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11th - 31st

*s Pleased t° support the Fringe


very warm and happy welcome to the 45th Edinburgh Festival Fringe, one of the world's greatest and most famous celebrations of the arts. This August over 500 itish and overseas companies from as far afield as Voronezh, Venice, Nairobi, Osaka, ombay, Adelaide, La Paz, Nassau and Toronto will gather in Edinburgh to present a ultural display unparalleled anywhere else in the world. From Cymbeline on Calton Hill; azz in the park on a Summer's afternoon; magic in the morning; fast-talking stand-up late night to poetry in the courtyard; Shakespeare for breakfast; classical interludes at lunch; ceilidhs after dark, there is theatre to fill every hour of the day. Within these pages, I hope that you will find hours of pleasure. Do with it what you will, but don't be afraid to be adventurous. Talk to people in queues, do some eavesdropping, read what the papers have to say, see your favourite names and make your own discoveries, but above all enjoy the Fringe in all its guises. Amateur and professional, famous and infamous, inside or outside, Edinburgh will be transformed by the Fringe into the largest stage in the world. If this is your first Fringe, I hope that it will become as important an event to you as it has to many thousands of people over the years. To our old friends welcome back and to the companies taking part, congratulations on making this year's Programme so diverse and interesting. Have a wonderful time this August and enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of this very special festival.

Mhairi Mackenzie-Robinson Administrator June 1991



I | IH I | | I I

During the festival, the Fringe Office employs a large staff who are well informed about the Fringe. We aim to provide comprehensive information on all Fringe shows including ticket availability and changes to the Programme. We are happy to deal with any enquiries but cannot make any recommendations on any productions. We publish full details on the Fringe and operate a variety of methods to help you gain information:

IN PERSON The information office and shop is open during Box Office hours at The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, i.e, between 10am and 7pm each

| 1

THE FRINGE PROGRAMME is the comprehensive guide to all events taking place on the Fringe. See Index, and details overleaf on how to use it.

BY POST Write to The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 IQS, Scotland.

I S H 1 ■

THE DAILY DIARY is a chronological listing of every show taking place on any one day. It is a free broadsheet and is available in over 30 locations throughout Edinburgh. The first one will be for Friday 9 August. It should be read in conjunction with the Programme.

I A H A M ■

FRINGE FIND a simple computer system which will help you select shows based on the time that you have free or the type of performance that interests you. Terminals are in key locations around Edinburgh, including the Fringe Office, major hotels and Tourist Information.


BY PHONE Ring (031) 226 5257 or 5259 between 10am and 7pm. Please note that these numbers are for enquiries and not for telephone bookings. See How to Book Tickets overleaf for this information.

1992 FRINGE DATES 16 August-5 September. Would-be performers should write after the 1991 Fringe in November/December to make initial enquiries or call at the office during the festival. All letters should be sent to the address given above. TO GET THE 1992 FRINGE PROGRAMME Fill in the request coupon in this Programme and send to Box FP at the Fringe Office. The Festival Fringe Society acknowledges financial support from the Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh Distict Council

Scottish /%rts Council

© 1991 Festival Fringe Society


w INDEX OF SHOW TITLES Divided into categories of entertainment, listing the Show name, the Company name and the page number where further information on each production can be found. 0THE MAIN LISTING-THE PROGRAMME An alphabetical listing by Company/Performer name giving full details on each production. A person's name is usually listed under his or her surname (e.g. look for Alec Guinness under G). VENUE MAP Every Fringe venue has a number, shown on this map. Within this section there is also a numerical index of the venues with their grid references. Venue numbers and grid references are also shown in the Main Listing. ^^EXHIBITIONS An alphabetical listing by Company/Exhibitor name with full details of each major Fringe exhibition. 0 VENUE INDEX Alphabet ical listing of Venues by name, with a list of Companies appearing there. Disabled, bus and refreshment information is also V TICKET BOOKING FORM For postal sales before and during the Fringe, and Fringe Club Membership

HOW TO USE THE PROGRAMME All entries in the Programme have been standardised for ease of reading. A variety of abbreviations and symbols are used throughout. A sample, with explanations, is given below. GRID REFERENCE


VENUE NUMBER Each Fringe venue has its own number. Find it on the Venue map using the Grid Reference.

Show at a glance which week(s) the company is performing (in this case, weeks 1 and 2). Fringe weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, and any events before Sunday 11 August are deemed to be in Week 0.

Use this in conjunction with the Venue Map to find the location of the Venue.



Shows that the play is eligible j for a Scotsman » Fringe First Award. These ^ awards are given \ to companies presenting outstanding new drama which has not been performed more than 6 times in the UK.

The 12-hour clock is used. Shows starting in the early morning, e.g. 1.15am are listed under the day before's date, but shows starting after 7am are shown at the current day's date. Finishing times (in brackets) are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.


m (10.001



ll/ uul

Are for unreserved seats in nearly all cases. Concessions (reductions) are often given to


Students (S), Unemployed (U), OAP's/Pensioners (P), Disabled (D), Children under-16 (C), and Young Scot card holders (Y). (In this example, students, unemployed, pensioners and disabled will be charged £1.00.) Identification will be asked for.

DATES Fringe performances can take place on any day of the week. Sundays are assumed to be performance days unless otherwise stated.




The Fringe Office does not print the tickets sold. This is the duty of the Companies. On occasion, they arrive with us late. In these circumstances, orders may take longer to despatch. Tickets cannot be refunded other than in the case of complete cancellation of a production or performance.

Opens: Monday 29 July Hours: 10.00am-7.00pm (7 days a week) (not Sun 4 August) Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa Unless otherwise stated in the Programme, the Fringe Box Office sells tickets for every show. If you are buying tickets at the concessionary (reduced) rate, please bring the appropriate identification. Please be prepared to queue at peak periods.


^ PJ

Opens: Monday 24 June Payment: Cheque, Postal Order, Access, Visa Complete the Ticket Booking Form and sent it to Box YQ, The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 IQS. Please enclose payment and a stamped addressed envelope. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for delivery.

TELEPHONE SALES (With Access/Visa Card Only) Telephone: (031) 226 5138 (4 lines) Opens: Monday 8 July Hours: 10.00am-6.00pm (8 July-26 July) (Mon-Fri) 10.00am-7.00pm from 29 July (7 days a week) (not Sun 4 August) Payment: Access, Visa Tickets can either be posted or held for collection at the Fringe Office. If you are collecting, please come to the Box Office. You will have to show your credit card and sign the booking form. Please allow a minimum of 3 days for processing your order.


Bookings-ring us for details (031) 226 5259.

Z E3


Opens: Thursday 8 August Hours: 10.00am-7.00pm (7 days a week) Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa Call in person to the Next-Day Collection counter in the Fringe Box Office and collect a pre-printed form and envelope. Complete the form and enclosing payment, hand it to the Next-Day Collection staff. Your order will be made up overnight and your tickets available for collection from 12 noon the next day. If paying by credit card, you will have to show your card and sign the booking form.

USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS Fringe Club International Festival Military Tattoo Film Festival Jazz Festival Book Festival

650 226 225 228 557 225

4673 4001 1188 4051 1642 1915

Tourist Information Tourist Accommodation

557 1700 557 1700

Police British Rail City Bus Information Airport

3113131 556 2451 225 3858 333 1000

INDEX OF SHOW TITLES (Title of show, followed by Group entry title, followed by page number)


The Accrington Pals—Evesham Youth Theatre The Act—Paradox Theatre After Otto—Theatre Zoo Agamemnon-Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club The Aids Project—Theatre Corporation The Air-Raid Shelter-See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions Alas Poor Derrick-The Festival Club Alba's—Song For A Dark Queen—Aalbagenesis American Buffalo presented by American Festival Theatre—Chaplaincy Centre American Buffalo-Glasgow Arts Centre American Festival Theatre Workshop presents A New Theatre Piece—American Festival Theatre Andromache — Crewe Junction Performance Group Another Country-The Guy Burgess Trilogy Part IPerformance Theatre Co Antigone — Action Directe Antigone—The Bedlam Theatre Antigone—Cracking Insert Theatre Company Antigone—Les Escogriffes Antigone-Moon On The Water Theatre Co. Are There Tigers In The Congo?—Traverse Theatre Arrow—Red Rooster Theatre Co As You Like It—The Broken Seal Theatre Co. As You Like It—Cygnet Training Theatre At The Edge-Baxter Theatre (South Africa)Assembly Rooms Augustine (Big Hysteria)-Paines Plough Ave Maria-Theatre De Complicite Bad—Grassmarket Project Baggage And Bombshells—See Red—T.W.W.A. Productions Baglady—The Bridge Theatre Company Bealchraife Resistance (Two-Faced Resistance) — Resistance Theatre Company The Bench—Traverse Theatre Ben's Biography—The One Man's Group Bent—The Bedlam Theatre Berkoff's Fall Of The House Of Usher-Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) Betrayal-Hill Street Theatre Between The Teeth—Theatre For Africa Bible Stories And Beauty Pagaents-Casual Theatre Billy Liar—Crumpet Theatre Company The Birthday Party-Aardvark Stage Company Black Comedy—TPN Student Drama The Blind-Theatre Zoo Blood On Their Lips-St. Andrews Mermaids Blue Murder: The Killing Of Derek Bentley-Telling Tales Theatre Company Blue Remembered Hills—Jomijules Blues Chalk Circle (After Brecht)-Aspects Touring Company Blue Window-Boston University School Of Theatre Boardroom Shuffle-American Connexion Bocadillo—Gdin Dobrei Stefka-The Bedlam Theatre Booth—Paradox Productions Borderland—Weekend Arts College Bored-Flush Theatre—Diverse Attractions Bored Games—Red Herring Company Bother! Presented By Peter Dennis-Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And Pilmeny Centre Brimstone And Treacle-Kismet Theatre Company Bums On Seats-A-Level Madness Paper One The Business Of Murder-Tailor-Made Theatre Company Busted!-Sieve & Shears Theatre Co. The Canterbury Tales-Nottinghamshire Education Can't Stand Up For Falling Down-Hull Truck Theatre Company Carlucco And The Queen Of Hearts-Fifth Estate Carnival Street-NSTC (National Student Theatre Company) Cars!-Theatre Corporation Casanova. True Confessions Of A Cabalist land other lies) —Borderline Theatre Co. Cedric III-Doubling Up-Diverse Attractions The Chance—Durham University Student Theatre The Cheviot. The Stag And The Black, Black OilAssembly/Wildcat At The Meadows Cinco Horas Con Mario (Five Hours With Mario)Alternative To Drama School Theatre Co. Circles-Every woman Theatre Company-Diverse Attractions Class Attack-WETI Women Of Dublin Clay-Incidental Theatre Presents The Closet Heterosexual - Freef all Monster Company Closure?—Story Of The 'Craig-Braidhurst High Theatre The Code Of The Woosters-Jeeves, Wooster, Friends & Enemies Collecting Gravity-Terry Beck Troupe The Collector—See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions The Complete History Of Theatre (Abridged)-Red Rooster Theatre Co The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged)-Assembly Rooms Conversations With A Golliwog-Glasgow Arts Centre

42 75 93 32 91 86 45 9 33 53 15 37 76 11 25 37 42 68 96 83 29 38 18 75 91 53 87 29 83 95 71 25 71 61 91 32 37 9 95 93 86 90 63 18 29 13 25 75 97 39 83 42 64 13 90 87 62 47 71 91 26 39 21 13 39 97 62 49 29 63 25 87 83 19 53

A Conversation With Georgia O’Keeffe—Stageworks Theatre Co. The Covenant—A Yoruba Creation Myth—Imule Cowboys. Indians And Waitresses—The Unlikely Theater Company The Creation Of The World And Other Business-The Collyers Company Crossed Wires—Fly-Away Theatre Company Crowd — Limelight Theatre Company The Cruel Grasp—Blue Moon Productions Cymbeline—Wales Actors' Company Daffodils-Theatre West End Daisy Pulls It Off-Stage 84 A Deadly Combination For A False Creation and Dancing Queens—Aaart Attack Dear Elena Sergeevna-The P.N.L.-Barclays Drama Co. Dear Isabel—The Custard Factory Theatre Co. Death And The King’s Horseman —Cambridge Gods Death For £15-Knowsley Youth Theatre-Across The Mersey Theatre Decadence—QMW Theatre Co. Derek's Dilemma —Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And Pilmeny Centre Desperately Seeking Scotland—West Lothian Youth Theatre The Devil And Lenny Bruce —Ray Hanna Dido, Queen Of Carthage—Alternative To Drama School Theatre Co. Dinner Dance—The Kosh D.I.V.O.R.C.E.—Roaring Girls Theatre Company Dr Faustus—Leicester Youth Theatres/Drama & Dance Dog In A Manger-TNT-The Arc Dog-Ruff: Double Bill—Across The Mersey Theatre Dogs From Cairo—Theatre And Film Production (Austria)—Richard Demarco Gallery Doing Bush—AK:47 Theatre Co-Op Do You Love Me—Northern Theatre Company Drawing On A Mother's Experience and Cook Dems — Traverse Theatre A Dream Play—California Fault-Zone Theatre Company Of CSUH Dress Suits To Hire-Split Britches—Assembly Rooms Driftwood — HFC Theatre Company—Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama The Duchess Of Malfi-Pen, Paint And Pretzels (3P's) Dusa, Fish. Stas And Vi-Accidental Death Theatre Company A Dybbuk For Two People—Assembly Rooms Dylan Thomas: Return Journey —Bob KingdomAssembly Rooms East—Paradox Theatre En Attendant Francois—Diverse Attractions An Englishman Abroad—The Guy Burgess Trilogy Part III — Performance Theatre Co Ephemera—Chester College Arts Equus-The Agnostic Theatre Company The Erpingham Camp—Alarmist Theatre Eva Peron—The Bedlam Theatre Eve 'N' After—Cosmorama Theatre Company An Evening With Nicholas Parsons-The Queen's Hall The Exorcism —D.M.D.C. Experiment With Eeeeeeeeez—Gabrielle Hamilton Extremities—Glasgow Arts Centre Fall—The Arius Aquarius Theatre Company Fictional Episodes—Assembly Rooms The Final Appearance Of Miss Mamie Stuart —Equinox Theatre Fly South-Pen, Paper And Pretzels (3P's) Forbidden Fruit—Outrageous Fortune Theatre Company Forever Yours, Marie-Lou —TNT—The Arc Fox And Flutist—Shinko Company Ltd Frankenstein And The Dormouse—The Westbury Theatre Company Fusion—Weekend Arts College Gallows Humour—Crux Of The Matter Theatre Company A Game With Billy Goat Songs-Experimental Theatre Studio: E.T.S. Gargoyle Jam —David W W Johnstone The Gentleman From Olmedo-Gate Theatre—The Arc The Gerty Naylor Show—Tony Haase Ginger Beer—Tic Toe At Marcos Glad-Grassmarket Project Glue Wedding—Cambridge Mummers Goethe's Urfaust—S.I.P.-Shakespeare Institute Players Going For A Love Song-Cacciatore Fabbro Going Toward The Light—E.C. Glass High School The Government Inspector—Mary Ward Over 60'S Supported By First Framework The Great God Brown—Pen, Paper And Pretzels ISP's) Greek-Theatre West End Grimm Realities—'Abi' Theatre Company The Guardian/Harp Premier Student Drama AwardAssembly Rooms Hall Of Healing-TNT-The Arc Hamlet-Hamlet At Heriot's Happy Days-Bunbury & Millstream Hard Boys In White Shirts-Risk Theatre Heartland-Confederacy Of Fools Heart Of A Dog—The Bedlam Theatre Helen—The Attic Conversion Co.

89 62 96 35 47 65 26 97 92 89 80 37 31 11 80 41 97 54 13 64 83 65 17 39 13 70

30 19

High Rise Society-Pow Theatre Hobbledehoy—Gleutz Theatre Company—Across The Mersey Theatre Hobson's Choice—Cygnet Training Theatre The Homecoming—Northern Theatre Company Home Free—QMW Theatre Co. The Honours Of Drumlie-Leitheatre How Did It Happen—Tmu-Na Theatre How To Be A Superhero In Ten Easy Steps-WPI Masque Roy Hutchins Performs Heathcote Williams' Autogeddon—Assembly Rooms The Ice Pick—Aids Positive Underground Theatre The Importance Of Being Oscar—Charles Kearney In Camera — Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And Pilmeny

80 11 70 80 65

19 13 42

Ines De Castro—Hands-On Theatre—Across The Mersey Theatre Inferno! —Mandela Theatre Company In Search Of Omar Khayyam—El Hakawati—Assembly In The Ruins Of Song—The Hidden Theatre Invisible Man—Teatro Careta Island Dreams —Derek Burrows Island Dreams It’s A Madhouse—Bleasdale At Buster Brown’s Jonathan Kay—Live—Jonathan Kay Keepers Of The Deep Sea Light-Glasgow Arts Centre Killing Me Softly—Clyde Unity Theatre King Lear—Oxford Chamber Theatre Kings—Assembly/Wildcat At The Meadows Jack Klaff—Assembly Rooms Knife Games—Mania Productions Knuckle—Import Theatre Company Kvetch—Assembly Rooms Kwamanzi—Theatre For Africa Lady Macsescu—Artts International La Gioconda—Open Stage —Richard Demarco Gallery Landlord —Pow Theatre Larins Sahib—Akademeia Repertory Theatre (A.R.T.) India The Last Picnic—Bunbury & Millstream Laughing Wild-Phoenix Theatre Company Of San

11 19 54 30 26 63 53 35 75 21 67 62 18 91 18 38 80 13 30 76

18 18 75 76 33 13 26 37 81 40 54 18 20 42 75 73 17 87 97 97 37 63 17 54 93 53 31 88 30 40 67 75 92 20 17 54 30 35 26 23

Les Grand Meaulnes—Young Vic Young Company — Assembly Rooms Light In The Village-Traverse Theatre Lipstick Tango—Buster Theatre Living Space—The Collective Of Natural DisastersRichard Demarco Gallery Lochleven — Leith Rep. Community Theatre — Diverse Logical Progression—Chester College Arts Lone Star / Laundry & Bourbon-Kick Back TheatreRandolph Studio Look Back In Anger—Leverndale Arts Group Lord Of The Rings—Essential Music Theatre Love Among The Juveniles—Clyde Unity Theatre Love—A Psychological Perversity—Confederacy Of Fools Love Lies Bleeding—Kaleidoscope Theatre The Love Of The Nightingale-The Bedlam Theatre Love, Reincarnation And Garbage III-Shelley Wyant's Maskwork Etc... The Lovers—QMW Theatre Co. Lovers: Winners / The Tell-Tale Heart-Killing The Cat Theatre Company—Diverse Attractions Low Level Panic—Absolute Banana Theatre Company Macbeth —Leicester Youth Theatres/Drama & Dance Macbeth-Nove Pokolinja Theatre Group Macbeth —Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) Macbeth-A Tragedy In One Hour—Shaking Up Shakespeare Macbeth Speaks and A Matter Of Conviction —Saints And Scholars Macschwartzkopf—Pen, Paper And Pretzels (3P's) The Magic Toyshop—Birmingham Rep Youth Workshop The Magpie—Seize The Day Productions Making Swift—Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And Pilmeny Centre Making The Number Up-NSTC (National Student Theatre Company) Massage —Profundis Theatre Company The Master And Margarita —Four Corners Theatre Company Me And Shakespeare—Colin George Measure For Measure—Import Theatre Company Medea: Sex War—Volcano Theatre Company Memories Of Amnesia—Traverse Theatre Michael James Manaia—Traverse Theatre A Midsummer Night's Dream —Explosion Theatre The Mirror Of The Moon — Prof undis Theatre Company Mr. Puntila And His Man Matti CYT Productions Moira's Story—Exacting Theatre Company Molieres The Miser-Blow Up Mollie McCollie —Royal Scottish Academy Of Music

20 95 30 39 39 33 83 65 42 29 35 35 26 98 80 39 9 40 65 71 87 86 75 26 87 42

47 50 62 97 96 96 44 80 38 26 85

A Most Curious Murder-The Madeleine Smith Story-Edectia Words And Music Co.


Murder In The Cathedral-St. Thomas More Utopian Drama Society Naked-Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) Natural Attractions—Open Theatre Nature—The Grand Opera Of Oklahoma (UK)—Richard Demarco Gallery Never-Never Land—Theatre Zoo New Work—Troubled Senses —Diverse Attractions Night Mother—QMW Theatre Co. 'Night. Mother—American Connexion Nine Bells For Bentley—Exacting Theatre Company Noonday Demons—Accusative Cases Normal: The Dusseldorf Ripper —Psychopathia Sexualis No Seeds In Babylon—Bahamas Quincentennial/Dundas Repertory Company Nosferatu—A Symphony Of Terror-See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions Not Bobby—Cambridge Umbrella No Tender Vocabulary - NSTC (National Student Theatre Company) Nothing On Earth-Far East Theatre Co. Once Upon A Time In Tottenham Hale—Phil Cornwell & Rick Stone One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest—Absolute Banana Theatre Company Operation Grapple —Profundis Theatre Company Orpheus Singing —English Music Theatre Our Day Out—The Durham Revue Out Of Mind—Northern Theatre Company Outsiders—Collar And T.I.E./Other Voices The Overcoat—Tottering Bipeds Theatre Company Overheard —Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group Pack Of Lies-Pageant Players Pantalone's Magic And A Play Within A Play-The United Notions Organisation Patricks Day —Sean Hughes & Owen O'Neill A Peasant Of El Salvador—Company Theatre People Pie—Time In Our Hands Perfect Woman—Tic Toe At Marcos Picture Postcard —Fishing Net Theatre Company — Across The Mersey Theatre Plaisir D'amour-See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions Plurabelles-Pukka Productions—The Arc Polish Contemporary Theatre-Theatre Workshop Pop—Changeinspeak Portrait Of The Artist As A Young ConservativeTheatre Works Purple Hearts-Los Altos Conservatory Theatre Quartet—Fly In The Ointment Quelques Fleurs-Liz Lochhead—Assembly Rooms Raiders Of The Lost Aardvark-Theatre For Africa The Railway Children-Stage 84 Readings From Shakespeare And The Romanian Poets-Richard Demarco Gallery Recent Disappearances —California Fault-Zone Theatre Company Of CSUH Reckless-Boston University School Of Theatre Regina Fong, Last Of The Romanoffs—Traverse

86 71 73 39 92 39 80 13 80 23 87 32 44 37 80 42 40 70 35 95 75 96 63 62 35 95 93 11 87 17 92 32 92 66 47 19 91 89 39 30 29 96

A Respectable Wedding —Hill Street Theatre The Return Of The Living Shangalang —Moving Parts Theatre Group—Diverse Attractions The Return Of The Son Of The Raiders Of The Lost Aardvark—Theatre For Africa The Revengers Tragedy—Theatre Zoo Richard III —Cambridge Experimental Theatre Richard III —Nottinghamshire Education Road —Kismet Theatre Company Romeo And Juliet —Imule Safehouse-KULT Sala Kahle-Theatre For Africa A Savage Reminiscence and Comic Monologue — Theatre Zoo Scarecrows—Theatre Zoo School's Out—Act Out Theatre Company Scottish Vernacular —Common Force —Diverse

39 91 93 31 70 64 62 63 64

93 62 11 39

Seascape Tufty Theatre Club —Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama Seating Lines / The Return Of The Soldier-Sound

The Splitting Of Latham—Benchtours Stabat Mater—Laboratoria Teatro Settimo—Richard Demarco Gallery Stage 84 Scenarios—Richard Demarco Gallery State Of Play-Yorkshire Theatre Company-Assembly Rooms A Stop In The Desert-Grupa Chwilowa-Richard Demarco Gallery The Strange Voyage-The Castle Players Street Fighting Man-Theatre Shack—Diverse Attractions Stroking The Pigeons—Showoman Productions Struggle Of The Dogs And The Black—Traverse Theatre Sweeney & Steen In Play By Ear-The Kaliber Improfest Sweet Land Of Liberty—Consenting Adults Theatre Company The Taming Of The Shrew—Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And Pilmeny Centre The Taming Of The Shrew—Overseas House Tartuffe—Strathallians—Across The Mersey Theatre A Taste Of Honey-KULT Teechers—Red Rooster Theatre Co The Tempest —Daylight Theatre — Diverse Attractions The Tempest—Theatre Of Crocodiles Tennessee In The Summer—Los Altos Conservatory Tennessee Rose—NSTC (National Student Theatre Company) Thatcher's Women — Stomping Feet Theatre Company Theresa Raquin —Hill Street Theatre These Colours Don't Run—Bedfordshire Youth Theatre This Island's Mine-(Gay Sweatshop)-The Bedlam This Savage Parade—The Hoxton Firm A Thousand Natural Shocks—Chester College Arts Three Men In A Boat—Performance Theatre Co Three Plays For The Dead —Richard Demarco Gallery Tickets. Please—Nottinghamshire Education A Tomb With A View-Southern Light Drama Tomorrow We Do The Sky—Traverse Theatre Tongues/Savage Love—Calliope Theatre Company The Tooth Of Crime—Made Of Clay Theatre Company Touched—Rutland Theatre Co—Richard Demarco Trophy Hunters—Theatre For Africa Tutti-Paletti-See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions Twelfth Night —St. Andrews Mermaids Twelve O'clock Deadline—Theatre Zoo Two Ply Women-Short Straw Theatre—Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama Ubu! Catchpole Theatre Co.—Calton Centre Under Milk Wood-Edinburgh Theatre Arts Underneath The Screaming Chestnut Tree —Lovely Plays Promotion Concern Understanding & Response—Workshop Productions Featuring Basildon Youth Theatre The Unforgiven—Annexe Theatre—Theatre Workshop Up N Under—Hull Truck Theatre Company Upstream! —Paradox Theatre The Vision Of Nostrildamus —Big Nazo Vivien—Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And Pilmeny Waiting For Golding—Chester College Arts Waving And Drowning—Glasgow Arts Centre W.C.Fields —Rob Inglis We-Peter Ireland Weisman And Copperface—Traverse Theatre West—Exacting Theatre Company Whale Music-Cambridge Mummers When The Wind Blows—Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) Whose Life Is It Anyway?—The Edinburgh Youth Theatre Wicked Bastard Of Venus—The Custard Factory Theatre Co. Wings—Company Theatre Witchplay-Three Women And A Passion The Womens War-Side By Side Theatre CompanyAcross The Mersey Theatre Workshop Negative-Amakhosi Theatre (Zimbabwe)Assembly Rooms Woyzeck—Berliner Grundtheater

26 39 39 20

39 87

63 37 73 64 83 39 91

The Shirt —Ben Harrison —Randolph Studio The Shoemaker's Wonderful Wife-Company Theatre Silent Crosswords/Krapp's Last Tape -The Bedlam Theatre Singular Women —Lesley Joseph—Assembly Rooms Six Characters In Search Of An Author-Cardiff University Drama Society Sky Woman Falling-Traverse Theatre Slight Possession -Talking Tongues Snapl —This Way Up Theatre Company Socrates Daemon - Lovely Plays Promotion Concern The Soldier's Tale-Theatre Theatrical Solitude-Traverse Theatre Something Strange-Thomas Blackthorne Song For The Last Act Song For The Last Act Songs Of Jericho Fair Exchange Productions Speak Of The Devil Edinburgh Playhouse Studio And

76 73 17 95

Yes/No People Present: Stomp!—Yes/No People You Can Lead A Horse To Water—Bahamas Quincentennial/Dundas Repertory Company You Know—Elere Yoruba Zelda-Chaplaincy Centre Zelda-Randolph Studio Zelda Fitzgerald—Jacqueline MacDonald The Zoo Story and Geometry—Double Edge Drama

26 62 33 76 38 71 88 96 30 39 91 87 86 85 42

98 92 75 26 42 33 53 62 62 31 71 42 37 35 93

18 26 98 23 42 32 83 66 40

83 35 26 19 32 95 90 93 66 91 96 26 88 44

COMEDY Aaaaaaaaaaaargh Up The Creek Comes To Edinburgh—Aaaaaaaaaaaargh -Up The Creek Comes To Edinburgh Abracadabrets present Funnissimo! —Cluny Festival Centre Accidental Death Of The Poll Tax-Graeme Coulam Larry Adler- Ad Lib-Richard Demarco Gallery

rr Side Of Bob Dillingi linger t The Death Of Coun

66 15 15 McGrt 66


23 70 51 45 65 39

20 65 35 35 81 18 37 37 54 93 62 75

71 89 61 25

88 A Secret Country-The Guy Burgess Trilogy Part II Performance Theatre Co Seven Stages —Forough Ensemble -T.S.U. Sex III: The Third Sex -Overseas House Sexual Perversity In Chicago—Arches Theatre Company Shelter-Tmu Na Theatre She Was Poor. But...-Alternative To Drama School

Avner The Eccentric—Avner The Eccentric Bad & Crazy In A Jam —New Yoker Productions Dept. The Best Of Scottish Comedy-Gilded Balloon Theatre Can Columbine?-Tin Can Theatre Company—The Festival Club The Casbah—Leicester Poly Poor Theatre Company Chalk'n'talk-Diverse Attractions Charming. Witty, Live, Uncensored, Provocative. Practically Illegal And Definitely Immoral-Simon Fanshawe Circus Oz (Australia)—Assembly/Wildcat At The Meadows Comedy Benefit For The Terrence Higgins Trust And Scottish Aids Monitor—Live And Lubricated-The Comic Climax Comedy In Tatters—Comedy In Tatters Comedy Store Players—Comedy Store Players The Complete And Utter Guide To The TheatreQueen Margaret College Drama Department Copstick And Cawley—Dicing With Death—Arrivederci Balham Productions Corky And The Juice Pigs—Corky And The Juice Pigs The Curried Goat Comedy Show—Curried Goat Dangerous—Bill Hicks Greg Davies—Tic Toe At Marcos The Day Trip—Incidental Theatre Presents The Dick Nixon Show—Oxford & Cambridge Women's Dog —Dave Cohen Educating Rita—Alternative To Drama School Theatre Co. An Evening With Gary Lineker-Incidental Theatre Presents The Fabulous Tony—A Life In Showbiz—Fabulous! Weird! Wonderful! The Flood—Company Theatre 4 1/2: A Space Odyssey—Footlights / Hairy Productions Funny—Easy Tiger Theatre Company God: a play—Foot In The Door Productions Hammersmith Fats—Is Back!—Risk Theatre Hanging's Too Good For Them—Western Union The Happiest Days Of Your Life-Onstage 66 Lenny Henry—Assembly Rooms Herr Bach And Mr Handel-Prime Productions In A Different Vein—Cambridge Medics Revue In Bed With Margot Sessions—Hill Street Theatre Instant Sunshine—Instant Sunshine In The Scud—Victor & Barry—Assembly Rooms I Shouldn't Be Telling You This, But-Gilded Balloon Theatre It's All Over My Trousers - Paradox Theatre It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Ward!—National Health Theatre Company It's My Shout—Assembly Rooms Just The Words-Eddie Izzard Killers—Last Best Chance Knit One Murder One—Lip Service Life Support—La Compagnie Du Parti-Pris Live Bed Show-The Arc Livestock Shorties—Theatre Workshop Living Legends—Ian Macpherson/Johnny Immaterial Chris Lynam Is Lord Byron In Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know—Chris Lynam Fred Macaulay And Lynn Ferguson Do Some Stand Up Comedy—Gilded Balloon Theatre Mr P.P.—Pleasance The Moon's Not A Virgin Anymore-And Then Some Productions My Three Angels-Edinburgh Civil Service Dramatic Nipped And Tucked For '91—Friends Of The Famous None The Wiser—The London Medics Nylopia—The Final Frontier—Bri Nylon Five 100 Lines—Alex Langdon & Vicky Coren Outrageous Lies—Spontaneous Combustion Play It Again Sam—The Festival Club The Poor Mouth—Priory Productions Princess. Duke And King—My Favourite Names for a Dog-University Of Chicago The Reconstructed Heart—Robert Llewellyn Vic Reeves And Bob Mortimer-Gilded Balloon Theatre Santa Claus Is A Bastard—Fly-Away Theatre Company Scarlatti's Wedding—Natural Theatre Company Scots Wha Hae—Edinburgh People's Theatre A Seat In The Park—Eskmouth Theatre Company The Secretary Bird—The Makars At Murrayfield September In The Rain—Stockton Youth Theatre Seven Forty-Five In The Ballroom—lohn Hegley— Assembly Rooms Sexpots Of Ancient Rome—Thatcher's Blue Outfit Shakers—Stowe Players Shakespeare For Breakfast - See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions The Show-Risk Theatre Side Splitters — Diverse Attractions Sir Jasper Tries It On!—Fossick Valley Fumblers Sleep With Me Part II-Gone Fishin' Theatre Company Soap Crazy-Gilded Balloon Theatre So You Think You're Funny-Gilded Balloon Theatre Stags And Hens —Edinburgh Acting School Stand Up (Festival Of Comedy)—Assembly Rooms Mark Steel —Mark Steel Teechers — Beck Theatre Unlimited They Wouldn't. So They Sent Us—Oops Uranus Tour—The Roxy Three Blokes Stay Up Late-Three Blokes Stay Up Late

13 62 44 35 47 40 47 83 97 20 80 31 61 62 20 51 75 70 20 63 64 17 92 66 66 51 15 41 49 29 64 89 45 80 13 96 65 51 47 70 41 42 67 19 90 90 87 83 39 47 53 51 51 89 25 85

page no. Jimmy Tingle-Assembly/Wildcat At The Meadows 21 Jimmy Tingle (U.S.AJ—Assembly Rooms 19 Tom Thumb or Tragedie Of Tragedies—Theatre Agog 91 The Totally Naff Tarts—The Totally Naff Tarts 95 Total Rethink-Black Mime Theatre 26 The Trench Kiss—Incidental Theatre Presents 62 Try It On The Dog - Impromptu Theatre—Overseas House 73 Two From The Fringe-BBC Radio Light Entertainment 25 Two Old Farts In The Night-Hill Street Theatre 61 A Watermelon Killed My Daughter—Cambridge Bats 31 With Tongues And Everything - Oxford & Cambridge Women’s Revue 75 The Wit To Woo—Lothian Players 66 Wolfgang!—Singer's Players 87

MUSICAL The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas—Quinquereme 81 Bubbling Brown Sugar-Henderson-Davis Players Of South Carolina State College Cabaret—Essential Music Theatre Cole Porter—George Square Theatre Company—Skylark Theatre Group Comparing Notes—The Fairer Sax Compete With Your Feet-The 4Th Wall Theatre Company The Dirtiest Blues In Town—Gilded Balloon Theatre Ensemble-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival From The Edge Of A Dream-The Bedlam Theatre A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum—CU.S.S./Footlights Godspell—The Acting Exchange Godspell—Ghetto Stand Community Theatre Company Grease—Leicester Youth Theatres/Drama & Dance Guys And Dolls—National Youth Music Theatre Honey On A Razor's Edge—Gilded Balloon Theatre How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying— Bablake At Buster Brown's I Cover The Waterfront—Gilded Balloon Theatre Late Night Karaoke—Tic Toe At Marcos Lethal In The Box—Oaklands Youth Theatre Love Kevin—Northern Theatre Company Mallard And Mack-The Unlikely Theater Company My Fair Lady-Forth Children's Theatre Not Walking On The Cracks-Theatre Touring Tayside-Diverse Attractions Ockham's Toothbrush—Mottram St Andrew Fame School Oh What A Lovely War-Oxford On-The-Hill Once Upon A War-National Youth Music Theatre The Pajama Game—The Edinburgh Young Theatre Company Pardon Me, Is This Planet Taken?—Edinburgh Players Pinkerton-The Musical-The Rural Shakespeare Company The Return Of Burke And Hare-Arches Theatre Company The Rink-Northern Theatre Company Saxtet-Saxtet Some Summers-Leicester Poly Pbor Theatre Company Sweeney Todd—NSTC (National Student Theatre Company) Umkhambathi-Diverse Attractions Unforgettable, Nat: A Tribute to Nat King ColeCats-Charleston Actors Theatre Society The Wall-Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club The Young Ones-Edinburgh Acting School Yukikoma-Kai-George Square Theatre

REVUE Bestiality Killed The Cat-The Durham Revue Beyond The Fringe-Arrivederci Balham Productions Bitin' The Cherry-One Woman One Song Theatre Co.—Diverse Attractions Bowffl—Cacciatore Fabbro Brunei's Daughter-Private Aye Theatre GroupDiverse Attractions Cambridge Underground—Cambridge Footlights Delete As Applicable-Southampton University Revue Don't Shoot Me I'm Still Only The Piano Player-David Scheel Everyone's Gone To Dunoon-The Msfits-Diverse Attractions The Grand George Square Charity Gala-George Square Theatre Happy Feet-The Leftovers

54 42 50 88


86 26 37 11 50 65 70 51 23 51 93 71 70 96 47

68 75 70 42 41 85 17 70 86

71 39 32 32 50

40 18 39 30 39 31 88 86 39 50 65

The Incredible Shrinking Mortgage Show-Pat Wilson And Adrian Barnes Infinite Regression—Golden Duck Theatre Company Midnight Madness—Alternative To Drama School Theatre Co. Newsrevue '91—Newsrevue Oxfamtastici-Leap The Oxford Revue—Full Frontal Greenery—Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) The Penny Gaff—Chester College Arts Nick Revel! And Stu Who?—Greyfriars Kirkhouse Rock Around The Fifties—Edinburgh Acting School When The Jacuzzi Bubbles Over! —New Wrinkle Theatre Company

CABARET Affair At Teatime-Earl Okin Adele Anderson—Adele Anderson At Last, Close-Up Magic And Card Tricks—At Last, Close-Up Magic And Card Tricks David Baddiel And Rob Newman From The Mary Whitehouse Experience-David Baddiel And Rob Newman Beano And Dandy-See Red-T.W.W.A. Productions Beethoven's Not Dead—Hosted By Bob DowneBeethoven's Not Dead I Bill’s Big Party—Theatre Des Bicyclettes Bill Stickers—Theatre Des Bicyclettes Bite The Wax and Earthbeat - BBC Radio Scotland Arnold Brown—Arnold Brown Bushwacked In America—Hill Street Theatre Cindy Slaggitt And Seven Ages Of Sugarman—Tic Toe Citizen Keane—Dillie Keane Comedy Zone—Alan Parker—Urban Warrior Comedy Zone—Comedy Zone Cooking With Gas—The Kondo Brothers The Cutting Edge—The Comedy Store Jack Dee—Jack Dee Do A Duet—Diverse Attractions Donkeys' Years—Atilla The Stockbroker And John Otway The Doug Anthony Allstars—Good And Evil-The Doug Anthony Allstars The Bob Downe Revue—Bob Downe Draylon Underground's Tea Time Scoff— Draylon Underground Edinburgh Live '91—Assembly Rooms Etcetera (Australia)—Assembly Rooms Lee Evans & Jeff Green—Lee Evans & Jeff Green Craig Ferguson—Craig Ferguson Fringe Club Cabaret—The Fringe Club Gilhooly And Soan In Love-Brenda Gilhooly & Martin

97 53 13 70 64 71 33 54 41 70

71 15

Serious-Free Zone—Serious-Free Zone Frank Sidebottom & Lee Evans—Frank Sidebottom & Lee Evans Frank Skinner—Frank Skinner Some Silly Slightly Satirical Songs—Sheila Graham Still Horny After All These Years—Earl Okin The Jim Tavare Masterclass—Jim Tavare—The Jim Tavare Masterclass Theatre Des Bicyclettes / Bill Stickers—Theatre Des Bicyclettes Trio Grande — Cavatina The 20:20 Show-The Tebbits Comedy Club Two Hairs Short Of A Fringe—The Funny Farm The Very Worthy Cabaret—Women And Theatre We Call It Chaseeeed! — Me Rebbe A Wee Bit Late-Paradox Theatre The Wonderful. Wonderful Sexy World Of TheatreConfederacy Of Fools Peter Zenner—Mindreader And Hypnotist—Peter Zenner

87 87 88 53 71 90 91 32 91 50 98 68 75 35 98



26 91 91 25 30 61 93 64 75 35 64 35 38 39

OPERA Aesop—National Youth Music Theatre 070 La Gran Scena Opera Company (USA)—Assembly Rooms 19 The Magic Flute—Opera South West 73 Operetka—R.S.9 Studioszinhaz—Richard Demarco Gallery 39 Orpheus And Euridice by Gluck—Downe House Choral 40 Sex, Dreams And Two Reelers —Mojo Hand Theatre Company 68

MIME Into The Abyss-Unclassified Mime Reflections On A Barren Shore—Watson And Co. To Hell With The Keeper Of The Light-Theatre By Stealth

96 97

DANCE Blues And Revelation—Moving Visions Dance Theatre Loco—Dance Bag Major Minors —Rebecca Walker Dance Studios-

68 38



40 40 19 42 44

53 The Glass Ceiling—Women And Theatre 98 Gross Encounters—Gross Encounters 54 Jeremy Hardy—Jeremy Hardy 54 How To Become A Successful Doctor In Only 59 Minutes-Struck Off And Die 90 David leke And The Orphans Of Jesus—Theatre Zoo Impropoly—Paradox Theatre 75 The Jive Cafe In The Tent Of Dreams—Craig McMurdo In That Swing Thang 66 Kabaret: Close Encounters With The Third ReichStratford Year Out Drama Group 90 Late 'N' Live—Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 The League Against Tedium—Rob Newman 70 Denis Leary—Denis Leary 64 Jenny Lecoat & Richard Morton—Jenny Lecoat & Richard Morton 64 Legends On The Edge Of The Millenium-Miles And Millner The Live esSex Show—Cabaret At The Square The Live Experience —Lily Savage Livestock Nine—Theatre Workshop Norman Lovett & Jeff Green —Norman Lovett & Jeff Green 66 Alistair McGowan And Harry Hall-When Harry Met Ally 97 Mike McShane with Sweeney & Steen-The Kaliber 63 Ennio Marchetto —Ennio Marchetto 67 Men Without Hair-Return To The Firework —Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) 71 Rob Newman—Rob Newman 70 The Noise And Srnoky Breath Show-Arches Theatre Company 17 Our Merv—Mervyn Stutter 90 Cynthia Payne At Home-Cynthia Payne 75 Queen Street Garden—BBC Radio Scotland 25 Rebels With A Chord—Skint Video And John Moloney 88 Rendez-Vous-Cabaret At The Scandic Crown Hotel 30 The Richest Men On Earth—The Czecks (Australia)Assembly Rooms The Roxy Sessions—The Roxy 85

The Mapapa Acrobats And The Band Mandingo From Kenya—Mapapa Acrobats & The Band Mandingo 67 Murder In The Cathedral (and Other Dances)-Moving Visions Dance Theatre 68 New Worlds —First Chance Theatre Dance Company—Diverse Attractions 39 A Nightmare For Charles Darwin—Shanghai Taro Buto Koushi 87 Pathedy Of Manners/Les Eches—Anglo-American Ballet Foundation—Richard Demarco Gallery 39 Petronumen—Scottish Poetry Library 86 The Planets—Leicester Youth Theatres/Drama & Dance 65 Resonances—Electric Motion Dance CompanyDiverse Attractions 39 Shut Up And Dance—Jiving Lindy Hoppers 63 The Tiger Dance—Weekend Arts College 97

CHILDREN'S SHOWS Alice In Wonderland—The Roxy Allava Din—Theatre West End Bananavision—Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford) Before Your Very Eyes—Richard Cuming Biggest Hamburger Meets Horror Haggis—The Festival Club The Burping Prince-Cambridge Mummers A Clean Sweep!-Jester Children's Theatre The Emperor's Nightingale / The King's Ears-Gilded Balloon Theatre The Gingerbread Man / Peter And The Wolf-Gilded Balloon Theatre The Great Gatsbridge Bank Robbery Caper —Fanfare Children's Theatre - Diverse Attractions The Great Granny Robbery —Nottinghamshire Education Gunpowder, Treason And Plot-Jester Children's Theatre Hansel And Gretel-Herrick Theatre Henny Penny-Theatre West End The Hour Of The Werewolf-Theatre West End Productions Kids Cabaret-Theatre Des Bicyclettes Lamb's Tales From Shakespeare-Global Catastrophe The Last Laugh —Flesh It Out Theatre Company Magic Bob-Theatre Workshop Magic Bob Visits Mr Boom-Theatre Workshop The Magic Of Me —Fly-Away Theatre Company

85 91 71 37 45 31 63 50 50 39 70 63 54 91 92 91 53 47 92 92 47 5

A Mask Fantasy presented by American Festival Theatre Workshops—American Festival Theatre Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays—Theatre West End Productions Mr Boom-Children's One Man Band—Mr Boom And Two Too Far Moon Madness—Newtownabbey Actors Company Music And Culture Of Latin America — Leverndale Arts Group Noughts And Double Crosses—Southbound Productions Off The Wall—Oily Cart Company One Of Our Monsters Is Mything-Freefall Monster Company 123 Splosh!—Southbound Productions Ouch! —Medway Little Theatre Youth Group Peter And The Wolf-Piano Recital With NarrationDavid Howells Pips And Panda In Circus-Land —Purves Puppets Prospero’s Magic Book—Daylight Theatre—Diverse Attractions Reels. Rhymes And Reveries—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes-The Custard Factory Theatre Co. School For Clowns—Pre-Paradise Productions—Calton Studios Sconish Traditional Storytellers in Stories—A Living Legacy—Theatre Workshop Simon The Storyteller's Do-It-Yourself Theatre—Simon The Storyteller’s Big Theatre For Little People Co. Sinking Ark-Zero/One The Soopa Doopa Gazoopha — Catch Theatre Company—Diverse Attractions The Soopa Doopa Gazoopha!-Gilded Balloon Theatre The Story Of The Nutcracker—Purves Puppets Strings Attached—Family Cabaret—Purves Puppets The Three Billy Goats Gruff & The Three Little PigsJohn Peel Puppets Tiger Sing, Spider Dance—Nottinghamshire Education Tistou Of The Green Thumbs—And Can It Be??? Tom Sawyer—The Imagination Company Unlikely Myths—The Unlikely Theater Company Viol Rackett Show—Edinburgh Renaissance Band The Wind In The Willows-Leicester Youth Theatres/Drama & Dance Witch Wonsaponna—Theatre West End Young King Arthur—The Imagination Company Zoom To The Moon With Mr Boom—Theatre Workshop

FOLK/CEILIDH/SCOTTISH Matt Armour—Acoustic Music Centre An Atom Of Delight—Acoustic Music Centre Bahamian Music—Bahamas Quincentennial/Dundas Repertory Company Sally Barker And Friends—Acoustic Music Centre Battlefield Band In Concert—Battlefield Band Bio Na Gael —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Eric Bogle—In Concert—Aegis Productions The Gill Bowman Band-Acoustic Music Centre Boys Of The Lough—Boys Of The Lough Burns—His Life, Poetry And Songs—Quern Call Of The West—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Capercaillie In Concert—Capercaillie Ceolbeg—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Cheviot Ceilidh Nights—Assembly/Wildcat At The Meadows A Country Dancing—Quern Drinkers Drouth — Reunion Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Drumalban, Scottish Folk Ensemble—Quaker Meeting House Festival Ceilidh—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Fiddle. Harp & Voice—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Findask—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Fingers And Thumbs-The Fringe Club Flooers O Edinburgh —Robin Laing—Diverse The Folk Cellar—Acoustic Music Centre Folk In Arms—Acoustic Music Centre Dick Gaughan—In Concert—Aegis Productions Kieran Goss—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Isaac Guillory-Acoustic Music Centre Hamish Imlach-ln Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Allan Johnston Band—Acoustic Music Centre Billy Jones And Dick Soldberg—Acoustic Music Centre Lorraine Jordan—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Mary Ann Kennedy & Charlotte Petersen-The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society McCalmans Final 'One Up' Show—Acoustic Music Centre McCalmans First ’One Up' Show—Acoustic Music Centre


McCalmans First Two 'Two Down' Shows—Acoustic Music Centre McCalmans Second ’One Up' Show—Acoustic Music

92 68 70 65 88 71 49 88 68 62 80 39 85 37 31 92 87 98 39 50 80 80 75 71 15 62 97 42 65 92 62 92

9 9 23 9 23 9 13 10 29 81 33 32 10 21 81 10 80 33 35 9 49

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McCalmans Second Two 'Two Down' Shows — Acoustic Music Centre McCalmans Third Two 'Two Down’ Shows—Acoustic Music Centre lain Macdonald—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre lain Mackintosh-In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Dougie Maclean —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Rory Mcleod—Acoustic Music Centre John Milligan-Acoustic Music Centre Minstrels And Makars-The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) The Hamish Moore & Dick Lee Quartet—Acoustic Music Centre Munro’s Song Showcase—Theatre Wqrkshop The Mystics—Acoustic Music Centre Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman-Acoustic Music Centre North Sea Gas—Acoustic Music Centre North Sea Gas—Platform One—Live! The Occasionals—The Fringe Club On Trembling Strings-The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Piobaireachd (Illustrated Talks)-Acoustic Music Centre Piobaireachd — Ceolmor—Acoustic Music Centre The Poozies—Acoustic Music Centre Quern In Concert—Quern Stephen Quigg —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Dave Robb And The Filmmakers—Acoustic Music Rock, Salt And Nails—Acoustic Music Centre Rock, Salt And Nails—The Fringe Club Scottish Ceilidh Dance: The Occasionals—Acoustic Music Centre Scottish Ceilidh Dance: Stepping Out Ceilidh Band — Acoustic Music Centre Scottish Ceilidh Dances: Portobello Ceilidh BandAcoustic Music Centre Scottish Ceilidh Dances: Wild Cigarillos-Acoustic Music Centre The Scottish Folk Music Revival—A Living Tradition — Acoustic Music Centre Seannachie: The Devil’s Delight—Acoustic Music Centre She's Like The Swallow—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society Sileas—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Stealing Through The Night—Boat Thief Davy Steele-ln Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Savourna Stevenson Trio—Acoustic Music Centre Stravaig-Diverse Attractions Allan Taylor—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre The Kathryn Ticked Band—Acoustic Music Centre The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band—Aegis Productions The Wild Cigarillos-The Fringe Club

JAZZ Carla Bley/Steve Swallow/Andy Sheppard-TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Cauld Blast Orchestra—Acoustic Music Centre Cheneour—George Square Theatre Clusone Trio—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Edinburgh International Jazz Festival—The Festival Club Egberto Gismonti—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Grand Union World Music Party-The Queen's Hall The Honkin' Hep Cats—The Honkin’ Hep Cats International Opening Ball—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby—Fat Sams Band Jazz Blitz—Weekend Arts College Jazz By Night—The Festival Club Jazz Festival Farewell Ball —Edinburgh International Jazz Festival The Jazz Festival Gala Concert—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Jazz Junction—BBC Radio Scotland Jazz Lunch—Nottinghamshire Education Jazz On A Summer's Day—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Jump For Joy! —Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Barney Kessel Trio / Oliver Jones Trio—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Carol Kidd & Her Orchestra-TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Carol Kidd Trio With Georgia Fame—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Le Jazz Hot—The Fringe Club Lunchtime Jazz With The Alex Shaw Trio—Platform One-Live! Lunchtime Jazz With Gordon Cruickshank Band — Platform One—Live!

10 10 10 9 10 10 10

Lunchtimes—Afternoons—Evenings — Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Marvin Hanglider's Midnight(lsh) Show-Acoustic Music Centre Marvin Hanglider's Midnight Show At Midday(lsh)Acoustic Music Centre Modern Jazz At The Blue Note-The Festival Club New Orleans Mardi Gras—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Phil Ng-A-Qui And Excelsis-Calton Studios Nobody's Business-Weekend Arts College Oregon—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Joe Pass—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival 706—Essential Music Theatre Mike Travis' EH15—Acoustic Music Centre Tam White Band -TDK ’Round Midnight Jazz Festival

41 9 10 45 41 31 97 90 41 42 10 90

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ROCK/BLUES The Bittersweet—Platform One—Live! Bluefinger—Platform One —Live! Blues Experience—The Mushrooms D.C.Ellis —D. C. Ellis Edinburgh International Blues Festival—Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Roddy Frame & Edwyn Collins —Roddy Frame & Edwyn Collins Fringe Club Disco—The Fringe Club Get Humpffed At The Fringe Club With The Humpff Family—The Humpff Family Gods Of Glam—Platform One—Live! Sam Hill And Sister Sister—And Can It Be??? Jolly Jugband, Solid Skiffle, Red-Hot Blues-Hot Licks Cookies King Pleasure And The Biscuit Boys—The Fringe Club Live & Loud-Kith And Kin The Lost Soul Band-The Lost Soul Band Michael Marra—Acoustic Music Centre Cole Morton—And Can It Be??? Nightime Radio Scotland-BBC Radio Scotland John Pearson —Late Night Blues—Acoustic Music Powerhouse Boogie Band — Platform One —Live! Red Hot And Blue—The Fringe Club Red Hot & Blue—Platform One—Live! Dave Robb And The Filmmakers—Dave Robb And The Filmmakers Round Midnight With Tom Robinson—Tom Robinson The Shout-Weekend Arts College Martin Stephenson & The Daintees-The Queen's Hall These Freedom Tourists—The Arc Those Women Of The Vaudeville Blues—Acoustic Music Centre The U.N. Presents—The United Notions Organisation We Free Kings—The Fringe Club Tam White Sings—Acoustic Music Centre Woodrow's Louder Than Hype—Platform One—Livel

90 10 50 90 45 90 81 61 41 44 97 45 41 41 25 71 41 41 41 90 90 49 77 76

ORCHESTRAL/CHAMBER Albany Wind Quintet—Quaker Meeting House All Strung Up-And Can It Be??? 'As Others See Us—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time J.S.Bach—A Celebration—Scottish Sinfonia Bach Concert—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Baroque Concert—Philomusica Of Edinburgh A Baroque Recital-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Bedfordshire County Youth Second Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras Borders Regional Wind Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Britten—Pears Ensemble—Music In The Museum Bromley Youth Chamber Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras Bury Schools Music Centre Chamber Ensembles— National Association Of Youth Orchestras Central Region Youth Concert Band —National Association Of Youth Orchestras Central Region Youth Orchestra —National Association Of Youth Orchestras Chamber Recital—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Coronation Brass—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Delicate Balance —Philomusica Of Edinburgh Dorset Youth Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Edinburgh Renaissance Band Late Night Show— Edinburgh Renaissance Band Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra—National Association Of Ybuth Orchestras Festival High Masses—Music In Old St. Paul's Fife Youth Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras

77 77 69 38

62 77 15 61 64 66 15 25 10 77 49 77

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Fife Youth String Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Hereford Young People's Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Hunt Duo—The Queen's Hall Lothian Region Schools Wind Band-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Mahler And Mozart Concert-Scottish Sinfonia Malden Young Strings-National Association Of Ybuth Orchestras Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Mostly Mozart II —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Mostly Mozart III—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Mozart For Clarinet And Strings—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Mozart, Hummel & Schubert—Capital Virtuosi The Mystery Of The Universe—And Can It Be??? Netherlands Youth String Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras Northern Ireland Symphony & Huddersfield Choral Society Youth Choir—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Northern Ireland Symphony With Huddersfield Choral Society Youth Choir—National Association Of Youth Orchestras The North Winds-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time * Orchestral Concert—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Palatine Chamber Orchestra (Co Durham)—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Perth Youth Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Philos Ensemble—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Piano-Violin Duo Recital—Semaine De Musique Franco-ltalienne Pre-Fireworks Concert—Scottish Ensemble RSAMD Junior Department Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Scottish Chamber Choir-Music In Old St. Paul's Strathclyde Region Schools Symphonic Wind Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras Strathclyde Schools Symphony Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Thames Youth Symphony Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Vivaldi-Four Seasons-Philomusica Of Edinburgh The Wallace Collection-Music In The Museum West Glamorgan Youth Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Young Italian Composer's First Performance-Semaine De Musique Franco-ltalienne

70 69 81 69 86 69 69 85 85 85 32 15 69


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70 69 76 69 69 87

RECITALS/VOCAL 'By Arrangement'-St Andrew's And St George's At Cameo-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Galvarino Ceron-Carrasco—Diverse Attractions 'Cherchez La Femme-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Classical Guitar-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Classical Interlude-The Festival Club Joanna Colledge (Mezzo-Soprano) And Elizabeth Boyle (Piano)-St. Stephen's Festival Music Duo For Cello And Piano-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time An Evening With Bassoon & Piano-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Flute & Guitar-Philomusica Of Edinburgh The Forth Refrain-St. Stephen's Festival Music Free Concerts-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Gagliano Duo-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Gypsy Song Book-Philomusica Of Edinburgh The Huddersfield Choral Society Youth Choir-St. Stephen's Festival Music The Jones Boys-And Can It Be??? The Joyful Company Of Singers-Music In The Museum John Kenny (Trombone And Alphorn) And John Kitchen (Organ)-St. Stephen's Festival Music John Kitchen-Harpsichord Recital-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Laudate Dominum-Jugendchor Der Musikschule Des Hochsauerland Kreises Germany Lunch Time Concert-Downe House Choral Lunchtime Organ Recitals At Greyfriars-Greyfriars Music Bill McCue-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Mostly Mozart IV-St Andrew s And St George's At Festival Time

85 76 39 85 76 45 86

76 76 86 85 76 76 86 15 69 86 86 63 40

Mostly Mozart I—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time A Musicall Entertainment —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Music For Flute & Piano-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Organ Recitals—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Organ Recitals-St. Stephen's Festival Music Gualtiero Pedriali—St Andrew’s And St George's At Festival Time Piano Favourites-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Piano Recital-C. Deneau-Semaine De Musique Piano Recital —P. lannone—Semaine De Musique Franco-ltalienne Ratae Voce - Philomusica Of Edinburgh Romeo And Juliet-Piano Recital With NarrationDavid Howells Sir Arthur Bliss Centenary—St Andrew’s And St George's At Festival Time Soiree Musicale—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Solo Recital-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Joscelyn Steele—Philomusica Of Edinburgh A Summer Garland-St Andrew's And St George’s At Festival Time Sunday At St. Giles' Choral Concert—Downe House Choral Travels With My Oboe-Opera South West Trio Concordia —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Viola & Piano—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Wolf's Italian Songbook-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Young Voronezh Balalaikas—Young Voronezh Balalaikas

POETRY/READINGS Any Queries?—Between The Lines Theatre Company Courtyard Readings—Scottish Poetry Library Edinburgh Writers Association - Diverse Attractions Heads Or Tails—Roger Mcgough And Brian PattenAssembly/Wildcat At The Meadows Liverpool—No Ordinary Verse-Across The Mersey Poethon '91 Launch—Assembly Rooms Poetry And Prose From ’Understanding’ Literary Magazine—Diverse Attractions Poetry In Motion!-Edinburgh Acting School

LATIIM/WORLP MUSIC Awatkipasipxananakasataki — Awatinas Galvarino Ceron-Carrasco—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Chileans Carlos Arredondo With Galverino CeronPhilomusica Of Edinburgh The Deaf Heights 'Set Me Free'-The Deaf Heights Grand Union World Music Band-The Fringe Club Heart Beat World Music-World Music At St. John's In Between Time-The Festival Club Viram Jasani-Sitar Recital-Quaker Meeting House Jazz And World Music Party Night-Grand Union World Music Band Kurdish Song, Dance And Folklore — Quaker Meeting House Loreena McKennitt-ln Concert —Loreena McKennitt The Mambo Club-The Mambo Club The Mambo Inn—The Mambo Inn —Imported Direct From Brixton Music From Peru's Sacred Valley—Apu Nights in The Gardens Of Spain-Nina Corti, Flamenco Inspiration Ben Okafor-And Can It Be??? Outback-Outback Sing To The Glory Of God—Advent Chorale Of Handsworth Songs With Meaning - Carlos Arredondo — Diverse Savourna Stevenson Solo Performance —Quaker Meeting House

FREE SHOWS Bonnington Street Theatre-Leverndale Arts Group Buskers Galore - Street Theatre 'Evening News’ Festival Cavalcade — Festival Cavalcade Free Walking Tours Of The Royal Mile-Edinburgh Festival Voluntary Guides Association Fringe At The Seaside —Fringe At The Seaside Fringe Sunday—Fringe Sunday In Association With 'The Observer Latvian Witches Rituals-Experimental Theatre Studio: E.T.S.

85 85 76 85 86 85 76

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MISCELLANEOUS Beyond The Fringe—South Side '91 The Eight To Ten Slot —South Side '91

96 50 20 62 11 79 29 95 85 10 62

62 85 76 85 76 85 40 73 85 76 85 98

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Festival Auction—Traverse Theatre Fringe Annual General Meeting—The Fringe Club The Guardian Talks-Assembly Rooms International Theatre Institute Centre—International Theatre Institute Liverpool Grand National Chorus-Across The Mersey Theatre No Laughing Matter '91—Pleasance Raja Yoga Meditation-Brahma Kumaris Traquair Fair—Traquair Fair Understandably, The Roxy-The Roxy Voice Workshops With Christine Kydd—Acoustic Music Centre What's What In The Theatre Industry—Independent Theatre Council

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EXHIBITIONS After The Fall—Assembly Rooms The Aids Memorial Quilt—The Names Project (UK) Marius Alexander—The Netherbow Antiquarian And Secondhand Books-Book Fair Art Exhibition And Sale Of Paintings-Holyrood Art Club The Art Of Adornment—Galerie Mirages The Art Of Medicine-Artistic Licence Michael Ballard-Art Exhibits-Calton Centre The Best Of The Rest—Fringe/Las School's Poster Competition 1991 Blooms And Beasts—Out Of The Nomads Tent Brass Rubbing Centre—Edinburgh District Council Camera Obscura—Camera Obscura Camouflage Reviewed Ordnance Surveyed—Tim Pomeroy Carmina Garcia Alegre—Spanish Art Exhibition Marc Chagall: Selected Graphic Works-Edinburgh Printmakers Chairs From 30 Designers—Inhouse Charles Negre's Riviera —Institut Francais D'ecosse Clay-The Adam Pottery Computer Animation Exhibition And Workshop —Amiga Centre Scotland Contemporary British Textiles—Quercus Contemporary Sculpture and Textiles—And Can It Be??? Contemporary Art—Wasps Contemporary Art Eastern Europe Unveiled — Hill Street Theatre Edinburgh Festival Book Market—Richard Roberts Book Markets Edinburgh Festival Dazzle-Dazzle The Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival-The Festival Club Engraved Crystal—Alison Kinnaird Exhibition Of Caricatures-Acoustic Music Centre A Feel Of Nepal—A Feel Of Nepal Figurative Fantasy—Figurative Fantasy By Fiona Huntly House Museum—Edinburgh District Council International Photography—International Photography Japanese Sculpture / Paintings, Prints, Photography Edinburgh College Of Art Lady Stair s House-Edinburgh District Council Museum Of Childhood-Edinburgh District Council 9th West End Craft And Design Fair-West End Craft And Design Fair Oriental Rugs-The Collector's Choice-Martin And The People's Story—Edinburgh District Council Photographs 1986-90: Sunil Gupta-Theatre Workshop Plans For Scotland: Recent Cases —Royal Fine Art Commission For Scotland Punch 150 —Happy Birthday Mr Punch! —Punch At The Fringe Redoute s Roses —Royal Botanic Gardens Signals-Edith Simon Gallery Soviet Arts And Crafts-The Queen s Hall 13th Festival Exhibition-The Chessel Group Arthur Tress-Fish Tank Sonata-Portfolio Gallery Vision Of Britain-Robin Tanners Vision Of Britain Winners And Losers: Scotland And The Architectural Competition—The Royal Incorporation Of Architects !n Scotland

PERFORMANCE ART/MULTI-MEDIA American Tails —Cactus Prick —Richard Demarco Gallery The Gift—Angela De Castro-The Arc So Dark The Light—Joey Mantoni Streets Ahead-Weekend Arts College Unauthorised Sex Company-The United Notions Organisation . University Square (Film And Talk) Ion Caramitrou Richard Demarco Gallery

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“The Scotsman” Fringe First awards is the quality control which allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, the brilliant from the abysmal. “The Scotsman” covers more Fringe shows in depth than any other newspaper, which will help guide you through the hundreds of shows in this book. So don't lose out, make sure you get your daily copy.

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PROGRAMME Unless otherwise stated, tickets for all shows are sold in advance from the Fringe Box Office and at the venue about 30 minutes before each performance. Some venues also run their own Box Office throughout the day. This is indicated by the work 'Tickets' and a telephone number e.g. Tickets 123 4567. Please read page 1 for further Booking Details.

AAAAAAAAAAAARGH—UP THE CREEK COMES TO EDINBURGH ° ’#»»»» VENUE 51-The Amphitheatre, 31 Lothian Road. Tickets 228 4373 AAAAAAAAAAAARGH — UP THE CREEK COMES TO EDINBURGH Malcolm Hardee, ex Tunnel Club MC and now owner of the Up The Creek Comedy Club, comperes the funniest show in Edinburgh. Featuring John Thompson from TV's Spitting Image and Tommy Cockles (star of BBCI's Paramount City). Not to be missed. Being filmed for BBC1 documentary. Aug 1631 (not Suns) 8.00pm (9.15) £6.00 (£5.00)


° > ^

VENUE 58-Royal Mile Primary School, Canongate J12 ★ A DEADLY COMBINATION FOR A FALSE CREATION and DANCING QUEENS Exhilarating fusion of drama, dance and live music in two devised plays by this young, multi-cultural, 'multi-talented and original company' Birmingham Post. Get funky with Frankenstein's brilliant bride then freak at our Jeanette Winterson inspired, fantastical vision of female heroism. Aug 19-24 7.30pm (9.00) £2.50 (£1.00)




VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 ★ ALBA'S-SONG FOR A DARK QUEEN by Nigel Bryant and Rosemary Sutcliffe. An adaptation. Dare to look at the dark side. Discover the contemporary relevance of the 'mythical' warrior queen Boudicca and what she signifies today. A lively visual spectacle, using ritualistic music and dance to create a powerful drama. Aug 12-17 1.00pm (2.151 £3.00 (£2.00)



VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studig 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 556 0461 Gin THE BIRTHDAY PARTY An innovative production from student co. of Pinter's classic. Comic, mysterious yet ultimately unsettling trip into the awkward domestic life of Meg & Petey. The invasion by two outsiders and their consequent psychological destruction of the lodger Stanley—we have an intimate yet harsh look at 'the home'. Aug 25-31 4.30pm 16.00) £3.00 (£2.00)


° ’

VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 * GRIMM REALITIES An adventure into the disturbing and bizarre world of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Using theatre, movement and live music, the 20 members of ABI will present an exciting physical adaption, bringing together familiar characters who will explore with you the darker side of these grotesque children's stories. Aug 1924 12.30am (1.45) £3.00 (£2.50)

ABSOLUTE BANANA THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco’s, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST The popular Birmingham based ABTC returns for its fourth year with two stimulating and thought-provoking plays. First: a play concerned with the tensions between authority, submission and rebellion in a psychiatric hospital. Subtle humour and warmth in a world of clinical sterility. i nn n -jm r/l 11(1 lf» 11(11 I

LOW LEVEL PANIC Second: a new feminist play involving three women and their responses to pornography, rape and sexual relationships. Aug 19-24 1.00pm (2.15) £4.00 (£3.00)




VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Varco's, Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830

° ’ K3


DUSA, FISH, STAS AND VI Pam Jem's play about four women sharing a flat, each immersed in highly charged emotional problems, feminism, sex, motherhood, ifj neuroses to name but a few. The play attempts to answer the question that Jj everyone must face in times of change: 'What are we to do?' | Aug 19 24 11.00am (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00)





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NOONDAY DEMONS by PETER BARNES. Two prophets meet in the desert ... AN ANARCHIC MIX OF COMEDY AND TRAGEDY from one of Britain's most inventive dramatists. A stunning and rarely performed play—challenging the bounds of theatrical convention. Nothing imaginary is as surreal as reality ... EVERYTHING HAS HAPPENED ' ... ORIGINAL AND BITING ... ' The Times. 7.45pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.50) Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18)

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98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830

° K3

ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462. K9 THE FOLK CELLAR You want acoustic music? Boy! have we got acoustic music! The best local musicians (and others) every night in an informal setting plus singarounds led by Danny Kyle. Open ALL DAY from 11am for snacks, meals, drinks. Box Office noon—midnight. Restricted admission after 8pm. Children not admitted to main bar—plenty of room besides. Disabled—ring us first. Aug 9,,24,30.31 9.00pm (1.00) £2.00 Aug 11-15. 1822. 2529 9.00pm (1.00) £1.00 Season tickets: Season (all 23 nights) £18.50 m 1 Aug 9-17 £10.40 Wks 2 or 3: Aug 18-24 or 25-31 £7.70 VENUE A (ground floor) MUSIC THOSE WOMEN OF THE VAUDEVILLE BLUES Marilyn Middleton Pollock (Chicago) sings of triumphs and tragedies that changed American music. 'A tour de force' Scotsman. Aug 911 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 20, 21 10.30pm (midnight) LORRAINE JORDAN —IN CONCERT Singer/songwriter whose 'warm personality comes across beautifully in her powerful singing ... equally competent guitarist' Scotsman. Contemporary and traditional songs. Aug 9 10.30pm (midnight) £3.50 (£2.50) MARVIN HANGLIDER'S MIDNIGHT(ISH) SHOW Marvin Hanglider (alias exDankworth pianist Mike Hatchard) presents an hour of jazz and comedy with Steve 'Moose' McManus and Steve Rushton. Aug 930 12.30am (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) AW ATOM OF DELIGHT by Fringe veteran MIKE MARAN and friends. Verse, stories, and traditional music, to celebrate the centenary of the Highland writer, Neil Aug 10-13 12.30pm (2.00) £3.50 (£2.00) IAIN MACKINTOSH-IN CONCERT MacKintosh never fails to move you with a song of love or sadness, a funny song or an unsingable song! Gentle persuader. Aug 10. 11 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) SEANNACHIE: THE DEVIL'S DELIGHT New album! New show! Same price! Songs, jigs and reels and not a cloven hoof in sight. Aug 12, 20, 21 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 HAMISH IMLACH —IN CONCERT After the sell-out shows of previous Festivals, the big man of Scottish folk returns with more from his broad bag of songs, anecdotes and crack. Aug 12. 13 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) NORTH SEA GAS Following successful Fringe shows in the past few years, the lads are back with more songs and humour. Aug 13, 17, 18. 22, 27 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) BLO NA GAEL —IN CONCERT 4 women ... 11 instruments ... 3 voices. Blistering reels, bluegrass, breathtaking ballads. Sold out last year. Aug 14 6.30pm (8.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 28 8.30pm (10.00) MATT ARMOUR Original songs of fishing, farming, Fife and less fortunate areas, by the writer of 'Generations of Change', 'The Isle of May', etc. Humour, politics and life, with great choruses. Aug 14 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 17 6.30pm (8.00) FOLK IN ARMS A star-studded gala performance in support of the work to combat the mysterious disease Multiple Sclerosis. All proceeds to the cause. Aug 14 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) ALLAN JOHNSTON BAND Innovative Scottish folk band with a varied repertoire, three singers, fiddle, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars. What more? Aug 15 6.30pm (8.00) £4.00 (£2.50) Aug 17 10.30pm (midiiight) DAVY STEELE —IN CONCERT A rare chance to hear this outstanding singersongwriter perform his renowned mixture of traditional and self-penned material. 'Brilliant' Scotsman. '★ !?% + |' Mrs Thatcher. Aug 15 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) MCCALMANS FIRST TWO 'TWO DOWN' SHOWS One must be so very economical with words when one is allowed so few ... so I'll be very, very brief ... ! Aug 15, 18 10.30pm (12.00) £4.00 THE MYSTICS A folk-rock band with original songs on new age themes and issues, ranging from Avalon to rainforests. Aug 16, 18 6.30pm [8.001 £3.00 (£2.50) ALLAN TAYLOR —IN CONCERT A welcome return for the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter in three solo concerts. A rare chance; don't miss it. Aug 18, 23, 24 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£2.50) SALLY BARKER AND FRIENDS Singer/songwriter/Poozie member just back from touring Europe (where she's sold over 25,000 copies of her two albums). Aug 18 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 19 8.30pm (10.00) BOAT THIEF A band of undeniable talent and infectious enthusiasm, performing their special brand of contemporary folk music. Be there. Aug 1923 4.30pm (6.001 £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 24,25 6.30pm (8.00) HOT LICKS COOKIES After the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and Martin Stephenson tours, Roundeyes Ray (harmonica/guitar) and Shipcote (string bass) make their Fringe debut. Aug 1923 7.00pi.. (7.451 £4.50 (£3.50) FINDASK —IN CONCERT New Scottish songs and music by Willie Lindsay and Stuart Campbell, 'witty, penetrating lyrics’, 'spicy, acoustic sound'. Aug 19. 24 10.30pm (midnight) £3.00 (£2.00) 9

ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE —< tinued MCCALMANS SECOND TWO TWO DOWN' SHOWS What can I say about this group that won't be said in the next 'McCalmans' advert. Twenty words ... ? Too much! Aug 22, 23 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 MARVIN HANGLIDER'S MIDNIGHT SHOW AT MIDDAY(ISH) Special daytime presentations of the midnight show for those who can't stay up past the witching hour. (See earlier Hanglider entry.) Aug 24 12.30pm (2.00) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 25. 26 2.30pm (4.00) ROCK, SALT AND NAILS A fast and furious combination of traditional Shetland and American bluegrass. It'll have you all sweating. Aug 24 4.30pm (6.00) £2.50 PIOBAIREACHD —CEOLMOR Tom Speirs gives one of the few demonstrations of Scottish piping in the whole festival and the only one given by a true master of piobaireachd. Aug 25 12.30pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00) KIERAN GOSS —IN CONCERT Following the success of last year's two sell-out concerts, the Irish singer/songwriter makes a welcome return to AMC. Aug 25 8.30pm 110.00) £4.00 Aug 26 6.30pm (8.00) JOHN PEARSON-LATE NIGHT BLUES 'Master of this style, great live-his playing is full of life and fun.' Guitar International. Aug 25. 26 10.30pm (midnight) £3.50 (£2.50) PIOBAIREACHD (ILLUSTRATED TALKS) Tom Speirs plays and talks about the classical pipe music of Scotland. Piobaireachd, soul of the country and Scotland's major contribution to classical music. Aug 26, 27 12.30pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00) BILLY JONES AND DICK SOLDBERG Jones, ever popular guitarist/songwriter, still rockin', back from America with the incredible Sun Mountain Fiddler (ex-New York)—Louisiana swamps, Scottish hillsides—rootsie! Aug 2731 6.30pm (8.00) £3.00 (£2.00) STEPHEN QUIGG —IN CONCERT Good songs and fine singing with guitar, banjo, and bodhran. Just back from a Highland tour with The McCalmans. Don't miss him. Aug 28 8.30pm (10.00) £3.00 (£2.00) MCCALMANS THIRD TWO 'TWO DOWN' SHOWS Well, it has all been said. It needed saying and, frankly, I'm relieved that it's out in the open at last. Aug 28, 30 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 IAIN MACDONALD —IN CONCERT Singing songwriter who has supported Capercaillie, Runrig and The Waterboys. 'Intense, moving and sensitive' Scotsman. Aug 30, 31 10.30pm (midnight) £3.50 (£2.50) VENUE A (ground floor) THEATRE ★ INFINITE REGRESSION An anarchic look at those aspects of the history of the world deemed worthy of a sketch. Aug 913 8.30pm (7.45) £2.50 (£2.00) ★ OCKHAM'S TOOTHBRUSH A new one-woman musical. Rebecca joins the local cabaret band and sees the town! (Live band.) Aug 11-24 2.30pm (3.45) £3.50 (£2.50) THE HOME COMING by Harold Pinter. The old homestead becomes a battleground for power, territory, and sexual supremacy with only one winner ... Aug 10-14 4.30pm (6.00) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ BLUE MURDER -The Killing of Derek Bentley: Performance based upon 1950s murder case using music and drama. 'Prisoners' (1990): 'sustained excellence' The Stage, 'haunting' The Guardian. Aug 14 23 12.30pm (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ DO YOU LOVE ME? by Barrie Wheatley and Jonathan Holtby. From the works of R D Laing, an entertainment in music, verse, and drama. Aug 1518 4.30pm (8.00) £3.50 (£2.50) EXHIBITION OF CARICATURES An exhibition of black and white caricatures of Festival worthies, characters and artistes. All works for sale. Aug 9-31 12 noon (midnight) Free VENUE B (second floor) MUSIC AND CEILIDH DANCES SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCE: THE OCCASIONALS The opening dance with a top local band. A dance caller will help you through the dances you don't know. Highland dancing demonstration each night. Aug 9 10.30pm (1.00) £4.00 (£3.00) SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCE: STEPPING OUT CEILIDH BAND Another excellent local band (with Scotland's top caller, Eric Wood). Good music, good company, and great crack. Dance on ... Aug 10 10.30pm (1.00) £4.00 (£3.00) SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCES: PORTOBELLO CEILIDH BAND The dancing goes on. Yet another excellent local Scottish dance band (with caller). Break a leg!! Aug 16. 17 10.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCES: WILD CIGARILLOS The AMC 'resident' dance band returns to its huge successes of previous years —never an empty floor with this lot! Aug 23,24.30,31 10.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) TAM WHITE SINGS ? old ? new ? borrowed but always blue. Described by Alexis Korner as 'the greatest undiscovered blues talent of our time'. Tam is now well discovered. Hear him on ... Aug 9, 10 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£4.00)

SAVOURNA STEVENSON TRIO Harp, Neil Hay (bass), Mike Travis (drums). 'Enviable dexterity, outstanding musicianship ... a joy from start to finish' Scotsman. Aug 14 10.30pm (12.30) £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 19 7.30pm (9.15) THE HAMISH MOORE & DICK LEE QUARTET Pipes ... sax ... bass ... percussion. 'Truly innovative music, performed with tremendous flair and energy.' Aug 15 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 22 10.30pm (12.30) LOREENA MCKENNITT—IN CONCERT A haunting, mystical voice, steeped in Celtic tradition, eclectically accompanied by musicians on instruments including harp, electric guitar, cello and doumbec. Aug 15, 18 10.30pm (12.30) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug 20, 21 7.30pm (9.15) SILEAS —IN CONCERT A sparkling flow of zinging strings.' Songs and tunes from Scotland's leading harp duo. 'An absorbing display of the capabilities of the instrument.' Scotsman. Aug 16 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) JOHN MILLIGAN A nae mike makar in the auld tradition. Sangs an poems, merciless an hilarious, ninety meenites rare tear. Aug 17, 24 2.00pm (3.30) £4,00 MCCALMANS FIRST 'ONE UP' SHOW Minimalist programme entry folk-group. Nouvelle publicity artistes. Economic with the hype. Be there! Aug 17 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£2.50) THE POOZIES Womenpickin'rockin'cajunharpin'fiddlin'boxin'folkin'countrysingin'. 'I didn't dare go for a pee in case I missed something.' Aug 18 7.30pm (9.15) £4,00 (£3.00) VOICE WORKSHOPS WITH CHRISTINE KYDD Practical techniques for healthy voice use. Sing, learn and explore songs (including Scottish). Relax and have fun. Loose clothing. (Trained CSSD, ADVS course). Aug 2023 1.30pm (4.00) £5.00 (£3.501 Limited numbers / series discounts Tickets at door or Acoustic Music Centre Box OHice only BOAT THIEF The late show ... see listing under Venue A. Aug 21,25 10.30pm (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00) MAIRE Nl CHATHASAIGH & CHRIS NEWMAN Virtuoso Irish harp/guitar duo whose repertoire is drawn mainly from the Irish tradition. 'Bewitching' Guardian. Aug 22 7.30pm (9.15) £4.50 (£3.00) THE GILL BOWMAN BAND Edinburgh's own singer/songwriter appearing with musicians from her acclaimed debut album, City Love. 'Intelligent, biting lyrics' Folk Roots. Aug 23 7,30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) MCCALMANS SECOND 'ONE UP' SHOW Biggest AMC audiences over the last three years. Stands to reason! Aug 24 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£2.50) CEOLBEG —IN CONCERT Music, song, rapport, (dancing if you like), pipes, clarsach, keyboards, cittern, percussion. Only Edinburgh gig in yonks. Aug 28 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) RORY MCLEOD A varied and colourful life depicted in the music and words of one of Britain's treasured talents. A rare treat. Aug 27 7.30pm (9.15) £5.50 (£4.00) CAULD BLAST ORCHESTRA Critical meltdown of jazz, Scottish, classical, rock by this exhilarating octet. 'Truly superb' Guardian. 'Total triumph' Folk Roots. Aug 2828 10.30pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.50) ISAAC GUILLORY Cuban-American guitarist, former sidekick of Al Stewart and Barbara Dickson, once again brings his unique talents to Edinburgh. Aug 28 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.50) THE KATHRYN TICKELL BAND Northumbrian pipes/fiddle celebrity leads her band once again to Edinburgh on the back of their acclaimed new album. Aug 30 7.30pm (9.15) £8.50 (£4.00) THE SCOTTISH FOLK MUSIC REVIVAL-A LIVING TRADITION Lecture and workshop by the renowned folklorist, poet and songwriter, Dr Hamish Henderson. Illustrated by performances. Aug 31 2.00pm (4.00) £3.00 (£2.50) MCCALMANS FINAL 'ONE UP' SHOW And so, our heroes head off past the castle into the west and the setting sun. 'Who were they?', came the cry, and 'Why?' Aug 31 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£2.50)


• • •

TAM WHITE TAM has been writing and working with his London based band for the past three years. Gigs with the band include heading Ronnie Scott’s, London, European dates and the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow. Currently they are working on their forthcoming album, but the two concerts at the

DRINKERS DROUTH-REUNION CONCERT Superb five-part harmony singing and tasty instrumentation. Highly acclaimed at festivals throughout Britain and Europe. Aug 11 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) MIKE TRAVIS’ EH15 A dynamic and exciting blend of electric and world music defying categorisation. Original compositions and selected covers. Aug 11 10.30pm (12.30) £4.50 (£3.50) DOUGIE MACLEAN-IN CONCERT One of Scotland's top songwriter/performers; 'gentle ... hypnotic ... powerful ... absorbed in his message and confident in its strength' Scotsman. Aug 13, 25 7.30pm (9.15) £4.50 MICHAEL MARRA Acknowledged by many to be the most skilful contemporary songwriter in Scotland today, Marra returns to the Fringe. Aug 13, 20 10.30pm (12.30) £4.50 (£3.50) DAVE ROBB AND THE FILMMAKERS Bouzouki-pop to mesmerize your soul! 'A canny song-writing talent' The List. 'Inspired musical craftsmanship' Review 90. Aug 14 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00)


VENUE 123-flcross The Mersey Theatre, South Bridge Ctre. Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 K10 THE MERSEYSIDE VENUE—With our central position and comfortable raked seating, we offer a selection of Merseyside talent set amongst the creme of special guests from around Britain and abroad. From the choral to the poetic, the polemical to the historical, quench your theatrical thirst with THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT ON THE FRINGE '91.


with a voice which

will be back to Tam’s more basic format covering a wide range of blues.

ranges from Soft, Seductive Sadness to Grim, Granite Gravel

- guitar - harmonica - percussion



★ DOG-RUFF: DOUBLE BILL by Liverpool based playwright Deborah O'Neill and Juliet Russell. FEMALADY—A unique exploration of women and madness. 'A remarkable play .. . ' The Scotsman. 'Strongly imaginative ... no ordinary one woman show’ The Stage. Aug 2531 5.10pm 16.55) £5.00 (£3.00) Double Bill with Show below ★ DOG RUFF: DOUBLE BILL THE MOTH AND THE MOON-Short and powerful, the Company's new play challenges the idea that violence is a viable expression of

Evening News


Aug 2531 5.10pm (6.55) £5.00 (£3.00) Double Bill with Show above ★ PICTURE POSTCARD-FISHING NET THEATRE COMPANY by Jim Morris. A modern day seaside postcard in 9 salty minutes ... from the Merseyside author of Blood on the Dole and Pinochio Boys. Aug 11-17 12.05pm (12.14); 12.25pm (12.34); 12.45pm (12.54) £1.50 (0.50) Aug 1824 10.05am (10.14); 10.25am (10.34); 10.45am (10.54) INES DE CASTRO-HANDS-ON THEATRE John Clifford's contemporary classic. A medieval legend of love and war, retold for our times, by this Liverpoolbased company. Aug 18-24 3.20pm (4.50) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ DEATH FOR £15—KNOWSLEY YOUTH THEATRE Scallies, goths, trendies, rappers —on an outdoor activities weekend. A break from Liverpool city life ... Nothing this lovely could hurt me? Aug 18-24 11.25am (12.45) £3.00 (£1.50) LIVERPOOL GRAND NATIONAL CHORUS Barbershop harmony at its best. Some old favourites and some songs to surprise you, but all to be enjoyed. Aug 15,17 5.05pm (6.55) £3.00 (£2.00) LIVERPOOL-NO ORDINARY VERSE They're back with more poetry, music, comedy and mayhem! Liverpool poets after Henri. Aug 1215 5.05pm (6.55) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ THE WOMENS WAR-SIDE BY SIDE THEATRE COMPANY A vital new play from Liverpool both comic and serious by turn, about the suffragette movement. Aug 11-17 3.20pm (4.50) £5.00 (£3.00) ANTIGONE—ACTION DIRECTS From Ancient Greece through Vichy France to Desert Storm—'Death, always the same: stiff, rotting, inevitable. Useless'. Aug 2531 3.15pm (4.45) £4.00 (£2.50) HELEN-THE ATTIC CONVERSION COMPANY Sex Goddess HELEN reveals all in the Egyptian sun! Comedy blacker than Hades. New translation. Aug 11-17 7.20pm (8.50) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 1824 10.10pm (11.40) ★ CLOSURE?—STORY OF THE 'CRAIG —BRAIDHURST HIGH THEATRE Steelworks closing? Not if we can help it! Lively new community play. Aug 26-31 (not 29) 9.20pm (10.20) £4.00 (£2.00) ★ HOBBLEDEHOY-GLEUTZ THEATRE COMPANY A bizarre theological mystery unfolds around a failed poet whose revelations fall on deaf ears. Take this trip. ... Aug 2531 1.10pm (2.40) £4.00 (£3.00) JONATHAN KAY Exciting, innovative physical theatre. Unique performances. IMPRO. CHAOS. TENDERNESS. INTERACTIVE. COMICAL. FOOL. 'An ideal way to start your Fringe day' The List. Aug 1124 tnot Sun 181 1.10pm (2.40) £5.00 (£3.50) THATCHER'S WOMEN-STOMPING FEET THEATRE COMPANY The oldest profession: myths demolished. Prostitution: suffering or career move? Expose of Eighties' values. Aug 18-24 5.10pm (6.50) £3.75 (£2.75) TARTUFFE —STRATHALLIANS Liz Lochhead's hilarious translation into Scots of Moliere's biting social satire. A gullible man needs a woman's guile! Aug 2531 7.10pm (8.50) £3.00 (£1.50) THE BUSINESS OF MURDER-TAYLOR-MADE THEATRE CO. by Richard Harris. An intense and highly-wrought psychological thriller. 'Unabashed Winner' The Sunday Express. Aug 1824 7.20pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50)



THE ACTING EXCHANGE VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place H3 GODSPELL Not just another Godspell, this production, co-directed by Adam Bridges, director of last year's 'Summit Conference' ('Truly outstanding play of the Fringe' The List), brings this spellbinding musical fully into the 1990's. Questioning the naive idealism of past shows, we present a challenging and spectacular production specifically designed for its cathedral setting. Aug 1012.14.16.1820.22.25,26 8.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£3.501 Aug 13.17,24 9.00pm (11.00)


of the twelve companies who won awards last year. Edinburgh’s best-selling newspaper is proud to announce its second Capital Awards scheme. Each week of the Festival we will be making three awards to Lothian-based companies and to one Scottish company.


VENUE 123-Across The Mersey Theatre, South Bridge Ctre. Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 K10 * ANTIGONE by JEAN ANOUILH. ACTION DIRECTE, a young women's company perform a new translation of an old story: the struggle between the powerful and the powerless, the leaders and the led. Combining Ancient Greek and Modern French theatre, the comic with the tragic—a production that challenges us all. Aug 2631 3.15pm (4.45) £4.00 (£2.501

Look out for full details in the Evening News. If you’re into the Fringe ... you're into the





VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 * SCHOOL'S OUT This all-women touring theatre company presents a powerful new play about the effects of Section 28 in schools. A young lesbian teacher struggles to 'come out' at work; a student seeks a confidante and positive role model; a grotesquely funny Head identifies with Disney's Cruella de Vide. Homophobics beware! Aug 2531 (not Thurs 291 10.10pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00)

Evening® News I



(^iNSfiLm^f BBC OOC^^AEV//) COMES TO EDINBURGH! Featuring your host




l^fcas PARAMOUNT an






(««Pt Sundays)

ADM £6 (£5 cones)

7.30pm SHOW 8pm




TO KNOW Chris Lynam appears in his new 1991 show, after sellout shows in 88. 89 & 90. Catch him direct from the Montreal ’Just For Laughs” festival. "Mahoot of the Bizarre - a buffoon extraordinaire to wit" - The Times "Surreal, unhinged quality which makes for comic greatness" - Guardian



THE SUPPER ROOM GEORGE ST £6.50 (£5.50 cones) bookings 220 4349 • book early to avoid disappointment


° ’

VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ PRICELESS Set inside a human brain, this original comic masked production illustrates the events that transpire when parts of the body take on the less appealing aspects of human nature. This production boasts an exciting visual style that combines with its overt humour to produce a 'mind-blowing' entertainment, appealing to all. Aug 1824 11.30am (12.30) £4.00 (£2.50)



VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place Tickets 226 5425 06 ★ THE ICE PICK by John Roman Baker. Michael is HIV positive while Peter his lover chooses not to test—a challenge both decide to meet unconditionally. A situation where the profoundest commitment of men to each other is essential to their survival. 'A significant shift in Aids theatre' Plays & Players. Unsuitable for children. Aug 1231 Inot Suns) 6.00pm (7.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

0 1 2 3 ADVENT CHORALE OF HANDSWORTH »»» VENUE 122-Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3 Bristo Plata K9 SING TO THE GLORY OF GOD Negro spirituals, Gospel and other traditional black, Afro-Caribbean music sung by young people who have performed in the Caribbean, Germany, Holland, Poland and U.K. Aug 11-31 7.30pm (9.00) £3.00 (£1.50) Tickets at venue only




VENUE 72-Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 ERIC BOGLE —IN CONCERT (only appearance). Song writer extraordinaire. Bogle, with a new album, is home on a rare visit from his Australian domicile (with bassist Brent Miller). Aug 14 8.00pm (10.30) £6.00 (£4.00) Tickets also at Acoustic Music Contra, noon to midnight. DICK GAUGHAN—IN CONCERT (only appearance). The master of political folk song shows how it could be. 'A rare power to move the most reluctant of spirits' Folk Roots. Aug 15 8.00pm (10.30) £6.00 (£3.00) Tickets also at Acoustic Music Centre, noon to midnight. VENUE 125-Georfle Watson's Colleger CoHnton Road. N2 THE WALLOCHMOR CEILIDH BAND Sandy Coghill, Gus Millar, Neil MacMillan, Jim Barrie and Freeland Barbour are back again for this hugely popular ceilidh dance. Late Bar. Aug 18 & 17 9.30pm (1.00) £3.50 Tickets also at Acoustic Music Centre, noon to midnight.



° ’•* VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 EQUUS by Peter Shaffer. The play Equus deals with a huge array of fundamental issues which show worship, religion, sexuality and normality clashing with the scientific culture of our modern day society. Powerful performances and innovative team work make this production an intensive hard-hitting drama with convincing and thought provoking results. Aug 11-17 9.45pm (11.55) £4.00 (£3.00)


AKADEMEIA REPERTORY THEATRE (A.R.T.) INDIA ° VENUE 73-Paradox ) Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, Lauriston Place. Tickets 229 1003 K7 ★ LARINS SAHIB A legend of Power and Passion based on the role of Sir Henry Lawrence in the conquest of the Punjab. Distinguishingly innovative and exciting drama depicting the transference of the Kohinoor Diamond from India to the Crown Jewel Collection. FIRST EVER INDIAN PRODUCTION IN ENGLISH AT THE FESTIVAL. Aug 11-17 4.10pm (6.10) £5.40 (£4.50) Aug 19-31 6.10pm (8.10)






• • •

VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 _L8 THE ERPINGHAM CAMP Ninety minutes of total farce from Brighton's leading professional company—'startlingly theatrical' The Guardian. 'Young, nifty and slick' City Limits. Joe Orton's surprisingly neglected political satire. Short, sharp, shocking black comedy of British yearning after a strong leader. Erpingham cast as a woman. Welthorpe outraged. Aug 1231 Inot Sunsl 8.15pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00)




VENUE 109-Trinity Academy, Craighall Avenue. All Outer ★ BUMS ON SEATS Under the ever watchful eye of the invigilator, members of the audience sit alongside the cast in a public examination simulation. The play explores the tensions and pressures which arise by employing a wide range of dramatic forms together with live music. Route 11/17 bus fare refunds. Aug 1924 4.30pm (5.30) £3.50 (£2.50)


• • •

VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★ DOING BUSH AK:47 ('best political theatre on Fringe for years' The Stage) provocatively entwine their own comic soap-opera (sex'n drugs'n AA men) around the launch of 'BUSH' ... Lip smacking satire, from 'rigs' to riches, from wimp factors to golf shots to Gulf shots, a vote winning collateral damage experience. Aug 12-31 Inot Mon 191 12 noon (1.45) £4.00 (£2.50)


VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. 19 Now there IS an alternative! Students (S) and professional ex-students (P) demonstrate their considerable talents in an exciting range of established and new dramas, (one of them in SPANISH!!)—medieval mischief! Melodrama! Mature students! Machismos! (or should that be machismas?—where's that phrase book?)—ALL suitable family viewing (and THAT's unusual!) ★ SHE WAS POOR, BUT ... (S) —Four short (extremely short) bijoux of this, the fabulous 19th century. (Victorian Melodrama & Morality.) Aug 2531 2.00pm (2.30) £2.50 (£2.00 SPDCY) DIDO, QUEEN OF CARTHAGE (P)—Marlowe's witty and irreverent dramatisation of Virgil's Aeneid. This lady IS for burning!! (Humour & Hubris.) Aug 2531 4.00pm (5.30) £4.00 |£3.00) EDUCATING RITA (P)-Attamann Prod. Social comedy by Willy Russell. Hairdresser Rita studies for OU degree and often surprises tutor Frank! Aug 25-31 6.00pm (7.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ CINCO HORAS CON MARIO (FIVE HOURS WITH MARIO) (P)-Widow returning from husband's funeral reminisces about their life together. In Spanish: Aug 25-31 10.00pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00) MIDNIGHT MADNESS (S & P) —Comedy. Solo acts! Double acts! Triple acts! ndimensional acts! ' ... a MUST for all Fringe fanatics ... .' Hairdresser's Gazette. Aug 2531 12midnight (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00)



• • •

VENUE 63-TSB Headquarters, 120 George Street. G6 ★ BOARDROOM SHUFFLE Following last year's award-winning Fringe hit Table For Two (uniquely set in a working restaurant), American Connexion take you this year into the unpredictable world of hi-tech financial tensions. Staged in TSB's headquarters, this will be one of the most unusually realistic theatrical experiences on the Fringe. Aug 1331 Inot 18,19,28) 8.00pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) /Tickets available at Fringe Box Office or 1 hour before the performance at venue)


VENUE n-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 'NIGHT, MOTHER Pulitzer prize-winner exploring a mother-daughter relationship on an evening during which their lives are profoundly changed. Aug 2831 5.15pm (6.45) £3.50 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only


Come and be Whipped into a Frenzy at Teatime with The Legendary

CYNTHIA PAYNE "AT HOME!" The Pleasance Aug 9th-3ist 4.30pm

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

A Glittering Extravaganza From The Radical Marxist Sex Kitten

LILY SAVAGE "THE LIVE EXPERIENCE" With KATRINA AND THE BOY Assembly Rooms Aug 9th-3ist at Midnight

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Comic Outlaw From The U.S.A.

BILL HICKS "TOUGH, SCATHING AND VERY FUNNY" Assembly at the Meadows Aug 2ist-3ist 10pm


★ ^

Two Shows Only!!



* * *


Tickets at Relevant Box Offices: Pleasance • 556 6550 Assembly • 2204349 Fringe 226 5138

Presented For Your Festival Fun By Laughter House, Harvey Kass Associates and Bruce Hyman Associates

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Venue to be confirmed. Ring 556 5184 for info. Five times Scotsman Fringe First Award winners and London West End producers, American Festival Theatre return with their 1991 production, a revival of the exciting comedy, American Buffalo, by David Mamet. VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 G4 AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE WORKSHOP presents A NEW THEATRE PIECE featuring actors studying with A.FT., that blends sights and sounds, verse and music, classical and experimental theatre. Aug 12-31 (not 181 12noon (1.30) £3.50 (12.50) AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE WORKSHOPS presents A MASK FANTASY An interactive piece devised for the Fringe by actors studying with A.FT Aug 1231 (not 181 10.00am (11.30) £2.50 (£1.50)


• • •

VENUE 114-St. Paul's & St. George's Church & Hall, York Place Tickets 556 0492. F10 Try the friendliest venue on the Fringe —Storytelling for children and adults, chamber music, vocal recitals, sculpture and textiles, acoustic roots music, and maybe more ... CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE and TEXTILES Striking exploration of art and architecture by Carol Marples and Anne Wilson, recent Edinburgh Art College graduates. Aug 13-31 10.00am (6.00) Free THE MYSTERY OF THE UNIVERSE The Clarinet Connection' Andrew McCullough —Clarinet, lain Simcock —Organ, Narrator —Virginia McKenna. Sponsored by I SB. Aug 29 7.00pm (8.10) £2.50 SAM HILL AND SISTER SISTER Exceptional guitarist and Martyn, Case and Cockburn influenced songwriter, with acoustic duo from Liverpool. Aug 30 & 31 7.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£2.50) TISTOU OF THE GREEN THUMBS Ashley Ramsden's one man show. One boy's attempt to influence world peace. Age 8 to adult. Aug 1224 (not Sun) 3.30pm (5.00) £3.50 (£2.00) BEN OKAFOR Songs of faith and justice, with African and Reggae rhythms, from Nigerian-born singer and songwriter. Aug 16,17 7.00pm (8.00) £3.50 (£2.50) COLE MORTON Mystical ... passionate. Soul-Folk in the Van Morrison vein from London-based wordsmith. Aug 19,20 7.00pm (8.00) £3.50 (£2.501 THE JONES BOYS Counter-tenors William and Richard Jones and their five brothers sing music from Purcell to the Mills Brothers. Aug 22 24 7.00pm (8.00) £3.50 (£2.50) ALL STRUNG UP Chamber music performed by members of the renowned All Souls (Langham Place) Orchestra. Aug 12-17 1.00pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00 0

Sleep With Me

ADELE ANDERSON VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 ADELE ANDERSON directed by Nica Burns. First solo show from ex-Fascinating Aida chanteuse. Combines jazz and jokes, heart and smiles, original songs with a few unusual favourites. A perfect way to spend the afternoon. 'A wonderfully smoky voice' Financial Times. 'Struts her stuff with oodles of panache' Time Out. 'Timing and expressions excellent' The Stage. Aug 9-31 (not Suns 11,18) 3.30pm (4.30) £4.50 (£3.50) Mon Thur £5.00 (£4.001 Fri-Sun


• • • •

VENUE 71-Calton Studios. 24 26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 THE MOON’S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMORE by Brian West. Directed by Forbes Collins. 'Ever seriously wondered if there's sex after death ... ?' Dead stand-up comic meets neurotic psychic. Dangerous new black comedy featuring 'Neighbours' star Kate Gorman. 'I guarantee you a good time!' Channel 4 Oracle 'Straightforward entertainment' City Limits. Aug 1031 (not Mens) 12.30pm (1.45) £4.50 (£4.00)

ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DILLINGER VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 ANOTHER SIDE OF BOB DILLINGER After last year's triumphant Fringe debut, Bob's back with new songs, new jokes, new routines, but the same old haircut. 'Would get my Perrier if the stuff didn't make me feel sick' The Guardian. 'Star of the night' Review 90. 'Funniest man in the North' The Face. Aug 731 (not 12, 29) 9.00pm (10.00) [5.00 ([4.00) Mon Thurs £5.50 (£4.50) Fri-Sun CAROLINE AHERNE City Life's 'Comedian of the Year' assisting Bob and appearing as Sister Mary Immaculate. 'Takes crypto cabaret to new post-Dave Allen dimensions' ID. Magazine. Aug 731 (not 12,29) 9.00pm (10.00) [5.00 ([4.00) Mon Thurs £5.50 (£4.50) Fri Sun




VENUE 68-Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square (by Fringe Club). L8 MUSIC FROM PERU'S SACRED VALLEY A young band from the ancient Inca capital, Cuzco. With their special enchanting touch on traditional instruments of the Andes they produce powerful, captivating music. Apu's performance is a dynamic, stirring musical experience leaving a profound impression on their audience. Last year was a sell out. Aug 11-31 (not 2124 or 30) 8.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00)


NOISE AND SMOKY BREATH SHOW A haunting and hilarious journey around Glasgow - songs, poetry, sketches "A glorious experience" Scotsman "Wickedly brilliant" Scotland on Sunday ASSEMBLY ROOMS, GEORGE STREET 10-31 Aug. 9.45pm Box Office 220 4349




by David Mamet

"Nobody alive writes better American" Observer GILDED BALLOON, 233 COWGATE 9 -31 Aug. 3.15pm Box Office 226 2151

Part two of the erotic trilogy by Simon Black Sat August 10 - Sat August 24, 6 PM Preview Fri August 9, 6 PM At Buster Brown’s, 27 Market St., Venue 60

THE RETURN OF BURKE AND HARE by Raymond Burke (no relation)

Call 031 226 4224 for reservations

The true(ish) story of Edinburgh's gruesome duo. Rock musical version - fast, furious, very funny.

Presented by Gone Fishin1 Theatre Company

GILDED BALLOON, 233 COWGATE 9 -31 Aug. 1.15pm Box Office 226 2151 15


AUGUST 7th. 31st (Except Tues. 13th & Thurs. 29th) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6500



VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. . H10 THE ARC is set to become one of the most exciting venues on the Fringe, presenting a wide range of high-quality shows and performers from all over the world, from a premiere by London's acclaimed GATE THEATRE to Kyoto's Shanghai Taro. You can also eat and relax at the tapas bar, and laugh into the small hours at the late night Arcade Cabaret. ★ THE GIFT-ANGELA DE CASTRO Souza the clown is expecting her date. 'A genius clown like Buster Keaton, holding that beautiful balance between complete fragility and power.' Due South Magazine. Aug 1924 11.30pm liamidnight) 13.00 (£2.50) ★ THE SPLITTING OF LATHAM-BENCH TOURS Gothic comedy. Fin-desiecle fascinations lead Latham into a night of comic self-destruction. ' ... excellent—don't miss them' Glasgow Herald. Aug 12-24 (not Sun 181 10.00pm 111.30) £4.50 (£3.001 DEATH AND THE KING'S HORSEMEN by Wole Soyinka. Through the rituals of dance and song, Soyinka's masterpiece evokes the Yoruba rites of passage between life and death. Aug 12-17 5.30pm (7.00) E4.50 (£3.00) Aug 19 24 11.15am (12.45) £4,50 (£3.00) ★ THE CLOSET HETEROSEXUAL-FREEFALL Eros hits English University! Can our hero uphold his Socratean values or will the horrors of heterosexuality destroy him forever? Aug 28 31 2.00pm (3.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ THE GENTLEMAN FROM OLMEDO-GATE THEATRE Powerful version of dark tragi-comedy. Part of an acclaimed Lope de Vega project: 'brilliant' The Times-, '..a blazing performance' Independent. Aug 19-31 7.00pm (10.00) £7.00 (£5.00) LIVE BED SHOW 'Bloody good' Guardian. A new production of Arthur Smith's hit comedy directed by John Dowie and starring Rebecca Stevens and Edward Tudor-Pole. Aug 28-31 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£4.50) KING LEAR Shakespeare's greatest tragedy, in a fast-moving production by a company which has won international recognition for its playing of Shakespeare. Aug 11-17 2.15pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 19-24 2.45pm (5.30) Tkkut price £3.50 for school group* ★ HIGH RISE SOCIETY-POW Parody of fifties musical set in high rise block. Tenants lives are juxtaposed with their musical fantasies. Aug 1217 12.45pm (1.55) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ LANDLORD —POW Thatcher's last three days. The landlord's empire is collapsing. Satirical look at the born-again landlords of our tima Aug 1924 1.15pm (2.25) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ PLURABELLES-PUKKA PRODUCTIONS by Paul Sheehan. Young, old, bawdy, demure, erotic, innocent—a portrait of women in James Joyce performed by Maggie Shevlin. Aug 1217 7.15pm (8.30) £6.00 (£4.00) SHANGHAI TARO BUTO KOUSHI is a vibrant dance company from Japan. 'A nightmare for Charles Darwin' explores the origins of life! Aug 26 31 12.30pm (1.45) C4.00 (£3.00)

★ THESE FREEDOM TOURISTS present: 3-day Stubble, Spunky the Clown and Stu Mulligan. Nerd rockers from Texas in outrageous music, comedy and performance art. Aug 12-17 IZmidnight (1.15) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ FOREVER YOURS, MARI E-LOU—TNT by Michel Tremblay. Atmospheric, bitterly funny drama about four members of a Canadian family ravaged by religious guilt and sexual fantasies. Aug 2224 11.00am (12.15) £4.50 (£3.00) Aug 26-31 10.00am (11.15) ★ DOG IN A MANGER—TNT by Lope de Vega. An exciting new version of Lope's sharply satirical comedy, written in 1613, about the forbidden passion of a young countess. Aug 1217 10.45am (12.30) £4.50 (£3.00) Aug 18,19 5.30pm (7.15) Aug 25-31 3.15pm (5.45) HALL OF HEALING—TNT by Sean O'Casey. 'A Sincerious Farce in One Scene'. A bitterly tragic play, brimful of comedy in O'Casey's gloriously flamboyant language, set in a doctor's waiting room. Aug 10-17 9.00pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 19-24 10.00am (11.00) ★ REFLECTIONS ON A BARREN SHORE is a haunting and unique show, combining Japanese Butoh dance and vivid comic Buffon characters—an exciting fusion of East and West. Aug 2031 (not Sun 25) 5.45pm (6.45) £4.50 (£3.00)

ARCHES THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 THE NOISE AND SMOKY BREATH SHOW A journey around Glasgow through sketches, poetry and song. Irreverent, hilarious, haunting and horrible. Since its first performance this show has played to packed houses from Kilwinning to the USSR. 'A glorious experience' Scotsman. 'Wickedly brilliant' Scotland on Sunday. 'Genuine acclaim' Sunday Times. Aug 10,11,13-15,18,20-22,27-31 9.45pm (11.15) £6.00 (£4.50) Aug 18,17,2325 9.45pm (11.15) £7.00 (£5.50) VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151


SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO by David Mamet —brilliantly funny oneliners, fast talk, hard language. Singles-bar types hyping sex. Adults only. Aug 9-31 (not Mom) 3.15pm (4.40) £5.00 (£3.00) ★ THE RETURN OF BURKE AND HARE The true story of Edinburgh's gruesome duo. Rock musical version. Fast, furious, very funny. Aug 931 (not Uons) 1.15pm (2.45) £5.00 (£3.00)



° -

VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★ FALL A cynical, savagely witty new play by Simon Andrew Stirling. To create is to destruct. In the crucible of a tiny studio flat—a claustrophobic Eden—three young artistes battle with sexual jealousies and creative tensions. Fall is a blistering parable about repression and freedom—professional, political and personal. Aug 1824 10.15pm 111.30) E4.50 (£3.50)

ARRIVEDERCI BALHAM PRODUCTIONS VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. W ★ COPSTICK AND CAWLEY in DICING WITH DEATH -a Culinary Cookery Murder Mystery: one dollop Miss Marple; one generous slurp Keith Floyd; a soupcon Hinge and Brackett. Method: laugh loudly, eat neatly—no crumbs please and don’t dribble the chocolate thingy. A great show—and a bloody marvellous gimmick! Aug 8-31 (not Tuesl 6.00pm (7.15) £5.00 (£4.00) Mon Thurs £5.50 (£4.50) Fri-Sun Preview Aug 7 VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 BEYOND THE FRINGE by Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore. 'Pick of the Fringe' Independent and Scotsman. Aug 1218 10.00pm (11.15) £5.00 (£4.00)

ARTTS INTERNATIONAL VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. W * LADY MACSESCU Romania, Christmas Day, 1989. Elena Ceasescu, wife of Eastern Europe’s most ruthless dictator, is bloodily executed. Could Shakespeare have foreseen her downfall centuries beforehand? This world premiere follows ARTTS's 1990 Fringe production, WHAT PRICE DEMOCRACY?, acclaimed by The Stage as 'GENUINELY MOVING ... UNASHAMEDLY COMMITTED ... A POWERFUL REMINDER'. Aug 2028 11.30am (12.45) £3.50 (£2.501 Mon Thurs £4.00 (£3.00) Fri Sun



VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 110 BLUES CHALK CIRCLE (AFTER BRECHT) Relevant as ever, Aspects tackles the aftermath of war, struggles with land rights, human rights and the fate of the child in the Chalk Circle. Irreverent, slick, violently re-worked; Breakfast theatre, live dirty blues band. ' ... Astonishing versatility ... ' Review '89. 'One of the top 10 productions' Guardian '90. Aug 12-24 (not 181 10.15am (12.15) £4.00 (£3.00)

R ASSEMBLY ROOMS Sponsored by p VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 PI G7; , PRESENTED BY ASSEMBLY IN ASSOCIATION WITH HARP PREMIER EXPORT LAGER. With over 30 shows a day and a choice of 50 different events of the very best in theatre, comedy and music, Assembly's Festival Programme provides the maddest most entertaining experience ever! Send A4 SAE to Assembly Theatre Ltd, 50 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 for further details. N.B. TICKETS NOT AVAILABLE FROM FRINGE OFFICE ON DAY OF PERFORMANCE. PRICES FOR ALL SHOWS ON AUGUST 16,17,23-25 INCREASED BY £1.00. A DYBBUK FOR TWO PEOPLE by BRUCE MYERS. 'Truly spellbinding theatre' Time Out from Peter Brook's leading actor. Aug 912,14,15,18,19.21,22.26,2831 8.00pm (9.15) £7.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,17,23-25 £8.50 (£6.50) ♦ WORKSHOP NEGATIVE-AMAKHOSI THEATRE (ZIMBABWE) Powerful and compassionate story of two young men on opposite sides of the liberation struggle. Aug 19-22,26-30 2.00pm (3.30) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 23-25 £7.00 (£6.00) * AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER A new comedy by Arthur Smith and Chris England, starring Maria Callous, Chris England, Nick Hancock, Caroline Quentin. Aug 911,13-15,1822 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,17,23,24 £7.50 (£6.50) THE NOISE AND SMOKY BREATH SHOW-ARCHES THEATRE COMPANY A hilarious and haunting journey around Glasgow. 'A glorious experience' Scotsman. Aug 10.11.13-15,18.2022.2731 9.45pm (11.15) £6.00 (£4.50) Aug 18,17.23-25 £7.00 (£5.50) * AT THE EDGE-BAXTER THEATRE (SOUTH AFRICA) Provocative, rhetoricfree, bitter-sweet tapestry of tales about the Cato Manor evictions. Aug 915,18 2.00pm (3.30) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 18.17 17.00 (£6.00) DYLAN THOMAS: RETURN JOURNEY-BOB KINGDOM Directed by Anthony Hopkins. 'Not imitating Thomas, but being Thomas' Clive Barnes. 'Magnificent' V

Aug fojl,13-15,18,20-22,26,28 31 12noon (1.30) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 18.17.23-25 £7.00 (£6.08) CHRIS LYNAM IS LORD BYRON-MAD, BAD AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW 9 So unpredictable twenty words wouldn't cover all the possibilities! Aug 1820.22,2631 6.00pm (7.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 23 25 £7.50 (£6.50) j COMEDY STORE PLAYERS 'The amazing talented team presents spontaneous i; comic invention at its very best' Guardian. Aug 24,25 9.00pm (10.15) £8.50 (£6.50) Aug 26-28 £7.50 (£5.50) COMPLICITE PRESENTS LINDA KERR SCOTT IN AVE MARIA A j consummate clown ... a devastating elemental force' Telegraph. Directed by Nick Philippou. Aug 9-11,14,15.18,21.22.28-31 7.45pm (9.15) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.50 (£6.00) ★ KVETCH Written and directed by Steven Berkoff. 'Witty, brutally frank, • satirical...astonishing' Los Angeles Times. Aug 26-31 11.30am (1.15) £7.50 (£5.00) ;


MAMBOIM presents



Mm, AFRICAN, JAZZ, SKA' N B • We Got Two Floors of Funky Fiesta Fantasia • Heat the Feet on the Divinely Dangerous Dance Floor • Chill the ill in the Koolest of Caffs, the Cafe Ole We Got Bars and mouthwatering Mambo Munchies so late it ain't Natural Resident DJs • GERRY LYSEIGHT • MAX REINHARDT • RITA RAY • Los Trios Mambos Plus spesh guest DJs • GLR's JO SHINNER • SUE 'La Reina' STEWARD • Straight No Chaser's PAUL the BRADSHAW • Kiss FM's PATRICK FORGE • At the Playhouse Studio • 18-22 Greenside Place • 031-557-3807 Seven Nites a Week • 1 1 pm to 4am • Entrance £4.00, £3.00 B4 midnite

tit Los Trios Mambos say FUNK UP YOUR FEST ! ! ! 18

STERN'S RECORDS 116 Whitfield Street London W1P5RW Tel: 071 387 5550 Fax: 071 388 2756

DENIS LEARY More cigarettes, colostomy bags and comas from the King of cancer comedy. 'He's going to hell' Times. 8 performances only. Aug 915 9.00pm (10.15) £7.50 Aug 16.17 £8.50 EDINBURGH LIVE '91 A range of comedy stars from the Edinburgh Festival in a live TV show for Channel 4. Aug 23 10.30pm (12midniglit) £7.50 (£5.50) ★ IN SEARCH OF OMAR KHAYYAM-EL HAKAWATI World renowned Palestinian company present British premiere of an ancient tale from the Crusades. Aug 27-31 IZnoon (2.00) £7.00 (£5.50) ETCETERA (AUSTRALIA) Sharp-witted, surreal, stylish, provocative and funny. Hit of 1990 Adelaide Festival. As tightly choreographed as a ballet corps. Aug 9-15,IS,19.21,22,26.28 31 11.45pm (1.00) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,2325 £7.00 (£6.00) UP 'N' UNDER-HULL TRUCK THEATRE Hilarious Laurence Olivier Comedy Award winning play by John Godber about Rugby League football. Aug 9,10,18,2022 12noon (1.45) £7.00 (£5.50) Aug 16,17.23,24 £8.00 (£6.50) Aug 11.13-15.26-31 3.15pm (5.00) £7.00 (£5.50) CAN'T STAND UP FOR FALLING DOWN-HULL TRUCK THEATRE Three young women become dramatically united by one man's brutality. Aug 9,10.1215.19-22.27 31 4.15pm (5.30) £7.00 (£5.50) Aug 16,17,2325 £8.00 (£6.50) JACK DEE The miserable bastard returns with more morose reflections on life, love and pet-food, 'seriously funny' Evening Standard. Aug 915.18-22.2631 10.00pm (11.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.50 (£6.50) JENNY LECOAT & RICHARD MORTON Footstomping songs and sparkling stand-up from two of the circuit's most established performers. Aug 9-15,18-22 12midnight (1.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 16,17,23,24 £7.50 (£6.50) JIMMY TINGLE (U.S.A.) Brand new show from sharp-witted 1990 Perrier nominee. 'Wickedly funny' The Scotsman. Aug 18,19 6.00pm (7.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 25 £7.50 (£6.50) SEVEN FORTY-FIVE IN THE BALLROOM-JOHN HEGLEY Seven songs, forty five poems and possibly some dancing ... 'Fabulously funny' Time Out. Aug 9-15,18,20-22,27-31 7.45pm (9.00) £7.00 (£5.50) Aug 16,17,23 25 £8.00 (£6.50) THE KALIBER IMPROFEST A trio of the ultimate in improvisational combinations—all your favourite 'Whose Line?' games and suggestions. Aug 9-27 See Assembly Brochures For Details. LA GRAN SCENA OPERA COMPANY (USA) New York's formidable drag divas present the most hilarious, outrageous, operatically blasphemous show imaginable. Aug 9,10,13-15.20 22,27-31 6.00pm (7.15) £7.00 (£5.50) Aug 16J7.23.24 £8.00 (£6.50) ★ SINGULAR WOMEN-LESLEY JOSEPH Birds of a Feather star combines humour and pathos in her portrayals of four mis-fit characters. Aug 25 6.00pm (7.15) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 26-31 £6.00 (£5.00)

THE LIVE EXPERIENCE-LILY SAVAGE Outrageous wit from sex kitten, mother of two and former Miss Pears 1957. With Dave Lynn. Aug 9-15,18-22,26-31 12midnight (1.15) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.00 (£6.00) ★ QUELQUES FLEURS-LIZ LOCHHEAD The Oil-Widow at home. A twinned two-hander from a monologue master. Aug 1015,1922,27 31 12noon (1.001 £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.00 (£6.00) MIKE McSHANE 'Comic genius' teams with Sweeney & Steen 'the kings of ad-lib comedy' for a hilarious evening of ... who knows! Aug 18-22 9.00pm (10.15) £7.50 (£5.50) SCARLATTI'S WEDDING-NATURAL THEATRE COMPANY A crazy lighthearted feast of music, song and laughter. Rare British appearance. Aug 11-15. 1922 11.45am (1.15) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,2325 £7.50 (£6.00) ★ ONCE UPON A TIME IN TOTTENHAM HALE Dave and Billy from the Steve Wright Show. Aug 915,18,20-22.26,2831 4.00pm (5.30) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.00 (£6.00) POETHON '91 LAUNCH Norman MacCaig, Sorley Maclean, Edwin Morgan, Craig Raine, Wendy Cope, Liz Lochhead, Douglas Dunn, music and ballet. Aug 10 6.30pm (8.15) £8.00 (£6.00) THE COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (ABRIDGED) REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY. 'Rollicking, fast moving and quite hilarious' Guardian. Aug 18-22,27-31 2.00pm (3.30) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 23-25 £8.00 (£7.00) THE RECONSTRUCTED HEART-ROBERT LLEWELLYN How to spot a nonsexist man, get him into bed and keep him there. Aug 10-15,18-22 6.00pm (7.15) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23,24 £7.00 (£6.00) ★ ROY HUTCHINS PERFORMS HEATHCOTE WILLIAMS' AUTOGEDDON An alarming, campaigning, narrative poem about the devastating effect of the dig W-1114,15,18,19,21,22,26.28-31 Aug 16,17,2325 £7,50 (£6.00)

3.30pm (5.00)

£6.50 (£5.00)

SAXTET Originality and sophistication by this outstanding virtuosi saxophone quartet create an unmissable aural cornucopia of musical images. Aug 10-15 6.00pm (7.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 16,17 £7.50 (£6.50) SIMON FANSHAWE ... Live, uncensored, provocative, charming, witty, practically illegal, definitely immoral new show from the comedy 'superstar' Guardian. 'Wally' Sun. Aug 25 11.15pm (12.30) £7.50 (£6.50) Aug 26 £6.50 (£5.50) DRESS SUITS TO HIRE-SPLIT BRITCHES A heady mixture of erotic fantasy, poetry and hard boiled pulp drama' New York Post. Aug 2631 5.30pnt (6.45) £8.00 (£5.00)

Assembly Rooms Venue 3 August 10 - 17 6.00p.m. Tickets £6.50/£5.50

'Outstanding saxophone virtuosity" THE INDEPENDENT


ASSEMBLY ROOMS—continued STAND UP (FESTIVAL OF COMEDY) Craig Ferguson, Frank Sidebottom, Lee Evans, Arnold Brown, Norman Lovett, Jeff Green and Jeremy Hardy. Aug 915,1822 11.15pm (12.30) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,17,24 £7.50 (£6.50) See main headings for individual performance dates. PLAY BY EAR-SWEENEY & STEEN Thriller, improvised with the audience, to create a play! 'Constantly stunned by the pair’s comic ingenuity'. Aug 915,18,2022 5.30pm (6.45) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 18,17,23-25 £7.00 (£6.00) THE RICHEST MEN ON EARTH-THE CZECKS (AUSTRALIA) Fringe favourites of old return with a unique explosive musical experience. Aug 10-15,18,2022,2731 9.45pm (11.00) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,17,23-25 £7.50 (£6.50) THE FAIRER SAX —COMPARING NOTES A musical show bouncing and bubbling with saxist advice on how to get/keep/lose a man. Aug 19-22.28-31 6.30pm (8.00) £7.50 (£5.50) Aug 24,25 £0.50 (£6.50) THE GUARDIAN/HARP PREMIER STUDENT DRAMA AWARD The best student production on the Fringe as judged by a celebrity panel. Aug 28 7.45pm (9.00) £2.50 THE GUARDIAN TALKS A series of lively, provocative discussions with key personalities at this year's Festival. Aug 18 4.15pm (5.30) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 19,27 4.00pm (5.30) Aug 28 2.00pm (3.30) DINNER DANCE-THE KOSH Explosive new dance-play by David Pownell. Spectacular cast of 8; award winning company. 'Remarkable Dance-Theatre' The Independent. Aug 13-15 12noon (1.45) £7.00 (£5.50) Aug 12,18.2022 3.15pm (5.00) £7.00 (£5.50) Aug 16,17.23,24 3.15pm (5.00) £8.00 (£6.50) TOTAL SELLOUT '90-JIM TAVARE AND BASSY ARE BACK Bitingly sharp new wave wit from virtuoso comic and philharmonic reject' NME. Aug 9 12,14,15,18-22, 2828,30,31 8.00pm (9.15) £6.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,17,23-25 £7.50 (£6.50) IN THE SCUD—VICTOR & BARRY Scotland's cult comedy duo return with another jamboree of melody and mirth-making moments. Aug 1115,18 6.30pm (8.00) £7.50 (£5.50) Aug 18,17 £0.50 (£6.50) STOMP—YES/NO PEOPLE From Zippo lighters to galvanised dustbins; Luke Cresswell (Pookiesnackenburger, Urban Warriors) leads an evening of rhythmic indulgences. Aug 915.18.2022,2631 11.45pm (1.00) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.50 (£6.00) STATE OF PLAY-YORKSHIRE THEATRE COMPANY A rip-roaring attack on the male ego as personified by sporting heroes' Guardian. Aug 912,,28-31 1.30pm (3.00) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 16,17,23-25 £7.00 (£6.00)

LES GRAND MEAULNES-YOUNG VIC YOUNG COMPANY A skilled and imaginative interpretation of Alain Fourneir's poetic masterpiece. Aug 9-15 2.00pm (3.30) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug 16,17 £7.50 (£6.00) AFTER THE FALL T-shirt temptations by two local artists, humourous undertones] and textual shadows. Unique display of Fringe Festivity. Aug 9-31 12noon (12midnight) ; DAZZLE Leading British jewellery designers with another fresh and innovative] exhibition. 1,000 original pieces for sale. Aug 10-31 10.00am (12midnight) JACK KLAFF Brilliantly inventive story-telling from a proverbial Fringe favourite, 'the most exciting theatre on the Fringe' Scotsman. Aug 25 10.00pm (11.15) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 2631 10.00pm (11.15) £6.00 (£5.00) ★ FICTIONAL EPISODES is a one man show depicting Hitler's final hour. An exploration of Fascism, confronting us with Hitler's humanity. Aug 28 9.45pm (11.00) Aug 27,29 8.00pm (9.151 Aug 31 2.00pm (3.15) £6.50 (£5.00) IT'S MY SHOUT Jon Kenny with saxophonist Pat Shorn—inherently Irish musical comedy to keep you laughing, wondering and laughing. Aug 25 12midnight (1.15) £7.50 (£6.00) Aug 28 31 12midnight (1.15) £6.50 (£5.00) VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590 G11 | LENNY HENRY Britain's favourite comic returns in his own new one-man show for one night only. Stonking good! Aug 31 11.00pm (12.30) £7.50 and £9.50 THE MAMBO INN Mutha of All Clubs, lithe from London. Funk up yer Fest, with latin, Jazz, Ska'n'B. Eat, drink and dance. Aug 931 11,00pm (4.00) £4.00 (£3.00 before midnight) Membership cards available



VENUE 116-Assembly)Wildcat at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tickets 220 4349 M8 Two brand new tented venues, featuring the sensational Circus Oz (Australia) together with one of the greats of Scottish popular theatre-makers; Wildcat. Alongside; a fabulous Belgian rococo fantasy tent filled with a remarkable collection of the best comedy, music and cabaret and dance available on the Fringe. Send A4 SAE to Assembly Theatre Ltd, 50 George St, Edinburgh for further details. NB TICKETS NOT AVAILABLE FROM FRINGE OFFICE ON DAY OF PERFORMANCE.

1$ |( |. 1} 4 jl J|

* » * *j

CIRCUS OZ (AUSTRALIA) Internationally acclaimed Circus Oz soar anew with ] ( breathtaking brilliance, disarming comedy, sensational thrills and skills. Aug 911,1618.23-25.30,31 2.00pm (4.00) £7.50 (£5.00) Aug 13-15.20-22,27-29 6.00pm (8.00) Aug 11,18,25 7.30pm (9.30) FAMILY TICKETS FROM £20.00. PHONE ASSEMBLY FOR DETAILS 1


the aztec camera album




Roddy Frame will be appearing at Marcos Leisure Centre 51 Grove Street Edinburgh August 13115117

uuea 20

‘Somewhere In Afy Heart’ STRAY

‘Good Morning Britain ’

THE CHEVIOT, THE STAG AND THE BLACK, BLACK OIL presented by WILDCAT. Outstanding production of the classic ceilidh-play by John McGrath. Aug 9,10,12,,26,30,31 7.30pm (10.101 £7.00 (£4.50) Aug 13-15.20 22,27 29 9.30pm (12.10) NB. Performance plus ceilidh Aug 9,10,16,17,23,24,30,31 £7.50 (£5.00) CHEVIOT CEILIDH NIGHTS Join Wildcat for some traditional foot-tapping fun at the after show ceilidhs on Friday and Saturday evenings. Aug 9,10,16,17,23,24,30,31 10.30pm (12midnight) £1.00 Performance plus ceilidh £7.50 (£5.00) HEADS OR TAILS—ROGER McGOUGH AND BRIAN PATTEN Listen to both comic and serious from two of Britain's most popular poets. Aug 25-31 5.45pm (7.15) £7.00 (£5.00) ★ THE CODE OF THE WOOSTERS Robert Goodale's extraordinary one-hander with Jeeves, Wooster, friends, enemies and aunts. 'A hit' Scotsman. Aug 9-31 (not 14,21,281 1.30pm (3.00) £6.00 (£5.00) THE JIVING LINDY HOPPERS-SHUT UP AND DANCE The Jiving Lindy Hoppers with music-man Craig McMurdo perform and teach with reckless enthusiasm. Guaranteed entertainment for all ages. Aug 9-31 (not 11,18,25) 3.30pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.50) BILL HICKS Tough, scathing and very funny. Bill is a comic outlaw, dangerous but brilliant, 'riotously outrageous' (Variety), 'superbly polished' (NME). Aug 21-31 10.15pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.00) JIMMY TINGLE BRAND NEW SHOW from sharp-witted 1990 Perrier nominee. 'Wickedly funny' The Scotsman. Aug 14-17 10.15pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.00) CRAIG McMURDO IN THAT SWING THANG JUMPIN' JIVE, humour and antics. A Craig McMurdo and the Jiving Lindy Hoppers extravaganza. Aug 9-31 (not 19) 8.00pm (9.45) £7.00 (£6.00) KINGS by CHRISTOPHER LOGUE. 'Words which soar and swoop, then cut with scalpel-like precision' Sunday Times. Aug 18-24 5.45pm (7.15) £7.00 (£5.00)

'Extremely Impressive1 BBC 'Hilarious' Express

MAPAPA ACROBATS AND THE BAND MANDINGO-KENYA Award-winning act—don't miss it. Stunning acrobatics and high energy 'benga beat' music. Aug 917 5.45pm (6.45) £6.50 (£5.00)

'A Hit' The Scotsman


1.30pm Assembly at The Meadows Venue 116 (031-220-4349)

VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 DONKEYS' YEARS Ee-aw! Following a heroes' welcome at last year's Fringe, the dynamic duo return from an all-conquering tour of the U.K. and North America with a brand new show. Hopefully. It depends if the full length Rock Opera gets written in time. You think we're kidding? Come and find out. Free admission for Arsenal defenders. Aug 19-31 10.15pm (11.30) £6.00 (£5.00)






DENIS "Supremely funny... dazzling, fast talking performer" The Sunday Times

I walked out of his show and so did a lot of people"

Mrs. Anderson, Edinburgh

. ;


ASSEMBLY ROOMS 9.00pm August 9th. - 17th. 22

Box Office - Tel: 031 226 2428

AT LAST, CLOSE-UP MAGIC AND CARD TRICKS ° VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. m AT LAST, CLOSE-UP MAGIC AND CARD TRICKS At last, close-up magic and card tricks, at last, close-up magic and card tricks, at last, close-up magic and card tricks, at last, close-up magic and card tricks, at last, close-up magic and card tricks, at last, close-up magic and card tricks. Gonna bring a pack of cards? Aug 12-25 (not 181 4.00pm (4.30) £5.00

THE ATTIC CONVERSION CO. VENUE 123-Across The Mersey Theatre, South Bridge Ctra Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 K10 ★ HELEN by Euripides, the comedy blacker than Hades. Just how far will men go for the most beautiful woman in the world? How about Egypt? What was the Trojan War fought for? And why is this Greek tragedy so funny? The semi divine Helen reveals all! New translation's world premiere. Aug 11-17 7.20pm (8.50) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 1824 10.10 (11.40)

AVNER THE ECCENTRIC VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. IT[ AVNER THE ECCENTRIC A brilliant ride through New Vaudeville, Jerry Lewis, Groucho Marx, Pickpocketing, Magic, Acrobatics, Juggling, Balancing impossible props—you name it, Avner will do it—with total mastery. FOR ALL AGES. 'A connoisseur of laughter' New York Times. 'Impossible to describe gleeful mayhem ... transmuting cliche into comic gold' San Francisco Chronicle. Aug 10-31 (not Thurs) 5.15pm (6.25) £8.00 (£4.50) Mon Thurs £6.50 (£5.00) Fri Sun



VENUE 127—St John's Church, West End, Princes Street H6 AWATKIPASIPXANANAKASATAKI Ancient, authentic Aymara and Quechua music in its purest forms, played on an array of traditional instruments. Two of Awatinas' latest compositions reached No.1 in the Bolivian music charts this year. They are now firm favourites in Europe too. 'Haunting ... evocative ... spellbinding ... exhilarating.' Aug 12-17 1.00pm (2.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 19-24 6.00pm (7.00)



VENUE 60-Buster Brown's. 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING Brisk, breezy and blatantly sexist, this satirical musical from the writers of 'Guys and Dolls' has a witty script, witty lyrics, stylish and tuneful songs, mini-skirted secretaries, kipper-tied executives, romance, intrigue, real office furniture and a lot of fun. Aug 1924 3.00pm (5.00) £3.00


DAVID BADDIEL AND ROB NEWMAN— FROM THE MARY WHITEHOUSE EXPERIENCE VENUE 37-Geor9e Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 667 3704 M9 DAVID BADDIEL AND ROB NEWMAN FROM THE MARY WHITEHOUSE EXPERIENCE For five performances only, the stars of the hit BBC 2 series come together for a special show. 'What Monty Python did for the '70s, The Young One's for the '80s, The Mary Whitehouse Experience will do for the '90s.' Vox Magazine. 'At last a comedy show that actually makes you laugh.' Evening Standard. Aug 2831 (not Thur 29) 11.45pm 11.00) £7.00

BAHAMAS QUINCENTENNIAL/DUNDAS REPERTORY COMPANY ° « VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. U3 ★ YOU CAN LEAD A HORSE TO WATER by Winston V Saunders. Will give audiences a rare glimpse of Bahamian Culture. Winston Saunders paints a portrait of a poverty stricken family with poetry, music and dramatic impact. The cast weaves a mysterious and tempestuous tale of a young man's trial for a bizarre murder of passion and explores the uniquely Bahamian influences behind his alleged crimes. Aug 12,14,18,20,22,24 10.00pm (11.45) £4.00 (£2.00) * NO SEEDS IN BABYLON by Ian Strachan. Strachan looks at the game of politics of parliamentary democracies in the third world. Aug 13,15,17,19,21,23 10.00pm (11.45) £4.00 (£2.00) VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 BAHAMIAN MUSIC Folk songs and music of the Bahamas. Aug 12-17 2.00pm (3.30) £2.00 (£1.00)




BATTLEFIELD BAND SafferyChampness ’G * VENUE 72-Queen’s Hall. Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. tccon™ ^ BATTLEFIELD BAND IN CONCERT Under the banner 'Forward with Scotland's Past', and fired by their rich Celtic heritage, they mix the old music with self-penned material, played on traditional (fiddles, pipes, flutes) and modern (guitar, synthesizers) instruments to create a music of rare passion, relevance and joy—A good time will be had by all. Aug 1818 7.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£4.50)


QUEEN S HALL (South Clerk St.)

AUGUST 16« 17 • 18 7.30 - 9.30 "

Throughout their energetic set

they beautifully tradedvocals and instrumental tunes . . . satisfied the purists with songs about Scottish folklore butmost importantly they made the music seem as fresh as any written today.


much of it was !) " BOSTON GLOBE Tickets from FRINGE BOX OFFICE 031 226 5257 / 031 226 5259 QUEEN’S HALL BOX OFFICE 031 668 2019 sponsored by


Chartered Accountants 23

"Jim has the comic timing of Eric Morecombe... a wonderful evening...! didn't want this hysterical show to end" The Times ASSEMBLY ROOMS 8.00pm AUGUST 9th.-31st. (Except lues. 13th. &Thurs. 29th.) Box OHice-Tel: 031 226 2428 x^





BBC RADIO LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT VENUE 2-Frinj)e Club, Tevioi Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673


TWO FROM THE FRINGE Tired of trying to see everything? Save the shoeleather, come and see the very best of comedy, cabaret and music on the Fringe, together under one roof. Two fun-packed audience shows for broadcast on BBC Radio 2. And it's all free! BBC Radio Light Entertainment —continuing its annual coverage of the world's best Festival Fringe. Aug 18 & 25 G.OOpm (7.00) Free tickets for both recordings from Fringe Box Office or at the door.

VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★ COLLECTING GRAVITY Sensual temptation, trust and emotional distance are all part of Terry Beck's new work. Through a unique dance-theatre setting seven performers bring us from instinctive needs for shelter, food and lust to complexity of our humanness and our desire to satisfy not only our physical needs, but our emotional and spiritual ones as well. Aug 10-31 (not 11,18,25) 9.30pm (10.30) £5.00 (£3.50)

BEDFORDSHIRE YOUTH THEATRE ° BBC RADIO SCOTLAND VENUE 57-Studio One, BBC Scotland, 5 Queen Street. G8 QUEEN STREET GARDEN Radio Scotland's entertainment and arts programme will feature the best of Fringe and Festival artists in performance. This festival-inminiature is free and live with food and drink available. See the whole festival during your lunch-hour, Monday to Friday. Aug 11-31 (not 23,26) 12 noon 11.30) Free JAZZ JUNCTION Experience the atmosphere, artistry and live performance of the jazz festival with Gordon Cruickshank and guests. Aug 20 8, 21 7.30pm (9.301 Free VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 BITE THE WAX and EARTHBEAT Mark Percival hits the stage of the Cabaret Hall with the newest, coolest, livest acts in town ... PLUS ... Jan Fairley presents live sounds from around the globe. A double-bill not to be missed. Aug 21 & 28 7.00pm (fO.OOl Free tickets for both recordings from Fringe Box Office or at the door. NIGHTIME RADIO SCOTLAND Bop into the night in the Park Bar (Fringe Club Disco) with Dougie Campbell and John Collins. Groove to the best of The Scottish Chart, pop classics, dance and rap. Live and direct on Radio Scotland 10.10pm to 12.30am. Aug 21, 28 9.00pm (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership.


° ■

VENUE 73-Paradox I Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, Lauriston Place Tickets 229 1003 K7 TEECHERS by John Godber. A fast-moving, highly entertaining portrait of life at a modern comprehensive. Fifth-formers in an end of term play plot the progress of the new drama teacher from enthusiasm to disillusionment in a series of hilarious and sometimes poignant scenes from school lifa Free-wheeling and original, but ultimately a damning indictment of the education system. Aug 19-31 (not Sun 25) 2.15pm (3.451 £4.50 (£3.50)

VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Closer Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★ THESE COLOURS DON'T RUN by Gary Drabwell. This controversial play explores the reasoning behind the behaviour of 3 football supporters visiting Germany. With a loud modern music soundtrack and dialogue that is a cross between a Berkoff play and a WW1 poem, this visually dynamic play guarantees to head-butt your senses. 'The most exciting and innovative young company in England' BBC RADIO. Aug 11-31 9.30pm (10.15) £2.50 (£1.50)


• •••

VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 18 Bold, Exciting, Black, Green, Red and Open 9.30am — 2.00am. This year the Bedlam Theatre welcomes 12 outside companies to complement 3 shows by our resident Edinburgh University Theatre Company. With an all-day cafe, it's en route from Fringe Office to Fringe Club and minutes from the Mound. Watch out for THE FAT ANTIGONE Sophocles to Brecht to Malina. A legend celebrating theatre and empowering us to answer an ancient call for action. Aug 19-24 10.15am (11.45) £3.00 (£2.00) BENT by Martin Sherman. Nazi Germany 1934. Love, death, prejudice: the three sides of the pink triangle. (E.U.T.C.) Preview Aug 9,10 6.05pm (7.55) £1.00 Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 6.05pm (7.55) £4.00 (£3.00) BOCADILLO—GDIN DOBREI STEFKA Three clowns defect brandishing a frying pan, suitcase, and a gypsy band—they should be hung. Aug 2631 10.30pm (11.40) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ THE CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE COMPANY This is by far the most exciting and innovative Shakespeare on the Fringe.' THE GLASGOW HERALD. DEAR ISABEL (adapted from Measure for Measure). WICKED BASTARD OF VENUS (adapted from As You Like It). Dear Isabel Aug 12,14,16,19.21,23 2.30pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) Wicked Bastard of Venus Aug 13,15,17,20,22,24 2.30pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) THE ERPINGHAM CAMP -Set in a holiday camp, more P.O.W. than Butlins, ALARMIST THEATRE'S glittering revamp of Orton's black comedy. Aug 1231 (not Sun 18,25) 8.15pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00)










THE PLEASANCE 10.15pm August 7th - 31st (Except lues. 13th & Thurs. 29th) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6500 25

THE BEDLAM THEATRE—( tinued ★ EVA PERON This surrealistic comedy reveals the banal side of the myth which surrounded the madonna like figure, Eva Peron. Aug 26-31 10.30am (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00 SURD) ★ FROM THE EDGE OF A DREAM A young girl, suicidal, why? Seven puppets come to her rescue; illusion or reality? Aug 2831 2.15pm (3.45) £3.00 (£1.50) HEART OF A DOG A professor —a dog —a transformation —a man —a success? Black comedy adapted from Bulgakov's novel. (E.U.T.C) Preview Aug 9,10 10.15pm (11.45) E1.00 Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 10.15pm (11.45) £4.00 (t3.00) THE LOVE OF THE NIGHTINGALE Timberlake Wertenbaker's rewrite of a classical Greek tragedy exposing myths of femininity. Compelling, original drama. (E.U.T.C.). Preview Aug 10 4.15pm (5.40) £1.00 Aug 12-24 /not Sun 18) 4.15pm (5.40) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ MOON MADNESS by W.B. Yeats. Chuchulian and the Goddess of the Moon clash with surprising and dramatic results —a tale for all ages (by W.B. Yeats). Aug 1217 10.30am 111.30) £2.00 (£1.50) ★ NOTHING ON EARTH by Rob John (Far East Theatre Co.) Colourful, fast, razorsharp ensemble playing set at the world's end. Aug 20-31 6.30pm (7.50) £3.00 (£2.00) SILENT CROSSWORDS/KRAPP'S LAST TAPE A man-a cross-and three nails./An embittered old man's moving retrospect. Aug 1217 12.15pm (1.4S) £3.50 (£2.50) THE SOLDIER'S TALE-THEATRE THEATRICAL Stravinsky's timeless music theatre masterpiece, integrating musicians and performers in dramatic retelling of Faustian Russian folk-tale. Aug 1931 (not Sun 25) 12.35pm (1.45) £3.75 (£2.50) ★ THIS ISLAND'S MINE—(GAY SWEATSHOP) Not a militant thump; but a voyage of self discovery, self confidence and pride. An ADRENALIN/PNL PRODUCTION. Aug 2031 4.15pm (5.50) £3.50 (£2.50) THE TOTALLY NAFF TARTS New outrageous female double-act provide mayhem, chaos, audience participation and celebrity guest stars. 'Bold and brassy' The Heckler. Aug 12-31 (not Sun 18,25) 12.15am (1.30) £4.00 (£3.50)


° ’

VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Plata Tickets 226 5425 D6 THE VISION OF NOSTRILDAMUS A cross-eyed look at life out of balance. A magical freak show full of bizarre comedy, inhuman dance and thought-provoking innuendo. Innovative use of mask and puppetry in this tragicomic, cabaret-style, show address the spills of the modern world in a 'mind-blowing visual and musical extravaganza'. Aug 19-31 7.45pm (9.00) £5.00 (£3.50)

BIRMINGHAM REP YOUTH WORKSHOP VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. H6; ★ THE MAGIC TOYSHOP by Angela Carter adapted by Mick Yates. After the'; enormous success of 'THE COMPANY OF WOLVES', described by Plays; International as 'one of the unsung shows of the Fringe', we invite you to enter a i i world of innocence, incest, beauty and depravity. Dare you confront your darker) self? Previews Aug 9,10 8.00pm (9.15) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18) 10.00pm (11.15) 1 Aug 2831 8.00pm (9.15)

BLACK MIME THEATRE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. TOTAL RETHINK They stole her mind, now she wants it back ... The Women’s Troop flex muscles and voices in a streetwise spoof on macho adventure movies, ji following in the footsteps of award-winning Superheroes. ' ... a magnificent game® of lets-pretend.' The Guardian. ' ... daring ... humorous and compulsive ... ' Spare*

THOMAS BLACKTHORNE ’• » D!I VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 SOMETHING STRANGE —Traveller, conjuror, mind-reader and mystic, ThomaSj Blackthorne conducts a fascinating tour into the enchanted realm of illusion, where seeing is deceiving. A wealth of precious objects and entertaining tales from distant lands are woven together into an evening of intimate magic. Aug 1231 (not Mon 19) 7.15pm (8.15) £4.50 (£3.50) 2


« <

VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 BEETHOVEN'S NOT DEAD-HOSTED BY BOB DOWNE See three hit shows in one. BOB DOWNE hosts JIM TAVARE, MILES AND MILLNER, plus a UK debut for famous concert pianist MITCHELL ZEIDWEIG. This unique evening of musical comedy features a World first—the spectacular nose balancing of a grand piano. Three performances only so book early. Aug 23-25 11.00pm (1.00) £8.00




VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 * THE SPLITTING OF LATHAM Gothic comedy. International Scottish/Australian company, (formerly Theatre Bouffon), offering a unique, innovative form of theatre. Fin-de-siecle fascinations—sexual mores, new world order, scientific progress—lead the ambitious and melancholy Latham into a night of comic self-destruction. 'They are excellent ... don't miss them.' Glasgow Herald. Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 10.00pm (11.30) £4.50 (£3.00)

BERLINER GRUNDTHEATER ° m % m VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 556 0461 G11 WOYZECK BERLINER GRUNDTHEATER present a completely new English translation of Buchner's classic tragedy WOYZECK. Set amid the war-torn ruins of occupied Berlin in 1945, this tale of a man tormented by his social impotence and all-consuming jealousy is brought nightmarishly to life by this innovative German group. Aug 11-30 (not 19.25) 9.00pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) BETWEEN THE LINES THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 86-Blue Oyster Club, 96 Rose Street Lane North. Info 226 6458. G7 ANY QUERIES? Would you kill lor a bidet? Did Sappho wear red Kickers? Does your mother know you're Out? All queries will be answered in the quintessential guide to gay and lesbian life. Let's parlihomo queerspeak as Scotland's glittering lesbian and gay theatre company return to the Blue Oyster Club. Aug 8,9,15,18,22,23,30 10.00pm (11.00) £3.00 (£2.00) TICKETS AT VENUE ONLY

VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 IT'S A MADHOUSE A second run of Alan Bleasdale's manic black comedy by The Ship Shape Theatre Company—a group from Bristol University—might convince you that this madhouse is only a home from home. It will have you laughing all evening, but will it all end in tears? Aug 1124 (not Sun 18) 8.15pm (10.15) £3.50 (£3.00)

VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8i K3 MOLIERE'S THE MISER Disguised identities, lovelorn adolescents, plots and sub-plots all result from a father's outrageous obsession with money. Full of delightful and wicked satire, and as vibrant, fresh and raucous as the day it was written. Sunday Times Editor's Choice 1988. 'All the performances are compelling.' The Scotsman. Aug 1931 2.45pm (4.15) £4.00 (£3.50)

BLUE MOON PRODUCTIONS °D1»2»3< VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card be ★ THE CRUEL GRASP Muriel has found a lover. For Robby, her son, this creates anger, jealousy, revenge and an ending that is unforgiveable. A short sharp black comedy written by Thomas Kett and directed by Janet Suzman Preview Aug 8,9 4.00pm (5.00) Aug 10 31 4.00pm (5.00) £5.00 (£4.00) MonThur £5.50 (£4.50) Fri Sun BOAT THIEF VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462. K9 STEALING THROUGH THE NIGHT A wayward child in Somerset might scrump apples, in Toxteth he might joyride cars, but if he grew up on the shores of Lake Windermere he could well be a ... BOAT THIEF'. Dark and light. Laughter and sadness. Razor-sharp folk music at its very best Aug 1923 4.30pm (6.00) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 24 25 6.30pm (8.00) Aug 21,25 10.30pm (1.00)

BORDERLINE THEATRE CO. VENUE 61-Moray House Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile rna£nvn?Yft JNUP! CONFESSIONS OF provide A CABALIST (and for other lies) A COMEDY OF MANNERS. Venice. Pans, Prague, the backdrop Casanova's P6;®0^1 J°urtneV ,"t0 t.h® Political and sexual mores of society whose glittering external beauty holds all the charm of the venus fly-trap. Provocative entertainment which moves at a breath taking pace. Aug 1331 (not Sun 18,25) 7.30pm (9.45) £6.50 (£5 00) Matinees Aug 17,21,24,28,31 2.30pm (4.45)









antigone as you like it bent eva peron

from the edge of a dream gdin dobrei stefka heart of a dog krappâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s last tape measure for measure moon magic nothing on earth silent crosswords the erpingham camp the love of the nightingale the soldierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tale the totally naff tarts and charmain hughes this islandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mine

9.30am-2am venue 49 and the fat cat cafe



THE GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE 11.45pm AUGUST 9th. - 25th. (Except Tues. 13th.) Box Office - Tel: 031 667 3704 28

BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF THEATRE ° '•> > VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 ★nightmare, RECKLESS A cheerful suburban housewife finds herself living a comic careening through a random course of dangerous adventures. Aug 12,14,16 8.00pm (9.35) £3.50 IE3.00) BLUEdareWINDOW is the story of seven NewofYorkers before, during and after a party who Aug 13,15,17 to leap 8.00pminto19.the35) blue£3.unknown 50 (£3.00) human intimacy. BOYS OF THE LOUGH ° ’ VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. MW BOYS OF THE LOUGH Hotfoot from the 39th tour of the USA and recording with Angelica Huston, spirited internationally famous Edinburgh fivesome tear into their annual traditional music.popular) EnergeticBookfiddler band into threecelebration top-classofnights. Extremely early!ALY' . . BAIN firing leads on all the cylinders . . thoroughly Aug 23,24,25 enjoyable 7.30pm (9.show.' 30) £7.The00Scotsman. (£6.00) BRAHMA KUMARIS VENUE 11-0i<erse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 * THE LOST PRINCE A meditational experience which will wilderness, unlock hidden treasures of peace and power. A prince finds himself lost in the but worse, he has lostregain the authority over his subjects—the physical senses. Follow him in hisIB quest Aug 25 to7.30pm (8.3happiness. 0) free For all ages. VENUE 115-Brahma Kumaris Centre, 20 Polwarth Crescent Info 229 7220 L2 RAJA YOGA MEDITATION Experience inner silence and the opportunity to discover a deeper understanding of the self (now or never). Classes 10.30am WorkshopsAugAug63113,(not15.2Suns 0,22,2&7,2Mens) 9 7.30pm (9.00)(12noon)Freeand 2.30pm (4.00) Free BRAIDHURST HIGH THEATRE o ^ VENUE 123-Across The Mersey Theatre, South Bridge Ctre Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 K10 *canCLOSURE?—STORY OF THE ' C RAIG Ravenscraig closing down? Not i f we help it! A lively new playschool with expressive What dance,docomedy and song, and performed Motherwell youmost think this is,written Ebenezer Scholey, thebyHighland Clearances? students. Now the young people affected have their Aug 26-31 (not Thurs 291 9.20pm (10.20) £4.00 (£2.00) THE BRIDGE THEATRE COMPANY ° * VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 L10 BAGLADY A vibrant professional Irish theatre company making their first appearance at Past Edinburgh. Established 1986Pokerby Session, in-houseDAdirector Gerardine McDermottroe. productions include The and Translations. Introducing Belfast actress Donna Dougall, a dynamic new talent. Design: Dan McGinley Aug 1117 whose 6.00pmwork (6.50)for The£4.00Bridge (£3.50)is widely acclaimed. BRI NYLON FIVE ° VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. J9 NYLOPIA—THE FINAL mirth FRONTIER 'Seventy minutes of irreverent, scatty, stream-of-consciousness mania' The List. The Nice Guys host an evening defying youZanyto experience their sordidandworldworthy of sketches, perverse showson and hoovers. absolutelyTimes. hilarious of the title silliestslideshow the Fringe.1231A Inot'must' Aug 19,2Festival 5,29) 10.55pm (midnight) £3.50 (£2.501 THE BROKEN SEAL THEATRE CO. ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 HIM Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 AS YOU LIKE ITcompany Award onwinning play-wright Paul inNimmo co-directs this experienced young their return to Edinburgh Shakespeare' s comedy ofproduction romance, iscross-dressing, attempted murder,Society, passionproceeds and sheep.willThisbe sponsored AIDS byusurpation, The Woolwich Building donated Aug 11-24 toInotTheSun Scottish 18) 2.05pm (3.Research 50) £4.Association. 50 (£2.00)

Bri Nylon 5 Adam House Theatre, Weeks 1, 2 and 3. 10:50pm

Boston University School of Theatre Arts presents two plays by Craig Lucas Reckless August 12, 14, 16, (British Premiere) Blue Window August 13, 15, 17 One week only - August 12 - 17

8:00 p.m. Moray House Union Venue 108 Box office: 556-5184 Reckless - A cheerful suburban housewife finds herself living a comic nightmare, careening through a random course of dangerous adventures. Blue Window - Seven New Yorkers before, during and after a party dare to leap into the blue unknown of human intimacy. Made possible by: Air Canada Alamo Rental Car Boston University Alumni and Friends 29

ARNOLD BROWN ° ’•* 3 VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 ARNOLD BROWN 1987 Perrier Award winner,through Arnold Brown has quietly become one of this country' s most popular comedians his television appearances and BBC RadiobyFourpianist. series. 'In theMelvin, frontlineperhaps of the best new British Accompanied knowncomedy' for his Times. song collaborations with Ian20)Dury.Rod Aug 14. 1 5 11. 1 5pm (12. £6. 5 0 (£5. 5 0 SUPDY) Aug 16,17 11.15pm (12.20) £7.50 (£6.50 SUPDY) BUNBURY & MILLSTREAM ° VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 Aunique sandydouble beach,bill.an Millstream umbrella, two eccentric women, two acclaimed companies—a Touring, ' e xceptional style and production panache' The Guardian presents Days. Bunbury Theatre Company return with Claire with Booker' s newBeckett' play sTheHappy relationship a fine company' TheLast Stage.Picnic. 'Booker has found a valuable HAPPY DAYS Modern drama' s starkest image Hisof most humanironic, wretchedness combines with Beckett's indomitably cheerfulvisual character. accessible play. Aug 13,12,114.5,116,,223.7,225,9,236.128.30 1.05pm12.1(1.0pm55) (1.00)£4.00£4.(£3.00(£3. 00l Aug 0 0) Special Days/The Last Picnic £5.50 (£4.50) for both shows onTicket sameOffer—Happy day. ★comedy THE LAST PICNIC A pleasant day at the sea!!!!!??? Booker turns her hand to Aug 13.12.114,5.of116.7.12the8,0,129,2,blackest 21,4.223.7,225,9,236,1kind! 12.10pm1.05pm(1.001(1.55) £4.0£4.0 (£3.00 0(£3.0) 00) Aug 2 2 8, 3 0 Special shows onTicket sameOffer—The day Last Picnic/Happy Days £5.50 (£4.50) for both DEREK BURROWS ISLAND DREAMS ° VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 UO ★ ISLANDIslandDREAMS Bahamian Storyteller, Musician, Monologist Derek Burrows explores life and Caribbean ways rarely seen. Warm, exciting and energetic, Island transports silk cotton tree where B'imagination. RabbyDreams and others talk audiences Ol' Story.under This thespirited performance will B'stirBoukee, your Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 6.15pm (7.30) £4.00 (£3.00) BUSTER THEATRE ° VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card bookinfl 556 1513. U1 ★novels. LIPSTICK TANGO by Katie Campbell and Sarah Harper from MANUEL PUIG'iss In the dusty afternoons ofandsmall town Argentina, Tangothrilling is life!tragedy Tango death! Bodies sweat as dreams frustrations clash in this seduction and18.betrayal. music,(3.4passionate dance and searing images. of Aug 23,26,27) Live £4.001231(£3.0(not 0) Mon-Thurs £4.52.015pm (£3.50) Fri5) -Sun

CABARET AT THE SCANDIC CROWN HOTEL ° VENUE 76-Scandic Crown Hotel, 80 High Street. Tickets 557 9797. J10|! RENDEZ-VOUS The Scandic Crown Hotel is probably the outstanding venueonlyat one] the; k] Festival: a stunning 4-star hotel situated right on the Royal Mile. Presenting show each year, the Scandic proudFrenchman, to welcomeAlexandre—in in 1991 two their highly-acclaimed]t vocalists—American, Annie T.is and hit musical e cabaret Aug 11-31 'Rendez-Vous' 11.30pm (12.. 30) £5.00 (£4.00) CABARET AT THE SQUARE ° , VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 | THE LIVE esSEX SHOW The homeliest home county supplies melody and mirth; from four LORRAINE unmissableBOWEN: solo performers. JOHN MANN: and 1991'Joyce s greatest discovery. 'a cross Grenfell'comic!i C/fy; i Limits. PHILLpassion JUPITUS: 'brilliant, funny,between see him'Madonna NME.NME. MURRAY TORKILDSEN:. 'Aug ferocious pierced by startling crushing guitar' 19-24 9.15pm (10.45) £4.00 (£3.00 SUPDCY + Nurses) CACCIATORE FABBRO VENUE 29-StockbridBe House, Cheyne Street, off Raeburn PI. Tickets 552 6829 D4] ★ GOINGtelevision FOR A star—' LOVE BSONG —Important Scottish premiere. Eileen new McCallum, national est Scottish actress ofbyherRussell generation—in erotic,] lovelorn fantasy by W.Gordon Smith, directed Hunter. The record-: breaking team tilting at a new target. Music, laughter, tears—the whole theatrical works.10-31Phone-book Aug (not Suns) now. 8.00pm (10.00) £5.00 j BOWFF!theirRussell Hunter and Una McLean —Bearers Ofskedaddle. Wonderful Festival Funplight troth in W.Gordon Smith' s new irreverent Aug 13-31 (not Suns, Mons) 10.30pm (11.45) £4.00 CALIFORNIA FAULT-ZONE THEATRE COMPANY OF CSUH ° VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 jy ★children RECENT DISAPPEARANCES A disturbing allegory about the andofanimals—who aregirls. disappearing dailyawareness from our modern world.innocents— Toldgrowwithin.-‘pjpjv the voices two kidnapped Concern and of this problem the US, where missing child photos are prominently posted and even appear on ft grocery Aug 1224bags. (not Sun 18) 2.00pm (3.15) £3.95 (£2.95) s A DREAM PLAY look Strindberg' s expressionistic playandabout a relief. dreamer's wish that a !b divine intercessor into the human situation grant Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 4.00pm (5.30) £3.95 (£2.95) CALLIOPE THEATRE COMPANY ° ■ VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 G4 If TONGUES/SAVAGE LOVE by Joseph Chaikin and Sam Shepard. Day dreams, : nightmares and American Jazz—a love story that turns savage and explores both the landscapes ofof love and death. 'A biting,extreme affecting funny piece . .Times. language, sound |bi d and the power an actor .o transmit conditions.' N. Y . Aug 2128 2.00pm (3.10) £3.50 (£3.00)

CALTON CENTRE VENUE 119-Caltnn Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. 613 jH Two theatre hostingwalk seventeen different1990shows. Cafe, street parking,spaces 15withminute from centre. venue forSeven 'late ThreeWine MenBar, in aGallery, Boat' . |)'T)Ly 1991—bursting a rich cross-section of the Fringe. new works, two Shakespeare' s , four modern classics, late cabaret, two stunning adaptations all in one venue. M,ni ★6-12ish SIMON THE STORYTELLER' S DO-IT-YOURSELF THEATRE Anyone aged |b —create, rehearse Workshops: Aug 917Start: (not 12.Sun)45pmand(136) 10.star00amin your (1.15) very£4.own 50 theatre show! Free Performances ]B THREE MEN'BINestAComedy' BOAT byLONDON Jerome K.FRINGE Jerome.AWARDS. 'Deft, DaftSeeandPerformance Dazzling' T.TheC. 'j£| Independent. | Aug 9-31 (not Suns) 8.00pm (10,15) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ G.B.—THE GUY Secret BURGESS TRILOGY PartPeters.I—Another Country—Julian Mitchell. Part Bennett. II—A Country—Anthony Part III—An Englishman ■ip Abroad—Alan (See Performance T.C.£5.main entry). Part I: Aug 8. 1 2, 1 5, 1 9, 2 2, 2 6, 2 9 8. 0 0pm (10. 1 5) 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Part 27,0,21,23,24.27,28,3031 8.8.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Part III:II:3 Aug Aug 9,10.13,114,6,1£12.00 ALL SHOWS: (£9.00) 00pm (9.05) £5.00 (£4.00) <jj ★exploration BORED ofGAMES RED HERRING COMPANY:thriller. An Ainnovative, must. roller-coaster f^u Aug 9-24 (not Suns)games6.we15pmplay.(7.05)A camp£4,0comedy 0 (£3.50) MERMAIDS NIGHT byMORGAN: SHAKESPEARE. 19,★ STAug. 21,ANDREWS 23SeeAug.St BLOOD ONMERMAIDS. THEIRTWELFTH LIPS by CLARK 13, 15, 17,12, 20,14, 22,16,a ] 24 Andrews Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18) 5.45pm (7.25) £4.00 (£3.00) J D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Two women and assuitcase full of dreamsEvenin' . . Roaring Girls Theatre '★putting ) News. huy 12-31the(not bite Weds)hack 2.into00pmwomen' (3.00) theatre' £3.50 (£2.Manchester 50) 1 ★ UBU! collaboration; CATCHPOLEa THEATRE CO. Fred JARRY and andBil green SHAKESPEARES' greatest tale of ambition, merdre, tyranny candles. Aug 11-31 (not Suns) 4.00pm (5.10) £4.00 (£3.00) ji SERIOUS FREE ZONE Four well-established acts come together to give you a | blistering package of stand-up comedy cabaret. AugFree1031 preview(notAugAug919,29) 10.45pm (12.30) £5.00 (£4.00) MICHAEL BALLARD—ARTof EXHIBITS Brighton based painter, sculptor and artist.9-31Exhibiting Aug (not Suns) a selection 11.00am (10.0work 0) asFreeindividualistic as he is. 30

CALTON STUDIOS VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24 26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 Calton Studiosfrompresents s United Notions Organisation withof7thenights solid dance some ofBrighton' theto most prominent DJ' s4am. from Also the Jewel Southof Coast' s clubland, Sunday Friday 11.30pm ' t il children' s theatre, cabaret, everyone!dance and music with bar and restaurant open all day. Something for SCHOOL FOR CLOWNS goes —Pre-ParadiseFunProductions The clowns try to be good but 8-31 somehow Aug (not Mans)everything 10.00am (11.wrong. 00) E3.00 for(£2.0children 0) 4 to 8. DAVID W. W . JOHNSTONE —GARGOYLE JAM A demon is unleashed when an unlucky tries to become Aug 1025 man (not Mansi 11.15am(12.a 0winner. 5| £3.Funny 50 (£2.5and 0) frightening. THE S NOT A VIRGIN ANYMOREmeets AND THEN SOME PRODUCTIONS. Bizarre1031MOON' black comedy—dead Aug (nut Mans) 12.30pm stand-up (1.45) E4.comic 50 (E4.00) young psychic . . AGAMEMNON He won the war. Returned home a hero. But one woman has waited102510(notyears Aug Mans)for revenge. 2.15pm (3.His45) wife.E4.00 (13.50) ★ HANGING'S TOO funny GOOD FOR THEM WESTERN UNION THEATRE PRODUCTIONS. Aug 1325 (not 19) A very 4.15pm (5.45)play £4.about 00 (£3.vigilantes 50) who go too far. ★Lighthouse TO HELLlore,WITH THE KEEPER OF THE LIGHT THEATRE BY STEALTH. and 17.ghosts Aug 1025 (not Muns)humour6.30pm 30) on£4.a50towering (£3.001 structure. ★ COMMEDIA ARTEa Two from bawdy Oxford humour, based company. Magic' andhappy 'A PlayDELL' Within Play'plays . Masks, mistaken'Pantalone' identities,s obligatory endings. Pantalone' s Magi c Aug 10. W S. 1 7. 2 0. 2 2, 2 4 Play 8.00pmWit19.hin001a PlayE3.Aug50 11,(£2.14,510)0,10,21,23,25 UNAUTHORISED SEX COMPANY Music,of visuals performance strange worldsarts.of sexuality. From collective leading and creators of Scienceexploring Fiction and graphic Aug 2831 8.00pm (9.00) £3.50 (E2.50I WHEN THE JACUZZI BUBBLESandOVER NEW WRINKLE THEATRE COMPANY. Bold,26flash Aug 31 revue 9.30pmof (10.original 301 songs £4.00 (£3.00)sketches that won't go down the plughole! PHIL NG-A-QUI AND EXCELSIS Jazz, rock, funk Above' band with a flavour of gospel performing songs from new album 'Blessings From . Electrifying! Aug 22 24 9. 4 5pm (10. 4 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 2831 2.45pm (3.45) and 4.45pm (5.45) CAMBRIDGE BATS VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 ★ A WATERMELON KILLEDexploration MY DAUGHTER (55 mins, color, development dir. A. Nougatio). Nougatio' s 'moving, heartfelt of teenage emotional andof murder in 5 0s small-town America loses nothing of the original intensity Thadmeyer' s powerful screenplay. B-movie on stage. Plenty of cops. 'Killingly funny . . will inevitably Free popcorn. Aug Aug Thur 12,achieve 19.291 £4.cult5012.(£3.4status' 5am50)(1.Fri45)Varsity. £4.00731l£3./not 00) Mon -Sun 0 CAMBRIDGE EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE ’G2*3* VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's. Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 RICHARDexplosive III Internationally-acclaimed exponentsand visual of radical Shakespeare. Typically mixture ofwomen, intellectualtumbrels, challenge extravaganza. Warcrazed soldiers, oppressed screaming horses and strutting tyrants. A breathtaking circus'Shockingly of horrors,contemporary! ancient andA modern. 1991. Destruction. Bold. Massacre. brilliant trio1485.of actors' Braunschweiger Aug 12-31 Inot 181 Zeitung. 2.00pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS sponsored0 by Holsten Pils »,»2»3g VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 CAMBRIDGE UNDERGROUND No-oneperforming performsrevuerevuein 1967. like the Footlights, because anyone withmonologues any sensearestopped The songs, the sketches and the still there in the show, only for once with the sneaking s el) been done before. Much better Somewhere else. Aug 917-25 18 &feeling 26-315.00pmthat7.(6.0it'0pm Aug 30) (8.30) £6.00 (£5.00)

VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 THE CURRIED GOATtrio.COMEDY SHOW. . Frenetic sketches,Varsity. songs and stand-up from this rising comic ' H igh quality truly inventive' Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 6.15pm (7.30) £4.00 (£3.00) VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 110 CUSS/FOOTLIGHTS PRESENTS A FUNNY THING —hilarious HAPPENEDmusical ON farce THE WAY TOAncient THE FORUM Sondheim musical extravaganza set in Rome. Aug 1931 Inot Sun 251 9.15pm (10.45) £5.00 (£3.50) CAMBRIDGE GODS ° VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 ★confrontation DEATH AND THE KING' S HORSEMAN By WOLE SOYINKA The inandthe theplayuniverse is largelyof metaphysical, containedworld in theof human vehicle which is Elesin the Yoruba mind—the the living, the dead and the unborn,(7.00)and the£4.5numinous passage which links all: transition.' Aug Aug 19121724 5.11.30pm 15am (12.45) 0 (£3.00) CAMBRIDGE MEDICS REVUE ■ VENUE 19-Over seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 INwithA aDIFFERENT VEIN After their success at last year' s festival, the team return hard-hitting brandsatire new and show,notinjecting new life into the revue format with blistering comedy, sharp a bedpan in sight. ' I n every sense a complete show'924Varsity. Aug Inot Tuesl 12midnight (1.15) £3.50 (£3.00) CAMBRIDGE MUMMERS °»'g-g3g VENUE 19-Over seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 Continuing their tradition ofwithinnovative and new exciting drama on themusical, Fringe,an the Cambridge Mummers return three brand shows. A manic allwomen drama and a riotous are thisPotemkin' year's .offerings . . from the company who brought you 'Lulu'kids'andshow 'Battleship -k GLUE WEDDING Twoin weird familiesmusical hold a farce. wonderful wedding. Love, death, sex and confetti abound this furious Aug 9.11,14,16,18,21, 3.00pm (4.20) £3.00 (£2.50) WHALE MUSIC pregnancy Anthony Minghella' s poignant all-women play tackles the problems Aug 10,12,15,of17,single 19.22,24.26.29,31 with 3.00pmhumour, (4.30) sensitivity £3.00 (£2.and 50) realism. ★FredTHE BURPING PRINCE In Pathetica, where the men are totally useless, lives princeTueslwith 11.a problem. Aug 9-31—a Inot 00am(11.45)(Children' £2.50 s(£1.show). 50)



3 CAVATINA CAMBRIDGE UMBRELLA 0 , , 36-Eesti»al Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. H6 VENUE GRANDE directedandbyHilary KeithFisher Warner.and The show combines theKatetalents of ★ NOT BOBBY by award-winning playwright N.J.Warburton. Frank hasn' tFrank,' made TRIO singers. Penny MacKay pianist-extraordinaire, Elmitt the best of his education. Things should be different for Bobby, though. ' B ut irreverent look at Contributions their preoccupations: Career,Sondheim, Marriage, Gilbert DivorceandandSullivan, generalin. says his mother, 'Bobby is comedy a rabbit .. .. '.realCambridge Umbrella returnTheafter last year's anOne-Up-Womanship. from Stephen success. (' S uch beguiling as the Tesco queue' Stage). Vivian1017Ellis, etc. Aug 2631 3.20pm(4.20l E3.S0 (£3.001 Aug 10.30pmAn (11.hour30) of musical £3.50 (£3.fun.00) CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY AMATEUR CHANGEINSPEAK ° DRAMATIC CLUB °9'W VENUE Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 _K3 VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 ★ POP98-TicChangeinspeak are back with their unique style of ' S cratch Theatre' . ★woman AGAMEMNON Agamemnon/He won the war/Returned home a hero/But one 'songs—love, Pop—The Playaddiction you'd love to have in your record collection. Six stories, six has waited ten years for revenge/His wife/Double-bill of Aeschylus' s classic and comic, obsession. If youtheatre' could have a soundtrack for yourpop life drama/Explosive energy of Berkoff' s radical reinterpretation/Still restraint of the what would it be? 'Tough, addictive Scotsman original/Vibrant new translation/' F east of spectacular visual effects and dynamic Aug 1231 (not Sun 18) 4.30pm (6.00) £4.50 (£2.50) movement' Aug 10-25 (not/ Varsity. Mons) 2.15pm(3.45) £4.00 (£3.50) VENUE 82-Southside ’91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 L10 CHAPLAINCY CENTRE ° ; ★ THE WALLalbum/film—explosive Roger Waters—therock,stunning the classic. . VENUE blockbusting hauntingstageshow images—'from a masterpiece 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. L9 1 faultless spectacle' Cambridge Evening News. This well-attended venue is located in the heart of the Fringe on your way to and Aug 11-31Aug(not10Tuesl 11.30pm 11.30pm from FringeandClub. The venue has a first rate blend of American and British ] | Preview (1.30)(1.30) £4.00£6.(£3.000(£5. 0) 00) drama,themusic comedy. ★Company UNLIKELY THEATRE MYTHS Theater re-tells the mythsCOofpresents old throughUNLIKELY humour, mime andThe song.Unlikely Wonderful for |j |i CAPERCAILLIE „ , , all ages! 1224 (not Sun) 10.00am (11.15) £2.00 (£1.00) | VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 Aug ZELDA Fitzgerald relives exploits as toastsubdue of theher.20's and struggles ’. CAPERCAILLIE IN CONCERT Scotland' s leading CelticGaelic/English band returnsvocals with their against herZeldaown insanity and £3.the5her bonds that would winning combination of powerful instrumentals, stunning and Aug 2631 l O . O Osm (11. 3 0) 0 (£1. 0 0) intense performance. 'In Karen have a secret extraordinary power, a voice of suchMatheson beauty andtheypoignancy' Time Out.weapon Previousof and E.C.GLASS HIGHabout SCHOOL presents GOINGmessage. TOWARD THE LIGHT A unique j I years moving 12noon play Aug 31sold 7.out—book 30pm (9.30) early. and 10.30pm (12.30) £7.00 (£6.001 Aug 1217 (12.45)AIDs£3.with50 (£1.a powerful 00) ]_ ★comedy THE and LEFTOVERS present HAPPY FEET Delightful buffoonery, light-hearted dancing, strung loosely upon the tale of Curly. Slick, slapdash, totally |i |ti unoriginal. CAPITAL VIRTUOSI ° ~ ^ Aug 1924 12noon (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) /I VENUE 131-Greytriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 or 668 2019 K8 FLY IN THE OINTMENT presents QUARTET The play prises back the amorous Is MOZART, (violin), HUMMELROBERT & SCHUBERT JONATHAN PLOWRIGHT (piano), sadistic fantasies of two 18th century sophisticates—after Laclos' Les Liaisons || MANNING SMISSEN (viola), NICHOLAS COOPERincluding (cello) RITA and and Dangereuses. CHRIS LAURENCEon(double bass) play piano quartets and quintets, The Aug 2531 12noon (12.55) £3.00 (£2.00) |_ Trout. Described Michael Parkinson' s programme as ' a very hot-shot British ★ LOVELY PLAYS adventures presents UNDERNEATH THE SCREAMING pianist —hear JONATHAN PLOWRIGHT and his ensemble fresh from Chichester and TREE Hallucinautic beyond comedy —being dead is strangerCHESTNUT than you'd |ljJ Henley think. Aug 26 Festival 7.30pmappearances. (9.30) £7.50 (£5.00) l ALSO AT VENUE 124-The Ballroom, Hopetoun House, South Queensferry. Tickets 668 2019 El Outer Aug 1224 (nut Sun) 1.50pm (2.45) £2.50 (£2.00) MOZART, HUMMEL & SCHUBERT Details as above. Recall Halcyon days in this splendidly affair ofHome' music. and champagne in beautiful Hopetoun House, 'Scotland' selegant Finest Stately Aug 0pm (10.concert, 00) at£10.7.000pm 0 (£6.50)Price includes a glass of champagne. Tour 27of house7.3before

CARDIFF UNIVERSITY DRAMA SOCIETY ° 1 ? VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 SIX CHARACTERS INplaySEARCH OF AN AUTHOR Is theatre justAUTHOR' an illusion? Pirandello' s intriguing ' S IX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN tries toThisanswer question and many moresuccess in a drama both disturbing and compelling. brilliantthis4.production Aug 2631 15pm (6.15) was£3.a0huge 0 (£2.00) in Cardiff and should not be missed! THE CASTLE PLAYERS ° VENUE 79-Pilmeny Community Centre, 44 Buchanan Street. Tickets 554 0953 013 ★yachtsman, THE STRANGE VOYAGE Based on the true story of a round the world this one-man show explores hisbetween progressive disorientation, the tormented personal voyage of a man trapped the pressures of public expectation and private deceit. The Castle Players: 'thoroughly intelligent, visually inventive’ Aug 11 31 (notScotsman. 19,25) 1.30pm (2.30) £4.50 (£4.00) CASUAL THEATRE ° VENUE 82-Southside ‘91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 L10 ★Rebecca BIBLEHankoff. STORIES AND BEAUTY PAGAENTS by Esther Goodstein and An original play about four young women (played by one actress) ready to and graduate Scriptedof ageby intheAmerica. performer, this is a funny, touching poignantfrompieceUniversity. about coming Aug 1231 (not Sun 18) 4.30pm (5.30) £3.50 (£3.00) CATS—CHARLESTON ACTORS THEATRE SOCIETY Q 3 VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmour Place. Tickets 229 0044 L3 UNFORGETTABLE, NAT: A Tribute to Nat King Cole A lively musical revue and salute to one of the greatest musical artists of this century, Nat King Cole. Show includes Cole Lorraine, standardsand,suchofascourse. Mona Lisa; Nature Boy; Too Young; Answer Me, My Love;13,Sweet Unforgettable. Aug Aug 12.114,5,1167 10.2.300pm0pm(4.(11.00)30) £4.95 (£3.95) 32

TWO FROM THE FRINGE the very best of comedy, cabaret and music on the Fringe Sundays 18th & 25th August 6 pm — 7 pm FRINGE CLUB DINING HALL FREE TICKETS FROM FRINGE OFFICE OR AT DOOR

... SOCRATESReality-twisting DAEMON A rendezvous in limbo. A duel to your death for the★ Also soul Aug 1224 of(notmankind. Sun) 2.55pm (3.351 £2.comedy. 50 (£2.001 AMERICAN BUFFALO presented by American Festival Theatre. David Mamet. Five1231 times(notFringe Award Aug 18) First4.00pni (5.30)winner£3.returns 95 (£2.95)with this exciting dramatic comedy. ★ THEDefoe. JOHNSON presents A premiere adapted from Spectacle,FAMILY caricature, amourROXANA and suspense make forproduction racey Restoration drama. Aug 1225 (not Sun 18) 6.00pm (7.35) £4.50 (£3.00) ★ FAIR EXCHANGE presents SONGS OF JERICHO A story of a young singer, her Aug songs 12-31 InotandSunsan andemigre 29) writer. 8.00pm (9.451 £4.50 (£3.50) ★MyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO presents PRINCESS, DUKE AND KING Aug Favourite 1024 (not SunNames 18) for10.a 1Dog, 5pm I11.written 45) andE4.0improvised 0 (£3.00) comedy scenes. THEATRE WORKSby Simon presents PORTRAIT OF THE AS A YOUNG CONSERVATIVE Concerns sexual and ARTIST spiritual identities and the conflicts in theClark. Aug 12 16, facing 19-23 artists IZmidniflht 12.90'00)s. E3.50 (£2.50) ★century A.T.D.S.T.C. presents SHE WAS POOR, BUT ... A company of nineteenth itinerant actors mangle melodrama and morality plays—munificently! 'Not amused' Aug 2531 Victoria 2.00pmR.(2.30) E2.50 (£2.00 SPDCY) Also ... DIDO, QUEEN OF CARTHAGE Marlowe's witty and irreverent dramatisation Aug 2531 4.0of0pmVirgils' (5.30)s Aeneid. £4.00 Thislady (£3.00) IS for burning —Humour and Hubris. Also ... EDUCATING RITA Atamann Productions. Social comedy by Willy Russell. Hairdresser Aug 2531 Rita, 6.00pmstudies (7.30) for £4,OU00degree (£3.00) and often suprises tutor Frank! ★ Also ...fromCINCO HORASs CON MARIA (Fiveabout Hourstheir withlifeMario) newly returned together.Widow, In Spanish. Aug 25 31 10.her00pmhusband' (11.301 funeral, C4.00 (t3.reminisces 00) Also ... MIDNIGHT MADNESS (S & P)-Comedy. Solo acts! Double acts! Triples acts! n-dimensional acts! ' . . a must for all Fringe fanatics . . ' Hairdresser' Gazette. Aug 2531 12midniBht (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) DOWNSTAIRS THE DOOR presents GOD A play by Woody Allen. A divine comedy. Not forFOOTthe11-1IN7pious! Aug 12.05pm (1.00) £3.00 (£2.S0) ★ FOROUGH movement ENSEMBLE—T.S.U. An original, improvisational theatre piecepresents based SEVEN on modernSTAGES and mystic Persian Aug*i9 24 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£1.00) ★as SONG FOR THE LAST ACT MZM Productions Inc. presents Nancy Lipschultz Louise, inBogan, the American poet 'blessed geniusKennedy, and cursed madness' this one-woman play compiled by KevinwithEdward directedwithby E.M.1224 Christian. Aug Inot Sun) 4.00pm (5.35) £4.00 (£2.00)

★ BAHAMAS QUINCENTENIAL presents YOU CANrare LEAD A HORSE TO WATER By Winston Saunders. give audiences glimpse Culture. Winston Saunders paintsWill a portrait of a povertya stricken familyofwithBahamian poetry, music and dramatic impact. Aug 12,14,16,20,22,24 10.00pm (11.45) £4.00 (£2.00) ... NOlooksSEEDS BABYLON Strachan. Indemocracies 'No Seeds Inin Babylon' Ian★ Also Strachan at theINgame of politicsByofIanparliamentary the third, Aug 13.15.17,19,21.23 10.00pm (11.45) £4.00 (£2.00) CHESTER COLLEGE ARTS ° • VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 L10 Chester College Arts is a newly-formed organisation with a firm commitment to the commission andandperformance of originalwithwork. The material for 1991 is comprised ofemphasis professional fledgling diverse on innovation. Newproduct work all day afrom onethematic till late. range and a shared ★ThreeLOGICAL PROGRESSION World Premiere. Triple-header from Andy Laughs Fearn. for the price of thought provocation. Satisfaction guaranteed. buckshee. Aug 2631 1.00pm (3.00) £3.00 (£2.50) FOR GOLDING A double-bill. Godot for experts and beginners. Golding forWAITING the Aug 2631none-too-pure. 3.30pm (5.00) £3.00 (£2.50) THE PENNY GAFF Victorian entertainment, robust interpretations of Shakespeare and 2631 Hardy combine Aug 6.30PM (7.in45)convivial£3.0Pculture; (£2.50) good fun for you too. ★ A THOUSAND NATURAL SHOCKS Do you dream? What do you dream of? Premiere Come Aug 26-31 of this 8.15pmimprovised (9.30) £3.play.00 (£2. 50) and dream. ★loveEPHEMERA Urban romance. Angelic observation. Blurred edges. An elegiac play for 10.the15pmdamned. Aug 2631 (11.30) Edinburgh £3.00 (£2.premiere 50) prior to European tour. THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) SOCIETY ° VENUE 111-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 337 7049 G8 FESTIVAL CEILIDH Welcome to an evening of traditional music in the Georgian surroundings of60th St Andrew' s & St George' s Church. The Clarsachdelightful Society this year celebrates its Anniversary in the traditions of Scotland' s oldest instrument Aug 23 7.with 30pm stirring (10.00) music £5.00of(£4.the00) pipes, fiddle, and Scots and Gaelic song. SHE' S LIKE THE SWALLOW Kate Thuillier sings and plays clarsach, from folk song19to court Aug 8.00pmsong,(9.30)ballad£4.to00art(£3.song. 00) CALL OF THE WEST Words and music from the Highlands and Islands. Florence Galbraith Aug 20 soprano 8.00pm (9.and 30) clarsach. £4.00 (£3.00)



Europe's foremost English-speaking touring company, in association with the Fakkel Teater, Antwerp celebrate their 10th wonderful year with three brilliant comedies:

fOOLS £ The Important Theatre Company


Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs Venue 23 Bistro Square Thursday 8th Aug - Saturday 31st Aug inclusive Everyday except Mondays D^3


14.15 -15.45

f 5 (£ 4)


18.15 -19.45

£ 5 (£ 4)


00.15 - 01.28

£ 4 (£ 3) IC3TF= TOURS

ADB //a/ffrka BusPems 34

All lighting + sound equipment kindly supplied by ADB, SIEMENS HOUSE I; WINDMILL RD j SUNBURY-ON-THAMES MIDDLESEX TW 16 7HS tel. 0932-752994 fax 0932-752969 Demonstration of equipment will take place everyday from 12.00-24.00 ■ We would like to acknowledge the kind support of the Ministery of the Flemish Community

THE CLARSACH SOOETY-continued MARY ANN KENNEDY & CHARLOTTE PETERSEN Two harps, one voicecarving Aug 21 a place 8.00pmfor(9.3themselves 01 C4.00 (£3.in Scotland' 00) s traditional mus>c scene. MINSTRELS AND MAKARS A miscellany of traditional music with Anne Macdearmid voice19.and Aug 22 8.00pm 30) clarsach—Alistair £4.00 (£3.00) Marshall whistle and Northumbrian pipes. VENUE 118-Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Tickets 440 2159. PI Outer ON TREMBLING STRINGS Scotsclarsach. songs, ballads and Hebridean airs presented by Rosemary McKerchar voice and Aug 15 & 25 8.00pm 19.451 E4.00 (£3.00) FIDDLE, HARP & VOICE Isobel Mieras and Jim Ferguson present a lively programme Aug 17 & 24 of Scottish 8.00pm (9.4songs, 51 £4.airs00and(£3.0dances. 01 CLUNY FESTIVAL CENTRE °m'W Far enoughin from madding crowd, nestlingdecent at footvegetarian of Morningside Road,visibility, lies the ultimate Fringetheand excellence: no hassles, food, good reasonable prices the leading Edinburgh award-winning company: the NSTC. Plus OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE, OILY CART, the ABRACADABARETS, and workshops/masterclasses at noon, with Trestle director John Wright etc (seepublic Daily Diary). VENUE 53-Cluny 1, 1 Puny Drive, bottom Morningside Road. Tickets 452 9620 P2 SWEENEY TODDprevious (NSTC)NSTC Sondheim' s marvellous musical thriller trulyperformed' revealed at), last, outshining triumphs West Side Story (' f lawlessly Chicago Aug 931Aug(not('a8stunner' Suns) £3.0)0,7.etc. 35pm (10.15) £5.50 (£4.00) Preview Aug 9 is a charity performance for Christian Aid ★Wood. CARNIVAL STREET (NSTC) vulgar, affectionate —a modern Under Milk By2631Royal Insurance Award£4.Rich, winner Aug 1217, 5. 1 5pm (6. 3 0) 00 (£3.AIDS0David 0)MonitorBridel. (Week 2 at The Roxy). Aug 12 is a charity performance for Scottish VENUE 54-Cluny 2 (Cluny Ch. Hall), Cluny Gdns, bottom Morningside Rd. Tickets 452 9620 P2 ★ TENNESSEE ROSEAward (NSTC) by 1990 triple Sunday Times) winnerBrilliant Richardtragi-comedy Cameron. Tesco girl Independent with Tennessee(& Williams obsession. Aug 9-31 loot Sunsl 7. 5 0pm (9. 2 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 9 is a charity performance for MIMD ★ NO TENDER VOCABULARYA (NSTC) Powerfully affecting National Student DramaSunFestival of male1991 friendship. Aug 251 3.success. 35pmfor (4.Salvation 20) courageous £4.00 (£3.0exploration 0) Aug 191931is alootcharity performance Army ★ FORBIDDEN FRUIT wittily OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE in Forbidden Fruit. World premiere by new and relationships as a heterosexual actor writer challenged by0)explores AIDS.£5.50 his(£4.5experience Aug 1231 loot Sunsl 5. 0 5pm (7. 0 0) All profits to AIDS charities OILY CART in OFF THE WALLpuppets, An unmissable Slapstick Epic for younger children. Backed Y disasters, Aug 20-24with 11.D-l0-0am (noon) and 2.00pm (3.laughter, 00) £3.live 00 (£2.music 00 C) and mice. ABRACADABARETS presentwittyFUNNISSIMOI Drife, beautiful Walter Nimmo, Anne McCallum. Exquisitely quest for thewithworld'Jims most song. ('Marvellissimo' Aug 26-31 10.0Scotsman). 0pm (11.00) £5.00 CLYDE UNITY THEATRE <>•’•-•VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★Glasgow LOVE '9AMONG THE JUVENILES John Binnie (Fringe First Winner 1989). 1. Two best pals are in love—though not with each other. Finn' s in his first relationship and drama. it's sexy . . and scarey. Ailsa pines daily for her African lover.9.gay Aug 12.A14,tender 16,19.21,romantic 23 5.30pm (7.00) £4.50 (£3.50) KILLING ME SOFTLY A love affair between. . fresh a gay boy and a straight girl which goes10.beyond Aug 13,15,17.2sex. 0,22,2'U4 nexpectedly 5.30pm (7.0delightful 0) £4.50 (£3.50) and funny.' The Independent.

COMEDY IN TATTERS ° VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rim, Roxburgh PI, off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 COMEDY IN TATTERS Late night cabaret with three of Britain' s top comic regional performers: from'very London MILES(Sunday CRAWFORD whoNOELwasJAMES, supportandto iLenny Henry; from Wales why the engaging' Times) f you’ve ever considered Noah let Rotweillers onto the Arc, trip the absurd with KEN BELL from Nottingham. Aug 11-31 (not 13,2723) 11.15pm (12.45) £5.00 (£4.00) THE COMEDY STORE •• VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 THE CUTTING EDGE At last topical comedy with real bite. Team show with five top comics—latest London hit—outrageous ad-libbing —musical comedy—in brand new format for stand up. Stars: Bob Boyton, Dave Cohen, Richard Morton, Linda Smith, Mark Thomas.show 'Not only hilarious . . genuinely achieves something different' Time Aug 17Out. 25 Different 7.00pm (8.45) every £5.50night. (£4.50) COMEDY STORE PLAYERS ° ’ VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 COMEDY STORE PLAYERS Excellent' Guardian. ' T he long improvised comedy shows from thisstillamazingly talented their team effectiveness; remain established the benchmark against which other outfits need to measure they work to present spontaneous comic invention at its very best' Time asOut.a true Bookensemble Aug 0pmearly.(10.(10.115)5) £7.£8.5500 (£5. (£6.550)0) Aug 24,262825 9.9.000pm COMEDY ZONE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 COMEDY ZONE best evening of cabaret at the festival. Featuring: hilariously hardhitting, tabooThe bashing subversive ALANandPARKER —URBAN WARRIOR ('truly alternative' NME), the splendidly sarcastic sardonic STEWART LEE (' b rilliant' Times), himselfsandfunniest King double-act, of cool, MARK ('hysterically Time Out)Mrhumour' andCasual the Scotsman). country' CHRISLAMARR & GEORGEI' delightfulfunny' sidesplitting Aug 731 loot Aug 13 & 291 10. 1 5pm (12mi d ni g ht ) £6.50 IT5.00I Mon Thur £7.00 (£5.50) Fri Sun LA COMPAGNIE DU PARTI-PRIS ° • >3 VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★festival. LIFE LaSUPPORT La Compagnie du Parti-Pris —back for their second year at'Ltheife Compagnie present theirmingles newly with devisedtheshow, a tragicomedy called Support' . The scent of flowers stench of entrails in hospital corridors. Misconstrued relationships and bizarre accidents are regular occurrences in this11-24turbulent Aug loot 17 &world. 181 2.30pm (3.30) £3.00 (£2.50)

DAVE COHEN VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ DOGWhoby Dave Cohen & Nick Whitby. Michael talks Dave to plants.Anne-Marie talksplayto God. talks sense? Brilliant new play with Cohen. His first 'Smouldering Globules'Hydewas—and'a sparkling cocktail’ The Stage, 'side-splitting' NME. Also Aug 931starring loot 20,Sheila 27) 5.15pm (6.30)featuring £5.00 Michael (£4.00) Redmond as the voice of Dog.

COMPANY THEATRE ° VENUE 36-Festi«al Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 The critics wrote in ' 8 9: ' P erformances of astonishing accomplishment' THETIMES. LIST. ''ESend xcellent ensemblethrough playing their packing a furious emotional punch' FESTIVAL shockwaves audience . . leaves one . . with a new perception' THE STAGE.surprises 'Matureofunderstanding of the power memorable the festival’ REVIEW ‘89. of drama . . one of the . . WINGS Award-winning play by Arthur Kopit. 'Nothing is as it was. Something beyond Aug 13-24comprehension 6.00pm (6.55)has her£3.5in0 (£2.its5grip. 0) ' THE SHOEMAKER' S WONDERFUL WIFE -Lorca. Mix people and puppets, farce and fable,7.00pmtradition Aug 13-24 (7.55) and£3.innovation 50 (£2.50) for this vibrant production. Awon'PEASANT OF EL SALVADOR IfLIST. you want hard-hitting political drama . . you t do any9.better Aug 13-24 30pm (10.than15) this'£3.THE 50 (£2.50) ★andTHE FLOOD Radio station reports as London is flooded . . by pornography. Fast witty late10.evening Aug 1324 30pm (11.1play. 5) £3.50 (£2.50)

COLLAR AND T.I.E./OTHER VOICES ° » VENUE 73-Parado»)Paradox at The Wee Red Bar, Lauriston Place. Tickets 229 1003 K7 ★ OUTSIDERS isAsa wierd, fantasynational that dealstour,withthis society' with uniformity.between parttwo ofcompelling a trail-blazing is as obsession landmark collaboration professional companies, a theatre-in-education team and a company of actors with learning difficulties. There's nothing else like it at the Aug 12-17 2.30pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) THE COLLYERS COMPANY ° VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 THE CREATION OF THE WORLD AND OTHER BUSINESS Lucifer, you' re as COSMIC PERVERT!' ' B ut who made me that way?' ' G o to HELL!!' Arthur Miller' psalm' dancetheshow fratricide—and envy. Lucifer may be RIGHT,19 25n'but Last(9.about Word God, is £4.with0America, —OK? (Unsuitablepenis for Fundamentalists.) Aug 00pm 0(9.(£3.3God Aug 2631 (not 8.Thurs 29) 35) 7.45pm 5)00)

CONFEDERACY OF FOOLS •••• VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Brislo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. U) ★of LOVE-A PSYCHOLOGICAL PERVERSITY by Tony Dunham. British premiere incisive comedy whichtogether has already played toseekfull guidance houses throughout Europe. Krissie and Steve, living for four years, from Verity, a selfstyled psychosexual counsellor. Performed by Germany's foremost Englishspeaking Aug 8-31 (nottheatre Mons) company. 6.15pm (7.45) £5.00 (£4.00) ★Antwerp. HEARTLAND by Tony withofthetheFakkel Teater, Neil searches for Dunham. Ms Right Ain co-production the secret world lonely-hearts columns. Aug 8-31 (not Mons) 2.15pm (3.45) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ THE WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL WORLDpast, OF THEATRE performed by minutes. Tony Dunham and RichardSEXY Blain—The present andWritten futureandof theatre Aug 831 inloot73Mons) 12.15am (1.28) £4.00 (£3.00) 35



"DON'T MISS THIS OUTSTANDING NATURAL COMEDIAN" The Independent THE PLEASANCE 9.00 pm AUGUST (Except Tues. 13th. 7th. & Thurs.- 31st. 29th.) Box Office Tel: 031 556 6500

Contain8 piano nose balancing "Hilarious Victor Borge of stand-up ^ comedy"

'Supremely brilliant comedians"

Plus International super pianist

THREE HIT SHOWS IN ONE The Queens Hall 11.00pm August 23rd, 24th & 25th Box Office - Tel: 031 668 2019 36

"Beige superstar" The Guardian Hosted by

CONSENTING ADULTS THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★ SWEETin LAND OF LIBERTY A darklyhavecomic, sometimes shocking at an America which individual freedoms become obsolete. Two gaylookcouples attempt to pass for straight and to live their lives, despite constant intrusions by a block Hug 12 31captain (not Monrequesting 191 2.00pmurine13.samples, 30) £5.0babies 0 (£4.00)and blonde hair. Mature theme., CORKY AND THE JUICE PIGS '•'W VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 CORKY AND THE JUICE PIGS Canada' s Comedy Sensation 'leave This you breathless . . were a verytheslickundisputed little comedy cabaret' Beat Magazine, Australia. hilarious trio hits of the MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL. '.B. ringing to tears of laughter . .with would somebody give these guys a TV show .' 931Torontome11.Sun. Aug 00pmCome (12.30) and £5.party 00 (£4.00) Canada's comic crazies! PHIL CORNWELL & RICK STONE •••• VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 ★on ONCE UPON A TIME IN TOTTENHAM HALE Dave and Bi l y , often overheard the Steve Wright show, celebrate ten years in business together sharing reflections on the pastan' and dreams glories while they wait beneath the burning London . . (5.30)of future Aug 9-15, 20-22.26.sun4.2800pm 31 (5.that34.0)00pm Aug 16,17,128.3-25 £7.00 (£6.0£6.0) 00 (£5.00) NINA CORTI, FLAMENCO INSPIRATION ° 1 2»3 VENUE 127-St John’s Church, West End, Princes Street H6 NIGHTSoneINof THE GARDENS OFexciting SPAINFlamenco Featuresdancers. the exciting artistry of Nina Corti, theis matched world' s most Her expressive and colourful style by traditional Spanish guitarists and Gypsy singers alongside internationally known classical and jazz musicians. Her performance radiates genuineness, Aug 1924 power,8.00pm (9.00) £5.protest, 00 (£4.0courage, 0) pride, joy, charm and enchantment. COSMORAMA THEATRE COMPANY q » VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 EVE ' N ' AFTER A sparkling mixture of songs, satire, absurdities and aphorisms flowing fromEnjoy the pens of women through one the ages and brought to Parker you byand3 women ofsatire the with 90s. a gossip with Sappho, liners with Dorothy social Aug 26-31 Liz6.0Lochhead. 5pm (7.40) £4.50 (£3.50) GRAEME COULAM ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF THE POLL TAX Comedy impressions from BBC scriptwriter Graeme. An inventive, entertaining, after-work tonic of topical stand-up and sketches, seasoned' . .with occasional When high last jinks at the. . Fringe, The Scotsman applauded, sparkled witsobriety. and buoyant very funny indeed onwith Aug 12-24. . amongst b.lOpm (6.the55)very £3.best00 (£2. 0offer’. 0 UPDCY, under 21s) CRACKING INSERT THEATRE COMPANY ° 1 VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 ANTIGONE Cracking Antigone exposes s scenario moral andwhich metaphysical preoccupations. The playInserts' into aimpossible, powerfulAnouilh' modern reflects, 'a true realism because weis)is thrust know the it isreal inideal,everyday life, tofrom distinguish between fact and (what right, from the psychology ethics' Sat re. Aug 19-31 (not Sun 25) 4.00pm (5.45) £5.00 (£4.00) CREWE JUNCTION PERFORMANCE GROUP ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ANDROMACHE by Jean Racine. ' I t is better to have loved and lost—Racine' s searing tragedy of sexual passion, madness andsolarpolitical intrigue in a tovisually stunning production that aims straight for the plexus—' t han never have loved at al l . ’ Aug 11-20 mot Sun 18) 4.1bpm (S.45) 24.00 (£3.50) CRUMPET THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE BO-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 BILLY LIAR by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. The acclaimed Crumpet Theatre Company return to the Fringe with this classic Sixties comedy. The story of an imaginative fightingof the to get out of histherecomplacent cliche-ridden background. Yet 2531 beneath youth, the Aug 3.00pmhilarity (5.00) £3.situation, 00 (£2.50) are also deeper implications. CRUX OF THE MATTER THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 55-Randolpli Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 G4 GALLOWS HUMOUR ' P lease, I' m just 43556; you can' t expect a number topriormaketo love. ' The whoreexecution, and the hers murderer meet. His objective toa remain peaceful hisbetween imminent to seduce him. Through turbulent confrontation Aug 26-31 sex8.and 00pmdeath, (9.10) an £4.explosive 00 (£3.00)clash of lifestyles emerges.

RICHARD CUMING ° ->^3 VENUE 73-Parado» ) Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, Lauriston Place. Tickets 229 1003 K7 BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES If you' r e looking for an entertaining show packed with visual gags, clowning, acrobatics and lots more then TURN UP, SIT BACK AND ENJOY. Suitable for'Innovative all ages and a must for...those in pursuit of a good time. 'Hilarious' Due50South. Aug 12-24 (notStage. Sun 18) 12.45pmand(1.4entertaining 5) £3.00 (£2.0a0 must' SUPDY)(£1. 0 CURRIED GOAT ° VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco’s, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Si. Tickets 229 8830 K3 THE CURRIED GOAT COMEDY SHOW This Footlights spin-off triostand-up. arrive inIt Edinburgh with a frenetic hour of fast-paced sketches, songs and includes the best material from four Cambridge 'Oscar Wilde Remembered' and 'their BernardlastShaw Dismembered'extravaganzas, . 'High qualityincluding . . .truly inventive' Aug 12-24 (notVarsity. Sun 18) 6.15pm (7.15) £4.00 (£3.00) C.U.S.S./FOOTLIGHTS ° VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centra 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 U0 ACambridge FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM Fresh from their sell-out success, the CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS/C.U.S.S. present this alternative and hilarious production of Stephen Sondheim' s dazzling musical farce set in Ancient Rome—bawdy brothels, sumptuous slave-girls, raucous Romans, orderly Aug 1931orgies—Oooh (not Sun) 9.err15pm. . (10.a real 45) 'Comedy £5.00 (£3.Tonight' 50) . THE CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. ° ’•*»3 VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 18 ★ DEARvirtuosity. ISABEL An' . .adaptation of Measure forinnovative Measure,Shakespeare combining vocal skill and physical the most exciting and . . ' Glasgow Herald. Aug 12, 2.30pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) WICKED BASTARD OF VENUS A sidewaysThe look at Shakespeare's As You Like It. ' . . 13.chilling Aug 15,17,2and 0.22.2dynamic 4 2.30pm. . '(3.Pat45) Ashworth, £4.00 (£3.00) Guardian. VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ROALD S REVOLTING RHYMES '. . The . Thoroughly enjoyable and should not beexpertise missedDAHL' by adults and children alike . Custard Factory display obvious . . give them a TV seriesAuden I say!' The List 1990. 'I laughed so much I nearly fell Aug off12-24my(notseat' Mon Shazia, 19) 10.George 30am (11.30) School. £4.00 (£2.50) FUNNYSIDE PRESENT Another Side of... B0BDILUN6ER with special guest CAROLINE AHERNE ‘Dillinger would get my Perrier Award if the stuff didn’t make mefeel sick ’

APPEARING AT THE PLEASANCE UPSTAIRS 7th-31 August Performance time 9.00 pm 37

ZMSuardian/HARP PREMIER International Student Drama Award

CYGNET TRAINING THEATRE ° VENUE 82-Southside ’91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 AS YOU LIKE IT Shakespeare' s delightful comedy—a timeless fairy-tale of malojiI1 recovery andBrookian the magical elements of 'Flove. CYGNET'splaying young .professionals this a truly celebration of life. ine ensemble . probably the exposition of the text I have heard . . ideal child's introduction to Shakespeabt ti Guardian. Aug W4.15,17,18,22,24,28.29,31 2.30pm (4.30) E4.0D (E3.00I HOBSON' S CHOICE Classic North Country comedy. Authentic period flavor Strong Aug 13,1performances. 8.19,21,23,25,28.30'CYGNET 2.30pmCompany (4.301 go£4.0from 0 (£3.strength 00) to strength' Guardk \ CYT PRODUCTIONS ° •’•j; VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 MR. PUNTILA AND HIS MAN MATTI by Bertolt Brecht. Brecht' s unique rarelylivesperformed comedy. hisPuntila—genial tyrant—plays havoc waB t the of itshislimits servants, womenwithanda drunkard/petty theuttingloyalty of. Visually his chauffeur, Matti. loyalty has . . a comedy ' c edge' original, incisij Augtyi2-24 (not Mon 19) 5.15pm (6.45) £4.00 (£3.50) DANCE BAG ° ^ VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 LOCO' This innovative London-based company presents a diverse collection j; dance, physical theatre andstimulating performance art. Working throughsituations improvisation group aims to construct and thought-provoking employit !j; image, movement and original sound scores. Aug 2831 10.30am (11.45) £3.50 (£3.00) D. C. ELLIS ° < VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 ]» D.C.ELLIS Without a doubt—one of this year'—hour s highlights. Thisof8-piece powerhou bring you the best in funk from Scotland long slabs some of the mo ti infectious dance music around. The D. C . E IIis experience will leave you tired, sweaj! and 19,exhilerated. don'50 tSUPDCY miss this& Fringe show!Club Members) Aug 0pmBring(10.3a0)towel—but £5.50 (£4. TICKET20PRIGS9.0INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING J THE DEAF HEIGHTS ° VENUE 2-Frin9e Club Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 | THE DEAF HEIGHTS ' S ET ME FREE' The Deaf Heights are doing 6 early show, after last year' s sell-out midnight dance. ' T ight choppy Cajun accordian goes wi| clipped accents soSetthatMerumbling numbersa staging like Call post, Freedom highland fling dka well as Scots bayou stomp. Free isonmerely theyMaker. could head anywhere next’ Folk Roots. ' V erging the wonderful' Melody 5 Aug Aug 2527,30,31 29 PRICE 8.30pmINCLUDES (10.9.000pm 0) (10.FRINGE £5.30)50 (£4.CLUB 50 SUPDCY & Fringe CluFOR b Members) TICKET MEMBERSHIP THE EVENING 1

See for yourself the very best of Student Drama...the winner of The Guardian/Harp Premier International Student Drama Award at the Assembly Rooms in the Ballroom on Monday, 26 August at 7.45 pm. Tickets £2.50 from the Assembly box office. $1 P R EM I E R 38

TACK DEE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 JACK DEE with The miserable of comedy is love back.andDry,petdeadpan andt miss. hilariouj Dee morosebastard reflections food.'SDon' 'Tffl best returns newStandard. stand-upmoreto appear this side of onthelife,Atlantic' Guardian. eriously funrw Evening Aug 915,1822.2831 l O . O Opn Aug 18,17,23,24,25 10.00pm RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY '•293jjt VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. The Richard Demarco Gallery’s 25thagain Anniversary programme by Jamelr O'andBrien and Jane Macallister-Dukes, represents the bestKantor, ofdevised theBeuys, international national avant-garde: RichardMacbeth Demarcoand whoTheintroduced TattoL: and Giro Theatres, the Inchcolm Collective of Natural presents a performing arts programme unparalelled o e Fringe. Disasters)!! ★Talking SLIGHT POSSESSION by David Farr. Two women. A visitor. A thriller Hilarious and inventive' The Guardian. 'Shattering intensity'frorff 7M’ List.12-24Tongues. Aug (not Sun 18) 12noon (12.40) £3.50 (£2.50) I ★ THREE PLAYS FOR TOTHEKILL.DEAD by AngusScotsman. Reid. MOON-CALF/THE TROUBll WITH THE DEAD/HOW ' A triumph' Moon-call Aug. . Aug 12-2223,24 1.00pm1.00pm (1.55) £3.50 (£2.50) 1 The Troubl How to Kile Aug 24 9.15pm (10.00)(1.50) ★Bulgakov. THE MASTER AND MARGARITA-FOUR CORNERS THEATRE CO. I The Devil arrivesin Bulgakov' in Moscow and wreaks havoc . . Dreams, fantasy, ar.story-telling Aug 12-24 (not intermingle Sun 18) 2.30pm (4.15) s comic £4.50 (£3.masterpiece 50) about Stalinist Russia.'! ★ LA GIOCONDA—OPEN STAGE knife; Mona Lia^ smiles. Rich, physical. The secret historyLeonardo of a snuffsharpens picture. his'Excellent, remarkablid clarity'12-24Northern Aug (not Sun Star. 18) 4.45pm (5.45) £4.00 (£3,00) ★ AMERICAN TAILS —CACTUS PRICKof uncensored IS COMING!!! Loi Angeles based performance art groupPRICK brings itsCACTUS masterpiece satiric*) social1217commentary Aug 6.00pm (6.to50)Edinburgh. £4.00 (£2.50) ★ A GAME BILLYandGOAT Elerts. ETS (Riga):enmeshed surreal a....in striking drama.WITH Daphnis Chloya,SONGS innocentby Umars love between children, a rambling Aug 12-24 (notbacchanalia. Sun 18) 7.30pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.00)

★ READINGS FROMtheSHAKESPEARE ANDonTHE ROMANIAN inPOETS Ion Caramitrou announced Romanian Revolution TV. Vice-president the bloody aftermath, Aug 12-17 lead 9.15pmactor(10.0at5) the t4.Bulandra. 5D (£3.50)Six Edinburgh performances. ★ THEdemonic OVERCOAT A new adaptation Katie London. bureaucracy and haberdashery byTriumphant' TotteringbyScotsman. Bipeds whose Monstrous 1989 hit The Chairs' transferred to Sadlers Wells. ' Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 10.30pm (11.40) £5.50 (£4.50) ★ IN THE RUINSwriter-director OF SONG byofEric'WPrince. Echoes .of 'UBeckett and Bunel, from award-winning ildsea-Wildsea' nforgettable imagery' Guardian. Aug 12-24 (nut Sun 18) 12 midnight (1.10) £3.50 (12.501 ★ TOUCHED-RUTLAND by Stephen women Lowe. 'Tduring ouched'theis aclosing lyrical examination of theWarhopes andTHEATRE despair ofCONottingham months of World II. Aug 1924 5.55pm (7.25) £3.50 (E2.50) NATURE-THE GRAND toOPERA OF OKLAHOMA (UK)theatre' uses music, and low-tech stageandmachinery create distinctive 'unfinished which isfilmcomic, atmospheric heartfelt. ver memorable' Aug 2631 12noon (1,00) 'Et3.50 (£2.50) Scotsman. BLACK COMEDY—TPN A colonel, hisBe daughter, her fiancee, hisSTUDENT lover, an DRAMA electricianbyandPetera Schaffer. buddha. Confused? convulsed! Aug 26-31 1.30pm (2.50) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ OPERETKA—R.S.9 STUDIOSZINHAZ premier frompathos Hungary. The monumental idiotism of operetta which matchesWestern the monumental of history. Avant-garde its best. Aug 26-31 at3.30pm (5.30) £4.00 (E3.00) ★ PATHEDY OFWorldMANNERS/LES BALLET FOUNDATION Premiere: BalletKayECHES-ANGLO-AMERICAN at the atmospheric Demarco Gallery topspace. Aug 2631The themes, 6.00pm (7.a0poem 0) £4.by0Ellen 0 |£3.0P) and the game of chess. LARRY ADLER—AD LIB Larry Adler and his celebrated one-man musical comedy AD 26-31 LIB. Could7.3DpiyouB possibly Aug (9.00) find £7.50a(£4.better 50) title? ★PREMIERE LIVING FROM SPACE-THE COLLECTIVE NATURALamazing DISASTERS HUNGARY: from 'an absoluteOFwonder—an piece ofWESTERN physical dexterity and24,applied Aug 19-30 (nut 25) control 9.15pm (10.10) a solitary £4.00 (£3.actress' 00) Scotsman. ★WESTERN A STOPPREMIERE IN THE FROM DESERT-GRUPA CHWILOWA by Krzysztof Borowiec. POLAND: Theforfirstthejoint Polish-Russian production in the 26-31 history of11.theatre. Aug 00pm (midAnigstaggering ht) E4.50coup IE3.50) Fringe. ★ DOGS FROM FILMBrazil, PRODUCTION Performed by wild,CAIRO—THEATRE men, AND a girl from cello from(AUSTRIA) Weimar, Japanese soprano: insophisticated honour of Theophrastus Paracelsus, acontroversial medicinea man (1493-1541). Aug 26-31 12.30am (2.30) £3.50 (2.50) ★ STABATdel arte, MATER-LABORATORIA SETTIMO In the tradition comedia the avant from Italy.TEATRO Experimental theatre—working outsideof theatre: FOR garde Aug 12-17 CALLTimasVENUE and prices toLOCATIONS. be arranged by hosts STAGE 84s leading SCENARIOS ofA presentation of award-winning classics by the North of★ England' Aug 2024 10.30am (11.school 30) E2.performing 50 (£1.50) arts. VENUE fl-Edinburgh Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road. J5 UNIVERSITY SQUARE (FILM AND TALK)Square' —ION CARAMITROU Compiled from video, 8mm, 16mm footage, ' U niversity bears witness to the true events culminating in the Romanian Revolution. See10.30pm Daily{miDiarydnightfor) dates£3.50 (£2.50) DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS VENUE 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 Edinburgh' s ownAssembly unique award-winning community venue—' between the sponsored polish of the Rooms and the dire risks of the commercialised Fringe is a placemusic, wherepoetry, reason dance prevails'and. Open 10am-12pm. Cafe. Over shows, including. . theatre, our usual wide variety of arts40 workshops. 'mother-daughter NIGHT, MOTHER-AMERICAN CONNEXION Pulitzer Prize-winner, relationship on an evening during which their lives are exploring profoundlya changed. Aug 2631 5.15pm (6.45) £3.50 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only SONGS MEANING-CARLOS ARREDONDO and workshops. Beautiful, WITH passionate, deeply Latin AmericanofShow performance plus an opportunity for children to00)exploremoving music and education Chile. Show: Aug 24 9. 0 0pm (10. £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) Workshops: Aug 20-22 IQ.ISain (10.45) £2.00 (£0.50) All tictots at venue only THE LOST PRINCE-BRAHMA KUMARIS CENTRE A prince's quest to regain happiness a meditational Aug 19-25 and7.30pm (8.30) Freeexperience to unlock hidden treasures. THE SOOPA DOOPA GAZOOPHA-CATCH THEATRE COMPANY by Chris Ballance. with(1the findonlthe Aug 1217 Battle10.10am 1.10) bullies£2.in00Toyland (£1.00) in the Ticketrace * at tovenue y elusive Gazoopha. VERNACULAR-COMMON by Bil Dunlop. Problem! You let★ SCOTTISH an1217English9.0woman sayFORCE thatat venue England' Aug 0pm (10.1bury 5) your £3.50dead, (£2.50)then Tickett onlys got a problem?' PROSPERO' S MAGIC BOOK-DAYLIGHT THEATRE An uproarious touching of Shakespeare's enchanting 'Tempest' for children fromand4 to 7.510 simplification Aug 9.45am (10.45) £2.50 (£1.50) Tickett at venue only THE TEMPEST-DAYLIGHT THEATRE Prospero' s quest for freedom on Shakespeare' enchanted production Aug 5-10 11.s45am (12.45) island. £3.00Our (£2.0thirtieth 0) Tickets at vamieforonlyages eight to eighty. DO A DUET How long can these women remain anonymous? Deaf defying harmonies—dry Aug 1215 10.45pmdelivery! (11.45) £3.50 (£3.00) Tickets at venue only

CEDRIC III —DOUBLING UP Shurley Shakespeare's Works' mishtake? The long neglected play—so Aug 26 31 38th10.15are (11.15) bad £3.it didn' 00 (£2.t 0make 0) theTicket'C*omplete at venue only . EDINBURGH WRITERS franticfromFursdays-four packed with poetry, humour,ASSOCIATION songs and wittyFourstories the cream of evenings Scottish performance Aug 8,15,22,29 poetry. 8.15pm (9.45) Free ★workRESONANCES-ELECTRIC MOTION DANCE COMPANY Dynamic new very good, expressive' Stage 'show of the day’ Radio Forth.12-17in dance6.1improvisation—' Aug 5pm I7.3PI £3.00 (£2.00) Tictots at venue only CIRCLES-EVERYWOMAN THEATRE COMPANY Women's rage battling against Aug 15-17the faceless 11.30am (12.system. 40) A£3.play 50 (£1.about 50) women' Tictetis struggle at v«wu« foronlypower and change. THE GREAT GATSBRIDGE BANK ROBBERY CHILDREN' S THEATRE andMysterious Uncle Jim,hilarious dangerousCAPER-FANFARE bank-robber Panto or a millionaire?Aug Join style. 2124 in Lenny 11.15»m (12.1Jackie' 5) £3.s 5fun0 l£2.filled 50) Tictotichildren' »t venuesonlshow. y NEW WORLDS-FIRST CHANCEbeauty. THEATRE DANCE COMPANY presents a journey Aug 1217into 11.a variety 30am (12.of3D)imaginary £3.00 (£2.0P) Choreography Ticket* at vanuabyonlyLouisa Livornese. ★Lumborg' CHALK's hilarious N'TALK new Hot from Liverpool, F. M . B . M . Theatre Company present Denis 'You'50)ll laughTickets untilatyour Aug 26-31 8.40pm (10.10) comedy. £3.50 (£2. »enu«sides only split.' BOREDmust —FLUSHreliefTHEATRE Cut your festival teeth on this early offering. The bored Aug 510 1.find 50pm (3.15) despite £3.00the(£2.odds. 00) Tickets at venue only GALVARINO CERON-CARRASCO Solo guitar music fromandLatin America, played by Galvarino ine technique Aug 57 10.1Ceron-Carrasco. 5pm (11.15) £3.0'0Intriguing' (£2.00) 'fTickets at venue only subtlety' Scotsman. SOME SILLY, SATIRICAL Graham sings ofSLIGHTLY food-poisoning, sets theSONGS-SHEILA tabloids to music, GRAHAM and recreatesSheila the sublime Aug 1924 Florence 12.40pmFoster (1.35)Jenkins. £3.00 (£2.00) Tickets at vmm only LOVERS: WINNERS / THE TELL-TALE HEART-KILLING THE CAT THEATRE COMPANY Brian Friel's Lovers: Winners and a new adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale lovers: nners:Heart. 1924 3.11.5pm55pm(4.(3.00)03) £3.00 (£1.50) TelBothl Talshows: e WiHeart: AugAug(£2.1924 CAM 00) Tictott at veiwa only FLOOERS O EDINBURGH —ROBIN LAING A posy of songs and other cultural blooms giving a fragrance past present. Aug 2116 &Si 2217 10.9.145pm5pm(10.(11.30)45)of Edinburgh £3.50 (£2. 50) and Aug Tickets at venue only ★ LOCHLEVEN —LEITHincarceration REP. COMMUNITY Premiere. The story of Mary, islandTHEATRE Aug 1924Queen7.of25pmScots' (8.25) £3.00 (£2.0on0) the Tickets atfortress venue onlofy Lochleven. ★ THE RETURN OF THE LIVING SHANGALANG-MOVING PARTS THEATRE our onlheroes Aug 510 GROUP 8.20pm (9.3Scotland 3) £3.0denied 0 (£2.00)its culture. Tickats Can at v«wue y save the day? EVERYONE’S GONE TO DUNOON-THE MSFITS Scottish, feminist, funny. The dynamic Scotsman. Aug 1924 duo10.are50pmback.(11.5'0)Brilliant,£3.5should 0 (£2.50)not beTicmissed' ket* it venue only ★ NEW SENSES(Explicit by Petralanguage.) Mathema. Scenes of noise, scars, dogs andWORK-TROUBLED sleep11.45am from(12.a 4ten-day Aug 26-31 5) £3.period. 50 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only BITIN' THE CHERRY-ONE WOMAN ONE SONG CO. about with Lisa Grindall. Darleenonly). Cherry, Scotland's country queen kissesTHEATRE 'n' confesses life 'Augn' love (adults 510 3. 4 0pm (4. 4 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 8 10.15pm (11.15) Tickets at venue only BRUNEL'ofS theDAUGHTER-PRIVATE THEATRE GROUP1989Triumphs and troubles great engineer told by hisAYEteenage daughter—by Fringe First Aug 810 5. 1 5pm (6. 1 5) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 1214 7.45pm (8.45) Tickets at venue only ★ NATURAL ATTRACTIONS—OPEN green's green? How deep roots? Press 89/91: 'Witty' E.N.; 'Delightful'THEATRE Stage: 'OHow utstanding' List: 'Triumphant' Scotsman. Aug 1217 1.15pm (3.15) £3.50 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only ★ THE COMPLETE TO THEATRE-QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE AND DRAMAUTTER DEPT, byGUIDE Andy Mackie. 'Wit, originality . . superb Aug 1524irreverence' {not Sun 18) Scotsman. 4.15pm (5.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only MAJOR MINORS-REBECCA WALKER DANCE STUDIOS Exuberant youthful veteran Aug 1924performers 6.10pm (7.in10)aspects£3.5of0 (£2.musical 50) vaudeville. Tickets at venue only SIDE SPLITTERS Stand-up bunch comedy/sketches/music . . it's all here with this experienced Aug 9 8, 10 but10.1(non-trendy) 5pm (11.45) £3.50 (£2.of 5fun-loving 0) Ticketscomics. at venue only SHAKERS —STOWE PLAYERS John Godber and Jane Thornton's Shakers takes us into Aug 2631the centre 7.10pm of(8.1the 0) lives£3.5of0 (£2.four50)cocktail Ticketswaitresses. at venue only STRAVAIG Acapella foursome. in traditional, contemporary and musicfemale hall songs. PopularBeautiful throughoutharmonies Scotland —radio and TV broadcasts. Aug 1517 Folk-Aid 7.40pm (8.for45) Lockerbie £3.50 (£2.concert. 50) Tickets at venue only STREET FIGHTING MAN-THEATRE SHACK by John Bett. A fast-moving and disturbing 1978.only Aug 2631 psychological 1.15pm (2.30) comedy, £3.00 (£2.first00)performed Tickets atin venue ★ NOT andWALKING ON THE CRACKS-THEATRE TOURING TAYSIDE A musical of a runaway Aug 2631 3.dramatic 15pm (4.35)insight£3.into 50 (£2.the50)worldTickets at vanue onlgirl.y ★RoseENandATTENDANT FRANCOIS by David Campton. Trial Error Productions. wrongat venue . . onland Aug 5-10 Mavis' 6.45pms (7.blind45) date£3.goes 00 (£2.hilariously 00) Tickets y UMKHAMBATHI African group. exciting combination of dance and music using an Scottish-South ensemble of traditional AfricanAninstrumentation (the experience is stimulating). Aug 2631 10.40pm (11.40) £3.50 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only 39

DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS—eonf/noet/ POETRYfromANDthe magazine PROSE FROMreadUNDERSTANDING LITERARY MAGAZINE Writers Aug 2628, 30 7.30pm 110.0will 0) Freetheir work. Readers from the floor are welcome. LOW LIFE return after last year' s triumphant production with more details of love, life and Aug 12-14 sex from 4.20pmthe15.3'01dark side' £3.5.0 (£2.50) Tickets at venue only D.M.D.C. ••• VENUE 113-Holy Corner Centre, Chamberlain Road. N3 THE EXORCISM by Don Taylor. A mysterious web is woven around aofrenovated 17th century cottage. Two couples climax. find themselves involved in aghost seriesstory macabre events, which build to a terrifying A thought-provoking which will 1024 make(notyourSuns)hair stand Aug 8.00pmon (10.end.00) Be warned! £4.00 Be there!

DOWNE HOUSE CHORAL VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church S The Arc, Jeffrey Street Downe Housetradition. ChoralInis recent the senior Berkshire girls'in school renowned f|,i itsand musical yearsandchoir thetheirofchoiraperformances have toured thisbeencountry, Fran$. the United StatesThisof small America have greeted v\ unanimous acclaim. group of dedicated musicians look forward to seeiijj! YOU at their performances. ORPHEUS ANDinEURIDICE by GLUCK (sung English). A gracious opera composed 1762, aroused fury atin the time but remains Baroqt| an loved26favourite to(8.this day.£3.Orpheus Performance in Church. Aug 7. 3 0pm 4 5) 0 0 (£1. 5 0) Aug 27 & 28 3.00pm (4.45) Aug 28 6.30pm (7.45) VENUE 105-St. Giles' Cathedral, High Street, Royal Mile. SUNDAY ATchoir ST. GILES' CHORAL CONCERT a polishedv\arf‘ experienced in a items. concert of choral music toEnjoy suit alllistening tastes tointerspersed solo25and instrumental DOUBLE EDGE DRAMA 0 , , ^ Aug 6. 0 0pm (6. 5 0) Free-no tickets necessary VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 89-National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street. THE ZOO STORY ★a GEOMETRY A doublein abill.fatalThecombination. Zoo Story:Absurdist Jerry, a VENUE LUNCH TIME choral CONCERT Feelsungfreein these to dropsplendid in to hear a varied programme 4| schizophrenic meets and Peter, bourgeois American, unaccompanied surroundings. drama with undertones of the crucifixion. Geometry: a new short play in which four Aug 29 12.45pm (1.45) musicFree-no tickets necessary young people act out a black magic ritual. Not suitable for young children. Aug 2631 5.45pm (7.301 £2.50 (£2.00 SUP) THE DOUG ANTHONY ALLSTARS • • » » VENUE 37-George Square Theatre, George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 THE DOUG ANTHONY ALLSTARS-GOOD AND EVIL1943D*Hitler Atk A*conspiracy S-The Doug Anthony Allstars present Good & Evil. Mexico vents its Hump. spleen' Carnage. Tribal warfare and sex. Definitely not written by'profanity Beckett. Aug 931 (not Grunt. 13,18.29) 10.1Pork. 5pm (11.30) £7.00 (£6.00) BOB DOWNE •••• VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. LU THE BOB DOWNE REVUE The life size Ken doll is back. Witness the unstoppable rise of alla superstar . . he'who s the was high born priesttoofbehairspray, theaughKingyourself of crimplene, and above he' s the man beige. ' L stupid with manic comedy gloriously tacky songs' Guardian. Front row reserved forhilarious Bob Downe virgins.9.0and 13, 29)Thurs 0pm £8.Aug50731(£5.(not 50) Mon £7.00(10.(£6.00)00) Fri-Sun VENUE 72-Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 BEETHOVEN' S Tavare. NOT DEAD-HOSTED BY BOB DOWNE Miles & Millner, Bob Downe and Jim 3 performances only. Plus grand piano nose-balancing. Aug 2325 11.00pm (1.00) £8.00 The Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association Present The Edinburgh Festival BOOK

FAIR 5th -31st AUGUST Adam House Chambers Street Edinburgh First Day open 12 noon, then 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday 4 Festive weeks of a wide selection of secondhand and Antiquarian Books Maps and Prints Admission


DRAYLON UNDERGROUND VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. J^ DRAYLON UNDERGROUND' S TEA itsTIMEEdinburgh SCOFF debut. The London cabaret circuita I premiere comedy music act makes Come and enjoy afternoon feast ofCitycloseLimits. harmony and laughter. 'Polished, satirical, melodic and wt v worth catching' Aug 12. 19, 27) £5.4.405pm £4.50731(£3.(not 50) MonThurs 0 (£4.(5.00)451Fri-Sun THE DURHAM REVUE VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J, The people whospicy brought you lastTheyear' s selloutRevuesuccess 'My aLeftcomically Luggage'touchint retun i with two more offerings. Durham presents collection of songs and student sketchesrevue' as wellIndependent as the touchingly 'Our Day Out' . 'Funny 1990. comic Willy Russell stori 1 BESTIALITY KILLED THE collecting CAT Action-packed revue containing everything yoijo ever wanted to know about buttons. Aug 1124 (not Mon 19) 10.30pm (11.30) £3.50 (£3.00) || VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco’s, Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 Ki I OUR DAYschool OUT kids Chaos andwildhilarity abound in Willy Russell's play about a class o remedial Aug 11-24 (not Sun 18) on4.a30pm (6.day00) out.£3.50 (£3.00)

DURHAM UNIVERSITY STUDENT THEATRE q i VENUE 59-EdinfaurBh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 556 0461 Gt I ★moving THE short CHANCE by Peter Carey. World Premiere of the Booker Prizewinner' l story.revolution; A tragic Carey' love affair a dislocated futuristicThis society wit! lf|i freaks, drugsstunned and s visionsetisinunique and perceptive. powerfu production Durham. Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18) 4.30pm (5.40) £3.50 (£3.00) EASY TIGER THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 ★ FUNNY the Whatscript makesof usa novice laugh? writer. A soured comedy between hack seekstheirthedebates solutionand| byl developing performances of into the script itself,of comedy. Rooney and'VSwitching d'lnverno' s. innovative new'mesmeric' play offers! wicked insights the ' a rt' ery clever . very funny' . !( Aug 2031 10.00pm (11.30) £4.50 (£3.50) E.C. GLASS HIGH SCHOOL VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. * CO'N.JGhereTOWARD THEHighLIGHT At They' Fringere 'back 89 theywithgotanrave reviews theiLi .L‘*e After School.lauded original dramaforaboui AIDS. I®This unique play has been for theandpowerful delivers an important hope and effective way it Aug 12-17 12 noon (12.message 45) £3.of50 understanding (£1.00)

ECLECTIA WORDS AND MUSIC CO. VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 GJ ★ A MOSTputCURIOUS MURDER-THE MADELEINE SMITH STORY Awhos^3 self ! contident impressionable young girl in the clutches of a fortune seeker vindictiveness leads to theandmost8 sensational, famous and fascinating murder trial of the 19th J century. Aug ii ji Gripping o.lbpmnarrative (a.4b) E4.00 (£3.50) new, mainstream commercial songs.:i

EDINBURGH ACTING SCHOOL ° VENUE 50-Davis Snooker CKib, 24 Annandale Street. E12 EAS is back again this year with another exciting lunchtime—midnight programme forattract all ages set to topand1990' s SELLreviews—splendid OUT success. Ourfamily childrens' and adults' shows full houses glowing entertainment. Bar, cafe, restaurant from noon. THE ONES A lively, colourful cast ofYOUNG 7-17s in 1990'senergetic 'Sound production of Music' &by'Ltheion,large, Witchtalented & the Wardrobe' . Sunwho181 triumphed Aug 1224 (not 7. 3 0pm (9. 4 5) £4. 5 0 (£3. 7 51 Mutinies Aug 14,17,24 2.15pm (4.30) POETRY IN byMOTION! presentation humourous accompanied music andAmovement chosenof and performedandby moving 7-11 yearpoetry olds. Enchanting Aug 12-17 performances. noon (1.00) £3.50 (£2.75) ROCKstarted AROUND THE FIFTIES Foot stamping sell-out music and dancing from the decade that of EAS Aug 16,17,23.24.it30.all31by castII.OOpw (midi isHili't9) 0s total £4.50 (£3.75) ‘60s Revue! STAGS AND HENS Willy Russell' s hilarious play is set in the loos of a tacky Scottish Aug 2631AugClub317.3where 0pm2.1(9.5pmLinda 45)(4.30)and£4.5Dave 0 (£3.7hold 5) their hen & stag parties. Matinee EDINBURGH CIVIL SERVICE DRAMATIC SOCIETY - VENUE 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 447 7597. N3 MY THREE ANGELS by Sam and Bella Spewack. The Edinburgh Civil Servants celebrate their DIAMOND JUBILEE with the comedy which became the Bogart/Ustinov film 'WtheE'REproblems NO ANGELS' . French Guyana, shopkeeper, Christmas 1910. convicts help owner solve of Felix, a hopeless whenThree the unscrupulous Aug 610 7.35pm (10.arrives 00) £3.. . 50 (£2.50) EDINBURGH FESTIVAL VOLUNTARY GUIDES ASSOCIATION VENUE 78-Cannonball House. Castle Hil , Royal Mila Info 226 7467 J7 FREE TOURSold OFbuildings, THE ROYAL MILE itsRoyalbloodthirsty Mile on foot. Tread ancientWALKING closes, admire learn Deacon about pastmaker andanditsits notorious characters: Major Weir, the Wizard; Brodie, the cabinet burglar who perished on a scaffold of his own making; and many others. Visitors have5-31appreciated our10.tours since 1947. Aug Mon Sat 0 0am (11. 0 0) and 0pm (3.00) Free Sundaysstart2.00pm 00) intervals and2.0last Tours at 10(3.minute for almost 2 hours. EDINBURGH GRADUATE THEATRE GROUP ° ’ VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. J9 OVERHEARD by Peter Ustinov. Set in a British Embassy abroad—The unexpected arrival of a localreaction poet seeking political asylum—the consternation of play the Ambassador—the of his wife are some of the ingredients in this witty by Ustinov, Aug 20-31 (notwhose Sun) humour 7.30pm makes (10.00) this£4.a00festival (£3.00) must. EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL ~ H 0 JAZZ FESTIVAL VENUE-Locations throughout the city. Tickets and Info 557 1642. One of the world' s most exciting jazz events, overof400theperformances 19 venues. 'The Edinburgh International Jazz presenting FestivalAugust is one great events inin the international Jazz calendar' Daily Telegraph, 1990. Details of main events below. VENUE 7-Ushw Had, Lothian Road. Tickets 225 5756 J5 THE FESTIVAL GALA CONCERT 'The Roots of Jazz and Blues’ featuring aAugstar21JAZZ spangled cast! Sponsored by ICL. 00pmInternational (10.45) Festival £13, £10.box£7.offi£6ea, 21 Market Street Tickets only 8.from VENUE 107-Jazz Pavilion, Meadowbank Sports Centre; London Road. Tickets 557 1642. G13 Outer INTERNATIONAL OPENING BALL A first chance to see the stars of the Festival—one Aeg 18 9.00pmof our (2.00)most£7.popular 00 (£8.0and 0 UPD)fun events. JUMP FOR JOYI the bestbyofSouthern jump'n'jive, featuring the Scottish final of the jive championships. Aug 13 9.00pm Sponsored (2.00) £7.00 (£8.00 UPD)Comfort. EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL BLUES FESTIVAL Scotland's first blues festival. LonnieBand. Brooks Band, TheBYRuthless Electric McEWAN'Blues. S 80/-.Blues'n'Trouble, Red Lemon Aug 20 Blues 8.00pm (2.00)SPONSORED £10.00 1E8.00 UPD) EDINBURGH BLUESMinhinnet, FESTIVALRootsie JimmyTootsie RodgersBlues and theBand. Bob Margolin Band,INTERNATIONAL Leon Redbone, Ray SPONSORED Ang 21 8.00pmBY (2.McEWAN' 00) £10.S 080/-. 0 (£9.00 UPD) NEW ORLEANS MARDI GRAS Starring the Rebirth Brass Band from New Orleans many(2.other style attractions. Aug 22 and8.00pm 00) New £8.00Orleans (£7.00 UPD) JAZZ FESTIVAL FAREWELL inBALL Simply the most exciting and fun filled event. The23stars say Aug 8.30pmtheir(3.0good-byes 0) £10.00 (£9.real00 style! UPD) VENUE 72-aueen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. and 557 1642. M10 JOE PASS The world' s leading solo jazz guitarist makes his first visit to Scotland forAug several 19 8.years. 00pm (10.15) £8.00, £7.00, £6.00

TRIO / OLIVER JONEStoTRIO A unique combination of two ofBARNEY the20 world'8.KESSEL s greatest Aug 30pm (11.00) jazz£8.musicians—not 00, £7.00, £6.00 be missed! VENUE-Locations throughout the city. Tictets and Info 557 1642. LUNCHTIMES-AFTERNOONS-EVENINGS 100's ofFRINGE performers venues throughout the city. FULL PROGRAMME FROM OFFICE.play jazz in VENUE 132-Princes Street Gardens. Info 557 1642 H6 JAZZ ON A SUMMER' S Festival' DAY A free day event featuring a morning Gospel service and performances by the s stars. Aug 18 11.00am (6.00) Fraa EDINBURGH PEOPLE’S THEATRE VENUE 17—St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton Place NW SCOTS HAEandFrom theCampbells team whoAregave you—thefor hilarious successes Ne' r. present TheWHA TwainScots The Flae—a Cornin' our for33rdallScottish Fringe production E.AugP.Te10-31 Wha riot of fun and laughter the family. 45) Hel£4.l 00 (£3.50) Tickets also(netfromSuns)Queens 7.Hell45pmend(9.Usher EDINBURGH PLAYERS ° VENUE 103-Cameron House Community Centra; Cameron House Avenue Tickets 667 3762. P13 ★ThePARDON ME, IS THIS PLANET TAKEN? by John Jakes and Gilbert British premiere of theby musical dedicated to theandculthissci-fi series StarM.Martin. Trek. Sit back and be entertained Captain Jamie Church crew with good humour and 1224 songs(notin Sun) the 22nd7.45pm Century. Aug (9.45) Free£4.parking. 50 (£2.50) EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE STUDIO AND PILMENY CENTRE ° VENUE 79-Pilmeny Community Centre; 44 Buchanan Street. Tickets 554 0953 D13 Let' s start by visiting Fleaven and Hell with the Devil as guide, then encounter Wilde, Winnie-The-FY)oh a wartime shrew' s taming. A piano playera future who Oscar won' t besomeshotdisturbing precedes choices. some and chilling H-bomb effects before we' r e shown with Finally a PinterwithPartyGulliver. contrasts somemostWoyzeck while Victorian and Tudor Jesters herald travels The two eclectic and impressive Edinburgh venues. THE TAMING OF THE SHREW s Britain.theBlood and She' tears.ll fight Can him the LandtheGirl be tamed? Is Group captain1940' F’etruchio man forsweat the job? onAug 11-31beaches. (not 19,26) 4.40pm (8.30) £4.50 (£4.00) DEREK' S DILEMMA byforJACK MILNER. Will Derek be AWARD, let into heaven? Monologue, 1991. Tragi-comic Aug 11-31 (not 12,nominated 19,26) 12.10pmCHARRINGTON' (1.15) £4.50 S(£4.FRINGE 00)

FOOTLOOSE? If your feet have been at a bit of a loose end lately, try taking them down to the •• Fringe Club for some serious dancing to the latest sounds. And when they've had enough, sit back and enjoy the live cabaret and bands that appear here every night. To get in you'll need a Fringe Club Card (£16.50 for the season, £9.25 for a single week or £3.60 for daily membership). Buy yours now from the Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh. Or on the night at the Club itself in Teviot Row, Bristo Square. Over 20,000 people joined last year. So, if you haven't got your Fringe Club Card \f yet, step on it. FRINGE


PLAYHOUSE STUDIO—conf/m/etf MASSAGE byplayMichael Profundis this provocative and controversial from theWilcox. authorsoul of RENTS.Theatre 'Startlespresents with compassion' City Limits. 'Aug An intelligent 11-31 (not 19,excursion 26) 6.4into 0pm our (8.15) surviving £5.50 (tS.OO)blasphemy—Paedophilia' The Times. THE MIRROR OF THE MOON by Peter'IQuilter. Widely acclaimed play on Oscar Wilde Aug 11-3and 1 (notcontemporary 19,261 9.30pmhomosexuality. 110.301 E4.5Dmaginative IE4.0DI and absorbing' Guardian. ★ THE STRANGE VOYAGEvoyage Two journeys.ownThemind. truePresented story of around world yachtsman and hisHardy stranger by CastlethePlayers. 'Brilliant' Ch 4.(2.3'O0)ne ofinto£4.the5his0 best Aug 11-13 (notJeremy 19,25) 1.30pm (£4.00)shows this year' The Scotsman. IN CAMERA by Jean-Paul Nightingale to hell whereof Inez desires Estelle, EstelleSartre. desiresTheGarcin, but heCompany needs Inez.takesTheusphilosophy Sartre? Aug 11-31 Well (not 19,yes,26) but 8.. 1. 5pm 19.00) £4.50 (£4.00) GUNPOWDER, AND PLOT Jesteryears. Theatre presents History brought brilliantlyTREASON to life for children of 8—12 Thrilling, funnyTudor and cleverly informative. Aug 1131 Inot 18,251 l .OOani 111.50) £3.50 (£3.00) VIVIEN Vivien Leighand—her tempestuous marriage to Olivier, her terrifying bouts of manic1131depression Aug 2.30pm (4.30)scenesE4.from 50 (£4.her00)remarkable film and stage performances. VENUE 59-Edinburflh Playhome & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 556 0461. G11 WOYZECKtragedy. Innovative Berlin setgroupin thepresents a new translation of Bruckner's enigmatic Aug 1130 (not 19,251 'W9.oyzeck' 00pm (10.00) £3.5occupied 0 (£2.501 Berlin of 1945. ★ OPERATION GRAPPLE Highly ofacclaimed touring CHRISTMAS company PROFUNDIS presents Peter Quilter' s dramatisation the devastating ISLAND HBOMB11-31TESTS Aug Inot 19,in25) 1958.7.30pm (8.50) £5.00 (£4.00) DON' T SHOOT ME I' M STILL ONLY THE PIANO PLAYER Topical and tasteful.'A David Scheel presents a brand new pot-pouri of satire, song and classical music. genuinely Aug 11-31 (notfunny 12,19,2man' 5) Review 6.30pm (7.'930.0) £5.00 (£4.001 THE BIRTHDAY PARTYa bymanHarold Pinter is about the intrusion of two outsiders who twist and4.30pm confuse Aug 2531 (6.00) £3.0till0 (£2.he00)can no longer cope. ★ THE CHANCE A futuristic the Genetic Lottery,Carla enabling changes to age, voice and body.society Paul dominated is obsessedbywith Carla's body, with revolutionary Aug 12-24 Inot Sunpossibilities. 18) 4.30pm (5.45) £3.50 l£3.00) SPEAK OF THE DEVIL performed by Peter Dennis, compiled by Yvonne Mitchell, directed Monsey. The Devil Bridie,falling has tobybeCordelia immensely attractive. We arein literature, lured into from his net.Revelations Who couldto help forproved him? Aug 1131 3.00pm (4.151 £4.50 (£4.00) MAKING by Peter drawn Quilter. from Acclaimed London SWIFT Fringe production: Satire,S NightmaresSWIFT and madness JONATHAN and GULLIVER' TRAVELS. Aug 11-31 2.00pm (2.45) £4.50 (£4.00) Ahilarious CLEANchildren' SWEEP Peter Quilter. Jester Theatre present anandaction-packed s showby based on the Victorian period. Educative tremendous fun. 11-Ideal Aug 31 (notfor18,8—12 25) years. 11.00am (11.50) £3.50 (£3.00) BOTHERI and PRESENTED BY PETER DENNIS Peter Dennis bypresents enchanting amusing readings of the stories of Winnie-the-Pooh A.A. Milne.his A must Aug 1131 for adults. 12noon (A1.15)hit of £4.the50 1982-1984 (£4.00) Fringe. EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND ° » »3 VENUE 31-St. Cecilia's Han, Cowgata. J10 EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND LATEof NIGHT SHOWmusicERBandcelebrates its move to St Cecilia' s with a sparkling nightcap Renaissance dance with aperiod Mediterranean flavour. Thehighunique blend of authentic instruments, dancers in costume and musical spirits provides a well established and successful feature Aug 17, 23,of 24the Fringe. 10.30pm (midnight) £4.00 (£2.00) VIOL RACKETT SHOWin costume. Cornetts, sackbuts,forcrumhorns, recorders, viols—over 60 instruments—dancers Aug 0pm30)18.30) £4.00A(£2.show 00) all the family. Aug 2417 S 2311.00am7.0(12. EDINBURGH THEATRE ARTS 3 VENUE 8-St. Philip's Centre, Logie Green Road (off Broughton Rd) C9 UNDER MILK WOOD by Dylan Thomas. A joyous celebration of life in a smallon Welsh town. Universal andtotimeless. This award-winning companycharacters concentrates Dylan' s magical language conjure up his gallery of colourful swirling in a 817'fishing-boat bobbing Aug Inot Sun)2.20pm 7.2(4.0pm20)sea' (9.20)of rich,£4.0dark 0 (£3.0humour. 0) Listen and see. Aug Cofft*10and& 17programme included in ticket price. THE EDINBURGH YOUNG THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 92-South Leith Parish Hall, 6 Henderson St„ Leith. Tickets 554 2578 & 336 1081 013 Outer THE PAJAMAshow. GAMEOnce A fastA Year moving, lively and colourful productionHey of the smashall hit Broadway Hideaway feature inmusicians this, the company' s thirdDay, FringeHernando' show. to70s welcoming local youngand actors,There singers, dancers, and technicians look forward you—book early ' not 26-31 to be missed!! Aug 7. 3 0pm (9. 5 0) £3. 2 5 (£2. 2 5) Aug 31 2.30pm (4.50) 42

THE EDINBURGH YOUTH THEATRE ° » Mk, Bruntsfield. Tickets 441 1031. VENUE 128-St. C WHOSE LIFE IS IT ANYWAY? Theanddilemma posed ofclaiming a medica] profession committed todecisions save lifebyabout onBrian thehisoneClark. hand, an individual the rr right to make his own life on the other. The play has earnec world1224wide(netacclaim. Aug Sun 18) 7.30pm (9.30) £2.50 (£1.50) ELERE YORUBA VENUE 20—Theatre Workshop 34 Hamilton Place Tickets 226 5425 ★ YOU medical KNOW by Bunmi Popoola 'A becomes good-humoured, thoughtful about are1 African face ofpiece London' s alienj culture andTUNJIlife.student—TUNJl—who Soho Poly Theatre, Londonmanner' '8'5.lost''BinThe unmitheVoice, Popoola portraysScott. the■ guileless in a convincing and moving Wynette - 1.' 00pm (2.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug- 12 31 loot- Suns) ENGLISH MUSIC THEATRE VENUE 82-Southside '91, Soulhside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 ★ ORPHEUS SINGING by Andy Reid. EMTmusic re-invent theatre within this; vibrant celebration of and contemporary drama, and music dance. Following the ir footsteps of Cocteau Tennessee Williams, Orpheus is reborn fort today andjir again struggles to stay on his feet as the world shifts around him. Don' look back!, ! Aug 1117 7.30pm (8.45) £4.00 (£3.50) EQUINOX THEATRE VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★ THE Chorus FINAL girlAPPEARANCE OF MISS MAMIE affair. STUART Passion. Bigamy. Murder. disappears in 1919 turbulent mutilated discovered These are'a Mamie' s after last days. Based onpotential' a Her disturbing truebody story,:isii aAugnew19 24play inby2.1961. Philip Michell young playwright of great The Scotsman.^ 15pm (3.45) £3.50 (£2.50) LES ESCOGRIFFES VENUE 3 ie Theatre 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 5924 ANTIGONE Anouilh. University' s French-speaking theatre: group return tobytheJean Fringehate, fromloyalty, a Edinburgh European tour, withpassion modernist Greek Antigone tragedy foriic the 20th century: love, truth, politics, anddeaddeath. is :pis incensed by Thebes' new ruler Creon' s arbitrary reviling of her brother Polynice while Eteocle has been revered and fights for unattainable justice. Aug 1931 Inot Sun 251 4.00pm (5.30) £4.00 (£2.50) ESKMOUTH THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 95-Brunton Theatre: Bridge Street, Musselburgh. Tickets 665 2240 H13 Outer Arendezvous SEAT INforTHEold PARK —Cherry You'll and lovecrythetogether; park. It’ssomewhere an outing; toa_ friends andbeen.newOurtoVooght. chat, laugh r dream of what might have eleventh production is a colourful flowerbed of comedy and7.30pma tender arbour£3.5of0 (£2.life.50) Aug 1317 (10. 0 0) Ante: concession price for Aug 13-15 only ESSENTIAL MUSIC THEATRE VENUE 99-The Venue, 15-21 Calton Road. Info (wes) 557 3073. HU CABARET by Kander andits Ebb outrageous,British controversial comesandto Edinburgh continuing highlyThissuccessful tour. Inmusical aThedirect uncompromising style, this multi-talented cast is utterly convincing. similarity ofmiss!problems facing the 1930s the 1990sCambridge is only tooEvening apparent!News.Excellent! Don't ({if 'fine production. Erotic.£5.and Enthralling.' Aug 1822 9. 0 0pm (11. 0 0) 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug" >r 23openA 24during8.performance 00pm (10.00) 706 Acknowledged hottest Jazz-Fusion band from South East. Distinctive sound, familiar to BBC ' N Aug 1822 12 mwfaiightglit Owls' (2.00) /'Jazz£3.Parade' 00 (£2.00)listeners. Bar open 'til 4am. VENUE 131-Greyfriar» Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemakar Row. Tickets 225 1900 (Graveyard) LORD OFlastTHEyear'RINGS 'Look Scotsman out for' Hitiist opensuccess. air adaptation of Tolkien's tale following s 'magical' sell-out Aug Aug 1218. 17 188.00pm7.30pm (9.30)(9.00)Aug 17£5.A0018(£4.00)2.(£3. 30pm00 (4.childran 00) under 12) LEE EVANS & IEFF GREEN VENUE 66-The Ci ig House 32 W. Nicolson St. Tickets (from Gilded Balloon) 226 2151. LEE EVANS &frantic, JEFF frenetic GREEN and Lee Evans: completely original comedianwith revelling the110 unexpected, very funny. ' F resh and inventive a helter skelter of a set' Scotsman. Jeff Green: material interspersed withcry' tremendous speed of thought whensharp, dealingwitty,withtopical the unexpected. ‘Laugh 'til you Aug 931 Independent. 7.45pm (9.00) £5.00 (£4.00 SUPDY) EVESHAM YOUTH THEATRE VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 22B 4224 ACCRINGTON absorbing. in Accrington during the Great War, are the contrasted 'pals'PALS are with theLyricalthose menandfrom localSetleftvolunteer battalion. experiences of civilian thethewomen behind. Both funnyTheir and sad, a moving portrait of the changes in life during wartime. Aug 28-31 5.30pm (7.30) £3.00 (£2.00)


RICHARD MORTON "Side splitting comedy" (Guardian) 9TH — 24THI AUGUST ASSEMBLY ROOMS (VENUE 3) MIDNIGHT ■MM BOX OFFICE: 220 4349 43

EXACTING THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre. 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 UO Returning to the Fringe afterthelastclaustrophobic year's acclaimed production of Thehumour Birthdayof Party—' s uccessfully captures intensity and dislocated Pinter' s play, playedproductions: and well West set up'by Edinburgh News. This presents threewell exciting Berkoff andEvening two innovative piecesyearby new playwrights. WEST by Berkoff. ' H ave the courage to live according to your spirit and not the guidelines Aa§ 1224 la*laidSealdown 3.by30pmothers.' (5.00) £3.50 (£3.00) kwomen' MOIRA' S STORY Inspired by Margaret Atwood' s Handmaid' s Tale. Focuses on oppression futuristic Aug 1224s (uat Sue) in12.a30pm (2.00) society. £3.50 Dynamic, (£3.00) fast-moving, physical theatre. ► NINE BELLS FOR BENTLEY Dad, I'm not afraid to die because I'm innocent.' The judicial(att murder Aug 1224 Sun) of2.0Derek 0pm (3.Bentley. 30) £3.50 (£3.001 EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE STUDIO: °E.T.S. VENUE 22-Richanl Demarco G«8ery, 17-21 Olackfriarc Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 ★ A GAME WITHtheBILLY SONGSsurreal ILMARS ELERTS.robust The first Latvian avantgarde theatre Fringe!GOAT powerful, life-affirming. Every show isona revelation forA the company andtheatre, the audience: and it demands to be Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 7.30pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.00) VENUE 97-Testival Place' The Mound H8 *■ LATVIANof folk-sorcery. WITCHES RITUALS The circle ofandwhiteprotest, magic,metaphors rituals, masks, language The roots of survival of an oppressed Aug 13,18.19 people. 3.00pm (3.30) Frau EXPLOSION THEATRE VENUE 51-The Amphitheatre, 31 Lothian Road Tickets 229 7670 H5 Amodern MIDSUMMER S DREAM Love?Sexuality Love! Loveis .explored, . Boy meets Girl in and the theatrewithof NIGHT' theamongst suburban nightclub. examined experimented ecstasy, dance, sensuality and madness. Oxford students presentyoua high-impact with innovative music, movement and imagery. Dare do without?dniperformance Aug Aug 24,1921,25,238-28 1 5.011.0pm00pm(6.0(12mi 0) ght) £2.50 (£2.00)

FAR EAST THEATRE CO. ° j VENUE 49—Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 U[ ★theNOTHING ON EARTH Rob John—A colourful, funny, fast moving reworking of: Noah myth. Ensemble playing,'Youth liveTheatre music, exhilarating visualBBCimages. 'Superb,; t razor-sharp' Daily Press. at its very best' Radio Scotlano '88.2631 'A wee Eastern gem' Aug 6.30pmThe(7.501List '8£3.9. 0'0East (£2.0Anglia' 01 s leading youth theatre' Art East. : FAT SAMS BAND VENUE 87-Do le Terrace Tickets 447 4771. 03iC IS YOU IS OR ISmemories YOU AIN'Tof MYLouisBABY A livelyFatfootSams tappin'Bandfingerprovide snappin'nostalgic tribute:.1:! toreproductions the musical Jordan. of Jordan' s hits including ' C hoo-Choo Ch-Boogie' and ' S aturday;; Night1518Fish Fry—while Dukes£4.5portray Aug 11.00pm (12.the 45) Jivin'Pullman 0 Loungethe£3.dances 50 (£2.50)of that era. CRAIG FERGUSON VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4: G7W CRAIG FERGUSON Lastputappeared the Assembly in 1988. Sinceit again.jb then]-: he' ss been on hair holiday and onsome a bitdental ofat weight. Butdone.thenRooms managed to lose He' had his cut and had work He might even sing a song|r atAugthe912end. 11.15pm (12.15) £6.50 (£5.50 SUPDY) FESTIVAL CAVALCADE VENUE-Along Princes Street. Info: E g News office-225 2468 'EVENING NEWS' FESTIVALyouCAVALCADE Watched bymarching over 100,000 people,, this procession will entertain and Bringing your families floats/ 8| jugglers, fire-eaters andprocesses much more. allStreet, thewithelements of bands, the festivals;!! together, the parade along Princes to Lothian Road, Stables RoadFringe. and into the Grassmarket. An enjoyable and colourful start toKing'thejs Festival Aug 11 and2.30pm (4.00) Free THE FESTIVAL CLUB VENUE 36-F8iti»al Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY, EVERY DAY. The very heart of theDrama, FestivalComedy, just 51|y minutes walk from Princes Street. Over Music. 50 events—Exhibitions, Revue, Dance, Jazz and Classical Bars, restaurants. Box Office, Information/Souvenir Ij,9 Aug 10-31 6.30am—2.Desk. 00am Experience it to believe it.

FABULOUS! WEIRD! WONDERFUL! ° VENUE 28-Gr»yfriaw Kirk Houm; Candtemiker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 * THE TONY-A LIFE INandSHOWBIZ A celebrity tribute presented bymoving, Mike FABULOUS Weird and Bobby Wonderful starring The Fabulous Tony. At times timesRap'hilarious, at times indicated Credits:Paramount hit single—Morris s 'Sattutter , The Preventers, Red Dwarf,below. Absolutely, City, Fry &Minor' Laurie. Aug 12-31 inot Aug 19) 8.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) THE FAIRER SAX ° - 3o3> VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 COMPARING NOTESfrom Fourstart Edinburgh successes. A musical show that bounces and bubbles toman.finishAllsell-out withmusic, 'saxist'glamour advice onfunthethat perennial problems of how to get/keep/lose a the and you' v e come to expect and a bit(8.more besides Aug £7.5500)(£5.. . 50) Aug 24,1922,25 28316.30pm6.(8.30pm 00) 00)£8.50 (£6. FAIR EXCHANGE PRODUCTIONS ° VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre; Bristo Square; (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. L9 Glasgow based production company Fair Exchange presents Edward Blum'Men s latest play. His Prayers—' previous productions at piece the Traverse Theatre include Courteous and Burning a n exceptional of work' Glasgow Herald 1989. This is the second collaboration between the young playwright and designer Graham Hunter, and musician Brian Callaghan. ★a talented SONGSyoung OF JERICHO The powerful story of an emigre writer, a cabaret bar, Aug 12-31 Inot Suns singer or Thunand29) her 8.songs. 00pm (9.45) £4.50 (£3.50) SIMON FANSHAWE „ < , VENUE 3-Attefnbly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 CHARMING, WITTY, LIVE, UNCENSORED, PROVOCATIVE, PRACTICALLY ILLEGAL AND DEFINITELY IMMORAL For two days only the comedy superstar' and 'wally' 'Sun that isFinancial guaranteed amaze andlimpGuardian astonish asleftie' always. Quitepresents brilliant hisandnew totallyshoworiginal' Timesto 'Another wristed Sun. Aug 25 11. 1 5pm (12. 3 0) £7. 5 0 (£6. 5 0) Aug 28 £6.50 (£5.50) 44


IN BETWEEN and others, play easyTIME listeningMarvin musicHanglider, whilst youDorisrelaxClement, betweenSimon shows.Anderson Festival Club Productions. Aug 1031 7.00pm (9.451 From £2.25 CLASSICAL INTERLUDE RefreshingTomorrow' lunchtimes stars recitalsplaying by Thomas Miller, Jerry Fuller, Blythe Spirits and Sheherazade. today. Festival Club Productions. Ami 1018, 2531 12.30|Ib (2.001 From t2.25 JAZZ BY NIGHT Cool music to complement an evening out. Easy listening. Another Ami 10-11, taste 2531 of the10.0best 0pm (1.of30)BritishFromJazz.t2.25Festival Club Productions. ★yearBIGGEST HAMBURGER MEETSTheatre HORROR HAGGISDouble AfterBiitsl . success last the burger0pmreturns. Abracadabra Company Aug Tkkutt1017Mt UMMMM4.1MMl y (5.50) £3.00 (£2.00) ALAS POOR woman killed Derrick? Abracadabra Theatre Company double0pmDERRICK bill.(5.50) Which Aug £3.00 (£2.00) Tiduts1017Ml UMMMM4.1uuly SCHOOL' S OUT Gaywithpolitics in the classroom? SCFIOOL' S OUT gets straight to the heart25-31of the Aug (uat matter Thun 29) incisive 10.10pm (11.wit30)and drama. £4.00 (£3.Act00) Out Theatre. ★on TRIO GRANDE-CAVATINA Directed by Keith Warner. An hour of musical fun Aug the1017theme10.of30pmMarriage, (11.30) Divorce £3.50 (£3.and00)general One-Up-Womanship. WINGScomprehension Award winning play byinArthur Kopit. 'Nothing is as it was. Something beyond Ami 1324 6.00pm (0.55)has her £3.50 (£2.its5grip.' 0) Company Theatre. THE SHOEMAKER' S WONDERFUL WIFE LORCA. people and Company puppets, farce and fable, tradition and innovation for this vibrantMix production. Theatre. Aug 13-24 7.00p« (7.55) £3.50 (£2.50) Awon'PEASANT OF EL SALVADOR 'If you want hard-hitting political drama . . you t do any9.better Aug 1324 30pm (10.than 15) this'£3.The 50 (£2.List.50) Company Theatre. ★andTHE FLOOD — radio station reports as London is flooded . . by pornography. Fast witty late10.evening Aug 1324 30pm (11.1play. 5) Company £3.50 (£2.50)Theatre. THE FINAL APPEARANCE OF MISSPassion. MAMIEBigamy. STUART A Chorus Girl disappears. Murder.1919:Equinox Theatre. Aug 19-24 1961: 2.15pmA(3.skeleton 45) £3.is50found. (£2.50) CROSSED WIRES A moving and humorous contemporary drama exploring the prejudices and misconceptions surrounding the HIV virus and AIDS. Fly Away Theatre Aug 11-31 Company. 8.10pm (9.45) £4.50 (£3.50) SANTA CLAUS IS A BASTARD It's Christmas and you're spending it with an obsessive. Aug 11-31 Psychopathic 6.15pm (7.45) Santa £4.50Claus. (£3.50) Adult black comedy. Fly Away Theatre Co. THE MAGIC OF ME Colourful, creative, musical, magical show for children and adults,11-31searching Aug 10.15amfor(11.the45) magic £4.00in(£3.us00)all. Fly Away Theatre Co. SIR JASPER TRIES IT ONI 'Anyone Phoenix. failing toFossick find SirTheatre JasperEnterprises. funny should seriously Aug 1117 question 2.06pw (3.his50)sense£4.of50humour' (£3.50) 4Brilliant 1/2: Acomedy SPACErevue ODYSSEY-FOOTLIGHTS PRESENTS A Hairy ' Magazine. . . brings the house down . . ' Scotsman. ' .Production. . charming parody . . ' Independent Aug 18-24 10. 0 0pm (11. 3 01 Aug 25-31 8.00pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.50) WHEN HARRY METimpressionist—and ALLY Stand up comedy from Alistair McGowan-lively and assured Aug 10 24 comic11.3and 0pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00)the very unique style of Harry Hall. ROMEO AND JULIET (Shakespeare). This stylishAlready four aperson interpretation reveals19-24startlingly new cross-cultural perspectives. cult show. Imule. Aug Aug 25-31 (not 12Tuesnoon27) (2.00)6.00pm£4.(8.0000)(£2.50) ★ THE COVENANT-A MYTHparody A dramatic poem;A integrates dance, percussionYORUBA and mime,CREATION with grotesque and humour. world25-31premiere Aug Inut Tmm*for27)all ages. 11.00amImula(1.00) £4,00 (£2.50) PASSION—JOMIJULES (Xavier Leret). Explores inner-city violence. Three boys rape and10.pillage Aug 1234, 19,2123but through 8.00pm (10.the00)blood£3.of50a(£3.woman, 00) Justin feels . .

BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS by TheDennis Potter. 7 seven-year-olds (played by adults) fight, fantasize0.and Aug W5J7.20.22.24 00pmtorture. (10.00) £3.latter 50 (£3.triumphs. 00) Jomijules. PLAY ITwoman. AGAIN SAM In bythisHumphrey Woody Allen play, the neurotic lead searches for his perfect Aug 25-31 12 nnonAssisted (2.00) £3.50 (£3.00)Bogart. Low Brow Drama Soc. OUCH I Comedy with music to entertainMedway childrenLittlefromTheatre. 8 to 80; about rivalry between OUCH! Aug 1217 comic 12.30pm (1.30)and rival £3.00ZONK! (£2.00) HERR BACH AND MR HANDEL byProductions. John Ringham. Two creative egos clash in a musical Aug 10-31 showdown 1.30pm (3.in00)heaven.£5.0Prime 0 (£4.00) ★funnyHARD BOYS IN WHITE SHIRTS by Brian Jordan is a naughty and cheeky, Aug 1031and frightening 5.35pm (7.05)play. Original £4.50 (£3.and 50) compelling. Risk Theatre. THE SHOW Backers present Thecomedy Company in THE SHOW by Noel Christopher. Smart,1031 sharp,7.The Ami 1slick 5pm (0.and15) very£5.funny 00 (£4.00) revue. Risk Theatre. HAMMERSMITH FATS-IS BACKI A musical legend. First ever final farewell performance. Aug 10-31 8.Direct 30pm (9.from 25) Broadway £4.50 (£3.(W6). 50) With the Four Dereks. Risk Theatre. GOETHE' S URFAUST This disturbing study inindulgence moral corruption shows one man's voyage Aug 2531through (not Thuna mental 29) labyrinth 9.45pm (11.of45)sensual £4.00 (£3.50) to ultimate self negation. ★tropical MAGPIE SEIZE THE DAY presents Ian Flintoff' s moving story of love, loyalty and during(6.00)the miners' Aug 19-31fish set4.05pm £3.50 (£3.strike. 00) KABARET-CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THE THIRD REICH Stratford Year Out Group present Aug 10-17 12 mklaiglrtBrecht' (1.30)s Berlin£3.51930-Songs, 0 (£2.50) Satire and Sleaze. ★proportions DELETE brings AS APPLICABLE The comedy revuein with a cast of messianic Ami 1224 (net Sum 18)sketches, 10.30pmsongs (11.30)and enthusiasm £3.50 (£3.00) abundance. THATCHER' S WOMAN S. F . T . C . Theatre of dissidence with asuffering vengeance' Scotsman. oldest profession: myths demolished. Prostitution: or a career25-31move?The10.15pm Aug (11.55) £3.75 (£3.00) TOM TheatreforAgog' s versionsof. AFielding' s Tom Thumb is fast moving and bawdy1124THUMB family Aug luet Mumcomedy 19) 11.0the0pmover-10' (12.40) £3.restoration 50 (£3.00) 'Blackadder'. ★Corporation' CARS! / THE AIDS PROJECT Two newly commissioned works mark Theatre s Edinburgh debut 'comically mixing drama and contemporary issues'. Prior Augto South England tour. Carr 2531 2. 0 5pm (2. 5 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) The Aids Project: Aug 25-31 3.05pm (3.55) THEATRE DESRappaport. BICYCLETTES / comedy/sociological BILL STICKERS Robcommentator. Stredder ex Theatre of War with27-31 late Dave Aug 12.15«m (1.30) Biting £3.50 (£3.00) PEOPLE PIE A hard-hitting visual masterpiece, tackling mental and physical violence Aug 11-31 in today' 4.00pms (5.society, 10) £4.using 00 (£3.physical 00) theatre, live music and film. CAN CANforTHEATRE COMPANY 1991. Amoving, sharp, witty COLUMBINE?—TIN taleoriginal of a woman' independence. Physical,Liverpool comic, visual, exciting, .d.night s(1.search Aug 18-31 12 mi 1 5) £3. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Tickets at venue only EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL Humphrey Littleton, The Carling Family, Madam Pat. . Thompson,JAZZ PragueFESTIVAL Jazzphonics, Henry Ford Big Band, the Dry Throat Fellows Aug 19-24 17-24 12.10.300pm 0pm (2.(1.300)0) From £2.25 Aug MODERN JAZZ AT THE BLUE ultimate sounds from London, New York, Toronto and theNOTE John(2.The Aug 0pmDenmark (11.30) andplus 12 midnight 3Burgess 0) FromJam£3.0Session. 0 Ticket18-24 s at venue8.0only THE EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL CARTOON FESTIVAL Put abylittleBelhaven BEER into your life!! Cartoons by the world's best cartoonists. Sponsored Brewery. Aug 00am (noon) and 3.00pm (5.00) £0.50 Ticket10-31 s at venue10.only

President : MISS BLUEBELL 'THE RAILWAY CHILDREN' A sensitive yet humorous classic story of how a family overcome a disastrous event which takes them from a life of luxury to a Yorkshire country cottage where thrilling and dangerous events have unexpected AT VENUE 93 consequences. James Gillespie’s School Lauderdale Street Produced by Alyson E. Lee Edinburgh TICKETS £4.50 / CONCESSIONS £4.00 PERFORMANCES Telephone 0836 785852 AUGUST IS, 15, 17, 22, 24 at 2.15 pm or FRINGE OFFICE AUGUST 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24 at 7.15 pm

‘DAISY PULLS IT OFF An absolute hoot and a scream Glorious witty parody about life in a girls boarding school most excitingly written. Produced by Alyson E. Lee Returning for the second year by request. "AND JOLLY GOOD IT IS TOO Scotsman - August 1990 PERFORMANCES AUGUST 14, 16, 23 at 2.15 pm AUGUST 12, 14, 16, 21, 23 at 7.15 pm 45


CRAIG FERGUSON ‘Outrageous, beguiling, bawdy... and extremely funny (Evening News) AUG. 13th > FRANK SIDEBOTTOM “A triumph of art over antagonism” (N.M.E.) mx & LEE EVANS A “Fresh and inventive with a helter skelter of a set” (The Scotsman) AUG. 14™ 15th 16 th 17th V‘In the ARNOLD BROWN frontline of the new British comedy” (Times) AUG. 18TH 19TH NORMAN LOVETT ‘Your face will ache with laughter” (Glasgow Herald) & JEFF GREEN “Laugh ’til you cry” (Independent) AUG. 20th 21st 22™ 24™ JEREMY HARDY | “One of the sharpest comedians on the circuit” (Guardian)


FRIDAY 9TH AUGUST TO SATURDAY 24TH AUGUST AT11-15PM £6.50 (£5.50 cones.) 16th 17th 24th August £7.50 (£6.50 cones.) Running time 60-75 mim ASSEMBLY ROOMS VENUE 3 Music Hall, 54 George Street, Edinburgh. i Box Office 1 031-220 4349

FIFTH ESTATE °9'W VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 ★twilight CARLUCCO AND THE QUEEN OF HEARTS by George Rosie. TheCharlie' murkys ofwith Scotland' s Bonnie Louise Prince. deFetedStohlberg by the aristocracy of Rome, romance the beautiful descents into bitterness and ultimately Aug 731 (notviolence. Suns) Another 8.00pm (10.world 00) premiere £6.00 (£4.from 00) Scotland's fifth estate. FLESH IT OUT THEATRE COMPANY ° » » » VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 * THE LASTEnter LAUGH Funfree,jokelaughter punishable by. . imprisonment. Jolly, aIntravelling salesman,is s illegal with aandand suitcase of tricks New comic fairytale, showing Amnesty International' work methods and the importance of freedomchildren of expression. Amnesty Benefit. Hilarious and thoughtprovoking. Aug 1131 (notSuitSunolder 18) 11.00am and (12.15)adults.£4.00 (£2.50) FLY-AWAY THEATRE COMPANY ° ••• VENUE 36-Fgstival Clut 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 . K9 ★prejudices CROSSED WIRES Moving and humorous contemporary drama exploring the and misconceptions surrounding the HIV virus and AIDS. A young woman not onlyofmust cope with thebutknowledge that sheofmayherhave AIDS,neighbours after the re-appearance an ex-boyfriend, also the attitudes friends, and 1131 lover. 8.10pm Ang (9.45) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ SANTA psychopathic CLAUS IS A BASTARD It's Christmas, and you're spending it with an obsessive, Aug 11-31 6.15pm (7.45) Santa £4.50Claus. (£3.50)Adult black comedy. ★ THEsearching MAGIC OF ME Colourful, creative, musical, magical show for children and adults Aug 11-31 10.15amfor(11.the45) magic£4.0in0 us(£3.all.00) FLY IN THE OINTMENT VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centra, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. . 19 QUARTET Based onMuller, the novel Les prises Liaisonback Dangereuses. Adapted by experimental playwright Heiner the play the amorous and sadistic fantasies ofMuller the nonetheless Marquise andtreats Vicomte. Acclaimed and criticised for itsandveritable the story with amused detachment mordantobscenity, humour. Not 2531 for the squeamish. Aug 12 noon (12.55) £3.00 (£2.00) FOOT IN THE DOOR PRODUCTIONS" VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. 19 GOD: a play by Woody Allen. A divine comedy. Not for the pious! As one ancient Athenian said to the otherDon' 'Yout are aware that we' re characters in a play right now inAugsome Scottish theatre? get mad at me, I didn' t write it' . Absolutely INSANE! 11-17 12.05pm (1.00) £3.00 (£2.50) FOOTLIGHTS / HAIRY PRODUCTIONS0 1 VENUE 36-Festival Club, 915 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 4' . 1/2: A SPACE ODYSSEY Brilliant comedy' . . revue—not a .uncanny dry seat in. . the house. . brings the house down . . ' Scotsman. excellent . . ' Yorkshire Evening Press ' . . individuality of' Independent thought and 'presentation . . delicious . . ' Weekly News parody . . Cambridge Mr Wood' heard18-24to' . .becharming believed, Mother' Evening News.s Alan Bennett has to be Aug 10. 0 0pm (11. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 2531 8.00pm (9.30)

FORTH CHILDREN’S THEATRE ° VENUE 120-lnverleith Church Hall, Ferry Road. Tickets 554 7595 A6 MY FAIR LADY A stylish and exuberant performance of this timeless musical classic—spectacularly staged that and would produced by thethisprofessional 1990 Capitalstage' AwardScotsman. winning theatre group. ' P erformances grace Aug Aug 1824 17 8, (not 24 Sun2.18)30pm (4.7.330)0pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00 PC) FOSSICK VALLEY FUMBLERS ° * VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★collection, SIR JASPER TRIES IT ONI (Bob Bishop). The ultimate Jasper Scruple specially written for Fossick' s tenth anniversary. Condensed into 115 joyous minutesNorfolk are thecompany very finestas amoments from theofplays which have established this talented comic mainstay the Fringe. Definitely not to be missed! Aug 1117 2.05pm (3.50) £4.50 (£3.50) 0 FOUR CORNERS THEATRE COMPANY ’•2»3 VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 ★ THE MASTER AND MARGARITA by Bulgakov. When the Devilwhere arriveshe inis Moscow, Ivan tries to warn the authorities, but is put in an asylum visited by theof the eccentric Master . . the Dreams, fantasy,intermingle story-telling, and as reconstruction events surrounding Crucifixion, in Bulgakov' comic Aug 1224masterpiece (not Sun 18) about2.3Stalinist 0pm (4.15) Russia. £4.50 (£3.50) THE 4TH WALL THEATRE COMPANY0 ’•* 3 VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading 3ms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 ★ COMPETE WITH YOUR FEETyoung comespeople hot ondealitswith heels.competition It's a fast-moving, punchy musicalschool showand about how amongst ihemselves Aug 11-17 at6.00pm (7.15) in£5.the00 (£4.family. 00) RODDY FRAME & EDWYN COLLINS q » ^ VENUE 98-Tic Toe «t Marco's, Marco't Leiwrg Centra 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 RODDY FRAME &figures EDWYNplayCOLLINS Two ofin Scotland' s most accomplished contemporary rock alternate nights an acoustic atmosphere. They then get together finishORANGE what willJUICEbe will a sell-out week.great Roddysongwriters from AZTEC CAMERA Edwynto from prove what they are. Early and booking Aug 13-17 10.15pmfor(11.these 30) shows £10.00 essential. FOOTLIGHTS /RESENTS A Hairy Production

FOROUGH ENSEMBLE—T.S.U. VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centra Bristo Square: (near Frings Club) Tickets 556 5184. 19 ★ SEVEN This oforiginal modern/primitive improvisational theatre piece ispoet basedSTAGES on theintrospective, work two Iranian poets:poetry Forough Farrokhzad,modern; a ritual 20th and century female whose emotional is thoroughly the mystical of Jelaluddin Aug 19-24 poetry12.30pm (1.30) £4.Rumi, 00 (£1.the00) 13th century Sufi. THE SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY REVUE PRESENTS *Delete



The Festival Club 136) - Weeks 1 & 2 - 10-30pm

Weekly News Festival Chambers Street8pm 18th-24th August.Club. 10pm9-15Desk ; 25th-31st, Box Office/Information Tel:031-650-2395 VENUEor36George IV Bridge) (Any Bus PassingFRINGE South Bridge


THE GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE Friday 9 to Saturday 31 August at 10:15 pm No performances on Tuesday 13, Sunday 18, or Thursday 29 Tickets from the Theatre (031) 667 3704 and The Fringe Box Office 48

FREEFALL MONSTER COMPANY °m'W VENUE 6-Critic Lodge. Brodwfs dost, Lwnmaftat. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ONE OFlast OURyear,MONSTERS ISSoMYTHING Childrens showsuperhero (5+). After success we'reofback. join us asfrom the clumsiest of allmonstrous takes onof the mythical monsters ancient Greece, Cudgel-man to Pinebender and, course, ' . . had the audience spellbound from start to finish' Festival Times.11-31the Minotaur. Aug l .OOsm (noon) £3.50 IE2.50) VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. Tickets 557 9422 HW ★ THEtheCLOSET HETEROSEXUALIsClassical Athens meets Redbrick Britain. Is Jake Aug 26-31 reincarnation 2.00pm (3.30)of Socrates? £4.50 (£3.50)Colin the perfect male form? Or not? FRIENDS OF THE FAMOUS °o’o»Q3 VENUE 38—Th* Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowqata. Tickets 226 2151 J9 NIPPED AND TUCKED FOR ' 9 1 Winners of last year' s Scottish Daily Express 'Roald New Names of ' 9 0' Award (' . . a brand of ingenious bitchiness that would tickle Dahl' The acclaimed Scotsman ' . . flashes of brilliance' The List) bring you love and loathing Aug 9 24 in their 9.00pm (10.15) new £5.00show. (£4.00) 'They're horrible. They're gonna be stars.' FRINGE AT THE SEASIDE ° » VENUE 94—POrtoMlo Promenade, Portobella G13 Outer FRINGE AT THE SEASIDE A Mile of Fun for the whole family on Portobello Promenade. Something for everyone. Music, welcome. dance, theatre, children' market ring and other surprises. All free. Buskers Don't miss it! sForshows, more details Aug 17 1.0031-669 0pm (5.30)8435Free(performers) or 031-657 4548 (market stalls). THE FRINGE CLUB VENUE 2-Frin9e Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 from some and mostdiscos, famousdances, names ceilidhs on the Fringe, tillNightly the cabaret smallS hours, 6 liveof the radiobestshows, and music 15guestof SCOTLAND' GREATEST BANDS, impromptu parties and special appearances from yourby day; favourite performers make through the FringetheClub the place to3am.be. Quiet and leisurely and evening until Combined withit'scheap and bustling cheerful foodClub.bubbly and24,000 4 wellpeople stocked bars, it's hardly surprising that Edinburgh' s favourite can' t be wrong! Treat yourself to three£9.25 and a half ofweek fun and becomefor aa Fringe Club Member:Available £16.50 forin advance the Season; for aweeks single or £3.60 daily membership. from the Fringe Office or from the Fringe Club in the evening after 7.00pm. Aug 9-31 10. 0 0am (3. 0 0am) Membership from £3. 6 0 PASSPORT PHOTO REQUIRED FOR SEASON AND WEEKLY MEMBERSHIPS. FRINGE CLUBtheCABARET Nightly entertainment andearly Cabaret Hall from some besthave and afunniest on thewithFringe. Sitin thebackWine andBarenjoy musicstand-ups fromof8.30pm, belly laugh theandcomics from 10.30pm orevening outwit the late at night. Changing line-up never a dull moment. Aug 9-31 8.30pm (lata) Free wjtt Friay Cleb Membership GET HUMPFFED ATPop,THE FRINGE CLUB WITH THEmixHUMPFF Ragtime, Bluegrass, High Speed, Non-Stop, Flat Out of Cajun FAMILY Ceilidh, Psycho-Billy PunkIS)Country, FANOMINALYDANSABIL Aug 917 (not Thur 8. 4 5pm (10. 3 0) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0 SUPDCY and Fri ge Club Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THEnEVENING. KITH & KIN—LIVE AND LOUD A rootsy rock Celtic cajun dub swing didgeridoo hoedown thang—Don' Aug IB nodPRICE 24 INCLUDES 9.00pmt (10.dance 30) if you £5.CLUB 50dare! (£4.MEMBERSHIP 50 SUPDCY and FOR Fringe THE Club EVENING. Members) TICKET FRINGE D.C. ELLIS Probably the most exciting band to emerge from Edinburgh this year. Hour19long of9.00pm the most around—Don' Aug 20slabsINCLUDES (10.FRINGE 30) infectious £5.CLUB 50 (£4.funk 50 SUPDCY and FOR Frint gemiss Clubit!EVENING. Members) TICKETundPRICE MEMBERSHIP THE THE LOST BAND Lost Soul onBandAmylareNitrate! tipped . as. . Fresh one ofwith Scotland' biggest acts SOUL forThe the Guardian. 90's. 'TThe heOnly Waterboys a razors sharp22 delivery' Edinburgh showsandin August. Aug and 23 9. 0 0pm (10. 3 0) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0 SUPDCY Fri n ge Cl u b Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING. THE DEAF HEIGHTS 'Schoppy ET ME Cajun FREE' After last clipped year's sell-out show. The. . Deaf Heights areanywhere back! 'Tightnext.' Scots accents they could head Folk Roots. 'Vaccordian, erging on the wonderful' Melody Maker. Don' t miss them. Aug 25 27. 3 0. 3 1 9. 0 0pm 110. 3 01 AugTICKET 29 PRICE/NCL 8.30pm (10.ODES 00) FRINGE £5.50 (£4.CLUB 50 SUPDCY and FringeFOR Club THE Members) MEMBERSHIP EVENING. DAVE ROBB AND THEDon’t FILMMAKERS Exoticacoustic rhythms,rockpenetrating melodies and soul-searching lyrics. miss the new of the 'Inspired musical craftmanship' Review ‘90.00) £5.00 (£4.50 SUPDCY and Fringe90'Clsu!b Members) Aug 1926 (not Sun 25) 7. 4 5pm (9. TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING. TWO HAIRS SHORT OF Acollective FRINGE-THE FUNNY FARM After a second STM series, comedy New acts, new material, different blend ofGlasgow' comedysstyles. 'This show willreturns. re-establish your faith in Scottisha comedy' The List. Aug 931 PRICE (not ThurINCLUDES 29) 9.30pm (11.15)CLUB£5.MEMBERSHIP 00 (£4.50 SUPDCYFORandTHEFrinEVENING. ge Club Members) TICKET FRINGE FINGERS AND THUMBS A lively mixture of guitar and fiddle styles sides of the Atlantic. Good vocals—jazz, blues and plenty of traditionalfromjigsboth and Aug 9-17 8.30pm (10.00) Free with Fringe Club Membership ROCK, SALT AND NAILS Energetic and exciting Shetland band-' G ood going fiddle tunes a mixture of bass Country Bluegrass' Times.but Frantic bowing, superbwithguitar and great playing.andRock, CountryShetland & Western, it's the Bluegrass Aug 1824 that8.3they 0pm (10.really 00) excelFreeat!with Fringe Club Membership

LE JAZZs leading HOT Stylish, and multi-instrumental virtuosity Scotland' acousticurban group.swing The world' s largest 3-piece band . . fairlyfrom hot stuff'2531Evening Aug 8.3News. 0|wi (10.00) Free wMi Fringe Club Membership THE WILDReels CIGARILLOS'n' Ceilidh with a major ordifference! If you likeor Eightsome Lanight Bamba the dance Gay Gordons Argentinian Tangos,or Rock The WildRoll, Cigarillos are foror Lambada you. Come and the night away. Aug 9 12 midnight (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Memberebip GRAND UNION WORLD MUSIC BAND Jazz and World Music party night. life, 15salsa, 12reggae, and plenty to dance to. HiAug midnightsamba (2.38) . . it'Frees allwithhere.FrinGreat ge ClubjazzMembership KING AND Salsa THE BISCUIT BOYS of R'n'B, Swing,PLEASURE Latin-influenced Rock'nPacey 'RMinds' oll. and 'IfQlifepowerful was ablend Tom cartoon thesenight 'Boys'out,would beintoasandthisbig50'little ass Simple Magazine. 'If you& Jerry want aAugreally good get Big Band' The Stage. 18 12 midnight (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Memberebip THE OCCASIONALS This six-piece traditional Scottish ceilidh band with caller, helpnight. those new to the fun, will warm you up and have you non-stop dancing throughto the Aug 21 and 28 12 mkhiiglit (2.30) Free with Fringe Cleb Membership HOT ANDs number BLUE one DustRock' off your suedeREDshoes, there' s goodhelp rockin'youtonight asREDEdinburgh' n'Rollblueband, AND dance the their distinctive 50'sHOT ,Cl60' s andBLUE 70's classics. Aug 24nightandaway 31 with 12 mtfniglit (2.30) FreebrandwitbofFringe eb Memberebip WE FREE KINGS after 3 years of nothing are back with a new 12" vinyl howl. In a new30 electric set the(2.3poetic raw with material WFK mood Aug 12 midnight 0) Free FringeofClthe ub Memberehi p may be reflectiva FRINGE CLUB DISCO -RETURN THE SHAG BOYS.to AIndieClubPop,within Non-exclusive from House,OFHip-Hop and Soul classica Club. Punk and 60's(not , 70'Wadsdance and21,28)80'music s standards. Aug 931 9.00pm (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Memberebip TWO FROM THE FRINGE —BBC RADIO LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Tired trying to cabaret see everything? Savetogether the shoe-leather, and see the veryshows best forofof comedy, andRadiomusic under one come roof. Two audience broadcast on BBC 2. Aug and 25for both 6.00pmrecordings (7.00) from Fringe Box Office or at the door Free18tickets BITE THE WAX and EARTHBEAT—BBC RADIO SCOTLAND Mark Percival hits the of thepresents CabaretliveHallsounds with thefromnewest, livestA acts in town . . JanstageFairley aroundcoolest, the globe. double-bill not. . PLUS to be missed. Aug and 28for both 7.00pmrecordings (10.00) from Fringe Box Office or at the door Free21tickets NlGHTIME RADIOCampbell SCOTLAND Bop Collins. into the Groove night intothethePark (FringeScottish Club Disco) with Dougie bestBaroffrom The pop classics, dance andandrap.John Live and direct on Radio Scotland 10.10pm toChart, 12.30am. ' 21 and 28 9.00pm (2.30) Free with Fringe Club May Peace Prevail On Earth HISA HIRAIZUMI presents: FOX AND FLUTIST

AUGUST 12-24 3:00p.m. (not SUNDAYS) THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 HAMILTON PLACE £3.50(£2.50 cones) TELEPHONE BOOKING 031-226-5425 49

THE FRINGE CLUB-continued FRINGE ANNUAL GENERAL of Fringecomments Board Members, reportfullon discussion. the last 12 months and aMEETING chance to Election voice opinions, and ideas with Aug 24 lO.OOim (1.30)Tea, coffee Fras and light buffet lunch served. VENUE 12-Bristo Square Piazza, Teviot Row, by Fringe Club. Info 226 5257 or 5259. 18 MRneed BOOM-CHILDREN' S ONE MAN BAND Singand&dance danceisagain with Mraround Boom,1 nothere' to travel to the moon. And when the song done, hang mores called fun. Two Too FarShow (USA) will dance on stilts. The giant's name's Fred and 24thell befairy' Aug 2.30pm (4.001 Luanne. Free indoors in Fringe Club if wet. FRINGE SUNDAY IN ASSOCIATION WITH ‘THE OBSERVER* ° VENUE-Holyrood Park, foot of the Royal Mila Info 226 5257 or 5259. 113 FRINGE SUNDAY Fancy a quiet walk in the Park on Sunday 18th August? Forget itlcolourful Once every year, Holyrood Park comes alive with the most spectacular and of Fringe performers, buskers,much, fire-eaters, jugglers, walkers, pipearrayday bands, shows, inflatables much more. Fringeoftightrope Sunday isanywhere the perfect out kite for alland theit'sfamily. Itfree. is theand busiest, liveliest spectacle its kind in the country all for Bring family and friends and enjoy this great day out. Aug 18 1.00pm (7.00) Free THE FUNNY FARM VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 LB TWO HAIRS SHORT OFforA another FRINGEhighly Aftersuccessful a second Fringe STV series, Glasgow' s comedy collective returns appearance. New acts, materialwilland guesta different appearances. Thecomicconstantly changing line-upre-establish ensures every night deliver blend of styles. ' T his show will your931faith(notin Thur Scottish List. £5.00 (£4.50 SUPDCY & Fringe Club Members) Aug 29) comedy' 9.30pm (1The 1.15)CLUB TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE MEMBERSHIP FOR EVENING COLIN GEORGE ° VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 *Theatre, ME AND SHAKESPEARE from acting with Peter Hall, to running The Crucible Colin George, Head of Acting Hong Kong' s Academy of Performing Arts, forsakesthrough the 'BardElizabethan of the Banknote' searches forthethesensational, 'real' man.from A stimulating journey London,and William's baptism, to5.1his5pmburial in the church of embracing the Holy Trinity. Aug 22 (6. 3 0) Aug 23, 2 8, 2 7 2. 1 5pm (3. 4 5) £4.00 (£2.50) MonThurs £4.50 (£3.00) Fri-Sun GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE VENUE 37-George Square Theatre; George Squara Tickets 667 3704 M9 ★ AESOP poet NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE. Opera sonmusic. the Extraordinary Grand-Scale. Celebrated Charles Causley' s libretto, Stephen McNeff' success-story black slave, Trestle' blesseds John with the gift ofco-directs telling fabulousOpera tales 'aHouse s if a toad had spat'ofNdiamonds' Wright collaboration. YMT—astonishing in their dramatic and musicalRoyal invention' Opera. Aug Aug 2728.28313.00pm7.0(5.0pm40) (9.40) £6.50 (£4.00) GUYS DOLLSafterNYMT' s new inproduction the team classicwhoBroadway musical arrives inAND Edinburgh premiering Japan. Fromof the brought you PAL JOEY. Aug 11, 1 2, 1 4, 1 8, 1 9, 2 1, 2 4 7. 0 0pm (9. 4 0) £6. 5 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 13, 1 5, 1 7. 1 8, 2 0. 2 2, 2 4 3. 0 0pm (5. 4 0) Extra11performance 13 half10.price 15pm (12.55) Aug performanceAugtkhata ★occupied ONCE UPON A WAR (NYMT) s new wartime musical of German Jersey. 'Touching, ironic,Denise witty,Coffey' tragic—beautifully performed' JOHN NETTLES. BBC’s BERGERAC. Aug 9. 1 0. 1 3, 1 5. 1 7. 2 0, 2 2, 2 3 7. 0 0pm (9. 4 0) £6. 5 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 12. 1 4, 1 8, 1 9. 2 1, 2 3 3. 0 0pm (5. 4 0) Aug 9,10 all tickets half price DOUG ANTHONY ALLSTARS-GOOD AND EVIL Mexico 1943 Hitler conspiracy Aug 9-31 (not -Grunt. 13,18,29) Hump. 10.15pmPork.(11.3'P0)ROFANITY £7.00 (£6.VENTS 00) ITS SPLEEN'.



ROB Star of THE MARYwithWHITEHOUSE EXPERIENCE. 'Total comedyrt Sell-Ou! '90'. 'NEWMAN Combines brilliant mimicry excellent high-speed stand-up Observer. Aug 9-25 (not Tubs 13) 11.45pm (1.00) £7.00 ItB.OOl DAVID BADDIEL AND ROBthatNEWMAN From THE MARY WHITEHOUS(: EXPERIENCE. Aug 2631 (not Thur'A 29)comedy11.show 45pm (1.00) actually E7.00 makes you laugh' Evening Standard! ★in Japan YUKIKOMA-KAI A RED BERRY—Japanese youth group perform a dialogue. musical se'A during World War II. .Incorporating traditional drums—English CULTURAL Aug 13 12.EXTRAVAGANZA' 30pm (2.30) £3.00 (t2.00) THE GRAND CHARITY Don'Allstars, t miss Rob this Newmami feast oil Fringespecial celebritiesGEORGE includingSQUARE the NYMT,Book thenow DougtoGALA Anthony and avoid disappointment. j| Aug 18 8.0guests. 0pm (11.0Annual 0) £7.sell-out. 00 CHENEOURfromCheneour' s individual jazz style draws on a wealth ofstyles. collective experiences Classical, African, Latin, Indian and Arabic musical Aug 28-31 3.00pm (5.00) £5.00 (£3.00) COLE PORTER alias NICKOLAS invitesandyouhis music to the presented PLEASUREbyOFDAVIQi Hllf COMPANY. A centenary celebrationGRACE, of the man KIRNAN. Aug 27 7. 0 0pm (9. 0 0) £12. 0 0 (£9. 0 0) Aug 29 10.15pm (12.15) GHETTO STAND COMMUNITY THEATRE COMPANY <>'•»» VENUE B-Celtic Lodge; Brodin's Clotn Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 ~]T GODSPELL Ghetto Stand Community Theatre Company presents a livelyi humourous and yet moving adaptation of the immensely successful rock-opens GODSPELL—which recreates thethrough dance ands gospel. dramatised versions o| several story50) ofsong,St. Matthew' Aug 1117well-known 12.10am (1.parables, 55) £4.00 (£2. ALSO AT VENUE 4-See Red, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Tea Tickets 220 0541. J3 GODSPELL is often regarded as a theatrical time-piece. is hard-hitting, in the 1990'However, s. this production^: Aug 1217 4.10pmdynamic (5.55) and£4.firmly 00 (£2.entrenched 50)

GILDED BALLOON THEATRE The BalloonwhereTheatre is nowbe recognised asa THE' thi FestivalGildedFringe, guaranteed good Comedy laugh 8andvenue all atrounpi entertainment. Thisopened year you weandwillcanpermanent be presenting 30 different shows, of18thwhich wil beCounting in our House, recently all year round venue, the centurji above Pear Tree House in West Nicolson Street. . VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 jT MAIN THEATRE THE GINGERBREAD MAN for/ PETER THE WOLF The Ian Turbitt Puppel) Theatre presentsAugtwo911,shows youngerAND children. Gingerbread Peter S, the Man: Wolf: Aug 12-15,1818. 26282325,2931 10.00am 10.(10.050am0) (10.50) £4.00 (£2.00) | THE EMPEROR' S NIGHTINGALE / THEby TheKING' STurbitt EARSPuppet Two Theatre. well-lovedJ fairytales for children aged 6-10. Presented Ian00am Nightingale Aug 911 11. 3 0am (12. 4 0) and Aug 19-22 10. (10. 5 0) £4. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) King's Ears: Aug 12-17 11.30am (12.20) | isDon' a hilarious tale using mime, music and masks, which will appea toAug★ allPRICELESS the family. t miss it. 1824 11.30am (12.30) £4.00 (£2.50) j THE SOOPA DOOPA GAZOOPHAI by Chris Ballance. Battle with the bullies in★ Toyland Aug 2531 in 11.the30amrace(12.to30)find the £4.00elusive (£2io) Gazoopha. jl ★ THERockRETURN OFversion. BURKEFast,ANDfurious HAREandTheverytruefunny. story of Edinburgh's gruesome duo. musical Aug 931 loot Mona) 1.15pm (2,45) £5.00 (£3.00) | SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO bytypes David Mamet. Brilliantly funny one* liners, Aug 9-31fast(nottalk, Mens)hard 3.language, 15pm (4.40)singles-bar £5.00 (£3.00) hyping crap. Adults only.

presents BAD CRAZY save IN A JAMfreeParrot and Fred MacAulay battle toNYPD eat9-18,lunch, someAND 4f 21-31 raise5.00ns 16,laughs 00) and £5.00 (£3.0the 01 world. Suitable for all ages. CAMBRIDGE UNDERGROUND No-one performs revue like See the Cambridge Footlights, because anyoneOhwith any sense stopped performing revue in 1967. Underground. go00pmonl Aug 9-16. 2831 7. 18. 3 0) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) At§ 1728 5.00pm (6.30) THE COMEDY STORE' THE CUTTING Latest London Five and top comics invade brand new Sterritory—' extremely EDGE fresh material, musical hit.comedy outrageous Aai 1728 ad-libbing' 7.00pm 18.45)Guardian. £5.50 (£4.50) I SHOULDN' T BE TELLING YOU THIS, BUTIndependent Stand up for more night with Sean Hughes, the 'massively talented' 1990 than PerrieroneAward Winner. Aug 920 'Hilarious' 8.00pm 110.Melbourne 15) £5.0Times. 0 (£4.00) STEEL Winner were of last year's Edinburgh Critics Award for comedy is back. 'MARK If only Aaj 2131all subversives 8.00pm 110.15) £5.like00him' (£4.0NME. 0) ATRoryLAST 'THE Philip DEATH OFand COUNTRY' Hilarious, uncensored country music from Aug 928McGrath, 10.«5pm (miPope dnight) Billy-Jean £8.50 (£5.00)'Hotbox' Cody. VIC Vic and incorporating Bob present fivea speaking consecutivebellnights ofTommy highREEVES qualityAND SASBOB typeMORTIMER army manoeuvres with Aug 27-31Cockles. 10.45pm (midnight) £8.50 (£5.00) LATE ' N ' LIVE Frank Skinner, Mark Lamarr compere comedy and dancing with Stax Bodene, The Hairstyles featuring Pete Baikie and Gordon Kennedy from C4's 'Absolutely' Aug 931 .12.30am <3.00) £6.50 (£5.00) BACKSTAGE THEATRE ★ THE DEVIL ANDdrugs. LENNYGovernment BRUCE New revelations,marking intimate25 confessions, unpublished conspiracies, years since Lenny'931s death.12stories, Aug hops (1.15) £5.00 (£4.00) AFTERNOON KLAUS BARBIE' S PENPAL Join Karl MacDermott on★ AN a9-31surprise visit to 1.hisWITH Aug (not Monsj 30pmchum (2.45)in Bolivia. £4.00 '(£3.Manically 00) funny' Cork Examiner. ★plundered SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-OUTRAGEOUS ands On.art in double Independent. bill of improvised tale-telling. 'AgonisinglyLIESfunny'LifeWhat' 'Highly Aug 931 imaginative' 3.15pm (4.45) £5.00 l£«.00) ★ DOGHyde Brilliant comedy by Daveas the Cohen andofNick Whitby with Dave Cohen, Sheila and 20,new Michael Aug 931 (art Taat 27) Redmond 5.15pm (6.30) £5.voice 00 (£4.00)Dog. ★Guinness, PATRICK' S DAY Sean Hughes and Owen O' N eill. A new play. Two barmen, no Aag 9-24 violence, 7.00pm 18.a30)hostage£5.0situation, 0 |£3.50) and Jailhouse Rock.

SOAP CRAZY Balloo and s cultcollides hit 'Thirty Somehow' bringJulie you Candy Dean,Toman Hunsinger Australian from Soap last Queenyear'who with Norman Aug 25-31 Bates7.0.0pm. or(8.is15)it his £5.mother? 00 (£4.00) NIPPED AND TUCKED FOR ' 9 1 Friends of the Famous. Wonderfully funny new hit from Names Aug 924 'New8.00pm (10J8)of '90'£8.Award 00 |£4.0winners. 0) (' . . flashes of brilliance' The List). FRED MACAULAY And basically that's AND what LYNN happensFERGUSON in this show,DOsoSOME if you STAND come andUPseeCOMEDY it you'll probably Aug 25-31 get 9.very 00pmcheery. (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00) CORKY AND THE JUICE PIGS Canadian comedy sensation) ' W himsical, wall and worth seeing' Melbourne Times. 'Would somebody give these guysoffa the TV show?' Aug 931 Toronto 11.00pmSun.(12.30) £5.00 [£4.00) VENUE 66—The Counting Houm 32 W. Nicobon St. Ticket! (from Glided Batoon) 226 2151. L10 Irising COVER THE WATERFRONT Billie Holliday: Her lifesubject and music, as portrayed by jazz star Suzanne Bonnar (herself the recent of a BBC 40 Minutes documentary). Aug 919 4.00pm (5.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ HONEYblack ON songwriter A RAZOR'wants S EDGErevenge. WhiteGospel, music issoulonandtriallR&BA song forgotten are theis stolen. backdropA ofAugthis2031original new (5.musical. 4.00pm 30) £4.50 (£3.50) JUST THE WORDS—EDDIE IZZARD A comic without peer or jetty. 1990 Winner Aug 931 oftauttheTuutPerrier l 6.Commendation.' 00pm (7.15) £5.H0ilarious' 0 (£4.00) Time Out, 'Brilliant' Guardian. LEE EVANS & JEFF GREEN Lee Evans: ' F resh, inventive withOut,a better acry'set'Independent. Scotsman. Jeff Green: 'Sharp, skilful and talented' Time 'Laughskelter till youof Aug 9-31 7.48pm (8.00) £5.00 (£».00l JOHNNY IMMATERIAL IAN funny' MACPHERSON are nliving Johnny—' completely mad andAND extremely Scotsman. Ian—' ice guy,legends. wrong planet' Aug 9-31 Independent. (uut Taut) 8.30pm (11.00) £5.00 (£4.00) THE BEST OF SCOTTISH -COMEDY Edinburgh' s only all year round comedy venue93123brings you Aug 11.30pmScotland' (1.00) s top£5.00stand (£4.00)up comedians. THE DIRTIEST BLUES IN TOWN Dana Gillespie is the 'one hour mama' looking for her Aug 25-31'sixty11.minute 30pm (1.man' 00) in£5.this00 redhot (£4.00) bedtime blues show! SO YOU THINK YOU' R E FUNNY that giant to superdirectors, stardomcomics today! The to discover new talent.TakeJudged by topstepproducers, and 13,competition critics. Aug 2 0, 2 7 6. 0 0pm (7. 1 5) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 13,20,27 9.30pm (11.00) £5.00 (£4.00)

Phil McIntyre presents "AT LAST THE DEATH OF COUNTRY’ " RORY McGRATH, PHILIP pope & BILLY JEAN "hotbox" CODY and,he hillbilly sound of The Saddle Sores’ "Country Music lovers in their thousands will be flocking to the exits during this . show..." New Musical Express "You really must catch this show, it's just slightly less unpleasant than a lot of things you can catch in Edinburgh during the Festival..." British Medical Journal "I loved this show: great comedy, great theatre, great music..." Blind and deaf weekly "At Last The Death Of Country is, without a doubt, indeed without the merest hint of doubt, one of the shows I haven't seen this year." National Geographic "Yes Godammit. Country Music is one of the great art forms and I am one of its great exponents. And I'm cheap and available and I have my own1 mouth organ....which is also cheap and available." Tammy Winnette TTP GILDED BALLOON THEATRE 233 - 237 COWGATE VENUE 38 FRIDAY AUGUST 9th TO MONDAY AUGUST 26th 10.45pm - MIDNIGHT Tickets £6.50 Box Office Tel: 226 2151 & Fringe Box Office 51


Frank Skinner & Mark Lamarr compere the best comedy in town. Dance to Stax Bodene & ‘The Hairstyles’

Absolutely Productions present ‘The Hairstyles' featuring Gordon Kennedy & Pete Baikie from C4's Absolutely. Appearing in the Main Theatre.

O The Ian Turbitt Puppet Theatre h ‘Priceless’ - ACTS ‘The Soopa Doopa Gazoopha’ (S ‘The Return of Burke and Hare’ 0 ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’ ‘Bad and Crazy in a Jem’ - (Fred MacAulay & Parrot) ‘Cambridge Underground’ - Cambridge Footlights The Comedy Store's The Cutting Edge C I Shouldn't Be Telling You This, But - Sean Hughes ■am (0 Mark Steel At Last 'The Death of Country’ - Rory McGrath, Philip Pope E Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer Late ‘n’ Live


32/2 WEST NICOLSON ST. TEL: 662 0781 open* llam for food ft beverages shows start from 4pm. ‘I Cover The Waterfront'- Waterfront Theatre Productions ‘Honey On A Razor’s Edge’ - Waterfront Theatre Productions Eddie Izzard - ‘Just the Word’ Lee Evans & Jeff Green Johnny Immaterial & Ian MacPherson ‘Living Legends’ The Best of Scottish Comedy ‘The Dirtiest Girl in Town’ - Dana Gillespie So You Think You're Funny - Competition

O Iv ■El

‘The Devil & Lenny Bruce’ - Ray Hanna ‘An Afternoon with Klaus Barbie's Penpal’-Karl MacDermott ‘Outrageous Lies’ - Spontaneous Combustion ‘DOG’ - Dave Cohen ‘Patrick's Day ’- Sean Hughes & Owen O'Neill ‘Soap From Hell' - Julie Balloo ‘Nipped and Tucked for ’91’ - Friends of the Famous Fred MacAulay & Lynn Ferguson Corky & The Juice Pigs

Famous. Appearing at the Backstage Theatre

BRENDA GILHOOLY & MARTIN SCAN VENUE 33-Pleasanc8. 60 The Pleaaanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. Ul SOANControl) IN LOVE fell most for each other's reviews. Brenda (star ofGILHOOLY ChannelGuardian. 4'AND s Remote is 'oCooper neTheyof the consistently clever comediennes around' Martin, ' T ommy on acid' City Limits is ' c ompletely mad' Time Out. IsThan this 29)the beginning review? 10.£5.155pm0 (£4.(1of1.510)5)a Fribeautiful 15./Uf00131(£4.(not 00) Mon Thon -Snn GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE » > * VENUE 13—Harry Ybunggr Ha«. Lochend Ckue, Canongite H12 Top class all round' Scotsman. Pick of the Fringe ' 8 8. Part of Strathclyde' scloser Regionalto Community Education Service, we try to bring professional arts educational and offerandthe learn opportunity anyone regardless background,needs to participate within aforprofessional context.of age or social CONVERSATIONS WITHherA lifeGOLLIWOG Faced withoftheherconfusion growing up. Canny leads under the direction toy. and anger of Aai 2631 12 sses (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ KEEPERS OFTheTHEhorrific DEEP SEAofLIGHT BIG STRAMASH THEATRE. Madness? Murder? /U» 2031 Myth?2.00pm (3.20) story £3.00 (£2.0Flannen 0) Isle. Vital theatre. WAVING AND DROWNING A holiday in Greece turns sour for Anne Marie and Maureen they(5.meet Ant M-31 when4.00pm 30) a £3.localM) (£2.Adonis. 011) AMERICAN BUFFALO ‘Aby startlingly David Mamet. ACT IV THEATRE. Three petty crooks plan2831 a midnight Ang B.BOpmrobbery. (7.35) £3.00 (£2.00)good play.' ■compelling k EXTREMITIES A rapist invades the home of a young American woman. A Ant 2031 psychological 8.00pm (9.30) thriller. £3.00 (£2.00) GLOBAL CATASTROPHE ° » VENUE 33-FTeasnoca, 60 The PImmocs Info 556 6550. Credit c«rd booking 556 1513. m LAMB' S TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE Global Catastrophe pulls off Lamb' s Tales frommasks, Shakespeare. A songs bubblingand bubble ofFourth a show, suitable for all ages. Mayhem, well known phrases. year at The Pleasance. Last year' s show filmed by the BBC ' G reat energy and versatility' Scotsman. (An Oxford School of Drama production.) -AatiiiJ—iuoiilujs) £3.00 (£2.00) mon-Thun £3.50 (£2.50) Fri^it GOLDEN DUCK THEATRE COMPANY■ VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers Si. Hse, 16 Chamber Street. Info 220 2462 K9 •k INFINITE REGRESSION The interesting aspects of and the alternative world and humour, society, expanded to fill an hour and a quarter. Including ternative parodyartistic and mime, Infinite Regression is suitable for all those who want to have done their Aug 913 6.duty 30pm in(7.4time 5) to£2.go50to(£2.the00) pub. GONE FISHIN* THEATRE COMPANY °gig*g* VENUE 60-Buiter Brown’s, 27 Market Street. TictaH 226 4224 H9 ★ SLEEPof the WITH90 Fringe, ME PART II continues The sequelthetosearch Sleep forWiththeMe,mosttheintense controversial shocker which sexual experience andwithis stillperverts. not sureCome if it decide is usingforvoyeurism lively debateeveror toexperienced, pack yourself. to spark Ant (7.00)(7.houses Proviow1024Aug 9 6.00pm6.00pm 00) £5.00 (£3.00) SHEILA GRAHAM ° ■ VENUE H—Diverse Attractions, RnHm Court, off liwnmartat Trclate 225 8961 J8 SOME SILLY SLIGHTLY SATIRICAL SONGS Livenmusic. up your lunchtime'OTT!'by) listening to some moderately manic ' m -U-ddle of the road' (Alliteration Sheila sings of food-poisoning, true lust Foster and mathematics, sets thecabaret tabloids music, thevoice' sublime Florence Jenkins. ‘Hilarious revue'to The 1924 List.and'Srecreates ensational Evening Post. Aug 12. 4 0pm (1. 3 5) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Tickets ut venue only GRAND UNION WORLD MUSIC BAND0 ^ 1 VENUE 72-Quegrfs H«6, Clerk Stnmt. Tjckan 668 2019. MW JAZZ AND WORLD MUSIC PARTY NIGHT Colourful and world. irrepressible assalsa, ever, Grand Union return, featuring musicians fromand all over the Hi-life, reggae, samba . . it' s all here Great jazz plenty to dance to. ‘Highly recommended' Aug 10. 17 11.City 00pm Limits. (1.00) £5.00 (£3.50) GRASSMARKET PROfECT ° VENUE 130-Ainifc P»rk Lwsurs Centn 92 PiKon Driv* off Ferry Rd. Tictots 551 2400. A3 ★ex-offenders BAD The story of 14 boys who have all been in prison. 7 are still in prison. Area. 7 are who now live on the fringes of homelessness in the Grassmarket BAD is their story, based on their experience and acted by them along with professional Aug 19-31 6.actors. 00pm (8.00) £6.00 (£4.00) VENUE 24-GraMmarket Mission, The Grassmarket. J7 GLAD Writer/director Weller.homeless. SensationFringeof First the and 1990national Fringe award about homelessness acted byJeremy Edinburgh winner. Aug 1217 7.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£4.00)

© (o' °



GREYFRIARS KIRKHOUSE IE 28-Greyfriara Kirk Home, Candtamlar Row. Tictott 225 3626 One of Edinburgh' s finestKirkhouse and established One minute walk fromofthetheatre, Royal Mile. Greyfriars presentsvenues. an international cabaretThisandyearmusic. Box office, cafe/bar—open from 10am tillprogramme midnight. AK47 THEATRE COMPANY DOING BUSH—AK47 ('political theatre at its best' The 12-31 Stage) Aug (netteeAhaoff19)with 12thenounGulf(1,4Club 5) President £4.00 (£2.5.0). lips worth watching. ARRIVEDERCI BALHAM BEYOND THE FRINGE-by Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Aug 1218 Miller, 10.00pmDudley (11.15)Moora£5.0'P0 ick(£4.0of0) the Fringe' Independent and Scotsman. THOMAS BLACKTHORNE SOMETHINGconducts STRANGE.a fascinating Traveller, conjuror, reader and realm mystic, Thomas Blackthorns tour intomindthe enchanted Aug 12-31 (uut Muu of19) illusion. 7.16pm (8.15) £4.50 (£3.50) THE CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. ROALD DAHL' S REVOLTING RHYMES 'The. . Should not be missed by adults and children alike . . give them a TV series I say' List (nut 1990. Aug 1224 Mon 19) 10.30«m (11.30) £4.00 (£2.50) CONSENTING THEATRE CO. soldier SWEETdemanding LAND OFurineLIBERTY-Dark comedy. Four gaysADULTS play straight for sadistic samples and babies. Aug 12-31 (not ¥un 19) 2.00|mi (3.30) £5.00 (£4.00) EASY TIGER THEATRE CO. FUNNY. Innovative comedy switching disputes of two writers and their developing play. Gives wicked insights intobetween 'art of comedy' Aug 2031. 10.00pm (11,15) £4.50 (£3.50) FABULOUS! WEIRD!tribute WONDERFUL! LIFE IN SHOWBIZ—Celebrity presented byTHEMikeFABULOUS Weird and TONY-A Bobby Wonderful, starring Fabulous Aug 1231 The (Mt Man 19) Tony. 8.30p« (9.30) t5.00 |t4.00) THE HOXTON FIRMofTHIS SAVAGE PARADE(see—Schaffer. A bizarre turn of events dominates Aug 1231 (MtthisMm'trial' 191 5.a 3Nazi 0pm (7.war00) criminal t4.5B (£3.50)separate entry). sharp.2831 3.45pw (5.16) Aug BAG THEATREthrough LOCO—This innovative London basedsound company presents aDANCE diverse and original stories. A*g 2631 performance !0.30ani (11.45) £3.image, 50 (C3.0movement 0) SINGERS PLAYERS WOLFGANG. Ultimate bi-centenary celebration: Cambridge company creates outrageous comedy from Mozart' s life andinnovative operas. Review drama19) with Aug 1225style (not Mon 3.4the5pmmusic. (5.15) £4.00 (£3.50) NICK REVELL AND STU WHO? LOOKING FOR THE LINE. STU WHO? ' t he ofdouble Odd'billTheof Scotsman, NICK REVELL 'comic& genius' The Scotsman. THE wizard comic Aug 1231 (not Sunthe 18)festival.11.3Wk 0pm 3-Stu (12.30) Who? £6.00 (£4.Lyn00)Ferguson only. GREYFRIARS MUSIC >2*3« VENUE Ol-Greyfriara Kirk, Groyfriarc Place; Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 LUNCHTIME ORGAN RECITALS AT GREYFRIARS Daily recitals on the much acclaimed Peter Collinscity-centre organ (threechurch. manual,Different 49 stopprogramme mechanicalandaction) installed last year in this historic recitalist day. Mon-Fri daily atand1.10pm. Collect a leaflet from the church (open 10-4) forevery full details of recitalists programmes. Aug 1230 (net Sets or Suns) 1.10pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00) PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH are giving 4 baroque concerts in Greyfriars Kirk including Thursday 29details. (Fireworks night). See main entry under Philomusica of Edinburgh Aug 11,17,24,for29 further 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) GROSS ENCOUNTERS VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre. 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 GROSS ENCOUNTERS eccentricity queens of letkitsch. FiveTrollop girls,110 abedrum, and a lousyWhere taste inAcapella clothes! Why won'tfrom GrossgettheEncounters Tracey their drummer? did Barbara Blackwhigge those platform shoes? Who cares?1017. . This10.1is0pmmusical Aug (11.00) cabaret £3.00 at(£2.its00)best! TONY HAASE l-Pteasancei 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. ★ THE GERTY NAYLORTheSHOW Performedonly by TONY HAASEto(ofplayCLIFFHANGER and LES ANDNaylor ROBERT). true story woman in anpiece FA Cupof Final. Gerty diedherinspirit 1982, takingofherthe secret to the ever grave. In a rare Mediumistic Theatre, returns. Aug 731 (not 12, 2 9) 9. 3 0pm (10. 4 5) £5.50 (£4.00) Mon Thur £6.00 (£4.50) Fri Sun GABRIELLE HAMILTON ’•2*3< VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St.EEEEEEEEE Mary, & Chaptar House; Palmerston Place Tickets 225 6293. H3 Enjoyatyour lunch EXPERIMENT WITH EEEEEEEEEz, coffee, andit? Survival! a happy* Look Life,poetry the up'break! s andsong,'down' s we all share and what' s good about A play with and (McGough Sondheim, for all(1.4from Aug 12-10.1922,etc.). 26-31Suitable 12.45pm 5) 8£3.to0080(£2.plus. 00) Have a lovely dav' 54

HAMLET AT HERIOT’S VENUE 77—Hamlet at Hanoi's, Gsorgu Hsriot's School, LauriMon PI. Tickets 229 7263. HAMLET by Williamroof,Shakespeare. Superb large stagein centra und^>I hammerbeam-style byplay experienced youthfulplay cast,on inTicket historicapron Edinburgh. 'Tfree he greatest ever written.' Olivier. pricesetting includes fre programme, refreshment (coffee/orange, biscuit) madrigals on lawns durini interval. Aug 10, 1217 7.30pm (10.15) £3.00 (£2.00) RAY HANNA VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatrn 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 THE LENNYintimate BRUCEconfessions : The privatemarking world of25history' s since quintessenti* comic.DEVIL New AND revelations, yearsconspiracies Lenny'am;|,i death. Unpublished stories,thatbiting satire, sex,coulddrugs, government much mora Lenny proved living in hell still be funny. American comic Ra: Hanna is Lenny Bruce. Aug 9-31 12noon (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00) JEREMY HARDY VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 Georgs Street. Tickets 220 4349 JEREMY HARDY Jeremy Hardy was born a coalminer' daughter, in athing cabin, oj adaddy hill in made Butcher were poor, butto they love,sman' that' the one sureHoller. of.onHeThey shovelled coal makehada poor ss dollar. 'One ofthe*tW sharpest comedians the circuit' Guardian. Aug 2022 0 SUPDY) Aug 24 11.111.5pm15pm(12.(12.30) 30) £7.5£6.0 5(£6.0 (£5.50 5SUPDY) HENDERSON-DAVIS PLAYERS OF SOUTH CAROLINA STATE COLLEGE » 3 VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmour Place Tickets 229 0044 BUBBLING BROWN SUGAR in a musical time warp, whisks a group of younili apathetic Harlemites back tolaughter-filled the glorious days of thetheatre Harlemride Renaissance. In a foo:ani stomping, finger-popping, musical through time space, they develop a (11.new-found appreciation for their homa Aug 13, 1 5, 1 7 10. 0 0pm 3 5) £4. 9 5 (£3. 9 5) Aug 12,14.19 2.30pm (3.55) Aug 1416 6.00pm (7.30) HERRICK THEATRE VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco'; Leisure Centra 51 Grove St. Ticketa 229 81 HANSEL ANDsinging, GRETEL Last puppets, year's highly successful 'Sjoining-in. elfish Giant''Hansel feature! story-telling, and some noisy Gretel' children' promisess story moredancing, of all these ingredients—and aDon'witch toothis(boolfamilyhiss!).tr an, classic brought bubbling to the stage. t miss 11.17 nn.~. /ii cm to nn itn nnt BILL HICKS VENUE TIB-Assembly/Wildcat at The Meadows, Middle M « Walk. Tickets 220 4349 DANGEROUS Bil Hicks Touted is considered be thetomost brilliant nel. comedian thetoshock heir Lennydangerous Bruce, but Hicks' appearancesin onAmerica. American TVandassendvery waves throughout the'Rfrequeifi comecl establishment. Tough, scathing funny. Bi l is a comic outlaw. iotous! outrageous' Aug 2131 Variety. 10.15pm (11.30) £6.50 (£5.00) THE HIDDEN THEATRE VENUE 22-Richanl Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. ★ IN THE RUINS& Bunuel. OF SONG by Ericcompelling Prince. A drama uniqueoflate-night echoes ofandBeckett Anandutterly familywriter/director love,event, lost whisky song. Mysterious moving. From('8award-winning Fringe successes KAFKA' S LAST REQUEST 0); WILDSEA-WILDSEA ('8$ NOCTURNO (' 8 9)—' e xtraordinary and unforgettable imagery' — GUARDIAN Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18) 12midnight (1.10) £3.50 (£2.50)


Herrick Theatre presents the children’s classic Hansel &

Gretel People and puppets, story and son ... and a witch, too (boo! hiss!) Tic Toe at Marco’s. 51 Grove St. Venue 98. I 2-17 August at 11.00am. Tickets £3 (£2). Box Office 031 -229 8830

109 Dundee Street, Fountainbridge Chesser Avenue, Gorgie 031-229 9878/9 031-443 7592/3

6 McDonald Road, Leith 031-556 8750/3847

Strathearn Road, Marchmont 031-447 4207

19 Corstorphine Road, Murrayfield High Street, Portobello 031-669 6056/8005 031-337 8696

Hillhouse Road, Blackball 031-332 2341/2

6 Croft St. (Opp. Bus Station),Dalkeith 031-663 1897










Index of Venues by Number with map grid reference 113 Corner 114 Holy St. Paul' s & Centre St. George' s Church & Hall F10N3L2 115 Brahma Kumaris Centre 116 Assembly/Wildcat at The Meadows Outer M8 117 Leith Community Centre 118 Rosslyn Chapel 119 Inverleith Calton Centre G13A6 120 Church Hal l 122 SeventhTheDayMersey AdventistTheatre Church 123 Across K10K9 124 Hopetoun Houses College Outer 125 George Watson' 126 Theatre West End H6 127 StSt. John' s Church 128 Oswald' s Hall M3G6 129 Freemasons' 130 Ainslie ParkKiLeisure A3K8 131 rkStreet Centre 132 Greyfriars West Princes Gardens H6K8 133 Portfolio Gallery 134 The Inhouse 135 AdamStreet Pottery D7 136 6 Howe 137 MerchantFineHalArtl Commiss G8H4F7 138 Royal 139 Advocates Gallery J9 140. Gallery G13 141 â&#x20AC;˘'AThe migaofDunedin Centre Scotland F10 142 Out theFrost Nomad' s Tei D13 143 Martin & Dll 144 Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop & Gallery A12 FI 145 The 146 WestAHaven &.PWilde Bookshop 147 W. . S . S . Studios 148 People' sMirages Story 149 Galerie 151 Brass Rubbing Centre 152 Spanish Consul 153 Museum of Childhood 154 Chessel Gallery 155 R. I . A . S . Gallery 156 Lady Stair's House 157 Quercus 158 Huntly House 159 HouseMuseum 160 Inverleith Camera Obscura AB Filmhouse Book Festival Tickets DCi Tattoo FestivalOffice/Jazz Office Tourist Information



rfF, £:£"

CHARLOTTE SQUARE GARDENS • 10-26 AUGUST 1991 • Robin Bell |—" '' ' THE BOOK Terence^Lcker FESTIVAL IS BACK . . . in erence ac er Just step into the multi-coloured marquees ermo o ger Charlotte Square Gardens this August and enter anyn owermg the wonderful world of books. Browse through e vyn ragg our range of thousands of books, listen to over nt ony rowne 15Q authors and personalities, visit the Smarties’ J1 t™mgt0n Children’s Fair or relax over coffee or a drink in rUnh ff MeTcalman the famous Beck’smusic, Spiegeltent. There areand street p6- ca. a”many ! ° demonstrations, magic, poetry, entertainment—in fact something for everyone! Angela Carter OPENING DAY NEIL GUNN Charles Causley Join in the fun of the opening celebrations on WRITERS’ CONFERENCE Liza Cody Saturday 10th August. From 10.30 am to 12 noon, To mark the centenary of the birth of Neil IsobelCooColegate entry to the Festival is FREE! Mingle with Gunn, the Scottish Arts Council and the JiWendy Hy Cope Per literary celebrities andADAMS entertainers. Hitchhikers Book Festival are holding a major Guide DOUGLAS will officially open international writers’ conference on the Judy Corbalis the Festival at 11 am. Novel. From 19 to 21 August, this most distinguished gathering of contemporary Andrew Coyle SMARTIES’ CHILDREN’S FAIR writers includes Josef Skvorecky, Amoz Andy Crane The 1991 Children’s programme is Oz, David Maiouf, Caryl Phillips, Brian Robert Crawford packed with things to do and authors tc Moore, Candia MeWilliam, William Helen Cresswell meet. With story-telling in the Smarties’ Mellvanney, Ivan Klima, Adam Hunter Davies Reading Corner, plus puppet-shows, Zameenzad, Pavic, Ben Okri, Jon Day workshops and competitions, it’s a Victor AstafyevMilorad and Marilyn Bowering. Robin Day lively event for everyone who’s : Wri t e rs' Conference sponsored by Monica Dickens young at heart. Come and wonder 0 Scottish 6 Newcastle Breweries International Division. Terrance Dicks at Puffin’s giant birthday cake, made Colin Douglas by Jan Pienkowski, to celebrate 50 ® Sarah Dunant years of Puffin books! That postman * TICKETS AND TIMES Douglas Dunn fr0m Greendale, Pat, with his cat Jess, ^ The Book Festival is open daily 10 am-8 pm Dorothy Dunnett is also celebrating a special birthday. (except 10th and 26th, site closes at 6 pm). Events Paul Durcan A creche for the very young is run by ** in the Beck’s Spiegeltent continue until 11 pm. Owen Dudley Edwards the National Childbirth Trust. * DAY TICKET—£2.00/75p concession. Buy a Day Denis Forman BECK’S SPIEGELTENT Ticket and see any event that day at the Margaret Forster If it all becomes too much, relax in the famous rate. Clare Francis Beck’s Spiegeltent, the 1920s mirrorthroughout tent, servingthe concession delicious food and drink SEASON TICKET—£9.00/£4.50 concession. A day. Enjoy the all-day cabaret and must for the regular attender. Admission on site musical entertainment, special evening throughout the Festival and concession rates for events and, in week two, Jazz Festival any event. FAMILY DAY TICKET-a great daily offer for adults with lots of kids. HIGHLIGHTS MEET THE AUTHOR returns with some of TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FROM today’s best-known writers discussing everything ALL 1st JULY 1991 from literary biography to sex and religion in the MONDAY in person from James Thin Edinburgh Bookshop novel. 57 George Street, Edinburgh 10 am-6 pm, Mon-Fri; MURDER SHE WROTE-check out our 10 am-5 pm Sat “Women In Crime” theme with some of the hottest names in the business. and from Fringe Box Office from 29th July FROM TINTIN TO WATCHMEN-proving that comics aren’t just for kids, Strip Search 2 is a • by post from BOX T special exhibition tracing the development of the Edinburgh Book Festival comic from “Little Nemo” to “Watchman”. 25a SW Thistle Street Lane Edinburgh EH2 1EW The 1991 SUNDAY NIGHT LECTURES programme includes talks from Doris Lessing, by telephone with ACCESS or VISA only on John Mortimer and Richard Hoggart. 031-220 4067

Subsidised by the Scottish/krtsCouncil 59


HILL STREET THEATRE ° '•>•’9 VENUE 41-Ha Stmt Theatres 19 Ha Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 TWO OLD FARTS IN THE NIGHT AB OVO THEATRE COMPANY LTD. isproof proudthatto welcome WILLIE RUSHTON and BARRY CRYER to its venue. Living comedy a serious this game old duo will sing, dance and make merry until2531 longispast their (1.business, bedtima 4* ILQSpw 05) E5.00 IhcIimIm a free glm of Taylor's Port EASTERN EUROPE UNVEILED An exciting ofinsight into Polish and East European contemporary 4ag H 3f fort SiartII)on display 11.30—in(7,an30)exhibition Free paintings and prints. ★ THE with LASThuman LAUGHrightsAmnesty Hilarious fairytale for children and adults dealing and112.theBenefit. Ah 1131 (Mt Sm IS) n.OOia 30)freedom £4.00of(£2.expression. 50) ★festival BUSHWACKED IN AMERICA A hilarious view of life in the U.S.A. to the via skits, scenes andE3.parodies, cabaret style. Aui 1124 8. 3 5pm (9. 2 5) 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 2531 7.05pm (7.55) THE DUCHESS OF viewers MALFI by John Webster. Shockingly modern, this American production Ah 2831 catapults 8.15pm (10.45) £4.into00 IfWebster' 3.00) s humorous and terrifying world. ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF THE POLL-TAX Topical impressions presented in an12-24inventive6.10pm and (6.entertaining stand-upunderandcomedy Aug 55) £3.00mix(£2.0of0 UPDCY, 21s)sketches. ★ THATCHER'subversive S BLUE OUTFIT DO SEXPOTS ANCIENT ROMEPerformed Funny, contemporary, look at female foibles, fromOF Juvenal' s satire. by Petronius O'W181orsthorne. Ah 1124 lM»t Sum 1.18pm (1.55) £3.90 If3.00) ★ IN BED WITHat MARGOT SESSIONS Margot's back on her back. TV celeb Margot Ami 2531Sessions 10.30pm her (11.30)most £4.revealing. 00 (£3.00) A MOST. .CURIOUS MURDER-THEaboveMADELEINE SMITH STORY Passion .Ami★. jealousy deceit . . blackmail—but 11-31 8.15pm (9.45I £4.00 (£3.501 all, a mystery narrative and song. ★Support LIFE SUPPORT La Compagnie du Parti-Pris met at the Lecoq School, Paris. Life Ah H24 isImmIa tragicomedy 17,181 2.30pmof (3.hospital 30) £3.blues 00 |£and 2.50)mishaps. EQUUS by Peter innovative Shaffer. Hard is electrifiedof Shaffer' with thes gripping chilling performances ideas hitting used in drama our interpretation play.0-17 9.4and Ah 5pm 111.55) £4.00 (£3.00) AS YOU LIKE IT by William Shakespeare. One of attempted Shakespeare'murder s mostandaccessible comedies romance, sheep. Ah 11-24 ImofmI Smm 18) cross-dressing, 2.05pm (3.50) usurpation, £4.50 (£2.001 ANDROMACHE by Jean Racine. Sexual obsession and political intrigue in a production visual Ah 1124 (MMtbySmma new 18) company 4.15pm (5.dedicated 45) £4.to00a (£3. 50) and physical performance style. BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE Dennis Potter' s disturbingly funny black comedy about2531the Devil' Ami 12.1s0pmvisit(1.5to0) suburbia. £4.00 (£3.Compelling, 50) repellent and unmissable standard. In 1990 there were 9,504 performances on the Fringe. Some people couldn't decide what to see.



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ROADpassion Jim Cartwright' s tragi-comicindividual kaleidoscope of life on the breadline. Brimming with Ah 25-31 4.and 10pmanger (5.40) . . superb £4.00 If3.50) performances. ★ GRIMM REALITIES An exciting combination of theatre, movement and live music; members Aug 19-24ABI's 12.2030am (1.45) enter £3.0the 0 (£2.bizarre 50) world of fairytales. ★afterlife. CROWD Based on Sartre' s In Camera, Crowd offers a new definition to the Aug 12-17 A controversial 12.30am (1.30) and £4.compelling 00 (£3.00) piece of theatre. BETRAYAL by Haroldwhere Pinter. The classic menage a trois—Betrayal spins a web of deceit Ah 25-31and intrigue 2.15pm (3.301 marital £4.00 (£3.bliss00) should reign supreme. Areception, RESPECTABLE WEDDING Brecht' s comedy. bliss Set inchronicles the eveningthe wedding thisof what sharp-witted viewbeenof themarital chaotic disintegration should have end of a perfect day. Ah 2531 3.45pm (5.B8) £4.08 (f3.P0) THERESE RAQUIN Adaptedonfrom novel.A haunted An intense unforgettable drama focussing murder,Emilepain Zola' and sdeceit. visionandof people' Ah 25-31s immorality. SJOpm (6.55) £5.00 (£3,50) ★ BOOTH by David Beeler. EdwinPresident. Booth was America’s most successful actor . . until his brother Aug 1124 6.10pmassassinated (7.45) £5.the 00 (£4.001 A true story. ★ FALL from A new play by Simon Andrew Stirling. Sexual jealousies and creative tensions Ah 1*24 10.a15pmblistering (11.30) parable £4.50 of(£3.freedom 50) and danger. THE YELLOW WALLPAPER Does non-conformity within aa patriarchal society lead to Spine an insane world? Spiralling into her subconscious, woman is labelled insane.18-24 Aug 10.chilling! 30pm (11.45) £4.50 (£2.501 THE HONKIN* HEP CATS VENUE 82-Southside '91, Soutlwide Community Centre; 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365. L10 THE HONKIN' HEPnever CATSheard Honkin'before stompin' jivin' jokin'LIVEbangin' bleedin' stormin'OF stampedin' like you . . oroonee? JIVE FROM ONE EUROPE' S MOST JUMP JIVE OUTFITS! Also at the Spiegeltent, Aug 22 (3.30pm), & 25EXCITING Aug 2531 (not23Thun 29)(5.00pm): 9.30pmThe(11.3Mound 0) £3.Aug00 (£2.22-31 50) (2.00pm) VOUT! HOT LICKS COOKIES ° < ’d* VENUE 82-Southside '91, Soulhside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 U0 JOLLY JUGBAND, SOLID SKIFFLE, RED-HOT BLUES Fresh from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival andShipcote also Martin Stephenson tours, Roundeyes Ray, on harmonica, vocals, guitar, and on double bass, and vocals, make their Fringe debut. Aug 1923 7.00pm Authentic (7.45) £4.music 50 (£3.and 50) fun, guarantee a good time. V ASSOCIATION WITH FOOTHIU COLLEGE PRESENTS Tennessee in the Summer by (10:00pm) Joe Besecker Purple Hearts by Brian (Noon)Kenton August 12-31 (Not August 20, 27, 29) £4.00 (£3.00) Moray House Union Theatre 37HdyroodRoad Tickets 556-5184 EDINBURGHIN THEFRINGE 1991 TENNESSEE SUMMERFESTIVAL A PURPLE HEARTS 61

FLEUR HOWARD FOR HOWARD ASH PRODUCTIONS ° VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★of SCENTS OF HUMOUR A new one person show exploring ' c omedy' inAsh, a series(in sketches. Humour at its most raucous and most sensitive. Allison Edinburgh this yearWritten playing 'The Woman in Black') combines her talents as actress and comedienne. Aug 2531 3.00pm (4.30) by £4.Fleur 00 (£3.Howard 50) and Allison Ash. DAVID HOWELLS 3 VENUE 91—Catfwdnl Church of St. Mary, & Chapter Housn Palmercton Place H3 ROMEO AND JULIET-PIANO RECITAL WITH NARRATION David Howellsin plays Prokofiev' s ten pieces Op.75 from Romeo and Juliet and relates the drama aInstitute. speciallyThecommissioned by Peter of Shakespeare experienced narration pianist David HowellsDavison—fellow regularly appears in London, throughout Aug 10,1215 Britain 2.15pmand(3.1at5) Edinburgh' £3.00 (£2.s 0Fringe. 0 PC) PETER AND THE WOLF-PIANO RECITAL WITH NARRATION Prokofiev's masterpiece (Khatchaturian) Aug 10. 1218 and4.3Adventures 0pm (5.30) of£3.Ivan00 (£2. 00 PC) for children of all ages. THE HOXTON FIRM ° VENUE 28-GrBYfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 THIS SAVAGE PARADE -SHAFFER. Set in Tel Aviv 1962, this is the rial' of a Nazi war criminal, the unravelling of fora 17him—however year frustration.all isThenotIsraelis have'tsearched painstakingly throughout the world quite what it seems. Hoxton Aug 1231Firm, (not Mon'masterful 19) 5.account 30pm (7.0.0). brilliant' £4.50 Scotsman (£3.50) 1990. SEAN HUGHES & OWEN O’NEILL °d VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ PATRICKS DAY AO'new play byhappens last year'when s Perrier Award winner Sean Hughes and comedian Owen N eill. What two Irishmen take a pub hostage onElvisSt.Presley Patrick's day,them, when they realise that the streets of London are paved? Can Aug 924 7.save 00pm (8.30) and£5.will00 (£3.they50) ever get to Boston? HULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY owf VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 One of theaccessible nation's leading theatre companies, renowned worldwide fortwoits exciting, popular, and innovative style of drama returns with critically acclaimed and award winning plays. UP N UNDER written Godber. Hull Truck'is sback Laurence Olivier Comedy Awardpacked.' winningandanddirected Fringe byFirstJohnsmash hit comedy ‘hysterically funny, action Aug 9, 1 0. 1 8, 2 022 12noon (1. 4 5) £7. 0 0 (£5. 5 0) Aug 7.23,228-31 4 12noon Aug 18,11,113-15, 3.15pm(1.(5.45)00) £8.£7.000(£6. 0 (£5.50)50) CAN' T STAND UP FOR FALLING DOWN by Richard First and and Independentgem.' Award winning story of Lynette, Sadie Cameron. and Ruby.Fringe 'Moving thrilling—a Aug 9, 1 0, 1 215. 1 9-22. 2 7 31 4. 1 5pm (5. 3 0) £7. 0 0 (£5. 5 0) Aug 16,17,2325 £8.00 (£6.50) THE HUMPFF FAMILY 3 VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teyiot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9, Night: 650 4673 10 GET HUMPFFED AT THE FRINGE CLUB WITH THE HUMPFF FAMILY A pota pourri of Rag-time, Blue-grass and Pop; a High-speed, Non-stop, Flat-out sound; mix ofdullCajunstageCeilidh, Psycho-Billy and Punk-Country, whose sometimes but never show belies accomplished musicianship. Featuring chaotic music from 'IN THE FAMILY WAY' and 'Ftheir AMILY PLANNING’. Fanominalydansabil! Aug 917 (not Thur 15) 8. 4 5pm (10. 3 01 £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0 SUPDCY 8. Fri n ge Cl u b Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING THE IMAGINATION COMPANY ° VENUE 82-Southside ’91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 DO ★theYOUNG KING ARTHUR An adventure of courage and comedy. Merlin prepares reluctant ' W ART' to accept his destiny as King of all England. This amusing and awe-inspiring educationto and magicalthe transformation our young audiences withstorythe ofchallenge discover true nobility thatpresents lies within each individual. Aug 11,13,15,17,19,21,23,2531 12.45pm (1.30) £2.50 (£2.00) ★scarey TOMcaves, SAWYER Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher are on hand as Tom explores Aug 12,14,15,20,11.2deserted 2,020am4 (11.12.45)islands, 45pm (1.3danger, 0) £2.excitement, 50 (£2.00) fun. Aug 25-31 IMPORT THEATRE COMPANY ° ■».»»» VENUE U9-Calton Centra 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 MEASURE FOR MEASURE SHAKESPEARE IS DEAD good when presented by (the established, the sparkling) Import T. C . It' s that timeless tale of boy meets girl, girl getsforpregnant, Duke fordresses upMeasure in frock.ForNever over tops the top—never under. Ounce penny, pound pound. Measure the lot. Aug 12,13,18,17,2123,28,27 3.45pm (5.15) £3.50 (£2.50) KNUCKLE David Hare's brutal, stunning, sexy thriller. Arms dealer searches for missing Aug 14,15.sister 19.20.2on4,25,the2830sordid3.streets 45pm (5.1of5) Surbiton. £3.50 (£2.50) 62

IMULE VENUE 36-Festival CbA 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ★ THE hallmark COVENANT-A YORUBA CREATION MYTH Great seamlessly immediacy witl am humour thisanddramatic the invoke spokentheword integrates dance, percussionmysteries mime. Aspoem; IMULE ancient Yorubas changing Divinities rolth earth' s timeless unfold and we see the pattern of Mankind' in nature. Aug 2531 (nutA World Tun 27)Premiere 11.00amfor(1.all00)ages.£4.00 (£2.50) 1 ROMEO AND JULIET (Shakespeare).perspectives. This stylishAlready four person interpretatiorl reveals startlingly new cross-cultural a cult piece. ' A fin# show'1924Western12noonMorning News. Aug Aug 25-31 (not Tun 27)(2.00)6.00pm£4.(8.0000)(£2.50)

INCIDENTAL THEATRE PRESENTS VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G ★ AN EVENING WITHCallous, GARY LINEKER New comedy by ArthurCaroline Smith and Chri England, starring Maria Chris England, Nick Hancock, Quentirl Andy Taylor. Where were you on July 4th 1990? And did you score? Aug 911, 50 (£5. Aug 18,117.315,23,2148 22 10.010.0pm00pm(11.1(5)11.15) £7.5£6.0 (£6. 50) 50) VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pteasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U ★ THE TRENCH KISS By Arthur Smith, starring CarolineandQuentin, Arthur Awarl Smitl and Ben Miller. Penetrating new comedy by the Perrier Independent nominated team Bed Show'. Aug MonThur 12)that gave 8.£5.10pm7you (9.2'L75)5)iveFri-Saa 18.25925(15.(not 25) Mon 5 (£5. CLAY New woman' s play by Julie Balloo (co-authoracute' of 'Thirtysomehow' London Play award. erocious and comically Independent. ')Fullthattowoi th» brim8-31withNew invention' Daily6.'4FMail. Aug (not 12 or 29) 0pm (7. 5 5) £8.00 ([5.00) Mon-Thur £6.50 (£5.50) Fri Sun THE DAY TRIP Comedian Day'ss genuinely first one-man ixes one-liners longer sequences to create aKevin set that' funnyshow. . . he''Ms timed this moveanctc perfection' Time Out. Aug 925 (not Mon 12) 7. 3 0pm (8. 4 0) £6.00 (£4.50) Mon-Thur £6.50 (£5.00) Fri-Sun

INDEPENDENT THEATRE COUNCIL » <»•»] VENUE 33-Pleasance; 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit cord booking 556 1513. Uj WHAT' WHAT THE THEATRE (seminar). Thetheessential guideandto running Syour own INcompany. A panel success. ofINDUSTRY theatre300 experts highlight challenges uncover the secrets of management theatre companies belong to ITC* Find21out81 22here if11.you30amshould Aug (12.30) be oneFreeof them. ROB INGLIS VENUE 33-Ploasanca, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. UV ★ W.C.FIELDS Wit,can'woes, wisdom,collapses, of a lifesofunnier thanmemoirs. his movies. Aging, ailing Fields t sleepwomen, after ceiling dictates Inglis (Lord of the Rings-miracle' Scotsman, and Hobbit-Best Solo' Festival Times) adapted this solo show from Robert Lewis Taylor's biography. Technical advisor: Patrick Page. Aug 12.19,Thur 27) 3.£5.45pm £4.50731(£3.(not 50) Mon 00 (£4.(5.00010) Fri-Sun INSTANT SUNSHINE ° ■»»»» VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. LU INSTANT SUNSHINE Slightly crumpled, dinner-jacketed andPeterquiteChristie, delightful good old Instant Sunshine of Radio 4 fame —David Barlow, Milesof— Kington and Alan Maryon-Davis—back again with another rib-tickling collection their12-24 unique songs 'Sparkling cocktail' Scotsman. Aug (not Mon 19)and irresistible 7.350pm (8.040)5)humour. £6. 0 0 (£4. 5 0) MonThur £6. 0 (£5. Fri Sun Bxtro thorn Aug 18,17.23,24 12.30pm (1.30) £5.50 (£4.00) INTERNATIONAL THEATRE INSTITUTE 0 ’•aD>G7 VENUE 3-Aitembly Rooms, 54 George Streat. Tickets 220 4349 INTERNATIONAL THEATRE CENTREIt keeps Britishworldwide ITI is partcontact of a performing network withcolleagues 70 INSTITUTE international centres. with theatreartsinand dancepractice. andNeville members posted of 4events and developments theatre Director: Shulman QBE, ITI, St George' House, 15 Hanover Square, London W1R 9AJ. Tel: (071) 486 6363. Fax: (071) 408s 1388. Aug 12-24 (not Suns) 1.30pm (5.30) Free

PETER IRELAND VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 U0 ★ WE This stunning solofor adaptation of Huxley—incorporates Yevgeny Zamyatin's 1922 Sci-Fi masterpiece—inspiration Orwell and video and soundtrack in itsLondon portrayalTheatre of theRecord. glass utopia. agnificent impact of'Ana Fritz Lang film' 'Intense'Mand gripping'. . allThetheGuardian. increasingly Aug 1024 compelling 9.50pm (11.20)performance' £4.00 (£3.5The 01 List.

EDDIE IZZARD VENUE 66-The Countinfl Houm, 32 W. Nicolson St. Tickets (from Gilded Balloon) 226 2151. L10 JUST THE WORDS A comic without peerGrand or jetty.National. Last year' of the Perrier Commendation, this year' s 'Hwinner of the Izzards winner has 'developed into aIndependent, 24 exposure'Hcolour film. ilarious' 77me Out, ' B rilliant' Guardian, T he very best' Aw 9 31 (not Tuts)is off-the-cuff 6.00pm (7.15)remarks£5.00beat(£4.0most 0) impro hollow' City Limits. JEEVES, WOOSTER, FRIENDS & ENEMIES VENUE ne-AssamblylWildcat at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tickets 220 4349 M8 THE CODE THEofWOOSTERS Roberts funniest Goodale'Wooster s extraordinary one-mannotshow offers theJeeves fullOFflavour P.G. but Wodehouse' novel. Goodale only portrays & Bertie, also breathes life into the entire cast of aunts, policemen, fascists 'Aandhit'judges to brilliant effect. 'Extremely impressive' BBC. 'Hilarious' Aag 931 luotExpress. Weds) 1.30pmScotsman. (3.00) £6.00 (£5.00) JESTER CHILDRENS THEATRE VENUE 79-Pilmmy Community Centra 44 Buchantn Street. Tickets 554 0953 D13 GUNPOWDER, TREASON AND PLOT by Peter Quitter. Action-packed, JESTER'S two plays for the Festival bring HISTORY brilliantly to life for children. hilarious combinations of entertainmentfunnyandtimeeducation. Factual, great fun! 'GUNPOWDER' machine back to the and TUDOR/STUART PERIOD: the Sundaysis19,aof2wonderfully Aua 11-31 (not 5)GUY11.FAWKES! 00am (11.50) £3.50 (£3.00) VENUE 59-Edinl)urgh Playhouae & Studio, W-22 Greanskle PI. Tickets 556 0461 G11 APERIOD-complete CLEAN SWEEP!with by Peter Quilter. Hysterical journeyCHIMNEY through theSWEEP! VICTORIAN a MELODRAMA and bumbling Aug 1131 (net Sun 19,25) 11.00am (11.50) £3.50 (£3.00) JIVING LINDY HOPPERS VENUE tHS-AwmblyfWitdcat at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tickets 220 4349 M8 SHUT UP AND 'If willonlyshow I couldyoudohow. that?'A The JLH newof the showpastfeaturing music-man Craig DANCE McMurdo selection year' s riveting performances combined with an impromptu lesson from the best jazz dance Aug 9-31teachers (not Suns)in the3.3business. 0pm (5.00) Guaranteed £5.00 (£4.fun 50) and entertainment for all ages. THE JOHNSON FAMILY ° ’g^g VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Ticket; 556 5184. L9 ★independence, ROXANA Adapted from Defoe. Premiere Production. A woman' s desire for wealth, and adoration propels her to the status of King' s Whore. Maternal instinct and morality fallinby1989, as spectacle, amour, and suspense make for racey12-25restoration Aug (not Sun 18)drama.6.Formed 00pm (7.35) £4.5acclaimed 0 (£3.00) as 'A company to watch' F.T. DAVID W W JOHNSTONE VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 GARGOYLE JAM An impish demon'Behavioural is unleashedjazz'when an unlucky manoftakes drastic steps to become a winner. describes the style this funny and frightening solo work. Nominated for Best Performance Art by L.A. WEEKLY. Aug 1025 (not Mons) 11.15am (12.05) £3.50 (£2.50)

SJGENDCHOR DER MUSIKSCHULE DES 0 1 2 3 OCHSAUERLAND KREISES GERMANY » VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House; Palmerston Place H3 LAUDATE DOMINUM This successful, award-winning youth choir from the Music School of the Hochsauerland District, Germany, under the direction of Gerd Schuttler aim toworks crownby their previous, concerts in Scotland with a selection Handel, much-acclaimed Mozart and Mendelsohn. Aug 21 7.by3of0pmprogramme, (9.00) Bach, Admission available at venue only. KALEIDOSCOPE THEATRE ° VENUE 39-St. Martin's Church, 230 Dairy Road. Tickets 337 9714 K1 LOVE LIES BLEEDING An original tapestry of legend, history and allegory; richly interwoven with mime, music, dance and drama in a mystical, magical world as the tale of the Quest for the Grail is unveiled. 'An absorbing and moving show . . Kaleidoscope Aug 1124 (nut SuntaxesIS) both8.0intellectually 0pm (9.30) as£4.well 00 (£3.as00)emotionally' Financial Times. THE KALIBER IMPROFEST VENUE 3-Asiemb)y Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 Q7 KaliberAssembly alcohol-free lagerA trio bringsof the you best a special mini-Fest at Edinburgh' s prime venue, The Rooms. in improvisational comedy bringing you all your favourite 'Whosewhodunnitl Line?' games, anarchic spontaneous comedy and even an hilarious improvised MIKEofMC8HANE withteamed SWEENEYthe& acclaimed STEEN Wildly funnyof ad-lib. evening from this giant impro comedy masters Aug 1922 9.00pm (10.15) £7.5with 0 (£5.50) COMEDY STORE These brilliant, you cry with laughter. ComePLAYERS to be stunned by their hilarious skill in anperformers evening notwilltomake be missed. Aug Aug 24,25 2529 9.9.000pm 0pm (10.(10.115)5) £0.£7.5500 (£6. (£5.550)0) SWEENEY STEEN IN PLAY BY EARis lovingly A whodunnit only who but19,also2022&how and30pmwhy. The thriller taken towhere new,you verydecide funny not heights. Aug Aug 915, 16,11,2325 5.5.30pm (6.(6.45)45) £7.£6.0000(£6.(£5.00)00) JONATHAN KAY ° VENUE 123-Acros» The Murwy Theatre, South Bridge Ctra Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 K10 ★conventions JONATHAN KAY—LIVE is a ' l yrical piece of dynamite' which has the of theatre, styleItandis 'iaudience. Jonathan playsofthethemes Foolfuntotowith getexcite his audiences laughing andofitsraging. mprovised' using a'Ehost the audience' s sense outrage, love and fair play. NGAGING APPEAL' The Guardian. Aug 11-24 (not Sun 18) 1.10pm (2.40) £5.00 (£3.50) JONATHAN KAY

JOMIJULES ° VENUE 36—Featival CkA 9-15 Chambara Stunt. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ PASSION by Xavier Leret.cityInspired byThree the possibilities of 'Npillage asty Rap' Passion explores the rising of inner violence. boys rape and but, through the blood of a woman, Justin feels . . (adults only). Aug 12,143839,21.23 8.00pm (10.00) £3.50 (£3.00) BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS by The Dennis Potter. 7 seven-year-olds, (played by adults) Aug 13.15.fight, 17.20.2fantasize 2,24 8.and 00pmtorture. (10.00) £3.latter 50 (£3.triumphs. 00) KALEIDOSCOPE THEATRE COMPANY Love Lies


VENUE 39 Sat17th - Sat 24th August 8.00pm (not Sun) "More grailtunes sightings than Malory andandWagner Henry company VI, more pastiche Lloyd-Webber fewer combined, words thanmore Pinter.actionAn than integrated produces fresh,verythan exciting work.and* Financial Times "Something precious infinitely moving. A riveting performance which has to be experienced first hand." Kenilworth News

VENUE ' 1 63

DILLIE KEANE ° ■ *»»» VENUE 33-Pleaiance; 60 The Plewanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 CITIZEN KEANE directed by Nice Burns. Popular blonde comedienne returns toof take an astigmatic look at currrent obsessions and aspirations in a unique blend song and satiraTime'OneOut.of the'Verymostfunny' intelligent,Guardian. sensitive, enlivening solo turns you are likely18-31 to see' Aug 6.00pm (7.15) E6.50 (£5.50)TheMonThur £7.00 (£6.00) Fri-Sun CHARLES KEARNEY VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING OSCAR Michael from MacLiammoir' s legendary one man play peoples the stage with Wilde' s characters Phipps the butler to Lady Bracknell. He doeshis not spare Wilde, norcharm does he judge him but reveals him. Charles Kearney Aug 831 (notbrings Suns) own3.00pmtenderness, (5.00) £5.00 (£4.and00) above all humour to the part. KISMET THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre; 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE Radical and innovative company presents Dennis Potter' s tale of the Devil' s seduction of a suburban family. A chillingly funny black comedy stunningly original which wonin several (includingin aBest Actor)fascinating' at thePotteresque Lincolnshireproduction Drama Festival 1990. awards 'highly controversial deeply Aug 2531 12.. .10pm (1.40) £4.00 (£3.The50) Guardian. ROAD Jim Cartwright' s hilarious, tragical, frightening kaleidoscope of life on the breadline. Aug 25-31 Banned 4.10pm L.(5.D5.F0). 1989.£4.0'T0 hrilling' (£3.50) F.T 'Marvellous performances' Standard. KITH AND KIN ° ’ VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 L8 LIVE & LOUD Kith & Kin return to The Fringe to hoedown and rock out! Micky Marr &Celtic the Dub Molleson brothers are joined by Andy Johnsonexperience—Don' on sax and didge. A Rootsy Rock Cajun Swing Didgeridoo Hoedown t dance if you Darel18,'24. . interesting and Aug 30) special' £5.50 The (£4. 50Scotsman. SUPDCY & Fringe FOR Club Members) TICKET PRICE9.0IN0pmCL(10.UDES FRINGE CL UB MEMBERSHIP THE EVENING THE KONDO BROTHERS ° * 3» VENUE 33-Pleasance 60 The Pteasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 COOKING WITH GAS Smooth harmonies, catchy melodies, puce suits!areAllhot!?! the way from the US of A and Tooting London, these TV and Radio regulars 'Good unclean fun'The. . Kondos incredible energy'different' Review '89. 'Hysterical . . superb evening' Festival Aug 2831 Times.7.30pm (8.30) £5.are00very (£4.50) Mon-ThurThe List. £5.50 'O(£5.h0dear' 0) Fri-SetGLR.

the Lin DINNER DANCE by DAVID POWNALL Assembly Rooms 12-24 August Box Office 031 2204349 64

THE KOSH » tf VENUE 3-AMgmbly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7| DINNER DANCE An explosive new danceplay by award-winning writer David Pownall. TheA spectacular kitchen is sinking, dance deserted and everything is upl for cast of the eight, a livehalls celloTheareconcerto andgrabs. unforgettable dance theatre. 'A0stounding' Guardian.for the 90s, exuberant | Aug 12. 1 8. 2 022 3. 1 5pm (5. 0 0) £7. 0 (£5. 5 0) Aug Aug 18.13-1517.23.24IZnoon3.1(1.5pm45) 15.00)£7.00 £8.(£5.0500)(£6.50)

KULT ° VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre; 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12ij A TASTEonceOF more HONEY—Shalagh Delaney Delaney' s areartistic exuberance shines: through in ' A Taste of Honey' and KULT performing theareplay by popular demand. Having attended the festival six times without fail—we back! IfAugonly12.1to4.18.continue our success at the greatest festival in Europe. 18.21,23 6.00pm (7.35) £3.00 (£2.50) I -k SAFEHOUSE by Nick venue. Butler This is oneConcourse of Butler's most recent plays which was Aug 13.sold15.1out 7.20,2at2.2its4 debut 6.00pm (7.15) 'Awesome' £2.50 (£2.00) Magazine.

ALEX LANGDON & VICKY COREN ° • • • VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 110 J 100 LangdonWogan' (Channel 4's 'Tstand-up eenage Health Freak' ) and Vicky Coren i ('Major' don'LINES t syousingle-class dareAlexmention ) . Wicked, comedy from the first of John clowns. SeeDr. it.Spock. It's for YOUR OWN GOOD! 'Young, gifted and]J slack' A parent. ' U nbeatable' Aug 1231 (not Suns) 2.40pm (3.40) £3.50 (£3.00) - - ■■■ ■ ■ LAST BEST CHANCE VENUE 33-Pleasancn 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1| ★ KILLERS bycelebration Ol Parker.ofYoudomestic hate him.violence He shares your house. He haunts with; your i dreams . . A and cereal killing—comedy toast.731 (not 11.27) 5.15pm (5.50) Aug £3.00 (£2.00) MonThurs £3.50 (£2.50) Fri-Sun LEAP ° .^ 3 1 VENUE 40-The Quaker Meeting Home, 7 Victoria Terraca Tickets 220 6109 J8j OXFAMTASTICI Working for a fairer world— a brimming bowl of wit ands song from the globalby hotpot. This exuberant,young provocative revue celebrates OXFAM' 50thits .’ anniversary LEAP, a multi-ethnic, people' s London troupe reputed for spicy, high-energy, issue-based shows which have toured nation-wide, 'challenging audience Aug 1217 attitudes' 4.30pm (6.TES. 15) £4.00 (£3.00)

DENIS LEARY 3 ; VENUE 3-Aitembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 ' DENIS LEARY By popular demand for 10 performances only, the King cancer comedy back.funniest 'Supremely funny comic . . dazzling fast talking performer' SundayofGuardian. Times, j‘ ''IThewalked bestisout and American to cross the Atlantic for years' his show and so did a lot of people.' Mrs Anderson, Edinburgh. ! Aug 18.9-1517 9.9.00of0pm Aug 0pm (10.(10.220)0) £7.£8.5500

JENNY LECOAT & RICHARD MORTON j VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 | JENNY LECOAT &ofRICHARD MORTON Foot-stomping songs andwhentheMorton, best in I stand-up from two the comedy circuit' s established performers, formerly of the Panic Brothers, joins Edinburgh' s favourite comedienne. ' S idesplitting'1822Guardian.12mi‘Excellent—value' Scotsman. Aug Aug 915. 12midnidnightght(1(.115).15) £6.£7.5050(£5.(£6.5050SUPDY) SUPDY)


THE LEFTOVERS ° ■ VENUE 23-ChaptaincY Centra Bristo Square, (near Fringe Chib) Tickets 556 5184. L9 HAPPY FEET A delightful spoof, light hearted entertainment, dancing and buffoonery. Strung loosely together uponperformers the tale ofenthusiastically Curly, cracker munching cutie, who wants to be a STAR! Eight big inviting you to experience an hilarious interlude with THE LEFTOVERS. It's slick, slapdash and totally Aug 19 24un-original. 12noon (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) LEICESTER POLY POOR THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centra 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 *students SOMEfrom SUMMERS A fab new musical written and performed by a bevysmartof Leicester' s nationally renowned polytechnic. Comedy and songsLiverpool. take us on a groovyaudiences journey through four lives not dissimilar to four fab lads from A&g 21-31 12.3Leicester 0pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.wet00) their knickers, and so will you. THE CASBAH Unlike normal student humour, this is funny. Six months fame in Leicester Aug 2931 led 7.them 45pm here (9.00) for you. £4.00Enjoy. (£3.00) LEICESTER YOUTH THEATRES DRAMA AND DANCE ° VENUE 65-St Ann's Community Centra, South Gray's Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 0469 J10 'strong Leicestershire Youth Theatre has produced both ensemble work of a high order and individual performances wellseveral up toyears. the The standard thatis simple this company has brought to the Fringe over the past staging but effective' Times Scottish Educational Supplement 1990. * THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS Challenges Ratty the Suu irrepressible Toad (11.searching 'Life00)presented Adventurous'to .Badger, Mole and Aug 1224by (eet 19) 1035am 15) £3.for50 (£2. GREASE Eat your heart out John and Olivia! Leicestershire Youth Theatre' s punchy interpretation Aug 1224 (eet Seeof the 19) happenings, 12.15pm (2.0trials 0) andand 8.00pmtribulations (9.45) at£3.5Rydell 0 (£2.00)High 1959. MACBETH Knock! Knock! Knock! Who's there? Whoquiet. killed Duncan? Is it true Macbeth is King?1224Is she mad?19)Knock! Aug (net Sue 5.00pm (6.30)Ssh! £3.Keep 50 (£2.00) DR FAUSTUS Could you be tempted by the devil' s contract? A vibrant and exciting look1217 at an old3.0dilemma. Aug 0pm (4.15) £3.50 (£2.00) THE PLANETS Leicestershire Youth dance Dance. interpretation Explode into orbit withsthisevocative young company' contemporary of Holst' score19-24 s innovative Aug 3.00pm (4.15) £3.50 (£2.00) LEITHEATRE ° VENUE 83—St. Serf's Church Hall, Clark Road, GoMenacre A8 THE HONOURS OF DRUMLIE by James Scotland. ' N aethin' ever happens in Drumlie' , but when the Jacobite Army retreats through the town the hilarious antics ofevening the Provost and histo cronies, in endeavouring to shide the town silver, provide an of laughter equal that of LEITHEATRE' previous Fringe successes. Aug 17-31 (not Sum) 7.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00)

LIMELIGHT THEATRE COMPANY <> ■»» * VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickuts 225 7294 G7 ★ CROWDand Anforce.Iranian a fashion model, adynamic lesbian piece feministweaves . . conflict, brutality Thisandsoldier, controversial and visually in and the politics of the individual provides an arena where the discourse of confused contemporary identity is examined. A compelling piece of political, social and entertaining Aug 1217 12.theatre. 30am (1.30) £4.00 (£3.00) UP SERVICE ° ’ »»»« VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marocft, Marco'i Leisura Centra, 51 Grow St. Tiekats 229 8830 K3 KNIT ONE MURDER ONE Following the huge success of WITHERING LOOKS and MARGARET III,MURDER award winning comedy duo,setMaggie FoxEngland—complete and Sue Ryding, present KNIT ONE ONE—a whodunnit in little with istea,irrepressible muffins, bob curtseys andGuardian. the occasional stiff one before dinner. Their zest Aug 1931 7.45pm (9.and45) infectious' £5.50 (£4.50) LIVE AND LUBRICATED—THE COMIC CLIMAX ° VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse, 18-22 Greenside PI. G11 COMEDY BENEFITForFOR THE TERRENCE HIGGINS TRUST AND SCOTTISH AIDS MONITOR one night only, a spectacular, best of the Fringe comedy. Allbe your favourite comedy acts on the same bill + surprise special guests. Not to missed. In associationSociety with The Guardian, and District with the support of the International Festival, Aug 30 the12 Fringe midnight (2.30) and£9.the50, Edinburgh £8.50 and £7.50 Council. Come one, come all. ROBERT LLEWELLYN VENUE 3-AssetMy Rooms. 54 George Stmt. Tickets 220 4349 G7 THE RECONSTRUCTED HEART ofSerious discourse,and serious topic. Men: confused, misunderstood, incapable toilet cleaning now—reconstructed. Llewellyn ('well onMan, course Cleese' question—is Time Out) shows how toRobert spot a Reconstructed bedtohim,supercede and asksJohn the ultimate he worth the bother? Seriously funny. Aug 10-15. 1 922 6. 0 0pm (7. 1 5) £6. 0 0 (£5. 0 0) Aug 19.17.23,24 6.00pm (7.15) £7.00 (£6.00) THE LONDON MEDICS VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★ NONE WISER A romanticis musical from this award-winning group ofprovide traineetheTHE doctors. 'If laughter the cure,'Ocomedy thenof thethese young doctors certainly best medicine' The Londoner ne best' Independent. Aug 1124 6.00pm (7.30) £3.50 (£3.00)

LEVERNDALE ARTS GROUP ° ’ VENUE 48—Bonnmgton Reiource Central 200 Bonnington Road. Tickets 555 0920. B13 LOOK BACK IN ANGER has its unarguable importance as the beginning of a revolution in the British theatre, and as the central and most immediately influential expression of the moodin British of its time. Theandoriginal 'kitchen sink' drama and the forerunner Aug 2024 of7.tradition 30pm (9.15) £2.50theatre (£1.50) television. BONNINGTON STREET THEATRE Magic, mystery, comedy and excitement are unveiled Aug 24 in1.this 00pmone(2.00)off special Fipp occasion by the Bonnington Resource Centre. MUSIC ANDforCULTURE LATINLatin AMERICA bywithCarlos Arredondo.ofAnmusic excellent opportunity children toinOFexplore AmericaScotland. a combination and education. Very popular schools throughout Aug 23-31 11. 3 0am (12. 3 0) £1. 0 0 (£0. 5 0) Tickets ut venue only THE LONDON MEDICS

NONE THE WISER A romantic musical comedy “one of the best” The Independent 6pm Celtic Lodge Venue 6 Weeks 1-&2. 65

LOS ALTOS CONSERVATORY THEATRE J12 VENUE 108-MoraY House Union Theatre; 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. ★ TENNESSEE SUMMER portrays the mostTennessee lurid and steamy ofcasting the private lifeandINofaTHE America' sused greatest playwright, Williams.aspects Dual of a man woman is to show Williams' blatent homosexuality and his insidious with(11.and45) essential Aug 1231 (not 20,insanity 27,29) at war 10.00pm £4.00 (£3.to 0his0) magnificent creativity. ★trapped PURPLE HEARTS dramatizes the sex-rage and emotions of doomed r Aug 1231 in(notthe20,hold 27,29)of a sunken 12 noon 11.ship.45) E4.00 (£3.00) THE LOST SOUL BAND VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 THE LOST SOULandBAND 'They have beenenough compared to TheonWaterboys but playing arewith originaltheir to stand their own,before as is now, their abilitytheirto songs infect an Nitrate! audienceThe ownfreshexcitement' Thesharp Scotsman. 'TThehe Waterboys on Amyl songs sound with a razor delivery' Guardian. Aug 22, 2 3 9. 0 0pm (10. 3 0) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 0 SUPDCY & Fri n ge Cl u b Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING LOTHIAN PLAYERS VENUE 92-South leith Parish Hall, 6 Henderson St„ Leith. Tickets 554 2578 ■k THE WIT WOO Laughs thisthrough originallonely Scotshearts Kailyardcolumn. comedyLikelyby Douglas Currie.toTOhisBatchelor seeks abound wedded inbliss lasses1924flock Aug 7.30pm door (9.15) but £4.will00he(£2.have 00) the wit to woo and win his true love? 0 LOVELY PLAYS PROMOTION CONCERN ’»2»3 VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. L9 LOVELY PLAYSterrorism PROMOTION delighted to them. performMARVEL feats ofat transcendental toREVEL the CONCERN confusion ofareallofwho surround their wit and comic timing, in the beauty their tales, GESTICULATE about their originality (' . . daring to be different' Guardian). They exist, you may not. ★ UNDERNEATH THE realities, SCREAMING death featuring bogus demonicCHESTNUT possession,TREE hip Psychedelic music. World'dream s firstof comedy Aug 1224 rave. (not Sun 10) 1.50pm (2.45) £2.50 (£2.00) SOCRATESReality-twisting DAEMON A rendezvous in limbo. A duel to your death for the soul of★ mankind. Aug 1224 (not Sun 19) 2.55pmcomedy. (3.35) £2.50 (£2.00)

NORMAN LOVETT & JEFF GREEN G71 VENUE 3-As ly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 NORMAN around. LOVETT & JEFF GREEN Norman Onein hisof the most comedians TV appearances andGlasgow soonLovett: to star ownGreen: BBC2natural) series| 'material I, Lovett'.interspersed 'Your faceMany willwithache with laughter' Herald. Jeff Topical) tremendous speed of thought. 'Laugh 'til you cry' j Independent. Aug 19 & 19 11.15pm (12.30) £6.50 (£5.50 SUPDY) CHRIS LYNAM 671 VENUE 3-Asseinbly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 CHRIS LYNAM ISlongLORD BYRONswimmer IN MAD, BAD & DANGEROUS TO KNOW Poet, philanderer, distance and mediocre banjo-player, Byron lives again in thisofspectacular misconception of hisByron—when life, loves he'ands notlunches. In a performance a lifetime,else.CHRIS LYNAM is Lord being Mike Hammer. Or someone Aug 1920,22,2631 6. 0 0pm (7. 1 5) £6. 5 0 (£5. 5 0) Aug 2325 6.00pm (7.15) £7.50 (£6.50) KARL MacDERMOTT VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 AFTERNOON WITH KLAUS BARBIE'S PEN-PAL Jointwo the men, Irish comic as he★ AN recounts moving of Plymouth a correspondence together by atthe their loveSunday ofstorylego, Argyle F.between C., performance' and Burl Ives.Irishbrought 'UTimes, nique imagination work' Tribune, ' g reat versatility in 'experimental and ingenious' Aug 931 (not Mons) 1.30pm (2.In45)Dublin.£4.00 (£3.00) JACQUELINE MacDONALD ° mmm VENUE 4-See Red, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Tea Tickets 220 0541. J7 “1 ★London/West 2ELDA FITZGERALD Following her acclaimed run on the Fringe and End,Fitzgerald. AmericanThisactress Jacqueline MacDonaldreveals performs her'89latest solo show Zelda dynamic new production the sensational, extravagant and glamorous lifestyle of the legendary Fitzgeralds and the events that ;i ledAug to1229Zelda' (notsSuntragic19) denouement. 12.45pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00)

RORY McGRATH AND PHILIP POPE • • VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ] AT LASTmusic 'THEsatire DEATHdesigned OF COUNTRY' isthe90genre hilarious andanddistasteful minutes of J! country to kill off once for all. It stars Rory McGrath, Philip Popemainly and Billy-Jean 'Hotbox' Cody, it promises to be an evening of ; uncensored Aug 926 10.mirth, 45pm (midnightin) G-major. £6.50 (£5.00 SUD)

LOREENA MCKENNITT VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462. K9 ■ LOREENAinfluenced MCKENNITT—IN CONCERT Mystical,andsometimes ancienttraditions. musical ‘ tapestry, by Celtic, Native Canadian contemporary McKennitt' sudustunning is supported instruments including ! harp, cello,independent drum andvoice electric guitar.in every Oneby ofmusicians the mostFolkonpopular Canadian scene. '£5.Class respect' Roots.musicians on the Aug 15, 19 10. 3 0pm (12. 3 0) 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 20, 21 7.30pm (9.15) CRAIG McMURDO IN THAT SWING THANG VENUE 116-Assembly/Wildcat at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk. Tickets 220 4349 M8 THE JIVEs CAFE INseries THE The TENTJiveOFCafe DREAMS thirdspecial excitingingredient episode inofCraig McMurdo' sellout with theThe new The Jiving Lindy Hoppers adding to the much lurved recipe of jumpin' jive, humour and antics9-31in(nota breathtaking Aug Mon 19) 0.new 00pm venue. (9.45) An£7.extravaganza. 00 (£6.00) IAN MACPHERSON/JOHNNY IMMATERIAL ^ VENUE 66-The Counting House; 32 W. Nicolson St. Tickets (from Gilded Balloon) 226 2151. L10 LIVINGTV,LEGENDS Johnny Immaterial now hislivesfirstin Edinburgh. This year he'mads done some been in a musical and written book. ' C ompletely and extremely funny' Scotsman. IanThirsty—is Macpherson Doonican' golfingWrong partner.planet' His autobiography—Deliberately due isin ValSpring. 'Nices guy. Independent. Aug 931 (not Tues) 9.30pm (11.00) £5.00 (£4.00) MADE OF CLAY THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House; Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 THE TOOTHall inhabit OF CRIME Silver-clad luminescent DJ'iss,theblood-red merchants Shepard' s menaced mythicstargazers, gameboard whereoverimage new god,insnort old values disappearing. Will Hoss, King, triumph the deadly Crow the savage jostle for Sam the top? Mades contemporary of Clay, Nottingham company masterpiece.University's innovative Aug 26 31 present 3.45pm (5.15)Shepard' £4.00 (£3.00)

THE MAKARS AT MURRAYFIELD • 3 VENUE 104-Murfayfield Parish Church Hall, Ormidale Terrace. HI Outer THE SECRETARY BIRD A acomedy by William Douglas Home.s motives A weekend in the country with friends—what lovely idea! ButLizHugh Walford' forfriendship. inviting John and Molly to stay with him and his wife have nothing to do with Aug 917 (not Sun 11) 7.45pm (10.001 £3.50 (£2.50) THE MAMBO CLUB ° 'w VENUE 75-The Network, West Tollcross. Tickets 228 3252. L5 THE MAMBO CLUB Edinburgh' s own genuine African dance club. For best in Latin, Salsa, Reggae, Socca, Calypso andGETSmore.BUSIER 'SCOTLAND' S ONLY theREGULAR WORLD MUSIC CLUB WHICH JUST AND BUSIER. GO AND PRETEND PARADISE' The List. Aug 1131 YOU' 11.0R0pmE IN(4.0A01 WARM£3.50SUN-DRENCHED (£3.00) THE MAMBO INN—IMPORTED DIRECT FROM BRIXTON VENUE SO-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. GU THE MAMBO INNGlittering looms Large and Legendarywe income the toNeon-lit of London' s Nightlife. andAfrican, Glamourous, Funk UpNetherworld the Festival, Fiesta style. The Music: Latin, Jazz, Ska ' n ' B. The Ambiance (blimey): The Divinely Dangerous Dancefloor and the Kool Cafe Ole. Eat, Drink, Dance and Mmmmmm Aug 9-31 11.. . 00pm (4.00am) £4.00 (£3.00 before midnight) J MANDELA THEATRE COMPANY ° » VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place Tickets 226 5425 D6 INFERNO! by Lance Flynn. Following 1990' s award-winning ' T HE. ADORM' , Scotland' s most audacious and inventive company return with ' I NFERNO!' fusion ofstoryexplosive energy, sexual physicality, humour andhisfantasy, 'INFERNO!' tells the of John Dante' s struggle with the evil spirit of twin, Wayne. ' T he audience left exhilarated' Aug 1231 2.00pmGuardian. (3.15) £4.00 (£3.00) MANIA PRODUCTIONS ° 'w VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★theKNIFE GAMES by Gary Drabwell. A debauched and violent odyssey through pubs, clubs, gyms and streets of North London. Wideboy, Tel, initiates naive and impressionable intoThis the outrageous sordid and and degenerate worldisofbothcheapdisturbing sex, street fights, and pettyPetecrime. funny piece and provocative. Aug 11-31 (not Adults Thur) only. 8.00pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.50)

JOEY MANTONI VENUE-0n the streets of Edinburgh-at various points. Info & tickets: 071 625 8939 ★ SO DARK THEtherapeutic LIGHT 'Iperformance live on good soup, not onthefine words' Moliere. Phenomenological of existence. Joey Mantoni is thewords, man experience who cares tosoup.dareartandtransforms dares to careflavour in the Battle of the Brain Dead. Fuck RiTincgketabove number for(Twodetailshundred of timesandandfiftydates s £290. 0 0 each pounds) Concessions (Two hundred and forty nine pounds forty nine ponce) MAPAPA ACROBATS & THE BAND MANDINGO VENUE 116-Assembly)Wildcat at The Meadows, Middle Meadow Walk, Tickets 220 4349 M8 THE MAPAPA ACROBATS & THE BAND MANDINGO FROM KENYA winning act—don' t miss it. Theaudience combination of stunning acrobaticsfeet,andwhistling high Awardenergy 'whooping’ benga beat' music ' h ad the swaying hands, stomping and The List. 'OneTheofScotsman. the world's most joyful acts' The Guardian. 'Wondrous feats9-17and exuberance' Aug 5.45pm (6.45) £6.50 (£5.00) ENNIO MARCHETTO VENUE 33-Pleasonce, 60 The Pteasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. m ENNIO The MARCHETTO A sell-out oflastdazzling year. Apaper bizarrecostumes and brilliant parodymimicry of Pop Culture. hilarious combination and wicked immortalizes forty You superstars from' .Madonna to Pavarotti . . 'The next thing in over showbiz' Magazine. . thrives onto Mona wit andLisasurprise’ The Sunday Times.10-31 Aug (not Thun) 11. 3 0pm (12. 3 0) £0.50 (£5.50) Mon Wed £7.00 (£6.00) Fri-Sun MARY WARD OVER 60’S SUPPORTED BY FIRST FRAMEWORK o , , VENUE 32-Springwell House, Ardmil an Terrace, off Gorgie Road. Tickets 346 1405 K1 Outer THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR by Gogol. Working four hours a weekin forE' last the last four years under the direction of First Framework' s Peter Avery (Trio year), the grogpin have producedform.'Cats'Their, 'Sunique pring Awakening' , 'Ubuthreat. Roi' and now the Gogol classic promenade work is under Aug 30 2.30pm 7.00pm(5.0(9.0)30) AugFree30 11.00am (1.30) Aug 20,29 TICKETS FREE AVAILABLE AT THE VENUE ONLY.

LOREENA MCKENN1TT " {''T"\ y,- ’ Blllar j

ACOUSTIC m MUSIC CENTRE Chambers St. House 16 Chambers St. Info 220-2462 67

MC REBBE VENUE 73-PafadM I Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, Lawiston Plata Tickets 229 1003 K7 WE CALL IT humour CHASEEEEDI Food,music guilt,toparanoia and House' food from MCdownRebbe, who fuses Jewish with dance get ' K osher . ' G et with the Rapping Rabbi' Radio London 1; 'A disco sensation' Evening 'Wicked' Jewish Chronicle-, 'He's taken by storm' Spectrum Radio-,Standard) 'Have something to eat' his mother. Aug 113 1 7. 0 0pm (8. 1 5) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Pnvitw Aug 10 7.00pm (8.15) £3.50 (£3.00) MEDWAY LITTLE THEATRE YOUTH GROUP ° » VENUE 36—Fwtival Club. 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 OUCHI By rivalry Michaelbetween Bath: comedy with musicandtocompetitor entertain children from 8familiar to 80; about the comic ' O uch!' ' Z onk!' ; has characters such as the Swot, the School Bully, the Teecher. Presented by arrangement Aug 1217 12.with 30pmDual (1.40)Control£3.0Theatre 0 (£2.00) Company. MILES AND MILLNER VENUE 33-PleManc6 60 The Pleatanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. m LEGENDS ONradio THEshow, EDGEinternational OF THE MILLENIUM AfterYork, totalLAsellout showstheintwo '89 and ' 9 0, a hit acclaim in New and Paris, mad maestros areNewbackYorkwithTimes. a brand hilarious comedy'Guardian. 'A classnewact,show. original,'Stunning brilliant musicianship and very funnyand. . see this (notshow' Aug 731 13 A 29) 10. 1 5pm ( 1 1. 1 5) £6.00 (£5.00) Mon Thur £6.50 (£5.50) FriSun VENUE 72-Queen'» Hall, Clerk Street. Tickett 668 2019. M) BEETHOVEN' S Tavare. NOT DEAD-HOSTED BY BOB DOWNE Milesnose-balancing. and Millner, Bob Downe and Jim 3 Performances Only. Plus Grand Piano Aug 2326 11.00pm (1.00) £8.00 MR BOOM AND TWO TOO FAR ° ’ VENUE 12-Bristo Square Piazza, Te»io1 Row, by Fringe Club. Info 226 5257 or 5259 L8 MR BOOM-CHILDREN' S ONE MAN BAND Sing and dance again withll hearMr Boom, no need to travel to the moon. At half past two in Bristo Square, you' his spaceship landing there,TOOandFAR when the song and dancestilts-how is done, hang around! there' ll besaw morethem fun.inTWO willsdance spectacular! Mr Boom Japan.FreeThe giant'(USA) s name' Fred andon the fairy's called Luanne. Aug 24 2. 3 0pm (4. 0 0) Bring your Granny and a ifcushion! Show in the Fringe Club wet. Drinks and ice-cream served after the show. MOJO HAND THEATRE COMPANY ° ■ VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 ★ SEX, DREAMS AND TWO and REELERS LAit'FANTASY DISCOcharacters: OPERA: using hitech music, rapping, scratching sampling, s about three Groucho Marx, and Mary Pickford, and how they met in a New York Bar in 1908. Blows1924Siggy the dustFreud Aug 1.00pmoff (2.Opera!! 30) £3.00 (£2.00) MOON ON THE WATER THEATRE CO.0 1G2G3 VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ANTIGONE by Jean Anouilh. Aresistance modern re-working of the classical Greekregime. Tragedy. Itstubborn centresand around one woman' s to the ideals of a totalitarian Her fateful determination leadstheto theplayinevitable conclusion, In this exciting, contemporary interpretation is hard-hitting and death. still harshly relevant. Aug 1224 4.30pm (5.45) £4.00 (£3.00) MORAY HOUSE UNION ° VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 This well known venue features a wide variety of theatre and entertainment comfortable 82 seat fortheatre the Royal Mile. Convenient and inviting with ainfulla bar and bar snacks your near enjoyment. LOS ALTOS ofCONSERVATORY dramatization the sex-rage and THEATRE emotions ofpresents doomed men* PURPLE trapped inHEARTS the hold ofa a sunken Aug 12-31 (notship.20,27,29) 12 noon (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00) THEATRE OF CSUHchildren presents DISAPPEARANCES AFAULT-ZONE disturbing allegory of innocent who ★areRECENT disappearing from our modern Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 2.00pm (3.15) £3.95 (£2.95) ALSO ... A DREAM PLAY Strindberg' s expressionistic play about a dreamer's wish12-24 that(nota divine Aug Sun 18)intercessor 4.00pm (5.look30) into £3.the95human (£2.95) situation and grant relief. RED ROOSTER THEATREthatCO.evokes present TEECHERS John Godber's fast moving, inventive Aug 2631 and2.funny 00pm (3.play 00) £3.00 (£2.0life0) at a modern comprehensive school. ALSO ... ★ ARROW A hard man who doesAmerican good. Inlife.New York, he clears the gutters undermine Aug 2831of the3.1arto—faggo' 5pm (4.00) s £3.who00 (£2. 00) ALSO ... ★ THEto COMPLETE HISTORY OF THEATRE (ABRIDGED) An everyman' the whole history of theatrical endeavour with all the boring bits 2631 taken sout.guide Aag 4.30pm (5.30) £3.00 (£2.00) 68

A New Comedy Dyiiarry Antingham CALTON STUDIOS (VENUE 71) AUGUST 10-25 (Not Mondays) 4.15 pm Box Office 031 556 7066 Tickets £4 (£3.50) UNIVERSITY OF KEELE presents A TASTE OF HONEY Delaney's acclaimed play, Aug 12,for14,1their 6,19,21,6th23 Edinburgh 6.00pm (7.Fringe 30) season. £3.00 (£2.50) ’ ALSO ... SAFEHOUSE by Butler, a playwright whose plays have extend developedhis ., steadily amongst his home audiences—Edinburgh will undoubtedly Aug 13,15,17,20,22,24 6.00pm (7.30) £2.50 (£2.00) BOSTON presents -k RECKLESS cheerfulasuburban finds herselfUNIVERSITY living a comic nightmare, careeringAthrough random housewife course of | dangerous adventures. Aug 12,14,19 8.00pm (9.35) £3.50 (£3.00) : ALSO ... BLUE WINDOW Seven New Yorkers before, during and after a party dare toAugleap 13.15J7into the8.0blue 0pm (8.unknown 35) £3.of50human (£3.00) intimacy. I THE COLLYERS COMPANY presents THE CREATION OF THE WORLD AND ] OTHER Aug 1925 BUSINESS 00pm29)(9.Arthur 35) 7.45pm £4.Miller' 00(9.(£3.3s5)comedy 00) about murder: 'a stunning success'. i Aug 2631 (not 8.Thun LOS ALTOSportraying CONSERVATORY THEATRE presentsaspects ★ TENNESSEE SUMMER the mostTennessee lurid and steamy of the privateINlifeTHEof iI America' Aug 1231 s(notgreatest 20,27,29)playwright, 10.00pm (11.45) £4.Williams. 00 (£3.00)

MOTTRAM ST ANDREW FAME SCHOOL 0 VENUE 25—Acouttic Music Centra; Chambers St. Ht* 16 Chamberc Street. Info 220 2462. K9 : ★facesOCKHAM' S TOOTHBRUSH One-woman musical by R.P.Syner. a longevenhothersummer. HerShe parents have deconstructed everything: JaneRebeccah Austen, love, God, hairdryer. joins the local cabaret band but unfortunately fails to stumble a world Aug 1124 into2.30pm (3.45)of desperation £3.50 (£2.50)and violence in northern clubland. Live band. MOVING VISIONS DANCE THEATRE ° VENUE 27-Tlw Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. KW AND and Revelation the and Edinburgh Criticsclarinet, Award inBLUES 1990.Choreography; The REVELATION show uses musicBluesofMcMillan, famous Blues won singers flute, voice. Sir Kenneth Robert Cohan, Ross'live' McKim— Powerful simplicity' Dance & Dancers. ' O ld fashioned quality' The Times. ' . . choreographic simplicity, Telegraph. mature and intelligent understanding . . ' Nicholas Dromgooie, Sunday ^_W^__JO0gmJL00^£5^y£O0) VENUE 45-Old St. Paul’s Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. H10 MURDER IN THE, CATHEDRAL (and Other 'Murder inCathedral, the Cathedral' 'Edinburgh. Lincoln Requiem' 'Eleison' tourDance York,Magazine, LincolnDances) and Norwich then, ' M arvelous dancing' New York. Aug 2024 4.00pm (5.00) £5.00 (£3.00) 0 fec

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TheCKUEt yTh,)0/r>as B/0 556 Kett "tAASP 6550^ ,^—yust u 9Usi 1n p /ea< 4 Prn Pre Pr ,,We, e0r tep ' 'fe«'4oo°'s,a ' '<*s ^9 1::? 99i :^r9h


THE MUSHROOMS ° VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 BLUES EXPERIENCE You need anow, goodthey' nightveout? Wellto have you heard the The Mushrooms are in town right come play the blues. Ifs tonight, younews? like brass and saxaphone or feel like letting go, Then come to Buster Brown' you'2531 re going Aug (not toThurlike29)the show. 8.30pni (10.001 £2.00 (£1.50) MUSIC IN OLD ST. PAUL’S ° ••• VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. H10 FESTIVAL HIGH MASSES Sunday morning worship with a difference for festivalby and fringe-goer alike. presented This year, within Old St.thePaul'context s offersof performances of Masses Gounod and Mozart, the Liturgy. Aog 1138,25 ILOOmi (12.30) Free SCOTTISH CHAMBER CHOIR Faure 'Requiem' and Mozart 'Coronation Mass'. Conductor—Peter Aug 18 8.00pm (9.Backhouse. 45) £4.50 (£3.50) MUSIC IN THE MUSEUM ° VENUE 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 K9 Classical music in the elegant setting of the Royal Museum of Scotland. The main hall, designed in 1861, provides a splendid backdrop for this series of three concerts. Sponsored by the Clydesdale Bank. BRITTEN —PEARSandENSEMBLE A group of extremely talented young musicians from Aug 14Great8.Britain 30pm (7.30) North£5.America 00 (£3.00)perform music by Ravel, Debussy and Mozart. THE WALLACE COLLECTIONandSome of the finest brass and wind players in London explore, Aug 21 whoB.30pw (7.30)promote £5.00 (£3.0perform 0) the repertoire of the trumpet. THE JOYFUL COMPANY OF SINGERS Won Sainsbury' Choirabout of the our Yearchoral 1990 & International Eisteddfod 1990. 'Represents all that is sgood tradition' Aug 29 Times. 6.30pm (7.30) £5.00 (£3.00) NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS VENUE 100-Central H«8, West ToHcrots. K5 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL OF BRITISH YOUTH in itsmusicians 12th year,in this the Festival features 1,500TOORCHESTRAS. ofALLBritain' s topNowyoung aSTUDENTS, hugeFestival varietywithin of music. FREE ADMISSION CONCERTS FOR CHILDREN, UNEMPLOYED AND DISABLED. NETHERLANDS STRING ORCHESTRA Opening ConcertCond:in association with the YOUTH European Cultural Committee. Roland Kieft. Programme —KeesCommunity Olthuis; Uno van Co-operation Wassenaer; Vaughan Williams; Serenade for Strings, Tchaikovsky. Aug 10 7.30pm (9,30) £4.00 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Free NORTHERN IRELAND SYMPHONY WITH HUDDERSFIELD CHORAL SOCIETY YOUTH CHOIR Cond: Alan Tongue. Flute concerto in D-Mozart; Symphony soloist: Aug 13 12.No30pm2, (1.'T3he0) Violet£1.5Flame—Bell, 0 (£1.80 P) SUDCY Free Derek Bell, Harp. NORTHERN SYMPHONY & HUDDERSFIELD CHORAL SOCIETY— YOUTH CHOIRIRELAND Conds:Concerto Alan Tongue, Gareth Beaumont. Wilfred Josephs; Flute in D, Gloria, Mass No 12 andNorthumbrian Ave, Verum Dances Corpus— Mozart; Symphony No 2—Bell. Aug 13 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Free HEREFORD YOUNG PEOPLE' S ORCHESTRA A varied programme of chamber music,14 including Aug 12.30pmorgan (1.30) solos.£1.50String (£1.00 Quartet P) SUDCYNoFree8—Shostakovich. HEREFORD YOUNG PEOPLE' SIncluding ORCHESTRA John—Mozart; Frith, SirOldRichard Mynors Bt, Christopher Polyblank.Organ Overture:Conds: I Seraglio Wine in New Aug 14 Bottles—Gordon 7.30pm (9.30) Jacob; £4.00 (£2.00 P) Concerto—Poulenc. SUDCY Free BROMLEY YOUTH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Cond: Nicholas Woodall. Including Symphony G—Stamitz; 2 violinsFreein D minor—Vivaldi. Aug 15 12.in30pm (1.30) £1.Concerto 50 (£1.00 forP) SUDCY BROMLEY YOUTH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA NicholasforWoodall. in F, K 138—Mozart; Serenade—Suk;Cond:Concerto Flute andIncluding Strings NoDivertimento 115—Malcolm Aug 7.30pmArnold. (9.30) Serenade £4.D0 (£2.for00 P)Strings—Elgar. SUDCY Free THAMES YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Cond: Philip White. Divertimento in2—Beethoven. F K 138—Mozart; Two Pieces from Henry V Suite—Walton; Symphony No Aug 16 12.30pm (1.30) £1.50 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free THAMES YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Cond: Philip White. Overture: Ruy Bias—Mendelssohn; Aug 16 7.30pm (9.30)Cello £4.Concerto 80 (£2.00—Saint P) SUDCYSaens; Free Symphony No 2 —Beethoven. MALDEN YOUNG STRINGS Cond: George Steven. Including The Country Serene Kingdom—James D'Angelo. Suite: Mozart in Miniature; Scottish and North Dances. Aug 17 12.30pm (1.30) £1.50 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free MILWAUKEE SYMPHONY Cond: Jupiter MargeryandDeutsch. Including FanfareYOUTH for Strings —Downey; ORCHESTRA Sibelius; The Planets: Mars — Holst;17 Symphony Aug 7.30pm 19.No38) 8-Dvorak. £4.00 (£2.00 R) SUDCY Fret MILWAUKEE YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Brass quintet and chamber ensembles with something for all tastes. Aug 19 12.from 30pmstunning (1.30) American £1.50 (£1.00orchestra P) SUDCY Free BURY SCHOOLS MUSIC CENTRE CHAMBER ENSEMBLES Conds: Paul Jarvis, Lawrence Yates. Concerto—Mozart; Grosso in D —Corelli; SimpleW Symphony—Britten; Overture:Including Don Giovanni Symphony in Bb Major— Schubert. Aug 19 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£2.90 P) SUDCY Free

BEDFORDSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH SECOND& ORCHESTRA Cond:Davies; Ian Smith. AConcerto Cuban Overture—Gershwin; Orkney Wedding Sunrise —Maxwell Violin No 2—Arnold. Aug 20 No7.30pm3— (9.Saint 30) Saens; £4.00 Symphony (£2.00 P) SUDCY Frsa DORSET YOUTH ORCHESTRA Cond: David Norton. Romeo & JulietTchaikovsky; Orchestra Aug 21 12.3Young 0pm (1.3Persons 0) £1.Guide 50 (£1.0to0 P)theSUDCY Free —Britten; Rodeo—Copland. DORSET YOUTH ORCHESTRA Cond: David Norton.Symphonie Shadows-Preluae Orchestra—Aulis Sallinen; Violin Concerto No 1 —Bruch; Fantastiquefor— Berlioz. Aug 21 7.30pm 19.30) £4.08 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Frm PALATINEby CHAMBER (Co DURHAM) Cond: Godfrey Hutchison. Works Blomdahl, ORCHESTRA Gossec,replicas Darzins. Palatine Consort—Medieval and Rennaissance of periodFree instruments. Aug 22 12.30pmworks(1.30)played£1.on50 (£1. 00 P) SUDCY RSAMD Noon JUNIOR DEPARTMENT ORCHESTRA Cond: —Elgar, Walter Blair. Including:— Morning, and Night in Vienna —Suppe; cello Concerto Les Preludes Liszt.22Sinfonietta Aug 7.30pm —(9.Horowitz. 30) £4.00 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Frw PALATINE Works CHAMBER (Co DURHAM) Cond: Godfrey Hutchinson. Haydn,ORCHESTRA Poulenc, ofRoman. Consort—Medieval and Rennaissance works(1.3by0)played periodFreePalatine instruments. Aug 23 12.30pm £1.on50 replicas (£1.00 P) SUDCY BORDERS REGIONAL WIND ORCHESTRA Cond: Charles Maynes. A selection ofMaslanka music: andMorrissey, Holst, Shostakovich, Alfred Reed, David Bedford, David Aug 24 7.30pwDoppler. (9.30) £4.00 (C2.P0 P) SUDCY Frw WEST GLAMORGAN YOUTHfromORCHESTRA Cond:andKenbrassWatkin. programme of chamber music the wind, string groupsA oflively the orchestra. Aug 26 12.30pm (1.30) £1.50 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Frsa WEST GLAMORGANClarinet YOUTHConcerto ORCHESTRA Cond: Ken Watkin. Concerto— Romeo & Juliet—Tchaikovsky; No 2—Weber; Xylophone Mazumi; Aug 28 Symphony 7.30pm (9.30)No 2—Malcolm £4.00 (£2.00 Arnold. P) SUDCY Frw STRATHCLYDE SYMPHONIC WIND ORCHESTRA Cond: MalcolmSketches Binney. REGION To includeSCHOOLS Suite No—Fisher 2 in F—Holst; Dances—Malcolm Arnold; l; West Scottish Side Story—Bernstein. Aug 27 12.30pm (1.on30)a Tudor£1.5Psalm 0 (£1.00 P) SUDCYTulFree LOTHIANPrelude—Reed; REGION SCHOOLS WIND BAND Woolfenden; Cond: Brian Irish Duguid.TuneIncluding Festival Illyrian Dances—Guy —Percy Grainger; Mazama—Jay Aug 27 Little 7.30pmSuite—Malcolm 19.30) £4.00 (£2.Arnold; 00 P) SUDCY Free Chattaway.

STIFF UPPER LIP? Oh come on, loosen up a bit. This is the Fringe, after all. Why not have a good laugh for a change? Try some live cabaret at the Fringe Club. And while you're at it, listen to some of the great bands that appear here every night, dance in the disco, eat, drink and generally let your hair down at the Fringe Club. But don't forget that to get in, you'll need a Fringe Club Card. They're available now from the Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh. Or on the night at the Club itself in Teviot Row, Bristo Square. FRINGE


NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS—conf/nuerf PERTH YOUTHTico—arr ORCHESTRA Toccatina-Fink;WindLa Cucaracha/Tico Mellor; Percussion String QuartetEnsemble. in D major—Haydn. Ensemble. Aug 28 12.Old30pmWine11.30)in Newf1.Bottles—Gordon 50 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Jacob. Free PERTH YOUTHandORCHESTRA Cond: D EoinLittle Bennet. Overture: Land of the Mountain the Flood—MacCunn; SuiteIncluding for Orchestra—Malcolm Arnold. Aug 28 Swan 7.30pmLake—Tchaikovsky; (9.30) 14.00 (£2.Sorcerer' 00 P) SUDCYs Apprentice—Dukas. Free FIFE YOUTH STRINGA SetORCHESTRA Cond: Robert Tait. Including Violin Concerto in G29Major-Haydn; Aug 12.30pm (1.30) 11.for50the(£1.Kingdom-Wm 00 P) SUDCY Frw Sweeney (special commission). FIFE YOUTH ORCHESTRA Richard Evans.Scherzo IncludingCapriccioso—Dvorak; Festival OvertureShostakovich; The DamnationCond: of Faust—Berlioz; Violin Beauty—Tchaikovsky. Aug 29 Concerto—Mendelssohn; 7.30pm 19.30) £4.00 (£2.Sleeping 00 P) SUDCY Free CENTRAL REGION YOUTH CONCERT Cond:Erikson; Alan Bell. IncludingFolksong Royal Air Force March Past—Davies; James BondBAND Suite—arr Jamaican Suite-Walters. Aug 30 12.30pm (1.30) tl.50 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free CENTRAL YOUTHarrORCHESTRA Cond: Cake RichardCaprice Galloway. Overture in DREGION Minor —Handel Elgar; The NoWedding —SaintIncluding Saens; Irish30Rhapsody Aug 7.30pmNo(9.310)—Stanford; £4.00 (£2.Symphony 00 P) SUDCY Free3—Parry. EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Cond: Kenneth Dempster. V for solo flute & chamber orchestra —Kenneth Dempster; Adagio for Strings Aug 31 —Barber. 12.30pm (1.30) tl.50 (tl.OO P) SUDCY Frw STRATHCLYDE SCHOOLS SYMPHONY Cond: Bryden Thomson.No Festival Overture—Shostakovich; EnigmaORCHESTRA Variations—Elgar; Symphony 10—Shostakovich. Aug 31 7.30pni (9.30) £4.00 (C2.00 P) SUDCY Free VENUE 74-St. Stephen's Church & Hall, St Vincent St. foot of Howe St. E7 HUDDERSFIELD CHORAL SOCIETY YOUTH CHOIR Cond: ofGareth 'Music for a Summer Afternoon' —a wide ranging selection choralBeaumont. and solo Aug 14 3.00pm (4.30) £3.50 (£2.00) NATIONAL HEALTH THEATRE COMPANY 0 1 2 3 »» VENUE 33-PlBasance; 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. m ★man/doctor IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WARD) Fast . . furious . . physical three show. Fetid and feted humour fuse in a frantic farce fingering the government' s floccinaucinihilipilification ofFAST-MOVING the N.H.S. Sixth F'ing funny! WELL-PERFORMED PLAY' sell-out Edinburghyear.Evening News.22.2''H4,EXTREMELY AD ME IN11.STITCHES' The Independent. Aug 2 631 3 0pm (1. 0 0) £4.50 (£3.50) Mon Thur £5.00 (£4.00) Fri-Sun NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE o » VENUE 37-George Square Theatre: George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 ★ ONCEresident). UPONDenise A WARCoffey' 'Theys new stolewartime my childhood. I(composer, shall neverRichard forgiveTaylor). them' (Jersey musical Moving tale of young family' s survival of 5 year German occupation. ' T ouching, ironic, witty, tragic —beautifully performed' John Nettles BBC's Bergerac. 'A magnificent Aug 9,12,10,14,13,16,115.9.1company' 7,1,220,322,23 3.0Scotsman. 7.00pm (9.40) £6.50 (£4.00) Aug 2 0pm (5. 4 01 Aug 9,10 All tickets half price GUYS DOLLSafter NYMT' lavish production of the Top greatof American arrives inAND Edinburgh its ssuccessful tour to Japan. the list formusical Music Theatre lovers! Aug 11, 1 2, 1 4, 1 6, 1 9, 2 1. 2 4 7. 0 0pm (9. 4 0) £6. 5 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 13, 1 5, 1 7, 1 8, 2 0, 2 2. 2 4 3. 0 0pm (5. 4 0) Aug 1113 All tickets 10.15pmhalf(12.price 55) Aug ★Extraordinary AESOP Celebrated poet, Charles gifted Causleywith(libretto), (music). tongues.Stephen Trestle's McNeff John Wright codirects major life-story new7.00pmopera.(9.of40)black £6.slave Aug 26,2831 5 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 27 3.00pm (5.40) NATURAL THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 67 ★Company SCARLATTI' S WEDDING Rare British appearance by the jet-setting virtuoso inNatural' a hilarious sequel to their cult classicalsituations, music spoofslick'Scarlatti' s Birthday Party’. ' T he s ever popular mix of ludicrous language-barrierbreaking skills remains cleverpresented' and very Diefunny'Welt.Venue. 'Outstanding musicianscomic . . effortless and veryfresh, skillfully Aug Aug 16,1115.17,12922325 11.11.445am5am (1(1.1.15)51 £6.£7.5500 (£5.(£6.000)0) THE NETHERBOW VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 THE NETHERBOW contains,andhalfway down the medieval Royal Mile,'John a studio cafe, gallery, outdoor courtyard theScottish outstanding Knox'theatre, House. The Netherbow supports the best in cultural life, past and present, indigenous and international. See Theatre for Africa, Fifth Estate, Charles Kearney and Tim Pomeroy in exhibitions. MARIUS ALEXANDER The Edinburgh Festival Exposed: highlights of recent festivals Aug 531 (notincluding Suns) street IQ.OOiperformers m (9.00pm) andFreeaudiences, in b/w and colour ★TheFIFTH ESTATE in George Rosie's 'CARLUCCO AND THE QUEEN OF HEARTS'. Aug 731murky(not twilight Suns) of8.0Scotland' 0pm (10.00)s Bonnie £6.00Prince. (£4.00) World premiere 70

CHARLESplayKEARNEY in 'THE IMPORTANCE one-man hand.00)OF BEING OSCAR'. MacLiammoir's ^ Aug 631 (not Suns)brought3.0to0pmlife(5.by00) a master £5.00 (£4. ★ THEATRE FOR from township bush,forwithsix music, theatre future.AFRICA See Theatre for Africaandentry shows.dance and story, 1 See 'Theatrefor fortheAfrica' ROB NEWMAN VENUE 37-GeorBe Square Theatre, George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 f ROB NEWMAN Rob' s 1990 National Tour was aistotalbacksellout. Now the solo star ofshow. BBC j 2''CsOMBINES THE MARY WHITEHOUSE EXPERIENCE with a new BRILLIANT MIMICRY HILARIOUS HIGH SPEED STAND-UP COMEDY' Observer. FIRST POPWITH COMEDIAN . . A COMEDY EATS ! SACRED COWS FOR'THEBREAKFAST' NME. + SPECIAL GUESTSPUNKTHEWHOLEAGUE AGAINST TEDIUM. Aug 925 (not Tuet 13) 11.45pm (12.45) £7.00 (£6.00) | THE LEAGUENOTHING AGAINSTI INTEDIUM ATTENTION YOU ARE NOTHING Ii] ABSOLUTELY CONTRAST AM THESCUM GREATEST POET-GENIUSPHILOSOPHER-SLEDGE HAMMER OF ALL TIME. Aug 925 (not Tues 13) 11.45pm (12.45) £7.00 (£6.00) NEWSREVUE VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 |l NEWSREVUE '91 Image' 'If you, you' canll imagine a harder-hitting, live version Ending' orone'Spitting know what toTheexpect' London Standard.of ''WIf eekyou .' see only revue, make sure it' s Newsrevue' List. Aug 10-31 (not Sun 18) 8.45pm (9.45) £6.00 (£4.00)

NEWTOWNABBEY ACTORS COMPANY0 3 t VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 Uj | ★loreMOON MADNESS Moon Madness is a production which consists of two folk playsoverbytheW Bownership Yeats. The ofherotheCuchulian clashes with the She Goddess of the |jJ moon immortal well—with dramatic and hilarious outcome, a great surprise is in store for all. Aug 1217 10.30am (11.30) £2.00 (£1.50)

NEW WRINKLE THEATRE COMPANY0 1 2 j VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 j ;’ WHEN THEtalented JACUZZI BUBBLES OVER! Become immersed in the effervescent wit of this Glasgow group. Not soap opera, but a BOLD, FLASH, revue original and songs, willthatleavewon'yout goDAZzled. Following successes at Fringeof i 'Aug89 2631 and sketches '90, 9.this is one show down the plughole! 30pm (10.30) £4.00 (£3.00)

NEW YOKER PRODUCTIONS DEPT. • ‘I VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre; 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 1 BAD & CRAZY IN A JAM Trapped in their workshop, our heroes (a.k.a. Parrot and FredfreeMacAulay) haveeatjustlunch. over Suitable an hour toforsolve the case, raise. .some laughs,. . could save j•! the world,offand all ages, 'hilarious anarchic knock spots anything on the box' Evening Times. Aug 916, 2631 5.00pm (6.15) £5.00 (£3.00)

NORTHERN THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 126-Theatre Wait End, St John's Church Halt, Wtst End Princaa St. H6 j ★ OUT OF MINDs Lloyds New play with music 'from creators of 'LStaged ove Kevin' . Winner in National Theatre' Bank Challenge 9 1. Set in 1960s. entirely inside head excuse? of a silent' . .boy. It's about communications failure. Tony can't concepts' speak—What' s your theatre to focus the mind . . challenges our cosy Daily Mail.19-21 7.45pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug LOVE KEVINFirstDeveloping cult status'aonn intense tour. Returns to Festival. Harder and more penetrating. experience' Independent. Aug 2224 7.45pmrent-boy (9.15) musical! £4.00 (£3.00) THE RINK by McNally,decrepit Kander andrink. Ebb. A musical fable. About a mother, a daughter Aug 1217 and7.4a0pm1950s (9.20) £4.00roller (£3.00) VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre; Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462. K9 j ★ DO YOU based LOVE ME by Barrie Wheatley/Jonathan Holtby. New musical dramatisation Aug 15-18 4.30pm (6.on00) the £3.work50 (£2.of 5R.0)D.Laing. THE HOMECOMING territory by Harold sexual Pinter. The old homestead becomes a battleground Aug 1014 4.for30pmpower, (6.00) £3.50 and (£2.50) supremacy with only one winner . . NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION ° VENUE 16-The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centra Davie St. Tickets 667 2388 DO 'A Shining Example of theAnne Best Smith, Sort ofT.Fringe Group:ourfull 'bofeautifully vitality, balanced ready to experiment and polished' E . S . Sample programme, performed and verve' T.pupils. E.S. TopExcellent quality performances and free of artworkwithbystyle Nottinghamshire venue—'incredible value'exhibition Review ‘89. RICHARD III Shakespeare' s historical masterpiece, Nottinghamshire style: vigorous, Aug 1223 (nutsharp,16 8,bristling 18) 5.with 00pmclarity. (7.00) 'Woe£3.to50 that (£2.00)land that's governed by a child!' THE GREAT GRANNY ROBBERY Inspired dance version Rob Lewis' children's story; original live music. Funny, zany, sad—exciting! For allof ages. Aug 1217 11.00»m (noon) £3.00 (£1.50)

★ THEandCANTERBURY TALES A lively interpretation of Chaucer's Tales through dance Aug 1217 drama. 2.00piB Involving (3.00) £3.young 50 (£2.people 00) with special educational needs. * TICKETS, PLEASE Colourfully evocative adaptation of D.H. Lawrence story. Poignant of young Aug 19-23 study2.00pm (3.00) relationships £3.50 (£2.00)on the trams and at Bestwood Fair, 1918. TIGER SING, SPIDER DANCE The jungle is dying. Join crafty spider Anansi, finding1923the animals new home. Aug 11.00»m a(noon) £3.00For(£1.5children 01 7-10 years. Top of Waverley Market, by Tourist Information, Princes Street H9 JAZZ —a full menufree!of scintillating sounds from the great age of jazz. Get 'Augin the2022LUNCH mood'12.—3alfresco—al' 0pm (1.301 Free

MACBETH see my black and deep desires. Hell is murky . to Thus failShakespeare. isuudto29)fall.' 'g.LOetOpmnot19.light Aug 931. (not 25) E4.50 (£3.00) THE FRONTALshowGREENERY Cheap sherry and novelty biscuitsOXFORD make thisREVUE-FULL the9.30pm most(10.welcoming on the Fringe. Aug Alto 9-31 Aug luot 23 25Tim) 10.45pm (11.55) 40) £5.00 (£3.50) BERKOFF'vision S FALLmirrors OF THE HOUSE OF USHER Horrifying dreamscape of Poe's psychotic Aug 912, 2,29,2(2.8,430)0,3your 1 fears 10.45pmat midnight. (11.55) £4.50 (£3.00) Aug 23251419,21,1.230ere MEN WITHOUT HAIR-RETURN TO THE FIREWORK' Two men without hair return25,2to9,2a0.3firework. Unwisely. Aug 0,31 12mi dnight (1.Stand-up 00) £3.comedy. 50 (£2.50)

NOVE POKOLINJA THEATRE GROUP VENUE 68-Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square (by Fringe Club). L8 MACBETHby USShakespeare' s tragedygroup. visually energised Ukrainian theatrical tradition 'NHuba ew Generation' Directed by IhorinbyCiszkewycz. Music by Kyiv' s Volodymyr and the Lysenko Quartet. Designs Khrystia and Anton Solomoukha Special Jury Prize). Aug 2124 7.of30pmParis(10.(1988 00) Salon £3.00 de(£2.0Montrouge 0)

OILY CART COMPANY ° ■ VENUE 54-Cluny 2 (Cluny Ch. Hall), Cluny Gardens, bottom Morningside Rd. Info 452 9620 P2 OFF THE WALL is the COMPANY, latest of thethehighlyUK'successful shows forChildren' youngers children from the OILY CART s leading touring Theatre Company. Packed with puppets, participation, laughter and live music, this unmissable slapstick epic is over-run by mice, D-l-Y disasters and very hungry babies. Aug 2024(Under11.0sevens.) 0am (11.45) and 2.00pm (2.45) £3.00 (£2.00 C)

NSTC (NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY) The leading 'Edinburgh FestivalFinancial award winning companyfive('unmissable phenomenallyproductions talented' excellent shows' Times) brings toCity rivalLimits-, its staggering 1990 successes (Independent Theatre Award,Road)—plus Scotsman Fringe First etc). At the NSTC' s Cluny base (bottom of Morningside workshops/masterclasses—and at The Roxy: see Cluny and Roxy entries. VENUE 53-Cluny 1, 1 Cluny Drive; bottom Morningside Road. Tickets 452 9620 P2 SWEENEY TODD Sondheim' s marvellous musicalSTORY thriller('flawlessly truly revealed at last,); outshining previous NSTC triumphs WEST SIDE performed' CHICAGO stunner'7.)3etc. Aug 931Augloot('8aSuns) 15) £5.50 (£4.00) Praview £3.00 5pm for(10.Christian Aug 9 is a charity performance Aid ★scaling CARNIVAL STREET Rich, vulgar, MILK WOOD new heights. By Royalaffectionate-a Insurance Awardmodern winnerUNDER David Bridel. (Week 2Augat12-17, Themagical Roxy. ) 2 8-31 5. 1 5pm (6. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 12 is a charity performance for Scottish AIDS Monitor VENUE 54-Cluny 2 (Cluny Ch. Hall), Cluny Gdns, bottom Morningside Rd. Tickets 452 9620 _P2 ★ TENNESSEE by 1990TescoINDEPENDENT (& triple SUNDAY TIMES) ROSE Award Brilliant winner tragi-comedy Richard Cameron. girl with Tennessee Williams obsession. Aug 9-31 loot Suns) 7. 5 0pm (9. 2 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 9 is a charity performance for MIMD ★ NO TENDER VOCABULARYexploration Powerfullyof affecting National Student Drama Festival success. Aug Sun performance 25)A courageous 3.35pmfor (4.Salvation 20) Army £4.00 (£3.male 00) friendship. Aug 19-31 19 is a(notcharity VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roirburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 ★ MAKING Unanimously THE NUMBERacclaimed UP Beautiful, inspiring, Award deeply (etc) movingwinner, tragedy1991of rural Royal Insurance NSDF.18-31Ireland. Aug (not Tuos 27) 8. 4 5pm (9. 4 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Charity performance for SHAKTI Women's Aid: Aug 18 6.45pm (7.40) ★ CARNIVAL STREET Hugely enjoyable, modern Hull. Also at 6.Cluny ) Weeks 1 & 3.UNDER MILK WOOD, set in Aug 25pmperformance (7.Festival 40) Centre 0 (£4.(q.0v0).AIDS Aug 1924 19 is a charity for£5.0Scottish Monitor OAKLANDS YOUTH THEATRE ° VENUE 82-Southside ’91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson Si. Tickets 667 7365 110 ★to LETHAL IN THE BOX New musical about 17 year old Sarah Stanbury' s show' battle be allowed toblending do whatsatire, she family does best . . andplay'efootball! 'High energy Southern Echo drama xcellent music' T. E . S . ' O YT' s work2831 is a model5.15pmof its(6.4kind Aug 5) . . £3.elegantly 50 (£2.00)structured . . imaginatively theatrical' Stage. ODD SOCKS THEATRE COMPANY (OXFORD) ■>•■•*•*• VENUE 19-Over-teas House; WO Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 Athenew,Harp/Guardian young Company in the best traditions of Oxford Theatre Group, Winners of International Student Drama Award 1990. This year' s shows include for Thechildren OxfordandRevue, Shakespeare, Berkoff, Pirandello with and superb Briggs views with comedy adults. Fully licensed bar and restaurant of the Castle. BANANAVISION Mad But Kid'sit'sComedy-can the TV Bananakids beat evil Sir Rupert? Aug 9-19 lootWhoTooKnows? 13) 4.. 3. 0pm (5.20)better£3.than 00 (£1.homework. 50) NAKED by Luigi Pirandello. If living is lying, what remains when the lies are stripped away? Aug 931 (not Tuas) 5.30pm (6.45) £4.50 (£3.00) WHEN THE WIND BLOWScartoon. The compelling stage humorous, version of deeply Raymondironic.Briggs' compassionate Aug 9-31 (not Tuosanti-nuclear or 29) 7.00pm (7.55)Uncomfortably £4.50 (£3.00)

EARL OKIN VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre; Bristo Square; (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. L9 STILL HORNY AFTERvelvet ALL THESE YEARS hilarity, talented musicianship, vocalstour, and EarltheSensuous, legendary(hisseductive 'hNINTH orny' lips all inmultioneto package. Back from another World returns Edinburgh!) tantalize yet again!classic! Ladies beware; he's irresistible! SOLD OUT LAST YEAR! Totally unique9-31 Edinburgh Aug 8.15pm 19.40) £5.00 (£4.00) VENUE 98-Tic Too at Marco’s, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 AFFAIR AT TEATIME Cast discretion to the(Pre-show wind as you fall under available.) Earl's spell. Total relaxation and satisfaction guaranteed. refreshments Aug,23-28,30,31 4.15pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) THE ONE MAN’S GROUP VENUE 73-Parado« ( Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, Lauriston Place. Tickets 229 1003 K7 ★ BEN' S BIOGRAPHY is a riveting, incisive, haunting one-man tour-de-force —at once hilarious and tragic. Sent into shock by the death of his father, he calls to mind the circumstances which shaped his life. Sounds grim? Perhaps. But you won'unusual t stop laughing. Aug 19-31 8.45pm (9.45) £3.50 (£3.00) NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION - BACK ON THE FRINGE! 'which is good news for Edinburgh' — The EducatioTimes nal Supplement WEEKS 1 & 2 at VENUE 16 ‘The Comedy of Errors (1990) was a sheer treat, far livelier and closer to the original than Branagh's production of the Dream.' t.e s. 'The children are unreserved in their appreciation — the adults are not that far behind either.' 'The quality of the acting was remarkable' T.E.S. 'both scripts show a lot of talent.' 'a production that could move you to tears.' T.E.S. I.I.IILIIJM 'What a stylish outfit ... a starry ensemble ... brilliantly executed. Don't miss them.' Glasgow Herald 'brilliantly choreographed' 'a mesmerising performance'

Scotland on Sunday

... The Great Granny Robbery... Canterbury Tates... Tiger Sing, Spider Dance... Shakespeare. ..D.H. Lawrence. ..Jazz Lunch .. Nottinghamshire County Council Education 71

2 sp^ S tt Hj 25 o Sop 1 Sc *Hi OO m o oc s!seS §^ ly N Mi ^


The NYMT works in association with SADLER S WELLS OYAL PERA HOUSE A rip-roaring new production of THE great American Musical Comedy. 11 -24th Aug

THEATRE Supported by JJjp. Nationwide The Nation’s Building Society

Ei Si E5 UlS

Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser A stirring and epic story of Jersey’s wartime occupation by the Germans. 9th-23rd Aug. ^


^ ^ i© 32 OS o>®

by Denise Coffey Music by Richard Taylor A new Opera by STEPHEN McNEFF Libretto by CHARLES CAUSLEY


o° UJ>< s§


One of the UK’s greatest living poets, Charles Causiey writes of the extraordinary life and work^ of the chronicler of the Tortoise and the Hare and a thousand other fabulous tales. 26-31 st August The NYMT is supported by Nationwide Anglia Building Society. ALSO APPEARING THIS SEASON m DOUGANTHONYALLSTARSIROB NEWMAN IDA M BADDIELI THE GRAND GEORGE SQUARE Good ' 'and Evil / / I CHARITY SAW-Sun 18th Aug

ONSTAGE 66 <>»■»»»»» VENUE 74-St. Stephen's Church & Hall, St Vincent St. foot of Howe St. Tickets 445 1647 E7 THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF YOUR LIFE by John Dighton-Bureaucratic blunder causes co educational chaos. Classroom confusion. Staff-room fail to master mistresses. Cupid cavortsout.uncontrollably. How will it strifa all end?Male Havestaff the happiest evening of your life finding Aug 10-31 (not Suns) 7.45pm (10.10) E4.00 ({3.001 OPEN THEATRE ° ’ VENUE Tl-Diverse Attractions. Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 *deepNATURAL ATTRACTIONS by Nigel Macdonald. How green is Green? How are roots? Attraction of Nature: nature of attraction. Another OT (ex-Witsend) multifaceted drama.avage Press 89/90:. .'Asophisticated, stonishingly detailed comic .portrait... poetic. . . .' poignant' List. intelligent. . triumphant Scotsman. 'Witty,'Scomment' wickedlysatire funny . . tragic' £/V. 'Thought-provoking' Festival Times. 'AugDelightful social Stage. 1217 AVAILABLE 1.15pm (3.15)AT VENUE £3.50 (£2.ONLY. 50) TICKETS OPERA SOUTH WEST VENUE 113-Holy Corner Cantu Chamberlain Road. N3 THE MAGIC FLUTE (W.A. MOZART). The premier and Operatraditional Companyproduction of the Southof West returns to theopera, Fringe withgoodan triumphs entertaining Mozart' s delightful where over evil in an enchanting fairy-tale world.25-31The music Aug 0pmwill31(10.captivate 15) 2.00pm£4.audiences 5(4.0 4(£3.5) 50) of all ages, as it has done for generations. Mutiutuu Aug 297.3and TRAVELS WITH MY OBOE -Derek Kitt, Principal oboist with Plymouth Symphony Aug 27 4.Orchestra 00pm (5.00) on a£1.musical 75 (£1.50)journey through Europe and America. OUTBACK ° VENUE 127-St John's Church, West End, Princes Street H6 OUTBACK Combine didgeridoo. guitar and percussion, creating a unique, infectious groove. Graham Wiggins' accomplished didgeridoo incorporates percussive rhythms influenced by Afro-Cuban, jazz and modern dance music, blending with MartinSagarCradick' guitar. Inspired by Celtic, African and Southeffortlessly American melodies, N'Gomthes fluid from Senegal plays percussion and Ian Campbell’s sensitive drumming provides musical ' b ackbone' . Aug Aug 12-17 1924 5.1.000pm 0pm (7.(2.000)0) £5.00 (£4.00)

OVER-SEAS HOUSE ODD SOCKS THEATRE COMPANY (OXFORD) "Bananavision" "Naked" "When the Wind Blows" "Macbeth" "The Oxford Revue * Full Frontal Greenery" "Berkoff's The Fall of the House of Usher" Men without Hair in "Return to the Firework" THE CAMBRIDGE MUMMERS "The Burping Prince" "Glue Wedding" "Whale Music" THE CAMBRIDGE MEDICS* REVUE "In a Different Vein" PHOENIX THEATRE, SAN FRANCISCO "Laughing Wild" IMPROMPTU THEATRE COMPANY "Try it on the Dog" OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE THEATRE CO "The Taming of the Shrew" EMILY WOOF "Sex III" OVER-SEAS HOUSE 100, Princes Street. Box Office (031) 225 5105 Fully licensed Bar & Restaurant with superb views of the Castle. Open 11 am -11 pm.

OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE THEATRE 1 2 3 COMPANY ° g#g VENUE 54-Chiny 2 ICIuny Ch. Hall), Cluny Gdns, bottom Morningside Rd. Tickets 452 9620 P2 ★worldFORBIDDEN FRUIT Breaking down barriers and dispelling misconceptions, by newas writer, Stephen Wactor Haynes, provideschallenge an inspiring insight into hisrelationships ownpremiere experience facing and with friendsa heterosexual and lovers. Directed with thepoignancy andofwitA.I.Dby.S.1989 award winner Maximillian Jacobson-Gonzalez. Aug 12-31 (not Sunt) 5.05pm (6.50) £5.50 (£4.50) All profits to AIDS charities OVERSEAS HOUSE • g-Tg VENUE 19-Over seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 High quality theatre from around the world including Phoenix Theatre, San Francisco, Odd Socks Theatre Company (Oxford), the Cambridge Mummers, Outrageous FortuneRevue Theatreand Company, Company, Cambridge Medics' Emily WoofImpromptu in 'Sex III'.Theatre The plushest venuethein Edinburgh —bar has superb view of Castle. ODD SOCKS THEATRE COMPANY The Oxford Revue, Shakespeare, Pirandello, childrens' show and stand-up comedy. See main heading.Berkoff, See company'Briggs, s main heading. THE BURPING In Pathetica, where the men are totally useless, lives Fred—a princeTees)withPRINCE Aug 9-31 (not 11.wind00amtroubla (11.45) (Children' £2.50 (£1.s 5show). 0) ★fourIMPROMPTU THEATRE-TRY IT ON DOG 'Impromptu' frenzied French farces into EnglishTHE . . cobblers, gamblerscostermonger and basket scramblers! Aug 9-31 (not Toes) noon (12.50) £2.50 (£2.00) THE TAMING OF THE SHREW 'Outrageous'BFortune' inject Shakespeare's most controversial Aug 919 (not Tubs)comedy1.0with 0pm (2.ferocious 50) £4.energy: 50 (£3.00) est beware my sting' Kate. ★woman LAUGHING WILD Christopher Derang' s satiric farce. in a00)world gone Two mad.New Yorkers: zany Aug 21-31and (not positive-thinking Tees) 1.00pm (2.man 50) coping £4.50 (£3. ★ GLUE WEDDING Two weirdMummers' families hold a wonderful wedding. Love, death, sex Aug 9,and11,14.confetti 5.28,30 3.00pm (4.20) musical £3.00 farce. (£2.50) WHALE MUSIC Anthony Minghella' s poignant all-women play tackles the problems Aug 10,12.15,of17.single 19.22.24.pregnancy 28,29.31 with 3.00pmhumour, (4,30) sensitivity £3.00 (£2.and 50) realism. ★ SEX show III: THE. breathtaking' THIRD SEXStage/Fringe 'Emily Woof's SEX I is a truly outstanding onewoman Aug 21-31 4.3.0pm (5.30) £4.50 (£3.00) ‘89. Now see the sequel. INnewA show. DIFFERENT VEIN The Cambridge Medics' Revue returns with a hard-hitting Aug 924 (not Infectious Tuns) micomedy. dnight (1.15) £3.50 (£3.00)


STAGE LEFT PRODUCTIONS PRESENT at the PLEASAIMCE at the GILDED BALLOON SKINT VIDEO "Biting, abusive and always funny" (The Independent)



"Genuinely funny range of characters and accents" (Time Out)

JOHN MOLONEY "Seductive swirling rhythms that are sheer magic" (Time Out) REBELS WITH A CHORD PLEASANCE CABARET BAR 7.45pm (8.45) 7-31 Aug £5/£4 Box Office: 556 6550 BRENDA GILHOOLY REMOTE CONTROL — CHANNEL 4 "Very funny" (The Independent)

"If only all subversives were as jolly and effervescent" (NME) GILDED BALLOON MAIN THEATRE 9pm (10.45) 21-31 Aug £5/£4 Box Office: 226 2151 Anne-Marie talks to God, Michael to plants. Who talks sense? DOG A brilliant new play written and performed by DAVE COHEN with MICHAEL REDMOND as the Voice of Dog

+ MARTIN SOAN "He's completely mad" (Time Out) IN LOVE PLEASANCE PASTA BAR 10.15pm (11.15) 8-31 Aug (not 29) £5/£4 Box Office: 556 6550 THE PLEASANCE VENUE 33 74

BACKSTAGE THEATRE GILDED BALLOON 5.15pm (6.30) 9-31 Aug mot 20, 27) £5/£4 Box Office: 226 2151 38 venue GILDED BALLOON

OXFORD & CAMBRIDGE WOMEN’S REVUE ° VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 WITH TONGUES AND EVERYTHING (firmly implanted in cheek),900Oxford andof Cambridge women come together in an unholy union of humour. years institutional rivalry crumbles in sixty minutesjuice.of mud-wrestling, Marxism and macrame. 11-31 (notNoTun.additives, 18.29) no11.preservatives, 00pm (midnight) justt4.50 (t3.50) THE DICK NIXON SHOW For 3 nights only!Festival Speed crunch day-glo crash cabaret. 'DEAD13,2GOOD Aug 0,27 .11.. DANGEROUSLY 00pm (midnight) FUNNY' £4.50 (£3.50) Times. OXFORD CHAMBER THEATRE ° •» VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 KING LEAR Shakespeare' s greatest tragedy, fast-moving, exciting, sometimes funny, sometimes violent. Surrounding the stage, the audience are drawn into the characters' experience This clear, established company has won international recognition straightprofessional Shakespearean renditions. Let Shakespeare take you to hell£5.forand back! Aug 1117 2. 1 5pm (5. 0 0) 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 1824 2. 4 5pm (5. 3 0) M B. £3.50 for school parties of 10 or more OXFORD ON-THE-HILL ° VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 L10 OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR Straight from the Sheffield World Student Games, firstS performed in Oxford in March. Successful production of THEATRE WORKSHOP' classic musical-play a timeless the universal tragedyyetofthought human conflict through the onevents of the subject. First WorldExplores War. Highly entertaining provoking. Aug 1117 loot Thur 151 9. 1 5pm (11. 0 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 18 30 loot 21 & 22) 7.15pm (9.001 PAGEANT PLAYERS ° - ^ VENUE 47-Loretto Theatre, Loretto School, Mil hil , Musselburgh. G13 Outer PACK OF LIES A compelling true story of a family involved in the ' P ortlandonSpyall Scandal' of the 1960s. Involving the manipulation, and dealing with betrayals levels, between family, friends and country. Sure to be the latest of a long run of successes Aug 19-24 for7.3this 0pm young (9.45) local£4.0company. 0 (£2.50) PAINES PLOUGH ° ■ •• VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. Ill AUGUSTINE (BIG HYSTERIA) by Anna Furse. Housemaid and hysteric,. Augustine was celebrated in Paris forin theherbrilliant dramaticProfessor displaysCharcot' of 'Grande Hysterie' Studied by Freud, she was the star s ' M useum of Suffering' . Fullandofpoetic humourtext.and'Intensely passion,theatrical, the play interweaves live music, projections always intriguing' The cinematic Guardian. Aug 1931 2. 3 0pm (4. 0 0) £8.00 (£5.001 Mon-Thors £6.50 (£5.50) Fri-Sun PARADOX PRODUCTIONS ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★assassinated BOOTH Edwin Booth, the greatest actor of his day . . until his tearbrother Lincoln. Tonight he returns to the stage, will his audience him apart?masterful David Beeler' s ' . . remarkable one-man . . the acting marvel,winner the text . . a triumph!' San Antonio Times.showDirected by Fringeis aFirst Annabel Aug 1124 Leventon. 6.10pm (7.30) £5.00 (£4.00) PARADOX THEATRE VENUE 73-Parado« ) Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, Lauriston Place Tickets 229 1003 K7 Asculpture, truly international line up infrolics two great venues.ANDPLUS cafe,last bars, barbeques, painting, kissing, andpresent fun. after year' s 'riveting performance' Scotsman, Paradox Theatre a new adaptation of UPSTREAM! by Julian Barnes from his best selling A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters. PARADOX ONE BEFORESLAPSTICK, YOUR VERYFINEEYES Clown, acrobat,COMEDY. entertainer, combines SUPERB FOOLING and CRAZY A showRichard for EVERYONE. 'Hilarious' Aug 12-24 (notStage. Sun 18) 12.45pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.00 SUPDV)(£1.50 C) ★ OUTSIDERS Part of a trail-blazing tour, a oflandmark collaboration between a theatre-in-education team andnational a company actors with learning difficulties. Aug 12-17 2.30pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.00) TEECHERS by John Godber. A fast moving, highly entertaining portrait of life at a modern comprehensive. A series of hilarious and sometimes poignant scenes from Aug 19-31school (not life. Suu 25) 2.15pm (3.45) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ LARINS SAHIBin SirEnglish HenryatLawrence' s legend of power andinnovative. passion. First ever Indian production the Festival. Distinguishingly Aug Aug 1117 19-31 4.6.110pm 0pm (6.(8.110)0) £5.40 (£4.50) ★ THE ACT by Richard and Langridge. production byof aanyoung intense and company. dramatic portrayal of anti-semitism strainedFirst companionship theatre Aug 12-17 Aug 19-24 6.4.315pm 5pm (5.(7.405)5) £4.00 (£2.00) EAST bypresent StevenBerkoff' Berkoff.s vibrant 'Filthyunveneered beyond thehyper-theatrical call of duty' Guardian. Bottleneck Theatre blast of anguish, hate and 1925 lust. NOT9.1FOR Aug 5pm (10.THE25) WEAK. £3.95 (£2.95)

IT'S ALL OVER MY TROUSERS by Mary Wright & Mike Bennett. Feel free to come. Aug 19-24 11.25pm (12.34) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ UPSTREAM! Julian funny, Barnes.thoughtful' 'Playful, witty and Stunning entertaining'newNew York Times. 'Frequentlybybrilliant, Observer. one-man Aug 12-17 9. 0 0pm (10. 0 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 2831 4.30pm (5.301 PARADOX AT THE WEE RED BAR WE CALL CHASEEEED! guilt,music paranoia the.rapping rabbi, who fuses ITJewish humour withFood,dance to getand'Kfood osherfromHouse' Aug Preview11-31Aug 107.00pm£3.(8.5105)(£3.00)£4.00 (£3.50) BEN'Grim? S BIOGRAPHY Father dies. tBenstopexamines the circumstances that shaped his life. Aug 19-31 Perhaps 8.45pm —but (9.45) you£3.won' 50 (£3.00) laughing. Hilarious comedy. IMPROPOLY Fast, furious, comedyUnsuitable improvisation game-show. Full of skill, chance and lots of(notjokes Aug 12-31 19,261about10.shagging. 15pm 111.15) £3.00 (£2.for00)children. Aignite WEEevery BIT LATE Late' N ' L ive. Dangerous Cabaret. Thegiggly. hottest names on the Fringe Aug 12-31 (not nite. 19.261Tim Clark 12 midcomperes. night (2.00) Drink£4.7yourself 5 (£3.50) ALAN PARKER—URBAN WARRIOR • • • • VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanoe Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. LU COMEDY ZONE Alan who is an ex-Socialist worker salesman hasaudiences. spent the This last seven years performing his extremely subversive material to small his latest stopcanthesmash fibbingthem. UK tour. Leave your prejudices at home oryearbringhe begins them13 along Aug &Thur291 so Alan £6.507-31(£5.(not 00) Mon £7.10.105pm 0 (£5.(mi50)dniFright-)Sun CYNTHIA PAYNE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 CYNTHIA PAYNE ATturnsHOME A crosssexbetween Quentin Crisp andCome DoctorandRuth,be Streatham Madam raconteur, therapist and politician. whipped frenzy who at teatima had no ideawillthathearMiss held parties in Streathamintoandaanyone suggests'I otherwise fromPayne my lawyers! 12.19,Thurs 27) 4.£7.30pm00 (£5.(5.350)0) Fri-Sun £6.Aug50931(£5.(not 00) Mon JOHN PEEL PUPPETS ° VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 THE THREE BILLY GOATS GRUFF & THE THREE LITTLE PIGS two traditional storiesshown makefoura delightful participation show forthistheshow veryThese youngest audience. First years ago to sell out houses, returns by popular demand. 18)Be sure11.to15ambook early! £3.00 Aug Parties1224of 8(notor Sun more get 10% discount(noun)plus 1 adult free. PEN, PAINT AND PRETZELS (3P’S) q VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 THE OF MALFI Presented to acclaimmodernity in Boston, John Webster' savageDUCHESS Revenge Tragedy: Performed with shocking byterrifying a young Americans troupe, giving full vent to Webster' s horrific humour and amorality. Webster' s contradictory desire. and elusive characters come to life —and death in a bizarre landscape Aug 28 31 of 8.corrupted 15pm (10.45) £4.00 (£3.00) VENUE 117-Leith Community Centre, Newkirkgate. Tickets 554 4750. C13 Outer ★ MacSCHWARTZKOPF A and rapid-fire satire with s political music that combines Shakespeare' s tale of ambition occult with today' characters and events. Aug 28-30 1.00pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.00) THE GREAT GOD BROWN Eugene O' N eill. Masks illustrate how the ' s elf' lies buried28-30beneathZ.OOpm the 13.face45) we turn Aug £3.00 towards (£2.00) society. ★ FLY creating SOUTH aComposer/writer Ray Bokhour combines comic monologues with music, revealing Aug 28,29 4.00pm (4.50) pastiche £3.00 (£2.of00)American Isolation and Insecurity. TRE X



11-24 AUGUST “AN iNreNse € dramatic PoRTR^ALOf AWT|-5£miTl5/^ AND HOMAN COMPANIONSHIP" L Foe. D6TAILS l/A se. e 7 n 'PARADOX rHfeArP.6 75

VENUE 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace J5 GALVARINO CERON-CARRASCO presents solo The guitarScotsman. music from Latin! America. ' . . intriguing . . fine technique & subtlelty' Aug 1117 6.30pm (7.30) £4.50 (£3.00) '1 RATAE VOCE MaryRenaissance Young soprano, Rodziewicz alto, MartinLiederGrayson lute/guitar, perform songsIsabella (Aug 12-14) & Renaissance (Augl 15-17). Aug 1217 3.00pm (4.00) £4.00 (£3.00) ; JOSCELYN STEELE Piano.includes Total Involvement. A deep insightGershwin into the&soul of the works played. Programme Haydn, Mozart, Debussy, Granados. Aug 12 B.DOpm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) CHAMBER RECITAL piano & ofthemusic Zephyrby Ensemble with Nei&il^ Mantle—horn, present aGillian popularGrayprogramme Mozart, Hummel Poulenc. Aug 13 8.00pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) i CORONATION BRASS will play 'G(£3.abrieli to Gershwin' & much, much more. Aug 14, 1 9. 2 0 8. 0 0pm (9. 3 0) £4. 5 0 5 0) Aug 19,22,24 1.00pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) GAGLIANO DUO play Kreisler, Brahms, Prokofiev, & Sarasate. David Hume — violin; Sawers Aug 14 Ingrid1.00pm (2.00)—piano.£4.00 (£3.00) i PHILOS'LENSEMBLE with Galvarino Ceron & &Lottie Horsman: Guastavino Guitar Quintet as Presencias' ; Giuliani Duo for violin guitar; Vivaldi & Handel arias fori voice18 & orchestra. Aug 8.00pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH ° » CLASSICAL Stephen, 'hMorrison musicrestrained by Berkeley,& subtle' Brindle,Festival Ponces PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH director/soloist David Hume are giving 4 baroque &Times others.1990.' . . GUITAR a perfectionist' is style isfeatures essentially concerts in GREYFRIARS KIRK and an interesting series of recitals & chamber 1 Aug 17, 2 1 1. 0 0pm (2. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) concerts in ST. MARK' S UNITARIAN CHURCH, Castle Terrace, including 3 by the Philos someChild' by international artists.throughout. Tickets available from Fringe Box Aug 19,23 8.00pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) « Office Ensemble and QueensandHall. s tickets £2.00 DELICATE BALANCEcellosolos,& harpsichord. trios & quartets by Vivaldi, Telemann, Handel for!j recorder, VENUE 131-Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 K8 Aug 17 oboe, 8.00pmviolin, (9.30) £4,00 (£3.00) BACH CONCERT Suite No. 3 in D; Concerto for 2 Violins; Brandenburg Concerto VIOLA & PIANO recital by Berlin based duo Sophia Bircumshaw & Jonathan Cobb? No.3; Violin & Oboe Concerto. David Hume & Mary Duncan—violins. Charlie includes Schumann Fairytale Pictures, Dodds—oboe. Aug 18 4.00pm (5.30) £4.50 (£3.50) Brahms Sonata in F min. Glinka Sonata. ;\ Aug 11 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) CAMEO present Evenings entertainments with Mr Sheridan (18th readings & 22nd)with & George & Ira)j ORCHESTRAL CONCERTConcerto; PergolesiVivaldi Concerto BoccheriniMozart La Notturna (25th). Costumed combining period music, Madrid; Hummel 3 ViolinA5;Concerto; Eine Kleinedi Gershwin 'Delightful' i Nachtmusik. Brian(9.Trumpet Aug 18,22,29 Scotsman. 8.00pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 17 7.30pm 3Connor—trumpet. 0) £5.00 (£4.00) PHILOS Quintet ENSEMBLE play the Dvorak Bagatelles, Mozart Quintet in G min. & BAROQUE CONCERT Telemann ' D on Quichote' Suite; Bach Ricercare; Tartini Schubert in C maj. Clarinet Concertino; Vivaldi FluteKatherine Concerto;Wake, PurcellDavid Chacony; 21 8.00pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) I in G.24Soloists—Giles Hume.Haydn Violin Concerto Aug Aug 7.30pm (9.30)Hamilton, £5.00 (£4. 00) CHILEANS CARLOS Latin ARREDONDO WITH& GALVERINO CERON Deeply i moving contemporary American songs music; lilting, beautiful music! VIVALDI —FOUR SEASONS director/soloist David Hume; Stradella Trumpet performed with3.warm confidence (folk roots). Concerto BibertheBattalia; VivaldiandRecorder Concerto; soloists—Bruce Davis, Angus Aug 23, 2 9-31 0 0pm (4. 0 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Skinner. Enjoy ' S easons' stay parked for the fireworks. Aug 28-31 6.30pm (7.30) ) Aug 29 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) PIANO FAVOURITES William Debussy, Alexander piano, Scarlatti, Mozart, Beethoven! (Waldstein Aug 24 2.Sonata), 30pm (4.30)Shcumann, £4.50 (£3.50) Rubinstein, Chopin & Liszt. : AN EVENING WITH BASSOON & PIANO Unique incl. new works duo. Abigail Hopkins & : Margaret Jaffrey-Smith play a delightful programme by Rachmaninov,, Faure,24 Saint-Saens. Aug 8.00pm (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) SOIREE Townhill—clarinet MUSICALS Heather —soprano, Katrine Vaughan & LeonCoates Coates—keyboard. Songs,Townhill duets —contralto, & chamber! music28 by Purcell, Aug 8.00pm (9.Mendelssohn, 30) £4.50 (£3.Brahms, 00) Rossini & Gal. ! GYPSY SONG BOOK a recital Brahms, of music influenced by gypsyLottieandHorsman folk traditions of ] Europe, music by Schumann, Liszt & Dvorak. mezzo-) The soprano Aug 27 &8.Andrew 00pm (9.3Dunscombe—piano. 0) £4.00 (£3.00) , fLUTE &programmes GUITAR Bach, Berio & Debussy; Japanese & Celtic folk songs in 3 Guy exciting Aug 2829,31 8.00pm by(9.4International 5) £4.50 (£3.Virtuosi 50) Lucy Cartledqe & Gerald Garcia. MUSIC byFORTelemann, FLUTE & PIANO&Pamela McNeil—flute, William Alexander —piano. Burgess Sonatas Aug 30 8.00pm (9.30) Kreutzer £4.50 (£3.Franck 50) & works by Barber & Hanson. PHILOS ENSEMBLE play Dvorak' s American Quartet & Mendelssohn's Octet. Trilogy Aug 31 5.00pm (6.00) £4.00 (£3.00) PERFORMANCE THEATRE CO •••• VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 * 'G.B'-THEThree GUYplays, BURGESS TRILOGY one 'Innovative and popular theatre' Independent. three playwrights, huge, roaring character. Epic theatre to be seen over three nights or individually. Examines the nature of loyalty, nationhood, patriotism andin the the heart 'Britishof Establishment' . Educated Burgess turned KGB 8.spy00pm theforBritish Secret Service.Eton/Cambridge Aug 8-31 (not Sunsl ( 1 0. 1 51 See below details Tickets £S.OO (£4.001 or £12.00 (£9.001 for all 3 plays I—ANOTHER COUNTRY by Julian Mitchelland(inc.densely new 'political' Moscow Time Scenes'Out.). APART major Aug 8.12.1film 5,19,2and 2,28,West 29 End 8.00pmhit.(10.'G1enuinely 5) £5.0exciting 0 (t4.00) PART II—★ A SECRET COUNTRY by Anthony Peters. Startling new ensemble play. Burgess and Maclean's defection trails treachery throughout British Intelligence. Aug 3,13,18.20.23,27,30 8.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00) PARTstory III—AN ENGLISHMAN ABROAD bywith Alan Bennett. Witty and touching true Browne' Aug 10,14.17,of21,2actress 4.28,31 Coral8.00pm (9.05)s meeting E5.00 (£4.00) Burgess in Moscow. THREE MEN IN A BOAT by JEROME K JEROME Fringe Awards. Astounding new cast in 'promenade' hit.Best'Deft,Comedy' daft London and dazzling' Independent. Aug 931 (not Sun! 8.00pm (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00)

I-‘Another Country” by Julian Mitchell (inc. new Moscow Scenes’) U“A Secret Country ” by Anthony Peters III-“An Englishman Abroad” by Alan Bennett

Calton Centre - Venue 119

PHOENIX THEATRE COMPANY OF SAN FRANCISCO o i VENUE 19-Over seas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 ! ★ LAUGHING WILD by Christopher Durang San Francisco' sTwo acclaimed Phoenixa , Theatre Company presents Christopher Durang' s satiric farce. New Yorkers: Zany woman and a positive thinking man collide trying to cooe with paranoia, tuna. bad sex, thein aozone layer, God' s attitude toward AIDS, Sally Jesse Raphael, and • breathing world gone mad. Aug 21-31 (not 27) 1.00pm (3.00) £4.50 (£3.00) PLATFORM ONE—LIVE! VENUE 96-Platform 1, adjoining Caledonian Hotel, Rutland St. Info 225 2433. H5 An12 Noon excitinguntilprogramme presented Edinburgh' best Evening music venue. Bar open daily lunchesin serves everys day. only. Tickets atMidnight the door.withEntertainment schedule as follows. session for over 18's LUNCHTIME JAZZRadio WITHScotland' GORDON froms top the presenter of BBC s 'JazzCRUICKSHANK Junction—also BAND one ofJazzBritain' saxophone Aug 1924 players. 12.30pm (3.00) Frw !

LUNCHTIME JAZZ makes WITH THEyour ALEXlunchtime SHAW TRIO best swings.Alex Shaw, one of the UK's Aug 918,known 25-31 pianists 12.30pm (3.00)sure Free BLUEFINGER Good time rock' n ' r oll. Twanging riffs and hot sax licks from 50's and 60's12.classics. Aug Aug 17 22.26£2.00 9.and00pmAug(11.3100) Free£1.00 NORTH GAS(11.The00) topFreeScottish multi-instrumental folk band—folk'n'fun. Aug 3.16,3023 SEA9.£2,00pm Aug 00 end Aug 21 £1.00 WOODROW' S LOUDER outfit with Woodrow's voice riding10 on the9.00pmsame train asTHAN Sam HYPE CookeAand5-piece MarvinsoulGaye. Aug Aug 14,20 £1.00(11.end00)Aug 24Free £2.00 RED11,HOT Aug 15.18,2&5.2BLUE 6 9.0Hard 0pm (11.edged 00) rock'£1.n0'0roll fun from the 50's to the 90's. POWERHOUSE BOOGIE BANDstyle. R & B to rock you-all the classics from this 7-piece in their own powerhouse tAug 19 8.00|im (11.00) £1.00 GODS OF GLAMtripJoinbackthetoLeaders of the Gang in their gold lame flares and tartan scarves Aug 13 for9.0this 0pm (11.00) £1.the 00 70’s. THE BITTERSWEET Hear the sounds of Del Amitri and Danny Wilson along with their Aug 27own style 9.00pmof(11.Soul 00) & Rock. £1.00 PLEASANCE °9'w VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 ASomething few minutes walk from the Royal Mile, a place ' h umming with activity'. forday.everyone in the11.00am—11.00pm. true spirit of the Fringe. All ages—all prices—food and drink—all Box Office ' A veritable hot-bed of good acts' Miles 'One of31. my favourite venues' Robbie Dinwoodie, GlasgowKington, Herald.Independent. Open Aug 7—Aug PLEASANCE ONE AUGUSTINE (BIG HYSTERIA) Plough—Augustine, housemaid, hysteric and startext.of 'Charcot' s theatrical, 'Museum of-Paines Suffering —Live Guardian. music, cinematic projections, poetic1931 Intensely always intriguing' Aug 2. 3 0pm (4. 0 0) tBJW ItSMI Mou Thur £6.50 (£5.50) Fri-Sun CYNTHIA PAYNE AT HOME Aturns crossraconteur, between Quentin Crisp and and politician. Doctor Ruthl The931hilarious sex therapist Aug 12,Streatham 19.27) 4.£7.madam 30pm £6.50 (£5.(not 00) Mon-Thur 00 (£5.(5.35010) Fri-Sun YOUNG VORONEZH BALALAIKAS 10-16, make festival and Western Europe.enjoyment! Russian modern andAgedtraditional playingtheiranddebut singing,in thewonderful skill8-17 and infectious Aug 6. 0 0pm (7. 1 0) £5.00 (£3.00) Mou Thur £5.50 (£3.50) Fri-Sun

CITIZEN KEANEblend —DILLIE looks 'Vaterythefunny' recession, friendship, sex and nuns in a unique of songKEANE and satire. Guardian. Aug 6.00pm £6.5018-31 (£5.50) Mou Thur(7.15) £7.00 (£6.00) Fri Suw INSTANT SUNSHINE Backhumour. again with anothercocktail' rib-tickling collection of their unique The Scotsman. Aug 16,17,songs 2(not3,24 19)and12.irresistible 37.0pm (1.(8.30)45) £5.50 'S(£4.parkling 00) Aug 12-24 3 0pm £6.00 (£4.50) Mon-Thur £6.50 (£5.00) Fri Sun THEll BOB REVUE The man who was born to be beige is back. 'Hilarious, you' laughDOWNE yourself Aug 13.29) stupid' 9.0£7.0pm00(10.Guardian. £6.50731(£5.(not 50) Mon-Thur (£6.00)00) Fri-Sun MILES AND MILLNERandSell-out '89—'comedy' 90—A new mad maestros. 'The Stunning musicianship hilarious Newshow York from Times.the'Brilliantly manic' Guardian. Aug 7-31 (not 13, 2 9) 10. 1 5pm ( 1 1. 1 5) £6.00 (£5M) Uon-Thur 16.50 (£5.50) Fri-Sun ENNIO MARCHETTO s festivalwicked 'runawaywit...hit'.'theBizarre parodyYouof Pop Culture. Dazzling paper1990'costumes, nextand thingbrilliant in Showbiz' Magazine. Aug 10-31 (not 15. 2 2. 2 9) 11. 3 0pm (12. 3 0) £6.50 (£5.50) Mon-Thur £7.00 (£6.00) Fri Sun A'Killingly WATERMELON MY DAUGHTER Thadmeyer' s 50'Free s B-movie funny12.19.. .29)willKILLED inevitably achieve cult status' Varsity. Popcorn.on stage! Aug 12.£4.455am £4.00731(£3.(not 00) Mon-Thur 0 (£3.(1.540)5) Fri Sun PLEASANCE TWO GLOBAL s Talessuitable From Shakespeare' OF DRAMA'SCATASTROPHE bubbling bubble ofLamb' a show, for all ages,. OXFORD mayhem, SCHOOL masks, well known Aug 12-17songs11.&30amphrases. (12J5) £3.00 (£2.00) Mon-Thur £3.50 (£2.50) Fri-Sun LADY MACSESCU —ARTTSFollow International Did Shakespeare foresee Elena Ceausescu' s bloody execution? . . unashamedly conimitted' The Stage.ARTT'S 1990 success. 'Genuinely moving Aug 2026 11. 3 0am (12. 4 5) £3.50 (£2.50) Mon-Thur £4.00 (£3.001 Fri-Sun BLACK macho MIME movies. THEATRE'Magnificent The Women'game s Troop: TOTAL RETHINK-Spoof packed of lets-pretend' Guardian. on actionAug 731 (not 12, 1 9, 2 7) 1. 0 0pm (2. 0 0) £5M (£3.00) Mon-Thur £5.50 (£3.50) Fri Sun ★ LIPSTICK TANGO -BUSTERPuig'THEATRE. seduction and. betrayal s ArgentineVisually Pampas. explosive Smooching,fantasy hoochingof and crooning . 2I3.26,27)in Manuel Aug 1231 (not 18. 2. 1 5pm (3. 4 5) £4.00 (£3.00) Mon Thui £4.50 (£3.50) Fri Sun ★ ME AND SHAKESPEARE Colin William Shakespeare—Stratford familyGeorge man asandschoolboy genius atandlargeactorin conjuring Jacobethanup London. Aug 22 5. 1 5pm (6. 3 0) Aug 23,26,27 2.15pm (3.45) £4.00 (£2.50) Mon-Thur £4.50 (£3.00) Fri-Sun


'the most sensational show on the Edinburgh fringe' The Sunday Times


'the hottest ticket in town' The Mail on Sunday


mu PLUAmmiM 60 The Pleasance, Edinburgh. August 10-31 (excluding Thursdays) at 5.15pm. Box Office 031-556 6550 031-556 1513 (credit card bookings)


i MowdawY Public Holiday Smtland "


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:PLEASANCE—conf/m/eri ★ THEandCRUEL GRASP comedy with a twist and a sting. Written by Thomas Kett Janet(5.A0Suzman. Previ ew Augdirected 8,4.9 00pmby4.(5.00pm i Aug 10-31 00) 0)£5.00 (£4.00) Mon Thur 15.50 (t4.50) Fri-Suw AVNER THEMagicECCENTRIC 'A connoisseur . 'CALL omicAGES. Gold'. New Vaudeville, name it, ofhe'lllaughter' do it. FOR 2,2Pickpocketting—You 9) £6.5.155pm £6.Aug001031 (£4.5(not 0) Mon15,2Thur 0 (E5.(6.00)25)Fri Sun CLAYLondon New Woman' s play by Julie Balloo and (co-author of 'Tacute' hirtysomehow' ) that won the New comically Independent. Aug 12,29)ThurPlay6.Award. 4£6.0pm50(8.(£5.'0F0)erocious £0.00831(£5.(not 00) Mon 50) Fri-Sun ★ THE TRENCH KISS New penetrating comedy nominated team 'Live Bed Show' . by Arthur Smith, from Perrier Aug 12) that8.10pmgaveC8.(9.71you £0.259-25(£5.(not 25) MonThur 55)(t5.75) Fri Sun THE GERTY SHOWwhoby played TONY football. HAASE. A rare piece of Mediumistic Theatre about12,2NAYLOR a dead woman Aug £5.507-31(£4.(not 00) Mon9)Thur 9.3£6.0pm00(10.(£4.45)50) Fri Sun MR P.P. wire-walking, 'Magical, amazing . . not and to bemore! missed'A delight Australian juggling, for allNational ages. Times. Mime, Aug 15,22.29) acrobatics £5.50731(£4.(not 50) MonThur £6.11.000am 0 IfS.(11.OO)50)Fri-Sun CABARET BAR WHAT'ownS WHAT THE THEATRE guide to Theatre running your theatreINcompany. SeminarsINDUSTRY organised Theby essential the Independent Council. Bn 2U2 11.30am (12.30) Ffw NO LAUGHING MATTER '91 A lighthearted series of seminars discussing the state of comedy—Sponsored Aug 2320 1.00pm (3.00) Freeby London Weekend Television. ADELE ANDERSON Ex-Fascinating chanteuse jazz and wit with heart and smoky voice'Aida Financial Times.blends 'Oodles of panache' Time Out.9-31style.(not'W11,onderfully Aug 1 8) 3. 3 0pm (4. 3 0) £4.50 (£3.50) Mon Thur 15.00 (£4.00) Fri-Sun DRAYLONmusicUNDERGROUND' TEATIMEdebut.SCOFF -with London's premiere comedy it's SEdinburgh 12,1act, 9,27) making 4.15.45pm £4.Aug507-31l£3.(not 50) Mon-Thur 00 (£4.(5.040)5) Fri-Sun THE POOR MOUTH 'Brilliant'life,Guardian. FlannCompany. O'Brien's classic, satirising a play fromHilarious a reallystaging boistrousof Irish Aug 11.27) Irish6.0peasant 0pm £5.507-31(£4.(not 00) Mon-Thur £6.00(7.(£4.30)50) Fri-Sun & JOHN MOLONEY -REBELSs caustic WITH Amusicomedy. CHORD. A heady cocktail ofSKINT Skint'VIDEO s malicious Moloney' 45pm (8.minstrelsy 45) £5.50 (t4.and I £5.Aug007-31(£4.00) 7.Mon-Thur 50) Fri-Sun FRANK SKINNERIndependent. Birmingham''Dsazzling King ofimprovised Comedy—'comedy' Don't missThethis natural comedian' Face.outstanding Book early 13,29)Thur 9.00pm s £0.Aug007-31(£5.(not 00) Mon 16.50(10.(£5.00)50) Fri Sun COMEDY ZONE Funniest festival cabaret featuring Alan Parker—' U rban Stewart Lee,13,Mark & George—'Hilarious . . brilliant' Guardian.Warrior', Aug 29) Lamarr, 10.1£7.5pm0Chris £0.50731(£5.(not 00) Mon-Thur 0(12.(£5.00)50) Fri-Sun STAY UP LATE AND THERadio EMPTY - THREE 'AbrasiveBLOKES Antipodean . . not-GREG for yourFLEET Grandmother' Forth.POCKETS. 11,18,29) humour 12.C5.15am W£5.Aug00731(£4.(not 00) Mon-Thur 50 (£4.(1.355)0) Fri-Sun j PLEASANCE UPSTAIRS ★ NORMAL: DUSSELDORF Germany, 1931. Serial killer Kurten stands trial. 11,But1THE A chillingRIPPER dissection of psychopathia. Aug 2is7) he insane? 2.£4.00pm £4.00731(£2.(not 50) Mon8,Thur 50 (£3.(3.300)0) Fri-Sun 1 ★ ROB INGLIS as 'W.C.FIELDS' Wit, woes, women, wisdom of a life funnier than his movies. Technical Patrick Page. 12.19,Thur 27) Adviser: 3.C5.45pm | £4.Aug507 31(£3.(not 50) Mon 00 (£4.(5.000)0) Fri-Sun

★ KILLERScomedy A play by toast. Ol Parker. A celebration of domestic violence and cereal killing—A Aug 11,27) with5.15pm 00) 50) Fri Sun £3.007-31(£2.(not 00) Mon-Thur £3.50(5.IE2. DICING WITH DEATH Copstick and Cawley. A comedy, culinary, murder, mystery,Augdrama, death, Preview 713.6.020pm (7.15)dialects £5.U0pm00 (£4.(7.and 05)0) real food!! No sex though. Aug 8-31 (not 0, 2 7) 6. 1 £5.00 (£4.00) Mon Thur £5.50 (£4.50) Fri Sun THE Comedian KEVIN createDAY a setTRIP funny'DAYTime'mixes Out. one liners and longer sequences to Aug 12)that's 7.genuinely 30pm£6.(8.5040)(£5. £6.009-25(£4.(not 50) Mon-Thur 00) Fri-Sun THE BROTHERS in '89 Review were 'h'ysterical . superb Times,KONDO 'outrageously funny songs' 89. This .year they'revening' e 'CookingFestival with gas!' Aug 28 31 7. 3 0pm (8. 3 0) £5.00 (£4.50) MonThur E5.50 (£5.00) Fri-Sun ANOTHER SIDE OFby BOB DILLINGER man AHERNE. in the North' The Face. Hilariously assisted award winning comic'Funniest CAROLINE Aug 7-31 (not 12, 2 9) 9. 0 0pm (10. 0 0) £5.00 (£4.00) Mon Thur t5.50 (£4,50) Fri-Sun GILHOOLY & SOAN-INMartin' LOVEs Brenda (Channel s 'Remote funny' (Independent) mad'4'(Time Out). Control') is 'very Aug 29) 10.1and 5pmt5.50(11.1(£4, 5) 50)'cFriompletely £5.00831(£4.(not 00) Mon-Thur Sun R. KEN POUNCEY WITH MED ALIGN MAN PROUDLY PRESENTS:

A collection of outrageously funny songs.... Excellent' REVIEW 89 Hysterical ... A superb evening' FESTIVAL TIMES An off the wall breath of fresh air' CITY LIMITS 'Best bad taste lyrics I've ever heard' JON MILLAR, SCOTTISH DAILY RECORD If the Kondos didn't have bad taste they wouldn't have any taste at all' THE LIST Ghastly' THE SUN PLEASANCE UPSTAIRS • WEEK 3 26th - 31st August • 7.30pm • £5

PLEASANCE Cabaret Bar Aug 7th — Aug 31 st 1 991,6pm Daily TICKETS: FRINGE OFFICE OR PLEASANCE (556 6550) 79

PLEASANCE-continued TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL DOCTORof a lifetime. STRUCK OFF AND DIE. Two PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS 'HOW devastatingly offer the chance VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. 111 3 Aug 15.funny 22.24) Doctors ★ NORMAL: THE DUSSELDORF RIPPER by murders. Anthony One Neilson. Germany, 1931. | £4.507-25(£3.(not 00) Mon-Thur £5.11.030pm 0 (£3.(12.50)30)Fri-Sun Political turmoil. Peter Kurten stands trial for nine man must prove him IT' S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WARD! -NATIONAL HEALTH THEATRE insane. Butofisevil,he?byIfthenot—what are Traverse' the implications forWELFARE humanity?MYA LOVELY. chilling J|3 COMPANY. Fastyear.furious physical three man show hilariously dissects hospital life. dissection author of the s acclaimed Sixth sell-out 11.18.27) 2.0£4.0pm50 (3.(£3.15)00) Fri-Sun Aug 22-31 (not 23,25) 11.30pm (1.00) £4.50 (£3.50) Uon Thur £5.00 (E4.00) Fri Sun Aug £4.00731(£2.(not 50) Mon-Thurs PASTA BAR AT LAST CLOSE-UP MAGIC & CARD TRICKS at last close-up magic & card tricks.12-25Gonna PURVES PUPPETS Aug (not 18)bring 4.a 0pack 0pm (4.of30)cards?£5.Tea00 for Free. VENUE 81-St. James' Church Hall, Inverleith Row, Goldenacre. Tickets 0899 20521 A? S THE STORY OF THE NUTCRACKER Shadow,story.glove and spells, rod puppets inandan || THE P.N.L.—BARCLAYS DRAMA CO. ° new production of Hoffman' s famous Wicked true love VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 U0 toelaborate happy endings,forwithmanyTchaikovsky' s wonderful music. For everyone over 6, a delight ; remember DEAR SERGEEVNA a mathematics teacher 730 loot Suns) 2.0years. 0pm (3.30) £3.00 (£2.50 PC) | Leningrad,ELENA has a surprise visit fromElena fourit Sergeevna of soon her pupils. Apparantly theymotives come areasin Aug friends, to celebrate her birthday, but is apparent that their PIPS AND PANDA IN CIRCUS-LAND 7, with cynical spectacular adventures at the circus, among Specially the clouds,forandchildren even a upslidetodown the ||J Aug 18-31as they5.45pmviolently (7.20) demand £3.50 that (£2.50)she falsify their exam results . . rainbowl Aug 731 (not Suns) 11.00am (12.15) £3.00 (£2.50 PC) POW THEATRE ° STRINGS ATTACHED-FAMILY for all the family based on variety acts we (8.have00) provided forCABARET top pantosA funandshow TV shows. VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 Aug 7.00pm ★ company HIGH RISE SOCIETYto new First ofwriting two premieres (see alsoasLANDLORD below) by Aug 3117,24 2.00pm (3.30) £3.00 (£2.50 PC) atheatre. committed and entertaining, well as challenging, A parodyconstantly of a fiftiesjuxtaposed musical set in a high rise block. The drabness of the tenants Aug 12-17 lives12.is45pm (1.55) £4,00 (£3.00)with their musical fantasies. QMW THEATRE CO. ° ★ LANDLORD Thatcher's last landlords three days. The landlord's empire is collapsing. VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. H6 | Satirical 'building One of theup Fringe' s best student groups' Italian Voice returnby forproducing their twelfth year, 1,j Aug 1924 look1.at15pmthe(2.born-again 25) £4.00 (£3.00) of our time. a reputation for vitality, talent and success ' e minently watchable theatre' Festival Times. 'The finest example of young acting' ThehJ Scotsman. PRIME PRODUCTIONS HOME FREE by Lanford Wilson.in aAnworld incestuous attempt to escape reality. | VENUE 36-Festival Clufa, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 Lawrence ★ aHERR AND MR HANDELPreview by Johnperformances Ringham. Two creative egos press clash Aug 12-17 and11.Joanna 40pm (12.3are0) victims £3.50 (£2.501 of make-believe. inacclaim: musical'hBACH showdown in heaven. brought universal eavenly idea', Award 'stimulating, , 'great fun'Fringe , 'a joyhit to'Bozzy' watch'. A. VENUE 82-Southside '91, Soulhside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 U0 j Directed Fringe First winningamusing Directorplay' of perennial THE11-17LOVERS7.45pm by Pinter. tune filledbytonic. Aug (9.15) A £2.foursome 50 (£2.00)with a difference—two of them don't exist. ]! Aug 10-31 1.30pm (3.00) £5.00 (£4.00) NIGHT MOTHER by Marsha Norman. Asad,mother and daughter discuss life, death, j neighbours, PRIORY PRODUCTIONS 18-24 in-laws 7.45pm (9.and15) cocoa—funny, £2.50 (£2.00) moving. Pulitzer Prize Winner. i VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. m Aug DECADENCE —Berkoff. Violent, shocking but very funny indictment of the class | system. Scenes not suitable for the easily outraged. THE POOR MOUTH —Brilliant' Guardian, ' o utrageous' City Limits, ' b rilliantly Aug 18-24 10. 1 5pm (11. 4 5) £2. 5 0 (£2. 0 0) funny' Time Out.peasant Hilariouslife.two-hander basedsteamy on Flannpigs,O'Bglorious rien's comic masterpiece satirising Fightingcelebration sheep, poverty and truein gaels in byanIrishaenergetically animated of Gaelic story-telling, performed English really Irish Company. QUAKER MEETING HOUSE ° Aug 7-31 (not 11, 2 7) 6. 0 0pm (7. 3 0) £5.50 (£4.00) Mon-Thur £6.00 (£4.50) Fri-Sun VENUE 40—The Quaker Meeting House: 7 Victoria Terrace. Tickets 220 6109 J8 | Atherelaxing venue just off the top of the High Street in the cobbled Upper where ■]i leafy Rainforest Cafe serves homemade vegetarian/vegan food. A Bow, celebration PROFUNDIS THEATRE COMPANY ° of Celtic, Kurdish, classical, Indian and folk cultures. Exhibitions of Robin Tanner' s1 New writing Companyproductions. that has gained rave reviews nationwide with intelligent, furniture by Tim Stead and ceramics by Murray Miller. moving, Scottish Premiere of Sensitive MICHAEL WILCOX' S prints, ALBANY WIND QUINTET Following popular performances last year, the Quintet i 'productions' MASSAGE'provocative andYorkshire two plays by PETER QUILTER. ' I nnovative, and Powerful returns stylish ngeniouswith. . .Quite 'Telling Aug 23 &with 28 fresh, 12 0noon (1.00)interpretations £3.00 (£2.00)of works classical to avant-garde. theatrical effects . . thePost. cast 'Iperform ease andAstounding' conviction'TheTheStage. Guardian. Aug 24 11. 0am (noon) 23 & 24 7.00pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 556 0461 G11 Aug DRUMALBAN,dance Scottish Folk Ensemble A programme of Scottish traditional folk t ★ OPERATION GRAPPLE ArtsISLAND CouncilH-BOMB commissioned Premiere dramatising culture—song, and Britain' s devastating CHRISTMAS TESTS in 1958. Vivid, startling, Aug 3031 & 31 7.1.000pm (8.340)5)music—in £3.00 (£2.original 50) rural style. controversial and fascinating. Aug 0pm (2. ; Aug 1131 (not 19 8, 25) 7.30pm (8.50) £5.00 (£4.00) KURDISH ofSONG, DANCE AND FOLKLORE Withrefugee Bahram and his group. A j VENUE 79-Pilmeny Community Centre, 44 Buchanan Street. Tickets 554 0953 013 Aug celebration Kurdish culture. Proceeds to Kurdish relief. 2730 12.30pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) j THE MIRROR OF THE. . MOON WILDE' downfall. 'Remarkable Marvelous'Contemporary Gay Times. parallels 'Compact,to OSCAR imaginative ands hot-pot LEAP presents OXFAMTASTIC! A brimming bowl of wit and song from the global absorbing' Aug 11-31 (notThe19,2Guardian. 5) 9.30pm (10.40) £4.50 (£4.00) Aug 1217to celebrate 4.30pm (6.OXFAM' 30) £4.s 050th 0 (£3.anniversary. 00) i MASSAGE by Michael Wilcox, author of 'S'Rtartles ents' and 'Inspector Morse'. Intelligent, ROBIN TANNER'S VISION OF BRITAIN Prints by this visionary widely ecologist/teacher Aug 11-31acclaimed (not Aug 19.play28) about6.4paedophilia. 0pm (8.15) £5.50 (£5.with 00) its compassion' City Limits. Aug 12-31 (not Suns) show10.what 30am (4.our30)countryside Free was and could be like. | Adele Anderson FASCINATING AIDA'S SMOKY CHANTEUSE 9-31 AUG 3.00 PM 'Struts her stuff with oodles of panache' TIME OUT

• VEGETARIAN • WHOLEFOOD • 53 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh Tel: 031 667 8673 Festival Opening Hours: 11.00am -11.00pm Mon - Sat 11.00am - 8.00pm Sun Bringyourown wine

SAVOURNA STEVENSON SOLO PERFORMANCE Can make the harp sing and /swing tug 20 &. . 21more adventurous 12.30pm (2.00) and£4.skilful 00 (£3.performer 50) with each hearing' Scotsman. VIRAM JASANi —SITAR RECITAL Uniquely talented and sensitive sitarist returns Aug 17 to 7.Edinburgh 30pm 19.30)from£5.very50 (£4.successful 501 tour of India. Book early! QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE DRAMA DEPARTMENT ° VENUE 11-Diverse Attractions. Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 ★Fringe THEinCOMPLETE AND UTTER GUIDE TO THE THEATRE by Andy Mackie. One.through Students from Edinburgh drama school lead only you show laughingly by your extremities a sparkling theatre collage. ' I f you can one see, see this must'(notDyslexic Weekly. 'Wit, originality and superb irreverence' Scotsman. Aug Ticket1524 s at venueSunonly181 4.15pm (5.30) £3.50 (£2.50) THE QUEEN*S HALL VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 Scotland' s busiest is evenincluding busier during the Festival Festival and Fringe with almost fifty showsconcert inenlarged threehallweeks theis even International morning recitals. Our recently bar and restaurant more comfortable than last year and houses an exciting exhibition of Russian arts and crafts. MARTIN STEPHENSON & THE DAINTEES bring their inimitable Geordie wit back Aug 12-13to Edinburgh: 10.30pm songs (12.30) from£7.the50 last three albums and more . . ERIC BOGLE A return visit with a superb new album. The 1988 show sold out in advance Aug 14 . 8.. 0be0pmthere! (10.30) £0.00 (£4.00) DICK GAUGHAN The UK'activate s foremost solo folk singer. Gaughan's commitment will move15 you, Aug 8.stun 00pm you (10.3and 0) £6.00 (£3.you. 00) BATTLEFIELD BAND Scottish musicraucous, on a unique combinationmostof ancient and modern instruments. Angry,worldwide. joyful, contemplative, importantly accessible to all. Acclaimed Aug IB-18 7.30pm (9.30) £6.00 (£4.50) GRAND UNION WORLDmusic. MUSIC PARTYandGrand Union return their unique blend of jazz and world Colourful irrepressible. 'HighlywithRecommended' City18-17 Limits. Aug 11.00pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.50) JOE PASS Rareunparalleled Scottish instrumental visit for world'technique s leadinghassolodelighted guitarist.audiences Finger picking virtuoso since 1970.19 with Aug 8.00pm (10.15) £8.00 £7.00 £6.00 BARNEY TRIO &styleOLIVER Virtuoso swingof guitarist andKESSELL Oscar Peterson CanadianJONES pianistTRIO lead their trios injazzan and evening swinging Aug 20 jazz. 8.30pm (11.00) £8.00 £7.00 £6.00 HUNTwith DUO Ireland'fors violin famous sisters Fionnuala and Una Hunt, make their Scottish debut Aug 21 7.3works 0pm (9.30) £7.and 00 (£4.piano 00) by Mozart, Schubert, Britten and Brahms. AN atEVENING WITH NICHOLAS Fast andandfunny nonsense poking fun BritishThecharacters, institutions, PARSONS behaviour, foibles, attitudes. 'A delightful evening!' Scotsman. Aug 21 10. 3 0pm (12. 3 0) £6. 5 0 (£4. 5 0) Aug 22 7.30pm 19.30) £7.00 (£5.00) BOYS OF THE LOUGH from their USA standing-room-only tour, Shetland's AlyCeltic Bain leads famousHotfoot Edinburgh band'39th s annual music2325internationally celebration! Aug 7.30pm (9.30) £7.00 (£6.00) BEETHOVEN' S NOT DEAD: Miles Piano and Millner, Bob Downs & Jim Tavare Three nose balancing. Aug 2325performances 11.00pm (1.only. 00am)Plus £8.Grand 00 CAROL KIDD & HER ORCHESTRA ' B est jazz singer . She perfect' belongs among the best in the world' The Times. 'Dangerouslyin Britain?. close to .being Glasgow Aug 28 Herald. 8.30pm (11.00) £10.00 EGBERTObrings GISMONTI Jan Garbarek, whomtohea hasModern often Jazz played,stage. the guitarist a uniqueLikenational flavour with (Brazilian) Beautiful, Aug 28 ethereal 7.30pm (9.music. 30) £7.50 CAROLtime KIDD TRIO WITH GEORGIE FAME A vocal partnership made in heaven. Taking Aug 27,28 off10.3from 0pm (12.Van20)Morrison £9.50 tours. Fame shares a special festival concert. CLUSONE TRIO Ernst Reijseger, Han Bennink and Michael Moore show that it's possible Aug 29 to10.be30pmboth(12.the30) finest£6.5and 0 the funniest jazz group in Europe. SCOTTISH ENSEMBLE: The Pre-Fireworks Concert andTheTommy Finest Smith' Strings Ensemble in Europe' performing Vivaldi' s 'Four Seasons' stunning Aug 29 Concerto 7.30pm (9.3for0) Saxophone £7.00 (£4.0and 0) Strings. OREGON accessible melodies, distinctiveworldindividualistic rhythmic andAttractive harmonicandexcitement, Oregon embody music at itssounds, most sophisticated Aug 27 7.30pmlevel.(9.30) £8.50 CARLA BLEY/STEVE SWALLOW/ANDY SHEPPARD A unique collaboration. Stylist30 saxophonist jazz's most inimitable writer. Aug 7.30pm (9.3meets 0) £8.contemporary 50 TAM WHITE BAND Last night party with the voice of 'Tutti Frutti'. The gravelvoiced30 blues11.0singer Aug 0pm (1.0leads 0) his£7.5all-star 0 eight-piece band. CAPERCAILLIE Scotland' s finest Celtic band sold returns with their powerful instrumentals vocals.(12.3Previous Aug 31 7.30pmand(9.stunning 30) & 10.30pm 0) £7.0years 0 (£6.00) out —Book Early! SOVIET ARTS AND CRAFTS from the biggest and best arts co-operative in the USSR.8-SeptPaintings, Aug 29 Freelacquerware, entry dolls and eggs! Tartary's finest!

QUERN ° QUERN—Twelve strongQuern internationally travelled committed tonewpromoting Scottish 'culture. The dancers joinalso thepresent groupgroup foroldtheir excitingBurns Scottish musical A Country Dancing' . Quern favourite meet demand, and let their hair down in concert. 'An evening of sheer delight'toJournal and Gazette. VENUE 35-Walpole Hall, Chester Street. Tickets 336 1807 after 6pm only. G3 A COUNTRY DANCINGlittlewith the Quern dancers. A feast of music, song and dance. ' . . a delightful orchestra' Evening News. Aug 15,22 7.45pm (9.45) £3.50 (£2.50) VENUE 6pm onl91-Cat y hedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 336 1807 afterH3 BURNS—HIS LIFE, POETRYa warm AND SONGS 'The Packed the hall to bursting point' Stirling Scotsman. Aug 13,28Observer. 7.45pm'D(9.eserves 40) £3.50 (£2.5welcome' 0) QUERN IN CONCERT with some special friends. 'Soloists of outstanding quality and 30versatility. Aug 7.45pmThis(9.45)highly£3.talented 50 (£2.50)group' Falkirk Herald. QUINQUEREME PRODUCTIONS ° VENUE 69-The Chicken Ranch, Broughton High School, 1 Carrington Rd. Tickets 554 2931 C3 THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS Opening soon for business. Outrageous all-singing—all-dancing comedy musicalY'Ahits the Fringe. ADULTS ONLY—This show contains Naughty Bits! HOPE LL CAN COME! Fringe 1990—TheFringe' House On The Corner— . . easily one of the best productions on the Festival Aug 1224Aug(not17SunThe1813.0Stage. Matinee: 0pm7.(5.30pm 45) (10.15) £5.50 (£4.50) RANDOLPH STUDIO ° VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 G4 Located in the New Town near the West end of Princes Street on Randolphof Crescent, this Ais truly an elegant intimate venuequality presenting a widetheatre. variety performances. beautifulandsetting for high entertaining AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATREpieceWORKSHOP for An interactive devised for presents the FringeA byMASK actorsFANTASY studying withyoung A.FT.(notpeople. Aug 1231 181 10.00am (11.30) £2.50 (£1.50) AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE WORKSHOP PRESENTS a new theatre piece featuring actors studying with A.FT. The piece blends sights and sounds, verse Aug 12and 31 (notclassical 181 theatre. 12 noon (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50) BAHAMAS QUINCENTENIAL PRESENTS Folk songs and music of the Bahamas. Aug 1217 2.00pm (3.30) £2.00 (£1.00) QUEEN'S HALL Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th August

MARTIN STEPHENSON the daintees Tickets: Queen's Hall Box Office Td: 031-668 2019 81

at the Queen's Hall, Edinburgh 23-25 August 1991

7.30 pm (9.30)

Tickets at ÂŁ7.00 (ÂŁ6.00 concession) available from Fringe Box Office and Queen's Hall Box Office Featuring ALY BAIN on fiddle Shetland fiddle T. V. star ALY BAIN joins Irish pipes, flute, whistles, concertina, mandolin, cittern, guitar, piano and voice for annual fringe celebration of traditional Celtic music. 'Taste the magic!" - The Washington Times, 21st March 1991 82


.ftANDOLPH STUDIO—conf/noerf CALLIOPE THEATRE love presents TONGUES / SAVAGE LOVE by Sam Shepard and 2128 Joseph Chaikin—a Aug 2.00pm (3.101 £3.story 50 (£3.that00) turns savage. ★ ZELDAherZelda Fitzgeraldandrelives her exploits as toast of the 20's and struggles against Aug 12-17 own 4.00pminsanity (5.30) 13.the50 (E1.bonds 00) that would subdue her. STAGEWORKS THEATRE presents * A CONVERSATION WITH GEORGIA O'painters. KEEFFE An in-depth portrayal of one of the 20th century's greatest American Aug 19-31 4.00pm (5.15) £3.00 (t2.00) KICKplays BACK THEATRE CO. presents LONE STAR / LAUNDRY & BOURBON Two set (£1.in small Aug 12-31 by6.James 00pm (7.McClure 30) t3.00 50) town Texas. THE UNLIKELY THEATER COMPANY presents musical through the careers From of America' s worst★ MALLARD songwriting AND team.MACK Big hits!A 'Quasi'13,,15,'romp T17,he20,Ripper' Aug 22,24 and8.00pm'Pumice (9.30) £2.Heaven' 50 ltl.501. ALSO ... ★It'COWBOYS, WAITRESSES Cowboys! Indians! Waitresses? s high noon atINDIANS a bus stop AND cafe. Angry comic encounter with the new American Aug 12.WB.1West. 9,21,23'Brave'B.O. Opm (9.30) t2.50 (£1.50) CRUX THEATRE presents ★ GALLOWS HUMOUR A vyhore, a murderer. A turbulent Aug 26-31 confrontation 8.00pm 19.10)between £4.00sex(£3.and 00) death, and an explosive clash of lifestyles. BEN HARRISON presents'TTHE SHIRT A chance encounter in New York-what would he(11.Shirt' Aug 1231happen (not Sunif you 18) wore10.00pm 30) . £3.95 (£2.95) RED HERRING COMPANY VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 ★ BORED GAMES A roller-coaster exploration of thearistocratic games people play, this comic thriller has twists from its tail to its toes. Four siblings re-unite onexpose Twelfth Night;andtherole-play. power struggle commences. The play is a rich, complex Aug 9-24 of(notpower Suns) 6.15pm (7.05)A camp £4.00classic. (£3.50) A must. RED ROOSTER THEATRE CO VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 TEECHERS John Godber'school. s fast Twelve moving,5thinventive andabout funnytoplay evokes life their at a modern comprehensive formers leave present farewell in the form of an end-of-term play all about school life. In their production the bullies, the desperate teachers and the wild classroom antics familiar toweallmeet Aug 29-31of us. 2.00pm (3.00) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ ARROWs Awhohardundermine man who does good.life.He clears the gutters of New York of the arto-faggo' Aug 2831 3.15pm (4.00) £3.American 00 (£2.00) ★to the THEwhole COMPLETE HISTORY OFendeavour THEATRE (ABRIDGED) An everyman's guide Aug 28-31 4.history 30pm (5.of30)theatrical £3.00 (£2.00) with all the boring bits taken out. RESISTANCE THEATRE COMPANY ° » • VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place Tickets 229 0044 L3 ★ BEALCHRAIFE RESISTANCE RESISTANCE) The similarities, Resistance has brought together twocompletely plavs that (TWO-FACED show how Questioning an existence in lifeparallels, show even though they are different. the so easily drawn the repelling factors are brought to a head to resist in the concluding outcome. Aug 19-31 (not Sun 25) 7.45pm (9.15) £3.00 (£2.00) RISK THEATRE VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★ comedy THE SHOW stand-up? impro?New Hankering after aCompany hefty hit ofpresents revue?SickThenof make sure Overdosed you see THEonPost-Modernism SHOW. Professional Unreconstructed, Deconstructivist with Knobs On. A searing Aug 10-31indictment 7.15pm (8.of15)Fringe£5.Programme 00 (£4.00) Cliches.

World Music at St. Johns 19-24 August 8pm £5 & £4

★ HARD BOYS and IN WHITE SHIRTS A naughty and cheeky, funny and frightening play. An original Aug 10-31 5.35pm (7.compelling 05) £4.50entertainment. (£3.50) HAMMERSMITH FATS-IS BACK! A musical legend. First ever final farewell performance. Aug 10-31 8.Direct 30pm (9.from 25) Broadway £4.50 (£3.(W6). 50) With The Four Dereks. 0 ROARING GIRLS THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 ★ D.I.V.O.R.C.E. Manchester' s hottestat theatre company bring theirby latest show to Edinburgh after sellout performances Contact Theatre. Inspired those Queens ofroadCountry and their' lovin' , hurtin'thesongs, aback woman takes a journey downManchester that long to happiness. . . Putting bite into women' s theatre' Evening Aug 12-31 News. (not Weds) 2.00pm (3.10) £3.50 (£2.50)

DAVE ROBB AND THE FILMMAKERS0 1 2039 VENUE 2-The Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 650 4673 LB DAVE AND. Dave THE has FILMMAKERS Extended line-up promoteMoore newandalbum 'CapturetheROBB anbouzouki-inspired Image' supported TheFilmmakers Proclaimers andthetoChristy has taken rock of The to Reading Festival and abroad. ' H ighly original . . the pictures he paints with his words are powerful and universal' Aug 19-26PRICE (notTheSunScotsman. 25) 7.4FRINGE 5pm (9.00)CLUB£5.MEMBERSHIP 00 (£4.50 SUPDCYFOR& FriTHEngeEVENING Club Members) TICKET INCLUDES TOM ROBINSON ° » VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 ROUND MIDNIGHT WITH TOM ROBINSON Join one of the Fringe' s favourite artists as he takes you gently into the wee small hours. In an intimate cabaret Robinson will be one of the most accomplished, enjoyable shows ofatmosphere the28-31Fringe.Tom Aug 11.A45pmlittle(1.chat 00) and£7.0a0lot(£6.of00)hits. BOOK EARLY. THE ROXY VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rtns, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 'TheallWorking Person'new s Alternative To The Assembly Rooms'. A variety suit (good) tastes: writing,debate—and classics, stand-up, workshops; the bestofCARETA, inwork dance,to mime, music, student theatre, bars. Managed by TEATRO programme includes benefits and charity performances. IN TATTERS LateKen night comedy showCrawford. featuring three top British standupCOMEDY comedians; Aug 1131 (not 19,2Noel 7-29) James. 11.15pm (12.Bell,45) and£5.Miles 00 (£4.00) ANTIGONE CRACKING INSERTS thrust Anouilh' s struggle of the Individual against Aug 19-31corporate (not Sun 25)and state 4.00pmpower (5.45) into £5.a timeless 00 (£4,00) scenario. COMPETE WITHamongst YOUR FEET 4TH WALL' S musical about how young people deal with11-17competition Aug 6.00pm (7.15) themselves, £5.00 (£4.00) and in the family. BLUES WINNER. AND REVELATIONS MOVINGof VISIONS present the 1990 CRITICS AWARD Aug 19-24 10.00pmDances (11.00) to the £5.00music (£4.00) famous blues singers. ★tragedy NSTCof—MAKING THE NUMBER UP Beautiful, ruralNSDF.Ireland. Unanimously acclaimed Royalinspiring, Insurancedeeply Awardmoving (etc) winner, 1991 Aug 18-31 (not Tubs 27) 8. 4 5pm (9. 4 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 18 6.45pm (7.40) Charity performance for SHAKTI Women's Aid ★ NSTCscaling —CARNIVALnew STREET affectionate —a winner modernDavid 'UnderBridel. Milk Wood' heights.Rich,By vulgar, Royal Insurance Award (Also at Cluny)6.2magical AiAug m 1924 5nm (7. 4 01 £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) 19 Charity Performance for Scottish AIDS Monitor ★ INVISIBLE MAN-TEATRO CARETA Wry and compelling drama by Stuart May, truthfully the(11.myths Aug 11-18. 25.26.Performance 30,strips 31 away 10.for00pmOutrage 00) of£5.the00 (£4.gay00)man. Aug 18 Charity










18th AUGUST?

Having a wonderful time at Fringe Sunday, of course. Once every year, Holyrood Park comes alive with Fringe Performers, buskers, fire-eaters, jugglers, tightrope walkers, pipe bands, kite shows, hot air balloons, inflatables and much, much more. Fringe Sunday, set against the stunning backdrop of Arthur's Seat, is the busiest, liveliest spectacle of

its kind anywhere in the country. And it's free. It's the perfect day out for all the family, with many special events laid on for children. And plenty of refreshments on offer. Last year, around 150,000 people came along to join in the fun. So whatever else you do, don't forget to come to Fringe Sunday. Look out for a more detailed leaflet nearer the time.

FRINGE SUNDAY* 1-7pm*18111 AUGUST*HOLYROOD PARK in association with the Observer lr Holyrood Park by kind permission of Historic Scotland. Fringe Sunday is fir :ially supported by Lothian Regional Council. Thanks to all local firms, communities and volunteers who make it possible.

THE ROXY—continued ★ ION—TEATRO CARETA Black + White Teatro = Colour. A silent of musicnow! and broom. No excuses discommunication. wantfusion your laughter Aug 18.26)(5.10)for12noon (1.10)performance £5.00 (£4.for001SickCareta Aug 251131 (not4.00pm Charity Children. THE TEMPEST-THEATRE OF CROCODILESShakespeare' Your tale,s greatest sir, wouldplay.cure deafness' Aug 1231 .(notTheatre 18,26) of Crocodiles 2.00pm 13.451present£5.0William 0 (£4.00) ★fantasies, THEY WOULDN' T , SO THEY SENT US-OOPS URANUS TOUR Your best Aug 25 31 and6.0worst 0pm 17.nightmares 151 £5.00 from (£4.00)last year's Black Mime 'Superheroes'. ★ ALICEs enchanting IN WONDERLANDs classic. Z THEATRE'S exciting stage presentation of Lewis Carroll' Aug 1124 (not Sun 18) children' 10.00am (11.00) £4.00 (£2.501 THE ROXY SESSIONS An array of established heads including Earl Okin, Stickleback, Foxy. surprise gigs. Wilfred Aug 11-17, 1928,11.Oli, 30.030pm1the(2.'I31.nvisible 00am (2.£7.3Man' 0)0 (£5.and £5.01 0Benefits 0 (£4.0Two 0)for Johnbenefits, Aug 27, 2 8 0) 0 0 McCart h y (27) and AIDS research (28) UNDERSTANDABLY, THE ROXY A living collage of workshops, exhibitions, debates, and seminars. (See Daily Diary and venue programme for details). ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA ° ’ ^ VENUE 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 The Harry Younger Hall has proved itself in the past to be one of the most exciting ofstudent the Fringe venues. This year, in addition to our normal programme of RSAMD innovative.groups, Don'twemisswelcome them. back the Glasgow Arts Centre. Exciting, educational, ★ HFC THEATRE COMPANY-DRIFTWOOD by William J.Wright. Empty promises . . broken dreams Aug 19-24 6.00pm (8.00) .£3.. stolen 50 (£2.5secrets 01 . . screams. McCOLLIE by David Kilby. Available Space Theatre Co. A man, a dog and aMOLLIE heartbreak. Aug 19-24 3.30pm (4.15) £2.50 (£1.50) ★monologues, SHORT STRAW PLY WOMEN by Viv Adams. Two female truthful(1.THEATRE-TWO Aug 1924 12noon 0comedies. 0) £2.00 (£1.50) pTUFTY THEATRE CLUB-SEASCAPE by Edward Albee. 'What was that I just saw 1924 swimming Aug 1.30pmabout(3.151in the£2.sea50 (£1.. . 5My01 goodness!!' 0 THE RURAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY . '•* 3 VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place Tickets 229 0044 13 ★ PINKERTON-THE MUSICAL Rural Shakespeare Company perform to the SonsofoftheScotland about one ofThe Scotland' s greatest sons. Allanfathers Pinkerton, founder Pinkerton Detective Agency—USA. THE CAST: Three and sons, three wives, one daughter and a Guardian Angel. Completley unrelated —of course! Aug 12-17 8.00pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.00)

ST ANDREW’S AND ST GEORGE’S AT FESTIVAL TIME » VENUE 111-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847 G8 This elegant, historic, Georgian Church (hailed as an architectural and gem), in the Festival heart of events. Edinburgh'Features s New Town, onceimportant again playsmusical host tocentenaries a acoustic plethora ofcelebrated diverse include with renowned artists, : Qf 'FREE' lunchtime concertsinternational during week 1. plus our increasingly popular series DUO FOR CELLO AND PIANO Rupert Waddington and Timothy Byram-Wigfield present in Rachmaninov' s Sonata (Opus 19). Aug 11 a programme 8.00pm (9.45)of contrasts E4.00 (£3.culminating 00) FREE CONCERTS Aug 12 —Hilary Saunders (clarinet), Leon Coates (piano). Aug 13—Songs and Snatches. Aug 15—Heather and Leon Coates. Aug 16—Telemann Ensemble. pug 12.WS.18 12.30pm (1.30) Free

f 1. \ Pi S 1 :to *F° j: .o. DAY DAY :(5: ""i 2:

MOSTLYSinclair MOZART (soprano), (baritone), Lindsay (piano).I Patricia FavouriteMacMahon arias and duets sung byPetertwoMorrison of Scotland' s finest singers. Aug 12 8.00pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) WOLF’S ITALIAN SONGBOOKGavin Exquisite songs of longing, teasing, love and parting Elizabeth Aug 13 with8.00pm (9.45) McKeon, £4.00 (£3.00) Cuthbertson and Alan Jacques. ORGAN RECITALS Aug 14 —Dennis TownhillAug(Bach, 21—Timothy Byram-Wigfield (Buxtehude, Bach, Guimant). 28— Leighton). Alexander Aug Anderson (Bach, De Grigny, Aug 14,21,28 Mozart). 12.30pm (1.30) Free TRIO Music in asought lighter mood for soprano, clarinet/saxophone and piano.14 CONCORDIA One8.of00pmScotland' Aug (9.45) s most £4.00 (£3.00) after ensembles. 'Alan BY ARRANGEMENT' — (an antidote to authenticity). Dunn (violin) and Jacques (piano), play a fascinating programmeLawrence of arrangements and transcriptions. Aug 15 0.00pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.00) GUALTIERO Italianby Guitarist an enjoyable evening of guitarPEDRIALl masterworksInternational including music Britten, Sor,presents Castelnuovo-Tedesco and 16others. Aug 8.00pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.00) MOZART 'Exsultate (soprano), 'MOSTLY CoronationLindsay Mass'—Sinclair. St IIAndrew' s and Jubilate—Margaret St George's ChoirAronson with Philomusica. Conductor Aug 17 12.30pm (1.30) Free SIR ARTHUR BLISS CENTENARY Two celebratory concerts of chamber music and 17,songs Aug 26 with 8.00pmMichael 0.451 Beeston £4.00 (viola) (£3.00) and Michael Lester-Cribb (piano). REELS, Scottish RHYMESstories, ANDpoems REVERIES entertaining favourite and musicLively with and storyteller, piper andprogramme PIKE-A-PLEAof Ceilidh18 Band, Aug 3.00pm(age(4.07-10) 0) £3.00 (£2.00) MOSTLY MOZART III Leonard Friedman (violin) and Leon Coates (piano) play anniversary Aug 18 8.0Chamber 0pm 0,45) Music£5.0tributes 0 (£4.00)to Mozart, Prokofiev and Dvorak. MOZARTin FOR CLARINET AND STRINGS Philip1 op.79), Greene and friends present Mozart Chamber mode—Clarinet Quartet (No. Divertimento K136, Clarinet Aug 19 Quintet 12.30pmK581. (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) THE SCOTTISH HARP (CLARSACH) featured in a week of solo and group performances,8.0culminating very00)popular Festival Ceilidh. Aug (9.30)(10.00)in£4.the00 £5.(£3. Ceilid1922 h Aug 23 0pm7.30pm 00 (£4.00) 'COMPANY'score BY STEPHEN SONDHEIM The musical numbers from Sondheim's scintillating Aug 1923 10.30pmperformed (11.45) by£4.0Skylark 0 1£3.00)Theatre Group's nine fabulous singers. Ainstruments. BAROQUEBrilliant RECITAL Fiona Mitchell (soprano) and baroque trio of period Aug 20 12.30pm (1.30)sonatas£3.5and 0 (£2.cantatas 50) by Bach, Vivaldi and Telemann. HERCHEZsongs LA FEMME'women—occasionally Jennifer Logan (mezzocruelsoprano), ''ECxhilarating —great Alan fun' Jacques Glasgow (piano). Herald. Aug 20 2.30pm (4.0about 0) £3.00 (£2.50) BILL McCUE ' S cotland' s most versatile singer' with Lindsay Sinclair (piano). A programme Aug 22 12.of30pmspirituals, (1.30) songs £3.50 from (£2.50)'the shows' and Scots songs. 'composers. AS OTHERSExtracts SEE US'from18thletters Century Scotland through the eyes of travellers and Aug 23 12.30pm (1.30) £3.50 (£2.and50) journals, and arranged Burns' songs. MOZART IV A chance to hear rarely heard church organ sonatas played byMOSTLY Leon Aug 27 Coates 12.30pmand(1.30)Lindsay£3.0Sinclair 0 (£2.00)with Chamber Orchestra. RECITAL guitarist MalcolmBach,Watson, album ofSOLO Bach works.(9.by45)concert Programme Britten,recently Paganinicompleted and Rodrigo. Aug 27 lute8.00pm £4.00 (£3.to0include 0) THE NORTH WINDS acclaimed Scottish-based Wind Quintet present a varied mixture Aug 28 of8.listener-friendly 00pm (9.45) £4.19th 00 (£3.and00)20th century music. AwithSUMMER GARLAND of songs fromandtheGordon Auvergne, Finland and the Hebrides Peterson. Aug 29Maureen 12.30pmHaddow, (1.30) James £2.50 McNeil (£2.00) G BOB SCOTLAND The Scots have been switched-on to it for years





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ST ANDREWS AND ST GEORGE'S-conf/noerf AandMUSICALL ENTERTAINMENT Lorenzo Bocchi. Cantata'by sonatas forEdinburgh flute, violin, gamba and(1723) cello.byPerformed on period'Scotch instruments members Aug 29 of8.00pm (9.45) Barock. t4.D0 (£3.00) JOHNentertaining KITCHEN-HARPSICHORD RECITAL of Early Music (Kinloch), the and programmatic 'Battle between DavidScottish and Goliath' (Kuhnau) plus30decadent Aug 12.30pmFrench 11.30) music.£3.00 |£2.D0) ENSEMBLE Following last year' s phenomenal Fringe debut, this versatile Fifebased company of singers return with further magical musical and operatic delights. Aug 30 8.00pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.00) ST. ANDREWS MERMAIDS VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 ★ BLOOD ONcompassion, THEIR LIPSand byerotic Clarkdesire. Morgan.AnAidealist gripping,befriends darkly humorous new tale of evil, a drifter who declares he intends to murder him. God and Satan watch as his intrigue of betrayal ensnares detective. Aug 13,15,1the 7.20,2idealist' 2.24 s5.wife, 45pm her (7.20)lover,£4.and00 an(£3.0undercover 0) TWELFTH NIGHT by William Shakespeare. An imaginative, bright, vigourous new production Aug 12,14.16,1of9,21,Shakespeare' 23 5.45pms(7.uproarious 20) £4.0comedy 0 (£3.00) of love and mistaken identity. SAINTS AND SCHOLARS ° ^ 3 VENUE 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 ★oneMACBETH SPEAKS and A MATTER OF CONVICTION Two controversial person plays by John Cargill Thompson, presented by Seamus Gubbins. ' T scholarshipofis'Wextensive and worn with winning lightness' Owen Dudley Edwards,he Scotsman Aug 12-17 1.00pmhat(2.Shakespeare 45) 8, 7.30pm (9.Missed' 15) £3.(1984) 50 (£2.from 50) the same stable.

SCOTTISH ENSEMBLE VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. PRE-FIREWORKS Promising to beEnsemble, one of thehailed greatest eventsasof 'tthii: Festival,string thisensemble concertCONCERT combines thewithScottish inacclaimed reviews hfi: finest in Europe' ,programme the brilliant, internationally saxophonist, Tommy Smith. The comprises Vivaldi' s ' F our Seasons'yountfii eTommy Smith' s own stunning concerto for saxophone and strings. Aug 29 7.30pm (9.15) £7.00 (£4.00) SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY VENUE 56-Scottish Poetry Library, Tweeddale Court, 14 High St. Info 557 2876. COURTYARD Scotland'fors poetry-in Gaelic, and Scotsenjoy. and Come English, as we|i aspoems, poetry(own fromorREADINGS abroad, assembled you to and discover others')isand/or listen. Informal free. Awning if wet. Liveandn read; beforehand on Wednesdays at 1.30pm. Aug 12-31 (not 16,18,25,30) 2.30pm (3.30) Free PETRONUMENand Dance/movement which conventionalwithin ideastheofvenuar form|(v choreography imagesescapes and atmospheres Aug 13,15,20.22,27,29 rhythm. 2.00pmInspired (2.301 by Free

SCOTTISH SINFONIA VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 667 2170 J.S.BACH —A CELEBRATION Concertos Nos. D'2 and foi Oboe D'Amore. Orchestral Suite Brandenburg No.4 in D. Morven Bell, Oboe Amore.5. Concerto Neil Mantlejji Conductor. Aug 18 5.00pm (6.30) £4.00 (£3.00) MAHLERSongsANDof aMOZART MozartNo.Symphony No.28Gorton in C (mezzoyb (K200)(W Mahler Wayfarer. CONCERT Mahler Symphony 1 in D. Susan Neil 25Mantle Aug 5.0(conductor). 0pm (6.30) £4.50 (£3.50) SEE RED—T.W.W.A. PRODUCTIONS VENUE 4-See Red, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Tea Tickets 220 0541. Following our enormously 1990 debut,Last'SEEyear RED'wecontinues to bring theii Fringe 'NEW WORK' thesuccessful highest standard! presented 'FRINGBt FIRSTUKWINNERS' fromofBerlin' EASTERN EUROPE, this year,MIMES amongst others, we bring yoiic the Debut of East s hilarious COMEDIE COMPANY-Looking foi® colour? SEE RED. ★ THE .AIR-RAID SHELTER (CHILDREN AT WAR-1941). 'An enchanting piecePostfc ol 1 theatre . incredibly funny' National Theatre. ' . . vibrantly original' Yorkshire Aug 22-24 11.30am (12.15) £2.50 (£1.50) ZELDA FITZGERALD Jacqueline MacDonald extravagant (acclaimedandrunlegendary") Fringe^ '★89—London West End) performs as the sensational Zelda Aug 1226Fitzgerald. (not Sun 18 ) 12.45pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00)

ST. STEPHEN’S FESTIVAL MUSIC ° VENUE 74-St. Stephen's Church & Hall, St Vincent St. foot of Howe St. E7 St. Stephen' s is onecanofbetheseenChurch of Scotland' s most versatile church buildings: theatre and music and heard within its massive confines this year. The magnificent 'Father(c Willis' is featured Broad wood piano 1860) onorganAugust 17. in most of the concerts and the THE HUDDERSFIELD CHORAL SOCIETY YOUTH CHOIR present music for a Summer afternoon by Mozart, Elgar, Hugh Aug 14 3.00pm (4.30) £3.50 (£2.00) S Roberton, Bernstein and Berlin. JOANNA COLLEDGEcentury (MEZZO-SOPRANO) AND ELIZABETH BOYLE (PIANO) Aug 17 perform 3.00pm (4.19th 00) £3.00 (£2.music 00) including works by Schumann and Chopin. JOHN KENNY (TROMBONE AND ALPHORN) AND JOHN andKITCHEN (ORGAN) play sonorous music by Ferdinand David, Albrechtsberger Charles Ives21(America). Aug 3.00pm (4.00) £3.00 (£2.00) THE FORTH REFRAIN This accomplished vocal ensemble from Fife performs INTIECYCXj^m^ madrigals, Aug 25 3.part 00pmand(4.05)folk songs £3.00 by(£2.Vaughan 00) Williams, Finzi, Ireland . . ORGAN RECITALS Chronologically: Morley Whitehead (Mendelssohn 4, Elgar- DAVID SCHEEL Vesper Aug 24,2Voluntaries); 8,31 3.00pmJohn(4.00)Kitchen£3.(Franck, 00 (£2.00)Guilmant); (per recital) Alan Buchan (Liszt—Ad Nos). in ST. THOMAS MORE UTOPIAN DRAMA SOCIETY ° “DON’T SHOOT VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place H3 MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL—T.S.ELIOT Visually stunning and dynamically choreographed haunting melodramatic score, dazzling adaptation T.S.EIiot' s imaginative 'Murderwithin theaproduction Cathedral'from is evocatively set in this the Cathedral Churchgroups of St.of ME TMffiCUDNLY Mary. one of the finest school based drama inAug the2628Annorth. 2.30pm (3.15) £2.00 THE PIANO LILY SAVAGE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 PLAYER” THE LIVE EXPERIENCE 'Liverpudlian drag queen withyear,a neat lineyearin foul mouthed wit' Evening Standard. Capital gay entertainer of the every from 1986 to 1990. Marxist kitten, mother Lily is Radical one of 26the world'sexsmidnight greatest stars. of two,(£5.0and0) former Miss Pears (1957) — Aug Aug 915 16,17,1822 23-25 31 1212 midnight ((11..115)5) £7.£6.0000 (£6. 00) SAXTET 3 VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 SAXTET the internationally renowned saxophone quartet, present unique musical entertainment, incorporating Anarrangements ofauralclassical musicofaandmusical jazz together with original compositions. unmissable cornucopia images. 'Originality and sophistication'saxophone South Bankvirtuosity' Centre. 'QIndependent. uality entertainment' MORE IRREVERENT SEND-UPS IN WORDS AND MUSIC \Na!t Disney World witty and mtelLcfent..." (OtieAueA.) Aug 0pm (7.(7.Co.115)5). 'Outstanding (£5.550)0) IN THE COMPANY Aug 1015 16,17 6.6.000pm £7.£6.5500 (£6. OF ONE OF OUR “ZjJj&itleMly ilicit, tfon 'ne. looking fart, (food, MOST VERSATILE iltaAfi entertainment, <fo!" (MiG “Anti Review"f. DAVID SCHEEL AND VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 556 0461. _G11 PIANISTS HUMORISTS. DON' T SHOOT ME I' M STILL ONLY THE PIANO PLAYER Now established on Radio 4' s Stop the Week and TV' s Garden Party, David brings a fresh concoction EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE STUDIO ofclassical musical sophistication Edinburgh this year.Bicentenary Topical satire, comedy and including anto'Effortlessly irreverent Mozart tributemusical (!)forall good, blend insharp this 18-22 Greensitie Place uniquely piano, tastefulgo!’ show. slick . . if you're looking Aug 11th - 31st at 6.30 pm entertainment, BBC Arts Review Aug 1131 (not 12,19,25) 6.30pm (7.30) £5.00 (£4.00) (No perfs. Mon 12th, 19th, Sun 25th) Tickets £5.00 & £4.00 Box Office Tel No. 5560461 86

★ STROKING THE PIGEONS A chance meeting with a stranger forces 3 young people Aug 22Bto(notre-evaluate 11 & 18) their2.15pmlives.(3.551Humourous C4.00 (£3.yet00)uncompromising. GODS PELL Ghetto Stand Community Theatre presents a lively, humourous and yet moving Aug 12-17 adaptation 4.10pm 15.55)of theE4.immensely 00 (£2.50) successful rock opera GODSPELL. SYMPHONY TERROR comedy Tragic Carpet' s excellent adaptation ofNOSFERATU—A Murnau's 1922 film. ExuberantOFmelodrama, and tragedy—see you after dark. Aug 2-17 (not Sun 11) 10.00pm (11.15) £4.00 (£3.00) ★War.BAGGAGE AND BOMBSHELLS Black Swan presents Voices of Women Nine timesSOLDIER. Fringe First winners RICHARD CRANE / FAYNIA WILLIAMS. Sequelat toAugSOLDIER 9-2B (not 11 & 18) 6.10pm (7.20) £5.00 (£4.00) SHAKESPEARE FOR BREAKFASTand'Wa herefore artentertainment. thou Romeo?' Why at Breakfast Aug 2-26 (notJuliette—fine Suns) 10.0refreshment 0am (10.45) 12.80 little includilight ng continental breakfast BEANOmanner. AND DANDY Afternoon Tea cream and musical entertainment in a traditional English Relax and enjoy your scones with us. Aug 2-10 4.20pm (5.50) £4.D0 including Afternoon Tea ★BERLIN TUTTI-PALETTI World Premiere new show by enormously successful EAST COMEDIE I Aug 2-17 (not 11) 11.MIMES 30pin (12.COMPANY. 451 £5.0First 0 (£4.time 00) in UK. 'Sheer genius'. OUR MERV ' A n acid roguish wit which makes his lyrics a joy' . ' C lever, classy and contemporary—definitely Aug 226 (nut 6.11.18) 8.00pmworth (9.10)seeing.'£5.00The(£4.Scotsman. 00) ★ PLAISIR D'AMOUR Directactress from KRACOW, POLAND. A beautiful story of love directed by Poland' s leading ZOFIA KALINSKA. Aug 210 Aug 12-10 12.11.415pm 5am (1.(12.55)25) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ TUTTICOMEDIE PALETTI WorldCOMPANY. premiere new show by enormously successful EAST BERLIN Aug 1926 9.45pmMIMES 110.55) £5.00 (£4.00)First time in UK. 'Sheer genius.' THE the novellove.by JOHN FOWLES. A young man abducts a young2 0COLLECTOR girl. A study offromperverted Aug Aug 1926 6.14.0pm10pm(7.3(5.01301 £4.00 (£3.501

SHANGHAI TARO BUTO KOUSHI q VENUE 45-Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 Ayoung NIGHTMARE FOR CHARLES DARWIN Shanghai Taro Buto Koushi is a vibrant dance company from Japan, influenced by traditional dance and pantomime styles from China. Theintoprogramme piece A Nightmare for Charles Darwin' is a colourful Aug 2631 exploration 12.30pm (1.45) the £4.origins 00 (£3.of001life and a dark celebration of existence! SHINKO COMPANY LTD ° VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★styleFOXof Noh. ANDThe FLUTIST A one-woman play, acted by HISA HIRAIZUMI in aa modern theme of this play is not only a love between a man and woman but alsoallmoral indebtedness. Performed at the Pushkin Theatre (1990), and at 24 places Aug 12-24 /notoverSunthe16)world3.0(U.0pmS.A(3..,50)India, £3.Greece 50 (£2.and 50) U.S.S.R.) in 1991. SHOWOMAN PRODUCTIONS VENUE 4-See Red, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Tea Tickets 220 0541. J7 ★ STROKING THE PIGEONS A chance meeting with an powerful innocent new stranger forces 3 young people to re-evaluate theirof lives. Adrianand James' play ofbrutal misunderstanding and reconciliation, innocence experience, is at times and uncompromising but through its humour, tenderness and warmth, ultimately Aug 226 Inothopeful. 11 & 10) 2.15pm (3.55) £4.00 (£3.00) FRANK SIPEBOTTOM & LEE EVANS ° » VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 FRANK SIDEBOTTOM LEEhisEVANS Frank Sidebottom takes ashow-biz' break fromto shopping for'A histriumph mumoftoart&bring ace, fantastic andLeetopEvans: 'Timperley Edinburgh. over antagonism' NME. Frantic, frenetic and very13funny.11.'1F5pmresh(12.and30) inventive helter skelter of a set' Scotsman. Aug £6.50 (£5.with50 aSUPDY)

SEIZE THE DAY PRODUCTIONS ° •• VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★storyTHEof political MAGPIEpassion. TropicalIt'fish and forbidden love merge in Ian Flintoff' s powerful s 1984, a striking miner' s obsession becomes a retreat from a world of dirty politics and dashed hopes—then his aquatic haven is shattered by personal Aug 1931 tragedy 4.05pm (6..0.0)Moving, £3.50optimistic (£3.00) theatre from a new company.

SIEVE & SHEARS THEATRE CO. ° •» VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★Traverse BUSTED! Sieve and Shears bust back into Edinburgh with a new version w.riter Johnin.McKenzie' s 'Busted!' . Mikeatseesthehisdoor,life the fall apart when the localofit dope-head moves The landlord' s knocking police are kicking down.1224'A Inotsharp,Suns)witty 8.streetwise Aug 30pm (10.15) polemic' £3.50 Guardian. (£2.50)

SEMAINE DE MUSIQUE FRANCO-ITALIENNE ° VENUE 68-Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square (by Fringe Club). L8 SEMAINE DE MUSIQUE FRANCO-ITALIENNE. Created by the Ecole Franco-ltalienne deItalian Musique de Paris, this series of four concerts aims to promote young French and artistsby Wasteels and composers, with a repertory of French and Italian music. Sponsored Voyages-France. PIANOinteresting RECITAL—C. DENEAU Talented, virtuoso French pianist very programme of totally music. young Faure, Debussy, Meunier.with a 00 (£3.Hospital 00) French ColAugle14ction will12 benoonmade(2.0in0) aid of£5.Royal for Sick Children PIANO-VIOLIN RECITAL Lyric programme for an enthusiastic duo. Music by Tartini, Chausson,DUO Debussy, Franck. Aug 00 (£3.Hospital 00) for Sick Children ' Col le15ction will12 benoonmade(2.0in0) aid of£5.Royal PIANO RECITAL—P. IANNONE 'Unusualexactitude, technical facility andvirtuosism intelligent musical approach' P Badura-Skoda. ' S trength, a great are his characteristics' A (2.Ciccolini. Ravel, Rachmaninoff/Corelli. Brahms/Paganini. Aug 16 12 noon 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Collection mil be made in aid of noyal Hospital for Sick Children YOUNG ITALIAN COMPOSER' S FIRSTfor string PERFORMANCE Dir. music Gregorio Goffredo. group. First performance of composition orchestra. Modern for classical Aug 17 12 noon (2. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Collection mil be made in aid of Royal Hospital for Sick Children

SIMON THE STORYTELLER’S BIG THEATRE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE COMPANY ^ VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 ★extraordinary SIMON THE STORYTELLER S DO-IT-YOURSELF THEATRE The most theatrical experience forallchildren —amazing! BBCinventTV and at Fringe '9an0. Simon looks after anyone 6-12 years morning, while they star in amazing fairy talecostumes, adventurelighting, with all the paraphenaliamore—WORLD of performancePREMIERES provided — magic masks, make-up—and DAILY!!! Workshops Aug 917 (not Sun) 10. 0 0am ( 1 . 1 5) £4. 5 0 FREE PERFORMANCES 12.45pm (1.15)

[SERIOUS-FREE ZONE VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 SERIOUS-FREE ZONEa blistering Four acts,package already well establishedcomedy in theircabaret. own right,Anthony come together tosharp give and you of stand-up King: dry, surreal . . Sean Meo: truthful, punchy, hilarious! Paul Rogan: 'Skilled comedian' Time Out . . Two Girls What Sing: 'Powerful Acapella' Time Out Aug Free 10-31 previewInotAug19 9& 29) 10.45pm (12.30) £5.00 (£4.00) SHAKING UP SHAKESPEARE o , * VENUE 88-Abbey Decorators, 22 featherlial Avenue Tickets 334 1253 J1 uuter MACBETH-A TRAGEDY IN ONE HOUR Shakespeare' s dark play is by Anthony Glenn.A unique He takesandhishighly audience through the bloodiest play totheilluminated flowultimate from the Bard' s pen. original production. Don' t miss Scottish experience. Aug 2631 3. 0 0pm (4. 0 0pm| £2. 0 0 (£1. 5 0) Additional performances Aug 29-31 8.00pm (9.00)

SINGER’S PLAYERS ° ••• VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★drama—and, WOLFGANG! The ultimate bicentenary celebration. Revue-style comedy, of course, the maestro' s music.takes Fresha seasonal from Cambridge classical andat revue successes, this innovative company (if irreverent) look Mozart'sThelife—biography and myth; and creates outrageous comedy from his own operas. Aug 1225 Inot Mozart-play Mon 19) 3.to45pmend(5.all15) Mozart-plays £4.00 (£3.5.0). ShoWoMan Productions

From the company that presented: ‘TO THE LADIES WHO DRIVE MERCEDES’ STROKING last year Fine acting and painfulFestival realismTimes ... THE The effect is shattering. . . PIGEONS Sheer dramatic intensity . . . A New Play . . in London by ADRIAN JAMES The acting is superb What’s. On Makes the eyeballs swim withpity... directed by Anyone with a soul must go.Time Out JANET NELSON “SEE RED”, VENUE 4, St. COLUMBAS BY THE CASTLE 2nd—26th AUGUST 2.15 p.m. TICKETS £4.00 (£3.00) 87

S.I.P.—SHAKESPEARE INSTITUTE PLAYERS 0 , > VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 GOETHE' S URFAUST Original draft of FAUST masterpiece. FirstandBritish staging. 'The Semblances and dreams.' Clear, revealing a horror of self-betrayal sexual guilt. Devil guides Faust' s journey through a nightmare of love corrupted by illusion, of lust25-31confounded Aug (not Thurs 29)by despair. 9.45pmA(11.study 45) in£4.evil00 and (£3.50)humanity. End of tour.

SOUTH SIDE *91 VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 U0|; RogerbardWaters up with classic writersyousuch Berkoff, Pinter, Sondheim ancT i the himself,teams Shakespeare totheatre—the enthrall fromas10am —3am,—17 hours of solid] entertainment. Cabaret bar and venue with the very best musicals onfic the Fringe. 'This venue deserves a Fringe First—Aztec Enterprises. SOUTH SIDE A ★ BLUES. . 'CHALK CIRCLE (AFTER BRECHT) Totally irreverent . . dirty bluesi musical Scotsman Aug 1224 (notTheatre 18) 10.at1its5ammost (12.15)effective' £4.00 (£3. 50) '90. NOT for Brecht lovers! ;! YOUNG KING ARTHUR Brilliant concept in children's entertainment. Straight' FRANK SKINNER VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 from Aug 11,its13,year 15,17,1long 9,21,23,tour 25 31of America. 12.45pm (1.'F3irst0) Class' £2.5. 0 (£2.00) I FRANK SKINNER Birmingham' s King of comedy is back with his first solo show. TOM SAWYER Another fantastic show from this innovative company. A fresh Always cheeky, occasionally filthy,youbutlaugh abovesoallmuch verythat funny.tears'Dazzling improvised adaptation of0,2a2,2classic tale45pmthat(1.30)will inspire its 0audience. comedy from a man who makes start rolling down Aug 12, 1 4. 1 6. 2 4 12. £2. 5 0 (£2. 0) your7-31cheeks' Face.9.0'D0pmon't(10.miss00) this outstanding natural comedian' Independent. Aug 2531 11.00am (11.45) | Aug 13,The29)Thurs AS YOU. . LIKE IT performed by CYGNET' S young professionals. 'Fine ensemble; ! £6.00 (£5.(not 00) Mon £6.50 (£5.50) Fri-Sun playing Ideal child' s introduction to Shakespeare' GUARDIAN. Aug,22.24,26.29,31 2.30pm (4.30) £4.00 (£3.00) i HOBSON'performances. S CHOICE Classic Country comedy. flavour. SKINT VIDEO AND JOHN MOLONEY * • • • Strong 'CYGNETNorthCompany go from Authentic strength period to strength' VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. in Aug GUARDIAN. 13.16,19,21,23,25.28,30 2.30pm (4.30) £4.00 (£3.00) REBELS AtheCHORD Stillminstrels' drunk onbarbed Thatcher' s demise! For themelodies Skints' 7th visit to theWITH Fringe, malicious verbals andJohn mightly are MR. PUNTILA AND original, HIS MAN MATTI by Bertolt Brecht. A comedy with a| reinforced by the blistering music and mischievious wit of Moloney ' b iting, ' c utting abusive and7.always very funny' Independent. Aug 1224edge—visually (not 19) 5.15pm (6.45) incisive £4.00 and (£3.5witty. 0) | Aug 731 4 5pm (8. 4 5) ★ LETHAL IN THE BOX A musical about girls playing £5.00 (£*.00) Mon Thurs £5.50 (£4.50) Fri-Sun a massive ECHO. football) 'OYT have scored]| Aug 28-31 musical 5.15pm (6.drama 45) success' £3.50 (£2.SOUTHERN 00) ★ ORPHEUStheatre. SINGING modern -ENGLISH MUSIC THEATRE. Vibrant contemporary : SKYLARK THEATRE GROUP ° 1 dance/music 11-17 7.30pm (8.4The 5) £4.00 (£3.Orpheus 50) steps blindly into the new decade. 1| VENUE m-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847. G8 Aug OH WHAT A LOVELY WAR The classic musical play. Continuing its run from If COMPANY Stephen Sondheim. A fully presentation musical Oxford and Sheffield. Entertaining. Thought provoking. numbers frombyin Sondheim' s scintillating score.staged Full oforiginal irony,andtastefullofandofthesurprises. wit—rare Aug 11-18-3017 (not(not 15)21,22) 9.15pm7.15pm(10.4(8.5)45) £4.00 (£3.50) commodities the musical theatre. Adventurous, Aug I Sung by nine fabulous singers from the North London group that specializes in Sondheim' Ahilarious FUNNYproduction THING HAPPENED ONS THE WAYmusical TO THEfarce,FORUM Alternative and,!: Aug 1923 s work. 10.30pm (11.45) £4.00 (£3.00) of SONDHEIM' dazzling set in Ancient Rome.te Aug 19-31 (not Suns) 9.15pm (10.45) £5.00 (£3.50) f THE WALLwork,Roger Watersvisual —Explosive theatrical adaptation, 'ofimpressive the classicexcellence' Album—.1! powerful harrowing images. ' .0.0)a masterpiece' SONG FOR THE LAST ACT ° Preview Auo 10 11. 3 0nm (1. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. L9 Aug 11-31 (not Tues) £6.00 (£5.00) f ★ SONG FORNancy THE Lipschultz LAST ACTasMZM Productions Inc. presents this one-woman SOUTH SIDE B play featuring Louise Bogan, ‘a woman blessed with genius and ★ MOIRA' S STORY Inspired by Margaret Atwood' s ' H andmaid' s Tal e ’. Focuses on' n cursed with madness' . celebrated Compiled bypoetplaywright Kevin women' oppression literary works of tothismusic andPaulNewKennedy. YorkerEdward critic. Kennedy Directed from by E.theM. Aug 1224s (not 18) 12.in3a0pmfuturistic (2.00) society. £3.50 (£3.Dynamic, 00) fast-moving, physical theatre. jlIts Christian and set by Christopher Aug 1224 (not Sun IB) 4.00pm (5.35) £4.00 (£2.00) ★ NINE BELLS FOR BENTLEY 'Dad, I'm not afraid to die because I'm innocent'.!, The judicial(not murder Aug 12-24 18) 2.Derek 00pm Bentley. (3.30) £3.50 (£3.00) j WEST by Berkoff. ' H ave the courage to live according to your spirit and not the SOUND AND FURY ° guidelines VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 Aug 1224 (notlaid18)down3.by30pmothers' (5.00). £3.50 (£3.00) % * SEATING LINESa troubling / ★ THEmixRETURN OF THE SOLDIER RADA/KCL M.Aor. ★ LOGICAL PROGRESSION World Premiere. Triple-header from Andy Fearn.lu Company perform of magic and fantasy—is the house of brick, Three for the price of thought provocation. Satisfaction guaranteed. Laughs :i the ofback dreams difficult .to. 'Amaintain? Brothers argue,andlovers fight,work' and buckshee. Maryworld drifts toBetrayal, themoretelevision powerful,and challenging original Aug 26-31 1.00pm (3.00) £3.00 (£2.50) ]_ London Student. dependency, cruelty pain surround the return of FOR GOLDING A double-bill. Godot for experts and beginners. Golding’:; soldier12-24to(nottheSunthree18) women forWAITING the Aug 10.00pmwho(milove dnighthim. ) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 26-31none-too-pure. 3.30pm (5.00) £3.00 (£2.50) ! Double Bil BAG LADY bynew Franktalent. McGuinness. 'Geraldine Raw, frightening theatre'. Actress Dougall!{’I . . Adynamic Director: McDermottroe. Design: Donna Dan McGinley. Aug 111 7 6. 0 0pm (6. 5 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) | SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY REVUE DEAR ELENA SERGEEVNA This violent play deals with the idealistic '60's|f generation of the C. C . C . P . Facing the realities of Glasnost. Aug 18-31 5. 4 5pm (7. 1 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) ’ VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 •DELETEintelligence AS APPLICABLE The all-new, revue which exudes PINTER' humour, andand innovation. Ain abundance. castaction-packed of messianic proportions brings..' Aug 1117 S THE 7.45pmLOVERS (9.15) A£2.foursome 50 (£2.00)with a difference— two of them don't exist, !l: sketches, satire, songs enthusiasm ' S uch talent and comedy NIGHT MOTHER by Marsha Norman. A mother and daughter discuss life, death, i genuinely funny material Wessex News. Supported by Coopers & Lybrand, Deloitte. neighbours, Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 10.30pm (11.30) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 1824 in-laws 7.45pm (9.and15) cocoa—funny, £2.50 (£2.00) sad, moving. Pulitzer Prize Winner. i ★Premiere A THOUSAND NATURAL SHOCKS Do you dream? What do you dream of?l Come Aug 2831 of this 8.15pmimprovised (9,30) £3.play.00 (£2. 50) and dream. SOUTHBOUND PRODUCTIONS ° Yevgeny 'IZamyatin' sci-fi Theclassic with Peter Ireland asLondon the rebellious! VENUE 119-Calton Centre; 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. _G13 WE protagonist. ntense ands 1922 gripping' Guardian. 'Magnificent' Theatre 5 NOUGHTS children' AND sDOUBLE CROSSESHaving Southbound are an U.internationally Record. recognised theatre company. toured Kuwait, SPortugal ., and most Aug 1024 9.50pm (11.15) £4.00 (£3.50) : recently Germany, the two plays offered here will next tour Spain, and Australia. Noughts and Double Crosses is an adventure story about deception ★ EPHEMERA Urban romance. Angelic observation. Blurred edges. An culminating love2631 play for 10.the15pmdamned. Edinburgh premiere prior to European tour. elegiacip• Aug 2631 in11.a45ambig (12.quiz.45) (Junior £3.00age(£2.group.) 50) Aug (11, 3 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) 123 SPLOSH! This is a journey through(Infants.) the weather and the seasons with rhymes, SOUTH SIDE C-The Cabaret Bar f slapstick 100 LINES Alex Langdon (Channel 4's 'Teenage Health Freak') and Vicky Coren:T Aug 2631 and10.audience 30am (11.15)participation. £3.00 (£2.50) wicked clowns. Aug 12-31stand-up (not Suns)from2.Major' 40pm (3.s 4single-class 0) £3.50 (£3. 00) 4 ★ BIBLE STORIES AND BEAUTY PAGEANTS Casual Theatre. A solo tour de r force. Scripted by the actress. Funny . . touching . . very American. SOUTHERN LIGHT DRAMA ° ^ 3 1 VENUE 85-St Columba's Church, Muirdale Terr, Queensferry Rd. Blackball. El Outer Aug 12-31 (not Sun 18) 4.30pm (5.30) £3.50 (£3.0(1) ★ ISLANDexplores DREAMS Bahamian Storyteller, Musician, Monologuist Derekj* Asinister TOMBfamily—one WITH Awith VIEWwerewolf In sinister library dusty lawyer reads Will toabout equally Burrows Caribbean life. Warm, energetic. Island Dreams transports,^ tendencies, another in toga: and what the audiences sympathetic nurserevealed and author of romanticto surprising novels? Byconclusion. act three more corpses than Aug 1224 (notandSunstirs18) imagination. 6.15pm (7.45)A rare£4.treat. 00 (£3.00) live bodies! Aug 1217 All7.30pm (9.45) as plot £3.50twists (£2.50 C) THE PENNYcombine GAFF inVictorian entertainment, robust interpretation of Shakespeare E and Hardy convivial Aug 28-31 6.30pm (7.45) £3.00culture; (£2.50) good fun for you too. ;

THE 20:20by SHOW Three from London an evening Festival of true variety compered THEentertainers YOUNG GEORGE COLE. 'Iinncomparable' Times. Aug preview 1124 8.comedian 20pm Fne Aug 10(10.00) £4.00 IE3.S0) THE EIGHT TO TEN SLOT The only one left in this fabulous venue. Buy it before it's too Aug 2531late-NOW. 8.15pm (9.45) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ GROSS —acapellain clothes. eccentricity from the Queens of Kitsch. Five girls, a ENCOUNTERS drum, Aug 10-17 10.10pm and (11.00)a lousy£3.taste 00 (£2.00) DECADENCE —BERKOFF Violent, shocking but very funny indictment of the class18-24system.10.Scenes for0the Aug 15pm (11.not 45) suitable £2.50 (£2. 0) easily outraged. THE HONKIN' HEP CATS Stompin' Jivin' Jokin' Bangin' Bleedin' Stormin' Stampedin' . . like(11.Honkin' Aug 2531 (notJump 29) Jive9.30pm 3you 0) never £3.00heard (£2.50)or seen before . . oroonie?! BEYOND THE FRINGE Don' t watch that, watch this. There's life beyond the Fringe1031Club! 1.The30amvery(3.00)best of£1.the Aug 00 Fringe —cabaret, music, comedy, BAR. SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION ( VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 * OUTRAGEOUS LIESsouls. LiteraryDouble-bill styles remorselessly parodied;suggestions four characters meet and reveal their in which audience are manipulated intocabaret thrillingtriumphs and hilarious tales. 'Simply improvisation at its best'funny Radio Forth. . . gymnastic 'Constantly supreme'Fringe ingenuity . . awe-inspiring' The wit' List. Guardian. 'Exceptional . . exhilarating'. . Scotsman. Aug 9-31 3.15pm (4.45) £5.00 (£4.00) STAGE 84 ° U VENUE 93-James Gil espie's School. Lauderdale Street. Tickets 0836 785852 N5 ! the STAGEopportunity 84 is the ofNorthseeing of England' s leading School of Performing Arts. Don't misson these multi-talented students who haveincluding appeared numerous television programmes, in nine professional shows ' L es Miserables' ins London' [if’ Attenborough' new films 'West Charlie'End . and the student selected for Sir Richard THE RAILWAY CHILDREN around Victorian country railway station, plight grappling withSettheir new aenvironment is imaginatively broughttheto life. 13,of15,1a7,family Aug 2 0, 2 2, 2 4 7. 1 5pm (9. 4 5) £4. 5 0 (£4. 0 0) f Mutinous Aug 13.15,17,22,24 2.15pm (4.45) DAISYenjoyed PULLS IT OFFandA gloriously which successfulwitty WestplayEndabout run. life in a girls boarding school Aug 12,14,16,21,Aug23 a14,long Matinees 16,7.2135pm (9.2.415)5pm (4.£4.45)50 (£4.00) DILLIE KEANE IN CITIZEN KEANE DIRECTED BY NICA BURNS

‘One of the world’s best comedians’ IRISH TIMES ‘Very funny’ THE GUARDIAN

STAGEWORKS THEATRE CO. ° ' VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★ A CONVERSATION WITHthought GEORGIA O'ofKEEFFE An20th in-depth, inspirational portrayal of the inner process, and life one of the century' s greatest American painters. GEORGIA tells us her experiences with friendship, love and her works.19-31The piece Aug 4.00pmincludes (5.15) 31£3.slides. 00 (£2.00) MARK STEEL ° VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 MARK STEEL Schwarzkopf, Express Dairies, Kinnock, Headmasters, Major,ofGod, Croydon, traffic police. Bush, Dennis Taylor and many more are victims the characters, piano Critics' playing Comedy brillianceAward. that is'IfSteel' World Order. Winner lastimpressions, year's Edinburgh only sallNew subversives were like 2131 him'ofNME. Aug 9.00pm (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00) STOCKTON YOUTH THEATRE ° VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN written by John Godber: A play of great pathos and humour which follows the lives of Jack the proud colliery worker and his longsuffering Liz.' . . a show that many professional companies should watch and learn2631 from'wife, Northern Aug 4.10pm (5.Echo. 50) ' .£3.. great 50 (3.0energy, 0) versatility . . .' Yorkshire Evening Press. 0 1 2 3 STOMPING FEET THEATRE COMPANY » VENUE 123-Across The Mersey Theatre, South Bridge Ctre. Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 KID THATCHER' S WOMEN Stomping Feet's third. . directed year onwith the clockwork Fringe: 'Gripping .. acting of unusually high ability and intensity precision . . theatrethree of dissidence with a vengeance' Scotsman, 1990. ForcedKaybyAdshead' breadlines poverty, Northern women travel to London and prostitution. searing Aug 18 24indictment 5.10pm (6.of50)Eighties£3.7values. 5 (£2.75) ALSO AT VENUE 36-Festival Club, 915 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 THATCHER' S WOMEN 'S.F.T.C . . mustProstitution: be experienced in theor career flesh' Varsity. The oldest profession: myths demolished. suffering move? Aug 2531 10.15pm (11.55) £3.75 (£3.001

Scotland m Sunday Scotland’s biggest and best Sunday PRESENTS every Sunday The Definitive Festival Week SUPPLEMENT plus The Critics’ Awards The prestigious prize awarded BY ALL THE FESTIVAL’S CRITICS In Association with The Famous Grouse

STOWE PLAYERS ° VENUE 11-Di»erse Attractions, Riddles Court, oft Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 SHAKERS John Godber and Jane Thorntons' ' S hakers' takes us into the centre of the lives of four cocktail waitresses. A cast of four—who each enact several different parts drop live, theirmove masksandandserve revealtheirthedrinks. humour and irony of the midnight world—gradually in which they Aug Ticket2631 s at venue7.1onl0pmy (8.15) £3.50 (£2.50)

JIM TAVARE—THE JIM TAVARE MASTERCLASS VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 j THE JIM TAVARE MASTERCLASS sell-out '90-Jim Tavare returns from International appearances in New York,Total LA and SanNME. Francisco. 'Bitingly sharptiming new jr wit from a virtuoso comic and philharmonic reject' Jim has the comic ofend'EricTheMorecambe. wonderful evening . . I didn't want this hysterical show to 1 Times. Book'A30,early. Aug Aug 912, 16,117,4,213255,1822,28.628, 00pm 3(9.115) 8.0£7.0pm50 (9.(£6.15)50) £6.50 (£5.50) j 3 STRATFORD YEAR OUT DRAMA GROUP VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. ° S NOT DEAD-HOSTED BY BOB DOWNE Miles and Millner, Bol VENUE 36-Festi»al Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 • BEETHOVEN' Downe Aug 2325and Jim 11.00pmTavare. (1.00)3 performances £8.00 only. Plus grand piano nose-balancing. KABARET: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THEcontemporaries THIRD REICHcomment Brecht sonBerlin 1930. Songs, Satire and Sleaze. Brecht and his the naked capitalism, bigotry, prostitutionentertainment—with and violence which spawned of Nazi bar. the new order TDK ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT JAZZ FESTIVAL Aug 1017 Philosophy. 12midnightPerfect 11.30) midnight £3.50 (£2.50) VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Tickets 61 MlOjOi With eight highquantity. profile The concerts, TDKatmosphere 'Round Midnight concentrates on ensures quality w rather than special at the Queen' s Hall STREET THEATRE outstanding performances of the biggest namesby inAssembly jazz. 'For Direct five days VENUE-Wireworks, Parliament Square, The Mound, Waverley Market. . . the best with clubTDK. in the from world'some Scotsman. Presented BUSKERS GALORE All day,fire-eaters, every daystilt-walkers, throughoutdancers, the streets and squares of Association central Edinburgh. Jugglers, musicians, pavement CAROL KIDD & HER ORCHESTRA ' B est jazz singer in Britain?. . . She artistsfamily and from a wholesomehostof ofEurope' special street buskers. performances. Free entertainment for all among the best in the world' The Times. 'Dangerously close to being belongs perfect' the Glasgow Aug 9-31 10.00am (early evening) s finest Free Aug 26 Herald. 8.30pm (11.00) £10,00 EGBERTObrings GISMONTI Jan Garbarek, whomtohea hasModem often Jazz played,stage. the 1): guitarist a music. uniqueLikenational flavour with (Brazilian) Beautiful, ethereal STRUCK OFF AND DIE Aug 28 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £7. 5 0 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. 111 CAROL KIDD TRIO WITH GEORGIE FAME A vocal partnership made in heaven. ! HOW TO BECOME DOCTOR ONLY'funny' 59 MINUTES More Aug Taking27,2time unnecessary cynicismA SUCCESSFUL from two 'funny' doctors.INVery —/Tie Guardian. 6 off10.3from 0pm (12.Van20) Morrison £9.50 tours. Fame shares a special festival concert. I Seriously ' f unny—The Independent. Devastatingly ' t unny' — Edinburgh Evening CLUSONE TRIO Ernst Reijseger, Han Bennink and Michael Moore show that it's, News. These two un' f unny' bastards deserve all the diseases they joke about' possible Review ‘90. 15,'Avoid them like the(12.clap' The List. Aug 29 to10.be30pmboth(12.the20) finest£6.5and 0 the funniest jazz group in Europe. Aug £4.50725(£3.(not 00) Mon22,Thur24) £5.11.300pm 0 (£3.50)30)Fri-Sun OREGON Attractive and accessible distinctiveworldindividualistic rhythmic and level. harmonic excitement, melodies, Oregon embody music at itssounds, most jfi sophisticated Aug 27 7.30pm (9.30) £8.50 CARLA BLEY/STEVEmeetsSWALLOW/ANDY A unique MERVYN STUTTER Stylish jazz'SHEPPARD s most inimitable writer.collaboration, p VENUE 4-See Red, St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Tee. Tickets 220 0541, J7 Aug 30 saxophonist 7.30pm (9.30) £8.contemporary 50 OUR MERV ' T he funniest songs to be heard on the Fringe. Audiences over the TAM WHITE BAND Last night party with the voice of ' T utti Frutti' . The gravel-1 years have love hisinformed sets.' Evening News.The'Stutter sharpclassy as any,andas voiced blues singer leads his all-star eight-piece band. funny as any,grownandtomore thanThemost.' Times.is 'asClever, Aug 30 11.00pm (1.00) £7.50 contemporary—definitely worth seeing.’ Scotsman. Aug 2-26 (not 6,11,18) 8.00pm (9.10) £5.00 (£4.00) TEATRO CARETA 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. TAILOR-MADE THEATRE COMPANY ° ^ VENUE fresharevoicea Hull-based, for a new decade: Multi-Cultural,company, Multi-Lingual andto Coherent. Teatro S1 VENUE 123-Across The Mersey Theatre, South Bridge Ctre. Infirmary St. Tickets 557 9659 K10 ACareta equalIn this, opportunities seekingTEATRO promote Incisive and Individual new work. theirtwoEdinburgh debut, CARETA are 1 THE BUSINESS OF MURDER by Richard Harris. An intense and highly-wrought managing THE ROXY and performing ' H ully' acclaimed pieces of work. psychological thrillermeticulously fresh fromstaged, an extremely successful run inin theWinchester. ★ INVISIBLE MAN Stuart May' s observant and funny view of what it means tc Intricately plotted, the play has ' m ore twists plot than awithcorkscrew' Sunday People. 'An Quelle unabashed winner' Sunday Express. 'Presented Aug be a gay25,man 30.in3190s Britain. 10.for00pmOUTRAGE (11.00) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 18utterly 24 convincing 7.20pm (9.30)brutality' £3.50 (£2.50) Magazine. Aug 1118, 18 Charity26.performance ION Euripides meets Chaplinl 'From start to finish an excursion into the realms of★ pure Aug 11-31 pleasure' (not4.00pm 18,26)(5.Hullfire. 1.10) £5.0for0 (£4.Sic0k0)Children TALKING TONGUES ° Aug 25 10) 12noon Charity (performance VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J]0 ★ SLIGHT 'One expect of the giants the Scotsman savage newthePOSSESSION thriller. visitor.ofclear TheFringe' are presents more thana THE TEBBITS COMEDY CLUB rigorous, identityTwointensity' ofwomen the guest lessa than .preparations . 'Hilarious and inventive' VENUE 82-Southside '91, Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson St. Tickets 667 7365 uu |. Guardian. ' S hattering The List. THEbest 20:20comedy SHOWcabarets Followingyou'their 1990 sellout show juggling, the Tebbitsmagic produce one of 1j ii Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 12 noon (12.45) £3.50 (£2.50) the l l see this year: jokes, and music; cosy theatre with clubWILTY style seating; licensedcomedian bar. A variety evening featuring singer I)I SUE BEARD, standup and character HARVEY O'LEARY, by comic magician THE YOUNG GEORGE COLE, ('incomparable' Festivalcompered Times). 4 Preview Aug 10 8. 2 0pm (10. 0 0) Free Aug 1124 8.20pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.50) TELLING TALES THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. Info 220 2462. K9 KILLING new OF DEREK BENTLEY Anby original set in* theBLUE earlyMURDER: fifties,CraigusingTHE controversial evidence totheexplore, drama andshow,music, the notorious and Bentley case involving murder of a policeman. ''HPrisoners' (Fringe 1990) was highly acclaimed—'Sustained excellence' The Stage. aunting' Aug 14-23 The12.3Guardian. 0pm (1.30) £3.00 (£2.00) THATCHER’S BLUE OUTFIT o ^^3 VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★Romanum SEXPOTS OF ANCIENT ROME Essex woman at large in thes aForum —a contemporary subversive satire of feminine foible She' D. I . enthusiast and eunuchs a speciality. very posh but gottaby lotta dosh.Y. Vivid, visual—poisons and vitriolic. From Juvenal' s Not diatribe, performed Petronius O'AugW1124 orsthorne. A misogynists charter or a stab at stereotyping? (not 18) 1.10pm (1.55) £3.90 (£3.00) 90

THEATRE AGOG VENUE 36-Festival Club, 915 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 TOM THUMB or TRAGEDIE OF TRAGEDIES Henry Fielding' s Tragedie ofof Tragedies' relatesRouter the oflife,Rotters, loves and sadThumb. end ofWhistle-worthy that pint-sizedsongs, Conqueror Kingdoms and Tom gorgeous costumes and spectacularBlackadder' fights add up to great family entertainment for the over-10' Aug 1124s.(not'A Restoration 19) 11.00am (12.40) .£3.50 (£3.00) THEATRE BY STEALTH VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Gallon Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 ★ TOcoming HELLofWITH THE KEEPER OFmime THE and LIGHT the endlighthouse of an erakeeper with the automation. Combining text,a marks a solitary evokes the drama, humour and ghosts of her job, on towering seventeen foot high elemental to be(7.missed. Aug 1025 (notstructure. Mans) Not6.30pm 30) £4.50 (£3.00) THEATRE CORPORATION ° * 3, VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★music CARS! by Jonathan Salway. New works from a new company. A blendhowof theatre where Ace'comic s car says who'combines he is, what hepopis,recognised and hetalents doesandinit.anensemble Theatre Corporation' s pacy drama already Aug 25-31 2.exciting 05pm (2.5new 5) venture' £3.50 (£2.South 50) London Press. ★of attitudes THE AIDSandPROJECT A fast-moving, hard-hitting, at times comic exploration An extremely accessible and thought-provoking piece.25-31 3.05pmmisconceptions. Aug (3.55) £3.50 (£2.50) THEATRE DE COMPLICITE MtENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 * AVE MARIA Theatre De Complicite presents Linda KerronlyScottcompany in Ave isMaria. A woman lives alone. Knitting her secluded life away—her a wild sense oflikehumour and an devastating impressive imagination. ‘ATelegraph. consummate clownby Nick who cavorts an elemental force' Daily Directed Philippou.14,15,18,21,22,28-31 7.45pm (9.00) £6.50 (£5.00) Aug Aug 9-11. 16.17.23-25 7.45pm (9.00) £7.50 (£6.00) THEATRE DES BICYCLETTES ° ^ 3« VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 ★cabaret KIDSwith CABARET A fun packed highly visual show for all the family. Combines circus skills, tight fire juggling, clowning, stunts, participation. dance routines. This dynamic show alternates sketches with audience Touring commitments Aug 27 31 11.mean 00am (12.they15) are £3.only00 in(£2.Edinburgh 50) for the final week. VENUE 99-The Venue, 15-21 Calton Road. Info (eves) 557 3073. Tickets 557 4865 H11 BILL STICKERS (Rob Stredder,commentator. ex-Theatre of Congas War), withclimax late DavewithRappaportbiting comedy/sociological audience participation. Aug 27-31 7.30pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) BILL'29S BIG11.0PARTY Aug 0pm (4.00)After £4.the00Fireworks, (£3.00) with live bands. In The Venue Upstairs. jifrUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 ~K9 HMEATRE DES BICYCLETTES / BILL STICKERS in Late Night Cabaret' (a double bill). Aug 27-31 12.15am (1.15) £3.50 (£3.00) THEATRE FOR AFRICA ° MNUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 J10 ★movement KWAMANZI Researched around a bush waterhole, a stunning piece of theatre filled with theof animal and insectcompany. sounds Festival of Africa.FirstKwamanzi sets the style and commitment this acclaimed winners Inaward. Europe and Africa and holders of the World Wildlife Fund International Merit mug,21,23,28.28,30 6.00pm (7.00) £6.00 (£5.00)

★ SALA KAHLE Who ownsA unused land in Southernto Africa? The squatters, the landowners Aug 13,15,17,2or0,22,the24,2animals? 7.29.31 6.fast-moving 00pm (7.00) response £6.00 (£5.00)conflict and pressure. ★ BETWEEN THE TEETH Fringe First winner Andrew Buckland (Ugly Noo Noo) brings Aug 12,1his4,16,new 19,21.one-man 23.26.28,30 show1.0from 0pm (2.the00) Market £4.50Theatre (£3.50) in Johannesburg. TROPHY HUNTERS The new South Africa encroaches on traditional business practice Aug 13.15.with 17.20.2some 2,24.27.hilarious 29.31 results. 1.00pm (2.Comic 00) portrait £4.50 (£3.of50)a society under change. RAIDERS OF THE LOST AARDVARK A madcap chase across Africa by camel, motorbike, Aug 12,14.10,1plane 9.21.23,and20,28,ship—with 30 11.00ama conservation (noon) £3.5angle. 0 (£2.50) ★A zany THE romp: RETURN OF THE SON OF THE RAIDERS OF THE LOST AARDVARK Aug 13.15,17,20.2conservation 2.24,27,29,31 without 11.00am tears. (Noon) £3.50 (£2.50) THEATRE OF CROCODILES = VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. THE TEMPEST by William Shakespeare. Theatre of Crocodiles make theirfantasy. fringe debut withandan exciting and visually Memory dream mingle with startling Prospero'adaptation s somewhatof Shakespeare' overbearing s taste in Orchestral music! Aug 1231 (not Suns) 2.00pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) THEATRE THEATRICAL • ;• VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 THE SOLDIER' S TALE Stravinsky' s music-theatre masterpiece based on Russian folk-tale about the Devil' s contriving to rob a soldier' s soul by offering the wealth ofcompany a magicofbook exchange forandhisfourviolin. physical Glasgow eightin musicians actorsVigorously in stunning mix ofdebut music,fromdrama and Aug 19-31 (not Sun 25) 12.35pm (1.45) £3.75 (£2.50) THEATRE WEST END VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes St. H6 THEATRE WEST ENDchildren' is at thes shows, heart ofclassic the Festival Fringe.premieres Situatedof onnewPrinces Street, we' r e offering theatre and plays. On sitearound theretheare world. also a cafe, craft fair and book shops, and venue 127 for music from MR. A'S play. AMAZING PLAYSandT.W.the E. PRODUCTIONS Ayckbourne'Fors hilarious Suzy, herMAZE dog Neville audience outwitpresent Mr Acousticus. children of3.0all0pmages. Aug 9 (4. 5 0) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 12.14.18,,28.30 12.40pm (2.20) THE HOUR WEREWOLFGhosties, A horrorghoulies play forandchildren presented THEATRE WESTOFENDTHEPRODUCTIONS. things going bump byat lunchtime. Aug 10 3.00pm (4,10) £3.00 (£2.50) Aug 13,15,17,19.21,23.27.29,31 12.50pm (2.00) ★ HOWoutrageous TO BE A SUPERHERO TEN STEPS WPIScotsman MASQUEintroduces present a witty, comedy. ThisINJustice 'spot-onEASYcompany' Monologue Aug 12-17 Man, 3.15pmdefender (4.30) of£3.Truth, 00 (£1.50) and the Theatrical Way. THE RINK A musical fable. About a mother, a daughter and a 1950's decrepit roller rink. Northern Aug 1217 7.4Theatre 0pm (9.20)Co. £4.00 (£3.001 ★Theatre OUT Lloyds OF MIND Play with music set inside a silent mind. Winner of National Bank(9.Challenge. Aug 1921 7.45pm 15) £4.00Northern (£3.00) Theatre Co. ★ THEbeauty, MAGICdepravity. TOYSHOPDareby you Angela Carter,youradapted MickBIRMINGHAM Yates. Innocence, incest, confront darkerbyself? REP YOUTH THEATRE. Previews 9. 10 8. 0 0pm (9. 1 5) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 1224 (not Sun 18) 10. 0 0pm ( 1 1. 1 5) Aug 2831 8.00pm (9.15) HOME FREE by Lanford Wilson. inAna incestuous attempt toQMW escapeTHEATRE reality. Lawrence and Joanna are victims land of make-believe. COMPANY. Aug 12-17 11.40pm (12.30) £3.50 (£2.50) HENNY PENNY PLAYBOX YOUNG COMPANY return to the Fringe with a lively, colourful Aug 19-24 and11.fun-filled 00am (noon)new production £3.50 (£2.50)especially for 3-7 year olds. ALLAVA DIN presented by IMPULSE THEATRE COMPANY. A comedy suitable for all. Based Aug 19-24 on3.the00pmpantomime 13.45) £3.of50Alladin. (£2.50) The Widest Choice of

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THEATRE WEST END — continued ★ DAFFODILS Sarah's childhood wasn't easy. As she tries to build a life for herself, Aug 19-24she discovers 4.00pm (4.5there 0) are £3.50more (£2.50)trials to face. IMPULSE T.C. GREEK A powerful interpretation of Steven Berkoff's challenging play, presented by THEATRE Aug 1924 11.WEST. 35pni (12.30) £3.50 (£3.00) WITCH WONSAPOIMNA 10 TO 1 COMPANY presents a wicked witch, a shrinking prince, a hookless Aug 2631 10.45amcaptain 112.25) and£3.a0talking 0 (£2.50)flower in an original play for children. ★ NOT BOBBY Test Education.assess What's the point? Premiere of a play by award-winning N.J. Warburton. Aup 26-31 3.20pm (4.and 20) £3.50 it(£3.for00)yourself. CAMBRIDGE UMBRELLA. LOVE KEVINFirstdeveloping cult status'Aonn tour. Returns to Festival. Harder and more penetrating. Aug 22 24 7.45pmrent(9.15)boy musical. £4.00 (£3.00) intense experience' The Independent. THEATRE WEST END PRODUCTIONS°»1»: VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John’s Church Hall, West End Princes St. H6 MR A'andS AMAZING MAZE PLAYS written bytheAlan Ayckbourne for The children of all ages featuring Suzy, her dog Neville and evil Mr Acousticus. audience choose direction of the play. Fun Aug 912,14,the13.6,020pm 50) (2.for20)all. Aug 0,22,(4.24,520)6,28,30£3.50 12.(£2.40pm THE OF THEbyWEREWOLF Passing a mysterious PurwellsHOUR are menaced a figure in wolf' s mask.through Can Diana save them?forest, the Aug Aug 1013.,0pm 21.23.(4.217.0)29.31 £3.012.0 (£2.50pm50)(2.00) THEATRE WORKS ° ’ ^ VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. 19 *Simon PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG CONSERVATIVE Written by Clark—thiswith one-man show follows theidentities life of Harold Childe: a 'dfacing isappointed' artist. Concerned sexual and spiritual and the conflicts artists in the12-16,90s;1923the play12mihas Aug dnightbeen (2.00)described £3.50 as:(£2.5'0)funny, sad and scathing'.




Musical Director: Caroline Humphries "If you can imagine a harder hitting, live version of Week Ending or Spitting Image, you'll know what to expect" - The London Standard "This team has so much slickness, talent and topicality, it seems unfair ... simply not to be missed" The Scotsman TIC TOC at MARCO S LEISURE CENTRE, 51-95, GROVE STREET 8.45pm £6 or £4 (Cones) August 10th to August 31st (not August 18th) Box Office (031)229 8830 92

THEATRE WORKSHOP VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 The best performance at thethroughout, Edinburgh aFringe' Independent. And n even better disabledvenueaccess new from studio theatre,Australia, an enlarger cafe/bar PLUSwithanEngland outstanding international programme Japan, USAj| Poland, Wales, and Scotland. PHOTOGRAPHS 1986-90: SUNIL GUPTA Images from acclaimed London] based8-31photographer' work onFreesexuality and cultural identity. Aug 10.00am (1.s00am) MAGIC BOBMayfest. Fastest,'Ufunniest magic show ever. 'An instant hit with both childrerli) and adults' Aug 15-18 11.00am (noon)nmissable' £2.25 Independent. Grannies & Grandads free with 3 children MAGICBeBOB VISITSto MR BOOM Zoom to themusical moon with Magic Bob and vi: Boom! prepared join in the enthralling Aug IQ-14,19-21.31 11.00am (noon) £2.75 Grannies andfun!grandads free with 3 cl ZOOM TO THE MOON WITH MR BOOM ' . sing and dance as he play||,'i you 22-25 a tune! An11.0hour' s fun with£2.2Scotland' s muchand. and loved Aug 0am (noon) 5 Grannies GrandadsOnefreeManwithBand.' 3 children SCOTTISH TRADITIONAL STORYTELLERS in STORIES-A LIVING LEGACY)s Tales for everyone: supernatural, comical, historical, fantastical, told by Scotland' greatest Aug 9-18 storytellers. 10.45am (12.15) £3.50 (£2.50) j POLISH Kantor CONTEMPORARY THEATRE Stunning and innovative visual work#! including and Wisniewski—different video screening each day introduced bw: Janusz Marek, Studio Art Centre, Warsaw. Aug 19-25 11.00am (12.15) £2.50 (£1.50) ★ ELEREmedical YORUBA in YOU inKNOW Good-humoured, thoughtful piece aboutji' African Aug 12-31 (not Suns)student 'lost' a (2.30)the face £3.50 of(£2.London' 50) s alien culture and life. MANDELA THEATRE in INFERNO Explosive energy, sexual physicality anip fantasy as John Dante struggles with evil brother in video-drugged culture. 'I wasfi ★ SHINKOman(Japan) in FOX AND FLUTISTa disguised Noh play in modern style-tn between Aug 12-24 (not Sunand181woman3.00pmwho(3.is50)actually £3.50 (£2.50) fox he once saved. 4 ★ FLEUR HOWARD FOR HOWARDexploring ASH PRODUCTIONS in SCENTS OP HUMOUR Aug 2531 A3.new 00pm one (4.30)person£4.0show 0 (£3.50) comedy in all its guises. \ ★clairvoyant THREE WOMEN AND A PASSION (Australia) in onWITCHPLAY Eccentriqi from Down‘Brilliant Under. . gets herSydney wires crossed this fatal night with!: witchplay in the air. superb' Herald. Aug 931 (not 11,181 4.00pni (5.15) £5.50 (£4.50) j! y CLYDE UNITYcomedy THEATRE-LOVE AMONG THE JUVENILES New hard* edged romantic about the foibles of being in love and never growing upgi Written Aug 9,12,1by4.18.John 19.21.2Binnie. 3 5.30pm (7.00) £4.50 (£3.50) CLYDE UNITY THEATRE in KILLING ME SOFTLYwithout, Classic,andpowerful story ofsex.jah gay boy and goes beyond, Aug 10,13.15,17.a20.straight 22.24 girl5.3whose 0pm (7.0'0)love affair' £4.50 does (£3.50) ★ ANNEXEBillyTHEATRE THE UNFORGIVEN Shocking portrayal comedian Bolton fromin successful heights to rock bottom.yet'Amoving marvellous night'of,sj theatre' Aug 28-31 Glasgow 5.30pmHerald. (7.00) £4.00 (£3.00) \ ★ AIDS POSITIVE UNDERGROUND THEATRE intest. THEThis ICE relationship PICK Michaelis ies HIV positive while Peter his lover chooses not to challenge Aug 12-31 (notbothSuns)decide6.to00pmmeet(7.3unconditionally. 0) £3.50 (£2.50) ★presented VOLCANO THEATREblood-sweating, in MEDEA: SEXWAR Classic'Exciting tale of .forbidden lovei!): as ferocious, sex-war ritual. . intimidating' Guardian. 'G7.ripping' Independent. Aug 1217 3 0pm (9. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Augl:x1931 (not Sun 251 11.00pm (12.30) t* BIG—itNAZO (USA) Ainmagical THE VISION OF full NOSTRILDAMUS looklc of balance. freakshow of bizarre comedy,A cross-eyed inhuman dance®: ★ SIEVEwriter AND John SHEARS in BUSTED! with^1 Traverse McKenzie' s comedy.Sieve'Wild,& Shears anarchicreturn and tovery,Edinburgh very funny' 'I Scotsman. Aug 12-24 (not Sun 181 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) MUNRO' S SONG SHOWCASE ' A ndy Munro is, of course, Mr Boom without theib lampshade Aug 29-31 on8.3his0piiihead (10.00). . his£4.other 00 (£2.'h5at'0) is equally entertaining' Scotsman. j| TERRY BECK TROUPE (USA) in COLLECTING GRAVITY Provocative looks asl at j Aug 10-31 (not Suns) 9.30pm (10.30) £5.00 (£3.50) LIVESTOCK NINE TW's first cabaret club presents Edinburgh's best nine unsigned:’: bands Aug 15-17,showcased 22-24,29-31 for the 10.30pm (ltime ate) overFreenine nights. LIVESTOCK SHORTIES Edinburgh' s first Short Comedy Plays presents)! funny12-14,lines19 21,for28-28free. Nine nights(lateof) newFreeandfestival classicof comedy. Aug 10.30pm

THEATRE ZOO VENUE 21-Theatre Zoo, Roman Eagle Lodge, 2 Johnston Terrace THEATRE ZOO. Newofwriting, new and adaptations new forceWith in theatrical expression iswinners, typical this exciting dynamic and youngaexhibitions, company. potential1: i Fringe FirstZOO a diverse of entertainment, THEATRE just behind thebillCastle, is a MUST cafe, for Fringe '91. and live music, f' ★ NEVER-NEVER by Will Pease. The Queen, Freemasons and Rent-boy i Satanic . (and12.LAND Aug 12-18 ritual!12 .noon 0there' 0) s£3.a 5war 0 (£3.on00)television).

★ AFTER OTTO byPriscilla Paul Wootton.fish, Original play and film production. A mental blend Ak§ 19-26of madness, IZnowt (2.00) Presley, £3.50 (£3.00) Berlin and tea. ★ SCARECROWS by VincentandO'Cexploded onnell, writer of thes Britain. BBC1 film 'Sweet Nothing', Taboos Aug 13-31and(nottotems Mons) explored 2.30pm (4.45) £3.50 in(C3.1960' 00) THE REVENGERS TRAGEDY Tourneur' s startling, grotesque play, packed with wit, 12-31 energy{notand Aug Weds)eroticism—an S.ISpm (7.3amazing 0) £3.5obsession 0 (£3.00) with desire and death. v exhilarating, * A SAVAGE REMINISCENCE and COMIC MONOLOGUE A shining double, Aug 12-25 (not funny Sun 18)and disturbing—theatre 8.00pm (9.30) £3.50which (E3.00)takes its audience seriously. ★students TWELVEstudying O'CLOCK DEADLINE A stunning new show written and directed by Aug 26-31 8.00pmdrama 19.30) at £3.U.E5.0A.(13.00) THE Pinteresque BLIND Maurice Maeterlinck in 1896 ofcombined Beckettian fatalistic humour jBf Aug with 1231 (uut Thun)menacel 9.45pmWorld <11.151premiere £3.50 IE3.this00) adaptation. ■I cabaret: DAVID ICKE AND THE ORPHANS OF JESUS Bristol'bysDominik hugely Diamond. successful comedy Aug 12-26 poetry, (not Weds!stand-up 11.30pm (12.451and surgery. £2.50 (£2.Compered 00) i j! !i

THIS WAY UP THEATRE COMPANY ° % m • VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★ SNAP! by Neilby Monaghan. A story of sex, sexism and Exocets. Vernon is ais'nout ew man' led astray his anarchy libido. Now hisMung girlfriend andHotfellow peaceon!campaigner forAug revenge. Comedy, and Bean Pot—right 11-31 2.15pm (3.45) £3.50 (£2.50) THREE BLOKES STAY UP LATE • • VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. LU THREE BLOKES STAY UP LATE Empty Pockets and Greg Fleet return. Stand-up, sketches, musiconandthemayhem from Australia. thepointy. power,Seehearthem the light, touch the Careful, that List. bit's See really they kil pointy again. bits 'Consistentlyside.hilarious' The 'Hysterical . . surreal .before . inspired' Scotsman. Aug 7-31 (not 11. 1 8. 2 9) 12. 1 5am (1. 3 0) £5.00 (£4.00) Mun Thur £5.50 (£4.501 Fri-Sun THREE WOMEN AND A PASSION • • VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★livingWITCHPLAY ' B rilliant... superb' Sydney Herald. An eccentric Jewish clairvoyant in tea BondiandBeach, Australia, is accidentally possessed by livelyshow spiritsexplores whilst drinking marshmallows. This humorous how women ofteneating draw themagic' 'shortThestraw' . 'Poetic writingone-woman . . great humour . . great acting . . a night of pure News. Auq 9-31 (not Suns 11 & 18) 4.00pm (5.15) £5.50 (£4.50) TIC TOC AT MARCOS » VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 One ofinternational the liveliestrock venuesstarsonsuch the Fringe with Frame a widethrough range oftheshows. jI from as Roddy sheertheEverything lunacy ofs Attila/Otway, the mindbending powers of hypnotist Peter Zenner and Fringe' favourite Great foodTomall Robinson. day. Plus the stars of tomorrow. 30 different shows. Late bar. ONE FLEW OVER S NEST / LOW LEVEL PANIC ABSOLUTE i BANANA. See main THE headingCUCKOO' for details. Cuckoo'Levels Host: ; taw PunicAug: Aug12171924 1.00pm 1.00pm(2.3(2.0)15) £4.00 (£3.00) NOON DAY DEMONS bymost Peterinventive Barnes. ACCUSATIVE' . . CASES. Anarchic, tragij || Aug comedy 12-24 by(notoneSunof18)Britain'7.s45pm (9.00) £4.playwrights. 00 (£3.50) original . . biting' Times. | DUSA, FISH STAS AND VI ACCIDENTAL DEATH THEATRE COMPANY. Four young1924feminists Aug 11.00amattempt (12.30)to solve £4.00their (£3.00)emotional problems. RICHARD III CAMBRIDGE EXPERIMENTAL. Their daring re-interpretations of Shakespeare Intimate, have beenphysical amongstandthechallenging. boldest of the last | Aug 12-31 decade. (not Sun 18) 2.00pm (4.00) £5.00 (£4.00) DONKEYS' YEARS ATILLA THE STOCKBROKER AND JOHN OTWAY Ee-aw! The I I Aug dynamic 19-31 duo10.are15pmback. (11.30)Free admission £6.00 (£5.00)for Arsenal defenders. SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR This brilliant production of j Aug Pirandello' 26-31 s intriguing 4.15pm (6.1play 5) presented £3.00 (£2.0by0) CARDIFF UNIVERSITY DRAMA SOCIETY 1 POP CHANGEINSPEAK. A play for record collection. Six stories, six pop songslove 12-31 addiction, 'Tough, Aug (not Sunobsession. 18) 4.30pm (6.00)comic,£4.addictive 50 (£2.50) theatre' Scotsman. 1 THE CURRIED GOAT COMEDY SHOW Frenetic sketches, songs and stand-up from this rising comic trio. ' H igh quality . Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18) 6.15pm (7.15) £4.0.0 truly (£3.00)inventive' Varsity. OUR DAY OUT Chaos and hilarity abound in DURHAM REVUE'S presentation of Willy11-24Russell' s observation Aug (not Sun 18) 4.30pmof school (6.00) kids£3.5on0 (£3.a wild 00) day out. HANSEL AND GRETEL HERRICK THEATRE. A classic children's story brought bubbling stage.(11.5Don' Aug 12-17 to the 11.00am 0) t miss £3.00 this (£2.00)family treat. ONE MURDERandONE LIP SERVICE. Whodunnit set in Little England featuring i Aug aKNIT spinster, 19-31 a 7.sleuth 45pm (8.45) a stiff£5.5one 0 (£4.before 50) dinner. AEssex LIVEcountryside. esSEX SHOW Established acts from the cabaret circuit who reside in the Aug 1924 9.15pm (10.Very45) special£4,0guests 0 (£3.00 appear SUPOCY nightly. + Nurses)

NEWSREVUE ‘91 ' . . imagine a harder hitting live version of Week Ending or Spitting Aug 10-31 Image (not Sun. . 18)' Evening 8.45pmStandard. (9.45) That' £6.00s (£4.NEWSREVUE. 00) AFFAIR AT TEATIME to theguaranteed. wind and you(Pre-show fall under EARL OKIN's spell. Total relaxationCastanddiscretion satisfaction refreshment available.) Aug 10,11,16,17,23 26,30,31 4.15pm (5.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ THEinCASBAH Dead funny stuff for people who never thought VIC REEVES was funny Aug 2631 the 7.first45pmplace. (9.00) LEICESTER £4.00 (£3.POLY 00) POOR THEATRE PRESENTATION. ★ SOME SUMMERSband. A musical withbya LEICESTER good book POLY and good world' POOR.songs about the Aug 26-31s most12.famous 30pm (1.45) Presented £4.00 (£3.00) ★Sexually? GINGERPresented BEER Two young women meet and are attracted to each other. Aug 2631 12.15pm (1by.15) ROUGH £3.50AND (£2.50)READY THEATRE COMPANY. ★ GREG DAVIES Hilarious insights into theANDtrialsREADY and torments a boy growing into THEATREof COMPANY. Aug 26a 31SUPERSTUD! 1.30pm (2.Presented 30) £3.0by0 (£2.ROUGH 00) ★difficulty PERFECT WOMAN Greg . . a man with a fantasy. In meeting his fantasy he has Aug 26-31 with11.reality. 00am (noon)Presented£3.5by0 (£2.ROUGH 50) AND READY THEATRE COMPANY. MOLIERE'S THE MISER BLOW-UP. A delightful and wicked comedy. ' . . all the performances Aug 19-31 2.4are5pmcompelling (4.15) £4..0.0' (£3.Scotsman 50) 1990. KIDS KABARET THEATRE DES BICYCLETTES. A show for all the family. Combines Aug 2731 circus 11.00amskills,(12.15)fire juggling £3.00 (£2.and50) clowning. THE INCREDIBLE SHOWentertainment PAT WILSON and BARNES. Incisive SHRINKING wit, superb MORTGAGE timing and high valueADRIAN from AUSTRALIA' Aug 12-31 (not SSunDYNAMIC 18) 10.SATIRISTS. 15pm (11.15) £5.50 (£4.50) WITH TONGUES AND EVERYTHING OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE WOMEN come in an unholy union of humour. No additives, no preservatives, JUST JUICE.11-together Aug 31 (not rues or 18,29) 11.00pm (midnight) £4.50 (£3.50) THE GLASSFor details CEILING and THE VERY WORTHY CABARET WOMEN AND THEATRE. GlWortosshyCeiCabaret: ling: AugAug12.,0,129.main 2.221.423 company 6.30pm (7.entry. 30) £5.50 (£4.50) LATEtheNIGHT KARAOKE Thebecome wildest,a star mostyourself. riotous Late karaoke town. Singalong with stars, be spotted and bar. inSPECIAL GUESTS. Aug 5-18,2325, Ticket10,s 1at1,1venue only30,31 11.30pm (2.00) £2.00 (£1.00) CINDY AND(0898 SEVENgirl)AGES OF SUGARMAN big busted,An redhead, SLAGGITT Cindyof Slaggitt and The Seven Ages ofFirm,Sugarman: autobiography Sara Aug 1217 9.15pm (10.45)Sugarman. £4.00 (£3.001

SERIOUSLY COOL? No point in talking to you at all, is there? As a streetwise, hip and, doubtless, unfeasibly good looking person you'll already have your Fringe Club Card by now. If, however, you know any unfortunates who haven't, please remind them that every night at the Fringe Club they can see live bands, watch great cabaret, eat, drink and dance till all hours. But, they will need a Fringe Club Card to get in. They're available now from the Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh. Or on the night at the Club itself in Teviot Row, Bristo Square. FRINGE



EDINBURGH'S MOST VIBRANT VENUE presenting an exciting combination of Theatre, Music, Cabaret, Revue and Childrens Theatre. Enjoy a pre-show drink and a bite to eat in comfortable surroundings. Creche facilities available til 8.00 pm. RODDY FRAME AND EDWYN COLLINS of Aztec Camera and Orange Juice Scotlands's own international contemporary rock stars play solo accoustic sets on alternate nights with a one. off joint gig on Saturday 17th. Book early.. Aug 13-17 10.15 pm £10 ROUND MIDNIGHT WITH TOM ROBINSON In an intimate cabaret atmosphere enjoy a little chat and a lot of hits. A Fringe must. Aug 25-31 11.45 pm £7 AXILLA THE STOCKBROKER and JOHN OTWAY The Dynamic Duo are.back with a full-length rock opera?! Aug 19-31 10.15 pm £6

0 THE BLUES BROTHERS SUMMER VACATION You've seen the film, now join this amazing 18-piece Blues Band as they recreate the music and a whole lot more. Pork pie hats and shades at the ready. Hit it! Aug 17-24 Midnight £5

PETER ZENNER Mindreader and Hypnotist Extraordinare. Watch in wonderment - Participate at your peril! Adults Only Aug 13-31 6.45 pm £5

Newsrevue 91 Lipservice in Knit One, Murder One Earl Okin's Afternoon Affair Cambridge Experimental in Richard III Women and Theatre in The Glass Ceiling and A Very Worthy Cabaret Pat Wilson and Adrian Barnes in the Incredible Shrinking Mortgage Show The Okey Pokey Karaoke Show with surprise guest and prizes Absolute Banana • Accusative Cases#Accidental Death Theatre Co. A Live esSex Show #Blow Up Cardiff University Drama Soc.#ChangeinSpeak #Curried Goat# Durham Revue#Herrick Theatre Club Oxford and Cambridge Women#Polypoor Theatre Co. Rough and Ready Theatre Co.# Sindy Slaggit the 0898 Girl #Theatre des Bicydettes TIC TOC AT MARCO'S Venue 98 51 Grove Street Edinburgh Box Office 031 229 8830


TIME IN OUR HANDS ° '•fT VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 ★England, PEOPLE1997.PIEHard-hitting New age movie alive on stage. The theme is violence, place liveintegrated sound ofwith indiefilmbandby'CAdam all ThisSindall. a Nation!'Thisthe , forceful physical theatre of T. I . O . H . , is the experience Aug 11-31 you 4.00pmwill(5.never 10) forget. £4.00 (£3.Certificate 00 SUPOY)15.

TPN STUDENT DRAMA ° VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 BLACK COMEDY Shaffer' s inspired Black Comedy, originally starring Derek Jacobi, raninviting for yearsa millionaire in the WesttoEnd. A hisstruggling sculptor attempts to ssecure his future by view work and meet his fiancee' bigotted father, series(2.5of0) bizarre Aug 2631but in1.a30pm £3.50events, (£2.50) manages only to seal his fate.

TMU-NA THEATRE ° - •• VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge. Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★time.SHELTER Siren. Three women enter a shelter. Strangers, yet together forthemsometo Stepping outside is frightening. A momentary intimacy forces confront Aug 18,20,each 22,24,other 26,28,3and 0 the12.outside 15am (1.05)world.£4.What 50 (£3.will50)happen when the door opens? ★ aHOW DID IT HAPPEN by Federico Garcialonged Lorca'for, s writings. ofpromise. lifetime—the great loveInspired that invariable, however fails to The fulfilloveits Aug 19.21.23, 12.15am (1.05) £4.50 (£3.50)

TRAQUAIR FAIR - 3 VENUE 110-Traquair House, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire Tickets 0896-830323. P11 Outer TRAQUAIR FAIR A magical fair in the Scottish Borders, set in the grounds of and the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. Theatre, music, crafts, antiques complementary medicine. This year, John Mowat & Roy Weskin, Jonathan Kay, Paul Morocco, more. Come one come all. Aug 3 & 4 Sileas, 11.00amShikisha (6.100) and£5.5many Advance 0 (£2.5rates 0) oneavailable) day £9.00 (£5.00) reduced rate for both days [6.50 (£3.sales 00) onbefore the dayAug (Fami ly & groups

THE TOTALLY NAFF TARTS ° VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 THE TOTALLY NAFF TARTS You haven' t experienced the festival unless you've been naffed by this outrageous new female comedy double-act. Bringing chaos, ridicule, participation and celebrity guest. stars. than FrenchHeckler. andaudience Saunders . . blow jobbing Sharon style . has to'Farbemore seen enjoyable to be believed' AugThe 12-31 (not Suns) 12.15am (1.30) £4.00 (£3.50) 0 TOTTERING BIPEDS THEATRE COMPANY '•2»3 VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17 21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 ★ THEtransferred OVERCOATto bySadler' KatiesLondon fromThe Gogol.Traverse. Tottering'Triumphant' Bipeds' festival hit The'I Chairs WellsCaricature, and Scotsman doubt I shall see better' The List. monstruous bureaucracy, demonic haberdashery—the simple tale of Akaky Akakievich, office clerk, in search of an overcoat. Aug 12-24 (not Sun 16) 10.30pm (11.45) £5.50 (£4.50)

TRAVERSE THEATRE • 292m VENUE 15-Traverse Theatre, 112 West Bow, Grassmarket. Tickets 226 2633 J8 Combines innovation success and 'cTwelve ontinuesBritish to lead the Fringe with undiminished force andwithenergy' Observer. and theworld premieres. Courtyard cafe bar serves food and drinks all day and late into night. ' A vital theatre' Independent. ★ LIGHT IN THEof acclaimed VILLAGE by JohnDE Clifford. Traverse Company. Powerful new play Aug 89from8.8.writer 000pm (10.(10.115)5) £6.£7.0000 INES (£3. 000)0) CASTRO & LOSING VENICE. Aug 0pm (£3. Aug 10 8.33.0pm15pm(10.(5.45)30) £7.£8.0000(£3.(£4.00)00) Aug 13-18 Aug 20-25 0pm (3.(9.145)5) Aug 2731 1.7.030pm SKY WOMAN FALLING Traverses lifeCompany. Starring Una McLean. Extraordinary story byof 80TobyyearArmour white woman' with Native American Indians. Aug 6-7 8. 3 0pm (10. 1 5) £8. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 1113-18 8.31.0pm00pm(10.(2.15)45) £7.£8.0000(£3.(£4.00)00) Aug 20-25 Aug 5.15pm (7.00) Aug 27-31 5.45pm (7.30) THE BENCH by Alexander Gelman. Traverse Company. A success 'AugTough, bitter, compassionate performances’ Sundayin December. Times. 910,11 7.45pm (9.15)(9.30) £7.0Aug 0 (£4.play13-18 00). . scorching Aug 8. 0 0pm 12noon (1. 3 0) Aug 20-25 5. 3 0pm (7. 0 0) Aug 2731 2.00pm (3.30)

CLAY SCULPTURE BY LORRAINE FERNIE To Lorraine Fernie Art is about the spirit. Although the figures are not traditional characters each is made to convey its own inner self. Forms echo fire or water, plant and animal characteristics. Ornament is used as a social covering for nakedness. The spectator should be able to feel the way that the figure responds to life. Some enjoy, some endure, some are proud or angry, while others are broken. All must find the energy to live. THE ADAM POTTERY VENUE 135 76 HENDERSON ROW TEL 557 6978 3rd-31st AUGUST MONDAY-SATURDAV

10.00AM-G.00PM 95

TRAVERSE THEATRE—( STRUGGLE OF THE DOGS AND THEindictment BLACK by Bernard-Marie Koltes. Traverse Company. Aug 6-81318.2731Compulsive 7.45pm 4.(10.00pm 30)theatre. £6.00Searing (£3.£7.000)0 (£4.00) of neo-colonialism. Aug (6. 4 5) Aug 2025 12noon (2.45) ★ ARE THERE TIGERS IN THEandCONGO? BengtdoesAhlfors JohanourBargum. Traverse Entertaining affecting.byHow AIDSandaffect lives? Aug 10-11 Company. 6.7.135pm Aug 13-18 0pm (7.(8.135)0) £7.00 (£4.00) ★ MICHAEL MANAIA by JohnnewBroughton. Downstageacclaimed Theatre,atNew Zealand. StarringforJAMES Jim Moriarty. Powerful play from company last year'1318 s festival Hedda Gabler. Aug 6. 0 0pm (7. 4 5) £8. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 2025 3. 0 0pm (4. 4 5) Aug 2731 8.00pm (9.4S) ★ WEISMAN ANDFrom COPPERFACE Awriter Jewishof Western by George'Unforgettable Tabori. Yorrick. . Theatre Company. acclaimed MEIN KAMPF. inexhaustible humour' Theatre Heute. Aug 10.13-1811 6.8.010pm (£3.000)0) Aug 5pm0pm (9.(7.(2.4335)010) £8.£7.0000 (£4. Aug 2025 Aug 27-31 3.1.405pm (5.15) ★ SOLITUDE Theatreand Banialuka, Poland.andAcclaimed company' s firstof past visitandto Britain. Highly visual inventive—actors puppets create visions future. Aug 13-31 (not Mans) 10.15pm (11.45) £8.00 (£4.00) ★ REGINA THE ROMANOFFS Deeply personal secrets from Her Imperial FONG, Highness.LAST LavishOFspectacle Aug 1517,2224,2931 IZmidnight (1.15) £8.of 0unparalleled 0 (£4.00) elegance and horror. ★BAKER. DRAWING ON A MOTHER' S EXPERIENCE and COOKFinancial OEMS Times. BOBBY Two astonishing performances. 'Refreshing irreverence' Aug Aug 2025 27-31 7.3.315pm 0pm (4.(8.340)5) £7.00 (£4.00) ★ TOMORROW WE DOcomedy THE SKY Written performed Entertaining, provocative about life in aandfactory canteen.by Michael Mears. Aug 13-18 2. 0 0pm (3. 3 0) £7. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 2025 7.45pm (1.(9.310)5) Aug 27-31 IZnoon ★ MEMORIES OF AMNESIA collaboration between ' l egendary genius' byKenLawrence CampbellShainberg. and 'virtuosoExciting performer' Stephen Oxley.13-31 (not Mont) comic Aug 9.45pm (11.15) £7.00 (£4.00) FESTIVALmemorabilia. AUCTION Fundraising auctionViewing of Scottish contemporary art and Traverse Aug 26 6.30pm (9.30) EntryEntbyry bycatalogue. catalogue only all through festival.

EDINBURGH Butterfly and Insect World Hundreds of colourful, freeflying butterflies in a lush tropical landscape. Everything from jewel-like beetles to giant spiders! PLUS - Fish, birds and exotic plants. A spectacular day out not to be missed! At Dobbies ^ Gardening World, main A7 road between Edinburgh and Dalkeith Tel: 031-663 Open every day 10.00-5.30


UNCLASSIFIED MIME VENUE 52-Mayfield House, 107 East Trinity Road. Tickets 551 3813 INTO THE ABYSSandUnclassified presents The Abyss'styles a collection ofdivershi stories, sketches comic using'Intovarious topics such as waiting for yourmoments, social security, modernmime day media,tackling animation a schizophrenia. Aug 1217,2631 5.15pm (6.45) £4.00 (£2.50) THE UNITED NOTIONS ORGANISATION H11;l VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Gallon Road Tickets 556 7066 ★ PANTALONE' SMasks, MAGICimprovisation, AND A PLAYbawdy WITHINhumour, A PLAYfarcical Two classic Commedi . dell' A rte scenari. plots, mistaken} identities, frustrated lovers and thetroupe, obligatory happy endingswith from Brighton' a young sOxfordUniversity based commedia in collaboration U. N . ji Organisation, who also bring new to the Fringe:(9.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Pantalone' Play Withisn Magi A Play:c: AugAug10,11,13,14,15,16,17.18,20.21,222.3,2245 8.8.000pm 0pm (9.00) £3.50 (£2.50) UNAUTHORISED performance exploring stranget< worlds ofart.sexuality, SEX from COMPANY collective ofMultimedia leading creators from science-fiction and®i graphic Aug 28-31 8.00pm (9.00) £3.50 (£2.501 jewel831of the 11.South Land. 30pmThur(4.Coast' 00)£4.s00Club £3.Aug 50 (£2.501ATMonVENUE, 50) Fri-THAT Sun NIGHT ONLY. TICKETS ON THE(£3.DOOR UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Squarej, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. 19 ★ PRINCESS, DUKEcomedy AND‘ KING-My Favourite ofNames fors astudent Dog From thej> city of improvisational comes the University Chicago' comedyl ' * ’ ’ " ' tedySr troupe. Their revue combines young writtenactors, sketches with improvised scenes,Ratedfs soSe anything can comedy happen, alwaysnew,does. second best student andgroupwithatthese last visit, they' ve something returned with hilarious|i 10.15pm (11.45) £4.00 (£3.00) THE UNLIKELY THEATER COMPANY0 1»2»3 ! VENUE 55-Randolph Studig Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 G4K ★ MALLARDteam. ANDTheMACK HughTheater Mallard Company and Doug brings Mack were s worst;: songwriting Unlikely to lifeAmerica' their musicalli innovations that far outshine the Johnny-come-latelys Sondheim, Webber et al. Great songs from almost big. 'Bhitsrilliantly 'Quasi', 'Pumice from Heaven', 'Ripper' and thej;il;a long13,running Aug 15,17,20,musical 22,24 '8.D0ogs' 0pm (9.30) £2.entertaining' 50 (£1.50) . COWBOYS, ANDAngry, WAITRESSES Cowboys! Waitresses? It''*Bsrave' high. noon at INDIANS a bus stop cafe. comic encounter withIndians! the American West.#'

WAC has been providing performing arts experience for young people for more than 10 years. The WAC venue will celebrate the achievements of young people and provide a showcase for artists with and without disabilities. Tickets also available from Fringe box office 031 226 5138 Special Celebrity Cabaret cm Friday Nights.

8.00pm M.00(#3.00com) 26th -DANCE 31stAugust TIGER India 10. 0 0am #2.00 (#1.tkm 00cons) UNCLASSIFIED mime 3.15pm #4.00(#2.50 cans) 26th August ANGELA DE CASTRO & SKIN Sc BLISTERS silent 6.00pmclown/circus and 8.00pmtheatre #3.00(#2.00com) 27th 28thAugust LOUISE MONEY butrhpartrmance 6.00pmSHOUT #3.00(#2.00cons) THE seriouspop 8.00pm #6.00(#3.00eons) 29th - 31stAugust FABLE dsatlaWJc-bodiedtheatre 2.00pm VISION #2.50(#1.50core) STREETS AHEAD dsaUedbtioboded theatre 8.00pm #250(#1.50cons)

VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) Tickets 556 5184. 19 ★ UNLIKELY MYTHS Thesong. Unlikely TheaterforCompany re-tells the Myths of old THE WESTBURY THEATRE COMPANY ° '•2939 ; through humor, mime and Wonderful all ages. VENUE 102-Rockvi l e House Hot e l , 2 Joppa Pans, Seavi e w Terrace. Ti c ket s 669 5418. G13 Outer Aug 12-24 (not Sun 18) 10.00am (11.15) £2.00 (£1.00) * FRANKENSTEIN DORMOUSE Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was.a. shy woman. Today sheAND is bestTHEstory. known for her does parents, her husband, her friends. and writing a famous horror Seldom anyone give her credit for creative genius, hershine.intellect and her humour. We take Mary's light from underherits VOLCANO THEATRE COMPANY bushel and let it VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Placa Tickets 226 5425 _D6 Aug 11-31 (not 12,19.26) 8.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£2.50) MEDEA: SEXblood-sweating WAR by Tonysex-war Harrison.ritual,Classic tale oftheforbidden love presented as aand ferocious, exploring division between the sexes the bastardisation of the character of Medea as a barbarian princess and infanticidal bitch. ' R ED HOT' The Independent. ' S UPERB PERFORMERS' The WESTERN UNION Scotsman. 'EXCITING . . INTIMIDATING' The Guardian. Aug VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24 26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 Aug 1217 1931 (not7.Sun30pm25)(8.45) 11.00pm£5.0(12.0 (£4.15) 001 * HANGING' S TOO FOR THEM Barry Antingham. Following last year’s successful 'BlueGOOD Remembered Hills', byWestern Union return with a This new comedy about suburban reactionaries campaigning to clean up the streets. very funnyandplayboundless exposes thevitality' nastyFestival undersideTimes. of Neighbourhood Watch. 'A great deal of ability WALES ACTORS* COMPANY ° ’ VENUE 26-Acropolis, Top of Calton Hil , Regent Rd. Tix 343 3017 from Aug 19, 10am 5.30 HI] Aug 1325 (not 19) 4.15pm (5.45) £4.00 (£3.50) CYMBELINE byCeltic Shakespeare. Wales' foremost professional touringofcompany bring Shakespeare' romance the setting the Acropolis, Calton Hipicnic, l . Asrare chance towear seeto warm this magnificent mystical playopen-air of intrigue, deception and love. Bring a a rug —and clothing. WEST LOTHIAN YOUTH THEATRE ° ♦ 3 Aug 1931 (not 25) 6.30pm (8.451 £4.50 (£3.501 VENUE 52-Mayfield House, 107 East Trinity Road. Tickets 551 3813 AK) Outer DESPERATELY SEEKING SCOTLAND Inforce. thisIncorporating race againstinventive time, therapping, West Lothiansatire YouthandTheatre present ancast impressive cruel lots of fun, the dissects their cultural and national history to reveal their concept of contemporary Scotland. Dynamic to the end.' EDINBURGH WATSON AND CO. — • • EVENING NEWS. VENUE 45-01(1 St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 Aug 12-17 3.00pm (4.15) £2.50 (£1.50) REFLECTIONS A BARREN SHORE Japanese dance, gregarious comicONcharacters, western mimethecombines andnature clownofmodern to make this physical theatre A hauntingfollows. show about the sense ofpiece hopeunique. that inevitably 'A completely newloss styleandof despair theatre'andJapan Aug 2031 (not 25) 6.00pm (7.00) £5.00 (£3.00 SUPDC) WETI WOMEN OF DUBLIN ° ■ ^3 VENUE 32-Springwell House, Ardmil an Terrace, off Gorgie Road. Tickets 346 1405 K1 Outer ★theirCLASS ATTACK The Women' s Education Training Initiative of Dublin present show Class Attack—a black comedy aboutIt wasburnout, wipeout, incopout in the WEEKEND ARTS COLLEGE ° community world of Dublin housing schemes. first performed Dublin, s European below. City of Culture, in Age Opportunity Week. Also at other venuesthisin IVENUE 52-Mayfield House, 107 East Trinity Road. Tickets 551 3813 A10 Outer year' Edinburgh—see jJAZZ BLITZ A week of SERIOUS jazz featuring THE WAYNE BATCHELOR 20at CLOVENSTONE 9.30pm (10.COMMUNITY 15) £2.50 CENTRE, (£1.00) 54 Clovenstone Park Aug 21 7.30pm (8.15) QUARTETClifford, and THEBrianLONDON FUSION ORCHESTRA. s whose quartet music includesis Aug Alandso MUIRHOUSE Winston Edwards andworking Jonathan Gee. Wayne' Wayne, FESTIVAL ARTS CENTRE, Muirhouse Place West Aug 22 7.30pm (8.15) influenced by COLTRAINE is currently with Julian Joseph. In support are the Tickets at venues onl y LFO who appeared at last year's festival featuring IAN CARR. A must for all jazz fans. Aug 1924 8.00pm (11.00) £6.00 (£3.00) FUSION Exciting multi-racial using youth companydrama, presentmimepieces Armani V Naphtali, Chris andbysong. WHEN HARRY MET ALLY °W’ Aug 12-17Carter 8.and00pmthemselves (9.30) £2.50 (£1.dance, 50) VENUE 36-Festival Club, 915 Chambers Street. Tickets 650 2395 K9 NOBODY' S BUSINESS Modern ofjazzclassics harmonies and world rhythms featuring ALISTAIR McGOWAN AND HARRY HALL Alistair McGowan: Lively and original material and new versions by Monk, Mingus, Marsalis, More. assured comic and impressionist’ Time Out. ' C ombines invention with brisk oneAug 1924 6.00pm (7.15) £4.00 (£2.50) The and Stage.'a very 'Check his Trevor Brooking' GLR. Harry THE DANCE Workshops bodyNatak). painting,A dancing and dance mask- liners' reputation uniqueoutstyle' Hair and Hairdressing. QualityHall:timeA rapidly with tworising top makingTIGER for the Tigerof drumming, Dance (Bhagia professional from India.in preparation Aug 1024 11.30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00) pal 2831 10.00am (1.00) £2.00 (£1.00) STREETS AHEAD A groupandof disabled able-bodied youngto people, abodied multi-media environment exploringandissues of relevance disabledworking and able-in Aug 2931youth.8.00pm (10.00) £2.50 (£1.50) WILSON AND ADRIAN BARNES ° • • • THE SHOUT First the thought, then the SHOUT. Heart in the Drums, feet on the PAT VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's. Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove St. Tickets 229 8830 K3 floor, the clouds. Aug 27,heads 18 8.in80pm (8.15) Go£6.0on0 (£3.. . 00) THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MORTGAGE wit, superbpopular timing and highPatentertainment value inBarnes. a new originalSHOW revueIncisive from Australia’s BORDERLAND This trail blazing, mixed ability theatre company mark their satirists Wilson and Adrian professional with a contemporary and moving piece directed by Michael Aug 12-31 (not 18) 10.15pm (11.15) £5.50 (£4.50) Duke.2931 2.debut Aug 08pm (3.00) £2.50 (£1.50)





SHELLEY WYANT’S MASKWORK ETC° ...1 2 3» ! VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ;' * LOVE, REINCARNATION AND GARBAGE III explores A maskedlove,mythreincarnation of heroic jJfi proportion. Humorous, zany and poignant, this piece and garbage in urban New York. This is a new work using masks, music and slides, Ikj suitable Aug 2531for all10.ages. 30pm (11.30) £3.50 (£3.00! YES/NO PEOPLE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 220 4349 G7 YES/NO PEOPLEcreator PRESENT: STOMP! LUKE CRESSWELL (Pookiesnackenburger, I Urban Warriors), of ' B eat The Clyde' , Glasgow percussion spectacular, brings his drums andclapdrumming indoors anfor array an evening of rhythmicroutines, indulgence. Six a:|i<, performers stomp, and tap through of ear-drumming playing WORKSHOP PRODUCTIONS FEATURING anything Zippo lighters Aug 915,18,from 20 22,2631 11.45pmto (1.galvanised 00) £6.5dustbins! 0 (£5.00) BASILDON YOUTH THEATRE ° VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 0044 UJ Aug 16.17,23-25 11.45pm (1.00) £7.50 (£6.50) ★experience UNDERSTANDING & RESPONSE This performance based upon a personal is difficulta loved to define. It is theatre thatillness expresses bothlessons emotions and YOUNG VORONEZH BALALAIKAS ° feelings. Supporting one through a serious 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Info 556 6550. Credit card booking 556 1513. U1 1 toculminate be valuable. The'Understanding social climate, social comments andteaches the magic of believed theatre VENUE YOUNG VORONEZH BALALAIKAS 10concerts virtuosos,makeagedtheir10—16, renowned within fiijn into an and Response' . the USSR for their tours and charity first visit to Western Aug 2631 8.00pm (9.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Europe. LedRussian by their tutor with IVANskillILICHandINSHAKOV, they play andA delight sing modern traditional infectious enjoyment. to the and eye f|Ilm; and 617 the ear.6.00pm (7.works Aug 1 0) WORLD MUSIC AT ST. JOHN’S ° VENUE 127-St John's Church, West End, Princes Street H6 £5.00 (£3.001 NIon Thur £5.50 (£3.50) Fri-Sun HEART —everyone' BEAT WORLD MUSIC presents three top blend international groups: PETER ZENNER ‘■•’•‘•’•l Awatinas s favourite Bolivians. Outback—who digeridoo, guitar VENUE 98-Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove SI. Tickets 229 8830 K3 Jfc and AfricanFlamenco percussiondancer to produce vibrant originalandsounds renowned whose inspirational innovative+ Nina style Corti—world has classed CRUISE PETER and ZENNER-MINDREADER ANDSitHYPNOTIST Freshandfrom a WORLD her among ' t he greats' . extensive EUROPEAN TOUR. in wonderment experience the HijIII See under main headings: AWATIHAS. OUTBACK & NINA CORTI, for full details. extraordinary talents of the country' s foremost exponents of PSYCHIC ENTERTAINING. Aug 1031 (not 181 Hilarious 6.45pm and (8.15)bewildering. £5.00 (£4.STRICTLY 00) ADULTS ONLY. WPI MASQUE ° 3 . ' i VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church Hall, West End Princes Si. H6 ZERO/ONE VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 0044 13 Sf ★ HOW TO BEafterA SUPERHERO INcabbage TEN EASY STEPS or outrageous taking your comedy child to SINKING ARK by MALCOLM LE MAISTRE in collaboration with Paul Allan. The psychotherapy the dog ate his doll. This witty, sell out of Edinburgh' s Festival of the Environment returns. An environmental introduces Monologue Man, defender of Truth, Justice andbythetheTheatrical Way, who musical performed by children for everybody. Three animals take action to show i!Jft;. advises on how to become a superhero but is resisted Critic. some children the harm being inflicted on the planet. 'Entertaining, exhilarating and |t Aug 1217 3.15pm (4.30) £3.00 (£1.50) moving. Aug 1924 Don'7.t 3miss.' 0pm (8.40) £2.50 (£1.50) WOMEN AND THEATRE ° VENUE 38-Tic Toe at Marco's. Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove SI. Tickets 229 8830 K3 This multi-faceted company bursts onto the Fringe with a dynamic debut doublebill. A sparkling concoction of songs, sketches and physical theatre, we offer two helpings ofandnaughty-but-nice exceedingly good night out! 'Witty, trenchant full of effective cabaret. satire' TheAnScotsman. THE GLASS CEILING A sideways type look twist. at confidence and self image. Cabaret theatre with an Alice in Wonderland Aug 12.WS.20.22.24 6.30pm (7.15) E5.50 (£4.601 THE VERY WORTHY CABARET An irreverent look at health 1991 style: frank and fruity, Aug W5.this1J.19.adult 21.23show6.3pulls 0pm (7.no15)punches. C5.50 (£4.501

The Royal Hospital for Sick Children needs your kindness. Tile Royal Hospital for Sick Children, affectionately known throughout Scotland as the SICK THE SICK KIDS KIDS', is in desperate need of help. Help to finance the building and equipping of a new wing. The need is urgent, but not new. Indeed, for the past 25 years the hospital has been fighting to maintain and develop standards. Breaking point is close. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY 1ARILLBANK TERRACE TELEPHONE:EDINBURGH 031-668-4949EH91LN FAX: 031-668-4900 98

10-25 August 1991 Interested in Film or Television? Then you cannot afford to miss the 45th EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, taking place at Filmhouse between 10th and 25th August 1991The EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is recognised as one of the most adventurous festivals in the world, with more than 300films screened throughout 16 days. FILiyjfcsV is the new free EIFF programme, availablefrom 21 July. SendA4 SAE to: EIFF Publications, 88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH3 9BZ


EXHIBITIONS Admission free unless otherwise stated Competition sponsored by FRINGE/LIFE ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND SCHOOL'S POSTER COMPETITION 1991 • • Venue 129-Freemason’s 6 George Street. Info 226 5257 or 5259 THE BEST OF THE REST We've picked our winner now it's your turn. This unique exhibition of the best of the 3,370 designs submitted for this year's competition is a one off opportunity to see the artistic talents of Scottish school children brought together under one roof. Don't miss it! Aug 12-31 9.00am-6.00pm Tr (Closed Sundays) THE ADAM POTTERY Venue 135-76 Henderson Row. Tel: 557 3978

THE LIFE ASSOCIATION OF SCOTLAND You can buy this year's poster and all the competition winners since 1980 at the Fringe Office, 180 High Street, for £1.75 each. We also have T-shirts, mugs, postcards and sweatshirts. CAMERA OBSCURA Venue 160-Camera Obscura, Castlehill, Royal Mile. Tel: 226 3709 mm

CLAY A SELLING EXHIBITION OF NEW WORK BY JANET ADAM LORRAINE FERNIE LARA SCOBIE THROWN CERAMIC HANDBUILT POTTERY SCULPTURE VESSELS 3-31 August Monday-Saturday 10 am-6 pm ARTISTIC LICENCE Venue 140-The Dunedin Gallery, 6 Hil side Street THE ART OF MEDICINE A unique exploration of the inter-relationship between art and medicine down through the ages. Medical subjects in art, illness in the artist and its effect on his work, the exciting new artistic possibilities of modern medical imaging techniques—these and other themes will be disected in Edinburgh’s newest art gallery. Aug 4-Aug 31 (not Mons or Tues) 11 am-6 pm FREE ENTRY BOOK FAIR Venue 34-Adam House, 5 Chambers Street J9 ANTIQUARIAN AND SECONDHAND BOOKS Booksellers from throughout the United Kingdom exhibit for sale a wide range of antiquarian and secondhand books, maps and ^ prints. Organisers: P.B.F.A. h) Aug 5-Aug 31 ^ 10 am-6 pm daily (First day open 12.00 noon) Monday to Saturday Admission Free

mm 'T

The Newest Hologram atAttraction. Edinburgh’s PartOldest of an exciting New Exhibition fromHolography France, Holland, Britain and the United States. Also spy on EdinburghEnjoy fromthe theRooftop Camera Obscura; Views. Gift Shop. Open every day 9.30am-6.30pm. Admission £2.50. Student £1.80.Child £1.25. O.A.R £1.50. Family £6.50.

THE CHESSEL GROUP Venue 154—The Chessel Gallery, Moray House, The Royal Mile. Tel. 556 8455 CERAMICS KEN SOUTHALL PAINTING BRENDA LENAGHAN JEANETTE LASSENR.S.W. JERZY MAREK ANNE MENDELOW 13th FESTIVAL EXHIBITION EMBROIDERY 12-31 August KIRSTIE COLAM Monday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm (Closed Sundays) JEWELLERY SHEANA STEPHEN Admission Free COMPUTER ANIMATION EXHIBITION AND WORKSHOP Venue 141-flmiga Centre Scotland, 4 Hart Street Lane. Tel: 557 4242 F10 Experience first hand the exciting, colourful world of computer animation * Book a half-hour WORKSHOP and create your own dynamic on-screen images . . . * See the funniest and most innovative entries to this year’s ANIMA TION COMPETITION on display... Anyone wishing to enter the ANIMATION COMPETITION should contact Amiga Centre Scotland for further details. Closing date 31 Julv. Wednesday, August 21 to Wednesday, August 28 9.30 am-5.30 pm (except Sat and Sun) ADMISSION FREE

CONTEMPORARY BRITISH TEXTILES Venue 157-QUERCUS, 16 Howe Street. Tel: 220 0147 F7 A wealth of colour and variety in this exhibition of work by leading interior and fashion textile designers Featuring, with many others, KAFFE FASSETT Sian Tucker, Richard Womersley, Carole Waller Richly painted and printed fabrics Wall hangings Deep tufted wool rugs Designer clothing, knitwear and accessories Aug 10-Sept 7 10 am-5.30 pm (Sundays noon-4 pm) FREE ENTRY DAZZLE Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street G7 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL DAZZLE 48 of Europe’s leading contemporary jewellery designers exhibit to midnight daily, showing 1,000 pieces at prices from £5 to £500. “The work is highly innovative and those who have bought in the past, have often paid prices that make their purchases great bargains”— Financial Times. August 9-August 31 11 am-Midnight (Saturdays 10 am-Midnight) Admission Free EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Venue 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place K7 RESTLESS SHADOWS—JAPANESE FIBREWORKS 27Newsculptures nine artists wood,of apaper, silk, rope, etc. work fromby Japan at theinstart UK tour. July 22-Aug 10 am-5 pm 30 (including Saturdays and Sundays) ANDREW WALKER Drawings and Paintings 1981-1991 DONALD URQUHART Recent Paintings ECA PHOTOGRAPHY Selected by David Williams GURI LE RICHE “Afghan Artifacts”, rugs, kilims, cushions, jewellery Aug 11-Sept 1 10 am-5 pm (incl Sals and Suns) EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL Venue 151-Brass Rubbing Centre^ Trinity Apse: Chalmer's Close (Off High Stl, Royal Mile J10 Brass Rubbing Centre The centre has a fascinating collection of replicas moulded from ancient Pictish stones, rare Scottish brasses and mediaeval church brasses. No experience is needed to make a rubbing. TELEPHONE 031-556 4364 Admission Free Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays :2pm - 5pm 100

EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL Venue 158-Huntly House Museum, 142 Canongate, Royal Mile Huntly House Museum A restored 16th century mansion which is today the city’s principal museum of local history. Also on display are collections of Edinburgh silver and glass, Scottish pottery and shop signs. TELEPHONE 031-225 2424 (ext 6689) Admission Free Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays :2pm - 5pm EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL Venue 156-Lady Stair's House, Lawnmarket, Royal H LADY STAIR’S HOUSE Built in 1622 by a prominent merchant burgess of the city, this is a museum of portraits, manuscripts and relics relating to Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson. TELEPHONE 031-225 2424 (ext 6593) Admission Free Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays :2pm - 5pm EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL Venue 153-Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street, Royal Mile Museum Of Childhood Much frequented by children and oftentl described as the ‘noisiest museum in the world’, this is a treasure house of historic toys, dolls, hobby items, children’s costume and many other things relating to childhood. TELEPHONE 031-225 2424 (ext 6645) u* Admission Free Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays :2pm - 5pm EDINBURGH DISTRICT COUNCIL Venue 148-People's Story, 163 Canongate, Rnyal IV & THE PEOmrS STORY Tells of the lifefrom and the worklateof18th ordinary people of Edinbuigh century to the present day. The museum is filled with sights, smells and sounds of everyday life in thethepast. Telephone 031-225 2424 (ext 6638) Admission Free Monday-Saturday: 10am-6pm, During the Edinburgh International Festival, Sundays :2pm - 5pm

EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS Venue 144-Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop and Gallery, 23 Union Street. Tel: 557 2479 F11 MARC CHAGALL: SELECTED GRAPHIC WORKS Aug 10-Sep 14 10am-6 pm (2 pm-5 pm Sundays) A rare chance to see a selection of Chagall's lithographs, demonstrating his marvellous use of ' colour and line in an exploration of the eternal theme of love. (In collaboration with the Berkeley Square Gallery, London) OPEN STUDIO Monday-Friday during the Festival from 2-4 pm. Come and see artists at work on etchings, lithographs and screenprints ENGRAVED CRYSTAL BY ALISON KINNAIRD Venue 139-Advocates' Gallery, 369 High Street J9 Alison Kinnaird’s work combines technical skill with an artistic exploration of the expressive potential of a beautiful medium. *Bi| A unique opportunity to see i new work by an artist who is represented in major public and private collections throughout the world. Aug 12-Aug 31 10.30 am-5 pm Admission Free A FEEL OF NEPAL Venue 136-6 Howe Street. Tel: 225 1654

GALERIE MIRAGES Venue 149-Galerie Mirages, 46A Raeburn Place THE ART OF ADORNMENT A magnificent selling exhibition celebrating mankind’s love of adornment. MASKS — from Zaire, Gabon, Nigeria, Nepal, Indonesia, India JEWELLERY — Ethnic jewellery from India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Ethiopia — also textiles, woodcarvings, pottery Aug 1-Sept 21 (except Sundays) 10 am-6 pm ADMISSION FREE HOLYROOD ART CLUB Venue 65-St Ann's Community Centre, 6 South Gray's Close, High Street ART EXHIBITION AND SALE OF PAINTINGS Oil paintings, Watercolours, Pastels and Drawings in First Floor Exhibition Hall. Aug 10‘-24 Entrance Free 10 am-7.30 pm Cafeteria (except Sundays) (Exhibition closes 4.30 pm Aug 24) Access froms House) High Street John Knox' or from(opposite Cowgate. INHOUSE F7 Venue 134—Inhouse, 28 Howe Street. Tel: 225 2888 Chairs from 30 Designers-An Exhibition covering 100 years of chair design. Including: C F A Vovscv C' It Mackintosh . Wright Man I Hrcn Mic i Per Uol

A FEEL OF NEPAL glimpses of an enchanting world NATURAL MATERIALS—BEAUTIFUL OBJECTS A selling exhibition that displays both new and ancient techniques in silver jewelry, thang-ka paintings, Himalayan carpets, handwoven cottons, brass and copper, carved wood, masks, handmade paper, yak wool. Philippe Starck WITH PHOTOGRAPHS AND COMMENTARY Jorge Pcnsi Horek Sipck Aug 9-Sep 15 (except Monday) 11.00-6.00 Aug 10-Sept 7 9.30-6.00 (Closed Sundays) Admission Free FIGURATIVE FANTASY BY FIONA INSTITUT FRANCAIS D'ECOSSE Venue 145-The Haven, 180 Ferry Road. Tel: 554 6559 •Venue 55-lnstitut Francais D'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Crescent. Tel: 225 5366 CHARLES NEGRE'S RIVIERA First photographs of the Cote d'Azur ||i Canvases 130 year old collection of |f( each with individual ; Aiiu u-Aiti m ' This landscapes and portraits by 10.50 am-5.30 pm pioneer master photographer is |l| idiosyncrasy, captive (Sun 12.30 am-lJOpm) an invitation to join a fascinating images, innately Admission Free H emotional, highly journey to the “Cote d’Azur” of i colourful the 1860’s. Aug 12-Sept 7 Simultaneously, in the Cafe, photographs by Alain Keohane: 9.30 am-6.00 pm “The Berbers of Morocco”. Admission Free

INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Venue 137-Merchant Hall, 22 Hanover Street INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY 129th International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography presented by Edinburgh Photographic Society. Aug 12-Aug 31 10 am-8 pm (Closed Sundays) Early closing Aug 31: 7 pm Admission £1.00 Children under 12 free MARTIN AND FROST Venue 143-Martin and Frost, 130 McDonald Road —ORIENTAL RUGS— THE COLLECTOR’S CHOICE Since Xenophon and the Greeks carried off carpets in their 4th Century B.C. campaign against Persia, people the world over have collected oriental rugs. This Exhibition seeks to show the best at any price and illustrate why their beauty and individuality appeals to so many people. Aug 12-31, 9-5.30 daily, 12.30-5 Sunday Admission Free Easy parking

OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT Venue 142-Out of the Nomads Tent, 40 Pilrig Street BLOOMS AND BEASTS Decorative Tribal Art from Asia For our 9th Edinburgh Fringe, we are presenting a large selling exhibition which looks at Animals and Flowers in Tribal Art: examples include Blooms and Beasts in kilim rugs, jewellery, furniture, ceramics, paintings and artefacts from Afghanistan, Swat, Rajasthan, Turkey and Romania. Aug 10-Aug 31 10 am-7 pm Admission Free TIM POMEROY

THE NAMES PROJECT (UK) PORTFOLIO GALLERY Venue 146-West and Wilde Bookshop, 25a Dundas Street, Edinburgh F8 Venue 133-Portfolio Gallery, 43 Candlemaker Row. Tel: 220 1911 THE AIDS MEMORIAL QUILT ARTHUR TRESS is made of thousands of individual three by six foot panels, Fish Tank Sonata each bearing the name of someone who has died with AIDS. The panels are made by i An ambitious and brilliant fairy tale parable told in a friends, lovers and families. series of surreal colour This exhibition represents a photographs by Arthur Tress, selection of panels from the internationally acclaimed UK. New York photographer. Aug 4-Aug 31 7 August - 7 September 9 am-9 pm Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.30 Admission Free (Donations Welcome) Admission by Catalogue £1 (75p) 9TH WEST END CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR PUNCH AT THE FRINGE Venue 127-St John's Church, Corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road H6 Venue 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street

9TH WEST END CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR Concentrating on the “SCOTTISH CONNECTION" in contemporary craft and design —over 50 exhibitors (changing every 3 days) selling their latest work direct! Set in the grounds of one of the Fringe's liveliest venues, you can wander in and explore as often as you like! The Albion Business Centre, Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QZ, Tel: 031-661 6600 Aug 5-Aug 31 (Except Sundays) 11 am-6 pm Free Admission 102

PUNCH-150 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR PUNCH! ItRooms s Punch' birthday theandbestthejokes celebrations are starting at With the Assembly | withs an150th exhibition through cartoons from Steadman, Williams,ofHoneysett, H. M.fromBateman andtheE.ages. H. Shepard among |I others. August 10-August 31 (All day) FREE

RICHARD ROBERTS BOOK MARKETS Venue 129-Freemasons' Hall, 96 George Street


EDINBURGH FESTIVAL BOOK MARKET Browse in comfort through thousands of secondhand and antiquarian books, maps, and prints. A large selection of subjects is covered, and prices will suit all pockets. Details: Aug 3rd-31st Tel: 05606 349 10.00 am-6.00 pm (Closed Sundays) ADMISSION FREE ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS Venue 159-lnverleith House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Inverleith Row. Tel: 552 7171 C7 3ledoute’s SRoses Die first and only showing of these original paintings by “Tierre-Joseph Hgdoute - published in ‘fes looses’ (1817-1824) which have become the best-lovedflower paintings of all time. ^MonSat 10-f, Sun 7/-J- to cAugust to 15 September. Admission £2.00, concessions £1.00 ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION FOR SCOTLAND Venue 138-Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland, 9 Atholl Crescent. Tel: 229 1109 H4 PLANS FOR SCOTLAND Recent Cases The quality of architecture in civilising the city Saturday Aug 10-Sunday Sept 1 Every day 11 am-4 pm Admission Free THE ROYAL INCORPORATION OF ARCHITECTS IN SCOTLAND Venue 155-The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, 15 Rutland Square H5 WINNERS AND LOSERS: SCOTLAND AND THE ARCHITECTURAL COMPETITION Winners and Losersthedemonstrates the strength competitions and vitality ofofScottish and will examine merits of the architectural the pastarchitecture 225 years. These designs were influential, especially beautiful or resulted from a arecompetition with an interesting history. Some were built, some were not; some winners, some are losers; many are of world class. Aug 12- Aug 19 9 am-5 pm (Saturday 10 am-4 pm) Admission Free

EDITH SIMON GALLERY Venue 106-Student Centre House (Chaplaincy Centre], Bristo Square. Tel: 667 0214 L9 SIGNALS Press quotes say: "A Festival in itself" "Incarnation of the Fringe" "Unimaginable-see it" This year's powerful new collection of her Scalpel-Paintings and other pictures, Sculpture, Audio-Visual and Video. E for EVER-S for SUPERLATIVE. And you can talk to the artist. Aug 5-Aug 31 (Not Sundays) 10.30 am-6.30 pm Admission Free SPANISH ART EXHIBITION Venue 152-Spanish Consul, 63 North Castle Street Carmin a Garcia Alegre, Exhibits Paintings of Mixed Technique, with Enamel Fired on Copper Aug 12-Aug 31 9 am-4 pm (Saturday 10 am-2 pm) Admission Free ROBIN TANNER'S VISION OF BRITAIN Venue 40-Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tel: 220 6109 Robin Tanner’s prints, the work of a passionate ecologist and distinguished artist, are shown with furniture by Tim Stead and ceramics by Murray Miller. The Rainforest Cafe invites you to digest your impressions, take the weight off your feet and enjoy our vegetarian/vegan home cooking. Aug 12-Aug 31 10.30 am-4.30 pm Admission Free WASPS CONTEMPORARY ART Venue 147-WASPS, Patriot Hall, Hamilton Place




VENUE INDEX This is a listing of Venues by Name. Under each name you will find the Venue Number, the address, phone number for tickets and messages, , buses, food and drink details, and information about access for disabled people. A list of all the performers appearing at that venue is also given. Look under the group's main listing in the Programme for full details. Key to Disabled Information The information is in the following order: Entrance: (a) distance in yards from road (b) number of steps at entrance (c) Style of steps (Str=straight, Sp = spiral). | HR = handrail. Landings or platforms big enough to take a wheelchair are indicated 1 + 1 + 3 (d) Lifts and handrails are only noted if present. Auditorium: (a) | distance in yards from entrance to nearest seats (b) number of steps and style. WC (water closet): W=women, M=men. Level at which WC is located is f indicated with a WC at the relevant floor. Door width is given only if less than 26". Example: Gilded Balloon: Ent 2yd Flat. (This means that the entrance is 2 yards from the side of the road. The entrance area is flat.) Example: Aud: 20yd 4 Str HR WC ( + 1 25"). (This means that the auditorium is 20 yards from the entrance 4 steps (all straight) with Handrail. WC (up 1 step 25" wide). If possible, phone the Venue beforehand if you need assistance. Further information from Venue or Fringe Office (226 5259). A useful guide is "Edinburgh and Lothian for the Disabled" available from the Scottish Council On Disability, Princes House, 5 Shandwick Place, EH2 3RG. Phone 031-229 8632. The Fringe Society is indebted to Claire Roller and Jane White at Artlink for their assistance in compiling the information on access for the disabled. Artlink: 031-229 3555 could also help with other venues outside the Fringe. Our thanks to Lothian Region Councils Public transport Unit for assistance in compiling the bus information. The bus information is only a rough guide to buses that either pass by the door or near the venue. For further assistance please phone: SMT 031-556 8464, Lothian Region Transport 031-220 4111 or Lothian Bus Line 031-225 3858. Venue 130 Assembly/Wildcat at The Meadows, Venue 116 Abbey Decorators, Venue 88 Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, Middle Meadow Walk. MS 22 Featherhall Avenue. j1 Outer 2 Pilton Drive, off Ferry Rd. A3 Tickets 220 4349 Tickets 334 1253 Tickets 551 2400. Buses: 1/6, 2/12, 26, 26A, 31, 32, 48, 52, 69, Buses: 15A, 18/18A, 24 (off at Melville Dr) or I Buses: 1/6, 27 (off Ferry Rd) or 14, 19/39, 20, 85, 86,and100, SMT37, 86, 88,only.ET333. 2,12, 23, 27, 28, 29, 45, SMT C23 off at Royal f. 22/25, SMT C23 (off Boswell Parkway). Food drink: Tea and480,coffee Infirmary). Disabled: Ent: 5yd, Str. Aud: 12 yd. WC Food and drink: Cafe all day. Ground level. Disabled portaloos. 1 unadapted. Accessible to wheelchairs with help. Disabled: Ent: 13yd ramps. 2 parking spaces. Disabled: Phone Sarah Hill 226 5992 for info. SHAKING UP SHAKESPEARE Completely accessible. ASSEMBLY/ W ILDCAT AT THE MEADOWS - ASSEMBLY | GRASSMARKET PROJECT ROOMS - BILL HICKS - JEEVES, WOOSTER, FRIENDS & Acoustic Music Centre, Venue 25 ENEMIES - JIVING LINDY HOPPERS - CRAIG McMURDO IN f Chambers St. Hse, 16 Chambers Street. xg THAT SWING THANG - MAPAPA ACROBATS & THE BAND 1 Info 2203, 2462. 8237 MANDINGO Buses: 5, 7, 64/65, 8,Messages 14, 21,70,31,79,34633,80,86, 51, 69,88.80-82, The Amphitheatre, 31 Lothian Road Venue 51 SMT C3, C11, Food and drink: Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. Tickets 228 4373 H5 BBC Scotland, Studio One, Venue 57 Disabled: Ent: Wheelchair 2yd 2 Str. Aud: Flat. WCand (W Buses: 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18/18A, 24, 34, 35, 5 Queen Street. G8 23", M25"). spaces3yd provided SMT Cl, C11, C16. access to 2nd floor if advance notice given, 24 Buses: 23, 27, 89, SMT C23 (off Hanover St). Food and drink: Licensed Bar at time of Disabled: Ent: level left of main door. Aud: 20yd hrs if possible. ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE THIEF - GOLDEN DUCK performance only. Wc adapted. Completely accessible to THEATRE COMPANY - HOT-STBOAT LICKS COOKIES -SCHOOL LOREENA Ent: +2 (1 ramped) no HR. Aud: 4yd flat. wheelchairs. MCKENNITT -THEATRE MOTTRAM ANDREW FAME - Disabled: then lift. WC not adapted. BBC RADIO SCOTLAND NORTHERN COMPANY TELLING TALES AAAAAAAAAAAARGH-UP THE CREEK COMES TO THEATRE COMPANY EDINBURGH - EXPLOSION THEATRE Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Venue 49 Acropolis, Top of Calton Hill, Regent Rd. Venue 26 Tickets 225 9893 L8 Tickets 343 3017 from Aug 19, 10am-5.30. H11 Buses: 2/12, 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT Buses: 26,35,85,42-46, 86 (to65,Waterloo PI) 4, 5,C55, 15, 44, 20, C23 (off at George IV Bridge) 26A, 34, SMT C5,C50, Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Venue 3 Food and drink: Cafe all day. 66, 104-108, 124/125, 129, ET333 (off Tickets 220 4349 (Messages 226 5992) G7 Disabled: Ent: 3yd 2 + 3 Str WC ( + 2). Aud: 30yd London Rd). 112/113, Buses: George St: 13, 18, 19/39, 20, 22/25, 2 + 5 Str. Disabled: access to performance Regent Rd.CarLevel. No toilet facilities. area from SMT C23, 129, 28/29(off at Frederick St). 23, ALARMIST THEATRE - THE BEDLAM THEATRE - THE WALES ACTORS' COMPANY 27, 40/41, 42/46, 45, SMT C23 (off at Hanover CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. - FAR EAST THEATRE CO. - NEWTOWNABBEY ACTORS COMPANY - THEATRE St). Across The Mersey Theatre, Venue 123 Food and drink: Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. THEATRICAL - THE TOTALLY NAFF TARTS South Bridge Ctre. Infirmary St. K10 Disabled: Wildman Room: 5yd Flat. Edinburgh Tickets 557 9659 Suite: Enter by side lane 30yd Aud: 20yd 7 Str Club, Venue 86 Buses: 2,SMT 3, 5,C3,7, 8,C11,14, 64/5, 21, 31,70,33,79,51, 80, 69, 80-83, WC. Ballroom: 30yd 6 + 12 + 7 Str HR WC (W Blue Oyster Street Lane North. G7 87, 89, 86, 88 HR. 22"). Music Hall as for Ballroom. Supper Room: 96InfoRose (off at Surgeon' s Hall). 226 6458. Disabled: Ent: 5yd. Aud: Flat. 35yd Flat +7. Buses: Any to Princes St. or George St. ACROSS THE MERSEYCO.THEATRE - ACTIONHIGHDIRECTE - THEARCHES THEATRE COMPANY - ASSEMBLY ROOMS - Food and drink: Licensed Bar at time of ATTIC CONVERSION - BRAIDHURST THEATRE ARNOLD BROWN - COMEDY STORE PLAYERS - PHIL performance only. JONATHAN - STOMPING FEET THEATRE COMPANY CORNWELL & RICK STONE - JACK DEE - THE FAIRER SAX Disabled: Details not available TAILOR-MADEKAYTHEATRE COMPANY BETWEEN THE LINES THEATRE COMPANY - SIMON FANSHAWE - CRAIG FERGUSON - JEREMY HARDY - HULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY - INCIDENTAL Adam House Theatre, Venue 34 THEATRE PRESENTS - INTERNATIONAL THEATRE Bonnington Resource Centre, 5 Chambers Street. jg Venue 48 INSTITUTE - THE KALIBER IMPROFEST - THE KOSH - 200 Bonnington Road. Buses: 5, 7, 8,C11, 14, 64/65, 21, 31, 70, 33, 79, 51, 80, 69, 86, 80-82, B13 87, 89,and3,SMTC3, 88. DENIS LEARY - JENNY LECOAT & RICHARD MORTON - Tickets 555 0920. Food drink: Coffee at time of performance ROBERT LLEWELLYN NORMAN LOVETT & JEFF GREEN Buses: 34/35, 89 or 11, 14 (off at Pilrig). only. CHRIS LYNAM - NATURAL THEATRE COMPANY - LILY Food and drink: Refreshments all day. Disabled: 3 yd 3 Str. Aud: 5 yd Lift 10 yd SAVAGE - SAXTET - FRANK SIDEBOTTOM & LEE EVANS - Disabled: Ent: 12yd ramped front & back. Aud: Flat. WC inEnt:basement. JIM TAVARE-THE JIM TAVARE MASTERCLASS - THEATRE 16 Str HR. Lift. WC adapted. BRI NYLON FI V E EDINBURGH GRADUATE THEATRE GROUP - LES ESCOGRIFFES DE COMPLICITE - YES/NO PEOPLE LEVERNDALE ARTS GROUP 104

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Brahma Kumaris Centre, Venue 115 20 Polwarth Cres. Messages 229 7220 L2 Buses: 10, 27. Disabled: Ent: 2yd, 2 Str. Aud: 3yd WC. BRAHMA KUMARIS Bristo Square Piazza, Teviot Row, Venue 12 by Fringe Club L8 Info 226 5257 or 5259. Buses: 2/12, 23, 27, 40-42, 46, SMT C23. Food and drink: Cafe and licensed bars, restaurant all day. Disabled: 68yd Flat from Charles Street MR BOOM AND TWO TOO FAR - THE FRINGE CLUB Brunton Theatre, Bridge Street, Venue 95 Musselburgh. H13 Outer Tickets 665 2240 Buses: 15, 26, 43, 44, 85, 86, x66, 75, SMT 44, 66, 104-108, 112/113, 124/125, 129, 131, 141. Food and drink: Licensed bar, refreshments at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: 10yd 6 Str HR (Ramp available). Aud: 20yd 20 Str HR. WC adapted. ESKMOUTH THEATRE COMPANY Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Venue 60 Tickets 226 4224 H9 Buses: 3, 21, 26, 30, 31, 33, 80-86 (not 84), SMT C55, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88. Food and drink: Licensed Bar at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: 2yd 2. Aud: 10yd Flat WC (Adapted at City Arts Centre across road). AALBAGENESIS - BABLAKE AT BUSTER BROWN'S BLEASOALE AT BUSTER BROWN'S - CRUMPET THEATRE COMPANY - EVESHAM YOUTH THEATRE - GONE FISHIN' THEATRE COMPANY - MOJO HAND THEATRE COMPANY THE MUSHROOMS - JOHN PEEL PUPPETS Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Venue 119 Tickets 661 9121. G13 Buses: 7, 10, 11, 2/12, 14, 16, 22, 24, 25, 87, C3, C16 (off Elm Row) or 1/6,C55 (off Easter Rd). Food and drink: Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. Disabled: Lower Hall. Ent: 4yd 19 Str HR. Aud: 6 IStrHR. Hall+toilet inaccessible to wheelchairs. Upper Hall. Ent: 1 1/2 yd ramped (7 Str HR). Aud: 5yd. WC Adapted. Totally accessible to wheelchairs. CALTON CENTRE - DOUBLE EDGE DRAMA - IMPORT THEATRE COMPANY - PERFORMANCE THEATRE CO RED HERRING -COMPANY - ROARING GIRLS THEATRE COMPANY - ST. ANDREWS MERMAIDS - SERIOUS-FREE ZONE - SIMON THE STORYTELLER'S BIG THEATRE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE COMPANY SOUND AND FURY SOUTHBOUND PRODUCTIONS Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Venue 71 Tickets 556 7066 H11 Buses: 26, 85, 86 (off at Waterloo PL), 1/6 (off at Canongate). Food and drink: Restaurant, Licensed Bar all day. Disabled: Ent: 4yd Flat. Aud: 2yd Flat WC. AND THEN SOME PRODUCTIONS - CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY AMATEUR DRAMATIC CLUB - DAVID W W JOHNSTONE - NEW WRINKLE THEATRE COMPANY CALTON STUDIOS - THEATRE BY STEALTH - THE UNITED NOTIONS ORGANISATION - WESTERN UNION Cameron House Community Centre, Venue 103 Cameron House Avenue P13 Tickets 667 3762. Buses: 2/12, 14, 21, 38, SMT C3. Food and drink: Licensed Bar at time of performance only. Disabled: Free parking. Ent: to2ydwheelchairs. flat. Aud: 4yd. Wc not adapted. Accessible EDINBURGH PLAYERS

Cannonball House, Castle Hill, Venue 78 Royal Mile. J7 Info 226 7467 Messages 453 4873 Buses: 1/6, 34, 35 or 23, 27, 28, 29, 40-42, 45, 46 (off at George IV Bridge) Disabled: Not suitable. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL VOLUNTARY GUIDES ASSOCIATION Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Venue 91 & Chapter House, Palmerston Place H3 Buses: 13 or Haymarket: 2/12, 3, 4, 21, 22/25, 26, 31, 33, 34/35, 43/44, 65, 85/86, 100, SMT C5, C50, C55, 44/66. Food and drink: (Chapter House only) Refreshments, Snacks at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 3yd 1. Aud: 4yd Flat WC. THE ACTING EXCHANGE - GABRIELLE HAMILTON - DAVID HOWELLS - JUGENDCHOR DER MUSIKSCHULE DES HOCHSAUERLAND KREISES GERMANY - QUERN - ST. THOMAS MORE UTOPIAN DRAMA SOCIETY - SCOTTISH SINFONIA Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Venue 6 Tickets 225 7097 J8 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 or 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (to George IV Bridge) Disabled: Ent: 60yd Flat WC (25"). Aud: 80yd 2 + 13 + 8 Str HR. BEDFORDSHIRE YOUTH THEATRE - BUNBURY & MILLSTREAM - COSMORAMA THEATRE COMPANY - THE DURHAM REVUE - FREEFALL MONSTER COMPANY GHETTO STAND COMMUNITY THEATRE COMPANY - THE LONDON MEDICS - MANIA PRODUCTIONS - MOON ON THE WATER THEATRE CO. - STOCKTON YOUTH THEATRE - THIS WAY UP THEATRE COMPANY - TMU-NA THEATRE - SHELLEY WYANT'S MASKWORK ETCCentral Hall, West Tollcross. Venue 100 (Messages 229 7937) K5 Buses: 1/6, 10, 11, 15-18, 23, 24, 27, 34/35, SMT Cl, C11, C16, C23. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 2yd 2 + 7 + 6 Str HR. Aud: 100yd 8 + 8 Str HR WC ( + 5 25"). NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, Venue 23 (near Fringe Club) L9 Tickets 556 5184. Buses: 2/12, 23, 24, 27, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (off at Forrest Rd). 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 21, 31, 33, 69, 80-82, 87, 89, SMTC3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88 (off at Surgeons Hall). Disabled: DOWNSTAIRS-Ent: 40yd Flat. Aud: 20yd Flat WC. UPSTAIRS-Ent: 30yd Flat WC. Aud: 30yd 11 + 11 Str HR. ALTERNATIVE TO DRAMA SCHOOL THEATRE CO. BAHAMAS QUINCENTENNIAL/DUNDAS REPERTORY COMPANY - CHAPLAINCY CENTRE - CONFEDERACY OF FOOLS - E.C. GLASS HIGH SCHOOL - FAIR EXCHANGE PRODUCTIONS - FLY IN THE OINTMENT - FOOT IN THE DOOR PRODUCTIONS - FOROUGH ENSEMBLE-T.S.U. THE JOHNSON FAMILY - THE LEFTOVERS - LOVELY PLAYS PROMOTION CONCERN - EARL OKIN - SONG FOR THE LAST ACT - THEATRE WORKS - UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO - THE UNLIKELY THEATER COMPANY The Chicken Ranch, Venue 69 Broughton High School, 1 Carrington Rd. C3 Tickets 554 2931 Buses: 19, 20, 28, 29, 38, 39, 80, 81, 81A, 82A, SMT Cl, C23, 129. Food and drink: Licensed Bar at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: ramped Carrington Rd entrance. Aud:10 yd. WC adapted 4 Str HR.Prior notice appreciated but not essential. QUINQUEREME PRODUCTIONS

Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road. Venue 46 Tickets 447 7597. N3 Buses: 5/51, 11, 15-17, 23, 24, SMT Cl, C11, C16, C23. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 6yd 3 Str HR WC (W 22"). Aud: 30yd 13 + 10 + 3 Str HR WC (M 8 + 1 Str 21"). EDINBURGH CIVIL SERVICE DRAMATIC SOCIETY Cluny 1, 1 Cluny Drive, Venue 53 bottom Morningside Road. P2 Tickets 452 9620 Messages 447 0015 Buses: 5/51, 11, 15-17, 23, 24, 38, 41, 41A, SMT Cl, C11, C23. Food and drink: Cafe all day. Disabled: Ent: 10yd flat. Aud: 2yd flat WC 7 + S + 7 + 5 Str HR WC. CLUNY FESTIVAL CENTRE - NSTC (NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY) Cluny 2 (Cluny Ch. Hall), Cluny Gdns, Venue 54 bottom Morningside Rd. P2 Tickets 452 9620 Messages 447 0015 Buses: 5/51, 11, 15-17, 23, 24, 38, 41, 41A, SMT Cl, C11, C23. Food and drink: Cafe all day. Disabled: Ent: 40yd 2 Str. Aud: 3yd WC (20"). CLUNY FESTIVAL CENTRE - NSTC (NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY) - OILY CART COMPANY OUTRAGEOUS FORTUNE THEATRE COMPANY The Counting House, 32 W. Nicolson St. Venue 66 Tickets (from Gilded Balloon) 226 2151. L10 Buses: 2/12, 3, 5/51, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 69, 80-82, 87, 89, SMTC3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88. Food and drink: Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. Disabled: Ent: level. Aud: +22 +2yd. No handrail. No adapted toilets. Inaccessible for wheelchairs. LEE EVANS & JEFF GREEN - GILDED BALLOON THEATRE EDDIE IZZARD - IAN MACPHERSON/JOHNNY IMMATERIAL Davis Snooker Club, Venue 50 24 Annandale Street. £12 Buses: 13, 18A, 24 or 2/12, 7, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17, 22, 25 or SMT C3, C16 (off at Leith Walk) Food and drink: Licensed Bar, snacks all day. Disabled: Ent: level from Car Park behind direct to Aud. Wc unadapted: +3 HR. For wheelchairs please phone in advance. EDINBURGH ACTING SCHOOL Richard Demarco Gallery, Venue 22 17-21 Blackfriars Street. jiq Tickets 557 0707 Messages 557 5707 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 (off at High Street). Disabled: Ent: 2yd 2 Wc. Aud: Inaccessible to wheelchairs. RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY - EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE STUDIO: E.T.S. - FOUR CORNERS THEATRE COMPANY THE HIDDEN THEATRE - TALKING TONGUES - TOTTERING BIPEDS THEATRE COMPANY - TPN STUDENT DRAMA Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, Venue 11 off Lawnmarket js Tickets 225 8961 Buses: To High St: 1/6, 34/35 or 23, 27-29, 40, 41, 41A, 42, 45-47, SMT C23 (to George IV Bridge) Food and drink: Cafe all day. Disabled: Ent: 3yd Flat. Aud: 25yd Flat. AMERICAN CONNEXION - BRAHMA KUMARIS - DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS - SHEILA GRAHAM - OPEN THEATRE QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE DRAMA DEPARTMENT STOWE PLAYERS 105

Dominion Cinema, Newbattle Terrace. Venue 87 Tickets 447 4771. 44723,2660 03 Buses: 5/51, 11, 15, Info 16, 17, 24, SMT Cl, C11, C16, C23. Food and drink: Restaurant, Disabled: 2yd +10 Str Licensed HR.Inaccessible Aud: Bar 6ydall+day. Str. WCEnt: unadapted. for11 wheelchairs. FAT SAMS BAND Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, Venue 59 18-22 Greenside PI. G11 Buses: 4, 5/51, 7-11, 14-17, 22/25, 34/35, 42-47, 65, 87, SMT C3, C5, C16, C55, 44/66, 104-108, 112/113,None 124/125, 129.Licensed Bar at Food and drink: at Studio, Playhouse. Disabled: 3yd down 3 Str. Main Aud:(NiteCircleClub)at street level,Ent:stalls flights. Entrance ticket12+ office.12 3Str Aud: WC. Studioby30yd HRMain WC. 17yd Flat AARDVARK STAGE COMPANY ASSEMBLY ROOMS BERLINER THEATRE GRUNDTHEATER - DURHAM UNIVERSITY STUDENT EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE STUDIOAND MAMBO PILMENY INN-IMPORTED CENTRE - JESTERDIRECT CHILDREN' S BRIXTON THEATRE THE FROM PROFUNDIS THEATRE COMPANY DAVI D SCHEEL - LIV-E AND LUBRICATED-THE COMIC CLIMAX Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Venue 36 Tickets 650 7,2395 K9 Buses: 14,(Messages 21, 31, 70, 33,22679, 51,5639) 69, 86, 80-82, 87, 89,and3,SMT5,drink: C3,8,Refreshments, C11, 64/65, 80, 88. Food cafe, restaurant and bar allEnt: day.4yd 3 Str. WC in basement via lift Disabled: (M30"23" W wide. 25") fully adapted. Aud: 13yd. Lift ACT OUT THEATRE NA - COMPANY THEATRE EQUINOXCOMPANY THEATRE---CAVATI THEFOOTLIGHTS FESTIVAL FLY-AWAY -THEATRE COMPANY ICLUB HAIRY-PRODUCTIONS FOSSICK VALLEY FUMBLERS IMULE JOMIJULES - MEDWAY-LITTLE THEATRE -YOUTH GROUP PRIME PRODUCTIONS THEATRE SEIZEINSTITUTE THE DAYPRODUCTIONS - S.IRISK .R-SHAKESPEARE PLAYERS SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY REVUE STOMPING THEATRE- COMPANY -AGOG STRATFORD YEAROUT DRAMAFEETGROUP THEATRE --THEATRE CORPORATION THEATRE DES BICYCLETTES TIME IN OUR HANDS - WHEN HARRY MET ALLY 'Festival Place' The Mound Venue 97 (Info 226Princes 5257/5259) H8 Buses: St: 2/12, 3, 4, 10, 11, 15-18, 21, 24, C5, 26, 31, 33-35, 65, 69,44/66, 80-83,64/65, 85, 86.70,SMT Cl, C16, C50, C55, 79, 80, 86, 88, 129. Disabled: Open air venue. EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE STUDIO: E.T.S. Filmhouse, 88 Lothian Road. Venue A J5 Buses: 10, 11, 15-18, 24, 34, 35, SMT Cl, C16 (off Lothian Rd). bar and restaurant.C11, Food and drink: Licensed Disabled: Ent: 3yd flat Bar, cafe &Phonefor adapted WC accessible to ramp. assistance foraccess Cinema 2.wheelchairs. ( + 2 1.at Both rear door). No wheelchair to Cinema equipped with induction loops for the deaf. RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Venue 2 Info Day:2/12226or 5257 or 9.28/29, Night:40-42, 650 4673 L8 Buses: 23, 27, 45-47 SMT C23 (offdrink: at Forrest Rd.)and licensed bars,or Food and Cafe restaurant.Nearest access from rear. Kitchen lift Disabled: available top floor (Cabaret Hall).SpEnt: 50ydM7 ++25 1to+ get 2SpStrtoHRpartial HRAud: WC (W +18 HR 25" 25"). numerous stairs and several floors. BBC RADIO LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT BBC RADIO SCOTLAND --THETHEDEAF HEIGHTS D. C. ELLIS FAMI - THE FRINGE FUNNYLOST FARMSOUL--THE -ANDKITHTHECLUB ANDFILMMAKERS KIN - THE BANDHUMPFF - DAVE ROBBLY 106

George Square Theatre, George Square. Venue 37 Tickets 667 3704 M9 Buses: 2/12 or 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (off at Forrest Rd.) Food and drink: Cafe, licensed bar all day. Disabled: From Buccleuch Place and rear of theatre. Ent: 3yd Flat. Aud: 55yd 15 + 16 + 3 + 16 + 3 Str HR WC (Front entrance 300yd from road, up to first floor) DAVID BADDIEL AND ROB NEWMAN-FROM THE MARY WHITEHOUSE EXPERIENCE - THE DOUG ANTHONY ALLSTARS - GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE - NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE - ROB NEWMAN The Gilded Balloon Theatre, 233 Cowgate.Venue 38 Tickets 226 2151 J9 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 (off at High St), 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (off at George IV Bridge). Food and drink: Cafe and licensed bar all day. Disabled: Studio: Ent: 2yd Flat. Aud: 10yd WC (W + M). Theatre: Ent: 1yd Flat. Aud: 12 yd Flat WC (W + M) ACTS - ARCHES THEATRE COMPANY - CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS sponsored by Holstein Pils - DAVE COHEN THE COMEDY STORE - CORKY AND THE JUICE PIGS FRIENDS OF THE FAMOUS - GILDED BALLOON THEATRE RAY HANNA - SEAN HUGHES & OWEN O'NEILL - KARL MacDERMOTT - RORY McGRATH AND PHILIP POPE - NEW YOKER PRODUCTIONS DEPT. - SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION - MARK STEEL Grassmarket Mission, The Grassmarket. Venue 24 J7 Buses: 2/12 (off at Grassmarket), 1/6, 34/35 (off High St), 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45,<off at George IV Bridge). Disabled: Details not available GRASSMARKET PROJECT Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Venue 131 Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900 Buses: 2/12, 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (off at Forrest Rd) Disabled: Flat access to Church and toilets. CAPITAL VIRTUOSI - ESSENTIAL MUSIC THEATRE GREYFRIARS MUSIC - PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH Greyfriars Kirk House, Venue 28 Candlemaker Row. ^g Tickets 225 3626 Buses: 2/12, 23, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47, SMT C23 (off at George IV Bridge) Food and drink: Restaurant, cafe all day. Disabled: Ent: 2yd 22 Str partial HR. Aud: 7yd Flat WC (W 22" M +22 Str 6yd 22"). AK:47 THEATRE CO-OP - ARRIVEDERCI BALHAM PRODUCTIONS - THOMAS BLACKTHORNE CONSENTING ADULTS THEATRE COMPANY - THE CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. - DANCE BAG - EASY TIGER THEATRE COMPANY - FABULOUS! WEIRD! WONDERFUL! - GREYFRIARS KIRKHOUSE - THE HOXTON FIRM - MADE OF CLAY THEATRE COMPANY - SINGER'S PLAYERS Hamlet at Heriot's, Venue 77 George Heriot's School, Lauriston PI. ^7 Tickets 229 7263. Buses: 23, 27-29, 40, 41, 41A, 45. Food and drink: Licensed Bar at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: +3 Str no HR. Aud: +24 Str HR. WC unadapted. Inaccessible for wheelchairs. HAMLET AT HERIOT'S

Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Venue 13 Canongate H12 Buses: 1/6, Ross R60 (off at Canongate), 3, 5/51, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 34/35, 69, 80-83, SMT C3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88 (off at North Bridge) Disabled: via Lochend Close: Ent: 2yd 1. Aud: 3yd 4 Str WC (W + 2 20"). GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE - ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA - SAINTS AND SCHOLARS Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Venue 41 Tickets 225 7294 G7 Buses: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-83, 87, 89, SMT C3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88. Food and drink: Cafe and licensed bar all day. Disabled: Ent: 2yd Flat. Aud: second floor Str HR. Aud: third floor HR WC (W first floor 25" M second floor 25"). 'ABI' THEATRE COMPANY - THE AGNOSTIC THEATRE COMPANY - THE ARIUS AQUARIUS THEATRE COMPANY THE BROKEN SEAL THEATRE CO. - LA COMPAGNIE DU PARTI-PRIS - GRAEME COULAM - CREWE JUNCTION PERFORMANCE GROUP - ECLECTIA WORDS AND MUSIC CO. - FLESH IT OUT THEATRE COMPANY - HILL STREET THEATRE - KISMET THEATRE COMPANY - LIMELIGHT THEATRE COMPANY - PARADOX PRODUCTIONS - PEN, PAINT AND PRETZELS OP'S) - THATCHER'S BLUE OUTFIT Holy Corner Centre, Chamberlain Road. Venue 113 N3 Buses: 5/51, 11, 15, 16, 23, 24, C1/C11, C23. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 10yd Flat WC adapted. Aud: 10yd flat. D.M.D.C. - OPERA SOUTH WEST Holyrood Park, foot of the Royal Mile. Info 226 5257 or 5259 L13 Buses: 1/6, ROSS R60. Food and drink: Snacks and refreshments all day. Disabled: Open air venue, parking/drop off available. FRINGE SUNDAY IN ASSOCIATION WITH 'THE OBSERVER' Hopetoun House, The Ballroom, Venue 124 South Queensferry. E1 Outer Tickets 668 2019 (Messages 331 2451) Buses: Midland Bluebird 45-48, 151. Disabled: Ent: +20 wide shallow no HR or Side Ent: +20 HR. No access for wheelchairs. WC adapted. CAPITAL VIRTUOSI Inverleith Church Hall, Ferry Road. Venue 120 Tickets 554 7595 A6 Buses: 1/6, 8, 14, 19/39, 23, 27, SMT C23. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Details not available. FORTH CHILDREN'S THEATRE James Gillespie's School, Lauderdale St. Venue 93 Tickets 0836 785852 N5 Buses: 18, 24, 40, 41. Food and drink: Refreshments, snacks at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: ramped 100yds+ 1. Aud: 4yd, 5Str + 5Str HR. Adapted WC separate building. STAGE 84 Jazz Pavilion, Venue 107 Meadowbank Sports Centre, London Rd. Tickets 557 1642. G13 Outer Buses: 4, 4A, 5, 15, 20, 26, 26A, 34, 35, 42-46, 51, 65, 85, 86, SMT C5, C50, 44/66, 104-108, 112, 113, 124, 125, 129, ET333. Food and drink: Licensed bar, snacks at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: level. Aud: 20yd level, lift down. WC adapted. Completely accessible. EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL

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Leith Community Centre, Newkirkgate. Venue 117 Tickets 5542/12, 4750.7, 10, 16, 17, 22, 25,C1332,Outer Buses: 34, 35, 52, 1/6, 87,Ent:89,level. SMTAud:C3,lift,C16.10yd. WC adapted. Disabled: Completely accessible to wheelchairs. PEN, PAPER AND PRETZELS OP'S) Loretto Theatre, Loretto School, Millhill, Venue 47 Musselburgh. G13 Outer Buses: 15, 26,112/113, 43, 44, 85, 86, x66,141.75, SMT 44, 66, 104-108, 124/125, Food and drink: Licensed bar at time of performance. Disabled: from Mill26"). Hill 2yd 3+4 Str 8yd. Aud: WC (atEnt:entrance PAGEANT PLAYERS Mayfield House, 107 East Trinity Road. Venue 52 Tickets A10 (off Outerat Buses: 23551 or3813 7, 11, 14, 17, SMT C3, C16 Stanley Rd) Food and drink: Lecensed Bar at time of performance. Disabled: ramped. Aud: 3yd. WC adapted. CompletelyEnt:accessible. UNCLASSIFIED MIME - WEEKEND ARTS COLLEGE - WEST LOTHIAN YOUTH THEATRE Moray House Theatre, Canongate, Venue 61 Royal Mile J11 Buses: 1/6, Ross R60 (off at Canongate). 3, 5/51, C3, 7, 8,C11,14,64/65, 21, 31,70,33,79,34/35, 69,8880-83, SMT 80, 86, (off at North Bridge). Food and drink: Cafe from 1 hour before performance. Disabled: 30yd Flat. Aud: 101yd S+9+9 + 2 Str HR WCEnt:(25"). BORDERLINE THEATRE CO. Moray House Union Theatre, Venue 108 37 Holyrood Road. J12 Tickets 556 5184. Buses: 1/6, Ross R60. Food drink: Licensed Bar and refreshments allDisabled: day.and Details not availabla BOSTON UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF THEATRE - CALIFORNIA FAULTZ ONE THEATRE COMPANY OF- CSUH THE COLLYERS COMPANY - MORAY KULT HOUSE LOS --ALTOS CONSERVATORY THEATRE UNION RED ROOSTER THEATRE CO Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Venue 104 Ormidale Terrace. HI Outer Buses: 2/12, 26, 31, 69, 85, 86, 100, SMT 16-18, 37, 80, 86, 88, ET333. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: 3yd HR. Aud: 3yd WC. THE MAKARS AT MURRAYFIELD National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street. Venue 89 Buses: 23, 27, 89, SMT C23 (off Hanover St).G9 Disabled: adapted. Car Park. Ent: ramp. Lift to all areas. Wc DOWNE HOUSE CHORAL The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Venue 30 Tickets 556 9579 (Messages 556 2647) J10 Buses: 1/6 or 3, 5, 7, 14, 21, 31, 33, 80-82, 87, 89, SMTC3, C11, 64/65, 70, 51, 79, 69, 80, 86, 88 (off at Bridges). Food and drink: Restaurant, snacks, tea and coffee all day. Disabled: Ent: 10yd 8+1 Str HR. Aud: 5yd 1 Str WC ( + 3 25"). FIFTH ESTATEFOR- CHARLES - THEATRE AFRICA KEARNEY - THE NETHERBOW The Network, West Tollcross. Venue 75 Tickets 228 3252. (Messages 22923,0469)24, 27,L5 Buses: 1/6, 2/12, 10, 11, 15-18, 34/35,and45,drink: 47, SMT Cl, C11, Food bar, C16. snacks at time of performance only.Licensed Disabled: Details not available THE MAMBO CLUB

The Nottinghamshire Venue, Venue 16 Theatre Arts Centre, Davie St. L10 Tickets 667 2388 Buses: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8,14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-83, 87, SMT C3, C11, C16, 64/65,70, 79,80, 86, 88 (off atand Surgeons Food drink: TeaHall)and all day. Disabled: Ent: 14yd 1/2 +coffee 1. Aud:available 10yd +13+14 WC (W 25" M awkward corners). NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION Old St. Paul's Church & The Arc, Venue 45 Jeffrey Street. H10 Tickets 557 9422. (The Arc only) Buses: 3, 5/51, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33-35, 80-83, 87, 89, SMT C3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 69, 80, 86, 88 (off at North Bridge). Food and drink: HalLLicensed Bar, cafe all day. Disabled: Hall:3ydA few from7street Church: Flat.steps Aud:up50yd + 7+19level. Str HR WC (+Ent:7 M). THE ARC BENCHTOURS CAMBRIDGE GODS DOWNE HOUSE CHORAL -DANCE FREEFALL MONSTER COMPANY MOVING VISIONS THEATRE - -MUSIC IN OLD ST.-PAUL' S OXFORD CHAMBER THEATRE POW THEATRE SHANGHAI TARO BUTO KOUSHI - WATSON AND CO. Over seas House, 100 Princes Street Venue 19 Tickets 225 5105 G7 Buses: 2/12, 3,33,4,48,10,65,11,69,15-18, 21, 86, 24, 100, 26, 28/29, 30, 31, 80, 85, SMT Cl,80,86, C5, C11,88.C16, C50, C55, 64A, 44/66, 70, 79,and Food drink: Restaurant, licensed bar, snacks allDisabled: day. Front Ent: 7yd 5 Str HR. Aud: 20 + 5 + 15 + 10FromStrRoseHr.Street: Not Ent:advisable wheelchairs. 13yd 8 Strtoto HR Aud: 9yd to lift (28"x 49") 1 yd performance area. WC (W 23"). CAMBRIDGE MEDICS REVUE - CAMBRIDGE MUMMERS ODD SOCKS THEATRE COMPANY (OXFORD) - OVERSEAS HOUSE FRANCISCO- PHOENIX THEATRE COMPANY OF SAN Paradox Theatre / Wee Red Bar, Venue 73 College of Art, Lauriston PI. K7 Tickets 229 1003 Buses: 2/12, 23, 27-29, 45, SMT C23. Food and drink: Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. Disabled: COLLEGE-Aud: BAR â&#x20AC;&#x201D;Details not available 2 flights. WEE RED AKADEMEIA REPERTORY THEATREAND(AT..RI..TE..)/ INDIA -VOICES BECK THEATRE UNLIMITED - LUNCHBOX COLLAR OTHER -- RICHARD CUMING THEATRE MC REBBE THE ONE MAN'S GROUP - PARADOX THEATRE Pilmeny Community Centre, Venue 79 44 Buchanan Street. Q-13 Tickets 554 0953 Buses: 2/12, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 22, 25, SMT C3, C16. Disabled: Ent: 20yd level. Aud: 3yd. WC adapted. Completely accessible. THE CASTLE PLAYERS -- EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE STUDIOAND PILMENYTHEATRE CENTRECOMPANY JESTER CHILDREN' S THEATRE PROFUNDIS Platform 1, adjoining Caledonian Hotel, Venue 96 Rutland St. Info 225 2433. Buses: End:26,2/12, 3, 4, 10, 34/35, 11, 15-18, 19/39, 21,West22/25, 28/29, 40, 41, 43/44, 65, 80-82, 85/86, 31,100,33,SMT Cl, C5, C11, C16, C50, C55, 64/65, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88, 129. Food and drink: Restaurant & licensed bar. WC Disabled: Ent: (Platform 3yd Flat. 1).Aud: 1yd Flat 16+4 + 1 HR Ramped access 75ydWC (adapted) for main entrance to Caledonian Hotel. PLATFORM ONE-LIVE!

Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Venue 33 Info 556card6550. L11 Credit booking 556 1513. Buses: Ross R60,or 2/12, 21 (off W Richmond St) Food Restaurant, licensed bar, pasta and and drink: wine bar, snacks allcafe, day. Disabled: Ent: 15yd 2 Str WC (+4 50yd adapted). available. Aud: 80yd 12+9+5 Str HR. Parking ADELE ANDERSONBALHAM - ANOTHERPRODUCTIONS SIDE OF BOB DILLINGER ARRIVEDERCI -ANDARTTS INTERNATIONAL AT LAST, CLOSE-UP MAGIC CARD TRICKS --AVNER ECCENTRIC - BLACK MIME THEATRE BLUE THE MOONBATS PRODUCTIONS - BUSTER THEATRE -DRAYLON CAMBRIDGE - COMEDY ZONE - BOB DOWNE UNDERGROUND PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS - COLIN GEORGE - BRENDA- TONY GILHOOLY MARTIN SOAN - GLOBAL CATASTROPHE HAASE& -SUNSHINE INDEPENDENT THEATRE COUNCIL INSTANT THEATRE - ROB INGLIS - DIL-LIEINCIDENTAL KEANE THEMARCHETTO KONDO PRESENTS BROTHERS BEST CHANCE - ENNIO-HEALTH - COMPANY MILES- LAST ANDMILLNER NATIONAL THEATRE ALAN PARKER-URBAN WARRIOR CYNTHIA PAYNE PLEASANCE - PAINES- SKINT PLOUGHVIDEO- PRIORY PRODUCTIONS -- STRUCK FRANK SKINNER AND JOHN MOLONEY OFF AND DIBALALAIKAS E - THREE BLOKES STAY UP LATE - YOUNG VORONEZH Portobeilo Promenade, Portobello. Venue 94 G1352,Outer Buses: 2/12, 15, 26, 26A, 32, 42, 46, 84, 85,and86,drink: SMTSnacks, C49, 66,refreshments 129. all day68, Food Disabled: Details not available FRINGE AT THE SEASIDE The Quaker Meeting House, Venue 40 7 Victoria Terrace. jg Tickets 220 6109 Messages 225 4825 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 (offC23at (off High atSt),George 23, 24,IV 27-29, 40-46, SMT Bridge).and drink: Cafe all day. Food Victoria Tee. Lift available toDisabled: all floors.Access Groundfromfloor: WC (adapted) LEAP - QUAKER MEETING HOUSE Queen's Hall, Clerk Street. Venue 72 Tickets 6685, 7,2019. M10 Buses: 3,SMT 8,C11, 14,(Messages 21, 31, 70, 33,66879, 51,3456) 69, 86, 80-82, 87, 89, C3, 64/65, 80, Food and drink: Licensed bar and restaurant88.all day. Disabled: Ramped 1yd loop +1. Wheelchair spaces access. in hall. Ent: Induction system. on Clerk Accessible Street. bar. WC (adapted). Parking AEGIS PRODUCTIONS - - BATTLEFIELD BAND BEETHOVEN' S NOT- DEAD! BOYS OF-THEEDINBURGH LOUGH -CAPERCAILLIE BOB DOWNE INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL GRAND UNION WORLD BAND -ENSEMBLE MILES AND- MILLNER - THE QUEEN' S HALL -MUSIC SCOTTISH JIM TAVARE-THE JIM TAVARE MASTERCLASS - TDK 'ROUND MIDNIGHT JAZZ FESTIVAL Randolph Studio, Venue 55 Institut Francais d'Ecosse, G4 13 Randolph Cres Tickets 225 5366 Buses: C1/C11, 19, 30, 34, 35, 39, 81, 82, 129. Food and drink: Cafe available all day. Disabled: HR WC (WEnt:+33yd25"4+1M Str +7 HR. 25").Aud: 50yd 27 Str AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE - COMPANY BAHAMASQUINCENTENNIAL / COMPANY DUNDAS REPERTORY CALLIOPE THEATRE CRUX OF THE MATTERTHEATRE COMPANY - RANDOLPH STUDIO STAGEWORKS COMPANY THEATRE CO. - THE UNLIKELY THEATER Reid Cuncert Hall, Bristo Square Venue 68 (by Fringe Club). |_8 Buses: 2/12, 23, 27, 28/29, 40, 41, 41A, SMT C23. Disabled: Details not available APU - NOVEFRANCO-ITALIENNE POKOLINJA THEATRE GROUP - SEMAINE OE MUSIQUE 107

Rockville House Hotel, 2 Joppa Pans, Venue 102 Seaview Terrace. G13 Outer Tickets 66926,5418. Buses: 15, 26A, 84-86, SMT 66, 129. Food and drink: Bar, snacks Disabled: Ent: Licensed 2yd accessible. ramped. Aud: all1yd.day.WC adapted. Completely THE WESTBURY THEATRE COMPANY Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Venue 118 Tickets 440 2159. Outer Buses: SMT 141,Refreshments 70, LRT 15. at time ofPIperf. Food and drink: Disabled: Details not available. THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) SOCIETY The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Venue 27 Roxburgh PI. (off Sth Bridge) K10 Tickets 556 6869. Messages 557 3090 Buses: 2/12, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 80-83, 87, 89, SMTC3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 69, 80, 86, 88. Food and drink: Licensed Bar all day. Disabled: + M +18Ent: Sp).2yd 1 Str. Aud: 4yd 1 Flat WC (W COMEDY IN- TATTERS CRACKING INSERTCOMPANY THEATRECOMPANY THEDANCE 4TH- WALL THEATRE MOVING VISIONS THEATRE NSTC (NATIONAL STUDENT - THE ROXY - TEATRO CARETA -THEATRE THEATRE COMPANY) OF CROCODILES Royal Mile Primary School, Canongate Venue 58 J12 Buses: 1/633,(off34/35, at Canongate), 3, SMT 5/51, C3, 7, 8,C11, 14, 21, 31, 69, 80-83, 64/65,and70,drink: 79, 80, 86, 88at time (off atofNorth Bridge). Food Snacks performance. Disabled: Ent: 30yd 1 + 3 Str. Aud: 10yd Flat. AAART ATTACK Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers St. Venue 43 Tickets K9 Buses: 3,225C3, 5, 7,7534 8, 14,64/65, 21, 31,70,33,79,51,80,69,86,80-82, 89, SMT C11, 88. Food andMuseum drink: Refreshments at time of performance. cafe open Disabled: Ent: WCLothian St. 10am-4.30pm. 2yd ramped. Aud: 20yd ramped. adapted. Totally accessible. MUSIC IN THE MUSEUM St. Andrew’s 81 St. George's Church, Venue 111 13 George Street. G8 MessagesGeorge 225 3847 Buses: St: 13, 18, 19/39, 20, 22/25, SMT Frederick42/46, St: 45, 28/29.To HanoverC23,St: 129. 23, 27,To 40/41, SMT C23. Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 3yd 3 STr. Aud: 5yd Flat. THE CLARSACH SOCIETY TIME- STANDREW' AND ST(SCOTTISH GEORGE'SHARP) AT FESTIVAL SKYLARK STHEATRE GROUP St Ann's Community Centre, Venue 65 South Gray’s Close, Cowgate. jlO Tickets 557 0469 Buses: 1/6, 34/35, Ross R60 or 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 70, 33, 79,51, 80,69,86,80-83, 89,at SMT C3,Bridge). C11, 64/65, 88 (off South Food and drink: CafeFlat. fromAud: 11.30am to 5pm. Disabled: Ent: 30yd 4yd Flat WC. LEICESTER YOUTH THEATRES DRAMA AND DANCE St. Cecilia's Hall, Cowgate. Venue 31 Buses: R60 (off51,at69,High80-82, St) orSMT 3, 5,J10 8, 14,64/65, 21,1/6,31,Ross 33, 79, 34/35, C3,7, C11, 70, 80-88, 131 (off at Bridges). Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: Niddrie St. Aud: level. WC unadapted. Advice tocurator in advance re wheelchair bookings unlock door. EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND St Columba's Church, Muirdale Terr., Venue 85 Queensferry Rd., Blackball. E1 Outer Buses: 18, 40, 41, Tea 80, 35/52, 82, SMT 43. of Food and drink: and coffee at time performance only. Disabled: Ent: 11yd +1. Aud: 5yd WC. SOUTHERN LIGHT DRAMA 108

St. Giles' Cathedral, High Street, Venue 105 Royal Mile. jg Buses: 1/6, Ross80-82, R60 orSMT 3, 5,C3,7, 8,C11,14,64/65, 21, 31, 70, 33, 34/35, 51, 69, 79, 80-88,Ent:1316yd(off+7at Bridges). Disabled: Str. Aud: 5yd flat. DOWNE HOUSE CHORAL St. James' Church Hall, Inverleith Row, Venue 81 Goldenacre. a7 Tickets 08998, 20521 At venue 55127,2179 Buses: 1/6, 14, 19/39, 23, 25, SMT C23. Food and drink: Refreshments at time of performance Disabled: Ent:only. 30yd 1. Aud: 8yd 2 WC. PURVES PUPPETS St John’s Church, West End, Venue 127 Princes Street H6 Buses: West End: 2/12, 3, 4, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18, 19/39, 21, 22/25, 24, 26, 28/29,31, 33, 34/35, 43/44, 80-82, C11, C16,65,C50, C55,85/86, 43, 44,100, 64A,SMT 70, Cl, 80, C5, 86, 88, 129. Food and drink: Cafe all day. Disabled: 20yd Flat. Aud: 1yd Flat. WC accessible Ent: by arrangement. AWATINAS NINA CORTI, OUTBACK --WORLD MUSIC ATFLAMENCO ST. JOHN'INSPIRATION S St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Venue 90 Castle Terrace. J5 Buses: 1/6 or 10, 11, 15-18, 24, 34/35, SMT Cl, C11, C16and(offdrink: at Lothian Rd). Food Refreshments at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 3yd 2. Aud: 5yd Flat. PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH St. Martin's Church, 230 Dairy Road. Venue 39 Tickets 337 2/12, 9714 3, 4, 4A, 21, 22, 25, 33, 43,K1 Buses: 1/6, 44, 65, SMT C5, C50, C55, 16-18, 27, 44/66, 281. and drink: Food Tea and coffee at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: 2yd Steep ramp HR. Aud: 5yd KALEIDOSCOPE THEATRE St. Oswald's, Montpelier Park, Venue 128 Bruntsfield. M3 Tickets 441 1031. Buses: 11, 16, 17, 23, SMT Cl, C11 (off at Bruntsfield Food and PI). drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: side at Montpelier 2yd. Aud: 3yd flat. Wc notEnt:adapted. THE EDINBURGH YOUTH THEATRE St. Paul’s 81 St. George's Church & Hall, Venue 114 York Place. pig Tickets 556 0492. Buses: 2/12, 4, 4A, 8, 11, 15-17, 19, 20, 22, 25, 39, 42-46, C16, C50, 44, 66, 106, 124/5, 129.Ent:65,22SMTyd C5, Disabled: rear level. AND CAN IT BE??? St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton Place Venue 17 Buses: 2/12,31,2133,(off69,at St80-82, Leonard87,St),89,3,SMT 5/51,N10 8,C11,14,64/65, 24, C3,7, 70, 79, 80, 86, 88 (off at S.CIerk St). Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 40yd +1. Aud: WC (W + M 22") in basement. EDINBURGH PEOPLE'S THEATRE St. Philip's Centre, Logie Green Road Venue 8 (off Broughton Rd) C9 Buses: 8, 19,drink: 34, 35, Food and Tea 39,and89.coffee at time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 3yd +12 Str WC (20") EDINBURGH THEATRE ARTS

St. Serf's Church Hall, Clark Road, Venue 83 Goldenacre. A8 Buses: 23 orSMT1/6,C2314,(off25InverleithRow). (off at Ferry Rd), 8, |]\ 19/39, 27, Food and drink: Refreshments at time of S ' performance. Disabled: Ent: 60yd 1. Aud: 4yd Flat WC (W 24") ( LEITHEATRE St. Stephen's Church & Hall, Venue 74 St Vincent St. (foot of Howe St). E7 j Buses: C23, 13, 20, 29, 41A, 82A. Food and drink: Refreshments at time of } performance. Disabled: HR WC ( +Ent: 3 W2yd 23").2 Str. Aud: 30yd 9+4+3 Str NATIONAL ONSTAGE 66ASSOCIATION - ST. STEPHEN'OFS YOUTH FESTIVALORCHESTRAS MUSIC - I Scandic Crown Hotel, 80 High Street. Venue 76 Tickets 557Ross 9797.R60 or 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, J10 Buses: 1/6, 33, ‘!'L( 34/35, 51, 69, 80-82, SMTC3, C11, 64/65, 70, 79, 80-88, 131 (off at Bridges). Food drink: Restaurant, snacks, Licensed 11 Bar alland day.Ent: Disabled: level from Hotel Car Park (High St). Aud: lift. wheelchairs. WC adapted. Accessible to |f CABARET AT THE SCANDIC CROWN HOTEL Scottish Poetry Library, Tweeddale Court, Venue 56 : 14 High Street. jiq ^ Info 5571/6,2876. Buses: Ross R60. Disabled: Details not available SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY See Red, St Columba's by the Castle, Venue 4 ; Johnston Tee. jy Tickets 220 Buses: 1/6, 0541. 34/35 orGeorge 23, 24,IV 27-29, 40-42, | 45-47, SMT C23 (off Bridge). Food and drink: all day. { Disabled: DetailsCafe not available. GHETTO STANDMacDONALD COMMUNITY -THEATRE COMPANY -. i JACQUELINE SEE RED-T. W . W . A PRODUCTIONS - SHOWOMAN PRODUCTIONS - MERVYN STUTTER Seventh Day Adventist Church, Venue 122 3 Bristo Place. * Messages 229 0471 Buses: 2/12, 23, 27, 40-42, 45-47 (off Forrest , Rd), 2, 3,SMT5, 7,C3,8,C11, 14, 64/65, 21, 31, 70, 33,51, 87, 89, 79, 69, 80, 80-83, 86, 88 ^ (off Surgeons Hall). Food and drink: Restaurant, snacks all day. i Disabled: Not suitable. ADVENT CHORALE OF HANDSWORTH South Leith Parish Hall, Venue 92 6 Henderson St., Leith. qi3 Outer Tickets 554 2578 Buses: 1/6, C3,87,2/12, 7, 10, 16, 17, 22/25, j 32/52,and 34/35, 89. and Food drink: Tea coffee at time of | performance. Disabled: Ent: 10yd. Aud: 5yd WC (Adapted) ^ THE EDINBURGH YOUNG THEATRE COMPANY - LOTHIAN ‘ PLAYERS Southside '91, Southside Community Venue 82 Centre, 117 Nicolson St. L10 Tickets 6673, 5,7365. Buses: 2,SMTC3, 7, 8,C11,14,64/65, 21, 31,70,33,79,51, 80, 69, 86, 80-83 87, 89, 88. Food and drink: licensed baratallrear day.via Disabled: Ent:WC 1 +Cafe 7(fully + 1andStr.adapted). Also ramp Quarry Lane. Aud: 32yd to lift (30") or 7 + 9 + 3. ASPECTS TOURING COMPANY - THEISLANDBRIDGEDREAMS THEATRECOMPANY DEREK BURROWS CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS CAMBRIDGE UNI VERSITY AMATEUR DRAMATIC --CASUAL THEATRE - TRAINING CHESTER COLLEGE ARTS -PRODUCTIONS CU.SCLUB .S./FOOTLIGHTS -SHCYGNET THEATRE CYT ENGLI MUSIC THEATRE - EXACTI NG THEATRE COMPANY -THE HONKIN' HEP-CATSALEX - LANGDON THE IM-AGIGROSS N&ATIVIOENCOUNTERS NKYCOMPANY PETER I R ELAND C COREN OAKLANOS YOUTH THEATRECD- OXFORD HILL - THERN. L.-BARCLAYS QMWONTHETHEATRE SOUTH SIDE '91 -DRAMA THE TEBBITS-COMEDY CLUB CO. -

Springwell House, Ardtnillan Terrace Venue 32 (off Gorgie Road). K1 0uter Tickets 346 1405 Buses: 2/12, 3, 21, 33 or 1/6, 43/44, 65, 4/4A, 22/25,and30,drink: 38, 48. Food Snacks atHR.timeAud:of 10yd perf only. Disabled: Ent: 5yd 2 Str 7 + 9+4 StrHRWC (W 25" M 24"). MARY WARD OVER 60' S SUPPORTED BY FIRST FRAMEWORK - WETI WOMEN OF DUBLIN Stockbridge House, Cheyne Street Venue 29 (off Raeburn PI). 04 Tickets 55228,6829 Buses: 20, 29,Refreshments 80. Food and drink: at time of perf. Disabled: Details not available CACCIATORE FABBRO Theatre West End, St John's Church Venue 126 Hall, West End Princes St. H6 Buses: West22/25, End: 2/12, 4, 10, 11, 33, 15, 34/25, 16, 18, 19/39, 21, 24,85/86, 26,3, 28/29,31, 43/44, 65, 80-82, 100, SMT Cl, C5, C11, C50, C55, 43, 44, 64A, 66, 70, 80, 86, 88,C16, 129.drink: Food Cafe, refreshments and snacks allDisabled: day.and Enter by Street: Ent: 20yd Flat. Aud: 1ydpathFlatfrom WC Princes (adapted). BIRMINGHAM REP YOUTH WORKSHOP CAMBRIDGE UMBRELLACO.- -NORTHERN THEATREENDCOMPANY - QMW THEATRE END PRODUCTIONSTHEATRE - WPI WEST MASQUE - THEATRE WEST Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Venue 20 Tickets 226 5425 7942) D6 Buses: 34/35 or 8023,(Messages 27,at89N.W.225 (offCircus Dundas St), C23, 20, 28, 29, (off PI). Food and drink: Cafe andWC licensed all day. Disabled: (door + 1 + bar 50yd 9 StrEnt:HR 2yd (entry4 Strby side no1 22"). steps).Aud: AIDS POSITIVE UNDERGROUND THEATRETHEATRE - TERRY BECK TROUPE --BIG FLEUR NAZO -HOWARD CLYDE UNITY YORUBA FORCOMPANY HOWARD-- ELERE ASH PRODUCTIONS MANDELA THEATRE &THEATRE SHEARSWORKSHOP THEATRE -CO.THREE - SHINKO COMPANY LTDSIEVE-WOMEN AND A PASSION VOLCANO THEATRE COMPANY Theatre Zoo, Roman Eagle Lodge, Venue 21 2 Johnston Terrace. J7 Buses: 1/6, 34/35. Food and drink: Cafe all day. Disabled: level. Aud:for wheelchairs. +20 Str HR. WC unadapted.Ent:Inaccessible THEATRE ZOO

Tic Toe at Marco's, Marco's Leisure Venue 98 Centre, 51 Grove St. K3 Tickets 22928/29, 8830 34/35. Buses: 1/6, Food and drink: Cafe, licensed bar and snacks all day. Disabled: 50yd (20yd by Fire Door) 2 StrEnt:HR2yd WCFlat. (W Aud: M 20"). ABSOLUTE BANANA THEATRE COMPANY - ACCIDENTAL DEATH COMPANYAND- JOHN ACCUSATIVE ATI- LLACABARET THETHEATRE STOCKBROKER OTWAY -CASES BLOW UPAT THE SQUARE CAMBRIDGE EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE - CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS -CARDIFF UNIVERSITY DRAMA CHANGEINSPEAK - CURRIED GOATCOLLINS - SOCIETY THE- DURHAM REVUE RODDY FRAME & EDWYN HERRICKTHEATRE LEICESTER POLY POOR THEATRE COMPANY LICAMBRIDGE P SERVICE -WOMEN' NEWSREVUE EARL OKIN OXFORD S REVUE -TOCTOMAT MARCOS ROBINSON- PAT-& THEATRE DESADRIAN BICYCLETTES - TIC WILSON AND BARNES WOMEN AND THEATRE PETER ZENNER Traquair House, Innerleithen, Venue 110 Peeblesshire. p-|-| Outer Tickets 0896-830323. Messages 0896 62. 830785. Buses: Lowland Food and drink: Restaurant, licensed bar, snacks all day. Disabled: accessible/toilets. Restricted access insideFullyhouse TRAQUAIR FAIR Traverse Theatre, 112 West Bow, Venue 15 Grassmarket. jg Tickets 226 2633 Messages 225 1974. Buses: 2/12 (off Grassmarket), 1/6, 34/35 (off High Street), 24, IV27-29, 45, 46, SMT C23 (off 23, George Bridge).bar40-42, Food and drink: Cafe,1 licensed allrestaurant day. at Disabled: Ent: 50yd Str bar and this level.+ 4Aud: 40ydHR15+4 Str partial HR WC 1115 partial W 25"+ 15+4 M 25"). TRAVERSE THEATRE Trinity Academy, Craighall Avenue. Venue 109 All Outer Buses: 7, Ent: 11, 14,level17,leftSMT C3, C16. Disabled: of main door. Aud: WC unadapted. Advise janitor in advance30yd.of wheelchair bookings. A-LEVEL MADNESS PAPER ONE

TAXIS IN EDINBURGH Capital Cabs 220 0404 Castle Cabs 288 2555 Central Radio Taxis 229 2468 City Cabs 229 1211 Radio Cabs 226 5442 In addition to flagging down taxis on the street, you can usually find taxis at the following locations: Waverley Station, Waverley Bridge, South St. David Street, North St. Andrew Street, Hanover Street, Castle Street, Frederick Street, Hope Street, Rutland Street, Haymarket Station, Lauriston Place. Facilities for the Disabled One third of Edinburgh’s licensed taxis are wheelchair accessible. These carry a white badge indicating wheelchair accessibility. They can be booked by telephone or are usually found at City centre stances.

TSB Headquarters, 120 George Street. Venue 63 G6 Buses: 13, 19,SMT20,Cl,22,C23, 23, 25,43,27-29, 39-42, 45, 46, 80-82, 129 . Disabled: Ent: 1yd +4toStrwheelchairs no HR. Aud:with 10yd.help.WC adapted. Accessible AMERICAN CONNEXION Usher Hall, Lothian Road. Venue 7 Tickets 225 5756 10, 11, 15-18, 24, SMT Cl, J5 Buses: Lothian-Rd: C11, C16. Disabled: Ent: 3yd at Artists's Door.50yd Ramped atWCfront—only stallsflataccessible.Aud: flat. fully adapted (not for extra wide wheelchairs). EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL The Venue, 15-21 Calton Road. Venue 99 Info (eves) 557 3073. H11 Buses: 26, 85, 86 Food and drink: Licensed Bar, snacks at time of performance. Disabled: Details not available ESSENTIAL BICYCLETTES MUSIC THEATRE - THEATRE DES Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Venue 44 Tickets L3 Buses: 10,229Ent:27.0044 Disabled: 15yd Flat. Aud: 20yd 4 Str HR WC ( + 1 25"). CATS-CHARLESTON ACTORSOF SOUTH THEATRECAROLINA SOCIETYSTATEHENDERSON-DAVIS PLAYERS COLLEGE - RESISTANCE THEATRE COMPANY - THE RURAL SHAKESPEARE COMPANY WORKSHOP PRODUCTIONS FEATURING BASILDON YOUTH THEATRE ZERO/ONE Walpole Hall, Chester Street. Venue 35 Tickets 336 1807. G3 Buses: 2/12, 8,Scottish 11, 15, C5,16, C16. 17, 19, 22/25, 39, 42-46, 65, E. Food and drink: Cafe all day. Disabled: on request.Ent: 3yd Flat, 5 Str HR. Help available QUERN George Watson's College, Colinton Road. Venue 125 Buses: 38, 45.drink: Licensed Bar at time N2of Food and performance Disabled: Ent:only. +8 Stravailable. no HR. Aud:Accessible 8yd level. WCto adapted. wheelchairsHelp with help. AEGIS PRODUCTIONS

FRINGEFIND computers are all over town. Find a show to suit you by the time you have free, or the type of show you want to see.

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Thanks to Compaq Computer Limited for providing computers to run FRINGEFIND.


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1992 Fringe Programme comes out in June - order yours now. * Fill in this form * Enclose 50p in stamps for U.K. (£1 for Europe, £2 for the rest of the world). * Post to: Box F92 Fringe Office 180 High Street Edinburgh EH1 IQS

Nordic Data Ltd Business Systems Specialists

1992 Fringe Programme


Svipportms the

Festival fringe

Name Address

Computer Systems Databases - Unix - Networks Accounting Systems - Windows 3 Postcode Don’t forget the postage no

031 228 4488 46 - 52 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh


rn ri



Profile for Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

1991 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1991 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #...

1991 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1991 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #...


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