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ilBff elcome to the 1990 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, now in its 44th ■ W year and undoubtedly one of the wonders of the theatrical and artistic world. It is well known for its innovation, sparkle, magnetism and ability to make people go out and enjoy themselves, and this year's Companies and their productions will rank among the greats. It is the biggest Fringe in history, 9,000 local, national and international performers from as close as Invergorden and Liverpool to as distant as Venice, Buffalo, Honolulu, Mombasa and Tokyo are in Edinburgh ^ \ and ready to entertain you morning, noon and night. “ \ We have designed the Programme to tempt you and provide an informative and fully comprehensive guide to all that is on. Fear not its size, search for your favourites, take a few risks but above all, enjoy the opportunity of seeing some of the best in music, children's shows, comedy, visual arts and a' great deal more. Take a walk through the streets and enjoy the Fringe for free as buskers jostle for your attention or drop into any of the 140 venues, you will be surprised how much fun it can be. Be an eavesdropper and listen to people in queues, talk to your friends, read what the papers say, pick up a 'Daily Diary', scan 'Fringe Find' and you will never be at a loss for

something to do. Have a very enjoyable Fringe and relish the atmosphere of one of Europe's finest cities and the world's greatest arts festival.

Mhairi Mackenzie-Robinson


Administrator June 1990




During the festival, the Fringe Office employs a large staff who are well informed about the Fringe. We aim to provide comprehensive information on all Fringe shows including ticket availability and changes to the Programme. We are happy to deal with any enquiries but cannot make any recommendations on any productions. We publish full details on the Fringe and operate a variety of methods to help you gain information:

IN PERSON The information office and shop is open during Box Office hours at The Fringe Office, 180 High Street between 10am and 7pm each day. BY PHONE Ring (0311 226 5257 or 5259 between 10am and 7pm. Please note that these numbers are for enquiries and not for telephone bookings. See How to Book Tickets for this information. BY POST Write to The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 IQS, Scotland. 1991 FRINGE OATES n -31 August. Would-be performers should write after the 1990 Fringe in November/December to make initial enquiries or call at the office during the festival. All letters should be sent to the address given above. TO GET THE 1991 FRINGE PROGRAMME Fill in the request coupon in this Programme and send to Box FP at the Fringe Office..

OlNDEX OF SHOW TITLES Divided into categories of entertainment, listing the Show name, the Company name and the page number where further information on each production can be found.

THE FRINGE PROGRAMME ls the comprehensive guide to all events taking place on the Fringe. See Index on how to use it. THE DAILY DIARY is a chronological listing of every show taking place on any one day. It is a free broadsheet and is available in over 30 locations throughout Edinburgh. The first one will be for Friday 10 August. It should be read in conjunction with the Programme. FRINGE FIND is a simple computer system which will help you select shows based on the time that you have free or the type of performance that interests you. Terminals are located around Edinburgh.

OTHE MAIN LISTING-THE PROGRAMME An alphabetical listing by Company/Performer name giving full details on each production. A person's name is usually listed under his or her surname (eg. look for Alec Guinness under G).

O VENUE MAP Every Fringe venue has a number, shown on this map, Within this section there is also a numerical index of the venues with their grid references. Venue numbers and grid references are also shown in the Main Listing. ©EXHIBITIONS An alphabetical listing by Company/Exhibitor name with full details of each major Fringe exhibition.

The Festival Fringe Society acknowledges financial support from the Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh Distict Council.

©VENUE INDEX Alphabetical listing of Venues by name, with a list of Companies appearing there. Disabled, bus and refreshment information is also

Scottish /\rts Council

©TICKET BOOKING FORM For postal sales before and during the Fringe, and Fringe Club Membership.

•forming Companies and all our sponsoring businesses, the Fringe would not be possible. In addition to all those to all those who have spent so much time and effort working behind the scenes; our Bo Cathrine Couper and Margaret Hill. 3d from information fed into our Data General Desk Top computer. A great deal of time expertise ar >e 9lven to Jean Dickson who wrote the program for the computer to turn hundreds of thousands ol

The Festival Fringe Society Ltd. accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of any of the contents or r Printed in Scotland by Macdonald Lindsay Pindar pic (for the 21st year), Edgefield Road, Loanhe © 1990 Festival Fringe Society Ltd.

Midlothian EH20 9SY.

HOW 10 USE THE PROGRAMME All entries in the Programme have been standardised for ease of reading. A variety of abbreviations and symbols are used throughout. A sample, with explanations, is given below. WEEK BLOBS

VENUE NUMBER Each Fringe venue has its own number. Find it on the Venue map using the Grid Reference.


Show at a glance which week(s) the company is performing (in this case, weeks 1 and 2). Fringe weeks run from Sunday to Saturday, and any events before Sunday 12 August are deemed to be in Week 0.

Use this in conjunction with the Venue Map to find the location of the Venuey


TIMES The 12-hour clock is used. Shows starting in the early morning, e.g. 1.15am are listed under the day before's date, but shows starting after 7am are shown at the current day's date. Finishing times (in brackets) are approximate and cannot be guaranteed.

Shows that the play is eligible for a Scotsman Fringe First Award. These awards are given! to companies presenting outstanding new drama which has been performed not more than 6 times in the UK.



|Students (S), Unemployed (U), OAR's/Pensioners (P), Disabled (D), Children under-16 (C), and Young Scot card holders (Y). (Here, students, unemployed,pensioners and disabled will be charged ÂŁ1.00.) Identification will be asked for.

Fringe performances can take place on any day of the week. Sundays are assumed to be performance days unless stated otherwise.




The Fringe Office does not print the tickets sold. This is the duty of the Companies. On occasion, they arrive with us late. In these circumstances, orders may take longer to despatch. Tickets cannot be refunded other than in the case of complete cancellation of a production or performance.

Opens: Monday 30 July Hours: 10.00am-7.00pm (7 days a week) (not Sun 5 August) Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa Unless otherwise stated in the Programme, the Fringe Box Office sells tickets for every show. If you are buying tickets at the concessionary (reduced) rate, please bring the appropriate identification. Please be prepared to queue at peak periods.

POSTAL SALES Opens: Monday 25 June Payment: Cheque, Postal Order, Access, Visa Complete the Ticket Booking Form and send it to Box YQ, The Fringe Office, 180 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 IQS. Please enclose payment and a stamped addressed envelope. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for delivery.

TELEPHONE SALES (With Access/Visa Card Only)


Telephone: (031) 226 5138 (4 lines) Opens: Monday 16 July Hours: 10.00am-6.00pm (16 July-27 July) (5 days a week) 10.00am-7.00pm from 30 July (7 days a week) (not Sun 5 August) Payment: Access, Visa Tickets can either be posted or held for collection at the Fringe Office. If you are collecting, please come to the Box Office. You will have to show your credit card and sign the booking form. Please allow a minimum of 3 days for processing your order.


Are for unreserved seats in nearly all cases. Concessions (reductions) are often given to



Opens: Thursday 9 August Hours: 10.00am-7.00pm (7 days a week) (not Sun 5 August) Payment: Cash, Cheque, Access, Visa Call in person to the Next-Day Collection counter in the Fringe Box Office and collect a pre printed form and envelope. Complete the form and enclosing payment, hand it to the Next-Day Collection staff. Your order will be made up overnight and your tickets available for collection from 12 noon the next day. If paying by credit card, you will have to show your card and sign the booking form.

USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS Fringe Club International Festival Military Tattoo Film Festival Jazz Festival

667 226 225 228 557

2091 4001 1188 4051 1642

Tourist Information Tourist Accommodation Police British Rail City Bus Information Airport

557 557 311 556 225 333

1700 1700 3131 2451 3858 1000

INDEX OF SHOW TITLES (Title of show, followed by Group entry title, followed by page number)

Adult Orgasm Escapes From The Zoo—The Kresge Edinburgh Theatre Project Adventures Of Tsitsi—The Goremucheche Company Afterpiece—Oxford College Players After The Revelation—Ursa Minor-Richard Demarco Gallery Agamemnon—The Nash Theatre Company—Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama Alexandra Kollontai—SOP Productions Algonquinites & Hollywoodaze—Algonquinites & Hollywoodaze Alice—Circus Burlesque All s Well That Ends...Well?-Solo Plus Theatre Company Ambulance—Aspects Theatre/Touring Company Angels Of Freedom—Starving Artists Theatre Company Angels With Broken Wings-Hill Street Theatre Anthem — Melpomene Anyway...!—Inside Leg Theatre Company Applecore Theatre Company—Virginia—Across The Mersey Theatre The Archer's Tale—Diamond Stage Productions Ltd Armley—Hill Street Theatre Arrivederci Mill wall—Bedlam Theatre Asking For It! —This Way Up Productions As Long As The Cuckoo Sings!-American Connexion Atlendor's Leap—Welsh College Of Music And Drama The Australian Pig-The Australian Pig The Bacchae—The Attic Conversion Company Bacchae—In The House—Upfront Theatre Company Back-Stage Tours Of The National And I Want To Be A Vicar—Theatre Caddis Bad Breaks—Cambridge Mummers Baglady-The Park Bench Theatre Company The Bald Prima Donna / One For The Road—Stomping Feet Theatre Co. Ball Boys-Glasgow Arts Centre Ballet Hooligans-The Rose Theatre Company Bat The Father Rabbit The Son—Rough Magic Theatre Company (Ireland) The Bear-See Red Beauty And The Beast or The Changeling—Open Beauty And The Bounders-Cygnet Training Theatre The Bedbug-Bedlam Theatre The Beggar's Opera-Cygnet Training Theatre Behind The Smile-Eclipse Theatre Beirut—Festival Theatre U.S.C.—U.S.A. Berkoff Double Bill-The Fall Of The House Of Usher-Aspects Theatre/Touring Company Steven Berkoff's Decadence-Freefall Theatre Company Berkoff's Greek-Filial Frenzy Productions beside the white chickens—Beside The White Chickens Beyond The Rainbow-Clyde Unity Theatre The Birthday Party-Exacting Theatre Company Blood So Cheap—Booker By Bunbury Bloody Ruddy-Stage Works Ltd.—Royal Scots Club Blue Merlin-The Unlikely Theater Company Blue Remembered Hills-Western Union Bondage-The Park Bench Theatre Company Bouncers —Hull Truck Theatre Company Bound To Be Beautiful-Facelift Theatre Company The Boy Who Wanted Peace—Fair Friday Brave New World—Theatre West End Brenton Versus Brenton/Whafs For Pudding?-Flying Ducks Theatre Company Brimstone And Treacle-Oxford Theatre Group The Brown Conversion-The Broken Seal Theatre Co. A Brusque Affair-Rattle Bag Theatre Butterflies-The Almighty Stork Cali Back-Blow Up At Abbotsford Calvary Is A One-Way Street—Life After Bretton? Candide-Beset Theatre Co. Canterbury Tales-Ageless Theatre Can't Pay, Won't Pay-Borderline Theatre Company Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down —National Student Theatre Company Captain T. Caddy's Special Selection —Drumbeat Theatre Captive Queen Of Scots-Leith Rep: Community Theatre Company-Diverse Attractions The Carlin Moth-Theatre Alba Carmen—Leicestershire Youth Theatres Carnal. Bloody And Unnatural Acts-The Custard Factory Theatre Co. Chaim And Sonya Were Lovers-Oxford College Players Chameleon Theatre Co-This Can't Be Love-Across the Mersey Theatre Changeinspeak-Jimmy Jazz-Across The Mersey Theatre Christabel-Salford University Theatre Company

54 47 73

14 31 91 16 92 49 63 51

99 93 28 74 92 46 87 87 71 33 22 33 37 41 16 42 22 31 38 24 88 99 100 74 51 38 95 41 27 85 14 22 14 24 67 35 34 93 54 33

12 13 89

Class Enemy—Household Theatre Co. Cambridge — Paradox At The Wee Red Bar Clytemnestra's Bairns—The Hamefarin—Common Force—Diverse Attractions The Comedy Of Errors—Nottinghamshire Education Comic-Smug Cat Theatre The Comical Tragical History Of Edmund Kean —Kean Theatre Company Comic Mysteries—Bedlam Theatre Coming Attractions—L.A. Youth Ensemble Theatre The Company Of Wolves—Birmingham Rep Youth Workshop The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged)—The Reduced Shakespeare Company Conversations With A Cupboard Man-The Almighty

73 34 70 91 53 21 54 22 85 14

The Conversion Of Ka'ahumanu—Kumu Kahua Theatre Company Coping With The Contradictions-Theatre Workshop Count Dracula—Queen Margaret College Drama Dept. The Courtship Of Inanna And Dumuzi —Huluppu Tree Theatre Crazy Jane-CYT Productions A Cry From The Depth—Ab Ovo Theatre Company Curl Up And Dye—Traverse Theatre Dads In Bondage —Lunchbox Theatre Daisy Pulls It Off-Stage 84 Damned Manon, Sacred Sandra—The Nightingale Company The Dark Confessions Her Veins Spell-Ensemble Arts Theatre (San Diego) The Dead-Beat Club—Geezabrek —Diverse Attractions Dearest Em-Woman Much Missed—Re:action Theatre Death In Spain—Hal Scott Deathwatch—Ab Ovo Theatre Company Depravity—Oxygen House Diary Of A Madman-The Splinter Group Dis—Voices From A Shelter—Ray McNiece, Monologist D Minus—The Questors Theatre Dr. Faustus—Cambridge Experimental Theatre Dr. Faustus—Made In Glasgow—Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama A Doll's House—QMW Theatre Company Don't Turn Around, I'm Almost Naked—Whiplash Theatre Company The Dorm—Mandela Theatre Company Double Concerto—A.C.G. Productions Drawing On A Mother's Experience—Richard Demarco Gallery Duck Variations—The Pipe-Dreams Theatre Co. Duet-Intimate Strangers Dusk To Dawn At The Sunset-Ensemble Arts Theatre (San Diego) Eagle-Theatre For Africa Earth Moon Blood—Huluppu Tree Theatre The Edge—American Connexion Endgame —Blow Up —Southampton University Entertaining Mr Sloane—Morley Theatre Group Entertaining Mr Sloane—Theatre 92 Equus—Bedlam Theatre Equus—Lost Theatre Company Everyman—Pepperdine University, Malibu, California Extremities—American Festival Theatre Extremities —Hill Street Theatre The Eyes Of Their Whites (South Africa)-Assembly Rooms Faith Healer—McEwan's Specials Fan's False 'False Face' Society—Alabaster Penguin Mystery Theatre Femalady—Dog-Ruff Theatre Company Female Parts—The Rose Theatre Company Female Transport—The Ridge Theatre Company Femme Fatale-The Snarling Beasties Theatre Co. Fertile Fields—The Unlikely Theater Company Figaro Gets A Divorce—The Questors Theatre Filling The Hole-The Abraxas Group Find Me—The Performing House Co.—Heatham House Youth Centre Find Me—Pow Theatre Fire From Heaven—Theatre For Africa Fireglow And Moonshine-Stories Unlimited The Fire Raisers—The Ken.B. Experience F.M.B.M.—If There Was A Time-Across The Mersey Theatre Fractured Jigsaw—Something Anonymous Frenzy For Two—Glasgow Arts Centre '...From Whence He Came...'-Acts Funny—The Lovely Plays Promotion Concern Gargantua And Pantagruel-The Lords Of Misrule Gary—The Basic Theatre Co. Gary The Thief/Gary Upright-The Wilde Players Gaudete (After Ted Hughes) —Cut Back Theatre With Limelight Productions The Ghost Of Benji O'Neill-Phantom Productions The Ghost Of Joe Seppi-The Ghost Of Joe Seppi Ghosts And Old Gold - Leitheatre Give My Love To Everyone But...-WPI Masque Glad-The Grassmarket Project

54 96 81 51 33 9 97 59 92 69 38 35 85 89 9 73 91 61 85 28 88 79 100 61 9 77 51 38 95 51 14 22 22 59 74 49 17 59 14 35 87 87 91 85 76 79 95 92 53 12 91 47 13 59 59 21 100 33 76 45 54 100 47

Go Back For Murder—Eskmouth Theatre Company The Good And Faithful Servant—Hatton Youth Theatre-Diverse Attractions The Government Inspector—Almost Managing Theatre Company The Guise-Arts Threshold-Richard Demarco Gallery Halliwell's Hell-Bedlam Theatre Hamlet li: Prince Of Jutland - Shoes No Shoes-Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama Hansel And Gretel—Cracking Inserts Theatre Company Hardie And Baird: The Last Days—Traverse Theatre Harry's Christmas—Aspects Theatre/Touring Company Hedda Gabler—Oxford Theatre Group Herringbone. Kerry Shale.—Traverse Theatre Hitting Town-QMW Theatre Company Hogmanay—Edinburgh Acting School The Hole-The Abraxas Group Home Home—Waggledagger Theatre Company The Home Service-Anthony Davison (Uk)-Assembly Rooms Home Values Show—Stageworks Ltd.—Royal Scots Club Hooligans—Tic Toe Theatre Company Horn Of Sorrow—Theatre For Africa Hotel Vietnam—Paradox At The Wee Red Bar The Hour Before My Brother Dies—The Nightingale Company The Hour Of The Lynx—Traverse Theatre How To Kill—Speakeasy Theatre Company—Richard Demarco Gallery I Can't Get Started—Rough Magic Theatre Company (Ireland) I, Catechumen—Bulmershe Revival Theatre Company If Betty Should Rise-Theatre Erebus-A Festival Of Canadian Plays Implant—Yellow Dot Theatre Company Inadmissible Evidence—QMW Theatre Company In Camera — Programme Definittif Glasgow—Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama In Principio Era II Kaiser (In The Beginning It Was Kaiser)-Us Quayelles (Kl) Interview—The Lovely Plays Promotion Concern Jabberwock—Morning After Productions Jimmy Jazz—Changeinspeak Jen—Spring well House Joyicity—Abbey Theatre (Eire)—Assembly Rooms Judy Garland—Across The Mersey Theatre Ka’iulani: A Cantata For The Theatre—Kumu Kahua Theatre Company The Kashubian Tapes—Eagle Mountain Productions King beared—Cambridge Mummers King Lear—Uicestershire Youth Theatres King Lear—Welsh College Of Music And Drama The King Of Liverpool—Threadbare Theatre Company King Real—Wits End Community Theatre Kinross:the '84 Mining Disaster—Theatre For Africa Kiss Of The Spider Woman—Welsh College Of Music And Drama Kochou — Lasenkan Theatre Company From Japan Krapp's Last Tape—Viewforth Centre Lady Bracknell’s Confinement—Hawksmoor Productions Lady Macbeth And A Vision Of Ophelia—Aki Isoda Lament For Arthur Cleary—Traverse Theatre L'amfiparnaso, An Everyday Story Of Restaurant Folk-Trestle Theatre Company La Mome Piaf—Executive Theatre Company The Last Lullaby—Aspects Theatre/Touring Company Late Night Thriller-Oxford Theatre Group Laurel & Hardy-Actors Theatre Of ScotlandAssembly Rooms Leatherhead—Newton Theatre Leonardo: Anatomy Of A Soul-Pilgrim Theatre The Usson-Across The Mersey Theatre Like It, Lump It.—First Time Theatre Company The Little Foxes-Festival Theatre U.S.C.-U.S.A. Living Legends-BBC Club Ariel Theatre Company Lizzie Vinyl: A Reconstruction-Corpus Theater Group London Calling—Bulmershe Revival Theatre Company Look Back In Anger—Theatre West End Productions Looked In The Mirror. What Did I See...?-Ardinian Theatre Company The Loop-Hole-Cambridge Umbrella Loose Change—Roped Jaw Ent. The Lord Of The Rings-Rob Inglis Lord Of The Rings-National Student Theatre Company Love In The Meadow-Diabolo Theatre Productions A Lovely Sunday For Creve Coeur—Calliope Theatre Company The Love Of Don Perlimplin And Belisa In The Garden-Guignol Et Cie Lucky Blues —Free Association Theatre Company Lucky Johnny—Aspects Theatre/Touring Company Lulu-Cambridge Mummers Lulu-Red Shift Theatre Company Lunch—Open Stage

38 34 14 33 22 88 32 97 16 73 97 79 37 9 99 17 87 96 95 73 69 97 33 87 28 95 100 79 88 81 59 64 29 91 16 12

96 100 95 100 54 99 48 53 97 97 38 16 73 16 69 77 13 41 41 21 32 28 95 16 29 87 51 67 34 28 47 42 16 28 85 71 3

Lunch With A Saliva Milkshake-Hogus-Globus Theatre Ma + tA—Monogonies 'Macbeth' On The Island Of Inchcolm—Richard Demarco Gallery Macbeth—A Company Of Eight —Diverse Attractions Macbeth-Polkatz McLennan Alone-Gilded Balloon Theatre Mahabharata: Beginnings And Dice Game—A&BC Theatre Company Mahabharata: Exile And War-A&BC Theatre Company Maria Malibran - Bright Star In A Dark Sky-Maria Malibran The Man From Aldersgate —Carrubbers Christian Centre Man To Man-Falling Angels-MCMXC Many A Slip 'Twixt Cap And Dick-The Big Red Balloon Theatre Co. Market Forces—Wits End Community Theatre The Marriage Of Figaro—The Questors Theatre Marriage Of The Minds—Spring well House Masque Of Rosslyn —Glen Theatre Measure For Measure-A.CG. Productions Meet For Lunch—Angel Enterprises The Meeting-The Nightingale Company Merlin—Matchbox Theatre Company Metamorphosid Arkwright—Indirect Works Theatre Company A Midsummer Night's Dream —Mind The Gap/Ipswich School The Miser—Quipu Theatre Company—Diverse Attractions Miss Julie-Out On Parole Society Money For Old Hope —SCAT (Sandwell Community

64 33 34 79 46

61 29 22 100 85 91 47 9 16 69 61 51 63 35 73 89

Morning Has Broken—National Student Theatre Company My Army Part II presented by Theatre De Complicite With Tim Barlow—Theatre De Complicite A New Step—Glasgow Arts Centre Nightingale For Dinner—Bedlam Theatre Nights At The Round Table-A.C.G. Productions Nine Times Nine-The Custard Factory Theatre Co. Nocturne From Nowhere—Raymond Chandler On Stage—Abbie Productions No Excuses Cabaret —No Excuses No Remission-The Lucky Porcupine Theatre Co. The Nose-Cambridge L.M.P. Nostalgia—Theatre Touring Tayside—Diverse

67 93 46 22 9 32 69 59 28

89 Not About Heroes—St Andrew’s University Mermaids 32 Obsession —La Compagnie Du Parti-Pris The Occupation Of Heather Rose—Theatre Erebus—A 95 Festival Of Canadian Plays Ode On A Grecian Urn-Nottinghamshire Education 70 28 Oedipus-The Cambridge Bats 0 Flower Of Scotland—Afftak Co.—Diverse Attractions 34 Ohio Impromptu Play: Not I-The Philadelphia Beckett 34 Project-Richard Demarco Gallery Olsnienie—Warsaw Theatre Studio (Poland)—Assembly 17 One. And It's Not Funny—Oxford College Players 73 A One Man Hamlet-Portable Productions 79 45 One Stream Flows Into Another—Fusion On Golden Pond-Edinburgh Civil Service Dramatic 37 Society 22 On The Crossroad...—Blow Up At Abbotsford The Originator —Collective Of Natural Disasters — 33 Richard Demarco Gallery 48 Orphans—Harbinger Theatre Co. Our Town by Thornton Wilder-Edinburgh Theatre Arts 37 22 Pains Of Youth —Blow Up —Southampton University Paradise Is Closing Down-MFC Theatre Company88 Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama Peer Gynt—Cygnet Training Theatre 33 73 Pericles-Oxford College Players Peter And The Lizard-Rough & Ready Theatre Co. 87 Peter Pan, A Grown-Up Story-Oxford College Players 73 Picture This—Tic Toe Theatre Company 96 Pig Play: A Strategy For Two Hams—Traverse Theatre 97 41 Planet Serious-Flodkvist Pleasant Vices—The Attick Theatre Touring Company 19 Polish Contemporary Theatre—Theatre Workshop 96 Popeye In Exile—David Glass New Mime Ensemble A Portrait Of Vincent — Portrait Productions The Prevention Of Innocence-The Splinter Group Prisoners-Telling Tales Theatre Company 93 85 The Public Eye—The Wildchild Theatre Company 100 Pulcinella's Revenge —Hafren Theatre 48 Purple Breasts—American Theatre Ventures (California) 16 Radio Man —National Student Theatre Company 67 Rainbow Baby —Booker By Bunbury Rainbow Ice—Johnny Panic 73 Rat In The Skull-Glasgow Arts Centre 47 Rat Rat Tour—Zoo Zoo Zoo —Viewforth Centre 99 The Real Death Of Sherlock Holmes -The Questors 85 The Real Inspector Hound—The Absolute Banana Theatre Company The Real Inspector Hound —Foad Theatre Company 42 The Recruiting Officer—Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group 37 Reigen-Theatre Erebus-A Festival Of Canadian Plays 95 49 A Respectable Wedding - Brecht-The Hoxton Firm The Return — Glasgow Arts Centre 46 Revolting Rhymes-Bedlam Theatre 22 4

Riddley Walker-Oxford College Players The Rise And Shine Of Comrade Fiasco-Spring well House The River Wife's Daughters—River Town Theatre Rochester-Doyne Byrd—Richard Demarco Gallery Les Romanesques—Les Escogriffes Romeo And Juliet-A.C.G. Productions Romeo And Juliet —Hull Truck Theatre Company Romeo And Juliet —Pageant Players Romeo And Juliet — Playbox Young Company Romeo And Juliet - SHYAC: Surrey Heath Young Actors Company Routes To Freedom —Strines Theatre Rule 43—The Cracked Actors' Company Sam & Jascha —Original Sinners Sarrasine. Gloria.—Traverse Theatre Scientific Americans—Theatre Erebus-A Festival Of Canadian Plays Scorpio (The Beginning)—Glen Theatre The Scottish Play —Edinburgh Acting School Margot Sessions-A World Of My Own-Margot Sessions Sex, Spies And Periwigs — Baynard Theatre Company Shadow Walker-Catchpole Theatre Co. Shakespeare's Fools-The Park Bench Theatre Company The Shawl-Glasgow Arts Centre Sam Shepard — Savage/Love And Tongues —Cambridge Talking Tongues Theatre Shrieking Sapphires —Glance-Askance Theatre Co. Sleep With Me-Gone Fishin' Theatre Company/A John McNiven Production Snow White And The Seven Deadly Sins-Guignol Et Cie Sod The Skin Horse & Nutcrackers In My HandbagRough & Ready Theatre Co. Somme: —Bedlam Theatre The Song Of 01 wen —Salford University Theatre Song Of Songs —Cambridge Talking Tongues Theatre Sonnets—Diamond Stage Productions Ltd Speed-The-Plow—Morley Theatre Group Spenser's Laye — Connacht Productions (Eire) — Assembly Rooms The Spirit Of Jack Cade—Brett Fancy Spoon River—St Andrew's University Mermaids Springtide Of Nations - Scena 6—Richard Demarco Gallery Statements After An Arrest Under The Immorality Act—St Andrew’s University Mermaids A State Of Being-Inner State Productions Stigmata —Spiked Honey Theatre Company Stone Walls-Reaction Theatre Stories—The Gare St. Lazare Players—Chicago Storytellers I And li—Oxford College Players The Street-Made In Glasgow-Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama Strippers—Crumpet Theatre Company Stunning The Punters (And Other Stories)—Vital

73 91 87 34 38 9 51 73 77 90 92 32 71 97 95 47 37 90 21 29 74 47 28 46 47 47 87 22 89 28 34 64 17 39 89 33 88 91 85 45 73 88 32

Summit Conference—The Actors Exchange Theatre Co. Sunday Sunday—Theatre De La Grenouille The Sunday Walk—Glasgow Arts Centre Surrender Dorothy—National Youth Theatre Of Great Britain 69 Swallowing Is A Very Private Thing —The Nightingale Company 69 Sweet Sorrow—Hull Truck Theatre Company 51 Swivel-Tip-Sussex University 93 Tabitha—The Unlikely Theater Company 99 Table For Two—American Connexion 14 Taking The Woodbine-Thirteen-Fourteen Theatre Company 96 The Tale Of Beatrix Potter-Rohan McCullough 59 Tell Me Again - Scruff's Company—Diverse Attractions 34 Tell Me My Truth-Welsh College Of Music And Drama 100 The Tempest —University of Pennsylvania — Bedlam Theatre 22 Ten Byti Cia (Here To Be There)—See Red 90 Thanksgiving—ABC Angel Coast Artists 9 That Way Inclined—Gay Youth Manchester 45 The Therapist and Head—Chris Oram 31 There Goes The Bride - Southern Light Drama 91 Things Past—Arts Threshold —Richard Demarco Gallery 33 Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K. JeromePerformance Theatre Co. 74 Timber St. Theatre Company-Timber Street Theatre 96 Time And The Body-The Rose Theatre Company 87 'Tis Pity She's A Whore —Panic Theatre Company 73 'Tis Pity She’s A Whore-Stomping Feet Theatre Co. 92 Tissue—Springboard Ark Theatre Company 91 Todavia Cantamos—The Park Bench Theatre Company 74 Torch Song Trilogy—Whiplash Theatre Company 100 To The Ladies Who Drive Mercedes-Showoman The Tree's The Thing / Fantoccini-Sussex University Trio In E—1st Framework Tristram Shandy-Gentleman (Part Two)-Tristram Shandy Tristram Shandy-Homunculus (Part One)-Tristram Shandy Troilus And Christine — Panic Theatre Company The Trojan Women - Leicestershire Youth Theatres Trouble In Paradise—Talking Pictures The Trouble With The Dead - Speakeasy Theatre Company-Richard Demarco Gallery

The True Story Of Tom Jones-Lusty Lad To Gracious Gentleman—Roustabout Theatre 87 The Truth Of Allie P. Dowd-American Class Act Of 14 Dayton, Ohio Try To Love Your Marjorie-Private Aye Theatre 34 Group—Diverse Attractions 97 Tverbol—Traverse Theatre 71 21A-On The Bus Productions 28 Ubu Roi—Bulmershe Revival Theatre Company 100 Ubu!—Z And The Green Candles 14 Under Milk Wood-Ageless Theatre 73 Unity-Oxford Theatre Group 99 'V'—Volcano Theatre 47 Variations On A Fruit Machine —Glasgow Arts Centre 16 Victims—Asimmetric Theatre Company Vinegar Tom -The Absolute Banana Theatre Company 9 79 Virginia-QMW Theatre Company Voyagers—Tumbrel Theatre Company 97 64 Waiting For Godot—National Absurd Soapbox Waiting For Godot—Strangeways Rooftop Players 92 Waiting For Sir Larry—Hot Tea And Claire Chapman Associates Ltd. 49 The Wake—Traverse Theatre 97 Walking Shadow-Clyde Unity Theatre 31 Wargasm—Bulmershe Revival Theatre Company What A Way To Go-Cacciatore Fabbro When The Gatling Jammed-A.C.G. Productions 9 When Words Fail...—Nottinghamshire Education 70 Whistler-Hurd Hatfield - Richard Demarco Gallery 34 Why Is John Lennon Wearing A Skirt—Traverse Theatre 97 Winter In Majorca-Chopiniana 31 Words From The World's End-Oxford Theatre Group 73 Words Of Pride And Passion-Traverse Theatre 97 The Workingman—Theatre Erebus—A Festival Of Canadian Plays 95 Woyzeck—Bulmershe Revival Theatre Company 28 Woyzeck—Melpomene 63 The Yesterday Victory-Collective Of Natural Disasters—Richard Demarco Gallery 33 Zastrozzi—Oxford College Players 73 The Zoo Story-Low-Life Theatre Company—Diverse Attractions The Zoo Story-The Nash Theatre Company-Royal Scottish Academy Of Music And Drama 88 Zoo Story—Paradox At The Wee Red Bar 74

93 41 97 97 73 54 93 34

COMEDY Al & George With Ron Vaudry—Stand-Up Canada Aiibright On The Western Front—The Osney Mead Theatre Company Baby With The Bathwater—American Festival Theatre Between A Laugh And A Hard Place—L.A. Comics (USA)—Assembly Rooms The Big Book For Girls—National Student Theatre Company Blind Faith-Blind Faith Blithe Spirit-SFA Ventures The Boys Next Door — Sandpiper Productions / American Festival Theatre Brand, Marber. Macabre-Jo Brand, Patrick Marber, James Macabre Ken Campbell Does Hail Erie! -The Science Fiction Theatre Of Liverpool The Campbells Are Cornin'—Edinburgh People's Theatre The Canterbury Tales - Bablake At Buster Brown's A Chorus Of Disapproval—Edinburgh Players Comedy To Go—Comedy Store Players The Complete Work Of Shakespeare-Exacting Theatre Company Steve Coogan & Frank Skinner—Steve Coogan & Frank Skinner The Cunning Linctus—National Health Theatre Co. Disgusting-Oxford College Players Dog Murder One—Renaissance Comedy Associates Will Durst (USA)-Assembly Rooms Simon Fanshawe's Headlines—Simon Fanshawe's Headlines The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder My—Lothian Players Fear Of A Nylopian Planet—Bri-Nylon Five Friends Of The Famous —Friends Of The Famous Getting Even- Afterthought Productions Getting There!—Ageless Theatre Global Catastrophe Prevents-The Oxford School Of Drama Gordon's Improthon-Assembly Rooms The Hangover Show-Pete McCarthy (UK)-Assembly

92 71 17 22 90


37 19 37 31 38 32 67 73 85 17 39

27 42 14 14 73 17

17 John Hegley (UK)—Assembly Rooms 17 Mark Hurst Aka Miwurdz—Mark Hurst A.K.A. Miwurdz 61 The Hypochondriac—National Student Theatre Company 67 I'm Left-Handed And Would Like To Sing A SongOxford College Players 73 It’s A Girll-Doo'wa Theatre Company 35 Kingfish-Festival Theatre U.S.C.-U.S.A. A Kiss On Your Koeksister-Peter Dirk Uys (South 17 Africa)—Assembly Rooms

I—US.A. Comedy 99 34 The Last Hiss—Msfits—Diverse Attractions Lickerish (NSTC With UEA Norwich)-National Student 67 Theatre Company Mark Little's Atomic Dilemma-Mark Little's Atomic 59 Dilemma Look No Hans—D.M.D.C. (Davidson's Mains Dramatic Club) 41 Loot—The 15 Amp Theatre Company 71 Lord Arthur Savile's Crime—Onstage 66 Love Gone Wrong—Wendy Harmer (Australia) — 17 Assembly Rooms Chris Lynam—Chris Lynam 59 73 Lysistrata—Out To Play Theatre Company 29 The Man In A Terrible Hurry-The Canongate Theatre Margaret III, Parts Two And Three—Lip Service 54 The Marriage Of Bette And Boo-Festival Theatre U.S.C.—U.S.A. 41 Minor Complications—Minor Complications 63 Mrs Vicker s City Slickers (And Their Waves Of Lust)—Mcewan's Specials 59 63 Moms And Her Ladies—Moms And Her Ladies My Life In Dance—Paul Brophy 27 My Mother Answered The Phone To Stanislavski — Welsh College Of Music And Drama 100 Naked Radio—Assembly Rooms 17 Nelson David-Carry On Psycho 29 N.H.S.-The Offal Truth-Moving Parts Theatre Group34 Diverse Attractions One Lump Or Two?—One Lump Or Two? 71 A One Night Stand With Sean Hughes-A One Night Stand With Sean Hughes 71 On The Fringe Of Hysteria—On The Fringe Of Hysteria 71 On The Verge or The Geography Of Yearning—Festival Theatre U.S.C—U.S.A. Neil Oram Does Comeuppance Rising—The Science Fiction Theatre Of Liverpool 89 29 Perestroika!-Care Of The Management 93 Play By Ear—Sweeney And Steen 53 Prophet Bites Dog—Ben Keaton 73 The Rake's Progress—The Oxford School Of Drama 93 Rupert Pupkin Collective—Sweeney And Steen 90 Russian And Red-Y For Breakfast-See Red Screams From The Road: Tales Of A Modern 48 Vaudevillian-Ray Hanna 61 See How They Runl—The Makars 93 A Sense Of Tumour—Sussex University 46 Sex, Drugs And Rotten Rolls—Gilded Balloon Theatre Linda Smith And Henry Normal—The Therapy Sessions—Linda Smith & Henry Normal 91 41 Stage Door—Festival Theatre U.S.C.—U.S.A. 71 Stand-Up And Hide-Owen O'neill Mark Steel-Mark Steel 92 46 Stu Whol in Pure Shi'ite—Gilded Balloon Theatre Superheroes—Black Mime Theatre 22 Table Manners — Felsted Theatre Company 39 Taboo-Lumiere & Son Theatre Company 59 Take Them To The Garden—John Dowie 35 Thesaurus—Rack & Ruin Thirteen Heavens And Nine Hells—Coral Springs Theatre Project 32 Thirty Somehow—Thirty Somehow—Julie Balloo, Maria Callous, Jenny Eclair Three Blokes (And Their Jokes)—Empty Pockets And Greg Fleet 37 Three Contemporary American One Acts—Festival Theatre U.S.C.-U.S.A. 41 Jimmy Tingle—Jimmy Tingle 96 True Confessions—Spontaneous Combustion 91 24-Hour Party Garage—Oxford Theatre Group 73 The Unexpurgated Sherlock Holmes—Fossick Valley Fumblers 42 Victor & Barry (Scotland)—Assembly Rooms 17 Visiting District Milligan—Spike Milligan 63 V*V*N—Ensemble Arts Theatre (San Diego) 38 Waiting For The Parade—American Festival Theatre 14 Why I Stopped Being A Stand-Up Comedian-John Dowie Wrecked Redneck—George Bridges IV-Diverse 34 fours Eventually—John Mowat & The London Theatre Of Clay 64 (ou ve Got To Be A Hustler!...—The Bad Housekeeping Theatre Co. Cathy Ladman And Larry Amo

(IUSICAL lice The Musical—Bradford Musical Youth aroque Reflections-Contretemps !ugsy Malone—Bradford Musical Youth ,■ Popular Demandl—The Entire Company aptain Stirrick-The National Youth Music Theatre irlstian Cameos—Drumbeat Theatre jjvy-The Musical—The Edinburgh Young Theatre l Company ija Revue: Burlesque To Broadway!-Cocktail Theatre : at the Sheraton twntown Uproar-Jiving Lindy Hoppers a Fantasticks-Versailles Towne & Country Players e Golden Key-The Eleventh Hour Music Theatre rston Harmonites Steel Band—Harston Harmonites Steel Band •—Green Door Rehearsals

27 32 27 67 35 37 31 53 99 37

The House On The Corner —Quinquereme ProductionsMain Sponsor Angus District Council Kelvin—The Musical Comedy—The Edinburgh University Footlights Little Shop Of Horrors—Ageless Theatre Love Kevin—Northern Theatre Company Lumpy Custard—Act One—Scene One A Midsummer Night's Dream - Mumbles Theatre Nero 'The Musical'-Richard Demarco Gallery October's Children—The National Youth Music Theatre Oklahoma—Festival Theatre U.S.C.—U.S.A. Oliver—Forth Childrens Theatre Pal Joey—The National Youth Music Theatre Phantom Of The Opera-Bat Productions. Inc. Pirates Of Penzance — Leicestershire Youth Theatres Seats In All Parts—A.C.G. Productions The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4-The Edinburgh Youth Theatre Slap & Tickle II-Slap & Tickle II The Sound Of Music-Edinburgh Acting School Sound Of The Soul—The Canongate Theatre Spotlite Theatre-A Moment In The Mouth—Across The Mersey Theatre West Side Story—National Student Theatre Company

85 37 14 69 13 64 34 69 41 42 69 21 54 9 37 91 37 29 13 67

REVUE Absurd Persons Plural—The Cambridge Footlights Another Evening With 'Brute Force—Brute Farce Berlin To Broadway With Kurt Weill-Belfry Repertory Company Beyond The Fringe—Arrivederci Balham Productions Celebrating Sax-The Fairer Sax Continental Brechtfest—The Entire Company The Cunning Linguists—Cunning Linguists Cut That Out—Cambridge Medical Revue Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player—II—David Scheel Down The Backs Of Sofas-Sussex University En Croissant—Aaaautistic Croissant Theatre Company An Evening (?) Wasted With Tom Lehrer—Acoustic Music Centre Faith. Hope, And Pheromones—Quirk First Night—English Dramatic Society The Friends Of Sheepey Sheep—The Lovely Plays Promotion Concern Give Me An Inch And I'll Take A Fiver-Bedlam Theatre The Grand George Square Gala-George Square Theatre Honky-Tonk—The Snooze Buttons Joy In The Spirit—A.C.G. Productions Life's Far Too Shortl—The New Wrinkle Theatre Company Master Pieces-A Coward Cabaret-The Queen's Hall Maxwell'n'Miller's Top Night Out! —Sussex University My Left Luggage—The Durham Revue Newsrevue '90-Newsrevue '90 Stop The People Mover—Uncle Burgess Thrash-The Oxford Revue 1990 The Women's Revue: Amazons!—The Cambridge Footlights

28 28 22 16 38 38 32 28 89 93 9 12 85 37 59 22 45 91 10 69 81 93 35 69 99 73 28

CABARET Aaaaaaaaaargh! The Tunnel Club Comes To Edinburgh-AgainllM-Aaaaaaaaaargh The Tunnel Club—Again Afternoon Affair—Earl Okin Ahh...Those Girls—Ahh—Those Girls Americana!—Caledonia Brass Angry & Grumpy's Caustic Ceilidh/Neil Robert Herd & John Moloney—Kevin Day & John Moloney Annie T. & The French Connection—Annie T. Attila The Stockbroker, John Otway & Ronnie Caryl— Headbutts & Halibuts-Attila The Stockbroker, John Otway & Ronnie Caryl Ken Bell—The Canongate Theatre Blue Nights Of The K.G.B.-See Red Bob Boyton: The Boot Goes In-Bob Boyton Arnold Brown—Arnold Brown Cabaret At The Gate—The Canongate Theatre Carnival Of Peep-Carnival Of Peep Julian Clary Wandrin' Star UK Tour'-Julian Clary Close Up And Card Tricks-Close Up And Card Tricks Comotoes—The Como String Quartet The Complete History Of Music-The Mad Musicians Are Back—Miles And Millner—The Mad Musicians Are Back Ivor Dembina And Simun Bligh—Ivor Dembina And Simon Bligh The Bob Downe Show—Bob Downe Col Elliott-Col Elliott Faith. Hope And Comedy—Kevin Day & John Moloney 57 Minutes To Midnight - Cognito, Ross And The Tebbits 'For Lunchtime Consumption Only —Nottinghamshire Education Fringe Club Cabaret-The Fringe Club The Funny Farm—The Funny Farm The Girts (With The Great Xar) (UKI-Assembly Rooms

page no. Gusto House Cabaret—Gusto House: New York 48 Jeremy Hardy & Kit Hollerbach—Jeremy Hardy & Kit Hollerbach 48 Hattie Hayridge & Jack Dee—Hattie Hayridge & Jack Dee 48 Hi Jinx And Lo Trix-The Presto Pack 79 Johnny Immaterial's '1958—Johnny Immaterial 51 Eddie Izzard-Eddie Izzard 53 Jokers Cabinet—Greyfriars 47 Don Kawash—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Dillia Keane-Dillie Keane 53 Kit And The Widow '90-Kit And The Widow 53 Kurt Weill Cabaret—Mark Dabernig 33 La Compagnie Du Parti-Pris—The Canongate Theatre 29 Lay Down I Think I Love You...Or 'Passionate Casualties'—ABC Angel Coast Artists Life Could Be A Dream-The Frigidaires 42 Little Red Riding Hood And Her Cabaret-Little Red Riding Hood And Her Cabaret 59 Livestock-Theatre Workshop 96 Norman Lovett—Norman Lovett 59 Ennio Marchetta—Ennio Marchetta 61 Masculine Women Feminine Men—Australian Maid Productions 19 Moonlighting —Tom Robinson 87 The New Improved Guide To Life-Ownbrand-Blow Up At Abbotsford 22 Rob Newman —Rob Newman 69 Night For Nicaragua Part 6-Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign 54 No Cure For Cancer—Denis Leary Alan Parker—Rob Newman 69 People Show No. 94-Farrago—A Jazz Cabaret74 People Show Return To The Jive Cafe—Craig McMurdo In That 93 Ronnie And The Rex-Gilded Balloon Theatre 46 St. James Cabaret—Edinburgh Acting School 37 Salamander/Cabaret-A-Go Go-The Salamander/Cabaret A-Gogo Sex-Symbol Of The 90's-Earl Okin 70 Simply Fred—Pleasance 79 A Slight Hesitation With Mervyn Stutter—Mervyn 92 Guitar & Fiddle-Gypsy Swing And Country Blue91 Some Silly. Satirical. Slightly Scandalous SongsDiverse Attractions 34 Stagger Lee And Jimmy's Juke Joint-The Almighty 14 Stand Up At The Opera-Stand Up At The Opera 92 Stuart Lee-Jim Tavare 93 Jim Tavare—The Early Years—Jim Tavare 93 Turn Onto Your Left Hand Side. Draw Your Knees Up To Your Chest And Take A Few Deep BreathsStruck Off And Die 92 Well Blow Me. It's Dave Cohen—Dave Cohen 31

OPERA The Bluebeards Castle-Jokai Szinhaz Bekescfabai Richard Demarco Gallery Ensemble—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time The Light Opera—Richard Demarco Gallery Primadonna-Mary Lou Fallis Trouble In Tahiti/* Lysistrata—The Minotaur Music Theatre

34 88 34 38 63

9 70 14 28 33 16 19 29 90 27 27 29 29 31 31 31 63 34 35 37 33 31 70 42 45 17

MIME Fragments-Crazy Mime—Richard Demarco Gallery Jonathan Kay—Jonathan Kay Mischief And Mayhem—Unclassified The Monkey Bazaar—Berger & Diskin Mime Theatre Peter Pan—Leicestershire Youth Theatres

34 53 97 22 54

DANCE Aesop's Fables—Dance & Music From Nichols, Buffalo USA Asleep For Ten Years—Hill Street Theatre Blues And Revelations — Moving Visions Dance Theatre Breaking New Ground—Gestures Dance Company Breast-Feeding The Violin-Oxford College Players Cantata Domino — Moving Visions Dance Theatre Dances Of India-Leicestershire Youth Theatres I Will Be Heard—Isolation Dance Company Johannes Kepler's Dream-Leslie Friedman Dance Metamorphoses - Scottish Poetry Library Passionate Mask—Electric Motion—Diverse Attractions Pick Of The Crop Dance Music—Dance & Music From Nichols, Buffalo Usa Revolting Rhymes & Twisted Tales—Leicestershire Youth Theatres Patsy Ricketts & Karl Messado (Jamaica)—Assembly Rooms

33 48 64 45 73 64 54 53 42 90 34 33 54 17 5

Tango Tiampo—Tango Tiempo Tobias-Tobias The Willow Pattern Story—1st Chance Theatre Dance Company—Diverse Attractions

93 96 34

CHILDREN S SHOWS Active Story Time—A.C.G. Productions Adventures Of Tsitsi—Acoustic Music Centre Aladdin—International Purves Puppets Alice In Wonderland—Cygnet Training Theatre The Biggest Hamburger In The World—Abracadabra Theatre Workshop For Children Bright water—Last Of The Dodos—Diverse Attractions Captain Skullbone And The Haunted Treasure Of Goul Bay—Queen Margaret College Drama Dept. Children's Art Workshop-Gilded Balloon Theatre Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes—The Custard Factory Theatre Co. Dance! Dancel Dance! '90 —Rebecca Walker Dance Studios Edinburgh—Diverse Attractions Derek And The Dragon-Electric Earwigs Dr. Despicable's 'Very' Nasty Theatre Co.—Across The Mersey Theatre Dogworthy's Magic Showtime-A.CG. Productions Dragons And Honeybees—Tales From Around The World—The Shoestring Players Dribble Or Dare—Catch Theatre Company—Diverse Attractions The Emperor's New Clothes—St Andrew's University Mermaids The Faerie Queen And The Goblin King—Clown Frankenstein's Monster—The Festival Club Ghost-Busting!-See Red The Gingerbread Man—John Peel Puppets The Gless House—Polkatz Hans Christian Anderson—Diverse Attractions James And His Amazing Multicolour Adventure—The Durham Revue James And The Giant Peach—Leicestershire Youth

9 12 79 33 9 35 81 45 33 34 37 12


31 39 90 74 79 34 35 54

James And The Giant Peach—Trick & Treat Productions Ltd The Lion. The Witch & The Wardrobe-Edinburgh Acting School The Loathsome Dragon-Wicked Theatre Magic Bob’s Mid-Morning Magic—Theatre Workshop Magic Bob Visits Mr. Boom-Theatre Workshop Mr. Boom —Children's One-Man Band—A Mr. Boom / Festival Fringe Production Mr. Toad's Excellent Adventure—Mumbles Theatre Monkey Tales-Oxford College Players Ode On A Grecian Urn - Nottingham Education Children First—Diverse Attractions One Of Our Monsters Is Mything-Freefall Monster Theatre Company Pips And Panda Meet The Three Bears—International Purves Puppets The Playroom —Abracadabra Theatre Workshop For

97 37 100 96 96 63 64 73 34 42 79

Punch And Judy—Diverse Attractions 34 Raiders Of The Lost Aardverk-Theatre For Africa 95 The Reinbow Cat’s Further Fantastic AdventuresSimon The Storyteller's Big Theatre For Little People Company 90 The Revenge Of The Space Pandas or Binky Rudich And The Two-Speed Clock—Festival Theatre 41 U.S.C.—U.S.A. Roger Trots Out!—Nottinghamshire Education 70 79 Rumpelstiltskin- Portrait Productions 91 Samantha Seel—Spring well House The Selfish Giant-Herrick Theatre Simon The Storyteller's Do It Yourself Theatre-Simon The Storyteller's Big Theatre For Little People Company 90 39 Sinbad The Sailor-The Festival Club Towards Spring (Orkney Youth Theatre)—Welsh College Of Music And Drama 100 Zoom To The Moon With Mr. Boom-Theatre Workshop 96

FOLK/CEILIDH/SCOTTISH Albion Band 90...And Special Guests—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Alchemy—Acoustic Music Centre 10 David Allison And Frieda Morrison—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Black Eyed Biddy—Acoustic Music Centre 10 Bio Na Gael-In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 Boys Of The Lough—Boys Of The Lough 24 Bruce And Walker—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Burns-His Life, Poetry And Songs-Quern 82 Call Of The West-The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society 31 Capercaillie In Concert—Capercaillie 29 The Cauld Blast Orchestra-Acoustic Music Centre 12 The Cauld Blast Orchestra-World Music At St. John's 100 Ceilidh-Adeline Calder Fund—Diverse Attractions 34 Cock And BuH-Wbrld Music At St. John's 100 6

Julian Dawson And Friends—Acoustic Music Centre Drumalban. Scottish Folk Ensemble — Quaker Meeting The Easy Club—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Edge Of Day—A Tribute To Laurie Lee—Acoustic Music

81 12

12 Festival Ceilidh-The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society 31 Fiddle Harp And Voice—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society 31 Findask—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 The Fisher Family—Acoustic Music Centre 12 The Folk Cellar—Acoustic Music Centre 10 A Gaelic/Scottish Celebration-The Netherbow 69 Dick Gaughan—In Concert—Aegis Productions 13 Kieran Goss—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 John Grace—Wayfarer—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Isaac Guillory-In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Kieran Halpin And Joan McDermott—In ConcertAcoustic Music Centre Hank Wangford. Hank Wangford's Country ReviewAssembly Rooms 17 Hogg—The Ettrick Shepherd-His Life, Poetry And Songs—Quern 82 Ashley Hutchings: An Hour And A Bit With Cecil Sharp—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Hamish Imlach—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 Allan Johnston Band & Famous Other Band - Acoustic Music Centre 12 Craig McCallum Scottish Country Dance Band—The 43 The McCalmans Original Downstairs Scottish Folk Entertainment Show—Acoustic Music Centre 10 McCalmans These-Are-Their-Best-Yet Shows—Acoustic Music Centre 12 McCalmans Upstairs Pair Of Similar-To-The-OriginalOne Shows—Acoustic Music Centre 12 lain Macdonald—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 lain Mackintosh—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 Dougie Maclean—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Rory Mcleod —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Ralph McTell In Concert—George Square Theatre 45 Makvirag-ln Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 Minstrels And Makars—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Hamish Moore And Dick Lee—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Hamish Moore. Dick Lee And Friends—Acoustic Music

12 12

Pete Morton (And Friends-See Tuesday 21 August)—Acoustic Music Centre North Sea Gas-In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre North Sea Gas —Platform One—Live! The Occasionals—The Fringe Club Off The Isle Of May—Acoustic Music Centre Rod Paterson—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre John Pearson —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Pentlanders—Diverse Attractions Piobaireachd-Acoustic Music Centre Piobaireachd—Ceolmor—Acoustic Music Centre Dave Robb & The Filmmakers-Acoustic Music Centre Rumillajta—Music Of The Andes—Rumillajta Ric Sanders (And Friends-See Tue 21 August)Acoustic Music Centre Scottish Ceilidh Dances-'The Wild Cigarillos' For Reel—Acoustic Music Centre A Scottish Garland-The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) A Scottish Youth Fiddlers' Rally—Aegis Productions Seannachie: The Final Countdown!-Acoustic Music

12 10 77 43 10 12 12 34 12 12 10 88 12 12 31 14

12 Seannachie: The First Bash!—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Peggy Seeger—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Service. Robert-Songs Of A Sourdough—Quern 82 Sileas —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 12 The Singing Shepherd - lain Thomson-Acoustic Music Centre Davy Steele-In Concert-Acoustic Music Centre 12 Stevenson R. L.-A Musical Journey—Quern 82 The Savourna Stevenson Trio—World Music At St. 100 Stravaig—Diverse Attractions 34 Syne Lang Syne-Acoustic Music Centre 12 A Tapestry Of Traditional Music—The Clarsach (Scottish Harp) Society 31 Allan Taylor-In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre 10 Richard Thompson (UK)—Assembly Rooms 17 Kathryn Tickell Band—Acoustic Music Centre 12 Travels From Eastern Europe To The Western IslesSimpson Pirie—The Fringe Club 42 Wallochmor Ceilidh Band-Aegis Productions Mike WheHans — In Concert-Acoustic Music Centre 12

JAZZ Ian Ballamy—Balloon Man—The Queen's Hall Bammie Rose Quartet-Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Bebop Jazz-The Joe Normal Trio—The Fringe Club The Blue Note Cafe-The Festival Club Breakfast Jazz—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Caricatures At An Exhibition-Acoustic Music Centre Don Cherry Group. Tom Bancroft Orchestra—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Festival Jazz-The Festival Club Fulani—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management

82 53 42 39 53 12 93 39 53

page Jools Holland & His Big Band Extravaganza-Jools Holland & His Big Band Extravaganza 'In Birdland'-29th Street Saxaphone Quartet & Steve Williamson-TDK Round Midnight Jazz Festival Jazz Festival—McEwan’s 80/- Edinburgh International Jazz Festival Jazz From Hell—Bachelors From Prague Ed Jones Quartet—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Anita Kelsey Band—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Carol Kidd & Her Orchestra—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Late Night Every Night—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Lunchtime Jazz With The Alex Shaw Trio—Platform One—Livel Lunchtime Jazz With The Gordon Cruickshank Band Platform One—Live! McE wans 80/- Edinburgh International Jazz Festival— The Festivel Club Marvin Hanglider —In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre Marvin Hanglider—In Concert—Acoustic Music Centre George Melly With John Chilton's Feetwarmers-TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Mervyn Africa Group—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Nottinghamshire Schools' Stage Band — Nottinghamshire Education The Originel Prague Syncopated Orchestra—The Queen's Hall Pinski Zoo—Jazz Cafe / Jazz Management Leon Redbone—'Relax'-Aegis Productions Ric Sanders And Andrew Cronshaw—Acoustic Music Centre Nina Simone In Concert—TDK 'Round Midnight Jazz Festival Tommy Smith's Forward Motion plus Special Guest Star-The Queen's Hall Triple Treat with Monty Alexander-The Queen's Hall What's Your Pleasure?-See Red

49 93 59 19 53 53 93 53 77 77 39 10 12 93 53 70 82 53 14 10 93 82 82 90

ROCK/BLUES Anton Brother—Anton Brother Avalon—Avalon Avia (USSR)—Assembly Rooms The Bikini Club-The Spooks Bluefinger—Platform One—Live! The Blues Band—Assembly Rooms Harvey Brough. Ian Shaw & Johnny Miller (Uk)Assembly Rooms Ian Carr—London Fusion Orchestra The City Lights Band —St Andrew’s And St George's At Festival Time Fat And Frantic-In Concert—Fat And Frantic Fringe Club Disco—The Fringe Club The Groove Orchestra — Platform One—Live! The Humpff Family—The Fringe Club Kith & Kin—The Fringe Club Let The Good Times Roll—Reds LFO-London Fusion Orchestra John Martyn—The Queen's Hall Midday Blues—Acoustic Music Centre Rupert Parker In Concert-Rupert Parker Phil And John—A.C.G. Productions Presented By Sean McLusky & Mark Wigan-The Brain Club Of London Ranacanteen-Diverse Attractions Rhythm Chillun-The Fringe Club Solid Air—A.C.G. Productions A Tribe Of Toffs-A.C.G. Productions Trio Lligo —Trio Lligo We Free Kings-The Queen's Hall

16 19 17 91 77 17 17 59 88 39 43 77 43 43 85 59 81 10 74 10 27 34 43 10 9 97 81

ORCHESTRAL/CHAMBER The Albany Wind Quintet—Quaker Meeting House All Vivaldi Concert—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Bach Concert—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Berkshire Youth Chamber Orchestra - National Association Of Youth Orchestras Borders Regional Wind Orchestra — National Association Of Youth Orchestras Brahms Symphony Cycle—Scottish Sinfonia A Celebration Of Burns And Contemporaries—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Central Region Youth Choir And Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Concert Of Guitar Chamber Music-Argondizza Ensemble Danish Brass—Music In The Museum Dunbartonshire Division Primary Schools OrchestraNational Association Of Youth Orchestras Edinburgh Barock-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Edinburgh Brass Consort-Music In Old St. Paul's Edinburgh University Chamber Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras 1890-1990-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Essex Youth Orchestra Brass Ensemble-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Faure Requiem And Poulenc Organ Concerto—Music In Old St. Paul's Festival High Masses-Music In Old St. Paul's Fife Youth Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras Fife Youth String Orchestra - National Association Of Youth Orchestras

81 76 76 65 65 90 88 65 16 64 65 76 64 65 88 65 64 64 65 65

'The Golden Age' Of Music—Pepperdine University, Malibu, California Haydn/Mozart—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Italian Serenade—Edinburgh Renaissance Band Kreisler String Orchestra—Kreisler String Orchestra Late Night Renaissance Band Show—Edinburgh Renaissance Band Lothian Region Schools Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Nicola Loud-Bbc Young Musician Of The Year And The Scottish Chamber Orchestra—Music In The Museum Montage—Saxtet Music At Lunchtime-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Music In Celebration-A.C.G. Productions The Mystery Of The Universe—A.C.G. Productions National Children's Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras National Youth Wind Orchestra Of Great BritainNational Association Of Youth Orchestras North Yorkshire Schools Concert Band —National Association Of Youth Orchestras Orchestral Concert—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Palatine Chamber Orchestra, Durham CountyNational Association Of Youth Orchestras Palatine Early Music Consort, Durham County— National Association Of Youth Orchestras Pergolesi 'Stabat Mater —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Perth Youth Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Reading Youth Orchestra—National Association Of ,Youth Orchestras R.S.A.M.D. Junior Department Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras St Andrew's And St George's Choir-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Scottish Saxophone Quartet—St Andrew’s And St George's At Festival Time Solo Guitar Concert—Argondizza Ensemble Somerset Youth Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Strathclyde Schools Symphony Orchestra—National Association Of Youth Orchestras Telemann Ensemble—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Third Concert—Music In The Museum The Viol Rackett Show—Edinburgh Renaissance Band Vivaldi: The Four Seasons —Philomusica Of Edinburgh Vivaldi—The Four Seasons—Scottish Ensemble Vivaldi 'Gloria—Scottish Ensemble Warwickshire Schools Chamber Orchestra-National Association Of Youth Orchestras

74 76 37 53 37 65

77 76 76 88 76 76 77 13 64

64 89 88 10 10 65 64 65 76 65 65 88 65 65

65 65 88 64 37 76 89 89 65

RECITALS/VOCAL 77 88 77 99 76 76 31 88 64 39 38 76 76 91 91 27 64 33 89

13 17 61 22 88 90 61 13 61 99 99

LATIN/WORLD MUSIC Carlos Arredondo In Concert—The Netherbow Awatinas—Awatinas Bheki's Bunch—Diverse Attractions Carpathian Crown—World Music At St. John's Chileans—Carlos Arredondo And Galvarino Ceron— World Music At St. John's Deaf Heights Cajun Aces-The Fringe Club The Folk Orchestra—The Folk Orchestra Grand Union Cabaret Band-The Fringe Club In Between Time—The Festival Club Latin American Classical Guitar Music—Galuarino Ceron-Carrasco—Diverse Attractions The Mambo Club—The Mambo Club Music From The Sacred Valley—Apu Paths Of Exile-Voice Of The Turtle Song In High Summer—Paul Baker—Quaker Meeting House Songs From 'Set Me Free—2 Cajun Aces—The Fringe Club Songs With Meaning—Carlos Arredondo—Diverse Attractions Savourna Stevenson—Solo Harp—Quaker Meeting House Tawantisuyu And Bajarete—Quaker Meeting House Umqondo —Diverse Attractions Viram Jasani—Recital Of Indian Classical MusicQuaker Meeting House Winds Of Change-Winds Of Change Yothu Yindi (Traditional Section)-World Music At St. John's

69 19 34 100 100 43 42 43 39 34 61 16 99 81 42 34 81 81 35 81 100 100

FREE SHOWS Buskers Galore—Street Theatre 'Evening News' Festival Cavalcade—Festival Cavalcade Fringe Binge-BBC Radio Scotland Fringe Sunday or A Lark In The Park —Fringe Sunday In Association With 'The Observer' Heretics—Exacting Theatre Company The Eddie Izzard Street Show-Eddie Izzard Nosmos Mummers —No Excuses Pomegranate —Edinburgh Womens' Writers Group — Diverse Attractions Scot Freel—Blue Moon Cafe

92 39 21 43 38 53 69 35 24

88 47 81 76 76 27 88 88 47 76 35 77 91 76 88

13 61 77 27 90 90 27 97 69 51 29

9 41

88 88 16

The Magical Mystery Tour—Across The Mersey Theatre The Mapapa Acrobats—The Mapapa Acrobats No Laughing Matter —Pleasance Raja Yoga Meditation—Brahma Kumaris Red Agenda-See Red Samovar Sunday-See Red Theatre Of Thought—Brahma Kumaris Traquair Fair—Traquair Fair Up Yer Festival—Noel Gay Television What's What In The Theatre Industry (Seminar)Independent Theatre Council When The Morning Stars Sang Together—Carrubbers Christian Centre

POETRY/REAPINGS Nigel Forde-A.C.G. Productions Hawk Moon—Festival Theatre U.S.C.—U.S.A. Liverpool—No Ordinary Verse—Across The Mersey Theatre Roger McGough & Liz Lochhead (UK)—Assembly Rooms Meet The Author—Meet The Author Pink Celluloid Dreams —Between The Lines Schooners. Squalls And Moonshine —St Andrew's And St George’s At Festival Time Scottish Poetry Library And Courtyard Readings Scottish Poetry Library Special Family Events-Meet The Author Speech Painters—Across The Mersey Theatre Storytelling For Children—Meet The Author Jane Williamson—Voyagers Youssef Al-Khatib—Voyagers


Beau Soir-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Bel Canto Vocal Quartet—Philomusica Of Edinburgh British Music-Our Heritage—St Andrew’s And St George's At Festival Time Cameo—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Catherine Nardiello —International Pianist—Viewforth Centre Cello & Piano Recital—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Chamber Recital—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Chopin And The Feminine Influence—Chopiniana Church Musicians—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Classical Guitar Recital—Stephen Morrison—Guitarist Classical Interlude—The Festival Club Coffee With Prokofiev-The Entire Company Delicate Balance—Philomusica Of Edinburgh An Evening Of Beethoven & Brahms-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Fascinating Rhythm—Sounding Syncopated Fascinating Rhythm & Putting On The Ritz-Sounding Syncopated Faure Requiem-Brandon Hill Singers Faure Requiem —Music In Old St. Paul's The Florence Veitch Ibler Young Artistes Recital Series—Richard Demarco Gallery Fringe At St George's West-St George's West Church Guitar Recitals—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Lunchtime Organ Recitals At Greyfriars—Greyfriars Music The Menagerie—The Queen's Hall John Mills & Cobie Smit—Philomusica Of Edinburgh John Mills-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Motets And Folksongs—Brandon Hill Singers Organ And Piano Recital—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Organ Recitals —St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Palestrina-Glen Theatre Philos Ensemble-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Piano Duet Recital—Duo Antonelli Piano Favourites—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Putting On The Ritz—Sounding Syncopated Recorder. Cello, Harpsichord - Philomusica Of Edinburgh Schubertiads-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time

Six-Piano Circus Song Recital—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Songs & Dances Of Death—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Songs And Snatches—St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Summer Music—Philomusica Of Edinburgh Violin & Piano-Philomusica Of Edinburgh Voice. Clarinet & Piano—Philomusica Of Edinburgh We Sing To The Glory Of God-Advent Chorale Of Handsworth Zadok The Priest-Music In Old St. Paul's

MISCELLANEOUS Bunbury's Book People Bookshop-Booker By Bunbury First Steps—Starting A Theatre Company (Seminar)Independent Theatre Council Fringe Annual General Meeting—The Fringe Club Fringe Fever—BBC Radio Light Entertainment The Guardian Talks At The Assembly RoomsAssembly Rooms The Independent Newspaper/Traverse Theatre Festival Conferences 1990—Traverse Theatre The International Theatre Institute's Information Centre—International Theatre Institute ITC Surgery Sessions And Information Resource — Independent Theatre Council Little Festival Of Gardens—Garden History Society 25th Anniversary


EXHIBITIONS After The FaM—Assembly Rooms Art Book Bonanza—Art Book Bonanza Art Exhibition And Sale Of Paintings And PrintsFrank Rigby Art Exhibition And Sale Of Paintings—Holyrood Art Club Art For All—Images Of Liverpool—Across The Mersey Theatre A Breath Of Fresh Air—Hill Street Theatre Compartiendo La Alegria De Vivlr-The Festival Club Computer Animation Competition And Workshop — Amiga Centre Scotland Contemporary British Furniture And Interiors—Quercus Crossing The Line: New Work By Caroline McNairn —369 Gallery Dazzle—Assembly Rooms Design In Japan—Inhouse Edinburgh Festival Antiquarian Book Fair—Provincial Booksellers Fairs Association Edinburgh International Cartoon Festival 1990—Federation Of European Cartoonists' Organisations Exhibition Of Architecture - Recent Cates—Royal Fine Art Commission For Scotland An Exhibition Of Caricatures-Acoustic Music Centre Exhibition Of Paintings—A.C.G. Productions Festival Craft Tent In 'The Tent —Festival Craft Tent Andy Goldsworthy-Sculpture 1976—1990—Andy Goldsworthy—Sculpture The Holy Land And The Sacred Sky-The Holy Land And The Sacred Sky Images Of Landscape—Gallery 6 and Park Lane Gallery International Photography—International Photography Joint Drawings-Hannah Horsfall & Malcolm Bell Layers: An Exploration In Wood-Tim Stead Lendal Studio Artists—The Festival Club Lovely Odd Fish-Edith Simon Gallery Memory, Balance, Love —Pradip Malde—Portfolio Gallery Henri Michaux’s Lithographs / Writer's France — Institut Francais D'ecosse New British Ceramics-Edinburgh College Of Art New Photography By Alan Forbes—Photographing Architecture New Work From Forty Four—44 Old Lamps And New—Out Of The Nomads Tent Oriental Weaving Exhibition-Tribal Weaving-Martin & Frost Out Of The Sea-Voyagers Claudia Petretti - Recent Paintings-The Italian Institute Punch At The Fringe-Punch Magazine Shadows In Disguise-A Reflection—Yvonne Hawker So Insensitive Is The Mouth—The Netherbow The Splendour Of India—Galerie Mirages Tandanya Contemporary Art 'South To North — Tandanya—Aboriginal Cultural Institute This Earth To Which We Cling-St Andrew's And St George's At Festival Time Three Friends Show—Three Friends Show The Traverse And Bangladesh—Traverse Theatre The Turkish And Sauna Baths—Tim Pomeroy 200 Of The Best—Scottish Schools/Las Poster Competition Unlimited Vision-Brahma Kumaris Visions Of Bengal-Theatre Workshop Wearing Art—Paola Marcellino The West End Craft And Design Fair-West End Craft And Design Fair White Peak. Dark Peak-Stills Gallery Whittaker Scott—Voyagers

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PERFORMANCE ART/MULTI-MEDIA Breakfest With Freud Egg-Voyagers Egg On Painted Fence-Hip Hip Goliath Granada Television—Assembly Rooms Saturday Nights And Sunday Mourning-Multi-Media Productions — Diverse Attractions Tandanya: Aboriginal Cultural Institute—Tandanya: Aboriginal Cultural Institute

99 49 17 34 93

If you’re looking for a bit of excitement, try spending Sunday in the park with fire-eaters, tight-rope walkers, sword-swallowers and 150,000 other perfectly normal people. Once every year, Holyrood Park in Edinburgh plays host to the busiest, liveliest and most spectacular event of its kind anywhere in the country. And


mazes, kites, musicians and plenty of refreshments.

19th AUGUST 1990

it’s free. On Fringe Sunday, 19th August, Fringe Groups and a host of other performers gather here to entertain you, against

bouncy boats, a steam organ, live jazz, morris dancers, trick cyclists, giant




It’s a perfect day out for all the family, with many special events laid on


for the children. No wonder about 150,000 people

1pm to 5.30pm in Holyrood Park


came along last year.

Arthur’s Seat.


As well as fire-eaters, tight-rope



walkers and sword-swallowers, you’ll

time. But mark the date in

find buskers, clog dancers, a hot air







detailed leaflet nearer the

Holyrood Park by kind permission of Historic Scotland




wouldn’t want to miss it.


Fringe Sunday is financially supported by Lothian Regional Council. Thanks to all the local firms, communities and volunteers who make it all possible.

PROGRAMME Unless otherwise stated, tickets for all shows are sold in advance from the Fringe Box Office and at the venue about 30 minutes before each performance. Some venues also run their own Box Office throughout the day. This is indicated by the work 'Tickets' and a telephone number e.g. Tickets 123 4567. Please read page 1 for further Booking Details.



VENUE 33-Pleasance. 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. UO AAAAAAAAAARGH! THE TUNNEL CLUB COMES TO EDINBURGH — AGAIN!!!! After last year's runaway success, MALCOLM HARDEE, compere of London's legendary Tunnel Club introduces: BOB DILLINGER—the bard of Manchester, TERRI ROGERS-with her friend Shorty Harris, CHRIS LUBY-the world's only aeroplane impersonator. 'Funniest show on the Fringe' The Scotsman 1989. Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Aug 13. 20) 11.45pm (1.20) £5.50 (£4.00)

VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066

AAAAUTISTIC CROISSANT THEATRE COMPANY ° ■ VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church. West End, Princes Street.


EN CROISSANT —A comedy revue featuring the very best of five years' excellent material. Last visit to Fringe in '82 (as BOSOMS) exceptionally well received. ' ... laugh follows laugh in a high standard show. Tickets are sure to be in great demand, but it is worth the effort.' Edinburgh Evening News. Aug 2025 9.40pm (11.15) £3.50 (£3.00)




VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 THE HOLE by N. F. Simpson. A comedy about a hole in the road. Not much in it? Four men invent a whole (!) new religion, when they stop arguing, while two women tell us what men are really like. But what is down there? 'There’s no lack of void' (Estragon). Aug 13-25 Inot Aug 19) 12 noon (1.00) Double bill with show below. ★ FILLING THE HOLE After a 10 minute interval, get filled in on what The Hole does to people. By us. Aug 13-25 (not Aug 19) 1.10pm (1.40) £3.00 (£2.50) Double bill with show


VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 H10 A&BC return to Edinburgh with more intelligent, physical storytelling spiced with wit. This time from India, the complete 'Mahabharata—the epic story of mankind. 'Best of the Festivals' The Independent 1989. MAHABHARATA: BEGINNINGS AND DICE GAME The story begins with birth—the gods are at play. The future rests on the outcome of the dice game. 'Caught the spirit of the epic' Indian High Commissioner. Aug 13, 15, 20, 22, 27. 29 3.00pm (5.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Complete performances Sets: see below ★ MAHABHARATA: EXILE AND WAR Mankind brings the world to the edge of destruction. We live in the fall-out of the tragically inevitable battle that followed. Aug 14, 15. 17. 21. 23. 24. 28, 30, 31 3.00pm (5.30) £5.00 (£4.001 Complete performances: Aug 18, 25, Sept 1 10.00am (5.30) £10.00 (£8.00)

ABBIE PRODUCTIONS G7 VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 ★ NOCTURNE FROM NOWHERE-RAYMOND CHANDLER ON STAGE by Gordon DeMarco. Inside the great thriller novelist and screenwriter. His passions, his prejudices, his devastating attack on Hollywood and most everything else. His humour, his dreams and his loneliness. Set in 1950 and 1953 at moments of his greatest triumphs and most personal defeats. Aug 1225 (not Aug 20) 4.15pm (5.45) £3.50 (£3.00)

ABC ANGEL COAST ARTISTS VENUE 36-Festival Chihi 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 LAY DOWN I THINK I LOVE YOU ... OR PASSIONATE CASUALTIES' A comic menagerie of twisted tangos, innocent corruption and tales of seduction ... A classy, sassy cabaret) Aug 11-25 8.00pm (8.45) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ THANKSGIVING A stressed-out executive and a washed-out comedienne drive each other to an abyss where laughter's no laughing matter. Aug 11-25 (not Aug 15, 22) 9.00pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.50)



★ THE BIGGEST HAMBURGER IN THE WORLD (Suitable 8yrs-16yrs). 20's Detective Sam Spanner frequents a particular 'Coke and Burger' Bar. This joint is making 'The Biggest Hamburger in the World'. Alf Cappicino arranges for his gangsters to steal the burger. The gangsters and their molls think it easy meat. ... but is it? Aug 817 1.00pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ THE PLAYROOM (Suitable 3yrs —7yrs). There are dolls, a Teddy Bear, a rabbit and a Gollywog. Do they Play? Aug S-n 12 noon (12.451 £3.00 (£2.00)


m m m

VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre: 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 A CRY FROM THE DEPTH — Dostoyevski's 'Notes from Underground' adapted into a play—Underground Man' and a prologue—'Confessions into a Mirror', bringing to life the cruellest and darkest pages in Dostoyevski. Isolated and tormented in his deformed world, anti-hero revenges himself for his frustrations on a beautiful fallen woman. Aug 12Sept 1 (not Aug 20) 7.30pm (9.00) £4.00 (£3.50 SUPOY) Special Ticket Offer-A Cry From The Depth/Deathwatch E6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY) both shows. DEATHWATCH Genet's gripping story of three men locked away in their own reality. Spellbinding mix of pain, passion, power and illusion. Aug 12-Sept 1 (not Aug 20) 6.05pm (7.15) £4.00 (£3.50 SUPOY) Special ticket offer— Deathwatch/A Cry From The Depth £6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY) both shows.



COMPANY ° ■ GG VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre. 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 VINEGAR TOM —Caryl Churchill. 'Am I the devil?': A harrowing vision of the hysteria of the 17th century witchhunts. Churchill's play is a vivid and violent evaluation of this historical nightmare, challenging us to examine our attitude to women and sexuality. Aug 2025 5.00pm (8.15) £3.50 (£3.00) THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND —Stoppard. Nothing is as it seems: —beastly murders and mystery: identities combine to parody Victorian melodrama. Aug 27 Sept 1 5.00pm (6.15) £3.50 (£3.00) 3

A.C.G. PRODUCTIONS Q VENUE 114-ACG Studio, St. Paul's & St. George's Church Hall, York Place Tickets 558 1157 F10 A.C.G. Productions are back with a balanced programme of adult and Family entertainment. Classical favourites, new writing (4 Fringe Firsts) and audience participation. Get hooked on this unusual blend of drama, comedy, music and CHILDREN'S EVENTS. Book now—become a part of the A.C.G. experience. ★ DOUBLE CONCERTO by Sarah Palinkov. Conflict in Polish political prison. Spiritual strength versus the iron fist. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns or Aug 24, 30) 8.00pm 110.00) £3.50 (£2.00) A TRIBE OF TOFFS Pop band whose debut single 'John Kettley is a Weatherman' was a smash hit. Don't miss them LIVE. Aug 13-18 6.00pm (7.00) £3.50 (£2.00) DOGWORTHY'S MAGIC SHOWTIME Internationally acclaimed JACOLLY PUPPET THEATRE. Fun, games, magic and songs for 3 to 7 year olds. Gales of laughter. Aug 13-18. 27 Sept 1 11.00am (12 noon) £3.50 (£2.00) Aug 2024 1.00pm (2.00) ★ SEATS IN ALL PARTS NEW MUSICAL COMEDY. Romantic intrigue behind the scenes of the film-mad and fabulous forties cinema. Hi-ho, Silver! Aug 1325 (not Sun) 3.00pm (5.00) £3.50 (£2.00) Aug 24 8.00pm (10.00) NIGEL FORDE Radio 4's resident poet and presenter of 'Bookshelf' with poems comic and serious. Book late to avoid disappointment. Aug 13-18 1.00pm (2.00) £3.50 (£2.00) ROMEO AND JULIET SURREY HEATH YOUNG ACTORS' COMPANY illuminate and electrify with their admirable production of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy of teenage rebellion. Aug 25 11.00am 11.15) £3.50 (£2.00) MEASURE FOR MEASURE Direct from Greenbelt, a problem play solved? REGENERATION'S straightforward and sensitive production. PLEASE BOOK EARLY. Aug 27 Sept 1 3.00pm (5.10) £3.50 (£2.00) ACTIVE STORY TIME Make-a play drama workshop for 5 to 8 year olds. Fascinating to do—fun to watch. Educational and informative for all. Aug 2024 11.00am (12 noon) £3.50 (£2.00) ★ WHEN THE GATLING JAMMED by IAN CULLEN. Fun and fireworks when a famous writer is confronted by her fictional creation. Aug 2025 6.00pm (7.00) £3.50 (£2.00) Aug 24-31 11.00pm 112 midnight) ★ NIGHTS AT THE ROUND TABLE A new comedy by Philip Glasborow. Join the Algonquin set for a feast of wit. It's a bitch. Aug 1523 11.00pm (12 midnight) £3.50 (£2.00) 9

ACG PRODUCTIONS—conf/>H7etf BLO NA GAEL-IN CONCERT 4 women ... 2 voices ... 11 instruments ... Blistering Reels, Blue Grass, Breathtaking Ballads, 'breath of fresh air' Scotia Bar. Aug 14 6.30pm (7.45) £3.00 (£1.50) ALCHEMY A truly exciting five-piece traditional Scots band —good songs and tunes, arrangements and instrumentation. Album available. Aug 13 8.30pm (10.00) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 23 10.30pm (12 midnight) DAVE ROBB & THE FILMMAKERS Edinburgh's foremost acoustic band also appearing at this Summer's Reading Rock Festival. 'Exceptionally individual songs.' Scotsman. Aug 13, 20, 27. Sept 1 10.30pm (12 midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) NORTH SEA GAS —IN CONCERT North Sea Gas present a late-night concert of Scottish and Irish folk songs and comedy in their own inimitable way. Aug 14, 18, 19, 23, 28 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 THE MCCALMANS ORIGINAL DOWNSTAIRS SCOTTISH FOLK ENTERTAINMENT SHOW 'They are very good. I ve seen them on TV'. Biggest audiences in last year's AMC. Aug 14 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.50 OFF THE ISLE OF MAY Matt Armour—Songs of the fishermen and the fishing trade of Scotland's North Sea coast. Aug 15, 17 8.30pm (10.00) £3.00 (£2.00) IAIN MACDONALD —IN CONCERT Highly-rated Scots singer/songwriter returns to the AMC where previous year's shows have jroved very popular. Thoughtprovoking yet entertaining. Aug 15, 21, 25 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.00 (£2.50) FINDASK —IN CONCERT This talented local duo of Stuart Campbell and Willie Lindsay return again to the Fringe with another bag of their excellent self-penned songs. Aug 16, 22, 28 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.00 ALLAN TAYLOR —IN CONCERT The acclaimed singer-songwriter returns to the Edinburgh Fringe for three solo concerts. Don't miss it! Aug 1719 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.50 (£2.50) APU A sensational young five-piece band from Cusco, Peru. Beautiful, lively, new South American music and song played on traditional instruments. Aug 19-Supt 1 (net Aug 26) 8.25pm (9.55) £5.00 (£2.50) MAKVIRAG —IN CONCERT Beautiful sounds of Hungary and eastern Europe masterfully worked and blended by three musicians well known for their UK tours. New album, 'Bekesseg' on Greentrax. Aug 2022 8.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£3.00) RIC SANDERS AND ANDREW CRONSHAW Fairport's fantastic fiddler with the internationally renowned electric zither player, 'A marvellous and unique listening experience' Folk Roots. Aug 22 12.30pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3,00) MIDDAY BLUES Leading British blues players Julian Dawson and Sally Barker turn AMC's venue A into the hottest blues club in town. Aug 23 12.30pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) MARVIN HANGLIDER —IN CONCERT Ex-Dankworth pianist Mike Hatchard, alias satirical songwriter Marvin Hanglider, presents an hour of jazz and comedy with Steve McManus. Aug 2326 12.30am (1.30) £3.00 (£2.50)

THE MYSTERY OF THE UNIVERSE The Clarinet Connection' with Andrew McCullough. An electro-acoustic cantata for clarinet, organ and voice. Aug 14 te 2.00pm 13.00) and 7.00pm (8.00) £3.50 ItZ.OO) MUSIC IN CELEBRATION Members of the famed All Soul's Orchestra play a varied programme of personal favourites. A musical feast. Aug 13, 17 2.00pm (3.00) and 7.00pm (8.001 £3.50 (£2.00) SOLID AIR 'PRIDE AND PAIN' album group who will have you rocking with laughter and rolling in the aisles. Aug 274upt 1 6.00pm 17.001 £3.50 (£2.00) PHIL AND JOHN Light lunch-time entertainment with pop/comedy duo who acknowledge their debt to Simon and Garfunkel. Aug 28 31 1.00pm (2.00) t3.50 (£2.00) JOY IN THE SPIRIT A.C.G. ENSEMBLE in best bib-and-tucker with surprise guests celebrate and share their favourite poems, songs and party-pieces. Supt 1 uulf 1.00pm (2.00) £3.50 (12.00) EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS Oils and watercolours by London (and ACG) based artist ROY MacINTOSH. Roy will attend on most days. Aug t3-Sept I (not Suns) 11.00am-8.00pm Free


• • » •

VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Into 220 2462. K9 THE FOLK CELLAR The venue with the best acoustic music in town. Informal live music and song sessions featuring Danny Kyle, members of The Easy Club (Jim Sutherland, Rod Paterson, John Martin), Niall Kenny, Ron Shaw and Ian MacLeod — but mainly yourselves. Open ALL DAY for snacks/meals/drinks—restricted admission after 8.00pm (late bar). (Note: children not admitted to main bar—plenty of room besides.) Disabled? An advance phone call will help us to help you. Aug 10, II, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31, Sept 1 9.00pm (1.00) £1.80 Aug 12-16, 1323, 2630 9.00pm (1.00) £0.90 Season Tickets: Season (all 23 Mights) £16.80 Wk 1 Aug 1018 £9.40 Wki 2 or 3: Aug 19 25 or 26-Sept 1 £6.90 VENUE A (around floor) MUSIC . IAIN MACKINTOSH-IN CONCERT lain returns with his special brand of Gentle F’ersuasion. Songs from all human experience, sung with humour, wit and an unerring sense of choice of song. Aug 1012 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.00) BLACK EYED BIDDY Back to repeat the success of last year's shows with a brand new album, 'High Spirits', ... and brand new haircuts. Aug 10 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 16 8.30pm (10.00) HAMISH IMLACH —IN CONCERT Once again the big man of Scottish folk music returns after last year's successful run. Folk, blues, traditional, contemporary—he has played them all. Aug 11, 12 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.50 (£2.00)

3ooi fcLyricsfa} ^




pWlTbiMgLg A JlMAKMEKKm. & J.,




V *" iiw tf.3-.rof

„ AGELESS ssare £ ^










***3. .4r~\

'oAapmfmi £i/ JonSaCway 10

EDINBURGH International




By HISASHIINOUE—Kimura - one of Japan's great theatre directors. At its premiere, INOUE'S story of a brilliant and ruthlessly ambitious blind man, caused a furore. Royal Lyceum Theatre 12-14 August at 7.30pm. Matinee 14 August at 2.30pm. Prices from £4.50 to £8.50.

NINAGAWA COMPANY SOTOBA KOMACHI Ninagawa - Japan's most famous international theatre director. 'Komachi' by Mishima ranks with 'Macbeth,' 'Medea' and 'The Tempest'. Royal Lyceum Theatre 20-22 August at 7.30pm. Matinee 22 August at 2.30pm. Prices from £5.00 to £10.00.


HALF GODS Cult figure, director, writer, actor Noda tells the story of Siamese twins. "NODA ... an idol whose phenomenally successful satirical extravaganzas mark him out as a mixture of Monty Python, David Bowie and the young Jean Cocteau." (The Financial Times). Royal Lyceum Theatre 31 August2 September at 7.30pm. Matinee 1 September at 2.30pm. Prices from £4.50 to £8.50.



Percussionist Yamash'ta, Director of Red Buddha Theatre Company, who has collaborated with Mick Jagger and groups like the Rolling Stones has created a new musical. St. Bride's Centre 23-25 August at 7.30pm. Late night 24 August at 10.30pm. Prices £5.50 and £8.00.

'... Scintillating mixture of music hall comedy and pantomime . . . Great family entertainment.' (The Scotsman) Royal Lyceum Theatre 16-18, 27-28 August at 10.30pm. Matinees 17, 18, 26, 29 August at 2.30pm. Prices from £3.50 to £6.50.

St. Bride's Centre 20-21 August at 7.30pm. Matinee 21 August at 2.30pm. Prices £5.00 and £6.50.

Kenneth Branagh directs 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'King Lear.' Among the company— Richard Briers (who plays Lear and Bottom), Emma Thompson (Fool and Helena) and Branagh himself (Edgar and Quince).

THE DREAM—King's Theatre 6, 9, 11, 13, 16, 18 August at 7.30pm. Matinees 8, 15 August at 2.30pm. KING LEAR-K/ng's Theatre 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 17 August at 7.30pm. Matinees 11, 18 August at 2.30pm. Prices from £4.00 to £10.00.

ARCHAOS and THE CHIHUAHUAS A new and exciting adaptation of R.L. Stevenson's classic adventure story directed by Frank Dunlop. Assemb/y Ho//(Previews) 10-11 August at 7.30pm. Prices from £2.25 to £4.25. 13-18, 20-25, 27 August-1 September at 7.30pm. Matinees 18, 22, 25, 29 August, 1 September at 2.30pm. Prices from £4.50 to £8.50.

Archaos, the sexiest of Circuses is back. "Exhilarating, dangerous and theatrically hard to equal... the sensation of the circus world". (The Leith Links 11 August-2 September at 8.30pm. (except Mondays). Matinees 12, 18, 19, 25, 26 August, 1, 2 September at 3pm. Prices: £8. (£6. cones. £4—under 16).

KATHALKI—KING LEAR This classical Indian Dance—theatre version of Lear brings a new language of gesture, colour and rhythm to Shakespeare. Royal Lyceum Theatre 15-18 August at 7.15pm. Prices from £4.50 to £8.50.

PHILIPPE GENTY DERIVES 'A superb, astonishing spectacle, full of magic and poetry . . .' (Le Parisien) King's Theatre 19-22 August at 7.30pm. Prices from £5.00 to £8.50.

PLUS CUMBRE FLAMENCA • AMERICAN INDIAN DANCE THEATRE • 'HEDDA GABLER' • MONTSERRAT CABALLE • ORCHESTRA OF THE BOLSHOI THEATRE • BOLSHOI OPERA • RUDOLF NUREYEV • CLEO LAINE & JOHN DANKWORTH • TERESA BERGANZA • YO YO MA • PETER DONOHOE • EVELYN GLENNIE • KOREAN NATIONAL THEATRE, BERLIN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA • ROTTERDAM PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA • SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA • 'THE BRUCE' • HONOR BLACKMAN • 'SAMUEL BECKETT' and MUCH MUCH MORE! If you want the full details, so that you can make the most of a hectic three weeks, pick up our FREEfull colour 36-page brochure, from Edinburgh International Festival, 21 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1BN. Personal booking is now open at the same address (tel: 031 -225 5756).

Half-Price Ticket Booth. (When a number of unsold tickets are on sale at the Festival Information Centre in the British Gas Scotland caravan at the foot of the Mound). Open 1 pm to 5pm, including Sundays.

EDINBURGH International


ACOUSTIC MUSIC CENTRE—continued ASHLEY HUTCHINGS: AN HOUR AND A BIT WITH CECIL SHARP Insight into the life and times of the English Bartok, performed by theirrepressible Ashley Hutchings, doyen of English folk-rock. Aag 24 12.30pm (2.00) t4.00 (£3.001 SEANNACHIE: THE FIRST BASH! 'An excellent example of folk music's new world.' Scotsman 'Worth listening to.' Scotland on Sunday. 'Revolutionary.' Pravda. Aug 24, 25 8.30pm (10.001 £3.50 DAVID ALLISON AND FRIEDA MORRISON A unique blend ... Allison's guitar is 'quite breathtaking' Glasgow Herald. Morrison's voice is 'stunning' Scotsman. Aug 24 10.30pm (11.45) 14.50 (£3.50) KIERAN HALPIN AND JOAN McDERMOTT—IN CONCERT Ireland's newest duo present a splendid mix of traditional and contemporary music. Aug 25 12.30pm 12.00) £3.50 (12.50) PIOBAIREACHD —CEOLMOR Tom Speirs, gold medallist from the Inverness Northern Meeting, plays a selection of the Highland bagpipes' classical repertoire. Aug 26 12.30pm (2.00) £3.00 DOUGIE MACLEAN—IN CONCERT Another chance to see Scotland's internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter in a more intimate Sunday afternoon setting. Aug 26 2.30pm (4.00) £4.00 DAVY STEELE —IN CONCERT Davy Steele, songwriter and singer, takes an early evening slot to bring you his views of love, tradition and life. Aug 26 6.3Dpm (8.00) £3.50 BRUCE AND WALKER-IN CONCERT Well ... they sold out last year ... I On Fellside Records. Aug 28, 29 8.30pm (10.00) £3.00 (£2.011) KIERAN GOSS —IN CONCERT Singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland. 'Goss's relaxed approach never fails to entertain.' Hot Press, Dublin. Aug 26 10.30pm (12 midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 27 8.30pm (10.00) PIOBAIREACHD Seamas MacNeill explains the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe, with musical illustrations by Tom Speirs (27) and Seamas MacNeill (28). Aug 27, 28 12.30pm (2.00) £2.50 (£1.50) THE SINGING SHEPHERD—IAIN THOMSON A mixture of traditional, contemporary and original material, describing life among the hills of Mull. Aug 23, 30 12.30pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00) JOHN PEARSON —IN CONCERT Acoustic country blues, six and 12-string guitar stylist and singer. 'One of the best solo blues performers in Britain today.' BBC Radio 2 R 'n B Show. Aug 29 10.30pm (12 midnight) £3.00 (£2.50) JOHN GRACE—WAYFARER Songs of love and sorrow, wild seas, lonely roads. A singer from both sides of the border. Aug 31, Sept 1 12.30pm (2.00) £3.00 (£2.00) SEANNACHIE: THE FINAL COUNTDOWNI 'A good Scottish act.' Radio Forth. 'Clever stuff ... take note indeed.' Folk Roots. 'Who?' Alaskan Gazette. Aug 31, Sept 1 8.30pm (10.00) £3.50 MIKE WHELLANS—IN CONCERT Scots-born Scandinavian-based bluesman Whellans brings his own individual high-energy good-time performance to Edinburgh again. Aug 31 10.30pm (12 midnight) £4.00 (£3.00) VENUE A (around floor) MIXED DRAMA & REVUE ■ ADVENTURES OF TSITSI Tsitsi is born and already a husband must be found. A true story by Grace Young. Aug 10-13 B.30pm (7.45) £4.00 (£2.50) ★ THE BOY WHO WANTED PEACE Exciting adaptation of this famous Glasgow novel by George Friel; poetry, money, peace and quiet. Preview Aug 11 2.30pm (3.40) Free Aug 12 Sept 1 (not Aug 281 2.30pm (3.40) £3.S0 (£2.50) TOBIAS A celebration of virtuoso jazz tap dancing—featuring Tobias Tak, accompanied by boogie-woogie/stride pianist Maurice Horhut. Truck on down! Aug 10 Sept 1 luot Sun 191 4.05pm (4.55) £3.50 (£2.50) SLAP & TICKLE 2 The return of Bronwen and Maurice (doublebass and piano) with a new show. Music, humour and carpentry! Aug 10 Sept 1 luot Sun 191 5.05pm (5.55) £3.50 (£2.501 ★ SHADOW WALKER Dream and reality merge as Stephen rejects and abuses all those who love him—'Shadow Walker' —a play of alienation, (age 15+). Aug 1116 12.30pm (1.45) £3.50 (£3.00) AN EXHIBITION OF CARICATURES Marvin Hanglider, composer, who is appearing in the AMC, displays his other talent. Aug 1229 12 noon (12 midnight) Frw ★ DON'T TURN AROUND I'M ALMOST NAKED A constantly evolving programme of challenging and/or humorous improvisation liberally interspersed with various award-winning beautiful people singing. Aug 15-16 6.30pm (8.00) £3.50 (£3.00) ★ PRISONERS A multi-media performance (drama, song, visual images) concerned with political prisoners. Devised from Amnesty International source material. Aug 17-21 12.30pm (1.30) £3.00 (£1.50) VENUE B (second floor) MUSIC AND CEILIDH DANCES . SCOTTISH CEILIDH DANCES—'THE WILD CIGARILLOS' FOR REEL Dance the late night away with one of the most popular local ceilidh dance bands. Highland piper and dancers. Aug 10, 11, 12, 18, 24, 25, 31, Sept 1 10.15pm (1.30) £3.50 (£2.00) SILEAS —IN CONCERT Sileas-(Patsy Seddon and Mary Macmaster) —are 'Scotland's number one harp duo'. Voices and clarsachs blending beautifully. Book early-always sells out fast. Aug 12, 13 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) THE CAULD BLAST ORCHESTRA Multi-instrumental, multi dimensional 8-piece blending jazz, folk, world music. 'An assault on the senses.' Glasgow Herald. Aug 12, 13 10.30pm (12.30am) £4.00 (£3.00) MCCALMANS UPSTAIRS PAIR OF SIMILAR-TO-THE-ORIGINAL-ONE SHOWS Toured the world, came back, went away again. Aug IS, 16 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 ROD PATERSON —IN CONCERT Rod Paterson sings you through 400 years of Scottish favourites—from Burns to Rogers and Hart and beyond ... Aug 16 10.30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00) SYNE LANG SYNE For their fourth year running. Theatre Seanachaidh returns with an inspired variety of Traditional Songs and Tales. Aug 1724 1.30pm (2.30) £3.50 (£2.50) THE ALLAN JOHNSTON BAND + FAMOUS OTHER BAND Two exciting Scottish folk bands playing original, contemporary and traditional music and sonq Aug IS 10.30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£2.50) 12

DOUGIE MACLEAN —IN CONCERT One of Scotland's top songwriter/performers ... 'gentle ... hypnotic ... powerful... absorbed in his message and confident in its strength.' Scotsman. Aug 17 7.30pm (8.151 £4.00 MCCALMANS THESE-ARE-THEIR-BESTYET SHOWS Seventh TV series to be recorded after Festival. Latest album getting best-ever critical acclaim and reviews. Aug 18, 19 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 CARICATURES AT AN EXHIBITION An original suite of songs by Marvin Hanglider, sung by Janice Day plus Northern Saxophone Quartet. Aug 1921, 2629 10.30pm (12 midnight) £5.00 (£3.50) ISAAC GUILLORY—IN CONCERT American guitarist, and one-time musical director for Barbara Dickson, whose unique style defies categorisation. Aug 20 7.30pm (8.15) £5.00 (£3.50) JULIAN DAWSON AND FRIENDS The tallest blues player on this year's Fringe on guitar and harmonica singing stunning songs. 'Friends' —Sally Barker, Pete Morton, Kieran Halpin, Ric Sanders, Andrew Cronshaw. Aug 21 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50) PETE MORTON (AND FRIENDS-SEE TUESDAY 21 AUGUST) High energy music of the acoustic kind ... the sheer dynamism of his performance was pure theatre.' Scotsman. Aug 22 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50) THE EASY CLUB —IN CONCERT 'Sparkling melodies, infectious rhythms, and soaring vocals.' Scotsman. A rare opportunity to hear this internationally acclaimed Scottish folk group. Aug 22, 23 1P.30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00) AN EVENING (7) WASTED WITH TOM LEHRER Remember the scathing wit, humour and song of this great American satirist. With Phil Beer, Cathy LeSurf, John Shepherd, and Bill Zorn. Aug 23, 24 4.00pm (5.20) £4.00 ALBION BAND 90 ... AND SPECIAL GUESTS A welcome return after last year's sell-out. Hugely danceable music in true Albion style. A show packed with goodies. Aug 23, 24 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50) MARVIN HANGLIDER-IN CONCERT Ex-Dankworth pianist Mike Hatchard, alias satirical songwriter Marvin Hanglider, presents an hour of jazz and comedy with Steve McManus. Aug 25, 28 3.30pm (4.30) £3.00 (£2.50) RIC SANDERS (AND FRIENDS-SEE TUE 21 AUGUST) Fairport Convention fiddler in an evening of folk, jazz and contemporary music. Aug 25 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50) HAMISH MOORE, DICK LEE AND FRIENDS 'They provide in duo between pipes and sax one of the unlikeliest, most exhilarating sounds yet unleashed upon the unsuspecting ear.’ Scotsman. Aug 26 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£4.00) HAMISH MOORE AND DICK LEE-IN CONCERT 'They provide in duo between pipes and sax one of the unlikeliest most gloriously exhilarating sounds yet unleashed upon the unsuspecting ear.' Scotsman. Aug 27 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) THE FISHER FAMILY Members of Scotland's famous singing family get together for a rare appearance. Archie, Ray and Cilia Fisher with Artie Tresize and Gary Coupland. Aug 28, 29 7.30pm (9.15) £4.00 (£3.00) EDGE OF DAY—A TRIBUTE TO LAURIE LEE As acclaimed by Radio 4. 'Unusual and delightful' Manchester Evening News. Johnny Coppin with Phil Beer, Paul Burgess, and David Goodland. Aug 29. 30 2.30pm (4.00) £4.00 RORY McLEOD —IN CONCERT 'Busker, singer, guitarist, spoons-player, whistler, story-teller, foot-tapper and harmonica player like nothing you've ever heard.' Melody Maker 1990. Aug 31 7.30pm (9.15) £5.00 (£3.50) PEGGY SEEGER —|N CONCERT World-renowned folksinger, songwriter, instrumentalist. Traditional North American and topical songs. With 5-string banjo, guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, concertina. Sept 1 2.30pm (4.30) £0.00 (£0.00) PRICE!!! KATHRYN TICKELL BAND The celebrated virtuoso of the Northumbrian smallpipes and fiddle debuts her new band to an Edinburgh audience Sept 1 7.30pm (9.151 £6.00 (£3.00)



VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 THE MERSEYSIDE VENUE —Discover the 'true' Beatles story; children meet 'Dr Despicable'! Relax to folk or Celtic tunes; absorb the lyricism of the Liverpool Poets; reflect or object to the political polemics. Whether you laugh heartily or cry bitterly, this unique Merseyside venue, with its special guests from around Britain and abroad, is a must for Fringe '90, ART FOR ALL—IMAGES OF LIVERPOOL Have a Tate-a-Tate with contemporary Liverpool works of art at this FREE EXHIBITION. Aug 12-Sept 1 10.00am (midnight) Free ★ APPLECORE THEATRE COMPANY—VIRGINIA by Edna O'Brien. Captures the mercurial presence of Virginia Woolf: 'word and image brilliantly fused' by this talented Liverpool group. Aug 1218 3.10pm (4.30) £3.50 (£2.00) ★ CHAMELEON THEATRE CO.—THIS CAN'T BE LOVE Home-grown; 'Grey Day at Grey's Cafe' and 'Party Games'-'A hilarious slice Scouse life' The Stage. Aug 26 Sept 1 11.10pm (12.50) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ DOG-RUFF THEATRE COMPANY—FEMALADY This short powerful play from Liverpool, dispels myths of women and madness, combining moral-daring and entertainment. Aug 1218 7.05pm (7.50) £3.00 (£1.50) ★ DR. DESPICABLE'S 'VERY' NASTY THEATRE CO. 'Magic theatre, entrance not for everyone', 'adults' be very beware! 6-121 year olds admitted Aug 1925 11.10am (12.40) £2.50 (£2.01)) ★ F.M.B.M.—IF THERE WAS A TIME Written by four Liverpool Lads about four Liverpool Lads ... THE BEATLES ... A world premiere Aug 26 Sept 1 7.10pm (8.50) £3.90 (£2.50) ★ JUDY GARLAND as you've never seen her before-a gay man's obsession. Presented by Liverpool's own SEX & VIOLENCE-THEATRE LIKE LIFE Aug 26 Sept 1 3.20pm (4.30) £3.75 (£2.00)

* GREEN DOOR REHEARSALS-HER A Liverpool-based musical about Earth and the struggle to save HER. The Feminist answer to 'HAIR'. Aug 26Sept I 11.10am 112.401 £2.50 (E1.00I LIVERPOOL—NO ORDINARY VERSE Poetry, music, comedy —a performance from Merseyside's acclaimed artists. Two hours of 'outstanding talent' Observer. Aug 12 IB 11.05am (12.50) £3.00 lfl.501 THE MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR Discover the 'Mersey Beat' of the 90's with this collage of contemporary Liverpool music artists. SEE VENUE FOR DAILY DETAILS. Aug 1218 1.05pm (2.50) £3.00 (£2.00) * RATTLEBAG THEATRE-A BRUSQUE AFFAIR Shaun Duggan's humorous look at Liverpool 'bedsit-land'. Royal Court Award winner. 'Liverpool entertainment at its best' Guardian. Aug 1925 3.10pm (4.501 £3.75 IE2.50I * SPOTLITE THEATRE-A MOMENT IN THE MOUTH Dramas of Liverpool's Slimming World. 'A humorous poignant story with live music'. Aug 1925 7.10pm (8.501 £3.50 (£2.501 TIMBER ST THEATRE Liverpool based all-female company; interests—the 'senses'; relationship—'actor/ess and audience'. Resume, Peter Brook workshops, fairy tales reworked. Aug 26 Sept 1 1.25pm (2.30) £3.00 |t2.00| PLUS SPECIAL GUESTS APU are a sensational young band from Cusco, Peru. Beautiful, lively and new South American music played on traditional instruments. Aug 12 IB 8.10pm (9.45) t5.00 (12.50) * CLYDE UNITY THEATRE Glasgow's dynamic young company present Fringe First Winner BEYOND THE RAINBOW and John Binnie's startlingly original WALKING SHADOW. Walking Shadow: Aug 12, 14, IB. 18, 20. 22. 24 5.15pm (6.45) £4.00 (£2.50) Beyond The Rainbow: Aug 13, IS, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 5.15pm (6.45) * CHANGEINSPEAK-JIMMY JAZZ A Faustian view of the 80's. A cautionary tale in a revolutionary style. 'Immensely talented' City Limits. Aug 1925 11.05pm (12.40) £4.00 (£2.00) THE CUNNING LINGUISTS A hard hitting, hard boiled revue group that smashes the mould. Sharply 'Alternative'? Aug 1218 11.25pm (12.30) £3.00 (£1.50) THE LESSON Ionesco's 'drama comique' about language, a professor, a girl, toothache and more ... presented by MURDER WHILST YOU SMILE. Aug 1925 1.25pm (2.25) £3.50 (£2.50) OUT ON PAROLE SOCIETY-MISS JULIE Sex and class struggle in a world full of Midsummer madness in Strindberg's powerful play. Aug 2B-Seft 1 5.15pm (6.55) £3.50 (£2.50 SUPOY) * PLEASANT VICES 'Whether it's tonight, in six months, or in six years, death is the answer.' See main entry under ATTICK. Aug 19 Sept 1 9.10pm (10.35) £3.50 (£2.50) SPEECH PAINTERS Poetic sputum, vitriolic, mnemonic, acidic, acerbic, polemical, political, critical, cynical performing rhyme and reason in tasteless Top Aug 1218

10.10pm (10.50)




£3.00 (£1.50)



VENUE 37-GeorBe Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 667 3704 M9 * LUMPY CUSTARD 'Lumpy Custard' smash rock musical from this exhilarating 50-strong young company. 1989 Barclays winners. 'American-style pazzazz', 'a memorable score' Trevor Sturgess, Kent Evening Post. 'Sensitive performances' Sevenoaks Chronicle. The story of success and how it affects us. Sponsors include Thames Television. 'Full of imagination, wit and verve' Richard Stiigoe. Aug 26 Sept 1 4.00pm (5.40) £5.00 (£3.50)


| 1

° ’O2*3* VENUE 109-Le Vineyard, 279 Portobello High Street. Tickets 669 7393. H13 Outer ★ SUMMIT CONFERENCE Nazi Germany. Hitler and Mussolini's whores meet for tea. Gradually their lovers' personalities take over and with the timely appearance of an SS officer, the girls put their theories into gruesome practice. Directed by Adam Bridges (SON OF AWARD WINNING FILM DIRECTOR ALAN BRIDGES). Hilarious black comedy with moments of extreme tenderness. Aug 1219. 25 Sept 1 8.00pm (9.30) £4.00 (£2.50) HILL



ACTS VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) 19 * ‘ ... FROM WHENCE HE CAME ... ' New play following a man and the four women that shape his life into the mid-1990's. A life that is full of warmth, generosity and humour until his decision to join the Army and inevitable posting to Northern Ireland. An absorbing mixture of comedy and pathos. Aug 2025 4.30pm (5.45) £3.00 (£2.00)

1 2o3


VENUE 122-Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3 Bristo Place K9 WE SING TO THE GLORY OF GOD is sung by young Afro-Caribbeans in colourful costume—and in vibrant voice. The programme includes negro spirituals, gospel songs and the classics. The choir has toured the Caribbean, Germany, Holland and Poland, as well as featuring in choir festivals in Britain. Aug 2022 7.30pm (9.00) £2.50 (£1.50 UPDC) Tickets at venue only


















VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 DICK GAUGHAN —IN CONCERT Gaughan started the 1980s with 'Handful of Earth', an album which became 'Folk Album of the Decade' Folk Roots, Dec 1989, and finished off 1989 with the critically acclaimed album, 'Call It Freedom'. A singer of passion and strength, a songwriter of insight and a guitarist par excellence, Gaughan returns to the scene of earlier sell-out concerts. Book early! Aug 18 8.00pm (10.30) £5.00 (£3.00) ^



AEGIS PRODUCTIONS—conf/nuerf WALLOCHMOR CEILIDH BAND Dance the night away with one of Scotland’s top ceilidh dance bands. Always a hugely popular Fringe event. (Late bar). Ana 17, 18 11.00pm (2.D0) £3.50 A SCOTTISH YOUTH FIDDLERS' RALLY The best of Scotland's young traditional fiddlers in concert (conductor, Yla Steven); special guest compere-singer, BBC TV's Bill Torrance. (To be recorded by BBC Radio Scotland) Aug 17 8.00pm (10.00) £3.50 LEON REDBONE —RELAX' The enigmatic voice from the British Rail Intercity sleeper TV advert comes to Edinburgh (and Scotland) for a first-time whistle-stop visit. Only Scottish appearance. Aug 18 8.00pm (10.00) £6.00 (£3.00)



'• »

° VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR Gogol's brilliant, but simple comedy drama-a MANIC tale of mistaken identity, performed by lively visual drama group from NYOOCASSILL. Social satire of local government politics relevant to today's society, ridiculing the hypocrisy of self importance and power. NON-STOP action from start to finish. Aug 1325 (not Sun) 10.05am (11.50) £3.00 (£2.00)




VENUE 27-The Ro»y, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 GETTING EVEN by Woody Allen. Life has many masks. We wear each one in turn, revolving in a global kaleidoscope of mesmerising experience and imagination, which collides in a spasm of basic tragi-comedy ... .I'm sorry I have no idea what I mean by that. Please bring a change of underwear. Aug 27Sept 1 4.30pm (6.00) £3.00 (£2.00)

VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366


VENUE 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawmnarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 * THE EDGE 'Strong naturalistic acting and emotional conviction' The Guardian on American Connexion. American Connexion's ground breaking 'real life' theatre, offers two unique one-act plays which place the audience directly in the action. 'THE EDGE': A New York subway platform; a distraught Scotswoman; a policeman; and you, the passengers. Aug 2025 2.10pm (2.45) £2.50 (£2.00) Tickets at Venue Only


VENUE 27-The Ro»y, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 This NEW Greater London/Kent based company arrive at the Fringe with four exciting productions providing innovative, pleasurable, invigorating theatre for all. Join them in Thomas's Llaregub, Chaucer's Canterbury, on a BR platform! or sing along with a man eating plant. 'AN EXCITING NEW DRAMA PROJECT' Kentish UNDER MILK WOOD Escape from the snarling, sardine like crowds in Edinburgh! 'This staging of the town where 'time passes' is a TREAT' Scotsman. Aug 13-28 /not Sun 19) 11.05am (12.25) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ CANTERBURY TALES 'Scurrilous' Edward //; 'Raunchy' Henry VIII; 'Immoral' Victoria; 'Vivid and new’ Kent Messenger. A Bacchanalian romp through medieval England. Aug 13-28 (not Sun 19) 4.25pm (6.00) £4.00 (£3.50) * GETTING THERE! The hilarious happenings on a character packed B.R. platform. 'Brings tears to your eyes' Mercury 'VERY FUNNY' Kentish Times. Aug 1318 12.05am (1.35) £4.00 (£3.50) Aug 18 Sept 1 2.05pm (3.35) LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS The ultimate tongue in cheek Sci-Fi 'B' movie musical! Chilling, hilarious and loads of fun. Aug 1326 (not Sun 19) 8.05pm (9.55) £4.00 (£3.50)



VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. (Studio) G11 AHH ... THOSE GIRLS Check this out! ... white girls rapping, S and M, performance art... Those Girls run an alternative telegram company, and things can get MEGA intense, after all, this IS New York. Veteran comic Fatima the Fantastic and American Cabaret Diva, Maude Davis lock heads for a whip crackingly wild show. See it ... or die!. Aug 1318 6.45pm (7.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 27 Sept 1 8.15pm (9.00)


• •

VENUE 48-Bonnington Resource Centre, 200 Bonnington Road. Tickets 555 0961. B13 * FAN'S FALSE 'FALSE FACE' SOCIETY A fabulously wealthy and blithely spiritual hostess, an absent-minded analyst, a wheelchair Olympic athlete, a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, an escaped strangler, a wild rainy night in the Hamptons—all on the eve of the first garden party of the season. World Premiere. Aug 1928 5.00pm (6.45) £3.50 IE1.50)

VENUE 89-Singapore Sling Restaurant, 503 Lawnmarket, High St. Tickets 226 2826.

AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 Another exciting season from the versatile American group that has been termed 'the true sensation of the Festival Fringe' and 'the foremost company from the States to grace the stages of the Fringe.' Four time Fringe First Award Winners. ★ THE BOYS NEXT DOOR The off-Broadway hit comic drama. 'Exceptional ... magical ... a major comic creation' N.Y. Times. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Tues) 3.45pm 15.501 £6.00 (£5.00) VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place. Tickets 557 5091. F8 WAITING FOR THE PARADE Funny and emotionally powerful portrayal of five spirited Canadian women waging their own battles for survival during WWII. A hit at the Lyric Hammersmith, London. Aug 13, 16, 22. 25. 27. 31 8.00pm (9.30) £3.95 (£2.95) Aug 14, 17, 20, 23, 28, Sept 1 10.00pm (11,30) EXTREMITIES Chilling graphic exploration of the psychology of terror. A brutal attempted rape. The tables turned on the rapist. Ran off-Broadwav for two years. Aug 15, 18, 21. 24, 26. 29 8.00pm (9.301 £3.95 (£2.95) Aug 13, 16, 22, 25, 27, 31 10.00pm (11,30) BABY WITH THE BATHWATER by Christopher Durang. America's funniest playwright takes an irreverent whack at parents, children and their nannies. Mary Poppins was never like this. Aug 14, 17, 20. 23, 28, Sept 1 8.00pm (9.30) £3.95 (£2.95) Aug 15, 18, 21, 24, 28, 29 10.00pm (11,30) ★ DRAGONS AND HONEYBEES-TALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Third consecutive year. The Shoestring Players soar into strange and enchanting places of the imagination. Aug 17 Sept 1 (not Sun 19) 12 noon (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00)



VENUE 86-Blue Oyster Club. 96 Rose Street Lane North. G7 STAGGER LEE AND JIMMY’S JUKE JOINT Live Music & Cabaret Showdown. Rhythm & Booze; cockney and Western. Special guests daily (open mike)—check Daily Diary for details. Licensed bar. The Almighty Stork is also presenting two dramatised stories from 'First Love, Last Rites' by Ian McEwan. Seen originally at The Man in the Moon. Aug 13 Sept 1 7.00pm (9.00) £3.00 ★ BUTTERFLIES by Ian McEwan. A harrowing tale of obsession. 'Marvellously convincing performance, neatly staged' Time Out. 'A compelling performance' City


Aug 1319 2.00pm (2.50) £3.50 (£2.50) CONVERSATIONS WITH A CUPBOARD MAN by Ian McEwan. One man tells his story, from his cupboard. Transfer straight from London. Aug 26 Sept 1 2.00pm (2.45) £3.50 (£2.50)




VENUE 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 J8 AS LONG AS THE CUCKOO SINGS! Musical play about the joys, passions and despairs of Hans Christian Andersen. (Thor Nielsen). Aug 13-18 7.00pm (9.15) Suggested donation of £2.00




★ TABLE FOR TWO After your 'subway ride', lunch across the road and enjoy a hilarious comedy set in the restaurant. Aug 2024, 27 31 3.00pm (4.30) £9.00 (£8.001 INCLUDES LUNCH.

ALGONQUINITES & HOLLYWOODAZE VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 ★ ALGONQUINITES & HOLLYWOODAZE Produced by MZM Productions Inc. and compiled by director/playwright E. M. Christian. Companion piece to last season's comedy 'No Song of an Ingenue' presents an American galaxy of stage and screen: Tallulah Bankhead, Ethel Barrymore, Lynne Fontanne and others introducing the literary genius of the legendary Algonquin Round Table. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns) 4.00pm (5.45) £4.00 (£2.00)


★ THE TRUTH OF ALLIE P. DOWD A student locates her hero, a reclusive author respected for writing about 'the truth'. But what is the truth of Allie P. Dowd? By Penny J. Hawk. Aug 13-18 6.00pm (7.15) £3.00 (£2.00)



|| * | i


arrivederci millwall blithe spirit brenton versus brenton comic mysteries equus

give me an inch and i’ll take a fiver halliwell's hell nightingale for dinner orphans revolting rhymes somme the bedbug the nonsense the tempest waiting for sir larry what's for pudding?

fifteen companies sixteen shows 9.30am - 2.00am



SOLO GUITAR CONCERT Music of Bach, Villa Lobos, Dowland and Reich (guitar and tape). Aug 22 7.30pm (9.30) £3.00 (£1.50)


VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 * PURPLE BREASTS Zoe has breast cancer. She faces the challenge of her life and the people who love her must confront the frightening complexities. Based on personal experience—told truthfully with pathos, humour, love and hope. Aug 1318 2.00pm (3.10) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 2025 10.00am (11.10)




VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 ★ MEET FOR LUNCH A wilted flower child, a former beauty queen and a Senator's daughter collide in a New York City cafe. They survived the 60's, 70's and the 80's, but will they survive lunch without killing themselves or each other? An American comedy of bad manners. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Aug 19, 301 10.00pm (11.30) £3.50 (£2.50)



ALSO AT VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869.K10 ANTON BROTHER Featuring members of Ian Carr's L.F.O. share the bill this week with the superb Unclassified Mime Trio. Aug 28. 28. 31 10.30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00)


VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre; Rifle lodge 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 MUSIC FROM THE SACRED VALLEY -a new band from the ancient Inca capital, Cusco, in Peru's sacred valley. They've given their own special, spellbinding touch to the sound of traditional instruments of the Andes, charrango, zamponas and quenas producing powerful, captivating music. Apu's performance is a dynamic musical experience which leaves a profound impression. Aug 1218 8.10pm (9.50) £5.00 (£2.50) ALSO AT VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Info 220 2462. K9 MUSIC FROM THE SACRED VALLEY APU-Beautiful mix of traditional and new Peruvian music brought direct from Cusco's kamikaze Pena and presented by Newcastle Free Festival. Aug 19 Sept 1 (not Aug 28) 8.25pm (9.55) £5.00 (£2.50)

ARDINIAN THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 33-Pleasancft 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. DO ★ LOOKED IN THE MIRROR, WHAT DID I SEE ... 7 Created for this year's Lloyds Bank Youth Theatre Challenge, where it was described as ' ... combining acting, music, dance and mask-work with a freshness and originality which is a delight to watch.' Eight youths are forced to explore the strengths of the bonds between them. Aug 19 25 11.30am (12.20) £3.50 (£2.50)


ASIMMETRIC THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 ★ VICTIMS explores the plight of the young homeless in London today. It portrays the isolation and loneliness of life on the streets, the shattering of the powerful dreams of youth. Written by Chris Chibnall (Contact Theatre Young Playwrights Winner 1989). VICTIMS is about the lost children of today. Aug 1325 (not Aug 19) 12.15pm (1.45) £3.50 (£2.50)


VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184, J12 ANTON BROTHER This fresh and innovative band come to Edinburgh with their unique blend of improvised rock and world folk. Coupling strong lyrics with stunning compositions, the lively rhythms and questioning harmonies will be certain to enliven any quiet minds. Not to be missed. LATE BAR. Aug 16, 17, 18 12 midnight (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50)


VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 BEYOND THE FRINGE by Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore. The most successful show in the history of the Festival returns 30 years after the initial unforgettable production. This specially formed professional company brings you the ultimate satire—as funny and as relevant as in 1960. Be there! Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Sun 19) 11.45pm (12.45) £4.25 (£3.75)

° ’

VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ANNIE T. & THE FRENCH CONNECTION Entertaining evocation of French passions and pretensions through the eyes—or rather the voice—of an American who's never been to Paris. A unique combination of powerful and amusing songs in both English and French. With DAVID HARROD at the piano. Previe* Aug 19 6.00pm (7.40) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 20-Sept 1 (not Aug 30) 6.00pm (7.40) £4.00 (£3.00)


VENUE 18-St. George’s West Church and Candlish Hall, Shandwick Place H4 CONCERT OF GUITAR CHAMBER MUSIC including flute, 'cello and violin. Music of Vivaldi, Paganini, Leisner, Haydn and Albeniz. Aug 27, 29 7.30pm (9.30) £3.00 (£1.50)

° -

VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place H3 Peter Argondizza presents a series of classical guitar music in various combinations. The concerts combine the guitar with 'cello, flute and violin in duos and trios. A special solo guitar concert includes the unusual sounds of guitar and prepared tape. Music from five centuries will be performed.

ASPECTS THEATRE/TOURING COMPANY 0 VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mila Tickets 556 3147. J11 ★ AMBULANCE Following their success at Edinburgh Fringe '89 with 'Impressions' Aspects has tackled another controversial subject ... Take four ambulance workers, a pub, two houses, mixed with World in Action and the cartoon world of 'Ambulance Andy' and the result is ... 'painfully emotive ... arresting, upfront approach ... astoundingly versatile and strongly recommended' City Life. Aug 13-25 (not Sun 19) 6.30pm (7.40) £3.50 (£3.00) BERKOFF DOUBLE BILL-THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER Daunting explosion of events concluding into horrifying consequences. Aug 2025 12.15pm (1.50) £4.00 (£3.50) Double bill with show below-priee it for both shows HARRY'S CHRISTMAS Self obsession, insecurity, individual isolation, harrowingly disturbing. 'Sends the audience from the doors into exhilarated gratitude' Scotsman 89. Aug 2025 12.15pm (1.50) £4.00 (£3.50) Double bill with show above-price is for both shows ★ THE LAST LULLABY It happens 2000 times a year five times a day, it could happen to you, experience Aspects! Aug 27Sept 1 12.30pm (1.30) £2.75 (£2.50) LUCKY JOHNNY Brecht's Chandleresque parable. A ship—4 international swimmers return to New York with good money in their pockets. Aug 27 Sept 1 10.45am (11.30) £2.00 (£1.50)

ASSEMBLY ROOMS Sponsored by P R >’D2D3D VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 R a/ PRESENTED BY ASSEMBLY IN ASSOCIATION WITH HARP PREMIER EXPORT LAGER. With over 30 shows a day and a choice of 50 different events of the very best in theatre, comedy and music. Assembly's tenth anniversary programme provides the maddest most entertaining experience ever! Send an A4 SAE to „Lt,di 50 George St, Edinburgh EH2 for further details. N.B. TICKETS NOT AVAILABLE FROM FRINGE OFFICE ON DAY OF PERFORMANCE. * JOYICITY—ABBEY THEATRE (EIRE) Vincent O'Neill in a captivating and magnificent portrayal of the life and language of James Joyce Aug 10 Sept 1 (not Suns) 6.00pm (7,15) £6.00 (£5.00) LAUREL & HARDY-ACTORS THEATRE OF SCOTLAND by TOM MCGRATH. Forbes Masson and Ronald Simon star as the legendary comic duo. Aug 13-Sept 1 (not Suns) 11.45»m (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00) AFTER THE FALL T-shirt temptations by two local artists, humorous undertones and textural shadows. Unique display of fringe festivity Aug 10-Sept 1 12 noon (12 midnight) Free

★ THE BOYS NEXT DOOR-AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRF./SANDPIPER (USA) The off-Broadway hit comic drama. 'Exceptional ... magical ... a major comic creation' New York Times. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not TUBS) 3.45pm (5.50) £6.00 (£5.00) ARNOLD BROWN (UK) The 1987 Perrier Award winner. 'Acknowledged by many as the best' Punch ... 'and why not?' Aug 19-25 10.15pm (11.30) £6.00 (fS.OO) AVIA (USSR) Sensational sounds from this gloriously subversive rock group. An irresistable mix of punk, ska, rock, jazz and theatricality. Aug 19-26 11.4Spm (1,15) £6.00 (£5.001 COMEDY STORE PLAYERS (UK) 'The amazing talented team present spontaneous comic invention at its very best' Guardian. Aug 26Sept 1 10.15pm (11.30) £6.00 ItS.OO) ★ SPENSER'S LAYE-CONNACHT PRODUCTIONS (EIRE) Elegantly crafted musical comedy about the intrigues of Elizabeth I, Raleigh and the poet Spenser. Aug 10-Sept 1 (not Monsl 6.00pm (7.45) £6.00 (£5.00) POPEYE IN EXILE-DAVID GLASS NEW MIME ENSEMBLE (UK) First ever staging of the world famous comic strip tale of romance and adventure. Aug 10-Sept 1 (not Aug 13, 20, 26) 4.00pm (5.30) £6.00 (£4.00) DAZZLE Leading British Jewellery designers with another fresh and innovative exhibition. 1,000 original pieces for sale. Aug 10-Sept 1 10am (12 midnight) Free SINGLE AGAIN —DILLIE KEANE (UK) Having hung up her Fascinating Aida sequins, consummate comedienne Keane presents her first solo extravaganza. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns) 8.00pm 19.15) £6.00 (t5.00) HARVEY BROUGH, IAN SHAW & JOHNNY MILLER (UK) Two more multi talents join ex-Wallbanger Brough in an evening of exceptional musicianship. Aug 1018 12 midnight (1.15) £6.00 (£5.00) HATTIE HAYRIDGE & JACK DEE (UK) Two of the most original comics to have emerged in recent years. 'Screamingly funny' Guardian. Aug 1025 10.00pm (11.15) £5.50 (£4.50) ROMEO & JULIET—HULL TRUCK THEATRE (UK) FINE YOUNG CANNIBAL ROLAND GIFT stars in Shakespeare's timeless story of doomed passion. Aug 13 Sept 1 tnol Suns) 12 noon (2.45) E6.5D (£5.00) ★ SWEET SORROW-HULL TRUCK THEATRE (UK) Premier of Alan Plater's new play commemorating the life and work of the poet Philip Larkin. Aug 10 Sept 1 (not 13, 19, 27) 3.45pm (5.15) E6.5D IE5.00) JEREMY HARDY & KIT HOLLERBACH (UK/USA) Consistently funny and exhilaratingly rude, two of the most lethal stand-up comics in business. Aug IB IS 9.15pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00) JIMMY TINGLE (USA) The hit of the 1989 Montreal Comedy Festival. 'Shaping up to be America's foremost political comedian' The Times. Aug 10 Sept 1 10.00pm (11.15) £5.00 (E4.00) JOHN HEGLEY (UK) 'Comic control to make hecklers wish they were dead' Guardian. Aug 10 Sept 1 10.15pin (11.30) £6.00 IE5.00) WANDRIN' STAR UK TOUR-JULIAN CLARY A whimsical pot pourri of vulgarity, glamour and insipid quips. Alternative comedy with belly laughs. Aug 10. 11. 13-15 9.15pm (10,30) £7.00 (C6.0P) MARK LITTLE'S ATOMIC DILEMMA (AUSTRALIA) A totally unpredictable wonderland of brilliant improvisational comedy from a very famous Neighbour. Aug 10 Sept 1 12 midnight (1.15) £5.00 (£4.00) THE HYPOCHONDRIAC-NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE CO. (UK) Hilariously original, fast and accessible adaptation. 'Simplistic yet brilliant' surreal physical theatre. 'Ingenious and fluid human set'. National Student Drama Festival Award. Aug 1010 2.00pm (3.15) £5.00 (C4.00) ★ LICKERISH-NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE CO. (UK) Following DARKLE (Sunday Times Play Writing award), another 'gruesome and hilarious farce' FT. from Bill Gallagher and this 'impressive' Time Out company. Aug 1925 2.00pm (3.15) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ CAN'T STAND UP FOR FALLING DOWN-NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE CO. (UK) by Richard Cameron. Three women united by one man's brutality. 'Painfully incisive ... magical.' Sunday Times Award Winner. Aug 20 Sept 1 2.00pm 13.15) t5.00 (£4.00) PATSY RICKETTS & KARL MESSADO (JAMAICA) Direct from the Caribbean, raw, fresh drumming fires the captivating rhythms of Reggae, Kumina and Calypso Aug 20 6.30pm (8.05) £5.00 (£4.00) Aug 21 3.45pm (5.50) THE HANGOVER SHOW-PETE MCCARTHY (UK) Hungover? Start today by discovering where you went wrong last night. Bizarre remedies. No shouting. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Aug 20, 21) 12 noon (1.15) C5.00 (£4.00) A KISS ON YOUR KOEKSISTER-PETER DIRK UYS (SOUTH AFRICA) Another shockingly relevant show from the hilariously subversive Afrikaner satirist. Aug 19 3.45pm (5.15) £6.00 (£5.00) Aug 20 6.00pm (7.30) RICHARD THOMPSON (UK) Renowned as one of the finest songwriters and guitarists of the English folk/rock school, the legend returns. Aug 25 6.30pm (8.00) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 26 9.15pm (10.30) ROGER MCGOUGH & LIZ LOCHHEAD (UK) A vintage evening with the laconic, Byronic McGough and the incisively talented Lochhead. Aug 25 Sept 1 8.30pm (9.45) £6.00 (£5.00) BAT THE FATHER RABBIT THE SON-ROUGH MAGIC (IRELAND) An astonishing play about father son relationships. 'Formidable talent' The List. Aug 10-Sept 1 (nut Suns) 2.00pm (3.30) £5.60 (£4.50) SIMON FANSHAWE'S HEADLINES (UK) The acid wit grooves on! Expect the unexpected from the 'totally original' 1989 Perrier Award Winner. Aug 10-25 8.30pm (9.45) £6.00 (£5.00) ★ FEMME FATALE-SNARLING BEASTIES (UK) An everyday story of betrayal, passion and murder from the 1989 Independent Theatre Award Winners. Aug 11-Sept 1 (nut Mons) 4.00pm (5.30) £5.50 (£4.50) VISITING DISTRICT MILLIGAN-SPIKE MILLIGAN Author, actor, humanist, humourist, composer, husband, father, conservationist. The legendary founder Goon makes his Edinburgh Fringe debut! Preview Aug 20, 21 9.15pm (10.30) £6.00 Aug 2225 9.15pm (10.30) £7.50 (£6.00) ALEXANDER KOLLONTAI —SQP PRODUCTIONS (UK) BARBARA EWING in u moving performance about the only woman leader in the Russian Revolution. Aug 10 Sept 1 (not Mons) 6.30pm (8.05) £5.50 (£4.50)

THE RUPERT PUPKIN COLLECTIVE-SWEENY & STEEN (UK) Hilarious, spontaneous improvisations based on audience suggestions. Different cast every A^W Sept 1 8.30pm (9.45) £6.00 (£5.00) CELEBRATING SAX-THE FAIRER SAX A sell out success last year, the musical mischief makers return to celebrate 150 years of sax! Aug 11-19 6.45pm (8.00) £6.50 (£5.00) THE GIRLS (WITH THE GREAT XAR) (UK) Stunning harmonies, extra-ordinary songs, cabaret at its best. 'Completely original' The Independent. Aug 19 Sept 1 12 midnight (1.15) £6.00 (£5.00) THE MAPAPA ACROBATS-PRESENTED BY THE HARAMBEE TOUR (KENYA) Live music accompanies this highly effervescent and spectacular circus Aug 12-Sept I 11.30am (12.45) £5.00 (£4.00) £2.50 for under 10s ★ THE HOME SERVICE-ANTHONY DAVISON (UK) A new black comedy from the author of 'Screamers'. Powerful and explosive. Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Aug 20, 271 1.30pm (3.00) £6.50 (£5.00) FARRAGO-THE PEOPLE SHOW (UK) Bewilderingly endearing, blissfully selfindulgent, this Weimar style jazz cabaret must be the most inaccurate rendering of Faust ever! Aug 10-19 12 midnight (1.15) £5.00 (£4.00) VICTOR & BARRY (SCOTLAND) More finely honed hilarity from the zany founder members of Glasgow's best known Am. Dram. Society. Anniversary re-Assembly! Aug 12, 19 9.15pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00) MOONLIGHTING—THE TOM ROBINSON SHOW (UK) Robinson returns with a new show, augmented by TRB's Danny Kustow and Mark Ambler. Aug 1210 1145pm (1.15) £6.50 (£5.50) ★ OLSNIENIE—WARSAW THEATRE STUDIO (POLAND) British premier of Janusz Wiesnieski's latest visual spectacle, resonant of his 'End of Europe' masterpiece. Aug 20-Sept 1 6.30pm (8.00) £6.00 (£5.00) LOVE GONE WRONG-WENDY HARMER (AUSTRALIA) A hilarious look at love and life in the non-committed nineties with Australia's most celebrated comedienne. Aug 20-Sept 1 12 midnight (1.15) £5.00 (£4.00) WILL DURST (USA) No-one from the Pope to the Post Office is spared his satirical bite. ' ... so good it's scary' San Francisco Examiner. Aug 26-Sept 1 10.00pm (11.15) £5.50 (£4.50) BETWEEN A LAUGH AND A HARD PLACE —L.A. COMICS (USA) BRETT BUTLER, DANA GOULD &' RICK OVERTON exuberantly deliver 'state of the art' American underground humour. Aug 13-Sept 1 12 midnight (1.15) £6.00 (£5.00) PUNCH AT THE FRINGE A festival favourite with the work of top cartoonists Mike Williams, Lowry, Pine and more. Aug 10-Sept 1 10am (12 midnight) Free ★ THE EYES OF THEIR WHITES (SOUTH AFRICA) Stories and songs that probe into the psyche of South Africa's 'ordinary' white man-in-the-street. Aug 10 Sept 1 8.00pm (9.30) £5.50 (£4.50) GRANADA TELEVISION A melange of Granada's drama, comedy and documentary programmes plus four decades of Coronation Street. Aug 20, 26 6.15pm (8.15) Tickets at venue only. NAKED RADIO BBC Radio Scotland's award-winning, hard-edged comedy show live at the Assembly Rooms. Aug 30Sept 1 9.15pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00) DENIS LEARY (USA) Nine performances only from America's fastest rising comedian. Strictly Adults Only. 'Dangerous, tasteless, unprintable ... very very funny' New York Post. Aug 10-10 10.15pm (11.30) £7.00 (£6.00) THE GUARDIAN TALKS AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS Comedy, Circus, Theatre—The Guardian's top critics debate with the Festival's top performers. Aug 19, 26 2.00pm (3.30) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 20, 27 1.30pm (3.00) H.B. Tickets at venue only GORDON'S IMPROTHON Spontaneous satire, comic conversation and winning words from the giants of improvisational comedy. BEST NIGHT OF THE FRINGE. ALL PROCEEDS TO CHARITY. Aug 21 6.30pm (8.00) £6.00 (£5.00) N.B. Tickets at venue only THE BLUES BAND Roadhouse Rock plus Rhythm and Blues with an intimacy and poignant simplicity which few can match. Aug 21-23 6.30pm (8.00) £7.00 (£6.00) NORMAN LOVETT The only 'alternative' stand-up comedian that doesn't swear, isn’t aggressive and yet is one of the funniest comics around. Aug 19, 26 8.00pm (9.00) £5.00 (£4.00) HANK WANGFORD. HANK WANGFORD'S COUNTRY REVIEW. The renowned cowpat king of new country music returns to the Edinburgh Fringe. Aug 27Sept 1 11.45pm (1.15) £6.50 (£5.50)


''VVV\/\/\/\/VV\ A/\ A A/\yV\AA/\/^>^v^v^/V^AA^

OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT 100's of Kilims, Saddlebags and Wallhangings collected from the Nomads and Villagers of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT 40 PILRIG STREET EDINBURGH DAILY 10-7 pm During the Festival Enquiries to RUFUS READE

031-554 1078













THE PLEASANCE 10.30pm. August 9th. - September 1st. (Except Mon. 13th & Thur. 30th.) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6550

August 9th. - September 1st. (Except Mon. 13th. & Thur. 30th.) Box Office - Tel: 031 556 6550


y YOU LIKE i YOU'LL LOVE Sydney Herald

THE PLEASANCE 8.15 & 9.05 pm. August 9th. — September 1st. (Except Mon. 13th. & Thur. 30th.) IB

Box Office

^ Tel: 031 556 6550



VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Placa Tickets 229 9000 L3 ★ THE BACCHAE by Euripides. Furious gods, group psychosis, blasphemy and bloody revenge. In Euripides' last and greatest play the god Dionysus returns to earth and becomes the messiah of a terrifying new religion exploiting the darkest and most dangerous side of human nature. The World Premiere of a new translation. Aug 2025 7.30pm (9.201 £3.50 (£3.001 Aug 27Sept 1 12 noon (1.40)



VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 MO ★ PLEASANT VICES by William Johnston. 'Death is seen as the end of the only precious life that one has. I believe it's much more logical to think there is something after death.' This new play examines the confrontation of death by a drug-free HIV infected heterosexual. Not suitable for children. Aug 19 Sept 1 9.10pm (10.35) £3.50 (£2.50 SUPDC)

ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER, JOHN OTWAY AND RONNIE CARYL—HEADBUTTS & HALIBUTS VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER, JOHN OTWAY & RONNIE CARYLHEADBUTTS & HALIBUTS For the first time ever, two of England's most notorious microphone-damagers team up at the Fringe. Bleeding foreheads and broken strings, deranged ballads and surrealist love poems, headbutts, halibuts, stretcher case acrobatics and Albanian thrash metal football epics. All balls and no willy! And there's a bar! Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Sun 191 10.00pm (11.30) £5.50 (£4.50)

° *

VENUE 14-The Preservation Hall, Victoria Street Tickets 226 3816 J8 AVALON Edinburgh's Celtic rockers return for their seventh appearance on the Fringe. 'Champions of the Celtic beat' The Guardian. 'Emerging as the best folk-rock band in Scotland' The Independent. 'The best folk-rock band in Scotland' The List. Aug 2325 10.30pm (12.30) £4.00

° ■

VENUE 127-St John's Church, West End, Princes Street H6 AWATINAS A stunning presentation of Aymara 'Circle Dancing' and Quechua Fiesta music from the atmospheric Altiplano of Bolivia. 'Impossible to describe how beautiful this music really is' Review 89. ‘THIS Bolivian Band has more colour, variety, sophistication and appeal' Scotsman. 'Spellbinding' Guardian. 'Moved and exhilarated' Folk Roots. Aug 2025 1.00pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 28 Sept 1 6.30pm (7.30)




VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 THE CANTERBURY TALES is certainly very funny, unquestionably bawdy, undeniably boisterous and unashamedly vulgar. Phil Woods has modernized Chaucer's language but retained the spirit of the original. The resulting play is saucy, snappy and surprising. The young cast performs with energy and enthusiasm that is infectious and irresistable. Aug 2025 3.00pm (5.00) £2.50


• •

VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mite Tickets 556 3147. JU MASCULINE WOMEN FEMININE MEN An irresistible mixture of high camp twenties and thirties songs from Australian Miss Brenda Clarke and low comedy from her performing cockatoo, called yes, you guessed it, 'COCKIE'. Featuring the immortal song 'If Only He Were A Woman'. Good dirty fun for those over 21. Aug 20 Sept I (not Aug 301 11.00pm (11.30) £3.50 (£3.00) This show is part of Cabaret at the Gate. See Canongate Theatre entry for other performances.

L10 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. JAZZ FROM HELL From the edge of the Antipodes to the centre of the known fringe universe BACHELORS FROM PRAGUE are proud to present JAZZ FROM HELL. A high energy show of nonstop cabaret chaos and mind bending musical muscle. This show is sure to be a highlight of the Fringe 1990. Aug 10 Sept 1 (not Thursl 11.30pm (12.45) £5.00 (£4.00)

THE BAD HOUSEKEEPING THEATRE CO. THE AUSTRALIAN PIG VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. _U0 ★ THE AUSTRALIAN PIG Judy Pascoe presents an Australian version of Pygmalion. A dazzling comedy of manners in which the idiosyncrasies of the English are exposed as our heroine negotiates the finer points of the English language. Directed by Pete McCarthy. Previews: Aug 9, 10 10.00pm (11.15) £4.50 Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Aug 20, 301 10.00pm (11.15) £5.50 (£4.50)

VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 ★ YOU'VE GOT TO BE A HUSTLER! ... or so the British media would have us believe. An orgy of not quite 'whiter-than-white' thrills and spills from two 'wimmin' and a cardboard man. Satire and wit at its comic height. 'Principles can only hold you back.' Aug 27Sept 1 9.15pm (10.00) £3.50 (£3.00 SUPDY)





AUGUST m - AUGUST isth. at 10.15pm. TICKETS: £7.00 / £6.00 ■ BOX OFFICE: Tel: 031 ■ 220 4348

a decade of comedy at the Assembly Rooms by JOHN CONNOR

The stories, the gossip, the photographs often brilliantly comic years Foreword by Arthur Smith

Available at the Assembly Rooms and all good bookshops



ÂŁ9.99 net




m ^

VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Placa Tickets 229 9000 U3 * GARY by Roy Winston. A radical departure from ordinary theatre this play includes rap, music and sign-language to tell the remarkable true story of a deaf adolescent. 'EXUBERANT ... DYNAMIC ... tackling serious issues with a sense of humour, UNMISSABLE!' Guardian. 'EXTRAORDINARY, BRILLIANT and CAPTIVATING!' Time Out. 'Perfect antidote to Children Of A Lesser God ... hardhitting, INGENIOUS!' City Limits. Aug 1318 7.30pm 19.30) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 2025 10.15pm (12.15)



• • •

VENUE 70-St. Bernards Church, Saxe Coburg Street Tickets 332 7244. D6 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA The American Phantom of the Opera, adapted by Helen Grigal and Walter Anderson from the 1912 Gaston Le Roux novel, tells the tragic story of a deformed man who lives beneath the Paris Opera House in 1876. The entire family will thrill to this riveting musical love story. Aug 1326 7.30pm (9.30) £5.00 (£4.00) Matinee Aug 15, 18, 22, 25 2.00pm (4.00)




VENUE 2-Frin9e Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091 U) BBC RADIO LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT presents its comprehensive coverage of the best of the Fringe. Free tickets for both recordings from the Fringe Office or on the door. FRINGE FEVER Sweat it out with the hottest acts on the Fringe; hysterical standups, inflammable music and delirious comedy. Aug 19. 26 6.00pm (7.00) Free


VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091 L8 FRINGE BINGE Absolutely guaranteed —or your money back —new pinnacles in performance from the tzars of today and tomorrow. The essence of Fringe comedy and music distilled down to 90 minutes and served hot, loud and sticky with no cutlery. Completely free! 'Utterly unmissable' Radio Scotland. Aug 18 3.00pm (5.00) Free One Performance Only Tickets available from the Fringe Box Office.

» • •

VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★ SEX, SPIES AND PERIWIGS a new play with music about the incredible life of Aphra Behn, friend of Nell Gwyn and spy for Charles II; imprisoned for debt, later she became the first woman to earn her living through writing—but not without some controversy. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not 20) 8.15pm (9.45) £3.50 (£3.00)


2 3


VENUE 45-Old St F’aul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 ★ LIVING LEGENDS Dramatisations from worldwide mythology for everyone with an imagination—and a sense of humour! Does magic have a place in our changing world? You decide. Watch the legends unfold and listen to the talesmaster telling it like it is, like it was and like it always should be ... Aug 27-31 7.50pm (9.15) £3.00 (£2.50)


• • • •

VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 Squeezing the Bedlam Experience into fifty words is like having an intelligent conversation with a tree. International theatre, stars of stage and screen, comfy new seats for your bottom to enjoy, food, it just goes on. The whole shebang is run by Edinburgh University Theatre Company (EUTC) and opens 9.30am —2.00am Monday to Saturday. ARRIVEDERCI MILLWALL A pacy, hard-hitting tale of racism, revenge and the 1982 World Cup told by a bunch of 'yobs' from Millwall. Aug 13 25 (not Sun) 12.10pm (1.50) £3.50 (£2.50) BLITHE SPIRIT by Noel Coward. (SFA VENTURES). A writer's dead wife moves in with him and her successor. Aug 27-Sept 1 12.15pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ BRENTON VERSUS BRENTON / WHAT'S FOR PUDDING? Adult spoof of TV soaps, plus hilarious hors d'oeuvre. 'Awesomely outrageous ... very funny' Birmingham Post. Aug 27 Sept 1 6.15pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.50 SUPDY) * COMIC MYSTERIES Medieval faith and modern society collide in an entertaining ensemble production of songs and political satire. Aug 20-25 10.30am (11.45) £3.00 (£2.50)




Running at THEATRE WORKSHOP Throughout the entire Festival ( 7.pm ) BOX OFFICE : 031 226 5425 21

BEDLAM THEATRE —< EQUUS —Why does Alan Strang blind six horses? A provocative reinterpretation of Peter Schaffer's combination of sexuality and psychoanalysis. Aug 27-Sept 1 10.10pm (11.50) £3.00 l£2.50) GIVE ME AN INCH AND I'LL TAKE A FIVER Comedy, improvisation, sex. bassoons. Don't even think about bringing the kids. An EUTC production. Aug 1325 Inot Sun) 1.00am (1.59) E2.50 (£1.50) Previews Aug 10,11 1.00am (1.59) £1.00 ★ HALLIWELL'S HELL Failure; obscurity; paranoia; seething jealousy. Lover and murderer of Joe Orton, Kenneth Halliwell screams from his living hell. An EUTC production. Aug 1325 Inot Sun) 4.15pm (5.45) £3.50 (£2.501 Previews Aug 10, 11 4.15pm (5.45) £1.00 ★ NIGHTINGALE FOR DINNER EUTC presents Prague-based Jenom Jednou who unearths Josef Topol's witty, curiously sinister dreamplay from the Czech vaults. First English translation. Aug 1325 (not Sun) 10.15pm (11.401 £4.00 (£2.50) Previews Aug 10, 11 10.15pm (11.40) £1.00 ORPHANS by Lyle Kessler. 'Manic, raw, excessive—this play assaults the senses. On no account to be missed' City Limits. Aug 13-Sept 1 Inot Suns) 8.15pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.00) REVOLTING RHYMES Don't miss the rapping wolf, the jiving bears and the funky fairy. Your face will ache from smiling. >li>fl 27-Sept 1 4.15pm (5.45) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ SOMME: A factually-based play about young soldiers in France ... 75 years on the pain and loss still burn deeply. Aug 1318 10.15»ni (11.45) £2.50 (£2.00) ★ THE BEDBUG ALARMIST'S expressionist perestroika satire. Mayakovsky updated. 'Looks good and feels good ... laugh first, think afterwards' City Limits. Aug 20 Sept 1 Inot Sun) 2.15pm (3.40) £4.50 (£3.50) THE TEMPEST—University of Pennsylvania A collective journey to the centre of the theatre. 'Come and help make the magic!' Aug 1318 2.15pm (3.45) £3.50 (£2.50) Previews: Aug 10, 11 2.15pm (3.45) £1.00 ★ WAITING FOR SIR LARRY by Greg Cruttwell. Directed by Geraldine McEwan. Hot Tea's menacing, hilarious, show-stopper! See main listing. Aug 1325 Inot Sun) 6.15pm (7.45) £4.50 (£4.00)

BELFRY REPERTORY COMPANY VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 BERLIN TO BROADWAY WITH KURT WEILL 'BERLIN TO BROADWAY ... ' is the musical voyage of Kurt Weill. Weaving cabaret with cavalcade, commentary with melody, this revue of forty Weill songs is presented in a fluid, amazingly simple format which spans the history of twenty extraordinary years. It is both a delightful celebration in melody and a joyous salute to show business. Aug 1325 Inot Aug 19) 6.00pm (7.15) £3.95 (£2.95)


> •

VENUE 57—The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place. Tickets 557 5091. F8 ★ THE MONKEY BAZAAR Enter The Monkey Bazaar and see the world askew, where human monkey-creatures lead you past familiar shapes and mysterious shadows. Timeless stories of foible, desire and crossing a motorway. 'Captiviting, hilarious, beautiful ... ' The Scotsman. 'Sublime, great entertainment ... ' Edinburgh Evening News. 'You're terrific!' New York Times. Aug 13T8 10.30am [11.301 £3.50 (£2.50) ALSO AT VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 -*• THE MONKEY BAZAAR The wonder, hilarity and ironic oddness continues. We are, weave. The Monkey Bazaar ... 'Mesmerising' Women in Theatre Magazine. Aug 2029 8.00pm (9.00) £3.50 (£2.50)


• •

VENUE 73-Parado> at the Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Lauriston PI. Tickets 229 1003 K7 ■k CANDIDE Voltaire's classic fable faithfully adapted in this lively, intelligent and compelling version. Six actors re-create the epic tale of witty and cynical invention, in a physical and original theatrical style. Sprawling satire, topical relevance, scabrous humour, moving storytelling, CANDIDE has all these qualities. 'A vivacious entertainment' Southern Echo. Aug 1325 Inot Sun) 12.45pm (2.15) £3.50 (£2.50)


2 3


VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★ MANY A SLIP 'TWIXT CAP AND DICK This is an original and highly successful show devised by the young actors in conjunction with their directors. Visual and verbal theatre are used in a powerful portrayal of modern sexuality. 'Immensely powerful theatre ... disturbing sexuality. Made me realise my attitude to women was my problem. The audience itself must decide' National Theatre. Aug 26 Sept 1 4.15pm (5.30) £2.50 (£1.50 SUPDY)

BIRMINGHAM REP YOUTH WORKSHOP VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 THE COMPANY OF WOLVES by Angela Carter. Just when you thought it safe to go back into the woods, this award-winning company brings you an adult fairy-tale with real bite! Bestiality and innocence unite in an explosion of sheer physical theatre. 'This company sets standards of conception and presentation that must be applauded' The Sunday Times. Aug 1326 12.30am (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00)

BLACK MIME THEATRE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. U0 SUPERHEROES A myriad of characters combine in a streetwise spoof on comix. Dynamic physical, vocal acrobatics startle and provoke in an investigation of Superheroes. 1989 International Street Entertainer of the Year Award (Mime). 'Exuberant theatrical physicality reminiscent of Theatre de Complicite' Times Ed. Supp. 'This group have something more than talent' Guardian. Aug 9 Sept 1 Inot 13, 20, 28) 1.00pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00)

BLIND FAITH VENUE 67-The Comedy Room, 2 Picardy Place, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 0499. G10 BLIND FAITH Die laughing and be born again as Guru Swami Paranunderpinabupta (Peanutbutter —get it) proves that Nirvana is just a Neighbours episode away. Liz Sadler is 'truly enlightened'. From new age to outrage Simon Thorpe is hysterical as the blind boy parking his horn accompanied by his singing dog. Aug 10 Sept 1 9.00pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00)



BLOW UP AT ABBOTSFORD ° 'G G G VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 The complete Fringe venue with shows from all over the world. The Inflatable Cafe serves food all day and the Bar is open to 12.30am. Free exhibition of art, jewellery and books; we even have a car park. A splendid time guaranteed by this explosive mix of Fringe ingredients. ★ RAINBOW BABY Critically acclaimed playwright Claire Booker. Why did Polly's mother give her away at birth? Wonderful theatre! Aug 13-25 Inot Sun) 10.00pm (11,00) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ BLOOD SO CHEAP Another Claire Booker. A drama of courage, sacrifice, brutality and love. Occupied Russia, 1943. Powerful! Aug 13-18 2.05pm (4.00) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 2025 7.45pm (9.30) THE BIRTHDAY PARTY Exacting Theatre Company —Harold Pinter's play of darkness and menace set in a seemingly secure seaside boarding house. Aug 2025 2.00pm (4.00) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ ON THE CROSSROAD ... A dynamic, stirring portrayal of the forces at play and their effect on the people of Israel. Aug 13-19 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ CALL BACK This highly visual piece combines sensuality with sardonic wit. Backing calls for equality. I’m not a feminist but . Aug 1325 Inot Sun) 4.00pm (5.00) £3.50 (£2.50) THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND-FOAD THEATRE COMPANY by Tom Stoppard. Murder at Muldoon Manor. Thigh-slappingly funny thriller. Aug 2025 10.30am (12 noon) £3.00 (£2.00) LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND HER CABARET Grandma ducks prison. Beautiful women, wonderful men, cracks endurance. Mindblowing, obviously constructive. Aug 1318 12 noon (2.00) £3.00 (£2.50) STOP THE PEOPLE MOVER Uncle Burgess, Southampton University's prodigal sons, present an intelligent, well balanced and quite unreasonably funny revue. Aug 27-Sept 1 Inot Aug 30) 9.30pm (10.30) £3.00 (£2.50) THE NEW IMPROVED GUIDE TO LIFE-OWNBRAND Including ambient death, new age blasphemy and scratch and sniff incense' Aug 27 Sept 1 10.45pm (11.45) Free

BESIDE THE WHITE CHICKENS VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 * beside the white chickens By day, poet/pediatrician William Carlos Williams cares for 'the dregs of the earth, a fine crew' in rural New Jersey. By night, he 'scribbles', which leads to 'Pictures from Brueghel', visits from the FBI and a thunderous relationship with Ezra Pound, his lifetime friend. From Paris. In English. Aug 13 Sept 1 Inot Aug 19) 2.00pm (3.00) £3.00 (£1.75)



VENUE 86-Blue Oyster Club, 96 Rose Street lane North. G7 PINK CELLULOID DREAMS The team from West & Wilde, Edinburgh's lesbian/gay bookshop, take you down the yellow brick road with a new reading and an even Wilder new venue! Romance, adventure, fantasy, Hollywood: we show you the other side of the con! Aug 15, IB, 22, 23, 29, 30 10.00pm (11.00) Entry by donation


BLOW UP—SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY 0 1 2 G-G VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 Sunday Times Editor's Choice 1988, Blow Up bring two productions to Edinburgh this year. Ferdinand Bruckner's PAINS OF YOUTH: Desiree argues, laughs, loves, and dies. 'Speaks urgently for today' The Listener. ENDGAME, Beckett's haunting comic vision of a man and a world in decay. PAINS OF YOUTH The lust for sex and life is perilously close to death. 'Discovery of the year' The Guardian. Aug 21. 23, 25. 27, 29, 31 12.15pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.50) Aug 20. 22, 24 11.15pm (12.45) Aug 28, 30, Sept I 7.45pm (9.15) ENDGAME by Samuel Beckett. The blackest and funniest of black comedies. Noah saved the world, now Hamm has to end it. Aug 20, 22. 24, 28, 30, Sept 1 12.15pm (1.45) £3.00 (£2.50) Aug 21, 23. 25 11.15pm (12.451 Aug 27, 29, 31 7.45pm (9.15)

^ j -gi. _£& •4M Hi i»j» ^







1 23

BLUE MOON CAFE VENUE 35-Blue Moon Cafe, 60 Broughton Street. [M SCOT FREE! Edinburgh's friendliest cafe is offering free floor space to Fringe performers. Come and perform for 15 minutes, hand out leaflets and provide everchanging entertainment for the Blue Moon customers whilst publicising your show. If we're terribly busy you may have to wait but it’ll be fun anyway. Aug 9-Sept 1 12 noon (8.00pm) Free


Award winning playwright Claire Booker has two new and very special plays both presented by the exciting Bunbury Theatre Company, only formed 18 months ago but already with 5 successful productions behind them "excellent productions of worthwhile plays" Herald Newspapers. Last year Booker’s acclaimed The Devil and Stepashka transferred from Edinburgh for a five week run at the New End Theatre, Hampstead. A radio version was commissioned by the BBC for broadcast this Autumn, "powerfc// stuff/" Times; "finely written play" Independent; "makes compulsive watching" Scotsman,"tightly written and engrossing play. Recommended." Time Out Critics Choice;. "Rainbow Baby" Polly is full of life, affectionate and witty, so why did her mother give her away for adoption as a young baby? Weeks 1&2, 10pm(not Sundays] "Blood So Cheap" A young Austrian soldier battles to stay true to his conscience in this drama of courage and sacrifice, brutality and love, set in the moral wasteland of occupied Russia, 1943. Wk1, 2.05pm; Wk2, 7.45pm(not Suns] VENUE 84: Blow Up at Abbotsford - the total venue large car park, cafe, bar, painting/print exhibition and Bunbury’s quality 2nd hand Theatre Bookshop


VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 Award winning playwright Claire Booker has two new plays, presented by newly formed BUNBURY THEATRE COMPANY (18 months, 5 superb productions). Last year Booker’s acclaimed 'Devil and Stepashka’ transferred to London. 'Powerful stuff!’ Times; 'Finely written play’ Independent; 'makes compulsive watching' Scotsman; 'tightly written and engrossing. Recommended' Time Out Critics Choice. ★ BLOOD SO CHEAP A drama of courage, sacrifice, brutality and love. Set in the moral wasteland of Occupied Russia, 1943. POWERFUL! Aug 1318 2.05pm (3.50) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 20-25 7.45pm (9.30) ★ RAINBOW BABY Polly is lively, affectionate, witty. Why did her mother give her away at birth? Humour, tears. WONDERFUL THEATRE. Aug 13-25 (not Sun) 10.00pm (10.55) £3.00 (£2.50) BUNBURY'S BOOK PEOPLE BOOKSHOP at VENUE 84. Quality, 2nd hand books, focus on PERFORMING ARTS plus Classics, Paperbacks etc. Aug 13-25 (not Sun) 11.00am (11.00pm) Free

BORDERLINE THEATRE COMPANY LTD. 0 VENUE 61-Moray House Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile J11 CAN'T PAY, WON'T PAY Exhilarating, heady, frothy ... . marvellous comic portraits' The Scotsman. Dario Fo's sharp-witted comedy set in a Milanese Glasgow. Faced with ever rising prices (and poll tax) the wifies of the city loot supermarkets ... and more. A scathing satirical dig at the establishment. 'Hilarious' Glasgow Herald. Aug 14 Sept 1 (not Suns) 7.30pm (9.45) £5.50 (£4.50) Matinees Aug 18, 22, 25, 29, Sept 1 2.30pm (4.45)




MATINEES 18TH, 22ND, 25TH & 29TH AUG & 1ST SEPT. @ 2.30PM



• •

VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 BOYS OF THE LOUGH Shetland fiddle TV star ALY BAIN joins Irish pipes, flute, whistles, concertina, mandoline, cittern, guitar, piano and voice as internationally famous, ever-popular, globe-trotting Grammy-nominated Edinburgh band romps through annual home-town standing-room-only celebration of traditional music! Biggest-selling show at Queen's Hall, Fringe 89! Aug 24 26 7.30pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.50)

QUEEN'S HALL 24-26 August 1990 Tickets from: Fringe Box Office Queen's Hall Box Office

featuring Aly Bain on fiddle "...they built a more sophisticated, subtly coloured ensemble style on a traditional base. Alv Bain, the quintet's virtuosic fiddler offered exuberant shining solos in a programme whose arrangements also allowed the other players to exhibit highly developed individual skills." NEW YORK TIMES â&#x20AC;&#x2122;


A United Kingdom premiere of a Sandpiper/AFT production

THE BOYS NEXT DOOR by Tom Griffin Heartbreaking and hilarious comic drama from off-Broadway. "laughter . . . cheering . . . and shocked, stunned silence" -NY Times


The American Festival Theatre Repertory Company in

BABY WITH THE BATHWATER by Christopher Durang An irreverent whack at parents, children and their nannies. Mary Poppins was never like this. EXTREMITIES by William Mastrosimone Off-Broadway sensation. Chilling, graphic exploration of the psychology of revenge. Adult. WAITING FOR THE PARADE by John Murrell Emotionally powerful comic-drama. Five spirited wartime women wage their own battles for survival at home.

The Shoestring Players

DRAGONS AND HONEYBEES Tales from around the world 'Shoestring soars into strong and enchanting places of the imagination with the precision, grace, and energy of a speaking ballet company"-NY Times




VENUE 41-Hill Street Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 BOB BOYTON: THE BOOT GOES IN 'A sick Marxist comic’ Teddy Taylor, MR Radical comedy at its best, unsuitable for children and conservatives. 'One of the best of the comics with something to say' Sunday Times. 'Excellent' Guardian. 'Polemical, warm-hearted stand-up' City Limits. 'Splendidly subversive' Time Out. Aug 12 25 (not 20) 7.05pm (8.001 £4.00 (£3.00)


VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 BRAND, MARBER, MACABRE Stars of the Fringe's favourite cabaret, 'Comic Abuse', return with an all-new show of stand-up comedy and music. TVParamount City, Clive Anderson, Just For Laughs, Jonathan Ross. 'Funny' Scotsman. Plus! Cult underground band The Holy Cardigans'. 'Who?' John Peel, Radio 1. Aug 10-Sept 1 (not Mons) 8.30pm (10.00) £5.00 (£4.00)


VENUE 64-Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street. Tickets 220 2145 G8 Formed four years ago the philosophy behind this music youth theatre is to provide professional direction with open access membership. Financially supported by the City Council, the company is making its second visit to the Fringe, continuing its policy of performing new pieces as well as box office favourites. BUGSY MALONE Chicago gangsters come to Edinburgh swapping guns for custard pies. Light relief from this exciting young company determined to take the festival by storm! Aug 15. 15. 20, 22. 24 11.00am (12.50) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 14, 18, 21. 23. 25 4.30pm (6.20) ALICE THE MUSICAL Viewed through the eyes of Lewis Carroll the photographer; costumes taken from Tenniel's original drawings. Accompanied by an extremely original score. Aug 18, 21, 23, 25 11.00am (12.40) £3.50 (£2.50) Aug 17. 20, 22. 24 4.30pm (6.10)

BRAHMA KUMARIS VENUE H-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off Lawnmarket Info 225 8961 J8 THEATRE OF THOUGHT -Is the media dulling our understanding with sensationalism? Are we experiencing life through the mediums of entertainment? Technology transports signals very quickly over vast distances yet the message isn't received. This is a dialogue on communication which overcomes physical barriers by using the power of thought. Free admission. Aug 6-11 7.30pm (8.30) Free VENUE 115—Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Uni»ersity, 20 Folwarth Cres. Info 229 7220 L2 RAJA YOGA MEDITATION Are you searching or celebrating? Discover how to truly celebrate life. Daytime classes and evening workshops. Free admission. Classes: Aug 14 Sept 1 (not Suns, Mons) 10.30am (noon) and2.30pm (4.00) Free Workshops: Aug 14, 15, 21, 23. 28, 30 7.30pm (9.00) Free UNLIMITED VISION An exhibition of prints and paintings inspired by experiences in meditation. Free admission. Aug 14-Sept 1 (not Suns, Mons) 10.30am (4.00) Free


VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 3807 (Studio) G11 PRESENTED BY SEAN MCLUSKY & MARK WIGAN Transporting the nation's finest DJ's, dance music, live PA's, acts, dancers and club artists from their Soho HQ to Scotland. Every night will feature a wide spectrum of dance music styles revealing the richness of London's underground Club culture inc. keyboard wizzardry from Adamski, flawless mixes by Graham Park and much more. Aug 1216, 19-23, 2530 11.00pm |4.00am| £3.00 £3.75 Aug 10. 11. 17, 18, 24. 25. 31, Sept 1 11.00pm (6.00am) Prices vary according to DJ each evening Tickets at Venue Only



o ,

BRI-NYLON FIVE VENUE 34-ftdam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 3744 FEAR OF A NYLOPIAN PLANET 'FLUCTUATING BETWEEN THE INSANE AND THE UNPREDICTABLE ... ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS' Festival Times. This year the saga continues as the Nylons transmogrify into the 'Brilonius Dimension'. Edinburgh University's comedy team bring you human levitations, a pornographic Mr. Ben slide show ... all featuring in a cosmorama of comedy. 'Scotland's ONLY STUDENT REVUE!' Aug 1325 (not Suns) 10.50pm (12 midnight) £3.50 (£2.50)

THE BROKEN SEAL THEATRE CO. Q » VENUE 6-C8llic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★ THE BROWN CONVERSION Where were you in '75? Arthur Brown was saving the planet! Alone he was vulnerable—he needed a right-hand man. He got Jane Wills! Did Arthur need rescuing? Did Jane need to rescue him? And what about the Badgers? In '75, Ecology meant 'The Browns’. Aug 26 Sept 1 8.15pm (9.45) £3.50 (£2.00)

PAUL BROPHY VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. _L10 ★ MY LIFE IN DANCE Memoirs of a non-mover. Patent shoes, silver belts, leisure pants, purple kilts. Hot from London's cabaret circuit, new show from DAILY EXPRESS AWARD WINNER FRINGE '89. 'sharp, clever, succinct ... a genuine new voice' Scotsman, 'superb ... comic genius' Glasgow Herald, 'miss this & miss someone really special' What's On. Aug 10 Sept 1 (not 13. 20, 28) 2.00pm (3.00) £4.00 (£3.00)




VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ARNOLD BROWN The 1987 'Perrier Award' winner. Frequently seen on TV and in films and his BBC Radio 4 series 'Arnold Brown & Company' is being transmitted this Summer. 'Tipped to follow in the footsteps of Chic Murray' Sunday Times. 'Acknowledged by many as the best' Punch. ... 'And why not?' Aug 19-25 10.15pm (11.30) £6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY)

Be afraid



VENUE 131-Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900. K8 FAURE REQUIEM The Brandon Hill Singers, a recently formed chamber choir from Bristol, present a programme of English and French choral music, ranging from Byrd to Parry and including Faure's Requiem, in the glorious acoustic of the refurbished Greyfriars Kirk, with its fine new organ. Aug 26 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (£3.00 SUPDC1 VENUE 18-St. George's West Church and Candlish Hall, Shandwick Place H4 MOTETS AND FOLKSONGS A lunchtime programme of motets and Scottish and English folksongs from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Aug 27 1.30pm (2.20) £3.00 (£2.50 SUPDC)


musical youth

15,16, 20, 22, 24 August

BOX OFFICE 220-2145 -Open 10am - 7pm


at 11.00am

14,18, 21, 23, 25 August

13th-25th August 10.50pr



ttaam House l heatre

BRADFORD AT VENUE 64 The Royal College of Physicians

9 Queen Street, Edinburgh

TICKETS £3.50 -Concessions £2.50


18, 21, 23, 25 August at 11.00am

17,20,22, 24 August at 4.30pm

at 4.30pm 27



• • •

VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 ANOTHER EVENING WITH 'BRUTE FARCE' Three young chaps invite you to sample their zanily inventive and satirical evening in which they breathe new life into revue with a repertoire of fine upstanding comedy that is mordant, witty, slick and snappily dressed. Professional, no nonsense, 3 man no dog comedy team. Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Mans) 10.30pm (12.00) £3.50 (£3.00)


• •


VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 Bulmershe Revival has moved to the French Institute, where it maintains its traditions of quality and innovation with its 1990 season. The programme includes a new work, a deaf/hearing integrated production, a revival of a major theatre classic, and a socio-political drama about urban decay in inner cities. WOYZECK A new adaptation of Buchner's masterpiece in simultaneous sign language and voice—a poetic expression of the tragedy of existence. Aug 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24. 26. 28, 31 8.00pm (9.15) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ I, CATECHUMEN by Xavier Leret. Greek communism and the cross! An ideal, a killing—this is not murder, my conscience! Aug 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 31 10.00pm (11.30) £3.00 (£2.00) UBU ROI Alfred Jarry's rollercoaster of the absurd, with drums! banners! logos! A pantomime in a concentration camp. Aug 14, IB, 18, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, Sept 1 8.00pm (9.15) £3.00 (£2.00) LONDON CALLING by Tony Marchant. 'It's just when you're sort of working class, you have to be violent to fucking live!' Aug 14. IB. 18. 21, 23, 25, 21, 29. Sept 1 10.00pm (11.15) £3.00 (£2,00) WARGASM A devised piece. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Sun 19) 12.00 midnight (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00)

CACCIATORE FABBRO VENUE 102-Stockbridge House, Cheyne St. off Raeburn Place. Tickets 552 6829. 04 WHAT A WAY TO GO W. Gordon Lazarus Smith's death-defying smash-hit comedy revival about the antics of the Grim Reaper. Fringe First sellout success of three Festivals. Starring Russell Lazarus Hunter, Shakespearean Fellow of Infinite Jest. Beware all spurious imitations. Phone book now to avoid disappointment. Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Suns) 7.30pm (3.30) £5.00


VENUE 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 667 3704 M9 AMERICANA! Scotland's leading brass ensemble introduce their latest musical extravaganza. Recalling the greatest hits from Broadway —including music by Porter, Gershwin and Berlin —and selections from Hollywood's memorable film scores. 'The playing was quite dazzling ... the enormously talented young group who call themselves Caledonia Brass’ Neville Garden. Aug 1318 1.00pm (2.30) £4.00 (£2.50)



VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 ★ THE NOSE Gogol's satirical masterpiece is the inspiration for this sophisticated modern face. Politician Steven Heave's nose gives him the edge, but his world collapses when a deal is lost, Lizzie Rapture turns him down and his nose suddenly disappears. Pick it! ('Dirty, trivial' Moscow Observer 1836). Aug 1325 (not Sun 19) 4.20pm (5.00) £3.00 (£2.50)



CAMBRIDGE MUMMERS VENUE 19-Overseas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 ★ LULU Mummers return with a whore, a caffeine nightmare and a lascivious Lear to follow last year's successful 'Battleship Potemkin' and 'Cooking in a Bedsitter'— as seen on TV. LULU: blushing virgin, rampant whore, the ultimate femme fatale. A new adaptation of Wedekind's darkly comic plays. Lulu bites back ... Aug 10, 12, 15. 17. 19. 22. 24, 26, 29, 31 1.30pm (3.00) £4.00 (£3.00) ■k KING LEARed by Josh Lacey. Six monkeys civilize Shakespeare in a tea cup. Beer, fags, chips and incest. Oops! Aug 11. 13. IB, 18. 20. 23. 25. 27, 30, Sept 1 1.30pm (2.15) £2.50 (£1.50) ★ BAD BREAKS From the 'Bedsitter' brothers: a sick tale in which the coffee-ad couple finally get screwed. Aug 11, 13, IB, 18, 20, 23. 25, 27, 30. Sept 1 2.30pm (3.15) £2.50 (£1.50)

CAMBRIDGE TALKING TONGUES THEATRE VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422, HID SAM SHEPARD-SAVAGE/LOVE AND TONGUES Two women performers and a pile of percussion from Cambridge University. Free from character and setting, pure abstracted moments of savaged love and tongued confusion. Shepard's words, our rhythm, our movement. 'Very much physical theatre ... simply brilliant' Cambridge Weekly Review. 'This should be seen' Varsity. Aug 1318 9.15pm (9.55) £2.50 (£2.00) Aug 2025 2.15pm (2.55) * SONG OF SONGS New, devised piece. A visual exploration of sensuality in Solomon's erotic songs. Free grape on the door. Aug 13-18 10.15pm (10.55) £2.50 (£2.00) Aug 2025 3.15pm (3.55)


8 A




i i e H r


» »

VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 A LOVELY SUNDAY FOR CREVE COEUR by Tennessee Williams. A Southern belle, a woman with the eyes of a predatory bird, knockwurst, beer, chickens and Miss Gluck, a middle-aged orphan from upstairs: a comedy. Laugh and cry with four spinsters in the heat of an American Summer day. Aug 20 Sept 1 4.00pm (5.30) £3.50 (£3.00)




VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 OEDIPUS Sophocles' epic tale of patricide and incest scrubbed down and dished up for the Twentieth Century. Devised by the company, this production involves a fusion of dramatic styles that brings the seething cauldron of Ancient Greek politics to life. Come and see the cobwebs blown off Hellenic tragedy. Aug 1325 (not Sun) 2.00pm (3.30) £3.50 (£2.50)

CAMBRIDGE EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE ° VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Gro«e Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 DR. FAUSTUS Remarkable new production by internationally-acclaimed company. Marlowe's classic tale of hell and damnation. Mental torture and physical degradation. Demonic possession. Sexuality. Death. '90 minutes of unflagging suspense' Braunschweiger Zeitung. 'A production of this quality and vision is a rare joy ... perfectly conceived on every level' Front Page. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Sun 191 3.15pm (4.45) £5.00 (£4.00)


• • m •

VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 ABSURD PERSONS PLURAL Sponsored by Holsten Pils. The greatest exponents of British revue are back meaning business. Some of the funniest character acting this side of Princes Street in sharp musical comedy from the people who do it best. Miss them and your grandchildren will want to know why. Aug 1020 9.00pm (10.15) £5.00 (£4.00) ALSO AT VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 ABSURD PERSONS PLURAL Missed us in Week One? The Footlights move and will be at Marco's until September 1. Aug 21 Sept 1 10.30pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00) VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 THE WOMEN'S REVUE: AMAZONS! (The Official Version): action packed comedy revue which takes the Footlights into the post-macho age. Aug 1225 (not Sun 19) 9.10pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50)

FRINGE FEVER Sundays 19 and 26 August 6.00pm - 7.00pm FRINGE CLUB • DINING HALL FREE TICKETS FROM


» ♦

VENUE 36-Festival Club, 915 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 CUT THAT OUT 'Original, well rehearsed and professionally performed with a script that would give Footlights a run for their money' Varsity. 'Commendably slick' Festival Times. 'Excellent material' Edinburgh Evening Post. 'Bags of enthusiasm, novel ideas, no lack of energy and vitality' Radio Forth. Aug 19 Sept 1 (not Mon 27) 12 midnight (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50)


CAMBRIDGE UMBRELLA ° ^ CARNIVAL OF PEEP •••m VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 ★something THE LOOP-HOLE by N.J. Warburton. He' d rather not be disturbed but ★ CARNIVAL OF PEEP A one woman show that has Lily Bragge steaming notandso causes the Junior Under Minister for Justice to abandon his desk and gently in a hot salsa of mother, father, sister, dirty old uncle Bobs, past wander down to thes position cells. New drama fromforaward-winning author whose work prospective Lots of monkey bits and monkey sense. Calling on the tools of 'confirms song,9 Sept story,1 (notlovers. poetry Aug 2025 the12.BBC' 45pm 12.151 £3.as0a0 seminary (£2.501 fine writers' Sunday Times. Aug 13, 20,and301a hot11.goss. 30pm (12.20) £4.00 (£3.00) THE CANONGATE THEATRE ° CARRUBBERS CHRISTIAN ••mm VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile. Tickets 556 3147. J11 VENUE 78-Carrubbers Christian Centre, 65 High Street. Tickets 556CENTRE 2626. H10 ASPECTS PRODUCTION ASSOCIATES PRESENT-THEATRE AT THE GATE' . Varied WHEN THE MORNING STARS SANG TOGETHER A celebration of creationJohnby programmemusical, —avant-garde Leproduction Coq trained(back European mimedemand), troupe, children' s show, 'Word of Life' Brass Ensemble and Bible teacher, scholar and author, jazz/blues Berkoff by popular world premiere Whitcomb. adaptation a Brecht short story, Orton at his blackest, very heavy drama and very Aug 11-19 (not Fri) 7.30pm (9.00) Free alternative ofcomedy. THE MANFestival, FROMRoger ALDERSGATE Performed in Carnegie Hall, N.Y. and at the JAMES AND has HIS stolen AMAZING Evil Witch Stratford 'Kaleidoscope Monochrome' all theMULTICOLOURED colours —help the ADVENTURE 'artist' get them back! Aug 30pm(4.Nelson' (8.45)45) s one-man £3.00 (£1.50)play portrays John Wesley. action —stunning Aug 25,2024,Sept27311 3.07.0pm Aug 1325 (not Sun) 10.30am (11.4effects. 5) £3.50 (£3.00) LUCKY of Brecht' short storyPhysically —theatricalinventive aperitif CARRY ON PSYCHO . . morningJOHNNY theatre Premiere with freeadaptation morning coffee and scroissants. " theatrical VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre. 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 Aug 27 Septfilm-noir. 1 10.45am (11.30) £2.00 (£1.50) ★Explosion NELSONimproviser) DAVID (writer BBC R4' s Arnold Brown & Co./ex-Cardiff Comedy OBSESSION International ex-Le Coq company present Obsession. Physical desire presents the Edinburgh debut of media marvel Norman rubs violently at points we are all acquainted with, but don' t always acknowledge. Norman. Norman 'cream Start your Festival day me folks. it's a Aug 2025 1318 12.2.115pm 5pm (3.(1.330)0) £3.50 (£2.50) smile, or a.explains, —I'Thel deliver.' 'Thewith audience clearlyWhether appreciated Aug Carry13-25Ona song Psycho .custard a 1manic hour.' Guardian. BERKOFF DOUBLE BILL: THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER Daunting Aug (not 19) 12. 5pm (1. 3 0) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Includes free custard cream explosion of 12.events Aug (1.concluding 501 Prices£4.are0into 0 for(£3.horrifying 50) plays consequences. Doubl2025 e bill with play15pmbelow. both CATCHPOLE THEATRE CO. •• HARRY' S CHRISTMAS Self obsession, insecurity, individual isolation, VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Into 220 2462. K9 harrowingly disturbing.89. 'Sends the audience from the doors into exhilarated ★ SHADOW WALKER An exploration of how dream and reality influence each gratitude' Scotsman other and the andpricefantasy to bemerge paid foras Stephen walking rejects the shadows in between. 'Shadow Aug (1.501Prices£4.are00 for(£3.both 50) plays. Walker—truth and abuses all those who love Doubl2025 e bill with12.play15pmabove. him.1118'Shadow12.3Walker THE LAST LULLABY It happens 2,000 times a year, five times a day, it could Aug 0pm (1.—a 45) play£3.of50 alienation. (£3.00) (Age 15 + ) happen Aug 27 Septto you. 1 Experience 12.30pm (1.30)Aspects! £2.75 (£2.50) CHANGEINSPEAK " ' •• FEMALEBay.TRANSPORT Steve Gooch. 1836, six women convicts en route to VENUE Botany 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 Aug 13-18 2.Shocking, 15pm (3.45)thought-provoking, £3.50 (£2.50) funny. Unsuitable for children. ★ JIMMY JAZZ A Faustian view of the Thatcher years, the journey of Jimmy LOOT Joe Orton, the master of sex, farce and black comedy at his very best. Jazz, a seller of dreams. A cautionary tale in a revolutionary style. ' I mmensely Aug 27 Sept 1 2.15pm (3.45) £2.50 (£2.00) talented —clearly have their fingerinonAcross the pulse' Mersey City Limits. Also at Venue 101 at ROUTESthrough TO FREEDOM Elderlyandwoman survives true seven years solitary in Stalinist Aug11.00pm 27 Septin 1Week2.020pm—see(3.4details 5) £4.00 (£2.50 The SUPDY) entry. prison Aug 13 Sept 1 (notwit,Suns)obstinacy 4.15pm (5.45)guile. £4.Inspiring 50 (£3.50) story. * AMBULANCE 'Innovativeversatile and original . . painfully . . arrestinghuman up-front. . approach . . astoundingly . . subtly sardonicemotive . . graphically strongly Aug 13-25 recommended' (not Sun) 6.30pmCity(7.Life. 40) £3.50 (£3.00) AMERICAN THEATRE VENTURES presents JONATHAN KAY The ultimate in improvised theatre. 'Something genuinely new' Time27Out. Aug Sept '1Visually 6.15pmabsurd' (7.45) Guardian. £4.50 (£3.'S5uperbly 0) funny' China Post. ★ SOUNDSellOFyourTHEsoulSOUL blues/jazz musical. Mime, gospel, love, sex and PURPLE BREASTS laughter. to the(9.Exciting Aug 1325 (not Sun) 8.15pm 45)devil —for £3.50pleasure (£3.00) — LIFE' S FAR TOO SHORT Who' s satisfied with their age? Growing pains that last aAuglifetime are here—warts and all! 27-Sept 1 8.45pm (9.45) £3.00 (£2.00) CABARET AT THEtheGATE comedy . . informal setting . . late bar . . open best 11.ofAlternative new(1.stand-up AugAll of13mike Sept 1. .(notand19,four 30)acts 00pm 30)each night £3.talent 50 (£3.0. 0). including the following: the following will perform Prices above are for the whole night's programme. KENitBELL Fast remorseless style is earning him reputation on the national circuit. See now 1before Aug 13-Sept (not 19,it301disappears 11.00pmup(1.his30)own Seebottom. 'Cabaret at the Gate' above for details THE MAN IN Afunny TERRIBLE HURRY Psychopath of comedy. Artaud meets Mr. Magoo. Pathetic, mass murderer and very Aug 13-Sept 1 (got 19, 30) 11.00pm (1.30) See'Cafaaretveryat odd. the Gate' entry above for details MASCULINE WOMEN FEMININE MEN High camp, comedy . dirty . 20'sfunand— 30's20songs from Australia'11.s00pmBrenda Clarke and cockatoo 'Clowookie—good Aug Sept 1 (not 30) (1. 3 0) See 'Cabaret at the Gate' entry above for details LA COMPAGNIE DUcatalystic, PARTI-PRIS hot from catatonic, Paris presentbionic,'Blague Privee. . .a. contagious, claustrophobic, dynamic must!13-25 (not chaotic, Aug Sun) 11.00pm (1.30) See 'Cabaret at the Gate’ entry above for details CAPERCAILLIE - - -• • VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 CAPERCAILLIE IN CONCERT Scotland' s leading Celtic band return withvocals. their winning combination of powerful instrumentals and stunning Gaelic/English Goldact'discTime for sales theirt miss soundtrack album A new play about one woman's struggle against j! 'Last The year' Bloods successes is Strong'.included 'Brilliantan—aSRIclass Out.ofDon' them —book breast cancer, and how it affects those around her. Sept*) 7.30pm (9.30) and 10.30pm (12.30) £5.00 (£4.00! MORAY HOUSE UNION CARE OF THE MANAGEMENT Holyrood Road (Venue 108) VENUE 4-St Columba’s by the Castle, Johnston Terrace Tickets 220 0541. J7 ★ PERESTROIKA! World premiere. Can LondonAleksey, 'entrepreneur' , Gary, pull offin the the August 13-18 '2:00 p.m. big one Will in theIrenaUSSR? Or hasshare Soviet bureaucrat, a spanner works? andout,Paul glastnost in touching the West?comedy! Canthrown capitalism rebuild the August 20-25 10:00 a.m. Soviet Union? Find in this frenetic, but Aug 1028 (not 12. 19) 6.15pm (7.35) £4.50 (£3.50) Tickets 556-5184 £3.50 (3.00) 29


Who will win the first International Student Drama Award? Sponsored by YZ^Guardian 30


CHOPINIANA •• VENUE 94-Edinbur9h Society of Musicians, 3 Belford Road. G4 WINTER IN MAJORCA A unique drama of a great composer. Michael portrays Frederic Chopin, both man and musician, during his turbulent stay onLunts the'A island of Majorca, the inspiration for some of his greatest compositions. seamless interweaving of words and music . . a performance of unmistakable distinction' Guardian. Aug 7.30pm (9.00) £3.50 (£2.501 Entry2125 by programme CHOPIN ANDauthor: THE THE FEMININE Harold Taylor, pupil of Cortot, PIANIST'INFLUENCE S TALENT, playsLecture-recital. many favourite compositions. Aug Aug 2318 * 248.00pm3.0(10.0pm00)(5.00)£3.50 (£2.50) CHRIS ORAM VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 ★ THEplaysTHERAPIST andpersonal HEAD Aandoneprofessional woman show:conflicts first performances two new whichCommitted, explore in the lives ofof with two working women. funny, sad in about the same proportions as life, a measure Aug 20 31 of6.strong 30pm (8.language. 00) £3.50 (£2.00) CIRCUS BURLESQUE ° ^ VENUE 116-Circus Burlesque Big Top, The Meadows Tickets 0860-826829. M8 ALICE Burlesque (NOT to strip!): possessed of mock seriousness. At last an adult show suitable for children. From slapstick to satire Burlesque have done it again, promotingcombining their unique of CIRCUSTHEATRE. life Carroll'with s classic stories Flyingstyle Trapeze, Circus Skills in a Bringing theatricalto production live original music. Aug 1818, 26 Sept 2 7. 0 0pm (9. 0 0) £6. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Aug 17, 18, 26, Sept 1, 2 3.00pm (5.00) THE CLARSACH (SCOTTISH HARP) SOCIETY ° VENUE 111-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 445 2022 G8 FESTIVAL CEILIDH Welcome to an evening of traditional music in the delightful Georgian surroundings of St Andrew' s and St George' s Church. Enjoy the evocative the fiddle clarsach, Scotland' s oldestthetraditional instrument, the stirring music ofsound the25 ofpipes, Aug 7.30pm (10.and 00) accordian, £4.00 (£3.and 00) lilt of Scots and Gaelic song. CALL OF THE WEST Words and music from the Highlands and Islands. Florence Galbraith Aug 21 soprano 8.00pm (9.and 30) clarsach. £3.00 (£2.00) FIDDLE HARP AND VOICE Airs Isobel Mieras and Jim Ferguson present a lively programme Aug 23 & 24 of Scottish 8.00pm (9.songs, 30) £3.00 and (£2.0Dances. 0) MINSTRELS AND MAKARS A miscellany of traditional music with Anne Macdearmid Aug 20 8, 22 voice8.00pmand(9.clarsach—Alistair 30) £3.00 (£2.00)Marshall whistle and Northumbrian pipes. VENUE 118-Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Tickets 440 2159. PI Outer Apresented SCOTTISH GARLANDMcKerchar An evening(voice of Scots Songs, Ballads and Hebridean Airs by Rosemary and clarsach). Aug 22 & 26 8.00pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50) AMieras TAPESTRY OF TRADITIONAL MUSICfromJeanie Wheater mandolin, Isobel Aug 15 &voice/clarsach, 19 8.00pm (9.present 30) £3.Scots 50 (£2.music 50) Shetland to the Borders. JULIAN CLARY G7 VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 JULIAN CLARYof 'WANDRIN' STAR, theUKstarTOUR' Having hovered overnowChannel 4 for the duration S ticky Moments' under which I was born wanders toAlternative Edinburgh.comedy A whimsical potlaughs. pourri 'Cofomedy vulgarity, glamour and inspired quips. with belly classic' Scotsman, ' P romiscuous humour' DailySun)Mail. 9.15pm (10.30) £7.00 (£6.00) Aug 1015 Inot CLOSE UP AND CARD TRICKS K10 VENUE 123-The South Bridge Centre, Infirmary Street. CLOSE UP AND CARD TRICKS Close UpUp and and Card Card Tricks. Tricks. Close Close UpUp and and Card Tricks. Close Up and Card Tricks. Close Card Tricks. Close UpUp and and Card Tricks. Close Up and Card Tricks. Close Up and Card Tricks.20 31Close Aug Inot 25, 281 CardMidniTricks. ght (12.45) £2.50 CLOWN JEWELS VENUE 125-lnverleith Park Tennis Courts, Arboretum Place THE FAERIE QUEEN AND THEinflatables GOBLIN and KINGcircus A spectaculartooutdoor for all ages. Theatre music theshow story the year the crown wasandpuppets stolen and the7 andsomething awfulcombine that wouldtellhappen, beganof to.Aug Suitable for adults children over. 2025Aug 256.30pm2.3(8.0pm30) (4.30)£2.50 (£2.00) Matinee CLYDE UNITY THEATRE ° VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge. 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 *actress, WALKING SHADOW by John Binnie, writer of ' K illing Me Softly' . Anof aging a forgotten gay playwright, and a young girl demand questions each other hurt. Part real, part speculation WALKING SHADOW is tender, moving, utterly12,which compelling. Aug 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 5.15pm (6.45) £4.00 (£2.50)

BEYOND. . Judy THE RAINBOW by John Binnie. Fringe First Winner. Dreams . . shattered hopes Aug 13, 15, 17, 19,Garland 21, 23, 25. . Glasgow 5.15pm 1951 (6.45) . . 'A£4.brilliant 00 (£2.50)new play' The Scotsman. COCKTAIL THEATRE at the Sheraton • • • VENUE 9-Sheraton Hotel, 1 Festival Square, Lothian Road. Tickets 229 9131. J5 DEJA. . REVUE: BURLESQUE TO Gypsyacknowledged Rose Lee . . theby festival Cotton Club a sparkling newas musical revue'BROADWAY! from the company press and audiences the perfect s ophisticated nightcap' Mai! On Sunday. 1989 reviews include: Scotsman. 'If you want the best' Channel 4; 'It's showtime folks' List, 'Talent and 13Sept experience' Aug 1 (not Sun) 12.00 midnight (1.15) £5.00 Sponsored by COGNITO, ROSS AND THE TEBBITS • • • VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 57('perfect' MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT IAN COGNITO ('very funny' Scotsman) IAN ROSS Scotsman) and THEis allTEBBITS ('incomparable' Festival Times). Youtheatre; know what Late Night Cabaret about—this is one of the best. Cosy surrounded and50)music. 'Top notch' The Times. Aug 13 Sept 1 by(notgood Tueslpubs;11.fast 03pmmoving (12.33) comedy £4.00 (£3. DAVE COHEN •• VENUE 73-Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Lauriston PI. Tickets 229 1003 K7 WELL BLOW ME, IT' S DAVE COHEN An hilarious evening of stand-up comedy and songs —all new from last year. Dave is now Spitting Image songwriter and superstar ondown-to-earth, British Satellite Broadcasting. greatasstand-up' 'Refreshingly swapping laughter for'Apathos only the bestGuardian. standups Aug 22can’SeptScotsman. I Inot 28, 29,Eight301 nights10.3only. 0pm (11.30) £4.00 (£3.00) THE COMEDY ROOM •••• VENUE 67-The Comedy Room, 2 Picardy Place, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 0499. G10 THE COMEDY ROOM. Subterranean comedy. Go underground and be where it'this s at foryearthisby festival' s precocious, provocative and explosive cabaret. Complimented the coolest in town. Come—letandthegyrate nightroll!away to the hip rhythm REDS, and blues sounds club of LAWNMOWER goodthetimes MINOR COMPLICATIONS Jennie Bone, Vicki Coren and Alex Langdon. Puberty inAug motion from open spots to Biactol. 10 Sept 1 7.30pm (8.30) £5.00 (£4.00) BLIND FAITHfromDiethelaughing then be bornguitarist. again as you listen to truly elevated observations Aug 10 Sept 1 9.00pm Guru (10.00) and £5.the00blind (£4.00) ONE LUMP OR TWO? Don' t miss the comedy of the year when Doon and Mike Hayley10 Septperform ancient Aug 1 the 10.30pm (11.30)Lilliputian £5.00 Tea (£4.0Ceremony. 0) COMEDY STORE PLAYERS ° « VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 COMEDY TOimprovised GO 'London' s premier improvisation group' talented Guardian.team'Theremain long established comedy shows from this amazingly the bench-marktheyagainst outfits tostillpresent need spontaneous to measure comic their effectiveness; work aswhich a trueotherensemble invention Aug 26 Septat1 its very 10.15pmbest'(11.3Time 0) Out. £6.00 (£5.00) THE COMO STRING QUARTET •• VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 COMOTOES They' r e back! After triumphant seasons at the 1990 Adelaide and MontrealwithComedy Festivals, thesemusical talentedrenditions. string wizards oftoOzchamber will haveFringe you inwhat hysterics their zany, energetic They do music Attilla the Hun did for civilization. 'Move over Kronos, Como's coming' Adelaide Aug 9 SeptAdvertiser. 1 Inot 13, 20. 281 7.10pm (8.00) £4.50 (£3.50) "EXUBERANT!" Guardian "BRILLIANT!" Time Out "INGENIOUS!" Cityumits "CAPTIVATING!" Time Out

"COMPEUING!" Timeout "FUNNY!" Guardian "EXTRAORDINARY!" {.News "UNMISSABLE!" Guardian

GARY by Roy Winston VENUE 44 • VIEWFORTH CENTRE 104 GILMORE PLACE. Wkl: 7.30 pjn. Wk 2:10.15 pjn. 31

THE CRACKED ACTORS’ COMPANY ° » » »; LA COMPAGNIE DU PARTI-PRIS ° •• L9 VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mila Tickets 556 3147. J11 VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) RULE it43enough' by KevinTheFegan. evastating which I can'lagjt ★don'OBSESSION Do you count to five before flushing the toilet? Are you sure walls praise Stage.'DComic and theatre dramatic insightlife.demands intoNOMINATED howsuperlatives. one long-term t have Devised ears? Searching but humorous look at human behaviour pushedUnique to its battles with the psychological problems of prison BEST NEW] extremes. piece from young, international ex-Lecoq company. PLAY,1326M.E.N. 6.THEATRE physical style. Assisted by DAVID GAINES of MOVING PICTURE MIME SHOW. Aug 10pm (7.30) AWARDS £4.50 (£3.1989. 50) 'Fragile and funny' The Guardian. Comic,1318touching, Aug 12.2.115pm 5pmCOMPULSIVE! Aug 2025 (3.(1.33010) £3.50 (£2.50) CRACKING INSERTS THEATRE COMPANY CONTRETEMPS ° ^ VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 j VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 ★ HANSEL AND GRETEL David Rudkin's grim (I), hilarious, grotesque exposure i * BAROQUE REFLECTIONS AnMichael eighteenth century dance drama based on the of the life lies we tell to and about our children. A tale of 'lost innocents' not suitable . theatre ofdances Thomasandandsongs Arne.into Authentic commedia children. Might even corrupt any parents! One leading critic observed, this dell' arte, music baroque are woven a Tagesspiegel, fantasy costumes, of classical and comic forplayyoung is funnier themes. ' A n exciting lesson in cultural history.' der Berlin. Aug 1318 12.4if0pmnot(2.so25)innocent £3.00 as(£2.King 00) Lear! Aug 27 Sept 1 10.15am (11.45) £3.00 (£2.001 CRUMPET THEATRE COMPANY q » STEVE COOGAN & FRANK SKINNER •••• VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. U0 STRIPPERS Centering on the lives of a young couple, PETER TERSON looks into STEVE COOGAN & FRANK SKINNER Suburban satire from two of the newest worldenjoys of North Easternthestrippers to reveal a savagelya pint, observant wittyWendy play. comics onsharp the Fringe. ('Paramount City' , 'Spittinga dressing Image') the Bernard watching club'family s exotic but when and razor FrankdrinkThe ('Firstandmulti-talented Exposure' , 'TSteve helaugh. Happening' ) will bet saysharing turns toSeptstripping to0pmsupport the it'50)sdancers a differentovermatter! room, cadging your making you A lot. We can' fairer than that. Aug 26 1 3. 0 (5. 0 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. Aug 9 Sept 1 (not 16, 301 9.30pm (10.20) £5.00 (£4.00) CUNNING LINGUISTS ° ^ 3 CORAL SPRINGS THEATRE PROJECT VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 E10 CUNNING LINGUISTS Imagine a group of luscious busty students four of VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place. Tickets 557 5091. F8 THE whom are men.Diagnosis: Add a quarttheofCunning 'surgical'Linguists. spirit andPrognosis: a dash of that traditional medical ★travelling THIRTEEN HEAVENS AND NINE HELLS Focuses on nine teenagers incompetence. heart stopping humour. to with Newone Yorkanother City forleave the celebration of theby Harmonic 'Above average humour from a below average medical school' The University of encounters them changed the journey.Convergence. For audiencesTheir12 London and 1318 older. Performance Aug 1218Examination 11.25pm (12.Board. 30) £3.00 (£1.50 SUPDY) Aug 2.00pm (3.30) by a£3.troupe 95 (£2.of95)American Teenagers as in 1988! CORPUS THEATER GROUP ° VENUE 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place K7 ★andLIZZIE VINYL: A RECONSTRUCTION From the land of freeways, Disneyland nuclear submarines, U. S . company presents a world premiere by Naomi lizuka. Someplace California,andBiLena, l Wasa stabs LizzieandVinylidiosyncratic 43 times. new Afterplay Buchner' Woyzecksado-masochism, andin Leonce ferocious abouts murder, Aug 1225 3.45pm (4.45) and£3.golfing. 00 (£2.50) VENUE Jennie Bone

THE CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. 0 VENUE SO-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio. 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 3807. (Studio) G11 CFTC are five actors andandsome scaffolding who have hung up theirenddoublet and hose. The 90' s are here so (thank God) are CFTC. For a total, of century the Custard Factory. (Money back guarantee to anyone spotting aShakespeare, codpiece). 'Aseetreat' The Observer. ★ NINEs raw,TIMES NINEre-interpretation Timeless themes of power-lust and passion explored in CFTC' physical Aug 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 8.00pm (9.of30) Macbeth. £3.50 (£2.Adults 50) only.


Tickets £5 (£4 Cone.) 10.30-11.30

Paul Bristow Vicki Coren ? Alex Langdon Tickets £5(£4Conc


BOX OFFICE RESERVATIONS 556 0499, 2-5 tf-nosn the MidntifUt JlouA,! Let the Good Times Roll at V ^1 Tickets £5 (£4 Cone.) 32

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CARNAL, BLOODY. .AND UNNATURAL s spellbinding Hamletof '★chilling and dynamic has you gripped fromACTSstartCFTC' to finish . . the stuff nightmare' Aug 14, 16, 18,The20,Guardian. 22, 2i 8.00pm (9.301 £3.50 1E2.50) VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 ROALDHilarious, DAHL'Sparticipatory REVOLTINGfunRHYMES Kids will educational love Roald Dahl' s subversive. . tales. . . 'an excellent extravaganza' Headteacher—Cherry Oak School. Aug 13-25 (not Sun 191 10.45am (12 noon) £3.00 (£2.50) CUT BACK THEATRE WITH LIMELIGHT PRODUCTIONS ° - •• VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 *tradition, GAUDETE (AFTER TED HUGHES) Drawing on pagan sexual rites and African Limelight' s newTheatre production re-interprets Hughes' glorification of the female body. Cut Back will respond appropriately. Aug 19 Sept 1 2.00pm (4.00) £3.50 (£2.50) CYGNET TRAINING THEATRE VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 H10 PEER GYNT Ibsen’sfoolhardy early masterpiece is amaturity. vast canvas ofjourney one man' s life,himself from boyish pranks and youth to wiser Peer' s to find isproduction an adventure By turns lyric, Western epic, CYGNET' is strong,fantasy. clear and visuallyhumorous, exciting. 'Amenacing, n epic triumph' Mornings Aug 13, 15, 17, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31 6.30pm 18.30) £4.00 (£3.00) THE BEGGAR' S OPERA Eighteenth centurybrings musicalJohnsmash-hit. CYGNET's production, inspired by Hogarth' s engravings, Gay's masterpiece exuberantly Aug 14, 18, 18,to20,life.22, 24, 28, 30, Sept 1 6.30pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) VENUE 40-The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace Tickets 225 4825 J8 ★ ALICE IN with WONDERLAND Meet theMagic! White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat and play croquet the Queen of Hearts. Aug 20-25 1618 12.1.300pm 0 noon(2.3(1.0) 00) £2.50 (£2.00) Aug BEAUTY AND THE BOUNDERS POLLY as LILIAN endearing, eccentric, Old00)VicMARCH and Sadler' s Wells.BAYLIS: fanatical, Aug 27 Sept 1 1.00pmfounder (2.15) of£3.the50 (£3. CYT PRODUCTIONS ° VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 ★ CRAZY JANE by Deborah Fortson.villages We followandthedispossessed charismaticpeoples. figure ofViolent Crazy Jane into an England of disappearing uprising and mass executions, a life without hope for the jobless and homeless. Fast, physical,Theatre frighteningly from the company that won the 1988 Independent Award.relevant This is theatre living history. Aug 1318 2.12.45pm Aug 2025 45pm(4.(21.5)151 £4.00 (£3.50) MARK DABERNIG VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 KURT WEILL CABARET The 'romantic, satirical, elegant' Karl Josef Wanderpuppenfalke (Dabernig) presents Weill' s songs in a Berlin retrospective. ' Y ou come away sometimes with a sensecomical of the one-man beauty oftour Weill'des songs in this Educational sometimes harrowing, force.'. . Times Supplement. Preview Aug 9 5. 0 0pm (5. 5 0) £3. 0 0 Aug 10-Sept 1 (not 12, 19, 281 5.00pm (5.50) £4.00 (£3.00! DANCE & MUSIC FROM NICHOLS, BUFFALO USA ° * VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 Two exciting ensembles, whose performances unite contemporary ballet and live chamber music, come fromwith Buffalo, Newfocus York through the 'auspices ofgoer' the sNichols School, a private academy a strong on the arts. A concert dream comes to life before your eyes* Buffalo News. AESOP' FABLESdance, The live Nichols Ensemble 'Uinterprets 3 classic storiesBuffalo from Aesop inSoriginal musicDance and narration. ltimate entertainment.' Aug 14, 15, 17 8.20pm (9.45) £3.00 (£2.00) THE Crocked Actor/* Company PRESENT Clifford Milner and Sarah Hay in KEVIN FEGAN'S Manchester Evening News 1989 Play. Nomination for Best New “the the deadly serious riddled with gunfire ofDevastating knowingintermittent humour theatre that demands superlatives. I can’t praise it enough” The Stage. THE CHAPLAINCY CENTRE Bristo near atFringe 13th - Square, 26th August 6.p.m.Club

PICK OFa program THE CROP DANCE MUSICinDancer/choreographer Elaine Gardner performs of contemporary Aug 13, IS, 18 8.20pm (9.45) £3.00solos (£2.00) combination with live chamber music. KEVIN DAY & JOHN MOLONEY •••• VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 FAITH, HOPE AND COMEDY John Moloney has ' t aken the circuit by storm' Gall. Irish Post. His combination ofschool musicfootball and comedy will appall, enthrall,toand Sandy Kevin Day played for his team twice but declined comment. ' O ne of the11 Sept country' Aug 1 (nots 13,top20,stand-ups' 301 10.. 0The 0pm Guardian. (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00) VENUE 1-Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office Enquiries 071 254 9172 J9 ANGRY & GRUMPY' S CAUSTIC CEILIDH/NEIL ROBERT HERD &MrJOHN MOLONEY*Angry Accordion meets Grumpy Scots Pop Dogma from ' O nce Herd, Never Forgotten' Down, Eat Lunch, Be Groovy. Aug (1.30). (1.Get30) Free Aug 281322Sept 1 1.00pm1.00pm RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY ••• VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 Richard Demarco who introduced Kantor, Beuys, Tattoo Theatre and the Inchcolm 'Mhis acbeth' to the festival ofthetheIsland avant-garde, presentsSt Mary' a performing arts programme atnew Blackfriars Gallery, of Inchcolm, s Cathedral. A range theatre, Europe. and music, performance art, and multi-media events from Britain, USAof and Eastern VENUE 87-lnchcolin Island, Firth of Forth, by South Queensferry. Tickets 557 0707. F3 Outer MACBETH'of ON THE have ISLAND OFlegendary INCHCOLM The Demarco Gallery's productions Macbeth become in the history of the Edinburgh Festival. 1,800 seats: will5.4you miss it? 00 Aug Price1316. includes1923,ferry26-30 and landing5pmfees(8.30)Ferry £25. departs from South Queensferry at 5.45pm VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707, J10 ★Hungary THE aORIGINATOR-COLLECTIVE OF NATURAL Western premiere. An utterlypureterrifying and beautifulDISASTERS experience onFrom the theme of birth. Total theatre creating sculpture. Aug 13, 15, 17, 22, 24, 25 10.15am (11.15) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ THE YESTERDAY OF NATURAL Stunning new work fromVICTORY-COLLECTIVE Hungary's leading avant-garde collective: DISASTERS a total visual and Aug 18aural& 20experience. 10.15am (11.15) £4.00 (£3.00) ★SCHOLA THE FLORENCE VEITCH IBLER YOUNG ARTISTES RECITAL SERIESs CANTORUM OF EDINBURGH. A programme of recitals by Edinburgh' finest13-Sept classical Aug 1 (notmusic Suns) ensemble. 11.45am (12.45) £3.00 (£2.00) THINGS THRESHOLD by Why? Brian Astbury. were childhood friends, butPAST-ARTS their friendship was impossible. David wasThey black—Melanie was white13-25—living in South Aug (not Sun) 1.1Africa. 5pm (1.40)Directed £3.00by(£2.Yvonne 00) Bryceland. HOW TO KILL-SPEAKEASY THEATRE COMPANY by Angus Reid, inspired Keith Douglas. The life of an artist seen through battle, beauty and pain. Fringe Firstby Winner Aug 13-181989.2.15pm (3.15) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ GARY THEvision THIEF/GARY PLAYERS World Nightmarish of HowardUPRIGHT-THE Barker's poetry WILDE from 'all-absorbing' Wildepremiere. Players. 'Devastating' City Limits. Aug 13-25 (not Sunl 3.30pm (5.00) £4.00 (£3.00) ★Western SPRINGTIDE OF NATIONS —SCENA 6 by Henryk Kowalczyk. The stunning premiere from Lublin's Scena 6. 'The long breath going beyond the limits of historical Aug 13-25 (not experience. Sun) 6.00pm (7.20) £5.00 (£3.50) THElives GUISE-ARTS THRESHOLDdepended by David Mowat. 'This young cast acts as ifAug★ their and 13-25 (not Sun) the 9.lives 00pmof(1theatre 1.15) £4.00 (£3.00)on it' The Times. HIthe JINX AND LO TRIX-THE PRESTO Magic,'Knot musicEnough and mayhem with glamorous Fay Presto, amazingPACK aerialists Rope', 'Some Likewickedly It Hot'1 jazz. Aug 13-Sept (not Suns) 11.45pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ AFTER THE MINORexploring World the premiere, for this atmospheric space.REVELATION-URSA A vibrant, physical drama culturaldevised disintegration of a20-25 future society. Aug 2.15pm (3.00) £3.50 (£2.50) VENUE NO.84 a BLOW UP AT ABBOTSFORD O


RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY — < ★ THEReid. TROUBLE DEAD-SPEAKEASY COMPANYandby Angus A newWITH work THE blending precise performanceTHEATRE with a remarkable original Aug 2025pure 7.sound 45pm (8.score. 40) £4.00 (£3.00) OHIO IMPROMPTU PLAY:A multi-media NOT I—THE PHILADELPHIA BECKETT PROJECT by Samuel Beckett. programme of Beckett's performance pieces. Aug 27-Sept'Quicker 1 10.and15pmquicker 111,15) . . the£4.0words. 0 (£3.00). . the brain.' WHISTLER-HURD HATFIELD Maggie One Williams. Filmdom'ofs award 'Dorianwinning Gray’ appears as American painter JamesbyWhistler. man reading off-Broadway play. Aug 27-Sept 1 8.00pm 19.20) £5.00 (£3.50) ★ FRAGMENTS —CRAZY MIME intoby thePetrmost Turek.variedCzechslovakian clowning, animation, a grotesque fragement forms that reflect the everyday of man Aug 27 Septstruggles 1 6.00pm (7.00)and women. £4.00 lt3.00) • ★ NERO World premiere: exciting and dynamic evocation of Nero, his life'T1 HEand3.MUSICAL' times, Aug 27-Sept 30pm (5.to40)music£4.and 00 (£3.song. 00) ★World THEpremiere BLUEBEARDS CASTLE-JOKAI SZINHAZ BEKESCFABAI Bartok.s by the brilliantRichard Hungarian director Marton Tasnadi.byBartok' masterpiece Aug 27 Sept 1 in the1.30pmatmospheric (2.30) £5.00 (£3.0Demarco 0) Gallery. VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 225 6293. H3 THE LIGHT OPERAsetting. by W. Pennell Rock. Aodyssey unique evocation of the archaic gnostic mystery Aug 9-11, 13,in a14,gothic 17, 18 7.00pmA (8.rhapsodic 00I E4.00 (E3.00)of the human soul. VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 ROCHESTER —DOYNEone-man BYRDshow. by Doyne Byrd.theatrical Two special gala performances of this much acclaimed ' A rare treat' The Times. Aug 19 & 26 3.00pm (4.301 £10.00 *off DRAWING ON A MOTHER’S EXPERIENCE by Bobby Baker. A special oneAug chance 26 10.to15pmexperience (11.15) this £4.00wildly (£3.00)anarchic view of woman and motherhood. IVOR PEMBINA AND SIMON BLIGH » » • » VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 IVOREdinburgh DEMBINAhit AND BLIGH, comedian Following IVOR three DEMBINA years sell-out('Sharp success with show SIMON 'Comic Abuse' and contentious' The Guardian, ' C rackling one-liners' The Scotsman), joins brilliant comic SIMONfunny' BLIGHTime('Hilarious, of the evening' Radio Forth, 'Exciting and 11-Sept always Out)9.0in0pmthe a top(10.highlight Aug 1 (not Tuesdays! 0class 0) new £4.00show. (£3.00) DIABOLO THEATRE PRODUCTIONS •••• VENUE 4-St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 220 0541. J7 ★ LOVE atINlastTHEyear'MEADOW adapted from 'The SDevil' byaward-winning Tolstoy. Following success s festival, CLAIRE BOOKER' new playawaits ishera powerful drama of guilt, sexuality, and class bigotry in Tzarist Russia. ' O ne her 925 next project Aug Suns)with11.anticipation' 15pm (12.30am)The Stage. £3.50 Here it is. Touring availability. Aug 27 Sept/not Matinees: Aug1 26 7.15pm 1.00pm(8.3(2.0)15) Aug 27 12.30pm (1.45) DIAMOND STAGE PRODUCTIONS LTD VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 Shakespeare is invited have to readun-authorised a selection copies of his poems. But when heAug★ SONNETS arrives he discovers the audience of the sonnets. 20 Sept 1 7.45pm (8.45) £4.50 (£4.00) ★ THE ARCHER' Svictory TALEseen An old Englishthearcher retraces his steps to the field of Agincourt, Aug 20-Sept a1 great6.30pm (7.30) through £4.50 (£4.00) eyes of a common man.


DIVERSE ATTRACTIONS VENUE 11-Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off lawnmarket Tickets 225 8961 Jf 'Between the sponsored polish ofwhere thosereason Assembly RoomsBBCand2. Bythethedirecommunity risks of c commercialised Fringe is a place prevails' forexhibitions, the community. Best Fringe performances street theatre, music, prices. writing lO.OOam-midnight. and exciting varied Cafe, workshops. CEILIDH-ADALINE CALDER FUND foot-tapping 'A Taste of Scotland' . Fun A blend of authentic Scottish entertainment—hand-clapping energy. for everyone. Aug 6-11 7.00pm (8.30) £2.50 (£1.50) Tickets at venue only ★ O FLOWER OF SCOTLAND-AFFTAK CO. PREMIERE. 'Weep not for me . . foi Scotland! Aug 6-11 I 4.have 15pm slain (5.30) my nation!' £2.00 (£1.00) Tickets at venue only THE EDGE-AMERICAN CONNEXION' S 'real life' theatre. A New York subwa> platform; Aug 2025 a distraught 2.10pm (2.50)Scotswoman; £2.50 (£2.0a0)policeman; Tickets atandvenueyou,onlthey passengers. BHEKI' S BUNCH Amazing multi-cultural, multi-talented artists from Scotland tc South6-10Africa. Aug 10.0Not 0pm to(12mibednimissed. ght) £2.50 (£1.50) Tickets at venue only SONGS WITH MEANING-CARLOS ARREDONDO passionatesinger anc deeply moving contemporary Latin American songs andBeautiful, music. Chilean songwriter performs with Aug 25 9.00pm 110.00) warm £3.00 (£2.confidence. 00) Tickets at venue only DRIBBLE OR year DARE-CATCH THEATRE COMPANY An exciting fun packet show6-8,for13-185-10 olds.(12.Dare Aug 11.30am 30) you£1.miss 50 (£1.it?!00) Tickets at venue only ★Agamemnon CLYTEMNESTRA' S BAIRNS-THE HAMEFARIN-COMMON FORCE 'The Aug 6-11 6.0of5pmAeschylus' (6.50) £2.adapted 50 (£1.50)into Lowland Tickets atScots venue byonlyBil Dunlop. MACBETH—As supernatural COMPANY OF EIGHT Condensed but faithful treatment ol Shakespeare' ambition Aug 20 25 4.00pm (5.P0) tragedy £2.00 (£1.on00) the pitfalls Tickets atofvenue only and treachery. PASSIONATE MASK-ELECTRIC MOTION Peformance and exhibitiontc connected by content. You will be taken through diverse disguises. Fantasy obsession. Aug 23-25 11.30am (12.45pm) £2.50 (£1.50) Tickets at venue only THE WILLOWChinese PATTERN STORY—1ST THEATRE DANCE COMPANY andCHANCE Aug 1318 7.A30pm (8.30)tale £2.of 5forbidden 0 (£1.50) loveTickets atdenial venue ofonlchoice. y LATIN AMERICAN CLASSICAL GUITAR MUSIC-GALUARINO CERON-P. CARRASCO 'Fine technique and subtlety' The Scotsman. 'Not to be missed' Thorne, RSAMD. Aug 13, 14 9.00pm (10.00) £3.00 (£2.00) Tickets at venue only WRECKED REDNECK-GEORGE BRIDGESand IV West Lothian s funniest ever hot country Aug 16-18 stand-up 3.25pmyodeller. (4.05) Cigareets, £2.00 (£1.00)whuskyTickets atwildvenuewildonlywestern swing. THE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT-HATTON YOUTH By Joe Orton. Comedy, pathos; pensioner's search for happiness THEATRE in an impersonal environment. Aug 13-18 6.00pm (7.00) £1,50 (£1.)00) Tickets at venue only ★ CAPTIVE Premiere. QUEEN TheOF drama, SCOTS-LEITH COMMUNITY THEATRE COMPANY intrigue and REP: final betrayal of Scotland' s tragic queen. Aug 2025 7.15pm (8.1S) £2.00 (£1.00) Tickets at venue only ★heart,N.H.S.-THE OFFAL TRUTH-MOVING PARTS THEATRE GROUP Have a Aug 15-17give us9.0yer 0pmliver—organ (10.00) £2.transplant 00 (£1.00) nineties Tickets style. at venue only ★ THEKnowles LAST HISS —MSFITS sell-out '88, '89. presents Aberdonian comedienne Fiona Aug 20-25 10.2'm0pmakes(11.2ye0) laugh'£3.,00'm(£1.akes00) ye cry'Tickets at venue only ★PRODUCTIONS SATURDAY NIGHTS AND staggerings SUNDAY towards MOURNING-MULTI-MEDIA Adolescent song/dance/drama/poetry/slides. the deaf.at venue onlyadulthood through Aug 2224 8.45pm (10.15) £3.00Signing (£1.50) for Tickets HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON Meet (9THOR as Hans Christian Anderson. + ) andatNIELSON well-behaved Aug 2025 A 9.new 30ammusical (11.00) play£1,5for0 (£1.children 00) Tickets venue only parents. ★FIRST ODEDance/drama ON A GRECIAN URN-NOTTINGHAM EDUCATION CHILDREN Aug 9-11 10.15am (10.based 50) onFreuKeats poem. Integrated group of young people. PENTLANDERS Aug 6-11 2.30pm (3.Traditional 30) £2.family 50 (£1.5entertainment 0) Tickets atofvenueScottish only music and song. ★Marjorie TRY Flemings' TO LOVEstory YOURof anMARJORIE-PRIVATE AYE THEATRE GROUP Aug 1316 4.30pm (5.30) £2.5exceptional 0 (£1.00) Scottish Tickets at child venue who only lived 1803-11. PUNCH AND JUDY Traditional tale of Punch and Judy with humans instead of puppets. Aug 18 2.00pm (3.00) £1,50 (£1.00) Tickets at venue only RANACANTEEN Exhilarating musical andwithvisual spectacular from one of Edinburgh galaxy Aug 11. 18 s premier 10.50pm dance (12 midnibands. ght) Complete £2.00 (£1.00) aTickets at ofvenuesurprise only guests. DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! ' 9 0-REBECCA WALKER DANCE STUDIOS EDINBURGH A lively spectacular Aug 13-18 9.30am (10.30)energy£2.packed 00 (£1,00)danceTickets at venuebyonlchildren y for children. ★ TELLyouMEcallAGAIN —SCRUFF'S COMPANY If a man can make a fantasy flesh, would Aug 6-11 8.45pmhim(9.lucky? 35) £2.00 (£1,00) Tickets at venue only SOME SILLY, SATIRICAL, SCANDALOUS SONGS by Sheila Graham—from Sondheim toSLIGHTLY Grenfell, from food-poisoning to newSungmaths, not forgetting Aug 20-25 sex!1.10pm (1.55) £2.50 (£1.50) Tickets at venue only STRAVAIG Accapella foursome. in traditional, contemporary and musicfemale hall songs. Popular Beautiful throughoutharmonies Scotland-radio and TV broadcasts. Aug 13, 14 Folk-Aid 10.15pm (11.for30)Lockerbie £2.50 concert. (£1.50) Tickets at venue only NOSTALGIA—THEATRE TOURING TAYSIDE by John Harvey. A chilling handed drama—an antedote to the flood of Scottish nostalgia plays that fournow dominate Aug 1315 theatre. 2.15pm (3.45) £2.00 (£1.00) Tickets at venue only

UMQONDO Amazing, sets ofmulti-talented, percussion, dance, poetry, artists. voice, exciting jazz fusion,Africa. lotsspectacular more. Amazing multi-cultural Scotland to South Aug 1517 10. 1 5pm (12mi d ni g ht ) £2. 5 0 (£1. 5 0) Tickets at venue onl y Aug 18 8.50pm (10.50) KING REAL—WITSEND Real dividesof hismonarchy kingdomandamong all his subjects, madness Aug 1318 indeed! 1.3.000pm0pmA(1.(3.WITSEND 540)5) £2.5fairytale 0 (£1.50) Tickets at venue onlvested y interests. Aug 2025 * MARKETstudyFORCES-WITSEND humourous of lives in the post-boomCOMMUNITY property culture,THEATRE governed by Moving market forces. Aug 2025 5.20pm (6.50) £3.00 (£2,00) Tickets at venue only *people THEaDEAD-BEAT CLUB-GEEZABREK 10.30pm Dallas, Texas. For five lonely game(10.of05)hide-and-seek Aug 20, 21 deadly8.35pm £2.50 (£1.50)has begun. Tickets at venue only POMEGRANATE-EDINBURGH WOMENS'of WRITERS plus other local women writer friends. Performance our own GROUP poems, songs and monologues. Aug 24, 25 7.30pm (9.30) Free *Wizard BRIGHTWATER-LAST OF THE DODOS Captain Environment fights the Evil pollution. Aug 6-11 Darkwater 1.00pm (1.to40)save £1.our50rivers (£1.00)fromTickets at venue only THE ZOO STORY-LOW-LIFE THEATRE COMPANY by Edward Albee. A macabre withonltragic Aug 18, 17 view2.1of0pmtwo(3.1men 0) who £2.50meet (£1.50)in Central TicketsPark at venue y consequences. THE MISER—QUIPU THEATRE COMPANY by Moliere. Harpagon loves his gold.2022 When he11.1discovers Aug 0am (12.40) his strong-box £2.00 (£1.00) is missing, Tickets hysteria at venue onlprevails. y D.M.D.C. (DAVIDSON’S MAINS DRAMATIC CLUB) VENUE 113-Holy Corner Centre, 15 Morningside Road. N3 LOOK NOa rollicking HANS byfarce Johnwhich Chapman Michael Pertwee. more presents had a &saleroom successful run in Berlin, theOnce West End, D.dabbles butM.Dnot.C. hitherto seen in Edinburgh. Set in a car in West our hero inwithmorehilarious than one variety of intrigue, but has problems in keeping them separate, results. Aug 1125 (not Suns) 7.30pm (10.00) £3.00 DOG-RUFF THEATRE COMPANY ° » 3 VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 ★ FEMALADY 'Liverpool' snew finestonefeminist company' The Echo,popular effectively unites humour and outrage in this woman play that dispels myths about Women Madness. Subtle and entertaining in its argument. EVERY WOMAN MUST1218SEEandTHIS Aug 7.05pmSHOW. (7.50) £3.00 (£1.50) THE COMO STRING QUARTET IN COMOTOES They do to Chamber Music what ATILLA the HUN did for Civilization PLEASANCE CABARET BAR Thur. 9th - Sat 1st (Not Sunday 19th) 7.10-8.00 P.M. Tickets £.4.50 ^3.50 Concession) Ph.: (031) 556 6550 Tickets also available at Fringe Box Office. They are officially Melbourne's best TIMES MAGAZINE: THE LIST,EDINBURGH: This is one show which will live in the memory long after the Fringe is over ‘Move over Kronos,’ Como’s THE ADVERTISER, coming ADELAIDE:

DOO’WA THEATRE COMPANY > * VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 UU IT' S A GIRL! by John Burrows (Music by Andy Whitfield). An hilarious bys five women of how they haddump their being first babies together andtheir took story part in account the town' fight to stop a nuclear built. They tell using deft choreography and spontaneous acapella harmony. Aug 611 2.00pm (4.001 £3.50 (£2.50) JOHN DOWIE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance Tickets 556 6550. U0 TAKE THEM TO THEA play GARDEN by John Dowie fromAthestand-up words ofcomedy PHILIP K. butDICK. but comedy notAdapted/written a play. AI don' homage/tribute/lecture? act, not a stand-up act. t think we should make too much of these things. Aug 1125 (not Mons) 8.00pm (9.15) £5.00 (£4.25) WHY I STOPPED BEING A STAND-UP COMEDIAN Come and find out the answer to this Aug 13, 20, 26 question. 8.00pm (9.(Three 15) £5.performances 00 (£4.25) only of this show). BOB DOWNE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. U0 THE BOB DOWNEAustralian SHOW star. VegasUnforgettable hits Edinburghhairstyles in the formareofjustMurwillumbah TV's totally synthetic partis oftasteless the most extravagant show ever seen. ' S uperbly tacky . . epitomises all that light entertainment' Scotsman. 'Brilliantly manic . . brilliantly funny . . totallyin synthetic' Aug 9 Sept 1The(not Times. Aug 13. 30) 8.15pm (9.05) £5.50 (£4.50) DRUMBEAT THEATRE ° VENUE 130-The Salvation Army, 1 East Adam Street, (off Pleasance). Tickets 662 4441 U0 CHRISTIAN CAMEOS A happy, relaxed blend of Christian music and drama presented" by Mike & Jenny Clark and an exciting group of Salvationists. Aug 30pm 00)00) £1.50 (£0.50) AugTICKETS 15.131817 AT7.2.VENUE 30pm(9.(4.AND 5 EAST ADAM STREET ONLY ★Captain CAPTAIN T. CADDY' SPECIAL SELECTION Bil Varnam Caddy. Audience Sdrawn into actor' s world as Featuring one-man show recreatesas Salvation Army history Aug 2025 7. 3 0pm (9. 0 0) £2. 0 0 (£1. 5 0) Aug 22, 25 2.30pm (4.00) DUO ANTONELLI ° VENUE 68-Reid Concert Hall, Bristo Square (by Fringe Club). 18 PIANO DUET RECITAL GOLD MEDAL TO INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FESTIVAL OF BORDEAUX. 'Themain skill and the exact .rhythm of theandexecution and respectteam'of. the texts are their characteristics' ' S ensitive close working ' promenade through French Music for Piano Duet'. MUSICAL GRACEFULNESS OFA A PIANO Aug 13 DUET. 7.45pm (9.45) £3.50 (£2.00) THE DURHAM REVUE _J8 VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 After last year' s sellout 'The SatanicrevueNurses' , Thewith Durham Revue return with an energetic, clever and diversionary packed an original mix of songs, sketches, satire brimming and visualoverhumour, and aanddiversionary, energetic and'Cclever children' s show with action striking special effects. lever, energetic and diversionary* The List, 1989. MY LEFT LUGGAGE 'ShyPhotoretiring male (40)' seeks young lady for friendship and fun. Aug 12Discretion 25 (not 20)assured. 10.30pm (11.30)ensures£3.5reply. 0 (£3.00 SUPDC) VENUE 5—The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mite Tickets 556 3147 Jfl ★ JAMES ANDhasHIS AMAZING MULTICOLOUR ADVENTURE TheJames Evil Witch Monochrome stolen the colours from the land. Can you help and Spectrum Aug 1325 (notgetSun)them back?) 10.30amSponsored (11.35) £2.by50Kia-Ora. (£2.00) DANCE & MUSIC


Chaplaincy Centre Bristo Square Aug. 53- 18 8:20 p.m.





-WED 15th AUG AT 9.15pm HATTIE






"I I; ii * 7|) \

EAGLE MOUNTAIN PRODUCTIONS ° • • • VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street TickBts 229 8830 J4 ★ THE KASHUBIAN Aon true storys illegal of a arms Reagan appointed investigator who blewIt'thes TAPES whistle hisMiller' boss' shipments to Iran.federal 'The play is fascinating. like Arthur s ' A l My Sons" Plays International. 'Explosive, intelligent, funny' Chicago Reader. Presented with funding from Chicago Artists Aug 13 SeptAbroad. 1 (not Sun 191 2.45pm (4.15) £4.00 (£3.50) ECLIPSE THEATRE ° VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 BEHIND THE SMILE Eclipse Theatre, the young multi-racial company have produced ' B ehind The Smile, a punchy, moving musical drama, based on the company' experiences teasing inthethetrialsschool playgrounds oftoownadolescence, racism. We feelofthebeing showdifferent, helps kidsfromunderstand and tribulations Aug 27 Sept 1 10.15am (11.45)and all£2.5ages 0 (£1.0can0) identify with the show. EDINBURGH ACTING SCHOOL ••• VENUE 117-St Andrew's Kail, St James PI, Top of Leith Walk. Tickets 557 2275 G10 Lunchtime-to-midnight programme for all ages set to top 1989' s SELL OUT success. Our children' s shows attract full houses and glowing reviews —splendid family The adulttheplayers Scottishentertainment. plays and continue traditionhavethiswonyear.a reputation Bar and cafefor performances from noon. of THE SCOTTISH PLAY Graham Holliday' s brilliantly funny backstage which ambitious Michael' s dream of directing MACBETH is realiseddrama amidstin escalating Aug 21 Sept tragi-comic 1 (not Sun 2B)mayhem. 7.30pm (10.00) £4.50 (£3.75) THE SOUND OF MUSIC Colourful, enthusiastic spectacular by large talented cast1318 aged 7-17, Aug 7.30pmwho(10.triumphed 00) £4.5in0 (£3.1989' 75) s ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD. THE LION, THE WITCHs well-loved & THE WARDROBE A delightful, richly imaginative adaptation Aug 1318 of1.0C.0pmS. Lewis' (3.00) £4.50 (£3.75)story by 5—11 year olds. HOGMANAY Joe Corrie' s evocation of celebration. 1920s mining community through the humour songsSunof261a traditional Aug 21-Septand1 (nut 1.00pm (1.family 45) £4.50 (£3.75) ST. 24,JAMES Aug 25, 31. CABARET Sept 1 11.Late-night 00pm (12 mimusical dnight) entertainment. £4.50 (£3.75) Best of the sixties. EDINBURGH CIVIL SERVICE DRAMATIC SOCIETY ° VENUE 46-Church Hil Theatre, Morningside Road. Tickets 668 2019 N3 ON GOLDEN POND The play that spawned the award-winning film. An old man and a boy. The old man fearing disintegration—the boy growing, awakening. The family pulling the pieces humorous together. The pond breathing life into all. An atmospheric, moving Aug 28 Septand1 charmingly 7.35pm (10.05) £3.play 50 (£2.by50)Ernest Thompson. EDINBURGH GRADUATE THEATRE GROUP ° VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 3744 J9 THE RECRUITING OFFICER by George Farquhar. The Recruiting Officer draws onhappens Farquhar' s own experiences. Set in asShrewsbury in 1704, it concerns what when Silvia, an heiress, dresses a man to bring her lover. Captain Plume, torecruits. heel, as he and Sergeant Kite, home from the Blenheim campaign, seek fresh Aug 1325 (not Sun) 7.30pm (10.00) £4.00 (£2.00) EDINBURGH PEOPLE’S THEATRE • VENUE 17-St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton Place M10 THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMIN' The award winning Scots comedy by Alan Cochrane, authorevening of the Leith/Edinburgh 1988 comedy hit 'Ne'er the Twain'. Another laughter packed for Aug 11-Sept 1tickets /not Sunsl 7.475pm0the(10.family 00) to£3.enjoy. 00 Orders of 10 or more £2. Tickets also available at Queens Hall and Usher Hall EDINBURGH PLAYERS ° VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place Tickets 229 9000 L3 Aconstructed CHORUSbyOFAlanDISAPPROVAL A painfully observant comedy, brilliantly Ayckbourn, telling the tale of the rise and fall of a widower called Guy as the oddly potent mixture of lust, small town intrigue and amatuer opera27 takes Aug Sept 1 over7.his30pmlife.(9.30) £3.50 (£2.50) EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND ° • • VENUE 63-Epworth Halls, 25 Nicolson Square L9 LATE NIGHT RENAISSANCE BAND SHOW A bubbling nightcap of medieval and renaissance music—the ERB' s unique blend of authentic instruments and musical spirits—including a dramatic performance LornaandCurrie and Robin Benieaudiences of high the dance which scandalised a French priest inby1589, delighted BBC TV Aug 18, 24, 25 in 10.1989. 30 pm (12miJnight) £4.00 (£2.00) THE VIOL RACKETT SHOW Cornetts, sackbuts, crumhorns, nakers, rebecs, cithole, portative organ—over fifty authentic instruments—dancers in costume —an extravaganza! Aug 18, 25 8.00pm5.Children 00pm(9.30)(6.30)especially £4.00 welcome. (£2.00) Aug 22 Family groups of up to 4 children mil be admitted for the special price of £2.00

ITALIAN SERENADE 15th and 16thsongscentury court music including dances by Domenico Aug 20, 21, 23da Piacenza 8.00pm and (9.30)carnival £4.00 (£2.00)for Lorenzo de' Medici. EDINBURGH THEATRE ARTS VENUE 8-St. Philip's Centra Logie Green Road (off Broughton Rd) C9 OUR TOWN by Thornton Wilder This is a charming and revealing commentary the lives of We the areinhabitants oflookGrovers Corners, a small unassuming town inhappy Newon Hampshire. invited to in on their town and witness events, both and sad, which affect the community. There is a universal message in this quality play.13-25 Aug /not 18,Sun2519) 2.47.0pm 40pm (10.0) 10) £3.75 (£3.00) Matinees: Ticket priceAugincludes programme and(5.1coffee THE EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY FOOTLIGHTS ° VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 3744 J9 ★'Great KELVIN-THE MUSICAL COMEDY by Colin Ingram and Ross things expected ofKelvin' theses two . Morningside. . FINE WORK His. . Excellent score Laura . Macfarlane. . Intelligent writing.' Evening News. from mother wears Ashley oven-gloves. He falls List for Marina. She thinks Elvis is God. Fireworks anyone? 'Corruption Aug 27 Sept 1 in action!' 10.15pm (12.151Magazine. £3.00 (£2.50) THE EDINBURGH YOUNG THEATRE COMPANY ° > 3 VENUE 92-South Leith Parish Hall, 6 Henderson St., Leith, fix 554 2578 336 1081 24hrs C13 Out#er ★introducing DAVY—THE MUSICAL The exciting story of the early life of David Copperfield colourful Dickens characters. huge success ofsure'allOurtothebecome Daywell-loved, Out'a infavourite 1989, thewithCompany returnsBOOK withFollowing this newthemusical which is all age groups. EARLY! Aug 27 Sept 1 7. 3 0pm (9. 5 5) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Matinee: Sept 1 2.30pm (4.55) THE EDINBURGH YOUTH THEATRE ° VENUE 77-St. Oswald's, Montpelier Park, Bruntsfield. M3 THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE AGED'90.13 This 3/4 popular by Sue Townsend. By request to E. Y . T . Adrian Mole will appear for Fringe young lad has had opportunities to appear in person.series, Following from his recorded exploits inpains hisfewpublished Diary and the television we willonexperience Adrian's growing Aug 1325and/notfrustration 19) 7.3first-hand. 0pm (9.45) £2.00 (£1.50) ELECTRIC EARWIGS ° 3 VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 9000 L3 ★all DEREK AND THE DRAGON A fast-moving and fun-coloured extravaganza forof the family. Adults need NOT be accompanied by children. A medieval tale Angels and Devils;liveAdventure and Dragons; Romance and Rockcakes. Our 11th production, Aug 1318 with 2.30pm (3.3music. 0) £3.'A 0first 0 (£1.class 50) night's entertainment' Bromley Post. THE ELEVENTH HOUR MUSIC THEATRE GROUP ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 J37 ■akfinalist THE GOLDEN KEY is an hilarious comedy musical about a game show. It wasits for the prestigious Vivian Ellis Composition Prize in 1987 and receives world here showgirls, at this year'invite s Fringe. your .host, and Barbie and Cindy, premiere the beautiful you toNigel 'comeNice,on down' Aug Aug 281225Sept/not1 20) 1.10pm12.1(10am50) (12.50) £3.00 (£2.50) COL ELLIOTT ° ^ 3 VENUE 73-Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Lauriston PI, Tickets 229 1003 K7 COL ELLIOTT In Australia, comedian Col Elliott is a superstar, blending outrageous adult humour, clever ditties and off the wall characters including charming roadie Chooka Dennis,withallegedly 'one proving kangaroonotshort paddock'. exports Australiacome comesin tocans! Edinburgh Col Elliott all thein thebesttopAustralian Aug 1318XXXX 10.30pm (12 midnight) £4.00 (£3.50) EMPTY POCKETS AND GREG FLEET VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 THREE BLOKES (AND THEIR JOKES) If youcows thinkwellGeneral Noriega was has the Comedian of the eighties. If you like your sacred done. If your brain aStand-up, fifth gear,sketches, chuck it into overdrive and join us on the mental motorway of life. Aug 10 Sept 1 /not Aug satanism 13, 20, 30) and 11.indoor 30pm (12.sport. 30) £4.50 (£3.50) ENGLISH DRAMATIC SOCIETY o ^ VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 FIRST NIGHT A revue with your favourite songs from well-known musicals performed French ofcompany 1979.LiveFIRST NIGHTamusing, takes us backstage allbyfrominthissongs theunique conception aEnglish showformed towithits ainbirth. orchestra, colourful, and dance (in soupcon of French). Aug 1925 10.30pm (11.45) £3.50 (£2.50) 37

ENSEMBLE ARTS THEATRE (SAN DIEGO^ VENUE 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place K7 ENSEMBLE ARTSFringe THEATRE its international statusScotsman. with ANGELNowCITY: ‘an atimpressive debut forestablished a newof professional company' join usnew the College of Art for a choice three ' t aut, powerful . . intensely theatrical' plays. Los Angeles T/mes—'worthy ambassadors of new-world drama'. * DUSKlived TO DAWN AT THE SUNSET Terry.Dodd. A match made in heaven-a marriage in hell —pictures in35)a darkby£5.room Aug 1228 00 (£4..00) Preview Aug(not11 Wed 22)7.05pm (8.7.035pm 5) 18.Frae * THEvoyage DARKof CONFESSIONS HERseconds VEINSofSPELL erotic discovery in the(10.1last his life.by Mai Woolford. Poet s Aug Preview1228Aug(not11 Wed 22)9.05pm (10.9.05pm 15) Free5) £4.50 (£3.00) * V ★inVthe★ Nlandby ofE.AVaudeville .T. Company.Vietnam. Dog tags at the ready, dodge bullets and oneliners Aug 45) £4.50 (£3.00) Preview12-28Aug(not11 Wed 22)10.35pm 10.(11.35pm 45) (11.Free THE ENTIRE COMPANY ° VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place. Tickets 557 5091. F8 BY POPULAR DEMAND! . . Back at last! The company who ' c aptivate theirof audience' Radio Forth, with a sparkling new teatime show combining the best British Music pure Hall with numbers(Bar fromandthe twenties and thirties. hours were joy' delicious The Scotsman. refreshments availableThein two our comfortable Aug 2025 new 2.00pmvenue!) (3.30) £4.00 (£2.50) Inc, free tea or coffw CONTINENTAL BRECHTFEST Comedy, coffee and croissants at the cafe on the 'Croissant-Neuf—a Aug 2825 10.00amnourishing (10.40) £2.start50 (£2.to 0your 0) Festival Inc, freeday! Continental Breakfast COFFEE WITH PROKOFIEV Actor/Pianist Lewis lyrical, humorous ofProkofiev' personalities and events in pre-revolutionaryLev'sRussia. Prokofiev'evocation s words, s music. Aug 28-25 10.50am (11.40) £2.50 (£2.00) Inc. free coffee. LES ESCOGRIFFES ° > ^ VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 3744 J9 LES ROMANESQUES by Rostand. Edinburgh University' s only French-speaking theatre company return to the Fringe, in the wake of a successful European tour. This year,from we perform, in theandoriginal nineteenth century romance which Jones SchmidtFrench, createdthe'Thelighthearted Fantasticks—the popular offBroadway Aug 28-25 musical. 3.30pm (5.30) £4.00 (£2.50)

ESKMOUTH THEATRE COMPANY ° ■ ^ VENUE 95-Brunton Theatre, Bridge Street, Musselburgh. Tickets 665 2240 H13 Outer GO BACKwifeFORdiesMURDER by Agatha Christie. Amyas Craleto clear is murdered. His convicted in prison. Years later their daughter returnsone her ismother' name. Five suspects remain. If Caroline was innocent, of them guilty!s Discover whodunnit in this ingenious thriller based on ' F ive Little Pigs' . Aug 2025 Uon-Thurs 7.30pm (10.only00) £3.00 (£2.50) Concessions

EXACTING THEATRE COMPANY ° ^» VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 A'Lysistrata' semi-professional company. Jacobean whose recent productions includedrama 'Hamlet' ,a'Cmodern abaret', and ' G odspell' and contemporary for audience; Shakespeare' writings rediscovered and complete Complemented by an sacclaimed production ofin one HaroldnewPinter' s amusingwork. yet disturbing masterpiece. ★Agincourt, THE COMPLETE WORK OF SHAKESPEARE Macbeth, whodunnit?, who won it?, Lear, who blew it?. Why did Shylock do it?. Bottom—whose was2025 it in Gertrude' Aug 11.40pms (12.closet?! 30) £3.50 (£2.50) VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Momingside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 THE BIRTHDAY seaside PARTY Harold Pinter' s play of darkness and menace, set in a seemingly Aug 2025 secure 2.10pm (3.50) boarding £3.00 (£2.house. 00) Wireworks Playground and Parliament Square j HERETICS . . freaks luckyyourbreakown. . frenzied strange and Initiation unbelievable ritualsget. . their express freedom excitement and style .. .. participate! Aug reworks PlSquare) ayground) Aug 2025 2025 4.12.030pm0pm(5.(1.000)0) Free Frae (Wi(Parliament EXECUTIVE THEATRE COMPANY ^ VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 *thisLAyoung MOME PIAF Journey with us to the French society of Edith Piaf. Follow, as company try to discover the real woman and her band of loyal friends. Anlive ensemble of experienced actors, writers and musicians present a new play with original music. Aug Aug 810 11-17 8.6.115pm5pm (9.(7.445)5) £3.75 (£2.75) FACELIFT THEATRE COMPANY ° • VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 ★version BOUND TO BE BEAUTIFUL Set at the screen-test for a ' s pruced-up' film of Strindberg' s 'MissandJulie'sex. Aincowboy and an airdevised hostessplayplayfromout aphobias and fantasies about flying this disturbing, young Lecoq13-25trained Aug (not 19)duo. 3.10pm (4.10) £3.00 (£2.50) THE FAIRER SAX VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 CELEBRATING SAX Aftertheirtheirnewsell-out success lastweekyear, thisA combination all female saxophone quartet present show for the first only. of150th musical expertise, visual allure,anwitexperience and choreography. CelebrateBook withearly. us the not to be missed. Aug 11-1birthday 9 6.45pmof the(8.00)saxophone, £6.50 (£5.00) FAIR FRIDAY VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Info 220 2462. K9 ★ THEwould BOYbeWHO WANTED PEACE byhis George Friel.PercyIf heShelley. had money, Percyhe Phinn a world famous poet like namesake, Suddenly gets all Glasgow the moneynovel, he ever dreamedby of.a new Then:Scottish disaster.company. Exciting 'reading' of the famous Aug 12 SeptAug 1 11(not 26)2.30pm2.performed Preview: (3.30pm40) (3.40)Free £3.50 (£2.50) FALLING ANGELS—MCMXC VENUE 4-St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace Tickets 220 0541. J7 j MAN TO forMANtheatre by MANFRED KARGE. FALLING ANGELSanhave established a reputation that is both powerful and passionate, ordinary woman order to survive Hitler'disturbing s Germany,. . simply takes The on theGuardian. clothes'Gandripsidentity of herin husband . . pungent, electrifying' the audience with925dramatic intensity, . . powerful.' Yorkshire Post. Aug Matinee: Aug(not 2812, 19) 2.35pm8.00pm (3.25)(8.50) £5.00 (£3.50) MARY LOU FALLIS VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. L10 PRIMADONNA Canada' s most lovedCovent sopranoGarden, and Wexford, comedienne is& back in EdinburghonpriorSunday to her UK year tour including; Leeds beyond. Scotland last advised you to beg, borrow or steal a ticket for the operatic spoof that ' i s a delight for opera buffs and other mortals' . Preview: Aug 10-22Aug(not9 13. 18,8.320)0pm (9.48.5)30pm £5.(9.405)0 £8.00 (£5.00)


TIS A Three PITY SHE’S A WHORE/THE BALD PRIMA DONNA/ONE FOR THE ROAD19-Sept Aug 1 superb 8.00pmtheatrical (10.00) productions. £3.50 (£3.00) 'A miracle'. SINBAD THE SAILOR An exotic adventure of the Arabian Nights hero. The inimitable Aug 11-25 off10.center 00am (1style. 2 noon)ThreeFreestooges-type lesson: all ages. TANGO TIEMPO Sensuous, smooth, moody, tango sometimes and flashy— experience musicfast and dance. Aug 26-Sept 1the excitement 10.45pm (11.2of0) the £3.real50 Argentinian (£3.00) COMPARTIENDO LA ALEGRIA DE VIVIR Vivid, colourful scenes of life in Latin America. characters. Aug 11-SeptPeople 1 10.sharing 00am (12thenoon)joyandof 2.life00pmare(5.the00) mainAdmi ssion £0,40 at the Venue ★ FRANKENSTEIN' S MONSTERfunny. by Mark Campbell. A staggering life-study. Uniquely Aug 1118 poignant 8.15pm (9.and45) terrifyingly £3.50 (£3.00) The New York Lively Arts Co. McEWANS 80/—EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL Budapest. . Rag 18-25 Time, Joe10.Templey, Jan Sutherland and Custers LastJAZZBand,FESTIVAL Bourbon Street Aug Aug 20-25 12.030pm 0pm (1.(2.300)0) Ticket price from £2.00. Available from Venue only. FESTIVAL JAZZ Cool music to complement an evening out. Easy listening. Aug Aug 11-18,17,2626-Sept12.310pm (2.10.000)0pm (1.30) Ticket price from £2.00. Available from Venue only CLASSICAL INTERLUDE Refreshing lunchtime recitals bysSounding Syncopated, Blythe11-18,Spirits, today.only. Aug 26-SeptSlapI &12.Tickle 30pm and (2.00)Shemerazada. Ticket price Tomorrow' from £2.00. Avaistarslableplaying from Venue INand BETWEEN TIME Sounding Syncopated, Notts School Band, Doris Clement others 1 play 7.easy whilstfromyou£2.relax 11-Sept 30pmlistening (9.45) music Ticket price 00. Avaibetween lable fromshows. Venue only. FELSTED THEATRE COMPANY ° » • AugEDINBURGH CARTOON FESTIVAL Thes best 1990 exhibition VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 features the bestINTERNATIONAL cartoons about the World Cup by the world' TABLE MANNERS by Alan Ayckbourn. Will Norman, seeking to seduce his wife' s Aug 11-Sept I 10. 0 0am (12 noon) and 3. 0 0pm (5. 0 0) Admi s si o n £0. 4 0 at thecartoonists. Venue. sister, be floored by her faithful follower, stymied by snotty sister-in-law Sarah, ★ I'M LEFT-HANDED AND WOULD LIKEMatthew TO SING Aperformance SONG Antipoetry. static snookered bythehisheartfelt spouse'slament suddenofsupervention? Beneath ofthethebubbling surface of oranges, love, nudity and noseless statues in Ferret' s farce lingers the lonely inhabitants Ayckbourn world. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Tubs) 12 noon (12.30) £2.50 (£2.00) Aug 20 Sept 1 (not Aug 26) 4.15pm (5.45) £4.00 (£2.50) BREAST-FEEDING THE VIOLIN Who is she? Nun? None? Legs spreading in labour1225or (notpleasure? Aug Tubs)Tubs)The12.3climax: 0pm (1.45)18.she15) will£3.5dance. 0 (£3.00) FESTIVAL CAVALCADE ° '•> 3 Aug 26-Sept 1 (not 7. 0 0pm VENUE-Along Princes Street. Info: Evening News office-225 2468 ★ RIDDLEY WALKER uvRiddley me name tyme after the bernin I rodit to Cambry 'EVENING NEWS' FESTIVALyouCAVALCADE Watched bymarching over 100,000 people, looking the Ibigl. this procession will entertain and your families floats, Aug 12254(notthey Tues)numbas jugglers, firethe eaters andprocesses much more. Bringing allStreet, thewithelements ofbands, the Festival Aug 26-Sept 1 (not Tues) 2.00pm5.15pm(3.30)(6.45) £3.50 (£3.00) together, parade along Princes to Lothian Road, King' s ★ MONKEY TALES A musical through aespecially. land of animals and adventures, Stables RoadFringe. and into the Grassmarket. An enjoyable and colourful start to the enchantment for all(5.quest Festival Aug 11-Sept 1 (notandTues)laughter3.45pm 0ages, 0) families £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 12 and2.30pm (4.00) Free! ★ AFTERPIECE (Kelleher/Morgan). Hell. A coffeehouse of actors. Five actors in search THE FESTIVAL CLUB Aug 1125of(nota1 history. Tues)Tues)Enter 5.15pm8.Garik—the (6.30)(9.45)£3.dancing 50 (£3.00)ape? VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 Aug 26-Sept (not 3 0pm 'Everything for everybody, Over every50day'events. . The very of the festival. Just 5 minutes ★ PERICLES Shakespeare'sandragbag of lowlifeconcocted delight as Pericles is shipwrecked by walk from Drama,heartbars, comedy, revues, cabaret, fate: bawdy jazz and Princes classicalStreet. music.Experience Four exhibitions, restaurants, box dance, office, Aug 1125 (not1 humour, Tues)Tues) 7.music 00pm2.00pm (8.301(3.apothecary £3.50 (£3.00) by Gower. information/souvenir desk. it to believe it. Aug 26-Sept (not 3 01 Aug 11-Sept 1 10.00am-2.00«m ★ PETERchildPAN, STORY In the morgue: five lost boys, a writer, an LAY DOWNof Itwisted THINKtangos, I LOVEinnocent YOU orcorruption, PASSIONATE Comic eternal and AthatGRuWN-UP menagerie tales ofCASUALTIES seduction . . classy, Aug 26-Sept 1125 (not1 (not Tues) 8.damned 40pm10.0(9.0pm50)book. sassy cabaret! Aug Tues) ( 11.10)£3.50 (£3.00) Aug 1125 8.00pm (8.45) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ ONE,onAND IT'S NOT FUNNY Professor Hunter is dead. How did she die? ★driveTHANKSGIVING A stressed-out executive and a washed-out commedienne Women the verge of misrepresentation. Aug 1225 (not1 (not Tues)Tues) 10.00pm (11.15)(1.45) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 1125each other 9.00pmto (9.an45)abyss£4.where 00 (£3.laughter' 50) s no laughing matter. Aug 26-Sept 12.30pm ANOTHER EVENING WITH BRUTE FARCE Three young chaps in fast-moving ★ CHAIM AND SONYA WERE LOVERS Brother andtheatre sister. Childhood sexuality revue that is mordant, witty, slick and snappily dressed. and 13,revolution. music. town!' Aug 16, 18, 20,Dance 23, 25,and27, 30,liveSept 1 'B11.est30pmdevised (12.45) £3.5in0 (£3. 00) : Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Mens) 10.30pm (^midnight) £3.50 (£3.00) CUT THAT OUT ' O riginal, well rehearsed and professionally performed with a ★ DISGUSTING So are we. Let' s get together and gag. With full musical and script19-Sept that 1would choreographic . 001 ji Aug (not Auggive27)'Footlights' 12 midnighta run(1.3for 0) their£3.5money' 0 (£2.50) Varsity. Aug 12, 15, 17, 19,accompaniment. 22, 24, 26, 29, 31Coming 11.30pmsoon(12..4.5)'Delightful' £3.50 (£3. 1 UNEXPURGATED SHERLOCK HOLMES Was Holmes the misogynist Watson ★ STORY TELLERS I AND II (Joe Kelleher). What happens next? Noah after it claimed stops Aug 12-18 he was! 2.00pniFossick (4.00) reveal £3.00all.(12.'A50)triumph' Yarmouth Mercury. Aug 14,raining. 21, 28 Scharazad 7.00pm (8.1after 5) the£1.0stories 0 are told. ★modern THE COURTSHIP OF INANNA AND DUMUZI Ancient Sumerian deities and ZASTROZZI Lucid Arch-Villains versus Lunatic An Epics Comic chase across lovers in provocative Europe. A final world-shattering confrontation. Archangels. George F. Walker' Power Aug (5.30)(7.30) £3.dance 50 (£3.for00) control. First love story ever. Play. Aug 261925Sept 1 4.30pm6.30pm Aug 12 Sept 1 (not Tues) 10. 0 0am (11. 3 0) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) ★ EARTH MOON BLOOD White Buffalo woman gave it to the people. Secrets of j; Aug becoming. into sacred time and space. 1925 Journey Aug 26-Sept 1 12.15pm8.15pm(1.45)(9.45) £3.50 (£3.00) ★ METAMORPHOSID ARKWRIGHT Whateverisbehappening to concert secretary Sid Arkwright. , j Aug 13-25 (not 19)Will Westhorpe 6.30pm (7,40) Social£3.Club 50 (£2.50) the same again? CAMBRIDGE ★ ANYWAY ... ! by Nigel Higgs It' s a journey of men and their experiences . . sad, i|| Aug moving, . . anyway, 11-25 funny6.10pm (7.35) come £3.75 and (£3.00)see it. THE BLUE CAFE Late night jazz happening. John Burgess Group with the MEDICAL REVUE jij Aug cream of theNOTE modern 30pm (1.jazz 30) stars. £3.50Accept no substitute. Ticket19-25 s at venue10.only LENDALandSTUDIO ARTISTS Vivid and landscapes and atmospheric T Tuscany Scotland. Patrick Gibbs David Byers Brown. interiors from Aug 11 Sept 1 10. 0 0am (12noon) 3. 0 0pm (5. 0 0) £0. 4 0 ! Tickets at venue only ★ GAUDETE (AFTER TED HUGHES) Limelight's new ofproduction and African ritual. Re-working Hughes' dismemberment women. 'exploits Cut Back'Pagan will respond. I Aug 19-Sept 1 2.00pm (4.00) £3.50 (12.50) ★ JABBERWOCK A darkMasks, fablecomedy, inspired murder. by Carroll'Nots famous poem. The infamous “commendably slick”...Festival Times 4i Aug mythical is slain. for children. 11-18 beast12.10.330pm 12pm Festival Club Venue 36 Weeks 2&3 Aug 20-25 0pm (1.(11.45)45) £3.50 (£3.00) immmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm* 39 BRETT FANCY ° VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 ★streets THEfuelled SPIRITby OFcorrupt JACKgovernment. CADE In 1450, forty-five thousand people toCade, the Shakespeare records their leader, took Jack asaccount. a power-crazed psychopath. Cade returns in 1990 to challenge the Bard' Fancy (Rockcliffe's Babies, Square Deal) plays the avenging Folks Hero.13 SeptBrett Aug 1 (not Aug 19) 9.15pm (10.10) £4.00 (£3.00) SIMON FANSHAWE’S HEADLINES VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 SIMON FANSHAWE' Sterrorist HEADLINES 1989 Perriercracks AwardtheWinner returns with the his new edition. Thethetabloid tackles thecomedian issues, whip andIndependent. scorns scars! Expect unexpected. ' T opical on top form' 'Political Aug 1025 stand-up 8.30pmat(9.its45) best'£6.Guardian. 00 (£5.00) 'Another limp-wristed leftie' The Sun. FAT AND FRANTIC ° — 3+ VENUE 116-Circus Burlesque Big Top, The Meadows Tickets 229 4118. M8 FAT AND FRANTIC-IN CONCERT Pop-skiffle band who took Edinburgh Fringe 'between 89 by storm, return by popular demand to a bigger venue. Best described as a cross Madness and 'The Housemartinsto onseespeed' Festival Times. 'They have a dynamic Aug 21 & 28stage act: 3.30pmif you(4.45)get the£5.chance 00 (£3.00) them, go!' Simon Mayo, Radio One.

>< O >Q£ LU 11th August-1st September 1990 9-15 Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH 1 1HT Tel: 031 220 0539 Open 10.00 am-2.00 am daily BALD PRIMA DONNA Stomping 26 Aug-1 Feet Sep Theatre Company £3.50/£3.00 ONE FOR THETheatre ROAD Company Stomping Feet 26 Aug 1 Sep £3.50/3.00 THE DEVELOPMENT IMAGE METAMORPHOSID ARKWRIGHT HLM BRUTEFarce FARCE Indirect Works Theatre Co 11 -25Architecture Aug Brute Aug (not Sun) £3.50/£2.50 INTERNATIONAL 11 Aug-1 Sep C3.50/E3.00 A11-25 PEASANT OF EL SALVADOR 11 Aug-1 Sep CARTOON FESTIVAL £0.40 I'TOM SING LEFT-HANDED AND WOULD LIKE Company Theatre A SONG LA ALEGRIA 11-25 Aug £3.00/£2.00 COMPARTIENDO Oxford College Players DE VIVIR 11 Aug-1 Sep £2.50/£2.00 SHAKERSTheatre Saldarriaga I 1 Aug-1 SepArt £0.40 UNEXPURGATED SHERLOCK HOLMES Company 11-25 Aug £3.00/£2.00 LENDAL Fossick Valley Sumblers STUDIO ARTISTS ONE, AND IT' S NOT FUNNY 11-18 Aug £3.50/£3.00 Oxford College Players Patrick Gibb/ Byers-Brown SINBAD THE SAILOR 11 Aug-1 Sep (notfues) £3.50/£3.00 David £0.40 Off CHAIM College AND SONYA WERE LOVERS II Aug-1 Sep 11 25Centre AugTheatre Inc. Free Oxford Players DISGUSTING 13 Aug-1 Sep (Mon/Thurs/Sat) Oxford Players £3.50/£3.00 12 Aug-31College Sep (Sun/Wed/Fri) TALESPlayers £3.50/£3.00 MONKEY Oxford College CUT THAT OUT 11 Aug 1 Sep (notTues) £3.50/£3.00 BREASTFEEDING THE VIOLIN Cambridge 19 Aug 1 SepMedical Review £3.50/£2.50 AFTERPIECE Oxford Players £3.50/£3.00 Oxford 1 2 Aug-1College Sep (notPlayers Tues) £3.00/£2.50 PASSIONATE CASUALTIES 11 Aug-1College Sep (notTues) TANGO TIEMPO ABC Angel Coast Artists PERICLES Tango Tiempo 11-25 Aug £4.00/£3.50 Oxford College Players £3.50/£3.00 I 1 Aug 1 Sep (notTues) £3.50/£3.00 26 Aug 1 Sep PETER PAN, A GROWN-UP STORY FESTIVAL CLUB PRODUCTIONS Oxford College Players II Aug-1 Sep (notTues) £3.50/£3.00 Blue Note Cafe FRANKENSTEIN MONSTERS 19-25 Aug - 10.00 pm-1.30 am The Interlude: 11-18"New" AugYork Lively Arts £3.50/£3.00 Classical Sounding THANKS GIVING 27 Augand— TiSyncopated 1 2.30-2.00 pm ABC Angel Coast Artists 11 25 Aug £4.00/£3.50 Slap 28 31 Aug c-kle12.30-2.00 pm JABBERWOCK Shemerazada Morning 11-17 Aug - 12.30-2.00 pm 1 1 -25 AugAfter(notProductions 19th) £3.50/£3.00 Blythe ANYWAY 19,Between 26 Spirits Aug,Time 1 Sep - 1 2.30-2.00 pm Inside Leg Theatre Company In McEWAN S 80/EDINBURGH 11-25 Aug £3.75/£3.00 INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL Notts SchoolAug-7.30-9.45 Band RIDDLEY WALKER 20/22/24 pm Oxford Players £3.50/£3.00 18Sounding Syncopated 12 Aug-1College Sep(notTues) 28/29 Aug-7.30-9.45 pm CLASSICAL INTERLUDE D Clement STORYTELLERS I AND II Festival 1Club and Productions 3 from £2.00 (dates Oxford pm 14/21/28College Aug Players £100 Weeks FestivalTBA)-7.30-9.45 Jazz FESTIVAL JAZZProductions Various Artists— 10.00 pm-1 / 1.30 am LORCA/GALA/DALI Festival Club 1 1 -1 7 Aug Oxford College Players from £2.00 1 8 and 26 Aug - 1 2.30-2.00 pm 18 Aug 1 Sep £3.50/£3.00 Weeks 1 and 3 26 Aug-1 Sep - 10.00 pm-1/1.30 am BLUE NOTE CAFE COURTSHIP OF INANA AND DUMUZI Festival Club Productions Hulupu Tree Theatre Entry to all shows by individual 19 Aug 1 Sep £3.50/£3.00 19show/performance tickets. EARTH Tree MOON BLOOD IN BETWEEN TIME Hulupu ClubSepProductions Entry to Festival Club 19 Aug 1 SepTheatre £3.50/£3.00 Festival 11 Aug-1 from £2.00 Productions by the following: GAUDETTE Limelight 1. Performance tickets 19 Aug 1 Productions Sep £3.50/£2.50 2. Day membership at £2.00 EDINBURGH' S LANDSCAPE TIS A PITYFeetSHETheatre S A WHORE 3. 7-day membership at £9.00 Extra Mural Department Stomping Company £4.00 4. Season (22 days) at £15.00 19 25 Aug £3.50/£3.00 16/20/23/27/30 Aug [SEE SEPARATE ENTRY - FOR FULL DETAILS, ALSO SEE FESTIVAL CLUB PACK. Information desk, souvenirs and box office: Tel: 031-220 0539. Please note that licensing laws state that children under 18 years and over 14 years are only allowed in bars if accompanied by parents. Children under 14 years cannot be in any bar. 40


O z

>oz. LU > LU

FESTIVAL THEATRE U.S.C.—U.S.A. VENUE 82-Southside Community Centre, 117 Nicolson Street. Uj 'The University of Southern California' s enterprise is beyondthatthehaveFringe. It is in orbit around theAllen festival. This The group has shaken conventions developed over 20fromyears.' Wright, Scotsman. Internationally acclaimed repertory group Los Angeles is in its 15th Edinburgh season. OKLAHOMA by Richard Rodgersofandthe Oscar Hammerstein II. The exhuberant American Aug 11-Sept musical 1 (not Uonslby the 10.masters 00pm (12 midniggenre. ht) £4.00 and £3.00 ★TWO-SPEED THE REVENGE OF THE SPACE PANDAS or BINKYs playRUDICH AND THE David1 Mamet' Aug 11, 12, 18, 19,CLOCK 25, 26, Sept Z.ODpms delightful 13.30) £2.children' 00 and £1,50 withItl.Omusic. O Cl ON THE VERGEstage or THE GEOGRAPHY OF YEARNING Eric Overmyer's literary wit liberates Aug 12, 18, 19, the 25, 26, Septfrom 1 its4.0naturalistic 0pm (6.00) shackles.' E3.0D andWashington E2.00 Post. THE LITTLE FOXES Lillian Heilman' s American classic dissects a southern family'12, s18,ambition Aug 19, 25, 26,andSeptgreed1 at7.the 00pmturn(9.30)of the£3.century. 00 anJ £2.50 ★ THREE CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN'Ludlow ONE ACTS—Lanford : Stonewater Doug Wilson.RaptureAug 14,Wright, 16, 21, 23,'Postcards' 28, 30 —Carol 2.00pmK.(3.4Mack, 5) £2.00 and Fair £1.50 BEIRUT by Alan Bowne. Controversial play concerning the quarantining of AIDS victims. Aug 14, IB,Set21, in23,a 28,large30 City4.in00pmthe(5.near 30) future. E3.D0 and £2.00 STAGE DOOR Edna Ferberaspirations and George S. Kaufman' s delightful nostalgic comedy concerning Aug H, IB, 21,the23,theatrical 28, 30 7.00pm (9.30)of young £3.00 women anJ £2.50at the Footlights Club. ★America' HAWKs leading MOONcontemporary Sam Sheperd.writers. Stories, monologues and poems by one of Aug IS, 17, 22, 24, 29, 31 2.00pm (3.30) £2.00 and £1.50 ★ KINGFISH Marlane Meyer. British Premiere of an important new American playwright Aug 15, 17, 22,whose 24, 29,voice 31 is 4.as00pmdistinctive (B.00I as13.Pinter' 00 ands £2.and00 Albee's. THE MARRIAGE OF BETTE AND BOO Christopher Durang. A brilliant, funny dissection Aug 15, 17, 22,of 24,marriage 29, 31 and 7.family 00pm (9.in30)contemporary—and £3.00 and £2.50 catholic—America. THE 15 AMP THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile. Tickets 556 3147. J11 LOOT follows the misadventures of two bisexual bank robbers whose attempts to conceal the money are complicated by the intervention of an incompetent water board official, ablack murderous nurse andbest.a catholic layman. Joe Orton, the master of sex farce and comedy at his Aug 27 Sept 1 2.15pm (3.45) £2.50 (£2.00)

FILIAL FRENZY PRODUCTIONS o , , VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 BERKOFF'plague S GREEK A Thebes unique doubletake ofcontemporary the Oedipus myth. Berkoff' s 'Gisreek' transports ridden to decaying, London. This play into context by a speech, in Greek, from Sophocles' ' O edipus Tyrannus' ,puta comparison which questions modern conceptions of love, sex and marriage. Some aspects Aug 27 Septmay1 offend. 8.00pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) 1ST FRAMEWORK ° ■ •• VENUE-Private Residenca By invitation only. Information: 071 739 4384. ★onlyTRIO IN E by Eric Rohmer. British Premiere of Film Director Rohmer' s anewMozart and A charming sethouse in modern day Edinburgh. Paris. A reception, recitalstage and play. the play in4384 a largeforanecdote private in central Invitations only. Telephone 071-739 information. See Daily Diary for Edinburgh phone number. Aug 22-25Aug 266.30pm2.3for0pm7.0for0pm3pm(9.0(5.0) 00) Entry by Invitation. Telephone above number Matinee: FIRST TIME THEATRE COMPANY q # VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near fringe Club) U) ★possibilities LIKE IT, ofLUMP IT. This hard-hitting Surrealist black-comedy explores the onedeadman'wifes quest to fulfilhis hisdreams wishes.comeWalter, bedridden bycourse cancer,for longs to join his and make true. Except, of William, who has other plans and sees his father's death as a solution to hishis son, problems!! Aug 27 Sept 1 6.00pm (8.00) £3.00 (£2.00) FLODKVIST ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 Q7 ★nothing PLANET SERIOUS The time is passing. But, while everything isIs moving, is happening. Is it harmony when somebody plays harmonica? modern miracle a miracle at all? Of physical course, ontheatre Planetcompany Serious. New comic extravaganza FLODKVIST, international lownsby with in their eyes' Berliner Tageszeitung. 'Ifrom ntrigueAmsterdam. behind the'Cmasks' L'Aug EveiL1218Faust look Aug 19-25 (not 10.Aug45am201 (11.45)12.45pm£5.(1.0045)(£3.00) FLYING DUCKS THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 ★ BRENTON. . Very VERSUS BRENTON/WHAT' S Ducks FOR PUDDING? Awesomely Outrageous Funny' Birmingham Post. The dish out a riotous feast of fun. Thefrom mainArchers course isbarman an adults-only parody'Pudding' of glossyprovides TV soapsthe(withhilarious a delicious cameo Sid Perks). hors d'oeuvre. Aug 27-SeptGreat 1 value. 6.15pm (7.45) £4.00 (£3.50 SUPDY)


PICTURE THIS BY JON GAUNT Pete's back from India with a gut full of dope, reunited with his mates for a winter of conning and thieving in the UK. But are they con men or being conned? Thatcher's successful children or 90's Dickensian lowlife? 'High energy-fast moving, quick-thinking, zap-it-to-them theatre' llie Guardian Aug 11 - Sept 1 (Not Aug 19) 2pm £4.50 (£4.00) I*

HOOLIGANS BY JON GAUNT A Fringe First Winner Three lads, football and a Heysel type tragedy. Ferociously dark... evil video art’ The Times Total brilliance... shouldn’t be missed’ City Limits Theatrical GBIT The Scotsman Aug11 - Sept 1 (Not Aug 19) 10.30pm £4.50 (£4.00)


FOAD THEATRE COMPANY ° ’ VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge. 18 Morningside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND by Tom Stoppard. Thigh-slapping thriller by Tom Stoppard. Brilliantly crafted amateur play within a playandsending up pretentious and patronising critics,genrebungling dramatics thestuff—even entire country house murder mystery at one fell swoop. Real rip-roaring the audience gets murdered. Laugh? I nearly did—The Director. Aug 2025 10.30am (12 noon) £3.00 (£2.001 THE FOLK ORCHESTRA ° 1 VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House. Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 THE FOLK A lively performance inspired byorchestral traditionalinstruments. music from around the ORCHESTRA world. Thestrongorchestra use bothmaking folk and use Performances have a visual content full of the surroundings. 'Bartokwelikened arranging a folksong to mounting a jewel. Such was the sensitivity that Aug 19 Septheard' 1 (notPaul Aug 261Griffiths.2.30pm (3.30) £4.00 (£2.00) FORTH CHILDRENS THEATRE ° VENUE 120-lnverleith Church Hall, 40 Inverleith Gardens A6 OLIVER The ever-popular musical by Lionel Bart based on Dicken' s ' OliverofTwist’. Performed by the acclaimed Forth Children' s Theatre, with all the freshness youth this is agiving Production for the young at heart, group of young people17-25 a performance quality' is. . anto come utter joy'acrossTheaScotsman. Aug (9.3of0)(4.such Matinees: Aug(not 18191& 25 7.30pm2.30pm 30) £3.50 (£2.000 FOSSICK VALLEY FUMBLERS ° » VENUE 36-Festival Clubt 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 ★masterpiece THE UNEXPURGATED SHERLOCK HOLMES by Bob Bishop. Another comic as one of the Fringe' s most durable groups celebrates its tenth season. Flas Holmes his match And amongst of bogusPrude' nuns?s suspenders? What is WatsonAmazing doing with his mintmetimperials? wherea colony are Amelia revelations. Aug 1218 Gripping 2.00pm (3.stuff. 45) £3.00 (£2.50)

FREEFALL MONSTER THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Sludio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ ONE OUR ofMONSTERS ISof the MYTHING Children' (7 + Action ) whichpacked adults will belaughter, inOFdanger finding onemasks, funniest acts MONSTERS!!! on stheshowFringe. with music, mime, and of course The clumsiest super-hero against the Minotaur and other mythical monsters of Greek10 Sept legend.1of all 11.time30ambattles Aug Grannies free with 3 children(12.30) £3.50 (£2.00) FREEFALL THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 STEVEN BERKOFF' S DECADENCE -a shockingly witty indictment of class performed by Linda Partridge (at last year' s Fringe ' m arvellous' The Scotsman) and Matthew Cooley.theirDecadence beginsParts' a British Colverd, Freefall follow success shortly in 'Female withtour. a 'vDirected ivid, realbyandSueexplosive' production. Aug 13 Sept 1 Sexually (not Sun 19)explicit.12.10am (1.50) £4.50 (£3.50) LESLIE FRIEDMAN DANCE ° ^ VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 JOHANNES KEPLER' S DREAM Dance-choreographer Leslie Friedman, having conquered London, America, India, China and the USSR, comes to captivate in Edinburgh. Joyful, challenging her magicwitch, includes ohannes Dream', ainterplay provocative fairymovement, taleandwithsensual, 4andcharacters: jester,'JChronicle. woman,Kepler' girl. 'As forceful of mind space' San Francisco Aug 1218 12.15pm (1.45) £3.50 (£2.50)

j ]ji i

FRIENDS OF THE FAMOUS VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 FRIENDS'Friends OF THEof FAMOUS writing and starringas inparttheirof own comedy, the Experience Famous'Currently perform liveforce in Edinburgh their. .BBC 'TsoiredRadio and \ emotional ' 9 0' s ' tour. the full of this comic duo many 0 FREE ASSOCIATION THEATRE COMPANY characters »’»2 3 Aug 10-Sept 1. . so 3.little 00pmtime (4.15) . . Don' £4.5t0miss (£3.50)them. VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 * LUCKY BLUES black comedy music.Bessie Crazed theatricalLouisimpressario meets blues band to AAproduce absurdistwith musical. for feeling, for style, THE FRIGIDAIRES ••• Beckett for Aug misery? Aug 717 (not 12) 4.new 15pmplay (5.45)by Jonathan £3.00 (£2.Jones. 00) VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs. Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) _L9 LIFE COULD BE A DREAM They’re cool, they' r e fresh, they' r e sure not square!all. . The, fabulous foursome from theall-girl freezergroups compartment are back, with their singin' all-dancin' tribute to the of the ' 6 0s and ' 7 0s. Happy harmonising fromAugthe20)stars 11.of00pm the (12London Aug 13Sept 1 (not midnigcabaret ht) £4.circuit! 50 (£3.50) Gone Fishin’ Theatre Company - New York THE FRINGE CLUB and John McNiven Productions VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091 18 Nightly cabaret, musicparties till theandsmallspecial hours,guest live appearances radio shows, from discos,some dances, ceilidhs, impromptu ofQuiet thebands, best present and most famous names on the Fringe make the Club the place to be. and leisurelyfoodbyandday;drinkbustling and bubblyprices, through the nightsurprising until Sam. withs good atpeople knockdown it's hardly that Combined it's Edinburgh' biggest Club. 20,000 can' t be wrong! Openfrom Membership-£16 (SEASON), £9 (WEEKLY), £3.50 (DAILY). Available in advance the Fringe Office or from SLEEP WITH ME the Fringe Club evening FOR after SEASON 7.00pm. AND WEEKLY MEMBERSHIPS. PASSPORT PHOTOin theREQUIRED FRINGE CLUB CABARET Every evening from entertain 10pm in the Wine Bar and most nights and in therevue Cabaret Fringelateperformers comedy, music untilHall, the late hours. Relaxwill with friends,withhave a drinkstand-up, and sit back and enjoy yourselves. Never a dull moment. Aug 1 Cl10.ub 0Membershi 0pm (late)p. Free 10-Sept with Fringe RETURN TO THE JIVE CAFE-CRAIG IN THAT SWING Only showgood' last year to have theMcMURDO entire audience dancing! ThatTHANG Swing Thangsell-out are bloody Mon 201 Festival 8 45 m 10Times. 3 - P l -CLUB °l MEMBERSHIP £5 00 (£4.00 SUPDCY nge Club Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE FORandTHEFriFP/EN/NG. MONTAGE —SAXTET Outstanding saxophone Themusic, Independent. world of varied musical images from North Africa, virtuosity' jazz, Irish pipe US fusionA and lO-Septl orchestral masterworks. ^S (not Suns) 7. 0 0pm (8. 3 01 £4. 5 0 (£4. 0 0 SUPDCY and Fri n ge Cl u b Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING. THE FUNNY FARM inFARM THE FUNNY FARM Fresh from their world conquering T.V. TUC CIIN,MV series, THE FUNNY present - hilarious evening of Scottish stand-up comedy. Aug 10 SeptWOW!!! 1 (not Thurs 30) 9.15pm (10.45) £4.50 (£4.00 SUPDCY and Fringe Club TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FRINGE CLUB MEMBERSHIP FOR THE EVENING. ' TRAVELS FROMpresents EASTERN TO THEprogramme WESTERNof ISLES-SIMPSON PIRIE Including Simpson a Hungary, lightEUROPE and Romania, relaxing musicScandinavia arranged andfor violin. musictofrom Russia, Scotland, Ireland, this promises be a truly international evening. Accompanied by a variety a nexv comedy by Simon HCocfi ofAugmusician friends. (Performance in the Wine Bar). 1018 8.30pm (10.00) Free with Fringe Club Membership SONGS FROM ' S ET ME FREE —2 CAJUN ACES Kim and Kenny Buster Brown’s, Venue #60,27 Market St. Heights play songs from s new LP 'SinettheMeWine Free' Bar) and from cajunDeaf and Tex-Mex music8.original on accordian and thewith violin.Group' (Performance August 11 - Sept. 1,6.00 PM Aug 1925 3 0pm (10. 0 0) Free Fri n ge Cl u b Membership Preview Saturday Aug. 10, 6.00 PM BEBOPofJAZZ—THE JOE NORMAL backtrioandformat enjoy (Performance a drink to thein sounds mainstream/bebop jazz piano TRIO in the Sitclassic Tickets £3.50, reservations (031) 226-4224 the Aug 28WineSeptBar). 1 8.30pm (10.00) Free with Fringe Club Membership 42

THE SPOOKSamidst WITH THE BIKINI CLUBandWhacky moptopin fourpiece, The Spooks, lights, videos projections anBar).affectionate parody ofperform a 10,'60'IB.live s 24,night31 club.swirling in thewithDisco Aug 9.0(Performance 0pm (2.30) Frag FringeParkClubRoom MambBrahi p FRINGE CLUB DISCO A club within a club. Non-exclusive dance music House, Hip-Hop and Soul to Indie Pop, classic Punk and '60s, '70s and from '80s standards. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Aug 18, 24, 31) 9.00pm (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership KITH & KINfreshKickfromass'Twith Kith & Kin, ex Critterhill Varmints and Swamptrash musicians, Aug 10 12 midnight (2.30)he BigFreeDay'withinFriGlasgow. nge Club Membarship CRAIG SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE Master and otherMcCALLUM folk dances with this energetic ceilidh band. Whirl,BAND twirl and reel theScottish night 12 midnight (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership RHYTHM CHILLUN are auralgrooves, experience of funky Their livewithsetsoulful fuses hard funk, dub, heavy dance skankin' reggaeproportions. and rap delivered energy. Aug 17 'M12ischievous midnight (2.hard 30) funkers' Free withTheFriList. nge Club Membership THE OCCASIONALS This six-piece band with caller,theto help those new to the antics, will warmtraditional you up Scottish and haveceilidh you dancing through Aug 22, 31 12 midnight (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership GRAND UNION dance CABARET WORLDfromMUSIC Jazz-influenced, multicultural, infectious rhythms.BAND Musicians around globe. Irresistable carnival from members UniontheOrchestra. Aug 25 spirit 12 midnight (2.30) ofFreethewithcelebrated Fringe ClubGrand Membership DEAF CAJUNsongsACES ScottishHEIGHTS band featuring fromMuch their anticipated excellent newre-appearance album 'Set Meof this Free'talented . Highly danceable, Aug 29 12high-energy—Deaf midnight (2.30) FreeHeights. with Fringe Club Membership THE HUMPFF FAMILY Cool,Western, hip and funky, this and musicpop.is a mixture of traditional Scottish, Sept 1 ragtime, 12 midnightCountry (2.30) & Free with Fribluegrass nge Club Membership FRINGE ofBINGE-BBC RADIO The SCOTLAND pinnacles performance from the and tomorrow. essence ofNewFringe comedyin and music distilled downtzars to 903.today minutes. Aug 18 0 0pm (5. 0 0) Free Entrance by Ticket, available in advance from Fringe Box Office. FRINGEactsFEVER RADIO LIGHTstand-ups, ENTERTAINMENT Sweat it out with the hottest the—BBC Fringe; delirious comedy. Aug 19, 28 by onTicket 6.00pm (7.00) hysterical Entrance available inFreeadvance from the Fringe Box Office. THE THEATRE S INFORMATION CENTRE The ITIINTERNATIONAL promotesarts.international exchangeINSTITUTE' knowledge the Become ofa member andofworld-wide. find out aboutandthetheatre benefitspractice of beingwithin part ofAuganperforming international network 75 centres 13-31 (not Suns) 1.30pm (5.30) Free

ITC SURGERY SESSIONS AND INFORMATION RESOURCE 300youIndependent Theatre belong ITC and turn itonformembership. support. Should be one them? ITCcompanies can discuss yourtoneeds and advisetoLibrary). Information, booksof and free leaflets also available. (In the Club Aug 18, 25 2.30pm (4.30) Free WHAT'S WHAT IN THEpay,THEATRE INDUSTRY-SEMINAR ITC andtheatre? Equity explain union membership. Heading for professional This19,is 27forit allyou.—Contracts, (In the(4.30)Club Library). Aug 2.30pm Free FIRSTtoSTEPS-STARTING A THEATREstructures; COMPANY-SEMINAR essential guide legal, financial and management funding, companyTheprofile and policies. Aug 20, 26 2.30pm (4.30) Free FRINGE the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGto Election of Fringe Board Members, report last 12 Tea months with25fullon discussion. andFreeand coffeea chance served. voice ideas, opinions and comments Aug 10. 0 0am (1. 0 0) Informal discussion begins at 11.3Qam. VENUE 12—Bristo Square Piazza, Teviot Row, by Fringe Club Info 226 5257 or 5259. L9 MR. BOOM-CHILDREN' S ONE-MAN BAND Sing and dance along with Mr. Boom, no need travel Free to thechildren' moon!s Meet hearandhis spaceship landingto there. show atfor2allintheBristo family.Square, Bringyou’ll cushions friends. Aug 18 Show 2.00pmindoors (3.00) in theFreeFringe Club if wet. FRINGE SUNDAY IN ASSOCIATION WITH ‘THE OBSERVER’ ° ’ VENUE-Holyrood Park, foot of the Royal Mile Info 226 5257 or 5259. SUNDAY or AofLARK INand THEcolour PARKfor'Holyrood Park . .funHollywood style! AFRINGE sparkling explosion music the biggest happening Edinburgh' Evening News. Staged in ahundereds spectacularof Fringe open-airperformers setting gather with thetoin magnificent backdrop of Arthur' s Seat, entertain you with excerpts ofJugglers, their productions and tailor-made showsmagicians created especially forbuskers. Fringe Sunday.events singers,along acrobats, trickbands, cyclists, and roving Special for children with pipe clog dancers, inflatable mazes toandgetenjoy lost in, and a large music tent make it a special day for all the family. Aug 19 1.Come 00pm (5.30) Freethe Fringe for free: 'frankly it's fun going to Holyrood’.

nTH€ ITRLim FRCTORV just good quality clothes Beautiful Italian made clothes for men and women at factory prices ENRICO COVERI • BASILE • OUI D ACCORD • CLARK • SISLEY • HAMNETT CLOSED • GIRBAUD • GAULTIER • III MILLENNIO • KELIAN • CAVALLINI • AND MANY OTHERS Massive choice of styles from casual to classic at quite unbelievable prices! 23 - 25 South Bridge, Edinburgh Tel 031 556 5818 Open Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri 10am - 5.30pm • Thurs 10am - 6.30pm • Sat 9.30am - 5.30 pm AMEX • VISA • ACCESS 43

GOLD BIER IHE GILDED BALLOON Scotland’s Major Comedy Venue 233 Cowgate •Open 10am - 1.30am •Box Office 226 2151

Mark Hurst Yorkshire comic with hilarious tales of pets, pasta, and psychiatry, class struggle and coupledom.

STUDIO Children’s Art Workshop Entertainment for children. The Tale of Beatrix Potter Extraordinary and lyrical journey. Friends of the Famous See them on their ‘tired and emotional Nineties’ tour. 30 Somehow Presented by Jenny Eclair, Julie Balloo and Maria Callous. Lies, deceit and lasagne. Mark Hurst Masterful comedy from the star of Sheffield. Jo Brand, Patrick Marber, James MacAbre Brave, intelligent and funny. Mark Steel Astounding array of characters and accents. Stand-up Canada Post-colonial music and madness.

Stu Who? ‘Has one of the funniest and most extended repertoires.. .authentic Glasgow subversive’. The Scotsman

Mark Steel The show that ruined Thatcher. Acting, improvising, playing the piano, all from this brilliant comic.

MAIN One of our Monsters is Mything Hilarious children’s show. Dads in Bondage New musical comedy from Canada. Prophet Bites Dog Presenting Ben Keaton. Downtown Uproar Jiving Lindy Hoppers in a toe-tapping, hip-swinging jazz show. Black and White Comedy Absurd Persons Plural Cambridge Footlights. Miss them and weep. Chris Lynam Comedy with pyrotechnics. Pure Shi’ite by Stu Who? Sex, Drugs and Rotton Rolls Members of the Funny Farm. Ronnie and the Rex are LateVLive From London’s Comedy Store.

Jo Brand Veteran of ‘Comic Abuse’ presenting a new show of stand-up comedy and music with James MacAbre and Patrick Marber.

BACKSTAGE An Audience With Margot Sessions Enigmatic actress and authoress. McLennan Alone - Oscar McLennan An extraordinary performer. Spontaneous Combustion in True Confessions Definitely recommended. Sweeney and Steen Steve and Jim in an improvised thriller. A One Night Stand With Sean Hughes. Faith Hope and Comedy Presenting Kevin Day and John Motoney. Empty Pockets and Greg Fleet Australian comedians, satanists and sports lovers. C 0 M P E T I T I 0 lT So You Think You’re Funny Your chance to strut your stuff. Only at the Gilded Balloon.

THE FUNNY FARM VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091 L8 THE FUNNY FARM Synonymous withcollective—come the words HAfresh and from Ha, THE FARM—Scotland' s foremost comedy theirFUNNY world conquering TV series to provide the seeds of an hilarious evenings entertainment. Al2 lshows!! you have to do is reap the rewards! SPECIAL OFFER!! 2 shows for the price of Aug 10 SeptPRICE 1 (notINCLUDES Aug 30) FRINGE 9.15pm 110.CLUB 45) MEMBERSHIP £4.50 (£4.00 SUPDCY & Fringe Club Members) TICKET FOR EVENING FUSION ° ^ VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Plata Tickets 226 5425 D6 ONE STREAM FLOWS INTO ANOTHER Since 1981, Fusion have made decisive impacthavewithreturned their witty, innovative work. After aofsell-out week at lastinspired year'as Festival they with this celebratory piece musical theatre, by recent Aug 27 Septevents 1 3.and 00pmSouth 14.00) African £3.50poet (£2.50)and musician Eugene Skieff. GARDEN HISTORY SOCIETY 25TH ANNIVERSARY q ■ VENUE 103-Edinburgh University Fine Art Dept., 19 George Square. L8 LITTLE FESTIVAL OF GARDENS Talk 1: W. Brogden HISTORY OF SCOTTISH GARDENS; 2: J.A. Smith ORIENTAL GARDEN AT DUNKELD; 3: C. Dingwall GARDENS IN GARDENS THE WILD;IN SCOTLAND; 4: J. Aitken O.GEORGE FORREST; 5:CASTLE. D. Howard RENAISSANCE Duncan With exhibition on Gertrude Jekyll and two on 6:garden historyMEGGINCH nearby. George Square Garden open. TalTalkkss 13&&2:4:AugAug2122 1212noon (12. 4 5) 2. 0 0pm (2. 4 5) £1. 0 0 Pay at door noon(12.(12.445)5) 2.2.000pm0pm(2.(2.445)5) Talks 5 & B: Aug 23 12 noon THE GARE ST. LAZARE PLAYERS—CHICAGO VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★ STORIES The Garehave St. Lazare Players work inmusty Paris &cellar Chicago. inParismanypressheavily has written 'theybigprobably more integrity in their subsidised Paristales; theatres' . Forintimate Edinburgh, the Paris companythanpresents STORIES. Monologues and ' g ritty, and honest' . Aug 13-18 12 noon (1.15) £3.25 (£2.50) GAY YOUTH MANCHESTER * , , VENUE 119-Calton Centra 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 ★different THAT toWAY INCLINED Ever thought you were the only person with feelingsto others? Ever been in love and told all? Ever been in love and unable tell Ever hurt with pain so intense, you wanted to run and run until you’re dead! (Beingany? Aug 2731lesbian)8.00pm (9.30) £2.50 (£2.00) GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE VENUE 37-George Square Theatre, George Squara Tickets 667 3704 M9 PAL JOEYChicago, NYMT's1938—Joey sparkling newhitsproduction ofworld classicof Rodgers anddetermined Hart big-bandto musical. the sleazy night-clubs sing and sleep his way to the top. The women have other ideas. Great songs Bewitched, Bothered9.3and Bewildered—the best musical bet on the Fringe — Aug 1121 AtiAug Aug 18,15, 21IB(not 19)4.6.040pm 5pm (6.(9.0pm 135)0) (12 midnight) £5.00 (£3.50) i ★ OCTOBER'S CHILDREN the writers RAGGEDbackdrop CHILD —7,500,000 irunaccommodated' children. From Massive Russianof THE Revolution for major ilmusical premier. Aug 10, 1217, 20, 22. 24. 2d /. 0 0pm (9. 1 0) £6. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) tiAug 14, 17-22, 25 4.00pm (6.10) XAPTAIN 'THRILLING ANDunderworld BEAUTIFUL'exposed The Times. Classic NYMT hFringe FirstSTIRRICK winner. London’s at Bartholomew Fair, i81807. (Recommended age(9.810)&juvenile upwards). Aug 23, 2BSept 1 7. 0 0pm £5. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 24 4. 0 0pm (6. 1 0) Aug 2831 10.00am (12.10) (TRICK & adaptation, TREAT PRODUCTIONS AND THEhighly GIANTentertaining PEACH:i >|Excellent marvellous use ofLTDsetJAMES and costume-a I yug;how1325for (notchildren' 19, 23) The 11.Scotsman. 00am (12.15) £4,00 (£2.50) CALEDONIA AMERICANA! Scotland' leadingbybrass the Greatest ofBRASS Broadway and Hollywood withs music Berlin,ensemble Gershwin,recallPorter bind manyhitsmore. \ ug 1318 1.00pm (2.30) £4.00 (£2.50) RESTLE THEATRE LAMFIPARNASO, AN EVERYDAY STORY OF JlESTAURANT FOLK. ACOMPANY comic soup-opera for all palates by the ingeniously innovative tug 20-29 (notmasked 23) theatre 1.00pm (3.group. 00) £6.00 (£3.50) , UPERT PARKER CONCERT harpistharpwithcreates a difference! his band, and the beautifulINsound of the The electric unique,With inspirational Ktauntingly vocative ig 30-Septmusic. 1 1.00pm (2.30) £5.00 (£3.50) CT ONE-SCENE ONE LUMPY from this ii 389 (hilarating 50 strong young company.CUSTARD. The story Smash of successRockandMusical how it affects us. Barclays ig 2B-Sept 1 Winners. 4.00pm (5.40) £5.00 (£3.50) ULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY BOUNCERS by John Godber. 90' s nightlife s glaidII Sept bare1 in(notthisSuns)sythingly12.15am funny(1.45)comedy.£6.5'0D(£5. on't00)miss this farewell tour' IT AND THE WIDOW perform their adaptation of Camille Saint-Saens 'Carnival Animals' l |; gthe22-Sept 1 —10.a 0bestiary 0pm (11.15)for your £6.00moral (£5.00)improvement.

RALPH IN CONCERT The quintessential Englishandsongnewwriter ofEvocation acousticMcTELL guitar a selection of old favourites songsandfrommaster 'An Dylan(12.performs Thomas' Aug 19 11.of00pm 15) £5.. 00 THE GRANDcelebrities GEORGEincluding SQUARE extravaganza and Fringe RalphGALA McTell,Don'Kitt miss and thethisWidow and otherof Festival special guests Aug 19 —Book 7.30pmnow(10.to30) avoid£6.disappointment. 00 GESTURES DANCE COMPANY o < * VENUE 73-Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Lauriston PI. Tickets 229 1003 K7 BREAKING NEW GROUND Gestures, Manchester' s foremost contemporary dance company, bring ' B reaking New Ground' to the Festival. A varied programme with new New choreography by Earl LLoyd Hepburn, Emilyn AnClaidinspiring and Peter plus 'Breaking Ground'forchoreographed by the company. andPurdy, accessible programme Aug 27 Sept 1 of dance 8.45pm (10.all00)Festival-goers. £4.00 (£3.00) THE GHOST OF JOE SEPPI ° m9m VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 mo ★between THE GHOST OF JOE SEPPI A musician' s soul, trapped in a ghostly torment life andto thedeathsoul. to. desperate to relive the passion ofmusic. his lifetime —music!' Itforis lovers refreshing return to the emotional basics of Recommended musicSuns)from the Aug 13 Sept of1 (not 1.00pmSwing (2.00)Era. £3.00 (£2.50 SPDCY) GILDED BALLOON THEATRE VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. —— Tickets 226 2151 Sponsored by GOLD BIER In association with GOLD BIER entertainment Scotland's majorforcomedy offers theatres, presenting the finest all you' ages.llvenue Gildedstimulating Balloona choice Theatreof ('the venuerevue,on the Fringe' Thesong Independent) is where find theatre, musical hip-swinging & dance, and the sharpest stand-up comedians. There's plenty for kids too. GILDED BALLOON STUDIO THEATRE CHILDREN' S ARTbased WORKSHOP Entertainment children followed by an informal workshop on ideas generated by theforperformance. All materials provided. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Mons) 10.3D»m (12noon) £2.00 Ticket* at venue only ★ London TALE OF BEATRIX Extraordinary and lyrical journey from solitary finalPOTTER Aug 10-Sept 1 (not childhood Mens) 12.to30pm (2.happiness 30) £4.0as0 (£3.unlikely 00) Lake District farmer. FRIENDS OF THE FAMOUS Currently in their own BBC radio comedy. See them on their emotional Aug 10-Sept'tiredI and3.00pm (4.30) nineties' £4.50 (£3.tour.50) 30 SOMEHOW Video women present Jenny Eclair, Julie Balloo and Maria Callous in 'e10verything Aug Sept 1 (notthatMons)Steel Magnolia' 5.00pm (6.s30)isn’t' £4.Media 50 Show. Lies, Deceit and Lasagne.

‘VISITING DISTRICT humorist, composer, conservationist, husband, father, friend... This legendary founder member of the Goon Show will be making his Edinburgh Fringe debut. Not to be missed! AUGUST 20th-25th 9.15pm THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS (MUSIC HALL) £7.50 (Concessions £6.00) REDUCED PRICE PREVIEWS. AUGUST 20th-21st. 45

GILDED BALLOON THEATRE-t MARKpasta HURST AKA MIWURDZ struggle Join the Yorkshire Comic with hilarious tales of pets, Aug 10 Sept 1 and 7.psychiatry—class 00pm (8.15) f5.00 (£4.00) and coupledom. JO BRAND, PATRICK MARBER, JAMES MacABRE Veterans of Comic Abuse' present Aug 10-Septa new 1 (notshow Mans)of stand-up 8.30pm 19.comedy 50) £5.and00 music. (£4.00) MARKallSTEEL Thebrilliant show that ruined Thatcher. Acting, improvising, playing the piano, from this comic. And quite a Aug 10-Sept 1 10.15pm 111.30) £5.00 (E4.00) nice bloke. STAND-UP CANADA 1989 Perrier nominees AL & GEORGE joined by solo comedian Aug 10-Sept RON 1 VAUDRY. IZmidnight Post-Colonial (1.30) £5.00 mirth, (£4.00) music and madness. GILDED BALLOON MAIN THEATRE ONE OFbattleOURagainst MONSTERS IS MYTHING Hilarious children's show-daring heroesWSept Aug 30amthe(12.baddest 30) £3.baddies 50 (£2.00)of Greek legend. Grannies free1 with 11.3 children ★ DADScopeIN with BONDAGE New 'musical comedyrevue’hit Globe from Canada. Stay-at-home Fathers Aug 10-Sapt 1 (not ¥ons)their babies. 1.00pm (2.Clever, 001 zippy £5.00 (£4.00) & Mail. ★Llewellyn. PROPHET BITES DOG Perrier Award Winner Ben directorEvening Robert 'Keaton presents visionary comedy, irresistableKeaton, and original' Aug 10 Sept 1 3.00pm (4.15) £4.50 (£3.50) DOWNTOWNandUPROAR by KENjazzLEE.dance The Jiving Lindyshow. Hoppers in an eye-popping, toe-tapping, Aug W Sept 1 (not Aughip-swinging 201 5.00pm (6.30) and£5.0song 0 (£4.00) USA COMEDY TODAY Cathy Ladman and Larry Amoros. Essential American stand-up Aug WSeptcomedy—will 1 (not Aug 201 have7.1you 5pm rolling (8.45) in £6.your00 seats. (£5.00) ABSURD PERSONSrevue. PLURAL them Worldandfamous FOOTLIGHTS in sharp & sophisticated Aug 1020 9.musical 00pm (10.15) £5.Miss00 (£4. 00) weep. CHRIS LYNAM Outrageous comedy with pyrotechnics, acrobatics,bizarre chocolate, cookery and firework up the bottom. Controversial, hair-raising, and hilarious. Aug 21-Sept 1 9.00pm (10.00) £5.50 (£4.50) STU WHO! in PURE Glasgow SHI’ITE 'Has one Scotsman. of the funniest and most repertoires 'The Wizard of Odd'extended Times. Aug 18-25 . .10.authentic 45pm (12midnight) subversive' £5.00 (£4.00) SEX, DRUGS AND ROTTEN ROLLS Having starred in their own TV series, members of the Funny Farm present a riotous evening of comedy. Aug 10-17, Aug 2B Sept 1 10.45pm (^midnight) £5.00 (£4.00) AND THE REXwitGetandRex' d after midnight —from London's Comedy Store aRONNIE hectic Aug WSeptmix1 (notof music, Suns) 12.30amsurprise (Late) guests. £5.50 (£4.50) GILDED BALLOON BACK STAGE THEATRE MARGOT SESSIONS —a world of my own. The enigmatic, popular actress & authoress Aug 10-Sept invites 1 (net Augyou13,to20.enter 28) her12.world. 30pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00) ★unique MCLENNAN ALONE There' s only one and he's back. With notes on time. 'A Aug 10-Sept& extraordinary 1 luot Mens) Performer' 2.00pm (3.151Time Out. £4.00 (£3.00) SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION in TRUEas this—definitely CONFESSIONSrecommended' If only scripted comedy achieve half as much lunacy Time Out.10-Septcould Aug 1 4.00pm (5.30) £4.50 (£3.50) SWEENEY & STEEN ' P LAY BY EAR' an improvised thriller. ' . . inspired improvisers, Aug 10-Sept 1 hilarious 6.00pm. .(7.' 3The 0) Times. £5.00 ’ (£4.. . The 00) best comedy impro act . . ' Time Out. AFestival' ONE NIGHT STAND WITH SEAN HUGHES Back at the Gilded 'Highlight of Aug 10-Sept/V/W£—this 1 (not Monslnew show fl.OOpmcombines (9.30) Theatre £4.50 (£3.with50) the best of stand-up comedy. FAITH HOPE AND COMEDY Kevin Day and John Moloney. Double bill of high grade11-Sept stand1 loot up plus Aug Aug 13,inspirational 20. 301 music. 10.00pm 111.151 £5.00 (£4.00) EMPTY POCKETS AND GREG FLEET If your brain has a fifth gear, chuck it into overdrive Aug 10 SeptandI (notjoinAugus13,on20.the301mental11.3motorway 0pm (12.30) of life.£4.50 (£3.50) GLANCE-ASKANCE THEATRE CO. »• VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre. 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★ the SHRIEKING SAPPHIRES Newsisters, choreographed theatre fromcruelly Glance-Askance. Ingrotesque confrontation between 2 concealed truths are bared in a displayhaveoftheirmoments past andmythology present. areImages of and contemporary obsessions that seeds in ancient dissected magnified ' in a 1225 mixture Aug (not ofMonburlesque, 20) 11.physical 05am (11.50)comedy.£3.5Adults. 0 (£3.00) GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE ° ■ ^3 VENUE 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 'Strathclyde Pick of the Fringe' ' 8 8, GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE presents new writing. Partbringof Regional Council' s Community Education Service, we try to professional education toandparticipate offer theandopportunity for anyone regardless of arts age orcloser socialtobackground, learn in a professional ★falseTHEprophet? RETURN by Robin Lindsay Wilson. PREMIER. The Redeemer returns! A Aug 20-25 12.A00 mad noon man? (1.10) A £2.miracle? 50 (£1.5Blasphemy? 0) BALL BOYSGame, by Davidset Edgar. A lowly ball boy seeks revenge against Swedish Tennis Champion. Aug 40pmbelow. (2.50)andPricematch! £2.is5for0 (£1.both50)plays. Doubl2025 e bill with1.play AuglyNEWMarySTEP Mary'dance. s flat-mate is beautiful. The Collector calls, learns0by0pmaLeonard new andCohen. Aug (3.40)Price £2.liberating Doubl2025 e bill with3.play above. is 5for0 (£1.both50)plays. 46

<yoiCEi A “It is a noble music, full of different sounds, l unexpected rhythms, a happy music, but always with a certain sadness, the loneliness of a homeless people.” Boston Globe. OF “Voice of the Turtle has once again kindled the fires of long ago in their outstanding and imaginative performance.” Cambridge Express. THE? , “Fascinating cultural blend. Immense vitality, lively | instrumental accompaniment...ecstatic arabesques... powerfully expressive songs & music which will leave no one unmoved.” New York Times. Y^RTLiEr - PRESENT ,,q pATHS OF

fe Jews “Pathswho of Exile” fascinating the fled traces from the Spain at the history time ofofthe Inquisition. Their music is a wonderful fusion of Jewish, Spanish, Moslem and various other cultural fiT/ collection strains. It ofis performed an astonishingly diverse instrumentsonfrom the Near and Middle L East, as well as from Medieval and Renaissance times. A compelling musical experience. Venue 90: ST.MARKS UNITARIAN CHURCH 1 Castle Terrace (Close to Usher Hall). Tickets £3.50 L Sat 18th...12.35pm; Sun 19th - Fri 24th....6.10pm r (J (Not Wed, Thu) A r Sat 25th...6.40pm; Sun 26th - Thu 30th....6.10pm » (Not Tue) ^ jjjj’yoicEi op thei

THE SHAWL by Davidexample Mamet. A mystic cheats a bereaved woman of her inheritance. Aug 20-25 Intriguing 4.05pm (5.20) £2.5of0 (£1.Mamet' 50) s mastery of American dialect. FRENZY by Eugene Ionesco. Two lovers argue over tortoises and snails while the FOR world4TWO them. Aug 5pmfallsbelow. (6.apart 35)Pricearound £2.is 5for0 (£1.both 50)plays Doubl2025 e bill with5.play THE SUNDAY WALK by GeorgestheMichael. family stroll through bullets — torturers—police ultimateAchallenge! Aug 45pmviolence—to (7.50)Price £2.isface 5for0 (£1.both50)plays Doubl2025 e bill with6.play above. RAT IN ATHEpowerful SKULL byhighly Ron Hutchinson. Complex interrogation of a terrorist suspect. Aug 2025 8.15pm (9.and 45) £2.50relevant (£1.50) drama. 'Brilliant' Evening Times. ★Sexual VARIATIONS ON A FRUIT MACHINE by Robin Lindsay Wilson. PREMIER. Aug 2025rebellion10.0to0pmsocial (11.30)conformity. £2.50 (£1.Random 50) mating rituals! (The way of all flesh?) DAVID GLASS NEW MIME ENSEMBLE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 POPEYE IN EXILE —A classic tale of romance andMime, adventure. The firstandeveroutrageous staging of this wonderful comic combining Melodrama slapstick.gutsy, 'Wonderful witty Michael . . a superbly lurid entertainment' 'An earthy, popularandshow' Billington, The Guardian.The'AObserver. resounding success' Aug 10 SeptTime 1 lootOut.13. 20,' . .20)astonishing 4.00pm and (5.30)accomplished' £6.00 (£4.00)20/20 Magazine. GLEN THEATRE VENUE 118—Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Midlothian. Tickets 440 2159. PI Outer MASQUE ROSSLYN A traditional beautiful pageant performed in 'a Times. venue which has toOF no witness' equal' Evening News.500'Sand hould beof seen by told everyone' Festival 'dance, A delight Scotsman. years history in mime, musid and in full period costume with colour and excitement. Our eighth year! Aug (10.00) £4.50 (£3.50) /,Preview: ug 10.11, 1013.Aug14.9 7.10.30pm20.8.30pm (9.21,00)23,(10.27,00) 20 £3.58.030pm (£2.50) * SCORPIO (THE BEGINNING) A visually exciting and dramatic piece. The second coming! With thought provoking AugAug 11,17,10,2425, 30,9.30pm 31 (11.10.00)30pm (1225, mi30,dni31ght)undertones £4.0pm50 (10.(£3.for050)0)the 90s. Aug 8. 3 Preview: Aug 0 9.30pm (11.00) £3.50 (£2.50) AMieras—voice/clarsach, TAPESTRY OF TRADITIONAL MUSIC Jeanie Wheater-mandolin, Isobel i Aug 15, IS 8.00pm (9.30)present£3.5Scots 0 (£2.50)music from Shetland to Borders. Apresented SCOTTISH GARLANDMcKerchar An evening of Scots songs, ballads and Hebridean Airs Aug 22, 20 by 8.Rosemary 00pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.(voice 50) and clarsach). PALESTRINA Assumtta Est Maria. Mass plus Marian Motets by Palestrina, Guerrero Canto. Aug 29 etc.8.00pmPerformed (9.30) by£3.Bel50 (£2. 50) Director —David Buchanan-Cook. GONE FISHIN’ THEATRE COMPANY/ A JOHN MCNIVEN PRODUCTION •••• VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 ★sexual SLEEP WITH ME Fanny leaves her husband in search of the most intense experience ever experienced!!! New, innovative, adult possibility comedy from New York. Are all sexual relationships sado-masochistic? Or is there in coitus? Do our sexual organs leadforuschildren. by the nose? Or allow for transcendent, joyous, erotic intimacy? Aug Sept Not 1 Augsuitable 15) (7.1£3.5) 50 (£2.00) Free 12preview: 116.00pm6.(7.00pm

GREYFRIARS VENUE 28—Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 Oxmad againart exhibitions, play host atandthea new new-look Greyfriars: Downstairs, a cafehousing and restaurant, cabaret room, upstairs the theatre award winningIn addition, theatre companies, music,s Cabinet’ featuringClubthepresents inimitable Earl Okin and Izzard. an ad-hoc mixture ofEddiecomedy and music atLondon' half pasts 'Joker' midnight. Directly opposite Traverse. EDDIE IZZARD People talk of him in the hushed tones of those who have a throat problem. improvised, 'wonderfully funny' Independent. Aug 13 SeptAugSurreal, 1 loot Previews: 11 &20.12 27) 6.00pm6.00pm(7.15)(7.15) Ft—£3.50 (£3.00) JOHNNY IMMATERIAL' S '1958' 'Completely original' and 'irresistably offbeat' (it says Aug 11-Septhere). 1 (notTime 20. 27,Out30)award7.3winner. 1pm (8.45)'A fine£3.comedian' 50 (£3.00) The Stage. EARL OKIN-SEX SYMBOL OF THE 90' S Elegant, seductive things!11 SeptMen'1 s Lib8.3has book early. and other horny Aug 2pm arrived. (10.00) Avoid £4.50disappointment, (£4.00) IVOR DEMBINACity AND SIMONandBLIGH High class('Vstand-up from IVOR DEMBINA ('skilled Aug 11 Septcomedy' 1 loot Tues) Limits) 9.00pm (10.SIMON 00) £4.BLIGH 00 (£3.00)ery funny' Scotsman). STAND-UP AND HIDE WITH OWEN O' N EILL Talking about giants, midgets, psychopaths, in a bed,10.and Aug 12 Sept 1 lootfiveThurs) 00pmCatholicism. (11.00) £4.0'P0owerfully (£3.00) funny' Time Out. TO'TopMIDNIGHT One of the best Late Night Cabarets you are going to57seeMINUTES this 1year. notch' Aug 13-Sept loot Tues) 11.03piThen (12.Times. 33) £4.00 (£3.50) JOKERS CABINET This London Club an ad-hoc of musicringandus comedy—just turn6002 up, and perform —or presents listen. Food available.mixture Performers now on 071-498 for a booking. Aug 11 Sept 1 12. 3 0pm (2. 0 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Tickets at venue only GREYFRIARS MUSIC ° VENUE 131-Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 1900. K8 LUNCHTIME ORGAN RECITALS AT GREYFRIARS Hear the new Peter Collins three manual 49 stop mechanical action pipe organ in this historic city-centre church. programme day, played by(open Edinburgh organists. Mon-Fri daily1317. at Different 1.10pm. Collect leaflet(2.every Aug 2024. 2731 1.a10pm 00)from the£3.0church 0 (£2.00) 10-4) for full details. GUIGNOL ET CIE VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 THE LOVE OF DON PERLIMPLIN AND BELISA IN THEsingers GARDEN by Lorca. Erotic, grotesque puppets perform half naked with exquisite in a beautifully costumed periodand fantasy of desire,bar.obsession and death. Haunting folk song, decadent jazz a fully8.15pmlicensed In00a (£3.double Aug 1 lootplay fri)below. 00) bill with a new play . . Doubl9eSept bill with Price (10.is for15) both£4.plays. ★ SNOWmime, WHITE ANDandTHEmusic SEVEN DEADLY SINS innocence. by Sophia Kingshill. Actors, puppets, to seduce Aug 1 (notplayFrimasks )above.8.1Price 5pm (10.is for15) combine Doubl9eSept bill with both £4.plays.00 (£3.00)


THE GOREMUCHECHE COMPANY ° • » VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 ★ ADVENTURES OF TSITSI Tsitsi iss born, a gold. husband mustwas be found. was as if God had& provided the M'she pofu' with aalready pieceto offetch Ascattle. Tsitsi thestory onlyIt daughter of Mr Mrs M' p ofu, was expected ten A true by Grace Aug 13-25 (notYoung. Sun) 11.00am (12 noon) £4.00 (£2.50) THE GRASSMARKET PROJECT ° VENUE 21-The Grassmarket Mission, The Grassmarket. J7 ★based GLAD Written and directed by Jeremy Weller. Dialogue by the cast. A new play on the men lives and experiences of soalong calledwith 'downprofessional & outs' fromactors. the Grassmarket itself. These take part in the play This is the real 20Sept theatre1 offnottheSun)gutter.7.30pm (9.45) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug GREEN DOOR REHEARSALS — 2 VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 ★ HER The feminist answer to beHAIR. Liverpool based musical about Earthus toandthink the struggle to save Her. ' C ould not on two better subject matters. Forces about and be aware ofDetroit what's happeningNewsletter. around us. Important for us all to see a presentation Aug 26 Sept 1 like11.this.' 10am (12.40) Womens £2.50 (£1.001 47

GUSTO HOUSE: NEW YORK VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 HOUSE CABARET The Wizard ofof Ozthemeets AtillaN.theY. Times Hun. Onin Broadway, noGUSTO less. Legendary GUSTO HOUSE, ' o ne top clubs' New York, five wickedly clever performers. 'AnGustoeclectic show that 'grows funnier as itpresents unfurls' Aug 13 Sept Village 1 (not 20.Voice. 27) In 10.any10pmlanguage 111.50) £4.50 means (£3.50) FUN' Cover Arts.

HATTIE HAYRIDGE & JACK DEE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 HATTIEstand-ups HAYRIDGEto &haveJACKemerged DEE 'Rinising stars' Sunday Times.double-bill Two of thewithrr & original cutting edge. Dee: Hattie'Paramount Hayridge: City' TV 'Fandridayrecent Nightforyears. Live' , Comedy 'Paramount City' and 'Rec*! Dwarf' . Jack ' J ust Laughs' . Aug 1025 10.00pm (11.20) £5.50 (£4.50 SUP0V)

HAFREN THEATRE VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 ★ PULCINELLA' REVENGE As bright future . . ? OrdeU' willawerte play builddeveloped the '90s onby stale old values? InScompany, Bob Wallbank' hilarious commedia this young Welshplea Pantalone' s. PR. hotfirm attempts to sell the1989. '80s to the 'Aug90s.13-18 'A virulent for today' s youth and raw' Scotsman 3.45pm (4.45) £2.50 (£1.00)

HERRICK THEATRE VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 ★ THE SELFISH GIANTofOscar Wilde' spuppets, beautifulstory children' s story,Sing brought to theirl stage a bubblyvillain! mixture andchildren! and the songsin Boo thein wintry Cheer thepeople heroic Aevery familyyear. treatsong. from a multi-talentecf company: our family Christmas shows sell out Aug 13-18 11.00am (11.50) £3.00 (£2.00)

RAY HANNA VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. L10 * SCREAMS FROMRayTHE ROAD: TALES OF A MODERN VAUDEVILLIAN American comedian Hanna returns to the Edinburgh Festival with a new show based upon personal experiences ofRay'lifes onunique the road.ability The show to be a memorable evening combining for wrypromises observation, improvisation andAugmusical parody. Aug 11-Sept I (not 20, 30) 7. 0 0pm (7. 5 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) “ ' ' 9. 10 7.00pm (7.50) £3.50 HARBINGER THEATRE CO. VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 ORPHANS Lyle Kessler. Scottishwhom Premiere. Set inhasPhiladelphia, orphaned brothersconflict are bybefriended by a Astranger the elder totwokidnap. The ensuing of emotions between thetragedy. brothers createsattempted an byexplosive, compelling atmosphere in this ferocious American Sponsored BANKERS TRUST COMPANY. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns) 8.15pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.00) JEREMY HARDY & KIT HOLLERBACH VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 JEREMY HARDY &booze KIT andHOLLERBACH Former bar-room hell-raiser, Jeremy, abandoned a life of drugs to follow Jesus. Jesus gave him the slip so Jeremy wentandshopping. andmake licenced s engaging warm smile eagernessMovie to helpstarothers her adriver, welcomeKit'addition to anymanner, social function. Aug 1618 9.15pm (10.30) £6.00 (£5.00 SUPDY) HARSTON HARMONITES STEEL BAND VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 HARSTON HARMONITES STEEL BAND Enjoy the will sunshine of theentertain Caribbean with the exciting sound of steel pans. These children not only and delight you with their versatilemembers, performance, but invite you to join them in singing, dancing Aug 20-23and 1.for00pmthe(2.younger 10) £2.00 (£1.50) an opportunity to play. HAWKSMOOR PRODUCTIONS VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. LADY BRACKNELL' S CONFINEMENT Paul Doust. Augustaof thisBracknellmother, and infamous transvestite. Thebygrotesque eminent 'None Lady' butiswife dwarfed onlywillbyattend. the freakish verisimilitude ofphilosophy his physical the vulgar Book early. ' F unny, touching, above all,appearance. different. Go. ' City Limits. Aug 27-Sept 1 8.00pm (9.00) £4.50 (£3.50) HOT TEA and CLAIRE CHAPMAN ASSOCIATES LTD WAITING FOR SIR LARRY by GREG CRUTTWELL Directed by Geraldine McEwan Bedlam Theatre (Venue 49) August 13-25 (not Sunday) 6.15pm Tickets £4.50 (£4.00 cones.) Box office: 031 225 9893

HILL STREET THEATRE VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 DEATHWATCH Genet' storyofofthethreeother menandlocked away in their o'by a reality. ofEachhis isowntoJean some extents gripping a Areflection each is haunted sense imperfection. spellbinding mix of pain, passion, power andlr. illusion. Enthralling piece of theatre. Aug 12 SeptTicket 1 (not Offer—Deathwatch/A Aug 20) 6.05pm (7.15) Cry £4.From 00 (£3.The50 SUPDY) Special Depth £6.00 (£5.0 SUPDY) both shows. ★masks PLANET SERIOUS Comic extravaganza from Amsterdam. Clowning, and much more. Accessible theatre with something for everyone.mimej(In|(|! English). Aug 1218 Aug 19-25 (not10.Mon45am20)(11.45)12.45pm£5.(1.0045)(£3.00) A CRY based FROM THE DEPTHs 'Intensely theatre Notes Fromcompelling, Underground'passionate . (Refer 'Aand b Ovodisturbing Theatr^ Co.')12Sept 1 (notonAugDostoyevski' Aug 20) 7. 3 0pm (9. 0 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0 SUPDY) Special Ticket Offer—A Cry From The Depth/Deathwatch £6.00 (£5.00)( SUPDY) both shows. ■MARCO. k NOCTURNE FROM NOWHERE Raymond Chandler on Stage by GORDON DSC One man playloneliness. about the great thriller novelist/screenwriter. His passions,jsi prejudices, Aug 12-25 (nothumour, Aug 20) 4.15pm (5.45) £3.50 (£3.00) ★ SEX,Restoration SPIES AND PERIWIGS Baynard Theatre s newthrough play withwriting. mus= about, earn00)herCo.'living Aug 13-Sept 1 (not AugSpy, 20) and8.the 15pmfirst (9.45)woman£3.5to0 (£3. ★ MANY A SLAPmy'Tattitude WIXT CAP AND DICK 'Powerful Made me realise to images of women was .my. disturbing problem.' sexuality.iyi Nationam Aug 26 Sept 1 4.15pm (5.30) £2.50 (£1.50 SUPDY) BOB BOYTON ' T he Boot Goes In' . ' A sick marxist comic' Teddy Taylor M. P. 'Onejjr of the1225best(notcomics Aug Aug 20) with7.something 05pm (7.50) to say' £4.00Sunday (£3.00) Times. ★ THEandGOLDEN KEY Hilarious Barbie you to 'Ccomedy OME ONmusical DOWN'about . a game show. Nigel Nice,® Aug 1225 (not1Cindy Aug 1.20)1invite Aug 26-Sept 0pm (1.12.50)10am (12.50) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ ASLEEP TEN YEARS A theatre devised improvisationJp using text andFORmovement, exploring the darkpieceplaces of loss,through the shadowland o'"' separation. Aug 12-Sept 1 (not Aug 20) 5.05pm (5.50) £3.50 (£3.00) r SHRIEKING SAPPHIRES choreographed theatre from Glance-Askance.f Burlesque and physical comedyNew describe the grotesque relationship between two|y sisters. 11.05am (11.50) £3.50 (£3.00) ACRYLIC FUR FROM HELL New York' s legendary Gusto House unleashes^ 'wickedly Aug 13-Sept clever' 1 (not 20.parody, 27) comedy 10.10pm (11.and50)commentary. £4.50 (£3.5LET 0) THE GUSTO BEGIN. ★ RAINBOW 'ICE Powerful, exciting physicaltrapped theatre piece inspired by Irinalr Ratushinskaya. Aug 19-Sept 1 (not PAugiercingly 20) beautiful 6.10pm (6.—an 55) angel £3.00 (£2.50) in hell'. Publishers Weekly, y’1 JOHANNES KEPLER' S DREAM San Francisco' s dancer/choreographer Friedman weaves magic in movement. 'Complete harmony and grace.' New—Leslie-bi De//?/fS Statesman. Aug 1218 12.15pm (1.45) £3.50 (£2.50) Herrick Theatre presents Oscar Wilde’s children’s classic Selfish Talented people ... colourful puppets . . . heroes to cheer ! A family treat. Tic Toe at Marco's, 51 Grove St. Venue 98. 13-18 August at I 1.00 Tickets £3 (£2). Box Office 031-229 8830 (I I .OOam-midnight).

★ CALVARY IS A ONE-WAY STREET by Angela Fagg. A humorous and evocative piece >Uf 1325which Itat examines Af 20) the10.0nature 0am (10.of40)martyrdom. £2.50 (12.00) THE LOVELY PLAYS PROMOTION CONCERN presentsFRIENDS FUNNY aOFnewSHEEPEY comic play; INTERVIEW-J. Van Itallie's satire; and a revue-THE SHEEP. Aug 12-18 S— lowly Plays —try for ptfnrnnsn detiils MELPOMENE ANTHEM,blackest a brilliantofHungarian tragedyrevealing concerning life in the establishmentpresents and WOYZECK, black comedies burlesque caricatures. Ant h em: Aug 19 Sept 1 lent Aug 20) 2. 0 5pm (3. 2 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Wofieek:ticket Aeg offer-14.00 19 Sept 1 (not(£3.Aug00) 20)hr hath3.thews 30pm (4.50) £3.00 (£2.001 Specie) ★ Ma + tA — MONOGONIES (Japan). A unique performance about loss of innocence/optimism. Japan' s leading Aug 12-Sept 1 (eet Aeg 20) 235pm (3.30)female-only £3.50 (£3.dance 00) theatre group. ★ NEIL ORAM COMEUPPANCE Campbellepicdirects this hilarious hauntingDOES encounter with Nemesis.RISING A bizarre,Kengripping spanning centuries. Aug 12 Sept 1 (eet Aeg 20) 12 midnight (1. 3 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Special Offer—£1.00 reduction on this show with presentation of ticket stub from KenTicket Campbell' s 'Hail Eris’ TRIO LLIGOSongs Bulldozerballads, waltz and inmedicine for melancholy from the north ofAug Sweden. with silence 28 Sept 1 12.10»m (1.00) £3.and00rest (£2.50) the midst of chaos. TRISTRAM (PART returns Sterne' s 18th1 (eetSHANDY-HOMUNCULUS C. Aag raconteur. de forceONE) . . veryStephen funny'Oxley Festival Times.as Aug 12 Sept 20) 9.'T1heatrical 5pmShandy (10.30)tour Spec/a/ Ticket Offer-Tristram Parts£4.f &50 II(£3.50) £7.00(£5.0Q). ★ TRISTRAM SHANDY-GENTLEMAN (PART Can TWO)be New show! Tristram's Life Opinions 'S5pmordid'(11.5Dr0) Johnson. seen separately. Aug 12andSeptTicket 1 (eetOffer—Tristram Augconcluded. 20) 10.4Shandy Special Parts H£4.&50/ (£3.50)£7.00(£5.Q0) both shows. THE EYE PETER SHAFFER' S comic genius andmarriage poignant dialogue, as private1229PUBLIC dick(eetCristoforou discordant Aug Aeg 20) 12.intervenes 15pm (1.45)to save £3.50a (£2. 50) AExhibitions BREATHofOFpaintings, FRESHdrawings AIR NEWandPOLISH AND EAST EUROPEAN PAINTING. from Cottenham Aug 12-Aeg 29 (eet Aug 20) 12 ■omt (9.00)printsMmasion free Gallery, London. ANGELS WITH BROKEN WINGS presented by Voices Behind The Wall. Four seasons—Four Aug 20 Sept 1 (eetbroken Aug 30)souls—Four 7.10pm (7.bruised 50) £2.bodies—One 50 (£2.00) nightmare EXTREMITIES An intense hard-hitting play which deals with the subject of rape. The20-Sept characters Aug 1 are12.4pushed 5pm (1.45)to their£3.0limits. 0 (£2.50) ARMLEY presented byindictment Kaos Culture.of secret After Strangeways-questions need asking. A hard-hitting, Aug 1925 (eut Augmoving 20) 11.00am (12 noon) £3.neglect 50 (£2.50)and abuse in Armley Prison.

HIP HIP GOLIATH ° ’ VENUE 108-Moray Home Union Thoatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 ★examines EGG ONthePAINTED FENCE A wacky and humorous multimedia piece which mind of between Miss Supersenses)... Mind, (aforget womanthesuffering fromthissynethesia—the inability to distinguish club scene, is the new late night20alternative entertainment. Aug Sept 1 (eet Aug 30) 12.15amTHE(1.15)NEW £3.TIMES, 50 (£2.USA. 50) HOGUS-GLOBUS THEATRE ° VENUE 44-ViBwforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 9000 L3 ★milkshake. LUNCHForWITH A SALIVA MILKSHAKE Come and have lunch with a salivaby firsta Howard course experience the taste ofwitha tantalizing Berkoff followed anhopeexplosion of Brenton drama both truly original ingredients, we Aug 21you Septenjoy 1 (not theAug meal!!?! 30) 10.15pm (11.50) £3.00 (£1.50) TOOLS HOLLAND & HIS BIG BAND EXTRAVAGANZA » * VENUE 72-Quaan's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. MW JOOLS HOLLAND & HIS BIG BAND EXTRAVAGANZA The maestro returns! Jools Holland—raconteur, TV. personality, pop festival. musicianBacked and boogie-woogie player extraordinaire comes to Edinburgh for his third by Gilson Lavis and Wilkinson from Squeeze this show features many surprise guests. Book early toKeithavoid Aug 2231 disappointment. 10.30pm (12 midnight) £7.00 (£5.00) HOT TEA AND CLAIRE CHAPMAN ASSOCIATES LTD. ° VENUE 49-Bgdlam Theatre; 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 L8 ★YouWAITING FOR SIR LARRY by Greg Cruttwell. Directed by Geraldine McEwan. could die laughing in the company of dangerous men who dare to do what others1325only(notdare is a show-stopper! Aug Aug to19) dream. 6.15pmHot(7.4Tea' 51 s first£4.5ever 0 (£4.production 00) THE HOXTON FIRM ° VENUE 28—Greyfriars Kirk House; Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 Arepresents RESPECTABLE WEDDING-BRECHT Following last year' s , ' p erformance that all that' s best in Fringe theatre' . ' P ick of the week' The Independent 1989.areThevitalHoxton Firm presents Brecht' s neatevents satiricalin the farceunfolding in which drama slapstickof and fun elements surrounding bizarre the wedding Aug 13 Septreception. 1 5.45pm (6.45) £4.00 (£3.00)

Huluppu Tree presents

EARTH MOON BLOOD Secrets of Becoming

THE FESTIVAL CLLB Aug. 19-25 12:15 pm Aug. 26 - Sept. 1 8:15 pm At The Festival Club (Venue 36) An}'. 19-25, 4:TO pm. Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 6:T0 pm. 49

JCCLS Mil AM & His Eis Hand Extrava&anza The Maestro Returns!!

“The master of witty tales + blistering boogie-woogie” Time Out’ “Piano playing virtuoso and all round diamond geezer" “Glasgow Evening Times' “Holland’s managed to produce a record of Kaleidoscopic beauty" The Guardian’ “Brilliant Band, perfect piano, had the audience foot-tapping & hooting for more" NME’ FEATURING - GILSON MWS (DRUMS) & KEITH WILKINSON (BASS) FROM ‘SQUEEZE’ INTRODUCING - MARK FLANAGAN ON GUITAR PLUS SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS ✓ at THE QUEENS HALL, CLERK STREET 10.30 pm on August 22nd-31st Tickets £7 (£5 concessions) Box Office 668 2019 (or from Fringe Box Office or Credit Card bookings 226 5138) Book early to avoid disappointment 50

HULL TRUCK THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 3-Asmnblv Rooms. 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 The award-winning Hullexciting, Truck popular Theatre and Company return theatre, to the Festival with three their distinctive brand of invigorating presenting shows at two venues, including one World Premiere. ROMEOPassionate, AND JULIET By WilliamandShakespeare. FeaturingANDBoland Gift isanda timeless Daphne Nayar. contemporary beautiful, ROMEO JULIET love 13story. Aug Sapt 1Directed (got Suns)by Bil12Homewood. noon (3.15) E6.50 (ES.OO) * SWEET SORROW By Alan An affectionate humorousa memorial celebrationpartyof the life and works of Philip Larkin,Plater. SWEET SORROW is and set around for the late poet. WORLD PREMIERE. Aug IQ Sept 1 (nut Aug 13, 19, 27) 3.45pm (5.3D) £6.50 (£5.00) VENUE 37-GeorBe Square Theatre, George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 BOUNCERS By John Godber.forNineties night-lifeDon'is tlaidmissbarethisin this sythingly comedy, the Festival 'Farewell Tour'funny ! Aug 11-Septback 1 (notatSunt) 12.15am (1.its45)7th year. £6.50 (£5.00)

INNER STATE PRODUCTIONS VENUE 4-St Columba's by the Castle; Johnston Terrace. Tickets 220 0541. J7 ★ A STATE OF BEING This work traces theonepsychological path of Van Gogh and sheds new light on his condition. It is a man play incorporating projected imagesin and1989sound trackinvolved creatinglocation a cinematic (Cinthea). Production early workeffect in England, Holland, Belgiumbegan and France. Aug 9 and4.1has Preview: 5pm (5. 4 5) Free Aug 10 Sept 1 (not Suns) 4.15pm (5.45) £4.00 (£3.00)

HULUPPU TREE THEATRE ° ’ VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 ★between THE COURTSHIP OF INANNA AND DUMUZI Sexually explosive struggle woman andforman weaving ancientfromfertility deitiestexts and discovered. modern loversThe infirst the provocative dance control. Eroticism the earliest love story ever written. (Huluppu Tree is a new theatre co-operative of artists from Boston Aug 19-25and1 San 4.30pm6.Francisco). (5.30)(7.30) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 26-Sept 30pm ★ EARTH AMOON BLOODsacred White Buffalo Woman gave it to the people. Secrets of Becoming. Aug 19-25 1 12.journey 15pm8.15pm(1.4into 5)(9.45) £3.50 time (£3.00)and space. Aug 26-Sept

INTERNATIONAL THEATRE INSTITUTE ° ’•2G,G VENUE 2-Fringe Clufai Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. L8 THE INTERNATIONAL THEATRE INSTITUTE' S INFORMATION CENTRE The ITI promotes international exchange of knowledge and theatre practice within the performing At Edinburgh, part the British Centre tells network you how to75become a member andLondon thearts.benefits an international centres world-wide. address:of 4being St George'ofs House, 15 Hanover Square,ofLondon W1R 9AJ. Tel : 071-486 6363. Aug 13-31 (not Sunt) 1.30pm (5.30) Frag ALSO AT VENUE 3-AMembly Rooms. 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 THE INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION CENTRE Another chance atomember. find outTHEATRE about theINSTITUTE' InternationalSTheatre Institute's work, and how to become Aug 13-31 (not Sun) 1.30pm (5.30) Free

MARK HURST A.K.A. MIWURDZ •••• VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 _J9 MARK HURST AKA MIWURDZ Join the Yorkshire comic who took by storm with hilarious tales ranging from pets, pastahighandenergy psychiatry to classLondon struggle, coupledom and pubic wigs. Expect a passionate performance from this superb seamless stand up. Comedy ' w i nowt taken out' . From a true original. Aug 10-Sept 1 7.00pm (8.30) £5.00 (£4.00) JOHNNY IMMATERIAL VENUE 28-Grevfriarc Kirk Home, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 JOHNNY IMMATERIAL' S '1funniest 958' Johnny is a comedian, and Time Out Award winner. 'Oneveryof funny' the very acts around' Scotlandsinger on Sunday. 'Likeable, unoffensive and Festival Times ‘89. ' U ltra-talented' Observer. ' M irth and more' Guardian. Recent television includes stuff for Granada, Central, HTV and Sweden! Aug 11-SeptFree 1 (notcrisps 20. 27.and30)pop. 7.31pm (8.45) £3.50 (£3.00) INDEPENDENT THEATRE COUNCIL ° L8 VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 ITC SURGERY SESSIONS AND RESOURCE 300youIndependent Theatre companies belongthetoneeds ITC andINFORMATON turnlongtoterm it forplanning support. ofShould be oneandof them? ITC can discuss and your company advise18, 25you on2.membership. books and free leaflets also available. Aug 30pm (4.30) Information, Frae WHAT’S WHAT IN THE THEATRE INDUSTRY (SEMINAR) ITC andtheatre? Equity explain pay, union membership. Heading for professional This19,is 27forit allyou.—Contracts, Aug 2.30pwi (4.30) Frae FIRST A THEATREstructures; COMPANYfunding, (SEMINAR) essential guide toSTEPS-STARTING legal, financial and management companyTheprofile and policies. Aug 20, 26 2.30pm (4.30) Free

INSIDE LEG THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 36-Fe>ti»al Chib, 9-15 Chamber! Street. Tickets 220 0539. K? ANYWAYShandy). ... I by Inside Nigel Higgs. Directed bywith Briana one-man-show. Croucher (directorAnyway of last. .year' s Tristram Leg is back again ! is journey ofis men andis their experiences. It's aseedramatic exploration which is sad, isa moving, funny, . . Anyway, come and it! Aug 11-25 6.10pm (7.35) £3.75 (£3.00)

INTIMATE STRANGERS ° VENUE 20-Theatre Worbhopi 34 Hamilton Place Tickett 226 5425 06 ★childhood. DUET 'IWhen nspiring'oneCity Limits. Two women have shared a love for Russiakindsinceof friendlivegoesmusic to Moscow, theandother makes atears different journey at home. ' H aunting —laughter eye-welling of emotional recognition—a compelling and provoking collaboration.' City Limits. Sponsored by Piccadily Aug 1325 (notRadioSun)P.L.C. 12.30pm (1.30) £3.50 (£2.00) /nDIRECT works theatre company M]liTAy©^ra©5fD

■HILARIOUS COMEDV THE USTENER Sponsored by BY JOHN TURNER FESTIVAL CLUB & IAN MCMILLAN 13-25 AUGUST 6:30 PM £3.50 (£2.50) H L M T E C T S VENUE 36 Edinburgh EH 13BG 17 Waterloo Place

0 1 2 3 INDIRECT WORKS THEATRE COMPANY »G K9 VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Cl rs Street. Tickets 220 0539. ★McMillan METAMORPHOSID ARKWRIGHT A black comedy by John Turner and Ianis set in the working men' s club heartland of South Yorkshire. What happening committee man and concert Arkwright? Why isSponsored he eatingtobythefounder wallpaper? Will Westhorpe Social secretary Club ever Sidbe the same again? Aug 13-25 (not Sun)HLM Architects. 6.30pm (7.40) £3.50 (£2.50) Sponsored by I

ROB INGLIS ° VENUE 98-Marcn'e Leisure Centre; 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 THE LORD OF THE RINGS Tolkien' s trilogy compressed: the main characters and mission destroy theScotsman ring. Solo‘succeeds show commended by New Yorkcrumbled' Times—recreates anSociety epic to'adventure' where movie moguls ; Tolkien remarkable respect for text'. Inglis has just recorded the entirety (53 hours) in New Aug 13 SeptYork.1 (not Sun 19) 4.15pm (6.15) £4.00 (£3.50) 51



ASSEMBLY ROOMS BALLROOM 10 Aug.-1 Sept 3.45 pm (NOT MON SUN. 19 OR MON. 27).

IWEET IORROW yALANPLATER A celebration of the life and works of Philip Larkin, Sweet Sorrow is set around a memorial party for the late poet. A gate-crasher turns up with a special gift for sticking pins in pretty balloons. Whether he makes or breaks the party depends on how you feel about THEATRE COMPANY pretty balloons! ilSpring supportSirI 52


BY JOHN GOOBER Nineties night-life is laid bare in this sythingly funny comedy. Join the girls on the dance floor and the hoys at the bar, whilst outside In the freezing cold stand the watching, waiting and ever-ready Lucky Eric, Judd, Les and Ralph the BOUNCERS.

AK1 ISODA ° VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs, Bristo Square; (near Fringe Club) L9 *heroines LADY ofMACBETH AND A VISION OF OPHELIA Beautiful contrast of two Shakespeare. Lady Macbeth, active andJapanese strong-willed character; Ophelia, loveliness and weakness; played in KIMONO costumes. With English surtitles. the 20 year anniversary of Aki Isoda's one-woman play. With financial assistance Aug 12 Sept 1from (net Suns)Japan6.2Foundation. 0pm (7.501 £3.00 (£2.50) ISOLATION DANCE COMPANY ° * 3« VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 ★where I WILL BE HEARD is a choreographed expression of the struggle forwords power,of ideology meets dance from the opression words of Hitler to the freedom from Mandela are but same of the leaders conveyed throughout these different Aug 27-Septdances. 1 12 noon (2.00) £3.50 (£3.00) EDDIE IZZARD VENUE 28-GreYfriori Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 EDDIE IZZARD Surreal distinctive, his comedy is very isdifferent from ofother stand-ups. 'A newScotsman. force in and comedy' City. . splendidly Limits. 'Improvisation theis hallmark the Izzardian style' ' H ilarious funny . . Izzard fast and loose in all13-Sept the right ways' Time Out. 'Wonderfully silly comedian' Independent. Aug Previews: Aug1 (not 11 A20.12 27) 6.00pm6.00pm(7.15)(7.15) Free£3.50 (£3.00) VENUE 1-Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office J9 THE EDDIEmad.IZZARD STREET SHOW It'The s comedy, it's on the street and it's completely ' W izard street performer' Independent. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Suns & Monsi 2.00pm (2.30) Free JAZZ CAFE /JAZZ MANAGEMENT ° ••• VENUE 31-Cafe Cwte, 3 Robertson Close, Cowgate. Tickets 557 6849. J10 BRILLIANT CORNER. Thepresents Jazz Cafe,3 weeks London'ats the premier newedge musicof venue, together with Jazz Management cutting modern music. Cafe Coste Live is licensed 2am with by the &excellent Henderson's vegetarian restaraunt. music until breakfast, lunch,foodevening late night. ED JONESenergy, QUARTET ' . . theandnextindividual big name in UKpersuasion' jazz' The City Guardian. harnesses tonal colour stylistic Limits. ' . . Aug 12-18 7.00pm (11.00) £5.00 (£4.00) FULANI energy improvising unitSupports featuringEdDanish Michael Nielsen and AfricanHightrumpeter Jonessaxin theaceevening. Aug 12-18 12.30pm (4.00)Claude£3.Deppa. 00 (£2.00) PINSKI ZOO The avant garde meets super heavy funk. Group adventures on the edge19-25 of perfection. Aug 7.00pm (11.With00) a wicked £5.00 (£4.new00) album 'East Rail East'. MERVYNkeyboard AFRICA GROUPSupports Irresistible mixZooofinjazzthe and kwela from the South African evening. Aug 19-25 12.30pwmaestro. (4.00) £3.00 (£2.Pinski 00) BAMMIE ROSE QUARTET Ex-Aswad and current Jazz Warriors senior sax joyfully America Aug 26 Septcombines 1 7.0elements 0pm (11.00)of Africa, £5.00 (£4. 00) and the Caribbean. ANITA BAND A young vocalist ofin the extraordinary ability combining jazz, blues28-Sopt andKELSEY gospel. Aog 1 12.Supports 30pm (4.00)Bammie £3.00Rose (£2.00) evening. BREAKFAST JAZZ Free every day from 10.00 am to noon featuring Nigerian singer/pianist the prolificFreePEPE LE MOKO. Aug 12 Sept 1 JUWON 10.00amand(12 noon) LATE12 Sept NIGHT Aug 1 EVERY 11.30pmNIGHT (2.00) Miracle £4.00 (£2.jam00)special shows. Check your Daily Diary.

KEAN THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 4—St Cokimba's by the Caatle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 220 0541. J7 ★ THE COMICAL TRAGICAL OF EDMUND KEANTheonelifetimeandleading Shakespearean tragedian atwhoDrurywasHISTORY Lane, as told byactor Charles Kean. death ofhigh theorder' libidinous drunkard the greatest of his age. ' G enius of a very Written and performed by Peter Mould. Aug 1125Aug(notScotsman 12.1819. 20pm Preview: 10Suns) 12.20pm (1.40)(1.40) Free £3.75 (£3.00) BEN KEATON VENUE 38—The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio; 233 Cowflata Tickets 226 2151 J9 PROPHET BITES DOGreturns Ben Keaton, Perrier Award WinnerBites for Intimate Memoirs ofperverse an IrishlifeTaxidermist to solo stage in Prophet Dog—the deeply of St. 'Pedimus the Comfortable directed Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn. Visionaryofcomedy, irresistible,Sandal, original, purebygenius' Edinburgh Evening Aug 10 SeptNews. 1 3.00pm (4.15) £4.50 (£3.50) THE KEN.B. EXPERIENCE ° VENUE 71—Calton Studio*, 24-26 Gallon Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 THE FIRE RAISERS by Max Frisch. Translated by Michael Bullock. It is asholds Frischa said ' a n instructional play without a lesson' . A humorous tale which cautionary note fortothose who would try to disrupt democracy. A visual spectacle that guaranteed Aug 27isSept 1 4.30pmthrill. (6.00)Young,£1.5talented 0 (£1.00) and extremely accessible. KIT AND THE WIDOW ° ’ VENUE 37—George Square Theatre, George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 KIT AND THE WIDOW '90 Different this year, guid Edinburghers! Saint-Saens 'Carnivalestablished of the Animals' . AFringe' bestiary for popular our age. act' The Scotland Widow prestidigitative. 'Now firmly as the s most on Sunday. ' A lways very Scotsman. Be warned, they sell out' Review '89. You owe them a listen'22funny' Time1 Out. Aug Sept 10.'G0lorious' 0pm (11.15)Independent. £6.00 (£5.00) KREISLER STRING ORCHESTRA 0 *3, VENUE 68-Reid Concert HaH, Briito Square (by Fringe Club). 18 KREISLER STRING ORCHESTRA You feel you' r e ' o n a hotline to the composers' innermost thoughts' Scotsman with the Kreislers—the internationally acclaimed conductorless collective. With a repertoire. . ranging Shostakovitch toGuardian. Brian EnoWatch 'these young seem tofrom beginVivaldi whereviaothers leave off' out, also,00)professionals for street performances. Aug 29 & 30 4. 0 0pm (5. £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Sept 1 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£2.50) from the cult cabaret group Fascinating Aida

JIVING LINDY HOPPERS VENUE 38—The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 * DOWNTOWN UPROARandItspinsizzles, it crackles, it explodes as the hip-swinging Jiving Lindy Hoppers soar, somersault you into twoofhours of Ken eye-popping, song and dance. A celebration of 100 years jazz in Lee' s play Downtown Uproar. Aug 10-SeptSwing 1 (noton20)down5.to00pmthe(7.Gilded 00) Balloon. £5.00 (£4.Trust 00) me—it’s hot! JONATHAN KAY ° VENUE 5-The Cmongate Theatre, Canonflate, Royal Mile Tickets 556 3147. J11 ★cocktail JONATHAN KAY Cramming all of his effervescent talent into a mind of humour andnew' the inane, heOut.presents theabsurd' ULTIMATETheinGuardian. improvised'Sboggling theatre. 'funny' Something genuinely Time ' V isually uperbly SouthI China Aug 27 Sept 6.15pmMorning (7.45) Post.£4.5'0It (£3.is 5well 0) worth seeing' The List. DILLIE KEANE ° VENUE 3-Attembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 DILLIE KEANE Directed by Nica Burns. Songs, sketches, satire from and exFascinatingsolo Aidaturns blondeyou'comedienne. 'Onethisof year' the most intelligent, sensitive enlivening r e likely to see Time Out. ' C an give Victoria Wood a run for her you money' Financial Times. 'Very funny indeed' City Limits. Guaranteed Aug 13-Sept 1 to(notcheer Suns) 0.up!00pm (9.30) £6.00 (£5.00)

‘very funny’ the guardian ‘con give Victoria Wood a run for her money’ ft ASSEMBLY ROOMS 13 Aug ■ I Sep 8pm BOX OFFICE: 031 226 2428 53

DENIS LEARY <>•*•* » VENUE 3-AMembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 NO CURE FOR CANCER 9 performances only. Lightning visit to UK for fastest risingis devoured comedian.byProbably the Strictly first andadults last chance toangerous, see thisAmerica' man lives before he Hollywood. only. ' D tasteless, unprintableto .be. very, very funny' New York Post. 'Excellent, exciting, hard hitting, definitely Aug 1018 10.15pmseen'(11.Time 40) Out. £7.00 (£6.00) LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH THEATRES0 '0*9* VENUE 65-St Ann's Community Centra South Gray'a Close, Cowgata Tickets 557 0469 JW 'A completelyyoung open people, organisation which, each unearths abuthosteffective of talented and enthusiastic and would puts on,grace in antheyear, uncomplicated fashion, aprofessional handful of productions which repertoire of its more sophisticated cousins. Long may it continue.' The Scotsman 1989. REVOLTING RHYMES & TWISTED TALES Dance Revolting! Revolving around classic tales Aug 13-18 10.from 15«mRoald (11.15) Dahl£3.and50 (£2.other 00) poets. Revolting children welcome! DANCES OF INDIA Asian Youth Dance at its best. A colourful and exciting programme Aug 1318 including 12.30pm (1.'3T0)he Ugly £3.50Duckling' (£2.00) in Kathak style. CARMEN Not thefatale, opera, not the musical, but the real story of Prosper Merimee's enigmatic Aug 13-18 femme 2.45pm (3.45) Carmen. £3.50 (£2.00) PETER PAN the Neverland was only make believe? But this was real and getting more2025 gloomy,10.shadowy—and Aug 15am (11,15) £3.no50nightlightsl (£2.00) JAMES ANDandTHEFlyingGIANT PEACH Fly to Roald Dahl's fantasy land of Singing Centipedes, Peaches. Family Aug 2025 12.30pm (1.30) £3.50 (£2.00) show. PIRATES OF PENZANCE Pulsating Piratical Perambulations! Music, song, terpsichory Aug 20-25 . .2.and 45pmdirty (3.45)dealings £3.50in (£2.this00)Gilbert and Sullivan classic. PC's welcome? THE TROJAN WOMEN Euripides' classic Greek drama. Honour and reputation must13-25be maintained. Aug (not Sun) 5.'I0nevitably' 0pm (6.00) the £3.disenfranchised 50 (£2.00) pay the price? KINGoff,LEAR A world where emotions stretch to their fullest, 'love cools, friendship falls Aug 13-25 families (not Sun) divide'7.4.5pm (9.15) £3.50 (£2.00)

THE KRESGE EDINBURGH THEATRE PROTECT ° VENUE 57-Th» Royal Scott Club, 30 Abwcromby Plata Tickets 557 5091. F8 ADULT ORGASM ESCAPES FROM THE ZOO Franca Rame and Dario Fo'ands funny, poignant, and sometimes painfully thought provoking play about women sexual oppression, comes straight from CaliforniaPARTS, run. Previously performed at the National Theatre undera successful the title FEMALE this new American creative Aug 20 Septtranslation 1 (not Aug 30)provides6.00pm (7.301 solutions. £3.70 (£2.50) KUMU KAHUA THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs. Bristo Squat* (near Fringe Club) 19 ★ KATULANI: AHawaiian-Scottish CANTATA FOR THE THEATRE Antheexotic evocation ofHawaiian the life and times of the Princess Ka' i ulani, last heir to the throne. Told through dynamic'Vividblendpictures of traditional Hawaiian and modern theatricala visually techniques. and sharp images'performance Honolulu Advertiser. Aug 13. 14. 17. IS 4. 0 0pm (5. 4 5) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 20. 21, 24, 2S 8.00pm (9.45) ■k THE inCONVERSION OF KA'A'EHUMANU A Hawaiian Queen and missionary women a collision of cultures. xcellent script . . five talented actresses' Star Bulletin. Aug 15. 10 4. 0 0pm (5. 4 5) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 22. 23 8.00pm (9.45)

LEITHEATRE q VENUE 83-St. Serf's Church Hall, Clark Road, Goldenacre A8 GHOSTS AND OLD GOLD by Reid Kennedy. After last year' s smash-hit, Leitheatre embark on a modern Scots comedy—but with distinctly historical overtones. It is a delightful story about love, the supernatural, hidden treasure, and most18importantly real people Aug Sept 1 (not Suns) 7.30pmto (10.whom 00) we£3.can50 all relate.

LASENKAN THEATRE COMPANY FROM JAPAN ° VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institut Francais d’Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ■Saburo k KOCHOU LASENKAN return with a new production scripted and directed by'A Shimada, a story for'Lasenkan' puppet theatre by CHIKAMATSU (1653-1724). Fringe jewel' The from Independent. sTimes. cast magically expands the stage' The Guardian. ' T hrilling and evocative' Festival ' V ery striking and poetic images' The 1318 List. 4.00pm (5.30) £4.00 (£2.50) Aug Aug 20-25 10.00am (11.30)

LIFE AFTER BRETTON? q VENUE 41—HiB Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 kphenomenon CALVARY ofIS martyrdom A ONE-WAYthrough STREET by Angela Fagg. A compelling view of theof the eyes of a mother. What are the effects re-telling a martyr's experience as a bed-time story? A humorous and evocative piece,13-25poignantly Aug (not 20) examining 10.00am (10.human 40) nature. £2.50 (£2.00)

L.A. YOUTH ENSEMBLE THEATRE ° VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 5091. F8 -k COMING ATTRACTIONS Anby L.outrageous dark comedy by Tedcompany Tally. This sizzling, high-energy production A.'s freshest and hottest young is a morbidly hilarious satire with music that proves, with the right agent, crime and punishment Aug 13-25 (not can Aug lead 19) to4.fame 00pm and (5.45)fortuna £3.50Mass (£2.00)murder was never so funny!

LIP SERVICE VENUE 98-Marcifs Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 MARGARET III,, comedy PARTS duo TWOLipAND THREE Following theirIII—a award-winning Withering Looks' Service present ' M argaret previously undiscovered history play,campaigns, which maycoffee or maymornings, not havebattles, been barbecues written by and William Shakespeare. lots and with lots ofhilarity' chainIt features mail. 'Greeted from beginning to end—not with tutored reverence, but The Independent. Aug 20 Sept 1 7.45pm (8.45) £5.00 (£4.00)

“quite remarkable skills and joyful tomfoolery" The Guardian in 'GARGANTUA AND PANTAGRUEL By Francois Rabelais possibly the filthiest show on the Fringe THE PLEASANCE AUG 9 - 24 7PM 54

Unbeatable performances at the following venues.

Hil house2341/2 Road, Blackhall 031-332

109 Dundee9878/9Street, Fountalnbridge Chesser 031-229 031-443 Avenue, 7592/3

6 McDonal8750/3847 d Road, L< 031-556

Mr Strathearn 031-447 4207Road, Marchmor MS

gh Street,6056/8005 Portobello 19031-337 Corstorphlne 8696 Road, Murrayfield Hi031-669 OPEN 7 DAYS. * i ’








ST MARYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S ST

.euch street




TO QUEENSFERRY ◄ 85 ◄ 87 ◄ 56 109 «-

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Index of Venues by Number with map grid reference 109 Le VineyardHouse Outer 110111 Traquair Outer St. thAndrew' s & St. George's Church Outer G8 112113 LeiHol Academy y Corner Centre N3 114 ACG Studio F10 115 BrahmaBurlesque Kumaris Worl d Spiritual University MBL2 117116118 Circus StRosslyn Andrew'Chapel s Hall Big Top G10 Outer 119 Inverleith Calton Centre G13A6 120 Church Hall Church 122 Seventh Day Adventist K9 123 The South Bridge Centre 124 Royal FineParkArt Tennis Commission for Scotland K10H4C6 125 Inverleith Courts 126 Theatre H6 127 StRoyalJohn'Botanic sWest ChurchEnd 128 Garden C7H6 129 Freemasons' Hal l G6 130 Salvation L10K8 131 The Greyfriars Kirk Army 132 H6KS 133 West PortfolioPrinces GalleryStreet Gardens 134 Inhouse 136 Scottish Poetry Library 137 Merchant Hall 138 Lamb' 139 Quercuss House Close 140 Coinyie-House 141 Amiga Centre Scotland 142 Rufus Reade 143 Martin &Motor FrostCompany 144 Falcon 146 The School of Philosophy Partnership 147 The Law & Dunbar-Nasmith 149 Galerie Mirages 150 Stills Gallery 151 Galerie La Belle Angele 152 Italian Institute 154 Chessel Gallery & Moray House College Staff Room 157 Stockbridge Bookshop

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND HER CABARET ° 3 VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Momingside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD AND HER CABARET On the menu: Grandma with dancing ducks,course: addingcomedy a touchwithofa spice in theof form of Latin American song and dance. Main sprinkling abstract women and50)wonderous men.form. VeeryServed tasty!by beautiful Aug 13-18 (Marilyn 12.00 Monroe noon (2.00). . almost), £3.00 (£2. MARK LITTLE*S ATOMIC DILEMMA VENUE 3-AMombly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 SMangle ATOMICin 'DILEMMA if thes 'dolphins talk shit too.) Familiar toMARK millionsLITTLE' as ofJoeimprovisational Neighbours' ,.(What Australia' Kinghisofnative Comedy' presents his 'unpredictable wonderland comedy' Described in press as ' t otally and humane highly and entertaining', 'funny' intimate, awesome, hilarious' and 'uncompromisingly Aug 10 Sept 1 12 midnight (1.15) irresistably £5.00 (£4.00) . LONDON FUSION ORCHESTRA ° • VENUE 108-Morav House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 IAN CARR Founded LFO in 1981. For the first time at the Edinburgh Festival, one ofgifted Europe' s leadingPerforming jazz musicians and bycomposers these young musicians. originals Ian Carr plays as wellalongside as an innovative styleandof Jazz13-15 Fusion, Aug 12influenced midnight (1.by30) Weather £5.00 Report (£3.50) and Miles Davis. VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 LFO Thisjazz.exciting jazz ensemble return to Edinburgh to play their own style of modern Aug 27. 29, 30, Well Sept worth 1 10.seeing. 30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00) THE LORDS OF MISRULE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 ★ GARGANTUA AND PANTAGRUEL satirical from the LoM. Same 2-man team astheatrical' Gulliver’s Travels (Fringe More First). Sell-out.filthimaginative' 'Magnificent' Scotsman ''GSuperlative' loriously Independent. ' W onderfully Guardian. ReviewHerald. ’89. 'MAllagical' The List.bawdy, 'Brilliant'stinking, Hong Kong Standard. ourde-force' Korea hilarious epic. 'TNew dramatization by 7.Alan Leigh. A Rabelais' steaming pile of theatre. Preview: Aug 9 0 0pm (8. 3 0) £4. 5 0 Aug 1024 (not 231 7.00pm (8.30) £5.50 (£4.50 SUPDY) LOST THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 EQUUS Peter Shaffer' s disturbing portrayal of the conflict between modern man'tos obsessive materialism and his impulsive desire to worship, is brought powerfully life dynamichityoung company making a welcome return to the Fringe after last by1325 year'thiss(notsmash he Real Aug Sun) 4.'T30pm (6.00)Inspector £4.00 Hound' (£3.00) . LOTHIAN PLAYERS ° 1 VENUE 92-South Leith Parish Hall, 6 Henderson St., Leith. Tickets 554 2578 C13 Outer THE FARNDALE AVENUEMURDER HOUSINGMYSTERY ESTATE TOWNSWOMEN' GUILD DRAMATIC SOCIETY (revisedgoings-on version asSbyscenery David MacGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jnr.) Hilarious, outrageous collapses, cuesThis are missed, lines forgotten, in fact everything that can possibly go wrong—does! comedy for all the family guarantees laughter. Aug 2025 7.30pm (9.30) £4.00 (£2.00) THE LOVELY PLAYS PROMOTION CONCERN ° » VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 The Lovely Plays Promotion Concern is a new theatre company that was formed and financed by students with a passion for bringing innovative comedic plays to aPlays' widermost audience. The theatregoer satisfied in theenlightening, knowledge that important aims are tocanbebe entertaining, funnyLovely and provocative. INTERVIEW A witty satire of physical and verbal choreography exposing the anonymous face of society—very visual and very funny! Aug 12-18 2.15pm (2.55) £2.00 (£1.501 ★ FUNNYcomedy. He made his senseforof children. humour God: now who's going to save his soul? Anarchic Aug 13-18 3.15pm Unsuitable (4,45) £3.00 (£2.50 SUPOV) THE FRIENDS OF SHEEPEY SHEEP The friends ofdogsSheepey an original woolly—no allowed.Sheep have woven Aug 12-18 tapestry 6.05pm (6.that' 50) s anything £2.50 (£2.but00 SUPDY) NORMAN LOVETT °G'G>G*G VENUE 3-A»embly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 NORMAN LOVETT The only ' a lternative' stand-up comedian that doesn' t swear, isn' t aggressive andmanager yet is inone'Don'of ttheMissfunniest comics around. TV appearances include the floor Wax' and ' H olly' the computer in ' R ed Dwarf. Aug 19 8,His28 new8.0series 0pm (9.'I0,0)Lovett'£5.0will0 (£4.be00)screened soon on BBC2. . ALSO AT VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. U0 I own NORMAN LOVETT . .—Wonderfully 'Red Dwarf . funny' . 'Don't The MissIndependent. Wax' . . soonTogether to be seenwithin the his series ‘I, Lovett’ I funniest Aug 1022 of(notTheAug Funny 191 Farm. 10.00pm (11.15) £6.00 (£5.00)

0 CO. THE LUCKY PORCUPINE THEATRE '9*9*9 VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place Tickets 226 5425 06 ★present NO REMISSION This ' n ew, exciting group' Rosemary Long, Evening Times, the British Premiere of NO REMISSION, by brilliant new playwright, Rod Williams. in a high security prisonAward followingof a1988. riot, this'A tough psychological thriller play' won the MobilSetInternational Playwright and gripping Impresario, Aug 13-Sept 1Michael (not Suns)Codron.7.15pm (9.30) £5.00 (£3.50) LUMIERE & SON THEATRE COMPANY °%'9293 VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 TABOO with Trevor Stuart.mostPsychiatrists come andhistories go but few areturnprepared tointotakea the contents of their depraved case and them sophisticated night out. Trevor Stuart turns the breaking of taboos into an occasion of hilarity Aug 11-25 (notandSundelight. 191 Not 9.00pmsuitable (10.15) for children. £5.00 (£4.00) LUNCHBOX THEATRE VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ DADSStay-at-home IN BONDAGEfathers New musical comedy hit from Canada' s popular Lunchboxup Theatre. cope with their kids. ' W itty thoughts on bringing baby . . Clever, zippy . A real crowd pleaser.' begging Toronto Globe and Mail. 'Funny and 10-Sept insightful... Leavesrevuethe1..0audience Aug 1 (net Mens) 0pm (2.30) cheering £5.00 and (£4.00) for more.' Calgary Sun.

CHRIS LYNAM ° ’ VENUE 38-The GiMed Balloon Theatre & Studig 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 CHRIS LYNAM Outrageous comic one-man-show with pyrotechnics, acrobatics, chocolate, cookery and a firework up the bottom. Controversial, hair-raising, bizarre and hilarious—you havefornevercomic seen greatness' anything likeYouthisMagazine. before. ' . .'It'surreal unhinged quality which makes s outrageously disgusting' Aug 21 Sept IHarry9.0Greenaway 0pm (10.15) MR£5.The 50 (£4.Star.50 SUPDY) rohan McCullough VENUE 38-The Gikted Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 * THEMcCullough TALE OF BEATRIX POTTER In hercousin) 'magical... spellbinding' performance, Rohan (Beatrix Potter's own takesher ussolitary on an childhood extraordinary, lyrical journey through the authoress' life; escape from into the personal tragedy andLakeside constant conflict with her parents emerging into finalTales; happiness Aug 10-Sept 1 /notasMens)an unlikely 12.30pm (2.30) sheep £4.00farmer. (£3.00) McEWAN’S 80/—EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL ° g g^ VENUE-Locations throughout the city. Tickets and Info 557 1642. . . JAZZ FESTIVALA must One offorthejazzworld' s mostSeeexciting jazz events, presenting over 300 performances. advertretains for full he McEwan' 80/—Edinburgh international Jazzlovers. Festival clearly itsdetails. place at'Tthe top of thes league among British jazz festivals.' Jazz Express, October 1989. Aug VarioADVERT us locations Various prices. SEE18-27 FULL PAGE McEWAN’S SPECIALS ° ’ VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 3744 J9 MRS VICKER S CITY SLICKERS (AND THEIR WAVES OF LUST) Unleash WORLD COMEDY! Yes, it'stheozone-friendly humour ofto aEdinburgh' global beat. This ambient lunchtime rave features hypnotic rhythms s foremost ecocomedians—all 100% recycled. We aim to turn the Fringe GREEN—with envy! Come2025anyway.12.4jokes Aug 5pm (2.30) £2.00 (£1.50) FAITH HEALER by Brian Friel. Life, death, violence, failure and faith healing. The fantastic Aug 27 SeptFrancis 1 7.Hardy. 00pm (8.30) £3.00 (£2.00)

0 M O N o C? 0 fsj


tlS+te+TAtafi'e. IZ+hAu?)- IstSep 59

ARTISTS APPEARING CLEO LAINE UK/USA UK/USA DANKWORTH USA HARRY|OHN“Sweets EDISON USA MONTY RAY ALEXANDER BROWN USA HERB ELLIS USA USA JOE TEMPERLEY USA KENNY DAVERN USA ED POLCER TAM WHITE SCOTLAND KEN POPLOWSKI USA HUMPHREY LYTTELTON UK MOSE ALLISON SCOTLAND USA TOMMY SMITH JOHN HORLER UK UK ALECALLAN DANKWORTH GANLEY UK UK BILL LE SAGE DAVEGUYO'HBARKER IGGINS UK UK UK MARK NIGHTINGALE GIAMPAOLO BIAJI USA USA BILL ALLRED CHRISTIAN PLATTNER GERMANY UK ROY WILLIAMS USA LEONARD GASKIN USA JOHN VARRO UK BRUCE TURNER SCOTLAND ALEX SHAW USA PETER DANNYCOMPO MOSS AUSTRALIA DJANGO BATES UK STEVEFRANCE WATTS UK MARTIN UK RONBOBBY RAE ORR Sen. SCOTLAND JANUSZ CARMELLO UK POLAND THE USHER HALL CONCERTS WEDNESDAY 22nd AUGUST GALA CONCERTS "East Meets West’ with The Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra (Czechoslovakia) TheBasieNatandPierce All-Stars(USA)play Ellington FeaturingandHarry ' Sweets' Joe Temperley' Edison The Eddie Condon Celebration Band (USA) The Budapest Ragtime Band (Hungary) Compered by BBC's Peter Clayton Tickets £12.50, £9.00, £6.00, £5.00 Sponsored by McEwans' 80/MONDAY 27th AUGUST CLEO LAINE, DANKWORTH and the JohnJOHN Dankworth Band Featuring: John Horler, Alec Dankworth. Allan Guy Ganley, Bill Le Sage. Dave O' Higgins, Barker, Mark Nightingale. Tickets £12.50. £9.00, £6.00, £5.00 Further detailsor from from the the Jazz UsherFestival Hall. Programme THE JAZZ FESTIVAL OPENING PARADE SUNDAY 19th AUGUST 2 p.m.jazzStart Europe'30 sjazzbiggest most colourful parade! over bands,andmarching bands,horse majorettes, dancers, jugglers, vintage cars, drawn landaus. Watch out for the prize winning sponsored by LEADER LIFT TRUCKS.floats Route details - 031 557 1642 During Weekat the Southern Comfort Coton The |am the Sessions Club. The Bluenote lazz |am Sessions at the Festival Club. Our regular features and Pianorama! - Tubarama. Banjorama

JAZZ PAVILION. MEADOWBANK SUNDAY 19thOpening AUGUSTBall9.00 pm - 2.00 am * £7.00 International Kenny BallplayandBasie. his Jazzmen playCondon the lazzCelebration Classics. Nat Pierce All-Stars The Eddie Band. The Budapest RagtimeParade Orchestra, Band. Criterion Band. Laurie Chescoe's Good Time MONDAY 20th AUGUST 9.00 pm 2.00 am * £7.00 Salute to Louis Armstrong. Humphrey his Jazzmen. Rod Mason's Hot Five. NatLyttelton, Pierce Kenny All-Stars.BallTheand 100 Club All-Stars. TUESDAY 21st AUGUST 9.00 pm 1.00 am * World Premier of “Music for the 21st Century" with£7.00 SUN and lahiszz Dancers ARKESTRA with DiTheRAch \indy The Chamber lazz Orchestra wiChoreographed th HamiLeesh Moore by Micky Davison and Warren Heyes WEDNESDAY 22nd AUGUST 9.00 pm - 2.00 am * £7.00 New Orleans Mardi Gras The Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra. TheStreet Budapest Ragtime Orchestra. The Jazz Incredibles, Bourbon Jazz Band, |ohnParade Shillitoe' Criterion Band.s Rhythm Aces, Circus Square Jazz Band. THURSDAY 23rd AUGUST 9.00 pm 2.00 am • £6.00 TamTamWhite' The Whites Blues Band,)imNight. Mose Allison, Fraser Spiers. The Condie Band.Tracy Nelson. Johnny Mars. FRIDAY 24th AUGUST 8.30Ballpm - 3.00 am £1 1.00 The lazz Festival Farewell The Harry "Sweets” Edison Festival All-Stars,Orchestra. The EddieSouthern CondOn Celebration Band. Budapest Ragtime Comfort Juice SpecialAll-stars. with SweetMason' Substitute. Street JazzGroove Band. 100 Club s Hot Bourbon Five, Sutherland and Custer' s Last Band.Rod Criterion Parade Band.(an GOLD STAR EVENTS *


GOLDfrom: STAR BADGES AND ALL TICKETS Can be obtained The International Festival, 21 Market Street. Edinburgh EHGOLDI Edinburgh IBW. Telephone: 225 PAVILION 5756. STARcanBADGES, JAZZ TICKETSHalANDl BoxQUEENS TICKETS be obtained from: The668Queens Office. HALL Clerk Street.FringeEdinburgh Telephone: 2019. The Booking8.Office. High Street. Edinburgh. Telephone: 226 Tickets l alsothebe starting availabletimefromof the venues approximately 30 minuteswibefore the performance. FULL TICKET DETAILS - 031 557 1642 Programme from The The Edinburgh International Festival Box Office, The Queens Hall. The Jazz Festival Information Point Royal British Hotel, (duringavailable the Festival) andFringe selectedOffice. Newsagents and Bookshops. Telephone 031 557 1642 for further details. All details are correct at time of printing. Please refer to the )azz Festival Programme for full and final details.

2 1 j i I

RAY MCNIECE, MONOLOGIST - , VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gjlmore Placa Tickets 229 9000 L3 ★through DIS—VOICES FROM A SHELTER Portraits of homelessness in seen a andseriesan ofevicted linkedelder monologues andthesongs. A Vietnam and Vet,thedislocated aUSNative American are among 15 disrespected characters Aug 20-25 presented 10.15pm (11.with 45) starkE2.5insight 0 (£1.50)and black humour. THE MAKARS VENUE 104—Murrayfietd Parish Church Hall, Ormidale Terrace. HI Outer SEE HOWprisoner THEY RUNI by Philipto King. Twoa comedy vicars, theof bishop, actress and escaped allfuncombine makeSuitable mistakentheidentities intoana hilarious evening of and laughter. for all ages. Aug 10-25 (not Suns) 7.45pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) MARIA MALIBRAN ° •• VENUE 59—Edinburgh Playhouse & Studig 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 3807 (Studio) CT ★theMARIA MALIBRAN —BRIGHT STAR IN A DARK SKY SALLY BRADSHAWby lyric virtuoso asFamed the world' sadored first opera star.public MarialikewasMarilyn abusedMonroe. in childhood her teacher-father. and by the Dazzling arias by Mozart, Bellini, Rossini etc. Directed by SONIA FRASER (Fringe First Award Winner), Aug 20-SeptIAN1 WATSON 6.45pm (8.piana 00) £4.50 (£3.50) THE MAMBO CLUB L5 VENUE 75—The Mambo Club, Network 2, West Tollcross. Tickets 228 3252. THE MAMBO CLUBandEdinburgh' s most Socca excitinganddance club. and For themore.bestGreat in African dance music,Nights Latin Salsa, Reggae, Calypso party guaranteed. not to be missedll Open to all. AugTICKETS 11 SeptAT1 VENUE 11.00pmONLY. (4.00) £3.50 (£3.00) MANDELA THEATRE COMPANY J4 VENUE 98-Marcofs Leisure Centra, 51 Grow Street Tickets 229 8830 ★ THE Five DORMyoungby men Lancetrying Flynn.to 'survive A masterpiece of reality savageoftorture' Scotland Sunday. therestharsh a juvenile detentionon centre. If one of them commits suicide, the will be released. Any volunteers? One 1325 of Scotland' Aug (not Aug sIS)most1.exciting 45pm 13.0companies—raw, 0) £3.50 (£2.50) physical theatre.

THE MINOTAUR MUSIC THEATRE presents TECLELE IN TAHITI by Lecnard Eernstein & LySISTEATA by Ruth Dyrchmcre CHAPLAINCY CENTRE Venue 23-Bristo Square (by Fringe Club) AUGUST 13-25 at 2.10pm (Not Sunday). Tickets from Fringe Box Office or from venue after 1.40pm

THE MAPAPA ACROBATS ° » VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 THE MAPAPA ACROBATS Direct from Kenya, courtesy of Kenya Scottish premiera The spectacular show combines breath-taking accompanied limbo;Airways. colourfulbyA costume; Kenyan dance; fast, daring acrobatics and tumbling—all live African high-life music. This high energy show guarantees fun anditl exhilarating action—can Aug 12-Sept 1 seven11.3men 0am (12.balance 45) on£5.0one 0 (£4.pair00) of hands? £2.50 forDon' undert miss 10s ENNIO MARCHETTA VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pteasanca Tickets 556 6550. DO ENNIO MARCHETTA Ennio Marchetta, Italy' s acclaimed impressionist visits the UK for the first time. His bizarre impressions of famous singers range from Madonna toacheived Pavarotti, Jessicaof light Rabbit.by use Hilarious and skilful, characterIt ischange at theto speed of exquisite 'origami'eachcostumes. a comic,is sophisticated, Aug 10-Sspt 1 (notvisually Thun) exciting 11.30pmpiece (12.30)of theatre. £4.50 (£3.50) MATCHBOX THEATRE COMPANY ° ' VENUE 27-Thn Ro»y, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 ★ MERLIN by Fergus Kennedy. Powerful dramaSUCCESS' and poetic. .imagery wrapped in a rich and Celtic original musical score.-' A MAGICAL 'Fascinating journey through legend filled with marvellous music’ . . ' A TRULY AMAZING BURST OFMatchbox, CREATIVITY.' Liverpool Daily Post. . . 'There's something special about the Aug 2025 go2.4and 5pm see(435)for yourself £4.00 (£3..5.0) MEET THE AUTHOR ° VENUE 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets & Info 225 1915. K9 MEET THE AUTHOR Lively and stimulating discussion with some of today’s finest writers. Bookstall and signing sessions at each event. Aug 16-Roy Hattersley, 1719-William Boyd, 21-Dorothy Dunnett & Charles Palliser. 23-Barbara Trapido, 24-Bemard Aug 16-25 (notMacLaverty, Aug 20. 221 25-Michael 11.15«m (12.Holroyd. 45) £3.Programme 50 (£2.00) subject to alteration. STORYTELLING CHILDREN Aug 16-Rose Impey, 17-Christopher Awdry, 18- 16-19. 25 10.1FOR Aug 5»m (11.00) £1.25 (£0.75) SPECIAL FAMILY EVENTS 2pm-Virginia 'Headlines From The Jungle'. 4pm—Blue Peter McKenna Green BookandwithAnne JohnHarvey Leslie andon Lewis Aug 19 Bronze. 2.00pm (3.00) and 4.00pm (5.00) £2.00 (£1.25) Jazz Cafe Brilliant Comer /Jazz Management Cafe Coste, 3 Robertson's Close, Presents Cowgate, Edinburgh WEEK ONE AUG 12-18 Breakfast Jazz 10.00am (12.00) PepeLeMoko Free Lunchtime Jazz t2 i5pm(400) Fulani&Juwon £3.00(2.00) Evening Jazz /oopmdt.oo) Ed Jones Quartet & Fulani £5.00 (4.00) WEEK TWO AUG 19-25 Breakfast Jazz to ooam (ta.oo) Juwon Free Lunchtime Jazz 1215pm (4 00) Mervyn Africa & Pepe Le Moko £3.00(2.00) Evening Jazz 7.00pm 01.00) Pinski Zoo & Mervyn Africa £5.00 (4.00) WEEK THREE AUG 26- SEPT 1 The Jazz Cafe, Breakfast Jazz 10 ooam (12 00) London's premier new music PepeLeMoko Free venue together with Tickets Lunchtime Jazz 1215pm (4 00) Jazz Management from: Anita Kelsey Band & Juwon presents 3 weeks at the cutting FRINGE BOX £3.00(2.00) edge of modern music. Cafe OFFICE Evening Jazz 7.00pm (11.00) Coste is licensed untill 2am 031 Bammie Rose Quartet & with tood by the excellent 226 Anita Kelsey Band £5.00 (4.00) Henderson'S vegetarian 5138 Venue: LATE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT restaurant. theLiveday.musicBreakfast. 031 557 ii.3oPm(2.oo)Special Shows. thrnughout Check your dally diary! Lunch, evening & late night. 6849 61


BIER WITH MUSIC BY THE Chihuahuas. Archaos, the French circus troupe should’ve been locked up years ago. Last year, they whipped up a bit of a fuss by juggling. Balls? No, chainsaws. How do you juggle live chainsaws? “You throw zem in ze air and zen you catch zem.” The chainsaws are back this year, used to decapitate a two-headed man. That comes after the Chihuahuas in Bouinax, a Parisian cult rock band. The London taxi with no driver. The upside-down, high-wire motorbiker with no safety-net. The exploding Jaguar and as for our fish-eating friend in the photograph, don’t even ask. Just don’t miss the shows (dates below). But a word of warning. The last fringe goer who went to see Archaos last year now calls himself


MELPOMENE ° MINOR COMPLICATIONS VENUE «V-Ha Stmt Thtitu 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 VENUE 67-ThB Comedy Room, 2 Picardy Place, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 0499. GW *brilliant ANTHEM A song of praise to a murderer . . A poem of grief to a widow . . A MINOR COMPLICATIONS Out stand-up of the mouths of this Jennie Coren and dark play by oneMELPOMENE of Hungary'iss leading playwrights. Anthem looksExhibiting at state, Alex Langdon comes thespotsfreshest comedy sideBone, of theVicki womb.traumas Puberty self and responsibility. an exciting imaginative company. in motion from open to Biactol, by a cast still experiencing the of these19 Sept new 1works dramatic skills. being10 Sept 'thirteen Aug Augis 201an ideal2.0opportunity 0pm (3.201 to£3.show 0£4.00 0 (£2.our00)(£3.00) Aug 1 something' 7.30pm (8.3.0)'Shithot' £5.00 Bunty. (£4.00) Special Ticket(notOffer-Anthem/Woyzeck both shows. WOYZECKcharacters This newandadaptation unveilsreveals the blackest black comedies.world.Its grotesque a cruel andof unsympathetic Aug 19-SeptTicket I (netOffer—Woyzeck/Anthem Aug 20) burlesque 3.30pm (4.style 50) £3.£4.00 00 (£2. 001(£3.00) Specie! both shows. THE MINOTAUR MUSIC THEATRE VENUE 23-Chapiaincy Centre Downstairs. Bristo Square, Inear Fringe Club) TROUBLE INoperas TAHITI/★ LYSISTRATA by Leonard Byrchmore. Two performed by a company youngBernstein/Ruth professional singers: one, set inchamber 1950' s America, tells of a young couple andof their uneasy marriage,about the aother, MILES AND MILLNER—THE MAD a new commission, is adapted from Aristophanes' bawdy comedy sexMUSICIANS ARE BACK strike in Ancient Greece. VENUE 33-PI«nancc. 60 The Ptwancs Ticket! 556 6550. LK) Aug 13-25 (eot Aug 19) 2.10pm (3.50) £4.50 (£4.00) THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MUSIC-THE MAD MUSICIANS ARE BACK After a total sellout in 1989 withtour,'ThetheMadtwoMusicians Guide to Fame'a brand , and their internationally acclaimed return new show. 'DazzlingIndependent. . . superb world comedy' Observer. 'Wmaestros onderful . . don'with tnature' miss thisGuardian. show' Miles Kington, ' C lassic comedy of an unclassifiable A MR. BOOM / FESTIVAL FRINGE Aeg 9-Sept 1 (eat Aug 13. 30) 0.4Spm (9.45) £5.50 (£4.501 PRODUCTION VENUE 12-Bristo Square Piazza, Teviot Row, by Fringe Club Info 226 5257 or 5259. L9 MR.needBOOM-CHILDREN’S ONE-MAN Sing andyou'dance withhis Mr.spaceship Boom, nolanding to travelBringto the moon! Meet ata cushion! 2 inBAND BristoShow Square, linl hear SPIKE MILLIGAN » ■ there. your granny and indoors the Fringe Club if VENUE 3-AMembly Rooms, 54 Gaorpe Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 wet. Drinks and ice-cream served after the show. 18 2.00pm (3.00) Free VISITING DISTRICThusband, MILLIGAN Author, actor, humanist, humorist, composer,of Aug poet, conservationist, father, friend . . This legendary founder member the GoonAegShow will be making his debut on the Edinburgh Fringe. Not to be missed! Prtuiewt: Aug 2225 20.9.15pm21 (10.39.0)15pm (10.£7.350)0 (£6.0£8.0) 00 MOMS AND HER LADIES VENUE 33-Pleasance. 60 The Pteatance. Tickets 51 MOMS CLARICE AND HERTAYLOR' LADIESs Auncanny comedy portrayal with music-from New woman York, Obiestand-up Award MIND THE GAP/IPSWICH SCHOOL » ■ * >« Winner first Jackie 'Moms''A uniquely Mabley. memorable Clarice Taylorandisofheart besttheknown asexperience' Bil Cosby'sThe TV VENUE 98-M«rco'> Lmsum Centra, 51 Grow Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 comedienne mum, Granma Huxtable. warming Aunder MIDSUMMER NIGHT' Sdirector DREAMsetYoung award-winning musicians and actors Stage. an experienced Fringe Shakespeare' s comedy about social/sexual Aug 23-Sept 1 (nut Thun 30) 10. 0 0pm ( 1 1. 1 5) £6. 5 0 (£5. 0 0) divisions in a jazzplaycabaret with songs andplay.original music. Puck as compere; a sleazy band22ofSeptfairies; Aug 1 4.30pmwithin (6.00)play £3.within 00 (£2.50) Fresh, dynamic; fun with a message. EUROPEAN PREMIER OF HAWAIIAN THEATRE t presented by % Kumu Kahua £ Ka‘iulani A Cantata for the Theatre 1890.. .An exotic evocation of the life and times BJP of the Hawaiian-Scottish Princess Ka‘iulani( the last heir to the Hawaiian ’ throne. Told through a visually dynamic blend of traditional Hawaiian performance and modern theatrical techniques.

The Conversion of Ka‘ahumanu %• j# 1830...Caught in a collision of cultures, this llh W4 award-winning play portrays ^ JV V**" a Hawaiian queen and Christian missionary women confronting seminal events in Hawaiian history that inextricably alter their lives.

At the Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Street Ka‘iulani: August 13, 14, 17, 18 • 4 pm August 20, 21, 24, 25 • 8 pm Conversion: August 15, 16 • 4 pm August 22, 23 • 8 pm

Venue 23


VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place H3 | MONOGONIES ° DOMINO Dances devised forSchool. a Cathedral tour ofquality' Great Britain. For | VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 CANTATE seniors and graduates of Ballet Rambert ' O ld fashioned The Times, ★fromMaher+shrewish tA A spoiltmother daughter becomes pregnant. Her struggle for independence London. to 'breakaudiences herself up'in. AnTokyo extraordinary actresses/dancers who haveleadsdelighted for the lastactfiveof young years Aug 28 Sept 1 3.30pm (5.00) £4.00 (£3.50) with12-Sept their distinctive in English. Aug 1 (net Aug 20)exuberant 2.15pmstyle. (3.30)Reformed £3.50 (£3. 00) JOHN MOWAT & THE LONDON THEATRE OF CLAY ° MORAY HOUSE UNION THEATRE ° • » • VENUE 20-Theatre Workshon 34 Hamilton Place Tickete 226 5425 06 ;: VENUE fflO-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 YOURS EVENTUALLY is a visual comedy that combines mime, music and dialogue to create a comically chilling glimpse of Mortice Clay' s attempt to make This well known venue features a wide variety of theatre and entertainment in a out of death. From the humble beginnings of one ill-fitting wooden coffin | comfortable 82 seat fortheatre the Royal Mile. Convenient and inviting with a full toa living bar and bar snacks your near enjoyment. Augthe13-25miracle Inot Sun)of cryogenics, 2.45pm (4.it00)is a journey £3.50 (£2.that 50) can only have one end. ★examines EGG ONtheAmind PAINTED FENCE A wacky and humorous multi-media piece which Aug 20 Sept 1 Inot Augof30)Miss 12.Super 15am (Mind. 1.15) £3.50 (£2.50) MUMBLES THEATRE ° i ANTON BROTHER This fresh and innovative band come to Edinburgh with a VENUE unique blend of improvised rock 73-Parado» at the Wee Red Bar, Collgfle of Art, Lauriston PI. Tidatt 229 1003 K7 ]| Aug 10-18 12 midnight (1.30) £3.and50 (£2.world 50) folk. A MIDSUMMER NIGHT' S DREAM ' W onderful . . sparkling . . full of comedy' LONDON FUSION ORCHESTRA These young gifted musicians appearing for the highly Westernacclaimed Mail. A dynamic and innovative set in 1930'Shakespeare' s clubland. As '{ first time with Ian Carr. original score andspectacular! live interpretation jazz .band complement Aug 1315 12 midnight (1.30) £5.00 (£3.50) classic bittersweet comedy. ' Q uite . the whole cast was magnificent . . ' 1325 Swansea Arts. 'F7.ull00pmof entertainment ★ MEETs daughter FOR LUNCH A with wilted flower child, a former beauty queen and a Aug (net Sun) (9.30) £4.00 .(£3.. SEE 00) IT!' Bad Press Magazine. Senator' Aug 13-Sept 1 Inot Aug grapple 19, 30) 10.0life0pmin(11.Manhattan. 30) £3.50 (£2.50) MR. TOAD' S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE The incorrigible Mr. Toad is on trial. Can 1 his friends ★ THE MONKEY BAZAAR Enterandthecrossing MonkeyaBazaar and see the world askew. Aug 1325 (notsaveSun)him?11.Do00amthey(12want noon) to . £3.. ?00 (£2.00) Timeless stories of foible , desire motorway. Aug 20-29 8.00pm (9.45) £3.50 (£2.50) THE FANTASTICS The seasonal longest running musical in the world —30 years in New MUSIC IN OLD ST. PAUL’S York—a love(9.and ■> 1 Aug 13-18tale 8.of00pm 45) £3.95 (£2.rebirth. 95) VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. KJ0 |i BERLIN TO BROADWAY WITH KURT WEILL is a revue of forty Kurt Weill songs FESTIVAL HIGH MASSES Sunday morning worship with a difference for Festival which is both a delightful celebration in melody and a joyous salute to show and Fringe goer alike Viennese classical masses performed in a liturgical context. : business. 12: Mozart-Spatzenmesse; Sun 19: Beethoven-Mass in C; Sun 26: HaydnAug 1325 Inot Sun) 6.00pm (7.15) £3.95 (£2.95) StSunNicholas ★comedy ALGONQUINITES &Ingenue' HOLLYWOODAZE Companion piece toInc.last season's Aug 12, 19. 28Mass.11.00am (12.35) fraa ' N o Song of an . Produced by MZM Productions FAURE REQUIEM Faure Requiem, Haydn Te Deum, Leighton—Sequence For All Aug 13-Sept 1 Inot Suns) 4.00pm (5.45) £4.00 (£2.00) Saints.19 Scottish ★ LEONARDO: ANATOMY OF Aaction SOULandDathe Vinci' ss dreams, images, and Aug 8.00pmChamber (9.30) Choir, £4.50 (£3.Conductor 50) Peter Backhouse: Organist John Young. | inventions evoked through powerful artist' own writings. ZADOK THE PRIEST and other great church music, performed by the combined Aug 20-Sept 1 2.30pm (3.35) £3.50 (£3.00) choir15of Millfield ★ PURPLE BREASTS Zoe has breast cancer. She faces the challenge of her life Aug 8.00pm (9.School 30)ONLYand£4.0Old 0 (£3.St.00)Paul's. and must confront the frightening complexities. TICKETS AT VENU£ | Aug 2025 13-10 2.IQ.00pm FAURE Opera REQUIEM ANDdirected POULENC ORGAN CONCERTO performed byorgan. The Aug OOnn(3(.11011.10) £3.50 (£3.00) Pocket Ensemble, by Leslie Shankland, with John Kitchen, ★ BLUE MERLIN, a new play by Mike Fenlason, dramatizes the return of Merlin Aug 28 AT8.00pm (9.30)ONLY£4.00 (£3.00) the magician TICKETS VENUE | Aug 1310 12andnoonhis(1.4quest 5) for£2.5Arthur. 0 (£1.50) EDINBURGHferverant, BRASSgigantic, CONSORT Antiphonal, brassy Jubilant consortium, delivering ★American FERTILEfarmFIELDS by Louis Stanley takes an intimate peek at a Midwestern euphonious, harmonious instrumentals. kammermusik, family reunited for their mother' s funeral. lovely melodies, nurtured overtures, restful tunes. Aug 17, 10. 20, 21 12 noon (1.45) £2.50 (£1.50) Aug 30 8.00pm (9.30) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ TABITHA is aacontroversial play which raised exploresfromthetherelationship between Peter TICKETS AT VENUE ONLY the Apostle and woman he purportedly dead. Aug 2225 12 noon (1.45) £2.50 (£1.501 MUSIC IN THE MUSEUM VENUE 43-Royal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street. Tickets 225 7534 «219 K9 MORLEY THEATRE GROUP ° musicinin 1861, the elegant the RoyalforMuseum main | VENUE 6-Ceftic Lodga Brodie's Close; Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 Classical hall, designed providessetting the ofbackdrop this seriesof Scotland. of three The concerts. SPEED-THE-PLOW by David Mamet. When two Hollywood producers hit on a Sponsored by The Clydesdale Bank. brilliant ideathefordeal. a blockbuster movie, theygothinkwrong? they'v'Secarily made insane it. They. have 24 hours DANISH BRASS 13 members of the Royal Danish Orchestra. Programme details: 1 tocomic secureplay' What'Acould possibly . a scathingly 2251575346.x219 Newsweek. superbly paced production' Guardian. Aug 30pm or(7.3Daily 0) Diary. £5.00 (£3.00) Aug 13. 15. 17, 19, 21, 23, 25 10.30am (11.45) £4.00 (£3.00) NICOLA LOUD —BBCORCHESTRA. YOUNG MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR 1990 WITH THE ENTERTAINING MR SLOANE by Joe Orton. Sloane; a slick psychopathic youth SCOTTISH CHAMBER rents a room. A series of events follows: seduction, murder, lust and jealousy. ' A Aug 22 6. 3 0pm (7. 3 0) £5.00 (£3.00)Respighi, Barber and Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. disgusting piece of filth' J. Orton! Aug 14. IS. 18. 20. 22, 24 10.00am (11.45) £4.00 (£3.00) THIRD Aug 29 CONCERT 6.30pm (7.30)To be £5.advised. 00 (£3.00)Details 225 7534 x219 or Daily Diary. MORNING AFTER PRODUCTIONS VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 NATIONAL ABSURD SOAPBOX « ■ » »» ★ JABBERWOCK New on Lewis Carroll' s famous devised 71-Calton Studios. 24-26 Cahon Road Tickatt 556 7066 H11 director ofplague acclaimed 'witchcraft 88 show Fringe based production 'Pussout in toBoots' . From apoem medieval villageby VENUE WAITING FOR GODOT A fresh, young, uncluttered production of the twentieth beset by and our hero sets slay the infamous mythical century' s greatest play. Beckett' s masterpiece is always guaranteed to make you beast. Masks, comedy, murder. A dark fable, not for children. think, Leicester Poly's asmost'Thestupidly-named remind. (15youminute why Aug 2025 1118 12.10.330pm0pm(1.(11.45)45) £3.50 (£3.00) itinterval.) first but opened in America Laugh Sensationtheatre of Twocompany Continents' Aug Aug 2731 12.15pm (2.40) £2.50 (£2.00) STEPHEN MORRISON—GUITARIST ° > VENUE 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace H5 ASSOCIATION OF YOUTH CLASSICAL GUITARandRECITAL From the U.Sof.A.,guitar guitarist Stephen Morrison performs aIncludes captivating delightful programme music spanning several NATIONAL ORCHESTRAS centuries. music by Bach, Brouwer, Guiliani, Ponce, Sor and Villa-Lobos. VENUE 100-Central Hall, West Toltoosa. K5 Aug 19. 27 8. 0 0pm (9. 4 5) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 21. 24 1.00pm (2.451 FESTIVAL OF BRITISH YOUTH ORCHESTRAS. Now inmusicians its 11th year, this Festival within the Festival features 1,500 of Britain' s top young in a huge variety ofUNEMPLOYED music. FREEAND ADMISSION DISABLED.TO ALL CONCERTS FOR CHILDREN, STUDENTS, MOVING VISIONS DANCE THEATRE ° NATIONALofYOUTH WIND played ORCHESTRA GREAT BRITAIN A lively VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 programme chamber soloistsFraaOFof the orchestra. Aug 18 12.30pm (1.30) music £1.50 (£1.00 P)bySUDCY BLUES AND Aretha REVELATIONS To theliveBluesvoice, of B BfluteKing,andJohnclarinette. Lee Hooker,Dancers McKinley Morganfield, Franklin with are NATIONAL WIND ORCHESTRA BRITAIN Cond: Adrian graduates of Rambert School.says'Marvellous Magazine, York. Brown. FesteYOUTH PicturesOF atGREAT an Exhibition-Mussorgsky; 'Choreography which Dancers, never more thandancing' it needsDance but says it withNew powerful Symphonies for ofRomane-Respighi; Wind Instruments-Stravinsky; Matelot after Grieg-Stephen simplicity' Dodgson. In aid SALVO (Scottish Arts Lobby). Aug 27 Sept Dance 1 12.and 30pm (1,30) London. £4.00 (£3.50) Aug 18 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.00 P) SUDCY free 64

FIFE YOUTH STRING ORCHESTRA Cond: Robert Tail. Themes Suite in F-Handel; Eine Kleine Nachtmusik—Mozart; Slavonic Dances —Dvorak; from Moldau-<Smetana; Aug 20 Jazz 12.30pmPizzicato (1.30) —Leroy £1.50 (£1.Anderson; 00 P) SUOCYToyFreeSymphony—Haydn. FIFE YOUTH ORCHESTRA RichardLakeEvans. Overture: Egmont Cotswold Dances —Philip Lane;Cond: Ride Over Constance—Judith Weir;—Beethoven; Symphony No 220—Brahms; Aug 7.30pmLes(9.30)Preludes£3.5—Liszt. 0 (tZ.OO P) SUDCY Free BORDERS REGIONAL WIND ORCHESTRA Cond: Charles Maynes. Festival Overture—Shostakovitch; Clarinet ConcertoStory—Bernstein; No 2—Weber; Mazama—Chattaway; Symphonic Tudor Psalm—Tull. Aug 21 12.dance 30pm (1.music 30) from £1.50West (£1.00 Side P) SUDCY Free READING Piano YOUTH ORCHESTRA Cond:Names Robertof theRoscoe. Concerto No 1 —Prokofiev; AngelsFirebird —Cooper;SuitePines ofStravinsky; Rome Aug 21 —Respighi. 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (12.00 P) SUDCY Free READING YOUTH ORCHESTRA Cond; Robert Roscoe. Programme will include Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra Theme and Variations—Rossini; Flute Sonata — Poulenc, Aug 22 orch. 12.30pmBerkeley. 11.301 tl.SO (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free CENTRAL REGION YOUTH CHOIR ANDCantique ORCHESTRA Cond: Richard Galloway. Te Deum & Cello —Haydn; de Jean Racineand—Faure; Mass in—Rutter. D—Schubert; AdagioConcerto for Strings —Barber; 'Gaelic Melody' other settings Aug 22 7.30pm (9.301 £3.50 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Free NATIONAL CHILDREN' S ORCHESTRA Cond: Peter Stark. Cornish DancesArnold; St Paul's Suite —Holst; John Gay Suite —Buxton Orr; Ballet Music, Faust — Gounod. Aug 23 12.30pm (1.30) £1.50 (£1.00 P) SUDCY Free PALATINE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, DURHAM Cond: —Gluck; Godfrey Hutchinson. Programme will include Concerto for FluteCOUNTY and Orchestra Concerti Aug 23 Grossi, 7.30pm (9.1 &30)3 —Geminiani; £3.50 (£2.00Divertimento P) SUDCY Free—Larsson. PALATINE EARLY MUSIC CONSORT, COUNTY dir: Diana Wilks. Medieval Renaissance onDURHAM instruments Aug 24 and 12.30pm (1.30) £1.music 50 (£1.played 00 P) SUDCY Free of the period. WARWICKSHIRE SCHOOLS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Hutchinson— &Leigh; HelenViolaDeakin. Concerto Grosso —Corelli; Harpsichord &Cond: StringRaySymphony Concertino Concerto —Stamitz; Concertstuck No 2 —Mendelssohn; No 33 —Mozart. Aug 24 7.30pm (9.301 £3.50 IE2.00 P) SUDCY Free SOMERSET YOUTH Cond:DanseMartyn Owen. Festival OvertureShostakovich; SomersetORCHESTRA Rhapsody—Holst; Macabre—Saint-Saens; 4 Dance Episodes, Aug 25 Rodeo—Copland. 12.30pm (1.30) E1.50 IE1.00 P) SUDCY Free NATIONAL CHILDREN' S ORCHESTRA Peter Stark and Charles Dance Diversions —Hurd; The World of Carnival—Berlioz. MusicCond; —Camilleri; Symphony for FunCamilleri. —Gillis; Ballet25 Music, Aug 7.30pmFaust—Gounod; (9.301 £3.50Roman IE2.0D P) SUDCY Free LONDON’S TOPICAL SATIRE SHOW

Terry Randall

NORTH YORKSHIRE SCHOOLS Timpani CONCERTConcerto—Jacob; BAND Cond: Graham Walker. Overture: Hebrides —Mendelssohn; Symphonic dance music from West Side Story—Bernstein; YearFilm of theMusic, Dragon,ET; Finale—Spark. Aug 27 12.30pm (1.30) £1.50 (£1.00 PI SUDCY Free NORTH YORKSHIRE SCHOOLSKorsakov; CONCERTOverture; BAND Hebrides Cond: Graham Walker. Dance ofConcerto—Jacob; the Tumblers—Rimsky —Mendelssohn; Timpani Champions —Davis/Spark; ETElgar,FilmSpark. Music; West Side Story —Bernstein; plus Big Band in Concert: Bernstein, Aug 27 7.30pm (9.30) E3.50 (t2.00 P) SUDCY Free R.S.A.M.D. JUNIOR DEPARTMENTConcerto ORCHESTRA Cond:& James Durrant. Overture, Russian & Ludmilla—Glinka; for 2 Cellos Strings—Vivaldi; Serenade Symphony Aug 28 in7.3G—Moeran; 0pm (9.30) 'O£3.rgan' 50 (t2.00 P) SUDCYNoFree3—Saint-Saens. PERTH YOUTH ORCHESTRA Cond:Ensemble D Eoin—Gounod; Bennet. works StringforQuartet Op 42—Haydn; Petite Symphonie for Wind Percussion and Brass Ensembles. Aug 2g 12 30pn, (1 30| t1 so (£1 „„ p) SUDCY Frefl PERTH YOUTH ORCHESTRA Cond: D EoinWilliams; Bennet. Overture, LaConcerto Gazza LadraRossini; London Cello Rodeo, Sinfonietta —Horovitz;Symphony—Vaughan Piano Concerto No 3 —Kabalevsky; 2 —Lalo; Dance Episodes—Copland. Aug 29 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Free DUNBARTONSHIRE SCHOOLS Overture, ORCHESTRA Cond:— lain ExcerptsDIVISION from SwanPRIMARY Lake—Tchaikovsky; Dr Miracle Bizet;30MacDonald. Tango12.3Mexicans; Aug 0pm (1.301 Havah E1.50Nagilah; (£1.00 P) Sonatina—Schubert. SUDCY Free BERKSHIRE ORCHESTRA Cond: Ronald ColyerSymphony and Paul Cox. Overture,YOUTH TancrediCHAMBER —Rossini; Serenade for Strings—Tchaikovsky; No 130—Beethoven. Aug 7.30pm (9.301 £3.50 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Free BERKSHIRE YOUTH CHAMBER ORCHESTRA Cond:forRonald Colyer and Paul Cox. Nine Characteristic Pieces- Francaix; Serenade Strings—Tchaikovsky; Sinfonietta Aug 31 12.—3Bennett. 0pm (1.30) £1.50 (tl.00 P) SUDCY Free STRATHCLYDE John Lubbock. Sea Pictures —Elgar;SCHOOLS SymphonySYMPHONY No 1—Walton;ORCHESTRA Waltzes fromCond; Der Rosenkavalier— Strauss Aug 31 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.00 P) SUDCY Free EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY CHAMBER Flute ORCHESTRA Cond:Serenade Kennethfor Dempster.—Elgar; Overture, Hebrides —Mendelssohn; Concerto —Ibert; Strings Sept 1 12.30pmIsti(1.3Mirant 01 E1.Stella—Weir. 50 (E1.00 P) SUDCY Free LOTHIAN REGION SCHOOLS Overture, Orpheus Pines in theof Underworld—Offenbach; SymphonyORCHESTRA No 6, Pathetique—Tchaikovsky; Rome1 —Respighi. Sept 7.30pm (9.30) £3.50 (E2.00 P) SUDCY Free VENUE 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace H5 ESSEX YOUTH ORCHESTRA BRASS ENSEMBLE Dir: George Reynolds. Favourite Aug 15 ensemble 8.00pm (9.45)make £3.a welcome 50 (£2.00 P)return SUDCYwith Free 'The Best of Brass'.

Holly King

Ian Angus Tara Wilkie Dominick Musical Director: Simon Gilman Director: Terry Randall "If you canorimagine harderyou'hitting, livewhat versionto expect" of Week-Ending Spitting aImage, ll know - The London Standard "This team has so much slickness, talent and topicality, it seems unfair. .. simply not to be missed" - The Scotsman "Shocking bad taste" - The Economist TIC TOC at MARCO’S LEISURE CENTRE, 51-95, GROVE STREET 7.45 pm and 9.15 pm £6 or £4 (Cones) August 11th - September 1st (not August 19th) Box Office (031) 229-8830

SYMBOL OF THE 90’s Greyfriars

venue 28 EXTBA SHOWS!

AFTERNOON AFFAIR ^Venue 33- Pleasance / 3.35pm £4(c3) see listing for details ^\\(not every day) 65




VENUE 54-Cluny Church Hall, Cluny Gardens Tickets 447 0015 P2 ★ RADIO MAN Comedy,piecepathos andclowning' terror: violence Independent. 'A7.savage of£3.black SundayandTimes.regret. 'Astonishing' Aug 10. 1318 4 5pm (8. 3 5) 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 1011, Charity 1318 Peri2.3for5pmCruiseid (3.25) Aug THE HYPOCHONDRIAC (See above). Hilarious. 'Verbal as well as physical dexterity' Sunday Times. Aug 11, 1318 9.05pm2.25pm (10.2'I0)(3.njected £3.5new 0 (£2.life'50), 'full of verve'. NSDF Company Award. Aug 25, 27 Sept 1 4 0) Aug 13 Charity Peri for MIND ★ THE BIG BOOK 1930s FOR GIRLS 'Sheeryield delight'their. 'Hhidden umorously winning adventure. girls annuals secretsinventive' to this, awarddaring NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY ensemble. Aug Aug 26)Pert for6.0Lighthouse 5pm (6.50) and 10.30pm (11.15) £3.00 (£2.00) The 'phenomenally talented NSTC'fiveCityoutstanding Limits, still theproductions leading fringe award winner, Aug 2027 20 (6.0(not 5) Charity brings eight shows this year: from the Sunday ★ CAN'T STAND UP FORperformed' FALLINGNoises DOWNOff.(See'Insights, above).raptures 'A trulyandremarkable, Times/ITV National Student Drama Festival (all at Cluny, three elsewhere too), plus memorable play, beautifully agonies'; another 'chillingly performed' Independent. STORY. from the superb 1989 DARKLE team, an open-air Tolkien and WEST SIDE Aug 2025 8. 4 5pm (9. 5 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 Aug Aug 25 4. 1 0pm (5. 2 0) 20 Charity Perf for SHAKTI MMEH'S AID THE HYPOCHONDRIAC Hilariously original, fast and accessible award-winning adaptation (fromfluidMoliere). 'Simplisticbelow). yet brilliant' surreal physical theatre. poetic' ★ MORNING HAS BROKEN (See above). 'Taut and witty' TES. 'Touching and 'Ingenious Independent. Aug 1018 and2.00pm (3.human 15) £5.set'00. (See (£4.00) Aug 2025 7.25pm(2.0(8.5)'H25)umorous, £3.00poignant, (£2.00) deeply sad . . yet life affirming' Stage. Aug 25 1. 0 5pm ★Times LICKERISH (NSTC WITH UEA NORWICH) Following DARKLE (Sunday 5) PlaywritingandAward), another 'gruesome and hilarious farce' FT from Bil Aug Aug 29Sept 20 Charity1 Perf8.for15pmAge(9.1Concern Gallagher Aug 1925 (STPA) 2.00pm (3.1this 5) 'impressive' £5.00 (£4.00) Time Out company. VENUE 52-Ckmy Church Centre, 1 Cluny Drive Tickets 447 0015. P2 ★united CAN'byT STAND UP FOR FALLING DOWN by Richard Cameron. Three women WEST SIDE STORYdynamic Familiar NSTC numbers, different emphasis:'Sweet the reality, the one man'winner. s brutality. 'Painfully incisive . . magical' Sunday Times dream. Yet)? another musical. Remember Charity'versus ('hugely Playwriting enjoyable' ' C hicago' (' a stunner' ) ? Aug 26 Sept 1Award2.00pm (3.151(See £5.below). 00 (£4.00) Preview10 SeptAug 19 (not Suns 7.35pmor (10.Aug15)20, 28)£3.00 7.35pm (10.15) £5.50 (£4.00) VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 Aug Aug 15,10 Charity 18, 25, Perf 27, Sept 1 2.1Ai5pmd. (4.45) THE HYPOCHONDRIAC ' A brilliant, vibrant production' . ' T he antics of the set Aug for Christian generated a warm, bubbling undercurrent of mirth' Sunday Times Critic Award winner. (See above and below). Aug 23, 25 Sept 1 7.00pm (8.15) £5.00 (£4.00) VENUE 73-Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, College of Art, lauriston PI. Tickets 229 1003 K7 THE NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE °»’D2D3» ★Passages MORNING HAS BROKEN , stage' by TimIndependent. Fountain. Bennett andmoving' BeckettT.blend. VENUE 37-George Square Theatre, George Square. Tickets 667 3704 M9 'NSDF of joy and beauty on the ' E xtremely H . E S. CAPTAIN STIRRICK Following huge success atBartholomew the National Theatre and Sadler'ands award.1 (See2.45pm below). Wells, the classic NYMT Fringe First Winner. Fair' s puppets Aug 27 Sept (3.45) £3.50 (£2.50) sideshows the stark underbelly offorce. life amongst backstreetThecriminals DickensianrevealLondon. Musical tour3's dedead-cert! 'T(Not hrillingforjuvenile and7 —under.) beautiful' Times. VENUE 131-Greyfriars Kirk Churchyard, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 of'Overwhelming' Guardian. Week ★Tolkien' LORDs magical OF THEtale.RINGS Among the starlit graves, discover the firelit spell of Aug 23, 26 Sept 1 7. 0 0pm (9. 1 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) For children of all ages. Aug 24 4. 0 0pm (6. 1 0) Aug 1618 7.30pm (10.001 £4.50 (£3.50) Aug 2831 10.00am (12.10)

NATIONAL HEALTH THEATRE CO. 30 VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 *London' THE s CUNNING LINCTUS A fast-moving, physical three man show from foremost medicalhumour satirists presenting their fifthdissection sell-outofplay. Devious medicine and subversive combine in a hilarious hospital life. Join the waiting list for tickets! 'Unmissable' Editor, Private Eye. 'Had me in stitches' AugThe26Independent. Sept 1 10.15pm (11.451 £3.50 (£2.50 SUPDY)

Lfsasa i^vVW-O

i {Absolutely terrific. . . the real thing and no mistake! J y TIME OUT 6 (Second to none in their skill and feelfor South American folk music... y J CITY LIMITS ((A s smoothly professional as any band that has played in W ashington this year... y y WASHINGTON POST ( (. . . fiat out the best I've ever heard in the genre ■ ■ y y OPTION MAGAZINE 14 AUG-1SEP (ext. 20/28/31 Aug) REID CONCERT HALL Bristo Square £5 (£4 tones) Tickets on door i and from Fringe f Box Office <! 67


Edinbm-gh International Festival ^ They pelorm withand"a raw degree of speed. i professionalism energy

rilEATUE ATHEmajor new work fromsetthein the writers of of RAGGED CHILD turmoil the 1917 Russian Revolution. CTOBER'SP CHILDREN JeremyWhately James Taylor andByFrank Music by David Nield 10,12-17,20,22,24,25 AUG, 7pm 14,17-22,25 AUG, 4pm Step back into the ’30s with I \ A Music and Lyrics by Rodgers and Hart "One of the truly great Cabaret Musicals" includes "Bewitched. Bothered and Bewildered" "Chicago." "I could write a book: 11-18,20,21 AUG, 9.30pm 18,21 AUG, 6.45pm 15,16 AUG, 4pm Scotsman First Award (1980) Radio ForthFringe Award Outstanding MusicalforPerformance’ll Al*I\I Y “ Thrilling and beautiful ” ‘‘Overwhelming" THE TIMES THE GUARDIAN . memorable... wonderfully inventive music, rumbustious, sinister and moving in turn ... quite outstanding performances ” Hilary Finch, TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT AMPLE GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE BOX OFFICE 031-667 3704 PARKING APPEARING TriALSO ck and Treat Theatre ProductionsTHIS Ltd. SEASON Trestle Theatre Company Act One - Scene One Hull Truck Theatre Company THE GRAND JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH L’AMFRIPARNASO LUMPY CUSTARD KIT AND THE WIDOW’90 BOUNCERS RALPH McTELL GALA GEORGE SQUARE 13-25 AUG, 11am 20-29 AUG, 1pm 26AUGto1 SER 4pm 22 AUG to 1 SEP, 10pm 11 AUG to 1 SEP 19 AUG, 11pm (No perf. 19 and 23 AUG) (No perf. 23 AUG) around midnight 19 AUG, 7.30pm (NOT SUNDAYS) 68

THE NATIONAL YOUTH MUSIC THEATRE—continued ★unaccommodated' OCTOBER'S CHILDREN the writers RAGGEDbackdrop CHILD-7,500,000 'musical children. From Massive Russianof THE revolution for major premier. Aug 10, 12-17, 20, 22, 24, 25 7. 0 0pm 19. 1 01 £6. 5 0 (£3. 5 01 Aug 14, 17-22, 25 4.00pm 16.10) PAL JOEY B Classic Rodgerswitty& hard-hitting Hart —Chicago 1938.they'Great tunes (Bewitched, dance, book.low-life, The musical ll be talking about. See20, it!21and B),9.30pm Aug 111 8, (mi d ni g ht ) £5. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 5pm (9.(6.135)0) Aug 18,15, 2115 4.6.040pm NATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE OF GREAT BRITAIN ° ' VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 SURRENDER DOROTHY Britain' s internationally acclaimed National Youth Theatre of Great Britain explores presents the a black comedy which,genius throughandthemadness experiences ofconcludes deranged teenagers, thin line between and that,highly wherever possible, it What' is the genius that should be locked up. 'Al clever23-Sept fun and Aug 1 8.30pmrecommended.' (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) s On. THE NETHERBOW VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 H10 From Mahabharata Peer Gynt,in American swingcentury: to Chileanat folk, JohnofKnox iEdinburgh n theThesixteenth to Tonyto Harrison the—astwentieth thethe hub old The Netherbow has them all well as good food at Three Arts Cafe and the most comfortable theatre in town. + THE GHOSTunder OF JOE SEPPI Aofmusician' s soul trapped between life and death. See Aug 13main Sept entry 1 (not Suns) The1.0Ghost 0pm (2.00) Joe £3.Seppi. 00 (£2.50 SPDCY) ★performances THE MAHABHARATA Parts One and Two on alternate afternoons. Complete main(5.entry Pert 2:1: Aug 13,14, 15,16,all20,17,day22,21,Saturday. 27, 24,29 28,See30,3.00pm 30)3.00pmunder £5.(5.0300)A&BC (£4.00)£5.Theatre. Part Aug 23, 31 Parts 1 & 2: Aug 18, 25, Sept 1 10.00am (5.30pm) £10.00 (£8.00)00 (£4.00) PEER GYNT and THE BEGGAR' S OPERA Two classics in rep. on alternate evenings. Aug 13 SeptSee1 (notmain Suns}entry 6.under 30pm (8.Cygnet 30) Training £4.00 (£3.Theatre. 00) Vtransformed by Tony Harrison ' T he most outstanding social poem of the last 25 years' intoSuns) highly charged Aug 13-Sept 1 (not 9.30pm (11.theatre. 00) £4.50 (£3.50) * DEPRAVITY Award-winningof combination of Grant MorrisonFinancial and Oxygen return with1 another Times.House Aug 18-Sept (not Suns)'triumph 11.30pm the (1.00)subversive £4.50 (£3.imagination' 00) SO INSENSITIVE IS THE MOUTH Outstanding production images from theatre photographer art form Aug 11-Sept 1 (notJonSuns)Stark. An10.00am (11.30pm)in its own Free right. Asong. GAELIC/SCOTTISH CELEBRATION A selection of Scottish Gaelic music and Aug 19 Performed 8.00pm (10.by 0gold 0) medallists £3.00 from the Gaelic Mod. CARLOS ARREDONDO IN CONCERT Beautiful, contemporary Latin American songs and music frompassionate, compelling deeply Chileanmoving singer songwriter. Aug 28 8.00pm (10.00) £3.00 (£2.00) ROB NEWMAN VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 ROB NEWMAN Impressionist fromITV' Radios 'Spitting Ts 'SteveImage' Wright in the Afternoon' , 'The Mary Whitehouse Experience' and . Don' t miss this hilarious blend of stand-up and high. . energy impressions. Plus special 'Creasingly funny hipcomedy impressionist unstoppable sex machine' N.M.E.guest. 'The funniest Aug 9-Septimpressionist 1 (not 13, 30) in Britain' 10.40pm The (11.30)Times.£5.00 (£4.00) ALAN PARKER Self-confessed cult hero, youth spokesperson and taboo bashing subversive Aug 9 Sept 1 urban (not Augwarrior 13. 30)will be10.4breaking 0pm (11.30)down£5.barriers 00 (£4.00)again.

NEWSREVUE *90 VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 NEWSREVUE 0you' 'If you can imagine aexpect' harder-hitting version 'ofIf Week-Ending orone Spitting Image,'9sure ll sknow what toThe LondonliveStandard. you only see revue, make it' Newsrevue' List. Aug 11 Sept 1 (not 19) 7.45pm (8.45) and 9.15pm (10.15) £6.00 (£4.00) NEWTON THEATRE ° » VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 ★psychological LEATHERHEAD is a new play that incorporates original poetry into a drama laced withofsome very black humour. Theofcentral character believes herself to be a writer great sensitivity—a woman the people. Her public, friends and subconscious introduce doubts. The audience must decide what Aug 13-18 1.00pm (2.00) £4.00 (£3.00) THE NEW WRINKLE THEATRE COMPANY ° 1 2 3» VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mila Tickets 556 3147. J11 LIFE'S onFARtheTOO SHORT! Who'sfamiliar? satisfiedGrowing with theirpainsage?thatIslastthea grass really greener other side? Sounds lifetime are here, warts and all. Fringe 'A damned sight funnier than some of the comedy-revue acts at more Aug 27 Septprominent 1 8.45pm (9.45)venues'£3.0Scotsman 0 (£2.00) 89. NICARAGUA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN0 1 2 3» VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 2590 and 226 2428. GTI NIGHT FOR PART 6 All theMoney very best music, from FringeNICARAGUA inSolidarity one greatCampaign extravaganza. will gocomedy towardsandthecabaret work ofpressthetheforNicaragua in support ofraised the FSLN in Nicaragua. Watch full details of performers. Sept 2 8.00pm (11.00) £6.50 (£5.00) THE NIGHTINGALE COMPANY »»» VENUE 59—Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 3807 (Studio) G11 The Nightingale Company proudly present international theatre at its best. Threea Australian plays—a new script by Julie Lacy on the life of Marie Bashkirtseff; critically acclaimedin Ailsa play byMathieson' Daniel Keene of thepieceTideandTheatre Company;bringsPruea Bassett Norton Canadianfeatures two hander to complete thiss haunting exciting repertoire ofMark powerful drama. ★Century THE MEETING by Julie Lacy. My confrontation with Marie Bashkirtseff, 19th Russian artist. Surreal interplay of selves. Twisting. Provocative. Passionate. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns) 2.15pm (3.15) £4.00 (£3.50) DAMNEDSandra, MANON, SANDRArevelling Michaelin Tremblay. relationship between well SACRED worn transvestite, possibilitiesBizarre of green lipstick and 13Manon, nowSuns) closer to3.4God Aug Sept 1 (not 5pm (4.with551 her £4.oversized 00 (£3.50)rosary. SWALLOWING IS A VERY PRIVATE THING Her mind is a bloodied battlefield, where savage conflict seems preferable to the isolation of peace. An audit of the Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns) 5.15pm (6.25) £4.00 (£3.50) THE BEFORE MY BROTHER DIESandDaniel brotherHOUR who awaits execution. They confront try toKeene. resolveAthewoman tangledvisitswebherof their relationship. Aug 13incestuous Sept I (not Suns) 9.40pm (10.55) £4.00 (£3.50) NOEL GAY TELEVISION VENUE 123-The South Bridge Centre, Infirmary Street. JOO UP YERofFESTIVAL Finally, Fringe gets its ownreports nightlyandTVguest show,performances a live, madcapby mixture sketches, music,talentthe interviews, location the best and happening at the Festival. Up Yer Festival will be produced by Noel20-24, Gay Television for00pmBSB,(11.TV'00)s premier Aug 2731 from 10.Fringe £1.00 patron of fresh, innovative entertainment. TiAllcketproceeds s available Box Offi c e only from ticket sales to the Fringe Development Fund NO EXCUSES ° ’»2 2 VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 NO EXCUSES CABARETandA cabaret show actors) performed by antheir exciting based non-disabled making debutnewataretheLiverpoolFringe. 'uncompromisingly Sticky'company issues (disabled common to both disabled and non-disabled tackled in a series of comical/satirical sketches. NO EXCUSES offer no excuses! Aug 1318 5.15pm (6.45) £3.50 (£2.501 Parliament Square, fay St. Giles' Cathedral, High Street. NOSMOSSuitable MUMMERS Medieval-style street theatre. St. George fights the dragon. Aug 1317 12.30pmfor (1.children. 00) Free NORTHERN THEATRE COMPANY ° • • VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. (TO LOVE KEVINHomosexual Dramatic musical on plight London' s youngGreen/Thom homeless. Drugs. Pornography. prostitution. Newofwork by Richard Strid. Score, Jonathan Holtby. Hailed at National Theatre. ' E motionally charged’ The Stage. ' . . the mostSupplement. challenging and original piece of young theatre in five years' Times25 Sept Educational Aug 1 5.30pm (6.45) £4.00 (£3.00) 69



FESTIVAL 20th - 24th AUG 27th - 31st AUG 10*00 pm - 11*00 pm DOORS OPEN AT 9*45pm (No admittance after 10* 15pm) Come along and watch starpacked live TV entertainment from BSB’s tip-top satire team. Sketches, music, stand-ups, surprise guests and the very best of Festival fun. UP YER FESTIVAL AT THE SOUTH BRIDGE CENTRE INFIRMARY STREET EDINBURGH TICKETS £1 - proceeds to Festival Fringe Society Tickets only available from Fringe Box Office Tel: 031 226 5257/9 Noel Gay Television 143 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0EE Tel: 071 287 0087 70

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE EDUCATION ° K VENUE 16-The Nottinghamshire Venue, Theatre Arts Centre. Davie St. Tickets 667 2388 UO S) SHAKESPEARE-CHILDREN' S SHOW -DANCE/DRAMA-CONTEMPORARY WRITING —CABARET—STAGEBAND. dazzlingwithreviews of ourbursting Fringe with '89 ] £ shows ACORN Young People'Scotsman, s TheatreAfter Co.'considerable returns a programme 'extraordinary imagination' quality' List,venue—' 'a lot iofncredible talent' | tei Scotsman . Something for most times, most tastes! Excellent value' Review '89. ]| THE COMEDY OF identities ERRORS given Shakespeare' s treatment zany frolicbyinAcorn. Commedia style. A comedy of mistaken sparkling Aug 1324 (not 17, 19) 5.00pm 16.30) £2.50 (£1.00) _ ODE ON A GRECIAN URN Keats' poem freely interpreted; a dance-drama group ic involving Aug 13 & 14young2.people 30pm (3.1with 5) special C2.50 (E1.educational 00) needs. ■FOR LUNCHTIME CONSUMPTION ONLY' A full-bodied, subtle blend of music, dance Aug 13-18and drama 12 noonfrom (1.00)between £2.50the(£1.0wars. 0) Noel-and-sisters. ★popular ROGERSusanna TROTSGretzOUT! A marvellous family show adapted form the hugely |\ books. Highly Aug 2024 11.00am 112 noon) £2.50 (£1.visual, 001 fast-moving—great fun! 1 WHEN WORDS FAIL ... 'So FOOTFALLS, little to do.' Samuel Beckett' s women dream of youth, love, silence, in ROCKABYE, HAPPY DAYS. Aug 20-24 2.00pm (3.00) E2.50 (£1.00) ; NOTTINGHAMSHIRE SCHOOLS' STAGE BAND Luxuriate in the big band \ | sound Aug 21, of23 Glenn7.3Miller—soak 0pm 19.30) upE2.Gershwin' 50 (£1.001 s syncopated Summertime . . fall in love! ! I Top of Waverley Market, by Tourist Info, Princes St. H9 p NOTTINGHAMSHIRE SCHOOLS' STAGE BAND Classicfree!big band numbers L from slick 25 piece outfit—get ' i n the mood—alfresco—all' Aug 21-23 2.30pm (3.30) Free EARL OKIN VENUE 28—Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row, Tickets 225 3626 K§ | SEX-SYMBOL 90'SandElegance, wit,it HAS sensualto bevelvet voice andLadies, the 1|| legendary 'himposter, orny'OFlips!THE Unique irresistable, EARLfrom OKIN! accept no Earl IS the Fringe Classic!!! Just returned world tour. SOLD OUTyear.LAST YEAR. (Note new venue.) 'Multi-talented musical-supremo' Time .||1.Out.118thSept Aug 1 8.32pm (9.50) £4.50 (£4.00) VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 || AFTERNOON AFFAIRTotalSliprelaxation away for aanddiscreet dalliance guaranteed! with the seductive and |lj musical Mr. Okin. satisfaction Timeless' Scotsman. a Aug 11. 12. 17-19, 24 27, 31, Sept 1 3.35pm (4.35) £4.00 (£3.00) WHAT'S ON THIS YEAR... and what the papers said in '89 BMB3B h-i ' A product i o n whi c h di s pl a ys ext r aordi n ary imaginationthatis alyear, most anywhere, every level' t-henScotmakesman.it -c 'If you see only one performance of Shakespeare o this one’ - Review 89. Q 'Well worth seeing' - Evening News. w 'Mesmerising performance' - Scotsman. '89 - 'Sleeping Beauty': ''AOneshowof thofe most considgenui erable quality' - Theperformances List. on the Fringe' - Scottish Times Educat ementn. ely enjin othyableir eappreci 'eiTtheher'chiio-lnaldrenTheSuppl areLisunreserved ation - the adults are not that far behind . exuberant kind.. ,performed '-InspiTES.ration of the tmost with style and great good humour' Em o '89 - 'Fangs and Fists': ’Both scripts show a lot of talent' - Scotsman. hH re Schools' Concert Band': h-i ''8W9hat- 'Naottistnghamshi fit. . e-d. Don' everytt hmiinsgs twas with Heral slickd. polish.. a starry O ensembl e. .briylliisahntlyoutexecut hem' pl-ayedGlasgow Appearing at: Venue 16 - also at Venue 11 and Venue 36 Nottinghamshire County Council Education

OWEN O’NEILL ° VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 HIDEchildhood, One of fifteen children brought up bywithlunatic parents. O'ofSTAND-UP Naeillreligious tells ofAND apsychopath. bizarre and a dangerous love affair the daughter A show that combines a fine blend of stand-up comedy and 12Sept poignant1 (notstorytelling. Aug Thurs) 10.'O0'N0pmeill (11.is 0powerfully 0) £4.00 funny' (£3.00) Time Out. ONE LUMP OR TWO? •••• VENUE 67-The Comedy Room, 2 Picardy Place, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 0499. G10 ONE LUMP OR TWO? Brilliant stand-ups. Get a bellyache laughing at the TeaHayley, Party ofcreamy the yearfromwhen Doon, triumphant in ' N othing Like a Royal Show' and Mike new theBBCcucumber series, dispense exhuberant on life, the universe andhis why sandwiches always frothy go soggy.observatons 'Comic Saucery' Doulton' Aug 10 Septs Weekly. 1 10.30pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00) A ONE NIGHT STAND WITH SEAN HUGHES VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 A'outstanding' ONE NIGHT STAND WITH SEANappearances HUGHESon After last Ross, year'sbeensuccess, The Guardian, Sean' s had Jonathan voted 'Comedy Playmate of the Year' On aandnewtoured the USA. Boston Sean'sWhat' backs with show. Canada Catch 'Tand he Rising Star of'Exhilarating' Comedy' E. Herald.8.00pm Aug 10 Sept 1 N.(notM.Mens) (9.30) £4.50 (£3.50) ONSTAGE 66 •••• VENUE 74-St. Stephen's Hall, foot of Howe Street E7 LORD ARTHUR SAVILE' S CRIME by Constance Cox. A superb comedy based onhilarious the story by OSCAR WILDE. Fullgreatof wit, eleganceincompetents and charm, ittodepicts thea attempts of one of our aristocratic commit prophesied Aug 11 Sept 1 murder (not Sunslwhich7.he45pmfeels(10.1duty-bound 0) £3.50 (£2.to 5carry 0) out before marriage. ON THE BUS PRODUCTIONS ° - m» VENUE 55-Randolph Studio, Institul Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 ★wildly 21Afunny Britishcharacters. debut of internationally acclaimed performer Kevin Kling his 8 one-man celebration of atheuniversal wondersconcept? of lifeandand riding. American, yes. ButandAisn'performs t public delicately, transportation 'Klingbusis astonishing. He writes boldly, and rudely' Newsweek. Aug 20 Sept 1 (not Aug 28) 12 noon (1.15) £2.95 (£1.95)

ON THE FRINGE OF HYSTERIA ° VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 226 2428 & 557 2590. G11 ON THEfor theFRINGE OFoneHYSTERIA Comedy against AIDS. forSeeThetheHysteria pick ofTrust the Fringe price of ticket. This major AIDS fund-raiser (whotheproduced Hysteria 2 onguests. ChannelBook4) early. will feature the best comedy and music onAug Fringe plus surprise midnightRooms (2.30) and Edi£15nburgh and £10Playhouse and £5 only Ticket24s from12Assembly OPEN STAGE ° ^ VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 BEAUTY, vicious, AND THEdarkBEAST or THEMiddleton' CHANGELING A masterpiece of brooding intensity' and brilliant, s play is the best of Jacobean tragicomedies. A Renaissanceandpregnancy test, an man-servant asylum, a 'vanished' fiancee,thana beautiful noble-woman her 'bad-faced' lover. 'Better Shakespeare' Aug 13-18 12.Gary 15pm (1.Taylor. 45) £3.50 (£2.50) LUNCH by Steven Berkoff. imagery' Performed at midnight as antidote for jaded appetites. 'A hothouse voluptuous Aug 13-18 12of midnight (12.45) £3.5.0 (£2.50) ORIGINAL SINNERS ° VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 ★Original, SAM &experimental JASCHA Samand& Jascha is a new play with live music by Patrick Dailly. evocative, it always explorescontroversial. attitudes toNotevery sexual relationship. Often funny, often sad but suitable for children. Aug 13-25 10.20am (11.50) £3.00 (£2.00) THE OSNEY MEAD THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 ★in 1918. ALLBRIGHT ON THE WESTERN FRONT New comedy. A convent inLoveFrance Capt. Allbright andlunatic' a bands-eyeof survivors are crazed by Great shellshock. and madness abound in this view of nuns and the war. Then the Germans break through. Richard Leggatt, (Allbright). 'Excellent'—TTie Independent. Aug Aug 1325 27 Sept(not1 Sun) 8.15pm10.1(10.5pm00)(12 midnight) £3.00 (£2.50)


Pepperdinefor;has established a reputation “...firstmaterial.” class productions of first rate -THE STAGE “...putting on some very solid performances of plays.” - BBC RADIO “...a talented and-TIMEOUT well directed company.”

THE WORLD PREMIERE OF 5:00 p.m. Aug. 10,11,13-18 V^Rv/UaN

and also Freely Adapted By 3:00 p.m. CHARLES MAROWITZ Aug. 17,18 Author of ARTAUD AT RODEZ, THE SHREW, AN OTHELLO, THE MAROWITZ HAMLET and the Broadway comedy, SHERLOCK'S LAST CASE


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OUT ON PAROLE SOCIETY , * VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge. 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 17850 F10 MISS JULIE Sex and class struggle in a world full of Midsummer madness in Strindberg' Aug 26-Sept s1 powerful 5.15pm play. (6.55) £3.50 (£2.50 SUPDY) OUT TO PLAY THEATRE COMPANY ° • VENUE 28—Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 LYSISTRATA Comedy!useFedof body up withmasks warandLysistrata unites women inbrilliant a Sex Strike forfantasy peace.Sex! 'Ingenious juggled gender roles—a comic with contemporary resonances . . hilarious' Time Out. ' V igorous physical theatre skills' City Limits.(1.Appeals Aug 40) £3.to50all(£3.sizes! 00) Not suitable for children. Aug 13-Sept 26 Aug 12.12(not 30pm19.(3.4.326)40pm 0) (5.12.40)30pm Free Preview:

THE TRUE STORY TOM Fielding JONES-LUSTY LADs greatest TO GRACIOUS GENTLEMAN RoustaboutOF Theatre. lied . . Love' adventurer reveals Aug 10 Septall. 1 (not Tubs) 11.00am (12.15) £3.50 (£2.50) 24-HOUR PARTYbefore GARAGE Lunchtime. Can the up? 'All New' Carpenters find their long10-Sept lost parents their Aug 1 (not Tubs) 12.30pmfunny (1.30)garage£2.9blows 9 (£1.99) ★passions: UNITYHitler Obsessive drama penetrating Unity Mitford' s struggle to reconcile her Aug 10-Sept I (not and Tubs)England. 3.30pmInsanity (4.30) and£3.suicide 50 (£2.50)provide the disturbing climax. ★andWORDS FROM THE WORLD' S END Devils, gods, dancing bears, submarines Aug 10talking Sept 1trees: (not Tubs)encounters 5.00pmon(6.the30) broad£4.0road 0 (£3.to00)hell. BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE by Dennis Potter. Obscene, funny depraved devil saves the 1day? Aug 9-Sept (not Tubs) 7.00pm (8.30) £4.00 (£3.00) HEDDA GABLER A bird cage in Norway. One woman's self-destructive lust for power.9-Sept'The1 (notcatastrophe Aug Tubs end Augapproaches, 30) 8.30pmmercilessly, (10.00) inevitably' £4.00 (£3.00)IBSEN. THRASH Oxford Revue 1990. 'Spangles? I didn't know they made them any more.'10 Sept —The Aug 1 (not TubslUOpre and Aug(12.430)5) 10.15pm (11.30) £4.50(£3.50) Aug 17-19, 24-27 LATE NIGHT THRILLER Await . . twist and turn . . fear in the dark . . how long can20.the22, candle burn?the1 unexpected Aug 9-13. 15, 16. 23, 29, Sept 11. 3 0pm (12. 30) £4.00 (£3.00) Aug 17-19. 2427 1.00am (2.00)

OXFORD COLLEGE PLAYERS VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 40Socialyoung people. IfNew writing? No Daring question. Physical performance? Dead cert. comment? you don' t mind. theatre? ' A MARVEL TO BEHOLD' The Stage, 'THEATRICALLY INVENTIVE, INTELLIGENT AND SYMPATHETIC' The Times. 'TALENTED Festival Times.ANDDoVERSATILE' you dare? S. Telegraph, 'A WHOLE NEW STYLE IN THEATRE' ★oranges, I'M LEFT-HANDED AND WOULD LIKE TO SING A SONG Anti static Aug 11-Septlove,1 (notnudity Tuesl and 12noseless noon (12.statues 30) £2.in Matthew 50 (£2.00) Perret's performance poetry. OXYGEN HOUSE ° ’G*g*g ★ BREAST-FEEDING VIOLIN is she? Nun? None? Legs spreading in VENUE labour or (notpleasure? The12.THE climax: she will£3.Who5dance. 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 H10 Aug 1225 Tubs) 3 0pm (1. 4 5) 0 (£3. 0 0) ★ DEPRAVITY ' B rilliant . . stunning . . intelligent' Plays International. Grant Aug 26-Sept 1 (not Tubs) 7.00pm (8.15) (Arkham Asylum) Morrison' s newVictor play Neuberg. about infamous occultist Aleister Crowley ★lookin RIDDLEY WALKER Riddley me naim. Tyme after the bernin I rodit to Cambry (the Great Beast) and his acolyte Presented by last year' s Scotsman numbas2.uv00pmthe(3.Ibigl. Fringe First and the Independent Theatre AwardTimes. Winners ('Red King Rising'). 'A Aug 26-Sept 12-254 they (not1 (net Tubs) triumph Aug Tubs) 5.15pm30)(6.45) £3.50 (£3.00) Aug 16-Septof 1the(notsubversive Suns) 11.imagination' 30pm (1.00) Financial £4.50 (£3.00) ★ MONKEY TALES A musical through a land of animals and adventurers, enchantment For (5.allquest Aug 11-Sapt 1 (notandTubs)laughter.3.45pm 00)ages, £3.families 50 (£3.0especially. 0) PAGEANT PLAYERS ° - ^ ★search AFTERPIECE (Kelleher/Morgan) Hell, a coffeehouse 47-Loretto Theatre, Loretto Upper School, Musselburgh. Tickets 062 081-218 G13 Outer of(nota history. Enter GARIK—the dancing ape? of actors. Five actors in VENUE Aug 11-25 Tubs) 5. 1 5pm (6. 3 0) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) ROMEO AND JULIET Following last year' s sell-out performances of 'O'Rnomeo The Aug 26-Sept 1 (not Tubs) 8.30pm (9.45) Razzle'Juliet' , Pageant returnmusic, for aperiod fifth costume, Fringe, withrapiers a traditional action-packed and . With live and dance, this young company PERICLES Shakespeare' s ragbag of lowlife delight as Pericles is shipwrecked by present a production that would have wowed Will! fate:11-25 bawdy humour, concocted by Gower. Aug 20-25 7.30pm (10.30) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug Tubs)Tubs) 7.music 00pm2.00pm (8.and30)(3.apothecary Aug 26-Sept(not1 (not 30) £3.50 (£3.00) ★eternal PETER PAN, A GROWN-UP STORY In the morgue: five lost boys, a writer, an child Tubs) and that8.damned book. JOHNNY PANIC ° ■ *g*g Aug VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 Aug 261125Sept(not1 (not Tubs) 40pm10.0(9.0pm50) (11.10)£3.50 (£3.00) ★ RAINBOW ICE Powerful, exciting, physical theatre piece inspired by Irina ★ ONE,onAND IT'S NOT FUNNY Professor Hunter is dead. How did she die? Ratushinskaya, through whose poetry—described as anti Soviet propaganda, Women the verge of misrepresentation. shines a unique strength far greater than any political might. A dynamic response Aug 26-Sept 12-25 (notI (not Tubs)Tubs) 10.00pm (11.15)(1.45) £3.50 (£3.00) toangelthe trapped not so subtlehell'danger of present Soviet leadership. 'Piercingly beautiful . . an Aug 12.30pm 19-Sept 1 (notin Mon 20)Publishers 6.10pmWeekly. (6.55) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ CHAIM ANDDance SONYA WERE LOVERS Brother andtheatre sister.inChildhood, sexuality Aug and revolution. and live music. ' B est devised town!' Aug 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 30, Sept 1 11.30pm (12.45) £3.50 (£3.00) ★ DISGUSTING So are we. Let's get together and gag. With full musical and PANIC THEATRE COMPANY ° -g* *g choreographic VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 Aug 12, 15, 17, 19,accompaniment. 22, 24, 26, 29, 31Coming 11.30pmsoon(12..4.5)'DELIGHTFUL £3.50 (£3.00) Standing alone in the uncharted zone between stand-up comedy and serious ★stopsSTORYTELLERS I AND II (Joe Kelleher) What happens next? Noah after it theatre, Panic do new things to oldJOHN playsBARTON and writeAND newTHE playsRSC on oldLEAVE themes. 'PTimes ANIC THEATRE TAKES OVER WHERE OFF' Aug 14,raining. 21, 28 Scharazad 7.00pm (8.1after 5) the£1.0stories 0 are told. Educational Supplement on our recent tour. ZASTROZZI Arch-Villains versus Lunatic Archangels. An Epics Comic chase across AND CHRISTINE A new play that takes an old, old story and throws Europe. A finalLucid world-shattering confrontation. George F. Walker' Power it★ outTROILUS Play. Aug 14-18of the 9.window. 45pm (11.20) £3.00 (£2.501 Aug 12 Sept 1 (not Tubs) 10.00am (11.301 £3.50 (£2.50) 'brother TIS PITYandSHE' Annabella and Giovanni are lovers. Problem—they're sister.9.S4A5pm A WHORE tragedy. Aug 28Sept 1 (11.15) £3.00 (£2.50) THE OXFORD REVUE 1990 VENUE 19-0vwseas Home. W0 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 THRASH Using a single prop,anda aboiled sweet fromissues the Seventies, Thetimeless Oxford PARADOX AT THE WEE RED BAR ° g g g Revue, one woman, three men dummy, explore as topical and asuntimely, Man versus technology, Man versus 73-Parado» at the Wee Red Bar, College of Art, Lauriston PI. Tickets 229 1003 K7 somewhat bizarre demise of theWoman, fizzy yetMan fruityversus spangle.his body and the VENUE The cosiest venue of allby .the . A newest full programme of variedPARADOX and highTHEATRE, quality Aug 1 (not Tubs11.3and entertainment, presented Fringe sensation, Aug 1017-19,Sept2427 0pmAug(12.430)5) 10.15pm (11.30) £4.50(£3.50) who also perform the haunting and powerful HOTEL VIETNAM. Come and soak up the unique 'ambience Parisienne' of our very own all-day Marquee Bar . . HOTEL Melling's gripping of a mother's search for her son THE OXFORD SCHOOL OF DRAMA ° g* » in★ late 1980'VIETNAM s Vietnam.PhilHarrowing. Explosive.study Unmissable. VENUE 33-Ple«sancft 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 Aug Aug 20-25 27 Sept 1 2.45pm7.00pm(4.00)(8.15) £4.00 (£3.00) THE RAKE' S PROGRESS A fast-moving family show based on Hogarth' s satirical engravings. DevisedFirstbyWinner Ned Cox (Fringe First Winner 1980). Directed by Catharine Aacclaimed MIDSUMMERmusic NIGHT' in 1930'. .sfulljazzof comedy' clubland.Western Highly Arakelian score.S 'WDREAM onderful Set. . sparkling Aug 1318 (Fringe 11.30am (12.45) £4.1982). 00 (£3.00) Mail.13-25 (notoriginal Aug Sun) 7. 0 0pm (9. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) GLOBAL CATASTROPHE PREVENTS : the effect of the warming of the sexes MR. TOAD'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE Adapted from A.A. Milne's Toad of Toad on the13-18greenhouse. Aug 12.45pm (Escapology, 1.15) Free violence and wedding etiquetta Hall.13-25 Guilty,(notinnocent, Aug Sun) 11.or00amcompletely (12 noon) mad?£3.0Toad 0 (£2.is00)on trial . . * CANDIDEversion. Voltaire' s classicsatire, faithfully adapted lively,humour, intelligentmoving and OXFORD THEATRE GROUP °gig*g»g compelling Sprawling topical relevance,in this scabrous storytelling. VENUE 19-0verceas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 Aug 1325 (net Sub) 12. 4 5pm (2. 1 5) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Back againGroup in perhaps the itsplushest, mostforcentral venuevaried in Edinburgh, theof Oxford ENEMY-HOUSEHOLD Six southpoignant, London Theatre reputation presenting seasonsmainstream quality CLASS schoolboys abandoned by teachersTHEATRE are left to CO. teachCAMBRIDGE themselves! Violent, theatre, this the yearmaintains to include twoandFringe Premieres, threelunchtime exciting often productions, Oxford Revue the ever chaotic cabaret. Bar Aug 13-18humorous—' 2.48pmfuckin' (3.45) 'ard'£3.. 00 (£2.50) overlooking the castle. 73

PARADOX AT THE WEE RED BAR★. taut MORNING HASTES.BROKEN STUDENT THEATRE .deeply and .witty' Touching(seeandNATIONAL poetic' Independent. 'Humorous,COMPANY) poignant,' sad Aug 27 Sept 1 . yet2.4life5pmaffirming' (3.45) £3.Stage. 50 (£2.50) ZOO STORY by Edward Albee. Set in Central Park about one man's troubles and his final Aug 13-18 attempt 4.30pmto(5.communicate 25) £3.50 (E2.with00) someone. HOME'AlHOME byLovesJenny WAGGLEDAGGER Home' by. . Jenny of meLimits. All ofLandreth. You' Landreth. 'Refreshing .presents . convivial'Home . . endearing enjoyable' Aug 20-Sept City 1 4.30pm (5.45) £3.50 (£3.00) BREAKING NEWbringGROUND GESTURES, s foremostbycontemporary dance company, an exciting programmeManchester' with choreography Emilyn Claid, Peter27-Sept Purdy Aug 1 and 8.Earl45pmLloyd (10.001Hepburn. £4.00 (£3.00) COL Australian superstar comedian, proves not all their best exports come1318ELLIOTT in cans!10.3A0pm real(miAussie Aug dnight) experience £4.00 (£3.XXXX. 50) WELL BLOW ME, IT' S DAVE COHEN Last year' s show was 'definitely worth seeing' 'hilarious' Aug 2227.List,31. Sept 1 10.Evening 30pm (11.News. 30) Back £4.00with (£3.00)a brand new set. THE PARK BENCH THEATRE COMPANY 0 ’D2*3* VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 THE THEATRE COMPANY performing attexts the Fringe 1984,PARK with BENCH an exciting combination of new'Ahave workbeenandenergy established drawn since from their repertoire of touring productions. dmirable and inventiveness' The Scotsman. Club. 'Do yourself a favour; see PBTC' Oxford Star. Venue opposite Fringe BAG LADY Strikingly physical and visual sinterpretation of Frank McGuiness' Fringe First13-Sept Award-winning Aug 1 (not Mon play 201 about 12 noona tramp' (1.00) secret £3.00 life. (£2.50)New production. TODAVIA CANTAMOS The shocking true story of one of Argentina's 'missing persons' Aug 13-Sept. 'P1erformed (not Mon 201with dexterity 1.00pm (2.and 00) skill'£3.Time 00 (£2.Out. 50) SHAKESPEARE' Gobbo,andTrinculo and friends in the ultimate cabaret line-up! 'OSneFOOLS of the Launce, most original fresh acts on the Fringe' Festival Aug 13-Sept 1 {not Mon 20) 9.00pm (10.00) £3.50 (£2.50) BONDAGE Return of David Hines' acclaimed play about a night in the life of a London Aug 13 Septprostitute. 1 (not MonCo-production 20) 10.00pmwith(11.00)London'£4.s00Etcetera (£3.50) Theatre. RUPERT PARKER 0 , , VENUE 37-George Square Theatre, George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 RUPERT PARKER IN CONCERT A chance to hear this popular electric With his band, Rupert Parker Atakesvariedthe and hauntingly beautiful soundofofinspiring the harpist. electric harp into a new dimension. unusual programme and evocative Aug 30 Septinstrumental 1 1.00pm (2.music, 30) including £5.00 (£3.5pieces 0) from his latest album. JOHN PEEL PUPPETS ° VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 THE GINGERBREAD MAN In celebration of our 5th year at the Edinburgh Festival, John asPeela participation Puppets presents a delightful production of toThejoinGingerbread Man. Adapted play, the children are encouraged in at every opportunity. Aug 1325 (not The Sun) Gingerbread 11.15am (12Man noon)is recommended £2.50 (£2.00 C)for children from 2 to 6 years. PEOPLE SHOW VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 SHOW NO. 94—FARRAGO—A A uniquerendering opportunityof toPEOPLE catchever.this infamous troupehour, in what mustJAZZ be theCABARET mostthatinaccurate Faust At the witching go see magic, jazz cruises through the twentieth century sense and Weimar style cabaret, all bound together by bizarre humour and 1019 an inimicable Aug 12 midnight (1.1of5) theatre. £5.00 (£4.00) PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY, MALIBU, CALIFORNIA 3 VENUE 34-Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Tickets 225 3744 J9 Pepperdine, ' t alented and well-directed company’ Time Out Magazine . . BBC 'has gained aCharles reputation of putting on some very solid performances of plays' Radio. his inimitable adapted 'Everyman' Pepperdine and has Marowitz, written thein lyrics and scorefashion, for thishasworld premiere which forincludes a live orchestra. *version EVERYMAN Marowitz updates the traditional Morality Play in this new musical set in the world of Wall Street. Aug Aug 17,101818(not 12)3.00pm 5.(4.00pm 15) (6.15) £3.00 (£2.00) 'sixteenth—and THE GOLDEN seventeenth-century AGE' OF MUSIC A England. program of music for strings and voices from Aug 1318 1.00pm (2.00) £2.00 (£1.00) PERFORMANCE THEATRE CO. VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 THREE MEN IN theA BOAT byaudience JEROMEin anK. exhilarating JEROME This classic comedy novel staged; ' i nvolves whole promenade performance' Festival Times. Jay,andHarris, George Montmorency cruise'Uuptterly the river with music, dance, laughter heart warmingandtheatrical ingenuity. unexpected and devastatingly funny' The 8.Scotsman. Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Suns) 0 0pm (10. 0 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0 SUPDY) (£2. 0 0 0 Preview: Aug 10 8.00pm (10.00) Free 74



Overseas House 100 Princes Street Box Office : 031 225 5105 \ 11am

Roustabout Theatre

12.30 pm 24 Hour Party Garage 1.30 pm

Cambridge Mummersl

3.30 pm


5.00 pm

Words from the World's End

7.00 pm

Brimstone & Treacle

8.30 pm Hedda Gabler 10.15 pm The Oxford Revue "Thrash" 11.30 pm Late Night Thriller Panoramic View of Edinburgh Castle from Bar/Restaurant Bar Open 11.00am till late (Snacks available all day) Restaurant - Lunch /Dinner Reservations phone 225 1501

LES QUAYELLES (Rlmtnl Festival Prizewinners) In Principio Era il Kaiser




The winner will lead the exciting PERRIER PICK OF THE FRINGE SEASON at The Place Theatre, London WC1, when they will be presented with their prize of £1500. The panel of independent distinguished judges will publish their shortlist in the daily diary on Wednesday 22nd August 76

THE PERFORMING HOUSE CO.— HEATHAM HOUSE YOUTH CENTRE ° VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. HIM FINDyourMEbeloved.' by Olwen Wymark. 'Dwhen ear whoever yougirlarefeelsplease find methatandarehave me|rt asthe What happens a young emotions outsidej understanding ofandthoseperceptive who love her?NotThistoremarkable young, be missed!play is performed by a| Aug 2025enthusiastic 10.15am (11.301 £2.50 (£1.cast. 50) PHANTOM PRODUCTIONS VENUE 112-Leith Academy, 6 Duke Street, Leith, C13 Outer|) ★ THE GHOST then OF BENJI O'NEILLthrough Benji our hero witnessing dies of consumption in irt.a|i poorhouse—from on we journey decades themoving changes—sell? attitudes towards childcare—often sad—sometimes funny—always out elsewhere—innovative youth theatre for the 90' s . Aug 17, 18 7.30pm (10.00) £3.50 (£1.50)

PHILOMUSICA OF EDINBURGH ° Director/soloist Davidanother Hume.series Havingof exciting recentlyand givenstimulating successfulorchestral tours in France andini :|n Wales, we present concerts 1 Sta series Andrew & St George' s Church, St Cuthbert' s Church and Greyfriars Kirk.Tickets Alsob; of chamber recitals in St Mark' s Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace. forOffice. orchestral concerts from St Andrew & St George's as well as from Fringe Boxii i VENUE 111-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. G8 1 BACH CONCERT Overture —Suite; Violin Concerto in D min; 2 Harpsichord, concerto; Brandenburg concerto No 4; Handel oboe concerto. Aug 12 8.00pm (9.45) £4,00 (£3.50) ; ORCHESTRAL CONCERT Mozartintro.adagio & fugue; ArenskyTchaikovsky Theme & Variations;; Mackay violin concerto; Rossini Theme & Variations; Serenade;» for strings. Aug 19 8.00pm (3.45) £4.00 (£3.50) HAYDN/MOZART Handel Concerto Grosso; Bach Art of Fugue; Mozart Clarinet ; concerto; Aug 31 8.Haydn 00pm (9.Farewell 45) £4.Symphony. 00 (£3.50) VENUE 51-St. Cuthbert's Parish Church, Lothian Road H6 VIVALDI: THE FOUR SEASONS Recorder Concerto; Cello & Bassoon Concerto; j Berkeley 4 poems of St Teresa d' A vila. Aug 25 8.00pm (9.45) £4.00 (£3.50) . VENUE 131-Greyfriars Kirk, Greyfriars Place, Candlemaker Row. . K8|B ALL VIVALDI CONCERT includes Concert! for 2 Violins, 2 Oboes, 2 Mandolins, p 2 Trumpets Aug 30 8.0&0pm2 Horns. (9.45) Stay£4.0parked 0 (£3.501for the Fireworks! VENUE 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace HSjf JOHN MILLS thePonce, internationally renownedRoussel guitar virtuoso in a programme of : ri music by Poulenc, Torroba, Tansman, and Haug. Aug 14 8.00pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) ; ESSEXbrass BRASS ENSEMBLE Director George'TReynolds. youth he Best ofThis Brass'popular . and polished | Aug 15 8.0group 0pm (9.4return 5) to£3.5Edinburgh 0 (£2.00 P) with (Free SUPCY) JOHN SMIT Highly duo, present ofDuarte, musicMILLS from &theCOBIE Renaissance to the acclaimed present dayguitar including works abypanorama Poulenc, : Aug 16 Hunt8.00pm& Carulli. (9,45) £5.00 (£4.00) I RECORDER, CELLO, HARPSICHORD Angus Skinner, Gillian Thomas & Fergus S; Malcolm Aug 17 will8.00pmplay(9.solos 45) and£3.5trios 0 (£3.from 00) the 17th, 18th & 20th centuries. ; PHILOSQuintet. ENSEMBLE MozartGiles Clarinet Quintet;IanDvorak String Quintet & Boccherini j guitar Guest artists Hamilton, Smith. Aug 18 3.00pm (4.30) £4.00 (£3.50) SONGS & DANCES OF bass DEATH byBewsMoussorgsky Rachmaninov. piano. and other songs by \ Aug 18 5.30pmAlex(6.3Mitchell 0) £3.00 (£2.Helen 50) CELLO &imPIANO by Catherine Thomson. Schumann, Stucke Volkston;RECITAL Mendelssohn, CelloMorrison Sonata &in Marian D; Martinu, Variations on a1.p Slovac18 Theme; Aug 8.00pmBridge, (9.45) Sonata. £3.50 (£3.00) DELICATE BALANCE recorder,Jackyoboe,Hendry, bassoon, & harpsichord, played by Angus Skinner,Music CharlieforDodds, RobertcelloStobie and Fergus :; Malcolm. Aug 20 8.00pm (9.45) £3.50 (£3.00) EDINBURGH (periodmusic instruments) performandPergolesi' s Stabat Mater i with soprano andBAROCK counter tenor, for viol consort, Carlo Farina' s hilarious Capriccio Aug 21 Stravagante 8.00pm (9.45) of 1626. £3.50 (£3.00) SONG RECITAL Following their LondonCaroline PurcellDowdie, Room present debut, 'j established duo, mezzo-soprano Adelesuccessful Paxton & pianist works22 by Dowland, Aug 8.00pm (9.45)Schubert, £4.00De(£3.Falla 50) & Gershwin. CHAMBER RECITALand Gillian Gray & the Alban Quartet play Dvorak's Piano Quintet j! and Aug 23music8.by00pmMozart (9.45) £3.Beethoven. 50 (£3.00) AN OF BEETHOVEN & BRAHMS Beethoven: Clarinet Trio. Wind & /i Piano24EVENING Quintet. Aug 8.00pmBrahms (9.45) Piano £3.50Music. (£3.00)Alison Palmer clarinet, Ingrid Sawers piano. SUMMER MUSIC Italy, for flute and&harp/clarsach. Alan Ross & Janet Pechar perform i music Aug 25 from12 France, noon (1.00) Japan £3.00 (£2.5Scotland 0) (trad). VIOLIN & PIANO A recital of 20th century music played by Ruth Slater and Birgit Rohowsky. Aug 25 UOpni (2.30) £3.50 (£3.00) ;

PIANO 'FAVOURITES WilliamLiszt:Alexander Handel:NoHarmonious Mozart: Alla Turka' Sonata; Hungarian(piano) Rhapsody 2. Works byBlacksmith; Schubert, Sinding, Aug 25 Raval, 3.00pmChopin (4.30) & Granados. £4.00 (£3.50) VOICE, CLARINET & PIANO Recital includes Shepherd on the Rock, Schubert, and 25works5.by00pmCooke Aug (6.00)and Spohr. t3.50 (£3.(Heather 00) Coates, Hilary Saunders, Leon Coates.) BEL CANTO VOCAL QUARTET present a selection of favourite excerpts from the popular Aug 25 operatic 8.30pm repertoire. (10.15) £4.00 (£3.50) CAMEO present Evenings with Mr Dickens Miss Austen Oscar Wilde (30th). Costumed entertainments(26th); combining readings(28th); with andperiodMr music. Aug 26. 28.'Delightful' 30 8.0Scotsman. 0pm (9.45) £3.50 (£3.00) PIANO CIRCUS ° - 99 VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 SIX Piano Circus' two weeks of lunchtime recitals will incorporate the best ofasthe'In New Music/Contemporary Classical field, from early minimalist classics such C'willandbe 'Sperformed, ix Pianos' to worksofbywhich new Britishbecomposers. Three different programmes Aug 20 Sept 1 12.3details 0pm (1.45) £3.5will 0 (£2.50)contained in Edinburgh publicity. PILGRIM THEATRE ° ’ VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre; 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 ★inventions LEONARDO: ANATOMY OF A SOUL Da Vinci' s dreams, images, and are evoked through powerful imagery, action, and the artist' s own writings Pilgrim Theatre a multicultural fromandthe sound Massachusetts Institute byof Technology. A ' and . . mixture of styles,castmusic, textures, emphasising Aug 20 Sept 1 movement, 2.30pm (3.transformation, 30) £3.50 (£3.0and 0) surprise’ MIT Tech. THE PIPE-DREAMS THEATRE CO. ° VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 5091. F8 DUCKappeal. VARIATIONS bytwoDavid Mametgentlemen is both a musing touchingonandtheirhumorous piece ofof wide It shows American lives and that the duck. The results—stimulating and gripping. unmissable eveningsettingof —simple, discussionsthedisplaying reasoning, beliefs, revelation,An honesty, Aug 13-18 absurdity 6.15pm (7.and25) amusement. £3.50 (£2.50) PLATFORM ONE—LIVE! VENUE 96-Platforni 1 & Caledonian Hotel, Lothian Road. Info 225 2433. H5 PLATFORM ONE —LIVE!yourAntickets exciting programme Edinburgh' s best12 music venue.Entertainment Reserve to the eventpresented or at theindoor. Bar open noon daily. schedule prior as follows. LUNCHTIME GORDON Jazz sfrom the presenter ofJAZZ BBC WITH Radio THE Scotland' s 'Jazz CRUICKSHANK Junction—also oneBAND of Britain' top saxophone Aug 20-24 players. 12.30pm (3.00) Fw

LUNCHTIME JAZZ makes WITH THEyour ALEXlunchtime SHAW TRIO best pianists swings.Alex Shaw, one of the UK's Aug 11-known 19, 25-Sept 1 12.30pmsure (3.00) Free BLUEFINGER Good time rock' n ' r oll. Twanging riffs and hot sax licks from 50's and 60's classics. Aug Sept 11,1 12. 8.18,30pm25. 26(11.00) 8.30pm Free (11.00) £3.50 McEWAN' S EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL Britain' s premier jazz festival inJazz quality and quantity'JAZZJazzFESTIVAL Journal. ForUndoubtedly programme and 19-23 ticketing Aug 7.details 30pm (11.see00) the See JazzFestival FestivalProgramme. Programme for details NORTH SEA GAS The top Scottish multi-instrumental folk band:—folk' n'fun. Aug 3110, 15, 8.16.30pm17, 24(11.00) 8.30pm Aug free (11.00) £3.00 THE GROOVE ORCHESTRA Groove the night away with this great 8-piece band, featuring Aug 13, 14, blues 2729 through 8.30pmto(11.funky 00) jazz£2.5rock, 0 and smooth lead vocals. PLAYBOX YOUNG COMPANY ° ’ VENUE 18—St. George's West Church and Candlish Hall, Shandwick Place . H4 ROMEO AND JULIET Star-crossed lovers, gang warfare, disapproving parents, secret meetings. Shakespeare' s timeless story sets thethispattern for every tragic story of young love. ' V ital, exciting and accomplished, production is an ideal introduction theatre' to Shakespeare Theatre. for children of all ages' 'Playbox is obviously an exceptional Aug 20-24 4.00pm (6.National 00) £3.50 (£2.50) PLEASANCE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. UO Aeveryone few minutes thespiritRoyalof the Mile,Fringe. a placeAll'humming with activity'. Something for inOffice thefrom true ages—allhot-bed prices—food andacts' drink—all day. Box 10.30am till 11.45pm. ' A veritable of good Miles Kington, Independent. 'One 1.of my favourite venues' Robbie Dinwoodie, Glasgow Herald. Open Aug 9—Sept PLEASANCE ONE THEATRE DE COMPLICITE presenthisTIMformative BARLOWyearsin with MY ARMY PARTmimetic TWO. 'Extremely funny . . Mr Barlow relives wonderful skill. ' The Guardian. Aug 9-19 2.00pm (3.3Sponsored 0) £5.50by(£4.Beck' 50) s Bier. NO LAUGHING MATTER.andComedy workshopsthecovering TV/Radio, experts!the future of comedy in Aug 2325 comedy, 12 boohcasting (2.00) £2.0writing—with 0 REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY-COMPLETE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE Returns for three explosive weeks. 'Fringe theatre at its very best'9 Sept Scotsman. Aug 1 (not 12, 20, 281 4.00pm (5.30) £5.50 (£4.50) The Boys Next Door by Tom Griffin 11th August-1 st September (except Tuesdays) at 3.45 pm Assembly Rooms 54 George Street Edinburgh Box Office 031 226 2428 for more

VENUE 98 - TIC TOC AT MARCO'S, MARCO'S LEISURE CENTRE,51 GROVE ST. FROM 11th AUG TO 1st SEP ( NOT SUN.19th ). 8.15 pm TICKETS £4.50 ( £4.00 Cones.) BOOKINGS 2298830 77

FESTIVAL VIEW Neville Garden each weekday morning at 8.40 am HEAD ON with Colin Bell, Monday, August 13 - Thursday, August 16 at 9.00 am TUESDAY REVIEW Tuesday August 14, 21 and 28 at 7.30 pm NAKED RADIO from the Music Hall, Assembly Rooms Thursday, August 30, Friday, August 31, Saturday, September 1 FRINGE BINGE from the Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Saturday, August 1 8


THE PLEASANCE THEATRE CABARET BAR August 9th to September 1st ’90 9.30pm Phone 031 556 6550 or at Fringe Box Office £5.00 & £4.00 concession

PLEASANCE—conr/m/etf ★ REDFringe SHIFT—LULU Wedekind’s Tragedies'—andA thrilling new Guardian. version from triple First20,winners. 'Dangerous,'Sexexhilarating irresistable' Hug 13 SeptAug1 12(not Preview: 6.028)0pm (8.16.5)00pm £5.18.15510 E6.50 (£5.501 PRIMADONNA-MARY LOU FALLIS andCanada' s acclaimed and best loved comedienne Aug 1022Aug(not9'13.. . 10,a8.3delight 20)0pm (9.4for8.5)30pmopera£5.(9.40buffs 5)0 £6.00other (£5.00)mortals' Scotland on Sunday. Preview: NATIONALthe line YOUTH DOROTHY comedy exploring betweenTHEATRE-SURRENDER genius and madness from Britain' s majorBlack internationally acclaimed Aug 23 Sept Youth 1 8.Theatre. 30pm (9.45) £5.00 (£4.00) NORMAN & GUESTS The Independent. Dwarf' . . 'Don'LOVETT t Miss Wax' . . soon to'Wbeonderfully seen in hisfunny' own series 'I, Lovett'. With'Rtheed funniest Aug 1022 of(netTHESue FUNNY 19) 10.FARM. 00pm (11.15) £6.00 (£5.00) MOMS S&portrayal HER LADIES New York, CLARICE TAYLOR' of MOMSFrom MABLEY. larice OBIE Taylor AWARD producesWINNER what once an astonishing a feat(11.1of5)'Cvariety Villageis atVoice. Aug 23-Sept 1 impersonation (not Aug 30) and 10.00pm £6.50entertainment' (£5.00) BACHELORS FROMandPRAGUE-JAZZ FROMmuscle. HELL A high energy show of nonstop cabaret1 (notchaos Aug 10-Sept Thun) mind 11.30pmbending (12.45) musical £5.00 (£4.00) PLEASANCE TWO OXFORD OF DRAMA-THE RAKE' S PROGRESS Devised by Ned Cox (Fringe13-18First)SCHOOL Aug 11.after 30am Hogarth' (12.45) s engravings. £4,00 (£3.00) Fast moving family show. ARDINIAN THEATREdelight CO.-LOOKED INLloyds THE MIRROR, WHAT DID I SEE? ... 1 'Fresh19-25and original—a Aug 11.30am (12.20) £3.to 5watch.' 0 (£2.50) Bank Youth Theatre Challenge. |J BLACK MIME THEATRE-SUPERHEROES Dynamic, street-wise comic-strip culture. 'Energy packed . . This group have something more thanspoof talent'of |J Guardian. Aug 9-Sept 1 (not 13, 20, 28) 1.00pm (1.45) £4.00 (£3.00) ★ POLKATZ-THE GLASS HOUSE Children inhabit a room in the glass house, j Venturing reputation Aug 9-Sept 1out(notis12,unthinkable. 19, 28) 2.'P1OLKATZ 5pm (3.30) uphold £4.00a (£2. 50) hard won' The List. It* ★Dashiell ROUGHHammett MAGIC-1 CAN' T GET STARTED Noir around Jj & Lillian Heilman's love affair. Fromthriller/dream-play one of Ireland's leading companies. Aug 10-Sept 1 (not Mons) 3. 4 5pm (5. 1 5) £5. 0 0 (£4. 0 0) Preview: Aug 9 3.45pm (5.15) £4.00 j ★ TALKING PICTURES-TROUBLE INcomedy PARADISE FringewithFirstpeople, winners 1989, i now directed by MIKE ALFREDS, in a crammed plots and | passions. Aug 10-24 (not Mons) 5.30pm (6.45) £5.00 (£3.50) NORTHERN THEATRE Dramaticpiecemusical abouttheatre London'fors |;f young homeless. 'The mostCO.-LOVE challengingKEVIN and original of youth years'25Sept Times Aug 1 Ed. 5.Supp.. 30pm (6.45) £4.00 (£3.00) * THE theatre LORDSfrom OF MISRULE-GARGANTUA & PANTAGRUEL satirical two Review as GULLIVERS First).Steaming, 'Tour de 1 force'1024Scotsman: 'Tour7.0same de force' 89: '0)TourTRAVELS de force'(Fringe Korea Herald. Aug (not 23) 0pm (8. 3 0) £5. 5 0 (£4. 5 Preview: Aug 9 7.00pm (8.30) £4.50 | NATIONALoriginal, STUDENT THEATRE adaptation. COMPANY-THE HYPOCHONDRIAC Hilariously fast & accessible ' S implistic yet brilliant' surreal a physical Aug 23-Septtheatre 1 (not 24)'warm, 7.bubbling 00pm (8.15)undercurrent £5.00 (£4.of00)mirth'. |! MILES AND MILLNER-THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF MUSIC The mad musicians are back! Total sell-out '89. 'Dazzling comedy—don't miss this show' Independent. Aug 9-Sept 1 (not 13, 30) 8.4Spm (9.45) £5.50 (£4.50) ] ★ THE AUSTRALIAN PIG JUDYpoints PASCOE presents anlanguage. Australian version of f Pygmalion and negotiates the finer of the English Aug 11-SeptAug1 (not Previews: 9, 1020, 30)10.00pm10.(010pm 1.15) (11.15)£4.50 £5.50 (£4.50) ENNIO MARCHETTO Italy' s impressionist. Spectacular and |j character changes. Madonnaacclaimed to Pavarotti to Jessica Rabbit.costume Hilarious, ! sophisticated, Aug 10-Sept 1 (notvisual Thurs)entertainment. 11.30pm (12.30) £4.50 (£3.50) CABARET BAR DON'T ofSHOOT MEmusical I'M ONLY PIANO DAVID SCHEELS version satiraTHE'Funny, witty,PLAYER—II intelligent' Observer. Includesnew tea 1jl and 9-Sept biscuits.acclaimed Aug 1 (not 13, 20, 28) 3.00pm (4.10) £4.50 (£3.50) Amemorable SLIGHTsongs HESITATION WITHfunnyMERVYN The acehealthy, stand goodup . . jj . . engrossing, & clever...STUTTER an unfashionably looking Aug 1127man!' (not 20)Guardian. 4.30pm (5.25) £4.00 (£3.00) j SOMEvocalLIKEduo.IT'SHOT Avirtuosity welcome &return by theScotsman. extraordinarily talented instrumental ] and heer brilliance' Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Mon 20) 5.45pm (7.00) £4.50 (£3.00) COMO STRINGwhat QUARTET—COMOTOES These virtuoso violinists from Oz do to ; Chamber Aug 9-Sept music 1 (not 13, 20, 28)Attila the7.10preHun(8.did00) for £4.civilization. 50 (£3.50) THE BOB DOWNE SHOW Unforgettable songs . . unforgettable choreography totally unforgettable hairstyles. Australia' s synthetic TV star 'Brilliantly manic .. .. brilliantly Aug 9 Sept funny' 1 (not 13,Times. 30) 8.15pm (9.05) £5.50 (£4.50) RACHEL BERGERgrand & THEoperaGREAT BIG OPERA CO. Combine! Comedy,Adelaide music and unashamed passion. 'Outrageously funny show' Advertiser. Aug 10-Sept 1 (not 13, 20, 30) 9.30pm (10.30) £5.00 (£4.00) ROB NEWMAN High energy Radiohip1'simpressionist Steve Wright. . show, Mary Whitehouse Experience, Spitting comedian. Image. 'Brilliant unstoppable sex 9machine' Aug Sept 1 (notN.M13,.E30). 10.40pm (11.30) £5.00 (£4.00)

AAAAAAAAAARGH!! THE introduces TUNNEL TERRI CLUBROGERS, COMESBOBTO DILLINGER EDINBURGH AGAIN MALCOLM HARDEE and CHRIS11-SeptLUBY. Aug 1 (notBe 13,there! 20) 11.45pm (1.30) £5.50 (£4.00) PLEASANCE UPSTAIRS ★ PAULWINNER BROPHY-MY LIFEsuperb IN DANCE New show from Herald DAILY ‘ EXPRESS AWARD '89 ' . . the PAUL BROPHY' Glasgow . . sharp, clever, succinct' Aug 10 Sept 1 Inot 13,Scotsman. 20. 281 2.00pm (3.D0) £4.00 (£3.00) EARL OKIN-AFTERNOON AFFAIR Wonderful music. Seductive wit. So why feel 11,guilty? Many24-27,have31.fallen Aug 12. 17-19, Sept 1under3.3Earl' 5pms(4.spell. 35I Sell-out £4.00 (£3.'89.001 KURT WEILL CABARET With 'poignantpresents relevance' Supp.,Paris, the New 'romantic, satirical, songsTimes fromEd.Berlin, York. Aug 10 SeptAugelegant' 19Inot 12,5.Wanderpuppenfalke 19, 281(5.50) 5.00pm Preview: 00pm £3.0015.501 £4.00 (£3.00) SIMPLY FRED What happens if you lock the world' s greatest entertainer in your bathroom? do you? Aug 9 Sept 1 You Inot don' Thurslt know,6.00pm (6.50) £4.50 (£3.50) ★ SCREAMS FROMRAYTHEHANNA ROAD-TALES A MODERN VAUDEVILLIAN American returns withOFa new musical comedy show. Aug 11-SeptAugcomedian 1 Inot Previews: 9, 1020, 3017.00pm7.(7.00pm50) (7.50)I3.S0 £4.50 (£3.50) (JOHN DOWIE—TAKE THEM TO THE GARDEN A stand-up play around the work11-25andlootpersonality cult 19.sci-fi Aug Uonsl of8.00pm 15) writer £5.00Philip (£4.25)K. Dick. JOHN I STOPPED BEING A STAND-UP COMEDIAN Come and 13,find20,DOWIE—WHY out26 the 8.answer. Aug 00pm (9.1Three 5) performances £5.00 (£4.25) only. HAWKSMOOR PRODUCTIONS-LADY BRACKNELL' S CONFINEMENT Sensational revelations from the celebrated Victorian matriarch (as performed by the lady her/himself!) Aug 27Sept 1 8.00pm (9.00) £4.50 (£3.50) STEVE COOGAN FRANKandSKINNER 'Britain'performer' s very best Independent— impressionist' Manchester Evening& News Frank 'a Steve very skilful together! Aug 9 Sept 1 Inot 16, 301 9.30pm (10.20) £5.00 (£4.00) JIM TAVARE-THE EARLY YEARSBorge Rave reviews in ComicN.MAbuse '89. 'Hysterical cross9-Sept between Aug 1 loot Jack 13, 30)Benny,10.3Victor 0pm (11.20) and£4.0Beethoven' 0 (£3.00) .E. CARNIVAL OF PEEP A onesong,woman show gossip. that has LILY BRAGGE blustering and steaming Aug 9-Sept her 1 lootway13, through 20, 301 11.30pmstory(12.and 30) £4.00 (£3.00) PLEASANCE OUTSIDE OXFORD CATASTROPHE PREVENTS the effect of theSCHOOL warmingOFofDRAMA-GLOBAL the sexes on the greenhouse. Escapology, violence: and wedding Aug 13-18 etiquette. 12.45pm (1.10) Free Zadaptation AND THEof Jarry' GREEN CANDLES-UBUI Blast off and see this explosive new s classic. Aug 12. IS, 17-19, 22, 2427 3.15pm (3.45) and 6.45pm (7.15) £2.00 (£1.50)

THE PRESTO PACK VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17 21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. J10 HI JINX AND LO TRIX Magic,'KnotmusicEnough and mayhem with thejazzwickedly glamorous Fay Presto, amazing aerialists Rope' , jumping duoProduced 'Some LikeFayIt Hot' and some very surprising guests. Directed by Maggie Pinhorn. by Presto.13 Sept 1 Inot Suns) 11.45pm (1.00) £5.00 (£3.50) Aug INTERNATIONAL PURVES PUPPETS • • • VENUE 81-St. James' Church Hall, Inverleith Row, Goldenacre. Tickets 0899 20631 A7 ★ PIPS forANDyoung PANDA MEETSpectacular THE THREE BEARSpuppetry A completely newthe story specially children. ultra-violet with PipsBring little monkey and his friend Panda in new adventures full of fun and magic. YOUR Panda9-25forInota Suns) free Panda11.0postcard! Aug 0am (12.15) £4.00 (£3.00 PI (£2.00 C) ALADDIN For familyfeatures audiences of all ages,whoourgive colourful adaptation for large-scale ultraviolet puppets Aug 9-25 Inot Suns) 2.15pm (3.34little 5) mice, £4.00 (£3.00 P) (£2.a new 00 C)twist to this classic tail! QMW THEATRE COMPANY ° ^ VENUE 71-Calfon Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Tickets 556 7066 Formerly known as the Westfield Theatre Company, ' o ne of the Fringe' s best student groups' Italian Voice, have been performing at theproducing festival for elevenwhich years, building a reputation for vitality, success, theatre 'eminentlyup watchable' Festival Times.talent'Theandfinest example of young acting' Theis Scotsman. HITTING inTOWN by Stephen Poliakoff.OneOnenight nighttotoremember. rebel, to escape, to forget, exploding Aug 13-17 10.complete 15pm (11.3self-expression. 0) £3.00 (£2.50) VIRGINIA Edna O'Bcharm rien dramatises the life and works of Virginia Woolf, capturing the Aug 27essence Sept 1 of her10.15pm (11.4and 5) genius. £3.00 (£2.501 VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 Aindividual' DOLL'Ss HOUSE An exciting adaptations society. of Ibsen's classic, which highlights the Aug 27-Sept 1struggle 5.15pmfor(7.a00)place £3.in 5today' 0 (£3.00) INADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE An attemptfor totoday. dispelA crypreconceptions aboutanger. John Osborne for freedom not Aug 27 Septand1 demonstrate 7.45pm (9.15)his relevance £3.50 (£3.00)

POLKATZ VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. LI0 ★ THE GLASS HOUSE byTo Gerry Nowicki. Glass House manycouldrooms. The children inhabit Quality only one.drama venture out is The unthinkable, whattohasthey discover unimaginable. for children. Accessible adults. ' N owicki' imagination should be shared' The Scotsman. 'Critic's choice' Evening News. 'Picks of the9-Septweek'1 Inot Review Aug 12, 19, 88.281 2.15pm (3.30) £4.00 (£2.50) VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 Explosive, startling interpretation Evening of Shakespeare's Scottish play. 'MACBETH Unique Aug 12 Septsense 1 Inotof19,image' 281 Times 6.10pmEd..(7.50)'First £4.class' 00 (£3.50) News. 'First rate' Stage. PORTABLE PRODUCTIONS ° VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 Aperformance. ONE MAN'ThisHAMLET Shakespeare' s greatest tragedy adapted forEvening solo is bea superb and unusual interpretation' Birmingham Mail. ' R iveting . . will remembered for a long time' Birmingham Post. Aug 12-Sept 1 2.15pm (3.40) £3.00 (£2.50) PORTRAIT PRODUCTIONS VENUE 59-Edinburflh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. Tickets 557 3807. (Studio) 80 A PORTRAIT OFwork VINCENT 'FromMcEvoy the very firsta portrait sentenceofyou' reGogh captivated by . . this tremendous . . Michael paints Van which helps toFestival dismissTimes. the stereotype' Scotsman. 'Brilliantly written 'Great insight and dramatic intensity' List.and'An technically education asfaultless' well as a pleasure' Aug 11-Sept 1Jack12.Tinker, 30pm (1.Daily 50) Mail.£4.50 (£3.50) RUMPELSTILTSKIN THE GLOBE PLAYERS. Excitement, magic, and lots comedy in this superb dramatization of the ever-popular Grimm's tale.of (Professional.) Aug 11-Sept 1 11.00am (11.55) £3.00 (£2.00) PQW THEATRE ° VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 FIND ME The true story of Verity, imprisoned in Broadmoor when she wasissue fifteen.of Why? This powerful play, angry and humorous, addresses the topical community Aug 12-25 loothealth Sun 191care. 12.15pm (1.45) £3.50 (£2.50)


2.15pm 9th August£4.00 to 1st£3.50 Septembei 79

Just what we need, we hear you say, even more television. And we’d agree, except that British Satellite Broadcasting isn’t offering more of the same. BSB has five themed channels. The Movie Channel screens full-length feature films at 6.00, 8.00, 10.00 and 12.00 every night. On our Sports Channel at around 8.00 every evening, often live, you’ll see tennis, FA Cup and Scottish football, golf, rugby league or boxing. Now - The Channel for Living - offers practical advice on everything from food to fashion, travel to health care, as well as a healthy dose of music and arts programmes at the weekend.

Now the box has

request to tell us what you’d like to see on TV, and we’re now trying to reflect your views in the types of programmes you’ll find on BSB. Suffice it to say, already BSB’s reception has been excellent.

another five sides. Music of a different (and louder) kind forms the basis of The Power Station, our youth channel. While Galaxy Channel has soaps, drama, game shows and classic British comedy. All you need to receive BSB is a compact dish or Squarial ™ and a receiver box. Tens of thousands of you answered our

BRITISH SATELLITE BROADCASTING If you would like the opportunity to give your views or you simply want more information, telephone free on 0800 800 200. 5 channel TV. You watch, we listen.

QUAKER MEETING HOUSE ^ 999 VENUE 40-The Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terraca Tickets 225 4825 J8 Anagainst attractive peaceful venue presenting music and theatre from 3 continents a backdrop of environmental concern and applique Tree of Life triptych. The leafyquiet Rainforest Cafe servesoffhomemade vegetarian, vegan and other diet foods in the Bow just High Street. Aug 13-SeptUpper 1 (not Sunsl Open the fromtop10.3of0amtheonwards. THE ALBANY WIND QUINTET -young, talented, reputation for original interpretations of music from Bach tostylish the —establishing Beatles. a Aug Aug 2928 11.3.000pm0am (4.(1200)noon) £2.50 ALICE IN WONDERLAND Meet theMagic! White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat and play croquet Queen of Hearts. Aug 1618 with121.the3noon ?4f 20-25 0pm (2.(1.300)0) £2.50 (£2.00) BEAUTY AND THE BOUNDERS POLLY as LILIAN endearing, Old00)VicMARCH and Sadler' s Wells.BAYLIS: fanatical, Aug 27 Sept eccentric, 1 1.00pmfounder (2.15) of£3.the50 (£3. DRUMALBAN, SCOTTISH dance FOLK ENSEMBLE A programme of Scottish traditional Aug 29-Supt folk 1 culture 3.00pm—song, (4,30) £3.00 and (£2.50)music —in original rural style. - SONG IN HIGH SUMMER-PAUL BAKER International spinner, singer, Green guitar, spinning wheel.environmental/solidarity Scottish, Flamenco, Salvadorean music.(1.author. Aug 15 12 noon 3 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 0 0) Aug 20-24 7.00pm (8.30) SAVOURNA STEVENSON-SOLO extraordinarily mixtureTheof melodies, harmonies and rhythms' Folk HARP Roots. 'FAnloating, tumbling jazzrichpatterns' Scotsman. Aug 13, 14 12 noon (1. 0 0) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 1618 7.00pm (9.00) TAWANTISUYU AND BAJARETE Folk groups from colourful Latin America, Andean and contemporary music. Charengo to Harp, display blending of Latin culture. Aug 1315, 27-Sept 1 7. 0 0pm (8. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) mg 18-18, 20-25 4.00pm (5.30) LAYERS-AN EXPLORATION WOODonbyexhibition. TIM STEAD. Within wood there is landscape, sky, water . . INa(4.0hands Aug 13 Sept open 1history, (not 'Sunsl 0) Free Exhibition ti! 6.00pm10.3on0amThursdays. VIRAM JAStalent AN I —RECITAL OF INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC Sitarist of extraordinary Aug 25 only 7.30pmand(9.30)ability.£5.A00great (£4.50)treat not to be missed.

LES QUAYELLES (KL) ° ^ 3 VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 558 6869. K10 ★Principio IN PRINCIPIO ERA IL KAISER (IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS KAISER)man,In Eraoutil Youth Kaiser. .. .God yes,. detective Kaiser Loupowitz, the trenchcoat-hat searching .bebacteria . . his any stolen gun. AnDeath? Killed herself out of(Leodespair. Couldn' t stand to called Dolly longer. atmosphere of music Bouwer10.etc.), Aug 1218 00pmlights (12 mid. ni. gtranscends ht) £4.00words. (£3.50) Too real to ever end. QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE DRAMA DEPT. ^ VENUE 56-Queen Margaret Collage, Clerwood Terrace. Tickets 317 3546. F3 Outer COUNT DRACULA Bram Stoker was inspired by the Scottish cliffs of Cruden Bay, and began writing ' C ount Dracula' when he stayed there. Slains Castle standing the clifftops, gave himandhis the modelevil.forDRACULA Carfax. ThisLIVES. play based on the novel, developson the truth, the power Aug 1018 /not Aug 121 7.30pm 19.30) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ CAPTAIN SKULLBONE AND THE HAUNTED TREASURE OF GOUL BAY Evil pirates, Aug 1118 (not terrifying Aug 121 ghosts, 4.00pm (5.sea00)monsters. £1.00 Adventure on the high seas. THE QUEEN’S HALL q ••• VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. MW Edinburgh' s busiest year round music venue is at its best during the Festival and Fringe, with over Afiftyfullyshows in three weeks includingrestaurant the International Festival morning recitals. licensed bar and wholefood is available for all conceit goers and also to the general public from 1.30—5pm. ★BAKER MASTER PIECES—A COWARD CABARET A new show devised by RICHARD about the(9.life45) of Noel Aug £5.50atCoward. (£4.Queens 50) Hall box office only Table13seats £7.8.30pm 50 (£6.501 available THE MENAGERIE RICHARD BAKER, Nicholas Daniel and Julius Drake present a special blend of words and music Aug 14 7.30pm (9.15) £6.50 (£4.5on0) animal themes. JOHN MARTYN This British rock legend style,14 songs and music. Two nights only. returns to the Fringe with his individual Aug Aug 15 7.11.300|0pmmi 19.(1.300)0) £8.50 (£5.00) WE KINGS Potent Celtic brew soffinest inspired AND16FREE THE 11.DESPERADOES-Edinburgh' Indiefolkband.punk with JESSE GARON Aug 00pm (1.30) £3.50

EveningtNews S










We are proud to announce a major new annual awards initiative for the Festival Fringe. Edinburgh's best-selling newspaper will present three top awards each week of the Festival to outstanding groups based in the Lothian area professional, amateur or community. Full details in the Evening News. ^


“Mema, qeti 81

THE QUEEN'S HALL —< DICKrespected GAUGHAN CONCERT Gaughan,to theScotland' UK's bestconcerts. known and singer—IN anddemand. guitarist, returns scene sof, and earlierthe sell-out Book early—always a Aug IS 8.00pm (10.30) £5.00 |£3.00) SCOTTISH YOUTHwithFIDDLERS traditional fiddlersby (cond. Scotland). Yla Steven) singer andRALLY compereScotland' BBC TVs best star Biyoung l Torrance (recorded Radio Aug 17 8.00pm (10.00) 13.50 WALLOCHMOR CEILIDHa BAND Dance the night away with one of Scotland's top Aug ceilidh 17. 18 bands. 11.00pmAlways (2.00) highly 13.50 popular fringe event. (Late bar) RELAX adverts with LEON from British Rail Scottish Intercity sleeper comesREDBONE to EdinburghThefor enigmatic a first timevoice whistlestop visit. Only appearance. Aug 18 8.00pm (10.00) £6.00 (£3.00) IAN BALLAMY-BALLOON MAN WithFrevo. Django Bates, Steve Watts and Martin France Aug 19 —loose 8.30pmtubes (10.30)on thet6.50loose.andPlus £5.50 TRIPLE TREAT with MONTY ALEXANDER Supercharged Monty and two thirds ofandthemaster fifties Oscar PetersonCaribbean trio; Ray music Brown,from the world'20sAlexander greatest Aug 8.00pm jazz (10.00)bass £7.player 50 anil C6.50 guitarist Herb Ellis. TOMMY SMITH' FORWARDforMOTION Guestcelebrate Star Thistheir powerful international groupSreleasing renowned its energyplusandSpecial sensitivity first appearance Aug 20. 21 since 11.00pm (1.00) 'P£8.eeping 00 andTom'£7.00on Blue Note Records. THE ORIGINAL PRAGUE SYNCOPATED ORCHESTRA The world' s finest exponents of bigeverbandappearance jazz in the in1920s. This unique orchestra from Czechoslovakia makes21 its 8.first Britain. Aug 00pm (10.00) £6.50 and t5.50 JOOLS HOLLAND HIS BIG BANDtheEXTRAVAGANZA Jools takes time off from2231 presenting TV AND shows Aug 10.30pm (12. 30) andE7.touring 00 (£5.00) world with Squeeze. VIVALDI—THE FOUR SEASONS In one of the most exciting concerts of the festival Aug 22 the7.3Scottish 0pm (9.30)Ensemble £7.00 perform (£4.00) Vivaldi's Four Seasons and more. VIVALDI —GLORIA TheVivaldi' other stunning(and Festival concert is The Scottish Ensemble and Aug 23singers7.3performing 0pm (9.30) £7.00 s(£4.Gloria 00) much more). BOYS OF THE LOUGH Aly Bain leads Edinburgh annual room only traditional musicinternationally celebration! famous Our biggest sellingband' shows last 24-26 year!standing Aug 7.30pm (9.30) £6.50 (£5.50) TDK ROUND MIDNIGHT JAZZ FESTIVAL NINA SIMONE IN CONCERT Electrifying the. great diva of jazz. From 'Young, Gifted and7.Black' 'My Baby Cares for. . Me' Aug 30pm50 from (9.to30)Queens £10.Hal0l0Just Table21seats £12. box office only

GEORGE JOHNMelly' CHILTON' S FEETWARMERS The Queen' isascerbic the idealwit.MELLY venue WITH for George s incomparable blend of blues singings Hall and Aug Table28seats £8.7.350pm0 from(9.30)Queens£7.Hal00l box office only IN BI ROLAND QUINTET —29TH STREET SAXOPHONE WILLIAMSON Charlie Parker'scelebration. 70th QUARTET birthday-the& STEVE hottest saxophonists on both sides£7.of00 the big moist—a Aug 29 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) Table seats £8.50 from Queens Hall box office only CAROLto KIDD &perfect’ HER ORCHESTRA close being Glasgow Herald.The finest jazz singer in Britain. 'Dangerously Aug 30 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £8. 0 0 Table seats [10 from Queen's Hall box office only DON CHERRY GROUP, TOMrhythm—everything BANCROFT ORCHESTRA is thenewmusical essence —joy,jazz.spirit, freedom, new minted.Cherry Plus the wave ofAugScottish 31 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £7. 0 0 Table seats £8.50 from Queen's Hall box office only CAPERCAILLIE Scotland'svocals. finest Celtic years band returns with their powerful instrumentals Sept 1 7.30pmand(9.stunning 30) and 10.30pm (12.Previous 30) £5.00 (£4.sold 00) out —Book Early!! QUERN ° VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 339 6555 H3 Quern—twelve strong group committed tolives promoting the figures. music andJustculture Scotland, concentrating especially on the of literary returnedof from secondHogg, European tour, the be presenting 'Cathedral. Livestheir of Burns, Stevenson and Quern RobertwillService' in Chaptermusical House,journeys St. Mary'ons BURNS-HIS LIFE, POETRY ANDStirling SONGS Another marvellous performancepacked to bursting Aug IS. 23the hall7.45pm (9.40) point' £2.50 (£2.00) Observer. HOGG-THE ETTRICK SHEPHERD —HISof sheer LIFE,delight' POETRY Popular JournalANDand SONGS Gazette. Aug 18, 21music,7.4robust 5pm (9.narrative. 40) £2.5An0 (£2.evening 00) STEVENSON R. L.-A MUSICAL JOURNEY Soloist of outstanding quality and versatility. This highly talented group' Falkirk Herald. Aug 20 7.45pm (9.40) £2.50 (£2.00) SERVICE, ROBERT-SONGS'ThisOFprominent A SOURDOUGH Happy musical about Yukon and 24Dan McGrew' Aug 7.45pm (9.s4creator. 0) £2.50 (£2.00) group' Lothian Courier.

GYPSY SWING & COUNTRY BLUE Ms HANNIGAN’sblues, gypsy Seek out can’t Some Like On this circuit fiddling—jazz, it better Hot—I swing, country—could only no musical athe way toimagine start be described by a long string of act surpasses evening. Some Like it Hot. superlatives. Shetalents is onetoofhave the Malcolm Hay— hottest musical Carol Sarler— TIME OUT graced the Fringe in years. THE GUARDIAN Raymond J. Ross— THE SCOTSMAN VENUE 33 (£3.00) The Pleasance TICKETS 556 6550 £4.50 AUG 15.45pm lth~SEP 1st (not 20th)& 82

Let’s hope it’s a knight to remember:

Scottish Daily Express ^ Makes you think, doesn’t it? 83

Mark Wi£an +&3n Minsky for THE BRflin CLUB OF LOHDO/sf Presents LIVE WWCE MUSIC, P.A.s and D.J.s playing 'House, hip hop, no* Tim&Soul+jazz. 0N\^ Floors AT PLAYHOUSE 13-22



EVERV Nffil+T Throughout THE FESTIVAL?


TGoM THE BRftin the

The Country’6 wickEDEST

Fridge Brixton clubs/

Tickets from onli fT2) UAT£ BARS 1\ pm-4^^ mon-thur Up^-bom TR1 + SAT 0fiNl%G/ms CLUB, /S HoT A/VD STiCkV AND STAYS OPE/Y AAV fyfvST yoOR PEbl/ME/ 84

★ 21Afunny Britishcharacters. debut of international story teller and performer, Kevin Kling and his THE QUESTQRS THEATRE ° wildly VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. HID Aug 20 Sept 1 (not Aug 281 12 noon (1.15) £2.95 (£1.95) Britain's biggest amateur company, include ★ STORIES and Thetales: Gare St.'gritty,Lazareintimate Players of Paris and Chicago present STORIES — acclaimed The unravels Brick' , return with twowhose new Edinburgh playsmystery, and asuccesses double bill. Michaelthe('Cmuchoarse monologues Acting' ) Green the Sherlock Holmes there' s an entertaining oneAug 1318 12 noon (1.30) £3.25 (£2.50)and honest'. woman play by Kevin Madley, and a unique opportunity to see ' T he Marriage' and 'Divorce' of Figaro. BAG THEATRE ° ■ ^3 ★ THE REAL DEATHandOFauthentic SHERLOCK HOLMES Michael Green's new theory RATTLE VENUE TOI-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 F10 creates Aug 13-18a fascinating 6.15pm (8.15) E4.00 (£3.5mixture 0) of drama and comedy. ★ A BRUSQUE AFFAIR by Shaun Duggan. The latest stageplay from young Royalin Court Award Winning playwright —combines farce with social comment ★of early D MINUS Kevin Madley' s funny, ultimately moving look at pleasures and pains Liverpool ensues, bedsit-land. s pregnant, the landlord' s weird, maternal Delightful tale with a sting. mayhem and Bernie' all is nots gay,whatSusan' it seems. ' . . Liverpool entertainment at its Aug 13-18 motherhood. 2.11.30pm best'1925Guardian. Aug 2025 00pm(3.(11.15)45) £2.00 (£1.50) Aug 3.10pm (4.50) £3.75 (£2.50) THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO Beaumarchais' brilliant, satirical comedy of 1786. Napoleon called it ' t he revolution already in action' . In a Double Bill with show below. RErACTION THEATRE q Aug 272025Sept 1 6.00pm2.30pm(8.00)(4.30) £4.00 (£3.50) VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 Aug Special Ticket Offer—Marriage of Figaro/Figaro Gets a Divorce £7.00 both Three one act plays: a tantalizing glimpse of Thomas Hardy' s amorous friendships shows. through the eyes of a jealous wife, and two plays about coersion. Havel' progressive a dissident writer withwields western luxuries,power. while withins FIGARO realignment GETS A DIVORCE wittyrelevant 1930'stoday. sequel.In aRevolution, s stonecouple walls tempt the mighty state machinery its terrible refugees, —propheticVonthen,Horvath’s astonishingly double bill Kafka' with show above. ★ DEAREST EM-WOMAN MUCH MISSED New one-woman play with Aug 272025Sept 1 8.30pm5.00pm(10.3(7.0) 00) £4.00 (£3.50) Margaret Aug Aug 13-SeptJackman 1 (not Suns)as the11.eccentric 15am (12.15)wife £4.of 5Thomas 0 (£4.00) Hardy. 'Funny, sad'. Special Ticket Offer—Figaro Gets a Divorce/The Marriage of Figaro £7.00 PRIVATE VIEW Czechoslovakia’s favourite this disturbing, both shows. play events in Eastern Europedissident shot himwrote to power. (Double billcomic with show13before below).1startling Aug Sept (not Sunsl 12. 3 0pm (1. 2 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 5 0) Special Ticket Offer—Private View/Stone Walls £6.50 (£5.50) both shows. QUINQUEREME PRODUCTIONS-MAIN ★ STONEbill WALLS exciting adaptation of Kafka's 'In the Penal Settlement'. SPONSOR ANGUS DISTRICT COUNCIL (Double showNew,above). ° '9?*3 Aug 13-SeptTicket 1 with (notOffer—Stone Sunsl 1.30pmWa/is/Private (2.30) £4.View 00 (£3.50) £6.50 (£5.50) both shows. VENUE 69-Broughton High School Theatre, 1 Carrington Road. C3 Special ★ THElyrics, HOUSEWarner ON THE CORNEREnd WorldTheatre Premierewriter. of a Music, 'musical-in-preparation' . Book, Brown—West Michael Reed — REDS •••• Musical the Opera' Presented by anof Edinburgh 67-The Comedy Room, 2 Picardy Place, top of Leith Walk. Tickets 556 0499. G10 Illusion orDirector, reality? 'PAhantom magicalofview for an. adult audience 'Peter Pan'based writer,group. J.M. VENUE LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL Get subterranean and pump up the volumeandas Aug"^ (not Aug 191 7.30pm (10.15) £4.00 (£3.00) Sponsored by LAWNMOWER from Liverpool let the good times roll with the hippest in rhythm blues sounds. SurpriseJoinguests, gossip and the latestout.reviews sampled while you 10quaff You'll canbe AT inbegood company. Aug Sept and 1 scoff. 12 midnightand(3.00)gyrate£5.or00just(£4.0crash 0) TICKETS VENUE ONLY. QUIRK ° • RED SHIFT THEATRE COMPANY ••• VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie’s Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. L10 FAITH, HOPE, AND of PHEROMONES by (delete^ Vicky according Salter. toA VENUE performance/cabaret/revue poetry/comedy/tragedy ★ LULU , adapted by Steve Gooch. Fringe First winners (including FRIDA DIEGO, LE. MISANTHROPE) return thieves with a thrilling new versionpursue of Wedekind' sAND 'sex preference) which presented deals within new all theandunusual hackneyed stuff —life, love, and tragedies' libido—old issues, challenging material. Aristocrats, acrobats, and a Countess a dangerous Aug 27 Sept 1 12 midnight (1.20) £2.50 (£1.50) fantasy woman. A potentand cocktail of darkness and humour, obsessions and games. 'Dangerous, exhilarating irresistible' The Guardian. 1 Preview: Aug 12 6. 0 0pm (8. 1 5) £5. 5 0 Aug 13-Sept 1 (not Aug 20, 28) 6.00pm (8.15) £6.50 (£5.50) RACK & RUIN ° VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 THESAURUS London-based Duette present ' T hesaurus' , profound comedy THE REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY sketches as diverse toastheopera to ofloudyourbrash satirical. Thisslap-stick. 'moving, descending bottom funny-bits' late'Laugh, nightRave-reviews slot (nonearly tits VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 and bums) guaranteed to give you the wildest dreams in bed. cry I took20theSeptfamily THE COMPLETE WORKS OFtheWILLIAM SHAKESPEARE (ABRIDGED) Three Aug 1 to12 Beirut' midnight. (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00) Californians explode through Bard' s canon. Thirty-seven plays . . one low price! 'Splendid''ThisShakespeare Quarterly. 'Our entertainment. favourite show Skilful, at the Fringe' Capital Radio,. . London. and .silly theatreisathigh-speed, its very best'high-value The Scotsman. To be there, or notintelligent to be there . that RANDOLPH STUDIO ° • • • Fringe is the question! VENUE 55-Handolph Studio, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, 13 Randolph Cres. Tickets 225 5366 G4 Aug 9 Sept 1 (not Aug 12, 20. 28) 4.00pm (5.30) £5.50 (£4.50) Located in the New Town near the West End of Princes Street on Randolph Crescent, this Ais truely an elegant intimatefor venue presenting a widetheatre. variety of RENAISSANCE COMEDY ASSOCIATES performances. beautifulandsetting high quality entertaining WOYZECK A new adaptation of Buchner' s masterpiece in simultaneous sign VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 language ★ set DOGupMURDER ONE 'gDisillusioned Doctor meets entrepreneurial schoolelderly chum Aug 13. 15, and 17, 20.voice22, —a24. poetic 20, 28, 31expression 8.00pmof19.the15) tragedy £3.00 of(£2.existance. 00) toand money making eriatricide' that takes care of Britain' s unwanted ★a killing I, CATECHUMEN by Xavier Leret. Greek communism and the cross! An ideal, solves the NHS bed crisis at the same time. New DOG MURDER ONE bytakes the P out Matthew Aug 13, 15,—this 17, 20,is not 22, 24,murder, 20, 28,my31 conscience. 10.00pm (11.30) £3.00 (£2.00) Hall.of BUPA andAugputs1325the(notvetAugback19) into 6.veteran. 25pm (7.30) Black £3.75 comedy (£3.00 SUPDY) UBU ROI Alfred Jarry' s roller coaster of the absurd, with the drums! banners! logos!14, AIS,pantomime Aug 18, 21, 23, 25,in 27,a concentration 29, Sept 1 8.camp. 00pm (9.15) £3.00 (£2.00) LONDON CALLING bytoTonyfucking Marchant. 'It's just when you're sort of working class, you have to be violent Aug 14, 18, 18, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, Sept live!' 1 10.00pm (11.15) £3.00 (£2.00) WARGASM Aug 13-Sept 1 (notA devised Aug 191 piece12 midnight (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00) ANNIE T.and& pretensions. THE FRENCH CONNECTION passions A unique combinationEntertaining of powerful evocation and amusingof French songs. Preview: Aug 20-SeptAug 1 19(not Aug6.00pm 301 (7.46.0)00pm £4.(7.0400) (£3.00)£4.00 (£3.00) ★ THE TRUTH OF ALLIE P.'theDOWD A student locates her hero, a reclusive author respected Aug 13-18 for6.0writing 0pm (7.3about 0) £3.00 truth' (£2.00). ★cryAwith LOVELY SUNDAY FOR CREVE COEUR by Tennessee Williams. Laugh and Summer day. Aug 20-Septfour1 spinsters 4.00pm (5.in30)the heat£3.5of0 (£3.an0American 0) ★ KOCHOU Lasenkan a newtheatre production scripted and(1653-1724). directed by Saburo from areturns story forwithpuppet by CHIKAMATSU Aug 1318Shimoda, 4.10.00pm Aug 20-25 00am(5.(11.30130) £4.00 (£2.50) ★ beside white chickens Carlos Brueghal' Williams —by day pediatrician, by night Poet. the to William 'P(3.ictures Aug 13-Sept 1His(notscribbles Aug 19) lead2.00pm 00) from £3.00 (£1.75) . From Paris. 85

Our quality control which separates the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad, the brilliant from the abysmal. The Scotsman covers more shows in depth on the Fringe than any other newspaper - it is the indispensable guide, whether you're in the festival city on holiday or are lucky enough to live here. %SL W 9 scot Make sure you order a copy from your local newsagent

THE RIDGE THEATRE COMPANY q » VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile. Tickets 556 3147. JT[ FEMALEGooch' TRANSPORT This exciting youngofcompany presentself-awareness a fresh approachandto Steve s controversial exploration the growing developing relationships C19th women en route to Botany Bay. A provocative blend amongst of humour,sixtragedy, aggressionconvicts and subtle contemporary relevance, Aug 13-18 it 2.is15pmnot 13.suitable 45) £3.for50young (£2.50)children. RIVER TOWN THEATRE VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 9i L3 ★ THEof women RIVER ofWIFE' S DAUGHTERS A. whose lyrical, men humorous newforplay,months explores the lives a river town in the U. S are gone on end working the Great Lakes. CriticallySPOON acclaimed andANTHOLOGY. compared to Dylan Thomas’ UNDER Aug 1325MILKWOOD (not Sun) 12.and15pmMasters' (1.45) £3.00 (£2.RIVER 00) TOM ROBINSON VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 MOONLIGHTING Tom' s brand new'Rcabaret this yearperformances also features TRB colleagues Danny Kustow and Mark Ambler. obinson' s solo are one of the highlights ofNEWS. the Fringe accomplished, EVENING ne . .'ofGUARDIAN. the Fringe''Asn least well-keptversatile secretsperformer . . warmly. .' recommended' THE('1OINDEPENDENT. Aug 1218 11.45pm .15) £6.50 (£5.501 ROPED JAW ENT. ° VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 9000 13 ★STARTS LOOSENOWCHANGE promises fifty minutes of lively entertainment . . SALE . . the theme is money, and on offer is a mixed bag of physical, vocal and musical theatre . . WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY?. . devised . . unpredictable promenade performance . . OR ARE YOU JUST LOOKING? and scripted by the company. Aug 1325 (not Aug 19) 8.30pm (9.20) £3.00 (£2.50) THE ROSE THEATRE COMPANY •• VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 ★Fringe BALLET HOOLIGANS by Robin Brockman (author of the critically acclaimed 'director' 88 hit 'sThedream-life Tunnel inSoldiers’). Asubconscious serio-comic look into with a dance companyof artistic which his wrestles resentment hisfather.domineering ballet-mistress mother and philandering, one-time-star-dancer Aug 1325 4.00pm (6.00) £5.00 (£4.00) ★ TIME spirit AND THE BODY bysheRobin Brockman. A young woman confronts the lingering Aug 28-Sept 1 of4.an00pmold(5.man 30) £4.cared 00 (£3.for00) and became mysteriously close to. FEMALE PARTS by Franca Rame and Dario Fo. Two of the hilarious and hardhitting series1 of 8.feminist political comedies. Aug Aug 27Sept 28-Sept 1 11.000pm0am (9.(1200)noon) £4.00 (£3.00) ROUGH & READY THEATRE CO. • VENUE 98—Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 *Horse:—A SOD THEplaySKINfor HORSE & NUTCRACKERS IN MY HANDBAG Sod the Skin every daughter who has a mother. Nutcrackers in my Handbag:—'double You can't write a funny play aboutserious. rape.' Yes you can. This is it. A smilestretching Aug 27 Sept I 12.bill15pmwhich (1.45) is really £3.00 quite (£2.00) ★tea-time PETERsheAND THE LIZARD Lizard eats men for breakfast, friends for lunch: —by Aug 27 Sept 1 is full. 2.00pm (3.00) £3.00 (£2.00) ROUGH MAGIC THEATRE COMPANY (IRELAND) Renowned for theis consistency of itss vision and the richness of itsensemble theatricaltheatre style, Rough Magic onefine offineIreland' companies. 'most This ischallenging theatre andmostwe highly need toacclaimed see more of its inlike'ourGlasgow Herald. ' T he and fastidiously perfectionist company theatre' Mary Holland—Irish Times. i VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. DO ★ I CAN' T GETDashiell STARTED Noir thriller/dream play based on the star-crossed love affair between Hammett and Lillian Heilman. Previ10-Sept ew. Aug I9(not Mons) 3.45pm (5.13.5)45pm £4.(5.105)0 £5.00 (£4.00) Aug VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 BAT THE THE SONNYDonal O'Kelly's 'wild slapstick tour de force'W-Sept New IFATHER York Times.RABBIT 'P2.urely Aug (not Suns) 00pm brilliant' (3.30) £5.5Post. 0 (£4.501 ROUSTABOUT THEATRE |VENUE 19-Overseas House, 100 Princes Street Tickets 225 5105 G7 ★ THE TRUEAmorous STORY adventurer OF TOMor JONES-LUSTY LAD TOtruth GRACIOUS GENTLEMAN tight-trousered crooner—the revealed! Following he Nose' ('Highly SundayandTelegraph.) a furiously'Wfunny and quite 'Tunbelievable talenotrecommended' of tofrenzied ardour ribald derring-do. ildly exuberant Aug 10 Sept adult 1 (not pantomime Tubs) 11.00am (12.1be5) missed' £3.50 Festival (£2.50) Times.

THE ROXY ° ••• VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. K10 'programme WHAT'S ALLof international ON AT THEtalent, ROXY!'covering . . .anall exciting and tremendously formstakeof the arts.varied Take aenjoy breaka drink in between performances in ourour late Cafe/bar, in ora performing musical revue, and then enjoy one of night shows cabaret. In factrelax, why leave The Roxy . . it all happens at The Roxy! UNDER MILKofWOOD Escape from'timethepasses' snarling,is sardine likeScotsman. crowds in Edinburgh! 'AugThis13-26 staging the town where a TREAT' (not Sun 19) 11.05am (12.25) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ GETTING happenings on a character packed B.R. platform. 'BringsTHERE! tears toTheyourhilarious eyes’ Mercury. 'Very funny' Kentish Times. Aug 1318 Aug 18-Sept 1 12.05am 2.05pm(1.35)(3.35) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ CRAZYof homeless JANE CYT—Independent winners present living history in an England and jobless. Music,Award dance—fast and frighteningly relevant. Aug 13-18 2.12.45pm Aug 2025 45pm(4.(2.15)15) £4.00 (£3.50) ★ MERLIN by Fergus Kennedy. Powerful drama and poetic imagery wrapped in a rich and original Aug 20-25 2.45pmmusical (4.15) score£4.0'0A (£3.MAGICAL 50) SUCCESS'. ★'IMMORAL' CANTERBURY TALES ' S CURRILOUS' Edward II 'RAUNCHY' Henryromp VIII Victoria 'VIVID and NEW' Kent Messenger. A Bacchanalian through Aug 13-26medieval (not Sun 19)England.4.25pm (6.00) £4.00 (£3.50) POLKATZ—MACBETH Explosive, startling of Shakespeare' Scottish play. 'Stage. UNIQUE SENSE OF IMAGE' Times interpretation Ed. 'FIRST CLASS' Evening Newss 'FIRST12-SeptRATE' Aug 1 (not 19, 28) 6.10pm (7.50) £4.00 (£3.50) LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS The ultimate tongue in cheek Sci-Fi 'B' movie musical! and (9.loads Aug 1328 Chilling, (not Sun 19)hilarious8.05pm 55) of £4.fun.00 (£3.50) INPolishPRINCIPIO ERA IL KAISER Rimini Prize winner. 'Brilliant parody of a unique immigrated Aug 12-18detective 10.00pm (midnight)to America. £4.00 (£3.Woody 50) Allen's humourism' La RepubbHca. FIRST NIGHT A ' B ACKSTAGE' revue. Songs and dance from well known musicals BAND,(11.4in5) English Aug 19-25 —LIVE10.30pm £3.50with (£2.5a0) soupcon of French. GETTING WoodyofAllen. 'Life has many masks. We wear each one in turn.' Please1EVEN bring4.3By0pm a change Aug 27-Sept (6.00) underwear! £3.00 (£2.00) BERKOFF' S GREEK Sophocles turns in his grave— Oedipus confronts Eddy on the 27-Sept streets 1of London. Aug 8.00pm Love, (10.00) sex £3.and50marriage (£2.50) redefined. AND MAYHEM AnFORexciting mime company using daring new styles ofMISCHIEF performance. Aug 27 Sept 1 10.'REPUTATION 30pm (12.30) £4.CLEVER 00 (£3.00)USE OF VISUAL THEATRE' Standard. LONDON FUSION ORCHESTRA This 'SUPERB' jazz ensemble return to Edinburgh Aug 27. 29, 30.to play Sept their 1 own 10.30pm'VARIED (12.30) and£4.EXCITING' 00 (£3.00) style of modern jazz. ANTON BROTHER This fresh and innovativefolkband come to the Fringe with their unique Aug 28, 28,blend31 of improvised 10.30pm (12.3rock 0) and£4.0world 0 (£3.00) music. HANSEL AND GRETEL David Rudkin' s grim (I), hilarious exposure of the life lies we tell13-18to and12.4about Aug 0pm (2.our25) children. £3.00 (£2.Not001suitable for young children. ROYAL SCOTS CLUB ° ••m VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 5091. F8 This elegant comfortable venue presents a wide-ranging season of Premieres andof revivals, comedy, drama and music. Located in Georgian the NewTown Town,House. just aFullcouple blocks from the Assembly Rooms in a handsome bar and bar snacks. AMERICANpowerful FESTIVALportrayal THEATRE presents WAITING THE waging PARADE-Funny, emotionally CanadianFOR women their own battles for 22,survival during WWII.8.of00pmfive(9.spirited Aug 13, 18, 25, 27, 31 3 0) £3. 9 5 (£2. 9 5) Aug 14, 17, 20, 23, 28, Sept 1 10.00pm (11.30) ALSO EXTREMITIES psychology offorterror. A brutal...attempted rape. TheChilling tablesgraphic turned onexploration the rapist.ofRantheOff-Broadway two Tulls, 18, 21, 24, 28. 29 8. 0 0pm (9. 3 0) £3. 9 5 (£2. 9 5) Aug 13, 18, 22, 25, 27, 31 10.00pm (11.30) ALSO ...playwright BABY WITH THEirreverent BATHWATER Christopher funniestPoppins takes anlike whack atbyparents, childrenDurong. and theirAmerica' nannies.s jVlary was28,never this. Aug 14, 17, 20, 23, Sept 1 8. 0 0pm (9. 3 0) £3. 9 5 (£2. 9 5) Aug 15, 18, 21, 24, 28, 29 10.00pm (11.30) ★ ALSO ... THEfromSHOESTRING PLAYERS and Honeybees—tales around the world. Third production consecutive ofyear.Dragons 'Theatrical Magic' YorkSunTimes. Aug 17-SeptNew1 (not 191 12 noon (1.00) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ HOMEs latest VALUES SHOW-STAGEWORKS Stageworks satirical look America' home shopping LTD. by phone, with Mackland, Montyat and 27-Sept Fitz. 1 (not Augmadness—TV Aug 30) 12 midnight (1.30) £3.50 (£2.50) ADULT ORGASM ESCAPES FROM play THE ZOOwomen Franca Rame and Dario Fo's funny,20-Sept poignant Aug 1 (not and Aug 30)thought-provoking 6.00pm (7.30) £3.about 70 (£2.50) and sexual oppression. DUCK VARIATIONS A humorous piece ofhonesty, wide appeal, of discussions displaying absurdityan evening and amusement. Aug 1318 reasoning, 6.15pm (7.25)beliefs,£3.revelation, 50 (£2.50) ★companies. ANGELSA OFchamber FREEDOM from one of Hawaii' s most successful theatre Aug 27-Sept 1 4.00pm (5.play 301 set £4.in 0the0 (£2.primal 00) landscape of Hawaii. ★ COMING ATTRACTIONS A sizzling production of Ted Theatre. Tally's outrageous dark comedy Aug 13-25 about (not Augcrime 19) and4.0fame 0pm (5.from 45) L.A£3.. Youth 50 (£2.0Ensemble 0) 87

ROYAL SCOTS CLUB- tinued THIRTEEN HEAVENSencounters AND NINE HELLS focuses on nine teenagers travelling toAug* New 13-18York2.City. 00pmTheir (3.30) 13.95 (£2.with 951 one another leave them changed. THE ENTIRE numbers COMPANY-BY with delicious from the POPULAR Twenties andDEMAND! Thirties toBritish give youMusic 'pureHalljoy’laced The Scotsman. Aug 20-25 2.00pm (3.30) t 4.00 (£2.50) Including free tea of coffee ALSO ... CONTINENTAL BRECHTFEST —comedy, coffee and croissants at cafe20-25 on the Croissant-Neuf start to your day! breakfast. the Aug 10.00am (10.40) —aE2.nourishing 50 (£2.00) including free Festival Continental ALSO ... evocation COFFEE WITH PROKOFIEV -Actor/Pianist Lewis Lev's Russia. lyrical, humorous of personalities and events in pre-revolutionary Prokofiev' Aug 20-25 s words, 10.00amProkofiev' (10.401 s £2.music. 50 (£2.00) including free Continental breakfast ★ THE MONKEY BAZAARdesireEnterandthecrossing Monkey Bazaar and see the world askew. Timeless Aug 13-18 stories 10.30amof foible, (11.30) £3.50 1E2.50) a motorway. BLOODY RUDDY-STAGEWORKS LTD. Lastas the year'Poet/storyteller. s acclaimed evening with Kipling Aug 27 Septin India 1 returns 10.00am with (11.00)Warren£3.50Montiero (£2.50) ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA ° ^ > VENUE 13-Karry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 Once again the Harry Younger hall proves to be one of the most exciting venues. See one play, or see them all, you won't be disappointed. of Fringe THE ZOO STORY-THE NASH THEATRE COMPANY by Edward Albee. A play of intrigue Aug 13-18 which 10.45amneeds (11.45)no explanation. £2.50 (£2.00) ★ HAMLETWhyII: PRINCE OF JUTLAND-SHOES by John Cargill Thompson. did Shakespeare ignore Hamlet's sexNOlife:SHOES what happened next? Come1318hear Hamlet Aug 12 noon speak (1.00) himself. £2.00 (£1.00) DR. FAUSTUS-MADE IN GLASGOW by Christopher Marlowe. A one-hour version ensemble production of Marlowe' s classic dialogue between good and evil, between Christian Aug 13-18 intellectual 1.30pm (2.3enquiry 0) £3.and50 (£2. 00) orthodoxy. ★ THE STREET-MADE IN GLASGOWmother by Alan McHugh. A new play with music focussing Aug 1318 on3.the 00pmpressures (5.00) of£3.a50single (£2.00) and the temptation of prostitution. PARADISE IS CLOSING DOWN-HFC THEATRE COMPANY Raunchy black comedy Aug 1318 about6.0three 0pm (7.sexually 30) £3.and00 politically (£1.50) frustrated women—set in South Africa. IN CAMERA-PROGRAMME GLASGOW by Jean-PaulinSartre. highly-charged of sexualDEFINITTIF and emotional conflict experienced Sartre'As representation ofportrayal Hell. Aug 1318 8.00pm (9.15) £3.50 (£2.00) AGAMEMNON-THE NASHofTHEATRE COMPANY visually interpretation Berkoff's brutal visions ofbywarSteven . . past,Berkoff. present,A and 1318 future.exciting Aug 9.30pm (10.30) £2.50 (£2.00) RUMILLAITA ° VENUE 68-Reid Concert Hall, Brislo Square (by Fringe Club). U) RUMILLAJTA—MUSIC OF THE ANDES Internationally celebrated Bolivian folk— ensemble regarded as second to none in UK. ' M elodies pour from the panpipes evocative wind sounds with the sweet, woody song of the quena, glittering plucked strings andterrific!' the deepTimethrobOut.of the bombo' Washington Post. 'Breathtaking and absolutely Aug 14 27 (not Mon 20) (9.45)7.00pm (8.45) £5.00 (£4.00) Children under 10-Free Aug Sept29,1 30 2.30pm8.00pm (4.15) ST ANDREW’S AND ST GEORGE’S AT FESTIVAL TIME ° VENUE 111-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. Tickets 225 3847. G8 This historic and elegant Georgian Church in the heart of Edinburgh' s New Towntheis, once again,spectrum the settingof musical for an exciting andfromvaried programme encompassing complete interest opera to contemporary rock; with plenty of orchestral, chamber, vocal, choral, instrumental, ragtime and folk music in between. PHILOMUSICA OFconcerts. EDINBURGH directed byseeDavid Hume. Three variedentry. and exciting Philomiisica' s separate Aug 12, 19,orchestral 31 8.00pm (9.45) For £4.further 00 (£3.details 50) CHURCH MUSICIANS Hilary Saunders (clarinet) and Leon Coates (piano). A recital13 of music Aug 12.30pmfor(1.3clarinet 0) Freeand piano including John Ireland's 'Fantasy Sonata'. BEAU SOIR Songs by Debussy, Poulenc, Duparc and Faure. Elizabeth McKeon (Soprano)—winner Aug 13 8.00pm (9.4National 5) £3.0Mozart 0 (£2.00)competition 1989—Alan Jacques (piano). SONGS AND SNATCHES Fiona Scrimger and Roger Lang present a delightful mix of favourite Aug 14 12.love 30pmsongs (1.30) oldFreeand new. GUITAR RECITALS Italian guitarist Gualtiero PedrialiSorperforms Bach (Sonata BMV 1001), Wilson (Soliloquy), Rodrigo (Invocacion), (Fantasia), CastelnuovoTedesco (Capriccio), Granados (Spanish Dances). Aug 14 & 17 8.00pm (9.45) £3.50 (£3.00) ORGAN RECITALS Aug 15 —Mervyn Games (Bohm, Willan,Kitchen Bales);(Bach, Aug 22 —George McPhee (Buxtehude, Walther, Leighton); Aug 29—John Scheldt, Aug IS, 22,Russell). 29 12.30pm (1.30) Free 1890-1990 Lawrence Dunn (violin) and Alan Jacques (piano) play Sonata by Cesar Aug 15 Franck 8.00pmand(9.works 45) by£4.0Martin, 0 (£3.00)Martinu and Ibert 88

CHURCH MUSICIANSR.L. Heather LeonCoates. Coates (piano). British song16including StevensonCoates song(Soprano), cycle by Leon Aug 12.30pma new (1.30) Fr«e ORGAN AND PIANO RECITAL Michael Lester-Cribb. Bach —Chorale Variations: Sei gegrusset, Aug 16 8.00pmJesu(9.30)gutig. £3.Beethoven 00 (£2.00) —Sonata in B flat op. 106 ('Hammerklavier'). TELEMANN ENSEMBLE A unique combination group consisting of flute duo, cello Aug 17and harpsichord/piano 12.30pm (1.30) Freeplaying music within a mainly baroque style. ST ANDREW' AND ST perform GEORGE'Haydn' S CHOIR soloists togetherSinclair with Philomusica of S Edinburgh s 'Nelsonand Mass' . Lindsay conductor. Aug 18 12.30pm (1.30) Free THE LIGHTS BAND followrocktheirwithsuccessful television debut in a popular 'fringe'18CITY concert Aug 8.00pmof(9.contemporary 45) £3.00 (£2.00) a Christian bias. SCHUBERTIADS A programme of love songs by Schubert given by Irmtraud Schorbach Aug 20 & 23 (Soprano), 12.30pm Jon (1.30)North£3.(Tenor) 00 (£2.0and 0) Joan Robinson (piano). PERGOLESI 'STABAT MATER' and Soprano), baroque chamber music(Director). with Heather Coates (Soprano), Leon Coates Aug 20 3.Catriona 00pm (4.15)Duncan£3.5(Mezzo 0 (£2.50) THE SCOTTISH HARP (CLARSACH) featured in a week preformances,8.0culminating Ceilidh. of solo and group Aug (9.30)(10.0in0)£3.the00 £4.popular (£2.0000)(£3.0Festival Ceilid20-24 h: Aug 25 0pm7.30pm 0) DON KAWASH InternationalEvenings Ragtime Pianist returns to the Fringe with a dazzling display Aug 2024of digital 10,15pmdexterity. (11.30) £4.00 (£3.of00)pure joy. SCHUBERTIADS ' T he Young Schubert —songs composed by the age of twentyone.21Irmtraud Aug & 24 Schorbach 12.30pm (1.3(Soprano), 0) £3.00 Jon (£2.0North 0) (Tenor) and Joan Robinson (piano). SCOTTISH SAXOPHONE Greene,music Gillianancient Craig,andKen modern Thompsonfor and Ronald Mackie present QUARTET a concert ofPhilip classical saxophones. Aug 22 3.00pm (4.30) £3.50 (£2.50) ACoates CELEBRATION OF BURNS ANDBarock CONTEMPORARIES Jenny Baird, Heather Aug 28 and12.members 30pm (1.30)of Edinburgh £3.50 (£2.50) play Scots music on period instruments. FASCINATING RHYTHM A dynamic concert of popular Americantriomusic. Joplin, Gershwin, Ellington, Porter, Carmichael; performed by the talented SOUNDING SYNCOPATED. Aug 28 3.00pm (4.45) £3.50 (£2.50) ENSEMBLE This Fife-based company of singers make their long-awaited Fringe debut of operatic Aug 28 in a 8.magical 00pm (9.4programme 5) £4.00 (£3. 00) and musical extracts. PUTTING ON THEshows. RITZ SOUNDINGBerlin, SYNCOPATED present stunningKernselections from Rogers, Lloyd-Webber, etc. Aug 29your 3.favourite 00pm (4.45) £3.Bernstein, 50 (£2.50) SCHOONERS, SQUALLS AND MOONSHINE Robert Louisphotographs. Stevenson's travels inAugthe29 South Pacific told by narrators with slides of archive S 30 8.00pm (9.45) £3.00 (£2.00) MUSIC (piano) AT LUNCHTIME Philip Greene (clarinet and saxophone) and Lindsay Sinclair Aug 30 12.30pmpresent (1.30) a programme £2.00 (£1.50) of music in a lighter mood. BRITISH MUSIC —OUR HERITAGE Maureen Haddow, Roger Lang and Lindsay Sinclair Aug 31 perform 12.30pmsong (1.30) cycles£2.0by0 (£1.Elgar, 50) Finzi and Britten (Canticle II). THIS EARTH TO WHICH WEin Britain CLING Anexpeditions exhibition worldwide. of photographs by Clive Jachnik Aug 13-31 drawn (not Suns)from his10.0work 0am (3.00pm) and Free ST ANDREW’S UNIVERSITY MERMAIDS 0 ’•2»3 VENUE 73-Edinburgh College of Art, Laurislon Place K7 STATEMENTS AFTER ANlovers. ARREST UNDER THE IMMORALITY ACT byAfrica, Athol Fugard. Errol and Freda are She white, he black, their home is South 1974. Law forbids them between this love, classing it 'immoral'black, . Brilliantly people' s differences; men, women, white,understanding privileged, underprivileged. Aug 1425 (not Sun)Love1.invites—Apartheid 50pm (3.00) £3.00only (£2.5humiliates. 0)

4 Dr. TEKYLL’S Coffee House open 10 am - 4 pm Monday to Saturday 9 A CASTLE STREET EDINBURGH

NOT ABOUTof theHEROES Stephen MacDonald' s inspirational, Fringe First-winning exploration Aug 14-18 12.04pmtouching (1.45) relationship £3.00 (£2.50) between war poets Sassoon and Owen. ★ SPOONwithRIVER is a movement collection of compelling poems by Edgar Lee Masters combined Aug 14-25 (not Sun)dramatic i1.04am (12 noon) and E2.FREE 00 (£1.ELEVENSES. 50) THE EMPEROR' S NEW CLOTHES A colourful and inventive adaptation of the traditional all the(6.0family. Aug 14 25 (nottale.Sun)Fun for5.05pm 0) £1.FREE 50 (£1.JELLY! 00) ST GEORGE’S WEST CHURCH ° m•• VENUE 18-St. Georges West Church and Candlish Hall, Shandwick Place Tickets 225 7001 H4 FRINGE AT ST GEORGE' S WEST NOTEABILITY-Lynne and Lewis Allan combine classical training and songsenthusiastic to create aapproach richly entertaining experience. AYRSHIRE FIDDLE ORCHESTRA—an to Scots Fiddle Music. BRANDON HILL SINGERSSOCIETY—meet present a programme of motets songs. andCHURCH MISSIONARY the Wandering minstrelsandon folk the streets in the Church most lunchtimes (Aug7.13-26). Not e abi U t y : Aug 13, 15, 17, 18 3 0pm (8. 3 0) £3. 0 0 (£2. 5 0) Ayrshi r e Fi d dl e Orchestra: Aug 25 7. 3 0pm (8. 3 0) Brandon Hil Singers: Aug 27 1.30pm (2.30) N.B. All tickets at venue only ST. JOHN’S WEST END NOW LISTED UNDER WORLD MUSIC AT ST. JOHN'S


THE SALAMANDER/CABARET A-GOGO VENUE 26-Phoenix Club, 71 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2072. J9 SALAMANDER/CABARET-A-GO GOandIgniting culture in the 90'ands. Over 200 acts: comedy, music, poetry, new circus dance. The famous infamous from Glasgow! Edinburgh! Newcastle! Manchester! (and London)! Check the Dailies for who'6-Sept s on when. come(3.0any Aug 1 8.3Late 0pm bar, (11.30)come and 12early, midnight 0am)time.£3.00 (£2.00) SALFORD UNIVERSITY THEATRE 3 2 3 COMPANY ’ gg VENUE 44—Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place Tickets 229 9000 13 ★COLERIDGE' CHRISTABEL 1984 Fringe First winners in this adaptation by Bi l Hopkinson of S ambiguous poem,'Tcombining with strong physicalandimagery to create anplough, intenserichGothic experience. he writing . . (is) . . sturdy serviceable as a in rural imagery00pm. . (7.' 0The0) Guardian Aug 00 (£3.of00)LUDD by Bill Hopkinson. Doubl20e billSeptwithI (notshornSun)below. 5.Prices are for both£4.shows EDINBURGH Butterfly and Insect World Hundreds of colourful, freeflying butterflies in a lush tropical landscape. Everything from jewel-like beetles to giant spiders! PLUS - Fish, birds and exotic plants. A spectacular day out not to be missed! At Dobbies Gardening World, main A7 road between Edinburgh and Dalkeith Tel: 031-663 Open every day 10.00-5.30

★ THE SONGA young OF OLWEN by Bil Hopkinson. A perfect companion CHRISTABEL. woman confronts her awakening self in images of totalto theatre. Aug 20 Sept 1 (not Sun) 5. 0 0pm (7. 0 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Double bill with show above. Prices are for both shows SANDPIPER PRODUCTIONS / AMERICAN FESTIVAL THEATRE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 ★ THEdrama BOYSabout NEXTfourDOOR bymen Tomwho Griffin.justU.happen K. premiere ofmentally the off-Broadway hit comic youngco-production to beEnd handicapped. Aandheartbreaking and hilarious between West producer Sandpiper American Theatre,at the fourtriumph time Fringe awardspiritwinner. The playstunned takes ussilence' 'from laughterFestival to cheering of theFirst human to shocked, Aug 11 SeptNew1 (notYorkTubs)Times.3.45pm (5.50) £6.00 (£5.00) SAXTET •••• VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091 L8 MONTAGE takes its inspiration from Mussorgsky' s ' P ictures at an Exhibition' and presents aand worldorchestral of variedmasterworks musical images from North Africa, jazz, Irish'Opipe music, US fusion in stunning new arrangements. utstanding saxophone virtuosity' The7.Independent. Aug (not Suns) Fringe 00pm 30) £4.50 (£4. 0 SUPDCY & Fringe Club Members) Ticket10-Sept Price1 includes Club(8.Membership for0evening SCAT (SANDWELL COMMUNITY ARTS 2 THEATRE) ° ■ VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Gallon Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 ★doings MONEY FOR OLD HOPE A musical comedy extravaganza concerning the of Lucas Merryweather, a television evangelist with an eye for the main chance. Yes, sinners,lotsthere' s a new guy in town and he's here to show you the way! Great27 live Aug Sept music, 1 8.30pmof(9.laughs, 45) £2.suitable 50 (£1.5for0) all ages. DAVID SCHEEL VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 DON'entertainment' T SHOOT MEsaidI'MlastONLY PIANOpressPLAYER — II '75 minutes ofsatire. first class year'THE s Scottish of this acclaimed musical Inthethisworld' newsedition: Mrs T' s successor, junk mail, environment friendly (?) products, campaign, A delightful blend'Theof comedy, songworst and advertising piano music in a showplus thatmuch blendsmore. topicality with taste. humour Aug 9 Septis Isharp, (not 13,the20, music 28) never 3.00pmflat'(4.10)BBC. £4.50 (£3.50) THE SCIENCE FICTION THEATRE OF LIVERPOOL ° m•• Eleven years Oram —Britain' s greatestby living raconteur—electrified Fringe fanatics withTimeago, hisOut.Neil legendary WARP directed that 'link inspired comic genius —Ken Campbell' Now a dramatic promenade will Ken' s Theatre Workshop audience to Neil' s midnight solo in the mysterious Masonic Lodge. Special rates for dual attendance. VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 06 ★ KEN with CAMPBELL DOES HAIL ERIS!tragedy. Last year' s outrageous 'Furtive Nudist' returns another hilarious sit(11.down 'V5ery funny' The Guardian. Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Sun) 10. 0 0pm 3 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0) Special rate: £1 off each ticket for the show below if bought with tickets for this show VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 ★ NEIL ORAM DOES COMEUPPANCE RISING Kengripping Campbellepicdirects this hilarious, haunting encounter with Nemesis. A bizarre, spanning centuries. Aug 12 midnight 30) if bought £4.50 (£3. Special12 Septrate:1 [1(notoff20)each ticket for this(1.show with50)tickets for show above HAL SCOTT ° 3 • VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 DEATH IN SPAIN Dramatic presentation of selected poems by Frederico Garcia Lorca . . ' D eath goes in and out of the tavern, black horses and villainous people move deep paths of theof guitar and there is a smell of salt and woman's blood13-18along in the the Aug 6.feverish 30pm (7.1tuberoses 0) £2.50 (£1.the00) seashore' Malaguena. SCOTTISH ENSEMBLE q > 2»3 VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 VIVALDI—THE Two of theSCOTTISH most exciting concerts this Festival arevirtuoso to be FOUR given bySEASONS theJonathan world renowned ENSEMBLE. In theinS first, the young violinist, Rees, will be the soloist in VIVALDI' THE FOUR SEASONS and the Ensemble will also play works by Elgar, Tippett and Warlock. Aug 22 7.30pm (9.15) £7.00 (£4.00) VIVALDI 'GLORIA' In theVIVALDI' secondS ofGLORIA two outstanding SCOTTISH ENSEMBLE perform plus worksconcerts, by Bach, thePachelbel and Grieg.23 7.3will Aug 0pm (9.15) £7.00 (£4.00) 89

SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY ° VENUE 136-Scottish Poetry Library. Tweeddale Court, 14 High Street. Info 557 2876 J10 SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY AND and COURTYARD READINGS Scotland' s and worldwide poetry is here to discover enjoy. Books, tapes may be borrowed; magazines, posters bought. Come and read poems, (own or others' ) or listen. Informal, free; inside if wet.WedsPoetsandandSats.poems from everywhere meet here. Dance performance Aug 13-18, 20, 22.beforehand 24-Sept 1 (nut 2B) 2.30pm (3.30) Free METAMORPHOSES A dance ofofrenewal, performed by Anita Olthof in a visual installation, Leeala. Aug 15, 18, 22,based 25, 29,onSeptthe1 poetry2.00pm (2.30) Free SCOTTISH SINFONIA - ■ •• VENUE 91-Cathedral Church of St. Mary, & Chapter House, Palmerston Place Tickets 447 7408 H3 BRAHMS SYMPHONY CYCLE Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Opus 68. No. 2 in D major, Opus 73. Conductor: Neil Mantle. 'The excellence of Symphony orchestral ensemble the consistency of the conductor' s approach led to ofa splendid inAugthe19 finaland pages' Scotsman reviewing a previous performance No. 2. climax 5. 1 5pm (6. 4 5) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0 SUPDY) (£2. 5 0 0 Special Offer: Ticket for this concert and concert below, £7.00 BRAHMS SYMPHONY Symphony No. 3 in F major, Opus 90. Symphony No. 4 in E minor, Opus 98.CYCLE Neil (£2.Mantle. Aug £4.Conductor: 50 (£3.and50concert SUPDYI Special26 Offer:5.1Ti5pmcket(6.for45)this concert above,50£7.000 SEE RED » VENUE 4-Si Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace. Tickets 220 0541. J7 The colour: RED. The culture: EAST EUROPEAN. The venue: Fringe with a theme. Expositions of East European drama and music from home and abroad. Including the UK debut Students Theatre. for colour? SEE RED! Looking to eat?of Moscow Don't missUniversity our Russian recipies, dailyLooking 10am —8pm. RUSSIAN ANDcastRED-Y FOR BREAKFAST FreshBreakfast! coffee and bagels while you watch a Soviet experience the Great British Aug 9-Sept 1 loot Sunsl 10.00am (10.45) £2.80 including free continental breakfast GHOST-BUSTING! Thingscoolest, going BUMP in KIDS the night? Skeletons in the cupboard? Then catch1 (not the Sunsl hilarious, Aug 9 Sept 11.00am (11.craziest 45) £2.50 (£2.SHOW 00) around!! ★tragedian THE COMICAL TRAGICAL HISTORY OF EDMUND KEAN One time Drury Lane,12.20pm as told by his son Charles Kean. Aug 1125Aug(notat10Sunsl Preview: 12.20pm (1.40)(1.40) Free £3.75 (£3.00) ★ TEN BYTIof CIA (HERE COMPANY. TO BE THERE) the style. Absurd. Debut performance Hilarious,Theatre uniqueofvisual Aug 2628-Sept 10.1 00pmLITHUANIAN Aug 12.(11.30pm45) (1.45)£4.00 (£3.00) ★ TO THE LADIES DRIVE MERCEDESonly.-a shocking and compelling new drama a SouthWHO Aug 925setInotinSunsl 2.American 20pm (3.50)prison.£3.5Adults 0 (£3.00) PRIOR TO FIRST INTERNATIONAL [TVAL & UK TOUR . /I COVENT GARDEN FESTIVAL

MARY LOU FALIJS in her very own unique concert of highhighcomedy, and 'Cs. high art "amortaLs" delightSCOTLAND for opera buffs and other ON SUNDAY It 1 knock your socks off' GLOBE & MAIL, TORONTO PLEASANCE ONE 031 5% 6550 Venue; 33 9th AUG - 22nd AUG Nightly 8.30 pm (no performances on 13, 16, 20th Aug) SEATS Jt,5.50/£4.50 cones UK Management Edward Snape

AGENDA Two LEADING SOVIET Soviet THEATRE DIRECTORS discuss whether 'RED perestroika' Aug 27-Sept 1 and 2.'g0lasnost' 0pm (4.00)have £3.affected 00 (£2.50) Theatre —including question time. ★. . addictive A STATE eccentric OF BEINGecstasy . . zealous obsessive . compulsive humanity . . manic . (5.. serenity . 0. 0.Van Gogh. Intense intimate drama.exile Aug 10-Sept I Inot Sunsl 4. 1 5pm 4 5) £4. (£3. 0 0) Preview: Aug 9 4.15pm (5.45) Free ★ PERESTROIKA! London entrepreneur Gary clashes' with Soviet bureaucrat Aleksey Aug 10-26 inInotthisAugfrenetic, 12, 19) but6.1touching, 5pm (7.35) new£4.comedy 50 (£3.50)about re-building the USSR. THE BEAR by ANTON CHEKOV. A one act farce by Russia' s greatest playwright, about27-Sept the difficult task(6.of55)courtship. Aug 1 6.15pm £2.50 (£2.00) MAN Germany seen through aMAN man.TO'Powerful . . ' Yorkshire Post. the eyes of one woman forced to become Aug Aug 26925 Inot2.3Sunsl 5pm (3.25)8.00pm (8.50) £5.00 (£3.50) BLUE NIGHTS OFandTHE K.G.B.HotMOSCOW UNIVERSITY Riotous, raucous Russian! Political£6.00potato! CabaretSTUDENTS Soviet Style!THEATRE. See it! Aug 9 Sept 1 Inot Sunsl 9. 1 5pm (10. 4 5) (£5. 0 0) Aug 26 8.00pm (9.45) ★ LOVE INandTHE MEADOW Powerful, Russia. award-winning drama of guilt, sexual repression Aug 9-25 InotI Sunslclass 11.bigotry 15pm30) (12.set30)in Tzarist £3.50 Aug 27 Sept 7. 1 5pm (8. Aug 26 1.00pm 12.15) Aug 27 12.30pm (1.45) WHAT'StheYOUR PLEASURE? Talented duo blending original blues/jazz/folk music—' Aug 27 Sept 1 slow-burn, 11.00pm melancholic (12.10) £3.0sound 0 (£2.50)is irresistable' Review 88. SAMOVAR SUNDAY A Bank Holiday East European programme; including 4.30pm high26tea Soviet-style. RED venue Aug 1.00pm (9.45pm)Full details—SEE See venue brochure for detailsbrochure. MARGOT SESSIONS VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ MARGOT SESSIONS—A OF takes MY OWN enigmatic,tourpopular actress and authoress opensof stage herWORLD doors and usinteresting on This a conducted of she her world. With her mastery technique and use of props, recaptures Aug 10 Sept 1moments Inot 13, 20,from281 both12.her30pmpublic (1.45)and private £4.00 (£3.life00)with enormous vibrancy. SFA VENTURES ° ^ VENUE 49-Bedlam Theatre, 2 Forrest Road. Tickets 225 9893 18 BLITHE SPIRIT Noel Coward' s comic masterpiece of a writer, Charles, whose research for a novel aboutwifethematerialises supernaturalfrom becomes somewhat out of hand. Whenin after a seance, his first the grave, subsequently moving with27Charles Aug Sept 1 and12.his15pmsecond (1.45) wife.£3.00 (£2.50) THE SHOESTRING PLAYERS ° VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place Tickets 557 5091. F8 ★THIRD DRAGONS AND HONEYBEES-TALES FROM AROUND THE WORLD CONSECUTIVE YEAR!!! 'The Shoestring Players soars intoand strange, anda enchanting places of the imagination with the precision, grace, energy of speaking ballet company . . THEATRICAL MAGIC!' New FAMILY' York Times.TheCome on this the world! List ‘89.join us Aug 17Septrollicking 1 Inot Sunfolktale 191 tour12.0of0 noon (1.00) 'T£3.AKE00 THE (£2.00) SHOWOMAN PRODUCTIONS VENUE 4-St Columba's by the Castle, Johnston Terrace Tickets 220 0541. J7 ★ TO THEone LADIES WHOtheDRIVE MERCEDES is a incarcerated harrowing story ofsecret two women, British and other South American, in a detention centre in Chile. AA compelling drama of two cultures facing each other. Two925cultures—one Aug Inot Sunsl world. 2.20pm (3.burning 50) £3.and50controversial (£3.00) new play. SHYAC: SURREY HEATH YOUNG ACTORS COMPANY o ■ VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare. Skilfulpeople' direction brings out theof turmoils of adolescence in this fresh, young s interpretation Shakespeare' s play. This production is performed by young people between 14 and 17 with Aug 2024original, 5.00pmlive(7.music. 00) Suitable £3.50 (£2.5for0) all ages. SIMON THE STORYTELLER’S BIG THEATRE FOR LITTLE PEOPLE COMPANY VENUE 119-Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. Tickets 661 9121. G13 ★ SIMONhelpTHEyou STORYTELLER' SstarDOinITyourYOURSELF THEATRE Simon & Friends dream up and own crazy, creative fairy-tale adventure—all paraphenalia oflighting/effects. performance provided —magicavailable masks, music, makeup, costumes, scenery, stage Refreshments or bring your own. Rehearse Workshops: AugAug1011am 231023Inot—4.30pm. Suns)Sunsl 11.World 00am30pmPremier (4.(6.30)15) 5.30pm! £4.£1.5050 Performances: (not Tickets for performances available on the5.door *Cronies THE serve RAINBOW CAT S FURTHER FANTASTIC ADVENTURES Cat & free high-tea, amazing action, magical moments and altogether extraordinary adventures! Aug 14 25 Inot Sun) 6. 3 0pm (7. 4 0) £3. 0 0 i n cl u di n g Hi g h Tea' Aug 25 4.30pm (5.40) £3.00 including 'High Tea'

VENUE 111-St. Andrew's & St. George's Church, 13 George Street. G8 FASCINATING RHYTHMColeAnPorter, exciting,Hoagy entertaining concert of popular American music: Joplin, Gershwin, Carmichael, Ellington and many more! Aug 28 3.00pm (4.45) £3.50 (£2.50) PUTTING ON THE RITZ Stunning selectionsKern,fromJames your Bond, favourite films: etc. shows and Aug 29 Bernstein, 3.00pm Berlin, (4.45) Rogers, £3.50 (£2.Lloyd-Webber, 50) SOUTHERN LIGHT DRAMA ■ LINDA SMITH & HENRY NORMAL • ••• VENUE 85-St Columba’s Church, Muirdale Terr. Queensferry Rd. Blackball. E3 Outer VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 THERE GOES THE BRIDE A fast and furious farce by Ray Cooney and John Wedding preparations when s mother LINDAandSMITH HENRY NORMAL-THE THERAPY SESSIONS Fast, Chapman. 'helped' relatives andbecome the funnier bride'fraught s father falls along. forthea bride' seductive flapperis funny, of AND life. Audience-friendly stand-up to cheer both thematerial' heart that onlybyheinterfering can see. Gets madder and as it goes and mind.full Linda 'smashing' Guardiancomedy 'sparkles The theScotsman. HenrySmith Normal 'the mostThe original stand-up ofwith the fresh festival' Daily Aug 1318 7.30pm (9.45) £3.30 Aug 11-Sept 1 (nut 19) 8.15pm (9.45) £4.50 (£4.00) SPIKED HONEY THEATRE COMPANY° 1»2 VENUE 6—Celtic lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 SMUG CAT THEATRE ° * STIGMATA relationship A new playis shattered by Jamesby Dearlove. What happensfalls—from when a VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 claustrophobic a stranger who literally ★ COMICJinnyby Alison Smith. Intrepid Verity Girl forcompanies Adventurepersuade and her where by what? Intense dialogue,absorbing. at times brilliantly translated into music sidekick to solve MysteryVenture of howThe small and 12-18 film,—marked explores Utterly people back to setnewoutRevue. theatre at thethetheFringe. Action. Mystery. Suspense. 'Powered Aug 4.15pm12.1human (5.5am30) (1.3frailty. £4.00 (£3. 00) minimalism' Weekly From team who brought you Trace Of Arc. Aug 26 Sept 1 0) Aug 12-25 Inot Sun 19) 8.10pm (9.00) £3.50 (£2.50) SLAP & TICKLE II •••• VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Info 220 2462. K9 SLAP & TICKLE II BRONWEN NASH. MAURICE HORHUT. What has 4 strings, 88 keys and 100 teeth and can perform anything from Saint-Saens to Van Morrison? Why, a double bass, a .piano and aismusical saw, of course. Come and see the new musical Aug 11-Septextravaganza 1 (not 19) 5.. 0'S5pmawing (5.551 believing!' £3.50 (£2..5.0)(Suitable for children).

THE SNARLING BEASTIES THEATRE CO. VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 THIS dynamic AWARD WINNING, internationally acclaimed theatre company return (after their success at last year' s Fringe) with the world premiere of FEMME FATALE.writing Drawing fromskilfulthe mime highly visual theatreAREof FORMIDABLE' Europe and combining strong new . 'THEY The Guardian. INDEPENDENTwith AWARD WINNERS . 1989. ★comic FEMME FATALE Jessica is devastatingly attractive to the opposite sex —a and 1moving a transvestite. Aug 11 Sept Inot Mens)story of4.00pm (5.30) £5.'O50UTSTANDING' (£4.50) F.T. (Not Mondays).

THE SPLINTER GROUP • VENUE 88-Th8 Hil side Gallery, 6 Hil side Street. Tickets 556 6440. F13 THE SPLINTER GROUP are performing at Scotland' s only illustrators gallery, whose artistsplay—The have produced new works inspiredThisbyacclaimed Lewis Carroll' the pieces writings portraystoanaccompany emotional turning point inPrevention the writer'ofs Innocence. life.Time 'FASCINATING CAPTIVATING PRODUCTION' Out. PIECE' City Limits. 'INTRIGUING . . THE PREVENTION OF INNOCENCE ' O FF WITH HIS HEAD!' relationship with Alice is 1.severed by the intervention of her disapproving Carroll' mother.s Aug Aug 1313,Sept15. 17.1 lent20, Suns) 22, 24, 27. 329.0pm31(2.30) 3.00pm£4.0(4.0 0(£2. 0) 50 SUPOC) A MADMAN Dream and reality merge in Gogol's frightening account ofDIARY a 14.civil18.OFservant' Aug 18. 21. 23.s descent 25, 28, 30,intoSeptmadness. 1 3.15pm (4.00) £3.50 (£2.00 SUPDCI

3 THE SNOOZE BUTTONS ° SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION •••• VENUE 71-Calton Studios, 24-26 Gallon Road Tickets 556 7066 H11 VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 HONKY-TONK Comedy revue from thisbecome Manchester duo. gangster How did Captain Birdseye ★'breathtakingly TRUE CONFESSIONS. London' s celebrated comedy team present get to start the Russian Revolution, a Chicago and fight in the skilful improvisation' The Magazine, in games, sketches and songs, Spanish Civil War? And what do you do when your wheelie-bin' s got an I. Q . of 160? followed by .an. inspired improvised using .audience suggestions to trigger the action. 'Hilarious' . . realplaypanache . if only scripted comedy could achieve half Aug 1217 The2.15pmSnooze (3.50)Buttons £3.00(no(£2.relation). 50) as'Outlandish much Aug 10 Septlunacy 1 4.as00pmthis.(5.Definitely 30) £4.5recommended' 0 (£3.50) Time Out. SOLO PLUS THEATRE COMPANY ° » 3 THE SPOOKS VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 VENUE 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091• • • •L8 * ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS ...TheWELL? Theofbard' sShrew, greatestA hits as seen through BIKINI you weren' t swinging in the Whacky sixties then here'fourpiece, s your chance jaundiced eyes. Extracts from Taming the Midsummer Night' s toTHEre-visit the CLUB decadeliveIfmost of us swirling love and lights, missed. moptop Thean Dream,mash Romeoof and and Richard I I as NEVER seen before.s newest A Shakespearean perform amidst videoslate and projections intheir mish wit Juliet and wonder, performed by Birmingham' and most Spooks, affectionate parody of a ' 6 0' s night club. ' B orn too for Monkeemania, innovative company. pastiches are often sharp, always funny' The List. Aug 1318 10.15am (11.45) £3.00 (£2.00) Aug 10, 18, 24, 31 9.00pm (2.30) Free with Fringe Club Membership.

SOME LIKE IT HOT VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. U0 GUITAR & FIDDLE-GYPSY SWING AND COUNTRY One of theofhottest musical talents to have Thegraced the Fringe in yearsact—aBLUE performance sheerIt virtuosity and brilliance' Scotsman. ' N o musical surpasses Some Like Hot'11The Aug SeptGuardian. 1 Inot Sun '20)I can't 5.imagine 45pm (7.0a0)better£4.way 50 (£3.to00)start the evening' Time Out. SOMETHING ANONYMOUS ° ’ VENUE 44—Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place: Tickets 229 9000 L3 ★experimental FRACTURED JIGSAW Probing theatre, a feast for all the senses. Anof performance combining the arts: splintered images and a mosaic movement. An horsfansd'oeuvre for those with no taste. 'It's an odds and end game.' Performed Aug 2025 by5.five 30pm (6.30)of Beckett. £3.00 (£2.50) SOUNDING SYNCOPATED ° 1 * VENUE 36-Festi»al Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 FASCINATING & PUTTING ON THE RITZ andSuperb, spectacular concerts of lightRHYTHM andby thispopular music.andEvergreen melodies dynamic dancenumbers presented humorous highly visual instrumental trio of talented young . . 'splendid entertainment.' Five concerts in Edinburgh only. Aug 27 & 29musicians Fascinating Aug 12.30pm7.30pm (2.00)Rhythm; £2.25Aug 28 Putting on the Ritz. AugTicket2728s at8, 29venue (9. 4 5) only, and include day membership of Festival Club

SPRINGBOARD ARK THEATRE COMPANY 0 ’ 2G3 VENUE 58-Royal Mile Primary School, Canongate J12 TISSUE by aLouise Page. This play deals with one woman' s fightis foraffecting recognition after having mastectomy. This is a serious but taboo topic which more and morebutwomen in the 90s.toItit.is a play about contemporary survival which has an urgent2124 humorous Aug 8.00pm (9.3pace 0) £2.50 (£1.50) SPRINGWELL HOUSE ° VENUE 32-Springwell House, Ardmil an Terrace, off Gorgie Road. Tickets 337 1971 J1 Outer SPRINGWELL HOUSE: This intimate, well-equipped theatre is host to six this year.fromA Harare, bright programme that willLondon, keep youEdinburgh entertained from 11amcompanies to In10pm. Works Druban, Zululand, and Johannesburg. two days you can sit in the same seat and see ten shows. ★all SAMANTHA SEAL A play about a very special seal who fights for the right of Augseals 13, 15,to17,live19,in21,peace 23, 25,and27, safety. 29, 31 11.00am (12.30) £3.50 (£2.50) ★constant TAKINGyet THE WOODBINE by Hamish Gillies is a love story reflecting the Aug 14, 16, 18, ever 20, 22,changing 24, 28, 28,dance 30, Septof men 1 and8.00pmwomen. (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50) MARRIAGE OF THE MINDS A vivacious comic-tragedy about waging marital battle against a closed door. Important new work. Aug 14, 18, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, Sept 1 1.00pm (2.001 £3.50 (£2.50) ★waiting—to JEN A true story —6 months solitary confinement—white —S.A.—femaleAgu 13, 15, 17,be19,let21,out—to 23, 25, 27,carry29, on.31 2.30pm (3.30) £3.50 (£2.50) ★ THE RISE ANDliberator SHINE surfaces OF COMRADEspoils FIASCO Furious Zimbabwean comictragedy. Aug 13 SeptForgotten 1 4.00pm (5.35) £4.50 with (£3.50) of war and dreams. 91

SPRINGWELL HOUSE-icontinued ★ EAGLE Man andmasters beast share a common work' right. 'Poignant powerful important STOMPING FEET THEATRE CO. ° j theatre VENUE 36-Festi»al Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 1 Aug 14, 16,form18. these 20, 22, 24, 2B, 28,of 30,environmental Sept 1 2.30pm (3.Star. 45) £4.50 IE3.50) ' T IS PITY SHE' S A WHORE After sell-out performances of Kafka' s Dick in 1989, ★Powerful FIRE FROM HEAVEN Pertinent theatre dealing with the least of God' s children. Feetrevenge returntragedy. to the Depicting Fringe with an innovative incestuous modern treatment of John Ford' s 1633incomprehending love, faced with Aug 13, 15,performance 17, 19, 21, 23, from 25, 27,all29,star31 cast.8.0Madoda 0pm 19.15)Ncyiyana £4.50 and (£3.50)Bheki Mkhwane. Stomping amodern harsh society, thesympathetically play continues to both shock and move ★African RAIDERS OF THE LOST AARDVARK Theatre of the imagination. Zany audiences. adventure for the young at heart. ' U nforgettable delights' Sunday Tribune. Aug 1925 8. 0 0pm (10. 0 0) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) j Aug 14, IB, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, Sept 1 11.00am (11.45) £3.50 1E2.50) BALD PRIMA DONNAEnglish / ONElife. FOR THEs terrifying ROAD IONESCO' S comically ★ KINROSSTHE ‘84 MINING DISASTER A movingmining insightdisaster. into the social and THE absurd parody of everyday PINTER' piece examines the | racial conditions surrounding South Africa' s biggest horror of state-controlled torture. Aug 13. 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31 1.00pm (1.45) E4.00 (£3.00) ★ HORNimprovisation OF SORROWeverEnvironmental musical. 'Ellenbogen' s play is a vehicle for Aug 26 Sept 1 8.00pm (10.00) £3.50 (£3.00) finest seen on a South African stage. Witnessed totally spontaneous Aug 13 Sept 1 standing 6.00pm ovation.' (7.00) Cape £4.50 (£3.Times 50) STORIES UNLIMITED ° VENUE 45-Old St Paul's Church & Hall, Jeffrey Street. Tickets 557 9422. H10 ■ FIREGLOW AND MOONSHINE ' O nce upon a time . . ' Listen in the half-light as j SQP PRODUCTIONS the storyteller recounts tales from long ago. Tales of cunning and cruelty, of humour VENUE 3-Assen)bly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 _G7 and heroism. Animals talk, the Devil grants wishes and wise women outwit foolish 1 men. There is gold at the rainbow' s end. (Four Programmes). ALEXANDRA KOLLONTAI Barbara Ewing' s brilliant portrayal of revolutionary Russia'ss controversial Kollontai, who 15fought and press championed women' fell years'Elies younger, broughtt abuse, her child up alone, Aug 13-25 (not Sun) 4.00pm (5.30) £2.50 (£2.00) was exiledrights, by Time StalininOut.love andwith dieda man unnoticed. xcellent—don' miss it' Guardian. 'AugMesmerising' 10 Sept 1 (not Monsl 6.30pm (8.05) £5.50 (£4.501 STRANGE WAYS ROOFTOP PLAYERS ° • VENUE 66-IVIerchiston Castle School, Colinton Road. K1 Outer WAITING FOR GODOT This is nothisshabby, slap-shod knocked upwithin alength, week. \j STAGE 84 ° ^ The boysheight, have been planning assault forpark-friendly, life. version A performance VENUE 93-James Gil espie School, Lauderdale Street. Tickets 0836 785852 N5 breadth, depth and more. All in the car environment friendly, i picnic atmosphere of Merchiston Castle School. DAISY PULLS IT OFF A gloriously witty play about life in a girls boarding school Aug 20-25 3.town 30pmrefunded (5.30) at door £3.00 (£2.00) which enjoyed a long successful West End run at the Globe Theatre. Now see it Bus fares from performed students from the North of England's leading School of Performing Arts1318 prior toby7.their Aug 15pm 1991 (9.45) American £3.50 (£3.tour. 001 STREET THEATRE VENUE-Wireworks, Parliament Square, The Mound, Waverley Market. STAND UP AT THE OPERA BUSKERSandGALORE Alhost l day,ofevery Jugglers, fire-eaters,Free stilt-walkers, dancers,for 11 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. UO musicians a whole specialday. street performances. entertainment STAND UPOpera AT THE OPERAas they Standsing up comic Rachel ofBerger joins forces with inthea Aug all the10 Sept family1 from some of30)Europe' s finest buskers. Great Big Company the anthems the great pop divas, 10. 0 0am (6. Free night chat, humour and unashamed grandstanding. 'Lots of laughs in one great glitzy10ofpackage' Aug Sept 1 (notThe13, 20,Advertiser—Adelaide 30) 9.30pm (10.30)Festival£5.0Fringe. 0 (£4.00) STRINES THEATRE VENUE 5-The Canongate Theatre, Canongate, Royal Mile. Tickets 556 3147. STAND-UP CANADA ROUTESspent TO seven FREEDOM Edith Bone, 60, wrongly arrested inprisons. HungaryRefused 1949 forto VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studig 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 spying, years into solitary confinement in outwitting Communist be bribed or browbeaten false confessions, Secret Police, prison AL & GEORGE WITH RON VAUDRY Canada' s odd couple Al & George (Perrier guards, in an inspiring example of the indestructible power of the human spirit. nominees 1989)comedian return withRona new show'Sofo mirth andandmusic.so funny They areyoujoined byboth top Humorous, haunting, true. Canadian solo Vaudry. brilliant leave Aug 13 Sept 1 (not Suns) 4. 1 5pm (5. 4 5) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) entertained and impressed' Scotsman. Aug 10 Sept 1 12 midnight (1.30) £5.00 (£4.00 SUPDY) STRUCK OFF AND DIE ° STARVING ARTISTS THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 J8 VENUE 57-The Royal Scots Club, 30 Abercromby Place. Tickets 557 5091. F8 TURN ONTO YOUR LEFT HAND SIDE, DRAW YOUR KNEES UP TO. a YOUR CHEST AND TAKE A FEW DEEP BREATHS Two doctors in cabaret . subtle ★presents ANGELS OF FREEDOM One of Hawaii' s most successful theatre companies of politics pus. 'Heartily BBC Radio Bristol.at 'Stheure patient' to causes Resident writer, ofGodfrey play for blend offence' Venue and Magazine. 'Hugelyrecommended' popular . . having a laugh two actors,a work it is setby relationship inBritish the primal landscape Hawaii,Hamilton. exploringAthechamber empowerment expense' Evening of women Aug 1225 Bristol 12 midnight (1.1Post. 5) 'D£3.isgraceful' 50 (£3.00) Genera) Medical Council. Aug 27 Sept and 1 the4.00pm (5.30) between £4.00 (£2.0men 0) and their own violence. MARK STEEL VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 MERVYNSTUTTER 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. L10 MARKa piano STEELfromThethisshowbrilliant that ruined Thatcher. Acting,material. improvising, always topical, VENUE A'engrossing, SLIGHT funny HESITATION WITH MERVYN STUTTER stand-up' even comic with all new Vicious but charming andtheclever . . this utterly charming' Guardian 'SThe ome oface the funniest and apparently quitearray a niceofbloke. Recentlyandon accents' BBC1 Paramount City.'Bound Go everyfor songs to be heard on Fringe year or any year' Evening News ' A n up to date night. ' A stounding characters Observer. Tom 1127 Lehrer.(notThere' superstardom' Aug Mon 20)s a sharp 4.30pmbrain(5.2behind 5) £4.the00 twinkling (£3.00) eyes. Very funny’ The List. Aug 10 Sept 1 Guardian. 10.15pm (11.45) £5.00 (£4.00) \ presents -Or & ‘DAISY PULLS IT OFF An absolute hoot and a scream! Glorious witty parody about life in a girls boarding school most excitingly written. This r opportunity e the outstanding students of Stage 84 in the beautiful surroundings of the James Gillespie School, Lauderdale Street Edinburgh prior to their 1991 American Tour. o SATURDAY 18 AUGUST 1990 7 IS n, :3.00) Bookings al the Fringe Office orP 0836 785852 92

STRINES THEATRE in ROUTES TO FREEDOM June Broughton Tony Broughton ‘Amazing tale of the triumph of the human spirit’ Robin Thornber - Guardian CANONGATE-VENUE 5 13th August - 1st September, 4.15 p.m. £4.50 (£3.50)

SUSSEX UNIVERSITY ° ••• JIM TAVARE VFNUE 80-Pharmaceutical Sociely, 36 York Placa Tickets 556 4386 F9 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasance. Tickets 556 6550. DO Britain' s most radical university takes time off from the constant round TAVARE-THE EARLY Byin popular demand after rave reviews last occupations and sit-ins toquoundermine Thatcherism through socialism, street-fighting theatre.of JIM years COMICtheirABUSE sell-outYEARS seasons Australiacross and between Canada, Jim and BassieinVictor are We challenge the status with our own brand of armchair lounge-suite back with own hilarious show. ' H ysterical Jack Benny, ecology and pouffe politics. and NME. 'Reduces thePLUS audience to hysterics' Times. ' . . the best ofBorge the9-Sept new1Beethoven' wave13.comics' ★ SWIVEL-TIP EdwardandWindus' s darkthe new play. Threatened tribes, sunflowers, Aug Inot 30) 10.Independent. 30pm (11.20) £4.0special 0 (£3.00)guests. colour, England 1990 of course discovery of music. Aug 23-Sept 1322 Inot1 (not Sun)26, 30)5.30pm10.(7.030pm 0) (mi£3.dni0g0ht)(£2.501 STUART LEE —City Limits NewA brilliant Act of theyoung Year comedian.' 1990. 'TotallyGuardian. original material and Aug wickedly funny observations. THE TREE'theS theatre, THE THING /endFANTOCCINI Two one act plays by D.G. Steffes. Aug 9 Sept 1 Inot Aug 13. 30) 10.30pm (11.20) £4.00 (£3.00) Freedom, in the the tree. Aug 23-Sept 1322 (not1 Inot Sun)Sun) 8.30pm5.30pm (9.30)(6.30) £3.00 (£2.50) Aug ★comedian A SENSEin Dominic OF TUMOUR Gods new (featuring Jesus) puts on a show for a narcissistic TDK ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT JAZZ FESTIVAL Maxwell' comedy. VENUE 72-Queen's Hall, South Clerk Street. Tickets 668 2019. M10 Aug 13-22 Inot Sun) 10. 0 0pm (mi d ni g ht ) £3. Aug 23-Sept 1 (not 26, 30) 7.00pm (9.00) 00 (£2.50) With five high profile concerts,atmosphere TDK 'Roundat Midnight concentrates on quality rather quantity. The some special theinQueen' sorHallfive ensures outstanding DOWN Mawer. THE BACKS OF SOFAS Anfromhour21st.of poetry, music and comedy—with than performances from of the biggest names jazz. ' F days . . the best club Charlie Plus Justin Maclaren in the world . . ' Scotsman. Presented by Assembly Direct in association with TDK. Aug 13-Sept 1 (not Suns) 1.00pm 12.00) £2.50 (£2.00) NINA SIMONE IN CONCERT Electrifying the. great diva of jazz. From 'Young, MAXWELL' N'MILLER' S TOP NIGHT OUT! Glittering Showbiz Variety with Gifted and7.Black' 'My Baby Just Cares for. . Me' Dominic Maxwell and Andy Miller, RADIO ONE Award-winning comedians. Aug 30pm50 from (9.to30)queen' £10. Aug 21-Sept 1 loot Sun) 2.30pm (4.00) £2.50 (£2.00) Table22seats £12. s Hall00 box office only GEORGE JOHNMelly' CHILTON' S FEETWARMERS The Queen' is the idealwit.MELLY venue WITH for George s incomparable blend of blues singings Hall and SWEENEY AND STEEN • ••• ascerbic 28 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £7. 0 0 VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 Aug Tabl e seats £8. 5 0 from Queen' s Hal l box office only PLAYandBY how. EAR AA mixture whodunnitof script whereand the spontaneous audience decide not only who —but also 'IN BIRDLAND QUINTET —29TH STREET SAXOPHONE why in a WILLIAMSON Charlie Parker’s 70th QUARTET birthday-the& STEVE hottest different story every night. 'Masters ofactimprovisation .improvisation . fresh fast and.resulting hilarious saxophonists on (9.both30) sides£7.of00 the big moist —a celebration. 'AugTimes. ' . . the best comedy impro . . ' Time Out. ' B est of all . ' Observer.. . Aug 29 7. 3 0pm 10 Sept 1 6.00pm (7.101 £5.00 (£4.00) Tabl e seats £8.50 from Queen' s Hall box office only VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 G7 CAROL KIDD & HER ORCHESTRA The finest jazz singer in Britain. 'Dangerously close30to being perfect' Glasgow RUPERT PUPKIN Festival performers in every spontaneous 7.30pm (9.30)Queen' £8.s Hal00l boxHerald. improvisations basedLimits.onCOLLECTIVE audience suggestions. Different cast night. Aug Table seats £10. 00 from office only 'Aug. . hilarious . . ' City 10Sept 1 8.30pm (9.40) £6.00 (£5.00) DON CHERRY GROUP, TOMrhythm—everything BANCROFT ORCHESTRA essence —joy, spirit, freedom, new minted.Cherry Plus isthethenewmusical wave of Scottish jazz. Aug 31 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £7. 0 0 TALKING PICTURES •m^ Tabl e seats C8. 5 0 from Queen' s Hal l box office only VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. U0 ★ TROUBLE IN PEOPLE), PARADISEtakeDirected Mike Alfreds. Last winners (LUCKY aplots sharpandbyside-ways glance atcompany' theyear''9s0s,sFringe in a First new TELLING TALES THEATRE COMPANY0 3 comedy crammed with people, passions. ' T his endlessly inventive'Operformance style unusual makes them to watchtheatrical for the new decade.' City Limits. ne of the most and one rewarding experiences.' The VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Info 220 2462. 'W K9 Scotsman. ★ PRISONERS A multi-media theimages. plightDevised of political Aug 10-24 Inot Mono) 5.30pm (6.45) £5.00 (£3.50) prisoners ofInternational conscience by meanstheofperformance drama,focuses songsexploring and visual from Amnesty material show upon different parts of. .thedramatic world, from South America to South Africa, ' q uality acting . . haunting songs images' Yorkshire Evening Press. TANDANYA: ABORIGINAL CULTURAL Aug 17-21 12.30pm (1.30) £3.00 (£1.50) INSTITUTE ° , VENUE 151—Galerie la Belle Angela, 11 Hasties Close, Cowgate. Info 225 2774. J9 TANDANYA: CULTURAL INSTITUTE As a compliment to the CRAIG MCMURDO IN THAT SWING Tandanya 'SArtists outhABORIGINAL towhich North’willExhibition, a contemporary programme of popular performance Australian Aboriginal range fromand music bytoantraditional THANG inma (corroboree). Aboriginal artists film makers have produced exciting 2-Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bristo Sq. Info Day: 226 5257 or 9. Night: 667 2091 L8 programme Sponsored of independent films, for and about Aboriginal culture. Refer VENUE RETURN TO THE JIVEevery CAFEnight! The only sellwithouthisshowbandof ofFringe '8Cats' 9 to, have the exhibitions. by Qantas. Aug 12 Sept 1 1.00pm (2.00) £2.00 (£1.50) entire dancing Craig, 'Hepantics re-opens 'featuring The Jiveaudience Cafe' with their special brand of Jumpin' Jive, humour, and LURV, before performed ‘89. material from his new album. 'That Swing Thang bloodynever good'Mon Festival TANGO TIEMPO ° • are 10-Sept 11not 20) Times 8.FRINGE 45pm (10.CLUB 30) MEMBERSHIP £5.00 (£4.00 SUPDCY nge Club Members) TICKET PRICE INCLUDES FORandTHEFriEVENING VENUE 36-Festival Club, 9-15 Chambers Street. Tickets 220 0539. K9 Aug TANGO TIEMPO bring you the excitement of the real tango music and dance from Argentina. in thePublicly backstreets the emotions ofOriginating the people. banned,of Buenos it wasAires, dancedthe intango the expressed brothels and eventually THEATRE ALBA Aug 26 Sept took 1 Paris 10.45pmby(11.storm. 20) Soon £3.50everyone (£3.00) was dancing the tango! VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 ★ THEwithCARLIN MOTHatmosphere CelebratedandScots playwright narrative Robert McLellan' s poetic drama its sinister its supernatural of a crofter lad' s visitation by a spirit in thereality guise ofanda moth, a witch. Fringe First winners explore conflict between fantasy.becoming 'Lively,Press imaginative presentation and vigorous spoken Scots . . a richly-rewarding event' & Journal. Aug 10 Sept 1 Inot Suns) 5.30pm (6.40) £4.00 (£2.50) • VEGETARIAN • WHOLEFOOD • 53 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh Tel: 031 667 8673 Festival Opening Hours: 11.00am -11.00pm Mon - Sat 11,00am - 8.00pm Sun Bringyourown wine

THEATRE CADDIS ° VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 ★Award-winning BACK-STAGETheatre TOURSCaddis OF THE NATIONAL AND I WANT TO BE A VICAR with an almighty little something. AugU-Sept 1 7.05pm (8.251 £4.00 (£3.00) THEATRE DE COMPLICITE VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleasanca Tickets 556 6550. DO MY ARMYComplicite, PART II presented DE COMPLICITE WITH BARLOW winners ofs byhittheTHEATRE PerriershowAward forArmybestPartcomedy returnTIMbyto Edinburgh this year with Barlow' solo —My II, sponsored Beck's Bier.skill''Extremely funny . . Barlow relives his formative years with wonderful mimetic Aug 919 2.00The(3.301Guardian. £5.50 (£4.50)




EXCUSES CABARET new and exciting Liverpool-based company, premiering it'NOs original Aug 1318 and5.15pmprovocative (6.45) cabaret £3.50 (£2.at50)the Fringe. Be there . . there's NO EXCUSES. TROILUS AND CHRISTINE PANIC THEATRE rip up all the old versions of Troilus and 1418 Cressida9.and Aug 45pmtell(11.1it5) their£3.own 00 (£2.way.50) TIS PITY SHE'S A WHORE PANIC THEATRE'S new interpretation of John Ford's Jacobean Aug 28Septtale1 of9.passion 45pm (11.1and 5) incest. £3.00 (£2.50) ★scriptwriter, THE LOOP-HOLE two new, plays by award-winning radio and television N.J. Warburton. See0related Aug 20-25 12. 4 5pm (2. 1 5) £3. 0 also (£2.50)CAMBRIDGE UMBRELLA. THEATRE EREBUS—A FESTIVAL OF ROMEO AND JULIET by William Shakespeare. SHYAC present a youthful and CANADIAN PLAYS ° • • • energetic 20-24 production 5.05pm (7.of00)this £3.famous 50 (£2.work 50) by the Bard. VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Momingside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 Aug EN CROISSANT high brow revue with many low brow CROISSANT. moments. Probably not ★ SCIENTIFIC AMERICANS By John A blackof Defense. comedy about the suitable for anyone, least of all children. SEE AAUTISTIC marriage of the twomundane scientistsandworking for U.aspects SMighton. . Department Their with love Aug 2025 9.40pm (11.15) £3.50 (£3.00) crumbles as humorous of their lives are contrasted the monstrous strangeness and importance of their ideas. 'Hits home with the COMPANY. ★ THE COMPLETE WORK—historical OF SHAKESPEARE THEATRE accuracy —pastoral —comical.'EXACTING Up for a fringe first. Aug 13, 14, of17,a 18,guided 20, 21,missile' 24, 25, 27Toronto Sept 1 Star.6.00pm (7.25) £4.00 (£3.00) Don'2025 t miss it!'C11.omical—tragical Aug 40pm (12.20) £3.50 (£2.50) ★lethalTHEforWORKINGMAN by Tom Walmsley. A practical joke becomes potentially three young people. Is the violence real or imaginary? ADULTS ONLY. ★ BRAVE NEW WORLD presented by TAD THEATRE COMPANY. A novel and Aug 13, 17, 20, 24, 27. 29. 31 5.00pm (5.45) £2.50 (£2.00SUPDY) innovative Aug 27 Sept production. 1 10.45amFringe (12.15) First£3.eligible, 00 (£2.50)don't miss it. ★traumatic IF BETTY SHOULD RISE by David Demchuk. A woman confronts her fraught with physical, emotional and sexual abuse. ADULTS AA DOLL' HOUSE by Ibsen. innovativewoman' revivals ofemancipaton. this classic, Ibsen' best play. fresh Scontemporary visionAnexploring QMWs THEATRE ONLY.14, 18, 21.childhood COMPANY. Aug 25. 28, 30, Sept 1 5.00pm (5.50) £2.50 |£2.00SUPDY) Aug 27-Sept 1 5.15pm (6.45) £3.50 (£3.00) ★contemporary REIGEN Schnitzler' s erotic classic in a new Canadian adaptation. In five couples intertwine in a ballet of seduction. ADULTS reality, INADMISSIBLE Osborne' s finest work,ofblending comedy andEVIDENCE tragedy. TheJohn downfall of a man incapable acceptingdream society'ands ONLY.15, IB, 22, 23Montreal, Aug 5.00pm (7.151 £4.50 (£3.50SUPDY| constraints. Aug 27Sept 1 7. 4 5pm (9. 1 5) £3. 5 0 (£3. 0 0) ALSO AT VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Downstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 ★ THE NOSE Gogol's satirical masterpiece sears into the 1990s. Politician Steven ★ REIGEN Schnitzler' sfiveerotic classic in a innewa ballet Canadian adaptation. In Aug Heave'1325s quest L.M.P. contemporary Montreal, couples intertwine of seduction. ADULTS (not Sun)for his4.autonomous 20pm (5.00) nose. £3.00By(£2.CAMBRIDGE 50) ONLY.27 Sept 1 10.05pm (12.15) £4.50 (E3.50SUPDV) Aug VENUE 44—Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 9000 L3 THEATRE WEST END PRODUCTIONS ° 1G2>3 ★ THEtoOCCUPATION OF HEATHERCanada. ROSE clash by Wendy Lil . Aleads youngto nurse H6 posted wilderness of cultures tragedy.is VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. Aug 13 25 (nottheSunl 2.45pmof Northern (4.30) £3.50 (E3.0A0SUPDY) LOOK play, BACK'HuisIN Clos' ANGER After lastWEST year'END s immensely popularreturn and well performed Sartre , THEATRE PRODUCTIONS this year with John societyOsbourne' in whichs classic he lives.play about an angry young man's cruel indictment of the THEATRE FOR AFRICA ° VENUE 32-Springwell House, Ardmil an Terrace, off Gorgie Road. Tickets 337 1971 J1 Outer Aug 13-25 (not Sun) 7.40pm (9.20) £3.00 (£2.50) An originalWeekly troupeMail.specialising in environmental and social works.Highlight 'Triumphofafter triumph' 'Ellenbogen' s indigenous pieces truly excel. the fringe' Star.music' 'BrilliantCue.fusion of story-telling movement, mime, indigenous 'Already South Africa'insEnglish/Zulu number one with ensemble' Cape Times. * HORN SORROW Environmental 'Ellenbogen' is a vehicletotallyfor the finest OFimprovisation ever seen ofTimes. amusical. South African stage.s playWitnessed THE SHIP'S COMPANY present spontaneous Aug 13-Sept 1 standing 6.00pm ovation' (7.00) Cape £4.50 (£3.50) *racialKINROSS:THE ' 8 4 MINING DISASTER A moving insight into the social and Aug 13,conditions 15. 17, IS, 21,surrounding 23, 25, 22. South 29, 31 Africa' 1.00pms biggest (1.45) mining £4.00 disaster. (£3.00) *African RAIDERS OF THE LOST AARDVARK Theatre ofdelights' the imagination. Zany THE SHIP adventure for the young at heart. ’Unforgettable Aug 14. 15, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28. 30, Sept 1 11.00am (11.45) £3.50 Sunday (£2.50) Tribune. The epic story of a river and its people *Powerful FIRE FROM HEAVEN Pertinent theatre dealing with the least of God' s children. Written and directed by Aug 13, 15,performance 17, 19, 21, 23. from 25, 27,all29,star31 cast.8.0Madoda 0pm (9.15)Ncyiyana £4.50 and (£3.50)Bheki Mkhwane. BILLBRYDEN *masters EAGLEof Man and beast share a common plight. ' P oignant theatre from these Designed by environmental work' Star. Aug 14, 15, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, Sept 1 2.30pm (3.45) £4.50 (£3.50) WILLIAM DUDLEY Music by JOHN TAMS LiMusightcinalg DibyrMark THEATRE 92 ° ector Henderson VENUE 60-Buster Brown's, 27 Market Street. Tickets 226 4224 H9 Phil Cunningham ENTERTAINING MR SLOANE Was described by ' T he Times' as making the blood 15 SEP-27 OCT boil more than any other play classic in the last ten years. Theatre 92'Theatre' s widely 7.30pm & Matinees acclaimed of theBritish Joe Orton Ray Robertsproduction and demonstrates the power andis directed impact byofthethisNational masterful blacks TICKETS: £8-£25 comedy. Aug 27 Sept 1 12.30pm (2.30) £3.50 (£3.00) Half-Price Concessions Promenade £5 PREVIEWS: 10-14 Sep THEATRE WEST END •••• Tickets from: VENUE 126-Theatre West End, St John's Church, West End, Princes Street. H6 Ticket Centre, THEATRE WEST END is well established as one of the Fringe' s most popular venues, and all other cketCandleriggs LiCard nk BoxBookings Offices. this year offering aa cafe wideandrange offairdrama, comedy, cabaret andthe children’s Enquiries andTiCredit entertainment. With craft on site and concerts held in beautiful 041-227 5511 St John's church, there is something for every one. LOOK BACK IN ANGER THEATRE WEST END PRODUCTIONS presents HARLAND AND WOLFF Osbourne' detailing Govan, Glasgow Aug 1325 (nots classic Sun) play7.40pm (9.20) an angry £3.00 (£2.young 50) man's rebellion against society. Funded GlasgowBudget Distri.ct REVOLTING RHYMES based on Dahl' s classic fairytale interpretations. CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE COMPANY is FUN for all aged kids. Great panto-style Councilfrom ’s Festivals entertainment Fundedl.by Strathclyde Regional Aug 1325 (not Sunlfor the10,family. 45am (12 noon) £3.00 (£2.50) Counci NEWTON THEATRE present a new play. Good intentions butter Sponsored no★ LEATHERHEAD parsnips. and GEC. by BBC Scotland Aug 13-18 1.Poetry 00pm (2.and 10) drama £4.00with (£3.00)pain and humour. Intriguing. THE UNMISSABLE ★fantasies BOUNDandTOphobias. BE BEAUTIFUL An air hostess and cowboy confront their THEATRE EVENT OF 1990! Lecoq(4.1trained Aug 1325 (not Sun) 3.10pm 0) £3.duo. 00 (£2.By50)FACELIFT THEATRE COMPANY. 95 THEATRE DE LA GRENOUILLE VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House. Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 ★ SUNDAY SUNDAY A Swiss/Australian Production by Clarkchildren Crystalandandfamilies Arthur Baratta. Sunday, thatthemselves. specifically when old, are confronted with Aempty day come ofdayconflict. Twotoyoung, friends, aliveSunday' with shumour, innocence and the optimism of a child, together play put rituals. InterwovenBurlesque. with invented languages, outlandish sounds and live music. And definitely Aug 12 Sept 1 10.30pm 111.30) £4.00 (£3.50)

THEATRE WORKSHOP » VENUE 20-Theatre Workshop. 34 Hamilton Place. Tickets 226 5425 D6 'forThetheatre, best performance venue at the Edinburgh Fringe' The Independent. The best dance, comedy, cabaret, food ands late bars —allVillage' ten minutes walk frommusic, Princesworkshops, Street inexhibitions, the heart good of 'Scotland' Greenwich M8 Magazine. ★ KENanother CAMPBELL does HAIL ERISI'VLast year's The 'FURTIVE NUDIST' returns with Aug 13 Sept I (nothilarious Suns) sit-down 10.00pmtragedy. (11.30) £5.ery00funny' (E3.5D) Guardian. COPING WITH THE CONTRADICTIONS Evening of humour and angst with IAN SAVILLE ‘gloriously witty' socialist conjurermusic, and magic, LEON ROSSELSON 'unique Aug 19 songwriter' 8.00pm (10..15) £4.00 IE3.00) FUSION in ONE STREAMandFLOWS INTO ANOTHER Celebratory music theatre inspired Aug 27-Septby 1recent3.0events 0pm (4.00) byE3.South S0 (£2.African 50) poet/musician Eugene Skeef. ★friendship INTIMATE STRANGERS in DUET England and Russia,downright the politics women and their work. 'Directly accessible, funny'of City1325 Limits.(notandAugof two Aug 19) 12.30pm (1.30) £3.50 (£2.00) LIVESTOCK — Stockbridge' s own musicis and store that helped launch Billy1 Bragg and The10.3Proclaimers back.comedy Be therecabaret or be excommunicated. Aug 13-Sept (not Suns! 0pm (l a t e ) Mon Wed E1.00 Thurs-Sat £2.00 (E1.00I ★ LUCKY PORCUPINE THEATRE in NO REMISSION British Premiere of psychological Aug 13 Sept I (notprison Suns)thriller.7.15pmMobil(9.3International 0) E5.00 (t3.Playwright 50) Award Winner of 1988. MAGIC BOB' S MID-MORNING MAGIC Ticklish tricks that really hit the spot!) 'Street15, 16,entertainment brought indoors!!' The List. Aug 22, 23 10. 3 0am (11. 3 0) £2. 0 0 (GRANNIES & GRANDADS FREE! if accompanied by 3 children) ZOOM TO THEcrater! MOON'A WITH MR. BOOMTheMuch-loved children's one-man-band at home Aug 13, 14.in20,his&21GRANDADS 10.30amconstant (11.FREE! 30) ifdelight' £2.00 List.by 3 children) (GRANNIES accompanied MAGIC BOBTheVISITS BOOMtrickalong A supremely conjuring' List.10.A30amMR. singalong treat!entertaining cocktail of music and Aug 17-19, 24 26 (11. 3 0) £2. 5 0 (GRANNIES & GRANDADS FREE! if accompanied by 3 children) MOVING THEATRE in BLUES ANDDance REVELATION music fromVISIONS BB King toDANCE Aretha Franklin. 'Marvellous Dancing' Magazine,Blues New York.27-Sept Aug 1 12.30pm (1.30) £4.00 (£3.50) JOHN MOWAT AND LONDON THEATRE OF CLAY in YOURS EVENTUALLY humble beginnings of ill-fitting coffin to technological marvels of cryogenics, aFrom journey Aug 13-25 (notthatAugcan19)have2.only 45pmone(4.00)end . £3.. I 50 (£2.50)

Tickets £3.50 (£2.50) Box Office 031-337 1971 Fringe Office 031-226 5138 After the success of A Parcel of Rogues' 13 -14 Theatre Company presents a new play by Hamish Gillies TAKING THE WOODBINE “The changing, yet ever constant, dance of men and women!’ VENUE 32 SPRINGWELL HOUSE (Ardmillan Terrace Buses 3, 33, 4, 44) Aug 14, 16,18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 & Sep 1 at 8pm (9.30)

POLISH CONTEMPORARY THEATRE Highly visual works including Kantor and | I Wisniewski—on video.(1.00)Introduced Aug 20 26 11.30am £2.00 (1.by50)Janusz Marek of Studio Art Centre, Warsaw, jLj; ALBAimaginative, in THE CARLIN MOTH Poetic,in supernatural Scots drama, j . '★OneTHEATRE of the1 most Aug 10-Sept (not Suns) 5.30pminnovative (6.40) £4.companies 00 (£2.50) Scotland' The Scotsman. ! VISIONS OF BENGAL Exhibition, in association with ONE WORLD SHOP, of j beautifully Aug 12-Sept 1embroidered Free wallhangings from rural Bangladesh. British Premiere. — ■i THIRTEEN-FOURTEEN THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 32-Springwell House, Ardmil an Terrace, off Gorgie Road. Tickets 337 1971 J1 Outer 1 ★ TAKING THETheatre WOODBINE After last year' s successful debutby Hamish of a 'Parcel of Rogues' , 13.14 Company presents a powerful new play Gillies. 'Taking the Woodbine' isconstant a love story full ofof men passion, doubt and humour and reflects |f; the changing, yet ever dance and women. Aug 14, 16, 18. 20, 22, 24. 26, 28, 30, Sept 1 8.00pm (9.30) £3.50 (£2.50) THIRTY SOMEHOW—JULIE BALLOO, MARIA CALLOUS, JENNY ECLAIR °o o^g VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgata Tickets 226 2151 J9 ★ THIRTY Video-women present Thirty withComedy Julie Balloo, Maria SOMEHOW Callous and Time Out Cabaret AwardAspinall, Winner,Somehow' JennyMedia Eclair.Show. noir. ' E verything that Steel Magnolias isn' t ' Sara The Lies deceit and lasagna. Women being horrid.. .Thoroughly unsisterly behaviour. Three women Aug 10 SeptwithI (notnothing Mens) in common 5.00pm (6.except 30) £4.50 (£3.50) THIS WAY UP PRODUCTIONS » || VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 i| ★comedy ASKING'THEFORULTIMATE ITI ASKINGPERFORMANCE—the FOR IT is a double-billstruggle featuringbetween Neil Monaghan' s art and 1! jII entertainment duringGary theDrabwell’s rehearsals forOF aTHEbizarre avant-garde theatrical performance. Plus ' F IST DRAGONFLY' a fast Kung-Fu comedy adventure which includes martial arts action sequences.moving Adults !11< only. Aug 13 Sept 1 4.00pm (5.30) £3.50 (£2.50) THREADBARE THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 6-Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. Tickets 225 7097 ★ THE KINGstammer OF LIVERPOOL 1960 was RORY STORM.'GAlan Caldwell' debilitating led him reveals toincreate his alter-ego-the olden Boy' ofins h1 Merseybeat. This dynamic the band more popular the Beatles their home town. Its live show music will have you reaching for yerthanBrylcreem and i Aug 1218 6.30pm (7.40) £4.00 (£3.00) TIC TOC THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 98-IVIarco's Leisure Centre, 51 Groue Street Tickets 229 8830 ★ PICTURE by JON GAUNT. s backandfromthieving India with a gut But full ofaredope, ; reunited withorhisTHIS for aThatcher' winter ofPete' the they the conmen themates conned, sconning successful children orintheatre' 90sUK.Dickensian low I1 \ life? ' H igh energy, fast moving, quick thinking, zap-it-to them The Guardian. Aug 11-Sept 1 (not Aug 19) 2.00pm (4.00) £4.50 (£4.00) HOOLIGANS GAUNT. Savage, physical lads, football and Heysel typeby JON tragedy. 'Ferociously dark . . tragi-comedy. Evil video-art'Three The Times. 'Total Brilliance. Aug 11 Sept Shouldn' 1 (not Augt be19) missed' 10.30pmCity(11.Limits. 45) £4.50 (£4.00) TIMBER STREET THEATRE COMPANY VENUE 101-Across The Mersey Theatre, Rifle Lodge, 32a Broughton St. Tickets 557 1785 TIMBER sixST.female THEATRE COMPANY The Timber Theatreexploration Companyof comprises members. Our maintheinterest lies inandStreet thethephysical the senses andincludes the relationship between Actor/ess audience. Soandfar the our work together a workshop based upon Peter Brook' s explorations reworking Aug 26 Sept of1 a fairytale. 1.25pm (2.30) £3.00 (£2.00) JIMMY TINGLE VENUE 3-Assembly Rooms, 54 George Street. Tickets 226 2428 JIMMY At last, British audiences canofseepolitical American stand-up JimmyG7 Tingles oneTINGLE manglobal show —a hilarious tour-de-force subversion. His savage dissection of events has already rocked America. Now it' s Britain' s turn. 'Jimmy10 SeptTingle1 is shaping Aug 10.00pm (up11.1to5) be America' £5.00 (£4.s00foremost SUPOY) political comedian' The Times. TOBIAS VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centre, Chambers St House, 16 Chambers St. Info 220 2462. TOBIAS of 'Zatootslast.andFeaturing Spangles'blues, , thejazzjivingsongsjitterbugs, s jazzfrom tap showthirties takesFounder and danceTobias' routines the tosolothestage fifties, you and have backedno byoption—truck-on the authentic boogie-woogie and stride piano of Maurice Horhut, down' Aug 10 Sept 1 (not Aug 191 4.05pm (4.55) £3.50 (£2.50)


| I i


TRAQUAIR FAIR °«' * » VENUE tW-Traquair House, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire. Tickets 0896 830323. PH Outer TRAQUAIR FAIR Return of 'thehouse mostinsuccessful event in theprogramme Borders'. Setof music, in the grounds of the oldest inhabited Scotland, an exciting theatre, children' s events and more. Special AIDS benefit on Sat 4th featuring Simon Fanshawe and Julian Clary. AugTICKETS 4, 5 AVAILABLE 11.00am (6.0FROM 0) £5.TRAQUAIR 00 (£2.501 HOUSE ONLY. TRAVERSE THEATRE VENUE 15-Traverse Theatre, 112 West Bow, Grassmarket. Tickets 226 2633 J8 TRAVERSE THEATREThe'If Traverse one wants'continues to see realto style on the Fringewith. . undiminished repair to the Traverse'andGuardian. lead the Fringeand force energy' Observer by presenting eleven British world premieres. Comfortable, stylish cafe/bar open day and night. HARDIE AND BAIRD: Thedrama Last Days by James Kelman. Traverse Company. Affecting, Aug 7-811 9.intensely 7.030pm0pm(1(9.1.145)focused 5) £5.00 (£3.001set against 1820 Radical War in Scotland. Aug Aug 1214-19 6.07.0pm00pm(9.1(9.5)15) £6.50 (£3.50) Aug Aug 2128 (7.00)(5.00) Aag 28-Sapt 1 4.45pm2.45pm PIG PLAY: AandStrategy For bizarre. Two Hams Raymond byCousse. Provocative deliciously Newbytranslation, Alan Traverse Pollock, Company. of French writer'712s masterpiece. Aug 7. 4 5pm (9. 1 5) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 14-19 7. 4 5pm (9. 1 5) £5. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 28-Sapt 21-28 1 12.15pm3.00pm(1.45)(4.30) Aug ★evocative THE HOUR OF THE LYNX by Per Olav Enquist. Traverse Company. Compelling, Aug 9.14-1910 tale7.2.33of0pm 0pmmystery (9.000)0) and£6.£5.miracle 000 (£3. (£3.500)0)of love. Aug (4. 5 Aug 28-Sapt 21-28 1 12.30pm Aug 7.45pm(2.0(9.0) 15) ★ SARRASINE. GLORIA. Neil Bartlett. Nicolas Bloomfield, after with Balzac.an Lavish spectacle with music; tale of one woman' s obsession opera singer.11 6.00pm 18.00) horrifying Aug Aug 12 9. 0 0pm (11. 0 0) £5. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 14-Sept 1 (not Mons) 10.00pm (midnight) £6.50 (£3.50) ★ HERRINGBONE. Kerry Shale (twice Perrier Pick of the Fringe) sings, dances, plays eleven 10.characters. Aug 10-12 00pm0pm(5.(mi00)dniSurrealistic ght) £5.50£5.(£3.00Gothic (£3.00) Horror Suicide Comedy. Aug 14-19 3. 0 5 0) Aug 282128Sept 1 7.30pm12.15pm (9.30)(2.15) Aug ★young TVERBOL TAM and Musicians Acclaimed company's firstComradeship visit to Britain.of Actors Lively, moving picture of(Moscow). life in contemporary Russia. Aug 1419 12. 3 0pm (1. 4 5) £6. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 282128Sept 1 2.45pm5.45pre (4.00)(7.00) Aug ★ CURL'HUPilarious ANDandDYEharrowing' Michael's Company/Market Africa). Sunday Times SA.Theatre WinnerJohanesburg Best New (South South African Play 4.1989. Aug 14-19 4 5pm (6. 2 5) £6. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Aug 2128 7. 4 5pm (9. 2 5) ; Aug 20-Sept 1 12.30pm (2.10) * WHY IS JOHNoneLENNON WEARINGto AbeSKIRT Claire Dowie. Hilarious and uncompromising: Aug 14-Sept 1 {nut Mons) woman' 10.15pms ambition (11.45) £5.50 John (£3.50)Lennon. ★Inspired LAMENT FOR ARTHUR CLEARY Dermot Bolger. Arthur Cleary Productions. Aug 14-19 by traditional 12.3.010pm 5pm (4.(2.40Celtic 0) £5.poem. 50 (£3.Highly 50) inventive portrait of a changing Dublin. Aug 2128 5) Aug 28 Sept 1 7.30pm (9.15) ★ THE WAKE DublinandTheatre Festival.IrishAfter triumph. Accessible memorable' Times.James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake. 'A Aug 2814-28Sept(not Aeg 1 Mon)5.15pm5.(6.30pm 45) (7.00) £5.50 (£3.50) ★ WORDSperformer. OF PRIDE AND inspiring, PASSION Terry Neason. New solo show from acclaimed Aug 14-Sept 1 (eat Meee) Powerful, 12.30«m (1.45) bold. £6.50 (£3.50) THE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER/TRAVERSE CONFERENCES 1990 An opportunity meet andBoxTHEATRE discuss withFESTIVAL leading International figures. fromto Traverse Verioee dates intheatre August loot Men) Full 10.details 30«m (noon) Frw Office. THE TRAVERSE AND BANGLADESH Photographs by Sean Hudson. A striking exhibition Traverse'Free s tour to Bangladesh last year. July 22 Septdocumenting 1 10.00am The (12.30am) TRESTLE THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 37-6eorge Square Theatre, George Square Tickets 667 3704 M9 L'Italian AMFIPARNASO, AN EVERYDAY STORY OF RESTAURANT FOLK Setofinthean restuarant, ONandtheclientele—5 table, the singing story follows theforlorn lives and loveslovers, restuarant workers waiters, young an upwardly-mobile wimp, and a delivery boy who's just . . well mobile! Music by Vecchi. Aug 2029Laughs (not Aegby23)Trestle.1.00pm (3.00) £6.00 (£3.50) TRICK & TREAT PRODUCTIONS LTD ° 1 •;*3 VENUE 37-George Square Theatre; George Square. Tickets 667 3704 M9 JAMES AND THEset and GIANT PEACHhighly 'Excellent adaptation byfor children' Fiona Clark, marvellous use of costume—a entertaining show The Scotsman. Roald Dahl' s wickedlychoreographed humorous storypage-turning is ingeniously using extravagant insectskills, costumes, of adramatised unique 'pop-up' book1328set,lootcircus Aug Aug 19. 23) film,11.and00amoriginal (12.15) music £4.00and(£2.lyrics. 50 PC)

TRIO LLIGO ° 1 VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 TRIO LLIGOCharming Bulldozerballads, waltz and and medicine for punkguitarist melancholy from north ofby Sweden. chamber-musician pastime heldofthetogether featherlight drummer. Songs with silence and rest in the middle chaos. Swedish Aug 28 Septlyrics. 1 '12.A 1genre 0am (1.of00)their£3.own' 00 (£2.Vasterbottens-Kuriren. 50) TRISTRAM SHANDY ° VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hilt Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 TRISTRAM SHANDY-HOMUNCULUS (PART ONE) London Fringe Award'A nominee Stephen Oxley returns asbrilliance Sterne'sthat18that C.times raconteur. 1989breathless SELL-OUT. one-man show of such wit and it left me with laughter' Festival Times.'A civilised 'A virtuoso performance'artfully Scotsman. and performed' entertainment directed'Finely by Brianadapted Goucher' The 12-Sept Times. Guardian. Aug 1 (net Aug 20) 9. 1 5pm (10. 2 5) £4. 5 0 (£3.50)Spec/a/ Ticket OfferHomunculus/Gentleman £7.00 (£5.00)—both shows. ★ TRISTRAM (PART TWO) Life and OpinionsSHANDY-GENTLEMAN concluded. 'Comic masterpiece' FestivalNew Times.show.CanTristrams be seen separately. Aug 12 Sept 1 (not Aug 20) 10. 4 5pm (11. 5 0) £4. 5 0 (£3. 5 0) Special Ticket Offer— Gentleman/Homunculus £7.00 (£5.00)—both shows. TUMBREL THEATRE COMPANY ° VENUE 23-Chaplaincy Centre Upstairs, Bristo Square, (near Fringe Club) L9 ★reconcile VOYAGERS In an isolated quest for spiritual fulfilment Barnabas Clare seeks toa hismarriage mythicalandideals with University his physicalprofessorship, inadequacies.Michael Examining floundering frustrating Punter' poignant new drama exposes, having with bitter comedy, the personal anguish ofs confronting Aug 13-28 death 7.35pmwithout (8.45) ever £3.75 (£2.75)made history. UNCLASSIFIED ° 1 VENUE 27-The Roxy, Roxburgh Reading Rms, Roxburgh PI. off Sth Bridge Tickets 556 6869. KM MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM exciting mime companyof who use abuilt daring over new style ofyearsperformance. They areAnperforming collection sketches three inforstreet/community theatre andapub cabaret,withwhich has gainedupthem aAugreputation clever use of visual theatre. Appearing LFO/Anton. 27 Sept 1 10.30pm (12.30) £4.00 (£3.00) Trestle Theatre Company PRESENTS

Music by Vecchi Laughs by Trestle

A comic soup-opera for all palates George Square Theatre 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm August 20-29 (not Sunday) Tickets: £6 (£3.50 cones) BOX OFFICE: 667 370 SEE LISTINGS FOR FURTHER DETAILS




Distillers of Teacher’s Highland Cream and The Glendronach Single Malt Whisky are pleased to be the Traverse Theatre’s Major Sponsor in 1990


wanted. Must appreciate only the finest service and impeccable maintenance. The entire Volvo range, new and used, awaits you, all as superbly prepared and presented as the 740 shown. (Non-Volvo owners also very welcome, for Linn- j troductory get-together.) 1] DETAILS AND LINNQLIRIES LINN MOTOR GROUP 38 SEAFIELD ROAD EAST. EDINBURGH EH15 1ER TEL: 031-669 8301 • LINN MOTOR GROUP136MERRYLEE ROAD GLASG0WG44 3DL.TEL: 041-633 0500 LINN MOTOR GROUP 3-21 B0THWELL RD HAMILTON ML3 0AS TEL: 0698 284100 LINN MOTOR GROUP 27 JOHNSTON ST GREENOCK RENFREWSHIRE PA16 8BB TEL: GREENOCK 26183/21610

UNCLE BURGESS ° ^ VENUE 84-Blow Up at Abbotsford, Abbotsford Lodge, 18 Morningside Rd. Tickets 447 1122 N3 STOP THE PEOPLE MOVER Two years in the making, Southampton University' Prodigal Sons bringa wide you anrange intelligent, well balanced and quiteandunreasonably funnys revue, of topics an imaginative highly. . outstanding’ entertaining way. Theembracing people mover approaches! 'Futurein stars of British Comedy Aug 27 Sept 1 (not Aug 301 9.30pm (10.30) £3.00 (£2.50) THE UNLIKELY THEATER COMPANY0 VENUE 108-Moray House Union Theatre, 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. J12 The Unlikelyplaywrights. Theater Company of Arizona presents theStanley' works 'ofFertileAmerican Southwest Mike Fenlason' s ' B lue Merlin' , Louis Fields' and Mark Litton' abitha'andaresatire.representative the Newdonates Southwest myth,s 'Tsex The UnlikelyofTheater all netWriting: proceedsan toadmixture socially ofcommitted non-profit charities. ★theTABITHA is a controversial play which explores the relationship between Peter Apostle and Aug 22-25 12 noona woman (1.45) he£2.purportedly 50 (£1.50) raised from the dead. ★ BLUE MERLIN a new playfor byArthur. Mike Fenlason, dramatizes the return of Merlin the Aug magician 13-16 12andnoonhis(1.4quest 5) £2.50 (£1.50) ★American FERTILEfarmFIELDS by Louis Stanley takes ans funeral. intimate peek at a Midwestern Aug 1721 (not Sunfamily 191 reunited 12 noon (1.for45)their £2.mother' 50 (£1.50) UPFRONT THEATRE COMPANY ° • VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 *elements BACCHAE—IN THE HOUSE Ecstasy, Dance; Sensuality, Madness. Key in Euripides' masterpiece setwedsto Greek the hypnotic trance of410AcidB.C.House rhythms. New adaptation uniquely Amphitheatre with Warehouse Rave 1990 A.D. Hencevalues a spectacle of high-energy Bacchic Frenzy and a serious Aug 13 Septcritique 1 (not Augof 19)the civilised 11.45pm (12.45) which£4.0govern 0 (£3.00)society. MENTAL! U.S.A. COMEDY TODAY VENUE 38-The Gilded Balloon Theatre & Studio, 233 Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 J9 ; CATHY AND LARRY AMOROS Starandof Mayfest 88,more' CathyTheis Guardian. 'a brilliant act thatis 'LADMAN hadfunny, the funny audience rolling in their seats eager forthan Larry a man, netting more laughs per minute some comedians catch10 Sept in an1 entire Aug (not 20)evening' 7.15pmN.Y(8.. 4Post. 5) Essential £6.00 (£5.0American 0) comedy. VERSAILLES TOWNE & COUNTRY PLAYERS J12 I VENUE MO-Moray House Union Theatre 37 Holyrood Road. Tickets 556 5184. THE FANTASTICKS hasworld. been The playingtheme for 30of years in New Yorkisandtoldis inthea longest running musical in the seasonal rebirth simple manner casthollow.' of eight characters. It is a tale of love that shows 'without a hurt 1318 the with heart8.a0is0pm Aug (9.40) £3.95 (£2.95) VIEWFORTH CENTRE ’•2G3G L3 VENUE 44-Viewforth Centre, 104 Gilmore Place. Tickets 229 9000 Three venues underis one withinthan five ever. minutes walkbarfromopenthedaily. King's Theatre. The 1990 programme moreroofdiverse Coffee CONVERSION COMPANY-THE BACCHAE The God Dionysus incensed byATTIC doubting mortals(9.returns Aug 30)(2.00) to£3.5earth 0 (£3.0and 0) extracts a terrible revenge. Aug 2025 27 Sept 1 7.30pm12 noon BASIC THEATRE— ★ GARY Superblyantidote told storyto Children of a deaf ofadolescent. 'Dynamic' The Guardian. 'Ingenious . . perfect a Lesser God' City Limits. Aug 13-18 7. 3 0pm (9. 3 0) £3. 5 0 (£2. 5 0) Aug 2025 10.15pm (12.15)

CHANGE Scripted/performed by Roped Jaw. 'Money? Ha! Who needs it?'★ LOOSE Lively Aug 1325 (notpromenade Sun) 8.performance. 30pm (9.20) (Music £3.00 (£2.Phil50)Meager). DIS-VOICES FROM A SHELTER-RAYand McNEICE in★ the songs. Portraits of homelessness Aug 20 2SUS seen10.1through 5pm (11.45)linked£2.monologues 50 (£1.50) ★hunted RAT likeRATanimals—welcome TOUR-ZOO ZOOto theZOOfuture. Underground theatre with illegal actors Aug 13-19 5.00pm (6.50) £3.00 (£2.00) ★ SOMETHING ANONYMOUS-FRACTURED JIGSAW Probingimages theatre, feast for all the senses. An experimental performance: splintered and aa mosaic Aug 2025of movement. 5.30pm (6.30) £3.00 (£2.50) ★ SALFORD UNIVERSITY THEATRE CO. CHRISTABEL-Coleridge' s fantasy of desire plus THE Aug 20 Sept 1 (notSONG Sun) OF5.OLWEN-A 00pm (7.00) modern £4.00 woman (£3.00) rooted in more ancient earth. ★ ELECTRIC EARWIGS-DEREKfamily. ANDWith THE DRAGON A fast moving and fun coloured Aug 13-18 extravaganza 2.30pm (3.30)for all£3.the00 (£1. 50) live music. KRAPP' S LAST TAPE A wry and often humorous monologue by Samuel Beckett exploring Aug 27 Septlove, 1 loneliness 5.30 (6.30) and £2.ageing. 00 (£1.50) CATHERINE NARDIELLO-INTERNATIONAL PIANIST Classical contemporary solo piano repertoire. A varied programme including a workandby Scottish Aug 2125 composer, 1.00pm (2.Thomas 15) £3.Wilson. 50 (£2.00) VITAL THEATRE VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 ★ STUNNING THE PUNTERS (ANDSOCIETY, OTHER STORIES) Threes STUNNING World Premiers: Steven Berkoff' s MASTER OF CAFE Robert Sproat' THE PUNTERS,of imagination Dostoevsky'runs DREAM OF ADillon RIDICULOUSs DECADENCE MAN (new and translation). Stories George GREEK,of and Berkoff'performs. s own SINK THEwild!BELGRANO! and (Fusion' the National Theatre Production SALOME) Aug 11 Sept 1 (not Aug 19) 6.00pm (7.30) £4.50 (£3.50 SUPDY) VOICE OF THE TURTLE VENUE 90-St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace H5 PATHS OF EXILE Performed : The Musicalon Legacy of the diverse SpanishfolkJewsinstruments. who fled at'Athehappy time ofmusic, the Inquisition. wonderfully but always with the sad loneliness of a homeless people' . ' F ascinating cultural . . immense vitality .York . powerfully will 18leaveblend no-one unmoved.' New Times. expressive songs and music which Aug 12. 3 5pm (1. 4 5) £3. 5 0 Aug 28. 27.(7.429,5) 30 6.10pm (7.15) Aug 2519-21. 24.6.40pm VOLCANO THEATRE VENUE 30-The Netherbow, 43 High Street. Tickets 556 9579 'V' by TonyanHarrison. torrent of four letter filth'. 'Athecryface of rage'of. AnBritian epitaphin fordecay. the eighties; omenbyfor'ABritain' the s nineties, charting Controversial work most exciting modern poet. ' U nrelentingly energetic display of muscularity and aggression' The Guardian. 'A tour de force' City Limits. ADULTS Aug 13-SeptONLY. 1 (not Suns) 9.30pm (11.00) £4.50 (£3.50) VOYAGERS VENUE 59-Edinburgh Playhouse & Studio, 18-22 Greenside PI. (Liberties) G11 Inin this a central venue, minutesof from Princessculpture, Street, poetry participate inmusic. a celebration ofwith life eclectic gathering paintings, and poets Breakfast Freud Egg, munch at our daily lunchtime readings (selected below), feast art! Refreshments always available. See Daily Diary for further information. on OUT OF THE SEA which Brenda Drew, Painter/Poet. A visual exploration of the mytholgical Aug 11-Sept 1 sea—from 10.00am (5.30) weFreeall come. WHITTAKER SCOTT Edinburghceramics. sculptor and painter. A response to the natural world,11-Sept created Aug 1 in10.driftwood 00am (5.30) and Free BREAKFAST WITH FREUD EGG Ease yourself into the day with a delicious mix ofAug food poetry 13-28andavailable 11.00am from (12noon)GarethFreeHughes. • Breakfast YOUSSEF AL-KHATIB South Lebanese poet. Multi-cultural background . . lived in Gulf17,and22,Moscow, Aug 30 available 12.now 30pm residing (2.00) Edinburgh. Free Readings and discussion. Food and drink JANE WILLIAMSON Edinburgh poet. 'My poetry is a personal expression of the mystical, sensual Aug 18.and24,erotic, 29 available 12,30pm (2.and00) moodyFreein relationships'. Food drink 0 WAGGLEDAGGER THEATRE COMPANY ’ VENUE 73-Paradox at the Wee Red Bar, CoDege of Art, Lauriston PI. Tickets 229 1003 K7 HOME HOME by Jenny Landreth. This fresh, vibrant cast of two charts a non-stop journey through a maze of conflicts, involving a plethora of characters driven by the pressures of provincial vegetation metropolitan suffocation. retrospective abounds. 'A Bumperandhelping of Bonhomie' City Limits.Honest, FIGHT FOR20ASept SEAT!1 humour Aug 4.30pm (5.45) £3.50 (£3.00)


0 1 2 WELSH COLLEGE OF MUSIC AND DRAMA *• VENUE 13-Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, Canongate H12 ★Prospice MY MOTHER ANSWERED THE PHONE TO STANISLAVSKI Respice Productions present aRoad' new). Andrew Neilmancomedy featuring Johnending Stahl (Inverdarroch in ' T ake The High A drinking in search of a happy re-enacts to do(9.3with Aug 27-Septepisodes 1 7.30pm 0) the£5.0life0 (14.of0the 0) spirit and the death of the liver. TOWARDS SPRING (ORKNEY YOUTH THEATRE) A perfect children's show dealing Aug 27 Septwith1 thelOproblems .OOam (10.4of5) growing C1.50 up.(tl.OO)Highly entertaining and original. ★thinking/one ATLENDOR' S LEAP by Roman Theodis. Near, so near/to the brink of his Aug 27-Sept 1 small12 shove noon 11.1and 5) he'12.s 5over. 0 (£2.00) KISS THE SPIDERTheWOMAN As near to being about uninhibited love as any play27I OF have Aug Sept 1ever Z.seen' OOpm (4.00)Times.£2.50 IE2.00) KING LEAR Shakespeare' s classic, stunningly performed by only four actors. Adapted Aug 27 S»pland1 presented 4.30pm (6.by30)Floating £3.00Bubble IE2.00) Theatre Company. ★ TELL ME MY TRUTH Alone, at home, at 2am, what does the singer sing? A new Aug 27one-woman Sept I 10.show. 00pm (10.45) £2.50 (£2.00) WESTERN UNION ° ’O2*2 VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 BLUE REMEMBERED HILLS Dennis sofacclaimed black comedy the shock of adultlaughter actorsgives performing the Potter' antics wartime children inconclusion. thehasWest country—but way to tears as the play reaches its searing 'A startlingly assured Aug 1325 (eat Aug 19) performance 6.30pm (7.30) by this£3.7dynamic 5 (£3.00) company' Wiltshire Times. WHIPLASH THEATRE COMPANY ° • • • VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 Since its creation in 1987,arrayDurham University' s Whiplash innovative, Theatre Company has collected an impressive of awards for consistently daring and original theatreentries (mostdemonstrate recently fromtheRSCCompany' director, Alan McCormack). Both of their 1990 Fringe thought-provoking theatre. Don't miss them! s commitment to powerful and TORCH SONG TRILOGY by Harvey Fierstein. Alternately tragic and hilarious iife/loves Aug 20 Septof1 aInotdragAugqueen. 26) Intensely 11.00am (1.enjoyable, 45) £3.50ultimately (£3.00) moving production. VENUE 25-Acoustic Music Centra Chambers St House, 16 Chambers SI. Info 220 2462. K9 ★ DON'T TURN AROUND, music I'M ALMOST NAKED Challenging and humorous programme of improvisation, featuring award-winning piece of title. Aug 1518 6.30pm (7.45) £3.50 (£3.00) WICKED THEATRE ° ’ 2 VENUE 98-Marco's leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 8830 J4 THE LOATHSOME DRAGON In istheindays when roamed the land, the King of Northumberland search oftheawitches bride. Aand talewedragons ofmeetmurder, mystery, magic and morals. Can a hero be found to save day? So Childy Wynd. Don'27t miss Aug Sept 1him. 11.00am (12 noon) £2.50 (£2.00) THE WILDCHILD THEATRE COMPANY ° ’O2*3 VENUE 41-Hil Street Theatre, 19 Hil Street. Tickets 225 7294 G7 THE PUBLIC EYEEccentric ReadingCristoforou: University Drama Societyeater; presents PETER SHAFFER' S hilarious comedy. compulsive private dick; battles with hisbride.ownShaffer sexualitycombines to save histhe comic marriagesensitivity of a chartered accountantdialogue and hiswhich teenageis with poignant 'suddenly Aug 1225 inotandAugimmensely 20) 12.1touching' 5pm (1.45) Punch. £3.50 (£2.50) THE WILDE PLAYERS ° ’02o2 VENUE 22-Richard Demarco Gallery, 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707, J10 ★ GARYs poetry THE ofTHIEF/GARY UPRIGHT Nightmarish evocation of world, Howarda Barker' murder, power andfromprophesy. In aSubverting post-revolutionary petty thief steals visionary divinity infanticide. and charismatic, Gary reveals unresolvable future resonant with violence. 'Flawless Quality' The Times.13-25 'PInot ointsanAugtowards The00)Guardian. Aug 19) the 3.30pmtheatrical (5.00) future' £4.00 (£3. Not the mad cow again!

KALPNA RESTAURANT WHOLEFOOD/VEGETARIAN 2-3 Si PATRICK SQUARE, EDINBURGH “The best vegetarian restaurant in the UK” Open 12.00-2.00 pm, 5.00-11.30 pm. TELEPHONE 031-667 9890 100

WINDS OF CHANGE ° VENUE 127-St John’s Church, West End, Princes Street H6 WINDS OF CHANGE ' T he Winds of Change Shall Erode the Pillars of Power' Winds ofSouth ChangeAfrica. are a dynamic, andispolitically committed, black Gospel Choir, froms. j Soweto, Their music a unique, and rousing, blend of South Africa' different ethnic styles with the American Gospel Sound. The result? Pure Township Gospel) Aug 1318 3.6.330pm Aug 2025 0pm (4.(7.335)5) £4.00 (£3.00) WITS END COMMUNITY THEATRE ° o o VENUE 11—Diverse Attractions, Riddles Court, off tawnmarkel Tickets 225 8961 J8 ; ★ MARKET by Nigel Macdonald. between 'Sophisticated, intelligent dramaand. . , seldom a showFORCES on the Fringe soWitswell-balanced seriousby social comment pure comedy' SCOTSMAN. End' s ' 8 9 hit is followed a play of the same calibre —a study of lives in the post-boom property culture, governed by MARKET «] FORCES. Aug 2025 20pm (6.ONLY. 50) £3.00 (£2.00) TICKETS AT 5.VENUE ] *indeed! KINGA REAL Real dividesof hismonarchy Kingdomandamong ALL his subjects, madness Wits End fairytale vested interests. Aug 13-18 1.3.000pm Aug 20-25 0pm (1.(3.5ONLY. 40)5) £2.50 (£1.50) TICKETS AT VENUE WORLD MUSIC AT ST. JOHN’S VENUE 127-St John's Church, West End, Princes Street H6 | This year thefrombeautiful St.African John'sGospel ChurchChoir—Romanian hosts a feast of World Musical talent— |1 Everything a South Folk Dance—Slovakian Music and Dance—Contemporary Scottish Scottish Band— t| French Bagpipes —Chilean favouriteHarpist—Eclectic Bolivians—' watinas' presented by Heartbeat World Music Duo . . plusto firm Cosmopolitan Crafts andAMusic for. .sale. |1i COCK AND BULL cross Folk, Jazz and Contemporary boundaries to produce music13-17'Full of1.0energy Aug 0pm (2.00)and rude £4.00vigour' (£3.00) Guardian. THE CAULD s BLAST ORCHESTRA are highly talentedmusicmusicians Communicado' Tamson' s Bairns' covering the whole spectrum,from'an j absolute must' .1 'Jock1.00pm Aug 18 end Sept (2. 0 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 27 6.30pm (7,30) 5 OF committed Black Gospel Choir from Soweto, blendCHANGE the greatDynamic, Americanpolitically sound with Home Roots— an exciting new \l Fusion! Aug 1318 3. 3 0pm (4. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 0) Aug 20-25 6.30pm (7.30) AWATINASwithLasttheiryearspectacular these enchanting ofBolivian Indians 'filled St. John's Church to capacity' Aug 2025 (2.00)(7.30) £4.0concert 0 (£3.00) Aymara and Quechua Music and Dance. Aug 28 Sept 1 1.00pm6.30pm CARPATHIAN CROWN ROMANIAN FOLK Music DANCEandENSEMBLE top j members of aCostume. State TroupeA perform energetic traditionalformed Dancefrom in richly Embroidered Aug 1318 6. 3 0pm (7. 3 0) £4. 0 0 (£3. 0 01 Aug 2025 3.30pm (4.30) THE SAVOURNA STEVENSON TRIO 'Taking the Harp into the next century!' Independent. Aug 2729 1.Highly 00pm (2.acclaimed 00) £4.0Scottish 0 (£3.00) Harpist entwines Jazz with Tradition. : YOTHU YINDI (TRADITIONAL SECTION) s leading traditional and contemporary Aboriginal music fromAustralia' Australia' s 'top end'exponent presentofa programme Aug 27 Sept 1 of traditional 3.30pm (4.3music 0) £4.and00dance. (£3.00) CHILEANS-CARLOS moving contemporary LatinARREDONDO American songsANDandGALVARINO music. 'Lilting,CERON beautiful Deeply music i performed warm(2.0confidence' Aug 30. 31 with1.00pm 01 £4.00 (£3.Folk00)Roots. WPI MASQUE . » j VENUE 28-Greyfriars Kirk House, Candlemaker Row. Tickets 225 3626 K8 | *Etc. Masque celebrate LOVE TOtheir EVERYONE BUT ... a comedy of mixed results & Twitch, third year on the Fringe with a repertory of two plays, both from Magazine recent success in Cambridge, USA and Massachusetts. Worcester hails Masque as 'flourishing' withWorcester, its unique blend of humour :; and 1318 style. Meaningful, Aug 2.15pm (3.40)zany £2.theatre 50 (£1.5at0) its best YELLOW DOT THEATRE COMPANY ° > | VENUE 98-Marco's Leisure Centre, 51 Grove Street Tickets 229 0830 J4 1 ★whyIMPLANT The dawning of mankind' s fight for his true freedom? The real reason Christ came? A true story set during the 1986 Liverpool D. H . S . S . Hostel strike involving Aug 13-18 the7.City' 45pms(9.homeless. 00) £3.50 (£2.00 SUPO) Z AND THE GREEN CANDLES » p 1 VENUE 33-Pleasance, 60 The Pleatame Tickets 556 6550. tW } * UBUI Blast off andthe see thisblazing explosive newof destruction adaptation ofandJarry' s classic. Ubus sets out to conquer world, a trail mayhem — butPawho' pulling the strings? People and puppets inosculate in this anarchic performance .. recognise Aug 12. 15. the 1719.results 22. 24 27in yourself! 3.15pmA(3.spectacle 45) & 6.45pmfor(7.all15)ages.£2.00 (£1.50)


Admission free unless otherwise stated

FRINGE / LAS SCHOOL'S POSTER COMPETITION Venue 129-Freemason's Hall, 96 Georpe Street. Info 226 5259 G6 -FRINGE Winning poster designed by Amanda Grant (12), Drummond School, Inverness. 200 OF THE BEST. . . This year's poster, and the previous . . . and the funniest. . . and the cleverest. . . and the most Fringe posters fromFringe 1979allBoxonwards, are colourful. . .from this year's competition. From the 3,188 available from the Office, 180 designs submitted by schoolchildren aged 5 to 18 from all High Street, for £1.50. Postcards, over Scotland, one design has been chosen to represent shirts, sweat-shirts, mugs and duffle bagsTthis year's Fringe. This is a chance to see some of the also available. entries we couldn't print, but couldn't resist! Competition Aug 13 - Sept 1 Sponsored by: S3 9 am - 6 pm (Closed Sundays) The I ART BOOK EXHIBITION Venue 157-ST0CKBR10GE BOOKSHOP, 26 North West Circus Place. Tel. 225 5355 E6 Art Book Bonanza 5T0CKBRIDCE An exhibition of high quality art books covering a l(. BOOKSHOP NORTH WE5T CIRCUS PLACE wide range of styles and EDINBURGH artists. Many of the books will be available for sale at BARGAIN PRICES. Aug 11 - Sept 2 (Mon-Fri 9 am-8 pm) (Sat 9 am-6 pm, Sun 1 i am-5 pm) ENTRY FREE COMPUTER ANIMATION COMPETITION AND WORKSHOP Venue 141-AMIGA CENTRE SCOTLAND, 4 Hart Street Lane. Tel. 557 4242 F10 * Experience the incredible animation and musical abilities of one of today's most popular microcomputers as used by BBC & Channel 4. * Book a half hour workshop session and create your own animation. * See the entries for the 1990 Last year's winner Animation Competition. 'Maggie goes Green' by Mark Wirt If you wish to enter, send for information by 31 July Saturday Aug 11 — Saturday Aug 18 ADMISSION FREE EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Venue 73-Sculpture Court & Andrew Brant Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place K7 NEW BRITISH CERAMICS Ceramics artists celebrating Ceramics Academy. New worktheSlee,—International famous and new names — work for sale. Jupp, Henderson, etc. Aug 12 - SeptBritton, 9 ALSO OFELIA RODRIQUEZ Aexciting first visitworksfor this Colombian artist — bright, and some sculpture. ALSO ERIC LandscapeROBERTSON photographs ALSO STEVEN COLLINGBOURNE and A/LEENonKEITH Informal Aug 12 -works Sept 2 paper Admission Free

FEDERATION OF EUROPEAN CARTOONISTS' ORGANISATIONS Venue 36-FESTIVAL CLUB, 9-15 Chambers Street. Info. 220 1112 K9 EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL CARTOON FESTIVAL 1990 Now in its fifth successful year, this unique CARTOON inON1990 features THE CUP BESTbyEXHIBITION CARTOONS THE WORLD THE WORLD' S BEST CARTOONISTS. Suitable for all ages and all senses of humour. DON'T MISS IT. Sponsored by 051 PRODUCTIONS. Aug 12 - Sept 1 Open 10 am -Club 1 ammembers. every day for Festival Open- 510pmamdaily - 12(inc. noonSunday) and 3 pm 40p for non-members FESTIVAL CRAFT TENT Venue 132-THE TENT, West Princes Street Gardens (by the Piazza) H6 FESTIVAL CRAFT TENT IN “THE TENT” Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 1990 The Festival Craft Tent will be showing work by 50 of Britain’s leading designer/makers. Representing ceramics, wood, jewellery, knitwear, glass & fabrics. Aug 17 - 26 10 am - 7 pm Admission £1 (50p) inc. catalogue 44 Venue 135-44, 44 London Street. Info. 557 8210 E9

NEW WORK FROM FORTY FOUR LEILA GALLOWAY TONY COOPER Young Edinburgh based artists Leila Galloway and Tony Cooper provide an invigorating Sculptural experience at 44, an independently artist run Studio/Gallery, widely recognized for consistently providing the festival with its most unique exhibition. Aug 11 - Sept 8 (Except Sundays) 10 am - 7 pm Admission free 101

GALERIE MIRAGES Venue 149-GALERIES MIRAGES, 46a Raeburn Place. Info. 315 2603


THE SPLENDOUR OF INDIA The most stunning selling exhibition of INDIAN ARTS ever mounted in Scotland. The magnificence of Moghul India and the beauty of rural India captured in one exhibition. Antique wood carvings and furniture, brass work, embroideries and textiles, silver jewellery. Aug 1 - Sept 22 (except Sundays) 10 am - 5 pm GALLERY 6 AND PARK LANE GALLERY Venue 154-CHESSEL GALLERY, Moray House College, Royal Mile IMAGES OF LANDSCAPE


The Exhibition is of oils, watercolours and prints depicting images of (often Scottish) landscape and figures in a landscape over the last two hundred years. The main aim is to present works of integrity at realistic and, we trust, affordable prices. These begin at £50. Aug 11 - 18 11 am to 5 pm ADMISSION FREE ANDY GOLDSWORTHY-SCULPTURE 1976-1990 Venue 128-ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN, Inuerleith Row. Info. 552 7171 C7 ANDY GOLDSWORTHY ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN EDINBURGH SCULPTURE 1976-1990 Andy Goldsworthy’s much acclaimed first retrospective exhibition, describing a remarkably fertile 14 year career making sculpture in snow, ice, clay, rock, leaves and flowers. Only British tour venue (organised by Leeds City Art Gallery), before European tour. Comprehensive publication available. Promises to be the exhibition highlight of the Festival. 11 Aug - 28 Oct. Tel. 031 552 7171. THE HOLY LAND AND THE SACRED SKY Venue 30-THE NETHERBOW, 43-45 High Street H10 THE HOLY LAND AND THE SACRED SKY

Paintings and Photographs by Gordon Strachan Traditionally the Holy Land was thought tois beholyPalestine but now there is a growing awareness and thatoroftheIsrael know no territorial boundariesthatare alltheland sacred inheritance all.skies which Aug 12 - Sept 1 10 am - 5.30 pm (not Sundays) ADMISSION FREE 102

HOLYROOD ART CLUB Venue 140-COINYIE-HQUSE CLOSE, South Gray's Close, High Street J10 ART EXHIBITION AND SALE OF PAINTINGS Oil paintings, Watercolours, Pastels and Drawings in Exhibition Hall. Aug 11-25 Admission free 10 am - 7.30 pm (Sundays 12 noon - 6 pm) (Exhibition closes 4.30 pm Aug 25) Access from High Street (opposite John Knox's House) or from Cowgate. HANNAH HORSFALL & MALCOLM BELL Venue 28-GREYFRIARS KIRKHOUSE, Candlemaker Row HANNAH HORSFALL MALCOLM BELL JOINT DRAWINGS Transferredfrom the Barbican Centre in London. “We draw together, each of us having an equal share and free hand in the drawings development, constantly overworking the marks we have both made. This eliminates the possibility of moving towards any preconceived point. Nothing is foreseeable.” Aug 12 - Sept 1 10 am - 2 am Admission Free All works for sale ; INHOUSE Venue 134-INHOUSE, 28 Howe Street Catapulted from an introverted Eastern DESIGN medieval society into the white hot IN heat of a Western Technological Revolution a little JAPAN over 100 years later, the designer in Japan has a unique vantage point from which to consider the issues of Aug 14- Sept 8 the late 20th century. 9.30 am - 6.00 pm I Exhibits: Contemporary furniture, textile, product. (Closed Sundays) INSTITUT FRANQAIS D'ECOSSE Venue 55-INSTITUT FRANQAIS D'ECOSSE, 13 Randolph Crescent. Info. 225 5366 G4 HENRI MICHAUX’S LITHOGRAPHS Shown for the first time in Britain the lithographic work by the surrealist painter and writer. Reading of texts by Michaux: Thursday 9 August 7.30 pm WRITERS’ FRANCE A regional panorama through 40 photographs by Mayotte Magnus. Aug 13 - Sept 7 9.30 am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday

YVONNE HAWKER Venue 73-EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART (Room 46), Lauriston Place


"SHADOWS IN DISGUISE—A REFLECTION" Awarded a scholarship by the French Government, Yvonne Hawker spent some months in France, in the heart of the Cathar's country. This exhibition consisting of installation, drawings and paintings, marks her stay in France and illustrates its influence on her work. Aug 13 - Sept 1 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Under the patronage of the Institut Franqais d'Ecosse INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY G8 Venue 137-MERCHANT HALL, 22 Hanover Street INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY 128th International Exhibition of Pictorial Photography presented by Edinburgh Photographic Society. Aug 13 - Sept 1 10 am - 8 pm (Closed Sundays) Early dosing Sept 7: 7 pm Admission £1 Children under 12 Free THE ITALIAN INSTITUTE Venue 152-THE ITALIAN INSTITUTE, 82 Nicolson Street. Tel. 668 2232 UO CLAUDIA PETRETTI— recent paintings MEMORY LINES: a visual rediscovery of an Italian landscape. A colourful clash of cultures where memory meets reality as a painter returns to the country her parents left behind. Aug 7 - Aug 31 10 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri PAOLA MARCELLING Venue 138-LAMB'S HOUSE, Burgess Street, Leith

Cl3 Outer Wearing Art An outstanding and original presentation of tapestries by a contemporary Italian designer. “Why limit one’s work of art to the wall, why not wear it instead.” Not to be missed. Aug 13 - Aug 25 (not Sundays) 10 am - 4 pm Admission Free

MARTIN & FROST Venue 143-MARTIN & FROST, 130 McDonald Road. Tel. 557 8787 DTI MARTIN & FROST ORIENTAL CARPET EXHIBITION “TRIBAL WEAVING” For twenty years until 1988,exhibitions Martin & Frost' s oriental carpet delighted festival visitors. 1990's exhibition of rugs shows the differences between tribalWeweaving areas. What happened in 1989? were moving to— about a splendid newmileshop with parking half a from the Playhouse. DO COME! Aug 11 Sept 2 9 12amnoon - 5.30- 4.30 pm Mon - Sat Sundays OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT Venue 142-OUT OF THE NOMADS TENT, 40 Pilrig Street OLD LAMPS AND NEW Our selling exhibition shows precious old Turkish kilim fragments alongside the stunning new weaving they inspire. Centuries old traditions encourage village crafts throughout the middle east. Compare old with new! Nomadic jewellery, Hindu Statues, Rajasthani Kalemkaris and Anatolian Ceramics collected at source by Rufus Reade. Aug 11 - Sept 1 10 am - 7 pm ADMISSION FREE PHOTOGRAPHING ARCHITECTURE Venue 147-THE LAW & OUNBAR NASMITH PARTNERSHIP,16 Dublin Street F9 PHOTOGRAPHING ARCHITECTURE An exhibition of new photography by ALLAN FORBES of buildings by THE LAW & DUNBAR-NASMITH PARTNERSHIP Aug 13 - Aug 31 10 am - 5 pm FREE ENTRY TIM POMEROY Venue 146-THE SCHOOL OF PHILOSOPHY, 18 Chester Street TIM POMEROY: THE TURKISH AND SAUNA BATHS PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES based on drawings made in this, one of the last public habitats of the nude. The paintings represent figures singly or grouped seen through the steam, in the sauna cabin or changing rooms. The sculptures are stone and wood carvings. Aug 11 • Sept 1 (Not Sundays) 10 am - 5.30 pm



PORTFOLIO GALLERY Venue 133-PORTFOLIO GALLERY, 43 Candlemaker Row. Tel. 220 1911

FRANK RIGBY Venue 144-FALCON MOTOR COMPANY, 7-13 Falcon Road West. Tel. 452 8282

MEMORY, BALANCE, LOVE Pradip Malde An exhibition of exquisite platinum/palladium photographs - portraits, still lifes, landscapes and abstractions. With a magical, almost surreal quality, the exhibition is inspired by childhood memory, reflecting a personal discovery of cultural differences and alluding to the nature of myth. 4 August - 8 September Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.30 Admission by Catalogue price 75p


PROVINCIAL BOOKSELLERS FAIRS ASSOCIATION J9 Venue 34-ADAM HOUSE, 5 Chambers Street EDINBURGH FESTIVAL ANTIQUARIAN BOOK FAIR Booksellers from throughout the United Kingdom exhibit for sale N GOO/) a wide range of antiquarian and second-hand books, maps and prints. Organisers: P.B.F.A. Aug 13 - Sept 1 10 am - 6 pm daily (First day open 12 noon) Monday to Saturday Admission Free PUNCH MAGAZINE Venue 3-ASSEMBLY ROOMS, 54 George Street PUNCH at the Fringe Punch has published the brightest and best cartoons for nearly 150 years. In its third year “Punch at the Fringe” is . a festival favourite with the work of top cartoonists Mike Williams, Lowry, Pyne, and more.

ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION FOR SCOTLAND Venue 124-ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION FOR SCOTLAND, 9 Atholl Crescent. Tel. 229 1109 H4 EXHIBITION OF ARCHITECTURE Recent Cases 3 ". . . inaccurate, '/> ignorant and wilfully mischievous. ..." y I./ Do you agree with this criticism of the critics? Aug 11 - Sept 2 ^ ^ 11 am - 4 pm Admission Free EDITH SIMON GALLERY

Aug 12 - Sept 1 (All day) Venue 139-QUERCUS, 16 Howe Street CONTEMPORARY BRITISH FURNITURE AND INTERIORS Quercus will be transformed into a with series anof specially created interior designs exciting collection of furniture and furnishings from Britain’s contemporary designers. Colourful children’s room with toys, textiles and rugs. Decorative wood turning, garden furniture, hand-printed textiles and tufted rugs. Aug 11 - Sept 1 - 5.30 pm FREE ENTRY 104


03 f

Stunning; exciting as ever — never the-,, same. The artist present throughout. ', Aug 6 - Sept 1 (not Sundays) 10.30 am - 6.30 pm Admission Free Venue 40-QUAKER MEETING HOUSE, 7 Victoria Terrace. Tel. 225 4825 LAYERS: An Exploration in Wood by Tim Stead. A Glasgow 1990 Exhibition You are invited to tciuch and explore the amazing qualities of wood. To see inside a tree is to look inside a hill or history. Also enjoy vegetarian homecooking in the leafy peaceful surroundings of the Rainforest Cafe. Aug 13 - Sept 1 (not Sundays) 10.30 am - 4 pm (Thursday till 6 pm) Admission Free

STILLS GALLERY Venue 150-STILLS GALLERY, 105 High Street. Tel. 557 1140 WHITE PEAK, DARK PEAK PAUL HILL’S realistic, sensitive, black and white images of Derbyshire landscapes reveal his understanding and concern for the rural environment. His work extends into issues of wildlife, natural history and urban intrusion. Hill, (once a journalist), a British photographer and teacher of international renown, presents previously unshown work produced since 1984. Aug 11 - Sept 8 10.30 am - 5.30 pm (except Mondays) Sundays 12 noon - 4 pm Admission: 50p (30p) at the gallery

369 GALLERY Venue 38-369 GALLERY. 233 Cowgate

TANDANYA —ABORIGINAL CULTURAL INSTITUTE Venue 151-GALERIE LA BELLE ANGELE, 11 Hastie: Tandanya Contemporary Art 'South to North' Tandanya iSouth s an Aboriginal Adelaide, Australia,multi-arts close to complex the Riverin Murray. To the North are the vast arid lands Australia’s leading artists work from a 40,000where year tradition. Continuing thequalities visual journey to ‘the top end’ further unique abound. Tandanyaforrepresents a contemporary cultural awareness all Australian Aboriginal works. Aug 12 - Sept 1 10 am - 9 pm Admission Free Sponsored by Qantas See main listing in programme. THREE FRIENDS SHOW Venue 154-IVIORAY HOUSE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Staff Dining Room, High Street J11 THREE FRIENDS SHOW This exhibition gives three friends, Patrick Gibbs, Carol Semple and Alison Scott the first opportunity to show together. Their work ranges from figurative paintings to abstract wood compositions in various media covering oil, acrylic, wood and hand-made paper. Aug 13 - Aug 25 (except Sundays) 10 am - 5 pm

WEST END CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR Venue 127-ST JOHN'S CHURCH, 3 Lothian Road (corner of Princes Street) H6 THE WEST END CRAFT AND DESIGN FAIR Set in the grounds of one of the Fringe’s liveliest venues, you can wander in and explore as often as you like. The latest in contemporary craft and design work is on display: the 50 exhibitors change every Monday and Thursday. Aug 6 - Sept 1 11 am - 6 pm (Closed Sundays) Admission Free

J9 CROSSING THE LINE: NEW WORK BY CAROLINE McNAIRN Carolinecombines McNairn’sboldexhibition ofwithnewa work colour which powerful figurative element, is always imbued a sense of place. other two gallerywithexhibitions on at The the 369 Gallery ofStudio Artists and a large exhibition Scottish who regularly exhibitworkwithby the gallery.artists Aug 4 - Sept 22 Mon - Sat 10.30 am - 5.30 pm Admission Free

The sponsorship of the 1990 Fringe Programme by Kwik-Fit has been recognised by an award under the Government's Business Incentive Scheme, which is administered by the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts.

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VENUE INDEX ■ This is a listing of Venues by Name. Under each name you will find the Venue Number, the address, phone number for tickets and messages, i. buses, food and drink details, and information about access for disabled people. A list of all the performers appearing at that venue is also j given. Look under the group's main listing in the Programme for full details. Key to Disabled Information The information is in the following order: Entrance: (a) distance in yards from road (b) number of steps at entrance (c) Style of steps (Str=straight, Sp=spiral). |] HR=handrail. Landings or platforms big enough to take a wheelchair are indicated 1 + 1 + 3 (d) Lifts and handrails are only noted if present. Auditorium: (a) distance in yards from entrance to nearest seats (b) number of steps and style. WC (water closet): W=women, M=men. Level at which WC is located is j = indicated with a WC at the relevant floor. Door width is given only if less than 26". Example: Gilded Balloon: Ent 2yd Flat. I (This means that the entrance is 2 yards from the side of the road. The entrance area is flat.) Example: Aud: 20yd 4 Str HR WC ( + 1 25"). (This means that the auditorium is 20 yards from the entrance. 4 steps (all straight) with Handrail. WC (up 1 step 25" wide). If possible, phone the Venue beforehand if you need assistance. Further information from Venue or Fringe Office (226 5259). A useful guide is "Edinburgh + and Lothian for the Disabled" available from Disability Scotland, Princes House, 5 Shandwick Place, EH2 3RG. Phone 031-229 8632. The Fringe Society is indebted to Artlink for their assistance in compiling the information on access for the disabled. Artlink: 031-557 3490 could also help with other venues outside the Fringe. | Our thanks to Margo O'Loan at Lothian Regional Bus Line for her assistance in compiling the bus information. The bus information is only a rough guide to buses that either pass by the door or near the venue. For further assistance please phone: Eastern Scottish i| 031-556 8464 or Lothian Bus Line 031-225 3858. — Bedlam 225 Theatre, 2 (Messages Forrest Road.225 9873) Venue 49L8 Brunton Theatre, Bridge St., Musselburgh. Venue 95 ACG Studio, St.YorkPaul’s & St. George's Venue F10 114 Tickets Church Hall, Place 9893 Tickets H13 Outer Buses: 2/12, 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47 (off at Tickets 558 1157 Buses: 15,665131,26,2240 43, Messages 44, 85, 86,665x66,371175, E.Scottish 44, ||If GeorgeandIVdrink: Bridge).Snacks all day. Buses: 2/12, 4, 4A, 8,C2,11, C5,15-17,C16,19,C50,20, 44,22, 66,25, 106, 39, Food 66, 129, 141. 42-46, 65, E.Scottish Food and drink: Licensed bar, refreshments at time Disabled: 3yd 2 + 3 Str WC ( + 2). Aud: 30yd 2 + 5 Disabled: 124/5, Disabled: performanceEnt:only.10yd 6 Str HR (Ramp available). Aud:of |ii!: Str.BEDLAM Ent: A.C.G. 129. PRODUCTI ONS Ent: 22 yd rear level. THEATRE FLYI N G DUCKS THEATRE COMPANY 20 StrTHEATRE HR. WCCOMPANY adapted. HARBINAGERTES THEATRE - HOT TEA AND CLAIRE CHAPMAN 20ydESKMOUTH Acoustic MusicSt.Centre, Chambers St House, Venue K925 ASSOCI LTD. - SFACDVENTURES 16InfoChambers Buster Brown' s , 27 Market Street. Venue H960 Vi 2203,2462. Blow Up at Abbotsford, 22621,4224 Buses: 5,C3,7,C11,8, 14,64/65, 21, 31,70, 33,79, 51,80, 69,86, 80-82, 89, Tir+Ptc 18 Morningside Rd. Abbotsford Lodge, Venue 1^384 Tickets E.Scottish 88. Buses: 3, 26, 30, 31, 33, 80-88 (not 84), E.Scottish 1 447 1199 Food and drink: Cafe,3ydLicensed day. Buses: 5/51, 11, 15, 16, 23, C1/C11, 38, 41, 41A. C55, and 64/65,drink:70,Licensed 79, 80, 86, 88. Disabled: Ent: 2ydRestaurant, 2spaces Str. Aud: Flat. WCBar(Wallto23", bar.10yd Food and drink: Restaurant, Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. Food M25"). Wheelchair provided and access 2nd Disabled: Ent: 2yd 2. Aud: Flat WC (Adapted at; Disabled: Details not available. floorACOUSTI if advanceCnotice hrs if possible. CityBABLAKE Arts Centre across road). ABBOTSFORD - BLOW- EXACTI UP-SOUTHAMPTON CENTREgiven, - APU I24--CATCHPOLE THEATRETHEATRE CO. S -COMPANYI CRUMPETA THEATRE UNIBLOW VERSIUPTY-AT-FOADBOOKER G THEATRE FAIR FRIDCAY-MUSITOBI - SLAP TELLINCOMPANY G TALES -PRODUCTI GONEATONFIBUSTER SHIGUIN'GNOLBROWN' THEATRE JOHN- COMPANY; MCNIVEN COMPANY THEATREBY- BUNBURY COMPANYEREBUS-A - LITTLENFESTI RED RIALDINOFG COMPANY AS -&WHITICPKLE LASH THEATRE ET-CIJOHN E - HAFREN THEATRE HARSTON HOOD AND HER CABARET THEATRE V HARMONI T ES STEEL BAND PEEL PUPPETS - THEATRE 92, CANADI A N PLAYS UNCLE BURGESS Across The Mersey Theatre. Rifle Lodge Venue 101 ^ I, . I M . 32a Broughton St.Messages 334 7532 / 556 4334HO Blue Moon 556 Cafe.2788) 60 Broughton Street. VenueF1035 Cafe Coste, 3 Robertson Close, Cowgate. Venue 31■ Tickets 557 1785 (Messages 55734/35 6849.(off High St), 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, JlOjbtS Buses: 2/12,E. 4,Scottish 4A, 8, C2,11, C5, 15-17,C16,19,C50,20, 44,22, 66,25,106, 39, Buses: 2/12,C5,8, 11,C16.15, 16, 17, 19, 22/25, 39, 42-46, 65, Tickets Buses: 1/6, 42-46, 65, E. Scottish 45-47and(off at George IV Bridge). and drink: CafeFlat, all day.5 Str HR. Help available on Food 124/125, 129. Food and drink: Licensed Bar, Snacks at Food drink: Restaurant, Cafe, Licensed Bar all day. time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: 3yd Disabled: +4 Str. Aud: WC. Disabled: Ent: 2yd StrW) WC (M) Aud: 22yd 13 + 13 Str request. JAZZ CAFEEnt:JJAZZ3ydMANAGEMENT HRACROSS WC ( +THE 14 +MERSEY 14+92 THEATRE BLUE MOON CAFE APU THE ATTI C K THEATRE — Blue Oyster Club, 96 Rose Street Lane N. Venue 86 TOURI - CLYDE TY THEATRE- GREEN - CUNNIDOORNG Calton Centre, 121 Montgomery Street. VenueG13 119 le LINGUINSGTS COMPANY --OOGOUTRUFF THEATRESOCIUNIECOMPANY G7 Tickets ON PAROLE AnyDetails to Princes St. or George St. Buses: 7,661drink: 10,9121. 11,Cafe 2/12,until14,4pm. 16, 22,Refreshments 25, 87, C3,atC16. j -REHEARSALS TIMBER STREET THEATRE COMPANYTY - RATTLE BAG THEATRE Buses: Disabled: not available Food and time THE ALMIGHTY STORK - BETWEEN THE LINES performanceLoweronly.Hall. Ent: 4yd 19 Str HR. Aud: 6 IStrof 1j Adam House Theatre, 5 Chambers Street. Venue 34 Disabled: Resource Centre, VenueB1348 Ent: HR. Hall +toilet inaccessible to wheelchairs. Hall. 5J / Tickets J9 Bonnington 200 Bonnington Road. 1 1/2accessible yd ramped Str HR). Aud: 5yd. WCUpper Adapted. Buses: 3,2255,C3,3744 7,C11,8, 14,64/65, 21, 31,70, 33,79, 51,80, 69,86, 80-82, 555 0961. Messages 555at Pilrig). 0920 Totally to (7wheelchairs. E.Scottish 88. only.89, Tickets Buses: 34/35, 89 or 11, 14 (off Food and drink: Coffee at time of performance GAY YOUTH MANCHESTER PERFORMANCE THEATRE CD Refreshments at time of performance Disabled: Ent: 3 yd 3 Str. Aud: 5 yd Lift 10 yd Flat. WC Food SCOTT SIMON THE STORYTELLER'S BIG THEATRE FOR LITHAL TLE 1 only. and drink: in basement. PEOPLE-COMPANY Disabled: Ent: 12yd ramped front & back. Aud: 16 Str McEWAN’ S SPECI A LS BRI N YLON FI V E EDI N BURGH GRADUATE HR.ALABASTER Lift. WCPENGUI adapted. THEATRE GROUP THE EDI N BURGH UNI V ERSI T Y FOOTLI G HTS Calton Studios, 24-26 Calton Road Venue 71 N MYSTERY THEATRE LESCALIFORNI ESCOGRI A FFES - PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY, MALIBU, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Buses: 26,55685,7066 86 (off at GPO in Princes St), 1/6 (offH11at I, / Venue 115L2 Tickets University, 20 Polwarth Cres. Canongate) Assembly226Rooms, 54(Messages George Street. Food and drink: Licensed all day.Flat WC. Info 22910,7220 Tickets 2428Street: 5992) 20, Venue G73 Buses: 27, 2yd, 38. 2 Str. Aud: 3yd WC. Disabled: Ent: 4ydTHEATRE Flat. WORKSHOP Aud:bar 2yd Buses: George 13, 18,226 19/39, 22/25, Disabled: Ent: ABRACADABRA FOR CHILDREN - DOO' E.Scottish C2, 79, 129. 28/29 (off at Frederick St). 23, BRAHMA KUMARIS THEATRE - EXECUTI VE-THEATRE FREEW-A J 27, 40/41, 42/46, atday.Hanover St). Food and ASSOCI ATICOMPANY OABSURD N THEATRE COMPANY THE KEN.COMPANY B. EXPERIE--NCESCAT drink: Cafe,Wildman Licensed45Room: Bar(offall5yd Bristo Square Piazza, Teviot Row, Venue 12 NATI O NAL SOAPBOX QMW THEATRE COMPANY Disabled: Flat. Edinburgh Suite: Club or 5259. (BUTTONS SANDWELL COMMUNITY ARTS THEATRE) - THE SNOOZE L9 Enter by side lane WC. byInfoFringe Ballroom: 6 + 1230yd + 7 StrAud:Room: HR20yd WC35yd(W7 StrFlat 22").HR.+7.Music Buses:226 2/12,5257 23, Cafe 24, 27,and40-42, 46.bars, restaurant all HallAMERI as forCAN30yd Ballroom. Supper Food and drink: licensed FESTI V AL THEATRE ASSEMBLY ROOMS ARNOLD The Theatre, Canongate, Venuejiiff5 BROWN - JULI- SIANMONCLARYFANSHAWE’ - COMEDY STORENESPLAYERS THE day. RoyalCanongate Mile. Disabled: CharlesFESTIStreet FAINEWRERMISAX SHARDY HEADLI -HOLLERBACH DAVID -GLASS 556 3147. THE FRINGE68ydCLUBFlat- Afrom MR. BOOM) VAL FRINGE PRODUCTION Tickets M E ENSEMBLE JEREMY & KI T Buses: 45,1/6, 4634,(off35George (off HighIV Bridge). Street) 23, 24, 27-29,. HATTI DGE &-JACKDENIDEES LEARY - HULL-TRUCK Broughton HighHoad.School Theatre, Venue 69 40-42, -DILOIEMMA LELIHAYRI E -KEANE MARKTHEATRE LITTLE'SCOMPANY Food and drink: Cafe and licensed all day.60yd 4 + 5/1 1 Carrington C3 LOVETT - THETHEATRE MAPAPA ACROBATS -ATOMI SPIKCE Buses: Disabled: Ent: 100yd 3+4 + 5 + 1 Str.bar Aud: 28, 29, 30, 39, 80, 81. MISHOW LLIGAN- TOM - NORMAN NATIROBIONALNSON STUDENT COMPANY PEOPLE HR. (Easier access byNG side door). Food and drink: Tea and coffee at time of performance StrASPECTS - ROUGH OMAGI CAMERI THEATRE COMPANY THEATRE/ T OURI COMPANY AUSTRALIAN MAIE DUD) only. (THEATRE IRELAND) -- THE SANDPISNARLI PER NPRODUCTI NS / C AN FESTI V AL PRODUCTI -THETHEDURHAM CANONGATEREVUETHEATRE Ent: ramped Carrington Rd entrance. Aud:10 ES THEATRE CO. - SOP Disabled: PARTI PRISO-NS- JONATHAN -NEWTHE-WRILA15 NCOMPAGNI AMP THEATRE: yd.QUIWCNQUEREME adapted 4 Str HR. PRODUCTI SWEENEYINGSTIANDBEASTI COMPANY KAY THE PRODUCTI O NSM AI N SPONSOR ANGUS DI S TRI C T INTERNATIOONSNAL-THEATRE TUTESTEEN - JIMMY TINGLE COMPANY - THE RIDGE THEATRE COMPANY - STRIKLENES THEATRE THEATRE COUNCIL

Carrubbers 65 High St. VenueH1078 Tickets 556Christian 2626. or 3,Centre, Buses: 1/6, 34/35 5, 7, 14, 21,79,31,80-88 33, 51,(off69,at 80-83, E.Scottish C3, C11,8,64/65, Bridges)and89,drink: Food Refreshments at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: 20yd Chalmers Close side door for wheelchairs. WC unadapted. CARRUBBERSAlCHRIl oneSTIAlevel. N CENTRE Cathedral Church ofPlace St. Mary. & Chapter Venue H391 House, Palmerston Tickets, seeorindividual groups. Buses: 13 Haymarket: 2/12,100, 3, 4,E.Scottish 21, 22/25,C5,26,C50,31, 33, 34/35, 43/44, 65, 85/86, C55. Food and drink: (Chapter House only) Refreshments, Snacks atEnt: time3ydof performance. Disabled: 1. Aud:- 4yd Flat WC. ARGONOI Z ZA ENSEMBLE RI C HARD DEMARCO GALLERY SIMOVINFONINGA VISIONS DANCE THEATRE - QUERN - SCOTTISH Celtic Lodge, Brodie's Close, Lawnmarket. VenueJ86 Tickets 22534/35 7097 Buses: 1/6, or 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47 (to George IV Bridge). Disabled: Ent: 60yd Flat WC (25"). Aud: 80yd 2+13+8 StrTHEHR.BROKEN SEAL THEATRE THE CAMBRI DGE FOOTLI GHTS -COMPANY THE DURHAM REVUE -THEATRE ECLICOPSE-GROUP THEATRE -NATI FELSTED - -MORLEY -PRODUCTI ONALONSTHEATRE HEALTH THEATRE CO CHRI S ORAM PORTABLE POW THEATRE - QUI-RKSTRUCK - SPIKEDOFFHONEY COMPANY THEATRE - SMUG CAT THEATRE AND DITHEATRE E - THREADBARE COMPANY Central Hall,229West7937) Tollcross. Venue 100 (Messages Buses: 1/6,10,11, 15-18, 23, 27, 34/35, E. Scottish Cl,K5 C11, C16, 23. Food and drink:2ydTea2+7+6 and coffee at evening intervals Disabled: Str HR. Aud: 100yd 8+8only. Str HRNATIWCONAL( +Ent:5ASSOCI 25").ATION OF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS Chaplaincy Centre, Bristo Square, Venue L923 (near Fringe Club) Buses: 2/12, 23,33,24,69,27,80-87, 40-42,89 (off 45-47at Surgeons (off at Forrest Rd). 2, 3, 8, 31, Disabled: DOWNSTAIRS-Ent: Aud: Hall). 20yd Flat WC.Str UPSTAIRS-Ent: 30yd40yd Flat Flat. WC. Aud: 30yd 11+11 HR. DOWNSTAI RFROM S: - NITHECHOLS,ABRAXAS GROUP -- AKIACTSISODA- DANCE MUSI C THEATRE BUFFALO - KUMU-& KAHUAOSNEY COMPANY - COMPANY THE MIUSANOTAUR MUSIC THEATRE THE MEAD THEATRE THEATRE EREBUS-A FESTIRVS:AL-OFTHECANADI AN PLAYS UPSTAI CAMBRI DGE -BATSFIRST- TICHANGEI NSPEAKCOMPANY - THE CRACKED ACTORS' E-THEATRE -THEATRE THE FRICOMPANY GIDAIRESCOMPANY -THEORIROSE GINALTHEATRE SINNERSMCOMPANY THE PARK BENCH TUMBREL THEATRE COMPANY Church Hill Theatre, Morningside Road. Venue N346 (Messages Buses: 5/51,44711, 7597) 15-17, 23, 38, 41, 41A, E. Scottish Cl, C11, C16. Food and drink: Tea 3andStrcoffee at time of performanca Disabled: Ent: 6yd HR8 + 1WCStr (W 22"). Aud: 30yd 13+10+3 WCC(ME DRAMATI EDINBURGHStrCIVHRIL SERVI C SOCI21").ETY Circus Burlesque Big Top, The Meadows Venue 116 Tickets, individual groups. Buses: 18,45see24, 40,at Royal 41 (off at Melville Dr), 2/12, 23, M8 27, 28/29, ( off Infirmary). Food and drink: Refreshments, snacks at time of performance only. Disabled: Good preferred). access, wheelchair spaces available (advance notice CIRCUS BURLESQUE - FAT AND FRANTIC Cluny Church Centre,(Messages 1 Cluny Drive6745) Venue P252 Tickets 447 0015. Buses: C1/C11, 5/51, 11, 15-17, 447 23,snacks 38, 41,available 41A. from Food and drink: Refreshments, 1pm. Disabled: Str HR WC.Ent: 10yd Flat. Aud: 2yd Flat WC7+8+7+5 NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY Cluny Church Hall,(Messages Cluny Gardens Venue 54 Tickets 447 0015 44723, 6745) Buses: C1/C11, 5/51, 211,Str.15-17, 38,WC41,(20"). 41A. P2 Disabled: Ent: 40yd Aud: 3yd NATIONAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY The Room, 2 Picardy Place, VenueG1067 top ofComedy Leith Walk. Tickets 5565/51,0499.7-11, 14-17, 22/25, 34/35, 42-47, 65, Buses: 4, 87,124/125, E.Scottish C5, C16,C50, C55, 44/66, 106, 129. C3, Food and drink: Licensed refreshments. Disabled: Ent: 2yd Flat. Aud:bar, 15yd 20 Str HR WC. BLIONENDLUMP FAITHOR-TWO? MINOR-COMPLI REDS CATIONS - THE COMEDY ROOM -

Richard Demarco Gallery, Venuejiq22 17-21 Blackfriars Street. Tickets 557 0707. Buses: 1/6, Ent: 34/352yd(off 2at High Disabled: Wc. Street). Aud: Inaccessible to wheelchairs. RIPLAYERS CHARD DEMARCO GALLERY - THE PRESTO PACK - THE WILDE Attractions. Riddles Court, Venue 11 offDiverse Lawnmarket Tickets 225High8961Street 1/6, 34/35 or 23, 24, 27-29, 40,jg Buses: To 41,Food41A,and42,drink:45-47 (toallGeorge IV Bridge). day. 25yd Disabled: Ent:CONNEXI 3ydCafeFlat. Aud: Flat. S - DIVERSE AMERI C AN O N BRAHMA ATTRACTIONS - WITS END COMMUNITY KUMARI THEATRE Edin. College of ArtfParadox at the Venue K773 Wee Red Bar, Lauriston PI. (College: Messages Wee Red Bar: tix 229 1003. 9311) 1/6, 10, 11, 15-18, 23, 24, 27, 28/29, 34/35.229 Buses: Food and drink: College: all day. Wee Red Bar: Cafe, licensed bar all2Refreshments day Disabled: College: Aud: flights. Wee Red Bar: Details notCOLLEGE available. OF(SANART:OIE-GO)CORPUS THEATRESGROUP - ENSEMBLE THEATRE STTHEATRE ANDREW' ERSI MERMAI-ARTS DCOL SWEE RED BAR: - BESET-DANCE CO:UNI--VMUMBLES DAVETYCOHEN ELLI O TT GESTURES COMPANY THEATRE NATI O NAL STUDENT THEATRE COMPANY PARADOX AT THE WEE RED BAR - WAGGLEDAGGER THEATRE COMPANY Edinburgh Playhouse Studio, VenueGil59 18-22 Greenside PI. &groups. Tickets, see individual Buses: 4, 5/51, 7-11, 34/35, 42-47,106, 65, 87, E. Scottish C3, and C5,14-17,drink: C16,22/25, C50, C55,bar44/66, 124/125, 129. 3yd Food Licensed and cafe. Disabled: Ent: 3 Str. Main Aud: Circle at street level, stalls down 3 flights. Flat(NileWC.Club) by ticket office. StudioEntrance 30yd 12+12 Str HRAHH-THOSE WC.Aud: MainGIRLS17yd- THE BRAI N CLUB OF LONDON - THECUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. MARI A MALI B RAN NICOMPANY CARAGUA SOLIDARITHETY FRICAMPAI - THEA -NIGHTIPORTRAI NGALET NGE OFGN HYSTERI PRODUCTIONS- -ONVOYAGERS Society of Musicians, Venue 944 3Edinburgh Belford13.Road. G Buses: Food and drink: Licensed bar, refreshments at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent 2 yd Flat. Aud: 26 Str+3Str HR. WC unadapted. CHOPINIANAInaccessible for wheelchairs. Edinburgh Fine Art Dept., Venue 103L8 19 George2/12University Squara Buses: orDisabled: 23, 24, 27,Ent:28/29, 45-47 (offHR.at Forrest Rd). 3yd + 640-42, Str, lyd+IStr Aud:GARDEN 6yd. HIWCSTORYunadapted. SOCIETY 25TH ANNIVERSARY Epworth Halls, 25 Nicoison Square. Venue 63L9 Buses: 2, 3, 5, 7,C3,8,C11,64/65, 14, 21, 31, 70,33, 79,51, 69, 80-83, 89, E. Scottish 80, 86, 88. 87, Food and drink: Tea Str. andAud: coffee25ydat time of4+7performance. Disabled: Ent: 10yd 12 + Str HR WC (25")EDINBURGH RENAISSANCE BAND Festival 220 Club. 9-15 Chambers Street. Venue K936 Tickets 22651,5639) Buses: 3,C3,5, 0539. 7,C11,8, 64/65, 14,(Messages 21, 70, 31, 33, 69, 80-82, 89, E Scottish 79, 80, 86, 88. Food Refreshments, cafe, restaurant and bar alDisabled: l day.and drink: Ent:adapted. 4yd 3 Str. WC in13yd. basement lift (M 23" W ABC 25")ANGEL fully LiftFARCE 30"via-wide. COAST- ARTICUTAud: STSBACK- BRUTE CAMBRI MEDI C AL REVUE THEATRE WI T H ELIDGGEHT PRODUCTI ONS- HULUPPU - THE FESTI VALTHEATRE CLUB -- IFOSSI CLIK MWORKS VALLEY FUMBLERS TREE N DI R ECT THEATRE COMPANYPRODUCTI - INOSINSDE- LEGOXFORDTHEATRE MORNING AFTER COLLEGECOMPANY PLAYERS -SOUNDI TANGO NTIGEMPOSYNCOPATED - STOMPING FEET THEATRE CO. Fringe Row, Bristo Sq.667 2091 VenueL82 Info Day:Club, 226orTeviot 5257 Buses: 2/12 23, 24,or27,9. Night: 28/29, 40-42, 45-47 (off at Forrest Road). Food and drink: Cafeaccess and licensed restaurant. Disabled: Nearest from bars, rear.Hall). Kitchen50ydlift available get to HRtopWCfloor(W(Cabaret 7Sp+ 1HR+ 225"). Strto partial +18 Sp HR 25"Ent:floors. M +25 Aud: numerous stairs and several BBC RADI O LIFARM GHT ENTERTAI NFRIMENTNGE-CLUB BBC RADI O SCOTLAND -THE FUNNY THE THE SPOOKS ISWINDEPENDENT L - CRAIONALG MCMURDO NG THANG -THEATRE SAXTETCOUNCI - INTERNATI THEATRE INSTIIN TTHAT UTE

Galerie La Belle Venue 151J9 11 Nasties Close,Angele, Cowgate. Info 2251/6,2774. Buses: 34/35 (off at High St), 23, 24, 40-42, 45-47 (off at George IV Bridge). 27-29, Disabled: TANDANYA:Details ABORIGnotINALavailable CULTURAL INSTITUTE George Square Theatre, George Square. Venue 37 Tickets 667 3704 Buses: 2/12 or 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47 (offM9at Forrest Rd). Food and From drink:Buccleuch Cafe, licensed Disabled: Placebarandallrearday.of theatre.(Front Ent: 3yd Flat. Aud: 55ydfrom15+16+3+16+3StrHRWC entrance 300yd road, up toA BRASS first floor) ACT ONE-SCENE ONE CALEDONI GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE COMPANY - KIT-ANDRUPERT THE WIPARKER DOW --THEHULLNATITRUCK ONAL THEATRE YOUTH MUSI C THEATRE PRODUCTI-ONSTRESTLE LTD THEATRE COMPANY - TRICK & TREAT The Balloon Theatre 8i Studio, Venue jg38 233 Gilded Cowgate. Tickets 226 2151 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 at HighIV Bridge). St), 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42,and45-47 ( offCafeat(offand George Food drink: licensed bar all WC day. (W + M). Disabled: Studio: Ent: 2yd Flat. Aud: Theatre: Ent: 1yd Flat. Aud: 12ydJAMES Flat10ydWC (W + -M).THE JOCAMBRIBRAND, PATRI C K MARBER, MACABRE DPOCKETS GE FOOTLIANDGHTSGREG - KEVIFLEET N DAY- &FREEFALL JOHN MOLONEY EMPTY THEATRE COMPANY--MARK FRIENDS OFA.THEK.A. FAMOUS -MONSTER GIJIVLDED BALLOON THEATRE HURST MI W URDZ I N G LILYNAM NDY HOPPERS KEATON --LUNCHBOX - ROHAN- -BEN McCULLOUGH A ONE NI-THEATRE GHTSPONTANEOUS STAND- CHRI WITHS SEAN HUGHES MARGOT SESSIONS COMBUSTI ON --STAND- MARK STEEL - SWEENEY AND STEENJENNY THIRRTYU-P CANADA SOMEHOW-JULIE CALLOUS, ECLAI U.S.A. COMEDY TODAYBALLOO, MARIA The Grassmarket Mission, Venue jy21 The Grassmarket. Buses: 2/12 (off at Grassmarket), 1/6, 34/35 (off atat High 23, 24, 27-29 ,40-42, 45, 46 (off GeorgeStreet), IVDetails Bridge) Disabled: not available THE GRASSMARKET PROJECT Greyfriars Kirk,Row.Greyfriars Place, Venue 131 Candlemaker Buses: 2/12, 23, 24, 27, 28/29, 40-42, 45-47 (offk8at Forrest Road). Disabled: andARS toilets. BRANDONFlatTHEATRE HILLaccess SINCOMPANY GERSto -Church GREYFRI MUSI STUDENT - PHILOMUSI CA OFC EDI- NNATI BURGHONAL Greyfriars225Kirk3626House, Candlemaker Row. Venue K828 Tickets Buses: 2/12, 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47 (off at ForrestandRd). Food drink:2ydRestaurant, cafeHR.all day. Disabled: partial Aud: 7yd Flat WC (WALMOST 22" MEnt: +22 StrNG22THEATRE 6ydStr22"). MANAGI COMPANY -THEBITEBBI RMINGHAM YOUTH WORKSHOP COGNI T O, ROSS AND TS - IVREPORDEMBINAARSAND- THESIMONHOXTON BLIGHFIR-M THE- JOHNNY FOLK ORCHESTRA GREYFRI I M MATERI LEDDI E IZZARD - EARL- OKITHEATRE N - OWENCADDIO'NSEI-LL THEATRE - OUT TOAPLAY THEATRE GRENOUILLECOMPANY - THIS WAY UP PRODUCTI ONS - WPI MASQUEOE LA Harry Younger Hall, Lochend Close, VenueH1213 Canongate Buses: 1/6, 34,(off35George (off HighIV Street) or 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47 Bridge). Disabled: Lochend Close: Ent: 2yd 1. Aud: 3yd 4 Str WCGLASGOW (W +via2ARTS20"). CENTRECOLLEGE - ROYALOFSCOTTI AND DRAMA - WELSH MUSISCHANDACADEMY DRAMAOF MUSIC Hil Street225Theatre, 19 Hill Street. Venue G741 Tickets Buses: 2, 3, 7294 5, 7,C3,8,(Messages 14, 21, 31,55770,33,4672) 51, 80, 69, 86, 80-83,88. 87, 89, E. Scottish C11,64/65, 79, Food and drink: Cafe andAud:licensed barfloor all day. Disabled: Ent:HR 2yd second25" Str HR. Aud: third WC Flat. (W first floor M second floor 25").ABBIfloor E PRODUCTI O NS AB OVO THEATRE COMPANY -CO.BAYNARO THEATRE COMPANY THE BI G RED BALLOON THEATRE BOBBOYTON S-T -THELESLIELEVENTH HOUR DANCE MUSIC -THEATRE GROUP FLODKVI E FRIEHOUSE: DMAN GLANCE ASKANCE THEATRE CO. GUSTO NEW YORK HI L L STREET THEATRE LIFE AFTER- BRETTON? - -THEMONOGONI LOVELY EPLAYS PROMOTIPANI ON- CONCERN MELPOMENE SJOHNNY SCIENCE FICTIO-N THE THEATRE TRICOMPANY O LUGO -C -TRITHESTRAM SHANDY WILOCHIOF LILOVERPOOL THEATRE107

The Hillside Gallery, 6 Hillside Street. VenueF1388 Tickets Buses: 4,556Ent: 5, 6440. 15, 43, 44. No WC. Disabled: yd IStr. THE SPLINTER 3GROUP Holy Corner Centre, 15 Morningside Road. Venue 113 N3 Buses:and5/51,drink:11, Tea15, and 16, 23, C1/C11. Food coffee at time Aud: of performance. Disabled: Ent: 10yd Flat WC adapted. 10yd flat. O.M.D.C. {DAVIDSON'S MAINS DRAMATIC CLUB) Holyrood Park, orfoot5259 of the Royal Mila Info 2261/6,5257 L13 Buses: 24, 61 Food and drink: Snacks andparking/drop refreshmentsoff allavailable. day. Disabled: Open air venue, FRINGE SUNDAY IN ASSOCIATION WITH 'THE OBSERVER' Inchcolm Firth of Forth, Venue byTickets South557Island, Queensferry. F3 Outer87 0707. Buses: Any bus to South Queensferry or to Fife (off at S. Queensferry). Disabled: available RICHARD Details DEMARCOnotGALLERY Inverleith Church Hall, Ferry Road Venue 120 40 Inverleith A6 Buses: 1/6,drink: 8, Gardens, 14,Tea19/39, 23, 27.at time of performance. Food and and coffee Disabled: Details not available. FORTH CHILDRENS THEATRE Inverleith Park Tennis Courts, Venue 125C6 Arboretum Buses: 8, Details 19,Place. 23, not27. available Disabled: CLOWN JEWELS James Gillespie School, Lauderdale Street. Venue N5S3 Tickets 785852 Buses: 15,083618,drink: 40, Refreshments, 41. Food and snacks at time of performance only. Disabled: Ent: ramped 100ydsbuilding. + 1. Aud: 4yd, 5Str+5Str HR.STAGE Adapted WC separate 84 Leith Academy, 6 Duke Street, Leith. Venue 112 Buses: 1/6, 2/12,at32/52, 34/35, 87, 89 or C37,C130uter 10, 16, 17, 22, 25 (off Leith Walk). Disabled: 11yd O5NSStr. Aud: 11yd WC (W). PHANTOMEnt:PRODUCTI Loretto Theatre, Loretto Upper School, G13 VenueOuter47 Musselburgh. (Messages 06243,08144,218)85, 86, x66, 75, E.Scottish Buses: 15, 26, 66, 129, 141.Licensed bar at time of performance.44, Food and131, drink: Disabled: Ent: from Mil Hil 2yd 3+4 Str 8yd. Aud: WC (atPAGEANT entrancePLAYERS 26"). The Club. Network 2, Venue 75L5 WestMambo Tollcross. Tickets 22811,3252. (Messages 22945, 0469) Buses: 10, 15-18, 23, 24, 21, 47, E. Scottish C11, C16.and drink: Licensed bar, snacks at time Cl,of Food performance only.not available Disabled: THE MAMBODetails CLUB Marco' Leisure Centre (Tic Toe), Venue J498 51Tickets Groves229 Street 8830 Buses:and1/6,drink: 30, 34/35. Food Cafe,Flat.licensed and snacks day.2 Disabled: 50ydbar(20yd by FireallDoor) StrTHEHR ABSOLUTE WCEnt:(W2ydMBANANA 20").Aud: THEATRE COMPANY ARRI V EDERCI BALHAM PRODUCTI ONS H-EADBUTT ATTILA THE- THESTOCKBROKER, JOHNNG OTWAY & RONNI BADTHEATRE HOUSEKEEPI THEATRE CO.FOOTLI -E CARYLCAMBRI D-GE CARRY EXPERIMONENTAL -MOND THE CAMBRI D GE G HTS PSYCHO DI A STAGE PRODUCTI O-NS FREEFALL LTD - EAGLETHEATRE MOUNTAICOMPANY N PRODUCTI-ONSTHEBRETT FANCY GOREMUCHECHE COMPANY - HERRICOMPANY CK THEATRE- LUMI - ROBEREIN&GLISON SLIP SERVICOMPANY CE - LOST THEATRE THEATRE - -MANDELA THEATRE COMPANY - MI-NPID ATHENO GAPf I P SWI C H SCHOOL NEWSREVUE ' 9 0 OPEN STAGE CICOMEDY RCUS -ASSOCI RACK A&TESRUI-N -ROUGH REACTI& OREADY N THEATRE THEATRE- RENAI CO. -SSANCE LINDA SMI TH & THEATRE HENRY NORMAL - TI-C VITOCTAL THEATRE COMPANY UPFRONT COMPANY THEATRE WESTERN-UNIYELLOW ON -DOTWHITHEATRE PLASH THEATRE COMPANY WI C KED THEATRE COMPANY Merchiston Castle1567) School, Colinton Road. Venue (Messages 441 KlOuter66 Buses:and10,drink: 10A Refreshments at time of performance Food only. Disabled: Easy access for wheelchairs. No disabled STRANGEWAYS ROOFTOP PLAYERS 108

Moray House Theatre, Canongate, Venuejn61 Royal Mile Buses: 1/6 (off at Canongate). 3, 5/51, 7, 8, 14, 21, 70,31, 33, C3, Food C11, 64/65, 79, 34/35, 80, tea 86,69,and 88 80-83. (off at E.Scottish North Bridge) and drink: Snacks, coffee at time of performance. Disabled: 30yd Flat. Aud: 101yd 3+9 + 9 + 2 Str HR WCBORDERLI (25").Ent: NE THEATRE COMPANY LTD. Moray HouseRoad. Union Theatre, Venue ji2 108 37 Holyrood Tickets 55624.5184 (Messages 557 5091) Buses: 1/6, Food and drink: Licensed and refreshments all day. Disabled: Details notHOLLYWOODAZE available. ALGONQUI NI(TCESALIF&ORNI - AMERISCESAN -THEATRE VENTURES A ) ANGEL ENTERPRI ANTON BROTHER - BELFRY- REPERTORY COMPANY DISKIONN MIORCHESTRA ME THEATRE HI P HI P GOLI A TH -- BERGER LONDON- &PIFUSI MORAY HOUSE UNI O N THEATRE LGRILLESM THEATRE THE UNLI K ELY THEATER COMPANY VERSAI TOWNE & COUNTRY PLAYERS Murrayfield Parish Church Hall, Venue 104 Ormidale2/12,Terrace. H1 16-18, Outer Buses: 26, 31, 69, 85, 86, 100, E.Scottish 37, 80,and86,drink: 88. Refreshments at time of performance Food only. Disabled: Ent: THE MAKARS 3yd HR. Aud: 3yd WC. The Netherbow, 43 High Street.556 2647) VenueH1030 Tickets Buses: 1/6556or9579 3,C3,5, 7,(Messages 21, 31, 70,33, 79,51, 80, 69, 80-82, 87, 89, E. Scottish C11,14,64/65, 86, 88 (off at Bridges). Food and drink: Restaurant, snacks, tea and coffee all day. Disabled: E.n\ 10yd8+1 Str HR. Aud: 5yd 1 StrWC( + 3 25").A&BC THEATRE COMPANY TRAIN-INGOXYGEN THEATREHOUSE - THEGHOST OFTHEATRE JOE SEPPI - THE- CYGNET NETHERBOW VOLCANO The Centre,Nottinghamshire Davie St. Venue, Theatre Arts Venuelic>16 Tickets 6673, 2388 Buses: 2, 5, 8, 14, 21,70, 31,79,33,80,51, 86,69, 8880-83,(off87,at E.Scottish C3, 7,64/65, Surgeons Hall). Food and drink: Tea 1/2 and+coffee Disabled: Ent: 14yd 1. Aud:available 10yd +13all+day. 14 WC (W 25"NOTTIM awkward NGHAMSHIREcorners). EDUCATION Old St Paul' s Church(not& Music Hall, Jeffrey St.Street. Venue Tickets Paul' ) H1045E. Buses: 3,557C3,5/51,9422 7, 8,64/65, 14, 21,70,31,in79,Old33-35, 69, 88s80-83, Scottish C11, 80, 86, (off at Northand Bridge). Food drink:ACafe in Hallupallfrom day.street level. Church: Disabled: Hall: few steps Ent:ASI3yd Aud: 50ydCOMPANY 7 + 7+19 HR WC 7 M). MMETRIFlat.C- THEATRE BBCStrTONGUES CLUB ARITHEATRE EL(+THEATRE COMPANY CAMBRI DGEON DANCE TALKI-NGCOMPANY CONTRETEMPS I S OLATI MUSI C I N OLDST.YOUTHPAUL'CENTRE S - THE- PERFORMI NG HOUSETHEATRE CO.-HEATHAM HOUSE THE OUESTORS SOLO PLUS THEATRE COMPANY - STORIES UNLIMITED Overseas225House, Street Venue G719 Tickets 51054,10010, Princes Buses: 11,85,15-18, 21, 24,E. Scottish 26, 28/29, 30, 31,C11,33,Cl6,2/12, 48,C50, 65,3, 69, 80, 86, 100, Cl, C5, C55, 64A, 44/66, 70,bar,79,snacks 80,86, 88. Food and drink: Restaurant, licensed all day. Disabled: Ent: 7yd 5 Str HR. Aud:From20Rose + 5+15Street: + 10 Str Hr.13ydNotFront advisable to wheelchairs. Ent: 8 Str HR Aud: 9yd to lift (28"x 49") 1 yd to performance area. WC-(WTHE23"). CAMBRI D GE MUMMERS OXFORD REVUE 1990 OXFORD THEATRE GROUP - ROUSTABOUT THEATRE Pharmaceutical 36 York Place. Venue F980 Tickets 556 8,438611,Society, Buses: 2/12, 15-17, 19,100,20,124/125, 22, 25, 39,129,42,44/45. 45-47, 65, E. Scottish C5, C50, Food and drink: Cafe2+1.all day. Disabled: Ent: 2yd Aud: 26 down. SUSSEX UNIVERSITY Phoenix Club,2072. 71 Cowgate. 26 Tickets 1/6, 226 (Messages 2293)23, 24,Venue Buses: 34,(off35 at(off at HighIV225 Street), 27-29,J9 40-42, 45, 46 George Bridge). Food and drink: bar, snacks all day. Disabled: DetailsLicensed notCABARET available THE SALAMANDERI A-GOGO

Platform 1 & Caledonian Hotel, e 9G Lothian Road. H5f Info 225 2433. Buses: West End: 2/12, 3, 4,34/35, 10, 11,40,15-18, 19/39, 65,2lfS 22/25, 26, 28/29, 31, 33, 41, 43/44, 80-82,64/65, 85/86, 100.79,E.Scottish C5, Food C11, C16, C50])] C55, 80,bar.86, 88,Cl,129. and drink. RestaurantEnt:& 70,licensed Disabled: 3yd Flat. Aud: 1yd Flat WC 16+4+1 (Platform 1). Ramped accessHotel. 75ydWC (adapted) HR, for. main entrance to Caledonian PLATFORM ONE-LIVE! Pleasance,556606550. The Pleasance. 33 Tickets (Admin 1513)69, 80-83,Venue L1CH Buses: 3, 5,drink: 7, 8, 14,Restaurant, 21,31,33,556cafe, 2/12, 87,89.* Food and licensed bar, pastaf, and wine Ent: bar, snacks2 Strall day. Disabled: WC (+4available. 50yd adapted). Aud:. 80ydAAAAAAAAAARGH 12 + 9+515yd Str THEHR. Parking TUNNEL CLUB-AGAIN - AROIFROM. NIAN] THEATRE -METHETHEATRE AUSTRALI- PAUL AN PIBROPHY G - BACHELORS PRAGUE -COMPANY BLACK MISTRI - CARNI& VFRANK AL OFIii PEEP THE COMO N G QUARTET STEVE COOGAN SKIMARYNNERLOU-FALLI MARK DABERNI DOWIE -PRODUCTI BOB DOWNE HANNAG ---JOHN HAWKSMOOR NS 4-O THE LOROS -OFSMI-LMIESRAYSRULE NORMAN LOVETT -IANSOENNI MARCHETTA AND MI L LNERT HE MAD MUSI C ARE BACK - MOMS LADIETHEATRE S - NATIOOFNALGREAT STUDENT COMPANY - NORTHERN NATIANDONALHERYOUTH BRIOKITAITHEATRE) N -- ROB I NEWMAN THEATRE COMPANY EARL N THE1H SCHOOL OFCOMPANY DRAMA -- PLEASANCE - POLKATZ - RED SHIOXFORD F T THEATRE THE REDUCED SHAKESPEARE COMPANY ROUGH COMPANY ELAND) DAVI D SCHEEL-STUTTER - SOMEMAGI LIKECITTHEATRE HOT - STAND UP JIMAT(IRTHETAVARE OPERA-- MERVYN THEATRE DE COMPLICIT-E -TALKIZ ANDNG PITHECTURES GREEN-CANDLES The Preservation Hall, Victoria Street Venue J8f 14 l Tickets Buses: 23,2261/6,24,3816 27-29, 40,(off41,High42/46, 45 (off“ George IV V Bridge), 34/35 Street), ~ 12 (off* Grassmarket). Food and drink: Licensed bar, snacks all day. Disabled: AVALON Ent: 3yd 1 Str. Aud: 8yd WC. Venue 40J81i: Tickets 225 4825 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 (off at High St), 23, 24, 27-29, M 40-42,and46drink: (off atCafe George Food allVictoria day.IV Bridge). Disabled: Access from Tee. Lift available to all floors. WC (adapted) CYGNETGround TRAININfloor: G THEATRE - QUAKER MEETING HOUSE Queen Margaret College, Clerwood Terrace. Venue Tickets 3546. Outer56 I:t Buses: 26317(off at80A, Clermiston Rd), 1/6, 32/52, 69,F385/86, E.Scottish 80, 86. Food and drink: Licensed bar, snacks at time of | performance. Disabled: Ent: 3yd Aud: 4yd to lift (46"x74"). WC I) (adapted). QUEEN MARGARET COLLEGE DRAMA DEPT. Queen's 668 Hall, South(Messages Clerk Street. VenueM1072 Tickets Buses: 3,C3,5, 2019. 7,C11,8, 64/65,70, 14, 21, 31, 79,33,66880,51,3456) 69, 80-82, 87, E. 3 Scottish 86, 88. Food and drink: Licensed barEnt: and restaurant all day. i Disabled: Ramped access. 1yd +1. Wheelchair spaces(adapted). in hall. Parking Inductiononloop system. Accessible bar. |!.t WC Clerk Street. AEGI S PRODUCTI O NS BOYS OF THE LOUGH LLIE -S JOOLS HOLLAND & HIS BIG BAND EXTRAVAGANZA- CAPERCAI - THE QUEEN' HALL FESTIV-ALSCOTTISH ENSEMBLE - TDK 'ROUND MIDNIGHT JAZZ : Randolph Studio, 13 Randolph Cres Institut Francais d'Ecosse, Venue G455 Tickets 225 5366 Buses: C1/C11, 19,Cafe30,available 34, 35, all39,day.81, 82, 129. Food and drink:3yd Disabled: Str HR. Aud: 50yd 27 Str HR ils WCAMERI (W C+3ANEnt:CLASS 25" MACT4+1 +7OF DAYTON, 25"). OHIOVAL- ANNI E T. -COMPANY BESIDE THEWHI T E CHI C KENS BULMERSHE CALLI OPE THEATRE COMPANY - THEREVI GARE THEATRE ST.FROM LAZAREJAPAN PLAYERSCHITHECAGO LASENKAN THEATRE COMPANY - ON BUS PRODUCTIONS - RANDOLPH STUDIO Reid ConcertClub).Hall, Bristo Square Venue 68 (by(Messages Fringe 66123,7886 — 28/29, Kreisler40,only)41, 41A. L8 j Buses: 2/12, 24, 27, Disabled: Details- not DUO ANTONELLI KREIavailable SLER STRING ORCHESTRA - RUMILLAJTA Rosslyn Chapel. Roslin, Midlothian. Venue Tickets 440 2159. PlOuter118 Buses: 141,drink: 70 E.TeaScottish, 15 LRT. Food and and coffee at time of performanca Disabled: Details(SCOTTI not available. THE CLARSACH SH HARP) SOCIETY - GLEN THEATRE

The Roxy, Pi.Roxburoh VenueK1027 Roxburgh off Sth Reading Bridge Rms, Tickets 5563, 6869. Buses: 2, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-83, 89, E.Scottish C3,Cafe,C11,licensed 64/65, bar70,all79,day.80, 86, 88. 87, Food and drink: Disabled: Ent: 2yd 1 Str. 4yd 1 Flat WC (W + M + 18AFTERTHOUGHT Sp). PRODUCTIOAud: NS - AGELESS THEATRE - -ANTON BROTHER CRACKI N G I N SERTS THEATRE CYT PRODUCTI OONSNS -- ENGLI SH DRAMATI CORCHESTRA SOCIETYCOMPANY - -FILIMATCHBOX AL FRENZY PRODUCTI LONDON FUSI O N THEATRE COMPANY POLKATZ LES QUAYELLES I K L) THE ROXY - UNCLASSIFIED Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street. Venue G864 Tickets Buses: 7,220drink: 8, 2145 12, Tea14, and 23, 24, 31,at33,time80,of87,performance 89. Food and Disabled: Ent: 4yd 6 Strcoffee HR. Aud: 7yd 5 Str + 14yd WC(adapted). BRADFORD MUSICAL YOUTH Royal Mile Primary School, Canongate VenueJ1258 (Messages 556at3347) Buses: 1/6 (off Canongate), 3, 5/51, 7, 8, 64/65, 14, 21, 70,31, 33, C3, Food C11, 79, 34/35, 80,refreshments 86,69,88 80-83, (offandat E.Scottish North Bridge). and drink: Cafe, snacks at time of performance only Disabled: Ent: 30yd 1 + 3 Str.COMPANY Aud: 10yd Flat. SPRINGBOARD ARK THEATRE Royal Museum of Scotland, Venue K943 Chambers Street. Buses: 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-82, ScottishandC3,drink:C11,Cafe64/65,70, 79, 80, 86, 88. 89, E. Food all day. Disabled: Ent: Lothian St. 2yd ramped. Aud: 20yd ramped. adapted. MEET THEWCAUTHOR - MUSITotally C IN THEaccessible MUSEUM The Royal ScotsPlace Club, Venue F857 30 Abercromby Tickets 557 5091. Buses:and23,drink: 27. Licensed bar and refreshments at time Food ofDisabled: performance only. Details ' THEATRE - BERGER & DISKIN MIME AMERI CAN- FESTI VnALSPRINGS THEATRE CORAL PROJECTPROJECT - THE ENTI COMPANY THE KRESGE EDI-NTHEATRE -CO.L.RA-E. YOUTH ENSEMBLECLUBTHEATRE THEBURGHPIPENTHEATRE DREAMS THEATRE ROYAL SCOTS THE SHOESTRI G PLAYERS STARVI NG ARTISTS THEATRE COMPANY St.13 George Andrew'Street. s 8i St. George's Church, Venue 111G8 Tickets 225 3847 Buses: 13, 18, St:19/39, 20,To22/25, C2, 79,George 129. ToSt:Frederick 28/29. HanoverE.Scottish St: 23,of 27,40/41,42/46, 45. Food and drink: Snacks at time performance & at lunchtimes (Mon to Fri). Disabled: Ent: 3yd(SCOTTI 3 STr. Aud: 5yd THE CLARSACH EFlat. TY -S ATPHIFESTI LOMUSIVALCATIMOFE NBURGH ST ANDREW'SHSHARP) AND STSOCIGEORGE' -EDISOUNDI NG-SYNCOPATED St Andrew' s Walk. Hall, St James PI, Venue G10 117 Top of Leith Buses: 2/12, 4, 4A, 8,C2,11, C5,15-17,C16,19,C50,20, 44,22, 66,25, 106, 39, 42-46, 65, E.Scottish 124/125, 129. Licensed bar, cafe all day. Food and drink: Disabled: 1 Str. Aud: 10yd WC. EDINBURGHEnt:ACTI2ydNG SCHOOL StSouthAnn'Gray' s Community Centre, VenueJ1065 s0469 Close, Cowgate. Tickets 55734/35 Buses: 1/6, or 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-83, 87, at89,South E.Scottish C11,and64/65, 80, 86,11.30am 88 (off Bridge)C3,Food drink:70,Cafe79,from to 5pm. Disabled: Ent: 30yd Flat. Aud: 4yd Flat WC. LEICESTERSHIRE YOUTH THEATRES St. Bernards Church, Saxe Coburg Street Venue D670 Tickets Buses: 20,332Ent:28,7244. 29,34/35,80, 80A, 82A, E.Scottish C2. Disabled: BAT PRODUCTI53yd ONS, IN2C.Str. Aud: 3yd WC (W 20" M25"). St Columba'Terrace. s by the Castle, Venue 4 Johnston Tickets 22034/35 0541. or 23, 24, 27-29, 40-42, 45-47 j7(to Buses: 1/6, GeorgeandIVdrink: Bridge)Cafe all day. Food Disabled: Details not available. CARE OF THE MANAGEMENT --DIIANBOLO THEATREPRODUCTI PRODUCTIONSONS-KEANFALLITHEATRE NG ANGELS-MCMXC NER STATE COMPANY SEE RED SHOWOMAN PRODUCTIONS

StQueensferry Columba'sRd.Church, Muirdale Terr. Venue E3 Outer85 Buses: 24, 40,TeaBlackball. 41,and80,coffee 32/52,at time x66, of82performance Food and18,drink: Disabled: +1. Aud: 5yd WC. SOUTHERNEnt:LIGHT11ydDRAMA St. Cuthbert's Parish Church, Lothian Road Venue H651 Buses: 10, 11, 15-18, 24, 34, 35, E.Scottish Cl, C11, C16. Disabled: available PHILOMUSIDetails CA OF EDInotNBURGH Messages 18,22519/39,34/35,40,41/41A, 7001 Buses: 81, E. Scottish Cl, 79,and13,129.drink: Food Cafe,+ 2Refreshments all day. Disabled: Ent: 4yd Str + 2yd + 1 Str. Aud: 25yd, 27 StrARGONOI HR. WCZZAadapted. ENSEMBLE - BRANDON L SINGERS - PLAYBOX YOUNG COMPANY - ST GEORGE' S WESTHILCHURCH St.Goldenacre. James' Church Hall. Inverleith Row, Venue a781 Tickets 08998, 20631 (Messages Buses: 14,Refreshments 19/39, 23, 25,at0899 27. of20521) Food and1/6,drink: time performance only. Disabled: INTERNATIEnt:ONAL30yd PURVES1. Aud: PUPPETS8yd 2 WC. StPrinces John'sStreet Church, West End, Venue 127 h6 (Messages 447End:6908) Buses: West 2/12, 3, 4, 10, 10A, 11, 15, 16, 41,18, 19/39, 21, 22/25, 26, 28/29, 31, 33, 34/35, 40, 43/44, 62, 65, 71, snacks 73, 74, all79-82, WO Food and drink: Restaurant, day.1yd85/86, Disabled: Ent: 20yd Flat. Aud: Flat. WC accessible by AWATI arrangement. NAS - WINDS OF CHANGE - WORLD MUSIC AT ST. JOHN'S St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Castle Terrace Venue H590 Buses: 11, 15-18,Rd).24, 34, 35, E. Scottish Cl, C11, C16 (offand10,atdrink: Lothian Food Refreshments time of performance. Disabled: Ent: 2. Aud: 5yd-atFlat. STEPHEN MORRI3ydSON-GUITARIST NATI ASSOCI-AVOITIOCNE OFOF YOUTH ORCHESTRAS PHI L OMUSI C A OF EDIONALNBURGH THE TURTLE St.(Messages Oswald's229 , Montpelier Park, Bruntsfield. VenueM377 Buses: 11,drink: 16, 17,Tea5562) 23.and coffee at time of performance. Food and Disabled: Ent: Side ent. Montpelier. 2yd flat. Aud: 3yd flat.THEWCEDIunadapted. NBURGH YOUTH THEATRE St. Peter's Church Hall, Lutton Place Venue 17 Buses: 2/12, 2169,(off80-82, at St Leonard St),E.Scottish 3, 5/51, C3,7, 8,M10 14, 24, 31, 33, 87, 89, 64/65,Tea70,and79,coffee 80, 86,at88time(offofatperformance. S.CIerk St). FoodC11, and drink: Disabled: Ent: 40yd +1. Aud: WC (W + M 22") in basement. EDINBURGH PEOPLE'S THEATRE St.(off Philip' s Centre. Logie Green Road Venue 8 Broughton Buses: 8, drink: 19, 34,Rd)Tea35,and39,coffee 89. at time of performancaC9 Food and Disabled: 3yd +12 EDINBURGHEnt:THEATRE ARTSStr WC (20") St.Goldenacre Serf's Church Hall, Clark Road. Venue 83 Buses:and1/6,drink: 14, 23Refreshments or 8, 19/39,at25,time27.of performance.as Food Disabled: LEITHEATREEnt: 60yd 1. Aud: 4yd Flat WC (W 24") St. Stephen's Hall, foot of Howe Street Venue 74 Buses: 13, 28, 29, 41A, 82A.at time of performance.E7 Food andC2,drink: Disabled: Ent: 2ydTea2and Str. coffee Aud: 30yd 9+4 + 3 Str HR WC ( + 3ONSTAGE W 23"). 66 The Salvation Army, 1 East Adam Street, Venue 130 (off Pleasance). lio Tickets Buses: 2,6623, 4441 5, C3, 7, 8.C11,14, 64/65, 21, 31, 70,33, 79,51, 80, 69. 86, 80-83,88 (off 87, 89, E Scottish at Surgeons Hall) Food and drink: time10yd of performance. Disabled: Ent: EastRefreshments Adam Streetatlevel Flat to Aud: WCDRUMBEAT (adapted) THEATRE

Scottish Poetry Library, Tweeddale Court, Venue jiq 136 14 High Info 5571/6,Street. 2876 (Messages 661 1277) Buses: 34/35. Disabled: to wheelchairs. SCOTTISHAccessible POETRY LIBRARY Seventh Adventist Church, Venue 122k9 3(Messages Bristo Day Place. 33423,5257) Buses: 2/12, 24, 27, 40-42, 45-47 (off at Forrest Rd). 2, 3,8,Not31,suitable. 33, 69, 80-87, 89 (off at Surgeons Hall). Disabled: ADVENT CHORALE OF HANDSWORTH Sheraton Hotel, 1 Festival Square, Venuejb9 Lothian 229 Road. Tickets 9131. Buses: 10, 11, 15-18, 24, 34, 35, E.Scottish Cl, C11, (off Lothian Rd). Restaurant, cafe and bars. C16 Food and drink: Disabled: Ent: 2yd atlevelthe Sherat lift. WC COCKTAIL THEATRE on (W + M adapted). Venue js89 t, High St. Tickets 226 2826. Buses: 1/6,E.34/35 or 3,C3,5, C11, 7, 8,64/65, 14, 21,79,31,80-88 33, 51,(off69,at 80-83,89, Scottish the Bridges). Food and drink: Restaurant, licensed bar all day. for Disabled: Ent: 3yd. WC + 2 unadapted. Inaccessible wheelchairs. AMERICAN CONNEXION The SouthStreet. Bridge Centre, Venue K10 123 Infirmary Buses: 2, 3, 5,C3,7, 8,C11,14,64/5, 21, 31,70,33,79,51,80,69,86,80-83, 87, 89, E Scottish 88 (off Surgeon' s Hall).tea andFoodcoffee. and drink: Licensed bar,at refreshments, Disabled: CLOSE UPEnt:AND 5yd. CARDAud: TRICKSFlat.- NOEL GAY TELEVISION South Leith Parish Hall. 6 Henderson St., Venue 92 Leith. 554 2578 C13 Outer Tickets Buses: 1/6, 89.C3, 2/12, 7, 10, 16, 17, 22/25, 32/52, 34/35, 87, Food and drink:10yd. Tea and coffee at time of performance. Disabled: 5ydCOMPANY WC (Adapted) THE EDINEnt: BURGH YOUNGAud: THEATRE - LOTHIAN PLAYERS Southside Community Centre, Venue 82 17 Nicoison Buses: 2, 3, Street. 5, 7,C3,8,C11,64/65, 14, 21, 31, 70,33, 79,51, 80, 69, 86, 80-83,88. 87,|_g 89, E. Scottish Food and drink: Cafe bar all day. Quarry Disabled: 7 + 1andStr.licensed Also Lana WCEnt:(fully1 +adapted). Aud:ramp 32ydattorearliftvia(30") or 7+9+3. FESTIVAL THEATRE U.S.C.-U.S.A. House, Ardmillan Terrace, Venue offSpringwell Gorgie337Road. ji outer32 Tickets 1971 Buses: 2/12, 3, 21, 33 or 1/6, 43/44, 65, 4/4A, 22/25, 30, 38,and48.drink: Cafe all day. Food Disabled: Ent: 5yd 2 Str HR. Aud: 10yd 7+9+4 HR WCSPRI(WNGWELL 25" MHOUSE 24").- THEATRE FOR AFRICA - THIStrRTEENFOURTEEN THEATRE COMPANY Stockbridge House, Cheyne St. Venue 10204 off Raeburn Place Tickets 552 6829. Buses: 28, 29,Cafe80.at time of performance. Food and20,drink: Disabled: CACCIATOREDetails FABBROnot available Theatre WestPrinces End, Street. St John's Church, Venue 126 West End,West Buses: End: 2/12, 3, 4, 10,31, 10A, 11, 15, 40, 16, 41,h6 18, 19/39, 21, 22/25, 26,74,28/29, 33, 34/35, 43/44, 62,65, 71, 73, 79-82, 85/86, 100. Food and drink: Cafe, refreshments and snacks all day. Disabled: by path(adapted). from Princes Street: Ent: 20yd Flat.AAAAUTI Aud: SEnter 1yd TICAMBRI C Flat CROIDGESWC SANTUMBRELLA THEATRE- COMPANY - CAMBRI DGE LM. P THECOMPANY CUSTARD FACTORY THEATRE CO. - EXACTI NG THEATRE - FACELI FCT THEATRE COMPANY NEWTON THEATRE NO EXCUSES PANI THEATRE COMPANY -ACTORS QMW COMPANY THEATRE -COMPANY - SHYAC: SURREY HEATH YOUNG THEATRE WEST END - THEATRE WEST END PRODUCTIONS 109

Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Venue 20 Tickets 226 5425 7942) Street). C2,D6 Buses: 34/35 or(off23,(Messages 27,N.W89. Circus (off225at PI). Dundas 20, 28, 29, 80 at Food and Ent: drink:2ydCafe4 StrandWClicensed Disabled: + 1bar22").all day. Aud: 50yd 9 Str HR (entry by side door no(+1steps). FUSI O N I N TI M ATE STRANGERS THE LUCKY PORCUPI NE THEATRE CO. LONDON - MOVING VISIOOFNSCLAYDANCE- THETHEATRE -FICJOHN MOWAT &OFTHE SCIENCEWORKSHOP TION THEATRE LIVERPOOL THEATRE - THEATRE ALBA - THEATRE Traquair House, Innerleithen, Venue 110 Peeblesshire. P11 0utef Tickets 0896-830323. Buses: 62. Food and drink: Disabled: DetailsRestaurant, not availablelicensed bar, snacks all day. TRAQUAIR FAIR

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Traverse Theatre, 112 West Bow, Venue js15 Grassmarket. Tickets 226 2633 (Messages 2251/6,3322) Buses: 2/12 (off Grassmarket), 34/35 (off HighIV Street), 23, 24,and27-29, 40-42, 45, 46bar(offallGeorge Bridge). Food drink: Cafe, licensed day. Disabled: Ent: 50yd 1 Str bar and restaurant at this Aud: 40yd 15+4 + 1525"). + 4 Str partial HR WC (15level. +4 partial HR W 25" M TRAVERSE THEATRE Viewforth229Centre, 104 Gilmore229 Place.7659) Venue 44L3 Tickets (Messages Buses: 10,drink: 27.9000Snacks Food and at time of performance. Disabled: 15yd Flat. Aud: 20yd 4 Str HR WC ( + 1 25").THE ATTICEnt:CONVERSI O N COMPANY THE GBASIS -C HOGUS THEATREGLOBUS CO. EDITHEATRE NBURGH- RAYPLAYERS ELECTRI C EARWI MCNI-ESALFORD CE, MONOLOGI ST -TYRIVTHEATRE ER TOWNCOMPANY THEATRE -- SOMETHI ROPED JAWNG ENT. UNI V ERSI CANADIAN PLAYSANONYMOUS - VIEWFORTH- THEATRE CENTRE EREBUS-A FESTIVAL OF

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1991 FRINGE PROGRAMME ORDER YOURS NOW + FILL IN THIS FORM 4 ENCLOSE 42p IN STAMPS (or the equivalent of £1 for Europe or £2 for the rest of the world) 4 POST TO: BOX FP FRINGE OFFICE 180 HIGH STREET EDINBURGH EH1 1QS

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Le Vineyard, 279 Portobello High Street. Venue 109 Tickets 669 7393. H13 Outer Buses: 15, 26, x66, 85/86, E. Scottish 44, 129. Food and drink: Restaurant, licensed bar, snacks all day. Disabled: Ent: to rear from car park. One level. WC 2 flights steps, unadapted. THE ACTORS EXCHANGE THEATRE CO. Wireworks Playground, behind Fringe Office Venue 1 (Messages 226 5257 or 5259) J9 Buses: 1/6, 34/35 or 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 21, 31, 33, 51, 69, 80-83, 89. E. Scottish C3, C11, 64/65, 79-88 (off at Bridges). Disabled: Open air venue 30yd Flat. KEVIN DAY & JOHN MOLONEY - EDDIE IZZARD

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In 1989 there were 9,347 performances on the Fringe. Some people couldn't decide what to see.


Others bought The List.

Don't forget the postage

The essential guide to the Festival. 80p from all good newsagents.


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Š Archive Brauerei Beck & Co. brewed in GERmnnv - drurk rll over the world

Profile for Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

1990 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1990 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #F...

1990 Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme  

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Explore what happened at the 1990 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Share your festival memories and finds using the hashtag #F...


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