundaries of stand-up’ Evening Standard. Aug I I 6.00pm (7.10) £5.50 (£4.50) Aug 12-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 6.00pm (7.10) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 6.00pm (7.10) £8.50 (£7.50)

RICHARD HERRING IS ALL MAN Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


★ RICHARD HERRING IS ALL MAN What is expected of his sex in the I990’s? Does he have to put away childish things? Even his Scalextric? The star of BBC2‘s ‘Fist Of Fun’ presents a brand-new one-man show. ‘Hilarious’ The Guardian Previews Aug 9,10 7.00pm (7.55) £3.50 Aug 11-14,16,17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 7.00pm (7.55) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 7.00pm (7.55) £8.00 (£7.00)


Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street Tickets 226 2428


KATE ROBBINS The female voice behind Spitting Image presents a series of wicked impressions ranging from a raunchy Benazir Bhutto to an existentialist Cilia! Kate sings the songs that Hollywood has never heard! Directed by John Thomson and written by Kate Robbins. Aug 11-17,20-24,28,29 6.00pm (7.00) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 6.00pm (7.00) £8.50 (£7.50)

RICH HALL “A master of absurdist irony”

OOOO G7 ,l

GREG PROOPS Hi, Greg Proops here. I’m back - angry, hurt and confused. I invite if you to share my pain at my ALL NEW SHOW. Come and laugh at the demise of Western Civilisation. ‘Snide and unpleasant’ Sunday Times. ‘Over-confident and overrated’ Scotsman. Aug 11-17,20 9.10pm (10.25) £8.00 (£7.00) Aug 18,19 9.10pm (10.25) £9.00 (£8.00)



“Hugely talented”

GREG PROOPS Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428

TOM ROBINSON Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


TOM ROBINSON songwriter, presenter of Radio Four’s ‘The Locker Room’, performing a brand new late-night showcase of unrecorded material: compelling anecdotes, thoughtful lyrics and infectious music. ‘Funny, serious, sad, utterly entertaining... the best night out of the Festival’ Scotsman. Aug 17,20,21,23,24,28 11.00pm (12.15) £6.50 (£4.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 11 .00pm (12.15) £7.50 (£5.50)


W“we “Wes. say lots lots of people are funny. He’s the real thing.”



Venue 13 - Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate ■ BROWN FLANNEL PANTS ‘Ka-Bundle’ (Ya-Ka-Bundle) - Bulbous multi-media, journeys into the depths of purple, often swelling predicaments and strange occurrences. !, Aug 14-19 5.00pm (6.00) £2.00 (£1.00)



Venue 59 - Edinburgh Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590. BEST OF THE FEST 4 Lily Savage the Birkenhead sex-kitten makes her triumphal return to Edinburgh with ‘Page 3 Stunna' Gayle Tuesday and Australia’s ‘King of Kitsch’ Bob Downe. The hottest show on the Fringe. Aug 22 8.00pm (10.30) £12.00 + £11.00

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am-7pm


GLYNIS HENDERSON in association with

The Female Voice of Spitting Image



Venue 47 ■ The Cafe Royal. 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549


THE BIG VALUE COMEDY SHOW is two hours of top comedy featuring three of London’s hottest comedians, one compere, a bar and an interval! ALL FOR ONLY £6.50!!! ‘Screaming Blue Murder is comedy entertainment at its very best’ Scotsman Aug 14-Sept 2 10.25pm (12.25am) £6.50 (£5.50)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


★ SEAN LOCK After ‘94’s success with ‘Rock’, Sean performs his first ever soloshow at the festival. ‘One of the gems of the fringe. A man with neat one-liners and wry set-pieces, who can crease an audience up simply by raising an eyebrow.’ Scotland-onSunday Aug 9-14,16,17,20-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 9.25pm (10.25) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 9.25pm (10.25) £8.00 (£7.00)





Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138


FROM THE SECOND CITY Chicago’s legendary comedy troupe, The Second City, performs ‘From The Second City’: a fast paced evening of improvisation. Second City has launched the careers of John Belushi, Bill Murray, John Candy, George Wendt & more. Aug I I -Sept 2 (not Tues) 7.15pm (8.55) £7.00 (£6.00 Cones and Fringe Club Members Ticket includes Fringe Club Membership for the night)



Venue 119 - Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets/ Information 477 7170

Wickedly Funny Impressions With Music



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


■ AT A REASONABLE HOUR The ‘deeply deranged’ Sunday Times star of Radio 4’s THE SHUTTLEWORTHS performs ‘at a reasonable hour' (5 shows only): handy tips on modern living and his greatest hits from the Yamaha years. ‘The man’s a star. Go!’ The Independent Aug 26,27 5.30pm (6.45) £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 28-30 5.30pm (6.45) £7.50 (£6.00)





SHEELA-NA-GIG Sheela-na-Gig, masturbating, Irish stone carving, makes a suitable role model for a menopausal, pagan Irishwoman compared to Mary, Mother of Sorrows. Described in Time Out as ‘Sexual Philosopher’ ‘Bawdy, very funny and hard-hitting' Galway Advertiser. Aug 11-29 (not 20) 6.00pm (6.55) £4.50 (£3.50)

OC 00

Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


■ HAMLET By Arthur Smith. The artist formerly known as Prince of Denmark is murdered. Starring Arthur Smith and some other people (possibly). NOTE: There will be no interval, but there will be a bit of nudity. Aug 20,21,23,24,28 4.40pm (5.20) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 25-27 4.40pm (5.20) £6.00 (£5.00)



Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151


SO YOU THINK YOU’RE FUNNY? Sponsored by Channel 4. Dubbed the Boby Perrier this is the most influential stand-up comedy competition (entrants apply direct to venue) where standard is so high that it’s not just the winners that become stars. Heats:Aug 14-16,20-23 10.15pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00) FinahAug 27 8.30pm (11.15) £7.00 (£6.00) THE BEST OF SO YOU THINK YOU’RE FUNNY Featuring last year’s winner Martin Trenaman NIGHTLY plus past winners and entrants such as Rhona Cameron, Phil Kay, Dylan Moran, Smiley and more from the seven years of the competition every budding stand-up wants to win. Aug 11-13,17-19,24-Sept 2 10.15pm (11.30) £6.00(£5.00)



Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Race Tickets 650 8499


WALLACE & BARBER’S SOAPY FROGS Edinburgh based comics return to Fringe with brand new selection of sketches and silliness. Warning: some of their material may have been written under the influence of alcohol. 'Excellent' Festival FM ‘Warped brilliance’ The List. Aug 12-19 10.00pm (11.00) £4.50 (£3.50)


TV presenter,. tnrn>

4.25PM 16 • 18 • 22 AUGUST 24 AUGUST - 2 SEPTEMBER


Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365.


0131 556 6550


KENDALL MITCH CAKE Music! Magic! Small animals! Baggering swastards! Edinburgh’s top comedian and magic’s urban myth clash head on in a satrically skillful steamroller of a show. Starring Mitch Benn ‘probably the funniest’ and Ian Kendall ‘he’s good, very good.’ Aug 13-Sept 2 10.00pm (11.00) £5.00 (£4.00)


SOUTHSIDE LATE Another festival feast of comedy and music. Compered by the finest from the Fringe with the pick of the Fringe. Late licence till 3.00am. Comedy stage with a disabled ramp. Wheel them off! Aug 12-Sept I 12.50am (3.00) £3.00 (£2.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


STEWART LEE Star of BBC2's “Fist of Fun" Stewart Lee returns with a brand new solo show. ‘A stand-up comic of genius’ NME ‘Without question the most imaginative comedian working today...' The Sunday Times. Book early to avoid disappointment. Aug 27-Sept 2 8.15pm (9.15) £7.00 (£6.00)



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365.


★ STRANGE...BUT TRUE Top US comedy from Eddy Strange, making his debut in Edinburgh after public and critical acclaim in the UK earlier this year. Brilliant improvisation and often surreal yarns on golf, girlfriends and marsupials. Welcome to his world! Aug 11-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 11.30pm (12.30am) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 11.30pm (12.30am) £5.50 (£4.50)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


SWEET DESSERTS Take two sisters, a kicking jukebox and a well stocked fridge. Mix, spicing liberally with humour, then cook up in a theatre to make a scintillating, sexy and deeply fulfilling comedy. ‘A feast of a show’ Time Out. Previews Aug 9,10 5.15pm (6.25) £5.00 Aug 11-14,16,17,20-24,28,29,31-Sept 2 5.15pm (6.25) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 5.15pm (6.25) £7.50 (£6.50)



Venue 26 - The Palladium, Broughton Place Tickets 556 6969


★ ■ TAP DOGS ‘Fast, funny, sexy and unrelentingly energetic.' Sydney Morning Herald Athletic sextet catapults tap into the 90’s replacing the top hat and tails with singlets and work boots. ‘Beats the f*** out of 42nd Street.' Sydney Star Observer Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 15,22) 7.00pm (8.15) £7.50 (£6.00)



Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365.


DAVE THOMPSON - THE MILK WORM Brilliant character comedy from the weird and wonderful Dave Thompson. With his illfitting suit and specs, this ‘innocent oddball' is let loose onstage; often unwittingly outrageous... always entertaining. ‘Astonishes with his lanky eccentricities’. Time Out Aug 11 -14,16,17,20,21,23,24,28, 30-Sept 2 10.15pm (11.15) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.15pm (11.15) £5.50 (£4.50)



Venue 143-Out ofthe Blue. 25 Blackfriars Street Info 556 5204.





★ THROTTLE, THROTTLE ‘powerful, emotive, constandy enthralling' Adelaide 94. The long awaited release of ‘THROTTLE’, sees their rapier wit and comic genius abound gloriously to Edinburgh for the very, very first time. Find out what Australian customs hoped would never leak and why. Aug 22-27 12.10am (1.00am) £4.00 (£3.00)



Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550


THE TOM MILES QUARTET ‘Miles and Millner’ sold-out three years running at the Festival and were reviewed as 'Devastatingly Funny’ Observer. After two years of international touring, Tom Miles returns with his debut solo show already described as ‘An Hysterical Hour’ Daily Mail. Aug 9,10 7.00pm (8.00) £3.50 Aug 11-14,16,17,20-24,28-30, Sept 1,2 7.00pm (8.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 7.00pm (8.00) £8.00 (£7.00)



Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151


PAUL TONKINSON moves panther-like through an hour ofthe finest, silliest and mosdy irrelevant material that is his show. Catch him now before he is forced to get a proper job. ‘An oasis of talent in a sea of hype’ The Independent Aug I I -Sept 2 (not 15,31) 8.45pm (9.45) £6.50 (£5.50)

FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131 -226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN I Oam - 7pm 26




■Oil OKICi 0131 Btl 2019

BERT TYLER-MOORE 0O00 Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 ■ BERTIE SOMETHING Genial comedian BertTyler-Moore brings his first one-is a l man show to Edinburgh. From coming out through to turning 30, Bertie Something frank and telling series of snapshots from Bert’s2 life.7.45pm ‘Highly recommended’ What's On Aug I 1-14,16,17,20,21,23,24,28,30-Sept Aug 18,19,25-27 7.45pm (8.45) £5.50 (£4.50) (8.45) £5.00 (£4.00) THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM O00O NEW THEATRE Venue 36-Festival Club 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★theNOTTINGHAM REVUE: THEcomes VELCRO-NINJAS' TEAAPARTY From city that brought you Robin Hood the Nottingham Revue. journey along 1| the between ecstasy and pain. Forget footlights, you’re taking tea with the ninjastight12-26 nowropeand(not the20)milk’s6.15pm gone (7.30) sour. Aug £4.50 (£3.50) VENUE 50 ■ THE MUSIC BOX O000 Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 The Capital' s liveliest venue. Complete all round entertainment. Comedy. Theatre. Music. Clubs. 11Beer Bars.upFood. A minuteandfromwe’lltheseeCastle and the Mound. Dance. Fully licensed am -Tent. 4am. Pick our brochure you there. ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER 668: NEIGHBOUR OF THE BEAST Social surrealist Zen Stalinist world travelling mandola-toting poet returns. Four nights Aug 30-Sept 2 9.16pm (10.15) £6.00 (£5.00) THE FOURbyQUID the besttheofFour the fest the 3 rest. Hosted RogerCABARET Monkhouse andBrings TonyyouBurgess, Quidcheaper Cabaretthanprovides comics at an affordable Aug 11-Sept 2 9.04pmprice. (11.00)Bargain £4.00Buy. (£3.00)Watch press for details. FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm

TIM VINE OO00 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO THE TIM VINE FIASCO With one joke every fifteen seconds it’s Tim Vine i n a double nonsense. and millions of jokes. You won't see anythingbilllikeofit.utterUnless you seeMusic, it twice.guests5.40pm Aug (6.40) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 11-13,15-17,20-24,28,30-Sept 18,19,25-27 5.40pm (6.40) £8.002 (£7.00) WHALE VENUE 0 0Q Venue 35 - The WHALE Venue, Walpole Hall, Chester Street Tickets 458 3267 G3 ■Evening NIGHT CABARET ‘The best late night entertainment in town. Critics Choice.’ News Experience an atmosphere of adventure where an open mind and a willingness to savour the unexpected are rewarded by performers who deliver their rawest14-26 material. Aug (not 20) 10.30pm (12.30) £3.00 (£2.00) WHAT NOW? ENTERTAINMENT 0O00 PRODUCTIONS Venue 168 - Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets: 556 0102 Kll ★ THE ARMAGEDDON RADIO HOUR Apocalypse, Wow!invited The toDunbar Corporation has wrought the destruction of the planet and you’re the final broadcast of the Dunbar Radio Hour. Join WNEP radio for what Chicago critics have called ‘Commedia HellSuns) ‘Arte.’ Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 6.15pm (7,15) £5.00 (£3.00) COMEDY where SPORTZ It’s notofabout a sport! Agames fast paced improvisational competition two teams actorsandsports facepenalties, off- itinisscenes on audience suggestions. Complete with referee it’s 45 and minutes ofbased rapid-fire wit! Aug 11,12,16-19,23-26,30,Sept 1,2 11.10pm (11.55) £5.00(£3.00)


FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm


BOX THEATRE COMPANY GG Venue 45 - Old St. Paul’s Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 JI0 ’I ★fantasy, ■ FEVER is a high-energy feast of frenetic movement, exploring the realms of myth Thistheexciting Euripides-‘The Bacchae' reveals | , body,andvoicemadness. and rhythm essencere-working of humanofbehaviour madness? or magic! ABLAZE THEATRE COMPANY O through Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 Aug 14-26 (not 20) 10.00pm (10.50) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ ■ LOSING WONDERLAND A compelling and energetic physical theatreassault piece THE BRIAN COLLECTIVE OG theusing disappearance and music, oppression ofandchildhood. Looking at thearresting mass Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 KI j onexploring children dance, original video projection. A visually and ★ THETHEFIRST YEARS OF SOLITUDE Inspired bysuccess Gabrielwith Garcia Marquez’ poetic27-Sept performance which(3.30) captivates delights. Aug 2 2.1 Opm £4.50and(£3.00) novel, BRIAN COLLECTIVE return after last year’s their unique physical approach, integrating an original flamenco story-telling song, to create !:' 14-19 score, 3.40pm (5.10) £5.00and(£3.00) ANT V POLAR BEAR CLUB OOGO theatre of both beauty and power. Aug Aug 21-26 11.45am (1.15pm) THEATRE CO Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330 E10 BURKLYN YOUTH BALLET GO O ■Against THEtheROAD TO MECCA theatrefight withfora new energy. 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 unforgiving backdrop ofClubtheculture Karoo,injects two women theirboost souls.ofThis is a Venue unique interpretation of a true story. ■ PETER AND THE WOLF The ballet which tells the tale of a young Russian boy i and his friends capture of a ferocious wolf. Narrated and danced by 18 young dancers Aug 13-Sept 2 5.45pm (6.45) £5.00 (£4.00 SURD) aged 12-20. Also to be danced, Barre, Midnight Blue, Arensky dances, by American j' Aug La12,14-19 3.00pm (4.30) £5.00 (£3.75) ARCHAOS BIKERS BVDA OOGO choreographers. Venue 109 - Cirque Surreal, The Meadows, Melvil e Drive N8 CARLSON DANCE COMPANY 0 ■decibels LE FAUVE Archaos Bikers from France bring you- only Le Fauve. Amust lion who roars brave Venue 62 • St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 Kl | and devours tools. He is 200 kgs his trainer 70kgs be strong, ★ ■ I.D.X. i s a chaotic celebration of female identity which slips into overwhelming and crazy in the head to confront this lion bike. discontent, disruptiveness and bad manners.tender,Powerful expose of women’s wants , Aug 5.30pm (6.00) £5.00 (£3.50) and desires.'sexual The Western Mail ‘Powerful, Aug 12,15-19,22-26,29-Sept 14,21 6.00pm (6.30)9.15pm2 (9.45) Tageszeitung Berlin Aug 28-Sept 2erotic, 7.30pm (9.00)compulsive, £5.00 (£3.00)gripping.’ Die Aug 13,14,20,21,27,29 CIRQUE SURREAL AVIS DANCE OOOG Venue OOGG! 109 - Cirque Surreal, The Meadows, Melvil e Drive N8 I, Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ■performing CIRQUEforceSURREAL From the producers of the Chinese State Circus. A ★ButLILITH The story the Bible wouldn’t tell! Lilith the first-created consort of God. of thirty international artistes. Suspend belief and let the imagination when she defied God, he threw her from paradise. The tragedy of a demon then and soar with Britain’s exclusively designer circus. ‘The big draw of the now. Lilith is true to herself, in despair. (Brighton) Mayfest’first Impact Magazine.human2 7.15pm Aug 27-Sept 2 6.00pm (7.00)even£5.00 (£4.50) Aug I12,16,18-20,23,25-28,Sept 1, 12,15-19,22-26,28,30-Sept (9.45) Aug 1-3 2.30pm (5.00) Aug 13,20,27 6.00pm (8.30) MARK BALDWIN DANCE COMPANY OOG Ringside Centre(£6.00) Tier £ 12.50 (£ 10.00) Side Tier £ 10.00 (£8.00) Venue 62 - St Bride's Centre, lOOrwellTerrace,Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 Kl Rear Tier&£8.00 ★ SIGHTLINES Markmusic Baldwin Dancecharacterises Company in Sightlines - InventionHisspiced with a wonderful sense of fun, and dance this programme. works are a vibrant mix of‘wit, intricacy and ingenuity’, which emphasises the individuality of his outstanding Aug 21-26 dancers. 6.00pm (7.00pm) £6.00 (£4.00) DIRECT FROM KENYA BIG SPIRIT THEATRE CO 0 Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place .Tickets 650 8499 KIO “One of ★ ■ THE DROWNED & THE SAVED Anuses extraordinary physicalandtheatre about one man’s survival in Auschwitz. Bi-ganSpirit mime,theatrical acrobatics wordsplayHerts to the world’s devastating effect ‘Relevant and moving unforgettable experience' Gazette. most joyful Aug 14-19 2.20pm (3.40) £5.00 (£4.00) acts",.,.., BLACK THEATRE CO-OPERATIVE GG Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, lOOrwellTerrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 Kl ★Zumbi, ■ ZUMBI A stunning musical drama based on the myths, legends and history ofa cast a Black leader i n 17th Century Brazil. Against a backdrop of 90’s street life, ofAug15 21-Sept fuse theatre, poetry, the passionate drum rhythms of Olodum. 2 (not 27) dance 3.40pmand(5.10) £5.00 (£3.00) DANCE & PHYSICAL THEATRE


COMPANY PYKE OO Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets SS6 6550 KIO ■Company. PSSST! Pssst! Pyke arebuildsfiveupon dancers from the international/ renowned CANDOCO Dance the athletic that hasmade alwaysespecially been their trademark; it is an22,23,24,28,29,3 oddball, fresh andI-Sept diverting ofhumour dance theatre for the Fringe. Aug 2 piece 3.40pm Aug 25,26,27 3.40pm (4.40) £7.00 (£6.00)(4.40) £6.00 (£5.00) DESPOTS OO Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ ■ AVE RN AL The worldit’s abandon below thebymoon, that of imperfection, presidedtheyovercreated by devils, who claimed it after the universe. In a fit of boredom humans,10-19frail(not organic13)11 puppets, humour(£3.00) and derision. A sinister satire. Aug 05pmobjects (11.50)of£6.00 DIAVOLO DANCE THEATRE OO0O Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 ■physical TETElimits ENofL'dance AIR This award winning company from Los Angeles extends the exploring human relationships in response to their architectural environment. Tests of gravity, stamina, and spatial ingenuity are central to this exhilarating experience. Aug 15-17,22-24,29-31 S.30pm1,2(6.30) Aug 11-12,18-20,25-27,Sept 5.30pm£5.00(6.30)(£4.00) £7.00 (£5.00) DIVAS OO0O Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, IOOrwellTerrace,HaymarketTickets346 1405 Kl ★ ■you ABSURD1TTIES Divas presentbizarre the Vivienne Westwood of and avantgarde dance to take through her wild, wonderfully collage of movement verse. Dynamic,Expect witty,themenacing Liz Aggiss rips, twists and contorts.... any rational mind in the house. unexpected. Aug 21-26 9.30pm (10.30) £5.00 (£3.50)

FRANTIC THEATRE COMPANY 000® Venue 119 - Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets/Information 477 7170 GI4 ■characters LOOK play BACK IN ANGER provides Frantic’s emotional arena within which four outstunningly their self-mutual and theatricalofdestruction. A unique,Individuals full-forceabout and performance Osborne’s classic. toadaptation discover the atrue limits£5.00 ofphysical claustrophobia. Aug I I 6.00pm (7.30) (£4.00) Aug 8.00pm (9.30) £9,00 (£7.00) Special12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28 double-bill offer. Look Back In Anger/Klub ★alienating ■ KLUB1990’sIntroducing generation ’?’. An unapologetically physical journey the into theblast worldthrough of hedonistic, ritualistic self-expression. A sexy,fromsweaty, subversive pump-action the retreats and obsessions of a struggling generation. Aug 12 6.00pm (7.30) £5.00 (£4.00) 8.00pm (9.30) Aug Special11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29 double-bill offer: Klub/Look Back In Anger £9.00 (£7.00) GILDED BALLOON 0O00 Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 K9 ★testBLOODBIRDS i s a dark and fiery reckoning, a race against limited trust andfurther a crazy of endurance. This Tramway commision uses film, text and bodies thrown than fear. 2 ‘Marvellous to an£5.00 ouch-factor Augtheir 24-Sept 12 noon (1.15) (£4.00)often.’ Herald on CRUSH. Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon I , Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520 J8 ★ TERMINAL WANDERLUST Annisjoslin, Ruby Worth, Isa Saurez. Alivehome collaboration of movement, image, voice and sound. A visual navigation of flight, and desiretowhere theatrical choreography, voice,performance synthesised ofandthesampled combine an engaging innovative 1990’s.sounds Aug H -19 produce 4.00pm (5.15) £6,50and(£5.50) THE KOSH IN JUST BELOW THE SURFACE A stunning doublecentury bill of alluring images where thebyrisk of the circus passion of twentieth clubland flamenco, fired pounding rhythmsmeets and the rivetting movement ‘Mindblowing extravagent dance.’ The Li s t . Aug 11 -Sept 2 (not 29) 6.00pm (7.00) £6.50 £5.50 FACTIONAL THEATRE oooe Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 GRINDLAY COURT / OFFSHOOT OO0 ■ MIRJAM‘AFringe First winner 1994. From experiences of womenfeat’Holocaust DANCE COMPANY survivors. balletic hymn...these performances are an admirable The Scotsman. Venue 81 Grindlay Court Centre, Grindlay Street Tickets 229 7941 Their artistic achievement is considerable' The Independent. 'All of the impact...none of ■ THE FOREST Offshoot and Grindlay Court contemporary dance companies J5 the factor’ The Li13)st. 4.45pm combine to perform aScottish programme of integrated dance to an eclectic range of music Augcringe 10-Sept 2 (not (5.15) £5.00 (£3.00) including, Issacs,(7.20) Chamber Aug 24-26Dee6.30pm £5.00 (£3.00)Orchestra, and David Byrne.



HAMBY AND LACY DANCE 0 Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 ★adventurous ■ HAMBYandAND LACY DANCE Modern Dance at its most beautiful, entertaining. The New York Times calls Hamby, ‘a genuine talent.’ The Baltimore says,York ‘Lacy’schoreographers. command of movement is inspiring.’ Provocative works by Hamby27-31 andSunNew Aug 7.00pm (7.S0)£4.00 £3.00(£3.50) (£2.50) Sept 1,2 7.00pm (7.50) HIDDEN DRAGON THEATRE OO0O COMPANY Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 ★ ■ BALLYWOONDE A darkly funny trip through the underbelly of a clown'ares the dreams and memories. Oddly original live music and commanding physicalisation driving forces behind the stark and stunning images in this haunting piece of black humour.14-Sept Aug 2 (not (12. 20,31)11.30pm (12. 1 Sam) £4.00 (£3.50) Aug 11,12 11.30pm 1 Sam)Special £3.00Preview Preview Aug 10 8.00pm (8.45) £3.00 JAPAN EXPERIENCE 00 Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ■BETWEEN KUMIKO the YAMAGUCHI MODERN DANCE COMPANY: IN cracks of human society and human nature. That is where the mystery lies.‘willing That is whereto Irhythm.’ start myThe dance.Scotsman Harmonious and flowing. Truly her dancers13-19 are Aug 7,15pmslaves (8,00) £5,00 (£4.50) ■communicating KEME: MUUMMUUUU The Meaning Dancing-An innovative piece through body expression theisjoyofto Meofbe lifeMuummuuuu. itself. To dance life ismime to dance me is to be no-me is to be moved by a force Aug 13-19 9.15pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.50) Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place. Tickets 650 8499 KIO ■of aKIMONO MIME Athenewkimono genre created by Asako Matsuiworlddepicting theandworld andis life human being. Using as the only prop, the of man nature expressed silence and tranquility. Where east meets west... Aug 13-17in9.45pm (10,30) £5.00 (£4.50) ■desire SHAKTI: RASHOMON A compelling of theandsearch truthandamiddeath.the savage andbytheYoshinori intellectMuroi’s culminating in theJapanese unitytaleofdrums, body spirit,foreros opening powerful Seiryudaiko. World of ErosRitual of Love and destruction. Aug 18,19 10.00pm (11.00) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 20-24 8.00pm (9.00) £6.00 (£5.00) DANCERS FROM THE JIVING 0O0O LINDY HOPPERS Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330 EIO ★ ■Russell HOTofSHIMMY SHUFFLE THE Dance Cabaret starring Warren and theSwing awardin this winningjiving LindyJazzHoppers, plusdream guests. TheyAMaxine, Charleston, Lindy, Tap, and specially created hot, exotic, cafe. rumbustious experience! Aug 12-23 (not 19)10.00pm (11.15) £5.00 (£4.00) LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH ARTS O Venue 65 - St Ann’s Community Centre, South Gray’s Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 0469 J10 ★ ■ HEY Jimi Hendrix, genius, indemon, ‘Heyjoe!’;toLeicestershire Youth DanceJOE through events lifehero, of theintrovert? performed rave Thrilling! reviews: ‘spectacular injourney their wake, the empty stagethevibrates.’ T.legend, ES. Packed with classics. Don’t miss. Aug 13-18 7.30pm (8.30) £4.50 (£3.50) MAPAPA ACROBATS OO00 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ■theseMAPAPA ACROBATS They’re back! Last seen at the 1990 and 1991exuberant Festivals, 7 acrobats from Kenya, thrilled and astonished audiences with their show. At a‘One startling the acrobats tumble and perform spectacular balances. of thepace world’s most joyfullimbo, acts’dance, The£6.50Guardian. Aug 9-17,20,22-24,28-Sept 2 2.30pm (3.30) Aug 18,19,25-27 2.30pm (3.30) £7.50 (£6.00) (£5.50) MOVING VISIONS DANCE THEATRE 0 Venue 127 - St John’s Church, West End, Princes Street HS AtheCELTIC PEACE & HAIDA CRUCIFIXION Ross McKim .with help from dancers has managed to manufacture small oases of hope in a world filled with gal l . ’ Evening News.1.00pm Dance (2.00) as ritual£5.00 for a(£3.00) secular age. Live sound by Barry Ganberg. Aug 22-26 FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm 30


WHO'S TO GUESS WHERE ONE WORLD ENDS... ...AND THE NEXT BEGINS? Pushing forward the frontiers of performing arts with the style and class of a West End show CIRQUE SURREAL consists of 30 INTERNATIONAL ARTISTES whirling into your consciousness with SOPHISTICATED and SPECTACULAR actsIn the mind of a four foot stuntman . . CYCLING on a TRAMPOLINE . . SKATEBOARDING on a swinging one inch TUBE . . CHOREOGRAPHED BUNGEE JUMPING . . . . . BECOME REALITY !!! "Takes 'Archaos' into another dimension " - c.a.i. Magazine 11 "More like a West End Show" Brighton Evening Argus PERFORMANCES Tuesdays to Fridays 7.15pm, Saturdays 2.30pm and 7.15pm || Extra matinees on Wednesday 16th and 23rd August 2 30pm j 2.30 and 6.00pm, 3rd September 2.30pm j ! , NoAdmi showssonsioMonday 29th August n from 14t£8.h0and0 Adul21 sttAugust s and and£6.0Tuesday 0 concessi ons. ."| jfl1 B EDINBURGH! THE BIG TOf»MELVILLE THEATRE THE MEADOWS, DRIVE DIAL A SEAT From 21st July on site or now from Fringe Box Office 0131 662 9677

NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE OOOC COMPANY Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 736S L9 ★ ■ TO COMFORT GHOSTS Award winning, dance basedexploration physical theatre, exploding with the destructive power of sex. ‘a really dramatic of Free WilL.extremely entertaining.' ‘a celebration Noises11-26 Off‘expressive power£4.50 Sunday Times of mortality...Uplifting and visually stunning’ Aug 2.45pm (3.40) (£2.50) NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION oooo THEATRE COMPANY Venue 16 - The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St. Tickets 667 2388 LI0 ■Shakespeare’s JULIET'S tragic SONGloveEntrancing new dance piece taking a sideways at history: story, ‘Romeo and Juliet’. echoeslookthrough sheoriginal is child,music woman,score.lover and victim of violent, selfishJuliet’s families.songStunning choreography toAug 21-25 10.30am (11.30) £5.00 (£2.50) NTROP PERFORMANCE THEATRE OCX 0 Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO CUSHIONED SOULS 250 pairs of shoes, 50 cushions and four lost soulsis invite you toincorporated share an epicwithin tale ofthisLove, England and an allergy to alcohol. New writing vision(£2.50) of resurrected behaviour. Aug 27-Sept 2 8.15pmphysical (S.00) £3.50 PEEPOLYKUS OOOO Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 (SQUID ‘Without a doubt the most entertaining show at Edinburgh this year’ Catch Magazine (on last years show). ‘Imaginative and hugely entertaining’ The Scotsman. Fringe first director Bim Mason.physical A Lighthouse Tale; extraordinary, wonderfully comedy’£4.50 The(£3.50) Guardian. Don’tcompelling miss it! and Aug 11-Septfunny. 2 (not‘Ingenious 13,20) 3.00pm (4.10) QMW THEATRE COMPANY OOO0 Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ■ NOH THEATRE PROJECT - aimingaudience; to makedrawing the ancient Japanese form a Noh meaningful experience for a contemporary from the traditional |f Shortlisted repertory andfor recreating its poetry and beauty through words, music and movement, 1995 NSDF. Aug 28-Sept 2the5.50pm (7.15) £4.00 (£3.00) THE RE-ANIMATORS 1 Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 OOOOKl 1 ■ CAFE FLESH The world’s most bizarre ballet company present Cafe Flesh. A I stunning retrospective choreography Piers toGielgud’s ‘The Downward Spiral'ofwithexciting musicnew by Nine Inch Nails including and costumes die for. newFast,ballet rI> furious, totally unmissable. Aug 14-19 9.30pm (11.10) £5.50 (£3.50) RICOCHET DANCE COMPANY 0 i Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 ★Maliphant CURIOUS SEEDS A contrasting powerful and original programme by Russell 4ir the and Javier De Frutos. by Maliphant individual company. ‘E Muoio Disperato’,‘Re-coil’ witnesses the eternalembraces game ofthejealousy, sexskills and of 8i death. Aug 14-19 6.00pm (7.00) £6.00 (£4.00)

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DANCE & PHYSICAL THEATRE SAKURA DANCE COMPANY OOC0 Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street Info 220 2462 K8 ■SPEECHLESS SPEECHLESS Challenging our Western approach to communication. piece reveals thein theinner‘space’ strength of thethemodern Japanese woman and theThisEastern art of communicating between words. Aug 27-Sept 2 2.00pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.50) SOWETO PARADISE ARTISTS O000 Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street Info 220 2462 K8 FOOL’SwithPARADISE Anactive experimentalAndandit’smusical piece Afast paced dialogue it’s township life inofhelldrama. being three characters: I) Grave 2) Ghostdance. and 3) Satan. about The experiences and reviewed deeds by recounting in hell are too melodramatic. Aug 15-Sept 2 4.30pm (6.00) £6.50 (£5.00) STRICTLY SCOTTISH O0OO Venue 111 - St Andrew & St George’s Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 ■combines STRICTLY SCOTTISH Now i n its third year, this sparkling new production stylish Scottish country dancing, superb music, witty verse and fine singing i n a splendid13-19Adam7.30pm setting.(9.30)‘Elegance panache - a delight to watch’ The Scotsman 1994 Aug £6.00 -(£5.00) SUDDENLYLASTSUMMER 0 Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 Kl ■company, SUDDENLYLASTSUMMER! Contemporary dance with a difference from local cutting through surface stereotypes to celebrate women through dance, ‘aesthetically inspiring' The Student Aug 28-Septenthralling 2 6.00pmand(7.00)intellectually £5.00 (£3.00) THE SYNAESTHETES OOOO Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365. L9 ■ TOTAL TEA THEATRE; A NOVEL-TEA EXPERIENCE What better than a mid afternoon cuppa? Sip several blends as we explore SYNAESTHESIA simultaneously in a sensual spectacle for all tastes. (Price includes unlimited cups ofstimulating tea) the senses3.15pm Aug (4.15) £4.00 (£3.50) Aug 12-16,21-23,28-30,Sept 18-20,25-27 3.15pm (4.15)1,2£4.50 (£4.00) THIS WAY UP OOOO Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 ★charted BURNOUT by Neil Monaghan. A young steel worker believes love can be scientifically. He decides to experiment onandunsuspecting couples, wreaking havoc with his extraordinary theories. A bizarre powerful black comedy, fusing physical13-Sept theatre,2 (not dance,Tues) music 3.l5pm(4.45) and text. £5.50(£4.00) Aug THROTTLE OO Venue 125 - St Mark’s Unitarian Church, Casde Terrace ★marked ■ CRINOLINE On everyone’s Top Ten Desert Island essentials list. The Crinoline ultimate fashionTHROTTLE over it’s wearers. seriously could you be taken in the such excess?94triumph Primed,ofjostling discoverHow ‘a primal raw feeling....always engaging’ Adelaide Aug 22-27 10.30pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00)

UNION DANCE COMPANY 00 Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 Kl ■ MOTIVATE THE ERA The Company perform with poise, humour and m assurance' . The Herald on Union’s Fringe 1994. Since then we' v e travelled the globe to rave reviews.of dance' Now. we're back - with the show The Independent called ‘the Quentin TRAGIC CARPET 00 Tarantino Venue 32-Springwell House, ArdmillanTerrace, offGorgie Road, 346 1405 (St Brides) Kl Outer Aug 14-26 (not 20) 7.30pm (8.30) £6.00 (£4.00) ★ ■ FISH-OR-M Researched the Isle ofexperience, Mull, exploring man’s changing relationship with theAN? sea. Scientific fact,onpersonal myth and legend are VESTRIS-CASSIEL OOOO blended imaginatively through movement, dance, visual theatre, traditional and original Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Tickets 346 1405 KI music. ‘Ensemble theatre at its very best' The Stage ★ ■physical SPECIFIC GRAVITY / HEROIDES XII aAnmetaphysical intriguing double-bill of ofdance Aug 14-26 (not 20) 8.00pm (9.20) £5.00 (£3.00) and theatre to live electronic sound scores: exploration light, air, weightTheandStage. water - plus the myth and the madness of Ovid’s Medea. ‘Visually stunning’ Aug 28-Sept 2 1,00pm (2.00pm) £5.00 (£3.00) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131 -226 5257 or 5259 WILL GAINES - JAZZ HOOFER OO0O OPEN 10am - 7pm * Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ■bopWILL GAINES JAZZ HOOFER With Jack Duff and friends. Legendary bedancer, from Detroit. U. S . A . What i s a ‘jazz hoofer?’ Sound! Percussion! Improvisation! Musician! UsesObserver feet like‘Always instrument! ‘Uniqueofinventive' Telegraph 'Delightful, extraordianary’ a celebration life’ Guardian Stokesley New Amat^ Aug Aug 9-15,20,21,23 19 4.25pm (5.25)4.25pm £6.50(5.25) (£4.00)£5.00 (£4.00) Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330 E10 srARs g\sc ■ WILL GAINES Aug 25-Sept 2 8.00pm- JAZZ (9.00)HOOFER £4.00 (£3.00) Sternyurvd Ptokenk Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 VENUE ■ WILL GAINES - JAZZ The Acoustic Music'tSentre. ChMbers St. Aug 11 -Sept 2 11 00pm (late)HOOFER £3.00 TICKETS £3.00 (£2.oW>ncessions) yriur^SIst Aug ^ Festival Box Office & Acob^tic M. C. yr Fri 1st ^Rpt. 2-30 u What would have happened iNB^Day hadJtfeen unsuccessful and Britain had become a Nazi-state?Benec<n a theater the souls of Jewish victims cry JUSTICE! Can they Jinange the/Durse of history? Can they send people back in time? DANCE & PHYSICAL THEATRE

BBC Scotland Studio One $ Queen Street a performance in (humorous) words #- * and (virtuoso) music Tickets £5(£3) Fringe Box Office 32

ABSOLUTE BLUES: JAZZ CHICAGO 0000 STYLE Venue 9 - The Ceilidh House & Tron Jazz Cellar, Hunter Square, High Street ■played ROBERT MAZUREKtheQUINTET Musical Momentum’ The Herald to sold out last two sound years.‘Sheer CHICAGO based returnsThey to intoxicate youcompelling. withhouses theirThe hard-driving andThisincomparable swing.group ‘Powerful, passionate, Scotsman Aug 12-26 (notTues) 8.00pm (9.30) £5.00 Aug 18,19,20,25,26 2.00pm (3.30)


■songsIAINto move MACKINTOSH - IN think CONCERT The tall, slim, banjo-picker with a bag of to smile, laugh, Aug 10.30pmyou(10.00) (12.00am) £4.50 (£3.50)and cry. Aug 1213 8.30pm ■Scottish SEANNACHIE Clarsach,...great fiddle, guitar, vocals and percussion. The very best of folk. ...super 14,24,28 8.30pmsinger (10,00) £4,00tunes... Don't miss them! ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE OOOO Aug BRIAN duo. MCNEILL ANDandTONY MCMANUS Superb soloists . an Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street Info 220 2462 K8 ■unmissable Traditional new work in a rare appearance. Don’t .pass! Aug 14,15 10.30pm (12.00am) £5.00 (£4.00) ■TheCELLAR BAR THE ' T -G.I.F' SESSIONS It s the weekend. Get on down to Four hours of informal song for£2,00 only £2.00! ■blistering BLO NA - INandCONCERT Fiveballads. women,‘A lottwelve AugCellar. 11,12,18,19,25,26,Sept 1,2 music 9.00pmand(1.00am) reels,GAEL of fun.instruments, ’ Herald four voices • Aug 2315,Sept I bluegrass, 8.30pm (10.00)breathtaking £5.00 (£4.00) ■noLUNCHTIME SESSIONS Lunch-time music and song sessions. Very informal, Aug 10.30pm (12.00am) charge, no PA system. Augadmission 12,13,19,20,26,27,Sept 2 12.30pm (2.00pm) Free THE DROUTH - IN CONCERT New line-up of acclaimed Drouth retaining their strong five-part harmony treatment of traditional andDrinkers contemporary ■butCELLAR BARon SUNDAY SESSIONS The famous Cellar Bar informal sessions ■songs. Aug 16 8.30pm (10.00) £5,00 (£4.00) for half-price Sundays only Aug 13,20,27 9.00pm (1.00am) £1.00 ■ IAN CARR &upKAREN Prodigious ■Resident OPENband. STAGE CABARET ANDFrier,SESSIONS Festival show cabaret sampler. that stuns, bound in(12.00am) two ofTWEED folk’s£5.00finest(£4.00) performers.talent, sparkling wit, musicianship With Danny Kyle, Tich special guest comperes. Late informal Aug 16,17 10.30pm music14-17,21-24,28-31 sessions (11 pm - I am).9.00pm (1.00am) £2.00 (£1.00) ■songwriter ALLANreturns TAYLOR - IN CONCERT internationally acclaimed singerAug to(10.00) Edinburgh for(£5.00) two soloThe concerts. ■motto, SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCE WORKSHOPS Led by Bob Blair whose Aug 17,20 8.30pm £6.00 ‘if you21can-24walk12.30pm you can(2.00) dance’,£ 1.sums it all up. onBeginners MATT ARMOUR INrage, CONCERT Single chance to hear the superlative songs Aug 14-17, 00 entrance day or experts. of■ Fife, fishermen, nostalgia,-£4.50 betrayal, politicians and fools. Aug 18 8.30pm (10.00) (£3.00) ■broad BOBBY EAGLESHAM IN CONCERT Soloist ex Five Hand Reel, with a bag, soft(10.00) guitar£4,50 and a(£3.50) laid back style. Awfy good! ■WhoFINDASK . original songs, materialplayed performed in traditional Aug 11song8.30pm -18,19,26 Folk Music‘.10.30pm ‘...subtle with(£3.00) elan.' Dirty Linen,framework.’ USA Guinness Who's Aug (12.00am) £4.00 ■guitar, HAMISH IMLACH IN CONCERT Blues, humour, contemporary, traditional, Aug 25 8.30pm (10.00) wit ‘crack’, indefatigable, raconteur, traveller, curry gourmet Scot., back at the AMC. ■musicianship CIRCUSAwithunique dose of eccentricofBritish rock combining tight, inventive Aug 11,13 10.30pm (12midnight) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 19-21 7.00pma mischievious (8.00) £4,00sense (£2.50) surreal humour. Unmissable! ■songs SANGSTERS IN CONCERT Scottish traditional, Burns and contemporary presented with humour. ‘Stunningly good.’ The Scotsman ‘Ya boaysur, ken.’ ■ NORTH SEApopular GASfolk- INbands. CONCERT Songs, music and fun from one of Kirkcaldy Scotland' Aug 12 fellay 8.30pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 19,26s most 8.30pm (10,00) £4.50 (£3.50) ■ THEendJOYCE GANGday.Sweaty, fast, fun folk music with an Irish accent. The only way your festival Augto20-22 10.30pm (12.00am) £4.50 (£3.50) AVALON PRESENTZ

CLUUB ZARATHUSTRA The League Against Tedium hosts, loud noises. Deegrading spacktacles. Fierce PHILOsophie. Dancering mit Electricksuit. Cluub Zarathustra SHALL stun. Frighten, bewilder and if necessary even entertain its patrons, namely, THE ELITE, not the SUBWORMES. Come! But upon departure. WIPE YOUR SEAT. 0131 556 6550

MUSIC ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE - continued ■performs JOHNnew CROSS - LOST IN AMERICA The BBC Midlands Artist of the Week' Aug 21 8.30pmoriginal (10.00)material. £2.00 ■through JAMEStheMALCOLM Outstanding songwriter. An emotional journeyThe landscape of modern Scottishsinger/ identity. ‘Not simply good....brilliant.’ Scotsman Aug 22 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) ■ DUO DEDjango HOTReinhardt CLUB Alex Yellowlees (violin) and Sandy Wright (guitar) perform the Augjazz23of8.30pm (10.00) £5,00and Stephane Grappelli. Brilliant! ■ragtime, HOT!folk,AUSTRALIAN! Alex classics, Burns' and Nick Charles’ inspired melting-pot. Blues, Hawaian,(12.00) jazz great Aug 24,25 10.30pm £5.00 (£3.50) originals. With K Howden (piano). ■meets GALLIARD - IN CONCERT contemporary,andjazz,superb’. blues. ‘Jazz . delightful voice...fabulousBritish guitar.’traditional, Folk On. ‘Authoritative Rock •nAugReel.26folk.2.30pm Aug 27 10.30pm(4.00) (12.00)£4.00 (£2.00) ■about PIOBAIREACHD SpeirsPiobaireachd, plays and talks the Scottish classicalREVEALED repertoire forSOME the greatMORE HighlandTompipes. ceolmor Big Music. Aug 27-29- The2.30pm (4.00) £4.50 (£3.50) ■ FRASER NIMMO - IN‘A songwriter CONCERT ‘First class musician and singer - radiates good Aug 27humour.’ 8.30pmScotsman. (10.00) £4,00 (£2.50) of quality.’ Rock 'n Reel ■supporting FOLK INlocalARMS Fifth year ofTherapy this popular pot-pourri of star-studded entertainment Aug 28 10.30pmMultiple (12.00)Sclerosis £5.00 (£3.00) Centre. ■ ADAM AND CHIMERS Songs and light verse from theMCNAUGHTAN: west of(10.00) Scotland£5.00by RHYMERS this Aug29,30 8.30pm (£3.50)inimitable master of the pen. ■newly STEPHEN from QUIGG - INin the CONCERT from around Scotland, from a singer touring£3.75 breathtakingSongs Highlands. Aug 30returned 10.30pm (12,00) ■innovative DAVIDacoustic ALLISON Allison,songwriter Scodand’sin most guitaristPLUS with SUSAN Glasgow’s MAHONEY hottest new singer/ support. BeSeptthere!I 10.30pm (12.00) £5.00 (£3.50) ■songs SANGSTERS CONCERT traditional,FolBurns contemporaryA presented with- INhumour. ‘StunningScottish close harmony.’ k Rootsand‘Shahooorsur’ Dysart Sept 2lassie. 8.30pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00) ■rolled CHARLIE of Tom Paxton,toBibeing l y Connolly Luke Kelly into one’ HARRIGAN Belfast Newsletter.A sort He also confesses a lesbianandtrapped in a man’s body! Sept 2 10.30pm (12,00) £5.00 (£3.50) ■MelTAM WHITE SHOESTRING BAND Gibson and Geena Davies,(9,15) Tam’s£6.00 back homeHaving to the travelled blues. the world filming with Aug 11,19,Sept 2 7.30pm (£4,00) ■dismay, CEILIDH DANCE: THE CIGARILLOS a sell out - avoid book now! Dance10.30pm caller (1.00am) -WILD so no excuses. HighlandAlways dance display. Aug 11,12,17,18,19 £5.00 (£4,00) ■songs MCCALMANS I ‘When the boats fly in the air, the seagulls will sing McCalmans' sardines.’ Cantona. Aug 12to the 7.30pm (9,15)Eric£5.00 (£3,00)‘They made me cry’. Gazza. ■ BURACH - IN CONCERT Aug 13,15 10.30pm (1,00am) £6.00Folk festival winning band. Wild, wild Celtic music. ■demand. A CEILIDH WITH CELTIC SPIRIT Ust year’s smash - back by popular and energetic, contemporary Aug 14,28Wild10.30pm (12.00) £5.00 (£4.00) folk music. Don’t miss it ■ MCCALMANS folk will who manage to climb the stairs deserve better than this’ guillotine Paris.2 The Kathryn Aug 15 operator, 7.30pm (9,15) £5.00 (£3,00)be good tomorrow, though. BherKATHRYN Worldperformance. famous Northumbrian musical rootsTICKELL with a £6.00 rare solo Don’t misspiper it! and fiddler returns to Aug 16 7.30pm (9,15) (£4,00) ■Scotland TRIBEfor(formerly Odd Bodhran) and still the most exciting years.(1,00am) Dance grooves, didgeridoos, and tribal drums.act to come out of Aug 16 10.30pm £5.00 (£3.50) ■Celtic, MCCALMANS Scotland’s answer to Bananarama hasn't been easy for this group3 Being of failed onion growers. Aug 17gospel, 7.30pmrap(9,1S) £5,00 (£3.00) ■Ukranian ROS FOLK DANCE GROUP Fromcostumes. Kiev regionUnmissable! present breathtaking traditional dances and music with colourful Aug 18-23 12.30pm (2.00) £4.50 (£2.50) Free Workshops Aug 21-23 10.30am (11.30) ■comes MCCALMANS doing the cabaret spot on the Arran ferry, their case shortly(9.15) after4theDiscovered concert. Aug 18up7.30pm £5.00 (£3.00)

"Trts festival on earth

castle brown aJ.^han


membership from £5.00 see venue index for full details 34

h. mP« family,

■DickDICK GAUGHAN - IN CONCERT Home after a two-month long US tour, enters 25th professional Aug 20-23 his7.30pm (9,15) £6,50year (£4.00)with no less passion nor fire undimmed. ■Ceolbeg/ DAVYClan STEELEmeets ANDPoozie SALLY seekingpaces. audience! ExunderBARKER spotlight -Desperately guitars at twenty Aug 21 7.30pmAlba(9,15) £5.00 (£3.50) ■beyond. THE POOZIES Contemporary traditional music and song from Britain and exude(9,15) a musicality andandvitality which bewitches the public.' Aug 22-25They 7.30pm £6.00 (£4,00) ■ CEILIDHlocalDANCE: ROBERT FISH BAND More reelin an birlin from this band(1.00am) (withTHE caller). Augpopular 24,25 10.30pm £5.00 Highland (£4.00) dance display. ■ JOHN PEARSON Six and twelve-string from CD,(9.15) ‘Grasshoppers In My Pillow’.guitarist sings blues, gospel and beyond Aug 26his new 7.30pm £5.00 (£4,00) ■Scotland’s CEILIDH DANCE: CEILIDH BAND of top bands. TheirTHE drive,CLOUD energy andHOWE musicianship will move your Another feet for you! Highland dance display. Aug 26 10.30pm (1.00am) £5.00 (£4.00) ■ MCCALM everywhere group failsANS to(9.15) stop5 Audiences going (£3.00) forward to their certify roots. that the Macs exist. This certified Aug 27never 7.30pm £5.00 ■popular CEILIDH DANCE: PORTOBELLO BANDdance Yet display. another of our dance bands with of the bestCEILIDH callers. Highland Aug 27 local 10.30pm (1.00am) £5.00one(£4.00) ■ the MCCALMANS sun goes down on another Mac’s festival we say goodbye toAug that(9,15) put the6 As£5.00 Tthein ‘harmony’. 28group 7.30pm (£3.00) ■ensemble THE HOUSE BAND ‘Celtic find ofmaterial.’ the year...brilliant playing, crystalline work and(9,15) an unerring tastemusic for great Boston Herald Aug 29 7,30pm £6.00 (£4.00) ■clear’. DOUGIE MACLEAN - IN CONCERT Songs, ‘poignant, powerful...raw and A rare10.30pm chance to see Scotland’s Aug 29,30 (1.00) £6,50 top singer-songwriter performing solo. ■‘Against JUNE TABOR The ‘firstHUW lady ofWARREN folk' performing material from her latest album, Streams'(9.15) . With and MARK EMERSON. Aug 30,3TheI 7.30pm £6.00 (£4.00) ■ GORDON GILTRAP Famedperforms for chart success with, ‘Heartsong’, and many TV themes, Gordon£6,00Giltrap Sept I guitartist 7.30pm (9,15) (£4.00) here solo in an intimate setting. ■ CEILIDH BELLARobin, MCNAB’S up thegroove. stoor! Dances well-loved and DANCE: rare from Kenny, Dave, Mairi'BAND s uniqueKickScottish String power! Sept 1,2 10.30pm (1.00am) £5.00 (£4.00)

MUSIC Venue 36 - Festival Club, Doc’s Place, 9-15 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 ■Morison...’brimming SMALLTALK Scots music and and song with Bifashioned l y Ross, lain Maclnnes and Stuart with subtle beautifully things.’ The Scotsman Aug 13 8.30pm (10.00) £4,50 (£3.50) ■ FEATURING CANTERACH ‘Canterach’ - how pipers communicate their music orally. Ross(10.00) Kennedy & Archie Aug 15Also 7.30pm £5.00 (£3.50)McAllister and KRL recording artist Mick West. ■ WAYKIS INCAS IN ALBA That ‘Condor’ moment - experience Andean music. - Tap feet, move hips, dance - Peru is here! (Busking daily). enchanting Aug Aug 2716-20,22-26,28-Sept 8.30pm (10.00) 2 6.30pm (8.00) £5.00 (£4.00) ■RoseTHEHullPEELER SMALL QUARTET Acclaimed duo - Terry Barter and - on cello,(10.00) mandocello, lyra, charango, mandolinacoustic and more! Aug 16 8.30pm £4.00 (£3,50) ■ DAVID - IN CONCERT ‘Understated humour’...’can’t half play guitar, too’...’aHUGHES true artist. to see(£3.50) him.’ Scotsman Aug 17,18 8.30pm (10.00)Go£4,50 ■ both. SEANNACHIE night in Doc’s Place is like.. ? Cue for a song, a tune? The best ofAug Don’t miss it!One£4.00 19 8.30pm (10.00) ■ JIMsinger/ HUNTER ANDplaying THE CRACK coast songwriter own brandOFofNOON HebrideanCLUB jelly roll!The Scottish west Aug 21,22 8.30pm (10.00) £4.50his (£3.50) ■Scotland’s NORTHmostSEApopular GAS - INbands. CONCERT Songs, music, and fun from one of Aug 24 8.30pm (10.00) folk £4,50 (£3.50) ■country. JOHN‘Human JAMESside- INofCONCERT Music of the guitar greats. Jazz, blues, folk, Aug 25,26 8,30pm (10.00)guitar£4.00wizardry’. Melody Maker ■ THE WRIGLEY - IN CONCERT Jennifer and Hazel - renowned and very fiddle(10.00) andSISTERS guitar from the Orkney Islands. Augtalented 29 8.30pm £4.50duo(£3.50) ■ THEheartstopping JOHN WRIGHTbreathtaking BAND Powerful blend of traditional and contemporary music, Sept I 8.30pm (10.00)vocals, £4.50 (£3.50) fiddling, intricate guitar work. A class act. ■ GAELIC CEILIDH An evening and song hosted by Tannas; special guest A must loversofofGaelic Gaelicmusic tradition. Sept appearances. 2 8.30pm (10.00) £5.00for(£4.00)

ALY BAIN (Shetland), fiddle CATHAL McCONNELL (Ireland), flute, whistle, song DAVE RICHARDSON (Northumberland), concertina, mandoline, cittern, button accordion CHRISTY O'LEARY (Ireland) uillean pipes, whistle, song with CHRIS NEWMAN guitar Aly Bain leads worldclass Edinburgh band's annual Celtic music feast! With Gaelic singers Flora MacNeill & Maggie Maclnnes The QUEEN'S HALL CLERK STREET, EDINBURGH 18,19 & 20th August 1995 7-30pm (9.30) Tickets at £8.50 (£7.50 concession) from Fringe Box Office - 226 5138 and Queen's Hall Box Office - 668 2019 promoted by Boys of the Lough

MUSIC ADVENTIST GOSPEL SINGERS FROM oooo HANDSWORTH K8 Venue 188 - Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3 Bristo Place ■series ADVENTIST GOSPEL SINGERS FROM HANDSWORTH presentmusic. a of concerts featuring a unique blend of spirituals and contemporary gospel Come andpraising catchGod. the infectious enthusiasm of these lively, young African-Caribbean singers Free Admission. Aug 15-19 (not 17) 7.30pm (9.00) Free AEGIS PRODUCTIONS 0 Venue 170 - Thomas Morton Hall, Ferry Road, Leith A14 Outer ■night’s THEdancing OCCASIONALS CEILIDH DANCE The annual Fringe event a to oneLateof the best Scottish ceilidh dance bands. Always a busy dancegreat floor. Book early. bar. Aug 18,19 9.30pm (1.00am) £5.00 Venue 72 - Queen’s Hail, Clerk Street Tickets 668 2019 N9 ■ CEOLBEG - INtakes CONCERT Inthistheirpremier only Festival appearance, onemusicof Scotland' s foremost folk bands the stage in capital venue. Fine & musicians including Rod Paterson’s (vocals)(£4.00) first Edinburgh appearance with the band. Aug 17 7.30pm (9.30) £6.00 ALBORADA MUSIC 000 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ■combination GUITARofHEAVEN JONATHAN PRAG: This popular musician’s unique friendly style and formidable classical virtuosity make his concerts unmissable. picks the most brilliant,‘must’. lyrical pieces and brings out the warm, sensual qualities14-Sept of theHe2instrument A Fringe Aug 12.05pm (12.55) £4.50 (£3.50) THE AMERICANA CLUB 000 Venue 159 - Fat Sam’s Downtown Diner, 56 Fountainbridge JS ■Fringe. THEAAMERICANA CLUB The Roots most vibrant pulsating livefeaturing music great club onbands, the non-stop menu of American ‘n’ Rhythm music solo acts,- Boogie jam sessions andBalcony!! special guests from the Fringe. Drink at the bars artists, -16,23,30 Eat in dance the diner on the£3.00 Aug II.00pm(3.00am) Aug 17,20,24,27,31 (3.00am)(3.00am) £4.00 £5.00 Aug l8,l9,25,26,Sept11.00pm 1,2 11,00pm JITTERBUG, JIVE, URBAN ‘N’ COUNTRY BLUESfourGeorge Ashcroft Denyse Law-Forties Jive. jumpin DREAMLINERS-Baggy trousers, hats.- Hoochie HOLLYWOOD ROCKETS sexy, rockin, boogie REEKIE CITY BLUES BAND Coochie Men. CHESTER DRAWERS - Harmonica, slappin bass. SLIDING DELTA - Mississippi bottleneck and fingerpickin, ROCK GATORS, HILLBILLY hot guitarNtoriffs,ROLL, sax licks, fifties REDHOUND HOT ANDDAWGS BLUE - TheBLUEFINGER men in blackare back rocksizzling ya!Stompin HOGWASH meanclassics swamp FELSEN -Yeehah! on the -hardwood floor.music from the everglades. EDDIE ANTONELLO & ARNSTEIN 00 VIOLIN & PIANO Venue 8 - Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square L8 ■romantic AMERICAN DUO FROM MINNEAPOLIS Two programmes. Baroque,and his favourites, including Kreisler. Compositions by Arnstein for Antonello Stradivarius.' Awas n instrument of remarkable depth...He and the24,26 result2.30pm visceral.’Gronds Rapids Press (Ml) Aprilallowed 1994.his Stradivarius to bloom, Aug (4.00) £5.00 (£3.00) Venue 111 - St Andrew & St George’s Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 ■ AMERICAN DUOofFROM MINNEAPOLIS Two programmes include Arnstein arrangements Danse Macabre and Amazing Grace, sonatas by Handel and Brahms.Scotsmon reviews ofand...whizzing Arnstein:’Artful recital delights.’ (Conrad Wilson 1988).’Firecracker Aug 28,29 7.30pmvivacity (9.00) £5.00 (£3.00) scales.’ (Christopher Grier 1985). ANTONIO FORCIONE + NEIL STACEY OO0O Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London Streets Tickets 557 8330 E10 ACOUSTIC GRAFFITI Antonio andwithNeiltheirsetexhilarating the tone formixtheoffirstlatin,hourjazzofandCafe Graffiti’s nightly fourmusic. hourPassionate, extravaganza improvised guitar warm, funny, irresistible. (Ticket admits for entire cabaret.) Aug 12,13,18-20,25-27,Sept 1,2£5.0010.00pm (11.00) £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 14,21,28 10.00pm (11.00) Aug 15-17,22-24,25-27 10.00pm (11.00) £6.00 (£5.00) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am-7pm 36

“See them before you die, otherwise your life will have been meaningless ” THE MAIL ON SUNDAY


VENUE The Music Box, Victoria Street grid ref J8 The Capitals LIVELIEST venue. Complete all round entertainment : Comedy- Theatre- Cabaret- Dance- ClubsBeer Tent- Bars- Food. What more could a festivalite ask for? mssimmzmzzm remains uniquejazzafterpiano, 12 successful years..superb guitar and vocal trumpet Daily 7.35pm CHARLIE CHUCK volatile variety from Reevesandand Mortimer’s "Uncle "Whales On.." star!Peter" "Painfully funny!" Sunday Times "Pure Daily 10.30pm Entertainment" MALCOLM HARDEE The Final ShowCooper features - The blood Bastard Son of Tommy a mad Welshmanboxer, - RICKY GROVER exspitting professional T. V . star hairdresser. it at -your Dally 9.01 pm Miss (11th Aug 26thperil. Aug) ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER Social Surrealist Zen Stalinist Travelling Mandola-Toting Poet World Returns -(30th FOUR NIGHTS 9.16pm Aug - 2ndONLY Sept) WILL GAINES JAZZ HOOFER the extraordinary tapanddancer the OBSERVER "unique inventive" The Guardian "Marvellous variety... delightful..." The Daily Telegraph. Seeing is believing Daily 11.01pm THE FOUR QUID CABARET Hosted bytheRoger Monkhouse Tony Burgess, Four Quid Cabaretandthat brings you three top notch comedians would costcomedy you an arm and a leg. Annormally affordable extravaganza at adetails sensible Watch press for andtime. surprises!! Daily 9.01pm Presents "The Northin Pole". Chekhov meetsof Eastenders thisHouse darkly comicits tale a Medway Public and clientelle. NSDF award winner 1995. "observedTimes with gentle understanding" Sunday 4.05pm (11th Aug - 27th Aug) JIM Emmy SALESTROM awardfromwinning singer/ riin:o:o< Colorado. songwriter Breckenbridge Sang and played Dolly ■fiej*(! Parton for 11withyears haswith performed Johnand Denver many nigij‘ high Times. Come sample his acoustice energy! 8.04pm (23rd Aug - 2nd Sept) BURNT BACON 45 RPMshow - Living In thnTHEATRE pat your SuperbCo ten quality regenerating lillot t bellief in stageTLP.performances, and wacky.." "a cruise into“wild attfJtsVWattsOn. ^yesteryear, .funny and innovative.." 1.00pm (21st Aug - 27th Aug)

Edinburgh' s most sought after club-to designed and a tailored make Sundays true day of rest. Q for quality music and11.59pm decor. - 4.00am Saturday Allhappy newindie visuals and shiny sounds with bit of a rawDJgrungey edge.a Resident Kieran jamming together those evol favourites11,59pm old and-new. fridays 4.00am "Slag the it updays SOHOof the style..Karma " since Sutra nothing has come close., until now. Dishingforup antheessential selection hot'n'seeker. sweaty assembled pleasure thursday 4.00am 11.59pm LookingAlternative forward torocklooking back. classics 75-85Pop,andThebeyond. Shelley, Iggy Cure, The Stranglers...drinks promos and all Wednesdays 11.59pm-4am SOUL UNDERGROUND club forbeat, tuesday Swing soul,Edinburgh' street s funk. Featuring local DJs plus guest from London.Mutha) ResidentDJsDJ WAV (Funky tuesdays 11.59pm - 4.0Oam awithhugea taste pizza ofhiphop an evening indie toppedofofwith a and smattering intelligent techno. mondays 11.B9pm - 4.00am

The following hours apply from Thursday 10th Midday August Open Open from BoxBoxOffice from 11220-4am am4847 -11 pm Office Tel 0131 Enquiriesmade prior toonThursday 10th 0131 225 2564should be

ARBOREA MUSICA AND FRIENDS O0O Venue 140 • Stockbridge Parish Church, 7B Saxe Coburg Street ■period ARBOREA MUSICA AND FRIENDS Virtuoso baroque chamber music (plus someseries contemporary surprises!). in the crownonof the Fringe’ instruments Radio Forth; ‘Splendid of concerts’ EveningAssurance. News.TheWejewelgratefully acknowledge financial assistance from Royal Scottish Aug 14-Sept II (not (not 19,20,26,27) 19,20,26,27) 5.00pm 1.00pm (2.00) Aug 14-Sept (6.00) £5.00(£3.00) £5,00 (£3.00) ■oboeTHEandKAPELLMEISTER CONNECTION I Arborea Musica.Bach’s Musicsonfor(and flute, harpsichord by friends and colleagues JS Bach and Telemann, Telemann’s godson) CPE Bach, and their mutual inspiration, Vivaldi. ‘A real chamber music14-18 rapport’1.00pm The Scotsman. Aug (2.00) £5.00 (£3.00) ■oboe, THEfluteKAPELLMEISTER CONNECTION 2 Arborea musicsonfor and harpsichord friends colleagues Bach andMusica. Telemann,More Bach’s (and Telemann’s godson) CPEby Bach, andandtheir mutual JSinspiration, Vivaldi. ‘Splendid oboe playing’ Records and Recording. Aug 14-18 5.00pm (6,00) £5.00 (£3.00) ■ FARRAGO FROM BACHby virtuoso TO BIRDSONG Unaccompanied solos and duets oncentury baroque flutes-and recorders A seventeenthnightingale teams upTimes; with ‘Respected birdsong ofperformer-composers. a more contemporary feather. ‘Captivating sound’ Sunday performer’ Recorder Magazine. Aug 21-25 1.00pm (2,00) £5.00 (£3.00) ■unaccompanied FARRAGOsolos - FROM TELEMANN RECORDER More and duets oncontrasting baroqueTO flutesTAPE and ofrecorders, rangingrecorder from an music. eighteenth-century concerto to examples contemporary ‘One of the country’s finest performers’ Sheet Music Aug 21-25 5.00pm (6.00) £5,00 (£3,00) ■unrequited LOKI ENSEMBLE - LOVE, THOUCantatas CRUEL TYRANT! The pangs offlute and love,Albinoni eighteenth-century soprano oboe by Vivaldi, and Handel,style. interspersed withfortrio sonataswithbyobbligato Corelli and a virtuoso harpsichord solo. Aug 28-Sept I 1.00pm (2.00) £5.00 (£3.00) ■by LOKI ENSEMBLE MUSIC' Instrumental vocal music Telemann and hiss Water friends,- CELESTIAL including sonata for violaS SIRE dainstance gamba Bach, anand unfamiliar version of Handel' music and thea (£3.00) first recorded ofbycaffeine addiction! Aug 28-Sept I 5.00pm (6.00) £5.00 ARS MUSICA - NEW JERSEY OOOO Venue 127 - St John’s Church, West End, Princes Street H5 ■Rossini’s ROSSINI: PETITE SOLEMN MASS Neither ‘petite’ or‘solemn’greatest offour ‘Sins of Old Age' i s an opera in ecclesiastical garb. Italo Marchini conducts brilliantensemble’ soloists, pianist Linda Glasgal and chorus. ‘Blended and robust’ NY Times. ‘Finetoned Opera(7.30) (London) Aug 13-14 6.00pm £4.00 (£3.00) Children under 12 free ASSEMBLY ROOMS OOOO Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ■better CLUB LATINO After sell-out success last year, CLUB LATINO is back, bigger and than before. Combining prestigious live acts and the hottest Latin sounds CLUB LATINO takes over the Supper Room again. this club is busy so arrive early. Aug I12,Sept 1,17,24,31,Sept 2 12midnight (4.00am)Be warned £5.00 (£4.00) Aug I £6.00 (£4.50) Aug 18,19 £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 25,26 £9.00 (£7.00) BBC RADIO SCOTLAND 0O Venue 79 - Festival Theatre, 13/29 Nicolson Street L9 ■Theatre MR ANDERSON' S FINE TUNES Join lain Anderson in the foyer of the Festival a live broadcast of Radio Scotland’s award winning ‘Mr Anderson’s Fine Tunes,’ aformixture Aug 22-24 2.30pmof live (4.30)musicFREEand interviews with the best of the Festival’s performers. LA BELLE ANGELE OOOO Venue 147 - La Belle Angele, 11 Hasties Close, Cowgate Info 225 2774 J9 ■performance DANCE CLUBS Squid - Surreal sub marineFetishtheme club: fresh tunesfusion & liveof delivered weekly on Thursdays. Fearless & fruity depraved drama and decadent decor.and(Frifriendly 11,25).(FriBi18,g Beat dancefloordancefloor jazz from Thelonious team. Packed 1). - Top- quality Aug Tickets10,11,17,18,24,25,31 from venue only. ,Sept I 11.00pm (4.00am) ■‘Venus SHOOGLENIFTY Following thespent success of their awardEurope’s winningfestivals debut album In Tweeds’, Shooglenifty have this year touring return for two shows at La Belle Angele. ' B rilliant frenzy...hypnofolkadelia’ SOSand‘Acidnow croft’ Shetland Times & support. Aug 23,30 9.00pm (1.00am) £6.00 BIG VERN ’N THE SHOOTAHS 0 Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Tevict Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 ■music BIGmixed VERNwith'Nmore THEcontemporary SHOOTAHS ‘s actFun,is based onandthe great classicmusicianship. era of 60‘s soul tracks. energy Voted theand3rdPrince! best live act to appear in Glasgow, the band were pipped by Michael Jackson Aug (11.00) £6.50Club (£5.50Membership Cones and Fringe Ticket25,26 price9.15pm includes Fringe for theClubnightMembers) 37

BRUCE-COLWELL DUO Venue 29 - Carlton Highland Hotel, North Bridge Tickets 556 7277 ■entertaining SERENATA ITALIANA For theirthewelcome return the Fringe, the highlyTosti, Bruce-Colwell Duo select sweetest Italian tomelodies (by Puccini, Verdi etc) to serenade you. Georgina Colwell and Margaret Bruce perform regularly in Italy, to13-19 international acclaim.£8.00 (£6.50) JANE BOM-BANE oooo Aug 4.10pm (6.00) J3 Venue 92 - The Spider's Web Downstairs, 260 Morrison Street ■rhymes. JANE ‘Majesty BOM-BANE returns with hermusicianship' round-a-wayTime wrongOut,songs, rhythms BURNTBACON THEATRE COMPANY and Cinema, wit..Adventurous ‘Queen of theandand funky Venue 12 - The Sheraton Grand Hotel, I Festival Square harmonium’ Exploding ‘Blisteringly off-beat’ Daily Telegraph, ‘Weird wonderful music' STV, ‘Eccentric’ Fol k Hoots, ‘Unique’ The Li s t . ■ SHERATON Spendthisa civilised evening in theSondheim' Cocktails Aug 8.00pm (9.15) £5.00 (£2.50) BarSONDHEIM andscintillatingly enjoy someAT of theTHE best music in and Edinburgh summer. Stephen Aug 27I 1,12,14-16,24-26,28-31 2.00pm (3.15) £5.00 (£2.50) songs sung by four singers a world class pianist. Presented by S&D. Aug 27-Sept 2 (not 3 I) 8.30pm (10.00) Admission Free BOOGALUSA Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 CAFE GRAFFITI OO0< Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London Streets Tickets 557 8330 ElCI ■Boogalusa BOOGALUSA From theA Shetland Folk Festival andwithLouisana toandRadio One,they have won hearts. blend of Cajunblugrass African Reggae, ■ CAFE GRAFFITI After celebration, the triumphant return towithlastyetyear’s have two albums under(11.00) their £6.50 belts, the latestCones featuring the Bhundu Boys as special guests. ★Festival ofwildthisand eccentric fourCABARET hourdelights. spectacular return more Aug (£5.50Membership and Fringe civilised11-13,18-20,25-27,Sept unpredictable Truly(2.30am) the ‘Heart£8.00ofwethe(£6.00) Festival’. Ticket17,18 price9.15pm includes Fringe Club for theClubnightMembers) Aug 1-3 9.45pm Aug 14,21,28 9.45pm (2.30am) £5.00 Aug 15-17,22-24,29-31 9.45pm (2.30am) £6.00 (£5.00) BOYS OF THE LOUGH DO I MIDNIGHT In thelivecatacombs belowandCafe thiswithnewtheclub- fl Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019 intimate, hot, exotic, MARACAS! combines the best andtasty DJ’dsnacks. Jazz LatinGraffiti sounds, 1 ■of internationally BOYS OF THE LOUGH Fiddling TV star ALY BAIN leads energetic new line-up legendary Alessandro, booze, crazy decor and Delirious, essential, famous, ever-popular, globe-trotting Grammy-nominated Edinburgh unforgettable. favourites! Celtic traditional musicMacINNES! Fringe success - 16th year!only! With Aug 11.30pm (2.30am) Gaelic18-20 singersSpirited FLORAannual MacNEILLand MAGGIE Standing-room Aug 12,13,18-20,25-27,Sept 14-17,21 -24,28-3 I I 1.30pm1,2 (2.30am) £5.00 £7.00 (£5.00) Aug 7.30pm (9.30) £8.50 (£7.50) ■ CYBER GRAFFITI Voyage cyberspace in style inWeb the elegant and eccentric atmosphere offorCafetheGraffiti. l interactive Worldwide accessEat,crafted WebConsult Festival. FulWrite your hypermedia cybergraffiti! drink,bysurf and LORNA BROOKS DO be merry! Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 Aug 12-Sept 2 12noon (2.00am) FREE ■ LORNA BROOKS andSheherhasband. Lorna hason'themanykindTVofandvoiceradioyou’dshows want to spend the restwith of your life with. beenLouden featured toured Horse, Shawn. ’£6.50 Colvin(£5.50 and Wainwright III. Members) and has Aug 15 9.15pm (11.00) Cones and Fringe Club FOR CREDIT CARD SALES Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the night RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm


fLoYds preaH n OASIS Pi


Main Theatre Venue 108 Moray House 37 Holyrood Road Thurs 10th Aug Sat 2nd Sept 7.30 - 8.30 £5 (£4 cone.) Box Office:0131 556 0102

CALEDONIAN FOLK AT THE O00 GUILDFORD Venue 107 - Guildford Arms, I West Register Street(off East End of Princes St) H9 ■YardTenOfnights (and all free!). Hosted by popular local folk band Ale withof great very folk specialmusicguestplusartistes... ■ THE SISTERS Theseof aOrcadian have wowedmusicfolkonfansfiddle, sinceguitar their earlyWRIGLEY teensjustwith21 talented wide rangetwins of traditional and theyplaying already Augpiano. 18,25 At8.00pm (12yearsmidnight) Free have two CDs out. Talent in abundance! ■ DAVY STEELE One country’s great - and a fine songwriter intoogroups with TV and radio coverage for hisof the work. Davyvoices Drinkers Drouth and Ceolbeg and moreLocally, recently andis remembered internationallyforwithhis part Scots |Iij: Aug supergroup, Clan Alba. 19,24 8.00pm (12 midnight) Free ■ SCALDED CATSplusA strong lineTheir up from Fife offering musicfiddle, and banjo, song from i|l guitar the Celtic music world Cajun.stuff-as instrumental line exciting up includes and accordion. Hot wild their name implies! I Aug 20,26 8.00pm (12 midnight) Free |!r singers ■ CHRISTINE KYDDTogether, AND JANET Individually theseoriginal two young arethispretty good. theyvoices areRUSSELL Wow!....’the most strikingly vocal sound on side of the Atlantic...two in sublime harmony’ The Scotsman. Aug 21,22 8.00pm (12 midnight) Free. IBWhellans MIKE WHELLANS rare tourby blues from fans, his Danish domicile, is definitely notmember toOnbeamissed guitar freaks andScots loversborderer of wildBand. wailing harmonicas. Founder of Boys of the Lough and Vindscreen Vipers Skiffle Aug 23 (only performance) 8.00pm (12 midnight) Free. fl TICH FRIER Known for his wide repertoire from Scots traditional to jazz standards I, and his ability to entertain a drollDavis wit and cool ‘raconteurism’. A most polished stylish - not quitewithSammy wrong religion! Aug 27performer (only performance) 8.00pm (12- wrong midnight)race,Free. CALTON CENTRE TEA SHOP 0000 Venue 119 - Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery St. Tickets/ Information 477 7170 call for details G14 BdayEDINBURGH' S MOST Island Iced TeaofUNUSUAL a speciality in TEA our lateSHOP night barat thewithFringe’s cabaretnewest and liveallmusic.venue. WatchLong2out8.00pm for details Aug I I-Sept (1.00am)bandsFreeand events in the Daily Diary. CEILIDH HOUSE #00 Venue 9 - The Ceilidh House & Tron Jazz Cellar, Hunter Square, High Street J9 Bmusicians LATE willNIGHT FOLK Fiddles Guitars Bass Pipes Singers. The very best folk be playing until the wee sma ‘oors. Come and join in the fun. Aug 16-Sept 2 12midnight (3.00am) £3.00

MUSIC B EDINBURGH' SONGWRITERS SHOWCASE G McEwanon hosts up-andcoming songwriters. SOpen stage Tuesdays. Four(£2.50) of the best inT concert Wednesday’s. Aug 15,16,22,23,29,30 7.30pm (10.30) £4.00 fl CEILIDH HOUSEplaceSESSIONS Scotland’s top Impromptu session pubmusic The Ceilidh the premiere meeting forf youfolkare& ajazzmusician musicians. sessionsHouse everyis night. Drop i n for a drink i bring along your instrument. Aug 13-Sept 2 8.00pm (12midnight) Free Bahead ALBADROSS Celtic music and song from Edinburgh’s finest. An all star straight trad jam!2 5.00pm Aug 13-Sept (7.00) £5.00 (£4.00) EMMA CHRISTIAN QG 0 Venue 185 - The Magdalen Chapel, 41 Cowgate 220 1450 K8 B... BY CANDLELIGHT... Hauntingatraditional music from the Isle of‘The Manmost for Celtic harp, recorder and voice. ‘Formidable... Celtic sensation’ Rock ‘n’ Reel. notable,30 most ambassador the island of her birth has ever had’ The Times. Aug 9.00pmcharming, (10.20)musical £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 118 - Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. 440 2159. QI Outer B... BY CANDLELIGHT... Sept 2 9.00pm (10.20) £5.00 (£4,00) * Venue 91 - St Mary’s Cathedral & Chapter House, Palmerston Place 225 6293 H3 flSmouldering EMMA CHRISTIAN, CORRINA HEWATand&voice... CATRIONA MCKAY Celtic music for Celtic harp, recorder by candlelight. Featuring theandleading of traditional Manx music, the mould-breaking Celtic jazz composer 1994performer Pan-Celtic Sept I 9.00pmthe(10.40) £5.00 (£4.00)Festival Harp Champion. THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) 00 SOCIETY Venue 111 - St Andrew & St George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 Bjourney FIDDLE, HARP & VOICE Isobel Mieras and Jim Ferguson present a musical combines robust ballads,dance haunting laments,round ScottishScotland. poetry andTheirsongsprogramme by Burns with slow airs andBorder toe-tapping tunes for Augthe21fiddle. 7.30pm (9.30) £5.40 (£4.50)

At a reasonable hour

FOR 5 PERFORMANCES ONLY ‘Shining imagination...he makes me laugh until I cry’ THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 26 - 30 August at 5.30pm PLEASANCE 0131 556 6550 39

MUSIC jW* I THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) SOCIETY - continued mClarsach, CHARLOTTE KATHa magical CAMPBELL REBECCA KNORR celloof traditional and flutePETERSEN, combine to original create fusion of&sounds. A captivating programme music and compositions. Aug 22 7,30pm (9.30) £5.50 (£4.50) ■Marshall MINSTRELS MAKARS Macdearmid (voice and clarsach) and Alastair (whistleandand&Spain. pipes) presentandAnne aairsmiscellany Ireland, France Songs to stir theof traditional emotions, music dancefrom tunesScotland, to set your feet tapping. Aug 23 7.30pm (9,30) £5.50 (£4.50) ■Edinburgh FESTIVAL CEILIDH This popular event (sorry, no dancing!) the its based NA CLARSAIREAN (Director Isobel Mieras) whichfeatures now launches first 40 small combine Augalbum. 25 7.30pm (10.00)harps£6.50 (£5.50)with pipes in a feast of traditional Celtic music. Venue 118 - Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Tickets 440 2159. QI Outer ■forAvoice, SCOTS TAPESTRY Rosemary McKerchar and Ian Inglis present Scots music clarsach and recorders the beautiful of Rosslyn Chapel.the anniversary The programme will include traditionalinsongs, ballads setting and music to celebrate ofAug the27,28 Auld Alliance. 8.00pm (9.45) £5.50 (£4.50) ■ HARPS TWO NATIONS 700 years on from themusic Auld Alliance, Brittany'harp s Violaine MayorOF Mieras contrast Breton forjoining metal-strung with Scottish songandandScotland’s music forIsobel gut-strung instrument, occassionally in FrancoScottish harmony! Aug 29,31 8.00pm (9.45) £5.50 (£4.50) GRACE CONWAY (FLUTE) & MARGARET JAFFREY-SMITH (PIANO) OO©' Venue 140 - Stockbridge Parish Church, 78 Saxe Coburg Street D6 ■Margaret TENDRES BADINAGES Thistheir sparkling new duo;withGrace Conway (Flute) &French Jaffrey-Smith (Piano) make Fringe debut an enchanting feast of music from the 17th Century to the present day including works by Marais, Poulenc and Gounod. Aug 25 8pm (9.30) £6.00 (£5.00) GLENN DAKIN OO Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 ■Singer, GLENN DAKIN A SONG, A SMILE, AND A FAIR-SIZED TREE! word-player, tale-weaver, liar, bon-vivant! Is he Donovan, Dylan or Doonican? Humorous, imaginative! reflective genius’ N.M.L Aug 25-Septfresh,2 6.15pm (7.15)‘God-like £5.00 (£4.00) DAMAGE OOOO Venue 116 - Club M8,12 Shandwick Place H5 Damage days and nights at M8. By day theatre, talks, readings, performances, workshops and a chill out cafe. By night the very best dj’s at the Festival, the only club playing techno/ house every night. See below. Phone for brochure. ★ ■ DAMAGE Come on.veryCome early. StayThelate.bestThedance/chill best soundsvenue in at Edinburgh. Great NIGHTS dj’s every night‘til late. (3.30am). the Festival. Aug 10-Sept 2 (not Mons) 12 midnight (3.30am) £3.00 (£2.00) JIM DIAMOND 0 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 PEACE, LOVE & HARMONY This famous Scottish singer will perform classic Scottish traditional otherandstandard songs plus including hits in‘I won' t let youof down' should have known and better’ ‘Hi Ho Silver' manyhismore an evening light , ‘I entertainment. Aug 27-Sept 2 8.10pm (10.00) £ 10.00 (£8.00) DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS O0O Venue 11 - Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 ■Usher FIONA MUIR At 17 Fiona Muir ha. ; received wide acclaim with performances at the and the Queens Halls. Hear this great singer. Aug 21-26 10.45pm (11.45) £3.50 (£2.00) CRAIGIE SINGS Come and Muirhouse’ young talent performing blues, soul, gospel, jazz and gospel(3.50) songs£2.50 withhear sublime Aug 14-19 3.05pm (£2.00) vocal harmonies. ■shores. SHORES sisters By No entertain Spring Chickens.historic Highland setting.harp, poetry and song tell tales of island Aug 14-19Two1.15pm (2.15) £3.00in an(£2.00) JAMES DURRANT AND DANIEL OO MCELHINNEY Venue 91 - St Mary’s Cathedral & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 225 6293 H3 ■ LUNCHTIME CONCERT - MUSICwithFOR VIOLA AND PIANO Thein a celebrated viola player, JAMES DURRANT, pianist DANIEL MCELHINNEY, recital of music from baroque 20th century. The programme includes works by HANDEL, andto HINDEMITH. Aug 18 1.HUMMEL, 00pm (2.00)DALE £4.00(£2.00) 40



"Catapults into the 90'Beats s, replacing hat and tails with ,„kojtop ... ^ singlets andtapworkboots. thef**k out....... of 42nd Street.” , „ „ Sydney Star & Observer^ August 12 - September 2 (not 15,22) at 7.00pm (8.15pm), £7.50 (£6.00) .

be banned ... stupid, repulsive and it'Tom s naePontin, funnyEdinburgh . . but they’ve //"Should got very Strong testicles." Tory Councillor NigftftjfII 20 - 27 August at 9.00pm (10.15pm) £8.50 (£7.50) ; CLUB SUING ID e h o p e your hungry j 0) “Appetitecome seduces with culinary on and aerial bondage". , m Aug 12 - Sep 2 ^ ayfnot 13,20) at ll.OOpr • (12.15am) £7.50 (£6.50)

Bad Boys Batucada every night at Streetwise Brazilian percussion and dance group 5.30pm in the bq By Credit Card6969 Personal Box Callers Tocta 0.131-557 Palladium OfficeRecords Broughton 10-6 Mon-Fri, 12-4 Sun, Place 5-11, Virgin - |9| The Fringe Office 0131-226 5138 Princes Street 10-6, Ripping 10-7 Mon-Sun Records Palladium 0131-556 7353 Fringe Box- North OfficeBridge - Royal10-6, Mile 10-4 TOCTA PALLADIUM FREEPHONE 0800 13209

THE EDINBURGH MELA OCX © Venue ISi - MeadowbankStadiur.. LondonRoad Info 529 3153 GMOuter ■megastar NUSRAT FATEH ALIperform KHANup &to PARTY KingofofhisQawwali andsoul-stirring InternationalSufifrom Pakistan will three hours renowned inspired devotional(10.00) music.£10.00 Early(£7.50) booking advisable. Sept 2 7.00pm ■Hardskin, CARNIVAL SUN SPLASH Carnival concoction IndianMother summerSound sounds;System from Black Steel, Pato Banton...with DJ’s fromofFunky spinning theU-Roy, discs...and...Musical Sept 2 8.30pm (2.00am) £7.50 Youth reform & reconnect with their reggae roots! ■ PARDESI This popular Midlands based Bhangra band will have you bopping in no time feelgood beats.£5.00 Septto2 their 10.30pm (1.30am) (£4,00) ■brings PAPA WEMBAplaintive Supportvocal Makosa. Trendsetter in fashion and music, Wemba his distinctive Sept 3 7.00pm (10.00) £8.S0 (£5.00)style and high energy sound to Edinburgh. ■hisKUMAR Exclusive!Early Top Bollywood playback singer with over 1,000 films to comesSANU to Edinburgh. Septcredit 3 8.00pm (11.00) £ 10.00 (£7.00)booking advisable. EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND O0 Venue 31 - St Cecilia’s Hall, cnr Niddry Street & Cowgate. J10 ■ VIOL RACKETT SHOW Where do you wear a pair of nakers! Is it safe to play a I| featuring serpent! Find out about the fascinating world of early music in this family entertainment 80 period and lavishly costumed dancers. Aug 19,26over7.00pm (8,00)instruments £5.00 (£3.00) ■ THE AULD ALLIANCE 700th anniversary celebration of the cultural linkshabits in | i between Scotland anddances France. Hear what Parisians thought ofCourt Scottish drinking 1295. Gasp at the that scandalized John Knox at the of Mary Queen of Scots. Aug 18,25 8.00pm (9.00) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 19,26 10.30pm (11.30) THE ELECTRIC BARN 0O© Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ■entertainment ROCK-N-ROLL CEILIDH WITH NO RULES A double-decker of featuring: Downstairs a stomping hoedown of Celtic mayhem...Upstairs The Cabinet - Laidback helping of comedy, chat and coffee... Dance, laugh & drink ‘tAug il youChill sweat, cry & stink. 13-17,20-24,27-31 12 midnight (3.00am) £6.00

FESTIVAL CLUB PRODUCTIONS oooo Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ■bandJAZZ BYplusNIGHT Easy listening. RelaxfromandEUJO, unwind.SwingSample the bestFrancis Scottish big swing, top mainstream numbers 95, Picanti, Cowan Octet, EJO, jean2 Mandell, and much more. Aug 12-Sept 10.30pmRoger (1 .00am)Craig,FromMJQ£2.50 BClassical CLASSICAL INTERLUDE Lunch with Bach,Spirits, Mendlesson Masters. Refreshing Lunchtime recitalsChopin, by Blythe Classic and Sax other and more exciting New Scottish Based(2.30pm) Musicians. Aug 12-Sept 2 12.30pm From £2.50 ■ BIRDLAND An excitingFeaturing, new venue with some ofEddie the best modern Jazz artists from both sides Chuck of the Atlantic. Quartet, Hamilton, Lyle 2Quartet, EH(2.30am) 15 Igor and theButeman, Dave(£3.50) MilliganSevern Trio, plus a coolSteve jam session. Aug 12-17,27-Sept 10.30pm £4.50 Aug 18-26 10.30pm (2.30am) £7.00 (£5.50) FJAERE OOO 3 Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, BristoSq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 •newFJAERE Electric groove, songs, energy, passion. A few of the words describing this singer-songwriter who iclose s grabbing attention everywhere she angoes.edge.Europe, Japan, America andforthetheUK.nineties. Bone and companionable music with A songwriter performer Aug 23,24 9.15pm (11.00) £6.50 (£5.50 Cones and Fringe Club Members) Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the night THE FRINGE CLUB OOOO Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 Welcome to the epicentre of the Fringe and Festival City. The largest arts festival on Earth squeezed into one three storey building; with live music, club nights, international comedians and2the10.00am pick of the in the hungriest in world. Aug I I -Sept (late)£20fringe (Membership requiredcabaret frombar7.30pm) Membership £5.00 Daily for the Season PASSPORT PHOTO REQUIRED FOR SEASON MEMBERSHIP ■ NEWCASTLE BROWN ALEtalent- PICK OFirresistible THE FRIDGE Where else can you get itaudience all? Frominthethe hottest new to thosecabaret old favourites. Join the toughest world for the ultimate experience. Changing line-up everyIevening. Aug I-Sept 2 10.45pm (late) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■system THEcrying FRINGE CLUB CLUB In the feet basement the building sound the sound of dancing Chartofhouse, hip-hop,lurkssoul,a vicious indie pop, rock and punkoutat theforking of clubs. Aug 11-15,17-22,24-29,3 I -Sept 2 9.00pm (2.30am) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■up FIESTA LATINA Edinburgh. Ana Xochitlan exotic of Edinburgh' "Fiesta Latina" livens the tempoSalsa, at theCumbia, Fringeof Club disco, DJSamba, introducing blend aofs bailar! Latin dance rhythms Merengue, Lambada Todos Margarita cocktails. Everyone’s Aug 16,23,30 9.00pmwelcome. (2.00am) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■newDELPHIC RECORDS' SONGandSHOWCASE At last Sign - an open stage songs, presented by TGoneMcEwan Woodstock Taylor. up atavailable. 6.30pmjustonforthe night in the Fringe Club for of twelve 15 minute slots. Instruments Aug 13,14,20,21,27,28,30,31 10.30pm (1.30am) Free with Fringe Club Membership LATE NIGHT DANCE AND PARTY NIGHTS ■ THE TARTAN AMOEBAS "The Amoebas are fast building a reputation as one ofsunny Scotland’s hottestlicks,dance acts forjigstheandmerryreels,hellskeltering they raisefiddles with their anarchic mix sassy brass break-neck and thumping reggaeof beats. A thoroughly excellent night.” Scotland on Sunday. Aug I I ,Sept I 12midnight (2.30am) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■ CAPTAIN SHIFTY Fresh from Glastonbury, Captain Shifty have just released a debut E.P. recorded withvenues Acid Jazzthroughout supremoEurope, Eddie Filler. funk groove Edinburgh, now packing “shakeA rare out those negativeoutfit vibes"fromto Captain Shifty. Aug 13,Sept 2 12midnight (2,30am) Free with Fringe Club membership ■ THEDrummers SATIVAoneDRUMMERS Born the Hardcore club Sativa, Edinburgh, The Sativa years on areatBritain, Britain’s tophave Trance Drummers. Industrialartists. CalypsoNumbering and and Celtica half Skawith all around they collaborated withPlaying many premier 12 79 piercings and 35 serious noise complaints between come prepared Free to dance! Aug 16,27them,I2midnight(2.30) with Fringe Club Membership TRIBE (formerly Odd Bodhran). TheDidjeridus, most diverse and Drums.) exciting new act to come out ofAugScotland for years. (Dance grooves, 21 12midnight (2.30am) Free with Fringe ClubTribal membership ■incorporates BO' WEEVIL haveblues builtand a largeoriginal following a superbflingliveandsetR’n’B that authentic songsinthatScotland span thewithcountry, influences. Aug 23 12midnight (2.30am) Free with Fringe Club membership FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm

* 41

THE FRINGE CLUB - continued COCOjazz,AND nite in withwithCocosomeandsuga the Bullit Bean serving a roomful ofmSounds spooky aeh!potTHE of soulBEAN brew, Asweetened hip-hopupflavours. A-wun Aug 31 12midnight (2.30am) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■Formed CASAonlyCABRALES Edinburgh’s andcarnival RhumbaofTroubadores. a yearofagofierytheyAre grownmusic. intoownaCasa 10Salsapiece a bandendplaying own original bland Latinhavedance Cabrales gigs always up a their hot sweaty mass of singing, clapping, dancing bodies. Aug 30 12midnight (2.30am) Free with Fringe Club membership ■ COMBO! play an eclectic mix and of Dance-Grooves, funk’n soul, with Trew, a touch . COMBO! ‘Catch an instrumental groove ride it to funk Nirvana.' Jonathan The Li20soft jazz. Aug I2midnight (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership WINE BAR MUSIC ■Gilberto THE JOHNNY 7 Thehighmoustachioed children ofmuzak’, John Barry and Astrid return... Riding onThetheJohnny ‘newlove wave of newembark experience the formidable force of love © with 7 as they upon a musical journey of truly proportions. Aug hammond-esque 11,12 9.30pm (10.45) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■harmonies, LOOBIEexpert Newguitar, Folk & Blues Bluesto- One the successes the 1994 ‘Gorgeous makeofyour toes curl...of Why not Fringe. widen your horizons?’ Aug 17-20Evening 9.30pmTelegraph (10.45) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■andINVENTED Acoustic-based snapshots-in-song. Ian Cochrane this timemellow with LIES reinforcements! Ease gently into those fevered Fringe Clubis back nightsagain, with an original, evocative Aug 24-27 9.30pmand(10.45) Freecollection. with Fringe Club Membership ■rockLITTLE MONKEYS Edinburgh’s and most original folkoutfits.thatGREEN Accordion, drums, fiddleOne and ofguitar, belting itfinest out with ‘an in-yer-face aggression' would have McGowan himself applauding. Rock + Reel Aug 31-Sept 2 9,30pm (10.45) Free with Fringe Club Membership ■ DDawntreaders AWNTREADERS With a clutch greatsurprise. songs andThecharisma by theAberdeen bucketload,who the rarelythisdisappoint andofoften 4 piecefirstfrom released "Talk" earlier year to much acclaim make a welcome visit to this year’s Fringe.13-16 9.30pm (10.45) Free with Fringe Club Membership Aug ■album TINDERBOX Seattle grunge meets Celtic folk. TheConnections band, whotoreleased theirVan debut earlyOne this year, have playedofevents fromFringe, Celtic shows with Morrisson. of the highlights last year’s the band makes a welcome return in’95.21-23 9.30pm (10.45) Free with Fringe Club Membership Aug ■Scottish TRAVIS areTravis a rarehave discovery. Onerecorded of the with best young bands to emerge(Neil fromYoung). the already producer “Travis28-30 arescene, without bestwith bandFringe I’ve seen a very longNokotime”BolasTommy Vance. Aug 9.30pmdoubt (10.45)theFree ClubinMembership GILDED BALLOON ooeo Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 K9 DONNA AND K.B.B...IN...! The Innovative and inspired duo are back! . .In.. an insatiable show full of musical intensity, intoxicating harmonies, passionate vocals, exhilirating rhythms evoking theyou.heat of. ! Southern Europe and infused with incredulous fun! Martha AugLetI 1-23 I 1.and 30pmEve...take (12.30) £7,00. In.(£6.00) JOHN OTWAY’SsoldPREMATURE ADULATION A remarkable under-achiever who simultaneously out This London’s Astoria and successfully publicised himself asitsRock and Roll’s Greatest Failure. mixture of music and humour is now celebrating fourteenth successful year at the Fringe. Aug 24,25 11.30pm (12.30) £6.50 (£5,00) THE GADFLYS Australia’s acousticgrooves. trio returns by popular towiththrillthe audiences with their uniquefinger-snapping blendfinest of rootsy Embrace thequalified earlydemand hours Gadfly’s special medicine, slabs of melancholia and joy...just what the ordered. Augdoctor 11-Sept 2 1.00am (4.00) £5.00 Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon I , Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520 J8 SUZANNE BONNAR DOIN’ IT RIGHT Oneit Right’ of Britain' snights foremost jazz‘Don’t and pass blues performers is appearing at the Festival ‘Doin’ for 6 only! upNews.the opportunity to catch her show, it's always a real pleasure to hear her sing’ Evening Aug 11,12,13,31 £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 15,29 11.30pm10.00pm (12.30) (11.00) £6.50 (£5.50) GLENDALE CONCERT CHOIR OO Venue 161 - St Cuthbert’s Church, Kings Stables Road H5 ■SUMMER SING Ais aSONG OF SUMMER A girlsandchoir with Twenty-five a difference, girls SINGpresent A SONGsongsOF concert staged with elegance energy. you hear in(4.00) their £4.00 own special Auglove 23 to2.30pm (£3.00)style. GREYFRIARS KIRK PROMOTIONS OO0O Venue 131 - Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 K8 ■onORGAN RECITALS Well-known and visiting organists play varied programmes the 1990 Peter Collins organ: Aug 16th Dr John Kitchen; 18th Paul Stubbings (London); 21 st - Dr25thChristoph Lorenz (Germany); 23rd - Douglas Hollick (Leicestershire); - John1.10pm Willmett; - Andrew Aug 16,18,21,23,25,28 (2.00)28th£4.00 (£3.00)Armstrong. 42



HARPSICHORDS AT ST CECILIAS O0€$ HALL Venue 31 - St Cecilia’s Hail, cnr Niddry Street & Cowgate. J10 ■Scotland’s A uniqueoldest chanceandtomost hearelegant the superb keyboards fromseries, the Russell Collection in concert hall. This celebrating the tercentenary of Purcell, presents antique instruments from the Collection with some of the country’s finest players. ■HARPSICHORDS RICARDO BARROS PEDRO - MUSIC FOR French& works playedPERSONE the 1769(4,30) Taskin 1755TWO Kirckman harpsichords. Aug 15on3.00pm £5.00and(£4.00) ■Purcell, PENELOPE CAVE A CHOICE COLLECTION Words and music and (4.30) Gordon£5.00 Jacob,(£4.00) using instruments by Keene and Hitchcock. by Aug 17Byrd 3.00pm ■by RICARDO & ANDREAonKAISER - KLASSISCH DUET Lieder Mozart, Haydn,BARROS Hoffman, Aug 19 3.00pm (4.30) 65.00accompanied (£4.00) the English piano made by Thomas Loud. ■Italian RICARDO ANDItalianFRIENDS 17th Century on theBARROS anonymous hapsichord,- MASCHARADA with recorder and baroque cello. Aug 22music 3.00pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4,00) ■TUNEFUL JOHN KITCHEN & SANDY CHENERY, COUNTERTENOR ‘Smith’(£4.00) organ andYEKeene virginal. MUSES Purcell and contemporaries, Aug 24 3.00pmusing (4,30)the£5,00 ■ LUCY CAROLAN -1764/1783 THE ITALIAN CONCERTO Bach’s Italian Concerto and played(4.30) on the£5.00 AugPartitas 26 3.00pm (£4.00)Goermans/ Taskin French harpsichord. ■FRANCE ALAN CUCKSTON - THE SUFFERINGS OFplayed THE QUEEN OF the 1793 harpsichord.C.P.E. BachJ.C. Bach, HaydnAugand29Dussek 3.00pm (4.30)on£5,00 (£4.00)Broadwood ■ ALAN CUCKSTON & VIRGINIA DE LEDESMA, SOPRANO Caldera and songs,(4.30) and Bach Scarlatti keyboard works using the Hass harpsichord. AugPurcell 31 3.00pm £5.00and(£4,00) ■programme KAH MING NG THE HARMONIOUS HARPSICHORD from(4.30) Byrd•to£5.00 Purcell to Arne on the Falkener harpsichord. A varied Sept 2 3.00pm (£4.00)

Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London Streets Tickets 557 8330 EIO H THE fun’ HONKIN' HEP CATS Winners raunchy, of I994’s Spirit of thebebop Fringe award. frenzied Edinburgh blues' The’Wild Independent. 'OJazz ne ofFMtheEvening mostNews. exciting‘Witty, live bands I havejump-jive, ever seen - sheerandextrovert joy’ David Freeman, Aug 15-17,22-24 8.00pm (9.30) £5.50 (£4.50) DAVID HOWELLS oooo Venue 57 - BBC Scotland, Studio One, 5 Queen Street. Tickets 668 2019 G8 ■andCHOPSTICKS AND BEYOND The pianist who has fired the imagination of old young alike with his unique performances in (humorous) words and (virtuoso) music presents an array works including ‘Chopsticks’ as given recently on Radio 4's ‘Loose Ends' . of13)vibrant Aug 12-19 10.00amHall. (11.00) £5.00 (£3.00) Tickets also(not from Queens THE HUMPFF FAMILY OOOO Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Tevict Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 ■Humpff THEFamily HUMPFF FAMILY A legendary name ibands, n the anti-perspirant industry, the are one of Scotland’s best loved live an eclectic mix of musical mayhem played9.15pm at a break neck£6.50 pace(£5.50 that willCones leaveandyouFringe exhausted and crying for more. Aug (11.00)Club Ticket11-13 includes Fringe Membership for the nightClub Members)

JAZZ - ROUND MIDNIGHT OOOO Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street Tickets 668 2019 N9 Top names, exciting combinations and musical excitement are the Round MidnightCall hallmark at the time of going to print, several jazz stars are still to be confirmed. 557 4446 for a Round Midnight programme. THE HONKIN HEP CATS OO00 0131 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KI0 Aug 29-Sept 2 ■sultans GRUNTIN' ' N ' GUZZLIN' Lock up your llamas and tie down your tapirs these return tomusical grunt,joy. guzzle‘Forandheaven’s grind their a grown-up’s portionofofsatisfaction red-hot throbbing sake,wayusethrough the stirrups!’ The FOR CREDIT CARD SALES Archbishop ofStoopidoon RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) Aug I 1-13,15-17,20,22-24,28 1. 0 0am (3.00) £6.50(£4.50) Aug 27 1. 0 0am (3.00) £7.00 (£5.00) OPEN 10am - 7pm Aug 18,19,25,26 12 midnight (2.00am) £7.00 (£5.00) LEE & HERRING'S


"Fist Of Fun is worthy of Monty Python - higher praise than which there is none" Margaret Forwood, Daily Express AUGUST 9th - 20th at 8.45pm (Except Thursday 17th) Previews: Weds. 9th & Thurs. 10th PLEASANCE Box Office: 0131 556 6550 11 PERFORMANCES ONLY AN AVALON PROMOTION

MUSIC JAZZ - ROUND MIDNIGHT - continued mHerald. CAROL KIDDdoubt PLUS GUESTS close to perfection' ‘Without the SPECIAL best Britain’Dangerously Times.some A Carol is a must for everyone whonights likes great songsjazzandsinger greatinsinging. With very concert special guests, these are Festival to remember. Aug 29,30 8.00pm (10.00) £20, £16, £12.50 (£6.00) ■CraigCRAIG S JIVE Inspired byswoon the erawithof hisHollywood musicals, swings,MCMURDO' jump with jives,hiscroons and CAFE makes audiences classyandballads, or laugh uproariously tongue-in-cheek humour. A must for hep-cats swoonettes. Aug 31, Sept I 8.00pm (10.00) £ 15, £9 (£6.00)

THE MAMBO CLUB OF EDINBURGH OO00 Venue 75 - The Mambo Club, West Tollcross. Info 229 0469 14 ■openTHEeveryMAMBO CLUB OF SirEDINBURGH Forand the get sixthfunktified year, theandClubmambo will beto night of the Festival!! Ossie says: ‘Come African, Reggae, & Salsa, Soca & Calypso and Zouk music. It’s party night every night 10-Sept Late bars.2 Latin Aug 10.00pm Thurs-Sun £4.00 (£3.00)(4.00am) Fri-Sat £5.00 (£4.00)

MARCOS PRODUCTIONS OOOO Venue 98 - Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ■band’THEScotland TARTAN AMOEBAS A ceilidh funk dance orgy. ‘Scotland' s hottest dance On Sunday. Aug 11 pm£5.00 (1.00am) Sept 17,20,24,27,28 2 12.30am (2.00am) (£4.00)£5.00 (£4.00) KHARTHOUM HEROES OOO© Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 18 MARDI BRASS JAZZ/FOLK QUARTET OCX Venue 77 - The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. ■DubhKHARTOUM HEROES Melodic, yetenigmatic often manic, theoffusion of theHeroes. SkuobhieA Orchestra and Miraclehead takes the form Khartoum ■ THEquintet LIGHTER After Centre last year’swithsuccessful Fringe debut collision between electric and acoustic, Khartoum Heroes return to the Fringe Club with young returnsTVSLIDE to and the Square itsbrassunique blendThe ofGuardian. musicthisandvirtuosic humour. their shuffling beats, rhythmic roots£6.50 and (£5.50 highly infectious tunes. Featured on national radio. ‘High-quality quintet’ Aug 30-Sept I 9.15pm (11.00) Cones and Fringe Club Members) Aug 23-Sept 2 (not 27) 6.00pm (7.00) £5.00 (£3.50) Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the night Aug 26 I 1.00am (12 noon) MAC-TALLA 0 MARSHES FARM ooo 1 Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019 N9 Venue 143 - Out of the Blue, 25 Blackfriars Street Info 556 5204. ■superlative MAC-TALLA IN CONCERT ‘Gaelic song taken to new dimensions, ■haveMARSHES FARM contains elements, of jazz, folk and progressive solo and ensemble performances.’ SOS. Immediately successful on disc and i n a consistant which is distinctly own. Lushshifts. harmonised music, vocals yet glidetheyo' concert,Kinnaird singers (cello/ Eilidh Mackenzie, Christine Primrose and Arthuraccordion). Cormack combine with beautiful guitar6.00pm linessound held together by unusualtheirrhythmical Alison clarsach) and Blair Douglas (keyboards/ Aug 14-18 (7.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 24 7.30pm (9.30) £7.50 (£5.50)

DOUGIE MACLEAN 0 Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019 N9 ■beenDOUGIE MACLEAN INhypnotic...powerful' CONCERT Scotland' s leading singer-songwriter has described as ' . ..gentle... Scotsman,' a musical hero’ Wall Street Journal. HisOFsongs CAELDONIA and STORMaudience. and his music used in THE THE(9.30) MOHICANS reachREADY out toFOR an everTHEwidening Aug LAST 25 7.30pm £9.00 (£8.00)

MUSIC IN OLD ST. PAUL’S OOOO JiO J' Venue 45 - Old St. Paul’s Church, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 ■of Old FESTIVAL MASSES Festival Sunday Worship amid the sights, sounds and smells St Paul's. ThisAugyearandfeatures Vierne: Messe Solenelle, 13th Aug, Haydn: Paukenmesse, Stravinsky: Aug 13,20,2720thII.00am (12.30) Free Mass, 27th Aug. ■ MOZART REQUIEM A Stconcert of Mozart’s great The masterpiece by the choir and orchestra of OldMozart’s Paul’sperformance directed by Leslie Shankland. programme will Augalso23 contain 7.45pmmusic (9.20)from £6.00 (£4.00) early years in Salzburg.

In Concert

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BOOK Festival 12-28 August, Charlotte Square Gdns ...it's back

WMtm and many many more An all singing, all dancing one hour extravaganza for the whole family CHURCHILL THEATRE, MORNINCSIDE RD TEL 0131 447 0111 j 11th August - 2nd September, 8.30pm Tickets from ^4.00 44

TICKETS on sale 3rd JULY Box Office 0131 220 3990 Information 0131 228 5444 "essential reading" the EBF PROGRAMME For your copy call or write to EBF, Box F, 137 Dundee St, Edinburgh EH111BG I j

From the group that brought you La Cages Aux Folles Threshold Theatre Company present 6:15pm Little Shop Of Horrors 8:05pm West Side Story 10:50pm Sweeny Todd From the company that produced Children Of The Clearances, Realistic Theatre Company present 4:00pm The Drummer Boy Dr a*,a From winners of the Guardian Student Drama Award: National Student Theatre Company's 2:45pm To Comfort Ghosts Cambridge Mummers' 8:00pm Sophia From Ireland, a premiere with Heads or Harps Theatre Company 2:15pm Moonshine From Oxford Brookes Drama 4:15pm Equus / Metamorphosis Theatre from Exacting, Bradford Playhouse Touring + more

From last years' PERRIER award winning Paramount Comedy Company 6:30pm BSE II - The Cows come home 7:45pm Bertie Tyler Moore in Bertie Something 9:00pm Dolly Dupree in Dupree or not Dupree 10:15pm Dave Thompson in The Milk Worm 11:30pm Eddy Strange in Strange but True Late additions live straight from the Fringe Club Bear Pit 10:00pm Kendal Mitch Cake 11:10pm Paul Hull in These Girls 1 Knew Plus each night from 12:50pm - Southside Late c

*»*,LDRewfs Magic Theatre Theatre Company present: 10:10am Circus Workshops and Magic Circus Stray's Youth Theatre present: 11:15am “Who?” See venue listing at rear of programme for full details. EHOUIRIES AND BOX OFFICE: OI3I 067 7365

MUSIC IN THE MUSEUM OO00 Venue 43 - Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 K8 KandTHE WALLACE COLLECTION Founded in 1986 by John Wallace to explore perform brass and wind instruments, The Wallace Collection has quickly gainedthean repertory internationalfor reputation for exciting programming and outstanding performances. Aug 23 6.30pm (7.30) £6.00 (£4.00) Price includes a free glass of wine ■duoSALLY BISHOP ANNE-MARIE This formidable and exciting were formed in The 1992&audience and havewillgained ananHASTINGS enviable reputation for their innovative and lively programmes. enjoy uplifting musical experience what better way to start a Festival evening! Aug 6.30pma(7.30) £6.00of(£4.00) Price30includes free glass wine ■orchestras SCOTTISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA One ofanScotland’s most popular comes to the Chambers Street museum withmagnificent excitingglass-topped programme, including Sibelius, Mozart and Beethoven. Relax in the Main Hall and16 enjoy evening£6.00 of musical delights. Aug 6.30pmana(7.30) Price includes free glass of(£4.00) wine CATHERINE NARDIELLO - PIANIST #00 Venue 91 - St Mary’s Cathedral & Chapter House, Palmerston Place 225 6293 H3 ■giveCATHERINE NARDIELLO PIANO CONCERTS Catherine Nardiello will three piano concerts during the Fringe. This is her first Fringe appearance i n Edinburgh. will be a mixture classical Featured willHerbe 7.30pm aconcerts piece composed her byofKen Baldry.and light classical repertoire. Aug 18,26,27 (8.30) £5.00for(£3.00) NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH 0000 ORCHESTRAS Venue 100 - Central Hall, West Tollcross. Tickets 229 7937 K5 FESTIVAL OF BRITISH YOUTHmusic. ORCHESTRAS Top disabled, youth orchestras play classical/contemporary, baroque/band Children, students, unemployed, young: FREE. ■CONDUCTOR: EDINBURGHPARINTERNATIONAL YOUTHConcerto: ORCHESTRA PETERSON.Berwald; DoubleRossini; Trumpet Vivaldi; Partita: Neil Butterworth; Aug 12 7.30pmSinfonia (9,30)Singuliere: £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY FreeSibelius; Grieg. ■CONDUCTOR: SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ANTONY DENNANT. Easter Candide: Bernstein; Spartacus: Khachaturian; Chansons: Elgar; Fire Festival: Rimsky-Korsakov. Aug 15 12.30pm (1.30)Dance: £2,50Falla;(1.00Russian P) SDUCY Free ■CHARLES DUNDEE SCHOOLS SYMPHONY MAYNES. Italian Girl: Rossini; Vltava:ORCHESTRA Smetana; Trojans:CONDUCTOR: Berlioz; Viola Concerto: Stamitz; Symphony No 5: Beethoven. Aug 16 7.30pm (9,30) £5,00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■Easter SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY Festival: Rimsky-Korsakov; Cello Concerto: Saint-Saens;ORCHESTRA Fire Dance: Falla;Russian Symphony No 4: Tchaikovsky. Aug 17 7.30pm (9,30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■ HILLHEAD STRINGS ELAINE FERNANDEZ. Variations/Tchaikovsky: Arensky;CONDUCTOR: StMendelssohn. Kentigern Suite: Thomas Wilson; Two Elegiac Melodies: Greig; Violin Concerto: Aug 18 7.30pm (9,30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■LEWIS EDINBURGH YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONCERT BAND DIRECTOR: Aug 19MORRISON. 12.30pm (1.30)Matthew £2.50 (£Arnold, 1.00 P)Holst, SDUCYWalter Free Piston, Vaughan Williams. ■ DORSET YOUTHEaster ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR:El Salem ROBINMexico: BROWNING. Adagio: Barber;Russian Festival:NoRimsky-Korsakov; Copland; Bright Blue Music: Torke; Symphony 6: Tchaikovsky. Aug 19 7.30pm (9,30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■SYMPHONIC WEST GLAMORGAN YOUTH STRING ORCHESTRA & YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: PHILIP EMANUEL. Holst,21Elgar,12.30pm Mozart,WIND Grieg,£2.50 Shostakovich, Lecuona, Aug (1.30) (1.00 P) SDUCY FreeBernstein, Williams. ■SYMPHONIC WEST GLAMORGAN YOUTH STRING ORCHESTRA & YOUTH WIND ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: PHILIP EMANUEL. Holst,21Mozart, Aug 7.30pmElgar, (9,30)Shostakovich, £5.00 (£3.00Williams, P) SDUCYSparke, Free Nowak, Lecuona. ■Rising ULSTER YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: ALEXANDRE MYRAT. (Special Commission): Philip Flood; Symphonic Dances/West Side Story: Bernstein; Symphony 5: Shostakovich. Aug 22 7.30pm (9.30)No£5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■CONDUCTORS: BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH SECOND ORCHESTRA IAN SMITH, MICHAEL ROSE. Trombone Korsakov; Nightdance: Mussorgsky: VonFree Einem; Gillis.Concerto: RimskyAug 23 7.30pm (9.30) Keable; £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY ■played DURHAM MUSIC CONSORT Medieval and Renaissance music replicaEARLY period Aug 24on12.30pm (1,30) instruments. £2.50 (1.00 P) SDUCY Free ■OLLIVER. DURHAM COUNTY YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR TONY Marriage Mozart; Simple Symphony: Britten; Bassoon Concerto: Weber; Noof86:Figaro: Haydn. Aug 24 Symphony 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free 45

MUSIC NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS - continued mBODDICE. WEST LOTHIAN SCHOOLS NIGEL A lively programme from TheBRASS Scottish,BAND BritishCONDUCTOR: and European Youth Champion Band. Aug 25 12.30pm (1.30) £2.50 (£ 1.00 P) SDUCY Free ■O’RIORDAN. LOTHIAN REGIONRhapsodie: SCHOOLS ORCHESTRA COLINNo 2: Debussy; 4 Sea Interludes:CONDUCTOR: Britten; Symphony Brahms.25 7.30pmPremiere Aug (9,30) £5,00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■ CITY OF SHEFFIELD YOUTH EDWARD WOODHEAD. Unanswered Question: ORCHESTRA Ives; On The Town:CONDUCTOR: Bernstein; Intersection: Feldman;26 Symphony No 2:£5.00 Rachmaninov. AUG 7.30pm (9.30) (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free Venue 187 • St Giles Cathedral, High Street, Royal Mile J8 ■Morricone, BORDERS WIND ORCHESTRA Conductor Kevin Price. Vaughan Williams, Schonberg, Sparke, Bocock. Aug 27 6.00pm (7.00) Free Venue 100 - Central Hall, West Tollcross. Tickets 229 7937 K5 ■DURRANT. RSAMD JUNIOR ACADEMY ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: JAMES Belle Helene: Offenbach; Elegiac Melodies: Grieg; Tuba Concerto: Gregson; Symphony 8: Dvorak. Aug 28 7.30pm (9,30)No £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■HOLLAND. STRATHCLYDE SCHOOLS WINDLaudamus BAND CONDUCTOR: Celebrations: Zdechlik; Alleluia, Te: Reed; RichardHUGHINA Rodney Bennett; Grainger;£2.50Buxton Aug 29 Copland; 12.30pm (1.30) (£ 1.00Orr.P) SDUCY Free ■RICHARDSON. HIGHLANDHansel YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR. & Gretel; Humperdinck; Soirees Musicales:HERBERT Britten; Hymn & Triumphal MarcfAAida: No 5: Tchaikovsky. Aug 29 7.30pm (9.30) Verdi; £5.00 Symphony (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free ■Ensembles PERTHandYOUTH ORCHESTRA ENSEMBLES Percussion, WindFrangkiser, and Brass String Quartet. Del 30Borgo,12.30pm Connor, Iveson, Hazell, Davis. Aug (1.30)Mozart, £2.S0Raff, (£1,00Arnold, P) SDUCY Free ■Mendelssohn; PERTH YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: EOIN BENNET. Hebrides: Clarinet Concerto No 2: Weber; Espana: Chabrier; Hungarian Pictures; Bartok;30Tapestries: Platts;£5.00 Patineurs: Aug 7.30pm (9.30) (3.00 P)Waldteufel. SDUCY Free ■PrizeFIFEwinning YOUTH JAZZ ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: RICHARD MICHAEL. FYSO with jazz greats new old. Aug 3 I 12.30pm (1.30) £2.50 (£ 1.00 P) and SDUCY Free ■BELL.CENTRAL REGION WIND SYMPHONIC BAND CONDUCTOR: ALAN Popular film and big band music, plus Prokofiev, Aug 31 7.30pm (9.30) £5,00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free Holst, Bourgeois and more. ■GROUP FIFE YOUTH STRINGERIKORCHESTRA & FIFERebecca YOUTHPaterson. PERCUSSION CONDUCTOR: KNUSSEN.Conductor Avery entertaining hour’s(1.30) music£2.S0 including by Warlock Sept I 12.30pm (£1.00works P) SDUCY Free and Holst. ■ FIFE YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR: TAIT. Meistersinger: Wagner; DancesGinastera; atThreave; MaxwellNoGeddes; ShropshireROBERT Lad: Butterworth; Dances from Estancia: Symphony 2: Sibelius. Sept I 7.30pm (9 30) £5.00 (£3,00 P) SDUCY Free ■PETER EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY CHAMBER CONDUCTOR: NELSON. Chinese Chaconne/Fairy QueenNo&ORCHESTRA Variations: Purcell/King; Pulcinella: Stravinsky; Charity Culture: Dempster; Symphony 3: Schubert. Sept 2 12.30pm (1,30) £2.S0 (£ 1.00 P) SDUCY Free ■CONDUCTOR: STRATHCLYDE SCHOOLS ORCHESTRA CHRISTOPHER BELL.SYMPHONY Academic Festival Overture: Brahms; Les Preludes: Liszt; Pictures at an Exhibition: Mussorgsky. Sept 2 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SDUCY Free NIGHTS IN THE CARPENTER'S ARMS CO GO Venue 52 - ECF Kings Hall, South Clerk Street Tickets 668 2662 N10 ■twoCEILIDH ATdouble THEtheCARPENTER' S ARMSmusicA bigandsuccess lastAyear; therefore ceilidhs and fun this year!! Scottish dancing. must for Scots and alike.(I 1.00) Free AugSassenachs 16,18 8.00pm ■out;LIVE MUSICtherefore AT THEto feast CARPENTER' you’reandfringed it’s essential yourselftellon their anS ARMS evening ofIt'slivemidweek, blues, rock je ne sais quoi. Let the music play and the musicians own story. Aug 17 8.00pm (10,30) Free NIGHT AT and THEa message, CARPENTER’S It’s lifejim weSATURDAY know it.’ Drama, live music bringing bothARMS the expected and but the not as unexpected. This is your l i f e: make the most of it and come along. Aug 19 8.00pm (9.30) Free NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION OOO THEATRE COMPANY Venue 164 - Waverley Shopping Centre, Princes Street, cnr Waverley Bridge H9 ■hosting AHEAD OFof fun.THEThree RESThours TheofBrassery return to Waverley forclassya longbrass,lunch,samba, a feast free entertainment: vibrant, two-tone, 30s cabaret, Shakespearean street theatre, contemporary dance... why go anywhere Aug 14-25else?(not 20) 12 noon (3.00pm) Free 46






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14 aug-2sept QQQ ( n o show 20,31 aug) Randolph Studi o,venue55 Box Off i ce: 225.5366 £5 . 00 (£4 . 00)

21aug-30aug 3Q<] p m Hill Street Studi o,venue4i Box Off i ce: 226.6522 £5 . 00 (£4 . 00)

ONE VOICE 0 Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019 N9 ■Music, ONE1994,VOICE ‘Perhaps Scotland’s most enterprising’ new music group Classical presents a concert of contemporary music from Scotland and America, including ‘The Yellow Michael Torke. Aug 23 7.30pm (9.15)Pages’ £6.00by(£3.00) OXYGEN PRODUCTIONS OGO Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019 N9 MFO (VOCAL ROCK BAND) Turkey’s leading rock trio presenting their newmakes album. They twice participated i n the Eurovision Song Contest but their real face anAugunforgettable experience. 14-16 7.30pm (9.30) £8.00 (£4.00) Royal College of Physicians, 9 Queen Street G8 ■(12THE BLUE ENSEMBLE (CHORAL ROCK CONCERT) A 6 partywithchoice females and 12 males) accompanied by a rock band presenting ‘An Evening Yessongs’, thebefore?) symphonic, ‘classical’ musical of YES. (Have you ever listened to a choral rock group Aug 13-15 2.00pm Aug 20-24 1.00pm (4.00) (3.00) £8.00 (£4.00) ★masters ■ ETIin TRIO (AUTHENTIC MUSIC)Andbythey jazz musicians who played world jam sessions throughout Europe. paint the most intriguingwithsound colours on their fretless guitars. Aug 2021 4.00pm (6.00) £8.00 (£4.00) Aug 1.00pm Aug23,24 9.00pm(3.00)(11.00) ★ ■ ISTANBUL JAZZJAZZ) QUARTET AYSEforgetGENCER (CONTEMPORARY will+never the sound trumpet and the accompanying band.YouWorld masters loved it! of this magic, beautiful Aug 20 6.00pm (8.00) £8.00 (£4.00) Aug21,24 4.00pm(11.00) (6.00) Aug 22 9.00pm ★freshly ■ KEREN GORSEV TRIO (CONTEMPORARY JAZZ) Harmony. Blended into jazzso distinct. and contemporary music. But it is still harmony that makes this brilliant piano sound Aug 20 9.00pm £8.00 (£4.00) Aug 6.00pm (11.00) (8.00) Aug 2223 4.00pm (6.00)

ASSEMBLY 0131 226ROOMS 2428

★ ■ BULENT ORTAGGIL ERKAN (PROGRESSIVE Vocal music performed acoustic+ and fretlessOGUR guitar masters accompanied ROCK) by a distinguished band.(11.00)by£8.00 Aug 21 9.00pm (£4.00) Aug 22 4.00pm (6.00) Aug 1.00pm (3.00) Aug 2324 6.00pm (8.00) THE PADDIE BELL FESTIVAL OOOO FOLK SHOW Venue 89 - Roxburghe Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square. G6 THE PADDIE BELL FESTIVAL FOLK SHOW Paddie returns- Ronnie with more wonderful guests. 23 August The McCalmans, 24th Jim Reid, 25th Browne. Also appearing - Maggie Cruickshank, Guy Heath, Gerry McKenna, Tony Mitchell, Stephen Book(11.00) Early Aug 23-25Quigg.8.00pm £7.50 (£6.50) THE PEARLFISHERS f$0 Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 HareTHE PEARLFISHERS Making a welcome return to the Fringe, The Pearlfishers rarely out of the public eye. Having earned a reputation as a band with real songs the Pearlfishers explored many new directions with live shows including collaborations with the19,20BMXhave bandits. Aug 9.15pm (11.00) £6.50Club (£5.50Membership Cones and Fringe Ticket price includes Fringe for theClubnightMembers) PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH OO0O Venue 127 - St John’s Church, West End, Princes Street H5 of Edinburgh, director Davidof chamber Hume, presents orchestralartists concerts iSt.Philomusica n St.Mark’s John’sChurch. Church and hosts a series concerts5 popular by international in ■ BACH CONCERT Brandenburg Concertos 2 & 4. Concerto for 2 violins; Harpsichord Concerto, soloist Mark Owen. Aug 13 8.00pm (9,40) £5.00 (£2.50 child) ■Purcell BAROQUEHandel CONCERT Telemann &Recorder Suite; Tartini Violin Concerto; Concerto Aug 19Fantasia, 8.00pm (9.40) £5.00 (£2.50Grosso child) Cimarosa Oboe Concerto. ■CHORALCONCERT conductor Alison Rushworth, Rossini20String Concertante; SchubertHandel Mass inZadok Bb. the Priest; Aug 8.00pmSonata; (9,40)Haydn £5,00Sinfonia (£2.50 child) ■BachPURCELL/VIVALDI/BACH Abdelazer Suite; Vivaldi Cello Concerto; Peasant Cantata OboePurcell Concerto. Aug 26 8.00pm (9,40)& Violin £5.00 &(£2.50 child) ■Concertos VIVALDIfor FOUR SEASONS director/soloist Recorder. David Hume. Also Vivaldi Aug 27 8.00pm2 trumpets; (9,40) £5,00Mandolin; (£2.50 child) ■MarkMENAGE A 4 Janetperform de Vigneworks soprano, flute,& Robin keyboard by Bach,Katherine Mozart,Wake Schubert others.Mason cello & Aug 19Owen1.00pm (2.00) £4,00 (£2.50) PHILOMUSICA RECITALS Venue 125 - St Mark’s Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace J5 ■SongTHE HOUSE OFsettings LIFE William Revels & David ArdittiBurns perform Vaughan Williams’ Cycle & premiere by David Arditti of Rossetti, St Herrick. Aug 13-16 6.00pm (7,00) £5.00 (£4,00) ■Costumed CAMEOentertainments presents Evenings with Oscar Noel Coward (19th).The combining readingsWilde with(15th) period& music. ‘Delightful’ Scotsman. Aug 15,19 8.00pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) ■Music BAROQUE MASTERPIECES David Hume violin & Mark Owen harpsichord. by Bach,8.00pm Handel, Albinoni, Aug 16,28 (9.30) £5,00Leclair (£4,00)St Mozart. ■ PAUL SINGLETON Concert. classicsMario of allLanza time Society, ‘produces that magic quality reminiscentTenor of theingreat MarioOutstanding himself President, 94. Aug 17,24 3.00pm (7.30) (4.00) £5.00 Aug 19,261.30pm 6.30pm Aug (2.30) Sept32I 8.00pm (9.00) ■ PETER ARGONDIZZA American guitarist, 2 different programmes. Works by Walton, Villa-Lobos Dowland. Aug 17,29Bach,8.00pm (9.30)&£5,00 (£4.00) ■works JOCELYN STEELE Piano. Total involvement...a deep insight into the soul of the played. Bach, Mozart, Scriabin, Aug 18 8.00pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Ginastera, Bartok & Prokofiev. FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131 >226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm

* 47

MUSIC PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH - continued ■ THEgamba, BANQUET OF MUSICK perform Barock Chamber Music&onsackbutt. baroque violins, violone, harpsichord & organ, on 22nd by cornett Jewels of(22nd,26th), German Baroque (25th,30th), Musicjoined at Versailles (20rh,27th) Italian Ayres & Graces Fiddling & Frol i c s (23rd,31st). Aug 20,23,27,31 3.00pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 8.00pm8.15pm (9.30) Aug 2622,25,30 (9,45) ■by VOICE &st).PIANO Janet de Vigne &Lieder Mark &Owen. Nuits d’Ete & songs Faure (21 Wagner songs byBerlioz Haydn,LesSchubert & Schumann (28th).21,28 3.00pm (4.00)Wesendonck Aug £5.00 (£4,00) ■evening PALMof popular COURTarias,PLAYERS David Hume, & friendsRossini, presentLehar an & duets and solos. MusicalJanet treatsdebyVigne Romberg, Kreisler. Aug 23, Sept I 8.00pm (9.30) £5,00 (£4,00) ■Mozart PIANO FAVOURITES WilliamImpromptus Alexander. &Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata,Debussy, Fantasy in D minor,Chopin Schubert works by Bach, Schumann, Rachmaninov, Aug 26 3.00pmRubenstein, (5.00) £5.00 (£4.00)& Liszt PLATFORM ONE - LIVE! ooeo Venue 132 - Platform I, Rutland Street Tickets 225 2433 H5 The city’s most popular live music venue brings together an exciting array of Scotland' son finest musical talent. Lunches served daily 12noon 2.30pm, bar open till late! Tickets sale at door or in advance from Fringe Office. Evening Sessions Strictly over 18’s. ■EDINBURGH LUNCHTIMEJAZZ JAZZORCHESTRA WITH THE ALEC SHAW ofTRIO + THEjazz includes This programme Alex Shaw, oneJazz of theOrchestra, UK’s bestthird knownplaced mainstream jazzrunning pianistsinlunchtime and king swing plus The Edinburgh two years BBC' s BigofBand Competition. Aug 12,13,19,20,26,27 12.30pm (5.00pm) £1,50 (£1.00) ■ GODS OF GLAMcelebration Edinburgh’sof the resident ‘GoodtasteTime’ fake furs, fake sentiments, but the musictheis70’s a raucous timerolled that forgot The Gods were tripmining long before the bandwagon every stadium rock star rolled into 4. Aug 16,23,30 9.30pm (I 1.30) £1.00 ■bands. THEFresh SUPERNATURALS without doubt onefestivals of Scotland' s most showmen popular livestrut frompoppiest a batchmix. of highDefinately profile open-air these natural their stuff to the an event not to be missed. Aug 17 9.30pm (I 1,30) £1.00 ■ SOUL CONNECTION through Connection the timeless aresoundan 8ofpiece soul music from Aretha Franklinsoultomachine The BrandTake Newa journey Heavies. singing, all dancing including knock assSoul live brass. Guaranteed to keepallyou moving. Aug 18,25,Sept I 9.30pm (11.30) £2.00 ■brand BLUEFINGER The best live Rock’n’Roll band in Scotland with their own unique of fast, furious2 9.30pm rock’n’roll. Aug 19,26,Sept (11,30) £2,00 ■Powerful LIGHTS OUT BY NINEguitar bring two storming sets of soulsection and R’n’B to the festival. lead vocals and gritty hot horn band to20,27 deliver9.30pm classic(11.30) material£1,00 with a supported uniquely hardby aedged style. enables this 9 piece Aug ■ HOLLYWOOD ROCKETS Scotland’s authentic band return from London tosax, giveslappin Fringe audiences a chanceguitar, tobestjivesmoulderin the nightRock’n’Roll away piano boogie, swinginsince bass, scintillating drumstoandstompin the sexiest blues vocals Sister Wynona Carr. Aug 24 9.30pm (11.30) £1.00 QUEEN’S HALL OO0© Venue 72 - Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street Tickets 668 2019 N9 ■bands GREENMANTLE CEILIDHS Dance the night away to Scotland’s best ceilidhoff a including the Wild Cigarillos and Portobello Ceilidh Band. Ideal way to round day at the Fringe. Ticket includes a free pint of Greenmantle Ale. Sponsored by Broughton Aug 14-17Brewery. 10.30pm (12.30) £5.00 ■ WOLFSTONE Ever popular Scottish invigorating band returnspipes to theandQueen’s Hall wild mixfrqmof frenetic grungysuccess. basses.for another With songs their newfiddles, albumhowling ‘Year ofguitars, the Dog’, it will be another sell-out Aug21,22 7.30pm (9,30) £9,50 ■beenLINDISFARNE One Folk/Rock bands,andLindisfarne have setting the world alightofforBritain’s 25 yearsbest-known from Newcastle to China back. Better than Pogues Augthe26,27Levellers, 7.30pmthe(9.30) £9.50and the Saw Doctors put together. SCOTTISH SINFONIA 0 Venue 131 - Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 667 2107 K8 ■moreMAHLER SYMPHONY NO 9 Sinfonia’s annual Mahler concerts have, over than twenty years, become a highlight of the Fringe programme and always attract capacity Mahler considered the ninth his most important symphony - don’t miss it!27 audiences. Aug 5.00pm (6.30) Aug 28 8.00pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.00) (Children £3.00)

The Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival.

It’s barry, Norman.

The Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival - 15 days of gala films, world premieres, retrospectives, film makers’ forums and movie star appearances. I You’ll find full details in your free preview programme available from arts venues around the -I city and the Filmhouse at 88 Lothian Road. Or why not call the information hotline on I 0131-229 2550 and swap that hard wooden church | hi hall bench for a plush cinema seat? Tickets cost £3-£8 (with concessions).

SEGOVIA GUITAR TRIO ooo© Venue 8 - Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square ■masterpieces THE SEGOVIA TRIO premieres a dynamic guitar entertainment includingfolkSpanish (Rodrigo' s Concierto d’Aranjuez), Flamenco andbySouth American music, Django Rheinhardt’s jazz classics and even rock classics Hendrix, Clapton, Knopfler Aug 29-31etc.’Exceptionally 1.00pm (I.SO) well £5.00polished.The (£4.00) Times. SOPHIE BANCROFT + GINA RAE OOO© Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 ■families, SOPHIE BANCROFT 4GINA RAE Coming from Scotland' s two leading jazz usedsound. this influence wellvoices as others (Folk,spellbinding' Soul and World Music) toSophie createandtheirGinaownhaveunique ‘Their assilken are truly The Scotsman Aug 27-29 9. 1 Spm (11.00) £6.50 (£5.50 Cones and Fringe Club Members) Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the night SPIRIT OF SCOTLAND #©© Venue 102 - Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles St. Leith. Info 554 3451 DI4 Outer iI ■Margaret SPIRITandOFMartyn SCOTLAND You are invited to an evening by the fireside with along Bennea and friends. Enjoysongs, a droppipes, of Scotland' s finest whisky fI ! Aug with ‘the real tradition’ of Highland and lowland fiddles and good ‘crack’. 13-16,20-23,27-30 8.00pm (10.00) £ 12.50 (£ 10.00) THE SQUARE CENTRE ©0L9 Venue 77 - The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. ■HARPSICHORD BACH'S SIX COTHEN SONATAS FOR VIOLIN AND Threespirit concerts combining period andcourt.contemporary masterworks to recall of perform musical soirde at Princeinstruments Leopold’s OnfromSunday, Bryan Fairfax and Sean theMacCarthy the complete cycle, with readings Spitta’s biography. Aug 21,26 1.00pm (2.00) £4.00 (£2.00) Aug 2327 8.00pm Aug 3.00pm (9.45) (5.00pm) £5.00 (£3.00)


■Edinburgh, OLD TOWN, N EWandTOWN before,(1.30) during theQuernstane building of thepaintNewa portrait Town. in words and music of Aug 22 12.30pm £4.50after (£3.50) ■major CELLO AND PIANO RonenSonata Koryand (cello)Beethoven’s and Geoffrey SonataDancer in A. (piano) present Aug 24reperoire 12.30pmworks (1.30)- Chopin’s £4.50 (£3.50) ■ TWO AFTERNOONS Two dynamic displaying the art stringAMSTERDAM playing optima£5.00 forma(£4,00) with The Netherlands Stringconcerts Trio Boussu. Augof24,25 2.30pmin(4,30) ■Mazurkas PIANO(Op.RECITAL Dancer performs Chopin’s Barcarolle and four 17);(1,30) SonataGeoffrey by Haydn Aug 25 12.30pm £4,50 (£3.50)and Liszt’s extended masterpiece The Benediction’. ■AlanTAKE THE HIGH C' S TO SORRENTO with Donato Citarello (tenor) and (piano). AugJacques 29 2.30pm (4,30)Italian £5.00songs (£4.00)and arias. ■explosive LUANAoutpouring PELLEGRINESCHI AND DMITRI KLIMOVMedtner join forces of passionate songs by Glinka, Tchaikovsky, and in an Rachmaninov. Aug 30 2.30pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ■(Tippett), CADENZA CHOIR SCOTLAND (conductorGraham Lovett) Requiem (Faure), Spirituals Folk Songs Aug 30 7.30pm (9,30)from£6.00 (£5.00) and AMERICA. Fine choir with splendid tone. ■(Quantz, SOSTENUTO This exciting duo offers stimulating repertoire four(classical centuries Mozart, Faure, Berkeley). Lindsay Grainger (flute), Murrayacross Grainger accordian). Aug 31 12.30pm (1.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ■of songs MUSIC FOR A WHILE II Helen Brown (mezzo-soprano) presents a programme song(9.30) cycles by Purcell, Aug 31 and 7.30pm £6.00 (£5.00)Schumann, Berlioz and Falla. ■by AN AMERICAN IN PARIS - sensuous and foot-tapping! A programme of music Debussy. SeptGershwin I 7.30pmand(9,30) £6.00Margaret (£5.00) Jaffrey-Smith (piano). ■of favourites ORGANfrom SPECTACULAR Maestro Alberto Massimo plays thrilling arrangments stage and ST ANDREW'S AND ST oo©© Sept 2 12.30pm (1.30) £4,50screen (£3.50)- A veritable feast of marvellous music! GEORGE'S AT FESTIVAL TIME ■ ENSEMBLE War-time recaptured by the ever popular ten singers with I Venue 111 - St Andrew & St George’s Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 accompanist from(9.30) Fife in£6.00 thismelodies delightful concert programme. I FREE CONCERTS Aug 14 ‘You Must Remember This’ David Watters (tenor); Sept 2 7.30pm (£5.00) jj Aug - ‘Menage a 4’ -(1,30) performFreeRavel ravishingly.. . and there’s more! Aug 1814,18 12.30pm Ii lively 5 M'Srepertoire FOR CELLO AND PIANO and Murray McLachlan from £7,00 baroque (Marais) toVeronica presentHenderson day (Messiaen). I Aug 14 2.30pm (4.30) (£5.00) I SONGS OF songs SISTER Ellen Wycherley with Brian Hilsley returns to sing i further favourite with ELLEN original on the Clarsach. The Essential Guide Aug 15,29,Sept I 12.30pm (1.30) settings £4,50 (£3.50) I MY FAIR LADY Superb London-based vocal duo ‘ItTakes Two’ return to Edinburgh with this much loved musical. Aug 15 2.30pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4,00) ■ O RG AN REC ITALS Aug 16 - Morley Whitehead (Bach, Hindemith); Aug 23 THE ; Michael Bonaventura (Messaien, Jolivet, Anderson); Aug 30 - Susan Landale (‘In a Lighter ||: Vein' Aug).16,23,30 12.30pm (1.30) Free 1i aHOMMAGE Festival favourite, pianist KLIMOV revisits the Fringe bravura recital(4,30) of works Haydn,Russian Leighton andDMITRI Tchaikovsky. < Aug 16 2.30pm £5.00by(£4.00) I MUSIC FOR A WHILE Igreatest James Huw-Jeffries (counter-tenor), Edinburgh Barock dIAug (period 17instruments). 12.30pm (1,30)Purcell’s £4.50 (£3.50) songs, with 17C instrumental pieces. Magic. MERLYN- play TRIO Edinburgh piano trio - Daphne Godson, Patricia Hair, saiLean triosEminent by£5.00Beethoven ujAug Coates 17 2.30pm (4,30) (£4,00) (Op. I No. I), Faure and Shostakovich (No.2). ■ FORTIESSIMO Songs written in the Jennifer I940’s, including Poulenc, Milhaud,Alan Jacques EVENTS GUIDE ollMontsalvatge, Barber, Dring and Coward. Logan (mezzo-soprano), 6if(piano). . iAug 18 2.30pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4,00) « ST ANDREWS ST GEORGE Three weekly issues bursting with HjfPurcell commemoration:AND Anthems, ‘Te Deum’,CHOIR TrumpetAND Sonata,ORCHESTRA ‘Saul and the WitchA of ■u.ifEndor’. Aug 19 12.30pm (1.30) Free reviews, news and a round-the-clock !■ THEby EDINBURGH YOUTH BAND Director Lewis Morrison. guide of what to see at the jlMusic WalterCONCERT Piston and Vaughan-Williams. ,Aug 19 Malcolm 10.30pm Arnold, (I 1.30) Holst, £6.00 (£5.00) Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. ■ FIVE ANTWERP AFTERNOONS The Rubio String Quartet and pianist TChantal Bohets. brilliant£5.00 Chamber ,Aug 19-23 2.30pmFive(4,30) (£4.00)Concerts from this exceptional Belgian quartet. abf SOIREE OF FRENCH SONG emphasising New issues out on Thursday 10,17 & 24 August. HeatherAND CoatesPIANO - soprano,MUSIC Leon Coates - piano.the works AugFaur620 (150th 7.30pmanniversary). (9.30) £6.00 (£5.00) ■ AN DIE FERNE GELIEBTE and songs by Carey, : ) Coates, and (1.30) Strauss. CoxBeethoven’s - tenor, Leonmasterpiece, Coates - piano. £1.50 FROM ALL GOOD NEWSAGENTS Aug 21 Faure 12.30pm £4.50John(£3.50) 49

MUSIC ST MARY'S CATHEDRAL oooo Venue 91 - St Mary’s Cathedral & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 225 6293 H3 ST. MARY’S CATHEDRAL Come and visit St Mary' s Cathedral just over five minutes’ walk from Princes Street West End. The largest ecclesiastical building built in Scotland since the reformation. Victorian gothic splendour designed by Gilbert Scott. ■Lobet SUNDAY SERVICES 20th Haydn 10.30amSt Mozart 3.30pm& Victoria. Bach Den Herrn. 27th(11.40) 10.30am NicholasMissa MassBrevis 3.30pmin C.Bruckner Aug 20,27 10.30am Free Aug 20,27 3.30pm (4 30) Free ■ DAILY renowned Cathedral choir, unique in Scotland. 30 August: live EVENSONG broadcast on BBCThe5.30pm Radio 3 (6.15) at 4.00pm. Aug 21-Sept I (not 24,27) Free ■Durufle’s DURUFLE REQUIEM Choir ofmusic St Mary' s Cathedral, Peter Backhouse (organ) masterpiece, coupled with by Purcell, Mendelssohn, Byrd & Jonathan Harvey. Aug 24 7.30pm (9,15) £5.00 Child £ 1.00 ■ ORGAN ALS PartRecital: of Summer series. James Parsons;RECIT 29th: Sanger. 15th: Olivier Eisenmann; 22nd: Aug 15,22,29 8.00pmCelebrity (9,30) £5.00 (£David 1.00 child) ■(soprano), LUNCHTIME RECITALS 21 st: Francesco Prode (piano); 22nd: Sian Carys Allen Terras Aug 21-23Jenny 1.10pm (2.00)(piano) Free23rd: Colombine Trio. ■Mitchell LUNCHTIME RECITALS 24,25 Scottish and fiddle music; 25th: Fiona (soprano); Alastair Hardie (violin);24th: Lindsay Sinclairsongs(piano/harpsichod); Lucy Cartledge (flute); Stuart Montgomery (piano). Aug 24,25 1.10pm (2.00) Free MARTIN STEPHENSON O Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 ■Newcastle MARTINcombo STEPHENSON 6 album releases spanning 10 years (4 with thequalities the Daintees), Martin has a definitive observation of Human and potential. musical tapestry, from Jazz and Rag Time to Bluesy old Time, countryDrawing and folk.from a rich Aug 9.15pm (11.00) Cones andforFringe Club Members) Ticket16includes Fringe£6.50 Club(£5.50 Membership the night SUGARTOWN OO© Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Tevict Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 ■voice, SUGARTOWN are fronted by Gwen Stewart and Douglas MacIntyre. Gwen’s been described as ‘a mixture Mazzyalbum Star and Emmylou Harris’ duringthat her timethatwithhasGram Parsons makes both theofdebut and their live performance bit special. Aug 22 9.15pm (11.00) £6.50 (£5.50 Cones and Fringe Club Members) Ticket includes Fringe Club Membership for the night VALVONA & CROLLA ©o© Venue 67 - The Lit le Theatre, Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 6066 F12 ★travelled CALEDONIA ' N ' ITALIA a new musical by Mike Maran follows the Scots who toantiquity, Italy overrenaissance, many centuries and fell in love with the landscape, language, literature, and risorgimento. An inspired commedia of songs, stories, food(not and wine. Aug I I-26 13,20) 12.30pm (1.45) £6.00 Aug 19,26 3.00pm (4.15) VENUE 50 - THE MUSIC BOX ©o©© Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 JIM SALESTROM is anwith EmmyDollyawardParton winning singer/songwriter from Breckenridge, Colo. He sang and played for I I years. He has performed with John Denver many times. Jim also performs with MCA Nashville’s Wild Jimbos. Acoustic high energy! Aug 23-Sept 2 6.09pm (7.24) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ PLANET ALICE - CLUB FOR MONDAYS Join Alice in her trip into the world of hip-hop and indie withnight a delicate acclaimed as the Ibest Monday out in smattering Edinburgh. of intelligent techno. Widely Aug 14,21,28 1.59pm (4.00am) ■swingbeat SOUL and UNDERGROUND - CLUB FORfinestTUESDAYS streetDJfunk DJ’s plus specialPlaying guestsa blend fromof soul, London.8,15,22,29 Resident - Wavfeaturing (FunkyEdinburgh’s Mutha). Aug I I .S9pm (4.00am) ■back.DEVOLUTION CLUB75-85 FORandWEDNESDAYS looking Alternative rock- classics beyond. IncludingLooking the likesforward of PetetoShelley, Iggy Pop, The Cure, The Stranglers... drinks promotions and all. Aug 9,16,23,30 I I 59pm (4.00am) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am-7pm 50


■ CLUB - CLUB Soho style. Since the days of theforSOHO Karma nothingFOR has THURSDAYS comepleasure close... seekers. untilSlagnow.it upDishing up an. ’essential selection the hot'Sutra 'sweaty assembled Aug 10,17,24,31 I n1.59pm (4.00) ■bitEVOL l new visuals shiny happy with' aold of anew. raw- CLUB grungeyFOR edge.FRIDAYS Resident DJAlKieran jammingandtogether thoseindieEvolsounds favourites Augand11,18,25,Sept I I I 59pm (4.00am) ■ Q - CLUB FOR SATURDAYS Edinburgh’s most sought club - designed tailored toenjoymakebeing Sundays a truethedayfestival. of rest. Q for Quality Musicafter and Decor. The onlyand) QAugyou’ll12,19,26,Sept in2during I 1.59pm (4.00am) ■Healy, CLUB FOR LIFE /Fabio GARDENING Rip it upin for 3 nights with Jeremy Chris and James, Paras. PlayingCLUB the ultimate House and Garage. Up for iAug t? Don’t miss it! 22-24 11.59pm (4.00am) VIDA o© Venue 127 - St John’s Church, West End, Princes Street ■andVIDA Traditional & classical music woven together through vibrant arrangements jazz improvisations. With harps,scene cellowith and apercussion this dynamic American t has emerged onto the international powerful new sound. Exotic rhythms, romantic dazzling Aug 17,18melodies 7.00pmand(9.00) £4.50performance. (£3.50) Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 ■ VIDA Aug 20 7.30pm (9.15) £4.50 (£3.50) Venue 125 - St Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace ■AugVIDA 21 8.00pm (10.00) £4.50 (£3.50) Venue 111 - St Andrew & St George’s Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 ■ VIDA Aug 24 7.30pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) HANK WANGFORD OO©^ Venue 90 - Mansfield Place Church, Corner Broughton and East London St Tickets 557 8330 E ★town■ HANK’S HEALTH AND HAPPINESS SHOW Hank Wangford ridesandint< with theFeaturing New LosttheCowboys for a celebration favourite toetappers. Lone Yodeller and the Hankof your Kerchiefs and hearbreakers very special guest every night! Aug 18-20,25-27,Sept 7.30pm£7.00(9.30)(£5.00) £8.00 (£6.00) Aug 21-24,28-31 7.30pm1,2(9.30) KENNY YOUNG AND THE ©0©€ EGGPLANTS Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ■surreal, KENNY YOUNG guitar/bass/bongos & THE EGGPLANTS The Lou triumphant of Brooklyn' band. ‘Like Reed late onreturn Lithium...not missed!’semi-unplugged Tom Robinson, ‘inventive, endearing, very funny...perfect night to be entertainment’ Scotsman. ‘Best of the Fringe 1994' Independent Aug 1,2 I£5.00 1.00pm(£3.00) (12.20am) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 9-13,15,16,29,30,Sept 17-21,23-28 12.35am (1.55) FREI ZINGER Venue 168 - Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: 556 0102 ©0©l ■toneA and RECITAL OF FLOYD'orchestra S DREAM Zingerflute.weaves a magicaloasis tapestry of texture -and a symphony fromFrei a single Aofveritable of peace amidst the hustle bustle of the city. Taste the soundscape dreams! Aug 10-Sept 2 (not 13) 7.30pm (8.30) £5.00 (£4.00) \{}lipTIIEATER THE


Twilight ZONE Hill Street Theatre August 20 - September 2 Monday - Saturday, 11p.m., £5 August 20 - free preview performance No show August 31

Supported by SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER 14-27 August THE THREEPENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht, music by Kurt Weill “Brecht as he would have wanted it” THE SCOTSMAN on NYMT’s The Caucasian Chalk Circle, 1989 This production is not suitable for young children In the English translation by JohnLtd.Willett and Ralph Manheim. By arrangement with Alfred A. Kalmus (European American Music Corp.) 15-28 August

ilMIffli “They perform with a degree of speed, professionalism and raw energy which is nothing short of sensational” THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH Book bv Thomas Meehan, Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Martin Charnin Performances given by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd. on behalf of Music Theatre International of New York. GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE BOX OFFICE 0131-650 2001 Open from 11 August All seats reserved Ample Car Parking ALSO AT THE GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE George Square Charity Gala Ned Sherrin Lunchtime Chat Show The Bob Downe Show All details are correct at time of going to press; the NYMT accepts no responsibility for any programme alterations.

and production by one(7.30)of America’s best secondary school theatre programs. Augunique 5.30pm £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 1613,15,17,19 7.30pm (9.30) PERSONALS Aunending wonderfulsearch musicalforabout people hearts Personals iPersonals s about usisandforour love. Hilarious, Lookingplacing for thelonely show of yourads.dreams, the young at heart and you. moving and timely. Aug 12,14,16,18 3.03pm (5.30) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug IS 7.30pm (9.30) THE ANDERSON FOUNDATION oo K9 Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★and■fame. HONDO RIDICAMUNDO The Anderson Brothers' musical about love, pop A world ofthecharacters andglorycultsandwhich are ridiculous yet vaguely familiar. Marvel as we present rituals of penetrate the obscure loneliness of the creative12-19 ego. 11.45pm (1.15) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug ANTIC DISPOSITION 0O00 Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 ★the■night SAUCY JACK AND THE SPACE VIXENS Sit back with a beer and endglamat Saucy Jack’s: the darkest dead-end dive on Frottage 3. This debauched rock spectacle take you toAugthe9-11 bad side10.15pm of the(12midnight) galaxy. £3.00 Special 3 FOR2willALL Aug 12-Sept (not offer 17,31) 10.15pm (12midnight) £6.00 (£4.00) APACHE PRODUCTIONS O000 Venue 117 - Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place Tickets 228 9430 ★on ■Robert MACGREGOR' S TRAP A Rock musical written by Brian Spence loosely Louis Stevenson’s KIDNAPPED. Starring Chesneyit hitsHawkes andWest ColinEnd!based Chisholm. Powerful song, powerful vocal. See this before London Aug 11-Sept 2 (not 20,27) 8.00pm (9.45) £5.00 ATELIER THEATRE O0G>O Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ■lightning. MACBETH ON known. THE ROCKS Scotland - crowded 1040; a desert place; thunder and Enter...well Scotland 1995; a place. Drums, electric guitars, microphones, leads; thunder lightning. Enter....? Aug 14-19 I l.30pn (1.00am) £5.00and(£3.00) BIG BOOTS TOURING COMPANY 0 Venue 98 - Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 91 i 6 K3 ★modern GIVEtwist, HERa THE BOOT A new rock musical version of the Cinderella story with a mixture of blues, jazz and rock. Exciting entertainment for all ages prepare13-19 to mix1.45pm with a(2.45) variety£3.00 of eccentric Aug (£2.00) characters on wheels. CAPE TOWN YOUTH TH CO O0 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ■people MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA This original musical revolves around eight young from different backgroundsThewholivearemusic tryingis performed to understand each otherandand live together in a hostileethnic environment. on Western African instruments. Aug 12-19 1.15pm (3.15) £5.00 (£4.00) CAVATINA PRODUCTIONS 0QK3 Venue 98 - Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 DAMES, DAUGHTERS & DIVAS One small woman demolishes the world of opera, jazz and singing from first braexpertise’ to HRT,Scotsman. in 50 minutes - sharp! Previous shows: ‘Cultured wit...workshops, polished professional ‘Casual attitude to high art’ The Stage. Aug 21-Sept 2 1.45pm (2.35) £5.00 (£4.00) DAVID EDEN YOUTH THEATRE 0 COMPANY Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 K10 ■stunning GODSPELL Thisperform awardthewinning company returns toincludes the Fringe’DayafterBy last year'‘Prepare s reviews to 70’s rock musical, which Day’, Ye’, andfrom‘All Coventry. Good Gifts’. Brilliant professional entertainment from this enthusiastic group Aug 21-26 9.30pm (11.30) £4.50 (£3.50)

MUSICALS & OPERA EDINBURGH AND LOTHIAN YOUTH OOOO THEATRE Venue 128 - St Oswald’s Hall, Montpelier Park, Bruntsfield. Tickets 229 5562 & 441 i 031 M3 ■oneMYof Scotland' FAIR LADY Lerneryoung and companies. Loewe’s smashA production hit musical which is lovingly brought to lifeofby s foremost realises the myth Pygmalion Theatre - intriguing and enjoyable. Aug 14-26and(notthe20)sumptiousness 7.4Spm (9.50)of West £4.00End(£2.00) THE EDINBURGH MELA 0 Venue 151 - Meadowbank Stadium, London Road Info 529 3153 G14 Outer ■company RANGAJATRA Bengali blend of music and drama. Innovative Dhaka based theatre perform(4.00) HOKUA, love story between a gypsy girl and a prince. Sept 2 2.00pm £7.50a(£5.00) ■violinCHINESE PEKING OPERA feastThe of Chinese love Astory: Butterflymusic, Lovers.folk dance. Includes a Sept concerto 3 1.00pmillustrating (4.00) £7.50a folk(£5.00) EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY SAVOY OOOO OPERA GROUP Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 L8 ★ Gilbert GILBERT & SULLIVAN GO WILDE Take theWilde, sparkling music and wittyleafylyrics ofvillage and Sullivan paired with the humour of Oscar and come to the of Bunbury2 8.15pm as from(9.35) the briny£5.00sea Jack and Algy return - a veritable how-de-do! Aug 27-Sept THE EDINBURGH YOUNG THEATRE OOOO COMPANY Venue 69 - Broughton High School, I Carrington Road. Tickets 336 1081 C3 ■colourful GODSPELLThe classic rock musical, bringsotherthegreat gospelsongs storymake to lifethisin aa show vibrantfor celebration. ‘Day by day’ and all the everyone. Performed by Edinburgh’s award winning youth music theatre company Aug Aug 12,14,17,18 11,15,16,19 2.45pm 7.15pm (5.15) (9.45) £5.25 £5,75 (£4.25) (£4,75) ■demolished. DAMES AT SEA Ruby is making her debutbetter but the theatre is being However the show must go onBroadway - and nearest11,15,16,19 ship. A spectacular, funny £5.25 and tuneful show.where Don’t missthan it! on the deck of the Aug 2.45pm (5.15) (£4.25) Aug 12,14,17,18 7.15pm (9.45) £5.75 (£4.75) GOOD GIFT THEATRE COMPANY O00 Venue 48 - Bennington Resource Centre, 200 Bennington Road. Tickets 555 0920 Bl 3 ■of some DAZZLE A manic vibrant and explosive show following the adventures and voyage courageous and crazy spaceman. Suitable for everyone, the kids will love it. By Gardiner & Parr.2 (not KindSuns) permission Samuel French.(£3.50) Aug 6.30pmof£3.00 (9.00)(£2.00) £5.00 Aug 14-Sept 19,26,Sept 2 2.00pm (4.30) GREAT ESCAPE THEATRE COMPANY O00 Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place. Tickets 650 8499 K10 ★ THE ENDcompany. OF THEWillWORLD SHOW Musicalstylecomedy bydrown HenryRadio Lewis from ‘Joan of Kent’ air-punching Manhattan FM 80 Westlands beneath the Somerset airwaves? Can cidermen turn the water tables on this cultural equaliser. Aug 14-19 6.30pm Aug 20-26 8.15pm (7.50) (9.45) £5.00 (£4.50) HARROW YOUTH THEATRE OO0 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ★musical. BUS! The 94 Fringe First winners (‘breathtakingly skilful’ The Scotsman). A newof thejazz story ofa boy, a girl and a bus. Set in 1926 to the background General Strike, Bloomsbury set£5.00 and impetuous Oxford undergraduates. Preview Aug the I I 5.20pm (6.50)(6.50) Aug 12-17,20,22-24 5.20pm £6.00 (£4.00) Aug 2618,19,25 Aug 12.30pm5.20pm (2.00)(6.50) £7.00£7.00 (£5.00)(£5.00) JOE'S THEATRE WORKS OO© Venue42-St Thomas of Aquin’s School, Chalmers Street. L6 VIKING COLUMBUS ANDtheTHE TECHNICOLOUR TIME MACHINE A bankrupt movie crew penetrates fabric of Time to film Vikings discovering America. But Powers of Love and Evil fight to control their souls by journey’s end - IN THIS NEWthe21MUSICAL. Aug -25 7.00pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.00)


11.00am CL0WNT0WN Hilarious antics, singalong songs - Canada’s top recording cbwns Midday KVETCH Berkoff’s hilarious black comedy 1.00pm COMEDY OF ERRORS Shakespeare’s ephesus explodes with celluloid surrealism i I. Modern Cinderella rock musical with twist DAMES, DAUGHTERS & DIVAS Chandelier-shattering mix of comedy and music 2.40pm WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY Brian Clarke’s touching, darkly comic drama 3.00 pm DR. FAUSTUS Marlow’s masterpiece A CELLULOID AFFAIR SPYFINGER & FIRST DANCE | Two new comedy pastiches on British cinema 3.15pm BURNOUT Bizarre and powerful black comedy 3.45pm UPIRNAAGIT A visual, exciting Eskimo tale 4.30pm TONGUES Sam Shepard's enthralling, fantastic play THE HITMAN AND HIM A symphony of absurdly dark humour 5.00 pm MASTERPIECES Sarah Daniel’s disturbing piece of modem day theatre ■; I THE HEAD WANTS TO SEE YOU (also at 11.30am) ; Hilarious new play - a classroom nightmare 5.05 pm TESS OF THE D’URBEVILLES Thomas Hardy’s touching, tragic, wonderful classic 6.00pm BEYOND THE BRINK Hilarious comedy horror parody THE CAGEBIRDS Fresh, exciting adaptation - fight for freedom 6.45pm THE TITANIC,THE DOCTOR AND MUSSOLINI Physical dexterity, verbal acrobatics. "Staggering” Daily Telegraph fi 7.15pm NUNSENSE 5 cabaret nuns with mad habits 7.30pm THE LENNON MEMORANDUM Black comedy about the pitfalls of pop CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD A complex and beautiful play - simply unforgettable 8.15pm HAGGIS SCURRY “Hilarious....Scottish and Asian stand ups” The Independent AZID MAZE Exploration into club culture, friendship and sexuality 9.00 pm NEWS REVUE “Amazing how the standard is maintained" The Scotsman ^ DON’T TELL MY MOTHER WHAT I TOLD YOU ,| Welsh stand up laughing at life 9.45pm LADY MACBETH FIRMED MY BUTTOCKS Cheeky comedy from Fringe First winner 10.30pm AN EVENING WITH ROBERTO BAGGIO A sporting comedy revue “Clever parodies” Daily Telegraph II. ; Live broadcast - night of a thousand stars |« Midnight WHOOPS VICAR IS THAT YOUR DICK “An absolute scream” The Scotsman Late band THE TARTAN AM0EBAS “Scotland’s hottest dance band” Scotland on Sunday BOX OFFICE 228 9116


JULES & JULES THEATRE @00 Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 6S0 239S K9 MUSICALS & OPERA ★American SPACEfamily FAMILY ROBINSON (premiere). Brilliant new musical. The alla puritanical Earthselves. to seekClassic a newsongs, Elysium,fast-paced only to discover adultery, murder,leave transvestism andplanet their true comedy, MONTROSE piercing philosophy OOGO Aug 12-26 4.00pmand(5.15)spangly £4.00costumes. (£3.50) Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 ■ MAGICAL MUSIC FROM THE ANIMATED CLASSICS Concert KEVIN FEATHER PRODUCTIONS 000 performance of music from the animated classics Snow White, Aladdin, The Jungle Book and many others. SheridanplusNicolfiftydirects andchildren choreographs this song and dance Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395 K9 extravaganza.Top class vocalists talented -A ■ TARTS Acorner funny, sophisticated yettheraunchy mini-musical about threeoldest hookers who Aug 11,12,17-20,24-27,31-Sept 2 8.30pm (9.30) £7.50from (£5.00)Edinburgh. meet on a street and sing about ‘ups and downs’ of the world’s Aug 14-16,22,23,28,30 8.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£4.00) profession. South African production. Aug 13-SeptAn2all12midnight (1.00am) £4.50 (£3.50) MOTHER WILD THEATRE COMPANY 0 Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 L8 KLUB TRIBE #00 GOBLIN MARKET Victorian erotica! Two sisters struggle with suppressed memories of seductive goblins whose forbidden fruits spawn sour reminders of Victorian Inspiredjourney by Christine Rosssetti’s lush poetry. Goblin Market is an Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 convention. enchanting musical into sensual self-discovery. ★homelessness ■ HOME among IS WHERE... A soul searching glimpse into reasons behind Aug 13-19 1.45pm (3.15) £5.00 (£4.00) childrenyoungest today. Through the mediathrough of musictheir and eyes theatre, experience victims, exploring and audiences words NANCY 3. HOFFMAN HERSELF the issues ofthetheir2world reality.of our(11.00) O000 Aug 14-Sept 10.00am £3.50 (£2.50) Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 ★ ■rollicks, THE MIKADO Theandusualstomps forty through cast members areandplayed by only one woman - as frolics, tromps Gilbert Sullivan' s favourite operetta. LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH ARTS 00 she Sheer14-26 delight11.00am Inventive. Energetic. For all ages. Accompanist Vincent Zito. Venue 65 - St Ann’s Community Centre, South Gray’s Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 0469 JIO Aug ■Stephen PIPPIN BasedBroadway upon the holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, andperformed set in 8th century AD, Aug 28-Sept 2 7.00pm(11.45) (7.45)£5.00 £6.00(£3.50) (£4.50) Schwartz musical with ‘splendiferous theatricality’ by a celebrated AMERICAN YOUNG ADULT COMPANY FROM COLUMBUS, Ohio. Dancing, music, colourful11.30am costumes and set £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 13-18 (12.30pm) ■Brothers). A SLICEAOF SATURDAY NIGHT (Book, Music by theto theHeather fast exhuberant musical - the Who’d ‘Grease’ ofseventeen theand60’s.Lyrics Come GO-GO’. Romance versus ‘Wham Bam’. be in the sixties? ‘CLUB A Aug 13-26 (not 20) 9.30pm (10.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ■by MAN OF LA MANCHA (Book by Dale Wasserman, Music by Mitch FOR FRINGE INFORMATION jo Darion).to right Possibly America'wrongs. s best musical. A charade telling ofQuixote an old Leigh, mande laLyrics RING 013 1-226 5257 or 5259 determined the world’s An old man known as Don Mancha... OPEN 10am - 7pm Aug 21-26 1.30pm (2.30) £4.50 (£3.50) THRESHOLD THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS at SOUTHSIDE A I I 7 Nicholson Street Tel 6677365 8.05pm AUGUST 9-SEPTEMBER 2 1995 WEST SIDE STORY



Music and Lyrics by STEPHEN SONDHEIM BOOK BY HUGH WHEELER Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins Book by Arthur Laurents Music by Leonard Bernstein FROM AN ADAPTATION BY CHRISTOPHER BOND Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim ORIGINALLY DIRECTED BY Charles HAROLD PRINCEFryer Entire original production directed and choreographed by Originally Broadway by Richard Barr, Woodward, I Mary produced Lea Johnson.on Martin Richards in association with Dean and JudyRobert Manos Jerome Robbins Originally produced or I C THEATRE INTERNATIONAL of NEW YORK A LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS 6.15pm AUGUST 1 O-SEPTEMBER 2 Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman Music by Alan Menken el French Limited!

STREAMLINE MUSIC IN ASSOCIATION GGG WITH TOMMY MIAH Venue 184 - Raj Restaurant on the Shore, Henderson Street Leith 553 3980 D14 Outer | ■ POP GOES YERupLIFE! Seen through the eyes toofthe oneeastern man..Theinfluenced music, memories and magic of growing in the rockin’ fifties through ‘Flower J, Power’13-Sept era of the2 11.30pm late sixties.(1.00am) Price includes supper snacks. NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE C GOO Aug £7.50 Venue 37 - George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 (after 11 Aug) M8 ■satire THEsetTHREEPENNY OPERA Hard hitting new production of based Brecht’sscore biting in a world of corruption, gangs and prostitution. Weill’s jazz TEMPO MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS GOJ wonderfully evokesfortheyoung atmosphere Venue 69 - Broughton High School, I Carrington Road. Tickets 01426 947486 C3 play. 24Not9.45am suitable children.of decadent 1920’s Berlin in this darkly humorous Aug (12.30pm) £3.00 I’M GETTING MY ACT TOGETHER AND TAKING IT ON THE ROAD. Aug 17,19,21,23,27 3.00pm (5.4S) £5.00 Fringe debut of established company TEMPO. A modern musical opening night; Aug 1416,18,21,24-27 Heather and friends a new ACT! Pacey, witty, nostalgic 70’s, great songs, strong j Aug 6.4Spm (9.30)6.45pm £5.00 (9.30) £7.00 (£5.00) comedy, live 7.15pm band andrehearse conflict? Aug 22-26 (8.55) £5.00 ■ ANNIE new ofLittle the orphan great American musical. Rich humour, heart Aug 22-26 9.15pm (10.55) (£4.50) warmer of theSparkling ‘rags tosongs riches’production fantasy. Tomorrow’, Annie,-Sandy the Dog, pathos, unforgettable ‘Maybe’, ‘NYC and dazzling choreography. Bring25all the9.45am family!(12.05pm) £3.00 THRESHOLD THEATRE COMPANY OOGG Aug Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9, ’ Aug 19,26 9.45am (12.05pm) £5.00 ■ WEST SIDE STORY In 1957, contemporary New York gang warfare inspired this Aug 16,18,20,22,24,25 3.00pm (5.20) £5.00 musical adaptation ofShakespeare’s‘Romeo and Juliet’. In 1995, theof love, pulsating j Aug 15,17,19,22,23,28 rhythms,theatre vigorous choreography sheer production. physical energy rival moments Aug 26,28 3.00pm (5.20)6.45pm £7.00 (9.05) £7.00 (£5.00) no concessions Aug 28 tenderness and emotion in a new2 and powerful Aug 9,11-16,21-23,30-Sept 8.05pm (10.30) £7.50 (£6.00) Aug 18-20,25-28 8.05pm (10.30) £8,00 (£6.50) | NORTHERN THEATRE CO OOG Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street Tickets 650 8200 K9 ■ LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is a unique musical, with a hilarious text, some seriously groovy music and the seemingly most innocent and unlikely of plots. ‘Little PACIFICmusical OVERTURES by Stephen Weidman.through Athought Shop’ stands out as one of the most entertaining on the Fringe. provoking and challenging looksuccessful at Sondheim a tiny nation islandandininJohn thethepacific, Aug 6.15pm (7.50)shows £7.00(£5.50) world’s arrogance, world -that Japan. a Aug 10-16,21-23,29,31,Sept 18-20,25-28 6.15pm (7.50)1,2£7.50 (£6.00) Aug 12-26 7.30pmbecame (9,30) the £6.50most(£5.00) SWEENEYmusical TODD; THEgrabsDEMON OFyouFLEET STREET ASSASSINS by StephenFourSondheim and John Weidman. people have tried suggest to kil Sondheim’s thriller you byproduction theBARBER throat,inputs through the mincer the AmericanAnother president have succeeded. DismissedFringe as13 maniacs, assassins bakes you at gas mark nine. ‘The best three years’ Cambridge Eveningand otherwise. chance to see this highly successful 94 production. News. Aug 12-26 3.30pm (5.00) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 1,2 10.50pm Aug 10-15,17,21,22,24,29,30,Sept 18-20,25-28 10.50pm (1.20am) £7.50 (£6.50) (1,20am) £7.00 (£6.00) PACIFIC PRODUCTIONS GO Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Momingside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 UNION THEATRE GC Venue 93 - James Gil espie’s High School, Lauderdale Street. Tickets: 01501 741 584 N! GRAND HOTELEavesdrop - THE onMUSICAL Scottish premiere offates award-winning Broadway show. the schemes, plots, secrets and of the Hotel guests, ■comedy, KISS bawdiest ME KATEbadinage. The bestImmediate of Porterand and robust the Playwright Liveliestbattle musical, funniest living the highlife in decadent 1928 Berlin. A striking, original piece of theatre, starring join the famous of the sexes. Kate Dimbleby Stiles.(4.30) £6.00 (£5.00) ‘Brush up your Shakespeare’ with this 'effervescent and highly watchable group’ The Aug 21-24,28-31andSeptZoe 3.00pm Independent. Aug 25,26,27, 1,2 3.00pm (4.30) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 22-26 7.15pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) QUEENS THEATRE GROUP C OG & CROLLA OG Venue l67-StMartinofTours,232DalryRoad Jl VALVONA Venue 67 - The Litde Theatre, Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 6066 FI ■strong THEcompany BEGGAR' S OPERA No opera but a lively, noisy musical performed by a 50SONGS OF TRAVEL A group of Scotland’s finest musicians perform Mike youngitsactors andfemale musicians. production givesouttheonplaytop.back its highly acclaimed exploration of thewhich worksassailof Robert LouisbyStevenson. ‘A seamlessMaran’s political14-24 bite.(not Andof20)with mainly(5.45) cast,(£3.00) it’sThis the girls who come stream of voice, music and songs and delight their dexterous Aug 4.00pm £4.00 interweaving’ The 20,22) Scotsman.6.00pm (7.30) £6.00 Aug 21-24 10.30am (12.15) Aug 14-26 (not THE REALISTIC THEATRE COMPANY 0OGO WELSH COLLEGE OF MUSIC G OF EDINBURGH AND DRAMA Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365. L9 Venue 13 Harry Younger Hal l , Lochend Close, Canongate J! ★uprising; THE Lothian’s DRUMMER Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Prince 1745 ★ ■ CELEBRATION Newofmusic theatre is alive, well, andperformed more than bykicking. A most BOY exciting youththemusic-theatre company views Bonnie fresh, scintillating compilation Mercury Workshop material London Charlie’s ‘Rash Adventure’ through eyes of a twelve year old drummer-boy in the Royal Schools of Music singers directed by Mike Ashman and Mary Hammond, vocal Jacobite Army -2stirring family4.00pm entertainment coach Aug 11 -Sept (not Suns) (5.55) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 21to-26London’s 7.30pmWest (9.00)End.£5.00 (£4.00) SHREWSBURY SCHOOL G Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street Tickets 650 8200 K9 APACHE PRODUCTIONS . ★FIRST JEKYLL! The streetsof aren' t safe tonight... so tastethetheCompany thrills andwhosuspense ofyouthe PRESENT I EVER MUSICAL Stevenson’s classic. From brought Guys and Dolls in ‘93, JEKYLL! is ‘...utterly coherent song and dance.... fantastic’ Times Ed. MacGregor's Aug 28-Sept 2 8.45pm (10.45) £6.00 (£4.00) by Brian Spence STRAWBERRIES WITH CREAM OOGG Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street Tickets 650 8200 K9 lock Musical loosely base* THE BOY-FRIEND Aerawittyof the pastiche of I920’sflappers musicalandtheatre, The Boy-friend brings sparkle to a bygone charleston, wild carefree days on the Lours Stevenson's "Kldna French Riviera. The humorous intimacy of the original 1953 version is energetically performed by this talented young company. STARRING CHESNEY HAWKES Aug 28-Sept 20-26 5.15pm (7.00)(9.30) £4.75 (£4.25) ' CHISHOLM. JACKIE Aug 2 7.45pm '.DEBBK MCKENNA. 8.00pm 11th Aug - 2nd Sep. at the Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore P Tickets from the Booking Office: Tel. 0131 228 9430 or the Fringe Office £6.50 (reductions forO.A.P.s, students & unemployed or buy 6 tickets @ £6.00 each) 54 MUSICALS & OPERA

TALKS AND EVENTS w WATERSTONE’S 83 George Street Edinburgh EH2 3ES Telephone (0131) 225 3436 Fax (0131) 226 4548 Festival Opening Hours Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 10pm Sunday 11am - 10pm Edinburgh Festival Fringe BOX OFFICE OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm Sunday 11am - 7pm 4 AUGUST - 2 SEPTEMBER Bookings in person by cash, cheque and credit card TICKETS FOR ALL FRINGE SHOWS

CELEBRATE THE FESTIVAL WITH WATERSTONE'S OF GEORGE STREET Extensive Programme of Author Readings Regular Fringe-Linked Events Impromptu Afternoon 'Drop-ins' Late Night Opening Free Parking after 6pm FOR FULL DETAILS CONTACT BRANCH ALSO TRADING AT 128 PRINCES STREET, EDINBURGH EH2 4AD, 0131 226 2666 AND 13-14 PRINCES STREET, EDINBURGH EH2 2AN, 0131 556 3034

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL OH© Venue 39 - Dr Neil’s Garden, Duddingston Kirk, Duddingston Vil age Tickets SS7 29S7 OI4 Outer ■ OPENgarden WEEKEND NEIL'S GARDEN beautiful and award winning onand theguests shoreATfrom ofDR Duddingston Loch willGarden be This open the public for two days. Celebrities The Beechgrove willtoanswer gardening queries. Proceeds to Amnesty International. Aug 19,20 2.00pm (5.00) £1.50 (£1.00) BBC RADIO 2 0OOO Princes Street Gardens, (below the Castle) H7 ■Edinburgh. R2 ROADSHOW The BBC Radio 2 Roadshow will be broadcasting live from Special festival programmes to include the Ken Bruce show (18th August 9.30 -12-25 11.30) and the Jamesons. Aug 10.00am (late) FREEPlus drop-in guests and music throughout the day. BBC RADIO 4 TREASURE ISLANDS OC 0 B - Book Festival, Charlotte Square Gardens 0131 220 3990 G5 CHILDREN’S BOOK QUIZ Who was shrunk by a magic mushroom? What made Stanley flat? Where did Tom go after midnight? Michael Rosen invites families to test their children' Aug 26knowledge 2.30pm of(4.00) FREEs books against a literary panel. C 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 22S S105 ©#©# Venue H7 ■it’sTHE ONLY FIRST-FLOOR CELLAR BAR ON THE FRINGE Whether coffee and croissants ‘cos you missed S4B, between-shows snacks or afternoon tea, culturaldrink cocktails or late-night jazz, make CELLAR C the centre of your daily intake of food, and2 festival. Aug 6-Sept 9.30am (2.00am) Free CAMPAIGN AGAINST MILITARISM © Venue 29 - Cariton Highland Hotel, North Bridge Tickets 556 4873 JIO THE LIE DETECTOR An evening with Mick Hume, editor of‘Living Marxism’ and straight talking radio pundit. When politics is uniformly ‘correct’, Hume’s policy is ‘ban nothing, question everything.’ Guaranteed to be a lively, controversial and topical discussion. Aug 24 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) DAMAGE ©©© Venue 116 - Club MB, 12 Shandwick Place HS 7kdebate, ■ DAMAGE DAYS ‘Death before dishonour. Drugs before lunch.' Underground ideas and cultureinc.explained and explored. Discussions, readings, performance with Aug Damage 15-Sept&2Rebel (not Suns,Phone Mons)for details. 12.15pm Phone (2.00) for£3.00brochure. (£2.00) DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS 0© Venue 11 - Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 UNDERSTANDING MAGAZINE proseWriters readingswillfromreadcontributors ofwork. Understanding literary magazine and peoplePoetry on theandfloor. their own Aug 24-26 8.45pm (9,45) £2.00 (£ 1.50) ■in anPOSITIVE MEDITATION oasis peaceTHINKING/ amidst the hustle and bustle of theWORKSHOPS Festival. Refresh your spirit Aug 14-26of(not Admission Free20) 10.30am (12 midday) EDINBURGH FESTIVAL VOLUNTARY OO0© GUIDES ASSOCIATION Venue 165 - Canonball House, Castle Hil , Royal Mile J7 ■scene FREE WALKING TOURS OF THE ROYAL MILE Tread its ancient closes, of many a blood-chilling event. Deacon Encounter somevictim of Edinburgh’s notorious characters: Weir, the Wizard; Brodie, of his ownmore invention; and many7-Sept more.Major Tours established 1947. Aug 2 Tours last approx 2 hours Free Tours commence every 10 minutes between 10 & 11 am and between 2 & 3pm Sundays between 2 & 3 pm only

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm

* 55

INDEPENDENT THEATRE COUNCIL OOOO Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO TEN STEPS TOcompany. STARTING A THEATRE COMPANY Essentialtheguide to running your own ITC reveals the secret of success and navigates on fundraising, tour-booking, Equity cards, profit share, plus THE EDINBURGH MELA H management ideas and notesmaze. to takeTipsaway. Venue 151 - Meadowbank Stadium, London Road Info 529 3153 G14 Outer Aug 29-31 10.00am (12 noon) Free It’scarnival the lastconcoction day of the Festival can you more? No? to the Melababies instead.and Abhajies of family- fun, frolicstakeandanyFOOD. If youCome like Bollywood, JAPAN EXPERIENCE OOOO Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 6502395 K9 Sept 2-3(or not!) chill out here. See also Music and Musicals & Opera. HIDAKA: BLACK IRON FLY PHANTOM Avantdaysgardeby giving poetryup In ■ MULTI-CULTURAL CLOTHES SHOWearlyA fashion andbe packed! music extravaganza ■herTERU 70' s and fiercely independent, drawing controversy in her early featuring designs from around the world. Arrive as it will marriage and society. Live calligraphy painting show by Hiroyuki Matsumoto to capture Sept 3 2.00pm (5.00) Admission Free. her poetry dynamic(7.00) strokes. Aug 13-19in6.15pm £2.00 (£1.50) FRIENDS OF THE WESTERN BUDDHIST ORDER SCOTCH WHISKY HERITAGE OOOO Venue 18 - Edinburgh Buddhist Centre, 55a Grange Road Tickets 662 4945 07 THE CENTRE BUDDHIST MEDITATION The Buddhist approach to meditation is based on the Venue 112 The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, 354 Cast l e hi l Tickets: 220 0441 J7. t principle Mindfulness;thatanweappreciative awareness centred on immediate SCOTCH WHISKY Learnin aabout thebarrel production ofwhisky whiskyhistory. and thenFREE meettaste our of i In the twocanoftechniques teach, self-awareness, concentration, calm andexperience. emotional ■‘ghostly’ master blender. Ride whisky through warmth all be developed. whisky for every2 (not adult (except Sundays) before a visit to our whisky and gift shop. Aug 20-Sept 22 2.00pm 11 .OOarn (12.30) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug Aug Aug 2213-Sept 9.45am (10.45)22) 9.30am (10.30) £3.80 (£2.00 child) Aug 20-Sept 20-Sept 2 7.00pm (3.30) (8.30) YOGA Yoga, orcomplementary rather, Hatha Yoga, known toofbemeditation. of great benefit healthareand vitality and is also to theis practice Our for teachers trained in the Iyengar method. Beginners are welcome. Aug 21-Sept I 5.30pm (7.00) £3.00 (£2.00) FRINGE CLUB EVENTS 00® Venue 2 - Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Tickets:226 5138 L8 FOR CREDIT CARD SALES The Fringe Club is hosting a series of exciting professional masterclasses from someon of RING 013 1-226 5138 (6 lines) the most important directors in the UK; an International conference and a forum OPEN 10am-7pm casting. Plus a chance to join the Fringe Society Board at the Annual General Meeting. SIGN LANGUAGE INforTHE THEATRE Find outworkshop how plays,organised musicalsinand cabaret can be interpreted deaf people. A practical conjunction with the(1.00pm) ScottishFree Assoc, of Sign Language Interpreters. Aug 15 10.30am RICHARD EYRE -Theatre PROFESSIONAL MASTERCLASS The Artistic Director ofquestions. the Royal National reviews his career in theatre and television and answers Aug25 11,00am (1,00pm) £3,00(£2.50) KEN CAMPBELL -TOLECTURE exhilarating masterclass onPeter HOW BE FUNNIERDEMONSTRATION by the man described asAn‘a very English Surrealist' Sir Hall. Aug 28 2.30pm (4.30) £3.00 (£2.50) FRINGE GENERAL MEETING The Fringe Society’sopinions, directors review the ANNUAL last ideas 12 months, performers’ comments and forserved. thestand future.for re-election Call 226-5257andforhearinformation on membership. Tea, coffee and light buffet Aug 26 II.00am (2.00pm) Free LYNN SEYMOUR - PROFESSIONAL MASTERCLASS dramatic ballet dancer offor theActors’. 20th Century presents a 2-day practicalProbably workshop;the most ‘Expressive Movement Observers welcome. Aug29,30 I 1,00am (1.00pm) £2.00(Observers) THE BUSINESS CASTING AnRepresentatives essential forumfromwithEquity expertsandrevealing how actors arehowcasttoinOF theatre and TV.chances! Spotlight,justplus useful tips on improve your Aug 31 11,00am (1,00pm) £3.00 (£2,50) WHAT ISwith FRINGE? -Arts, ANaINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE In with conjunction Visiting one-day conference on bodies. Fringe festivals worldwide contributions from international producers and funding Sept I 10.30am (5.00pm) £5.00 (£4.00) FRINGE SUNDAY IN ASSOCIATION WITH LOTHIAN REGIONAL COUNCIL OOOO Venue 10 - Holyrood Park, foot of Royal Mile. Info 226 5257 or 5259. JI3 ■revellers FRINGE SUNDAY IN HOLYROOD PARK A- Arthur’s lark in theSeat. park with 150,000 in the shadow of Edinburgh’s boldest landmark Free shows, great food anda 30ft top fairground children puppet!Free attractions. Opening procession at 1.00pm with fifty local Aug20 and1.00pm (5.00) TALKS AND EVENTS

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm 56


SCOTTISH ACTORS STUDIO oooo HAMADA WORKSHOPS Venue 145 - Royal Lyceum Studio, 30b Grindlay Street Info 0141 227 5004 J5 SCOTTISH ACTORS STUDIO - HAMADA WORKSHOPS Observe full day workshops with Equity participants. Leaders for these Hamada funded workshops tb.c. session leaders Patsy includedRodenburg, Tom Conti,Robbie AlisonColtrane, Steadman,Richard RutgerWilson, Hauer, THE SQUARE CENTRE OO0O MoragPrevious Fullerton, MikeCallow. Newell, Venue 77 - The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. Cicely Berry, Simon FOUR SCOTTISH POETS ‘Poetry, however serious, i s language a Aug 13-19 10.00am (6.00pm) £10.00 (£5.00) Observer tickets only toCrawford refuse with to readAnnaor Crowe, write poetry be asandpeverse to refuse ever t :play. i laugh.’Forme, Robert Roddywould Lumsden Angelaas McSeveney. SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY OO0© Aug 24 8.00pm (10.15) Venue Si - Scottish Poetry Library, Tweeddale Court, 14 High Street Info 557 2876. JIO Admission free, but donations to restoration fund welcomed. ■ COURTYARD READINGS Open toOnall and in the open. are welcome join in, reading yourdancing, own or others’ poems. Saturdays only theYoureadings will be to ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL preceded by Butoh , with sound Venue 91 - St Mary’s Cathedral & Chapter House, Palmerston Place 225 6293 COO© Aug 14-Sept 2 2.00pm (3.30)‘Vision of Twilight' Admission Free track and poetry at 2pm. CATHEDRAL FETEteas, Stalls, Bar-B-Que, trips up the Cathedral spire, book sale, B - Book Festival, Charlotte Square Gardens 0131 220 3990 G5 ©bric-a-brac, bouncy(4.00pm) castle, Sept 2 10.00am Freeetc. ■Scottish SCOTLAND ABROAD An exhibition and event exploring where, why, how literature studied translated. Speakerspoet-scholar Anette Degott,Peter GUIDED TOUR Tour of St Mary’s Cathedral, Song School, with its famous Phoebe MacCaig scholar andis ‘spread universityabroad’, teacher from and Germany with expatriot Traquair and(8.30) local area. McCarey from Switzerland lead discussion. Aug 16,23murals, 7.00pm £2.00 Aug 22 6.30pm (8.00) £4.00will(£2.00) STREAMLINE MUSIC IN ASSOCIATION ()l THE SHAKESPEARE WORKSHOP OO0O WITH MIAH Venue 40 - The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 J7 Venue 184 - RajTOMMY Restaurant on the Shore, Henderson Street, Leith 553 3980 D14 Outer ■of the GREET THE DAY WITH SHAKESPEARE Arise, break your fast with the wit ■ BANGLADESH FESTIVAL OF FOOD ANDtabla,CULTURE For the third Bard.yourExplore, absorb, treatyour yourself to a workshop (yes, you will be taking part) year this successful rolling show featuring dance, flute, sitar and changing daily toAugawaken senses and enrich Edinburgh Festival day. speciality cuisine. All under personal supervision of restaurateur and writer Tommy 16-Sept 2 (not 20,27) 10.00am (11.00) £3.50 (£2.50) ■famous SHAKESPEARE' S BEST BITS Enlarge your acquaintance with Shakespeare’s Aug 13-Sept2 7.30pm (11.00) £17.50 bits and Each day different well-known speeches. An hourwilltoprove adventure into words, imagespieces. and meanings. This wonderful, personal experience a highlight of your festival participation. TRAQUAIR FAIR 0 300 Aug 16-Sept 2 (not 20,27) 3.30pm (4.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Venue 110 - Traquair House, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire. Tickets 01896-830785. Q11 Outer ■crafts TRAQUAIR FAIR A unique festival of theatre, music, children’s entertainments, NED SHERRIN & FRIENDS & complementary medicine. Set in the groundsCaravanserai of Scotland’s(Sun), oldest Venue 37 - George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 (after 11 Aug) M8 inhabited house. This year’s acts include: Thebeautiful Blues Cruisers, LUNCHTIME WITH NED Ned Sherrin returns to Edinburgh with a host of Fringe Contenta Project, The Ballet Hooligans, Henry Normal & The Story of King Kong. celebrities for a debate. regular hour informal interviews, musical II.00am£20.00, (6.00pm) (£7.50 UPDC) £7.50 (£4.00 UPDC) in advance lively ‘FromofScotsman the comicchat, to theprobing cerebral...essential stop-offmayhem for thoseandat Aug Family5,6ticket £ 18.00£9.00in advance aAug looselunchtime end at lunchtime’ 16-18,21-25 1. 15pmThe(2.15) £6.00 includes free glass of wine The BT Guide for people who are disabled or elderly 1995 The latest products and services to help you use the phone BT AGE AND DISABILITY BT provide a wide range of equipment and services for people who have hearing, speech, sight, dexterity and mobility problems. These are described within the BT Guide for people who are disabled or elderly, copies of the Guide are available without cost by dialling 150 free of charge. Presently many of our products are on display at Disabled Living Centres and Hearing Aid Clinics throughout Scotland and the U.K. as a whole. The BT Phoneshops which are situated in most of the major centres contain a full display of our products and details of locations and opening times can be obtained by dialling 150. If you cannot visit any of these locations due to a disability or illness please telephone 150 and arrangements will be made for us to visit you at home. Henry Gray, Age and Disability Manager, G18 Caledonian House, 19a Canning Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8TA Tel: 0131-345 6167 57

ABASK OO0O Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ BAGPIPE MUSIC AyouNEW PLAY. An the accidental meeting? Unlikely. Hidden identities? Possibly. Can piece together puzzle? Maybe. Comedy or tragedy? audience decides. A fast moving look at the media which hurtles towards disaster. AnThe Augunmissable 12-Sept 2show? (not Definitely. 20,27) 8.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.50) ABLAZE THEATRE COMPANY 0 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 EDWARD II An enthralling production of Marlowe’s classic text makes this adaptation a ‘must-see’ of the Festival. The play’s themes of bigotry and hatred make for a thrilling piece2of3.40pm theatre.(5.05) Miss £4.50 this, miss THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK! Aug 27-Sept (£3.00) ABLUTIONS 0 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 THE PURGINGtheFEYDEAU’S FAMOUS FARCE.ofThe maid, theMeans, wife,andtheachamber pot manufacturer, Chairman of the Committee Ways and very large bottle14-19 of Dr Dacier' Liquid £4.50 Laxative(£4.00) - a fast and furious Belle Epoque Fawlty Towers. Aug 4.00pms(5.00) ABOUT TIME THEATRE COMPANY OO00 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 JEFFREY BERNARD IS Sex, UNWELL by Keith Waterhouse based on clubs, the life and writings of Jeffrey Bernard. horses, hangovers, wives, pubs, bookies, mistresses, impotence, vodka, editors, fags, no-knickers, Joyce, - Jeffrey Bernard has had the Auglot.....and 12-Septis2unwell. (not 13) 7.10pm (8.25) £5,50 (£4,50) HANCOCK’S LAST‘uncannily HALF accurate' HOUR byportrayal Heathcote Williams. Fast becoming a Fringetearscult!as Pipskilfully Utton’s returns. ‘Gets the laughs through the as Hancock himself The Li s t . ‘A must for all Hancock fans' Evening News.12- Sept 2 (not 13) 1. 15pm (1.55) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug Back Row Productions Presents TANIA LACY

ABSOLUTE BANANA THEATRE 00O COMPANY Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K8 THE PRIVATE EAR PUBLIC EYEandThisdelightful... Peter Shafferimmensely double bitouching.’ l was described by Punch as ‘pure/ THE comedy that is fresh The poignancy of Shaffer’s words highlights the public and private pressures placed on relationships. Aug 14,15,16,21,22,23 2.15pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) ABSOLUTELY BARD OOO0 Venue 45 - Old St. Paul’s Church Hall. Jeffrey Street Tickets 556 0476 J10 ■1960’s, AS YOU LIKEcomedy IT Backexplores to the Summer ofitsloveglories! with Will Shakespeare! Set in the to this groovy love in all From a Company dedicated creating28-Sept accessible classics,(3.45) this radical version brings the Forest of Arden alive!! Aug 2 2.15pm £4.00 (£3.00) ACT ONE - CARDIFF UNIVERSITY OC 0 DRAMA SOCIETY Venue 98 - Marco's, 51 Grove Street Tickets 228 9116 K3 J ■permanently WHOSEparalysed LIFE ISfrom IT ANYWAY by Brian Clarke. When a sculptor is resolvesimportant to die, rather live indignity a helpless state. His struggle forthetheneckrightdown, to dieheraises issues ofthanhuman and medical Aug 28-Septethics. 2 2.40pm (4.15) £4.50 (£3.50) /E PRODUCTIONS OO00 Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 H7: !i ★ the THEtoiletPIGEON byhilarious Patrick and Suskind. The red eyeinto glared.madness. The wingPerformed flapped. with AtripThe jj toDouble begins an disturbing plunge Bass3 FOR this exhilarating monologue has a cult(2.55) following the continent Special12-Sept ALL offer2.30pm Aug 9-11 2.30pm £3.00on(£2.50) Aug 2 (not 31) (3.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Special double-bill offer: The Pigeon/The Double-Bass £6,00 (£4,00) ★ THE DOUBLE-BASS byfantasy PatrickandSuskind. A symphony ofofsexual frustration,In monomanic obsession, surreal theSuskind’s largest instrument the orchestra. exciting double-bill with The Pigeon (above), darkly comic monologue probes the explosive chaos(4.00) of the £3.00 double-bassist’s psyche. Aug 9-11 3.05pm Aug 13-Sept 2 3.05pm (4.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Special double-bill offer: The Pigeon/The Double-Bass £6.00 (£4.00) Back Row Productions Presents 2 I “A kaleidescope of characters from m f the streets of New York performed [ with remarkable chameleon-like [ exactitude...” Rotting _ _ btone “Hilarious and sombre....monologues musical riffs”. York Times




“... d Mont prodiKtionff fast and furious fun” Ilia Stotsuian ”... hard to find a funnier two hours” Evening News “...simply hilurious’lhe Herald DIRECTED BY MORAGFULIARTON FEATURING FUEL SUPPORTING (AH IMNSliltD BV ROGER MMVOY t ARNA-MARIA GUIGHI

ASSEMBLY ROOMS 0131 226 2428 ASSEMBLY + GILDED BA I. ICON + PLEASANCE Fringe Box Office 0131 226 5138 Mon 14 to Sat 26 Aug at 2.30pm excluding Sun 20 Borderline Theatre, a registered charity, is funded by: Strathclyde Regional Council, Cunninghame District Council Kyle and Carrick District Council THE SCOTTISH ARTS COUNCIL

AUDIENCE by Vaclav Havel. Corruption, intrigue, beer.confrontation Havel drawsbetween on his own personal experience in thisdepressive cunningly-observed dissident playwright and brewer. Tmtragicomic not thinking anything’ protests the intellectual, attempting to avoid prison. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 II ,45pm (12.30am) £3.00 Aug 11.45pm Price12-26 includes beer (12.30am) £5.00 (£3.50) AGITPROP THEATRE CO 0O Venue 176-Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO ★ M OBSESSION IS NOTa Aone-woman PERFUME It’stracing a performance. Absurd, comictheand disturbing. Agitprop presents show, one woman’s life from namesfall.she’s beenAug given20-Sept to the names free I (notshe31)creates. 10.30pmEnergetic (11.30)and£5.00powerful (£4.00)- theatre in ALBERT & FRIENDS INSTANT O00 CIRCUS Venue I - Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office J9 ★ ■ LEprovides PETITtheCIRQUE DESfor'HthisORRORS' Silenttroupe' movies melodrama in Fringe. a circus setting ideal vehicle exciting young return to the Dazzling skills, youthful a generous entertainment. Free enthusiasm Augand13-28 1. 15pmhelping (2.00) ofFreehumour make ideal family ALIEN SEX 0000 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★COCK-UP I WAS AN ALIEN SEX GOD Bowiemania! DRUG-COP TESTIFIES: ‘BIGGEST IN HISTORY OF MIND CONTROL’ A cosmic detective story by John Constable ‘pulledFanzine off the impossible by adapting Gormenghast’ The Times. ‘Bowie fans’ll- thelovemanit!'who Wrongside Aug 1,2 11.05pm£5.00 (12.30am) Aug 10-12,17-20,24-27,31,Sept 14-16,22,23,29,30 11.05pm (12.30am) (£3.50) £7.00 (£5.00) ALTAMIRAGE THEATRE COMPANY O00O Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 2255105 H7 ★Inspector DOPPELGANGER A body i s found, a suspect to be interviewed, but FlyDetective Claire draws more than a confession. Psycho-Sexual Vampirism! into the abyss which lurks beneath society, and within us all.. Winner of the S.C.D.A. Rowntree-Harvey Shield. Special 3 FOR ALL offer 9-11 (6.45) 5.45pm£5.00 (6.45)(£3.50) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 17,31)Aug5.45pm AMBROSIA PRODUCTIONS O000 (CANADA) Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ★ Sing BLACK Andrew‘Tcaching Kelm’s children acclaimedjollysololittleshowditties is a playfully adult exploration ofskewed asignificance’. SongBRIDE of Sixpence. takes on a whole new Mail. ‘A2great mature(£3.00) content . . four and twenty what?!GlobeAugand14-Sept (not discovery’CBC 21) 2.00pm (3.00)NB:£4.50 AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL THEATRE 00 30 FESTIVAL Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO ■powerful DANCING INdouble THE STREETS, SPOON RIVER ANTHOLOGY A plus American bill combining an original musical; the beat of the street anhavehistorical piece fromAug the turn of the century. years£5.00 of Americana. a good time! 1.30pm100(3.30) (£3.00) Come and Aug 13,15,17,19 18 7,30pm (9,30) ■ HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING Andover of Phillip Academy presents ‘Highestoften Standard of Living’satire byTheKeith Reddin.Touring Set inCompany Moscow and New York, this play is a surreal, nightmarish of warped American perspectives in the Reagan era / Cold War. Aug 12,14,16,18 5.30pm (7.30) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 17 7.30pm (9.30) ■Heathwood SIMON Hall SPEAKS, LOVE, ANDaboutOTHER doublememories, bill. ThisSANITY delightful play a youngIMPOSSIBILITIES woman the difficulties of childhood adolescence, and stereotyping woman.facingSatirisation governments who havecampaign. attemptedAug to control the arts 3.30pm through(5.30) intimidation, propogandaof and a well-packaged 13,15,17,19 £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 14 7.30pm (9.30) AMERICAN THEATRE VENTURES 0000 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ★playMOTHER' S ON by Raymond] Barry. This dark comedy is the perfect lunchcompany time about a man, a mother, a wife and some unspeakable hunger. Professional from the US returns to the Fringe, ‘remarkable Tour-de-Force achievement’ Los Angeles Times. Preview Aug 9 12.45pm (2.00) £4.00 2 12.45pm (2.00) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug Aug 10-13,15-17,20,22-24,28,29,3 18,19,25,26,27 12.45pm (2.00) I-Sept £7.00 (£6.00) 59

G & J PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS IhKsKW COMPANY THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF (ABRIDGED) 500 YEARS IN 6000 SECONDS ASSEMBLY ROOMS 11-28 AUGUST AT 12 NOON BOX OFFICE 0131 226 2428 FRINGE BOX OFFliCE 0131 226 5138 History has Breathlessly never been paced — fhis much fun slapstick — or os merriment delightfully NEW YORK TIMES mutilated" ornKtAL gazette "Mad but brilliant" BELFAST TELEGRAPH

/Vo ***■ COM..- r,|-V- ^


ANORAK OF FIRE ooeo Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Momingside Road. Tickets 447 0111 ANORAK OF FIRE THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GUS GASCOIGNE: TRAINSPOTTER The Anorak isTelegraph back! The‘AWest End cult comedyTriumph’ hit Mail ‘A returns.’Hilarious and. Doheartbreaking’ must..unmitigated gem. . B rilliant Stuff. not miss i t ’ S. T imes Aug l-l6,20-24,28,30-Sept 7.00pm(£6.50) (8.10) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug I18,19,25-27 7.00pm (8.10)2 £7.50 AROUNDABOUT THEATRE oooq COMPANY Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 22S 5105 H7 j ★ MISSFortune FORTUNE Twiceofupon a timePalace in thetohistory of sex Florence and politics,to a statesman courted in the guise a whore. Parliament Westminster, realALL motives wanting. Honesty is rarely the best policy. Special12-263 FOR offerare£5.00 Augalways 9-11 Aug 2.45pm (4.15) (£3.50)2.45pm (4.15) £3.00 ASIAPACIFIC PRODUCTIONS OO0O Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F41 ★hardened BLOODY SUNDAY OR THAT WINE IS RED Glitzy Hong and foreign correspondents cushion themselves from the tank treadsKongof the Tiananmen massacre through bigotry, cynicism and wit Aug 15,17,19,22,24,26 I 00pm (2.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ EINSTEIN John Crowther ‘aandgenius’ at bringing Einstein to hfe.maddening, ‘As the elderly physicist withselfish...This his cup of teaisis theatre dangling braces;Albert complex, loveable, fumbling, bumbling, and biography at its very finest’. Wanted in Rome,27,28,30-Sept critique 2 1.00pm (2.30) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug ASIMMETRIC THEATRE COMPANY 008 Venue 45 - Old St Paul’s Church Hall, Jeffrey Street Tickets 556 0476 ★house!’ ■ NOW WE ARE FREE ‘Call this freedom? Two nights in a Cromer guestIf hell really is other evenreveals the most familiarofplace turn outlucky. a prison. Award-winning writer Chrispeople, Chibnall the(£3.50) meaning life. canIf you’re Aug 10-19 (not 13) 12.15pm (1.45pm) £5.00 Aug Aug 21-26 28-Sept10.15am 2 8.15pm(11.45) (9.45) ASSEMBLY ROOMS ooo * Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street Tickets 226 2428 ANIMAL FARM Orwell’s notorious, savage, political allegory updated and brought vividly to life by aone-man master storyteller, ‘animal magic’‘Multiple Herald GUY MASTERSON follows ‘94’s astonishing UNDER MILKWOOD. characterisation, impeccab timing, vocal dexterity, precise physical control’ Guardian Aug 12-17,20,22-24,28-Sept 2 11,30am (1.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 11.30am (1.30) £8.50 (£7.50) ★ FEEDBACK - MOUTHPEACE THEATRE (SOUTH The creators BLOODSTREAM THEtheUGLY NOO NOO (FringeofAFRICA) Firstsand1991/other 93) return withof‘Ingenious, a side-splitting epicandabout Great Cheeses Revolt 2043 incidents. hilarious, touching, fiercely intelligent’ The Scotsman Aug 11-17,20,22-24,28,30-Sept 2 4.00pm (5.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug * g II18,19,25-27 4.00pm (5.30) £8.50 (£7,50) ★ FISH’N’LEATHER by Gillraw Adams. FirstAnwinner last year with ‘OFFlookOUT, Gill Adams is backlives withfullanother slice divorce ofFringe Hull life. hilarious yet poignant at factory workers’ of sex, scandal, and ruin. Aug 14-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 4.00pm (5.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug^ ' g 18,19,25-27 4.00pm (5.30) £8.50 (£7.50) HAMLET Shakespeare:sex, comedy, murder, vocal madness! GEORGE DILLONphysical return: with company, ‘uncompromisingly compelling... precision - Gielgud... presence Marceau... heart, mind, attack his own.’ Guardian ‘Daring, bravura acting. ’ Daily Mail ‘my Fringe discovery’ Sunday Times(5.30) £8.00 (£7.00) Aug 12-17,20,22-24,28-Sept 3.50pm Aug 18,19,25-27 3.50pm (5.30)2 £9.00 (£8.00) ★ THE byHOLY GROUND Written byofFringe First winner Davidimpotency Byrne. Anhasexploration as sheDERMOT learns to BOLGER, break free fret adirected husband whom turned into aMonica’s tyrant life‘A tour-de-force... the listener hangs on to every syllable. ’ Sunday Press Aug 12-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 12noon (12.55pm) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 12noon (12.55pm) £8.00 (£7,00) SCARLET THEATRE - boiling PAPERan egg WALLS Thea matter daily rituals family life are‘Grim, heightened toand a pitch whereperformed’ becomes of lifeofandshow’ death.Time deeply funny brilliantly The Independent ‘. . a n inspired Out Aug 18,19,25-27 12-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 8.00pm Aug 8.00pm (9,30) £8,50(9.30) (£7.50)£7.50 (£6.50) ★COMPANY. WHAT ISATHE MATTER WITH MARY JANE? SYDNEY THEATRE confronting yet often play. world SanciaofRobinson and -WendyiSp Harmeris your go through the your lookingand glass thehilarious dangerous thebody.anorexic where kri food enemy and only1.30pm allyinto is (2.35) your rapidly deteriorating Aug 11-17,20-24,28-Sept 2 £7.00 (£6.00) Aug ‘ g II18,19,25-27 1.30pm (2.35) £8.00>0 (£(£7.00) WILDCAT - 47a mid-life Dave Anderson City Lightsfunnyfameone-man - plays show. a successful chat-show host undergoing crisis inmachine this- offamously music andtoa telephone answering reveal a tragi-comic story, ‘aMonologue, laugh from beginning end’ Scotsman Aug 2 4.30pm (5.40) £7.50 (£6.00) Aug 12,13,15-17,20,22-24,28,30-Sept 18,19,25-27 4.30pm (5.40) £8.50 (£7.00)



ATLANTIC CROSSING THEATRE OOO PROJECT Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ ■ SOMETHING ROTTENbutYoustranger want tothings kil yourhaveuncle. You’veFact got dances a plan. with You don’t want to eat your neighbours, happened. fiction in this 12.45pm living newspaper of the(£3.00) bizarre. Aug 13-19 (1.30) £4.00 ATOMIC COWBOYS OOOO Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★1953BADLANDS Woman reporter uncovers secret war in desert north of LasLies.Vegas.A those Washington boys are dropping H-bombs on the cowboys. True performance smuggled across the Atlantic and into the present in a rucksack. Marilyn Monroe14-26sings.7.15pm Aug (8.40) £5.00 (£3.00)

BACKSTAGE THEATRE COMPANY 0© Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ★nightmare BUMSofONluwieSEATS A new comedy by Mike Snelgrove. Estelle’s first day is a lunacy: A sub-Brandoesque large pink a new career - orgestalt suicide.psychotherapist Who wil sit inrunsseatrampant: Al 3? A Aug 14-26rabbit (notcontemplates 20) 2.15pm (3.45) £4.75 (£3.75) BACK 2 FRONT PRODUCTIONS 0000 Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 niiiMminian THE NORMAN CONQUESTS Ayckbourn’s superb comic trilogy on Norman’s romantic escapades, performed by this successful Cambridge University Group. ‘Brilliantly performance’; 5* rating Cambridge Varsity. Each play complete in itself. 12-20,22-26 See enjoyable all three for maximum amusement Aug 4.00pm (5.30) £5.00 (£4.00)Special ticket offers and surprise gifts. Aug 27,29-Sept 2 6.00pm (7.30) tSSfllilY MIMS BALLOONATICS THEATRE COMPANY 000 i SUPPER ROOM - Opm • 0131 226 2428 Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ★ ■ ZANY OF SORROW by Paul O’Hanrahan. Irrepressible pleasures, flamboyant wit brilliant writing this new solo show recreates Oscar Wilde as our most phenomenalconvulsions. contemporary. 100 years after the trials, relish kisses and conundrums that still Auginspire 14-Sept 2 (not Suns) 5.45pm (7.15) £5.00 (£4.00) BARE AND RAGGED THEATRE OOO© Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Possibly Shakespeare’s sunniest comedy with alovers, few stormy moments. This production promises to be funny and accessible. Warring dastardly villains - and a group of police ‘specials’ made up of local scouts and brownies. Aug 27-Sept 2 6.00pm (8,00) £6.00 (£4,00) THE PICTURE GREYhighly Proved to belocal a greatrevivals. successIt attellstheof1984 Fringe and is revivedOFthisandDORIAN year several decadence, the after longing for youth andpraised undying beauty. Aug 27-Septhedonism 2 8.30pm (10.30) £6.00(4.00) BENCHTOURS 0© Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ■comic HAROUN AND THE SEA OF STORIES Salman Rushdie’s brilliantly defiant tale. Eccentrically inventive theatre for adults and children (12+). ‘Panto for surrealists’ List ‘Brought a sell out audience to a pitch that only a few productions get close to..’ TheTheScotsman. Aug 21-Sept 2 (not 27) 2.15pm (3.50) £6.00 (£3.50) BESET THEATRE COMPANY OO0© Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO C ANDIDEwillAsweweagree journey with the il fated Candide through his lifeevocative of disaster and misfortune, that everything really is for the best? This tale combines the naivety of Forrest with the seductive charm of Peer Gynt. Aug 21-Sept 2 6.30pm (8.00) Gump £5.00 (£3.50) BLACK BUSH PRODUCTIONS 000O Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 L8 ■professional BY FORCES UNSEEN A rare excursion into the inner workings of the card hustler, con man and card cheat Not to be missed. The ultimate shark’ The Independent, ‘Amazing...most engaging...sharp...well worth your time.’ The Scotsman* Aug 12-26 12.15pm (1.45) £5.00 (£4.00) 61

THEATRE BLOW UP THEATRE COMPANY ooooK3 Venue 98 - Marco’s, SI Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 MASTERPIECES Blow Up Theatre Company present ‘Masterpieces’ distressing tale of theand debilitating affect of pornography andIt sexual violenceSarah in theDaniel’s 1980’s. ‘Ultimately powerful deeply disturbing The Guardian. may offend. Aug 20-Sept I (not 29) 5.00pm (6.30) £4.50 (£3.50) BLUE ANGEL PRODUCTIONS OOOO Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3 626 K8 REUNIONexploration by David Mamet. Blue Angeltender, Productions returnsexplosive to the Fringe with a penetrating of the fragmented, potentially relationship betweenofaOLEANNA recovering alcoholic and the daughter he abandoned. By the acclaimed author THE CRYPTOGRAM. Aug 14-26 (not 20) and12.00noon (1.15) £6.00 (£4.00)

STELLA ARTOIS ASSEMBLY National \^V°V^ theatre °f V the Fringe" 9 IMVJC AND TELEVISION

THE BLUE FEST OOOO Venue 94 - Blue-Fest, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 558 3758. J11 ★Bassey ■ DON' T YOU WANT ME BABY? MICHAEL AT A VAR Where Shirley sings, Grant & Phil become porn stars and the Human League dance all night long atKeidar/Capital the Daisy Disco. missing link between Neil Bartlett & Morrissey...unmissable’ Lois Gay 14)‘The7.00pm Aug I I-20 (not (8,10) £6.00 (£4.00) ★in an■ extravaganza CHLOE POEMS IN KNICKERS byhilarity Jenni Potter. thetransvestite Gingham Diva of eloquence, compassion, and filth.showWitness Socialist poet, Chloe gives ‘the most refreshing, captivating, original I' v e seen in many a long day.’ Pink Aug 15-20Paper9.30pm £5.50 (5.45) (£3.50)£5.50 (£3.50) Aug 22-Sept 2 (not(10.45) 28) 4.30pm BORDERLINE THEATRE COMPANY OOO Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 TRUMPETS AND RASPBERRIES by Dario Fo. Comic chaos ensues when a car worker, his millionairefeeding boss and a bungled and kidnapmounting attemptmayhem. lead to mistaken plastic surgery, contraptions Starringidentity, Andy Gray. ‘Simply hilarious'nasal The2.30pm Herald.(4.30) Aug 14-17,21-24 £8.00 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25,26 2.30pm (4.30) £9.00 (£7.50) BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE STUDIO OOOO GROUP Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 NATIVITY by Jonathan Hall. The 1993 Fringe hit. A comedy which takes as its subject thestable. play we’ve‘A masterpiece’ all been in at The sometime - but‘Alo!total Disaster loomsTheabove cardboard success’ Stage.the Aug 12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26 2 05pmScoteman. (3.25) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ STATEMENTS OF ATTAINMENT A poignant success Jonathan A Bradford 4 women. Jan, Pat,newLizcomedy and SuebyputFringe out powder paints,13,15,17,19,21,23,25 tieHall. shoelaces and hanginfant on2.05pm forschool, Friday. Aug (3.30) They £5.00cope (£3.50)- but do they live? THE BRIDGE THEATRE COMPANY © Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 ★ ■ MOTHER OFfieryOSCAR Much is known ofwithOscar - but what ofanti-english his mother?poetic Speranza, the young poet electrified Ireland her passionate tirades denouncing the horrors of The Great Famine and English injustice. All dialogue authentic. Aug 27-Sept 2 12.20pm (1. 10) £3.50 (£2.50) BURNTBACON THEATRE COMPANY OOO© Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 2255105 H7 ★ ■kitchen, WHEN HOUSEWIVES HAD THE CHOICE Punkgoessoundtrack. from classroom toJam, as young boy becomes repressed housewife to a seventies The X-Ray Spex,blastMadness, Lego, Crackerjack, Nationwide and Railway Modeller all feature in3thisFOR of recent nostalgia. Special ALL offer Aug 20 9.45am Aug 21-Sept 2 9.45am (10.45) £4.00 (£3.00)(10.45) £3.00 Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 ★ 45 RPM- the- LIVING INstory THEofPAST From the‘lost’playmakers of‘33fashion 1/3 - The VinylLive Solution?’ almost true a single man, in the decade forgot. music21-26 - powerful - don’t MISS it!’ Virgin FM. Aug 1.00pmdrama; (2.00)'A real £4.50HIT(£3.33)



B.U.S.T. oooo Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO ★predatory INTIMATE STRANGERS To view: Four-bedroomed comic nightmare with landlord. Would suit adventurous couples with macabre sense of humour, interest20-26 in interior tasteless Aug 3.45pmdesign (5.15)and£4.50 (£3.00)sex. Non-returnable deposit. BYACT Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★iceberg ■ MEDEA MATERIAL Heiner Muller explodes an idea that is only the tip of an - bYAct exposes an image framed in abylandscape withinThememory ‘stylised...intense...meaning, less constrained prop andlostscene’ Scotsman‘magnificent’ Timothy13)Ramsden. Aug 10-19 (not 4.05pm (5.15) £5.00 (£3.00)

CAVEAT COMMUNITY THEATRE OOOO Venue 27 - Craigmil ar Arts Centre, 58 Newcraighall Road 669 8432 Q14 Outer ★mistress THE areINSIDE STORY OF DR CRIPPEN by Jean Dallman. Dr Crippen andtruthhis on the run following the brutal slaying of his wife. Find out the bizarre behind this infamous murder. Aug 7.00pm Aug 23-26 26 2.00pm (4.30)(9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) CHEEKY BOYS INC OOOO Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 CADS, CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY OOOO ★ THE APPRENTICE Tarantino meets Steptoe & Son as the ‘Cheeky Boys Inc’ present the tale of a young Welshman i n search of a profession in ‘The Smoke’. Gerwyn Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 will do anything: bricklaying, removals, whatever. But contract-killing? A good THE LARK Rouen, 1431.Fry.TheFrom trialmysterious ofJoan of Arc. play, ‘post-pub’ bet. 2 carpentry, translated bya politically, Christopher hillsideAnouilh' ‘voices’s powerful toastriumphant Aug 27-Sept 12.1 Sam (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) coronation spiritually and sexually charged production much about ‘playing’10-26 history itself.(3.45) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug (notas13)history 2.00pm CITIZENS THEATRE GLASGOW OOOO Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 CAMBRIDGE AMATEUR DRAMATIC OOOO TRAINSPOTTING IRVINE WELSH’s cult novel i s now a shockingly funnyRIDE play. Harry Gibson’s thrilling production is a DRUG-FUELLED ROLLERCOASTER CLUB thePIECE streets,OFpubs and ‘shooting galleries’ of Edinburgh’s side. ‘A Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 through BLAZING THEATRE’ ‘FEVERISHLY FUNNY’seamier The Guardian. JEWOF MALTA Marlowe' s blackBecause comedy.he Am vwone hour version. They take Aug 11,12 (Previews) 8.00pm Scotsman (9.40) £7.50 away his money because he is a Jew. is a they think he won’t complain. Aug 13-15,17,20-24,28,30-Sept 2 8.00pm (9.40) £8.50 (£7.50) Because13,15,17,19 he is a man,12.05pm he wants(12.55) revenge.£4.00 (£3.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 8.00pm (9.40) £9.50 (£8.50) Aug Aug 21,23,25,27,29,31 ,Sept 2 I 20pm (2.10) ★ FOLDING STUFF Goode. A bizarre forbecome the nineties. Centred aroundof exchange, charactersbyandinChris whose lives values ofpoint loveblack andanycomedy affection warped into relations money is the focal of relationship. FOR FRINGE INFORMATION Aug 21,23,25,27,29,31 13,15,17,19 1.05pm,Sept (1.55)2 2.20pm £4.00 (£3.00) Aug (3.10) RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 ★hasTHE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING He advertised for the next monarch but OPEN 10am-7pm to choose between prince or republican. Political satire jumps under the duvet with . Aug bedroom farce in the12.10pm hunt for(1.45) the man£5.00who(£4.00) would be king. 12,14,16,18 Aug 20,22,24,26,28,30,Sep I 1.25pm (3.00) CAMBRIDGE BATS oo©o Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 HOT, HUNG AND HORNY by David Roddis is a playful comedy picking through *| the nightmare remains of a dream romance. David traces Eric through the personals...then all goes horribly Aug 10-26 (notit 13) 4.35pm (5.25)wrong, £5.00 ‘light (£4.00)and frothy....a fun soap opera’ Varsity CAMBRIDGE EXPERIMENTAL OOOO THEATRE Venue 119 - Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets/ Information 477 7170 G14 ★ ■ THESE WHO DIEin aASbrutalCATTLE Powerful drama concerning a groupfromof mental patients caught up civil war. Stunning ensemble production internationally group. ‘One of the best productions you're ever likely to see.’ .iVj' Aug The Scotsman (ofacclaimed Richard 13-27 3.50pm (5.40)III).£6.50 (£5.00) i THE CAMBRIDGE MUMMERS ooeo >\ Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 f ★ SOPHIA by Arvind Manocha. Unique, witty and raw, this new play shows oneAward ^ujrwoman as she i s . From Asia to America Sophia is fighting back. 1993 Guardian i.iiwWinners, 'Not2just8.00pm good(9.30) student£5.00 drama(£4.00) but great full stop.’ The Scotsman. I i Aug 10-Sept SCOTT CARTER OOOO ur ►Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 <* HEAVY BREATHING A comic monologue about an aspiring novelist taking the / HiijSsthma. \ ijqnly writing‘..asjobtouching he can asfind.it .is funny. at a pornographic life-long struggle with ’ Howard Kisselmagazine, , New YorkandDailyhis News. Aug 11,12 6.00pm (7.30) £4.006.00pm (£3.00) Aug 14-Sept 2 (not 20,31) (7.30) £5.00 (£4.00) 5l'enue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 V THE SUSPENSION BRIDGE Asthma, God, Crackpots and Prophets. Another ^autobiographical SCOTT comic/dramatic monologue comedian and television iqiroducer/writer comes tofrom Edinburgh following a one-month sold-out iuxug f mited21-30 engagement NewCARTER, York 9.30pmin(11.00) £5.00City, (£4.00) 63

THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) OOOO SOCIETY Venue 53 - Glasite Meeting House, 33 Barony Street (off Broughton St.) Tickets 557 5039 F9 ACROSS THE BORDER With drama,thehumour, music and song,Featuring three performers view the ' t raditional' differences between Scottish and English. actors Betty Boyd andeachRichard Ellis and Scottish harp virtuoso Isobel Mieras. Single malt whisky tasting after2.30pm performance. Aug 27 (3.45) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 28,Sept I with 6.00pm (7.15)tasting £5.00 (£3.50) Performance whisky £7.00 (£5.00) CLYDESIDE REPERTORY COMPANY OOOO Venue 43 - Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 K8 JOCK returnsSmith, to thewithFringeNorman for thisYoung year’sasVictory Anniversary celebrations. Written bymemorabilia, W Gordon the pawkie Scots soldier amidst his military a witty,Suns) moving and entertaining at Scotland past and present. Aug 14-Septit2is(not 7.30pm (9.55) £6.00look (£4.50) CLYDE UNITY THEATRE OOO Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ★ ■ BONE John from Binnie.theAnworld exciting collaboration with Adancer Rosina Bonsu.herAspace. woman withdraws hurt and vulnerable. silent boy invades Aemotionally strange, beguiling boy’s unstable stepfather appears. Raw.. searing..friendship physical.begins - untilI the6.00pm Aug 14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,Sept (7,15) £5.50 (£3.50) ■ A LITTLE OLDER John Binnie’s difficulties. IndependentIslaTheatre Award winning drama about friendship enduring under exceptional crashes through a windscreen and loses her memory. Sandy, her best, gay, friend, tries to nurse her back to health. Funny. . touching... poignant. Aug 15,17,19,23,25,27,29,3 I,Sept 2 6.00pm (7.15) £5.50 (£3.50) COMEDY FACTORY 00 Venue 98 - Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★AddTHE LENNON MEMORANDUM In their dreams i t ’ s sex, drugs & rock ' n roll. signed contract and the£5dream over.Jaugh their iconoclastic misadventures. Pleasea11-26 pay your7.30pm respects to(£4.00) seeis The LennonatMemorandum’. Aug (8.30)and£5.00 COMMUNICADO THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 15 - Treverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. J5 Adeafening PLACEpigsty WITH THE PIGS by. .if Athol Fugard Entombed fortoyears in a stinking, Pavel plots escape only his wife can be persuaded delay dinner...Touches head and heart...a delight and an amazement’ The Scotsman. ‘Outrageously entertaining....’ The3.30pm Herald Aug 13,15,18,24,27,Sept 2 (5.00) £ 10.00 (£6.00) Aug Aug 16,19,22,25,29,Sept 17,20,23,26,30,Sept 2I 7.00pm 12noon (8.30) (1.30pm) COMPANY DAVID SANT OOOO Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★floating ■ THE TITANIC, THE DOCTOR AND MUSSOLINI sails swiftly past the debrisnotof historical onhimself a voyagecouldn’t of physical dexterity verbalup!acrobatics. clowning, drowning;factGod sink this show!andStraight Captained byIt’sMike Barnfather Complicite). Aug 11-Sept 2 (not(Theatre Tues) de6.45pm (7.45) £5.00 (£4.00) CORSTORPHINE DRAMA GROUP OOOO Venue 88 - Corstorphine Youth Centre, 14 Kirk Loan, Corstorphine. Tickets 334 3532 HI Outer ONE FOR THE ROAD A wickedly observant comedy by Willy Russell. Dennisisof strugglingwatchers, to maintain the non-conformist ideals of his youth, whilstmodern the yuppie weight tupperware parties and wife-swapping on their estate,lifestyle is driving him crazy. Aug 15-19 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.00) CRUMPET THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 28 - Greyfi iars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS Dennis Potter’s dark comic portrait ofbychildhood friendship, loneliness and freedom as performed hilariously and touchingly adults is brought to life by Crumpet Theatre whose past Fringe successes include the excellent ‘An Evening Gary Lineker' Aug 27-SeptWith2 4.00pm (5.15) . £4.50 (£4.00) CURIO COMPANY OQO© Venue 45 - Old St. Paul's Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 J10 * THEwithRAPE, WHEN 'NO' MEANS... Controversial newcomer makes herthe past. debut this gutsy presentation of a group of friends faced with shadows from In their21-26 world4.30pm of constant what is the truth? And who can they turn to now? Aug (5.20)questioning £3.50 (£2.50)

7:84 Theatre Company Angela Pleasence Artts International Brand X Productions Did She Really? Doubling Schemes Entertaining Changes The Gambler Harrow Youth Theatre The Hank Williams Story Intimate Exchanges John's Gospel J.F.K. Repertory Jack Shepherd The Lottery Ticket Mapapa Acrobats Michael Mears New York Street Theatre Pssst! Raymond J Barry Richard Hoehler Richard O'Brien Roger McGough Shoestring Players Snakes About Her Cradle Sweet Deserts When Harry Met Cathy Willie Won’t He? Smallest Cinema in the World Annabel Giles Arnold Brown comedy Arthur Smith's Hamlet Booth by Graffoe The Brothers Grinn Cambridge Footlights Club Z Comedy Zone Dan Freedman Dylan Moran Fist of Fun The Frigidaires The Front Men Glynn Nicholas Graham Norton Harry Hill The Iceman Instant Sunshine Ivor Dembina Jenny Eclair Jim Tavar6 John Shuttleworth Marceline i Sylvestre Melanie & Susan The Men Who Know Mervyn Stutter Richard Herring Scott Capurro Sean Lock Stewart Lee Tim Vine The Tom Miles Quartet music Will Gaines Tom Robinson The Honkin’ Hep Cats Kenny Young & the Eggplants News Quiz, & radio 4 Just-a-Minute & much more theatre



THEATRE DAEDALUS THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 125 - St Mark’s Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace J5 EVERYMAN Thisjourney new adaptation of the powerfulandandredemption uplifting medieval drama that charts Everyman’s towards self-knowledge comes to Edinburgh after a highly acclaimed Oxford run. Performed with live music. 10.30 performances are candle-lit Aug 14-19 1.30pm 10.30pm(2.30) (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 17-19 DAMAGE OOOO Venue 116 - Club M8,12 Shandwick Place H5 ★jilted■ COME ON Acid house tales for an accelerated culture. Full on theatre for the Aug generation. 12-Sept 2 (not Mens) 7.30pm (9.00) £5.00 (£3.00)


DAVID FOREST ooo Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ★cabENTERTAINING CHANGES Why would a successful solicitor want to be a driver a London touristand guide?songHow he becomein ahiswriter, actor? David- andreveals all in words - plusdiddeviations privatebroadcaster life. and Aug Aug 9-13,15-17,20,21 18,19 12.25pm (1.15)12.25pm £5.00 (1.15) (£4.00)£4.50 (£3.50) THE DEMARCO FOUNDATION OOOO Venue 22 - Demarco European Art Foundation, St Mary’s School, Albany St/York Lane Tickets 558 3371 F9 BRIDGING THE GAPS between Art &presents Science,aEast &International West, NorthFestival & South, Tayside, Fife & Lothians. Richard Demarco truly programme20ofcountries. Visual and Performing Arts, linking over 50 productions and 30 exhibitions from Aug over 10-Sept 2 (not Suns) ★ ■ woman, EXESCURIALE BYconflict. CAUCHEMAR CONCRET - ITALY A man, theirofhidden They delveEscurial...Not cruelly intounlike theirTEATRO sentiments the poetic world Michel Degheldehrode’s our everydayto penetrate world. In our intimate relations we make an art of deceit dominate or be dominated. Aug 10-19 (not 13) 11.30pm (12.45) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ ■ ALCHEMY by Telford College DramaCollege Dept/andNewNewBulgarian University Sofia.A Collaboration between students Telford Bulgarianemotions, University. unique chemistry creating a bondofbetween East and West. Politics, the scene changes, we are all transformed. Aug 11,12 7.30pm II .30am(8.30) (12.30) £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 14,15 ★Cherry ■ THE CHERRY ORCHARD Studio of Individual Directing (Moscow) The Orchard’. Directed by Boris Yukhananov. Significant Original. Beautiful costumes. Fantastic sets. Aug 28-Sept 2 7.00pm (10.00) £7,00 (£5.00) ★Italian BAD‘princess’, SCIENCE Aonlaboratory scientist goes ‘solo’, with the disease. support ofAadesperately flighty intent finding a belief. cure forSigned sexually transmitted comic reverie into science, art and Arnold Barkus. A Panan’art production. Aug 21-26 11.30pm (1.00am) £5,00 (£3.50) ★ ■ THE BRIDGE (Adance, RITEsculpture OF PASSAGE) magicalPeace collaboration and poetry inArtemedia this Adult presents. Fairytale ofAWar, and Phoenixof2 music, spirit Augthe28-Sept 1.45pmof young (2.45) love £6,00inspired (£3.50)by the beautiful Old Bridge of Mostar. ★ ■bySECRETS UNDER THE SKIRTjourney Createdthrough by DoglifeTheatre duringwitha residency ledphysicality Theatre de Complicite. Ainspired magical performed thrilling and wicked humour, by painter, Paula Rego. ‘A real surprise, fresh, witty, original....maximum imagination' Annabel Adren. Aug 21-Sept 2 (not 27) 9.30pm (10.30) £5.00 (£3,00) LATIN! OR TOBACCO AND BOYSTheStephen Fry’s corrupting in the lecherous world of the English prep don’t school. playfrankly contains scenes andcomedy nuancessetthat some may find offensive, and i f they then they ought to. Aug 21-26 11.1 Sam (12.45) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ ■ THE PAPER EATER Reynolds, Seale, Szalay Co. A clerk with an unfortunate taste for paper is led by ahissham darkShakespeare angel Vautrin,manuscript. into the society of Bardocatrous academics Inspired by Balzac vision of 19th century21-Sept Paris.surrounding Aug 2 (not 27) 3.20pm (4,40) £5.00 (£3.50) ★LoseFAITH Fifewith College irresponsible Co-Production.Caperhoose. Searching new your faithCaperhoose/ in grand style WouldScottish you dieTheatre. to be with be blindthe£5.00 for money? Aug someone? 28-Sept 2Pretend 11.30pmto (12.30) (£3.50)Go mad without God? Come if you want. ★new■dance SKINcompanies DEEP Temujin Gill &toCo,takeoneyouofonBritains mostofadventurous and exciting a journey discovery, adaption and freedom.hasA arrived rhythmical feast of physical and visual art fromalienation, Lindy Hop and Tap to contemporary. Aug 14-Sept 2 (not Suns) 3.40pm (4.50) £5.00 (£4.00) 65

j ★Dreamland TITANIA’S WOMEN Stenough Leonard’s School aredances, downpetal in Midsummer Nightsmidnight the fairies have had wild thyme squashings and flittings. time Titania had better waive the rules but will she? Written by Andy Mackie.21-26This1.30pm THE DEMARCO FOUNDATION - continued Aug (2.30) £4,00 (£3.00) CIEHERVE-GIL-FRANCE La Maimore Musette. Between the beginning of thearound ■400BLOODY MARYdeaths, ANDtheyTHE VIRGIN QUEEN Foursight Theatre. Almost century and the year 1941andPariscultural boasted than three hundred ‘balsBaldwin musette' ■for years after their rise from the grave, in mutual loathing, to chew the cud which centred the social life of the working classes with Club & one last time. ‘Glorious, irreverent, romp, visual, fast-moving, full of tricks and Trente Atlantique. surprises' Aug 10-19 (not 13) 9.10pm (10.50) £6,00 (£4.00) Aug 10-26Guardian. (not Suns) 7,30pm (8.30) £6.00 (£4.00) ★ ■ FLY OUT THE CAGE TUZLA YOUTHatTHEATRE Archetypal TRAIN Demarco European Art Common Crisis.TheThetrain,waiting room;citya performances as theOFcharacters reveal- more of themselves prominent periods in their sense of expectation or dread as fears weFoundation embark upon a journey. a mobile peopled by you and me, carrying and memories as luggage. Dartington College of Aug 21-26 11.30am (12,30) £5,00 (£3.50) Arts. ★ ■ DREAM ABOUT LITTLE - TUZLA YOUTH THEATRE Aug 21-26 3.30pm (4,40) £5.00 (£3.50) Grown up The2Little Prince(12.30) comes £5.00 toPRINCE Earth. ★ BEYONDandALL CERTAINTY - UKtheir- SWEDEN The meeting between Aug 28-Sept 11.30am (£3.50)Unable to find a friend he returns home. Wittgenstein Alan Turing. Examines public and private dilemmas. In eight ANTIGONE - THEATRIKI LESCHI - GREECE by Sophocles in orginal : telling scenes the play offers a clear insight into a complex philosophy. Presented by ‘The ■ancient Greek.9.30pm UNESCO winning production. Great14-19 Escape Theatre Company.’ Aug 10-12 (10.45)award £6.00(£4.00) ! Aug 1.30pm (2.30) £5.00(£4.00) ★ ■ EVERYMAN - 3/4 THEATRE - POLAND A modern way. artistic performance ★ ■ THE1993DICTIONARY OF LIFE workshop - BOSNIAconducted A play created in Sarajevo on13 speaking the modern language of theatre in a graceful & humerous October during a writing and acting by Zarina Khan. , young Bosnians trying to define through tears and laughter, what does today being human Aug 10-19 (not 13) 5.30pm (6.35) £6.00 (£4.00) ★ ■ CARMEN FUNEBRE - TEATR BIURO PODROZY -stilts, POLAND An ;' Aug 21-26 5.30pm (6.45) £6,00 (£4,00) open air show inspired by the war in Bosnia. The performance uses spectacular scenography fire. (10,45) £6.00 (£4.00) NEITHER HERE NOROlwen THERE Theatre duactSimplicite is newly formed, all women Aug 21-26 &10.00pm group, who performance. have chosen Wymark’s onea dark play ‘Neither Here nor There’ for their debut Best described as comedy. The play explores the ■ NIGHTINGALE FOR - CZECH REPUBLIC Prague'dream s leading mystifications actors play hungryJosef hostsTopol. to theDINNER naive American nightingale. A dark comic by Aug 28-Septof2 institutionalised 12 midday (12.40)behaviour. £5.00 (£3,50) former dissident Aug21-26 9.30pm (10.45) £6.00(£4,00) :| ★collaboration ■ FRAGMENTS ITALY Container of Images Presents: An experimental ofthemovement and textandfocusing closely onofthelove.circlesIn collaboration of life. From with the ease ★ ■ THE LEGEND ABOUT THE END OF THElife from WORLD - DAHto obtain ofItalian happiness to deconstruction reconstruction the TEATAR Three women in temple ruins, try, creating destruction; Cultural5.30pm Institute. knowledge obstacles. Aug 21-26 (6.30) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 28-Septdespite 2 7.30pm (8.30) £6.00 (£4,00) ”■ LOVE LETTERS USA The University of Florida’s Department of Theatre ★ ■ COMPASSION Challengingof human black musical comedy exploring aspects ofabsurd ih presents A. R . Gurney’s poignant Love Letters. Two people grow up, choose separate compassion as the main condition existence. Bitter warmth subtle lives,they share confidences in letters, and through the joys and sorrows of a lifetime discover humour. that soulmates. Aug 21-26 11.30pm (12.30) £5.00 (£3.50) : Aug 15-19are 3.15pm (4,30) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ ■ AMINE - HUNGARY Choreography: EvaourMagyar. ★ ITS THE DAY AFTERlove VALENTINE' SmanDAY - desperately USA writtenwants and toperformed Peter Novak.(notHave we9.30pm the courage not£5.00 to miss(£3.50) last chancePerformers for love? Eva Magyar, bylove, EricwhoTrules, is a corni-tragic farce about a who fal l in Aug 14-26 20) (10.15) does,2and - boy11.30pm is he sorry.(12.50) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 14-Sept (notthenSuns) THEATRE





TICKET HOTLINE Tel. 0131 -667 7776 5th - 13th JAZZ FESTIVAL August ‘95 Tel. 0131 -5571642 Fax. 0131 -556 0012 Van Morrison • The BBC Big Band • The Dirty Dozen • The Original Soprano Summit • Dick Hyman • Topsy Chapman Martin Taylor • Claire Martin • Big A1 Carson • Marty Grosz • The John Pizzarelli Trio * Bruce Mathiske • Bob Barnard The Great British Jazz Band • Fondy Riverside Bullet Band • The Hot Antic Jazz Band * The Swedish Jazz Kings The Gabadella Jazz Band • The New Jungle Orchestra • George Melly • Jimmy Rogers • Otis Grand * Angela Brown • Johnny Mars • Big Joe Louis • Bruce Adams • Alan Barnes • Maxine Daniels • Barbara Jay * Rosemary Squires • The Tommy Whittle Quartet • John Chilton’s Footwarmers • Roy Williams * Pete Strange * Dave Shepherd John Barnes • Digby Fairweather • Mike Cotton * Brian Lemon • Len Skeat • Bobby Worth • Jim Douglas • Pam and Lew Hird • The Sydney Zenith Jazz Band • Brass Reality • Crazy Rhythm • The Rio Trio * The Brasshoppers • The Tim Barella Big Band and many more. FESTIVAL THEATRE CONCERTS • ST. GILES’ CATHEDRAL GOSPEL CONCERTS • QUEENS HALL CONCERTS JAZZ FESTIVAL MARD1 GRAS • JAZZ ON A SUMMER’S DAY * THE COTTON CLUB * THE McEWAN’S PUB TRAIL MODERN JAZZ AT THE TRON • THE BLUES FESTIVAL f§| LOTHIAN □ML 66


INTERCITY East Coast JjacAtevia THESCOTSMAN Information correct at time of going to press 1

★ ■ BAKED BEANS FORRoad' BOSNIA - DEA PRODUCTION -SCOTLAND Mary Riggant, e’ fromSuns) ‘High work with leading Bosnian actress. Aug 10-Sept‘Effi 2 (not 5.30pm performs (6.30) £7,00new(£5.00) ■production THE LITTLE PRINCE BUZM THEATRE COMPANY A delightful the book(4.30)by Exupery. A joy for children of all ages from 2 to 92 years. Aug 21-26 of1.30pm £5.00 (£3.50) WAITING FOR GODOT SAIS-FES - MOROCCO casts I all female, I almost all male - will anyone come this time?A new production - 2 Aug -10-19 (not 13)11.00pm (1.00am) £5.00 (£3.50) ★memory. ■ RETRAITE ISADAC MOROCCO Explore reality through a collective The 2scene created pleasure for the eyes. Aug 28-Sept 7.30pm (8.30)is a£6.00 (£4.00) THE PALMIST which illustrate the alteration and speech. WinnerTwo of ‘95actsMoroccan New Theatre Award.taking place between silence Aug 21-26 9.30pm (10.30) £6.00 (£4.00) ★Homage ■ NOSTOS - ULYSSES / VISIONS to Tadeuscz Kantor - based on texts -byTHEATRIKI Homer and JoyceLESCHI / Mystical- GREECE piece on 19th century manuscripts. Aug 14-19 9.30pm (10.45) £6.00 (£4,00) FESTIVAL EXPRESS Touring theatre never before experienced. Travel Edinburgh to Dundee venues in above classic railway style. Timetable, fares from boxfrom office. Aug 10-Sept 2 Call number for details. ★gifted■ VYVAUTUS LANDSBERGIS First president of post USSR Lithuania and concert pianist performs works by Chalonus. Aug 11 9.30pm (10.30) £7.00 (£5.00) Aug 18 7.00pm (8.00) ★BELARUS ■ THE DEVIL AND THElyricism WOMAN/ EGO - WHERE I? Involves and (£4.00) spaceALTER for humanitarian and ethicalAMsearch. Aug 10-19 (not 13) humour, 7.30pm (9.40) £6,00 RICHARD IIIthe- FREESTAGE THEATRE - BELARUS Shakespearian tragedy shows(not the problems of Belarus today withThisMedieval England. Aug 10-19 13)similarity 7.15pmof(8.45) £6.00 (£4.00) KRAPPS LAST TAPE ALTERNATIVE THEATRE BELARUS A story about a lonely(notold 13) man5.30pm who only(6.30) has his£6.00 tape(£4,00) recorder for company. Aug 10-19 ★ THE THEATRE CHELAKONTA - BELARUS The in one narrative performancesOF TheANTOSHA Bear and The Swan Song, its vaudeville and art theatre show. Aug 10-19 (not 13) 12noon (2.00pm) £6.00 (£4.00) ★ ■ THEOffering SPIDER A performance works ofJohn Cage, Kurt Weil and Genet. a perspective war,based love onandtherevolution. Aug 28-Sept 2 5.30pm (6,40) on£6.00 (£4.00) COUNTRY OF Romania ANIMALS Ana country allegoryofofanimals. the mechanism used by communist secret police(not for turning Aug 24-30 27) 1.30pm (2.45)into£5.00 (£4.00) ★relationships ■ MUSICA (THEtwoFLY) perennially popular renaissance comedy. Involving between menAand yjlj Aug 14-19 11.00am (12noon) £5.00a woman. (£3.50) Enter a third man to complicate matters, V THE NIGHT THEATRE KANA-POLAND journey towards2 -the light(10.45) and gratification of their desires.Actors draw the spectator into a Aug 28-Sept 9.30pm £6,00 (£4.00) ■all THE OF between THE SHREW A amusical, time10-19 - TAMING the(not relationship woman.folk farce about the oldest story of Aug 13) 2.00PM (6.15)a man£7.00and(£5.00) itisli developments ★ ■ SCOTLAND' S MOVES Demarco EuropeanNew Art Foundation. The newest i,00am n Scottish dance+and3.00pm physical(5.00) theatre. Aug 21-26 10-12 II11.30am (1,00pm) £4.00 (£3.00)award for best piece. ll Aug (12.30) ■seeCABARET AT SThours. MARY'S A varied programme of song, dance and poetry to you10-Sept into the2 small 4 Aug 10.00pm (late) IfjjAug ★ ■ 23-26 ITS A 7.15pm FUNNY(8.45)LIFE£7,00 (£5.00) "l( comedy * ■ REQUIEM FOR AtheKING - NATIONAL THEATRE TUZLA Satirical produced war about jAug 21 -26 7.30pmduring (8.30) £6.00 (£4,00)egotist in power. 'iji* ■ ALL WOMEN QUITE A FEWtheMEN AREphilosopher RIGHT Abreak play offabouthis ^ajirelationships today, WhyAND did Soren Kierkegaard, Danish jsajsngagement to his finance. jujAug 10,11,12 9.30pm (10.30) £6.00 (£4.00) .onpundee Rep Theatre, Tay Square, Dundee 0131 558 3371 &0I382 223530 Dl Outer k ■ THEEngland. YELLOW WALLPAPER CompagnieGilmann YvettePerkins, Bozsik with Sacha Hails as riiHungary/ Based on the novel of Charlotte which is viewed L:fhe first feminist novel.intoAinsanity. woman is locked in a room with Yellow wallpaper by her driving5.00pm her . <dijiusband, Aug 21,23,25 (6.00) £6.00 (£4.00) 'aiKug2l.23,25 9 30pm (10.30) OSKARO KORSUNOVO GRUPE:basedLITHUANIA Present Itriomposition of three separate performances on the literature of thea surrealistic Russian avant )b|;arde30) writers. I) ThereHappy to beNew HereYear: : 1,00pm (2.30)(10.30). 2) The Old Woman - 2:4.00pm -54003. 3) Hello Sonya, 7.30pm 01 :tug 10,12,15,17,19,22,24,26 1.00pm (10.30) £18.00 (£12.00)

THEATRE ★Personal I ITSmemories A FUNNY one-man showstories, from Scotland’s Jimmy onSirfilmLIFE andNew screen withandsongs, laughter and theLogan. you have loved; Will Fyffe, Harry Lauder, the Logan family. A fun-filled tripstarsdown memoryI I lane for all.(8.30) £7,00 (£5.00) Aug 7.00pm ★ ■ ALL WOMEN A FEW MEN ARE RIGHT Aug 14,16,18 9.00pm AND (10,00)QUITE £6.00 (£4,00) STELLA POLARIS DANCE LATVIA/ SOUNDS Programme Dzolina. by Juris Kulakous. SoundsAND andSOULS Souls, learnDance Latvian through songbyandMaija dance! It’s fun!Music Aug 14,16,18 5.00pm (6.10) £6.00 (£4.00) Aug21,23,25 7.00pm (8.10) ■andMOUNTAIN LANGUAGE Stella Polaris, Latvia: perform Pinter’s play of trust in our modern world. (3.15) Augbetrayal 14,16,18,21,23,25 2.30pm £5.00 (£3.00) DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY THEATRE 0O Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 L8 EQUUS A deranged youth blinds six horses with a spike showing how materialism has killed our capacity for passion and thus pain. Through the analysis of Alan’s mind, reconstructions of his life, and choreographic movement we see how such a happening has become Aug 21-26 possible. 1.30pm (3.30) £3.50 (£3.00) Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 K10 WUTHERING HEIGHTSand athewildly romanticvivacious tale of searing passionThisbetween the intense, brooding Heathcliff, beautifully Catharine. stylized visualisation dramatically conveysthethegrave. pain and energy of an intriguing and obsessive love story,21-26 that reaches behond Aug 10.00amout(12noon) £3.50 (£3.00) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138(6 lines) OPEN 10am-7pm *



FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm 67

DIESEL THEATRE 0# Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 22S 9893 18 ★playNOTHING BUT STORM i s Diesel Theatre’s arresting debut in Edinburgh. The is the tragedy of a failing writer. A provocative mixture of poetry and theatricality, looking21 at-Sept the position at the(£3.00) beginning of the new millenium. Aug 2 2.00pmof the (3.30)artist£5.00 DIG IN THE RIBS oooo THEATRE COMPANY Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO ★ PARADISE LOST Satan andMan.his fallen angelsstruggle recoverthatfrom their greatest battle and conspire against God to destroy The epic followed embraced all our fears and formed what we(£4.00) have become. Aug and 20-26hopes1.45pm (3.30) £4.50 DIMORPHOUS WITCHHAZEL 00 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street Tickets 650 8200 K9 THE POSTER OF THE COSMOS AND THE MOONSHOT TAPE Wilson’s piercing interrogation of social hypocrisy probes the raw edges of human experience revealing the painisolation and frustration inherited by the postmodern world. The characters must their and inability Aug 20-Sept 2 face 12.15pm (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00) to escape the past DIVA PRODUCTIONS 0 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ★recalls ■ PIAF: LA VIE SANS REGRETTES This new play about the legendary singer, fightisagainst addiction, and many affairs.Award ‘Lornawinners). Murray is aAug triumphherasearly Piaf.years, Her her singing outstanding' . (Evening NewsloveCapital Aug 21-26 20-26 8.25pm 9.20pm (9.10) (10.05)£5.00 (£4.00) DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS 000O Venue 11 - Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 Edinburgh’s unique award winning community venue ‘between the sponsored polish of the Assembly Rooms and the dire risks of the commercialised Fringe.Js a place where reason ofprevails.' Open 10am - midnight Cafe. Theatre, music, poetry, dance and a wide variety arts workshops. THE LAUGHING ROUNDHEAD Cordonof 1651. Productions. English vicarof takes a none-too-reverent looknot attootheserious ScottishPilgrim’s invasion ‘DelightfulAnandevocation Cromwellian The times... Progress...humour history interwoven.' Stage Aug 21-26 1.15pm (2.45) £3.00 (£2,00) ★ CRASHING by A Sullivan. The raveandgeneration ‘growsNews. up'. )After the success Just Whoressubstances (‘Disturbing, uncomfortable funny’media Evening , a potent cocktailofof controlled and sexual politics. A multi production. Aug 14-19 8.30pm (9.30) £4,50 (£3,00) ★ THE LIFE TIMES OF TIBBIE PAGAN by Madelaine Taylor. Songstress, illicitAND whisky seller,’ Alloriginal composer of ‘Ca’ The Yowes’, carouser, authoress, lover, witch, hag. said of this extraordinary woman who really lived in the Ayrshire industrial revolution. Meet her! Aug 14-19of the10.15pm (11.45) £4.00 (£2.00) CORIOLANUS Chameleon - Shakespeare' s Roman tragedy is as relevant21 -26today6.30pm as to ancient Rome.Theatre SmallCompany scale, no gimmicks production. Aug (8.15) £4,50 (£3.00) I SPY MRSsPEERY by Ronapoignant, Munro - empowering.’ Msfits. Fiona Knowles - she’s Scottish, she’s feminist, back! ‘Hilarious, The Scotsman Aug 21 -26she'9.00pm (10,15) £4.50 (£2.50) ★ MEDEA by Eric Morgan. Jason andmagictheandArgonauts’ the Golden Fleece: a story of rejected murder,£4,00 ritual(£2.00) revenge.capture Adultsofonly. Aug 14-19 6.15pmlove,(7.45) LOVERS Friel.popular Louise Kellyuplifting and Graham young loversby10.15pm inBrian this ever play. Waugh are outstanding as the Aug 21-26 (11,45) £4.00and(£2.00) ★ EARLYsecretMORNING CLEANERS An exploding buffer. Will Gladys survive? Is Sydney’s to come Don't forget your duster. Aug 7-125.15pmabout(6.45) £3.00out?(£2.00) ★behavioural LAZZI! jazz David W.W.Johnstone’s spontaneous This one is fun!combustion All ages. of sincere nonsense, Aug 14-26 (notand20)a fool’s 5.30pmpanache. (6.30) £3,00 (£2.00) WILFRED Secondexploration Splinter Theatre presents compelling andOWEN compassionate of theCompany poet and the man. Wilfred Owen, a Aug 17-19 7.45pm (8.45) £2.50 (£1,50) S THAT? A lively production by young people about life★ CRAIG in 14-19 a housingMILLAR; estate(5.45) inWHO' Edinburgh. Aug 4.15pm £3.00 (£2.00) 68



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Index of Venues by Number with map grid reference 8 Rosslyn Chapel,lRosl2l Mont in, Migdomery lothian. QI Outer (9 miG14les) BBC ScotlleaPrnd,imStaruydiSchool o One,, Canongat 5 Queen Street AlVenues l venuesbeyond have thea grirange d reference whichhaverefersa gritod thereference map overlfolleoaf.wed by 1i Royal ofncethegivmap I) TheEdinburBlMiagckadder h Playhouse, 18-. 52Raeburn 2 GreensiPldeaecePI. !!9CaltonCerrtre, 0l IESLJnverGalleithleChurch Halholll, FerCrescent ry Road.Street A6 thefromword Outer. The di s t a en al o ngsi d e i n di c at es the disunce Gal l e r y r y , 23 At the Fri n ge Offi c e. Red rBare, ,10EdiOrwel nburglhTerrace, CollegeHaymarket ofArt !!24 The School Phiglonsophy, eStreStphenreetStreet G3H4£6 1 WiFrinrgeewodtClub,s PlTeviaygrotound, behiBrisntdo Sq.Fringe Office Amos Hani fofDesi StudioISChest s,Cast46aleStTerrace de'sGalCent Row,George L8J9 II! TheStNatBriioWee nal l e r y ofScot l a nd, the Mound ! 5 St Mar k ' s Uni t a r i a n Church, J5 325 Assembl y Rooms, 54 St r eet G7 tish Academy, There, Sout Moundh Gray's Close. Cowgate, !!87 StSt.joOswal hn's Church, ric HigBrodi h Streete's Close, Lawnmarket. J9J8 I> Royal St Ann'tisScothsNatCommuni tylCent d'sGalHallle,rWest Mont pStEnd,elaifeorPrirPardnStkces,rBreetStuntreetsfield. M3H4H5 67 Iron CelOvertticKiuLodge, > Scot i o nal Gal e r y of Modem Ar t , Bel f o r d Road >9 St u di o One y , 10 res Rest a urant , Rayhouse Theat r e. 182 2 Greensi d e Pl a ce G11 leTheats Church, re,ValMuivona&Crol ,l9ElmRow,tRoad, opofLeiBlackhal thWall. kEl 10i I GrFinegeryfrsiaPirsaKinorkBarGr, e61ayfriFrederi Streetemaker Row. G7K8 Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square lar, Hunter Square, High Street L8J9 7i TheLi Colutmba' rdale Terr.laQueensferry ce,ckCandl 9810 TheCei (2.75 1213 RatPortfformolio GalI, Rutlerlya,nd43StCandl raeetrs Pleamaker H5K8 roodlAtidParhHouse&TronJazzCel ,ifoot Mile. , off Lawnmarket JI3J8 i StBrought o n Hi g h School , I Carri n gt o n Road. Row. 1112 TheHolDiverseySherat toractnkGrand ons, ofRiHotdRoyal dleel,s ICourt ) Edi n bur g h Academy, 42 Henderson Row 15 The Adam Pot t e ry, 76 Henderson Row. D6H7 FestClose,ivalCanongat Square e Niniasns,HalComel y Bank Road 1718 Merchant Hale Bapt l, 22isHanover StMomi reet ngside Road 1314 Harry Younger Hall, Lochend J11K8J5 I! StQueen' l , Cl e rk St r eet Momi n gsi d t Church, 02 Legends, 71 Cowgat e i Edi n bur g h Col l e ge of Art , Laur i s t o n Pl a ce, 10 St o ckbri d ge Par i s h Church, 7B Saxe Coburg St r eet D6 1516 Traverse Theat r e, Cambri d ge St r eet . J5 St StMambo ephen's ClChurch & HalToll. StlcrVioss.ncent St. foot Howe St 112 Wrap, 17 Staf ord StsrTent2l eet StLeonand'sLane. ghamshirelVenue, re Arts Centre, Davie St upb,tureWestWorkshop, 1718 TheStEdiPetnNotburer'gtshinChurch , Lutre,to55anTheat RaceGrange PILI07OO tj5 The NIOJI0G4 EdinSquare burgh SculCent 25 HawtMethhomval e AI20uter(2.5 13(4 OutoftheNomad' Out oburfthgeBlh Priune,tm2akers 5 Blackfri arsStreet& Gallery, 23 Union St BuddhisHalt CentHouse, Road 1 The r e, Ni c ol s on Square odi s t Church. Edi n Workshop F11 1920 Theat C Venue,re Workshop, Over-Seas 100 Pr i n ces St r eet . 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TICKETS FOR ALL SHOWS AVAILABLE FROM FRINGE BOX-OFFICES AT: THE FRINGE OFFICE 180 High Street Credit Card Sales: 0131-226 5138 from 3 July and in person from 31 July ALSO: WATERSTONES BOOKSELLERS 83 George Street In person from 4 August THE GYLE SHOPPING CENTRE Customer Services, The Gyle In person from 10 August BRITISH GAS CARAVAN Princes Street Gardens In person from 11 August FRINGE CLUB Teviot Row In person from 11 August

DON’T HANG AROUND TAKE THE BUS! SPECIAL FESTIVAL RATE £9 PER WEEK FOR ALL LRT BUSES (excluding Night Buses) Available from the Fringe Box Office in the High Street (in person and by post)

Find your way to... J

THE AWARD WINNING SMALL VENUE "As good a £3 (at most!) you are likely to spend this Festival. Don't miss it" Evening News

THEATRE D.M.D.C & THE MAKARS 00O Venue 104 ■ Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Ormidale Terrace. HI Outer PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM Classic comedy by Woody Allen in which the recently separated Alan, spurred on by his alter-ego Humphrey Bogart, unsuccesfully attempts to rejoin14-26 the dating but then(9.30) finds romance Aug (notscene 20) 7.30pm £4.50 from an unexpected quarter. DOUBLE EDGE DRAMA 0 0 Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 22S 3626 K8 THE CHANGELING Double Edge,andinmadness. its fifth season, presents Middleton and but Rowley’s dark study i n sexual intrigue Beatrice is betrothed to Alonzo loves Alsemero. she turns to De Flores who leads her into tragedy. Aug 14-19 5.30pmIn despair (7.30) £4.50 (£3.50) DUET FOR ONE Stephanie’s brilliant careerofashera violinist been cutDr short by its multiple sclerosis. explosive This play follows the course treatmenthasunder Feldman: probing beginning, development and fragile conclusion. Aug 14-19 3.30pm (5,30) £4,50 (£3.50) HAMLETinterpretation Double Edge’s to Greyfriar’s Shakespeare season is a spare and vigorous thecontribution great Aug 28-Sept 2 7.00pmof(9.00) £4.50tragedy. (£3.50)Shakespeare uncluttered. EARDRUM THEATRE COMPANY O0O Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street Tickets 228 9116 K3 Iexplored TONGUES Eachenergy life hasofitsthisownyoung purpose. Samcompany. ShephardsAllowwords are actively by the raw theatre yourself to be plunged into their physical world. Let yourself beI 4.30pm ‘born in(5.30) the middle this story’. Aug 13,16,18,20,23,25,27,30,Sept £4.00of(£3,00) ★ruthless ■ THEhitman. HITMAN AND HIM You’re being held hostage soonandto aggressive be killed by a A cliche situation?response Possibly.to extreme This darkly humorous piece, plays withNothing your emotional situations. ‘It’s a simple matter of economics personal Honest’ Aug 14,17,19,21,24,26,28,31,Sept 2 4.30pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) EDINBURGH ACADEMY 0000 Venue 70 - Edinburgh Academy, 42 Henderson Row Tickets 556 4603 D7 TRANSLATIONS Brian Friel’s brilliant drama is especially relevant with fresh hopes inanglicise Ireland.theirDonegal, 1833; a family and community are devastated when the English army and a solidier disappears. First performance included Stephen29-Sept Rea andplace-names, Aug 2 Liam 7.30pmNeeson. (9.45) £2.50 (£1.00)

CRITICS CHOICE CABARET “Whale offers the best quality late night entertainment in town" Evening News INTERNATIONAL & COMMUNITY THEATRE ON THE THEME OF BARRIERS "Community theatre at it's best" The Scotsman "Not so far from the Assembly Rooms the drink is cheaper, the ambience exceptionally hospitable. Need I say more" The Scotsman

whale venue 35 Tickets: 458 3267 wester hailes arts for leisure and education

EDINBURGH GAELIC DRAMA GROUP OOOO Venue 83 - St Serfs Church Hall, Clark Road, Goldenacre A8 ★ ■ DRAMA GAIDHLIC Da dhealbh-chluich ghaidhlic gleseinneadaran eadar-dhealaichte a tha sealltuinn feallsanachd agus doigh-beatha nan gaidheal. Bithidh agus luchdduil Gaelic plays illustrating Gaelic life and outlook along with Gaelic musican30,andlathair. song.ITwo7.30pm Aug Sept (9.45) £4.00 (£3.00) EDINBURGH GRADUATE THEATRE OOOO Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, S Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 KAFKA’S DICK Alan Bennett’s intelligently observed comedy focuses onpresent the day unresolved relationship between Kafka and his father. Can Max Brod and a couple help Kafka resolve his£4.00inner(£3.00) conflict? Is Kafka’s willy in fact his self esteem? Aug 14-19 8.30pmto (10.00) EDINBURGH PEOPLE S THEATRE OOQO GROUP Venue 17- St Peter’s Church Hall, button Place PIO ■ JOHNNIE JOUK THE GIBBET Capitalconcerning Award winners 1994 celebrate 37 years ondilemma the Frmge with this hilarious Scots comedy the Provost of Glasgow’s town hangman cannot be found. Will appeal to all ages. (Tickets also at Usher12-Sept Hallwhen and2aQueens Hall) 7.45pm Aug (not Suns) (10.00) £5.00 Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 K10 ■immensely THE PUBLIC EYE by Peter Shaffer pure comedy, fresh and delightful but also Aug 21-26touching. 10.00pm (11.00) £5.00 FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm

* 69

ELIZABETH R & CO.OOOO PIONEER THEATRE USA Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place 650 8499 ★ ELIZABETH R writtenon&Queen directedElizabeth by lebameI. Expect houston,thestarring Barbaraa Queen Hird. ||j s'*i One-woman showpain, focused unusual.MissHere’s EDINBURGH THEATRE ARTS O0 alive with passion, anger, wit, love & hate. ‘Houston brilliant...Hird electrifying...a b■ Venue 71 -St Ninians, Comely Bank Road Tickets 553 1549 don’t miss hit11.00am show’. (11.45) Vera Evans.£3.00 (£2.50) Aug 12-19 f ■timeless MACBETH Acclaimed, award-winning production of Shakespeare’s universal and tragedy by onepowerful of Scotland’s leading companies. Like hearing the words for the Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 first time. Brooding, and atmospheric. ★ ELIZABETH R(7.15) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 14-26 (not 20) 7.40pm (10.20) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 20-26 6.30pm Aug 19,26 2.40pm (S.20) ★ ■ MACBETH IN SCOTS On some nights our main production is followed 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 selection oftranslation fully dramatised highlights from Robin Lorimer’s rich, colourful andPlay’ andby a Venue ★ ELIZABETH R accessible of Macbeth into Scots. Experience the Scots ‘Scottish compare! Aug 27-Sept 2 4.00pm (4.45) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 16-18,23-25 10.30pm (11.00) £2.00 EMBARQUEZ (FRANCE) ooeot THE EDINBURGH YOUNG THEATRE OOOO Venue20-TheatreWorkshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6' : COMPANY ★ ■EMBARQUEZ-LES Five women tumble onstage with red noses and white Venue 69 - Broughton High School, I Carrington Road. C3 faces, chasing each otheroutrageous with choreographic precision. Exploiting simple props,of few jM! " ' SCHOOL JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH A new play by spoken words and their sense of fun, they re-enact the experience life. j Daisy & Ken Campbell. Itridestarted as a unknown. coach trip toFunAlton Presented by the2 (not InstitutSuns) Francais d’Ecosse. fantastical into (£3.00) the for alTowers. l! It ended up being a Aug 12-Sept 12.45pm (1.45) £6.00 (£3.50) Aug 14-19roller-coaster 5.30pm (6.3S) £4.00 THE ENGLISH THEATER COMPANY OOOO ^;| THE ELECTRIC COMPANY FROM POLAND Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO Venue - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7| L ★ DID SHEandREALLY? Theto use mega-company isyou’re back with aStar virtuoso comedy which has ■ MY41LORD byanDenis Diderot. A Nun’sfromgripping and emotional confession. Caught :j , got the force isn’t afraid it. Whether into Wars, DIY or kinky within the grip of earthly love. Escape the convent is her only chance. But what i, murder,9-13,15-17,20-24,28,29,31-Sept this is the one for you. Oh yes. 2 2.55pm (3.55) £5.50 (£4.50) iAug s waiting outside. French Classic. Polish Actress. Performed in English. Aug 10-Sept 2 (not 13) 8.35pm (9.25) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 18,19,25-27 2.55pm (3.55) £6.50 (£5.50) Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ERCALL WOOD G.M. SCHOOL 0 THE TEMPEST Prosper© last playsandoutmost his power gamesplay. againstHisa magic backdrop of intriguehis THEATRE COMPANY and brutality in Shakespeare’s spectacular overcomes Venue 148 Stockbridge House, 2 Cheyne Street D5 enemies while lust conquers2.00pm innocence; will (£3.50) love conquer all? Aug 13-15,19,20,23,24 (3.30)but£5.50 ★ STONE MOON ‘Enthusiasm andin the commitment’ National‘Connections’ Theatre. ‘A dynamic ★theirCALIBAN ON THURSDAY A young teacher and his pupil come to terms with young company’ BBC Radio. Finalists National Theatre Festival Ercall As one discovers religion, and one the thrills and spills of Wood make theirfreedom Fringeanddebuthope.with this new play. A young girl fighting tradition lifeAugassexuality a teenageandicon,onebothother.find illumination in Shakespeare' discovers 16-18,21,22,25,26 2.00pm (3.30) £5.50 (£3.50) s The Tempest’. Aug 21-26love,8.00pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) THEATRE

Hull Truck Theatre Company at the Assembley Rooms Adams^ . Damian Cn

written at


written and directed by Gordon Steel

assion iKllLeft ‘Godber is one of the best contemporary British playwrights” (Financial Times) 11-20 August 2prt 11 August - 2 September, 5.15pm 22 Apgus^ra^^mbet2pn1 Ball Room, Assembly Rtool ns Music Hall, Assembly Rooms BarTRoofl, As^Smbly Rooms Tickets from £6 Tickets from £7.50 Tickets from £6.50 Fringe Box Office: 0131 2265138 Assembley Box Office: 0131 2262428 70

EUTC oooo Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 ■ THE LABYRINTH What makes a great burger? Beefy Bovines fattenedlightsonof fantasy, created by corruption. Darkcaught forcesinofthemyth andofdream invade bright fast food industry. A black comedy maze its own making. . Aug 14-26 (not 20) 6,15pm (7,45) £5.00 (£3.00) ■ SEX who ANDis better’ DEATHThe‘Shakespeare has dead for 400cost?’years.The Playwright' At last a s 1| | Mum. playwright Scotsman. 'Hcollide ow been much doshackdrugs Two generations in different times in a by the beach. !| Aug 14-26 (not 20) 10.15pm (11.45) £5.00 (£3.00) SLATTERIES NOT INCLUDED Edinburgh’sNottopIncluded, improvisers, present comedy. theirImprovised thirdWarning: Fringecomedy. show: Slatteries i It that Fifty children minutesThe ofmayhardImproverts, core improvised this show swallow. funny’(£2.00) The Scotsman. contains small parts Aug 14-26 (not 20) 12.30am‘Genuinely (1.30) £3.00 EXACTING THEATRE COMPANY a '| Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365. L9 ★ CANDY is aDare vividlyyouimaginative exploration of freedom and deception, i Aug Got any14-19 faith 1.00pm inDECEIT the media? open the door? (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00) ■ A MIDSUMMER NIGHT' S DREAM No fairies at the bottom of THIS garden! A gripping physical production of music, cross-dress and dance. Aug 14-19 6.00pm (7.50) £4.00 (£3.00) ■J Aug 21-27 12,30pm (1,50) £4.00 (£3.00) NUMERO by Nelson A new translation of this Brazilian <»« VALSA masterpiece. What(5.30) liesSEIS between mortalityRodrigues. and spirituality? Aug 14-19 4.30pm £4,00 (£3.00) FEMALEin society PARTSusingbystyles Dariofrom Fo andnaturalism Franca Rame. Crazily comic triple-bill exploring women t Aug 14-19 II .45am (1.00) £4,00 (£3.00) to slapstick, ★ THE LINE All oceans have walls: some can’t see them. She could. She talked tc |i Aug the dolphins. the line? 14-19 IIMad? .00amWhere (11,30)d’you £3.00draw(£2.00) ★ SCRATCH IT! Religion’s the opium of the people but the Lottery’s their smack....in i I the Itchy? Scratch TugFace! 21-27Feeling 6.00pm (6.50) £4,00It! (£3.00) ★ SIDEWAYS MOVING A byfunny and about cartoonist John and his jjsister Frances, brought deathtouching of theirstory brother. i Aug 28-Sept 2 2.30pmtogether (3.25) £4.00the(£3.00) “A WONDERFUL .EVENING.. I DIDN’T WANT THIS

El ★ ROMEORebellious . . is in love, butvs.notauthority with Juliet. Romeo is gay, and realisation brings liberation. Aug 28-Sept 2 6.00pmyouth (6.50) £4,00 (£3.00)& social convention. ★ ANY REASONABLE MAN . .is a comic tribute to all of us out there who have had trouble ourselves Aug 28-Septfinding 2 1.45pm (2.45)a partner. £4.00 (£3.00) FACTIONAL THEATRE OOOO Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 ★music, ■ INownSILENCE AND TEARS The Past A woman with her own language,Theown A composer no language, noscript. music, afraid of his body. Present10-Sept Whatbody.2is (not truth? Love?withA(6.30) deftly woven(£3.00) Aug 13)lies?5.30pm £5.00 fecund THEATRE O Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 Hrecesses THE ofEND A double bi l . KAFKA’S LAST REQUEST: a solo performer. TheAdarker theIdols.mind.Together The diaries ofpushFranzexperience Kafka. THE LAST POET: ensemble. writer. The they to the limit fecund: ‘. . a theatrical headbutt.’ The Independent. Aug 14-Sept 2 (not Suns) 8.05pm (9.45) £7.00 (£5.00) FETTES AT THE FRINGE OO C3 Venue 54 - Fettes College, East Fettes Avenue Tickets 332 2281 x 200 EQUUS Because the Evening News said our 1992 Fringe OEDIPUS was ‘memorable’ and gave us theirwas Capital Award. moving’. Because The Scotsman said our 1994 IFringe AGAMEMNON ‘profoundly Because Alan says: ‘At least galloped! When did you?’ Saddle up! 7.35pm (9.00) £4.00 (£1.00) Aug 23-25,28-30 FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 013 1-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm




“TAVARE HAS THE MANIC ABSURDITY 01 TOMMY COOPER... A VIRTUOSO PERFORMANCE” Daily Express August 9th - 26th at 8.15pm (Except Tues. 15th and Tues. 22nd) Previews: Weds. 9th & Thurs. 10th PLEASANCE Box Office: 0131 556 6550 71

THEATRE FEVER PITCH ooeo Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 FEVER PITCH Straight from the WEST END comes the hit stage version of NICKfan HORNBY’s award-winning best-seller the best football book ever. The obsessed reveals all. ‘Hits the back of the net’ Independent ‘Unsparingly funny...unstoppable‘ Time Out ‘A11-15,17,20-24,28,30-Sept Gem’ Observer. Aug 6.05pm(£8.00) (7.35) £8.00 (£7.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 6.05pm (7.35)2 £9.00 FIFTH ESTATE @000 Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street Tickets 556 9579 J10 PLAYING SARAJEVO Civil war has no clear frontline. People are caught in the cross-fire - sometheatre innocent,decisions some guilty, some indifferent. From theeffects. actorsAwardin a commandeered are required - with far-reaching winning company by Allan Sharpe.£6.00 Aug 7-Sept 2 (notin new Suns)play8.30pm (10.30) (£4.00) FINE LINE THEATRE COMPANY 00 Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 KVETCH by Steven Berkoff hilariously examines fear, and those struggling to overcome it. comic Fear ofandhaving too much, not enough, people ourselves. turns blacklypeople. downright hysterical, Fine Lineotherreturn withandpower for all By frightened Aug 21-Sept 2 12.00pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) FIRST BASE THEATRE ooeo Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 ★ ALL THAT GLITTERS Joan, John, Alex and Steve love very different things. Together they’re the ‘Glamtastics’ a 90s Glam Rock band. Once ‘The Glam’ covered the cracks Blitz' in their. lives but now its peeling away. Songs include ‘Blockbuster’ and ‘Ballroom Aug 12,14 3.00pm Aug 15-Sept 2 (not(5.00) 20,27)£3.503.00pm (5.00) £5.00 (£3.50) THE FISHEYE PROJECT OO0 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ★dissected AMERICANXPERIMENT Lightning-bolt theatre! American myth andlives, culture in two short plays. ‘Chuck: Product of the 70' s ’ (Kurt’s gone. Kiss hilariously ‘SALVO’ (psychedelic frathouse shenanigans) combine, giving voicedysFunctional), to9.55pm the new(11.35) lostandgeneration. Aug 14-26 £5.00 (£4.00)Fingerlickin' good. FORBIDDEN THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 DR. FAUSTUS Original in every aspect, this striking adaptation of Marlowe’s Dr. is a Faustus breathes dangerous new life into this classic tale. This ensemble production ferocious combination of imagery, delivered without compromise by this innovative new company. Aug 28-Sept 2 6.30pm (7.50) £4.00 (£3.00) FORTH CHILDRENS THEATRE OOOO Venue 120 - Inverleith Church Hall, Ferry Road. Tickets 554 7595 A6 THE VACKEES Edinburgh’s foremostAdventure children’splay theatre group andbased 4 times Capitol Award Winners present ‘The Vackees’. with music, on the wartorn London Childtears Evacuees, sent toBritain. Somerset. Our tribute to VE/ VJ Celebrations. Song, dance, laughter, Aug 1-19 (not 7.30pmin wartime (9.45) £5.50 (£4.50) Aug I12,19 2.30pm13)(4.45) 4X4 THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 TRAVESTIES Tom Stoppard throws Lenin.James Joyce, Tristram Tzara and ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’ together in wartime Zurich. What results is a fiendishly clever, sharpTheandScotsman witty comedy of errors. ‘A cast and director of coolness and confidence’ Special12-Sept 3 FOR2 ALL 9-1 I(6.15) 4.30pm£6.00(6.15)(£4.00) £3.00 Aug (not offer 17,31)Aug 4.30pm ★people, HOPLITEA gay love story concerning position, power, moneytoandprotect sometimes during WW2.castThe of life Captain Markham traps him. Ansetaccomplished blurswaydistinction between victim fought and perpetrator innow a world ofSpecial hypocritical convention. 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-1 I 8.20pm (9.15) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 17,31) 8.20pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.50) ★collection EDINBURGH NIGHTS Edinburgh' bloodcurdling pastcynic. is recreated in anail-biting of chillingintoFRIGHT tales guaranteed tosupernatural unnerve evenwills the mostamaze, doubtful This journey the world of the excite, terrify and thrill. Not for the3 FOR faint-hearted! Special 12.1 Sam£4.00(1.30)(£3.00) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 ALL (not offer 17,31)Aug12.19-11 Sam (1.30) 72

LIMITED PRESENTS Roger McGough With Andy Roberts "/I unique blend of wit and heart” 22 - 30 August 8.45pm Arnold Brown’s Guide for the Perplexed “At his best he’s unbeatable” 9 August - 2 September 8.05pm The Men Who Know 3 & The Tiger Lillies “A fusion of accordions & cerebral teasing” 20 August - 2 September 10.40pm The Frigidaires “A cappella ice maidens” 9-19 August 10.40pm 20 August - 2 September 5.40pm When Hany Met Cathy i (& Anne & Jane & Anne & Kathy & Cathy) “Historically funny, hysterically accurate’ 9 August - 2 September 3.10pm PLEASANCE Theatre Festival Venue 33 BOX OFFICE 556 6550 Fringe Box Office 226 5138 p6 The Big Afternoon 11

FREE FOR ALL PRODUCTIONS 0030 Venue IIS- Negociants, 45-47 Lothian Street ★treats ■ AherDAY IN THE LIFE OF A MAN TIED TO A CHAIR Linda' like an oldperformances sock - naturallywellsheworth ties himseeing’ up. ‘AScotsman. quietly absurd sex wars man comedy superb Aug 12.30pm (2.00) Free I 7.30pm (9.00) Free Aug 23,28 I 1,14,16,18,21,25,30,Sept FREEDOM FACTORY # Venue 87 - The Freedom Factory, The Salvation Army, I East Adam Street. Tickets 667 4313. K10 I AMAZING GRACE Ladder Co present the pacey, sometimes disturbing, oftenA journey moving tale ofJake’s John discovery Newton’sTheatre hymn writer. of spiritual setaetheist againstslave the trader backdropturned of thepreacher/ cruel trade iAug n human cargo. 14-19 7.00pm (8.30) £3.75 (£3.25) FULL CIRCLE ooo© Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-1S Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 HAMLET A WORLD GONE MAD Lock them away! We invite intoandthe asylum toVictoria. watch theWhoinmates at play. It is thedecides? time ofYou? Music Halls, Jack theyouRipper Queen are the mad? Who Aug 27-Sept 2 8.00pm (9.40) £5.00 (£3.00) GASP oooo Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 BRECHT’S FEAR AND MISERY IN THE THIRD REICH Your sondivided wears aby brown shirt,oppressed your loverbyafear. swastika - whospiritcanofyouresistance trust? GASP portrayto survive. a people suspicion, Still the struggles Aug 21-26 2.15pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) 1 GILDED BALLOON Venue 38 - The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 OOOO ★ LITTLE REDtheRIDING - HAT BOX THEATREChris COMPANY. Peter Ii Shaffer presents winner ofHOOD hisstageNewin aWriting Competition. Scott’s reworking of the fairytale bursts onto the surreal mix of wild humour, twisted sexuality violence.(215)Not£6.00 suitable for children! ji and Augmounting I 1-22 1.00pm (£5.00) IJ, eminent INHERITANCE THEATRE TOURING Hounded herprejudice affair with an businessman, retreats tohistory...’emotive, ruralTAYSIDE. Perthshireturbulant only to findandover thatfresh jl theatre’ misogynyHerald. have a dark andBethdisturbing piece ofand ‘Frighteningly convincing' Scotland on Sunday. H Aug 23-Sept 2 1.00pm (2.15) £6.00 (£5.00) i ABIGAIL’S PARTY presented bystarTANGERINE BBC Grantblack Smeaton and Ross Stenhouse asleather-look Beverly andPRODUCTIONS. Laurence in Mikeproduction Leigh'regulars s classic |jii: which 70’s comedy. Lava lamps, flares and in this ‘Inspired’ played to a packed Arches Theatre, Glasgow this year. ) Aug I I -Sept 2 (not Aug 22) 2.30pm (3.45) £6.50 (£4.50) £i1< with SEXUAL PERVERSITY INA hilarious CHICAGO ARCHES THEATRE return toDavid the Fringe of their biggest hits. exposure of modern sexual mores, |I performed Mamet'ones play is peppered with brilliantly funny one-liners, fast talk and hard language, all outrageous \t Aug I 1-26in4.00pm (5.15)1970’s £6.00apparel. (£4.50) ★ KEN of&Fire’ BARB - A DAY IN THE LIFEBarb OF-Asilicone SUPERMODEL From Stephen j ‘Anorak World Ken - +frustrated YouNOTDinsdale. lovedFORthem - now Premiere. meet them! Wickedly funnybabe.4-hander music. H accessory. DEFINITELY CHILDREN. Aug I I-Sept 2 5.30pm (6.45) £6.50 (£5.00) I ★ 5:01 -Houston. MOURNING PORKY dead; Bev' s mourning;Tracy tobe unusual...Porky’s for thisandchaotic whereforwants time of »-|! Whitney the essence; height a Nothing closely guarded secret a wakeLiverpool could beoffice mistaken any isnight i|on the ale. . j i Aug 11-23 12 noon (1.15) £5.50 (£4.50)


Chicago1 10:15 PM 13 Aug.- 26 Aug. Festival Club


Li ★ THE byPRIME MINISTER' S SON byboyJames Poulter, starring Richard Hallam, directed Jess Davies. turned her Life A one-person riches, an allegorical journey‘Shethrough the ofintoonea monster.’ Proud Mother’s son and comedy one Primeof Minister’s legacy. Aug 11-Sept 2 1.30pm (2,45) £5.50 (£4,50) ★ DAUGHTERS OR BLOOD' S MUCKIER PRINCEin her O’NEILL PRODUCTIONS. Mam’sKatherine dead - justhalf-pissed the 2 THAN of them -WATER sisters. Barbara cashmere coat and silk stockings. and in love with Tom Jones. Like ali-Sept can of worms lid’s half off. (4,15) £5.50 (£4.50) Aug 2 (not- the15,29) 3.00pm BIGHeckington TIME InTown the bawdy and brutalof world non-league football the ragged part-timers ofBBC are dreaming the Bi‘AgofTime...’Superbly played...wonderfully poetic’ Sound & Vi s i o n ‘Sparkles with wit’ Vi n e cracking play' Radio Derby. Aug 11-Sept 2 2.45pm (4.00) £5,50 (£4,50) EASY -friend. LOOKOUT THEATRE COMPANY Rachael: singer. Elaine: her bestand Martin: togel,Elaine. Martin' s boss.SheCabaret Paulwasmet at a Elaine’s Martin’s party.married Theynew just as Paul: planned, then.... easy?Rachael He made mistake? ‘Highly recommended theatre’ Scotsman. Aug 14-Sept 2 12.30pm (2.15) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ GLASGOW HARDtheTICKETS followsExhibition three Glaswegian ‘wimmin’would involved in a hilarious scam to defraud Centre. transform dreams intoisland. reality,Modern and takeHomes them from miserable GovanSuccess to the shores of an idyllic Mediterranean Aug I I-Sept 2 1.15pm (2.45) £5.50 (£4,50) ★Rachel RACHEL presented by Critical Mass Theatre Company.universe Writtenandbyhorror James Kay. is aItblack comedy about the entropy ofa murderess the domestic of minutia. records the misremembrance of and the translation of desire into casual violence. Venue 51 - Gilded Balloon I , Stepping Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6S20 J8 ★ CREATIVE FIRE - BURNS Burns wasstraight intenselyfromsympathetic with everything bird, beast, fellow mortal. His poems spring the heart; he is set amongst the world’s greatestBurns. writers. ‘Creative Fire’ brings to life the passion, the humour and pathos of Robert Aug 11-Sept 2 11.30am (12,30) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ MORE THAN KISSES examines a woman’sexplode obsessiveintolovereality for ina gaythisman, his passion forlove strange and dangerous sex. FRINGE Fantasies taleatofandits best’ friendship, and sexual liberation. FIRST WINNERS. The Fringe Time Out. Aug I I-Sept 2 2.30pm (3.45) £6.50 (£5.50) AVALON PROMOTIONS PRESENT STEWART

“Without question the most imaginative comedian worKing louay... The Sunday Times “A stand-up comic of genius” Johnny Cigarettes, NME

Box Office - Tel: 650-2395 73

GILDED BALLOON ★ DON'comic T START ME... CASTLEMILK PEOPLES THEATRE. Tasty McDade bigshot when comedians wereconnections funny and audiences laughed instead ofofanalysing. Now he’s back clearing up the last with successes and failures two decades11-26 ago. 12.30pm Funding:(1.45) Arts +£6.00 Cultural Development Office + SEAMC of Glasgow C.C. Aug (£3,00) UNFINISHED MELODY OF A COUPLE An adaptation ofandthepsychoanalyst play CLOSE’ by Eduardoexiled Pavlovsky. actorpiece, While inhopes SpainAward-winning (1979), he wroteArgentinian this savageplaywright, and passionate exposing a couple’s fears, and endurance. Aug 27-Sept 2 12.30pm (1.45) £6.00 (£5.00) ★ MONOLOGUE OF A MADWOMEN presentedgenius by DIFFICULT WOMEN. Stunning musical and ofdramatic portraitCHARLOTTE of the disordered behind VIRGINIA WOOLF’S ’AandRoom One’s Own’, PERKINS GILMANES ‘A Yellow Wallpaper' , more. ’...SIZZLING...cream of the newcomers to the Fringe’ Scottish Daily Express Aug 11-Sept 2 2.00pm (3,30) £5.50 (£4,50) BULGAKOV’S MOLIERE Company. MOLIERE! Was his Marriage really incestuous? Or wasOxmad it all...brilliantly aTheatre conspiracy? maidens, frenchman and murderous muskateers funny,...masked passionate play byfornicating fiery Soviet dissident Music by The Wasp Factory . .Paul Garner designs. Aug 11-28MIKHAIL 12.15pmBULGAKOV. (1.30) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ CLEAN ANDForBLOODY GAMES The recession’skickintoballs.extraActive time. The result’s allSHEETS over theStephen bar. want of anything elsebristling the barmaids Performance present Keyworth’s barbed and new comedy where dreams meet grim reality in a play-off. Aug 11-25 1.45pm (3.00) £5.50 (£4.50) PICKINGand BONES by Stephen Keyworth. Dark,festival engagingandcomedy family tensions hospital bureaucracy. From last year’s nationalabout tour.taut‘Flawless ...Dynamic stage Scotsman. Aug 26-Sept 2 presence’ 1.45pm (3.00) £5.50 (£4.50) GLEN THEATRE oooo Ql Outer Venue 118 - Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. 440 2159. ★present ■ ELOHIM ‘ I am one with this immortal place’. Rosslyn is Elohim, he is thethrough past the and future. Sharing wisdom, strength and beauty. An esoteric journey Rosslyn’s by Mark(£4.50) Fisken, music by Paul Albion. Aug 10-19surreal (not splendour. 13) 8.00pmWritten (9.30) £6.50



Qvisual feast! Embarquez Velo Theatre Nada Theatre

I2H45 I6hl5 22h00

Three French companies at venue 20 Theatre Workshop Tel: (0131) 226 5425 Presented by the Institut franca is d'Ecosse with the support of Edinburgh District Council 74

GLITTERIS OOOQ Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G71 ★to die ■ ACTION GIRL A night time adventure with Judy Garland and Doris Day. Songs, for. Frocks kil for. A modemcomic’ vaudeville attitude, cheekcommitment’ and fancy footwork. ‘24 carattotalent...brilliantly What’spumping On. ‘Stylish physical Guardian. Aug 10,14-17,21,23,24,28-30 10.05pm (10.55) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 11,12,18,19,20,25,26,27,Sept 1,2 10.05pm (10.55) £7.00 (£5.00) GORDONSTOUN YOUTH THEATRE oooa Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ■theMETAMORPHOSIS By Steven Berkoff. BerkofFs adaptation of Kafka' story is grotesquely funny and disturbing portrayal of a manmusic, who issound changed into a sbeetle. dazzling display of physical theatre, mime, movement, and text. Aug 28-Sept 2 4.15pm (5.45) £4.00 (£3.00) THE GREAT ORB ooo( Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★Cambridge DOUBLING SCHEMES by Charlie Hartill. The cream of the world-famous Footlights past andlayabouts present, the teamthebehind aPreview comic taleAug of lookalikes way Colin! you look(Pleasance is what you1994)are.perforrrj1 9 7.05pm and (8.05) £4.00 in which Aug 10-13,15-17,20,22-24,28-30,Sept I 7.05pm (8.05) £5.50 (£4.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 7.05pm (8.05) £6.50 (£5.50) GRESHAMS YOUTH THEATRE ooocKKj Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 ★human ■ INSIDE OUT? GYT explores a subject that remains central to civilized rights. From Mandela toitsMcCarthy thesurvival, people depicted in this improvisedthinkingplay show that the human spirit and capacity for is cause for celebration. Aug 14-18 2.00pm (2.50) £3.00 (£1.50) GREYFRIARS KIRKHOUSE THEATRE Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 OOOCKf >1 ★ BURNING BRIDGES (FROM SHAKESPEARE' Sisland TEMPEST) Sex and magic. Festering corruption. Inspired bythrough the Tempest, THIS is hell.andHaunting, beautiful, terrifying! A nightmare voyage a sea of politics, power decay. ‘I can see14-26 the whole world1.45pm from here.’ Aug (not 20) (3.00) £5.00 (£3,00) ORPHEUSpoet/ - JEAN COCTEAUforOriginal songs byfulfilment, Sal Trapani,provocative, Orpheus, asexy, Kurt Cobain-like musician darklySamuel comicBeckett journey throughsearches the mirrorinspiration and back. andPremiered in May Off-Broadway at the Theatre. Aug 14-26 (not 20) 9.45am (11.00) £5.50 (£3.50) THE GUARDIAN 0004 Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street Tickets 226 2428 THE GUARDIAN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DRAMA Your chance toFringe. see theFollowed winning performance ofpresentation. this year’s award, for theAWARD best of student drama on the by the award Aug 29 12 noon (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) HAPPYCHAP PRODUCTIONS 0004 Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 ★goodtime LULUgirlEnterLulu’sthenightmarish fantastical world of Le Cabaret Discover the spellbinding story disintegration fromsexinnocent sexuality to sleazeadaptation and of superficiality. Loosely based on Frank Wedekind’s tragedies, this original is highly28-Sept unsuitable for children. Aug 2 10.30am (11.45) £5.00 (4.50) HARD LINE THEATRE COMPANY 0 Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street Info 220 2462 I ★ PILE-UPareON THE ROAD TO OZEnterprise? If God’s inTheheaven, who’sdream, runninga Chicago? And thesawtoilets on the believed. Starship American 1939 moviewhere everyone but nobody Aug 21-25 2.30pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) 7 actors, 55 characters, new adult comedy. HARLEQUIN ooocr Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 ■comical CAREFUL WITH THE FLOWERS by Ionesco. A fresh, delightful, witty production of thegrowplayintoof absurd incorporating music, quarrelling, songs, dancing... Respectable gentlemen obstinate and cruel savages swearing, fighting wrapped i n a visual language of comedy. Aug 12-Sept 2 7.15pm (8.00) £4.00 (£3.00) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm

If HEADS OR HARPS THEATRE OC ©O COMPANY rSi Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 ★ ■ MOONSHINE English premiere. Irish company debut. Eastertime. A death is flip11 imminent. The Church is closing. Defeat hangs heavy, or does it? Writer Jim Nolan enlistswhere Shakespeare moonshine, li wood magic(9.45) isandabout to (£4.00) happen.transporting the village to an enchanted Athens Aug 24 8.00pm £5.00 Aug 2727-Sept 4.00pm2 (5.45) | Aug 2.00pm£5.00 (3.45)(£4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) 4 THE HERRICK THEATRE O j| Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K8 'll| production ■ AFTER byLIVERPOOL HERRICK THEATRE returns with another excellent James This isasa fast and ininnovative |i relationships. ‘Do youSaunders. see me merely a sexmoving, object?'humorous Rave review The Stagelook last at rSk Fringe! Bar available, u jif Aug (3.00)‘Talking £3.00 (£2.00) Double14-19bill 2.15pm price with Heads' £4.00 (£2.50) -ifi TALKING HEADS: A CHIPthisINis THE SUGAR One of six monologues ,, 1| won the 1987 Hawthornden prize, Alan Bennett’s mostbillthatfrom portrayals of the British way ofamong life. Second part of anwittiest excitinganddouble I observant Herrick Theatre. Aug (4.00)‘After £3.00Liverpool’ (£2.00) £4.00 (£2.50) Double14-19bill 3.15pm price with RICHARD HOEHLER ©GOO .1 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★monologuist’ OUT OF ViTHE BLUE New York’s Richard Hoehler ‘proves a superior ce. ‘Heoften presents workingtwist classatcharacters the inside with wry humourl ageandVoiinsight, with aeight wrenching the end’. from New York Newsday Preview Aug 9,10 l.4Spm(2.55) £4.00 Aug I -14,16,17,20-24,28,30-Sept I 45pm (2.55) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug I18,19,25-27 1.45pm (2.55) £8.002 (£5.00) 1 THE HOME FRONT OOGO Venue 130 - Fingers Piano Bar, 6 la Frederick Street Tickets 225 3026 G7 J 1ijfthe ★ THE HOME FRONT Based on the acclaimed Radio 4 series about Britaincomplex during war. ‘My mornings have changed since it arrived.' Daily Telegraph ‘. . a rich, .i >i view of the time’ Guardian ‘...utterly compelling, a haunting resonance’ Times Literary Supplement. Aug 14-18,21 -25 1.00pm (2.15) £4.00 (£3.00) HOT HOUSE THEATRE 0006 Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 CHILDREN OFcommunicate A LESSERin GOD Sarah, deaf from bybirth,MarkandMedoff. James, a hearing ‘teacher, this heart-warming into B.27-Sept S.Llearn by a tovibrant this complex and beautifulplay play is accessible to all.Translated lAug 2 7.30pmcast,(9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) HULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY OGO©G7 iVenue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 PASSION KILLERS Written and directed by John Godber. Andy invites to Costa on aprevail? golfing holiday. Do they succumb to the hazy heat and sunTomtanned .. tahe tgirls or11-13,15-17,20,22-24,29-Sept doesBlanca honesty Aug 2 5.15pm (7.00) £8.50 (£7.50) Mug 18,19,25-27 5.15pm (7.00) £9.50 (£8.50) 1 -ONELY HEARTS Written by Gill Adams. Directed by Damian Cruden. It’s ten idays Valentine' s day andcriedRitaathasin films a planandtodreamt find thataboutspecial someone they’ve only ead toabout in magazines, at night.... lAug 11-13,15-17,20 2.00pm (3.20) £7.50 (£6.50) 18,19 2.00pm (3.20) £8,50 (£7,50) .1LIKE A VIRGIN Written anddream directed by Gordon wild, gum-chewing Ir4adonna-mad oldsthe of becoming popSteel. stars. Two Anandhilarious teenagesixteen life Sept setyear against background of family conflict illness. romp |(ji lihrough kug 22-24,29-31, 1,2 2.00pm (3.20) £7.50 (£6.50) \ug 25-27, 2.00pm (3.20) £8.50 (£7.50) CARUS LEFT WING eo 30L8 ■ : lit: 'enue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 ;/?AVED Edward Bond's ‘Saved' is an uncompromising portrayal of 60’s Britain and a • (jpghtening today's deprivation, society. Thedevoid play follows distressing lives of Pam and >|i en throughreflection a world ofofcultural of basicthehumanity. 51 Aug 14-19 2.15pm (3.45) £5.00 (£3.00) NDENT THEATRE COMPANY GO© ■mp enue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K8 DAKOTA In 1980, John Lennon was shot dead outside his New York home. bjzsfllhm ubfnjjtirytale storytakes of sex,us through drugs andthose transcendental meditation, award-winning playwrightIn a Plester hours leading up to the gunshots, gi .ug 14-27 4.30pm (6.15) £4.50 (£3.00)

★ NOBrianHAYFriel’sTOdramatic SAVE IN BROOKLYN Anne Mekitarian' s acclaimed adaptation from Meet six‘TheIrishacting women aged 17-70. with humour, heart and truth byworks. all-Irish cast. is superb. ClassicPlayed Irish story-telling atAug its best’ Nationalist. 14-26 4.40pm (5,50) £4,50 (£3.00) ★ VIRTUAL LOCALITY.CRASH (Double ) Two men innocence. trapped in a moment of stasis create their owna blind worldangel,ofBLIND endless gamesCharlie; andBil temporary Plus a funny, moving play about a park and a war photographer who has too much. 6.35pm (8.00pm) £4.50 (£3.00) Augseen14-18,22-27 INMOTION PRODUCTIONS OOO© Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 ★sound, ■ TRUST ME! Conceived and directed by Angeliki Kassola. An explosion of light, words, dance,of action, film andthought, live music. BeholdTotheNea,apocalypse celebration! memory...’ ‘A journeyandofjoinlife the for life’ Athens News ‘A2journey Aug 30-Sept 10.30pm (12midnight) £3.50 (£3.00) INTERFACE PERFORMANCE GROUP G©© Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 ★actors INTERFACE (PEER/GYNT) Henrik Ibsen’s ‘Peer Gynt’ is crystallized for twoadded and musicians. To thismusings fantasticoftaleoneofofa man' s attemptgreat to justify existence the this century’s writers, AlbertisCamus. Augcontemporary 14-26 (not 20)existential 3.00pm (4.40) £4.00 (£3.50) THE GARDEN OFit’sEDEN isofanaadaptation by Ernestgame Hemingway. Set in they 1920’s France, thethestory writer, his ofwifetheandlastthenoveldangerous played when fall in love with same woman. Aug 27-Sept 2 3.00pm (4.30) £4.00 (£3.50) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm



RANDOLPH STUDIO Venue 55 • 8PM 14 AUG - 2 SEPT Box Office: 031-225-5366 75

THEATRE INVICTA STUDENT THEATRE OO0O COMPANY Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 18 ★ ■THE BEAST OFnature PENPRIWYThis horrific cautionary tale in two and versesis feeds on the disturbing of time-worn pier amusements for inspiration, populated by grotesques and hideous caricatures. This is the seaside everybody knows tacky, yet lovable Aug 13-25 (not 21) 8.15pm (9.45) £4.00 (£2.50) IN YOUR FACE! PRODUCTIONS OOOO Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★actors, PSYCHO DRAMA an original one-act comedy exploring the hilarious neuroses of leavesis too you sacred wondering whereEdinburgh real life endscritics andtaunted! performance begins.curseNoinvoked! convention to break. Macbeth’s AAug Fringe must-see! 20-24 4.05pm (5.15) £5.00 (£4.50 US) Aug 25,26 4.05pm (5.15) £6.00 (£4.50 US) IN YOUR SPACE PRODUCTIONS, COO LUU TG Venue 45 - Old St Paul's Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 JIO THE MAN OFComedy MODEbyAdod! NSDF into finalistsa carry-on IN YOURof contemporary SPACE PRODUCTIONS drag Restoration the periwig farce and 17th century14-26 Comedy ‘Sir Fopling a fool so nicely writ’! Dryden. Aug (not of20)Manners. 2.15pm (3.30) £4.50is(£3.00) IS THIS SEAT TAKEN/ OOOO UNL PRODUCTIONS Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★ UNDUE AGGRAVATION A London crime syndicateeast-end plans anvillains explosive reentrance into the criminal underworld. A mix of traditional and new style and brittle5.30pm combination. Warning: heard!gangsters proves to be a taughtAug2l-26 (7.00) £5.00 (£4.00)gunshots will be I WAS A TEENAGE ooo ZOMBIE THEATRE COMPANY Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 ★ ■ FOOL'bySWarwickshire' GOLD An everyday tale of alchemy, adultery and automatic weaponry performed s most maverick teens. Rock ' n ' Roll, revenge tragedy and collide in a violent black comedy. ‘Reservoir Dogs’ meets ‘Hamlet’ and gives it arealpolitik good kicking. Special 3 ALL(8.05) offer£5Aug00 (£3.50) 9-11 7.00pm (8.05) £3.00 Aug 12-26FOR 7.00pm





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JACK SHEPHERD AND THE OOOO ONE TREE COMPANY Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO JACK SHEPHERD’S CHASING THE MOMENT Combines theatresometimes with live jazz ‘this impressive play really swings’ London Evening Standard. The comic, violent tensions people brought himself onAug piano:9between Currently ITV’s£5.00 Wycliffe.together only by a passion for jazz; Shepherd Preview 3.00pm (5.00) Aug 10-14,16,17,30-Sept 2 3.00pm Aug 18,19 3.00pm (5.00) £8.00 (£6.00)(5.00) £7.00 (£5.00) Aug20,21,23,24,28 2.30pm£8.00(4.30)(£6.00) £7.00(£5.00) Aug 25-27 2.30pm (4.30)

V/ mm® sum mm G


JANUS THEATRE PRODUCTIONS OOOO Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★original IAGO: THE ART OF DECEPTION Directed by John Hodgson, this powerful, one-man play, described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ and ‘gripping & revealing’, explodes the mind of Shakespeare’s villainous IAGO, combining the dynamic verse with a revealing perspective. Aug 20-26contemporary 11.45am (1,45pm) £6.00 (£3.50)


JAPAN EXPERIENCE OOO Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ■humans MATSUDO CITIZENS' THEATRE: DOLLS A surrealistic play entwining andDirected dolls. and A story of two sisters lost iIshigami n a chasmandof her lovegroup. - lost desparation turmoil. performed by Rumiko Experienceandthe dark aestheticism Aug 13-19 8,15pmofJapan. (9,00) £5.00 (£4.50) Venue 176-RoxburghHalls, Roxburgh Place.Tickets650 8499 KIO ■ TOKYOin SHAKESPEARE CO: MACBETH with antheoriental inspiration performed English and Japanese. ‘In the murk of the night witches arrive from the farmysterious east...’ Edo Kaoruof theas Lady Maekawa Shiro as Macbeth. Encounter a thirdMacbeth. kind! Aug 13-17 shock 10.45pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.50) 76




Rome* m<1Mtt: ipiL never-Afas



‘Snide & unpleasant' Sunday Times ‘Occasionally funny, sometimes smug’ Guardian ‘Overconfident & oyerrated’ Scotsman

THH CITIZHNS THKATRH GLASGOW TRAINSPOTTING adapted fro m t li e n o \ e 1 b y Irvine Welsh ‘Feverishly The Cum ASSEMBLY ROOMS 8.00PM 11 AUG-2 SEP ASSEMBLY BOXOI31-226 2428 FRINGE BOX 0131-226 5138

J.F.K. REPERTORY COMPANY OO0O Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★meetDARKTALES by Tim Arthur: horror story and psychological thriller. in a dimlyminds, lit library and confesstelling sinistera talefearsmore andfearful desires.thanMacabre talesStrangers reveal dark corrupt each character the last. Preview Aug 9 2.15pm (3.25) £4.00 2 2.15pm (3.25) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 10-14,16,17,20-24,28,30-Sept Aug 18,25-27 2.15pm (3.25) £6.50 (£5.50) THE JOURNEY COMPANY Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 C OQ BEFORE I TAKE THE as nightmares, these short byI DREAM Ariene‘David Hutton exemplify the witbut andfar STAND sting ofsympathy... theVivid new absurdist playwrights of Newplays York. Mamet overtones, more than Mamet ever musters.’ New Aug York 14-26Newsday (not 20) 4.30pm (6.00) £4.50 (£4.00) KALEIDOSCOPE THEATRE OOO Venue 40 - The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 J7 ★and■wind; YARNSPINNERS A wondrous tale to tease and stir, to weave adance, web andmusic, warp in all to spin a yarn. A tapestry richly interwoven with drama, mime,14-26 verse(not and imagery to entertain, enlighten enchant everyone. Aug Sun) 8.00pm (9.30pm) £5.00and (£4.50) KCS THEATRE COMPANY Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 OOOi THE ISLAND Fugard’s ofmasterpiece strength man’sinmates connection to man. Within the confines cellcelebrates onrhetoric Robbenthethis Island twoofblack Sophode’s Antigone. Withouta prison any political landmark play cries forrehearse justice and compassion. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 27 6.50pm (7.55) £3.00 Aug 28-30, Sept 1,2 6.50pm (7.55) £4.00 (£3.00) KIEV THEATRE 0000 With the independence of the former states of the Soviet Union, theatre performances by various companies can now be witnessed by the west. Last year’s lago was a great hit and this year will be no exception. Ukranian theatre at its most entertaining. Venue 168-Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: 556 0102 Kll ■ CHEKHOV ANECDOTES by Theatre onChekhov. Podol. This much acclaimed theatre group return with a series of short stories from They have gained a tremendous reputation in Edinburgh with previousshow. performances and this will only enhance12-27it. (not Pathos humour, an unforgettable Aug 13)and8.35pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 MURDER byis filled GoldenwithGate Theatre. The whole air ofKithisev Ametaphorical action Dostoyevsky and agression ‘ Evening fantastic by thisby group on their9.45pm first visit(11.15) toanxiety Edinburgh. Highest quality performance frompiece Ukraine. Aug 12-27 £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 108 - Ukranian House, Windsor Street F12 AUTUMN ORCHARD by Kiev Experimental Theatre. Thisbyperformance wonthisa much coveted award for its adaptation of the Cherry Orchard Chekhov where talented team use the traditions of Russian classical theatre to fantastic effect.12-20multi(notnational Aug 13) 7.30pm (9.00) .£5.00 (£4,00) Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 LLUDMILLA LYMAR On hermusic second visit todelight Edinburgh Lymar performs a series of short stories with accompanying that will the audience. The critics enjoyed last year’s show2and exceptional. Aug 12-Sept (notthis13)is also 7.35pm (8.30) £5.00 (£4.00) THE LARD MARKETING BOARD OO0O Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 K10 ROUGH CROSSING Tom Stoppard at his brilliant best i n this bizarre tale offunny everyday theatre folk, set aboard an ocean liner. It’s fast, frantic and SERIOUSLY soAugsell20-26 your children 5.45pm for(7.20)medical £5.00research (£4.00) and buy a ticket now. LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH ARTS QO0O Venue 65 - St Ann’s Community Centre, South Gray’s Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 0469 J10 DAVID COPPERFIELD Dickens’ ‘favourite child' . His own life story fictionalised through someDavid' of hiss most famousfrom characters, including Micawber, Uriah Heep, and others. adventures birth to maturity are brought to vivid life Steerforth in this feast Dickensian delight. £4.50(£3.50) Aue of13-18 9.30am(10.30) 77

LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH Al COMEDY OF ERRORS Mistaken identitytwins, and reconciliation form the basis this fast excitingWhen, production. eachforthinking the other dead,ofarrive ireally n themoving, same town. inevitably,Twotheysetsareofmistaken each other, the Comedy begins... Aug 13-18 1.30pm (2.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ★by FAITH, HOPE ANDBody CHARITY Theatre present surreal black comedy Hampton. foryou’re sale. Nakid Exfree?corset-saleswoman. Goodworth? condition: £colour 150Christopher o.n.o. So what? Do you think How much is your body What is your3.30pm underwear? Aug 21-26 (4.30) £4.50 (£3.50) KESheForstartsBil training y Casper,a kestrel. the worldForseems He livesYetonhope his wits the day a time,to lifehavehasnorealplace.meaning. onlyuntil flowers briefly in a still3.30pm alien world... - g 13-18 (4.30) £4,50 (£3.50) Aug_i: ANIMAL This isn’twhat weis more wanted. This now isn’t than whatever. we meant...’ George Orwell’s bitingFARM satire on dictatorship stage adaptation highlights his warnings aboutrelevant those who betray the onesThistheypowerful claim to I defending. Aug 13-26 (not 20) 5.30pm (6,30) £4,50 (£3,50) ■ BALLAD OF BILLYatRAINBOW up.genius BILLY- oneakamorning BHINDU PATEL playsupthein aharmonium three,Aatpoignant, twelveIt’sshetough is a growing computer she wakes mental institution. amusing, disturbing insight into mental illness21-26 in British7.30pm Asian(8.30) communities. Aug £4.50 (£3.50) LEIGHTON PARK DRAMA OOOO Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K8 THE Park bringA tohilarious life Moliere’s farce about a greedyMISER old manFastandandhis furious. lust for a Leighton younger woman! evening’sclassic entertainment guaranteed. Aug 28-Sept 2 4.30pm (5.40) £4.50 (£3.50) LEITHEATRE ooo A8 Venue 83 - St Serfs Church Hall, Clark Road, Goldenacre ★premiere WHERE THERE' S A WILL Leitheatre’s 50th Anniversary production a hilariousother adaptation into ScotsCome of Thealong Taming of Theout.Shrew. Willisthea Fringe lad get lass?ofWill lass get(10.00) her lad? and find Aughis12-26 (nottheSuns) 7.30pm £5.00 (£4.00)

HANS LIBERG OO0G Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ■starPICTURES OF AN EXHIBITIONIST Hans Liberg, sit-down-comedian. A the continent. pianistClassical and brilliant you ofhistory, Victor Borge,on with theis engagingly pace ofExcellent Woody Allen. music,comedian. pop, jazz,Reminds commercials, humour. He trite and shamelessly elitist. Aug 20-26 12-19 8.20pm 10.20pm(9.20) (11.20) £4.75 (£3.75) Aug LINLITHGOW FESTIVAL TRUST OO0€ HlOute Venue 99 - Linlithgow Palace, Linlithgow Tickets 01506 844600 ★Linlithgow ■ MARYPalace. QUEEN OF SCOTS & BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE returnandto Historic reenactments of Mary Stuart' s return to her birthplace her exiled confrontation with Knox, and Bonnie Prince Charlie’s return to Scotland from the court in2.30pm Rome.John(3.00) Aug 6,13,20,27 Aug 6,13,20,27 3.30pm (4.00) Admission Free with entrance to Palace. ★ MARY STUART' S WOMEN The premiere of a new play from the era of Mary. Queen oftheScots - the aims story Gordon, toAugserve3 I-Sept political ofofherJanetil£5.00 fated royalCountess mistress.of Bothwell, married and divorce 2 7.30pm (10.30) (£3.00) LITTLE RED HEN 0006 Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 ★Bernard HOWTO ROAST A STRASBOURG GOOSE written/performed bySydnei Smith. Springboard: actualO’Toole 1979 case. ‘Poetic satire - tourgreatde Dublin force - tradition! savagely indignant passionate clarity’ Fintan ‘Hint of genius in the ofAugerudite ’ Belfast (1.05pm) Newsletter£4.50 (£3.50) 20-26wit.11.25am Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395 ★ HOW TO2ROAST A STRASBOURG Aug 27-Sept 1.55pm (3.35) £4.00 (£3.00) GOOSE ★Maulte HOUSEPARTY AT BALDRIGGERA by S Babsurdity Smith. Lore invites politicos; his butler invitesFintan UDAO’Toole andWritten/performed IRA.‘Sharp ‘Revelling playful,27-Sept angry, even-handed, keen-eyed’ and wittyin wild satire.’ Irish Times; Aug 2 6.15pm (6.55) £3.50 (£2.50)

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THE LIVERPOOL PLAYHOUSE oooo } Venue 45 - Old St. Paul’s Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 jlO .ij i about ★ LET'you-know S TALK-what ABOUT SEX... Experts claim that the distinct lack of discussion amongst young people accounts for the high numbers of teenage pregnancy. P.Y.T. (7.00) is ready£5.00 to spill(£2.50) the beans, we’ll talk about sex - will you? J! Aug 14-19 L.6.00pm ★ THE LEGEND OF POPE JOAN Set in theto Middle is a hardDevised hittingbyand l|: often raw storyPlayhouse of sexism 19+ and Youth a woman’s struggle surviveAges, it at anythiscost. The Liverpool Theatre. |’-Jfl|; Aug 14-19 7.25pm (8.25) £5.00 (£2,50) ★ A ROCK AND A both HARD Few women lightly.in itsEven -f;r: when theanddecision rightPLACE andinnecessary, it is stillundertake one that abortion brings conflict making a8.45pm wholefeels range its wake. TUWANDA. Aug 14-19 (10.00)of feelings £5.00 (£2.50) LIVING THEATRE oeoK8 Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 ~„j actresses ★ WHATCHA WILL! Two comedies with Shakespearian themes; Phe and Gerty;and playing Ophelia and Gertrude in crisis - their dressing room feels Icelandic ! there’s no coffee. Two Gentlemen of Vancouver: Benvolio disappears from Romeo and ; Juliet. Short 1.30pm and Curly(3.30) investigate. Aug 14-26 £4.00 (£3.00) v , LONDON UNIVERSITY THEATRE OOOO OCOMPANY i uflf Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 , | aROAD A glittering picture of crushed lives. Livesintodiscarded and hope disregarded. ’Road’is pacy tableau of urban night life that will fling you the shit and of dreams. Is J England still3 FOR dreaming? Special28-Sept 27 2.45pm i Aug 2 ALL 2.45pmoffer(4.15)Aug£5.00 (£3.50) (4.15) £3.00

THE LOST CONTINENT OO0O G7 dVenue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 ★stage.THEA LOST CONTINENT BILL BRYSON’s HILARIOUS BEST-SELLER hits the funny portrait of AmericaLine.as. seen through the eyes of an American ■pHILARIOUS’ atriot. wickedly Starring STEEN Today. (Whose ). Book reviews: ‘HILARIOUS’ S Tel exT.O. STEVE ‘HILARIOUS’ ‘HILARIOUS’ Observer Aug 11,12 (Previews) 7.40pm (8.50) £6.50 Aug 13-15,17,20-24,28,30-Sept 7.40pm(£7.50) (8.50) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 7.40pm (8.50)2 £8.50

LOWBROW OOOO Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KI0 ★veryGHOSTRAIN In a bleak railway station waiting room on the Swiss Italian border different peoplereality exchange and relive their bizarrebecome stories.increasingly As the nightblurred. progresses6 the lines between and madness,life and death, Aug 12-19 8.30pm (9.45) £4.50 (£3.50) THE MAD ABBOT OO0© Venue 84 - The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 88 i 1. 02 ★ LUNCH/TEA WITH HAROLD PINTER:ASPECTS THEATRE CO. The Lovers/The Dumb Waiter. Enjoy two of Pinter’s most intriguing works as a double bil with14-19 an intelligently served£8.00 meal(£6.00) in the cafe all for £8.00. Aug 122noon (2.40) Aug 28-Sept 4.00pm (6,40) £8.00 (£6.00) ★ THE ROVER: ASPECTS TOURING A tale romance andresonances, sexual intrigue. Aphra Behn’s bawdy comedy takesidentities on CO. sinister and ofcontemporary ascarnival. man andWhat womanlurk’ssearch for their sexual through the timeless trickery of behind£5.00 the mask! Aug 14-19 6.00pm (7.30) (£4.00) Aug 21-26 4.00pm (5.30) £5.00 (£4,00) ★ SEXPaglia& ESSENCE Sexuality, the pornographic imagination: more than Sontag. How far sado-masochism would youCo.go? A and multi-media performance from last year’s Fringe First winners Aspects Touring Aug 14-26 (not2 10.00pm 20) 8.00pm (9.30)£5.00£5.00(£4.00) (£4.00) Aug 28-Sept (11.30) ★ IN THEreality. BLOOD man in search his true identity locked in a shattered GreenA Candle last‘...theatre yearofreceived ‘* * *The*.. finds hScotsman. ighlyhimself accomplished performances.’ News,(11.30) its best’ Aug 14-26 (notThe20)Evening 10.00pm £5.00at(£3.00) ★ ■ THE CURSE: ITinOUT THEATRE CO. women areSNIFF locked onetoroom? a What postcardhappens Sniffwhen it outtwoPMT Theatr.e,suffering bring themPMTalong to the show recieveAnswers your freeontampon! Dareto you enter Aug (11.00)(1.00)£4.00£4.00(£3.00) Aug 21-26 28-Sept10.00am 2 12 noon (£3.00)

TANTRUMAn irresistable original... I wanted the show to go on all night” Charles Spencer, The Dail;/ Telegraph August 9th - September 2nd at 9.30pm ss (Except Tuesday 15th and Thursday 31st) gjji Previews: Wed. 9th Aug. and Thurs. 10th Aug PLEASANCE Box Office: 0131 556 6550 . 79

★ IMAGINE HOWLINGtTALES OFIncarcerating POE:COXCOMB THEATRE. Allan Poe: Lunatic? - into Monstor? - or Genius? Poe inmusical a bizarre asylum,intoEdgar Coxcomb descends the chambers of his mind a strange, journey the world of premature Aug 21-26 2.30pm burial, (3,45) sexual £5.00 obsession (£4.00) and....teeth. ★hostage? CAREA)'NResign? ' COERCION What ifyou’re receptionist taken B)atDie? C)Waddington’s Paraded’you yourdomost intimatea dental sexual fantasies? You shouldn’t really laugh James new comedy of the grotesque. But you will. Directed by Lloyd(7.30)Peters. Aug £5.00£5,00 (£4.00)(£4.00) Aug 21-26 28-Sept6.00pm 2 8.00pm (9.30) THE IRISH POTATOintoFAMINE SHOW:pastTHE MONICANS ‘EssentialGREAT viewing-blazing British perceptions and evidence from as far afield insights asandNorth American monuments-wit andpresent-shattering heartbreak-sophistication innocence in touching juxtaposition' The Scotsman. Aug 28-Sept 2 2.00pm (3.30) £5,00 (£3.00) ★sisters THEin VAGABONDS: TONGUE IN CHEEK PRODUCTIONS Twisted primary control: Three pairs of tights, astwotheyballsstruggle and a ‘Twister’ board!!! The Vagabonds: Travel with a mother and daughter to discover their theatrical identity. Plus Special guest EILEEN Manchester’s newest celebrity. Aug 21-26 5.00pm (6.30) £3.00 (£2.00) MANDALAY THEATRE COMPANY OOO Venue 103 - TG’s, TG Wil is and Co, 135a George Street Tickets 225 3003 G6 ★title,GINbut length N' SIN:ain’tMEMORIES OF AN EDWARDIAN GIN PALACE Longfrom everything! Bawdiest show on Fringe. Packed with favourites Edwardian hitguaranteed! parade. Plus: Can-Can! Live music! Sharp script! Monologues! Audience participation open(£4.00) throughout. Aug 21-26 8.00pm (9.30)Bar£5.00 MARCOS PRODUCTIONS OO©© Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES Thomas Hardy’s touching, tragic, wonderful classic is beautifullyandrealised in thisthestriking documentsof mankind the fascinating love between women, loss of production. innocence, theTessdogmatism and the onset of modernmen industrialisation. Aug 13-Sept 2 (not Tues) 5.05pm (6.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ROGER MCGOUGH ©© Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ROGER MCGOUGH WITH ANDY ROBERTS In NOTHING VENTURED. Poet Roger McGough takes a stroll along the towpath of life with guitarist Andy Roberts. AEvening new blend ‘Exploring the fine line between laughter and sadness' Newsof music and poetry. Aug 25,26,27 22,23,24,28,29,30 8.45pm£8.50(9.55) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 8.45pm (9.55) (£7.00) ROD MCLUCAS ©©©© Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 ★ JAWBONE: SOLOfeaturing SEDUCTION Rod McLucas’s hysterical gambolgasping, through devolution and civicAagonies, decay, lots of tupperware. A young poet swept, through Samson’s sordid surburban couplings, urban atrocities and - worse yet New Age therapies, seeks salvation in plastics. Aug 11,12 10.00pm (11.20) £3.00 Aug 14-Sept 2 (not 20,31) 10.00pm (11.20) £5.00 (£4.00) MERLIN 0 Venue 61 - The Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh College of Art Tickets 229 1003 K6 ★writers? A MEETING WITH THE MONSTER Monster or one of Scotland’s greatest Junkie, womaniser, homosexual, pornographer! Alex Trocchi takes you through hisliterary turbulent life in Paris and America, ending in tragedy in London and the death of his Aug 27-3reputation. I 8.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) OO©0 MERMAIDS DRAMATIC SOCIETY ST ANDREWS UNIVERSITY Venue 168 - Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: 556 0102 K11 ★ ■ THEhighEXHIBITION /inBAYOUS The Exhibition-Compelling production depicting and low points the life of elephant man, John Merrick. Bayous-How fine ieyes s theoflinea schizophrenic between madness sanity? original play about the world seen through the girl. and2.15pm Aug 10-Sept 2 (not 13,20) Price includes both shows. (4.00) £4.50 (£3.50) METROPOLITAN THEATRE ©©OO Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 BECKET Anouilh’s masterpiece relates the tense and dramatic events leadingThisto highly Henry H’s betrayal of his friend Thomas Becket i n war-torn medieval Europe. physical and exhilarating production emphasizes the sinister qualities of one of Europe’s greatest Aug 12-19modern 5.20pmplays.(7.10) £5.00 (£3.50)


nm gall HER STORY SO FAR FROM OUTBACK AUSTRALIA TO ALASKA...FR0M TRIBAI TO CONTEMPORARY "A BRILLIANT PERSONAL ODYSSEY* "FUNNY, UNIQUI AND MOVINC DON'T MISS THIS SHOW" Devised by Ningali Lawforr wd Angela Chaplin and lipbyn Arche! 1A1 Starrin? nuh Ningali Josie Lawforc with musician Peter Lawle: 1 TRAVERSE I AUGUST 10 TO SEPTEMBER 0131 228 140^

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TIM VINE FIASCO Two extremely stupid shows for the price of one slightly silly one




destined to have the ADORATION , „ of thousands SUNDAY TIMES 9 august - 2 September PLEASANCE 0131 556 6550 venue 33

MIXED METAPHORS OOOO Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 K10 THE UNVEILING Best friends, sex and drowning frogs chilling Theatre of the ‘The Absurd from Vaclav Havel, former dissident, now president of the Czech Republic. Unveiling’ draws on Havel's experiences as a writer determined to be true to himself despite stateAug repression. Preview 12noon12(1.00pm) noon (1.00pm) £2.00 Aug 13-19 12 Price includes lunch. £4.50 (£4.00) MOON GLOW PRODUCTIONS, INC OOOO Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★Baker. ■ jOE! Is an entertaining slice into the life of the internationally known Josephine A black child growing up in a world with very little hope; she changes not only her personal10-Sept world,2 but world of others. Aug (notthe13,20,31) 3.35pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) MOONCALF / CARAPACE OOOO Venue 168 - Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: 556 0102 K11 VICTORY CHOICES IN REACTION Carapace presents Howard Barker' s violent and exhilarating depiction of revengethisandatmospheric subterfugeandwithin the court of Charles I . Innovative and darkly confrontational, production and a (2.00pm) strong ensemble cast. energetic promenade Aug 10-Septfeatures 2 (notlive13)music12.15pm £4.00 (£3.00) BRUCE MORRISON 0090 Venue 5 - Tron Kirk, High Street Tickets 220 1637 J9 ■Century AULDEdinburgh’s REIKIE returns irogues n 1995 and by popular demand to pumpandblood into 18th streets, scandals in a sparkling energetic dramatisation ofbravado.’ Robert Fergusson’s act of10-26 muscular1.30pm StageFree brilliant, bawdy 1773 Scots poem. ‘A magnificent Aug (2.05) Donations to WGH Leukaemia Research Fund. MZM PRODUCTIONS INC. f>© Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 MISS MARGARI DA’S WAY An allegory of oppression, Miss Margarida exploits a biology lessongoodbybehaviour digressing she intopromises tirades; shesexharangues - the audience. As a reward for education.herThisstudents Obie winning tragicomedy, by Roberto Athayde,8.00pm advocates participation. Adult Themes. Partial Nudity. Aug 14-19,21-26 (9.30)audience £4.00 (£2.00) NADA THEATRE (FRANCE) OOOO Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ★ ■ ROMEO ET JULIETTE Hilarious and dreamy adaptation of Shakespeare. Unable to die from their love, our hero and heroine devise ways of taking their lives as they reflectd’Ecosse. on their fate and recall the taste of their first kiss. Presented by the Institut Francais Aug 12-26,28 Aug 27 8.30pmSept (9.30)2 (not 13,20,31) 10.00pm (11.00) £6.00 (£3.50) NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE OOOO COMPANY Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ■ THE BIG BOOK FOR GIRLS‘blissful’The Observer, ‘marvellous’Stoge. ‘had the audience whooping with delight’ Evening News, ‘rousing musical numbers’ Scotsman. ‘fiendish dedication to theFringe ridiculous' Jingoism, snobbery and schoolgirl passions11-17,20,21,23,24,28,30-Sept from the leading awardIndependent. winners. Aug 2 2.05pm (3.30) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 2.05pm (3.30) £8.00 (£7.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Venue 50 - The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 ★ THE Public NORTH POLE Chekhov meets Eastenders, in this1995. darkly‘unmissable’, comic tale of a Medway House and its clientele. NSDF award winner ‘upliftingunderstanding’ and thoughtful’,Sunday ‘utterly gentle Times,convincing’, Bar open!‘bloody funny’ Noises Off, ‘observed with Aug 11-27 4.05pm (5.40) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 ★ VIOLENT NIGHT Winner of the prestigious RSCtwoBuzznightwa. Gcodbody Director’s Award and two NSDF acting commendations. Confine "a small room forlast’a long robust exploration masculinity. auo.ei.£3.0uVom first TES2night...A Special 3 FOR(8.45) ALLof£6.00 offer Aug 9-11‘taut...held 7.50pmits(8.45) Augto12-Sept (not 17,31) 7.50pm (£4.00)

THE NETHERBOW THEATRE OO0O Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 5S6 9579 J10 ★experience IN PEACE WITH DARKNESS REMBRANDT: forty years of turbulent in drama,together poetryfrom and the visual imagery ofthrough his paintings. and creations develop impulsive virtuosityMedley. tragedyCreator to spiritual resurrection. performed Michael Aug 10-26 (notDevised Suns)and6.00pm (7.30) by£5.00 (£3.00) THE NEW YORK STREET THEATRE oooo CARAVAN Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ ■ THE GRAND INQUISITOR fromtoDostoyevsky’s BrothersThe Karamazov, thisaliveis through a dramatic visualdrama, poemAdapted told by Ivan brother, Alyosha. poem comesmasks dance, comedy, gospelhissinging, classical music, Flamenco, and imagery inspired by paintings. Aug 21-27 11.25am (12.45pm) £5.00 (£4.50) NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY THEATRE O SOCIETY Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street Tickets 228 9116 THECAGEBIRDS byportrayal David Campton. Fresh, stunning interpretation thissurvival. poignant play. A chilling of institutionalised victims andunmissable, their fightoffor Exciting, inspiring, thought provoking, sharp, enriching, moving, beautiful, threatening, ultimate. Aug 27-Septtouching, 2 6.00pmabsorbing, (7.00) £5.00 (£3.50)Welcome back NUTS. ★daysTHE HEAD WANTS TO SEE by C Byrnes. Do you remember of yourprovide life'? Treat yourself and insight reliveYOU theintopainful waitschool to see the head. Five 'the best characters an(6.00) unforgettable the state experience. Aug 13-19 5.00pm £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 20-26 11.30am (12.30pm) £5.00 (£3.50) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm AMERICAN THEATRE VENTURES PRESENTS A PLAY BY RAYMOND J, BARRY


NORTH WEST LEICESTERSHIRE oooc YOUTH THEATRE Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 THE TWObanishment GENTLEMEN OF empress VERONA Friendship turns to treachery. to■courtly lust - love cruel in a hi-energy tower, swashbuckling outlaws, 1 !. and amaster! storybookfollows. endingAncombine in this re-telling of Shakespeare. Let love be your Aug 14-19 6.30pm (7.30) £3.00 (£2.50) NORTHERN THEATRE CO Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 000 1 ★except FAMILY VALUES by BarrieWith Wheatley. Annaamusing and Jo want theythearetensions a lesbianwhichcouple. sometimes results.aonbaby-no This newproblem, playfamilyiyl explores exist when family values are imposed an untypical Aug 12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26 11.30am (1.00pm) £6.00 (£4.50) THE MANasbytheBernard This awarddrama winning tellss th story ofELEPHANT John Merick, known ElephantPomerance. Man. A compelling of oneplayman' struggle against prejudice and ignorance. Aug 13,15,17,19,21,23,25 11.30am (1.00pm) £6.00(£4.50) NORTHFIELD ACADEMY ABERDEEN OOOC D.E.A.R LIFE BLACK LIGHT THEATRE CO Venue 98 - Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 I ★ ■ theUPIRNAAGIIT - AN ESKIMO TALE isthose an exciting visual production about; i: how environment is interacting with the lives of in the Arctic. This original piece by anbarriers. enthusiastic Black Light Theatre Group will appeal to all regardless of age or' language16-19 Aug 3.45pm (4.50) £3.00 (£2.00) NO SHOUTING THEATRE OOOC Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place 650 8499 ★new■Gloucestershire RESORTINGbased TO THE PLEASURE GROUND A Fringe debut forbefore. this performance group. Four people have beenandherea stiff Four people trying to recapture the past. Four people need a cigarette drink. Aug 14-19 12.30pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00) NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION OOOC THEATRE COMPANY Venue 16 - The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St Tickets 667 2388 MEASURE‘Back FORto basics' MEASURE Shakespeare' s expose political hypocrisy. policies handed down fromofthesleaze top,andbutaward the winning leadershipyoui remains corrupt....who pays theShakespeare. price?areCompelling production from company renowned for quality Aug 14-17,195.30pm 5.00pm(7.00)(6.30) £5.00 (£2.50) Aug 21-25 N.W.5 THEATRE PRODUCTIONS OOOC Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Tickets 650 2395 WARMLEY. A ONE MAN PLAY ABOUT DYLAN THOMAS Straightandfrc astark successful runshows in London’s West Endthethisgenius new once one-man play, with warmmosthumour realism, the man behind described as ‘the important writer since Shakespeare’. Aug 12-26 4.00pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.50) ODDS ON THEATRE COMPANY ooe< Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 » ★andTHE GAMBLER Bets On! For Dostoevsky’s crazy comedy of Russian roulette romantic confusion. Loose your shirt, your mind and your heart and still come ou winner. Casino visits after the show. ‘Sheer joie de vivre and spangled humour' Time Aug 9,10 10.50pm (12.05am) £4.00-Sept 2 10.50pm (12.05) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 11 -14,16,17,20-24,28,29,31 Aug 18,19,25-27 10.50pm (12.05am) £6.00 (£5.00) OM PRODUCTIONS LTD OO0I Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 RICHARD O BRIEN IS MEPHISTOPHELES SMITH IN sell u< '★DISGRACEFULLY .areThetoevangelistic is coming and improved hell,Inferno whereYOURS' all sickos bebeware! cast out!demon Welcome to thetoRock ‘n party at the Club PLC. Be there or Aug 10-16,20,22-24,28 10.30pm (11.40) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25-27 10.30pm (I! .40) £ 7.50 (£6.50) ONE FOR THE MONEY 004 Venue 45 - Old St. Paul's Church Hall, Jeffrey Street Tickets 556 0476 ★about ONEtheFOR THE MONEY Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll! Adaptation of thewithn< fortunes of a female rock star. Performed by author Carol Clewlow original music by singer-songwriter Pete Scott ‘Complex, sophisticated and literary’ Sunday21-Sept Times. 2 (not 27) 12.30pm (1.40) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug


ONSTAGE 66 oooo Venue 74 - St Stephen’s Church & Hall, St Vincent St. foot Howe St. Tickets S52 2324 E7 ARSENIC AND OLD LACE is a classic of comedy farce. You and the family won’t want miss this contrived madcap night of thrills, ladies.toSuperbly withouthumour andromance, slapstick -disappearing it’s a MUST. bodies and sweet old i Aug 12-Sept 2 (not Suns) 7.45pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 ooe CANDIDE in the land hasFiftythefantastical misfortunecharacters. to be hanged. StOneil , Alhero. l is forAtheludicrous BestTheingreatest the Bestphilosopher of AllSome Possible philosophy. sheep.Worlds. One buttock. The adventure 7 ■kHi begins. . . Special12-263 FOR Aug 9-1 £5.00 I 12noon _J| Aug (notALL 20) offer l2noon(U5) (£3.50)(1.15pm) £3.00 OREGON PRODUCTIONS OOOO Venue 77 - The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. »j: rekindles ★ AWAIT THE TIDE by Shaun Beary. A perfect long island summer evening feelings for Tony. Thenpact he andrunsDavid reveal the purpose ofemotions. their visit | toAugher14-19 sickMolly’s father... Maturing euthanasia into participants’ swirling 5.15pm (6.45) £4.00 (£2.50) ’OUR THEATRE CO OO00 I Venue 47-The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549 GIO BORROWED PLUMES True storyplaysof William Henry Ireland, 18thbestCentury Shakespeare forger. ‘Andrew Stanson the part to perfection... monologue a Stage I've seen‘Compelling’Evening in longer than I careNews.to remember...undiscovered gem of the 1993 Fringe’The Aug 14-Sept 2 3.30pm (4,30) £5,00 (£4.00) ★ CHEAP AND TEARFUL a bitgood on thehead. side. Psycho Lucy has a carving knife, tai lj! ride, Dr. Coombes good advice.HardGary Moirahasgives coaster who’s2gives driving world premiere by John erotic Cargillroller Thompson. MiJ Aug but14-Sept 9,45pmwhom? (10.45) £5.00hitting(£4.00) ★ WHEN THEmelons) RAINonSTOPS by John the CargillfirstThompson. Mrs.needed Noahsaving. spills theFun uiA|c;dl|f1i forbeans (orwhole rather what happened time the world the family and even household pets, except perhaps hedgehogs. Don’t miss it. Aug 9126.00pm (7.00) & 8.00pm (9.00) £5.00 (£4.00) i<. Aug 4.00pm (5.00) Aug 14-Sept 2 12 noon (12.50pm)

Aconvicted MATTER OF CONVICTION LastBased year’son chilling production. ofwilla crime he didyour notsense commit.of justice.' a trueNews.' story ‘this tightlyA minister crafted is monologue challenge Evening A convincing performance.The Scotsman.(2,00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 14-Sept 2 1.00pm ★enthralling PARTING SHOT CarolKelly,Piperfounder Raffertyof the presents John Cargill portrait of ofMaria first English dramaThompson’s school. A warm and humorous recreation the theatre of the 19th Century. Aug 10,12 5.00pm(8.00)(6.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 10 7.00pm Aug 14-Sept 2 2,15pm (3.15) HAMLETa veryII: confused PRINCEyoung OF JUTLAND Cargill Thompson. presents man.Orwenna Wherebyand didJohn Shakespeare get his factsRikForrest StartlingQueen revelations about beautiful the Lady Hermuthruda, anfrom? almost virgin of the Piets. Aug 14-Sept 2 4.45pm (5.50) £5.00 (£4.00) ★blame? FEELGOOD John blame Cargillyourself Thompson’s new Ever bad sex? Who do you And if you don’t what do Fringe youplay.do?experience’T/ie Karlhadthought heLisneeded revenge.’Our Theatre Co...’A perfectly formed t . Aug 14-Sept 2 8,30pm (9,30) £5.00 (£4.00) ★Thompson. ROMEOSteve ANDMcDowall JULIET:andHAPPILY NEVER AFTER by John Cargill Carol Piper die, Rafferty the truth Shakespeare’s tragedy. Ofstrong courselanguage. they didn’t that present would have been abehind happy ending. AAug feisty11 piece. Contains 5.00pm (6.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 11,12 7.00pm (8.00) Aug 14-Sept 2 7,15pm (8.15) ★ THE BLOODY HEART Johnbetween SheddenStewart as JamesandI Douglas, of Scots.which Movingthrows and up many imaginative theatre.today. The struggle questions relevant By award winning actor/author combination Shedden and Cargill14-Sept Thompson. Aug 2 2.45pm (3.45) £5.00 (£4.00) WAS period YOURofKING John Shedden as James III. A witty and fast moving evocation of★ aI crucial Scots(6.15) history. Aug 14-Sept 2 5.15pm £5.00By John (£4.00)Cargill Thompson.

IDINBURGH V ENUE I SSOCIATES PRESENT Tickets .£5" (£3*) , BIG BLONDE iMi Adapted and Performed Shirley Anderson bybyDorothy X r From theHillshort Streetstory Theater (Studio)Parker V 19 Hill5:40Street, Venue - 8:25August PM 4110, 11 & 12 SpecialPerformances: Press Previews: August 16 2-27 August 30 - September "Remarkable . . Wrenching . . Bittersweet 11:10' 11:55 PM . .cruelty Anderson digs scompassion from the MORAY HOUSE in inTheHazel' ChJeagolifelong Tribunehumiliation 108 THEATER Wednesday' Saturday Holyrood Road FAST- PACED COMEDY WITH A COMPETITIVE EDGE . MOON GLOW '0« PRODUCTIONS, INC.

Performed A Written . andMichelle Banksby M\ Directed William Kingby

r J°: 19 Hill Street Like breakingfrom out the of a CocoonAnd atheButterfly Babv breaking Venue 41 I'm upit'there fordieallWomb to see, Tickets £5" (£4°°) Although deep inside s not me. Aug 10 - Sept 2 J. real S. Bates 3:30 - 4:30 PM ‘ No Shows Aug 13. 20 & 31 Proudly Sponsored by

MORAY HOUSE THEATER 108 Holyrood Road k* fi'15 . 7'm PM / Mnw - Sat ESI 6:15-7:15 PM/Mon-Sat air Canada® 83

■ TEMPEST An adaptation Shakespeare’s last play is designed and directed by Japan' s Risako Ataka - aEuropean fusion ofoftheatricality). East-West theatre techniques - (Indonesian Wayang Kulit; Japanese Butoh, Prospero’s recollection a vivid theatrical experience; with Daniel Foley. Aug 15,17,19,22,24,26 3.30pm (4.50) £6.50 (£5.00) Venue 56 Scottishl^oetry Library, Tweeddale Court, 14 High Street Info 557 2876. Jli OUTHOUSE PRODUCTIONS HH ■ MOZART AND SALIERI ‘Amadeus' there was ‘Mozart andtellsSalieri’. Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 Written by Russia’s greatest poet Before Alexander Pushkin; this micro-tragedy the tale of' ★Lovecraft, ■ LOVECRAFT:TO CTHULHU ANDGothic BEYOND A tribute to HtoP.the one man’s man of genius (and his premature demise). Great Theatre. masterof ofhuman the supernatural inDynamic, the true tradition. AAstonishing journey Aug 14-25terrible 2.00pmenvy(2.20)for aFREE outer darkness experience. Physical, Inventive. visual theatre from this2 (not powerful Aug 21-Sept 27) young 1.45pmcompany. (3.15) £4.00 (£2,50) PHARMA THEATRE COMPANY OOOC Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K OXFORD BROOKES DRAMA OO0O ★ ACID MAZE Drugs and Clubs bring five people together. Friendships are forged Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 but when sexualities are questioned the framework crumbles. Enter the Acid Maze and the different paths(9.45) which£5.50 all lead(£4.50) to the same conclusion. ■Gregor METAMORPHOSIS Masterpiece. on Kafka’san short follow explore Aug 27-Sept 2 8.15pm Samsa(notas he15)turns intoBerkoffs an insect£5.00 and (£4.50) thus facesBased an extreme, absurd,story, alienation. Aug 10-20 4.05pm (5.40) ■horses. EQUUS A middle agedstudy psychiatrist tries to find out why a i 7 year old boy blinded six Schaffers stylistic in abnormal Aug 21-Sept 2 (not 24,30) 4.0Spm (5.40) psychology. £5.00 (£4,50) OXFORD HEADLIGHTS OO00 Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 ★tempestuous SHAKESPEARE FOR BREAKFAST The original and best bring you aand triumph of coffee, croissants, culture and comedy from Prosper© friends. yourofdayS4B'thes first Shakespeare wayhit!with this mouthwatering new production from the 3Start creators international Special FOR ALL offer Aug 9-11 10.00am Aug 10.00am (11.00) £5.00 (£3.50) (11.00) £3.00 Price12-Sept includes2 breakfast. THE Marooned on an enchanted island, the deposed Prosper© uses magicalTEMPEST powersproduction to capture his usurpers and exact his revenge... atmospheric brings Shakespeare’s beautiful imagery toSophie life inPaul’s a bewitching blend of comedy and conspiracy. Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-1 I 12.30pm (2.30) £3.00 Aug 12-Sept 2 12.30pm (2.30) £6,00 (£4,00) THE OXFORD NAKED THEATRE O0 ! COMPANY Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 KIO THE The devil strides invisible through the streets of Salem. Evil burststhe from theCRUCIBLE guts ofpresent a paranoid OXFORD NAKED THEATRE new O.U.D.S, Arthursociety. Miller’sTheapocalyptical vision of fear and loveCOMPANY, battling for supremacy Aug 13-26 (not 20,22) 10.30am (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00) PALAVER PRODUCTIONS O0 Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 TEMPTATIONS Another chance to see last years critically acclaimed and powerful production. Temptations’, performed by Peter Moreton, (Eastenders, Secret Garden, etc) the experience of Christ‘Betrayals’. in the wilderness directly challenging modern beliefsexplores and assumptions. Prequel A modern ‘Mystery’. Aug 14,16,18,21,23,25 6.55pmto(7,50) £5.50 (£4.00) ★ BETRAYALS Complementing ‘Temptations’ in style and language,way.this‘Everyman’ new production interprets the Gethsemane Christ examines his relationships andMoreton. thestory wayinhisa fresh messageandhasinnovative been twisted and manipulated. Performed by Peter Aug 15,17,19,22,24,26 6.55pm (7,50) £5.50 (£4.00) PENDULUM PRODUCTIONS 000 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 Acompany ■ ALLofHALLOWS EVE A provocative adaptation of a Scottish myth by Asthethesister Fringe First Shoestring Players. A tale of love, violence and magic. young and Jennet MacKenzie battles the Fairie Queen for the soul of her lover Tam n. beautiful Aug Li12-26 (not 14,21) 10.30pm (11,30) £6.50 (£5.50) THE PENN THEATRE ENSEMBLE OOC 0 Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 ★Before ORESTES (AFTER EURIPIDES) Natural Born Killers meets the Greeks! Mickey and Mallory and the Menendez Brothers, there was Orestes and Electra. Adaptation of Orestes, by Charles Mee, examines terrorism, victim in contemporary America.incest, matricide, sexual violence, Aug 28-Sept 2 defenses 12noon (1.45pm) £7,50 (£5.00) PERFORMANCE EXCHANGE O00 Venue 40 - The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 J7 ★Cho■ SanMADAM BUTTERFLY A new stage version of the heart rending story of Cho(Butterfly) and Benjamin Pinkerton. Withwith Riskosome AtakaJapanese from Japan the title role) and Wendy Mok andFrankiln Daniel Foley. In English and (in Mandarin. Aug 14,16,18,21,23,25 3.15pm (4.40) £6.50 (£5,00) ■ MACBETH A fascinating (English/A blend Japanese) productiontheatre of Shakespeare' great dramavisual, of fate,with ambition, Foley, andBilingual treachery. of East-West techniques.s Stunningly Aug 28-Sept I 8.00pmDaniel (9.40) £6.50Risako (£5.00)Ataka, Wendy Mok. 84


THEATRE BEST OF THE FEST 3 THE PIG IRON THEATRE OOO0 COMPANY Venue 77 - The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. L9 THE ODYSSEY: A NEW WORK OF THEATRE AND DANCE Homer. Classic. Dance. Dense. Mythical. Puppets. Pig Iron. U2. Raw.Corelli. Heavy. Possible. Functional.Tears. Art. Laughter. Tragicomic. JBRAND Lyrical. 1995. Romance. Theatre. Epic. Ambitious. Colourful. American. Global. Join. The. Breath. Journey. { STAR OF ‘JO BRAND THROUGH THE CAKEHOLE’ Channel 4 Aug 14-19 2.30pm (4.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ‘CLUB ACT OF THE YEAR’ British Comedy Awards Aug Aug 22,25,26 28-Sept 29.00pm 8.00pm(11.00) (10.00) “THE BEST FEMALE COMIC IN BRITAIN” Daily Mirror PINPOINT PRODUCTIONS OOGO Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60ThePleasance.Tickets 556 6550 KI0 LANO& ★debauched SNAKESandABOUT HER CRADLE Forgotten for nearly two centuries, the of Theroigne Mericourt, heroine French Revolution and glorious friend ofexploits theDaniely. mighty, are broughtdeexhilaratingly to life byof The distinguished WOODLEY stage and screen star Lisa 1994 ‘Perrier Award winners Preview Aug 9-12 1.30pm (2.40) £2.50 Aug 2 1,30pm AND SPECIAL GUESTS Aug 13,15-17,20,22-24,28,30-Sept 18,19,25,26,27 1.30pm (2.40) £6.50 (£5.00)(2.40) £5.50 (£4.00) PIN-STRIPE THEATRE OOC €1 H7 MMimiM'fta Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 Adeath, PLACE WITH THE PIGS A soldier deserts from the Soviet front. Faced with he chooses a life hidden in a pigsty. There he is to remain for forty-one years. Athol Fugard’s playAugtells27this12noon true and(1.15pm) compelling Special28-Sept 3 FOR2astounding ALL offer(1.15pm) £3.00story. Aug 12 noon £5.00 (£3.50) PLAYHOUSE PLAYFUL REPERTORY COMPANY $10# 0131PROMOTED 557 2590 or FRINGE 0131 220LTD 5138 Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 IN ASSOCIATION WITHOFFICE ASSEMBLY THEATRE ★ HUNTING Richard Thompson’s highlyJerry: volatileCatch pitch-black comedy ■ SUPPORTED BY WL about four guys,before aHUMANS funeralits New and aYork ratherpremiere. large giant(Anamed ‘ferocious deviation’thisfromwicked the OFF THE KERB PRODUCTIONS in association with WELL BRED Presents entertainment producers of MEN: THE MUSICAL!) Aug 14-Sept 2 (not 20,31) 8.00pm (9.40) £5.00 (£4.00) BEST OF THE FEST 4 PLAYS ABLAZE OO0O Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★Henry SHADOW PLAY Sex, spliffs and sadism. Want to watch? Think you’resurvival. ready? is. He’s waiting for you to decide: a stranger’s brutal death or a sister’s Whichever, Henry’s terribly good with his hands. Radio Times award winning script Aug Aug 2021-26 Free12.20pm Preview(1.20) £4.00 (£3.00) LILY PLEASANCE : THEATRE OO00 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KI0 Amusicals. DRAMATIC SEASON 30 plays, 23 premieres, 3 ‘94 Fringe First winners, 2 Performers include: Raymond Barry,SEERichard O’Brien, Brian Protheroe, Jack Shepherd and manyJ.more. VENUE INDEX.Angela Pleasence, SMALLEST CINEMA IN THE WORLD A mini-cinema shrunk-to-fit the SAVAGE THE Pleasance Courtyard. FeaturingProduction the creaminofassociation the Fringewith in their very own microbusters “ONE OF THE FUNNIEST COMEDIANS WORKING TODAY” The Guardian and tiny epics. A Quadrangle The Pleasance and MGM “A MARLENE DIETRICH FOR THE 90’s” David Crosby • Brookside Aug Cinemas. 9-Sept 2 All day £2.00 and £5.00 WITH SPECIAL GUESTS PO'AZZ YO'AZZ PRODUCTIONS OC 0O GAYLE TUESDAY Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 ‘PAGE 3 STUNNA’ - “A MAJOR NEW TALENT” The Sun ★talesDREAMSCAPE Storyteller Martha Cinader reaches into our ancient past and spins of modern dayfolktales goddessesin aandunique fascinating historical and offers original retellings of classic style that fuses thefigures cadences of poetry and jazz. Aug 21-Sept 2 (not 29) 10.00am (10.50) £3.50 (£3.00 BOB DOWNE STAR OF VIVA CABARET’ Channel 4 POLITICALLY INCORRECT 00OO Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 TUE 22nd AUG • Spin THE MAN WHO TURNED INTO A STICK As long as I was winning there must have been thirty people in my fan club. Now they’re down to seven!' The story of the give in.(10.40) Highly£2.50 recommended. Augboxer 10-19who(notjust13)won’t10.00pm (£2.00) PLAYHOUSE PORLYIN RHODEN PRESENTS 000 GIO 0131 557 2590 OP FRINGE OFFICE 0131 220 5130 Venue 47 - The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549 PROMOTED IN ASSOCIATION WITH ASSEMBLY THEATRE LTD ★I want JEZEBEL by John Cargill Thompson. ‘I’ve had enough, I’ve had it for 3,000 years.... myrippled, name back’ Beandprepared for a few surprises from a very spirited woman. ■ SUPPORTED BY WL Tender, relevant Aug 14-Sept 2 tragic (not Suns) 4.00pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.00) 85

The News Quiz team with more I I Just a Minute Nicholas Parsons sharp observation, blunt humour and chairs the inimitable and ever popular side-splitting satire. 17th August, panel game. With regular panelist, . Pleasance 1, 9.30pm (10.30pm) Paul Merton. 31st August, Loose Ends Join Ned Sherrin Pleasance 1, as he gathers guests and regulars 12.15pm â&#x2013; around his Edinburgh table for (1pm) & a live broadcast of Radio 4's award-winning chat show. . WSlk. â&#x20AC;&#x2122;pm) 19th August, Pleasance 1, 9.45am (11.00am) Live Broadcast

Lunch with the Archers A glimpse behind the scenes at Ambridge with members of the cast, their producer and sound technician. 14th August, Pleasance 1, 1pm (2pm) Poetry Writing Workshops Poets and producers discuss writing poetry for the radio. Plus details of the BBC Radio 4 Young Poetry Competition. 28th - 30th August, Pleasance Above 10am (12pm) .

The Open Mic Awards Judges: David Raddiel, Sandi foksvig. John Lloyd and Barry Cryer. Hosted by Boothby Graffoe. BBC Radio I and Radio 4 in association with the National Comedy Network present the first Open Mic Award finals. To be televised by BBC I on The Stand Up Show. 21 August. Pleasance I, 7.30pm (9.00pm) Darling You Were Marvellous Sandi Toksvig, Tony Hawks and guests delve into the lurky world of entertainment. 21st August, Pleasance Above, 12.30pm (1.30pm)

The Mark Steel Solution Britain's social problems resolved by a combination of sketches and stand-up. 22nd August. Pleasance Above, 9.45pm (10.45pm)

BBC Radio 4 Drama Writing I Workshops 14th - 17th August I Pleasance Above, 10am (12pm) Back by popular demand, an introduction to writing for radio | from BBC Radio Drama producers.

Treasure Islands' Childrens book quiz Michael Rosen invites families to test their knowledge of children's books against a literary panel. 26th August, Charlotte Square Marquee, 2.30pm (4pm)

nnn radio

Kaleidoscope Paul Allen presides over a frenetic 45 minutes of m reviews, performance and discussion. 22nd August, Cabaret Bar, 3.45pm (4.45pm) Live Broadcast Stanza on Stage Two of Britain's best yOung poets, Simon Armitage and. Glyn Maxwell will read from their new collections. 30th August, Pleasance Above, 1.00pm (2.00pm) Poetry Please Attila the Stockbrocker reveals his enthusiasm for his unlikely alter-ego, Hilaire Belloc. i 30th August, Pleasance Above, J 3pm (4pm) With Great Pleasure Jenny Eclair chooses a selection of poetry and prose for the Desert Island Discs of literature. 30th August, Pleasance {Above, 5pm (6.30pm)

Missed Demeanours ^Join Fddie Izzard, Stephen Frost' ^and beleaguered chairperson, Neil Mullarkey for a surreal and Jmanic half hour. 31st August, Pleasance 1, I 9.00pm (10.00pm)

tA TRIPITAKA Theatre Company presents Ivan Heng / 993 Fringe First and New Names of (93 Winner JjB


PLEASANCE 0131 556 6550

HANCOCKS LAST HALF HOUR by Heath cote Williams Aug 12th 2nd ABOUT -(notSep Sunday 13th) 1.15pm 1.55pm TIME THEATRE Tickets £5+£4 j COMPANY iJ&T' ^ * UPf' presents

tit* 2SP

' f\!AC\

bound & GAftJED presents IVOR DEMBIIW in 'Stand up Jewish Comedy' EQEEEE

THEATRE PROSPECTUS THEATRE CO oo Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ■political THEandRESPECTFUL WHORE A new version of Sartre’s play, combining his philosophical concerns with a relevant and dynamic response to life in contemporary Europe. This rarely performed play will be produced with the Paris-based company, Aug 14-26Theatre (not 20)d’acces 8.00pm (9.20) £6.00 (£4.50) QMW THEATRE COMPANY 00 Venue 45 - Old St. Paul's Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 J10 THE NORMAL HEART Romance. Anger. Sex. Death. Larry Kramer' s play chronicles the first frantic episodes of the AIDS epidemic we are all now living. It takes us back21-26 to a time ten years AIDS wasn’t even a word. Aug 8.15pmonly(9.50) £4.00ago;(£3.00) BLINDFOLD Leigh wants seduce Jo.A new Vic wants Jo and Li★zTHE really want to meet thefrom- reality of theirtoangle. fantasies? play thatto sedate watchesLizthe. Dogames we play in relationships an unusual Aug 28-Sept 2 10.30pm (11.15) £4.00 (£3.00) QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE DRAMA oo DEPARTMENT Venue 24 - Queen Margaret College, Drama Dept., Clerwood Terrace. Tickets 317 3546. HI Outer ■Capital BOUNCERS bitter-sweet comedy classic.Mackie From(author the Company with two Awards andGodber’s Fringe Andy ‘Burning Desires’ -lotsdirjohn Godber). ‘Full ofsellouts. technical Directed and artisticby virtuosity’ Scotsman, ‘fast, furious and of fun’ Evening News. Aug 11-19 (not 13) 7.35pm (9.00) £5.00 (£4.00) QUEST THEATRE COMPANY O000 Venue 46 - Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 0111 03 SUMMIT CONFERENCE by Robert David MacDonald. What would have happened i f Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun had met Mussolini’s mistress Clara Petacci? Explorethethisfateapocryphal between infamous women, whilst their ‘friends’ decide Europe13)meeting in8.10pm the next room.two Aug 10-Sept 2of(not (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) THE RASSELAS THEATRE COMPANY O0 Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★andDEHA ADEG First ever Ethiopian play in English, ran successfully i n Addis Ababa Oxford. satire Rich accessible story of loveauthor. and freedom - with a sting. Strong sophisticated a world-touring Aug 14-26 12.25pmfrom(1.25) £4,50 (£4.00) ‘Good spectacular drama’ The Word. ★ LEARING ‘It’stothefeel;lastinfreedom left toofusBedlam, - to do nothing.' still havean toextrafeel.’ But there’s nothinglinking left the darkness ‘King Lear’‘Youbecomes ordinary two prisoners Aug 14-26ritualII.10am (12.05pm) £5.00to their (£3.50)humanity. REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY OO00 Venue 3 - Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA 500 YEARS IN 90 MINUTES THE MOTHER OF ALL HISTORY LESSONS. From Washington to Watergate, from Civil War to Civil Liberties, RSCs cultural guerillas speedmerriment' through theNewglorious quagmire ofAugAmerica’s struggle. the‘Breathlessly paced ...slapstick York Times. 11-13,15-17,20,22-24,28 12 noon (1.30) £8.00 (£7.00) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 I2noon(l.30) £9.00 (£8.00) REGENCY PRODUCTIONS OO0€$ Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 K10 JOHN’S GOSPEL The Most exciting story ever written. Hear how the world started; to earth. Witness seven amazing miracles;tourexperience powerTelegraph ofhow newGod life. came ‘A magnetic... impassioned... spellbinding... de force’-theThe Daily Aug 22-24,28-Sept 2 12noon (1.15pm) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 25-27 l2noon (1.15pm) £7.50 (£6.50) REJECTS REVENGE THEATRE OO0O COMPANY Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 ★exuberant ■ PEASOUPER Following last year’s sell-out serving of CRUMBLE (‘dynamic, physicalRevenge comedy’inIndependent), Bimfast,Mason touringto eat companybeard. Rejects PEASOUPER funny,directs foggy,international smoggy and difficult with ‘They mightily’(5.15) The-Guardian Auga14-Sept 2 (notentertain 20,27) 4.00pm £6.00 (£4.00) 87

THEATRE RESERVOIR KITTENS OOOOK3 Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 ★aerobics LADYin MACBETH FIRMED MY BUTTOCKS Shakespeare meets thisEntertaining cheeky newRichard comedyGere’. by Cecilia Delatori, 1993 Fringe original First winnerstepfor Tonight I’m ‘...captivating...refreshtngly humour...one funniest shows£5.50 you (£4.50) will see’ Scotsman Aug 11-Septof2 the9.45pm (11.00) RESOLUTIONS THEATRE COMPANY O0OO Venue 131 - Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 K8 ★by BRIGHT STREAM BETWEEN THE HILLS -ofPOCAHONTAS The show Di Coleman, music byjezjobson depicts the cultures both Virginia and London in the and how Pocahontas helped the British settlers to survive. With costume, song,1600’s dance drama. Aug 15-18 and 3.00pm (5.30) £3.00 (£2.00) RESURRECTION THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 138 - Morningside Baptist Church, Morningside Road 02 ★collaboration JOB A stunning, thought-provoking drama to both inspire and challenge. ‘Job’ i s a ofthetheBible. arts. This Fromproduction the only professional theatr v company which specialises in acting out of8.00pm Aug (9.00) £3.50 £3.50 (£2.50) (£2.50) not to be missed. Aug 14-19 19 2.00pm (3.00pm) RHYME & REASON O0O Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★ PARADISE (LOST) An hourofofMilton’s sex, sin,poem deathabout and gardening. ThisGod moving, funny, accessible one-man dramatisation Adam and Eve, and Satan ‘gives new life to centuries-old images’ Church Times. Eden or Freedom - which would you choose? Aug 14-26 (not 20) 4.00pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.50) RICHARD JACKSON IN ASSOCIATION OOOO WITH THE FRENCH INSTITUTE Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KI0 ANGELA PLEASENCE IN HAPPY DAYS by Samuel Beckett. Probably the greatest playwright of ‘Angela the 20thPleasence Century. givesProbably his greatest play. Probably greatest interpreter. a magnificent performance' Bonnieits'Greer, Time Out. ‘Perfection’ Michael Bil ington, The Guardian Aug 9,10 7.00pm (8.30) £5.00 Aug 1-16,20,22-24,28-30,Sept 1,2 7.00pm Aug I18,19,25-27 7.00pm (8.30) £7.50 (£6.00) (8.30) £6.50 (£5.00) ROSIE WILL DIE PRODUCTIONS OOOO Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K8 AMADEUS by Peter Shaffer. The electrifying story ofa man’s fightto accept mediocrity icombines n the shadow of a musical genius whoto setstriking the world alight. This dazzling new production innovation with intensity and powerful effect. Aug 13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,3 I,Sept 2 12.30pm (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00) ■development SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF ANblendAUTHOR (1921),provocative seminal inandthe of modern drama, remains aofunique ofagainst avant-garde, traditional theatre, challenging the notion reality in art a sinister and intriging narrative backdrop. Aug 14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,Sept I 12.30pm (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00) THE ROWAN TREE COMPANY OOOO Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 ★ THE TRAVELS OFJohnMUNGO PARKhimIn on1795theMungo Park set outtorn to chart the unknown River Niger. Nichol portrays eve of departure between love for28-Sept Scotland2 6.00pm and the (7.30) lure of Africa. Music from Hilary Bell and Amu Logotse. Aug £5.00 (£3.50) ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF O MUSIC & DRAMA Venue 13 - Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate Jll ★ifeSILVER THEATRE RABBIE, a light-hearted humorous look at the lAug and14-19 workSPURTLE of12.55pm Robert(2.55) Burns. COMPLIMENTARY DRAM OF WHISKY. £4.00 (£2.00) ★ ■ FRUITION THE HANGMAN’S end, newspapers dose, but survivial are CHOICE. told, listen toDocumentaries them a little longer. Aug 14-19 3 30pmcontinues. (4.30) £3.50Tales(£2.50) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am-7pm

RBM and Gilded Balloon Presents The Best of Scottish Comedy with GEOFF




“Scottish comedy worr/or” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“One of the brightest rising comedy stars”

Plus special surprise guests! 11 August until 2 September at 9.15pm GILDED BALLOON 0131 226 2151

Jeffrey Dahmer is un^ef/ with Alan Francis Winner: “So You Think You're Funny” and Hike Hayley “Intelligent, perceptive and funny”

A black comedy in three crime scenes : 11 August - 2 September at 6.45pm GILDED BALLOON 0131+ GILDED226 ASSEMBLY BALLOON2151 + PLEASANCE

ROYAL STUARTS SCOTTISH OO0O PERFORMER'S GUILD Kll Venue 168 - Moray House Union, 37 Holyrood Road Tickets: 556 0102 ★ MARYandSTUART, AofREIGN REVISITED brings to lifeon the the famous dramaticQueen characters, colours experiences 16th century Scotland. Focusing of Scots, this show gives a glimpse into life in her court; the alliances, intrigues and SECRETS OF THE CELTIC GO GO innovations. HEART Aug 10,14-17,21-24,28-31 4.15pm (5.50) £4.50 (£3.00) Venue 119 Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets/Information 477 7170 GI4 Aug I 1,12,18,19,20,25,26,27,Sept 1,2 4.15pm (5.50) £6.00(£5.00) ★ SECRETS OF THE CELTIC HEART Dylan journey Thomasthrough didn’t drop outandof barthe sky! Brian Mallon’s award-winning show charts the Muse’s bards SALISBURY PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS ooeo evening rooms, dramatic and comic, to Thomas. ‘A stunning and exhilarating MICHAEL MEARS of theatre!’ Times.from Taliesin Aug I I-Sept 2 (notLA 14,20,28) 4.15pm (5.25) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ SOUP ‘The WE multi-talented Mears'(‘Beautifully (TimeOut)comic’ was a ‘91Guardian. Traverse‘Inspired’ hit with Scotsman) TOMORROW DO THE SKY. SERENDIPITY £ f$ Q His brilliantly funny, hardhitting, newSoup play iiss about homelessness. Successful architect Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 Tim befriends local roughsleepers. the catalyst; disaster the consequence. ★ TWO MEN AND A PENGUIN Passing time in an abnormally normal world. Aug 9,10-14,16,17,20,21,23,24,28,30-Sept 2 4.15pm (5.40) £6.00 (£5.00) Who are the they?tedious Whattoarea they doing? ofWhy? Absurd,Beckett touching, comic, Aug 18,19,25,26,27 4.15pm (5.40) £7.00 (£6.00) elevating new height banality. might'ridiculous ve liked it.andPossibly. SAM SHAMMAS PRODUCTIONS LTD GOOD Aug 14-19 9.30pm (10.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 7:84 THEATRE COMPANY SCOTLAND GOGG ★When STEALING An armed robbery. Three characters. A late-night rendezvous. Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KI0 two money. men share a common object of desire, chances are they’ll end up stealing B THE SALT WOUND StephenandGreenhorn’s dramatic story of a woman who than ;more challenges tradition and community; a family torn apart by the sea. ‘Driving Special 3 FOR ALL offer Aug 9-1 I 4.15pm (5.30) £3.00 productionScotsman. which holds an audience gripped’ Herald ‘We witness real joy here, and real Aug 12-Sept 2 (not 15,22,3 I) 4.15pm (5.30) £5.00 (£3.50) tragedy' Preview Aug 10 5.00pm (6.30) Free 2 5.00pm (6.30) £7.00 (£5.00) :: SCOTTISH STORYTELLING CENTRE Aug 11-15,17,20-22,24,28,29,31-Sept OGO JI0 Aug 18,19,25-27 5.00pm (6.30) £8.00 (£6.00) Venue 30 - The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 |11‘ Scotland’s PAUSE FOR STORIES Takethea rest from festival feveroldtoandenjoynew,thetold company storytellers. Dip living stream of tales in the of THE SEXACT ROADSHOW ©O G Hitraditional informal of theintoI Ceilidh House. Venue 58-Royal Mile Primary School, Canongate Tickets 0831 153545 JI2 |; Aug 14-Sept 2 (notstyleSuns) 1.00am (12 noon) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ TEEN SPIRITbyisitsa lively playcast, aboutit follows HIV, Aidstheandfortunes what it'ofs alikegroup to beofateenagers teenager iwho n L Aug 14-Sept 2 (not Suns) 2.30pm (3.30) the 90’s. Devised youthful with sexuality. | UNLOCKING WATERWAYS swans wingtheir way through two are Augexperimenting 28-Sept I 7.30pm (9.00) £2.00 (£1.00) Mgreat waterways intoofTHE theUnion new millenium. FlowThree with theunlock story asbefore the wildlife memories, ffliongs and dreams the and Forth Clyde Canals your eyes. ^Promoted by British Waterways, Scotland. » Aug \ug 15,22,29 17,24,3 I 7.30pm 2.30pm (9.00) (4.00) £3.50 (£2.50) "FAST, FUNNY. SEXY AND UNRELENTINGLY ENERGETIC ...DRIVEN RY A POWER-HDUSE DF CHARACTER" SYDNEY MORNING HERALD 1995 OLIVIER AWARD WINNING CHOREOGRAPHER DEIN PERRY AND HIS ATHLETIC SEXTET REINVENT TAP FOR THE 90's.

Back Row Productions Sydney Theatre Company Paul Dainty Corporation by arrangement with Dein Perry and Nigel Triffit present


Starring and Choreographed by DEIN PERRY Designed & Directed by NIGEL TRIFFITT


THEATRE ENTERTAINING SHENANDOAH SHAKESPEARE O0O EXPRESS K9 Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 HAMLET AtalePhilosopher' s goldmine, butsalso a ghosttravelling story, a mystery, a thriller, and a■Inseven-murder of revenge...by America' premiere Shakespeare company. The Scotsman raved:6.00pm ‘the pace the diction diamond hard'. Aug1992,15,17,19,22,24,26 (8.0S)is cracking, £5.00 (£3.00) ■ultimate THE solace. TEMPEST A marooned monarch seeks revengeof abutfive-country finds the tour. The Sun-Times SSE touchescallsdown at the Fringeultimate in the midst See what The Chicago Aug 16,18,20,23,25 6.00pm (7,50)‘Shakespeare £5.00 (£3,00)unplugged'. ■everything TWELFTH Illyria’s awasheyesinand romance Do andtheconfusion. Shouldtheweman?believe weperformed read?NIGHT CanbyweShakespeare’s trust our clothes make Shakespeare rules:ears? thrust staging, extensive doubling & See universal lighting. Aug 16,18,20,23,25 8.00pm (9,50) £5.00 (£3.00) ■BackROSENCRANTZ GUILDENSTERN ARE TomofStoppard. to backcontemporary with Hamlet,&take you’ll seeShakespeare' the same casts play. give theDEAD losers'bypoint view in Stoppard’s on Aug 15,17,19,22,24,26 8.15pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.00) SHIFTY THEATRE COMPANY $100 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★merciless SITUATION DOG One man’s search for an escape valve transforms itself into a dog is safe from theNotattentions Pitch! This isclean-the-streets hysterically funnycampaign. but12.15am containsNo(1.10am) violent language. suitable forof Mrchildren. Augplay 17-Sept 2 (not 21,28) £5.00 (£4.00) SHOESTRING PLAYERS OO00 Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 5566550 KIO ★ ■ ofPASTA WITH CHOPSTICKS This 1994‘Three FringeStrong First company returns with ‘Best Shoestring’ series ranging from the hilarious Women (Japan) to thea inspirational andthemoving ‘Blackst. Horse’ (Ireland).’Always warm, funny, pacey and boldl’The Scotsmon.' T ake familyl’L' Aug 12.45pm Aug 11-13,15-17,20,22-24 18,19,25,27 12.45pm (1.45) £5.50(1.45) (£4.50)£5.00 (£4.00)

CHANGES uritten and performed by David Forest

Directed by Harry Landis AUGUST 9-21 (not 14) at 12.25pm PLEASANCE 0131 556 6550

★ ■ THEnewUNLIKELY HERO also returnstourwithofathesecond hilarious production that takesShoestring you on a tumultuous worldcompany where yocin will meet manyTheatrical wild andmagic!’ wonderful characters.’...often witty, always inventive!' Independent New York Times. Aug -13,15-17,20,22-24 Aug 1118,19,25-27 1.00pm (2.00)I 00pm £5.50(2.00) (£4.50)£5.00 (£4.00) SHORT BACK & SIDES Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 OO0' TARTUFFE Moliere’sdevotion hilariousareattack on thedownvicesbyofridicule his age.andThose who succumllli hypocrisy brought humiliation. Aug 14-26and(notspurious 20) 1.25pm (3.05) £4.50 (£3.00) A SINGLE VOICE THEATRE CO ooc Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 ★literature, CINCINNATI Susan, a lecturer, say, i n philosophy or literature, or which is a wonderful subjectdetects because those who teach it may bephilosophy thoroughly<1 incompetent subjects Aug 27-Septin2both 4.35pm (5.30)at once, £5.00 (£3.00) that we’re not as alone as imagined. S.N.A.P. (STOKESLEY NEW AMATEUR OOC PERFORMERS) Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 ★unsuccessful STARS AND SWASTIKAS What would have happened if D-Day had been and Britain theatre, ofjevbi i victims cry JUSTICE! Canhadtheybecome changeatheNazi-state? course ofBeneath history?a Can theythesendsoulspeople Aug 31,Sept I 2.30pm (3.30) £3.00 (£2.00) SOUTHERN LIGHT DRAMA O Venue 68 - St Columba's Church, Muirdale Terr. Queensferry Road, Blackball. I’LLGETMYMAN a Philip King farce. Mixspinster a TV hero femalefemme-j fans, yj advertising for a ‘wife’, amorous housekeeper, sister,fleeing merryfromwidow, fatale, mini-skirted star, and Aug 14-19 7.30pmpop(10.00) £4.80THE BISHOP. Result: comical clerical chaos. 90

THE SOUTHSEA SHAKESPEARE OGO ACTORS Venue 49 - Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 THE TEMPEST Heaven or Hell? Shakespeare’s magical Faustian dilemma set it eye of a storm. verse Comedy, and redemption marriage of Shakespearean and alove, visuallyhatestriking physical stylein anbyexhilirating the South coast’s ! IShakespearean experts. Aug 14-26 (not 20) 12.10pm (1.55) £5.00 (£3.50) lfj!l A io) THE SQUARE CENTRE Venue 77 - The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. BEDROOM Ayckbourne. Presented winners most of thediverse 1995 and | Edinburgh OneFARCE ActCompanies. Festival,by Alan TheA Edinburgh Players,and onethought of thebyprovoking Capital’s exciting Theatre dynamic, witty in-sight into other peoples’ marriages. Aug 14-19 8.10pm (9.55) £4.50 (£3.50)

STOMPING FEET THEATRE COMPANY oooo Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO ★rashers THEgrease LOTTERY Whenbites foodasisyour scarcemeals and are yourrare) larderA LOTTERY bare) And no your pan)TICKET When hunger TICKET’S YOUR ONLYFREE MAN.(bring . Malnutritious comedy: belly laughter, Frielgood-factor, guaranteed. Bon Appetit. Previews AugCannibals 9,10 2.15pm (3.45)ID).£3.00 Aug 11 -13,15-17,20,22-24,28,29,3 I ,Sept 1,2 Aug 18,19,25-27 2.15pm (3.45) £6.50 (£4.00) 2.15pm (3.45) £5.50 (£4.00) STRANGE FRUIT STAGEWORKS OOOO Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-IS Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★ PERNICIOUS FICTIONS A new play following the development of a STAGE 2 O© KIO dysfunctional family between the 1970’s and the present day. ‘Pernicious Fictions’ fenue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 explores the ethical dilemas facing individuals in contemporary Britain and the cost c seeking13-26 refuge3.00pm from moral CIDER WITHCotswold ROSIEvillage, Adaptation: Nick Darke.by theLaurie Lee’s classic taleofofLaurie’s growing Aug (4.30) disapprobation £5.00 (£3.50) in deceit. |ipJncle in aCharlie remote is here directed great granddaughter and features original musical arrangements of Laurie’s Poetry. Alluring, ijjltmospheric, authentic. STRONG ARM THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Aug 14-26 (not 20) 6.00pm (7.15) £4.50 (£3.50) Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KIO +BACKACHE: STINGING NETTLES THEATRE OOOO Join *HP,LLS .THRILLS THEas heHANK WILLIAMS STORY Hank on one last whiskey soaked Cadillac ride journeys from busking for nickels COMPANY headlining the ‘Grand Ole Opry'. With foot stomping music from Hank and the K venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 ® toDrifting Cowboys. Preview Aug 9 3.40pm TALES OF THE HEART Exhilarating physical theatre presented by an 3.40pm (4.40)(4.40) £6.00£4.00 (£5.00) . il 'pfernational cast. ofIn sex, a world without hearts whatvampires, else remains? A strangeandboxvenom, opens Aug Aug 10-17 18,19 3.40pm (4.40) £7.00 (£6.00) fnleashing a storm tragedy and humour; ventriloquists impelling, stylish ultimately heart-rending! Venue 51 Gilded Bal l o on I , St e ppi n g Stones, West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225 6520 J8 aig 12-26 (not 20) 3.45pm (5.00) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ ■ PILLS, + BACKACHE: Aug 20-SeptTHRILLS 2 4.00pm (5.15) £6.00 (£5.00) THE HANK WILLIAMS STORY FOR CREDIT CARD SALES FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) RING 0131 -226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am-7pm OPEN 10am - 7pm . "WHAT GENIUS! WHAT ABSURDITY! WHAT NONSENSE! WHAT FUN! THIS EXTRAVAGANZA IS A CORNUCOPIA OF COMEDY, OF TRAIL BLAZING UNIQUENESS" Scotland On Sunday AVALON PROMOTIONS PRESENT



august 11th - 28th Ot 8.05pm (Except Tuesday 15th) PLEASANCE Box OHice: 0131 556 S550

STRUT AND FRET THEATRE Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 O0O18 NOISESofOFF Frayn'ands brilliantly funnyunwanted farce is aentrances comic masterpiece. A provincial company has-beens wannabees: and clad pregnancies; hidden not whiskey and passions; wielded axes and cactuses and suspender lovelies; You’re just amused you’re legless. Aug 14-26 (not 20) 3.40pm (5.15) £5.00 (£3.50) STUDIO 108 0O00 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 ★ BIGthrough BLONDE g Blonde is theandwickedly funny story of a awoman' downward spiral a sea ofBimen, lipstick Hazel Morse, bubbly,s buxom, New York attempts to keepalcohol. up with(6.25) her own Aug flapper 10-Septdesperately 2 (not 13,14,15,28,29) 5.40pm £5.00reputation. (£3.00) SUNNY HILL PLAYERS ooooK9 Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★Caroline GREENDrennan, SILK birthday IS THICKER THAN WATER In this striking new play bystories to unsettlingbyreminiscences. can only be told in reverse. celebrations An impressiveleadperformance a company that'sSome bursting with talent. Aug 13-17 12.15pm (1.15) £4.00 (£2.00)

TARTAN PALM THEATRE COMPANY OO0 Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 239S ★ GRAFFITI , written and performed teenagers from Scotland and America, candid examination ofenemies, 'private thoughts inbypublic places' : the selfish marring ofemblaze others’ property to challenge mark territories, declare love, hate, injustice, opinions impossible to ignore. Aug 12,15,20,24 12 noon (1.15pm) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ SHAKING SHAKESPEARE A combination ofamidst scenesgang fromrivalries; Shakespear scenes written byUP American and Scottish teenagers. Love night frolic in the woods; betrayal to gain power: plots from Shakespeare or froma wi teenagers' diaries? 12 noon (1. 15pm) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 14,19,23,25 ★ BEGINNINGS AND ;from On again, off again;andlostEdinburgh and found;write forevei and never;scenes happening and ebb not.ENDINGS Los Angeles ancs: perform from the andTeenagers flow of their lives. Sometimes funny, sometimes always interesting. Aug 13,18,21,26 12 noon (1.15pm) £5.00 (£4.00) TEATRO STABILE DELLE ARTI ooq MEDIOEVALI Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 ★ ■stage PENETRAZIONI star oflatest the ‘New Italianaids Cinema' Daniele Liotti the production of GianTheMariarising/Cervo’s play about and asceticism 90’s. In Italian. Aug 29-Sept I English 5.35pmtranslation (6.30) £5.00synopsis (£4.00)given to all ticket buyers. TELLING TALES THEATRE COMPANY OOI Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★ JACKNIFE duringimages the totimecontroversially of the Yorkshire Ripperthemurders, Jacknifeandu: drama, musicforces andSetvisual explore psychological sociological that can lead to male violence against women. Previous shows described ‘utterly compelling’. The Stage. Aug 20-26as 6.30pm (7.30) £5.00 (£3.00)

SUPERSTITION THEATRE COMPANY OOOO Venue 28 - Greyfriars Kirkhouse, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 MACBETH "BloodBLOODY will haveECHO’S blood”. success Brutal ambition, savage SUPERSTITION. murder and cyclicalOne violence. Following last year comes crown, two factions,a roller-coaster three witches andthrough multiple murders. SUPERSTITION’S radical THEATER SCHMEATER reading21-26 promises 006 Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 Aug 3.45pm (5.15) £5.00 ride (£3.50) the chaos. "Blood will have blood....” ★dimension. TWILIGHT ZONE LIVE-ON-STAGE Twilight Zone will take you to of sight,Thesound and mind a distant planet Lonely20-Sept and theA dimension Howling Man willwhere leaveexileyoutoshivering. Aug 2evil(notpresence 27,31)of11.00pm (12.00am) £5.00 and The Real Variety Co Present



Hecklers, game show victims, smart arses, liberal intelligentsia and football coaches welcome “Brilliant” The Guardian

“Loved it!” Sunday People

Gilded Balloon II Studio 9.30pm Venue 51*11th Aug to 2nd Sept (NO SHOWS 14,21 or 29 AUG) (10.30pm) £6.50 (5.50) 92



THEATRE THEATRE DU PIP OOO' E6 Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 542S ■lifeFISH HEADS AND TALES The bitter sweet songs of Jacques Brel to in a piquant dance, music, passion & humour. ‘Don’t missbrought it!’ Edinburgh Evening News(notmix20)of drama, Aug 14-26 10.1 Spm (1.1.45) £5.00 (£3.00) THEATRE PUR OOC 0 Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ★times■ PLACE + TARGET Intellectual vaudeville for the curious. UK premiere of6-to OBIE winning American avant-garde playwright Richard Foreman an inspiration the likes ofTheSpalding Grey, the Wooster Group and Peter Sellar. ‘Excellent and always intriguing’ CHILDREN. Aug 28-Sept Guardian 2 11.00amNOT(12 SUITABLE noon) £4.00FOR(£3.00)



THEATRE SANS FRONTIERES OINSO Venue 62 - St Bride’s Centre, IOOrwellTerrace,HaymarketTickets346 1405 Kl flKingPIGArthur, BOYpigsA Celtic Quest. A colourful tale of magic and mystery. Giants, heroes, and mythical beasts.1993.Movement Magni.for(Complicity). SPIRIT OFTheTHEScotsman. FRINGE AWARD ‘First Classby Marcello entertainment adults and children’14-26 Aug (not 20) 1.45pm (3.05) £5.00 (£3.50) THEATRE SCORPIO 00 Venue 119 - Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets/ Information 477 7170 G14 BETRAYAL Pinter’s masterpiece as you never saw it before! Unusual scenery and you intimate lighting contribute to cool but sometimes sensual and passionate acting, nailing toAugyour14-18 chair.5.40pm Subdued(7.40)passion escapism in relationships, but you won’t be betrayed. £5.00and(£4.00) THEATRE WEST OO0O Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 DOCTOR FAUSTUS Bored genius seeks ultimate thrill. Doctor John Faustus has done it all law, medicine, philosophy, divinity. Still there’s something missing and now he’s readynewtoproduction. try magic. Marlowe's hedonist pilgrim comes raving into the 90’s in this electric Aug 21-26 3.00pm (4.45) £5.00 (£4.00) THEATRE WEST END PRODUCTIONS OOO0 Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 K10 UNCLE VANYA Chekhov’s ‘Vanya’ is a supreme testimony to the‘it'sheart breaking futility of a search for the heroic i n life. Vanya menacingly proclaims a fine day to hang yourself!’, only prevails in fictions... Aug 28-Sept 2but8.1that Spmsort(9.45)of escape £4.00 (£3.00) THEODORE L MANEKIN + 0o EILEEN MARIE KINNAIRD PRESENT Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 K9 JANE EYRE Adapted andandperformed byadaptation Lisa Hayes.ofStep back inBronte’s time to classic 19th century England i n this compelling entertaining Charlotte novel. Meet 20governess all of the(£4.00) colourful characters in this tour-de-force performance. Aug 4.30pmJane (6.00)and£4.50 THREE S COMPANY 000 Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★comedy A CELLULOID AFFAIR SPYFINGER & FIRST DANCE Two original pastiches primescreen Britishlovingly cinema.recreated Espionage, intrigue and romance fromthat twocelebrate sparkling select era’s ofcutstheofsilver complete with Aug spellbinding 11-26 3.00pmsoundtrack. (4.00) £4.00 (£3.00) THRILLS AND SWOON 000 Venue 45 - Old St. Paul’s Church Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 556 0476 J10 ★the■town MEET MEIN ISTANBUL This dramatized Mi l s and Boon promises to paint pink and bathe it i n Babycham after its wildly favourable reception in Cambridge. A1950’s web ofIstanbul. amnesia, diamond-smuggling and romance unravels in cosmopolitan Aug 14-19 4.30pm (6.00) £5.00£5.00 (£4.00)(£4.00) Aug 21-26 I 1.30pm (1.00am) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am-7pm

* 93

TIME DREAM THEATRE OOOO Venue 84 - The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811. 02 ★ GUNPOWDER TREASON 1605 AnWritten hystericalby the and playwright historical look atwrote Guy Fawkes. Songs, dance and a dryish humour. who Beneath The Waves, The Titanic Crossing. Mell Shepherd, Fact Fiction Fun, Where The Fawkes21-26 Guy. Aug 12 noon (1.50pm) £4.00 (£2.00) TINBOX THEATRE AND ARTS O0€$ COLLABORATIVE Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 F4 ★ ■ UNTIL NOW Based toonlifethethrough love letters of Kahlil Gibran texts, and Mary These two soulsAesthetically are brought elegant movements, andHaskell. a universe... rich soundscore. stunning theatre. ‘Floated wholly within a lyrical fresh, vital.' THE2 Magazine Aug 14-Sept (not 20,29) 4.45pm (5.40) £4.50 (£3.50) TMU-NA THEATRE, TEL AVIV ©Cl© Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★collaborate DEAD HOURS Independent Award finalists and Fringe First winners Tmu-na, with Punchbag Theatre’s Nicole Rourke (Fringe I st 1992) in a powerful physical two-hander set’ Thein anHerald Israeli gaol. ‘Artistic brilliance.' The Times ‘Magical theatre. Tmu-na is world class.2.15pm Aug 14-16,22,23 (3.15) . Aug I 1,12,17-20,24-26 2.15pm £5.00 (3.15) (£4.00) £6.00 (£4.00) TOOTH AND NAIL THEATRE OO0© COMPANY Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L9 ★ THEJoinBRONTES OF HADES Brooding isolation on the- andmoors? Bugger thatJustfor a lark. the Bronte family in a tale of sex, drugs, necrophilia the odd novel. don' bring your2 puppies ‘Witty£5.00 and original Augt20-Sept 4.30pm (6.00) (£4.50) script keeps up the pace throughout’Ws/on


TOP BILL THEATRE Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 ★ DARK GROOM Where do youviolence? turn when‘Soyou’re your partner?SIDE HowOFdo THE you stop cycletime’ of domestic real it w:frightenecio frightening’. us forthe a long Aug 28-Sept‘It2stayed 6.15pmwith(7.35) £5.00 (£4.50) Merseyside Probation clients. TORSION THEATRE Venue 34 - Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 OO&II ■triumph SAWN-OFF SHAKESPEARE Last year, Macbethof Romeo ‘burstingandwithJuliet,movemenna albyl round.' Herald This year a radical adaptation Hamlefilrn Macbeth Malachi Bogdanov. Stunningly visual, exhuberently physical; the unexpeuks uncompromising version of the Bard’s classics. Total ensemble acting. Aug 13-26 10.20pm (11.45) £5.00 (£4.00) TRAVELING LIGHT PRODUCTIONS ©o©* Venue 55 - Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 ★urbanFOOD FOR THOUGHT i s contemporary story-theatre. These contrastirri; fairytales, NON-DAIRY CREAMER and CHIPS AND SALSA, celebrate the B resiliance of the human spirit as the characters navigate the treacherous New York ofAugbrunch, intolerance, gravity,£3.00and anonymous sex. 11,12 8.00pm (9.30) Aug 14-Sept 2 (not 20,29) 11.1 Sam (12.45) £4.00 (£3.50)

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131 -226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm



(THE MATTY REBEL RETURNS) August 9th - September 2nd at 9.25pm (Except Tuesday 15th and Thursday 31st) PLEASANCE Box Office: 0131 556 6550 “The new name to watch” The Independent Undoubtedly the funniest new the circuit” Melody Maker

Avalon Promotions Present



TRAVERSE THEATRE oooe Venue IS - Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. JS The heart of the Fringe’ Times Eclectic international theatre line-up Edinburgh, California, New York, London, Australia and South Africa! From drama and ballroomdancing comedyand(see andbrochure. conferences. Huge brilliant bar - party till you drop!to Food drinkcomedy all day.section) Phone for BONDAGERS by Sue Glover. TRAVERSE (Scotland)‘Raw funny and tender... enough to make your(9.IS) heart£THEATRE dance' Scotland on Sunday and rough, Aug 9-13,15,18,24,27,28,31 7.00pm 10.00 (£6.00) Aug Aug 16,19,22,25,28,29,31 17,20,23,26,30 3.30pm12noon (5.45) (2.15) ★fromREADER by Ariel Dorfman. TRAVERSE THEATRE (Scotland) Powerful new play acclaimed, award-winning writer of 'Death(£6.00) and the Maiden’. Aug 15,18,24,27 12noon (2.00pm) £10.00 Aug I ,Sept2 7.00pm I 3.30pm(9.00)(5.30) Aug 16,19,22,25,29,3 17,20,23,26,30,Sept ★disturbing NINGALI (Australia) Backrow Productions/ and to The Australian of youngDeckchair women’sTheatre life from‘Brilliant tribal traditions dates 10,15,19,23,27 with personal rock stars.odyssey’ Aug 12.30pm (2.00) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 11,16,20,24,29,Sept I 3.00pm(7.00)(4.30) Aug 12,17,25,30,Sept8.00pm 2 5.30pm Aug 13,18,22,26,31 (9,30) ★Firsts20/52 GRASSMARKET PROJECT (Scotland) - unique20/52. and award-winning ‘90, ‘91, ‘92, ‘93) GMP premiere Jeremy Weller’s Young offender(Fringe dies in custody sister’s quest for truth. Aug 10,15,19,25,30,Sept 2 3.00pm (4.30) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 11,16,22,26,31 5.30pm (7.00) Aug Aug 12,17,23,27,Sept 13,18,24,29 12.30pmI 8.00pm (2.00pm)(9.30) ONEfunny, WAYentertaining... STREET byendearing David Greig. SUSPECTperformance’ CULTURE (Scotland)‘Curious, wryly and absorbing The Herald Aug 10,15,19 5.30pm (9.30) (7.00) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 11,16,20 8.00pm Aug 12,17 12.30pm (2.00pm) Aug 13,18 3.00pm (4.30) NOT GODS BUTcallGIANTS THIRTEEN THEATRE (England) One phone starts a family crisis....TREASURES ‘excellent cast, raw andCOMPANY intelligent stuff Time Out Aug 10,15,19 8.00pm (9.30) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 11,16,203.00pm 12.30pm (2.00pm) Aug Aug 12,17 13,18 5.30pm (4.30) (7.00) ★ SOME PEOPLE DANNY (New York) - ’Hilarious and sombre... monologues like musical riffs' NewHOCH York Times. Characters from NYC’s underbelly ’stunning' Rol(not ling Stone. Aug 10-20 14) 11,00pm (12.20am) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 22,26,31 3.00pm (4.20) Aug 23,27 8.00pm 5.30pm (6.50) Aug Aug 24,29 25,30 12.30pm(9.20) (1.50pm) ★ ROAD STARVING ARTISTS (California) Passionate, hilarious trip love and lossMOVIE in gay12.30pm America. ‘Brilliant, profoundly moving... extraordinary’ The through Herald Aug 22,26,31 (2.00pm) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 23,27 3.00pm (4.30) Aug 5.30pm (9.30) (7.00) Aug 24,29,Sept 25,30,Sept 2I 8.00pm ★big■world. TAKE‘Choreography THE FLOORexquisite... MARKETacting THEATRE (South Africa)AATimes little love story in a a joy... inspiring’S Aug 22-Sept 2 (not 28) 11.00pm (12.30pm) £7,00 (£4.00) ★ JOHN HEGLEY Bedtime narratives Poet Laureate' Independent. ‘Delightfully inventive’ Guardian ‘Wickedly from clever’‘Comedy’s Glasgow Herald ‘Makes little sense’ Luton News. Aug 11-27 (not 13,14,21) 10.30pm (11.45) £8.00(£6.00) TRAVERSE FESTIVAL CONFERENCES Festival artists from all over the world Phoneinforcontroversial details and stimulating debate. FESTIVAL EXHIBITION Bold, contemporary exhibition of new work by young artists. Aug 10-Sept 2 Open Bar Hours FREE TRIPITAKA THEATRE COMPANY OO0O Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★comedy. JOURNEY WEST 1993 Fringe Festival winners return with fiercely innovative From Peking Opera to gangster movies, Ming travels armed with mop, bucket and dream. with images that linger long after it’s all over.’ What'a 10-12,14-17,21-24,28-31 s On. ‘Beguiling...dazzling...packed Aug 8.35pm (9.45) (£4.00) Aug 18-20,25-27,Sept 1-3 8.35pm (9.45) £7.00£5.00 (£6.00)

W August 9th - September 2nd at 8.20pm taajf! (Except Tues. 15th and Thurs. 31st Aug.) Preview: Wed. Aug. 9th PLEASANCE Box Office: 0131 556 6550 95

THE UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM ODD NEW THEATRE Venue 41 - Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 ★newPLASTIC MADONNA A visionary arrives to clean upnominated reformationauthor England tale from‘A writer Fringe First awinning / The- telling Independent Richard Davidson. story gift’ Theaward Independent. T W YOUTH THEATRE (SCOTLAND)/ OQQl Aug 10-26 (not 13)with 5.25pmrare(6.50) £5.00 (£4.00) MERMAID YOUTHEATRE (CANADA) Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 UPPINGHAM COMMUNITY COLLEGE OCX F ★ JUSTin theANOTHER TARTANshoot MOOSE Aweebe your bitof Scots culture’s runningAward YOUTH amuck wilds of Canada...don’t - it might 1992onCapital THEATRE winners’ co-production explores tartan traditions influencingkinfolk! youngsters both sides of Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 the Atlantic. ★ WILLIE WON'T HE? inWhat’s that More noise?funLadies it’s thesuggestivetil sound of I,,. Aug 28-Sept 2 4.15pm (5.15) £5.00 (£3.00) William Shakespeare turning histhan grave! thanandwetgentlemen, trousers! More than a nun’s habit! And more frills a frilly doily! Aug 21-25 11.00am (11.30) £3.00 (£2.50) UGLY PRODUCTIONS 300 Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 L8 ★Gordon FAB!- Cheryl married John, Rita; Paul, Linda got George and Tracey settled for VALVONA & CROLLA O GI she couldn’t find Ringo! Fab,bored the story of fourwith women whothedidn’t marry the Venue 67 - The Lit le Theatre, Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 6066 I Beatles. Now they’re unemployed, and furious Terry, local DJ. . ‘TOASTING LASSIES’ s captivating Burns’ showdelightful sold outshe Aug 14-19 12.45pm (1.30) £4.00 (£2.50) year andNews. returns‘AnTHE tounerring Edinburgh fromofaGillmood’ NewBowman' Zealand tour. ‘An‘Some altogether ★ LOVE The wedding bellsheads toll; the people flock. At thethesound ofpaints screaming, allpicture, but Evening sense The Scotsman. memorably beautifuli one turn away. Love turns into pillows, but when poet the real songs’ Otago Times, NZ. Jenny is no longer too (12.30) tired to £4.00 open her eyes. Aug 14-18,21 -25 4.00pm (5.10) £6.00 Aug 14-26 11.45am (£2.50) Aug 12.30pm(7.10) (1.40) Aug 28-Sept 28-Sept 22 6.00pm ★ THE hands WEIRD BOX Inside WeirdtheBoxsafetylie many lights, from and grabbing andnever peeringimagine, eyes. The Within ofthoughts thoseshining four wallshidearesafethehopes dreams one could but these beautiful cannot horror VELO THEATRE (FRANCE) behind21-26 paper12.45pm walls. (1.30pm) £4.00 (£2.50) OGGI Aug Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 ★dreams ■ ENVELOPPES ET DEBALLAGES A postman carries the theatre of his on the backcreating of his bicycle, booby-trapped parcels crammed with explosive UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON OOG images, wordlessly a miniature fantasy full of poetry and humour. Pure 'theatrl DRAMA SOCIETY d’objet’!14-26Presented Institut Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 Aug (not 20)by the 4.15pm (5.15)Francais £6.00d’Ecosse. (£3.50) ★to deal RE ORPHEUS AND MS DICE Ms Dice hits a bridge and dies, leaving Orpheus with an empty garage,EuriGod,backandtothePutney. underground in his head. Fast comedy about words, sincerity and getting FOR CREDIT CARD SALES Aug 12-26 10.15pm (11.45) £4.50 (£3.50) RING 0131-226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm THEATRE

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11th August to 2nd September Venue 38 8:45pm I 96

, VIRGO INTACTA OOOOE6 i Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 RED DEVILS Charts the lives offour young women, whose differences are conquered bycontest their common - passion for football. the sporting to view thegoallives and limited horizonsDebbie of the Horsfield’s quartet, theirplay...’uses conflicts and tensions.’ The Times WEST LOTHIAN YOUTH THEATRE OOOO Aug 28-Sept 2 4.00pm (5.20) £5.00 (£3.00) Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 E6 ★ ■ THE WEE MAGIC STANE by Raymond Ross. In 1296 Edward I ofshow England REBECCA WADDELL OOOO stole the Stone of Destiny from the Scots.Or did he? A rattlin’, roarin' , reivin’ set Venue 19 - C Venue, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 H7 during the Wars of Independence. Epic crack from this award winning company. ★ WHITE AS I AM Forhertherightful first timeplaceoninstage, a young woman boldly confronts the Aug 14-19 2.30pm (3.40) £6.00 (£3.00) -j:; i prickly issues surrounding the new South Africa. A one-woman Venue 105 - Howden Park Centre, Howden, Livingston Tickets: 01506 433634 HI Outer featuring poems of Zindzi9-1Mandela. 1 show, Special 3 FOR2theALL I(£3.00) 1.30pm (2.15) £3.00 ★ ■ THE WEE MAGIC STANE Aug 12-Sept 1.30pmoffer(2.15)Aug£4.00 Aug 9-11 7.30pm (8.40) £4.00 (£2.00) WELSH COLLEGE OF MUSIC VENUE ooo WHALE ' AND DRAMA Venue 35 - The WHALE Venue, Walpole Hall, Chester Street Tickets 458 3267'QOOO G3 Venue 13 - Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate Jll ★ A WALK ON THE MILD SIDE - BAGGY TROUSERS THEATRE The males of the species try to make sense of a changing world where women are women and ★ THE SECOND COMING OF MATTHEW A cabaret artiste loses her men are21-23confused. men wear i's;i; about partnerlife,tolove the ravages ofdesire disease, to have him reinvented in his twin. A mystery 5.45pmDo(6.45)real £3.00 (£2.00aprons? SUPDY) (£0.50 C) to£5.00 beonlysomeone | Aug 21-26 12andnoonour(1.15pm) (£4.00) different. Presented by Ripley Theatre. Aug ★ DISRUPTED EQUILIBRIUM - BASHAre THEATRE travelled WHEELCHAIR WILLIE A powerful and ruthless comedy presented in a style that group explore the barriers created by society. weandnotfunnyourInternationally own worst enemies? I|i makes you laugh out loud. The crippled Willie becomes the butt of the other characters’ ‘nifty little comic production... marvellously spirited performances.’ Evening inhumanity. 2.00pm ‘A calculated the canons of good taste’ The Guardian. News 24-26 5.45pm (6.45) £3.00 (£2.00 SUPDY) (£0.50 C) ?%Aug2l-26 (4.00)assault £5.00 on(£4,00) Aug "iTHE FOURSOME A Sunday spent on a beach by two young men and their pick-ups ★ REVOLVING - MOVING THEATRE Whenof confidence. one door Ifrom the pub theofnight before. 1971 winner George Devine Award. ‘An acutely shuts, closesDOORS you need more thanPARTS Colgate to givetheatre you a ring ibbserved a mating-rite’ Join usanother on a journey ofandpersonal development. ‘Community at its best’ The Mug 21-26study5.00pm (7,00) £5.00Financial (£4.00)Times. Scotsman Aug 21-23 7.15pm (8.15) £3.00 (£2,00 SUPDY) (£0.50 C) * THINKING IN WELSH Haunted by thebecoming spirits of John Lennon Owain iblyndwr, a Northwalian youthofisWales. torn between the fifth BeatleandYandByd. a nationalist ★ A SIGN OF THE TIMES - PATCHWORK THEATRE This all women "slot to assassinate the Prince Performed i n English by Theatr theatre group take a naturalistic provoking lookNews at the state of modern living. Aug 21-26 10.00pm (10.45) £4.00 (£3.00) ‘Promising realand(£2,00 spiritthought andSUPDY) energy’ Evening Aug 24-26performances 7,15pm (8.15)and£3.00 (£0.50 C) ★ UPSIDE DOWN TO toOZbuild- CALLUS STAGE PRODUCTION orcheapest high water. is going boat. But he’s losing his wife and mind.ComeThehell FOR FRINGE INFORMATION isJohn financial and John£3.00 oweshis(£2.00 a lot. SUPDY) Roller-coaster RING 0131 -226 5257 or 5259 Aug 21 -26debt8.45pm (10.00pm) (£0.50 C)one-man show. OPEN 10am - 7pm


£! WHEN HARRY MET CATHY (& ANNE & JANE & ANNE & KATHY & CATHY KIO Venue 33 - Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★& CATHY) WHEN HARRY MET CATHY (& ANNE & JANE & ANNE & KATHY By Bernadine Corrigan. The funny. marital Hysterically career of Henry VIII. Amajestical tale of lust, intrigue + big hats. Historically accurate. ‘Bloody Marvellous!' Christopher Richardson. Aug 9-13,15-17,20-24,28,30-Sept 2 3.10pm (4.10) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,19,25,26,27 3.10pm (4.10) £7.00 (£5.50) WHITE RABBIT COWBOYS oooo Venue I SO - The City Cafe, 19 Blair Street Tickets: 220 0900 J9 ★andWHITE RABBIT COWBOYS follows the fortunes of a drinker, a w look at life a toker as they prepare for a night out This one man play takes a satirical through the eyes Aug 14-28 8.00pmof three (9.00)blokes £4.50chasing (£3.00)their obsessions. WIERSZALIN THEATRE (POLAND) ooeo Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 ★winning ■ KLATWA (THE CURSE) Illicit passion exacts violent retribution awardand company’sRichlyhearttheatrical rendingwith combination of story-telling, puppets, choralinsong visual imagery. a unique emotional depth unforgettable. ‘Brilliantly conceived executed.’ Scotsman. Aug 11 -Sept 2 (notandSuns) 8.00pmThe(9.20) £7.50 (£4.00) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131-226 5138(6 lines) OPEN 10am - 7pm

WISEGUISE PRODUCTIONS OOOf Venue 20 - Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 BROTHERS OF THE BRUSH Directed by Jim Twaddale. A trio Dublin 1 housepainters working for a contractor who turns cutting cornersaward intowinning anofartform. Wiseguise revive their acclaimed production of Jimmy Murphy’s play. A gem a production.’ Augof14-Sept 2 (not The Suns)Independent 7.45pm (9.30) £6.00 (£3.00) WONDROUS LIGHT ooe Venue 98 - Marco’s, 51 Grove Street Tickets 228 9116 ■of twins, THE COMEDY OF ERRORS Effusive, eclectic and downright erratic! Two se i > ameets neuroticDali,wifeLaurel and and a plateHardy. spinningShakespeare school master collidewithin anervous celluloidenergy. Ephesus The Bard explodes , ,v Aug 12-26 (not 21)1,00pm (3.00) £4.50 (£3.50) YES & NO THEATRE CO OOG Venue 176 - Roxburgh Halls, Roxburgh Place Tickets 650 8499 ★bil KNICKERS When Chris findsWhen a porno shocked. When she for over £400KNICKERS she's worried. she mag putsshe’s two and two together andgets comesa phon up 1 with - a truly(9.15) ‘brief £5.00 encounter’. Aug 0898 12-26 (not Suns) 7.45pm (£4.00) Z THEATRE COMPANY GGGq Venue 82 - Southside, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St Tickets 667 7365. ★ FINGYall but (A PLAY ABOUT A BOX) containedIt wasin thehope....’... box had escaped, and that was not an‘Alevill thebutevils a blessing. heaven10saw1.00pm(1.50) the one funnything: side£3.50(£3.00) of that Aug Aug 11 -26 (not 15,22) 1.00pm (1.50) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ accommodate BLAMELESSeachDANCES Explores the elaborate dances weboth perform when‘single tryir i’ toagain’. in a-choices relationship. They soon(3.00) haveother to£3.50 make which Claire will haveandaJoehugehaveimpact onbecome their lives. Aug 10 2.00pm (£3.00) Aug 11-26 (not 15,22) 2.00pm (3.00) £4.00 (£3.50)

EXHIBITIONS OTHER EXHIBITIONS: ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE Venue 25 - Acoustic Music Centre, 16 Chambers Street Borderlands An exhibition by six artists and photographers encompassing expressions of landscape, architecture and colour from the British Isles and beyond. All works for sale. Commissions can be taken. August 11-September 2—^Admission Free 12 noon-12 midnight Venue 19 - Over-Seas House-Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street More Than White Walls The Green Room Gallery at C celebrates its first birthday with a contemporary arts show of paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics and jewellery. Off the wall and exposed — watch out! For advance information please call 0181-452 2550). August 6-September 3—Admission Free 9.30 am-12 midnight THE DEMARCO EUROPEAN ART FOUNDATION Venue 22-St. Mary's School, 3 York Lane/Albany Street Bridging the Gaps Between Art, Science, East, West; North, South; Tayside, Fife and Lothians In The New Europe International visual arts programme linking to Joseph Beuys, John Latham and the cultural dialogue between Britain, the Baltic States and Africa. Details from DEA brochure. August 10-September 2 (not Sundays)—Admission Free I I am-6 pm. JAPAN EXPERIENCE Venue 36 - Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street Hiroyuki Matsumoto—Calligraphy Painting Noted for his life size live calligraphy painting. His strokes are dynamic and expressive and free. His performance can be seen at Teru Hidaku’s poetry reading. August 13-23—Admission Free 10 am-3 pm

JAPAN EXPERIENCE Venue 156 - Stockbridge Bookshop, 26 North West Circus Place Gaia —Symphony of the Far East 5 Women artists from Japan display their images of nature and the universe. Mieko Nishimura—Nihonga painting Kazuko Saito—silk screen Misa Mori—woodblock print Yasuko Yoshimura—oil painting Chizuko Sonohara—wooden sculpture August 13-23—Admission Free. 8.30 am-10.00 pm. Sundays 11 am-8 pm NATIONAL GALLERIES OF SCOTLAND Venue 66 - Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Belford Road From London: Bacon, Freud, Kossof, Andrews, Auerbach, Kitaj The first UK exhibition to bring together the six core artists of the so-called School of London: Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Leon Koss Michael Andrews, Frank Auerbach and R. B. Kitaj. Edinburgh is the o UK venue. July I-September 5—Admission £3.50 (£2) 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday 2 pm-5 pm Sundays; 11 am-5 pm Sundays during Festival Venue 64 - Royal Scottish Academy, the Mound Light From The Dark Room: A Celebration of Scottish Photography First major exhibition on the subject of Scottish photography. Based the National Collection of Photography, it demonstrates the remarkable range and extent of Scottish practice in photography. Th exhibition spans 150 years. July 28-October 15—Admission £3 (£1) 10 am-6 pm Monday-Saturday, I I am-6 pm Sundays during Festival 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, 2 pm-5 pm Sundays outwith Festival FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am - 7pm

EXHIBITIONS OTHER EXHIBITIONS: NATIONAL GALLERIES OF SCOTLAND Venue 63 ■ National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound H8 Antonio Canova — The Three Graces One of the most familiar sculptural images in the world, The Three Graces will be set in the context of Canova’s commission with original correspondence, working drawings and terracotta models. August 9-October 8—Admission Free 10 am-6 pm Monday-Saturday, 11 am-6 pm Sundays during Festival 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, 2 prrvS pm Sundays outwith Festival Venue 44 - Scottish National Portrait Gallery, I Queen Street G9 Richard and Maria Cosway: Regency Artists of Taste and Fashion Richard and Maria Cosway were one of the most illustrious artistic couples of the late Georgian and early Regency period. August I I-October 22—Admission £3 (£1.50) 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, I I am-5 pm Sundays during Festival 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, 2 pm-5 pm Sundays outwith Festival penue 63 • National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound H8 Louis-Antoine Prat Collection Around 60 masterpieces from one of the great private collections of "1 French drawings, ranging from the 17th to 19th centuries and including works by Claude, Poussin Watteau, Boucher and Seurat. August 17-October I—Admission Free 10 am-6 pm Monday-Saturday, I I am-6 pm Sundays during Festival 10 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, 2 pm-5 pm Sundays outwith Festival Venue 63 - National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound H8 Hidden Assets: Scottish Paintings from the Flemings Collection 'The National Gallery of Scotland has selected 50 of the finest Scottish "pictures from the corporate collection of Robert Fleming Holdings Ltd, ane of the most successful merchant banks in the city. Includes works jy Wilkie and McTaggart. August 3-September 24—Admission Free pO am-6 pm Monday-Saturday, I I am-6 pm Sundays during Festival i?0 am-5 pm Monday-Saturday, 2 pm-5 pm Sundays outwith Festival NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION THEATRE COMPANY fenue 16 - The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre, Davie Street L10 The Nottinghamshire Picture inhibition showing other dimensions of Nottinghamshire’s unique -•'Tirovision, where visual arts are essential to a broad and balanced 'ducation. View work from the 48 open access I I th session Arts Workshops which extend the 10 sessions of Nottinghamshire’s school :veek. August 14-25—Admission Free <« 0 am-5 pm (not Sundays) " $T MARY’S CATHEDRAL i enue 91-5 Palmerston Place ’hoebe Traquair Murals ainted by the famous Victorian, situated in the Cathedral song school. !delightful representation of processions, creatures, flowers etc. I ugust 10-September 2—Admission Free. Donations to restoration, -i ) am-3.30 pm FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 0131-226 5257 or 5259 OPEN I Oam - 7pm FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 0131 -226 5138 (6 lines) OPEN I Oam - 7pm

AFRICAN ARTS AND CRAFTS Venue 157 - Out of Africa, 36 St Stephen Street. Tel: 226 5200 ZIMBABWEAN STONE SCULPTURE “Of the leading 10 sculptors in the world, perhaps 5 come from Zimbabwe” (Daily Telegraph, London). “The most important new art form to emerge from Africa this century” (Newsweek Magazine). A fascinating selling exhibition of contemporary stone sculpture, tapestries, tribal paintings and crafts from various Works from £5-£l,000 August 13-September 2 10.30 am-6.30 pm Sundays 12 noon-5 pm ADMISSION FREE


THE ALDRIDGE GALLERY Venue 96 -124 Morningside Road P2 GILLIAN MCDONALD Gillian McDonald is a much sought after watercolour artist specialising in painting the remoter parts of the British Isles from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the Black Mountains of Wales. Her innate feel for the traditions of the countryside, the vibrancy of her flowers and the drama of her skies are the mixture that make her originals and prints highly collectable. August 14-September 2 Monday-Saturday 10 am-5.30 pm Sunday 12 noon-4 pm ADMISSION FREE AMOS HANIFF DESIGN STUDIOS Venue 124 - 46 St Stephen Street, Stockbridge


Amos Haniff Design Studios - The gallery of Scottish Design. An exhibition of contemporary jewellery. Exclusive gifts and objet d art. 46 St Stephens Street. Stockbridge. Edinburgh 0131 226 7057 Mon : Sat 10am - 6pm ART FOR ACTION Venue 70 - The Edinburgh Academy, Henderson Row, Stockbridge D7 Exhibition and Sale of Contemporary Scottish Art Art For Action is the first art exhibition organised by the charity Action Research. Most exhibitors work from a Scottish base. Action Research is dedicated to preventing and treating disease and disability by funding vital medical research. The Edinburgh Academy Henderson Row, Stockbridge August 27-September 2 11 am-8 pm Limited Parking Admissron Free Reg. Charity No. 208701 99

EXHIBITIONS Mi* ASSOCIATION FOR APPLIED ARTS Venue B - Edinburgh Book Festival, Charlotte Square Gardens THE TENTED HOUSE OF ARTS In conjunction with Edinburgh Book Festival Designers’ exhibition creating the interiors of The Near Pavilion - an oasis of contemporary applied arts. FURNITURE • TEXTILES • WOOD METALWORK • GLASS • CERAMICS Open 10 am-9 pm daily from 12-28 August General entrance fee to Book Festival £1.50 (75p)

THE CHESSEL GROUP GS Venue 154 - The Chessel Gallery, Moray House College of Education, Royal Mile JEWELLERY CERAMICS Kert Southall Sheana Stephen PAINTINGS Theresa Flynn RSW David Martin RSW RGI Graham Gurr Avril Jaques Raehurn Murray 17th Festival Exhibition 14 August-1 September (closed Sundays) Original works of art and design for sale in a festival atmosphere. ADMISSION FREE

THE BLACKADDER GALLERY Venue 60 - 5 Raeburn Place, Stockbridge Blackadder gallery ■1 mixed exhibition of exciting and colourful contemporary art by leading British artists Sccrafstmen. uring work by several young Edinburgh arti ■ange of designer jewellery, i ors, clocks, handmade cards. -QSunday 6 August-Saturday Admission Free 10am-5.30pm 2 September0131-332 4605 BRASS RUBBING CENTRE Venue 178 - Trinity Apse, Chalmers Close (Off High Street), Royal Mile i CENTRF RRASS RUBBING The centre has collection of replicasa fascinating mouldedfrom ancient Pictish stones, rare Scottish brasses and medieval church brasses. No experience is needed to make a rubbing. Xplqphone 031 556 4364. Admission Fi Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm. (During the Edinburgh Festival, Sundays: 12 noon - 5pm)

CITY ART CENTRE Venue 106-2 Market Street A Picture of Edinburgh: A Celebration of the City and its Countryside Scotland' s capitaltheas recorded artists through centuries.by Organised with the Edinburgh Green Belt Trust, examines the city'thesetting. s exhibition unique topographical 22 July - 16 September Mon - Sat 10-6, Sundays during Festival 2 - 5

CITY ART CENTRE in association with the DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUU J10 Venue 106 - 2 Market Street From the Golden Age to the Present Day: Two Centuries ofDanish Art and Craft Comprehensive survey of Danish art, including sculpture from Thepainting GoldenandAge


, DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 1 Venue 163 - The Danish Cultural Institute, Carlsberg House, 3 Doune Terrace ES MOGENS ANDERSEN EXHIBITION An exhibition of major works by the Danish artist Mogens Andersen, one of the pioneers of Danish abstract painting. August 12-September 22 10 am-5 pm (not Saturday and Sunday) \ ADMISSION FREE

2ND EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL CD AND RECORD FAIR Venue 89 - Roxburghe Hotel, Charlotte Square Largest selection of rare and collectable CDs and records ever seen in Edinburgh, plenty of bargains too! From classical to rap, Elvis to heavy metal, top dealers from the UK, Ireland and Europe have it all! A must for anyone interested in music! Friday 18 August 12 noon-7 pm Saturday 19 August 10 am-7 pm Sunday 20 August 10 am-5 pm ADMISSION £1

DAZZLE EXHIBITION OF CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY AND CLOCKS I Venue IS - Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street J5 “Don’t miss this exhibition’ “Unmissable’ (Time Out) (Financial Times) In its 13th year and now a Festival fixture, Dazzle shows again in this spectacular space. 48 top international contemporary designers show jewellery, watches and unique clocks. Over 1,000 exhibits, all for sale. August II-September 2 10 am-midnight (7 days a week) ADMISSION FREE

EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY Venue 144 - 23 Union Street Britisk etckings from tke turn of tke Century Edinliurgli FVintmakers host anThis exhibition with anis pleased nistoricalto focus. is an excellent opportunity toof the see work manyiv ofot D.theY.nest bestCameron artists periodhyincluding and Muirhead collectors' items.Bone which are now truly Also on show andScottish for sale will hy contemporary artists.he work 5 August-2 September Tuesday-Saturday Admission 10Freeam-6 pm Photo: Wil io Wilson "Spanish Hil Church” Etching Festival Open Studio: the printmaking studio between 2 pmTours and 4aropmundTuesday-Friday This exhibition comes in collaboration with the Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

£AE DISTRIBUTION ie 2 - The Fringe Club, Teviot Row


edinburgh arts & entertainment Leaflets • Posters • Brochures • Programmes • Magazines Festival Poster Exhibition , Over promoting of publicity Viewdesign for yourself the best200andposters worstonofdisplay 1995. Prizes to bethewonimportance if your favourite posterdesign. wins our award. Free Entry H At the Fringe Club from Monday August 14 to Friday September 1

John Hunter and Gordon Munro bring their touring exhibition of recent sculpture to ESW also . group exhibition ot small work by ESW members August 4-27 The OPEN Monday-Friday 10 am-4 pm Edinburgh Saturday 11am-3 pm Sculpture Workshop ADMISSION FREE

DINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART EDITH SIMON GALLERY enue 73 - Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place K6 Venue 166 - The Engine Shed, 19 St Leonard’s Lane liSdinburgh College of Art in Association with the Demarco European Art EDITH SIMON: mndation presents NEW LOCATION READ AND SALT NEW DEPARTURES Lithuanian Painting, Sculpture, Photography The amazing, exhilarating annual art a event which many addicts acknowledge lus as their first port of call in the Festival. Vork from Facultad de Bellas Artes Pictures, Sculpture, Graphics, Audioi: Iniversidade de Vigo, Visual and Video. The artist in ontevedra, Spain attendance. i - an Edinburgh College of Art August 7-September 2 riptaff ichoolExchange of DrawingExhibition and Painting 10.30 am-6.30 pm Disabled access. Restaurant adjacent. : ‘pen daily 10 am-5 pm 6 August-2 September ADMISSION FREE 101

GORDON STRACHAN H4 Venue 23 - Chaplaincy Centre, I Bristo Square The Life Force 1995 Festival Exhibition of *,v Paintings and Contemporaryr Scottish Art w photographs \ v.k theme of the onLifetheForce 21st Festival Exhibition of of the Cosmos by Contemporary Scottish Art Gordon Strachan. Also, organised by ESU Scotland and laser prints of Strachan V sponsored by Steedman Ramage work by Ken Scott of WS. Grampian Business Products, Aberdeen. August 11-September 2 "The Quest for Strachan the Druidical Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm m Jesus" Gordon with■. Fiona Davidson (Celtic harp\ August 14-September (not1,Sundays) Admission Free ^PEAKI^ August 31, Sept2ember 2: 8 pm-9.1105 pmam-5.30 pm


GALERIE MIRAGES HOLYROOD ART CLUB Venue 149 - Galerie Mirages, 46a Raeburn Place DS Venue 65 - St Ann’s Community Centre, 6 South Gray’s Close, High Street ART EXHIBITION JEWELLERY FROM ANTIQUITY TO MODERN AND SALE OF TIMES This outstanding selling exhihition PAINTINGS explores the continuity of design in Paintings, Watercolours, Pastels and jewellery from 2000 BC to present day. Oil Talismans, stone necklaces, torques, Drawings in First Floor Exhibition Hall. bangles, head ornaments, a special focus Aug 12-26 Entrance Free on Rings and Designer Jewellery 10 am-7.30 pm Cafeteria inspired hy ancient forms. From (except Sundays) Afghanistan, India, Mali, Oman, (Exhibition closes 4.30 pm Aug 26 Ethiopia and Indonesia. Access from High Street (opposite August 3-September 16 10 am-6 pm (closed Sundays) John Knox’s House) or from Cowgate. GALERIE MIRAGES Venue 149 - Galerie Mirages, 46a Raeburn Place AFRICAN INSPIRATION African sculpture and textiles have inspired many of the 20th Century's greatest artists. This major selling exhibition presents an exciting collection of masks, sculptures and textiles as well as everyday artefacts such as furniture, pots, baskets and musical instruments from South Africa, Zimbabwe. Kenya, Gabon, Zaire, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso and Morocco. August 3-Septcrrvber 16 10 am-6 pm (closed Sundays)

HUNTLY HOUSE Venue 180 - Huntly House Museum, 142 Canongate, Royal

GEOFFREY MACEWAN Venue S3 - The Glasite Meeting House, 33 Barony Street Transitions: Steps in an Artist’s Progression A showing of paintings and prints created during the past 10 years in which particular scenes have been developed and transformed. The exhibition includes a series of six large prints entitled the “Trial of Ramon Lull”. A talk by the artist in which the prints will be displayed and scenes of transformation discussed, will be held at the venue on Tuesday 15 August at 6 pm. 7 August -3 September 1995 10 am-6 pm daily; Sunday 12 noon-4 pm ADMISSION FREE 102

INHOUSE Venue 174 - Inhouse, 28 Howe Street Tel: 22S 21

HUNTLY house A restored 16th century mansion packed with collections from Edinburgh's past. Displays include Edinburgh silver and glass, Scottish pottery and historic shop signs.

G L A S Transparent or opaque, colourful neutral, unyielding — with theor aid of fragile currentordesigners technology GLASS provides today’s with fascinating new opportunities to brighten our day. An exhibition of contemporary works in glass by today’s leading international designers. Admission Free August 15-September Monday-Saturday 9.30 pmam-62 pm Sundays 1 pm-5

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY THE WRITERS MUSEUM Venue 137 - Merchants Hall, 22 Hanover Street H7 Venue 181 - The Writer's Museum, Lawnmarket, Royal Mile INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS FROM PHOTOGRAPHERS WORLDWIDE August 14-September 2 SiMUSEUM 133rd International Exhibition of Pictorial THE WRITERS* Photography presented by THE EDINBURGH PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Located in historic Lady Stair's House (Instituted 1861) (built 1622), this is a museum of Mon-Sat: TO am-8 pm memorabilia and manuscripts relating Sunday August 27: 10 am-8 pm to Robert Bums, Sir Walter Scott and September 2 (Early closing): 7 pm Robert Louis Stevenson. Admission by catalogue £1.50 Children under 12 Free 'BOUBA' byfrom Eric Tourlet, Photograph an earlierFrance: Exhibition LULU WONG TAYLOR _ Venue 129 - Studio One Gallery, 190 Stafford Street LULU WONG TAYLOR Paradise and Flowers

MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD e 179 - Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street, Royal Mile MIMJM«CHILDH00n | Crammedfull of childhood memories, this has been described as the "noisiest § museum in the world." A treasurehouse of |; historic toys, dolls, hobby items,costume I, and much more relating to childhood. Telephone 031 529 4142. Admission Free Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm. (During the Edinburgh Festival, Sundays: 2pm - 5pm) THE NETHERBOW GALLERY ie 30 - The Netherbow, 43/4S High Street THE MAGIC STAGE Works by John Dolan, Sian Ranee, -sobel Bathgate and John Bullock. jg i Inspired by the magical, fantasy fa i vorld of the theatre. Hie vicarious escape of the audience •’H •nd perpetual character changes of toe :^q players, captured figuratively and OBI- ibstractly. .ugust 10-September 2 10 s Admission Free

OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT Venue M2 - Out of the Nomads Tent, 21 St Leonard’s Lane


THE PEOPLE’S STORY JIO Venue 177 - The People’s Story Museum, 163 Canongate, Royal Mile THE PEOPLES STORY Tells about the life and work of ordinary people in Edinburgh, from the late 18 th Century to the present day. The museum isfilled with the sights, smells and sounds of everyday life in the past.

PORTFOLIO GALLERY Venue 133 - Candlemaker Row ANDRES SERRANO The Morgue and Other Works New large scale colour photographic works from Andre Serrano, acclaimed American artist, which continue his project to politicise the human body. 12 August-2 September Monday-Saturday 10 am-5.30 pm Sunday 12 noon-4.30 pm Admission £1.50 (75p)



EXHIBITIONS PROVINCIAL BOOKSELLERS FAIRS ASSOCIATION BOOKFAIR SCHOOL OF PHILOSOPHY Venue 89 ■ Roxburghe Hotel, Consort Suite, George Street G6 Venue 122 - 18 Chester Street Gal ART IN THE MAKING 4-Week Festival Book Fair jl An exhibition of contemporary arts with demonstrations by Antiquarian and secondhand books, maps the artists and opportunity to participate. Professional $ and prints offered for sale. Local, national artists display and share their work in a relaxed setting. 'I and international material available. fjlnUQuartatt) August 7-September 2 lasuL) ) | Light, wholesome snacks available. Open 12 noon-6 pm on first day and Sundays (jQooks IBou g h t August 14-17 10.30 am-4 pm isair and 10 am-6 pm, Monday-Saturday thereafter Admission Free Admission Free RICHARD ROBERTS BOOK MARKETS Venue 6 • Celtic Lodge, Lawnmarket EDINBURGH FESTIVAL BOOK MARKET AUGUST 5 to SEPTEMBER 2 Monday-Saturday 10 am to 7 pm Sunday 12 noon to 5 pm A fine selection of rare and secondhand books, maps, prints, postcards and film magazines for sale Admission Free Details: 01560 600349

THE ANNUAL WEST END CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR Venue 127 - St John’s Church, West End H," CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR An absolute must if you like buying contemporary work direct from craftworkers and designer-makers. This is one of the Festival’s liveliest daytime venues,- wander in and explore as often as you like. 75 exhibitors present daily, with changeovers each weekend. August 7-September 2 11 am-6 pm, Closed Sundays FREE ADMISSION

ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF EDINBURGH WHALE VENUE Venue I4« • 9 Hil Square KIO Venue 35 - Wapole Hall, Chester Street F0T0DI AGON ALE 1995 A PICTURE OF HEALTH INTERNATIONAL Paintings and drawings of breast cancer PHOTOGRAPHY EXCHANGI care by Susan Macfarlane. This is the first time in British art that the subject of breast Mon 14th - Sat 19th August cancer care has been comprehensively 12 noon-6 pm - FREE recorded. All those involved in health The 4th Fotodiagonale comes to Scotland and the Czecgjf care, and the public in general, should be Edinburghtogether for theEuropean first time. photographers The exhibition Germany. Republic. encouraged to see this unique exhibition. brings On thestunning theme ofdocumentary Barriers the footag ii..-*__ with varied experiences. include reAugust 15-September 2 10 am-4 pm work on display is from Bosnia, Italy from around Europe. (not Sundays or Mondays) Look out for the Big Picture "Hi Ho Giro" outdoor screening r Admission Free Savage satire on the reality of living on the edge. ROYAL INCORPORATION OF ARCHITECTS OF SCOTLAND Venue ISS - RIAS, IS Rutland Square H5 Venue 141 -17 Stafford Street THE NAUAJO WAV The story of the Navajo Indians told VV in a wonderful selling exhibition of their craft, jewellery and artefacts August 7 - September 2 10am - 6pm. Free Admission


I Ent<ey to Disabled Entrance:Information yards from road (i(ii)) distance numberof steps ofin steps style - Str=straight, i Kud Auditorium: (i(i(iii))) distance i n yards fromstyleentranceSp=spiral, to seatsHR=handrail number of steps and WC (toilet). W at(Women’s). M (Men'Doors). width Level giofvenWC is noted with a WC theneedrelevant floor. if lesslocation than | f'epossible, phone number the venueor from in advance if youOffice assistance. Further information from26”.the nue Box Office the Fringe (0131 -226 5257/5259). ; 'II3I-5S5 he publication “Access in Lothian” is0131-555 available from orfromTravelineon 2151.Lothian Coalition of Disabled People on .1 irtlink is an6855 organisation elephone: 0131-229 3555.in Edinburgh which may be able to help with questions about access, 'orransport Information further details &Lothian timetables, Regionalcontact: Transport 0131-555 6363 SMI 0131-558 3858 1616 (24 hours) Traveline 0131-225 wherea particular smoking isconcern. permitted in the auditorium (e.g. Cabaret, lI.uBsi.c).Shows Pleasemaycallbetheheldvenuein venues if you have Acoustic Music Centre Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Venue 25 ■< hree under one - threeandbarsdramaandprogramme a restaurantfrom - always / roots usic ivenues n theFreeevening. Mixedroofdance noon.unplugged Folk dance/ folkworkshops lunchtime i ailable. usic sessions. Cheapestinformal gig in thesessions Festival!for all, free evening cabaret in the cellar and more : do 220 2462 Messages: 220 2462 K i DX OFFICE: noon-midnight. unueA Theatre p88 OO0© jsie,WiDEUS l Die Productions BORDERLANDS Exhi bitions p98 0OO© foust ic Music Centre \KOTA Theatre p75 OO0© - ifent Theatre Company i®* ) ALLIARD CONCERT Music p34 OO0O Musi-c INCentre j HEghtMISER Theatre p78 ooo© on ParkONDrama ELi-UP ROAD TO OZ Theatre p74 OO0O Tdi.OBAIREACHD ne TheatreTHECompany REVEALED SOME MORE Music p34 ooo© Music Centre IEsolutePRIVATE EAR / THE PUBLIC EYE Theatre p58 OO0O Banana TheatreINCompany SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR Theatre p88 ot it ixUeARSCHARACTERS WiAND l Die Productions Theatre p90 O O O © i AP. oTOAD keslSWASTIKAS ey NewHALLAmateur Performers) AD OF(StBanana lildren’s Shows p5 OOOO kolute Theatre Company tcus Music p33 OO0O MusicOFCentre RKBiStl icTheatre SIDE THE GROOM Theatre p94 O O O © 'TUAL Theatre p75 O © © © TheatreLOCALITY. Company CRASH BLIND kMMCNAUGHTAN: RHYMERS AND CHIMERS Music p34 OOO© c Centre- IN CONCERT -AN Musi TAYLOR Music p33 OO0O Musi c Centre )NAMusi GAEL-IN Music p33 OO0© r ustic c Centre CONCERT ‘8BY EAGLESHAM IN CONCERT Music p33 OOOO ptANsticMCNEILLAND Music Centre TONY MCMANUS Music p33 OOOO rustARLIE ic MusiHARRIGAN c Centre Music p34 OOO© Musi c Centre *3D>sticALLISON Musicp34 OOO© Music CentrePLUS SUSAN MAHONEY CONCERT Music p33 OOOO ’JDE isDROUTH-IN tic MusiHOTc Centre CLUB Music p34 OOOO c Centre >. • OA!StStiicc Musi Music p33 OO0O Music Centre .

HAMISHMusiIMLACH Acoustic c Centre- IN CONCERT HOT! AUSTRALIAN! Acoustic Music Centre - IN CONCERT IAIN MACKINTOSH Acoustic Centre TWEED IAN CARRMusi &cc Centre KAREN Acoustic Musi JAMES MALCOLM AcousticCROSS Music Centre JOHN - LOST IN AMERICA Acoustic Musi cGANG Centre THE JOYCE Acoustic Music Centre- IN CONCERT MATT ARMOUR Acoustic Musi NORTH SEAcc Centre GAS - IN CONCERT Acoustic Musi Centre SANGSTERS - IN CONCERT Acoustic Music Centre SANGSTERS - IN CONCERT Acoustic Musi c Centre SEANNACHIE Acoustic c Centre- IN CONCERT STEPHENMusi Acoustic MusiQUIGG c Centre

Music p33 Music p34 Music p33 Music p33 Music p34 Music p34 Music p33 Music p33 Music p33 Music p33 Music p34 Music p33 Music p34

©OOO OOOO ©ooo OOOO OOOO OOOO OO0O OO 00 OOOO ©ooo ooo© ooo© ooo©

AFTER Theatre p75 The HerrickLIVERPOOL Theatre FOOL’S PARADISE Dance & Physical Theatre p31 Soweto Paradi s e Artists IL FORNICAZIONE NOT A CHRISTMAS CAROL Comedy & Revue p9 Babl aHAY ke TO SAVE IN&BROOKLYN NO Theatre p75 Indent Theatre Company ROS FOLK DANCE GROUP Music p34 Acoustic Music Centre SPEECHLESS Dance & Physi c al Theatre p31 Sakura Dance CompanyA CHIP IN THE SUGAR TALKING Theatre p7S The HerrickHEADS: Theatre


Music p35 Music p35 Music p35 Music p35 Music p35 Music p35 Music p34 Music p34 Music p34 Music p34 Music p34 Music p35 Music p3S Music p35 Music p34 Music p50

OOOO OOOO ooo© ooo© OOOO ooo© OOOO ©ooo OOOO OOOO OOOO ooo© ©ooo OOOO ©OO© OOOO

Music p34 Music p35 Music p35 Music p35


DAVY STEELE AND SALLY BARKER Acoustic Music Centre DICK GAUGHAN Acoustic MusiGILTRAP c Centre- IN CONCERT GORDON Acoustic Music Centre THE HOUSE BAND Acoustic Music Centre JOHN PEARSON AcousticTABOR Music Centre JUNE Acoustic MusiTICKELL c Centre KATHRYN Acoustic Musi c Centre MCCALMANSI Acoustic Musi c Centre MCCALMANS2 Acoustic Music Centre MCCALMANS 3 Acoustic Music Centre MCCALMANS4 Acoustic Music Centre MCCALMANS 5 Acoustic Music Centre MCCALMANS6 Acoustic Music Centre THE POOZIES Acoustic Music Centre TAM WHITE SHOESTRING BAND Acoustic Music Centre VIDA VIDA BURACH -IN CONCERT Acoustic c CentreBELLA MCNAB’S BAND CEILIDHMusi Acoustic MusiDANCE: c CentrePORTOBELLO CEILIDH BAND CEILIDH DANCE: Acoustic Musi c Centre CEILIDHMusiDANCE: Acoustic c CentreTHE CLOUD HOWE CEILIDH BAND


Music p35 Music p34 Music p34 Music p35 Music p34

OO0O 0OOO oooo ooo© oooo

Music p33 OOOO LUNCHTIME SESSIONS Acoustic MusiCEILIDH c Centre Music p33 OOOO SCOTTISH DANCE WORKSHOPS Acoustic Music Centre Music p33 OOOO CELLAR BARc Centre SUNDAY SESSIONS Acoust Music p33 OOOO CELLARiicc Musi BARc Centre - THE ‘T.G.I.F’ SESSIONS Acoust Musi OPEN STAGE CABARET AND SESSIONS Music p33 OOOO Acoustic Music Centre FOOD ANDEntDRINK: Restaurant, cafe, day. DISABLED: 2ydfloor2 Str. Aud: 3ydnotice Flat.licensed WC (W24barhrs23”,alilfM25"). access to second if advance given, possible.Wheelchair spaces provided and Adam House Theatre 5 Chambers Street. Adjacent to thechoice Festivalof productions Club this major venue hasthethree theatres offeringlateanight truly international throughout eveningplus alsocafe/bar the special attractions of 8200 The Electric Barn'650ceilidhs and ‘Shaft’ day disco.andVarsity venues. Tickets 650 Messages: 8200 KS BOX OFFICE: 10am - midnight THE ELEPHANT Theatre p82 ©OOO Northern Theatre CoMAN FAMILY VALUES Theatre p82 ©OOO Northern Theatre Co ASSASSINS Musicals & Opera p54 ©ooo Northern BUMS ONTheatre SEATSCo Theatre p61 xOO0O Backst age TheatreR Company ELIZABETH Theatre p70 OOO© ElFOLDING izabeth R &STUFF Co. - Pioneer Theatre USA Theatre p63 ooo© CambriOFdgeMALTA Amateur Dramatic Club JEW Theatre p63 ooo© Cambri d ge Amateur Dramatic Club MADE IN SOUTH Musicals & Opera p51 ©ooo Cape h ThWOULD CoAFRICABE KING THE Town MANYout WHO Theatre p63 ooo© Cambri d ge Amateur Dramatic Cl u b THE POSTER OF THE COSMOS AND THE MOONSHOT TAPETheatre p68 ooo© Dimorphous WitchHazel TARTUFFE Theatre p90 oooo Short Back & Sides THE PURGING Theatre pS8 oooo I DREAM Theatre p77 oooo The JourneyBEFORE CompanyI TAKE THE STAND JANE oooo TheodoreEYREL Manekin + Eileen Marie Kinnaird Present CAREFUL WITH THE FLOWERS Theatre p74 OOOO Harl equin WOOLOOMOOLOO CIRCUS Children's Shows p6 oooo Dance & Physical Theatre p28 OOO© AviLILITH s Dance BECKET Theatre p80 OOOO Metropolitan Theatre THE BOY-FRIEND Musi c al s & Opera p54 O O © © Strawberries With Cream PACIFIC Theatre OVERTURES Musicals & Opera p54 ©OOO Northern Co DR. FAUSTUS Theatre p72 OOO© Forbi dden Theatre Company HAMLET Theatre p90 OOOO Shenandoah Shakespeare Express THE TEMPEST Theatre p90 OOO O Shenandoah Shakespeare Express 106

AMERICANXPERIMENT Theatre p72 The Fisheye Project JEKYLL! Musi c al s & Opera p54 Shrewsbury School DICK EdiKAFKA’S n burgh Graduate Theatre Group PIAF: LA VIE SANS REGRETTES DiROCK-N-ROLL va Productions WITH NO RULES The Electric Barn CEILIDH ROSENCRANTZ & GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD Shenandoah Shakespeare Express SAWN-OFF SHAKESPEARE Torsi o n Theatre TWELFTH NIGHT Express Shenandoah Shakespeare ALL HALLOWS EVE Pendul umLOVE Productions PEACE, flt HARMONY JiTRUST m Diamond InMotion ME! Productions FOOD ANDEncDRINK: DISABLED: 3 yd 3Licensed Str. Aud: bar, 5 ydsnacks Lift 10alydl day.Flat. WC in basement. The Adam Suite, The George Hotel George Street THE AFTERNOON Comedy & Revue p 10 OOO1 The BiBIG g Afternoon Out OUT! Assembly Rooms 54 George Street. StellaearlyArtoishoursAssembly - ibest n theinheart of thecomedy city, atandtheclubs. heartThe of thegreatest Fringe.success Buzzingstory from ofandthetorji ai' the with theThe theatre, : Fringe i n two decades’ Evening News. Tickets 226 2428 f BOX OFFICE: I lam-midnight — Theatre p60 OOO s>oo« THE A-Zy Rooms OF DRUGS Assembl Theatre p81 THE BIG BOOKTheatre FOR GIRLS NationalGUARDIAN Student Company STUDENT Theatre p74 THE INTERNATIONAL DRAMA AWARD The Guardian Comedy & Revue p20 BENKeaton KEATON Ben Theatre p62 TRUMPETS ANDCompany RASPBERRIES Borderline Theatre Theatre p87 THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA Reduced Company Theatre p60 HAMLETyShakespeare Assembl Rooms Theatre p75 LIKE A VIRGIN HulLONELY l Truck Theatre Company Theatre p75 HEARTS HulFEEDBACK l Truck Theatre Company THEATRE (SOUTH AFRICA) Theatre - MOUTHPEACE p60 Assembl y Rooms Theatre p60 FISH’N’LEATHER Assembl y Rooms Comedy & Revue p9 WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? Assembl y Rooms THE HOLY GROUND Theatre p60 Assembl Rooms Theatre p60 WHATyyISRooms THE MATTER WITH MARY JANE? Assembl Theatre p60 WILDCAT-47 Assembly Rooms Comedy & Revue p24 KATEe Robbi ROBBINS Kat nPICK s OF THE FRINGE AWARD SHOWS Comedy & Revue p24 PERRIER Perrier Pick of the Fringe Theatre p72 FEVER Fever PitcPITCH h PSYCHOTIC Comedy & Revue p24 LIBERAL NiMARK ck RevelLITTLE l SUCKS Comedy & Revue p9 Assembl Theatre p75 PASSIONy Rooms KILLERS HulTHEl Truck Theatre Company Comedy & Revue p9 WOW SHOW Assembly Rooms

OO© ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo 00€ ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ©oe

©OO 00(2B 0©€ OOO 006 | OOOi 0066

VENUE INDEX THELostLOST CONTINENT Theatre p79 0O0O rj The Continent SHORT FAT KEBAB-SHOP OWNER’S SON PART II Comedy & Revue p9 ©ooo | Assembl Rooms SIMONyyFANSHAWE Comedy & Revue p8 000© | Assembl Rooms 31 FASCINATING AIDA Comedy & Revue pIS 00©0 Wi JEFF FascinGREEN ating Aida Comedy & Revue p18 00©0 JeffMODERN Green PROBLEMS IN SCIENCE Comedy & Revue p21 ©o©© Modern Problems In Science Comedy & Revue p22 OO©© . . Paul OLE!Morocco, Antonio Forcione & Alessandro Russo ,■' j RhonaCameron RHONA CAMERON Comedy & Revue p 12 ©o©© Comedy & Revue p20 ©o©© f LANO& WOODLEY-‘CURTAINS’ Ia TRAINSPOTTING Lano & Woodley ©o©© 'I CiSCARLET tizens Theatre Gl a sgow THEATRE PAPER WALLS ©o©© Assembl y Rooms AMERICA WILL DURST ©o©© y Rooms- MYTH 'i: Assembl THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN CARNAGE! Comedy & Revue p8 ©o©© AssemblPROOPS y Rooms “GREG Comedy & Revue p24 ©O0O Ireg ProopsCLARY IULIAN Comedy & Revuepl3 OO © © ul"LUB ian ClLATINO ary Music p37 0O©O Comedy & Revue p9 ©o©© i Assembl y Rooms SIMONyBLIGH - BANZAI Comedy & Revue p9 ©o©o Rooms CHUMLEY sii Assembl l RBernard BERNARD IS DEAD AND FRIENDSiComedy & Revue p 13 ©o©o Chumley i?OOD AND DRINK: Ful l y licensed Bar and cafe al l day. Ent: 5yd I Str. Wildman Room: Syd Flat Ballroom & Music Hall: Lift available. ?)|MIKDISABLED: upper ud: 20yd.Room: 7yd Flat. WC (adapted ground level). Edinburgh Suite: Enter by side lane 30yd. JBC Scotland Studio One, 5 Queen Street. Venue 5 Onewasis oneusedofbytheCharles best performance spaces in Edinburgh, seating 250ofcabaret styleandin aa flailjiudio which Dickens and Mark Twain. Al l the excellence your BBC endly welcome. |QX OFFICE: 9am - 6pm ©GOO

¥ Theatre p71 OO0O THE Theatre p87 OOO© QMWBLINDFOLD Theatre Company THE END Theatrep7l OO©© Fecund Theatre SEX Theatre p71 OO0O EUTCAND DEATH SLATTERIES NOT INCLUDED Theatre p71 OO0O EUTC FOOD AND DRINK: Cafe, licensed bar all day. DISABLED: Ent: 3yd 2+3 Str WC (+2). Aud: 30yd 2+5 Str. Disabled access & toilets. Blue-Fest 24-26 Calton Road Venue 94 Blue Moon Cafe Productions presents Blue-Fest the first ever gay and lesbian festival venue. Three weeks of world-wide dance,benefits performance art, comedy, cabaret and exhibitions. Full programme or late-nighttheatre, clubs, events, and madness. Tickets 558 37S8. Messages 555 4968 J11 BOX OFFICE: Mam - I Ipm Theatre p62 ©O0O Comedy & Revue p 10 OO©© CHLOE POEMS IN KNICKERS The Blue Fest THEBlLIVING The ue Fest JUKE-BOX

Bonnington Resource Centre 200 Bennington Road. Venue 48 An adult learning centre, spacious and relaxed atmosphere. Good parking facilities. Not far from centre. On bus route. Tickets5SS 0920 BI3 DAZZLE Musicals & Opera p52 O O 0 © Good Gift Theatre Company FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: Cafe front & back. Aud: 16 Str HR. Lift WC adapted. DISABLED: 12yd ramped

Book Festival Charlotte Square Gardens 0131 220 3990 BOX OFFICE: I0am-8pm 5o LIVE Comedy & Revue p 10 OO0© THE TENTED HOUSE OF ARTS ( jvHEADIO 1C Radi ScotSUSPECTS laON nd THE FRINGE USUAL LIVE Comedy & Revue p 10 O © 0 © Association for Applied Arts iC Radio Scotland •OD AND DRINK: Licensed, snacks at time of performance.

edlam Theatre 2 Forrest Road. Venue 49 ing i n the centre of the Fringe this ominous gothic church houses the friendliest venue ijOjipund. Comecafeandbar.stretch youroptional). visual versatility and theatrical diversity or eat and make merry Bedlam (Shows @()HMhe 225 9893 Admin L8 SXcketsOFFICE: 9.30am12.225 30am9873

P, jS'selTHING BUT STORM Theatre(AFTER fESTES EURIPIDES) • Penn Theatre Ensembl e P ASOUPER Theatre Company il tusSect/EDsLeftRevenge Wing til1 1IESoutTEMPEST hsea Shakespeare Actors

Theatre p62 O O 0 © Comedy & Revue p 10 OO0©

Exhibitions pi00 ©O0© Talks St Events p55 O O 0 O

Talks & Events p57 O O 0 O SCOTLAND ABROAD Scottish Poetry Library FOOD AND DRINK: Cafe & bar al l day. DISABLED: Wheelchair access. WC for disabled. Venue 69 Broughton High School I Carrington Road.

Theatre p74 OOO© Musicals & Opera p52 ©OOO DAMESATSEA Musicals & Opera p53 O O 0 0 The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company Musicals & Opera p52 ©OOO GODSPELL Theatre p68 OO © © The IWCUIEdiInUburgh UIgl Young lUMYUHg ACT Theatre mcaucTOGETHER wwui Company paii/ AND TAKING Musicals & Opera p54 OOOO Theatre p84 OOO© IT'MONGETTING THE ROAD. Tempo Musi c al Productions __ SCHOOLJOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH Theatre p70 OOOO Theatre p87 O © 0 © The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company Theatre p75 OOOO FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar 6.30pm - 11.15pm (Tempo Musical only) Ent: ramped Carrington Rd entrance. Aud: 10 yd. WC adapted 4 Str HR. Prior Theatre p91 O O 0 O DISABLED: notice appreciated but not essential. Space for up to 3 wheelchairs. 107

VENUE INDEX The Cafe 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 Royal 2549 BOX OFFICE: 9.30am - 12.30am Theatre p83 Theatre p85

THE BLOODYCo HEART ‘Our Theatre JEZEBEL Porlyin Rhoden Presents I WASTheatre YOURCoKING ‘Our NOBBY SHANKS Nobby Shanks TANKED The Iced JemsUP&GIRLS Jasmine Birtles THE BIG VALUE Screami ng BlLOVETT ue MurderCOMEDY ComedySHOW NORMAN Norman Lovett Studio THE ENCHANTED Beale Street Puppets MERMAID

Theatre p83 Comedy & Revue p22 Comedy & Revue pl9 Comedy & Revue p25 Comedy & Revue p20

VenueCIO 47 SHEELA-NA-GIG Comedy & Revue p25 0 O 0 C Sheela-na-Gig 4EDINBURGH’S MOST UNUSUAL TEA SHOP Music p39 0©0€ Calton Centre Tea Shop O O © 0 FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed Bar in both theatres. DISABLED: Caltonwith Centrehearing A. Ent:and4ydinduction 19 Str HR.loop.Aud:Calton 6 I StrCentre HR. Hall+toilet O 0 0 0 wheelchairs, B. Ent: I 1/inaccessible 2 yd rampedto(7 Str HR). Aud:fitted 5yd. WC Adapted. Totally accessible to wheelchairs. Venue 11 O O 0 0 Canonball House Castle Hill, Royal Mile O©0 0 OF THEAssociation ROYAL MILE Talks & Events pSS 0©0€ OO00 FREE EdinburghWALKING Festival VolTOURS untary Guides Carlton Highland Hotel North Bridge Venue 2 Jl O© 0 © O©0 0 Music p38 O©

DETECTOR Children’s Shows p5 O © 0 0 THE CampaiLIEgn Agai nst Militarism


Theatre p83 O © 0 © Theatre p83 O © 0 0 Theatre p83 O © 0 0


Theatre p83 0O00 Theatre p83 0O00 Theatre p83 0O00

CHARLIE CHEESE Comedy & Revue pi 2 O©0© Charl ie Cheese CHEAP ANDCoTEARFUL Theatre p83 O © 0 0 ‘Our Theatre FEELGOOD Theatre p83 O000 ‘Our Theatre Co FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: DISABLED: 2yd Aud:Licensed 2 Flights.BistroWCBar(W+M) same I Calton Centre 121 Montgomery Street. Venue 119 Top Bananainnovative Productions present a must-see programme, rangingnewfromcomedy traditional drama through physical theatre to the brightest and rudest talent, at the Fringe’s newest all-day venue. Free bananas all round on Thursdays! Something for everybody Tickets/ Information 477 7170 Messages: 477 7180 G14 BOX OFFICE: 3.00pm- 11.15pm Calton A Theatre p89 0O00 BETRAYAL Theatre ScorpioIN ANGER LOOK BACK Frantic Theatre Company KLUB Frant ic TheatreBARBOUR Company PAULSON Qual i t y Roams TASTE Hot Air Calton 8 THESE CATTLE CambridgeWHO ExperiDIEmentASal Theatre


Theatre p93 O © O O Dance & Physical Theatre p29 0O00 Dance & Physical Theatre p29 0O00 Comedy & Revue p24 OO00 Comedy & Revue p 18 0000 Theatre p63 O©00


CC Blooms Greenside Place Venue 7 CC Bloomsservice. has 2 bars and a restaurant open daily from m to 3am. Regular cabaret spots aru, excellent 556 Messages: 01738 551279 BOX9331 OFFICE: From noon KARENDunbar DUNBAR - NO LAUGHING MATTER Comedy & Revue p 14 O © 0 ( Karen FOOD AND DRINK:15Licensed bar, torestaurant. DISABLED: Approx stairs down performance area. The Ceilidh House & Iron Jazz Cellar Hunter Sq, High St Venue BOX OFFICE: I lam - midnight Music p39 O©0« ALBADROSS CeiEDINBURGH’S lidh House SONGWRITERS SHOWCASE Music p39 O®0« Ceilidh House Music p39 O © 01 CEILIDH SESSIONS CeiLATElidhNIGHT HouseHOUSE Music p39 O0©< FOLK CeiROBERT lidh HouseMAZUREK Music p33 O©0 Absolute Blues: Jazz ChicQUINTET ago Style FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: Restaurant, snacks, licensed l7ydday.+2 Sir HR. WC unadapted at j DISABLED: 3yd 2 Str. Aud: 2ydGuide +13 dogs Str+1 yd+14barStr.alHelp level. Unsuitable for wheelchairs. admitted. available. Venue I Central Hall West Tollcross. Home to theandstirring sounds ofglass, orchestral music in thevalue Fringe,for Central Hall, withacoustics, its fine a auditorium period stained offers unrivalled money, superb welcome and comfy seats in the229heart of bustling, vibrant Tollcross. Tickets 229 7937 BOX OFFICE: 9.30amMessages - 9.30pm 7937 Music p45 oo© DURHAM EARLY MUSIC CONSORT Nat ional Association ofYouth Orchestras Music p46 ooo EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Nat ional Association of YoutORCHESTRA h Orchestras Music p45 O0Oi EDINBURGH YOUTH Nat ionalYOUTH Association ofORCHESTRA Youth Orchestras CONCERT BAND Music p46 ood FIFE JAZZ Nat i o nal Association of Yout h Orchestras FIFE YOUTH STRING ORCHESTRA & FIFE YOUTH PERCUSSION Nat ional YOUTH AssociationORCHESTRA of Youth Orchestras MusiGROUP p46 £ PERTH ENSEMBLES Musi cc p46 Nat i o nal Association of Yout h Orchestras O0C SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Musi c p45 National Association of Youth Orchestras

VENUE INDEX (If " NatSTRATHCLYDE WIND BAND Music p46 QOO€ ionalGLAMORGAN AssociationSCHOOLS of YoutYOUTH h Orchestras WEST STRING ORCHESTRA & YOUTH SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA Music p45 O O © O a-Hja f1, WEST NationalLOTHIAN Association of YoutWIND h Orchestras BRASS BAND Music p46 OO0O National Association SCHOOLS of Youth Orchestras BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH SECOND ORCHESTRA Music p45 OO0O ! ! National Association of Youth Orchestras «! CENTRAL REGION WIND SYMPHONIC BAND Music p46 .000© ■ 'iI NatCITYionalOFAssociation of YoutYOUTH h Orchestras SHEFFIELD ORCHESTRA Music p46 OO0O —Ji ional Association ofORCHESTRA Youth Orchestras , ■"f NatNatDORSET YOUTH Music p45 0000 ional Association of YoutSYMPHONY h OrchestrasORCHESTRA DUNDEE SCHOOLS Music p45 0000 '**! National Association of Youth Orchestras -‘lH DURHAM COUNTY YOUTH ORCHESTRA Musi c p45 OO0O NatEDINBURGH ional Association of Youth OrchestrasYOUTH ORCHESTRA INTERNATIONAL Music p45 ©000 ’ FIFE ORCHESTRA Music p46 000© NationalYOUTH Association of Youth Orchestras -- HIGHLAND YOUTH ORCHESTRA Music p46 000© i\r| NatHILLHEAD ional Association of Youth Orchestras STRINGS Musi c p45 0000 NatLOTHIAN ional Association Youth Orchestras REGIONof SCHOOLS ORCHESTRA Music p46 OO0O National Association of Youth Orchestras YOUTH ORCHESTRA Music p46 DOO© .1) NatPERTH i o nal Association of Youth Orchestras RSAMD JUNIOR ACADEMY ORCHESTRA “fl NatSOUTHAMPTON ional Association ofUNIVERSITY Youth OrchestrasSYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Music p46 000© Music p>45 OOOO ' NatSTRATHCLYDE ional AssociationSCHOOLS of Youth Orchestras SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Musi c p46 000© National Association of Youth Orchestras YOUTH ORCHESTRA Music p4S 0000 NatJLSTER i»ERTH onal Association of Yout h Orchestras YOUTH ORCHESTRA Music pNS 0000 National Association of Youth Orchestras OOD AND DRINK: Tea and coffee at evening performances only. * DISABLED: Enc 2yd 2+7+6 Str HR. Aud: 100yd 8+8 Str HR WC (+5 25”). Newly installed lift. Chaplaincy Centre Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) ^ .characterises Opposite the the FringeveryClubbestandthathosting productions exhibitions, is Fringe,tenaldifferent l under one roof in theplusheart of Festivaltheland.centreIt’s 9“'., rynami c and i t ’ s fun! Varsity Venues. ickets 650 8201 Messages: 650 8201 I OFFICE: 10.30am - midnight Exhibitions p 102 O O 0 © Theatre p96 O O 0 O UNSEEN lackY FORCES Bush Productions 'QUUS Jfe Montfort University Theatre WfeyOBLIN Productions MARKET OISES OFF jutHEandWEIRD Fret Theatre t y ProductionsBOX AND PACKER ia ALLAS ilas and Packer

Theatre p61 Theatre p67 Theatre p96 Musicals & Opera p53 Theatre p92 Theatre p96


Comedy & Revue pl3 ©O0©

Church Hill Theatre Morningside Road. EdinburghHilVenue pleased to announce theirtheinternational programme Church TheatreAssociates and Studio.are Companies from all over world perform in one offor the Edinburgh’s447major Tickets 0111venues. Comfortable theatre, large bars, cafe, superb facilities. C BOX OFFICE: 2pm - 10pm Theatre GRAND HOTEL - THE MUSICAL Musicals & Opera p54 OO0© Pacific Productions PETER AND Dance & Physical Theatre p28 ©OOO Burklyn Youth BalTHElet WOLF ANORAK OF FIRE - THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GUS GASCOIGNE. Theatre p60 ©O0© Anorak of Fire TRAINSPOTTER Dance & Physical Theatre p29 ©O0© ©O0© Dance & Physical Theatre p29 Dance & Physical Theatre p31 ©O0© Theatre p84 O O 0 O PalBETRAYALS aver Productions HAMBY AND LACY DANCE Dance & Physi c al Theatre p30 OOO© Hamby And LacyAND DanceTEARS Theatre p71 ©O0© INfActSILENCE ional Theatre TEMPTATIONS Theatre p84 O O0O Palaver Productions Theatre p77 ©O0© MURDER KiSUMMIT ev TheatreCONFERENCE Theatre p87 ©O0© Quest Theatre Company FOOD AND DRINK: Bars, cafe. DISABLED: Ent: 6yd 3 Str HR WC (W 22”). Aud: 30yd 13+10+3 Str HR. WC (M 8+1 Str 21"). Cirque Surreal The Meadows, Melville Drive Dance & Physical Theatre p28 ©O0© CIRQUESurreal SURREAL Cirque Dance & Physical Theatre p28 ©O0© LEFAUVE Archaos Bikers BVDA DISABLED: Details not available Venue ISO The City Cafe 19 Blair Street. The City Cafe opens for breakfast and i s licensed until 2am every night of the festival. Due to its central location (off the Royal Mile) The City Cafe has long been a popular place for festival goers and performers to relax. Tickets: 220 0900 Messages: 220 0900 J9 BOX OFFICE: 7pm-8pm OO0© WHITE RABBIT COWBOYS White Rabbit Cowboys FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar and restaurant. Food available until 10pm. DISABLED: Details not available Club M8 12 Shandwick Place

IE BEAST OF PENPRIWY Theatre p76 O O 0 O Jl act’.BaERT Student& SULLIVAN Theatre Company GO WILDE Musi c al s & Opera pS2 OOO© i<t nburgh UniversiAND ty SavoyMSOpera ORPHEUS DICE Group Theatre p96 ©o©o DAMAGE DAYS biversity College London Drama Society OD ANDDOWNSTAIRS DRINK: Snack -barEnt: 40yd Flat. Aud: 20yd Flat WC. UPSTAIRS - Enc 30yd Flat ’« 1'ABLED: COME ON ~ Aud: 30yd 11 +11 Str HR. ,

Talks & Events pSS O O 0 0 Theatre p65 ©O0© 109

DAMAGE NIGHTS ooeo Damage DISABLED: Details not available Corstorphine Youth Centre 14 Kirk Loan, Corstorphine. Venue 88 Corstorphine Youth Centre community of old as a Corstorphine Village.growing. Its clubsis ahavevaluable members aged 7 tofacility 70 andsituated abovein- the and heart its reputation local Fringe334venue Tickets 3532isMessages 334 3532 HI Outer ONE FORTHEDramaROAD Theatre p64 OOOO Corstorphine Group FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar DISABLED: 2 Str (ask side doorResident to be opened 10yd ramped). Aud: 3yd Flat. WC (26”). GuideEnt:dogsI Oyd admitted. Phonefor available. caretaker. Craigmillar Arts Centre 58 Newcraighall Road Venue 27 669 QI4 Outer BOX8432 OFFICE: 10am-4.30pm THE STORY OF DR CRIPPEN Theatre p63 OO O O CaveatINSIDE Community Theatre C Venue Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Venue 19 Edinburgh’s mostnewcentral venue offers adrama wild andforexciting programme of cuttingcafe-bar, comedy, kitsch cult, innovative writing and classic al l ages. With two theatres, restaurant,225gallery and magnificent castle views. C presents the best of the festival. Tickets H7 BOX OFFICE:5105 9am-Messages lam & Admin 225 1501. C Theatre THE BFG Company Children's Shows p5 &o&o 4x4 Theatre SHAKESPEARE Theatre p84 oooo Oxford Headlights FOR BREAKFAST MISS FORTUNE Theatre p60 ©O0O Aroundabout ROAD Theatre Company Theatre p79 OOO© London University Theatre Company THE TEMPEST Theatre p84 ©OOO Oxford Headl i g ht s TRAVESTIES Theatre p72 ©OOO 4x4 Theatre Company VIOLENT NIGHT National Student Theatre Company EDINBURGH FRIGHT NIGHTS 4x4 Theatre Company THE IDIOTIC DEATH OF Annoyance Theatre of ChicagoTWO FOOLS UttleC .? PiDIDn-stWE. ripe Theatre THE CHILD PiWHEN n-strSTAR ipeHOUSEWIVES Theatre Burntbacon Theatre CompanyHAD THE CHOICE CANDIDE Optimism DOUBLE-BASS AETHE Productions THE PIGEON AE Productions APinPLACE WITH THE PIGS -stripe Theatre STEALING Sam Shammas WHITE AS IProductions AMl Ltd Rebecca Waddel no

Theatre p81 ©OOO Theatre p72 ©OOO Comedy & Revue p8 ©OOO Comedy & Revue p24 ©OOO Children’s Shows p6 ©OOO Theatre p62 OOO© Theatre p83 Theatre p58 Theatre p58 Theatre p85 Theatre p89 Theatre p97


AlDOPPELGANGER tamirageGOLD Theatre Company FOOL’S ITHE was aISLAND Teenage Zombie Theatre Company KCS Theatre Company

Theatre p59 ©O0C Theatre p76 ©oodlf Theatre p77 000€

AEAUDIENCE ProductionsEXPECTATIONS GREATEST Pin-stripe Theatre HOPLITE 4x4 Theatre KARINA’S Company KITSCH KITCHEN NOT RESPONSIBLE! American Renai sance Theatre of Dramatic Arts SAUCY JACKsAND THE SPACE VIXENS Ant i c Disposition SPANK Feminist Revue Cambridge Cellar C THE ONLY FIRST-FLOOR CELLAR BAR ON THE FRINGETalks & Events p55 © O OI Gallery 4 MORE THAN WHITE WALLS Exhibitions p98 0O0I FOOD ANDFront DRINK: Licensed and20+5+15+10 restaurant serving mealsadvisable and drinksto wheelchairs. all day. DISABLED: Ent: 7yd13yd5 8StrStrcafe-bar HR.HRAud: StrxHr.49”)Not From Rose Street Ent Aud: 9yd to lift (28” I yd to performance area. \A (W 23”). Demarco European Art Foundation St. Mary’s School, Albany St/York Lane Venue Richard Demarco presents a trulyandinternational Festivalfromprogramme of Visual Bridging and Performing Arts, linking over 50 productions 30 exhibitions over 20 countries. the gaps between 558 East,3371 WestMessages North and558South in relation to the New Europe. Tickets 3371 BOX OFFICE: 10.30- 12 midnight Theatre p65 ALCHEMY The DemarcoTHE Foundation BRIDGING GAPS BETWEEN EAST AND WEST, ART, SCIENCE; Exhibitions p98 The Demarco Foundation DREAM ABOUT LITTLE PRINCE - TUZLA YOUTH THEATRE Fheatre p66 The Demarco Theatre p66 FLYDemarco OUT OFFoundation THE CAGE - TUZLA YOUTH THEATRE The Foundation Theatre p65 LATIN! OR TOBACCO AND BOYS The Demarco(THEFoundation Theatre p67 MUSICA FLY) The Demarco Foundation Theatre p67 SCOTLAND’S MOVES The Demarco Foundation BEYOND ALL CERTAINTY - UK - SWEDEN The THEDemarco BRIDGEFoundation (A RITE OF PASSAGE) The DemarcoOFFoundation COUNTRY ANIMALS The Demarco Foundation THE LITTLE PRINCE The Foundation- BUZM THEATRE COMPANY LOVEDemarco LETTERS-USA The Demarco Foundation NEITHER HERE NOR THERE The Demarco Foundation THEDemarco PAPER Foundation EATER The SKIN DEEP The Demarco Foundation THE THEATRE OF ANTOSHA CHELAKONTA - BELARUS The Demarco Foundation TITANIA’S WOMEN The Demarco Foundation TRAIN The Demarco Foundation

OO0! ©OO oooj OO©' OOO OOO’ ©0€


Theatre p67 Theatre p66 Theatre p65 Theatre p67 Theatre p66 Theatre p66 Theatre p66 Theatre p67 Theatre p67 Theatre p66 Theatre p67 Theatre p67 Theatre p67 Theatre p67

©O0O ooo© ©GOO OO0O ©ooo OOGO OO0O ©ooo ooo© OO0O oo©o ©ooo ooo©

Theatre p67 ©OOO Theatre p66 OOOO Theatre p66 ©OOO Theatre p65 OOOO liLBARET e DemarcoATFoundation Theatre p67 ©oo© ST MARY’S i)|hARMEN e DemarcoFUNEBRE Foundation -TEATRBIUROPODROZY -POLAND Theatre p66 OOOO |IeEDemarco Foundation HERVE-GIL-FRANCE Theatre p66 ©ooo aeIMPASSION Demarco Foundation Theatre p66 OOOO He Demarco Foundation _ ^^ iCURIALE BY CAUCHEMAR CONCRET TEATRO ITALYTheatre p65 ©_ OOO j* Demarco Foundation Theatre p65 OOO© eDemarco SDemarco THE DAYFoundation AFTER VALENTINE'S DAY - USA Theatre p66 ooo© #81*liGHTINGALE Foundation Theatre p66 OOOO FOR DINNER - CZECH REPUBLIC 4e4EDemarco Foundation NIGHT - THEATRE KANA - POLAND Theatre p67 ooo© 8 *)STOS Demarco Foundation/ VISIONS - THEATRIKI LESCHI - GREECETheatre p67 OOOO 8W(EPALMIST Demarco- ULYSSES Foundation Theatre p67 OOOO j| Demarco Foundation IETS UNDER THE SKIRT Theatre p6S OOO© IIEDemarco TAMINGFoundation OF THE SHREW Theatre p67 ©ooo (Demarco Foundation VAUTUSFoundation LANDSBERGIS Theatre p67 OOOO ! Demarco 'a,jkflAITING FOR GODOT SAIS-FES MOROCCO Theatre p67 ©ooo X? Demarco Foundation OD AND DRINK: S-star restaurant, brasserie and cabaret al l day iN .Ad BLED: Playground. 2 Str.Aud: Aud:25yd12yd.30WC (unsuitable). Enc IAud: yd I Str.37ydAud:60 Str level access. No WC.EncI stI ydFloor Str HR. No WC. Main 2nd Floor 8ji ^available. WC 24”. Basement Aud: 18yd 19 Str HR. No WC. All levels unsuitable for wheelchairs, but XDemarco WOMENFoundation AND QUITE A FEW MEN ARE RIGHT | heMINE-HUNGARY

THE LAUGHING ROUNDHEAD Theatre p68 DiverseTHE Attractions SAVE WORLD/ HIGHLAND FLING Children’s Shows p5 DiSHORES verse Attractions Music p40 Diverse Attractions CORIOLANUS Theatre p68 DiEARLY verse Attractions MORNING CLEANERS Theatre p68 DiLAZZI! verse Attractions Theatre p68 Diverse Attractions MEDEA Theatre p68 DiWILFRED verse Attractions OWEN Theatre p68 Diverse Attractions CRASHING Theatre p68 Diverse Attractions FIONA MUIR Music p40 DiI SPY verseMRS Attractions PEERY Theatre p68 DiverseLIFEAttractions THE AND TIMES OF TIBBIE PAGAN Theatre p68 Diverse Attractions Theatre p68 LOVERS Diverse Attractions MAGAZINE UNDERSTANDING Talks & Events p55 Diverse Attractions FOOD AND DRINK: Cafe all day. DISABLED: Ent: 3yd Flat. Aud: 25yd Flat Dr Neil’s557Garden Tickets 2957 Duddingston Kirk, Duddingston Village


Venue 39 014 Outer Talks & Events p55 OOOO

OPEN yWEEKEND Amnest InternationalAT DR NEIL’S GARDEN DISABLED: Details not available Dundee Rep Theatre lay Square, Dundee 0131 558 3371 Theatre p67 OOOO MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE The DemarcoKORSUNOVO Foundation GRUPE: LITHUANIA Theatre p67 ©OOO OSKARO The Demarco Foundation IT’S A FUNNY LIFE Theatre p67 ©OOO The DemarcoPOLARIS FoundationDANCE-LATVIA/SOUNDS AND SOULS Theatre p67 OOOO_ STELLA The THEDemarco YELLOWFoundation WALLPAPER Theatre p67 OOO© The Demarco Foundation ALL WOMEN AND QUITE A FEW MEN ARE RIGHT Theatrep67 OOOO The Demarco Foundation ECF Kings Hall South Clerk Street Venue 52 The hall isheated a completely refurbished church building, thethroughout. main auditorium of which is carpetted, centrally and provided with comfortable seating N1 Messages: 668 2662 0

CEILIDH AT THE CARPENTER’S ARMS Music p46 OOOO NiLIVEghtsMUSIC in the Carpenter’s Arms „^ ^ AT THE CARPENTER’S ARMS Music p46 (JOUU NiSATURDAY ghts in the Carpenter’s Arms NIGHT AT THE CARPENTER' S ARMS Musicp46 OVUU Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Nights in the Carpenter’s Arms 'i•! verse wets 225Attractions 8961 (OFFICE: 9.30am - midnight FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: drinksstr HR. available DISABLED: flatSoft+2+3 Aud: 5yd flat. WC unadapted but fully accessible to wheelchair users.2ydGuide dogs admitted. Venue 70 Edinburgh Academy 42 Henderson Row ATheatre warm Workshop welcome is and assured atfifteen Edinburgh Academy’s studio theatreThein school’s Stockbridge; near show only minutes from the city centre. first Fringe Musicp40 OOOO iUGIE SINGS for many 556 years. Messages: 5S6 4603 ‘se Attractions D7 Theatre p68 OOOO Tickets I!se-IGAttractions MILLAR; WHO'S THAT? BOX OFFICE:4603 9am - 5pm III


CALIBAN ON THURSDAY The ElectrSILK ic Company GREEN THAN WATER ArtEXHIBITION For Action AND SALE OF CONTEMPORART SCOTTISHExhiARTbitions p99 OOO© Sunny Hi l Pl a yersIS THICKER HOW TO ROAST A STRASBOURG GOOSE Theatre p78 oooii Lit le Red Hen TRANSLATIONS Theatre p69 OOO© THE TEMPEST Theatre p70 000 Edinburgh Academy The El e ct r i c Company WARMLEY. A ONE MAN PLAY ABOUT DYLAN THOMAS Theatre p82 ©O0 N.W.5 Theatre Productions Edinburgh Buddhist Centre 55a Grange Road Venu< ELIZABETH Theatre p70 The Edinburghmovement Buddhist Centre is runis tobymake the Friends of theaccessible WesterntoBuddhist Order;west.an Tl Elizabeth R & Co.R - Pioneer Theatre USA international whose aim Buddhism the modern JACKNIFE Theatre p92 centre n meditation,662Buddhism TelKUMIKO ling TalesYAMAGUCHI Theatre CompanyMODERN Ticketsruns662classes 4945 iMessages: 4945 and yoga throughout the year. Dance & Physical Theatre p30 DANCE COMPANY: IN BETWEEN Japan Experience NOTTINGHAM REVUE: THE VELCRO-NINJAS’ Talks & Events p56 O O € TEA PARTY The Uni versityIRON of Nottingham New Theatre Comedy & Revue p27 TERU HIDAKA: BLACK FLY PHANTOM Talks & Events p56 Japan Experience AT BALDRIGGERA Theatre p78 Talks & Events p56 O O 0 0 HOUSEPARTY LiMUCH tde RedADO Hen ABOUT NOTHING Theatre p61 Bare AndTWORagged Theatre OF VERONA DISABLED; Details not available THE GENTLEMEN Theatre p82 North West Leicestershire Yout h Theatre Edinburgh Playhouse 557 l8-22Greenside PI. Venue 59 Tickets 557 2590. BOX OFFICE: 10am Messages - 6pm (8pm on2692 performance days) THE APPRENTICE Theatre p63 Cheeky Boys Inc BIRDLAND Music p41 BEST OF THE FEST I Comedy & Revue pl4 oooo FestivalDEFINITIVE Club Productions Jack Dee,OFRichard Morton,2 Rhona Cameron,The 2 Marks & John Lenahan THE MARVIN HANGLIDER Comedy & Revue p 18 BEST THE FEST Comedy & Revue p 14 OO0O (WITH MARVIN HANGLIDER) Lee Evans, HTHE attie Hayridgejeff Green & Lano & Woodley Comedy & Revue pi I HAMLET - A WORLD GONE MADMarvin Hanglider Theatre p73 BEST OF FEST 3 OOOO Ful l Circle JoBEST Brand,OFLanoTHE& Woodley and special guests COGNITO Comedy & Revue pl3 FEST Comedy & Revue p24 OO0O IanIANCognito LiBEST ly Savage, Gayle FEST Tuesday54 and Bob Downe BYCluNIGHT Music p41 OF THE Comedy & Revue p20 OO0O JAZZ Fest i v al b Productions Mark Lamarr & Special Guests KEME: MUUMMUUUU Dance & Physi c al Theatre p30 FOOD AND DRINK: Restaurant, Licensed bar at time of performance. Japan ExperienceCITIZENS’ THEATRE: DOLLS DISABLED: Enc 3yd 3 Str. Main Aud: Circle at street level, stalls down 3 flights. MATSUDO Theatre p76 Japan MISSExperience MARGARIDA' Theatre p81 Fat Sam’s Downtown Diner 56 Fountainbridge Venue 159 MZM Productions Inc. S WAY js MONDO RIDICAMUNDO Musi c al s & Opera p51 The AndersonHAYNES. FoundationBOUND NOT GAGGED. NATALIE Comedy & Revue pl2 Music p36 O O © © Cambridge Amateur Dramatic Club NUDE COFFEE Comedy & Revue p23 DISABLED: Details not available Nude Coffee OBSCURITY KNOCKS Comedy & Revue p 15 Festival Club 9-15 Chambers Street. Venue 1 Festival Club Productions PICTURES OF AN EXHIBITIONIST Theatre p78 Located at the very heart of the Festival, just seven minutes walk from Princes Street. With Hans Li b erg three theatres,fromtwoallcabaret plus Everything restaurantsfortheEverybody, club hostsEveryday. the biggestVarsity rangeVenues. of TARTS Musi c al s & Opera p53 productions over thebarsworld. Kevin DODO Feather Productions Tickets 650 2395 I THE RETURNS. Comedy & Revue pi I BOX OFFICE: 9am -Messages: midnight 650 2395 Peter Buckl e y Hi l CHUNNEL VISION Comedy & Revue p23 Campus ASChicYOU LIKE ITCompany Children’s Shows p5 OOO© Off THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY Theatre p61 kpea Theatre HIROYUKI MATSUMOTO: Exhibitions pi04 OO0O Bare & Ragged Theatre Japan Experience FOOD AND DRINK: Refreshments, cafe, restaurant and bar al l day. IAGO:Theatre THE ART OF DECEPTION Theatre p76 O O © O DISABLED: Ent: 4yd 3 Str. WC in basement via lift (M 23” F 25”) Fully adapted. Aud: 13 yd. li.l Janus Productions 30” wide. BEGINNINGS ANDCompany ENDINGS Theatre p92 O O 0 O FestivarcIub^DoTsPlace^TchambersStree^™^^^^^” Info 220 2462 Tart an Palm Theatre CLASSICAL INTERLUDE Music p41 0O0© Doc’s Place Fest i v al Club Productions GRAFFITI Theatre p92 0O0O Tart an Palm TheatreTOCompany FEATURING CANTERACH Music p35 O O Cm LOVECRAFT:CTHULHU AND BEYOND Theatre p84 OO0© Acoustic Musi- INCAS c Centre Outhouse Productions WAYKIS IN ALBA Musi c p35 OOt1 * METAMORPHOSIS Theatre p74 OOO© Acoustic Music Centre Gordonstoun Yout h Theatre THE CONQUESTS Theatre p61 0O0© Back 2NORMAN Front Productions DAVID HUGHES Music p35 000 PERNICIOUS FICTIONS Theatre p91 O O 0 O Acoustic StSHAKING range FruitUPStageworks Musi c Centre- IN CONCERT SHAKESPEARE GAELIC CEILIDH Musi c p35 O O ClfL Theatre p92 O O © O Tart an Palm Theatre Company Acoustic Music Centre SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THEeGIANT RAT HUNTER AND THE CRACK OF NOON CLUB Music p35 QQ|1 r Comedy & Revue pl5 OOOO JIM OF SUMATRA Fossi c k Val l e y Fumbl rs Acoustic Musi c Centre Musicals & Opera p53 0O0O JOHN - IN CONCERT Music p35 00#P JulSPACE es & JulFAMILY es TheatreROBINSON AcousticJAMES Music Centre 112

VENUE INDEX THE JOHN WRIGHT BAND Acoust Musi NORTHiicc Musi SEAcc Centre GAS - IN CONCERT Acoust Centre THE PEELER SMALL QUARTET Acoust ic Music Centre SEANNACHIE Acoustic Music Centre ilil Acoust SMALLTALK ic Music Centre THE WRIGLEY SISTERS - IN CONCERT Acoust ic Music Centre Festival Theatre 13/29 Nicolson Street BOX OFFICE: 9am - 6pm

Music p35 Music p3S Music p3S Music p3S Music p35 Music p35


FESTIVAL POSTER COMPETITION Exhibitions p 101 EAE Distribution FRINGE Talks & Events p56 OOOO FriLYNN nge ClSEYMOUR-PROFESSIONAL uANNUAL b Events GENERAL MEETING MASTERCLASS Talks & Events p56 OOO© FriRICHARD nge Club Event s EYRE-PROFESSIONAL MASTERCLASS Talks & Events pS6 OOOO FriSIGN nge ClLANGUAGE ub Events IN THE THEATRE Talks & Events p56 OOOO FriWHAT nge ClubIS FRINGE? Events - AN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCETalks & Events pS6 OOO 0 Fringe Club Events Venue 79 FriKENngeCAMPBELL Club Events - LECTURE DEMONSTRATION Talks & Events p56 O O O €

Music p37 OOOO FOOD AND DRINK: Cafe and licensed bar available al l day J, DISABLED: Level access to Foyer, Bar & Box Office. Lifts to all floors. Fettes College East Fettes Avenue n 1870,by David FettesBryce, Collegetheismain set inbuilding beautifulis grounds and offers views ofGothic Edinburgh. Designed a magnificent exampleglorious of Victorian architecture. Parking for 400 vehicles. Tickets 332 2281 Messages C BOX OFFICE: 9am -xI200 pm, 2pm - Spm332 2281 Theatre p71 oo©© EQUUS Fettes At The Fringe Ml!DISABLED: Ent 40yd I Str +11 yd+10 Str +1 yd. Aud: 3yd flat WC 22” wheelchairs. Guide dogs admitted, help available, phone for access. inaccessible for |§| (Fingers Piano Bar 61 a Frederick Street Venue 130 9 Edinburgh’s only piano bar complete with Baby Grand. The most relaxed performance space in Edinburgh; duck out of the crowded street into an intimate night club atmosphere even at lunchtime. A large selection of premier beers, spirits and cocktails. Tickets 225 3026 G7 , - BOX OFFICE: 12pm -2pm, Spm - 8pm on performance days. Theatre p75 oo©o JD AND DRINK: Licensed bar, snacks iMpSABLED: Ent S steps atlights andinFirkin Street Venue 85 Newly refurbished typicalfood,‘Fi7friendly rkiSpittal n’ stylestaff (previously Theatmosphere. Garrick) theNotrecently opened ptlights provides good and a great to mention a great ::ets: e of ales, including the three brewed specially i n Edinburgh for the Footlights. 0378I 268588 K5 X OFFICE: pm - 2pmMessages: and 6pm 229 - Spm8368 Comedy & Revue pIS OO0© OOD AND DRINK: Public house with bar snacks ' DISABLED: Full disabled facilities. he Freedom Factory662The4441Salvation Army, I East Adam Street. VenueKl870 667 4313. ! OXicketsOFFICE: I pm -Messages 10pm Theatre p73 OOOO Comedy & Revue pIS OOOO IDtBLED: ANDEnt:DRINK: Refreshments al l day. East Adam St level 10yd Flat to Aud: WC (adapted) Venue 2 *inge Club Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. . elcome to theoneepicentre of thebuilding; Fringe andwithFestival City.club Thenights, largestinternational arts festival oncomedians Earth ueezed into three storey l i v e music, .l;d the pick of5138 the Fringe in the hungriest cabaret bar in the world. <jkkets:226 L8 )X OFFICE: 7pm - late. Talks & Events pS6 OOO©

FROMSecond THECitySECOND CITY Comedy & Revue p25 ©oo© The ONE WOMAN SHOW Comedy & Revue p20 ©oo© Tania Lacy BIGgVern’n VERNtheShootahs ‘N THE SHOOTAHS Music p37 OOOO BiBOOGALUSA Music p38 OOOO Boogal u sa Music p4l OOOO BO’WEEVIL The Fringe Club Musicp4l OOO© CAPTAIN SHIFTY The Fringe Club Music p42 OOO© CASACABRALES The FringeAND ClubTHE BEAN COCO Music p42 OOO© The Fringe Club Music p42 OOOO COMBO! COMBO! The Fringe Club Music p42 OOOO DAWNTREADERS The Fringe Club Music p4l OO©© DELPHIC RECORDS’ SONG SHOWCASE The Fri n ge Club Musicp4l OOO© FIESTA LATINA The Fringe Club Musicp4l OOOO FJAERE FjTHEaereFRINGE CLUB CLUB Music p41 ©O©0 The nge Club FAMILY Music p43 ©OOO THEFriHUMPFF The Humpff FamiLIESly Music p42 OOOO INVENTED The nge Club 7 Music p42 ©OOO THEFriJOHNNY The Fringe ClubHEROES Music p44 OOO© KHARTOUM Kharthoum HeroesMONKEYS Musicp42 OOO© LITTLE GREEN The Fringe Club Music p42 OOOO LOOBIE The FringeBROOKS Club Music p38 OOOO LORNA Lorna Brooks BROWN ALE - PICK OF THE FRIDGE Music p41 ©oo© NEWCASTLE The FriPEARLFISHERS nge Club Music p47 OOOO THE The PearlHALL fishers Comedy & Revue pl8 ©OO© RICH RiTHEch HalSATIVA l DRUMMERS Music p41 OOOO The FringeBANCROFT Club & GINA RAE Music p49 OOO© SOPHIE Sophi e Bancroft & Gina Rae Music pSO OOOO MARTIN STEPHENSON Mart i n Stephenson Music pSO OOOO SUGARTOWN Sugartown Musicp4l ©OO© THE TARTAN AMOEBAS The Fringe Club Musicp42 OOOO TINDERBOX The Fringe Club Music p42 OOO© TRAVIS The Musicp4l OOOO TRIBEFringe Club The Fringe Club FOOD ANDNearest DRINK:access Cafe,from Licensed and lRestaurant late. (Cabaret Hall). DISABLED: rear.Bars Kitchen ift availablefrom to get10am to toptil floor Ent : 50yd 7+1 +2 Str partial HR WC (W +18 Sp HR 25” M +25 Sp HR 25"). Aud: numerous stairs and several floors. Help available. Guide dogs admitted. 113

5 VENUE INDEX George Square Theatre George Square. Opposite the Fringe Club, a short walkmusic, from theatre, Princes Street, well-respected Fringestars.venue hasNewlysomething for everyone: comedy, revue andthisbar,interviews withandthe refurbished auditorium, ful l y reserved seating, licensed snack bar welcoming, efficient young staff. 11 Aug) Messages 650 4600 Tickets 650 2001 Mi BOX OFFICE: 10am(after - 10.15pm (Opens 9am for morning shows) Talks & Events p57 OO0O


Comedy & Revue p25 Comedy & Revue p 16 Comedy & Revue p26 Comedy & Revue p25

0O©€ 0O©€ ®O0€ OO 0 €


Dance & Physical Theatre p29 GiBLOODBIRDS lded Balloon OR BLOOD’S MUCKIER THAN WATER DAUGHTERS Gi5:01-MOURNING lded Balloon PORKY GiGERALDINE lded Balloon MCNULTY - 10 WOMEN IN A Comedy & Revue p 16 ONE-FROCK SHOW GildedSONBalloon THE PRIME MINISTER’S Theatre p73 Comedy & Revue pi I CO©© Glided Balloon Comedy & Revue p 16 FOOD ANDNotDRINK: Licensed bar, tea, coffee, ice creams and snacksdiffiavailable DISABLED: accessible for wheelchairs or those with mobility culty. Guideall day.dogs admitted to auditorium. JAM Comedy & Revue p 16 0O©<<“ The Gilded Balloon Theatre 233 Cowgate. Venue 38 BILL GiFRED ldedBAILEY’S BalMACAULAY loon COSMIC The Gilded Balloon celebrates 10 years at the top with 75 shows this year and more cutting UNFRINGED Comedy & Revue pl6 ©O0I edge theatre,cafedance, stand-upshop;comedy and cabaret than you can shake a stick at With a new GiTHEGADFLYS lded Balloon Box-office, and venue i n the very heart of the Edinburgh. Music p42 ®o©i Tickets 226 2151 I Gilded Balloon BOX OFFICE: 10am-Messages lam. 226 6550. JOHNMolMOLONEY’S CLASS OF ‘95 Comedy & Revue p2l 0O©<<*4 John o ney Main SMILEY’S Comedy & Revue pl6 0 ©0f Gilded BalloCULTURE on THE ADVENTURES OF PECOS BILL Children' s Shows p6 000© Backstage II GiMAGIC lded Balloon . .UNPLUGGEDII! Children’s Shows p6 O O © © AN AFTERNOON OF LEISURE WEAR Glided BalBOB. loon Comedy & Revue pl6 OO0I iM GiANNIE lded Bal‘URLEY loon Comedy & Revue p 16 @©0f ABIGAIL’S lded BalloonHARD TICKETS Theatre p73 ®O0© GiGLASGOW GiIMPROVM. lded BalloonDPARTY Theatre p73 ®o©< . Gi l d ed Bal l o on Comedy & Revue pl7 OO©© GiINHERITANCE lded Balloon RACHEL Theatre p73 0O©( Theatre p73 O O © © Gilded Balloon GiLITTLE lded BalRED loon RIDING HOOD Theatre p73 0 © 0 © GiSEXUAL lded Balloon Comedy SRevue p 16 ®O0< IN CHICAGO Theatre p73 0O©© Gilded BallPERVERSITY oon LOT SYBILLE OF PEOPLE & Revue pl6 ®o©4« KENlded&BalBARB - A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SUPERMODEL Theatre p73 0O©© ANICKWILTY DAME GildASK ed BalME. loon.AN HOUR WITH Comedy GiTHE l o on Comedy & Revue pl6 0O©1 UMBILICAL BROTHERS IN HEAVEN BY STORMComedy& Revue pl7 0 O © © Gi l d ed Bal l o on Gilded Balloon ROGER MONKHOUSE Comedy & Revue pl7 000" KNOCKS. . Gilded BalNATURAL loonSAYS OPPORTUNITY STEVE GRIBBIN: BORN KIDDER Comedy & Revue pl6 ®o©« Music p42 0O©O Gilded Balloon GiDONNA lDONNA ded BallAND oMCPHAIL on K.B.B. .IN.. ! FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar, snacks and refreshments all day. Enc I yd Flat Aud: 12 yd Comedy & Revue p21 OOO© DISABLED: Studio: Enc 2yd Flat Aud: 10yd WC (W + M). Theatre: Donna McPhai l CRACK Flat WC (W + M) GREAT CANADIAN Comedy & Revue pl6 ®o©© Gilded BalOTWAY’S loon JOHN Music p42 OOOO Gilded Balloon II, Stepping Stones West Bow, Grassmarket Venue GlLATE‘N’LIVE ided Balloon PREMATURE ADULATION Gilded Balloon Itheatres presentsoverflowing yet more top-notch theatre, comedy and music atfrom Stepping Comedy & Revue pl6 0OO© The Stones. ThreeMere more with theGilded best in Fringe entertainment around GiSTRUCK lded BalloOFF on AND DIE’S TELEVISION PILOT the world. minutes away from the original Balloon: the perfect Festival package. Comedy & Revue pl6 0O0O Tickets 225 6520 Messages 226 6550 Gilded Balloon BOX OFFICE: 10am- lam. Backstage Main BIGldedTIME p73 0OO© CREATIVE FIRE - BURNS Theatre p73 0O0 GiTHE Balloon SHOP PRESENTS THE BUTTER FACTORComedyTheatre CHEESE & Revue p 16 0 O © © Gilded Balloon GiEASY tiiiaea lded Bal- LOOKOUT loon THEATRE COMPANY Theatre p73 0OO© MORE THAN KISSES Theatre p73 ©O0»V Gilded Balloon GiPILLS, lded BalTHRILLS loon + BACKACHE: THE HANK WILLIAMS STORYTheatrep91 0001EL Strong Arm Theatre Company DOG, FOOD, DAD Comedy & Revue pi 6 ®o©© SHELFLIFE Comedy & Revue pl2 ®O0: GiLYNN lded Balloon - HEART AND SOLE Checkout Theatre Co Comedy & Revue p 16 0 O © © TERMINAL WANDERLUST Dance & Physi c al Theatre p29 ®©0|§ Gilded BalFERGUSON loon Gilded Balloon 114 ANNIE Nat ional YoutSQUARE h Music Theatre GEORGE CHARITY GALA Nat i o nal Yout h Music Theatre THE THREEPENNY OPERA National Youth Music Theatre

Musicals & Opera p54 O ® © © Comedy & Revue p22 OOOO Musicals & Opera p54 OOOO

VENUE INDEX EAMON ■ OLDER BROTHER OF JESUS Comedy & Revue p24 ,.'4j MiTHEchaelKOSH Redmond IN JUST BELOW THE SURFACE Dance & Physical Theatre p29 Gilded Balloon HIS NEW SHOW Comedy & Revue p 14 i <eviN FLAGRANT n Day DELIGHT Comedy & Revue p 17 jilded BalloonAND NAYLOR’S BRAND NEW PIGBAG Comedy & Revue p23 - ’ARSONS 8 Vsons & Naylor SUZANNE BONNAR DOIN’ IT RIGHT Music p42 l!£|« Sided Balloon DON’T START ME.. Theatre p74 tiffed Balloon CAMPAIGN Comedy & Revue pl7 : i"HE llONOLOGUE dedMINTY Balloon FRESH OF A MADWOMEN Theatre p74 ,i ' iINFINISHED lded Balloon MELODY OF A COUPLE Theatre p74 Ided Balloon Comedy & Revue p 17 :lJeffrey iURRIED lded Balldahmer oGOAT on is unwell Comedy & Revue p 19 * ay Dahmer Is Unwell EIGHT MINCE Comedy & Revue p20 S,EBrdTERKiAND ernan and John Paul Leach MIKE’S LATE NITE INTERACTIVE JAM FESTComedy& Revue pl7 liOddedYOUBallFEEL oon LUCKY? Comedy & Revue pl3 !» Clark JILL’S CORDUROY HOSTESS Comedy & Revue pl7 1)8 iAXdedAND Balloon Comedy & Revue pi 7


Theatre p74 Theatre p74 Theatre p74 Comedy & Revue pl7

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Greyfriars Kirkhouse Candlemaker Row. Venue 28 Fringe venueTheatre at the Group. heart ofVibrant the festival, in association with Theatre in the Milwith and aBradford University and exciting. New work, new companies, fabulous international touch. Greyfriars Kirkhouse, professional, friendly and committed to excellence. Tickets 225 3626 K8 BOX OFFICE: 9.30am- 1.30am Studio One LEARING Theatre p87 00©0 The Rasselas Theatre MACBETH ON THECompany ROCKS Musicals & Opera p51 OOOO Atelier Theatre ORPHEUS - JEAN Theatre COCTEAU Theatre p74 O © 0 O Greyfriars Kirkhouse BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS Theatre p64 OOO© Crumpet Theatre Company(FROM BURNING BRIDGES SHAKESPEARE’S TEMPEST) Theatre p74 OO0O Greyfriars Kirkhouse Theatre DEHAADEG Theatre p87 OO0O The RasselFORas Theatre DUET ONE Company Theatre p69 OOOO Double Edge Drama THE HUNTING THE SNARK Children’s Shows p6 OOO© Greyfriars KirkhouseOFTheatre MACBETH Theatre p92 OO0O Superstition Theatre Company THE CHANGELING Theatre p69 OOO© Double Edge Drama Theatre p69 OOOO HAMLET Double Edge DramaPROJECT NOH THEATRE Dance & Physical Theatre p31 OOO© QMW Theatre Company UNDUE Theatre p76 OOOO Is This SeatAGGRAVATION Taken/ UNL Productions

©OOO OOO © ©OO© ©OO© THE RESPECTFUL WHORE ©o©© Prospectus Theatre Co ©o©© ©O0O OO©© ©o©©

PARADISE Rhyme & Reason(LOST) REUNION Blue Angel Productions WHATCHAWILL! Living Theatre

Theatre p87 OOOO Theatre p88 OOOO Theatre p62 O O 0 O Theatre p79 OOOO Theatre p61 OOOO

Comedy & Revue pl7 ©oo© TWO MEN AND A PENGUIN Theatre p89 OOOO pity Comedy & Revue pl7 ©oo© Serendi FOOD AND DRINK: Unlicensed cafe Comedy & Revue pl7 ©oo© DISABLED: Ent: 2yd 22 Str partial HR. Aud: 7yd Flat WC (W 22 “ M+22 Str 6yd 22") Greyfriars Kirk Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Venue 131 Edinburgh’soffirst17threformed church (1620). National covenant signed Bobby-world 1638. Scotland’sfamous finestdogComedy & Revue p 17 ©oo© collection and 18th century funeral monuments. Greyfriars memorial stone. Varied programme of drama, concerts, organ recitals and guided tours Comedy & Revue pi 7 ©oo© throughout the festival. 225 1900 K8 Comedy & Revue pl7 ©oo© BOX OFFICE: 1/2 hour before performance.

STed BalOFloSCOTTISH COMEDY on J RROT edJNG,BallGIFTED oUNCAGED' on AND GREEN PART II J ed Balloon IDD ANDEnt:DRINK: all day. Str partial HR. WC (15+4 partial HR W 25” IABLED: 50yd ILicensed Str. Aud:bar,40ydcafe15+4+15+4 n *sitets 557Meeting 5039 House 33 Barony Street (off Broughton St.) Venue 53F9 ■PI freyNSITIONS: MacEwan STEPS IN AN ARTIST’S PROGRESSION Exhibitions pi 02 ©OO©

BRIGHT STREAM BETWEEN THE HILLS-POCAHONTAS Theatre p88 OOOO Resolutions Theatre Company ORGAN Musicp42 OW*>© Greyfriars RECITALS Kirk Promotions Music p48 OOO© DISABLED: Flat access to Church and toilets. Venue 81 Grindlay Court Centre Grindlay Street Theatrep64 OOO© Grindlay Court Centre is situated within the heart of Edinburgh, close to the Usher Hall. The : JIOSSTHE BORDER V'B-larsach (Scottish Harp) Society venue i s part of Edinburgh’s Contact Gallery. 229 7941 J5 ^ JInBLED: 3 Str HR.HelpAud:available. 15yd 21 Str HR. WC adapted. Unsuitable (or wheelchair Tickets BOX OFFICE: 9am -Messages: 4pm 229 7941 ' GuideEntdogsI ydadmitted. 115

VENUE INDEX IS UNWELL Dance & Physical Theatre p29 O O © O JEFFREY Theatre p58 OOO About TimeBERNARD Theatre Company PENETRAZIONI Theatre p92 OOOll Teatro St a bi l e Del l e Arti Medi o eval i PLASTIC MADONNA Theatre p96 OOO » Guildford Arms I West Register St(off East End of Princes St) Venue 107 The University of Nottingham New Theatre Very city centre next to and Register at the EastStation end of Princes ACTION Theatre p74 OOO StreetwellWellknown almostpublic allbeers, cityhouse, centre handyHouse forservice Waverley St Glitteris GIRL Andrew’s busserved station.byExcellent good buses food and friendly - but above alandl some AVERNAL Dance & Physical Theatre p29 ooop excellent folk music. JOURNEY WESTCompany Theatre p95 ©OO TriSITUATION pitaka Theatre DOG Theatre p90 OOO Shi f t y Theatre Company CHRISTINE KYDD AND JANET RUSSELL Music p39 OO0O TWILIGHT ZONE - LIVE-ON-STAGE Theatre p92 OOO CalSCALDED edonian FolCATS k At The Guildford Music p39 OO0O Theater Schmeater CalDAVY edoniSTEELE an Folk At The Guildford Studio Music p39 OOOO Caledonian Folk At The Guildford TICH FRIER Musi c p39 OOO© THE Comedy & Revue pIS OOO Caledonian Folk At The Guildford Flip FloHIp FiENERGY t SHOW MIKEWHELLANS Musi c p39 OOOO CaledoniWRIGLEY an Folk AtSISTERS The Guildford Theatre p90 ooofi THE Music p39 OO0O ACINCINNATI Single HOURS Voice Theatre Co Caledonian Folk At The Guildford DEAD Theatre p94 OOO Tmu-Na Tel Aviv GUITARTheatre, HEAVEN Music p36 OOO Alborada Musi c HANCOCK’S LASTCompany HALF HOUR Theatre p58 OOO Harry Younger Hall Lochend Close, Canongate Venue 13 About Time Theatre Once again The Harry Younger Hall becomes one of the most exciting venues i n Edinburgh. HOT, HUNG AND HORNY Theatre p63 OOO Young directors combine with young actors to present a wide range of imaginative theatre. Cambridge Bats Theatre p81 OOO JM JOE! Moon Glow Productions, Inc FRUITION Theatre p88 OOOO BIG BLONDE Theatre p92 OOO Royal SECOND Scottish Academy of MusiOFc &MATTHEW Drama udio 108COWANS THE COMING Theatre p97 OOOO StGERRY Comedy & Revue pl8 OOO Wel s h Col l e ge of Musi c and Drama Gerry Gowans SILVER SPURTLE THEATRE Theatre p88 OOOO LLUDMILLA LYMAR Theatre p77 OOO Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama WHEELCHAIR WILLIE Theatre p97 OOOO Kiev Theatre Wel sh College of Musi c and Drama I WAS AN ALIEN SEX GOD Theatre p59 OOO BROWN FLANNEL PANTS Comedy & Revue p24 OOOO AlTHEien SexMAN WHO TURNED INTO A STICK Theatre p8S ©ool 1$ Royal Scottish Academy of Musi c & Drama PolMYitiLORD cally Incorrect CELEBRATION Musi c al s & Opera pS4 OOOO Theatre p70 OOO Wel College of Music and Drama EnglSUSPENSION ish Theater Company THEshFOURSOME Theatre p97 OOOO The THE BRIDGEfrom Poland Theatre p63 OOO Welsh College of Music and Drama Scott Carter FOOD ANDEncDRINK: bar, snacks l day. HR WC (W first floor 11 2yd FlLicensed at. Aud: second floorandStr refreshments HR. Aud: thirdalfloor INTENSIVE Children’s Shows p7 OOOO DISABLED: M second floor 25”). Theatre Train CARE THINKING Theatre p97 OOOO Holyrood Park foot of Royal Mile. Wel sh CollegeINof WELSH Music and Drama Info 226 5257 or 5259. DISABLED: via Lochend Close: Enc 2yd I. Aud: 3yd 4 Str WC (W + 2 20”) Talks & Events pS6 OO1 IN HOLYROOD Hill Street Theatre 19 Hill Street. FriFRINGE nge SundaySUNDAY In Association With LothianPARK Regional Council Edinburgh Venue Associates present an international programme of al l that i s best i n Fringe FOOD ANDOpen DRINK: Snacks,Parking refreshments day. entertainment. Minutesbarfromserves Princes Street anduntil the Assembly Rooms.withFriendly elegantin DISABLED: air venue. / drop offallavailable. venue. A fully licensed refreshments the small hours the bestyetcoffee Venue Howden Park Centre Howden, Livingston Tickets 226 6522 HI Ou Tickets: 0150610-1433634 Messages: 7467only). BOX OFFICE: 10.30am - 12 midnight BOX OFFICE: lam, 2-3pm. (Suns2262-3pm Theatre Theatre p97 ©O' THE LotWEEhianMAGIC STANE Youth Theatre EDWARD II Company Theatre p58 OOO© West DISABLED: Details not available Abl a ze Theatre THE Theatre p63 ©OOO Inverleith Church Hall Ferry Road.(opp. Granton Road) CADS,LARK Cambridge University WONDERLAND Dance & Physical Theatre p28 OOOO Tickets 554 7595 AblLOSING aze Theatre Company MEDEA MATERIAL Theatre p63 ©OOO BOX OFFICE: 45 minutes prior to performance bYACT PSYCHO DRAMA Theatre p76 OOOO ©oCO In Your Face! productions SHADOW-PLAY Theatre p85 OOOO FOOD AND DRINK: Refreshments at time of performance. PlSOMETHING ays Ablaze ROTTEN DISABLED: Ent: 70yd 2 Str. Aud: 6yd level. WC 24" (very narrow). Guide dogs admitted. Hi Theatre p61 OOOO available. Atlantic Crossing Theatre Project 116 THE GrindlFOREST ay Court / Offshoot Dance Company


From the Acclaimed Scottish Filmaker Gilles MacKinno Director of 'Playboys' and 'The Grass Arena'




VENUE INDEX THE Theatre p79 OO0O The MadROVER: Abbot ASPECTS TOURING CO. THE VAGABONDS: TONGUE IN CHEEK PRODUCTIONS TheatrepSO OO0O The Mad Abbot THE HABIT CABARET Comedy & Revue p21 OO0© The MadBADAbbot INTheTHE BLOOD Theatre p79 O © 0 O Mad Abbot SEXMad& ESSENCE Theatre p79 O O 0 © The Abbot FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: Restaurant, & licensed all day. (24” & 23”) narrow. Totally DISABLED: 10yd IStr. Aud: 10ydcafe22Sp HR. WCbarunadapted «La Belle Angele 11 Hasties Close, Cowgate Venue 147 unsuitable for wheelchair users. Hi d den behind the Gilded Balloon, La Belle Angele has evolved into Edinburgh' s most exciting 11” ionosphere ,nd innovativemakeunderground Clubnight venue.outQuality improved and a great The Magdalen Chapel 41 Cowgate Venue 11I for a cracking Checksound press system, and posters for fulfacilities l programme, nfo 225 2774 J9 220 1450 OFFICE: Tickets also from Ripping Records, South Bridge Music p39 OOOf Music p37 ©O0© DISABLED: Ent: Hydws Flat 2 Str but ramp available. Aud: 6yds Flat. WC: Fully adapted. Guide Music p37 OO0© dogs welcome, help available on premises, completely accessible for wheelchairs. (t James Gillespie’s High School Lauderdale Street. Venue 93 |I entrance Short distance from theof Lauderdale Royal Mile Street acrossandthe Spottiswoode Meadows. CarRoad. parking in school grounds at junction [ll Tickets: 01 SO9am-8pm I 741 584 Messages from August 20:01968 67S642 BOX OFFICE: Musicals & Opera p54 O O © O | FOOD AND DRINK: Tea and coffee at time of performance. ' ABLED: Enc ramped 100yds+1. Aud: 4yd, SStr+SStr HR. Adapted WC separate building.

i Jnlithgow Palace Linlithgow Venue 99 i hengromantic ruins of toLinlithgow Palace, favourite residence ofQueen Scotland’s Stewart monarchs setting i n which bring alive the associations of Mary of Scots, Bonnie Prince - a I 'harliets01506844600 and the Stewart dynasty with the Royal Burgh of Linlithgow. HI Outer IARY QUEEN OF SCOTS & BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE Theatre p78 ©O0© i nlithgow Festival Trust

The Venue 75 Info 229Mjanbo 0469 Club West Tollcross. BOX OFFICE: 10.00pm - 1.30am THE MAMBO Music p44 ©O0© The Mambo ClubCLUB of EdinOFburghEDINBURGH FOOD ANDNetwork DRINK: Licensed barflat.andAud:snacks at SrttimeHR.of performance only. DISABLED: WC unadapted(wide wheelchair users) at Aud.I Ent:level.2ydNetwork 222yd & 3: 2totally inaccessible. Guide dogsenough admitted,forhelp available, phone. Mansfield Place Church Corner Broughton and East London Sts Venue 90 Cafe Graffiti and and Cafeeccentric Maracas provide the celebratory of theandFestival good time music shows. Excellent food fromheartValvona Crolla,withanda wide a cyberrangecafe.of Accessible, hospitable. For everyone.

Theatrep78 OOO© nlARYithgowSTUART’S Festival TrustWOMEN MSABLED: Details not available he Little Theatre Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, top of Leith Walk. Venue 67 Cafe Graffiti ! 5hl60-seat theatre above the finest food shop i n the UK. This famous delicatessen hosts threeynacclaimed productionsandupstairs - retailing irresistable Italianfestive foodwelcome. and wine downstairs Children’s Shows pS OOOO ferickets g both theatre-goers customers a warm and personal 556 6066 FI 2 )X OFFICE: 8.00am-6pm. Music p38 ©O0© CYBER GRAFFITI GraffiO’CLOCK ti JUMP Music pSO ©O0O Cafe Children’s Shows p6 ©O0O THREE Theatre p96 O © 0 © Dancers from The Jiving Lindy Hoppers HANK’S HEALTH AND HAPPINESS SHOW Music p50 OO0© HankWangford Musicals & Opera p54 OO0O THE ROAD TO MECCA Dance & Physical Theatre p28 (J000 Ant V Polar Bear Cl u b Theatre Co OD ANDEncDRINK: RetailAud:Delicatessen il TABLED: 6yd I Help Str. 45yd 8 Str HR. WC unadapted. Unsuitable for wheelchair users, ide dogs admitted. available. Music p36 ©O0© ACOUSTIC GRAFFITI Antonio Forcione + CABARET Neil Stacey Music p38 ©O0© Venue 84 1 i le Had Abbot Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. CAFE GRAFFITI Tskets447 Cafe Graffiti •X OFFICE:8811. 9.30am - 12 midnight. Cafe Maracas OO0© Comedy & Revue p23 © O 0 © S GREAT IRISH TheatrepSO OOO© THE HONKIN’HEP CATS »i ’NICANS The MadPOTATO Abbot FAMINE SHOW: THE Music p43 OO0O MM "NPOWDER TREASON 1605 Theatrep94 OO0O The Honkin Hep Cats Dream Theatre Dance & Physical Theatre p30 ©O0O HOT SHIMMY SHUFFLE Ijj ‘CINE HOWLING:TALES OF POE:COXCOMB THEATRE. Theatrep80 OO0O Dancers from The Jiving Lindy Hoppers Mad Abbot Music p38 ©O0© MIDNIGHT MARACAS! A WITH HAROLD Theatre p79 OOO© Cafe Graffi ti - JAZZ HOOFER D ’ECTS THEATRE CO. The MadPINTER: Abbot Dance & Physical Theatre p32 O O 0 © WILL GAINES Wil Gaines - Jazz Hoofer ANDCafeDRINK: and cafe TheatrepSO OO0© FOOD DISABLED: Graffiti.Licensed Accessbarsthrough front doors. Cafe Maracas. Access through car park.

VENUE INDEX Marco’s 51 Grove Street. Agenuine sparklingbuzzline-up of theatre,value revue,formusicals, dance andall daylive bars bands.andThrusting and cafe vibrant, and guaranteed money. Superb a wonderful makea Marco’s the most exciting and satisfying venue on the Fringe. Tickets 228 9116 BOX OFFICE: 10.30am - 12.30am Children’s Shows p7 OO0O Dance & Physical Theatre p31 AThree’s CELLULOID AFFAIR SPYFINGER & FIRST DANCE Theatre p93 Company OF ERRORS THE COMEDY Wondrous Li g ht DAMES, DAUGHTERS & DIVAS Musicals & Opera pS I Cavat ina Productions DOCTORFAUSTUS Theatre p93 Theatre WestTHE BOOT GIVE HER Musicals & Opera p51 BiTHEg BootsHITMAN TouringAND Company Eardrum Theatre CompanyHIM KVETCH Fine Line Theatre Company TONGUES Eardrum Theatre Company UPIRNAAGIIT - ANAberdeen ESKIMOD.ETALE Northfield Academy AR Life Black Light Thea WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY Theatre p58 Act One - Cardiff University Drama Society

OO00 ®O0O ©O0O OO00 OO0O oooo OO00 OO00 0000 oooo OOOO

BEYOND Comedy & Revue p20 O O 0 O The LondonTHE MedicBRINK s THECAGEBIRDS Theatre p82 OOO© Newcastle UniOFversiAtyLESSER Theatre Society CHILDREN GOD Theatre p75 OOO© Hot House Theatre THE HEADUniWANTS TO SEESociYOU Theatre p82 O O 0 O Newcastle v ersi t y Theatre e t y THE LENNON MEMORANDUM Theatre p64 O O 0 O Comedy Factory MASTERPIECES Theatre p62 OO00 BlNUNSENSE ow Up Theatre Company Comedy & Revue p8 OO0© Aba Daba Do TESS OFProductions THE D’URBERVILLES Theatre p80 O © © © Marco’sTITANIC, THE Theatre p64 © O 0 © Company David SantTHE DOCTOR AND MUSSOLINI ACID MAZE Theatre p84 OOO© Pharma Theatre Company DON’T TELL MY MOTHER WHAT I’VE TOLD YOU Comedy & Revue pl8 ©O0O BriANanEVENING Harries WITH ROBERTO BAGGIO Comedy & Revue p22 ©O0© NIBZ HAGGIS & CURRY Comedy & Revue pl8 ©O0O Haggi Curry FIRMED MY BUTTOCKS LADYs &MACBETH Theatre p88 ®O0© Reservoir Kittens NEWSREVUE Comedy & Revue p22 Newsrevue RADIO CITYProductions Comedy & Revue pl2 ©00© Cackophonics THE TARTAN AMOEBAS Music p+4 OO0© Marco’s Productions WHOOPS VICAR IS THAT YOUR DICK Comedy & Revue p21 ®O0® Marco’s Productions FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: bar andbysnacks all day.2 Str HR WC (W M 20”). DISABLED: 2yd FlatCafe,Aud:licensed SOyd (20yd Fire Door) Meadowbank Stadium London Road Venue 151 It’s the lastconcoction day of theofFestival -fun,canfrolics you takeandanyFOOD. more?If you No?likeComeBollywood, to the Melababiesinstead. A carnival fami l y , and bhajies (orInfonot!) chi l out here. 529 3153 G14 Outer CHINESE PEKING OPERA Musi c al s & Opera p52 OOO© The Edinburgh Mela CLOTHES SHOW MULTI-CULTURAL Talks & Events P56 OOO© The Edi nburgh Mela RANGAJATRA Musicals & Opera p52 OOOC The Edinburgh Mela 118

NUSRAT The EdinburghFATEH Mela ALI KHAN & PARTY PAPAWEMBA The Edinburgh Mela CARNIVAL Music p41 OOOft The EdinburghSUN Mela SPLASH KUMARSANU Music p4l OOOt The Edinburgh Mela PARDESI Musi c p4l OOOl The Edinburgh Mela DISABLED: Details not available Moray House Union 37 Holyrood Road Venue III Edinburgh are pleased announce theirFringe new venue Packedfromwiththl| best comedy,Venue musicAssociates and theatre. 5 minutesto walk from the Officeforand1995. 2 minutes Pleasance.556The0102 place to be for this year’s Fringe! Late bar and cafe. Tickets: K BOX OFFICE: I lam - midnight THE EXHIBITION / BAYOUS Theatre p80 ©O0< Mermai s DramaticASociREIGN ety - StREVISITED Andrews University MARY dSTUART, Theatre p89 ®O0< Royal Stuarts- CHOICES Scottish Performer’s Guild VICTORY IN REACTION Theatre p81 Mooncalf / Carapace THE ARMAGEDDON RADIO HOUR Comedy & Revue p27 ©o© What Now? Entertainment A RECITAL OF FLOYD’SProductions DREAM Music p50 Frei Zinger CHEKHOV Theatre p77 ®O0 Kiev Theatre ANECDOTES COMEDY SPORTZ Comedy & Revue p27 © { What Now?ONEntertainment Productions HAROLD THE HOLYROOD Comedy & Revue pi 3 OO0 The ChicagoIS NOImprovMRSyndi THERE SEXYcate Comedy & Revue p2l ©o® Mooncalf / Carapace DISABLED: Details not available Morningside Baptist Church Morningside Road JOB Theatre p88 OOC Resurrection Theatre Company DISABLED: Details not available Murrayfield Parish Church Hall Ormidale Terrace. Venue Hi Oulli Theatre p69 O O ©; FOOD ANDEncDRINK: and coffee DISABLED: 3yd HR.TeaAud: 3yd WC.at time of performance only. The Music Box 9c Victoria Street. The capital’stent, livliest venue. Complete all round cabaret, clubs, andFulfood. A minute theentertainment. castle and theComedy, Mound.theatre, Pick up our brochida and we’llbeer220 see you4847bars there. ly licensed 11 amfrom- 4am. Tickets Messages 225 2564. BOX OFFICE: Ham - I Ipm Theatre p62 45Burntbacon RPM - LIVING INCompany THE PAST Theatre Theatre p81 THE NORTH POLE National Student Theatre Company GLENN SONG, A SMILE, AND A FAIR-SIZED TREE! Music p40 Glenn DakiDAKIN-A n Music p50 JIMSALESTROM Venue 50 - The Music Box THE Comedy & Revue p23 Earl OkinLEGEND

OOfjBp' ©o© OO® O O €■ ©o@

VENUE INDEX IGH-THE FINAL SI THE & Revue p27 ~i TILA =IETHECHARLIE BEASTSTOCKBROKER Venue SOSHOW! - The Musi- 668:c BoxNEIGHBOUR Comedy CHUCK Comedy & Revue pl2 ' I arlUBie Chuck Music pSO FOR- TheLllMusic Box '. lUBue 50SOHO - CLUB Music p50 1 lVOLUTION ue 50 - The Musi c- CLUB BoxFORFORTHURSDAYS Music p50 lOLue 50-CLUB - The Musi c BoxFRIDAYS WEDNESDAYS FOR Music p50 3me£ FOUR 50 - TheQUID Music CABARET Box Comedy & Revue p27 ue6NET 50 - The Musi c Box Music p50 ALICEMusi-cCLUB ue 50 - The Box FOR MONDAYS Music p50 (I ueULCLUB 50UNDERGROUND - TheFORMusiSATURDAYS c Box - CLUB FOR TUESDAYS Music pSO ue50-The Musi- JAZZ c Box Dance & Physical Theatre p32 < iLLGaiGAINES i ' " ’ HOOFER DRINK:notLicensed (jOD AND ID: Details available.bar and beer tent >ciants 45-47 Lothian Street

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Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company THE NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Exhibitions p99 O © 0 O Nottinghamshire Education TheatrePICTURE Company THE DIAMONDEducat CABARET Comedy & Revue p23 OO0O Nottinghamshire ion Theatre Company LIZZIE DRIPPING Children’s Shows p6 O © O O Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company MEASURE FOREducat MEASURE Theatre p82 O®0O Nottinghamshire ion Theatre Company FOOD AND DRINK: Tea and coffee available al l day. DISABLED: Enc 14yd I/2+I. Aud: I Oyd +13+14 WC (F 25" M awkward corners) Old St. Paul’s Church Hall Jeffrey Street. Venue 45 The true tospiritAmerican of the Fringe, from acclaimedFreedom authoressto Athenian to studentAcrobatics Shakespeare;plusCambridge Comedy AIDS; Philosophical the everpopular Medics revue.Messages: The Fringe5S60476 in microcosm and a great cafe. Tickets 556 0476 JIO BOX OFFICE: lOam-llpm Music p44 O®0©

Theatre pS8 OOO© AS YOU Absol uMAN telyLIKE BardOF ITMODE THE Theatre p76 O®0O IMEET n Your Space Theatre p93 O®0O MESwoon INProductions, ISTANBULLuu TG Thri l s and Theatre p60 ©0©© NOW WETheatre ARE FREE Theatre p73 ©o©© '! AYForINAllTHE LIFE OF A MAN TIED TO A CHAIR Asimmetric Company Productions Theatre p82 OO©© ONE FORTHE MONEY One For The Money IABLED: Ent 2yd, 2 Str. Aud: 3yd WC. Theatre p64 OO0O THE RAPE, WHEN ‘NO’ MEANS. . Venue 30 Curio Company 1e Netherbow Arts Centre 43 High Street theatre,Netherbow cafe, conservatory and courtyard. Museum, gallery, Storytelling Theatre p79 O0OO THELiLEGEND .3*"l.litre: culturejutstheinouttheScottish vTALK erpool PlABOUT aOFyhousePOPESEX.JOAN |Town.theLook down theis theRoyalhubMioflecontemporary to where John Scottish Knox House toheart formoftheEdinburgh’s The Theatre p79 O0OO LETS . LiLUWIES’GUIDE verpool Playhouse ' Jlkets556 (Messages 5562647) JIO The Comedy 8> Revue p9 OO0© THE OFFICE:9579 I Oam-9pm The Bartholomew Players Music p44 OO0O MOZART REQUIEM Musi c i n Old St Paul ’ s Children’s Shows p6 ©®0© i i ADVENTURES OF PETER RABBIT herbow Puppet Theatre d MAGIC STAGE Exhibitions pi03 ©O0© FEVER Dance & Physical Theatre p28 O®0O »w GalSTORIES lery Box Theatre Company Theatre p89 O®©© THE SEi ish StFOR Theatrep87 OO0O NORMAL HEART orytel ing Centre QMW Theatre Company Theatre p79 0®00 A ROCK ANDPlaAyhouse HARD PLACE The Uverpool THAT GLITTERS Theatre p72 © © 0 0 DISABLED: Hall: A few steps up from street level. Church: Enc 3yd Flat Aud: 50yd 7+7+19 Str iaIMSTICKS se Theatre IN THE Children’s Shows p6 ©O©0 HR WC (+ 7 M). Puppet TheatreSKYIN THE BOOTH) rliww(THE BARD Comedy & Revue p22 ©o©© Overtures Restaurant Playhouse Theatre, 18-22 Greenside Place Venue 7 Puppet Theatre Overtures - a different kind of venue, located within the Playhouse Theatre, Overtures has both sumptious style. decor and luxurious surroundings and is the ideal way to enjoy a performance in Gil Theatre p82 ©O0O DARKNESS 4iiACE WITH iw Theatre KAVELS OF MUNGO PARK Theatrep88 OOO© BOX OFFICE: On door I hr before performance . owan Tree Company Theatre p89 O®0© A TASTE OF FIGGIS OCKING THE WATERWAYS Comedy & Revue p 14 O0OO ih Storytel ing Centre Directors’Company Theatre p72 ©00© Venue 26 The Palladium Broughton Place 0I iLAND DRINK: Cafe open I Oam to 10pm for coffee, snacks, meals'elifttc.and stair lift for The Palladium, illegitimate sonringof Acropolis, best new132097 venueforonfurther the Fringe. Regular Music ED:lir access Ent I Oydto theatre. 8+1 Str HR. Aud: 5yd I Str WC (+3 25"). Enclosed present a series of concerts; Freephone 0800 details or pick up a will Palladium brochure. Open every night from 7pm -2am, bar open from 5pm. 556 6969 097 12pm - 4pm Sun FI lottinghamshire Venue Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St Venue 16 Tickets BOX OFFICE: I OamInfo- 6pm0800Mon132- Sat, isguished seasoned Education Theatre >n its DavieandStreet fiefdomNottinghamshire for another Festival, looking moreCompany’ dependable(Scotsman than ever’94)(TES Comedy & Revue p26 ©00© id 94).withWide-ranging programme by Fringe First winners, in comfortable venue ited «s 667 2388remarkable Messages:verve 667 and 2388pace’ (TES 94) LI0 |) OFFICE: I0am-5pm Comedy & Revue p23 ©O0© CLUB SWING-APPETITE Palladium PresentsSHOCKBOYS Comedy & Revue p23 O O 0 O Children’s Shows p6 OOOO THETOKYO Palladium Presents Dance & Physical Theatre p31 O O 0 O DISABLED: Details not available

VENUE INDEX Physician and Firkin 58 Dalkeith Road In a ‘Firkin’ pubThere you get morechoice for yourof alesmoney, greatthebeer,three goodbrewed food, friendly staff and aadjoining great atmosphere. is a fine including in the Physicians Tickets 662 4746. 4746- 8.1 Spm BOX OFFICE: 12 noonMessages: - 2pm and6626pm HYPNOTIST Firkin RidiculousHUGH LENNON AND HIS HYPNO-DOGComedy & Revue p IS O O © 0 FOOD ANDFulDRINK: DISABLED: l facilitiesPublic house with bar snacks Platform I Rutland Street LUNCHTIME JAZZJAZZ WITH THE ALEC SHAW TRIO + THE PlatformEDINBURGH One - Live! ORCHESTRA BLUEFINGER PlatformOFOneGLAM - Live! GODS PlHOLLYWOOD atform One - Live!ROCKETS PlLIGHTS atform OneOUT- LiBYve! NINE PlSOUL atformCONNECTION One - Live! PlTHEatformSUPERNATURALS One - Live! Platform One - Live!

Music p48 Music p48 Music p48 Music p48 Music p48 Music p48

RHAPSODIA MarcelSALT ine i SylWOUND vestINreCLOWN ©O00 THE 7:84 Theatre Company Scotland OO0© ARNOLD BROWN’S GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED Brown OO0© Arnold BOOTHBYGRAFFOE Graffoe OO0O Boothby CLUUB ZARATHUSTRA uub Zarathustra OO0© ClGLYNN NICHOLAS ooo© Glynn Nicholas Upstairs OOOO WILLIE HE?College Youth Theatre UppinghamWON’T Community

Pleasance 60 The Pleasance. Venue 33 / CREDIT1000CARDS 0131 5S6of6550 Adrama, remarkable courtyard, 6music, performing spaces, 3theBOX-OFFICE bars,cutting 3 restaurants, performances new established works, dance and edge of comedy. Further details and free venue brochure phone box office or 0171 700 6877 before August Tickets 556 6550 556 1513 KI0 BOX OFFICE: I lamMessages - 12 midnight Comedy & Revue p9 OOOO FALLCambridge FROM GRACE The Footlights JUST A MINUTE BBC Radi o 4 LUNCH BBC RadioWITH 4 THE ARCHERS MAPAPAAcrobats ACROBATS Mapapa PASTArinWITH Shoest g PlayersCHOPSTICKS

Comedy & Revue p 12 Comedy & Revue plO Comedy & Revue plO Dance & Physical Theatre p30 Theatre p90

ANGELA PLEASENCE IN HAPPY DAYS Jackson In Association ATRichard A REASONABLE HOURWith The French Institute John BUS!Shuttleworth Harrow Youth Theatre THE OPEN BBC Radi o 4 MIC AWARDS

Theatre p88 Comedy & Revue p25 Musicals & Opera p52 Comedy & Revuep9

GRUNTIN' Music p43 The HonkinHERRING’S Hep‘N’GUZZLIN’ Cats LEE Comedy & Revue p20 LeeMISSED andANDHerriDEMEANOURS ng’s Fist of FunFIST OF FUN Comedy & Revue p 10 BBC Radi o 4 QUIZ THE NEWS Comedy & Revue p9 BBC Radi o 4 RICHARD O' B RIEN IS MEPHISTOPHELES SMITH Theatre p82 IN ‘DISGRACEFULLY YOURS’ OM ROBERTS Productions LTD ROGER MCGOUGH WITH ANDY Theatre p80 Roger McGough 120

THENewGRAND INQUISITOR Theatre p82 The York Street Theatre Caravan STORM IN A TEACUP Children' s Shows p6 Intimate Exchanges Theatre Company Theatre p77 J.DARKTALES F.K. Repertory Company PILLS, THRILLS + BACKACHE: THE HANK WILLIAMS STORYTheatre p91 Strong PSSST!ArmPykeTheatre Company Dance & Physical Theatre p29 Company THE UNLIKELY Theatrep90 Shoestring Players HERO

©O©0 OOO© OOOO 0O0© 0O©0

00*1 0 O QDlf 00*0 0OI$

Comedy & Revue p2i 0OM Theatre p89 ©Oft -4h Comedy & Revue p11 0O<f> Comedy & Revue pi I 00(9 Comedy & Revue pl3 00(9 Comedy & Revue p22 00*9


THE FRONTMEN Comedy & Revue pl5 Frontmen LOOKING FOR MR GILES Comedy & Revue pl7 Annabel Gi l e s OUT OF THE BLUE Theatre p75 Richard Hoehler WHEN HARRY METWhen CATHY (&metANNE &(&JANE && Jane ANNE& Anne & & KatTheatre p98 KATHY & CATHY) Harry Cathy Anne hy & Cathy) WILL GAINES-JAZZ HOOFER Dance & Physi c al Theatre p32 Wil Gaines-Jazz Hoofer RICHARD HERRING Comedy & Revue p24 RiTHE chardTIMHerring IsFIASCO All ManIS ALL MAN VINE Comedy & Revue p27 Tim Vine THEFriFRIGIDAIRES Comedy & Revue pl5 The gidairNORTON es GRAHAM Comedy & Revue p23 Graham Norton Comedy p21 THE MEN WHO KNOW + THREE MUSICIANS WHO CAN The Men Who Know & The Tiger Lil ies Comedy && Revue Revue p25 SEAN LOCK Sean Lock Attic Comedy & Revue p 19

0O0© OO0© 0O0O OOOO DID SHE REALLY? The Electric Company ENTERTAINING David ForestGOSPELCHANGES 0O0© JOHN’S Regency Productions 0O0O SNAKES ABOUT HER CRADLE OOO© Pinpoint Productions Sal i s bury Pl ayhouse Presents Michael Meats OOO O 0O0© DOUBLING SCHEMES The Great Orb NIGHT OO0© JUST ANOTHER The Brothers Grinn

00€l( 0OI«

00*9 O©1® 0O 00 5 0O ’ 0OII ©oe 0O1 0O * 00| 01 Oa

Theatre p70 0 fl Theatre p65 Theatre p87 OC Theatre p85 Theatre p89 001* — Theatre p74 00M' I Comedy & Revue pi I 00

Comedy & Revue pl3 0OOO Princes Street Gardens (below the Castle) Comedy & Revue p22 0OOO Talks & Events p55 ©ooo Theatre p82 Comedy & Revue pi I 0O0O Comedy & Revue p9 00©0 The Quaker Meeting House 7 Victoria Terrace. Venue 40 Comedy & Revue p 10 O OOO This friendly venue is just off the top of The High Street down the cobbled Upper Bow. Relax in our vegetarian cafe, renowned for its homecooked snacks and meals at low prices. Comedy & Revue p 10 OOO© Tickets 220 6109 Messages 225 4825. J7 BOX OFFICE: 10am-8pm. Comedy & Revue p9 00©0 GREET THE DAY WITH SHAKESPEARE Talks & Events pS7 OO©© Theatre p91 ©o©© The Shakespeare Workshop Theatre p59 ®o©© MADAM BUTTERFLY Theatre p84 oo©o ExchangeBEST BITS Comedy & Revue p 10 OOO© Performance SHAKESPEARE’S Tal k s & Events p57 O © © © Shakespeare Workshop Comedy & Revue p 10 OOO© The TEMPEST Theatre p84 O © 0 O Exchange Comedy & Revue p2l ®o©© APerformance WHEELIEBin Ate BINMyATESistMY Children's Shows p7 O © 0 © A Wheelie er! SISTER! Comedy & Revue p26 ©00© MACBETH Theatre p84 O00O Performance Exchange Comedy & Revue p26 ©00© YARNSPINNERS Theatre p77 O 0 0 O Comedy & Revue plO OOO© Kaleidoscope Theatre FOOD ANDAccess DRINK:fromVegetarian 10am -to5pmall floors. Ground floor: WC (adapted) DISABLED: Victoria Cafe Tee. open Lift available Comedy & Revue p 14 ®O0© Queen Margaret College Drama Dept., Clerwood Terrace. Venue 24 HI Outer Comedy & Revue pl9 ©©0O Tickets 317 3546. Messages 317 3542 Music p50 ®©0© BOUNCERS Theatre p87 ©0OO Comedy & Revue p 10 OO0O Queen Margaret College Drama Department Comedy & Revue p24 O ® © © DISABLED: Ent 3yd Aud: 4yd to lift (46” x 74"). WC (adapted). Venue 72 Comedy & Revue p26 OOO© Queen’s Hall Clerk Street. Scotland’s busiestFestival concertmorning hall is busier thanandevertheduring the Fringe with overrestaurant 70 shows and including the International recitals Jazz Festival. Our famous bar .»^licensing ,j iiboret laws Bar require under 16’s to be accompanied are open 668 all day2019 and Messages: have an exhibition of Russian art. Tickets 668 3456 N9 BOX OFFICE: 10am- 10pm. EN“ endent STEPSTheatre TO STARTING A THEATRE COMPANY Tal k s & Event s p56 OOO© Council Music p38 O00O BOYS LOUGH Boys OfOFTheTHE Lough Music p36 o®oo CEOLBEG -IN CONCERT AMLET Comedy & Revue p25 O O © © Aegi s Productions ) ■. VCK rthurSHEPHERD’S Smith Music p44 OO0O DOUGIE MACLEAN IN CONCERT Theatre p76 © O © © CHASING THE MOMENT Dougi e Maclean ’ <kALEIDOSCOPE Shepherd And The One Tree Company Music p48 OO0© LINDISFARNE Comedy & Revue p10 00©0 Queen’s Hal l .. JCHERadiMERVYN o 4 STUTTER THING Music p44 OO0O MAC-TALLA IN CONCERT Comedy & Revue p24 ®o©© Mac-t a(VOCAL l a ROCK BAND) Bnce: Comedy Music p47 o®oo MFO OxygenVOICE Productions Music p47 OO0O Comedy & Revue pl9 OOOO ONE One Voi c e Music p48 OO0O WOLFSTONE SOTT CAPURRO’S LOVE AND AFFECTION TOUR Comedy & Revue p 12 ©oo© Queen's Hall .jott Capurro Comedy & Revue p 14 OO0O .. j[HE COMEDY ZONE WITH JULIAN BARRATT, Comedy & Revue pl3 ©oo© ALAN AlCAROLE an DaviDAVIES esKIDD PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS Music p44 O®0© UlpHY BURGESS, DAVE GORMAN & WARA The Comedy Zone __ __ •: «RRY Comedy & Revue p 18 ©OO© Jazz - Round Midnight my Hil HILL - Savlo- nSAVLON 2000 2000 Musicp44 O®@0 CRAIG MCMURDO’S JIVE CAFE | NNY Comedy & Revue pl9 ®tl©© Jazz - Round MidnightCEILIDHS Music p48 O0OO ny EclECLAIR-PROZAC air - Prozac and TantrumsAND TANTRUMS GREENMANTLE Queen' s Hal l Comedy & Revue p 19 OOO© PHIL KAY Phil KayHUGHES Comedy & Revue p 19 OO0© ©oo© SEAN Sean Hughes FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar and re DISABLED: Rampedbar.access. Ent: I yd +1.Parking Wheelchair “ 'iOADBLED: ANDEntDRINK: pasta80yd and wine all day. available. system. Accessible WC (adapted). on Clerkspaces Streetin hall. New infra-red audio loop 15yd 2Restaurant, Str WC (+4cafe,50ydlicensed adapted).bar,Aud: 12+9+5bar,Strsnacks HR. Parking 121


VENUE INDEX Raj Restaurant on the Shore Henderson Street, Leith 553 Messages: BOX3980 OFFICE: 10.00am346- 121426midnight BANGLADESH FESTIVAL OF FOOD AND CULTURE Talks & Events p57 OOO0 Streamline Music in Association with Tommy Miah Musicals & Opera p54 OOOO StPOPreamlGOES ine MusiYERc in LIFE! Association with Tommy Miah FOOD AND DRINK: Restaurant & Licensed Bar available all day DISABLED: Help available.Ent 2yd level access. Aud: 7yd level access. WC adapted. Suitable wheelchair us Randolph Studio Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Venue 55 This elegant venuephysical presents well ‘.crafted performances classics, contemporary drama and theatre, . higanh quality is typicalofFrench ofliterary the entire programme at Randolph StTickets udiimaginative o.’ The225Independent. Also hosts award-winning cafe and two galleries. F4 BOX OFFICE:5366 OpensMessages 9.30am.226 2371. Theatre p85 OO0© DREAMSCAPE Po’azz Yo’azz Productions HOME IS WHERE... Musi c al s & Opera p53 0006 Klub Tribe BLOODY SUNDAY OR THAT WINE IS RED Theatre p60 OOOO AsiCANE aPacifHIM, ic Productions & THE BONK Comedy & Revue p8 OOOO OFEINSTEIN ENGLANDOHAsiSINGAPORE aPacific Productions Theatre p60 OOO© AsiTHEaPaciGARDEN fic Productions OF EDEN Theatre p7S OOO© IntINTERFACE erface Performance Group (PEER/GYNT) Theatre p75 OOOO IntUNTIL erfaceNOW Performance Group Theatre p94 OOO© Tinbox Theatre and Arts Collaborative Theatre p63 0 O O © BALLYWOONDE Dance & Physical Theatre p30 HiFOOD dden Dragon Theatre Company FORTHOUGHT Theatre p94 Travel ing LightHUMANS Productions HUNTING Theatre p85 PlJAWBONE: ayful Repertory Company Theatre p80 Rod Mclucas A SOLO SEDUCTION FOOD AND DRINK: Cafe available al l day. DISABLED: Ent 3yd 4+1 Str HR. Aud: 50yd 27 Str HR WC (F +3 25” M +7 25").

0OO© 0OO© OOO© 0OO©

Reid Concert Hall Bristo Square BOX OFFICE: 5pm AMERICAN DUO FROM Music p36 OOOO Antonello & Amstein - Violin &MINNEAPOLIS Piano THE SEGOVIA TRIO Music p49 OOO© Segovia Guitar Trio FOOD AND DRINK: Refreshments, snacks at time of performance only. DISABLED: 100yd Aud: 8yd flat. Fixed tier seating. WC I Sstr (22in). Not advisable for wheelchairs. Guideflatdogs8str.admitted. Rosslyn Chapel Roslin, Midlothian. Venue 118 One ofItsScotland’s magical places, Rosslynin theChapel wasPrentice built in thePil a15th centurythebyideal Earl William Clair. wealth of carving, culminating famous r, provides setting St forInfothe440enjoyment of traditional music and drama. 2159. QI Outer BOX OFFICE: 10am-5pm. ...BY CANDLELIGHT.. Music p39 OOO© Theatre p74 0OOO GlELOHIM eHARPS n Theatre OF TWO Musicp40 OOO© The Clarsach (ScottisNATIONS h Harp) Society ATheSCOTS Music p40 OOO© ClarsachTAPESTRY (Scottish Harp) Society 122

FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: Tea and coffeeaccess). at time of performance. DISABLED: 27yd. WC 24” (narrow, unsuitable for wheelchair users).26ydGuide3 Strdogs(ramped admitted. HelpAud: available. Roxburghe Hotel 38 Charlotte Square. BOX OFFICE: I Oam - 11.30pm 4-WEEK FESTIVALFaiBOOK FAIR Exhibitions pi03 0OO Provi ncial Booksellers rsAND Association INTERNATIONAL CD RECORD FAIR Exhibitions plOI OOOCJ 2nd Edinburgh International CD & Record Fair Music p47 OOOC FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: Restaurant,6ydlicensed bar,(Fsnacks, all day.level). Service lift DISABLED: +20dogstorefreshments basement available to access6ydWC2 Str.forAud: wheelchair2 Str.users.WCGuide admitted.MHelpAud.available. Roxburgh Halls Roxburgh Place Venue Re-opened Thisfrom19ththecentury desanctified church has three re-furbished theatres acontinents snack bar.itforJustis set1995. 200mts New Festival Theatre and presenting productions from five toMessages: achieve even greater success. Varsity Venues. Tickets 650 8499 650 8499 BOX OFFICE: 9am - midnight Theatre p84 O © 0 THEOxford CRUCIBLE The Naked Theatre Company ELIZABETH R Theatre p70 0©o|p' ElHOW izabetTO h R &ROAST Co. - Pioneer Theatre USA GOOSE Theatre p78 00©<? A STRASBOURG Lit le Red Hen HEIGHTS Theatre p67 OOO WUTHERING De Montfort University Theatre BRECHTS FEAR AND MISERY IN THE THIRD REICH Theatre p73 GASP DANCINGHigINh School THE Theatre STREETS, Theatre pS9 American FestiSPOON val RIVER ANTHOLOGY THE DROWNED & THE SAVED Dance & Physi c al Theatre BiFAMILY g Spirit Theatre Co & OF SLUGS AND WELLS AND Children’s Showsp28p5 MATTERS, WITCHES SPELLS American High School Theatre Festival Theatre p74 INSIDE OUT? Greshams Yout h Theatre INTIMATE STRANGERS Theatre p63 B.INUYOUR .S.T. DREAMS FREUD Comedy & Revue p8 Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland Inc. Theatre p68 PARADISE DiPERSONALS g In The RibLOST s Theatre Company Musi c al s & Opera p51 Ameri can High School Theatre Festival GROUND Theatre p82 RESORTING TO THE PLEASURE No ShoutSPEAKS, ing TheatreLOVE, SANITY AND OTHER SIMON Theatre p59 IMPOSSIBILITIES American Hi g h School Theatre Fest i v al Theatre p91 TALES OF THETheatre HEARTCompany StTHEinginUNVEILING g Nettles Theatre p81 Mixed Metaphors CANDIDE Beset Theatre Company CIDER ROSIE StTHE age 2ENDWITH OFTheatre THE Company WORLD SHOW Great Escape HIGHEST STANDARD American High School TheatreOF FestLIVING ival JOSEPH American High School Theatre Festival KNICKERS YesROUGH & No Theatre Co CROSSING The Lard Market ing Board CUSHIONED NtroP PerformanceSOULS Theatre GHOSTRAIN Lowbrow GODSPELL Davi d Eden Yout KIMONO MIMEh Theatre Company Japan Experience

OOO’ 0OO OOO; 0OO! oooj OOO 0OO oo© ooofl 000 I oooi 0OO 0OO§

Theatre p61 Theatrep9l Musicals & Opera p52 Theatre p59 Musicals & Operap51 Theatre p98 Theatre p77


Dance & Physical Theatre p31 Theatre p79 Musicals & Operap51 Dance & Physical Theatre p30


VENUE INDEX Comedy & Revue p20 :l ongET OUT WEEKEND Pig FORISTHE !(giiBSESSION NOT A PERFUME Theatre p59 ropPUBLIC TheatreEYECo HEntpburgh p69 iCROGGINS’ People’sNIGHT TheatreOUT - KINGSWAY REVUE Comedy &Theatre Revue p 18 !' feat EscapeRASHOMON Theatre Company HAKTI: Dance & Physi c al Theatre p30 oan ExperiSHAKESPEARE ence CO: MACBETH Theatre p76 loanDKYO ExperiVANYA ence NCLE Theatre p93 j1 lfALLACE eatre West&EndBARBER’S ProductionsSOAPY FROGS Comedy & Revue p2S : apy Frog Productions X3D ANDDetails DRINK:notSnack bar SABLED: available oyal cketsMile 0831 Primary I5354S School Canongate

€ oooo OO0© OO0O OO0O OO0O oooo ooo© ©ooo Venue JI2 58

q J e!ENSexactSPIRIT Roadshow SABLED: Enc 30yd I +3 Str. Aud: 10yd Flat Venue 43 >yal Museum of Scotland Chambers Street. ace>pedagaimainn thehall.Royal Museum ofdrink Scotland hoststothree musical evenings in the Sponsored magnificentbyglassRelax, enjoy a and listen a trio of glorious concerts. the •desdal22S e Bank. 7534 KB IIX:ketsOFFICE: 10am - 5pm Mon-Sat and noon - 5pm Suns. Theatre p64 OO0© I LLY desidBISHOP e Repertory& ANNE-MARIE Company HASTINGS Music p45 'ooo© si c i n the Museum Music p45 oooo ()10TTISH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA itsicWALLACE in the MuseumCOLLECTION Music p45 0000 I fie in the Museum OD AND DRINK: Cafe open all day. lOlABLED: Ent: Lothian St. 2yd ramped. Aud: 20yd ramped. WC adapted. Totally accessible. il College of Physicians 9 Queen Street jtenBLUE ENSEMBLE (CHORAL ROCK CONCERT) Productions ijigTRIO (AUTHENTIC eni Productions MUSIC) iN(TEMPORARY BUL JAZZ QUARTET + AYSEProductions GENCER JAZZ) Oxygen

Music p47 OO0O Music p47 OO0O OO0O

^. 1isiENTORTAGGIL OO0O en Productions + ERKAN OGUR(PROGRESSIVE ROCK) Musicp47 ,x pMCORSEV Music p47 OO0O en ProductionsTRIO (CONTEMPORARY JAZZ) Venue 145 i al Lyceurr Lyceum Studio 30b Grindlay Street J5 ^ 4 ’SB53b j TTISH STUDIOWorkshops - HAMADA WORKSHOPSTalks & Events p57 O O O O ■ ffch ActorsACTORS Studio - Hamada . tli . BLED: Details not available alii1 lark’s Unitarian Church Castle Terrace Venue 125 @j.li|irindk’st’s international ini atmosphere intimate and excellent acoustics make it an ideal venue for the recitals by artists. JS I'OFFICE: 112 hour before performance iNQUET OF MUSICK Music p48 OO0© miSINGLETON ca of Edinburgh Music p47 OO0© Music p48 O O © O _ -of Edi n burgh I lii E4PIANO Music p48 O O 0 0 usica of Edinburgh

THE HOUSE LIFE Music p47 OOOO Philomusi ca of EdiOFnburgh BAROQUE Music p47 OOO© PhiCAMEO lomusica ofMASTERPIECES Edinburgh Music p47 OOOO PhiCRINOLINE lomusica of Edinburgh Dance & Physi c al Theatre p31 O O 0 0 Throttle EVERYMAN Theatre p65 OOOO Daedal u s Theatre Company JOCELYN Music p47 OOOO PhiPALM lomusiCOURT ca STEELE of Edinburgh Music p48 OO0© PhiPETER lomusiARGONDIZZA ca of EdiPLAYERS nburgh Music p47 OOO© PhiVIDAlomusica of Edinburgh Music p50 OO0O VIDA DISABLED: Ent: 3yd 2. Aud: 5yd Flat St Andrew & St George’s Church 13 George Street. Venue 111 This elegant and historic Georgian church i n the heart of the New Town once again tointernational a diversity artists of events.andFeatures include performances byFREE! acclaimed local national andplays host ensembles some of which are Tickets 225 3847 3847From 10 Aug G8 BOX OFFICE: 10amMessages: - 3pm (Mon225- Fri) AN DIE FERNE Music p49 OO0O StCELLO Andrew’s StGELIEBTE George’s at Festival Time ANDand PIANO Music p49 OO0O StFIVEAndrew’s and St George’s at Fest i v al Time ANTWERP AFTERNOONS Music p49 OO0O St5 M’S Andrew’s and St George' s at Fest i v al Time FORandCELLO AND atPIANO Music p49 oooo StFORTIESSIMO Andrew’s St George’s Festival Time Music p49 oooo StFREE Andrew’s and St George’s at Fest i v al Time CONCERTS Music p49 oooo StHOMMAGE Andrew’s and St George’s at Festival Time Musi c p49 oooo StLUANA Andrew’sPELLEGRINESCHI and St George’s at FestAND ival Time DMITRI KLIMOV Music p49 ooo© StMERLYN Andrew’sTRIO and St George's at Festival Time Music p49 oooo StMUSIC Andrew’sFORandAStWHILE George’sI at Festival Time Music p49 oooo StMYAndrew’s and St George’s at Festival Time FAIR LADY Musi c p49 oooo StOLDAndrew’s and NStEW George' s at Festival Time TOWN,and TOWN Music p49 OO0O StORGAN Andrew’s St George' s at Fest i v al Time Music p49 OO00 StORGAN Andrew’sRECITALS and St George’s at Festival Time SPECTACULAR Musi c p49 ooo© StPIANO Andrew’sRECITAL and St George’s at Festival Time Music p49 OO0O StSONGS Andrew’sOFandSISTER St George’s at Fest i v al Time ELLEN Music p49 ooo© StSOSTENUTO Andrew’s and St George’s at Festival Time Music p49 ooo© StSTAndrew’s & St George’s at Festival TimeCHOIR & ORCHESTRA Musi ANDREW’S & ST GEORGE’S c p49 oooo StTAKE Andrew' s & St George’s at Fest i v al Ti m e THE HIGH C’S TO SORRENTO Music p49 ooo© St Andrew’s & St George’sAFTERNOONS at Festival Time TWO AMSTERDAM Music p49 ooo© St Andrew’s & St George’s at Festival Time AMERICAN DUO FROM Music p36 OOO© Antonello & Arnstein - PARIS Violin &MINNEAPOLIS Piano AN AMERICAN IN Musi c p49 ooo© StCADENZA Andrew’s andCHOIR St George’s at Festival Time Music p49 ooo© StCHARLOTTE Andrew’s and StPETERSEN, George’s at FestKATH ival TiCAMPBELL me & Music p40 OO0O REBECCA KNORR The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society ENSEMBLE Musi c p49 ooo© StFESTIVAL Andrew's andCEILIDH St George’s at Festival Time Music p40 OO0O. The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society FIDDLE, HARP 8. VOICE Music p39 OO0O The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society MINSTRELS & MAKARS Musi c p40 OO0O The Clarsach tish Harp)II Society MUSIC FOR(Scot A WHILE Music p49 ooo© St Andrew’s and St George’s at Festival Time 123

VENUE INDEX Music p49 00©0 SOIREE StSTRICTLY Andrew’sOFandFRENCH St George’sSONG at FestAND ival TiPIANO me MUSICDance & Physical Theatre p31 OOOO StVIDA rictly ScottishSCOTTISH Musi c pSO OOOO VIDA Music p49 OOOO THE EDINBURGH YOUTH St Andrew’s and St George’s at FestCONCERT ival Time BAND FOOD AND DRINK: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Snacks Mon - Fri nc DISABLED: Ent 3yd 3 STr. Aud: Syd Flat. St Ann’s Community Centre South Gray’s Close, Cowgate. Venue 65 The of England(Festival comes1994 to theLecture) best of‘Leicestershire Scotland! ‘TheYouth finest ofArtsEngland' s ambassadors' Owen DudleybestEdwards are excellent’ (The Scotsman 1994) ‘Strong, innovative work..inspired..the result i s delightful. ’ (Times Educational Supplement Tickets 5571994). 0469 J10 BOX OFFICE: 9.00amMessages: - 9.40pm.S57 0469 ALICE IN WONDERLAND Leicestershire Youth Arts ART EXHIBITION Holyrood Art Club AND SALE OF PAINTINGS DAVID COPPERFIELD Leicestershire Youth Arts Leicestershire Youth Arts SMITH Leicestershire Youth Arts

Children’s Shows p6 Exhibitions pi02 Theatre p77 Musicals & Opera p53 Children's Shows p6


COMEDY OF ERRORS Leicestershire h Arts FAITH, HOPEYout Leicestershire YoutAND h ArtsCHARITY KES Leicestershire Yout h Arts MAN OF LAYout MANCHA Leicestershire h Arts

Theatre p78 Theatrep78 Theatre p78 Musicals & Opera p53


ANIMAL FARM h Arts Leicestershire BALLAD OFYout BILLYh ArtsRAINBOW Leicestershire HEY JOE Yout Leicestershire Youth Arts

Theatre p78 OOOO Theatre p78 OOOO Dance & Physical Theatre p30 OOOO

Musicals & Opera PS3 OOOO FOOD AND DRINK: Cafe 9. 0 0am 9.00pm DISABLED: Ent: 30yd Flat. Aud: 4yd Flat WC. St Bride’s Centre 10 Orwell Terrace, Haymarket Venue 62 Another trulyourexhilarating new programme ofThedance andmovement physical based theatreprogramme from throughout the world under banner Continental Shifts. best to be seen onTickets the Fringe for1405a decade.' The List Come along and experience it 346 Kl BOX OFFICE: 10am- 10pm. THEBriFIRST Dance & Physical Theatre p28 OOOO The an ColYEARS lective OF SOLITUDE PIG BOY Theatre p93 OOOO Theatre Frontieres / HEROIDES XII SPECIFICSansGRAVITY Dance & Physical Theatre p32 OOO© ZUMBI Dance & Physical Theatre p28 OOOO Black Theatre Co-operative CURIOUS Ricochet DanceSEEDS Company I.D.X. Dance Carlson Company MOTIVATE THE ERA Uni on Dance Company SIGHTLINES Mark Bal d wi n Dance Company SUDDENLYLASTSUMMER! sudden lylastsummer 124

FOOD AND DRINK:2 ydLicensed DISABLED: ramped.bistro Aud andI Sydbarflat. WC adapted level access. Guide dogs adntfc help available,Ent:very2 1/accessible. StMessages Cecilia’s Hall cnr Niddry Street & Cowgate. 650 9am-5pm 2805 BOX OFFICE: ALAN CUCKSTON - THE SUFFERINGS Music p43 THE QUEEN OF FRANCE Harpsichords AtOFSt CeciliSOPRANO a’s Hall ALAN CUCKSTON &liaVIRGINIA DE LEDESMA, Music p43 Harpsichords At St Ceci ' s Hal l JOHN KITCHEN & SANDY CHENERY, COUNTERTENOR - Music p43 YEKAHTUNEFUL At St HARPSICHORD Ceci lia’s Hall MING AtNGStMUSESHarpsichords -Ceci THElia’sHARMONIOUS Music p43 Harpsichords Hal l LUCY CAROLAN THE ITALIAN CONCERTO Music p43 Harpsichords AtCAVE St Ceci- AliaCHOICE 's Hall COLLECTION PENELOPE Music p43 Harpsichords At St Cecil&ia’sPEDRO Hall PERSONE RICARDOFORBARROS Music p43 MUSIC TWO HARPSICHORDS Harpsichords At St Ceci l i a ’s Hal l RICARDO BARROS & ANDREA KAISER KLASSISCI DUET Musi c p43 Harpsichords At St CecilAND ia’s Hall RICARDO BARROS - MASCHARADA Music p43 Harpsichords At St Cecilia’s HalFRIENDS l VIOL Music p4l OOip EdinburghRACKETT RenaissanceSHOW Band THE AULDRenaiALLIANCE oolc: Edinburgh ssance Band FOOD AND DRINK: Refreshments at time of performance only. DISABLED: bookings to Ent: unlockNiddrie door.St. Aud: level. WC unadapted. Advise curator in advance re St Columba’s Church Muirdale Terr. Queensferry Rd, Blackball. Vennol El lb BOX OFFICE: 7pm- 10pm I’LL GETLiMYght Drama MAN Theatre p90 OOP Southern FOOD AND DRINK: Tea and coffee at interval. DISABLED: Ent: I lyd + I. Aud: Syd WC. St Cuthbert’s Church Kings Stables Road Music p42 OOk St Giles Cathedral High Street, Royal Mile Music p46 OC FOOD AND DRINK: Lower aisle cafe open al l day. DISABLED: Ent 6yd + 7 Str. Aud: Syd Flat St John’s Church West End, Princes Street Philomusica of Edinburgh are giving 5 orchestral concerts at weekends during the Festiv beautiful church. Church Office: 229Music7565is mostly from the 18th century.

Exhibitions p 104 © C CRAFTWest ANDEndDESIGN Annual Craft & DesiFAIRgn Fair AMoviCELTIC HAIDA CRUCIFIXION Dance & Physical Theatre p30 ng VisioPEACE ns Dance&Theatre Music p47 PhiMENAGE lomusicaAof4Edinburgh Music p37 O Cl ROSSINI: PETITE SOLEMN MASS Music p50 O © ’ Dance & Physical Theatre p29 OOOO Ars Musica - New Jersey Dance & Physical Theatre p31 Dance & Physical Theatre p28 Dance & Physical Theatre p32 Dance & Physical Theatre p28 Dance & Physical Theatre p31


VENUE INDEX ’hiIACH lomusiCONCERT ca of Edinburgh s i)i ’hi3AROQUE l o musi c ofCONCERT Edinburgh ,,;HORALaCONCERT J’hilomusica of Edinburgh j’URCELLiVIVALDI/BACH If; >hilomusicaFOUR of Edinburgh "1 'WALDI hilomusica of EdinSEASONS burgh ‘ )ISABLED: OOD ANDEncDRINK: 9.30pmaccessible by arrangement. 20/d FlLicensed at. Aud: cafe I yd Fluntilat. WC < It Martin of Tours 232 Dairy Road Venue 167 -|'1| vreduction spacious, ofcomfortable venue in aRefreshments church which this year is devoted entirely to the large-scale the Beggar’s Opera. provided. 0378Before 286264performance JI • Messages: OX OFFICE: HE BEGGAR’S OPERA Musicals & Opera p54 OO0O i tueen’s Theatre Group J OOD AND DRINK: Unlicensed, drinks and nibbles available at interval. .. ISABLED: Details not available t Mary’s 22S Cathedral 6293 /&InfoChapter 225 6293. House Palmerston Place OXicketsOFFICE: 7.30amTickets - 9.00pm ATHEORALFETE Talks & Events p57 OOO© M HOEBE Mary’s Cathedral Exhibitions p99 0O0© TRAQUAIR MURALS Mary’s Cathedral Music p50 O O 0 © IHTIMEandCONCERT Musicp40 OOOO i ntsDurrant Daniel McEl- hMUSIC inney FOR VIOLA AND PIANO Musi JNCHTIME RECITALS cpSO OO0O Mary’s CathedralRECITALS -) JNCHTIME Musi c p50 O O 0 O Mary's Cathedral HSrDIELLO tdLYherinEVENSONG e Nardiel o - Pianist - PIANO CONCERTS MarIRUFLE y’s Cathedral REQUIEM Mary’s Cathedral MarilDEDTOUR y’s Cathedral

Music p45 MusicpSO MusicpSO Talks & Events p57

O©0© _ _ OO0© OO0O _ _ ^^ OO0O

iHACHRISTIAN,CORRINAHEWAT&CATRIONAMCKAY Musicp39 OOO© hiGAN a ChriRECITALS stian a^a MusicpSO OO0© iary’s Cathedral OD ANDEncDRINK: all day Mon-Sat. CABLED: 3yd I.Refreshments Aud: 4yd Flat WC. Venue 7 Ninians * comersComely the venueBaniiinks in Road a pleasant garden setting. Cl • ” &5S3 1549 CBETH Theatre p70 OO0O burgh Theatre Arts SBETH IN SCOTS Theatre p70 OO0O Hirgh Theatre Arts 3D AND DRINK: Wine and soft drinks available at time of performance ^ XBLED: Enc 30 yds flat 4Str HR. Aud: 2 yds flat WC (+3 25") inaccessible and unadapted vheelchairs. Guide dogs permitted. Help available on premises. Venue 128 Hall Montpelier 229aid’s5562 1031 Park, Bruntsfield. U•etsOFFICE: 6.00pm& 441 - 9.00pm L :AIR LADY i urgh and Lothian Youth Theatre

FOOD ANDEncDRINK: DISABLED: side atRefreshments Montpelier 2yd.at time Aud:of3ydperformance. flat WC not adapted. StComfortable Peter’s halChurch LuttononPlace l with goodHallacoustics main bus routes, near Queen’s Hall. JOHNNIE JOUKe's Theatre THE GIBBET Theatre p69 0O00 Edinburgh Peopl FOOD AND DRINK: Coffee and biscuits at time of performance. DISABLED: Enc 40yd +1. Aud: WC (W + M 22") in basement St Serf’s Church Hall Clark Road, Goldenacre BOX OFFICE: 7pm-7.30pm GAIDHLIC Theatre p69 O O O © EdiDRAMA nburgh THERE’S Gaelic DramaA WILL Group WHERE Theatre p78 ©O0O FOOD AND DRINK: Unlicensed, light refreshments at time of performance. DISABLED: 60yd I. Aud: Flat WC (W 24”). Permanent sloping ramp, with handrail, tc e fromEnt:pavement now4yd installed. Venue 74 St Stephen’s Church & Hall St Vincent St. foot Howe St The venueeasyhaswalking been used exclusively by Onstage 66 during the Festival for the last 30 years and iTickets s within distance from Princes Street 552 2324 Messages: 2324 only) E7 BOX OFFICE: 10.00am - 6.00pm552(telephone Theatre p83 0O0© ARSENIC Onstage 66 AND OLD LACE DISABLED: Enc 2yd 2 Str. Aud: 30yd 9+4+3 Str HR WC (+3 W 23"). Venue 42L6 St Thomas of Aquin’s School Chalmers Street. VIKING COLUMBUS AND THE TIME MACHINE Joe’s Theatre WorksTECHNICOLOUR Musicals & Opera pS2 OO0O DISABLED: Details not available 102 Scotch Malt Whisky Society The Vaults, 87 Giles St. Leith. Venue D14 Outer Info 554 3451 BOX OFFICE: 9am-6pm. OF lSCOTLAND Music p49 OO0© SpiSPIRIT rit of Scot and FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar al l day. DISABLED: Ent: 8yd 22Str HR (external). Aud: 14yd Flat. WC (28"). Guide dogs admitted, phone, help available. Not advisable for wheelchairs. Venue 112 The Tickets:Scotch 220 0441Whisky Heritage Centre 354 Castlehill J7 Talks & Events p56 O © 0 © SCOTCH WHISKY The Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre Scottisl^oetryUbrar^Weeddal^ourtJ^hgh^tl^et^^™^6enu^6 The comprises a selectiontheof international poetry:Scottish books,Poetry tapes,Library magazines. Anyonethemaypoetry borrowof Scotland from hereandthroughout year, also by post and travelling van. Computerised catalogues help research. Magazines etc for sale. J10 Info 557 2876. Messages: 5S7 2876 Talks & Events p57 O O © 0 COURTYARD READINGS Scottish rary Theatre p84 OO0O MOZARTPoetry ANDLibSALIERI Performance Exchange DISABLED: Details not available Venue 188 Seventh Messages: 225Day2819Adventist Church 3 Bristo Place

ADVENTIST GOSPEL SINGERS FROM HANDSWORTH Music p36 OOOO Gospel Singers From Handsworth Musicals & Opera p52 OO0O Adventist DISABLED: Access to Front Annex but no access into the Hall.

VENUE INDEX THE BRONTES OF HADES Theatre p94 . ooeto Tooth and(ANaiPLAY l Theatre Company FINGY ABOUT A BOX) Theatre p98 ©OO) ZMOTHER Theatre Company OF OSCAR Theatre p62 ooci Musi c p38 OOO© SONDHEIM AT THE SHERATON The BridgeTEATheatre CompanyA NOVEL-TEA Dance & Physical Theatre Bumtbacon Theatre Company TOTAL THEATRE; p31 ©oe> EXPERIENCE The Synaesthetes FOOD AND68yd DRINK: CafeCharles and licensed VALSA NUMERO SEIS Theatre p71 O O Q: ) DISABLED: Flat from Streetbars, Exacting Theatre Company Southside Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. BERTIE SOMETHING Comedy & Revue p27 ©0€> Top professional musicals, award winninglinetheatre and comedySomething companiesfor and all thefrom best te Bert TylCOWS er-Moore children’s shows. Another formidable up at bar Southside. everyone THE COME HOME Comedy & Revue pi I ®oo> the morning until last orders at three. Licensed and cafe I Oam -3am. Tickets 667 7365. BOX OFFICE: I Oam - lam. DAVEThompson THOMPSON - THE MILK WORM Comedy & Revue p26 ®0€1 A-The Main Theatre Dave DUPREE OR NOT DUPREE Comedy & Revue p 14 ®0€ ly Dupree LATE CIRCUS Children’s Shows p6 ®O0© Dol SOUTHSIDE Comedy & Revue p26 ©OC Magic CarpetWORKSHOP Theatre Southside STRANGE...BUT TRUE Comedy & Revue p26 ®0€ Musicals & Opera p54 OOOO Eddy Strange THE DRUMMER BOY The Real i s t i c Theatre Company Of Edi n burgh AND DRINK: and licensed 3am. Lane. WC (fully adapted). Aud: 321 Children's Shows p6 © © © 0 FOOD MAGIC CIRCUS 1+7+1Cafe Str. Also ramp atbarrearuntilvia Quarry MagiCOMFORT c Carpet Theatre toDISABLED: lift (30”) orEnt:7+9+3. TO GHOSTS Dance & Physi c al Theatre p31 ©O0O National Student Theatre Company Venuia, The Spider’s Web Downstairs 260 Morrison Street ‘A small initimate venue in Haymarket’ Janice Forsyth STY Close to the centre and opposite!' e LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Musi c al s & Opera p54 ©O00 ' * - dulj Threshold Theatre Company MOONSHINE Theatre p7S OO00 BOX OFFICE: Messages: 228 1949 Heads or HarpsTODD: TheatreTHECompany SWEENEY DEMON BARBER Musi c al s & Opera p54 ©OOO JANE BOM-BANE OF FLEET STREET Threshold Theatre Company WEST SIDE STORY Musi c al s & Opera p54 ©OOO Jane Bom-Bane Threshold Theatre Company FOOD ANDStairs DRINK: bar availble, WC nc DISABLED: - widthLicensed 4’6”. Help 8 - The Studio Venu. v Springwell House Ardmillan Terrace, off Gorgie Road. FEMALE PARTSCompany Theatre p71 OOOO Part of the exciting Continental Shifts at St Bride’s programme featuring award winning Exact i n g Theatre companies from across the globe. The best movement based programme to be seen on th> i THE Theatre p71 OOOO Fringe for a decade’ The List. ExactinLINE g Theatre Company 346 1405 (St Brides) Messages 337 1971. KI C t WHO? Chi l d ren’s Shows p7 OOO© BOX OFFICE: I Oam 10pm from St Bride’s Strays Youth Theatre -Dance & Physical Theatre p32 004 FISH-OR-MAN? ANY REASONABLE MAN Theatre p71 OOO© Tragi c Carpet Exat t i n g Theatre Company CANDY DECEITCompany Theatre p71 OOOO FOOD AND DRINK: coffee and refreshments Exact ing Theatre EQUUS Theatre p84 OOO© DISABLED: Ent: 5yd 2 Str HR. Aud: I Oyd 7+9+4 Str HR WC (W 25” M 24”). Oxford Brookes Drama METAMORPHOSIS Theatre p84 ©OOO The Square Centre Nicolson Square Methodist Church. Oxford Brookes Drama - the ideal meeting between thebut Festival Theatre and Fringe Club.called Four-sidec-il NATIVITY Theatre p62 ©OOO Central drama, music, poetry, goodplace, food! Anything ‘square’cafe, - Midland Theatre Bradford Playhouse Studio Group ’Edinburgh’s most beautiful venue’. Locally renowned peacefulArtgarden and quiet itchapetp i. SIDEWAYS MOVING Theatre p71 OOO© Exact ing Theatre Company STATEMENTS ATTAINMENT Theatre p62 ©OOO i - 2pm and 1/2 hr before performances. Bradford PlayhouseOFStudio Group 4> AExactMIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Ned Sherrin & Friends Theatre p71 OOOO Music p49 OO®’; i n g Theatre Company BACH’S SIX COTHEN SONATAS FOR VIOLIN AND ROMEO HARPSICHORDATheNEW Square Centre Theatre p71 OOO© THE Exact ing Theatre Company SCRATCH IT! Company Theatre p71 OOOO The PiODYSSEY: g Iron Theatre CompanyWORK OF THEATRE AND DANCE Theatre p85 OOi'f> Exact i n g Theatre AVOID Comedy & Revue p 14 OOO© Exacting Theatre Company Theatre p83 0®Cj$ AWAIT THE TIDE OregonLIGHTER Productions Music p44 OO# THE KENDALL MITCH CAKE Comedy & Revue p25 O 4 Mardi Brass Jazz/FolSLIDE k Quartet SOPHIA Theatre p63 ©OO© The Cambridge Mummers Theatrep9l 0©CC) BEDROOMCentre FARCE THESE Comedy & Revue p 19 OOO© The Paul Hull GIRLS I KNEW Talks & Events p57 O O W-5FOURSquare SCOTTISH POETS The Square Centre C-Cabaret Bar FOOD ANDEntDRINK: Restaurant 0am (adapted), - 3.30pm (Mon-Fri) - ramped;.* 4pm (Ss!) DISABLED: 15yd Cafe: Flat 9entStr.from Aud:andside 2ydcaferamped. flat.8.3WC or Ent. atandside:I Oam 20yd BLAMELESS DANCES Theatre p98 ©OOO 4yd flat then ramped. WC (adapted).Wheelchair kept on preirtf. Z Theatre Company Guide dogs admitted. The Sheraton Grand Hotel I Festival Square

VENUE INDEX ZANY Theatre p61 O©0® Stockbridge BalloonatOFics SORROW Theatre Company Messages: 2207pm-8pm 0900House 2 Cheyne Street BOX OFFICE: FISH HEADS TALES Theatre p93 O © © O Pif ANDCURSE) t'll| STONE Theatre p70 00©0 Theatre KLATWADuTheatre (THE Theatre p98 ©©©© Ercall WoodMOON G.M. School Theatre Company Wierszalin (Pol a nd) ROMEO Theatre p81 ©©©© ^ DISABLED: FOOD ANDDetails DRINK:notLicensed Nada TheatreET JULIETTE (France) availablebar and restaurant, food available until 10pm. FOOD ANDEntDRINK: licensed barFlaalt.lWC day. on level (Adapted). Studio: Lift available, iH(|i Stockbridge Parish Church 7B Saxe Coburg Street Venue 140 DISABLED: 3yd Flat.Cafebuttons. Maiandn Aud: D6 voice synthesiser, Cafe25ydaccessible. ;»(((, BOX OFFICE: 1/2 hour before performances help available. Verybraille accessible. Minicom 226 5425. Guide dogs admitted, induction loop system, Venue 189 Music p37 ooo© The Theatre Big Top The Meadows - ARBOREAMUSICA FRIENDS feborea Musi-cFROM a and FriBACH eAND nds TO 1,000 seattheatre, theatremusic big top.andFultoplycomedy heated. Ample on st et parking available. Varied programme of FARRAGO BIRDSONG Musi c p37 O O © O physical shows. pfborea Musica and FriendsCONNECTION I 662 9677 HE KAPELLMEISTER Music p37 0®00 Tickets BOX OFFICE: 9.30amMessages: - 8.30pm662 9677 (i Arborea Musi c a and Fri e nds Musi c p37 OOO© LOKIboreaENSEMBLE Musica and Fri- LOVE, ends THOU CRUEL TYRANT! BIG COMEDY Comedy & Revue p 10 OO0© Big TopTOPComedy (AGO FROM TELEMANN TO TAPE RECORDER Musi c p37 OO0O ArboreaKAPELLMEISTER Musica and FriendsCONNECTION 2 Music p37 O0OO Thomas Morton Hall Ferry Road, Leith I THE Venue 170 Musica and Friends AI4 Outer lit| Arborea LOKI eaENSEMBLE - CELESTIAL MUSIC’S SIRE Music p37 OOO© Musica and Friends Music p36 O0OO THE OCCASIONALS CEILIDH DANCE TENURES Music p40 OO0O Aegis Productions ce ConwayBADINAGES (Flute) & Margaret Jaffrey-Smith (Piano) DISABLED: Details not available DISABLED: Details not available Venue 110 Traquair Houser Innerleithen, Peeblesshire. Ql I Outer Tickets 01896-830785. Messages 01896 830323. Venue 103 BOX OFFICE: ^TG’s TG Willis and Co, 135a George Street 9amM>ove TGy Rooms Willis, Edinburgh' s famouschandeliers foodhall, is TG’s 2 minutes walkceiling. from theBar prices Assembl west.expect Austrian adornbarvenue. thejustcurved Victorian ire lower225than3003 youduewould for3003such a prestigious Talks & Events p57 ©OOO *»S30X Tickets Messages: 225 G6 OFFICE: 8am-7pm FOOD AND DRINK: Restaurant, cafe, licensed bar al l day. DISABLED: Fully accessible/toilets. Restricted access inside house. SIN‘N’SIN: Venue 15 Mandal ay TheatreMEMORIES Company OF AN EDWARDIAN GIN PALACE Theatre p80 OO0O Traverse Theatre Cambridge Street. heart ofCalifornia, the Fringe’NewTheYork, Times.London, Go noAustralia further! and Eclectic international theatre line-up '•OOD ANDEncDRINK: Licensed bar / +13str snacks 15 yds flat + I str + 3 str HR. WC: +3 str (M and ‘The Edinburgh, South Africa! From drama and _ DISABLED: 5 yds flat I str. Aud: to comedy and conferences. Huge brilliant bar party t i l you drop! V) unadapted. Totally inaccessible for wheelchairs users. Guide dogs admitted. Help available. ballroom-dancing Tickets 228 1404. JS itre Workshop 34 Hamilton Place. Venue 20 BOX OFFICE: 10am- 10.30pm i e for innovative theatre from the UK, North America and Europe make sure we’re Exhibitions pi00 ©©0© •n your list ofiFringe essentials! Plus children’s entertainment, buzzing cafe bar, late night music DAZZLE EXHIBITION s. PhoneMessages for our225brochure. e ExhibEXHIBITION ition Exhibitions p95 ©©0© 226 5425 7942 E6 Dazzl FESTIVAL Traverse Theatre 10am - 10.30pm Mon - Sat, 10am - 9pm Sun. Theatre p95 ©o®© NINGALI Theatre p93 OOO© Traverse Theatre p64 O © 0 © A PLACETheatre WITH THE PIGS Chi l d ren’s Shows p6 O © 0 O Communicado Theatre Company '■'pen Hand Theatre Company Theatre p95 O © 0 © READER Traverse Theatre Theatre p95 O O 0 © ROAD MOVIE Theatre p70 ®O®0 ARQUEZ-LES Traverse . _.jNVELOPPES rquez (France)ET DEBALLAGES Theatre p95 © O © © 20/52 Theatre Theatre p96 O©0O Traverse Theatre f *lAROUN o TheatreAND (France)THE SEA OF STORIES Theatre p61 OO0© _ snchtANOTHER ours TARTAN MOOSE Theatre p95 ©o®© BONDAGERS Theatre p96 OOO© Traverse Theatre I iW.HE'STYout h Theatre (ScotSTANE land)/Mermaid Youtheatre (Canada) Theatre p95 ©0OO ONE WAY STREET Theatre p97 O0OO WEE MAGIC Traverse Theatre I 'JtCK est LothBRIDE ian Youth Theatre Theatre p59 O 0 © © nbrosia Productions (Canada) Comedy & Revue p22 OOO© MORTON Theatre p97 O O O © BRUCE Bruce Morton | : ••go:D DEVILS Intacta Theatre p95 ©o®© JOHN HEGLEY Traverse TheatreBUT GIANTS Theatre p95 ©OOO NOT GODS Theatre p64 O © 0 © Traverse Theatre Theatre p95 ®O0© SOME PEOPLE Theatre p98 O © © © Traverse Theatre Theatre p95 OO0© TAKE THE FLOOR Theatre p64 O © © © Traverse Theatre 127

VENUE INDEX FOOD ANDEnt:DRINK: Licensed and Henderson' s cafe, day until WC very,adapted very late.at Ent and DISABLED: 16yd flat. Aud: bar 15yd to lift (large, brailleallbuttons). Aud level. Guide dogs admitted. Helpflatavailable. Very accessible. Tron Kirk High Street Venue 5 Built in 1637, the fascinating and wynds, historicalhouses Tron and Kirkcellars. containsThese recently-excavated remainsandof 16th century Edinburgh streets, create an atmosphere exciting performance space around which the audience can promenade on all sides. Tickets 220 1637 Messages 220 1637 J9 BOX OFFICE: 10am-7pm Theatre p81 ©O0O DISABLED: Details not available. Ukranian House Windsor Street Venue 108 Theatre p77 0OOO DISABLED: Details not available The Venue 15 Calton Road NO MORE Campai gn AgaiHIROSHIMAS nst Militarism DISABLED: Details not available Viewforth Centre 104 Gilmore Place

REVOLVING DOORS - MOVING PARTS THEATRE Theatre p97 00©C Whale AWhale SIGNVenue OF THE TIMES PATCHWORK THEATRE Theatre p97 OO0C AWhale WALKVenue ON THE MILD SIDE BAGGY TROUSERS THEATRETheatre p97 OO® QR Venue NIGHTVenue CABARET Comedy & Revue p27 OO®1 Whale UPSIDEVenueDOWN TO OZ - CALLUS STAGE PRODUCTION Theatre p97 OO® Whale Wireworks Playground behind Fringe Office (Messages 226 5257 or 5259)

Venue I Theatre p59 O®0 ;

DISABLED: Open air venue 30yd Flat

Venue 158 JM Comedy & Revue pl2 OO0O

fl -

Children’s Shows p5 O O O € BAD Children’s Shows p5 OOOO ElectriDAY c EarwiATgs THE OK CORRAL MACGREGOR' Musicals & Opera p51 0O®O Apache ProductionsS TRAP DISABLED: Details not available Waverley Shopping Centre Princes Street, cnr Waverley Bridge Venue 164 AHEAD OF THEEducat RESTion Theatre Company Music p46 O ® © O Nottinghamshire The Wee Bar Edinburgh College of Art Tickets 229 Red 1003 BOX OFFICE: 12 noon - 10pm A MEETING WITH THE MONSTER Theatre p80 O O O © FOOD AND DRINK: Licensed bar DISABLED: Ramp to venue, Ground level. Toilets not accessible to wheelchair us The WHALE Venue Walpole Hall, Chester Street Find yourFringe way toisthisabout award-winning that reminds what The best £3community (at most) youventure. are likelThey tosortspendof place this festival. ‘Don’tyou miss it’ ThetheEvening News.Messages Tickets 458 3267 458 3267. G BOX OFFICE: 12 noon - 10.30pm FOTODIAGONALE 1995 INTERNATIONAL bitions p 104 O ® O O PHOTOGRAPHY EXCHANGE WhaleGRUMPY Venue GOBLIN ChilExhi GEORDIE THE VIKING AND THE d ren’s Shows p7 OO0O Whale Venue WHEN THE SUN SHINESWhale ON Venue ME-STARDOM Children’s Shows p7 00©0 CHILDREN’S THEATRE Theatre p97 O O © O 128

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laigail' e FinalsShow Party- Divas - Gilded Balloon 738 Jtturditties :id:oustic MateGraffiti - Pharma- Antonio TheatreForcione Company+ Neil Stacey 368429 cross Border - TheClarsach (Scottish Harp) 64 ci:tion ety The Girl Glitteris Rhymers and Chimers - Acoustic74 lam McNaughtan: sic Centre ,li| Iventist Gospel Singers From Handsworth - 3436 ventist Gospel Singers From Handsworth |( ee Adventures ofof Pecos Bill-Gilded Adventures Peter Rabbit - TheBalloon Netherbow 66 Theatre m)|tijjpet |rtericanEight Inspiration Galerie Mirages Mince- The - FordHerrick Kiernanandjohn Paul Leach 1027S20 teri Afternoon Liverpool Theatre of Leisure WearGilded Balloon of the Rest - Nottinghamshire Education Theatre 4616 (i«ad minpany Cuckston - The Sufferings ofs Hall the Queen of 43 Mitn cCuckston e - Harpsichords At StdeCecilia' & Cecilia' Virginia Ledesma, Soprano - 43 | rpsichords At St s Hall ini aadross Davies- Ceilidh - Alan Davies 14 HouseFoundation i ;hemy - The Demarco 6539 sixander ' G reek' Thomson Royal Incorporation of I -hitects in Scotland - Leicestershire Youth Arts 1046 cean InTaylor Wonderland -1 n -Concert - Acoustic Music Centre 843 3 Hallows Eve Pendulum Productions That Glitters First Base Theatre WomenFoundation and Quite a Few Men are Right - The 6772 inarco ladeus Rosie Will Die Productions ’ jp; lazing Grace-Freedom Factory - Assembly 7388 Amazing Johnathan - Carnage! I«lerican Americana Club Minneapolis - The Americana Club & 36 Duo&From 18 Ii American nein - Violin Piano - St Andrew's-andAntonello in Paris St George's at 3649 (jl«ericanXperiment ival Time - The FisheyeFoundation Project 7266 - Hungary Demarco i ,DiineoseHaniff -Geliebte Amos- TheHaniff Design Studios 99 Feme St Andrew' s and St George' s at jifres tval Time 49 Serrano Portfolio Gallery 103 ;ela Pleasence HappyInstitute Days - Richard Jackson In 88 lactation With- Assembly TheinFrench mal Farm RoomsYouth Arts 6078 ■niealFarmLeicestershire YouthBalloon Music Theatre 5416 svirake -'UofNational rleyFire- Gilded The Life And Times of Gus coigne. Trainspotter of Fire- The Demarco 60 igone - Theatriki Leschi- Anorak - Greece Ii^jnio Nation Canova The Three Graces - National 9966 hiriesof Scotland hi! i Apprentice Reasonable -Man - Exacting Theatre Company 6371 Boys- IncArborea area Musica andCheeky Friends Musica and 37 ds •j i Armageddon Radio Hour - What Now? tainment Productions irtfl > aid Brown's Guide for the Perplexed - Arnold 27 i nic and Old Lace - Onstage 66 83 fil\Exhibition and Sale of Paintings - Holyrood Art 102 II -nasinsThe Making School of Philosophy 104 Northern TheatreBardCo Iniiu Like ItIt -- Absolutely 58545 Like Chickpea Theatre Company : aReasonable Hour - John Shuttleworth 25 )I ?nce ieTheSO --Stockbroker The Music Box- 668: Neighbour of the Beast2759 AE Productions ^uld Alliance Edinburgh Renaissance Band 4181 - Bruce-- Morrison mnReikieOrchard Kiev Theatre 77 nalDespots i VZ t theofTide - Oregon Productions 83298 Drugs-Assembly Rooms

B Concert - Philomusica of Edinburgh Bach Bach' sSquare Six Cothen Sonatas for Violin and Harpsichord4947 -BadTheDay Centre the Cabaret OK Corral- The - Electric Earwigs The Bad atHabit Mad Abbot 21615 Badlands - Atomic Cowboys Foundation Bad Science The Demarco 65 Bagpipe Musicfor- Abask BakedDemarco Beans Bosnia - DEA Production -Scotland5867The Foundation Ballad Of Billy- RainbowLeicestershire Youth Arts 7830 Ballywoonde HiddenofDragon Theatre Company Bangladesh Festival Food and Culture - Streamline Music i n Association with Tommy Mi a h The Banquet of MusickPhilomusica of Edinburgh 474857 Baroque Concert Philomusica of Edinburgh Baroque Masterpieces - Philomusica of Edinburgh BBC Radio 4 Drama Writing Workshop - BBC 4710 Radio 4 The Beast of Penpriwy - Invicta Student Theatre 76 Company BecketMetropolitan Theatre Bedfordshire Countyof Youth YouthOrchestras Second Orchestra - 8045 National Association Bedroom - The- Square Centre Group The Beggar'Farce s Opera Queen' 5491 Beginnings and Endings - Tartans Theatre Palm Theatre Company 92 Bertie - Bert Tyler-Moore BestBest ofSomething Scottish ComedyGildedre Funny Balloon- So You Think2717 The of So You Think You' You' + TheI Best OfDee,Richard S.Y.T.Y.F Morton.Rhona 25 BestreofFunny the Fest - Jack& John Cameron,The 2 Marks Lenahan Best of the Fest 2 Lee Evans, Hattie Hayridgejeff Green &1414 Lano &ofWoodley Best the Fest 3 Jo Brand, Lano & Woodley and special11 guests Best Of The Fest 4 Li l y Savage, Gayle Tuesday and Bob Downe Best Of The Fest 5-Scorpio Mark Lamarr & Special Guests 242093 Betrayal Theatre BetrayalsAll- Certainty Palaver Productions Beyond - UK - Sweden - The Demarco 8466 Foundation Beyond The Brink - -TheFirkinLondon Medics 2015 Beyond Ridiculous The BFGThe - 4x4Fridge TheatreOut! Company 5 The Big Afternoon The Bi g Afternoon Out Big Blonde-Studio 108 - National Student Theatre 9210 The Big Book For Girls Company 8173 Big Time-Gilded Balloon Big Top Comedy Bi g Top Comedy The Big Value Comedy Show - Screaming Blue Murder2510 Comedy Big Vern' the Shootahs Big Vern'Balloon n the Shootahs 3716 Bill Bailey'-nsFestival Cosmic JamProductions -- Gilded Birdland Club 4159 Black BrideDances - Ambrosia Productions (Canada) Blameless Z Theatre Company 98 The Theatre Company Bio NaBlindfold Gael- -Gilded In- QMW Concert • Acoustic Music Centre 872933 Bloodbirds Balloon The Bloody - 'OVirgin ur Theatre Co - The Demarco 83 Bloody MaryHeart and The Queen Foundation Bloody Sunday Or That Wine Is Red - AsiaPacific 8086 Productions The Blue Ensemble (Choral Rock Concert) - Oxygen87 Productions BluefingerPlatformHills One-- LiCrumpet ve! Theatre Company 6448 Blue Remembered Bobby Eaglesham In Concert - Acoustic Music 33 Centre The Bob Downe ShowTheatre - Bob Downe Bondagers Traverse 956411 BoneBongo - ClydeClub Unity- Theatre The Out of the Blue Art Space 23 BoogalusaBoogalusa Book Festival 843811 Boothby Graffoe - Boothby Graffoe Borderlands Acoustic Music Centre Borders Wind Orchestra - National Association of Youth9886 Orchestras Borrowed - 'Our Theatre Bouncers -Plumes Queen Margaret CollegeCoDrama Departments?8183 Bo' Weevil The Fringe Club The - Strawberries WithLough Cream BoysBoy-friend Of The Lough - Boys Of The 3854 Brass Rubbing Centre - Brass Rubbing Centre 100

Bread And - Edinburgh of ArtReich - GASP10173 Brecht' s FearSaltand Misery inCollege the Third Brian McNeill and Tony McManus Music CentreBridge (A Rite of Passage) - TheAcoustic The Demarco 3365 Foundation Bridging -The Between East and West, Art, 98 Science; TheGaps Demarco Foundation Bright Stream Between the Hills - Pocahontas - 88 Resolutions Theatrefrom Company British Etchings the Turn&ofGallery the Century Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop The Brontes of Hades - Tooth and Nail Theatre 10194 Company Broomsticks in the Sky - The Netherbow Puppet 6 Theatre Brothers of thePants Brush- -Royal Wiseguise Brown Flannel ScottishProductions Academy of Music 9824& Drama Bruce Morton Bruce Morton Buddhist Meditation • Friends of the Western Buddhist 5622 Order Bulent Ortaggil + Erkan Ogur (Progressive Rock) - 47 Oxygen Productions Bulgakov' s Moliere - GildedTheatre BalloonCompany Bums on- InSeatsBackstage 613474 Burach Concert - Acoustic Music Centre Burning Bridges (from Shakespeare' s Tempest) Greyfriars 7431 Burnout -Kirkhouse ThisYouth Way Theatre UpTheatre Bus! Harrow 5256 The Business of Casting Fringe Club Events ...ByByForces Candlelight... Emma- Bush Christian Unseen - - Black Productions 6139 c at St Mary's - The Demarco Foundation 67 Cabaret Cadenza Choir - St Andrew's and St George's at Festival 49 Time Cafe Flesh - The Re-Animators Cafe Graffiti Cabaret - CafeUniversity Graffiti Theatre Society 388231 The Cagebirds - Newcastle Caledonia ' n ' Italia Valvona & CrollaCompany Caliban -OnPhilomusica Thursdayof- Edinburgh The Electric 7050 Cameo 47 Candide- Optimism Beset Theatre Company 6183 CandideCandy DeceitOh-Singapore Exacting Theatre Company 71 Cane Him, & The Bonk of England AsiaPacific Productions 8 Captain Shifty The Fringe Club 41 Careful With The Flowers Harlequin 74 Care 'n' Coercion The MadBiuro AbbotPodrozy - Poland - The80 Carmen Funebre -- Teatr Demarco Foundation 6641 Carnival Sun Splash The Edinburgh Carole Kidd plus special guests - JazzMela - Round Midnight 84 Casa Cabrales --TheSt Mary' Fringes Cathedral Club 42 Cathedral Fete Catherine Nardiello - Piano Concerts - Catherine 4557 Nardiello Pianist Ceilidh atstheArmsCarpenter's Arms - Nights in the 46 Carpenter' Ceilidh Dance: Bella McNab's Band - Acoustic Music 35 Centre Ceilidh Dance: Portobello Ceilidh Band • Acoustic 35 Music Centre Ceilidh Dance: The Cloud Howe Ceilidh Band Acoustic Music Centre Ceilidh Dance: The Robert Fish Band - Acoustic Music3535 Centre Ceilidh Dance: The Wild Cigarillos - Acoustic Music 34 Centre Sessions • Ceilidh House Centre 3439 ACeilidh CeilidhHouse with- Welsh CelticCollege Spirit -ofAcoustic Celebration Music andMusic DramaCentre 3354 Cellar Bar Sunday Sessions Acoustic Music Cellar Bar The ' T .G.I.F' Sessions Acoustic Music 33 Centre Cello and Piano St Andrew’s and St George' s at Festival Time ACompany Celluloid Affair - Spyfinger & First Dance - Three's9389 ADance CelticTheatre Peace & Haida Crucifixion - Moving Visions 30 Central Region Symphonic Band - National 46 Association YouthWind Orchestras Ceolbeg - InofConcert - Aegis The ChangelingDouble EdgeProductions Drama 693612 Charlie Cheese - Charlie Cheese The Charlie Chuck Show! Charlie Chuck Charlie Harrigan - Acoustic Music Centre 3412 129

Index of Show Titles Charlotte Kath Campbell & Rebecca 40 Knorr -And ThePetersen, Clarsach- (Scottish Harp)CoSociety Cheap Tearful ' O ur Theatre The Cheese Shop Presents the Butter Factor - 8316 Gilded Balloon Chekhov Anecdotes -- Kiev The CherryOf AOrchard The-Theatre Demarco Foundation 6577 Children Lesser God Hot House Theatre 75 Children' s BookOpera Quiz • BBC Radio 4 Treasure Islands 5255 Chinese Peking Chloe Poems in Beyond Knickers- -TheDavid TheEdinburgh Blue FestMela Chopsticks and Howells 434762 Choral Concert - Philomusica of Edinburgh Christine Kydd and Janet Russell Caledonian Folk At The Guildford - Off-Off Campus 39 Chunnelvision Cider With Rosie-Stage 2 Demarco Foundation 669123 Cie Herve-Gil France • The Cincinnati - A SingleMusicVoiceCentre Theatre Co Circus - Acoustic 33906 Circus WOOLOOMOOLOOHarlequin Circus Workshop Magic Carpet Theatre Cirqueof Sheffield Surreal - Youth CirqueOrchestra Surreal - National Association286 City ofClassical Youth Orchestras - Festival Club Produrtions 1004146 Clay - Sheets ClayInterlude Clean and Bloody - Gilded Balloon 747 Clowntown - /Sphere ClownGames Band- Venue Club For Life Gardening Club 50 - The Music 50 Box Latino - Assembly Rooms Club Club Soho - Club for Thursdays - Venue 50 - The Music50 Club Swing - Appetite - Palladium Presents Cluub Zarathustra -- Cluub Zarathustra Coco and the Bean The Fringe Club 4343I: Combo! Combo! - The Fringe Club Youth Arts Comedy Of Errors • Leicestershire 7191 The Comedy Wondrous Light Comedy Sportzof Errors - What-Now? Entertainment Productions The Comedy Zone with- Julian Barratt,ZoneTony Burgess,2313 Dave Gorman 8c Wara The Comedy Come On - Damage Compassion • The Demarco Foundation- Reduced 6f6! The Complete History of America Shakespeare Company CoriolanusDiverse -Attractions 6f83 Country of Animals The Demarco Foundation 63 Courtyard Readings - Scottish Library 53 The Cows Come Home - BSE IPoetry Craft and Design Fair - Annual West End Craft & Design10411 Fair Craigie Sings - Diverse Attractions Craig McMurdo' s Jive Cafe Jazz - Round Midnight 4468 Craig Millar; Who' s That? -- Diverse Attractions CrashingDiverse Attractions 68 Creative Fire - Burns - Gilded Balloon Crinoline - Throttle 317384 The Crucible The Oxford Naked Theatre Company Curious Seeds- -Gilded RicochetBalloon Dance Company 3117 Curried Goat The Curse: Sniff it out Theatre Co. The Mad Abbot 79 Cushioned - NtroP 3138 Cyber GraffitiSouls• Cafe GraffitiPerformance Theatre Daily Evensong - St Mary'Company s Cathedral DakotaIndent Theatre 755013 Dallas and Packer Dallas and Packer Damage Days - Damage 55 Damage Nights - Damage Dames atDaughters Sea - The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company 525140 Dames, & Divas Cavatina Productions Dance LaStreets, Belle Angele DancingClubs inHighthe-School SpoonFestival River Anthology - 3759 American Theatre Dan Freedman - Groom Dan Freedman 13 Dark Side -ofJ.the - Top Bil Theatre Darktales F.K. Repertory Company 77949 Darling You Were Marvelous BBC Radio 4 Daughters or Blood's Muckier than Water - Gilded 73 Balloon Dave Thompson Worm -- Acoustic Dave Thompson David Allison plus- The SusanMilkMahoney Music 3426 Centre David Copperfield Leicestershire Youth Arts 7735 David Hughesand- InSally Concert - Acoustic Music Centre Davy Steele Barker Acoustic Music Centre - Theof aFringe Club 4235 AAlDawntreaders Day In The Life Man Tied To A Chair Free For l Productions 73 Dazzle -Exhibition Good Gift -Theatre Dazzle Dazzle Company Exhibition 10152 130

Dead Theatre, Tel Aviv Jam Fest • 94 Deb andHours Mike'- sTmu-Na Late Nite Interactive Gilded Balloon The Definitive MarvinHanglider Hanglider (With Marvin 1817 Hanglider) -- Marvin Deha Adeg The Rasselas Theatre Company Delphic Records' Song Showcase - The- Where Fringe Club 8741 The Devil and the Woman/ Alter Ego Am I? - Belarus - Thefor Demarco Foundation Devolution Wednesdays - Venue 50 - The 5067 Music Box - Club The Diamond Cabaret Nottinghamshire Theatre Company- In Concert - Acoustic MusicEducation Dick Gaughan Centre 3523 The Dictionary of Life Bosnia The Demarco Foundation 6670 Did She Really? - The Theatre Electric Company Did We...? - Pin-stripe 24 Disrupted Equilibrium Bash Theatre Whale Venue 97 Dr. Faustus Forbidden Theatre Company 72 Doctor Faustus - Theatre West 9311 The Dodo Returns. - PeterBalloon Buckley Hil Dog, Food, Dad Gilded 16 Donna and k.b.b...ln...!Gilded Balloon Donna McPhail - -Donna McPhail 217442 Don' t Start Me... Gilded Balloon Don' t Tell My Mother What I've Told You - Brian 18 Harries Don' t YouFestWant Me Baby? - Michael Atavar - 62 The Blue Doppelganger - Altamirage- Theatre Dorset Youth Orchestra NationalCompany Association of 5945 Youth Orchestras The Double-Bass AE Productions DoublingMacLean Schemes- In- The Great-OrbAcoustic Music Centre357458 Dougie Concert Dougie Maclean in Concert - Dougie Maclean 44 Do You Gaidhlic Feel Lucky? - Tim Clark Drama - Edinburgh Gaelic Drama Group 6913 Dream About Little Prince Tuzla Youth Theatre The Demarco Foundation DreamscapePo'Concert azz Yo'azz- Acoustic ProductionsMusic Centre 668533 The Drouth In The Drowned The- Saved - Big Spirit Theatre Co Of28 The Drummer8iBoy The Realistic Theatre Company Edinburgh Duet for One Double Edge Drama 6954 Dundee Schools Symphony Orchestra National Association Youth-Orchestras 4534 Duo De orHotofNotClub Acoustic Centre Dupree Dupree -Orchestra DollyMusicDupree 14 Durham County Youth National Association of Youth Orchestras 45 Durham Early Music Consort National Association of Youth Orchestras Durufle Requiem - St Mary'Drivel s Cathedral 504522 Dylan Moran - Selected - Dylan Moran Eamon-Older Brother Of- Diverse Jesus -Attractions Michael Redmond 6824 Early Morning Cleaners Easy Lookout Theatre Company GildedRoberts Balloon 73 Edinburgh Festival Book Market - -Richard Book MarketsFright 104 Edinburgh Nights 4x4 Theatre Company Edinburgh ofInternational Youth Orchestra - National 4572 Association Youth Orchestras Edinburgh' Most Unusual Tea Shop - Calton Centre 39 Tea Shop ‘ ss Songwriters Edinburgh' Showcase - Ceilidh- House Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra National4639 Association ofYouth YouthOrchestra Orchestras Edinburgh Concert Band National45 Association of YouthYouth Orchestras The Edinburgh Concert Band • St Andrew' s and49 StEdward George'IIs-atAblaze FestivalTheatre Time Company 58 Einstein AsiaPacific Productions The Elephant Man - Northern Theatre CoTheatre USA 607082 Elizabeth R Elizabeth R & Co. Pioneer ElohimGlen Theatre Embarquez-les - Embarquez (France)& Catriona McKay7470Emma Christian, Corrina Hewat EmmaEnchanted Christian Mermaid - Beale Street Puppets 395 The The End -OfFecund TheatreShow - Great Escape Theatre 71 The End The World Company Ensemble - StChanges Andrew's-andDavidSt George' s at Festival Time 496552 Entertaining Forest Enveloppes et Deballages - VetoTheatre Theatre (France) 6796 EquusDe Montfort Equus Fettes AtBrookes TheUniversity Fringe Equus -- Oxford Drama 8471

Eti Trio (Authentic Music) -Baggio Oxygen- NIBZ Productions An Evening With Roberto Everyman Daedalus Theatre Company Everyman - 3/4 Theatre - Poland - The Demarco Foundation Evol - Club forby Fridays - VenueConcret 50 - TheTeatro Music Box Exescuriale Cauchemar - Italy |i I The Demarco Foundation Exhibition of Contemporary Scottish Ar I Art ForExhibition Actionand Sale The / Bayous - Mermaids Dramatic Socier ■ St Andrews University Fab! - -Ugly Faith TheProductions Demarco Foundation Faith, Hope And-Charity - Leicestershire Youth Arts ^ Fall from Grace The Cambridge Footlights Family Matters, & Of Slugs and Wells and WitcheI I Spells American High School Theatre Festival Family Values Northern Theatre Co- Arborea Musica > Farrago - From- Bach to Birdsong and Friends FarragoMusica - FromandTelemann to Tape Recorder Arborea Fascinating Aida- Friends Fascinating AidaMusic Centre : l Featuring Canterach Acoustic Feedback Mouthpeace Theatre (South Africa) - ; Assembly Rooms Feelgood ' O ur Theatre Co Female Parts Theatre CompanyBooksellers 4-Week Festival- Exacting Book Fair - Provincial Fairs Association Festival Ceilidh - The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) ) I Festival Exhibition- The- TheDemarco Blackadder Gallery Festival Foundation 5 Festival Express Exhibition - Traverse Theatre Festival Masses Music i n Old St. Paul' s Festival Poster Competition EAE Distribution ; 3 Fever -Pitch Box Theatre Company Fever - &Fever Pitch Fiddle, Harp Voice - The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Fiesta LatinaJazz- The Fringe Club Fife Youth Orchestra - National Association of . Youth Orchestras Fife Youth Orchestra National Association of Youth Orchestras Fife Youth String Orchestra & Fife Youth Percuss ‘ Group - -National Association Orchestras Findask Acoustic Musica Box) Centreof- ZYouth Fingy (A Play About Theatre Company Vi FionaFirst MuirYears - Diverse Attractions The of Solitude The Brian Collective i 2« Fish Heads And- Tales - Theatre Du Pif Fish' n ' L eather Assembly Rooms Fish-or-Man? -Afternoons Tragic Carpet- St Andrew's and Antwerp St5FiveM'George' s at Festival Time - St Andrew’s and s for Cello and Piano St5:01George' s at Festival - Mourning PorkyTime- Gilded Balloon Fjaere Fjaere Fly Out ofFoundation the Cage - Tuzla Youth Theatre - The Demarco Folding Stuff -- Acoustic CambridgeMusic Amateur Dramatic Club Folk in Arms CentreProductions Food for Thought Traveling Light Fool' ss Gold - I was- Soweto a TeenageParadise ZombieArtists Theatre Comps Fool'Forest Paradise The - Grindlay Courts/andOffshoot Dances atComp FORTIESsimo St Andrew' St George' Festi Time 45Company RPM - Living in the Past - Burntbacon Theatre Fotodiagonaie International Photography Exchange - Whale1995 Venue The Four Quid Cabaret - Venue - The Music Box Four Scottish Poets TheCollege Squareof50Centre The Foursome - Welsh Music and Drama Fragments Italy The Demarco Foundation Fraser Nimmo -- InUnfringed Concert-- Gilded AcousticBalloon Music Cent Fred Concerts MacAulay Free St Andrew' s and St George' s at Festi Time Free Walking Tours of Association the Royal Mile - Edir Festival Voluntary Guides The Frigidaires - The Frigidaires FringeFringe AnnualClubGeneral Fringe Club The Club - Meeting ThePark Fringe-- Club Fringe Sunday in Holyrood Fringe Sunday Ini v Association WithBacon, LothianFreud, RegionalKossoff, Council From London: Andrews, pn i: Auerbach, Kitaj - National Galleries of Scotland

i From the Golden Age to the Present Day - City Art 100 :■: Centre From The Second City - The Second City 25 The Frontmen -Scottish Frontmen {| Funnybones Fruition - Royal- Nottinghamshire AcademyEducation of MusicTheatre & Drama 8815 Company 6 The Gadflys BalloonMusic Centre 42 Ceilidh- Gilded • Acoustic _ '; Gaelic Gaia - Symphony of the- Acoustic Far EastMusic - JapanCentre Experience 353498 Galliard In Concert The - Eden Odds-onInterface TheatrePerformance Company Group 7582 The Gambler Garden ofViking Geordie The and The Grumpy Goblin Whale Venue George Square Charity Gala - National Youth Music 227 ^i Theatre Geraldine McNulty - 10 Women in a One-Frock 16 s Show - Gilded Balloon Ghostrain - LowbrowGo Wilde - Edinburgh University 79 GilbertOpera & Sullivan I■ Boy Group - The Aldridge Gallery 52 GillianW Sin: McDonald Gin Memories of an Edwardian Gin Palace - 9980 i Mandal a y Theatre Company Girls withThe Big Jests - Gilded Give Her BootBi-g Gilded BootsBalloon Touring Company 735117 Glasgow Hard Tickets Balloon Glass InhouseA Song, A Smile, and a Fair-sized 102 Glenn-- Dakin ITree! Glenn -Dakin Glynn Nicholas - Mother Glynn Nicholas 225403 fioblin Market Wild Theatre Company Of Glam Platform OneTheatre - Live! Company 48 [ Gods Sodspell David-Edinburgh Eden YouthYoung GodspellGiltrap-- The Theatre Company 355251 (Gordon Acoustic Music Centre : Gerry Gowans - Gerry Gowans 18 IWaffiti - Norton Tartan Palm TheatreNorton Company 92 Graham Graham 23 :-'4jGrand HotelInquisitor - The Musical PacifYork ic Productions ' The Grand - The -New Street Theatre 5482 : (Caravan Great Canadian Crack Gilded Balloon 2416 ; i Greatest Expectations - Pin-stripe Theatre ’ii-ionicansThe Great Irish Potato Famine Show: The The Mad Abbot 80 CeilidhsThan - Queen' s Hall- Sunny Hil Players 9248 "•'*‘HGreenmantle Ii Greet GreenThe Silk Day Is Thicker Water With Shakespeare - The Shakespeare 57 (CwafiHkshop i Jreg Fleet - Thai-Die - Gilded Balloon <reg Proops Greg Proops 2417 jiTiruntin' ' n ' Guzzlin' The Honkin Hep Cats 43 heGuardian Guardian International Student Drama Award -74 '(*1 tjITheiuitar iuided Tour - St- Alborada Mary's Cathedral 57 Heaven (Gunpowder Treason 1605Music - Time Dream Theatre 3694 irHlamby laggis &andCurry Haggis &- Curry 18 Lacy-- InDance And LacyMusicDance larnish Imlach ConcertHamby - Acoustic Centre 603033 iamlet Assembly Rooms Camlet -- Shenandoah Double EdgeShakespeare Drama Express 6990 "'pamlet i•iamlet amlet-- AArthur Smith 25 World Gone Mad - Full Circle :- 'amlet II: Prince Of Jutland - 'Our Theatre Co 8373 jpncock' s Last Half Hour About Time Theatre loank' mpanys Health and Happiness Show - Hank 58 ' a ngford 50 : I hndiaroldca On The Holyrood - The Chicago Improv 13 ( arou aroun and the Sea of Stories - Benchtours 61 1 arps Of Two Nations - The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) 40 arry Hill Savlon 2000 Harry Hi l Savlon 2000 • i LeieatreHeadSociety Wants To See You - Newcastle University 8218 • savy - Scott CarterArts 6330 ayddenJoeBreathing - Leicestershire Assets: ScottishYouth Paintings from the |: «mings Collection National Galleries of Scotland Hi Energy Showof Living - Flip Flop Fit High School 9915 ' ghest Standard American eatre Festival ' H Utghland Youth Orchestra - National Association of 59 h Orchestras ,Jfimchestras llhead Strings - National Association of Youth 4645 HI

Index of Show Titles Hiroyuki Matsumoto: - Japan Experience 9814 His New Show - Kevi n -Day The Hitman and Him Eardrum Theatre Company 69 Hollywood Rockets - Platform One - Live! Holography ’95 - Camera Obscura 1004860 The Holy Ground - The Assembly Rooms The Home Front Home Front Home Is Where... - Klubs andTribeSt George's at Festival 7553 Hommage St Andrew' Time 4943 The Honkin' HepHepcats Cats - The- BBCHonkin Honkin with the RadioHep2 Cats 9 Hoplite 4x4 Theatre Company Horny at Teatime- -Acoustic Earl OkinMusic Centre 233472 Hot! Australian! Hot, Hung andShuffle Horny- -Dancers Cambridge Hot Shimmy fromBats The Jiving Lindy 3063 Hoppers The House ofBandLife- -Acoustic MusicofCentre 35 The House Philomusica Houseparty ataBaldriggera -Goose LittleEdinburgh Red- Little HenRed Hen 477878 How To Roast Strasbourg The Humpff Family-The Humpff Family 43 Hunting Humans ayful Repertory The Hunting of the- PlSnarkGreyfriarsCompany Kirkhouse 856 Theatre Huntly HypnotistHouse Hugh- Huntly LennonHouse and his Hypno-Dog - Firkin10215 Ridiculous lago: The Art of Deception - Janus Theatre Productions lain Mackintosh - Tweed In Concert - Acoustic Music Centre 333376 Ian Carr & Karen Acoustic Music Centre Ian Cognito •- IanTheCognito 13 The IcemanDeath Iceman The Idiotic of Two Fools - Annoyance Theatre of198 Chicago I Dream Before I Take The Stand - The Journey 77 Company I.D.X. - Carlson Dance II'llFornicazione &- Southern NotCompany A Christmas Carol - Bablake 90289 Get my Man Light Drama Imagine Howling:Tales of Poe:Coxcomb Theatre. - 80 The Mad Abbot I'Road. m Getting myMusical Act Together Tempo Productionsand Taking it on the 5417 Improv M. D . Gilded Balloon In AFlagrant PersianDelicht Garden- -Gilded Out ofBalloon the Nomads Tent 10317 InInheritance Gilded Balloon InInside PeaceOut?with-- Greshams Darkness -YouthTheTheatre Netherbow Theatre 827473 The Inside Story Of Dr Crippen - Caveat Community 63 Theatre InInstant SilenceSunshine and TearsCocktail - fActional Theatre 7119 Sunshine Intensive (Peer/Gynt) Care-Theatre- Interface Train- InstantPerformance 7 Interface Group 75 InternationalCDCD& Record and Record Fair - 2nd Edinburgh 101 International Fair International Photography - International Photography 103 InIntimate the Blood - The Mad- B.Abbot Strangers URays .S.T. - Brand X Produaions 637911 Invasion of the Cathode Invented Lies - TheFreudFringe- Artistic Club Fraud of Newfoundland42 In Your Dreams Inc. 8 The - KCS- Theatre Company IIstanbul SpyIsland MrsJazz Peery Diverse+ Ayse Attractions 6877 Quartet Gencer (Contemporary Jazz) - OxygenLifeProductions aBloody Funny -UpTheNorth Demarco Foundation 674716 It'It'It'sss the Grin Gilded Balloon DayFoundation After Valentine's Day - USA - The 66 Demarco Ivor Dembina - Ivor Dembina in Stand Up Jewish 14 Comedy An Alien - AlienCoSex 5983 II Was Was Your KingSex- 'OGod ur Theatre JacknifeTelling Tales Theatre Jack Shepherd' TheCompany Moment - Jack Shepherd9276 And The One Trees-Chasing Company James Malcolm Acoustic Music Centre Jane Bom-Bane - JaneLBom-Bane 3834 Jane Eyre Theodore Manekin + Eileen Marie Kinnaird Present a solo seduction - Rod McLucas 93 Jawbone: Jazz ByFestival Night - Festival Club Produttions 416680 Jazz Jeff Green - Jeff Green 18

Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell - About Time Theatre 58 CompanyDahmer Jeffrey Is Unwell - Jeffrey Dahmer Is Unwell 5419 Jekyll! - Shrewsbury Jenny Eclair - ProzacSchool and Tantrums - Jenny Eclair - 19 Prozac and Tantrums Jewellery Galerie Mirages Jew of MaltaCambridge Amateur Dramatic Club 1026385 Jezebel Porlyin Rhoden Presents Jim Hunter Crack of Noon Club - Acoustic 35 MusicSalestrom Centreand- the Jim VenueRoad50 -- The Music Box Jim Tavare On The Jim Tavare On The Road 508819 Job Resurrection Theatre Company Jocelyn- Clydeside Steele - Repertory PhilomusicaCompany of Edinburgh 47 Jock Joe! -Cross Moon -Glow Productions, Inc- Acoustic Music Centre 816434 John Lost in America John Hegley- -InTraverse Theatre John James - AcousticCountertenor Music Centre - Ye 3595 John Kitchen &-Concert Sandy Chenery, Tuneful Muses Harpsichords At St Cecilia' s Hall 4321 John Moloney' s Class of '95Edinburgh - John Moloney Johnnie Jouk The GibbetPeople' s Theatre 69 The Johnny 7s -Premature The Fringe Club John Otway' Adulation - Gilded Balloon 354242 John Pearson Acoustic Music Centre John' s Gospel - Regency The John Wright Band -Productions Acoustic MusicFestival Centre 355187 Joseph American High School Theatre Journey West - Tripitaka Theatre Company 9533 The Joyce Gang - Acoustic Centre Julian Clary -- Julian Clary MusicEducation 13 Juliet' s Song Nottinghamshire Theatre Company 3135 June Tabor Acoustic Music Centre Just AAnother MinuteNight - BBC-Radio 4 Grinn 10 Just The Brothers Just Another Tartan Moose -(Canada) T W Youth Theatre 96I I (Scotland)/Mermaid Youtheatre K s Dick - Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group 69 Kafka' Kah Ming NgAt- The Harmonious Harpsichord Harpsichords Kaleidoscope - StBBCCecilia’s RadioHall4 I - Arborea Musica 4310 The Kapellmeister Connection and Friends The Kapellmeister Connection 2 - Arborea Musica 3737 and Friends Karen Dunbar No Laughing Karina' s Kitsch- -Kitchen - C Matter - Karen Dunbar 24II14 Kate Robbins Kate Robbins Kathryn Tickell Acoustic Music Centre Ben Keaton - Ben Keaton 2034 Kerne: Muummuuuu Japan Experience 30 Ken & Balloon Barb - A Day in the Life of a Supermodel - 73 Gilded Ken Campbell - Lecture Demonstration - Fringe 56 Club Events Kendall Mitch&Cake Southside - Kenny Young and The 25 Kenny Young The -Eggplants Eggplants Kerem Gorsev Trio (Contemporary Jazz) - Oxygen 4750 Productions Kes- Leicestershire Youth Arts Heroes 78 Khartoum Heroes Kimono Mime -Union Japan- Kharthoum Experience 305444 Kiss Me Kate Theatre Klatwa (The Curse) -Company Wierszalin Theatre (Poland) 2998 Klub - Frantic Theatre Knickers Yes & No Theatre The KoshLastin Just Below the CoSurface - Gilded Balloon- 2998 Krapps Tape - Alternative Theatre - Belarus The Demarco Foundation 6741 Kumar Sanu - The Edinburgh Mela Kumiko Yamaguchi Modern Dance Company: In Between- Fine - JapanLineExperience Kvetch Theatre Company 7230 LThe Labyrinth - EUTC Lady Macbeth Firmed My Buttocks - Reservoir 7188 Kittens LanoLark & Woodley -'Cambridge Curtains'University - Lano& Woodley 6320 The - CADS, Late Night Folk - Ceilidh House 39 Late ' n ' Live Gilded Balloon Latin!Laughing or Tobacco and Boys- -Diverse The Demarco Foundation6S6816 The Roundhead Attractions Lazzi! - Diverse Attractions 68 Learing The Rasselas and -Herring' s FistTheatre of Fun Company - Lee and Herring's Fist 2087 ofLeLeeFunFauve - Archaos Bikers BVDA 28

Index of Show Titles The Legend - Earl Okin The Legend TheFoundation End of The World - Dah 6623 Teatar - The About Demarco The Legend of Pope Joan - The LiverpoolFactory Playhouse 79 The Lennon LeInstant Petit CirqueMemorandum Des 'Horrors'- Comedy - Albert & Friends 6459 Circus Let ForAbout The Weekend Long Pig Playhouse 2079 Let' sOutTalkPsychotic Sex... - Revell The- Liverpool Liberal Nick 24 The The Lie LifeDetector And Times- Campaign Of TibbieAgainst PaganMilitarism - Diverse 6855 Attractions The Life ForceSlide- Gordon Strachan The Lighter - Mardi Brass- Jazi/Folk Quartet of 10244 Light From the Dark Room: National Galleries Scotland 9848 Lights Out By- Nine - Platform - Live! Like a-Virgin Hull Truck TheatreOneCompany 7S28 Lilith Avis Dance Lindisfarne Queen' s Hall 48 The Line-Exacting Theatre 71 Little Green Monkeys - TheCompany Fringe Club AThe Little Older - Clyde Unity Theatre 6442 Little Prince BUZM Theatre Company The Demarco Little RedFoundation Riding Hood-- Threshold Gilded Balloon 735467 Little Shop of Horrors Theatre Company Live Musics Arms at the Carpenter's Arms • Nights in the 46 Carpenter' The Living Juke-Box - The Blue FestEducation Theatre 10 Lizzie Dripping - Nottinghamshire Company Lludmilla Lymar Kiev TheatreCruel Tyrant! - Arborea 776 Loki Ensemble Love, Thou Musica and Friends- Celestial Music's Sire - Arborea 37 Loki Ensemble Musica andHearts Friends- Hull Truck Theatre Company 37 Lonely Loobie - TheInFringe ClubFrantic Theatre Company 422975 Look Back AngerLooking for -MrBBCGilesRadio- Annabel 179 Loose Ends 4 Giles Lorna Brooks Lorna Brooks 38 LosingLostWonderland AblazeLostTheatre Company 28 The Continent -- The Continent Lothian Region Schools Orchestra - National 7946 Association of Youth Orchestras ASybilleLot of People Ask Me...An Hour with Dame 16 GildedTicket Balloon The Lottery Stomping Feet TheatreGalleries Companyof 91 Louis-Antoine Prat -Collection - National Scotland 99 Love Ugl y Productions Lovecraft:- To Cthulhu and Beyond - Outhouse 9684 Productions Love Letters - The Demarco Foundation 6668 Lovers - Diverse- USA Attractions LuanaSt George' Pellegrineschi and Dmitri Klimov - St Andrew's and s at Festival Carolans Hall- The ItalianTimeConcerto - Harpsichords 4349 AtLucy St Cecilia' Lulu - Happychap Productions Lunch/Tea with Harold Pinter: Aspects Theatre Co. 7974The Mad Abbot Lunchtime Concert Music for Viola and Piano - 40 James DurrantJazzandwith DanielTheMcElhinney Lunchtime Alec ShawOne Trio-+LiThe Edinburgh Jazz Orchestra Platform ve! 4850 Lunchtime Recitals St Mary' s Cathedral Lunchtime Sessions Acoustic Music Centre 33 Lunchtime Ned - Ned- BBC SherrinRadio& Friends LunchLuwies' WithWith The Archers 4Players 57109 The Guide The Bartholomew Lynn Ferguson -- Professional Heart and SoleMasterclass - Gilded Balloon LynnEvents Seymour - Fringe 5616 Club M - Edinburgh Theatre Arts Macbeth 7084 Macbeth -- Superstition PerformanceTheatre ExchangeCompany Macbeth 92 Macbeth - Edinburgh Theatre Arts 7051 Macbeth inOnScots Rocks - Atelier Theatre MacGregor' sThe TrapBard - Apache Productions 51 MacPunch (The in the Booth) The Netherbow Puppet Theatre 22 Mac-talla in Concert Mac-talla 44 Madam - Performance Made In Butterfly Southfrom Africa - Cape TownExchange Youth Th Co- 8451 Magical Music The Animated Classics Montrose S36 Magic Circus Bob....Unplugged!!! Gilded Balloon Magic - Magi- Netherbow c Carpet- Theatre The Magic Stage Gallery 1036 132

MahlerMambo Symphony 9 - Scottish- The Sinfonia The Club ofNoEdinburgh Mambo Club of 4844 Edinburgh Man Man Of LaOfMancha Youth Arts LuuTG 76S3 The Mode -- InLeicestershire Your The Man Who Turned IntoSpace A StickProductions, - Politically 85 Incorrect The Man Who Would Be King Cambridge Dramatic Club - Mapapa Acrobats Amateur 6330 Mapapa Acrobats MarkMark LittleSteel SucksSolution - Assembly 9 The • BBCRooms Radio 4 Marshes Farmof-Scots Marshes& Bonnie Farm 4410 Mary Queen Prince Charlie Linlithgow FestivalA Reign Trust Revisited - Royal Stuarts 78 Mary Stuart, Scottish Performer' s Guild- Linlithgow Festival Trust 7889 Mary Stuart' s Women Masterpieces - BlowTheatre: Up Theatre Company 62 Matsudo Citizens' - Japan Experience MattMatter Armour - In Concert- 'O- Dolls Acoustic Music Centre 337683 AMax Of Conviction ur Theatre Co and Jill'sI Corduroy Hostess - Gilded Balloon 3417 McCalmans Music Centre McCalmans 23 --- Acoustic Acoustic Music Music Centre Centre McCalmans Acoustic 343434 McCalmans 45 -- Acoustic Music Centre McCalmans Acoustic Music Centre McCalmans 6Measure - Acoustic- Nottinghamshire Music Centre Education 3535 Measure for Theatre Company Medea-Material Diverse Attractions 686382 -The bYACT AMedea Meeting With Monster Merlin 80 Meet meain4 -Istanbul - Thrills and Swoon Menage Philomusica of Edinburgh 4793 The Men Who Know + Three Musicians Who Can The MenTrio Who- Know & Thes and TigerSt LiGeorge' l ies s at Festival 21 Merlyn St Andrew' Time The Mervyn Stutter Thing Pleasance: Comedy 497424 Metamorphosis Gordonstoun Youth Theatre Metamorphosis MFC (VocalMaracas! Rock- Oxford Band) -Brookes OxygenDrama Productions 4784 Midnight Graffiti ACompany Midsummer Night'- Cafe s Dream - Exacting Theatre 7138 The Mikado& Makars - Nancy-3.TheHoffman Minstrels ClarsachHerself (Scottish Harp) 4053 Society The Fresh Campaign - Gilded Balloon 17 MirjamMinty - fActional The Miser - LeightonTheatre Park Drama 782910 Missed Demeanours • BBC Radio 4 Miss Fortune - Aroundabout Company Miss Margarida' s Way - MZMTheatre Produrtions Inc. In 6081 Modern Problems In Science Modern Problems Science Mogens Andersen Exhibition - The Danish Cultural 10121 Institute Mondo Ridicamundo - The Anderson Foundation Monologue ofHeads a Madwomen - GildedCompany Balloon 7451 Moonshine or Harps Theatre 75 More than Kisses Gilded- Balloon 73 More Than White-- Walls Mother ofonOscar The Theatre BridgeC Theatre Company 625998 Mother' s American Ventures Motivate theLanguage Era - Union Company Mountain -Performance TheDance Demarco Foundation 843267 Mozart and Salieri Exchange Mozart Requiem - Music in Old St.Radio Paul's 44 Mr Anderson' Mr Boom - Thes Fine SpaceTunesShapeBBC Inside theScotland Space Ship - 375 MrMuchBoom Ado About Nothing - Bare And Ragged Theatre Multi-Cultural Clothes Show - The Edinburgh Mela 567761 MurderKiev Theatre Museum of Childhood - MuseumFoundation of Childhood 103 Musica (The Fly) * I The Music forTime a While - St Demarco Andrew's and St George's at 6749 Festival Music forTimea While II - St Andrew's and St George's at 49 Festival My Fair Lady -- StEdinburgh Youths atTheatre My Fair Lady Andrew'and s andLothian St George' Festival 52 Time My Lord - The English Theater Company from Poland 4970 N Haynes. Bound Not Gagged. - Cambridge Natalie Amateur Dramatic Nativity - BradfordClubPlayhouse Group 6212 The Navajo Wrap - TheStudio Neither HereWaynor- There Demarco Foundation 10466

Newcastle Ale - Pick of the Fridge - The Fringe Club Brown New Location New - Edith Simon GalleryNews Quiz - BBCDepartures The Radio 4 NewsrevueNewsrevue Nick Wilty - GildedWhale Balloon Night CabaretVenue Nightingale for Dinner - Czech Republic - The Demarco Foundation The Night - Theatre Kana - Poland - The Demarco 6i4|| Foundation 1995- Festival Exhibition of Contemporary ScottishIt! r Art ESUGallery NingaliTraverse TheatreShanks Nobby Shanks - InNobby No Hay To Save Brooklyn - Indent Theatre Company Noh Theatre Project - QMW Theatre Company Noises Off Strut and Fret Theatre No More Hiroshimas - Campaign Against Militarism The Normal Heart QMW Theatre Company The Norman Conquests Back 2 Front Productions Norman Lovett Norman Student Lovett Theatre Company The North Pole- --InNational North Sea Gas Concert -- Acoustic Music North Sea Gas In Concert AcousticLeschi Music Centre Centre Nostos -- Ulysses / Visions - Theatriki Greece The Demarco Foundation Not Gods But Giants Traverse Theatre Nothing But Storm - Diesel Theatre Not Responsible! Renaissance Theatre of Dramatic Arts - American The Nottinghamshire Picture - Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company Nottingham Revue: The Velcro-Ninjas' Tea Party The University ofFreeNottingham NewTheatre TheatreCompany Now We Are Asimmetric Nude Coffee- Aba- Nude Coffee Nunsense Nusrat Fateh AliDaba KhanDo& Party - The Edinburgh Mela Obscurity Knocks Festival Club- Agitprop Productions Obsession Is NotCeilidh A- Perfume Theatre Co The Occasional Dance - Aegis Productions The Odyssey: A New Work of Theatre and Dance The Pig Iron Theatre Company Old Town, New Town St Andrew' s and St George's at Festival- Paul TimeMorocco, Antonio Forcione & Alessandro Ole! One For Money One For TheDrama MoneyGroup One For The The- One RoadVoice- -Corstorphine One Voice One Way StreetTraverse Theatre One Only Woman Show - Tania LacyBar On The Fringe - C The First-Floor Cellar The Open MicCabaret Awardsand - BBC Radio -4 Acoustic Music Open Stage Sessions Centre Open Weekend at Dr Neil' s Garden Amnesty International(After Euripides) - The Penn -Theatre Orestes EnsembleRecitals - Greyfriars Kirk Promotions Organ Organ Recitals - St Andrew's and St George's at Fessstiva; rh Time Organ Recitals - St Mary' s Cathedral Organ Spectacular - St Andrew' s and St George' Festival Time Orpheus - Jean Cocteau - Greyfriars Kirkhouse Theatre Oskaro Korsunovo Grupe: Lithuania - The Demarco-1 Foundation Out Of The Hoehler- Gilded Balloon The Oxford Blue Revue- Richard 1995 - Space PacificPaddie Overtures - Northern The Bell Festival FolkTheatre Show - CoThe Paddle Bel Festival Folk Show PalmPalmist Court Players - Philomusica of Edinburgh The - -TheTheDemarco Foundation PapaPaper WembaEater Edinburgh MelaFoundation The The Demarco Paradise and - LulRibs u Wong TaylorCompany Paradise LostFlowers - -DigRhyme In The Theatre Paradise (Lost) & Reason Pardesi - The Edinburgh Mela Parrot Parsons'Uandncaged' Naylor'- Gilded s BrandBalloon New Pigbag - Parsons Naylor Parting Shot - 'Our Theatre Co

lUfajm Killers-Hull Truck Theatre Company 7 (1Ii, Passion PastaSingleton With Chopsticks-Shoestring Players Paul - Philomusica of Edinburgh 49 Paulson Barbour Quality Roams 2 2 uI Paul Tonkinson - Paul Tonkinson Pause forLoveStories - Scottish- JimStorytelling ^S The Peace, St Harmony DiamondCentre 48 Pearlfishers The Pearlfishers 4 Peasouper RejectsQuartet Revenge- Theatre 8 *J The Peeler-Small AcousticCompany Music Collection - Harpsichofds 4 -'l AtPenelope St Cecilia'Cave s Hall- A Choice Penetrazioni-Teatro StabileFactory DelleArtiMedioevali 9I j|’ The People Like Me Freedom People's Story - The People's Story 109 l; Pernicious Fictions - Strange Fruit Stageworks Perrier Pick Cf The Fringe Award Shows Perrier J* Personals Pick of the Fringe High School Theatre Festival 2'S Perth Youth- American Orchestra - National Association of Youth 4 I' Orchestras Perth YouthofOrchestra Ensembles - National 4i Association Youth Orchestras Peter and the Wolf Burklyn Ballet Peter Argondizza - PhilomusicaYouthof Edinburgh 421I1 Phil Kay-Phil Kay Murals Phoebe Traquair St Mary' s Cathedral 1 Physical - Edinburgh Sculpture- Workshop 106!9' Piaf: La Vie Sans Regrettes Diva Productions Favourites Philomusica .11 Piano Piano Recital - St -Andrew' s and ofSt Edinburgh George's at Festival 4! Time 4 1(Picking Bones - Gilded Balloon The Picture of Dorian Grey - Bare And Ragged 67‘ Theatre AandPicture of Edinburgh: Celebration of the City 101 Its Countryside - CityACollege Art Centre Picture of Health Royal of Surgeons i ^Edinburghof an Exhibitionist - Hans Liberg of I O'71 jPictures Pig Boy - Theatre Sans Frontieres 9iSI jThe Pigeon - AERoad Productions ijpile-up on the to Oz Hard Line Theatre J&mpany Thrills + Backache: The Hank Williams Story -7'9 i Pills, Strong strong Arm Ar Theatre Company >?iobaire ‘ ibaireachd Revealed Some More - Acoustic Music ^Mfcentre '(Place Pippin+-Target Leicestershire Youth Arts Si - Theatre A{Company Place With The Pigs - PurCommunicado Theatre 6'9i lira) H; \Planet PlaceAlice With- Club The Pigs - Pin-stripe- Theatre for Mondays Venue 50 - The 8!SI plusic BoxMadonna Elastic The University of Nottingham New 9< r-t‘ffheatre Playing Sarajevo Fi f t h Estate T.61 uJtt ji May Again,Intimate Sam - D.Revue M.D.C- &TheTheBlueMakars MushIt...An Fest 1111 i Poetry "oetry Please BBC Radio 4 Writing Workshops BBC Radio 4 t# i Pop'he Goes PooziesYer- Life! Acoustic Music Centre 3!II Streamline Music i n Association j( y"ositive ith TommyThinking/ Miah Meditation Workshops - Diverse 5' ipmorphous he Poster ofWitchHazel the Cosmos and the Moonshot Tape - 61 he Prime Minister's Son - Gilded Balloon T. mi I j heatre he Private Ear / The Public Eye - Absolute Banana 51 Company ssst! Company Pyke 2! p sycho Drama Your Face!People' productions he Public Eye -- InEdinburgh sofTheatre 6!71 urcell/Vivaldi/Bach Philomusica Edinburgh 4! she Purging - Ablutions SI / - Club for Saturdays - Venue 50 - The Music Box SO »chelCity - Gilded Balloon Productions 7 *dio idio S Live-- onCackophonics theEdinburgh Fringe -MelaBBC Radio Scotland 5II : sngajatra The he Rape, When 'No' Means... - Curio Company 6' [ i »ader - Traverse Theatre 9 s Dream - Frei Zinger sdRecital Devilsof- Floyd' Virgo Intacta 9S' : i * Orpheus and Ms Dice - University College London i fsquiem ama Society For A King - National Theatre Tuzla - The 69 ■"marco Foundation

Index of Show Titles Resorting To The Pleasure Ground - No Shouting 82 Theatre The Respectful - Prospectus Theatre Co 87 Retraite - IsadacWhore - Morocco - The Demarco Foundation 67 Reunion Blue Angel Productions Revolving- Doors - Moving Parts Theatre - Whale 6297 Venue Rhapsodia In Clown - Marceline 2112 Rhona Cameron -Pedro Rhona Cameroni Sylvestre Ricardo Barros & Persone Music for Two Harpsichords - Harpsichords At St-Cecilia' s HalDuet l - 43 Ricardo Barros Andreas HallKaiser Klassisci Harpsichords At St&andCecilia' 43 Ricardo Barros Friends Mascharada Harpsichords AtMaria St Cecilia' s Hall- National Galleries of 43 Richard and Cosway: Scotland Richard - Professional Masterclass - Fringe 5699 Club EventsEyre Richard Herring Is All Man - Richard Herring Is All Man Richard IIIFoundation - Freestage Theatre - Belarus - The 6724 Demarco O'BrienYours' is Mephistopheles 'Richard Disgracefully ProductionsSmith LTD in 82 Rich Hall - RichUniversity Hall - OMTheatre Road London Company 7918 Road Movie Traverse Theatre 95 The To Mecca - Ant V Polar Bear Club Theatre 28 CoRobertRoadMazurek Quintet - Absolute Blues: Jazz 33 ChicagoRobinson Style - Tom Tom Robinson 24 ARock-n-Roll Rock And Ceilidh A Hard With Place Liverpool No- TheRules - The Playhouse Electric 4179 Barn Roger McGough with Andy Roberts - Roger McGough Roger Balloon Monkhouse Says Opportunity Knocks... - 8017 Gilded Romeo - Exacting RomeoCoand Juliet:Theatre HappilyCompany Never After - 'Our 3371 Theatre Romeo Et Juliette - Nada Theatre Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are(France) Dead - Shenandoah 8190 Shakespeare Express Ros Folk Dance Group Acoustic Music Centre Rossini: Petite Solemn MassMarketing - Ars Musica - New Jersey 773734 Rough Crossing The Lard Board The Rover: Aspects Touring Mad Abbot 5579 R2RSAMD Roadshow - Academy BBC Radio 2 Co. - The- National Junior Orchestra Association of Youth Orchestras 46 sSally Bishop & Anne-Marie Hastings - Music in the Museum The Salt Wound - 7:84 Theatre Scotland 458933 Sangsters - InIn Concert Concert - Acoustic AcousticCompany Music Centre Centre Sangsters Music 3441 The SativaNight Drummers - The Fringes Club Saturday at the Carpenter' Arms Nights i n the Carpenter' Arms Saucy Jack andsLeft theWing Space Vixens - Antic Disposition 465175 Saved - Icarus Save The World/ Highland FlingTheatre - Diverse Attractions 945 Sawn-Off Shakespeare - Torsion Scalded Cats Caledonian Folk At The Guildford 3960 Scarlet Theatreto- Paper Wallsof• Assembly Rooms School Journey the Centre the Earth The EdinburghWhisky Young Theatre Company Scotch - The Scotch WhiskyLibrary Heritage Centre 577056 Scotland Abroad -- Scottish Poetry Scotland' s Moves The Demarco Foundation AScott ScotsCapurro' Tapestrys Love - TheandClarsach (Scottish Harp) Society 6740 Affection Tour Scott Capurro Scottish ActorsStudio Studio- Hamada - Hamada Workshops - 5712 Scottish Actors Workshops Scottish Ceilidh Dance Workshops - Acoustic Music 33 Centre Scottish Chamber Orchestra Music in the Museum 45 Scratch It! Night - Exacting Company Scroggins' OutTheatre - Kingsway Revue - Great Escape7118 Theatre Company Sean Hughes - SeanLockHughes Sean Lock - Sean 2519 SeannachieAcoustic Music Centre 33 SeannachieAcousticofMusic Centre- Welsh College of 35 The Coming Matthew MusicSecond andofDrama Secrets the Celtic Heart of the Celtic 97 Heart Under the Skirt - The- Secrets Secrets Demarco Foundation 8965

a The SegoviaItaliana Trio -- Segovia Guitar Trio 4938 Serenata Bruce-Colwell Duo 17th Festival Exhibition The Chessel Group 100 Sex and Death -- The EUTC Abbot 71 Sex &Marriage Essence Sex, and theMadAmerican Woman - Assembly799 Rooms Sexual Perversity Gilded Balloon Shadow - PlayFor- PlBreakfast ainys Chicago Ablaze - -Oxford 857384 Shakespeare Headlights Shakespeare' s Best Bits - -TheTartan Shakespeare Workshop 57 Shaking Up Shakespeare Palm Theatre Company 9230 Shakti: Rashomon Japan Experience Sheela-na-GigSheela-na-Gig 2517 Sheila' s Giant Wall of Plot Twists Gilded Balloon Shelf Life Checkout Theatre Co Sherlock and the Giant Rat of Sumatra - 1215 Fossick ValleyHolmes Fumblers Shooglenifty La Belle Angele 37 Shores Diverse Attractions Short Fat- Rooms Kebab-Shop Owner's Son Part II - 409 Assembly Sideways Moving -Baldwin ExactingDance TheatreCompany Company 7128 SightLines - Markin the SignSignLanguage Club-Events AVenue of the Times - Theatre Patchwork- Fringe Theatre Whale 9756 Silver Theatre - Royal Scottish Academy of 88 Music &Spurtle Drama- Banzai Simon Bligh - Assembly 9 Simon Fanshawe - Assembly RoomsRooms Simon Pegg - Gilded Balloon 178 Simon Speaks, Love, Sanity and other Impossibilities - American- Glendale High SchoolConcert TheatreChoir Festival 5942 Sing a Song ofChumley Summer Sir Bernard is Dead and Friends! - Sir 13 Bernard Chumley Situation Dog Shifty Theatre Company Six in Search of an Author - Rosie Will 9088 Die Characters Productions Skin Deep The Demarco- Foundation 6571 Not Included EUTC ASlatteries Slice Of Saturday NightLeicestershire Youth Arts The Smallest Cinema In The World - Pleasance : 8553 Theatre Smalltalk - Acoustic- Gilded Music Balloon Centre 3516 Smiley' Culture Smith -sabout Leicestershire Youth- Arts 6 Snakes her Cradle Pinpoint Productions 85 Soiree of French Song and Piano Music St Andrew' s and St George' s-atTraverse Festival Time Some PeopleRotten TheatreCrossing Theatre Project 614995 Something - Atlantic Sondheim at the Sheraton - Burntbacon Theatre 38 Company Songs of Sister Ellen St Andrew' FestivalofTimeTravel - Valvona&Crolla s and St George's at 5449 Songs Sophia - The Cambridge Sophie + GinaMummers Rae - Sophie Bancroft + 6349 Gina RaeBancroft Sostenuto St Andrew' s and St George' Time 4948 Soul Connection - Platform One - Live!s at- Festival Soul Underground Club for Tuesdays Venue 50 The Music Box Playhouse Presents Michael Mears - 8950 Soup - Salisbury Southampton University National Association of YouthSymphony Orchestras Orchestra - 4526 Southside Late Southside SoFunnyYou+ Think You Think You're 25 The BestYou' OfrS.eYFunny? .T.Y-.FJules- &SoJules Space Family Robinson Theatre 53 Spank Cambridge Feminist Revue Specific Gravity / Heroides XII - Vestris-Cassiel 323112 Speechless Sakura Dance Company The Spider - The Demarco 6749 Spirit of- Peepolykus Scotland - Spirit ofFoundation Scotland Squid 31 Andrew's and s andSt George' St George Choir and StStStanza Andrew' s at Festival TimeOrchestra - 4910 On Stage BBC Radio 4 The Star - Pin-stripe Stars andChild Swastikas - S.N.ATheatre .P. (Stokesley New Amateur 906 Performers) Statements of Attainment - Bradford Playhouse Studio62 Group StealingSam- Caledonian Shammas Productions 8939 Davy Steele Folk AtSounds TheLtdGuildford Stella Polaris Dance Latvia/ and Souls The Demarco Foundation Stephen Quigg - In Concert - Acoustic Music Centre 673450 Martin Stephenson - Martin Stephenson Steve Gribbin: Natural Born Stewart Lee - Stewart Lee Kidder - Gilded Balloon 2616 133

Index of Show Titles Stone Moon - Ercall Wood G.M. School Theatre 70 Company Storm in a Teacup - Intimate Exchanges Theatre Company Strange...But True - Wind Eddy Strange 266 Strathclyde Schools Band - National Association of Youth Orchestras 46 Strathclyde SchoolsofSymphony Orchestra National Scottish Association YouthScottish Orchestras 46 Strictly Strictly Struck OfftheandMiddle Die's-Television Pilot - Gilded Balloon 311616 Stuck in Gilded Balloon suddenlylastsummer! suddenlylastsummer 31 SugartownSugartown- -Quest Summit Conference Theatre Company SO87SO Sunday Services St Mary' s Cathedral The Supernaturals - Platform - Live! 48 The Suspension Bridge ScottOneCarter Suzanne Bonnar Doin'Demon it- Right - Gildedof Fleet BalloonStreet - 4263 Sweeney Todd: The Barber Threshold Theatre- Company Sweet Desserts Sweet Desseru Theatre Company 2654 Take The Floor Theatre- St Andrew's and St 95 Take The C'- sTraverse to Sorrento George' sthe atHigh Festival Time Tales of Heart Stinging Nettles Theatre Company 4991 Talking Heads: A Chip in the Sugar The Herrick Theatre 75 The Taming of the ShrewBand - The- Acoustic DemarcoMusic Foundation Tam White Shoestring Centre 673419 Tanked Up Girls The Iced Jems & Jasmine Birtles Tap Dogs Dogs - The Fringe Club The Tartan- Tap Amoebas 414426 The Tartan Amoebas Marco' s Productions Tarts - KeviShort n Feather Productions 5390 Tartuffe& Sides Taste - Hot Air Back 18 ATeenTasteSpirit of Figgis Directors' C ompany - The Sexact Roadshow 897014 The Tempest The Electric Company The Tempest - Oxford Headlights 84 Tempest - Performance Exchange The Tempest - The Shenandoah Shakespeare Express 9084 The Tempest Southsea Shakespeare Actors 91 Temptations - Palaver- Grace Productions Tendres Badinages Conway (Flute) & Margaret 4084 Jaffrey-Smith (Piano) Ten In A BedTo -Starting Open Hand Theatre Company Company 6 Ten Steps A Theatre Independent Theatre Council 56 The Tented House of Arts Association for Applied Arts Terminal Wanderlust - Gilded Balloon - Japan 10029 Teru Hidaka: Black Iron Fly Phantom Experience Tess ofentheL'AD'ir U- rbervilles - Marco' s Productions 568029 Tete Diavolo Dance Theatre The Theatre of Antosha Chelakonta - Belarus - 67 The Demarco There Is No IMrFoundation Sexy- -PaulMooncalf / Carapace 2119 These Girls Knew Hul l These Who Die As Cattle Cambridge Experimental Theatre Thinking - Welsh College of Music and 9763 Drama O'cInlockWelsh Three Jump - Dancers from The Jiving Lindy 6 Hoppers The Threepenny Opera - National Youth Music Theatre 54 Throttle - Throttle Throttle, Tich Frier - Caledonian Folk At The Guildford 39265 Tickle - Downe Right Bonkers The Tim Vine Fiasco Tim Vine 2742 Tinderbox - The Fringe Club Titania' s Women The Demarco Foundation The Titanic, The Doctor And Mussolini - Company 6466 David Sant Toad Of Toad Hall - Absolute Company 5 Toasting theGhosts Lassies ValvonaBanana &Student CrollaTheatre ToCompany Comfort -- National Theatre 9631 Tokyo Shakespeare -Presents Japan Experience 7623 The Tom Tokyo ShockQuartet BoysCo:- Macbeth Palladium The Miles The Tom Mi les Quartet 6926 Tongues Eardrum Theatre CompanyExperience Total Tea-Theatre; A Novel-Tea - The 31 Synaesthetes Train - The Demarco Foundation 6663 Trainspotting Citizens Theatre Glasgow Transitions: Steps In An Artist' s Progression Geoffrey MacEwan Academy 10269 Translations Traquair Fair-- Edinburgh Traquair Fair 57 134

The Travels of Mungo Park - The Rowan Tree Company Traverse Festival Conferences - Traverse Theatre 887295 Travesties 4x4 Theatre Company Travis The FringeMusic Club 42 Tribe --- Acoustic Tribe TheandFringeRaspberries ClubCentre- Borderline Theatre 4134 Trumpets Company 6275 Trust Me!Night - InMotion Productions Twelfth Shenandoah Shakespeare Express 90 20/52- Traverse Twilight Zone - Theatre Live-On-Stage -StTheater Schmeater 9295 Two Amsterdam Afternoons Andrew' s and St George'Twos atGentlemen Festival Timeof Verona- NorthWest 49 The Leicestershire Theatre- Serendipity Two Men AndYouth A Penguin 8982 u UlsterOrchestras Youth Orchestra - National Association of Y 45 outh The Umbilical Brothers in Heaven by Storm - 17 Gilded Balloon- Theatre Uncle Vanya West End Productions Understanding Magazine Attractions 5593 Undue Aggravation - Is This- Diverse Seat Taken/ UNL Productions 76 Unfinished a CouplePlayers - Gilded Balloon 9074 The UnlikelytheMelody Hero -ofShoestring Unlocking Waterways Scottish Storytelling Centre UntilUnveiling Now - Tinbox Theatre and Arts Collaborative 818994 The Mixed Metaphors UpirnaagiitD.E-.AAn.R Eskimo Tale -Thea Northfield Academy 82 Aberdeen LiOzfe Black LightStage Upside Down To Callus Production - Whale Venue The Usual Suspects Live - BBC Radio Scotland 9710 TheVackeesForthTongue Childrens TheatreProductions - 72 The Vagabonds: in Cheek The Mad Abbot 80 Valsa Numero Exacting Theatre Company Victory - ChoicesSeisIn- Reaction - Mooncalf / Carapace 815071 VIDA-VIDA Viking and The Technicoiour Time 52 MachineColumbus - Joe's Theatre Works Violent NightNational Student Theatre Company 81 Viol Rackett Show - Edinburgh Virtual Locality.Crash Blind - Renaissance Indent TheatreBand 7541 Company Vivaldi&Four Seasons - Philomusica of Edinburgh 4748 Voice - Philomusica of Edinburgh AVyvautus Void - Piano Exacting Theatre Company Landsbergis - The Demarco Foundation 6714 w for Godot - Sais-Fes - Morocco - The Waiting ADemarco WalkVenue onFoundation the Mild Side - Baggy Trousers Theatre - 9767 Whale Wallace & Barber's Soapy Frogs - Soapy Frog Produrtions 25 The WallaceA One Collection Museum Warmley. Man Play- Music Aboutin theDylan Thomas - 4582 N.Waykis W.5 Theatre Productions inStane Alba-- Acoustic MusicYouth CentreTheatre 9735 The Wee- Incas Magic West Lothian The Weird Box Ugl y Productions West Glamorgan String- National Orchestra & Youthof 96 Symphonic Wind Youth Orchestra Association Youth Orchestras 45 West Lothian Schools Brass Band - National Association of Youth Orchestras West Midlands Serious Comedy Squad - Gilded 4616 Balloon West SideWill! Story- -LiThreshold Company 5479 Whatcha g TheatreTheatreConference What is Fringe? - AnvinInternational - 56 Fringe Club Events What is the Matter with Mary Jane? Assembly Roomss A Girl To Do? - Assembly Rooms 609 What' Wheelchair of Music Biandn AteDrama ASister! Wheelie BinWillie Ate -MyWelsh Sister!College - A Wheelie My 977 Mike Whellans Folk At&TheJaneGuildford When Harry met-- Caledonian CathyHarry (& Anne &Anne Anne& & 39 Kathy & Cathy) When met Cathy (8i Jane & Kathy &Had Cathy)The Choice - Burntbacon 98 When& Anne Housewives Theatre Company When The Rain Stops - 'Our Theatre Co 8362

When The- Whale Sun Shines On Me - Stardom Children's 7 Theatre Venue Where There' s A Will Leitheatre 78 White asRabbit I am Cowboys - Rebecca -Waddell White White Rabbit Cowboys 97987 Who? Strays Youth Theatre Whoops Vicar is That Your Dick - Marco's Productions Whose Life Is It Anyway - Act One - Cardiff University 5821 Drama Society Wildcat - 47 - Assembly Rooms Wilfred Owen Attractions 68609 Will Durst - Myth- Diverse America -WillAssembly Rooms Will Gaines-Jazz HooferGaines Jazz Hoofer Willie Won't He? - Uppingham Community College 3296 Youth Theatre With Great- Pleasure 4 Wolfstone Queen's -Hal-MelBBC l andRadio 482110 Women inShow Uniform Sue The Wow Assembly Rooms The Wrigley Sisters - In Concert - Acoustic Music 359 Centre The Wrigley Sisters - Caledonian Folk At The Guildford The Writer' s Museumâ&#x20AC;˘ De- The WritersUniversity MusuemTheatre 1036739 Wuthering Heights Montfort Yarnspinners - Kaleidoscope The Yellow Wallpaper - TheTheatre DemarcoOrder Foundation Yoga Friends of the Western Young, Gifted and Green PartBuddhist II - Gilded Balloon Zany of Sorrow - Balloonatics Theatre Zimbabwean - AfricanCompany Art & Crafts 99 Zumbi - Black Stone TheatreSculpture Co-operative

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how will you travel around the Fringe? Lothian’s moving FORWARD strategy is designed to: ♦ improve road safety ♦ achieve a healthier environment ♦ encourage economic development In short, to make transport in Lothian: SAFER ♦ CLEANER ♦ BETTER For all information on Public Transport in and around the Fringe Call Traveline: 0131 225 3858 Mon - Fri 0830 - 1630; minicom service available at other times


M) moving FORWARD

For your copy of moving FORWARD phone CLARENCE on 0800 232323

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Jewellery from Indonesia, Molaysia and the Philippines from the collection of the Barbier-Mueller Museum, Geneva NATIONAL 14 July - 12 November 1995 MUSEUMSQF Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Tel: 0131-225 7534. SCOTLAND Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 12-5pm. During the Festival, late night opening Tues and Sat to 8pm

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1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #...

1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1995 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #...


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