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»7th Edinburgh Festival Fringe, rapp small Wginniilgs wTWl just eigJl^Foups, this yea^s 'al contains the work of 571 Companies from every corner of the gloj?€fmJncensored, or sel§j >y the Fringe Society in any way, but drawn to Edinburgh becausjr'of me Fringe's reputal exposing the best, there is a myriad of performances and exhit^lons tychoose from. Theatrj cbmedy, cabaret, musicals, dance and mime, classical music, roclyand fol^Tshows for children, lat shows for adults and street shows for everyone — it is all mere fo#vou to make your own personal discoveries. I expect you to go and see yoljBlifburites but urge you to be adventurous; to talk to people in queues and read what the papers say. The Fringe Programme is large and can seem daunting, but within its pages lie some of the most thrilling and exciting events — Famous names of stage and screen, first time writers, directors and performers, youth and school groups, university companies and people starting out on their professional career are set to entertain from early morning till late, late night. Whether you are an Edinburgher, a visitor, a performer or simply a passer-by, take advantage of and enjoy all that is on offer. If this is your first Fringe, I hope that it will become as important an event to you as it has to many thousands of people over the years. To our old friends welcome back and to the companies taking part, congratulations on your programme. Flave a wonderful time this Summer and enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of this very special festival city. There is nowhere quite like it anywhere else in the world.

IWJWAA Mhairi Mackenzie-Robinson Administrator, June 1993

15 August 4 September

1993 i

THANKS: Without the performing Companies and all our sponsoring businesses, the Fringe would not be possible. In addition to their considerable determination, faith and vision, a special thanks must also be given to all those who have spent so much time and effort working behind the scenes; our Board of Directors and my colleagues Trisha Emblem, Laura ! Mackenzie Stuart, Faith Liddell and Kath Mainland. In addition many thanks to Jean Dickson who wrote J the programme for the computer to i; turn hundreds of thousands of j pieces of information into this publication and the Daily Diary, i The Festival Fringe Society Ltd. is a I: company limited by guarantee and : ecognised as a charity. Its policy is s determined by a Board of Directors i elected at the Fringe AGM in late i* ? August. Its policy is the continual ^^Improvement of the world's largest open festival, where any person can perform any show without constraints by the Fringe Society, s The Festival Fringe Society Ltd. j accepts no responsibility for the : accuracy of the contents or details listed in this Programme. c i Printed in Scotland by Macdonald •' Lindsay Pindar pic, Edgefield Road, J ' Loanhead, Midlothian EH20 9SY. 'over Illustration by Anna Landucci Telephone 0763-242044 f SISSS Festival Fringe Society Ltd.

Information During the festival, the Fringe Office employs a large staff who are well informed about the Fringe. We aim to provide comprehensive information on all Fringe shows including ticket availability and the changes to the Programme. We are happy to deal with any enquiries but cannot make any recommendations on any productions. We publish full details on the Fringe and operate a variety of methods to help you gain information.


is the comprehensive guide to all events taking place on the Fringe. See Index, and

details overleaf on how to use it.


is a chronological listing of every show taking place on any one day. It is free and available in over 30 locations throughout Edinburgh. A diary covering pre-Fringe events will be available from Saturday 7 August and the first Fringe issue will be for Friday 13 August. Three weekly Children's Diaries will also be printed. All Daily Diaries should be read in conjunction with the Fringe Programme.

FRINGE FIND is a simple computer system which will help you select shows based on the time you have free or the type of performance that interests you. Terminals are in key locations around Edinburgh, including the Fringe Office, major hotels and Tourist Information.

Enquiries IN PERSON The information office and shop are open during Box Office hours at The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, i.e between 10am and 7pm each day. BY PHONE Ring (031) 226 5257 or 5259 between 10am and 7pm. Please note that these numbers are for enquiries and not for telephone sales. See How To Buy Tickets overleaf for this information. BY POST

Write to the Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1 QS Scotland.

1994 FRINGE DATES 14 August-3 September. Would-be performers should write after the 1993 Fringe in November/December to make initial enquiries or call at the office during the festival. All letters should be sent to the address given above. To Get The 1994 Fringe Programme fill in the request coupon at the back of this Programme and send to Box FP at the Fringe Office.


Divided into categories of entertainment, listing the Show name, the Company name and the page number where further information on each production can be found.


An alphabetical listing by Company/Performer name giving full details on each production. A person's name is usually listed under his or her surname (e.g. look for Alec Guinness under G).

(ST) VENUE MAP Every Fringe venue has a number, shown on this map. Within this section there is also a numerical index of the venues with their grid references. Venue numbers and grid references are also shown in the Main Listing.

(TTir) EXHIBITIONS An alphabetical listing by company/exhibitor name with full details of each major Fringe exhibition. ^21^ VENUE INDEX Alphabetical listing of Venues by name, with a list of companies appearing there. Disabled, bus and refreshment information is also given. (i27) TICKET BOOKING FORM For postal sales before and during the Fringe, and Fringe Club Membership. THf CITY OF IDINIURON DISTRICT COUNCIL

Scottish JF\rts Council

how to use the programme All entries in the programme have been standardised for ease of reading. A variety of abbreviations and symbols are used throughout. A sample, with explanations, is given below. VENUE NUMBER Each Fringe venue has its own number. Find it on the Venue Map using the Grid Reference.

FRINGE FIRST STAR Indicates that the play is eligible for a Scotsman Fringe First Award. These awards are given to companies presenting outstanding new drama or new adaptations which have not been performed more than 6 times in the UK.

WEEK STARS Show at a glance which week(s) the company is performing. Fringe weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, and any events before Sunday 1 5 August are deemed to be in Week 0.


• • •

'Venue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 TISSUE by Louise Page. Here we are again, for the sixth year running, bringing you five compelling plays. TISSUE is a powerful solo-piece, examining the sensitive subject of breast cancer, portraying the emotions and ordeal of one woman's experience. Aug 13,15,17.20.22,24,27 2.45pm (3.35) £4.00 If 3.B0) v * OSCAR WILDE'S PICTURE OF DORIEN GREY by Robin Oashwood. An interplay between two stories of corruption and degradation, social and individual, collide and embrace. A new exciting piece, combining music, film and performance. ' 9 13,15,17.20.22,24,27 3.4Snm 14.501 £5.00 (£3.001

DATES Fringe performances can take place on any day of the week. Sundays are assumed to be performance days unless otherwise stated.

GRID REFERENCE Use this in conjunction with the Venue Map to find the location of the Venue.

TIMES The 12-hour clock is used. Shows starting in the early morning, e.g. 1.1 5am are listed under the day before date, but shows starting at 7am are shown at the current day's date. Finishing times in brackets are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

PRICES Are for unreserved seats in nearly all cases. Concessions (reductions) are often given to Students (S), Unemployed (U), OAP's/Pensioners (P), Disabled (D), Children under-16 (C), and Young Scot card holders (Y). Identification will be asked for.

^and buy tickets BY POST Opens: Monday 28 June Payment: Cheque, Postal Order, Access, Visa and Mastercard. Complete the booking form at the end of the programme. Please allow a minimum of ten days for delivery.

BY TELEPHONE (Credit Card Sales Only) Telephone: (031) 226 51 38 (6 lines) Opens: Monday 5 July Hours: 10am-6pm, Mon-Fri (5 July-30 July) 10am-7pm, 7 days a week (2 Aug-4 Sept, except Sun 8 Aug) Payment: Access, Visa and Mastercard Tickets can either be posted or held for collection at the Fringe Box Office. Please allow 24 hours for processing your order.

IN PERSON Opens: Monday 2 August Hours: 10am-7pm, 7 days a week (2 Aug-4 Sept, except Sun 8 Aug) Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa and Mastercard The Fringe Box Office sells tickets for all shows. If you are buying tickets at a concessionary rate, you will be required to take the appropriate evidence to the show. Please be prepared to queue at peak periods.

AT WATERSTONE'S Waterstone's Booksellers —83 George Street, Edinburgh Opens: Friday 6 August Hours: 10am-7pm, Mon-Sat 11am-7pm, Sundays Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa and Mastercard


NEXT DAY COLLECTION Opens: Monday 2 August Hours: 10am-7pm, 7 days a week (2 Aug-3 Sept, except Sun 8 Aug! Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa, Mastercard Call in person at the Next Day Collection counter in the box office, fill in a form enclosing payment. Your order will be made up overnight and will be available for collection from midday the following day. Service also available at Waterstone's. CREDIT CARDS Due to charges imposed on the Fringe Society by credit card companies we charge 50p per credit card order. Please note that this is per order and not per ticket. When collecting an order paid for by credit card you will be required to show your card and sign a receipt. GROUPS Group discounts of 10% are available for groups of 10 or more for many Fringe shows. Please phone Faith Liddell or Kath Mainland at the Fringe Office on (031) 226 5257 or 5259 for details

Fringe Club International Festival Box Office Military Tattoo Film Festival Jazz Festival Book Festival Tourist Information Accommodation Reservations Police British Rail City Bus Information Airport

USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS 650 4673 225 5756 225 11 228 4051 5571642 228 5444 557 1700 557 9655 311 3131 556 2451 225 3858 333 1000


Index of Show Titles (Title of show, followed by Group entry title, followed by page number) CABARET

Adam In Ecuador-Adam Long Attila The Stockbroker And John Otway- Attila | The Stockbroker And John Otway Bad Habit Cabaret—The Mad Abbot Lorna Brooks—The WHALE Venue ‘Cafe Catharsis —Acoustic Music Centre Cock Up Your Ears With The Man-Cock Up Your Ears With The Man The Condos-The Condos! John Cooper Clarke —Gold Bier's Fools Paradise Daggers, Dragons And Decadent Dwarfs—Jon Flynn Difficult Women — Difficult Women T The End Of The Pier Show—Theatre Des 1 Bicyclettes T The Faithful—The WHALE Venue f The Frigidaires — Lust in Space! I - The Frigidaires til1 Fringe Club Cabaret —The Fringe Club y The Games Rule —Tandem Theatre—Theatre |. Workshop : . The Ghetto —National Disability Arts Forum ir I'Marvin Hanglider Just Once A Little Before I Midnight—Acoustic Music Centre r 1 Marvin Hanglider's Mid-afternoon Melange I Marvin Hanglider Productions J iiilnstant Sunshine—Jubilee! — Instant Sunshine ; i Kit & The Widow-Stuffed And Mounted-Kit & I The Widow ‘ s Lark At Lunchtime-Gold Bier's Fools Paradise iLate'n'Live —Gilded Balloon Theatre ,iLivestock — Live On The Edge—Theatre I Workshop I The Lucky White Heather Club —And Can It Be??? iMr. Horny Man —Earl Okin = Newcastle Free Festival — Apu Night Cabaret-The WHALE Venue 99 1/2 And Other Big Numbers -99 1/2 Vocals That Make You Sweat Nothing To Do With Sex Whatsoever! — Earl Okin d Obscurity Knocks—The Festival Club / Adam House 'ibr Black Eyes Is Back —Dave Cohen Open The Box —Draylon Underground c Opera Cabaret —Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company The Paradise Club —Gold Bier's Fools Paradise Phase 2 —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe il Gainer Knows Best —Comedians Rainer Hersch ^ And Steve Best The Scatological Review —Hand Wash Only1 • Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And ' j Drama I Nik Storm —Nik Storm r ^witch On —Diva Irini Boguchevskaya — :! F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe l iFall, Dark, Handsome And No. 1 —Nick Mayhew The Totally Naff Tarts-The Totally Naff Tarts Eiifraumal—Trauma! \ Tribute To Nat King Cole —Assembly At The Meadows rfricks Or Treats—Diverse Attractions r Whip It — Del Rubio Triplets (USA)

62 23 62 113 15 33 35 47 47 36 103 113 49 49 105 71 15 54 58 59 47 51 105 18 75 18 113 75 75


111 103 26 43 18 36 47 85 98 29 51 85 105 43 13 78 61 104 78 85 99 41 17 114 13 113 78 40

46 33 39 75 47 43 33

91 102 43 67 107 107 19 37 36


3'f(>e Academy Of Fools-F.E.A.S.T. At The f j ^ Fringe 9 he Adventures of lain Direach —And Can It Be??? ill You Get Is Me —Magic Bob-Gilded Balloon I/TII! Theatre , he Biggest Hamburger In The World —Diverse ‘ Attractions ' iill's New Frock —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe cibbby Comes Back —Greyfriars Kirk Promotions lii hildren's Circus Workshops—F.E.A.S.T. At The : Fringe liiihildren's Shows & Workshops —Celts At The 3||; Caledonian

Colin The Bored-Barian —Welsh College Of Music And Drama Crooked Jack's Giant Jeely Piece Show — Theatre West End The Curse Of The Cobra Crown —Big Peach Theatre Company The Faerie Flag Of Dunvegan —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Fools Rush In —And Can It Be??? The Great Planetary Cake Show —Dex Dipper Theatre Company Hidden Dangers —First Bite Theatre Company James And The Giant Peach —QMW Theatre Company Ladders To The Sky—The Shoestring Players The Little Prince —C Mad Mash Two —Bodger And Badger-Gilded Balloon Theatre The Magical Princess Purves Puppets The Magic Bob And Mr Boom Show—Theatre Workshop Magic Bob Show and Workshops - F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe The Odyssey —Acorn Music Theatre Company Owed To A Louse —Parable Puppet Theatre The Pied Piper —Leicestershire Youth Arts The Pied Piper—Theatre West End Productions Pinocchio—John Peel Puppets Pips And Panda Meet The 3 Bears Purves Puppets The Plummeting Old Woman —Sleeping Giant Theatre The Power Of Life —Elsinore Theatre Co Rip Van Winkle —Act Of God Productions Sammy's Magic Garden—Wyvern Youth Theatre The Soldier's Tale—Acorn Music Theatre Company Spaceboy —Moving Particles—The WHALE Venue The Spider of Spindle Wood —Parable Puppet Theatre Viol Rackett Show —Edinburgh Renaissance Band

43 18 51 37 43 54 43 31

COMEDY AAAAAAAAAAAAAArghl—The Best One Yet —AAAAAAAAAAAAAArghll! The Best One Yet Aardvark Stew—Acoustic Music Centre Abigail's Party —Queen Margaret College Drama Department Absent Friends —Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group The Academy Of Fools—Acropolis On Calton Hill All This And Heaven II —Act Of God Productions The Amazing Johnathan—The Amazing Johnathan Anorak Of Fire —Gus Gascoigne: Trainspotter An Audience With George Melly —Assembly At The Meadows The Back Of Beyond —The Oxford Revue Bad Loo Attendants—Marco's The Best Of Scottish Comedy— Gilded Balloon Theatre Best Of The Fest — Best Of The Fest Blood And Guts-The Doug Anthony Allstars Doug Anthony Allstars Bob Downe Under! — Bob Downe Bold Girls—Diverse Attractions Jo Brand & Richard Morton —Jo Brand And Richard Morton Arnold Brown & Company —Gilded Balloon Theatre Cakewalk-The Hard Core Macrame Set Dave Chapelle—Assembly Rooms The Cheese Shop Radio Show —Bedlam Theatre Cock O' The North —Edinburgh People's Theatre Comedian And Mammal —Emo Philips The Comedy Network - BBC Radio 4 A Comedy Of Sketches —Sketched Out Comedy Store Players —Comedy Store Players Comedy Writing Workshop —BBC Radio 4 The Comedy Zone—The Comedy Zone

11 15 87 39 15 17 18 50 19 77 67 51 26 39 39 37 27 53 54 21 25 40 79 25 99 35 25 35

page no The Complete History of America Abridged — Reduced Shakespeare Co 89 The Complete Works Of William ShakespeareAbridged—Reduced Shakespeare Co 89 Continental Drift—Jack Macdonald 62 Corky And The Juice Pigs—Corky And The Juice Pigs 35 Crotch—Crotch 35 Curried Goat—Curried Goat 36 Jack Dee-Jack Dee 36 The Diary Of A Madman —KAK Touring Theatre 58 Bob Dillinger's Strolling Blunder Revue —Bob Dillinger's Strolling Blunder Revue 26 Pieter Dirk Uys—Assembly At The Meadows 19 Doctors With Attitude — Struck Off And Die 102 Doggs Hamlet Easy Stages—The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Do You Like Us? —Assembly Rooms 21 The Edinburgh Rock Show —Arthur Smith 99 Edinburgh Squash —Angelo Abela 11 Ian Edwards, Renee Hicks and Suli McCullough —Stand Up Black America 102 The Emotional Collection—Emotional Collection 41 Eternal Damnation Bar & Grill —C 27 Lee Evans —Lee Evans 41 An Evening With Gary Lineker —An Evening With Gary Lineker 41 Exhibit A — Zoom Theatre 114 Fever—The London Medics 61 Fist Of Fun —BBC Radio 4 25 Fist Of The Dragonfly— Mania Productions 67 Five Items Or Less —Five Items Or Less 47 Fools Paradise Showcase—Gold Bier's Fools Paradise 47 From The Ridiculous To The Paranormal — Assembly Rooms 21 Full Show, No Cuts!—The Human Twins 57 Gagging For It - Marco's 67 Gary Glitter Story —Gary Glitter Story 50 Jeff Green — Jeff Green 54 Rich Hall (U.S.A.)-Rich Hall 54 Kenny Harris' Best Of The Fest —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 The Heartbreak Kid —Incidental Theatre Presents 57 Hell Guides II, Behind The Beyond —Ben Keaton And Paul B Davies 59 Henry Normal's Encyclopaedia Poetica —BBC Radio 4 25 Richard Herring —Ra-Ra Rasputin 89 Highly Improv-able —University Of Chicago FreeAssociates 109 Harry Hill-'Eggs'-Harry Hill 55 Huge —Ben Miller & Simon Godley 69 Sean Hughes—Sean Hughes 57 I Am Not A Number —Neil Mullarkey And Friends 69 The Iceman—The Calton Centre 29 Impro Musical —The Impro Musical Co 57 Improvegetables —Bedlam Theatre 25 I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue —BBC Radio 4 23 I Stole Freddie Mercury's Birthday Cake — Malcolm Hardee Presents 54 It Takes Forever If You Go By Inertia-The Irrational Geographic Society 58 I Was A Teenage Racist —Kevin Day 36 Eddie Izzard —Eddie Izzard 58 Jesus Christ Improstar! — The Improfessionals 57 Jimeoin — Coin' Off I — Jimeoin 58 Jim Rose Circus Sideshow Jim Rose Circus Sideshow 58 Judy Pascoe's A Picnic In Ethiopia —Gold Bier's Fools Paradise 47 Just A Minute —BBC Radio 4 25 Just A Minute—Just A Minute 58 Phil Kay —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Garrison Keillor —Assembly Rooms 23 Kiddies Wi' Nowt —Screaming Blue Murder Theatre Company 97 Laurels But Hardly —A Greek Oddity —Not Little Women 75 Learning To Live...With...Geraldine McNulty Geraldine McNulty 62 Stewart Lee & Richard Herring — Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World 61 The Life Of Spice — Oxford Comedy Establishment 77

page no Living On The Edge—Alan Parker—Urban Warrior 78 Lois Lane —Shall We Go Through Productions 98 A Look Back At Danger —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Loose Ends —BBC Radio 4 25 Norman Lovett—Gold Bier's Fools Paradise 47 A Lump In The Throat—Cambridge Medics Revue 31 The Lunch Pack Of Not Pork Or Ham —Freud Egg Productions 49 Lust—The Whitehill Group 113 The Luvvies' Guide—The Bartholomew Players 23 Fred McAulay —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Pete McCarthy —Being British —Assembly Rooms 21 Alistair McGowan and Ronnie Ancona —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Rory McGrath's Tales From The Crypt — Southside 93 99 Donna McPhail —Donna McPhail 62 Ennio Marchetto —Ennio Marchetto 67 The Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ —Web 111 Medusa's Evolution—Cheryl Harnest 54 Melanie And Susan's Naked Brunch—C 29 Miditations—John Shuttle worth 99 Paul Morocco—Ole! —Paul Morocco —Ole! 69 Bruce Morton —Bruce Morton 69 Motion Pictures —Rory-Motion —The Mad Abbot 62 Muff Diva-Lea De Laria (USA) 59 A! Murray— Portrait Of A Serial Killer 85 My Booze Hell By Little Johnny CartilageJohnny Meres 69 Never Say Never...Ever! —Double-O-Rodge Productions 39 New Book, New Record, Big Drawing Show — John Hegley 55 The News Quiz - BBC Radio 4 25 Nick Wilty—Gold Bier's Fools Paradise 47 Graham Norton At The Karen Carpenter Bar & Grill—Graham Norton 75 Now That's What I Call Amusing —Earth, Wind & Lemsip 39 Out Of Her Box —Hattie Hay ridge 54 Paris, London —BBC Radio 4 25 Parsons And Naylor's Rich Green Pageant Parsons And Naylor 78 Judy Pascoe's A Picnic In Ethiopia-Traverse Theatre 109 The Pedicab Show—Amazing Grace Productions 18 Peroxide Comedy—Jenny Eclair 39 Perrier Pick Of The Fringe Award Shows —Perrier Pick Of The Fringe 79 The Phantom Of Creaking Grange —Fossick Valley Fumblers 47 Politics In The Park—The Whitehill Group 113 Private Lives —Oxford On The Hill 77 Greg Proops —Assembly Rooms 21 The Quack Squad —Gilded Balloon Theatre 53 The Quack Squad —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Rabbie Burns Yer Tea's Oot! —Diverse Attractions 37 Raise The Dead—Spontaneous Combustion 101 The Real Inspector Hound—Touched Theatre 107 Reasons To Be Cheerful —C 29 Red Hot Dutch With Dominic —Dominic Holland 55 Michael Redmond —Michael Redmond 89 Nick Revell—Assembly Rooms 21 Revenge —The Mad Abbot 62 The Revenge of Mr. Sponge —Marc Blake 26 Robert's Loss of Sanity —Auld Reekie 23 The Rubber Bishops And Sean Lock—The Rubber Bishops And Sean Lock 91 Rude Bits From Amsterdam —Dik Van Dike 111 Lily Savage Live At The Carnegie Hall —Lily Savage 95 Schneider And lannucci—Schneider And lannucci 97 Shalom Muthafuckers! — MC Rebbe D Rapping Rabbi 67 Sick As A Parrot - Parrot 78 Simon and Spike's Laugh-In —On The Toilet With Shergar 77 Skinner & Southgate —Skinner And Southgate 99 Smack Dab In The Middle - The Regional Managers 89 Linda Smith —Linda Smith 99 Sod—Arthur Smith 99 Solo And Naked —Simon Bligh 26 Southside Late - Comedy - Southside 93 101 So You Think You're Funny Competition —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Stand Up Stories —Karl MacDermott 62 Mark Steel —Gold Bier's Fools Paradise 47 Still Crazy After All These Years —Helen Lederer 61

Taken To The Cleaners -Milton Keynes Madness 69 Teechers —Elsinore Theatre Co 41 That Reminds Me —Assembly Rooms 21 Mark Thomas — Mark Thomas 105 Those Girls—Those Girls 105 Thus Spake Ken And Ard - Ken And Ard 59 Tomato Club Cabaret—The Calton Centre 29 Tonight I'm Entertaining Richard Gere Courageous Petticoats 35 Twain By The Tale—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 21st Century Scut —Margi Clarke 31 25 Years Of Fun — Doug Anthony Allstars 39 Verity Tibbs (Mrs.)—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 Vincent (Or What Really Happened To Romeo)—Oxford Originals 77 The Wake of Jamey Foster—Oxford On The Hill 77 Widow's Paradise —Eskmouth Theatre Company 41 Ava Wilde presents...—Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Harland Williams-Gold Bier's Fools Paradise 47 Withering Looks —Lip Service 61 Women In Comedy —Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 The Wow Show—Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Zel Rebels! The Story Of A Woman In A One Man Show —Ellen Hulkower 57

DANCE Big Feature—The Featherstonehaughs (pronounced Fanshaws) —St. Brides 93 Breath—Vital Theatre 111 Circumference —P.A.W. (Performing Arts Walthamstow) 78 Da Capo Al Fine —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Exotica—Devayani 36 Factual Nonsense —Mark Baldwin Dance Company 23 Fairy Hill —Pisces Theatre Company 79 Family Portraits—Theatre Encorps —St. Brides 93 Funk Off Green — Liz Ranken & Alan ScottMoncrieff —St. Brides 93 Jaleo—The Queen's Hall 87 Jungle Of The Cities —Jiving Lindy Hoppers Dance Theatre 58 Komkar Children's Dance Group, Kurdistan — F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 41 Land Of Oz —Leicestershire Youth Arts 61 Lilith —Melanie Stewart Dance 102 Neither Either Both—And —Gandini Juggling Project 50 On The Road To Love and Zone —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 The Passion Of Christ—Moving Visions Dance Theatre 69 The Pit —Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company 75 Rain —The Re-Animators —St. Brides 93 Reminiscence Of A Southern Girlhood — Danceteller—Philadelphia 36 Sgeul —Leaping Salmon Theatre 59 Shaft and Fever—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 Testing —Ricochet Dance Company 89 Treading Upon The Tail Of The Tiger —Streets & Rivers Dance Company—St. Brides 93 Wuthering Heights—Gilded Balloon Theatre 51

British Knitwear Exhibition — Knitting At Number Two Camera Obscura —Camera Obscura Casa Barcelona — Inhouse A Celebration Of Food And Handcraftsmanship —Suruchi Clay—The Adam Pottery Craft Of The Tribe — Sabai Sabai Critics Creating —Royal Fine Art Commission For Scotland The Cutting Edge — Edith Simon Gallery Dramatic Two—The Festival Club / Adam House The Edinburgh Contemporary Art Fair Edinburgh Contemporary Art Fair Edinburgh Festival Book Market —Richard Roberts Book Markets Edinburgh Watercolours—The Square Centre The Eternal Seed —St Mary's Cathedral At Festival Time Ethnic Jewellery — Galerie Mirages Exhibition Of New Work —Edinburgh College Of Art A Feel Of Nepal —Nepal Interlink Festival Poster Exhibition —Edinburgh Arts And Entertainment John Flattau Photographic Exhibition Traverse David Hockney; 25 Years Of Printmaking Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop And Gallery Huntly House Museum —Edinburgh District Council Images From Photographers Around The World —International Photography Jewellery Exhibition —Dazzle Lady Stair's House —Edinburgh District Council Gerald Laing: Retrospective —The Fruitmarket Gallery Living Archive —Milton Keynes Madness Master-Carvers — Galerie Mirages Museum Of Childhood —Edinburgh District Council Painting, Ceramics, Jewellery The Chessel Group The People's Story Museum —Edinburgh District Council Duncan Pettigrew — Leith School Of Art Photographic Exhibition —Ulterior Visions Caledonia The Pillars Of Wisdom Gordon Strachan The Primitive And The Brave Wrap Requiem Rus — Number 2 Gallery Royal Photographic Society—Theatre Workshop School's Poster Competition 1993 —Fringe/Life Association Of Scotland Scotland The Brave New World —The Royal Incorporation Of Architects In Scotland The Silbury Group + — Milton Keynes Madness Summer School Exhibition—Traverse Theatre Symbols Of Hope—And Can It Be??? Talking Artists—Talking Artists Temptation —The Annual West End Craft And Design Fair Phoebe Anna Traquair Centenary Exhibition — Phoebe Anna TraquainCentenary Celebration Events Arthur Tress —Requiem For A Paperweight Portfolio Gallery The Viking Ships —The Danish Cultural Institute Virtual Interventions —Stills Witnesses Of Existence —Sarajevo Galeria Obala A Workshop Exhibition—The Cabinetmaker's Collection Zimbabwe Shona Sculpture —African, Arts And Crafts

EXHIBITIONS Alchemy An Exhibition—Alchemy L' Amour Fou—The Netherbow Arts Centre Angels Over Ukraine —Phoebe Anna Traquair:Centenary Celebration Events Animals In Tribal Art —Out Of The Nomads Tent Antiquarian And Second Hand Books —Book Fair Art Exhibition And Sale Of Paintings —Holyrood Art Club The Botanic Ash —Royal Botanic Garden Both Sides Of The Border —Landscapes Acoustic Music Centre Botswana Live! —Commonwealth Institute, Scotland Brass Rubbing Centre —Edinburgh District Council

115 115 FOLK/CEILIDH/SCOTTISH 107 115 116 118 119 13 116 116

About Time—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Act To Be Confirmed —Celts At The Caledonian Allan-Celts At The Caledonian Matt Armour —Songs Of The Fishermen Acoustic Music Centre Avalon —La Belle Angele Battlefield Band In Concert-Battlefield Band The Paddie Bell Festival Folk Show —The Paddie Bell Festival Folk Show Bio Na Gael —In Concert —Acoustic Music Centre

118 116 118 12C 11E 120 119 117 46 117 119 101 9E 117 117

117 119 116 i 119 118 120 118 120 119 105 115 120 69 109 18 120 1

1 1 116 120

isj 1 Gill Bowman —In Concert —Acoustic Music ; Centre ■; f Boys Of The Lough —Boys Of The Lough Burns —His Life, Poetry And Songs —Quern The Cast —Acoustic Music Centre The Ceilidh Collective —The Fringe Club Ceilidh Dance With Ceilidh Collective —Acoustic ■[ Music Centre Ceilidh Dance With Robert Fish Band - Acoustic || Music Centre Ceilidh Dance With The Wild Cigarillos I Acoustic Music Centre s 3 Ceilidh Night! —Seann Nos Ceilidh With The Panama Band —Acoustic Music


Ceolbeg —Celts At The Caledonian l ] Cornemusiques —Milton Keynes Madness Drumalban Folk Ensemble —Leaping Salmon

15 26 87 15 49 14 14 14 98 14 31 69 59

Bobby Eaglesham —In Concert — Acoustic Music j |h Centre 3 Evening Ceilidhs — Celts At The Caledonian i i: Festival Ceilidh—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) 11 Society jf- Fiddle, Harp & Voice-The Clarsach (Scottish I, Harp) Society mi Findask—Acoustic Music Centre M Folk Cellar—Acoustic Music Centre : k Folk In Arms —Acoustic Music Centre i- Four Men And A Dog —Celts At The Caledonian jol Goats Don't Shave —Assembly At The Meadows i • Quid Crack Storytellers Leaping Salmon I Theatre a i Isaac Guillory & John Renbourn —In Concert — I Acoustic Music Centre - Hallanshankers —Scotland F.E.A.S.T. At The 19 Fringe ' Trevor Hunter —'From Shetland'—Acoustic I Music Centre I- Hamish Imlach —In Concert —Acoustic Music Inchcolm-ln Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Inchcolm —In Concert —Acoustic Music Centre Italia'n Caledonia —Mike Maran Allan Johnston Band —Acoustic Music Centre The Keltz —Acoustic Music Centre Mary Ann Kennedy & Charlotte Petersen — Homecoming —The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) I fi Society Christine Kydd And Friends —Acoustic Music I Centre The McCalmans —Acoustic Music Centre ’The McCalmans —Acoustic Music Centre lain Macdonald And The Howling Shed i Acoustic Music Centre T.G. McEwan —Moon On White Lake —Acoustic s ? Music Centre Dougie Maclean —In Concert —Acoustic Music 5j Centre iMac-Talla —Acoustic Music Centre iMacumba —Scotland —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe IMichael Marra —The Queen's Hall llsobel Mieras The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) [| Society (Minstrels & Makars —The Clarsach (Scottish |;| Harp) Society Hamish Moore & Dick Lee —Acoustic Music v W Centre > tlVIurphy's Shout —Assembly Rooms jfMusic Sessions —Ceilidh House s Fraser Nimmo —Acoustic Music Centre ; Fraser Nimmo —Acoustic Music Centre r (North Sea Gas-Platform One-Live! c North Sea Gas —In Concert Acoustic Music S Centre ( HSlorth Sea Gas —In Concert Acoustic Music ! M. Centre /U - IThe Occasionals —The Fringe Club hbie Occasionals Ceilidh —Aegis Productions e,Lpm O'Flynn —In Concert —Acoustic Music

15 31 33 33 13 13 15 31 19 59 14 43

Jazz Festival Black & White Ball (E.I.J.F.)-The Queen's Hall Jazz From Down Under (E.I.J.F.)—The Queen's Hall Ju-Ju-Jazz & Cool Groove Band -La Belle Angele Carol Kidd -TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival King Of Swing: Tribute To Benny Goodman (E.I.J.F.)-The Queen's Hall The Kwik-Fit Concerts — Craig McMurdo In That Swing Thang Ralph Laing Pianist-The Fringe Club Late Night Jazz At The Pleasance —Pleasance Licensed To Cook —The Honkin' Hep Cats Lunchtime Jazz With The Alex Shaw Trio Platform One —Live! Marvin Hanglider's Musical Encounters At Midnight And A Half-Marvin Hanglider Productions The Moriarty Saxophone Quartet —Leaping Salmon Theatre James Morrison (E.I.J.F.)—The Queen's Hall Moscow Art Trio —TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Maceo Parker & Roots Revisited—TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Leon Redbone (E.I.J.F.) —The Queen's Hall Ronnie Scott's Club (E.I.J.F.)- The Queen's Hall Saxtet —Saxtet Dave Silk's Shiny Stockings —Dave Silk Jazz John Surman Quartet —TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Martin Taylor Solo —TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Tam White / Maggie Bell—TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Wild Women Don't Sing The Blues-Gilded Balloon Theatre

87 87 25 103 87 62 49 83 57 79

54 59 87 103 103 87 87 95 99 103 103 103 53

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33 15 14 15 13 15 14 14 41 87 33

FREE SHOWS Be Amazed, Dazzled and Confounded-Street Theatre 102 The Brassery —Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company 75 Evening News Festival Cavalcade —Festival Cavalcade 43 Festival Fireworks — Fireworks 46 Free Walking Tours Of The Royal Mile Edinburgh Festival Voluntary Guides Association 39 Fringe Frolics —Wire works 113 Fringe Sunday In Holyrood Park —Fringe Sunday In Association With 'Lothian Regional Council' 50 The Uncles—The Uncles 109 The Usual Suspects —BBC Radio Scotland 25 We Stayed In...With Jungr & Parker-BBC Radio Two 25 Who's Afraid Of A New Play?-The Festival Club / Adam House 46

33 15 21 31 13 15 79 13 15 49 17 14

r Qne More Road To Go Down —Acoustic Music ) |j| Centre tipping Acoustic Music Centre i!‘F)he Poozies Acoustic Music Centre rijtephen Quigg-ln Concert-Acoustic Music Centre istalph McTell Ralph McTell Hllhyme And Reason Acoustic Music Centre lijave Robb And Edel Sullivan - Acoustic Music

Rock, Salt And Nails-The Fringe Club 49 Royal Mile -Quern 87 Rua —Acoustic Music Centre 13 Sangsters — In Concert Acoustic Music Centre 13 Scottish Folk Dance —Leaping Salmon Theatre 59 Seannachie —Acoustic Music Centre 15 Seannachie And Friends —Acoustic Music Centre 14 Sharon Shannon Assembly At The Meadows 19 Shooglenifty — La Belle Angele 25 Shooglenifty - Celts At The Caledonian 31 Shooglenifty —The Fringe Club 49 Sileas -Acoustic Music Centre 14 Singin' The Folk'n'Blues —Acoustic Music Centre 13 Singin' The Folk'n'Blues —Acoustic Music Centre 15 Spirit Of Scotland — Spirit Of Scotland 101 Savourna Stevenson Trio —Acoustic Music Centre 15 Strictly Scottish —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 June Tabor—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 14 The Tartan Amoebas —The Fringe Club 49 Allan Taylor —In Concert —Acoustic Music Centre 14 Allan Taylor—In Concert —Acoustic Music Centre 15 Three Blind Dogs and Wallachmor F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Turning Of The Tide —Acoustic Music Centre 13 Westlin' Winds—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society 33 Huw & Tony Williams Huw And Tony Williams 113 Annie Williamson & Roger Wilson —Acoustic Music Centre 13 Wolf stone —Celts At The Caledonian 31

13 13 14 13 89 13 15

JAZZ Absolute Blues & Jazz Chicago Style —Absolute Blues And Jazz Chicago Style 11 At Sundown —Acker Bilk And Humphrey Lyttelton (E.I.J.F.) —The Queen's Hall 87 Cauld Blast Orchestra TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival 103 A Celebration Of Student Jazz-The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Edinburgh International Jazz Festival-Edinburgh International Jazz Festival 40 Edinburgh International Jazz Festival—The Festival Club / Adam House 45 50th Anniversary Celebration Of Music Of Fats Waller (E.I.J.F.)-The Queen's Hall 87 Antonio Forcione And Neil Stacey— Antonio Forcione And Neil Stacey 47 Gothic Whale Ensemble And Can It Be??? 18 Horizon Alborada 17 Jazz By Night - The Festival Club / Adam House 45 The Jazz Cellar-Ceilidh House 31 Jazz Company Acoustic Music Centre 13

LATIN/WORLD MUSIC Abana Ba Nasery —Kenya —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Carlos Arredondo —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Asian Music Concerts—Acoustic Music Centre 13 Asian Music Concerts —Acoustic Music Centre 14 Asian Music Concerts —Acoustic Music Centre 15 Belly Dancing (Rags Sharqi)—Acoustic Music Centre 14 Belly Dancing Classes —Acoustic Music Centre 14 Bhundu Boys —Zimbabwe F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Brasshoppers —England —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 41 Dembo Konte and Kausu Kuyate —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Gay Melons —Scotland —F E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Gospel At Its Best—The Advent Chorale Of Handsworth 17 Injabulo 2000-Sunduza 102 Inner Sense Percussion Orchestra —Inner Sense Percussion Orchestra 57 Iza —Acoustic Music Centre 14 Iza —Romania F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Kwela Abafana —Move Boys —Assembly At The Meadows 19 The Mambo Club, Edinburgh—The Mambo Club Of Edinburgh 62 More Fireworks From Pure Steel —Southside 93 99 Pure Steel / Pure Magic —Pure Steel 85 Saturday Night At The Mambo Inn—The Mambo Inn —Lithe And Direct From Brixton 67 The Secret Of The Andes — Apu 18 Shango —Assembly At The Meadows 19 Sikiru Ayinde Barrister—Nigeria —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Ssempeke —Uganda —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Savourna Stevenson Solo —Quaker Meeting House 85 Xenos —Acoustic Music Centre 14

MIME Kinetic Illusions —Yass Hakoshima Mime Theatre 114 Popul Vuh F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43


page i

Any Questions? —BBC Radio 4 23 Apocalyptic Visions - Phoebe Anna TraquairCentenary Celebration Events 107 The Arts And Crafts Movement In Edinburgh — Phoebe Anna TraquainCentenary Celebration Events 107 Bangladesh Festival At The Raj-Bangladesh Festival Of Food And Culture 23 Ban Nothing —Living Marxism 61 Big Top Benefit —Assembly At The Meadows 19 Bungee Jumping —The U.K. Bungee Club (Scotland) 109 Cathedral Fete —St Mary's Cathedral At Festival Time 95 Catholic Apostolic Worship: An Illustrated Talk —Phoebe Anna TraquainCentenary Celebration Events 107 Cavort —The Pack 77 Club Night F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Fat Cat Cafe—Bedlam Theatre 25 Festival FM—The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Fringe Annual General Meeting—The Fringe Club 50 The Great Russian Circus On Ice —Assembly At The Meadows 19 The Green Man—Glen Theatre 53 The Guardian Talks—The Guardian 54 Hell Bent, Heaven Bound —Acoustic Music Centre 14 The Independent/Traverse Conferences — Traverse Theatre 109 An Informal Encounter With Michael BentineAssembly At The Meadows 19 A Jewelled Crown: The Decoration Of The Mansfield Place Church —Phoebe Anna TraquairCentenary Celebration Events 107 Kaleidoscope-BBC Radio 4 25 Karaoke Mania —Mania Productions 67 Masque of Rosslyn 1398-1993 - Glen Theatre 53 A Noble Passion: The Art And Craft Of Phoebe Anna Traquair —Phoebe Anna Traquair:Centenary Celebration Events 107 Not The Edinburgh Military Tattoo —Living Marxism 61 Patrick Geddes: Visual Thinker —Phoebe Anna TraquairCentenary Celebration Events 107 The Pious Folk Of Broughton —Phoebe Anna Traquair: Centenary Celebration Events 107 Raja Yoga Meditation —Brahma Kumaris 26 Rascher Saxophone Quartet —Music In The Museum 69 Robert Rowand Anderson — Phoebe Anna TraquainCentenary Celebration Events 107 Sex And Morality In The 90s —Living Marxism 61 Ned Sherrin—Ned Sherrin 98 So You Want To Work In Theatre? Independent Theatre Council 57 Mervyn Stutter Presents 'Seen Anything Good?' —Mervyn Stutter 102 The Sweatbox —Marco's 67 Theatre Masks—Museum Theatre 69 Traquair Fair—Traquair Fair 107 Wack Factory—Edinburgh International Science Festival 40 Waterstone's August Literary Rave—August Literary Book Rave At Waterstone's 23 Who Are We?-Wieslaw Karolak —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Zippo's Circus — Zippo's Circus 114

Behind Blue Eyes—Highnote Productions Being Frank —First Base Theatre Blues In The Night —Leicestershire Youth Arts Brilliant The Dinosaur—The National Youth Music Theatre Bye Bye Birdie —Atlantic Crossing Theatre Project Cabaret —Bablake At Buster Browns Chemin De L'Amour—The Festival Club / Adam House Chinese Festival Music —Chinese Festival Music Daniel's Inferno —Unlikely Theater Co Darker Side Of Eve — Diverse Attractions Divas—Take Two Productions Dreamgirls —Norfolk State University Players Ensemble—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum—Oxford Comedy Establishment Godspell — Parting Company — Newtownabbey College, Northern Ireland Guys And Dolls—Shrewsbury School Guys and Dolls—Youth Connection The Hired Man —Leicestershire Youth Arts I'm Sorry The Bridge Is Out, You'll Have To Spend The Night! —Frog Prince Productions Into The Woods —Leicestershire Youth Arts Joan And The Holy Flames —Blamroc Joan Of Kent —Great Escape Theatre Co Little Shop of Horrors—Cambridge University B.O.S. Theatre Company Little Shop Of Horrors —Epidemic Drama Symptoms The Maid—The Trash Theatre Company Marne —The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company Man Of La Mancha —Quinquereme Productions The Matchgirls —Forth Childrens Theatre Moby! —Kickline Theatre Company Old Time Music Hall —Oxford Music Hall Company The Pirates of Penzance—The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company Poppy—The National Youth Music Theatre The Railway Children —Realistic Theatre Company Seven Brides For Seven Brothers —Stage 84 Snoopy!!! The Musical —Golden Round Touring Company Storm In A Teacup —Pleasance Three Steps To Heaven —First Base Theatre Tomfoolery —Edinburgh Music Theatre Company (Montage) Whistle Down The Wind —The National Youth Music Theatre Who’s Buttling Anyway —Marvin Hanglider Productions A World So Wide...—The National Youth Music Theatre Yesterday Once More —Growing Up With The Carpenters —Ab Ovo Theatre Company Young At Heart—1993 —The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company

55 47 61 73 23 23 46 31 109 37 102 75 93 77 78 98 114 61 50 61 26 54 31 41 107 41 87 47 59 77 41 73 89 101 53 83 47 40 73 54 73 11 41


MULTI MEDIA/PERFORMANCE ART/FILM Artistic Upstarts —La Belle Angele Frankenstein Dreams—Juggernaut Productions (USA) The Last Flower, An Allegory— Atlantic Crossing Theatre Project The Man—Alan Murray & Elaine Adams — Leaping Salmon Theatre Mine's A Pint —Drink And Be Merry Peking Opera —Acropolis On Calton Hill Peking Opera-F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Vertical Hold: Voices 900—Scottish Poetry Library

25 58 23 59 39 15 43

Anna and Tourist Variations — Traverse/International Festival CoProduction—Traverse Theatre 107 Shameless! An Immoral Tale —Opera Circus — Pleasance 81 Sister Angelica —Downe House Choral 39 The Telephone / The Answerphone-The Calton Centre 29 Trial By Jury —Edinburgh University Savoy Opera Group 40


MUSICAL A Barrowload Of Oranges —Scenario Productions


All Strung Up —And Can It Be??? Argondizza Ensemble —Philomusica Of Edinburgh Bach Concert —Philomusica Of Edinburgh Bedfordshire County Youth Second Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras

18 79 79 71

page i Borders Regional Wind Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Calton Piano Trio —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Central Region Youth Wind Band —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Central Region Youth Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Delicate Balance —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Durham County Youth Chamber Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Edinburgh Barock—18th Century Trills and Thrills —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Edinburgh Quartet —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Edinburgh Quartet —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Edinburgh Renaissance Band Late Night Show —Edinburgh Renaissance Band 40 Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Essex Youth Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Festival High Masses —Music In Old St Pauls 69 Fife Youth Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Fife Youth Percussion Group—National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Fireworks Concert —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Highland Region Youth Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Hillhead Strings —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 The Kilarney Quartet —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 The Lammermuir Consort —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Landesjugend Blasorchester, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany—National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Lothian Region Schools Brass Band —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Lothian Region Schools Choir—National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Lothian Region Schools Wind Band National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Ludus Instrumentalis —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 Mahler Symphony No. 2 In C Minor. 'Resurrection' —Scottish Sinfonia 97 Merlyn Trio —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Mozart's Coronation Mass —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 National Children's Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain—National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 National Youth Wind Orchestra Of Great Britain-The Queen's Hall 87 The Nortern Saxophone Quartet With The Hanglider Band —Marvin Hanglider Productions 54 Palatine Early Music Consort —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Perth Youth Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 RSAMD Junior Department Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 The Ruskin Ensemble —Alborada 17 S.M.U. Conservatoire Chamber Orchestra, Dallas, Texas —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Scherzo —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Sir Charles Groves Memorial Concert —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Strathclyde Region Schools Wind Band National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Strathclyde Region Schools Symphony Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Tayside Schools Wind Orchestra And Pipe Band —National Association Of Youth Orchestras 71 Vivaldi Concert —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Vivaldi The Four Seasons —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Warwickshire County Youth Chamber Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras' 71


Courtyard Readings —Scottish Poetry Library Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay — Alborada Edinburgh Poetry Festival —Edinburgh Poetry Festival Gavin Ewart and Edwin Morgan —Alborada Four Award-Winning Scottish Poets - The Square Centre Gaelic And English Poetry From Lewis And Harris —Scottish Poetry Library John Hegley —Alborada Love Is —Diverse Attractions Roger McGough —Defying Gravity Roger McGough Poems From A Room —Diverse Attractions Singing The News — Desperate Measures Lemn Sissay —Alborada Harry Smart and Michael Symmons Roberts And Can It Be??? Stanza On Stage BBC Radio 4 Stick —Diverse Attractions Understanding Magazine Poetry And Play Readings Diverse Attractions With Great Pleasure —BBC Radio 4

97 17 40 17 101 97 17 37 62 37 36 17 18 25 37 37 23

RECITALS/VOCAL Alborada Classical Guitar —Alborada 17 Peter Argondizza — Solo Guitar Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 i Vovka Ashkenazy Piano Recital —Ashkenazy 19 : Baroque Masterpieces Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Peter Bream —Piano Recitals —Peter Bream — Piano Recitals 27 Tij The Caledonian Trio —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 01; Cameo —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 O' Cantus X —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 i i Lucy Carolan—The Goldberg Variations — ], Harpsichords At St Cecilia’s Hall 54 : i Paul Carroll—Guitarist-Acoustic Music Centre 13 11 Celebrity Recital-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 || Classical Guitar—Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Classical Guitar Recital —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Daily Services —St Mary's Cathedral At Festival | Time 95 Die Schone Mullerin —St Andrew's And St i George's At Festival Time 93 Cl Dmitrij Klimov —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 An Edinburgh Bicentennial —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 1 Edinburgh New Town Choir—Phoebe Anna Traquair:Centenary Celebration Events 107 i Faure Requiem —Music In Old St Pauls 69 ■i Five Mystical Songs —Music In Old St Pauls 69 SB's for Cello and Piano —St Andrew's And St j George’s At Festival Time 91 i Flute Fireworks —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 ; Lorna Fulford —Fortepiano Concert — ii Harpsichords At St Cecilia's Hall 54 id Guitar Recital —St Andrew's And St George's At i Festival Time 91 h Happy Birthday, Edvard Grieg! —St Andrew's ' And St George's At Festival Time 93 Harp and Cello Duo G. Selmi From Italy —Harp And Cello Duo G. Selmi From Italy 54 ; Joyful Company Of Singers —Music In The Museum 69 John Kitchen And Jenny Nex — 17th Century | Scotland—Harpsichords At St Cecilia's Hall 54 . Luana Pellegrineschi & Dmitrij Klimov — j Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 David McGuinness And James Eastaway — 18th Century French Classics —Harpsichords At , “i St Cecilia's Hall 54 Welothesia Trio —Festive Opening Concert : Harpsichords At St Cecilia's Hall 54 Monteverdi Vespers Of 1610 —Phoebe Anna I Traquair:Centenary Celebration Events 107 - Music In The Museum —Music In The Museum 69 Mary Newman-Pound (Voice) & Nicholas Bosworth (Piano)—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 Open House For Literary Magazines —Leaping Salmon Theatre 59 . Organ And Instruments —Greyfriars Kirk ' Promotions 54 !


page Organ Recitals —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Organ Recitals —St Mary's Cathedral At Festival Time 95 Organ Solo Recitals —Greyfriars Kirk Promotions 54 Organ Spectacular —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 Piano Favourites —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Recital By Choir Of St Mary's Cathedral —St Mary's Cathedral At Festival Time 95 Russian/Scottish Duo —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Schubertiad —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Schubert —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Schubert. Vienna And The Romantic Guitar Versus Ensemble 111 The Scottish Chamber Choir—St Mary's Cathedral At Festival Time 95 Paul Simmonds —German Clavichord Recital Harpsichords At St Cecilia's Hall 54 Song Recital —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Songs Of Passion —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Songs Of Travel —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 Sophie Yates —Music By William Byrd Harpsichords At St Cecilia's Hall 54 Jocelyn Steele —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Sunday Services —St Mary's Cathedral At Festival Time 95 Toasted Susie Is My Ice-Cream —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 A Vaughan-Williams Rarity —St Andrew’s And St George's At Festival Time 91 The Victorian Flute —Philomusica Of Edinburgh 79 Vienna Night —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 91 Kurt Weill —May To December —The Festival Club / Adam House 45

REVUE Breakfast With Jimmy And The Bond Girls —The Rifle Lodge 91 The Comedy Factory—Gilded Balloon Theatre 53 Doors — Four Off Broadway — Theatre West End 104 The George Square Charity Gala—The George Square Theatre 51 Newsrevue '93 —Newsrevue 73 The Porky Palmers—The Porky Palmers 85 Some Wood and a Pie —Cambridge Footlights Revue 31 Strictly Bathroom — Comedy Factory 33 Whoops Vicar Is That Your Dick—Risk Theatre 91

ROCK/BLUES Alias Ron Kavana —In Concert —Acoustic Music Centre Beatniks To The Bar —La Belle Angele Bluefinger —Platform One —Live! The Blues Brothers' Summer Vacation With The Blues Collective —Milton Keynes Madness Sam Brown —Sam Brown Capercaillie —Acropolis On Gallon Hill Clan Alba—Acropolis On Gallon Hill Julian Cope —Julian Cope Edinburgh International Blues Festival — Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Fringe Club Disco —The Fringe Club Dick Gaughan—Acropolis On Calton Hill Gods Of Glam — Platform One — Live! Heart And Soul—And Can It Be??? Horse—Acropolis On Calton Hill The Humpff Family —The Fringe Club Jacob's Ladder—And Can It Be??? Kenny Young & The Eggplants Attack Of The Aubergines: Kenny Young & The Eggplants Kith & Kin - The Fringe Club Lies Damned Lies —And Can It Be??? Love And Money —Love And Money Dougie McLean —Acropolis On Calton Hill Mouthmusic — La Belle Angele A Musical Tribute To The Who Milton Keynes Madness

14 25 79 69 27 15 15 35 40 49 15 79 18 15 49 18 23 49 18 62 15 25 69

page no Peaks and Valleys —Gilded Balloon Theatre 53 Pearl And The Prairie Dawgs—The Fringe Club 49 John Pearson —Blues At Doc's Place —Acoustic Music Centre 15 The Perfect Hiding Place —And Can It Be??? 18 Red Hot & Blue —Platform One —Live! 79 Red Hot And Blue —The Fringe Club 49 A Ribbon Of Time —Glen Theatre 53 Rock The Boat —Leaping Salmon Theatre 59 Shibboleth —Platform One —Live! 79 T.C.'s —Platform One —Live! 79 Wainwright III - Acropolis On Calton Hill 15 Tam White Acoustic Blues Band —Acoustic Music Centre 14

THEATRE Abigail's Party— Crumpet Theatre Company Abigail's Party —Marco's Abigail's Party—Troy Theatre Company Accidental Death Of An Anarchist —Arches Theatre Company Accustomed To Her Face —Clyde Unity Theatre Ackford's Monster—The Cambridge Beds The Actor And The Assassin The Actor And The Assassin The Admiral Jones —Dumfries And Galloway Arts Adult Child, Dead Child—Welsh College Of Music And Drama Alien Nation —West Lothian Youth Theatre —The VVHALE Venue The Allen Tree - Welsh College Of Music And Drama Alyson: The Story Of The Green Witch —The Festival Club / Adam House Anatol —Mermaids Theatre Company, St Andrews And God Wept —Beanstalk Theatre Company The Angel And The Bouncer—Glitteris Angels Still Falling —The Mad Abbot April In Paris —Hull Truck Theatre Company The Arabian Nights —Melton Mowbray F.E.C. Arthur's Patents — Virtual Theatre The Art Of Dining —Foot In The Door Productions As Is —Frantic Theatre Company At The Crimson Hour They Met —Nur Theatre An Audience With Pa Ubu... — Psychotic Theatre The Audition —Borderline Theatre Company The Ballad of Bosworth Field —National Express Theatre —Leaping Salmon Theatre The Ballad Of The Limehouse Rat —Louder Than Words Balthazar —Cordon Productions Patrick Barlow presents—Assembly Rooms Bazaar And Rummage Short Back And Sides Bed —The Festival Club / Adam House Bedside Manners —D.M.D.C (Davidson's Mains Dramatic Club) Before I Go —Dreamhaus Theatre Ensemble Bel-Ami —Antic Hay Productions Beneath The Waves (The Titanic Crossing) Time Dream Theatre Leigh Bent Double —The Rough Girls Theatre Company Berkoff's Decadence —George Dillon/Vital Theatre Berkoff's Say A Prayer For Me/Hell —George Dillon/Vital Theatre Be Some Body—The Festival Club / Adam House Biggies And The Great Legend Of Rock & Roll The Mad Abbot Big Mama —Serendipity Theatre The Big Sleep C Blank-Serendipity Theatre The Blind —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Blind Alley Of Light —Ohio Northern University Blood And Ice —Ad Hoc Theatre Blood Brothers —Edinburgh Youth Theatre Bloodstream — Andrew Buckland—Traverse Theatre Bloody Poetry —Double Edge Drama Blue —A Play With Two Heads-Quaker Meeting House Bluebeard - Victor Sobchaks Theatre (Russia) Blue Night In The Heart Of The West —Plain Clothes Productions Bob Marley's Gardener Sold My Friend - Louise Rennison —Assembly Rooms Borderline Absolute Banana Theatre Co

35 67 109 18 33 29 17 39 111 113 111 45 69 25 53 62 57 69 111 47 47 75 85 26 59 62 35 21 98 46 37 39 18 105 91 37 37 46 62 98 27 98 43 75 17 41 109 37 85 99 79 21 11

page no Borrowed Plumes —The Vaults 111 A Brief Affair—Blue Harlequin Theatre Company 26 Bright Glade: Tales from Tolstoy— Cambridge Umbrella 31 Brother Truckers —Ridiculous Theatrical Company, U.S.A.—Traverse Theatre 109 The Bully Bus —Uppingham Youth Theatre 109 Burning Bright—Workhouse Theater Company 113 Burroughs!—Graham Duff 39 A Butterfly Emerging—And Can It Be??? 18 Butterfly Suite—Theatre Du Pif 103 The Cage — Middleham Theatre Co 69 Caligula —Double Edge Drama 37 Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft — Richard Carpenter Productions 89 Call Me Susan—Grassmarket Project 53 Candide—Theatre Sans Frontieres 103 Candy Floss And Coliseums —Upstart Theatre Company —Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama 91 Casino and The Slope—American Casino Productions 18 Cassandra — Women May 113 Childe Byron —Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company 75 The Chosen One—Victor Sobchaks Theatre (Russia) 99 Christie In Love —Exacting Theatre Company 41 Christ In The Concrete City— Saltmine Theatre Company 95 Churchill's Shorts —London University Theatre Company 62 Cinderella: The True Story—The Vaults 111 Circe —Bedlam Theatre 25 The City In The Sea — La Pinguicola Sulle Vigne (Italy)—Theatre Workshop 105 Clever Boy—The Vaults 111 Cloud Nine —Brave New World Theatre Company 27 Come Back For Light Refreshments After The Service—Field Day Enterprises, Australia 46 The Conference Of The Birds—Dig In The Ribs Theatre Company 37 The Con: Fusion—Gallery Productions. 50 Conjugal Writes —Conjugal Writes 35 Coriolanus—C 29 The Creditors —Hill St Theatre 55 Crossfire—Paines Plough 78 Cymbeline — Cymbeline 36 Cyrano de Bergerac—The Liverpool Playhouse Youth Theatre 61 Dangerous Liaisons—C 27 Dead Fish—S.Y.T. Theatre Company 102 Dearest Dorothy—Dragon Theatre Company 39 Death In Venice —Red Shift Theatre Company 89 The Death of Don Quixote —Benchtours 25 Decadence—Saturation Theatre Company 95 Demarco European Art Foundation —Demarco European Art Foundation 36 D.E.T. Boys High—Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 De Tox—F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Colin Dexter—Assembly Rooms 21 Diary Of A Madman —Graham Duff 39 Dirt Enters At The Heart-Cat. A-Theatre Workshop 104 Dividing Lines—Artts International —Pleasance 83 Doctor Faustus—Polkatz Theatre 85 A Doll's House —Edinburgh Theatre Arts 40 Don Quixote —Oxford University Experimental Theatre Club 77 Don't Breathe A Word—Something Permanent Theatre Company 99 Dostoevsky's Dream Of A Ridiculous Man — George Dillon/Vital Theatre 37 Double D —Small Fish Big Ponds Theatre 99 Double Fantasy—Arches Theatre Company 19 Dracula — Poor Fools—Theatre Workshop 105 Dream Children —Oxford Originals 77 Dr. Elsie —Pisces Theatre Company 79 Drummer—Theatre Zoo 105 The Dumb Waiter —Edinburgh People's Theatre 40 The Dumb Waiter —Northern Theatre Company 75 Dying For It—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 Easy Laughter —National Student Theatre Company 73 'Ecky Thump —Welsh College Of Music And Drama 111 Edmond —Ardour 19 Edward II —C 27 Eight Million Quid Is Small Potatoes If You're A God —Keble Drama Workshop 59 Equus — Foad Theatre Company 47 Erostratus—The Nearly New Theatre Company 73 An Evening In August —Diverse Attractions 37

An Evening With Will —Alms For Oblivion Every Inch A King —The Vaults Exodus —Natural Express Theatre —Leaping Salmon Theatre A Faint Memoir Of The Last Recession F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Falling By The Stonewall —Welsh College Of Music And Drama Fat Chance—The Festival Club / Adam House Fear And Misery For The Third Reich Leicestershire Youth Arts The Feast Before The Plague—Theatre On Podol—Assembly Rooms Find Me and My Sister In This House—Theatre Zoo First Aid —Northern Theatre Company First Love—Victor Sobchaks Theatre (Russia) Flying Close To The Sun —Freedom Factory The Fo'c's'le Yarn 'Betsy Lee' —Dollin Kelly's One Man Theatre Foiled Again! —Corstorphine Drama Group Forests Of The Night —Diverse Attractions Forever Nineteen—The Festival Club / Adam House Frankenstein —Bedlam Theatre Frankenstein — Leicestershire Youth Arts From Heaven Through The World To Hell Parts 1 and 2 —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Fuenteovejuna —Sequoyah Theatre Of California Function Of The Orgasm —Cambridge Mummers The Gaffer —King's Players Gameboys—King's Players The Games People Play —Import Theatre Company Ghosts (In The Machine) —Southside 93 Gilly — RaaI Theatre A Good Day to Die —Cambridge University Adc The Grand Inquisitor—Flexible Deadlock Theatre Company A Grand Scam—Arches Theatre Company Green Are My Pastures —Spokesong Theatre Company The Guardian International Student Drama Award—The Guardian The Guid Sodjer Schweik —Borderline Theatre Company Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow)—Divadlo K Hancock's Last Half Hour—Hill St Theatre The Hand and That Game Called Java/Aluminium Can Man Meets The Puppet Woman—Unlikely Theater Co The Hanging Tree —Spotlites Theatre Company Happy End—The Liverpool Playhouse Youth Theatre Hard To Swallow—The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company Harry's Bird —A Policeman's Lot The Heart Of A Dog—Tragic Carpet Heart Of A Dog —Les Etabiissements Astle, Caffonnette & Limbos, Canada/Belgium — Traverse Theatre Hekabe —The Actors Of Dionysus Henry IV —Double Edge Drama Hess —Hill St Theatre Hippolytus—The Actors Of Dionysus Holmes In The Country—Diverse Attractions The Homecoming —Northern Theatre Company The Homecoming—Theatre West End Productions Honey —Mitch Benn—F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Horror-Scope—A-Level Madness Paper One The Hour Of The Dog—Hour Of The Dog Company House Of Lies—Theatre P.K.F. —Leaping Salmon Theatre Hovering —BAB Productions Huis Clos —Scottish Health Service Centre The Hunchback Of Notre-Dame —Friction Theatre Company Hunger—Against The Tide Productions —Leaping Salmon Theatre I'll Tell You What Happened... —Milton Keynes Madness II Pudore Bene In Vista —Italy —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe Independent Means—Youth Connection Infect Me With Your Love —Polkatz Theatre In High Germany —C In the Prison Colony —Deconstruction Touring — Theatre Workshop It Happened Tomorrow—The Irrational Geographic Society It's Staring You Right In The Face - Ralf Ralf

17 111 59 43 111 45 61 21 105 75 99 49 59 35 37 45 25 61 43 98 31 59 59 57 101 87 31 47 19 101 54 26 37 55

109 101 61 41 83 107

109 17 37 55 17 37 75 104 43 17 57 59 23 97 49 59 69 43 114 85 29 105 58 89

page no Ivy Rowe—The Ivy Company 58 Jacques Or Obedience / The Future Is In Eggs — Quaker Meeting House 85 Ja Feuerbach by Tankred Dorst —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Jennings And Darbishire: 20 Years On —The Vaults 111 Kabarett Valentin — Umbrella Theatre 109 Ki Fatxiamu Noi Kui —Teatro Meridionel — Spain —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Killing Him—Cambridge Nights 31 Klytemnestra's Bairns Acropolis On Calton Hill 15 The Knife Thrower's Assistant —Prime Productions 85 Krapp's Last Tape—Aspen Stage 19 Kvetch—Marco's 67 Lady Windermere's Fan —Onstage 66 77 Language Of Intolerance / Not Real Men Lesbian And Gay Youth Manchester 61 The Legend of St Julian —Communicado Theatre Company 35 Lequesa —Brainstorm 27 Lesdra—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 The Lesson —QMW Theatre Company 85 Less Understanding, More Punishment —C 27 Let America Come—Cordon Productions 35 Let Esther Speak —Double Edge Drama 37 Living Together, Falling Apart—Virtual Theatre 111 Lone Star—Thud And Blunder Theatre 105 A Long Time In The Land Of Dreams—The Outsider Theatre Company 77 Loot—Southside 93 101 Low Level Panic —Cambridge Bats 29 Lucy K—Troupers 109 Lyon Rampant—The Vaults 111 Lysistrata—Instant Classics 58 Macbeth —Sound & Fury 99 The Maggot Spoke—The Rifle Lodge 91 Man And Boy—The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company 41 Man, Beast And Virtue —KCS Theatre Company 58 The Man From The North—Scarecrow Theatre Company 95 Mankind —Belleek Theatre Company 25 Mannequin—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 Mates / The French Letters —Patchwork Theatre Group-The WHALE Venue 113 Mauser—Accusative Cases And Fortinbras Teater 13 The Mayflies —Sex, Blood, Death & Global Destruction—Working Theatre 114 The Men Who Wouldn't —The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Metamorphosis—Accented Images Theatre Company 11 Metamorphosis —New Theatre Company 73 Metamorphosis—San Francisco Theatre Project 95 A Midsummer Night's Dream—Assembly Rooms 21 Midsummer Night's Dream —Cambridge University ADC 31 A Midsummer Night's Dream—Touched Theatre 107 Monkey—The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Monkey Cabaret —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Monsieur Shaherazad—American Wolf Productions 18 Moon In Eclipse —Moonshine Productions 69 Mother Of All Eating — Basotho Theatre Group 23 Mr Thomas — Exacting Theatre Company 41 Much Ado About Nothing —Cambridge Counterfeits 31 Much Ado About Nothing — Diverse Attractions 37 Much Ado About Nothing — Lost Theatre 62 Much Ado About Nothing—Theatre Zoo 105 Murder In The Cathedral —Aethelflaed 17 Muul—Yllana, Spain—Traverse Theatre 107 Nativity—Bradford Playhouse Studio Group 26 The Necrophyte —F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 Nehemiah's Story— Freedom Factory 49 Nervous —Very, Very Dreadfully Nervous Theatrestorm 60/40 103 New Anatomies —Bedlam Theatre 25 A Newer Wilderness —Tartan Rose Theatre Company 103 Night After Night —Gloria/Traverse CoProduction —Traverse Theatre 107 NOF 4—F.E.A.S.T. At The Fringe 43 No Legs, No Jokes?...No Chance —Nina Andresen 18 No Matter What —Commotion 35 No More Fancy Balls For Me! — Instant Classics 58 The Norman Conquests—Accidental Aardvark Theatre Company 13 No Way Out (Huis Clos) —Coxcomb Theatre 35 Oh, To Be—Cambridge Mummers 31

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page, One Elephant, Two Elephant —QMW Theatre Company 85 180! The Illustrious Rise And Tragic Fall Of Tommy Peoples —Sheffield University Theatre Company 98 One Man —Steven Berkoff 26 One Moment —Grassmarket Project 53 The One-sided Wall-C 29 1080° Original Gravity —Exstatic 41 On The Razzle — Blow Up Theatre Company 26 On The Verge Of Exploding—The John Wright Company 58 On Tidy Endings —Northern Theatre Company 75 The Orange Penguin —Risk Theatre 91 Orestes - Foad Theatre Company 47 Orpheus —Randolph Studio 89 Oscar Wilde's Picture Of Dorien Grey —Absolute Banana Theatre Co 11 Othello —The Acting Initiative 17 Oubliette —The Festival Club / Adam House 45 The Quid Fella —Fifth Estate 46 Our Brutus —Hill St Theatre 55 The Overcoat —The Calton Centre 29 The Overcoat —New Theatre Company 73 Wilfred Owen —Diverse Attractions 37 The Para Handy Wireless Show — Diverse Attractions 37 Party Games —Bath University Student Theatre 23 The Pat Hobby Stories —Prime Productions 85 Penetrator—by Anthony Neilson—Traverse Theatre 109 Pepys The Diarist —Staircase Productions 101 Pericles —Golden Age Theatre —Theatre Workshop 105 Philosophy In The Alcove —Os Satyros 77 Piaf—Bedlam Theatre 25 A Piece Of Monologue —Welsh College Of Music And Drama 111 Pilgrim's Progress —Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company 75 The Place — Against the Tide Productions — Leaping Salmon Theatre 59 Plastered —Trestle Theatre Company 109 Playtime—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 Plaza Suite —Aartifaakts 11 The Pleasure Dome —Fecund Theatre 43 Poplar Stand / Inside The Apple Core —Unlikely Theater Co 109 Port And Lemon—The Vaults 111 Postcards From The Front —Back To Back Theatre Company 23 The Power Of Darkness—The Calton Centre 29 Precious Liberty—The One Nighters 77 Private Property—The Collaborative 33 Programming Ada Byron—Theatre Company Number Eleven 103 Prospect —Latino Chicago Theater Company 59 The Provincial Lady Goes To Town - Assembly Rooms 21 Punch Junkies—Touched Theatre 107 Radio Drama Writers' Workshop —BBC Radio 4 25 Radio Times —The Calton Centre 29 Rat In The Skull —Minotaur Student Theatre Company From The University Of East Anglia 69 The Raven —Ugly Theatre Company 109 Recipe For An Expanding Universe —Deborah Clapp 31 The Remembrance Of Edgar Allan Poe —George Dillon/Vital Theatre 37 Revolver Emily Woof 113 Risk —Grassmarket Project 53 The Road Taken —Playful Theatre Company 79 Robin Who? —Moving Parts Theatre Group—The WHALE Venue 113 Roll-A-Pea (Turlajgroszek)-Wierszalin (Poland) 113 Romeo And Juliet —The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Romeo And Juliet —Leicestershire Youth Arts 61 A Room Of One's Own —Quaker Meeting House 85 Russian Tomfoolery—Victor Sobchaks Theatre (Russia) 99

page no Salome—Theatre West End 104 The Same Old Story— Downtrodden Theatre Company 39 Sane —Mania Productions 67 Sans Teeth — Accidental Productions 13 Satan In Goray—Tottering Bipeds Theatre Company 107 Satellite City — Lifeline — The WHALE Venue 113 Scots Wahi —Gallus Playshed-The WHALE Venue 113 Sea Marks —One Theatre Company 77 The Search—The Festival Club / Adam House 46 Semi-Precious —Dinosaur 37 Sex After Supper —Erotica Poetica 41 The Sex Comedies —Barmont Productions 23 Sex In The Afternoon —Erotica Poetica 41 Sex III —Emily Woof 113 Shakespeare For Breakfast —Oxford University Experimental Theatre Club 77 Shared Passion —Diverse Attractions 37 Sheep Thrills—The Cots wold Connection Gilded Balloon Theatre 53 Silent Conversations —Brahma Kumaris 26 The Silent Man And Comus —Acoustic Music Centre 15 Singing In The Wilderness and Can You Hear The Music?—Theatre West End Productions 104 Sleeping With You —Starving Artists, HawaiiTraverse Theatre 109 Smoke —Cambridge University ADC 31 Something I'll Tell You Tuesday / The Loveliest Afternoon Of The Year —QMW Theatre Company 85 Songs From The Frozen Earth —Abacus Theatre Company 11 Stab...Zombie—Aspects Touring CompanyThe Mad Abbot 62 Stags And Hens —The Rifle Lodge 91 Step To Burn —Absolute Banana Theatre Co 11 Stickled —Mania Productions 67 Stifled In The Vault —Theatrestorm 60/40 103 Still Life —National Student Theatre Company 73 Storybook—Theatre Zoo 105 A Strange Bit Of History-In-Theatre, Bratislava, CSFR 58 The Straw Chair—Fifth Estate 46 Stripped —Alias Theatre Company 17 Swatch The Switch - Bash - The WHALE Venue 113 The Tale Of Peer Gynt —Rutgers Arts Productions (R.A.P.) 91 A Tale Of Two Cities —Leicestershire Youth Arts 61 Tales From '1001 Nights' —Spokesong Theatre Company 101 Tartuffe —Theatre West End 103 Tate's Royalty. Portrait of Sarah Siddons. —The Incredibly Dramatic Theatre Company 57 Teaching Angels To Fly —The Calton Centre 29 Teechers —Marco's 67 The Teen People—Media Babies 67 The Tempest—Actuelles 17 Temporary Girl—Temporary Girl 103 The Tender Mercies —Mania Productions 67 Tess Of The D'Urbevilles —Golden Round Touring Company 53 The Theft Of Maureen Heneghan —Kick Back Theatre—Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama 91 Then There Was A Star Danced —Ellen Terry — Ellen Terry 103 These Colours Don't Run —Mania Productions 67 The Third Policeman —Ridiculusmus 91 This Other Eden—Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Three Men In A Boat—The Calton Centre 29 The Threepenny Opera —B.R.I T. School Theatre Company 27 Three Steps To Heaven—Brunton Theatre Company In Assoc. With First Base Theatre 27 Three Women And A Mythical Fish and A Wacky Streak On The Quiet —King Alfred's University Theatre Company 59

page I Thunder Thighs & Blueblade —Diverse Attractions 37 Tibetan Inroads —Eboracum 39 The Time Before The Time After —Rough Edge 91 Timelag —Diverse Attractions 37 Tissue—Absolute Banana Theatre Co 11 Titus Andronicus—Abacus Theatre Company 11 To—Oxford On The Hill 77 Tonight: Lola Blau —Studio Thy '81 —Theatre Miriam 102 Too Close To The Sun — Jesters Court 58 The Tower—Adfel Theatre Company 17 Tree Monsters —Bedlam Theatre 25 The Trial - The Mad Abbot 62 The Trial Of Christ—Genesis Really Youthful Company 50 Troilus and Cressida and Ted and Alice —Quaker Meeting House 85 The Truman Capote Talk Show —PW Productions 85 Turn Of The Screw—Accented Images Theatre Company 11 Twelfth Night —Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company 75 12 Steps To A More Dysfunctional You — Curtains Theater 36 The Twin—The Vaults 111 Two Fools, One Stripper—Punch Productions 85 Two Months In Arles —The Festival Club / Adam House 45 Two Stories From Tolstoy —King's Players 59 The Ugly Man —One Yellow Rabbit, CanadaTraverse Theatre 107 Under Glass —Mania Productions 67 Under Milk wood—Absolute Banana Theatre Co 11 Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom —Diverse Attractions 37 Verbatim—Verbatim Theatre Company 111 The Voyages Of The Paper Boat—George Wyllie And Crew 114 Waiting For Godot — Petrou — Showman 79 War Dance —Mania Productions 67 Warsaw Mermaid —Mimi Cichanowicz 31 Welcome! To A Theatrical Illusion...—The Welcome! Theatre Company 111 What A Load Of Rubbish —Cambridge Mummers 31 What The Butler Saw —Northern Theatre Company 75 What The Butler Wore—Jabbok Theatre —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time 93 When The World Was Young —Clyde Unity Theatre 33 Whisky Galore —Leitheatre 61 Whisky Galore —Prime Productions 85 Who Killed Tchaikovsky? —Level Five Theatre Company 61 Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf-Welsh College Of Music And Drama 111 Whose Crime Is It Anyway?—Alarmist Theatre 17 Who's Hiding? —Freedom Factory 49 A Wilderness Of Monkeys—The Vaults 111 The Winter's Tale —Bristol University Dramsoc 27 The Woman In A Tree On The Hill Theatreworks (Singapore) 105 Woman In Mind-Zoo T.C. 114 Women In Technicolour —Ugly Theatre Company 109 Woof ski. Gruff ski & Fidorevich —The Calton Centre 29 Working Out —Northern Theatre Company 75 Would You Care To?-Acts 17 Wretched Grooms —Changeinspeak 31 Wuthering Heights —Renegade Theatre Group 89 Yentl —Studio Thy '81 —Theatre Miriam 102 Yerma—Lothian Youth Theatre 62 You're Thinking About Doughnuts Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company 75 Zodiac And The Boy Next Door Actuelles 17

T-Shirts? Posters? Postcards? Mugs? The Fringe Shop: 10am - 7pm every day of the Fringe.

^Vhat will 150,000 people be doing in the park on Sunday 22 August? Enjoying Fringe Sunday on us Lothian Regional Council Again Holyrood Park explodes into life with fire-eaters, jugglers, buskers, pipe-bands, mime-artists, comedians and musicians as well as hundreds of Fringe Performers giving highlights of their shows.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Arthur's Seat, Fringe Sunday is one of the largest free spectacles in Europe. A fabulous day out for all the family. Look out for a Fringe Sunday leaflet nearer the time.

Fringe Sunday â&#x20AC;˘ Free 1-5pm â&#x20AC;˘ 22 August Flolyrood Park




Holyrood Park by kind permission of Historic Scotland. Fringe Sunday is fir

;ially supported by Lothian Regional Council. Thanks to all I

tities and volunteers who i

AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! THE BEST ONE YET Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151


AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!-THE BEST ONE YET MALCOLM HARDEE, host of London's premier alternative comedy venue—Up The Creek, comes to Edinburgh with STEVE BOWDITCH, performing an hilarious mixture of music, magic and mumbo-jumbo and CHARLIE CHUCK, fast becoming a cult due to his appearances on the James Whale & Vic Reeves T.V. shows. Book early to avoid disappointment. Aug 13-28 11.30pm (12.35) £6.50 (£5.00)



Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 PLAZA SUITE Aartifaakts present Plaza Suite—Neil Simon's brilliant comedy in 3 self-contained acts concerning the occupants of suite 719, the Plaza Hotel, New York. A fun filled frolic for all the family. Aug 15-Sept 4 7.55pm (8.45) £6.00 (£4.00) (Rotating nightly) £5.00 (£3.00) per act for 2 acts or more


• • •

Venue 21-Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Tickets 225 7995. J7 ★ SONGS FROM THE FROZEN EARTH World premiere. Physical theatre which celebrates man’s talent for storytelling and myth-making. A group of peasants make their leader into a God, and watch him destroyed by a country intent on modernisation. All the villagers have left are the legends they built around their hero. Aug IB-Sept 4 12.15pm (1.30) £5.00 (£3.00) TITUS ANDRONICUS New production of Shakespeare's early revenge tragedy, a play which shares the violence, madness, and power of King Lear. Aug IB-Sept 4 1.45pm (3.30) £5.00 (£3.00)

ANGELO ABELA Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 EDINBURGH SQUASH Angelo Abela in 'Edinburgh Squash'. After creating and starring in 'TV Squash', the ex-Vicious Boy is back and not content with one show, he's doing them all. The whole of the Edinburgh Festival squashed into one show. 'Outrageously funny' Daily Mirror. 'Hilarious improvisation and quick-fire humour' Daily Express. Aug 13-Sept 4 10.00pm (11.00) £6.00 (£5.00)

AB OVO THEATRE COMPANY Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ YESTERDAY ONCE MORE-GROWING UP WITH THE CARPENTERS She had the perfect voice. He had the ideas to make it work. Perfection and fame were their ambitions. Love and solitude were their themes. They understood each other. A play with the best loved Carpenter's songs as a tribute to Karen Carpenter. Aug 13-Sept 4 (not Mon 23, Thurs 2) 8.50pm (9.40) £5.00 (£4.00)


• • •

Venue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 TISSUE by Louise Page. Here we are again, for the sixth year running, bringing you five compelling plays. TISSUE is a powerful solo-piece, examining the sensitive subject of breast cancer, portraying the emotions and ordeal of one woman's experience. Aug 13.15,17.20,22,24,27 2.45pm (3.35) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ OSCAR WILDE'S PICTURE OF DORIEN GREY by Robin Dashwood. An interplay between two stories of corruption and degradation, social and individual, collide and embrace. A new exciting piece, combining music, film and performance. Aug 13,15,17,20,22,24,27 3.45pm (4.50) £5.00 (£3.80) UNDER MILKWOOD by Dylan Thomas. A rich, warm portrait of a small seaside town with its cast of nobodies, observed through dreams, imagination and original music. Aug 11,12,14.16,18,19,21,23,25,26,20 4.15pm (5.30) £5.00 (£3.08) ★ STEP TO BURN by David Zaman. Zaman depicts an aggressive and at times witty indictment upon a frustrated, decadent society. A surreal portrayal of the American Dream. Aug 13,15,17,20,22,24,27 5.00pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) BORDERLINE A black comedy about lives of young Asians in Britain as they attempt to slough their origins and discover definition. Aug 11,12,,25,26,28 2.45pm (4.05) £5.00 (£3.00)

ABSOLUTE BLUES AND JAZZ CHICAGO STYLE ° Venue 9-The Ceilidh House & Iron Jazz Cellar, Hunter Square, High Street Tickets 667 9390 J10 ABSOLUTE BLUES & JAZZ CHICAGO STYLE Back to dazzle you, leading young trumpet man, ROBERT MAZUREK, with his unique sound of Chicago jazz steeped in the tradition of real gut-wrenching Chicago blues. 'Robert Mazurek plays a hot sweaty trumpet' 'Powerful, passionate, compelling' Scotsman. Hearthis band in the intimate Ceilidh House Cellar Bar, 30 steps downhill from Fringe Office. Aug 16-20.2729 8.00pm (9.30) £5.00 Aug 2124 3.00pm (4.30)

ACCENTED IMAGES THEATRE COMPANY Venue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 ★ METAMORPHOSIS Gregor Samsa awakes from uneasy dreams to find himself transformed. ACCENTED IMAGES presents a startling new vision of his torment in this, the premier production of Miles Parsey's cinematic adaptation of Kafka's grotesque fable. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thurs 19, Sept 21 8.45pm (10.00) £6.00 (£3.00) ★ TURN OF THE SCREW Steve Hirst directs this chilling new adaptation of Henry James' strangely gruesome ghost story. AH this and more, from ACCENTED IMAGES in association with C THEATRE COMPANY—see under C. Aug 11-Sept 4 Inot Thurs 19, Sept 21 11.30pm (12.45) £5.00 (£3.00) 11


“Britain’s foremost jazz event” Daily Telegraph August 1992

Artists include The Bob Wilber Big Band (US) • Coors New American All Stars (US) • Howard



Alden • Jake Hanna • Harry Allen • Jon-Eric Kellso • Michael Moore • John Colliani • Terrie Richards • Leon Redbone (US) • Ronnie Scott Sextet (UK) • James Morrison Quartet (Aus) • Humphrey Lyttelton (UK) • Acker Bilk (UK) • Stan Tracey QBE (UK) • Graeme Bell (Aus) • Hot Antic Jazz Band (France) • The Orchestra (Denmark) • Roy Williams (UK) • Bob Barnard (Aus) 'Tommy Whittle (UK) • Earl Okin (UK) • Dick Charles worth’s Hot Stuff (UK) • Brian Lemon (UK) • Digby Fairweather (UK) • Alan Barnes (UK) • Bruce Adams (UK) • Brian Kellock (UK) • Ronnie Rae (UK) • Dave Cliff (UK) • Devil’s Gonna Get You (Music Revue) (UK) • Albion Jazz Band (Can) • Hamburg Hot Shots (Ger) • Victor Unokovski/Dave Wallace Duo (Rus/UK) • Nairobi Trio (NZ) • The New Wolverines (Aus) • Phil Mason’s New Orleans All Stars (UK) • Tommy Burton (UK) • Andrew Speight (Aus)


he 15th Edinburgh International Jazz Festival is back with a new look & truly festive feel.

Paul Furniss (Aus) • Laurie Chescoe’s Good Time Jazz (UK) • Jazz a Belles (UK) 'Harlem Hot


500 performers from 14 countries playing over 450 hours of jazz.

(UK) • Kimbara

Brothers with Tina May (UK) • The Brasshoppers (UK) • The Gum Nut Stompers (Aus) • Antti Sarpilla (Fin) •

All venues in the heart of the Old Town centred on.Chambers Street & all within a few minutes walk.

Brass Machine Big Band (Aus) • Strange Party Orchestra (Den) • Joep Peters (Holl) • Fionna Duncan (UK) • Annie Hawkins (Aus) • Ed Crow (US)

One price evening ticket gives entrance to all Gold Star venues - buy a Walkabout ticket & move freely from venue to venue as often as you like.

plus many more

The McEwan’s 80/- Pub Trail - free jazz, lunchtime & evenings in 8 Old Town pubs. Queen ’v Hall Series 7th The King of Swing: A Tribute to Benny Goodman 8th James Morrison 9th At Sundown - Acker Bilk & Humphrey Lyttelton 10th Jazz From Down Under 11th Leon Redbone 12th 50th Anniversary Celebration of Fats Waller 13th Ronnie Scott’s Club 14th The Jazz Festival Black &White Ball All £10 & £8 See Queen’s Hall entry for details 12

New Opening Mardi Gras to launch the Festival on August 7th, with an afternoon street party in Chambers Street. Jazz on a Summer’s Day in Princes Street Gardens on August 8th with free performances from nine of the Festivals international bands.

See Jazz Festival entry for ticket information MAJOR







Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 THE NORMAN CONQUESTS In an unconventional family get-together, we cut to 1 the heart of conventional relationships. Ayckbourn's dark, penetrating and witty j vision of married couples should strike a chord in us all. In the characters we see i ourselves; in their situation, our own. A piercing comedy which will be enjoyed by all. Aug IB 21 2.40pm (4.20) £4.50 (£3.50)


• • * •

| Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★ SANS TEETH by Ian Bailey. Extraordinary stories of a young woman in a dangerous world. There are those to whom little happens. Then there are the others, whose lives lurch from one bizarre event to another. She's among these. A play not to miss about a life to avoid. Aug 13 Sept 4 /not Weds 25 & 1) 1.30pm (2.20) £4.50 (£3.50)

ACCUSATIVE CASES AND FORTINBRAS TEATER Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 MAUSER Norway's FortinbrasTeater, known for their unorthodox turnover of ideas joins the 'crazed and compelling' Accusative Cases in a rapturous co-production of fluff and frenzy. M is for Mauser, Muller wrote it, Meling directed it. Mauser's funny, in a funny kind of way. Mauser is entertaining and weird. Seriously. Aug 1628 (not Sun 22) 11.00am (11.50) £4.00 (£3.50)

ACORN MUSIC THEATRE COMPANY Venue 109-Zippo's Big Top, The Meadows, nr. Buccleuch St. Tickets 662 0352

fa la! (I nfl

• M9

★ THE SOLDIER'S TALE Entirely original, quality music-theatre for children, based on Russian folk tales. This 'witty and highly entertaining' show explodes onto the stage with high-impact energy using original music and dynamic physical theatre performed by the musicians/actors. Shortlisted for the Lloyds Bank Theatre Challenge. Aug 16,18,20 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£2.50) ★ THE ODYSSEY Uninhibited by the load of literature, this play bursts with vitality and lyrical beauty as Odysseus encounters mystical island enchantress. Aug 17,19,21 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£2.50)

ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE iV Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 FOLK CELLAR Acoustic music? Boy! Have we got acoustic music! Best local -fi musicians (and others) every night in an informal club setting plus singarounds led ■A. by Danny Kyle et al. Open ALL DAY from 11 am for snacks, meals, drinks. Box office «i noon-midnight. Restricted admission after 8pm. Children not admitted to main barl(J plenty of room besides. Disabled? Ring us first. Aug 13,14,20,21,27,28,Sept 3,4 9.00pm (1.00) £2.00 $ Aug 1519,22-26,29-Sept 2 9.00pm (1.00) £1.00 VENUE A-MUSIC 1 JAZZ COMPANY An exciting band (violin, guitar, double-bass) featuring the ra' swinging music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. Aug 13 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 mAug 28 6.30pm (8.00) ONE MORE ROAD TO GO DOWN lain MacKintosh and Brian McNeill's first live i]',collaboration celebrates journeys of every kind ... geographical, musical, and -fe emotional. 13-15 10.30pm (midnight) £5.00 (£3.00) MARVIN HANGLIDER'S MUSICAL ENCOUNTER AT 00.30 The guy with the is! silly name links with other musicians. MAug 13-20,23,24,Sept 24 12.30am (1.30) £3.00 HAMISH IMLACH —IN CONCERT Blues, humour, contemporary, traditional, 4j;guitar, wit, 'crack', indefatigable, raconteur, traveller, curry gourmet, Scot ... back trf at the AMC. g 14,15 8.30pm (10.00) £4.50 (£3.00) BLONAGAEL-IN CONCERT 4 women ... 11 instruments ... 3 voices ... blistering reels, bluegrass, breathtaking ballads. 'A lot of fun' Herald. Aug 16,23 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) O Aug 29 6.30pm (8.00)


' ANNIE WILLIAMSON & ROGER WILSON A knockout combination. Superb is!singers and songwriters both, and Wilson as ace fiddler and guitarist too. Don't miss jjgthis one! MAug 16,17 10.30pm (midnight) £4,50 (£3.50) : FINDASK New songs, new music, new album. 'Folk miracles' Scotsman, u #'6X6 )'exemplary sets' Herald, 'tremendous' Broadsheet, 'Scotland's finest duo' St.A. mciti. \Citizen. it Aug 17.24 8.30pm (10,00) £3.50 (£2.00) iMATT ARMOUR-SONGS OF THE FISHERMEN and of farmers, politicians, HFrogues, drunks, and fornicators—the last three are possibly superfluous as the one iJI before covers them all. Ml Aug 18,20 8.30pm (10.00) £4,00 (£3.00) : TREVOR HUNTER —'FROM SHETLAND’ ... fiddle genius ... obvious talents will ajireceive international acclaim' Shetland Times. The young leader of Shetland's Forty >i||Fiddlers with Eileen Hunter on piano. Aug 18 10.30pm (midnight) £5.00 (£3.00) mil Aug 19 8.30pm (10.00) e Rua' Sydney mAug 19,26,Sept 3 10.30pm (midnight) £5.00 (£4.00) 51JHE KELTZ An evening of poetry, story-telling and music —a mixture of traditional r.iiand contemporary elements —eastern, western, Celtic jazz fusion. vyMug 20,21 10.30pm (midnight) £3.50 (£2.50)

NORTH SEA GAS —IN CONCERT Folk songs and music, traditional and contemporary, performed by one of Scotland's leading popular bands. Aug 21,28 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Sept 1 10.30pm (midnight) ALLAN JOHNSTON BAND Lively Scottish band playing traditional and original songs/music. Singer/songwriter, fiddle, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars. Aug 22,27 8.30pm (10.00) £4,00 (£3.00) TURNING OF THE TIDE (Radical Road Productions). The 150th anniversary of the Scottish crofters' struggle. Celebrated occasions in narrative, drama, poetry and Aug 22,23 10.30pm (midnight) £5.00 (£3.50). SANGSTERS —IN CONCERT Traditional, Burns and contemporary songs from excellent Greentrax album, 'Sangsters Begin'. 'Great blend of voices' Scottish Folk Gazette. Aug 24 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 25 8.30pm (10.30) SINGIN' THE FOLK'N'BLUES with Yard of Ale and Bill Hill. A group of local musicians take an affectionate look back at 30 years of popular acoustic music. See also Doc's Place. Aug 25 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) THE NORTHERN SAXOPHONE QUARTET WITH THE HANGLIDER BAND Europe's premier saxophone quartet. Music from their new CD, late night sophistication. Aug 25-Sept 1 12.30am (1.30) £4.00 (£3.50) PAUL CARROLL —GUITARIST Performing a richly varied programme of his own works. 'Inventive and entertaining' Scotsman. 'Highly accomplished' Classical Guitar. Aug 26,27 12.30pm (1.40) £3.50 (£2.501 Aug 29 4.30pm (5.40) INCHCOLM —IN CONCERT 'Unusual and entrancing music.' Traditional and original sounds from Scotland, Ireland and Romania on flute, clarinets, cello, cittern and pipes. See also Doc's Place. Aug 26 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) IAIN MACDONALD AND THE HOWLING SHED ... the best of the festival so far' Scottish Folk Gazette. After last year's stunning debut, the Shed are back. Book Aug 27,28 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) PIPING Tom Speirs plays and talks about the classical pipe music of Scotland. Piobaireachd, soul of the country and Scotland's major contribution to classical music. Aug 29-31 12.30pm (2.00) £4.00 (£2.00) ASIAN MUSIC CONCERTS Maharishi Gandharva-Ved music-ancient Indian melodies on strings of santoor by Nandkishore Muley. 'A magic power' India Times. Aug 29,31, Sept 1-4 8.30pm 110.00) £7.50 (£5.50) FRASER NIMMO The Scottish singer/song-writer who has been known to raise more than the occasional roof, eye-brow, glass, chuckle and consciousness. (See also Doc's Place.) Aug 29-31 10.30pm (midnight) £3.50 (£2.00) CHINESE FESTIVAL MUSIC An ensemble of China's top soloists. Accessible, fun, and hugely visual music —with song and dance. Aug 30-Sept 4 6.30pm (8.00) £5.00 (£3.00) STEPHEN QUIGG —IN CONCERT Scots song, old and new 'from the Highlands to the Lowlands'; with guitar, bodhran, and banjo. Aug 30 8.30pm (10.00) £3.75 RHYME AND REASON NANCY NICOLSON (songwriter, melodeon) with SAM RAMSAY (vocals, stringed things) for a hoedown, a showdown, tears, cheers and laughter. Sept 4 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER-LANDSCAPES David Eckford, John Eels and Karen Tweed combine photographs, prints and drawings in the AMC foyer. Aug 13-Sept 4 12 noon (midnight) Free VENUE A-DRAMA ★ VINCENT (or What Really Happened to Romeo). A play about art, why it's worth dying for, and how many times. Aug 1320 6.30pm (8.00) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 21,22 12 (midnight) (1.30) PEPYS, THE DIARIST A vivid picture of 17th Century London —fascinating and humorous insights into the period. ' ... spellbinding ... ' The Stage. Press preview Aug 14 12.30pm (1.45) £4.00 Aug 16 25 12.30pm (1.45) £4.50 (£3.00) THE DUMB WAITER Pinter's malevolent classic that draws its audience into an evil underworld. A powerful theatrical experience. Aug 1621 2.15pm (3.15) £3.50 (£2.50) Special Offer with Working Out' below £5.00 (£4.00) THE HOMECOMING Pinter's classic on power and sexual supremacy. 'Essence of Pinter' Yorkshire Post. 'A superb revival' Mail. Aug 16-21 4.25pm (6.00) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ WORKING OUT Sue Wilsea's incisive and humorous new play. Four women work out their differences in an aerobics class. Aug 16-21 3.20pm (4.20) £3.50 (£2.50) Special offer with ‘Dumb Waiter' above £5.00 (£4.00) ★ DREAM CHILDREN Charles and Mary Lamb: A tale of insanity, murder and love, with Royal Exchange actors John Watts and Tilly Tremayne. Aug 21 27 6.30pm (8.00) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 26 2.30pm (4.00) and 4.30pm (6.00) ★ FIRST AID Barrie Wheatley's new play. Gay or straight —HIV doesn't discriminate! Funny—then a riveting climax. 'Entertaining and challenging’ Daily Mail. Aug 2227 2.15pm (3.15) £3.50 (£2.50) Special offer with On Tidy Endiugs, below £5.00 (£4.00) WHAT THE BUTLER SAW Orton's hilarious and savage onslaught on power and respectability. 'Rip-roaring ... rattling pace ... delightful performances' Evening Telegraph. Aug 22-27 4.25pm (6.00) £4.50 (£3.50) ON TIDY ENDINGS by Harvey Fierstein. A new play from the author of 'Torch Song Trilogy'. A rich theatrical experience. Aug 2227 3.20pm (4.201 £3.50 (£2.50) Special offer with First Aid, above £5.00 (£4.00) ★ THREE WOMEN AND A MYTHICAL FISH/ A WACKY STREAK ON THE QUIET The return of a damn good laugh (double bill). Sept 2 4 2.30pm (3.30) £3.ff0 (£2.50) 13

ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE —conf//wec/ TAM WHITE ACOUSTIC BLUES BAND More successful concerts and Tam's< back. Fraser Speirs (harmonica), Neil Warden (guitar) plus musical guests. Book/ early! Aug 13,14 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (CS.M)1 CEILIDH DANCE WITH THE WILD CIGARILLOS Our resident' dance band) returns yet again to its hugh successes of previous years—never an empty floor with] this lot! Aug 13,14,27,28 10.30pm (1.30) £4.50 (£3.00) | EARLOKIN-MR. HORNY MAN Showing why Earl's mixture of classy music and ; wicked humour is still irresistible. Aug 14.20-22,27-30,Sept 3,4 4.1Spm (5.15) E6.00 (£4.50) J DOUGIE MACLEAN —IN CONCERT Songs, 'poignant, powerful ... raw and clear'. A rare chance to hear one of the country's best songwriters performing solo. Aug 15,16 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 J IZA From remote Maramures, N. Romania, this popular village dance band full of ra energy and raucous hollering, demand audience participation. Aug 15,18,18 10.30pm (12.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 17 7.30pm (9.15) NIK STORM Songs, monologues, a voice, a guitar, /it, humour, pathos, the complete entertainer, 'a crowd pleaser' The Stage. Aug 18-21,23-28.30-Sept 4 2.15pm (3.30) £4.00 (£3.00) SEANNACHIE AND FRIENDS Collective brilliance, individual virtuosity, Scottish1 traditional with hints of jazz/blues. Internationally acclaimed third album now out. I Aug 17 10.30pm (1.00) £4.00 ] THE POOZIES As seen on Shetland Sessions, fabulous mix of voices, Celtic harps, accordion and guitar. Playing sell-outs all over Britain! Aug 18 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) Aug 19 10.30pm (12.30) ALLAN TAYLOR —IN CONCERT The internationally popularly acclaimed singer and songwriter in his second solo concert—book early! See also Doc's Place. i Aug 19 7.38pm (9.15) £5.00 (£4.00) M THE MCCALMANS Lock up your grannies ... 'The Macs' are back in town. 'All that energy ... and no drugs' Watchtower. See later entries for more McCalmans. // Aug 20,21 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£2.00) A CEILIDH DANCE WITH ROBERT FISH BAND Last year's dances proved so popular they've been asked back. Book early! Aug 20,21 10.30pm (1.00) £4.50 (£3.001 jl BELLY DANCING CLASSES Discover the joy of expressing your emotions, and I move your body! 'Everybody welcome,' says Harika Esmeray. Aug 23 Sept 4 5.15pm (6.45) £5.50 (£4.50) ! BELLY DANCING (RAGS SHARQI) Performed by international dancer Harika •

//(Guardian Talks Every Thursday 11.00am in the Supper Room at Assembly. Admission Free.

TMauardian International Student Drama Award An opportunity to see the winning production 1.30pm Tuesday 31 August in the Ballroom at Assembly.

//(Guardian Has daily coverage throughout the festival news, reviews, previews and ticket offers.

7/^Guardian. /^ Festival. 14

Aug 22 £5.50 (£4.50) ig 29 ASIAN MUSIC CONCERTS Maharishi Gandharva-Ved music —Indian music of spiritual tradition on santoor. Nandkishore Muley, the leading student of Shiv Kumar H Sharma. Aug 22 8.00pm (9.151 £7.50 (£5.50) Aug 28,29, Sept 4 12.30pm (1.45) J f II CEILIDH WITH THE PANAMA BAND Great music, great crack, great dancing. . Come and get hot and bothered with The Panamas! Aug 22 10.30pm (1.00) £4.50 (£3.00) SILEAS Scotland's raunchy rhythmic harp duo. Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon sing and play traditional music with a modem touch. Aug 23 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.00) . INNER SENSE PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA Seven sell-outs last year. Blisteringly rhythmic Latin jazz, funk, sambas, reggae from huge nine-piece Manchester band. Aug 23-26,29-31 10.30pm (12.15) £5.50 (£3.50) -■ HELL BENT, HEAVEN BOUND Christine Collister, Barb Jungr, Michael Parker, Helen Watson —21 songs about MONEY. 'Individual voices whose collective sound is tremendous' The Guardian. Aug 24,25 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) MAC-TALLA ' ... quite exquisite' Herald. Christine Primrose, Eilidh Mackenzie, Arthur Cormack, Alison Kinnaird, Blair Douglas. Top quality Gaelic music and song. Aug 28 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) THE MCCALMANS Just another two concerts in this year's 'John Barrow kitchen extension aid' fund-raising series. 'I like them' Bernard, the Lasswade fishmonger^ See earlier and later entries for more McCalmans. Aug 27,28 7.30pm (9.15) £4,00 (£2.00) 1 XENOS Let the swine loose (dancing with bagpipes). Macedonian gypsy music band create a vivacious, high-spirited dance-night with exotic, exciting gaida and sax sound. Aug 29,30 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 Sept 1 10.30pm (1.00) | JUNE TABOR —IN CONCERT Her voice is one of the few genuinely unique sounds in modern music. Haunting, powerful, and deeply emotive. Aug 31 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) ^ ALIAS RON KAVANA-IN CONCERT London's premier Celtic Rock Band-voted No.1 Live Act 89/90 and 90/91 by Folk Roots magazine. Not to be missed! Sept 1 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) _J LIAM O'FLYNN —IN CONCERT Uillean piper of considerable international j i reputation, ex-PLANXTY member and soloist from THE BRENDAN VOYAGE, in solo appearance. Sept 2 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) ISAAC GUILLORY & JOHN RENBOURN —IN CONCERT No strangers t Edinburgh or guitar-playing circles, this combination brings two of the circuit's finest “jh acoustic guitarists to the same platform. Sept 3 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£4.00) CEILIDH DANCE WITH CEILIDH COLLECTIVE Very popular young and experienced local band. In Dave Francis they have one of the best callers. Sept 3,4 10.30pm (1.30) £4.50 (£3.00) Ml

M FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES) if OPEN 10am -7am '



THE MCCALMAIMS One of Scotland's best-loved tax losses straight from their success in 'Abba: their influences'. See earlier entries for McCalmans' concerts you've missed. Sept 4 7.30pm (9.15) E4.00 IE2.00)

JUST A MINUTE Nicholas Parsons presents a special live version of Radio Four’s Famous Game featuring a different panel of Fringe celebrities each day. Not for broadcast. Aug 24 30 12.45pm (1.45) £5.50 (£4.50)

Venue 36-Doc's Place. Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395

★ THE ACADEMY OF FOOLS —Russia's SLAVA POLUNIN presents the Assisyai Revue. The cutting edge of clowning — dark and dangerous. No under-12s. (E.A.ST.) Aug 19 22,26 30, Sept 1-4 2.45pm (4.00) £6.00 (£4,00)


1 DOC'S PLACE-MUSIC ALLAN TAYLOR—IN CONCERT Taylor returns to the scene of earlier triumphs I with the first of two solo concerts —book early! See also Venue B. fc Aug 15 7.30pm (9.00) £5.00 (£4.001 NORTH SEA GAS —IN CONCERT Folk songs and music, traditional -and contemporary, performed by one of Scotland's leading popular bands. | Aug 15 9.30pm (11.00) £4,00 (£3.001 SING IN' THE FOLK'N'BLUES The past thirty years of popular acoustic music and t song ... where are they now? Come and find out. See also Venue A. ; Aug 15,17 11.30pm (1.00) £4.00 (£3.00) SAVOURNA STEVENSON TRIO 'Stevenson's harp can spin sheer magic ... with ' Hay's warm-toned bass and Travis' accomplished percussion ... the result is beguiling and exciting' Scotsman. I Aug 16 7.30pm (9.00) 15.00 (£4.00) |l DAVE ROBB AND EDEL SULLIVAN A dazzling combination of bouzouki and fiddle .j I as a setting for Dave's 'powerful and universal' songs. „ Aug 16-18 9.30pm (11.00) £5.00 (t3.00) INCHCOLM — IN CONCERT Dick Lee, Anne Evans, Wendy Wetherby, Nigel j Richard: eclectic Edinburgh band ring the rhythmic and tonal changes. (See also Venue A.) Aug 17 7.30pm (9.00) E4.00 IE3.00) T.G. MCEWAN-MOON ON WHITE LAKE The consequence of dumping an Edinburgh song-writer in Nashville and Detroit for two years. Aug 18 7.30pm (9.00) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 19 9.30pm (11.00) CAFE CATHARSIS SEX is great fun; by pure coincidence so's this intoxicating, [ outstanding cabaret experience. GOSH it's good! See Daily Diary for fuller t programme details. Aug 18-21 11.30pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.00) BOBBY EAGLESHAM —IN CONCERT Soloist and Five Hand Reeler, Eaglesham has recently returned to Edinburgh. A rare opportunity to hear a fine singer. Aug 19 7.30pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.00) AARDVARK STEW Brilliant, eccentric comedy rock'n'roll. Finely-crafted original songs of love, hate, death, religion and snot. 1 Aug 20-30 7.30pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) M CHRISTINE KYDD AND FRIENDS 'Accomplished voice-hurling', 'beautifully weighted stresses' Scots & World Songs, 'a more commanding singer than ever IN before'. W Aug 20,21 9.30pm (11.00) £4.00 (£3.00) GILL BOWMAN-IN CONCERT Launch of the second album, 'Take Me Home', W from Scottish singer/songwriter,'... memorable melodies and honest, heart-tugging if , harmonies' Scotsman. r, Aug 22 9.30pm (11.00) £4.00 (£3.001 jti Sept 3 7.30pm (9.00) M MARVIN HANGLIDER JUST ONCE A LITTLE BEFORE MIDNIGHT You can read that any way you want! But, the show is good and very musical. tA Aug 22 11.30pm (1.00) £4.00 (£3.50) THE CAST Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis —perform high quality Scottish music. ;c:i 'Stunning vocals and top-drawer musicianship.' |l Aug 23,24 9.30pm (11.00) £4.00 (£3.00) i)2r KENNY YOUNG & THE EGGPLANTS The smash return of Brooklyn's surreal, taj: semi-unplugged band. 'Inventive, endearing, very funny' Scotsman. 'Captivating!' t0|* Guardian. 'MUST SEE!' Tom Robinson. yi Aug 23-29 11.30pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.00) ASIAN MUSIC CONCERTS Maharishi Gandharva-Ved —ancient Indian medlodies n<a on strings of santoor to soothe the spirit. 'A magic power' India Times. dug 25-27 9.30pm (11.00) £7.50 (£5.50) JOHN PEARSON-BLUES AT DOC'S PLACE 'Masterful guitar playing/singing - f{ firmly rooted in rural blues tradition' Pete O'Gorman, Jazz World. >1 Aug 28,29 9.30pm (11.00) £4.00 (£3.00) SEANNACHIE ' ... something special' Scotsman. ' ... original and exciting ... ' Folk vl; Roots.' ... vocal and instrumental virtuosity ... bucketsful of both.' Dirty Linen USA. Aug 30 9.30pm (11.00) £3.50 FOLK IN ARMS The past two years have seen this show provide excellent s i entertainment to raise funds for and awareness of multiple sclerosis research. Sept 1 7.30pm (9.00) £4.50 (£3.00) ■>j| Sept 4 9.30pm (11,00) FRASER NIMMO The final concert by the Scottish singer/songwriter with a c|? penchant for getting things raised —including singing voices. See also Venue A. < Septl 9.30pm (11.00) £3.50 (£2.00) HAMISH MOORE & DICK LEE 'What we have here (as well as the fun) is some ttji truly innovative music, performed with tremendous flair, energy and technical skill' M Scotsman. Sept 3 9.30pm (11.00) £5.00 (£3.501 if]; DOC'S PLACE-DRAMA ROBERT'S LOSS OF SANITY Madness, lust, and greed at sea. All aboard with R ti) L Stevenson for a Bell's 'DRAM'atic experience. ,sAs Aug 20-30 5.15pm (6.45) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ THE SILENT MAN AND COMUS Written/adapted by Andrew Teverson. MIND jlpTHE GAP PRODUCTIONS cover not only the rise and fall of a mythic race, but also Yt Milton meeting Blake with revolutionary consequences. Aug 2230 3.30pm (5.00) £3.00 (£2.50)


PEKING OPERA 'Fight in the Dark' 'Madame White Snake'— enchanting stories with a dazzling display of mime, dance, acrobatics, music. Aug 26-30 5.00pm (6.30) £7.00 (£5.00) JIM ROSE'S AMERICAN CIRCUS SIDESHOW Bizarre, outrageous-you may not be able to look, but you will never forget it. Not for the nervous. Aug 16-Sept 4 (not 23,29,30) 7.30pm (8.45) £8.00 THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN Thrills, gasps and laughs from America’s premier comedy magician. Founder of the Norman Bates school of comedy. Aug 2729 9.30pm (10.45) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 30 7.30pm (8.45) BEST OF THE FEST Six top comedy acts for the price of one —the Fringe's hottest comedy on one fabulous bill (incl some '93 Perrier nominees) Aug 19-22 9.30pm (11.151 £8.00 Aug 29 7.30pm (9.15) £9.00 ★ KLYTEMNESTRA'S BAIRNS BILL DUNLOP'S adaptation of The Oresteia in Scots. Promenade performances in two parts, at midnight in firelight. Savagery and song. (E.A.S.T./COMMON FORCE). Aug 1628 loot Sun 22) 12 midnight (1.301 £5.00 (£3.001 Previews Aug 14,15 £3.00 (£1.00) ACROPOLIS MUSIC HORSE Their infectious fusion of funk, soul and rock make Horse a must for any fans of good music. Aug 16 9.30pm (11.30) £8.00 DOUGIE MCLEAN One of Scotland's finest singer songwriters, Dougie's distinctive performance with his band is poignant and powerful, raw and clear. Sept 1 9.30pm (11.30) £8.00 CAPERCAILLIE After last year's successful sold-out Playhouse Fringe show, Capercaillie preview new material from their forthcoming album released this autumn. Aug 30,31 9.30pm 111.301 £9.00 CLAN ALBA Scotland’s Folk supergroup fronted by Dick Gaughan return to the Fringe for what will be a memorable evening. Aug 17 9.30pm (11.30) £8.00 (£6.00) WAIN WRIGHT III Troubadour of a generation. First of the new Bob Dylans. The Baby Boomer with a song for every age. Aug 18 9.30pm (11.30) £8.50 DICK GAUGHAN Scotland's legendary radical singer/songwriter paints the town red at this special solo concert. Aug 23 9.30pm (11.30) £7.50 (£5.00)

During 1994 Manchester will host a year long celebration of Drama in all its diversity.


And in '93 we're warming up with a wide ranging programme of events. To be a part of it - send your Bolton Bury Manchester

fit, Stockport


name and address to: City of Drama, Freepost, Manchester. M4 8BB



j lvenue 26-Acropolis, Top of Gallon Hill, Regent Road. Tickets 557 6969 From 1 July




til The Fringe's most exciting new venue —a big, high-tec tent on the top of Gallon Hill, ij; bang in the centre of the city with Arthur's Seat as a backdrop and spectacular views H; all-round. ACROPOLIS is playing host to a fantastic International programme of n comedy, music, circus, opera and acrobatics. il Acropolis Box Office open from Aug 1 at Cafe 1812, Waterloo Place. Il: Aug 1-14 12pm-Bpm, 12pm-10pm Festival period.

Trafford Wigan


EDINBURGH BOOK FESTIVAL Peter Ackroyd, Brian Aldiss, Simon Armitage, Paul Bailey, Beryl Bainbridge, Iain Banks, Lynn Barber, Pat Barker, Julian Barnes, Colin Baxter, BECKS FAMOUS SPIEGELTENT Ian Bell, Christabel Bielenberg, Marie-Claire Blais, Malcolm Bradbury, Dionne Brand, BP STUDIO THEATRE Beatrix Campbell, Bo Carpelan, Jung Chang, Carol Clewlow, Michael Coveney, Jim Crumley, Nick Danziger, Hunter Davies, Russell Davies, Frank Delaney, Michael Dibdin, Roddy Doyle, Sarah Dunant, Dorothy Dunnett, Alice Thomas Ellis, Victor Erofeyev, Ranulph Fiennes, Timothy Findley, Penelope Fitzgerald, Mary Flanagan, Margaret Forster, Antonia Fraser, Maureen Freely, Esther Freud, Robert Goddard, Giles Gordon, Barbara Gowdy, Alasdair Gray, Philippa Gregory, Kate Grenville, Geoff Hamilton, Maeve Haran, Valentina Harris, John Harvey, Roy Hattersley, John Hegley, Christopher Hope, Nick Hornby, Janette Turner Hospital, Peter James, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Joolz, Jackie Kay, Brian Keenan, Garrison Keillor, Alanna Knight, Angela Lambert, Leah Leneman, Doris Lessing, Rosa Liksom, Adam Lively, Penelope Lively, Brian McCabe, Val McDermid, Shena Mackay, Alistair MacLeod, Frank McLynn, Antonine Maillet, Hilary Mantel, Richard Mayson, Paul Micou, Rosalind Miles, Sarah Miles, Rohinton Mistry, Deborah Moggach, Edwin Morgan, Walter Mosley, Eric Newby, Andrea Newman, Ann Oakley, Ben Okri, Wendy Perriam, John Pilger, Terry Pratchett, Claire Rayner, Michelle Roberts, POST OFFICE MAIN THEATRE Dilys Rose, Bernice Rubens, Geoff Ryman, Vikram Seth,

The First Ten Years

Open Daily 10am-8pm (except 14 & 30 Aug, 10am - 6pm) * Event Tickets 75p to £5.00 * Day Ticket £1.50 / 75p concession * Family Day Ticket £3.00 & £5.00 Season Ticket £10.00 / £5.00 concession

Tickets available In person from James Thin The Edinburgh Bookshop, 57 George Street, (5 July to 13 Aug) & Fringe Box Office, 180 High Street. By post from Box T, Edinburgh Book Festival, Scottish Book Centre, 137 Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH111BG.

Carol Shields, Lemn Sissay Alan Sillitoe, Piotr Sommer Iain Crichton Smith, Emma Tennant Valentina Tereshkova Joanna Trollope, Marina Warner Fay Weldon, Jeanette Winterson AND FOR CHILDREN... John Agard, Jez Alborough Charles Ashton, Christopher Awdry Ian Beck, Linda Birch Terence Blacker, Tony Bradman BT CHILDREN’S FAIR Anthony Browne, Nick Butterworth Helen Cooper, Helen Cowcher Gillian Cross, Robert Crowther Penny Dale, Paula Danziger Ted Dewan, Peter Dickinson Terrance Dicks, Vivian French Cathy Gale, Debi Gliori Robert Goddard, Rolf Harris Anne Harvey, Colin Hawkins Sarah Hayes, Mairi Hedderwick David Hughes, Shirley Hughes Pat & Laurence Hutchins Rose Impey, Mick Inkpen Simon James, Robin Jarvis Terry Jones, Martin & Tanis Jordan Julie Lacome, Elizabeth Laird Robert Leeson, Joan Lingard Roger McGough, Colin McNaughton Eric Maddem, Jan Mark Anthony Masters, Rupert Matthews Michael Morpurgo, Grace Nichols Judith O’Neill, Steve Parker Aileen Paterson, Lynne Reid Banks PETER RABBIT READING CORNER Frank Rodgers, Michael Rosen Margaret Ryan, Jon Scieszka Hugh Scott, Dyan Sheldon SMART!ES FUN DAY Snazaroo, Robert Swindells WALKER HULLABAZOO ACTIVITY TENT Bob Wilson, Jacqueline Wilson ....and many, many, more! For further information please write to Box F, EBF, Scottish Book Centre,

By telephone with ACCESS or VISA only on 031-225 1000

137 Dundee St, Edinburgh EH111BG or telephone 031-228 5444


14th - 30th August 1993 BT Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council



° ^^3

Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 OTHELLO This vigorous promenade production throws the audience into the centre of the Shakespearean action, lago callously exploits Othello's self-conscious feeling of being 'the outsider'. THE ACTING INITIATIVE, a professional profit-share company, boldly abbreviate the piece in their own theatrically exciting way, whilst staying true to the essence of the text. Aug 15-28 (not Sun 22) 3.30pm (5.101 £4.50 (£3.00)

Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ ALL THIS AND HEAVEN II Is nothing sacred? First the Royals now God. A rummage through His dirty laundry which gives new meaning to The Book of f Revelations. Michael Vincent's sharp new satire starring the team whose Fringe credits include 'Flashes of Lightning' and 'Hanging's Too Good for Them'. Aug 14-30 4.00pm (4.50) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ RIP VAN WINKLE Pip Utton's new script will delight both adults and children. L A fresh witty working of a classic story. Aug 14-Sept 4 10.00am (11.00) £3.00 (£2.00)

THE ACTOR AND THE ASSASSIN Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 THE ACTOR AND THE ASSASSIN Edwin and John Wilkes Booth: actors, brothers, rivals. Drawing from letters, diary entries, and historical record, this I critically acclaimed original drama by Steven Lloyd, builds to the assassination of , Abraham Lincoln, weaving the audience into the web that destroyed one brother and overshadowed the other. Aug 14.16-19,23-28,30, Sept 1-4 3.30pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 20,21,27-29 3.30pm (5.00) £5.50 (£4.50)


Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 HEKABE (by Euripides). Acclaimed on its recent tour, this uncompromising production explores archetypal themes of vengeance, betrayal, greed and destruction with passionate intensity, and 'chilling impact. The audience was quickly enmeshed ... and compassion soon emerged at the plight of Bosnia today and Azebaijan last year.' Reading Chronicle. 'A fine new translation' The Scotsman. Aug 18,18,20 7.00pm (8.45) £5.00 (£3.50) In rep, with HIPPOLYTUS (details below) Aug 17,19,21 7.00pm (8.45) Preview Aug 14 (Hippolytus) M^(, Venue 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 1 HIPPOLYTUS Euripides' unflinching vision of equilibrium shattered when Phaedra's ic desire becomes obsession and death delicious foreplay in the blood-lust of the Gods. Aug 24,26.28,30, Sept 2,4 5.45pm (7.30) £5.00 (£3.50) In rep. with HEKABE (details above) Aug 23,25,27,29, Sept 1,3 5.45pm (7.30)

ACTS Ml Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★ WOULD YOU CARE TO? Exciting collaboration. Commissioned from fecund lj THEATRE, John Keates writes/directs, ' ... innovative and compelling ... demands re attention' The Guardian. ACTS —vibrant, challenging and progressive, 'extremely rr moving ... first class' The Scotsman. A love story —emotional extremes. The fear of vljloving, the pain of loss. A powerful theatrical journey. Aug 2328 12 noon (1.15) £4.00 (£2.00)

ACTUELLES Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 THE TEMPEST ISLAND EARTH IS DYING! Prospero knows how to save it-by ^giving it to our children. Shakespeare's most important message in his ultimate play, ic presented with words and music by a Young Women's Company: OUR WORLD, OUR '(-'HOPE, OUR FUTURE-OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. MAug 22 28 3.45pm (6.00) £4.50 (£3.50) : ★ ZODIAC AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR Confused? Spotty? ZODIAC has The u-'iAnswers —and her man! Life's Universal Questions answered in the Stars —and no 'l:?Russell Grant! Aug 22 28 6.15pm (7.00) £3.50 (£2.50)



J|venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 THE TOWER 'Loving till it aches, aching till it loves.' The Tower: a space beyond srtime, where fantasy and reality co-exist and the lives of two everypeople become Qstepic. Experience their hopes and reflections. First English translation of Gwenlyn 3‘Parry's award-winning play, 'The Tower'. Some scenes may cause offence. Aug 29 Sept 4 5.40pm (7.451 £4.50 (£3.50)

/AD HOC THEATRE wenue 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse. 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 BLOOD AND ICE Liz Lochhead's evocative Blood And Ice examines the relationship iSibetween art and society. Through the eyes and experiences of Mary Shelley, creator ; of 'Frankenstein', the play investigates the relationships of some of the Romantic owtnovement's leading figures—the Shelleys and Lord Byron—and the personal and ( Social cost of their work. Aug 18-21 5.30pm (7.20) £4.00 (£3.00)



Venue 122-Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3 Bristo Place. K9 GOSPEL AT ITS BEST Featured in choir festivals in Britain and on the Continent. Now celebrating its 20th year. A happy, upbeat performance the whole family will enjoy. This group of Afro-Caribbean young people have toured Holland, Germany, Poland and the Caribbean Islands with their vibrant and melodious music. Aug 17,18.20.21 7.30pm (9.00) Free





° >

Venue 125-George Watson's College, Colinton Road. (Main Assembly Hall) Info 220 2462 N2 THE OCCASIONALS CEILIDH Another great dance event in this most spacious of venues. The Occasionals ceilidh band includes some of The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band who have made this event amongst the most popular in the Fringe. Book early to guarantee your ticket —only one night this Fringe! Aug 18 9.30pm (1.00) £4.50 (£3.50) Tickets also from Venue 25 Acoustic Music Centre


° ■

Venue 45-Old St. Pauls's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. H10 MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL Aethelflaed humbly present T.S. Eliot's Murder In The Cathedral. Its theme and form are rooted in religion and ritual, purgation and renewal, and it saw the most triumphant return of poetry back to the stage. 'Now is my way clear, now is the meaning plain.' Aug 2328 8.00pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50 SUPDC)


° ^^3

Venue 22-Demarco European Art Foundation, St. Mary's School, Albany St/York Ea. Tickets 556 7128


★ WHOSE CRIME IS IT ANYWAY? brings the answers straight down the barrel of a gun. Hilarious, new 'Criminal Revue'. The ex-armed robber —John Williams stars in his own story. 'Stylish satire on the justice system. It's Porridge made with cream' Evening Argus. ALARMIST THEATRE —'Bang up to date' The Guardian. Aug 16-28 (Hot Sun 22) 5.00pm (6.301 £5.50 (£4.50)

ALBORADA Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 ALBORADA CLASSICAL GUITAR JONATHAN PRAG gives riveting performances: from Bach Lute Suites to Lennox Berkeley, South American folk to Villa Lobos and Granados. He brings out an extraordinary emotional intensity in the music. A treat. Don't miss it. Aug 14-Sept 4 (not Suns) 12.40pm (2.00) inc. 20 min interval £4.00 (£3.00) THE RUSKIN ENSEMBLE Sheer brilliance. Top ranking musicians Stephen Shakeshaft (principal viola ex-Scottish National Orchestra) Jane Gomm (violinist exRoyal Philharmonic) plus Jonathan Prag. Recital including Mozart, Telemann, Pagannini, Scottish melodies. Booking advised. Aug 1422 3.10pm (4,00) £4.50 (£3.50) CAROL ANN DUFFY AND JACKIE KAY Streetwise poets tackling love, racism or adoption with wit and humour. Award winning distinguished work. Aug 14-20 2.05pm (3.00) £4.50 (£3.50) JOHN HEGLEY An epic new piece of poetry and prose and the chance to question the author. 'Delightfully inventive ... ' The Guardian. Aug 21-29 2.05pm (3.00) £6.00 (£4.50) LEMN SISSAY Electric performance; poetry, rap and rhythm. (Known through television's Packet of Three), three poetry collections published and still only 25! Aug 23 Sept 4 3.05pm (4.00) £4.00 (£3.00) GAVIN EWART AND EDWIN MORGAN Major writers of our time; poetry that's vigorous, witty, infinitely varied—an intellectual literary feast. Aug 30-Sept 4 2.05pm (3.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 HORIZON Talented contemporary jazz threesome. Relax and enjoy their funky, melodic sound, the perfect way to round off your evening. Aug 28-Sept 4 12 midnight (1.30) £4.50 (£3.50)



Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ HORROR-SCOPE A-Level Madness return to the Fringe with another original production. Horror-Scope, the ultimate gameshow, is dubiously based on T.S. Eliot's 'The Wasteland'. The performance is brought to life (or is it death?) by the team who 'pass with flying colours' Independent 1991. Come on down. Aug 24 28 10.00am (11.15) £4.00 (£3.00)

ALMS FOR OBLIVION °G’G2»3» Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★ AN EVENING WITH WILL The Bard', in the flesh, examines the 20th Century, tells all: dreams, indiscretions, intrigue, betrayal, loss and forgiveness. 'Bell seems to have innately captured Shakespeare's spirit’ Village View. ' ... pulls us into Shakespeare's world with great humor' L.A. Weekly. 'This brilliant show is a must seel' L.A. Reader. Aug 13Sept 4 (not Mens) 7.00pm (8.45) £6.00 (£4.00) ALT AS THEATRE COMPANY Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 * STRIPPED by Julie Rutterford. A fast, funny, one-woman play featuring two women. An English writer unwittingly creates a monster when her feisty American strip-cartoon character. Liberty Belle threatens to take over her life. 'Liberty Belle makes Madonna look like Emily Bishop.’ Directed by Noreen Kershaw. Aug 13 Sept 4 1.30pm (2.40) £5.00 (£4.00) 17


• • » »

Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ THE PEDICAB SHOW A funny, irreverent, fast-paced story of one man's search for the perfect odd job. 'A love child of comedy and performance art' New City, Chicago. Aug M Sept 4 10.10pm (10.S5I £5.00 (£4.00)




Venue 26-Acropolis, Top of Gallon Hill, Regent Rd. Tickets 557 6969


THE AMAZING JOHNATHAN Rolling Stone calls him 'one of the top road comics in America'. His comedy and magic on Viva Cabaret shocked and astounded Britain. Founder of The Norman Bates School of Comedy he has said 'if I can make someone faint ... I'm happy'. And he's funny! Aug 2729 9.30pm (10.451 £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 30 7.30pm (8.45)


• • •

Venue 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★ CASINO and THE SLOPE Hard-hitting, witty, award-winning American one-act plays in the tradition of Shepard and Mamet. CASINO, in Atlantic City, 'explores explicitly the experience of prejudice, bigotry and fear... affecting' Washington Post. THE SLOPE —Brooklyn construction worker, Mark, battles gay rights activist, Millie, over his sister. Aug 16 Sept 4 (not Tues 24, Thur 2) 10.00pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00)


• • • •

Venue 21-Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Tickets 225 7995. J7 ★ MONSIEUR SHAHERAZAD by Carol Wolf. One actor, 38 characters and a thousand unforgettable tales fill this Comedy of Danger and Delirium. In Occupied France a lone actor uses his imagination as a weapon to escape his fate, enacting Arabian Nights stories. ‘Astonishing ... A Comedy with a gun to its head' LA Times. Aug 14-Sept 4 (not Suns 15,22,29) 5.20pm (7.00) £4.00 (£3.00)


• • •

Venue 114-St. Paul’s & St. George's Church & Hall, York Place. Tickets 556 1202. M0 ... Acoustic Music, Jazz, Chamber Music; scones, clowning, cabaret, puppets; International Theatre, poetry, hopeful art; medieval morality and modern mystery; shortbread —all at this established, friendly and central Fringe Venue. HEART AND SOUL Master craftsman ANDY THORNTON (16th). Rising star BRIAN RUTHERFORD (20th). Moody, magnificent DB McGLYNN (25th, 26th). Ridiculously sublime DAVID HEAVENOR (27th). Four innovative Scots songwriters play a series of acoustic gigs. Aug 16,20,25,26,27 10.00pm (11,30) £4.00 (£3.00)



★ COME BACK FOR LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AFTER THE SERVICE by Ji Day. FIELD-DAY ENTERPRISES present award-winning Australian play. ' touching, amusing, disturbing, nostalgic and wise' Adelaide Advertiser. Aug 16 30 (not Suns 22, 29) 12.45pm (2.05) £5.00 (£4.00) Price includes refreshments after the shorn is over at 2.05pm. FOOLS RUSH IN ROLY THE CLOWN unleashes a moving mix of slapstick, stories and circus skills, fooling fearlessly with failure. Aug 18 Sept I (not Suns 22, 29) 10.00am (11.00) £3.00 (£1.50) THE SPIDER OF SPINDLE WOOD PARABLE PUPPET THEATRE with the play that really crawls up your trouser leg. Ages 4-11. Aug 16,18,20,23,25,27,30,Sept 1,3 4.00pm (4.50) £3.00 (£1.50) ★ OWED TO A LOUSE PARABLE PUPPET THEATRE needs its head examined. A fantastical variation on a theme from Burns. Ages 5-11 + Aug 17,19,21,24,26,28,31,Sept 2,4 4.00pm (4.50) £3.00 (£1.50) ALL STRUNG UP The sparkling all female string quartet uncork a 'refreshing mixture of classic and pop' The Scotsman Aug 16-19 7.00pm (8.00) £3.50 (£3.00) / Aug 20 8.30pm (9.30) | SYMBOLS OF HOPE Artwork in various media, reflecting ideas of hope found it everyday experience, created by 11 — 17 year olds. Aug 16-Sept 3 (not Suns 22,29) 10.00am (6.00) Free Sept 4 2.00pm (6.00) Free ★ MANKIND Following their acclaimed 'Godspell', BELLEEK THEATRE COMPANY update the Medieval Morality Play. Good versus Evil drama, with music and dance. Aug 20,21 7.00pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 23 28 7.30pm (9.00) HARRY SMART AND MICHAEL SYMMONS ROBERTS Reading by t< Britain's significant younger poets. Lyricism, humour and moral concerns. Aug 17 8.30pm (10.00) £4,00 (£3.00) THE PERFECT HIDING PLACE Acoustic pop and poetry from emerging Cambridge band. Pleasing harmony, pithy lyrics. Merriment for all. Aug 18,19 10.00pm (11.15) £3.50 (£3.00) THE LUCKY WHITE HEATHER CLUB Songs, music, poetry and m of the LWHC reassemble. FREE SHORTBREAD AVAILABLE. Aug 21,28,30 10.00pm (11.30) £4,00 (£3.00) LIES DAMNED LIES Ambient sounds and honest emotions from Ayrshire foursome. 'Songs that slow burn onto your conscience' Melody Maker Aug 23,24 10.00pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ A BUTTERFLY EMERGING by Liz Moody. Woman present seeks answers. Women past provide them. Physical theatre from ELLE M T.C. Aug 30 Sept 4 6.00pm (7.30) £3.50 (2.50) CHRIST IN THE CONCRETE CITY by Philip Turner. SALTMINE THEATRE COMPANY present a modern-day mystery play. Aug 30 Sept 4 8.00pm (9,10) £3.50 (£2.50) GOTHIC WHALE ENSEMBLE Standards and original compositions from the PostModern jazz quartet. Influences from bebop, through cool to rock. Aug 31 Sept 3 1.00pm (2.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Sept 2, 3 10.00pm (11.00) THE ADVENTURES OF IAIN DIREACH Celtic legend, with lifesize puppets. A new production from THE PEOPLE FACTORY. Age 7—12. Aug 16,17,Sept 4 10.00am (11.00) £3.00 (£1.50) | JACOB'S LADDER Popular Edinburgh based Christian rock band return for t\ dates after last year's sell-out performance. BOOK EARLY. Sept 3,4 10.00pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00)




CASINO by ANGELO PARRA directed by PAT WEBER S0NES a King's Daughters Library presentation made possible by a grant from SAND0Z PHARMACEUTICALS, U.S.A.

Venue 40-The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 ★ NO LEGS, NO JOKES? ... NO CHANCE This very funny and uniquely talented Norwegian actress makes her Fringe debut with a ri vetingly zany account of the early struggles in showbiz of the American writer Helene Hanff (creator of 84 Charing Cross Road). 'A marvellous mix of midday magic!' Aug 23 28 1.00pm (2.00) £3.50 (£2.50)

ANTIC HAY PRODUCTIONS Venue 22-Demarco European Art Foundation, St. Mary's School, Albany SKYork La. Tickets 556 7128 F9 ★ BEL-AMI death through sex and imagination! Antic Hay, pick of London Fringe Directory, bring you a new play about Guy de Maupassant. Master storyteller battles for his life with characters from fiction. A colourful blend of stories and biography — 'Physical theatre at its most refined' Time Out. 'Recommended' City Limits. Aug 1528 3.00pm (4.15) £5.50 (£4.50)


APU MON 16 AUG-SAT 4 SEPT 10 p.m. nightly at RANDOLPH STUDIO (Venue 55) 13 Randolph Crescent 225-5366

Venue 46-Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 THE SECRET OF THE ANDES Exciting Peruvian band return once again, mixing traditional pan-pipe music from 'The Sacred Valley' with their inspiring compositions. 'The performance was excellent' The Barbican Centre. 'The Gypsy Kings of the Andes' Sky TV. 'Amazing atmosphere ... a truly enjoyable and satisfying evening’ Festival Times. Michael Barrymore Show I.T.V. recent appearance. Aug 15-Sept 4 7.30pm (9.00) £6.00 (£5.00) NEWCASTLE FREE FESTIVAL presents a Northern showcase of melody & mirth featuring the best entertainers from the North East. Comedy and song. Aug 15 Sept 4 12 midnight (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00)

| 1 1 | r





G7 1 Venue 3-flssembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST by Dario Fo. Craig Ferguson is Maniac’.in a special tenth anniversary revival of this hilarious play's first showing on jl the Fringe —directed then as now by Andy Arnold. 'A real cracker’ The Guardian. Aug 1619,2226 7.40pm (9.00) £7.00 (£5.00) Aug 20,21.27,28 7.40pm (9.00) £8.00 (£6.00)

Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket Tix 225 6520/226 2151


★ DOUBLE FANTASY Written and directed by Andrew Dallmeyer., Exploration of Mark Chapman's mind as he follows Lennon through '60s and '70s. 'Excellent new play' Scotsman. Adults only. Aug 22-Sept 4 3.00pin (4.45) £6.00 (£4.00) A GRAND SCAM Written and directed by Andrew Dallmeyer. Provocative play about the 'Emperor's Clothes' nature of theatre. 'Witty, clever, most enjoyable' Scotland on Sunday. Independent Award nominee. Aug 13 Sept 4 12.15pm (1.15) £4.00 (£2.50)




Venue 101-Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 EDMOND A nightmarish modern odyssey. In 23 brief scenes, David Mamet (Glengarry Glen Ross) plots the violent disintegration of a white-collar salaryman who abandons his loveless marriage one night to seek sex and companionship in downtown Manhattan, only to find his worst fears realised in the city's amoral under-belly. Aug 22-28 9.10pm (10.40) £4.50 (£3.50)




Venue 64-Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street. Tickets 0491-410222 G8 VOVKA ASHKENAZY PIANO RECITAL Two performances only by this acclaimed international concert pianist. Brahms (Two Rhapsodies Op.79, Fantasien Op.116), Beethoven (Sonata No. 31), Chopin (Prelude Op. 45), Liszt (Mephisto Wahz No. 1). 'Mr. Ashkenazy has virtuoso powers—a brilliant account of the score' Daily Telegraph. Ticket also gives access to Edinburgh Contemporary Art Fair. Aug 19 9.30pm (11.15) £10.00 (£7.00) Aug 20 8.00pm (9.45)





Venue 30-The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 KRAPP'S LAST TAPE Samuel Beckett's classic autobiographical study of ageing memory is given a haunting interpretation by Aspen Stage. Featuring former Oxford actor Simon Harrold, this noon-time performance is brought to Edinburgh from its premiere in the internationally renowned skiing and artistic resort of Aspen, Colorado. Aug 1828 (not Sun 22) 12.30pm (1.15) £4.00 (£2.50)


• » » »

Venue 116-Assembly at The Meadows. Middle Meadow Walk, Tickets 226 2428, or on day of perf .229 9281 MB The most exciting Al fresco site on the Fringe! The fabulous Belgian Dream Tent and the spectacular big top once again take pride of place on the Meadows. A circus on skates, music, cabaret, comedy... Full details in Assembly/Gilded Balloon/Pleasance brochure. Advance bookings 031-226-2428. Catch the buzz! SHARON SHANNON The most exciting talent to emerge in Irish traditional music f in years. 'Gifted beyond rational consideration!' Sunday Tribune. L Aug 14 10.00pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.50) DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS 'As dazzling a troika of entertainers as one could hope to <) experience' L.A. Weekly. Aug 18 Sept 4 (not TUBS 24,31) 10.00pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.50) K WELA AB AFAN A — MOVE BOYS Vibrant acapella group capturing the infectious i street beat of 50's and 60's South African Township music. Aug 1324 2.00pm (3.30) £6.50 (£5.50) ; SHANGO Featuring Amompondo's Risenga Makondo. A unique fusion of influences and stunning musicianship combine to create a passionate and spirited i - percussion/dance experience. '. : Aug 13-Sept 4 4.00pm (5.30) £5.50 (£5.50) PIETER DIRK UYS 'An Audience with an African Queen'. Quick-fire farce from the . 11 South African Embassy in Bapetikosweti. Aug 13 Sept 4 8.00pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.50) r „ THE GREAT RUSSIAN CIRCUS ON ICE Fifty champion skaters and artistes from ] the Moscow State Circus combine in a sensational ice spectacular. Aug 12.13,14,16-20,21.23-28,31-Sept 4 7.15pm (9.15) Aug 14,21,28,Sept 4 2.00pm (4.00) and 4.45pm (6.45) Aug IB 6.00pm (8.00) Aug 22,29 2.30 (4.301 and 5.15pm (7.15) SeptS 2.30pm (4.30) >|;| Rinkside and Centre Tier £12,501810) Side Tier 110.00 (£8) Rear Tier £8.00 (£6) A TRIBUTE TO NAT KING COLE presented by Clarke Peters —writer and star of 1 j Five Guys Named Moe. An 'unforgettable' evening. AJ : Aug 23-Sept 4 6.00pm (7.30) £7.00 (£6.00) : l: JO BRAND AND RICHARD MORTON 1992 Perrier Award nominee joins forces v ' with the winner of the Time Out Comedy Award. - kAug 29 10.00pm (11.20) £8.00 (£7.00) JACK DEE Star of his own TV series 'The Jack Dee Show' and winner of The ' Guardian Critics Award. I f 'Aug 28 10.00pm (11.10) £9.00 (£8.00) -i . AN INFORMAL ENCOUNTER WITH MICHAEL BENTINE and the paranormal. : !fj J Michael talks about his experiences of the paranormal from childhood to the present : day and will take questions from the audience. } Aug 18,17 12 noon (1.30) £6.50 (£5.50) GOATS DON'T SHAVE An array of infectious Celtic roots based songs from one c of Ireland's biggest music attractions. <■ * \Aug 13-17 10.00pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.50) AN AUDIENCE WITH GEORGE MELLY Bon-Viveur, connoisseur, jazzman, critic e;; and wit. As fine a raconteur as Peter Ustinov—only ruder! I Aug 16-20 6.00pm (7.15) £7.50 (£6.50) BIG TOP BENEFIT For the Edinburgh Aids Charities Fringe Benefit Appeal. D Organised by Crusaid, SAM, Solas and Waverley Care. Supported by more stars than you can shake a stick at. Aug 23 10.00pm (11.30) £10.00

of an anarchist supported by the hit comedy team Grant Smeaton, Ross Stenhouse, Assembly Rooms Lezlie Davidson and Raymond Burke. Venue 3 Edinburgh box office: 031 226 2428 directed by Andy Arnold

Mon 16th-Sat24th August, 7.40 pm


r •;


"hilarious production" Special 10th Anniversary THE GUARDIAN


An imaginative exploration :

Of Mark Chapman’S:mind he follow^phri^gnnon


through the 60s and 70s.


double fantasy M

Sun 22 August-Sat 4 September 3 00pm-4.45pm The Stepping Stones Theatre, Grassmarket, Edinburgh

Tickets £6.00/£4.00 from: 031 225 6520,031 226 2151 or Fringe Office: 031 2265138






AB 0V0 THEATRE CO IN ASSOCIATION WITH YANKEE PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS The rudest show in town...hilarious Tm GUARDIAN Lewd, smutty, glorious... ingenius and highly entertaining THE SCOTSMAN An absolute delight.

Highly recommended EVENINO NEWS

Uproariously disgusting. An ideal late-night show


Yesterday Once More


Growing up with the Carpenters


13 AUG- 4SEP (NOT 23 AUG AND 2 SEP) 8.50 PM £5 (£4)


THUS SPAKE KEN AND ARD VENI, VIDI, VISA They came, they saw, they paid by credit card... Winners of the New Faces 1992 Award Sophisticated, streetwise and very funny...”- Scotsman “Hilarious..." Daily Express ,




1 8,22,31)


15th Aug - 4th Sept 10pm ( not Tuesdays) “ singer of unmistakeable talent ”


ASSEMBLY ROOMS Venue 3-Asseinbly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ASSEMBLY ROOMS Stella Artois Assembly presents non-stop top notch entertainment across the boards — alive and buzzing 10am —Sam everyday. Performances, cafe & bars, exhibitions & talks. Guaranteed to excite and exhaust! 'A POWERHOUSE' Evening News. Send 48p in stamps for Assembly/Gilded Balloon/Pleasance free colour brochure to above address. ★ THE PROVINCIAL LADY GOES TO TOWN A comedy of English life between the wars from the novels by E.M. Delafield. The sequel to Jack Tinker's 1992 Pick of the Festival. Aug 14 19,22 24 12 noon (1.30) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 20,21 12 noon (1.30) £7.00 (£6.00) FROM THE RIDICULOUS TO THE PARANORMAL MICHAEL BENTINE | comedian, best-selling author, raconteur. Goon and Potty Man—with his hilarious and much acclaimed one-man show. Aug 14,15,18,19 12 noon (1.15) £8.00 (£7.00) ' Aug 20 12 noon (1.15) £9.00 (£8.00) STEVEN BERKOFF —ONE MAN Three powerful tales written, adapted, [directed and performed by one man —the extraordinary Steven Berkoff. Dramatic, I thrilling, funny and unmissable. Aug 2128, Sept 1-4 12 noon (1.30) £8.50 (£7.501 Aug 22 12 noon (1.30) £9.50 (£8.50) f Aug 2829 12.30pm (2.00) £9.50 (£8.50) Aug 30 12.30pm (2.00) £8.50 (£7.50) P APRIL IN PARIS-HULL TRUCK John Godber's new comedy which follows Al j and Bet on their first ever trip abroad. Aug 16 19,22,2426,30, Sept 14 3.00pm (4.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 20,21,2729 3.00pm (4.30) £8.50 (£7.50) ★ A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM The Georgian Film Actojs' Studio-the international stars of Assembly (DON JUAN) return with a rollicking Shakespearian comedy. Aug 23 26,30, Sept 14 6.00pm (8.00) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 2729 6.00pm (8.00) £8.50 (£7.50) EMO PHILIPS Return of the living legend. Uniquely, brilliantly funny. 'A remarkably skillful comic craftsman' Time Out. DON’T MISS HIM! Aug 13 19.22 6.00pm (7.15) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 20,21 6.00pm (7.15) £8.50 (£7.50) Aug 29 9.00pm (10.15) £8.50 l£7.50) I PATRICK BARLOW PRESENTS DESMOND OLIVIER DINGLE in readings from his I bestsellers 'All the World's a Globe' and 'Shakespeare the Truth'. I Aug 2226,30,31, Sept 14 9.40pm (10.501 £8.50 (£7.50) g2729 9.40pm (10.501 £9.50 (£8.50) • ENNIO MARCHETTO Festival favourite returns with his dazzling and witty paper I costumes. 1993 Olivier Award nominee. 'Wonderfully, wickedly funny' Observer. \ Aug 13 19.22 9.00pm (10.15) £8.00 (£7.001 | Aug 20,21 9.00pm (10.15) £9.00 (£8.00) JO BRAND & RICHARD MORTON The major comic face of 93, & Perrier Award Nominee 92 joins forces with the winner of the Time Out Comedy AWard. See also [H Assembly at the Meadows. \ Aug 2326 9.00pm (10.10) £8.00 (£7.00) U Aug 27,28 9.00pm (10.10) £9.00 (£8.00) .31 PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE The entire Perrier Pick of the Fringe Award Hfl shortlist on one fabulous bill. Guaranteed to be the best show on the Fringe. op! Sept 2 4 9.00pm (10.15) £7.50 (£5.50) MARGI CLARKE 21st Century Scut. From the depths of depression to the heights of depravity with Liverpool's comedy Queen. Aug 13 19,22,24 26,30, Sept 13 11.00pm (12.15) £7.50 (£6.501 euMirg 20,21,2729 11.00pm (12.15) £8.50 (£7.50) CONJUGAL WRITES Directed by Anna Carteret. 3 satirical lessons in how not tc (get married —'The Proposal' & 'The Bear' (Chekov) and 'Marriage' (Gogol). Aug 20 26,30,Sept I 4 12 noon (1.00) £7.00 (£5.00) 40* 27 29 12 noon (1.00) £8.00 (£6.00) DEATH IN VENICE Red Shift Theatre. Thomas Mann's moving story of painful is.self-discovery. The first stage adaptation. 'One of our top touring companies' The t independent. Aug 15 19,22,24 26,30, Sept 14 1.30pm (3.00) £6.50 (£5.00) 20,21,27-29 1.30pm (3.00) £7.50 (£6.00) THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF AMERICA (ABRIDGED) Condensed comic isljgenius—the new hit from the team that reduced Shakespeare—THE REDUCED HpHAKESPEARE COMPANY. Aug 14-17,19,22 24,26,30,31, Sept 24 3.30pm (5.00) £7.50 (£6.50) Mltrg 20,21,27-29 3.30pm (5.00) £8.50 (£7.50) AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER The outstanding hit of 91 returns to npdii Aug



ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST Craig Ferguson is the maniac in this ejfepecial 10th Anniversary revival of Dario Fo's hilarious play. Aug 16-19,22 26 7.40pm (9.00) £7.00 (£5.00) )j\Aug 20,21,27,28 7.40pm (9.00) £8.00 (£6.00) DEFYING GRAVITY 'ROGER MCGOUGH's one man show crackled and fizzed like a ; tnrareless match in a box of fireworks ... he holds the audience spellbound.' Aug 14-19 9.40pm (10.40) £6.50 (£5.50) ' \ Aug 20,21 9.40pm (10.40) £7.50 (£6.50) i THAT REMINDS ME Barry Cryer —comic writer extraordinaire for the stars hits i bEdinburgh with laughter a plenty. Side splitting songs and stories. Imig 1319 4.00pm (5.10) £7.00 (£6.00) HNIRNTONIO FORCIONE AND NEIL STACEY Acclaimed Latin-jazz and Hot Club tt ipguitarists play with passion and great melodic fire. 'Quite simply brilliant’ City Limits. 2226,30, Sept 1-4 4.00pm (5.00) £6.00 (£5.50) 20,21,2729 4.00pm (5.00) £7.00 (£6.50)


ll ■ KEVIN DAY Streatham's boy wonder takes you on a comic journey from right to left J >i and beyond. 'Simply the best' Harpers & Queen. . iug 14 19,22,24-26,30,31, Sept 14 6.15pm (7.30) £6.00 (£5.001 Hug 20,21,2729 6.15pm (7,30) £7.00 (£6.00)

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION ^ RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 yff OPEN 10am-7am

MARK THOMAS 92 Perrier Award Nominee and star of Channel 4's 'Saturday Zoo' returns with a brand new show. 'Comedy aristrocacy' NME. Aug 1319,2226 8.00pm (9.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 20,21,27,28 8.00pm (9.00) £8.00 (£7.00) LEE EVANS 1992 Scotland on Sunday— Mayfest Comedy Award winner. 'Go and see him, it's about time you did' List. Aug 13 19,22 26,30,31, Sept 1-4 10.00pm (11.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 20,21,27 29 10.00pm (11.00) £8.00 (£7.00) ANORAK OF FIRE The Life and Times of Gus Gascoine, Trainspotter. The epic tale of an avid spotter. Brilliant new comedy. Aug 14-19,22-26 12 noon (1.05) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 20,21,27,28 12 noon (1.05) £7.00 (£6.00) SEX III Girl becomes boy in trapeze dance love story. Fringe First/Perrier Pick of the Fringe 92. One week only. Aug 2931, Sept 1-4 12 noon (1.15) £7,00 (£6.00) THE FEAST BEFORE THE PLAGUE-THEATRE ON PODOL Extraordinary production of Pushkin's play from this internationally acclaimed company. Aug 1319,22,23,25,26,30, Sept 1-4 2.00pm (3.301 £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,2729 2.00pm (3.30) £7.50 (£6.50) ★ THE HEARTBREAK KID A hilarious new comedy musical for all ages by Tony Hawks. Highly original, highly entertaining. Really. Aug 13-19,22,24 26,30,31, Sept 1-4 4.00pm (5.20) £6.00 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,2729 4.00pm (5.20) £7.00 (£6.50) ★ REVOLVER —EMILY WOOF directed by Patrick Marber. Guns, girls, obsession, hero-worship, celebrity killing in new show from Fringe First winner 1992. Aug 1319,22,23,25,26,30, Sept 1-4 6.00pm (7.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,2729 6.00pm (7.15) £7.50 (£6.50) SCHNEIDER AND IANNUCCI From BBC Radio's On The Hour. 'The most creative, dangerous and hysterically funny comedy for ages' Daily Mirror. Aug 1319,22,23,25,26,30,31, Sept 1-4 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,2729 10.00pm (11.15) £7.50 (£6.50) ★ TEMPORARY GIRL Jeanette gets an hour for lunch to make it in showbiz! A new wildly comic play with film inserts by Lisa Kotin. Aug 13-17,19,22,23,25,26,30, Sept 1-4 2.00pm (3.30) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 20,21,2729 2.00pm (3.30) £8.00 (£7.00) ★ DOUBLE D June (Dot Cotton) Brown stars in this tragi-comedy by acclaimed playwright Matthew Westwood. Aug 1317,19,2224,26,30.31, Sept 24 4.00pm (5.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,27-29 4.00pm (5.30) £7.50 (£6.50) PETE MCCARTHY—BEING BRITISH A celebration of British xenophobia by star of 'Hangover Show' and 'Travelog'. Celts and foreigners especially welcome. Aug 1419,22-26 6.00pm (7.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,2729 6.00pm (7.30) £7.50 (£6.50) STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS-HELEN LEDERER Britain's first 'Existentialist Monologuiste—also available for singing telegrams. 'Cleverly insane' Observer. Aug 1319,22,24-26,30,31, Sept 14 8.00pm (9.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 20,21,2729 8.00pm (9.00) £8.00 (£7.00) JEFF GREEN Winner of the London Comedy Store's 'Actof the Year Award'. 'Real class ... and very very funny' List. Aug 13-19,2226,30,31, Sept 1-4 10.00pm (11.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 20,21,27-29 10.00pm (11.00) £8.00 (£7.00) GREG PROOPS Yes, it's the fast-talking, American, Buddy Holly look-alike from 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' with the UK debut of his stunning one man show. Aug 13-19,2226,30,31, Sept 1-4 12 midnight (1.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,27-29 12 midnight 11.15) £7.50 (£6.50) WITHERING LOOKS-LIP SERVICE Critics Award Winners '91 & '92 return with their sell-out comedy. 'A glorious debunking of Bronte!' Aug 13-19 12 noon (1.00) £6.50 (£5.50) MUFF DIVA—LEA DE LARIA 'The lesbian Lenny Bruce' Boston Globe. 'Bawdy, riotously funny performance.' Village Voice. 'Audiences adore her' Toronto Star. Aug 1419,22,23,25,26,30, Sept 1-4 11.45pm (12.55) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 20,21,27-29 11.45pm (12.55) £7.50 (£6.001 ★ THE TRUMAN CAPOTE TALK SHOW With BOB KINGDOM. Delves into the extraordinary, outrageous and naughty life of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' writer Truman Capote. Aug 25,26,30,31, Sept 1-4 12 noon (1.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 2729 12 noon (1.30) £7.50 (£6.50) BOB MARLEY'S GARDENER SOLD MY FRIEND-LOUISE RENNISON Is there more to life than mindless drugs and mindless popstars—apparently not! Aug 30,31, Sept 1-4 6.00pm (7.15) £6.50 (£5.50) GUARDIAN INTERNATIONALSTUDENT DRAMA AWARD Achance to see for yourself the very best of student drama on the Fringe. Aug 31 1.30pm (3.00) £3.00 (£2.00) DAZZLE 43 contemporary jewellery designers from all over Europe. 'A superb opportunity to buy at ludicrously low prices' Financial Times. Aug 13-Sept 4 10.30am (midnight) Free DAVE CHAPELLE A nineteen year old comedy veteran! 'Dave Chapelle is hysterically funny and going to be huge!' Arsenio Hall. Aug 22 26,30,31, Sept 1-4 11.30pm (1.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 27 29 11.30pm (1.00) £8.00 (£7.00) MURPHY'S SHOUT Every night of the Festival. Bands, music and atmosphere propelling Fringe faithfuls into the wee small hours. Aug 13 Sept 4 12 midnight (3.30) £5.00 DO YOU LIKE US? All new show featuring Jackanapes Supreme —John Thomson, England's Eddie Murphy—Simon Day and special guest Caroline Aherne. One week Aug 29-Sept 4 7.40pm (9.00) £7.00 (£6.00) THE GUARDIAN TALKS Top Guardian journalists joined by invited celebrities for three not to be missed debates. Aug 19,26,Sept 2 11.00am (12.30) FREE COLIN DEXTER Star of screen, books and now the stage! The creator of Inspector Morse makes his Fringe debut talking about the world's most popular detective. Aug 30 9.00pm (10.15) £8.00 (£7.00) NICK REVELL Award winning comedian (Million Pound Radio Show etc) presents a brand new show about sex, death, substance-abuse and global disfunction. 4ug 14-19,22 26,30 Sept 4 8.00 pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,27-29 £7.50 (£6.50) 25 YEARS OF FUN with the Doug Anthony Allstars. A compendium of songs and tales from their 25 year career. Aug 18-21 11.45pm (1.00) £7.50 (£6.50) 21



BBC Radio Light Entertainment will be at the Fringe in forte. Join us at the Pleasance Theatre for recordings of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, Just a Minute, Fist of Fun, The Best of the National Comedy Network, Paris London, Henry Normal's Encyclopaedia Poetica and The News Quiz, (see under BBC Radio 4 heading for details) Our producers will be in town scouting for talent as ever - and we'll be running Comedy Writing Workshops of the Fringe Club on the 17th ond 24th August.


Finally, when you ve hod your fill of live performances, listen out for the following shows, on oir in August: Lionel Nimrod s Inexplicable World, written and performed by Stewort Lee and Richard Herring with Armondo lonnucci ond Rebecca Front (Thurs 6.30pm, Radio 4) Struck Off and Die (Fri ll.OOpm/Sat 6.25pm, Radio 4) The Masterton Inheritance, im provised family sogo with Paul Merton and Josie Lawrence (last of current series, Sat 14th August, 10.00am, BBC Radio 4) I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue (Mon 6.30pm, BBC Radio 4) No Commitments written by Simon Brett (Thurs 10.00am, BBC Radio 4) Intimate Contact with Julian Clary (last of current series, 3rd August, Sat 8.30pm/Tues 8.30pm, BBC Radio 1) 22





THE DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS As dazzling a troika of entertainers a; [|to experience in this lifetime' L.A. Weekly. Hug 1316 11.30pm 112.45) £6.50 (£5.50) Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. & 226 2428 EMO PHILIPS Return of the living legend. Uniquely, brilliantly funny. 'A remarkably skilled comic craftsman' Time Out. DON'T MISS HIM! Aug 30,31 7.30pm 19.151 £8.50 {£7.50) GARRISON KEILLOR & The Hopeful Gospel Quartet. A brilliant combination of Bsong and laughter featuring the News from Lake Wobegone. ' 23,24 10.30pm (midnightl 112.00 (t 10.00) m. JACK JA( DEE Star of his own TV series 'The Jack Dee Show' and winner of the Guardian Critics Award. See also Assembly at The Meadows. Aug 29 Sept 4 10.15pm (11.251 £9.00 (£8.00)

ATLANTIC CROSSING THEATRE PROJECT G7 fenue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 226 6522 | ★ THE LAST FLOWER, AN ALLEGORY In song, dance, improvisation, spoken Word and special effects, the company explores universal questions. An original ensemble creation adapted from a narrative by the popular American humourist [James Thurber. SURPRISES FOR ALL THE FAMILY! 1621 11.30am (1.00) £3.00 (£1.001


H10 /enue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets IHalll 557 6696 iSYE BYE BIRDIE A melodic, rollicking, captivating and campy parody of 50's ftock'n'Roll in Smalltown, USA! A high energy and imaginative musical comedy tatirising teeny hoppers and the Elvis era!! A GREAT MUSICAL FOR EVERYONE! Aug 15-21 7.45pm (9.15) £3.00 (£1.00)

Venue 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 L9 POSTCARDS FROM THE FRONT A play by Fraser Grace. A bleak forbidding landscape and a fluffy dream go for a walk along the seafront. A sequined jacket holds a broken bottle. Sexual orienteering, romance and reality, sex and recovery. Back to Back presents a ballad of love in disarray. Aug 23 Sept 4 1.00pm (2.00) £4.00 (£2.50)

MARK BALDWIN DANCE COMPANY Venue 62-St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 K1 FACTUAL NONSENSE MARK BALDWIN Dance Company, presents 'FACTUAL NONSENSE', a dance programme which is colourful, lyrical and extremely humorous. MARK BALDWIN, a choreographer for the 90's, has created two stunning works for Rambert Dance Company 'GONE' & 'ISLAND TO ISLAND'. Vivid, live, percussive music by THE DANGEROUS KITCHEN. Aug 30Sept 4 6.00pm (7.00) £6.00 (£3.00)

BANGLADESH FESTIVAL OF FOOD AND CULTURE ° • Venue 112-Raj Restaurant on The Shore, Henderson Street, Leith. Tickets 553 3( Cl3 Outer BANGLADESH FESTIVAL AT THE RAJ Nightly rolling show featuring classical dancers, flute, tabla and sitar in the exclusive atmosphere of Leith's Raj Restaurant. Ticket price includes 4-course speciality Bangladeshi meal. Menu changing daily. Event under personal supervision of chef and author Tommy Miah ('The Best of Bangladesh' and 'Secrets of the Indian Masterchefs’). Aug 15 Sept 4 7.30pm (1.00) £17.50

BARMONT PRODUCTIONS ATTACK OF THE AUBERGINES: KENNY lOUNG & THE EGGPLANTS ° • • ie 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 CENNY YOUNG & THE EGGPLANTS The smash return of Brooklyn's surreal, iemi-unplugged guitar/bass/bongos band. 'Like Lou Reed on Lithium ... Not to be llnissed!' Tom Robinson. 'Go see these guys ... inventive, endearing, very funny ... Baerfect late night entertainment' Scotsman. 'Captivating!' Guardian. 'Giving Bdoquent voice to the multifaceted neuroses of prolonged adolescence' NY Times. \ug 23-29 11.30pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.00)

• • • •

Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 THE SEX COMEDIES A new production of lain Heggie's six hilarious short plays on the fumbles and foibles of sex. 'Full of brio, wit and whimsy ... ' Time Out, ' ... painfully funny ... ' Independent on Sunday, ' ... a funny and hugely enjoyable experience ... ' What's On;' ...just like the real thing only funnier... ' Evening Times. Aug 13-Sept 4 Inot Tues 24,311 5.15pm (6.30) £6.00 (£5.00)

THE BARTHOLOMEW PLAYERS HID Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 THE LUVVIES' GUIDE Act I beginners. Larry? Where's Larry? Where's the blunderbuss? Are we up yet? Where are we? Where's my blunderbuss? Are we up yet? Sorry, dahling, I just froze! Has anyone seen Max's blunderbuss? Oh, Christ! Cue sound. Cue sound! CUE SOUND!!! ... and to black. 7.30 for 7.53, Gin-Tonic gratuit. Aug 23 Sept 4 Inot Thur 2) 7.30pm (9.10) £4.00 (£3.00)

\TTILA THE STOCKBROKER AND JOHN 3TWAY ° re 46-Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 iTTILA THE STOCKBROKER AND JOHN OTWAY 'I've got some new stuffabout you, Otway? Oh, piss off, you're not doing 'Headbutts' AGAIN! iovernments rise and fall, continents change shppe and whole eco-systems die out, ime things stay the same, and your bloody set is one of them. At least 10 new jfjbngs or you get crucified! On stage! Got it?' ug 19-29 9.15pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00)




Venue 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace J5 MOTHER OF ALL EATING The author of the play is Professor Zakes Mda. The play is about corruption in developing country. It's a one-man play by Gonzales Scout and was directed by Maseabata Ramoeletsi. It has been performed in Lesotho only for local and International audiences. Aug 16 Sept 4 Inot Sat 21, Suns 22,29) 7.00pm (8.30) £5.00 (£4.50)


“uttnue 113-Waterstone's Booksellers, 13 S 128 Princes St, 83 George St. Info 225 3436 G8,G6,G7 /ATERSTONE'S AUGUST LITERARY RAVE Some of the world's major authors ,-3 ire appearing (free entry) at our three shops in Edinburgh. Contact branches for

BATH UNIVERSITY STUDENT THEATRE F10 Venue 101-Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 ★ PARTY GAMES After its success in Bath, a new black comedy by Jon Thrower. Jean and Brian invite some friends for dinner. Richard has problems with his marriage. Barbara has problems with Richard. Emily just has problems, and everyone is about to have problems with her. Intrigued? You will be. Aug 22 28 11.00pm (12.15) £4.00 (£2.50)

1ULD REEKIE £ wftiue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 ROBERT'S LOSS OF SANITY A ribald recipe —madness, lust and greed on the r1(tgh seas! (A fur-lined author, a purloined play, the beautiful Fanny, two gangsters, iljicaptain and a cook.) Was R.L. Stevenson really one cup short of a tea-set, AND WHO ATE THE CAT? Complimentary Bell's Whisky. jg 20-30 5.15pm (6.45) £4.50 (£3.50)


| true 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 ABARET Sex, seediness and superficiality combine with Nazi menace to produce ij® brittle, hectic world of 1930's Berlin, personified by the vicious and predatory .IRC., the smouldering, provocative dancers of the Kit Kat Klub and the alluring but i|ju>redictable Sally Bowles. A production with pace, tension, humour and impressive waging •g 23 28 3.00pm (5.00) £3.50

iiAB PRODUCTIONS Jjaue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151


f HOVERING by Ron Aldridge. A man paces anxiously in a hospital waiting room. 9|SS begins to talk, to unwind. But as his story unfolds, we realize that the man —and i !(p_room — are not what they seem ... Funny, lyrical, haunting, this new 1 -man play ciifars award-winning actor Malcolm Ward. t y 13 Sept 4 3.00pm (4.15) £5.00 (£4.00)

BATTLEFIELD BAND M10 Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. BATTLEFIELD BAND IN CONCERT Under the banner 'Forward with Scotland's Past', and fired by their rich Celtic heritage, they mix old and new music played on traditional (fiddles, bagpipes, flutes) and modern (guitars, synthesisers) instruments to create a music of rare passion, relevance and joy. Their last album was awarded a platinum disc and the new 'Quiet Days' is following the same path. Aug 23 25 7.30pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.00)

BBC RADIO 4 Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 B^M | LH Join us at the Pleasance for recordings of Comedy Classics, political debate, lighthearted banter and performance poetry. Meanwhile, over at the Fringe Club our comedy and drama producers will be running 'Writing for Radio' workshops. Free tickets avai/ab/e Friday before each show ANY QUESTIONS? Join Nick Clarke for Any Questions? when a panel including top politicians tackle issues raised by you the audience. Aug 13 7.15pm (8.50) Free I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T A CLUE Humphrey Lyttelton, Willie Rushton, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor in Radio's ultimate antidote to panel games. Piano by Vladimir Ashkenazy or Colin Sell (subject to availability). Aug 16 6.00pm (6.45) and 7.00pm (7.45) Free WITH GREAT PLEASURE Private Eye editor and News Quiz stalwart Ian Hislop presents his favourite pieces of poetry, prose and drama. Aug 16 9.00pm (10.00) Free 23




cURke ^21St SCUt

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asseniBly Rooms music hAll


isth-sept 3R6 - iipm

office telephone osi 226 242s






Assembly Rooms Aug 13th - 16th 11.30pm

Dream Tent, Assembly at the meadows Aug 18 - Sept 4th 10pm Box Office 031 226 2428 / 031 229 9281



BBC RADIO 4—continued STANZA ON STAGE Three women poets in performance —all with a Scottish connection; Liz Lochhead, Jackie Kay and Carol-Ann Duffy. Vlgg/fi 10.30pm (11.30) Free KALEIDOSCOPE Radio 4's daily arts magazine presented live by Paul Allen with interview, performance and revue from the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe. Aug 17 3.45pm 14.45) Free LOOSE E N DS Ned Sherrin and guests live from the Pleasance with the likes of Arthur Smith, Sandi Toksvig and John Hegley. Aug 21 9.45am (11.00) Free JUST A MINUTE Nicholas Parsons chairs Radio 4's inimitable and ever-popular comedy panel game. With Paul Merton. Aug 23 1.15pm (2.00I and 2.30pm |3.15) Free Aug 31 1 .OOpm (1.45) and 2.00pm (2.45) Free THE COMEDY NETWORK Pick of the country's top comedy acts who are touring as part of Avalon's National Comedy Network, hosted by Harry Hill. Aug 23 8.30pm (9.30) Free FIST OF FUN New cult comedy show from Radios 1 and 4 stars Richard Herring and Stewart Lee. Aug 23 10.30pm (11.30) Free Venue 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 RADIO DRAMA WRITERS' WORKSHOP Week One for those with little or no radio writing experience; Week Two if you've already written for radio. Aug 17 11.00am (1.001 Free (Little or no experience). Aug 24 11.00am (1.00) Free (Experienced). COMEDY WRITING WORKSHOP BBC Radio Light Entertainment producers with tips for writers wanting to break into radio comedy. Aug 17 and 24 1.30pm (5.00) Free Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 m PARIS, LONDON A sparkling new sketch show for Radio 4, starring Simon Godley, Robert Harley, Carla Mendonca and Gary Parker. Ay 31 8.00pm (9.30) Free HENRY NORMAL'S ENCYCLOPAEDIA POETICA An expedition through Henry Normal's alphabet of stand up poetry from A —Con, to Zz—zz. Aug 31 10.30pm (11.30) Free THE NEWS QUIZ Join Barry Took, Richard Ingrams and Alan Coren for stinging satire, cutting wit and mucking about. Sept 2 9.15pm (10.15) Free

THE CHEESE SHOP RADIO SHOW Flock to see this thinly disguised revue show: no refund available! (Radio 1/N.A.S.B. award winners.) Aug 16 28 (not Sun) 5.10pm (6.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 30-Sept 4 11.10pm (12 midnight) ★ CIRCE Enter the world of Homer's 'Odyssey' and experience the hero's journey through pain to fame. Music, violence and mystery. Aug 16-26 (not Sun) 6.15pm (7.45) £4.50 (£3.501 Previews Aug 13 & 14 4.15pm (5.45) £2.00 ★ THE PLEASURE DOME by John Keates. Infinite sensations explored, fecund: 'Exhilarating, intense—total theatre' Scotsman ' ... shaken spectators on their feet applauding' Sunday Times. Aug 16-Sept 4 (not Suns) 8.30pm (9.40) £7.00 (£5.00) PIAF by Pam Gems. The life of the remarkable Edith Piaf through theatre and song, from '92 Guardian and Fringe First winners E.U.T.C. Aug 1628 (not Sun) 10.15pm (11.45) £4.50 (£3.50) Previews Aug 13 A 14 8.15pm (9.45) £2.00 IMPROVEGETABLES Rapier wit; impressive socks. The most potent blend of adlib tomjapery, anywhere ... in Edinburgh ... at midnight ... in August. (E.U.T.C.) Aug 16-28 (not Sun) 12 midnight (1.15) £3.00 (£2.00) Preview Aug 14 10.00pm (11.15) £2.00 NEW ANATOMIES TIMBERLAKE WERTEN^AKER'S NEW ANATOMIES. Isabelle Eberhardt; Saharan adventuress, dreamer, drunken vagabond? JUMPED UP present an individual unaware of her own potency. Aug 30 Sept 4 12.30pm (1.40) £4.00 (£3.50) BREATH (ABOUT THE VITAL FORCE). VITAL THEATRE presents a multi-media performance, Dance x installation. Powerful visual-theatre. Aug 30-Sept 4 2.30pm (3.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ HAMLET (POW, POW, POW) Using dance, mime and physical theatre, DIVALDO K re-explore HAMLET's bloody themes in a dark and comic tour-de-force. Aug 30 Sept 4 4.30pm (5.30) £6.00 (£3.00) WOMAN IN MIND (Alan Ayckbourn) Unhappy wife indulges in fantasy life, or does she? A Devilish Funny Student Production. ZOO T.C. Aug 30-Sept 4 6.15pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ FRANKENSTEIN Students from the UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, inspired by Mary Shelley's novel, turn out a subtle meditation on the art of creation. Aug 30 Sept 4 12.15am (1.45) £3.00 (£2.00)




Venue 57-BBC Scotland, Studio One, 5 Queen Street. Tickets 225 3131 G8 THE USUAL SUSPECTS Radio Scotland's Arts Programme presents the best of all the Festivals, plus first night reviews, on the night. The whole Festival in one venue ... 'if you don't come along you'll regret it, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day and for the rest of your life'. Refreshments available. Aug 16-20,23 26,30 Sept 3 10.10pm (11.30) Free


Venue 57-BBC Scotland, Studio One, 5 Queen Street. Tickets 225 3131 G8 WE STAYED IN ... WITH JUNGR & PARKER The best cabaret and music acts from the Fringe on the best value shows in Edinburgh. Jungr & Parker invite the pick of the talent onto their Radio Two show recordings. Two extravaganzas per night. Aug 21 and 22 9.00pm (10.30) Free



m m

Venue 86-Carrubbers Christian Centre, 65 High Street. Tickets 556 2626. J10 ★ AND GOD WEPT —for a world that does not know him and for a people whom he loves? A desperate voice cries out in the darkness —an angry challenge that is both fear and frustration. Does God hear us? Does he care? A young man's struggle to understand life. Aug 23-27, 30-Sept 3 7.30pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 28 & Sept 4 9.30pm (11.00)


Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 Lean, vibrant performances at the Fat Cat venue. Located at the epicentre of the annual theatrefest circus, this year's programme is an amalgam of dance, mime, theatre, food, exhibitions and conversation. An unmissable mix of award winning companies in Edinburgh's friendliest acting laboratory. OPEN 9.30am —2.00am. Aug 16-Sept 4 (not Suns) 10.00am (2.00am) H Aug 13 A 14 3.30pm (11.00pm) FAT CAT CAFE Scrumptious food, friendly staff. Eat and be merry in the cheery n atmosphere of this cafe. Licensed bar and exhibitions daily, t. Aug 16-Sept 4 (not Suns) 10.00am (2.00am) IJ Aug 13 & 14 3.30pm (11.00pm) I MAUSER When we feel lonely, Mauser is a matter of dealing with left-overs in the H” morning. ACCUSATIVE CASES and FORTINBRAS THEATRE. IT Aug 16-28 (not Sun 22) 11.00am (11.50) £4.00 (£3.50) KINETIC ILLUSIONS From hilarious dreams to the fatalism of Japanese theatre to 3 fl thought-provoking themes, HAKOSHIMA transforms mime into an exciting artform ! tc| of body-expression. j iN Aug 16-28 (not Sun) 12.30pm (1.30) £6.00 (£4.50) )||i, * TREE MONSTERS TALKING BIRDS THEATRE COMPANY ('Highly original' \ <Guardian) present a new play by ALEXANDRA TOLK. Jealousy, lions, babies and 1 nf vultures. Aug 16-28 (not Sun) 2.10pm (3.00) £4.00 (£3.00) ( A Aug 30-Sept 4 10.10pm (11.00) ★ THE TIME BEFORE THE TIME AFTER ROUGH EDGE present myth, physics, t it time and the bigger bang from Fringe First winning playwright David Greig. ’ Aug 1628 (not Sun) 3.15pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00)

Venue 42-La Belle Angela, 11 Nasties Close, Cowgate. Tickets 225 2774 J9 This exciting licensed venue, tucked behind the Gilded Balloon, features a wide range of excellent live music in the evenings as well as some unconventional late night clubs. Its new theatre space hosts a production from Edinburgh's THUD & BLUNDER COMPANY. The popular cafe is open all day from 9am. , BEATNIKS TO THE BAR Edinburgh's beat poets, new songwriting talent, big name solos, ambience of be-bop, bongos and Lucky Strikes. Aug 18,25,Sept 1 9.00pm (1.00) £6.00 (£4.00) ARTISTIC UPSTARTS Multi-media showcase/preview featuring around 20 acts including One People, Raukus Mir, Sophie Bancroft, Shooglenifty, Suddenly Last Summer. Aug 12 7.00pm (1.00) £5.00 JU-JU-JAZZ & COOL GROOVE BAND Ju-Ju-Jazz djs plus Kevin MacKenzie, lain Copeland and guests fusing contemporary jazz with throbbing funk! Aug 15,22,29,Sept 4 9.00pm (late) £6.00 (£4.00) SHOOGLENIFTY Folkadelia at its finest! Some of Scotland's best young (folk?) musicians deliver a blistering session of funk-folk with attitude. Aug 19,26,Sept 2 10.00pm (late) £4.00 (£2.50) MOUTHMUSIC Cuts a slice from Gaelic recipes, served with a funky stew. 'All the bands you'll ever need' Glasgow Herald. Aug 21 9.30pm (midnight) £6.00 (£4.00) AVALON A six piece international folk-rock band from Scotland performing mostly self-penned material from their three current albums. Aug 23,24 9.00pm (midnight) £5.00 (£3.50)



Venue 114-St. Paul's & St. George's Church & Hall, York Place. Tickets 556 1202. F10 MANKIND After last year's acclaimed 'Godspell', this Oxford company brings the Medieval Morality Play 'Mankind'. The eternal conflict between Good and Evil, waged by Mankind and worldly vices, weaves ensnaring and ingenious nets around the audience. Wild, bawdy and professional; this musical comedy is a Fringe must! Aug 20 A 21 7.00pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 2328 7.30pm (9.00)



Venue 89-Roxburghe Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square. Tickets 225 3921 G6 THE PADDIE BELL FESTIVAL FOLK SHOW Paddie provides an opportunity for those turned away last year to hear herself and guests—Bill Smith (founder of the Corrie Folk Trio); Maggie Cruickshank and a special guest each evening including The McCalmans, Ian Bruce, Robin Laing and Fire In The Glen. Surprise guests on occasions. Bar till 12 midnight. Aug 16-21 8.00pm (11.00) £6.00 (£5.00)



Venue 20-Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★ THE DEATH OF DON QUIXOTE A most grave, eloquent, meticulous, delightful and ingenious history. From the company that gave the world 'The Splitting of Latham' and 'Ship of Fools', a new adaptation of Cervantes' 17th century classic. Live music, wild humour and breathtaking action, 'crazily stylish' The List. 'marvellously inventive theatre' The Scotsman, 'original and exciting' The Stage. Aug 16-Sept 4 (not Sun 22) 4.00pm (5.30) £5.50 (£3.50) 25



67 Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 ★ ONE MAN Three powerful tales written, adapted, directed and performed by oi man —the extraordinary Steven Berkoff. Edgar Allen Poe's 'Tell Tale Heart' together with Berkoff's own pieces 'Dog' and 'The Actor' make the most anticipated theatrical event of the Festival. Dramatic, thrilling, funny and unmissable. 'No-one ... has ever rivalled Berkoff' Time Out. Aug 2126, Sept 1-4 12 noon (1.30) £8.50 (£7.50) Aug 27 12 noon (1.301 £9.50 (£8.50) Aug 2829 12.30pm (2.00) £9.50 (£8.50) Aug 30 12.30pm (2.00) £8.50 (£7.50)

Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 SOLO AND NAKED The toast of the live comedy circuit makes his long-awaited solo Edinburgh debut, in a breathtaking helter-skelter act of sheer, unadulterated hysterical comedy. The purveyor of fast-moving audience-friendly shows, his unique, cheery, accessible manner —fused with a physical, often frenetic style, ensure that he is one of the rising comic stars of the 90's. Aug 13 Sept 4 7.00pm (8.00) £5.00 (£4.00)


K3 Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 ON THE RAZZLE Two shop assistants live it up while dodging their employer ir frantically funny farce from the ingenious Tom Stoppard. Brilliantly brought to life by) Southampton's peerless theatre company whose 1992 Edinburgh production was a 100% sell-out success. 'Highly entertaining' The Scotsman. 'Superbly played' Wessex News. Aug 23 Sept 4 (not TUBS 31) 2.45pm (4.10) £4.50 (£3.50)

BLOW UP THEATRE COMPANY H11 Venue 26-Acropolis, Top of Gallon Hill, Regent Rd. Tickets 557 6969 BEST OF THE FEST Six top comedy acts for the price of one! Following last year's Playhouse sell-out, get set for five fabulous comedy variety gigs featuring the hottest comics on the Fringe. TV names as well as this year's newest discoveries including some of 93's Perrier award nominees. Great value. Book now! Aug 1922 9.30pm (11.15) £8.00 Aug 29 7.30pm (9.15) £9.00

BIG PEACH THEATRE COMPANY H10 Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets IHalll 557 6696 THE CURSE OF THE COBRA CROWN is a fun-filled exploration of the unique culture and mythology of Ancient Egypt. Big Peach Theatre Company embark upon an action packed power struggle through three generations of gods as they battle for the crown of Egypt. Aug 26Sept 4 (not Sun 29) 11.00am (12.00) £3.50 (£2.50)

BLUE HARLEQUIN THEATRE COMPANY Venue 36-restival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ A BRIEF AFFAIR Following its sell out preview in London, this new psychological' chiller by Bader Ben Hirsi comes to Edinburgh. A bittersweet relationship reaches climatic turning-point when experiment backfires and subdued childhood secrets unfold. Sexually gripping and intensely entertaining. Full of surprises that mesmerize your sanity ... See it! Aug 14 28 6.00pm (7.15) £4.50 (£3.50)

MARC BLAKE no Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. THE REVENGE OF MR. SPONGE Marc Blake, stalwart of the comedy circuit and writer for Spitting Image and Frankie Howerd, presents his first full-length show. Enjoy the superb quality and charisma of a man not above editing his reviews to create a misleading impression. Also starring Tim Vine, fast-rising Fringe newcomer. Aug 12-Sept 4 (not TUBS 17,24, Thur 2) 6.45pm (7.45) £4.50 (£4.00)

BLAMROC Venue 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 ★ JOAN AND THE HOLY FLAMES A powerful new musical by Nick Blamires. A fast-moving exploration of the irresistible forces of destiny. Witness Joan's passionate struggle both with society and her own humanity. Punchy tunes, soulful ballads ... 'Holds the audience spellbound ... at times literally close to tears.' London Preview. Aug 16-28 8.30pm (10.30) £5.00 (£4.00)

Venue 82 031 667 7365

The Southside Theatre, Edinburgh Nightly: 13th August to 4th September


will lie pen by the esteemed stand-up comedian Mr Marc Blake

BOB DILLINGER’S STROLLING BLUNDER REVUE Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 BOB DILLINGER'S STROLLING BLUNDER REVUE The joke machine returns | with a totally new set ('A classy show' The Scotsman) for ninety minutes of comedy j| fun with his chums: Brute Farce ('Fast satirical excellence' Festival Times); Roger f Monkhouse ('One of the best new comics in the country' The Guardian) and Sue 1 Beard ('Funny and memorable' The Scotsman). Aug 1115,17-19,22 26.30 Sept 4 7.20pm (8.50) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 20,21,27,28,29 7.20pm (8.50) £7.00 (£6.00)

BORDERLINE THEATRE COMPANY Venue 61-Moray House Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile ★ THE GUID SODJER SCHWEIK by Carl MacDougall. A comic satire o absurdity of war. Andy Cameron plays the guileful Schweik, fighting the stupidity of ; the bureaucracy with the only weapons he has —passive resistance, native wit and j dumb insolence. 'Truly original comic invention' Double Fringe First Award winning! company. Aug 1728 (not Sun 22) 7.30pm (9.45) £6.50 (£4.001 Matinees Aug 21,28 2.30pm (4.45) £6.50 (£4.00) Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarkel fix 225 6520)226 2151 J7 j ★ THE AUDITION starring Mike Hayward (take The High Road's Alun Morgan). An | actor's life —comedy, tragedy, agents, booze, sex, auditions. Aug 29 Sept 4 9.00pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00)

BOYS OF THE LOUGH Venue 72-aueen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. BOYS OF THE LOUGH Shetland fiddle TV star ALY BAIN leads energetic ij internationally famous, ever-popular, globe-trotting Grammy-nominated Edinburgh ,! band through spirited annual celebration of Scottish and Irish traditional music! f Virtuoso Donegal guests Derm'ot McLaughlin (fiddle) and Dermot Byrne (accordion)!! Standing-room only! ' ... firing on all cylinders ... thoroughly enjoyable show' Therf Scotsman. Aug 2729 7.30pm (9.30) £7.50 (£6.50)

BRADFORD PLAYHOUSE STUDIO GROUP Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 | ★ NATIVITY by Jonathan Hall. A new play. It's December and 3G are rehearsing the class nativity play. Miss Grantham is worried—the donkey’s castors are dickey J and the class snigger every time the word 'virgin' is sung. Still, with that sweet Sarah playing Mary and that charmer Tony as Joseph ... Aug 14 21 11.50am (1.10) £3.50 (£2.50)

BRAHMA KUMARIS Venue 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 ★ SILENT CONVERSATIONS Are you ready to challenge reality? To explore new dimensions? Prepare to have your world turned upside down. An exciting two woman show, a collage of mime and speech, sound and vision. A mind expanding journey through a myriad of voices and images. Aug 23 28 2.45pm (4.15) £1.50 (£1.00)

An evening: of paralleled ribaldry


kr lin Vi»e

amusing; antics of 1

6.45pm £4.50 stalls £4 concessions No performance 17 Aug, 24 Aug & 2 Sep


Venue 115-Brahma Kumaris Centre, 20 Polwarth Crescent Info 229 7220 12 RAJA YOGA MEDITATION Is all the excitement turning into stress? Re-vitalise yourself through the most relaxing activity on the Fringe. CLASSES Aug 12 Sept 4 (not Suns) 10.30am (12 noon) & 2.30pm (4.00) Free WORKSHOPS Aug 16,18,23,25,30,Sept 1 7.30pm (9.00) Free OPEN MEDITATION Aug 13,20,27,Sept 3 7.00pm (8.30) Free



m »

Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Colwnba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★ LEQUESA by lain Landles. 'A new world order' was the ambitious claim, but in a United Nations refugee camp the dispossessed shatter this cosy dream with a tale : of ambition, hope and warning. This is powerful, incisive, contemporary theatre. Aug 23 28 5.10pm (B.50I £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 29 8.10pm (9.50)


• •

* I Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ! JO BRANDS. RICHARD MORTON Jo Brand-Voted 'Club Act Of The Year' at the J| British Comedy Awards and 1992 Perrier Award nominee joins forces with Richard Morton from the London Comedy Store's 'Cutting Edge' Team and winner of the ,,I Time Out Comedy Award. Comedy double-bill not to be missedl i Aug 23-28 9.00pm (10.101 £8.00 (£7.00) . Aug 27,28 9.00pm (10.10) £9.00 (£8.001 II Venue 116-Assembly at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tickets 226 2428, or on day of perf.229 9281M8 JO BRANDS. RICHARD MORTON 1992 Perrier Award Nominee joins forces with i the winner of the Time Out Comedy Award. «• Aug 28 10.00pm (11.20) £8.00 (£7.00)


I J I 1 1 I

Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 CLOUD NINE by Caryl Churchill. Love, laughter and everything you're after. An energetic approach to Caryl Churchill's masterpiece. Intelligent, innovative, incisive —Cloud Nine marked Churchill's emergence onto the international theatre scene. Hypnotic, erotic, chaotic. An inspiration for lovers of theatre. A necessity for lovers of life. Not for the straight-laced, faint-hearted or easily offended. Aug 15 Sept 4 3.45pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00)

1 PETER BREAM—PIANO RECITALS I Venue 31-St. Cecilia's Hall, cnr Niddry Street & Cowgate. J10 ; PETER BREAM —PIANO RECITALS Three appearances only by the British ; pianist. Haydn: Andante con Variazioni in F minor Hob. XVII/6; Schumann Arabesque Op. 18; Brahms 3 Intermezzi Op. 117; Chopin Polonaise in C minor Op.40 No.2, Nocturne in F minor Op.55 No.1. I Aug 31, Sept 2,3 6.05pm (6.55) £5.00 (£3.50)


BRUNTON THEATRE COMPANY in assoc. with First Base Theatre Venue 95-Brunton Theatre, Bridge Street, Musselburgh. Tickets 665 2240, H13 Outer ★ THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN by David Cosgrove. Sponsored by B.T. The brilliant new musical, the greatest songs from Rock'n'Roll's golden age, the 1950's. Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, Roger Petersen and Richie Valens play together for the last great gig —after the plane crash ... just how many songs can you play in eternity? Aug 1427 (not Suns 15,22) 7.30pm (10.00) £6.00 (£4.50)


(Venue 101-Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 ' THE WINTER'S TALE A jealous King renounces his best friend, imprisons his wife j and son, and banishes his daughter in a fit of fury. Sixteen years later a beautiful fshepherdess anticipates marriage and all is revealed. Shakespeare's comic tale of j passion and penitence where reality ends as the play begins. Aug 1528 (not Sun 22) 12.10pm (1.55) £3.50 (£3.00)

( B.R.I.T. SCHOOL THEATRE COMPANY ij Venue 98-Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 I'THE THREEPENNY OPERA by Bertolt Brecht, and Kurt Weil. 'You artists who jlperform plays before the hushed crowd, pay a visit sometime to that theatre whose H setting is the street.' A wry look at class divisions and poverty from this exciting new listudent company. Aug 1528 (not TUBS) 6.00pm (7.40) £4.00 (£3.00)

SAM BROWN Venue 46-Cliurch Hill Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 SAM BROWN After last year's sold out, critically acclaimed shows Sam returns to phowcase new songs as well as performing old favourites. 'No longer hamstrung by the limitations of mainstream pop, Brown veers towards Jazz tinged Torch ... an artiste firmly in control of her own destiny' Vox. 'Brown's voice is powerfully alluring and richly textured, it is unmistakable' The Scotsman. Aug 15 18 9.15pm (10.3P) £7.50 (£6.50)

C Venue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 C is back, this year with two theatre spaces. The best of new work and classic drama from Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham and Dublin, and from around Britain —and Russia. The bar's open till 1 am, the restaurant boasts fabulous views of the castle — this is the place to come for all the food, drink, culture and comedy you can handle. C THEATRE ★ SHAKESPEARE FOR BREAKFAST Get your early morning fix of caffeine and culture. Oxford's EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE CLUB offer you the Bard, coffee and croissants —all at once! Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thun 19) 10.00am (11.00) £4.00 (£3.00) including breakfast ★ 8 MILLION QUID IS SMALL POTATOES IF YOU'RE A GOD KEBLE DRAMA WORKSHOP'S jazz-funk adventures in Comic Book journey through recessionary London. Aug 11-Sept 4 11.15am (12.30) £5.00 (£3.00) MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Wit, war, peace, sex-just some of the ingredients of Shakespeare's best loved comedy. CAMBRIDGE CONTERFEITS. Aug 11-28 12.45pm (2.30) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ LESS UNDERSTANDING, MORE PUNISHMENT A powerful depiction of society stifling its most precious asset: its children. THE NEXT THEATRE COMPANY. Aug 29-Sept 4 12.45pm (2.30) £4.00 (£3.00) TISSUE A powerful, sensitive and potent piece of theatre examining the still taboo subject of breast cancer, from Birmingham's ABSOLUTE BANANA THEATRE COMPANY. Aug 13,15.17.20,22.24,27 2.45pm (3.35) £4.00 (£3.00) BORDERLINE The writer of My Beautiful Launderette explores a young Asian community in the midst of disintegrating harmony. ABTC. Aug 11,12,14,18,18,19,21,23.25,28,28 2.45pm (4.05) £5.00 (£3.00) MAN, BEAST AND VIRTUE KCS THEATRE present Pirandello's sexual farce of adultery and hypocrisy, as cool and elegant as ever. Aug 29-Sept 4 2.45pm (4.30) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ OSCAR WILDE'S PICTURE OF DORIAN GREY Wilde's notorious court case and equally famous novel collide and interlock on stage. ABTC. Aug 13,15,17,20,22,24,27 3.45pm (4.50) £5.00 (£3.00) UNDER MILK WOOD ABTC in Dylan Thomas' rich, warm portrait of a small seaside town with its star-studded cast of nobodies. Aug 11,12,14, IS, 18,10,21,23,25,28,28 4,15pm (5.30) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ ETERNAL DAMNATION BAR& GRILL Take a comic journey through hell with the arch-criminal, Macbeth. C THEATRE COMPANY. Aug 29 Sept 4 4.45pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ STEP TO BURN ABTC presents a surreal portrayal of the American Dream; aggressive, witty and powerful. Aug 13,15,17,20,22,24,27 5.00pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ DON QUIXOTE The ETC’s ebulliant improvisation of the adventures of Cervantes' characters, caught in the trenches of the Spanish Civil War. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thurs 19) 5.45pm (6.45) £5.00 (£3.00) -k DANGEROUS LIAISONS Laclos' erotic study of a pair of depraved aristocrats who calmly plot the seduction of the virtuous. C THEATRE COMPANY. Aug 11 Sept 4 (not Thurs 19) 7.00pm (8.30) £6.00 (£3.00) ★ METAMORPHOSIS Gregor Samsa has awoken from uneasy dreams to find himself transformed. ACCENTED IMAGES presents a startling new vision of his torment. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thurs 19, Sept 2) 8.45pm (10.00) £6.00 (£3.00) EDWARD II by Christopher Marlowe. Stifled sexuality, moral hypocrisy and fin-desiecle anxiety against the backdrop of the 1890's. C THEATRE COMPANY. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thurs 19, Sept 2) 10.10pm (11.45) £6.00 (£3.00) ★ THE BIG SLEEP Meet Philip Marlowe. Trouble is his business, and business is picking up. C THEATRE COMPANY. Free whisky. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thurs 19, Sept 2) 12 midnight (1.55) £5.00 (£3.00) Price includes whisky.


Avalon Promotions Present

Harry Hill

Most Promising Newcomer

Perrier Award Winner 1992

"Britain's finest and funniest new comedian" + SUPPORT: THE2 BEATLES

Sex and Di 119/ and Doney ff) THE PLEASANCE, 5.15pm August 11th - September 4th (except Monday 16th & Thursday 2nd) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6550


The Pleasance, 7.45pm August 11th - September 4th (Except Monday 16th & Thursday 2nd) Box Office â&#x20AC;¢ Tel: 031 556 6550

OTHELLO The Acting and Initiative. this horrifying tale of treacherous ambition, STUDIO C tragic verbal15.Follow ★ MELANIE AND SUSAN' S NAKED BRUNCH Sassy character and and situation Aug 1528paranoia, (not Sun visual 22) 3.30pm 10)excitement. £4.50 (£3.An00)innovative production. comedy from HOTHOUSE PRODUCTIONS, with guest stars Jodie Foster Rosa THE THIRD POLICEMAN by Flann O' B rien.'Indisputably Ridiculusmus'entertaining' promenadeTime adaptation. Klebb.11-Sept 1 10.05am (10.50) £4.00 (£3.00) Free 'wrastler' toinspired anyonelunacy' with bicycle lamp. Out. 'A Aug vibrant slice of What' s On. Special Ti c ket Offer: Melanie & Susan' s Naked Brunch/Reasons To Be Cheerful Aug 13, 1 4 8. 0 0pm (9. 4 5) Free £5.00 (£4.00) both shows. Aug 16-Sopt 4 (not Sun 22) 8.00pm (9.45) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL—Malibu, HOTHOUSE PRODUCTIONS presentsanda new ICEMAN less Failssolidly to meltfrozen artificially created blocks of ice which do however comedy politically correct foodstuffs, the THE become Kids11-Sept Fromabout Fame.life'11.s00amlittle(11.essentials Aug 15 Septslightly 3 12 midnight (12.30) andthan12.3otherwice. 0am (1.00) £2.00 Aug I 4 5) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Special Ti c ket Offer: Reasons To Be Cheerful/Melanie & Susan' s Naked Brunch ★ THE GREAT PLANETARY CAKE SHOWto bring Dex Dipper. £5.00 (£4.00) both shows. , guide to Gaia. It' s a child' s responsibility an adult.A duck-billed, fancy-filled Aug 23 Sept 4 10. 3 0am ( 1 1. 1 5) £3. 5 0 (£1. 7 5) ★THEATRE STILL LIFE by Noel Coward, adapted for two actors. NATIONAL STUDENT COMPANY. -Brief Encounter revisited. Double national award-winner. THREE MEN IN A BOAT (J.K. Jerome). Ridiculusmus' musical trip with free tea 'Outstanding' and 23cucumber .Sag 11-Sept 4 (not(Sunday Mon 23) Times).12 noon (12.50) £5.00 (£3.00) Sept 4 sandwiches. 12 noon (1.10)'Refreshingly £4.00 (£3.00)Non-P.C.' Time Out. ★Exupery' THE LITTLE PRINCE C THEATRE COMPANY onin this new adaptation of Saint- Aug★ TEACHING ANGELS TO FLY Kuta TheatreNewCompany. -Magic carpets, lovers, s classic story of the Prince' s adventures a strange planet —Earth! a trapeze Aug 11 Sept 4 (not Thurs 19) 1.00pm (2.15) £5.00 (£3.00) (£2.50 C) Aug 2329 28Septartist, 1.30pm3.a 0journey (2.301(5.00)over£2.5the£5.0 (£1.0rainbow. 5(£3.0) 00) writing. Aug 4 0pm 0 ★Burlesque, SMOKEgrotesque, An incendiary satire of pyromaniac anarchists, slapstick, apocalypse. Kafka-esque, this will make your teeth fall out. CAMBRIDGE RADIO TIMES Come! Listen! SEE! Believe! Laugh! The Nation's Most WATCHABLE ADC. Wireless, broadcasting from the brink. 'Hilarious' Evening Post. 'Wonderful' BBC Aug 22,24,Smoke/ 27,29,3A1,Good Sept Day 3 To 2.Di2e5pm (3.£6.10)00 (£4.£4.00)00both(£3.0shows. 0) Special13,1Ti5,c1ket7,20,Offer: Aug '22-28 5.30pm (7.00) £4.50 (£3.501 Acolour, MISDUMMER NIGHT' S DREAM CAMBRIDGE ADC presents a cacophany of ★ THE adaptation OVERCOAT A news overcoat transforms a clerk's wretched life in this musical Aug 11,12,karate, 14,16,18,noise, 19,21,23,masks, 25,28,28,dance 30,Sept and 1,4 poetry. 2.30pm (4.15) £6.00 (£3.00) Aug 23-Sept 3 10.3of0pmGogol' (11.30) comic£5.0classic 0 (£3.00)by Tinderbox. ★Robert A GOOD DAY TO DIE Who shaves the barber? After two years on death row, THE POWER OF DARKNESS by Tolstoy: 59B Theatre Company. New adaptation knows. this£4.0dark using29-Sept music,4 voice, Aug 13,1TiArtok 5,c1ket7,20,Offer: 22,24,A27,Good 2CAMBRIDGE 9,31,DaySeptTo3 Die/SADC 3.moke 20pmpresents (4.1£6.5) 00 (£4. (£3.0and 0)shows.touching comedy. Aug 5.30pmmovement. (7.30) £5.Tale00 of(£3.incest 00) and murder. ^Special 00)0 both THE CHILDRENprofessional' Magical musicalSurrey versionStar.of famous classic. A must for CORIOLANUS Politicalepic. and military themes interlock in this vigorous production of Aug all the13,RAILWAY Shakespeare' 1family. 4 (not Sun 7.3'S0pmupremely (9.30)5.00pmFree(7.00) and 7.The Aug 11-Sept 4 (nots Roman Thurs 19, SeptC2)THEATRE 4.30pmCOMPANY. (6.15) £6.00 (£3.00) Aug 1628 22) 3 0pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ VICTORpresents SOBCHAK' THEATRE ofMonumental' company CROTCH Original life-affirming high velocity three man comedy experience. 'The (Guardian) originalS adaptations First Love, Theemigre ChosenRussian One, Bluebeard most15-Sept brilliant4 (notcomedy writing Oxford10.has ever and Russian Tomfoolery. Aug 17, 2 4, 3 1, Sept 2) 0 0pm (11. 3 01produced' £4.50 Oxford (£3.50) Student. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Thur 2) 6. 3 0pm (7. 3 0) £6. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) TOMATO CLUB CABARET toLATE end the Fringe with a splat. Tomato the comics and See Main Entry under ‘S' for full details of repertoire. dance4 to THE * BEFORESI original GO DidCommedia/Expressionist he jump or did he fall? Find out in DREAMHAUS THEATRE Sept 10.30pmCONCUBINES. (2.00,) £5.00 (£3.0BAR. 0) H|jI Aug ENSEMBLE' production. HAPPY END by Bertolt Brecht. Presented by the Liverpool Playhouse Youth 11-28 7,45pm (9.00) £5.00 (£3.00) Theatre. Exuberant, fast30pmand(7.0funny, ★paranormal IT HAPPENED TOMORROW Sci-Fi triple bill. A time travel whodunnit, Aug 29, 3 1, S ept 2, 4 5. 0) £4.this00 production (£2.00) appeals to all ages. comedy and massive dinosaurs. ' B rilliant' (Frank Rich, 1997) CYRANOReversing DE BERGERAC by Edmund Rostand.dynamic The Liverpool Playhouseclassic. Youth IRRATIONAL Theatre. to this wonderful Aug 29 Sept 4 (notGEOGRAPHIC Thurs 2) 7.SOCIETY. 45pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 30,Sept 1,3 5.the 30pmsexes (7.00)brings£4.an00interesting (£2.00) ★ A COMEDY OF SKETCHES Take some witty, anarchic sketches, add song, ★ WOOFSKI, GRUFFSKI & FIDOREVICH Adapted from Gogol' s Diary of a f dance, a tablespoon of mime, then bake slowly in a hot theatre. SKETCHED OUT Madman. Incomplete trio search for missing character. (ELK T.C.). PRODUCTIONS. Aug 14 21 10.30pm (11.30) £5.00 (£3.00) •: tag 1125 9.15pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.00) j Dermot I IN HIGH British Premier Bolger'GERMANY s acclaimedLUCIDplay,PRODUCTIONS set at the present seethingtheEuropean Footballof Championships. Aug 26 Sept 4 (not Thurs 2) 9.15pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.00) CAMBRIDGE BATS ° THE REGIONAL MANAGERS Slick comedy and'Sizzling' music from two of London's most Venue 41-Kill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 talented executives. Cancel all appointments. Daily Mail. LOW LEVEL PANIC Low Level Panic is a hilarious roller coaster ride through thetolives Aug 11-28 10.20pm (11.15) £5.00 (£3.00) ofandthree young women asMcIntyre they trywrites to copewithwitha 'many problems from split, 'ends sex THE ONE-SIDED WALL The horrifying story of one woman' s battle against male pornography. Clare s ubtle sense of humour' a n exciting authority. debut'15-27The Sunday Aug 29-Sept The 4 (notprice Thursshe2) pays10.—incarcaration. 20pm (11.15) £4.C THEATRE 00 (£3.00) COMPANY. Aug 12.10amTimes. (1.10) £4.00 (£3.00) TURN OF THE SCREW ACCENTED IMAGES present this chilling new adaptation of Henry James' strangely gruesome ghost story. Aug 11 Sept 4 (not Thurs 19, Sept 2) 11.30pm (12.45) £5.00 (£3.00) THE CAMBRIDGE BEDS ° Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 CAFE ROYAL ★ ACKFORD' S MONSTER A girl mourns her father. A village watches for signs ofattractive invasion.group A strange creature emerges from the sea to disrupt their lives. This Venue 47-The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549 wise and witty' Scotsman, 7992 —present a .After three year has been describedthatas 'isprobably' venue powerful retelling—'ofaccomplished, ontheatre theaFringe, we areabsence, proud towhatadjacent present a programme packed fulltheoffinest innovative Aug 15-28 7.50pm (9.a05)Fenland£4.0legend 0 (£3.00)for adults by Nick Warburton. and comedy. the Assembly RoomsSituated and Fringe Office.to Princes Street (East End). 5 minutes from THETimes. BALLAD OF THE LIMEHOUSE RAT 'Spineratchilling thriller' tThe London Docklands 1841:arrives A monstrous prowls...theatmospheric streets, terrorising the locals. Aug 16-Sept 4A(notmysterious Suns 22,291stranger7.00pm (7.45)to seek£5.5revenge. 0 (£4.50) KIT AND asTHEa national WIDOW By publiccome demand, backthem. at their favourite venue, recently 'N VENUE 19 described Over-Seas 19-Sept 4 (not Suns 22,2treasure, 9) 8.00pm (9.1and0) andbury9.20pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00) 100 princes house Street NEVER SAYChannel NEVER4 sit-com. ... EVERAction, A 5 person JamesFlared Bond ipoofDOUBLE-O-RODGE by the writers of a INforthcoming Romance, >OSITE OPEN AIR THEATRE MUCH m AugTrousers. 16 Sept 4 (not Suns 22,29) 10.30pm (12 midnight) £5.00 (£4.50) 11th-28th ADO 1 frHE CALTON CENTRE \ AUGUST 1 nlffemfenue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. ABOUT spaces hosting world of 'TheThird Policeman'full, experimental Bulgarian ■Ij*?Tw ( Two theatre, showspremiere daily,cafe,opera, children' s programme, NOTHINC big partyfour lastcomedy night. Wholefood late two bar, musicals, parking. Short walk from centre. TICKETS £5.00/£3.00 MlrHE TELEPHONE/ ANSWERPHONEtribulations by Menotti/ Kingshill.resolved Infinitelyin “Compelling, witty iSortAdaptable Opera. Lovers'THEtelecommunications harmoniously and riotous fun q jpperatic Mug 15-21 double-bill, 12.30pm itemised (1.30) by£5.0aria. 0 (£3.00) .Shakespeare at, LANGUAGEYoung, OF INTOLERANCE/NOT REAL MEN Lesbian And Gayjourney Youth slSManchester. catholic, lesbian, something has to give! Voyeuristic CAMBRIDGE COUNTERFEITS * ' i 1620 queer men' s lifestyles. 6.00pm (7.30) £4.00 (£2.50) 29

Shango .Geo^ ^^Shaf0nSt'


BOX OFFICE (031) 229 9281 ADVANCE BOOKINGS (031) 226 2428 from July 12 For full information on shows see listings under Assembly at the Meadows Free colour brochure available at Assembly/Gilded BalloonIPleasance


CAMBRIDGE COUNTERFEITS Venue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 MUCH ADO treachery, ABOUT NOTHING beauty,realism, passion,fantasy, war, peace, misogyny, ^misanthropy, torment, sex,Wit,celibacy, everything^and nothing are just a few of the ingredients of Shakespeare' s comedy played by company of youngforprofessionals and undergraduates. Stunning design and musica especially Aug 11 28 written 12.45pm (2.the30) production. £5.00 (E3.00) CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS REVUE SPONSORED BY HOLSTEN PILS •••• Venue 82-Southside '93, Soulhside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L10 SOME WOOD AND A PIE Footlights return certain to Edinburgh withsubstances another polished and lovingly buffed revue. Is it really all about arboreal and tasty pastry and filling-based culinaryfunniest dishes? No. Ofshow course not. Or is it? Come and find out for12 Sept yourself. Aug 4 {not '17,The24,slickest, Sept 2) 9.40pm sketch (10.55) £6.5on0 (£4.the50)Fringe' — The Scotsman. CAMBRIDGE MEDICS REVUE •• Venue 36-Festitfal Club, 9T5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 Areturn LUMP IN THE THROAT The talented and, let' s face it, rather attractive medics to Edinburgh, proving once again that comedy, medicine incisive is the bestwit,laughter. A uniquely non-medical medic' s revue, slick laid-back penetrating satire and some really dodgy puns. 'Compulsory ... full of enthusiasm and panache' The Scotsman. Aug 15-28 12 midnight (1.20) £4.00 (£3.50) CAMBRIDGE MUMMERS ° ••• Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 *untold FUNCTION OF THE ORGASM by Tom Smith. Sexologist Wilhelm story.childBreakdown of innocence, familyass.anddirector. empire: through theReich eyes—the of a precocious genius. From Sam Mendes' Aug Aug 30,23,18,2S15,ept8,22701,3 0pm25pm(6.(10.2(4.5)00)25) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug ★ OH, TOJust BE Easter Sunday: the dead.he'llTony rises...at'Otheh, day for Christ Mervinrises Rymerfromknowing ever Adams walk alone tonearbe17.post. ...19,'21 another Aug 5. 2 5pm (6. 2 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug Aug 24,31,2S8,ept282,4 9.03.0pm25pm(10.(4.00)251 IPWHAT OF RUBBISH S.O.S.!!! ... Helpfamily rock lobster make18-21waves!A 4.LOAD Funky frantic environmentally-friendly fun!!! and the starfish Aug 3 0pm (5. 1 5) £2. 5 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 30-Sept 4 2.30pm (3.15) CAMBRIDGE NIGHTS 111 Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 KILLINGto Edinburgh HIM Afterwith theirCrispin sell-outWhittell' run on sthepitch-black London fringe, CAMBRIDGE NIGHTS feturns comedy about two currencyspeculators, and someone in love withperformances, Mrs Thatcher. 'A SIZZLING lew Dailya birdwatcher, Mail.SEAMLESS 'IRRESISTIBLE ... dollar-bright iners12play' ...15,SLICK and production' Time Out.£6.00 (£5.00) inimitable oneAug 1 8, 1 9, 2 226, 3 0, 3 1, S ept 14 4. 3 0pm (5. 4 0) Aug 20,21,27-29 £6.50 (£5.50) CAMBRIDGE UMBRELLA m Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John’s Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 i ★ BRIGHTofGLADE; TALES FROM TOLSTOY PastTolstoy' Fringe ssuccesses mark the ifijanniversary TOLSTOY' S birth (28th) with new play. family and servants ispersuade him to joinand them in rb-tellinglivetwoby'of. Dramatised his best-lovedbyfables: 'How much land isfljdoes Nick Warburton. Aug 23a28man need?' 4.50pm (6.00)'What£4.men 00 (£3.00) I CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY ADC G7 Penue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 MIDSUMMER NIGHT' S DREAM by William Shakespeare. Colour, karate, masks, iody-poetry and body-fascism tickling the divisions between the performed and isual arts. Farandflungcultsources from fashion, garden-fencing and plastic packaging to lag;on11,worship 12,14,18,18,19,21,2behaviour. 3.25,28,28,30,Sept 1,4 2.30pm (4.15) £6.00 (£3.00) . SMOKE by Grant Gordon and Susanna Bates. Angrotesque, incendiaryKafka-esque, satire of pyromaniac eWmarchists and slapstick Burlesque, this will your teeth fall4,27,out.29.3apocalypse. 1m; ittiake Hug 13, 1 5, 1 7, 2 0, 2 2, 2 1, S ept 3 2. 2 5pm (3. 1 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) i Special Ticket Offer: Smoke/A Good Day to Die £6.00 (£4.00) both shows. ★ A GOOD TORobert DIE by AndrehasTabrizifer. Who shavesandthetouching barber? After two ■\7 Shears on death0,DAY comedy. 22,row, 2A4,2Good 7,29,3Day1,SArtok eptto Di3 e/Smoke 3.the 20pmanswers. (4.£6.15)00 (£4.A£4.00)dark 0both 0 (£3.shows. 00) is) f iug facial13,1Ti5,c1ket7,2Offer: i CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY B.O.S. THEATRE C : COMPANY ° ♦1 pj p3 p Lj i i'enue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. U0 11 }|-ITTLE SHOP HORRORS After a successful run in Cambridge, theRowbizarre world flostthedangerous Little ShopOFofarrives in Edinburgh. Enter the underworld of Skid where the plants awaits you. Anappeals hilarious and energetic production with an itremely cast,21which 12 Sept talented 4 {not Tueyoung 17,24, Thur 7.50pm (9.15)to all £5.ages. 00 (£4.00)

CEILIDH HOUSE Venue 9-The Ceilidh House & Iron Jazz Cellar, Hunter Square, High Street J10 MUSIC SESSIONS Edinburgh' premierDropmeeting folkareandajazz musicians. Impromptu music sessions everysnight. in for aplace drink.forIf you musician don't forget your instrument. Aug 12-Sept 4 8.00pm (12 midnight) Free THE JAZZ CELLAR Burning modern jazz from Boston pianist Steve Hamilton's Quartet. Aug 2228 THE9.happening 00pm (11.30)jazz hot £4.50spot(£4.0of01 the festival! Don't miss this! CELTS AT THE CALEDONIAN •• Venue 94-The Mailings, Caledonian Brewery, Slateford Road. Tix & Info 220 1550 11 Outer Three weekend festivals, within the Festival, at the Caledonian Brewery where quality foodatistheserved all daythroughout, and Caledonian' s this rangeoneof offineEdinburgh' cask-conditioned ales are poured bar, open makes s best venues foravailable. concertTickets and dance. 4, 4a,Music 28, 29,Centre 34, 43, 44. Late taxis also atBuses Tronfrom TavernCityandcentre Acoustic CEOLBEGrhythms One of Scotland' s finestsongbands producing a powerful sound with modern Aug 20,29 8.00pmbehind (11.00)music£5.and 00 from the rich Scottish tradition. WOLFESTONE Scotish folk/rock at its finest. Bop til! you drop to this dynamic band22in their8.00pm only(11.festival Aug 00) performance. £5.00 ACT TO BESeannachie, CONFIRMED Watch for fliers. Alandl concerts supported by top acts including Palaver, The Tron Band more to be announced. Aug 27 8.00pm (11.00) £5.00 ALTAN Scotland' s favourite Irish band bring their unique quality virtuoso performance to Edinburgh Aug 28 8.00pm (11.00) £5.in 0their 0 only festival performance. MEN AND AinDOG A newfestival perspective on Irish music. A big driving sound. AFOUR band performance: Sept 3 for8.0the0pm90s (11.00) their£5.only 00 ' SHOOGLENIFTY + ACT TBC Celtic rave/funk and whatever. Original, rhythmic, abrasive, Sept 5 subtle. 8.00pm (11.Don'00)t forget£5.0your 0 dancing feet (fliers will keep you up-dated). CHILDREN' SHOWSkidsAND WORKSHOPS gameswillto entertain andSoccupy + dance and other Afternoon workshops shows, (fliers andacts,posters up-date). Aug 21,22,28,29, Sept 4,5 1.00pm (6.00) Free EVENING CEILIDHS Hugh A sortMacDiarmid' of birl-aerobics to some Scotland's Robert best dance bands. s Haircut; Ceilidhof Collective; Fish Band.21,28,WildSeptCigarillos, Aug 4 8.00pm (11.00) £4.50 CHANGEINSPEAK Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba’s by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★ WRETCHED GROOMS Newtoblack comedy bythese Simonwretched Blake. Were theyandartists? Con men? An accident waiting happen? With grooms their -dubious bride only one thing was'Bcertain only real is life itself. 'Brave and remarkable' eautifully—thewritten andscam exquisitely choreographed' What'15 sSeptOn.4 The 12.Independent. Aug 15pm (1.50) £5.00 (£4.00) CHINESE FESTIVAL MUSIC ° ’ * *• Venue 25—Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 CHINESE FESTIVAL MUSIC Chinese music by leading performers Beijing and Shanghai, thisandis thebooks, bestmaps, of accessible classical, folkcrafts, and costumes, traditionalfromculturewith song, dance, cassettes, arts and talks and masterclasses. Not difficult music, very visual, with striking similarity to Scottish and Irish30music. Aug Sept 4 6.30pm (7.50) £5.00 (£3.00) MIMI CICHANOWICZ ° - 2 Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ WARSAW MERMAID Created andpartperformed bysetsAmerican Mimi Cichanowicz. The mermaid discovers her inability to her legs her, but not her legs, apart! Scale shedding liberationsings, led by Gustav swims. Klimt, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Cole Porter and 29others. Aug Sept 4She 10.speaks, 10pm (11.10) dances, £3.50 (£3.00) Fairytale quality. DEBORAH CLAPP ° 1 Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 ★ RECIPE FOR AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE performedOFby LIBERTY Deborah Clapp —ACABARET transforming castKILLS of characters fromwritten Americaand—STATUE QUITS; SINGER FOR LIPSTICK; THEATRICAL COSTUMIER HITS LATE-LIFE CRISIS; BOSTON HOUSEWIFEEXPLOSION. (inspired by Stephen Hawking) INVENTS BLACK Aug 29 SeptHOLE4 CAKE 7.00pmCAUSING (8.00) COSMIC £3.00 MARGI CLARKE , Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 21SexSTGuide' CENTURY SCUT Star of ' L etter to Brezhnev’, ' M aking Out', andto the'Theheights Good in her first solo show. Rises from the depths of depression ofanddepravity. A laugh from every orifice with Liverpool's comedy queen. 'Outspoken Aug 20,uninhibited' 1319,21,2272,2924 28,3Today. 0,£8.Sept Aug 50 (£7.1-3501 11.00pm (12.15) £7.50 (£6.50) 31

GOLD BIER presents Hie Musk Box EKEl 9c Victoria Street Tel: 220 4847 FOOLS PARADISE “Scotland’s top cabaret venue” The Scotsman

Moray House Venue No 108 Holyrood Road Tel: 556 5184 nick witty Time Out and Polo Award Winner “Fabulous, inspired Humour” The List 5.45pm Friday 13th - Saturday 4th (not Mondays) 9.45pm Mondays 16th, 23rd, 30th harland williams The USA’s fastest rising new comedy star “A brilliant comic” Hollywood Dramalogue 7.00pm Friday 13th Saturday 4th (not Mondays)

Fringe legend returns for his I Ith year “Multi-talented Musical supremo” Time Out 8.20pm Friday 13th - Saturday 4th

Emmy Award winner and star of The Tonight Show 9.45pm Friday 13th Saturday 4th (not Mondays)

Late night cabaret like you’ve never seen before 12.30am Friday 13th - Saturday 4th

Ttaverse Theatre Cambridge Street Tel: 228 1404 Venue No 15 bruce morton Perrier Award Nominee and Scotland on Sunday Critics Award Winner “A comic tour de force” Independent 10.30pm Monday 30th - Saturday 4th £8.00 & £5.00 cone judy pascoe (Austin Picnic in Ethiopia Melbourne Festival Comedy Award Winner “Provokes devastating laughter with every line she utters” The Scotsman ll.OOpm Tuesday 31st - Saturday 4th £7.00 & £4.00 cone FOOLS PARADISE SHOWCASE The best of Fools Paradise and more... “The Scottish laughter heaven ” The Herald 7.00pm Monday 30th £12.50 & £10.00 cone 32

norman lovett Star of BBC 2’s I, Lovett “The least exciteable but funniest stand-up around" The Guardian 6.00pm Friday I3th - Sunday 29th (not Mondays) 9.45pm Tuesday 31st - Saturday 4th linda smith First full length show from British Comedy Awards Nominee “As crucial as a 10% swing at a By-Election” The Stage 7.15pm Friday 13th - Saturday 4th mark steel Time Out Comedian of the year & Edinburgh Festival Critics Award Winner “If only all subversives were like him” NME 8.30pm Friday 13th Saturday 4th john hegley Observer Magazine’s Comedian's Comedian & Guardian Poet “Hilarious deadpan comic” City Limits 9.45pm Friday !3th -Sunday 29th corky and the juice pigs (Canada) Canada’s number one comedy export “You’ll weep with laughter” The Scotsman 11.15pm Friday 13th Saturday 4th john cooper clarke The return of the legendary punk poet 6.00pm Monday 30th - Saturday 4th ALL SHOWS £6.50 & £5.00 cone unless stated


THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) SOCIETY Venue 111-St. Andrew & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 FESTIVALsetting CEILIDH Welcome to&anSt.evening ofs Church. traditionalThemusic in the Branch delightfulof Georgian of St. Andrew' s George' Edinburgh the Society brings you the music of Scotland's oldest instrument blended with27Clarsach others7.3and Aup 0pm with 110.001voices.£5.50 (t4.5D) FIDDLE, HARP & VOICE Isobel and Jim Ferguson entertain with traditional songs,23 haunting jigsMieras Aug 7.30pm airs, (9.30)and lively £4.50 (£3. 50)and reels. ABOUT TIME Wendy Stewart traditional and original music on the acoustic and electroharp Aug 24 7.3from 0pm (9.Europe 30) and£4.5beyond 0 (t3.50) plus surprise guests. MINSTRELS& MAKARS A miscellany of traditional music with Anne Macdearmid (voice25 and7.clarsach) Aug 30piw (9.30)and Alistair £4.50 (£3.Marshall 50) (whistle and Northumbrian pipes). MARY ANN andKENNEDY & CHARLOTTE PETERSEN-HOMECOMING Contemporary Aug 26 7.30pm (9.3traditional 0) £4.50Scottish (13.50) harp and Gaelic song. Venue 118-Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Tickets 440 2159. PI Outer WESTLIN’ WINDS Rosemary present McKerchar (voice/clarsach) and Linda Howie ' Aug (voice/Lowland 17 and 22 pipes/recorders) 8.00pm (9.45) £4.50 (£3.5a0)lively programme of Scots music. ISOBEL MIERAS with songscentury. and stories from the ancient Scottish ballads to music and 29poetry Aug and 31of the8.twentieth 00pm (S.4S) £4.50 (£3.50) . — CLYDE UNITY THEATRE ° ••• | Venue 20-Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 06 ★ ACCUSTOMED TO HER FACE by John Binnie. A dirty-humoured, lifeiSAug affirming, drama about 2 women falling in love... Cross-cultural... explosive ... sexy. 17.19J1. 2,4 2.00pm (3.30) £5.50 (£3.50) WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNG Unity Theatre'W(Independent Award Winner/Fringe return with theplayClyde hysterically The World ! Young' by P.V.C. JohnFirsters) Binnie. A childhood aboutbigfirstfunny days developing athenschool, 1978, Was lost innocence, schoolbags, gay wee brothers, sisters, chests and the terror Aug 16,18,2of0,2high 2,24,2school. 6,28,30,S...eptPhysical 1.3 2....00pmexuberant (3.30) ...£5.heartrending. 50 (£3.50) 0 , COCK UP YOUR EARS WITH THE MAN ’G2*3* sVj1 Venue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 COCKofUPzoology YOURandEARS WITH THEFar MAN THE MAN is the combination ofheacademic ser) the study psychology. outreaching old fashioned hypnosis releases inner and persona of stageoriginal subjects of honesty. It's funny, it's it's totally and inthat'ansexplosion why he plays to capacity audiences (rsk|| dramatic everywhere, Aug 15-22,29Septbecause 4 12anything midnight can (1.30)happen.£6.0Not 0 (£5.for00) the faint hearted!

Monday 23rd August to Sunday 29th August 7 Nights | Concerts at 9.15pm the fringe club \Afgftks 2 & 3

IEk Venue DAVE COHEN m • 2151 J7 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tin .225 6520(226 OL' BLACK EYES IS BACK One of the top stand-ups in the country, star of Radio :Ta a1'snoticeable ‘Songlines'improvement and 'Loosetalk'in .everyone' Last year's smood. selloutGo'Cohen thedroves.' Barbarian'The, 'gList. enerates in your 'Theof 2t J survivors of his acute observation depart tingling with hilarity about the choas the world' The4.15pmStage.(5.15) Aug 13-23 Aug 25 Sept 4 6.45pm (7.45) £5.00 (£4.00) nr;the collaborative Mlf Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ PRIVATE An funny interactive multimedialookjourney into theviolence violationandof :J 8\ Blanche DuBois.PROPERTY A remote. dangerous, and raw. high-tech at voyeurism, who controls the Raucous and In video veritas? You decide. From |Hb acclaimed 'Confrontational' The Voice. 'A powerful piece of theatre' W27.1329 (notNewTubsYork17,2run. Aug 4) 12.15pm (1.15) £5.00 (£4.00) COMEDIANS RAINER HERSCH AND STEVE gti BEST i' Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 KNOWS BEST Selltheout inacute 1991,jokesstand-up comedianScotsman) Rainer returns Hersch ■'v I, with ('RAINER Outstanding ... has some of most on the Fringe' friend, brilliantentertainments clown Steve Best (' ... see greatthisvisual C; t^One ofhisthe bestthecomedy you will year.wit'CosySunday theatre,Times.) very central location, licensed bar. Aug 14. 1 5. 2 0-22, 2 7, 2 8 10. 2 0pm (11. 2 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 1619,23-26 10.20pm (11.20) £4.50 (£3.50) E COMEDY FACTORY jm j lVenue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Ti« 225 6520)226 2151 J7 STRICTLY BATHROOM The Festival' fattestsweat cabaret returns, after Featuring its 1992 IIIa F: Andrew sellout run,Barclay with the large mens who pleasure. funny'unsightly The'Sketches, Scotsman) fromslickness, BBC'fors your 'Theverve BrittasandEmpire' and... Idh I!3Remarkably Newsrevue' senjoyable!' Keith('veryWickham. songs, energy Aug 13 Sept 4 (not Tubs 24 orTheThursList.2) 11.45pm (12.45) £5.00 (£4.00)

love and money Monday 31st August to Friday 3rd September 5 Nights 33






COMEDY STORE PLAYERS 'Venue 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 COMEDY See JosiesLawrence, Paul Merton, Neil the Mullarkey, Leein Simpson improvisation. andSTORE RichardPLAYERS Vranch —London' Store Players—in ultimate comedy Bookcomic now asinvention soldComedy outatinits1991, 1992! 'Amazingly talented team present spontaneous very best' Time Out. ' L ondon' s premier Aug 23 28improvisation 10.00pm (11.group' 151 Guardian. £3.00 (£6.001 THE COMEDY ZONE Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 THE COMEDY ZONE Total '91Winner & '92. TheBOOTHBY festival's best cabaret evening returns with Time hosting Out Sellouts Award GRAFFOE ('Rising megastar' S cofsma/r), WOODY BOP MUDDY and his Record Graveyard lj nonsense (’Hystericalcomedy' DemonStandard) DJ' Guardian), fast-talking MATHEW HARDY ('B('rilliant, and sadistic psycho-poet MR BUCKSTEAD Wickedlyno funny'11 Sept Independent). Aug 4 /not Aug 16.BOOK Sept 2)EARLY10.45pm (12.30) £7.50 (£6.00) COMMOTION Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 NO MATTER WHAT Director; Phelimbottles McDermott. Commotion with wonders of The Universe, and doors. 'Original andgrapple hysterically funny, combining allA festival the bestQuarks, pointsmilkoffresh, acting,lively, timing, mimicry and general messing around' City Life. ' highlight; funny, supremely energetic' The Stage.13 Sept For 4ages 7-107.IBJues 311 12.30pm (1.45) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug (not Mon COMMUNICADO THEATRE COMPANY Venue 15-Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. ★ THE LEGEND JULIAN A baby is Julian born into abecome medievala Saint. world of ritual, mysticism and muck.OFis toHisSTtouch fate ishell. inescapable. price ofMulgrew. his redemption Devised by the willcompany. Directed The by Gerry BOOK NOW ... REMEMBER CYRANO! Aug 17, 1 9, 2 1, 2 4, 2 7, 3 1, S ept 3 3. 3 0pm (5. 4 5) £8. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug Aug 22,18,225,0,228,8,S2ept9,Sept1,42 7.1200pmnoon(9.(2.15)15) THE CONDOS! Venue 98-IVIarco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 THE CONDOS areHeckler. only onFeaturing for 4 days! 'Excellently performedJonathan hysterical songs in perfect harmony' Perrier Award runner-up Kyddsongs of BBC Scotland' s ' 2 000 Not Out' and ' P unch Drunk' . Jonathan also writes the for LWT' s Brian Conley. ' H ysterical... Superb Evening' Festival Times. People with wigs 50p extra. Aug 2730 8.00pm (9.00) £4.50 (£4.00)

CORDON PRODUCTIONS Venue 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 19 ★ LET AMERICA by Gavin Bolus.—aAbaffling King's command s warancruelty adventurer' s luckCOME —athishidden agenda tyrantdiscoverer —not—a toPrincess' mention love, and betrayal in drama about Vasco de Balboa, of the Pacific. Aug 9 14 7.30pm (9.45) £4.00 (£2.50) Venue 11-0iverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 BALTHAZAR Gavin Bolus. New 'telling of the Wise men'Thes journey to Bethlehem. 'AugVivid23 28and evocative' The Stage. F ine dramatic writing' Scotsman. 1.50pm (2.40) £2.00 CORKY AND THE JUICE PIGS Venue 50-The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 CORKY JUICEhighPIGS This Canadian trio issongs, back with anoutoutlandish new show. 'for...AND highTHE velocity, intensity, wham bam beltedcamp, withoutzany any regard audience inhibitions' The List, ' a surreal blend of the kitsch, and 13absurd' TheMans Scotsman. Aug Sept 4 (not 18.23,301'Hugely11.1enjoyable' 5pm (12.15) Time£6.Out. 50 (£5.Onions, 00) pants, afro's. CORSTORPHINE DRAMA GROUP q ^ Venue 88-Corstorphine Youth Centre, 14 Kirk loan, Corstorphine. Tickets 334 3532 J1 Outer ★ FOILED AGAIN! Tony teacher O'Boyle.Roderick Swashbuckling funSandra. as zanyNew Ad man Donnieby crosses swords with1992byfencing over wife comedy company whose sellout ' J ock' s Trap' was ' e ffervescent ... gutsy.' The Evening Aug 23-28News.7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£4.00) COURAGEOUS PETTICOATS m Venue 98-IVIarco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★wasTONIGHT I' M ENTERTAINING RICHARD GERE He was just a film star, and she just a Bristolian escaping her family in Fishponds. Together Richard Gere Teresa find happiness in Tooting. Find how. Ticket includes midday refreshment from13-21, theTotiToti Aug 29 SeptCafe—capuccino 4 12 noon (12.&4biscuits. 5) £3.Written 50 (£2.50)and performed by Cecilia Delatori. COXCOMB THEATRE Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 NO WAY OUT A new translation of Sartre' classic nightmare. Three strangers arrive(HUIS in find, HellCLOS) expecting flames, spikes and sgrotesquely mis-shapen dwarves. They soon however, that there are far worse ways to spend eternity. Anprofessional intense depiction of sexual and emotional conflict presented by experienced semiAug 30 Sept 4 actors. 5.00pm (6.15) £4.00 (£3.00)

CONJUGAL WRITES G7 Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 CONJUGAL WRITES Inspired bylessons performing 'AnNOT IdealtoHusband' in theIf you' Westve End, Conjugal Writes present 3 satirical in how get married. ever been toldseeto ''gTrow up, get married, and start actingChekov) like a and responsible society' he Proposal' & 'The Bear' (Anton 'Marriage’member (Nikolaiof Gogol). Aug 20-26, 3 0, Sept 14 12 noon (1. 0 0) £7. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 2729 12 noon (I OOI £8.00 (£6.00)

CROTCH Street. Tickets 661 9121. Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 G13 CROTCH by Barry Cooper, Nick Doodyparody, and Benrhetoric, Willbond.surrealism, Original, black high-velocity comedy experience, uniquely blending humour and audio effects. ' D efies classification ... the most brilliant comedy writing Oxford has everOxford produced ... these people will undoubtedly be household names in the future.' Aug 15 Sept 4 (notStudent. Tues 17,24,31, Sept 21 10.00pm (11.30) £4.50 (£3.50)

JULIAN COPE i Venue 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 I1 JULIAN COPE promising A week ofansolo 'skellingtal' performances from the self-styled Floored Genius, indulgent foray into the depths of a musical career spanning over 14further years, into plusthean extensive previewmusic, of newwith songs.tremendous Cope follows creative instinct world of acoustic results.his Unique; unmissable. Aug 23-29 9. 1 5pm (11. 0 0) £8. 5 0 (£7. 5 0 Cones and Fri n ge Cl u b Members) Ticket Price includes Fringe Club Membership for the evening.

CRUMPET THEATRE COMPANY H9 Venue 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 ABIGAIL' S PARTY CRUMPET THEATRE return tofunny the Fringe with Mike Leigh'airss hilarious social comedy, Abigail' s Party. ' A painfully impression of social and disgraces.’ The Times. 'Starts asTelegraph. an hilarious piece of discussion and lands up with29-Sept shocking Aug 4 results.' 3.00pm (5.The00) Sunday £4.00 (£3.50) 'Hugely funny' The Listener.

THE COMEDY STORE PLAYERS > '"'Xn including x A ifc





MON 23 sat 28 aug GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE BOX OFFICE: 031 650 2001

CURRIED GOAT Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 CURRIED 'Ttohreetheyoung talentsafter servelastsketches spice' Independent. Curriedunleash GoatGOAT return Pleasance year'hour s with sellout show.TheCome and and see them the power offunny’ the Goat in their all-new of free-wheeling, slick inventive comedy. ' V ery Radio One. Awake and smell the Goat. Aug 1315. 1 719, 2 2, 2 4 26, 3 0, Sept 14 12 midnight (1. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 20,21,27,28,29 12 midnight (1.00) £5.50 (£3.50) CURTAINS THEATER Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 ★ 12 STEPS TO A MOREauthor DYSFUNCTIONAL YOU and Texas' original portrays works theater brings its best. Houstonian Rob Nash hilariously poignantly every member ofdivorce, an upper-middle class Texas familyandstruggling throughshortsuchof brilliant.' modern issues asNews. addiction, therapy, sex, AIDS, love. 'Nothing Public14 Sept Aug 4 (not Tubs 241 10.00pm 111.55) £4.00 (£3.50) CYMBELINE Venue 109-Zippo's Big Top, The Meadows, nr. Buccleuch St. Tickets 662 0352 CYMBELINE multi-national cast,andworking together, bringing own traditions ofphysical theatrescale to theAtotext of Cymbeline usingproduction. five languages, the their imagery, create apower, uniquefamily touring The story of man'visual s loveandof national pride, of deceit, and hope! Aug 13,14,15 7.30pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.50) DANCETELLER—PHILADELPHIA •••• Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 REMINISCENCE OF A SOUTHERN GIRLHOOD U S. performer Trina Collins dances and acts two African-American women and a white girl growing up American South in the Fifties. 'A tourInnocent. de force.Humorous. Strong. Entertaining. Provocative.in Irreverent. Indomitable. Graceful. Poignant. Courageous,' Plain Dealer. Theatrical epiphany celebrating the triumph of women over racism. Directed Aug 13 Septby4 Philip (not SunsArnoult. 15,22,29) 12.30pm (1.40) £6.00 (£3.00) KEVIN DAY Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 I WAS TEENAGE RACIST boy wonder... like1'as lad, talksTalk.) like aKevin' man’sASunday Times. He' s alsofor('Streatham' very funnyswill andtake the you starfrom oflooks Radio Loose third brand new show Edinburgh right to left and leave you laughing and slightly moist. An Incidental Theatre production. Aug Aug 20,1419,21,222,7,2248,26,30 29 Sept6.15pm4 (7.36.0)15pm (7.£7.30)00 (£6.£6.00)00 (£5.00) JACK DEE Q > Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 JACK DEE Star of his own TV series ' T he Jack Dee Show' and winner ofIf you the Guardian Critics Award, Jack returns to Edinburgh with a brand new show. ' were only going to catch one stand-up at this year's Fringe then Jack should be the one.' Scotsman. Aug 29 Sept 4 10,15pm (11.25) £9.00 (£8.00) Venue 116-Assembly at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tix 226 2428, or on day of perf. 229 9281 M8 JACK DEE StarAward. of his own TV series 'The Jack Dee Show' and winner of the Guardian Aug 28 Critics 10.00pm (11.10) £9.00 (£8.00) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES) if OPEN 10am -7am '


DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS (USA) Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 Gj! WHIP IT California' the Word' Beverleyand Sisters in miniGirls'skirts. UK T\. appearances include 'sCliveanswer James’,toon-stage The 'theandGolden . Theharmonie Tripleti individual song styling, hilarious bantering incomparable combine Aug 1316 for an11.ageless 30pm (12.'4r5)ocking£6.good 50 (£5.triplet 50) time' that always bring the house dowi Venue 116-Assembly at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tix 226 2428, or on day of perf. 229 9281 WHIP IT From Bob Hope to Pee Herald Wee Herman to Edinburgh! Catch the "faste: rising18 stars Aug Sept 4in(notHollywood"—Af/am/ Tues 24,31) 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£5.50) DEMARCO EUROPEAN ART FOUNDATION 0 : Venue 22-Demarco European Art Foundation, St. Mary's School, Albany St/York La. Tickets 556 7128 DEMARCO EUROPEAN ART FOUNDATION In a new ideal, festival performance-study centre: masterclasses, lectures, symposia, exhibitions, films—including actorsUniversity—British, and artists—inperformancea| associatioT with Poland' s SanokBulgarian, TheatreSarajevo' Festival sandleading Kingston Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, Austrian, French actors,Bosniarfl < ' '’ students working and studying together. Aug 15-Sept 4 See Daily Diary for full details. DESPERATE MEASURES Venue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Momingside Road. Tickets 447 7597. SINGING THEveteran NEWSWeeAentY/nfir' Desperate sMeasures the satirical WeekendverseGuardian' ®* Simon Raesand Bil Walliswithinpresents a sparkling ofcompleting today' headlines, tomorrow' s history, singer/songwriter Sue travestw Cassor|l the motley crew on piano. Aug 16-21 12.30pm (1.30) £5.50 (£4.00) DEVAYANI Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 EXOTICA Devayani' 'powerful command of thesolomusic... and captivating! stage —Beyond T/tes Scotsman—in an'Mesmeric Indian dancesensuous show—Fesf/Va/ to reach the stars,. Beyondpresence' tradition. modernity. performance' Times. An exploration of the Exotic and the Mysterious by the dancer and choreographer^ Devayani. A programme of imaginative touches. Aug 29 Sept 4 8.20pm (9.40) £4.00 (£3.50) DEX DIPPER THEATRE COMPANY ° • • Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G12 ★ THE GREAT PLANETARY CAKE SHOW JoinpotDexof Dipper, Environmental Investigator, on his toughest case yet. Take a mixed toxic waste, planetary awareness, mystery and suspense; add a liberalexperience' dose of zany(Headteacher—' comedy, and you' re eatingmurder, 'a mostfamily. stimulating and unforgettable Lichfield) Aug 23 Septfor4 all the 10.30am (11.15) £3.50 (£1.75) DIFFICULT WOMEN •••• Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 ^J9 DIFFICULT WOMEN Enjoy an afternoon with Frida Kahlo, and other colourful: DIFFICULT WOMEN. A one woman show accompanied by a one man orchestra, Entertaining, edifying,found it boasts incisive wit, sardonic exclamation, explaining, why these women it necessary to speak impolitely! VAN while HEK knows her women Aug 1329and shares 4.00pm their (5.15) PASSION £5.00 (£4.with00) YOU.

Awake and smell the Goat. Venue 33. Midnight.

!illyDIG IN THE RIBS THEATRE COMPANY , ° ’»2 3 ^Ifeiiue 34-Adam House Theatre, S Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 BIRDSTheFrom a Sufi poet, via Peter Brook, comes **) i' travelled, the★ THE storyCONFERENCE ofcrossed man’sdeserts searchOFand forTHE hisrealms heart. route that The Conference of the Birds that none have returned from. Only the seven jl;' Aug birds15-21 that reached 6.15pmits(7.4finish, 5) £4.know 50 (£3.this00)tale. GEORGE DILLON/VITAL THEATRE • • • • Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 'TThehe vocal craft ofprecision acting carried to a new pinnacle ofof virtuosity' SCOTLAND ONSUNDA Y. 'that of Geilgud, the presence Marceau and a heart, mind and attack all his own sold-out—so ... devastating.'bookGUARDIAN. Biyeareconsistently now. Dillon's previous Edinburgh seasons BERKOFF’S 1 990's reinterpretation. 'Not toDenise be missed account ... thisDECADENCE production exceptional!' AN...wMh Evans.on any Aug 4 (4.2.3is0)50pm (4.£6.30)50 (£5.£6.5GUARDI Aag 20,IS 19,21,22372925.30 Sept2.50pm 0)00 (£5.00) OF EDGAR POE In his o\ a words, the life and soulr THE of13.theREMEMBRANCE Horror. ALLAN Unmissable. Aug 1279,arch-priest 25.20,S1.O.30pm Septof(2.2,33Gothic I Aug 2011 and 0) 1.3£6.0pm50 (2.(£5.30)50) £6.00 (£5.00) il DOSTOEVSKY' S DREAM OF A RIDICULOUS MAN 'U1990 Independent Award Norpinee. 'M'Ry emarkable!' Fringe Discovery!' SUNDAY TIMES. napologetic virtuosity!' I Aug GUARDIAN, TIMES. 14 2. 5 0pm (3. 5 0) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) ,| Aug Aug 29IB,17,24,1.S30pm ept 1.(2.4 30) 1.30pm £6.50(2.(£5.30) 50) £6.00 (£5.00) tji daring BERKOFF' S SAY A PRAYER FOR ofME/HELL 'FEVENING unny, harrowing, NEWS. real, surreal ... Aug 11,14,11performance 28,23.312.50pm1.(3.3...0pm50)nothing £6.0short 0 £6.(£5.0000)(£5.brilliant!' Aug (2. 3 0) 0 0) Aug 21,28 1.30pm (2.30) £6.50 (£5.50) DINOSAUR Mpe 70-Caledonian Club, 32 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 2675 ★ SEMI-PRECIOUS DINOSAUR and PRECIOUS PRODUCTIONS presentmoreSEMI*l PRECIOUS. A newDancing, comedy by Marcus SEMI-PRECIOUS sex thansmiles Dirty more romanceAThompson. than Strictlysequined, Ballroomhairnetted, and muchhasmore farce V appeal and fake than Come Dancing. glittery, has-been, never-was tells of her rise and fall and fall. Aug 16-26 Inot Sun) 8.15pm (9.30) £4.50 (£4.00) 1 DIVADLO K 1 Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 (POW, POW, POW, POW) POW) How times hashasHAMLET beenplay.performed? Ill★n HAMLET HAMLET (POW, Hamlet,manysickened, left the jjiGertrude andtheatre others cajole him into martyring himself oncethemes more. Using dance,Ophelia, *1j iand and physical skills DIVALDO K explore the bloody of Hamlet. Amime dark comic tour de force. : Aug 30Sept 4 4.30pm (5.30) £5.00 (£3.00) DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS -Venue 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 ^EDINBURGH' S polish OWN ofUNIQUE AWARD-WINNING COMMUNITY VENUE-' between rthe sponsored the Assembly Rooms and the dire risks of the commercialised •’Fringe' isincluding a place where reason prevails. Open 9.30am — 12 midnight. Cafe, over 40 "jshows, jlArts workshops. theatre, music, poetry, dance, magic and our usual wide variety of THE BIGGEST spoofmob. set inSuitable New York •MiBronx magically HAMBURGER growing burgerINcutsTHEtheWORLD mustard1920' withs the for IN ifamilies/children. "Hittf 9-14 3.15pmBy(4.0Abracadabra. 0) £3.00 (£1.50) SILENTturned CONVERSATIONS presentedcollage by Brahma Kumaris. to have your 1 "world of mime, soundPrepare and vision. 2328 2.upside 45pm (4.down. 15) An£1.5exciting 0 (£1.00) MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Chameleon Theatre Company. Shakespeare' s tjiwittiest |iS4iig 16-21comedy 7.15pmof the(8.4sexes. 5) £4.A small 00 (£2.scale, 50) no gimmicks production. Original music. j * FORESTS OF THETheNIGHT by Jackie Brent. Chameleon Theatre Company. .Psychological "TMf 2328 4.thriller. 45pm (5.45) tiger£3.5with 0 (£2.a50)twist in the tail. THE DUMB WAITER Edinburgh People'blend s Theatre. Award-winning production Lierfectly of humour and the macabre. • ig 23-28 capturing 6.45pm Harold (7.30) Pinter' £2.50s (£1.unique 50) 'HUNDER THIGHS BLUEBLADE Company. Thunder |jThighs images.&1/10 women whoEverywoman have anorexiaTheatre die. Blueblade—she loved r, he—Media killed 5.her. 11621 15pmThe(6.4cause 5) £3.HIV?00 (£1.50) .MiSinatra . BEINGandFRANK by Alan Vicary. Classic saloon songs from a man obsessed with mut 16-20.23-28suicide.11.First 15am Base (12.45)Theatre. £3.50 (£1.75) IANoEVENING IN AUGUST Intimate Theatre. Scottish-Swedish co-production, actors enter ig2328 1.15pmAugust (2.15) Strindberg' £3.00 (£2.s09)fevered mind, to be crushed by genuis. [ iilaywrite A THE DIARY OF A MADMAN Be transported to 18th C. Russia by Radio 4 McLaren ‘ g 16-21 Colin9.15pm (10.30)in this£4.hilarious 50 (£3.50)physical comedy. Kak Theatre. SHARED This provocativefrom and challenging work about the AIDS crisis || t*eturns in an5.PASSION explosive 15pm (6.15) new £3.production 50 (£2.00) Kickback Theatre. OVE IS ... an entertainment in verse, prose and song presented by The •Mercators “'•"j 9-14 —one 9.15pmof(10.Edinburgh' 00) £3.s0longest 0 (£2.00) established drama groups. s

BOLD GIRLS ModernBelfast Timeswomen’s Theatre Company. Rona Munro'intimacy s award-winning play dwelling on three lives. Unsentimental and raucous humour. Aug 16-21 3.15pm (4.45) £3.50 (£2.00) RABBIE BURNS YER TEA'andS OOT! Msfits. By Rona Munro and Fiona Knowlesshe' s funny, Aug 23-28 8.she' 00pms feminist (9.30) £3.5she' 0 (£2.s00)back —'Contagious' Scotsman. THE PARA HANDY WIRELESS SHOW Vital Sparksbroadcast Productions presents Neil Munro' famous live00)radio in 1938—hilarious. Aug 9-21s(not Sun 15)Para Handy 1.15pmstories (2.45) as if£3.for00a (£2. ★'vamps' VAMPIRE LESBIANS OF SODOM Witty late night show by Charles Busch that Aug 9-14 the10.genders 30pm (11.from 30) ancient £4.50 Sodom (£3.00) to present day. Three Sirens Company. TIMELAG A new playand'Timelag' tells the story of two lifers' attempts to come to★ terms Aug 9-14 with7.3their 0pm (8.guilt 30) £3.innocence. 50 (£2.00) DARKER SIDE OF EVE House Of Apollo. From the first bite to the last sentence ... Powerful, insight(11.1into Aug 23 28 'true'10.15pm 5) the£4.crimes 00 (£2.0of0) today's Eve's . HOLMESstories, IN THEsetCOUNTRY A one-man playby starring Colin Brown. Two Sherlock Holmes in the country, narrated Doctor Watson. Aug 23-28 6.45pm (8.15) £2.50 (£1.50) BALTHAZAR Gavin Bolus. Solo play about the Three Wise Men. 'Vivid and evocative' Stage. Aug 23-28 The1.50pm (2.30)'Fine dramatic £2.00 writing' The Scotsman. POEMS FROM Awriting, ROOM Edinburgh Writer' s Association. 'No pretentions, no frills, just read' Edinburgh Aug 239good and 16strong 15pm15)(8.45)engagingly Free. Donations if wished. Evening News. Aug 8.45pm7.(10. UNDERSTANDING MAGAZINE POETRY AND PLAY READINGS Rehearsed readings Aug 24-28 from8.3contributers flpm (11.00) and£2.from 00 (£1.the50) play competition. Readers from the floor. STICK by Bread & Circuses. Sticke examines the Scottish psyche. Five people1719onpresented a train Aug 7.30pmgoing (8.45)nowhere. £3.50 Draws (£1.50) on the power of the written word. ★compelling WILFREDandOWEN Second Splinter Theatre Company presents Wilfred Owen. A compassionate Aug 19-21 8.00pm (9.00) £2.5exploration 0 (£1.50) of the man and his work. TRICKS After last year' s success, Paul Brignall & Allan Astaire present a new9-14showOR9.ofTREATS intimate Aug 15pm (10.45)'close-up' £3.00 magic (£2.00) to mystify and delight audiences of all ages. D.M.D.C (DAVIDSON’S MAINS DRAMATIC CLUB) ° ’ •• Venue 104-Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Ormidale Terrace. HI Outer BEDSIDE MANNERS by Derek Benfield. Unbeknown to each other, a young married couple plan a naughty weekend at the same remote hotel. A shock also awaits partnersofin lies, deceit.confusions The mischievous hotelkeepersituations discoversensues. their secrets. AVENUE frantictheir sequence and compromising NEW FOR D.M.D.C. Aug 25-Sept 4 Inot Sun) 7.30pm (10.00) £4.00 DOUBLE EDGE DRAMA ° 'G-g3 Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 BLOODY DRAMA' third Fringe (founded 1991). ThePOETRY 1992really pressDOUBLE said: 'MEDGE arvellous' BBCSScotland onBent.Theappearance Cure At Troy and '—A production you shouldn' t miss' Independent on BLOODY POETRY Shelley' s and Byron'sstumultuous and revealingimagery. meeting in Switzerland marvellously captured Aug 16,18,2by0,2Brenton' 3.25.27 use 9.45pmof language (11.25) and £4.50 (£3.50) CALIGULA Camus' thrilling portrait of a disturbingly familiar dictator exposes the danger Aug 16,1of8,20,absolute 23,25,27 revolt12.against 15pm (1.5the 5) terrifying £4.50 (£3.futility 50) of life. HENRY IV Pirandello. An intensely moving portrait of madness. It would make a great17,play Aug 19,21,if2it4,2wasn' 6,28 t for9.4real. 5pm (11.25) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ LET ESTHER SPEAK StephensBrown' s dark fairytale of Esther who alone can prevent Aug 17,19,Genocide. 21,24,26,28 From12.the15pmBible' (1.55) Book£4.of50Esther. (£3.50) CURTAINS THEATER, Houston, Texas presents 12 Steps To A More Dysfunctional You An Original Comedy From Texas, U.S.A Festival Club, Adam House Weeks 1,2 & 3 10:00 PM ♦ Call 650-2395 37

Alloa Pubs & Restaurants Presents MINE’S A LARGE ONE By Harold Pinta Act I Scene I. [A lively Edinburgh pub. It could be Maison Hector, Bert's Bar, The Kenilworth, The Victoria & Albert, Deacon Brodies, or Greyfriars Bobby.] Justin Antigone Justin

[Justin d”Antigone are standing at the bar deep in conversation!]

[ Enter two acrobats in spangles and tights. Acrobat i has a broken Shame you didn’t catch my performance today. nose and his arm in a sling.] Sorry. Sweaty palms. Still you went down rather well, I thought. One cannot fail but to be impressed by his references to native Aboriginal culture and the bold use of colour. Justin An attempt at the naive, contrived and utterly without merit or sincerity. [Enter a Mime Artist. He waves his hands violently Barman Alright, alright I’m not deaf. at the bar.] Justin An even superficial glance at the syntax reveals an overweening sense of—of... of.. thingy. Antigone Humph. [ The door opens. Enter two Australian Girls in tutus and boots playing the saxophone. One ofthe Acrobat i Smoke ? Acrobats offers a cigarette! Sheila No thanks. BevOnly after sax. [ They continue to play.] JuSTIN All I’m saying is that without a deeper, underlying metaphysical substructure, all performance art is doomed to shallow fiitility and ultimately failure. Antigone I don’t care what you say. I happen to like Rolf Harris. Barman Time gentlemen please. All (looking at their watches) Twelve minutes past eight. Barman Just checking. Curtain. Member of What’s French for encore ? audience (PLANTED) Alloa pubsOC restaurants Alloa pubs and restaurants. All the variety you can handle. Acrobat i Acrobat z Antigone


No, No, you mistake abstract formal functionalism for pure hidebound reactionary structure. With all due respect to your masters degree in The use of the dactyl in Middle English literature, I think it is you who are mistaken. I think you mean “.. .you whom are mistaken.”

DOUBLE-O-RODGE PRODUCTIONS ••m I Venue 47-The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549 G9 ★ NEVER SAY NEVER ... EVER! 5 person James Bond spoof by writers of sa |Ii forthcoming Channel 4 sitcom. A psychopath plans world domination in the 1970' sense of the word. Only one manofcanfighting, stop him, and he' s wearingdiving. a Safari Suit. Action l Aug packed 16-Septadventure 4 (not Sunslwith plenty 10.30pm (midnight) kissing £5.00and(£4.5scuba 01 DOUG ANTHONY ALLSTARS Benue 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 BLOOD AND GUTS-THE ANTHONY In theof the trueFringe spirit ofClub. the Fringe, DAAS perform theirsweat AlDOUG l New Show insavagery theALLSTARS seedyofbowels ! Experience the violence, and comic these Mad Dogs in their natural No oneHippies! is safe when the Wild Sex Beasts from hell cut loose! No Biting,13-29nohabitat! Aug InotKicking, Mans 16,no2Fringe 31 9.Club 00pmMembership (10.30) £6.for50 (£5. 0 Cones and Fringe Club Members) Ticket Price includes the5evening. (Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 25DAAS; YEARS OF FUN theA compendium of songs and tales from the 25 year career of Aug 18 21the trio11.4with 5pm (1.00)sweetest £7.50voices (£6.50) and most vicious minds on the Fringe. BOB DOWNE Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH BOB DOWNE UNDER! MOVE'An OVER JASON-BOB IS BACK! Your favourite daytime TV-hostand returns with unsurpassed celebration of and hit songs, glittering dance routines inspirational comedy' Times. ' B ook early don' t miss this hilarious send-upGAYLE of everything that Sellout is tacky'9in1 showbusiness' Guardian. Featuring ' Aug Page-3-Stunner TUESDAY. & '92. Aug 1311-12, 14-Sept 9.30pm 4(10.(not55)Aug 16,Sept 2) 8.30pm (9.55) £7.50 (£6.50) DOWNE HOUSE CHORAL ° - ^ Venue 127-St John's Church, West End, Princes Street H6 SISTER ANGELICA by Puccini. Downe House Choral return to the Fringe tosetgivein four fully staged performances, with orchestra, of this original one act opera aincloistered convent.toThiscritical talented choirandfromhasBerkshire has performed widely this24-27countryItalian a reputation for excellence. Aug 6.0and 0pm abroad (7.00) £5.00 (£2.acclaim 50) DOWNTRODDEN THEATRE COMPANY m Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. U0 SAMEpresents OLD STORY Aswoman part of plays their national tour, theandDowntrodden Theatre it4if ! THE Company three one by Franca Rame Dario Fo — Rise And Shine, Coming Homehilariously and The Same yet Old Story. Performed Austin, directed y byAug James moving.byAClaire tour-de-force. 13-Sept French, 4 8.10pm (9.451 funny £4.50 (£4.powerfully 00) ] DRAGON THEATRE COMPANY #» ■4f»nue 70—Caledonian Club, 32 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 2675 F8 :ifl Dragon DEARESTreturnDOROTHY by Charles Barron. Following the success of ' T he Ramsays' , with theJordan award-winning dramatist' sEighteenth acclaimed century and hilarious onewoman play. Dorothy was Queen of the stage and iilimistress of the future King of Britain. Alone and in exile she re-lives her remarkable rvfiiAlife.ug 16-28 (not Sun) 3.30pm (5.30) £5.00 (£3.50) DRAYLON UNDERGROUND jfliyenue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LI 1 ('iijtfunny, OPEN allTHEnewBOX comedy 1 music act world returnofwiththe agoggle-box. scathingly show,The lifting the lidcircuit' ontelevision thes No. seamy, narcotic irfThe Draylons take an aerial view of from Captain Scarlet to Magenta de tifVine. 'Superb comics and0,Septvocalists' Scotsman. Aug Aug 20,14,211,5.217,7 219,8,2292,24-26,6.030pm (7.1400) 6.£6.00pm 00 (£5.(7.000)0) £5.50 (£4.50)

GRAHAM DUFF • ••• Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarkel. fix 225 6520)226 2151 J7 ★fortunes DIARYof OFa manA who MADMAN Gogol' s deliciously surreal comedy follows the findsrealisation his humdrum lifehe isinvaded exploding candelabras, talking dogs andGraham the finalDuff —thatby Perrier King ofbyNominee Spain. Acclaimed comic and improvisor is directed Award Roy Hutchins. Aug 1330 1.30pm (2.45) £5.50 (£4.50) BURROUGHS! William Burroughs outrageous life story performed with humour and 31-Sept vitality4by the1.3master Aug 0pm (2.4character-changer. 5) £5.50 (£4.50) Brighton Festival Best Theatre Award. DUMFRIES AND GALLOWAY ARTS ° • Venue 30-The Metherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 ★ THE ADMIRAL JONESre-unite by Frederic Author and director FIRST— AWARD winning 'BAmerica ozzy' to bringMohr. you this stirring saga ofoftheFRINGE high Britain. seas from revolutionary and France to Imperial Russia and hide-bound JIMMY CHISHOLM plays John Paul Jones —Scottish Adventurer, British Traitor, American Aug 18-SeptHero. 4 (not Suns) 5.30pm (7.15) £6.00 (£4.00) EARTH, WIND & LEMSIP Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH NOW THAT' S WHAT I CALL AMUSING ofFour of the Fringe' s hottest newA: comedians present a Greatest Hits compilation chart-topping comedy. On Side Some Sketches. On Side B: Some groove. More Sketches — but no less funny. See them while stocks last and22,feel the comedy Aug 31,Sept(12.31,0)3,4 £5.11.5030pm Aug 20,13 21517-19, 1,27,28,29 24-26,11.30,30pm (£4.501(12.30) £5.00 (£4.00) EBORACUM ° ■ Venue 101-Rille Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 TIBETAN INROADS It has not been a good year for Dorje: robbed of his love, his home and his testicles he seeks revenge with the aid of necromancy and Marxist revolution. Stephen theatre Lowe's dynamicceiling drama is a fierce study of forbidden love and punishment. Aug 22-28 5.Surely 40pm (7.15) on£4.the 00 (£3.50) of the world. JENNY ECLAIR Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH PEROXIDE COMEDY Afterreturns sellouttotheatrical sucesses with '30 stand-up Somehow'show. and 'Wearing Mummy'toos Little Girl' , Eclair Edinburgh with her first solo red lipstick and'Hbehaving someoneamoral, who fellear-burning off a moped,comedy' Eclair will be raucousmuchin bell-bottoms. ilariouslylikeanarchic, Independent Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Aug 16,Sept 2) 9.15pm (10.15) £6.50 (£5.50) EDINBURGH FESTIVAL VOLUNTARY GUIDES ASSOCIATION • Venue 78-Cannonball House, Castle Hil , Royal Mile. Info 226 7467 J7 FREE WALKING TOURS OF THE ROYAL MILE ROYAL MILE ON FOOT. Tread the ancient closes, admire the old buildings, learn about its bloodthirsty past and the notorious characters. Major Weiron the Wizard,of Deacon Brodie makerothers. and nighttime burglar who perished aevery scaffold his own1947. making,cabinet and many Visitors have appreciated our tours yearn every since Aug 9-Sept 4 Tours last approx 2 hours, and begi 10 minutes between 10am Mon-Sat. Afternoon toursandbegin11ambetween 2pm & 3pm, 7 days a week. EDINBURGH GRADUATE THEATRE GROUP ° Venue 34-fldam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 ABSENT FRIENDS Alan Ayckbourn' s play is a great comic play about atheir disastrous reunion party of 30-something friends, organised to tryis atohilarious cheer up one ofpainfully group, whose fiancee has recently drowned. The result but true disclosure marital infidelity, Aug 18-28 Inotof Sun) 7.30pm (9.30)social £4.embarrassment 00 (£3.00) and bereavement. Danmari Ltd. presents

DREAMHAUS THEATRE ENSEMBLE » » • iMfenue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5106 G7 BEFORE First I GOperformed DreamHausin translation are pleasedattoEssen, re-uniteit isforwhere this their new ensemble qjproduction. Commedia dell' A rte irmeets Expressionist sTheatre creating a zany blend of the tragic and farcical, .Augwhile11-28aGerman man falls 7.45pminto(9.0Siena' 0) £5.market-square 00 (£3.00) ...

HaKOShima'”™ Theatre 16 - 28 August, 12:30 pm BEDLAM THEATRE VENUE 49 Box Office: (031) 225 9893

IPRINK AND BE MERRY ° 'D-Yd iSitenue 103-W6st Corner of York Place & York Lana F10 MINE’S A PINT A protest at the ringing of last orders for 3am pub licences ibSdinburgh using visual images projected onHumph. to the 'MCityparmpouri' street —Free. Party onin uidudes —Be there or be square—love y’all. —Bacchanalian i 3ugle. Hug 15-Sept 4 3.00am (3.20) Free

"Mime Yass Hakoshima dazzles in a twinkling of an eye." China Post



EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL K9 18 sites around Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 Festival time only. EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL JAZZ See jazz, full page advertisement under E.I.J.F. Over 450 hoursnight.of theTickets finestFESTIVAL International from traditional tor modern, lunchtime to late also available from Fringe Office and Queen'ssales, Hall. Full programme available from jazz1642. venues and Fringe office. Prefestival Aug 714 12.information 30|ini (2.00«iw|and programme: Tickets various557 prices. LI Outer Venue 94-The Mailings, Caledonian Brewery, Slateford Road. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL The Gunn and over12.203INTERNATIONAL theBLUES finals the ScottishPaulBluesJones, Band Jumpin' competition.; Aug 13-15 0pmother(1.0bands. 0am) PlusTickets variousofprices. EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL ° ••• LB. Venue 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 WACK FACTORY Seen too many shows? Buck the trend and get your mitts round some science and gruesome technologystage with make-up, the pick ofwacky the Science Festival' s workshops. Come and make objets d' a rt with the Crazy Cardboard crew, X-ray specs, anAllelectronic Mad Music Machine, simple animators1 and basic2pin-hole Aug 18-21, 5-29,Sept photography. 14 11.00am (4.3ages 0) welcome. Free Kits range from £1 to £5. EDINBURGH MUSIC THEATRE COMPANY (MONTAGE) ° Venue 111-St. Andrew & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 TOMFOOLERY This renowned musical revue is a showcase for the unique songs ofTom Lehrer, displaying his genius for caustic and witty lyrics. As relevant today when1828 they(notwere Aug 22,23)written10.in30pmthe(11.50'45)s and £6.60'00s.(£5.00)

FRI 13th AUG to SUN 29th AUG EXCEPT MONDAYS 16th & 23rd 9 PM THE FRINGE CLUB BOX OFFICE : 226 5 138


EDINBURGH PEOPLE’S THEATRE *••• N10 Venue 17-St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton Place COCK O'features THE NORTH Andrew P. Wilson.ambition Set in theand1920'greed s thisbutdelightful comedy youngbylove, middle-aged are loveScots and romance only the preserve of the young? Suitable for all the family. Aug 14 Septa/so4 at(notUsher Suns) Hall7.and 45pmQueen' (10.15) s Hall.£4.00 Tickets Venue 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 THE DUMB Don'tofmiss our award-winning production which captures Harold2328 Pinter'6.sWAITER unique(7.30)blend Aug 45pm £3.0humour 0 (£2.00) and the macabre. EDINBURGH POETRY FESTIVAL Venue 64-Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street. Tickets 0491-410222 G8 EDINBURGH POETRY FESTIVAL ANobreath-taking line-up ofJustpoetspoetry. readingSimon their own work. No critical discussion. theoretical debate. Armitage, Burnside, WendyMorgan, Cope, lain Crichton Smith, Ivor Cutler,Pauline Helen Dunmore,Derick LizJohnLochhead, Shapcott, Stainer, Thomson. Edwin Ticket also givesFiona accessPitt-Kethley, to EdinburghJo Contemporary Art Fair. Daily £9.00 (£4.50) EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND J10 Venue 31-St. Cecilia's Hall, cnr Niddry Street 8i Cowgate. EDINBURGHyear RENAISSANCE BANDcocktail LATE ofNIGHT SHOWmusicForandthedance. 20th successive ERB offers its sparkling Renaissance The unique blend of authentic instruments, costume musicalof high spirits sprovides climax to yourdancers festivalin period day in the historicandsetting St. Cecilia' Hall.8.00pman(9.exciting Aug 20 & 27 3 0) £5. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 21 & 28 VIOL SHOW Cornetts, sackbuts, crumhorns, recorders, viols—n< over2170&RACKETT instruments Aug 28 11.00am—dancers (12.30) in£5.costume. 00 (£2.50) Entertainment for all the family.

A Compendium of Songs & Tales From the 25 Year Career of DAAS WED Igth AUG to SAT 21st AUG 11.45 PM ASSEMBLY ROOMS BOX OFFICE : 226 2428 40

EDINBURGH THEATRE ARTS Venue 8-St. Philip's Centre, Logie Green Road (off Broughton Rd) Tickets 553 1549 Aprevailingly DOLL'S HOUSE Henrik Ibsen highlights women' s anomalous position in 1 male-dominated society thus: 'A woman cannot be byherself contemporary society; it iswhoan exclusively maleconduct society with laws drafted menview'a with counsel and judges judge feminine from the male point of Aug (not Sun) 2.40pm7.40pm Sots 1828 Aug 21,28 (5.10)(10.10) £5.00 (£4.00) EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY SAVOY OPERA GROUP o Venue 36-Festival Club, 915 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 TRIAL BY JURY by Gilbert and Sullivan. Making their debut in the Fringe this versatile and vibrant group present an intimate production in intimate surroundings, as never before!professional' A timeless parodyTelegraph. of the law showing Gilbert and Sullivan their best.seen'A10.lmost Aug 15-21 00pm (11.00) £5.Daily 00 I

THE EDINBURGH YOUNG THEATRE COMPANY ° Edinburgh Childrens Theatre (ECT),Youth The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company (EYTC) and the newly formed Edinburgh Music Theatre (EYMT) present programme with something for everyone. Two musicals, two plays andsureaa varied featuring a large and talented company of 8-18 year olds. Book early—be torevue see all shows! Venue 69-Broughton High School, 1 Carrington Road. Tickets 334 8956 C3 M(Hello AMEDolly A fulletc.). scale(EYMT). production of the long running hit show. Music by Jerry Herman Aug 30 Sept 4 7. 1 5pm (9. 4 5) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0) Matinee Sept 4 2.15pm (4.45) Venue 32-Springwell House, flrdmil an Terrace, off Gorgie Road. Tickets 334 8956 K1 Outer YOUNG ATdance, HEART-1993 An all new version of the 1992 sell out revue-nonstop song, comedy. (ECT). Atg 16-21 7.15pm (9.30) £4,50 (£3.50) THE PIRATES OF by Gilbert & Sullivan. A rousing and swashbuckling version the PENZANCE Aug IB-21with 2.all30pm (4.favourite 00) £4,songs 00 (£3.and00) characters (ECT). HARD TO SWALLOWgirlby(EYTC). Mark Wheeller. A deeply moving and factual account of the life Aug 16-21of an 5.anorexic 00pm (6.15) £4.00 (£3.00) MAN AND BOY Nick is 16 and in trouble —Eddie is lonely and old—what can they possibly common? Aug 16-21 have12.in45pm (1.45) (EYTC). £3.50 (£2.50) EDINBURGH YOUTH THEATRE ° »• Venue 128-St. Oswald's Hall, Montpelier Park, Bruntsfield. Tickets 229 5562 & 441 1031 M3 BLOOD BROTHERS by Willie Russell. Willie Russell' s authentic play version the ragshertonew richesbornstory. MrsTheJohnstone chars for childless MrsfirmLyons andnever gives learning herofone ofthe twins. two boys living apart, become friends, with(9.the30) same£3.girl00 (£2.and00)fate decrees tragic happenings. Aug truth. 16-27 (notTheySunfall22)in love7.30pm ELSINORE THEATRE CO ° ' Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 *musical THE comedy POWERforOFtheLIFEwhole by Jeremy Webb and Steve Attmore. A new eco-friendly family.songs, Three children, with their toys, battle anvital evil vulture to save a forest. Great extravagent costumes and a environmental Aug 23-28 10.message. 30am (11.55)Original£4.music—Paul 00 (£3.00) Reynolds. (Suitable from five years.) TEECHERS by Godber. Fast, furious and funny. Eat your heart out Grange HillWhitewall Aug 2328 rules! 7.15pm'Oggy (8.451Moxon£4.0ate0 (£3.my00)teacher!' EMOTIONAL COLLECTION Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 THE EMOTIONALCityCOLLECTION Not available inand the shops. Mike Hayley (Funny Farm, Rhona Paramount Cameron (The etc. Big E,'Intelligent, winner ofperceptive 1992 So Youfunny' Think The You'Scotsman) re Funny 'Eandye EPIDEMIC DRAMA SYMPTOMS N3 Venue 46-Churcl) Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. LITTLE SHOPinnovative OF HORRORS A and soliddrama. hit! Laughter, chills, rhythm andinblues band (7France, musicians) chorus After touring the show Northern this loved excitingit, soFrench company presents its successful production in English. The 'Frogs' Aug 16-21 2.30pm (4.30)come £6.and00have (£4.50)your bite of the most fiendish plant on earth? EROTICA POETICA G7 i ] Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Sheet. Tickets 226 6522 Ic out SEXincarnation AFTER SUPPER Sandra Clark andselection Stephen Oxley return with a century newly fleshedof their 1992 sell-out of 16th and 17th poetic >|.1].3.erotica. 'The and rudesthighly showentertaining' in town, hilarious' The Guardian. Lewd, smutty, . ingenious The amusing Scotsman 'An 'absolute delight.glorious Highly ^recommended' EveningDaily News.Telegraph. 'Tender, and... uproariously disgusting. An btl Ideal late night show' Aug 14 Sept 4 (not Thun 2) 10.50pm (11,40) £6.00 (£4.00) ★ SEX IN THE AFTERNOON Stephen Oxley' s new stand-up. Men and sex. Love . t it?AugHate 28 Septit?4He'll 5.be05pmbanging (5.50) on about £5.00 (4.it.00)A sure-fire knee-trembler. FOR FRINGE INFORMATION ^ RING 031 n c: ivi-226 -i ~5257-7 ~or 5259 ' OPEN 10am-7am .

ESKMOUTH THEATRE COMPANY q 3, Venue 95-Brunton Theatre, Bridge Street, Musselburgh. Tickets 665 2240. HI 3 Outer WIDOW' S PARADISE by Sam Cree. Where do women go to make a pact against male chauvinism? The caravan.Perchance, Where do it'mens theescape nagging women? Fishing ... atsituation the caravan, of course. sameinfrom one. Result—sardines, strife and comedy. 'N4ever again' Come camping stormy, Bonnie Scotland. Aug 30 Sept 2 7. 3 0pm (9. 5) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Sept 3 and 4 £4.50 LEE EVANS •••• Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 LEE EVANS Described by his critics as a ' N orman Wisdom on acid!' (Guardian) and ahe'Phas hysical genius' (Scotlandon Sunday), Leewinner. will have'Gthe audience laughing before said a word. Time Out Comedy Award o and see him, it' s about time you did.' 2(List). Aug 2 26,30 Sept10.040pm (11.10.000)0pm (11.£8.00)00 (£7.0£7.0) 00 (£6.00) Aug 20,13-19, 21,27-29 AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER • Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER by Arthur Smith and Chris England. Directed bywithAndrew Hall.cast. The smash West(Sunday End comedy success returns to its play Edinburgh roots an all-star ' H ilarious' Times). ' E asily the funniest in the West End' (Daily Express). 'Jokes as fast and deadly as a penalty shoot out' (Financial Times). Aug 13 2,24 26,305.Sept Aug 20,219,1,227-29 50pm4(7.10)5.50pm£9.(7.0010)(£8.00) £8.00 (£7.00) EXACTING THEATRE COMPANY ° Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. 110 MR THOMAS A Time Out winner 1990, this is the debut play by the acclaimed actress Kathy Burke. A dark consciously Ortonesque piece, questioning gender roles, sexuality ands the demands of company, male bonding. Thisforis the productiondaring from and the South West' award-winning renown theirlatest controversial, energetic Aug 16-Septadaptations. 4 (not Sun 22, Tue 31) 2.10pm (3.30) £3.50 (£3.00) CHRISTIE LOVE A disturbing and controversial play about a serial killer and his act love.4INChristie Aug of13-Sept (not 17.22,In31)Love.12.Certificate 50pm (2.00) 18. £3.50 (£3.00) EXSTATIC ° Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 ★and1080° ORIGINALGRAVITY A heady punch brewed up on the trapeze. A brave thrilling piece withThea fluid mix 50of textual andof truly physical skill. 'Gtheatre. raceful, dramatic and totally enjoyable' Catch. minutes dangerous Aug Aug 20,15-19. 21,227,2,228,4-26,29 30. Sept 2.30pm1-4 (3.20)2.30pm£5.(3.5020)(£4.50)£5.00 (£4.00) F.E.A.S.T. AT THE FRINGE Venue 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place. Tickets 228 9666(228 2234 K7 For yourmusic delectation and delight, aspace, fabulousworldarraymusic of European and theatre, and dance. Theatre marquee, danceinternational court and children' s tent combine with cafe, barbeques, bar, club nights and ceilidhs to provide a veritable feast, presented by East Scotland and Spirits Music Productions. MARQUEE BRASSHOPPERS —ENGLAND From Liverpool, an enthusiastic brass band combining Aug 31-Sept elements 1 10.00pmof Latin (12.00)percussion £8.00 (£6.with00) Jazz-Blues. KOMKAR CHILDREN' S DANCE GROUP, KURDISTAN These children will delight their(4.evocation Aug 21,22all with3.30pm 30) £3.of00 Kurdish (£2.50) Culture. MACUMBA — SCOTLAND Pipers and Latin rhythms come together in an infectious mixture Sept 3 of9.styles. 30pm (12.A0hit0) from£10.Mayfest. 00 (£7.00) NIK STORM THE COMPLETE ENTERTAINER WIT, HUMOUR, DRAMA, PATHOS, IN MONOLOGUE AND SONG. WITH HIS GOLDEN SINGING VOICE, TRULY A MODERN-DAY JONGLEUR. “A CROWD PLEASED - THE STAGE ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE (VENUE 25) AUG 16th - SEPT. 4th (No Sundays) 2.15 p.m.-3.30 p.m. Tickets:- £4.00 (£3.00) Cone. VENUE or FRINGE B.O. 41




AUG. 11 & 12 (2.50P.M.) 14,18, 21,23,28, 31 AT 1:30 P.M. UNAP0L0GETIC VIRTUOSITY... NOT TO BE MISSED ON ANY ACCOUNT!" the guardian "NOTHING SHORT OF BRILLIANT!" the evening news


F.E.A.S.T. AT THE FRINGE—conf/ht/erf HALLANSHANKERS-SCOTLAND This lively ceilidh band from Glasgow will enthuse S&pt 3A the10.most 00pmreluctant (12.00) dancer 110.00 to(£7.try00)the classics of ceilidh. /THREE BLINDmixDOGS AND WALLACHMOR Two top ceilidh groups come to add to the27,29eclectic Aug 9.3Dpni in(12.the00) marquee. 110.00 (C7.00) IZA—ROMANIA Pounding boots, raucous hollering and a rousing chorus from the maramures. Aug 20 7.3Bring 0pm (9.your 30) dancing £5.00 (£4.shoes. 00) POPUL VUHstages TeatroofDelcivilisation. Arte Popular, Brazil. The clay man, wooden man and corn man explore Aug 24-29 7.30pm (9.30) 17.00(15.Atmospheric. 00) |§N THE ROAD TO LOVE AND ZONE Singel Dans Theatre-Holland. Scenes and images Aug 27 Septderived 4 from 5.30pmKerouac. (7.30) £5.00 (£3.00) SSEMPEKE Dance, song andculture. acrobatics. A highlight of this year. An insight15-19,into30 the—UGANDA Aug 7.complexities 30pm 0pm (mi(9.3d0)nightof) £6.Buganda 0£10. 0 (£4.0000)(£7.00) including barbeque, Aug 24, 2 5. 2 7 9. 3 or C7.00 (15.00) without food. BHUNDU BOVS -ZIMBABWE with their infectious and The drivingheroes beat.of Jit jive hit the streets of Edinburgh Aug 15-20 0pm (9.(mirhythms Aug 21,22 7.9.330pni 3d0)night) £10.00 (£7.00) ■IKIRU AYINDE BARRISTER —NIGERIA The successor to Juju, Fuji Garbage. Thrilling in dance, Aug 21,22evocation 10.00pmof(12.Yoruba 00) culture £10.00 (£7. 00) song and percussion. ★TheTHE ACADEMY OF FOOLS Russia' s Slava PoluninNopresents cutting edge of (2.clowning—dark and dangerous. under-12'thes. Assisyai (E.A.S.T.)Revue. Aug 10, 1 0 1. 3 0pm 4 5) £6. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 24,31,2S5ept 1 12.32.0pm00pm(1.4(3.5)45) Aug * PEKING OPERA 'Fight in the Dark', 'Madame White Snake'— Enchanting display Aug 24,25of mime, 2.30pmdance, (4.00) acrobatics £6.00 (£4.and00) music with dazzling costumes. BILL'eyesS NEW FROCK by Visible Fiction. The world of cross dressing seen through |the »T 31-Suptof3a child.12.30pm (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50) THE FAERIE FLAG OF DUNVEGAN by Baldy Bane Theatre Company. The story of Dunvegan Aug 31-Sept 2 Castle, 4.00pmthe(4.4curse 5) and£3.5Clan 0 (£2.5Macdonald. 0) MAGIC onBOByourSHOW AND WORKSHOPS Learn Magic bob's tricks and flicks t< practise friends. Aug 27,10.2197,19,202.30pm3.3(3.0pm30) (4.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug WHO ARESuitable WE7—WIESLAW KAROLAK How we see ourselves using paints, paper and 19-29 chalk. Aug 12.00pm for(4.0alt0pm)ages and £3.50abilities. (£2.50) Rachel19-20Henson12.0combine Af Aug 0pm (1.00pm)to teach£3.juggling, 50 (£2.50)un DA CAPO AL FINE by Sfinx Theatre —Germany. Relationship between opposites and27-Sept their interaction. Aug 4 2.00pmMan (4.00)and woman, £5.00 (£3.East 00) and West. CAKEWALK Chaotic culinary comedy from Hardcore Macrame Set —England exploring Aug 16-28 (notobsession, AAon 23) pretension, 10.00pm (mimanipulation dnight) £5.and 00 (£3.other 00) 90's fads. THE BLIND by The New BulgarianandUniversity Company. After Maurice ' i Aug a collective in a sightless world. Meterlink 27-Sept 4 expression 6.00pm (8.of00)existence £5.00 (£3.0expectation 0) STUDIO THY ' 8 1 THEATRE MIRIAM —ISRAEL Tonight: Lola Blau-Georg Kreisler. of survival. entl'£6.after Aug 10-26onA(notmusical Mon 23)story 0pm main (6.00)'Yentry. 00 (£4.Bashevis 00) Singer. Infinite possibilities. Shows alternate days.4.0See ★ Kl FATXIAMU NOI KUI—TEATRO MERIDIONEL—SPAIN Spanish puppets, marionettes, Aug 27-Supt 4 lights, 4.00pmsound (6.00)and smoke. £6.00 (£4,00) ★political MONKEY CABARET —Moscow University Student Theatre. Anarchic humour, Aug 16-26satire, (not MonRussian 23) singing 8.00pm (10.and00)lots of£6.vodka. 00 (£4.00) JA FEUERBACH BY TANKRED DORST TEATR '77-Poland. An actor and puppet on the An extraordinary Aug 16-26road(nuttoMonDamascus. 23) 6.00pm (H.00) £6.00meeting. (£4.00) ★yearsA FAINT MEMOIR OF THE LAST RECESSION Giro Theatre-England. 14 of Tory4 misrule. Aug 30-Sept 12.30pm'G(1.reat30pm)theatre'£5.The 00 (£3.List.00) t NOF 4psychiatric Aenigma —Italy. Photographic documentation felNanetti, patient for 12 years, using only his belt.of graffiti Visuallyengravings stunning. of T4»> f 18-26 (not Mon 23) 2.00pwi (4.00) £5.00 (£3.00) i r ILPUDORE BENE IN VISTA-ITALY Explore the relationship between real and fj virtual * g 16-26image, (not Monwith23)light.12.A0challenge 0pm (2.00pm)to perception £5.00 (£3.00) FROM HEAVEN THROUGH THE WORLDpremiere. TO HELL PARTS 1 AND 2 IjProvisorium. - ‘ W 27 Sept 4 Fringe 8.00pmFirst(10.winner 00) in£6.'9002.(£4.A0new 0) k THE NECROPHYTE by Condensed Theatre. Cyberpunk tea-time treat. A ^Tg 29-Sopt 4 4.30pm (5.45) £5.00 (£3.00) k SWITCH ON-DIVA IRINIandBOGUCHEVSKAYA Moscow University Student Theatre. Russia' Ilqg 16-28 (not Mons23)Blue Angel 11.00pm (12.The30) Boys£5.From 00 (£3.The 00) Back Room. DMONEY —MITCH BENN Join our hero as he steels himself for another weekend of ijjtaranoia, politics ~ Tg 22 Septsexual 4 (not Mon 23) and2.0lager 0pm (3.abuse. 30) £5.00 (£3.00) m (ijaizarre, chilling comic tale of love, sharp suits and malevolent machinery.

CLUB Rumba, Ragga, Roots, Rapping, Ska, Salsa, House, Techno, at the Club20,of2NIGHT Aug 1,the27,2Fringe. 8,Sept 3,4 12.00am (4.00am) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ DE TOX Giro TheatreSerious presents anarchy, chaos, comedy and corruption. Day in the life Aug of16 29West(not Midlands Mon 23) 4.00pmCrimes (5.30) Squad. £6.00 (£4.00) PHASE 2 by They Wouldn' t . Crazy surreal humour from the black comedy scene. Live1528 from the12.heartland. Aug 30pm (2.00) £6.00 (£4.00) SCULPTURE COURT ON THE ROADfrom TO LOVE AND ZONE Singel Dans Theatre-Holland. Scenes and images Aug 27-Septderived 4 5.30pmKerouac. (7,30) £5.00 (£3.00) GAY MELONS —SCOTLAND Glasgow's Javanese percussion orchestra. Astounds with beautiful Aug 1522 5.30pm (6.30) music,£5.0graceful 0 (£3.00) dancing and joyous singing. ABANA BA NASERY —KENYA The Nursery Boys return to Scotland with their gentle20,2rhythms, Aug 1 6.30pmbeautiful (8.30) melodies £7.00 (£5.and00) idiosynchratic percussion. DEMBO rhythms KONTE AND KAUSU KUYATEmelodies Master aremusicians the Kora. Their powerful spirituallyof uplifting. Aug 24,25 4.00pmand(5.30)complex£6.0cascading 0 (£4.00) fecund THEATRE ° g♦g Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 Ui ★winning THE PLEASURE DOME by John Keates. PREMIERE. Following 93's Award Face To Face. EVERY GREAT CIVILISATION DESTROYS ITSELF! Our prophecy? ASeenightmarish vision, Man'Challenging, s pleasures explored.‘Physical A journey of infinite sensations. us. Daring.SUNDAY Dynamic. most three dimensional' TIMES. 'Thrilling'fecund INDEPENDENTtheatre ' ... mustas itsbe seen.' GUARDIAN. Aug 16 Sept 4 (not Suns 22,29) 8.30pm (9.40) £7.00 (£5.00) FESTIVAL CAVALCADE - • Along Princes Street., Info: Evening News office-225 2468 EVENING NEWS FESTIVAL CAVALCADE A hugely entertaining, colourfulFringe and noisy procession marching bands,paradefloats, jugglers,alongfire-eaters. performers andKing' much,with much more. The processes Princes Street to Lothian Road, s Stables Road and ends at the Grassmarket. Aug 15 2.30pm (4.00) Free THE INCREDIBLY DRAMATIC THEATRE Co. PRESENT (

m.‘TE,s xpyALriy A PORTRAIT OF SARAH SIDDONS. The famous 18*/19th century actress. Her relationships with Qarrick, Sheridan, John Philip Kemble, Thomas Lawrence and more. Ramboyant period costume.

14th Aug - 4th Sept. 7 DAYS A WEEK. 7:45 - 9:15 pm at the FESTIVAL CLUB, 9-15 CHAMBERS ST. 9 031 226 5639 or * 031 650 2395. Tickets at venue and FRINGE CLUB. Adults £5.00, cones. £3.50 43

Tiimmi: Supported by SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER

CeVebration” oS


ntomitne A Musical Play Book & Lyrics by Peter Nichols, Music by Monty Norman oteViistoric Trerf13-28 AUGUST

Based on the novel by ivlary 1 layley Bell and the screenplay by Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse and the film by Richard Attenborough and Bryan Forbes adapted by Russell Labey Richard Taylor with music and 17-28 AUGUST and lyrics by Richard Taylor.

Dinosaur A new musical with words and music by Richard Stilgoe 24-28 AUGUST

GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE All Seats Reserved ALSO AT THE GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE THE GEORGE SQUARE EDDIE IZZARD CHARITY GALA 13-21 August 22 August THE COMEDY STORE PUYERS NED SHERRIN Paul Merton * Neil Mullarkey in conversation icith celebrity guests? Lee Simpson • Richard Vranch 17-20,24-27 August 23-28 August POPPY amateur production presented by arrangement with Samuel French Ltd; WIIISTLE DOWN THE WIND and BRI1A ,IANT TI IE DINOSAUR are presented by kind permission of Josef Weinberger Ltd.

| THE FESTIVAL CLUB/ ADAM HOUSE Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 | Everything forStreet. everybody every day. TheDrama, very heart of theCabaret, Festival—five minutes walk from Princes Over 120 events. Comedy, Revues, Dance, Jazz, Ij I Folk, Classical Music, Exhibitions, Bars, Restaurants, Box Office, IK itInformation/Souvenir to believe it. desk. Incorporating Festival FM 24hr Radio Station. Experience AEdinburgh CELEBRATION OF STUDENT JAZZ This major jazz extravaganza brings to very(7.best Aug 7-14 the5.30pm 30) of current young talent. JAZZ BY NIGHT Easy listening for summerdayevenings. Sample some of the best of T Aug British15 Sept jazz.A Relax,10.3unwind 0pm (1.00)—roundFromoff£2.your 50 with Jazz By Night. DOC'S PLACE OnceMusic, again, some—it'classs all shows covering Folk, Song, Comedy, Cabaret, Aug 14 SeptRock, 4MusicWorld 7.Centre 00pm (1.entry00) Drama From £2.50 here at a good price! See Acoustic EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL Over thirty internationally renowned I' Aug 814 bands. 12.30pinThe(Z.Ocream Oani) of the Fromworld' £5.00 s soloists plus two jam sessions every night. FESTIVALnews, FM 24hr Festival coverage on your radio. Comedy, controversy, music, madness, reviews. A festival Aug 8-Sept 4 24hrs a Jay Hon Stop for the ears. WARSAW MERMAID Discovers to part her legs set her, but not her legs, apart.29 Sept 4 10.10pm 111.10) £3.her50 ability j Aug <£3.00) ★ THE MEN WHO WOULDN' T An outrageous and original performance by Manhattan I Aug 29Sept 4virgin.6.0Risque, 0pm (8.00)controversial, £3.50 (£3.mind 00) blowing. Essential Fringe viewing. THE MARVELLOUS MECHANICAL MOUSE ORGAN A stunning comedy sketch show.2228Japes, 12.jests , Aug 30amand(1.3a0am)mildly £4,obscene 00 (£3.0joke 01 about a badger. ★ THE BULLY BUS Uppingham Youth Theatre useused dramatic medium different by young people.to show Aug 22 28 aspects 12.00 ofnoonbullying (1.00pm)and forms £2.50 (£1.of 5oppression 0) H,fs SKINNER AND SOUTHGATE Comedy with Richard Skinner on Sun/Tue/Thurs/Sat; i Aug 22-28 8.15pm (9.poetry 30) with £4.00Skinner |£3.50| and Southgate on other evenings, ★ 180! sports THE ILLUSTRIOUS RISE AND TRAGIC FALL OF TOMMY PEOPLES i^ Aug Premier 1528 Inot Monman23) looks6.1back 5pm (7.on50)a lifetime £4.00 in|£3.darts. 00) ★theFAT CHANCE by Sallie Christmas and Maurice Carr. A one woman fight against witty,19.moving enthralling. ji Aug flab. 14-21 Crisp,8.00pm 45) £4.and00 (£3. 501 A 90's show. TRIALGroup. BY JURY Gilbert and Sullivan. Sparkling classic parody of law by the Savoy i||>y Opera IS 21 10.00pm (11.00) £5.00 RAINER BEST Stand-up Rainerclown Hersch, ; Aug acute jokesKNOWS on the Fringe' Scotsman,comedian with brilliant Steve'Outstanding Best . . most Aug 1415,2022.2728 1819,2328 £4.50 10.(£3.250am0) (11.20) £5.00 (£4.00) K; j*of aONE ELEPHANT TWOElephants ELEPHANT Ridiculous new comedy, based on the sound flannel hitting 5 Aug 2228 8.30pma(10,floor. 00) £3.50 (£3.not00) included. | KURT WEILL-MAY TO Songs from Berlin, Paris and Broadway featuring voice501DECEMBER of Phillida | Aug 29 Septthe4 'fabulous 11.40pm (12. £3.50 (£2.Bannister.' 50) Sunday Times THEtheBACK OF BEYOND Always an essential of the Fringe, this year’s revue is one ofPreview best Aug 414ever. i Aug 15-Sept (not 18,£3.25,010,2) 10.30pm (11.45) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ TWO IN ARLES An inventive journey through the minds of Vincent Van GoghMONTHS and I Aug 29-Sept 4 Paul4.00pniGauguin. (6.00) £4.00 (£3.00) 991/2 ANDviewOTHER This talented Acapella quintet showcase their hillarious of life BIG underNUMBERS the bright lights. (Australia) 1 Aug 1421 8.30pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ FOREVER Based on a spirited American, Mildred Aldrich, during the first world 4warNINETEEN . 11.. 'A30amsolid(1.3and ; Aug 22-Sept 0) moving £5.50 (£4.piece 00) of theatre . . ' Manchester Eve News. : MID-AFTERNOON MELANGE Marvin Hanglider' s songs are quite unique. And he plays1428violin. And piano. Aug (4.30)(3.And30) £5.he'0s0dead (£4.00)funny. fe Aug 29-Sept 4 3.30pm2.30pm . ★ WHO KILLEDLevel TCHAIKOVSKY? Accident?unravel Suicide?the Murder? Will the true story ever be known? Five Theatre Company mystery? ! Aug 1628 6.05pm (7.40) £4.00 (£3.00) ROMEOrefuse AND JULIET Italy today, corrupt business city dominated by money. The lovers : Aug 29 Sept 4 to conform. 8.30pm (9.4Original, 5) £3.5bilingual 0 (£3.00) production. ALYSON: THE STORYA OFC16thTHEmidwife GREEN WITCH with Sue Emmy Jennings (dramatherapy Aug 24-Sept 4 pioneer). 12.30pm (2.00) £4.50 (£3.5tells 0) her poignant story. •! music * NO hallMORE FANCY BALLS FOR ME! The life, songs and humour comedian, pantomime dame and the funniest man on earth!of Dan Leno, Aug Preview1628Aug(not14,Sun15 22) Free 4.15pm (5.451 £4.50 (£2.50) ★ TATE’Sactress ROYALTY A portraittheatrical of Mrs figures. Siddons. Relationship of famous 18th-19th century with famous Aug Preview15 Sept Aug 414 7.45pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.50) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES ^ RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES) if OPFN1flarr»-7am '

THE HUMAN TWINS IN FULLat philosophical SHOW, NO CUTS! The Human Twins explore life's meaning. Aug 22-SeptLaugh 4 9.yourself 50pm (11.wet 00) £4.50 (£3.50) cogitations missed—and dirty jokes. ★ MEDUSA'clash S EVOLUTION One woman comedy where an array of female neovaudvillians Aug 29Sept 4 7.0and 0pm unravel (8.00) how£3.0to0 (£2.be5united 0) in their differences. JOAN OF KENT Maidstone housewife derails channel performance with 8(11.engine-stopping numbers. A musicaltunnel play. link in charismatic Aug 14 21 10. 1 5am 4 5) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 22-Sept 4 2.15pm (3.45) ★ THE KNIFE THROWER' S ASSISTANT is neurotic Americana fun. Written and performed Aug 22 Sept 4by Ronnie 1.45pmClaire (3.15) Edwards £5.00 (£4.(Corabeth 00) Godsey on The Waltons') THE PHANTOM CREAKING(andGRANGE fumblers show off OF their ghosties).Things go bump in the night as the Aug (3.50)(1.ghoulies Aug 201521 12.2.0005pm midnight 45) £4.50 (£3.50) FIVE ITEMSsilliness OR LESS A comedy revue....has laughter, acute observation and downright Aug 23 28 11.45pm...(1,genuinely 00) £4.0funny 0 (£2.50)... ★ MONKEY byA restless genius creates Theatre mayhem until ! A magical multi-media presentation Aug 2325 10.3Emscote 0am (11.30)Lawn£3.Music 00 (£2,001 Group. DOGGS HAMLET EASY STAGES DOGGS HAMLET (Stoppard)Together follows chaotic rehearsal EASY(comic) STAGES (Warburton) —Hilarious combination! at last. The Compleat Aug 15-21 12.30pm (1.4Hamlet. 5) £4.00 (£3.00) ULTERIORColour VISIONS A selection images toof Scotland. filtrationCALEDONIA and hand tinting combiningof oldphotographic and new processes emphasise Aug 1-Sept 5 classic10amvisual (12.00)moments. and 3.00pm (5.00) FREE BETSY LEE Young performed love, laughter and heartbreak. An old salt remembers. T E Brown' Aug 14-21s epic1.poem 45pm 13.15) £4.50by(£3.Dollin 50) Kelly. ★ OUBLIETTE by JakeintoPilikian. A dark marriage of absurdity and menace weaving Aug 29 Septseveral 4 4.realities 00pm (6.00) one£4.viscerally 00 (£3.00) emotional body blow. ASketches LUMPandIN songs THE ranging THROATin style The from world's only non-medical medic's revue. Aug 1528 12.00am (1.20am) £4.00 (£3.50)the witty to the downright stupid. CLOUD NINE Loves masterpiece. laughter andIntelligent, everythinginnovative, you're after.incisive, An energetic tochaotic. Caryl Churchill' hypnotic,approach erotic, Aug 15 Sept 4 3.45pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) NATIVITY A new play by Jonathan Hall. Cardboard crowns galore as five infant school1421children11.5prepare nativity Aug 0am (1.10)their class £3.50 (£2. 50) play.

•FREE* Toast & Marmalade At the 1993 Oxford Revue

THE BACK OF BEYOND • The Festival Club • 10:30 pm 15th August - 4th September BoxOffice: 031 6502395 See listings for details Sponsored by Frank Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade 45

THE FESTIVAL CLUB/ADAM HOUSE-conf/ntyetf CHEMIN DE L'AMOURtheatrical stars the extraordinary singer/actress Bonnie Faulkner performing Aug 29 Sept 4the beautiful 8.15pm (9.451 £4.0songs 0 IE3.00)of Brel, Piaf, Weil. C'est magnifique! AEntertaining, BRIEF AFFAIR New play by Bader Ben Hirsi. Gripping psychological chiller. Aug 14-28 6.witty 00pm and (7.15)full ofE4.surprises. 50 (£3.501 See it! THE TOWER Where existence crosses the boundary of the real without disturbing reality. ordinary Aug 29-SeptA story 4 of5.40pm (7.45) lives;C4.everyone' 50 (E3.50) s life. HORROR-SCOPE A-Level Madness return to the Fringe with 'Horror-Scope'. Game24 28show theatre, Aug lO.OOain (11.come 15) on £4.down. 00 IE3.00) OBSCURITY KNOCKS Marvin Tomorrow's smashcomperes hits today.(0860All Fringe welcome 766730).performers are Aug 14 Septto4 participate. 8.00pm (10.00) Hanglider £2.50 WHO' S AFRAID OF A NEW PLAY? The elite of this years new writing. Lunchtime Aug 16 20,23tasting 27,30 Septat 4the Club. 12.30pm (1.30) FREE ★ MANNEQUIN Two women fight overreturns the only man in acomedy. Russian factory withavailable this bitter-sweet Aug 1521town.6.0Russia' 0pm (7.0s0)Elena£4.Antonenko 00 (£3.50) Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 ★ DYING FOR IT usesHIV/AIDS. song, dancePoignant, and drama in thispreposterous. original work confronting the myths surrounding punchy, Aug 1521 5.50pm (7.00) £4.00 (£3.50) BEHIND BLUE EYESPerfomed A musical tribute to Cory. Frank Sinatra and the inner strength that Aug 29drove Sept 4his career. 10.00pm (11.15) by£5.0Michael 0 (£4.00) EXOTICA s 'SensuousFestival ... captivating stage presence' Scotsman Indian solo dance 4Devayani' creation. Aug 29Sept 8.20pm'M(9.esmeric' 40) £4.00 (£3.50)Times. THE SEARCH by Kevin Tomlinson (1992hope.Sunday PlaywrightYorkshire Award Winner). fantasy celebrating 'BizarreTimes and colourful' Post.2228 A light-hearted Aug 10.05pm (12.25) £4.00 (£3.50) VERITY (MRS.) Real lifepersonalities correspondence between moral crusader Verity Tibbs15-28andTIBBS famous Aug 12.30ampoliticians, (1.25) £4.00 (£3.50) and Nerys Hughes! ★exploration BED JimofCartwright. Award-winning author of 'Road'. A poignant, poetic Aug 1521 12.dreams 05am (1,0and5) night£4.0thoughts. 0 (£3.50) 'Brilliant' John Harris. BE BODY Striving for perfection? The spectacular physical cabaret at 'The MirrorSOME Aug 15-21Club' explores 10.05pm (11.our05)preoccupations £4.00 (£3.50) with body image. ★MEETS THE HAND + THAT GAME CALLED JAVA ALUMINIUM CAN MAN THE PUPPET WOMAN Sex, death, love,+ hope, and two strange love Aug 1428 1.45pm (3.30) £5.00 (£3.50) DRAMATIC TWO After a really successful exhibition of recent theatre posters in London, Aug 7-SeptThe4 Loft10.0is0ambringing (11.00pm)its bestFreework to Edinburgh. GUYS AND DOLLS Gangsters, gamblers, mobsters and molls in this electrifying all singing, Aug 30 Sept 4all dancing 7.30pm production (9.45) £5.of00 the (£4.0famous 0) Broadway musical. BAZAAR AND RUMMAGE SHORT BACK AND SIDES presents Sue Townsend's affectionate Aug 17-28Aug(not16but Sun chilling 22)£3.00 2.comedy 15pm (3.4about 5) £4.agoraphobia. 00 (£3.00) Preview OLD TIME MUSIC HALL With many talented and00)well-known Delight! songs and comedy acts by Aug 23 Septartistes 4 2.for00pmyour(3.4Delectation 5) £4.50 (£3. HIGHLYs hilarious IMPROV-ABLE The University Chicago' comedy troupe' revue combines the group'ofs best originals improvisational sketches with improved scenes. Aug 22-28 11. 3 0am (1. 3 0) £4. 0 0 Aug 29 Sept 4 7.30pm (9.30) GODSPELL A dynamic moving musical show based on Matthew's gospel. It includes dance(5.15)andfastchart Aug 1621 mime,3.45pm £4.50topping (£3.50) hits of the 70's. ★ LESDRAitsLESownESCOGRIFFES. A frantic Acelebration officiated by a group confronting Aug 1628 (not Sun 22) phantasms 4.30pm (5.and 45) abortions. £4.00 (£2.50)fringe first. RISTORANTE PIZZERIA RISTORANTE PIZZERIA

Nice Italian family run restaurant with a great friendly atmosphere PRIVATE PARTIES OPEN 12 NOON - 2.30am children welcome 18/19 UNION PLACE, open Monday-Friday: noon-2pm and EDINBURGH TEL: 556 6590 Saturday-suND/wlNOON-iipm COMMERCIALTELSTREET, LEITH,1EDINBURGH 031 554 5272 46

★ PROSPECT Prospect. 'Chicagc theatre doesn't getAmerican better...Airlines a triumph,presents superblyLATINO staged,CHICAGO' bedrockShonest performance! Chicago Aug 15 SeptTribune. 4 Inot Suns) 12 noon (2.00) £4.00 (£3.50) LYSISTRATA bawdywar,classic. Athens announce that until theia husbands stopAmaking they'lThe l stopwomen makingoflove. Aug Preview1628Aug/not15Sun) Free8.15pm (9.45) £4.50 (£3.50) ABSENT by Alan Aykbourn. A disastrous reunion party; a hilarious but painfully trueFRIENDS Aug 18-28 tnot Sundisclosure 22) 7.of30pminfidelity, (9.30) embarrassment £4.00 (£3.00) and bereavement. TWAIN BY THE TALE ELMORE POND PLAYERS present Zoo Story by Edward Albee, Duck14 Variations Aug 28 4.00pmby (6.David 001 Manet £4.50and(£3.5Loveliest 0) Afternoon of the Year. ★ LET ESTHER SPEAK Stephen sBrown' s dark fairytale of Esther who alone can prevent Aug 17,19,genocide. 21,24,26,28From12.the15pmBible' (1.55) Book£4.of50 Esther. (£3.50) HENRY IV Pirandello. An intensely moving portrait of madness. It would make great17,play, Aug 19,21,i2f4,it26,wasn' 28 t 9.for45pmreal.(11.25) £4.50 (£3.50) BLOODY POETRY Shelley' s and byByron' s tumultuousof language but revealing meeting Switzerland captured and imagery. Aug 16,18,20,2marvellously 3.25,27 9,45pm (11.25) Brenton' £4.50 (£3.s 5use 0) CALIGULA Camus' s thrilling portrait of a disturbingly familiar dictator—exposes the danger Aug 16,18,20,of23,2absolute 5,27 12.revolt 15pmagainst (1.55) the£4.terrifying 50 (£3.50) futility of life. THE HOUR poet OF THE DOGLugn. Mother,English am I beautiful yet? Female innerscape explored byAug Swedish Kristina premiere. 22-28 4 11.06.0am00pm(11.(6.50)50) £3.00 (£2.50) Aug 29-Sept ★ THE and CONFERENCE valleys OF THE BIRDS Only the 7 surviving birds having crossed deserts Aug 15-21 mysterious 6.15pm (7.45) £4.5can 0 (£3.tell00) this tale. ★hilarious 12 STEPS TO A MORE DISFUNOTIONAL BestBrilliant of bothportrayal worlds-o* yet powerful, top Texas show is sweeping YOU America. modern Aug 14-Septworld. 4 (notCURTAINS Tues 24) THEATER-HOUSTON. 10.00pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ RECIPE FOR AN Statue EXPANDING UNIVERSE by Deborah Clapp. A housewifi from Aug 29Boston Sept 4 and7.the 00pm (8.00) of Liberty £3.00 wonder about the meaning of life. , ★fromACKFORD' S MONSTER by Nick Warburton. A powerful retelling of a legend) the Fens.7.50pm Presented Aug 15-28 (9.05) by£4.the00 Cambridge (£3.00) Beds. WHO' BUTTLING ANYWAY?PureA new musical. Lord Cheeseford is broke, his butler'29-Sept sS just escapism, Aug 4 inherited 4.15pma(5.packet. 45) £4.00 (£3. 50) tremendous fun. , ★answers ZODIAC AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR Confused? Spotty? —and her man! Life's universal questions answered in theZodiac stars—aihas the Russell Grant! Aug 2228 6.15pm (7.00) £3.50 (£2.50) THE TEMPEST 'sIsland Earth is dying! Shakespeare' Prospero —ands our childrenplay.—its only hope!' A young ultimate Aug 22-28 women' 3.45pm company (6.00) £4.presents 50 (£3.50) ★a ruthless PLAYTIME Chilling, erotic comedy by Edinburgh playwright JOHN ORR about!| Aug 2228 movie 6.00pmproducer (7.50) destroyed £4.00 (£3.0by0) his bizarre intimacies. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FAIR Aandwidefor range hand books, maps and printsBOOK on exhibit sale. of antiquarian and second! Aug Aug 17-Sept 16 124 noonMon-Sat (8.00) 10.00am (8.00pm) Free SHAFT AND FEVER SHAFT returnswith —'splendid s retro ... absolutely and nobands. wonder' The L/sf—together FEVER'70' S unforgettable 80's andpacked! 90's> dance12-Sept Aug 4 12midnight (LATE) Contact venue for sounds, details FIELD DAY ENTERPRISES, AUSTRALIA Venue 114-St. Paul's & St. George's Church & Hall, York Place. Tickets 556 1202. F10 ★ COME BACK FORintimate LIGHTtheatre REFRESHMENTS AFTER THE defend SERVICE Delightfully humorousfemale from Australia. Fourbaking women and i question traditional roles, discuss death and life while and preparingi the food for a'Lwake. Indelicious' a unique. finish the audience is invited to enjoy the! refreshments. Aug Suns)iterally 5pm the(2.8play 5) is £5.over00 at(£4.2.000)5pm. Price 16-30 includes(notlight luncheon12.4after FIFTH ESTATE •••*J10 Venue 30-The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 FELLA by Donald Campbell. Set in the 1930' s on the Caithness coast, thisnownewan oldplayman, is thelongslongforawaited to grandaughter 'Widowsunforgiving) of Clyth'.ji Hector Sutherland, therealise sea sequel while hisdreams dreams of escape from the land. Each may their ... with Cissie tragic consequences for both. Aug 9-Sept 4 (not Suns 15,22,29) 8.30pm (10.45) £6.50 (£4.50) 1 THE STRAW CHAIR by Sue Glover. Set on St. Kilda in 1738, the remarkable story11-Sept of Lady4 (notGrange, Aug Suns 15,abducted 22,29) and 2.30pmexiled(4.30)by her£6.own 00 (£4.husband. 00) FIREWORKS Princes Street Gardens, (below the Castle) Info 226 4001 FESTIVAL FIREWORKS firework display, organisedsplendour by the Edinburgh International lightsTheup annual the whole city with pyrotechnic from the Castle.2 10.3Festival, Sept 0pm (11.301 Free

FIRST BASE THEATRE Venue 95-Brunton Theatre, Bridge Street, Musselburgh. Tickets 665 2240. HI3 Outer ★ THREE HEAVEN brilliants. new musical,Buddy the greatest songs from Rock'andSTEPS n'RRitchie oll's TO golden age, theThe 1950' Biglastbopper, Holly, Roger Petersen Valens play together for the gig —after the plane crash. ...AugJust how many songs can you play in eternity? Sponsored by BT. 14 27 (not Sun 15,22) 7.30pm (10.00) £6.00 (£4.50) Venue 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 FRANK by Alan Vicary. The...singer performs his final set, the songs of 'Aug★TheBEING Voice’, Frank Sinatra. And then ? 1628 Inal Sal 21,Sun 22) 11.15am (12.451 £3.50 (£1.75) FIRST BITE THEATRE COMPANY q # Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★oldsHIDDEN DANGERS is based on an in-school research project with 9-11 year looking at thetheconcept ofdangers safety inawareness. Theandresulting educational theatre piece examines hidden a child' s life looks at ways of dealing with30Sept these 4threats10.3by0amdeveloping Aug (11.30) strategies £3.50 (£2.50)for keeping safe. FIVE ITEMS OR LESS Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 FIVE ITEMS OR LESSPottery 'The greatest comedyA show on revue earth' byWolverhampton and Bilston Chronicle News comedy Peter lain Roden ' ... has...and' laughter, acuteWeekly. observation and downright sillinessBenyon ... ' and ' ... genuinely funny Aug 23 28 11.45pm (1.00) £4.00 (£2.50)

Venue 50-The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 CORKY AND THE PIGS ' ... 'HHigh-octane humour, musical frenzy and savage Eye JUICE Weekly, Aug 13-Septparody.' 4 (not Mons 18,23,30) Toronto. 11.15pm ugely (12.15) enjoyable' £6.50 (£5.Time 00) Out. THE GLITTER STORY Music, video, comedy, tragedy all combine to form the vastly13GARY rich tapestry Aug Sept 4 (not Tubsthat24,3is1)Gary4.Glitter. 30pm (5.Praise 45) be£5.the50 (£4.leader. 50) JOHN30 SeptCOOPER Aug 4 6.0CLARKE 0pm (7.00) The £6.punk 50 (£5.poet00) legend is back. JOHN HEGLEY Guardian poet andNME.taciturn accompanist in multi-media experience. Aug 1328 '9.S4uperb 5pm (11.deadpan 00) £6.delivery' 50 (£5.001 'Fabulously funny' Time Out. LINDA SMITH First full length show from British Comedy Award nominee. 'She displays which(8.15)is gold£6.to50a (£5.comedian' Aug 13-Septa warmth 4 7.15pm 00) The Scotsman. MARKcharming STEEL Following'If hisonlysuccessful radio series and as opinionated, hilarious and Aug 13-Sept 4 as8.ever. 30pm (9.30) all£6.subversives 50 (£5.00) were like him' NME. NORMAN LOVETT Star of his own TV seriesThe'I Lovett' , 'Norman Lovett is the least exciteable funniest stand-up around' Guardian. Aug 29 (not4 Monsbut Aug 3113 Sept 9.418,5pm23)(10.45)6.00pm£6.(7.5000)(£5.00)£6.50 (£5.00) Venue 15-Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. J5 BRUCEonly.MORTON Starfunny' of Channel 4's Herald. 'Sin With Bruce Morton', appears for six nights ' S eriously Glasgow Aug 30-Sept 4 10.30pm (11.45) £8.00 (£5.00) JUDY PASCOE' A PICNIC IN ETHIOPIAhumour' An epic tale of the irony of working with31a Sept British4 film11.Screw in Ethiopia. Aug 00pm (12. 15) £7.'0B0iting (£4.00) The Times. FOOLS SHOWCASE Corky And The Juice Pigs, John Cooper Clarke, Phil 30Kay,PARADISE John Aug 7.00pmHegley, (10.00) Mark£12.Steel, 50 (£10.Norman 00) Lovett and many many more.

FLEXIBLE DEADLOCK THEATRE COMPANY ° ^ Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie’s Close, lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 *Dostoyevsky' THE GRAND INQUISITOR An alarmingly different new stage interpretation of s classic story.authorities. Christ showsTorture, up in medieval Spain andcomedy gets a chilly reception from the local mayhem, manic and 'pAnglia' rovocative comment, created by Flexible Deadlock, UniversityUnion.) of East s most by UEAtheStudents’ Aug 30 Sept 4 notorious 5.30pm (6.theatre 55) £4.group. 50 (£3.(Supported 50)

FOOT IN THE DOOR PRQDUCTIONS° • Venue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road, Tickets 447 7597, N3 ★ THEtakes ARTusOFonDINING Tina Howe' s The Artandof Dining is a revealing comedyof which a journey into the passionate sometimes perverse world fine dining, while searching for an answer to the eternal question 'Are we ever full?'16-21 Aug 4.30pm (6.00) £3.00 (£2.00)

JON FLYNN ° ^ Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 DAGGERS, DRAGONS AND DECADENT DWARFS A unique one man tragicomic cabaret arrives from Berlin. Sung and spoken texts are set to music with the imagery enhanced by mime, film and1970' costumes. A newandlyricalsophisticated' landscape: from Gothic tragedies to thedance, glamorous s. 'Savage German Aug 15-21Ard 11.Television. 15pm (12.30) £5.00 (£4.00)

0 ANTONIO FORCIONE AND NEIL STACEY Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ANTONIO FORCIONE AND NEIL STACEY This acclaimed guitarstyles. duo weave instant magic with their original blend of Latin-Jazz and Hot Club Played with breathtaking their seemingly telepathic understanding givesdays. this intense, vigorousbyanddexterity, and ...spirituplifted rarely...heard these ' ... hypnotised thoseplayful hands,musiconeaiswarmth entranced zapped!' Eugene Byrne. Aug 0,Sept 1-44.00pm4.0(5.0pm00) (5.00)£7.00 £6.(£6.0500)(£5.50) Aug 2220,28,21,237-29

FOAD THEATRE COMPANY • jfanue 77-The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. 110 ★department. ORESTESAbyderanged Euripides.brother Angryandblacksistercomedy that out-Ortons Orton in every plot to escape their just deserts for matricide llfto 23-28 by 4.murdering 30pm (5.45)everyone £5.00 they (£3.50)can lay their hands on ... EQUUS passion? by Peter With Shaffer. Is Alan Strang criminally insane horses or gripped by some primitive the menacing background of tortured and surprising eroticism, Aug 23 28 can6.1a5pmpsychiatrist (7.30) £5.'cure' 00 (£3.him? 50) Not suitable for young children. GOLD BIER’S FOOLS PARADISE i1*2*3* Fools Paradise is sthetopcomedy store withScotsman, a national List, reputation for Herald being seriously funny. ' S cotland' cabaret venue' Glasgow the festival the sharpest observers of today's world, well known from TVhitsshows such as with 'Saturday 'Jonathan Ross' Night Live’, 'Tonight Show', 'Saturday Zoo', 'Viva Cabaret' and J12 08-Moray House, Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. • *1; seductive EARL OKINmusic'Nothing to do withanysex woman whatsoever' and everything needs butfromirresistable legendaryhumour, Fringe : performer. 13-Sept 4 8.20pm (9.20) £6.50 (£5.00) > HARLAND WILLIAMS The USA's fastest rising new comedy star. 'A brilliant aUjcomic' Hollywood Dramalogue. “ g 13 Sept 4 (not Mons 18,23,30) 7.00pm (8.00) £6.50 (£5.00) ULARK AT LUNCHTIME Featuring Papa's Magic Beard, the Good Ol' Boys, guests M and 13-Sept compere iMiy 4 Mike12.3Reed. 0pm (3.00) £4.00 (£2.50) T THE PARADISEnotCLUB Late night funwithamidst a funky mix of comedy, cajun and Msealypso liaj 13 Septin the 4 12.3so0amsecret (3.00) cabaret £6.50 (£5.00)surprises galore! NICK WILTY Winner of two of comedy' s biggest awards in 1992: The Polo Award riand Time Out bestMonsnew18,2comedian. . Aug 13 Sept 4 (not 3, 3 0) 5. 4 5pm (6. 4 5) * g 18,23,30 9.45pm (10.45) £6.50 (£5.00) £6.50 (£5.00) IIIRICH HALL Internationally famed American comedian leaves his regular 'Tonight MjShow' and 4'S(not aturday debut. Mug 13-Sept Mons Night 18,23,30)Live' appearances 9.45pm (10.45) for a£6.UK50 (£5. 00)

FORTH CHILDRENS THEATRE » Venue 120-lnverleith Church Hall, Perry Road. Tickets 554 7595 A6 THE MATCHGIRLS by Bi l Owen. In their fifteenth Fringe production, FCT present this lively musical in exuberant style. Supported by George Bernard Shaw and Anniethem Besant, the matchgirls famous strike occurred 1888. This portrays living at every opportunity. Previousin awards for 'Oproduction liver' and 'My 13-21 Fair Lady' . 15) life fully Aug (not Sun 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0 PC) Matinees Aug 14 and 21 2.30pm (4.30) FOSSICK VALLEY FUMBLERS ° '•> 3 Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ THE from PHANTOM OF toCREAKING GRANGE by BoboldBishop. Abristling young bride returns honeymoon her new home—a rambling mansion with secret Dead passages, ghostly noises ... and something unspeakable inperverted the cellar.servants, Dead Aug 05pm scary. (3.(1.50)45) £4.5bodies. 0 (£3.50) Dead funny. Dead good. Aug 201521 12 2.midnight FRANTIC THEATRE COMPANY ° 1G2*3* Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 AS IS Following their acclaimed sell-out debut.andFrantic returnthewithsexes. a multi-media production concerning the price of love within between A bravely humourous, uncompromising andin the energetic exploringinterpretation the dangers toof love and homo/heterosexuality 90's. Aperformance physically dynamic William Aug 15-27Hoffman' (not Sun 22,s award-winning Mon 23, Wed 25)play. 9.20pm (10.50) £4.00 (£3.50) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION ^ RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 vfT OPEN 10am -7am ' 47

GILDED BALLOON THEATRE (Main, Backstage, Studio and Gallery Theatres) AAARGH! ...The Best One Yet A Look Back In Danger' Anorak of Fire' Arches A GrandTheatScam're Co. ■ ‘Double Fantasy' & An Audience with Pa Ubu Suzanne Bonnar Arnold Brown & Company Ava Wilde presents.. . Bodger the Badger in ‘Mad Mash T Borderline Theatre Company - The Audition' Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft' Rhona Cameron 4 Mike Hayley Colin Hay Commotion Clown Company The Comedy Factory D EI. Boys High Diary of a Madman'& ‘Burroughs' ‘Difficult Women' ‘Edinburgh Squash' The Frigidaires In Cabaret Hattie Hayridge lain Heggie's - lust', The Soft Touch' & The Sex Comedies' 'Hell Guides II' ■ Ben Keaton & PaulB. Davies 'Hovering' ■ Malcolm Ward 'Solo and Naked' ■ Simon Blighe Impro Musical Phil Kay Late 'n'Live ’ Fred MacAulay Karl McDermott Kenny Harris's Best of the Fest learning to Live'. . with.. Geraldine McNulty Donna McPhail Magic Bob in All You Get Is Me' ‘My Booze Hell by Lit le Johnny Cartilage' 'Ol' Black Eyes Is Back' ■ Dave Cohen Parrot Parsons and Naylor Porky Palmers 'Private Property' - The Collaborative Rubber Bishops & Sean Lock 'Rude Bits from Amsterdam' - Simon Greenall ‘Raise The Dead' - Spontaneous Combustion Sheep Thril s' ‘Struck Off & Die' Stripped' The Best of Scottish Comedy The Quacksquad This Other Eden' Those Girls Tottering Bipeds Verbatim' Vestris - Scottish Mime Ensemble Women In Comedy - m »»><.**>» win, The Guardian The Wow Show Full details in the Programme

233 - 237 COWGATE, EDINBURGH, TEL: 031-226 6550. VENUE 38 Box Office open 10.00am to 1.00am daily BOX OFFICE: 031 - 226 2151 A Part of The Stella Artois Comedy Festival CATCH THE BUZZ.... The free bus for ticket holders, tours between The Gilded Balloon, The Pleasance, The Assembly and Assembly at the Meadows - all day.



COMPETITION 'SO YOU THINK YOU'RE FUNNY' Don't miss your chance to be the first to see the stars of tomorrow in fact, why not become a ‘star of tomorrow' yourself! Apply directly to: The Gilded Balloon Theatre.

THE STEPPING STONES THEATRE & STUDIO 112 West Bow, Edinburgh. Tel: 031-226 4412 VENUE 51 Box Office open daily - 10.00am to 1.00am BOX OFFICE: 031 - 225 6520 GILDED BALLOON productions also prosonts... SEAN HUGHES at the QUEEN'S HALL, Edinburgh (see seperate advert) Look out for the Gilded Balloon, Pleasance and Assembly's FREE colour brochure.

FREEDOM FACTORY ° Venue 87-The Freedom Factory, The Salvation Army, 1 East Adam Street. Tickets 667 4313. 110 Shout Theatre Company' s popular ' N ehemiah' s Story' makes a welcome does Mark Stafford, displaying an eclectic collection of physical skills inreturn 'Flyingas Close Sun'. and There' s alsoin our the newlycabaret formed well astolivethebands more free atcompany 10pm. 'Thanks For That' as WHO' S HIDING?snapshots A vivid ofexploration people' s perceptions of each Company. other and God, presenting individualsoflives. Thanks For That Theatre Aug Aug 21,162023-26 7.30pm 6.00pm(8.3(7.0100) £3.00 (£1.50) FLYING CLOSE TO our THEoldest SUN Confrontsandour oldestprovokes fears. Challenges limitations, laughter. our oldest Aug 1621.2325explores9.00pm (10,00) fantasies £3.00 (£1.50) NEHEMIAH' S STORY Shout Theatre Company' s Interactive Biblical Understanding Technique, or£3.STICIBUN for short. Aug 16-20 6. 0 0pm (7. 0 0) 0 0 (£1. 5 0) Aug 21,23-25 7.30pm (8.30) FREUD EGG PRODUCTIONS - ^+3 Venue 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 VHE LUNCH PACK OF NOT PORK OR HAM byGareth Hughes. A condemned author-a fanatical hit man-3 innocent victims-lots ofandwind-no help-nopoet time. In Edinburgh, no one can hear you scream. Drunken chef staggering returns tor his1628festival Aug (not Sun)swan 6.song. 00pm (7.15) £3.00 (£2.00) FRICTION THEATRE COMPANY h Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba’s by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★ THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE-DAME newlyandadapted by Markwitchcraft Swatkins.andA spine-chilling medieval horror story of torture temptation, murder. Discover the grotesque bellringer Quasimodo in his lair, be seduced by the wild dancerLate. Esmeralda and glimpse the secrets to eternal life. A nightmarish Gothic22gypsy cocktail. Aug 28 11. 1 0pm £4.50(11.(£4.45)00) Aug 29-Sept 4 (not Thur (12.2) 45) 10.10pm THE FRIGID AIRES •••• Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 I. THE FRIGIDAIRES —LUST IN SPACE!! The four-girl comedy acapella group descend from eternally happy Planet Sh' B oom with their all-singin' , all-dancin' : tribute todon'thet miss 60's;themV—Evening packed with classic and outrageous frocks.encore!' 'Very,—T/?e very funny; News.hits'Immaculate acapella; Scotsman. Aug 13 Sept 4'S(notwellMonHarmonies!' 16, Tues 31)—T/re11.List.30pm (12.501 £6.50 (£5.50)


publicity distribution nationwide Edinburgh Arts & Entertainment Ltd. 11 Pirrie Street Edinburgh EH6 SHY Tel: (031) 555 1897 Fax:(031)555 2905

THE FRINGE CLUB Venue 2-FrinBe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 18 THE CLUB Breathe Energy! inVariety! Spontaneity!—The Club beats the heart FRINGE ofblend the Fringe. the atmosphere, slip Great intoFringe thecabaret rhythm, enjoyatfoot the unique of top music and comedy performers. line-ups, stomping and—from throbbinginspirational late nightworkshops dances. Daylight or darkness—The Fringe Clubceilidhs sparkles fora quick school kidsor leisurely to the impromptu genius of thedrinklate-night wine barbarsacts. Graba slice biteaction meal, grab a restoring at one of four —grab of thespirits ataTHE ONLY FRINGE CLUB! Happy Hour 7pm —8pm nightly. Pints and 95p go! Aug 13-Sept 4£20.0010.for00amthe (lSeason ate) (Membership required from 7.£4.30pm onwards) Membership: £12. 0 0 for one Week 5 0 Dai l y Available i n advance from the Fringe Box Offi c e, or from the Fringe Cl u b after 7.00pmPHOTO nightly.REQUIRED FOR SEASON AND WEEKLY MEMBERSHIPS. PASSPORT FRINGE CLUB CABAREToldWhere else canJoinyouthegettoughest it all? From the hottest new talents toultimate those irresistable favourites. for the13-Sept Changing everyaudience evening. in the world Aug 4 cabaret 10.45pm (lexperience. ate) Free with Fringe line-up Club Membership. FRINGEHip-Hop CLUB DISCO A Club Pop, withinclassic a Club. Non-exclusive from House, s, 70's anddance 80'smusic standards. Aug 13-Sept 4 and 9.00pmSoul(2.to30)IndieFree with FringePunk, Club 60' Membership. FRINGE CLUB RESIDENCIES INJABULO —SUNDUZA colourful and stunning African music'2000 TheParade List, 1991. Zimbabwe''Dsynamic Sunduzaandreturn with 'sdance harp harmonies and fancy footwork' Aug 1322 8. 0 0pm (9. 3 0) £6. 5 0 (£5. 0 0 Cones and Fri n ge Cl u b Members). Ticket Price includes Fringe Club Membership for the evening. COIN' Edinburgh OFF! —JIMEOIN comedian Sunday Press. debut gifted' from'Hottest Irishman JIMEOIN,Downunder Australia'...s 'Khilarious' ing of Comedy' Herald Sun.4 (not'Supremely HotPress. Aug 13-Sept Mons 23, 3 0) 8. 3 0pm(10. 0 0) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0 Cones and Fri n ge Cl u b Members). Ticket Price includes Fringe Club Membership for the evening. BLOOD & GUTS-THE DOUGAll ANTHONY trueFringe spirit ofClub. the Fringe, DAAS Show ALLSTARS in the bowelsIn the of the Violence, Sex,Monsperform Sweat andtheirFun! NoNew Hippies! Aug 13-29 (not 16, 2 3) 9. 0 0pm (10. 3 0) £6. 5 0 (£5. 5 0 Cones and Fri n ge Cl u b Members). Ticket Price includes Fringe Club Membership for the evening. JULIAN COPEtremendous Cope follows results. his creativeSoloinstinct further intoperformance. the world of acoustic music, with 'skellingtal' Unique; unmissable. Aug 23-29 9. 1 5pm (11. 0 0) £8. 5 0 (£7. 5 0 Cones and Fri n ge Cl u b Members). Ticket Price includes Fringe Club Membership fur the evening. LOVE AND MONEY A wealth ofonenewof songs ands finest sounds,bands.and wonderful musicianship, Scotland' Aug Sept includes 3 from9.1Fringe 5pmwhat(11.Cluis0b0)arguably £8.50 (£7.for5the0 Cones Ticket30Price Membership evening.and Fringe Club Members). LATE NIGHT PARTY AND DANCE NIGHTS SHOOGLENIFTY Folkadelia atsession its finest!funk-folk Some ofwith Scotland' s best young (folk?) musicians attitude. Aug 13 12deliver midnighta blistering (2.30) Free withofFringe Club Membership. THE TARTAN AMOEBAS Changing the face of ceilidh with a high energy of traditional folk tunes(2.30)and large dosesFringe of Latin, Funk and Reggae rhythms.blend Aug 15 12 midnight Free with Club Membership. THE CEILIDH upCOLLECTIVE Four women, twoaround. men, Scottish, English and American, Aug 18 12make midnight one (2.30)of theFreebestwithceilidh Fringebands Club Membershi p. RED nHOT AND help BLUEyouThere' s thegoodnightrockin' tonight as distinctive Edinburgh'sbrand number Rock' ' R oll band dance away with their of 50'ones, 60's22and 70'12 smidnight classics.(2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership. Aug KITH 8i KIN A Rootsyif Celtic Dub Rock Cajun and Swing Didgeridoo Hoedown experience Aug 25 12—Don' midnightt dance (2.30) youFreedare! with 'Fri. .ngeinteresting Club Membershipspecial' , The Scotsman. CEILIDH COLLECTIVE More fromandoneAmerican—dance of Edinburgh's best ceilidh bands—four women, men, Scottish, Aug 29 two12 midnight (2.30) English Free with Fringe Club Membership. the night away. THE HUMPFF FAMILY Their unique blend of Celtic stomptourhasfollowing seen themtheir become one Scotland's mostSeptpopular first albumof MOTHERS. 1 12bands. midnight1993 (2.30)European Free with Fringe Club Membership. THE OCCASIONALS are in big demand and less and less occasional. Following the thisthemassively successful and popular ceilidh band will have you reelingFireworks, Sept 2 well12 into midnight (2.small 30) hours! Free with Fringe Club Membership. PEARL AND THE PRAIRIE that boogies and jitters and jumps. 'MDAWGS usic to cureShitkicking, the sick andhillbilly, raise therockabilly dead ...jiveso good it's virtually Sept 3 12 illegal!' midnight (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership. RED HOT AND Dust off your blue suede shoes for tonight's final party. Good , goodBLUE dancing s classics. Sept 4 rockin' 12 midnight (2.30) toFree50'withs, 60'FrinsgeandClub70'Membership. TEVIOT BAR AND WINE BAR MUSIC RALPHof LAING PIANIST Gentleandjazz pianoSubstitute' from Ralph. JazzLaing, better knownof theas leader 'Groovetunes. Juice Special' 'Sweet interpretations great13-29 evergreen Aug 8.30pm (10.00) Free with Fringe Club Membership. ROCK, SALTwithANDtheNAILS Shetland's liveliest traditionalists excitement getnew sweaty! who share their Aug 30-Sept 4 8.30pmcrowd. 110.00) Guaranteed Free withtoFringe Clyouub Membership. FRINGE CLUB WORKSHOPS WACK FACTORY-EDINBURGH SCIENCE FESTIVAL Explosions, blood and gore, cardboardINTERNATIONAL creations and otherScience stage essentials can be made18-21, in workshops International Aug 25-29.Sept 1-4run by11.the00amEdinburgh (4.30) Free Kit* from £1.00 toFestival. £5.00 RADIO DRAMA WRITERS' WORKSHOP-BBC for those with writing experience; Week TwoRADIO if you'4veWeek alreadyOnewritten for radio.17little or11.no00amradio Aug (1. 0 0) Free (Li t l e or no experience). Aug 24 11.00am (1.00) Free (Experienced). 49


THE FRINGE CLISd,-continued COMEDY WRITING with WORKSHOP-BBC RADIO 4 BBC Radio Ligl Entertainment Aug 17,24 1.3producers 0pm (5.00) Freetips for writers wanting to break into radio comem FRINGE CLUB EXTRAS THEfirstEDINBURGH ARTS ANDtheENTERTAINMENT POSTER EXHIBITION F :■ the time, we200aredifferent exhibiting huge variety of posters we distribute during tfw Festival. Aug 18-SeptOver 4 (not Tue 24 or Wtdposters 1) l are .OOaionw (6.display 00) inFrwone venue. J FRINGE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Election of Board Members, reportama the last 12 months and a chance for performers to voice opinions, comments ideas28with 10.full00amdiscussion. Aug (1.301 Tea, Free coffee and light buffet lunch served. FRINGE SUNDAY IN ASSOCIATION WITH ‘LOTHIAN REGIONAL COUNCIL’ = ^ Venue 10-Holyrood Park, foot of Royal Mile. Info 226 5257 or 5259. JT FRINGE SUNDAY IN HOLYROOD PARK 100,000 people breathed tH< r excitement last year ... and there’s still room for more. Beneath the dramatjT heights of Arthur' s Seat,and the face Royalpainting Park explodes intotheatre, life. Findcomedy, fire-eaters,cabaret jugglers* stilt-walkers, amidst the an r c-H music stageskite-flying where hundreds of performers give open-air highlightsextravaganza of their shows Entertainment, involvement, enjoyment—this dazzling is ttyt ? ultimate Aug 22 family 1.00pmday(5.001out. Bring Free your friends but not your cars please.

FROG PRINCE PRODUCTIONS Venue 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 553 1676 ★ I'M SORRY THE BRIDGE IS OUT, YOU'byLL Sheldon HAVE TOAllman SPENDandTHEBobNIGHT The showing this hilarious (writerfirstoffans.the hit songof Monster Mash).musical Aaged musttwelve for all young Frankenstein andPicket Rock do)to« Horror Suitable for all monsters and above. Aug 1828 (not Sun 22) 7.45pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.00) GALLERY PRODUCTIONS Venue 6-Celtic lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 ★ THE CONTUSION by PAUL Award-winning playa drama by newgroup—will playwright.-Jth:'.1I prisoners inthem? the Segregated Wing GILL. of a prison want to'a start System let Tough, hard-hitting, very funny; play within a play ... ' Them- r and 18-28 language Aug (not Sunmake22) it suitable 3.30pm for (5.15)adults£4.only. 00 (£3.00 SUPDY) 1 2 3 GANDINI JUGGLING PROJECT «» il Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 nEither Either BotH —and Europe' s leading Jugglers choreographed by Gill Clark- o|. in a captivating blend of manipulation movement. Objects trail behind bodiess' tracing intricate patterns inthat spaceoneasand jugglers dance and dancers juggle. '77;. I Challenged my assumption ball in the air is much like any other' Independent. Aug 1828 (not Sun 22) 6.00pm (7.00) £5.00 (£3.50)

GARY GLITTER STORY Venue 50-The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 GARY GLITTER Music,Glitter. video, comedy,remarkable tragedy allstory combine to form th r vastly tapestrySTORY can wraprich himself in that a rollbeisofGary foil,leader. conquerA truely the music world only tooflosehowit all.or He simply a legend. Praise the Aug 13-Sept 4 (not Toes 24,31) 4.30pm (5.45) £5.50 (£4.50)


GUS GASCOIGNE:TRAINSPOTTER • • Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 ANORAKn you, OF FIRE I it.'wasSobornbegins a spotter.Gascoine' Some ares thrilling born. Some areofmade forget expose the but>r! jvn. of trainspotting complete with lunchveryGus boxes, acne andFleece anoraks. Follow Gus terrifying and epic quest for his own Golden —his Anorak of Fin 3 Brilliant new comedy.noon (1.05) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug Aug 20,14-19, 21,227,2-2828 1212 noon (1.05) £7.00 (£6.00) Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 GENESIS REALLY YOUTHFUL COMPANY Venue 8-St. Philip's Centre, Logie Green Road (off Bi ★ THEofTRIAL OFintoCHRIST An originalcourtroom and thought-provoking play lifting events the pastMadman? a contemporary The Accused: Preache' Revolutionary? Christ? Too outspoken todrama. be Jury ignored. Too dangerous leave alone any longer. We await the decision of the ... Aug 30-Sopt 4 8.00pm (9.15) £3.00 (£2.00)

THE GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE Venue 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 M9 OneGST of theisopen busiest10amand—2am best Fringe conveniently closefullytoreserved the Fringeseating. Club, the withComedy bar,venues, cafe,Store car-parking and Al l the fun of the Fringe —NYMT, Players, Eddie Izzard, plus a galaxy Bgpf stars joining Ned Sherrin for lunch. POPPY Opium Musical Wars, Pantomime exploringracism, Britishhypocrisy, Imperialismdrug-dealing and the 19th century exposingParody Victorian and sexual13 repression. Aug 7. 0 0pm (9. 4 0) £3. 7 5 (£2. 7 5) Half Price. Aug 14 3. 0 0pm (5. 4 0) £3. 7 5 (£2. 7 5) Half Price. Aug 14-1B. Aug 18,20.213,9,226,1.2283,25.273.00pm7.0(5.0pm40) (9.40)£7,50 £7.(£5.5500)(£5.50) ★ WHISTLE DOWNMagical THE WIND Three childrenofshare a special Jesus musical s film.secret—they have Aug 1718,in20,their 3.206,0pm2barn! (5.1517.0and0pm7.(9.00pm (9.15)£7.premiere £3.7550)(£2.the75) 1960' Half Price Aug 2 4, 8 1 5) 5 0 (£5. Aug 19,21,22,24,25.27 3.00pm (5.15) £7.50 (£5.50) ★ BRILLIANT THEtellDINOSAUR Words and music by Richard 100 world. young NYMT the story of BRILLIANT' S encounter with Stilgoe. the modern Aug 24-28 2528performers Aug 11.9.435am 0am (10.(12.435)0) £5.£5.0000 (£3.(£3.000)0) Wo concessions on Sat Aug 28. ★ A WORLD SO WIDEsuccess . . an improvised music theatre workshop piece, following their Aug 14much10.acclaimed 00am (10,40) £4.0of0 (£3.last00)year's TONGUE-CUT SPARROW. NEDsuperstar SHERRIN At a loose-end at lunchtime? Enjoy high octane lunch with Ned and Aug 17-20,24-27 guests. 1.00pmFree(2.0glass 0) of£6.0wine. 0 including free glass of winelsoft drink THE GEORGE SQUARE CHARITY GALA Every year a sell-out. Pick of this year'22s Fringe7.00pmcelebrities. Aug (9.30) The £10.0best 0 bargain in town —not to be missed! IZZARD comedian country today' SUNDAY TIMES. :i humour' 'EDDIE Undisputed king of'Funniest live comedy' SELECT.in the'Verbal, life-enhancing unreproducible : Aug 13 21 GUARDIAN. 10.00pm (11.30) £8.00 (£6.00) ■I COMEDY STORE PLAYERS Top impro from Paul Merton, Neil Mullarkey, Lee Simpson Aug 2328 and 10.Richard 00pm (11.Vranch. 15) £9.'Amazingly 00 (£6.00) talented team' TIME OUT. J GILDED BALLOON THEATRE ^ , jlienue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 As alwaysat 't(the he' comedy venueStepping at the Fringe, TheTheatre, Gilded once Balloonagainand produce the 2 newa oldtheTrav.) Stones iji{ir lIj!; spaces programme full of best in innovative comedy and theatre. More than ever the pick of the bunch —beware J|i' fSalloon/Assembly/Pleasance free colourimitations! brochure! Look out for Gilded flflMAIN THEATRE MAD MASH TWO-BODGER ANDofBADGER From Children' BBC. Magic, madness, mayhem, messPeglova. and masses mashed potato!! Audiences participation, guest d! Aug 1321star-Dame 11.00amAnna (noon) £4.50 (£3.50) 1^1—al funniest ALL YOU GETentertainer. IS ME —MAGIC BOB and Welcome return by Scotland's fastest, Jl jpg 28.29,kids S»pt 4 11.00amOld(noon)favourites £2.50 new routines to enthrall all ages. ' wonders NO MATTER WHAT Director Phelim McDermott. COMMOTION with Universe, Quarks, milk bottles and doors. 'Original andgrapple hysterically iW- %I jug funny'13-Sept Cityof4The Life. tnot 16,31) 12.30pm (1.45) £6.00 (£5.00) 1 * THIS OTHER EDEN by Paul Sirrit. A new play by winner of Thames TV Best New13Play I Aug Sept 1992. 4 2.Ascerbic 00pm (3.30)wit. Driving £6.50 (£5.comedy. 50) l HELL GUIDES II —BEHIND THE BEYOND Perrier Award Winner Ben Keaton : and bitterly resentful loser Paul B Davies return to penetrate the supernatural. ^ | |1; tug Directed by John Dowie. 13-Sept 4 3.45pm (5.00) £6.00 (£5.00) "J) fumbles THE SEXandCOMEDIES A new production of lain Heggie'sonhilarious plays on the foiblesTutsof24,sex. 13Sept 4 (not 311 'Painfully 5.15pm (6.funny' 30) Independent £6.00 (£5.00) Sunday. ; THE WOW SHOW Today's comedy for tomorrow's people by yesterday's men. For two only!(8.A15)MUST£7.for »S tug 13-28 weeks6.45pm 00 (£6.lovers 0D) of good comedy! THE IMPRO MUSICALincorporating A completely West End and Musical based on audience suggestions, all theimprovised cliches, characters showstopping numbers. l‘|ll Aug 29 Sept 4 6.45pm (8.15) £6.50 (£5.50) DOCTORS ATTITUDE-STRUCK OFF AND DIE Two real doctors tell it how13-28 it is./not'SWITH eriously , Aug Tues 171 funny' 8.30pmThe(9.4Guardian. 5) £7.00 (£6.00) )• i•: highly WOMENsuccessful IN COMEDY in association with The Guardian. After last Festival's : $ *ug 29-Sept 4 8.3shows, 0pm (9.4a5) series£6.of50 the (£5.5best 0) women comediennes in Britain. RUBBER BISHOPS & SEAN LOCKTime'Effortlessly funny and quite unmissable' The List. 'Always ' <1: Aug 13-Sept 4 luothighly Sun 291entertaining' 10.00pm (11.15)Out. £6.50 (£5.50) YOU THINK YOU' R E FUNNY COMPETITION associationreturns—apply with Channel 4 television. The highly successful 'stand-up' comedy incompetition i direct ton Stepping venue. Heats: (i Stones Theatre) Aug 13, 1 4 7. 4 5pm (8. 4 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) ^'AHeats: ug 19,lilni2n4MaiBackstage 00pmTheatre) (7.Aug15)29Aug 1610.00pm11.3(12.0pm30)(1.00) £6.50Aug(£5.17,50)23 8.45pm (9.45) n 6.Theatre) AAAAAAAAAAARGH ...Bowditch, THE BESTmusic, ONEmagic YETI and Featuring fast ibecoming a cult, Steve mirth Charlie and theChuck, inimitable compere mug 13-28 Malcolm 11.30pm'M(12.r Showbiz' 30) £6.Hardee. 50 (£5.00) THEmanic QUACK SQUAD Ireland'withs funniest heroes.stage On stage they are a mixture ■r: ^-of musical mayhem wigsAugandTV30cult wit. ((violent. Sept Off 4 11.30pmthey(12.3are0) unnecessarily £5.00 (£4.00)

LATE’N' IVE See the best stand-ups in town.4'sDance to the best bands! Returning this year:LTHE Aug 13-Sept 4 HAIRSTYLES 1.00am (4.00) from£7.5Channel 0 (£5.50) 'Absolutely'. BACKSTAGE THEATRE ★ PRIVATEfunny PROPERTY by ElyselookSinger, Cary Wong and Susan Kim.theA dangerous, and interactive at voyeurism, violence and whoKwock controls Aug 1329 (not 17,24) 12.15pro (1.15) £5.00 (£4,00) ★ STRIPPED by Juliewriter Rutterford. fast, funny, play featuring two women, an English and herAfeisty Americanone-woman cartoon character creation Liberty13-SeptBelle. Aug 4 1.30pm (2.45) £5.00 (£4,00) ★ HOVERING by Ronroom Aldrige. A hospitaltheywaiting room, a man paces anxiously, but the Aug 13-Septman4 and3.the 00pm (4.15)are not£5.0what 0 (£4.00) seem. With Malcolm Ward. ALISTAIR MCGOWAN AND RONNIE ANCONA 'Standing Roomlaughing, Only'. She:wanting Time Out Hackney Empire NewHe:Act ofSpitting the YearImage' 1993., YOU: Aug 1320Giggling,4.30pm (5.45) £5.50 (£4.more! 50) THOSE Seriously Funny. Thirty seen comedy characters from ordinary women: sad,21-Sept funnyGIRLS Aug 4and desperate 4.30pm (5.45)... have£5.5you 0 (£4.50) THOSE GIRLS? RUDE BITS FROM AMSTERDAM Dik Van Dike,cult'Holland' s second funniest man brings13-Sept his rude Aug 4 (notbits19,2to4) Edinburgh. 6.00pm (7.'H15)e's an£5.utter 50 (£4.50) The Gent Observer. LEARNINGIndependent. TO LIVE ... WITH ... dGERALDINE MCNULTY the very talented McNulty' Aug 13-28 7.30pm (8.30)'Wish£5.she' 50 (£4.get50) a proper job' Her boyfriend...book early. KENNY HARRIS' BEST OF THE FEST The best fest guests, vests featuring s finest young(ish) comedian. 'Excellent' List. 'jests A star'andEvening Times.29 SeptScotland' Aug 4 7.30pm (8.30) £6.50 (£5.50) PHILofKAYstories, SALE SALE 20% OFF!liveALLphone ITEMS REDUCED! impersonations. Phil Kay brings you a wild hour Aug 13 Sept 4 (not improvisation, Tues 17,23) 8.45pm (9.45)calls£5.and50 hair (£4.50) ANGELO ABELA-EDINBURGH SQUASH Ex-Vicious Boy squashes whole Edinburgh Aug 13 Sept 4Festival10.0into 0pm one (11.00)show.£6.'O0utrageously 0 (£5.00) funny' Daily Mirror. IN CABARET The darlings of the Londoncomedy Cabaret accapella Circuit aregroup. back! AlFRIGIDAIRES l singin' Aug 13 Sept, 4all(notdancin' 16,31) tribute11.3to0pmthe(12.60'45)s from£6.5the0 (£5.four-girl 50) GALLERY THEATRE AUDIENCE WITH PA UBU by John Carnell. Pa Ubu takes no prisoners on an★ AN arty Aug 13-Septlate4 night1.0TV0pmtalk(2.15)show.£5.00 (£4.00 SUDY) AVA WILDE PRESENTSHyde ... A comedy show —anything but stand up! Guests 'Donna Aug 13-24& Kebab' 2.30pm, Sheila (3.45) £5.5and 0 (£4.'W50)attle & Daub'. ★ D.E.T. BOYS HIGH Raw, exposedviolence vitality and the fire of youth. ' ... remorseless Aug 25 Sept 4 revelation 2.30pm of(3.4all5) the artistic £6.00 (£5.00) and gut humour of township life.' DIFFICULT WOMEN Meet Frida Khalo and others in this stunning cabaret of silenced Aug 13-29 genius. 4.00pmA one (5.15)woman£5.0show 0 (£4.00)with one man orchestra. ANORAK OF FIRE TheBrilliant Life and Times of Gus Gascoine, Trainspotter. The epic tale an avid Aug 30ofSept 4 spotter. 4.00pm (5.00) £5.new50 comedy. (£4.50) Aat LOOK BACKdied. AT DANGER AndyhasSmart ex-Vicious Boy is 33. The same age which Jesus Jesus' story Aug 13 Sept 4 5.30pm (6.45) £5.00 (£4.been 00) told, now come and hear Andy's. SIMON BLIGH IS SOLO AND NAKED A one man exciting and animated comedy dynamo. Aug 13 Sept'V4ery, very 7.00pmfunny (8.00) ... don' £5.0t0 miss (£4.00)him' Scotsman. DONNA McPHAIL BBC2's 'Haveshow I Got News For You' this award winning comedian her From first Aug 13-Sept brings 4 loot Tues 24,31)one woman 8.30pm (9.30) to£6.the00 Fringe. (£5.00) THE BEST OF SCOTTISH COMEDY Returns who with the best of the regularly Scottish Stand-up circuit.circuit. Come and see all yourAug favourites on the London 17,24,31 8.are30pmnow(9.4working 51 £6.50 (£5.50) FREDoneMCAULAY An hour of comedy fromtiming' one of Scotland's finest stand-ups. His first ilarious' Aug 13-Septman4 show. 9.45pm'H(10. 45) 'P£5.erfect 50 (£4.50) 'Balding'. THE EMOTIONAL COLLECTION Mike Hayley ('perceptive, and Rhona Cameron ('So You Think You're Funny' winner) funny' bring youScotsman) twenty candlelit Aug 13 Septcomedy 4 11.classics. 00pm (midnight) £6.00 (£5.00) Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket.Tix 225 6520(226 2151 J7 WUTHERINGtoHEIGHTS VESTRIS—The MimePlusEnsemble. winning interpretation music by Liszt. 'Astounding'Scottish Guardian. TRI-P—aAward metaphysical extravaganza. Aug 25-Sept 4 l .COam (noon) £4.50 (£3.50) A G'RAND Written andofdirected Dallmeyer. Provocative about the Emperor'SCAM s Clothes' nature theatre.by'WAndrew itty, clever, most enyoyable tale'playScotland on Sunday. Aug 13 Sept 4 12.15pm (1.15) £4.00 (£2.50) ★ DIARY OF ABest MADMAN & BURROUGHS Master Brighton-Festival Theatre winner with deliciously surrealcharacter-changer comedy, directedandby Perrier13-Sept Award Aug 4 nominee 1.30pm (2.Roy45) Hutchins. £5.50 (£4.50) ★ SATANis coming. IN GORAY The story of a village torn apart by the promise that the Messiah Aug 1322 3.00pm (4.'S4tunning 5) £6.. 0. 0highly (£5.00)recommended' Edinburgh Evening News. ★ DOUBLEs mind FANTASY by Andrew Dallmeyer.through An imaginative Chapman' the 60's andexploration 70's. of Mark Aug 23-Sept 4 3.as00pmhe (4.follows 45) John £6.00 Lennon (£4.00) LUST by lain Heggie. Duncan' s crusade to save the world from sex . . and Muriel. 'Excellent' Aug 13-Sept 4The(notList. Tues 24,'Very31) funny'5.00pmThe(6.Guardian. 00) £5.50 (£4.50 SUPDY) 51

"Irresistible... treachery, double-crossing, intrigue and off-the-cuff callousness... dollar-bright performances, inimitable one-liners... slick and seamless production" TIMEOUT

"bundles of wickedly bleak deadpan humour" WHAT'S ON "A sizzling new play" DAILY MAIL

4.30PM VENUE 33 12 AUG - 4 SEPT Pleasance

presents Iksmonti #IIPter IBtngle m reatungs from best r QZW<& best sellers Tickets £8.50 (£7.50 concessions) £9.50 (£8.50 concessions) 27th, 28th & 29th August availnble from Box Office telephone: 031 226 2428

j: GILDED BALLOON THEATRE —cc RAISEwittyTHEandDEAD A crazy seancecomedy. resurrects an unbelievable live story,. Amazing '■tog > ★ Fast, 13 Sept 4 6.1audience 5pm (7.30) friendly £6.00 (£5.00) POLITICS IN THE PARK by lain Heggie withviews Lynn onFerguson CarolynandBonnyman (Alexander Sisters). Jinty and Effie's hilarious baking,andGermans peroxide blondes. Aug 15 Sept 4 (not Tubs 24,311 7.45pm (8.45) E5.50 (£4.50 SUPDY) PARSONS AND NAYLOR Comedy Double Act —Smith and Jones and Spitting Image mug 1328script-writers. 9.00pm (10.'B1rilliant' 5) C6.Guardian. 00 (£5.00) 'Not to be missed' Sunday Times. AUDITION starringtragedy, Mike Hayward (Take The High Road's Alun Morgan). An★ THE Actor' ■Ipg 2S Septs4Life 9.—comedy, 00pm (10.30) E6.00agents, 1tS.00) booze, sex ... auditions. HATTIE HAYRIDGE —OUT OF HER BOX With understated delivery, the timing of a 13-24 digital watch. Aug 10.30pmHer(11.act 30) is a£6.total 50 (E5.delight. 50) BROWN & COMPANY Theperformers. best laconic comedian in the country' \ 'TARNOLD ime'cOut. With 4 some 10.30pmof(11.his45)favourite £6.00 (E5.Q0) And why not? . . HhLD WOMEN DON' T SING THE BLUES Bonnar with Brian Kellock on pianoyoung presents a rivetting hour of jazz,Suzanne blues standards fromMr.a bright, upAug and13-Septcoming star. 4 12 midnight (1.00) £6.00 (£5.00) THE SQUAD s funniest mixtureQUACK of manic musicalIreland' mayhem with TVwigscultandheroes. wit. OnOff stage stagetheytheyarearea unnecessarily jP«g 13-Sept 4 (notviolent! 21-23) 12.30pm (1.30) £5.00 (14.00) BINTERPLANETARY RICHARD CARPENTER ... CALLING OF CRAFT But We'PRESENTS ve onlylongjustbefore begun. Karen andOCCUPANTS Richard are on top of the14 Sept world,4 (notdown MAug Tubs 31)the pub!1.45pm (2.how 45) £2.50 (£1.50)it's goodbye to love. ★ SHEEP ATHRILLS-THE (: the kidnapped. chase begins inCOTSWOLD this fast movingCONNECTION visual slapstickMonica comedy.the IsSheep she foris tjyg chop? 13-Sept 4 3.00pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Bl' IS BACK-DAVE COHEN 'Funniest on theonFringe' Radio jf Scotsman. Forth.BLACK 'A greatEYESstand-up' The Guardian. 'Funniest comicactsongs the Fringe' Aug Aug 251323Sept 4 4.15pm6.45(5.pm15) (7.45) £5.00 (E4.00) ★ VERBATIMof'Aconvicted small miracle of dramatic theatre'families. SundayA Times. Wordfrom for word |I' Zealand. conversations murderers and their solo show New Mbg 24 Sept 4 4.15pm (5.15) £5.00 1£4.00) STAND-UP STORIES Karl MacDermott his final appearance Edinburgh j', talented before becoming a full-time professionalmakes basket-weaver. 'A most inabundantly KMug lS-Septcomic' 4 5.The30pmIndependent. (6.30) £6.00 (15.00) IPrRUCK OFF AND DIE-THE PORKY PALMERS Two doctors a lawyer, an i actress Aug 14-24and(not aTubsFrench 17) teacher 6.45pm team (7.50) up to£5.0quite 0 (£4.0probably 0) be very funny indeed. IBrBOOZE LITTLEImmaterial JOHNNYandCARTILAGE Unique ofcomedy-musical ' from Johnny HELL Meres,BYformerly one-time member The Cartilage Family. ' g 13 Sept'Completely 4 8.00pmmad(9.0and 0) extremely t5.00 (£4.0funny' 0) Scotsman. PARROT Sick as a Parrot. Scotland' s favourite stand-up returns with a brand new ; show. 'Very4 (notfunnyThurindeed!' Aug 13 Sept 21 9.1Scotsman. 5pm (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00) I| Sometimes PEAKS ANDit takes VALLEYS Songs and stories with Colin Hay (Men At Work). a long(11.time Imm lS-Supt 4 10.30pm 30) to£5.arrive 50 IE4.at50)where you started. THE COMEDY FACTORY Five overweight men will make youfunny' laughScotsman. until you I stop. Remarkably Aug 13'Sept 4 (not Augenjoyable' 24. Sept 2) The11.List.45pm'A(12.ndrew 45) Barclay £5.00 (£4....0very 01 »: Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. SEAN new HUGHES for 'The hippest only. stand up comedian in the world' Select presents his i Aug brand 25 28 show 10.30pm (11.4 nights 45) £8.50 (£6.50) GLEN THEATRE PI Outer ! Venue 118-Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Tickets 440 2159. MASQUEtheOFrichROSSLYN 1398-1993 the spirit of the engrailed cross ‘|I through and1398. turbulent history of Follow the Sinclair' s of Rosslyn. Prince Henry' voyage to America The apprentice' s murder. Cromwell' s army. In full periods II Aug costume against the stunning backdrop of Rosslyn Chapel. 9 years a sell-out. 12-14,18 21.2528. Sept 1-4 8.00pm (10.00) £6.50 (£4.50) jjl! traditions THE GREEN MANs ancient Rosslyn's Green Men comere-birth. alive in the ancient and mysterious f Aug 13.14,2of0.21,man' 27.28.Sept 3,4 past10.of30pmbirth(11.and 30) £3.50 (£2.00) iI: AA moving RIBBONandOFmagical TIME Paul Albion presents music for Rosslyn Chapel and for you. I Aug 15.16 7.30pm (9.30)evening. £4.00 (£2.50) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES ^ RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES) if OPEN 10am-7am ^

GLITTERIS •••• Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH ★andTHENic ANGEL AND THE BOUNCER Written and performed by Thomas6rowne Scott. Heaven is just a kiss away in this full blown, physical comedy pumpingWhat' attitude, mischief andofthesuchhottest 'Brilliantly talent' gusto blood. and meaty material'comicTime—24Outcarat Aug 13 19,22 23,s2On. 5 26,£5.3'P05erformers Aug 20,21,2729 0Sept(£3.51,0)3.4 9.15pm 110.30) £5.00 (£3.00) Ll GOLDEN ROUND TOURING COMPANY ’O2*3 Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 TESS OFreturns THE toD'the URBEVILLES Leeds University' s Golden Roundof Thomas Touring Company Fringe with Michael Fry' s stunning adaptation Hardy's Tessconstructs Of The D’Urbevilles. A vivid andtheuncompromising production, effectively a dialogueandbetween romance of folklore and thewhich stark bitterness Aug 17,19,21,of24,poverty, 26,28 betrayal 1.45pm (3.30) rape.£3.50 (£3.00) SNOOPY!!! THE MUSICAL Based on the comic strip ' P eanuts' by Charles M Shulz,16,1this Aug 8,20,'2c3,harmer' 25,27 of1.a45pmmusical (3.15) will £3.delight. 50 (£3.00)

GRASSMARKET PROJECT •••• Venue 92-leith Theatre, Ferry Road, Leith. Tickets 554 7295 C13 Outer ★BadONE MOMENT Triple Fringe First winner Jeremy Weller, for his trilogy Glad, and Mad, now brings together a group of over 60' s . An evening in the lives ofpowerful ten pensioners as they settle down for a quiet night. Theatre verite at its most and Sunmoving. Aug 12 21 (not 15) 7.00pm (9.00) £7.00 (£4.00 SUPOC) Venue 15-Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. J5 ★ CALL MEwithSUSAN by Jeanfootage Findlay.ofTwo prostitutes debateNotgoodsuitable and evil,for interacting documentary working prostitutes. children. Aug 24,27,31,Sept 3 8.00pm 00pm(2.(9.45)45) £7.00 (£4.00 SUPD) Aug Aug 25,26,228,9,SSeptept 21,4 4.31.0pm (6.15) Venue 71-The Calton, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 558 3758 H11 ★ RISK and Devised andDirected performedby byaward-winner young peopleJohn'at Mitchell. risk' fromNopoverty, violence, begging abuse. children. Aug 13 28 (not Sun 15,22) 7.30pm (9.00) £7.00 (£4.00 SUPOC)

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION THEATRE COMPANY | fHflkes 4 \^(P7^uLZ> ^ Ai/ffereyitej Shakespeare, New Writing, Dance, Exhibition, Cabaret, Brass Band, Jazz. Evening News CAVALCADE WINNERS ’91 & ’92



GREAT ESCAPE THEATRE CO Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 JOAN KENTLink(Awith Musical Play) Byperformance Henry Lewis.including Maidstone Housewifestopping derails ChannelOFTunnel charismatic eight-engine numbers. British Rail finds itself in chorus line confrontation with Kent Protestors while Minister Craze. Transport love it. promotes 'The Humbug' as 'Art of The State' Dance Aug 21Children Aug 2214 Sept 4 10.15am 2.15pm(11.(3.45)45) £3.50 (£3.00)

Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 THE NORTERN SAXOPHONE QUARTETquartet, WITH fresh THE from HANGLIOER Acclaimed as work Europe' s premier saxophone the U.S.A.,BAND The £ NSQ perform from their new CD. Very polished, very eclectic. Aug 25Sept 1 12.30am (1.30) £4.00 (£3.50) MARVIN HANGLIDER' S MUSICAL ENCOUNTERS AT MIDNIGHT AND A HALF13-20,The23,guy name(1.3links Aug 24,Septwith2-4the silly 12.30am 0) with £3.00other musicians.

JEFF GREEN Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 JEFF GREENwith Following appearances and rave reviews, Jeff returns toEvening Edinburgh firstnumerous lengthTV show. 'Band racingly and totally News. Comedy 'Realhisclass ...fullalarmingly sharpYear very,funny very funny' List. unique’ Winner ofAugthe1319,22 London Store' s ' A ct Of The Award' . Aug 20,21,272926,30,31,10.Sept 00pm1-4(11.00) 10.00pm £8.00111.(£7.00)00) £7.00 (£6.00)

THE HARD CORE MACRAME SET Venue 73-Edinbutgh College of Art, lauriston Place. Tickets 228 9666)228 2234 * CAKEWALK Chaotic culinary comedy byis Justine Jones.ofBonnie, Australian! cookery showNapoleon, presenter-turned-pop the subject John'exploits saninexplicable) infatuation. a writer besetstarbytheatricality. creative constipation, John's obsession for its potentially dangerous A bizarre and unpredictable' exploration Aug 1628 {notofMonthe23)pretensions 10.00pmand(12 mipreoccupations dnight) £5.00of(£3.the00)'90s.

GREYFRIARS KIRK PROMOTIONS •• Venue 131-Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 K8 ORGAN SOLO RECITALS August 17th Henry Wallace (Hexham Abbey), 18th Pilar Cabrera (Spain),Phillips 20th (Sheffield). Paul Maki (New York), 24th Carleton Etherington (Leeds), 25th David Aug 17,18,20,24,25 1.10pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2,00) ORGAN ANDJohnINSTRUMENTS August(Trombone), 16th Michael Chibbett,Chibbett, MorvenKevin Bell (Oboe), 19th Kitchen, Kenny McCrae (Cello), 26th HowardJohnDuthie, instrumentalists23rdfromMichael Heriots, 27th Alan & Elizabeth Childs (Flute). Aug 16,19,23,26,27 1.10pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) *Company. BOBBY Help COMES BACK by Joy Graham-Marr. Storytelling with Two' tell the tale of Greyfriars Bobby. Who will be Bobby? Practises barking Aug 1627now! (not SatAge21,5Sunupwards. 22) 4.30pm (5.30) £2.00 Children (£1.00 Adults) THE GUARDIAN ° Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 THE GUARDIAN TALKS Top Guardian journalists joined by invited celebrities for three to beinmissed debates on theEdinburgh most contemporary and controversial issues onAugthe19,not2Fringe ' 9 3. See the daily page in The Guardian for full details. 6, Sept 2 11.00am (12.30) Free THE GUARDIAN Your chance to see the bestINTERNATIONAL of student drama onSTUDENT the Fringe inDRAMA a special AWARD award-winning performance Aug 31 1.30pmfrom(3.01993' 0) s£3.winner. 00 (£2.00) RICH HALL •••• Venue 108-Moray House, Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 RICH HALL (U.S.A . ) Rich Hall, author and American comedian extraordinaire, famed for his regular spots on ' T he Tonight Show' and ' S aturday Night Live' makes his U.13KSept . debut. comedy Aug 4 (notAMens 16,23,star 30) of international 9.45pm (10.45)renown, £6.50definitely (£5.00) not to be missed. MARVIN HANGLIDER PRODUCTIONS Venue 36-Festival Club, 9 15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 MARVIN(lastHANGLIDER' S Jim MID-AFTERNOON MELANGE One man show plus guests year' s included Tavare and Ned Sherrin). Extraordinarily versatile, dead dis-organised but wonderfully inspired. Not for Nigel Kennedy fans. Aug Aug 2914 28Sept 4 3.30pm2.30pm(4.30)(3.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ WHO'aS role BUTTLING ANYWAY A newCheeseford twenties musical, lark features reversal between Lord and his this butlerlight-hearted with groaning asides29-Sept and 4unlikely Aug 4.15pmsentimentality. (5.45) £4.0Deliciously 0 (£3.50) dizzy, great fun.

MALCOLM HARDEE PRESENTS ••• Venue 54-14 Brandon Street, 2nd Floor Tickets 556 4847 081 Iclub STOLE FREDDIE MERCURY' S BIRTHDAY CAKE Malcolm Hardee, comedien,s owner, agent to the stars and self styled ' M r. Showbiz' has been around' longer than anybodytales can —some remember. Over the yearstrue. he hasHe been ofyou. some unbelievable—all wantsattothetellepi-centre them to;j Firstlegendary one-man Aug 14-28 6.30pm (7.show. 30) £5.00 (£0.20 U)(£6.00 S) CHERYL HARNEST ° • Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★herMEDUSA' S EVOLUTION A hilariously poignant tour de force. ' H arnest stripes. with comic LA Times. This wacky, offbeatclash; gal takes you on1 aconventional joyvictims ride through timeandskidmarks' where images oftowomen in comedy challenging society unraveling how be united in their differences —all at, speed!4 Directed ,'MAugTV'29-Sept 7.00pm (7.by50)Amy £Holston. 3.00 (£2.50) HARP AND CELLO DUO G. SELMI FROM ITALY ° ’ ^ Venue 79-St. Mary's Music School, Concert Room, 25 Palmerston Place Tickets 225 1614 & 668 3665H3 HARP AND CELLO DUO G. SELMI FROM ITALY ANNA-MARIA MANICONE and JOHNCasella, MCCRAE performHuber, originalVerdalle, works Gervaslo, by: Selmi,Rocaglia, Koetsier,Coloscu, Castelnuovo-; Tedesco, Tedeschi, Hure, Morricone. An attractive repertoire containing several 1st UK performances. Wine will 23,be2offered Aug 4,26,27 at the 1.00pmend(1.of45)each and 6.concert. 00pm (6.45) £2.00 HARPSICHORDS AT ST CECILIA’S HALL Venue 31-St. Cecilia's Hall, cnr Middry Street & Cowgate. Tickets 650 2805 J10; ACollection rare chance to inhearScotland' some sofoldest the world' s finestelegant keyboards housed and from most concertinfrom hall. theThisbyRussell series presents a selection of antique instruments the Collection recitals some of the country's finest young players. j MELOTHESIA TRIO-FESTIVE OPENING CONCERT A and programme of German; music on the brilliant 1764 Hass harpsichord, baroque flute gamba. Aug 15 3.00pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) LUCY CAROLAN-THE GOLDBERG VARIATIONSFrench J.S.harpsichord. Bach's masterpiece; played Aug 17 on 3.the00pmsuperb (4.30) 1764/1783 £5.00 (£4,Goermans/Taskin 00) ! SOPHIE YATES-MUSIC BY English WILLIAM BYRD Celebrating the 450th! anniversary of Byrd on the 1688 virginal by Stephen Keene. Aug 19 3.00pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) DAVID MCGUINNESSBaroque ANDoboeJAMES EASTAWAY FRENCH and harpsichord, using—18TH the worldCENTURY’ famous 176921 Taskin3.CLASSICS harpsichord. Aug 00pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ; JOHN KITCHEN used ANDwith JENNY NEX-17TH CENTURY SCOTLAND Two early Italian keyboards vocal and solo Scottish and Italian music. Aug 24 3.00pni (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) _r PAULsounds SIMMONDS-GERMAN CLAVICHORD RECITAL A chance to compare) the Aug 26 3.0of0pmthe(4.1763 30) Hass £5.00and(£4.01784 0) Hubert clavichords. LORNA CONCERT Mozart. Schubert, Dussek, Weber28 andFULFORD—FORTEPIANO Aug 3.John 00pm Field (4.30) on an£5.English 00 (£4.00)piano by Thomas Loud c1810. HATTIE HAYRIDGE Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. fix 225 6520(226 2151 J7 OUTisOFherHER BOX one-woman and back down earth understated after a spell as Holly the in 'Rtiming ed Dwarf' I this show.toyouWith digital watchfirstandevermaterial so pristine want to buy it bydelivery, the yard, her act ofis anai total delight. Aug 13 24 10.30pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.50)


JOHN HEGLEY Venue 50-The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 J8 NEW BOOK, BIGwill DRAWING SHOWheAshaswelldoneas ofrendering recent poetry andNEWabout songRECORD, the author hold aloft pictures animals which he will talk in a fascinating way while Nigel strums along with a hairy chin.13-28 'Scandalously Aug 9.45pm 111.talented' 00} £6.Sunday 50 (£5.0Times. 0) HIGHNOTE PRODUCTIONS Venue 43-Royal Museum of Scotland. Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 K9 BEHIND A tribute to the career. inner strength Frank Sinatra—the devotion toBLUE musicEYES that drove his legendary Songs andof narration performed byAug Michael Cory. Musical direction by Marty Mellinger. Aug 21,18-2825,28 6.30pm 2.30pm(7.4(3.5)45) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 34-fldam House Theatre. 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 BEHIND BLUE EYES Moves to a new venue for late night performances in Week Three. Aug 29-Sept 4 10.00pm (11.15) £5.00 (£4.00) HARRY HILL Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH ★ HARRYWINNER HILL —'1992, EGGS'returns Risingwithcomedy and'Britain' PERRIER BEST& funniest NEWCOMER AWARD a new star show. s finest new comedian' Guardian promises ' A wonderful evening of cracking one-liners and hilariously infectious catch-phrases' Times. 'He makes helpless happy laughter feel absolutely Aug 11 Sept effortless.' 4 (not Aug 18,Guardian Sept 2) Sellout 7.45pm '(8.92.45)BOOK£6.EARLY. 50 (£5.50) HILL ST THEATRE Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 EdinburghfromVenue Associates at HiFirmly l St. Theatre. 3 minutes frominformal PrincesyetStreet, minutes Assembly Rooms. established, friendly, elegant2 festival venue plays host to diversity of International theatre. Two fully licensed bars (smokingin town. and non-smoking) serve refreshments to the small hours and the best Ticketscoffee also available here for Old. St. Paul's Theatre. ★ PROGRAMMING ADA BYRON Ada Byron,mathematician the poet's daughter, and she the world' s first computer programmer: prophetic and artist, resolves Will 13-Septpersonal 4 2.4and 5pm familial (3.45) conflicts £4.50 (£4.to00)break new ground. mbeyond PUNCH JUNKIES Greg Hobbs. THEATRE. This goesphysical way boxing. The fightbyoutside the ring.TOUCHED A controversial and original performance. -Aug 22-Sept 4 12.30pm (1.30) £4.50 (£3.00) J’Aadaptation, MIDSUMMER NIGHT'StheDREAM TOUCHED energetic which heightens humour and danger THEATRE. in a night ofAnmidsummer madness. Aug 22-Sept 4 1.30pm (2.30) £4.50 (£3.00) THE REALparody. INSPECTOR TOUCHED THEATRE. Tom Stoppard' s ultimate hilarious A farcicalHOUND whodunnit, challenging audience/stage relationships. Hugely Aug 22 Septentertaining, 4 11.15amfrolicsome, (12.30) fun.£4.50 (£3.00) ★ THEstory PEDICAB man' SHOW AMAZING GRACE PRODUCTIONS. A funny, fastpaced Aug 14 Sept 4 of one 10.10pm (10.s55)search£5.for00 the (£4.00)perfect odd job. HORIZON jazz outfit. Cool sounds, a funky beat and some mean4Three-piece melodies. Laycontemporary back Aug 28-Sept 12 midnight (1,30) and£4.enjoy 50 (£3.it.50) ★featuring DIVAS!theAlyson Orr in a thrilling musical tribute to theeverywhere. art of the chanteuse — Aug 15-Sept 4 lootsongsTues)of Dietrich, 10.00pmPiaf, (10.45)Garland—for £6.00 (£4.divas 00) SEX AFTERGuardian. SUPPER 'HReturn last year's sell Evening out. 'The News. rudest show in town, hilarious' ighly ofrecommended' 'Uproariously disgusting, Aug 14-Sept 4an(notidealThorlate2) night10.5show' 0pm (11.Daily 45) Telegraph. £6.00 (£4.00) ★ SEX INhisTHEnewAFTERNOON virtuoso Scotsman) premieres one man showStephen about Oxley men and('A sex. Whatperformer' do they think about when28-Sept they 4are doing Aug 5.05pmit?(5.55) £5.00 (£4,00) ★ LUCY K Parkinson' TROUPERS. The tragic awakening of a young woman with postencephalitic Aug 13-20 1.45pm (2.25)s disease. £3.50 (£3.00) LOW LEVEL CAMBRIDGEsex,BATS.pornography A funny andandsensitive young15-27women12.PANIC trying spots. portrayal of three Aug 10am (1.to10) cope£4.with 00 (£3.00) SUITE goings AARTIFAAKTS Neil Simon' 'Plaza Suite'. 3 separate stories ofPLAZA the hilarious on(8.45)in thepresent Plaz? Hotel' s Suites 710. Aug £5.0015-Sept (£3.00)4per act7.5for5pm2 acts or more.£6.00 (£4.00) (Rotating nightly) ★ FEVERHilarious LONDONyetMEDICS. fromandawardlife.winning of trainee doctors. poignantMusical story comedy about love 'One ofgroup the best' The Independent. Aug 14 27 5.05pm (5.50) £4.00 (£3.50) THUS KEN AND ARD 'N...ewveryNames Winning'Hilarious comedy...duo' Daily are back! 'SSPAKE ophisticated, streetwise funny'9...2’ 'Award Scotsman. Express. Aug 14 Sept 4 9.00pm (9.55) £5.00 (£4.00)

★ HESSRudolph OPEN Hess, HANDgives PRODUCTIONS. monologue in which Hitler'thes deputy, his account ofDramatic events leading up to and following /lug 30-Sept 4 1.30pm (3.00) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ THE MAN FROMnewTHE NORTHthe SCARECROW-bringing the best in Irish theatre—a Aug 1814 Sept Free 4powerful (notPreview 22,31) play 3.30pmabout (5.00) relationship £5.00 (£4.00)between the North and South. Aug ★ AT THE THEY music MET NUR THEATRE. AnReality exhilarating where videoCRIMSON merges withHOUR monologue, and movement. merges hour with destiny. Aug 14-21 (not Wed 18) 6. 3 0pm (7. 3 0) £5. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 23 Sept 4 (not Tues 31) 6.30pm (7.30) £5.50 (£4.00) I AM NOT A NUMBER Neil Mullarkey amusing' (of the COMEDY STORE PLAYERS) and friends. The Guardian. Aug 21-29Different 2.15pmguests 13.15) daily.£5.0'T0 erribly (£4.00) ★ A STRANGE BIT OF In a packedandhour OMID DJALINI speeds acrossHISTORY the worldINinTHEATRE, search of theBratislava. missing millenium the secret of the4 (notnew-age. Aug 13-Sept 22,31) 'Entertaining, 8.00pm (9.00) educating, £5.00 (£3.elevating' 50) Slovensky Rozlas. CIRCUMFERENCE P.A.W. In a blend inof adolescence dance, mime,andmaskbeyond. and vocalisation the group1520explores12.4changing Aug 5pm (1.20) relationships £2.50 (£1.50) YESTERDAY ONCE MORE. GROWING UP WITH THE AB OVO THEATRE. Love,to perfection and loneliness explored throughCARPENTERS the songs of the Carpenters. Aug 13-Sept 4 Tribute (not 23, SeptKaren 2) Carpenter. O.SOpm (9.40) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ THEandLAST ALLEGORY In song, dance,Adapted improvisation, spoken word visualsFLOWER—AN the company explores universal questions. from a narrative by James Aug 1821 Thurber. 11.30am SURPRISES (1.00) £3.0FOR 0 (£1.THE 00) WHOLE FAMILY. HANCOCK' Sauthentic LAST HALF HOUR by ofHeathcote COMPANY 'Brilliant... anironies' reconstruction Hancock'Williams s ideas, gags, theoriesTHEATRE. and selfdestructive Aug 14 Sept 4 11.1Daily 5pm (11.Telegraph. 55) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ ALL media THIS AND HEAVEN II God's satire. holier than thou attitude subjected to infernal Aug 14-30 4.0probing 0pm (4.50)in a biting £4.50 sacred (£3.50) ★Audience RIP VAN WINKLE Traditional fun, traditional story but with a new twist. Aug 14 Septparticipation. 4 10.00am Not (11.00)to be £3.missed. 00 (£2.0For0) children of all ages. ★ INFECT WITH YOUR LOVE by Gerry Nowicki POLKATZ. Multi media visuals in this4 ME Aug 14-Sept (nothumorous Suns) yet5.1tragic 0pm (6.story 10) of£5.a young 00 (£4.0couple' 0) s response to HIV/AIDS. CONTINENTAL DRIFT JACK MACDONALD. A very experienced, international comic storyteller. Hugely energetic and personable. hilarious. interesting. Recommended by The Independent and TheOften Scotsman fromAlways 1992 Fringe. Aug 14-30 6.00pm (7.00) £4.50 (£3.50) M.C.Lenny REBBEBruceD RAPPING RABBI'A phenomenon Like Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, James Jackie Whale. Mason and rolled intoRadio one. in entertainment' 'Highlight Aug 13-Septof4 the 12festival' midnight (1.00) 4. £7.00 (£5.00) ★ OUR BRUTUS by David Beeler. PARADOX PRODUCTIONS. conspiracy brilliance. First ofwinner returns with the true story Obsession, of Booth — the manAugwhoand murdered theFringe dreams America. Preview 13, 1 4 1. 3 0pm (3. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 18-20 1. 3 0pm (3. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 23 Sept 4 11,45am (1.15) THE CREDITORS August Strindberg. HEADS comedy concerning bypsychological warfare TWO between menTHEATRE. and women.Classic Not totragi-be missed. Aug 13-25 11.05am (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00) DOMINIC HOLLAND Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LU RED DUTCH DOMINIC comedy and witasfrom a very man 'TimeHOT Out' included inWITH their1992. 'BestTheof 'warm 92'Observational , andatticScottish TV described 'very,such funny' STV Funny Farm atmosphere, coupled with personable performer, makes this debut Edinburgh(9.0show an absolute must. a Aug Aug 20,1218,21,128,7,129.8,222.9 23,25,8.208,0pm30,3(9.1,0S0)ept 1.3£4.,4 50 (£4.8.000pm 0) 0) £4.00 (£3.50) SADIE HAMILTON is S RN S 1.30 p.m. Hug. 13 - Sept. 4, (E«cl. flug 25 & Sept 1) £4.50 (£3.50 Cone.) marco’s 51 Groue Street (031) 228 91 16

by I RN BRILEV ACCIDENTAL production 55


Assembly + Gilded Balloon + Pleasance in collaboration


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THE HONKIN’ HEP CATS Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LICENSED maniacs TO COOK Simply the musicians finest, funniest, friendliestdescent bunchfromof jitterbugging 'THighlanders' he only I'Kington. ve met claiming Tiny Grimes andGLR.his around. Rocking MilesJazz) 'Absolutely brilliant' Mary Costello, ' B est band at the (Cork festival' Cork FM. 'Witty, raunchy blend of 1.jump-jive, be-bop£4.0and blues' Independent. Aug 18, 1 9. 2 5. 2 6 0 0am (3. 0 01 0 Aug 14,15,20,21,27-29. Sept 3,4 1.00am (3.00) £6.00 (£5.00) HOUR OF THE DOG COMPANY •• Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 ★exploration THE HOUR OF THE DOG Mother, am I real, am I beautiful yet? A verse of theLauriefemale innerscape through three stages of womanhood. With Elizabeth Bove, Muir, Lois Raebeck, and directed by Robert Greer. From New York City, the English language premiere of Swedish poet Kristina Lugn. Aug Aug 2229 28Sept 4 11.06.0am00pm(11.(6.50)50) £3.00 (£2.50) SEAN HUGHES • Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 SEAN HUGHES Gilded Balloon Productions presents ... ' T he hippest stand-up comedian in the world' Select, recently returned from a sell out tour of Australia, presents new(BBC). showDon' for 4 nights only. Star of 'Sean's Show' (Channel 4) and 25'S28ean'hiss brand Shorts' Aug 10.30pm (11. 45) £8.t50miss(£6.5the0) 'King of Comedy' The Age. ELLEN HULKOWER Venue 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★ ZEL REBELS! THE STORY OFexplores A WOMAN IN Aof ONE MANidiosyncratic SHOW A kitschy, irreverant sexual comedy fantasies Batman, remembrance womanhood past, through in-your-face machismoone-to mashed food ofandQ.W. naughty nudity. 'An achingly funny, critiques painfullyofinsightful woman Augshow.' Preview 14. 1 5 10. 0 0pm (11. 0 0) £3. 0 0 Aug 16-Sept 4 (not Sun 22, Thur 2) 12 midnight (1.00) £4.00 (£3.50) HULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY » » » fiMiue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 APRIL IN PARIS andthought directedprovoking by Johncomedy Godber.ofFestival favourites Hull Truck return withBetanwritten hilarious, a becouple' s first again! holiday abroad. Al and hit the Champs Elysees. Life may never the same ... powerful piece of popular comedy' Guardian. 'Simply very funny' Yorkshire' Post. Aug Aug 20.18-19, 21,227,2,228.4-26.29 31-Sept£8.450 (£7.3.50)00pm (4.30) £7.50 (£6.50)

INCIDENTAL THEATRE PRESENTS °> 3 • InBenIncidental' s 14th KEVIN year at DAY; Edinburgh we bringWITH you SOD — a new play by Arthur Smith; s HUGE; AN EVENING for fullMiller' details.) Plus THE HEARTBREAK KID . . GARY LINEKER. (See main entries Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 THE HEARTBREAK Hilarious comedy with by Tony . Hawks. '★Forbidden Planet' meets KID 'AReally. bigail' sAParty' meets 'Thesongs HighTonyChaparal' Highly original, highly entertaining. cast of five includes Hawks (BBC2s 'Brain Drain' ), Ben Miller by('GAudrey one With Noakes') and Caroline Quentin ('Men Behaving Aug 13 19,2Badly' 2.24-26.).30.£7.Directed 31,00Sept(£6.51-40) 4.00pmCooke. (5.20) £6.00 (£5.50) Aug 20.21.2729 THE INCREDIBLY DRAMATIC THEATRE COMPANY Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ TATE'actress, S ROYALTY. PORTRAIT OFwithSARAH SIDDONS. famousGarrick, 18/19 Century hersexyrelationships herandbrother, JohnandTheKemble, Sheridan, Lawrence, succulent Rosie, comic wit crit—a malicious mix. Flamboyant period(9.costumes. Suit 14 + . Fully professional cast. Fringe First. Aug Preview15 Sept Aug 414 7.7.45pm 45pm (9.15)15) £5.00 (£3.50) INDEPENDENT THEATRE COUNCIL ° » Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 SO YOU WANTcompany. TO WORKA panel IN THEATRE? Theexperts essentialexplain guide the to running yourof own theatre ofandtheatre secrets management success. Come along discuss-your needs for the long term planning Aug 25 81 26of your10.company. 30am (11.30)ITC canFreeadvise on the basics. 0 1 INNER SENSE PERCUSSION ORCHESTRA Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 INNER SENSE PERCUSSION Returnjazz,of funk this blisteringly rhythmic 9-piece Manchester band with aORCHESTRA new mixnights of latin and samba reggae. Seven sell-outs last year —seven more of pure celebration. ' A n absolute must' The Scotsman 'Thes going best of its you! kind outside Rio!' Band on the Wall, Manchester. Aug 2326, 2931The rhythm' 10.30pm (12.15) to get £5.50 (£3.50)

THE HUMAN TWINS •• Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 FULL SHOW, NO CUTS! Fat bloke and skinhead explore life' s meaning via wicked philosophical observations on our politics, language, health and work culture —and some dirty See theseinsights. manic minstrels parodywet.a Descartes parade of ridiculous yieldjokes! unforgettable Laugh yourself would havecharacters filled histowellies! By Dave Hewetson. Additional material by John Youngman. Aug 22-Sept 4 9.50pm (11.00) £4.50 (£3.50) > IMPORT

THEATRE COMPANY ° - ^ • V«nue 21-Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Tickets 225 7995. J7 ★Serbian THE screenplay GAMES PEOPLE PLAY British premiere of this new adaptation of thein by Vladimir Djurec. Naff rockstar finds himself bewildered the of an unusual family oftheadoring Taking exploration name and inspiration Burn'housfe s bestseller on psychology, play isfans. an hilarious of role playfrom and manipulation. Aug 30 Sept 4 10.45pm (12.15) £4.00 (£3.00)

THE IMPROFESSIONALS ° i&ne 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 JESUS CHRIST IMPROSTAR! Comedy improvisers The Improfessionals — Nelson David (R4'Show' s 'W),eekChrisEnding' ), Gary Parker (BBC'&s Go' 'Chef' ), Sarah the Parkinson ('Christ Lisa Maxwell Rowe (TV' s ' M r Wash ) —present life of and more besides. Want to see Jesus as a Chippendale? Judas an Estate Agent? Aug 21 30Your 11.suggestions 30pm (12.45)can make £4.50 (£3.it happen 50) ... THE IMPRO MUSICAL CO ° yw,38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre. 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★castIMPRO MUSICAL Armed with a handful of audience suggestions the ingenius create this highly original and riotously funny show. unscripted Weaving together plot, characters and songs to produce an unforgettable and totally unmissable West Endandstylehighlymusical. 'Sheer unalloyed pleasure' Time Out. 'AugUnpredictable, 29 Sept 4 skilled 6.45pm (8.15) £6.5professional 0 (£5.50) entertainment' The Independent. 57

INSTANT CLASSICS K9 Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★ NOlife,MORE FANCY BALLS FORLeno,MEICharlie by David Cottis.s boyhood Robin Hodson portrays the songs and humour of Dan Chaplin' hero, music hall comedian, dame, and 'the funniest man on earth'. Aug 1628Aug(notpantomime Previews 14,Sun15 22) Free4.15pm (5.45) £4.50 (£2.50) Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 ★ LYSISTRATA Adecide new that, translation ofmenAristophanes' The women of Athens if their don'. tNotendsuitable thebawdy warfor'aGreek llchildren. sexualclassic. positions we'll16-28 eschew, (especially position thirty-two)' Aug (not Sun 22) 8. 1 5pm (9. 4 5) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Preview Aug 15 Free INSTANT SUNSHINE 111 Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 INSTANTblendSUNSHINE-JUBILEE! Yes,Davidthey'Barlow, re backPeteragainChristie with andanother hilarious of highly original ditties. Alan Maryon Davis, with surprise entry Tommusical Barlowhumour. on bass.It would 'Sophisticatedly innocent wit, this beguiling charm ...newmischievous be difficult not to14,1enjoy show' The Scotsman. Aug 5, 1 9-21 12 noon ( 1 . 1 5) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0) Aug 14-19 7. 0 0pm (8. 1 5) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0) Aug 20,21 7.00pm (8.15) £6.00 (£5.50) IN-THEATRE, BRATISLAVA, CSFR Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 07 ★ A STRANGE BIT OF HISTORY 1844: Millenial expectation, fantastical inventions and 20,000 mystery deaths. Playing a variety of characters from an Egyptian camel-driver a HopitheIndian Samuel Morse'Newto Age' a public executioner, Omid DjalilitoAntraces originschief, of thefrom popularly-termed in a stylish13-Sept one-man Aug 4 (not show. Sun 22,Tue 31)'excellent, 8.00pmedgy, (9.00)physical £5.00performance' (£3.50) City Limits. THE IRRATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 ★ IT TAKESsafari, FOREVER IF YOUthrough GO BYuncharted INERTIAdimensions. by Ben Moor.Were-turtles, A bizarre conceptual space-hopping toast Hare Krishna comedy. PLUS!inventive' An explanation of just'A what the heck is goingon onfilminand Bohemian Rhapsody. 'Striking, Guardian. star' Financial Aug 11-19, 2 2 26, 3 0, S ept 1-4 12. 3 0pm (1. 3 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 20,21,27,28,29 12.30pm (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Venue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 07 ★ IT HAPPENED TOMORROW Science Fiction 'triple bill. A time-travel whodunnit, Aug 29 Sept 4paranormal (not Thur 2) comedy 7.45pmand(9.massive 00) £4.dinosaurs. 00 (£3.00) Brilliant' Frank Rich 1997.

TESTERS COURT Venue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 < i ★ TOOdieCLOSE TO THEfrom SUNthebyplague. WilliamPlaywrights Christopher.scratch 1593: outTheatres close people inthisthousands livingsmen, as Kyd, besta ^;|l they can. In time of ' r estless spirits' and ' w icked libels' , three great Marlowe andviolent Shakespeare between meet in a closedminds' theatre. sometimes . A fearful, compelling, j| Aug 1621 8.00pm meeting (10.00) £5.00 (£4.'a5spiring 0) 1 2 3 1 IIMEOIN Venue 2-Frinfle Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Dey: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 467373°» * » »L8:|jJ JIMEOIN —COIN' JIMEOIN, the Irishman took Australia and <§l|i much-loved 'King Stand-up, of OFF! Comedy' Herald-Sun, makes who his host, Edinburgh debut.by'Sstorm upremely gifted' Hotpress. musician and television hisJIMEOIN brilliantly funny wit Ksiji^ and charming observations on the absurdities of life make ' t he hottest comedian Downunder ...0) hilarious' Sunday Press. ‘Ticket g 13-Sept 4 (not Mens 23, 3 8. 3 0pm (10. 0 0) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0 Cones & Fri n ge Cl u b Members) price includes Fringe Club membership for the evening

TIM ROSE CIRCUS SIDESHOW Venue 26-Acropolis, Top of Calton Hil , Regent Rd. Tickets 557 6969 mu JIM ROSE CIRCUS SIDESHOW doubtJimtheRose mostmakes controversial show the festival. Noisy terrifying and wild,...Without wild, wild. Archaos look and likeat ;;i :ii the Dagenham Girl Pipers. ' L augh? I nearly died' The Guardian. Buy a ticket risk 16-Sept everything. Aug 4 (not 23,29.30) 7.30pm (8.45) £8.00 JIVING LINDY HOPPERS DANCE THEATRE : Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 T JUNGLE OF THE CITIES Fringe intense Preview.conflict This dance version of riveting Brecht'sandthirda' ji play translates the dance plot' s bafflingly into enthralling, times light hearted images. New music especially written to evoke the 19121K Chicago setting, played live each performance, drives the 7 dancers to heights. Aug 22 Sept 4 2.00pm (3.30) £5.00 (£3.50) THE TOHN WRIGHT COMPANY 111 Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ ON THEperformers VERGE from OF EXPLODING Johnde Wright (co-founder ofRight Trestle) together Trestle, Theatre Complicite and Theworld Size;brings three ofpowerful, the UK'funny s mostandseminal physical theatre companies. This premiere is of a violent world lit only by boundless hope.a Aug 13-19,22,24-26,30,5.S25pm eptpoignant 1-4(6.25) story 5.25pm Aug 20,21,2729 £7.50(6.(£5.25)50) £7.00 (£5.00)

THE IVY COMPANY Venue 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 04 ★ IVY ROWE Thisfullrecent Off-Broadway celebrates the life isolation of a Virginia mountain woman, of laughter and loss,triumph tradition and'Fairsexuality, andby beauty. Adapted from Lee Smith' s prize-winning novel and Tender Ladies' Mark16Hunter Aug Sept 4 (notand22,Barbara 31) Smith, 2.00pm (3.IVY40) ROWE£3.5will 0 (£3.fill00)your heart.

JUGGERNAUT PRODUCTIONS (USA) ° • >3 Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 * FRANKENSTEIN Ajourney womanintogoesa world back ofin dreams time to and relivetribal her worst childhood nightmare. ADREAMS one-hour performed withartistpoetry, dance, and percussiveKleerhythms. Froma show Newabout York ritual, performance and playwright Jacqueline brings you 'fCity, ear, rage,1628 escapism, and (12do noon) the right£3.thing' Aug (not Sun)nautilus 11.00am 50 (£2.. 50)

EDDIE IZZARD Venue 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 EDDIE IZZARD 'Fliveunniest comedian in'Sthe country today' SundaystyleTimes. 'The undisputed King comedy' Select. tand-up stargeneration' of definitive and class' Daily Mail.life-enhancing, 'Theofmost successful stand-up of hisGuardian. Daily Telegraph. 'AugVerbal, unreproducible humour' 13-21 10.00pm (11.30) £8.00 (£6.00)

JUST A MINUTE Venue 26-Acropolis, Top of Calton Hil , Regent Rd. Tickets 557 6969 JUST It's twenty-five years since Radio Four'course s famous games k'ni first setANicholas onMINUTE its undeviating, non-repetitive to thepanel hearts. Parsons, theunhesitating, game's long-suffering chairman, hosts anation' special Silver Jubilee show featuring a different panel of Fringe celebrities live for just hour24at30lunchtime for 5broadcast.) Aug 12.45pmevery (1.50)day. £5.(Not50 (£4. 0) KAK TOURING THEATRE ’•2»3» Venue 11 -Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 ★playwright THE DIARYColinOFMcLaren A MADMAN Adaptedfunny' from Gogol's storyhebystars established Radio 4Kinniburgh ('Screamingly withcomedy. Andrew ('absorbing Constantlyjourney engaging' The Stage)of inScotsman), this hilarious(18thphysical Chart the to insanity Poprischin century Quill i Sharpener). Aug 16-21 With 9.15pmgirls, (10.1puppets, 5) £4.5talking 0 (£3.50)dogs and evil superiors. Professional. Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 * THE DIARY OF Ad beMADMAN incredible show. You' mad£4.5to0 (£3.miss5Lucky it. devils! Another chance t Aug 2328 2. 4 5pm (3. 4 5) 0) Aug 30 Sept 4 9.15pm (10.15) KCS THEATRE COMPANY Venue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 MAN,, hisBEAST AND VIRTUE Anpainted hilarious'Virtue' drama, ofandextremes as the jjII '★Beast' her lover, the monstrous frantically harrassed 'Mixwife, an'Characters playtheoutludicrously theirSearch versionOf Anof the eternal triangle —by Luigi Pirandello;p author of ' S In Author' . Superbly paced comedy farce, jr ; cool29andSeptelegant. Aug 4 2.45pm (4,30) £5.00 (£3.00)


BEN KEATON AND PAUL B DAVIES • • • » Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ HELL GUIDES II,loser BEHIND BEYOND Awardthewinner Ben Keaton and bitterly resentful Paul BTHE Davies return toPerrier penetrate supernatural —but they promise they' l l still respect it in the morning. A whimsical tragi-comic sex farce13about Aug Sept 4 devil3.worship. 45pm (5.00)Bring£6.your 00 (£5.own00) virgin. Directed by John Dowie. KEBLE DRAMA WORKSHOP ♦••• Venue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 ★Century EIGHTTokyo MILLION QUID IS SMALL POTATOES IF YOU’RE A GOD 18thof collides with 20th Century Stratford-on-the-Dole in an —banned explosion jazz, satire & taiko drums. Santo Kyoden' s comic book classic 1791 — blasts intoTrans/Adaptation musical life as the God of Poverty visits London on the eve ofin the Aug 11Recession. Sept 4 11.15am (12.30) £5.by00 Margaret (£3.00) Shade. DOLLIN KELLY’S ONE MAN THEATRE Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ THE 'S'LE love. YARNT.E.Brown' 'BETSYs 19th LEE'C.Oldepicsalt,balances Tom Baynes, recalls the from bliss and agonyFO'toofCadulthood. young humour andindependent-, drama childhood ' . . paced to rise to a peak of emotion' Manx 'Apart from the prodigious feat of memory, a virtuoso performance.' Isle of Man Courier. Aug 1421 1.45pm (3.15) £4.50 (£3.50) KEN AND ARP •••• Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 THUS SPAKE KEN AND ARD Veni, Vidi, Visa-they came, they saw, byNames credit92'cardAward ... unique comedy duo, with Kenneth Graynewandshow! Ardella'Sophisticated, Jones,they'Npaid ew Winners, are back a brand streetwise ... very funny ... ' Scotsman. 'Hilarious ... ' Daily Express; 'Surreal trip ... brilliantly ... ' (9.Herald. Aug 14 Sept 4 funny9.00pm 55) £5.00 (£4.00) KICKLINE THEATRE COMPANY •• Venue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 MOBY! According to history, St Godley' s Academy for Young Ladies goes back toto them! Bodicea.Funds According toraised the bank, however, if the bills'Maren' t paid,—Theit goes back! must be with a school concert: oby Dick Musical' The 1628 wildest(notnight Aug Sun) you'5.l0l0pmever(6.spend 50) in£6.a50girl'(£5.s50)school dorm! KING ALFRED’S UNIVERSITY THEATRE1 COMPANY ° Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 %THETHREE WOMEN AND A MYTHICAL FISH and A WACKY STREAK ONat QUIET A DOUBLE BILL of wit and comical intrigue. A light-hearted look three from neglect to stretch marks. All threeandaredaring. trying toWell-written catchwomen' a man.s problems Then a halfranging hour diversion of unaccountable cheekiness Sept 24 2.—relevant. 30pm (3.30) A welcome £3.00 (£2.5return 0) for a good laugh! ICING’S PLAYERS ° Venue 21-Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Tickets 225 7995. J7 ★Gameboys, GAMEBOYS by Jill Martin. ' W e love you, we just don' t like you verysamemuch.' an exploration into two distant lives forced to share the four square1518,walls. Aij 20,22,24 3.40pm (5.10) £4.00 (£3.50) •itwo H TWO STORIES FROMa TOLSTOY was nothing if not ofambitious. Theseof folk tales provide sincere butTolstoy humorous examination the issues knowledge Aag 19,21,23,and 25,27,power. 29,31 Dramatic 3.40pm (5.adaptation 10) £4.0by0 (£3.Giles 50) Yeates. ★ THEMust GAFFER Townsend and Michael Doherty.a steamroller Wanted urgently: one script. includebyoneMarkvicar, one librarian, a strongman, and a stick ofAugcelery. 26,28,30, Sept 14 3.40pm (5.10) £4.00 (£3.50) KIT & THE WIDOW ° Venue 47-The Cafe Royal, 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549 G9 KIT & THE WIDOW-STUFFED AND MOUNTED Fresh from being triumphantly mounted down under, K&W wish it to be known that The Eastern Daily Press have declared:They'Kitare&something The Widow beyondtreasure cabaret, beyond— superlative of a gonational ... ' Come bury19us,Septand4entertainment. Aug (notburnSuns)the map.8.00pm (9.10) and 9.20pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00) LEA DE LARIA (USA) : Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 MUFF DIVA A professional lesbian sincewith 1982,anbefore that sheonfreelanced. In then May 1983 she shocked and stunned America appearance Arsenic Hall, M.C'd thebawdy one millionriotously strong lesbian and gay rally Washington. She is Boston a truly talented, funny performer. 'TheinLesbian Lenny Bruce’ Globe1419,22,23,25,2and Aug 6. 3 0, Sept 14 11. 4 5pm (12. 5 5) £6. 5 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 20,21,2729 £7.50 (£6.00)

LATINO CHICAGO THEATER COMPANY ° Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 ★powerfully PROSPECT American Airlines presents the British premiere of a a rare and funny drama by Texan Octavio Solis. Latino Chicago is called treasure bythiscritics for its ' i maginative, visual style' . ' C hicago theater doesn' t get better than ... a triumph, superbly staged, bedrock honest performances.' Chicago Tribune. Aug 15 Sept 4 (not Suns 22,29) 12 noon (1.45) £4.00 (£3.501 LEAPING SALMON THEATRE ° ••• Venue 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 19 Adance, culturalstory-telling, Fringe firsttraditional —living Scottish culture —minimilist professional theatre, and contemporary music, mainly acousticfeaturing participation discussion. Interesting and forchallenging, reflectingwith the current Scottish creativeandferment. An open house also literary magazines readings Exhibitions.and discussions. Christian theatre and music are represented too. QUID CRACKof STORYTELLERS Morehuman invigorating than a cup of coffee up—an magic voice. The List.and a fryAug 16-Septhour4 (not Suns) woven 11.00amby the (12 noon) £4.00 (£2.'Enchanting' 50) THE MORIARTY SAXOPHONE QUARTET An exciting programme from an award-winning Aug 1628 (not Sun)ensemble. 1.00pm (2.00) £4,00 (£2.50) POSTCARDS FROMandTHEreality, FRONT-BACK TO—aBACK THEATRE Sexual orienteering, romance Aug 23-Sept 4 (not Sun) 1.00pm (2.00)sex and£4.0recovery 0 (£2.50) ballad of love in disarray. SCOTTISH FOLKsomeDANCE Participation with live music. See and learn Scottish folk dance(notwith Aug 16-28 Sun) 3.of00pmits (4.most 30) authentic £4.00 (£2.exponents 50) OPEN HOUSE FOR LITERARY MAGAZINES Agenda, Verse, Chapman, Understanding, Lallans, Lines Review, Spectrum, Gairfish,Cencrastus, Edinburgh Review, Zed20. Aug 17 21,24,25,27,28.30,Sept 1 3.00pm (4.30) £1.00 ★ HOUSE LIESplay. —THEATRE P.K.F.on Discussion Italia winner George Byatt'OFs performance. new A meditation love, life andtheatre. death. PrixDiscussion for 1 hour1628 following Aug (not Sun) 6. 0 0pm (7. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Discussion 7.30pm (8.30) ROCK THE BOAT Ecumenical Christian rock band; meditative, ethereal, folky, crunchy Aug 22 8, and 29 boppy—own 7.30pm (9.00)compositions £4.00 (£2.5—listen, 0) singalong and think. THE MAN-ALANsongs MURRAY & ELAINE ADAMS Audio-visual show-acoustic accompanied Aug 16 & 18 folk7.30pm (8.45)with colour £4.00 (£2.slide50) images from the life of Christ. EXODUS-NATURAL EXPRESS Looney Tunes meets Cecil B. De Mille,20,with God.(8.THEATRE Aug 23,25,special 27,30,Septguest 1,3 star:7.30pm 30) £4.00 (£2.501 THE BALLAD OF BOSWORTH FIELD-NATIONAL Good guys and bad guys? Historical becomes hysterical. TheEXPRESS defeat ofTHEATRE Richard I I by Henry Aug 21,24.2Tudor. 6.28,31, Sept 2,4 7.30pm (0.30) £4.00 (£2.50) ★ LET AMERICA COME-CORDON PRODUCTIONS A play about Vasco de Balboa, Aug 9-14 the 7.discoverer 30pm (9.45)of the£4,0Pacific. 0 (£2.50) ★newHUNGER —AGAINST THE TIDE Beth Junor's new playdirector Discussion is appointed to houra PRODUCTIONS charity organisation consequences. for one following performance.—with disastrous Aug 16 21 9. 0 0pm (10. 1 5) £4. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Discussion following performance 10.30pm (11.30) ★ THEThere’s PLACElife,—AGAINST Mairi Wallace' new play. there's deathTHEandTIDE there'PRODUCTIONS s the place. Discussion for ones hour following performance. Aug 2328 9. 0 0pm (10. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Discussion after performance 10.30pm (11.30) SGEUL SCOTTISH MUSIC AND DANCE COLLABORATION WITH THE MORIARTYNEW SAXOPHONE QUARTET. Traditional Scottish story-telling, contemporary Aug 1628 (not Sun)music and 10.30pmdance. (11.30) £4.00 (£2.50) FOLK ENSEMBLE Evokes overseas the ancient spirit and cultural heritage ofDRUMALBAN Scotland Aug 30-Sept 4 as no10.other 30pm (migroup dnightdoes ) —with £4.00 (£2.50) guests. “Perhaps the most sustained dramatisation of one story-teller’s trials & triumphs in BritishProf. poetry’’ Max Sutton Dollin Kelly perforins “Betsy Lee” by T.E. Brown A 19th century f’o’csle yarn Anoneoldandsalt, only Tom love. Baynes, tells his shipmates of his Intense passion, destructiveby humour jealousy and calm reconciliationof are balanced observation the human condition. and shrewd The Festival club 9-15 Chambers 14th-21st 1.0)45 p.St.m. "... a prodigious feat of memory ... a virtuoso performance." „ er. £4.Box50Offi(£3.ce5650 2395 Isle of Man Couri Sponsored by Isle of Man Arts' Council -— 59

Nominated for Olivier Award 1993, Outstanding Achievement 'the funniest comedian in the country today' The Sunday Times Venue 37 George Square Theatre George Square 13-21 August 10pm ÂŁ8/ÂŁ6 concessions

First appearance since his sell-out West End run


HELEN LEDERER Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 AFTER ALL THESE YEARS theretowas gapk STILL in theCRAZY market for a slightly older person who'Apparently s lived a little, comea bitandofbea ; entertaining —and as Joyce Grenfell is dead, here I am!' As seen on NAKED VIDEO. 'Cleverly Observer. Aug 13 19,2insane' 2,24 26.3The 08.Sept Aug 20,21,2729 00pm419.00)8.00pm£8.19.00001(£7.00) £7.00 (£6.001

THE LIVERPOOL PLAYHOUSE YOUTH THEATRE ° * 3+ Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 HAPPY END Bertolt Brecht. We have set this fast moving and humorous plays Beer with music inthreatened Liverpool inbytheLilian,colourful Seventies. A Army seedy ofgangThebased in ‘Bill' Hall' is a soldier with ' T he Lord' . Aug 29,31, Sept 2,4 5.30pm (7.00) £4.00 (£2.00)

LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH ARTS •• Venue 65-St Ann's Community Centre, South Gray's Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 0469 J10 'enthusiasm. As usual Leicestershire Youth pull it off with proficiency and buckets of What work went into this production! The company grows throughout an elegantproandcompanies classy showto shame.' ... outstanding ... a verve1992. and gusto that would put Upeteoned The Scotsman THE A magical,andmusical adventure adapted by Adrian Mitchell — 'adult16-21PIED greed PIPER versus Aug 10.15am the(11.3love 0) £4.5innocence 0 (£3.50) of children'. ★ A TALEGuillotine. OF TWOHerCITIES Silence! Sense the power of the lady of the day. Madame cry, Freedom! Aug Aug 23162128 2.12.45pm 30pm(4.(1.00)45) £4.50 (£3.50) FEAR recession. AND MISERY FOR misery THE THIRD REICH Brecht's theatre and butchery for major for 5major Aug 16 21 5.00pmFear(6.1and 51 £4.50 (£3. 0) theatre. THE HIRED MAN and Melvin Bragg's story of his grandparents journey from land labourers Aug 1628 (notto colliers Sun) 7.00pmback(8.1again. 5) £4.50 (£3.50) BLUES IN THE NIGHT by Sheldon Epps. Wild women never worry, wild women don' Mjfc tet ever io uBlgetSun)the blues. 9.00pm (10,00) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ LANDandOFdown OZ —LeicestershireBRICK Youth Dance —travel with Dorothy over the rainbow Aug 2328 10.15amthe(11.YELLOW 15) £4.50 (£3.50)ROAD. ROMEO AND JULIET 'Violent delights have violent ends; their triumphs die like fire and powder, lib 2328 2.45pmwhich (4.00) as they £4.50kiss(£3.5consume.' 0) ★opens, FRANKENSTEIN Thunder and lightning. Nerves jangle. Pulses quicken. An eye MM 23-28the monster 5.00pm (6.moves 15) ...£4.Mary 50 (£3.Shelley' 50) s creation lives ... INTO THEbyWOODS -Sondheim's bewitching mix of well known fairy tales presented Aug 1621 12.Columbus 30pm (1.45)Youth£4.Theatre, 50 (£3.50)Ohio, USA.

Aug 30,Sept 1,3 5.30pm (7.00) £4.00 (£2.00)

LEITHEATRE ••• Venue 83-St. Serfs Church Hall, Clark Road, Goldenacre A8 WHISKY GALORE A comedy by James Scotland from the famous novel Compton Mackenzie—tells how aa Hebridean ship loadedisland. with Mayhem whisky changes theAnother lives byofin locals when it runs aground near ensues!! Leitheatre' Aug 14 28 [nots tradition Suns) of7.3bringing 0pm (10.00)the best£4.0in0 (£3.Scottish 00) comedy to the Fringe.

LIVING MARXISM Venue 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place. Tickets 556 4873 K7 NOT THEoffensive EDINBURGH MILITARY TATTOO Living Marxism launches ana Summer against British militarism. The alternative tattoo includes exhibition of war photography by photo-journalist Michael Kramer and the Selective Silence exhibition from Belgrade.Depart CoachGrassmarket. tours with a difference expose Edinburgh' Aug 18,25 s militaristic 2.00pm (4.00)past £3.and00present. (£2.50) BAN NOTHING Film directors films. and critics join the debate on censorship, following screenings Aug 22 2.of00pmrecently (5.30) banned £5.00 (£4.50) SEX AND MORALITY IN THE SOS Living Marxism columnist Ann Bradley speaks Aug 26 out7.against 30pm (9.3the 0) moralistic £3.00 (£2.times 50) in which we live. THE LONDON MEDICS Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 65,22 G7 ★ FEVER A racing comedy set ingroup London' s East doctors. End amidstPacked the music the 50s and 60s from this award winning of trainee intoThe40ofLondoner. minutes; ''HOilarious characters, timeless music —an incredibly lively show' of the best' Augne14-27 5.05pmThe(5.50)Independent. £4.00 (£3.5Suitable 0) for all ages. E PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS WHO TOOK

LESBIAN AND GAY YOUTH MANCHESTER ^ ° ’•* 3 VWue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 * LANGUAGE OF sINTOLERANCE/ NOT MENs notA allowed young, toCatholic, lesbian woman. That' what she is.go But that' s REAL what journey, she' be.whoSo something has to give! We then on a voyeristic taking in men sauna,1620men who Aug 6.00pmdon'(7.3t0)body-build, £4.00 (£2.men50) with men 'Queer Men'. MfcVEL FIVE THEATRE COMPANY ^ jliliue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 4storyWHOeverKILLED TCHAIKOVSKY? Accident? Suicide? Murder? Will the true be known? Tony Peters thrilling new play commemorating the 100th anniversary ofpianist the death the Russian composer specially'Recommended' recorded scoreCityby international Robinof Colvill. Previous press with reactions: Limits.1428'F(not ascinating Aug Sunsl work' 6.05pmThe(7.4Stage. 01 £4.00 (£3.00) LIONEL NIMROD’S INEXPLICABLE I WORLD j tjtni e 33—Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 K^TEWART LEEAge& prophets RICHARDSTEWART HERRINGLEE LIONEL NIMROD' S INEXPLICABLE WORLD-New &circles, RICHARD HERRING unravelof that .which was meant to remain enravelled! Crop UFO' s , the meaning life, Elvis, hair, Jesus,show what womenFast,wantsmart, ... All life's& mysteries answered in Radio11 ginger 4'Septs hilarious Aug 4 (not 16,new 23,31.Sept 2)—live!8.1'5pm (9.15) witty £6.50 (£5.clever' 50) Sunday Times. LIP SERVICE 3-flssembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 WITHERING LOOKS ServiceLooks' return—an for one week afternoon only with their multi-award Winning showAward 'WLipithering Brontes. ■Wfunny’ innersThesell-out of Critics for comedy in 1991authentic andBronte' 1992.Yorkshire 'It's a with joyEvening ...thevery, Guardian. ' A glorious debunking of Post.very Aug 13 19 12 noon (1.00) £6.50 (£5.50)

FRINGE CLUB 13 AUG - 4 SEPT 8.30PM (EXCEPt MONDAYS 23 & 30 AUG.) TICKETS £6, £5 CONC. BOOKINGS PHONE 226 5138/'^ Tickets available from the Fringe Box Office, 180 High Street 61

LONDON UNIVERSITY THEATRE COMPANY Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close. Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 CHURCHILL' S SHORTS criticala rare acclaim at theto see Fringe lastone-act year, London Theatre CompanyFollowing now chance plays byUniversity awardSLEEPLESS winning playwright Caryloffers Churchill. Inshe NOTcomments ENOUGHthree OXYGEN, THREE MORE NIGHTS and LOVESICK wryly on human relationships and successfully Aug 1528 (not Mans) 9.00pm 110.experiments 20) £4.50with (£3.00)dramatic form.

CRAIG MCMURDO IN THAT SWING THANG Venue 72-Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. THE KWIK-FIT CONCERTS Following a complete sellJnr.'out, inpresents Fringe his'92,uniquiwj Craidtn McMurdo, described as crazy 'smoother thanandHarry Connick brand of quirky humour, dancing velvet crooning in an all new show hisbookband, That Swing Thang, to launch his new album. FOUR NIGHTS ONLY. wBesj|p Sept 1-4early! 7.30pm (9.30) £10.00; £8.00 (£7.00); £6.00 (£5.00)

ADAM LONG L11 Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ADAM of thehillsREDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY tellsWith the the tale INofFiction/Calypso aECUADOR pilgrimage Adam from the of musical Hollywood toJefftheStott. Amazonian jungle. Science stylings of the Mr ' L ong is capable communicating deep emotion while(11.4performing a(£4.standing back flip’ Time Out.of Aug 12 17, 1 9, 2 2, 2 3, 2 6, 3 0 10. 4 5pm 5) £5. 5 0 5 0) Aug 20,21,27,28,29 10.45pm (11.45) £6.00 (£5.00)

GERALDINE MCNULTY Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 LEARNING LIVE from ... WITH ... GERALDINE ... wonderful* furious energyTO McNulty' Stage. ' ... MCNULTY theGeraldine very talented McNulty* Independent. Starsurges ofa huge ITV'sstockingful comedy series TV SQUASH McNulty returnt i tocombination Edinburgh Ofwith of characters written for her by an exciting new and experienced writers ... book early. Aug 1328 7.30pm (8.30) £5.50 (£4.50)

LOST THEATRE Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L10 MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is return over, it?a time for oldlovesromances to butbe resumed. Claudio Hero,whatbutofwillWar Benedick Beatrice, will eitherCan admit it?lovesAndtheir theshePerhaps evil-hearted bastard sbrother whocomedy. loves nobody? he wreck happiness? Shakespeare' warmest Aug 1328 (not Sun 22) 1.10pm (3.00) £5.00 (£4.00)

DONNA MCPHAIL Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151

LOTHIAN YOUTH THEATRE - 3 Venue 62-St BridB’s Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 K1 YERMA Lorca' s intense and passionate tragedy dealing with the frustrations of a barren marriage andby the wider sterilitycompany. imposed onTheindividuals by a corrupt society iscreated brought to life this new young play' s electric atmosphere is Aug 9 13 through 7.30pmlanguage, (9.00) movement £3.00 (£2.00)and music. LOUDER THAN WORDS ° mmm Venue 47-The Cafe Royal. 17 West Register Street Tickets 556 2549 G9 THE BALLAD OF THE LIMEHOUSE RAT by Tim Newton. Winner 4 London Theatre Awards. 'Spine-chilling ...theatmospheric thriller' Times. LondonAofmysterious Docklands 1841: A monstrous rat prowls streets, terrorising the locals. stranger to seek revenge, 'an intoxicating high-ball of high-drama and music hall' 16CitySeptarrives Limits. Aug 4 (not Suns 22.29) 7.00pm (7.45) £5.50 (£4.50) LOVE AND MONEY * , > Venue 2-Fringe Club, Teviol Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 LOVE AND MONEY Elusive for the past couple of years, Love and Moneyguest take the Fringe Club stage for five rareboast performances, welcoming occasional musicians. These performances a wealth of new songs and sounds, testament the creative talent that has been blossoming behind closed studio doors30Sept in thetointerim Aug 9.15pm...Fringe (11.00)Club £8.Membership 50 (£7.50 Conesfor andthe Frievening. nge Club Members) Ticket Price3 includes KARL MACDERMOTT '•'w Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, [Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 6520(226 2151 J7 STAND UP STORIES Following his success over the last two years Ireland' s only home based anti-IrishThecomedian returns comic' to Edinburgh with aTimes brand'Wnew 'GreatSessions' comic talent' Stage(London). 'Riotously The Sunday armershow. than John What' s On Aug 13 Sept 4 5.30pm (6.30) £6.00 (£5.00) JACK MACDONALD Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 CONTINENTAL Apersonable. very experienced international storytelling comedian. Hugely energeticbyDRIFT and Independent Often hilarious. AlwaysFringe.interesting. Recommended The at the 1992 Edinburgh ' A lways enjoyable and entertaining' The Scotsman 1992.and'Aonn the experienced and enjoyable Aussie stand-up long established in this country London comedy circuit' Time14-30 Out. Aug 6.00pm (7.00) £4.50 (£3.50) ROGER MCGOUGH 3 Venue 3-Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ★entertainment ROGER MCGOUGH —DEFYING GRAVITY A superb evening' from toangreat outstanding poet' ... 'MandcGough radiates sincerity, wisdoms and humour, mixing effect the comic the sad' . .. ' F unny in the extreme, he cancritics be powerfully poignantGRAVITY as well'published ... 'Holds the the about DEFYING thisaudience month byspellbound' Penguin. ... So say Aug Aug 20,14-1921 9.9.440pm 0pm (10.(10.440)0) £6.£7.5500 (£5.(£6.550)0) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION ^ RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 yfT OPEN 10am-7am 62

i the rampage! 'TIPPED FOR STAND-UP MEGA-STARDOM . Evening Aug 13-SeptNews. 4 (not Tues 24,31) 8.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£5.00) THE MAD ABBOT Venue 84-The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811. THE MAD ABBOTComedy, Enjoy tragedy, a wealthhorror of entertainment 'the friendliest venue town' TheforStage. and ofourtheatrical nowatlegendary cabaret, provid pleasure all tastes and ages. A positive glut delights plus great foo and drink in our cafe/bar from breakfast well into the night. BADstand-up HABITandCABARET Latecomics bar......bizarre mix of...livehecklers bands ...welcome! the best and w ofAug open mic and bingo! 16-Sept 4 (not Suns) 10.30pm (3.00) £3.50 (£3.00) ★ BLANK —SERENDIPITY The protection oforiginal the theatre special from peopleSerendipity from thr unpleasant desires of Mr(3.30)Joe Public. Brilliantly Aug 16, 1 8, 2 0 2. 3 0pm £3. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 24,26,28 12.30pm (1.30) ★ KIDDIESradioWl'station NOWT-SCREAMING MURDER CO. » piJ Yorkshire launches a charityBLUE fund-raising event,THEATRE with disastroui consequences. Aug 1628 (not Sun)Hectic6.3satirical 0pm (7.45)comedy£4.0with 0 (£3.music 50) from the 70s. BIG MAMA—SERENDIPITY She's got a womb and she’s not afraid tc A* multi-media, multi-memory experience. Aug Aug 23,17,215,9,2217 2.12.30pm 30pm(3.(1.20)20) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ MOTION PICTURES-RORY-MOTION Half Ghandi, half Gazza, Rory Motio writes comedy Aug 2328live-art,4.15pm (6.00)and music £5.00 (£4.on00)his journey from Huddersfield to Infinity. ★ BENEATH THE The WAVES-TIME THEATRE Melbourne ing J Shepherd' s 'Beneath Waves' Titanic. (TitanicDREAM Crossing). Educating,entertainir historical. Aug 2328 The10.voyage 00am (12 ofnoon)the R.M.S. £3.00 (£2.00) Suitable for all ★ POPLAR STAND/ INSIDE THEplays APPLE THEATRE CC nf Funny. Insightful. Award-winning by EdCORE-UNLIKELY McNally and Shawn Smith fror America' Aug 16-21 s Unlikely 10.00amTheatre. (11.50) £3.50 (£2.50) * STAB TOURING one can hear... ZOMBIE-ASPECTS you nightmare bleed.' Experience 'Slashgags. zombieCOMPANY horror' liveInonSleepy stage.Hollow A chilling til diabolical, ... and Aug 1628 (noterotic Sun) 8.30pm (10. 30) a few £4,00 (£3.00) ★aboutTHEwomen, WOMANin trees, IN A onTREEhills.ONTheatreworks THE HILL bySingapore. Oridia Yu. Thrilling physical ri( Aug 16-21 4 4.00pm2,30pm(5.30)(3.30) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 23-Sept ANGELS FALLING Jack Kerouac are backtribui'a * the inSTILL 'Richard Deakin'Duluoz. s superlative play' TimeandOut.NealThisCassady 'passionate to 50sroad' Aug 16-21beat poet 12 noonJack(2.0K’0) Independent £3.00 (£2.50)must be seen. * BIGGLES THE GREAT LEGEND ROLLfindbyout!!Duluoz. have theyman got AND in common? Come down to theOFMadROCK Abbot& and Two Wh« gret new one them. Aug 30-Sept 4 shows. 4.00pm Come (5.30) and£3.see00 (£2. 50) ' THE TRIAL by Berkoff' Steven s Berkoff. Following their successful Manchester run Aspects present pacy and physical treatment of Kafka' s macabre taler A 'v30-Sept isually 4stunning' Aug 8.00pmproduction. (9.15) £3.00 (£2.50) REVENGE Howard s madcap comedy. 'It's slightly stupid with a underside!' Not to beBremen' missed. Aug 30-Sept 4 6.00pm (7.15) £3.00 (£2.50) THE MAMBO CLUB OF EDINBURGH^•’I Venue 75-The Mambo Club, West Tollcross. Info 229 0469 THE MAMBOClub,CLUB, EDINBURGH For anandamazing fourth yearisinopen successiotL The renowned good music great&atmosphere for ydkf'e sevenMambo nights.and Sizzling AfricanforLIVE music, Reggae, Latin Salsa,onSoca and Calypsjp Zouk, Rai, on weekdays. ACTS. Guest DJs. Action two floors. COMflp ALONG Aug 14 SeptAND4 PARTY! 11.00pm (4.00am) £4.00 (£3.00)


JVLacaonaia Linasay rinaar pic Edgefield Road, Loanhead, Midlothian EH20 9SY Telephone: 03M40 0246 Fax: 031-440 0315


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Index of Venues by Number with map grid reference


THE MAMBO INN—LITHE AND DIRECT FROM BRIXTON ° ••• Venue 85-Bugsy's, Kings Stables Road, off Grassmarket Tickets 228 6669)229 3161 J6 SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE MAMBO INN Savour the Sacred Confunktion which makes us truly the MUTHA OF ALL CLUBS: LATIN, AFRICAN' N ' J AZZ; guest DJ's anddestined seriously late bars.yourA sensual oasis,anda pleasure palace ... Now at a NEW swoon Aug 21,28,venue, Sept 4 11.00pmto (4.make 00am) £4.soul00 (£3. 00 before your midnighips ht) swivel. MANIA PRODUCTIONS Jl Venue 21-Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Tickets 225 7995. J7 ★ THESladjana TENDERVujovic MERCIES Thisthepowerful often dignity funny play Yugoslav If writer explores erosion ofandwitnesses human inhorrors thebymidst of a barbaric ethnic conflict. The audience" become to the exposed when the veneer of civilisation is stripped away and human beings are seduced by q ! Aug violence. 13-Sept 4 (not Tues) 8.00pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) THESE COLOURS DON'T and RUN by Garythat'Drabwell. Football supportersf|L| Jfaj hooligans heroes? 13-Septor4 (not Tues) Violence 9.45pm (10.2patriotism 0) £3.S0 (£2.l5l0)head-butt your senses. FIST OF THE DRAGONFLY by Gary Drabwell. Dynamic comedy theatre wherein 1| jpg a bullied 13-Septwimp 4 Inotfights Tubs) back7.1with 5pm (7.Kung 55) Fu.£3.50 (£2.50) lliMWw DANCEmurder by Gary Drabwetl. MANIC OFFSPRING’S wild night out leads to 5 , Aug sex, 15-Sept violence, 4 (not Tues) and12rape. midnight (12.30) £3.00 (£2.00) (t KARAOKE MANIA Sing along to your favourite tunes in a Karaoke Cabaret, (Entry15-Sept free 4for(not'WTues) ar Dance' Aug 12.3audience.) 0am (2.00) £2.00 (£1.50) Ji jfenue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 UNDER GLASS THISminds WAY realised UP present Neil dance, Monaghan' s newanddanceplay. |1r«I1, %theatre. Impressions of fractured through dialogue, physical | Aug 14-Sept 4 (not Tues) 10.30pm (11.45) £4.50 (£3.50) * STICKLEDtoyshop by Lawrence Armstrong. Piggywood Film Farm presents a revolutionary I* jIl 1|b 15-Sent 4 12 noontale(1.15)of power £4.50and(£3.5passion, 0) by people and puppets. Red Rooster Theatre Company presents a play about a teenager committed c< I, Aug toSANE a29secure Sept 4 psychiatric 3.30pm (4.unit. 40) A moving £4.00 (£3.and00) true story. MIKE MARAN ••• ’ Venue 67-Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 6066 F12 ITALIA’N CALEDONIA by Mike Maran. Sweet Mediterranean sunshine 1:|r the Northern landscape as theandmarriage of Scotland and Italypiano-accordian, is celebrated warms withanda ceilidh of songs, stories, music. Organ-grinder, i]j{Si concertina, arePizza' joinedn vino. with clarsach, fiddle, and flutes, for a wedding feast and scampagnata. , Aug 13-28 (not Suns) 12.30pm (1.45) £5.00 I ENNIO MARCHETTO ••• fj Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 i j>; ENNIO MARCHETTO 1993 LAURENCE OLIVIER AWARD NOMINATION foroverEnnio40 Marchetto'sfrom dazzling paperto costumes andAn hilarious wicked mimicry immortalising : > I tosuperstars Madonna Mona Lisa. parody of pop culture. ' C ut out be a star' Daily Mirror. 'Wonderfully, wickedly, funny' The Observer. Aug Aug 20,1319,21 22 9.09.0pm00pm(10.(10.15)15) £9.£8.00 0(£8.0 (£7.00)00) [lARCO’S °9'W Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 v MARCO' S —A sparkling line up of theatre, revue, cabaret, stand-up comedy, musicals and dance. Thrusting, vibrant, our withalla day genuine buzz and cafe guaranteed value sforthe money, i j ; The variety of entertainment, bars and fine make Marco' most tia I wciting and satisfying venue on the Fringe. ★ WOULD YOU CARE Collaboration: 'the most show offer' Evening News,TO?fecund THEATRE'ACTS S John Keatesthought-provoking 'theatrical headbutt' «:lionIndependent. ^ ■■>» 23-28 12Explore noon (1.1love. 5) £4.00 (£2.00) ★ SANSsharply TEETHintoExtraordinary ItL Aug brought focus by Ianstories Bailey.of a young woman facing a dangerous world 1 13 Sept 4 (not Weds) 1.30pm (2.20) £4.50 (£3.50) Mljj *mother MOONof theIN ECLIPSE by PAULofHURT. A fascinating portrayal of MARY SHELLEY, :: JiMi Arc monster 13-21 (not Sun)greatest3.00pm (4.00) them £3.50all(£2.. .50) f 1 ON THE RAZZLE Tom Stoppard. Blow Up's big night out in the afternoon! Ingenious hilarious ; W|W^ig 23-Septfarce. 4 (not'HTuesysterically 31) 2.funny' 45pm (4.Wessex 10) £4.News. 50 (£3.50) l i duo'TWO FOOLS ONE STRIPPER White knuckled black comedy about comedy 8 111Ss fall Septfrom 3 lnotgrace. Tues 241'Dynamite' 4 30 mJames Daniel, Radio 5. IP★ A BARROWLOAD OF ORANGES - P 15.40)'Dynamic £5.00 and (£3.50)appealing' musical following a ie;gang of kids 6.who find(7.15)their lives spinning mercilessly out of control. Aug 1528 0 0pm £5. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Imuiew Aug 14 £3.50 KVETCH Flatulent mother-in-laws—one breasted adulterous wives —homosexual (crushes friend.(7.05)Steven£4.Berkoff' Hi 29,31onSeptyour3 best6.00pm 00 (£3.50)s Kvetch. Isn't life great? ABIGAIL' S PARTY The time: the 70' s . The splace: middle class suburbia. The Sscene:30, Sept Abigail' mg 1.4 s party. 6.00pmExperience (7.15) £4.Mike 00 (£3.Leigh' 00) most triumphant comedy yet. 1

★ PRECIOUS LIBERTY Every dog shall have its day. Everyone will have their say. Exposure7.3is0pm an (8.obligation Aug 14-21 40) .£4.00not(£2.a right. 50) ★belonging GREENamong ARE MYthe PASTURES A Scottish descendant's search for identity and grandfather' Aug 14 Sept 4 9.00pmhighlands (10.15) of£5.his00 (£4. 00) s youth. THE TOTALLY female... comedy violets steer clear'NAFF EveningTARTS News.Award-winning 'Neau-one bubblier deservesduo. Perrier'Shrinking Award' TNT.13-Sept Aug 4 (not Tues) 10.30pm (11.30) £4.50 (£3.50) WHOOPS VICAR IS THAT YOUR DICK A revue. Vulgar, rude, witty, scurrilous, libellous, Aug 14-Septhilarious. 4 (not Tues)'An absolute 12 midnightscream' (1.00) The£4.Scotsman. 50 (£3.00) SAMMY' S MAGIC GARDEN An enormously entertaining the family. Winner London Charrington Best Children' s Showmusical Award show 1990.for all Aug 2228 11.00am (12.151 £2.50 ★in DREAMGIRLS Fabulous 60s Motown sound and melodramatic plot magnificent musical docu-drama format to re-chart the meteoric combine rise of America' Aug 1821 s Supremes. 2.00pm (3.30) £4.50 (£3.00) WUTHERING HEIGHTS The wayward, magnetic onHeathcliff and the beautiful Catherine Aug 1528 (notEarnshaw. Tues) A4.0tormented 5pm (5.40) relationship £4.50 (£4.0based 0) fear, envy and adoration. THE THREEPENNY OPERA Bertolt Brecht' s ' T he Threepenny Opera'.BRIT An incisive exploration of Brecht's work by this new, exciting student group, School1528Theatre. Aug (not Tues) 6.00pm (7.40) £4.00 (£3.00) THE ORANGE PENGUIN 'A delightful comic reworking of the Pygmalion story' The 14-Sept independent. 'Brilliant8.0wise-cracking Aug 4 (not Tues) 0pm (9.15) £5.satire' 00 (£3.The 00) Stage. NEWSREVUE ' 9 3 High-class, topical humour as seen on BBC1, BBC2, Channel 4 (Special), Aug 13 Sept 4 LWT,10.Tyne 00pm Tees (11.10)TV (series), £7.00 (£5.Harlech 00) TV and CBS. JESUSagent? CHRISTWithIMPROSTAR Want tocomedy see Jesusimprovisors, as a Chippendale? Judas as an estate your suggestions, The Improfessionals. make2130it happen. Aug 11.30pm (12.451 £4,50 (£3.50) THE SWEATBOX Sixties and seventiesjustserious soul disco. Motown, blues, R&B, plus 19different Aug 21,26 29,live Sept bands; 24 10.no3gimmicks, 0pm (v. late) £3.dancing. 00 (£2.00)Let's funk! TEECHERS s out forJohntheGodber' Summer!s hilarious THAT Theatre award winningSchool' playwright classroomCompany comedy.presents Sidesplitting! Aug 22,23,26 30, Sept 2-4 7.30pm (8.45) £4.50 (£3.00) THE CONDOS! Excellently performed hysterical 'A superb evening' Festival. Times. Featuring Jonathan Kydd ofsongs' BBC The TV'sHeckler. 'Punchdrunk' and '2,000 Aug 27-30Not Out' 8.00pm (9.00) £4.50 (£4.00). People with wigs £6.00. GAGGING FOR IT A night of stand-up comedy, improvisation and slapstick from Charmian Aug 13-30 (notHughes, Mon 23)Sheila10.Hyde 00pm and (11.20)Dave Thompson. £5.00 (£4.00) BAD LOO ATTENDANTS Stand-up comedy pairing:attitude BuddyandWellsperfect a rising star'. The Stage and Noel James ' c arefree, non-showbiz timing' Aug 15-30 11.30pm (12.30) £4.50 (£3.50) JUNGLE OF THE CITIES A unique, dynamic and entertaining dance version of this early22Brecht Aug Sept 4 play2.set 00pmin(3.1912 30) Chicago. £5.00 (£3.50) ★ TONIGHT M ENTERTAINING RICHARDTurnGERE Gere, Bristol s Teresa Toti togetherDelatori. inI'Tooting! Tempted? Tormented? up atRichard 12. Written and performed by Cecilia Aug 13-21,29-Sept 4 12 noon (12.50) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ TALESStories. FROMA '1magical, 001' NIGHTS Burton' s adaptation of the classic Arabian whimsical,Sir Richard frolicsome, mystical family show. Aug Aug 3015-29SeptInot4 Sun6.22)00pm (7.12.15)15pm (1.30) £4.50 (£3.50) NICK MAYHEW Venue 53-Glasite Meeting House, 33 Barony Street (off Broughton St.) F9 ★ TALL, DARK,of theHANDSOME ANDandNO. 1 A sparkling 'lecture' about the ways business world the managers whomanagement runmulti-media it. Part spoof, part eye-opening analysis, Nick Mayhew —undoubtedly material himself —both entertains ... and disturbs.thisSlim-down, spin-off, wise up. With wit and 14-28 unseemly Aug 6.0arrogance 0pm (7.10) Incorporated, £4.00 (£2.001 really is The Business. MC REBBE D RAPPING RABBI Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ SHALOM HotterJewthanwithDavid Koresh, thanmoreMariella Frostrup, moreMUTHAFUCKERS! kickin'andthan'comic karate,irreverence' the attitude is early, backsexierwith food, guilt, paranoia, food Observer. Book last years show sold out! 'A phenomenon'Thein entertainment' James Whale. 'A Woody Allen from Edgeware' highlight£7.of00 the Aug 13Sept 4Independent 12 midnight (1.00am) (£5.0festival' 0) Radio 4. MEDIA BABIES Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 THE TEEN Messingham. PEOPLE ComicJohn,theatre fromandChannel 4 comedy writersfrom MarkanGatiss and Simon Jenny Tizer defend the planet alien invasion. 70'sfunfashions, 80'sspoof, issues, 'and hysterical vision of the... 90's. 'ZanyCity ... serious Utterlya shocking truthful,butentirely contemporary hilarious' Aug 14-Sept 4 (notLimits. Tues) 10.55pm (11.55) £4.00 (£3.50) 67


SCHNEIDER AND lANNUCa From BBC Radio's "On The Hour" and "Knowing Me, Knowing You" "Creative, dangerous & hysterically funny" DAILY MIRROR

Helen Lederer STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS As seen in "Naked Video "

"Cleverly insane" OBSERVER

Assembly Rooms George Street, 13 Aug - 4 Sept at 8.00pm (not 23 Aug) Box Office: 031 226 2428

EMILY WOOF REVOLVER Inspired by The Beatles album Assembly Rooms George Street, 13 Aug - 4 Sept at 6.00pm (not 24 or 31 Aug) Box Office: 031 226 2428 SEX III "an exhilarating combination of theatrical skills " INDEPENDENT Fringe First '92 Assembly Rooms George Street, 29 Aug - 4 Sept at 12.00 noon Box Office: 031 226 2428

Paul Morocco WITH Antonio Forcione & Alessandro

"Funny, unpredictable and spectacular" DAILY TELEGRAPH Pleasance Theatre 12 Aug - 4 Sept at 10.45pm (not 23,31 Aug) Box Office: 031 556 6550

MELTON MOWBRAY F.E.C. Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★Potted THE Theatre ARABIANCo.'NIGHTS MeltonownMowbray Further Education Corporation' s 'classic present their physical fun-packed adaptation of these stories. Ansuspense ideal oneandhourcamel escapade forSothecome wholeto family, as you encounter magic, mystery, races! the world of Arabia and Haste Aug 30some Sept 4Turkish 2.15pmdelight. 13.15) £5.00 (£3.00)

MOONSHINE PRODUCTIONS Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 ★ MOONandINdestruction, ECLIPSE ofby guilt, PAULfearHURT. Anightmares gothic tale... of' ...birth, and death, creation capableof ofmother murdering mygreatest own fleshmonster and blood?' Aandfascinating portrayal ofmight MARYI beSHELLEY, of the of them all ... Aug 1321 (not Sun 15) 3.00pm (4.00) £3.50 (£2.50)

JOHNNY MERES Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon! West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 6520/226 2151 J7 7 MY BOOZE HELL BY LITTLE JOHNNY CARTILAGE Startling newImmaterial, comedy ‘musical award-winning comedian Johnny Meres, but still from best remembered as original member of formerly 70' sentirely teenJohnny sensations. Cartilage Family. ' A revolutionary style which creates an different typeTheof laughter. Aug 13 SeptRe-invents 4 8.00pmthe(9.rules 00) of£5.comedy' 00 (£4.00)Scotsman.

PAUL MOROCCO—OLE! Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 PAUL MOROCCO —OLE! From London' WesthasEndstunned to Berlinaudiences to 'Just For Montreal, thiscomic award-winning comedy actsOLE! worldLaughs' wide. Unorthodox juggler PAUL MOROCCO joins acclaimed guitarist Antoni Forcione andguitar. singer'EAlessandro to createUnpredictable a frantic explosion of fruit, fireDaily and flamenco nergetic, Funny, and Spectacular' Telegraph. Aug 12 19. 2 2. 2 4 26, 3 0, S ept 14 10. 4 5pm (11. 5 0) £6. 5 0 (£0. 0 0) Aug 20,21,27,28,29 10.45pm (11.50) £7.00 (£6.50)

MERMAIDS THEATRE COMPANY, ST ANDREWS •• Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 *by ANATOL A wry glimpse at the subtleties and hypocrisy of sexual relationships a company which has enjoyed considerable Fringe success in recent years. Arthurcalculated Schnitzler'tos dry ANATOL ... which must have been up theresembles last gaspsa theatrical of sexualalmanac romanticism in fin-de-siecle Vienna' Aug 15 28 The 12Guardian. midnight (2.001 £4.00 (£3.00)

BRUCE MORTON Venue 15-Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. BRUCE MORTON Scotland' s mostSINexciting comedyMORTON, talent and'MIRTH story GOD' teller supreme, star of and Channel 4 series WITH BRUCE Glasgow Herald, Perrier Nominee ' 9 2 returns with a brand new show. His 'FINELY, ACUTELY OBSERVED MATERIAL' Sunday Times is on for SIX NIGHTS ONLY. Aug 30Sept 4 10.30pm (11.45) £8.00 (£5.00)

MIDDLEHAM THEATRE CO Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ THEhe ended CAGE upbyinRichard Franklin.box.Homeless - 19fantasy —criminalsequences record: Charley how a cardboard In unemployment. powerful he reactstellsto ideasCage aboutis work Not positive for the faint-hearted, ;The full offare, satire,punishment imagination,and humour, pathos and ideas. Based

MOVING VISIONS DANCE THEATRE • Venue 91-St. Mary's Cathedral, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place H3 THE PASSION OF CHRIST Music —J.S. Bach; choreography Ross McKim. Danced by graduates of Ballet Rambert School. ' S incere moving art' The Scotsman; fashioned quality' The Times; ' ... profound and meaningful' The Stage.24 27 'o3.ld00pm Aug (4.001 £5.00 (£3.00)

BEN MILLER & SIMON GODLEY !' Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 ★ l HUGE written bywillBenbe Miller, producedofbytheirIncidental Theatre. Warren andforever Clarke wi be huge. They the comedians generation. They will shine icircuit n the fermament of their tocomic idols. • jSj Aug extremely difficult into.However, at present, they are finding the 4 (3.2.1break Aug 20,14 219,1.222,7,2248,26.30 29 Sept2.00pm 5)00pm (3.£6.15)00 (£5.0£5.0)50 (£4.50) MILTON KEYNES MADNESS Venue 66-Scottish Health Service Centre, Crewe Boad South. Tickets 332 2335 C2 MK is not allarts concrete cows, and red balloons. MK MADNESS is a performers sampler of the there:hotthetheairbest city'the s musicians, and thriving visual artists.scene Experience realityof the behind myth —if theatrical you don't try it you'll ★ TAKEN. TO. ? THE COMMERCE! PASSION! Washing machines ThreeCLEANERS actors: sixteen charactersTECHNOLOGY! —Pirandello it ain' t. HILARIOUSLY (INVENTIVE. ■fa 7rcr> /i Not9.normal. 00pm (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00) CORNEMUSIQUES Jean-Pierre Rasle's songs extraordinary story of the pipes: a musical ii journey y 2327through 7.00pmfive(8.centuries 30) £4.of00French (£3.00) and dances. I'LL TELLandYOUmusicWHAT HAPPENED ... Reminiscences of war, friendship, work, romance theatre, Wu 2226 9.30pm (10.. . 4Captivating 5) £4.00 (£3. 00) celebrating life for what it is. LIVING ARCHIVE 77/ tell you what happened... Hawtin Monday's book of memories, |JAug and 22-26 an exhibition 6.00pmof(11.Diana 00) Winkfield' Free s evocative illustrations. THESILBURY GROUP +textiles, An exhibition of contemporary work by visual artists from l Aug Milton Keynes: 22 Sept 4 paintings, 6.08pm (11.00) Freeprints, drawings and photographs. Mwiue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. THE BLUES BROTHERS' SUMMER'the VACATION WITH THE BLUES COLLECTIVE Aug 23 28 12 Midnight midnight (1.madness 30) £6.from 00 best band on the Fringe' in 1992. A MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO THE WHO Featuring excerpts from Tommy, and Itother Aug 2328Who numbers. 3.00pm (5.It'00)s meaty, £3.00 beaty, big and bouncy! V MINOTAUR STUDENT THEATRE I COMPANY FROM THE UNIVERSITY 3 JOF EAST ANGLIA jj: Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 RAT IN THE SKULLof byIrishman Ron Hutchinson. A London copper stands alone, umpire90 |;between two sorts whose ancient quarrel is destroying his town. (hinutes of non-stop verbal savagerycomicanswers questions which none of the 8. llptagonists % 15-21 5.wants 20pm (6.to50)ask. A£4.darkly 50 (£3.00) play where hatred is the easy part.

NEIL MULLARKEY AND FRIENDS ••• Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ISTORE AM NOT A NUMBER A new show featuring Neil Mullarkey of THE COMEDY PLAYERS, following lasttheyear' s one-man MEMOIRS OF LORD NAUGHTY ('a masterpiece of the theatre of comic-absurd. Fabulous talent.' 7 7V£ SCOTSMAN. 'TerriblyNumber amusing' GUARDIAN). Each afternoon a different celebrity guest provides a fresh Two. Aug 2129 2.15pm (3.05) £5.00 (£4.00) MUSEUM THEATRE ° Venue 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 K9 THEATRE MASKS Demonstration/lecture by John Wright of Trestle Co. using colourful collectionperformances of masks. Performance. Funconcerts. for all the family.Theatre See Daily Diary for free masked and lunchtime Aug 19 12.30pm (1.30) £2.50 ★ BEHIND BLUE (7.EYES A musical portrait of Frank Sinatra with Michael Cory. Aug Aug 21,182825,28 6.30pm 2.30pm 4(3.5)45) £5.00 (£4.00) ★provoking, A NEWER WILDERNESS Tartan Rose Theatre Company thought moving but funny play. Starring Jacqueline Gilbrook of STV'stage s Take the High Road. Aug 1627 9.00pm (10.30) £5.00 (£4.00) MUSIC IN OLD ST PAULS " Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church ,& Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 m0 FESTIVAL HIGH MASSES Sunday morning worship with a difference, for Festival and Fringe-goer alike. This year, Old St Pauls offers Mozart: Missa Brevis inperformed D (15th);within Haydn:theNelson Massof the (22nd); and Grounod: St Cecilia Mass (29th); all context liturgy. Aug 15,22,29 11.00am (12.30) Free and other much loved sacred works, performed by the choirs ofFAURE Old18 St.REQUIEM Aug 7.Paul' 30pms,(9.and30) Edgarley £5.00 (£3.Hall00)School. FIVE MYSTICAL SONGS Vaughans Williams Five Mystical Songs, and the Durufle Requiem Aug 31 sung 7.30pmby(9.the15) Old £5.St.00Paul' (£3.00)choir, directed by Leslie Shankland. MUSIC IN THE MUSEUM ° ••• Venue 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 K9 Hit a high note in musical experience with three evenings of tuneful entertainment, staged the Museum' by The inClydesdale Bank.s magnificant Victorian glass-topped main hall. Sponsored RASCHER SAXAPHONE QUARTET Brass blowing the roof off the Fringe with Bach, Aug 19 Glasser 6.30pm& Purcell. (7.30) £6.00 (£4.00) Ticket price includes refreshments. JOYFUL COMPANY OF SINGERS Hear a choir with a difference sing a memorable Aug 26 6.selection 30pm (7.30)of music. £6.00 (£4.00) Ticket price includes refreshments. MUSIC THE(7.MUSEUM this third concert. Sept 2 IN6.30pm 30) £6.00See(£4.0Daily 0) Diary Ticketforpricedetails includesof refreshments. 69










"Powerful piece of popular comedy” THE GUARDIAN "....simply very funny" YORKSHIRE POST 16 August - 4 September (NO PERFS. ON SUN 22 & TUES 31 AUG) TICKETS FROM £6.50 VENUE 3 MUSIC HALL, ASSEMBLY ROOMS BOX OFFICE: 031-226 2428 70

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS Venue 100-Central Hall, West Tollcross. K5 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL OFtheBRITISH YOUTH ORCHESTRAS For the 14th yearof running this Festival within Festival presents the Fringe' s largest showcase orchestral and chamber music. Over 2,000 percussion of Britain's totopperiod young musicians play everything classical to contemporary, COMPLETELYfrom FREE FOR CHILDREN, STUDENTS, UNEMPLOYED, DISABLED ANDperformance. YOUNG SCOT CARD SIR CHARLES GROVES MEMORIAL CONCERT BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH ORCHESTRA. Conductor: Michael Rose. Capriccio Italian, Tchaikovsky; Violin Concerto, Sibelius; Sir Charles —His Pavane, Maxwell Davies; Song of Summer, Delius; Young Person' s Guide to the Orchestra, Britten. Aug 14 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SUDCV Free Venue 99-St. Giles Cathedral, High Street S.M.U. CONSERVATOIRE DALLAS, TEXAS Conductor: Arkady Fomin.Legend, PsalmCHAMBER &Medinsh; Fugue, ORCHESTRA, Hovhaness; Last Spring, Concerto La Oracion delTheTorero, Turina.Grieg; Aug IS Grosso, S.OOpin (7.Vivaldi; 00) All tickets free Venue 100-Central Hall, West Tollcross. NATIONAL YOUTH WIND Margolis; ORCHESTRA OF GREAT BRITAIN Conductor: Douglas Bostock. Terpsichory, Rejouissance, Set IB2, Stanhope; LaudaFreeSion, Curnow; Gemrot. Folksongs for Band "Mug 7.30pm 19.Divertimento, 30) £5.00 Bernstein; (t3.00 P) SUDCY ESSEX YOUTH John Georgiadis. Concerto forNoLight2, Orchestra, Bush;ORCHESTRA Suite: Der Conductor: Rosenkavalier, Strauss; Symphony Rachmaninov. Mug n 7.30pm 19.30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SUDCY Free |1aNDESJUGEND BLASORCHESTER, GERMANY Bedford, derRHEINLAND-PFALZ, Roost, Aug IB Waignein, 7.30pm (9.30)Fischer-Munster, £5.00 (£3.00 P)VanSUDCV Free Reed. LOTHIAN REGION SCHOOLS BRASS BAND Conductor: Nigel Boddice. World Premiere byBuxton Thomas Wilson; Music for Brass Band, Martin Dalby; Trumpet Concerto, Aug 19 7.30pm (9.Orr. 3D) E5.00 (£3.00 P) SUDCY Free !i Frescobaldi, BORDERS REGIONAL ORCHESTRA Conductor: KevinBarnes Price. Gregson, Bernstein, WIND Chattaway, Holst, Sparke, Grainger, Chance; Copland, |f Aug 21 Woolfenden. 7.30pm (9.301 £5.00 (£3.00 PI SUDCY Free BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH SECOND ORCHESTRA Conductor: Ian Smith.23 Works for Brass I Aug 12.30pm (1.30) and£2.Wind 00 Itl.OEnsembles. D P| SUDCY Free IIj1 Charles TAYSIDEMaynes. SCHOOLS ORCHESTRA PIPE BAND McBeth,WIND Konagaya, Holst, Reid,AND W.Schuman, Johnson;Conductor: marches, II; Aug medley, 23 strathspey 7.30pm (9.3reels. 0) £5.00 (C3.00 P) SUDCY Free Ii BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH SECOND ORCHESTRA Conductor: Ian Smith. Hansel & Gretel, Humperdinck; Lemminkainen' s Return, Sibelius; Bassoon 1;|l Aug Concerto, 24 7.Mozart; 30pm (9.Concerto 30) E5.0for0 (£3.Light 00 P)Orchestra, SUDCY FreeBush; On-Screen, Wetherell. |j WARWICKSHIRE COUNTYto include YOUTHKonzertstuck CHAMBERin ORCHESTRA Conductor: Ray Programme D minor, Mendelssohn, and musicHutchinson. for unaccompanied ffw25 12.30pm (1.30) flute. 12.00 (£1.00 PI SUDCY Free WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Conductor: Ray Romanian Dances, Bartok;No Sinfonia Concertante Suite25Hutchinson. Francaise, Haydn.K364, Mozart; Mug 7.30pm Woolfenden; (9.301 £5.00Symphony (E3.00 P) SUDCY104—London, Free NATIONALDie CHILDREN' ORCHESTRA Christopher Adey. I1 Overture: Meistersinger,S Wagner; Nocturne,Conductor: Dvorak; Fairy Tale, Legend, uSkasza, nAug 26 Rimsky-Korsakov; 12.30pm 11.30) £2.Valse 00 (£1.Triste, 00 PI Sibelius; SUDCY FreeThe Perfect Fool, Holst. H[| DURHAM COUNTY YOUTHMozart; CHAMBER Gregg Pullen. Overture: Idomeneo, VariationsORCHESTRA on a Theme byConductor: Haydn, Brahms; '1% t Symphony No 3—Scottish, Mendelssohn. 2B 7.30pm (9.301 15.00 (£3.00 PI SUDCY Free ij^'RPALATINE EARLYplayed MUSIC CONSORT Director: Diana Wilks. Medieval and |>Ufenaissance 27 12.3music 0pm (1.30) £2.on0period 0 IE1.00instruments. P) SUDCY Free ijRSAMD JUNIOR DEPARTMENT ORCHESTRA Conductor: Durrant. ^Overture: The Wasps, VaughanConcertino Williams; of Green Willow,James Butterworth; ^Scottish Dances, McGuire; forBanks Timpani, Percussion and Strings, SPanufnik; Soloists: Colin Currie & Douglas Blair. Dances of Galanta, Kodaly. pJiy 27 7.30pm (9.301 15.00 (£3.00 P) SUDCY Free 1 HILLHEAD STRINGS Conductor: Elaine Fernandez. Concerto in D minor, Vivaldi; I ,Two Pieces for String McGuire. Orchestra, John Ireland; Holberg Suite, Grieg; Divertimento for String mug 28 Orchestra, 12.30pm (1.30) £2.00 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free iNATIONAL Meistersinger, CHILDREN'S Wagner; ORCHESTRA Conductor: ChristopherGregson; Adey. jlpverture: Romance,Bacchus Svendsen; Contrasts, ti^airy Tale,DieLegend, Skasza, Rimsky-Korsakov; & Ariadne: Suite No. 1, IpRoussel. I 4i/g 28 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SUDCY Free -OTHIAN REGION SCHOOLS WINDWoolfenden; BAND Conductor: Brian Duguid. ^Symphonic Psalm & Celebration, Bruce Pearson, Ode, Peter Innes; Gallimaufry, Aug gg 12.30pm (1.30) E2.00 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free §M>THIAN REGION SCHOOLS CHOIR Conductor: Neil Bell. Gloria, Rutter; Requiem, Faure; LOTHIAN REGION SCHOOLSViolins CLASSICAL GUITAR ENSEMBLEVConductor: |WI 30 7.Philip 30pm (9.Thorne. 30) Concerto £5.00 (E3.0for0 P)Four SUDCY Free arr Guitar Ensemble, Telemann. IL trundman, CENTRAL Gershwin, REGION Holst, YOUTHConti,WIND BAND Conductor: Alan Bell. Coates, «ug 31 12.30pm (1.30) E2.00 Itl.OOShostakovich, P) SUDCY Free Mancini. FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES)(if OPEN10am-7am r

CENTRALSvendsen, REGION YOUTHElgar,ORCHESTRA Conductor: Richard Galloway. Sibelius, Vaughan Williams. Aug 31 7.30pm 19.30)Warlock, E5.00 (E3.00Glazunov, P) SUDCY Free PERTH YOUTH ORCHESTRA Conductor: D Eoin Bennet. Music for String, Percussion, Sept I 12.Wind 30pm (1.and30) Brass£2.Ensembles. 00 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free PERTHTchaikovsky; YOUTH ORCHESTRA Conductor: D EoinFaure; Bennet.Nutcracker Overture:Suite Romeo Juliet, Fantasy for Flute & Orchestra, No 1,& Tchaikovsky; Sept 1 7.30pmConcerto (9.30) in E5.G 0min 0 (£3.for00 Violin, P) SUDCYBruch; Free Symphony No 2, Tchaikovsky. HIGHLANDDie REGION YOUTH ORCHESTRA Conductor:MacMillan; James MacMillan. Overture: Meistersinger, Wagner; Cumnock Orcadian, Symphony No 3, Sibelius. Sept 2 12.30pm (1.30) £2.00 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free STRATHCLYDE REGION SCHOOLS WIND BAND Conductor: Hughina Holland. Sept 2 Shostakovich, 7.30pm (9.30) Holst, £5.00 Sparke, (£3.00 P) McCabe, SUDCY FreeWagner. FIFE YOUTH PERCUSSION Fraser, GROUP Conductor:Faini.Rebecca Paterson. Lecoeur, Varner, ENSEMBLELennon/McCartney, Conductor: Dennis Webster. Mozart, Bratton, Corelli, FIFE Satie, YOUTH Guimaraes,GUITAR Giles, Chabrier. Sept 3 12.30pm (1.30) £2.00 (E1.00 P) SUDCY Free FIFE YOUTH ORCHESTRA Conductor: Richard Evans. Colas Breugnon, Kabalevsky;NoLieutenant Kije, Prokofiev; Capriccio Espagnol, Rimsky-Korsakov; Symphony Sept 3 7.30pm5,19.Tchaikovsky. 30) £5.00 (£3.00 P) SUDCY Free EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Programme to include Les Nuits Sept 4 12.d'E30pite wby(1.Berlioz. 30) £2.00 (11,00 P) SUDCY Free STRATHCLYDE REGIONTam SCHOOLS Christopher Bell. Overture: O'Shanter,SYMPHONY PsalmORCHESTRA for Orchestra,Conductor: Messiaen; Ship o' t he Fiend, MacCunn; NoArnold; 4,FreeTchaikovsky. Sept 4 7.30pm (9.30) £5.0Symphony 0 (£3.00 P) SUDCY NATIONAL DISABILITY ARTS FORUM Venue 121-The New Trinity Centre, 7a Loaning Road Tickets 661 1212 G13 Outer THE GHETTO A stunning, hilarious and thehardtruth hittingaboutslicethose of Disability Arts atpeople their best. This International cabaret exposes nice disabled that Telethon loves toandlove. It was never likeit. this in the Day Centre. Poetry, song, stand up, sit down more. Don' t miss Sept 2 &Sept3 3 7.30pm1.00pm(10.0(3.0)00) £2.50 (£1.50) Matinee THE LEGENDARY EpUgJIIlN 'MULTI-TALENTED MUSICAL SUPREMO* Tima Out *SEX-SYMBOL OF THE NINETIES* - City Wi*a 'THIS MAN IS AMAZING!!!* - Faitlvol Tima* MS THERE NO END TO THIS MAN*S TALENT?...A PEACH OF A SHOW!* - Evanlng Haws 'RAZOR-SHARP LYRICS...ASTONISHING MOUTHTRUMPET...TIMELESS* - Tha Scotsman HORAY HOUSE 8.20pm -nightly 556 5184 ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE selected days 4.15 pm 220 2462 see listings 71

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Ennio Marchetto Direct from the West End 1993 Olivier Award nomination

"Wonderfully, wickedly funny OBSERVER

Assembly Rooms George Street 13 Aug - 22 Aug at 9.00pm Box Office: 031 226 2428

NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY sponsored by Scarborough Borough Council ^ ^ Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. UO ★ EASY LAUGHTER Disturbing, terrifyingly funny examination of political correctness, by brilliantwriting, young top award-winning Robert'prescient Shearman. Immaculate, nationally acclaimed acting and production, warning against present complacency' S unday Times. Aug 13-29 (not Sun 221 3.20pm (5.3S) C5.00 (£3.00) Hot suitable for children Venue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 STILL LIFE bycosts. NoelThe Coward. Adaptedaren'andt cheap editedeither. for twoTheactors. Love is priceless but adultery bath-buns basis for film classic Brief Encounter. Double national award winner for acting and direction, 'outstanding' Aug 11 Sept 4 tnotSunday Mon 23)Times.12 noon (12.50) E5.00 (£3.00) THE NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE Venue 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 M9 'Britain' finest youth 'They performSunday with aTelegraph. professionalism and raws energy whichcompany' is nothingScotsman. short of sensational' POPPY IT'values: S PANTO TIME! racism, An exuberant pantomime parody celebrating the great Victorian hypocrisy, drug-dealing, sexual repression. 1982 SWET Best Musical Award Winner, thisAugis14the MUSICAL NOT TO£3.MISS! Aug 13 7. 0 0pm (9. 4 0) & 3. 0 0pm (5. 4 0) 7 5 (£2. 7 5) Hal f price. Aug 14-16, 1 9, 2 1. 2 3, 2 5, 2 7 7. 0 0pm (9. 4 0) £7. 5 0 (£5. 5 01 Aug 18.20,23.26.29 3.00pm (5.40) £7,50 (£5.50) ★ WHISTLE DOWN magic,forinnocence humour suspense ofmusical one ofmiracle. Britain' s bestTHElovedWIND films,Allonthestage the first time. An and unforgettable Aug 17 3. 0 0pm (5. 1 5) & 7. 0 0pm (9. 1 5) £3. 7 5 (£2. 7 5) Hal f price Aug 19,18,221,0,224.2.226,4,2285.27 7.00pm Aug 3.00|W(9.i 1(5.5)15) £7.5£7.0 5(£5.0 (£5.50)50) ★ BRILLIANT THE65 million DINOSAUR Words anddiplodocus. music by Richard Stilgoe. Violent storm unearths a femalechildren. Her encounter modern world9.4is5amdramatised byyear-old 100 local A prehistoric Treat. with the Aug 2528 (10. 4 5) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 24 28 11.on3Sat0am28(12.Aug.30) £5.00 (£3.00) No concessions ★following A WORLD SO acclaimed WIDE ... An improvised music theatre workshop piece, much Aug 14 the10.00am (10.40) £4.0success 0 (£3.00) of last year's TONGUE-CUT SPARROW. 1 THE NEARLY NEW° THEATRE COMPANY Venue 107-Mayfield House, 107 East Trinity Road Tickets 551 5932 A10 Outer EROSTRATUS A powerful andedge exciting adaptation of J.P. Sartre' s short story is★ guaranteed to have you on theand of your seats throughout. This passionate thriller reflecting the violence hatred in society, probes into the mind of a psychopath he places Aug 2228 as7.15pm (8.00) himself £3.00 on(£2.trial. 00) Not suitable for children. THE NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE • » • • Venue 30-The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 This Royal celebrates Mile venueits(courtyard, cafe,withgalleries, museum andScottish superb 75-seatuniquetheatre) 21st year three outstanding playwrights and an exhibition of Scottish illustrators. Don' t miss out on one of the Fringe's genuine pleasures. ★ THE OULD FELLA by Donald Caithness Campbell. The long-awaited sequel to 'Widows ofAug Clyth' the unforgiving 9 Sept, 4set(notonSuns) 8.30pm (10.45) £6.5coast. 0 (£4.50) THE STRAW CHAIR Set on St. Kilda in 1738, the extraordinary story of Lady Grange Aug 11 Septby 4the(netauthor Sum) of '2.B3ondagers' 0pm (4.30). £8.00 (£4.00) ★ THEJones ADMIRAL JONES by Frederic Mohr. FRINGE FIRST Hero! winners' tale of John Paul Aug 18 Sept 4—Scottish (not Suns) Adventurer, S.30pm (7.1British 5) £6.Traitor, 00 (£4.0American 0) KRAPP' S LAST TAPE Beckett' s late masterpiece in a haunting and technically commanding interpretation Aug 1628 (not Sue) 12.30pmby(1.Aspen 15) £4.Stage. 00 (£2.50) L'AMOUR FOU An exploration of contemporary young to teenagelovetwee.through the work of five Aug 8-Septillustrators—from 4 (not Suns) 10.pop-psychology 00am (4.30) Frea NEWSREVUE Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 NEWSREVUE 93 Best theof thestandard songs and sketches donesimply this year inScotsman. London. 'I'magine A 'miracle is version maintained, not and toby beNewsrevue missed' a harder-hitting, live of Spitting Image you' l l have a good13 Septidea4 what10.to00pmexpect. Aug (11.00)It works £7.00hilariously' (£5.00) London Standard. NEW THEATRE COMPANY ° Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba’s by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★excite THEandOVERCOAT In a cold, cold city the prospect of warmth and comfort canof enliven evenbased the most deads classic of livesshort ... astory. dramatic exploration alienation and revenge, on Gogol' Aug,24,26.28 2.10pm (3.25) £4.00 (£2.00) ★ METAMORPHOSIS Kafka'story. s Metamorphosis-Trip into hyper-reality macabre and yet Franz humanistic InnovativeKafkanewpresents. adaptation makes use ofwithfilm16,this1and Aug 8,20.2cubist 3.25,27designs 2.10pmto enlighten (3.25) £4.the00 themes (£2.00) 73

CHURCH HILL THEATRE | SCOTTISH HEALTH SERVICE CENTRE ] Box Office 031332 2335 (24 hrs) $ Crewe Road South Momingside Road Box Office 031447 7597 (10am-midnight) TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS by Richard Westell A satirical, knockabout, multi-media comedy, THE BLUES performed in a cabaret setting. “ uses puppets BROTHERS’ and Perrier bottles in rather odd ways ”, SUMMER “ very funny ”. MK Play of the Year 1992. VACATION August-4 September, 9.00-10.15pm, WITH THE 5 23 £5 and £4 (concessions), discount for groups BLUES COLLECTIVE You’ve seen the film, now join this amazing JEAN-PIERRE RASLE “CORNEMUSIQUES” 14-piece band for some midnight Extraordinary story of the pipes. A musical journey through fivev madness. Dig outyourshades and porkpie centuries of French songs and dances. hats, and discover why this band were 23-27August, 7.00-8.30pm, £4 and£3 (concessions) acclaimed as 'the best of the Fringd in 1992. I’LL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED... (The Tales of Hawtin Munda 23-28 August, midnight ‘til late, £6 performed by Brad Bradstock. An old man sits and remembersiu A MUSICAL TRIBUTE TO THE WHO Evocative and moving storytelling, with music, that will make yoc featuring excerptsfromTommy, and a whole blush as well as laugh. lot more. It’s meaty, beaty, big and bouncy. 22-26 August, 9.30-10.45, £4 and £3 (concessions) This impressive performance features the deaf, dumb and blind boy, plus many other DIANA WINKFIELD/LIVING ARCHIVE hits from The Who. A free exhibition of collages and drawings by MK artist Dianl 23-28 August, 3.00-5.00pm, Winkfield, produced for Hawtin Monday’s book of memories, I’ll M £3 each, or £5 per couple You What Happened..... 22-26 August, 6-11pm MILTON KEYNES’ ARTISTS A free exhibition, in both venues, of contemporary work by visual artists from'' the new city of Milton Keynes. Paintings, Textiles, Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Award-winning stuff. I Scottish Health Service Centre, 23 August-4 September; Church Hill Theatre, 23-28 August. Admission free ^ Come and have your illusions about Milton Keynes shattered, and see the reality behind the myth? LICENSED BAR AND AMPLE FREE PARKING AT EACH VENUE Financial assistance is acknowledged from the Milton Keynes Arts Associa tion Sponsored on behalf of the city of Milton Keynes by Milton Keynes Marketing Limited

99 1/2 VOCALS THAT MAKE YOU SWEAT Venue 36-Festival Club. 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 99of sound 1/2 AND OTHER BIG NUMBERSvocal Fasten your seatbelts and surf the waves through the contemporary landscape. These talented a' c appella stars showcase life under the bright All theTrapp wayfamily from Australia, 99 1/2their makehilarious the vonview Trappof family singers look likelights. the von singers. Aug 14 21 8.30pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY PLAYERS Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★ DREAMGIRLS byandKrieger and Eyen. plot. A high'Theenergy collaboration of fabulous 60s Motown sounds melodramatic Dreams' re-tell in magnificent musical docu-drama formatSupremes. the meteoric rise toshow stardom of one of ofAmerica' greatest trios, The A must-see for theatregoers all ages.s The 1621 60s female live.2.00pm Aug (3.301 £4.50 (£3.00) NORTHERN THEATRE COMPANY •» Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 NTC returns with an exciting programme of modern classics and Fringe First entries. Wemoney. offer1991 you an'DOentertaining and challenging theatrical experience and value for YOU LOVE ME!' ' I ntellectually stimulating' Scotsman: 1992 'CARETAKER' commended' The Stage.'Directed with finesse' Scotsman: 'INSIDE OUT' 'Highly THE DUMB WAITER Pinter'theatrical s malevolent classic that draws the audience into an evil underworld. A powerful Aug £3.50 (£2.5£5.0)experience. Special1621Offer with2.15pm'Worki(3.n1g5)Out' below 00 (£4.00) Hwomen WORKING OUTtheirSUEdifferences WILSEA'ins INCISIVE HUMOROUS new play. Four work3.out an0) aerobicsandclass. Aug 1621 2 0pm (4. 2 0) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 Special Offer with ‘The Dumb Waiter' above £5.00 (£4,00) HOMECOMINGPostPinter' s classicrevival' on power and sexual supremacy. 'Essence ofTHEPinter' fcy 16-21 Yorkshire 4.25pm (6.00) 'A £4.superb 50 (£3.50) Hull Mail. ★ FIRST AID Barrie Wheatley' s new play.'Entertaining Gay or and straight —HIV doesn' I discriminate! Funny—then a £3.riveting climax. challenging' Mail.t Aug 22 27 2. 1 5pm (3. 1 5) 5 0 (£2. 5 0) |1mc»/ Offer: with 'On Tidy Endings' below £5.00 (£4.00) ON TIDY. A ENDINGS A new play by Harvey Fierstein, author of 'Torch Song j; Aug Trilogy' theatrical experience. 2227Offer:rich 3.20pm 20) above £3.50 (£2.£5.500)0 (£4.00) m jptcial with 'first(4.Aid' I[I WHAT THE BUTLER SAW ORTON' and savageperformances' onslaught onEvening power respectability. 'Rip-roaring ... rattlings hilarious pace ... delightful ! and Telegraph. Aug 2227 4.25pm (6.00) £4.50 (£3.50) GRAHAM NORTON ; Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 GRAHAM AT THE KARENandCARPENTER BARTheresa & GRILL Graham |Nlastorton (theinvites manNORTON whotodonned athetea slender towel became Mother atBarPleasance year) you peruse menu at The Karen Carpenter & Grill. It's Karen'Don' s birthdaygoodbye and thereto love—buy are lots ofa guests lined up to help blow out the candles. ticket instead. Aug 7 19,t22say26,30 Aug 20,12 215,1,217-29 6.30pmSept(7.1,20)3,4 £6.6.0300pm(£5.(7.00)20) £5.50 (£4.50) NOT LITTLE WOMEN Wanue 1-Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office LAURELS BUT that HARDLY-A GREEK ODDITY zany, new comedy I duo whoaccidentally prove not themselves all Greek drama is tragic.A Witty, Oops!innovative Twounmissable Goddesses on a tmission find in Edinburgh. wild, street ‘.luhgeat1529 re. 12 noon (12. 45) Free NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION THEATRE COMPANY le 16-The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St. Tickets 667 2388 liintroductions Top-grade Fringe company' (Independent on Sunday '92) returns with seven whichvalue, 'probably could not be bettered' (Scotsman '92). Comfortable -wjfenue, excellent offers ' v ersatile four-shows-a-day programme' ,I|J 92/. Music, high Dance, Cabaret, New Writing, Shakespeare, Family Shows from(T.E.S. 'this onsistently u|IljSiivinners 1991/92.quality schools company' (Scotsman '92). Fringe First/Cavalcade v 1qb-iespond PILGRIM' S PROGRESS Bunyan' s allegory, magically transformed from Deep to perfect peace. Lively contemporary adaptation including students with )i> pecial 1621Needs.12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£2.00) PITPlague, by Annwild,Cheetham. Dance theatre and original live music. Terrifying taste " Jft»HEthe1M1 2.30pm (3.funny, 30) innovative. £4.00 (£2.00)Aromatic storytelling for the family. I'ij1I''WVers,ELFTH NIGHT A Shakespearean knights, noggins, music, madness overturned andfeast goneofwithfoolery; the wind and the rain. ladies, v "g 16-27 (not Sun 22) 5.00pm (7.00) £4.00 (£2.00) YOU'Radventure: E THINKING ABOUTskeletons, DOUGHNUTS Rosen's stunning. whacky space-men, tigers, giantMichael flies. Visually ^Biveluseum music. Family entertainment. WmiMJ hot Sun 22) 10.30am (11,45) £4.00 (£2.00)

OPERA CABARET As classics topCompulsive. the charts, the charts sacred! hit back: Barry White sings23-27'Nessun Is nothing Aug 12.Dorma' 30pm (1.. 1Accessible. 5) £4.00 (£2.00) CHILDEs wickedness BYRON by Romulus Linney. Mythical by immortal Errant father' misunderstood, malignedmisdeeds Romantic? Forsakenpoet.daughter Ada23-27 creates 2.her00pmown(3.or3images. Aug 0) £4.00 (£2.00) Waverley Shopping Centre, Princes Street, cnr. Waverley Bridge. Information 667 2388 H9 THE BRASSERY Musicalbrass. oasisCome in prime Princes Street location, offering refreshing menu of classy and lunch alfresco. Aug 16-27 (not Sun 22) 1.00pm (1.45) Free NUR THEATRE Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ AT THE CRIMSON HOUR THEY MET with This another is the story of inoneanother woman' s contemplation of suicide, and her relationship woman part offacedthe with world.a This is theThisstory of story that other woman, threatened with execution, choice. is the of how they never met. Theatre, video, music.21Made in ROMANIA/SCOTLAND. Aug (not4 (notWed 18) 31) 6.30pm6.30pm (7.30)(7.30) £5.50£5.(£3.505(£4. 0) 00) Aug 2314 Sept Tubs OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY o 3 Venue 24-Queen Margaret College, Drama Dept., Clerwood Terrace. Tickets 317 3546. J1 Outer ★affairs BLINDandALLEY OF LIGHT by Paul-Eerik Rummo, Estonian minister of cultural internationally acclaimed poet, probes the tensions in a bynewly independent of theimmediately Soviet Union. works regaining was commissioned the University inbyrepublic May 1992, after The Estonia' of independence. Translated Mardi Valgemae. Aug 20 & 21 7.30pm (9.20) £4.00 (£2.00) EARL OKIN •••• Venue 108-Moray House, Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX WHATSOEVER! Celebrating Earl' s 1983-93 run with a timeless mixture of seductively wicked humour and classy music delivered irresistible charmtheandEdinburgh 'horny' classic! lips. No mere but anin that entiresensual festivalvoiceon with his own. Probably (Sells stand-up out ... book early.) Aug 13 Sept 4 8.20pm (9.25) £6.50 (£5.00) Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 HORNY Another selection from Earl's repertoire. Funny! Sexy! Classy! 'MR. Is there no endMAN toSeptthis Aug 14,2022,2730, 3,4man'4.s 1talent?' 5pm (5.15)Evening£6.0News. 0 (£4.50) OLD ST PAUL’S THEATRE Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 Edinburgh Associates At OldfromSt. Waverley Paul's. 2 minutes the HighandStreet and the FringeVenue Office, 3 minutes Station.from Relaxing friendly atmosphere. An exciting repertoire of innovative theatre, poetry and music. Fully licensed servinghererefreshments Tickets alsobaravailable for events at toHil theSt. small Theatre.hours. ★Guide' THE. Dahling! LUVVIESIt'sGUIDE THE BARTHOLOMEW PLAYERS 7.30 presentfor 'T7.35. he Luvvies an absolute must see! A tour-de-force! G&T gratuit. Aug 23 Sept 4 (not Thurs 2) 7,30pm (9.10) £4,00 (£3.00) ★obsession THE RAVEN UGLY THEATRE. A topical exploration of the dark side of religious Aug 14-20 (notancient Sun 15)and modern. 4.30pm (S.Inventive 30) £4.in50 its(£3.approach 50) to this chilling tale. WOMEN IN TECHNICOLOUR UGLY THEATRE. Surviving Hollywood. they? Featuring Garland, Dietrich and ... Gladys. Song, dance—a story ofOrlove,do exploitation Aug 21-27 (notand Sun ambition. 22) 4.30pm (5.30) £4.50 (£3.50) WAITING GODOTmusicBeckett' s minimalistintoworkthe islivesshown in a familiar radical adaptation, FOR combining and movement of these characters. Aug 28-Sept 4 4.30pm (5.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ALBORADA Classical guitar music, magical star atmosphere, sheer delight from Jonathan Prag ...recital. ' ... Beautiful rising Hampshire-based ... ' Southern Evening Aug 14-SeptEcho. 4 (not Suns) 12.45pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) CAROL-ANN DUFFY & JACKIE Don' KAY Established Glasgow-born writers with outstanding Aug 1420 literary 2.05pm (3.achievements. 00) £4.50 (£3.50) t miss these much-acclaimed poets. JOHN HEGLEY Britain' s most wistful poetbooking dispenses wit, insight and characteristic recommended. Aug 2129 2.humour 05pm (3.0in0) a new £6.00epic. (£4.5Advance 0) GAVIN AND EDWIN MORGAN bill. Two of Britain's most distinguished poets.30-Sept ForEWART Aug 4one week 2.05pmonly. (3.00)A unique £5.00 double (£4.00) Book now. THE RUSKIN ENSEMBLE Top orchestral musiciansplusStephen (Scottishrecital. National), Jane Gomm (Royal Philharmonic), JonathanShakeshaft Prag. A magical Aug 14-22 3.10pm (4.00) £4.50 (£3.50) LEMNhilarity SISSAY Compelling poet (from TV's 'Packet of Three') veers electrically from Aug 23 Sept 4 to deadly 3.05pm seriousness. (4.00) £4.00Spell-binding (£3.00) performer. Powerful poetry. ★thanCANDIDE THEATRE SANS FRONTIERES. An international life characters, perform this classic satire in a highly cast, visual,playing comiclarger and physical Aug 14-Septstyle. 4 6.10pm (7.20) £5.50 (£3.50) THE TEEN PEOPLE by MEDIA BABIES. Earth, 1974. Hilarioussociety. and provocative theatre the Tues) communal Aug 14-Septfrom4 (not 10.5treasure-chest 5pm (11.55) £4.of 0our 0 (£3.TV-obsessed 50) 75


The Guardian +special guest "PAGE 3 STUNNER" GAYLE TUESDAY THE PLEASANCE, 8.30pm August 11th - September 4th (except Monday 16th & Thursday 2nd) Fri Aug 13th show starts 9.30pm Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6550

THE PLEASANCE, 8.15pm August 11th - September 4th (except Aug 16th, 23rd, 31st & Sept 2nd) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6550 76

OLD ST PAUL'S THEATRE — i BYE BYE BIRDIE A melodic and captivating parody the of Elvis 50's era! rock'AnGREAT 'roll in Smalltown, USA! A high energy musical comedy satirizing MUSICAL Aug 15-21 FOR7.45pmALL19.AND 15) EVERYONE' E3.00 (£1.00). DOCTORimagery, FAUSTUS by Christopher Marlowe. protrayed through startling thrilling physicality and qualityFaustus' acting. hell Another unforgettable Polkatz presentation. DON' T MISS IT. “ Aug 14-Sept 4 (not Suns) 9.30pm 110.45) tS.OO IE4.00) ★ THE generations CURSE OF ofTHEGodsCOBRA ; through as theyCROWN battle forAntheaction crownpacked of Egypt.power (BIG struggle PEACFI THEATRE. Aug 26 Sept )4 (not Sun 29) 11.00am (12.00) £3.50 (£2.50) THE ONE NIGHTERS Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 ★ PRECIOUS LIBERTY An forinsight into a future landtrieswhere a Government, inspired by Warhol' s ' f amous 15 minutes' theory, to accommodate the wishes and desires of the people. Exposure on prime time television is no longer a privilege Aug 14-21 but7.3an0pmobligation. (8.40) £4.00 (£2.50) ONE THEATRE COMPANY dfenue 55—Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★ SEAPlayMARKS by Gardner McKay.bittersweet Winner oftaleLosofAngeles DramawhoCritics Circle Best Award. Funny, touching, a fisherman falls in love with a city girl he's glimpsed once. Dean Bradshaw returns to the Fringe'92.after Acclaimed Aug 16-Sept 4performances (not Sun 22, Tuesin 31)American 12 noonBuffalo (1.45) in '9£4.1 0and 0 (£3.Speed-The-Plow 50) ONSTAGE 66 l enue 74-St Stephen's Church & Hall, St Vincent St. foot Howe St. Tickets 445 1647)552 2324 E7 LADYImportance WINDERMERE' FAN was—our Oscar Wilde'lasts first great stage success. As in ofdialogue. BeingS Earnest' —itandisplays the brilliance Of'TheWilde' s witty Thisstandards elegant choice play, whichyear was immediate success, wveils the intrigue and double of London' s high society of the 1890' s. Aug 14-Sept 4 (not Suns) 7.45pm (10.15) £4.50 (£3.50) ON THE TOILET WITH SHERGAR lenue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L10 SIMON ANDyear' SPIKE' S LAUGH-IN HilariousSimon new sketches, songs, satire Breakwell. and standupYou'from s sell-out Fringe debutants, and Spike ll feellast the power ofyear'hypnosis; you'show. ll hear'BaLISTERING man'Hardeman s innerCOMEDY!' thoughts; you'll laugh yourself horse at this s ' S hergar' BBC. Aug 13 Sept 4 8.20pm (9.40) £4.00 (£3.00) OS SATYROS lime 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 06 ★ PHILOSOPHY INmostTHEcontroversial ALCOVE Theplay.Brazilian company (now Portugal) shows itsyears Philosophy in the Alcoverelocated has beenin performed over 3 in Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Portugal, triggering passionate ^discussions on two the Marquis de Sadeshow and atheyoung play girlitself.theMurder' s theofonly possible restraint when philosophy debauchery according to Sun Sade.22) lustful11.3teachers Aug 1628 (not 0pm (12. 4 5) £5. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 30-Sept 4 10.00pm (11.15) THE OUTSIDER THEATRE COMPANY |! Venue 63-Jericho House, 53 Lothian Street Tickets 229 3555 A LONG LAND OF DREAMS Havetrain? you ever gone off theit'srails? rHave youothereverTIME feltofINliketheTHE Buster Keaton on ofa runaway out formed what like lion the sidetheir tracks. A series sketches from aFindnewly group aspects of mental illness. A must for shrinks. lug 30-Sept 4 2.00pm (4.30) £5.00 (£3.00) X OXFORD COMEDY ESTABLISHMENT ie 82-Southside ‘93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L10 4 FUNNY—fresh THING HAPPENED ON THE TO THE FORUM A Comedy ^Tonight' OxfordWAY ... naive virgins, confused ;s dressing andfromlustsell-out all form'Tsuccess part of inStephen Sondheim' s hilarious musicalidentity, farce. Fringe appearance: horoughly impressive, pacy and cohesive' The Scotsman. jjjm-,21,23,25,27,29,31, Sept 3,4 11.15pm (12.45) £4.50 (£4.00) * THEentertainment LIFE OF SPICE 'Vibrant new writing,Ed.soPartsharply directedrevue... rompishly Ikilful ... inspiring’ The Times IjiDcial inhibition. Footstomping, hilarious and containingplay, the part most realisticsatirising stage *ghts ever seen in a British theatre. «g 12,14,16,18.20.22,24,26,28.30 Sept 1 11.15pm (12.45) £4.50 (£4.00) [ OXFORD MUSIC HALL COMPANY ie 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 iLD TIMEpresents MUSICforHALL THE OXFORD MUSICANHALL COMPANY POPULAR tEMAND and bydelight OLD TIME(Proceeds MUSICBY HALL injoany well-known songsyour anddelectation comedy acts talented artistes. fromwith this m^ow donated to The Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Kidney Unit.) ~ 29 Sept 4 2.00pm 13.45) £4.50 (£3.00)

OXFORD ON THE HILL •••• Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. LI0 PRIVATE LIVES by Noel Coward. A shimmering production of Noel Coward'ofs timeless masterpiece. Disaster reigns whenandtwoEliot' ex-lovers meetimitated on the exchanges balcony their respective honeymoons. Amanda s muchwritten provide the basis of one of the most enduring comedies this century. An absolute Aug 1221 must!4.30pm (6.15) £4.50 (£4.00) ★lifeTHE WAKE OF JAMEY FOSTER A bizarre and hilarious American Southern Aug comedy; 22.24.26,28,written 30.Sept by1,3 Beth4.3Henley, 0pm 16.15)Pulitzer£4.Prize 50 (£4.winner. 00) TO by Jim Cartwright. Britain' s most perceptive modern playwright hits you between the eyes with a sharp, salty, quickfire view Aug 23,25,27,29,31,Sept 2,4 4.30pm (5.40) £4.50 (£4.00)of English pub life. OXFORD ORIGINALS Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers Si. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 ★ aDREAM CHILDREN InExchange 1796 Charles Lamb' s sister, Mary, stabbed her mother intheir fitextraordinary of madness. Royal actors John Watts and Tilly Tremayne enact story. ORIGINALS young and vital company mixes professional actorsOXFORD and talented Oxfordis a undergraduates, and seekswhichto promote original writing. Aug 2127 6. 3 0pm 18. 0 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 28 2.30pm (4.00) 4.30pm (6.00) ★ VINCENT ear,(ORmurder, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ROMEO) The post impressionist and sculpture. Aug (8.00) (1.mystery Aug 2113 208, 22 6.30pm 12 midnight 3£4.0) 50 (£3.50) THE OXFORD REVUE Sponsored by Frank Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade •••• Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 THE BACK OF BEYOND No need to go to Oxford —Oxford comes to Yes, it's 'My Old Man Reads Nietzsche' and 'KMunch nees Upfree Mother Courage' at theyou!historic comedy company' s newest production. toast & marmalade as you watch the obscure references fly. 'This year's revue is great —don't miss it' Capita) FM. Preview15-Sept Aug 414(not Weds 10.30pm Aug or Sept(11.42)5) £4.£3.5000 (£3.50) OXFORD UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE CLUB •••• Venue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 ★showSHAKESPEARE FOR BREAKFAST Back by popular demand, year's promises more jokesvalue aboutforHamlet, less references to and Troiluscroissants. andthisCressida, the same action-packed money, AND free coffee Aug 11 Septbreakfast. 4 (not Thur 19) 10.00am (11.00) £4.00 (£3.001 Including ★Cervantes' DON QUIXOTE Ebullientin improvised adaptation of the adventures of characters, thethecross-fire of theto theSpanish war. Following last year's sell-out smashcaught success, ETCatreturns Fringecivil in association with CAugTHEATRE COMPANY-don' t miss us, C! 11-Sept 4 (not Thur 19) 5.45pm (6.45) £5.00 (£3.00) THE PACK ••• Venue 109-Zippo's Big Top, The Meadows, nr. Buccleuch St. Tickets 662 0352 M9 CAVORT is circus full of character, humour and world class skill. An original blend ofcharm spectacle, cabaret and clown. Beautifully costumed, presented with energy and this very fine stuffWorld is breathtaking andJanfun.93.Britain' s awardspecial' winning representatives Circus Festival, 'Something The Catch.16-Sept 4 (notatSunThe22,Paris Aug Thur 2) 10.00pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00) PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE AWARD SHOWS THUR 2-SAT 4 SEPT 9pm ASSEMBLY ROOMS ,c KOf THE ER«*G Box Office: 226 2428 77

, 1

PAINES PLOUGH ° Venue 15-Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. J5 *zone.CROSSFIRE Brilliant, baroque play by Michel Azama, revealing life in a new war Haunting, original production from Britain' s leading company touring theatre/new writing. Directed by Anna Furse, designed by Sally Jacobs, with music by Stephen Warbeck. 'With CROSSFIRE we have to hail a great author of epic theatre' Aug 24.25,228,7,France-Culture. 3Sept 1, Sept1,43 3.1230pmnoon(5.12.45)15) £8.00 (£5.00) Aug Aug 26,29, Sept 2 7.00pm (9.15) PARABLE PUPPET THEATRE ° Venue 114-St. Paul's & St. George's Church & Hall, York Place. Tickets 556 1202. F10 ★between OWEDhimTOandA LOUSE The slippery Ivan the Slug finds that a louse stands a fortune—nothing a bottle of strong shampoo wouldn' t deal with, Burns. he thinks; but+ this is no ordinary louse ...I A fantastical variation on a theme from Aug 17,19,21,24,5-11 26,28,31, Sept 2,4 4.00pm (4.50) £3.00 (£1.50) THE SPIDER OF SPINDLE'I was WOODcillingHeroes, Puddings cure for arachnophobia. myselfvillains, laphing'Yorkshire Rebecca, Primaryand 2,a Edinburgh. 4-11 Aug 16,18,20,23,25,+27,30, Sept 1,3 4.00pm (4.50) £3.00 (£1.50) ALAN PARKER—URBAN WARRIOR » » » • Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH ★ LIVING ONNEW THESHOW EDGE based Malcolmon X;self-biography. Martin LutherThe K; Alan-P The Urban-W; The list is endless. Birmingham Six are free. When will the rest turned of Birmingham be free? Say no'Anmore —MI5 maycomedy be listening. 'Punk train-spotter fare-dodger' Guardian. exceptional talent' Scotsman. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not 16,2) 9.00pm (10.00) £6.50 (£5.00) PARROT ° ••• Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 6520(226 2151 J7 SICK AS A PARROT Parrot is a no-holds barred stand-up comic who the lip. Hisbulldozer, targets are everything. 'Vcomedy intage early Connolly'Herald. MelodyWARNING Maker.shoots 'OSome ne from manof comedy fore armis smash ...' Glasgow the material in this show fucking funny! Aug 13-Sept 4 (not Thurs 2) 9.15pm (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00)

PARSONS AND NAYLOR ••• Venue 51-Stepping Slones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 6520)226 2151 J7j[t. ★London' PARSONS AND NAYLOR' S RICH GREEN PAGEANT Founders ofHorrid' TBA.fpl only comedy sketch-club, theirImage' TV credits includeAtkinson' 'Murders Most ®: i 'Smith &s Jones' , 'Psee ressthem, Gang'they’re , 'Spitting and Rowan 'Bbearclaycardlpis side-kick. ' G o and brilliant’ Guardian. ' D efinitely not to missed' |p9^ Sunday Times. Sunday Correspondent Award Winners. Aug 1328 9.00pm (10.10) £6.00 (£5.00) PARTING COMPANY—NEWTOWNABBEY COLLEGE, NORTHERN IRELAND ° * Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9; GODSPELL Godspell is a dynamic, fast moving musical show which embraces! e mime, dance and chart topping hits of the seventies. A novel presentation ofb stories from Matthew' s gospel which holds appeal for allCollege age groups. Presented by;f t BTEC National Diploma students from Newtownabbey in N. Ireland. Aug 16-21 3.45pm (5.15) £4.50 (£3.50) P.A.W. (PERFORMING ARTS WALTHAMSTOW) Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 67_ CIRCUMFERENCE In a blend of dance, mime, mask and vocalisation, i, performed toadolescence music by Chris Lee and Acompany, the group explores changing relationships irf in and beyond. thought provoking performance alternating between! pathos1520and humour. Aug 12.45pm (1.Compiled 20) £2.by50 Vroni (£1.50)Bingham and the company. JOHN PEEL PUPPETS ° j Venue 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 HEPINOCCHIO Come and join Pinocchio and his friends in a rollicking adventure; u» This brand-new production,excitement written especially for Peel children agedveterans 2-6 years, packed withrefund participation, and fun. John Puppets, of theis It 3J Fringe,16-28will Aug (not Sun 22)your child' 11.15ams ticket (noonl if this£3.0show 0 fails to please. FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am-7am

FUNNYSIDE PRESENT BOB DILLINGER'S STROLLING BLUNDER REVUE 'Would get my Perrier Award if the stuff didn't make me feel sick' - THE GUARDIAN 'A classy show' - THE SCOTSMAN 'Deadpan performance created rising hysteria' - FESTIVAL TIMES 'A fine acerbic tongue' - EDINBURGH EVENING NEWS with special guests BRUTE FARCE & SUE BEARD 'Fast and satirical excellence' - FESTIVAL TIMES 'Funny and memorable' - THE SCOTSMAN with your not so genial host R^^^JER KHOUSE 'One of the three best comics to watch out for in 1993'- THE GUARDIAN PLEASANCE CABARET BAR 1 1 AUGUST - 4 SEPTEMBER Show starts 7.20pm. Tickets £6.50/£5.50 (Box Office 556 6550) THE EMOTIONAL COLLECTION TWENTY CANDLELIT CLASSICS RHONA °F Lnot awjlable EDY MIKE INTHFSH0PS CAMERON HAYLEY (From The Big E. Winner 1992 (From The Funny Farm, Paramount City, 'So You Think You're Funny' Competition) Stand Up, The Happening) ‘Eye wateringly sharp’ ‘Intelligent, perceptive and funny’ - THE EDINBURGH HERALD -THESCOTSMAN GILDED BALLOON OALLERY THEATRE 13 AUGUST - 4 SEPTEMBER Show starts 11 pm. Tickets £6 / £5 (Box Office 226 2151) 78

I PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE ° 1 ^ W Venue S-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 :i PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE AWARD SHOWS The entire Perrier Pick of the ;l| Fringe Award Shortlist and Winner on one fabulous bill! Guaranteed to be the best ;i show on the Fringe. ' T he highest accolade available in Britain for performers of new cabaret Sept 2 4 and9.revue' 00pm (10.The151 Sunday £7.50Times. (£5.501 I PETROU—SHOWMAN ° ■ ~ "J Vwue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 WAITING FOR GODOT by Samuel Beckett. Beckett' s classic minimalist work ij Jj ofreceives a fresh coat of paint for the 90' s . One of the 20th century' s greatest pieces drama comes to the Fringe in a radical adaptation, combining music and movement i into Aug 28theSeptlives4 of these 4.30pmfamiliar (5.301 characters. £4.50 (£3.50)Come—wait—see! EMO PHILIPS -4 Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 COMEDIAN AND MAMMAL A rare chance to witness the uniquely brilliantly s■ i|' funny Emo phenomenon. ' A remarkably skilful comic craftsman' Time Out. ' T ells it like it never 'An etiolated beanshoot subnormal dressed in vomit-inducing * welfare geartwas' ...missheIndependent. is the quintessential educationally freak-as-hero' NME!?! Don' him. Aug 13-19. 2 2 6. 0 0pm (7. 1 5) £7. 5 0 (£6. 5 0) Aug 20, 2 1 6. 0 0pm (7. 1 5) £8. 5 0 (£7. 5 0) Aug 29 9.00pm (10.15) £8.50 (£7.50) I t Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 COMEDIAN Aug 30,31 7.AND 30pm (9.MAMMAL 15) £8.50Two (£7.5nights 0) only at the Queen's Hall. PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH ijVtnue 76-St. Michael & All Saints' Church, Brougham Street. MOZART' S open CORONATION PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH, director DavidtheHume, theirsplendour FestivalMASS Season with Mozart' s Coronation Masswillperformed full liturgical ofhosting a Viennese High Mass. Philomusica alsolocalbe .'awith gndivinginternational 4 orchestral concerts and a lively selection of recitals featuring 11.00am soloists. (12 noon) Free 1 SACK CONCERT Brandenburgsoloists 1; ViolinLucy Concerto A min; Suite in B min; Concerto .i Aug for Flute, Cartledge, 15 Violin 7.30pm&(9.Harpsichord; 30) £6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY) (£3. 00 0 David Hume, Mark Owen. H6 . 'femie 127-St John's Church, West End, Princes Street CONCERT 7 sparkling Concetti for violins and diverse instruments IWi: t/IVALDI ncluding ug 22 piccolo 7.30pm (9.and30) bassoon. £6.00 (£5.00 SUPOY) (£3.00 0 VIVALDI FOURFtushworth. SEASONSAn Solo violinto treasure! David Hume; VIVALDI GLORIA LI i'\ cAug onducted THE by Alison evening : 26 7.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY) (£3.00 0 I| IliVlercadante IREWORKSflute CONCERT Mozart Trumpet concerto; Bach Cartledge Concerto forflute,3 violins; concerto; Handel & Pachelbel. Lucy John S j:Tickson 1 fopf 2 trumpet. 7.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY) (£3.00 C) W feemie 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace J5 IDINBURGH QUARTET Verdi' s only111String QuartetLeighton, & Hanz Ward.) Gal's 2nd String $■k HMf Ii Tuartet. (Further concerts at Venue —Schubert, 15 2.30pm (3.45) £5.00 (£4.00) Jt i ynch ONG willRECITAL Jo Rondel, Judithmusic Tonner, Kenneth Orr, Gidon Saks with Julia Yjlag IS 8.intoxicate 00pm (9.45)you £5.with00 the (£4.00) of Mozart, Verdi, Sondheim & Puccini. 1C OCELYN STEELE piano. Total involvement. A deep insight into the soul of the Jlfoorks mftro IS played. 8.00pmHaydn, (9.45) Mendelssohn, £5.00 (£4.00) Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Debussy. ETER ARGONDIZZA-SOLO GUITARPremiere). Guitar works by Britten, Bach, VillaBeamish (Fringe ug 3117 Guiliani 0pm&(4.(9.Sally TIIWiobos, 3.8.000pm 445)5) £5.00 (£4.00) : RGONDIZZAbyENSEMBLE Peter Argondizza with Pauline Dowse principal cellist ^I. W'ggSNO.15 Works 1.00pm (3.Vivaldi, 00) £5.Gnattali, 00 (£4.00)Dodgson, De Falla and others. ftiisr J i 1ERLYN TRIO Daphne Godson, Pat Hair & Leon Coates will play piano trios by MjjHf'ozartIt (in 8.E);00pmDvorak (9.45) (Dumky); £5.00 (£4.and00)Brahms (in C). iIjJiHurns ARLOSto delight ARREDONDO The charming his international audiences Chilean with his singer/songwriter/musician unique and powerful Latin performance. :- -hi\Ui •gfnerican 20-Sept 4 Inot Sunsl 1. 0 0pm (2. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£4.00) g9 2022 Sept & 294 3.6.00pm (4. 0 0) 00pm (7.00) ANO FAVOURITES William Alexander. 110, Haydn, Chopin Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12, Beethoven and works bySonata Bach,OpMozart, seUntasie, anados, Dohnanyi, 21 3.00pm (4.45) Scott£5.Joplin 00 (£4.0and 0) Debussy. SLICATE BALANCE An attractive and varied programme for recorder, oboe, jtiolins, J ii 21 cello8.0and 0pm harpischord, (9,45) £5.00by(£4.Telemann, 00) Handel, Naudot & Haydn. TIMITRIJ KLIMOV Welcome return of celebrated Russian pianist playing a 5 J Vrijiscinating ? 73 8.programme 00pm (9.45) of £5.works 00 (£4.by00)Ryabov, Schubert, Medtner & Mossolov.

ARGONDIZZA ENSEMBLE String Quartet & Guitar Works by Tedesco, Boccherini others. Aug 23 8.&00pm (10.00)Played£5.by00 members (£4.00) of the RSNO. CLASSICAL GUITAR RECITAL The talented young performer Corena Lord will play24works8.by00pmBach, Aug (9.30)Barrios, £5.00Villa-Lobos, (£4.00) Tarrega, Brouwer and others. FLUTE FIREWORKS Cartledge Doughty First performances of pieces byLucy Leighton & McGee& inStephen a refreshingly variedpiano. programme spanning Aug 25 38.0centuries. 0pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) CLASSICAL GUITAR Ian Smith. Works by Guiliano, Dowland, Barrios, Falla and Walton. Aug 28 \ 2.30pm (3.45) £5.00 (£4.00) BAROQUErecital MASTERPIECES David Hume violin & Mark Owen harpsichord. Attractive Aug 28 4.15pm (5.includes 30) £5.Bach' 00 (£4.s Sonata 00) in G min for solo violin. CANTUS X The vocal group offers various works including madrigals, motets and modern Aug 29 arrangements. 8.00pm (9.45) This£5.promises 00 (£4.00) to be an enjoyable evening! THE TRIO AnotherNotsuperb evening from Margaret, Stuart & Fiona,30CALEDONIAN of light Aug 8.00pmclassics (9.45) and£5.cabaret. 00 (£4.00) to be missed! . LUANA PELLEGRINESCHI & DMITRIJ KLIMOV return to Edinburgh to giveDea recital of 4 song cycles for mezzo soprano. Brahms, Dvorak, Shostakovitch, Falla.31 8.00pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug RUSSIAN/SCOTTISH DUO David Hume & Dmitrij Klimov perform sonatas for violin Sept 1 and 8.piano 00pm by(9.30)Prokofiev, £5.00 Kenneth (£4.00) Leighton & Beethoven (Kreutzer). CAMEO Evenings With Mr. combining Dickens (Sept 2) andwithGeorge Gershwin (Sept2,44). present Costumed readings period& Iramusic. Sept 8.00pm (10.entertainments 00) £5.00 (£4.00) THE VICTORIAN FLUTE Outstanding virtuosi Lucy Cartledge, Patrick Williams & Stephen Sept 3 Doughty 8.00pm (9.piano, 30) perform £5.00 (£4.delightful 00) music from the golden age of the flute. PISCES THEATRE COMPANY ° Venue 48-Bonnington Resource Centre, 200 Bonnington Road. Tickets 657 4740)551 3107 B13 ★lateFAIRY HILL World Premiere of the story of Rev. Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle in the 17th Century who believed in fairies. His legend is told in drama and ballet, featuring a teenage ballet troupe from Rouen, France, with original choreography by Marjorie Aug 1621 Maclnnes 7.30pm (9.0Legrand. 0) £4.00 (£3.00) ★andDR.FirstELSIE The story of Edinburgh Elsie women's medical pioneer, early suffragette Aug 23-28 World7.30pmWar(9.hospital 00) £4.heroine 00 (£3.00) Inglis with contemporary songs. PLAIN CLOTHES PRODUCTIONS ° ’ Venue 15-Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. J5 BLUEis NIGHT INcomedy THE HEART OFmadness THE WEST Jamesdislocation—a Stock's award-winning play a searing of family and cultural grotesque tale ofClothes. big landscapes smallTheminds. t miss this stunning production from Plain 'Deathlyand funny' Times.Don''Outrageously imaginative' City Limits. 'Exceptional' Observer. Aug 24, 2 7, 3 1, Sept 3 4. 3 0pm (6. 3 0) £7. 0 0 (£4. 0 01 Aug 00pm(3.(10.00)00) Aug 20,25.228,9, Sept Sept 21.4 1.8.00pm PLATFORM ONE—LIVE! Venue 96-Platform 1, adjoining Caledonian Hotel, Rutland Si. Tickets 225 2433. H5 PLATFORM programme presented Edinburgh' best music venue. Bar1—LIVE! openoverdailyAn18's12exciting noonTickets until midnight with Entertainment lunchesin served everys day. Evening session for only. at the door. schedule as follows. GODS15,1OF Aug 9,22,GLAM 20.29 Join9.30pmthe (11.leaders 30) of£2.the00 Gang in their gold lame flares. NORTH folk band-folk'n'fun. Aug 13,20,SEA 27,SeptGAS 3 The9.30pmtop (11.Scottish 30) multi-instrumental £2.00 LUNCHTIME JAZZ WITH THE ALEX SHAW TRIO Alex Shaw, one of the U.K.'s best 2known pianists makes sure your lunchtime swings. Aug Aug 13.14,110-20, 5.21,23-27, 2,28,3209,Sept 12.4 30pm1.0(2.0pm30) (3.00)Free BLUEFINGER Good time rock'n'roll. Twanging riffs and hot sax licks from 50's and 21.28.Sept 60's classics. Aug 4 9.30pm (11.30) £2.00 RED10,HOT Aug 23 &9.BLUE 30pm (11.Hard30) edged£1.0rock' 0 n'roll fun. From 50's to the 90's. SHIBBOLETH Dynamic 4 piece, Aug 17,24 9.30pm (11.30) £1.00playing the best of rock old and new. T.C.'18,S2Sweet a funky Aug 5,Sept 1 soul 9.in30pm (11.30)groove,£2.0Sly 0 Stone to Prince. Get down! PLAYFUL THEATRE COMPANY ° Venue 55—Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★afterTHElastROAD TAKEN THE PLAYFUL THEATRE COMPANY returns to thePenn Fringe& year's smash hit,TOUR 'G-FORCE' . Director,teamsMikeupWills, who directed Teller' s REFRIGERATOR on Broadway, with actress Megan Owen Yost15forSepta 4Capra-esque Aug {not Sun 22) musical 4.00pmabout (5.15)the choices £4.00 (£3.two 50) women make. 79






ASSEMBLY ROOMS MUSIC HALL AUG I3TH-22ND - 6PM • 29TU -9PM BOX OFFICE TELEPHONE 031 226 2428 Queens Hall • 30-31 st - 7.30pm BOX OFFICE TELEPHONE 031 226 2428 Or From 031 668 3456 CHAPPELLE


COMEDY AND MAGIC \ SENSATION FROM THE U.S.A.I THE ACROPOLIS, CALTON HILL AUG 27th-29th 9.30pm AUG 30th 7.30pm BOX OFFICE TELEPHONE 031 557 6969 or fringe office 031 226 5138 Also from Virgin Megastore, Edinburgh Playhouse & Ripping Records (bkng fee)


j|' 1 |‘ | ! |I I [| I IL ,

PLEASANCE Venue 33-Pteasance. 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 tn 'Extraordinary variety'.Independent. Food and drinkSetall day, 'A veritable hot-bedcourtyard, of good acts,' Miles Kington—The around a remarkable five performingA place spacestohouse more 20muchnewofworks together with the best of comedy. all dayonthan and550 CrediOffi t cardce 11.bookings fromspend July Shows 12th 0550.4 the night. Box OOam-Midnight. Aug03111-Sept PLEASANCE OWE BBCrecordings RADIO 4 ofATJust THEA FRINGE Questions, Ends,andKaleidoscope plus Minute, I'Any m Sorry I Haven'4Loose t A Clue much more.live, For Adetails, eg 13-Septworkshops 2 See and BBC seminars, Radio 4 mainseeentryBBCforRadio times. main Free entry. INSTANT SUNSHINE-JUBILEE! David Barlow, Peter Christie, Alan Maryon Davis—with Aug 14,15.19,20.Tom 2010pmBarlow 1215)noonon(1.£5.bass. 155)0 (£4.'M5£6.ischievous 50 (£4.50) musical humour' The Scotsman. Aug 14-19 7. (8. 0) Aug 20,21 7.00pm (8.15) £6.00 (£5.50) THE REMEMBRANCE OFofEDGAR ALLAN. (Poe POE-GEORGE and 11-13, soul of the 5.arch Gothic Horror' On Poe). DILLON The life Aug 30.S(2.eptpriest Aug 20,27 19,25,1.230pm 30)2.3 £6.1.5030pm(£5.5(2.0)30) £6.00 (£5.00) | . Independent DOSTOEVSKY' MAN-GEORGE 1990 AwardS DREAM Nominee.OF'MAyRIDICULOUS Fringe discovery!' Sunday Times.DILLON 'Unapologetic virtuosity!' Guardian. Aug 14 2. 5 0pm (3. 5 0) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 2910,17,24,1.S30pm ept 1.(2.4 30) 1.30pm I Aug £6.50(2.(£5.30)50) £6.00 (£5.00) BERKOFF'Sreal,SAYsurreal A PRAYER FOR ME/HELL-GEORGE DILLON Funny, li Aug harrowing, ... (3.0pm50) (2.3daring £6.00 £6.performance (£5.0000)(£5.00) ... brilliant!' Evening News 1992. > 1> Aug Aug 21,11,14,211929,23,312.1.530pm 1. 3 0) 0pm (2.30) £6.50 (£5.50) DECADENCE-GEORGE 1990 s reinterpretation. Not to ii i | Evans. beBERKOFF' missed onS any account... this productionDILLON is exceptional!' Guardian. With Denise Aug 16-19, 2 3 26,30Sept 4 2. 5 0pm (4. 3 5) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) j | lug 20,21,2729 2.50pm (4.35) £6.50 (£5.50) I1t ji and * RALF, RALFStone —IT'reunited S STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE gifted Brothersperformers' Jonathan in a brand new show. 'Superbly i’ Aug (New11,Barnaby York Times). 1 2, 1 4-19, 2 3 26. 3 0-Sept 4 5. 1 5pm (6. 2 5) £6. 5 0 (£5. 5 0) ■ 9 Aug 20,21,27-29 5.15pm (6.25) £7.00 (£6.00) SHAMELESS! IMMORAL TALE-OPERA by DAVID Sa l|;! GLASS, anaughtiness' riotousANoperatic satire, inspired by Brecht.CIRCUS 'Music, witdirected and outrageously inventive Daily Express. Aug 2225,30,Sept 1. 3 . 4 6. 4 0pm (8. 0 5) £7. 0 0 (£5. 5 0) | ji Aug 27-29 6.40pm (8.05) £7.50 (£6.00) BOB DOWNE Bob' back with 'ancomedy.' unsurpassed 1 i Aug glittering danceUNDER routines ands inspirational Times.celebration of hit songs, At 1311,12,14,9 135.1|n7-Sept 10 551,3,4 t7 58.30pm f6 511(9.55) £7.50 (£6.50) _ | STAND 9 UP °PBLACK < - >AMERICA ° l Ian> Edwards, Renee Hicks, Suli McCollough. i - Essential cutting edgeSept comedy. The best from the U.S. Aug 12. 1 4-19, 2 2. 2 4 26,30 1, 3 , 4 1 |4lw 20,21,27-29 10.20pm (11.45) 10.£7.250pm0 (£6.(11.50)45) £7.00 (£6.00) l| I PLEASANCE TWO i ■ .*. perfectly LADDERSjudged TO THE SKY-SHOESTRING List PLAYERS theatre '92. Inventive humour and fun Aug 20.13-15, 7-19,22,24-26, 30 (12.for11.30)all30amthe£5.(12.family!' %iAug 21.217-29 11.30am 0300)(£4.00)£4.50 (£3.50) 0V, 3 '★captivating THE TALEcombination OF PEER ofGYNT huge ragged comedy-fantasy skill, from artistryIbsen’s and humour ... exhilarating theatrical... y i story-telling!’ Backstage. Aug 13-15, 1 7-19, 2 2, 2 4-26, 3 0 12. 4 5pm (2. 0 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) S ^20,21,27-29 12.45pm (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00) |;ei !IEXTATIC-1080° ORIGINALdangerous GRAVITYtheatre. A heady punch brewed up on the trapeze. 15-19,Fifty 22,24 minutes 26,30,2.S30pm eptof1-4(3.truly 20) 50) £5.00 (£4.00) K j laglag 20,21,2729 20) 2.30pm £5.50(3.(£4.

★ THEN STARwhoDANCED withherHarriet Buchan.personality Ellen Terry'ands story, toldart.THERE by herself,WASandAthose experienced wit, golden glorious Preview offer Aug 12. 1 3 3. 4 0pm (5. 0 5) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Two for the price of one. Aug 719,22.24-26, 30, Sept Aug 20,14,211,5.217-29 3.40pm (5.05)1-4 £6.3.5400pm(£5.(5.50)05) £6.00 (£5.00) ON THE Performers Trestle,poignant. Complicite and The Right Size,VERGE directedOFbyEXPLODING JOHN WRIGHT. Powerful,fromfunny, Aug Aug 20,1319,21,222,7-2924-26,30.5.2Sept 5pm 1-4(6.25) 5.25pm £7.50(6.(£5.25)50) £7.00 (£5.00) ★ SOD The new play by ARTHUR SMITH about a man who buries himself in the garden. Aug Aug 20,1319,21,222,7-2924-26,30,6.5Sept 0pm 1-(7.4 55) 6.50pm £7,00(7.(£6.55)50) £6.50 (£6.00) LIONEL NIMROD' S INEXPLICABLE WORLD witty StewartandLeeclever.' and Richard Herring. Radio11-Sept 4's hit4 (notcomedy Aug 16,23,3show—live! 1,Thur 2) '8.Fast, 15 (9.smart, 15) £6.50 (£5. 50) Sunday Times. MICHAELandREDMOND Hilarious new stand-up funerals 'A great comedian'show The featuring Scotsmanbaby '92.nuns, family Aug 7-19,strawberry 22,249.26,30pm30,Ssex. Aug 20,12 215,1,217-29 (10.ept30)1-4 £6.9.5300pm(£5.(10.50)30) £6.00 (£5.00) PAUL with guitar guitarist...Antonio Forcionefunny, and singer Alessandro... ... fruit,MOROCCO fire,Telegraph. and—OLE! flamenco 'Energetic, unpredictable spectacular!' Aug 12 19, 2 2. 2 4-26, 3 0, S ept 1-4 10. 4 5pm (11. 4 5) £6. 5 0 (£6. 0 0) Aug 20,21,2729 10.45pm (11.45) £7.00 (£6.50) CURRIED GOAT Following last year'hour s success sellout, theseinventive 'three young talents' Independent, up30,a Sbrand of free-wheeling comedy. Aug 13 15.17 19,serve 22,24-26. ept (1.1-40new Aug 20,21,2729 12 midnight 5) 12£5.midnight 50 (£3.5(1.0)05) £5.00 (£3.00) PLEASANCE UPSTAIRS ★ IT TAKES FOREVER IF YOUin GO INERTIA'Strikingly BEN MOOR' s surreal,(Guardian). conceptual safari around sci-fiBYcomedy. inventive' Aug 2-26,new 30,Sept12.dimensions Aug 20,11-19, 21,227-29 31-0pm4 (1,12.30)30pm £5.(1.300)0 (£4.00)£4.50 (£3.50) BEN comedy MILLER &circuit SIMONextremely GODLEY.difficult WarrentoandbreakClarkinto.will be huge. But they are★ HUGE finding Aug 14-19,22,the 24 26,302.Sept Aug 20,21,2729 00pm4 (3.15) 2.00pm£6.(3.0015)(£5.00)£5.50 (£4.50) THE ACTORlifeAND THE ASSASSINs murderer, Critically John acclaimed tumultuous Wilkesoriginal Booth.drama of the Aug 14,16-19,23-26,of30,3.President S30pm ept 14(5.00)Lincoln' 3.30pm Aug 20,21,2729 £5.50(5.(£4.00)50) £5.00 (£4.00) RA-RA-RASPUTIN Sex, drugs andfirstBoney M ... Slept 'Hwith royalty before it became Aug 11-Septcompulsory 4 (not Mon ...16,Sordid Thur 2)truth 5.in15pm (6.gig15)since £6.1916. 50 (£5.5ilarious' 0) Independent. THE KAREN CARPENTER BAR AND GRILL Blow the candles Karen's birthday with Graham Norton (ex-Mother Theresa). 'Bizarreoutandonwickedly funny'12 .15,cake Aug 1 7-19, 2 2 26,30 Sept 1. 3 . 4 6. 3 0pm (7. 2 0) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0) Aug 20,21,27 29 6.30pm (7,20) £6.00 (£5.00) HARRY Perrier BestnewNewcomer 1992 awardGuardian. winner returns with new show.HILL—EGGS comedian Aug 11-Sept 4'F(notinestMonand16, funniest Thur 2) 7.45pm (8.45) in £6.Britain' 50 (£5.50) * LIVING ON THE EDGE-ALAN WARRIORcomedy New talent' show based on self-biography from revolting N.PARKER-URBAN M.E. columnist. 'Exceptional Scotsman. Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Mon 16,Thur 2) 9.00pm (10.00) £6.50 (£5.00) ★ AL'HMURRAY-PORTRAIT OF A SERIALGuardian. KILLER Enter the world of the serial killer. hair-raising Aug 11-Septilarious, 4 (not Uon 16, Thur 2)black 10.comedy.' 15pm (11.15) £6.50 (£5.50) EARTH, WIND AND LEMSIPNOW ofTHAT' WHAT Icomedy. CALL AMUSING Four hot new comedians present a compilation chartStopping Aug Aug 20,1315,21,127-19, 7-2922,24-26, 11.330pm0 Sept(12.31,0)3.4 £5.11.5300pm(£4.5(12.0) 30) £5.00 (£4.00) PLEASANCE ATTIC ★ LOISin LANE New verse comedyunder withsiege. songs. Clark Kent at the psychiatrist, Lex Luthor a cupboard, Eurodisney Aug Aug 20,1214.21,126-19, 7-2922-25.12.30,135pm1,Sept(1.15)1-4 £5.12.0105pm(£3.(510).15) £4.50 (£3.00)

Stay On The Fringe For Capital Value DUNFERMLINE AND WEST FIFE - JUST A BRIDGE AWAY FROM THE FESTIVAL CITY Stay with us for the best of all possible worlds - the day shows, the late shows, the stars of the performing arts. And, when you do, you can also enjoy the peace of Dunfermline's flower-decked parks and gardens, and its palaces and monuments which reflect royal history, for Dunfermline for 500 years was Scotland's Royal Capital. You have a choice of excellent accommodation not only in our capital, but in West Fife's towns and villages. At prices, dare we say, more than competitive with Edinburgh. .j. And it's just a 15 mile trip by car, train or bus to the centre of Edinburgh. L^UIMrtK/VILIlMt For an accommodation list, please phone 0383 417759 and ask for Les Parker or Betty Goudie. AND y[/EST ETie Fife DUNFERMLINE AND WEST FIFE - ON THE FRINGE, YET IN THE HEART OF THINGS. 81

hilariously anardik, amoral, ear-burning (omedy...very, very funny" _t - .

THE PLEASANCE, 9.1 Spin August 11th- September 4# | lexiept Monday 16th S Thursday 2nd) Box Ofm-'mfal 556 6550 AVALON PROMOTIONS PRESENT He could be in Tiananmen Square STANDING IN FRONT OF A TANK. In fact he is in Trafalgar Square standing in m 0l|| front of the National 1 Pjl Portrait Gallery. BUT ! Wm IT S THE SAME THING. . m Because he is


i warrior 10/3/93 THE PLEASANCE, 9.00pm August 11th - September 4th (except Monday 16th & Thursday 2nd) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6550 82

PLEASANCE -conr/m/etf ★ DIVIDING clash-new worlds meet. EastUNES-ARTTS faces West. NorthINTERNATIONAL looks South —andCultures styles merge. Aug 2013,Old 14,16-19 Aug 1.30pm (2.1.435)0pm (2.£5.45)00 (£4.£4.00)50 (£3.50) ★ THE PLUMMETING OLDmask WOMAN Inspired by Oscarhuman Wildecruelty. and Daniil Kharms. Vibrant, playfully humorous production exploring All ages. Aug Aug 21,2729 2226,30 1.1.330pm 0pm (2.(2.440)0) £4.£4.5000 (£3. (£3.500)0) STORM INDrama A TEACUP ... and or iswise something brewing? An extraordinary Bathroom crackingstronger double-bass. Aug 11 14,16-19, 22,2with 43.26,00pm30Jazz Sept Jim 20,21,2729 (3.55)2 £4.3.050pm 0 (£3.(3.50)55) £4.00 (£3.001 ★ THE CAGE Homeless—nineteen—criminal record:pathos Charlieandreacts to ideas Workfare, Punishment and Unemployment. Satire, positive ideas.about Aug Aug 20,14,211,6 219,7-292326,30-Sept 4.15pm4(5.15)4.15pm£5.(5.0015)(£4.00) £4.50 (£3.50) WELCOME!and TOeccentric A THEATRICAL ILLUSION Magic,outjazz,of thecomedy ingenious another rabbit hat! ... the Aug 13 16,18,19,22,23,5.230pm 5,26,WelcomelCo. 3(6.0,3S0)ept 1-4£5.50 5.pull Aug 20,21,2729 (£4.30pm50) (6.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ THEsMAYFLIES-SEX, BLOOD, DEATH & GLOBAL DESTRUCTION Ancient Greece' latest tragi-comedy, by Philip Ives and writer/director Richard Osborne. Preview Aug 12 6. 4 5 pm (7. 4 5) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Two for the price of one. c Aug 20,21,2729 1316,18,19,22,23,6.245,5pm 26,30,(7.S4ept5) 1-4 £ 506.4(£4.5pm50)(7.45) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug REDs HOT DUTCH WITH DON-NIC HOLLAND Out' ' B est of ' 9 2' and of STJ's 'Funny Farm': Comedian 'Very, veryincluded funny'. in Time Aug 20,12 216,1,2178,2919,22,23,8.205,0pm26,star 3(9.0-Sept a»B 00) 1,3£4.,4 50 (£4.8.000pm 0) (9.00) £4.00 (£3.50) THE ANGEL THE BOUNCER —GLITTERIS 'Brilliant comicAND ... exuberant performances ... 24 caratMeaty talent'material' What's Time On. Out. Aug BK 20,13 219,1,2272,2923,25,26,9.3105pmSept(10.1,330),4 £5.9.15pm 50 (£3.(10.50)30) £5.00 (£3.00) HaDAM IN ECUADOR-REDUCED tale from10.Hollywood toSHAKESPEARE the Amazonian CO. jungle.Adam Long tells the Aug 20,21,2729 12of 17,his19,pilgrimage 22,23,26.10.3045pm (11.445pm 5) (11.£6.45)00 (£5.£5.00)50 (£4.50) CABARET BAR SO YOU WANT TO WORK IN THEATRE? The essential guide to running your own Aug 25,theatre 26 10.company. 30am (11.A30)panelFreeof experts explain all ... SEEN ANYTHING MERVYN STUTTER presents this lunchtime ;^m}4-31 ijrtiowcase/chat show,(1.3GOOD? a0)daily£4.mixture 12 noon 00 of diverse acts, both new and familiar. H&lTATiibNS Seven performances JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH, ritain'ofs ■ fastest rising comedy star' NME. Perrierby nominee' 92. 'Highlight' Time'BOut Saturday Zoo. Aug 24 26, 3 0 3. 0 0pm (4. 1 5) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 27 29 3.00pm (4.15) £6.50 (£5.50) SAXTET Internationally renowned saxophone quintet returns. A highly vivacious group16 of musicians Aug 8.30pm3.0(9.0pm3who 0) (4.0make £5.00 £5.sparks (£4.0000)(£4.fly00)and the flesh tingle. Aug 18, 1 9, 2 2 0) Aug 26,20,3211 6.3.405pm 0pm (7.(4.040)5) £5.£5.0500 (£4. (£4.050)0) : Aug KILLING HIM Acclaimed black comedy'Sabout and falling in love with Mrs Thatcher. lick ...currency-speculation, seamless production.'birdwatching Time Out. Aug 12-15, 1 8, 1 9, 2 2 26,30 Sept 4 4. 3 0pm (5. 4 0) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 20,21,2729 4.30pm (5.40) £6.50 (£5.50) Ti BRAYLON UNDERGROUND OPEN exposing THE BOXyour a musical through TV then and 14,now,15,17Draylons return, hilariously viewingtrawl excesses. Aug J Aug 20,21,272919,22,246.26,00pm30,S(7.ept00)1-4 £6.6.0000pm(£5.0(7.0)00) £5.50 (£4.50) BOB —DILLINGER' STROLLING BLUNDER I;j show' Scotsman) Sappears with comedy chums REVIEW Brute Farce,BobSueDillinger Beard &( Classy Roger Monkhouse. Aug 11-15. 1 7 19, 2 2 26.30 Sept 4 7. 2 0pm (8. 5 0) £6. 5 0 (£5. 5 0) ); Aug 20,21,2729 7.20pm 18.50) £7.00 (£6.00) JENNY ECLAIR-PEROXIDE solo anarchic, stand-up amoral, show from I! burning loud-mouthed, bleached-blond inCOMEDY bell-bottoms.First'Hever ilariously earJIlB 11-Septcomedy' 4 (not Mon(Independent). 16, Thor 2) 9.15pm (10.16) £6.50 (£5.50) 1V with THE Boothby COMEDYGraffoe, ZONE 'The festival' s best cabaret evening', and (Scotsman), returns 1 Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Mon 16,Woody Thur 2) Bop10.Muddy, 45pm (12.Matthew 30) £7.Hardy 50 (£6.00) Mr Buckstead. ir top LATEquality NIGHTliveJAZZ AT THE PLEASANCE The perfect place to end the day with music.Sept (See advert). Bar(3.00)till 2.45am. Aug Aug 14.16 19,15.2230-22, 26,3027-29, Sept 2 3,4 1.00am1.00am (3.00) £4.00£6.00 (£5.00)

He's forgotten his Independent To avoid such a precarious position The Independent guides you to the best of the festival with:* daily reviews * hour by hour guide * The Independent conferences FREE at the Traverse Theatre * The Independent Theatre Award * ticket information and offers * latest festival news

l POLICEMAN’S LOT ie 58-Royal Mile Primary School, Canongata Tickets 554 3916 J12 ★ HARRY'Tony S BIRD An award winning original play written bybetween and featuring police R.sergeant, Breeze, which explores the relationships a bitter and terminally hostel il writer, wife, a nurse and a about youngcrime, femalejustice, tearaway from and the ||SI-: iprobation nexthisdoor—raising questions sexuality personal 1628 worth. (not Sun) 7.30pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.00)


FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES) OPEN 10am-7am '

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Dance with it. Drink with it. Eat with it. Chat with it. You can also see cabaret, listen to bands, laugh at comics, shoot pool or even take a shower with a Fringe Club card. For full details, look under “Fringe Club” in this programme, and you’ll soon see why over 21,000 people joined last year. You can join in advance at the Fringe Office in the High Street or on the night at the Club itself in Teviot Row, Bristo Square. And it only costs £20

for the whole season, £12 for a week or £4.50 for daily membership. Open ’til Sam, the Fringe Club is the place to go. Daylight or darkness, grab a quick bite or leisurely meali or enjoy a ‘Happy Hour’ from 7pm to 8pm when pints, and spirits are less than a £1. THE ^ Get your card soon. FRINGE^ You’ll have all sorts of fun CLUB with it.

POLKATZ THEATRE POLKATZ its reputation forissues innovative, powerfuls classic, and imaginative theatre with newupholds play confronting Faustus' 'The asustained energyEducational and AIDS claritySupplement. theyandbringMarlowe' to obvious the workrichness are'Doctor proof of theirs. commitment.' Times ' T he of Nowicki' imagination should be shared.’ Scotsman. Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ INFECTyetMEtragic WITH YOUR LOVE bycouple' Gerry Nowicki. Multimedia visuals in this humorous Aug 14-Sept 4 {not Suns story 15,22,2of91 a young 5.10pm 16.10) s response £5.00 (£4.to00) HIV/AIDS. Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 DOCTOR FAUSTUS by Christopher Marlowe. portrayed through startling imagery, thrilling physicality and qualityFaustus' acting. hell Another unforgettable Polkatz presentation. DON' T MISS IT. Aug 14-Sept 4 (net Suns 15.22,29) 9.30pm (10.45) £5.00 (£4.00) THE PORKY PALMERS * Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 6520/226 2151 J7 THE PORKY PALMERS Two doctors (Struck Off & Die), a lawyer (thatperforms bloke from Quizbowl), an sactress and a French teacher (who pantomimes informen' prisons)(Newsrevue) teammature. up in aQuite friendly way tovery, perform songs, stories and sketches the emotionally probably very funny indeed. Aug 14-24 (not Tues 17) 6.45pm (7.50) £5.00 (£4.00) PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LT[ ★ ALor isMURRAY Enter theus?world of why the serial killer: is hehead mancould or monster, madyouror evil he simply one of Learn a voice in your be one of most11-Sept valuable hair-raising Aug 4 (notpossessions. Mon IB, That'H2)ilarious, 10.15pm (11.15) black £6.50comedy' (£5.50) (Guardian). PRIME PRODUCTIONS ° ’ Venue 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 WHISKY GALORE Remember the book? The film? Now the radio version! 1992 FringeinFirst Winners present Compton Mackenzie' s novel adaptedUnmissable! by Paul Godfrey. Join 1950' s ' l ive broadcast' . Cast of 3 play 31 characters! Aug 22 28 8.00pm (9.45) £7.50 (£5.00) Venue 36-Festiual Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 * THEEdwards KNIFE (Corabeth THROWER'Godsey S ASSISTANT Written and performed by Ronnie Claire ' T he Waltons' ) . Deliciously neurotic stories about Oklahoma,Hollywood Hollywood and American freaks! 'Edwards could make the Sphinx Aug 22 Septlaugh!' 4 1.45pm (3.15)Reporter. £5.00A(£4.Scoric 00) Productions L.A. presentation. Venue 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 PAT HOBBY STORIES F. Scott Fitzgerald' s hilarious and touching tales of★ THE Hollywood Aug 22-28 1.performed 00pm (2.15) by Paul £5.00 Birchard. (£2.50) 'Consummate' The Herald. PSYCHOTIC THEATRE Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ AN AUDIENCE WITH PAappearing UBU ...onbyan John Carnellnightturns Jarry's farcical dictator into a media ' c eleb' arty, late TV talkshow. Ubu, frustrated as his pretentious host exposes his shameful past, takes the show hostage Aug 13-Septto 4plug 1.his00pmlatest(2.15)book, £5.scoring 00 (£4.0a0 hilarious SUDY) publicity coup d'etat. PUNCH PRODUCTIONS ° pBm 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 fjrduo'TWO FOOLS, ONE STRIPPER White knuckled black comedy about comedy s fall from grace. A cautionary talewellabout peoplecomedy not getting what they want but what they deserve. ' P erceptive, crafted spiked with acid oneliners. Dynamite.' Aug 15 Sept 3 (not TuesJames 24) Daniel, 4.30pm Radio (5.45) 5. £5.00 (£3.50)

PW PRODUCTIONS Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 ★ THE TRUMAN TALKby SHOW Written and THOMAS, performed you' by lBOB KINGDOM. If you wereCAPOTE spellbound KINGDOM asunique, DYLAN l be CAPTIVATED by CAPOTE!—bitchy, glitzy, chic, tragic, magic, deeply moving: the glamorous, outrageous life of the brilliant writer of IN COLD BLOOD and BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY' S . Aug 25,26,30 Sept12 noon 4 (1.1230)noon (1.£7.350)0 (£6.5£6.0) 50 (£5.50) Aug 27-29 QMW THEATRE COMPANY Venue 46-Churoh Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. THE LESSON by Eugene Ionesco. Sex,or murder, and philology! A professor, a schoolgirl Aug 15-21 and2.3a0pmmaid.(4.00)A real£3.education 50 (£3.00) simply absurd. JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH by Roald Dahl/ RichardyouGeorge. classic children' s the showChocolate from the student .company that brought last year'Another s sellout 2228 'Charlie and Aug 10.30am (12 noon) Factory' £3.50 (£3.00) ★ SOMETHING LL TELL TUESDAY/ THE LOVELIEST AFTERNOON OF THE YEAR byIJohn Guare.YOUInnovative double-bill combining whimsicality and violence. Aug 2228 A brilliant 2.00pm (4.comic 00) indictment £3.50 (£3.00)of the American Dream. Venue 36-Festival Club, 9 15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ ONE ELEPHANT, Joel ofMorris and hitting Jason aSmith. Ridiculous newincluded! comedy,TWO looselyELEPHANT based on theby sound a flannel floor. Elephants not Aug 2228 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 (£3.00) QUAKER MEETING HOUSE ° Venue 40-The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 J8 QUAKER MEETING HOUSE This friendly venue is just off the top of theforHighits Street down the cobbled Upper Bow. Our Rainforest Cafe is renowned delicious home-cooked vegetarian/vegan Rainforest. and00pm disabled toilet.(not Sun)snacks and meals, —profit helps preserve Cafe open 10.Lift 15am-5. Aug 18-28 Abrilliantly ROOM performed OF ONE'SbyOWN ' A stunning new adaptation of Virginia Woolf's classic Bryne.' Aug 19-21 1.15pm (2.30)Catherine £3.50 (£2. 50) N.O.W.—U.S. —A PLAYnotWITH TWO HEADS StrangeEGGcreatures exhibit original work for★ BLUE freak THEATRE. Aug 18-21 pleasure 5.00pm (6.0bitter 0) £3.pennies.—GOLDEN 50 (£2.50) ★pastDON' T BREATHE A WORD Discover the deepest secrets of diary-writers, and present, new50)play. Aug 2328 3.30pmin(4.this 45) gripping £4.50 (£3. JACQUES OBEDIENCE/ THE FUTURE IS INBIRD. EGGS An eggcellent Ionesco double18-21bill toOR11.feast Aug 30amupon. (12.30)Presented £3.00 (£2.by0ABSURD 0) ★struggles NO LEGS, NO JOKES? ... NO CHANCE A rivetingly zany account of the early Aug 2328 in showbiz 1.00pm (2.of00)the American £3.50 (£2.50)writer, Helene Hanff. SAVOURNA STEVENSON draws together strandsvirtuosity of ragtime,andjunk, Scots folkTimes. traditions, blues andSOLO African' ...influence with invention, joy' Sunday Aug 20 H 21 7.00pm (8.45) £5.00 (£4.00) ★Metropolitan TROILUS comedy AND CRESSIDA AND TED AND ALICE OUTSTANDING American Aug 23 28 5.15pm (6.1by5) Sands£3.50Theatre (£2.50) Works. Surely a Fringe First Winner! FOR FRINGE INFORMATION ^ RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 ^ OPEN 10am -7am '

PURE STEEL ° * 3+ Waverley Shopping Centre, Princes Street, cnr. Waverley Bridge. H9 PURE STEEL/ PURE MAGIC Five people with the gift of making wonderful musicto together on steel drums. Visit An exciting and varied repertoire, ranging from jazz pop, calypso to classical. the Waverley Shopping Centre any day during week 3. Enjoy the pure musical magic of Pure Steel. Also at Southside, see Southside entry. Aug 29-Sept 4 Half hour sessions throughout the day from 10.00am (5.30pm) Free FURVES PUPPETS S Venue 81-St. James’ Church Hall, Inverleith Row, Goldenacre. Tickets 0899 20521)20631 A7 ■ and PIPS'join-in' AND PANDA MEETourTHE 3glow-in-the-dark BEARS Speciallypuppets for youngandchildren up stoleading 7. Fun songs with BIG Scotland' i Any puppeteers. 11-Sept 4 (notBringSunsyour15,2own 2,29)Panda10.to30ammeet(11.4our 5) Panda £4.00afterwards! (£3.00 PC) MAGICAL PRINCESS This charming Ukranian folk-tale televised, >(complete inTHEWelsh andthisGaelic and performed on tour for thousands. Classical musicre-recorded and magic much-loved production, a classic of the puppet Aug 11-Sept 4 (not Suns 15,22,29) 2.00pm (3.30) £4.00 (£3.00 PC)theatre.

MARCO’S 031-228 9116 4.30pm Venue 98 “DYNAMITE” James Daniel Radio 5 85

SEAN HUGHES 4 Nights Only 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th August 10.30pm at the QUEENS HALL Venue 72 Clerk Street, Edinburgh Box Office: 668 2019

Three Bumper weekly issues packed with reviews, news and a full round-the-clock guide of what to see at the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe, i £1.20 FROM ALL GOOD NEWSAGENTS |

QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE DRAMA DEPARTMENT \fgnue 24-Queen Margaret College. Drama Dept., Clerwood Terrace. Tickets 317 3546. J1 Outer ABIGAIL' S PARTY Havoc comes to suburbia when Beverly and Laurence invite new ...neighbours for asquiet drink. Asgained the drinks flow theNews evening a sudden turn Theproduction company' comic touch twolots Evening Capitaltakes Awards plus aAugsell-out last year. ' F ast, furious, of fun.' Evening News. Aug 14,13 1178,1(not9 Sun)2.15pm7.(3.15pm 45) (8.45) £4.00 (£2.001 ★ BLIND ALLEY OF and LIGHTeconomic Ohio Northern Alley of Light— psychological tensionUniveristy in Estonia.in Rummo' A newlys Blind independent Republic former Aug 20.21 of the7.30pm (9.20)Soviet£4.Union. 00 (£2.00) ' THE QUEEN’S HALL Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 THE QUEEN' S HALL Scotland' s busiest concertthehallInternational is at its busiest the Festival and the Fringe withFestival. over 80Ourshows including Festivalallduring morning ht recitals and Jazz famous restaurant and bar are open day and house an exhibition by the Moscow artist, Leonid Grigorievitch Kuzmov. TRIBUTE perform TO BENNY GOODMAN (E.I.J.F.) Bob Wilber Big |HpftrOFSWING: Band/7 Coors8.00pm All-Stars t|||g (11.00)(U.S.A.) £10.00 & £8.00highlights from 1938 Carnegie Hall concert. JAMES MORRISON (E.I.J.F.) Australia's greatest jazz multi-instrumentalist 1 makes Scottish debut. Virtuoso trumpet, trombone, piano, euphonium from the 'Wizard lifo 8 of8.0Oz' 0pm. (11.00) £10.00 & £8.00 AT SUNDOWN-ACKER BILK AND forHUMPHREY LYTTELTON (E.I.J.F.) 1gift Britain' 9 s statesmen 8.00pm (11.00)of jazz£10.play00 together & £8.00 the first time at the Festival. HtZZ FROM DOWN UNDER (E.I.J.F.) Starring the cream of Australian classic jazz Aug 10performers. 8.00pm Keystone (11.00) concert £10.00 8. of£8.the 00 Jazz Festival's Australian theme. LEON REDBONE Eclectic blend ofin Jazz jazz Festival' and blues. Last festival '■ Aj^ appearances sold111.out0(E.I.J.F.) s history. | 8.0Bpm 0)faster£10.than00 &any18.0concerts 0 BflTH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION OF MUSIC OF FATS (E.I.J.F.) Grosz (USA) and Tommy Burton, Britain's WALLER foremost exponent of8.Starring Waller.(11.Marty » 00pm 00) £10.00 & £8.00 RONNIE SCOTT'S CLUB (E.I.J.F.) RonnieStanbrings ambience of his world famous club lag 13to the8.0Festival. 0pm (11,0Also 0) starring £10.00 &pianist £8.00 Tracey QBE. IaZZ FESTIVAL BLACK & WHITE BALL (E.I.J.F.) Festival's closing extravaganza —six(2.hours jii Aug 14 8.00pm 00) of£10.great 00 jazz, dancing and prizes for best dressed couples. I NATIONAL YOUTH WIND ORCHESTRA OF GREAT BRITAIN Music by Stravinsky, lib IS 7.3Dvorak 0pm (9.3and 0) Mussorgsky £5.00 (£2.50)from the NYWO's second annual course, I■[more. JALEOTheFlamenco music, song and dance whichshowwillaround. leave you clamouring for |4i/g IB & 17most8.3exciting 0pm (10.3and 0) passionate £10.00 & £8.stage 00 (£6.00) ^BmPLETE WORKSCompany OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE The Induced Shakespeare through Shakespeare's^ABRIDGED) histories, comedies Hand tragedies pace.00career 9.00pmat whirlwind (11.00) £10. (£8.00) BATTLEFIELDAngry, BAND Celticraucous, music played on uniqueand fusionaccessible of ancientto and TStruments. all. modern ig 2325 7.30pm (9.joyful, 30) £6.50 (£5.0contemplative 0) . jisong . 3ARR)SON KEILLOR & ThetheHopeful GospelLakeQuartet. A brilliant combination of g 23and& 24laughter10.3featuring 0pm (12.30) News £12.00 from (£10.00) Woebegone. IHOrand SEANnew HUGHES ' T he hippest stand up comedian in the world' Select presents his ip 25-28 show 10.30pmfor (11.4 nights 45) only. £8.50 (£6.50) i MICHAEL Acclaimedbrilliantly.' singer-songwriter fronts new band —'Mix of Neil v*"and Dr.7.3MARRA 0pmJohn(9.3he0) pulls£7.off50 (£6. 00) Peter Nardini supports. viOYS OF THE LOUGH Bain Dermot leads world class Edinburgh s Celtic music pst! Virtuoso Donegal Alyguests McLaughlin (fiddle) band' and Dermot Byrne yccordian)! 2729 7.30pm (9.30) £7.50 (£6.50)

JACK DEE Star of his ownAssembly TV series 'The Jack Dee Show' and winner of the Guardian Critics Award. Aug 29 Sept 4 See10.1also 5pm (11.25) £9.at00The(£8.0Meadows. 0) EMO PHILIPS Return of the living legend. Uniquely, brilliantly funny. A remarkably skilled30 &comic Aug 31 craftsman' 7.30pm (8.45)Time Out. £8.50 DON' (£7.50)T MISS HIM! CRAIG MCMURDO IN THAT his unique crooning, humour, swing and SWING jive. FourTHANG nights Presents only. Book early tobrandavoidof disappointment. Sept 1-4 7.30pm (9.30) £10.00, £8.00 (£7.00), £6.00 (£5.00) CAROL KIDDthe'TheGershwin finest jazzsongbook singer in Britain' Times mixes old favourites with classics from Aug 30pm(9.(12.30)30) £10. 00 with Newton, Green & Garley. Aug 2019 7.10.30pm TAM WHITE/band. MAGGIE BELLappearance Original bluesfromfromex-Stone gravel-voiced Tam White hisMaggie 10-piece Plus rare The Crows vocalistand— Aug 20 Bell.10.30pm (12.30) £8.00 CAULD BLAST ORCHESTRA A distinctive sound marrying folk, jazz, rock and classical Aug 21 music. 7.30pm 'T(9.ruly 30) superb' £7.00 The Guardian. MACEO PARKER & ROOTS REVISITED Prepare for some serious blowing and hot 21rhythms10.3from the30)J.B. horns. Aug 0pm (12. £9.00 MARTINsolos TAYLOR Conjuring beautifullinesmelodies nowhere, hisrange fleet fingered composeSOLO lightning fast melodic againstfrom an encyclopaedic of harmonious Aug 22 7.30pmbackdrops. (9.30) £7.00 JOHN SURMAN QUARTET One of the U.K.'s finest and most influential jazz improvisors. Aug 22 10.3Famed 0pm (12.for30) his beautiful, £8.00 fluid tone. QUERN ° Venue 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace Tickets 336 1807 J5 QUERN Much travelled and highly acclaimed twelve strong group committed promoting the music —'andRoyal cultureMile'of—Scotland. Quern come and to town withto thetheirFringe newto musical presentation the story of a street, return with a revamp of old favourite 'Burns'. ROYALandMILE They'Painless re all here: James IV, aJinglin' Geordie, Johnston and Boswell, Scott Aug 20,26,28R.L.S.7.4'5pm (9.45) learning' £3.50 says (£2.50) teacher. BURNS-HIS LIFE, POETRY AND SONGS 'This highly talented group' Falkirk Herald. Aug 19 &' 27... A delightful 7.45pm (9.4little 5) orchestra' £3.50 (£2.50)Evening News. QUINQUEREME PRODUCTIONS ••• Venue 69-Broughton High School, 1 Carrington Road. C3 MAN OF LA MANCHA Don Quixote' s quest-to discover THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. Don' t know the show? Just look at Quinquereme' s track record —Capital Award Winners and 1992. wereLeigh, scarcelyrics last two Book early! Written by(notDaleSuns)1991 Wasserman, musicTickets by Mitch by Joeyears.Darion. Aug 14 28Aug Matinees 21,28 2.7.330pm0pm(4.(9.445)5) £7.00 (£5.00) RAA! THEATRE ° Venue 66-Scottish Health Service Centre, Crewe Road South Tickets 332 2335 C2 ★comfortable GILLY Canwith you ask your man to play with your clitoris? Gillian couldn' t. aArelively, you your fantasies? Gillian is. ' R AA! Theatre' presents amusing and hard-hitting half hour journeyyourto sex enlightenment. Watch the men squirm. life. Aug 29,30,You 31 never 8.00pmknow, (6.30)it could£2.0improve 0 (£1.50)

The Capital's Top Indian Restaurant VERAirfAH V RESTAURANT Winners of the prestigious Le Routiers Casserole Award five years in a row. Patronised by Clint Eastwood & Cliff Richard who love our cuisine. 17 Dairy Rd, Edinburgh 031 - 337 - 5828

Included in: • Guide ces Routiers • Guide Michelin • Good Curry Guide 5 Hamilton Place Stockbridge Edinburgh 031 - 332 - 3444

PURDEY’S elixir vitae ^REWORKS PLAV^ROUND ENTERTAINMENT AWARD Come and see all sorts of Jugglers, Mime Artists, Fire-eaters, Poets, Stilt Walkers, Storytellers and other Street artists performing in the Wireworks Playground and visit the Purdey's sampling stand durin^the week beginning 23nrf August 1993. artists will be competing for £1000.00 of prize money and for the Purdey's Wireworks Playground Entertainment Award The winning routine will be assessed by an independent judge, so come to the stand where we will be handing out free Purdey's samples to all. j No appointment necessary!

MARCO’S -THEATRE~ THE ORANGE PENGUIN "delightful comic reworking of the Pygmalion story’ The Independent TWO FOOLS ONE STRIPPER Black Comedy "Dynamite" Radio 5 TEECHERS John Codder's classroom comedy GREEN ARE MY PASTURES Passionate drama ON THE RAZZLE Stoppard’s classic comedy SANS TEETH Extraordinary, quirky, funny new play WUTHERING HEIGHTS "Brilliantly designed and directed.. “ The Scotsman MOON IN ECLIPSE Fascinating portrayal of Mary Shelley THE THREE PENNY OPERA Brecht’s masterpiece WOULD YOU CARE TO? Comic, macabre, emotional new play KVETCH / ABIGAIL’S PARTY Two modem classics PRECIOUS LIBERTY Powerful drama SAMMY’S MAGIC GARDEN Enormously entertaining family show -REVUE"not to be missed" The Scotsman WHOOPS VICAR IS THAT "an absolute scream" The Scotsman YOUR DICK -CABARETTHE TOTALLY NAFF TARTS "hugely enjoyable" The Scotsman THE CONDOS "Hysterical, a superb evening" The Festival Times JESUS CHRIST IMPROSTAR The Improfessionals London’s finest impro troupe -MUSICALSA BARROWLOAD OF "dynamic and appealing" ORANGES Oxford Student DREAMGIRLS Fabulous story of Motown’s Supremes -DANCEJIVING LINDY HOPPERS "Finger snapping good" DANCE THEATRE The Times -STAND-UP COMEDYGAGGING FOR IT Three superb stand-ups Charmlan Hughes ‘Bold, brassy, pixie-like and very funny" Sheila Hyde "A gem" The Telegraph "Went down a storm" The Guardian Dave Thompson “skilful and amusing" Time Out BAD LOO ATTENDANTS Two top stand-ups Noel James "A carefree, non-showbiz ; S. attitude - perfect timing" P‘ What’s On Buddy Wells "American flair, British humour a rising star" The Stage J5! -ENTERTAINMENTTHE SWEATBOX Serious soul disco. Let’s funk 51 Grove Street Box Office 228 9116

RALF RALF Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ IT'S —bad STARING YOU RIGHT INstrippers, THE FACEmedia Throughintellectuals the guises ofandseveral TV persona malethe humble evangelists —Ralfcomedians, Ralfin delve into persuasion, hypnotism and manipulation that passes for normality front of the television camera. Performance at its smartest, sharpest, Hug 20,21,2729 11.12.Ufunniest' -19.23-26.5.13Village 0Sept(6.42Voice. Aug 5pm 5) 5.1£7.5pm00 (6.(£6.25)00) £6.50 (£5.50)

REALISTIC THEATRE COMPANY Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. THE CHILDREN magical new musicalcompany. version of AE. must Nesbit'fors classic story RAILWAY performed by anChildren excitingA steam youngtoprofessional family. 'physical The Railway success' . Bracknell 'Effects thatNews. conjured upall the the almost presence of an express train' 'Stunningly professional' Surrey Star. Aug 13, 1 4 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) Free Aug 1628 /not Sun 221 5.00pm (7.00) and 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50)

RALPH MCTELL Venue 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 RALPH and MCTELL Noted singer/songwriter andIVOR guitarist has recorded over 20 albums been awarded theHERE'prestigious NOVELLO SONGWRITING AWARD. His ' F ROM CLARE TO was a recent success for NANCI GRIFFITH. An'STREETS avid LAUREL & HARDY OF LONDON' . fan, he is also known for writing a song called Aug Aug 2930 Sept 10.3 45pm9.1(12.5pm15)(10.45)£8.50 £8.(£7.5000)(£7.00)

MICHAEL REDMOND Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 MICHAEL hilarious newon show combiningsubjects stand-upas baby with slides will leave youREDMOND withstrawberry a newHisperspective suchcomedian' diverse nuns, family funerals and sex. ' A GREAT Scotsman ‘92, ' a superb incisive wit' Guardian ‘92, 'give me Jimmy Cricket any day' Glasgow Evening Aug Aug 20,12-15,21,217-19, 7,28,222,924-26,9.30,30pmSept(10.1-430) 9.3£6.0pm50 (10.(£5.350)0 SUP)£6.00 (£5.00 SUP)

RANDOLPH STUDIO Ube 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 This andcontemporary intimate theater presents top quality performances mix ofelegant classics, and comedy. The venue alsoexhibitions hostsin antheeclectic winning La Cuisine d'International Odile anddrama 2 galleries showing photography asaward' partto of the Edinburgh Festival. Theatre Box Office open 9.30am [^■nighC ★physical ORPHEUS An erotic vision of tormented passion, sexual obsession and daring. love31)story10.from Blue Angel£4.Productions. Mm★ SEA 16-SeptMARKS 4 (not ASunbymythic 22, Tues 3 0am (11. 3 0) 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Gardner McKay. Anworlds? Irish fisherman, a young Welsh woman —is love16-Sept the bridge jitoj 4 (notbetween Sun 22, Tuestwo311separate 12 noon (1.45) £4.00 (£3.50) kn this IVYodyssey ROWE Leeof loving Smith'sandindomitable Appalachian heroine brings laughter and te lug 16-Sept 4 lent Sun 22, Tues 31)surviving. 2.00pmOff-Broadway (3.30) £3.50success. (£3.00) ★ THE ROAD TAKEN A Capra-esque musical exploration of a and the choices two woman make. Playful Theatre Company. jfci 16-Sept 4 (not Sun 221 4.00pm (5.15) £4.00 (£3.50) 8LOOD AND ICE Liz Lochhead' s ' B LOOD AND ICE' . Poetry in exile: Byron, Shelley, : and 16-21 birth of Mary , flifc 5.30pmShelley' (7.25) s 'F£4.rankenstein' 00 (£3.00) . Ad Hoc Theatre Company. „.4llffiKABE/HIPPOLYTUS Euripedes' and HIPPOLYTUS. Smouldering Exposurein the of naked passions —desire, HEKABE cruelty, vengeance—palpitate tension and Mnergy 11U 23-Sept 4 (notActors Tues 31)of Dionysus' 5.45pm searing (7.30) productions. £5.00 (£3.50) (Ahernate days) \fiiremiere k BURNING BRIGHT A foolish man, a not-entirely-unfaithful wife. World s novel » 1 16-Septof4 Steinbeck' (not Tue 24, Thur 21 by7.New 45pm York' (9.30) s Workhouse £5.00 (£4.00)Theatre. andtradition THE SLOPE Hard-hitting, witty, award-winning American one. factk CASINO plays tin4 the of Shepard and Mamet. Thur 21 if ,SStREBELS: l‘ <not TuesTHE24' STORY mAOOpwWOMAN (11-30) IN£4.A00(1)(£3.MAN 00) SHOW ; The j.flML OF [potablecomedy. nude and naughty Ellen Hulkower explores womanhood in this irreverent fjbexual reviews Aug 14, 1 5 10. 0 0pm (11. 0 0) £3. 0 0 ug 16-Sept 4 Inot Sun 22, Thur 21 12 midnight (1.00) £4.00 (£3.50)

RED SHIFT THEATRE COMPANY Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 ★ DEATH INandVENICE The stage premiere of'Perfect' ThomasEvening Mann'sNews, novel.'hAoldstender story of love regret. ORLANDO (1992): the audience spellbound' Daily Telegraph, ' e xciting premiere from the and award winning RedBestShift’Director/Best The List, 'aMusic. hit' The Independent. 1993 innovative London Fringe Award nominees Aug 2,24 26,30,1.S3ept0pm 1-4(3.00) 1.30pm 001 00) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 20,15-19, 21,227-29 £7.50(3.(£6.

i|j ij

IA-RA RASPUTIN L11 - mue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ■pmsic ICHARD HERRING Sex,—'drugs and Boney lover M. Truth about the life, death & of first Euro-popstar R a-Ra-Rasputin, of the Russian Queen' . And jfSsmember,theinhits1916,'Brown it wasn' t sotheeasy to, 'Mshag a member of themore.royal family. Jlieatures Girl in Ring' a Baker' and many i titg 11-Sept 4 (not Mon 16, Thur 21 5.15pro (6.15) £6.50 (£5.50)

Charles Vance's

Based on the novel by Emily Bronte Marco's Leisure Centre. 52 Grove Street. (Venue 98) August 15 - 28 ( Not Tuesdays). 4.05pm

REDUCED SHAKESPEARE CO •••• Venue 3-Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ★500th THEanniversary COMPLETEof HISTORY OF AMERICA ABRIDGED In celebration oftheir the Columbus' discovery of Electricity the RSC open with eagerly awaited Washington to Watergate, the three cultural guerillas willthattakeisnew youproduction. on a History. ninetyFromminute roller coaster ride through the glorious quagmire American Aug 1418, 2 224, 2 6, 3 0, 3 1, Sept 24 3. 3 0pm (5. 0 0) £7. 5 0 (£6. 5 0) Aug 20,21,2729 3.30pm (5.00) £8.50 (£7.50) Venue 72-Oueen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 THE COMPLETE OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE-ABRIDGED One performance only ofWORKS this classic. ' ... stupendous, anchorless joy' BERNARD LEVINTHE TIMES. Aug 18 9.00pm (11.00) £10.00 (£8.00) THE REGIONAL MANAGERS Venue 19-C, Over-Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 SMACK DABtalented IN THE executives, MIDDLE Slick comedyArmstrong and musicand fromDavid two ofWolstencroft. the London circuit' s inmost Alexander Basking the glory of their sell-out Caribbean tour, The Regional Managers bring their burgeoning cult following to Edinburgh for the first time. 'Sizzling' DAILY MAIL.11-28 Aug 10.20pm (11.20) £5.00 (£3.00) RENEGADE THEATRE GROUP ° Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 WUTHERING HEIGHTS From the group that brought you LADY CHATTERLEY' S LOVER! This SPELLBINDING THRILLER, set amid the bleak beauty of Howarth Moor, tellsVance' of Heathcliff' s searing passionofforEmily the Bronte' beautifuls immortal CatherineloveEarnshaw. Charles s STUNNING new version story is brought Aug 1528vividly Inot Tuesto 17,life24)in Renegade' 4.05pm (5.s35)unique£4.and50 (£4.epic001style. RICHARD CARPENTER PRODUCTIONS Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre (Gilded Balloon), West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 65201226 2151 37 ★ CALLING OCCUPANTS OF INTERPLANETARY CRAFTandTheRichard Carpenters Comedy, Richard Carpenter. ve only justoncebegun. top of the byworld, down the pub. It'We's yesterday more.Karen Every Sha-la-la-la,areeveryon woh-oh-oh-oh still shines. Aug 14-Sept 4 Inot Tue 31) 1.45pm (2.45) £2.50 (£1.50) RICOCHET DANCE COMPANY ° • Venue 62-St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 K1 TESTING RICOCHET DANCE COMPANY, whose ' i mpressive energy and fluency'a The Times ofhaswork already won them international acclaim, presents TESTING, programme by choreographers Gi l Clarke and Russell Maliphant. Winners ofBagnolet the performance Rencontresgenerous Choregraphiques International 1992, theyaward presentat antheinventive, and technically impressivede programme. Aug 23 28 9.00pm (10.00) £6.00 (£3.001

management presents stand-up comedy from Dominic Holland Time Out's Best of 1992

Pleasance Attic 1 60 The Pleasance Venue 33 Box office 031 556 6550 Fringe box office 031 226 5138 Soon to be supporting Eddie Izzard

STV Funny Farm

12 August - 4 September (not including 17, 24 August 2 September)

management presents John Hegley New book, new record, big drawing with accompaniment from Venue 50 The Music Box 9c Victoria Street 13-28 August 9.45pm £6.50/£5 concessions Box office 031 220 4847 Fringe box office 031 226 5138

CD and cassette on the Hannibal label available August, distribution Reyolver/Apt

Five Sugars Please

the new book available now at all good bookshops £8.99

RIDICULUSMUS Venue 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 I THE THIRDmusic. POLICEMAN by Flann O'Brien.bringing Promenade adaptation live traditional Free 'Wabout rastler' to man' anyone a journey working bicyclewithlamp. Madcap Irish comedy one s nightmare through hell. 'Indisputably entertaining'What' Times Out. slice of14inspired On. 'Sinister ... hilarious' City Limits. 'A vibrant Hug 8.00pmlunacy' Aug 1613,Sept 4 (not Sun19.22)45) 8.Free 00pm (9.45) £5.00 (£3.00) THE RIFLE LODGE e, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 THE RIFLEdrama—a LODGE riot bringsof you an eclecticstyles mix of the best and student performance true contemporary tradition thefringe festival. Situated just 200 from the Playhouse, inTHEthe RIFLE LODGE ofoffers a fringe experience not beoe beoeyardsmissed. afllUpenence missea. BREAKFAST WITHquite JIMMY AND THE BOND GIRLS Follow the careers of the starlets Aug 2228who 10.never 30am (11.30)made£3.it.00‘Camp (£2.00) ... outrageous.' THE WINTER' S TALE Shakespeare' s play of passion and penitence. A vibrant piece15-28of theatricality new(1.impetus Aug (not Sun 22) giving 12.10pm 55) £3.to50classic (£3.00) drama. Blood,seductive bestiality and bad, bad wimmin —Shakespeare's classic has it alMACBETH l. A15-28shiveringly Aug 3.50pm (5.20) production £4.50 (£3.00)from SOUND & FURY. TIBETAN INROADS by Steven Lowe. Man's universal struggle against oppression: Aug 22-28 a5.love 40pm story (7.15) set £4.against 00 (£3.the 50) Marxist invasion of Tibet. ★ THE MAGGOT presented thrusting by BLUEtheBALL THEATRE ofCOMPANY. Perceptive, dynamic, SPOKE a visual exploration consequences Eden upon contemporary Aug 22 28 7.3life. 0pm (8.50) £4.50 (£3.50) EDMOND Ardour presents David Mamet' s vicious parable of a white-collar salary man’s2228sexual9.and 10pmspiritual (10.40) travails. £4.50 (£3.See50)Main entry. ANDs HENS The students of thelaughter. Bristol Old Vic Theatre School present WiSTAGS l y29-Sept Russell' Aug 4 comedy 9.10pm (10.of 4love, 0) life£5.0and 0 (£4.00) PARTY GAMES A new black comedy. Death, seduction, tragedy and chaos. IAug And2228 to top it11.all,00pmthe(12.cat'15)s gone£4.missing. 00 (£2.50) RISK THEATRE • • •"• Venue 98-Marco’s, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 THE ORANGE PENGUIN Every single m-twisting, tear-jerking trick inthethe wilds book jljofn John Random' s satirical tale of a nai\ Scottish mink farmer adrift in modern London. Oliver Twist with e wist. Sheer comic joy. 'Delightful' The independent. 14-Sept 4 (not'Brilliant' Tues 17,The 24,31)Stage.8.00pm (9,15) \libellous, WHOOPShilarious. VICAR IS'Spectacularly THAT YOURsuccessful' DICK A revue. Vulgar, rude, witty, scurillous, i iug 14-Sept 4 (not Tues 17,24,31) 12 midnight (1.00am)The Scotsman £4.50 (£3.00) > ROUGH EDGE ie 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 r THEroom TIMEon BEFORE THE morning. TIME AFTER Eczema,s physics andbranddesireof incareless, Naples Hiotel ainhotFringe spring Tthysical FirstScotsman. playwright,Rough DavidEdge' Greig'singular s new play. 'Watch out for Jvugew16-28 writertheatre David Greig' The (not Sun 22) 3.15pm (4.30) £5.00 (£4.00) jlrHE ROUGH GIRLS THEATRE COMPANY iL ° 1 L10 MM 82-Southside '93, Sout; hside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. f BENT DOUBLE Stare the mirror too long andyouyougleefully turn intodown a wicked Ibis startling comedy fromintoand a new company dragspower aqueen. tacky elidl ofgender high heels, bondage Hobnobs, where relationships areintodeceptive is up for grabs. Unsuitable for children. ig 22-28 12 midnight (1.00) £4.50 (£4.00) iOYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC II1ND DRAMA ° * le 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 nee again the Harry Younger Hall becomes one of the most exciting venues dinburgh. Young directors combine with young actors to present a wide range ofin Bfliflnative theatre. ■Indy floss and coliseums-upstart theatre company eality is new just anplayillusion created by too much blood in your alcohol stream.' A sturbing ■pf 4.00pm (5.by30)Glen £2.Dickson 00 (£1.0and 0) Kenny Reid. THE THEFT OF Risk-taking MAUREENwomen HENEGHAN-KICK BACKnightmare—with THEATRE by iristopher Hodgson. confront their ultimate f*rds1621and music! 7.30pm (8.40) £2.50 (£1.50) WASHGags! ONLYNotGodsuitable blessforoperations, h!::fTSCATOLOGICAL and snuffREVIEW-HAND movies. Theatre! Music! kiddies or n.»trs,1621excrement 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£2.50) FOR FRINGE INFORMATION ^ RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 OPEN10am-7am ^

THE RUBBER BISHOPS AND SEAN LOCK Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 THE RUBBER BISHOPS ANDandSEAN LOCKwith Thesuperb foremoststand-up comedySeanandLock musicto double acta new returnfull-length to Edinburgh join forces present show. ' D efinitely the funniest thing on the Fringe.' Miles Kington. 'Effortlessly funny and quite unmissable' The List. 'Highly entertaining.' Time13Out. Aug Sept 4 (not Sun 29) 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£5.50) RUTGERS ARTS PRODUCTIONS (R.A.P^ ^ Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LH ★ THE about TALE aOFbadPEER GYNT Aninadaptation ofquest Ibsen'tos behuge,'trueragged, comedyfantasy boyfrom Everyman a rollicking to'Ahimself' . On his journey he is tossed one adventure and mishap to another. captivating combination of skill, artistry and humour ... exhilarating theatrical story-telling!' Backstage. Aug 7 19.22.24-26. 30 (2.012.0) 45pm£5.(2.0000)(£4.00)£4.50 (£3.50) Aug 20.13-15, 21,217-29 12.45pm ST ANDREW AND ST GEORGE’S AT FESTIVAL TIME Venue 111-St. Andrew & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 This historic Georgian church in the heartfestival of Edinburgh' s Newwhich Town include again invites you to partake of its delightful/diverse programme FREE CONCERTS: 16th:Church Morag Watson (alto)/Michelle Perks (piano); 20th: Zephyr Wind Ensemble; 21st: Choir,In Worship' Orchestra Suite);concerts: EXHIBITION: 'B21anners . (Schubert—Mass 'G' + Bach —2nd Free Aug 16, 2 0, 12. 3 0pm (1. 3 0) Phone bookings at venue 10am-3pm, Mon-Fri from Aug 9. BACH CONCERT Philomusica of Edinburgh. Concerto for Flute, Violin & Harpsichord 1; Suite Aug 15 7.3Brandenburg 0pm (9.30) Concerto £6.00 (£5.00noSUPDY) (£3.0in0 0B min; Violin Concerto A min. SB'S FOR CELLO AND PIANO Veronica Henderson and Murray McLachlan play music Aug 16 by Bach, 2.30pmBeethoven, (4.15) £5.Brahms, 00 (£4.00) Bloch and Boccherini. STRICTLY SCOTTISH Enjoy a mixter-maxter of Scottish entertainment presented Aug 16,17,18by leading 7.30pm exponents (9.15) £6.of00Scottish (£5.00) music, verse, song and dance. SONGS OF PASSION Religious music at its most sensuous from Monteverdi to Elgar—Catriona Aug 17 12.30pmDuncan (1.30) (mezzo-soprano) £4.00 (£3.00) and Ronald Leith (organ). SCHERZO (formerly the Telemann a refreshing dip into a sparkling repertoire of varied(4.1works for small Players) chambertake ensemble. Aug Aug 2417 2.12.30pm 30pm (1.5)30) £5.£4,0000(£4.(£3.00)00) ORGAN RECITALS Aug 18-Peter Backhouse Back); Aug Whitehead (Bach, Franck, Leighton);(Buxtehude, Sept 1 —Dr.Sweelinck, Dennis Townhill (Bach,18,25—Morley Aug 2Stanley, 5,Sept 1 Handel, 12.30pmMendelssohn, (1.30) FreeWidor). SCHUBERT The last four CPiano Sonatas played in two afternoon recitals by Michael Aug 18, SeptLester-Cribb; 2 2.30pm18th: (4.15) minor £5.00&(£4.B 0flat0) major; 2nd: G major & A major. E.M.T.of(MONTAGE) PRESENThisTOMFOOLERY A showcase for the unique songs Aug 18-21,2Tom 4-26 Lehrer, 10.30pmdisplaying (11.45) £6.genius 00 (£5.for00) caustic and witty lyrics. EDINBURGH BAROCK — 18TH CENTURY TRILLS ANDs ‘Devil' THRILLS The Olympic Games' , 'A Surgical Operation' (with narrator), Tartini' s Trill' etc. onAug period instruments. 19 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) CALTON PIANO TRIOBrahms Jon Beales, Rupertpremiere Waddington, Ingridto Tango' Sawersbyperform trios by Mendelssohn, plus Scottish of 'Three David Matthews. Aug 19 2.30pm (4,15) £5.00 (£4.00) SCHUBERTIAD An evening of Coates songs and instrumental music by Schubert with >lHeather i<g 19 Coates 7.30pm (soprano), (9.15) £6.Leon 00 (£5.00) (piano) and Katherine Wake (flute). THE LAMMERMUIR CONSORT The glory of the counter-tenor (William Forbes Jones). Aug 20 Passionate 2,30pm (4.1Purcell 5) £5.to00heroic (£4,00)Handel. Suite strings and songs! VIENNA Experience traditional GraduateMargaret of the HochschuleNIGHT fur Musik, Vienna, aplays music Viennese by Schubertrecital. and Mozart. Jaffrey-Smith Aug 20 7.30pm(piano). (9.15) £6.00 (£5,00) TOASTED SUSIE IS MYandICE-CREAM A celebration of American song. Jennifer Logan21,25(mezzo-soprano) Aug 2.30pm (4,15) Alan £5.00 Jacques (£4.00) (piano). GUITAR RECITAL by Malcolm after brilliant festival performance. Programme includesWatson, works byreturning Bach, Mozart, Rodrigo,1991 Albeniz and Ponce. Aug 21 7.30pm (9.15) £6.00 (£5.00) EDINBURGH QUARTET present two different concerts of string quartets Schubert, Leighton, William York, David Ward. (Concert also at venueby 90.)22,Sept Kenneth Aug 4 2.30pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) RECITAL Leonard Friedman (violin) and Leon Coates (piano) perform aCELEBRITY ravishing Aug 22 7.programme 30pm (9.15) of £6.sonatas 00 (£5,0by0) Elgar, Walton, Debussy and Ravel. ASonata VAUGHAN-WILLIAMS RARITY An opportunity to hear Dunn his powerful of 1954 and works by Britten and Finzi. Lawrence (violin), Violin Mark Owen23 (piano). Aug 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) 91









“No one... has ever rivalled Berkoff.” TIME OUT


EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE BOX OFFICE: 031 557 2590 OR FRINGE OFFICE: 031 226 5138 SAT. 21ST&SUN.22ND 10:30 PM TICKETS £6-£7-£8-£9 92 til

iST ANDREW AND ST GEORGE'S AT FESTIVAL imE-continued DIE SCHONE MULLERIN John Cox Leon byCoates (piano) perform s evocative song-cycle plus (tenor) works and inspired Shakespeare (Arne, ': Schubert' Debussy 23 and2.30pmWarlock). (4.15) £5.00 (E4.00) THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) In solo and group performances, culminating (details in Main Entry). Aug 2326Aug 27in7.3the0pm7.3ever-popular (9.30)110.00)£4.5Festival 0 £5.(£3.5500)(£4.Ceilidh fclidh: 0pm 50) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EDVARD(piano); GRIEG!celebrate Helen Brown Bjorkoy Alan Jacques Grieg's(mezzo-soprano); 150th jubilee withHarald his songs.24 (tenor); fa 2.30pm (4.15) £5.00 (£4.00) LUDUS INSTRUMEIMTALIS Edinburgh' s newest period Baroque instrumental group,26 is joined Aug 2.30pmby(4.tenor 15) Ian£5.Darling 00 (£4.0for0) an enticing selection from Bach's Cantatas. AIM EDINBURGH BICENTENNIAL fromCollection, Corn's 1793 collectionfromof I) Favourite Scots Songs, fiddle tunes fromSongs the Gow and readings contemporary newspapers. Aug 27 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) BUTLER A mask? gown? Will he strip? Why’sWORE-JABBOK he got an axe? A THEATRE seriously witty guide Ato dressing right-on ijcoffee-drinking. ^^O-Sept 2 7.Plus30pmdouble (9.15) bill.£6.00 (£5.00) L'st, _ JNGS OF TRAVEL Vaughan-Williams' setting of Stevenson' s poems plus songs r|J by Beethoven, Michael Mullen and Burns. Stuart Rathie (tenor) 'wonderfully « expressive' |M|p 12.Scotsman 30pm (1.30) '92, £4.Colin 00 (£3.Stuart 00) (piano). SHtaYlNEWMAN-POUND (VOICE)interesting & NjCHOLAS BOSWORTH (PIANO) 92 1| performed Festival presswell'said. Experience 'powerful noise, 'a0nother' Kiwi diva!programme, serious and light music Aug 31 2. 3 0pm (4. 1 5) £5. 0 (£4. 0 0) j Sept 2 12.30pm 11.30) £4.00 (£3.00) THE KILARNEY QUARTET(flute,Charm, fireworks from Scotland' 1i talented Kilarney Quartet oboe,passion clarinet,andpiano): Saint-Saens, Loeillet,s Milhaud, ' Gaubert, 2.30pm (4.1Brahms, 5) £5.McGuire, 00 (£4.00) Dring. iRGAN SPECTACULAR Maestro Mozart, Alberto Massimo playsetc. thrilling virtuosoevent organof arrangements of music by Handel, Verdi, Puccini A special musical fireworks! aM»4 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) Jlexciting ENSEMBLE Ten years of favourites from Carmen to Showboat crammed into one Sept 4 performance 7.30pm (9.15) by Fife' £6.00s (£5.premier 00) concert group —Don't miss it! I ST. BRIDES I'Venue 62-St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 CONTINENTAL SHIFTS AT ST. Welcome to the new movementof dance venue thisphysical year’s Fringe, bringing you BRIDES a unique and schallenging programme theatreaccess. from Food some Britain' most new innovative ianies. Disabled aridof drink. Join boldest us at thisandexciting venue. FEATURE-THE FEATHERSTONEHAUGHS (PRONOUNCED II i Christianity, FANSHAWS) AGulfmyriad ofandthemes from Irish dancing, boxing. Westerns to the War camels. IlHtogg 7.30pm (8.45) £7.00 (£4.00) NEITHERjugglers EITHERand BOTH AND —GANDINI PROJECT blend Europe'ofs Heading choreographer Gill ClarkeJUGGLING present a captivating tnanipulation and 22)movement. Aug 16 26 (not Sun 6.00pm (7.00) £5.00 (£3.50) HmHk off GREEN-LIZ RANKEN & ALAN SCOTT-MONCRIEFF Horror death(8.3fire II |(audience lw IS21 under7.30pm 0) at £6.sex00 obsession (£3.00) physical theatre shocker.' Ii ^programme FACTUAL NONSENSE-MARK BALDWIN DANCE COMPANY A dance whichbyisTHEcolourful, lyrical and extremely humorous. Vivid live .percussion music DANGEROUS KITCHEN. 1 BUj 30 Sept 4 6.00pm (7.00) £6.00 (£3.00) TRAIN —THE Surreal God, balletshopping about finding stillness Byppugh physicalRE-ANIMATORS extremes (sex, violence, ... ). Freespiritual condoms with faickets1621(you'll9.0need 0pm (9.one!). 45) £6.00 (£3.00) f! i TESTING-RICOCHET DANCE COMPANY Internationally acclaimed Ricochet vith a Maliphant. programme of dynamic and mesmerising new work by Gill Clarke and I Mussell 23 28 9 00pm (,n 001 tB 00 (t3 001 I| (EfREADING UPON THEphysical TAIL OF THE and TIGER-STREETS & RIVERS DANCE I l COMPANY ’tHpM Sapf 4 Combines 7.30pm (8.40) £6.theatre 00 (£3.00) martial arts with original music. i5 antangled * BUTTERFLY SUITE-THEATRE DU PIFthey Twoescape twins ... a gothic mansion t:ug 16-26 (nutin the Sun web 22) work 1.30pmof the (3.00)past. £6.Can00 (£3. 00) the shadows? AMILYgetPORTRAITS ENCORPS scenes Domesticaround environment rjtnages progressively—THEATRE jumbled in mad-chasing the livingwhere room i j -ettee. g 30 Sept 4 1.30pm (2.30) £6.00 (£3.00) i'iiarce LASTERED-TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY A comic observation, fusing captures the humour of any situation. Light-hearted look at the flm world.IJandSepttragedy, 4 Inot Suns 22,29) 3.30pm (4.45) £6.00 (£4.00) |$§HMIBIT A-ZOOM THEATRE seeksshowtime. perfect audiencein. forAmaze late in.night show, 'h-eatre, 23 Septvideo, 4 tnutliveSun computer 291 10.4graphics, 5pm (12.15) £5.00 (£3.Tune 50) FOR CREDIT CARD SALES RING 031 -226 5138 (6 LINES) OPEN 10am-7am ' .<

every night from 1 - 3am licensed bar until 2.45am ifarnng those masters of musical mayhem and culinary chaos, Sat. 14 the blistering brethren of rhythm, who make your grandmother Sun. 15 want to jitterbug and jive like crazy.. THE HONKIN’HEP GATS Wed. 18 Thu. 19 also ri. 20 mmnm Sat. 21 A much more mellow way to hold back the dawn! Special guest: from around the festival will join the top house band to play blues, ballads, bossas, be-bop, and

Wed. 25 Thu. 26 Fri. 27 Sat. 28 Sun. 29 immm JAZZ .••i -i









10PM 031Z2G 2428

-ROOMS' 10PM 031 220 2428


ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL AT FESTIVAL TIME •• Binue 91-St. Mary's Cathedral, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tixl nfo 225 6293 H3 Come and visit St Mary' s Cathedral: the Gothic splendour of Gilbert Scott and The the largest ecclesiastical building built and in Scotland since theevery Reformation. renowned Cathedral Choir of trebles men sing services day (unique Scotland).mornings). For detailsOpen of Festival the cathedral office (225 6293in Uveekday every day:events, 7.30amring—10.00pm. SUNDAY SERVICES Aug 22: Eucharist 10.30am Mozart10.30am CoronationHaydnMass.St EvensongMass. 3.30pmEvensong Parry I3.30pm Was Glad. AugSalve 29: Regina. Eucharist Nicholas Howells Aug 22,29 1D.30am (11.45) and 3.30pm (4.30) Free Retiring Collection. DAILY SERVICES Cathedral Choir sings daily evensongs; music from fifteenth to twentieth An 23-Sept centuries. 4 (not Sun 29) 5.30pm (6.15) Free Retiring Collection. ORGAN RECITALS Aug (Guilmant), 10: TimothyAugByram-Wigfield (Brahms/Lemare Aug 17: Peter Backhouse 24: lain Ogg (Widor Symphonie&VI),Widor), Aug 31: 10,Stephen Aug 17,24,31Farr 8.(Elgar 00pm Sonata). (9.30) I5.0D (£3.00) Children under 12 Free. RECITAL BY CHOIR OF ST MARY' S CATHEDRAL Tye Missa Euge Bone and music2B by Byrd, Britten. m* 7.30pmWeelkes, 19.00) Howells, £5.00 (t3.00)Tavener,Children under 12 Free. CATHEDRAL FETE Alevensong. l day: stalls, lunches, beer t( t, music on the hour, revue. barbecue mat 4 and 10.00amfestival (IQ.DOpm) Free THE SCOTTISH CHAMBER CHOIRappearance Faure Requiem: Requiem.of The Scottish ChamberConductor Choir's festival contains Durufle two settings the Requiem Aug 22 Mass. 8.00pm (9.30) £5.Colin 00 (£3.Tipple, 50) lain Ogg (Organ). THE ETERNAL SEED An exhibition of visionary altar hangings by Susie Alexander. Aug 12Sept 4 7.30am (10.00pm) Free SALTMINE THEATRE COMPANY F10 jlBue 114-St. Paul's & St. George’s Church & Hall, York Place. Tickets 556 1202. CHRIST IN THEStratford CONCRETE CITY this Following a U.K.oftourPhilipandTurner' sell outs modern at The Swan Theatre, upon sAvon, production mystery play re-enacts Christ' passion. Using characters from the past and present it combines poetry and physical theatre that will both entertain and challenge. Aug 30-Sept 4 8.00pm (9.10) £3.50 (£2.50) SAN FRANCISCO THEATRE PROJECT ijWHie 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie’s Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 METAMORPHOSIS Straightadaptation from a sold-out run at San Francisco’s MAGIC Theatre, Berkoff' stylised of Kafka—a modern exploration alienation, family sdysfunction, andterribly loss made frighteningly relevant. It's '' ...... ofaa Norman Rockwell painting gone wrong' ; FUNNY, TOUCHING, marvellous, Aug 29 Sept 4 mind-stretching, 8.45pm (10.15) heart-seizing £5.00 (£4.00)work!' Bay Area Reporter. SATURATION THEATRE COMPANY jVamie 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie’s Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 DECADENCE from itsShowcase, run as winner of the Leicester swithYoungan Directors' twist: and Fresh Designers' Saturation bring youHaymarket' Berkoff audacious two men indulge their privileged egos in a vitriolic rantman-to-man against the leisured classes. Rhythmic mime, aural impact and unsettlingly funny sexual29Sept manipulation. Aug 4 12 midnight (1.20) £4.50 (£3.50) LILY SAVAGE 59-£dinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590 LILY SAVAGE LIVE 1991) AT THE CARNEGIE HALLreturn Birkenhead' s own tosex-kitten, Lily (Perrier Nominee her triumphal festival the only venue big enough to holdspecial hermakes fans, herself, andtoherthelater. mouth. appearances by very guests. Bookhernowhair-do —blow-dry ForWithtwosurprise nights Aug 21.22 10.30pm (12 midnight) £6.00, £7.00, £8.00, £9.00

U1 Monday August 16 Pleasance 18.30pm August 18-22 Pleasance Cabaret Bar 3pm Thursday August 26 Pleasance 16.45pm Tuesday August 31 Pleasance 16.45pm

SAXTET L11 i Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 SAXTET The internationally saxophonebeyond quintetallreturns. A stunning, never-a-single dull-moment setrenowned ... 'established doubtand'the group' s virtuosity.' Indian Express, Bombay. B rilliant, stunning ... classical jazz buffs alike would haveprecision.' been in ecstasy ... Saxtet playPost.each piece with fresh inspiration and incredible Wellington Evening ! JAug 4ug IB 8.30pm3.0(9.0pm30) (4.00)£5.00 £5.(£4.0000)(£4.00) ■ AugI«S 20,26,18,231119,22 3.6.040pm 5pm (4.(7.040)5) £5.£5.5000 (£4. (£4.500)0) l SCARECROW THEATRE COMPANY • < temie 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 FROM THE NORTH premiere of a powerful new Irish 'M* ayTHEby MAN PaulvillageMcVeigh. loyalties The and world ideasinjured of nationality are confused in a •Southern whenonaOldNortherner arrives needingandhelp. Belfast based iScarecrow perform return from Poland —' e ngaging intriguing' The [Guardian. ' E xtraordinarily controlled performances' The Sunday Tribune. (5.00)22, TueFree31)Preview3.30pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.00) AugAug 1614 Sept 3.430pm (not Sun

TICKETS: £5/£4 (cone); 21st & 22nd £5.50/£4.50 (cone) BOX OFFICE: 031 556 6550 Credit card bookings: 031 556 1513 'Outstanding saxophone virtuosity' - The Independent 95


**A powerhouse of creative energy*9 Evening News 96

For full information see listings under ASSEMBLY ROOMS Free colour brochure available at Assembly Pleasance Gilded Balloon ASSEMBLY Box Office (031) 226 2428 from July 12 Press Office (031) 226 2842 Fax (031) 226 2430


fp | ]:'j ’■ i

SCENARIO Venue 98-Marco's, 51 GrovePRODUCTIONS Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 *hitting A BARROWLOAD OFa taleORANGES Hot fromandsellout Oxford Caught success.in aHardnew musical tells of lost innocence manipulation. web ofcontrol. dangerTHEandmusical ambition,event a teenage find their'Slives spinning mercilessly out of of thetogang 1993 moving ... brought the0pmaudience its0 feet'Fringe. Oxfordtunning' Student.The Word. 'Uplifting, Preview Aug 14 6. 0 (7. 3 01 £3. 5 Aug 15-28 6.00pm (7.30) £5.00 (£3.50)

• SCHNEIDER AND IANNUCCI || Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 SCHNEIDER AND IANNUCCI After theirYOU'award winning hits 'Olannucci N THE fI HOUR' and 'Kbrilliant' NOWING ME,Telegraph KNOWING onSchneider BBC Radio,'comedy Armando ' Q uite simply Daily and Dave ... superb performer' i;j Independent, present their astounding show.Mirror. 'The most creative, dangerous and hysterically comedy for ages'live Daily Aug 2.23.25.funny 26,10.3000pm Sept Aug 20,13-19. 21,227-29 (11.4 15) 10.00pm £7.50(11.(£6.15)50) £6.50 (£5.50) 0 1 |KSCOTTISH ^ HEALTH SERVICE CENTRE Venue 66-Scottish Health Service Centre, Crewe Road South. Tickets 332 2335 C2 iil The s newestThisvenue co-hosts MILTON KEYNES MADNESS, delights anyFringe' audience. year we present no-holds-barred comedy, and a lifeoffers dramatically jl forrecreated, pipe music and two exhibitions. We also welcome RAA and Impulse Theatre. isBetween j hospital nearby . shows, . enjoy the bar in the comfortable knowledge that the * TAKEN .TO. ?THE CLEANERS COMMERCE! TECHNOLOGY! PASSION! Washing i!-ij machines Three actors: sixteen characters—Pirandello it ain't. Hilariously | Auginventive. 23-Sept Not 4 normal. 9.00pm (10,15) £5.00 (£4.00) ) romance I’LL TELLandYOUmusicWHAT HAPPENED . . Reminiscences of war, friendship, work, theatre, |1 Aug 22-26 9.30pm (10.. . 4Captivating 5) £4.00 (£3. 00) celebrating life for what it is. )I journey CORNENIUSIQUES Jean-Pierre Rasle' s extraordinary story of the pipes: a musical J Aug 23-27through 7.00pmfive(8.centuries 30) £4.of00French (£3.00) songs and dances. ★ GILLY Devised performedtowards by RAA sexTheatre. Gillian represents universally. Society'ands attitudes are explored from a women female perspective. jji iny 29-31 6.00pm 16.30) £2.00 (£1.50) 1 THE SILBURY GROUP + An exhibition of contemporary work by visual artists from ij/: Aug Milton22 Sept Keynes: 4 paintings, 6.00pm (11.0textiles, 0) Freeprints, drawings and photographs.

LIVING ARCHIVE /'// Tell You What Happened . . Hawtin Monday's book of memories, an exhibition Aug 22-26 and6.00pm (11.00) ofFreeDiana Winkfield's evocative illustrations. HUIS CLOSforJ-Pever, Sartre. 'Hell isThe... other people.' A coward, lesbian, murderess, condemned eternal triangle. Aug 23-28 7.00pm (8.together. 15) £5.00 (£4.punishment—the 00) SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY ° ••• Venue 56-Scottish Poetry Library, Tweeddale Court, 14 High Street. Info 557 2876. J10 COURTYARD READINGS This unique Poetry Resource provides books andguide cassettes for browsing and lending, magazines for sale, ainformation, computerindex to your search according to your interests. Join in ' o pen' poetry readings poems. Informal and free. All welcome. Aug 16 Septwith4 InotyourSuns)own or2.your 30pm favourite (3.30) Free VERTICAL HOLD: VOICES 900 A live performance: Butoh dance, early choral music,17,1poetry, Aug 9,21.24,26,original 28,31 artwork 2.00pmcelebrating (2.301 FreeSt. Margaret's 900th anniversary. B-Book Festival, Charlot e Square G5 GAELIC AND ENGLISH POETRY FROM LEWIS ANDby some HARRIS Acain' s anthology of poems from Lewis and Harris will be presented of the poets accompanied Aug 20 6.30pmby (8.music. 00) £3.00 (£1.50) SCOTTISH SINFONIA > ' > Venue 131-Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 667 2170 K8 MAHLER SYMPHONY NO. 2 IN C MINOR, ' R ESURRECTION' Conductor: Neil Mantle. Lisa Milne (soprano) Heather Boyd (mezzo soprano) Edinburgh Bach Choir. Jubilo. 'Atremendous vast audienceauthority filled not only seatEducational but also theSupplement. aisles ... A performance-of power'everyTimes 'A resolute, confident and convincing and performance' Scotsman.—Ptess reviews of our 1987 Mahler Two. Aug Aug 2930 5.8.000pm 0pm (6.(0.330)0) £6.50 (£5.00 SUPDY) (£3.00 0 SCREAMING BLUE MURDER THEATRE COMPANY ° Venue 84-The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811. N2 ★Radiothon. KIDDIESInspired Wl’ NOWT is Yorkshire Radio Station, SWINEDALE FM' s , own Stanley charity by national mass-media fund-raising events, owner, Utterthwaite, chanceLaugh-a-minute to rescue the ailing Stationfromfromthisobscurity and line his pockets inseizes the theprocess. comedy award-winning company. Aug 16-28 fnot Sun) 6.30pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.50)



BoysSiLoiiffh ALY BAIN (Shetland), fiddle CATHAL McCONNELL (Ireland), flute, whistle, song DAVE RICHARDSON (Northumberland), concertina, mandoline, cittern, button accordion CHRISTY O'LEARY (Ireland) uillean pipes, whistle, song JOHN COAKLEY (Ireland), guitar, piano, fiddle Aly Bain leads worldclass Edinburgh band's annual Celtic music feast! Virtuoso Donegal guests Dermot McLaughlin (fiddle) and Dermot Byrne (accordion)! The QUEEN'S HALL CLERK STREET, EDINBURGH 27, 28 & 29th August 1993 7-30pm (9.30) Tickets at £7.50 (£6.50 concession) from Fringe Box Office - 226 5138 and Queen's Hall promoted Box Office by Boys- of668the 2019 Lough 97

Pacific Rim presents Struck Off AndDt

SEANN NOS ° • 3I' Venue 52-West End Hotel, 35 Palmerston Place Tickets 668 3733 f| CEILIDH NIGHT! The exciting and original sound of traditional music fromplatt Hr prize-winning folk the bandWestern 'Seann Isles, Nos'—Eastheldcoast in theballads; 'Highlanders' gathering Gaelic songs from whistle, fiddle; bagpipi jc to bongos Aug 15-21 (not—andFri 20)much, 8.much 30pm more! (10.00) £4.00 (£2.50 SUC) SEQUOYAH THEATRE OF CALIFORNIA^ Venue 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 I ★ FUENTEOVEJUNA This dynamic, bi-lingual performance addresses soc c oppression, rape and violence through a spirited original adaptation of Lope Vega's classic Spanish play. presents Incorporating classical/folkcelebration guitar andof dance, tl ensemble aged 8-80, an impassioned those wfiy have1521 actedofto3.20,1preserve Aug 5pm (4.45)human£5.0dignity. 0 (£3.00) SERENDIPITY THEATRE Venue 84-The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811. ★ BLANKHow A comedy withwhopolitical J.E. woke Latham.me Twinkle, little I wonder you are?dentures Politicsbynever up, Quitetwinkln like t|u sight16,Star, of18,your tight D-cup. Aug 2 0 2. 3 0pm (3. 3 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 24,26,28 12.30pm (1.30) | ★ BIG multi-memory MAMA She'sexperience. got a wombAnandhonest, she'spoignant not afraidandtostriking use it. piece She'sofa visJa mul|r media, theatre Serendipity's sister company. Aug 23,17,215.9,by2217Dead2.12.3Rose, 0pm Aug 30pm(3.(1.20)20) £3.00 (£2.50) SHALL WE GO THROUGH PRODUCTIONS Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 (H ★ LOIS 39, LANEseeksby Tom Payne.fromA New VerseLEX:Comedy withtheMusic. sin?*fif woman, lostCLARK: lover Krypton. revealing secretLOIS: of laugfbl perf| pasta time after time. putting the pants back into underpants. The the tears, the 2Truth: TheSeptPlay.1-4 (Finishes just before Neighbours.) Aug Aug 20,12 214,1,217,6-19, 28,292-25.30,12.31,15pm (1.15) 12.£5.15pm 00 (£3.(1.155)0) £4.50 (£3.00) SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY THEATRE COMPANY ° •• Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 B *The180! THE ILLUSTRIOUS RISE AND TRAGIC FALL OF TOMMY PEOPLI premierOnesportsman ofleading his generation looks back on a lifepresents in darts.a new A playsails::iy: our time. of Britain' s student theatre companies written Aug 1528by(notPhilip Mon Graham 23) 6.and 15pmRobert (7.501 Crouch. £4.00 (£3.00) NED SHERRIN Venue 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 650 2001 NED SHERRIN 'Engrossing ... anMikeessential stop-off those atanda loose-end| lunchtime' Scotsman. LastGuaranteed year, McShane, MilesforKington manyof meer mo#f>|e-; This year... who knows? lunchtime relaxation. Daily change Take a chance on Ned's guests, plus Aug £6.00a free glass of wine. Price 1720, includes24-27a glass1.of00pmwine(2.or00)soft drink.

THE SHOESTRING PLAYERS Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 LADDERS TO inTHE SKY An enactment all-new adventure! Thesearound eleventhe world' actors V'it '★wizards ofTimes. illusion of talesforfrom New York 'sparkle An this hourfantastic of perfectly judged theatre all List the family. The stoitt:' s spring to life and with inventive humour and fun!' ' 9 2. 13-15,1719,22.2411.26,30am 30 (12.11.30)30am £5.(12.0300)(£4.00)£4.50 (£3.50) 1328 August at 8.30pm Aug Aug 20,21.2729 THE GILDED BALLOON SHORT BACK AND SIDES ° •• (Main Theatre) VENUE 38 Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 (V 233 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH11JQ BAZAAR AND RUMMAGE Short Back and Sides return to the Fringe S3a|9 TOWNSEND' S comedy about agoraphobia. A group of women tell ofwomen theirwith lives Box Office: 031 226 2151 Tickets from £5.50 families as they prepare for a jumble sale. Their stories reveal how becows trapped by their anxieties, unhelped by those nearest to them. Preview Aug 17 28Aug(not16Sun) 2.15pm2.15pm(3.45)(3.45) £3.0£4.0 00 (£3.00) ^StruckOfl And Die,,, The Porky Palmers 1424 August at 6.45pm STEPPING STONES STUDIO • VENUE 51 Box Office. 031 226 6520 Tickets: £6.50/£5.50

SHREWSBURY SCHOOL _L Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 GUYS AND DOLLS I shall now stake you some most valuable advice which is you shouldShrewsbury by no means the glorious fable ofproduction Broadwayofbycrap-shootjOc Mr. Danesr c 2 Runyon. Schoolmisspresent electrifying classic. All-dancing, all-singing, all happening from ... Aug 30 Sept 4 7.30pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.0011 l 1 —

r \ — JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH •• -j j j^tiue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 MIDITATIOIMS For seven performances only, ' B ritain' s fastest rising comedy star' NMEYamaha invites you to sit back inNominee your seat1992 and relax viasoon the midi channel ofTHE his i| trusty organ—Perrier and to star in SHUTTLEWORTHS (BBC Radio 4). 'Highlight' Time Out of Channel 4's SATURDAY ZOO. Aug 2427 26,29 30 3.00pm 3.00pm(4.1(5)4.151 £6.5£6.0 0(£5.0 (£5.50)001 „ Aug DAVE SILK JAZZ ° ■ Venue 39-Anderson's, (formerly Earl of Lothian), 161 Lothian Rd. Tickets 229 5745 K5 DAVE SILK' S SHINY STOCKINGS Swinging sessions with special guests IJ INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED in the FESTIVAL CIRCUIT. Those invited include KEITH & MARCIA PENDLEBURY (Wales)andGABRIELLE PARKERSee(Windsor) PEGGY WEBB NOT KING COLE KIT PACKHAM. Daily Diary for : i Aug details.15-31(New 8.York). 0 0pm (9. 4 5) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 15-31 11.00pm (1.00) £5.00 (£4.00)

★ BLUEBEARD This adaptation of Max English Frisch's dramatic tale investigates the reasons Aug 1719,and 29 31motives 6.30pmfor(7.Dr30)Shaad'£6.s00guilt. (£3.00) soundtrack. *clownade RUSSIAN TOMFOOLERY Sobchak and to mix Russian drama and circus inusesthis the new Stanislavsky interpretation ofMethod Chekhov’s tragi-comedy. Aug 2022, Sept 1.3 8.30pm (7.30) £6.00 (£3.00) SOMETHING PERMANENT THEATRE COMPANY ° * Venue 40-The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 J8 ★innermost DON'T thoughts—or BREATHE AareWORD Do you keep a diary? Would you your some best left inunexpressed? Discover thereveal deepest secrets of diary-writers, past and present, this gripping new play by Susan Richardson. in Edinburgh, following successful performances in both London and 2328 Toronto.Now Aug 3.30pm (4.45) £4.50 (£3.50)

' SKETCHED OUT Venue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 A COMEDY OF SKETCHES SketchedComedy Out, a ofzanySketches, comedybringing duo fromto lifeCanada, Ii| dance invite you to enjoy their revue show—A song, and mime. The whacky, upbeat humour is sure to reveal your purpose in life ! Aug(well,11-25maybe 9.not), 15pm but (10.0the 0) laughter £5.00 (£3.will00)last a lifetimp.

SOUND & FURY Venue 101-Rifle lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 MACBETH Blood, and bad, bad wimmin—Shakespeare' s classic has it all.seductive A heady mixturebestiality of amagic and music, warriorslow-gravity and witches: shiveringly and kitsch with kick. Oxford' s high-energy, student theatre company Aug 15-28 give3.5a0pmdazzling (5.20) performance £4.50 (£3.00)which literally takes flight!

SKINNER AND SOUTHGATE • Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 I■H with SKINNER & SOUTHGATE Sun/Tues/Thurs/Sat: one-man, sketch-based comedy former Footlights member Richard GROUP Skinner.FACILITATOR. Includes his classic CONTACT <11> LENS mime and his barbed ENCOUNTER On Mon/Wed/Fri, poetry from SkinnerthemandonChris Southgate, with guest singer-songwriter Sandy — Aug Southgate 22-28 joining 8.15pm (9.30) Monday. £4.00 (£3.50) SLEEPING GIANT THEATRE ’•2»3» 0 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 * THE PLUMMETING OLD WOMAN the bittersweet storiesproduction of Oscar ^^'Wilde Russian writer Daniil Kharms,toFrom this bicultural exploresandmovement, human cruelty andand our puppets. reactions itexcept withspectacular black humour and pathos,young using ^vibrant masks All very young. ' A talented Icompany' Manchester City Life.£4.00 (£3.00) Aug 2228,30 1. 3 0pm (2. 4 0) Aug 21,2729 £4.50 (£3.50) SMALL FISH BIG PONDS THEATRE G7 iHi; 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 J*AeDOUBLE D —a tragi-comedy by Matthew Westwood, directed by and featuring (Dot Cotton) Brown. Friday 13th August is Trudi' s birthday—Laurel and fesalind can't wait, Trudi'to ssurvive' dreading(Evening it, and asStandard), for her mother—well... theatre teeds such voices 'full of appealing'Thesurprises' i \i, (Time Out).19,new AugAug 20,13-17, 2 2-24, 2 6, 3 0, 3 1, S ept 24 4. 0 0pm (5. 3 0) £6. 5 0 (£5. 5 0) 21,27 29 4.00pm (5.30) £7.50 (£6.50) : ii ARTHUR SMITH Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 ★ SODGaryA Lineker' new play by ArthurbySmith—co-author of thesWest hit 'Aand n Evening with Incidental a hotbutEnd Summer Frank is buried himself .inProduced the back garden. StarringTheatre. lots of It'people not Arthur Smith. |!i Aug Unlike 13 19, 2 2, 2 4-26, 3 0, S ept 1-4 G JAug 20,21,2729 6.50pm (8.00) THE EDINBURGH ROCK SHOW Arthur i.e.Smitha shambles. and introducing Dave . ^Carpenter. A cross between a show Starring and a ramble, tl** 1S-212S,28 1 courtyard. 3.00pm 16.00) £3.00

SOUTHSIDE 93 Venue 82-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. U0 SOUTHSIDE '93-ALIVE AND firmly established on the Festival Fringethemap, once againKICKING brings youNow complete all round Entertainment. pick Shows ofSouthside the fringe alternative Box office open—3.00am! 10.OOam toSee1.00am. 12 noon to 4am.comedy, LicensedlateBarnight. and Cafe 11 .OOam SOUTHSIDE A-THE MAIN HALL MUCH ADOs warm-hearted ABOUT NOTHING True love threatened by evil Bastard. Shakespeare' Aug 13-28 (not Sun 22) 1.10pm comedy (3.00) containing £5.00 (£4,00)two of his most appealing lovers. ★Robert EASYShearman LAUGHTER Superb new play by fast-rising and brilliant (award-winning) Aug 13-29 (not Sun 22)(see NSTC 3.20pmentry). (5.40) £5.00 (£3.00) AND DOLLSmusical. This talented, nationally acclaimed, 50-strong company sparkle inGUYS this15-21spectacular Aug 6.00pm (7.3D) £4.50 (£4.00) RORY MCGRATH' S TALES FROM THE CRYPT See his radio masterpiece screened Aug 22-Septfor4 the6.stage. 10pm (7.A15)unique£4.staging 50 (£4.00)of this comic tale. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Enter theMusical underworld of Skid Row where the most dangerous Aug 12 Sept 4of(notplants 17,24,awaits 2) 7.you. 50pmSellout (9.15) £5.00 (£4.success 00) in Cambridge. SOME WOOD AND A PIE: THE 1993 CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS renowned show50) on the Fringe' Radio 1. The Aug 12-Sept revue 4 (not 17,group 24,2) returns 9.40pmwith(10.'t5he0) funniest £6.50 (£4. ★ LIFErealistic OF SPICE Part play, partseen revue . . footstomping, hilarious and containing the most British(12.4Theatre. Aug 12,14,16,18,2stage 0,22.24,fights 26.28.3ever 0,Sept 1 in11.a15pm 5) £4.50 (£4.00) Aconfused FUNNYidentity, THINGcross HAPPENED THE ofFORUM Naives hilarious virgins, dressing ONandTHE lust WAY all formTO part Sondheim' musical Aug 13,15,farce. 17,19,,29,31,Sept 3,4 11.15pm 112.45) £4.50 (£4.00) MORE FIREWORKS FROM PUREnotSTEEL Hours of late music, drinking and dancing Sept 2 to11.suit00pmall(1.tastes. 30) A£4.one-off 50 (£4.00) to be missed. SOUTHSIDE B-THE STUDIO THEATRE CHRISTIE IN LOVE by Howard Brenton. A18.disturbing and controversial play about a serial Aug 13-Septkiller4 (notand17,his22,act 31) of love. 12.50pmCertified (2.00) £3.50 (£3.00)

LINDA SMITH , Venue 50-The Music Box, 9c Victoria Street. Tickets 220 4847 . I LINDA Firstforfulla length show from of today'of sthetopComedy ranking sonnies.s SMITH British'SEdinburgh Comedy Award and one a member 'Nominated Cuttingdisplays Edge'a team. mashing' ThegoldGuardian. 'Sparkles with fresh i Store' naterial—she warmth which is like to a comedian' The Scotsman. Aug 13-Sept 4 7.15pm (8.151 £6.50 (£5.00) VICTOR SOBCHAKS THEATRE (RUSSIA^ ^ *enue 19-C, Over Seas House, 100 Princes Street. Tickets 225 5105 G7 FIRST , LOVE Experimental mimeThisdrama based onRussian Beckett'company s 'First Love' and Jln^dgame' with English soundtrack. ' m omentous' Guardian, ^ • syhich madeof over its British debut at last year's offestival, returns with gems from its ‘<epertoire *ug 11-13,2628, Sept304 works, 6.30pmhot(7.on30) the heels £6.00 (£3.0an0) African tour. *i malyses THE CHOSEN ONE This searching production Sobchak' s ownEnglish work the problems of being gay in Russia, with poetryof and movement. lialogue. 14-16,24,25 6.30pm (7.30) £6.00 (£3.00)

Stagey Principal: Valeric Jackson 84 (ySpresents ■■■ Heven/brideH FOR. SEVEN BROTHERS BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL HIDE ■ SOBBIN’ WOMEN GOING CO’TIN-WONDERFUL WONDERFUL DAY ONE MAN-LOVE NEVER GOES AWAY Produced & Directed by Alyson E. Lee |aUGUST 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 at 7.15 pm, also Sat21 at 2.15pm| VENUE 93 James Gillespie’s High School, Lauderdale Street, Edinburgh ADULTS £5.00 CHILDREN/CONCESSIONS £4.00 Telephone 0836 785852 or FRINGE OFFICE 99



Scheister Productions Present.

“A phenomenon in entertainment” James Whale ‘“A Woody Allen from Edgware” Independent

‘“The highlight of the festival” Radio 4 “The essence of Jewish humour” FT

‘God’s comedian” GLR

“‘Hysterically hilarious’ Stoge

from ITV’s THE LITTLE PICTURE SHOW, GET STUFFED, JAMES WHALE and a host of obscure nightime television shows SHALOM MUTHAFUCKERS! “This will not only offend the Jewish community, it will offend anyone who has or respects religious beliefs.” Rabbi Shalom Shapira, Edinburgh “He was offensive to everyone, even the bar staff were embarrassed.” Jenny Etherton, Union of Jewish Students '“It sounds to me as if he has had one smoke too many.” Rabbi Hugo Cryn, West London Synagogue “‘Have something to eat!” His mother MIDNIGHT * 13 AUG-4 SEPT * £7 (£5 cone) * HILL ST THEATRE


venue OFFldl31 557-669645 JEFFREY 10:30 AMSTTOBOX MIDNIGH

SOUTHSIDE 93 continued MR. THOMAS Cathy Burke.gender Time role, Out Winner concientiously (|ifjonding. 6rtonesque piece,by questioning sexuality1990. and Athedarkdemands of male Aug 16 Sept 4 <not 22,3V 2.10pm (3.301 £3.50 <£3.00) NOEL COWARD' S PRIVATE LIVES Moonlight cocktails and orchestra provide the {background Noel(6.1Coward' Hfl 1221 for4.30pm 51 £4.s 5timely 0 |£4.00)masterpiece. An absolute must! ★ WAKEbyOFBethJAMIE FOSTERprize A bizarre and hilarious Americ, i Southern life Comedy Wk ^ ?8,30,SHenley. ept 13 Pulitzer 4.30pm (6.15)winner.£4.50 (£4.001 JIM CARTWRIGHT' S TO A sharp, salty, quickfire evocation of tl and 23.underlying Aug 25,27,29,31,melodrama Sept 2,4 of4.English 30pm (5.4life.0) £4.50 (£4.00) MARKsince BLAKE & TIM VINEthing. present an evening of paralleled The funniest thing and0ribaldry. Aug 12 apn, 4theInotlastTuesfunniest 17,24, Thur 21 'Talented, 6.45pm (7.experienced 451 £4.50 (£4. 01surreal' Time Out. THE SAME OLD STORY Mad, dynamic and pertinent to a society which continues ,|mb waste i3Sept4the genius 8.10pmof19.its451women. £4.50 |£4.00) GHOSTS (IN THE onMACHINE) Ireland'Fandringecompany returnTheunleashing and video cameras Ibsen andPeter audiences. visionaries' Sunday robots Times. jPrevi ug 15ew30Aug 1410.15pm10.1(11.5pm40)(11.40)£5.00£3.(£4.50001(£2.50) BENT DOUBLE Enter the tacky hell Of high heels and hobnobs where mirrors make Augqueens 22 28wicked12 mianddniggender ht (1.15) is up£4.for50 grabs. (£4.00) SOUTHSIDE C-THE CABARET BAR INDEPENDENT Original,bathgripping reconstruction of the life of George and (3.the4MEANS 'Joseph 1521 Smith2.15pm 0)'brides£3.0in0 the (£2.501 case'. LOOT A tough 90's setdebacles production of Orton' s farce masterpiece, predicted the judical and social disintigration of today. which menacingly K 1328 loot Sun 22)WITH4.SHERGAR 20pm (6.00) PRESENTS £4.00 (£3.501SIMONS. SPIKE'S LAUGH-IN ON THE TOILET Hilarious Aug 13 Septnew4 sketches, 8.20pm (9.songs, 50) satire £4.00and (£3.0stand-up, 0) from last year's lavatorial sell out *intoTHEviolent HANGING TREE A powerful, new devised playbleakshowing one child's slide crime and its consequences. Haunting, and disturbingly very 1 13-22 10.30pm (midnight) £4.50 (£4.00) IUTHSIDE Cabaret music Simon until veryHardeman. late. A different selection of topLATEacts—COMEDY each evening with andCompere 3.00am licence. Aug 13 Sept 3 12.40am (3.15) £3.00 (£2.50) SPIRIT OF SCOTLAND Venue 102-Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles St. Leith. Info 554 3451 C13 Outer SPIRITandOFsong SCOTLAND evening distillation the best ofstorytellers. traditional story, blusic in thesongslivinginAnGaelic tradition. fromofwhole traditional Fiddle and pipe inmusic and and Stories Scots. The evening' s entertainment includes the ticket price two drams of the finest Scotch malt whisky. Aug 15, 1 8, 2 3 25, 3 0 Sept 1 7. 4 5pm (10. 0 0) £12. 0 0 Aug 17 8.30pm (10.45)

THE SQUARE CENTRE Venue 77-The Square Centre, Nicolson Square Methodist Church. L10 Welcome to a festivalin within The(butFestival drama (Foad Theatre Co),performances poetry and paintings presented historic active!) church. Relax between inOffice, our cafe, or chapel an oasisOpen of goodMonfoodFri 8.30am-3.30pm. and calm close by the Fringe Clubgarden and many other venues. ★ ORESTES bytheEuripides. Angry black comedy abouthe knew. heroism, madness and matricide from man who taught Orton everything Aug 23 28 4.30pm (5.45) £5.D0 [£3.501 EQUUS passion. by Peter Shaffer. Disturbed teenager, Alan Strang, is gripped by a primitive Aug 2328 6.15pmCan(7.30)sanity£5.be00restored, (£3.50) yet humanity remain? FOUR AWARD-WINNING SCOTTISH POETS Robert Crawford, Anna Crowe, Roddy3 Lumsden and00)Angela£5.McSeveney Sept 8.00pm (10. 00 (£2.50) read from recent and published work. WATERCOLOURS Local and artist,otherGareth McRae atEDINBURGH the9-SeptCastle, familiar vistas.takes a fresh look Aug 4 (notRoyal Suns) Mile,8.3Arthur' 0am (3.3s0)Seat Free STAGE 84 « -> Venue 93-James Gil espie's High School, Lauderdale Street. Tickets 0836 785852 N5 SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS Lively, entertaining, fabulous. A spectacular new production of the highly successful film and Broadway show. Set innearest the beautiful mountainous country of Oregan. Adamresults. Pontipee sets outnottotothebe town to find himself a bride with surprising A musical missed. Aug Matinee1521Aug 217.15pm2.1(9.5pm45) (4.45)£5.00 (£4.00) STAIRCASE PRODUCTIONS Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 PEPYS 17th THE Century DIARISTLondon Fascinating-Vivid-Racy--Caustic Humorous! aPeep at Pepys' —The Plague and the Great Fire-Witness public execution-his lust women.of hisWriter/performer-JAMES MEREDITH is 'Pepys reincarnated ...years ' 'Theforupwards.) quality performance is spellbinding!' The Stage. (Age suitability: 14Aug Press Preview 14 12. 3 0pm (1. 4 5) £4. 0 0 Aug 1625 12.30pm (1.45) £4.50 (£3.00) GHM PRESENTS

SPOKESONG THEATRE COMPANY • • • K3 Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 ★ GREENembarks ARE onMYthePASTURES David toDoran. The grandson of a Scottish weaver longidentity journeybyand'home' the highlands of his grandfather’s youth i n search of meaning, belonging. There he discovers a life-style long14-Sept thought4 lost9.0to0pmthe(10.rise15) of science £5.00 (£4.and00) industry. Lyrical, bold, funny, moving. TALES FROM ' 1 001 NIGHTS' Burton' s adaptation of the classic Arabian magical, whimsical,Sir Richard frolicsome, mystical family show. Aug 1529 stories. (not4 Sun 6.22)A00pm Aug 30-Sept (7.12.15)15pm (1.30) £4.50 (£3.50) MDNTANEOUS COMBUSTION j Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Ti> 225 65201226 2151 J7 ★ RAISEsecretTHEstory DEAD A medium is possessed byfor athose Voicethey fromleftBeyond the Grave whose reveals dangerous surprises behind. istylish, impossible, wildly funny show... from London' s top extravaganza' improvising team.TimeAnother 'Highly skilled, hugely enjoyable comedy a splendid impro Out. ;'AugDazzling' 13 Sept The 4 Guardian. 6.15pm (7.30) £6.00 (£5.00) SPOTLITES THEATRE COMPANY 'fenufto-Southside '93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. no THE HANGING TREE his vibrant youngviolent company a powerful newA devised play piece showing one child' s slideinnocence, into crimepremieres its consequences. jarovocative -probing poverty, power andand corruption. Haunting, /jjdleak and disturbingly very, very funny. Dare to witness this devastating expose sweeps 'tf"9what 1322 society 10.30pm (12.10)under £4.the50 mat. (£4.00)

"Astonishing technique.. stunning virtuosity JAZZ EXPRESS Assembly Rooms George Street. 20 Aug - 4 Sept at 4.00pm (not 31 Aug) Box Office: 031 226 2428 101

STAND UP BLACK AMERICA Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 L11 IAN EDWARDS, RENEE HICKS ANDsensational SULI MCCULLOUGH is bold,in beguiling andutterly bald.unique. Suli isTogether sizzling they and andcutting Ian, edge bornRenee andentertaining raised Jamaica, is represent the of and from across the20pmAtlantic. Aug 12,educational 1419,22,24 26,comedy Aug 20,21,2729 10.302Sept 0pm (11.ISept45) 3,4 £7.510.0 (£6. 50)(11.45) £7.00 (£6.00) MELANIE STEWART DANCE Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 LILITH MELANIE STEWART DANCE celebrate their and tenthmythological anniversaryhistory with theof European of LILITH, inspired by the biblical Adam' s firstpremiere wife.eloquence. LILITH displays the company' s signature sensuality, full-bodied movements and Intertwined with music and poetry, LILITH depicts women' Aug 1328s(notsexuality Suns 15,as22) key 9.to45pmempowerment, (11.00) £6.0not 0 (£3.imprisonment. 50) NIK STORM Venue 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462 K9 NIK STORMandThe complete entertainer. Entirely acoustic. A pot-pourrifromof monologues songs with guitar. MostlyShakespeare self-written butetc.withWit,contributions Cole Porter, Don MacLean, Bret Harte, humour, drama, pathos, with his golden singing voice, truly a modern-day jongleur. 'A crowd pleaser' Stage. Aug 16-SeptThe4 (not Suns) 2.15pm (3.30) £4.00 (£3.00| STREET THEATRE Wireworks, Parliament Square, The Mound. BE AMAZED, DAZZLED CONFOUNDED by the multitude of entertainers bringing their skills to youduring onAND every street corner. s topsingstreet descend on take Edinburgh the Fringe, toamplification! makeTheyouworld' laugh, andperformers be merry. Come and part, but positively no Hot spots: Wireworks Playground (behind the Fringe Office), The Mound (next to the National Gallery, Princes St) and Parliament Square (High Street, by St Giles' Cathedral). Aug 14-Sept 5 10.00am (early evening)

DIRECT DISTRIBUTION s, Entertainments, Tourism eisure Publicity Nationwide Since 1988 Direct Distribution has been offering the most reliable and cost effective service for the planning, distributing and monitoring of all forms of free publicity. In 1992 we were responsible for targeting over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters thougbout Scotland. Whether distributing publicity material in bulk drops or a sustained campaign nationwide, call Angus White now on: 041 429 3838 (Fox 041 429 8935)

STRUCK OFF AND DIE Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 DOCTORS WITH real doctorsGuardian. tell it how'Ait polished is. PERRIERdouble PICKad THE 1991.ATTITUDE ERIOUSLYTwoFUNNY' The FRINGE Independent. 'Currently I'Snappropriate materialonTheRadio for a 4,comedy show' BroadcastiAh Standards Council. appearing in Private Eye and with tf Porky13-28Palmers. Aur (not Tue 17) 8.30pm (9.45) £7.00 (£6.00) STUDIO THY ‘81—THEATRE MIRIAM Venue 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place. Tickets 228 2234)228 9666 one war,Kay and &theRikicoldHayut. w Pianist Ina Lapid. Partos.survive Actorsa hotLinda Preview Aug 20,2Aug 2,24,1826 4.4.000pm 0pm(5.(5.550)0) £3.£6.0000 (£4.00) ★ YENTL play adaptedit'sfrom of Bashevis Singer. 'ThereRight—today,! are stories 1 can' happen.A years. However, writtentheDirector 'astory nything' says Yentl. $ in a thundred Who knows? Gezas possible" Partos. Actor Riki Hayut. Composioso and pianist Linda Kay. Preview Aug 16 4. 0 0pm (5. 5 0) £3. 0 0 Aug 17,19,21,25 4.00pm (5.50) £6.00 (£4.00) II MERVYNSTUTTER Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 MERVYN STUTTERs ONLY PRESENTS SEEN ANYTHING The triumphal return theofGOOD?' Fringe anonhour-anair half orofsotheit'TFringe' seems ... Thes showcase/chat perfect wayandtoheshow. getmusta ‘All taste what inishonourably offer' tJ(r Scotsman. his is Stutter' brainchild be commended it'AugThe14-31List. 12.00 noon (1.30) £4.00 SUNDUZA Venue 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9, Wight: 650 4673 INJABULO 2000 Sunduza (The Push)—Zimbabwe' dancers returni i aharmonies second yearwith combining extraordinary energy, skillBanda' ands youthful beautiful Southern Africlh original choreography. Simon s aSteam Team.Aberd^ 'Shy I harmonies and fancy footwork' Parade 1991. ' Q uite simply revelation' Press and colourful dance and stunning African musju The 1322 List& Journal 1992.8.00pm1992.(9.30)'Dynamic Aug £6.00 Membership (£5.00 Cone andforFrithe nge Clevening. ub Members) Ticket Price included Fringe Club S.Y.T. THEATRE COMPANY Venue 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 ★ DEAD FISH A new play,of anDead Fish. family' Set against of if shipbuilding industry, the tale 'ordinary' s life.work,Toldtheillness, withbackdrop gutsex,wrenchdc emotion humour they ambitfc and mostandof allsidelove.splitting More powerful thanencounter last year'shard phenomenal, September In "lr Aug 1628 5.20pm (6.55) £4.00 (£3.00) TAKE TWO PRODUCTIONS Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 ★ the DIVAS Glasgow singer/actress Alysonof OrrDietrich, in a thrilling musical fhe|r ofand chanteuse—featuring the Evening songs Piaf. tribute This 'eto'vocator exhilarating show' , Glasgow Times, is forGarland, divasofeverywhere! A sir® ofTheunmistakeable talent' —T/re Scotsman. ' A performance vigour and energy^ Stage. 4 (net Tues 17,24,31) 10.00pm (10.45) £6.00 (£4.00) Aug 15Sept Pangolin Productions presents ZIMBABWE’S HIGH ENERGY DANCE COMPANY .FEEL THE HEAT OF AFRICA HEAR THE WARMTH OF THEIR PURE HARMONIES fat£0,in SUNDUZA INJABULO 2000 13 to 22 August only now on CD and Cassette AT THE FRINGE CLUB 8.00pm(9.30pm)j Bristo Square Venue no. 2 tkts £6.50 (£5.00 Cones.) Bkngs 031 226 5257/5259. "Quite simply a revelation"(Aberdeen Press & Journal ’92) "Dynamic and colourful dance performance, original choreography 1 and stunning African music", TheList(Hitlist). "The multi-talented j Simon Banda, an artistic phenomenon" Jane King. Ticket price includes Fringe Club Membership for the eveni*


TARTAN ROSE THEATRE COMPANY ainue 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 NEWER WILDERNESS I not seen thehasSunmade^' I couldEmily have borne the shade But★ Alight a newer Wilderness Had My new Wilderness Dickinson. This moving, funny, thought-provoking play explores the Ross awakening passions of a disabled woman. Starring Jacqueline Gilbrook —Susan in ' T ake the High Road.’ Aug 16-27 9.00pm (10.301 £5.00 (£4.00) 0 TDK ROUND MIDNIGHT JAZZ FESTIVAL Venue 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 61 With top jazzthenames, theRoundbestMidnight late nightJazzpartyFestival in town and a venue with great atmosphere, TDKPresented : ghucessions programmes to date. Direct. presents one of its finest available on the door one byhourAssembly before performance. CAROL KIDDtheTheGershwin finest jazzsongbook singer inwith Britain' {Times)Green mixes& Ganley. old favourites with classics from Newton, Aug 30pm(9.(12.30)30) £10. 00 I! tug 2019 7.10.30pm WHITE/band. MAGGIE Original blues from gravel-voiced and ji vocalisthisTAM10-piece Plus BELL rare Scottish appearance from ex-StoneTamTheWhiteCrows 4l| Aug 20 Maggie 10.30pm Bell. (12.30) £8.00 IIIj classical CAULD BLAST ORCHESTRA A distinctive sound marrying folk, jazz, rock and -j|» 21 music. 7.30pm 'T(9.ruly 30) superb' £7.00 The Guardian. 1MACEO PARKERthe& ROOTS REVISITED Prepare for some serious blowing and ■ m 21rhythms10.3from 0pm (12.30)J.B. horns. £9.00 MARTIN TAYLOR SOLO Conjuring beautifullinesmelodies nowhere, hisrange fleet fingered solosbackdrops. compose lightning fast melodic againstfrom an encyclopaedic Hharmonic 22 7.30pm (9.30) £7.00 n|.I iBirtiprovisors. JOHN SURMAN QUARTET One of the U.K.'s finest and n t influential jazz Aug 22 10.3Famed 0pm (12.for30) his beautiful, £8.00 fluid tone.

1^M|57-PBC Scotland, Studio One, 5 Oaeen Street. Tickets 225 3131 G8 MOSCOW folk ARTsongs TRIOfrom FrenchAlperin, horn Shilkloper gymnastics,& jazz influenced improvisations, (Moldavian Starostin. Passionate, exciting music. Sept 4 8.00pm (10.00) £7.00 TEMPORARY GIRL G7 Jijljwe 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 'Jfrancisco, ★ TEMPORARY GIRL Kotin.the HotLucille fromBallits ofrunaway in film, San Chicago andbringbyNewyouLisaYork, the and 90'successes shilarious combinesview icomedy and mime to one woman' s brilliantly witty j the top throughout' from the lowest rung Reader. of the corporate ladder. 'Tour de force ... a physicalof iitnarvel Chicago {luglug 20,13 17,21,129,72922.23,25,2.206,0pm30,S(3.ept30)1-4 £8.2.0000pm(£7.(3.00)30) £7.00 (£6.00) •'ELLEN TERRY Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 111 THENTERRY' THERE A STARin herDANCED-ELLEN TERRYto have tells the story of ijii'theE★LLEN Sart,lifeWAS andgolden career, words,andandwit.those lucky experienced glory of her her personality, Adored like no actress before, ►rJlher nameconventions. shines out in theatre history, despite breaking Victorian Society's • strictest Previ 00 (£5.(5.10510) £6.Two00for(£5.the001price of one luglug 20,14,ew21Aug 5,1,217-29 719,12,212,3 24 3.26,43.0pm 340,0pmSept(5.(5.15)1-15)4 £6.3.£6.5400pm (£5.50) -f Midnight at Marcos

THEATRE COMPANY NUMBER ELEVEN Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 G7 ★ PROGRAMMING ADA BYRON Ada Byron,mathematician, the poet's daughter, was she the world' s first computer programmer. Prophetic yet artist, resolves her father' a mother' s scientific restrictiveness tocontinues break new ground.s genetic Largelyinheritance unlauded inwith her day, her story of personal discovery Aug 13-Sept to4 encapsulate 2.45pm (3.4larger 5) £4.issues. 50 (£4.00) THEATRE DES BICYCLETTES • Venue 1-Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office J9 ★mainTHEpropsENDmagically OF THEappearing PIER SHOW Based around a 1940' s Delivery Bike with the from the basket. This changes into a surreal dreamlike performance Routines, create Stunts,a Acrobalance Fire. Famous for their using visualComic comedyDance 'Bicyclettes' light-heartedandseaside atmosphere Aug 1621 appealing 1.00pm (2.00)to all ages. £3.00 (£2.One00)Week only. THEATRE DU PIE ° ^^3 Venue 62-St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 10 ★fineBUTTERFLY SUITE Two twins confined in a Gothic mansion, trapped in and the tangled web-work ofTheatre the past.du Can theycompelling shed thestories, chrysalisusing of shadows dance towards the light? Pif tell the power of music16-28and(notphysicality, Aug Sun 22) fusing 1.30pmEuropean (3.00) £6.and00 Oriental (£3.00) theatre styles and images. THEATRE SANS FRONTIERES •••• Venue 45-Old St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 *theCANDIDE by Voltaire. Fast, funny and ferociously French! Candide searches world forin ahishighly lost visual love, encountering chaos and catastrophe at T.S.F. every turn. Performed physical style by an international cast. ' b oth celebrate French and remove it as an obstacle.' -Guardian. A comic odyssey . . I Aug 14 Sept 4 6.10pm (7.20) £5.50 (£3.50) THEATRESTORM 60/40 ° ' •• Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★bizarre, NERVOUS-VERY, VERY DREADFULLY NERVOUS Exploding into astands new, sexual tale in the surreal world of POE, FAUST and ALICE MACBETH —lacerated and shreddedbutbywhat the vivisecting of theHighly Violin.praised The Tenor Voice beckons seductively, will be the strings outcome? ADULT BLACK COMEDY GOTHIC HORROR. Aug 23, 2 5, 2 8 9. 3 0pm (10. 4 5) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 29 Sept 4 6.30pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.50) Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 STIFLED IN THE VAULT Nicholas Jonne's CONTROVERSIAL and VISUALLY FIERCE Aug 30 Septfree4 adaptation (not Thur 2) of Shakespeare' 11.30pm (12.45)s horror £4.00love(£3.5story 0) —Romeo 8t Juliet. THEATRE WEST END Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 CROOKED JACK' S GIANT SHOWCat,Crooked RoBoBoy,s the boy robot, Sam theJEELY Skull,PIECE the Glasgow Betty Jack Duncan.is joined Hilariousby children' Aug 1621 entertainment. 11.00am (12 noon) £3.50 (£2.50) TARTUFFE Synaesthesia' s irreverentof theatre' revival of Moliere's black comedy. 'They bring1628 new(notperspectives Aug Sun 22) to12.4the0pmidea (2.20) £5.00 (£4.The00)List. THE NORMAN CONQUESTS Three threeproduction women, ofa catAlanandAyckbourn’s a rug get together for a weekend. A dynamic and men, hilarious satirical comedy. Aug 1621 2.40pm (4.20) £4.50 (£3.50) FUNCTIONofOFinnocence, THE ORGASM The story—'ofAbsolute sexologist Willhelm breakdown . Reich, of a Aug 5pm (10. (6.205)0)family£3.Augand 5030,(£2.empire 50) 1,3 3.25pm (4.genius' Aug 23,16,215,8,2270 9.5.020pm Sept 25) RISK THEATRE CO. Award-Winning JohninRandom' s Playwright THE ORANGE

WHOOPS VICAR IS THAT YOUR DICK “This is far and away the best hour of late-night cabaret this reviewer has come across in three weeks of fringe and for years: an absolute scream”

PHONE: 228 9116


THEATRE WEST tUO-continued HEKABEissues—greed, AND HIPPOLYTUS Euripides' timeless archetypal human betrayal,s acclaimed lust and productions. obsessionexplorations —hauntinglyofstaged and dynamically Aug 16-21 performed 7.00pm (8.45)in AoD' f5.00 (£3.50) (Alternate days) THE HOMECOMING When Teddy paid his family a surprise visit, he discovered thatIB-21 he could9.no10pmlonger Aug (11.00)feel atE3.home. 50 (£2.50) DANIEL' S INFERNO Adarkrockwood. musical,Unlikely satirical vision of Hell. Daniel's a little upset, takes a walk into that Aug 16-21 11.30pm (12.30) £5.00 (£3.50) Theater Co. THE POWER OF LIFE New environmentally friendly musical comedy for the whole23 28family.10.Great Aug 30am songs, (11.551 colourful £4.00 (£3.costumes, 00) 'loads-a-life'. ★ BRIGHT GLADEliveTolstoy, at home, tells stories —'How much land does a man need?' Aug 2328; 'What4.5men 0pm (6.001by'. E4.Cambridge 00 (£3.00) Umbrella. TEECHERS Godber’s hilarious comedy of school life. Elsinore end their ten month tour2328 in Edinburgh. Aug 7.15pmFast, (8.35) furious £4.00and(£3.very 00) funny. OH ... TO BE The story of solitude within the crowd —religion and football; what difference? Aug (6.251 E3.50 (£2.501 Aug 24,31,17,S129,ept8,22182,4 5.9.205pm Aug 3.0pm25pm(10.(4.00)25) SALOME Spurned and humiliated by the prophet lokanaan, Salome exploits an unexpected Aug 23 28 opportunity 11.00pm (12.2for 0) terrible £4.00 revenge. (£3.50) Theatre West. ★ THEandPIEDenjoyPIPER An evil Mayor, a dirty town and rats following a magic flute. Come Aug 30-Sept 4 12.our45pmnew(1.4version. 5) £3.00 (£2.00) WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! S.O.S.II! ... friendly Help rockfamily lobster make waves! Funky, frantic, environmentally fun!!!and the starfish Aug 1821 4. 3 0pm (5. 1 5) £2. 5 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 30 Sept 4 2.30pm (3.15) ★ SINGING plays IN THE WILDERNESS/ CAN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? Two light-hearted offering Aug SOSept 4 4.40pm (6.20) a couple £3.50 of(£2.views 50) of the little people. DOORS —FOUR OFF BROADWAY Confused about the mysteries of life, the universe Aug 30 Septand4 everything? 7.30pm (8.5Let 0) our£4.musical 50 (£2.50)revue open a few 'doors’ for you! THE DIARY OF A MADMAN Journey to 18th C Russia with the insane Quill Sharpener. Aug 2328 4Hilarious 2.45pm9.15pm(3.physical 4(10.5) 15) £4.comedy 50 (£3.50)by Radio 4 playwright. Aug 30-Sept STIFLED INofTHE VAULT THEATRESTORM 60/40's controversial and visually fierce adaptation Aug 30 Sept 4 (notShakespeare' Thurs 2) s11.horror 30pm (12,love45)story£4.Romeo 00 (£3.5and 0) Juliet.

THEATRE WEST END PRODUCTIONS0 '•* 3< Venue 126-Tlieatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 l( ★ THE PIED WEST fairy END tale PRODUCTIONS present this tonel dynamic versionPIPER of theonlyTHEATRE allhistimemagic favourite ofoftheall Piper who want rid the ofan ahour rat invasion with flute. For children ages who to ha\vyi of fun. Aug SO Sept 4 12.45pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ SINGING plays IN THEoffering WILDERNESS AND CANof YOU HEAR THE MUSIC? Twi light-hearted Aug 30 Sept 4 4.40pm (6.20) a couple £3.50 of(£2.views 50) the little people. THE heHOMECOMING When Teddy paid his family a surprise visit, he discover! that could9.no10pmlonger Aug 1821 (11.00)feel at£3.home. 50 (£2.50) THEATRE WORKSHOP Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 Must-see venue for exhilarating international programme of innovatij contemporary theatre premieres, new companies, awai winners, andComfortable, morel). andPlusdance lively(UK/European cafegreat bar, value music cabaret, children's early show! exhibitions. welcoming, entertainment—from late each day and each night of the Fringe. ^ MAIN THEATRE ★ THE DEATHaction. OF DON QUIXOTE-BENCHTOURS Live17th music,century wild humo|§ breath-taking Raucous adaptation of Cervantes' classiie 'Marvellously Aug 16-Sept 4 (notinventive Sun 22) theatre' 4.00pmTHE(5.30)SCOTSMAN. £5.50 (£3.50) i ★compelling DIRT ENTERS AT THE A 1992LiferFringe First he' winner scrutiny of prison lifeHEART-CAT. continues. A 'straight' discovers s Ha positive ... Aug IS Sept 4 (not Suns 22,291 6.00pm (8.00) £6.00 (£3.50) , ★ ACCUSTOMED TO HER FACE-CLYDE UNITYlove THEATRE John Bimj (Independent Award and Fringe First winner). Lesbian story—life-affirmin dirty17,humoured, Aug 19,21,23,25,cross-cultural, 27.29,31,Sept 2,4 explosive, 2.00pm sexy. (3.30) £5.50 (£3.50) WHENgirlsTHEandWORLD WASin aYOUNG-CLYDE UNITY THEATRE John Binnl? Three a gay boy school playground. Aug 18,18,20,22,24,28,28,30,Sept 1,3 2.00pm (3.30) Innocent, £5.50 (£3.50)tender comedy. 1 REMINISCENCE OF Provocative A SOUTHERN GIRLHOOD-DANCETELLE; PHILADELPHIA (USA) dance-theatre solo on love and racism in tj American of women. Aug 13-SeptDeep 4 (not South. Suns 15,A22,celebration 29) 12.30pm (1.45) £6.00 (£3.00) ;


“Entrancing’' “Just the job TIMEOUT MAY 1993


THE Week 1: 3pm and 7.30pm Sun 22nd: No 3pm show, 7.30pm ONLY 7 Mon 23rd: No shows Week 2 & Week 3: 5pm and 7.30pm All seats: Child £3.50 Adult £4.50 (Show runs for 90 minutes approx) EUROPE’S N0.1 HUMAN CIRCUS 4# International acts from China, the U.S.A., Europe and the U.K BOX OFFICE: 10.30am - 11pm 031 662 0352 DIAL-A-SEAT RESERVATIONS 0782 284 850 104



liTHEATRE WORKSHOP -continued , THE MAGIC BOBDynamic, AND MR BOOM SHOW Tricks, jokes, singalong songs, and Jia j Augone-man IB-21 band. 10.45am (11.45) fun, E3.and00cosmic entertainment for children (of all ages!). f?(movement LILITH —MELANIE STEWART DANCE (USA) Sensuality with music and poetry—eloquent explorationand offull-bodied woman's ,sexuality asintertwine key |iUg 1328 (not SunstoIS,empowerment 22) 9.45pm not (11.15)imprisonment. C6.00 (£3.50) f'ftteachers * THE PHILOSOPHY THEinALCOVE-OS (BRAZIL) Two lustful educate youngIN girl deSATYROS Sade's 'school' of debauchery. ■ Aug Murder' s luot the Sun only22)arestraint ... (12.the45) Marquis _jilirg 1628 11. 3 0pm £5. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) SOSept 4 10.00pm (11.15) £5.50 (£3.50) ★ ROLL-A-PEA (POLAND) UK debut.theatrical Outstanding Irevitalise ancient—WIERSZALIN Byelorussian fable to engrossingly effect.e Blazing ipsincerity, Aug 13 Septincredible 4 (not Sun choral 15) singing, 8.30pm (9.powerful 30) £7.imagery—unforgettable. 00 (£4.00) IBrUPIO THEATRE NO WAY OUT —COXCOMB THEATRE Sartre. Sexual ■Jiromantic and sado-masochism—enthralling displayJean-Paul of emotional horrorsjealousy, sustainsneurosis hellish 'Mug SO Septtriangle. 4 5.0Totally 0pm (6.15)gripping. £4.00 (£3.00) JiN THE PRISON COLONY-DECONSTRUCTION Franz sKafka. «Allegorical story of torture and sado-masochism in theTOURING Tropics. 'London' most niuliexciting INI 16 Septpub4 theatre' 3.00pniEVENING (4.30) STANDARD. £5.00 (£4.00) '.•((’Follow 'PERICLES —GOLDEN AGE THEATRE Pageants, brothels, storms and shipwrecks. Pericles' epic adventures in thisAughugely 1 production. 1621 inventive, 9.00pm (10.outrageously 15) £4.00 paced (£3.00) ★journey FRANKENSTEIN DREAMS-JUGGERNAUT PRODUCTIONS (USA) dance, Potent through joys and horrors of an isolated childhood. Poetry, dialogue, i{Aug sound,1628rhythm (not Sunin22)electrifying 11.00am combination. (12 noon) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ THE CITY IN THE SEA-LA PINGUICOLA SULLE VIGNE (ITALY) Surreal sDfBpectacle inspired by Edgar Allan£5.Poe' s poetry, i4bp SO Sept 4 7. 0 0pm (8. 3 0) 00 (£3. 50) from the 'cult hit' of Fringe 92 ... ; .DRACULA-POOR FOOLSmadness. Liz Lochhead. The legend dragged' ...screaming into the nffuture blood, sexuality, Irresistibly innovative. the best moment of the16-28...Fringe' Aug (not SunEVENING 22) 7.NEWS. 00pm (8.30) £4.50 (£3.50) JfHE GAMES RULE-TANDEM THEATRE sinister Spiky unnerving as twoatmenits ;r|vnost struggle survive on a 'diet' ofOut.increasingly games ...comedy 'Raw theatre aliveto 4and 16-Sept (notkicking' Suns) Time 1.00pm (2.15) £4.00 (£3.00) 'f.KABARETT Tour deGermany' force recreation Ibutrageous stageVALENTIN-UMBRELLA antics of Karlfunny. Valentin andTHEATRE partner (pre-war s greatestof [comedy |lto» 16-2S show).5.00pmFascinatingly (6.30) £4.50 (£3.50) [ guitar LIVESTOCK contemporary musicFREEfromeachacoustic toFringe. Jazz—LIVE via FolkONandTHE a hintEDGE of SoulQuality ... Smooth, slick—and night lB)f JlaptheI6-Sept 4 (not Suns! 10.30pm (late) Free MfefAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY Superb and varied exhibition of new work Fl|^ug >y RPS' 16-SeptScottish 4 10.members. 00am (late) Free EATREWORKS (SINGAPORE) N2 » 84-The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Momingside Road, Tickets 447 8811. jAaturns k THE with WOMAN IN A TREEcast, ON THE HILLof Singapore' sanleading theatre company an international a pool water and amazing story. Peking Jfpera, Bersilat, Mime, Song and dance tour run riotde onforce!' stageStraits in inimitable Jtyle! innovative theatrical Times.Theatreworks \ ugV0 23Sept 16-21'A fiercely 4 4.30pm2.30pm(5.30)(3.30) £4.50£4.(£3.50 5(£3.0) 50) !

THEATRE ZOO at 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace Tickets 228 9208 J7 lerneathin this thepopular church,andin thehistoric shadow of theWithcastle, an exciting repertoire of shows ’ltdoffered venue. new and innovative work from British International pfertaining materialartists, for all.THEATRE ZOO promises a feast of challenging and WRETCHED GROOMS —CHANGE INSPEAK Simonwritten Blake'and s new black inedy. ' B rave and remarkable' The Independent. 'Beautifully exquisitely Jreographed' g 15Sept 4 12.What' 15pms(1.On.45) £5.00 (£4.00) I HEit'OVERCOAT Akaky Akakievich isrendering abused and put upon all his life —but when he “T) 115,1s7,the19,21,last2A,2straw 6,26 . . 2.A10pmdramatic (3.20) £4.00 (£2.of00)Gogol's classic short story. 1 METAMORPHOSIS Film and movement characterize this innovative interpretation 1Kafka' 16.18,s20,classic 23.25,27tale of2.1surreal 0pm (3.20)transformation £4,00 (£2.00)from Homo Sapien to anthropod. Even the dead tell stories. Made of Clay return to the Fringe, and find ■ voltSTORYBOOK in Medieval 3.40pmEngland. (4.50) £4.50 |t3.25) N THE SKULL by Ron Hutchinson. Who discoed on the Paddy's face? Police mi-utality 15-21 or Celtic 5.20pmcunning? (6.50) Minotaur £4.50 (£3.0Student 0) Theatre Company. I .‘DRUMMER brought to life. 'Well crafted, realistic man ofWilfred the GreatOwen' War's. poetry0vividly 23-28drama %A 29-Sept 4 10.24.0am20pm(11.(5.50)50) £4.£4.000(£3. 0 (£3.0)00) THE HEART OFCarpet—' THE DOG Bulgakov'ensemble s wickedlywork—Sfage funny parable'92.of the Russian evolution. 9 15-28 Tragic 7.30pm (8.451 E£4.xtraordinary 50 (£3.50)

★ THE Gothic HUNCHnightmare BACK OF NOTRE-DAME Frictionwitchcraft TheatreandCompany' spinechilling murder.s Late. Aug 22-28 11.10pmThurs(12.2)45) of10.torture £4.10pm50 (11.(£4.and405)0)temptation, Aug 29 Sept 4 (not £4.50 (£4.00) ★ NERVOUS-VERY, VERY,gothic DREADFULLY s highly praised comedy horror freelyNERVOUS adapted fromTheatrestorm Macbeth, Marlowe, Poe 23.and25,bizarre .2.8 black Aug 9. 3 0pm (10. 4 5) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 29 Sept 4 6.30pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.50) AS IS ... Asensuouslove, physically powerful rage. performance. William M Hoffman's story of★ homo/heterosexual Aug 1521,24,26,27 9.20pm (10.lust,50) anger£4.and 00 (£3.50) ★tragicomic DAGGERS, DRAGONS AND DECADENT DWARVES A unique one man arrives Aug 15-21 cabaret 11.15pm (12. 30) from£5.0Berlin—' 0 (£4.00) Savage and sophisticated'. HIDDEN DANGERS Exciting, visual, action based educational theatre for 9-11 year olds. Aug SOFirst Sept Bite—' 4 10.Absolutely 30am (11.30)marvellous £3.50 (£2.company 50) —BSC Radio Merseyside. MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Shakespeare' love and social pressure mirrors current farce starring our Royals comedy Family. of'Cwitty lear, immediate and altogether Aug 29 Sept 4delightful.' 2.15pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ LEQUESA UNITED cosy dream of5.1In'0pm A aNew WorldNATIONS Order'. Refugee Camp the dispossesed shatter the Aug Aug 23-28 29 8.10pm (9.5(6.0)50) £5.00 (£4.00) FINDhumour, ME and MYSISTER IN THIS. . HOUSE explore family relationships and status with Aug 16-21 10.pathos 00am (11.and40) subtlety £3.00 (£2.Multi-media. 00) MARK THOMAS • v* Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 MARK THOMAS 1992 Perrier Award nominee and star of Channel 4' s 'Saturday Zoo' tooffensive Edinburghandwithvengeful a brandatnew show. 'The funniest iconoclastic jokes attipstheforreturns festival, the same time.' Times. ' O ne of the hottest stardom.' Independent. him Aug 0pm (9.(9.000)0) Catch (£6.000)0)while you can! Aug 20,13-19. 21,227,2-2628 8.8.000pm £8.£7.0000 (£7. THOSE GIRLS Venue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 THOSE GIRLS Seriously funny.forward, From three women come themselves—in thirty comedy characters: sad,totally funny, desperate, backward and beside other wordsCaroline ordinary women. Geraldine McNulty is 'hilarious' — T/re Scotsman, Gruber is a ' d istraught sexpot' — The Independent. Henrietta Garden Aug 21-Septis '4... funnily' 4.30pm—(5.T/re 45) Times. £5.50Have (£4.50)you seen Those Girls? THUD AND BLUNDER THEATRE ° Venue 42-La Belle Angela, 11 Hasties Close, Cowgate. Tickets 225 2774 J9 LONEwasSTAR 'Let'sSuch get one thinginclear, Cletis. I wouldn' t piss in your mouthparable if your guts on fire.' is Roy, James McClure' s small-town American about one theatre man's paradise lost.Fringe Compact, challenging and explosively comic, this is one-act in the(8.best tradition. Aug Aug 3016-Sept Sept 44 7.3.300pm 0pm (4.140)0) £4.00 (£3.00) TIME DREAM THEATRE LEIGH q Venue 84-The Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811. N2 -kShepherd' BENEATH THE WAVES (THE TITANIC CROSSING) Melbourne R s Beneath The Waves—The Titanic Crossing. April 10, 1912, RMS Titanic Southampton. April 14 forhitsalliceberg. story of crewandandeducational all classes onevent. this leaves her maiden voyage. Suitable ages. AnTheentertaining Aug 2328 10.00am (12 noon) £3.00 (£2.00) (Rll tl members £0.50)

• VEGETARIAN WHOLEFOOD • 53 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh Tel: 031 667 8673 Festival Opening Hours: 11.00am -11.00pm Mon - Sat 11.00am-8.00pm Sun Bringyourown wine 105


JIM ROSE’S CIRCUS SIDESHOW THE FESTIVAL'S MOST CONTROVERSIAL SHOW 'The of Excess .leads to the blake PalaceRoadof Wisdom' "... an offence against public decency..." Portsmouth council "You can never underestimate the public's taste"... Sunday telegraph "I make the atrocities palatable ".. jim rose "I'll tell you what's more dangerous than puttingsomebody your facetelling in broken and that's you glass, what you should see..." jim rose "... Morally corrupt..." the sun 16,17,18,19, 20,21,22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31 August 1,2,3,4, September at 7.30pm Tickets £8.00 (This is notorsuitable for people who are easilyshow offended of a nervous disposition).

SLAVA POLUNIN FESTIVAL AND THE ACADEMY OF FOOLS Direct from St. Petersburg, Russia’s The Fringe's new venue, the most successful company of Clowns high-tech tent on the top of and Fools. Calton Hill, in the centre of the 19, 20,21,22, 26, 27, 28, city with Arthur's Seat in the 29, 30 August 2, 3, 4 September. 2.45pm. background and spectacular Tickets £6.00 (cone. £4.00) views all around. Enter by the staircase in Waterloo Place, KLYTAEMNESTRA’S 100 metres from the East End of Princes Street, (past the BAIRNS Balmoral Hotel) A Scottish version of the Greek tragedy, the Oresteia, a promenade, open air performance round the top of Calton Hill against the backdrop of the city at night. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,21,23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 August. Midnight Midnight. Tickets £7.00 (cone. £5.00)



ACROPOUS CONCERTS MON 16th AUG TICKETS £8 HORSE TUES 17th AUG TICKETS £8 (£6) CLAN ALBA WED 18th AUG TICKETS £8.50 LOUDON WA1NWRIGHT IN MON 23rd AUG TICKETS £7.50 (£5) ! DICKGAUGHAN TUES 24th & WED 25th AUG - TBA MON 30th, TUES 31st TICKETS £9 ! CAPERCAILLIE WED 1st SEP TICKETS £8 DOUGIE MACLEAN THE PEKING OPERA The world famous Peking Opera in two dazzling and enchanting stories - Fight in the Dark and Madame Whitesnake. 5 Performances Only. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 August. 4.30pm Tickets £7.00 (cone. £5.00) RADIO 4’s JUST A MINUTE-LIVE! Nicholas Parsons hosting a live version of Radio 4's famous gameshow with different Fringe celebrities each day. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 August. 12.45pm Tickets £5.50 (cone. £4.50)

THE AMAZING BEST OF THE FEST JOHNATHAN America's premier comedy magician. Six acts for the jirice of one. The hottest Founder of the Norman Bates school comedy on the Fringe in one massive of comedy. variety bill. 4 Performances Only. 19, 20, 21, 22 August. 9.30pm Tickets £8.00 27, 28, 29 August. 9.30pm 30 August. 7.30pm 29 August. 7.30pm Tickets £9.00 Tickets £7.50 (cone. £6.50) available Credit Card: 031 -557 6969 from 1 Tickets July - 12 Aug, Mon - Friby:10-6. Festival Period every day 10-6. Post (inc. SAE) to Acropolis Box Office, PO Box 180. Edinburgh. Cheques/PO's payable to TOCTA. box office is open from Aug 1St.,to (The personal callersHotel), at Cafe 1812, Waterloo Place, 100Acropolis metres the East Balmoral the foot of thePrinces steps toSt. Calton Hill, alsofromFringe Office,EndHighof Princes St„ Ripping Records, South Bridge,nearVirgin Records,

THE TOTALLY NAFF TARTS Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 THE TOTALLY TARTS You outrageous, ain’t seen nothin' the festival you' been naffed byuncompromising thisNAFF award-winning, femaleatcomedy duo.unless Thesehilarious risqueve starlets bring chaos, wicked audience participation and blow-jobbings withoutlashings brown sauce. 'Hugely enjoyable' The Scotsman. 'Eat 13-Sept your hearts French10.3&of0pmSaunders' Aug Unot Tubs! (11.30) Evening £4.50 (£3.News. 50) TOTTERING BIPEDS THEATRE COMPANY Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tlx 225 6520/226 2151 J7 ★ SATAN IN GORAY 'Mesmerising ... I doubt Iacclaimed shall see better festival' The List. 'Triumphant' TheBipeds Scotsman. (for ThethisChairs and The Overcoat) Tottering returnInternationally with KatietornLondon' s byadaptation of Bashevis Singer' s classic novel. The story of a village apart the promise that the Messiah Aug 1322 is coming. 3.00pm (4.Not30) suitable £6.00for(£5.children. 00) TOUCHED THEATRE Venue 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT' S DREAM An energetic the humour and danger of the play. Music, movementadaptation, and wordswhich fuse heightens in a night 'Aug pf trickery 22-Sept 4and midsummer 1.30pm (2.30) madness. £4.50 (£3.00) THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND Stoppard' s ultimate hilarious parody of the country-house mystery. A farcical whodunnit which challenges our traditional views of the audience/stage relationship. Hugely entertaining frolicsome fun. Aug 22 Sept 4 11.15am (12.15) £4.50 (£3.00) ★ PUNCH JUNKIES by Greg and Hobbs. Thisphysical goes wayperformance. beyond boxing. The fight outside Aug 22 Septthe4 ring. 12.A3controversial 0pm (1.30) £4.50original (£3.00) TRAGIC CARPET Venue 4-Theatre Zoo, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 228 9208 J7 ★ THE HEART OF A DOG Bulgakovprofessor (tr Michael Glenny).human Wickedly funnyintoparable of the Russian Revolution. A Moscow transplants testicles a stray dog. acrobatics and subtle the wholly results.Movement, 'Nosferatu'music, (Fringe '91), 'Island on theimagery Edge ofreveal the World' ('92)—'unexpected ensemble theatre Aug 1528at its7.best' 30pm Stage. (8.45) Sponsored £4.50 (£3.5by0) Scottish Life. PHOEBE ANNA TRAQUAIR:CENTENARY CELEBRATION EVENTS •••• i Venue 105-Mansfield Place Church, Cm. Broughton & East London Streets Tickets 558 3801 E10 ifMlOEBE ANNA TRAQUAIR CENTENARY EXHIBITION On exhibit for theartist, first I time years areAnbeautiful mural paintingsart,byinturn-of-the-century Edinburgh Phoebein 35Traquair. exhibition ofIllustrated Ukrainian collaboration witharchitecture the 369 Gallery, ■] i complements Traquair' s works. talks on Scottish art and with related music 6 programmes, 11.00amfree(7.0admission 01rounds£2.t0out (£1.this00) exciting series of events. y AugTicket12-Sept s for events include o0exhibitions. ANGELS ofOVER UKRAINIAN BAROQUE. historicOdessa first Ii’ exhibition majorbyUKRAINE paintings byNEW contemporary fromThisKiev has beenSavadov curated theSenchenko. 369 Gallery and includesyoung work byartists Ginilitsky, Golisiy,andRoitburt, iI AH Trubina, and 12-Sept 6 11.00am (7.00) £2.00 (£1.00) VISIONS illustrated lectureart onhistorian Ukrainianandmural from Ii APOCALYPTIC Byzantium to Babylon by theAn award winning critic,painting Constantine Akinsha. An 13 6.00pm (7.30) £3.50 (£2.001 THE ARTS AND CRAFTSScottish MOVEMENT IN EDINBURGH Martin Forrest, fine arts j. dealer Mi 17 and6.vice 00pmchairman, (7.30) £3.50 (£2,00)Society for Art History. NOBLE PASSION: THE ART ANDCollege CRAFTofOFArtPHOEBE i i Elizabeth Gumming, and leadingANNA TraquairTRAQUAIR authority. T4|»» 6.00pm (7.30)lecturer,£3.5Edinburgh 0 (£2.00) |I PATRICK GEODES: VISUAL THINKER Dr. Murdo Macdonald, lecturer, Edinburgh University, givestown this planner. year's talk on Patrick Geddes (1854-1932), pioneering ecologist, il educator, ,Wftfiksored Aug 20 byand 6.Lothian 00pm (7.Regional 30) £3.Counci 50 (£2. l. 00) . IllirHOLIC APOSTOLIC WORSHIP: ILLUSTRATED Columbaof Flegg, former Honorary Orthodox Chaplin,ANCambridge, revealsTALK historyFather and doctrine •\ >Aug22 unique religious group. 8.00pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.00) 11<MONTEVERDI VESPERS 1610 Performance to mark jpMonteverdi' s death. EdinburghOF University Renaissance Singers350thwithanniversary the Scottishof nSlAig Gabrieli Ensemble 25 7.45pm (9.and 00) other£5.0period 0 (£3.50)instrumentalists. PA JEWELLED CROWN: THElecturer DECORATION OF THE MANSFIELD PLACE f : CHURCH |»% 26 6.Elizabeth 00pm (7.30)Gumming, £3.50 (£2.00) in design history, Edinburgh College of Art. ■IPINBURGH NEW TOWN CHOIR director Anne Barker with Noel O'Regan jll’harpsichord. Vocal/instrumental JljlAlj 29 6.00pm (7.30) £5.00 (£3.music 50) by William Byrd and his contemporaries. irhpt 1 6.00pm (7.30) ROBERT ROWAND ANDERSON (1834-1921): Pre-Eminent wPresentation on Anderson' s major works including Scotland' MansfieldsPlace Church, Architect. its history t tnd log 30symbolism. 6.00pm Discussion (7.30) £3.follows. 50 (£2.00)

TRAQUAIR FAIR Venue 110-Traquair House, Innerleit ien, Peeblesshire. Tickets 0896-830785. P11 Outer TRAQUAIR FAIR This legendary two dayromantic fair is heldhouse. in the Vast groundsprogramme of Traquair,of Scotland' s oldest inhabited and most entertainment for all the family including circuss topschool theatre, crafts andDavecomplementary medicine. Thisayear' acts (Aug include4-6)Johnmusic, Hegley, Tam White, Robb, Augl&B 11.00amBim(6.00)Mason,£8.0The 0 (£4.Medicine 00) per dayShow and Clan 'Na Gael. THE TRASH THEATRE COMPANY Venue 124-St. Thomas of Aquin's School, 12 Chalmers Street K6 ★ THE MAID A newup inmusical on theandlifewarandofdeath ofcentury Joan ofFrance. Arc, the peasant girl caught theandpolitics 15thnothing It Fringe, hasteenaged action, colour, romance, humour tragedy—if you see else at the see this!1620 7.30pm (9.45) £4.00 (£2.00) Aug TRAUMA! Venue 80-Citrus Club, 40)42 Grindlay Street Tickets 229 6697 J5 TRAUMA! CLARK'S FABULOUSgroovy LIVINGduoARTPOETS TREASURESblack lyrics,Featuring white driven hotANDIrhythms—alongside OFpoetry THE MACHINE—computer technopoets. 90' s inspired piano, percussion, and passion. xpect a truckful of treats from Trauma' Melody Maker, March '93. Dance,16-28 Think9.'Eand Aug 30pmDrink! (11.00) £3.50 (£2.50) TRAVERSE THEATRE Venue 15-Trayerse Theatre, Cambridge Street. Tickets 228 1404. 30th Birthdaytheatre Festivalline-up 'Still—Hawaii, crazy after allSouth theseAfrica, years' Canada, Guardian.NewEclectic international York, London and Edinburgh. 10 Fringe FirstSpain, hopefuls. Drama, opera,andmusic,, comedy. Huge, brilliant cafe/bar. Food and drink all day long. Exhibitions conferences. The social hub of the Festival. Phone for brochure. Box Office open Tues-Suns IQam-Upm Mans 10am-6pm Mon 30 Aug 10am-10.30pm. ★ ANNA CO-PRODUCTION and TOURIST VARIATIONS —TRAVERSE/INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL An opera-theatre double-bill! ... composers James MacMillan, Craig Armstrong; writers lain Heggie, John Clifford. Preview Aug 14 7. 0 0pm (9. 3 5) £8. 0 0 Aug 17,18,20,21 7.00pm (9.35) £12.00 (£8.00) ★ NIGHTByAFTER NIGHT-GLORIA/TRAVERSE CO-PRODUCTION World premiere. Neil Bartlett and Nicolas'musical' Bloomfield, sensation SARRASINE. A (10. distinctly event.creators of the 1990 Festival Previews Aug 7, 8 8. 0 0pm 1 5) £7. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 10,11,12,14,17-22,24 29 10.30pm (12.45) £8.00 (£5.00) ★ THE LEGEND OF ST. JULIAN-COMMUNICADO Touchscourgings hell and taste redemption. Communicado creates a world of visions, ritual, and ultimate glory. Aug 17, 1 9, 2 1, 2 4, 2 7, 3 1, S ept 3 3. 3 0pm (5. 4 5) £8. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 18, 2 0, 2 6, 2 9, S ept 2 12 noon (2. 1 5) Aug 22,25,28,Sept 1,4 7.00pm (9.15) ★ THE UGLY MAN-ONE RABBIT, CANADA HumourFraser' and shorror collide compelling vigour YELLOW in Brad (Unidentified Human Remains) new play.24.2with Aug 7. 3 1, S ept 3 7. 0 0pm (9. 1 5) £8. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 25, 2 8, S ept 1, 4 12 noon (2. 1 5) Aug 26,29,Sept 2 3.30pm (5.45) ★ CROSSFIRE—PAINES PLOUGH Haunting, original production of Michel Azama' Aug 24,25,227,8,s 3Sbrilliant 1,eptSept1,43 baroque 1230pmnoonplay (2.45)1revealing 5) £8.0life0 (£5.in0a0) war zone. Aug 3. (5. Aug 26,29,Sept 2 7.00pm (9.15) i MMUI—YLLANA, SPAINmatadors A unique and hilarious parody on bullfighting; and not a★word Four(8.'1b0)rave' Aug 15,18,1290,spoken! 7.00pm £8.00 (£5.00)will have you guffawing!!! Aug 2 2 3. 3 0pm (4. 4 0) Aug 21 12 noon (1.10) Freud Egg Productions presents THE LUNCH PACK OF... NOT PORK OR HAM AT BUSTER BROWN'S WEEKS OPEN 1 & 2 (not DOORS 5-30Sun) pm SHOW STARTS TICKETS £3 ( £26-00 cons)pm FOOD and DRINK available





AT THE PLEASANCE • 24-30 AUGUST 1993 • 3.00PM BOX OFFICE: 031 556 6550



rflAVERSE THEATRE — continued * BLOODSTREAM-ANDREW BUCKLAND the Market Laboratory, BLOODSTREAM is a satirical journeyOriginating through theatinnards of theTheatre South African body-politic. tug 24, 2 7, 3 1, S ept 3 1. 0 0pm 12. 4 5) £7. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 25, 2 8, Sept 1, 4 4. 3 0pm (6. 1 5) \Wl 2t.29.Sept 2 8.00pm (9.45) * CALL MEdebateSUSAN-GRASSMARKET PROJECT By Jean Two prostitutes good and evil, interacting with documentary footageFindlay. of working (prostitutes. Aug 24, 2 7, 3 1, S ept 3 8. 0 0pm (9. 4 5) £7. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) aAug 25,28,Sept 1,4 1.00pm (2.45) ™$k,2S,Sept 2 4.30pm (6.15) JART OFCANADA/BELGIUM A DOG-LES ETABLISSEMENTS LIMBOS, ABizarre dog becomes a ASTLE, man in thisCAFFOIMNETTE 'wickedly' funny& adaptation of22 Bulgakov' s(2.novella— and hilarious. Aug 12, 1 5, 1 9, 1. 0 0pm 1 5) £7. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 13,14,118,7,2210 4.8.300pm Aug 0pm (5.(9.415)5) *DIJSSELDORF PEIMETRATOR —BY ANTHONY NEILSON young From themen.writerAndofaNORMAL-THE knife. AugAug 12,13,117,5.2109.22 RIPPER. 4.30pm(9.One (6.0)00)small £7.room. 00 (£4.Three 00) 8. 0 0pm 3 mm4.ia.21 1.00pm (2.30) BLUE NIGHTimaginative' IN THEaward-winning HEART OFcomedy THE about WEST-PLAIN 'Outrageously big landscapesCLOTHES and small minds. AugAug 24,25,22By8,7.S31,eptJames Sept1,43 Stock. 4.8.00pm 30pm(10.(6.030)0) £7.00 (£4.00) Aug 26,‘129,Sept 29 2 1.00pm 13.00) BROTHI 3THER out TRUCKERS —RIDICULOUS getTHEATRICAL COMPANY, U.S.A. Deliciously (not Mensof 19,this23)world!11.0Go0pmout(12.and 30) £7.a 0ticket 0 (£4.00)now!' New York Times. |^BEEPING WITH YOU-STARVING ARTISTS, HAWAII of Gay America' sRomance. most dynamic theatrical partnerships present a passionateOnecelebration af Queer Aug 12, 1 5, 1 9, 2 2 8. 0 0pm (9. 4 5) £7. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) < Aug 13,14,118,7,2210 4.1.300pm 0pm (6.(2.145)5) tI/vith l JUDYa PASCOE' Screw A PICNIC IN ETHIOPIAhumour' An epicThetaleTimes. of the irony of working British film in Ethiopia. 1 31 Sept 4 11.00pm (12. 15) £7.'0B0iting (£4.00) RUCEonly.MORTON Star of Channel 4'sHerald. 'Sin With Bruce Morton' appears for six I"*tights y 30-Sept 4 'Seriously 10.30pmfunny' (11.45) Glasgow £8.00 (£5. 00) 3LS PARADISE SHOWCASE Corky and the Juice Pigs, Phil Kay, John ! Hegley, Mark 7.00pmSteel,110.0Rich 0) Hall, £12.5Norman 0 (£10.00)Lovett and many, many more. THE INDEPENDENT/TRAVERSE CONFERENCES Festival artists and Jjtersonalities 'hone for details.from all over the world debate and discuss. Various conferences. fHNn Flattau. FLATTAU PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION Exhibition of photographs by 1-22 11.00am (11.00pm) Free MMER SCHOOL EXHIBITION Works by lecturers and guest artists at Uurgh 23-Sept College 4 11.of00amArt(11.Festival 00pm) Summer Free School in the visual arts.

THE U.K. BUNGEE CLUB (SCOTLAND^ # # # Venue 123-The Meadows, nr. Melvil e Dnve/Buccleuch St. Tickets 0506 884188 M8 BUNGEEyouJUMPING The ultimate adrenaline experience returns to theTerrifying, festival offering the opportunity to dive from up, head first at 10Omph. mindblowing and unforgettable must forRESERVATIONS all thrill seekers.ESSENTIAL. On The Meadows. Age 10+Augor 14,14+ with parental—aguidance. Weekends Fridays Aug 13,20,125,7,2S1,ept22,328,29,1.Sept00pm3,4(9.00pm)11.00am |9.00pm) £39.00 UMBRELLA THEATRE ••• Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★of Germany' KABARETT VALENTIN An original piece of theatre which recreates the world s greatest double-act: Karluniquely Valentinabsurd and LieslviewKarlstadt whose incomic vignettes, entirely ridiculous songs and of life resulted being banned by the Nazis in 1940. Fascinating, funny and strangely moving.theirIn English. Aug 1829 5.00pm (6.15) £4.50 (£3.50) THE UNCLES •• Venue 1-Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office J9 THE UNCLES They' r e back! John Fealey and Alex Dandridge return to Festival. Miss them at two yourareperil.world'Theclassfunniest and most inspired street showtheonI have ever seen. These performers and both a big influence my comedy' tzzard.(2.30)'Superior, Aug 23 Sept 4 Eddie1.00pm Free very funny, breathtaking' The Independent. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO FREE-ASSOCIATES Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 HIGHLYs hilarious IMPROV-ABLE The University of Chicago Improvisational Comedy troupe' revue combining the best ofimprovisation the group' sroutines originally(steal) written sketches based on audience suggestions. ' T he the show ... done like this we are reminded of,what an exciting genre it can be' The List. Aug 29-Sept 22 28 4 11.37.0am30pm(1.3(9.0)30) £4.00 Aug

UNLIKELY THEATER CO •• Venue 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 8200 J9 The Unlikely Theater Company screams back to Edinburgh with six new plays the American Southwest. ATwo rockbizarre musicalloveDante' s Inferno. Amorning detectiveproduction story fullfromofof intrigue, sex and physics. stories, and a insightful, excellent one-acts on racism and domestic violence. Good theatre. * THE HAND AND THAT GAMESex,CALLED JAVA/ALUMINIUM MANof MEETS THE love PUPPET WOMAN love, hope. The Hand, CAN and two the strangest stories you' ll 1.ever see.(3.death, The Hand: Aug 18. 1 8, 2 0, 2 3, 2 5. 2 7 4 5pm 3 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Java/Aluminium: Aug 17,19,21,24,28,28 1.45pm (3.30) £5.00 (£3.50) Venue 84-Th8 Mad Abbot, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Road. Tickets 447 8811. N2 ★ POPLAR STAND/ INSIDEandTHE APPLE CORE Funny. Insightful. Award winning Pestle theatre company ° ••• Aug 18-21 plays10.by00amEd (11.McNally 551 £3.50Shawn (£2.501 Smith. Excellent theatre. enur 82-St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 K1 Venue 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. Tickets 228 9292 H6 ’LASTEREDand 1984 A masks gem ofcapture comictheobservation. marvellously ★ DANIEL'S INFERNO Rock musical. Satirical vision of hell. Daniel's a little Expressive highlylookrevival. individual humour of The anyfunny. situation and upset, ■mtfferil Ianearly light hearted at the world. ' H ighly polished and wildly I laughed Aug 18-21walks 11.into00pmthat(12.dark 30) wood. £5.00 (£3.50) fell Sunsl off my seat' ug 17 Sept 4 (not 3.30pmThe(4.4Scotsman. 5) £6.00 SUITABLE (£4.00) FOR ALL AGES. UPPINGHAM YOUTH THEATRE ° Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ROUPERS ★ THE BULLY BUS is about bulling and oppression and is suitable for children and G7 adults with a chance of dialogue with the cast who wrote the interludes. ip 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 226 6522 Aug 22 28 12. 0 0 noon (1. 0 0) £2. 5 0 (£1. 5 01 LUCY K by PhilipParkinson' de Glanville. The tragic awakening of a Trophy young woman with fct-encephalitic s Disease. 1992exciting —Best swid compelling Play HTV'spiece 'Festival' Adjudicator' sGeoffrey Award —Whitworth ' ...on probably the most of drama we have ever seen the amateur stage.' g 13-20 1.45pm (2.25) £3.50 (£3.00) OY THEATRE COMPANY N3 ^Bbl-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. BIG AI are L'S PARTY Mikeperfect Leigh'scouple. hilariousHaving stab atfriends the nouveau riche. Laurence and everly hardly the over proves to be both •xtremely and seriously This professional production is brought ou at onefunny of Edinburgh' s mosttragic. comfortable prime venues—definitely not to beto +9hissed!! 15-Sept 4 12.30pm (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00)

JGLY THEATRE COMPANY J5-0ld St. Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets (Hall) 557 6696 H10 'HE RAVEN New workof drawing onancient a dark and tale modern of supernatural forces. A topical Hfkploration of the power religion in times that is theatrically lljSntive '9 1420 (notin approach Sun 15) to4,this 30pmchilling (5.30) tale.£4.50 (£3.50) II'f .‘40' OMEN IN TECHNICOLOUR A sharp, funny andambitions moving story of tryingsong,to survive s Hollywood. A story of love and exploited featuring dance, I -i*9d2127 y Garland, (not SunMarlene 221 4.Dietrich 30pm (5..3.0)and Gladys. £4.50 (£3.50)

"SUPERB INCISIVE WIFTHE GUARDIAN. EDINBURGH '92 PLEASANCE TWO 12 Aug-4 Sep. (except 16,23.311 ^ (10:30) 0315566550

£5.00 - £6.50 109



E The Last Flower, An Allegory Hess I Am Not A Number The Man FromThe North Infect Me With Your Love At The Crimson Hour They Met Plaza Suite Yesterday Once More - Growing Up With The Carpenters Divas Sex after Supper The Rapping Rabbi

16/8-22/8 30/8-4/9 21/8-29/8 14/8-4/9 not 15/8, 24/8, 31/8 14/S-4/9 not Sundays 14/8-4/9 not 18/8, 22/8 and 31/8 15/8-4/9 13/S-4/9 not 23/8, 2/9 IS/8-4/9 not Tuesdays 14/8-4/9 not 2/9 13/S-4/9

11.30 13:30 14:15 15:30 17.10 18:30 19:55 20:50 22:00 22:50 23.45

Atlantic Crossing Theatre Open Hand Productions Neil Mullarkey Scarecrow Theatre Polkatz Theatre Nur Theatre Aartifaakts Ab Ovo Theatre Take Two Productions Erotica Poetica The Rapping Rabbi

Ripp Van Winkle The Real Inspector Hound Watch This Space Circumference A Midsummer Night’s Dream Lucy K Programming Ada Byron All This and Heaven II Sex In The Afternoon Fever Jack MacDonald An Evening of Therapy with Ms Tickle A Strange Bit of History Thus Spake Ken And Ard The Pedicab Show Hancock’s Last Half Hour Low Level Panic Horizon

14/8-4/9 22/8-4/9 22/8-4/9 15/8-20/8 22/8-4/9 13/8-20/8 13/S-4/9 14/8-30/8 28/8-4/9 14/8-27/8 14/8-30/8 14/8-4/9 13/8-4/9 not 22/8,31/8 14/8-4/9 14/8-4/9 14/8-4/9 15/8-27/8 28/8-4/9

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Act of God Productions Touched Theatre Touched Theatre PAW Theatre Touched Theatre Troupers Theatre Company No I I Act of God Productions Erotica Poetica London Medics Jack MacDonald Grammer School Girlies In Theatre Ken & Ard Amazing Grace Theatre Company Theatre Cambridge BATS Horizon

The Curse of the Cobra Alborada Carol-Ann Duffy & Jackie Kay John Hegley Gavin Ewart & Edwin Morgan Lemn Sissay The Ruskin Ensemble The Raven Women In Technicolour Waiting for Godot Candide The Luvvies Guide Bye Bye Birdie Doctor Faustus The Teen .People

26/8-4/9 14/S-4/9 not Sundays 14/8-20/8 21/8-29/8 30/8-4/9 23/8-4/9 14/8-22/8 14/8-20/8 not Sundays 21/8-27/8 not Sundays 28/8-4/9 14/8-4/9 23/8-4/9 15/8-22/8 14/S-4/9 not Sundays 14/S-4/9 not Tuesdays

Big Peach Theatre Alborada Carol-Ann Duffy & Jackie Kay I John Hegley Gavin Ewart & Edwin Morgan 1 Lemn Sissay The Ruskin Ensemble Ugly Theatre Ugly Theatre Petrou - Showman Theatre Sans Frontier Bartholomew Players Atlantic Crossing Theatre Polkatz Theatre The Teen People




OLD ST PAUL’S THEATRE venue 45 JEFFREY ST BOX OFFICE 557-6696 10.30AM TO MIDNIGHT Both venues have a bar and cafe open all day

DIK VAN DIKE ^Bue 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 RUDE BITS FROM AMSTERDAM DIK Bits VANfrom DIKE. The second. Already funniest manutterin Holland, his smash hitFlemmish show 'Rfunny ude cult on thewithcontinent, man hitsandAmsterdam' Edinburgh the funnyannotbone. Anbe missed. evening of comedythisin two languages, English Expletive.on Definitely to Aug 13Sept 4 {not 19,24) 6.00pm (7.15) £5.50 (£4.50)

VITAL THEATRE Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 91 L8 ★ BREATH (ABOUT THE VITAL FORCE) isfrom created fromIt'thes a multi-media exchange ofevent. ideas between a dancer and an industrial designer JAPAN. Powerful visual-theatre that challenges you. the conventions of performance and installation. Aug 30 Sept 4 May2.the30pmVital(3.30)Force£4.be00with (£3.00)

THE VAULTS Venue 36-Festival Club, 9T5 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 Venue 18-The Vaults, 15 17 Niddry Street. Tickets 556 7018 MARVELLOUS MECHANICAL MOUSE ORGAN Once upon a time, not so THE VAULTS present Eyas Theatre: 9 orplays byrelax 1992at Fringe Firstofwinner John THE long ago, there was a cloth cat, baggy and a bit loose at the seams. But that was before Cargill Thompson. Want to think, laugh, simply the centre the festival, the the loose women and sketch the cheap exploitation films . . Just one aspect of this is bewhere this22drugs, frighteningly comedy ^■pt failureyoutomust book.be. On site bistro, night club till 4am. Only disappointment Aug 28 12.30amfunny (1.30am) £4.00 (£3,show. 001 AtourWILDERNESS OF MONKEYS Alec Monteath in last year' s award winner. ' A de force that(9.1should be50forced to tour' Glasgow Herald. Aug 6 7. 4 5pm 5) £4. (£3. 0 0) Aug 7 Sept6.145pm (7.2.340pm 5) (3.45) THE WELCOME! THEATRE COMPANY ^15 ★ PORT AND LEMON The mystery 111 Venue 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 Aug 10 2. 3 0pm (3. 3 (6.00) behind £4.50Sherlock (£3.00) Holmes. Aim 1115-Sept 13 4 (not 3.45pmFri (4.201014and 5) 5.4.000pm WELCOME! TOliveA jazz. THEATRICAL ILLUSION ...about Exhilarating cabaret theatre with 0pm (5.00) real magic and A funny, quirky show theatre and illusion from the 1 Welcome! Co. Written by andesigner, 'ingeniousthis... young Scotsman, 1 CLEVER BOYchild The true story of the tragic exploitation of William West Betty: the eccentric % costumed by anout irreverent excitingauthor' new Thecompany pull 18th12century another rabbit of25.2the6,SO.hat!Septfashion Aug 2.3.340pm (3.43prodigy. 0) and 5.00pm (6.00) £4.50 (£3.00) Aug 13 16. 1 8. 1 9, 2 2. 2 3, 14 5. 3 0pm (6. 3 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 14 5pm (4. 5) Aug 20,21,2729 5. 3 0pm (6. 3 0) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0) Aug 15 19, 21 Sept 4 8. 0 0pm (9. 0 0) fang 20 4.00pm (5.00) ★ LYONseeRAMPANT The complete text of 1987 Pitlochry success. All Scots •j. should Aug B1 8.2.03this. 0pm (4.(9.030)0) and 6.Aug00pm8 (7.36.0)15pm (7.£6.405)0 (£4.00) WELSH COLLEGE OF MUSIC AND DRAMA Aug 0pm i Aug 15Seat 13,14 4 5.00pm9.15pm(6.30)(10.45) H12 Venue 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close. Canongate lip 1 ★ THEfantasy, ALLENloneliness, TREE Aabuse powerful newnature play byof responsibility. John Frannis —his firstin —dealing EVERY INCHwhich A KING John Shedden in 1992 award winner. 'Gives a faultless with and the A play which i, Aug performance is a sheer delight' The Stage. the are motivated by love,shocking however distorted, yet containing incidentsall 5pm and characters telling 4a story that (8.is15)ultimately i Aug £7,15-19. 8 24.113.Sept 15pm(5.1 (4.30)45)6.30pm£4.5(7.0 4(£3.5) 00) Aug 30-Sept 7.00pm £4.50 (£3.50) and provocative. MM COLIN THEForBORED-BARIAN Video-game culture through the eyes of our bored Alek video-hero. Aug★ THE 89,10 TWIN 5.00pm (6.0(4.0)4Monteath and 8.00pmin(9.the 00) most£4.5provocative 0 (£3.00) play on the Fringe. Aug 30 Sept 4 5-11 9.30amyear(10.3olds. 0) £1.50 , : Aug 3. 4 5pm 5) Aman'PIECE MONOLOGUE Samuel Beckett' s highly dramatic portrayal of one 5-Sept 4 12 noon (1.00) ritualOF4 isolation, ★ CINDERELLA: TRUEofSTORY have happened like this! Light Aug 30s Sept 12 noonintrospection (12.45) £2.and 50 (£2.decay. 00) Iterttertainment for(3.3theTHE middle the00)day.Well£4.5it0 could AugAug 911 2.6.30pm 0) and 5. 0 0pm (6. (£3. 0 0) ★ ' E CKY THUMP Presented by N.W.3, flat-capped, black-pudding in hand. A ferret-down-the-trouser 15) (6.15) yng 15-Sept 415pm 5.(7.15pm Aug 30-Sept 4 1.15pm (2.experience 15) £3.50with(£2.5Northern 0) soul. ★ BORROWED PLUMES Theandtrueprovocative. story of William Henry Ireland, the 19 year old the ADULT CHILD,ofDEAD CHILD by Claire Dowie. A hard-hitting journey through an abused ( Shakespeare forger. Aug 1112 6.2.135pm 0pm (3.135)0)Moving and Aug 5.00pm (6.00)3.45pm£4.(4.5405)(£3.00) Aug 30perceptions Sept 4 3.00pm (4.00) and£3.5disturbed 0 (£2.50) child. Aug (7. 14 WHO' S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF Albee' s savage and hilarious nuking of . Aug 15 19,Seat21-Sept 1.15pm(7.3(2.0) 15) the 30-Sept marriage4 of George ■Mpo. 24 4 6.30pm Aug 4.30pm (6.and00) Martha. £3.50 (£2.50) ■Hennings AND DARBISHIRE: 20 YEARS ON a very funny show that BY THE STONEWALL Gays, straights, ex-husbands and brothers. ■Mug could7 well2.0become By★ FALLING Lesley 0pm (3.(3.000)0)a andcult.'Aug 5.00pm (6.00) £4.50 (£3.00) Aug 30 Sept Ross. 4 9.Acclaimed 00pm (10.45)by The£4.5Independent 0 (£3.50) lot last year's 'Beauty'. Mug# 13 AugAug 15-Sept 13 2.2.040pm 30pm 10.(3.435am 0) (11.45)9,10 6.15pm (7.15) ERBATIM THEATRE COMPANY ue 51-Ste(ipping Stones Theatrs, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Tix 225 6520(226 2151 J7 *ijije;VERBATIM A smallfrommiracle of dramatic theatre' Sunday Times. Every comes directly withvoicesmurderers, their familiesinvolved and word their ictims' families. Throughpieces theinterviews compelling ofstories thosebehind intimately hehowoffender, VERBATIM together the true a homicide. A with solo from New Zealand. ug 24-Sept 4 4.15pm (5.15) £5.00 (£4.00) er:SUS ENSEMBLE H3 Bpll-St. Mary's Cathedral, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place CHUBERT. VIENNAgroupANDis appearing THE ROMANTIC GUITAR This itsdistinguished TSfational chamber in Edinburgh straight after success $antander four International and theandSegovia Guitar Festival inbyLeon. It willat concerts Festival of delightful charmihg compositions Schubert, ps<0presenting friends and contemporaries for guitar, flute and viola with cello. 29,30, Sept 1,2 7.30pm (9.00) £4.50 (£3.00) VIRTUAL THEATRE i|nue 21-Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Tickets 225 7995. JrARTHUR S PATENTS An eccentric entrepreneur watches his business empire The musicCrazyof Stephen Wolff andshoes, words of James Snodgrass combine in this , ’umble. -fbeat - 15,17,comedy. 19,21,23,25,27 inventions, 10.30pm (12.nice 15) £5.0voodoo, 0 (£4.00) live string ensemble and more! LIVINGWil TOGETHER, FALLING James Snodgrass'taleelevating black !is'|>ldmedy. andpharmaceutical Luke lose brain cellsininAPART London.s Britain. A heartwarming ofYork love,Student coffee recreational use Major' 'Brilliant climax' .? 19,18,20,22,24,26,20 10.30pm (12.15) £5.00 (£4.00)

Nordic Data Ltd Computer Specialists 031 228 4488 Novell Networking SCO UNIX Microsoft/Win dows Sage/Sovereign

Sales Maintenance Training Consultancy

46-52 Lady Lawson Street Edinburgh EH3 9DW Established 1983 111


Whale A unique and exciting venture that brings the talent of Wester Hailes to the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A programme of theatre, cabaret and exhibitions in a 60 sealer venue with cafe, which in the evening will be transformed in to a licenced bar featuring live music and comedy from special guests. Moving Particles Present: SPACEBOY A unique opportunity for children to become Fringe artists. Mon 16-Sat 21 Mon 23 - Sat 28 Moving Parts Theatre Group Present: ROBIN WHO? Local Festival favourites unleash their latest blast of unpretentious musical comedy. Mon 23 - Sat 28 Patchwork Theatre Group Present: MATES/THE FRENCH LETTERS An exceptional double bill. Mon 23 - Sat 28 Bash Presents: SWATCH THE SWITCH The adult world seen through adolescent eyes. Mon 16 - Sat 23 Plus: WEST LOTHIAN THEATRE COMPANY Two programmes that have already been enthusiastically reviewed in youth theatre festivals in York and Hungary. LIFELINES This new show has arisen out of a week long workshop in the use and creation of masks with the nationally known Trestle Theatre Company. PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION A theme of 'Young and Old' in recognition of the International Year of the Older Person. CAFE CABARET Each week will feature a headlining musical act while each evening the best of the comedy acts in town will be invited at gdn point to stick in their humorous oar. Special Guests Include: RONA CAMERON ARNOLD BROWN LORNA BROOKS Add an open stage for emerging talent and you have the best three quid's worth in town. Wester Hailes Arts for Leisure & Education, 103 Broughton St. (See listings for venue number) Tickets: 031 556 6780 112

The Reduced Shakespeare Company presents THEIR EAGERLY AWAITED NEW SHOW THE COMPLETE


ABRIDGED "pithier than Python" NEW YORK TIMES From Washington to Watergate, the three cultural guerillas of the RSC will take you on a ninety minute roller coaster ride through the glorious quagmire that is American History. 14 AUG - 4 SEPT ( No perfs. 18/25 1st sept ) 3.30pm ASSEMBLY ROOMS 031 226 2428 PLUS ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY OF THE COMPLETE WORKS WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (abridged) "...stupendous anchorless joy" BERNARD LEVIN - THE TIMES. Following their triumphant year in the West-End the RSC career through Shakespeare's histories, comedies and tragedies at a whirlwind pace. WED18TH AUG 9PM Queen's HaU 031 668 2019


THE WHALE VENUE plihue 35-The WHALE Venue. 103 Broughton Street Tickets 556 6780. F10 ||ifdoesn' Showingt mean complete for convention this challenging proveswith quality inflateddisregard ticket prices. The programme mixes thevenue established the M:1] aspiring to make for a cultural hothouse. Theatre plus a delicious serving of music aind comedy provides a refreshing night out. Ridiculously cheap bar (6.30— 12.30) SPACEBOY—MOVING PARTICLES Workshop programme endingFringe in theartists. multimedia spaceboy show. A unique opportunity for children to become Aug Price 1628 is for{nota fullSunweek22) only 3.30pm (5.30) El5.00 (E5.00) ★ MATES/ THEfriendships FRENCH andLETTERS-PATCHWORK GROUP (MATES explores family relationships. 'The THEATRE French Letters' —a icomical (8.15) E3.00 (E2.00, E0.50 C) Aug^ 16-21look 7.at00pmcontraception. ALIEN NATION-WEST LOTHIAN YOUTH THEATRE Journey to the dark side 16-21 and confront iiy 8.45pmthe(9.4fears 5) and E3.00phobias (£2.00, £0.lurking 50 0 within us all. SATELLITE CITY-LIFELINE We can see into every corner of the global Jtvillage, og 23-25but what 6.00pmabout (7.00)your£3.next00 (£2.door00, neighbour? £0.50 C) ★through SWATCH THE SWITCH-BASH Extra-terrestrial tale of the adult world a by 0the0, £0.talented jby 26-28adolescent 6.00pm (7.eyes, 00) created £3.00 (£2. 50 0 young cast. r putROBIN WHO?-MOVING PARTS THEATRE GROUP The Robin Hood story comes 1 2328in the 7.creative 30pm (9.1blender 5) £3.and00 (£2. 00, £0.out50 lumpy. C) *shapes SCOTS WAHI —CALLUS PLAYSHED An imagistic kaleidoscope throwing and shadows from Scotland' s 0past onto ™ 2326 3. 3 0pm (10. 3 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0, £0. 5 0 C) a satirical view of today. IS NIGHT Rhona CABARET Live music spiced withandguest comedians that include, amongst others, Heretic. ffa 16-28 {not SunCameron, 22) 10.Arnold 00pm (12Brown midnight) Eric£3.the00 (£2. 00) 1 LORNA BROOKS Musical excellence from this uniquely gifted singer songwriter 16-21interrupted 10.00pmby(12special midnightguest ) £3.comics. 00 (£2.00) 1Cilitely THE FAITHFUL Succulent harmonies bringplustospecial life the self penned and respectfully itpilfered repertoire of Edinburgh' s finest, Aug 2328 10.00pm (12 midnight) £3.00 (£2.00) guest comedians. THE WHITEHILL GROUP Venue 51-Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) West Bow, Grassmarket. Ti« 225 6520(226 2151 J7 POLITICS IN THE PARKSisters). by IAIN HEGGIE LYNN FERGUSON andthey CAROLYN flBONNYMAN Effie trieswith to borrow from Jinty, their hilarious(Alexander views on funerals,Asperoxide blondes and£80Germans. 'Inspiredreveal and ^affectionate’ The Guardian. ISSept 4 {not Tubs 24,31) 7.45pm (8.45) £5.50 (£4.50 SUPOY) ' by IAIN HEGGIE. Duncan discovers Muriel is unfaithful. So he sets out to save as allIndependent. from sex . . and Muriel. 'Excellent' The List. 'Alan Bennett would have approved' (The lug 13Sept 4 {not Tues 24,31) 5.00pm (6.00) £5.50 (£4.50 SUPDY) WIERSZALIN (POLAND) D6 i Venue 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 ★ ROLL-A-PEA (TURLAJGROSZEK) U.K. with debut.a masterly Internationally jisnsemble revitalise ancient Byelorussian fable blend ofacclaimed haunting i imagery, superb performances, striking simplicity, incredible choral singing. Evokes •he humanbycostturns—unforgettable. of change in E. Europe to engrossingspectacle, effect. Hilarious, rnoving perfectbrutalin andits ^performance' . Sun 15) 8.30pm (9.30)'A dynamic Aug 13Sept 4 {not £7.00 (£4.00) UW AND TONY WILLIAMS Mime 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 KIUW & TONY WILLIAMS From London andFringe. venuesHuwofissuch jistanding, Huw s&finest Tony Williams havetheand nowFestival arrived Hall at the Festival one )f the country' song writers, thousands have already experienced their Lp-inique evening's entertainment. You now have the chance to see this fantastic Juo for yourselves. ‘ 30-Sept 4 10.45am (11.45) £4.50 (£3.50)

WIREWORKS P* • Venue 1—Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office J9 FRINGE FROLICS Breathe in theto bewitch magic ofyoustreetin thetheatre aswhere the artists whois can overcome the elements gather venue the set the sky and the sky'provide s the limit! Be preparedprogramme. to be entertained as some the Fringe'ors top an unrivalled Relax there of aoflunchtime, settleperformers Aug 14 inSeptfor4 the day. lO.OQam (7.00) WOMEN MAY o , , Venue 117-Leith Community Centre, Newkirkgate. Tickets 554 4750 C13 Outer ★women' CASSANDRA An unforgettable exploration, discovery and celebration of s voices. Glorious music revealing the richness of women' s singing, thrilling action sweeping through theheard centuries, brilliant colour, wickedso humour. A 20-strong cast ask ' h ow can we be and lift the curse of Apollo Cassandra is believed?' Aug 29 & 30 8.00pm (10.30) £3.00 (£1.50) EMILY WOOF •••• Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ★Jane'REVOLVER Guns, Girls, Obsession and Hero worship in this double sEMILY researchWOOF takes(Fringe her deeper and directed deeper ...byshePatrick finds Marber a revolver. Newfantasy. show from First 92) (Perrier Award director Gay(7.15)Artists.£6.50 (£5.50) Aug 1319,92). 22,23,In25,association 26,6.300,0pmSept(7.11-5)with 4 £7.Noel 6.050pm0 (£6. Aug 20,21,2729 50) SEX III92.GirlOnebecomes boy in trapeze love story. Fringe First/Perrier Pick of the Fringe week only. Aug 29 Sept 4 12 noon (1.15) £7.00 (£6.00) WORKHOUSE THEATER COMPANY ••• Venue 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francois d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph PI. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★ BURNING BRIGHT WorldGrey,premiere ofdirector John Steinbeck' s novel 'Burning Bright' . Adapted by Damien artistic of New York' s Workhouse Theater Company, and known his highly wife, theatrical, visually stunning work. The It's anworldold wants story; a foolish man, anforunfaithful accommodating strangers. Aug 16 Sept 4 {notto 24,be2deceived. ) 7.45pmIt'(9.s 3that 0) simple. £5.00 (£4.00)

0 3 3'1 WORLDWIDE WELCOME TO THE ORIGINAL - HERE IN EDINBURGH 129a Rose Street Precinct • Tel: 226 5857 3 Greyfriars Place • Tel: 225 4881


bedlam theatre 2.30 p.m. Ticket £4.00 Aug(031) - 4th Sept(£3.00) Box30th Office: 225 9893 Presented by VITAL THEATRE 112

WORKING THEATRE ZIPPO’S CIRCUS Venue 33-Pleasance, BO The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550 U1 Venue 109-Zippo's Big Top, The Meadows, nr. Buccleuch St. Tickets 662 0352 I S CIRCUS Europe'sthisNo. year 1 Human Circus Spectacular—Zippo' ★Ancient THE Greece' MAYFLIES-SEX, BLOOD, DEATH & GLOBAL DESTRUCTION 21st birthday in Edinburgh and features topBigclass acts froms celebrates China,qualf USji s latestmortality tragi-comedy. Love-Goddess Aphrodite...reveals a hilarious dreadful ZIPPO' Romania and England. With their new gigantic heated Top, the show offers curse of imminent upon the city of Maeflos With consequences. New commissioned drama sbytextPhilipis splendidly Ives and nationally acclaimed entertainment young7.3and 1621 7.33.0pm0for0pm(9.both 0pm old. (9.00)'Stunning £4.50 .(£3.. pure 50) exhilaration' Time Out writer/director Richard 'Osborne' entertaining, not to Aug Aug 2224-Sept 0(4.0)30)(6.and30) and be missed' Times Ed.45pmOsborne. Aug 4 5. 0 0pm 7. 3 0pm (9. 0 0) Preview Aug 12 6. (7. 4 5) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) (Two for one) Aug 13-1B,18,19,22,26.3.425pm 5,26,3(7.0,4S5)ept 14£5.50 6.(£4.45pm50) (7.45) £5.00 (£4.00) SOLDIERS myths. TALE/*Dynamic, ODYSSEYexplosive, Quality dangerous, music-theatrefunny.derived from Russian Aug 20,21,2729 tales/Greek Combines original foIf music/physical Aug 16-21 (alternatetheatre. days) 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£2.50) CYMBELINE Lovers torn apart, nations at war, optimism and hope all played out GEORGE WYLLIE AND CREW ° > a unique 1315 collaboration 7.30pm (10.0of0) European £5.00 (£3.theatre. 50) I Venue 5-Tron Kirk, High Street J9 Aug ★ THE VOYAGES OF THE PAPER BOAT andwithOther Pataphysical Pursuits. CAVORTtheatre is a make spectacular circus-theatre. Four performers, world-class skills act* ; Scotland' s favourite SCUL7TOR sails into town a new multi-media show of strong Cavort exciting and hilarious. Adults only. ' B rilliant' . adventure, philosophy, music1989: and dance at this Boat; year's 1993: most unusual A Day Down A Goldmine; The Paper George venue. wows 1985: India. Aug 16 Sept 4 (not Sun 22, Thur 2) 10.00pm (11.15) £5.00 (£4.00) Welcome Aug 24 28 aboard. 8.30pm (9.30) £6.50 WYVERN YOUTH THEATRE ° ■ Venue 98-Marco's, 51 Grove Street. Tickets 228 9116 K3 SAMMY' S MAGIC GARDEN by Kjartan Poskitt. An enormously entertainingS musical show for1990. all the family.and LONDON CHARRINGTON BESToverseen CHILDREN' SHOW AWARD Sammy his parents move into a house by the creepy Miss Nettlesdiscovers. and the kindly4-12. Gardener Compost. All is definitely not well ... asAugSammy 2228 soon 11.00am (12.15) Ages £2.50 YASS HAKOSHIMA MIME THEATRE • • Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 * KINETIC ILLUSIONS A worldchild-like touring artist, Hakoshima' s work isofa Japanese fusion of East andto West. From hilarious, dreams to the fatalism Theatre thought-provoking dramatic themes, accompanied by unique masks and intriguing Aug 1628 (notmusic, Sun) he transforms 12.30pm (1.40)mime £6.to 0a0 broad (£4.50) exciting art of body-expression. YOUTH CONNECTION ° > Venue 82-Southside ‘93, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. U0 GUYS AND DOLLS This talented, nationally acclaimed, 50-strong company, whose credits include tours of France and Germany, 3 times finalists at Queen Elizabeth Hall London, at Royal National for the National performance '93 with 'Independent Means'Theatre , present1991,'Guysshort-listed and Dolls'again , sparkling, spectacular Aug 1521 musical. 6.00pm (7.45) £4.50 (£4.00) MEANS Gripping,'Brides dramatic reconstruction of scenes from the life* INDEPENDENT of1521George2.1Joseph Aug 5pm (3.40)Smith £3.and00 the (£2.50) in the Bath' case.


ZOOM THEATRE » ■ Venue 62-St Bride's Centre, 10 Orwell Terrace. Tickets 346 1405 || EXHIBIT A Most excellent show with amazing computer graphics seeks perfjhSj)1 audience STOP Time and distance no object STOP Prepared to collect STOP the phoneclass. callsTremble from Earth. the Magic Taste Shona montjln cookery to theHearFashion PoliceMirror. STOP Theatre, VideoSpurtles Projection, L|| i Computer Aug 2328, 30Graphics Sept 4 and10.Showtime! 45pm (12.15) £5.00 (£3.50) 1 ZOO T.C. Venue 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 WOMAN IN (orMIND byUnhappy Alan Ayckbourn. Hilarious story of one woman' s dec|wi5>s into insanity is it?).they?) wifeINVISIBLE indulges intofantasy doesnot). she?) ideal family (orIT are whogood are others life(or (ormaybe VEfV FUNNY (YES IS). A devilish student production. Aug 30 Sept 4 6.15pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.00)

FOR FRINGE INFORMATION RING 031 -226 5257 or 5259 OPEN 10am-7am



The Widest Choice of MtrnuM [lurk HIRE DRIVE

Hire Drive Cars, Wits and Minibuses at the LOWEST PRICES

Lochrin Place, Tollcross, Edinburgh




Exhibitions Admission free unless otherwise stated FRINGE/LIFE ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND August 16 - September 4 SCHOOL’S POSTER COMPETITION 1993 Mon - Sat Venue 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street K9 i Every year the fringe Poster is chosen from over 10 am - 5 pm 4,000 entries submitted by young people aged 5-18 Sun years from schools all over Scotland. This exhibition presents 200 illustrations, specially 12 noon - 5 pm ; chosen as examples of the most colourful, Competition sponsored by inventive and exciting entries submitted for this ; year’s competition. The winning poster which represents the Fringe for 1993 throughout Britain THE LIFE and the world will be on view along ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND I with the other commended entries. don’t miss it! 9T L THE ADAM POTTERY L'AMOUR FOU /enue 135-76 Henderson Row. Tel: 557 3978 07 Venue 30-The Netherbow Arts Centre, 43-45 High Street L'AMOUR FOU Douglas Watson, Brigid Collins, Dave Keen, Susse Andersen, Natasha Stewart. An exploration of "love” in this age, through the commercial and personal CLAY work of five, prominent, young illustrators —from the pop-psychology of the Sunday supplements to the twee 1 A SELLING EXHIBITION OF CERAMICS BY images of teenage magazines—the diversity of images reflecting the JANET ADAM LORRAINE FERNIE LARA SCOBIE diversity of the phenomenon today. ^THROWN SCULPTURAL HANDBUILT Aug 7-Sept 4 LOTTERY PIECES VESSELS THE NETHERBOW "Aug 9-Sept 4 Monday-Saturday 10 am-6 pm Galleries open 10 am-4.30 pm Mondav-Saturday Admission Free ANIMALS IN TRIBAL ART AFRICAN ARTS AND CRAFTS Venue 142-Out of the Nomad's Tent, 21 St Leonard's Lane. Info: 662 1612 IW 157-0ut of Africa, 36 St Stephen Street ZIMBABWE SH0NA SCULPTURE “Of the leading 10 sculptor-cams in the world perhaps 5 come from Zimbabwe’’ Daily Telegraph, London A (Q A fascinating collection of contemporary stone sculptures bags and Indian unusualDesert, carvings from the the highlighting the most important art form to emerge from c.rt—and the Central Asian Anatolian Plateau:in this Africa this century. selling exhibition our warehouserichof tribal art ofcelebrates Also tapestries, paintings and crafts from Kenya, Zimbabwe the variety imagery and villagers animal animal adorn- 1010 Aug-18 Sept and Botswana. Prices from £5 • £500. ment that am-5 pmFree nomads have used. and Admission Admission free Aug 2-Sept 4 7 days 10am-7pm ^ALCHEMY I Bue 140-Basement Cafe, 23 George Square



THE ANNUAL WEST END CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR Venue 127-St John's Church, Corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road


TEMPTATION We’re hopeful you’ll succumb—when you see our work. We are a group of 300, mostly Scottish-based craftworkers and designermakers; 60 of us exhibit daily and changeovers are twice weekly. Our site, at one of the Festival’s liveliest venues, is rather unique! Wander in and explore as often as you like. Admission Free Aug 9-Sept 4 11.00 am-6.00 pm 115

THE CHESSEL GROUP J9 Venue 154-The Chessel Gallery, Moray House, The Royal Mile. Tel: 556 8455 Venue 34-Adam House, 5 Chambers Street ANTIQUARIAN AND SECOND HAND BOOKS y Booksellers from throughout 15th Festival Exhibition the United Kingdom exhibit 16 August-3 September Mon-Sat am-5 pm1993 for sale a wide range of (closed 10Sundays) antiquarian and second hand PAINTING books, maps and prints. JEAN DONALDSON ELIZABETH REIDTUFFS Organised by P.B.F.A. TOM WATT JENNIE CERAMICS Opens Aug 16 at 12 noon KEN SOUTHALL Thereafter Aug 17-Sept 4 JEWELLERY JEAN DONALDSON TOM IDATT ELIZABETH 10 am-8.00 pm daily SHEANA STEPHEN Monday to Saturday Original works of art and design for sale in Festival Atmosphere | Admission Free FREE COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE SCOTLAND BRASS RUBBING CENTRE J10 Venue 130-Commonwealth Institute, Scotland, 8 Rutland Square. Info: 226 6668 Venue 151-Trinity Apse, Chalmer's Close (Off High Street), Royal Mile BRASS RUBBING CENTRE BOTSWANA LIVE! The centre has a fascinating collection of Ar Exhibition of contemporary arts and crafts from Botswana replicas moulded from 15 August - 4 September, 1993 ancient Pictish stones, rare Scottish brasses and Opening Hours: mediaeval church brasses. No experience is needed Monday - Saturday 10.00am - 5.00pm to make a rubbing. Sunday 2.00 - 4.00pm Telephone 031-556 4364 Commonwealth Institute, Scotland ADMISSION FREE 8 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EH1 2AS Tel: 031 -229 6688 Fax:031-229 6C41 Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm, During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays; 2pm - 5pm THE CABINETMAKER'S COLLECTION THE DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE Venue 162-Gogar Old Church, 194 Glasgow Road. Info: 317 7240 HI Outer Venue 163-The Danish Cultural Institute, Carlsberg House, 3 Doune Terrace THE CABINETMAKER’S COLLECTION THE VIKING SHIPS -A WORKSHOP EXHIBITION An exhibition on the Viking Shipi CHRIS HOLMES MICHAELA HUBER CHRIS SCOTLAND their historical and cultural bao ground, building and navigatiij: An exhibition of the design and making of quality furniture techniques and modern day ca in native hardwoods. A festival season of workshop open structions, based on excavation days gives visitors a unique opportunity not only to view and research undertaken in the la finished pieces but also to see work in progress, the 30 years. environments in which it is produced, and to discuss with the makers the possibilities this approach provides. 16 Aug-17 Sept Noon-5 pm every day (except Mondays), (not Saturday and Sunday) Aug 7-27, or by arrangement 10 am-5 pm FREE CAMERA OBSCURA DAZZLE JEWELLERY EXHIBITION Venue 160-Camera Obscura, Castlehill, Royal Mile. Info: 226 3709 J7 Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street Forty-three of Europe’s lead >• contemporary jewellery design | CAMERA ifOBSCURA exhibit to Midnight daily, show inside this unique 1850s ' c inema' for a 1,000 pieces at prices from £7 3 ue experience of Edinburgh. A brilliant £500. “Don’t miss this exhilj; live, the moving, your guide tion”—77M£ OUT. “A supil) tells storypanorama of the city'unfolds s historicaspast. opportunity to buy at ludicroul' HOLOGRAPHY '93of-astonishing 3D low prices”—FINANCIAL TIM& International Exhibitionand “Great bargains to be found’tjr images which appear disappear before you. CITY LIMITS. Plus: PINHOLEPhotographs PHOTOGRAPHY; Old Edinburgh & Paintings August 13-September 4 OPEN EVERY DAY 9.30am -7.00pm Sunday-Friday, 11 am-midnight Admission: Adult £2.90 Child £2.30 £1.50 Saturdays 10 am-midnight Concession Admission Free 116

EDINBURGH ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Venue 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Square

EDITH SIMON GALLERY Venue 106-Student Centre, Bristo Square. Tel: 650 2656 L9 THE CUTTING EDGE New departures in her acclaimed Scalpel-Paintings and other pictures, sculpture, graphics, plus audio-visual and video presentations. As ever, spectator-friendly yet totally unconventional. Full of life, excitement and breath-taking skill. Admission Free 17 Aug-4 Sept, 10.30 am-6.30 pm EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART EXHIBITIONS THE FRUITMARKET GALLERY Venue 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place K7 Venue 147-The Fruitmarket Gallery, 29 Market Street H10 A special y selected exhibition of new work by GERALD LA1NG: MichaelInnes Docherty Callum Alan Johnston Retrospective, 1963-1993 Eileen Lawrence Colin Lawson The Fruitmarket re-opens after major renovaGlen Onwin tion, boasting new galleries, a new cafe, a new Liz Atkin - Drawings roof and good disabled access. The inaugural exhibition features successful pop-painter and I; Painting and Sculpture by Postgraduate Students portrait sculptor Gerald Laing, best known in Afghan ki l i m s and weavings from Edinburgh for his “Sherlock Holmes” figure on I Gun Le Riche Picardy Place. 15MonAugust 4 September August 14-September 18 - Sun 10am - 5pm 11 am-6 pm (Tuesday-Sunday) also E.A.S.T.Theatre, present Dance and Music IT International Admission Free EDINBURGH CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR GALERIE MIRAGES |e of Physicians, 9 Queen Street G8 Venue 149-Galerie Mirages, 46A Raeburn Place ETHNIC JEWELLERY THE A magnificent selling exhibition Bj-ll!l:llhW!F exploring the use of the TALISMAN and GLASS BEADS in traditional CONTEMPORARY jewellery from India, Afghanistan and the African continent with a special Royal College of Physicians collection by Angela Fisher—author of Africa Adorned. Also a stunning selection of neckOPENING HOURS! laces, earrings and rings set with 20 August 1100-1900 • 21 August 1100-1800 • 22 August 1100-1700 amber, lapis lazuli, amethyst, cornelians. tickets: £2 (£1) from 0491 410222 and The Fringe Box Office Aug 5-Sept 11 10 am-6 pm (Sundays closed) GALERIE MIRAGES EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP AND GALLERY iBhie 144-Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and Gallery, 23 Union Street. Tel. 557 2479 FIT Venue 149-Galerie Mirages, 46A Raeburn Place 05 MASTER-CARVERS David Hockney; 25 years of Printmaking FROM THE EAST (14 August-18 September) A unique selling exhibition of statues, A rare opportunity to see a fine carvings and furniture from the selection of prints made by David deserts of Western India, the forests Hockney during the last 25 years—all of Indonesia and the hills of Thailand. for sale at reasonable prices. Also new This exhibition presents both antique work by contemporary Scottish artists and contemporary examples of the on show and for sale. skill and craftsmanship of traditional (In collaboration with Berkeley Square Gallery, London) woodcarvers. Aug 6-Sept 11 Open Studio from 2.00 pm-4.00 pm—Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-6 pm (Sundays closed) during the Festival. 117 _ 18

GORDON STRACHAN Venue 23-Chaplaincy Centre, 1 Bristo Square THE PILLARS OF WISDOM

Photographs them of thebystanding stonesSTRACHAN. of ancient Britain and circle paintings of theplans life based force surrounding GORDON Also stone geometric on Prof. A. Thom’s surveys by ANNE MACAULAY. Aug 16-4 Sept (not Sundays) 10 am-5.30 pm Friday 20, 27 Aug, 3 Sept, 5.30 pm — Lectures: “The Ancient Wisdom” Admission Free H0LYR00D ART CLUB Venue 65-St Ann's Community Centre, 6 South Gray's Close, High Street J10

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Venue 137-Merchant Hall, 22 Hanover Street INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY IMAGES FROM PHOTOGRAPHERS AROUND THE WORE AugustInternational 16-SeptemberExhibiti<| 4 131st Annual of Pictorial Photography i||i presentedPHOTOGRAPHS by THE EDINBURGH SOCIETY (Instituted 1861) Mon-Sat: 10.00 pm [|^1 Sunday, August 22: 10.am-8.00 00 am-8.00 (Early closing) September 4: 7.00 ppt Admission (including Children under catalogue) 12 Free £U* KNITTING AT NUMBER TWO Venue 139-2 St Stephen Place. Tel: 225 6257

*<i if. :5

KNITTING AT NUMBER TWO ART EXHIBITION AND SALE OF for all lovers of knitwear PAINTINGS A selling exhibition with the emphasis on til! Oil paintings, Watercolours, Pastels history of Fair Isle knitting from the northeifi and Drawings in First Floor Exhibition isles of Scotland. Contrast with the wonderf.Hall. wearable knits of current British knitwe Aug 14-28 Entrance Free 10am-7.30pm Cafeteria designers. (except Sundays) Aug 9-Sept 4 (closed Sundays) Access from High Street (opposite John 10 am-5 pm Knox House) or from Cowgate. HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM LADY STAIR'S HOUSE Venue 158-Huntly House Museum, 142 Canongate, Royal Mile J12 Venue 156-Lady Stair's House, Lawnmarket, Royal Mile LADY STAIR'S HOUSE HUNTLY HOUSE MUSEUM A restored 16th Century Built in 1622 by a prominen b mansion which is today the merchant burgess of the ] city's principal museum of city, this is a museum of local history. Also on portraits, manuscripts and 11 display are collections of relics relating to Robert Edinburgh crystal and glass, Burns, Sir Walter Scott and i a Scottish pottery and shop Robert Louis Stevenson. , j signs. Telephone 031-225 2424 1 Telephone 031-125 2424 (ext 4901) (ext 4143) ADMISSION FREE ADMISSION FREE MondayInternational - Saturday:Festival, 10am - 6pm, MondayInternational - Saturday:Festival, 10am - 6pm, During the Edinburgh Sundays; 2pm - 5pm n During the Edinburgh Sundays; 2pm - 5pm INHOUSE LEITH SCHOOL OF ART Venue 134-Inhouse, 28 Howe Street. Tel: 225 2888 F7 Venue 146-North Junction Street, Leith C13(jte CASA BARCELONA DUNCAN PETTIGREV Last year during the Olympics, 1973-1993 Barcelona hosted an exhibition of 38 objects designed and produced in An exhibition of how he saw himself and ftr i unison, then presented as the model home for 1992. world about him as he fought agaiEjj£ a Each had been allocated a designer leukaemia. He was an outstanding studenjfoj and the initial design then submitted to an appropriate manufacturer. Edinburgh Academy and Leith SchooJ^j Art. This year Inhouse takes a look . . . Furniture, Lighting, Textile and LEITH Aug 30-Sept 11 Product. SCHOOL 10 am-5 pm 7 August to 31 August 9.30 am-6 pm Admission Free — AIM Admission Free 118

MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD r /enue 153-Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street, Royal Mile J10 MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD Much frequented by children and often described as the 'noisiest museum in the world', this is a treasure house of historic toys, dolls, hobby items, children's costume and many other things relating to childhood Telephone 031 - 225 2424 (ext 4142) ADMISSION FREE Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm, E During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays; 2pm - 5pm \IEPAL INTERLINK /enue 136—6 Howe Street (Top Floor). Tel: 225 1654 F7 A FEEL OF NEPAL glimpses of an enchanting world NATURAL MATERIALS—BEAUTIFUL OBJECTS ili selling exhibition that displays both new and ancient 'techniques in silver jewellery, thang-ka paintings, i|Jpialayan carpets, handwoven cottons, brass and copper, wood, masks, handmade paper, ritual objects. ■ WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AND COMMENTARIES Aug 10-Sept 4 (except Mondays) 10.45-6.00 Admission Free ijpIBER 2 GALLERY <1006 152-Ukraine House, 8 Windsor Street, off London Road. Info: 062082-5902 FI2 REQUIEM RUS by Boris Spornikov Paintings reflecting the fate of dissidents under Stalin Other works by: TETYANA HOLEMBIEVSKA Professor of Painting at Kiev Fine Arts Academy. VALENTIN ZNOBA prominent Ukrainian Sculptor. 16 August-4 September (not Sundays) 10.30 am-5.30 pm Also at Number 2 Gallery, The Sands, Haddington PEOPLE'S STORY MUSEUM ^ie 148-People's Story, 163 Canongate, Royal Mile THE PEOPLE'S STORY Tells of the life and work of ordinary people of Edinburgh from the late 18th century to the present day. The museum is filled with the sights, smells and sounds of everyday life in the past. Telephone 031 - 225 2424 (ext 4057) ADMISSION FREE Monday Saturday: 10am During the Edinburgh International Festival,- 6pm, Sundays; 2pm - 5pm

PORTFOLIO GALLERY Venue 133-Portfolio Gallery, 43 Candlemaker Row K8 ARTHUR TRESS Requiem for a Paperweight Following Fish Tank Sonata, the acclaimed exhibition of the 1991 Festival, New York photographic artist Arthur Tress presents the sequel, a meditation on the destiny of the individual within economic and scientific culture. 12 August - 18 September Monday —Saturday 11.00-6.00 Admission by Catalogue £1 (75p) RICHARD ROBERTS BOOK MARKETS Venue 129-Freemasons' Hall, 96 George Street. Tel: 225 5304 G6 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL BOOK MARKET August 7 to September 5 (Closed on Sundays) 10.00 am to 6.00 pm Admission Free Enjoy a leisurely browse through thousands of secondhand and antiquarian books, maps, prints, postcards, sheet music, new book bargains and ephemera. New stock added daily. New dealers weekly. ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Venue 159-Royal Botanic Garden, Inverleith Row C7 THE BOTANIC ASH TIM STEAD A magnificent Ash tree that grew in the Botanic Garden for over 170 years now wrought into stunning wood sculptures by Borders artist and craftsman Tim Stead. Caledonian Hall • 10 - 5 Dally • Admission Free • 3 April - 3 October ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION FOR SCOTLAND Venue 138-9 Atholl Crescent, EH3 8HA. Tel: 229 1109 Critics Creating Exhibition oftextile Architecture, painting,and sculpture, design, planning vision: Professional work from a selection of 70 past sinceRoyal 1927.Commissioners appointed Wipatrons th lunch timeindividual talks by architects buildings iorn Scotland.about Details at exhibition. Admission Free

at 7 Aug - Sat 4 Sept. 1 lam - 4 pm. 119



Look upon these works, ye mighty, and wonder! - ap,>i,^ies»Shelter The RIAS Gallery. IS Rutland Square. Edinburgh August 16 to September 23 1993 Man ■ Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm. Sats during Festival 10.00am ■ 4.00pm Admission Free SABAI SABAI Venue 145-Sabai Sabai, 12 St Stephen Street D6 CRAFT OF THE TRIBE A selling exhibition presenting an exciting and diverse collection of artefacts from Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Including head-dresses and hats, clothing, embroidery, drums and pipes. Betel nut boxes, puppets, kalagas, weaving, masks and carved wood, horse-hair blankets and Khmer terracotta. FREE August 9-September 4 (not Sundays) 10.45 am-6.00 pm SARAJEVO'S GALERIA OBALA director Mirsad PURIVATRA Venue 22-St Mary's School, Cnr York Lane and Albany Street: Tel 557 0707 F9 WITNESSES of EXISTENCE Powerful contemporary art installations by 8 Sarajevan artists created from the ruins and rubble of besieged Sarajevo and reconstructed in Edinburgh Open daily 10am - 6pm 15 August - 4 September yi''0 €><>


Suruchi presents a unique and wide ranging selling exhibition of handcrafj|k items from India related to food. Handprinted and handwoven table limt/i handmade lamps, candlestands, pots, ceramics and earthenware. Carm furniture and mirror frames, fascinating adornments for your kitchen ill dining room. Impressive accessories—all exclusive and handmade. If August 5-September 20 (not Sundays) 11 am-8 pm i TALKING ARTISTS Venue 64-Royal College of Physicians, 9 Queen Street talking artists Talks and slide shows by contemporary artists, providing a window on current theory and practice in the visual arts. Doug Cocker, John Plumb, Tom Wood, Guy Taplin, William Gear, Harry Holland, Dale Devereux-Barker, Will Maclean, Malcolm Poynter. Entertaining and educative. Chaired by Jeremy Theophilus. 22 August 1100-1700, Royal College of Physicians Tickets: £5 {£$) from 0491 410222 and The Fringe Box Office ULTERIOR VISIONS CALEDONIA Venue 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street ULTERIOR VISIONS CALEDONIA Photographic Exhibition by Chris Dorman A selection of Images of ScotM enhanced by chemical treatments filtraijr! and hand tinting combining old and ||n processes to emphasise classic vUd moments. FREE AUG 1st to SEPT 4th (See Festival Club for opening hou|jbr

Demarco European Art Foundation St. Mary’s School Corner York Lane and Albany Street presented by Sarajevo-Edlnburgh and the Demarco European Art Foundation STILLS Venue 150-Stills, 105 High Street, Royal Mile. Tel: 557 1140 J10 Venue 141-Wrap, 17 Stafford Street Virtual Interventions THE PRIMITIVE AND Some of the world's leading THE BRAVE exponents of digital and video imaging —Nam June Paik (Korea), i A unique selling exhibition of art, "Manual” (USA), Alex Vermeulen and jewellery from tribal M design (Netherlands), Gavin Evans (UK) cultures across the world - from the and Amy Jenkins (USA) —blend Ovambo in Namibia to the Navajo fantasy with "fact" using state of Indians in America the art computer generated and I photographic imaging as the real August 2nd - September 11th world meets cyberspace. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Free Admission 31 July-4 September (not Mondays) I WRAP Tues-Sat — 11.00 am-5.30 pm 17 Suns 12.00 pm-4.00 pm ►H Stafford Street. 031-220 2328 Admission £1.50 (£0.50) 120


Venue Index

This is a listing of Venues by Name. Undereach name you will find the Venue Number, the address, phone number for tickets and messages, Ikises, food and drink details, and information about access for people with disabilities. Performers who appear under their own name in the programme are listed under the appropriate venue. Look under the group's main listing in the Programme for full details. !| 'ey to Disabled Information I IR=handrail. he informationLandings is in theor platforms following big order:enough Entrance: distance in yardsindicated from road ofandsteps at entrance Style ofpresent. steps Auditorium: (Str=straight, Sp=spiral).in take(a)aand wheelchair 1 (b)+ 3 number (d). LiftsM=men. handrails only(c)noted ij ardsfrom entrance to nearest seats (b) number ofto steps style. WCare(water closet):1 + W=women, Level are at which WC isiflocated is indicated with(a)adistance WC at the Islevant floor. Door width is given only if less than 26". J'xample: Gilded Balloon: Ent 2yd Flat. ,j This means that the entrance is 2 yards from the side of the road. The entrance area is flat.) mample: Aud: 20yd 4 Str HR WC ( + 1 25"). ' this means that the auditorium is 20 yards from the entrance. 4 steps (all straight) with Handrail. WC (up 1 step 25" wide). Ippossible, phone the Venue beforehand if you need assistance. Further information from Venue or Fringe Office (226 5259). An updated version of "Access in Lothian" 'p available from Lothian Coalition of Disabled People, 13 Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2PW. Phone 031-220 6855. jkrtlink is an arts and disability organisation in Edinburgh which may be able to help with questions concerning access. 03T229 3555. i lurthanks to Lothian Region Council's Public Transport Unit for assistance in compiling the bus information. 1transport he bus information is onlyor aLothian rough guide to buses thatTraveline either pass031-225 by the door 031-220 4111 Regional Council 3858.or near the venue. For further assistance please phone: SMT 031-556 8464, Lothian Region coustic Music Centre, Venue 25 Assembly Rooms, George Street. Book Festival, Charlotte Square St. Hse,Messages 16 Chambers Street. Kg Tickets 226 242854Messages 226 5992 VenueG73 Box 225 Office: 1000/2000 G5 nfooxhambers 220 2462 346 8237 Box Office: 11am—midnight —8pm Office: noon—midnight. Buses: George ST:Frederick 13, 18, 19/39, 20, 22/25, SMT C23, Buses: LRT 10am 2/12, 3, 4, 9-11, 13, 15-18, 19/39, 21,X66, 22, uses: 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-82, SMT C3, 129,28/29 (off at St). 23,27,40/41,42/46,45, 24-26, 31,33, 34/35,36,40/41,43,44,48, 64, 65, 11, 64/65, 70, Restaurant, 79, 80, 86, cafe, LRT 87.licensed bar all day. SMT (off at Hanover St). LRT 47, 64, X64, 81, 81A, C11, 69, X74, 75,43,X78, 79, 81,66,82,70,85,80,86,86,100.88,SMT129Cl,(offC5,at ood and drink: 82, 9.C23 C55, 44, St.)64A, disabled: Ent: 2yd 2 spaces Str. Aud:provided 3yd Flat.andWCaccess (W 23",to Disabled: Food and drink: Cafe, 1Licensed Bar all day. West End drink: Princes 125"). Wheelchair Ent: 5yd Str. Wildman Room: 5yd Flat. Food and Cafe &access. bar all WC day.for disabled. advance given, hrs ifNpossible. Ballroom & Music ground Hall: Liftlevel). available. SupperSuite:Room: Flat. WC (adapted Edinburgh Enter7ydby Disabled: I!! econd ACOUSTIfloor CTHEMUSIif EGGPLANTS C CENTRE -notice ATTACK OF THEE 24-AUBERGI ES:FESTIKENNY SCOTTISHWheelchair POETRY LIBRARY side lane 30yd. Aud: 20yd. YOUNG & AULO REEKI CHI N ESE V AL |I PERCUSSI MUSIC - OMARVI N HANGLI-DKIERNGPRODUCTI INTNERY THEATRE SENSE ARCHES COMPANY -HARDASSEMBLY ROOMS - CLARKE STEVEN ALFRED' SOUNINS V--ERSIEARL BERKOFF THEATRE - JOWRIBRAND MORTON I| OXFORD COMPANYORI-NGORCHESTRA COMPANY OKIN TESALLSTARS -ANDKEVIRINC-DAY -EVANS DEL RUBI- AN-O TRIMARGI PLETSNG (WIUSA)TH Brahma Kumaris Centre, 20 Polwarth Cres Venue t!§ INNORTHERN ALS - STAITHEATRE RCASE PRODUCTI ONS - NIK STORM --GARYCONJUGAL DOUGLINANTHONY LEE EVENI EKER -NSPOTTER ANTONIO -FORCIJEFFONEGREEN AND -NEITHEL STACEY -ANGUS- Buses: Info 22910,7220 GASCOI GNETRAI 27. HULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY - LEDERER INCIDENTAL-GUARDI THEATRE Disabled: icropolis, Top of Calton Hill, Regent Rd. Venue 26 PRESENTS LEA DE LARI A I U SA) HELEN LI P SERVI C E BRAHMA Ent: KUMARI2yd,S 2 Str. Aud: 3yd WC. Tickets 557 6969. H11 ROGER MCGOUGH ENNI O MARCHETTO PERRI E R PI C K OF THE pxuses:Office: FRINGE - EMO- REDUCED PHILIPS - PW PRODUCTIONSCO--REDSCHNEI SHIFTDTHEATRE 26, 85,65,12 noon—10pm. 86SMT(to C5,C55, Waterloo44,PI) 4,66,5,104-108, 15, 20, 26A, 34, COMPANY ER GIANDRL 5, 42-46, 112/113, I-ANNUCCI - SMALL-FISEMIH BILSHAKESPEARE G WOOF PONDS THEATRE - TEMPORARY -1*4/125, 129, ET333 (off London Rd). MARK THOMAS Y Broughton High School,EYTC 1 Carrington rod and drink: Restaurant, cafe, licensed bar. Box Office 332 334 7805 8956 only. Road. Venue C369 habied: to performance area from Regent Messages Level. CarS ONaccess Buses: 19, 20, 28, 29, 38, 39, 82A, SMT Cl, !I d.ACROPOLI CALTON HI L L THE AMAZI N G JOHNATHAN BEST BBC Scotland, One, 5 Queen Street. Venue G857 Food C23, 129.and drink: Licensed80, 81,Bar81A,(Quinquereme), OF THE FEST - JIM ROSE CIRCUS SIDESHOW - JUST A MINUTE Tickets 2259.30am 3131Studio—6pm refreshments (EYTC) at time of performance Box Office: Disabled: 27, 89, SMT C23 (offsnacks Hanover St). lam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Venue J934 Buses: WC adaptedEnt:4ramped Str HR.Carrington Prior noticeRd entrance. appreciatedAud:10yd. but not Food and23,drink: ckets 6505, 8200 Disabled: Ent: levelRefreshments, leftaccessible of main door. Aud:at time 20ydofflat.perf.Wc essential. dses: 3, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-82, 87, 89, THE EDI N BURGH YOUNG THEATRE COMPANY - QUINQUEREME adapted. Completely to wheelchairs. VITC3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 87. PRODUCTI O NS BBC RADI O SCOTLAND BBC RADI O TWO TDK ROUND MI D NI G HT >odsabled: and drink: bar, snacks Ent: 3 Licensed yd 3 Str. Aud: 5 yd Liftall10day.yd Flat. WC in JAZZ FESTIVAL di‘ asement. ifL-1 THEDEVAYANI CAMBRID-GEDIBEDS DEBORAH CLAPP -COMPANY CURTAINS-THEATER Brunton665 Theatre, Street,665Musselburgh. VenueOuter95 INNBURGH THE RIGRADUATE BS THEATRE Bedlam 225 Theatre, Forrest225 Road.9873 Venue 49L8 Tickets I /FEDGE DRAMA - /EDIGADAM THEATREPRODUCTI GROUPDOUBLE -NSTHE- Tickets 2240.Bridge Messages 9900. H13 98932 Admin ESTI V AL CLUB HOUSE HI G HNOTE OLATI Box Office: 10am —8pm Box Office: 9.30am—2.00am II! CHIHOURCAGOOFTHEATER THE DOGCOMPANY COMPANY- OXFORD - INSTANTMUSICLASSI C S N O 15,112/113, 26, 43,124/125, 44, 85, 129, 86, x66, 75, SMT 44, 66, 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (off at Buses: C HALL COMPANY - Buses: 104-108, 141. Georgeand2/12, IVdrink: Bridge) Tfi PARTI NG -COMPANYNEWTOWNABBEY COLLEGE, NORTHERN anddrink: Licensed bar,HR tea(Ramp and131,available). coffee at time perf. Food Cafe,2 + 3licensed bar allAud: day. 30yd 2 + 5 Str. Food I R ELAND SHORT BACK AND SI D ES SHREWSBURY SCHOOL Disabled: Ent: 10yd 6 Str Aud:of20yd Disabled: Ent: 3yd Str WC (+ 2). •4ICOUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO FREE ASSOCIATES - UNLIKELY THEATER 20 Strassisted HR. WCaccess. adapted.Wheelchairs accommodated, ACCUSATI VEDIVCASES AND FORTITHEATRE NBRAS- TEATER - BEDLAM with Induction loop. THEATRE ADLO K fecund ROUGH EDGE VI T AL BRUNTON THEATRE th FirTHEATRE st Base Theatre THEATRE - YASS HAKOSHIMA MIME THEATRE - ZOO T.C. ESKMOUTH THEATRECOMPANY COMPANYin-assoc FIRSTwiBASE ■ iideijrson' s, (formerly Earl of Lothian), Venue K539 Lothian Rd. Ifzkets 229 11am—11pm. 5745 La Belle225 Angele, Hasties Close, Cowgate. Venue 42J9 Bugsy's, Kings Stables Road, off Grassmarket Venue 85 .ijfses: e. Office: Tickets 277411—5pm 2/12, 3, 34/35, 4, 10, 40/41, 11, 15, 43/44, 18, 19/39, Box Office: 10am 228 3161 Rd, Johnston Terrace J6or f/29, 31, 33, 65. 21, 22/25, 26, Buses: 1/6, 34/35 (off atat High 23, 27-29, 40-42, Tickets Buses: Any 6669/229 bus to Lothian Wd and drink: Licensed bar all day. 45-47,andSMTdrink:C23Cafe, (off licensed GeorgeStreet), IVallBridge) Grassmarket. habled: Cellar bar. Food bar day. Food and drink: Licensed bar at time of performance. IlSAVE SILK JAZZ Disabled: not available THUD ANDDetails BLUNDER THEATRE— LA BELLE ANGELE — THE MAMBO INN-LITHE AND DIRECT FROM BRIXTON srnbly at The..am, Meadows, Venue 1 l1!iPassages kets 2262292428, or on day of perf. 229 9281 M Bennington Buster Brown' s, 27 Market Street. Venue H960 Resource Centre, VenueB1348 Tickets 3155 200 Bonnington Road. 22621,4224 llam-midnight Buses: 3, 26, 30, 31, 33, 80-86 (not 84), SMT Tickets 657 4740 / 551 3107 ses:29,Office: 15A, 18/18A, 24 (off at Melville Dr) or 2, 1 2, 23, 2 64/65,and70,drink: 79, Licensed 80, 86, 87.Bar at time of performanceC55, Buses:and 34/35,drink:89 orRefreshments, 11, 14 (off at Pilrig). 45, SMTSnacks, C23 offrefeshments, at Royal Infirmary). onlyt Food snacks at time of Food ■\fabled: -odanddrink: licensed bar all da Disabled: Ent: 2yd. Aud: 10yd- BLAMROC Flat. - CRUMPET THEATRE performance only. Ground level. Disabled Portaloos. Disabled: Ent: 12yd ramped front & back. Aud: 16 Str HR. BABLAKE AT- BUSTER BROWNS •! ■A-SSEMBLY AT THE MEADOWS JO BRAND AND RI C HARD MORTON Lift. WC adapted. COMPANY FREUD EGG PRODUCTI O NS JOHN PEEL PUPPETS JACK DEE - DEL RUBIO TRIPLETS (USA) SEQUOYAH THEATRE OF CALIFORNIA PISCES THEATRE COMPANY 121

C,Tickets Over Seas House,Messages 100 Princes Street.225 1501.Venue G719 2259.30am—12 5105 & Admin Box Office: midnight Buses: 2/12,3,4,9,10,11,15-18,21-29,31,33,36,40-48, 64, X66, 69,70, 80,79, 85,80,86,86,100, Cl, C5, 64A,65,80-82, 44/66, 88. SMT LRT 74, 75, C11, X78,C55, 79, X79, 89.Restaurant, licensed Food and drink: bar, snacks all10Str day. Disabled: Front Ent: 7yd 5Str HR. Aud: 20 + 5 + 15 + Hr.13ydNot8 advisable to wheelchairs. Street:1ydEnt:to Str HRarea.Aud: 9yd to liftFrom (28"Rose x 49") performance WC (W 23"). ABSOLUTE BANANA THEATREDGECO COUNTERFEI - ACCENTEDTSIM-AGESCAMBRI THEATRE COMPANY UNIIRRATIVERSIONALTY-GEOGRAPHI ADCC --CAMBRI DREAMHAUS THEATRE ENSEMBLE - DTHEGEC SOCI E TY KCS THEATRE COMPANY KEBLE DRAMA WORKSHOP NATI O NAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY sponsored by Scarborough UNIVERSIT-Y EXPERIMENTAL - THEBCTHEATRE REGI- OXFORD ONAL(RUSSI MANAGERS SKETCHED OUT THEATRE - VICTOR CLUB SOBCHAKS A) The Cafe556Royal, 17Messages West Register Street Venue G947 Tickets 2549 557 4792 / 558 1567 Box Office: 4.00pm—1.00am Buses: 64, 65,2/12,3,4,9,10,11,15-18,21-29,31,33,36,40-48, 69, 74,64,75,70,80,86,88,129 78-82, 85, 86, 89.(offSMT C11, C55,43,44, EastCl,EndC5,Princes St). Food and drink: Restaurant, licensed bar all day Disabled: Ent:-2ydDOUBLE Aud: 2RODGE Flights.PRODUCTI WC (W+M) CAFE ONS - same KIT & level. THE WIDOWROYAL - LOUDER THAN OWORDS Caledonian Club, 32 Abercromby Place Venue 70F8 Tickets 5579.00am 2675 —8pm Box Office: Buses: 23,Basement: 27, 89, SMTnotC23. Disabled: suitable for wheelchair users. HelpDINavailable. OSAUR - DRAGON THEATRE COMPANY The Calton, 24375826 Calton Road VenueJ1171 Tickets 558 10am—11pm. Box Office: Buses: 26, 85, 86 (off at Waterloo PL), 1/6 (off at Canongate). Food and drink: Licensed Disabled: Ent: 4ydPROJECT Flat. Aud:bar.2yd Flat WC. GRASSMARKET Calton Centre, 119 Tickets 661 10am—1am 9121.121 Montgomery Street. Venue G13 Box Office: Buses: 10, C55 11, 2/12, 14, 16, Rd). 22, 24, 25, 87, C3 (off Elm Row) and or7,1/6,drink: (off Licensed Easter Food Cafe, Disabled: Lower Hall. Ent: 4yd 19BarStrallHR.day.Upper Aud: Hall. 6 IStrEnt:HR.1 Hall+toilet inaccessible toAud: wheelchairs. 1/2 yd ramped (7 Str HR). 5yd. WC Adapted. Totally accessible to wheelchairs. THE NG INITIATICOMPANY VE - THE CALTON CENTRE - CROTCH - DEX DIMANCHESTER PPERACTITHEATRE LESBI A N AND GAY YOUTH - THECOMPANY LIVERPOOL- PLAYHOUSE REALISTIC THEATRE RIDICULUSMUSYOUTH THEATRE Cannonball House, Castle Hill, Royal Mile. Venue 78 Info 2261/6,7467 Messages Buses: 35 or 23, 27,45328,487329, 40-42, 45, 46 (offJ7 atDisabled: GeorgeNot IV34,Bridge) EDINBURGH FESTIsuitable. VAL VOLUNTARY GUIDES ASSOCIATION Carrubbers Christian Centre, 65442High3611Street. VenueJ1086 Tickets 55634/35, 2626. Ross Messages Buses: 1/6, R60 or any busoftoperf.Northonly.Bridge. Food and drink: Refreshments Disabled: disabledCOMPANY access butat time assistance available. BEANSTALKNoTHEATRE The Ceilidh House & Iron Jazz Cellar, VenueJ109 Hunter Square, High Street Box Office: 12 noon —9pm. Buses: 1/6. George 34/35 ,23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, 89. SMT C23 (off IV Bridge) Food andatdrink: Restaurant, licensed bar+all14day. Disabled: Ent: 3yd 2 Str. Aud:snacks, 2yd Str.for 7yd +2 Str HR.Guide WC unadapted at perf+13 level.Str+1yd Unsuitable wheelchairs. dogs admitted. Help available. ABSOLUTE BLUES AND JAZZ CHICAGO STYLE - CEILIDH HOUSE Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. VenueJ86 Tickets 22511am—12.15am 7097 Box Office: Buses: 1/6, 34/35 or 23, 27-29,40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (to GeorgeEnt:IV Bridge) Disabled: Flat WC (25"). Aud: 80yd 2 + 13 + 8 StrALMS HR. FOR OBLIV60yd IONO-NSFLEXI BLE DEADLOCK THEATRENG COMPANY COMPANY -GALLERY PRODUCTI - GOLDEN ROUND-TOURI LONDON VERSITY THEATRE COMPANY MANIA PRODUCTI ONS -ANDREWS MELTONUNI-MOWBRAY F. E . C . MERMAI D S THEATRE COMPANY, SAN FRANCI THEATRECOMPANY PROJECT - SATURATIOSTN THEATRE COMPANY - S.YSICOTHEATRE

Central Hall, West Tollcross. Venue 100 Box Office: Buses: 1/6, 9.30am 10, 11, —9.30pm. 15-18, 23, 24, 27, 34/35, SMT Cl,X5 C11,C23. Food and Ent: drink:2ydTea2 +and7 +coffee evening Disabled: 6 Str H R.atAud: 100ydintervals 8 + 8 Stronly.H R WCNATI( +O5NAL25"). ASSOCINewly ATION installed OF YOUTH lift. ORCHESTRAS Chaplaincy Centre, Venue 23i_9 Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 650 8201 Box Office: Buses: 2/12,3,10am—10.30pm. 23,5, 7,27,8, 21,40-42, SMT 87,C2389,(offSMTat Forrest Rd), 31,86,33,45-47, 69,(off80-82, C3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80,coffee 88only atday.Surgeons Hall). Food and drink: Tea and all Disabled: DOWNSTAIRS-Ent: 40ydAud: Flat.30yd Aud: 1120yd Flat WC. UPSTAIRS-Ent: 30yd FlatWC. + 11 HR.BACK TO BACK THEATRE COMPANY - CORDON PRODUCTIONS StrLEAPING SALMON THEATRE Church 447 Hill Theatre, Road. Venue N346 Tickets 7597. Morningside Box Office: 10am—12 midnight. Buses: 15-17, 23, 24,barSMT Cl, C11, C23. Food and5/51,drink:11,6ydRestaurant, all day. Disabled: 3 Str(M HR (W 22"). Aud: 30yd 13 APU + 10-+ 3ATTIEnt: StrLAHR.THEWCSTOCKBROKER 8 + 1WCStrAND21"). OTWAY - SAM BROWN - COCK UPEMIYOUR EARSSYMPTOMS WITH THEJOHN MEASURES - EPI- DJESTERS C DRAMA -MAN FOOT-INDESPERATE THE DOOR PRODUCTI O NS COURT KI C KLI N E THEATRE COMPANY -MCTELL MILTON-KEYNES MADNESSCOMPANY - OMW THEATRE TROY THEATRE - HUW ANDCOMPANY TONY WI-LRALPH LIAMS Citrus Club, 40/42 Grindlay Street Venue J580 Tickets 229 1pm 6697—6pm. Box Office: Buses: 2/12, 10, 11, 15, 18, 28/29, 34/35, 40/41. Food and drink: bar from ofaccess. perf. tillWC4am.(M Disabled: Ent: 3ydLicensed 1 Str.dogs Aud: 23ydtime levelHelp & FTRAUMA! level access). Guide admitted. on premises. Corstorphine Youth Centre, 14 Kirk 334 Loan,3532 Corstorphine. Tickets Messages 1475 Venue J1 Outer88 Box Office: 10am—12 noon.31,334 Buses: 1/6, 2/12, 26/26A, 32/52, 36, 48A/48B, X64, and 69, 85/86, NS103, NS203.at time of perf. only. 64, Food drink: Refreshments Disabled: Ent: 10yd 2 Str forWCside(26"). door toGuide be opened 10yd ramped). Aud: 3yd(askFlat. dogs admitted. available. CORSTORPHIPhone NE DRAMA GROUPResident caretaker. Demarco Art Foundation, St. Mary'556sEuropean School, St/York Lane Venue 22F9 Tickets 7128 Albany Box Office: 10am—12 midnight. Buses: 2/12,4,4A, 15-17,19,106,20,124/125, 22, 25,39,42-46, 65, E.Scottish C2, 8,C5,11,44, 129. WC Disabled: Playground. Ent: 66, 1yd 2 Str.14yd Aud: 12yd. (unsuitable). Main Ent: 1yd 1 Str. Aud: NoAud:WC.37yd60StrHR. 1st Floor Aud:WC24". 25yd 30Basement Str HR. NoAud:WC.level18yd 2ndaccess. Floor Str HR. No WC. Al l levels unsuitable for wheelchairs, but19help available. ALARMI S T THEATRE ANTI C HAY PRODUCTI O NS DEMARCO EUROPEAN ART FOUNDATION Diverse Attractions, Venue jg11 Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 Box Office: 9.30am—10.30pm. Buses: To High 1/6, 34/35 or 23, 27-29, 40, 41, 41A, 42, 45-47, 89, St:SMT George IV Bridge) Food and drink: CafeFlat.C23 all Aud: day.(to 25yd Disabled: Ent: 3yd Flat. BRAHMA OKUMARI - CORDON ERSE ATTRACTI EDIS NBURGH PEOPLE'PRODUCTI S THEATREONS- -FIRSTDIVBASE THEATRE -NSKAK- TOURI NG THEATRE Edinburgh College228of Art, Place.228 2344. Venue K773 F.BoxE.AOffice: .S.T. Tickets 9666.Lauriston Credit card F. E . A . S . T . 10am —2am. Buses:and2/12,drink:23,Cafe, 27-29,Licensed 45, SMTBarC23. Food day. Disabled: accessible. Lifts.CORE WCallMACRAME adapted. F.MARXI E.A.S.TS.MATFully THE FRI N GE THE HARO - STUDIO THY '81-THEATRE MIRIAM SET - LIVING Edinburgh Playhouse Venueoil59 18-22 Greenside PI. & Studio, Tickets 5575/51,2590. Buses: 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14-17, 18A, 20, 22/25, 34/35, 42-47, 87, SMT129.C3, C5, C16, C55, 44/66, 104-108, 112/113,and65,124/125, Food drink: Restaurant, Licensed bar at time of performance. Disabled: Ent:3 flights. 3yd 3 Str. Main Aud: Circlebyatticket streetoffice. level, stalls down (Nile Club) Entrance Aud:LILYMain SAVAGE17yd FlatWC. Studio 30yd 12+ 12 Str HR WC.

The Freedom Factory, The Salvation Army,Messages 1 East Adam Street. Tickets 667 10am—12 4313. 662 4441 Box Office: midnight. Buses: 2, 3, 5,64/65, 7, 8, 14,X65,21, 79, 31, 33, SMTs C3, 80, 51,X84,69,85,80-8$ 86, B Jim' R60.C11, Food and drink: Refreshments, snacks allFlatday.tc Disabled: Ent: East Adam St level 10yd (adapted) FREEDOM FACTORY FringeDay:Club,226Teviot Row, Info 5257 or 9.Bristo Night:Sq.650 4673 Box Office: 7pm —late. Buses: 2/12 or 23, 27, 28/29, 40-42, 45-47, lj SMT and C23drink: (off atCafe, ForrestLicensed Rd.) Bars Food and Restaul 10am till late. Nearest access fromHall).rear.Ent:Kitchen lift* toDisabled: get to top floor (Cabaret 50ydSp| 7-H partial HR WC (Wstairs+18andSp several HR 25" floors. M +25 Aud: numerous Help ■ Guide dogs admitted. BBC O 4 -- JULI ABURGH N COPEIN-TERNATI DOUG ANTHONY ALLST/ FRIJIMNEOIGERADINCLUB EDI N O NAL SCI E NCE Fi |fJ - LOVE AND MONEY - SUNDUZA George Square George Square. Tickets 65010am—12 2001Theatre,midnight. Box Office: Buses: 2/12or23,27-29,40-42,45-47,89, atFoodForrest Rd.) Cafe, licensed bar all day. SM ^ and drink: Disabled: From55yd Buccleuch 3yd Flat. 300yd Aud: + 16upPlace + 3to+first 16and+floor). 3rearStrofHelpfl HRtheriW entrance fromin15road, Essential to phone advance. COMEDY PLAYERS THE GEORGE IZZARD -STORE THE NATI ONAL-YOUTH MUSIC SOUARE THEATRETHEAT#WE - NEW George Watson' sons s College, Colleg Colinton R2462ad.' (Main' Assembly Hall) Info 22045/47. Buses: (off Holy CornerLjj Disabled: Ent: +11,8 Str15, no16,HR.23to Aud: 8yd level. WCU HelpAEGIavailable. wheelchairs withijBv S PRODUCTIAccessible ONS

Gisld226 ed Balloon Theatre, 233 J• I Box TiThecketOffice: 2151 Messages 226 Cowgate. 6550. Venue J938 lOam-lam. Buses: 1/6, 34/35(off(offatatGeorge High St), 23, 27-29, 40-42, :! 45-47, IV Bridge). foodandSMIdrink:C23Licensed bar, snacks and refreshments all pay’^Disabled: Flat.12 ydAud:Flat10yd WC (JTheat re: Ent:Studio: 1yd Ent: Flat. 2yd Aud: (W (W+ABELA M)+ M).i AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! ! THE- BAB BESTPRODUCTI ONE YETWC-OANGELO ALTAS THEATRE COMPANY NS BARMONT imJ1 COMMOTI PRODUCTIOONNS- DI- FFISICMULTON WOMEN BLIGH -- EMOTI THE OCOLLABORATI VEN -NAL COLLECTI THEBALLOON FRIGTHEATRE IDAIRES -- THE GUS IMGASCOI GNETRAI NSPOTTER - GIOLAND DED PRO MUSI C AL CO BEN KEATON B DAVIC THEATRE-THE ES - GERALDINRUBBER E MCNULTY - DONNA MCPHAI L7. PAUL PSYCHOTI BISHOPS AND SEAN LOCKSTRUCK OFF AND DIE - THOSE GIRLS - OIK VAN DIKE site Meeting House,Broughton St.) Venue 53F9 i Gl33aBarony Street 4,C2, 4A,(off8,11,15-17, 19,106,20,124/125, 22,25, 39,42-46, "155,Buses:2/12, E. S cottish C5, 44, 66, 129. Ent: 1yd 3 Strfor HR. Aud: 15yd 21 Str HR. WC ■K| Diadmi idaptsableeed.d:d. Unsuitable Help available. wheelchair users. Guide dogs " NICtKMAYHEW


Greyfriaarsrs Kirk, Venue 131K8 Place, Candlemaker Row. ?^ Greyfri TiBoxcketOffis 225 1900. ce: 10.30am |: Buses: 2/12, 27-29,—5.30pm 40-42, (Mon 45-47,—Fri). SMT C23 (off at orrest Rd)d: Flat23,access Di s abl e to Church and toilets. I GREYFRIARS KIRK PROMOTIONS - SCOTTI SH SINFONIA lochend arry Younger Hall, VenueH1213 Buses: 1/Close, 6, Jim Canongate R60 (off at Canongate), 3,C3,5/51,C11,64/65, 7, 8, 14, LIJ'O,,31,33,34/35,36,69,80-82,87, SMT 79, 80,viaLochend 86, 88 (offClose: at North Bridge) ■ “•JilwB/seWed. Ent: 2yd 1. Aud: 3yd 4Str WC JI DRAMA PRI+M220") E PRODUCTI - ROYALOFSCOTTI H ACADEMY - WELSHONSCOLLEGE MUSICSAND DRAMAOF MUSIC AND ‘Icket il Street Theatre, Hill Street. Venue G741 226 6522 19 midnight. Offis2,3, ce: 10am—12 uses: 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-83, 87, 89, ioodanddrink: MT C3, C11, 64/65, 80, 86,and88.refreshments Licensed70,bar,79,snacks all ay.isabled: Ent: 2yd Aud: second floor Strfloor HR. 25"). Aud: i rAARTI d floorFAAKTS HR WC- AB(WFlat. first floor 25" M second OVO THEATRE COMPANY PRODUCTI - ACT OFONSGODPRODUCTI OCROSSI NS - ALBORADA - AMAZI ATLANTI CPOETI N-GHITHEATRE PROJECTN-GINGRACE --THEATRE, CAMBRIDBRATI GE BATS EROTI C A C A L L ST THEATRE SLAVA,CSFR KEN ANDD RAPPI ARD -NGTHERABBILONDON MEDI CS - JACKAND MACDONALD -- MCNUR-REBBE NEI L MULLARKEY FRI ENDS THEATRE W. (PERFORMITHEATRE NG ARTS WALTHAMSTOW) PGLKATZ THEATREO-NSRA.--SCARECROW COMPANYELEVEN - TAKE-TWOTOUCHEDPRODUCTI THEATRE COMPANY NUMBER THEATRE - TROUPERS olToy226 rood 5257 Park, orfoot5259. of Royal Mile. Venue 10 1/6drink: , Jim'sSnacks, R60. refreshments all day. J13 loduses: and Open airINvenue. ’ sablFRICOUNCI NeGEd:L'SUNDAY ASSOCIParking ATION WI/Tdrop H 'LOTHIoffAavailable. N REGIONAL wleith Church Hall, Ferry Road. Venue 121 dl: oket 'ses:s 1/5546drink: , 8,7 595 14,Refreshments 19/39, 23, 27,at time SMTofC23.performance.A( \jodand : sabled: Ent: 70yd 2 Str. Aud: 6yd level. WC 24" (ven J1 1rrow l- Guide dogs admitted. Help available. ( FORTH CHILDRENS THEATRE mes Gilh Street.High School, V -jrdale jj: '':Xskes:etOffis 18,0836 ce:24,9am785852 —9pm. 41. \{mormance. od and drink:40,Refreshments and snacks at time ;Med: Ent : ramped 100yds + 1. Aud: 4yd, 5Str ■ j ‘ 'STAGE • Adapted 84 WC separate building. icho House, 53 Lothian Street Venue 63 :‘ xketsOffi229 3555—5pm. L9 c e: 9am 42/46, SMTC23. (■Mi{ ses:2/12,23,27,28/29,40,41,41A, ahiwheelchair ed: Ent: 2yd level. Aud: 10yd level. WC inaccessible dogs admitted. Help available. ! 'HE OUTSIDERusers. THEATREGuide COMPANY

Leith Community Centre, Newkirkgate. C13 VenueOuter 117 Tickets 5549am 4750—9.30pm. Box Office: Buses: 1/6, 2/12, 7, 10, 16, 17, 22, 25, 32, 34, 35, 52, 87, 89, SMT Food andC3. drink: day. lift, 10yd. WC adapted. Disabled: Ent: Cafe level.allAud: Completely WOMEN MAYaccessible to wheelchairs. Leith Theatre, Ferry Road, Leith. Tickets 554from 7295 ClVenue 3 Outer92 Box Office: 6.30pm on performance nights. Buses: 2/12, 7, 10, 16, 17, 22/25, 32/52, 34/35, 87. 1/6,NoC3,details Disabled: GRASSMARKET PROJECTavailable. The Mad Abbot, Road. Abbotsford Lodge, Venue m284 18 Morningside Tickets 447 8811. Box Office: 9.30am—12 Buses: 11, Cafe 15, 16,& licensed 23,midnight. C1/C11,bar 38,all day. 41, 41A. Food and5/51,drink: Disabled: Ent: 10yd. IStr. Aud: 10yd 22Sp HR. WCfor unadapted (24" & 23") narrow. Totally unsuitable wheelchair users. THEM AD ABBOT-SCREAMING BLUE MURDER THEATRE COMPANY -DREAM SERENDITHEATRE PITY THEATRE LEIGH --UNLITHEATREWORKS KELY THEATER(SICONGAPORE) - TIME The Mattings, Caledonian Brewery, Venue Slateford220Road1550. li Outer94 Tickets Box Office: Buses: 4A,noon—midnight. 28,Cafe,29/30, 34/35,bar.43, 44. Food and4, drink: licensed Disabled: Ent:dogs350yd level access. 7yd level access. WC 24".AEGIGuide admitted, S PRODUCTI NS -FESTI CELTSVALAThelpTHEavailable. CALEDONIAN - EDINBURGH INTERNATI ONAL OJAZZ The Mambo Club, West Tollcross. Venue 75L5 Info 2291/6,0469 Messages 228 3252 Buses: 2/12, 10, 11, 15-18, 23, 24, 27, 45, 47, SMT Cl, C11.and drink: Licensed bar at time of performance Food only. Disabled:Network 1 Ent: 2ydflat. Aud: 22yd 2Srt HR. WC unadapted (wide2 enough for wheelchair users) at dogs Aud. level. Network & 3: totally inaccessible. Guide admitted, help available, phone. THE MAMBO CLUB OF EDINBURGH Mansfield Place&Church, 105 Cnr. Broughton East London Streets Venue E10 Tickets 558 3801 Box Office: 10am —5pm. Buses: 2/12,4,4A, 8,11,15-17,19, 22, 25,39,42-46, 65, E.and Scottish C2, C5,all 44, 66, 106,20,124/125, 129. Food drink: Cafe day.front Disabled: Access through doors. PHOEBE ANNA TRAQUAIR:CENTENARY CELEBRATION EVENTS Marco's,228 51 Grove Venue K398 Tickets 9116 Street. midnight. Box Office: 10.30am—12 Buses: 28/29, 34/35. Food and1/6,drink: bar and day. 2 Disabled: Ent:(WM2ydCafe, Flat.licensed Aud: 50yd (20ydsnacks by FireallDoor) StrACCIHRDWC 20"). ENTAL PRODUCTI O NS ACTS BLOW UP THEATRE COMPANY - B.R.IPETTI .T. SCHOOL THEATRE COMPANY - THE CONDOS! -LINCOURAGEOUS COATSTHEATRE - THE-^PROFESSIONALS - JIVING DY HOPPERS DANCE MARCO'STATE S - MOONSHI PRODUCTI O NS NEWSREVUE NORFOLK UNIVOERSINS NT-YE PLAYERS THE ONE NI G HTERS PUNCH PRODUCTI RENEGADE THEATRE GROUP THEATRE - RISK THEATRE - SCENARIO PRODUCTI SPOKESONG NAFF TARTSONS- -WYVERN YOUTH THEATRECOMPANY - THE TOTALLY Mayfield551House, 107 East Trinity Road Venue 107 Tickets 5932—2pm AID Outer Box Office: Sam Buses: 23. Disabled: Ent: ramped. Aud: 3yd. WC adapted. Completely THE NEARLYaccessible. NEW THEATRE COMPANY The Meadows, Venue 123 nr. Melville M8 Tickets 0506Drive/Buccleuch 88418824, 41 (offStreet Buses: 15A, 18/18A, at Melville Dr). 2, 12, 23, 27-29, 45, SMT C23 (off at Royal Infirmary) Disabled: detailsCLUBavailable. THE U.K. NoBUNGEE (SCOTLAND) Moray House, Holyrood Road. 225 2564. Venue J12 108 Tickets 556noon—midnight. 5184. Messages Box Office: Buses: 1/6, Jim' s R60. Food anddrink: Licensed bar, refreshments, snacks all day. Disabled: GOLD BIER'S FOOLS PARADISE - RICH HALL - EARL OKIN

Moray House Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile VenueJ1161 Buses: 1/6, Jim's R60 (off at Canongate),3, 5/51, 7, 8, 14, 21,31,33,34/35,69,80-82, SMTC3, C11,64/65,70,79, 80, 86,and87drink: (off atTeaNorth Bridge). Food and coffee at time of performance only. Disabled: 30yd Flat. Aud: 101yd 3 + 9 + 9 + 2 Str HR WCBORDERLI (25").Ent: NE THEATRE COMPANY MurrayfieldTerrace. Parish Church Hall, Venue 104 Ormidale Buses: 2/12, 26, 31, 69, 85, 86, 100, SMT 16-18,Hi37,Outer 80, 86, 88, ET333. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance only. Disabled: 3yd WC. D.M.D.C (DEnt:AVID3yd SON'SHR.MAINAud: S DRAMATI C CLUB) The Music220Box, Victoria Street. Tickets 48479cMessages 225 2564. Venue J850 Box Office: noon—midnight. Buses: 1/6, 34/35, 22, 23, 40-42, 45-47, snacks SMT C23. Food anddrink: Licensed bar, refreshments, all day. Disabled: Details not available. CORKY AND THE JUI C E PI G S GOLD BI E R' S FOOLS PARADI GARY GLITTER STORY - JOHN HEGLEY - LINDA SMITH SE The Netherbow Centre, 43556High2647) Street. VenueJ1030 Tickets 556 10am—11pm. 9579Arts(Messages Box Office: Buses: 1/6or 3, 5, 7, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 87, 89, SMT and C3, C11, 64/65,70, 79, 80, 86, 8769,(off80-82, at Bridges). Food drink: Cafe8 all+ 1 day. Disabled: Ent: 10yd Str HR. Aud: 5yd 1 Str WC 25"). Enclosed lift and stair lift for wheelchair access( +to3 theatre. ASPEN - DUMFRI AND GALLOWAY ARTS - FIFTH ESTATE - THE STAGE NETHERBOW ARTSESCENTRE The New661Trinity 7a Loaning Road VenueOuter 121 Tickets 1212SMTCentre, Buses:and20,65. C5. bar, refreshments, G13 Food drink: Licensed snacks at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 25yd access). level access. Aud:dogs2ydadmitted. level access. WC (M & F ramped Guide Help available. NATIONALSigned DISABILperformances. ITY ARTS FORUM The Nottinghamshire Venue,St. VenueL1016 Theatre Arts2388 Centre, Davie Tickets 667 Box Office: 10am —5pm Buses: 2, C11, 3, 5,64/65, 7, 8, 14,70,21,79,31,80,33,86,51,8869,(off80-82, 87, 89, SMT at Surgeons Hall) C3, Food and drink: Tea and coffee available all day. Disabled: Er\t:corners) 14yd 1/2+1. Aud: 10yd +13 + 14 WC (F 25" M NOTTI awkward NGHAMSHI RE EDUCATION THEATRE COMPANY Old St. Paul' s 557 Church6696& Hall, Jeffrey Street. VenueH1045 Tickets (Hall)Hall: Box Office: 10.30am Buses: 3, 5/51, 8, 14,70,21, -midnight 31,79, 33-35, 89, SMT C3, C11, 7,64/65, 80, 86,69,8880-82, (off at87,North Bridge). Food and drink: Hall: Refreshments, snacks all day. Disabled: Hall:Aud: A few50ydsteps7 +up7 +from level.(+Church: Ent:AETHELFLAED 3yd Flat. 19 Strstreet WC 7 M). -BARTHOLOMEW ALBORADA - PLAYERS ATLANTI C- HRCROSSI NG THEATRE PROJECT THE BI G PEACH THEATRE COMPANY MEDI A BABI E S MUSI C I N OLD ST PAULS OLD PAUL'S THEATRE - PETROU-SHOWMAN - POLKATZ THEATRESTTHEATRE SANS FRONTI ERES - UGLY THEATRE COMPANY Platform Caledonian Hotel, Venue H596 Rutland 225 St.1, adjoining Tickets 2433. Box Office: 12End: noon —midnight. Buses: West 3, 4, 10,41,11,43/44, 15-18, 65,19/39,80-82,21, 22/25, 26, SMT 31, 33,Cl,2/12, 34/35, 85/86,100, C5, C11,40,C55,64/65,70,79,80,86, 88, 129. Food and drink:3ydRestaurant licensed bar. Disabled: Aud:&75yd. 1yd WC Flat (adapted)formain WC 16 + 4 + 1 HR (Platform to1).Ent:Caledonian RampedFlat.access entrance Hotel. PLATFORM ONE-LIVE! 123

Pleasance,556606550 The Messages Pleasance.556 1513. Venue L1133 Tickets Box Office: 11am—12 midnight. Buses: Jim' s R60, or 2/12, 21cafe,(offlicensed W Richmond St). and Food and drink: Restaurant, bar, pasta wine bar, snacks all day. Disabled: Ent: 15yd 2 Str WC ( + 4 50yd adapted). Aud: 80ydTHE 12ACTOR+ 9AND + 5 THE Str ASSASSIN HR. Parking available. BBC RADI O 4 BOB OI L LI N GER' S STROLLI G BLUNDER REVUE- GEORGE - CAMBRIDILDLON/GE NIVITGALHTSTHEATRE - THE COMEDY ZONE - -NCURRI ED GOATUNDERGROUND - BOB DOWNE DRAYLON EARTH, WI N D & LEMSI P JENNY ECLAI- RTHE- EXSTATI TTERIS--INHARRY HILL - THEATRE DOMINIC HOLLAND HONKISUNSHI NC' -HEPNGLIE CATS COUNCI L -- ITHE NSTANTJOHN -COMPANY THE IRRATIDEPENDENT OLINALONELGEOGRAPHI SOCI E TY WRI G HT NI MROD'COCS I-NEXPLI CMIABLELLERWORLD -ONADAMGODLEY LONG--PAUL MIDDLEHAM THEATRE BEN & SI M MOROCCO-OLE! GRAHAM NORTON -T OFALANA SERIPARKER-URBAN WARRI-ORAR RA-PLEASANCE -MIPORTRAI ALRUTGERS KILLER -ARTS RALEPRODUCTI RALE RASPUTI N C HAEL REDMOND (SHOESTRI R.A.R) - SAXTET - SHALL GO THROUGH PRODUCTI ONNSG -GIOATHENTNS N-G PLAYERS -SMIJOHNTWEH SHUTTLEWORTH - SLEEPIAMERI THEATRE ARTHUR STAND UP BLACK CA MERVYN COMPANYSTUTTER - WORKI-NGELLEN THEATRETERRY - THE WELCOME! THEATRE Princes Street Gardens, (below the Castle) Info 226Any 4001to Princes H7 Buses: Street. Disabled: FIREWORKSEvent visible from street. The QuakerTerrace. Meeting House, Venue J840 7 Victoria Tickets 220 6109 Messages 225 4825. Box Office: 10.15am(off—5.15pm. Buses: 1/6,34/35 High St), 23,27-29,40-46, SMT C23 (off atdrink: George IVallatBridge). Food and Cafefrom day. Tee. Lift available to all Disabled: Access Victoria floors. floor: WC (adapted) NIPERMANENT NA Ground ANDRESEN HOUSE O-NALSOMETHI THEATRE- QUAKER COMPANYMEETI - U.SN. GINTERNATI COMPANYNG Queen Maraaret College, Drama Dept. , Venue Clerwood317Terrace. jl outer24 Tickets 3546. Box Office: 12.15pm —2.15pm. Buses: 26/26A, Disabled: Ent: 3ydNS103, Aud:NS203. 4yd to lift (46" x 74'). WC (adapted). OHIDRAMA O NORTHERN UNI DEPARTMENT VERSITY - QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE Queen's 668 Hall,2019. Clerk (Messages Street. 668 3456) VenueM1072 Tickets Box Office: 10am—10pm. Buses: C3, C11,and3,5,7,8,14,21,31,33,51,69,80-82,87,89, 64/65, 70,79, 80,bar,86,restaurant, 87. snacks all SMT Food drink: Licensed day. Disabled: Ramped access. Ent: 1yd +1.loopWheelchair spaces in bar.hall.WCNew(adapted). infra-redParking audio system. Accessible on Clerk Street. - BALLOON BATTLEFITHEATRE ELD BAND--SEANBOYSHUGHES OF THE-LOUGH -ASSEMBLY JACK DEEIROOMS -N THAT GILDEDSWI CRAIG MCMURDO NG THANGCO--EMO PHIROUND LIPS MI- DTHENIGQUEEN' HALL REDUCED SHAKESPEARE TDK HT JAZZS FESTIVAL Raj Restaurant on The Shore, VenueOuter 112 Henderson C13 Tickets 553Street, 3980 Leith. Box Office: 11.30pm—1am. Buses: Food and1/6.Ent: drink:2ydRestaurant, bar all day. Disabled: level access.licensed Aud: 7yd access. WC adapted. Suitable users. Helplevelavailable. BANGLADESH FESTIVwheelchair AL OF FOOD AND CULTURE Randolph Studio, Francais d'Ecosse, Venue 0455 13 Randolph PI. Institut Tickets 225Opens 5366 Messages 226 2371. Box Office: 9.30am. Buses: C1/C11, 19,Cafe34,available 35, 39, all81,day.82, 129. Food and drink: Disabled: 4+1 Str HR. Aud: 50yd 27 Str HR WC (F THE+3 ACTORS 25"Ent:M OF3yd +7DI25"). ONYSUS HOC THEATRE CAN CASI N O PRODUCTI O NS - ELLEN-- ADHULKOWER - THE I-VCOMPANY YAMERI COMPANY -RANDOLPH ONE THEATRE PLAYFUL STUDIOCOMPANY - WORKHOUSE THEATERTHEATRE COMPANY Rifle Lodge, 32a Venue F10 101 Tickets 5579.30am—11.15pm. 1785Broughton St. Box Office: Buses: 2/12,4,4A, 8,11,15-17,19,20, 22,25,39,42-46, 65, E.andScottish C2, C5, 44, 66,available 106, 124/125, 129. Food drink: coffee(M) Disabled: Ent: 2ydTeaW).2 and Str WC Aud: 22ydall13day.+ 13 Str HR WCARDOUR ( + 14+14+9 BATH UNI-VERSI STUDENT STOL UNI& FURY VERSIT-Y DRAMSOC EBORTYACUM - THE RITHEATRE FLE LODGE- -BRISOUND 124

Roman Eagle Lodge, 2b Johnston Terrace. Venue J721 Tickets 225 11am—12.15am. 7995. Box Office: Buses: 1/6, 34/35. Food and drink: Cafe,Aud: licensed Disabled: Ent:forlevel. +20barStrallHR.day.WC unadapted. Inaccessible wheelchairs. ABACUS THEATRE COMPANY AMERICAN WOLF PRODUCTIONS IPRODUCTI MPORT THEATRE ONS - VIRCOMPANY TUAL THEATRE- KING'S PLAYERS - MANIA Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Venue 118 Tickets 440 10am 2159.—6pm. PI Outer Box Office: Buses: SMT 141, 70, LRT 15, 87A. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent:unsuitable 26yd 3 Strfor(ramped access). Aud:Guide 27yd.dogs WC 24" (narrow, wheelchair users). admitted. Help available. THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) SOCIETY - GLEN THEATRE Roxburghe225Hotel, Tickets 3921 38 Charlotte Square. Venue G689 Box Office: 7am—10pm. Buses: LRT 2/12, 3, 4, 9-11, 13, 15-18, 19/39, 21,X66, 22, 24-26, 31,33,34/35,36,40/41,43,44,48, 64,65,Cl, 69, 75, X78, 79, 66,70,80,86,88,129 81, 82, 85, 86, 100. SMT C5, ClEnd1,X74, CPrinces 55,43,44,64A, (off at West St.) Restaurant, licensed bar, snacks, Food and drink: refreshments all6ydday.2 Str. Aud: 6yd 2 Str. WC (F +20 to Disabled: Ent: basement M Aud. level). to access WC for wheelchair users.Service Guideliftdogsavailable admitted. Help available. THE PADDIE BELL FESTIVAL FOLK SHOW Royal College of Physicians, 9 Queen Street. Venue G884 Tickets 0491-410222 Box Office: 9am24,—5.30pm. Buses: 12, 23, 80, 89. bar all day. Food and drink: Disabled: Ent: 4ydCafe,6 licensed Str HR. Aud: 7yd 5 Str + 14yd WC(adapted). ASHKENAZY - EDINBURGH POETRY FESTIVAL Royal Mile554Primary School, Canongate Tickets 3916. Messages 556 3347 VenueJ1258 Box Office: 10am—6pm. Buses: 1/6 (off at Canongate), 3, 33, 80-82,Bridge). SMT C3, C11,5/51,7,8, 64/65, 70,14,79,21,80,31, 86, 8734/35, (offand69, at drink: North Food Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: S30yd A POLICEMAN' LOT 1 + 3 Str. Aud: 10yd Flat. Royal Museum Scotland, Chambers Street. Venue K943 Tickets 225 10am 7534of —5pm. Box Office: Buses: 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 86,33, 87.51, 69, 80-82, 89, SMT C3, C11,and64/65, 70, 79,80, Food drink:Lothian Cafe open day. Aud: 20yd ramped. Disabled: Ent: St. 2ydallramped. WCHIGadapted. TotallyOaccessible. HNOTE PRODUCTI NS MUSI C IN THEATRE THE MUSEUM - TARTAN ROSE THEATRE COMPANY - MUSEUM St.13 George AndrewStreet. & St. George's Church, Venue q8 111 Tickets 225 10am 3847—3pm (Mon —Fri) Box Office: Buses: St:St:13,28/29.To 18, 19/39, 20, 22/25, C23, 129. To George Frederick Hanover St: 23, SMT 27, 40/41, 42/46, 45, SMTTeaC23. Food and drink: and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 3yd(SCOTTI 3 STr.SH HARP) Aud: SOCI 5ydETYFlat.- EDINBURGH MUSIC THE CLARSACH THEATRE OMUSIVALCATIOFMEEDINBURGH ST ANDREW'COMPANY S AND ST(MONTAGE) GEORGE'-S ATPHILFESTI StSouth Ann'Gray' s Community Centre, Venuejiq65 Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557s9.30am 0469 Box Office: —8.30pm. Buses: Jim' 5, 7,8,14,21,31,33, 69, 1/6,34/35, SMTs R60 C3, orC11,2,3,64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 8751, (off at80-82, South89,Cafe Bridge). Food and drink: all day. Disabled: Ent: 30yd Flat. Aud: 4yd Flat. WC. LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH ARTS StTickets Bride'346 s Centre, Venue 62K1 1405 10 Orwell Terrace. Box Office: 10am—10.45pm. Buses: 2/12,3/3A, 4/4A, 9,X9, 21, 22,25, 33,43/44, 65, X66, and NS101,drink:NS201. Food Cafe,yd ramped. licensed Aud bar all15ydday.flat. WC adapted Disabled: Ent: 21/2 level access. Guide dogs admitted, help available, very accessible. BALDWIYOUTH N DANCE COMPANY GANDIDANCE NI JUGGLICOMPANY NG PROJECT -BRIMARKLOTHI THEATRE - RIC-OCHET - ST. DES -ANTHEATRE DU PIF - TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY - ZOOM THEATRE

St.enr Cecilia' s Hall, & Cowgate. Venue 3" Niddry Buses: 1/6, Street Jim's R60 (off at SMTC3, High St) orC11,64/65,70,7S 3, 5, 7, 8, 14,jk21 31,33,34/35,51,69,80-82, 80-87,and131drink: (off atTeaBridges). Food and coffee at time of performanc only. Disabled: Ent: Niddrie St. Aud: level. WC bookings unadapteit+ Advise curator in advance re wheelchair unlock door. PETER BREAM-PIANO RECI T ALS EDI N BURGH RENAI BAND - HARPSICHORDS AT ST CECILIA'S HALL SSANCE St.Buses: Giles1/6,Cathedral, Highs R60. Street Venue 9) 34/35,LowerJim' Food and drink: Aisle cafe open all day. Disabled: Aud:ORCHESTRAS 5yd flat. NATIONALEnt:ASSOCI6ydATI+7ON OFStr.YOUTH St.Inverleith James’Row, ChurchGoldenacre. Hall, Venue 8 Tickets 089910am 20521/20631 Box Office: —4pm. Buses: 8, 14,Refreshments 19/39, 23, 25,at27,timeSMTof C23. Food and1/6,drink: performandj only. Disabled: Ent: 30yd 1. Aud: 8yd 2. WC access too narro* St John'End,s Church, 12 West Princes Street3, 4, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, Venue Buses: West End: 2/12, 19/39, 22/25, 24, 26,SMT28/29, 33, C55, 34/35,43,43/44, 65, 70,80-818Cf 85/86, 100, Cl, C5,31,C11, 44, 64A, 86, 8 , 129. Disabled: Ent: 20yd Flat. Aud: 1yd Flat. WC accessible Ij arrangement. DOWNE HOUSE CHORAL - PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH St.CastleMark'Terrace s Unitarian Church, Venue ! Buses: 1/6 or 10,Rd).11, 15-18, 24, 34/35, SMT Cl, C11, C | (off at Lothian Disabled: 3yd 2.GROUP Aud:-5ydPHILFlat. BASOTHOEnt:THEATRE OMUSICA OF EDINBURGH -1 QUERN Tickets / Info9.30am—12.30pm. 225 6293. Box Office: Buses: 13 or Haymarket: 2/12,100,3,4,SMT21,C5,22/25, 31,3 ilfl 34/35, 43/44, 65, 85/86, C55,26,44/66. Disabled: Ent:SIONS3yd 1. Aud:THEATRE 4yd Flat WC. MOVI N G VI DANCE ST MARY' S CATHEDRAL Allil FESTIVAL TIME - VERSUS ENSEMBLE St.Concert Mary'Room, s Music25School, Tickets 2259am—7pm. 1614 Palmerston Place Box Office: Buses: (off at W.Maitland St) 2/12, 3, 4,X74,75, 9, 21, 22, 25, 2| 31,33,36,43,44,48,64,65, 85, 86, 100. SMT Cl, C5, C11,X66,69, C55,43,44, 64A,X78,7l 66, 71 80, 86, 88, 129. Food and drink: Refreshments at time of perf. only. Disabled: Ent: 3yd +2 Str +3yd +1 Str. Aud: 6yd 3f HR.HARPWCAND25".CELLOUnsuitable for wheelchair DUO G. SELMI FROM ITALY users. St.Brougham MichaelStreet. 8i All Saints' Church, Buses: 34/35, NS103. Disabled: Ent: 8yd 1 smalladmitted. Str. Aud: 3yd Flat 1 small Si WCPHI(28"). LOMUSIGuide CA OF EDIdogs NBURGH Help available. St.Montpelier Oswald'sPark, Hall, ! Tickets 2296.30pm—10pm. 5562Bruntsfield. & 441 1031 Box Office: Buses: 16, 17, 23, SMTcoffee Cl, C11at time (off atof Bruntsfield Food and11,drink: performance Disabled: Ent: sideTeaatandMontpelier 2yd. Aud: 3yd flat.' EDINBURGH YOUTH THEATRE St.YorkPaul' s 8| St. George's Church & Hall, Place. Tickets 556 10am—10pm. 1202. Box Office: Buses: 2/12,4,4A, 8,11,15-17,19,20,22,25,39,42-465, SMT C5, 44,22 66, 124/5, 129. Disabled: Ent:IT BE??? yd- BELLEEK rear106,level. AND CAN THEATRE COMPANY - FIELD DAD ENTERPRI S ES, AUSTRALI A SALTMINE THEATRE COMPANY PARABLE PUPPET THEATRE St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton Place Buses: 2/12, 21 (off atSMTC3, St Leonard St), 3, 5/51, 7,8,14,(< at33,69,80-82,87,89, S.Cand Ierk drink: St). Tea & coffee atC11,64/65,70,79,80 Food time of22")performance. Disabled: 40ydS+THEATRE 1. Aud: WC (W+M in baser— EDINBURGHEnt:PEOPLE'

VenueC98 J.agiePhilip' Centre, Greens 553 Road1549. (off Broughton Rd) essages Jses: 8, 18A, 19, 34, 35, 39, 89. >od and drink: and Strcoffee at(20"). time of performance. isabled: 3ydTea+12 EDICOMPANY NBURGHEnt:THEATRE ARTS WC - GENESI S REALLY YOUTHFUL s Church Hall, Venue AS83 arkSerf'Road, ises: 23 (off orGoldenacre 1/6,Inverleith 14, 25Row). (off at Ferry Rd), 8, 19/39, 27, IMT C23 bod and drink: Refreshments at time of performance. \sabled: LEITHEATREEnt: 60yd 1. Aud: 4yd Flat WC (W 24"). Stephen' Church & Hall,St. Venue E774 Vincent445St.s 1647/552 foot Howe ckets 2324 uses: C23, 13, 20, 29. tod and drink: at time9 +of4+3performance. babied: Ent: 2ydTea2andStr.coffee Aud: 30yd Str HR WC 3 W 23"). 0NSTAGE66 Venue 124 Thomas ofStreet Aquin's School, Chalmers j/ses: 2/12,Details 23, 27-29, 45, SMT C23. 'sTHEabied: not available. TRASH THEATRE COMPANY ;otch Malt Whisky St.Society, Venue 102 Vaults, Leith. C13 Outer jlefo Office: 554 3451879amGiles —5pm. es: 1/6, 2/12, 7,C3.10, 16, 17, 22, 25, 32/52, 34/35, 87, SMTLicensed idNS204, and Ent: drink: all day. Aud: 14yd Flat. WC Jj/bled: 8yd HRbar(external). |Wisable 8"). Guide dogs22Str admitted, phone, help available. Not for wheelchairs. (SPIRIT OF SCOTLAND HealthSouth. Service Centre, Venue C266 ||;kets 1«weitishRoad 3329.30am—11pm. 2335 jJes:Office: 19,drink: 20, 28, 29, 38,bar81.at Night 203. only. iadand time30ydofbuslevel. performance Med: Ent: 6ydLicensed level. Exh. hall: WC adapted, i r e Theatre: 3yd 11 + 3+8 HR, WC feuitable for wheelchair users. Guide dogsunadapted, admitted. UljiMpILavailable. TON KEYNES MADNESS RAA! THEATRE SCOTTI S H HEALTH (SERVICE CENTRE Venue 56 h Poetry Court,Library, 14 High Street. (Deeddale 557 2876. KROffice: 12 noon —6pm. )ses: 1/6, Jim'details s R60.available. JJfiled: OTTISH NoPOETRY LIBRARY Venue 122K9 isages 225 2819. Office: 9am —9pm. ses: 2/12, 23, 27, 40-42, 45-47 (off Forrest Rd), 2,C11,3, J, 8,14,21,31,33, SMTC3, :/65, 70,Not79,suitable. 80, 86,51,69,80-82,87,89, 87 (off Surgeons Hall). tabled: THE ADVENT CHORALE OF HANDSWORTH 667 10am—1am. 7365. Messages 667 0484. kIres:Office: 3, 5, 64/65, 7, 8, 14,79,21,80,31, X84/85, 33, 51, 69,86,80-82, T<d and C3,2, C11, X86/87.87, 89, drink: Cafe andStr.licensed bar allat day. tabled: Ent: 1 + 7 + 1 Also ramp rear Quarryor e. WC (fully adapted). Aud: 32yd to liftvia(30") iifl9+3. lOALSTEN RC BLAKEPIL-S CAMBRI D GE FOOTLI G HTS REVUE SPONSORED - CAMBRIDGETHEATRE UNIVERSICOMPANY TY B.O.-S. EXACTI THEATRENBYG OMPANY COMPANY - DOWNTRODDEN THEATRE LOST THEATRE NATI O NAL STUDENT COMPANY- OXFORD sponsoredCOMEDY by Scarborough BCSHMENT - ON THE- OXFORD TOILET tff’cJHEATRE ITH SHERGAR ESTABLI HILL -TTHE ROUGH GICOMPANY RLS THEATRE COMPANY - SOUTHSI 13NTHE - SPOTLI ES THEATRE - YOUTH CONNECTI ON DE elln Terrace, House, off Gorgie Road. Venue K1 Outer32 ets 334 8956. Messages 337 1971. : des:and2/12,drink: 3,21,Refreshments 33 or 1/6,43/44,at time 65,4/4A, 22/25,38. of performance Med: Ent: 5yd 2 Str HR. Aud: 10yd 7 + 9+4 25' 24").YOUNG THEATRE COMPANY Str HR WC HE EDI' MNBURGH

The SquareSquare Centre,Methodist Church. VenueL1077 Nicolson Box Office: 1240/41/41A, noon —2pm. Buses: 2/12, 42/46, 89, 3/3A, 5, 7, 31, 33, NS106, 51, 69, NS205. 80/80A, 81/81A, 81B/X81, 82,8,83,14, 87,21, NS105, Food and drink: Cafe 8.30am —3.30pm. Disabled: 15yd Flatramped. 9 Str. Aud: 2yd4ydflat.flatWCthen(adapted), orCafe:Ent.entat Ent: side: 20yd Aud: ramped. from side ramped. WC (adapted).Wheelchair keptFOADonTHEATRE premises,COMPANY Guide-dogs admitted. THE SQUARE CENTRE Stepping Stones Theatre, (Gilded Balloon) Venue jy51 West Bow, Grassmarket Tickets 225Stones 6520/226 2151 Stepping 226 4412. Box Office: 10am—1am. Buses: 2/12 or 1/6, 34/35 (off High 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42,and45,drink: 46, SMT C23 bar, (off cafe GeorgeallSt)day. IVor Bridge). Food Licensed Disabled: Ent: 50yd 1 Str. Aud: 40yd 15 4 + 15 + 4 Str partial HR.THEWCATRE(15+4 HR WN25" M+ 25"). ARCHES COMPANYpartial - BORDERLI E THEATRE COMPANY DAVE COHEN COMEDY FACTORY GRAHAM DUFF - GILDED-BALLOONMERES THEATRE- PARROT - HATTI-E PARSONS HAYRIDGEAND- KARL MACDERMOTT JOHNNY NAYLOR THE PORKY PALMERS - RIN CHARD CARPENTER PRODUCTI ONS - SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTI - TOTTERI PEDSWHITHEATRE COMPANY VERBATIM OTHEATRE COMPANYNG -BITHE TEHILL GROUP Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, Venue 126h6 West End228 Princes Tickets 9292 St. Box Office: 10am—11pm. Buses: End:28/29,31, 2/12, 3, 4,33,10,34/35, 11, 15,43/44, 16, 18,65,19/39, 21, 22/25, West 24, 26,SMT 80-82, 85/86, 100, Cl, C5, C11, C55, 43, 44, 64A, 66, 70, 80, 86,and88,drink: 129. Cornerstone Cafe all day (closes early Food evening). Disabled: Enter path(adapted). from Princes Street: Ent: 20yd Flat.ACCIAud: Flatby WC DENTAL1yd- CAMBRI AARDVARK THEATRE COMPANY -DGETHEUMBRELLA ACTORS OF DIELSIONYSUS D GE MUMMERS - CAMBRI NORE THEATRE COTHEATRE - KAKWEST TOURI N-G THEATRE THEATREWEST-THEATRESTORM 60140 END END PRODUCTIONS - UNLIKELY THEATER CO Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton225Place. Tickets 226 5425 (Messages 7942) Venue D620 Box Office: 10am—11.30pm. Buses: 34/35 or 23, 27, 89 (off Dundas 29, 80and(offdrink: at NW.CafeCircus PI). bar allSt),day.C23, 20, 28, Food andMainlicensed Disabled: Ent: 3yd Flat. Aud:voice 25ydsynthesiser, Flat. WC onbraille level (Adapted).CafeStudio: Lift available, buttons. accessible. Guide dogs admitted, induction loop system, help available. Very accessible. Minicom 226 5425. BENCHTOURS -PHICLYDE UNITYA THEATRE - COXCOMBPRODUCTI THEATREONSDANCETELLERL ADELPHI JUGGERNAUT (WORKSHOP USA) - OS -SATYROS DANCEN (POLAND) - THEATRE UMBRELLA- MELANI THEATREE STEWART - WIERSZALI Theatre Zoo,Terrace. St Columba's by the Castle, Venuej?4 Johnston228 Tickets 9208 Box Office: 9.30am—12 Buses: 1/6,George 34/35 23, midnight. 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, 89, SMT C23 (off IVorBridge). Food and drink: Snacks allEnt:day.200yd 8 Str HR. Aud: 2yd. Disabled: Victoria Terrace WC adapted. deaf. Unsuitable for wheelchair users.available. Loop system GuideNSPEAK dogs admitted. BRAINforSTORMthe- JON - CHANGEI -C THEATRE FIRST Help BITCOMPANY E THEATRECOMPANY FLYNN FRANTI FRICOMPANY CTION THEATRE - MINAOTAUR STUDENT THEATRE FROM THE60/COMPANY UNI40V.-OFTHEATRE E ANGLI - NEW- TRAGI THEATREC CARPET COMPANY - THEATRESTORM ZOO Traquair0896-830785. House, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire. Venue 110 Tickets P11 Outer Messages 0896 830323. Box Office: 9am —7pm. Buses: 62. Food andLowland drink: cafe, licensed bar all day. Disabled: Fully Restaurant, accessible/toilets. Restricted access inside house. TRAQUAIR FAIR Traverse Theatre, Cambridge 228 Street.3223 Venue J515 Tickets 228 1404.Messages Box Office: 10am—11pm (Closes Mons). Buses: 4, 10, 40/41, 11, 15, 43/44, 18, 6pm 19/39, 21, 22/25, 28/29,and2/12, 31,drink: 33,3,34/35, 65, 80, 82,all day. 100.26, Food Cafe, restaurant, licensed bar(large, Disabled: Ent: 16yd flat. Aud: 15yd flat to lift buttons). WC adapted atVery Ent and Aud level. Guidebraille dogs admitted, Help available. accessible. COMMUNI C ADO THEATRE COMPANY - GOLDMORTON BIER'-S PAIFOOLS PARADI S E GRASSMARKET PROJECT BRUCE NES PLOUGH - PLAIN CLOTHES PRODUCTIONS - TRAVERSE THEATRE

Tron Kirk, High Street Venue 5 Buses: 1/6, 89,34/35 orC3,3, 5,C11,7, 64/65, 8, 14, 21,79-88. 31, 33, 51, 69,J9 80-82, 87, SMT Disabled: DetailsE ANDnotCREW available. GEORGE WYLLI Valvona & Crolla, 19 Elm Row, Venue 67 top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 6066 Box Office: 8.30am7, 10,—6pm. Buses: 14, 16, 17, 22/25, 32/52, 34/35, 87, 89, 1/6,SMTEnt:2/12, C3.6yd 1 Str. Disabled: Aud: 45yd 8 Str HR. WC unadapted. Unsuitable for admitted. Help available. wheelchair users. Guide dogs MIKE MARAN The Vaults, Street.228 4954. VenueJ1018 Tickets 55615-17 7018 Niddry Messages Box Office: 10am—11pm. Buses: 1/6, 34/35 off at High Food and drink: Cafe, licensedSt.bar. Disabled: Ent: + 1. Ramps. THE VAULTS Viewforth553Centre, Gilmore Place. Venue 44L3 Tickets 1676— 104 Box Office: 9am 5pm. Buses: 10, 27. Food and drink:15ydRefreshments at time of performance. Disabled: flat. Aud: 20yd. Studio: Staircase. WC ( + FROG 1 25").PRIEnt: NCE PRODUCTIONS Waterstone' s Booksellers, Venue 113 13 &225 128 3436 Princes St, 83 George St. G9,G6,G7 Info Box Office: —9pm.19/39, 20, 22/25, SMT C23, Buses: George9.30am 129, 28/29. AnySt:Refreshments bus13,to18,Princes Food and drink: atSt.time of performance. Disabled: AUGUST LITERARY BOOK RAVE AT WATERSTONE'S Buses: AnyDetails to EastnotEndavailable. Princes Street. Disabled: NOTTINGHAMSHI RE EDUCATION THEATRE COMPANY - PURE STEEL West Corner557of 0348. York Place & York Lane, Venue F10 103 Messages Buses: 12, 23, 24, 42, 46, 80, 89. Disabled: Str HR. DRINK AND+15BE MERRY West End Hotel, Palmerston225Place Tickets 668 10am 373335—8pm. Messages 3656. Venue G352 Box Office: Buses: (Haymarket) 2/12, 3, 4, 21, 22/25, 26,44/66. 31, 33, 34/35,and43/44, 65,Licensed 85/86,bar100,all SMT Food drink:12yd day.35ydC5,26C55, Disabled: Ent: 6 Str HR. Aud: Str HR. Fadmitted. 22"). Unsuitable for wheelchair users. GuideWCdogs(M Help available. SEANN NOS The WHALE Venue, Messages 103 Broughton Street VenueF1035 Tickets 556 126780. 458 3267. Box Office: noon—12.30am. Buses: 2/12,4,4A, 8, 11, 15-17,19, 20, 22,25, 39,42-46, 65, E and Scottish C2,Cafe,C5,licensed 44, 66, bar106,all 124/125, Food drink: day.Aud: 3yd129.29 Sp, Disabled: Ent: 2yd 2 Str & ramp. Theatre unsuitable for wheelchair users. Cabaret Aud: 3yd. WC adapted. THE WHALEGuideVENUEdogs admitted, help available. Wireworks Playground, Fringe Office VenueJ91 (Messages 226 5257or 3,orbehind Buses: 1/6, 34/35 5,5259) 7,C11,8, 14,64/65, 21, 31,79-88 33, 51,(off69,at 80-82, 87, 89. SMT C3, Bridges). Disabled: NOT TTLEOpen WOMENair -venue THEATRE30ydDESFlat. BICYCLETTES - THE UNCLES - WILIREWORKS Wireworks, Parliament Square, The Mound. (Messages 226 5257or 3,or 5,5259) Buses: 1/6, 34/35 7,C11,8, 14,64/65, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-82, 87, 89. SMT C3, Bridges). Open air venue 30yd Flat. 79-88 (off at Disabled: STREET THEATRE Zippo' s Big Top,St.The Meadows, Venue 109 nr.Tickets Buccleuch M9 662 0352 Box Office: 10.30am—11pm. Buses:and18,drink: 40, 41.Cafe, licensed bar all day. Food Disabled: Full Disabled access forWCupsupplied. to 80 wheelchairs by prior arrangement. ACORN ZIPPO'SMUSI CIRCUSC THEATRE COMPANY - CYMBELINE - THE PACK 125

THE SCOTSMAN you’ll be lost without it The Scotsman Fringe First Awards is the quality control which allows you to separate the good from the bad, and makes 'The Scotsman' your indispensable daily guide. 'The Scotsman' covers more shows in depth than any other newspaper, which will help guide you through the hundreds of shows in this programme. Make sure you get your daily copy.

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programme comes out in June - order yours now 0 Fill in this form and send it with 70p in stamps for U.K. (£1.50 for Europe, £3 for anywhere else) to : Box FP94 Fringe Office 180 High Street EDINBURGH EH1 IQS .sTs. </Vv Name: Address:


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the fringe shop ! in the High Street j: open 10am - 7 pm

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1993 Fringe ticket booking form I To Book Tickets By Post Please Follow These Points: \ 1. Fill in order form overleaf. 3. Payment A)- By Cheque (please leave amount blank but write maximum amount you are prepared to pay in brackets). 2. Complete in block capitals Payable to "Festival Fringe Society" | Address /• ostcode Telephone (day)

B)- By credit card AccessA/isa/Mastercard (eve)

4. Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope. 5. Return to: Box YQ Fringe Box-Office 180 High Street Edinburgh EH1 IQS 1

Signature Expiry Date Please note that due to charges imposed by credit card companies, we are having to introduce a charge of 50p per credit card order. (This charge is per order, not per ticket)

To buy Tickets by Telephone, ring our Credit Curd Sales Line on 031 226 513S 11 o u Id ) ou A Iso L ike

fringe Club Membership Season Membership ^ Weekly Membership

Season Aug 13-Sept 4 £20.00 Week 1 Aug 13-Aug 21 £12.00 Aug 2TAug 28 £12.00 Week 2 Week 3 Aug 28-Sept 4 £12.00 Tor season and weekly membership please enclose a passport photo with your name printed on the reverse) pally Membership Aug 13-Sept 4 £4.50 Daily The Fringe Club is open daily from 10.00 am untill 3.00 am. The bars and restaurant are open all day and cabaret is supplied every evening. Many of the shows are free with club membership. For details on other shows look under the Fringe Club main entry in the programme. 094 Fringe Programme receive the 1994 Fringe Programme next June please add the following postage on to your order overleaf: 70p - to a UK address £1.50 - to an EEC address £3.00 - to any other address fhe dates of the 1994 Fringe will be 14 August-3 September. become I Fringe Begnlar Fringe, guarantee your copy of the Fringe Programme for the next three years and receive an exclusive ..upport theevery Newsletter December. £5 - to a UK address £10 - to an EEC address £15 - to any other address



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RUSSIAN PAINTING OF THE AVANT-GARDE A brilliant period in the history of 30 June - 5 September Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art modern art, represented here with revolutionary works by Kandinsky, Belford Road, Edinburgh Malevich, Goncharova, Larionov and others, on loan for the first time from collections throughout Russia. With support from the Admission £3, concessions £1.50. Foundation for Sport and the Arts HOLBEIN AND THE COURT OF HENRY VIII Drawings and Miniatures from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle Celebrated drawings and exquisite 23 July - 26 September miniatures by Hans Holbein, court National Gallery of Scotland painter to Henry VIII. Includes portraits The Mound, Edinburgh of the great Sir Thomas More, the treacherous Richard Southwell and the 1 CAPITAL King's third wife, Jane Seymour. HOUSE Sponsored by C.piUI Ham* ^vestment Management Limited Admission free. PHOEBE ANNA TRAQUAIR A stunning display of paintings, 6 August - 7 November embroideries, illuminated manuscripts, Scottish National Portrait Gallery jewellery and decorative enamelwork by 1 Queen Street, Edinburgh Phoebe Anna Traquair, a leading figure of the Arts and Crafts movement. With support from Baillie Gifford & Co, Admission £3, concessions £1.50. General Accident plc and Mobil. Also showing: PHOTOGRAPHING CHILDREN Sponsored by EAE Communications THE LINE OF TRADITION Watercolours, Drawings & Prints by Scottish Artists 1700-1990 A broad spectrum of works on paper, 4 August - 12 September from intimate drawings by Ramsay and Royal Scottish Academy Wilkie to spectacular watercolours by The Mound, Edinburgh Crawhall and Mackintosh. ContempSponsored by orary masterpieces by Paolozzi, Bellany, Dawson International PLC Howson and many more. Supported by Lothian and Edinburgh Enterprise Limited Admission free. Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 2pm - 5pm ■ 031-556 8921



SNAKE DEMON! The Power Of The Mask exhibition. Discover how masks from all over the world, from the martial arts to commedia deN'arte, have been used to frighten, fascinate and entertain. Mystery and magic, comedy and carnival, drama, fantasy and suspense, this colourful exhibition is every festival performance rolled into one.
















l An exhibition in the Royal Museum of Scotland, Adults £2.50, concessions £1 and 50p. I i Venue 43.14 August to 31 October 1993. Pre-school free. Tearoom and shop, j 1 Mon to Sat 10am - 5pm, Sundays 12 - 5pm. Facilities for people with disabilities.kifil NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Telephone 031 225 7534 for further information.itri

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1993 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1993 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #...

1993 Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1993 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #...


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